Rafe and Carrie Fight Their Feelings

June 28 2012 at 3:11 PM
Dorothy595  (Login Dorothy595)

The new Soap Opera Digest includes a story about Rafe and Carrie fighting their feelings for one another. It also talks about Samis reaction to finding out that Carrie is pregnant. Sami thinks that Rafe is the father and doesnt back down when Carrie tells her she is being ridiculous. When Marlena steps in, Sami accuses her of taking Carries side. Sami is disgusted and storms off.

When Sami sees Rafe she demands to know why he didnt tell her about Carrie being pregnant. He insists that he didnt sleep with Carrie. When EJ arrives, he overhears Rafe assert that he didnt get anyone pregnant. But, when EJ confronts him, he still insists that that Nicole is carrying his child and then changes the subject by asking EJ about taking a lie detector test.

Rafe then runs into Carrie. She tells him about her visit to the doctor and that her and Austin heard the babys heartbeat for the first time. Galen says the talk magnifies why Rafe doesnt want to come between her marriage with Austin.

Carrie has a hard time getting Rafe out of her mind, it gets worse when she is in bed with Austin and he fails at his attempt to make love to her.

Carrie meets with Rafe and tells him that the powerful attraction they feel makes it challenging to stay with Austin. But, Rafe has made the decision not to be with her. Austin then surprises them and confronts Carrie.


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