Spoilers for week of July 2

June 30 2012 at 8:22 AM

Pat  (Premier Login Mrs.B.)

Rafe paints E.J. into a corner; Will makes a discovery; Sami lashes out when she learns that Carrie is pregnant.

Will tells E.J. that things are about to change; Rafe is confronted; Carrie and Austin feel positive about their future together; Daniel takes Nicole to brunch.

Will issues his demands; Andrew develops an attraction to Melanie, who makes another escape attempt; Carrie and Rafe struggle with their feelings for each other.

Andrew's plan shocks Gabi; Brady is tempted to do drugs; Abigail and Cameron spend the day with Ciara and Theo.

E.J. agrees to take a lie-detector test; Daniel and Nicole grow closer; Carrie makes an admission to Rafe; Maggie and Madison are concerned about Brady.

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