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DiMera mansion - Part 1: EJ comes down the stairs as Will is holding Alice's letter. EJ's cell rings so he takes the call. Will holds the letter and looks at the open drawer. EJ finishes up his call and goes in the living room. What are you doing William? Will closes the drawer with the back of his leg. EJ thought he'd be finished by now. Will - Not yet. I had to get my phone just in case you needed me to do anything. EJ does have something for him to do. He writes something on a piece of paper. If you'd be kind enough to go to this address there's a package there. Tell them I sent you and they'll give it to you. Do me a favour and get back here as quickly as you can. Look after it; it contains a substantial amount of money. Will - Money in a package? That sounds shady. EJ - It is shady, that's why I'm sending you. Do you have a problem with that? Will - No, I'm just curious about the deal. EJ - You shot me. I don't think you're in much of a position to be questioning my morality, do you? Will - No. I'm sorry. I guess I should thank you for keeping that secret along with all of your other secrets. EJ - I guess you should. Will - I know better than to get on the wrong side of a DiMera. EJ - As my father's heir, I get to run DiMera Ent. as I see fit. Your job is to do what I want when I want it whether you want to or not. Will - I know, you don't need to remind me. I do think I could help you more if I knew more. EJ - William, the less you know, the less you ask, the more productive this little relationship is going to be. Will - That's not very nice. EJ - You should be grateful for this opportunity to watch and learn. Will - Oh I am, trust me. I've learned quite a bit actually; more than I thought I would. EJ - You may have learned a few plays but you'd do well to remember that you have no idea how or when to execute them. Will - I guess that I can always hope things will change sooner than later. EJ - A little bit of hope is a very dangerous thing. Off you go. Will leaves. Outside Will checks his inside pocket to look at Alice's letter.

Brady Pub - Part 1: Austin joins Carrie, apologising for being late. Carrie tells him it's okay. She's not hungry anyway. Austin asks if she's still having morning sickness. He thought it was all done. We'll talk to the doctor about it today at the appointment. Carrie - It's not morning sickness. It's Sami. Austin - I think I know how Sami operators better than most people so if you can't talk to me about it, who are you going to talk to? Carrie - I just didn't want to upset you. Marlena and I went shopping for baby clothes and Sami saw us. Austin - Let me guess. She didn't run up to you and throw her arms around you and say congratulations, right? Carrie - No. She said that I didn't tell her I was pregnant because Rafe might be the father of the baby. Austin - Where does Sami come up with this stuff and why now? I mean isn't she happy that she and Lucas are together. Carrie - Sami is never happy. She takes it out on everyone else. She's still blaming me for her marriage to Rafe breaking up. Like her sleeping with EJ had nothing to do with it. Austin - Exactly. She can't take responsibility for her own actions so she blames other people. And our marriage survived and her's didn't. That means you are right at the top of Sami's imaginary enemies list. Carrie - In fairness to Sami she didn't imagine that it is partly my fault. What happened with Rafe never should have. Austin - If you and I can get past this than Sami can too someday. Carrie - It's not okay; I let you down. Austin - We both made mistakes. Carrie - It started with Rafe and me and I need you to know that I never slept with Rafe.

Police Station - Part 1: Rafe tells Sami she can't just storm in here and interrupt him with personal stuff while he's working on a case. Sami will leave him to his work as soon as he answers the question. How long have you known? Rafe - Why do you care? Sami - You made a point of telling me that Austin and Carrie were working things out but you didn't tell me why. Rafe - It's not my place to tell you. Sami - Or is it because you didn't want me to know because Austin isn't the father, you are. Rafe - I don't owe you answers when it comes to Carrie's pregnancy. Sami - You do if you're the father. Rafe - Really? Where do you get this stuff? Sami - You're not answering the question. Rafe - Because it's a ridiculous question. I'm not the father of Carrie's baby because Carrie and I never slept together which I'm sure she told you. Sami - Not even once? Rafe - Carrie is married to Austin. Sami - You were married to me when you kissed her. Rafe - You're going to walk in here and throw that in my face after you slept with EJ! Sami - Oh you have to stop pretending that you're so much better than me because you're not. The second we got separated you threw yourself into bed with Nicole and got her pregnant and now you're two for two. Rafe - You've got some nerve coming in here and throwing Nicole in my face. Sami - You have some nerve throwing yourself on top of her! Rafe - Just stop it. Stop acting like you're the victim here because you're not. Nicole and I were the ones who were hurt by what you and EJ did for the record. Sami - I made a terrible mistake. I know that but I honestly believed we could have found a way to work through it. We could have found a way to save our family and our marriage. Rafe - Maybe we could have. Maybe if you had told me that you had slept with EJ when you did. Sami - Or maybe if you hadn't wanted to end our marriage so you could be with Carrie.

Nicole's place - Part 1: Nicole wakes up with Daniel next to her. You're still here. Dan - You didn't want me to stay the night? Nicole - No, it's not that. I didn't expect you to. Dan will remember that next time. Nicole smiles - Next time. I'm happy you're here. I'm happy you stayed the night. You know I just haven't shared my bed with a man since EJ. Dan - You mean you and Rafe never ... Nicole - You thought that ... Dan - Well yeah. Nicole - No. Rafe, he just spent a lot of time with me when he found out I was pregnant which is what EJ walked in on and why he assumed we slept together. Now Rafe is up to his eyeballs in my mess and so are you. Dan - I think we've managed to make the best of a bad situation. Nicole - Yeah, we have. Dan - There is a nice advantage of waking up together I've discovered. Nicole - Oh, what's that. Dan kisses her. Afterwards Dan says - My head almost blew off. Nicole laughs - Oh my goodness. The doctor makes housecalls; I am a happy patient. Dan - I'm a happy doctor. To be honest with you ... oh my god ... that was the labcoat, right? It works everytime. He looks at his wristwatch - OMG. Nicole - If you have to get going to the hospital that's fine. Cuddling afterwards is totally overrated. Dan - Today is my day off. Here's my plan ... after I catch my breath ... we will get dressed and I'll take you out for brunch at Chez Rouge. Nicole - You want to take me to Salem's best restaurant for breakfast? Dan - At those prices it's called brunch. Nicole - We could just go to the Brady Pub or that diner off Rte 7. Dan - I'm not taking you to any diner. Nicole - What! My mom worked in a diner, you know. Dan - Exactly. Victor implied you've come to appreciate the finer things in life. Nicole - He called me a gold-digger, didn't he? Dan - He did, among other things. Nicole - I'm not a gold-digger anymore. And if I was you are lucky that I'm pregnant because that tab for champagne at brunch would cost more than you make in a week! Dan - Really? Nicole laughs - You're lucky. Dan - We better skip brunch then. They kiss.

Chez Rouge- Part 1: Nicole - So you asked Victor about me. Dan - No, it was more like a comment or two he made in passing. Nicole - Victor is not alone. There are a lot of people who don't have nice things to say about me. Dan - Does that bother you? Nicole - I've done some things I regret. Dan - Who hasn't? Nicole - I'm just saying when pushed to the wall I do what I have to to survive. Dan - Yeah, like relabeling paternity test samples making EJ's baby now Rafe's. But you know what, manipulating a DNA test is easy compared to raising a child alone. Nicole - What's your point? Dan - My point is are you sure you're ready to do this; you don't have any regrets. Nicole - No. I don't want my child raised as a DiMera. The bottom line is it will not be easy being a single parent but I will make it happen; I always do. Maybe someday, I don't know, I'll find someone who'll help me. Dan - Yeah, maybe. Nicole - I'll tell you what I won't do. I'm not going to make the same mistakes with men that I have in the past because if I screw up I'm not just hurting myself, I'm hurting my kid and that is not an option. Dan - I don't think he or she has to worry about that because you have already proven that you will stop at nothing to protect your baby.

Brady Pub - Part 2: Austin - I know that you didn't sleep with Rafe. You and I are okay. Carrie - I love you for having faith in me but I'm not sure I deserve it. Austin - Why not? Carrie - When Rafe and I started working we did start having feelings for each other. Austin - I'm well aware of that. Carrie - Feelings that I hid from you before Rafe and I kissed. Austin - And that was both of our faults. Carrie - How can you say that? Austin - I can say it because our marriage was on shaky ground. We both made mistakes. Carrie - Yeah but I'm just not sure I deserve your forgiveness. Austin - Why is that? It's because you still have feelings for Rafe, isn't it? If you think I like sitting here knowing you have feelings for another man you're absolutely wrong. But if I didn't think you were going to get over them, I assure you I wouldn't be sitting at the other end of this table right now. Carrie - So we're okay? Austin - We're better than okay. If we don't get out of here right now we're going to be late for the doctor's appointment. Carrie - Wait. I just want you to say thank you for understanding and I love you. Austin - We've put so much time into this marriage and now we are having a family. As long as we just try; as long as we never give up, we're going to make it. And I promise you I'm going to make you the happiest wife and mother on the planet. I love you. They kiss.

Police Station - Part 2: Rafe - Why are you dredging this up now? What happened with me and Carrie ... what's the point? Our marriage ... it's over, right? You're with Lucas now. I don't see the point in having ... Sami - If you're going to blame our failed marriage on me ... Rafe - Been there, done that. Sami - Then I want to at least hear you say you had a part in it. Rafe - Okay. If that's what it's going to take to get you out of here. Sami - You've just got to say it. Rafe - When Carrie and I started working together, I started having feelings for her. It was wrong. I feel terrible about it and sorry. Sami - That's it? Rafe - That's it. What do you want from me? Carrie and Austin are together now okay. Sami - You're really not the father of her baby, are you? Rafe - No, I'm not. I never got her pregnant. EJ walks in - Is that so? Well that's very interesting since a paternity test names you the father of Nicole's baby. Maybe you'd like to clarify that comment or better yet, you could just admit that you're a part of this coverup. Rafe laughs - That's a good try. I was talking about Carrie, not Nicole. EJ - So you slept with Carrie as well as Nicole. Rafe - I did not sleep with Carrie. He tells Sami to leave, he has work to do. Sami stays put. Rafe - I'll say it again. EJ is here on police business and we are done talking about my personal life. EJ - I'm not done talking about you personal life; not as long as you keep claiming to be the father of a child I know is mine.

Chez Rouge- Part 2: Dan - Yes, of course it is a compliment. Look when Chloe lied to me about Parker's paternity I think she was protecting herself. But this thing you're doing here, this is all about your kid. Nicole - Oh I don't know. There's something about getting away from EJ that has it's benefits. I have been alone all my life. I am self-sufficient. Dan - Damn right you are. Don't you forget that. Nicole - I won't. But Daniel we both know that getting together on a rebound is just asking for trouble. Dan - We both know we like trouble. I've decided I'm done with that. Nicole - Okay. Is that why we're here having brunch after a date that started yesterday? Dan - Yeah, alright, define date. Nicole - Can I ask you something? Why do you get involved with all your patients? I mean your wife, Chelsea, Kate, Chloe ... was she one, Jennifer? Dan - Yeah, I think I was just going through a phase. Nicole chuckles - A phase? That's a crock. Dan laughs and agrees phase was a little lame. I guess at the time I didn't want anything complicated but of course, in the end, that's exactly what I got. Nicole - My goodness, you still don't get it. If you did get it, you wouldn't be sleeping with me. Dan - Well you know, you're really not my patient anymore. Nicole - Technically. Dan - But I've also learned from my mistakes with other women. Nicole - Oh good, so you're out of your complicated phase then. Dan - Yeah, oh yeah, well ... Nicole - Rafe is pretending to be the father of my baby when EJ really is and that's going to last because you let me get away with changing the DNA samples. Which I still can't believe you did for me. Dan - Neither can I. Nicole - I'm not that horrible person that people say I am. Dan - I didn't say you were. Nicole - Okay, so what do you mean? Because if I was that horrible person you wouldn't be sleeping with me, would you? Dan - Our sleeping together, we may have crossed a line we shouldn't have. Nicole - Well if we did, do you regret it? Dan - No I don't but when we crossed that line is when this thing here got complicated. Nicole - You know what I think? I think you like complicated. They smile.

Police Station - Part 3: Rafe - As I recall, you're the one that insisted that Nicole have that paternity test and lo and behold it turns out I'm the father. You can go on with your conspiracy theories but I'm done debating the truth. Sami, we're done too. To EJ - I'm glad you saw the light. Come with me and I'll get you set up to take this lie detector test. EJ - I'm not here to take the test. I'm here to discuss the department's budget with Roman. Rafe - Roman's not here so you can go ahead and take the test and you'll still be on time for your next meeting. EJ - It's frustrating that you continue to waste your department's time and resources pursuing me as a suspect when the real killer is still out there. Rafe - Actually you're the one wasting our department's time, money and resources so why don't you just go take that test and get the truth out there. EJ - Let me tell you something for the last time. I have no reason to want my father dead and you don't have one shred of evidence that links me to his murder.

Brady Pub - Part 3: Will stands behind the bar and reads Alice's letter again and smirks. He puts the letter in the safe. He jumps up and goes and gives Sonny a big hug when he sees him come in. Will asks if he's hungry. We can grab a bite; I'll treat. Sonny can't turn down free food. Will - Seriously, get anything you want. Sonny - Why are you so jazzed up? Did you win the lottery because if you did, I want half of it. Will - Not yet, but I'm going to.

Police Station - Part 4: Rafe returns to his office to find EJ gone and Sami still there. EJ left, now it's your turn. I've got work to do. Sami - EJ's the prime suspect, huh? Rafe can't discuss police business with her. Sami - Let me just tell you what I think. The night Will was arrested we were really worried about him ... that maybe EJ had forced him to do his dirty work for him. Rafe - You mean murder Stefano. Why would you think that? How could EJ force Will to commit murder? Sami - Will is on EJ's payroll. We're always worried about what kind of things EJ was going to make Will do. Rafe - Then EJ fired Will and posted his bail, strange. Sami - I agree. Rafe - And now Will's working for EJ again. That's got to bother you. Sami - Yes, it bothers me a lot. But you know Will, whenever I tell him to do something, he runs in the opposite direction. Rafe - Yeah. I just want you to know even though I'm not around you and the kids anymore, I still care about him. Sami - I know you do. Rafe - Maybe I should talk to Will; tell him to stay away from EJ. Sami - Because EJ's a suspect in Stefano's murder. Rafe - No comment. Sami - I get it. You wouldn't be asking EJ to take a polygraph if you didn't think he did it. Rafe - No comment again. Sami - This is hard to believe. After all the terrible things he's done, still hard to think he actually murdered his own father. Rafe - My job is to find Stefano's killer no matter who he or she is and you're job is to stay out of police business and Carrie's and Austin's life, okay. Sami - You said you weren't the father of Carrie's baby which means your feelings are involved in Carrie and Austin's marriage and they're not involved in my relationship with my sister. Rafe - I'm not discussing this with you, alright. Listen, like I said before, just stay out of their business; Carrie, Austin, Will, EJ and me for that matter. Sami leaves.

DiMera mansion - Part 2: EJ comes home. He gets a text message and exclaims - Well, that's bloody wonderful! He leaves Will a message. Where are you? I've just learned you've yet to make that pickup. As soon as you get this message, get that package, get back here and you'd better have a bloody good excuse as to where you've been.

Brady Pub - Part 4: Willl checks his phone. Sonny - Who was that? Will - EJ. He wants me to do some errand or something but I'm hungry and I'd rather hang out with you. Sonny - Thank you but it's bad enough you're mixed up the DiMera's and the business and now you're ignoring EJ. If he wants you to do something you should it or you're going to get yourself in trouble. I'll have to bail you out. Will - Trust me. I'm going to handle EJ. Sonny - That's either really gutsy or really stupid; I haven't decided which yet. Will - Either way things are going to be very different between him and me from now one. Sonny - Different how? Will - Trust me, they will be.

HTS: Austin is exclaiming over the sonogram picture. It's our baby's first picture. He or she is going to be so beautiful. Carrie - It feels so real all of a sudden. I can't wait to hold our baby for the first time. Neither can Austin. You can have the portrait and I'll see you later. Carrie - Wait. I just want to say thank you for understanding about Rafe and everything. Austin - I love you and I know you love me. Carrie - I do and I promise you that I'm going to show you that our marriage means as much to me as it does to you. Austin - I already knew that. They kiss. Austin leaves. Carrie turns to go and sees Rafe there.

DiMera mansion - Part 3: Will comes in - I'm back. EJ - Where have you been? Will - You sent me to run an errand remember? EJ - You were late meeting our contact. Will - Oh yeah that was only because I stopped to eat. EJ - Why didn't you stop to get a bite to eat after you picked up the package? Will - I guess I could have done that but I didn't. EJ - Where is the package? Will - Oh, that's right. I totally forgot about it. My bad. EJ - What's wrong with you? Will - It sounds like you're about to tell me. Will sits down. EJ - I'd be very careful if I were you William. This little slip could cost you quite some time in prison. Will - I don't think I'm going to prison. I think I'm going to go to the top if you stop holding me back. EJ - You're either drunk or you're high neither one of which is acceptable in my employ. Will - About being in your employ I was thinking that things need to change around here. EJ - Do they? Will - Yes Elvis, they do and I think they will because from now on I will be calling the shots.

Chez Rouge- Part 3: Nicole - Well I like spending time with you. Dan - Same here. Nicole - And I agree, the sex is incredible. Dan - 2 for 2. Nicole - But can we not get ahead of ourselves. Dan - Sure. What does that mean to you? Nicole - I don't want to put a name on it because then we're going to have expectations ... if we don't meet those expectations then we're both going to be disappointed. Dan - I got it. What we have is good whatever it is so why mess it up by naming it. Nicole - Exactly. Dan - Okay then. I think that about does it. Nicole - Thank you for brunch and last night. They were both great. Dan - My pleasure. Nicole - So I'll see you around.

DiMera mansion - Part 4: EJ - You're calling the shots. William's calling the shots. Seems to me William that you are suffering from delusions of grandeur. Will - You know I have learned a lot from you and one of those things is that knowledge is power. And that's exactly how I know that things are going to change around here. EJ - Look whatever it is you seem so desperate to spit out, I suggest you get on with it. Will - I know the truth. I found what you've been hiding. I know that Stefano is not your father. You are NOT a DiMera.

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