A Look At Tomorrow for Wednesday, July 4th

July 3 2012 at 1:17 PM

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DiMera mansion - Part 1: When Will tells EJ he knows what he's been hiding and says he's not a DiMera, EJ tries to bluster his way out of this mess. I suggest you get your facts straight before you start throwing around these wild accusations. Will - Really? EJ - Really. Because not only is your claim highly inaccurate it is also quite insulting. Will - You think I'm making this up. EJ - I don't know want you're thinking but I suggest you stop it now. Will - No. You see what happens now is I start using what I know to my advantage. EJ - Whatever it is you think that you know, you're wrong. You're making a very foolish mistake here. Will - You think so? EJ - Absolutely. I'd bet the house on it. Will - Well there was a letter in here that said pretty bluntly that Stefano wasn't your father. If you don't believe me you can ... he opens the empty drawer ... Oops, who's foolish now Elvis. EJ - I suppose I should be rather impressed with your ability to stick your nose where it doesn't belong. Will - I just got lucky, that's all. EJ - What excactly do you intend on doing with this new found luck. Will - I could keep it a secret like you tried to do and of course, Stefano is dead so he's probably not going to be telling anyone he's not your father. EJ - You're on very thin ice. Do you think this is funny? Will - No. You're acting like nothing has changed. EJ - That is because nothing has changed William. Will - You know information like this is very dangerous and if somehow it got out that Stefano knew he wasn't your father and that's why he took you out of his will, could you imagine what people would think. EJ - People would think it was wild speculation. Will - Or an outstanding motive for murder. EJ - Oh I see. You're with them are you? You think I killed my father. Will - Stefano wasn't your father. EJ - He was my father in every way that mattered and you would do well to remember that. Will - He disowned you. That's exactly what he did, right? At least, that's how the police are going to see it. EJ - So that's what you're planning to do with it. You're going to give this little piece of paper to the police. Will - Is there any reason I shouldn't? EJ - Why don't you cut to the chase William. What exactly do you want? Will - I'm not here to make a trade with you. EJ - That's how this works. I give you what you want and in return you give me what I want. Will - Well you're half right. I'm going to get what I want but I'm not going to give you the letter. Because if I do there's going to be nothing to stop you from going back on your word. See what I have is called leverage and you don't give that up. You know who taught me that? That was you.

HTS - Part 1: Chad tells Gabi he's glad he has only one class today. He's having a hard time concentrating on anything. Gabi - You've had a lot on your mind; your dad, Lexie. Chad - Melanie. We were supposed to watch the fireworks show tonight; picnic in the park. I can't believe she didn't call me back after I told her about Lexie. This is so not her. What if something I happened to her? I can't lose her too.

Rafe tells Carrie he's glad he ran into her. Something happened. I want to tell you about it. Carrie - I have something I want to tell you too. You go first. Rafe - I ran into Sami earlier. I got the feeling she laid into you pretty good. Carrie - Marlena too. It was quite the scene. Rafe - Sami's got it in her head that the baby is mine. Carrie - I'm sorry. I told her you couldn't be the father. That we never ... Rafe - So did I. Carrie - Of course she didn't believe me. She called me a liar and hypocrite. I have to admit that part of me is wondering if she's partly right. Rafe - No, she's not right. You're neither of those things. For the record I warned her, Carrie is having a baby - she does not need you giving her grief and all that stuff. Carrie - I bet that went over well. Rafe - I probably made things worse. Carrie - No, it's going to get much worse. She'll always see me as the enemy. Sorry she took it out on you. Accusing you of being the father when you there's no way you possibly could be. There's only one reason she did that and that was to hurt you.

Andrew's basement - Part 1: Masked Andrew comes in with some magazines and newspapers. Don't even think about it. You're not going anywhere. Mel - Ever? Andrew tells her the magazines and newspapers are for her in case she gets bored. He opens a thermos. It's herbal tea to help keep you calm but be careful it's hot. Mel - Why won't you let me go? I just want to go home. Andrew saw the playlist on her phone. They actually like a lot of the same music. He can make her a mix if she wants. Mel sees the paper and comments - It's the 4th of July. Andrew - Sorry, I guess you won't be seeing any fireworks this year. Mel sees an article about Lexie and exclaims - I told you about this. This is Chad's sister. She died a couple of days ago. They've already had the service. He must be devastated. Please, you have to let me go to him. Andrew - I can't. Mel - He lost his dad. He lost his sister. Please you have to let me go so I can be with him. Andrew can't. I'm sorry. Mel - Are you going to hide behind that mask like a coward the entire time ... Andrew screams - That's enough! You keep pushing me and you're going to make me mad. Mel - I just want to know what your plan is. What are you going to do with me? Andrew - Stop asking me questions and drink. Mel picks up the cup. Andrew gives up on cell call and goes to unlock the door. Mel throws the tea in his face and tries to get out but he grabs her and chloroforms her again.

HTS - Part 2: Carrie - Sami already thinks you're having a baby with Nicole, her second and least favourite person in the world after me. Of course, when she heard I was pregnant her head nearly exploded. Rafe - I don't care what Sami thinks anymore. You know the truth, that's all that matters. Carrie - I'm glad you told me about Nicole's baby. Rafe - I wish I would have told you sooner. Maybe if I had things would have ... It's been complicated the last few months, hasn't it. A lot of misunderstandings. Carrie - Do you really think that's all there's to it? Rafe - There's a few things we didn't see coming. Carrie - It's funny; I never thought it would be like this. My life, me married, having a career and now having a baby. There's so many things unresolved. I question some of the choices I have made. Rafe - Me too. I had it all figured out ... one day it all changed. Next thing I knew I was ... Carrie - Here? Rafe - With you.

Gabi tells Chad he's a great guy and any girl would love to be treated the way he treated Melanie. You had a fight, so what? Couples fight but she should be here for you. You just lost your dad and your sister. She shouldn't be out there punishing you, it isn't right. Chad - It wasn't right for me to blame Will for killing my father. I should have known that he was innocent. Melanie did. Gabi - You apologised a million times. It's not your fault she didn't want to hear it. Gabi's cell rings and Chad asks who it is. It's not that creep whose been stalking you, is it? Gabi - No. I haven't heard from him since he put that dead rat in my salad. It was my friend Megan; she wants to meet up. Chad doesn't think she should be walking around by herself; he'll wait until she shows up. Gabi tells him she'll ask Megan to meet her at the bookstore. I think this guy has given up tormenting me. It's been forever since he tried anything. I think getting the police involved scared him off. Chad - Maybe your right. Maybe it's time for you to move back into your old apartment. Gabi - What! Chad - You probably miss living by yourself and in all honestly, I'm kind of a slob. Gabi - No, you're perfect. Chad - I'll walk you to the bookstore.

DiMera mansion - Part 2: Will pulls out one of Stefano's cigars. EJ isn't in the mood to indulge him in these juvenile games he's playing. Will - Okay, if you're not going to take me seriously then I'll just go. EJ - Why don't you just state your terms. Will - I'm sorry. EJ - Why don't you tell me what it is you want in exchange for you keeping your mouth shut. Will - Okay. I'd like my car and my aprartment. EJ gets out the keys and gives them to Will - Car and apartment. Is there anything else I can get for you or are we finished. Will - No. Let's see. The job, an official position in the company, a salary, a pretty nice one because the internship is over. EJ - Okay. Are we done? Will - No, I'm just getting started. EJ - You have a car, an apartment, a job - what else would you like? Will - Well you did teach me to value one thing above everything else. EJ - It wasn't loyalty. Will - No. I want power. EJ - So that's what you want. Will - Surprised? EJ - You can't just expect me to hand over DiMera Enterprises to you. Will - That's not what I'm asking. EJ - Then what are you asking? Do you want the deed to the house? Would you like the access numbers to my personal bank account? Will laughs. No. That's not what I'm talking about when I say power, you know that. I don't want property, stock or cash. Real power is the ability to be in control; the ability to make something happen because you want it to and because you can. And power is knowing that you have the fate of another person in your hands and whatever happens to them is up to you. EJ - That's how you're feeling right now, isn't it? Will - Yeah. It feels pretty good.

Andrew's basement - Part 2: Mel dreams that Chad comes charging in to resuce her. He knocks out Andrew and tells her to wakeup - this is all over. Gabi comes down - I got your text. What is it that you want this time? Andrew - What's the matter with you? Not getting any from Melanie's boyfriend? Gabi - Shut up. Don't call him that. We had an agreement. I contact you, not the other way around. Andrew - I hadn't heard from you in a while. Gabi - There's a reason for that. Andrew - I'd thought you'd like to know that I figured out what you're stalker is going to do next like you asked.

HTS - Part 3: Rafe - This is not fair. It's not fair to you, it's not fair to the baby, Austin ... you need to be focusing on that - your family, not ... Carrie - Things have just changed so much so fast. It's going to take time to move on, figure out how to do that. You would think it would be easy to try not to hurt the people that we love. Rafe - I just wanted to say I was sorry for Sami behaving the way she did. Carrie - I'm used to it. Rafe - Yeah, I'd think we'd both be by now. Carrie - Well I have a couple of years on you there. Rafe - Hopefully it doesn't happen again. Carrie - It's Sami we're talking about. Rafe - I should get going. Carrie - There's still something I have to tell you. Before I ran into you I was at the hospital with Austin. Rafe - Is everything okay? Is the baby alright? Carrie - The baby is fine. We had a sonogram and we heard the heartbeat. It's so fast, so real. It was an amazing sound. She starts crying. Rafe - Hey, you should be happy. Carrie - I know. Oh God. I can't do this. Rafe - Do what? Carrie - Whatever this is. I can't do it anymore. You're right. It's not fair to you, to Austin, to this baby ... Austin's baby. And that's why if I see you I'm just going to turn around because I have to. I have no idea how to do this.

DiMera mansion - Part 3: EJ - Sorry, William. That kind of power can't just be handed to you. It doesn't matter what you're holding over somebody's head. Will - I know that I have a lot to learn but I was doing something with my life and I had a chance to be somebody and then you took that away from me. EJ - Not entirely sure that I see it that way but go on. Tell me, who did you think that you would be? Will - You. I want to be you. EJ - Well I'm flattered but how did you ever expect that to happen? Will - Make me your right hand man, okay. Because I want to learn what you do. I want to know how you do it, why you do it. EJ - You really are your mother's son, aren't you? Will - This isn't about her. I want to be like you and I'm going to do what it takes to make sure that happens. EJ - I can't give you what you want. Will - Why not? EJ - Though your ambitions are admirable William at your core, you're not me. You're not a DiMera. Will - You're not a DiMera. You're nobody. Same as me. Can you think of the irony. EJ - Irony? Will - Yeah. The DiMera empire being run by two people without a drop of DiMera blood in them. Can you think of a better way to get back at Stefano for what he did to you.

Andrew's basement - Part 3: Gabi - What did you come up with? Andrew - A couple of different options. It kind of all depends on how far you are willing to take this. Gabi - You know what I don't want. No physical attacks and no dead rats. Andrew - I got it. You don't have to remind me but I have to say you're reaction to the rat was perfect. Gabi - Just do something simple like dead flowers or a picture with a target on my face, something like that. Andrew - That's so boring. Just give me a few days. Gabi - No, it has to happen now. It can't wait. It has to happen today. Andrew - Why? Why are you in such a hurry? What's the rush? Mel keeps dreaming about Chad being her hero. Gabi tells Andrew that Chad asked her if she'd heard from her stalker lately. I said no because I thought it would be more dramatic when something did happen but he didn't react the way I thought he would. He said if I didn't think I was in danger anymore I could move back into my old apartment. And I don't get that because Melanie left him. He'd rather be alone than have me there with him. Andrew - So you're telling me you've been living with Chad this entire time. Gabi - It was his idea. He told me to move in so he could protect me. Andrew - And you still can't get him to make a move on you. He laughs.

DiMera mansion - Part 4: EJ - I would advise you to very careful about what you say about my father. Will - Why are you still calling him that? EJ - Because he was in every way to me. Don't you forget who you are dealing with. Will - Otherwise what? EJ - I protected you. I kept your ... Will - No you didn't. You used me. EJ - I see. Turnabout is fair play, is it? So now you get to use me to better your little position in life. Do you really think it's going to work? Will laughs - Well it is worth a shot so to speak. EJ - I can make one quick phonecall and this entire situation ceases to exist. Will - I figured you were going to go there and threaten me. EJ - It's not a threat; it's called conflict resolution. Will - Yeah, you won't do it. EJ - Why is that? You think I'll miss you. Will - I do know a little bit about how you think and that is why I have a backup plan. EJ - Please don't say that you've actually thought this little powerplay of yours through. Will - Yeah, the letter that proves you're not Stefano's son; someone else has it now. So if anything happens to me they have instructions to take it to the police. EJ - Really, well that is very original. You don't seriously believe that I think this letter is anywhere about your person. Will - It would be the smartest thing to do and now you'll not be able to find it. EJ - I will find it William with resources you can not even begin to wrap your little head around. Will - Really because I gave it to a lawyer out of the phonebook. EJ - Really? A lawyer from the phonebook - goodness. Will - Yup. No paper trail. No search history on any computer or phone. EJ - Do you remember the last time you tried to blackmail me and let's not mince words, that's what this is. Will - Yup, I remember. EJ - The statute of limitations still hasn't expired. Will - Yeah so you keep reminding me. EJ - 20 years for attempted murder is a very long time. Will hands him cell phone - Okay, here. Call the police. We both know what will happen to you if you do.

Andrew's basement - Part 4: Gabi - Stop laughing at me. Andrew - I'm not. It's just the whole situation is kind of funny, you have to admit that. Gabi - I thought this would be so much easier. Andrew - Melanie going out of town was the chance you were waiting for. Gabi - Chad and I have so much history together but the longer Melanie is gone, the more he misses her. And what's worse is that I could be running out of time to make him fall in love with me. Andrew - You have more time than you realise. Gabi - No. She could show up. She could call him any minute. I could go home and she'd be there. Andrew snaps - That's not going to happen! Gabi - How do you know? You don't know anything. Andrew - Just listen to me; hear what I'm saying. Melanie is not going to be a problem. Gabi - Why would you say that? Andrew - Forget it. Gabi - What is it that you know that you're not telling me?

HTS - Part 4: Rafe - Are you sure about this? Carrie - Please don't do this. Rafe - Is this what you want to do? Is this what you think is the right thing to do? If this is the right thing it shouldn't be this hard. Carrie - Stop. Rafe - How could this be the right thing for everybody? What - you're going to the cross the street? You're not going to look at me. Huh? Carrie - Stop. I said stop please. Rafe - Okay. I'm sorry. You're right. You need to focus on your family and your baby. I want what's best for you so that's what I'll do - I'll step aside. Carrie - This can't happen again. Rafe - I know. Carrie - Say it, please. Rafe - Goodbye. Carrie - Goodbye Rafe. He walks away.

DiMera mansion - Part 5: Will - If you tell the police I shot you I will go to prison. EJ - Yes. Will - But then I'll tell them you're not Stefano's son and that will kind of be the beginning of the end for you. You'll lose your status, you're identity, you're inheritance. Chad will be the only real DiMera left and he doesn't want anything to do with the family business so he'll probably just let it go. EJ - Well, you certainly think you have this all figured out, don't you? Will - What's to figure out except I don't know, your defence after you're arrested for Stefano's murder. I know that you've made some self-destructive choices in your past. Your relationship with my mom is evidence of that. But I kind of thought this would be a no-brainer. But it's your call I guess. He makes a move on the chess board. Checkmate. What do you think?

Andrew's basement - Part 5: Gabi - You're acting really weird. You're talking about Melanie not coming back like it's a fact or something. Andrew - Well nobody's heard from her, have they? So ... Gabi - What are you looking at? What's in that room? Andrew - Nothing. It's just a dark room. Let's go. Gabi - No. What's in there. She slides back the cover of the large peephole and sees Melanie on a cot. OMG. What did you do? Answer me. What did you do to her?

DiMera mansion - Part 6: Will - Okay. So we're on the same page. Come on. I think this is a good thing. We've taken our relationship to the next level and I think this will be very rewarding for the both of us. He starts walking out but comes back and gets in EJ's face - Just so we're clear ... I own you now. He leaves.

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