Lucas Learns The Truth About E.J.

July 12 2012 at 8:18 PM
Dorothy595  (Login Dorothy595)


This week's Soap Opera Digest features an article on Lucas and EJ. Lucas accidentally finds the letter that EJ isn't Stefano's son, after Will drops it when he goes to warn EJ about Lucas' investigation. John is excited when Lucas shares the news with him, as he feels it will help him in trying to remove EJ from the DiMera board. Lucas also tells Rafe, and when Will finds out, he's furious, but Lucas reminds Will that he warned him about being in over his head...

As the cops go to arrest EJ for Stefano's murder because now he has a motive [yes that's what it says], Will races to warn EJ... will he make it in time?

Pick up the new Digest for more details!

Thanks to Second Chances Board for the article

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