SOD: Will and Sonny Kiss

August 16 2012 at 3:17 PM
Dorothy595  (Login Dorothy595)


Tad returns to Salem and is outraged that his old pal Will is gay. T accuses Will of being a phony and storms off. Meanwhile, in the aftermath of the explosion, Sonny sees Will for the first time and is relieved that hes okay. In his excitement, Sonny impulsively kisses Will. To Sonnys surprise, Will pushes him away. Sonny is hurt, previews portrayer Freddie Smith. Its embarrassing any time you go to kiss someone and youre rejected. Will explains that he wasnt comfortable with the kiss, which Sonny interprets as Will being unwilling to accept hes gay and lashes out at him.

Later, Will helps Gabi move into her new place and they get nostalgic about their time as a couple. Will and Gabi both see themselves as happier when they were together, points out Chandler Massey (Will).

The two fall into a kiss and end up having sex. Will is battling self-esteem issues, Massey shares. So when you get two people who have some sort of romantic history in a room together, and both are feeling very insecure about themselves, they seek any comfort they can find.

Sonny, meanwhile, has bigger problems when T beats him up.

SOD Spoilers for week of August 20, 2012 (issue date August 27)

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