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Hospital - Part 1: Jen bumps into Hope who is carrying a vase full of flowers. She asks if someone is sick. Hope - No, these are for you to celebrate your first day on the job. Jen thanks her. Hope asks if she has time to grab a cup of coffee, piece of pie. Jen can't, she's knee deep in paperwork. Hope - Oh 'cause it looked like you were leaving now, you were in a hurry. Jen - I am, I need to talk to Daniel ASAP. Hope - You know how I hate to butt in but it doesn't seem like your first day of work is going so well. Jen - No Hope it wasn't great but me being me, I took it to a level of completeley stupid. Hope - And that has to do with Daniel? Jen - There's this pit viper and she's trying to stab me in the back and then Daniel turned Sir Galahad, which is wonderful, but I need him to know that I can do this and I can do this by myself; I don't need any help. Hope - Okay, word of advice, talk to me about this before you talk to Daniel. Jen - No, I need to find Daniel because I was way off base and I need to apologise and you can't change my mind about this. Hope - Hold on! You need to slow down a second. I'm not trying to change your mind about anything. I just think talking to Daniel might be a lot more productive if you were coherent. Jen - I'm not coherent? Hope - Well ... Jen - You know how I get when I'm upset. My brain gets ... Hope - I know. Slow down cuz. You lost me at pit viper. Jen - The pit viper's a woman and she wants my job so she pulled some strings to put my office down in the basement and Daniel told her she had to give me my old office back. Hope - Okay. And? Jen - It's really sweet and you know what I did, I yelled at him. I didn't even thank him. And that is why I need to find him and I need to talk to him soon. They're sitting down now. Jen - So in my mind I was calmly explaining to Daniel that although I appreciate his concern, in the long run I can handle office politics on my own by myself. But when I saw the look on his face, that's not what came out of my mouth. Hope - No one, especially Daniel, is going to be surprised if you overreact every now and then. Everyone knows what you've been through. Jen - That's a really nice way of putting it. Can you explain that to my daughter. Hope gives her a hug. Jen - I can't even believe the way I blew up at him. He was trying to be my friend. He didn't even want me to know there was a problem and when I found out ... Hope - How did you? Jen - Maxine told me and believe me, I was not charming to her either. Hope - I'm sure she understood as well. Jen - She did understand. I don't understand why it's making me so angry. Hope - Maybe you're angry at yourself. Maybe you felt you were betraying Jack by letting Daniel be your friend.

Dan pushes away from Nicole's kiss and tells her to stop now! Nicole - I'm sorry. Dan - I don't want to hurt you, I really don't. Nicole - You're right. This is where you work. I know how professional you are. It's just that you looked so sad and I couldn't help it. It won't happen again. I promise that I will keep our personal relationship private. I'll go but just so you know, I will be waiting for your call. Dan shakes his head. Nicole - What? Dan - Nicole, I don't want to hurt you, I don't. Nicole - This doesn't sound good. Dan - Just know when I said stop it wasn't because we're in the hospital; it wasn't because we were being unprofessional. Nicole - I just know how sensitive you are to that. Dan - Nicole, we made love in my office, sensitive I'm not. I said stop because you want something from me that I can't give you. Now listen to me and listen carefully. I am not ready for a relationship and I don't think you are either. What you need to do it take your time and focus on yourself and this baby, you focus on your future because it's going to be a while before you're ready to make another committment. And I'll be honest with you, I don't know if I'll ever be able to make that kind of committment again. Nicole - Because you're so fragile. Dan - Be mad at me. If you want to hate me, hate me. Hell I deserve it. But we've talked about this before and it's not registering and I want this to be the last conversation we have about this. Understand?

Sami's apt: Sami pours herself another glass of wine and talks to herself. You know Brady I don't need you. I can figure out what Rafe said all on my own. In fact, you know what, I'll just ask him. He's pathologically honest. I'll get him to tell me what he said about me. She opens the door to leave but she has company. Bo - Hey Sami, glad you're here. Sami - No Uncle Bo I was just leaving. I have something I have to do. I don't have time. Bo - You're going to have to make time. Sami - I hate it when you go all cop on me. Bo - This is the final paperwork for your arrest. You've just gotta look it over and sign it. Sami - Can't that wait? Bo - Yeah, if you want to risk being taken away from your kids again so you can go ... what ... have your nails done? Sami - Okay, good evening to you too. Fine, do I sign right here? Bo - You can't just sign. You've got to know what you're signing. What are you, four? Sami - Relax here! Go easy on me. This has been a crazy day, a terrible afternoon and then tonight's turning out to be even worse. Bo - What's your point? It sounds like an ordinary day for you. Sami - I realise I have been all over the place lately Uncle Bo. I'm just trying to figure out what to do, who to trust. Bo - The way you live your life I don't know how you're going to accomplish that. Sami is signing the papers - I really appreciate your support here Uncle Bo. Bo - Do you know why you have to sign this? Sami makes a smart remark. Bo - Because you decided it was a really good idea to leave your kids and go and aid and abet Jr. Sami - Yeah, those kids' father. Bo - He's a DiMera. You said you didn't know who to trust, let me help you out with that. Not him! Sami - He turned out to be innocent. Bo - Well you didn't know that at the time. Did you ever think about what would be ... I'm sorry, stupid question. You don't think. You just run around putting out fires that you probably started. You don't think about what might be best for your family, even for yourself. Sami - You know what, you're a crappy uncle. She storms out slamming the door behind her. Bo mutters - That went well.

HTS - Part 1: When Rafe tells EJ to go to hell EJ sucker punches him and the fight is on. Lucas and John come along and watch the fight. Lucas - You think Sami had anything to do with this? John - Don't think we should try and stop it, do you? Lucas - Nah. DiMera's getting manhandled we should sell tickets right now. John strokes his chin - Damn! (As Rafe sends EJ flying). Lucas - What? John - I've got to do the right thing. Lucas - Really? Come on. John - Someone could get hurt here. Lucas - Isn't that the point of a fight? John gets in the middle and pushes Rafe back as someone else latches on to EJ - Come on cowboys, break it up. He pushes Rafe back - What are you doing man? You're a cop. You could pay big time for this. The big dude holding EJ pipes up that EJ threw the first punch. John - Well that was a smooth move. You're no longer mayor, you just get out of jail. How much more are you willing to lose?

Common Grounds - Part 1: Justin joins Sonny. You seem to be in a good mood. Sonny - That's because I am in a good mood. Everything that was screwed up in my life kind of all just sorted itself out. Justin - Good! I like when that happens. Does your good mood have anything to do with Brian, he asked, casually. Sonny - I see you've been talking to Mom about me. Justin - In an open and supportive manner. Sonny laughs. Brian and I have never been more than friends. The reason I'm in a good mood is because of somebody else. Justin - Really, he asked, neutrally. Sonny - It's Will. Justin - Will Horton. Does your Mom know about this? Sonny - I told her I was interested in him. Justin - What about Will's mom? Does Sami know you two are seeing each other? Sonny - I'm not sure. I don't know if he told her or not but I hope that she's cool with it. Justin - What if she isn't? Sonny - It's going to be her problem, won't it?

Hospital - Part 2: Jen - I get what you're saying but this is not about Jack. I don't want to hurt Daniel, not again. Hope - How could you do that? Oh good grief. No! Daniel knows everything you've been through. There's no way he'd be thinking of you in romantic terms, not now. Jen - But what if he thinks that's what I want him to think. Hope - Why would he think that? Jen - I don't know. You know when you're talking to someone you really don't like and they're so shallow and self-centered and they're rambling on and on and then all of a sudden they say something that you think is right. Hope - No, but I think you have. Cue flashback of Nicole confronting Jen about Daniel. Jen - What if Nicole is right?

Nicole - I do understand and I'm sorry if I added to your problems. Dan - No, you did not add to my problems. I am responsible for this too. I allowed myself to be with you in a way that doesn't make sense for either of us. Nicole - For either of us? No, that is your preception, not mine. I mean maybe you think this was a mistake for you but please don't make assumptions about what any of this meant for me. Please don't say that being involved with you and being with you didn't make sense for me because it did. She cries - It made all the sense in the world. Dan - I'm sorry. It was presumptious of me to tell you how you feel or felt. I'm not going to hurt you or be cavalier with your feelings. You are an amazing woman. You have been through hell and back in your life but you know what you have always done? You have always fought your way back and I so respect you for that. Nicole - Thank you. That means a lot to me. Dan - And I know you are going to be an exceptional mother to this baby and that you are going to give him a great life. And you yourself are going to have a great life but I don't think I can be a part of it. I think it's best for both of us to just cut our losses and try to move on. Nicole - Okay, but can I at least explain to you why I made such a fool of myself. Dan - You didn't. Nicole - I did. I kissed you and you didn't want me to. How can I not feel like a fool; clearly my impulses were wrong and I should know better than that, I'm bettter than that. But I'm your friend too and I'm worried about you and I want to know what's going on and why you're so upset. Dan - My daughter. I just found out Melanie is engaged. Nicole - To Chad? Dan - Yeah. And I think it's just some knee jerk reaction to Nick coming out of prison. Nicole - I could see why you think that. Oh. He's EJ's brother. You and EJ would be family. Dan - Wow. Thank you, pour salt on the wound. Nicole - I'm sorry. If there's anything I can do ... Jen opens the door - Daniel ... she stops when she sees Nicole - I'm sorry, did I interrupt something.

HTS - Part 2: Rafe - It's your lucky day DiMera, I'm not going to press charges. EJ - That's big of you. Rafe - No point. You'll self-destruct on your own. He walks away. Lucas follows. John - I have to say that's probably the stupidest thing I've ever seen you do. EJ - You know you can go home. John - Made a complete ass of yourself in public and you got it kicked. You should know you're never going to beat Rafe at violence. EJ - Well, I'll just have to think of something else won't I? He walks away.

Common Grounds - Part 2: Justin - And your mom, did she seem cool with it when you told her that you were interested in Will. Sonny - Actually no. She kept going on and on about how much baggage he has. She really got worked up about it and that was before she knew that I was seeing Will. Justin - You have to look at this from her point of view. She and I came from such sane and stable families that of course, we never had any baggage which is why our relationship was always so serene. And of course, you couldn't possibly have any baggage with parents who were married 3 times, divorced twice. Sonny grins - Can you tell her that please! Justin - Are you nuts? Sonny laughs. I'm just glad that you're my Dad. Justin - Be glad that your Mom is your Mom. She's only looking out for you. Sonny - I know and Will's Mom's going to be looking out for him as well. I have a feeling this relationship is not going to be boring.

Brady Pub - Part 1: Sami is outside the pub when Rafe shows up. Hey. Sami - Are you okay? Rafe - I'm fine. Sami - But you're bleeding. Rafe - I said I'm fine. Sami - Okay. Fine. Bleeding. What happened? Rafe - Got in a fight with EJ. Fortunately John was there to break it up. God, I was so tempted! Sami - To do what? Rafe - Nothing. Cooler heads prevailed, it's all good. Sami - What were you fighting about?

HTS - Part 3: EJ makes a call. Listen, I need to see you. Justin - Yeah, tomorrow morning, 11 o'clock. EJ - No, sooner than that. Justin - I guess I can get into the office early. How about 8? EJ - That's not going to work, I need to see you now. He holds a glass of ice against his head.

Police station: - Part 1: Bo is with Roman in the office. Roman - There's something I need to talk to you about; wanted to tell you in person. I'm sure that you're aware of the latest round of city budget cuts. Bo - Is this going where I think it's going? Roman - I'm sorry man. I've got no choice. I either lay off a bunch of folks or some of us have to take cuts. He hands Bo an envelope. Bo - Again. I'll think about it. Roman - Alright.

Hospital - Part 3: Jen - Sorry, just wondering if I could have a word with you. Nicole goes and stands next to Daniel - This really isn't a good time because Daniel and I were having a private conversation. Jen - I was going to say when you have a chance. Dan - Yeah, Nicole and I were just done here. He gets paged. He tells Jen he'll talk to her later and leaves. Jen starts to leave too but Nicole asks her to wait a second. I think we need to clear the air about Daniel. You just happened to interrupt a very important conversation. Jen - No, I just walked in and I was going to leave the two of you alone when Daniel got his page. Nicole - Maybe I shouldn't have put it the way I did. Jen - Well I could tell you were you could put it. Nicole - Okay ... Daniel was just telling me about something that upset him. Jen - What? Nicole - Well, Melanie is engaged to marry Chad. Jen - What! When did that happen? Nicole - I don't know. It's pretty sudden though. Obviously Daniel seems to think it's because that wacko Nick Fallon ... oh I'm sorry, you're related, I should watch what I say. Jen - Yeah that might be a good idea. Nicole - Daniel was confiding in me when you walked in so maybe I just got a little over protective. You know how that is when you're close to someone. I'm sure you felt that way about Jack. Jen - You keep talking about how close you and Daniel are getting and now Daniel is confiding in you. Nicole - That's right. Jen - Don't you usually confide in people you really trust? Nicole - Meaning? Jen - Meaning weren't you the one covering for his wife when she was having another man's baby. I could see Chloe trusting you, but Daniel? Nicole - Thinks change. She walks out. Jen mutters - Yeah, but you don't.

Police station: - Part 2: Hope now has an envelope as well. Roman - I know you're going to have to think it over, discuss it with Bo. I am sorry. Hope - Don't be. I completely understand the realities of the situation and I know how much I love this job and how much it means to me. Roman - Just like Bo. Hope - So he already knows. Roman - Yeah.

HTS - Part 4: Bo sits on the couch and opens the envelope and reads the letter. He is not happy. Bo is reading a sailing magazine when Hope comes up from behind and hugs him - Buy you a beer Mister? Bo - Are you sure we can afford it? Hope - Oh my gosh, how are we going to get by. You know what, I'll take in laudry. Maybe Ciara can get a job, what do you think? Bo - You can sell jewelry! Hope - I can! Bo - So you're not taking this seriously. Hope - Seriously! Look at me, we're the lucky ones. We're in pretty good shape. We can roll with this punch. She gives him a quick kiss. Bo - We've always rolled with the punches no matter what but this kind of stirs things up. Hope - I know. When my man buys a sailing magazine I know something's on his mind. Bo - You don't become a cop for the money. This whole paycut thing ... hell it should have happened a long time ago. It's not about the money for me. Hope - I know. It hasn't been about the money for us for a long time. But it doesn't send a 'thanks for all the hard work' kind of message. Bo - Not that I ever expected that but it doesn't seem to be bothering you. Hope - What do you want me to say? Look, I don't like it but Brady, I just know how much I love my job. And I don't need it for the money, I need it for other things. Bo - Other things? Oh man, so now what, we're going to talk about our feelings? Hope - I know, you like evidence you can bag and send up to forensics. Bo - Yeah and you love this job. Hope - Yeah, but you're not feeling the same way, are you? Bo - Fancy Face it's not ... I do love my job. You remember us going sailing around the world with Shawn Douglas. Hope - Did we? Must have slipped my mind. Bo - And everyone thought we were crazy but that was the best thing in the world for you and I and our boy. We became tight as a family and everything that's happened with Ciara, she deserves something like that too. Hope - Of course she does. Bo - Like you said, it's not the job, I'm happy with the job. It's not the family, it's not you and me and the marriage. Hope - I know. You don't ride off on the back of a motorcycle with a guy and expect him to be 9-5, run of the mill. And because I adore and love that guy, I want you to stay that guy. That's what this is really about, isn't it? Bo - No, I don't ... heck, who knows. Thanks for not saying the midlife crisis thing. They hug. They're sitting at a table now having a drink. Bo talks about how dealing with the DiMera's day in and day out is like beating your head against the wall. When I wake up in the morning I'm not excited about going to work and I know that you still are. Hope - It was never part of the deal that we had to feel the same way about things. I want to be married to someone who's doing what he wants to do not something he thinks I want him to do. Bo - You know this wife thing that you're doing right now, pretty high scores. We've got a 9.9. 9.9 and oh I think there's a 10. Hope - The 9.9's, what's with that! Bo - Oh, Russian judges. Hope laughs. Bo - Thank you. They kiss. Hope - I know this is important but I don't think it's serious. I know that whatever you decide it's going to be okay. I want you to be doing something that makes you really happy. Bo - We'll just have to narrow down those options. Hope kisses him - You'll figure it out. Bo - Nah, we'll figure it out. They kiss again.

Brady Pub - Part 2: Rafe - You want to know if we were fighting about you? Sami - No. Were you. Rafe - No, sorry. I know you're going to find this hard to believe but we actually can't stand each other. Sami - That's always been true. You don't normally end up in a fist fight, what happened? Rafe - He hit me first, ask him. Sami - I'm asking you. Why did he hit you? Rafe - Isn't that the way he always acts when he doesn't get what he wants? Sami - What did he want? Rafe - What difference does it make? Sami - It makes a huge difference to me.

Hospital - Part 4: Dan returns to the nurses station. Jen asks if everything went okay. Dan updates her on what was going on ending with some emergency hand holding. Jen - You're a full service provider. Cue awkward silence. Do you have a second? Dan - Okay. Jen - I really want to apologise for the way that I snapped at you before. Dan - I get it. You really don't need me interfering in your affairs here. Jen - You weren't interfering at all. You were being my friend. It's like I told you yesterday, I lose it sometimes. It bothers me that I just went off on you like that. Dan - Well if you remember I told you that I get it. I've been through it and I understand so seriously, you don't have to worry about me. Jen - That's great. Thank you for letting me off the hook. I'm going to go back to my swank office. It's my first day back and I'm already a week behind.

Common Grounds - Part 3: Lucas is with Kate. So I ran after Rafe and tried to get him to press charges but you know Rafe, he didn't listen to me. Kate - All I can say is thank God you weren't involved. Lucas - I'm staying out of that. Sami and I are history. I don't need to mix it up with her suitors. Kate - That's what this was all about, Sami? Lucas - What else? There's something I want to say about Sami too ... Kate - I knew it. You're just like those other morons who say they're over Sami and then you rush to her defence instead of grinding her to a fine powder which would not only nourish me, it would be so theraputic for your mother. Lucas - This is what I want to say about Sami. I don't give a flying euphemism what you do to Sami. You understand me but leave my kids alone. I don't want Will or Allie hurt. If they are hurt the slightest bit you will lose me and them forever, you know that right. Kate - You don't even have to say that. I don't want them to pay only Sami.

Brady Pub - Part 3: Sami - You have to agree that EJ doesn't normally pick fights with people in public where there are witnesses. He had to have been provoked. Rafe - I didn't provoke him. Sami - Well maybe not intentionally. Rafe - What is that supposed to mean? Sami - I don't know. It's just EJ can be pretty intuitive. Maybe he just picked up on the fact that things have changed between us since ... Rafe - Since what? Sami - Since you kissed me. Rafe - Okay, you know what. That kiss, it happened. And you know what else, it was stupid. Sami - Those feelings aren't stupid, they aren't smart, they just are. Rafe - More than anyone else in the world you should know that there are stupid feelings. I'm not going to stand here and regret all the stupid things that I've done but just in case you were wondering if that kiss actually meant something, it didn't. He leaves.

Hospital - Part 5: Justin leads EJ into a visitor's room. All this urgency and secrecy, please tell this isn't about something illegal. EJ - On the contrary, this is about justice being served.

Alice's house: Nicole opens the door and is surprised to see Daniel there. I didn't know you were coming. Do you want to come in. Dan - No I'm not staying. There's just something that I didn't say earlier. Nicole - I can't imagine what. Dan - I know I had to be really blunt and I'm sure it wasn't fun to hear. Nicole - Are you back for round 2? Dan - I realise that I didn't say I still think that you are a great friend to me and I will continue to do anything to keep EJ from finding out the truth. On top of everything else you do not have to worry about that. Nicole - Thank you. That means a lot but you do realise this could get complicated with Melanie marrying Chad. Dan - I'm sort of drawn to complicated but it is my problem. Do not worry about me cause all you've got to worry about is yourself and that little dude. Goodnight. He leaves. Nicole talks to the little dude. You know he didn't have to come here to tell me that. Maybe ... I think he wanted to see me. This isn't over. It's far from over and you know what, little dude, it could me and baby makes 3 even if I have to run Snow White over with my car.

Hospital - Part 6: EJ - Everything we need to talk about is completely legal, it's above board. But before we start let me give you this (he hands him some money) so all this is privileged. Justin - What I don't understand is why you want to hire me of all people. EJ - I don't think I can represent myself and I trust you. Not only that, if you're representing me, people involved will take this very seriously. Justin - Okay, I'll bite. Take what seriously? EJ - I want to insist on a paternity test for Nicole's baby the moment it's born because I need proof. Justin - Proof of what? EJ - Raphael Hernandez is not that child's father, I am. I want proof of that and I want proof of conspiracy. Justin - What conspiracy? EJ - Rafe is not that child's father (Jen is at the door and she hears all this). Nicole and Rafe are lying and in order to support that lie they fabricated a paternity test. Dr. Jonas took that test and switched it with the real one. Justin - Those are pretty serious charges. EJ - And they should have very serious consequences. Nicole will be left with nothing. Rafe is out on his ear and Dr. Jonas, well let's just say his career is going to be blown sky high.

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