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Segment 1: Kristen tells Nicole it's nice to see her. Nicole calls her 'cupcake'. I'm not so sure if it's going to be so nice. I want to talk about Brady. I love him but when it comes to women he's sadly stupid. Kristen - You're right, wasn't he once involved with you? Nicole - You may be able to fool him but you don't fool me. We both know you're a phony bitch. Kristen - I guess it takes one to know one. Nicole tells her to think about Brady. Because of her he lost both John and Marlena who's like a mother to him. Nicole knows that to Kristen Brady is the perfect means to hurt John and Marlena. Kristen - Thankfully he doesn't think that's what I'm doing. Nicole - Because it's too painful for him to face what a fool he's been. Do you know how I know what you did to get Marlena away from John? That secret room where you tried to kill her, you stole Susan's baby and you tried to bring Roman back from the dead. I know all this because Brady told me. Kristen admits there was a time he wasn't her biggest fan. Nicole - Now he has to pretend to forget so he can do this (she points to the bed) with you. Kristen claims that Brady doesn't have to do anything because he knows she's changed. Nicole quips - Just like I know there's 0 calories in vodka. Kristen has neither denied that she's made mistakes. Nicole retorts - Neither has Stalin. Kristen - When it comes to mistakes it seems like you're the past master, right?

When Marlena tells Brady she thinks that someday they will pay a terrible price, Brady chalks it up to more scare tactics. Eric doesn't want to be with Kristen so he boots me off the advisory board. Dad doesn't want me to be with Kristen so he takes off to pay me back and you don't want me to be with Kristen so you're going to prophesize doom. Marlena - You think your father left to punish you? Brady rants that they both want him to fall in line because it's obviously impossible for them to accept that Kristen makes him happy. Marlena - Happy enough to be without anyone else in your life? Brady whines that every relative of is in line to take a number to tell him off. Brady gets a call from Eric. Eric needs him to come back to the rectory; there's one more thing they need to settle.

Hope comes to the hospital to see if she's free for lunch. Jen has a date with Daniel. Hope asks how it is between them with Chloe back in town. It's fine. Hope doesn't think that it sounds so fine. Jen doesn't think Daniel wants her to see it but Chloe is dead set on getting him back.

Chloe thinks it makes sense for them to move in with Daniel. Parker needs to get to know his Daddy and know he's part of the family. The best way to make that happen is for them to move in here.

Brady is back in the rectory. He thinks Eric has seen the error of his ways and wants to beg him to come back and chair the board. Eric - No, before I can replace you we need a formal letter of resignation. I need to get a replacement. We have no time to waste on our fundraisers. Brady tells him not to worry about the fundraising. Even though he and Kristen are persona non grata DiMera and Titan are still going to support the school and the church. It will be thrilling for you. You'll have all this money rolling in without the unpleasantness of seeing me on an ongoing basis. Eric - You seem to be enjoying this, I'm not. Brady isn't either but he's not going to fall apart. I don't care what anyone thinks; I'm going to live my life my way. He walks out and Eric mutters - The Kristen DiMera way.

Segment 2: Hope asks if Daniel sees that Chloe is out to get him. Jen lists all of Daniel's wonderful qualities before she says he doesn't see some women for who they are - case in point, Nicole. Nicole wasn't even the mother of his son and she had coming and going so I think I would be very stupid to underestimate Chloe.

Dan tells Chloe she talked about moving in here like it was actually possible and realistic; that's scary. We are divorced and I am in love with Jennifer. This is not a scenario that calls for me to have a roommate; certainly not you. Chloe wasn't thinking about herself, she was thinking of Parker. If they all live under the same roof he'll know what it's like to be part of a family. That's all she meant.

Eric is happy Marlena came to see him. She asks how it went with Brady. Not great. Marlena was afraid of that. She was hoping that Brady wasn't isolating himself from so much of the family. He's so defensive with me ... Eric says he's defensive with him too. Marlena - It's just all a mess, isn't it? Eric hopes she understands that he can't keep Brady and Kristen on the board. Marlena does understand. I just think this might be a gradual wakeup call for Brady. After losing Madison I don't want him losing anymore. Eric - How much have you lost in all this? As vulnerable as Brady was part of me wanted to go after him for what he's done to you. Marlena can't blame Brady. So much of this is my own fault.

Kristen thinks Nicole is a little hypocritical since she dumped poor Brady for EJ. Didn't you also dump Eric for Lucas so you could get your hands all over Kate's money? But nothing compares to you jumping into the marital bed with Victor Kiriakis. Nicole - I was awful but I have and always will be a loyal friend to Brady. Kristen believes her. She thinks Nicole is here because she's concerned about Brady. She also thinks Nicole is bored because her life is so empty. You have a past, I have a past but there's one big difference. I've changed, wasn't it you wandering around Horton Square pretending your baby was alive. Didn't you set up Jennifer Horton to take the blame. It seems to be that you are still that same woman who thinks innocent babies are a means to an end. Nicole attacks - You bitch. Kristen grabs her hand - You just made another serious mistake.

Segment 3: You should never raise your hand to a DiMera unless you're willing to pay the consequences. Nicole is trembling. Kristen thinks she's been pretty tolerant of her. I know you care about Brady but you are so insignificant to me that you're not even worth the energy it takes to react. I'm going to let go of your arm and you're going to walk out of here if you know what's good for you. Nicole - I never know what's good for me. She sends Kristen flying on to the bed. Brady bursts into the room and pulls Nicole off Kristen. Nicole yells - You can call me every name in the book but don't you ever say I wouldn't love my babies - EVER! Brady drags Nicole into the hallway - she screams Bitch! Brady - You do something like that again and our friendship is over, do you understand me! Nicole - Losing a friend is nothing compared to losing your mother, your father, your brother. Brady isn't going to listen to this. Nicole - She's not worth it. In your heart you know she's not. Brady - You are wrong! You are all wrong about her. Kristen eavesdrops. She mutters - What am I doing to you Brady?

Eric asks his mom how this is her fault. She tried to get Brady to see the truth about Kristen and she ended up losing John. Eric asks her what she's talking about.

Jen says after being married to Jack for so many years who she loved with her whole heart, it's kind of nice to be with someone who isn't so complicated. Hope can see that. Jen says the only time she's seen Dan bitter is when he talks about not being able to see Melanie grow up. He feels guilty for this horrible man who was her father. Hope - And know there's Chloe. She thinks Jen is being way too fair with Chloe. Jen knows from Chloe's POV it would be better for their son if they were back together. Hope - That would work out nicely for her too, don't you think? I don't think she's evil, I just think she's weak and a whole lot of people have been hurt by that weakness. Jen thinks at the same time Chloe is strong for her son. Chloe told her the whole story about what happened with Daniel and it was wrong and very unfair. If I was her I would want Daniel back too. Hope tells her to stop. She's not going to let Jen talk herself into this.

Dan says they need to talk about something they haven't addressed since she came back. We need to clear the air about the two of us. Chloe asks if he heard more about her. Dan - Is there more? No. Dan isn't so sure about that. He happens to know that she didn't get back with Philip when she left Salem and now she's talking about moving in here as if that was the next logical step. Chloe - For Parker. Dan isn't talking abou Parker - we're talking about us. I want you to be honest. Is there any part of you that wishes we could get back together? Chloe - Of course there is.

Brady is sick of everyone piling on Kristen. I'm not speaking to the rest of my family so it wouldn't be a big deal if I didn't speak to you either. That's what's going to happen if you a pull a stunt like this again. Nicole - OMG, your brother means nothing to you. Brady - He's a priest, he has no right to judge me. Kristen - So you're doing the woman he tried to kill his mother. Brady is going to go in the room but Kristen stops him. This isn't about me and Kristen, this is about you. I came here to tell her what this is doing to your family. You should see Eric. It's killing him and I know it's killing you. Trust me, she doesn't care about you. She only cares about herself. Brady - You're wrong. He goes into the room. Kristen claims Nicole is certifiable. Brady states that she's upset. Kristen - She came in here and attacked me! Brady - She's been through a lot. I think you should cut her some slack. Kristen - Are you defending her?

Segment 4: She came in here and physically attacked me and you want me to cut her some slack! Brady - This hasn't been the best day for me. I've spent the last week running around defending you to everyone. Some relationships are very, very strained because of my relationship with you. Kristen - I'm aware of that. Brady points out that Nicole did just lose a baby, it's her second one in a short amount of time. I was there for the first one and I've never seen anyone in so much pain and agony in my life. So if she gave you a hard time just now I think you should get over it, let it go. Another thing - I saw your face and I heard what Nicole was saying; I'm pretty sure you gave as good as you got. Kristen - So I was just supposed to stand there and take it? That's not who I am and it never will be. I'm aware that Nicole is a basket case but she doesn't your protection or your sympathy. I think you need to steer clear of her from now on. Silence. What is that look for? Brady - You're jealous, aren't you? Kristen - I'm not jealous. Why would I be jealous of the most unstable person in Salem? Brady - Good question, why would you?

Nicole listens as Marlena tells Eric that John thinks she went to far in trying to show Brady the truth about Kristen. Eric - After he found out he put Brady in the hospital and you went too far? Marlena - He thinks that. Eric is sorry. Marlena is going to let him get back to work. Nicole comes in - she didn't mean to interrupt. Eric is going to walk Marlena out. After they leave Nicole says - It sounds like Kristen is the hot topic of the day but it seems like you're giving up the fight Marlena. Perhaps it's time to bring in the reserves. So you want the truth about Kristen to come out, you are too good and noble to realise that sometimes it takes a lie to get at the truth. Brady Black, CEO of Titan industries. Kristen Blake DiMera, VP of DiMera Ent. (She's looking at the files on them on Eric's desk). Ah, lovers and competitors. She goes through the deskand finds a flashdrive. This is going to work out nicely.

Hope tells Jen that she doesn't have to stoop to Chloe's level but you don't need to stand back and watch either. Don't let her find an opening to move in on Daniel. Actually I think it's time you fought fire and fire. When she finds out they're going to the pub for lunch she says hmm.

Chloe agrees that they need to be totally honest with each other. It took me a long time to realise it wasn't that I slept with Philip and lied about it ... I don't think I've ever been that unhappy in my life. I know you sensed something was wrong no matter how hard I tried to hide it. Dan could sense something was different. Chloe cries - All the terrible things I did after I lost you was because I'd lost myself. She remembers living here and waking up with him next to her. It's the first time in her life she felt that she was at home. And you're right, I haven't been with Philip or any other man since I left Salem but that's because I live to be a good mother to Parker. No other man, no other life could possibly touch what I had then so of course I want that back. I think about it everyday. I don't think that you even remember it. Dan does.

Segment 5: Kristen repeats she's not jealous of Nicole or anyone else. She can tell Nicole is out of control because she doesn't like the idea of you being with anyone when she's so alone. Brady - So your solution is to tell me to stay away from her. Neither one of likes to take direct orders ... Kristen admits she was upset and her words didn't come out right. She's in trouble. I don't want her using you. She suggests they don't do this. She knows he's having a rough day. John's leaving town, right? I'm worried about you. I know what being with me is doing to you. Brady says everyone is wrong about her. We shouldn't let other people get between them. Brady would love to stay but he has a company to run. So does Kristen. She gives him a card key to her room in case he gets home before she does. They kiss. Brady wonders who's going to get on his case next. After he leaves Kristen grabs her purse and coat and leaves too.

Nicole tells Eric she seen Brady's resignation. Getting his signature couldn't have been fun. Eric says they didn't have another fight. To Brady nothing matters but Kristen. He's so delusional ... it's tearing the whole family apart. Nicole asks if he needs a similar letter signed by Kristen. He does. Nicole offers to handle it. Eric is glad cause he doesn't want to see Kristen. Eric goes to get some aspirin for his headache. Nicole mutters - Before Kristen and I go for round 2 there's someplace I have to stop first.

Hope loves the pub but there are certain things that can't happen at the pub. They banter about Hope not being so subtle. Hope thinks Daniel would enjoy being reminded how well the two of them get along one on one. Jen maybe we can go to the park ... Hope thinks that would be perfect. Go for it. Jen did hear Chloe say she was taking Parker back to the mansion so she could text Daniel and pick him up at his place.

To be fair Dan says she wasn't the only one to make mistakes. I'm just happy that Parker is back in my life and so happy that he has such an amazing, strong mother. Chloe - But? Dan - Out time is past. We hurt each other deeply and I don't know how to undo that. Chloe - You don't think we can. Dan thinks they can be forgiving. Chloe understands. Honestly, I'm glad that you've moved on and you've found someone you really like. Dan doesn't think it will take her long either. He hopes she'll be as happy as he's with Jennifer. Dan has some errands to run. Chloe will take Parker and leave. When Dan sees he's sleeping he tells her to stay until he wakes up - just lock up when she leaves. Dan says it was good to talk to her. He leaves. Chloe tells Parker - Once upon a time your Daddy loved your Mommy so much and I promise you he will again.

Segment 6: Hope is at the rectory with Eric and Ciara. Hope tells Ciara it's time for her 1st Communion class. Ciara leaves. Eric asks Hope if she's seen his mom lately. Hope saw her the other day. Eric guesses she doesn't know that John left town. Hope - Kristen won.

Kristen stops in front of the jewelery story window in the stall and recalls when Brady gifted her with the bracelet she's wearing. She tells herself - No, Brady is just a means to an end. As she turns to leave she runs into Marlena.

Chloe is feeding Parker at Dan's place. She tells Parker that his dad is wrong. They can have what they had back. She just has to figure out a way to derail that Horton broad. She hears Dan's text alert. She reads up the text from Jen. Well Jen you'll be swinging by an empty apartment ... maybe it won't be. She takes Parker's baby food and smears it on her dress.

Henderson will let Mr. Black know that Nicole is here. When Brady comes into the living room Nicole tells him she came by to apologise. She realised the last thing he needs is more drama in his life. She fakes a headache. She asks if she can get some tea with honey. Brady goes to get it for her. She goes on his laptop and copies some files onto the flashdrive.

Segment 7: Eric - So you think Kristen engineered all of this. Kristen - She's been causing problems for you mom and John ever since she got back to Salem. Eric - I just find it hard to believe that knowing what they know that she could succeed. Appartently it wasn't just Kristen. My mom implied that she did something that really bothered John but she wouldn't tell me what it was.

Kristen - So is John really gone? Marlena - Yes he is so maybe now you'll stop torturing Brady. Kristen - Why would I torture someone I love? Marlena - You don't love him. Kristen - Don't be so sure about that. I do love him and I'm hoping we're going to be together for a very long time. She walks away.

Jen knocks on Dan's door. Chloe answers it wearing Dan's shirt and nothing else.

Dan comes into the living room of the mansion and asks Nicole what she's doing here. She's waiting for Brady. Dan lets her know that he knows there's something she's not telling him.

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