Chapters 30 - 39

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Response to Bad To The Bone

Chapter 30

In the car Marlena kept watching Belle out of the corner of her eye. She had something up her sleve and new she needed to act fast if she wanted to make sure her daughter never saw Shawn again.

As they pulled into the Building parking lot Belle grabed her stuff and ran to the elevator. She did not want to talk to her mother or be anywhere near her. The ride up was short and when the door opened she ran out and flung open the penthouse door.

"DAD." Belle screamed. "BRADY."

"Wow Tink what has gotten into you?" Brady asked.

Belle looked up at her brother with tears in her eyes. "My mother is what is wrong. She came by and told me I had to come home now. I was not able to talk to Shawn and I hate her for it."

"Wow wait a minute Marlena picked you up? She was supposed to be at the hospital till noon." Brady explained. 'Damn that Bitch.' he thought to himself. 'I wont let her do this to Tink, not as long as I am alive.'

John was coming down the stairs just as Marlena walked into the room. "Oh good you are still here. I thought I may have missed you." She said to John.

"Belle go up stair's and pack your things. I want you ready in one hour." Marlena said.

"Where do you think you are sending her?" Brady asked.

"That is not your concern. Now Belle get moving we dont have long." Marlena told her family.

"Wait a minute here Doc. What do you think you are doing? You are not sending her anywhere. At least not with out talking to me." John said.

"Well if Belle would go and pack I will tell you." she said as she took a seat on the couch.

"No I am not going anywhere with out finding out where you are planning to send me." Belle said.

"You are going to an all girls school till you finish school. Maybe that way you will forget about Shawn and anything else here." her mother said.

Belle looked at Marlena like she had three heads. "You have got to be kidding me right mom? I mean you are not that crule to send me away?"

"Think again young lady. I am and I will. Now go get ready before I come up there and do it myself." she said in the meanest tone possible.

Belle ran up the stair in tears with Brady hot on her heels.


Belle came down the stair with Brady carrying her bags. He placed them by the door. "Tink, you know I will find out where it is and come and get you right?"

"Yeah I know. But Why cant you or dad stop her now. I cant leave, I have to talk to Shawn and tell him everything." she said crying. "Please Brad I am beggin you to stop her."

It broke Bradys heart hearing her cry. He had to find a way to stop the evil Step-mother from doing something dumb.


Shawn came home and went straight to Belles room. He planned to wake her up, but when he got there she was gone and all the was left of her was a note.

He picked it and read it out loud.

Dear Shawn:

I know when you get this I will be at home. But please know that it was not my doing. I never wanted to leave till I talked to you. My mother came here and brought me home. She said that I needed to come home. God only knows what she is thinking besides herself.
Shawn I am Scared. I dont know what she is up too, but I have a bad feeling about it. Please know that I will talk to you when the family meeting is over.

Love Always Isabella Black

P.S. If anything is to happen to me please know that I love you!

After reading the note Shawn sat there on Belles bed not sure what he was supposed to do. He new she would fine, she has Brady and John looking out for her.


Belle stood at the bottom of the stairs in her brothers arms crying. She didn't want to leave Salem. "Brady please call Shawn the minute I leave and tell him what happened. He should be smart enough to know what to do. You have to stick together to get me back here."

"Don't worry Tink I will come for you, where ever that may be." Brady said to his little sister.

Marlena came down the stairs and saw the two hugging. "Ok Belle it is time to go. Now say your goodbyes."

Belle looked up to her brother and smiled. "I love you Brady." and she gave him a kiss on the cheek.

She turned around and looked for her dad. "Mom where is dad?"

"I dont know. I really dont know. But lets go." she said.

"I cant leave without saying goodbye to dad. I wont leave without seeing him." Belle said just as her father walked in the door.

John smiled at his daughter. "Izzy. I love you. Now I want you to be good." he said. "I got this for you. I thought you might like something to take with you that will remind you of home."

John got her a teddy bear that had a Salem T-shirt on. "Thank you daddy. I love it. And I love you." she said into his ear. "Please dont let me go, I dont want too."

"I know dear, but your mother feels it would be in your best intrest that you go away." he said as he let his only daughter go and he went up stairs.

Marlena took Belle by the arm and lead her out of the penthouse to the car. She new she needed to be careful because she could not let anyone fallow her or everything would be trashed.

Brady had done what he was asked. He called Shawn.


"Shawn man it's Brady. We need to talk."

"What about man. I am just on my way out to Philips place."

"Well Philips will have to wait cause you need to come here with your dad and fast."

"What are you talking about? Brady tell me nother has happened to Belle?"

"Sorry man all I know is that Marlena took her away to some ALL GIRLS BOARDING SCHOOL."


The line went dead and Brady new Shawn and Bo would be there soon.

Chapter 31

As Shawn and Bo drove over to the Blacks Shawn kept thinking about him and Belle and he new without a doubt that Belle was hurting.

"Dad we have to get her back I cant go through anything without her. She is my rock, and my every breathe because she brought the life back into me." he said to his dad.

Bo glanced at his son. "What happened to my rebel son and how he thought nothing would ever come between him and his leather."

Shawn looked at his dad for a moment. "I thought that too, but when I saved her that night everything changed. I know Gran always said that Belle and I would end up together, but I always thought it was a joke."

"Sailor Man take it from me. Your Gran is a very smart lady and she knows what she is talking about. She new one day your mom and I would be together and here we are now."

"I just dont get it at all. How can one person know this and the person that is being told this does not see it. I mean she told me this for years and now look at Belle and I?"

That goes with being a Horton. They see everything." Bo said as he pulled into the parking lot of the towers.


They got out and raced inside. Took the elevator up to the Penthouse floor.

"You ok Sailor Man, I know this is going to be hard." Bo asked.

"Yeah dad I am ok. I just want to get her back here soon. I am not sure where she is but I will find her."

John heard their voices from inside and went to the door.

"Bo. Shawn thanks for coming."

"John what do we have. Anything on where Marlena took her?"

Brady came walking down the stairs at that moment. "Yeah we got a lead on where Marlena took her. Dad put a tracking device on one of Belles stuffed animals."

Bo looked at John for a second, but didnt say anything. "So where do we start? I dont want Hope in this not with her being Pregnant and all."

John and Brady looked and both Shawn and Bo. "Congradulations."

"Thanks. We just found out last week." Bo said as he watched Shawn look at pictures of Belle on the table.

"John we can we get her back? I cant let her be gone this long. I know she is scared I can feel it."

"How can you feel something like that? I mean if I could feel that maybe I would have been able to see that Marlena had lost her marbles." John said as he walked over to his Lap Top.

The three joined him at the couch. They new they had to get Belle back before something happened.


"Mom I thought you said I was going to an all girls school somewhere far away?" Belle asked her mother.

"No I said that so your father and Brother would not follow us. I want you in the school here so that way I can check up on you from time to time."

"But mom I dont need to go to some all girl school. I was fine at Salem High. I need to be with my friends and I sure as hell am not going to make friends here. I mean look at this place who knows what the girls were sent here for?"

Marlena looked at her daughter. "You will go to this school and you will like it. Cause you are not coming home till you are graduated." she said. "I want you away from Shawn and away from Brady, because I know them they will help each other to get you to do anything for them."

"Mom would you grow up and think about what you are saying. I mean what in gods name have you been thinking? Why send me to a all girls school when you can put a restraining order on Shawn or something."

"Dont worry Belle you will have no contact with anyone other then me. I made it so you get no visitors and phone calls."

Belle felt the tear roll down her check. 'I need you Shawn. Where are you?' she thought to herself.

"I HATE YOU. I hate you for doing this to me and I know dad will find me and bring me home."

"You father has no idea where you are and he wont find you since I made it look like you were going to school out of the country."


The four men sat looking at the tracking device and watched it slowly.

"John do you think that they left town. I mean from what this is saying it shows that they are still here." Bo asked.

"Well it seems that Marlena lied. Belle is not far from here and that is good since I know where she is."

"Wait you know where Marlena took Belle?" Shawn asked.

"Yup about two hours from here there is a school for girls. It is a tough school and I think she is trying to scare her into thinking this is the life Shawn would bring her if there stay together." John said.

Brady looked at his dad for a minute before he asked. "Dad what do you plan to do when we get Belle back? I mean what about Marlena? Are you planning to let this shit happen again?"

"Well I called Mickey and asked him to draw up some divorce papers. I am going to file for it and leave her with nothing of mine. She crossed the line when she took Belle and that stuff she has been pulling. I guess Marlena is the one that needs to see the Dr."

"I am sorry dad, I know you love Marlena and all but she has lost her marbles."

Chapter 32

"John what do you think we should do really? I mean do we sit here and wait till she gets back and then go get Belle or leave now and meet her there?" Bo asked from the couch where he was watching his son run a whole in the floor.

"I think that we need to go get my sister and have Marlena arrested for taking Belle." Brady said as he made his way over to the door to leave.

"Oh alright lets go before Shawn puts a whole in Doc's floor." John said.

All four men made there way out of the penthouse and down to the Black Lincon Town Car and left to get Belle.


Marlena and Belle just got out of the car when a man and woman walked out of the building.

"Dr. Evans, how good it is to see. This must be Isabella." the young woman said as she stood next to Marlena.

"Yes this is Isabella." she said smiling at the woman. "Belle this is Kristen Blake and her Peter Blake."

Belle looked at the two and remembered her fathers horrid stories about these two that were supposed to be dead, but were really standing in front of her.

"Belle dont be so rude, say hello." Marelena nudged Belle in the side.

Belle just rolled her eyes and walked back over to the car. She new she needed to fingure a way out of here and soon, she new these two people were trouble.


John was speeding and he new that they could be in trouble if they were caught. "Bo can you call in and have the towns police send in back up. I got a bad feeling we are not going to like something when we get there."

"What do you mean John? Are you feeling something may be wrong with Belle?" Shawn asked from his spot next to Brady.

"No, nothing like that Shawn, I just mean we may need the police there to give us a hand in case something should or would happen."

"OH." was all he said.

As they got closer John slowed the car down to a crawl. He saw Marlena's car parked in front of the building. So at least his stuff worked like the ISA said it would.
John watched three adults stand around while a young one stodd next to the car. "Guys as soon as the police move in, Bo and I will go in and grab Belle. The police know where to meet us if there are problems after we get Belle out of there."

"John cant Brady and I go get her, and you two see to Marlena?" Shawn asked as he looked at John in the mirror. "Or maybe dad, Brady and me get Belle and you go get Marlena with the Police?"

"No Sailor that wont work because Marlena knows we have no idea where she took Belle so once the police move in it will only take a few minutes." Bo explained to his worried son.


The Police of the small town have been headed for a small all Girls School. They got a call from a man claming that his wife took their daughter to this school and that she had said that it was a out of country school.

"All units be advised that we could have a family dispute." the female voice came over the mic.

"10-4, we are all in site of the school just waiting for the go." one officer


All the police cars moved in as soon as the go was given and then surrounded the car and the small group. Guns drawn and yell were heard.

"Hands in the air where we can see them." one said.

"Step away from the car and keep your hands up. Miss with the teddy bear step away from the car and back slowly towards me."

Belle looked up and slowly started backing towards them, out of the corner of her eye she saw her mother move towards her and she new she had to move fast or she was going to be caught.

Marlena saw this was her last chance to grab her daughter so she moved but it was to late, Belle had turned and ran right to the police officers. 'Damn that child, she will pay for destroying my work.'

Once Belle was safe with the police John, Bo, Brady and Shawn moved in. They new hell was going to freeze over now.

Shawn ran right to Belle and pulled her to him. Belle gave up some strugle till she felt the comfort of his body take over her.

"Belle baby it's me calm down you are safe now." he said in a soft tone that soothed her.

Sobbing, she slowly lifted her head off his shoulder. "Oh Shawn. D. I thought I would never see you again."

"That could never happen, I would move heaven and earth to find you Belle dont you know that by now?"

"I kinda do now since I new I would be safe when you got me out of here."

John was over with Bo while they arrested Kristen and Peter Blake and Marlena. They were being put into the back of police cars when Marlena turned and looked right at the kids. "I want you to stay away from my daughter do you hear me, you are no good for her. All you will do is bring her shame and heart ach."

"Marlena, the only one who has done that now is you. So if I were you I would keep my mouth shut." Brady said to his evil step-mother.

Marlena looked shocked to say the least. "Brady Victor Black you will not speak to me like that. I thought I raised you better then this?"

"You did, till you to my Tinker Belle away from me and then you lost all power to even think about me."

Marlena and the other two were taken away. John and the two walked over to where Shawn was rocking Belle.

"Izzy." John said as he made his way closer.

"Daddy." Belle said as she jumped out of Shawn's arms and all but ran to her father's.

"Belle you ok?" he asked.

"I am ok now, but how did you know where to find me? She told you she was taking me out of country." she asked her dad.

"That is something five us will talk about when we get you home."

"Ok." was all she said.

"TINKER BELLE." Brady yelled at her.

"Is that you lost boy?" she asked with a soft giggle.

"No. It is I Peter Pan." he said and soon saw his sister fly from his dads arms in run to him. "Oh Tink thank god you are ok. Shawn and I were going nuts."

"I was not going nuts. I was the normal one of the group." Shawn said until he looked up at John and Bo. "Ok maybe I was the one that lost my head more, but still."

"It's ok Shawn. D, we still love you." Belle said giggling.

Chapter 33

Shawn cringed. "How many times do I have to tell you not to call me Shawn. D?"

"You can stop telling me that since I will always call you that."

"Come on you three lets go home. I need to check on Hope and the baby." Bo said.

"Baby? Are you two having another little Brady?" John asked as they walked to the car.

"Yeah we found out last week. Hope is thrilled beyond anything to be pregnant again." Bo said as he smiled. His eyes looked like they were stars.

"Ok lets get home. I wanna go see Hope and find out when I can help her get the baby's room ready." Belle said as she dragged Brady and Shawn to the car.

"Tink dont you think that is something that Bo, Hope and Shawn wanna do on their own?" Brady asked.

"Yes, and plus Hope asked me if I wanted to help her get the room ready. Like picking color's, boarders, baby stuff."

"Well Belle is like family and she is always aloud to help with anything. But Belle you do know now that if we start on the baby's room that means you lose out on your room right?"

Belle smiled at Bo. "Yeah I know what that means, but it will be worth it when the baby comes. And to hear Shawn. D begging to get out of changing a dirty one or babysitting on a Saturday night when he clams to have plans with the boys."

"Yeah dad I will be busy all the next 5 years." Shawn said as he ducked Belles swinging hand heading for his head.

"Nice try Shawn but you will be helping us out when the time calls for it." Bo said in a tough tone meant to mean business.

John stood there smiling. He new that after everything that just happened, he figured Belle would be all quiet and shut down but she wasn't and that made him happy.

John had just dropped Bo, Shawn and Belle off at the Brady house. And was headed home with Brady to have a nice quiet dinner and to watch a football game.


They had just walked in the door when Hope was coming down the stairs. "Where have you three been?"

Belle looked at Shawn. " Well that is a long story and one I am sure the whole town will hear about tomorrow."

Hope looked puzzled. "What is that supposed to mean?"

"Well lets put it this way. Marlena took Belle to an all girls school and had Kristen and Peter Blake behind her in her plot to keep her away from John and the rest of us. But John being who he is, bugged Belle's stuffed bear and we followed them to where she was and got her back all in one day too." Bo explained to his wife.

"You mean she kidnapped Belle and John had nothing to do with it?"

"He new nothing of it till Marlena walked into the penthouse with a crying Belle. Told John what she was doing and that is when John told Brady to call us and get over there."

"Don't forget my dad filed for divorce too. He said he wanted nothing to do with her if she was going to pull stuff like this." Belle said as she stood next to Shawn by the stairs.

"Well I never thought in a million years she would stoop to something this low. But then again She was against you two being together. She always new that if you two got together it could mean trouble."

"What do you mean trouble mom?" Shawn asked.

"See this is always been a worry of all of ours. That if the Black's and the Brady's were to tie then that would mean that the families of those who tie them would hold the power."

"So you are saying that if Shawn and I got together and Married and have kids that we hold the power of love?" Belle asked clearly not understanding where this was going.

"Your family and ours would be a power hold of everything. Love, Future, Happiness, and Money."

"Oh ok. I guess I understand. So in order for that to happen Shawn and I need to tie it for this to all happen?"

"That is right but you know what. None of that matters to our families. We have always had the power, and it would never be held against you if you never tied it."

Shawn shook his head. "I think I need to lay down. This is been a long day and I have had a enough talk about ties and bonds and crap to last a life time."

Shawn walked up stairs to his room and closed the door. Belle watched him go but never fallowed.

Bo went to the kitchen to get something to eat.

"Hope does all this mean that if Shawn and I do end up together in the future we hold all the cards to carry on the names of the Brady/Black/Horton families?"

"Yes sweety it does. But as gran always said you and Shawn will end up together, and who really knows how the future will pan out anyways."

Belle smiled. "I guess we just have to sit back and see what happens. For all we know Shawn and I will never be together and he will find someone and so will I."

Hope shook her head no. "I really dont think that will happen. I think you two will end up together one day."

Belle smiled. "I guess. I think I will go up and see what is wrong with him."

"Ok honey. If you guys want anything just yell down."

"Thanks Hope."


Shawn was sitting on his bed. What is with all this talk about them being together, who new what their future held and who new if they would be together at the end of the weekend.


"Come in." he said.

Belle walked into his room to see him sitting on his bed. "Whats wrong you kinda high tailed it out of the room fast?"

"Yeah well I was tired. I was thinking of maybe just going to bed or something."

"Oh well then I guess I will call Brady to come get me. He can bring your dad's truck back too while he is at it."

"Whatever. Look I am going to to bed so why dont I call you tomorrow?"

"Shawn what is going on here? I thought...." she couldnt finish it because she new he was pushing her away for some reason.

Belle turned and ran out of the room and right down the stairs and out the door. She passed Bo and hope who were sitting on the couch.

"What do you think that was all about Fancy Face? But whatever it was had her upset and in tears and I think Shawn needs a good ass kicking."

Hope sat up away from Bo. "Bo Brady watch your mouth. If I know our son like I think I do, it has to do with all the future talk."

"I hope you are right Fancy Face or we may be in for a long battle from those two."


Belle flung the door open and slammed it behind her before running up the stairs to her room.

John and Brady were sitting on the couch when she stormed in. "What the hell was that all about?" John asked his son.

"I am not sure dad, but whatever it was I am sure has something to do with my dip shit cousin."

"I hope you are wrong Brady. I really hope you are wrong."

Brady ran up the stairs to his sisters room. "Tink open the door please."

"Go away Brady I want to be alone."

"Tink open the door or I will kick it in."

"Brady please just leave me be. I want to go to bed. We can talk tomorrow."

"OPEN THE DOOR. Or I will kick it in."

Belle got off her bed and opened her door to see her brother standing there with his arms crossed over his chest.

"What do you want?"

"I wanna know what has crawled up your ass? You know Belle, you can always talk to me no matter what the problem is."

"I know I can Brad but right now I don't think there is a damn thing anyone can do."

"What do you mean Belle?"

"Look all I know is Shawn is being an ass and he is being cold and I have no idea what I did to make him act like this."

"You know what he is maybe acting this way because he was scared that he was never going to be able to see you again. I was the same way with dad and Bo too."

"Yeah but he was fine till we got to the house and Bo and Hope stared talking about how Shawn and I hold the power to tie the Brady/Black/Horton families together. And then he took off up stairs."

"Maybe all that talk scared him into thinking about the future and what it may hold for him. Most guys freak out when they hear their future being told. They like to play it by year and see where it leads."

"I guess that could be it, but what if you are wrong and it is something different?"

"Then my dear cousin will have my foot in his ass for hurting my baby sister!"

"Oh Brady stop this. You know as well as I do you cant hurt Shawn. D."

"I know but I still like to think I can. I did it when we were little I can do it now if I have too."

"Thanks Brady but I think I am going to sleep on it and see if he calls me tomorrow like he said he was."

"Ok night Tink." he said as he kissed her forhead.

Brady left her room and went back down stairs to watch the rest of the game with his dad.

"I really hope you are right Brady cause I dont want to lose him, not now when I need him the most."



Shawn was laying in bed. He new he hurt Belle bad, but what else was he supposed to do. All he new was that his gran had been right about his parents, Jack and Jenn, and Grandpa Doug and Julie. Maybe she was right about him and Belle. But that was something he was not ready to deal with yet.

Knock Knock

"What?" Shawn called from his spot on the bed.

Bo walked into see his son on the bed. "Care to tell me why Belle went running out of here crying?"

"I dont want to talk about it dad."

"To damn bad Shawn. You are going to talk about it even if I have to sit here all night till you tell me."

Shawn looked at his dad and new he had no other choice. "Fine you wanna know why? I was being an ass to her, I didnt like the fact that you guys were talking about this future shit and I dont ever see it happening. So that is why she left."

"I dont by it Shawn. You were fine till we got home and then you bolted up stairs."

"Dad I wish you would listen to me. It has to do with all this future talk. About Belle and me being meant to be and junk. I also feel that if Belle and I never started to date then Marlena would never have taken her away. Now Belle is here without her mother, someone she is going to need."

"Well Shawn we all know Marlena was bound to do something. She was against you coming home ever. She new that one day you two would end up together and she hated the fact that most of her kids were Bradys. She has always lived in fear that the Dimiera's would come after them."

"But dad, how am I supposed to live knowing that Belle and I have the future in our hands that her and I will end up together?"

"I really dont know what to say to you Sailor Man. Just let your heart pick the course and fallow it. I did it with your mom and look at us. We are as happy as ever. We have a great home and a wonderful family. A great son with the Brady streak of being clueless, and an other Brady on the way."

"I know. I guess I better go to Belles and talk to her, that is if she will talk to me. Maybe I will be lucky enough and Brady will kill me first." Shawn said as he got off the bed and grabbed his shoes.

"Things will work themselves out in the end Shawn just do what you know is right."

Shawn left his place and walked to Belles. It was only a fifteen minute walk, and he new he need the time to think about all that was said tonight.
As he got closer to the building he new he needed to make things right with her, if not he may end up regretting it later in life.

As he walked off the elevator and to her door. He stood there thinking that Brady was going to kill him.

Knock Knock. and he waited for someone to open the door.

The door swung open and Brady stood there starring at him. "What do you want Shawn?"

"I..I came to see Belle and tell her what was really going on."

"Why dont you and I talk first?" Brady said as he walked into the hall.

Shawn began to tell Brady everything from the future he and Belle were to have, and the Dimiera's and how it hurt that he was the cause of Belle growing up without her mother.

"Well Shawn I think you need to go up stairs and tell this to Belle. She came home crying and hurt. She was not sure if it had something to do with her or just all the talk about the future."

"Thanks Brady for not killing me." Shawn said as he ran his hand threw his hair.

"Well who says I wont do it? I mean I have a right to beat you down for hurting her."

"I know you do and I really dont blame you if you do."

Shaking his head Brady opened the door and let Shawn in first. "She is in her room. Watch for fly animals."

"Thanks Brady."


'Why did we have to talk about the future? I mean come on the future is so far away.'

She was going through a box of stuff that held everything Shawn had ever given her. Pictures, cards and stuffed animals. She new there was more to the storie then what she guessed. So she got up off the floor and grabber her keys and sweater. Heading for the door she looked back to the box and smiled, she was going to do everything in her power to make things right with her and Shawn.

Opening the door she saw Shawn standing there. "What are you doing here?" she asked.

"I came to talk to you and explain what happened earlier."

"Oh well I was just going to come to your place to talk to you."

"Well I guess we could stay here and talk unless you wanted to leave?"

"Here is fine. Come in and close the door, Brady may be watching and listening."

He walked into the room and took his jacket off and placed it on her door handle. "Look Belle there are some things you need to know. And I know I should have told you before you left the house, but I was scared and angry and not really sure what was supposed to happen."

"Shawn I know you are freaked out about all the future talk, so am I. I never thought that I would hear your family say that we are meant to be."

"Yeah well Gran has always told us that we would end up together some day, but I never really thought much about it."

Belle nodded. "Why dont you tell me everything that was bothering you tonight?"

"Ok. Well you know I am no good with words so here gos. The whole thing did start with the future talk, but there was more too it. I new I was the cause of your mother sending you away to that school and I was not sure how you really felt about that. I mean if I never came back you would still have your mother."

"Shawn you are not to blame, and I know that. My mother was a loose canan waiting to blow. She was going to send me away before when she found out I was with Brian. And then we made like we broke up and but we still were together. She just felt it was the right time to send me off."

Shawn looked at her, really looked at her. "I guess there is more to it too since my dad told me that the Dimiera's also have a grudge against the Brady's and the Blacks having ties. Yes Sami and Eric hold ties to the Brady's but they are no threat. It is you and me that are the threat. We are the only two to hold down that bind."

"So what you are saying it that you and me are the HOLD to the future of the Brady's and the Blacks?"

"Pretty much so. I guess we just need to take this one day at a time and see where our future lands us."

"I guess I can live with this. But there is something I need to ask you first?"

"What is it? You know you can ask me anything." he said as he took her hands in his.

"I wanted to know where this is leaving us? Do we still continue on from here or what?"

Smiling as he pulled her closer. "I think it would be best if we continue from here and make a new understanding."

Looking at him closely, she wraped her arms around his neck. "What would that be?"

Doing the same but wraping his arms around her waist. "That we always tell each other everything. No matter what, even if we think the other will get mad or feel hurt."

"I like that. So no bailing." she said as she kissed him.

"No Bailing ever." he said again as he kissed her like it was his last kiss ever.

Chapter 35


It was Christmas eve and the town of Salem was in full swing. Salem place was covered in snow and christmas lights were hung and people were doing their last minute shopping including Shawn. He was trying to find the right gift to give Belle this year. But he was having a hard time finding it till he saw his dad at the Java cafe'.

Walking over to his dad he saw that he too was doing his last minute shopping. "Hey dad."

"Hey Salor Man. What brings you out on Christmas eve?"

"Well probably the same as you." he nodded to the bags beside him.

Laughing. "Yeah you know us Bradys last minute shoppers."

"Yeah. So who are you shopping for?" he asked as he took a seat.

"Well your mom. I got everyone else's done but your mom's being stubborn this year, saying that she doesn't need anything."

"Yeah, Belle is being that way too. Although I know what I want to get her, its just I cant seem to find the right one."

"And what would that be son?" Bo asked as he took a long sip of his coffee.

"Well I was thinking of getting her a promise ring." he said as he looked down at the table. "I guess I just want her to know that I am not leaving her or letting her leave me know matter what happens in the future."

"Well why dont you and I go see what we can find. I was planning on getting your mom a ring so that we can put all our birthstones on it for her."

"Sure where do we go first. I thought of looking at the place Grandpa Victor said, but I know that place is high priced. And not that Belle is not worth all the money in the world, its just that I am low on cash and the money I do have left is for her gift."

"Well how about you get her the ring and I set something else up for you two?"

"What do you have in mind dad?"

"Well how about we see if your mom is ok with it and John. I am sure if they dont have a problem with it we can maybe let you two head over to the cabin on Boxing day."

"Dad that is great idea, that would give me and Belle some time alone and besides gran said I could use it whenever I needed too."

"Well then it is settled." he said with a proud smile.

They got up and walked over to the store where Bo had first bought Hope wedding ring. "This place is not high in price and it sells really nice stuff too."

They walked inside and over to a counter. The rings there were really nice but nothing jumped out at Shawn. Until he saw the one. It was a small diamond ring with two baby sapphires on either side. "Dad." he called.

"Yeah son?"

"This is the ring I want to get her. It is perfect for her. It not small and not large, but I dont know if the price is right?"

"Well we can ask the man over there?"

"Excusse me sir? I was wondering if you could tell me how much this ring is?" Shawn asked the man.

The man opened the case and pulled the ring out. "Well it is $850.00."

"I would like that one wrapped up please. And I will be paying by cash." Shawn said as he pulled his walet out of his back pocket.

"Not a problem sir. I can have Desiree wrap it for you. Is there any color of paper you would like for it?"

"Well if you have a gold color could you wrap it in that?"

"Yup I will bring it out to you as soon as Desiree is finished."

"Thank you."

Bo nudge Shawn in the arm and led him over to a case that held rings of many kinds. "What do you think of this ring? I thought that I could get ours put in now and your moms, and leave a space for the babies?"

"That looks great dad, I am sure mom will love it. What do you say we do it together, we give them their rings some place nice?"

"I think that is a great idea. But do you know where we could take them?"

"Yeah I do but I am not sure if you or mom would like it. It is more a teen place or I should say a younger crowd."

"Well would you stop beating around the bush and tell me Shawn."

"Up on the hill at Make out mountain."

Laughing as hard as he could. "You think I dont know what you are trying to do here?"

"Dad, you dont get it. That place is like one of a kind. It has a view like no other. You can see all of Salem and no is up there to bother you."

"Oh I get it son, you think your old man and your mom would be cool enough to hang out up there with you?"

"Yeah why not? I mean it dad, mom would love it and I know you would too. Belle and I like going ther......"

"What? When do you go there? Never mind dont answer that." he said laughing.

"Can I help you sir?"

"Yes I would like this ring and the these birthstones put in please." Bo said as he handed him the paper with all the birthstones.

"Alright sir I will have done and ready in 15 minutes."

"Great thank you." Bo said as he made his way over to where Shawn was.

"What are you looking at Sailor Man?"

"Wedding rings and engagment bands." he said looking at his dad.

"WHAT?" he said a little to loud.

"Dad, chill out. I said I was looking not think about buying one.."

"I know but you shouldn't be looking at something like that yet. You have years to wait for something like that."

"I know dad. But it never hurts to look towards my future right?"

"True but dont let your mother know you were looking. She has had your wedding planed since you and Belle could walk."

A lady dressed in a nice suit walked over to them. "Sir I have both rings ready for you. I just need you to come and pay and you can be on your way."

"Great. That was fast." Shawn said as he walked over to the counter.

"Alright here is your ring and it will be $850.00 please."

Shawn handed her the money and thanked her.

The woman looked over at Bo and smiled. "Your wife is going to be a very happy lady when she opens her box."

Smiling. "So how much am I in dete for?" he asked.

"Well it was $2000.00 and it is on sale for $1500.00."

"Ok well here you go." he said handing her his visa card.

Once everything was set Shawn and Bo left the story and headed their own ways.

Chapter 36


Bo walked into his house to see his beautiful wife sitting on the couch looking at their christmas tree. "Hey Fancy Face."

"Oh hi honey. When did you get home?" Hope asked as she brought the blanket up closer to her chin.

"I just walked in the door. You seem to be a million miles away. Is everything ok?" He asked as he took off his jacket and placed the bags down by the stairs.

"Oh everything is fine, I was just thinking about next christmas and what it is going to be like having a nother little Brady in the house."

"Yeah next christmas will be one we will never forget. We will have our little family along with the big one here to celebrate." Bo said as he sat next to Hope on the couch.

"Bo do you think the baby is a girl or boy? Cause I would love to have another little boy, but then again I would love for us to have a little girl."

"I really dont care what we have just as long as the baby is healthy. That is all that really matters to me."

"Oh Bo." she said as she kissed him and snuggled into the warmth of his body.

Bo placed his hand on her growing tummy and felt all the love wash over him for someone that was not even here yet. He new this child would be well loved and would have many babysitters. The family was looking forward to having another little one on the way. It would be the best thing in the world to have another little Brady man in the house but he new Hope really wanted to have a little girl. So that she could dress her in pretty little pink and yellow dresses. But for him he had already thought of having another little man. The things only a dad could teach him son. The only things he wanted more was to be able to teach him how to work on cars/trucks, play baseball, and ride a motorcycle and mainly wear leather to impress the ladies.

"Fancy Face how long do you think it would take me to let you give into letting Shawn and Belle go to the cabin?"

"Longer then life it self. Why do you ask?"

"Well Shawn wants to take Belle away for the rest of the break and wanted to know if it would be ok if we went with them for a few days and then they can have the rest of it to themselfs."

"Well I like that idea, but I am not so sure about leaving them there all alone. What if they get into trouble or something?"

"Hope they know how to take care of themselfs. I have seen it and you know as well as I do that no one can get onto the island."

"Ok fine. When do we leave?"

"Boxing day. And we can come home on the 28th."

Smiling. "I guess that means I should go pack a bag since I wont have the time or the energy to do it tomorrow night."

"Great let me call Shawn and then John to let him know what is going on."

Bo had made his call to John and new it might take a bit of work, but in the end John gave in and said that Belle could go. Shawn on the other hand was greatful that his father had asked John first, but he new it was something that he needed to do himself.


John was sitting on the couch when he had got the call from Bo asking if it would be alright if Belle went to Smith Island for the rest of the break and to give her time to settle with the fact that everything in her life was not going to go crazy. He did give in after Bo said he and Hope would be there for a few days but then it would be the two kids on their own. He was not liking the idea of his baby girl there with Shawn and the fact that anything could happen. But hey this was his Izzy and she had a great head on her shoulders. She new the rights from wrongs right she was a Black and she new how to take care of herself and so did Shawn. After all he is a Brady.


John was brought out of his thoughts when someone was knocking on the door. Getting up to answer it, he looked at the picture of Brady and Belle sitting on the stairs here in the penthouse, he new she was in good hands with Shawn.

Opening the door to the person he was talking about. "Shawn how are you? Come in."

"I am fine John, how are you?"

"I am great thanks. Belle is upstairs if you would like to go on up?"

"I will, but first I need to ask you something. And I know you have spoken to my dad, but I new it would be better if I asked you."

"Go ahead son ask me."

"I was wondering if you would let Belle come with me and my parents to Smith Island for the rest of Christmas break? My parents will be there for a few days and then Belle and I will be on our own for the rest."

"I think it is ok, with me and I am happy you are trying to be man enough to ask for my permission."

"I was planning to ask you myself when I got here, but dad kinda beat me to it."

"I was kidding Shawn. I think it is fine that she goes with you and your parents." he smiled at Shawn who looked like he was going to pass out. "Just remember she is my baby and if you hurt her I will hurt you."

"John you have nothing to worry about. I could never hurt Belle. I Lo..."

"Ok Shawn why dont you go up and see her before you say something you dont plan to say for a while yet."

"Thanks John." and he ran up the stairs to Belles room.



Belle was laying on her bed with her headphones on listening to her music. She was wearing her blue baby doll nighty. She didnt hear the knock or the person come in. When the person came in all they saw was a beautiful angel laying on her back with her legs pulled up.

Getting an idea, Shawn walked over to the bed and noticed that she was not wearing any panties. 'Man it must be my lucky night.' he thought to himself.

Standing beside the bed he let his hand dangle between her legs right at her opening and slowly brought his finger up to her slit. Belle jumped when she felt the hand on her most private part of her body. She looked up into the eyes of the man she loved. He was standing there with his fingers placed over his lips. Talking her headphones off her head. "What doing here?" she asked.

"I came to see you. Cant a boyfriend do that?"

"Mmm. Yeah he can. But what are you thinking?" she said as she looked down at his hand with a raised brow.

"Oh this. I thought it was open invitation to touch the woman I love. You know when you wear something like this it should be a crime. Do you know how beautiful you are?"

Shawn slowly crawled in between her legs and layed his body on hers. Smiling he leaned down and kissed her lips. "I love you, you know that right?"

"I love you too, but if you are not carefull we could get caught." she said as she turned her head to the side so that he could kiss her neck better.

Lifting his head from her neck. "I locked the door so your dad wont walk in or Brady."

"Mmm good. But Shawn this cant happen here in my house." she said as she looked into his eyes. "It doent feel right. I want it to be somewhere special, somewhere where we can remember every minute of it."

"Ok. But you do know that I will make you mine before we go back to school. You and I will be one. Heart. Soul. Mind and body."

"I am looking forward to that happening. Since I want to make all those come true too."

Shawn rolled off of Belle and she got up and went to her dresser. She put on a pair of thongs and crawled back into bed with Shawn.

"I want to ask you something, but just so you know you can say no."

Smiling. "What is it? You know you can ask me anything right?"

"Ok, well how would you feel about going to Smith Island? My parents will be going with us, but they are only staying a few days. But then it is you and me alone."

"I think I want to leave right now. And beat your parents there."

"Funny. You know we cant leave. We have a big dinner to do tomorrow night at the pub." he said as he kissed her neck again. "And besides, we leave on boxing day."

"Mmm I think my dad wont like the idea of me going."

"Your dad is taken care of. My dad and I talked to him and he is cool with us going."

"Oh Shawn. I cant wait to go and be alone with you."

"Me either baby. Me either."

Chapter 37


After a wonderful christmas dinner at the Brady pub, Shawn, Belle, Hope and Bo were off to Smith Island. They were packed and making way so they could have some time alone.

The woman were below and talking about what the guys hand planned.

"So honey what do you think our men are up too?" Hope asked as she sat on the bench drinking a glass of wine.

"I wish I new what was up. But with those two who will ever know till it happens."

"I know Bo and I are only here for tonight. It was going to be longer but I just dont feel like being away from the house right now."

"Is something wrong that you dont want to be gone?"

"No, I just dont want to take any chances of something happening while away."

"Oh, ok but you would tell us if something was wrong right?"

'Yes sweetie. Now tell me did you have a good christmas?"

"Yeah I did. I had a good time at the pub, but I guess I just missed having my mom around. But then I thought why would I want her around after everything she did to me and my family."

"Honey it will take time for you to get over what she has done to you and you know as well as we do that your mother has not been right since Shawn went off to Boarding school. She always said that she would never alow you to be with him. And well she tried and that failed cause she was up against the Bradys and your father and brother."

"I know but sometimes I wish she would have gotten over that." she said looking at the table. "I just wish that one day when all is better that my mother can be the mother she used to be."

"I know sweetie we all do, but for right now you can always come talk to me."

"Thanks Hope." she said hugging the woman who always felt like a second mother to her.


"So Sailor Man, are you all ready to spend the week with Belle?"

"I think so dad, but I hope that she will have a good time. She has had a few moments where she bursts into tears because she misses her mother."

"Well that is understandable, its christmas and Marlena is her mom and she is locked away for what she has done."

"I know." he said shacking his head.

"So what do you have planned for the two of you while you are here?"

"Well I have tomorrow night set for a nice quiet dinner by candle light and apple cyder, and music that we will dance too." he said. "Then I will do something with the ring, but I cant tell you cause you might take my idea. So you will have to wait till we get home."

"Far enough." he said knowing his son would not tell him anything.

"I think I am going to go down and see how Belle is."

"Alright why dont you send your mom up here."

Shawn went below deck and saw his mom and Belle talking about something that must be pretty big. "Can anyone join or is it only woman?"

"Hey honey what brings you below deck?" Hope asked her son.

"Well I came down to see Belle and dad told me to send you up. But you should put something warmer on for you and the baby."

"Thanks honey." she said as she grabbed a blanket and went out on the deck.

Smiling at Shawn she moved over so her back was to the wall. "So what really brought you down here?"

"What cant a boyfriend come down here and spend time with his beautiful girlfriend?"

"Oh well since you put it that way. Why dont you come sit with me?" she said patting the spot between her legs.

Crawling onto the bench Shawn sat with his arms around her waist. "You know we could get into trouble sitting like this."

"But its your mom and dad they wont do anything, plus who knows they may be having fun up there too, all snuggled under the blanket together." she said kissing his nose.

"Well once they are gone it will be you and me alone. And then you will get your chirstmas present."

"Mmm can I have it now, please I will be a good girl."

"No you cant have it. I wont give it to you till the night my parents leave."

"Oh fine. If you must make me wait that long. But remember you have to wait then too. I have it all wraped up in a little box in the closet." she said running her fingers threw his hair.

"NO. You still have to wait. I will not give into your touchy feely stuff." he said sitting up and away from her.

"Come on Shawn I am playing far arent I?" she said running her hands up his chest.

"If you can wait till we dock I will take you for a walk and maybe if you are lucky I will give you part of your gift."

"Oh goody. I cant wait."

"Hey you two, we are docking now so if you can bring up the bags we can head in now and you two can take off or do what ever. Your mom and I am going to sit inside and have fire and roast marshmellows."

"Sounds good dad." he yelled back.

"See all good things come to those who wait."

"Bite me Shawn."

He did bite her on the breast which made her jump and moan at the same time. "See all you have to do is tell me where to bite next time and it will be better."

"Come on loser boy lets get moving before your parents come down here and see us."

Once docked they all got off and took their things inside. "Shawn you and Belle can share this room." Bo said pointing to the new small room.

"Thanks dad. I guess you want the place to your self for a bit so I am taking Belle to the pond where we used to swim in the summer."

"Alright but be good. I dont feel the need to have to come find u two."

Wiggling his eye brows. "No worries dad we arent like you two."

"So we will see you both later right?"

Nodding his head. What was his dad thinking he was going to do with them on the island? "We will see you in the morning. Have a wonderful night dad."

Chapter 38 - NC17

After they left Bo and Hope at the cabin Shawn took Belle down to the little pond where he planned to give her the ring. Shawn new this had to be perfect along with having her promise herself to him for life. Once in the area he new he took out the blind fold.

"Shawn what are you planning to do with this?" she asked pointing to the blind fold.

"Do you trust me? Cause I can only do it if you do."

"Yes. You know I trust you but is it manditory for me to wear it?"

Not saying anything to her, he stepped behind her and wrapped the blind fold over her eyes. Placing his hands on her hips he guided her threw the few trees that lead to what they all called a pond. It was a little spot with a waterfall coming down a few rocks where the moon hit making it seem like a figment of your imagination.

"Now when I take this off you have to keep your eyes closed."

"Ok, but it you think I am going in the water you have anothing thing coming." she said as she felt him untie the blind fold.

Keeping her eyes closed like she promised, she could hear the sound of water running down something.

"Ok open your eyes." he said wrapping his arm around her waist and holding the other one out in front of her with the box.

Her first look was at the box, but her eyes traviled to the waterfall and back to the box. Lifting her hand to the box to see if it was really there.

"Take it." he said as he chuckled.

Taking the box from his hand, she brought it to her and slowly ran her hand over the soft feel of it. "Shawn what on earth have you done?"

"Something that has been on my mind since the first night you dropped your towel in my room and left me haning."

Giggling. "Yeah I remember that. You came after me for that one."

"How about we stop talking and you open it up?"

Slowly again she ran her hand over it and brought it to the crease. Opening the lid she let out a loud gasp. "Oh my god. Shawn it is beautiful."

Stepping out from behind her he walked infront of her. Taking the box with the ring into his hand. "Belle I know you are thinking a ring is something you give to someone you want to ask to marry you, but this is kinda like that. See I wanted to get you something for Christmas that would be perfect. Dad and I went shopping and we saw this ring and I new I had to have it. This ring here simbolizes how much I love you and how much I wanna spend the rest of my life loving you. I know this seems like a shock but it is a promise ring. I wanted you to know that when we are a little older and more stable I want to replace it with a diamond ring. But for right now I want you to wear this and know you are mine and that nothing will ever come between us. So will you wear it and promise yourself to me and wait till we are ready to settle down and be husband and wife?"

Crying. She looked into his eyes. "Yes. Yes I will wear this ring and be yours forever." she wrapped her arms around his neck and cried. "You dont know how much I love you. You mean everything to me Shawn D."

Pulling back a little, he leaned in and kissed her. "I think I know, because I love you just as much, but my words could never explain how much."

"Shawn, make love to me." she asked looking into his chocolate brown eyes.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, make love to me Shawn."

Slowly taking his bag that he had brought he took out the blankets he had tossed in there and laid them out on the ground. Removing his jacket he bunched it up to make a pillow, and turned to look at her.

She slowly took hers off and threw it on the ground. She reached over and placed her hand on his cheek. "You are my everything Shawn."

Taking her in his arms he ran his hands down her back to the bottom of her shirt and lifted it over her head. She stood there in a red lace bra and blushed. She moved her hands over his chest to the front of his shirt and pulled it from his jeans, he helped her by pulling it up and tossing it away. She made quick work of her own jeans, she undid the button and zipper and shimmied them down her smooth legs and kicked them away. He fallowed her lead, quickly sheding his jeans and kicked them away.

reaching out to touch his chest, he grabbed her around the waist and leanded his head in and kissed her. Wrapping her arms around his neck, she felt him pulling them to the ground. Once sitting on the blanket she smiled at him. Laying her back on the blanket, he sat there starring at her body. "God you are beautiful."

"Shawn I know that we are supposed to be all words and taking this slow, but can we skip it and make love please? I cant wait much longer to feel you inside of me."

"Laughing. "Someone in a hurry?" he asked her reaching over to his jeans he pulled out his wallet. He pulled a foil out and placed it on the blanket by her arm.

Belle was not one to take things fast but she was ready for this. For them to become one. Sitting up and she reached behind her and undid her bra letting it fall fro her shoulders. The she reached down and removed her panties that were the same color as her bra. Shawn new the look in her eyes and stood up. Belle stood on her knees and brought her hands to the waist band of his boxers. She pulled down over his lean hips and down his legs kicking them away. She reached up to his harden erection and slowly guided her hand up and down. She raised up on her heels and brought her mouth to the head of his cock. Bringing it into her mouth she licked around the base, and bobing her head. She continued to move her mouth over his erect manhood, making his groan loud, feeling him twitch she let go with a loud pop. Running her nails up from the base she smiled as he moaned louder. Grabbing her hand. "Stop Belle. I want to be inside of you when I come."

"But I want to please you like you have always pleased me."

"Not tonight. I want to be inside you when I come."

Getting down on his knees he smiled at her. Watching her lay back on the blanket he ran his hand up the inside of her thigh he felt her shiver. "Spread your legs for me Belle."

She did and she felt his warm hand on the junction of her aching womanhood. "Please Shawn."

Sliding a finger inside her, he felt her wet and waiting. But he new he wanted to bring her one orgasim before he orgasimed with her. Swirling his finger around he added another one. Curving his fingers he found her "G" spot and rubbed it. Hearing her moan and feeling her buck made him smile. Getting down in between her legs, he blew on her aching centre. Moving his mouth to her junction, he removed his fingers and placed his tounge inside her. He pushed in with his tounge and groaned. 'God she tasted and smelled good.' he thought to himself. Adding his thumb to her button he swurled it and felt her tighten around his tounge. She bucked and moaned and he new it was seconds before she came. "OH GOD." she cried as she felt his tounge work her. "Honey god has nothing to do with what I am doing to you."

"I am going to come Shawn." she said as she felt the first of the soft wave come. "Then let yourself go for me."

And she did, she let go and felt her self shack and buch and moan. Grabbing his head she shoved it harder into her and moved her hips harder as she came. "Oh, my god." she said again.

As she came down Shawn continued to lap her juices up and loved every minute of it.

When she was more stable and able to see him she turned her head and grabbed the condom. Ripping it open she placed it over his hard cock and rolled it down. Giving him a few rubs and felt his harden even more. "Please Shawn make love to me."

"Oh I plan to baby." and with that he placed his erect cock at the opening of her dripping wet opening and moved in slowly. Inch by inch he could feel her walls clamp around him. "Relax baby, I promise I will be as gentile as I can."

"I know you will." she said as wrapped her legs around his waist and locked her ankles and pulled hard. "Ahhh." she cried. Stopping himself from moving in even farther. He began to pull out of her. "No dont." she said as she wipped her tears that had fallen. "But I hurt you and I promised I wouldnt." shaking her head. "No you didnt. I had to be done and I made you do it fast."

Bringing his hand up to wip the remaining tears she turned her face into his hand and kissed his palm. Raising her hips she gave his the sign that she was ready to continue.

He slowly moved in and out of her waiting for her to set the speed. She did when she raised to meet his every move Thrusting her hips with the movements he did she felt him hit her "G" spot again and felt him move faster.

Moving fast he flipped her over so that she was on top of him. "Oh god Belle." Placing her hands on his thighs she rotated her hips and grinded his cock hard. She arched her back and bunced hard. "Oh...." he groanded. Feeling her walls tighten and feeling himself tighten he raised his hips and grabbed hers and started to pound her from below and with in seconds she was having her second orgasim and he was on to his first. Feeling the warmth wash over her she fell forward onto his chest and laid there. Feeling like her whole body was drained.

Shawn ran his hands down her back and smiled. "You ok up there?"

"Mmm." was all she could say.

Pulling the blanket up over them he chuckled. "I think you need to shift a bit baby, I need to get this off or it is going to empty on me."

"Oh." she moved off him and curled into his side as he disposed of the waist and wrapped his arms around her sweaty body.

"I love you more then life its self Belle."

"Mmm. I love you too, but do you think now you could put the ring on my finger?" she asked as she grabbed the box from beside his jacket.

Taking the ring from her. "Isabella Black will you promise to wear this ring till I can replace it with the diamond engagment ring?"

"Yes. I will wear this ring." he placed it on her ring finger on the left and and brought it to his lips and kiss it.

"Mmmm. I love you." she said as she slowly drifted to sleep in his arms.

"I love you too baby." he said as he drifted to sleep himself under the star filled night sky.

Chapter 39


Shawn and Belle were sitting at the Brady pub talking about their trip that they had taken with Bo and Hope.

"You know I have never seen my mom's face light up the way it did. I mean when she opened the box with the ring in it she was crying."

"I know she looked so happy. Your dad has good taste when it comes to your mom. But you know so does another Brady I know." she said kissing him on the cheek.

"That is good to know since I plan to spoil you for the rest of our lives." Shawn said as Mimi and Philip walked in.

They spoted the two sitting at the booth and took a seat across from them. "So what are you two up to? Philip asked.

"Nothing really just having some lunch. What are you two up to today?" Shawn asked.

"Well since we go back to School on Monday, Meems and I thought about maybe going to the cabin my dad owns. You know the one up in the back of our property. The one that has the hot tub and the whole 9 yards."

Well that sounds like fun, but who is going Phil?" Belle asked.

"Well the four of us. Oh you guys it is so fun up there I cant wait to get back up there." Mimi said in her fast talking way.

"What do you mean again?" Belle asked.

"Well when you guys were gone Meems and I hooked up. Then we went to the cabin to get it cleaned up and thought that maybe you guys would want to come up here before we head back to school."

"I dont know Philip, Shawn and I are supposed to help his parents get the baby's room ready. It wont be much longer." Belle said as she looked at Shawn.

"Yeah man, maybe another weekend. We told them we would help, plus we just got back last night and I want to make sure everything is done before school."

"What do you mean done?" Philip asked.

"Well homework and papers." Shawn said.

"Wait a minute here? What is wrong with you, you are never one to care about that stuff." Mimi said.

"Yeah well when you got things in your life worth a lot more then other stuff, maybe you want to apply yourself to your school work."

"Damn Belle what did you do to him. This is not the same Shawn that I saw at Christmas."

"Well Philip things change whether you like it or not. And you need to deal with it on your own." Shawn said as she stood up and Belle followed him.

"Were are you two going so fast?"

"We are going to my house because there are some things that need to be taken care of." he said winking at Belle.

"Well then if you change your mind then you know where to find us." Philip said as he watched them walk out.

"Well I guess it is just you and me again for the weekend Meems."

"Well do you see me complaining?" she asked.

"Good point. Now what do you say we go and pack a bag and hit the cabin today?"

"Sure why not. It only means more time for us."


Coming up to the door Shawn stopped and turned to Belle. "You know if you really want to go I am sure my parents wont mind."

"Nope I wanna be here to help. I promised your mom and I am not breaking it." she said wrapping her arms around his neck. "I know you didnt really want to go either after hearing Meems and Philip hooked up."

"No cause god only knows what they would subject us too." he said laughing.

"I love you, but can we go inside now?"

"Sure but what do I get for letting you in my house?"

"This." and she kisses him senseless.

Pulling away from him she walked around him and into the house. "Hope. Bo were here." she called out.

"We are in the kitchen Belle." Bo yelled.

"Come on Shawn.D we need to get to work. Or I may just have to go help them myself and then go home."

"Oh I know you wont do that. Cause if you do then I will have to fallow you home and then bring you back here for the night."

Walking into the kitchen they saw Bo and Hope looking over wall paper and paint colors. "Hey you two, what took you so long?" Bo asked.

"Well we went to the pub for lunch and then Phil and Mimi showed up. So we got stuck talking to them."

"Oh so are you two ready to help out. Cause right now we are picking wall paper and paint colors out." Hope said. "Then maybe Belle and I can take measurements for blinds and curtins." Hope said as she took out her little book for info.

"Maybe we can order dinner from Tuscany and eat and do all the things we need to do tonight. Who knows how long it would take us to do all this and then maybe with it being so late Belle should just stay here tonight." Shawn suggested.

"Sailor man you are asking alot for yourself aren't you?" Bo asked knowing his son was up to something.

"So Hope how much longer till the baby is here?"

"Around Valentine's Day. Why?"

"Well I was just thinking of when to have a baby shower. I know you are only supposed to have one, but I thought it would be neat to have one where all the ladies and men can take part in this one." Belle said running off ideas.

"Hm I like that. That way my dad and Julie can come. And I am sure gran will make her doughnuts." Hope said.

"Yeah and Mom and Pop will carter from the pub. Plus people can bring food too and gifts for the new Brady on the way." Bo said as he walked over to the sink.

Smiling "We can have games and prizes and a Name game where everyone writes names down and have the men change dirty diapers from a doll." Belle said giggling as Bo and Shawn made grunting noises.

"That is a great idea Belle. I think I would love to have another baby shower." Hope said. "Maybe this way we can have Aunt Maggie let us use Tuscany for the shower."


After dinner and all the talk about the babies room and the baby shower, Bo and Hope headed for Bed. Shawn and Belle were getting settled on the couch to watch a movie.

"You know you are a pretty good talker when it comes to wanting something." Belle said as she sat the soda and popcorn down on the table.

"Yeah well when I want something I go after it. Just like I went after you." he said as he sat on the couch with his legs sprolled out.

Sitting down with her right side to him she leaned into him. "I think I was the one who started something."

"Dream on baby. I did and you know it." he said getting cocky. "Belle do you ever think about our future? You know with kids and all the stuff that comes along with it?"

"Yeah. Sometimes I dream about having a little boy and he looks like you with brown hair, and brown eyes, and my smile and your cockiness." she told him. "What about you?"

"Yeah sometimes. I dream we have three little girls and they are just like their mom is. Blonde hair blue eyes. Well one of them has my eyes."

"Do you want us to get married and have a family someday Shawn.D?" she asked

"Yeah of course I do. Yes I know there is always some part of me that still finds the hole thing crazy that you and I are destined to be together for life, and then there is the part of me that knows it is true."

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