Chapters 5 - 9

October 26 2004 at 10:02 PM
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Response to Going Home With A Secret

Chapter 5

After Shawn had changed and dressed Addie back up in her pretty pink dress with little teddy bears on it. He picked her up and craddled her in his arms and sat next to Belle on the Bed.

"I am happy you came back you know. I just wish I could have been there for you and with you." he said as he stared down at HIS daughter.

"I know and I am sorry I took that away from you. If I would have given it more thought I would have come home sooner." she said as she laid her hand on his knee.

He smiled at her. "So what is her full name?" he wanted to know everything he could about Addie.

"Well her name name is Addie Hope Black. I didn't know if I should have had it as Brady or not so I left it Black. Eric said I should have put it Brady but I just I didn't know." she said in a hushed voice that he barely heard. "She was born on May 16 2004 at 2:05am. And she weighed in at 5lbs."

"I think it is fine that you put her as a Black. I just think that with her being a Black and a Brady that she should have both names. Addie Hope Black Brady." he said trying to think of the best way to tell her he wanted her as a Brady.

"I know what you are saying and I think that is something that you and I can sit down and talk about. I know she is a Brady and I think that it can be worked out that she spends time with you and your family." she told him not sure on how to handle this.

A loud thumping from the stairs brought them to silence. The all of the sudden Grandpa Shawn and Grandma Carolin cam in the room room.

"Oh Belle I thought that your mom and dad were joking. It is so good to have you home. Maybe now this one will get out of the moods he has been in." Carolin told her as she noticed the baby in Shawn's hands.

"Now who is this little wee one here?" Grandpa Shawn asked.

Shawn smiled at Belle and she nodded her head. Giving him the rights to tell about his daughter.

"This is Addie Hope Black hopefully soon to be Brady." he said smiling at his baby girl.

"You mean to tell me you two have a child." he asked as he watched them nod their heads. "That means I am a great-grandpa."

"Yes Mr Brady you are and Mrs Brady is a great-grandma." Belle said as she laughed at how grandpa Shawn was hopping around on one foot and then the other.

"Come on you two lets bring her downstairs and introduce her to everyone as the "NEWEST" Brady to be." she said as she headed out the door with grandpa Shawn right behind her.

Shawn waited for a few seconds before he ask leaned over and kissed Belle on the temple. "Thank you for giving me such an amazing little girl."

"Wait till the 2 or 3am feedings. You might think different." she laughed with a blush. "And thank you for giving me Addie. She is the light of my life."

"I know I have no right to ask this but is there any way that you and I can have a third chance? You know the saying Three times a charm." he said with all the hope writen on his face.

"We'll see what happens with this. We can try and get back what we had but I don't want that. I want to start fresh if we do this." she told him as she stood up and walked over to the window.

"I want whatever you want Belle. I will do whatever I have to, to make it work this time. I can't stand the thought of losing you or her now that you are back. I was lost without you, I was rude to everyone and I just would not go near anyone in your family. It hurt to much that I pushed you away from me and from your home and family." he said as her watched stare out the window.

It wasn't long before they heard yelling from downstairs in the pub."Shawn Douglas Brady and Isabella Black get down here right now." came the loud voice of Grandpa Shawn.

Chapter 6

As Shawn and Belle made their way downstairs they were sure that the grandparents would have the entire Brady, Horton, Black families there.

"We're here grandpa you don't have to yell. I mean you don't want to wake your grand-daughter do you?" he asked with a smirk.

Belle smiled as she came down behind Shawn. She saw many of Shawn's family there from the Horton family to Doug and Julie to the Brady's and her family. She new this was going to be harder then she thought. How could she go through all this again. She didn't need them all looking down on her, didn't need them saying things that she already new. "Shawn I am going back up stairs. I think I need to lay down." she told him as she started to head back up.

"Belle honey where are you going? You need to be here as much as Shawn does. This is for you and Addie, we're introducing her to the families." Bo told her as he caughter her wrist.

"I just feel tired. I think it would be best if I went a layed down." she said trying anything to get out of this.

"Belle come on please this is for you and our daughter. You need to be there for when the ladies all ask you questions and the birth and want to know anything and everything about her. Please stay here with me" he asked her while taking her hand in his and helping her down the stairs.

Belle smile and as Shawn helped her down the old stair of the Brady Pub. "Okay I will. But I just thought that they might look at me different since I kept her a secret for so long."

"They would never do that to you Belle you know that. You have been family since we were in the play pen and the sandbox." he told her as they walked farther into the pub where the families were.

"Hello everyone. I would love to introduce you to Addie Hope Black soon to be Brady." he said as he and Belle made their way through the group of on lookers.

Aww's and how sweet's were said as they went by. "Here Belle why dont you hold her and I wil get us a table and we can sit. That way we aren't standing."

Great-Gran was the first of the New Group to come and see her first Great-Great-Grand-daughter. "Oh you two. You have made me so happy and your great-grandpa too. If he was here he would be so proud of you. I new you two would bring the next Horton/Brady baby into the world." she said as she took a seat next to Belle and Addie.

"Your not mad at how this all happened? I mean I kept her from everyone and I just thought you would all be mad or hate for that." Belle said as she watched Mrs. Horton smile at Addie.

"This is family Belle you know that. We would never be mad or hold anything against you. You and Shawn were in tough spot so you did what you thought was best for you and this little one." she as she placed her hand on Addie's arm.

"Belle when was she born? How long were you in labour? How did you pick the name Addie?" This came from someone in the back.

"Well she was born on May 16th and I was in labour for 32 hours. And I thought it would be nice if the first Great-Great-Grand-daughter of Mrs. Horton was named after her daughter and Hopes mom." she said as smiled at the faces of everyone in the room. " I just want to say that I am sorry that I kept her a secret and I know I should have stayed when I first found out that I was pregnant, but Shawn had made if clear that I needed to move on and leave him alone. So I packed up and left to live with Eric."

Chapter 7

As everyone was taking turns holding a fawning over Addie, Shawn and Belle had a few minutes to talk. "I think I have never seen Great Gran so happy. You know she always new that you and I would be the ones to give her the next Horton/Brady grand child. I don't know how she new but she new that one day we would. I am just happy that she was here to see her." he told her as they sat in the booth.

"I never thought I could be this happy. I mean I was scared about being back here and that you would not want anything to do with Addie or me. I new my parents would be mad or my dad would. I just never thought he would be this calm about it." she said as she looked over at her dad who was holding Addie and making faces at her.

Lauging "Yeah I don't think I have ever seen your dad this happy other then when we were found alive on the island." he said watching John.

"Do you think that with us starting over that you might want to change Addies last name to Brady soon? I know today is not really the day to ask but I just wanted to know." he said looking at his hands.

"Don't worry Tough Boy, we will have her name changed and I know it will make the Brady family happy." she said as she took his chin in her hand and leaned into kiss him on his oh so sweet lips.

They kiss took Shawn by surprise. He new this is what he was missing, and he new he was never giving her or their daughter up for anything. As she pulled back she saw a smile playing on his lips. "What are you smiling about Shawn?"

"Just thinking to myself that I will not let you or Addie out of my life ever. You two are stuck with me." he said as he kissed her again.

"I like that too, and I still need to find a place to live. Cause god knows I am not living with my parents. So I thought at I might see if there is anyway I might be able to get my own place." she told him knowing he would not let her live on her own with Addie. He had already took the over protective father moode.

Shawn's eyes bugged out of his head. "What are you crazy? You will move in with me. You might not like it, it is kinda small. It is only two bedrooms and had one bathroom a kitchen which is off the living room." he told her as he saw John hand Addie over to his Great-Gran.

"Shawn are you sure you want us to move in? I mean she can have nights where she will wake up screaming at all hours. Eric had to go and buy ear plugs cause at night she would wake up screaming and he hated listening to it. But he did take cared of her for the first few weeks after, that way I could get some sleep." she told his as he slipped from his glass of coke.

Just then the door to the pub opened and in stepped Brady Black. He looked like he had just come from the gym. Mimi was by his side and saw all the people in the pub and stopped dead in her tracks.

"Brady maybe this is a family thing, look at all the people in here." she said as she looked around at all of Shawn's family.

"Maybe, but I see my dad and Marlena talking with Bo and Hope. Come on lets go see what is going on." he told her as they walked over to the group of parents.

"Dad what is going on here? I have never seen this placed as packed other then at family gatherings." he said as he took in the Brady/Horton faces.

"Well son. This is a family gathering for all of here. You see someone picked today to come home with a secret. And that person is someone you know very well." he told his son with a smirk as he looked over to where Shawn and Belle were sitting.

Brady and Mimi followed Johns stare to where Shawn was sitting with some blonde. "NO. That can't be Tink. She is living with Eric she would have called me and told me she was coming home." he said as he started to make his way to where they were with Mimi following behind.

"BELLE." Mimi screamed as she got closer to the booth.

Belle turned around and saw two people that she hadn't seen since she left. "Meems, Brady." she got up and hugged them both.

"Oh Tink, why didn't you call and tell me you were coming home I would of had the jet bring you back." he said as he hugged her so tight that he was sure to break her.

"Brady let go before I die please." she said. "Thank you. I didn't tell anyone I was coming home because I was affraid how everyone would act." she said looking down at her feet.

"What do you mean. Dad said something about someone picked today to come home with a secret. And is that you?" he asked not sure if it was her or not.

Just then all you heard was a loud scream come from over at the bar. "I will tend to that, you stay here and I will be right back." Shawn said as he kissed Belle on the nose and walked off.

"Who in here has a baby, cause that was not a kids scream?' Mimi said as she looked over to where Shawn went.

"OH MY GOD. Who's baby is he carrying? And why is he smiling so much?" Brady said looking at Shawn.

Shawn came over and handed Addie to Belle. "She was getting fussy with everyone taking turns holding her. Grandma said she wanted you."

Belle took Addie in her arms. "Aww sweetie did you miss me?" she said smiling down and the little girl.

"Belle care to tell us who she is please. Cause I know she is not yours. Eric would have called me if you had a kid." Brady said as he watched his baby sister holding the little baby.

"Well Brady, I would like you and Mimi to meet this little girl. Her name is Addie Hope Black." Shawn jumped in to tell them.

"Well that still does not tell me who she belongs too." he said getting impatient.

"Brady. She in mine. She belongs to me and Shawn. Look sit down and I will tell you." she said as she watched his get really red.

"YOU MEAN TO TELL ME THIS PUNK KNOCKED up my babysister?" He said as he was ready pound Shawn's face in.

"BRADY that is enough, you will not raise your voice in the presense of my daughter. And futher more Shawn did NOT knock me up. And if you so much as lay a hand on him, you will be dealing with me." she told him as she got right in his face.

Brady had never seen his tink act like this before, even when it came to Shawn in the past. "Look I am sorry. I didn't mean to yell, but still you are to young to have a kid you are still my virginal little Tink. You are supposed to be a Nun and never think about guys like that."

Mimi was laughing. "You are one to talk Black. It's not like you are a saint or anything."

"Mimi will you please shut up. Not everyone wants to know about out life, Thank you very much." Brady said giving Mimi the evil eye.

Chapter 8

A few hours later as the pub started to clear out Shawn and Addie were sitting at a booth talking.

"Addie you are such a sweet little baby girl. I am so happy to be your daddy. I never thought in a million years that your mommy would come back and bring a wee little one with her. You were created out of love. Love that has bound your mom and me through so many things." he told her as he watched her eyes get heavy.

"Shawn what are you doing?" asked Brady as he came over to see what Shawn was saying to his little niece.

" I am talking to my daughter what does it look like?" Shawn said to him as he took a seat on the other side of the table.

"Hey look do you think I can hold her? I haven't been able to get her away from Belle or Mimi since we got here." he asked in a shy voice.

"Yeah man you can hold her. She is your niece after all." Shawn stood and un buckled Addie and lifted her out of her carrier to hand her over to Brady.

"I will be back in a few minutes I wanna go see what Belle is up too." he told Brady as he walked over to the bar.

"Well hello there Addie. I am your uncle Brady. I am your mom's brother." he laughed as he watched her rub her eyes. "You should know this though. I am the one you should come to when you want anything that your mom and dad wont give you. See you are my little Addie Bear. That's what I am going to call you from now on." he told her as she started to fall asleep.

Marlena, Hope, Belle, Mimi, John, Bo and Shawn watched Brady have a conversation with Addie. They new it wouldn't be long before Brady had cooled off about Shawn and Belle having a baby together. Yet they new he was going to be a great uncle to her, spoiling her rotten.

"Oh Marlena look at him, he has taken to her so fast." Hope laughed watching Brady talk to Addie.

"Yeah I know I thought it would take months to ween her into Bradys Heart. But he does take after his mother. A heart of Gold is what Isabella had, and she pasted that onto him." she said wipping a tear.

John and Bo were just as happy that they both got to have a grand-daughter. "You know Bo, I think it is time we hit the gun store, you know stock up on them for when she starts to date." he laughed. "That way we can sit on the front porch and be read to take out the kid that trys to put the moves on her."

Bo was howling. "You have to be kidding right? I thought we could you know lock her up till she is atlest 30 and then maybe let her out then."

"Hey. She is my daughter and I will not let you do that with out me." Shawn said as he joined in with the grandpa's.

"Shawn I hate to rain on this party, but I do need to get her home and to bed. It has been a long day for her." Belle said as she walked over to where he was standing with Bo and John.

"Yeah that is fine. Just let me get the baby bag and we can get her ready. I have dad's truck now so we can take that." he told her as he walked over to the booth by the door and got the baby bag.

"Hey Brady I need to take her now. I need to get her home and to bed." Belle said as she saw Brady watch Addie sleep.

"Yeah I guess you can take her, but I get to see her again right? You aren't going back to Eric's are you?" he asked as he was helping Belle with the carrier.

Belle smiled. "Of couse you can see her. I will be living at Shawns. So if you want to come by just phone, and we can set up a little play date for you." she said with a laugh.

"Belle do you think it would alright if you and me went shopping tomorrow. I talked to your mom and Hope and they are all for it. We just need you to come." Mimi said as she walked over to where they were.

"Hey what about me? What am I chopped liver. I am her uncle you know." Brady said in a hurt voice. He hated being left out of anything.

"Oh Brady you can come as long as you have credit card with you." Mimi laughed.

"Funny Lockhart. Real damn funny." he said as he walked to where Shawn was.

Chapter 9

As Shawn and Belle got Addie into the truck, John and Bo came over. They new they were going to offer them money or whatever they needed.

"You two will call if you need anything right? I mean food clothes whatever." Bo said not knowing that the ladies were going shopping tomorrow for baby things.

"Yeah Belle do you need money or anything like that? Cause all I have to do is deposite more in your account." John said as he kissed her on the forehead.

"No we are fine. I have enought money to last a while. Eric gave me some before I left today." she told them both.

"I think you should come back to the penthouse with use that way you have everything you need." John said to Belle as she got in the truck.

"Dad I am fine and so is Addie. All though I might have to have her sleep on the floor with pillows and blankets around her. I don't have a crib or a stroller she can sleep in." She told her dad and Bo.

"Well we have the old stroller here from when Will was little. I think Ma put it in the spare closet upstairs. Hang on I will go see if it is there." He said as he headed back for the pub.

Belle smiled at the thought of what tomorrow was going to be like. "Ugh. I don't think I can handle tomorrow. Shopping with Mom and Hope is fine, But Mimi and Brady too I am in for one heck of a day." she told her dad and Shawn.

"What do you mean shopping?" Shawn asked.

"Oh I am going shopping with them for stuff for Addie and me. Like a crib, clothes, diapers, change table, anything and everything we will need for her." she told him as she placed the passaphier in Addies mouth.

"Well that is fine, I just thought we could do it together. I can stay home with her if you want?" he said feeling very hurt that he was left out and Brady was getting to go. Damnit it was his daughter after all not theirs.

"You can come if you want Shawn. Just know that you can't complain if you get tired or board or whatever you want to complain about." she said laughing at his smirking face.

"Umm Belle I have a question for you?" John said as he watched the two as if they had never been apart. "I would like to know where you plan on sleeping when you are living at Shawn's."

"I was going to sleep in the spare room with Addie. That is the way it was back at Eric's, not like we didn't have the room or anything but I just wanted her close to me." she told her dad, knowing that he was trying to see if her and Shawn would be sharing a room and a bed.

"Don't worry John. I have that covered now till we get a bed for her in the spare room. She can sleep in my bed and I will take the couch." he said to John just so that he would not get any ideas about going into mercenary mood.

"That is a fine idea Shawn. Thank you." he said as he gave him a slight nod.

Just then Bo came out with a stroller. "I found the stroller that Will used when he was a baby. It should do till you get a crib for her." he told them all.

"Thank dad that will be great. Can you just put in the back of the truck for us so we can get this little one home to bed." Shawn asked his dad.

"Sure you three be GOOD and we will see you tomorrow." he said as he put it in the back.

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