Chapters 11 - 20

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Response to Extreme Loyalty

Chapter Eleven:

“Mommy, when do we get to see Grandpa,” Kayla asked pulling on her mother’s arm.

“In a little bit. I wonder where your father is,” Belle wondered walking through the airport.

“Belle,” Shawn shouted fifty feet away being able to find his wife anywhere in the world in a crowd of people.

“Tough Boy, I missed you,” Belle stuttered through the passionate kisses they shared once in each other’s arm.

“Mommy, we are in public,” Kayla stated pulling on her mother’s arm.

“Sweet pea,” Shawn shouted picking up his darling girl swinging her around. “I missed you too.”

“Where is Addison? I thought you would bring her with you,” Belle wondered.

“Your mom is watching her,” Shawn answered. “I wanted to come alone on this trip. We have a lot to catch up on. How is Mimi?”

“She told me to come here and not worry about her. I don’t know what she is going to do,” Belle answered. “How about we get out of here?”

At the Wesley’s Brady was standing there in the doorway looking into the blue eyes of an angel. It was his angel.

“Chloe,” he stumbled through trying to wake up from the dream.

“Brady,” she said.

His arms wrapped around her tightly never wanting to let go. But she knew this was wrong for the both of them. She wiggled out of his arms looking into his stunning blue eyes seeing the tears began to fall down his face. She knew what it would do to him if he found out the truth.

“I missed you so much, Brady,” she whispered.

“Oh Chloe, you don’t know how many times I dreamed of this moment.”

“Brady,” Craig shouted catching the sight of their guest. “What are you doing here?”

“I came here to talk to you about Phillip’s newest attempt on taking Justin away from me, but from the sight of Chloe, I don’t think we have a problem,” Brady explained.

“How about you meet me at the penthouse in an hour? I want to talk to my mom and Craig a little more,” Zoey told Brady.

“Belle is supposed to arrive soon to pick up Addison,” Brady replied catching a look between Zoey and Craig. “I told Shawn I would be there.”

“Don’t tell Belle, I want to surprise her,” Zoey suggested.

“I will. You don’t know how much your presence means to me. There were moments in my life that I will never forget and this moment weights up there with the day we got married,” Brady explained kissing his Chloe deeply then walking out the door.

“What are you doing,” Craig asked taking Zoey’s arm turning her around.

“I know exactly what she is doing,” Nancy interrupted coming into the foyer.

“I caught the glee in his eyes when he saw me, his dead wife, the love of his life was back. I can’t take that away from him,” Zoey told Craig.

“You are going to pretend that you are Chloe. Are you crazy,” Craig asked.

“I get it from my father,” Zoey answered looking at her mother. “And yes, I am planning to step in the shoes of my twin sister and take over her life that she lost.”

Chapter Twelve:

“Mom,” Belle said walking into the Black penthouse where her parents still lived after all these years.

“Sweetheart, how was your flight,” Marlena asked hugging her daughter.

“Good,” she replied.

“Grandma,” Kayla shouted tugging on her arm.

“Kayla Rose,” Marlena commented hugging her eldest granddaughter. “How was your flight?”

“A little bumpy,” Kayla answered giggling.

“We had a little bit of turbulence nothing I haven’t experienced before, but Kayla didn’t know what was going on,” Belle explained.

Shawn walked in a couple minutes later with two suitcases out of breath noticing the ladies were not helping him. He caught the glee in his wife’s eyes of seeing her mother after a couple of months of separation. He put the suitcases down then rushed upstairs to Belle’s old bedroom knowing Addison Hope would be sleeping.

“I think I wore her out,” Marlena laughed after Shawn came back downstairs.

“It is usually the other way around,” Shawn stated.

“Can I go play,” Kayla asked looking over at the grand piano.

“Come on, Kayla, let’s play a little for mommy and grandma,” Shawn told his daughter taking her hand.

He sat down on the bench at the grand piano letting his daughter sit next to him. His talent on his fingers for playing never did go unnoticed by his daughter and as soon as she could she begin to learn how to play.

“She loves to play with him,” Belle whispered to her mother.

“Do you remember when Chloe and Shawn would put on those shows for us while you were pregnant,” Marlena asked Belle.

“She had a voice of an angel,” Belle replied.

Suddenly the penthouse door flew open and Brady rushed in with a grin on his face. There was a smile there that no one had seen in years. It wasn’t just a grin, though, it was like Brady’s dreams had come true.

“Brady, what happened,” Shawn asked jumping up from the piano.

“I can’t stop grinning. It’s crazy, I know, but it has to be real. It couldn’t be a dream,” Brady stated.

“What are you talking about,” Belle questioned walking up to her brother.

“She told me not to say anything, but I can’t keep this to myself any longer,” Brady began. “She’s alive. She was bought back to me. Her son has his mother back.”

“Who,” Marlena asked.

“Chloe. She came back to me,” Brady replied going over to the piano taking the picture of him and Chloe on their wedding day off of it. He rubbed his finger over her remembering the joy of that day. The tears began to flow down his face for the second time that day. “My wife is alive.”

“That is impossible,” Belle mumbled.

“Brady, I know you have tremendous stress over the last couple of months, but she is gone,” Marlena explained putting her arm around her stepson.

“No, MOM. You are wrong, once again. She is alive. My wife, the love of my life is alive,” Brady shouted.

Kayla began to get scared and she heard her sister crying upstairs over the commotion in the living room. Shawn gave the look to his daughter to go and take care of Addison. He knew this would be difficult for Kayla and Addison to understand, but it looked like Brady would be the impossible one.

“Brady, I know how you are feeling. Remember when I thought Belle was gone. Sometimes I thought I would see her, that she was bought back to me. I would wake up from the dream feeling like her death was a dream, but she was taken away from me,” Shawn explained in detail.

“But she wasn’t, Belle was alive and so is Chloe,” Brady commented.

Standing outside of the penthouse door she heard what Brady had said inside. How could this be happening? What was she going to do now?

Chapter Thirteen:

“Hi,” she said coming out of the elevator noticing the young woman at the Black penthouse door.

“Oh my god, it’s true,” Mimi stated staring into the eyes of ‘Chloe Lane’.

“Why don’t we go inside, Brady is expecting me,” Zoey replied opening the door.

“Holy Cow,” Shawn said looking at the figure at the door.

Brady turned around to see Chloe and Mimi standing in the doorway. He couldn’t believe that both of them were standing there. He couldn’t risk losing Chloe once again, so he had made up his mind on the way to the penthouse that she would not find out about his relationship with Mimi.

“This can’t be,” Belle mumbled.

“Chloe, I can’t believe it,” Marlena said taking the young lady in her arms.

“What happened,” Shawn interrogated. “Why did we think you were dead? Where have you been?”

“Don’t pay any attention to Shawn and his cop mode,” Belle replied taking her once best friend in a hug.

“I guess I should go,” Mimi murmured realizing no one had noticed she was standing there.

She walked back out into the hallway heading towards the elevator. She was hoping he would come to her. Mimi had always been right. Chloe was the only one that mattered. Now that Brady had Chloe back she didn’t matter. Brady could go back to his wife and leave Mimi to go back to Kevin.

A half an hour later, Mimi was at the airport waiting for her flight back to California.

“Why did I come back here,” she asked herself.

“I’m sorry,” he said.

“Why are you here and not with your wife,” she asked.

“I had to talk to you,” he answered.

“There is nothing to say, Brady. You made your choice and I had made mine. It was nice while it lasted, but both of us knew it wouldn’t last forever,” Mimi explained.

“That is not true.”

“Yes, it is. And from the look on your face and the sparkle in your eyes, I know that you love her more than anything else. You and her belong together. Bye, Brady,” Mimi said leaving him standing there.

“I’m sorry,” he whispered knowing she couldn’t hear him.

On the plane she looked over seeing him stand there and the tears began to fall. She had let herself fall deeply in love with Brady Victor Black and now his wife was back and Meems was out in the cold. She knew that this day would one day happen, though she didn’t think it would come so soon.

“Bye, Salem,” Mimi sobbed.

Chapter Fourteen:

She walked into her home in silence. Her boys weren’t running to the door to greet their mother. The house was deserted, she could feel that when she walked in. Why did she make so many mistakes? Why did she always end up alone?

“Kevin,” she shouted. “Ginger. Anyone?”

“Just me,” the voice said from behind her.

Mimi Lockhart Lambert turned around to see someone she didn’t expect. Her heart was breaking looking into the eyes of the man who was standing in front of her.

“When did you get here,” she asked trying not to look back into those eyes of his.

“A half an hour ago. Having a private jet does wonders when you have the ability to leave at a whim.”

“Why are you here?”

“I am here for you. You can’t expect it to be over just like that. That baby you are carrying is part of me, and you can’t deny that.”

“Is that all you are worried about,” she asked walking past him angry.

He grabbed her arm hoping not to scare her and pulled her into his embrace. He would be lying if he told her that was only about the baby. Both of them knew how they felt about one another, but their pasts kept them from moving forward together.

“I came back for you and the baby,” he told her.

“Somehow I don’t believe you,” Mimi ordered pulling her arm away.

“I think I have fallen in love with you, Mimi,” he told her.

“Brady, your heart still belongs to Chloe and now that she is back you belong with her,” Mimi began to cry.

“I belong with who makes me happy and for the last couple of months that person was you,” he replied putting his hand to her face trying to look into her eyes.

“But she made you happy for years.”

“But she betrayed me when she slept with Phillip and after all this time I don’t think I can get through that,” he stated.

“Resolve things with Chloe and let me get my feelings in check with Kevin. Won’t you don’t understand is I have so much more to lose than a marriage. Kevin will stop at nothing to keep from my boys.”

“What about Justin? Mimi, you don’t understand that Justin was going to be taken away from me before Chloe came back.”

“And what happens when Chloe chooses to live a life with Phillip and both of them want to raise Justin. Do you realize that you could lose Justin for good this time? I don’t know if I can lose Mason and Damon and I know you can’t lose Justin. We have so much to lose by being together.”

“But we have everything to gain,” he said pulling her into his arms kissing her passionately.

“What is going on here,” the man yelled in the doorway.

Mimi pulled herself out of Brady’s arms and turned her eyes towards the door to see her husband standing in the doorway with her twin boys on each side.

“It is not what you think,” Mimi demanded.

“It looks like you permanently destroyed the one chance we had to salvage this marriage,” Kevin explained. “Boys, go back to the car, I will be there in a minute.”

The boys looked up at their father knowing he was serious. The took a glimpse at their mother and Uncle Brady and turned their heels to the car. Moments later Kevin was standing directly in front of Brady Black.

“Have fun with her, Brady, she wasn’t my first choice and we all know she wasn’t yours either. Enjoy it while it lasts,” Kevin stated then turning away exiting his home leaving Mimi standing there in shock.

Chapter Fifteen:

“Alone at last,” he whispered in her ear pulling her closer to the bed.

“I’m sorry, Shawn, not tonight,” Belle stated pushing him away.

“It’s Mimi, isn’t it?”

“No. It’s Brady. No one has heard from him in hours. He ran out the door hours ago leaving Chloe. I wish I knew where he was.”

“Sweetheart, Brady is a grown man that can take care of himself. I have a feeling that Chloe’s appearance isn’t what it seems,” Shawn told his wife taking off his jeans climbing into bed.

“Where has she been all these years,” Belle asked climbing into bed next to her husband.

“I think it’s time I contact Uncle Roman,” Shawn commented.

“I will see what I can come up with on the network side. I will start first thing in the morning at Basic Black. I know in my father’s office that the Hunter Com uplink can find anything or anybody in a matter of minutes.”

“What would your father being doing with that kind of software,” Shawn asked.

“I don’t know. Before I left the company I was in his office looking for some files while he was in New York. I decided to use his office to do some research for the last project he gave me and I came upon the software. I don’t know why he has it and I never asked. Now let’s drop it.”

“How are you going to get into his office to use it,” Shawn asked flipping himself over on his wife.

“He would do anything for his Izzy,” Belle said before kissing Shawn passionately.

“Daddy,” Kayla Rose screamed opening the bedroom door rushing into the room.

“Kayla Rose Brady,” Belle screeched throwing her husband off of her.

“Can I sleep with you and Mommy,” Kayla asked jumping up on the bed.

“Come on,” Shawn said patting the bed.

Kayla Rose crawled in between her mother and father falling asleep as soon as her head it the pillow.

“We will finish this later,” Shawn whispered to his wife.

“I hope so,” Belle replied.

Belle turned around so her back was towards Shawn while he put his arm securly around his daughter and all three of them were in dreamland within minutes.

Chapter Sixteen:

“Good morning,” Belle said descending the stairs in her parents penthouse.

“Izzy, what are you doing up so early,” John asked his daughter.

“With two girls I am usually up before the chickens,” Belle laughed. “I was wondering if I could come into the office today.”

“Of course Izzy,” John answered. “Come by anytime.”

John kissed his wife then hugged his daughter leaving the penthouse.

“Belle, what is going on,” Marlena asked as soon as John shut the penthouse door.

“Shawn and I are investigating someone and I need dad’s computer.”

“Because he has the Hunter Com up link, right? That is why you want to use his office,” Marlena asked.

“How do you know about Hunter Com?”

“Your father has been doing some work for the Feds since your disappearance a few years ago. That is why he has Hunter Com on his computer.”

“Why didn’t you tell me?”

“We decided to protect you from it. Be careful on this investigation because I believe that what you will find will have ramifications on more than just Chloe,” Marlena explained grabbing her purse leaving the penthouse.

“How did she know,” Belle asked herself.

“How did who know,” Shawn wondered coming down the stairs with Addison in one arm and Kayla in another.

“I was talking to mom and somehow she knew that I was looking into Chloe,” Belle replied.

“I will take the girls to see JT and Kimberly at my mom and dad’s,” Shawn stated.

“Breakfast first,” Addison pouted.

“Yes, breakfast first,” Shawn told his daughter.

Two hours later Belle was walking into her father’s office being welcomed by everyone of her former co-workers.

“Hi daddy,” Belle stated peeking her head into his office.

“Izzy, come on in,” John replied.

“Can we talk,” Belle asked.

“Your mother called and told me. I am sorry I never told you, but I wanted to protect you,” John told his daughter strolling over to her and taking her in his arms.

“I know why you did it. Now I need a favor. I had some suspicions of my own when I found the Hunter Com up link on your computer before I left Basic Black.”

“It comes in handy when I have to find the bad guys. I bet you want to use it to find out about Chloe. I had my own suspicions about her and where she has been. I did some research this morning and I am sorry to tell you that nothing came up. You are welcome to see what you can find, I am sure you have better computer skills than I do,” John explained.

“Something isn’t right about her appearance. I have this gut feelings that she is hiding something.”

“Did Chloe ever find out who her father was?”

“Not that I know of. Do you think that has something to do with her disappearance?”

“It could lead us to something. Have you talked to Nancy or Craig lately?”

“I know Brady has talked to them a couple times in the past couple of weeks, but I haven’t talked to them for the past couple of months,” Belle replied.

“I think you should, maybe Nancy has the answers.”

“I will get right over there once I visit with my father a little bit more without talking about Chloe or your other profession.”

“So where do you think your brother has run off to?”

“How about we not talk about Brady’s love life either?”

“Deal,” John stated hugging his daughter again.

Chapter Seventeen:

The following day Brady and Mimi had arrived back in Salem discussing their future together in the Brady Pub during the lunch hour rush.

“What are we going to do about Justin,” Mimi asked rubbing her thumb across the back of Brady’s hand.

“We are going to fight for all three of the boys,” Brady ordered. “Even if it takes forever we are going to get those boys back where they belong.”

“Well, it looks like you made up your mind,” Shawn stated walking out from the kitchen carrying a tray of food for the table next to Brady and Mimi’s.

“What are you doing here,” Mimi questioned Shawn.

“A couple of the waitresses called in sick and one decided to quit, so I volunteered my services. I am happy for you Brady, I just hope you know what you are doing,” Shawn explained.

“Sometimes love just isn’t enough,” Mimi stated knowing that deep within his heart, Brady would never stop loving Chloe like she would never stop loving Kevin.

I don’t wanna lose you,

I don’t wanna use you

just to have somebody by my side

And I don’t wanna hate you

I don’t wanna take you

But I don’t wanna be the one to cry

That don’t really matter to anyone, anymore

But like a fool I keep losing my place

And I keep seeing you walk through that door

But there’s a danger in loving somebody too much

And its sad when you know it’s your heart you can’t trust

There’s a reason why people don’t stay where they are

Baby sometimes love just ain’t enough

Now I could never change you

I don’t wanna blame you

Baby you don’t have to take the fall

Yes I may have hurt you

But I did not desert you

Maybe I just want to have it all

It makes a sound like thunder

It makes me feel like rain

And like a fool who will never see the truth

I keep thinking something’s gonna change

But there’s a danger in loving somebody too much

And its sad when you know it’s your heart you can’t trust

There’s a reason why people don’t stay where they are

Baby sometimes love just ain’t enough

And there’s no way home

when it’s late at night and you’re all alone

Are there things that you wanted to say

Do you feel me beside you in your bed

there beside you where I used to lay

And there’s a Danger in Loving somebody too much

And it’s sad when you know it’s your heart they can’t touch

There’s a reason why people don’t stay who they are

Cause baby sometimes love just ain’t enough

Baby sometimes love just ain’t enough

Patty Smyth: Sometimes Love Just Ain’t Enough

“Listen to these words playing,” Brady told Mimi taking her hand kissing it. “That is how I feel about you.”

I know your eyes in the morning sun

I feel you touch me in the pouring rain

And the moment that you wander far from me

I wanna feel you in my arms again

And you come to me on a summer breeze

Keep me warm in your love and then softly leave

And it’s me you need to show ....

How deep is your love? (how deep is your love?)

I really need to learn

’Cause we’re living in a world of fools

Breaking us down

When they all should let us be

We belong to you and me

I believe in you

You know the door to my very soul

You’re the light in my deepest darkest hour

You’re my saviour when I fall

And you may not think

I care for you

When you know down inside

That I really do

And it’s me you need to show ....

How deep is your love? (how deep is your love?)

I really need to learn

’Cause we’re living in a world of fools

Breaking us down

When they all should let us be

We belong to you and me

Brady sat up straight and began to sing the words to his beloved, Mimi.

How deep is your love? (how deep is your love?)

I really need to learn

’Cause we’re living in a world of fools

Breaking us down

When they all should let us be

We belong to you and me

How deep is your love? (how deep is your love?) ......

Bee Gees: How Deep Is Your Love

As the song ended the crowd began to cheer for the young man in love except the young woman in the doorway. She couldn’t believe what she had walked in on.

Shawn turned around to see the sadness in her eyes, but it wasn’t the look of someone losing a husband. The look was more like someone losing faith - faith in the unknown.

“Chloe,” Shawn murmured.

“Please don’t tell me she is behind me,” Brady said looking up hearing what Shawn had said.

“Sorry to inform you that your presumed dead wife is here. Brady, go to her. You have to explain, you have to tell her the truth, if not for her, do it for you,” Mimi pleaded.

“I love you, Miriam,” Brady whispered standing up. “Thank you.”

With those words Brady turned to his presumed dead wife walking towards her, Mimi suddenly felt herself regretting her decision on letting Brady close the end of this chapter.

Before anything could happen with Brady and Chloe, a little boy came rushing into the Brady Pub running smack into Chloe.

“Mommy,” the little boy asked looking into the eyes of the woman he ran into.

“Justin Noah,” she squealed picking up the little boy.

“What in the world is going on,” Phillip shouted strolling into the Pub breathing heavily from chasing after his son. He took one look at the woman holding his son and his mouth dropped.

“Mommy, sing to me,” Justin cried hugging his mother.

What would Zoey do? Would the world find out who she really was? Would she lose everything her twin had fought for?

Chapter Eighteen:

Belle stood there hoping this would work. She had to find out the truth. She had to tell Brady the truth. Would she find the real reason why Chloe mysteriously reappeared back into Salem a couple years after her ‘death’?

Knocking on the door finally giving into temptation within seconds she was looking into his eyes. Isabella Black Brady was looking into the man’s eyes that would help her.

“What can I do for you, Belle,” he asked.

“I am here to find out about Chloe,” she asked.

“I don’t know what I can tell you,” he replied welcoming her into his home.

“The truth,” Belle ordered.

He sat down in the recliner putting his face into the palm of his hands. He couldn’t believe he had went through with this. In the years past he would have done anything to come out on top and he proved it time and time again, but once Chloe had come into his life, he changed his ways. When he lost her in that horrible accident part of him died that day and now there was someone else that could help fill that void.

Minutes had passed and no words were spoken in that room. He tried to gain enough strength to confess what he knew. He couldn’t break the promise he gave to his wife. He couldn’t hurt his new found step-daughter. He could lose so much.

Finally he sat up ready to face the wrath of Belle Brady. It had seemed like those few silent minutes had been hours when the words began to come out of his mouth.

Belle couldn’t believe what she was listening to. How could this be? Why was she here? Why was she trying to hurt Belle’s family? What did she have to gain?

After Craig Wesley confessed on what he knew, Belle shook her head in confusion on annoyance.

“Thank you, Dr. Wesley,” Belle stated standing up from the couch where she had sat moments earlier when she was an innocent bystander in the chaos.

“Belle, be careful on how Brady finds out the truth about his wife. Even though, Chloe decided leave this earth not telling Brady the truth about her feelings for Phillip, I will always consider Brady part of the Wesley family. He will always be my son-in-law and Phillip could never come close to the man Brady is,” Craig explained.

“Thank you,” Belle said opening the door to face Nancy Wesley on the other side.

“What are you doing here,” Nancy ordered to know.

“I came here to find out the truth and I have,” Belle stated pushing herself past Nancy.

Nancy looked straight into her husband’s eyes knowing that her daughters’ lives were ruined by lies and deceit.

In the car on the way towards the Brady Pub where her husband was waiting tables for his grandparents, Belle heard the song that rang true in the light of Brady and Chloe’s life together.

Well he can't sleep at night

And he can't do what's right

It was all because she came into his life

it's a deep obsession, taking up his time

She's all that he wants, she's all that he needs

She's everything he just won't believe

Take away his doubt, turn him inside out

Then she can see what he's been dying to say

but things don't always turn out that way

And he must confess

All the impure thoughts of his beautiful temptress

although he keeps it all bottled up inside

although he keeps it all safe within his mind, oh yeah

She's all that he wants, she's all that he needs

She's everything he just won't believe

Take away his doubt, turn him inside out

Then she can see what he's been dying to say

but things don't always turn out that way

So wipe that smile off your face

Before it gets too late

There's only so much time

For you to make up your mind

She's all that he wants, she's all that he needs

She's everything he just won't believe

Take away his doubt, turn him inside out

Then she can see what he's been dying to say

but things don't always turn out that way

The Calling: Things Don’t Always Turn Out That Way

“Shawn will never believe this,” Belle said outloud. “I just hope Brady can recover losing Chloe again.”

Back at the Wesley’s, Nancy was packing her bag. One thing she would never forgive Craig for is choosing himself over her daughters’ lives.

“Since when did you gain a conscious, Craig Bradley Wesley,” Nancy shouted.

“I did what was right,” Craig replied.

“And so am I,” Nancy shot back. “I will be there for Zoey when everyone finds out, and I will make sure that she knows who she can count on.”

“I did what was right,” Craig told Nancy.

“Keep telling yourself that, maybe one of these times you will believe it.”

Chapter Nineteen:

“Mommy, sing for me,” Justin begged his mother who held him.

“Not now, pumpkin, I just want to treasure this moment having you in my arms,” Zoey replied.

“Chloe. How can this be? Where were you? What happened,” Phillip began to shout.

“She isn’t really sure,” Shawn interrupted.

“Did you know, Brady,” Phillip questioned.

“She came into two days ago,” Brady answered.

“And you didn’t bother to tell her son,” Phillip yelled.

“He was busy with her,” Zoey spit out pointing over to Mimi who was still sitting at the table.

“Chloe, she has a name,” Brady snarled.

“Yea, well, I don’t want to know it. All I want is to hold this little boy in my arms,” Zoey explained.

“Then sing to him,” Mimi ordered. “Do you even remember his special song?”

“Mommy, please,” Justin begged.

“Not now,” Zoey snapped again putting the boy down. “I have to get out of here.”

She quickly rushed passed by Phillip not looking at him. This was tougher for her than she thought. Was she doing the right thing? What would happen if her nephew found out the truth? Justin Noah Black was more precious in person than the pictures she had seen.

“Something is different about her,” Phillip mentioned to Shawn.

Justin Noah ran over to the bar of the Brady Pub carefully sitting on a stool as Caroline Brady bought out a strawberry malt for the boy, which was his favorite. His little heart was shattered as his mother ran away from him again.

“She would never give up a chance to sing to Justin when he was a baby,” Brady stated.

“Did you see how she looked at me,” Mimi interrupted.

“Well you are sleeping with her husband,” Phillip replied.

“After she had an affair with you for months,” Brady admitted.

“This is not the place to rehash this,” Shawn told them.

“We have to find out what happened to her these past couple of years,” Brady proclaimed.

“Why,” Mimi wondered.

“Because we owe it to that boy sitting over there on that stool,” Phillip remarked.

Just a couple miles away Belle was driving her car through the streets of Salem trying to reach her husband as fast as possible. Suddenly the figure in the middle of the road frightened Belle.

“Ahhhh,” Belle screamed as she slammed on the brakes.

Her body flew forward as her vehicle turned into the guard rail shooting over the ravine into the water.

The female figure stood there looking over the broken rail smiling as she knew the one who could destroy her life had now vanished.

Chapter Twenty:

“Where is Belle,” Brady asked an hour later when Shawn refilled his coke.

“I figured she would have been here by now,” Shawn replied looking towards the door for his wife.

“How are the girls,” Mimi questioned.

“They are thrilled to be spending time with their grandparents and their Uncle JT and Aunt Kimberly,” Shawn answered.

“Shawn Douglas, there is a phone call for you,” Caroline, his grandma shouted at the bar.

“Excuse me, you two,” Shawn said walking over to the bar picking up the phone.

“This is Shawn Brady,” he said.

“Shawn, have you heard from your wife,” Hope Brady wondered.

“Mom, no, I was hoping you had,” Shawn replied.

“She was supposed to be here forty-five minutes ago and she never showed. This isn’t like her, Shawn, I have a bad feeling.”

“Did she say where she was going?”

“That she was looking into Chloe’s reappearance.”

“She mentioned that she was suspicious of Chloe.”

“Where could she be,” Hope questioned.

“Mom, if it is the last thing I do I will find my wife,” Shawn stated. “I love you and give my girls a kiss and hug for me.”

“Will do,” Hope replied.

A few minutes later Shawn was standing in front of Brady and Mimi.

“We have a problem,” Shawn told them.

“Since when didn’t we,” Mimi commented.

“Belle is missing and she didn’t answer her cell phone,” Shawn explained. “She was supposed to meet my mom to pick up the girls an hour ago and she never showed up.”

“What do you want us to do,” Brady asked.

“I need Mimi to go to my mom’s to pick up the girls. Then you are coming with me to Nancy and Craig’s.”

“Why there,” Brady questioned.

“Because she was investigating Chloe’s reappearance. You know Belle once she gets something in her head she won’t give up. Well she thinks that something is very different with Chloe.”

“She noticed it too,” Mimi stated. “I thought it was just me. I know that she has a reason to dislike me now that I am in love with her husband, but she acts like she doesn’t even know me.”

On the other side of Salem her body ached and the blood dripped from her forehead where her head crashed into the window. She slowly gained consciousness and smelled the gas. She couldn’t move her legs that were pinned underneath the dashboard and it was useless to try.

“Someone HELP,” she screamed.

Five minutes after screaming knowing no one had heard her, she collapsed with agony. Hearing the familiar sound of her cell phone she looked around trying to find it hoping praying it was her faithful husband.

She finally caught sight of her cell phone which was on the passenger’s side floor. Trying to reach over to grab it she felt lightheaded and was unable to reach it.

“Shawn. Help me,” Belle cried.

Shawn was driving down Grant Street continuously trying Belle on her cell phone. No matter how many times he tried he always got the same outcome -reaching her voice mail.

“Belle, where are you,” Shawn asked himself.

He noticed a figure walking down the street recognizing her he quickly slowed down. Shawn pulled the car over and rolling the window down he looked up into those big blue eyes.

“Chloe, what are you doing out here,” he asked.

“Needed time to think,” she responded.

“Get in, let me give you a lift,” he stated.

She got into the passenger’s side of the vehicle gleaming with pride on what she had accomplished earlier.

“You look happy, I figured with everything going on with Brady and Phillip, you would not be smiling,” Shawn explained.

“I have come to the conclusion that neither of them are right for me,” she replied.

“Who is,” he wondered as a song began to play on the radio that rang true to Zoey.

Tears on the phone, round midnight

You assume that I will be alone

She hurt you once, hurt you twice

You keep asking for my advice

How many times you have to hear the truth

She ain't the girl for you

She makes you cry and still you stay

Why can't you just walk away

Everytime you hurt, it hurts me too

She ain't the girl for you

You know I'll play the part of the friend

Who bandages you broken heart

And in return you turn to me

There's no limit to what I can be

What I am, she cannot do

She ain't the girl for you

She makes you cry and still you stay

Why can't you just walk away

Everytime you hurt, it hurts me too

She ain't the girl for you

I'm the one who understands

It's me who holds your hand

She makes you cry and still you stay

Why can't you just walk away

Everytime you hurt, it hurts me too

She ain't the girl for you

The Kinley’s: She Ain’t The Girl For You

“I value your relationship with your wife, I wish one day I can be as fortunate in finding a man like yourself,” Zoey commented.

“It wasn’t all sunshine and roses with Belle and I, even you know what we had to go through just to get together. I love her with all that I am and all I can be, nothing in this world is more precious to me than the love I have for my wife and our children.”

As those last words were spoken an explosion occurred fifty feet away and flames of red, black, and yellow color shot up into the sky. Zoey grinned with pride realizing that she was the culprit of the explosion and now she would be there for Shawn Douglas Brady, the only man who was worth fighting for her love.

The End

Coming Next: Extreme Terror

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