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Monday Nov. 3

Jan’s spoilers……

To add a bit to Pat’s spoilers….the show today was excellent in my opinion. SR and JC did a fantastic job and I absolutely loved them (I am definitely going to miss Maggie).

The first scenes with the killer as he has flashbacks to the murders of Abe and Jack and the attack on Maggie actually made me shiver…very well done. Mickey/Maggie talk about Melissa wanting to be Electra Woman put ended up being a bumblebee….they go upstairs to go to bed…Mickey forgot to turn on the alarm and heads down…the killer is at the door as Mickey sees him and talks to him telling him he’s too old to be trick or treating…he turns on the alarm and when he turns there is no one at the door…he goes upstairs and Shawn calls checking up on Maggie…then Alice calls as Maggie says she has always thought of her as her mother and she loves her. They go to bed and Mickey tells her that if she wonders the house she is not to open the door to anyone…she hates the fact that it could be someone they know…she is not going to be suspicious of them from now on…she heads downstairs as Mickey sleeps….looks at the headlines and then looks at the door…(the killer has put a bottle in his pocket and taken off the mask…she goes to the door and smiles and says what are you doing here? She thinks back to her conversation about being suspicious and that they are there to check on her…she turns off the alarm (slo-motion)and opens the door….she says Mickey will be upset that I turned off the alarm but no matter what he says I don’t believe it’s someone we know.

The scenes with Bonnie I actually didn’t mind at all today….they did need something to bring Celeste into the picture and Bonnie pulled it off quite well. Celeste tells Shawn that it has begun…as she is reading the tarot cards she abruptly gets up and calls Lexie (outside)…as she hangs up a strong wind blows…there is a light surrounding her as she says something about death is here again.

Loved how Shawn phoned to check on his Aunt Maggie and the way he and Mimi took care of Will. The costumes that Phil and Cassie wore…well let’s say that Cassie’s was very revealing (but that isn’t news right?…LOL). The four of them are trying to round up suspects as they are all missing (not that we are surprised by that right??). They meet up at the pub and then separate looking for all 7 suspects. Shawn and Mimi end up at the loft as Shawn phones Hope and tells her everyone is missing.

I loved the show today….great scenes with Maggie/Mickey….and I found myself actually feeling shivers run down my spine….(I am not a horror flick person…LOL

Pat's abbreviated edition:

I think we got a major hint in today's show but I couldn't quite make out what Maggie was saying to be 100% certain. Hopefully Jan caught it or Jaime.
Maggie knows the killer because at the end of the show when Mickey is sleeping and she puts the light on, the killer removes the hockey mask and we see the mask and a whiskey bottle in the killers hand. Maggie smiles when she sees the person at the door and seems genuinely happy to see whoever it is. This is the part I couldn't quite make out...I heard most of what she said but not the last one or two words. To set it up, earlier upstairs when Maggie and Mickey are in bed after all the talk about her being safe, the
alarm being set, Mickey warning her not to open the door to anyone, Halloween at their house is over with, after the phone call from Shawn checking to make sure she's okay (what a sweet, sweet man) and the phone call from Alice where we know Maggie says her final I love you and goodbye to her, Maggie tells Mickey that she is going to make a real effort not to
be so suspicious of the seven suspects any longer. After all they are all friends and family and she just knows that no friends or none of their family could be a killer. When she sees the person at the door she remembers Mickey warning not to turn off the alarm and let anyone in and she also remembers her statement about not being so I couldn't hear if she repeated the part about being so suspicious about the suspects or if she was talking about not being suspicious in general. If she said
suspicious of the seven or the suspects that we would know that it is one of the seven...either way, she is very happy to see this person whoever it is.

A very bittersweet performance today be both John and Suzanne. Maggie is so on the edge and Mickey tries so hard to assure her that she is safe. I loved the talk at the kitchen table when they shared memories of one of Melissa's Halloween costumes.

To be perfectly honest I absolutely loved Bonnie today. Today she provided the much needed comic relief and she did it very well. I'm sure it was all a ploy so they could use Celeste and her predictions...but this Bonnie I can tolerate. Her true character did shine through at one point at the
Brady pub when she made a remark about what a pain husbands and children could be.

Gotta love JER, Phil's Halloween costume is a boxer so he's bare chested ...eye candy for the ladies and then there's our Cassie, the Dominatrix. Not that she normally wears much more clothing than what she had on. She does admit to Phil that if Rex is the killer they have to find him and stop him before he kills again.

Shawn does his level best to convince Mimi that Rex is dangerous but she won't let herself believe it. She tries Rex on his cell phone again and it rings in the apartment. She tells Shawn that Rex never goes anywhere without it ever since he was kidnapped. They go out looking for him and end up on the docks where they run into Will. Shawn wants to know why he is out by himself and he says his friend Brian was supposed to give him a ride home but his parents wouldn't let him because they think his parents are murderers. Shawn and Mimi take him home but neither Sami or Lucas are at home. They take him to the pub and Will tries to get hold of Kate but he can't reach her. Phil and Cassie come in and Phil says he called home and Henderson told him that neither Victor or Nicole were in and hadn't been all evening. Cassie calls to see if Tony is around but he hasn't been home all
evening either and neither has Rex been there. Shawn says we have to find the seven suspects and make sure no one else is killed. Celeste tells him it too late evil is already here. Shawn phones his parents and tells them all seven suspects can't be accounted for.

Kudos to the sound and special effects people today. The music and scary sounds plus the idea of having a wind storm...everything is just setting the stage for Maggie's gruesome murder. And the glow around Celeste at the end when the wind is howling and she says death is about to claim it's next victim...oohh gives a person the chills! Another stroke of genius was at the very beginning seeing the murders from behind the hockey mask through the murderer's eyes...very well done. We see Abe getting shot, the newspaper headlines, Jack being struck, more headlines and then the attack on Maggie in Marlena's office...great camera work!!

Preview: Maggie saying 'it's you' to the killer. Shawn, Bo, Hope, and others standing by the computer watching the stalker...and I don't remember any

Tuesday Nov. 4


Have the blankie close at hand…warning…you’re going to need it.

Okay today Bonnie just annoyed the hell out of me. Why oh why do we have to be subjected to her browbeating Lisa into giving her dessert for free and then watch her sit at the bar and steal drinks when Lisa is busy serving other people. Sheesh…Celeste spends most of the episode outside as scary music plays wondering who the killer’s next victim is. Bonnie comes out and tells her she wants her cards read and tells Celeste she looks a bit spacey…that’s rich when you consider who it’s coming from. Celeste tells her the killer has taken over her mind which temporarily causes Bonnie to shut her mouth. Bonnie has hid the Death card but it looks like its still the first card that Celeste turns up.

Another thing I couldn’t figure out…the wind is howling and yet Cassie is prowling the docks with Phil without so much as a jacket on. A lot of Rex could be the killer from her to doing a 180 and saying that he’s innocent. They end up at the pub carrying on the same conversation until they decide to go look for Rex. They eventually end up at the police station as well.

Bo and Hope are talking about Shawn. Bo says he’s being so damn arrogant by involving himself in the investigation. Hope is worried about Shawn because he’s exactly like his father. Bo asks her if she is saying he is arrogant. She tells most definitely especially when he gets to thinking he is the only one that can solve the mystery. Bo then says Shawn is very brave…she teases him about changing from arrogant to brave. Bo tells her he gets his bravery from his mother. They have a great talk about what they want for their sons and also about whether or not Hope is happy with rejoining the force. Bo tells her one day they will be able to trust again.

Over at the loft Mimi freaks out because the windows blow open. Shawn tries to convince her that Rex is dangerous. Mimi tries to convince Shawn that Rex isn’t a killer. She will admit to him getting violent because of his headaches but she brushes it off as a reaction to the pain from those headaches. They both get frustrated at the other. She yells at him that he is accusing Rex only because he is a DiMera because the Brady’s hate the DiMera’s. Shawn doesn’t dispute that. He tells her he doesn’t want anyone else he loves to be killed. He tries to tell her he cares about her and doesn’t want to see her hurt but she says Rex would never hurt her because he just isn’t like that. He says he’s going to look for Rex because he wants to find him before someone else dies. She reminds him that his mother told him to stay at the loft. He says think of it this way, if I find him and someone else dies tonight than we’ll know he’s not the killer so she goes with him.

Back at the police station Bo gets a message from someone claiming to be the killer but whatever file the killer has sent is taking a long time to upload. The killer is taunting Bo with messages and then eventually starts sending video feed. They are both trying to figure out whose house the killer is inside. Meanwhile tech support is trying to trace the feed.

Over at Mickey and Maggie’s, Maggie is so happy to see who ever the killer is that she keeps talking away. She tells the person that Mickey would be so angry at her for letting someone in but she says I refuse to believe that the killer is anyone they know. She says she knows that is not possible. We see a lot of shots of the killers gloved hands holding the scalpel behind their back. I guess it seems weird to me but I don’t get why Maggie didn’t seem the least bit surprised that the killer never once responded unless we’re to believe that the responses are done off camera. But seriously, she serves this person herbal tea and doesn’t question why they don’t remove their black leather gloves?

Hope phones and wakes up Mickey and he tells her everything is fine. Maggie must be downstairs but the alarm is set and he told her not to let anyone in. Downstairs the killer is getting ready to strike when Officer Kent knocks on the back door to check on her. He tells her he noticed the lights and just wanted to make sure she was okay. He warns that the electricity might go out because of the winds. She asks if he wants to join them for some cheese and crackers and looks back and notices her guest isn’t there…unfortunately the cop didn’t hear what she said because of the wind and Maggie doesn’t think it’s worth repeating. After the cop shuts the door Maggie turns the key but forgets to reset the alarm. She notices her guest now has a video camera trained on her. She says that she and Mickey are going to buy one after this killer is caught. She then talks about all the memories she has been having (so sad). She says they say that you see your life flashing before your eyes when you’re about to die and that’s what she says this feels like. She says she is not afraid of dying, she’s had a good life she just wants more of it.

Back at the police station the killer sends another message. Hope phones Mickey again and he says no everything is fine. If he hears anything strange he’ll call the station immediately. He hangs up and the lights flicker on and off and then he notices the alarm has been shut off. He thinks it’s a result of the power failure and grabs his robe. Shawn and Mimi show up at the station. Hope is angry at him and he says they just want to find Rex. Bo says they’re getting another message and Shawn looks over their shoulders and asks them why they’re looking at video of Uncle Mickey’s and Aunt Maggie’s kitchen. They say what and he points out a fridge magnet that he recognizes. They immediately try and phone there but I think Mickey knocked the phone off the hook and they try and raise the cop on the two-way but he’s not answering. Bo sends cops there and tells them to send an ambulance to 1313 Mockingbird Lane (not a very lucky house number, is it?). Phil and Cassie show up looking for Rex. Shawn tells him that he knows where he is…at his Aunt Maggie’s place getting ready to kill again and he sends a chair flying. LOL … Bo says ‘that was very productive, wasn’t it?’

Back in Maggie’s kitchen Maggie is telling the killer that she doesn’t want to go to sleep because she sees the killer’s eyes in her sleep. She turns around and sees a bottle of whiskey in the person’s hand. She tells this person that she doesn’t serve liquor in her house for obvious reasons. All of sudden she recognises the eyes and says “it’s you” just before the bottle comes down. Very gruesome when next we see Maggie, blood streaming down her face as she begs for her life. She tells this person that they are sick and she could help them if they let her live. She says I thought I knew you...this isn't're sick.

Bo and Hope notice that Shawn is on the computer. They ask him what he’s doing and he tells them he’s trying to get the feed back up for them (everything had gone black). Bo says let him do it but Hope is afraid of what he might see. Mimi screams and covers her mouth…it really isn’t pretty… they see a very bloodied Maggie slumped on the floor against the cupboards. Mickey comes downstairs and notices the door is open and shuts it calling out for Maggie. He turns around and sees her and goes over to her. We then see the killer come into the kitchen. Mickey says oh my god, it’s you. How could you do this to Maggie and then he sees the scalpel in the killer’s hand. So does this mean Mickey recognises the person or does it just mean he recognises the fact that the serial killer did this to her…LOL…I’m confused.

Preview: Bo telling Shawn to stay close to the computer and telling him if that psycho sends anything else he is supposed to contact them immediately. Shawn tells Bo and Hope to be careful. Mickey asking the killer ‘how can you do this to Maggie?’ Shawn outside now saying to someone that whoever is killing his friends and family will be stopped. Bonnie and Celeste turning around outside the pub and Bonnie screaming…

Wednesday Nov. 5

Jan is not available this evening so here's my report.

I’m still trying to deal with the new direction the show seems to have taken today. LOL! I got lost in the shuffle someone. All of a sudden Celeste and BONNIE are front and centre in the midst of the killings. And my god Shawn has done a one eighty. The boy has lost faith and lost his belief in the innate goodness of the majority of people. This is going to take some adjusting on my part…oh goodness, how is Belle going to react to this Shawn when she returns?

Over at the pub we see Bonnie continually stealing liquor from behind the bar as no matter how often she tries Celeste keeps turning up the death card. Finally Celeste tells Bonnie that the evil is here to stay and she’s going to do the only thing she can, she is going to confront it head on.

We kind of get a mini replay of the ending from yesterdays (or for most, today’s show) with Mickey confronting the killer. Back at the police station Hope is the one that sees the feed of Maggie first. Bo tries to raise Kent on the radio but doesn’t get through. Mimi and Shawn tell them that Maggie moved, she is still alive then Shawn points out that the video is not in real time – what they are seeing happened a few minutes ago.

Outside the pub Celeste is surprised that Bonnie wants to go with her and warns her that it could be dangerous. She then proceeds to tell Bonnie the spirits of the dead are very restless because the demented soul of the killer is sending people to their deaths long before their time. She says the spirits of the dead are out seeking retribution from those who wronged them. Bonnie yelps out that she should have never taken Jack’s suits. Bonnie then sees three guys in skeleton suits so they take off running.

Mickey goes after the killer’s mask (hmmm…the killer is taller than Mickey????) and is stabbed. The killer than goes on line and taunts them with first an image of a dancing skeleton than him/herself before panning the camera to the two bodies of Mickey and Maggie. Bo and Hope are frantic as they try and find out why the backup and the paramedics haven’t arrived there yet. Apparently there are a lot of downed power lines so they have to take a detour. Bo finally gets through to Officer Kent and tells him the killer is inside the house. Bo tells Shawn to stay by the computer as he and Hope decide to go to Mickey’s house. Hope keeps telling him over and over to stay put. He tells them to be safe as they leave.

At the house the cop comes in with gun drawn and radios in and tells them to get the ambulance there quickly. Mickey comes to and tries to warn the cop but he doesn’t understand what he’s saying. He turns and sees the killer about to strike him with a rolling pin.

Celeste and Bonnie make their way to the docks running from the three skeletons and hide behind some crates. The guys then pull off their masks laughing like crazy because they scared them. Bonnie wants to go and give them a piece of her mind when all of a sudden you hear these voices saying ‘you’re bad’. The pranksters gets freaked and run off. Celeste turns to Bonnie and says it’s too late for Maggie Horton. Bonnie goes on and on about what a nice lady and as Celeste calls Lexie Bonnie fantasies about Maggie and her nice clothes. Maggie appears to her dressed as an angel with wings and all and tells her she left Bonnie her entire wardrobe. She then is out of her maids uniform in a long gown and fur stole but she tells Maggie it isn’t really her and wants to be changed back. Celeste tells Bonnie that Mickey and Maggie were attacked in their home.

Shawn is busy pacing at the police station worried about his aunt and uncle. Mimi tells him that they’ll be okay and OMFG…that sets him off on this long tirade. He keeps asking her how she knows that. She tells him it’s about faith. He asks her if she expects God to make everything better. By the time he’s through poor Mimi doesn’t know what to say. At one point she tells him that he succeeded in making her feel awful and she says he's changed. He wants her to tell him why God is punished the good people in Salem, for what, for living their lives the best way they know how. He says tell me why God is punishing the people he loves. She hugs him and says she knows that he’s been more affected by the stalker then her. He says he’s going after Rex and she tells him to stop blaming Rex without proof. She goes with him because she doesn’t want him whaling on her boyfriend again. He tells her that if Rex has a good alibi he won’t do that.

Bo and Hope get to the house before the backup or the ambulance. They go inside and check their pulses when Bo notices another blood trail. He opens a door and Kent falls out bleeding from the head. Hope goes to her Aunt Maggie and pleads with her not to die...Uncle Mickey needs her, they all need her. Very touching scene. Finally the ambulance gets there. They take Mickey and the cop in one and have to work longer to stabilize Maggie. After she is gone they start looking for clues. Bo finds the bloody rolling pin and Hope finds the blood-stained whiskey bottle. They call the station and Bo asks to speak to Shawn and the cop tells him he left. Bo is not happy and Hope is terrified.

At the hospital the one paramedic is saying that Mickey is lucky, he’ll be fine but Maggie is critical and will need a miracle. Bonnie and Celeste end up in front of the costume store and Bonnie prattles on about how the masks are spooking her out. She goes on and on about the slasher movies she took Mimi and Connor. She points out this one creepy mask that has eyes that move around. Celeste points out the sign that they are looking in a mirror but Bonnie says it is probably a trick. They decide to turn around on the count of three to prove that there really isn’t anyone there. Of course the killer is standing right behind them and Bonnie starts screaming.

Shawn is getting angrier and angrier by the minute and the garbage can outside the Brady pub takes a beating as he kicks it around. No matter what Mimi says he won’t stop looking for Rex. They end up on the docks when they hear a scream and Mimi says she recognizes the scream and they take off in the direction of the scream.

Bonnie decides that it’s just somebody trying to scare them. She gets right in the killer’s face and tells whoever it is not to point that thing at her (it’s the bloody scalpel). Celeste pulls her back and says you know how I told you I can sense evil, well, it’s here. That’s the killer. Bonnie screams again and they take off running. They run into Shawn and Mimi and they tell them they’re running from the killer and then we see someone dressed the same and Bonnie says there he is. The person runs off and Shawn goes after him and calls him Rex. Bonnie wants to know if Rex is the killer. Mimi says a lot of people think that way. Celeste says the killer isn’t finished, more blood will be shed. Mimi says “Shawn” and they all take off after him. Shawn catches up to the person when they come up against a high chain link fence. He says ‘Rex the killing ends here.’

Preview: Sami sitting up in bed, looking scared telling Lucas she’s guilty and saying ‘I killed her’. Shawn and Phil holding the person down and Phil saying pull the mask off. Shawn rips it off and looks stunned. Roman confronting a sweatshirt clad Kate on the docks. Kate says you’re right, tonight I blew it. Roman asks if that means she is going to confess and she says yes. Jen and Mickey by Maggie’s bedside. Jen asks if she knows who did this to her and Maggie says yes.

Thursday Nov. 6

Jan will post again soon for now here's my version of the spoiler report:

And the mystery deepens…

Sami’s nightmare is very freakish because she’s dreaming and seeing the attack as if she’s wearing the mask. She screams until Lucas comes running. She tells him she did it, she’s guilty, she killed her. Sami thinks she has blood all over her and asks for help wiping it off. It takes Lucas quite some time before he gets her to explain what she’s talking about. She tells him that Maggie was hit with a whiskey bottle and Mickey stabbed with a scalpel. He says so you are the serial killer. She gets furious with him and tells him it was just a dream. He tells her only if it didn’t happen. I loved when he asked her what she expected from him and she replied. "Geez, about a little compassion...LOL". Each one accuses the other of being the killer yet again. They decide to go to Mickey and Maggie’s house to make sure they are okay. When they get there they skulk behind some bushes. So they both know that something happened there but not exactly what until a cop stops them and says he is going to call Commander Brady. Sami says he doesn’t have to because she already talked to him. She then says that both her and Lucas have an alibi, they were with their son and then at the Brady Pub. Sami goes on and on about how worried they were about Maggie, how close Lucas and Maggie are, how her mother is treating Maggie and tells her everything…yada, yada, yada until the cop tells them they can leave because they are not suspects.

Roman is barking orders left and right at the police station and watches the feed of the attack. This is very graphic as it shows both Mickey and Maggie fighting back…not a pretty picture at all. Roman decides to check the alibis of all seven suspects and phones Kate first. When he gets her answering machine he heads out the door. He’s out on the pier when he sees someone all in black with their hood up and he calls in to dispatch saying he spotted someone fitting the suspect’s description and asks for backup. He pulls his gun and gets the person to put their hands up and turn around slowly. It’s Kate. He’s furious with her for walking around at night by herself. She is very upset when she hears the news that Maggie was attacked. Of course she denies it when he asks if she did it but he keeps pushing. She ends up getting very angry with him and says you’re right I did it, I confess. She then really turns on him and tells him he’s the judge, jury and executioner and he’s convicted her without any proof. He asks for an alibi and she says she went to find Lucas so they would be each other’s alibi if there was another killing but she couldn’t find him so she spent time with Will at the pub. They both go and look for Sami and Lucas. At Sami’s apartment Kate notices that on the top of Sami’s hamper there is a black hooded sweatshirt and points that out to Roman. He points out that both their kids are suspects and if one is guilty he will not go easy on them. So I guess that means that Lucas, Sami’s and Kate’s alibi’s will all be blown to hell when Roman finds out they were all claiming to be at the pub at the same time.

At the hospital a very bruised and wheel-chair bound Mickey is brought outside Maggie’s room. Lexie tells him, Jen, Alice and Caroline that Maggie suffered a subdural hematoma. They relieved the pressure on her brain but she lost a lot of blood so she is being given a blood transfusion. She also tells them that she is in critical condition and she does wake up it’s possible she could have some brain damage. Poor Mickey…and poor Jen…she takes that news very hard. Mickey goes in with her for awhile and tells her how much he needs her. Alice and Caroline go to the chapel to pray as Jen phones all the Horton family. A code blue is called for Maggie and when Lexie comes out she says it doesn’t look good. A little while later she comes out smiling and tells them Maggie regained consciousness. Maggie says Mickey’s name and he’s so happy to hear her say his name and tells her so. Jen then asks if she knows her killer and Maggie says yes and than everything goes white…end of show.

Shawn is really vicious with ‘Rex’ as he pins the person against the fence and keeps smashing his face into the chain links all the while yelling that he’s not going to hurt another person. Of course Mimi is screaming for him to stop. Phil and Cassie come along when Shawn has the guy pinned to the ground. Shawn says he stabbed Uncle Mickey with a scalpel and Phil tells him to look for it. Shawn does a body search and says he must have gotten rid of it so Phil tells him to pull the mask off. Shawn does and is shocked when it’s not Rex. Apparently it’s some guy named Elliott that works at the Java café and goes to Salem U. He’s angry at Shawn for attacking him. Shawn says a psycho attacked his aunt and uncle and that person was dressed just like him. Elliott says Shawn is the one acting like the psycho. Shawn is very despondent that they didn't catch Rex and that the killer is still out there. Shawn is off to look for Rex again and the other three go with him. They go to the DiMera mansion and after searching the downstairs they go upstairs to his old room and there is Rex, in bed, sleeping. They can’t wake him but Mimi is convinced he was there all night. Cassie slips and says he goes into a trance sometimes after…and stops and Shawn jumps in with ‘after he kills someone, is that what you were going to say.’ Cassie denies it by saying it’s just the way he’s wired. Shawn searches the room the dark clothes and mask are lying on the floor. Of course Shawn has to stop super spy from touching them…he calls his mom and dad but can’t get hold of them. He tells Philip they will finally get the proof they need to nail Rex. Cassie calls Marlena and says that Rex is in trouble, he’s in this deep sleep and we can’t wake him. When he comes to, he asks where he is and Mimi jumps in saying ‘you’re at home in your old room and you’ve been here sleeping all evening.’ Phil tells her to let him speak for himself. Shawn asks Rex if he knows why they are all there and Rex says yes because Maggie Horton was attacked tonight and she’s dead. This sets Shawn off again and he says the only way you could have known that is if you are the killer.

Preview: Hope telling Jen she has to question Uncle Mickey because on the video feed he looks up and says ‘you.’ Tony sitting on the floor seemingly in a trance with Phil shaking him and calling out his name. Tony gives him a karate kick and sends him flying. Nicole telling Brady that he is the only person she can’t hide from – Brady smiles. Marlena asking Rex if he had anything to do with the attack on Maggie, he says no and Shawn yells out ‘Liar.’

Friday Nov. 7

Jan is not in this evening.

I’m going to be honest – I had a hard time getting in to the show today. The accusations are getting to me. I’m so tired of Mimi wearing blinders and holding back really vital information about the true parentage of Cassie and Rex. Her unwavering defence of Rex is wearing on me as are Shawn’s repeated accusations. Cassie takes Phil to this secret room where Tony is meditating. When Phil shakes Tony, Tony attacks him. Cassie says they only came to find him because Rex is in trouble. It takes Marlena over half of the show to get Rex to wake up. In the meantime she is taking Mimi’s side and telling Shawn to calm down. She won’t let him call Bo until they hear Rex’s side of the story. Shawn says he understand that Rex is her son and Mimi’s boyfriend but they have to accept that Rex is the killer. Tony finally shows up with Cassie and Phil and tells them he wants them to leave. Shawn says they are not leaving. Of course when Tony hears the story he says that Rex has an airtight alibi. He heard him come in and go upstairs before the attack happened. Phil asks how that is possible when he was in that secret room which is not anywhere near to the foyer. Tony says he heard him before he went down to the room. Shawn says his story has so many holes in it that he should have brought his golf clubs with him. Shawn says typical DiMera, one lies and the other one swears to it. Tony does not like that and moves towards Shawn and Phil steps in between them. Marlena says we will let the police sort this out and she threatens Tony telling him that she will have him arrested herself if he tries to hurt anyone. Shawn says alright we’ll let the police look after this. He goes to the closet and Rex asks what he’s doing. Shawn says he is going to bag his clothes up and take them to the police station as evidence. Rex says good because if I was the one that attacked Maggie there would be blood all over them. Shawn lifts up the sweatshirt with a wooden hangar and says what do you call this? The sleeve is covered in blood. That kind of wipes the smug look off of Rex’s face.

Nicole is on the pier wearing a hooded black poncho and she throws a hockey mask into a barrel that has a fire burning inside it. She avoids answering his question for quite some time but finally tells him she was wearing a mask so she could walk around freely. Her daddy wouldn’t let her go out on Halloween so she finally had her chance and she enjoyed the freedom it gave her. Nobody was whispering and pointing at her as one of the seven suspects. At one point she does tell Brady that Maggie won’t be naming her as a killer and he is surprised at how sure she is. Sorry…I didn’t pay much attention to them. I really find the two of them extremely boring. He tells her to take his granddad’s offer and she laughs and says Victor pays more than a $100,000 for his cufflinks. He tells her that at least she would have her freedom. He puts his jacket around her and Victor comes along and is not happy about seeing them together. Brady says he wants them to get divorced because they make each other miserable and for no other reason. Victor tells him he doesn’t believe him and asks Nicole how long she’s going to make Brady wait for her.

At the hospital Hope shows up and they try and get Maggie to name the killer but all she does is say she has to open Tuscany before she lapses into unconsciousness again. Lexie tries to get Mickey to rest but he says he has to stay close to Maggie and gets out of his wheelchair to stand by the window to her room. Hope tells Jen that she has to question Uncle Mickey because on the video he looked up and said ‘It’s you.’ When she questions him he flashes back but he says I just meant that it’s you as in the killer. He says Maggie was right when she said his eyes were pure evil. So Hope says that subconsciously Maggie knew the killer was a he and she wonders which one of the male suspects Maggie would open the door to. Hope and Jen had both asked why Maggie would have turned off the alarm and let the person in and Mickey told them that Maggie would not accept that anyone she knew and loved could be the killer. When Hope points out that she wouldn’t call Tony a friend and she hardly knew Rex or Nicole he says that was just her way. She trusted in the goodness of people and now that could cost her her life. Jen than tells Hope that it’s fairly common when a person is unsure of a person’s gender that they refer to that person as a he. Hope says she is right…so they can’t eliminate anyone. Lexie comes out of Maggie’s room and tells Mickey to get in there … fast.

Preview: Tony asking Marlena where the other suspects were. He says if there was damaging evidence against Sami wouldn’t you be as protective of her as I am of our son? Marlena asking Sami if she had something to do with Maggie’s attack. Sami in tears yelling saying I asked you for help and you want to hang with it. Lucas asking Jen if he’s too late and Jen asking him if he did. Shawn in Rex’s face telling him if his Aunt Maggie dies he will make sure Rex pays.

Monday Nov. 10

Jan will be reading not writing tonight...take care, Jan!

WOW – what a show. Very well done and so much happened. It’s a very powerful episode.

Shawn, Rex, Mimi, Tony and Marlena enter the police station and Shawn tells Bo he has the proof to nail Rex. He hands him the bag with the bloodstained clothes. Rex is just as arrogant as ever and when Shawn tells him he slipped up by not getting rid of the clothes with Maggie’s blood, Rex just says that there is no way that it’s Maggie’s blood. Bo says they’ll know soon enough. THUD…love that little wink Shawn gives Rex while he’s staring him down. Bo sends the shirt to the crime lab. Rex says the test will prove his innocence just like the polygraph did. Shawn tells him that he was smart enough to fool the polygraph; he’ll give him that but the smoking gun is going to be Maggie Horton’s blood on his shirt. Oh geez both Shawn and Bo shooting those smouldering glaring looks at Rex…that’s almost too much for this old lady to handle…LOL! Bo pulls Shawn into the office. Hope calls and tells Bo it isn’t good and they need to find Shawn. He says he is right here. Hope says they need him at the hospital to be there for Maggie. When Bo hangs up Shawn knows it isn’t good news. He walks over to Rex and tells him that if his Aunt Maggie dies as god is his wisdom he will see to that he pays and that he is shown no mercy the way he has shown no mercy to his three victims. Oh good lord, those flashing, dark eyes, the clenched jaw, the twitching muscle…gulp. Bo and Tony have to separate them as they are face to face. Marlena tells Shawn that he is wasting time; his family needs him at the hospital.

Marlena and Tony tell Rex not to say anything just as Bo comes up and says he is going to take him into interrogation. Tony says no but Rex says he has nothing to hide and goes with Bo. Tony is furious that the good people of Salem always blame the DiMera’s even though both he and Rex have an alibi. Marlena says Shawn doesn’t believe you which further infuriates Tony. LOL – Tony calls Shawn a punk and tells her that if he finds it interesting that Roman isn’t there which means he’s out there looking at the other suspects. Rex comes back and tells Tony that Bo didn’t get anything from him and asks Tony if he is proud of him. Tony says I told you to get rid of evidence that could incriminate you. Rex says don’t worry, I don’t have anything to hide – he would never leave incriminating evidence behind. Bo tells Rex that Maggie Horton died and if that was her blood on his sweatshirt the charge will be Murder One. This is the one time I think Rex looks slightly intimidated.

At the hospital Jen asks Hope if she thinks Lexie called Uncle Mickey in because Aunt Maggie woke up and is going to tell him who the killer is. Hope says Lexie probably called him to give him a chance to say goodbye. In Maggie’s room Lexie tells Mickey that Maggie doesn’t have much time. Poor Mickey takes her hand and cries out No, No, No. Hope comforts Jen and then they go and tell Alice and Caroline the bad news. So sweet to see Hope and Jen and Alice in a group hug. Mickey asks Lexie if Maggie is in any pain. She says no and leaves them alone. Mickey blames himself for not protecting her and tells her he loves.

Sami and Lucas come inside her apartment arguing. He tells her that if she is responsible for anything happening to his Aunt Maggie…she says it was just a dream, it didn’t mean anything. Roman and Kate come out and Roman asks her as a cop if she attacked Mickey and Maggie. Roman asks her to explain how she dreamed the exact details of the attack. She also can’t explain the clothes. She says her dream is a coincidence. Roman asks where he and Sami just were. He says Sami’s dream sounded so real he needed to check it out. Sami says that is when they found out that what she dreamt really happened but she swears she didn’t do it. Lucas says you should believe her, she’s not a murderer. Kate can’t believe it and wants to know if he has feelings for her now? Lucas says she is the mother of his child and he can’t believe she’s capable of killing anyone. Kate wants to know if Sami feels the same and asks her if she thinks Lucas is the killer. She says no. Caroline phones Lucas and tells him that Alice wants him at the hospital.

Alice, Hope and Shawn are on one side of Maggie’s bed with Mickey, Jen, Caroline and Lexie on the other. Mickey says he knows she has to leave them and he will miss her but they still have the love between them. It will never go away. Alice says she’s in good hands. Tom is looking out for her and we see Tom’s face in the heart monitor. She passes away as Mickey holds her hand, sobbing. Shawn in tears hugs his mother. Mickey says goodnight sweet Maggie and kisses her.

Jen tells Hope that she called Sara and Melissa and now she is going to call Abby. Hope goes over to Shawn and Mickey and hugs her Uncle Mickey. She tells him the best thing she can do for Maggie is catch her killer and she promises they will do that. She and Shawn go back to the police station. Lucas shows up and Jen asks Lucas if he did this. Lucas breaks down in tears and says he loved Maggie. He doesn’t know how he is going to go on without her support. She apologises. Alice comes to him and says she really wants to believe in his innocence and tells him that Uncle Mickey needs him. Oh goodness, Mickey hugs him and they both cry. Mickey wants to know why someone would hurt Maggie.

After Lucas leaves, Mickey takes the sheet off Maggie’s face and then we are treated to some glorious memories. The first is when Mickey is ‘Marty’ and Maggie is in the hospital and he gives her the red dancing shows. Then we get their second wedding complete with their vows and the exchange of rings. After the memory he kisses her ring finger and slips the ring off her finger. Mickey signs the papers for them to take Maggie’s body.

Back at Sami’s Marlena tries to calm her. Sami is close to hysterics trying to understand how she could have dreamed that she was there when the killer attacked Mickey and Maggie. Roman than tells them that Maggie is dead. Marlena asks if she still listens to the radio when she goes to sleep. Sami says yeah, always, the all news channel. Marlena says she was listening to the same station and they gave all the details and she must have subconsciously heard them and they were part of her dream. Roman and Marlena leave and Sami and Kate are arguing. Kate says she can’t blackmail her anymore because her father knows everything and Sami says does Lucas know you were a whore that worked for Stefano DiMera. Lucas overhears and is in shock. Sami further torments him by saying it’s possible he’s not even a Horton because his mother was a prostitute, there’s no telling who his father is. Kate tries to explain that she did it for him, for all her kids so she could give them a better life.

Bo receives a fax at the police station and says things look even worse for Rex now. Apparently a clean set of fingerprints were taken off the whiskey bottle and the crime lab is running the prints. Shawn overhears this and says if they are your prints it will be the final nail in your coffin. Shawn says he made another mistake and Rex says he guarantees that they aren’t his prints. Shawn wants to know if that is because he was wearing gloves. Bo takes Shawn into the office and Tony tells Rex to cool it. Rex in all of his arrogance says Shawn isn’t a cop and he isn’t going to let the damn Brady’s get the better of the DiMera’s. Roman and Marlena return to the station and tell the story about Sami’s dream and the radio station. Bo and Hope are not exactly buying it. Mimi tells Rex she knows he is innocent, she couldn’t love a killer. Shawn says I tell you he is guilty and you’re lucky he hasn’t hurt you yet. Bo gets the fax and is reading it and says this can’t be right. Roman gets the results of the DNA testing and Shawn asks what the report says. Roman says the blood on the sweatshirt that ‘we’ found is stained with Maggie’s blood and proceeds to arrest Rex. Rex and Mim, Tony and Marlena look shocked and Shawn says ‘I knew it.’

Preview: Victor asking Brady to promise him that he will never get involved with Nicole and Brady promises. Nicole telling Brady she can’t believe she ever trusted him as she pushes past him and he conveniently falls on top of her on her bed. Bo telling Hope and Shawn that the prints on the bottle used to bludgeon Maggie were Caroline Brady’s, they were ma’s. (Cue shocked looks by Shawn and Hope). Rex behind bars taunting Roman. He says ‘if you thought Stefano and Tony were bad, just wait until you see what I’m capable of). LOL – for someone is who is supposed to be so intelligent, sometimes he’s not too bright.

Tuesday Nov. 11

As Jan said in her post last night she will post again as soon as she is feeling up to it. Here's my thoughts:

I just don’t get the Salem PD…Shawn brings in the evidence on Rex. They have Philip working on the computer with Tek giving him the evidence they have to compare with what is on the video. Phil just opens the plastic bag and pulls out the mask…no latex gloves on. What about future fingerprint testing that might have to be done? Good lord. Shawn gets to view the report from forensics. It’s no wonder they can’t convict anyone … LOL!

Mimi and Cassie snipe at one another through most of the episode. Mimi tells Cassie that maybe good people wouldn’t have had to die if they both would have just told the truth about who their parents are. She says that keeping the secret is why Rex gets those headaches. Of course Cassie is angry at Mimi for thinking Rex could be the killer and accuses her of not loving him. Mimi insists she loves him.

Rex goes through the booking process. Rex doesn’t help his cause any by taunting Roman and that comment where he warns Roman to watch and see what he is capable of him is just asinine. Roman says I’ve already read you your rights so if you want to say something incriminating just go ahead. Cameron Reese shows up and Roman goes to talk to her. She does have some things to say about Abe. Roman tells her she should really consider representing Rex because it’s quite possible he was responsible for all three murders. She dismisses Roman’s warning saying there is no way a sweet, young gentleman like Rex could be capable of murder as they walk into the holding cells and Rex is in one of his headache induced rages throwing the cot around. She tries to get him to calm down and she tells him that she will tell him which questions to answer. He tells her he doesn’t need an ambulance chaser’s help and laughs at both her and Roman. Cameron phones Tony and Cassie and Mimi overhear her say he’s probably guilty. Roman makes the mistake of saying ‘way to alienate the people trying to help you son.’ Rex is downright insulting telling Roman that he couldn’t hold on to his wife, his daughter was a major screw-up and he was just a tired, old man. Roman gets the last word when he says at least he’s not the one locked up in a cage like a monkey. Cassie asks to see Rex and Roman lets go her and warns Mimi to be careful. He says that if Rex gets out of there he might take out all his rage on her. In the holding area Rex tells Cassie that the next victim is already tagged.

Bo, Hope and Shawn are trying to figure out how it could be that only Caroline’s prints are on the bottle. Shawn immediately says Rex is trying to frame a member of the Brady family and then he threatens to kill him…again. Bo tells him to calm down. They have to figure out why Caroline is being made to look like a suspect. Bo says the DiMera’s are sending them a clear message. If they can get to the woman that holds the Brady family together than none of them are safe. He then says he has to go and question his mother.

Philip is pounding away at the computer. He figures if he can prove that the killer’s mask and Rex’s mask were identical than Rex is toast. If it’s not the same mask than they have the wrong person. Please don’t tell me he was looking to match the serial number which he found on the INSIDE of Rex’s mask to the one the killer was wearing…LOL. Shawn, Hope and Tek are standing behind when this message comes on that says the computer is going to explode in two seconds and it does. Phil says even his backup was destroyed. They know only a real computer genius could have done this … Shawn looks furious.

At the pub Caroline is trying to work the tension out of her neck when Victor comes up behind her and asks if she will let him pleasure her, something his wife doesn’t do. He gives her a massage and then they talk about Nicole and Brady. He says he has to prevent his wife from seducing Brady. He needs to protect Brady from Nicole. He also says he offered her a divorce and a settlement. She asks if Nicole is going to take it. Victor says refusing is not an option. Caroline goes to tend to a customer and Victor says she will divorce and stay away from Brady or suffer the consequences including paying with her life. They talk about the killings and he says he is getting his affairs in order which is one of the reasons he is getting Nicole out of the family. He also hints that if something happens to him that Nicole would be capable of murdering him. He makes reference to making sure she is looked after as well and takes her hand. Shawn Sr. comes down and asks him to take his hand off his wife. Victor is very civil to Shawn but he doesn’t want to hear it and is very rude to him. After Victor leaves Caroline calls him on it but Bo comes in. He tells her that only her prints were found on the murder weapon. Shawn says you know its Halloween and your mother is always at the St. Luke’s quilting party. Bo is relieved until his mother says she never made it to the party. When Bo asks her where she was she just asks him if he is going to arrest her.

Okay, Nicole shows her true colours today. This is no poor deprived, abused little girl searching for true love…this is a vamp out to seduce a young man. That was made fairly obvious when she is slithering into a black nightgown talking to her alter-ego in the mirror. She asks her mirror image that is dressed similar to the way Nicole used to dress when she worked at Titan…if she needs perfume. They both laugh. Nicole sprays the perfume and of course Brady smells it when he is on his way to his room. He knocks on the door and sees her in her slinky nightgown and says I want you and she says it is about time and kisses him. He breaks the kiss and says I want you to get dressed and meet me downstairs. She says its too late for that. He shows her the headlines and says Mickey and Maggie were attacked in their home by someone dressed all in black and wearing a Halloween mask. He asks her if she did this and she gets all defensive. She ends up falling backward on to the bed (how convenient) and Brady tries to stop her fall and falls on top of her (oh please…it looked ridiculous - only expressing my own personal opinion here). She pulls him into a kiss and he goes with it and then says this can’t and won’t happen. When he gets off the bed she says sees Henderson bring him that mail in plain brown wrapping and drops her nightgown to the floor and asks if the women in the magazines have better bodies than hers. She tells him if he sees anything he likes he should take it. He puts her robe on her. So she gives him nude pictures of herself that she said were going to be a present for Victor but she wants him to have them. She says he hasn’t been with anyone since Chloe and she’s only been with an old man why shouldn’t they…Victor comes in and tells Brady he wants to see him in his room. He tells Nicole he wants an answer about the divorce tonight. Victor asks Brady for his word that he won’t ever have anything to do with Nicole and sticks out his hand. Brady takes it and agrees. When Victor is leaving he tells him that a true measure of gentleman is that he takes his word to the grave. Nicole overhears this and after Victor leaves she slides the envelope under his door. Brady at first throws it in the garbage can but gives in and pulls them out and then fantasises the same scene with her dropping her gown and telling him to take what he wants. Nicole is lying on top of her bed smirking saying its going to be a long night unless you give in to temptation.

Preview: Hope and Bo are at the Brady Pub. Hope doesn’t understand why Caroline won’t co-operate. Bo says she has a secret and she won’t tell me where she was. Victor telling Kate I will destroy Sami for you if will you destroy Nicole for me and Kate saying, deal. Sami saying to Lucas I don’t know what I ever saw in you. Lucas says ‘sperm donor’ and tells her to get out and leave him to drink alone.

Wednesday Nov. 12

Pat's spoiler report:

Thank god everyone got to change today and it’s a new day.

Cassie is visiting Rex in jail and he says that being locked up is the best thing that could have happened because when someone else is killed they will have to let him out. Cassie says are you asking me to kill someone for you, I don’t understand. He points to the security camera and says they have to be careful but everything that needs to be done to get him out, has to be done. She still doesn’t understand. Shawn comes up and says he does, he knows exactly what Rex is talking about. He pulls Cassie away and tries to get her to admit that Rex asked her to kill someone for her. She pretends she doesn’t know what he is talking about but Shawn is pretty much on to her. He tells her that Rex is going down and she shouldn’t let him take her down with him.

Hope is with Mickey at the funeral directors bringing him a special red dress Maggie wanted to be buried in. She says Rex has been arrested and he says the police did a good job, too bad they couldn’t have caught him before Maggie had to die. She asks him if they were Rex’s eyes because she knows he looked the killer right in the eye. He says all he could say is that the eyes were pure evil and they have to make sure no one else dies. He doesn’t want any other family to go through this.

In a flashback Kate says that it is true that she was a hooker. Lucas is shocked and of course Sami makes her usual catty remarks. Kate threatens to kill her and Lucas tells her that isn’t a smart thing to do when she is already a murder suspect. He then kicks her and out and tells her he doesn’t want to see her and doesn’t want her around Will. She is standing outside Lucas’ door and starts knocking. Sami comes out and says the building is really going downhill if they’re allowing hookers to hang out in the hallway. Lucas opens the door and they both realise he is drunk. Kate blames Sami for his condition and he says no Sami told me the truth and then he kisses her. Kate doesn’t like that, she can't believe he is taking Sami's side against her. Lucas says Sami really enjoyed the kiss. They get him inside the apartment and tell him he has a funeral to go to. Sami says that his mother should take him to an AA minute. Lucas loses it and says Maggie was his sponsor and she was always there for him, now she isn’t. He has no one he can turn to. He wants them to leave because he wants to drink himself into oblivion. He tells them to get out. Sami tells Kate she is going to keep Will away from him and sue for full custody.

Bo and Roman are at the pub talking to Shawn and Caroline. Caroline steadfastly refuses to tell them where she was and says to go ahead and arrest her. They don’t understand why she refuses to tell them where was. Bo and Roman are talking between the two of them when Shawn brings an invoice. The bottle was a special shipment, one of a kind, received only hours before the murder. They ask him if any of the suspects were there at the pub last night. He says he knows that Lucas, Sami, Kate and Nicole came in (Will overhears this) but he left after that. They ask if Victor was there and Shawn says he came later after the murder. Bo wants to know why Victor was there and Shawn says you have to ask your grandmother. She just asks why she should know what Victor was really doing.

Hope comes in to the pub and Bo says she should have stayed with her family at Alice’s but she wants to help with the investigation. Caroline comes up to Bo and tells Bo that she didn’t work the bar so she couldn’t have touched the bottle so she has no idea how her prints ended up on them. Hope has a theory that she tells Bo. She thinks that the prints were transferred and that they have to face the possibility that Caroline is being targeted as the next victim. Will overhears this as well and looks horrified. Bo goes and asks his mother again where she was. She tells him she will never tell him.

Roman goes to question Rex but it’s an exercise in futility. Rex is just too smug for his own good. Rex taunts Roman about having to put his mother in the cell next to his. Roman says he knows he planted the fingerprints on the bottle but he doesn’t know why Rex is going after a woman that never did anyone any harm. In the other room Shawn tells Cassie that Rex stole the whiskey bottle from the pub and planted his grandmother’s prints on it. He knows that Rex is coming after the Brady’s and he says all he has to say about that is is bring it on. The Brady’s will take on the DiMera’s. After Roman leaves the cell Cassie asks to see Rex again. Shawn tells Roman that Rex is planning something and dragging Cassie into it. Cassie tells Rex maybe Roman wouldn’t come down so hard on him if he knew the truth. Rex says all he needs is for another killing to take place while he is locked up. After Cassie leaves Shawn goes in and I don’t have to say what goes down between those two…more of the same.

Kate goes to Victor and tells him Sami told Lucas that she was a hooker for Stefano and now she wants him to keep his word and take care of her. She wants her destroyed and she wants it done today. Victor tells her that he will take care of Sami if she will take care of his soon to be ex-wife. He wants her to keep Nicole away from Brady. They make a deal. She phones Sami and threatens her and Sami just turns around and does the same even telling Kate that will kill anyone that tries to take Will away from her.

Sami goes back to Lucas' apartment and tries to talk sense into Lucas. She tells him she is there because she doesn’t want Will to have a drunken loser for a father. They have some sweet moments and of course the normal Sami/Lucas shouting matches. He finally pushes her enough that she leaves after he throws a bottle and it smashes against the wall. She says he could have killed her and asks him if he killed his Aunt Maggie in a drunken stupor and doesn’t remember. After she leaves Lucas is in so much pain and looks for another bottle and starts drinking again. Sami is getting ready for the funeral when she hears Will knocking on his father’s door and she panics. She doesn’t want Will to see Lucas in the drunken state he is in.

Back at the pub Roman and Bo confront their mother again. She again refuses to say where she was. Victor says I am your mother’s alibi. She was with me. Cue the looks…LOL!

What can I say about Lucas and Sami? Okay Lucas really likes to wear those boxers low and I do mean low. For those of you that are fans of the tan line, you’re going to get a good view. And the kiss…I do believe Sami enjoyed it just like Lucas said she did.

Preview: Shawn in a suit and tie telling Mimi that Rex is a murderer and that he is getting ready to do it again. Cassie telling Tony that Rex wants her to kill someone for him. Bo and Hope holding a hand-held device with the message that says the next attack comes within the hour and the digital readout is at 59:55 or something like that.

Thursday Nov. 13

Pat's Spoiler

Oh goodness. The Sami/Will/Lucas scenes were absolutely wonderful today. Will keeps pounding on the door and Sami tells him that Lucas isn’t home. He says he knows he is because he heard voices inside. Will is worried that something could have happened to his Dad just like to the others. Lucas opens the door and wants to know what all the racket is about. He tries to cover when Will says he wasn’t answering his phone and he was worried about him. Lucas says he was working out with his headphones on. Sami says she’ll make him coffee while he showers and gets ready. Lucas agrees and stumbles on his way to the shower. Will says Dad is drinking again. Sami is so good with Will. When Will says he learned in school that sometimes people that drink a lot have blackouts and can’t remember what they did he asks if maybe his dad could be the Salem serial killer. Sami says that it is true that alcoholics suffer blackouts she says that Aunt Maggie was your Dad’s AA sponsor and he made a mistake by turning to the bottle to help him with the pain. She tells him that even grownups make mistakes and yes she was angry with him for drinking but they will help him. She tells Will that the both of them have to be there for him. Will says you really care for Dad don’t you? She says of course she does because she knows how much he loves his Dad and she doesn’t want anything bad to happen to Lucas because it would hurt him. She tells Will to go and get ready for the funeral.

Lucas comes out with shaving foam on his face and the odd cut and tells Sami he heard what she said. He says I care for you too. She tries to make light of it and babbles on about saying whatever she could think of to him make Will feel better. He says it was nice and gives her a sweet, gentle short kiss. She is a bit flustered and says she will pour him that coffee and she is going to search for all his liquor and dump it out. He gives her all the bottles and says go ahead. I won’t disappoint my son or you again. After his shower he comes out in a suit…she is still there in her robe. Will comes over and tells her she better get ready. Sami tells Lucas it won’t take her long and asks if he would like to go to the church together. Will says you better wipe that shaving cream after your face. Sami says I wonder how that got there. LOL! Will says it happens sometimes when two people kiss. After Sami leaves Will says ‘way to go Dad’ and Lucas just grins.

At the DiMera mansion Cassie tells her ‘daddy’ that she thinks Rex wants her to kill for him so he will be proved innocent. She says he didn’t come right out and say it but she thinks that is what he meant. Tony says Rex is right if someone else dies while he is in prison they would have to free him. Cassie is terribly confused and asks Tony if he is saying that they should do what Rex wants. He says he knows what she has to do to help her brother. She has to support him, love him and be there for him. He tells her to go and get ready for the funeral. In the foyer she asks herself if she could kill for Rex and says she thinks she could. Tony gets a call from Stefano and tells him that Rex had come to the same conclusion as he did, someone else has to die in the next twenty-four hours.

Outside the Brady pub Shawn and Mimi literally run into one another. Mimi tells Shawn to stop referring to her boyfriend as a killer but Shawn won’t quit and says he is a murderer and he’s already planning the next one. Mimi asks how that is possible if he’s locked up. Shawn says that he is going to get either Cassie or Tony to kill for him while he is prison so it will prove his innocence. Mimi says Cassie wouldn’t do that. Shawn says she can’t say the same for Tony and reminds her that the DiMera’s would do anything to protect their own. He says considering Cassie and Rex’s background they can’t rule out Cassie either. Shawn tells her that he believes that they will kill again. Mimi doesn’t want to hear it and goes into the pub avoiding Lexie and Jen and sitting at a table by herself.

The confrontation between Victor, Grandpa Shawn, Bo. Roman and Caroline continues. Caroline refuses to tell them what she was doing with Victor and Grandpa Shawn is furious. Grandpa Shawn asks if the two of the are carrying on again. Caroline is furious with him for even suggesting that and he wants to know because they made a fool of him once before and Bo was the result. He says sorry son to Bo but Bo says he understands. Victor tells them that he has been having marital problems and he has been coming to Caroline for advice. She is the only person he trusts. He says he was late for their appointment but Caroline was waiting for him at the Java café and the waitress there could vouch for her. Bo asks him why he can’t stay away from his mother. He tells Victor that he is still a suspect in a triple homicide. Victor says that is fine but Caroline isn’t. He then says he has a theory about why her prints were planted on the bottle. He thinks it is a warning that she will be the next victim. Shawn comes up behind them and says no way that sick bastard is going to kill a Brady. Grandpa Shawn and Caroline don’t want to believe it but Roman says it’s possible. Roman says you have two sons on the force; we will protect you and not let anything happen to you. Victor says she could be a target for precisely that reason - they are the ones trying to catch the killer. She tells them they should leave for the church and they want to know if she really wants to go out. They all agree that the church will be the safest place for her with all the extra security surrounding and inside the church. Shawn tells them that he is sure that Rex asked Cassie to kill someone for him to take the suspicion off of him. They said they have extra surveillance on all the suspects and Shawn says he will keep an eye on Cassie. Bo promises him that if Tony or any of ‘them’ tries anything he will use deadly force and end this nightmare once and for all. A cop escorts Grandpa Shawn and Caroline out and as they leave we see a shadow – can’t tell if the person is wearing a hooded sweatshirt or if it is someone with short hair. Oh yeah there were also a few nice moments between Lexie, Jen and Shawn before he went to the other group.

At the church Hope is with Mickey – the poor guy is so overcome with emotion that he can hardly walk. The look on his face is one of pure agony. He goes to Maggie’s casket and wonders how he can go on without her. He gets a phone call and tells Hope that Melissa and Sara are stranded in Europe and can’t make it for the funeral. Lexie, Hope and Jen are talking when Abby comes in and won’t let her mother hug her. Abby tells Jen she can’t believe that she even showed up and tells her when Grandma Jo and Vern come in she will be sitting with them. Jen is so upset because Abby won’t let her comfort her. They go inside the church and when Jen sits next to Abby, Abby moves. When Lucas, Sami and Will come in, Victor pulls Sami aside and tells her she didn’t live up to her end of the bargain and she was going to have to pay the price. Sami just glares at him and walks away. Caroline and Grandpa Shawn come in and are greeted by Hope, Bo and Roman. They tell her not to worry nothing will happen at the church. Tony and Cassie show up and the three Brady’s aren’t happy. Tony just does his usual my son is innocent, the DiMera’s are innocent and it will be proved. Roman tells him we already know if someone else dies while Rex is in prison that he will be behind it. Once inside the church Cassie says she wants to go freshen up. Shawn follows her and Mimi follows him. Bo gets a message from the killer on his PDA warning them that someone will die during the funeral within the hour.

Preview: Belle calling Shawn and telling him that Francois was so incredibly handsome that she had to go all the way with him. Shawn’s response “Excuse me, what did you just say?” Lexie and Jen confronting Sami, Jen saying ‘Are you saying that you had something to do with this?’ Sami’s response; “No I’m not. The two of you make me sick. Mimi confronted a bare-chested???? Rex in his cell – she says Shawn was right you are a killer as she turns around. Rex grabs her roughly and snarls at her not to call him a killer. Bo getting another message on his PDA and Hope asking if he is going to tell them who this time and Bo saying No No No.

Friday Nov. 14

Pat is home for the weekend and there is a hockey game tonight so I caught the show at lunch and tried to type it from memory and no tape..LOL. Hope I didn’t miss anything (there may be some things out of order) JJ will be adding screencaps I do believe.

Before I begin a couple of quick comments…..(rants possibly)….I was upset about a couple of things in today’s show….No John/Marlena, I thought that they should have definitely been there. I was also upset that there was no flashbacks for the three victims…it was a perfect time and place…they could have done it over a couple of shows. That being said I’m glad at least Vern/Jo were there.

Shawn follows Cassie into the jail cell area. She goes up to Rex and asks him if he wanted her to kill for him. He takes her PDA and starts punching in things then hands it back to her. She questions him and leaves. Meanwhile Mimi has showed up as Shawn says to himself why are you so nervous Cassie. Mimi said you would be to with someone following you....she says just because your parents are cops doesn't mean you are you don't have a badge. Shawn tells her he believes that his grandmother is the next victim and asks Mimi to talk to Rex...he hands her a pen (a tape recorder....LOL)and asks her to tape him....he leaves to follow Cassie as Mimi says to herself does she betray Rex to save an innocent victim.

At the station Mimi goes in to see Rex as he says finally…..he kisses her (yes he is shirtless)…she questions him a little and then says if you love me you’ll tell me the truth..she starts the tape and before he answers he pulls her into a kiss…she drops the pen and he asks her what it is.

Shawn follows Cassie to the pier as his cellphone vibrates...he answers it and says Yeah, it's Belle saying she is so sorry to hear about Maggie she's coming home...he says no, I don't want you too....Cassie hears something and asks who is there.

Shelle are on the phone as he watches Cassie (he is wearing a burgundy long sleeved shirt and jeans). She wants to come home to be with him and his family. He says no you're safer in Europe. He asks her if she misses him half as much as he misses her. She says she misses his smile and how soft he is when he gets out of the shower...she says she can't wait to take a shower with him. He is watching Cassie and doesn't respond so she says Francois was just so handsome I had to go all the way with him...he says excuse me what did you say. She says I was joking, you weren't paying any attention and why are you whispering.. He tells her he's following Cassie and why....tells her that Caroline may be the next target...she talks about them being at St. Lukes and that there has been three murders since then...she asks again if he wants her to come home but he says she issafe there. He looks up and the sky is moon, no stars nothing...she says an eclipse he says I guess a perfect night for a murder. Cassie starts to leave and he tells Belle good-bye and he loves her.

The funeral….Celeste walks through the door and has a vision of seeing Caroline’s casket….she falters and Roman is behind her…she tells him that someone he loves is going to die…she then tells him it is someone very close to him, he will have a hard time dealing with then tells him it’s Caroline. Roman sees Lucas and asks where Kate is then tells him there may be another murder and he has to know. Inside Bo/Hope are looking at his PDA as it shows Caroline’s name…Bo says no…Roman comes in and they explain to him what they saw. Caroline comes out and asks him what it says…he doesn’t really want to tell her but she insists…finally he relents and then she asks how long…Hope says 60 mins….she keeps asking why me…what have I done…Bo says it’s possible that someone wants to kill her to prove that Rex didn’t do it. She makes them promise not to tell Shawn (Pop)as he is already upset about Victor and with his heart…they head into the chapel. . Inside the chapel Sami goes up to Lexie and Jen and offers her condolenses as they turn on her…telling her they don’t want her there. Caroline comes up and apologizes to them and then pulls Sami aside. She lets her have it saying it’s not always about her and calls her Samantha Gene…she then says she won’t always be around to help her out as Sami says I need you to be there for me…Caroline tells her that she may not be and that it’s time for her to think of others.. Jen tries to make peace with Abby but she doesn’t want any of it. The funeral starts as someone (Lurch) comes in with a wreath…he tells the Priest that he was ordered to have it displayed…he takes the cover off and it says Rest in Peace Caroline Brady…Bo/Roman/Pop Shawn all gather around Caroline. The man delivering it apologizes and said someone paid cash to have it here. They decide to continue with the funeral as Hope goes to give the eulogy for Jack…she brings up someone and it turns out to be a man who received the gift of sight because of Jack’s transplants…Jen starts crying as Abby finally hugs her Mom…Roman gives Abe’s and Jen gives Maggie’s. The lights flicker and when they come back up there is a casket there. They can’t figure out how it got there (and neither can I…the lights weren’t off that long)Mickey and Jen say there is a name plate on it like the others…Mickey rubs the dust off and there is blood on his handkerchief…it says Caroline Brady….Caroline wants to look inside as Bo/Roman try to stop her…she says no I want to see but take the children out…after Abby/Will leave they open the casket and there is a skeleton with her name on it.

Monday Nov. 17

Pat’s away and my arm is a little sore tonight but I will try to give you as much as I can.

At the jail cell….Rex asks Mimi about the pen. She says it is hers and dropped out of her jacket. He says it looks like Shawn. She says she probably picked it up by mistake. He says it is a recorder better than his. For taping the professors, concerts and conversations. He pushes the button and hears Shawn asking Mimi for help. She wants the truth…no taping just her. He tells her she is the best thing that has happened to her. He loves her. He then tells her he could help them catch the killer if they would let him out…she screams for the guard but he says it is to late. The next victim is dead.

At the church….Tony is talking to ‘father’ as Cassie comes running up. He tells her he is stalking the Brady’s. Shawn sees Hope and wants to make sure Caroline is OK. He sees Tony & Cassie outside the church as Hope says Shawn Douglas no…she tells him that they don’t need to worry about him as well. Caroline is talking to Shawn Sr. asking if he knows where the food coloring is…he says why. She says so he can color the beer green. She tells him not to sell the pub to keep it running if something happens to her. He says we built this together and she tells him yes for friends and family. Roman comes in and he, Bo, Shawn and Caroline talk about why Caroline may be the next victim. Roman thinks she may know something but she doesn’t. Shawn storms out to attack Tony….as Cassie says they are stalking the Brady’s how does he like it…he goes at Tony as Tony puts him on his ass (and does a wonderful cartwheel)…Tony tells Hope to control him or he’ll have him arrested…Bo comes out and tells Shawn to stop that his Grandmother wants to see him…Shawn tells Tony it’s not over and Tony says that is what I’m counting on. Inside Caroline takes Shawn to the Bride’s room to talk as Hope goes to phone the station. Roman/Bo catch the intruder…it’s Victor. In the Bride’s room Caroline shows Shawn the trunk…it was there for Brandon/Sami’s wedding and she says we know how that turned out. She tells him that she left it there after seeing he and Belle just in case. She shows him the family Bible and says he should look to the future. She holds up the chalice and they read the names…Caroline/Shawn, Bo/Hope, Roman/Marlena, John/Marlena…she says it is tradition and his name will go on it as well. She pulls out the baby book and we see his pic as a baby. She knows what he will do if something happens to her as he is just like his father but she tells him no…she then says he is stubborn like his grandfather (same names)…she hugs him and tells him that she loves him as she does all her grandchildren but he is special. He says you are hugging me like it is the last time. Outside the door Bo and Roman are questioning Victor when Hope comes in and says she let him in. She pulls Bo aside as Bo says quit acting like a daughter-in-law and act like a cop. She says she knows Victor wouldn’t hurt Caroline as Bo says Maggie opened the door and look what happened. She tells Bo that Victor is in love…he has always loved Caroline and just wanted to see her and make sure she was OK…she says what if it was us and we were apart…he says he’d do the same thing as he hugs her. He takes Victor to see Caroline in the Bride’s room…he knocks and Victor goes in. Shawn and Bo wait outside as Victor and Caroline talk….he tells her that he loves her he always has…she says don’t say that and has a flashback to when she told him Bo was his (great flashback…how young they were)and how angry he was. She thanks him for being there and then says the should leave or Bo and Shawn will come running in. Hope asks Roman if they are ready and he says yes…she goes in to pray for a moment…asking God to look after Caroline and their family for all the days of our lives. In the foyer Caroline comes out as Roman says Victor bullet proof limo is waiting to take them home. They will all go together. Shawn Sr. thanks Victor as Caroline tells Roman thank you…and take care of your Dad if anything happens to me…Bo comes over and gives her a big hug and says we will always take care of you Ma….she wants to say a prayer before they leave and says she knows how much her family loves her especially today.

Outside a rave has showed up as Tony tells Cassie that a Phoenix is a bird of re-birth while a Raven is the bird of death. They can smell it…Cassie asks if he thinks the raven smells it now as Tony says yes. Tony checks his watch out and says my work here is done let’s go to the Brady Pub for dinner.

Caroline looks at the family there….she pans to Victor….Shawn Sr…..Bo/Roman/Shawn and to Hope as she heads in to pray. She starts the Lord’s Prayer and flashes back to Shawn giving her an emerald ring (loved these flashbacks)…Bo goes to get her…stops at the doorway and calls Ma it’s time to go…Roman asks what is wrong and Bo says he doesn’t want to interrupt her she is still praying….(BTW the clock has hit ‘0’ as the all smile…those in the foyer)…Bo tells Roman they will meet him outside as he goes to get his mother…he calls her again and touches her shoulder as she falls into his arms…he looks down at her and then screams NO looking up….as the show fades.

Tuesday Nov. 18

Jan's thoughts:

Due to a family illness I won't be going into a lot of detail but I will give you some of my thoughts on the show....(Pat...thanks again)

First of all I'd like to say how much I enjoyed watching PR today as Bo. He played the scenes to perfection...from shock to grief to anger. The scenes with him confronting Victor and telling him you are not my family brought back some memories of the old relationship between the two. Hope standing with him as he said good-bye to his Mom and at the front of the chapel as he vowed to avenge Caroline's death spoke volumes at these two as a couple. Kudos to PR today.

I'm sorry I couldn't get into the scenes with Brady/Nicole the fantasy scenes wasn't all that. Victor going after her as she taunted him about Caroline weren't bad....and of course she hid that fact from Brady...just played him again.

The scenes at the pub between Kate/Sami as they argued again weren't bad but I loved Mimi's line about respect being over their heads. John/Marlena's conversation seemed strange to me for some reason and I'm not sure why...John's smirk as Marlena talked to Sami was also a little off. Roman almost broke down as he told Marlena about phoning Kim & Kayla and the look on Sami's face as Roman and Marlena says it all.

Shawn lost it again when going after Cassie....(and I have to say I saw a look in his eyes that scared me as he shook her)...but as he was talking to Mimi he seemed to have controlled his anger and his comments to Cassie have me wondering where this is going....he says that he doesn't know the reason for the DiMera/Brady feud but the death of his grandmother is a declaration of war and it won't end until the Brady's have killed the DiMera's. (at least I believe those were his words...Pat will correct me if I'm wrong).

Pat's thoughts:
Oh my, the course of Shawn Douglas Brady’s life has been set. His words to Cassie had chills running down my spine. He talks about the bad blood that has existed between the Brady’s and DiMera’s for generations. He says he doesn’t know what started it but all he knows is it is not over. “The killing of my grandmother was a declaration of war and that war will not be over until the Brady’s wipe the DiMera’s off the face of the earth.” YIKES!

Okay on a different note – what can I say? Peter Reckell did an outstanding job. Bo was absolutely heartbroken and bewildered. His grief had me weeping. Josh Taylor – his grief was just as poignant but Roman was much more reserved in his grief than Bo but it was still very effective. Frank Parker only had a few scenes and didn’t really say much more than oh dear god no, not Caroline. He played the shocked and grief stricken husband to perfection.

Deidre Hall was perfection. She played the different roles that she had to in today’s episode with such ease, the clinical doctor as she pronounced Caroline dead, the ex-wife to Roman as she tried to comfort him while grieving for the loss of a woman who always considered her as family, Sami’s mother trying to comfort a grief-stricken almost hysterical daughter and John’s wife. I was really hoping that Caroline’s death would maybe just maybe be the wakeup call she needed to start becoming the woman her grandmother always wanted her to be but unfortunately Sami is going to use her death in her plot to reunite her parents. I really could have done without that.

Another thing I could have done without today was the Brady and Nicole scenes. Truthfully all I could think of when they were on screen was that children’s song “One of these things is not like the others” – his fantasy about his step-grandmother in the middle of all the other powerful, emotional scenes was IMO, disgraceful. What was even worse was the part of their scenes that weren’t a fantasy and we get Nicole trying to pull his arm off his lap so that she can see just how excited he really is…WTH was that all about? The only Nicole scene I enjoyed today was the one where Victor had his hands wrapped around her throat after she made a snide remark about Caroline lying dead getting the better deal than she did by marrying him.

The constant sniping between Kate and Sami was more than I could stomach today. Maybe it was the fact that Kate, Sami and Lucas basically admitted they were hanging around the pub so that they would have alibis if Caroline really did get murdered. One thing that surprised me today was that Sami told Kate that she was going to get her mother and father back together. She is totally obsessed with this and the look on her face was definitely creepy. She gets that same look on her face when she manipulates Marlena into comforting Roman at the pub by pulling a guilt trip on her.

At the church we are supposed to believe by John and Marlena’s comments that they were at the funeral and were just now coming back from the graveside service. We get a repeat of the same scene with Bo catching his mother as she falls over. Everyone comes running when Bo yells. Marlena pronounces her dead. Shawn mentions to John that Tony and Cassie were standing outside and John says that they weren’t there now. I kind of liked how Hope tries to stop Shawn from going after them and Bo tells her to let him go, he’s going to be alright.

I can’t even put in words how amazing the performance that Alexis Thorpe gave in this episode really is. Why oh why haven’t they given her material like this to play before they fired her? Her reactions to Shawn’s accusations are just dead on. You can see her pain and her bewilderment. She tries to tell him that it was him that put the idea in her head that Rex wanted her to kill for him. She tries to tell him that he was the first person in Salem she met and that he always treated her well and that she would never do anything to him or his family. When he calls her a liar she is just devastated. He is contained at first but he gets angrier the more she tries to deny that the DiMera’s would do anything to hurt them until he does grab her. Mimi comes along and tells him to stop. He turns on Mimi and tells her his grandmother is dead. Mimi tells him that Rex knew it was going to happen because he put the clues together and he is just so much smarter than the rest of them that he figured it out before they did (oh yeah, right…Mimi, that’s the ticket). Shawn maintains that Cassie and her brother and Tony are responsible and that his grandmother is dead and the Brady’s have to live in fear.

And oh my, the father/’son’ between Victor and Bo at the church was something to watch. Bo is angry at himself for giving Victor an alibi. He wants to know why Victor just couldn’t leave his mother alone. Victor tells him he would never hurt Caroline, she was the love of his life. Bo says but she loved her husband not you. Victor knows that. Bo is so angry that he tells Victor to leave. The way he tells him that he is not welcome and says to him you are not my family – just devastating for Victor.

As I watched the scenes where John goes to the pub to interrogate both Sami and Kate for Roman I finally got where this whole Sami/John dynamic is going. Maybe at the end of all of this those two can come to some sense of family. I didn’t like how harshly John went after her although I can’t fault him for mistrusting Sami’s sudden hysterics especially when he walks on her saying really hateful things about Caroline. When Marlena gently chastises John for basically traumatizing Sami - after all her grandmother was there for her when she couldn’t be. He reminds her that if she really thought about family she would realise that he spent more time raising Sami then either she or Roman did and that for the longest time he had believed that Caroline was his mother. Very touching as they embrace but of course Sami didn’t like it.

The hardest scene for me to watch and the one where I bawled like a baby was the one where Bo stops the guy from the Medical Examiner’s office from zipping up the body bag completely. I won’t say anything about it – that is a scene that you need to experience yourself. Suffice it to say, Bo was crying, I was crying and when he zipped up that bag and sobbed I really lost it. He goes to chapel to talk to God and Hope goes with him. At the end of all the things he had to say he promises to avenge his mother’s death. Hope says she’ll help him. They’ll arrest the killer together and put together a very strong case that no judge will be able to ignore. He says if the killer lives that long.

Preview: Lucas telling Sami he knows exactly what has to be done, the two of them have to get together. John saying to Kate, oh my god is it you Kate and she tells him she is a serial murderess so he should just arrest her and take her in. Hope telling Bo they just might be able to break the case wide open.

Wednesday Nov. 19

Jan's report:

Lumi scenes were really good today....It starts off as Sami is getting breakfast ready and Will comes home upset his Dad is drinking again as he isn’t answering his door…Lucas comes out of the shower and Will questions them (more or less) Sami explains that Lucas’s shower is broken and apologizes for having him sleep at Josh’s last night but she was upset about Caroline…Will says his Grandma was the only one who was always there for him.…Will runs out of the room…Sami is upset and Lucas holds her..they both move away from each other at the same time….Sami pulls up the towel wrapped around Lucas as it was slipping….LOL… they talk about how they wanted their parents together growing up and all of a sudden realize that Will wants the same thing. Lumi explain to Will that some day they may marry...other people and Will says and someday you may marry each other.(a shirtless Bryan day)

I thought the scenes today between Marlena/Roman were great….I thought JT did an excellent job of portraying an upset son as he says his mother died on his watch…Marlena/Roman at the church as they remember times spend together...(good scenes)and Roman takes the hope chest out. They go to SP as Roman says if it wasn't for Stefano they may still be together. That Stefano destroyed their lives.

John and Kate run into each other at SP…Kate tells John that Sami is out to break Marlena and him up…John basically tells her it isn’t going to happen…she goes on about Sami as John doesn’t really believe she is a murderer…Kate says the way you questioned her and he tells her tough love as Kate says she doesn't think Roman loves her or wants to be with her...Kate is telling John that there is something going on between Roman/Marlena and John says no that they love each other more every day. Kate sees Marlena/Roman and John goes up to them and gives Marlena a passionate kiss. Roman leaves and John goes with him wanting to clear 6 of the suspects so they can get on with their lives. He stops to tell Kate that what they were talking about isn't true. Kate talks to Roman but he just walks away from her.

Kate goes to Marlena and wants to be there for Roman he is so alone...Marlena says no he's not he has got me. Kate thinks he should forgive her but Marlena says no it's too soon the wound is still fresh...and the fact she worked for Stefano. Kate says Stefano is dead I wonder if he'll ever be out of our lives.

Bope wake up in bed (shirtless Bo)…he couldn’t sleep..the phone rings and he gets upset…it’s a telemarketer (glad I’m not the only one to get upset by them)…they talk a bit about Caroline and Tek calls saying he has a lead…Bope at the station...Tek tells them the killer sent the signal to Bo's PDA from the Salem Library...and it was started by remote and on time delay. A computer whiz…and they decide it doesn’t rule out anyone….as Vic/Tony/Nic/Lucas all have access to computer geniuses and Sami has altered DNA results so she must know what she is doing. The autopsy report is delivered to Bo and Hope takes it….Caroline was poisoned…it’s the same pills as Maggie had…Hope calls Mickey but he says they are missing…Hope figures the killer probably took them from her house the night he killed her. The show ends as Bo gets another message.

Previews: The only one I caught was Shawn (in a quiet voice)telling Brady that he and Belle will get married someday and nothing will stop them. Someone is lurking outside…I’ll give you three guesses.

I enjoyed today’s show hope you do as well.

Pat's report:

Today it was Josh Taylor’s turn to shine. He is so torn up over the death of his mother. Marlena finds him at the church taking down the police tape so mass can be held. He tells Marlena this is how his mother would like to have died, in this church, praying to God probably for forgiveness for the person that wanted to take her life. He asks for God’s forgiveness because he can’t forgive himself. He had promised to protect her and he had failed. He points out the stuff his parents donated to the church over the years. He has the hope chest with him because his dad wanted the picture of Caroline that was inside for her obituary. Marlena pulls out the chalice and Roman says it’s the one from their wedding. She asks why the chest was there and he says she brought it there for Sami’s wedding to Brandon. Marlena wonders why it was still at the church and Roman tells her because Caroline would never give up on Sami. He is really broken up and Marlena can see how close to the edge he is and tells him that he shouldn’t be alone. He says very bitterly that’s he been alone since she left him and married John. He apologises and says that the loss of Abe, the killings and the death of his mother on his watch have brought up so many memories, like your whole life flashing through your mind. She understands and offers to take him to breakfast. They go to Salem Place and it brings up memories of his times with Kate. He tells Marlena that he could get past her sleeping with men for money but he can’t get past the fact that she worked for Stefano. The man who caused so much pain to his, Marlena’s and their kids lives (what about John? Bo? Hope?). He says if it wasn’t for Stefano they still would be married – a happy family. They hug.

At Salem Place John and Kate talk about relationships and how much damage Stefano DiMera has done to their lives. (After they do the obligatory are you the killer, no but arrest me anyway). Kate tries to convince John that Sami is the person that is doing the killing but John won’t buy it. He tells her that if she ever hopes to have a relationship with Roman after this is all over she is going to have to lighten up on Sami. She tries to warn him that Sami wants to destroy his marriage to Marlena. He tells her they have survived worse than Hurricane Sami. She tells him to open his eyes and can’t believe that he can’t see that everything Sami does is with one goal in mind, to reunite her parents. She tells him that there isn’t anything she wouldn’t do to make that happen. They see Roman and Marlena together. He goes over and puts his arms around Marlena and then pulls her into a kiss. He tells her he missed her and she says she didn’t sleep much and she didn’t want Roman to be alone. Roman says he needs to go back to the station. John says he’ll go with him and kisses Marlena again. (A touch territorial there I think). Kate subtly warns Marlena that she shouldn’t do anything to jeopardise her marriage to John. Marlena tells her she doesn’t like what she is implying and that she is very much in love with her husband.

Will comes rushing into his mother’s apartment in a panic because Lucas isn’t home. He wants to call 911. He thinks they should go looking for him because he might be drinking again. Lucas comes out of the shower. Sami tells Will that his shower wasn’t working. Will had stayed overnight at a friend’s place. When Sami asks him what he wants for breakfast he says that he has eaten already because his friend’s mother said that Will can never know what he will find at home. Sami says that she is sorry he had to stay with a friend but she was so upset about Grandma Caroline. Will starts crying for his Grandma. He said she promised she would always be there for me. She promised me that all those times that neither you nor Dad would show up to pick me up. He runs to his room. Sami is upset and Lucas puts his arms around her. (LOL – I did like when she hitched his towel tighter around his waist for him). He tells her she is a good mother despite everything else. Will needs space and she’s giving it to him. She says she could help him. She knows what is like to feel that you are alone with no one to count on. Lucas wants to know why she didn’t tell him sooner that his mother was a prostitute and that he wasn’t a Horton. She says no one deserves to have their family taken away from them. He says when he was a kid he used to dream about his parents getting back together so they could be a family. She says she had that and it was perfect and she could have it again. He asks her if she really believes that her parents should be back together, she isn’t a kid any longer. She looks at him strangely. He says he probably thinks I spent the night here when I came out of the shower. He says we have to get back together. He says that is what Will wants. He goes and changes and when he comes back they call Will out and explain to him that they love him but they are not a couple. He says what does that mean – you’re going to live across the hall from one another and I will have to keep going back and forth. Lucas says no, eventually we’ll get married – LOL the look on Sami’s face – and then he adds really quickly, to other people. Will says, who knows, maybe you’ll end up marrying each other. I do believe the boy is on a mission.

Bo and Hope are at home in bed when the phone rings. It is a telemarketer and poor Bo just loses it. Hope calms him down. He holds on to her for dear life saying he just can’t lose her. He tells her how worried he is everything she takes a call and leaves the station. She says she feels the same way about him but that they agreed they couldn’t live their lives in fear. Tek calls and says he has traced the calls to Bo’s PDA. They get to the station and Bo says who is it, it’s my arrest. Tek says he just has a lead, he doesn’t know who the killer is. Apparently the messages were emailed from a computer at the library but they were all on a timer set in advance. They go over their suspect list and are unable to rule anyone else. Tek tells them it’s another dead end. After he leaves a cop comes in and hands Bo a folder. When Hope sees the look on his face and way he is clutching it she takes it from him. She says you shouldn’t have been given your mothers autopsy report. The cause of death is poisoning. Breaking the case wide out was in reference to the fact that she died of a prescription drug overdose. Bo says she was drugged before she even left the house. When Hope sees which drug she realises it is the drug that Marlena prescribed for Maggie. She phones Mickey and asks him where the drugs were kept and how many were pills remained. Apparently they were in the kitchen and are missing. Maggie had stopped taking them so there were a lot left. Bo says this means this murder was planned when the bottle of liquor was stolen. His PDA beeps and they both know that only the killer sends him messages. Hope says what does it says. All Bo says is ‘Oh My God No.’

Preview: Shawn smiling as he says “Belle and I are going to get married some day. Nothing can keep that from happening.’ And puke…the…it’s skulking behind some shrubbery. Bonnie trying to convince Mickey that he doesn’t want her to leave Maggie’s things in their room and Mickey yelling for her to get out. Nicole telling Victor there is no way he can stop her from making Brady fall in love with her. He tells her he has Chloe Lane. Bo (very upset) yelling that the killer was standing only a few feet away from him. Hope telling him he couldn’t have known that. He yells that he could have saved her (very anguished).

Thursday Nov. 20

Pat's peek:

Grandpa Shawn looking down at Caroline in the coffin, heartbroken, as he says you promised that you would always be with me. Kim comes up behind him and hugs him and says she will always be with him. Kim says she had a lot of years and was a great mother and grandmother and she needs him to be strong. Shawn says that is why he will not fall to pieces. Alice comes and says her goodbye to Caroline. She mentions that Caroline wasn’t the first victim and she won’t be the last. Poor Alice; she wonders when the streets of Salem will be safe again.

Mimi and Bonnie at Java Café and Mimi sees that Bonnie has a list of Maggie’s belonging and she tells her mother that she will not let her take them and sell them like she did Jack’s. Mimi tells her she will get caught if she sells the stuff and keeps the money for herself and will end up in jail. Bonnie tells her not to worry about her there are bigger things to worry about like their friends dropping dead like flies. After she leaves Mimi says and my mother is a vulture. Bonnie goes to Mickey’s and packs up all the food saying she is going to give it to the shelter. He says fine. Then she has the vampy Bonnie and the angelic Bonnie sitting on her shoulders telling her what to do…sheesh. She offers to go clean out Mrs. Horton’s closets and Mickey kicks her out. She runs to Mimi at the Brady pub and tells her she thinks Mickey is on to her and Mimi says great I’ll lose all my friends and you’ll go to jail. Mickey sees her and says they have to talk.

Victor smashes the decanter of liquor startling Nicole. She comments that he’s going to kill her and he tells her she is going to wish she was dead. He pulls out the divorce papers and she looks at them and says that one hundred thousand dollars is better than nothing. She wants a pen to sign them. He rips them up and says that agreement is now null and void; he is not going to give her one thin dime, nothing. She says she’s nothing leaving without a healthy settlement and threatens him. He walks to phone and calls the Salem PD and says he has information on Colin Murphy’s murder for Commander Brady. She reminds him that he will go to jail and then Phil and Brady will know all the terrible things he did. He hangs up and she smiles thinking she has the upper hand. He phones Nico and tells him to pack her things because she is leaving today. She then threatens to make Brady love her and he won’t be able to stop it. Her smug little grin is wiped off her face when he says he is bringing Chloe Lane back to Salem.

Bo gets an image of his mother on his PDA and she is telling him that he is a failure as a son and a man. The image says very cruel things and Hope begs him to turn it off. He says no and pushes her away. Caroline tells him that his PDA is a conduit from hell and she begs him to get her out of there as flames flicker around her. Hope tells him to turn it off because it’s just the killer playing with his mind and he is letting him. Bo says no; he will not abandon her. The image gets more graphic as the flames eat away and Caroline screams at Bo that it’s too late he let her die. Bo is frantic trying to get the image back and won’t let her take the PDA from him. Tek comes in with a package for him that is from Caroline. He opens the box and it’s a loaf of his mothers Irish Soda bread. Hope reads a letter from the killer that was written on Caroline’s personal stationery. The killer describes how Bo came into the pub in full cop mode and in a hurry. Bo realises the killer was just a few feet away from him.

Shawn and Brady are inside the pub that is closed due to a death in the family. Shawn is looking at a mini shrine of pictures of Caroline and Brady comments that she was a great woman. Brady talks about how she always treated him as her grandson. He talks about the time when they came over to see his family when they came back from their trip around the world. He says Caroline took one look at him and Belle playing together and said that they would be married one day. Shawn smiles and says she was right. Brady asks if he is sure about that. Shawn says that he and Belle will be married and nothing will prevent that as ‘it’ skulks outside and watches through the window. Shawn looks towards the window and sees something. It’s his teddy bear that he hadn’t seen since he was seven years old. Belle calls and she must tell him that his grandmother put it there as a sign. Shawn says he loves her.

Very touching scene with Shawn at the casket as he places the teddy bear inside next to his grandmother. He talks very softly so it’s hard to hear him. He cries and kisses her forehead and says he loves her and that he will always love her. Back down in the pub Brady says he saw what he did with the teddy bear. Shawn tells him it made him feel a little better. Brady knows it was Belle’s idea and when Shawn asks how he says it is something she would do. They then talk about Chloe and Shawn tells him maybe it is time to start dating. Brady thinks about Nicole but tells Shawn that he wouldn’t feel right about that about that without talking to Chloe first. Somehow they get on the topic of Jan Spears and Shawn says he is so happy she left town and then we get to see it. She’s back in town and has things to take care of.

Hope and Bo come into the pub and Kim hugs them both. She can see how angry Bo is and asks to talk to him alone. Bo is consumed with his need for revenge and his anger and won’t listen to anything Kim has to say. He is especially furious when she reminds him not to forget the principles that Ma raised them with and that he has to forgive. Upstairs Hope is telling Alice how worried she is about Bo. Alice says Bo will not heal until he learns to forgive. At Caroline’s coffin Bo promises that he will catch the killer and make sure there is no trial. He will personally send the killer straight to hell.

Preview: The yucky Bonnie/Mickey fantasy. Grandpa Shawn telling Kim that he knows who killed Caroline, it’s Nicole Kiriakis. Kim saying NO as Roman looks shocked by something on his PDA as Marlena falls to the floor clutching her throat.

Jan's Peek:

Today’s show….what can I saw…I loved it for the most part. There were a few things but we’ll save those till later.

I loved the scenes at the Brady Pub…and I loved that Kim is back for her family…just wish it was longer. She hugs her Dad and tells him that Mama would want him to be strong to be there for them and they for him. Pop Shawn had me in tears today as he says good-bye to Caroline. Brady and Shawn talking downstairs….great scenes between these two today. Brady talks of how he always felt like Caroline was a grandmother to him seeing as is Dad believed he was Roman. Shawn tells him she felt the same way that he was a grandson to her. Brady remembers when they all came over to see them when they got back from their round the world trip and Caroline believed that Shawn and Belle would be husband and wife. Shawn says she was right. Brady asks if he is sure…he says yes he and Belle will marry someday and nothing will stop them. Shawn says he feels bad that he never told Caroline how he felt. Brady says she knew. Shawn sees something in the window and goes over…it’s his old teddy bear…the one Caroline gave him when he left on their trip…wonders how it got there…Belle calls and he mentions it to her….she says something to him and he says maybe you’re right…he tells her he loves her and heads upstairs. (Brady meanwhile tries to phone Nicole)…Shawn is saying good-bye to Caroline…in tears he tells her good-bye and kisses her…he puts the teddy bear in the coffin. When he comes downstairs Brady says he saw him…Shawn says it made him feel better…Brady says Belle’s sounds like her…they talk a bit about Chloe and Brady says he needs to talk to her first before he moves on…Shawn mentions that he was once involved…and then says helped a girl without talking to Belle..Brady says Jan Spears and Shawn says yeah…I’m glad she left town.

At the station Bo receives a message from the killer on his PDA…it’s Caroline blaming him for her death. Hope tries to take it away but he won’t hear of it…he keeps listening as the signal disappears. Tek arrives with a parcel from his Ma…he opens it to find bread. Hope reads the’s from the killer…seems he was at the Pub when Bo came in and the bread was for him…when Bo didn’t take it Caroline gave it to the killer…in the scenes we see it from the killer’s view….very friendly. He blames himself saying he could have stopped it. They arrive at the pub as Bo is very angry and bitter…Kim talks to him but he just gets angrier …he says he will never FORGIVE whoever did this.(love how he calls her Kimber)…upstairs Alice has said good-bye to Caroline and Hope worries about Bo…Pop Shawn says they need to help him…Alice says he needs to forgive.

Vic/Nic scenes are a set up to bringing Chloe back to Salem.

The scenes with Mickey/Bonnie….not needed in this show in my opinion.

Wonderful acting today by all the Brady’s….PR/JC/FP/KA/PP…..loved them today and it was nice to see the family grieve.

Friday Nov. 21

Jan's post:

I’m sure I missed some things but I also know that my counterpart from Sask. Will pick up all that I missed….hugs Pat.

Brady says something about Shawn bringing up her name..Shawn says I didn't I said a said her name. Shawn tells him that she almost broke up his relationship with Belle....Brady says you are the one who said you were the baby's father and slept with her and lied to Belle...Shawn is pissed he says thank you for reminding me of that making me feel worse than I already do….he doesn’t want to talk about it anymore but Brady keeps it up…..he says why this sudden fascination...Brady says due to living at Victor's....(Nicole & Paul)...he then says to Shawn that what he did was misguided but he understands...but he doesn't understand her moving into the Brady's house...Shawn says it is none of his business but what could he do....Brady asks if he has heard from her...Shawn says NO why would I...she’s in Europe somewhere and away from Salem. Brady goes on about her probably having someone to help her now...Shawn says I doubt it...Brady asks why...Shawn says her mother was only into herself...she kicked her out and I had no choice...her mother called her a slut and told her to get rid of the baby I couldn’t let that happen....Brady says you probably had feelings for her…Shawn says I didn’t…I loved Belle and I only did it to help her…Brady says she must have had some kind of hold on you Shawn is basically telling Brady that there is no way he had feelings for her...he was helping her and that is it....Mimi comes over and can't believe they are talking about her....Brady tells her to cut her a break it was a long time ago and she could have changed...Mimi says not even with a lobotomy...she will always be like that...she lied and manipulated people to her own advantage....Shawn just gives Brady a look like I told you so.

Mimi and Shawn head upstairs….Marlena shows up and pays her respects to Caroline…Shawn goes over and says Dr. Evans…Marlena says Shawn and gives him a big hug…she says I know you loved your grandmother. ...(loved the hug) and Marlena asks if he has talked to Belle...he says she called earlier...she wants to come home but he doesn't want her home until it's safe...Marlena flashes back to it making her promise not to tell anyone as Shawn asks if she's OK...she says she the killer is caught. Shawn tells Brady he's going home to call Belle but will come back later..(loved how he plays with his ring as he is talking to Brady about calling Belle).as he leaves it pops out from her lurking mode and says not's not the right time to say Hi Shawn...but it will be soon.

Marlena is not happy about seeing her...she goes on about what a nice person Belle is...that she saw her in Milan...Belle didn't see her and she didn't say anything but if she had she knows Belle would have forgiven her...she wouldn't hold a grudge that is the kind of person she is. Now let me just reiterate....she has not changed one iota.....same person as she was when she left. Marlena wants to send her to another Dr. but she keeps on about her parents dieing and she has no one…she can talk to her about this..she already has told her more than she has told anyone…Marlena finally gives in as J** hugs her…(Marlena doesn’t hug her back)..she then asks Marlena not to tell anyone especially Belle or Shawn that she is back…Marlena agrees. (Now this is my opinion but I got a feeling that Marlena may be doing this to keep an eye one her…I don’t think she trust her but remember this is my opinion.

Now I’ll be honest here….I only did up these scenes because the fantasies with both Nicole and Bonnie didn’t do a thing for me….and the scenes with Caroline singing…enough said. I’m sure Pat will fill in these details.

BTW…I thought Kim was only on for 2 days but it looks like she is still there in the next show…unless I am seeing things (which is quite possible)

Pat's post:
More hateful words between Nicole and Victor as he tells her he would do anything to keep her away from his grandson. She says you hate Chloe and didn’t want her to be with Brady. He says he knows that Chloe loves Brady and is not just out to use him. She says Brady wants her and she will see that they both get what they want. Brady will have her and she will get rid of Victor. Victor attacks her and chokes her and then drops her to the floor telling her that is where she belongs. He tells her the best solution is to turn her in so Brady sees her for what she really is. He then tells her he is going to the Brady’s and she better not show up there.

Kim tells her dad and Roman that Kayla will be in that night. Roman says Bo and Hope will be back later. Grandpa Shawn says he never thought the next time the entire family got together would be for Caroline’s funeral.

Mickey asks Bonnie what she did with Jack’s clothes. Before Bonnie can answer Mimi tells Mickey she needs to speak with her mother. Mimi says he figured out you sold Jack’s clothes and kept the money and that you were going to do the same with his wife’s. Bonnie asks what Mimi thinks Mickey will do to her. Mimi says you stole from a Horton – you’re going to jail. Mickey comes and interrupts and apologises for his behaviour and tells Bonnie that Maggie would want her stuff to go to charity. He tells her to come and take it as Mimi stands there with her mouth open. She tells him she’ll do exactly the same thing with her stuff as she did with Jack’s. Mimi drags her away and tells her she better give the stuff to charity this time but Bonnie says charity starts at home as she stares at Mickey. Mimi says to stop whatever she is scheming but Bonnie just shrugs. She tells Mimi she feels sorry for the man.

Celeste and Alice are talking about Caroline when Alice can tell Celeste is uncomfortable. She asks if she is having another premonition. She says no just a feeling that this is not over and the worst is yet to come as the camera cuts to Caroline’s hands and her fingers move. When Mickey comes over and says lets go pay our respects, Celeste tells him to take Alice. Celeste says that Caroline’s soul is deeply tormented. Grandpa Shawn thanks everyone for coming and asks his friend the Irish tenor to sing Caroline’s favourite song. Everyone joins in as Celeste moves closer to the coffin. She hears Caroline singing and Caroline says he’s right, it is my favourite. She calls Celeste Frankie and keeps talking to her. Celeste says no one else can hear you and Caroline says I know. Roman comes over and asks how Lexie is doing. When Roman takes Celeste to get a drink Bonnie comes over and tells Caroline that with her spiritual guidance and a backer she could turn the pub into a real money maker. The fantasy is too tacky to even talk about. We switch straight from that fantasy to Nicole’s steamy fantasy of Brady. Why the hell do these fantasies have to be stuck in the midst of mourning? Nicole says to herself once you have me once you’ll never get enough and then I’ll have you exactly where I want you. And geez, I was actually right. She comes right out in another fantasy as she is seducing Brady and tells him that she wants him to kill Victor for her or she won’t sleep with him. Bonnie hangs on to Mickey after her fantasy – I guess she’s decided he’ll be her backer.

During the saying of the rosary Celeste gets another terrible feeling and Alice notices. Celeste says something terrible is going to happen. Celeste goes back to stand next to the coffin and Caroline says Frankie we have to talk. You and I both know there is more to come. Victor tells Grandpa Shawn that he was sorry he couldn’t do more to protect her. Shawn says she was already dying while they were at the church, no one could have done anything. Victor says she loved you with all her heart and I envy you that. Marlena hugs Shawn and asks if he talked to Belle. He says yes and he tells Marlena that he made her promise not to come home until the bastard that was doing this was caught. Marlena flashes back to the promise she made to ‘it’ and Shawn asks her what is wrong. She says nothing. Down in the pub Shawn tells Brady he is going home to phone Belle and will be back later. Nicole plays on Brady’s sympathies and he hugs her and she gets this smirk on her face until she sees Victor standing behind them.

“It’ comes into Marlena’s office unannounced and Marlena is not happy to see her. When it asks for help Marlena looks disgusted and tells her to go to another doctor. She gives Marlena this song and dance that she saw Belle in Milan and even though she didn’t have the nerve to talk to her she knows Belle would have been nice to her because Belle is just that type of person. She would never hold a grudge against her. Marlena still resists until it tells her that both her parents are dead. Apparently her father came to see her after the truth came out that Shawn wasn’t the father and her parents bonded and remarried. They died in an avalanche but their bodies were never found. So Marlena caves and even agrees not to tell anyone especially Belle or Shawn that she is back in town.

Kim and Roman are talking when Roman pulls out his PDA. He tells Kim that the killer sent messages to Bo on his PDA. Roman gets another message saying that the next killing is right here, right now as Marlena falls to the floor clutching her neck.

Okay this is my take on the talk between Brady and Shawn. I understand from reading the comments about the EE that some people were upset. This is my take on the conversation. Shawn did not at any time through that entire debacle have feelings for that girl. This is all Brady’s opinion and what Brady feels. The conversation begins with Brady saying he is surprised to hear Shawn mention her name. Shawn reminds him that he didn’t Brady guessed who he was referring to. Shawn says she almost ruined his relationship with Belle. Brady said she didn’t you did by lying to Belle by making her believe that you had slept with this girl and gotten her pregnant. Shawn thanks him for throwing it up in his face and asks him he wants to make him feel worse than he already does. Brady says it happened and Shawn gets angry. He says yeah and because you’re Belle’s big brother you have to a royal pain in the ass. Brady says he is right. Shawn says he never wants to talk about her again. She is gone.

Brady asks if he ever hears from her. Shawn says I thought I told you I didn’t want to talk about her. He says no of course not. Why would he? He heard she was in Europe and wants to know why the sudden interest in her on Brady’s part. He says he’s been thinking about her a lot living in his grandfather’s house because it was Nicole’s father that raped her and got her pregnant. He tells Shawn even though Belle was hurt he thought what Shawn did was selfless but he doesn’t understand why he had her move in with his family. Shawn tells him not that he owes him an explanation but her mother kicked her out, what else was he supposed to do. Brady tells him every decision he made during that time was the wrong one. Shawn doesn’t want to get into it again and tells Brady that the whole Shawn screwed up with her and hurt Belle saga is over. Brady hopes someone is helping her get her life back on track.

Shawn says he doubts it because her mother is to into herself. He tells Brady how after her mother found out she was pregnant she called and a slut and then told her to get rid of the baby. He says he couldn’t let that happen and then she lost the baby. Brady says, she fell down the stairs or something and blamed Belle. Shawn says and yeah stupid me believed her; I just don’t know what was wrong with me. Brady says you had feelings for her. Shawn says I never had feelings for her, I loved Belle. Brady said to risk so much she must have had some kind of hold on you. Shawn is very clear and forceful with Brady when he says that she had no hold on me, I just felt sorry for her. Mimi can’t believe they are talking about her. She calls her a low-life little sneak. Brady says not to be so harsh. She says harsh, she is nothing but a liar, schemer and user. She says how many other girls do you know that would have taken what happened to them and use it to their advantage. Brady says she could have changed. Mimi says no way; even if she had a lobotomy she is still the same rotten person she always was. You can tell Shawn agrees with her. When Shawn leaves the pub, ‘it’ is skulking and watching and says it’s not time to say hello yet but soon.

Okay I'm sure in yesterday's preview that Grandpa Shawn was telling Kim that Nicole was the killer but unless I blinked and missed it, I'm sure that part didn't play today. Colour me confuzzled!

Preview: Lexie telling Roman that Marlena’s heartbeat is erratic and it doesn’t look good as Marlena has a seizure. Grandpa Shawn yelling at Tony and Rex calling them murderers as he clutches his chest and Bo grabs him. Sami telling John that her mother and father belong together and if he doesn’t stay away she will make him. Bo asking Rex if he knows who the next victim is going to be and Rex saying I do know as Hope is walking past with a veggie with the dip on it.

Monday Nov. 24

Due to 'technical' difficulties Jan did not get to see the show today so you're stuck with just my version.

Oh joy we get to see smug Tony and an evener smugger Rex parade around like they own Salem. I’m sorry but it just burns my ass that both Shawn and Kim ask them to leave the Brady residence but in their arrogance they decree that they have the right to be there. Okay…ranting complete.

I will also admit that Caroline talking to Celeste and sitting up in her casket is beginning to freak me out just a touch. There is a replay of the time frame just before Marlena’s collapse. Lexie happens to be there to pay her respects so she asks Grandpa Shawn to go get her medical bag from her car. Roman calls for an ambulance but due to an apartment house fire and a six vehicle pile-up on the interstate there isn’t a single ambulance available…hmmm. Lexie tells Roman it doesn't look good.

Outside the pub Will asks Sami why his dad couldn’t come with them. He is very persistent as he keeps questioning her about the possibility of the two of them getting back together. She tries to explain how they were never really together. He says I knew it, I was just a mistake. She says no he was a blessing and he is the best thing in both of their lives. She tries to tell him that even though they don’t love each other it doesn’t change how much they love him. She talks about how she thinks Roman and Marlena will get back together and he says then there is a chance for you and dad. Will goes inside and Kate shows up followed by John. She tells them that they are not welcome. She is extremely rude to John and he asks her to explain why she persists in treating him the way she does when all he ever did was love her. That kind of silences her for a brief moment and then she tells him that he is not her father and all he wanted to do was destroy her family. She tells him that her mother still loves her father but John has her confused but she will make sure they get back together.

Tony comes to the cells and Rex is let out. Bo goes ballistic when he sees Rex outside his cell and he calls him a murderer and of course Rex just smirks at him. Ok…that smirk is getting old already. Hope steps between Bo and Rex and tells Bo that there is a possibility they aren’t guilty. Bo is furious. He can’t believe she is defending the DiMera’s and wants to know whose side she is on. She tells him that the killer could have targeted Caroline because of what Maggie told her not because she was a Brady. Bo’s cell rings and he tells Hope they have to leave. When they step out of the room that Rex and Tony are in he tells one of the cops that he wants them tailed and then tells Hope that it looks like the killer struck again and Marlena was the target.

Back at the pub Mimi is trying to call Belle but can’t get through to her. Duh…Mimi this call should come from her family or Shawn…not you. Kim talks to her about her and Belle’s friendship and Mimi feels slightly guilty when Kim mentions that Marlena is Rex’s mother. Rex and Tony show up outside the pub and Tony tells him he wants him to move back to the mansion. They need to cover all his tracks and they can’t do that if he is living with Shawn. Rex says he has something to do first as he looks at the sign that says the pub is closed due to a death in the family. Tony laughs and says he is evil, brilliant but evil as they go inside.

Sami, John and Kate are downstairs in the pub as Will comes down blurting that his grandma is dead. Sami says yes Grandma Caroline is in heaven and Will says no Grandma Marlena. They go upstairs just after Lexie says she is gone and Roman is holding her in his arms saying I love you. Sami glares at John and says I told you. John holds Marlena and says I won’t let you leave me not yet. He tells her to come back to him and then tells Lexie to check her vitals. Surprise, she’s not dead after all. Kate tells Sami that should prove to her how much Marlena loves John. Caroline tells Celeste that she has to tell Lexie to do something fast or it will be too late. Lexie doesn’t really want to hear about Celeste’s conversation with a dead person and says she does have a drug that would induce vomiting but she won’t give it to a non-responsive patient. Caroline shows up behind Lexie and says no you have to make her use it and then yells at John and Roman. They both look around the room and then John says you have to give her something now and Roman tells her to do it.

Marlena is getting better as both Roman and John tell her that she has to wake up and tell them what made her sick. Sami comes right up to John and Kate and tells them that her mother and father will get back together and they try and stop it she will make them regret it. Marlena has memory flashes and she realises it was the dip that made her sick but she still hasn’t come to. Downstairs Grandpa Shawn flips when he sees Rex and Tony and appears to suffer from a heart attack but it’s just that he got extremely worked up, nothing more. Rex had told Bo earlier in the cells that he knew Caroline was going to die because he analysed the killer’s patterns but Bo says of course you know because you’re the killer and I’m going to prove it. At the pub Bo asks him if he did the analysis once he should be able to do it again and asks him if he knows who the next victim will be just as Hope walks over with a carrot stick with lots of dip on it. Rex says yes he knows who is next.

Preview: Brady trying to figure out what Vic and Nic are talking about and Vic says he wants to talk to him about Chloe. Bo running to knock the carrot stick out of Hope’s hand. Roman telling Marlena that their children couldn’t survive losing her again as Sami watches lost in damn fantasy. Caroline telling Celeste that Marlena is in danger.

Tuesday Nov. 25

Jan has not a chance to see the show as yet today and with hockey on right now, it will be a while before she gets to watch it.

So that means your stuck with just my take on the show and I'm going to be honest with everyone up front - there was a lot about this episode that got on my nerves! LOL! No offence but I when it comes to some things I just feel like standing up and screaming enough already!

Aggravation #1: Sami, Sami, Sami - okay this obsession with 'mommy and daddy and the perfect family' - get over with it. I swear when she is standing in the doorway telling Kate about how much her mother and father love each other she looks more pyschotic than even Rex with his headaches.

Aggravation #2: Nicole leading Brady around by did Kim refer to it in reference to Rex today...package...well...enough. That Brady is that hard-up for ... okay, wrong choice of words... Brady is so desperate that he has to make a play for his step-grandmother...well, need I say more.

Aggravation #3: The leaping out of her casket, eyes springing open and speaking corpse is just too much. This is just downright degrading to do to Caroline's character. Good lord, even Celeste was aggravated with her today trying to draw enough from her.

Okay I've ranted enough...although there were other minor aggravations that I could have listed like for instance Lexie now standing up and defending Tony and Rex against Bo and Roman...duh...your husband was the first victim. Plus the fact that she tells Tony and Rex they are family when Tony thanks her for standing by them. And the topper - she gets paged by the hospital - I guess she's back to work full time the day after husband's funeral???Oh lordy, I'm still ranting.

Nicole plays Brady and he almost kisses her when Victor interrupts them. He tells Brady he wants to talk to him about Chloe. He tells him not to make the same mistake he did with Caroline and let the love of his life go. Brady is surprised considering his Grandfather hadn't approved of Chloe. Victor convinces him he had a change of heart after Caroline's death. Brady leaves and Nicole is furious with Victor and tells him Brady won't be happy when he finds out the truth. Victor reminds her that dead wives tell no tales.

I'm not going into detail about the Sami arguing with Kate and John about her parents belonging together and the way she manipulates Roman and Marlena...The only part I liked was when she went ballistic on Rex.

We don't actually get to see Marlena tell Roman, John and Lexie what made her ill we just see them questioning her as Hope is talking to Celeste holding that carrot stick and dip in her mouth. Celeste is warning Hope that danger is all around them and someone else is going to die. Hope finally pressures Celeste enough that Celeste admits that Caroline is talking to her. Hope says we'll keep that between ourselves.

While Hope and Celeste are talking, Bo is questioning Rex about who's next. Tony won't let him talk. Roman comes down and tells Bo that it was the dip that made Marlena sick. Bo then tackles Hope knocking the carrot stick away just before she is about to bite into it. Hope tells Bo about Celeste's warning that someone else is going to die. Bo asks her why she is suddenly believing in stuff like that when Caroline leaps out of her coffin saying because it's true. The camera angle makes it look like he sees her but what Bo sees are the pictures on a table shaking and then they watch as they fall to the floor. The glass in both pictures is shattered. The pictures are of Bo & Hope and one of Roman. Celeste says it is a very bad omen.

After that both Roman and Bo are questioning Rex and this is where Lexie interferes. I did like it when Bo reminded Lexie of the atrocities her father had committed against the people of Salem including herself. Rex says if you think like the killer you will figure out that the next victim will be someone who knows something because the killer doesn't intend to be caught. So it's logical that the next victim will be a cop and it will be either Bo, Hope or Roman.

Meanwhile Celeste is back at the coffin trying to get Caroline to give her more detail. Caroline says it won't make a difference because you can't stop him and no one would believe you. Celeste wants to know who is going to die next. Caroline says Marlena and John is going to kill her.

Rex taunts Bo and Hope and especially Roman about being the next victim and Sami can't handle that. She tells him to stop, the only reason he is saying that is because he would stop at nothing from having the truth about his Brady DNA coming out. Cue the stunned looks from Bo, Hope and Roman. They ask her what she is talking about. And Sami spills that Roman is Rex and Cassie's father. Hmmm...the three Brady's look even more stunned and Tony and Lexie aren't looking too pleased either and the Black's look surprised as well.

Lest I leave the impression that there wasn't much about this episode that I did like, not quite true. I liked Bo reminding Lexie of what a monster Stefano really was. Even better was Sami's spilling the beans about Roman being the father of the twins. But the BEST part of today's show...NO MIMI!

Preview: Bo wishing Hope a Happy Thanksgiving and pulling her into a kiss. Shawn telling Mimi that Rex and Cassie were sent here to wipe out all the Brady's. Cassie, in tears, as she says it pains her to say it but Kate Roberts is their biological mother. Sami says 'no freakin' way!'

Wednesday Nov. 26

Jan’s Spoilers….

This will be pretty short tonight…the boys have hockey on and I caught the show at lunch so I missed some but I’ll give you a few of my thoughts.

First of all….there is definitely something going on with John. I’m not sure I can pinpoint it but it’s the way he stops at the door of the room on the way out and grabs his wrist…the look on his face when he is talking to Sami…just something not right.

Caroline gives Celeste the rundown on the whole switching of John and Roman and mentions Marlena/Kate and Sami….she says Sami is not in control…she does appear to Bo at the end of the show and says she loves him. Caroline also tells Celeste that the killer was at her coffin today….hmmmm????

Sami has totally lost it today….she spills the beans about Roman being the twins father….then calls Cassie/Rex bro and sis…says they can all be a family now as Kate goes on and on about her…then totally loses it when she finds out that Kate is their mother. Kate/Roman make up…at the end Sami just stands there watching as Kate/Roman and John/Marlena kiss.

Bo vows that it makes no difference if Rex/Cassie are Brady’s if Rex is the killer and Cassie his accomplice. Downstairs Bo gets another message on his PDA and Hope vows to make this a special Thanksgiving for Zach/Shawn (wonder if we get to see Zach??)John tells them to watch their backs even if the pub is secure.

Tony says the twins are DiMera’s no matter what…(and of course is not surprised by the developments)he takes them home…it will always be their home he tells them.

As Rex is telling Caroline he is sorry Cassie looks over to him and has a flashback to the Bo/Hope attack…looks down and sees something red on the table cloth and says she knows who the killer is (why doesn’t she tell someone???).

Shawn can’t believe that they are his cousins…he does yell at Mimi for keeping the secret…mentions that if they lied about this Rex could be lying about the murders…he talks to Caroline and tells her he loves her and that he knows what he has to do in regards to the DiMera’s. He also tells Mimi that he is worried for her…mentions her being one of his best friends…also tells Rex/Cassie that it is a good thing Belle isn’t their sister as she won’t have to visit them in jail.

Now I have to say….SDB looked very good today…I mean very good…LOL. And his eyes well let’s just say he had them working!!! LOL.

I enjoyed the show for the most part ….Caroline talking to Celeste from her coffin is getting a bit much and Sami’s delusion about her parents getting back together…enough said…LOL.

Enjoy the show.

Pat's Spoilers...

There was a lot going on in today’s episode. So many little clues to the murderer’s identity being thrown around but dang…this not genetically engineered mind still doesn’t have it figured out…LOL!

Some of the clues and things I found interesting today – Caroline keeps repeating that John is going to kill Marlena but when she talks about more killings she keeps saying the murderer is near at hand. Of course with Sami in glory land telling her parents that even though Roman isn’t excited about having Cassie and Rex turn out to be his it is just another sign that he belongs with her mother. They share more kids. Roman says that they were held prisoner on the island at the same time so it’s logical. Caroline tells Celeste that ‘this’ all started with Stefano when he took Roman captive and sent John in his place. She says when John kills Marlena Sami is going to lose her mind and no one will be able to control her. Finally towards the end of the show when Celeste keeps asking her who the killer is Caroline tells her that the killer came to pay their respects that very evening. Celeste looks at those in the room and recalls that Lucas, Nicole and Victor were also there so none of the suspects can be eliminated. She asks when the next killing is going to be and Caroline tells her today.

Now please don’t ask me how Cassie figured out who the killer is by looking at the cuff of Rex’s shirt when he was standing next to Caroline’s casket and remembering the blood stain on his sleeve and then be shocked by the sight of some spilled sauce (red in colour on the table).

A couple of things I don’t get. Who dresses these people for wakes? Cassie is wearing satin pants and a halter top that is slit completely to the band of that top around her midriff. Another thing, I know we’re supposed to accept that no one else can see dead Caroline talking to Celeste but why is no one asking Celeste why she is carrying on these animated conversations with a corpse???

The mini poll about what Shawn meant when he tells his Grandma Caroline that he knows what he has to do now – well he’s going to make Rex and Cassie suffer for being responsible for the killings. He tells her they are not fit to be Brady’s or something in those words – whatever – they are not worthy is what it boils down to. It was a very touching scene at her casket again as he kisses her forehead and tears up. Hope pulls him into a hug and her, Bo and Shawn go downstairs.

Sami repeats her bombshell. Tony says she is lying, Mimi tells them she is telling the truth and leaves. Shawn follows her and slams his fist against the armoire. He is not happy with her from lying to him all this time. She tells him that she told him that sometimes Rex scares her and she promised him she wouldn’t tell. He says she could have told him when they were alone. He says that Rex and Cassie were sent to destroy the Brady’s. She tries to defend Rex saying he couldn’t be the killer. He asks her why because he told her so. He says if he can lie so easily about who his parents are what makes you think he isn’t lying about being a killer. By the end of the episode he is much calmer with Mimi. He tells her he is really worried about her because he really believes she is in love with a killer.

Sami was not happy when both Roman and Marlena and then John pounced on her for not telling the truth about the twins earlier. In Sami’s mind, it’s the twins that lied she just didn’t say anything because she didn’t want to upset her dad. Of course when John calls her on the carpet for lying once again to her parents she just shoots daggers at him. Sami drags Cassie and Rex back into the room in an effort to reunite her family and I just loved it when Rex says Marlena is not our mother. Then when Cassie says it is Kate Sami freaks. Roman asks Kate if she knew all along and she says know. They have a very emotional talk where Kate explains how stupid she was to work for Stefano and now to find out that he took something else from her. He tells her he still loves her and they kiss. John and Marlena kiss as well and Sami glares at both couples. In her mind she says that her mother and father will get back together even if she has to kill to make it happen.

After the news about the parentage comes out Roman asks Cassie and Rex why they lied to him. Cassie says it was because they love Tony. Their entire lives they had no family and he took them in. They didn’t want to lose the only family they had ever known. Tony says DNA doesn’t matter; they are DiMera’s in his eyes. John could tell from Tony’s non-reaction that Tony already knew. John says now we know who stole the results of the polygraph test. Roman was surprised to hear that Rex had lied on one question only and that was when he answered yes to the question about Tony and Marlena being his parents. John tells Roman he had no idea that he was their father. Tony reassures both Cassie and Rex that will always be his family.

Shawn does confront Rex a few times. The look on his face when he asks Rex how he could have killed his own grandmother; I think the fact that they are cousins shook him up a bit. But I do love angry Shawn…those blazing eyes…Smokin'...Sizzlin’...Sexy as hell…is about the only way I can think of describing them.

For all the doom and gloom there was a lot of love and affection in this episode. The way Roman and Kate reunited the way John and Marlena each told the other they didn’t ever want to be apart from the other and then Bo and Hope. Bo hugs her and says when he thinks the killer almost poisoned her tonight they just cling to each other.

Then Hope says they have to face the fact that something could happen to one of them. He says not after everything they have been through, nothing is going to happen to either of them because he won’t let it. She wants to give Zach and Shawn a real Thanksgiving and says they should make it a celebration of Caroline’s life. He says he loves her and kisses her as a message comes on his PDA…Happy Thanksgiving…a dancing turkey…and then blood splattering as an axe chops the turkey’s head off.

Preview: Roman and Kate are in bed together and Kate is saying that if Sami is running around Salem killing all her enemies then she is next. Lucas saying that at least his mother is happy and Sami telling him that there is no way in hell that Kate is living happily ever after with her Dad. Celeste at Bo and Hope’s with Shawn behind her and Celeste saying someone else is going to die.

Friday Nov. 28


I enjoyed today's show for the most part...although I could have done without Kate's head on Sami's turkey...and the last scene with Cassie is pretty gruesome.

Kate/Roman in bed as they talk about getting back together...Kate mentions that if Sami is the serial killer she will be next...Roman gets upset that they are always going back to Sami being the killer...he says Sami only told them about the twins to get him and Marlena back together...Kate mentions is there a chance..he says no...they talk about how Stefano arranged this to happen.

Celeste walking through SP and having a premonition about another death and seeing blood seeping from a sign advertising the Thanksgiving celebration.

At Bo/Hope's house...they are upstairs cuddling (finally some intimate scenes)...he says there is nothing to be thankful for...she says wanna bet as she leans in to kiss him.

Shawn is outside on the phone with Kim...he asks about Grandpa and then takes off. Bo/Hope are downstairs with Zach (it's great to see him back on the show)..Shawn rings the doorbell and is loaded down with bags...he explains that Grandpa isn't up to this and Kim & Kayla are staying with him....Bo finds Ma's turkey platter and the centrepiece..they talk about with everything going on in the world they should be keeping tradition alive....he has a flashback to the four of them (Kim/Kayla/Roman/Bo as children)putting it together and fighting over how it is done and who will get the centrepiece...he gives it to Shawn and in a choked up voice tells him to put it together with Zach and don't fight about it....

Cassie knows who the killer is...she phones Rex but decides not to leave a message on his machine so she starts an e-mail...the maid shows up and Cassie tells her to leave...she starts the e-mail to Rex saying she knows who the killer is...she knows how they put Maggie's blood on his sweatshirt...she knows that revealing the killer will be affect a lot of lives but she is doing the right thing...she knows he is innocent and she will always be there for him (a very touching scene)....

Sami is beating the turkey….(gotta love the scene…that poor turkey) Lucas comes in and Sami talks about Roman being their father…Lucas goes on about Marlena being their mother and they go back and forth on the eggs and sperm being implanted…Sami finally turns to Lucas and says I’m only going to say this once…concentrate. She explains that Kate is their mother….Lucas says that isn’t funny…Sami says tell me about it. Lucas walks away and talks to himself as he remembers what happened between him and Cassie…Sami comes over carrying a bowl of something and wants to know what he’s talking about…he says nothing…says he’s happy for his mother…she says I thought you hated her…he says it doesn’t mean I don’t want her to be happy and your father makes her happy….(whatever is in Sami’s bowl…she flips some in his face)…great scenes between these two today….I do love them together.

Alice/Bo/Hope/Shawn/Zach at the house...Celeste shows up and talks about another murder today at SP...Bo doesn't believe it...tells her if she is psychic then does she know who the murderer is...she says no...he says I didn't think so. They have invited everyone....(Mickey won't be there...Pop is with Kayla & Kim...the invite Sami/Will/Lucas/Kate/Roman (who invites the twins)...Shawn/Bo are not happy that the twins may be there and Bo is chocked that all these murder suspects will be at his house...Hope puts her foot down and says that is the way it is going to be...Shawn heads to SP to get a pie (a moment of quiet as they realize Caroline always brings dessert)...Hope invites Celest/Lexie/Theo but Celeste says no they will have dinner at home that is the way Lexie wants it...Bo understands...Hope talks to Alice and Alice says it isn't over as Bo listens...Celeste is outside and says it's starting....

At Sami's apt...Lucas leaves and at the same time he and Sami make a phone call.....Kate's head on top of the she taunts Sami about marrying Roman...Sami takes a knife and slices off her head...Lucas and Sami head to SP seperately.

At Roman's he and Kate talk about bonding with the Roman goes to shower Kate makes a call (same time as Lumi)....Roman phones Cassie to invite them to dinner (leaves a message)...he gets a message from Cassie saying she knows who the killer is and she is going to the station...Roman calls the station and wants an APB out on her...he says don't call his brother he'll take care of it …he says good-bye to Kate (who I believe he thinks is in the bathroom)and heads out….

Cassie gets a call from the killer (she definately knows who it is...she is actually very calm as she says she knows what they did and she is turning them in)...the phone rings again but she doesn't answer it and heads out...

At SP...Shawn runs into Sami...she is there for pie as well but Shawn asks her where it is as she is heading in the opposite direction...Lucas runs into Roman as they head over to see how long the festivites will last...there is blood dripping from the pinata as the guy running it touches it and Cassie falls out...(I have to say it is very gruesome….Cassie has blood on her face and the front of her is covered in blood...a lot of blood (although it is not in full color)....Kate is holding a knife covered in blood...Roman has a shocked look on his face...The show ends on Kate…

The preview is Shawn telling Phil Kate may have killed Cassie....Sami telling Lucas Kate might kill him as well...Roman calling Kate's name as she comes out of shock ....John holding a knife to Marlena ...(Marlena looks quite scared IMO).

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