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Friday Jan. 2

Pat's Spoilers

I loved the opening scene. Shawn and Belle say a few words to the newly weds for a video scrapbook. Shawn says Uncle Roman and Aunt Kate…and then stops and says that’s the first time I’ve said that. He wishes them best and says he loves them. Belle says a few words and Shawn says she sounded better then he did. Jen tells Mickey and Alice that Will, Abby and Grandpa Shawn are all sleeping in the office. Mickey can’t believe that Tony has been let out on bail. (Watch carefully in the background we finally get to see Belle and Shawn dancing).

Lexie is looking for her mother. She finds her on the terrace with Bonnie. Celeste tells them that at the stroke of midnight another loved one will fall. Lexie asks who. Celeste doesn’t know and Lexie asks her to describe her vision. She describes Kate covered in blood under the flowered arbour. Bonnie and Lexie said the wedding is over, Kate and Roman are married now – her vision must have been in reference to the cake.

Back in the kitchen Roman addresses the killer as Tony and says he is not afraid of him. He turns the lights on and pulls the mask off and is in total shock. He says this can’t be happening and the killer slits his throat with the sword - one slice right on the mark - and Roman drops. Outside Bo and Hope find a cufflink in the snow and John hears a sound. Back inside the killer takes a towel and wipes the blood off the hockey mask before putting it back on and leaving.

The guy taking the videos (and by the way…he’s very good looking…LOL) gives the mike to Sami and Lucas. (More dancing in the background…Shawn and Rex switch partners). Sami says they can go to hell… the poor guy says well that’s a little different. Lucas takes the mike away from her and tells the guy to edit it out. Bo and Hope share a New Year’s kiss outside. John realises it was just a squirrel but then he hears another sound and attacks a black hooded figure who turns out to be Marlena. Inside Phillip arrives and congratulates his mother and asks where her groom is because it’s almost midnight.

Timeline: Phillip’s arrival and Marlena joining John outside both occur after the killing.

Bonnie does the countdown and confetti and streamers drop down over everyone. Shawn and Belle go out on the terrace. Belle is removing confetti from her hair and she asks Shawn if they have to have confetti at their wedding. He says no and then she says are we really talking marriage. Shawn says it is 2004 and I’m making my resolution official. He tells her he wants to spend the rest of his life with her. He tells her he loves her very much and they kiss. Oh goodness the happiness on their faces and the sparkle in their eyes was just beautiful to see. Oh lordy...that was pretty darn close to a proposal - I can't wait for the real thing...but I've watched soaps for too long to know that means exactly that - we'll have to wait a while for the real official proposal.

Celeste has a seizure. She sure says Marlena’s name in a strange fashion when she comes to (or I could be imagining things). She tells everyone she is okay she just had a premonition. Lexie wants to take her home if she won’t go to the hospital. Celeste refuses. She has the feeling that is very important that she stay.

Victor asks Nicole if she is starting to count down the minutes before she is arrested for first-degree murder. She says it’s not going to happen and she pulls out the envelope that Roman had. Victor asks her if that is blood on it and she just smiles and stuffs it back in her purse. He says where did you get that and how did you get. She glares at him and says I told you that I will never go to prison. God she looks guilty as sin. How did she get that envelope?

Inside Bonnie figures it’s time to liven things up and since the groom isn’t around decides it’s time for the bride to throw her bouquet. Nicole is pretty drunk and she tells Victor she should be there because she’s going to be single soon – he tells her to go for it. Belle and Shawn come in and Belle says I hate getting in those line-ups. He says remember that 2004 is our year and she smiles at him and joins the other ladies. Bonnie and Nicole end up in a tussle for the bouquet and in their fight; it flies out of their hands and lands right in Sami’s arms. Belle congratulates her but Sami just looks at the flowers as if they’re going to rear up and bite her.

Bonnie goes into the kitchen and sees all the blood that has dripped from the cake and starts screaming. A cop comes in and finds her wiping the blood up and kneeling in it yet…sheesh. He tells her that is all evidence so she will have to get out of those clothes. Everyone had freaked when they heard her screams but Mimi explains that it was just the sight of all the blood from the cake.

Sami tells her mother that she said some horrible things to her Dad. Marlena is shocked when Sami tells her that she told her father that she would rather he was dead than married to Kate. Actually there is a very good chat between Sami and Marlena. I found it very odd that all of a sudden Eric is coming into the conversation. Marlena asks her if she meant what she said about wanting her father dead. She says no. Marlena forces her to say what she said to Abe before he died and Sami says she also said awful stuff to her grandmother. Sami says her father knew how much she loved him. Marlena asks her if she can remember the last time she actually told her father that she loved him. Sami won’t accept that the marriage is real and Marlena tells her she has to if she ever wants a future of her own. Sami tells her mother she doesn’t deserve to be loved and Marlena tells her it’s not true. She asks Sami to make peace with her father and give him her blessing because he can’t truly be happy until she is. Marlena convinces her by saying Roman is the smartest man they know so there's no way he would have married Kate if she wasn't the right woman for him. Sami finally agrees to give him her blessing and they start to look for him.

Bo, Hope and John are talking about moving Roman and Kate out of Tuscany and assigning a special detail to protect them when they can’t find any sign of Tony outside. Bo says what a way to spend your wedding night but it’s better than being dead. Just as he says that the camera cuts to the kitchen where a cop is wheeling out the boxed wedding cake marked as evidence. As soon as the cop leaves we see a bloodied hand with a gold band on the ring finger fall out from under a table cloth.

Phillip and Chloe talk for a bit – he had been stunned to see her back in town. When he asks her how long she is going to be in town and Brady says she is back for good. They talk about what the centre Victor is building.

Back outside Charlie’s Angels hear a sound (LOL – sorry it’s just the way Bo and Hope pull their guns and the way the three of them stand before splitting up). John tackles a person wearing a black hooded sweatshirt…I’m sure it’s Tony because that’s how he was dressed. Inside Bonnie plays Auld Lang Syne and all the couples dance (Bonnie with Mickey). Sami is worried that now Kate is missing as well and she wonders if they left before she had a chance to make peace with her father. Everyone is standing around when we see Kate coming from a door standing under the arbour, her dress and neck covered in blood and blood dripping from her hands. Shawn pulls Belle close to him – everyone is in shock as Kate starts screaming. (Very bloody scene if I do say so myself).

Preview: Bonnie tells Mickey that she is not crazy about going home to that empty house. Mickey says she can stay here (they’re at his house) and sleep in his bed. Marlena turning on John and saying “Don’t you dare tell me what to do.” John’s response - “What did you say?” (Sami, Belle and Shawn in the background). Bo holding on to Kate, Hope standing next to him as two cops are holding on to Tony as Bo tells them to get him out of there. Tony says that Roman will not be the last to die. Chloe and Brady in bed talking as Nicole lurks and listens. Brady says it has to be him – he can’t think of anyone more twisted. Nicole says that evil is in the eye of the beholder as the hockey mask and knife are super-imposed behind her.

Monday Jan. 5

Jan’s Spoilers….

Let me say that the acting in this show was superb….Lauren/Kate – Deidre and Ali were awesome…as was Renee and Peter. Everyone’s emotions showed through and it was great to see. That aside it was a little on the bloody side.

I loved how Shawn and Bo were there for Pop Shawn…he was having such a hard time dealing with this. I loved how he hugged Rex and told him he loved him and how he was a part of the family. It really affected Rex….and I loved seeing the emotion…(Shelle were in the background watching and smiling while this took place). I loved how Belle was there for Shawn having lost his grandmother and uncle….and how he was there for her when she was watching her parents fight. The touches and hugs showed how much they supported each other.

All the men pulling Bo off of Tony as he went after him…but it was Hope telling him that Roman wouldn’t want this that stopped him.

Deidre and Ali were awesome in their scenes today….and the fighting between J&M and the look on John’s face when she called Roman her husband….WOW.

The emotion that Kate showed through the whole show was right on target….not believing that he was dead that he would be out soon and they would start their honeymoon….loved that Phil and Lucas were there for her…and when they took out Roman’s body and she took off the sheet and kissed his hand….very emotional…Bo pulls her back and holds her as Roman is taken out.

Bo/John/Hope bring down Tony who doesn’t seem at all upset by it all…..(it is his cufflink)…he is slapped by Marlena…attacked by Bo and still stays totally calm telling Bo at the end this is not the last death.

I’m not going to comment on Mickey/Bonnie scenes because to be honest I’m not liking them.

As for Vic/Nic…..she is her same self showing no emotion at all about what happened except for how it affects her.

I enjoyed the show today because of the acting……I thought all of them did a wonderful job.

I’m sorry this is so short and I know I missed a lot……but I’m a little shakey after having been in a minor accident after watching the show.

Enjoy the show…..I know I did….and I know I missed some clues somewhere.

Pat's Spoilers

Fair warning everyone – the scenes where Roman’s body are discovered and Lexie is examining him are fairly gruesome.

I have no idea what they are doing to Nicole’s character but she is beyond redemption. What a waste of a fine actress. She is thrilled that Roman is dead and doesn’t even try to hide it. Of course Brady hears Victor say she is free and clear. She tells him that because she isn’t a suspect in Roman’s murder, she’ll no longer be a suspect in the others. He’s says he wouldn’t be so sure. Tony didn’t have a motive to kill Colin Murphy and the police could still come after her for that. Victor tells Brady that Colin was Shawn Brady’s nephew and the DiMera’s hate the Brady’s. Nicole tells Victor to get them out of there or she will make a scene. Victor asks Bo if they can leave and he tells them yes. Earlier John gave Brady and Chloe and Bonnie and Mickey permission to leave. Interesting that Tek is on the scene but only Bo or John had the authority to tell people whether they could leave or not. Back at the mansion Chloe and Brady are in bed talking after making love and of course Nicole is hovering outside the door. After she makes the remark about evil being in the eye of the beholder she vows that she will get everything she wants. At Mickey’s house, Bonnie takes a shower and comes out wrapped in a towel. Mickey had brought her a pair of pj’s and was leaving the room but stopped to look at a picture of Maggie. When Bonnie says she doesn’t want to go home to an empty bed he tells her that she can sleep in his bed. She says ‘really’. He says the guest room is too messy with paint cans and stuff for a guest to sleep in there so he’ll sleep there. She tells him she’ll whistle if she needs him and then she ruins oops I mean uses that famous line saying she knows how to whistle you just put your lips together and blow.

After the scenes in the kitchen and yes, when Sami grabs Marlena, Marlena almost does fall – she must have been off-balance. John is the one that notices a puddle of blood and pulls out his gun before lifting the cloth. (Not a pleasant scene). Lexie comes in and examines Roman and says he died a short time ago. She has something to give to Tek but Bo steps in – she says you might not want to see this but Bo insists. She holds up the bloodied bride and groom from the cake and said the killer stuffed this in his mouth.

Tony is handcuffed to a chair and Bo goes to him and says I should have killed you in your cell. If I had my brother would still be alive and he starts choking Tony. A cop, Brady, Phil, and Shawn finally pull him off. Shawn tells him that Uncle Roman wouldn’t want you to do this. Hope tells him that if he kills Tony he is no better than he is. Bo feels that once again the system let him down by letting Tony out on bail to kill again. He tells Tony that he can’t say that he just showed up as he grabs his sleeves and finds one cufflink missing. He shows him the evidence bag saying he found it outside before the murder.

Lucas and Phil stay mostly with Kate. She is in complete denial. She keeps saying that Roman will be fine. He just had some police business to attend to and then they will be starting their lives together as husband and wife. Grandpa Shawn is taking it pretty hard and as Bo and Shawn are holding him trying to calm him down he has an attack. Lexie says he is hyperventilating and opens her medical bag and takes out a white paper bag for him to breathe into. He feels like a fool.

Both Lexie and Rex confront Tony at separate times. Lexie asks him how he could be so evil to kill all those people including her husband. She asks him how he could have killed Roman – it was the most brutal murder of all. When Rex asks him why he killed his father Tony tells him to use the brain he was genetically engineered with and not think like a Brady. Rex tells him he is a Brady and walks away just as the a cop comes in with the murder weapon. Rex tells Bo and Tek that Tony has a collection of Samurai swords.

Okay where to even start with Sami and Marlena. Ali did a marvellous job again today with her scenes. There is no question that Sami is hurting and I know when you are hurting that one of your defence mechanisms is to attack and attack she does. First she tells John that he must be really happy that her Dad is dead – it’s what he has always wanted. Marlena tells her to stop but Sami won’t. She tells John that it’s his fault her dad is dead and than runs off. Marlena says that trying to talk to Sami right now wouldn’t be a wise thing for him to do so she goes after her. Sami is in the ladies room crying. Marlena tells her that she shouldn’t be alone – she shouldn’t keep what’s she’s feeling inside. So she let’s Marlena have it. She blames her for Roman’s death. She says she tried to warn everyone but no one would listen to her now her dad won’t get to see her reunite with Brandon and be happy (sheesh get over it already Sami – it ain’t going to happen) or be there for Will’s big moments. She screams at her mother and throws the bouquet at her and walks out. Marlena takes a good long look at herself in the mirror before dropping the flowers in a wastebasket and going out after Sami. Sami goes straight to Tony and yells at him. She says everyone warned me about you but I wanted to believe there was some good in you. Marlena comes up and slaps him and says he always claimed he wasn’t like his father and he was right. She says you are much worse. John tries to comfort her but Sami tells him that her mother wants nothing to do with him. Tony smiles when he watches this.

Poor Belle- she tells Shawn she has never seen her mother treat her father that way. Shawn tells her that everyone is tense. They love each other and they’ll make it through but Belle is not sure. Earlier Belle told Brady and Shawn that she was really worried about Sami because she loved her father so much – his death might push her over the edge. Later on Belle and Shawn have a quiet moment alone and he looks like all the life has almost been drained out of him. He tells Belle it’s like it’s all a really bad dream. When Marlena turns on John and tells him that it is his fault that Roman is dead Belle is shocked. Johns says she doesn’t know what she is saying; he had nothing to do with his death. When Marlena says of course he did Shawn hustles Belle away from them. Marlena says if he wouldn’t have talked her into accepting Roman’s marriage to Kate he would still be alive. John can’t believe what she is saying – Sami is loving it. She tells Marlena that she realised to late that she loved her Dad more than she loved John but at least she sees what an evil bastard John really is. John says don’t listen to her and Marlena is so cold to him and says oh, should I listen to you. She says she listened to him and because of it her husband was murdered.

There’s a few scenes with Rex that are kind of nice. Mimi is taking water for Grandpa Shawn and Rex is with her. Grandpa Shawn hugs Rex and Rex asks him why he did that. He says you are Roman’s son, my grandson. You are as much a Brady as any of my children or grandchildren and I love you for that. He hugs him again. Later on he tells Mimi that the first time in his life he understands what the unconditional love of a family means. He is almost in tears when he says Roman was my father and now he is dead and he’ll never have the chance to get to know him.

Roman is rolled out and Marlena rushes to the gurney but John pulls her back and tells her that it is not her place – he is Kate’s husband. The final scene when Kate says goodbye to him brought me to tears. It’s very moving. Everyone is following the gurney and once Roman’s body is removed Bo tells the cops to take Tony out of there. Tony yells that Roman will not be the last to die.

Preview: Bo is in Roman’s office at the precinct and finds a folder and tells Hope that Roman had a file on him. He opens it and says ‘what the hell.’ Sami asks Lucas to stay with her because she is afraid to be alone. Belle tells Shawn that she really wanted to wear that negligee he had bought her but she couldn’t find it – YKW is lurking in the same place she hid with the hammer and Belle says …Look and YKW jumps back. John is at the penthouse and asks Marlena if she really wants him to move out.

Tuesday Jan. 6

Jan’s Spoilers…….

The J&M scenes made me cry....John is so confused by Marlena’s reactions…she tells him she needs to phone Eric and Carrie….that this is her family…Belle comes over to talk to John and tells him he has to make things right….John tells her that her Mom is very distraught right now…Marlena comes back saying she couldn’t reach them…Belle tells her that Brady, her and John are also her family…Marlena isn’t really paying attention at all……Sami comes over yelling at Belle that it was her Dad’s fault as Marlena doesn’t say a word and John screams at Sami to shut-up….Marlena had tears in her eyes through the last half of the show and she was very quiet and withdrawn. John....so sad when he walked out the door with his suitcases and he has a tear in his eye.

Bo and Hope are at the station as Bo wants to kill Tony….Hope stops him and tells him that she is so glad she didn’t lose him….he gets a phone call but tells the Commissioner that he needs to talk to his wife….I love how they discuss the situation… Bo accepts the Commander's job...he spots a file with his name on it...Roman had been keeping it...it was all good things and says he is the best all around cop on the force...also says that he is proud of him as an officer and a brother.

Phil/Lucas are there for Kate…..I love how Rex comes over to talk to her and how she tells him to call her at any time…Sami comes over and goes off on Kate as Lucas pulls her away and lets her have it….Kate tells Phil that she promised Roman she would try but that she thought he would be there to help…..Phil/Lucas take Kate home....her bedrooms has rose petals all over the bed and champagne chilling....Lucas leaves and Phil stays with her. She tells Phil to go after who he loves and she knows he loves Chloe she can see it in his eyes.

Mimi talks to Celeste who tells her that the murders are not over…..Mimi tells Shawn who wants to know what else she said as everything she has said has come true. Rimi come over and Shawn tells them that he and Belle want to be together tonight as both couples tell each other to take care of themselves.

Will takes care of Sami....as Lucas arrives there. He sends Will to bed and Sami asks him to stay. He gets in bed and holds her as she says she'll never be able to take back what she said to him.

Celeste finds the killers mask (when did he lose it)…is looking through a mask and seeing Roman's killing through the killers' eyes....at the end of the show she says it's not Tony he didn't do it....and we get a split screen with Bo and Hope on it.

YKW breaks into Belle’s apt and tries on her negligee (and that is all I’ll say about that…..LOL)

Shelle.....they leave Tuscany after Shawn tells Mimi that he and Belle want to be together....they are sitting on the couch as Belle tells him that she wants him...they kiss but Shawn stops saying the kettle whistling is bothering him...she sees the picture of them broken and thinks it is an omen...(YKW is lurking)...he tells her the wind probably blew it over...she wants to make love but he says it will happen but not like this...he tells her that they will but not with everything going on….she wants to be with him in every way…to know him in every way…Shawn tells her that they will have their future. (YKW says she knows what Belle’s future is)...she says you can't promise me that...even my father couldn't promise me.....very sweet and touching scenes with these two.

The preview: YKW in the shower kissing (you don’t see a lot as Shawn’s hair covers it….now I know why his hair is long…LOL….BTW she is wet he isn’t)as Belle comes in and catches them. Lucas bringing Sami breakfast in bed. Hope worried about Bo. Belle talking to John.

Wonderful acting today by both DH’s….very sad scenes.

Hope you enjoy!!

Pat's Spoilers:

I’ve just watched the show and I’m at a loss. I didn’t see anything in any of the conversations that leads me to believe that somewhere down the road it will be revealed that John is Roman. Roman is dead. John is John. The big question is who the hell is Marlena and what have they done with her? I’m really not liking what I’m seeing right now. Her coldness to Belle and John – telling Belle that she can’t think about her family with John only the family she had with her husband. Holding John responsible for Roman’s death because Roman only died because he married Kate – not because there’s a psychotic serial killer on the loose – and if John hadn’t convinced her to let Roman move on he wouldn’t have died.

There’s a sweet moment between Rex and Kate at Tuscany. Both Lucas and Phil rush to protect her but she tells them they are all brothers and she is going to need her family more than ever now. Of course Sami attacked her before hand but Lucas steered her away. Kate keeps her word to Roman and doesn’t say anything to Sami even though Sami says she married him for his pension.

Belle tells Shawn that her Mom really does blame her Dad for Roman’s death and she wonders what she is thinking. Shawn answers that she is not thinking she is just lashing out – he knows how that feels. Belle looks at him and asks him how he’s doing as she hugs him. He says his family is being killed one by one. He just wants to take her home but she has to take care of something first. Belle tells her dad to make things right with Mom. He tells her mother is going through a rough time and she’s confused. He says that Marlena and Roman share children together and they had a lot of years together as husband and wife. Belle points out that he is now her husband and she wants him to assure her that they are not going to break up. He says Caroline would tell them not to borrow trouble. She says maybe Caroline would say hang on to those you love. She goes running to Marlena. Marlena says she just got Carrie’s answering machine and she didn’t want to leave her message telling her father was dead. She tells Belle she has to talk to Eric and Belle says Mom I need you to tell me that you and Dad are going to stop fighting. Belle says that Marlena, Brady, John and she are a family as much as Eric, Carrie and Shawn’s Uncle Roman were. Marlena says that Roman was more than Shawn’s uncle he was her husband and chastises Belle telling her that she needs to be more sensitive to other people’s needs and walks away from her.

Sami then yells at Belle and tells her that her father broke up her family and that John turned Marlena into a whore. John yells at Sami to shut up – LOL! He does that more than once in this episode. Sami does again blame John for her father’s death. Mimi hugs Shawn and tells him she is sorry for everything he is going through. He says at least Tony is behind bars and there will be no more killings. She says not according to Celeste. (Celeste had told Mimi it wasn’t over). He wants to know what Celeste had to say because everything she has predicted has been right.

Okay – I really missed something between Friday’s show and today’s. I knew that they had found the sword and when and where did they find the mask??? I could have sworn the killer cleaned it and put it back on – I recall it still had some blood on it. How come the mask in the evidence bag that is just left lying around unattended by the way – has no blood on it? Celeste opens the bag – okay that bright light coming out of the bag was just a little bit hokey. She holds the mask up and looks through the killer’s eyes – we get the replay of the scene of Roman challenging ‘Tony’ and then removing the mask – his shock, his throat being slashed, the blood dripping and then the bloody hand. She comes to the conclusion that Tony was telling the truth – he is not the killer. I can’t say I’m happy about the final scene. Celeste at Tuscany saying more loved ones will fall as there is a split screen of Bo and Hope hugging and Bo telling Hope not to worry about him – he’ll be fine.

Phil stays with Kate. She tells him that she knows that he still loves Chloe and that he should go after her. He says she loves Brady and he will never let her go. She says she learned that it is never too late for love but that you never know how much time you have. She has lost her love forever and she tells him not to let that happen to him. Sami goes home and Will brings her warm milk and honey to help her sleep. He comforts her. When she falls into a fitful sleep he stays with her. Lucas comes in and Will begs him to help his mom. He wakes her up and she tells him how sweet Will was to her. She asks Lucas to stay with her because she is afraid. He removes his shirt but crawls into bed with his dress pants and socks on. She tells him that she said horrible things to her father because she was so scared and she wanted to keep him safe and now she will never get the chance to say she is sorry. He holds her close and lets her cry.

Back at the Black Penthouse John wants Marlena to say that she blames him for Roman’s death. She says you already know the truth so why do I have to say it. He says you blame me and you’re never going to forgive me? She doesn’t answer. He asks her if she wants him to move out. Again no answer. When he comes down with his bags he has tears in his eyes and she is crying. He says those tears aren’t for me, are they? He was hoping that when he brought his bags down she would realise that she didn’t want him to go. She needs time to be alone and think and she can’t do that with him there. Oh my the devastation as he picks up his bags and walks out and Marlena doesn’t even look at him, she just picks up a picture of Roman and hugs it to her asking him why he had to die.

At the police station Bo is so angry that he had to bury his mother and now his brother. Hope says we have the serial killer behind bars. He says every minute that Tony is alive and his family members are… he says he’s going to kill him. Hope stops him. She says only God has that right – you know your mother would tell you that and Roman would tell you that it would be a waste of his life. She hugs him and tells him she is so grateful to have him in his life. He tells her that Roman wasn’t only his brother – he was his friend and his conscience. The phone rings and the commissioner offers him the job of Police Commander (temporary). He wants to talk it over with his wife. He finds the file Roman had on him but it is all good things. He calls and accepts the job.

A very haggard looking drunk Nicole staggers into the living room and goes to pour herself a drink. She looks at her hand and it is all covered in blood – when she looks again the blood is gone and her hands are shaky. Victor asks her if she killed Roman tonight just like she killed Colin last New Year’s Eve. She tells him that if she is the killer he should be worried because he could be next. He asks her if she is threatening him. She glares at him and warns him that she always gets what she wants.

YKW lets herself into Belle’s loft. She picks up the picture of Belle and Shawn at the senior prom and breaks the glass. She stares at the picture and mutters that Belle can’t give Shawn what he needs, not like she can. She places the picture face down and starts to strip – throwing her clothes all over the place. (What she did with them afterwards, I have no idea). So then we have YKW prancing around in the lingerie set, losing the robe, talking to herself. She comments that she fills out that lingerie better than Belle ever could. She tosses her hair back saying that she can’t wait until Shawn sees her in this. YKW is totally delusional. She thinks that all she had to do is show her face and Shawn is going to sweep her into his arms and dump Belle faster than we get type YKW.

YKW is hiding in the storage room as Belle is telling Shawn that she can’t find that lingerie he gave her. The kettle starts whistling and he asks if she wants peppermint or camomile. LOL – she pulls him back and says ‘I want you’ and pulls him in for a kiss. Oh lordy that gold chain and that very pronounced five o’clock shadow and that bare chest…wait where was I? He says that whistling is getting to him and stands up. Belle jumps up and points out that the glass is broken on their picture. He chalks it up to an open window and the wind as YKW is giving him a thumbs up … sheesh. Belle thinks it’s an omen. She says the serial killer has destroyed so many couples (she lists them all). She says the serial killer isn’t only targeting adults, Cassie died one of them could be next. He tells her that Tony is behind bars. She says he might not be the killer but it could be anything that separates them. She tells him this could be the last chance they have to be together as she steps close to him. She says ‘make love to me, Shawn. Let’s not wait any longer.’ – Okay that look and the lip-lick…THUD!

She tells him that if her life should end she would at least like to know what it would be like to be his in every way. (You’re going to love their looks, their voices and the way Miss Belle caresses him during this scene – consider yourself warned). He tells her she will be but not like this with all the tragedy around them. He promises her that killer can not keep them from being together – no one can as YKW has a silly smile on her face. He caresses her face and tell her it’s going to be okay but she shakes her head no – he says that it will. She says please don’t say that, even my dad couldn’t promise me that. She tells him the truth is that none of them knows what the future will bring. YKW smirks and thinks to herself that she does and Miss Belle isn’t going to like it.

Preview: Hope telling Bo that if Tony’s prediction is true none of them are safe most of all him. The shower scene – LMAO…Shawn isn’t even wet. Lucas asking Sami if she wants her son to be happy and Sami accusing Lucas of using his son to get her into bed. Belle asking John if he is going to kill her mother – she has to know.

Wednesday Jan. 7

Jan's thoughts:

WTH happened to Bo and Hope???

And Shawn must be keeping his clothes there because he went upstairs to get dressed....interesting...LOL.

And has YKW set up housekeeping in the pantry....Shawn seemed to sense that someone was lurking.

Loved how Belle slept in his arms...head on his chest....SIGH.

Now Marlena.....what is going on with you. I sense problems between Kate/Marlena and you know that Sami is going to cause problems for Kate.

John.....he is feeling so lost...he has no idea what is going on.

Celeste....somehow you know who the killer is or so Roman and Maggie are telling you....BTW Suzanne looked very nice today. I do miss her.

Loved the Lumi scenes....

Pat's Spoilers:

The show opening scene has everyone in bed except Marlena.

Black’s: Marlena looks like she never slept all night as she stares at the picture of Roman. John knocks and when she asks who’s there he answers your husband. She opens the door and sees Roman. John is so happy for a second until Marlena’s look changes. He thought she was happy to see him but she said she had a rough night and wants to know why he is there. He says he packed in a hurry and forgot some stuff. He didn’t use his key because he wanted to respect her privacy as she asked. She thanks him for that but when he asks her to talk to him not put this wall between them she tells him to come back later. She has to change to go to church and pray for her husband. John is confused by her words.

Roman’s house: Kate wakes up crying and Roman tells her not to cry after the most incredible night of his life. She tells him she had a terrible dream that he was killed at their wedding reception. She wants him to tell her that is was just a dream. He kisses her and says he is right here – then she wakes up for real. She says you promised me we would be together for eternity. I know what I have to do know.

Sami’s: Sami wakes up and her and Lucas are about to kiss when she says that thing I feel against be better not be what I think it is. He says what this and pulls out a hot water bottle. I love the banter between those two. He tries to cheer her up but she doesn’t know what she’s going to do now that both her grandmother and father are gone. Her father wanted her to become a better person. He tells her that he is there for her as a friend. He says she may not like him as a person but he is a good father to Will. He brings her breakfast in bed and they talk about Will. Lucas says that they should try and get along for Will’s sake and wants to call a truce. She accuses of him of trying to use Will to get her into bed.

Celeste is dreaming of wearing that mask and seeing Roman’s murder through the eyes of the killer. She wakes up as the windows blow open and she sees Roman standing at the foot of her bed. Roman tells her that she has to tell Bo that the danger is not over. Maggie shows up as well and tells Celeste that she knows the truth that Tony is not the killer. Celeste asks why they are tormenting her. Maggie says you are in the same place as I was. The identity of the killer is locked deep in your subconscious. Celeste insists she doesn’t know but Roman says she does and she is the only one that can solve this. Maggie says you hold the key and you will do whatever you have to do to put a stop to this. They tell her that deep in her subconscious is the missing piece of the puzzle to solving the mystery. She tells Maggie she doesn’t want to share her fate. Maggie says you’re to honourable a person to be selfish and not help. Roman tells her she has to do this or many other will die.

The loft: Shawn and Belle are in bed sleeping – his arm wrapped around her and her head on his chest. YKW is sitting on the steps watching…good lord did she stay there all night??? Sad. Next Shawn is getting out of bed and is going to brush his teeth when he hears water running. He pulls the shower back and it’s his worst nightmare I mean YKW. She asks him if he has never seen a naked girl before and pulls him saying you poor boy you must be so frustrated. Belle comes in just as they start kissing and it cut backs to reality. YKW says that was just a fantasy but soon it will be reality. Shawn wakes up and feels uneasy. He slips out of bed and Belle asks him where he is going. He says he is thirsty and tells her to go back to sleep. He picks up the baseball bat and YKW slips into the pantry. Shawn says to himself that he could swear there was someone watching him and then he hears a noise. Belle comes down and asks him if anything is wrong. He says he thought he heard a noise but it was just the radiator again. He talks about her not getting much sleep and she says the same for him. He tells her it just doesn’t feel real to him. She says nothing about last night feels real including her parents fighting and her mom blaming her dad for Roman’s death. He says her mother was emotional last night and he bets that everything is already okay between her parents. She hugs him and says he always knows how to make her feel better and she wishes there was something she could do for him. He says just holding her makes him feel better. (AHHHHH). She tells him that he was right about not making love last night. It wasn’t the right time. She was just freaking out and wanting to escape. She feels that they have waited this long their first time should be special – something they want to remember. (YKW wonders if Belle could be any more nauseating – yeah right). YKW slips outside the door just before Shawn and Belle come downstairs. He tells her that fight between her parents is probably over and done with. She says that her parents need each other more than ever now. He tells her he knows what she means as she smiles at her and kisses her hand. He says he loves her so much. She tells him she never wants to lose him as YKW listens at the door saying that is pretty much a done deal. Shawn leaves but he still has the feeling that he is being followed as he gets in the elevator. YKW says Poor Shawn I’ll make sure you don’t go through this alone. Belle finds her lingerie on the floor next to the couch and wonders how it got there.

At the church Kate tells Marlena that they had the same idea. Marlena is not happy to see her and says she is surprised to see her there. Kate tells her that although she isn’t all that religious Roman was. She wants Marlena to sign the papers so the funeral director can put her name on the plot next to Roman’s. She tells Marlena that she is Mrs. Roman Brady and no one is going to take that from her. The way Marlena treats her is so far out of the realm of what I expect from Marlena – she is so cold to Kate. Kate does try and tells Marlena that she doesn’t want to lose their friendship- they have their children to think of and Will. She asks her if she wants to come with her to Sami’s. Marlena goes but she lets Kate know that she is doing it to look after Sami. She tells Marlena of the last conversation she had with Roman about trying with Sami. Kate is worried that Sami is going to use Lucas to try and destroy her.

Back at Sami’s apartment – Lucas is teasing and tickling Sami about wanting him and he is straddling her on the bed with her laughing when Kate and Marlena come in. Kate talks to Lucas and tells him that she won’t allow Sami to use him against her. Sami asks her mother about John and at first Marlena won’t discuss it with her. Sami says that your husband was murdered last night – you’re a widow now, John shouldn’t be there. Marlena tells her John moved out and Sami is ecstatic about this. As she hugs her mother Lucas and Kate come back in the bedroom. Sami looks at Kate and thinks “I destroyed John and now I’m coming after you.” Geez – I hate this storyline – this obsession Sami has with destroying John and Kate.

Belle lets herself into the penthouse and chatters away. She tells her dad that after last night she thought they could use some family time. She asks where her mother is as she unpacks the coffee. John says she’s at church and Belle says, we’ll wait. He says no we won’t and tells her that he moved out last night. She is devastated and says please don’t let our family fall apart. Belle can’t understand how things got so bad that her mom would ask him to move out. He tells her that he doesn’t know what the hell is going on. She says it’s the premonitions – they’ve all come true. John says everyone is safe, Tony is in jail. Belle says everyone except mom. He says you’re not talking about that nonsense. Belle is in tears and says she has to know – she asks him if he is going to kill her mom.

Okay – another mystery along the same proportions of how did the Salem PD get the killer’s mask? Yesterday’s preview showed Bo and Hope talking – where the hell where they today????? They weren’t even on the show…I’m so confused…LOL!

Preview: Celeste assuring Lexie that Tony won’t harm her because the police have arrested the wrong man. Brady listening as Chloe receives a phone call. Mickey telling Bo and Hope that he is going to be Tony’s attorney. Shawn saying she went this way as he grabs someone and says ‘You.’

Thursday Jan. 8

Jan’s Spoiler…..

Before I start let me say that I believe SDB got a trim….not a lot but a little…LOL.

At the mansion…….Nicole threatens Victor with bring down the Kiriakis men one at a time….Brady/Bo/Phil/Shawn…Vic tells her that Bo is very married and Hope would wipe the floor with her (I’d love to see that…LOL)he also tells her to leave his family alone…she says lust brought her into the family and lust is what she’ll use.

Brady/Chloe feed each other fruit and she tells him her resolution is to stay close to him…her cell rings and it’s an offer to be the lead in an Opera…she is very excited but tells Brady she’ll stay…he says no that she can’t refuse….she wants him to go with her but he says he has too much to do in Salem…they end with her agreeing to go and Brady promising her a day she won’t forget.

At Mickey’s……Bonnie has made him breakfast and then proceeds to come on to him…she talks about Roman’s murder and all the blood as Mickey gets stomach indigestion (I wonder why??)he leaves to take something as Tony phones and naturally Bonnie takes the call….Tony wants to put Mickey on a one million dollar retainer to take his case as Bonnie promises to talk to him….she tells Mickey and he says no but she tells him that by taking the case he will have control.

At the station…Shawn is with Bo and Hope telling them he thinks someone is following him. Hope says maybe they are. YKW appears outside the door and is stopped by a cop…she wants to offer her condolences but Tek comes in and straight into the office…the cop talks to Hope and she tells him to have her sign the book….as she is signing Shawn looks at her and thinks he knows her (so much for her fantasies…he doesn’t recognize her)…he goes to check the book as Hope comes out and looks at it…it is signed by Mary Smith but Shawn says the writing looks familiar…he leaves to follow..(BTW Shawn tells the cop that she is up to no good…..I do believe he knows who it is…LOL)

Tek tells them there is no solid proof that Tony is the killer as Bo tells him to get everyone together and get the proof needed. He tells Hope that he wants DiMera in jail…he wants to protect his family and the people of Salem. Bo and Hope head downstairs to see Tony who says that he is guilty…Bo asks him what he said and he says isn’t that what you wanted to hear….Bo says no respectable lawyer would represent him as Mickey shows up and says he is Tony’s lawyer (cue the shocked look on Bo and Hopes’ faces)

Celeste is telling Lexie about seeing Roman and Maggie and what they said but Lexie will have none of it…she has heard enough. They head out to the park.

At the park….Celeste sees a newspaper headline that Tony is innocent and Lexie says that’s enough….Bonnie and Mickey are jogging through the park….Mickey leaves Bonnie in his dust as she spots Celeste and Lexie..Lexie goes to get her something to drink and Celeste tells Bonnie that Tony is innocent…..Mickey shows up and Celeste tells him the same thing and that she thinks he should represent Tony.

Shawn is chasing YKW through the park…..YKW runs into Lexie….Shawn asks Lexie if she knew who it was but Lexie says no but she kept looking over her shoulder….Shawn continues the chase….he grabs and arm and says You as the show ends (I’m betting it’s Nicole)

Not a bad show…..hope you enjoy!!!

Pat's spoiler

It’s nice to see Bart back as he rushes to the jail. He tells Tony that it sounded like a real emergency - Tony says I’m sitting here charged with six counts of first degree murder while the real killer is out there planning his next murder – I’d say that’s an emergency. Tony has a plan – Bart likes that. Bart is just so funny as he tries to point out how the police have Tony dead to rights. Tony says the Brady’s are out to get him but they won’t succeed. He’s going to join the enemy. Bart can’t believe that Tony wants to hire Mickey – he says that is just beyond loony tunes. Tony says if I am going to be in control I have to get my enemies to do my dirty work for me.

Celeste tells Lexie that she had visitors, Maggie and Roman. She also tells Lexie that Tony is not the serial killer. Lexie can’t believe Celeste is defending Tony. She tells her that Maggie and Roman both told her Tony isn’t the killer and Lexie asks her if that is what she is going to tell the police. Celeste is adamant that the killer is still out there. Lexie is tired of all the premonitions and tells Celeste to just forget it so she doesn’t become the next target. Celeste says she has to do something or more innocent lives would be lost. In the park the headlines of the newspaper in the stand change from Tony DiMera, Salem Serial Killer arrested to Tony DiMera Cleared of all Charges. She tells Lexie the killer is planning his or her next murder.

Brady kicks Nicole out of the room because he wants to be alone with Chloe so they can plan their future. Standing outside the door she says future – over my dead body. Victor tells her that can be arranged. Brady tells Chloe that now that the Salem Serial Killer is behind bars there’s no reason she can’t remain in Salem and they can begin their lives together. Chloe tells Brady that her resolution is to spend all of 2004 as close to him as she is now. Her phone rings and she is offered the lead in Tosca and all operas for the remainder of the season. She is very excited and says she will call back with her answer. Brady tells her it is a great opportunity – one she can’t pass up. She asks Brady to come with her. Brady says he has commitments in Salem the least of which is supervising the construction of the opera house. He says he’ll come and visit. It’s different this time because they are committed to each other and he knows that she will come back to him. She asks about Nicole and tells him that she doesn’t want to leave him alone in that house with her. Nicole keeps threatening Victor saying she will take Brady away from him and then move on to Bo. Victor laughs and says Bo is the most married man he knows and Hope would wipe the floor with her. She says okay but there is young naïve Phil and his other grandson, Shawn who isn’t getting any from his prissy girlfriend – he’s probably ready for a real woman. She tells him she will take down the Kiriakis dynasty one man at a time. She grabs her coat and says she is going in search of the weapon she will use against him – he says he will see her dead first.

Bonnie serves Mickey breakfast and tells him that he didn’t have to sleep in that narrow bed, he could have slept with her. Mickey asked her if she just said what he thinks she said. She meant that they could have shared the bed because it was so big. She then starts talking about the wedding and what a shame that Tuscany wasn’t being used. She tells him that if he would invest money – he cuts her off saying he is not in position to invest in anything at the moment. He gets up to take some antacid (could it be the breakfast)? The phone rings and its Tony. He wants to speak to Tony. She says you’re the Salem Serial killer why do you want to talk to him. He says I want to hire him to represent me. Bonnie tells him that he killed the man’s wife; there isn’t enough money in the world to convince him to represent him. Tony says he was going to offer a one million dollar retainer up front. Bonnie says she’ll make sure he takes the case. When Mickey comes in she tells that Tony wants him to be his lawyer. Mickey asks her if she is out of her mind. Bonnie tells he could donate the money to charity but if he defends Tony he could be in control of what happens in the courtroom and see that justice is done. Bonnie and Mickey go walking in the park as she continues to try and convince him to take the case. As Mickey starts to jog she heads to talk to Celeste. She asks Celeste if Tony is the killer. Celeste tells Mickey, Lexie and Bonnie that Tony is innocent. She tells Mickey that both Roman and Maggie’s ghosts told her so. Lexie is not happy.

At the police station Bo tells Shawn that Tony is behind bars. Shawn tells his parents that he feels someone is watching him and following him. Hope asks him if he thinks he is being stalked. YKW is lurking around the police station when she is challenged by an officer. He wants to take her into Bo’s office but she pulls out the tears and says she just wanted to express her condolences but she doesn’t think they need to see her tears. The cop goes in and tells Hope about the young woman. Hope tells him to have her sign the book of condolences. Tek comes rushing in and tells them that there was no blood evidence on Tony’s sword. They have nothing to really hold him on. Shawn looks through the window and Hope asks him if he knows the young woman. He says there is something familiar about her. YKW leaves and Shawn looks at the book. He shows his mom the entry and the name is Smith so he knows it is fake. He also comments that the handwriting is familiar and decides to try and find her.

Bo and Hope go and see Tony who happens to be mediating in his cell. He says them and says Guilty, Your Honour. Bo asks him to repeat that and Tony says that’s what you want me to say even though I’m innocent. He says everyone has me convicted already. He mentions that he can’t get anyone to defend him so he’ll have to throw himself on the mercy of the court. Bo tells him he’s going down because he’s guilty and it’s even better that he can’t get any good representation. Mickey comes in and says Tony will have representation. Bo and Hope ask what he’s doing there. He tells them he is Tony’s lawyer – even someone like him deserves fair representation. Tony just smirks.

There are a lot of shots chasing YKW through the park. She does run into Lexie but when Shawn asks her who it was she says she kept looking over her shoulder. Shawn says he has a feeling that whoever it is they are up to no good and he’s off again. YKW can’t believe he’s still following her. Shawn ends up outside the Kiriakis estate and grabs an arm and says ‘Shawn ends up outside the Kiriakis estate and grabs an arm and says ‘You.’

Preview: Marlena tells Tony that he has torn the very soul out of this town. Tony says if she doesn’t help him she will have the blood of other innocent people on her. Victor tells a scared looking Nicole that if he has to make an alliance with Tony DiMera to get rid of her, he will. Jennifer asks Lexie what’s wrong as Lexie looks at the ultrasound. Shawn and Belle are in the park and Shawn is telling her that her parents love each other and things will work out – camera cuts to John leaving the penthouse as we hear Belle saying ‘I’m not so sure.’

Friday Jan. 9

Jan’s Spoilers…..

At the jail……I can’t go into a lot of the dialogue between Tony and Marlena but let me say that the scenes between these two today were totally awesome. Marlena confronts Tony telling him that death is not good enough for him he deserves to be locked away in a small cell with no human contact. He tells her that he is not guilty and if he doesn’t get out of jail she will die. She wants to know if that is a threat but he says no but he knows about Celeste’s prediction that John will kill her. They banter back and forth as Mickey arrives…Marlena continues on with Tony and then tells Mickey to leave as he shouldn’t be here with the man who killed his soulmate. Mickey tells her that he is Tony’s lawyer and Marlena is shocked….she says he can’t do it…..(Mickey flashes back to what Celeste said about Maggie saying Tony didn’t do it)Marlena tells him to leave as she is a witness for the prosecution and it would not be a good thing for him to hear what she is saying. After he leaves Tony comments about John moving out and Marlena asks how he knows this…..she then says of course DiMera’s know everything. He tells her that she can’t lie and he knows that she knows he is not guilty. I have to say that both Deidre and Thaao rocked in this show……awesome scenes.

At Jen’s house….Lexie arrives bearing Theo’s old clothes for the baby….she breaks down and tells Jen that she is jealous of her because she is pregnant…Jen says it’s OK to be jealous she is jealous of Hope for having Bo and Gran for having such a long life with Tom….they cry and hug….Abby and Alice arrive and Alice says she may postpone the Horton Foundation Benefit as Jen is pregnant and Bo and Hope are working on the case…Jen says no that this is what she wants to do and Abby and Lexie both tell her that she’ll have lots of help. Lexie has an idea as they head to the hospital for an ultrasound…Lexie tells Jen the baby probably weighs an ounce as Jen says and I’ve gained six pounds…Lexie looks worried as she can’t find the heartbeat…she does and then gets a very sad look on her face….she tells Jen there is something wrong with the baby as the show ends on Jen’s face. Again wonderful acting by both Missy and Renee.

At the penthouse…Belle apologizes to her Dad about asking if he’d kill her Mom….John says that is OK..Marlena is just worried and she’s guilty..he explains to Belle she feels guilty that she has been happy while Roman has been alone….he brings down some cards that Marlena has kept….one from Belle in the first grade and one from Sami….he says he loves Sami/Eric/Carrie and always will…..Belle tells him that as long as he and Marlena work on their problems they will be OK….he tells her that her and Shawn are happy right now and to enjoy it…..he tells her that in sickness/health…richer/poorer till death he will honor his wedding vows. He phones Marlena and tells her he is leaving and that he loves her….Marlena is at the jail and almost says she loves him but stops herself as Tony is there watching…….great scenes with Drake and Kirsten today.

At the park….Shawn catches up to Nicole (didn’t we know that…LOL)…he tells her he was chasing someone that had been following him…she says she isn’t surprised that girls follow him…..he’s sexy, good-looking (YKW is behind the bushes not wanting Nicole to let him know she is there)Nic says I remember in Puerto Rico that this girl…Jan I think was always around you….he says Jan Spears that who she reminded me of….Nic says you don’t think she’s back do you….he says no that her mother is in Europe and she has no family or friends in Salem….Nic says but you were her friend….Shawn says not a good one…(YKW says my best friend)...Nic starts to tear up and asks for a hankie…he asks if she is OK….she says my father raped her I should have helped her..Shawn says he is sorry he brought it up (actually I think Nic brought it up…LOL)she kisses his cheek and tells him she did alright in the step-grandson dept…..he says he has to meet Belle and leaves….Vic takes Nicole inside and wants to know why she was kissing Shawn Douglas…he then tells her that he will form an alliance with Tony if it will send her to the gas chamber…..Belle arrives and tells Shawn that her father moved out…she tells him that he is the only one she can count on right now and he says always…(YKW says not for long)….Shawn tells Belle he loves her so much (YKW says Belle I hate you so much)….Nic arrives as YKW thanks her for not letting Shawn know she was there….she doesn’t know why she would help her….Nic says I want you to help me.

Monday Jan. 12

Pat's spoiler

Courthouse: John stops Marlena before she goes inside and tells her they have to talk – they can’t go on like this. She says this is not the place and won’t talk to him. He says I know you blame me for Roman’s death because I talked you out of not getting him to stop the wedding but the real killer is caught. She told him that talked to Tony and told him to go to hell. John asks her if she wants to see him there as well right alongside Tony. She goes inside

Bo is furious at Mickey and Hope can not prevent him from confronting him and asking him how he can defend the monster that killed his wife. Mickey tells him that everyone deserves a good defence. Tony tells Bo that he is letting his anger cloud his judgement. He is innocent and he tried to tell Roman the same thing. Hope tells Mickey that she hopes he loses the case. When Marlena comes in Tony asks her if she changed her mind and decided to testify on his behalf. She says not on the longest day of my life. I found it strange that she went to sit behind him and then after they exchanged words she moved to the other side of the courtroom. Victor and John sit together. Celeste is there as well.

When the judge comes in she says that Mr. Horton has asked for all charges to be dropped due to lack of evidence. Bo stands up and says Tony is guilty amongst other things. The judge orders him to sit down and be quiet. The DA calls Bo and as he lists all the reasons why he believes that Tony is the killer. As he is testifying Roman and Abe appear to Celeste and tell her she has to something. She knows who the killer is and she knows it is not Tony. They tell her that she holds the key. Roman and Abe keep pressuring her to do something so she gets up and walks out of the courtroom. Tony then testifies on his own behalf. Bo again has to be warned to sit down and be quiet. They have to call a recess waiting for Thomas ‘Tek’ Kramer to arrive. Inside the courtroom Victor says that it doesn’t look like the police have much on Tony. He tells John that he always thought the killer was a woman because of the different weapons, different M.O.’s, some are well planned and some like Jack’s, just on the spur of the moment. John asks him if he thinks it could be Sami, Kate or Nicole. Victor tells him that he’ll let the police sort that out.

In the corridor Marlena sees Celeste and it appears like she is talking to someone but there is no one there. She asks Celeste who she is talking to. Celeste tells her she knows she can’t see them but Roman and Abe are here with her telling her to do something because Tony is innocent. More loved ones will die if Tony is convicted because the real killer will kill again. Celeste says you can’t see them but she must feel their presence and she asks her to try and see them. Roman talks to her about taking his death so hard. Celeste tells Marlena that Abe, Maggie and Roman all told her that she is the one that can solve the murders but she tells Marlena she doesn’t know who the killer is. Inside court is reconvened and Tek testifies that there is no forensic evidence to tie Tony to any of the other murders. When asked about the murder weapon and whether Roman’s blood was found on it, he says yes it was. She says Tony DiMera’s samurai sword – he says no, the murder weapon was the sword used to cut the cake. Everyone is shocked. Bo again tries to make the case that Tony is guilty. The judge asks if either side has anyone that wants to speak – Marlena comes in and says she has something to say.

Kiriakis Mansion: Chloe and Brady are in bed and Brady doesn’t think he can let her go. She tells him just to say the word and she’ll call and tell them to get another singer. He won’t let her give up an opportunity of a lifetime. Vic asks Nicole where she has been and threatens her again. She says she got the message. She will stay away from all the male members of his family. He tells her that he will turn her in for Colin’s murder – she is guilty of that crime and he thinks she might be responsible for all the killings. She tells him that he can’t prove that nor can anyone else. He tells her that proof can be manufactured. He leaves for Tony’s hearing. Brady & Chloe come in from outside and ask Nicole where Victor is. She tells them and wants to know why they are looking for him. Chloe says she has to leave – she will be singing in Vienna the next night. Nicole wants to apologise to her. She gives them the sob story that she really thought her marriage to Victor would last forever and she couldn’t stand seeing someone else so happy. It was just her bitterness and the booze talking – and oh, yeah – she’s going to cut down on that stuff. Brady and Chloe fall for it. Just as Brady and Chloe are leaving Nicole brings Chloe a picnic basket of food – salad and muffins because airplane food is so terrible. Chloe thanks her and says she knows that Nicole will be able to stay off booze and suggests she should go for counselling and says you never know what the future will bring. Nicole hugs her (oy vey) and says one thing is certain, she’s giving up booze. As soon as they leave Nicole pours herself a drink and smiles and echoes Chloe’s statement about the future. At the airport Brady tells Chloe that he has changed his mind and is going to go with her. Nicole (who is skulking nearby) doesn’t like that – it would ruin all her plans. Chloe says no, there are reasons you have to stay. They kiss and both say I love you but neither can say goodbye – just I’ll see you soon. Nicole smiles and says that he won’t be lonely for long.

Hospital: We don’t really learn what is wrong with the baby. Lexie tells Jennifer if she doesn’t miscarry her best option is to terminate the pregnancy or she will die. Jen is devastated by the news. She doesn’t know how she will tell Abby. Abby is talking to a nurse. She is so excited about the new baby. She tells the nurse that she has to help her mother especially because her father isn’t here any longer. Jen can’t believe that this is happening. She tells Lexie to give it to her straight – if she doesn’t abort the baby, will she die? Jen tells Lexie that she will not consider ending the pregnancy under any circumstances. Lexie sends Alice in. Jen asks her why she is being punished. She is going to be faced with the second biggest decision of her life. Alice tells her she will make the decision when she has to because she is strong. Lexie comes in and says Abby is ready to see her. Jen tells Lexie that this baby is her way of keeping Jack in her life and asks her how she could even think of killing Jack’s baby. Of course, Abby overhears this and says you killed Daddy, you can’t kill his baby.

The scenes in the hospital with Jen were just heartbreaking – especially when Abby is so excited about the baby. Melissa Reeves did a terrific job with her scenes today.

Preview: Shawn caressing Belle’s hand (don’t see his face just hear his voice) saying “Your Mom loves your Dad. She is going to ask him to move back in before you know it.” Her response – “Not if he kills her first.” Marlena tells John that she believes Celeste – Tony has to be innocent. Hope trying to keep Bo calm telling him his actions are just helping the other side. Bo says he is not the one helping DiMera. Nicole tells YKW that when she is done training her that she will have Shawn Brady and his hot body all to herself – YKW looks like a 3 year old let loose in a candy store when she hears this – oh puh-leese!!!

Tuesday Jan. 13

Jan’s Spoilers…….

OK...chain hitting the floor...muscles flexing....I can't remember much else...LOL. Now this is the first scene of the show so be prepared….it is definitely worth seeing and once you pick yourself up off the floor you can catch the rest of the show.

At the hospital…..a replay of Abby coming in and hearing Jen mention killing the baby….she yells at Jen how could you…you killed Daddy and now you want to kill his baby. She runs out as Alice stops Jen from going after her. Lexie takes the tape to go and speak to Dr. Bader. Jen tells Alice this is the hardest thing she has ever had to do. Alice tells her she will make the right decision after hearing all the information. Lexie returns and tells Jen that there is more than a 50% chance that not only will Abby lose a sibling but a mother if Jen carries the baby. Abby comes in and tells Jen this is a hospital they saved her and they can save the baby. How sad this s/l is.

At the courthouse….Marlena comes in saying she has something to say. Court appears to be recessed…outside the courtroom Marlena is standing…Hope comes out and starts to go to her but changes her mind and goes to Celeste…Celeste tells her about what Roman and Abe said. Marlena is called in…she says that she believes Tony is innocent…the judge explains that she is Roman’s ex-wife, thought to be the mother of Cassie DiMera, a court psychiatrist…etc. She tells everyone she does not believe Tony is the killer….Bo starts yelling that she betrayed Roman before and she is again, that if someone else is killed there will be blood on her hands….she leaves the courtroom…John goes out as she is on her cell…he turns her around and she tells him to stop manhandling her…she explains about what Celeste said…Celeste comes up and tells John as John asks her to leave so he can speak to his wife after he damns her predictions…Marlena tells him not to be rude….he asks Celeste about the prediction of him killing his wife and Celeste says it is true.

Inside Vic comes over and calls Bo son…he then says sorry you don’t like to be reminded of that…Bo says sometimes it comes in handy…he wants Vic to listen to the underground and find out what DiMera has planned…Vic says he can’t do that but he can talk to Tony…Tony/Vic talk and Vic knows that Tony isn’t the killer…Vic says he believes it is a woman…Tony says he does as well….Vic is looking right at Nicole.

Shawn's apt door is slightly open...he asks if it is Rex...no answer...he grabs a bat and heads out in the hall...it's Belle....he scared her with the bat and she scared him...she bought the hammer to hang things..LOL. They head into his apt. she wants to know if he is mad at her..(he is quiet)..he tells her he doesn't want to scare her but he believes someone is stalking him...she asks who...he tells her about this girl that was at the station and he followed her to the mansion but only found Nicole...the phone rings and it's Nicole...he says Belle and I were just talking about you...Belle sort of listens in on the call.. (Nic does say a few come-on lines as YKW tells her that Shawni is hers).Nic hangs up....Belle asks what his sexy step-grandmother wanted..he says I don't think she's sexy but she does have...er...he tells her that she just talked and then hung up…she wants to know what he was going to say…LOL....he says I don't find her attractive...he says you don't like her do you...she says I didn't think you did either...then Belle mentions something about Puerto Rico and Paul and that it's not Nic's fault that her father raped Jan...Shawn says that's the thing...I thought it was Jan...Belle says that is why you are so freaked out isn’t it (the boy doesn't look happy thinking she's back)...Belle says Penny got an e-mail..she is in Europe spending money and skiing as she pushes him down onto the couch and says she isn't going to come between us again and kisses him..... ....Belle is talking about her Dad moving out and what if he kills her mother…Shawn tells her that her parents are like his...they will love each other forever...she says she used to believe that but now she isn't sure. She also says she wakes up every morning wondering if this is the morning she'll find out her dad killed her mom....Shawn damn's Celeste....(hmmmm….is there something to this…both Shawn and John)

Only a few comments on the Nic and YKW scenes…..YKW tells Nic that Shawn is going to be so excited that she is back and that they can be together forever….(the girl is out of touch and Nic seems to know that she is a little strange but needs her help with something…LOL.

YKW talks to SDB's pic like he is a person...calls it 'baby' and says soon we will be together and Belle will be out of our lives...she really believes that he loves her and not Belle....I have no idea what Nic's plans are but it is definately something to do with getting Brady.

Pat's spoilers

YKW brings a latte to Nicole. Nicole tells her that she has to stop stalking both her and SDB. She denies that she is stalking anyone. She’s just watching Shawn and Belle waiting for the right time to let them know she is back in town. Nicole accuses her of lying and when YKW keeps it up Nicole starts dialing Shawn’s number to let him know she is back. Nicole phones Shawn and is making some suggestive statements which rile YKW. Nicole tells her that she owes her for covering with Shawn. YKW than proceeds to give Nicole her sob story about how her parents are dead and Shawn was the only one who cared for her. She needs him and she knows he will be really excited to see her again. She says that she knows that the little blonde bitch can’t give him what she can. I got the feeling that Nicole figures out at that moment that YKW is a nickel short of a quarter. LOL! I guess I was right because in the next scene she tells YKW that guys don’t look to favourably on psychotic stalkers. YKW tells Nicole not to call her crazy. She needs Shawn. He’s the only person that cares for her and makes her feel safe. She asks Nicole is she had never met a guy that wasn’t out for just what they could get from a woman. Nicole says yes. She says you want Belle out of the way. YKW says Brady lives in the mansion with her and Victor. She really shouldn’t say more because she might tell Brady. Nicole says you help me and I’ll be your mentor, your love guru (oh gag me). Nicole is very confident that with her help YKW will have Shawn and his hot bod all to herself. Nicole whispers her instructions and leaves. YKW pulls out a picture of Shawn (a really old one…LOL) and talks to it. She says we just have to get rid of dumb Belle and then we can be together forever. She kisses the picture (Oooh ICK…ICK…ICK).

The judge wants to know if there is anyone that wants to speak for or against Tony. Bo tells Hope nobody would defend that scum. Marlena comes in and says she wants to be heard. Marlena wants to be heard. Hope asks Celeste what is going on and she tells Hope that Roman and Abe want Marlena to speak in defence of Tony. John asks Marlena what she is doing. She tells him her ex-husband can’t speak for himself so she is going to speak on his behalf at his request. On the stand she tells the judge she is there to speak on behalf of Tony. She declares that he is innocent. Poor Bo loses it at this point and tells Marlena that she abandoned Roman once and she’s doing the same again by testifying on behalf of his killer. He tells that if Tony is released and kills again the blood of his victims will be on her hands. The judge threatens to bar him from the proceedings and warns him that she will speak to the commissioner.

She asks Marlena if she has proof of Tony’s innonence. She says no but she wants to offer her professional opinion. In her professional opinion Tony is not the killer and she believes the evidence will prove that. The judge thanks her for her testimony and court is adjourned until she makes her decision. Outside the courtroom John asks her why she testified for Tony. She says that Roman and Abe appeared to Celeste and told her that he was innocent. John can’t believe she is buying into this stuff. She tells him that she believes Celeste. He asks her what happens if she is wrong. If Tony kills again she will have blood on her hands. She tells him this is not about revenge against the DiMera’s. He’s innocent. John tells her he felt better with Tony behind bars. He just wants to keep his family safe. She asks him what makes him so special. No one has escaped the killer as yet. He says it call it my training, my programming, whatever the hell that Stefano branded him with, he just knows that the killer couldn’t get past him to harm a hair on her head. She says it’s you I have to be worried about. That really shocks him. He says he would cut off his own hands before he would ever hurt her. He calls Celeste over and asks her if she still thinks he is going to whack his wife. She closes her eyes and opens them with a snap. John says now that’s impressive. Celeste says it is written that he will kill his wife. John looks stunned.

Inside the courtroom Victor goes up to Bo and calls him son. He apologises knowing that Bo doesn’t like to be reminded that he is his father. Bo says sometimes it’s useful. Victor asks him what he wants. Bo asks him to put his ear to the underground and try and find out what Tony is up to. Victor says he can’t do that but he can talk to Tony. Tony and Vic talk as Nicole comes into the courtroom and watches them. Tony knows what he wants to ask him and tells him he isn’t the serial killer. Victor tells him he didn’t think he was. Victor has a theory that it’s a woman. Tony agrees and asks him if he knows who. Victor stares at Nicole.

Abby tells Jen she hates her and then runs out of the room. Alice tells Jen that Abby needs a little bit space. Jen says Abby hates her since Jack died. The only thing that was making things better was the baby. Jen asks her why God would give all these problems to her baby after taking Jack away from her. Lexie comes back and tells Jen that she has more to tell her about her baby’s condition and then they have to discuss her options. Lexie wishes it could be good news. Jen doesn’t care if the baby has abnormalities, she will love and care for it. Lexie tells her that the baby could be born without limbs and possibly without some of its major organs. Jen says that the baby is their Christmas miracle. Abby needs it. Lexie tells her that if she doesn’t end her pregnancy there is better than a 50/50 chance that Abby would not only lose her sibling but her mother as well. Jen starts writing her thoughts out. She tells Lexie that Jack and her created that baby out of love and that Jack appeared to her after he died. She has to believe what he told her. She says maybe this baby is my way of helping other women who are faced with the same decision to get through this. Lexie leaves her and Jen lays back and cries. Abby comes in and tells her not to cry. She knows that her Dad wants her to have the baby as well. She reminds Jen that they are in a hospital surrounded by doctors, nurses and specialists that can help them. Jen tells her that she has to consider all the options.

Holy sweet Jesus – brace yourself for that opening scene. My god SDB shirtless doing push-ups as that cross keeps hitting the hardwood floor. YIKES…THUD…I’m a goner. The door to his loft opens slightly and he calls out thinking it is Rex. When there is no response he goes and grabs the bat and flings the door open. There’s a shocked Belle standing there with a hammer in her hand with headphones over her ears. Shawn asks her what the hell she is doing. She says me, you could of killed me with that bat. He reminds her that there is a serial killer on the loose and that he called out and no one answered. She said she had her head phones on. He asks what she is doing with a hammer in her bag. She was out shopping (a whole lot of bags on the floor) but the hammer fell through the bottom of the bag. They go inside. She asks if he is angry with her because he is really quiet. He says no. He didn’t want to tell her but he thinks he is being followed. He thinks he has a stalker.

He tells her about seeing this girl at the police station signing the book of condolences. When he read the name Mary Smith he knew it was a fake. He followed her but lost her at the Kiriakis estate. The only person there was Nicole. Just then Nicole phones. He tells her they were just talking about her. He lets Belle listen in. Of course Nicole is being Nicole and Shawn is bewildered and Belle is peeved. After he hangs up Belle asks him what his hot step grandmother wanted. He says I’m not interested in there. He says with Nicole everything is just out there and he likes a little mystery in his women. They end up on the couch and Shawn does tell her the girl in the police station reminded him of Jan. He thinks his stalker could be Jan. Belle laughs it off and reminds him that she is in Europe. Nice kiss!!! LOL Belle kind of pushes him back on the couch as she goes in for that one. She tells him she is still upset that her father moved out of the penthouse. Shawn says that her parents will be back together before she knows it. She says not if my Dad kills my Mom first. Shawn curses Celeste’s premonitions and tells her that one is not going to happen. Her parents have a forever kind of love just like his parents. She tells him she used to believe that but now for the first time in her life she is not sure her parent’s marriage will survive.

Preview: Bo and Hope are in the park. She doesn’t even want to think that she could lose him – he tells her that nothing is going to happen to them. Tony tells Celeste not to worry about him. Hell hath no fury like the Phoenix scorned. Marlena is in a stairwell when the lights go out. She asks who’s there as a gloved hand reaches for her. Nicole is holding a gun on Victor as he taunts her saying that she won’t kill him. Nicole pulls the trigger.

Wednesday Jan. 14

Jan’s Spoilers…….

This will be short and quick tonight.

The J&M scenes….can I first say that if I had been Marlena I would have slapped John across the face as well. There is a serial killer loose and he basically scares her to death. But the performance by both of them was awesome. John says he couldn’t think of any other way to get her to talk to him. She is scared for her life, scared for her marriage, she hates not trusting him, she is crying for Maggie and Caroline. I can’t remember ever seeing Marlena as scared as this. John on the other hand is trying to convince her that he would never hurt her. When he mentions that Victor thinks it’s a woman and says Kate/Sami…Marlena snaps up and says Nicole. Fantastic performances by both Drake and Deidre today.

At the courthouse….the judge releases Tony as Bo goes on another rant. Hope gets him out of there. Tony thanks Marlena but she tells him to thank Celeste instead.

At the mansion….Vic pulls Nicole into the house telling her to stay away from his son and grandsons….he tells her that they have a funeral to plan…HERS…in the house he offers her a drink…her last meal…he picks up the phone to call Tony and she pulls a gun…the show ends with her firing.

Bo and Hope…walk in the park where Hope tells Bo about Celeste and the ‘ghosts’..Bo calls them crazy…Hope says she is glad they are there that she believes it and if anything happened to him she would want him to come back to her and be there for her. At home he wants to head back to the station but she won’t let him. Tells him to sit and she’ll fix him something to eat…he looks at a picture of him and Roman and wants to know why Roman won’t come back and talk to him.

Make sure you don’t miss the J&M scenes.


Pat's spoilers

As they wait for the judge to return Tony and Victor continue their talk. Tony asks Victor if he has any idea who the femme fatale might be. Tony tells him that his people will investigate and take care of the matter and it won’t be traced back to Victor. Nicole is furious. On the way back to the house Nicole tells him he better not rat her out to Tony. He says they have to get home to plan a funeral…hers. At the mansion he warns her to stay away from the men in his family as he serves her drink. She laughs. He says he is dead serious, she is drinking her last meal right. She asks if he poisoned the drink and he just laughs at her. He goes to call Tony because he knows she won’t stay away from his son and his grandson’s. He’s going to tell Tony that she killed Colin and that she is the Salem Stalker. She pulls a gun on him and when he refuses to stop dialing because he doesn’t think she has the nerve to pull the trigger – she does.

Celeste tells John she is sorry but he will kill Marlena (she does say Marlena…not your wife). John can’t believe that she would believe he could do that but Marlena just walks away from him. Tony is released and both John and Bo protest but of course that doesn’t make a difference. Marlena takes the stairs when the elevator is out of order. The lights go out and she is grabbed. She is tied to a chair, blindfolded. She feels the rope against her cheek and neck as the blindfold is pulled off. The person removes the mask and pushes back the black hood and it’s John. He says he’s sorry but he has to do this. Marlena is terrified. She cries as she says Celeste’s prophecy is about to come true. You are going to kill me. I do have to say John doesn’t do anything to dispel that notion as he twines that rope around his gloved hands. He apologises as he puts the rope down and pulls his gloves off. He says he was forced to do this because he didn’t know how else to get her to talk to him. She is angry that he kidnapped her. When he unties her she slaps him. He says he deserved that. He wants to know why she is pushing him away. She breaks down and says that she is scared that Celeste’s premonition is going to come true. She tells him that she is desperate to believe him but this killer has destroyed her faith in him and their marriage. She sobs as she talks about Roman’s death, Caroline’s death and Maggie’s. Powerful performance as she holds on to him telling him all the things she is afraid of as she continues to cry. She stops crying as soon as John says that Victor thinks the killer is a woman. She asks who? WOW - that's all I can say about both Dee and Drake's performances today...WOW Dee was awesome!

Mimi talks to her brother Brian. She goes in the house and overhears her mother talking to herself about getting Mickey’s money. Bonnie tells Mimi that she is going to collect the one million dollar fee from Tony and build a new country and western bar where Tuscany formerly was. Bonnie lets it be known that spent the night in Mickey’s bed. Mimi is horrified. Bonnie tells her that nothing happened. When Mickey answers her page she tells him they are going out to celebrate and doesn’t give him a chance to turn her down. She figures if Anna Nicole Smith could snag herself an old rich man, she can to. She lets herself into his house and talks to Maggie’s picture. She knows Maggie would want Mickey taken care of. She wants his money for her bar. Another fantasy…please…I’m not going into that. In the midst of her fantasy she does kiss Mickey and then apologises. (She had a fantasy because he showed her a cheque for $500,000 that Tony had given him ). As soon as he says that he is donating the money to the Horton foundation she double spikes his cocoa – all part of her seduction plan…another inane fantasy where Mickey turns into a slot machine.

In the park Hope tells Bo that Roman and Abe’s ghosts appeared to Celeste and told her that Tony was innocent. Celeste than convinced Marlena to testify on Tony’s behalf. Bo tells them they are all stupid…LOL! Hope wants to believe that Roman’s ghost came back to make them all feel safe, to help them. She finds that comforting. She wants to believe that if anything happened to him that she could see him again. He says nothing will happen to them. When they get home Bo lies on the couch and picks up a picture of Roman. He says why did you talk to Celeste and not me? He wishes Roman would tell him who the killer is.

Celeste tells Tony the same thing. He asks if Roman and Abe had an apology for him. Celeste refers to the killer as a he and Tony tells her that both he and Victor believe the killer is a woman. He asks her if she has any sense of that. She says no. She says they should go to the police. He says not – let the killer worry about him. Hell hath no fury like a phoenix scorned. Celeste says the killer will come after him. Tony is not afraid as he is studying with a samurai master.

Preview: Tony goes to Rex and Shawn’s loft and he tells Rex that the charges have been dropped. Rex says by the court but not by mean and he pulls back his fist. Tony grabs it and stops Rex from hitting him as Shawn comes towards them telling Tony to let Rex go. Tony tells Shawn to not even try it looks like Shawn might attack. Nicole tells Brady that Victor shot Colin Murphy in cold blood. Marlena asks Celeste what she saw in her vision and her response is ‘eyes’. Tony and another person in a sword fight. Tony says let’s see who is the master and who is the student.

Thursday Jan. 15

Jan’s spoilers…….

Tony in his room as Bart comes in with the cereal….Special K and Frosted Flakes…gotta love his Frosted Flakes are Great….and Tony laughs as well before choosing Special K…Bart has brought Tony a letter from Stefano…he calls Marlena and wants her help with Rex but Marlena refuses him and tells him his luck has run out.. He heads over to the loft….(see below)
Victor calls for Tony….Bart tells him that the Count has left the building….When Tony arrives back home Bart informs him that ‘the Greek’ called…Victor Kiriakis….Tony calls but Victor tells him he will meet with him later…..Tony and his instructor sword fight...the instructor tells him he will have to face death alone....his opponent will be...and we see a tigers claw and tooth on the floor. Then we see the tiger.

Marlena walking through the park talking to Carrie who can’t make the connections to get there for Roman’s funeral. Marlena tells her she understands…after hanging up she gets Tony’s call…(I sort of missed the next Marlena scenes until she gets to Jen’s place)…(I’m sure Pat caught it)

Lexie has made Jen tea…Hope arrives and comforts Jen as Jen explains to her what is happening….she tells her about Abby and Hope says that she is too young to fully understand and she is angry…Jen says she is angry as well. Lexie receives a call from Celeste….Lexie comes out and tells Jen that Tony has been set free as the doorbell rings…Jen says who could it be as Celeste comes in and says it’s a woman. Jen/Hope/Lexie/ Celeste at Jen's place....Celeste in a trance saying she see's through the killers eyes. Hope/Jen/Lexie talk as they have
decided it is a woman and that is why Jack and Abe were probably surprised. Hope calls Marlena and she arrives to help. She does manage to get Celeste out of her trance…Celeste comments on the eyes….and we do hear a growling as she has her flashback….

At the mansion….Nicole fires a shot at Victor…as she goes to check on him he grabs her ankle…she takes off running….Brady comes in asking what happened but Victor tells him nothing…he wants to check on Nicole but Vic tells him to leave her alone…Brady goes to check anyway and Victor phones Tony…Bart tells him he isn’t there….Brady comes in saying he couldn’t find Nicole…Victor tells him to leave her alone as Nicole listens…he says Chloe is the only one for you….Nicole comes in as Victor says the walls have ears….he calls her a whore and she takes off upstairs....Nicole cutting onions to bring on tears...tells Brady that Vic killed Colin in cold blood and is trying to frame her for it and the serial killings. Vic tells Nicole she is going down...she tells him that she told Brady he killed Colin and from the look on his face he believed her. Nicole to herself says the old man has no idea what is coming next. I have to say that I love Victor like this.

....Rimi come in with movies and chinese food...Mimi wants to take his mind off things...they start to make out and Rex says he isn't in the mood...he keeps thinking of Roman and how he was so mean...he should have told the truth...Shelle coming in from jogging.(Shawn in his black touque)..Shawn gets a call from Bo (you’d think he’d take off the black touque) telling him Tony has been released...Shawn tells Bo not to do anything rash....he tells Belle that Tony was released because someone testified on his behalf...she asks who and he says your Mom...they head inside and Shawn says Tony was released...(as he takes off his black touque)Rex wants to know how...Shawn lets Belle tell him...that her Mom testified on his behalf...Rex says but she hates him...Shawn says apparently Celeste saw Uncle Roman's ghost and he said Tony didn't do it...her testimony and lake of evidence was enough...Belle says normally her Mom doesn't believe in things like that but she was stressed...Rex is going to face off against Tony...grabs Shawn's jacket and heads out....Tony is at the door...Rex wants to know what he wants...he says he was released and is innocent..Rex says not in my eyes and he swings at him...Shawn goes to stop him and Tony says stay there...Mimi pleads for Tony to let him go...he does and tells Rex he is here to offer him his place in the DiMera family.... Rex tells Tony he wants nothing to do with him...Tony says I'm not the killer...it's a woman..Shawn says what do you mean...he says even your grandfather Victor Kiriakis believes it...Belle says if it's a woman then my Mom is safe...Tony tells her that no only serial killers murder people...Shawn tells him to leave...he asks Rex if he wants that as
well...Rex pulls out his credit cards and hands them to Tony...says I'll pay you back when I get a job...(Tony outside the doors says...Rex you dont'
know what you are doing)...inside Belle tells Rex how proud she is with how he stood up to the DiMera's....Rex says I was nervous...look I grabbed
Shawn's jacket (it's the rebel Shawn jacket)...Shawn says it's OK...Rex says it's your favorite...Shawn says you can have it I'll just borrow it from
time to time...we are family now....Mimi tells him that this is what family is like....he says it's not over...Shawn says that if the killer is a woman
she may just be getting into stride...Rex gets another headache as Belle says maybe it's not over.

The show ends on the tiger….very beautiful animal I must say.

One more thing…..in case I forgot to mention it…..Shawn is wearing a black touque in the first part of the show….LOL

Hope you enjoy!!!!

Pat's spoiler

Gotta love Bart. He interrupts Tony in his ‘special’ room with breakfast – a box of Special K and one of Frosted Flakes for Tony the Tiger…sheesh. He brings a letter from Stefano that contains instructions for Rex.

Marlena talks to Carrie on the phone. Carrie isn’t going to make it for the funeral. Tony calls and tells her he needs her help. He wants her help with Rex. She reminds him that they are not his parents and tells him only one person could have helped him and he’s dead. She refuses. Now it’s dark in the park and Marlena hears a noise and we’re led to believe someone is watching her. This all takes place as Brady is searching for Nicole wondering where she is.

Lexie is at Jen’s place with her. Celeste phones and tells Lexie that Tony is free. Hope comes over and asks about the baby. Celeste is in the park and she feels like a cool breeze and says the killer is growing restless. She will strike again. Jen tells Hope the baby could have life-threatening abnormalities. She is glad Tony is in jail. Lexie tells her he isn’t. The doorbell rings. Hope tells Jen that Roman and Abe’s ghosts appeared to Celeste and told her Tony was innocent and then Celeste convinced Marlena to testify on his behalf. Jen says if it’s not Tony who is it? Celeste says it is a woman. They all talk about how that could be a possibility. Hope says they should don’t expect such savagery from a woman. Celeste gasps and says the killer is in my mind. She goes into a trance and is back in the park. She finds the mask and puts it on. She sees the eyes and we a growl. Lexie can’t bring her out of her trance. She tells them to call Marlena. Marlena tries to bring her out but has to resort to an old method to break the trance. Celeste sure looks at her strangely. When asked what she saw in her trance she just answers eyes. Celeste is still freaked. She can’t tell them who the eyes belong to but she knows they are the eyes of a killer.

Nicole pulls the trigger and Victor falls to the floor. She goes over to check if he’s dead when he reaches out and grabs her leg pulling her to the floor with him. He asks her if she really thought it was going to be that easy. She runs out of the room just as Brady comes in asking what is going on. Victor says nothing is run but Brady wants to see Nicole and ignores Vic’s advice to stay out of it. Brady says he heard a gunshot and with a serial killer on the loose…Victor asks him if he thinks he is the killer. Brady says no but you know more than you’re saying. He sees Vic won’t talk so he tells him he is going to talk to Nicole. Victor phones Tony and tells Bart to tell Tony that he is ready to talk.

In her room Nicole talks to her alter image in the mirror. She can’t believe she missed. She knows she is in trouble now. Her alter image asks her what she did to all the other people that threatened her. Nicole smiles and says it’s time Tony and Vic found out what she was capable of and she leaves. She is really looking guilty now…LOL! When she returns Victor and Brady are talking. Victor says he isn’t telling him what is going on because he wants to protect him. He calls Nicole a nut job and she tells Victor to stop badmouthing her. Of course more words are exchanged and Nicole goes running out of the room and Brady can’t be stopped from going after her. Tony returns Victor calls and tells Tony that soon he will hand him the serial killers pretty little head on a platter. Up in her room Nicole is chopping onions to make herself cry. As soon as Brady knocks on her door she shoves the knife, onion and cutting board into a drawer and sprays perfume then flings herself on the bed. She pretends she doesn’t want to talk until he tells her Victor didn’t tell him anything. She then tells him that she didn’t want to make him an accessory but she has no other friends. Victor killed Colin in a jealous rage and now he is trying to pin all the other killings on her. Brady just looks at her and says he has to think about this and leaves. She rubs it into Victor that Brady believed her and Victor tells her that she has crossed him for the last time. When he leaves she just smiles and says you have no idea what I have planned next for you.

There was a lot of stuff with Tony and his sensei/samurai master stuff. It all boils down to the guy telling Tony he is going to die if he is not better prepared. Stefano sent him to train Rex and make sure Tony is ready. Tony says that Rex won’t be joining them. Also had something to do with a pouch the guy had – inside are a couple of teeth from a tiger. The scene cuts to a tiger in a cage with a label that says Ship to Horton’s ASAP – Air Freight.

Rex and Mimi are in his loft as Shawn and Belle show up in the hallway. They have been out jogging. Love that black touque! Shawn’s phone rings. It’s his Dad telling him Tony is free. He tells Belle Tony was let free because someone testified on his behalf. She says who would do that and he tells her it was her mother. They go inside…what can I say…he leaves that black touque on for a while. I just love the way he wears that TOUQUE low down on his forehead…and let’s face it …black touques are just so sexy. I will admit that I loved the conversation between Mimi and Rex. Rex expresses so much regret for the things he said about Roman and the Brady’s in general. Very touching. Shawn and Belle come in and tell Rex that Tony was realised for lack of evidence and because someone testified on his behalf. Belle says it was her mother. They explain about Celeste. Unfortunately it’s about this time that Shawn takes off the sexy black touque. Rex is about to leave to confront Tony and he opens the door and Tony is there.

Tony wants to talk to Rex privately but Rex says that anything he has to say he can say in front of everyone. He tells Rex that he wants him to take his rightful place in the DiMera family. Rex tells him that he is a Brady and he hates all the time he wasted trying to be a DiMera. Tony tells him that he was created by the DiMera’s. Rex throws all his credit cards at Tony and tells him that any debt he accumulated he will repay as soon as he gets a job. He still believes Tony to be the killer. Tony tells them all the theory that the killer is a woman. Belle says if the killer is a woman than Celeste’s premonition about her dad killing her mom would have to be wrong. Tony says you don’t have to be the Salem Stalker to kill someone. Shawn tells Tony that he wants him to leave. Tony asks Rex what he wants and he opens the door. Outside the door Tony says that Rex is making a terrible mistake and he doesn’t even know it.

Inside Rex notices that he had put on Shawn’s black leather jacket (the one with the zippers not the one he has been wearing lately) by mistake. He apologises. Shawn says it’s yours. Rex can’t believe it – it’s Shawn’s favourite jacket. Shawn says we’re family. I’ll borrow it from time to time, cuz and he shakes his hand. They discuss Tony’s theory. Shawn says if it is a woman she is just hitting her stride. They decide to share cold Chinese food and watch movies. Shawn and Belle are both impressed that Rex stood up to Tony. Belle asks him if he thinks the killer is a woman. Shawn believes that Tony is just covering. Rex gets another headache and Belle wonders if it is another sign that the killer is going to strike again.

You’ll love those opening shots of Shawn and Belle’s when they return from their run. Belle in a track suit all sweaty. Shawn in that nice form fitting shirt and that incredibly sexy black touque…YUMMY!!!

Preview: At the church Kate is telling Will that she is just so grateful that his Grandpa Roman married her before he died. Sami tells her she was nothing to him. She never was and never will be – poor Will just looks at his mother. Bo is shocked when he hears someone say “Commander Brady” when he lets himself into his house. He says how the hell did you get in here? Shawn and Belle outside the church with Marlena. Belle is holding Shawn’s arm and she asks what was that as they all turn in look at something. Hope sees Bo’s name on the headstone.

Friday Jan. 16

Jan’s Spoilers…..great performances by all involved. Today. I sort of missed some of it….so I’m thankful for Pat.

At the penthouse....Marlena has a dream…a tiger jumping at her and Roman coming to her asking her if this is what she wants…Belle/John at the bedroom as John tells Belle to go in he isn’t sure Marlena wants to see him…Belle goes in and screams….John comes running in he calls Marlena’s name…....Marlena wakes up...John asks if she is OK...Belle wants to know what happened to her pj's...they are torn at the shoulders....she was dreaming of Roman and wants to know why they brought her back....she asks John to leave and Belle lets into her....telling her Dad loves you, please don’t break up our family over this.

At the church...(I missed some of it….so glad Pat’s here..LOL) John is alone as Shelle come in…Belle goes up to him and asks where Marlena is…he doesn’t know…he tells Shawn how sorry he is about Roman…Shawn goes over to see Kim and Pop Shawn…John and Belle leave to find Marlena….Rimi arrive and go in…Mimi goes to Sami and tells her how sorry she is…Sami lets into Rex as Shawn comes over and tells Sami he’s a Brady and your brother…Pop Shawn comes over and lets Sami have it telling her he doesn’t want this turned into a circus….as the service starts someone says are we too late…….it’s Doug & Julie (I’m so glad they are here)..they say hello to everyone and the service contnues….Bo is giving his euology...very emotional...Shawn consoles his grandfather while Bo and Hope hug… hugging his grandpa...the Priest asks for Roman's wife to step forward …Kate stands up as Marlena says she is sorry she is late....Kate nods to the Priest that it is OK....Marlena reads a letter from Eric and then says she is sorry that things didn't turn out as planned...Marlena goes to John and hugs him as Sami watches....at the gravesite Sami sees Marlena's name on the tombstone...Kate apologies and Marlena as Marlena says she should have done it herself and walks away from John...Hope again sees Bo’s name on the tombstone. Bo leaves as he has received a message...Shelle/J&M/Doug/Julie hear a noise....Belle says it sounded like a wild animal...the six of them leave and come upon the bengal tiger...none of them can believe that Doug/Julie brought it back....

At the Brady House....Hope has a dream that she is at Roman’s funeral and it turns out to be Bo’s name on the tombstone…Bo comes in and holds her…
Agent Spector tells Bo he has a message from someone he holds dear to him and cares about....the first name Bo says is Hope....not Hope.

At the mansion....Celeste is telling Tony about her vision...Tony opens his hand and there is blood where the tooth and claw are...she says it was like a wild animal...he says a tiger...he tells her that his master told him to pick an opponent and this is what he got as he shows her the claw and tooth....

Pat's spoilers

Now does anyone seriously expect me to type anything that makes any sense? What is it about a man in a suit and tie and top coat that is so damn sexy??? But I digress. (Both Shawn and Rex look…look…well…you’ll see.) Belle looks very good as well. She has on a black and white checked skirt, black leather boots, a black lace top layered with a sweater and a long black coat.

The first scene Marlena is in when she appears to wake from a dream and confront the killer and then we see the tiger as it springs towards her…freaky but very well done. It seems to tie in with Tony’s meditation. He has the tiger teeth in his palm and when Marlena dreams she is attacked he opens his hand and there is blood on his palm. Marlena’s pyjama top is shredded and she wonders where she is (corny special effects here). Roman says he’s come to take her home and doesn’t want her to be afraid. He wants to be sure that she wants to go with him. In the meantime Celeste comes to Tony and tells him that they should work together to catch the killer. She knows that they don’t trust each other but she believes that they need each other. She tells him of her vision of wearing the killer’s mask and seeing the eyes of a beast. Tony mentions a tiger and she says yes a tiger has the same qualities as the killer. Tony shows her the tiger’s teeth and said his zen master gave them to him…they signify his next battle.

Hope has a dream. She and Bo are standing next to Roman’s grave as the priest is reading. The priest says Bo’s name and she corrects him but then Bo is no longer there and the headstone now has his name. She asks Bo to hold her when she tells him she had a bad dream.

Powerful couple of scenes between Kate and Sami at the beginning. The priest tells her that Bo will be given the flag off the casket to present the next of kin which is her unless she wants one of his children to have it. Sami comes up and Kate was nothing to Roman. The priest reminds her that she is his wife. Sami tells the priest that he knows better than anyone that her father married her mother in this church and had two kids. Kate never meant anything to him and never would. Kate breaks down and tells Sami of the promise she made to Roman. She says she’s sorry she never got to spend more time with him and she’s sorry that Sami didn’t have more time with her father. She tells Sami that Roman never gave up on her. Kate says she can’t hate her because Roman loved her and she is part of Roman and then she walks away. Sami is in tears and runs out of the church. When she comes in Kate is comforting Will who had been looking forward to going fishing with his grandfather on spring break. Kate says she was happy they got married before he died. Sami says he never would have died if he…but stops herself from saying more when Will looks at her. She then holds Will and cries saying she needs him now.

Rex and Mimi are in the graveyard. Rex says is this all it is, your name with the day you were born and the day you died…is that what a person’s life comes to? Mimi talks to him about family. He still is upset with himself for denying his family name to become a DiMera. Shawn and Belle come in to the church together. John gives Shawn a hug and expresses his condolences. Shawn goes to his family as Belle and John talk. She tells him about Tony’s theory that the killer is a woman so that would mean he couldn’t kill her mother, Celeste was wrong. He asks her if she believes he is a serial killer. She says no. They hug…very touching scene between them. When Marlena doesn’t show up they go to the penthouse. John waits and sends Belle in. He comes in when she screams. She says she thought Marlena was dead. John wakes her up. She wonders what he is doing there and Belle notices the condition of her top. Marlena said she was having a dream…she must have ripped it in her sleep. She tells John that she wants him to leave so she can change. Belle tells her to stop treating him like that and to stop breaking up the family over something that will never happen.

Kim shows up for the funeral but Kayla couldn’t make it. Alice and Jen have a bit of a talk about the baby. Jen says that Jack told her the baby was a gift but she’s not so sure. Abby is very cold to her again throughout the day. Rex is going to sit at the back but Mimi tells him to sit with the family. Sami ties into him and tells him he wanted nothing to do with her father when he was alive and she tells him to leave. Shawn steps in and says that Rex is her brother and he is a Brady. Sami can’t believe what she is hearing. She comes at Rex full out then and calls him a freak of nature. Grandpa Shawn silences her with just one ‘Samantha.’ He tells her that she is not the only one mourning Roman and he will not allow her to turn his funeral into a circus. Doug and Julie show up at just that moment.

Bo has a great talk at the funeral. Very touching. I really liked that he mentions the fact that although Roman died on his wedding night he died a happy man. He says he never saw his brother happier. The priest calls on his wife and I’m sorry…I thought it was very wrong that Marlena asked to speak on behalf of Roman’s children even though Kate was already standing ready to go and speak. She reads a letter from Eric…very nice letter. After the ceremony Lucas comforts Sami and John comforts Marlena. At the gravesite they are all horrified to see the name Marlena Evans Brady along with Roman’s name. Sami freaks out. Kate apologises to Marlena reminding her that she had asked her to sign the papers to change the name but Marlena didn’t seem like she wanted to so she left it but she had no idea they were going to but her name on the stone. Marlena glares at her and tells her she shouldn’t have left anything of this up to her. Geez, Marlena get over yourself – Kate is his wife, not you.

At the burial site Bo is paged and go homes. Agent Spector is there and tells him that someone near and dear to Bo is in danger and Bo might be the only one who can save her. Bo asks if it is Hope.

After the service, John, Marlena, Shawn, Belle, Doug and Julie are outside the church when they hear a noise. Belle thinks it sounds like a wild animal and Doug says you’re close. Julie says they brought a surprise with them. They follow them to the park and see the tiger. Marlena sees it leaping towards her like it did in her dream.

Great job by Ali today. Sami is just devastated over the loss of Roman and I loved how Lucas was there for her every step of the way holding and comforting her. After the burial she goes in and prays. Very powerful as she talks about praying so hard that Roman and Kate wouldn’t be a family and she got what she asked for. She hopes her father doesn’t blame her. Lucas comes and she just turns into his arms.

Preview: Bonnie talking to the tiger like it’s a kitty with the killer’s mask and knife in the background. Tony tells Shawn to get out of his face. Shawn tells he still thinks he is the one. Tony tells Shawn he wants the killer caught as much as he does. Marlena holding her hands up in front of her face as she sees the tiger leap at her. Bo and Hope along with Agent Spector listening to a recording of Billie saying she knows who the killer is and she will tell only Bo.

Monday Jan. 19

Jan’s Spoilers…….

So much is happening in this show today……I found it a little hard to keep track but I’m sure my good friend Pat caught all the details…

At the mansion…..Celeste and Tony are there talking about the tiger claw and tooth…Tony and Celeste head out as he wants to go to the library and see if he can get any clues about the tiger and the identity of the killer.

At the Brady’s…..Hope comes in and wants to know what is going on. Agent Spector explains that Billie has gone missing. Bo blames himself for sending her away. Hope says it wasn’t your fault. You know what Billie is like she makes up her own mind and besides Roman put in a good word for her. Agent Spector tells Bo that there was a message from Billie…they play it but you can’t make it out. He tells Bo he needs his help that Billie was his wife. Bo says Hope is my wife….I need to stay here…there is a serial killer in Salem…I need to be here for my family and friends. Hope says he should go but Bo believes she only wants him to go because of her dream and it would keep him safe. Agent Spector gets a call that they have cleaned up the message…Billie says that she knows who the killer is…she can only tell him and that it is to protect him and his sons…(I might have gotten that wrong..LOL). Hope encourages him to go and find her.

At the park…..Marlena is staring at the tiger (we see a lot of the tiger today) Shawn/Belle and John are worried about her. Belle tells John to go to her…he does and she jumps…she says it is like her dream…she tells them that she dreamed of the tiger attacking her and killing her….Belle says it is like you always told me that bad dreams and nightmares are a way for you subconscious to rid you of bad thoughts….Marlena asks about the tiger and Doug/Julie start to explain about the tiger and how it came into their possession…Bonnie/Mickey arrive as Mickey and Doug/Julie talk…they tell him how sorry they are they weren’t there but explain that they couldn’t leave the country they were in because of visas etc. John wants them to continue with their explanation…Tony/Celeste arrive and are shocked to see the tiger….Belle tells Marlena that she knows she is upset about Roman the all are upset by everything that is happening but it is like she said you have to look to the future and the ones you love she knows it is not her business about what is happening between her and John but at least she should let him protect her…John says he’ll get his bags and take her home….she tells him no..he says for how long….Shawn offers to walk her home but she says she’ll be fine…Tony says he is staying to check out the tiger and she is not in danger….Tony/Celeste talk as Tony says maybe this is a sign that it is not over…Shawn confronts Tony saying that he and his father believe he is the killer…Tony tells him to get out of his face…Shawn says not to give him that crap about the killer being a woman it is just his way of putting the suspicion of himself….Tony says he wants to find the killer maybe even more than him…Belle goes up to Tony and asks about the speculation that it is a woman…Tony explains a bit about it but then tells her that just because the killer may be a woman doesn’t mean Celeste’s prediction that John will kill Marlena won’t come true….John and Shawn talk about Marlena and what is wrong with her….John says it may be the DiMera’s preparing her to be the next victim and asks Shawn not to tell Belle…Shawn says he’ll help watch out for Marlena…Belle overhears and asks Shawn what he can’t tell her…he says that your Dad and I are worried about your Mom….Marlena is at Roman’s gravesite and wants a sign that John won’t kill her…it gets dark and the wind blows as she sees a tiger coming at her….she falls back…John is there to pick her up….she is petrified of him and backs off…he tells her he knew where she’d be and that is why he is there to help her….she tells him to stay away from her, to leave her alone that she believes he could kill her.

I am not going to say much about the Bonnie/Mickey scenes because I FF’d through them…….sorry.

Hope you enjoy the show. There is a lot happening throughout.

Pat's Spoilers...

Hope comes home to find Agent Spector there. He tells them both that Billie Reed has gone missing without a trace two days ago. She wasn’t on a dangerous assignment, just a security detail. She didn’t show up for work. Her bed had been slept in, all her belongings remained in the room but she had disappeared. Bo says if she is dead it is his fault. Hope just looks at him in shock. Bo blames himself because he didn’t want her to stay in Salem and so he practically forced her to leave. Hope reminds him that it was Roman that encouraged her to take the job. Agent Spector says she was hired on Roman’s recommendation. Bo still doesn’t know what this has to do with him and Agent Spector says normally they would handle this on their own but they found the clippings of the murders in Salem. Bo says it makes sense that she would be interested – these were all people she knew. Agent Spector says that’s not all – they also intercepted a call from her to Bo. They listen to what little they can hear but there is too much static to really make anything except the odd word out. Bo doesn’t know why she would have called him. Agent Spector says you mean to tell me you wouldn’t help us. Bo says exactly. There is a serial killer on the loose that has killed six people including his brother and mother. Under other circumstances he would but not now. Hope says he needs to do this and he needs to leave today to go and help track down Billie. He says nice try but it’s not going to work. He tells Agent Spector that Hope wants him out of town because she had a dream about him dying. The man says he doesn’t like it but he will accept that Bo doesn’t want to help. His phone rings and it’s the ISA lab. They send the cleaned up message to his PDA. Billie says she knows who the Salem Stalker is. She has proof. He needs to keep Hope and his SONS (yes she says ‘sons’) safe – she’ll only tell him.

Tony and Celeste come to the conclusion that the tiger is somehow connected to the killer and they decide it’s up to them to figure out how. Tony decides to check the library to see why mystical references there are to tigers. It might give them a clue as to who the killer is.

Belle tells John to talk to Marlena because she hasn’t said a word since they got to the park. Marlena tells John, Belle and Shawn about the nightmare she had. The tiger was chasing her and killed her. Belle reminds her about the things she had told her about nightmares just being a manifestation of their fears. Belle says she understands that losing Roman and all the others has been hard on her – it’s been hard on everyone but she should focus on what she has in her life and the people that love her. Julie tells Marlena she knows what she is going through but Marlena is very cold to her and asks her how she could possibly know. Julie says she is sorry for what she is going through and then Marlena apologises and tells them about her nightmare.

Mickey and Bonnie show up. LOL! I think Julie is on to Bonnie in a heartbeat. I did love the talk between Mickey, Julie and Doug. Doug and Julie tell everyone how they ended up being the tiger’s caregivers. They were in South America and came upon a carnival where the tiger was the feature attraction. They were heartsick over how mistreated it was so they made the owner an offer that he couldn’t refuse and took over the tiger’s care and nursed him back to health. They are going to take him to Florida after the circus and let him loose on a wildlife preserve.

Celeste and Tony show up and Celeste says the tiger is the one from her premonition. She says evil is here. Tony talks about some of the deadly qualities tigers have and Shawn asks him if they are the same as human serial killers. He tells Tony that he knows that he is the one and so does his father. Tony tells him he wants the serial killer caught as much as he does if not more. That statement gives Shawn some food for thought.

John tells Marlena he is worried about her staying in the penthouse on her own and asks her to let him move back in just to protect her. Belle pleads with her as well telling her she would feel better knowing that her Dad was there to protect her. John reaches for her hand but Marlena pulls it away. She doesn’t want to move back in. He says today or ever. She tells them she needs time to think. John says he will take her back but she says no. Shawn offers to walk her home but she refuses him as well and leaves. (Tony is watching all this and smiling). Belle asks her father what is wrong with her but he has no answers. Belle overhears Celeste and Tony talking about the killer being a woman. She asks him why he thinks that and he tells her his theory. Shawn asks John if he knows what’s wrong with Marlena. John says the DiMera’s played with her mind before – they could be doing it again. Shawn asks if he thinks they would kill her and John says it’s a possibility. Shawn offers to keep an eye on Marlena. He thanks Shawn and tells him not to discuss it with Belle because she is worried enough about her mother. Belle overhears this and asks Shawn what they are not supposed to discuss. LOL! – He tells her. Wise move on your part Shawn!

Celeste and Tony talk about the tiger. Tony wonders if her premonition could mean that the tiger will be the next instrument the killer uses to kill the next victim. Celeste feels certain that more people will die and she tells Tony they should pray for the all the people of Salem if the killer is going to use the tiger to kill the next person. Sheesh – Bonnie takes Mickey shopping and decks him out in blue jeans, a western style shirt, cowboy hat and boots. Doug and Julie see him and are pretty shocked. Poor Mickey can barely walk in the boots. Enough said…I won’t even get into the accents…YIKES.

Marlena goes to Roman’s grave and she is crying. She talks about how he was the one constant in her life. The one person she could really trust. She says she testified on Tony’s behalf because she believed Celeste when she told her that he had appeared to her and said Tony wasn’t the killer. She wants a sign from him to let her know if John could actually be the killer. A big wind is stirred up and all off a sudden she sees the tiger and it attacks her. She screams and falls to the ground. John tries to help her up but she is terrified of him. WOW – the look on her face. He says he figured she would come here and he saw her fall. He just wants to help her up. She tells him she doesn’t believe him and she wants him to stay away from her. He says you can’t believe that I would hurt you. She says yes she believes that he is going to try and kill her and she tells him not to follow her. The look on John’s face…oh my…he is just devastated.

Preview: Tony looks at the tiger and says Kill or be killed – that’s the law of the wild. That’s an ideal method of murder. Shawn asks him if he is making threats. John tells Brady that ‘he’ is planning the perfect crime – Brady says what if Tony is innocent and the real killer is setting him up. Victor tells Nicole that the town will throw a parade on the day of her execution. They will be that glad to see her dead.

Tuesday Jan. 20

Jan’s computer is in the computer hospital so she can’t post however I did talk to her. She really likes Shawn’s new look. Trimmed and shaped and still curls at the collar…we both like this a lot!!! Also neither her nor I heard or saw anything in this show that leads us to believe that Shawn is moving home or Brady moving to the loft. John does mention to Brady that he could ask Belle for the loft back when he tells him to move out of the Kiriakis mansion – he also tells him he could probably move back into the penthouse because Marlena isn’t afraid of him. Bo mentions Doug and Julie staying with Hope but not Shawn. In fact when Shawn leaves Hope tells him to say hi to Belle. So I don’t think anyone is moving anywhere at the moment.

Brady is jogging through the park and meets up with John. He asks if things are better with Marlena and John says no she won’t let him anywhere near him because of Celeste’s premonition. John can tell Brady has something on his mind so he offers to help. Brady wants to know how to tell if someone is lying. When John finds out he’s asking about Nicole he says she is trying to seduce you isn’t she. Brady says yes but how did he know. John tells him that women like Nicole are easy to read. Brady comments about the state of Victor and Nicole’s marriage and John tells him to stay out of it. Brady expresses his concern that they are going to hurt one another. John reminds him that his grandfather can look after himself and that both Nicole and Victor are ruthless people. He tells him to take the croissants and run…LOL!

Brady says he is really concerned that they might be capable of killing. John asks him if he thinks one of them is the serial killer and if he has any proof. Then John says he can’t have proof because Tony is the killer. He tells him that he will protect his family. Brady tells him that both he and Belle are adults now. John figures that Tony will go after Marlena and pin the murder on him. He tells him Tony is planning the perfect crime but he is ready for him this time. Brady asks him if it’s possible that the real killer is setting Tony up. John is adamant that Tony is the killer and Brady offers to help John prove it. John turns him down and reminds him again that Victor can take care of himself. He also tells him that if he finds himself feeling sorry for Nicole than he’s already fallen into her trap and he better claw his way out of it. Brady says he would never do anything to jeopardise his relationship with Chloe but John tells him that women like Nicole have a way of getting to a man. He tells him to stay out of his grandfather’s marriage. Brady agrees and John feels better. After John leaves Brady says sorry Dad but I can’t stand by and do nothing if those two are going to kill each other.

Nicole is jogging in the park also when her phone rings. It’s Victor ordering her home but she ignores him.

Bo asks how they can be sure that is Billie. Agent Spector says because they did a voice match. Bo still refuses to go but Hope tells him he has to. If Billie can name the killer the nightmare will be over. Agent Spector tells him he won’t sugar-coat it. He would be leaving his family when the serial killer is on the loose and there is no guarantee that they will find Billie. Bo reminds Hope of Billie’s past obsession with him and this could just be another one of her tricks to get him away from her. She says if she can end the nightmare he has to go so that they can all feel safe again.

Ok Shawn took the time to go for a trim…I like it a LOT…LOL! I love the conversation between him and Tony. Shawn sees how fascinated Tony is with the tiger and says it’s not a woman, it’s a tiger. Tony talks about the tiger being the ultimate killing machine. The law of the jungle kill or be killed. He says the tiger would be the perfect instrument of murder. Shawn asks him if that is a threat. Tony says no but the tiger would be the perfect weapon for the killer to use. He then tells Shawn they are being listened to. We see a black hooded figure holding a metal stake (very pointed) in the bushes beside them. (Sure making Nicole look guilty). Tony tells Shawn to stay put but Shawn follows him. Tony tells Shawn that he was sure he saw a hooded figure standing there. Shawn just accuses him of doing anything to make himself look innocent. Tony picks up the metal stake and says this could stop someone’s heart from beating.

Tony and Victor then meet in the park. Victor tells Tony the murders started on the night of his wedding. He tells him that Nicole murdered Colin because he was blackmailing her. Then she had to kill Abe to prevent him from arresting her and Jack because he was right behind Abe on the investigation. Vic says the media has to take some blame for Maggie’s murder because they publicized the fact that Marlena was helping her remember what she saw. He at first thought it was Nicole’s irrational jealousy of Caroline that led to her murder but he now thinks that Caroline knew something. Cassie figured it out and was on her way to tell Roman but only made it as far as Salem Place. Roman told Nicole that he was going to arrest her for Colin’s murder after his wedding. Tony says your life won’t be worth anything if she knows that you told me all this and Victor says neither will yours. Of course Nicole heard the entire conversation and she mutters that she will kill them both.

Brady arrives back at the mansion and Nicole hears him coming in so she pretends to yell something to Victor and then comes to the door playing Brady for a sap. She tells him she is so afraid that Victor is going to kill her and he’s also going to try to pin all the murders on her. Victor calls her a liar and tells Brady it’s time he knew the truth. Nicole talks to Victor alone and this is when he says the people in Salem will cheer when you’re put to death and he threatens her again. She goes running out to Brady saying you heard him say he is going to kill me. You have to believe me and then runs outside. Brady goes to look for her but can’t find her. He tells his grandfather that Nicole is afraid of him and Victor tells him she is acting and he shouldn’t believe a word she says. Brady wants the truth but Victor tells him to stay out of it for his good. Of course after Victor leaves Brady says he can’t because he would never forgive himself if one of them hurt the other and he did nothing to prevent it.

Back at the mansion Tony goes to his special room and pulls down a wooden box that has a phoenix carved on the top. He pulls out a bunch of pictures and lays them on the floor around him. He then holds a picture of Nicole to his chest and starts to meditate. His eyes open and he says he knows why she did it … it all makes sense to him.

Shawn comes home briefly to say goodbye to his Dad. After Shawn leaves Hope goes to pack for Bo. He notices two suitcases and she tells him she is going to go with him and of course he says no way. I’m not going to go into details but trust me when I tell you that you will love the goodbye scenes. There is a really cute one with Zack as well. Beautiful writing … as they both tell the other how and what they mean to them. Very touching and Zack is just such a cutie-patootie. As he leaves they kiss and we see a hooded figure standing in the shrubs. (Oh yeah, Nicole has again disappeared from the mansion).

Then Shawn meets up with John in the park. John asks him how Belle is doing and Shawn says do you really want to know. He says that she is having a really hard time with the fact that her parents have separated. John tells him that is only temporary but Shawn says that she is not feeling so sure about it. They both agree that Tony is the killer (god, what will they think when they find out they are wrong). Shawn tells John that Belle is somewhat relieved to think the serial killer could be a woman and John says that way she knows I’m not the killer. Shawn says that Celeste was totally wrong with that prediction. They talk more about Tony and Shawn says Tony told him that there will be more deaths. John asks him if he said anything about how the next person will die. Shawn tells him that Tony thinks a Bengal Tiger would make the perfect murder weapon, no fingerprints he guesses…LOL! I laughed when Shawn was trying to describe how Tony was around the tiger – like he was trying to get on the same wavelength as it. John says well Tony is into this eastern meditation …Shawn’s response…but with a fricken’ tiger…I just found that so funny. Shawn tells John that his Dad went to Europe to try and find Billie because before she disappeared she tried to call and tell Bo that she knew who the killer was. John wonders if Billie is on the level and tells Shawn if she is, she could be dead already. They talk about how anyone close to the Brady’s or Horton’s is being targeted and Shawn wonders if the killing won’t stop until they are all dead. John says he doesn’t know when the killings will end and who will be left standing.

Preview: Lucas trying to wake up Kate – Phil picks up a pill bottle and says it is empty. Tony tells Celeste he knows who the serial killer is and he plans to announce it before the day is over – Celeste says if you are not dead first. Victor telling Nicole that once the serial killer is announced the people of Salem will be calling for her head. Nicole says if heads are going to roll it will be yours and Tony’s.

Wednesday Jan. 21


Ahh it’s early morning in Salem. What are the residents of this sleepy little city up to? One other comment - it's January and there are more shirtless bodies walking around than we saw in July.

Well Nicole is reaching for the booze after seeing the ad in the paper – the full page ad that in town sees and discusses. Victor tells her that he wasn’t the one that placed the ad. Today is the day she is going down. Brady comes in shirtless in his pyjama bottoms and asks Victor if he is going to kill his wife? Vic says he doesn’t have to as he shows Brady the ad. He says this is Nicole’s last day of freedom. Nicole runs out of the room and Brady is left wondering what she is up to. Brady leaves. Nicole listens in to Tony and Victor’s conversation and when she hangs up she says they are both dead. She leaves the house and tells Victor that Tony and he will pay. Outside she pulls a gun out of purse and says nobody will stop me.

Sami shows Marlena the ad and says today is the day your husband is going to be arrested. She is very happy that Marlena kicked him out and she wants her to promise to stay away from him until he is locked up. Marlena asks her if she did this – if she plans on naming John the killer without a shred of evidence. Sami says I can’t afford a full page ad. Marlena accuses her of be suspiciously gleeful and using this whole situation to her advantage. Sami just wants him caged and her safe. As Sami is ranting Marlena looks at a picture of John and he morphs into the tiger.

YKW is standing outside Marlena’s office kissing that picture she has…oh yawn… She talks to the picture saying soon he will be with her and Belle’s mother is going to help make that happen. She tells Marlena that she made a new friend. Marlena asks if she is ready to tell Shawn and Belle she is back in Salem. Marlena says they are both very forgiving people. After Shawn and Belle leave (see further down for more on that) YKW shifts the conversation to Marlena’s personal life and the fact that Mr. Black moved out because she thinks he is going to kill her. When Marlena asks her how she knows so much about her life, YKW pulls out a cover of the Intruder with the story of John and Marlena’s split on the cover. Marlena again looks at the picture and sees John change into the tiger. When YKW asks her what is wrong Marlena makes a comment that in time like this you don’t who your friends are. YKW looks at a picture of Belle and some people say they are your friend just to get what you have. HUH??? When did YKW ever have Shawn? Marlena tells her the session is over. When YKW goes out of the office Nicole is waiting for her. Nicole wants a favour from her but YKW tells her she has a manicure appointment and gives Nicole major attitude. Nicole threatens her and she gives in. We don’t get to hear what the favour is again. Inside Marlena is looking at the cover of the Intruder and a picture of her with Roman and wonders how things went so wrong. Marlena comes out of her office and YKW is still there. She says she ran into her friend. They do favours for each other and her friend is going to help her get everything she wants.

Phil and Lucas discuss the ad and Lucas claims he has no knowledge of it and he’s the person in charge of the fundraiser. They go inside Kate’s suite. Lucas tries to wake her up. Phil finds an empty pill bottle. She wakes up. She had been drinking – hadn’t taken any pills. They try and get her to go to the fundraiser but she screams and cries and kicks them out of her room. Lucas has to leave. Phil says he’ll use something he learned in the marines – drill sergeant from hell – and it won’t be pretty. Kate doesn’t want to listen anything he has to say. He tries to get through to her by telling her that her kids still need her. But she thinks about Cassie and Roman being dead and can’t get past that. He tells her that if she needs him he’ll be at the fundraiser.

We see a black-gloved hand picking up the paper off the Bo & Hope’s front step. Hope opens the door and looks shocked. It’s John. He’s just there to check on her. Hope says that Billie called claiming to know who the killer is. John says she isn’t the only one and he shows her the ad. He figures Tony placed it. Hope checks with the paper but it was a cash transaction. John insists that they can’t believe anything Tony says because it will be a lie. John feels Tony is trying to throw suspicion off himself.

Celeste comes into Tony’s inner sanctum and asks him if he placed the ad. He said he had an epiphany and he knows who the killer is and he’s going to announce it tonight. She says if you are still alive. LOL – I love how Tony spouts all his samurai sayings and Celeste just calls him stupid. The showman in Tony wants to make the announcement from centre ring at the circus. Tony holds out the tiger’s tooth and claw and says he will be safe. Celeste sees blood on it and tells him she sees death. Hope and John show up and Hope tells Tony that it isn’t illegal to place an ad but he better not be appointing himself judge and jury. John demands that he tell the name of the person that he thinks is the killer. Tony says they’ll find out when everyone else does. John and Hope tell him he won’t get inside – security has strict orders to make sure that Tony is not given admittance to the event. Hope and John just make it back to her house for Hope to get a call from Bo. She wants to know if he knows who the killer is. He tells her that the trail has gone cold – he’s made no headway in finding Billie.

Shirtless blue-jean clad Shawn brings a breakfast tray to Belle in bed. He wakes her up – calls her sleeping beauty. She says she had a beautiful dream that the killer was caught, her parents were back together and his Dad was back home. She says if only that could happen and he says maybe it can and shows her the ad. She’s worried that if the ad is true that something bad might happen at the circus that they, their friends and family all will be a part of. He asks if she is cancelling out because he can’t out of respect for his grandparent’s. She asks if they can just get under the covers and crawl back into dream together. He kisses her on the cheek and says he will show her this day can be just as good as her dream by taking her someplace special. They go to Shawn’s parent’s house…okay so he’s back in baggy blue jeans – but I do love that blue jean jacket. At first I thought this was filmed pre-hair cut but I just think it’s just not swept back today. Love Belle’s hair cut. Belle wants assurance that it is okay to be in the circus with their friends and both Hope and John say they should do it. Love the little thank you Shawn gives him mom while they hug.

Rex and Mimi show up at the circus. They come early to help set up. They run into Bonnie…whoa…the outfit…don’t know how to describe it. It’s pretty sparkly. She has Max decked out with horns and a brown hairy sweater – I guess he’s supposed to be a bull and jump through a hoop. Mimi says she should report her for animal cruelty but Bonnie tells her it’s about time Max started paying his way. Lucas runs into Sami at the circus. He tells her that Kate is taking Roman’s death very hard. Sami says she should be the one that is dead. Lucas warns her that if she harms one hair on Kate’s head he’ll see her in prison. After he leaves her she figures that all she has to do is make it look like an accident to get off scot-free. Sami has a fantasy where she as part of the circus acts she cuts Kate in half. Bonnie is looking for Max and we see Max sniffing around a box that has the killer’s mask and gloves in it. When she sees Max he has one of the gloves in his mouth. He runs off with the glove again.

Belle tells Shawn she just wants to check on her mother. YKW begs Marlena to not let them know she’s there. Just as Belle is going to open her office Marlena comes out. She makes several comments about Belle’s new haircut. Belle wants to know if she’s coming to the fundraiser and if she is alright. Marlena says she is fine but she’s busy with a patient so she doesn’t know if she will make it and goes back into her office. Shawn has a strange look on his face. In the park he asks Belle if it seemed like the patient didn’t want to be seen. She says a lot of people think there is a stigma attached. He asks her if she thinks he’s crazy because he signed them up for a circus act. She thinks it will be the one of the most exciting things they do as a couple so she’s excited about it…LOL! They show up at the circus and ask Rex and Mimi if they’re ready to practice.

Okay…so all of a sudden there are these shirtless guys moving stuff around at the circus – Brady, Phil…more. Lucas asks Phil how Kate is. Phil says he couldn’t convince her to show up. Back in her room Kate picks up the newspaper ad and reads it. She shows up at the circus and tells Lucas & Phil that this is where Roman would want her to be. Sami sees her and is happy that she will get the chance to make her dream a reality. A crate is delivered and Celeste is shocked to see the lid lifting. Tony comes out and is ready to take on the killer. Brady sees Nicole sneaks in and follows her but he can’t find her. Bonnie runs into him and asks he if seen her dog. We then see Max with the killer patting his head and reaching for the glove. Now Max doesn’t park just drops the glove and whimpers. Okay WTH – Marlena is at the hospital talking to YKW when this is going on so – just what is going on here? Nicole is looking extremely guilty. I talked to Jan on the phone and neither of us can figure out what the h... is going on...LOL! nothing new for me.

Preview: Tony tells Celeste to prepare herself the shockwaves will reverberate for years to go come. Bo calls Hope and tells her that he has to find Billie so she can tell him who this killer is. Mimi and Rex practicing their high wire act and it looks like they are going to fall. Kate saying these knives are real as Sami is preparing to throw the next one saying I won’t miss this time.

Thursday Jan. 22


There is just so much going on in today’s show. It really jumps all over the place so I have no idea how this report is going to turn out.

Doug and Julie are by the tiger’s cage. Julie calls the tiger ‘baby’ and Doug says he thinks he has come up with a better name and shows her a sign. Later on we see the sign on the cage – the tiger’s new name is Horton. Mickey is decked out in a ringmaster’s outfit – Doug and Julie go to the hospital to be with Jen.

Hope comes over to Jen’s house to go with her and Abby to the hospital. Jen has to have another ultrasound and make her decision today. Jen tells Hope that she doesn’t know how she could possibly let Jack’s child go. Abby yells at her that she can’t kill the baby like she killed Daddy. At the hospital Lexie tells Jen that not only is it likely the baby won’t survive but chances are she might not either. Jen says she really needs Jack now. When Jen is asked if maybe she shouldn’t tell Abby that if she carries the baby that she is risking her own life she says that Abby has enough to deal with now and she won’t add to it. Jen overhears Abby telling Doug and Julie that the baby is a miracle. It’s her daddy telling them that he’ll always be with them. Jen tells Hope, Alice, Doug, Julie, Abby and Lexie that she is keeping Jack’s baby. Alice says she is making her daughter very happy but everyone looks very concerned. There’s a really quick phone call between Bo and Hope – not much more than what was shown in the preview.

Bonnie finally finds Max – the killer just manages to hide in time. She sends the dog home and then tells Mimi she has another idea. She has a dunk tank set up – she needs someone to occupy the seat. LOL! – Bonnie must use an entire can of hair spray on her do. During the entire hire wire act Bonnie is hanging on to Mickey for ‘support’. She tries to convince him to go into the dunk tank but he refuses. LMAO as Bonnie is forced to go into the tank and Mimi pays to be the first to throw the ball and dunks her.

Lucas talks Kate into letting him do a knife throwing act with her as an event to raise money in Roman’s name. He assures her the knives are fake and nothing can go wrong. Sami is listening to all this and considers it to be the answer to her dream. Brady catches her talking to herself – threatening Kate. He tells her it’s no wonder no man will stay with her longer than 10 seconds. Sami tricks Lucas into getting into a port-a-potty by giving him a brownie Will baked that tastes awful – she says he probably used the castor oil by mistake. She then puts a steel pin into the lock from the outside. Kate can’t believe it when Mickey announces Sami as a replacement – she tells him to get her down. Mickey says there’s nothing to worry about. Little does he know that Sami stole the knives from the guy that swallows swords – and they’re real not fake. I can’t believe that Sami is planning to kill Kate. That’s a little too much and just plain wrong!!! I felt better about if after I saw the preview. Sami throws the first knife and it hits right next to Kate’s face and Kate realises the knives are real. Sami says this time I won’t miss as she gets ready to throw the next knife. Both her and Kate have gorgeous outfits on. You’ll also love Will and Grandpa Shawn’s clown outfits.

The killer overhears the animal trainers talking about sedately the elephant as they open up the veterinary drug cabinet. Of course the one guy mentions the other vial of stuff that would make even an elephant crazy. They conveniently leave this drug cabinet open when they leave. The killer fills a syringe with the stuff. Okay – this is definitely a man – from the size of the hands to the way he moves – no way that person is a woman. Of course the killer overheard Tony and Celeste talking. I just find it immensely annoying that we’re in the midst of the circus with hundreds of people all over the damn place and yet Tony and Celeste are in one area that no one else enters and the killer moves around wearing black and a hockey mask and not a soul sees this person. A lot of warning on Celeste’s part and Tony waving it off – nothing we haven’t heard before. Celeste feels she has taken care of the tiger because she convinced one of the workers to put a second lock on the cage. The killer uses the syringe to drip the drug all over a dart and then removes the mask to shoot the dart using a blow tube of sorts. The tiger roars.

Belle and Mimi look really cute in red sparkly body suits with gold sparkly tie around short skirts – their tutu’s…LOL! They tell the guys to come out and Shawn says do we have to. They come out so timidly…it’s so funny. All of them are wearing ballet shoes. The guys are in black tights with red and green sparkly swirls on the legs. They just look so embarrassed. Belle says they look so good that she hopes the audience can concentrate on their daredevil act. Shawn tugs at his tights saying these things sure put the tight in tights. Rex says tell me about it – I could barely get mine on. Obviously the writer’s know their stuff – Belle’s line – Just face it you guys are sex objects. Relax and enjoy it – the looks on their faces says it all. The tightrope acts are kind of hokey but fun. Belle and Shawn go first – starting from opposite ends. They both have balancing poles. When it looks like Belle is losing her footing Shawn steadies her by grabbing on to her balancing pole. Shawn then gets on one knee as Belle holds the balancing pole and balances on one leg. Next is Phil and then Rex and Mimi. Mimi is dizzy and almost loses her balance. Rex steadies her but she faints. He then throws the pole away and lifts her up and carries her to the stand.

It’s Belle and Shawn’s turn to man the kissing booth. They see that it’s the two people from Average Joe that they’re relieving. Belle tells them that Shawn’s parent’s romance started with a kissing booth and they’re still going strong. Belle has a red robe on over her outfit and Shawn has a black robe on over his chest…I mean his tights. Shawn is blindfolded and kisses a woman on the cheek as Belle watches. He takes her money and says enjoy the circus – make sure you go see the tiger. She runs to the front of the line and kisses him on the lips. Man the smile on his face when he says I know that is you, Belle – nobody else kisses like you and says he has a bonus kiss for her. They kiss again and Belle shoo’s all the other ladies awake saying that he’s taken. Then they kiss again – sigh, I loved those kisses.

Preview: Doug is telling some people (only see Jen) that he can’t wait for them to see the big surprise that they have planned. Celeste asking Tony to tell her who the killer is. Sami in tears telling Marlena that Kate was going to rot in hell but then she would end up there as well and she would never see the people she loved again. Shawn, still in his tights, saying ‘oh my god’ when he sees the open, empty tiger cage.

Friday Jan. 23

Jan's Spoilers....

A lot happening in today's show as it jumps around from place to place.....

Bonnie has lost her contacts in the dunk tank and Mickey finds a costume for her (the only one that would fit he says....

Shelle are kissing as they hear the tiger growling...Shawn complains about the tights but Belle like them...they continue to kiss until Mimi comes running out asking Shawn if he's seen Belle...she apologizes and then tells Belle that her sister is trying to kill Kate...they head inside.

Sami throwing knives at Kate as everyone is watching....at first everyone thinks the knives are fake but after Lucas gets out of the porta-poti he uses a whip to stop a knife in flight....John picks up the knifes and realizes it is real. People soon begin to realize that Sami may have actually been trying to kill Kate...Lucas verbally attackes her as Kate stops him...Hope and Jen discuss that Sami has needed help for a long time....Shelle/Rimi/Phil talk about her losing it.

The magician is seen....Tony and Celeste discuss the killer....Nicole and Victor are discussing her being revealed as the killer....the killer is putting a bucket on a scaffolding (or something).....Doug announces it's Alice's birthday as Bonnie and Mickey bring out the cake...everyone sings Happy Birthday and Jen says a nice speech....

Sami is telling Marlena that she doesn't want her to let John move back in...that if he kills her she will have no one (John is listening)....the magician disappears.....Shawn finds him as everyone comes running....Marlena tends to the magician as Tony comes out and makes an announcement about the serial killer...John tries to stop him as does Hope...Phil tells Sami off as Lucas goes after her.....blood drips onto Alice's cake (now I might be wrong but I think Bonnie eats a piece...YUCK)....the killer has the keys to the cage....the show ends with the tigers eyes showing in the killers mask.

I thought that Lauren and Ali did a great job today...

Monday Jan. 26

Jan’s Spoilers………

Great Lumi scenes today….loved the kiss.

The show starts off pretty much like yesterday’s ended….Tony in the center ring asking if everyone wants to know who the killer is….Bonnie is talking to a Mimi (Marcel)who takes her clown glasses so she can’t see….Lumi watching Tony as Sami says she’ll kill whoever did this…Will runs off as Lumi chase him. Brady looking for Nicole runs into Victor and tells him that Tony is telling who the killer is…Hope and John trying to stop Tony…Marlena phoning to check on the magician. Lexie arriving to stand with Celeste.

Tony spends most of the show asking if everyone wants to know….Belle runs off as she can’t stand this anymore. Shawn follows her and asks if she is OK…she isn’t…she talks about everytime things start to feel normal and the killer strikes again…she talks of her parents talking but not living together and it’s getting worse…Shawn says her Dad loves her Mom and would never kill her…but Belle asks what if there was a freak accident.

Tony continues in the center ring as the tiger makes his rounds…..Bonnie sees him and thinks it an alley cat…Doug and Julie are talking as they are looking for Will and Julie says she figures Will will need help with a mother like Sami…Doug says I understand you were like Sami when you were young and now you are loving and caring as Julie says and sexy…they kiss as the tiger passes by….Brady finds Nicole and she has found a bag with a black sweatshirt in it…she says a workers street clothes but Brady doesn’t think so as the tiger watches them…they spot it and duck in a wardrobe as the tiger attacks it….a worker tells John and Hope that the tiger has escaped…they head to the cage and Hope sends the worker to tell Mickey and get the police to evacuate the tent…he spots someone and asks them to help when he turns he is hit over the head….Hope and John find a tranquilizer gun but John isn’t sure it works….

In center ring Tony talks about the killer being a woman…a prominent member of Salem…he says it started with the attack on Bo and Hope…Abe was killed because he found out something…Jack for the same reason…Maggie because she saw them (she thought they were her friend but were wrong)…Caroline was poisoned because Maggie said something to her…Cassie because she confronted the killer and he has no idea why Roman was killed.

The tiger is making the rounds of the tent....Hope and John have it in their sights as Marlena walks in...she starts to freak out as Hope tells her to be quiet...the tiger rushes her as John gets her out of the way....the tiger then confronts Sami/Lucas and Will...Will climbs a ladder onto the catwalk while Lumi get in a clown car....she tells him she loves him and then says I mean Will loves you...before they go to get Will, Lucas says I want to do this...and they kiss....very passionate:::THUD:::....Bonnie is crawling around trying to find her clown glasses......Hope tells Marlena that John saved her...she is bleeding and that can bring in the tiger....Shelle are watching Tony as the blood falls on him....Shawn goes after John and Hope telling them about the blood...Hope goes running...Marlena tells John to go as he kisses her....Brady/Nic in a closes as she kisses him...he says no...he loves Chloe...she says your mouth says one thing but your body says something different...Vic opens the door....Tony is in centre ring with blood everywhere and all over him....John/Hope come running as John tells him to run....the killer finds Bonnie's glasses and gives them to her....Lumi/Will on the catwalk looking down...Shelle watching Tony...Lexie and Celeste watching Tony....Tony says the killer is clever....he pulls out his sword as the tiger comes closer...the bucket falls on his head and knocks him over as the tiger attacks....it is very graphic....but very well done.

Tuesday Jan. 27

Jan’s Spoilers…..

A lot happening today so hopefully Pat and I got each other covered…..the second half of the show had some very long scenes…only two commercials.

The show starts pretty much as it ended yesterday with Tony being attacked…everyone looking on as Sami hides Will’s eyes. Hope tells Phil/Rex/Shawn to get the girls out of there. John grabs the sword and attempts to swing at the tiger as the lights go out. Tony is missing. Marlena comes running in saying she saw the attack on Tony. John wants her to be safe and asks if she can make it on her own. She says yes…he tells her he loves her and she says she knows as she leaves.

Phil/Rex/Shawn/Belle/Mimi run into Bonnie who knows a safe place to hide….as she leads the way Belle and Mimi can’t believe they are following her…they get in the cage but Mimi/Belle are not impressed by it. Belle/Mimi tell the boys to be careful…Kate/Sami arrive as Phil makes them get in the cage as well. They are still sniping at each other.

Everyone else meets up as Doug/Phil team together and take Julie to the cage. Shawn/Rex go one way as John/Hope go another. Belle sneaks out of the cage to check on John/Shawn. The killer arrives outside the cage brandishing a knife….Kate/Sami start yelling at her as Julie tells them that it isn’t a ‘good idea’ to yell like that…Sami puts a lock on the door as Julie says she isn’t sure that is a good idea….Bonnie uses her hair spray to shoot flames at the killer….Bonnie then bums a cigarette from one of the workers as Julie says she survived a serial killer, a tiger and now she’ll die from second hand smoke…Mimi convinces her to put it out….(not a good idea as it starts a fire)

Rex goes after the killer…..it’s Lucas who is hiding from the tiger (wonder where Will is?)…away they all go again….

Lexie/Celeste looking for Tony as Celeste has flashbacks of Tony at the mansion and at the circus....a long scene. Lexie/Celeste turn to see the tiger….as they try to get away the killer is on the other side of them…they start screaming as everyone comes running… Rex goes after the killer…..it’s Lucas who is hiding from the tiger (wonder where Will is?)…away they all go again….

The women are screaming as the guys go running to them. Phil/Rex go to get fire extinguishers as Doug/Lucas head out to find the key and clear everyone out. Shawn tries to open the cage door. He realizes Belle is missing and heads out to find her. Hope keeps the women calm...as calm as they can be...as Kate and Sami continue to snipe at each other.

Doug/Lucas find the roustabout (I love that word)and Doug finds the key...Lucas gets the lights on....Rex/Phil bring in fire extinguishers and they and Hope put out the fire. Belle is also having flashbacks of Shawn and John she is sure someone is following her as the killer looks on...John and Shawn tell her to be quiet as the tiger is there...it inches it's way closer to her as John can't get a clear shot. Shawn starts yelling to get the tiger away from her and John tells him to be quiet...the tiger attacks John on the neck...Belle screams as everyone comes running. Shawn fires and misses but the tiger runs away. Everyone is there as Marlena comes running in and hugs Belle...she sees John's neck and it upsets her a great deal. They hear Lexie scream and everyone runs to her. Tony is laying on the ground and you get a close-up of his face covered in blood(very gruesome)...he is alive but needs to get to the hospital. John says he has to stay alive to name the killer and it closes on Marlena's face.

I have to say there was a lot of running around today….from one place to another and all the time missing the tiger and the killer….interesting expressions on Marlena’s face.


Pat's Spoilers...

So much going on today so please excuse if I jump all over the place with my report...LOL! I tried my best.

Oh wow – they start the show with a replay of the blood being dumped on Tony and then the attack all over. The confusion, the screams, the shock of the people watching – it was all so well done. John grabs the sword to help Tony as the killer brings down the lights. When the lights come up both Tony and the tiger are gone. Doug doesn’t want Hope or John to shoot the tiger and he takes the tranquilizer gun and tells John that he will find a trainer and get him a gun that works.

Sami, Lucas and Will make it down from the catwalk and Kate is relieved they made it down safely. Will is scared so Lucas takes him out of the tent. Sami still lips off to Kate not believing that Kate is happy she is okay. Kate says you were the one that tried to kill me. Sami says I just scared you, if I wanted you dead, you would be dead.

Marlena comes out and tells John she saw what the tiger did to Tony. When John says it was the killer that orchestrated everything she says that he probably escaped under the cover of darkness when the lights were out. John says Tony was going to reveal the killer’s name so there is no way the killer will leave until Tony is dead. He says he is going to find the tiger and the killer and asks her if she can make it out on her own. She looks very scared and she is worried about Belle. She wants to know when it will be over. John tells her he loves her and she says I know and then leaves. Marlena is on her way out when she hears the tiger roar. She stares at the tiger and it turns and leaves.

Phil, Rex, Mimi and Shawn and Belle are making their way to safety but Mimi and Belle aren’t too happy when the guys say they need to keep them safe. Bonnie says if you’re looking for a safe place follow me. LOL at Belle’s remark to Mimi – “We’re following your mom?” and Mimi’s response – “Welcome to my life or story of my life,” something like that. Mimi and Belle do NOT want to go in that cage but Shawn and Rex insist. Next to get put in there is Sami and Kate. Sweet kiss between the bars between Shawn and Belle. Lexie refuses to go into the cage and she and Celeste continue to look for Tony.

John gets a new gun from Doug. John pairs up Doug with Phil (telling them to take Julie to the cage), Shawn and Rex and he and Hope. He tells them if they find the killer or the tiger to scream for help. No one should be a hero. Lexie and Celeste find the tiger is right behind them and when they try to escape by backing away slowly and get to the catwalk they see the killer. They’re trapped between the two of them. Celeste starts to scream and Hope and John come running. The tiger takes off. They tell John and Hope they saw the killer. John tells them to get in the cage – they say yes but continue to look for Tony. They hear Shawn yelling and go running. He found one of the workers who had been attacked by the tiger. Rex comes back and says he lost the tiger in the dark.

Meanwhile in the cage…let’s say the ladies are beginning to feel cooped up. Sami rants at Kate like usual. LMAO – Julie tells Sami to shut up or she’ll place the muzzle on her (she has one in her hand). In the midst of all the griping Belle says to herself that she can’t stay there when both her Dad and Shawn are in danger and she sneaks out. Bonnie calls out to someone asking if the tiger has been caught. Everyone turns and see the killer with knife in hand. Hmm what will Sami say now when she had just been accusing Kate of being the serial killer? Kate and Sami start calling the killer a monster saying that soon he will be caught and executed. Julie tells them not to antagonise the killer. Sami locks them inside the cage. Bonnie finds out the killer is out there and says no way we’re going to die. She says point me in the right direction. Mimi says on your right and Bonnie turns to her left – LOL! Mimi says your other right. She sprays her hairspray and lights her lighter causing a huge ball of flame to be directed in the killer’s direction. Phil and Doug come by and find out what happened. They’re going to look for keys. A worker comes along and Bonnie bums a smoke. Julie tells her that she survived a serial killer and a tiger – she doesn’t want to die from second hand smoke. Mimi yells at her mother to put it out. Bonnie takes a big drag and then just throws it outside of the cage onto the straw-strewn floor. Of course a fire starts and they all start screaming again and they are locked inside. To this point no one has even noticed that Belle is missing.

Rex sees someone and tackles them drawing the entire search group. It’s Lucas. A worker finds the keys to the tiger cage but the killer knocks him out and throws the keys away. Back to Celeste and Lexie – a long portion of flashbacks as Celeste recalls her visions and her time with Tony prior to his attack. Lexie refuses to abandon her brother again and Celeste sticks with her. Finally the band of merry men and Hope make their way back to center ring and see the smoke. They realise its coming from the back where the cage is. Everyone goes running except John because he hears the tiger. Shawn tries to break the lock and Hope instructs them to keep low and take short breaths – the others run out for fire extinguishers. Shawn notices that Belle is missing and goes to look for her. Another long segment of Belle’s flashbacks. She hears a sound and moves and we see that the killer is behind her and watching.

Rex and Phil run in with the fire extinguishers – they give one to Hope and they work to put the fire out. Doug and Lucas are checking to make sure everyone is out when they find the worker that the killer had knocked on. Doug sends Lucas for medical help as he searches for the keys. Belle hears a noise again and calls out asking who is there. She is standing amongst a rack of clothes and she says I know someone is watching me. We hear Shawn telling her not to move the tiger is right behind her. Of course she turns around. John says to stay still he has the tranquilizer gun but he can’t get a clear shot. The tiger starts moving towards Belle so Shawn makes noise to get it come after him. The tiger turns, Belle screams, John tries to get a shot but the tiger leaps at him. Belle screams for help and tells Shawn to do something. Shawn has a makeshift spear of sorts.

They get the fire out, Doug comes in with the keys and Lucas gets the lights back on. The women are happy to get out of the cage. LMAO at Sami and Kate and then Lucas shows up. Talk about denial – of course he doesn’t want anything to happen to her because of Will. They hear Belle screaming and all of them run. Shawn grabs the gun and Belle yells at him to shoot. He says he can’t get a clear shot. John just tells him to shoot so he does but misses – even so the tiger takes off. John tells Shawn he owes him one. John is pretty clawed up, his neck, his forehead, his shoulders, arm and chest. Shawn grabs Belle and says he can’t believe he almost lost her but she tells him she’s fine. Everyone arrives followed by Marlena. She is shocked when she sees John. They hear Lexie screaming and they all run in her direction. Tony is still alive but he’s lost a lot of blood (very gruesome looking with all that blood on him). John tells Marlena that he’ll live long enough to name the killer.

Preview: Hope is asking Marlena if she sees any woman on this list besides Nicole that they should be investigating. Brady asking Victor for solid proof that Nicole is guilty as Nicole watches. Bonnie and Mickey still in their circus outfits in the tent – Bonnie asks Mickey if the tent is spinning as she collapses in his arms. No words – just Belle melting into Shawn’s arms as he holds her close.

Wednesday Jan. 28


So much going on so forgive me if the report jumps all over the place.

Doug realises that he actually saw the serial killer when he has a flashback of running into someone when he was carrying the stack of gifts. Bonnie throws herself at Mickey because she’s so ‘upset’. Mimi says they are better off than Tony. Rex wonders how he is doing. Celeste says the killer will not rest until Tony is dead. She will finish the job. She tells them she is getting disturbing vibrations. When Mickey decides to go check on the others Bonnie conveniently has a fainting spell and falls into his arms. Mimi yells at her mother to stop faking (Rex is now holding her). Rex says she fainted but then Bonnie opens her eyes but closes them as soon as she hears Mickey return. Mickey uses smelling salts and insists on taking her to the hospital. Bonnie is thrilled because he cares – Julie is watching this and just rolls her eyes.

Shawn asks Belle how she is (he’s coughing). She’s worried about him and so grateful to him for saving her and her Dad. He says he is fine as he continues to cough. Belle says that someone they loved could have been hurt. He lays his forehead against hers and then kisses her.

John is cleaning his wounds when Marlena comes in. She offers to help and then asks if he has heard how Tony is doing. He says he was just about to check in with Hope about that. They go to Hope and she says with all the evidence they’ve collected its obvious the serial killer planned the attack and released the tiger. She is thankful all the children are safe. Marlena says that is the most important thing. Doug and Julie tell them that Doug saw the killer (Marlena looks stunned) but then says he only saw the person from behind and doesn’t have any idea who it is. John asks Marlena where she was and she tells him that she was in a backstage dressing room the entire time. Doug remembers checking them all and when John and Hope are talking he asks her she lied. He lets her know that he checked all the dressing rooms and she wasn’t there. John and Hope are looking at a list of women that were at the circus and they both concur that Nicole is the likely suspect. Hope says that is why she sent a cop there.

Marlena asks Doug if he is accusing her of lying. He says you weren’t there. She pretends to think and says she was terrified, panicked and gosh, he’s right. She was in a storage room on the other side of the tent. He says it’s understandable – everyone was panicked. Hope and John give her the list to look at and she says she can’t see anyone else besides Nicole. Shawn and Belle come in and Belle says Shawn is suffering from smoke inhalation. He says he’s fine but his mother and Julie gang up on him and he’s off to the hospital. Belle pleads with John to go and get looked after as well so he also gives in.

Nicole plays Brady for a sap pretending she can’t face Victor. He says he will protect her. They go and Vic calls her a murderess and says someone is waiting for you. A cop comes into the room and she asks if she is under arrest. Vic laughs at her and asks her if she has a guilty conscious. The cop says he is to watch her in case she is needed for questioning and goes out to sit in the car. Nicole lashes out at Victor but he just says as soon as Tony regains consciousness he will name you as the Salem Stalker. Brady asks Victor why he doesn’t think Nicole is innocent. Victor tells him that he only wants to see the good in people and doesn’t see what Nicole really is. Brady asks for proof that Nicole is a killer and Victor tells him that can be arranged. Brady is shocked. Nicole asks to speak to Victor alone. She tells him she isn’t the stalker but he doesn’t believe her. He asks her how it feels to know the walls are closing in on her. Brady tells Nicole that he believes she is innocent. Of course she throws herself in his arms.

Tony is taken to the ER. Not a pretty sight. The doctor says they’re losing him. He’s stabilized and Lexie talks to him saying she is sorry for thinking he was the killer. She tells him when he comes to he can tell them who the killer is. He squeezes her hand.

Everyone descends on the hospital. Belle asks Marlena to make sure Shawn is looked after. Mickey calls a doctor to check out Bonnie. Belle asks Mimi why they are there. Mimi flat out says her mother faked a fainting spell to get Mickey’s attention. Julie lightly lectures Mickey about his relationship with Bonnie. Mickey says Bonnie is a welcome distraction from thinking of what he has lost – they are just friends. Julie apologises but tells Doug that Bonnie has dollar signs in her eyes when she looks at Mickey. Doug tells her to stay out of it but Julie says she can’t and won’t. The doctor tells Bonnie she is fine and she tells him she has no insurance and seeing as she was volunteering at the Horton Foundation fundraiser she doesn’t think she should have to pay. He goes up and she starts stuffing her purse with supplies. Mickey comes in and she tells him she’s fine but she shouldn’t be alone and asks if they could go back to his place and have another sleepover. Mimi comes in and Mickey goes to get her release papers. Bonnie is angry at Mimi for interrupting (she does have a knack for that doesn’t she?). Bonnie and Mickey do end up leaving together. Julie can’t believe Mickey is being so naïve.

Hope and John are besides Tony’s bed. John wishes that he would have believed Tony when he said he was innocent. John says you need to wake up and tell us who did this. Tony opens his eyes. Meanwhile a white frocked figure carrying a doctor’s bag and wearing latex gloves unlocks a drug supply closet. We see the figure open the black bag and throw the mask and black hooded sweatshirt into a receptacle for contaminated material. Then the person unlocks the drug cabinet and pulls out a vial. It’s very obvious that this is a woman’s hand. The syringe is filled and the person puts the syringe in the pocket of the white frock.

Just as Tony is about to tell John and Hope who the stalker is Lexie storms in and tells them to get out. Tony tries to tell her but she tells him to rest. She tells John and Hope that they will have to wait until Tony stabilizes. She then takes John to check his wound. Celeste watches and says you are wrong Lexie – Tony will never stabilize. He doesn’t have long to live.

Marlena tells Belle Shawn is fine and will be released soon. Belle wants her to get back with John but Marlena says it’s not that easy but does agree to talk to him. She walks away and Shawn comes out. He tells Belle everything will be all right. She tells him that she doesn’t think anything will be right again. He holds her. She apologises for acting this way. He says it’s understandable. She didn’t think her parents break-up would affect her this way and tells him she never told anyone this before but she doesn’t think she could survive if she lost her Mom or Dad. Hope and John talk about the report Hope just got from Tek. John says Tony is lucky to be alive. Celeste says but not for long. By Tony’s bed Lexie is telling him she won’t leave him as we see the shadow of a hand pulling on a latex glove. Now I’m really confused because the next scene Marlena is talking to John about Belle. She’s concerned about how she is dealing with their current situation. He says let me move back home. She says it is not as simple as that but they need to make sure Belle is alright. He agrees and she thanks him for understanding. He says he doesn’t. Belle tells Shawn that for the first time in her life she doesn’t know if her parent’s can save their relationship. Lexie talks to Hope as we see the policeman protecting Tony nod and open the curtain and let someone in. The person closes the curtain and pulls out the syringe. Lexie goes to see another patient. Celeste tells Hope and John that the killer is about to strike again. Tony opens his eyes and says I was right. It is you. Marlena says you’re just too smart for your own good. Very chilling!

Preview: Brady asking Nicole if she is innocent and she answers no. Belle and Shawn in the loft…looks like Shawn just had a shower, wet hair – bare chest – he’s talking about Tony saying the serial killer is a woman – someone they all now. Belle asks if he has any idea. He says no but he hopes that whoever it is rots in hell. John telling Lexie the cop said he let a doctor in but he didn’t know who she was. Marlena saying ‘prepare to meet your maker, Count.’

Thursday Jan. 29

Jan’s Spoilers…….

This will be short and sweet tonight….

Before I start what can I say about Deidre Hall…..the woman had me mesmerized throughout the show….she was awesome and I absolutely loved watching her.

At the loft….ykw is outside on the fire escape (in a yellow rain slicker and hat as it is pouring rain)…Shelle come in. Belle tells him that she wants to do something special for him as he looks at her and asks what (check out the voice)she tells him to take his clothes off (check out the smirk and raised eyebrow…LOL)he does and comes towards her in his boxers she tells him to lay on his stomach on the couch as he says yes ma’am…she kisses his neck and trails a few kisses down his spine as she begins to massage him…he turns over and she wraps her legs and arms around him and kisses him….she comes back and he is in his sweats, she tells him her Dad phoned and Tony still hasn’t said anything…she asks him if he knows who it is but he says no but whoever it is should rot in hell…later he is laying on the couch as she gives him something to drink and a car mag and comic book to read…she says she’d like everything to be back to normal when this is over…his Dad home..her parents back together..he prays she is right as he holds her.

At the mansion….Nicole is playing Brady…telling him about her ‘affair’ with Colin…the blackmail…that Victor has doctored the evidence…Brady goes to find him as Nicole sneaks out of the house (so much for police surveillance)….Brady can’t believe what Victor has done as Vic goes to get the evidence….Brady says I already know that you fixed it as Victor tells him to be careful he is skating on thin ice…Vic wants Nicole to come down as Henderson (we don’t see him)tells him she left by the service entrance.…Vic and Brady head to the hospital.

At the hospital…..(I sure hope Pat got most of this because I can’t remember it all)…Celeste is freaking out with Hope/Lexie/John….Lexie takes her to her office to lay down…Celeste is having visions of Tony and the killer…she awakens and tries to leave…the door is locked, the lights go out and the window blows open…she collapses to the floor crying Anthony’s name…the lights come back on and there is a picture on the floor…she picks it up…it is of Lexie and Tony (he is a skeleton)…Lexie comes in and Celeste tells her it is too late. Hope/John outside Tony’s cubicle (those curtains must be soundproof)Marlena is inside with Tony (I’ll let Pat give you the dialogue…LOL)telling him about Cassie…telling him he is just like Stefano…explaining the drug she is giving him and what it will do…telling him he would have had her if it wasn’t for his ego…(she almost gets caught as John comes in)the cop out front told John there was a female Dr. inside as John comes in…Tony is trying to talk to him as Lexie rushes in and stops him…they decide to make a list of who can visit and leave…Marlena comes back in and puts the syringe in his IV…then kisses him and sneaks off (the cop is on the phone with his wife…LOL)she heads out to throw out the syringe and change…she comes out of the room and John finds her and asks where she has been….she says praying for Tony…the hear a code blue for Dr. Carver and take off (Nicole has been in Tony’s room trying to find out what he is going to say…..she drops her purse and a barrette falls out…(convenient)…she leaves when he flatlines)…..Lexie wants to give Tony a shot of adreneline (she can’t understand what happened to him)…John approves as next of kin…Marlena says no it’s not ethical but John tells her they need to do it to find out the killer….Victor and Brady see Nicole as Vic asks what she has done…she tells him nothing this time…in the cubicle Lexie gives Tony the shot and they ask him who did it…he looks around at everyone…Hope/Lexie/Celeste/John and stops at Marlena as the show ends.

IMO….Marlena knows she is doing it and looks a little worried at the end of the show.

I have to say I enjoyed Marlena’s scenes today and Deidre did a fantastic job…her eyes and voice….awesome.

Enjoy…….so much for being short…LOL.

Pat's Spoilers...

Kind of a replay of the final scene with Marlena telling Tony he’s too smart for his own good. She also tells him that he’s beaten death a lot of times. She says ‘prepare to meet your maker, Count’ as Tony’s hand is slowly moving towards the call button. Marlena taunts Tony. She tells him you probably want to know why. So did Cassie as she was pleading for her life. She says only you and Cassie figured it out. She says if he didn’t have as big an ego as Stefano and have to make a big production of it he might have been able to stop her. She notices him trying to ring the call button and she yanks it out of his hand. She says no one will save you this time, not even your heroic half-brother John. John’s voice is then heard.

More of Nicole playing Brady as Victor phones the hospital to find out how Tony is doing. She tells him that Victor made a deal with Tony. Tony would name her as the killer and Victor’s hands would stay clean. Brady has a hard time believing that Victor would go to Tony for help. He says it doesn’t matter if she is being framed, he will help her prove her innocence. He asks her if she is innocent and she says not exactly. She tells him that she cheated on Victor with Colin Murphy and that is when Victor stopped loving her. She says Victor than killed Colin on their wedding day and has enough manufactured evidence stored in the safe to keep her in line. She says she threatened to take him down as an accessory but if Tony names her as the killer she’ll go to jail and Victor will get away with it. Brady goes to confront Victor. When he leaves the room she says one down and one to go. She says she’ll do whatever she it takes to stop Tony and leaves. Brady asks Victor how he could frame Nicole and Vic says she’s playing you. Brady says she told him everything, about her affair, about the blackmail and about him shooting Colin. Victor says he didn’t want to do this and goes to the safe and Brady asks him if he’s going to pull out the manufactured evidence. Vic says we will settle this once and for all and calls for Nicole. They find out that she snuck out the servant’s entrance. Brady wonders where she went and Victor says to the hospital to kill Tony. They both take off.

Celeste is trying to convince Lexie, Hope and John that Tony is going to die. Lexie says he will recover. Celeste says the killer won’t let him recover. John waves that off saying that there is a policeman posted to watch Tony. Celeste reminds them that Caroline and Maggie had around the clock police protection and that didn’t stop the killer. John and Hope go to check on Tony. Lexie tells Celeste to lie down and get some rest. She does and starts dreaming that she is with Tony and he’s telling her it’s too late. She turns and sees the killer in the black hooded sweatshirt and mask and says ‘it’s you.’ She wakes up and tries to get out of the room but she can’t. She pounds on the door – the wind blows the windows open. She tries the phone but can’t dial out. She says the forces of evil are at work. A photo of Tony and Lexie that had been on Lexie’s desk is now on the floor. She picks it up and Tony is now basically a skeleton. Lexie comes in and Celeste says it’s too late. The killer has struck again.

I’m not going to say much about ykw and I’m certainly not commenting on the jantasies. I’ll let you form your own thoughts about them but they continue in the same vein – always about Belle watching as Shawn puts her down and chooses Jan. She’s standing outside in the rain watching through a window. Belle tells Shawn that they should have stayed at the hospital in case Tony names the killer. Shawn says they had enough and someone will call if Tony talks. He starts talking about how he almost lost her but she stops him and says he was the one in danger for not hesitating to save her or her father. She kisses him and then tells him that bravery like that should be rewarded. Love how husky his voice is when he asks what she has in mind and then the look on his face when she tells him to take his clothes off…LOL!

Shawn strips down to his boxers (grey…fitted…like the white ones Rex wore when he did his song and dance routine for Mimi) and he asks her again what she has planned. She tells him to lie on his stomach on the couch. LOL – he say’s yes ma’am and she straddles him and says she is going to give her hero a massage as she leans over and kisses him down his back. He turns over and sits up a bit with her in his lap. She wraps her arms around his neck and they kiss. When she comes back from her apartment carrying a blender Shawn is sitting by the window watching the rain. He says it’s kind of soothing. He says that Tony says the killer is a woman they all know and Belle asks him if he has any idea of who it is. He just says whoever it is should rot in hell. She brings him a glass of the drink she made and his car magazine and comic book he wanted. He says he was just kidding but she says it doesn’t come close to repaying him for what he did for her. She tells him that her Dad called her cell and said there was no change in Tony’s condition. She says Tony will name the killer, his Dad will come home and her parents will get back together and things will go back to normal. He pulls her down on top of him on the couch and kisses her forehead as he holds her close saying he hopes she is right.

John talks to the cop and asks if everything is quiet and if anyone has tried to get in to see Tony. He says just some nurses and a doctor is in with him now. John asks which doctor and the cop says he doesn’t know but the doctor had the proper credentials. John says he’ll check himself and opens the curtain and only Tony is there. Marlena is hiding. John is going to leave but he notices that Tony has lifted his hand. He asks Tony what he wants to say. Lexie pulls John away and ties into him again. John says he was just checking on him because the cop said a doctor went in but he didn’t know who she was. Lexie takes Hope and John with her to give them a list of authorized personnel. After they get the list John says he’ll make the cop gets it and only those on the list with the proper identification can get in. Hope tells him to take a break and call Belle because she was pretty upset. John says she is having a hard time with her parent’s breaking up. Hope says things will get back to normal when this is over. John says unless Tony names the killer Marlena won’t believe it’s not him.

Marlena says to Tony that was close and then she tells him what the drug is going to do to his body. God … what an evil voice. She is taking great pleasure in describing how he is going to die. She then injects the drug into his IV saying this phoenix will never rise again. When she is done she calls him Count and kisses him. She sees the cop standing right outside and waits until he is distracted by a flower delivery to make her escape. Tony tries to call out but can’t. Marlena goes back to the storage room and gets rid of the syringe, gloves and frock coat and retrieves her purse. She is standing outside and she bows her head when John comes and asks her where she was. She says in the chapel praying for Tony.

Nicole sneaks into Tony’s cubicle while the cop takes a cell phone call from his ‘love’. Nicole asks Tony if he is going to name her as the killer and says she is innocent. She asks him who the killer is. He mouths the name Marlena or that is certainly what it looks like but Nicole isn’t paying attention. She gets momentarily startled and drops her purse and a clip falls out onto the floor. Tony’s monitor start beeping and Nicole takes off – the cop is still on the phone. Lexie is paged to the trauma room for a Code Blue. John and Marlena hear the page and John knows its Tony and takes off. Marlena breathes a sigh of relief. Nicole runs into Brady and Victor and denies that she was there to kill Tony. She says she wasn’t in Tony’s room and no one can prove differently. Brady gives her a strange look. In Tony’s room Lexie tells Hope, John, Marlena and Celeste that Tony’s organs are failing. One thing might keep him alive long enough to name the killer – a shot of adrenaline. Marlena says she can’t do that – the man is in unable pain and they shouldn’t prolong it. John says he understands her position but they have to know who the killer is. Lexie asks Tony if she can give him the shot and he nods yes. The shot is given and they ask who the killer is. The show ends with Tony looking at Marlena.

I concur with Jan - Marlena knows what she is doing...and my god when she tells Tony how Cassie begged for her life...it will send a cold chill up your spine. Excellent performance by DH!

Preview: Brady asking Nicole “all things being equal would you still want to be Mrs. Victor Kiriakis”. John saying to Marlena “I think who you know who the next victim will be.” Mimi telling Rex he loved you like a Dad, he still does, let’s just go to the hospital. Rex says no. Lexie asking Tony to tell him who the killer is and John asking as well as Tony struggles to speak.

Friday Jan. 30


Mimi and Rex watch the news report about Tony going into cardiac arrest. Mimi tries to get Rex to go to the hospital but he refuses. He says it’s too late to make it right. Mimi doesn’t want him blaming himself but Rex says he should have trusted him. She says that he doesn’t have to go through this alone – she loves him. He says he loves her and that she is the only family he has. Then they kiss and he carries her to the bedroom. After they make love he says maybe he should ask Tony’s forgiveness. He talks about how he’s changed - he’s gone from being a DiMera to a Brady – rich to having nothing. She tells him that he has her. He says that she makes him a better person.

Victor accuses Nicole of trying to kill Tony again and Brady defends her. Victor tells him she is a cold-blooded killer – Brady should open his eyes. Nicole again tells them that she wasn’t in Tony’s room. She says she never had a chance to get in. She was going to beg Tony to call off the deal he made with Victor to name her as the killer. Victor tells Brady his mission if he chooses to accept is to make sure his wife doesn’t disappear again. Nicole asks Brady who he is going to believe. He tells her that Victor told him what she had done. Nicole looks surprised. He asks what lies Victor told him. He asks her if she could go back would she change anything, not have the affair with Colin – would she still want to be married to Victor. She tells him she would give up everything if she could find a man she could be herself with – a man like him. But she knows she has no chance with him because he doesn’t trust her. Than she goes for sympathy saying that Victor is trying to make her look worse than Jeffrey Dahlmer. Victor comes back (he went to check on Tony – Tony died and after he was wheeled out, Vic went into the cubicle and found Nicole’s hair clip) and says Tony is dead. He says she lied to him when she says she never was in Tony’s room. She again says she wasn’t. He asks her how her hairclip was in his cubicle. Brady confronts her and she admits she lied but only because she’s innocent. He says I’m supposed to believe you. She says yes. He says so you lied before and now I’m supposed to believe you. She runs away crying repeating that she is innocent. Victor is pleased that Brady didn’t run after her this time. Brady says she lied to me. Victor just laughs and says join the club.

Now the scenes before Tony dies I won’t get into too much. Lexie, John and Celeste are all trying to get him to name the killer. We hear his thoughts. He’s telling John that his beloved doc, his wife is the killer. Lexie can’t figure out why he can’t speak after the shot of adrenalin was given to him. Celeste tells him to focus and try and give them a sign. Brilliant moment when his hand quickly moves and grabs on to Marlena. She gasps but recovers and says Its Marlena. I’m here. She tells Lexie she is sorry but his grip is weakening. There are lots of flashbacks as Tony remembers what Marlena did and said to him. He dies. Marlena is a real piece of work – you’ll be amazed at how duplicitous she is as she comforts Lexie telling her how unfair it is that she had to lose both her husband and her brother. She tells Lexie she is there for her. She’s in the hospital – she can come and talk to her anytime. Lexie than mentions that she is going to do an autopsy on Tony and Marlena is surprised. She asks why. Lexie said I want to know why he went into cardiac arrest. Marlena says being attacked by a tiger would give anyone a heart attack. Lexie says all his organs were shutting down as if his body was given a dose of some toxin. She goes to do the autopsy with another doctor. She gets the initial lab report and is shocked by whatever she sees in the report. She goes to John and he asks if she found anything. Her response – you can say that.

John is making notes about Tony’s demise including the fact that Tony grabbed Marlena’s hand. He asks Marlena why Tony would do that. She explains that when people are dying they sometimes go back to a point in their life and he was probably remembering the feelings he had for her. John says she is probably right. He says the killer (she) isn’t going to stop and he says Marlena knows who will be next. She asks if that is a joke because it sounded crazy to her. He says no it’s because of your background in criminal psychology. He wants her to come up with a revised profile. He says Tony was smart and he figured it out. Maybe if the two of them worked together they could come up with the killer’s identity. She says she’ll get working on it and turns to go to her office. John tells her that at some point they need to sit down and talk about us and their marriage but she just walks away from him.

After Tony dies and everyone leaves his cubicle – his ‘ghost’ sits up and curses Marlena. As his body is being taken away Celeste hears him calling for her so she tells Lexie she’s going to her office to lie down. When she gets there Tony is sitting in Lexie’s chair in his samurai outfit. He tells her that she has to stop the killer before she kills again. Lexie doesn’t want him to tell her the name because everyone that knows who the killer is has died. He says she already knows – all she needs to do is connect the dots. She doesn’t want to help because she doesn’t want to die. He says she won’t die as long as she uses the knowledge she has. Marlena stands outside the door and can hear Celeste’s side of the conversation. She knocks on the door and asks her if she can help. Celeste if I was to tell you wouldn’t believe me. Marlena says ‘try me' and the show ends with the killer’s mask superimposed over Marlena’s face.

Okay on to the Belle and Shawn scenes. They are in her apartment. Shawn is working on the radiator – he’s shirtless and wearing track pants. Belle looks gorgeous…wearing lavender lace hipster briefs with a matching bra with a white v-neck shirt. They’re both sweating. He says it’s so hot in here it’s like being at the beach as he grabs some bottled water. She’s says yeah a nude beach because if you didn’t fix the radiator I was about to get naked. Shawn says in that case he’ll open the valve because getting naked sounds like a good idea. They start fooling around, teasing each other – he falls back on the couch with her on top of him. They stop fooling around when the TV reporter says they are going to show the tiger attack. Shawn can’t believe they will show that on TV and Belle nestles into his neck. The reporter than says Tony has gone into cardiac arrest. Shawn says that means the killer will be free to kill again and Belle is worried that one of them could be her next victim.

Belle is standing by the window watching the rain. Shawn gets up off the couch and comes up behind her and kisses the back of her head. She says that Tony has to name the killer – it’s the only chance for her parents to get back together. She worries that because of Celeste’s prediction a lot of people think of her Dad as a suspect including his father. He said it’s his father’s job to investigate all leads. She says that her mother is afraid of her father – she can see it in her eyes. He says they love each other but she still isn’t comforted. He tells her that before Tony was attacked he said the killer was a woman so that gets her Dad off the hook. She says when she is caught she wants her to suffer for all the pain that she has caused her family. (Oh my Belle…)

Cute short little scene. They are in Belle’s bed. Shawn is propped up against the headboard and Belle is laying on his chest…his fingers skimming over her bare shoulders and back. She tells him that Mimi used to be jealous of her perfect life but it isn’t so perfect anymore. He tells her that all couples go through rough patches – they did. She just wants her Mom to wake up and realise her Dad is not her enemy. Shawn says she is just scared right now but she would never jeopardise what she has with John.

Shawn gets up to check his phone for messages. Belle figures that if no one called it must mean Tony is still alive. Shawn decides they should have a pillow fight. It’s so cute – he ends up tickling her. They get momentarily distracted by something on television and then they hear Rex and Mimi making love – the noise carries through the vent. Shawn says not again and Belle says they go at like rabbits – LOL. Then she has The Fantasy…

Candles lit…Shawn in his grey boxers carrying her to the bed…she’s in her bra and panties. He lays her down on the pillows and they share a short kiss. He gets up and removes his boxers as she watches and smiles. He lies on top of her and they kiss and she tells him she is ready and asks him to make love to her. He says there is something they have to do first. He removes her purity ring and then his and puts them in her hand. She puts them on the night table. When she rolls over they are both naked entwined in the sheets. Very sensual…as he caresses her and she caresses him – the kisses are hot and sweet…her leg over his, his over her as she rolls on top or he rolls over her. Side by side as she entwines her fingers in his hair she tells him she loves him. He smiles and says I love you Belle Black. They kiss … and the fantasy ends and we hear more of Rex and Mimi. She says I can’t take this anymore and he says he can’t either and he lowers her to the bed and they start kissing and of course the phone rings. It’s John asking how they are doing, in particular Belle. Shawn says she is fine and wants to know if Tony named the killer yet. John says I got some bad news about that.

Shawn and Belle go over to his loft. Mimi says they are just about to go to the hospital because Rex has unfinished business there. Belle and Shawn don’t say anything but Rex sees the tears on Belle’s face and says No. Shawn says ‘I’m sorry Rex’.

Preview: Lucas telling Sami to admit that she loves him. Shawn saying to Hope that it’s like the killer is a ghost. Hope says she is very real. Mimi tells Belle that she wishes she had waited like her and Shawn have. Celeste saying to John – you mean the killer is someone on staff here at the hospital…Marlena is there as well…John says It’s a damn good bet.

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