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Monday Feb. 2

Jan’s Spoilers……

Before I start on the show I’d like to take a minute and say a few words on the first anniversary of the Sneak Peek. It is hard to imagine that it has been a year since Pat and I started posting this. The Blue Note has grown so much over this time and there are a lot of new faces. The face of the show we love has changed and the couple that we love and the reason we are here has grown. Shelle may have brought us together but the friendships that we have made will continue to keep us together. I have had the chance to get to know a lot of people and a lot of them have become good friends. Terri, Deb, Trix, Hope, Des, Kim, Lauren, Jen, Ree thanks for everything through the year…you have all truly been amazing and I don’t think I would have made it through without you.…it has been a special time and experience. Dee…Thank you for making the board such a special place for Shelle fans and for the time and effort you have put in. Pat…what can I say…it has truly been an honor and a pleasure to work with you on this over the year…I have had so much fun doing it. To everyone that reads….Thank you. It has been a wonderful experience and one that I hope we can continue with. And a special THANK YOU to Miss Trix for the beautiful banner. Now onto the show.

A lot happening today so I’m counting on Pat to pick up my slack.

At Sami’s apt……Lucas wants an explanation as to what Sami said about loving him. She backtracks and has a flashback to the car and her saying I love you…she said I told you I said Will and I don’t know why. She tells him he doesn’t care and he says I don’t but I want an explanation. Lucas tells her this is her chance for a major breakthrough – he tells her that he knows her better than anyone better than himself. There is a knock on the door it is Kate…Sami tells her that her timing is impeccable – she calls Kate the merri widow and tells her to take Lucas and leave…Lucas tells Sami he’ll deal with her later. Sami is crying and Will comes out and gives her a tissue…he tells her he heard everything, Will tells her she’s crying because she is in love – he says it’s Dad – she tells him she can’t make it happen that her and Lucas will be together. Will tells her Lucas loves her. She asks him about it and he says it was in his sleep but he knows that he meant her. He doesn’t want to go back to sleep so they are going to make cookies…he wants to know why Kate doesn’t want them together…she tells Will it would kill Kate for them to be together and then gets a wicked smile on her face….when Kate and Lucas get back she goes up to him and puts a finger on his lip and kisses him….he backs away and then comes in for another one as Kate watches.

At the pub….Lucas and Kate are there for dinner. She tells Lucas not to lie to her she can see through him. He says it is for Sami but Kate knows that Sami has her ‘claws’ in him…he doesn’t deny it. Kate gets up and they head back to the apartment she tells him she has lost her appetite.

At Rex’s loft…..Mimi tells Belle she wants to be there for Rex but if he doesn’t want her there isn’t much she can do…they talk about sex as Mimi tells her that she wishes she had waited….that sex complicates things…Belle says not having sex complicates things and it isn’t as much fun…Mimi tells her not to compromise…Belle is worried that it won’t be all that with Shawn…they talk a bit about Belle’s parents as Belle says she was always the good one and that Sami got pregnant early…she says being married doesn’t guarantee a future….she doesn’t need her parents approval any longer…Mimi explains about the first time….and tells Belle not to do it for the sake of doing it…Belle says I want to do it because I’m in love as they head to the hospital.

At the hospital…Marlena is in with Celeste as we see Celeste having a vision of the mask, the tiger and Marlena. Marlena has in her pocket the meds she gave Tony and gets the syringe ready…but Celeste doesn’t really know (yet)…they talk about Celeste’s physic powers and that she thinks out of the realm…Marlena says you mean you hear dead people…Celeste says you believed me about John killing you as Marlena asks how he is going to kill her and then asks what Caroline saids….she asks Celeste again how her husband is going to kill her as John walks in….he tells them how Tony died and Celeste says I guess we can assume it is an employee as John says good assumption.

Lexie is telling Hope/John how Tony died. She says that whoever killed him is someone they trust…John says he didn’t believe Tony at first but this proves he knew who did it (he goes to see Marlena see above)…Hope is on the phone as Rex comes in…Lexie hugs him and Rex can’t believe it as Lexie tells him what happened. He says Cassie knew who did it and Tony knew who did it…he’s a genius and he hasn’t figured it out yet…he wants to go and see Tony. Hope and Shawn talk as she tells him about the drug…he can’t believe it either and says Bo would be upset by all of this…Hope says we couldn’t keep Abe and Roman safe and they were our own…we had cops guarding the others and couldn’t keep them safe…Tony was prepared and we had cops watching the circus to keep him out…Shawn says it’s like it’s a ghost…Hope says it’s very real…Shawn wants to know if she thinks Billie could help and Hope says what is more important is that your Dad is safer in Europe…Shawn says he’ll be there for her as they hug….Hope is talking to cop on duty asking him questions…he tells her he saw no one expect the medical staff he let in…she berates him a little and he says the doctor was blondish, skinnyish and tallish and Hope says that is a wonderful description…Marlena and John come in….Lexie and Rex go to Marlena as Lexie says Rex wants to see Tony…Marlena doesn’t think it’s a good idea but Lexie disagrees…they leave as the cop spots Marlena and pulls out his cuffs…she asks what is going on he says that is the woman I saw…she explains that she was there after being at the chapel to see Tony…she forgot to tell them…John says maybe you can help…she then remembers a nurse…Hope says what did she look like…she says she had on a surgical mask….Shawn says I’m sure she did…Marlena gives him a look that could kill (very scary)….Shawn walks away as Marlena continues on …..they ask if it could have been Nicole…Marlena isn’t sure….she says she is sorry she couldn’t be more help and turns and leaves with a very evil smile on her face….Hope goes at the cop and relieves him of duty….Rex goes to see Tony in the morgue and keeps repeating I am a DiMera…..he comes back up and thanks Shawn for being there for him…he mentions the Brady/DiMear feud and says he is going to try to figure this out…Shawn say you will…Rex says we will as they shake and Shawn says till the end….(oh, oh)….Lexie wants to take Celeste to see Marlena but then says no…but Celeste wants to do it…in Marlena’s office John comes in and asks Marlena why…she picks up a letter opener and they hug she lifts it up as she says she is sorry…he says you should have told me you were in danger….she says she didn’t think of that…Belle/Mimi arrive as Mimi goes to Rex and says I hope your not mad I’m here…he says no I needed you….Shawn tells Belle he is glad she’s there as she says I couldn’t stay away a minute longer….she wants to talk to him but not there as she tells him she loves him very, very, much…he says the same and they kiss. Celeste and Lexie arrive at Marlena’s office and Lexie says maybe we should wait….Celeste looks in and says killer, Marlena as Marlena stares at her outside the door.

Wonderful performance again today by DH….the looks, the actions…chilling.

Enjoy and have a great weekend!!!!!!!

Pat's Spoiler...

It’s the one year anniversary of the Sneak Peek today so I would like to take the time to say few thank-you – so please indulge me. First and foremost- Thank You Jan – my partner in ‘peeking’. She has the art form down perfectly – she can say it all so succinctly and cover it beautifully. An art form I obviously haven’t mastered as you will tell by my long rambling report tonight. Thank you to Trix for at one time providing Jan and I with screen caps to use and now posting video clips to go along with the peek. Also thank you to JJ for the caps each night. I know how much work it is for you and we do appreciate it. Thank you to Dee for providing us with the forum that indulges are desire to talk about the show. And last but not least – thank you to all of you that take the time to read it, watch it and look at the caps and then take the time to post about it. Hopefully we’ll be around to celebrate anniversary number two. Thanks again everyone!!!!! I feel so blessed to have found so many new friends.

I have to say right up front that I love the outfit Sami is wearing today…that pale yellow colour suits her. Lucas tells her that he has Will settled for the night as Sami is leafing through a magazine. She tells him to leave and gets up off the couch and starts pushing him out the door. He asks her why she is in such a rush to rid of him. Her answer is because she hates him. He just smiles and says no you don’t you love me. She has a flashback to blurting out that she loves him. She says she explained it already. She said Will loves you. He says I know what you said and I’m not leaving here until you admit you love me. She turns the tables on him and asks him if he hates her so much what difference it makes to him how she feels. He’s pressuring her more when there is a knock on the door. It’s Kate. Sami is not happy to see her and they exchange words. Kate and Lucas leave and Sami starts to cry.

Will comes out of his room and brings tissue to his mom. He tells her he heard everything she said, Dad said and Grandma Kate said. Sami says she’s not crying because of what Grandma Kate said. He says he knows, she is crying because she is in love and it’s with Dad. She tells him it’s time to get to bed. He says it’s okay because Dad loves her too. He told him. Sami looks surprised. She asks him when Lucas told him that. Will tells her he heard his Dad talking in his sleep and he said I love you. When questioned he admits he didn’t say a name but he tells her he knows he meant her. Will can’t understand why Grandma Kate acts like she doesn’t want his parents together. Sami says that Kate would probably hate it if she and Lucas were together and then she gets this look on her face. Oh oh…Sami has a plan…LOL! Will can’t sleep so they decide to make cookies.

Kate and Lucas are having supper at the Brady pub. Lucas again uses Will as the reason he is spending so much time with Sami but Kate tells him he hasn’t been able to lie to her since he was five. She says you let Sami Brady get under your skin. He asks her what happened to giving Sami a chance like she promised Roman. She says you haven’t fallen for Sami, have you? She takes one look at him and gets up and says come on we’re leaving. He says we just got our salads – she tells him she lost her appetite, maybe permanently. They go back to Sami’s and Will and Sami are eating cookies. Lucas asks why he is awake and eating sugar. Sami gets up with a smile on her face and tells Lucas she is so happy that he came back and she kisses him. He looks at her puzzled and then pulls her in for a really deep kiss as Kate watches stunned.

Lexie tells John and Hope that the Salem Stalker made sure Tony couldn’t talk by administering atropine in the hospital. She says the killer left a calling card and I’m holding it. Lexie says the killer didn’t have time to plan this so it has to be someone familiar with drugs and dosages. Someone they all know and trust because they were questioned.

Marlena tells Celeste to talk to her. Celeste calls her gift a curse. She wonders why she can’t identify the killer. She looks at Marlena and sees the killer’s mask, the tiger and Marlena again. Celeste is beginning to panic and Marlena is filling the syringe again. She gets Celeste to sit down. Celeste then says she doesn’t know who the killer is. Marlena says she should have some tests done, she might have a tumour, it could be a psychiatric problem. Celeste disagrees and tells her people should accept that some can go beyond the realm. Marlena says than they would all be talking to the dead. Celeste says but you believe me because I told you Abe and Roman appeared to me and told me Tony was innocent so you testified on his behalf. She reminds her that she also believes her premonition that John is going to kill her. Marlena starts pushing Celeste for more information on how John is going to do this when John walks in and asks what is going on. John than explains that the preliminary autopsy report shows that Tony was poisoned. Celeste asks if that means that the killer is someone on staff at University Hospital. John says it looks that way.

Mimi tells Belle that she feels guilty because they were making love while Tony was dying. She wonders if that is what Rex will be remembering the next time they make love. Mimi mentions that Rex lost his sister, his real father and now the man he thought was his father. Belle says that he is lucky because he has her. Mimi isn’t sure that she is what Rex needs – he needs more than her. Mimi tells Belle that her Rex were together before they even knew each other, before they were committed. Belle says that she has mentioned this before but she thought things had gotten better between them. Mimi says that sex complicates things. She wishes she could go back in time. She wishes that she had waited like they have. Belle tells her that waiting is complicated too and not near as much fun. Mimi tells Belle to trust her and not compromise on this. She should wait until her and Shawn are married and it will be wonderful.

Belle tells Mimi that the walls aren’t that thick and what with the vents and all that they can hear her and Rex when…Mimi is mortified. Belle says how can you say sex is not all that when it obviously is. If you believe the movies and books it’s like you see stars and fireworks. Mimi says well yes it is like that. So Belle says you can have all that and yet you tell me I can’t. Mimi tries to explain what she means – she says it is about being in control of your body and your. Belle will make love to a man after she is totally committed to and has no doubts about. Belle asks her if she has doubts. Mimi says she has. She loves Rex but she doesn’t know if they will spend their lives together. Belle says but she is sure that Shawn and her will. She always believed that if she was ready to have sex she would be ready to get married but face it she’s in college. If she told people that she was ready to marry Shawn they would say she was to young and it would be a huge mistake. Bottom line – she knows that she doesn’t want to be with anyone but Shawn – ever and asks if that isn’t enough of a commitment. She says a wedding ceremony doesn’t guarantee forever. Mimi says you’re talking about your parents now and tells her that they love each other. Belle says their love wasn’t enough to keep them together. Mimi says it was that weird premonition of Celeste’s that caused the problem but she knows that Belle’s Dad would never hurt her Mother. Belle says she was always so worried about letting her parents down, Sami got pregnant as a teenage so she never wanted to disappoint her parents. Mimi asks if that has changed now because they’re separated. Belle says what they think isn’t so important to her anymore. Mimi tells her she has to think about the consequences of having sex. Every month she’ll have to worry because even using protection because there are no guarantees. Belle says that is only one of the reasons. She admits something to Mimi that has never admitted to anyone else. She wonders if she has built this situation up so much in her mind that she can’t live up to it. She asks what if I don’t like being with Shawn and making love is a huge letdown.

Mimi says she doesn’t know what she is expecting but she has to warn her that the first few times with a guy are not that comfortable. So Belle asks why she would ever want to do it again. LOL! Mimi says it’s not bad and then compares it to you know how you feel the first few times you try and run five miles and then when you get used to you kind of have this runners high. Belle says what if there is no high for Shawn and I and says what if I don’t know what to do. Mimi says she will know what to do – what she feels shy and self conscious about – her and Shawn will work it out together. Belle says she is so tired of wondering. Mimi says doing it to just get it over with isn’t a reason to have sex. Belle tells her that she is love – that is why she wants to do it. She points out that Mimi is in love with Rex and they should go to the hospital so they can be with the men they love.

Rex and Shawn are both at the hospital. Lexie hugs Rex and he tells her he’s sorry he should have believed Tony. He abandoned him when he needed him the most. He feels so guilty. He says Tony told me to think like a DiMera. Cassie figured it out and so did Tony and he asks what good his genius IQ is if he can’t put it all together. He asks to see Tony but she thinks it isn’t a good idea. Marlena comes along and hugs Rex as well. She agrees with Lexie – he should remember Tony the way he was. He insists and Lexie takes him to the morgue. LOL – the doctor’s name that is in the morgue is Dr. Scully. Rex views Tony’s body and keeps saying over and over again that he has to think like a DiMera.

Shawn goes to Hope and she tells him the latest about the case – that Tony was killed by someone in the hospital – someone they all know and trust. She comments about how they couldn’t protect their own and now Tony gets killed while he’s under guard. He asks if she really believes that Billie will be able to help with the case. She says that two police commanders have been murdered already – the best place for Bo to be is away from Salem. He promises to stay with her and help her. Hope starts questioning the cop that was on duty guarding Tony’s cubicle as both Shawn and John take notes. Hope is really sarcastic with the cop as she pushes him to remember the name. He says he can’t and when he starts to describe the doctor Marlena hears and turns to leave. The cop points her out and calls out but she keeps walking and then stops and pretends she doesn’t know they were calling her. The cop is going to arrest her and John says put the cuffs away. He asks her why she didn’t say she was in the cubicle; she only mentioned being in her office and the chapel. She says she brought holy water from the chapel – she was only in his cubicle for a few seconds – she never even thought about it. Hope says you were there at the time he went into cardiac arrest. You might know something. Hope asks her if there is anything she can remember. Marlena flashes back to administering the poison and says yes I can help you.

She tells them that a nurse came in. She said hello to the nurse but she didn’t answer. Marlena than says – Oh my, that is strange isn’t it? Hope asks her if she can describe her. Marlena says not really – she was on the tall side and she was wearing a surgical mask. Shawn says sarcastically ‘of course she was’ – OMFG – the look that Marlena gives him is bone-chilling. Hope asks the cop why he didn’t mention the nurse before. He says he didn’t see a nurse but he swears he never left his post. The cop did say the only other person he saw hanging around was Nicole Kiriakis. Hope relieves the cop of his duties saying a respected doctor says there was a nurse in there and you claim you didn’t see one.

Marlena leaves to go back to her office. John looks at her and then goes after her. In her office he tells her that he went over the timeline and realised she was with Tony when he was poisoned. Marlena reaches behind her and picks up a letter opener. He says he has to hold her when he tells her what he figured out. She lets him hold her and she puts her arms around him with the letter opener poised, ready to strike. He asks her why him? She says I’m sorry John and she looks like she is going to stab him. He says you need protection – you were in the room with the killer. She backs away hiding the letter opener behind her on the desk saying oh that is so scary. She lets him hold her again and then she smiles.

Celeste tells Lexie that she Tony came to see her and told her she knows the name of the killer. Lexie asks who it is. Celeste says it is buried in her subconscious and she can’t figure out why the name won’t come to her. Lexie says knows how to help her. She suggests Marlena could hypnotise her. Celeste wonders why she didn’t think of that. They go to look for Marlena and see that she and John are hugging. Lexie tells her mother they will wait to talk to Marlena about helping figure out who the killer is. Celeste looks at Marlena and says killer…Marlena.

Rex thanks Shawn for coming to the hospital to support him even though he says the Brady’s and DiMera’s would always be feuding. Shawn says it must be very confusing for you now. Rex knows he is a Brady but Tony taught him to think like a DiMera which might be just what it takes to catch the killer. Shawn says so you are the one now. Rex says no – us. We’re on the same side and he tells Shawn not to ever forget that. Shawn shakes his hand and says we’re in this together until the end. Gulp…I’m not so sure I like what he said…I hope end is meant figuratively and not literally.

Belle and Mimi show up and Rex is happy to see Mimi. Shawn wraps his arm around Belle’s shoulder and says he is really glad she is here. She tells him that she couldn’t stand to be away from him for a minute longer. He asks if she is okay. She says this isn’t the place to talk about it but I just wanted to tell you I really, really love you. He smiles and says I really, really love you to.

Another powerhouse performance by Deidre Hall. It is simply delicious watching her now that we know she is the killer. Enjoy the show on Monday.

Preview: Marlena asks Celeste why she keeps looking at her like that. Celeste looks at Marlena and sees a figure with a black hooded sweatshirt and the hockey mask and says oh god. Lucas telling Sami he wants the truth right now – he wants to know what really was behind that kiss. Jen telling Mickey (then new Mickey) that she wants to talk to him about updating her will. And last but least…Belle telling Shawn to take her home and make love to her right now and then they kiss.

Tuesday Feb. 3

Pat's Spoiler

Mickey's House: Or should I say Mickey and Bonnie's house? The new temporary Mickey debuted tonight. Bonnie and Jen have been invited for supper - they didn't know Bonnie was there. Mickey is in jeans, country and western shirt, bolo tie and cowboy boots. Jen is very willing to give Bonnie the benefit of the doubt but Julie is on to her - big time!

Of course the food is the stuff that was supposed to served to the hospital board members after the circus. Bonnie offers alcohol and Julie is shocked. She serves chips and dips - the expression on Julie's face when dips into the salsa...priceless. Then she sips the 'lemonade' and finds out it's spiked...Julie is not impressed with Bonnie's plans to change Tuscany into a 'hootenany' as she refers to it. She reminds Mickey that Tuscany was very dear to Maggie and she would like it to remain the way it is. Mickey is not so sure anyone will want to eat there after Roman's murder. Julie offers to run the place. Bonnie serves the supper and imagines Julie's face instead of the roasted pig's head and when in her fantasy Julie calls her a Tammy Wynetter wanna be she stuffs an apple in her mouth.

After supper Jen helps Mickey clean up as Julie and Bonnie get to know one another better. Jen tells Mickey that she has complete faith that Jack is watching over his family and both her and the baby will be okay but she wants to update her will. Julie just asks Bonnie a question and Bonnie spots Mickey coming back and bursts into tears.

Hospital: Okay Marlena is just plain freaky LOL! Lexie tells Marlena that she wants her to help her mother figure out who the killer is. Celeste is very upset. Marlena says let me help you. Celeste she doesn't want any help from her. She keeps saying she sees death all around Marlena. Marlena reaches for the letter opener. Huh??? Does she think she can take out Celeste, John and Lexie in her office and no one would be the wiser. Celeste says she sees blood on Marlena.

Belle and Shawn come in and Belle is freaked out and she asks if Marlena is going to die next. Celeste says she doesn't see Marlena dying she just sees death all around her. John says that's it, I'm moving back in tonight. Marlena says no you are not. Belle looks shocked. I loved how Shawn moved closer to her and looked down at her because he knew she would be upset.

Celeste says there is so much death around Marlena...it's so strong she can smell it...LOL! Belle says then she is going to die. Celeste says no the serial killer is not going to kill her. Belle challenges Celeste and says she either heard Caroline wrong or she's lying. Celeste says I am right, your father will kill your mother. At this point Belle is in tears begging her mother to let her father move back in to protect her. She says she just can't do that now. She says they need to talk to her alone and they can talk about anything they want to.

They go out and Marlena promises her that the killer will not come after her nor will the killer go after Belle. Belle asks if she can promise that for everyone else. Marlena says no. Belle says you can't promise that the killer won't come after you either. Marlena says I can promise the killer will not attack me. She hugs Belle and asks her if she has ever broken a promise to her. She says no.

Inside Marlena's office John apologises to Celeste for Belle's behaviour. Frankly John should have asked her to keep her doom and gloom to herself...LOL. Celeste says she is just afraid and she has reason to be - we all have reason to be afraid. They ask her if she has any sense of who the next victim will be. She says the killer doesn't know that herself yet but she will kill again and it will be soon.

Sami's apartment: Sami, Sami, Sami...I know why you're kissing Lucas - that little peek over his shoulder to make sure Kate was watching...tsk...tsk. I'm sorry but again this is all about Sami and I loved that Kate pointed it out to her later. She knows how much Will wants his parents to get back together and yet just to get under Kate's skin she kisses Lucas right in front of Will. Will is so excited and happy about this. Especially when Kate asks what is going on. First Sami pretends she didn't know Kate was there then she tells them about Lucas kissing her in the clown car and that she liked it.

Well at this point Will is on cloud nine, Lucas is wondering what is going on and Kate is not too happy. Sami tells Kate and Lucas that she kissed him to see if maybe they were falling in love but she doesn't know. Maybe it was all just in the heat of the moment reacting to the danger. Will and Lucas go to his apartment and Kate asks Sami what she is up to. Sami tries to throw Kate off balance by apologising. They start exchanging barbs and Sami tries to use Kate's promise to Roman to her advantage. Kate figures out what she is doing and she calls Sami on it. She tells her that her need to hurt her is going to hurt the one person Sami claims to love, Will. Lucas comes in and tells them that Tony died without naming the killer. After Kate leaves Lucas wants Sami to tell him what really was behind that kiss.

At the beginning of the show in the hospital Shawn mentions that Rex was very upset about Tony's death. Belle wonders if they should have went back to the loft with him. He says that Rex has Mimi. Belle agrees saying that Mimi can comfort him in ways no one else can. Shawn says sarcastically...You mean by having sex. She says it's comfort. She wants to forget everything for one night. She tells him to take her home and make love to her and then kisses him.

He kisses back her back and says not like this Belle. She says don't you love me? He says you know I do. He tells her you don't want it like this when you're all upset. He says I'm with you every night holding you and when we get home...She doesn't want to here and she turns away. He tells her that the first time they make love it should be about them only and for no other reason. She thanks him talking some sense into her and for being there for her and they go to find her father.

Preview: Jen telling Julie show knows she wants the best for Uncle Mickey but she went to far tonight...Julie looks crushed. Samis asks Lucas if he has feelings for her. He says you are the mother of my son but she wants to know if he has feelings for her besides that. Marlena telling John that things will never be okay because she is the killer.

Wednesday Feb. 4

Pat's Spoiler

Penthouse: John John John – Marlena blurts out that she is the killer and he tells her that she meant to say that she thinks that she will be the killer’s next victim. Marlena didn’t even have to come up with her own excuses. He asks to stay and sleep on the couch. She says no - she doesn’t want a body guard. He tells her if she won’t do it for him then do it for Belle. All Belle and Brady want is their family together. He asks her what she wants. She wants him to leave and she pounds on his chest and tells him to get out and runs up the stairs. John is just totally crushed and near tears. I felt so sorry for him.

Okay Marlena is downright scary as she looks through her scrapbook. To watch her smoothing down the corners of the newspaper clippings just seems to emphasize how ruthless and cold she is. Great shot when they cut from sketch of the eyes that Maggie did to her eyes. A quick flashback to Roman’s expression when he says her unmasks her and then her slitting his throat. Next she flips to a picture of Celeste on the cover of the Intruder and says if Celeste figures out she is the killer she will die and so will anyone else that gets too close. She then remembers what John said before he left – he vowed to catch ‘this maniac’. She picks up his picture and we see blood dripping on it. She’s cut her finger on a scalpel. She cleans the blood off the scalpel and sticks it back in her pocket. She cleans the blood off the picture saying she can’t lose John. She has to stop this killing. She then says John would be the only one that would understand and that she has to go find him and tell him what she’s done.

Basic Black: Kate goes to her office. She wants to figure out a way to stop Sami from hurting Lucas. She tells Roman she’s sorry but she can’t keep her promise to him at the expense of her son’s well-being. John comes in and they talk about Tony and Roman. I really like the way Kate talks about her relationship with Roman. She tells John that she thinks Sami is the killer but he says she isn’t. John says that this woman is the most ruthless killer Salem has ever seen. They talk about Sami again and neither John nor Kate can figure out how two such fine people as Roman and Marlena could have a child like Sami. John says there isn’t a mean bone in Marlena’s body and she’s willing to help anyone. He tells her that she is going to work with Celeste. Kate wonders what the motivation for these killings could be and John says if they knew that they would know who the killer was. She wonders if she could have done something to prevent Roman’s murder and she cries. John hugs her and Marlena watches saying that even John betrays her. She pulls out the scalpel and advances into the room – good lord that look on her face…YIKES!

Bonnie turns on major waterworks when Julie tells her to stay away from Mickey. Mickey is not happy and tells Julie that Bonnie is a guest in her home. Julie says you are being taken advantage of. Bonnie says she’s leaving but she’ll clean the kitchen first – LOL – that way she gets to listen to the conversation. Julie doesn’t pull any punches. She tells Mickey that they don’t even recognise him any longer and of course she talks about his wardrobe. Mickey says he knows how to look after himself. Julie tells him he is vulnerable. She can see it and so can others and there are those that would take advantage of that. Julie than notices that Maggie’s porcelain collection is missing and Jen sees some of the stuff they collected on their travels is missing. Julie says that Bonnie probably pawned it and both Jen and Mickey are shocked by that. Jen tries to play peacemaker and asks him not to make any big decisions in the next little while. Julie says yeah like changing Tuscany into the OK Corral or re-upholstering the furniture in rawhide. Bonnie remembers taking the collection to a pawnshop and swapping it for an Elvis picture with lights on the frame and the jumpsuit that light up. She starts rummaging in her purse looking for the pawn ticket. Mickey excuses himself to go see Bonnie and he apologises for Julie…sheesh. Bonnie tells him that she hates that his family treat him like an old man when he’s in the prime of his life…viral…Blech…She tells him she’ll come by tomorrow unless he doesn’t want her (more waterworks) and of course he says he looks forward to it. Jen tells Bonnie that she went too far. They talk more and then laugh at the absurdity of Mickey following for someone like Bonnie. They also discuss the baby and Jen reaffirms that the baby is a gift from Jack and she believes that everything will work out in the end.

Sami’s apartment: The conversation between Sami and Lucas today is great, I just wish I didn’t have to sit and wonder if Sami was playing Lucas or actually being honest for one of the rare times in her adult life. You see the vulnerability and the shyness…yikes, shy…Sami. Okay after watching through to the end I think she was so honest it scared her and she resorted to her usual attack and deny strategy. I just love how they pussyfoot around each other. It’s so obvious that they are in love but neither one of them will ever admit it and that is because they both think that would give the other a hold over them. Also the other one could just be yanking their chain to set the other one for a fall. Lots of talk on Sami’s part about the itty-bit towels he would parade around in, his six-pack, his rippling muscles…LOL! I do believe someone has been reading message boards. She finally admits that she kissed him because she wanted to know if she had feelings for him. He asks if she does. She says she doesn’t know if she can let herself get involved again. Every guy she’s loved has abandoned her and she doesn’t know if she can recover from that again. She likens it to hurting as bad as if every bone in your body is broken. He asks if she wants to be a couple. He is going to kiss her again but she stops him and that’s where the fighting starts. He tells her that she shouldn’t have kissed him in front of Will. Before long she is going to slap him and he grabs first one arm and then the other and they almost kiss again. She tells him that kissing him was liking kissing a mackerel and she needs to brush her teeth. He leaves despondent and she looks very sad.

Preview: Marlena with John – she is crying – she says she wants to tell him something – it’s more of a confession. Will telling Lucas that his mom is having trouble sleeping too and maybe he should stay. Victor telling Brady that she is very dangerous and until she is caught we need to proceed with extreme caution. Belle looking at Shawn with a very puzzled look on her face asking him if this means that we’re engaged. He’s holding a flat box in his hand with a huge smile on his face.

Okay...I'm going out on a limb here and I may well have to eat crow along with Terri and Deb but there is no way that box Shawn is holding is a ring box. It's too flat and it looks rectangular. So Terri are we flipping a coin for the beak or are we sharing...LOL!

Thursday Feb. 5

Jan's spoilers......Pat is away for the weekend so you are stuck with me…LOL. I watched the show at work so you’ll have to forgive me for any mistakes I made…I tried to catch most of it.

Shelle....Shawn and Belle in bed (Belle is wearing the nightgown Shawn gave her for Christmas)...he is holding her and she is talking about the tiger attack and wants to know when it will end. He says it almost ended tonight all that is needed is one break, one slip up and the police will put the killer behind bars. Belle can't believe the killer is still out there. He says that is why he is glad she is her safe and in his arms. She says Tony thought he was safe and look what happened. He says let's get some sleep. She says I can't. He says he has something for her to help her get her mind off everything. A surprise. She asks what kind of surpise, he says if I told you it wouldn't be much of a surprise. He comes back in with a box behind his back. He pulls it out and she looks at him and asks if he is sure. He says it is an early Valentine's day gift. She opens it and it is a cross...she says it is beautiful. He tells her about Caroline and after her catching them in the bride's room...she says it was embarassing. He says Caroline talked to him before she died about the chalice and how she wanted their names engraved on it to carry on the family tradition. He says that she wanted her to wear her wedding dress and the cross goes with the dress. Belle looks up at him and asks if this means they are engaged. He sort of stumbles over the words and says engaged to be engaged...as she smiles at him and he tells her he loves her and they kiss.

Belle thanks Shawn for the beautiful pre-engagement present. She isn't sure about a future when her parents marriage is falling apart. Shawn tells her that his parents have been through a lot and their love has pulled them through. She says but Celeste never predicted that your father would kill your mother. He tries to hold her & she pushes him away telling him that if something happend to her parents due to a murder she doesn't think marriage or children are in her future and maybe she shouldn't accept the necklace. Shawn tells her her parents love each other and they work through it. My parents have worked through things because of their love. Look at us we love each other and we've had our rough spots and worked through them. She says you mean when you lied to me about being the father of Jan's baby. He says it was the worst mistake of my life, I almost lost you. She says @ least she's gone and out of our lives and we don't have to see her again. With everything happening I couldn't deal with seeing Jan right now. Shawn tells her he has an idea, let's forget about Jan. She says forgotten. He tells her we will concentrate on the good things. She says if you'll help. He tells her to turn around and pulls out the necklace to put on. She asks if he needs help, he says no I'm an expert, I took a class at Salem U. He puts on the necklace and tells her he loves her and they kiss.

Lumi....Sami comes out as Lucas is doing arm curls. She says admit it Lucas you have feelings for me - he says I hate you - you are a lyuing manipulative bitch - she hits him over the head with a frying pan and wakes up says admit you love me as she is squeezing an ice cream container. Lucas is fantasizing about Sami in bed as he hits her with a pie in the face and then goes in for a kiss, he is woken by Will's screams. Lucas runs in to Sami's apt as as Will explains his nightmare to both of them. (it is about the tiger)...Sami says she'll make him some warm milk. Will says he wants them together. He and grandma saw them kiss and knows they like each other. Lucas says it is time for him to go to bed but he says Mom is scared to and he wants Lucas to stay with Sami.

Sami is crying and Lucas wants to know what is wrong. She tells him he doesn't care, he hates her. He says he doesn't hate her. She says with everything that has happened today I'm a mess. She doesn't want him to leave. He goes to get her some warm milk. He plays with the strap of her slip (nightgown)and then goes in for a kiss...Kate is watching and says she isn't going to let this happen.

Kiriakis mansion - Vic and Brady talk about Nicole (as she listens)...Brady asks why he doesn't go to the police. Vic says he wants solid proof - he knows Nicole will lie her way out of it (Nic to herself says she'll stop Vic one way or another)...Vic says when he has the proof he needs no matter how long it takes he'll go to the police and she'll be finished. Brady leaves and runs into Nicol. He can't believe her - she tells him that she needs him to protect her from Victor. Brady says he doesn't want to be involved anymore and tells her he is going to phone Chloe. Victor comes out and tells her that she seems to have lost Brady....he is going to get the proof that is needed and the her life will be over. Brady is talking to Chloe on the phone. He tells her that he quesses Nicole is fine..he is staying out of her way. He tells her he is glad she is safe in Europe and that he is sure the serial killer won’t come after him. Vic comes in and asks if he was speaking to Chloe…he says yes. Vic says to concentrate on Chloe, he’ll take care of Nicole.

Basic Black - Marlena is watching Kate and John. She is holding the scalpel and says you went after Roman now you are going after John...I can't let that happen. Kate tells John that Marlena must be crazy to turn away from him now. John says she is upset by everything that is happeing. Marlena talking to herself says he won't protect me, he'd turn me in, let me go to death row. She makes a noise and John tells Kate to lock herself in her office as he starts to chase Marlena (I can't believe they miss each other)... Kate is hiding in her office as John searches for the source of the noise. Kate comes out of her office and is looking around as John puts his hand over her mouth. He hears a noise and tells Kate to be quiet. He finds Marlena and pulls her out of the stairwell. He says I could have killed you...she tells him that she came to see him...she didn't like the way things were left at the penthouse. She notices the lipstick on his collar and he explains that Kate was upset and that he was there for her. Kate leaves. Marlena tells him that maybe she should go so he can comfort Kate. He says no and hugs her....she tells him that she wants to confess...he asks confess what. She says why she came to see him. While holding her she has flashesback to killing Abe, Maggie and Roman...you see the scalpel in her pocket and a tear in her eye.

YKW is kissng a pic of Shawn - Nicole arrives and she hides the pics. she wants to know how Nicole found her. Nic tells her that she isn't the only one good @ stalking. YKW asks if she is still her friend, she told Dr. Evans she had a friend. Nic says hold it you aren't totally crazy are you, I can't use you if you are. She says she isn't crazy she just wants Shawn. Nic can't believe that she went to her enemies mother. YKW says that Dr. Evans won't betray her. Nic tells her to stay away from Shawn and not to let him see her. YKW says I know what you want, you want Brady. Nic sees the pics and asks if she is building a shrine to Shawn, with candles and the works. She then asks YKW's plans...YKW tells her that when the time is right she'll let Shawn know she's there and he'll leave Belle. Nic says that's it, that's your plan. YKW says you don't know Shawn like I do....Nic says I know enough to tell you NO it won't happen like that you need a plan. She wants to know the plan...Nic says listen to me and do what I say. You do what I tell you and we'll help each other and neither of us will get caught.

Monday Feb. 9

Jan’s Spoilers……

At the Kriakis mansion…..Nicole puts cuffs on her and Brady….she tells Brady that he’ll be her alibi….Vic can’t believe it and gets Henderson to try to cut them off. It doesn’t work but Brady thinks he knows someone who can help…he picks her up can carries her out…..later Vic is sitting reading as we see the alarm shut off and the lights go out….he gets his gun and we see a shadow behind him….(not sure if it’s John or Jan but I’m thinking John as he said he was going to Victor’s)

Lumi…..Sami wants Will to know he has a normal family. While painting her toe nails Sami is telling Will’s teacher that both her and Lucas love camping. Lucas goes in for a kiss as Will arrives home. They are both excited as they tell Will but he doesn’t look overly happy about the idea. Will says he knows them and Sami will probably chase someone with a knife. Sami promises to behave and so does Lucas as they prepare to head off. Arriving at the campsite the teacher comes over to see them. She tells them that the kids will be sleeping in an ecotent and gives Lumi a tent of their own. Sami asks where she will be sleeping and she tells her with her husband. Sami goes off saying she isn’t sleeping with him…Will is watching….Pam comes over (it is Sharon Osborne) and she offers to let Sami sleep in her tent…Lucas pulls her aside and tells her that they have to behave for Will’s sake….Sami tells Pam the arrangements have been made as Pam winks at her….Sami and Lucas put the tent up and crawl in for the night…..a snake crawls in…Sami looks under the cover and says snake…no it’s not…as Lucas says I’m not poisonous….LOL

At the penthouse…..John/Marlena/Celeste are talking as Celeste is worried about the killer finding out that she knows their identity. John assures her everything will be fine…Marlena heads upstairs to get the room ready..she goes to a secret drawer and pulls out a knife and hides it under her pillow….she comes back down to get Celeste…they head upstairs as John watches….there is a knock on the door…Brady and Nicole arrive and Brady wants him to get him out of the cuffs. He tries to pick the lock as Nic tells him good luck…he tells Brady he wants him to move out of the mansion and away from ‘her’..he can’t get the cuffs off and calls Nicole a piece of work…they leave to shop as John remembers that Celeste mentioned the killer was near and thinks of Nicole…he is on the phone with Hope and tells her he is heading to Victors…he sets the alarm as upstairs it goes off…Marlena tells Celeste John went out and the are now alone…she puts her under as Celeste remembers the killer but not the face….she opens her eyes and looks at Marlena and says it’s you…..she is still under…Marlena gets the knife but Celeste can’t put a face to the body….Marlena pulls out a jacket and notices the button missing she puts it away as Celeste pleads with her to stop it…she doesn’t want to know who it is…Marlena holds the knife to her and says she will never utter the killers name….

At the store Nicole receives a message from YKW and tells her she better show up or she’ll tell Shawn…she goes into the changing room….covers Brady’s eyes and gives him ear plugs…YKW shows up and Nicole gives her a key. Cute scenes today with Brady & Nicole.

At the circus……Shelle arrive but Belle isn’t sure they should be there…with the tiger on the loose and the killer…she wonders if the killer will come back and Shawn says that is what he is counting on…Inside Shawn says he is hoping to find a clue. Belle asks what if the killer show up now…he says enough time has passes…if he could get his hands on her…Belle says Shawn and he says I know I’ll be happy with a small clue. He climbs up to the cat walk as Belle stays below. He finds something and bends down to pick it up (with a Kleenex)someone sneaks up behind Belle and she turns and screams…Shawn swings down on a rope and jumps on the guy……it is someone that works there…he tells Shelle he is going to the police so Shawn says they work for them as Belle gives him a funny look…he says his mother is acting police commander as his father is out of town and they are working for them…the guy decides it is fine for them to stay…they go back up and find the button and piece of cloth…Belle tells him that it looks like it is from a womans’ jacket.

Tuesday Feb. 10

Pat's Spoilers:

Kudos to Tanya Boyd and Deidre Hall - they rocked the house today!

Kiriakis Mansion: Finally someone on a soap mentioned that they needed a potty break – of course it’s Nicole and she’s handcuffed to Brady – figures. I don’t know if this is a new set or if we’re getting to see more of his bedroom…but I think it’s new. More back and forth insults between them as she tells him that she had Henderson buy her the handcuffs at an adult store. He wants to know if he also picked up a series of her porn videos. Nicole plays him for such a sucker working an apology out of him. Sigh and here we have it – the return of Aus-dumb. He decides he’s hungry and she says she can cook. As they’re opening a can of tuna she jerks it up and it splashes over Brady and then she starts licking his face and telling him he’s good enough to eat – can I just say…EWWWW. Of course they’re forced to shower together…I imagine this is supposed to make us see chemistry between them…doesn’t work with me. LOL – all it did was make my stomach turn. They hear what sounds like a gunshot. Surprisingly they get fully clothed pretty quickly – much faster than it took Nicole to get out of her panties and go to the house – which must mean they were at the studio Vic built for Brady. Nicole’s fantasy about Victor being dead is just out and out disgusting. Brady emails Chloe as Nicole sends a text message to Jan telling her to get her part of the job done today or else.

Victor hears a voice and turns gun extended. John grabs him from behind and grabs his arms and tell Vic not to even think it. He tells Vic that it took him no time at all to get through his security system. Vic reminds him that he installed it and therefore has an advantage over everyone else. John tells the Salem Stalker is very smart and if it is Nicole than she has a bigger advantage because she lives in his house. John is upset that a suspect has handcuffed herself to his son and wants Vic to give him whatever evidence he has against Nicole. Victor tells him that he is convinced Nicole is the killer and tells John that if anything happens to him Nicole will be the cause of it. John gets a 911 page from Belle and tells Victor they’ll finish this later. Vic hopes they get the chance.

Penthouse: Oh goodness, Celeste pleads with Marlena to save her from this killer by making sure she never figures out who the killer is. Celeste talks about how much time she lost with Lexie because of Stefano DiMera and she doesn’t want to lose that time with her grandson. Marlena is so sympathetic to Celeste’s plight and tells her she understands talking to her all the while holding that darn knife. Celeste gasps and tells Marlena that the killer is thinking about her at this very moment and that she can see the blade of the knife and the gloved hand. Marlena puts the knife down and opens a drawer and starts pulling on black gloves telling Celeste that she will make sure that her horrible dreams are a thing of the past and that she will be able to rest in peace. GULP – the look on her face.

Celeste then says that she sees something. When Marlena says what – Celeste answers ‘you.’ She tells Marlena she sees death all around her and that she is going to die no matter what – her fate is sealed. Marlena wonders if all the deaths were in vain and decides she has to end it now. She pulls one glove off and holds the blade to her wrist. She then decides she has too much to live for and puts the knife down. Celeste gasps and says she sees something new – a blue button. Marlena is very sarcastic and reminds her that isn’t new, she already mentioned it. Celeste says they are so close. When Marlena says who, she says your daughter Belle, John and Shawn. Marlena freaks out…great job from her in the following scene as she pushes Celeste to tell her how much they know. Celeste says it’s not clear to me or to them about what they know. Marlena yells at her to shut up and screams that no one cares about her silly vibes and premonitions and no one will ever have to listen to them again as approaches her with knife in hand and John opens the door yelling ‘Stop’.

Campsite: Sami feels something and tells Lucas to move away from her and keep his bodily parts away from her. He tells her he’s five feet away from her – he’s good, but not THAT good…LOL! She sees the snake. Very funny sequences as he tries to get rid of the snake and get Sami to shut up all at the same time. Sami won’t let him kill the snake and somehow they get around to how she wouldn’t mind killing if it was his mother. He tells that it’s not poisonous but she’s not convinced. When he grabs the snake and throws it out of the tent he fakes a snake bite. Sami gets almost hysterical as she begs him not to die – she needs him. She offers to cut the bite and suck the venom out and Lucas tells her that it’s not necessary. She pushes his hand off his arm and realises that he tricked her. She gets angry at him for pulling that kind of stunt with everything that is going on all to find out how she feels about him. He reminds her that she told him she needed him. She says for Will, for the child support she pays that helps feed both her and Will. They stop arguing and go to sleep but Sami sits and stares at Lucas. She asks for extra blankets and he notices her sleeping bag is gone – she threw it out because of the snake. She crawls into his and then has a dream that …well…you’ll have to watch that for yourselves…LOL…it’s cute. He wakes her up and tells her she was talking in her sleep and he just smiles when she asks him what she said. She hears a noise and is worried that it’s the tiger. He says the tiger was spotted in Brooksville this morning and to take her mind off the tiger they start a pillow fight. The tent is collapsed over them. Will stands outside and picks up the snake and tells the snake his job is done.

Circus tent: We still a black gloved hand loosened the rope and then a sandbag falling – Shawn screams for Belle to watch out as the sandbag hits her. He hurries down the ladder and runs to her. She is on the ground with the sandbag on top of her. She is fine – just shaken up. This irks ykw and she calls Belle a cockroach and vows to find a way to kill her. Shawn figures the sandbag just came untied but Belle is worried that it could be the stalker and she wonders if the stalker is there right now. Then we hear ykw ‘thinking’ that she is not stalking Shawn like Nicole claims and that she only hurts people that deserve it and no one deserves it more than Belle.

Belle pulls herself from Shawn’s embrace and asks for his cell phone so she can call her Dad. When he asks her what she is going to tell him she says I’ll tell him that it was an accident – there’s no way the serial killer is here now. As she is dialing Shawn sees someone skulking behind the bleaches and tells Belle that someone is there watching them. She doesn’t see anyone and tells him that if he plans on going after someone who may just have tried to kill them that he doesn’t have a gun or any way to protect himself. He know but he won’t let them be sitting ducks – he promises. She agrees but tells him that whatever he’s thinking of doing he’s not doing it without her. His turn to agree as they go looking for the person.

Okay…either ykw is the world’s fastest quick change and make-up artist in the world or Shawn and Belle took a detour to Saskatchewan in their search because they chase ykw to an area that has curtained off dressing rooms where Belle sees a shadow. Shawn picks up a bat and pulls the curtain open and there’s a clown in full costume, coloured wig and clown make-up – it’s ykw. (I love how these bats are conveniently on hand – LOL). They apologise and as she scurries off Belle comments that it’s the creepiest clown she’s ever seen and Shawn wonders what a clown is doing there when the circus is over. Belle tells the clown to stop. She tells Shawn that maybe the button came off the costume. They check and see that it couldn’t have. After the clown leaves they talk about the button and where it was found. Belle says it had to have come from the killer because the circus workers were all in sweats. Shawn says the killer wears sweats as well but Belle says she probably changed after to blend in with everyone else – calling it her ‘regular person disguise.’ Belle is trying to remember where has seen the button before. Shawn says it’s just a blue button. She tells him that she is in fashion design and that this button is very unique – probably specially made, maybe even by Basic Black.

John shows up and asks why she paged him. She says because of what they hope was an accident and they explain what happened to Belle. He asks them why they are there. They look at one another and John figures it out. John warns them to stay out of the investigation. He tells Belle that he has enough to worry about with her Mother and what she’s going through without having to worry about her. She apologises but says ‘look we found a clue’. Shawn passes him the button that he was holding with his latex glove. Oh speaking of those gloves…I was lmao when he pulled them out of his jeans pocket…why is Shawn carrying latex gloves with him??? John looks at it and says OMG. He says there is blood on it and this is a major clue but he tells them to leave the rest of the investigation to the professionals. Shawn says no offence John but the police missed this one and with his father out of town the cops could use all the help they can get. Belle says the button looks so familiar and asks if it is a Basic Black design. John doesn’t think so but as he stares at it he says it looks familiar to him too and then he says OMG no. He tells them not to say a word about this to anyone. He stresses that this is life and death and he has never been more serious in his life. Meanwhile back to ykw still in the clown costume receiving Nicole’s ‘or else’ threat on her PDA. She mutters that Nicole doesn’t know what her real plans are. She tells herself that she can look at doing Nicole’s job as practice for what she is going to do when it really counts. Shawn is worried about Belle because he can feel that she is shaking. She asks him if he thinks that her Dad knows who the killer is. Shawn says it seems like it. She thought it would be good news but by the way her father sounded it scared her even more. As she wonders what is happening to all of them he holds her close.

Sooooo – ykw’s true purpose is finally revealed. She’s out to kill Belle – I think Jan called that right from the start and I joined her after a few episodes of watching ykw. This is all about getting rid of Belle. Her delusions might let her believe that all she has to do is show herself to Shawn and he’ll be all over her but her sane mind knows that as long as Belle is in the picture Shawn will never have anything to do with her. Too bad that she doesn’t realise that even if Belle wasn’t around he still wouldn’t look twice at her. Ah delusions…sometimes they are comforting things…LOL!.

Preview: Shawn saying to Bonnie – ‘It’s Belle,” and Bonnie asking if he knocked her up – LOL – the look on Shawn’s face. Sami caressing Lucas’ face asking him to make love to her as he lowers her to the ground. Nicole and Brady in a bar (I think) – she tells him that she wants to dance. He says no – she says fine she’ll find another partner and he’ll have to stand next to them looking like a doofus. John asking Marlena what she’s doing with the knife. She answers that she thinks he knows and that he also knows she wouldn’t hesitate to use it.

Wednesday Feb. 11

Pat's Spoilers...

Mickey’s: Shawn looks shocked and checks the house number when Mrs. Lockhart answers the door. Bonnie tells she’s expecting Mickey so he goes inside. She asks him what the problem is, he says Belle. Bonnie assumes he ‘knocked her up’. LMAO…at the look Shawn gives her. He says no Belle had a rough day, she was almost crushed by a falling sandbag possibly dropped by the serial killer. He wants to give her a valentines day that she will never forget and he wants to ask Mickey if he can use Tuscany. Mickey comes home and mentions that it his and Maggie’s anniversary. Shawn apologises. Mickey has a memory of special anniversary/Valentine’s celebration he had arranged for Maggie. Suzanne Rogers looks gorgeous. He tells Shawn no. Bonnie intervenes and says what better way to honour Maggie than by letting young lovers like Belle and Shawn share a special time together. It would be a legacy. Mickey agrees. He gave the keys to Doug and Julie so he tries to phone and let them know that Shawn is coming over. (Julie tells Doug not to answer the phone because the place is closed). Mickey remembers he has a spare set of keys in his bedroom and tells Shawn he’ll get them and that the decorations are in the storage room. When he goes up Bonnie offers to help Shawn and he tries to protest but she’s gone up the stairs in a flash saying that she’ll prove she’s the better person for the job and that Julie Horton Williams can kiss her grits.

Tuscany: Doug and Julie meet Mickey there to go over the inventory and decide what to with it. That is if Mickey hasn’t changed his mind and decided to keep Tuscany open and let Julie run it. Mickey reminds them of the date and Julie realises she forgot it would have been their anniversary. Mickey goes home and leaves them there. Julie wonders if he should be alone. Doug thinks it would be the best thing for him. Julie is worried that Bonnie will throw herself at him. She refers to Bonnie as a ‘bottom feeder.’ She then decides to throw a Valentine’s Day party – special invite only to show Mickey that she is the right person to run Tuscany.

Kiriakis mansion: Brady drags Nicole downstairs so he can work on the plans for the opera house. He tells Victor that they won’t bother him. As he works, Nicole sends a message to ykw who is at the Cheating Heart (is she old enough to be in a bar?) telling her that time is running out. Brady sees that part of the message and asks her what it means and who is she sending it to. Vic gets a phone call and steps out of the room. Vic tells his lawyer that if he dies Nicole is to get nothing and he tells him to make sure that the safe is not opened in the presence of his heir because he’s on the police force. Nicole tells Brady not to read her private correspondence but he just lifts his hand up and tells her it’s difficult not to. She says she is talking to her lawyer. She wants to go out and tells Brady they should go for a drive so ykw can do her job. She told her that she had to kill Victor now. They head to the Cheating Heart. They’re on the dance floor when Brady gets paged and says he has to go back to fax some papers to the European offices that just opened. Nicole is hoping that Vic will be dead by the time they get there. She’s going to be one rich widow (her thoughts).

Vic is working on his laptop as ykw uses the key to come in. (Not too bright, doesn’t wear gloves). We see her fantasizing about picking up a crystal vase and dropping it on his head. She wonders if she can actually kill someone – she’s never done it before but then she tells herself she has because she loves Shawn. She hides in the closet when Henderson comes in. After he leaves she picks up the vase and stands behind Vic.

Campsite: Sami is griping that Lucas fell asleep so quickly after the set up the tent again. He rolls over and wraps his arm around her. She bugs him about his ‘body parts’ and he says he know how to make his problem an opportunity and starts kissing her neck. She tells him to stop. He tells her to look him in the eye and if she can honestly say she doesn’t want him to kiss her he’ll stop. She can’t, they kiss. Wow…hot, hot, hot. They kiss more. She says they shouldn’t be doing this. He says he fantasizes about making love to her and he knows fantasizes about him. She tells him to make both their fantasizes come true and make love to her. They do and when it’s over he says he has another fantasy he wants to make a reality. He wants to give Will the family he craves and he asks her to marry him. She says yes and they start kissing again…and then she wakes up with a start.

She wonders what the hell that was about and she grabs her shoes and jacket and gets out of the tent. She is disgusted with herself for having those fantasies. Lucas startles her and she gets angry with him. He tells her to get back in the tent because it’s so cold but she refuses. He wants to hold her to warm her up but she grabs her jacket. He offers to start the fire for her and she tells him she can gather wood and do it herself. He warns her about the tiger and she tells him to stop trying to scare her – the tiger is miles away, he said so himself. So off she goes. She ends up in cave and bends down to pick up some wood but loses her balance and falls into a pit. Back at the campsite Lucas is wondering where she is. Sami figures she can climb out of the pit when she here’s a sound. She calls out telling Lucas she is not scared. She then hears the tiger growl and sees the shadow of the tiger.

Penthouse: John bursts in and tells Marlena to stop. Celeste comes out of her trance and gasps when she sees the knife in Marlena’s hand and she rushes to John’s side. John asks what she is doing with the knife. She says I think you know. John says it is his fault. He told her to be careful and she knows that even a security system is not enough so she brought the knife up for protection. She says he is right. She heard someone coming up the stairs so she pulled it out of the drawer. I can’t believe they buy that…LOL. John tells them that Shawn and Belle found a clue on the catwalk. He pulls out the bag with the button and Celeste says she saw the killer wearing that suit. He asks her to hold it and see if she gets any vibes. She gets nothing. Marlena is kind of scoffing at this idea. John asks Celeste if it would better if she could hold it in her hand. Marlena says you can’t do that you would be contaminating evidence. John says he’s willing to risk it. Marlena is trying to get to her closet to close the door but John tells her to stay still so she doesn’t interfere with Celeste’s concentration. She stands by the knife and as Celeste says she sees something she picks up the knife. Celeste tells John she doesn’t see the killer but the suit was in Barron’s Department store. John phones there and they’re off to catch a killer. Marlena has a gun in purse. She is certainly prepared…LOL! At the store the clerk that sold the suit to Marlena is the one that was sent to help them. Marlena keeps her back to her. She says only twelve suits were ordered, one left in the store and out of the eleven sold five only were charged to a credit card. John can eliminate all those so he tells Celeste to go home. She tells Marlena she’ll call and set up another session. John and Marlena are just about to leave when the clerk says wait I sold that woman one of the suits…Marlena turns and looks at them.

All I can say is that Lucas and Sami are sssssmokin' hot in that fantasy...LOL! and Marlena continues to creep me out big time! Excellent performances by Deidre Hall.

Preview: Nicole stripping and telling Brady that she sleeps better naked. Sami yelling at Lucas for leaving her to be eaten by a tiger as he rushes out of the cage and the tiger roars. Shawn ask John ‘Where’s Belle?” John answers that she’s with her mother – couldn’t be any safer than that, right? Belle saying to Marlena – that’s the suit the killer was wearing the night Tony was killed. Why are you cutting it up? Tell me the truth, Mom, what’s going on? Marlena is holding the knife behind her back.

Thursday Feb. 12

Pat's Spoilers...

I’m going to be straight up here – I don’t have a lot to say about this show. It was nice to have a little comic relief unfortunately it was undermined by the ridiculousness of Nicole stripping naked in front of Brady and ykw holding that vase over her head for half the show. When she wasn’t holding the vase she was hiding in the closet whining to Nicole that she didn’t want to kill Victor or hiding behind the door.

Kiriakis Mansion: I pretty well told you what went on already – the only good thing was when Shawn showed up. He explains to Vic that he has a favour to ask him. He is planning a special Valentine’s Day surprise for Belle. Vic interrupts and says you want the limo. Shawn says yeah. Vic tells him he will stock it Belgian chocolates and his favourite CD’s. Shawn asks what kind of music. Romantic ones - Vic says your grandmother and I would listen to these on vinyl albums. He then tells Shawn that he loved Caroline the way that he loves Belle. He tells him not to make the same mistakes that he did and that Shawn should not let anyone come between him and Belle.

Campsite: Lucas is trying to sleep but he can’t because he’s worried about Sami. He hears her screaming and goes running out of the tent pulling his jeans on at the same time. He finds the cave but doesn’t think she could be inside until he hears her calling out his name and asking for help. He goes in and she warns him about the tiger which he had just seen. He runs out and she yells at and calls him a coward. She wants him to tell their son that he left her there to get eaten by a tiger. The tiger roars and she gets startled and falls and hits her head on a rock and knocks herself unconscious. Lucas throws a flare inside the cave and scares the tiger out. He sees Sami and drops in the pit. He tries to wake her but can’t. He gets her out of the pit and keeps asking her to wake up because he can’t lose her. She comes to and asks him where they are. So he tells her why they were there and what happened. She looks at her hand and says oh no I lost my wedding ring. Lucas doesn’t know what she is talking about and is even more puzzled when she asks him if he forgot that they are married. She tells him that he takes such good care of him and that’s why she loves him so much. He asks her to repeat that. She says they have a son, they’re married and in love. She wants him to make love to her. Lucas doesn’t know what to do…LOL!

Barron’s & Penthouse: Marlena makes light of the fact that she bought that suit there saying she didn’t really remember where she bought it after her statement that most women have a dark suit didn’t exactly fly. John says the killer was wearing this suit on the catwalk when she planted the blood – flashback. He says this could link you to all the killings. She asks if he thinks she is guilty. No, John is worried that with her helping Celeste and now the suit she might become a target. She tells him that the serial killer won’t come after her. At the penthouse John is looking in her closet and can’t find the suit. She says maybe it’s in a drawer. He questions why she would put a designer suit in a drawer. Her response, a shrug of the shoulders and one word “Women!” She goes to the closet when his back is turned and says here it is. It was hanging underneath a coat. She says it’s all intact and he believes her. He asks how she is doing because she looks pale. She says she has a headache. He wants to spend the night – she wants to be alone. He goes downstairs and Belle comes in. She asks how things went at Barron’s and he tells her that she and Shawn might have found the evidence to break the case. He tells her mother had one of those suits and she realises that is why it must have looked so familiar to her. She tells him about the party she’s throwing for Shawn and wants him to try and convince her Mother to go out for at least an hour. John goes to Tuscany to see Tek and Belle goes upstairs and catches her mother cutting up the jacket. Belle recognises the suit and asks her Mother to tell her what is going on. Marlena reaches for the drawer and holds the knife behind her back telling Belle it will all be over soon.

Tuscany: Okay a lot of one person going into one room as the other enters the room that was just occupied. So in other words, Bonnie misses Julie, or Phil, or Shawn misses Belle, Tek – oy…my head is spinning. The opening scene has Shawn and Bonnie outside with a handful of boxes. He thanks her for talking Uncle Mickey into letting him use Tuscany. She wants a favour in return – she wants to invite more people to his party for Belle. She wants to prove to Mickey that she could make it a very profitable country bar…oh sheesh. Inside Belle is there with Doug and Julie talking about how Shawn and all of them need this party. Tek and Philip come to help. Phil tells Belle he wishes he had someone special to throw a surprise party for. She asks if he has a girlfriend and he says he has to keep some stuff secret. Eventually Phil and Shawn run into each other – Shawn assumes that Bonnie called him and asked him to help. He tells Phil that he is throwing a surprise party for Belle. Phil tells him he has a feeling she won’t be the only one surprised. Shawn asks him if he’s bringing someone to the party and Phil tells him it’s classified. Hmmm strange how Phil had to end up shirtless while following first Julie’s orders, then Bonnie’s and then Julie’s. I liked the running gag with the bull horns that Bonnie kept rescuing from the dumpster. Julie has the place tastefully decorated – Bonnie has orange streamers, balloons and cupids. Finally Julie and Bonnie come face to face. Phil asks Doug if they should intervene and Doug tells him that they don’t want to get in the middle of that. Julie uses Bonnie’s bull horns to bust some of the balloons. Bonnie uses cupid bow and shouts an arrow with those little suction cups that ends up right in the middle of Julie’s forehead then Julie tells her she is going to stick those horns where the sun doesn’t shine and Bonnie runs off with Julie chasing her.

Meanwhile Shawn has returned. He is talking to John when John notices a strange look on his face and asks him what’s wrong. Shawn says he just got this strange feeling, a chill just like his parents get when one of them is in trouble. He asks John where Belle is. John says she is with her Mother – no safer place than that.

Preview: Jen saying to Lexie – we wanted them to go and living and they didn’t listen to us – I hate them for that. Okay – another stupid jantasy – ykw is still wearing her coat but Shawn is shirtless????HUH – she tells him that as soon as she kills Victor Kiriakis they can be together. He tells her to do it – make him proud – okay this is just plain ridiculous – and what an insult to have a major character die at the hands of the likes of ykw and Nicole…I really don’t have the words to express my disgust with the way Victor is being written out of the show. Nicole tells a sleeping Brady that she loves him so much and he says I love you too. Shawn, John and Hope – Hope hands something to John and he asks what it is and she tells him it is the name of the killer.

Friday Feb. 13

Pat's Spoilers

I'm going to try and make this quick because I'm typing it directly into the post and I found out the hard way that N54 tends to forget you are logged in if you stay in one post for a long time - you go to hit the My 2 cents and it tells you that you need to be logged in and you lose everything you just spent over an hour typing up.

Kiriakis Mansion: I'm surprised those damn flowers haven't wilted by now...LOL! At least they were only hoisted once today. Gene Briscoe comes over with Victor's new will and Vic signs it but will not allow Gene to make a copy. He tells Gene that Nicole would steal it. I was mistaken the other day - Vic tells Gene that Bo MUST be present when the safe is open, along with the will there is a file and a video tape. (That must be what Vic meant when he told Gene he left Nicole a one-way ticket to hell in his will). He also instructs Gene that Brady must see the file and the tape so that he will know once and for all that Nicole is a cold blooded murderer. He had the combination changed and not even the ISA could crack the code he used. When asked about the hand sensor he says he had it removed because Nicole wouldn't hesitate to chop off his hand and use it. Of course ykw is listening and watching while Vic puts the will into the safe. Bo has the new combination.

Nicole and Brady in bed...ykw skulking around. I'm not even going to get into the jantasy except to say that Shawn looks good. Nicole is waiting for ykw to kill Vic when she realises that he might try and change the will. She looks at Brady and decides she could handle being penniless if she could wake up with him every morning. She says she loves him and he says I love you to. They kiss and he says I love you Chloe. He wakes up and is not to happy with her. When her PDA beeps he grabs it from her and she begins to panic and even promises to get the key if he gives it back. He says he's having fun now and he wants to see what kind of messages she is getting. (By this time she knows that Gene is there).

Jen's house: Finally a real heart to heart talk between two people that have been directly impacted by the serial killer. Two people who have lost loved ones actually showing anger and sorrow. It's mainly Jen that goes through a wide range of emotions but Lexie has a lot to say at well. It was so normal to see the tears and than actually have Jen say that she's angry at Jack and Abe for not listening to them. Lexie had begged Abe to retire, she had begged Jack to drop his investigation and they ignored them and this is what she is angry about. Jen mentions that Hope is coming over as well because Jen doesn't want her to be alone on Valentine's either. Lexie sounds resentful because Hope at least knows that Bo will come home to her. She hates feeling that way but she can't help it. She doesn't understand why both Bo and Hope are cops when they have a young son at home. These scenes were great IMO and long past due.

Police Station: Hope leaves Bo a message asking him to call. It's very sweet. Instead of the suspect board there is now a victim's board. Hope talks to herself trying to figure out how the victims are connected. If Tony is right about the killer being a woman then it's probable that she knows the killer herself. She phones John and tells him she needs him there. He arrives with Shawn just as Hope prints something out. John asks her what it is and she tells him the name of the killer.

John says you have Alice Horton on here and my wife and he instantly starts to dismiss it. Hope tells him to calm down she has Julie's name on there as well. Shawn asks her where she is going with this. He takes the list from her and gets all worked up. He says I know who the next victim will be, it's going to be Belle. He wants in on the investigation. Hope immediately says no but John says he couldn't think of anyone better to keep his daughter safe. Also with Bo gone they could use all the help they could get even if in an unofficial capacity. Hope is still resistant and says you are not a cop.

Shawn tells her that maybe if his parents weren't cops and if they had lived someplace else he wouldn't be so involved but they did and Belle has become part of his life. He tells Hope that Belle is his life and he won't let anyone hurt her. Shawn says he is going to check his messages and then head over to Tuscany because he has a date with Belle. John says he'll drive him there. Hope tells him that if he sees anything that he'll call her first. Shawn goes out of the office and tries to call Belle but she doesn't pick up. Inside the office John and Hope talk about how both of them are doing. Hope says she can not imagine her life without Bo - when she does try everything is just black. She mentions Lexie and Jen never being able to see the person they love again. He says at least I can see Marlena whenever I feel the need but he is concerned for her safety. (If you only knew John...sigh).

Penthouse: So Belle asked Marlena what is going on and somehow they go through the entire hour before coming back to that question and then when Belle asks it again she pulls a John and says I know why - it's because you're guilty. I'll come back to that. I'm running out of ways to describe how incredibe Deidre Hall's performances are. She is just right on the mark.

Belle does most of the talking so I'm not really going to get into that - the real focus is on Marlena's reaction to her words. Belle goes on and on about how much she respects her mother and that she must be one of the most respected people in Salem, right up there with Alice Horton and Hope. She also talks about how she is one of the strongest women Belle has ever known and such an example for her. She talks about how much she helped her after Puerto Rico and how she helps so many people and now she needs help. Belle wants to help her because something is not right. She tells her Mom that she said they could always talk about everything. Marlena says she has a confession to make.

She tells Belle she has done some terrible things, despicable things. Belle asks if she had an affair with another man. Marlena tells Belle again that she has done terrible things and Belle is going to be the one that has to pay for them. Marlena segues into Belle figuring out that she is the killer. That is a riveting scene. Kudos to both Kirsten and Marlena.

Belle says what is this confession you have to make - you spaced out on me. Belle says you don't have to tell me I know you're guilty when her phone rings again (the first time she didn't answer it because she saw it was Shawn and she told Marlena that what they were talking about was more important). She says hello Shawn and he ties into her for not answering before. Okay he's changed into a dark navy blue suit, light blue shirt and dark blue tie-SLATEO!!! THUD- warning. She says I'm with my mother - I'm fine. While Shawn and Belle are talking Marlena is telling herself that Belle is going to figure it out. She has to stop her before it's too late. Back to the phone conversation. Shawn says you know that we're supposed to be able to contact each other. She tells him that she wants to talk her Mom into coming to Tuscany and he says her Dad would like that. Belle hangs up and turns around and says 'No'...freeze frame ending.

Preview: Victor in the tub saying 'who the hell are you' and ykw saying 'Believe it or not I'm your worse nightmare. Sami telling Lucas to make love to her right now. Shawn telling Phil that he has this feeling he can't shake that something is not right. Brady telling Nicole that his Grandfather was right - she wasn't above using her body to get what she wants. She slaps him.

Monday Feb.16

Jan's spoilers as typed by Pat...

Penthouse: After talking to Shawn, Belle turns and screams when she sees Marlena passed out on the floor. (Prior to that a bit of replay from Friday’s show where Marlena has flashbacks). When Marlena comes to she tells Belle she is fine and it’s not necessary to call an ambulance. Belle goes to get her some water and when she comes back she sees Marlena with the knife in her hand. Belle asks her why she has it and Marlena says I think you know. Belle goes on and says Marlena feels guilty because she couldn’t get Maggie to reveal the killer’s identity. Marlena tells her the knife is for protection. She tells Belle to go to Tuscany to be with Shawn because it’s Valentine’s Day. Belle wants her to come to but Marlena refuses. Belle goes to call Shawn and cancel because her she feels Marlena needs her. Marlena doesn’t want her to do that so she agrees to go. There’s one point in these scenes where Marlena and Belle are hugging and Marlena’s hand is covered in blood but I don’t exactly remember where that fits.

Kiriakis Estate: Brady has Nicole’s PDA and to distract him from looking at the messages she kisses him. Brady starts getting into the kiss but breaks it off telling her they can’t do this. Nicole disagrees and kisses him again. While they’re kissing she grabs the PDA away from him. He says his grandfather was right. She does use her body to get what she wants. She slaps him. He apologises. Nicole plays him for a sucker with a big sob story then she offers to let him look at her messages when she knows he will refuse. The locksmith calls and they go downstairs. Nicole tries to stall because she thinks ykw hasn’t done the job yet but Brady insists. Just as the cuffs are off the lights flicker. Brady attributes it to a power surge and Nicole just smiles.

Victor is relaxing in the tub with his eyes closed listening to music when ykw comes in carrying that darn vase of flowers. Be warned – another jantasy before that happens. Jan mentioned that it’s weird that in ykw’s fantasies Shawn is still wearing his purity ring. Victor opens his eyes and sees her and asks who she is. She tells him she is his worse nightmare. He figures out who she is. She tells him that she and Nicole are friends. He asks her if Nicole is getting her to kill him for her. She tells him that she’ll do this for her and then Nicole will help her get what she wants, Shawn. Victor says she isn’t going after my grandson. He threatens her with having her arrested for break and enter and then getting a restraining order to keep her away from Shawn. She freaks at that and says no one can keep me away from him. He basically laughs at her and asks her if she is going to kill him using that vase. Better men then her have tried to kill him and failed. She says no she is going to use hydro-shock therapy and she throws the CD player in the tub. Another jantasy where Shawn is proud of her for killing for Nicole and she tells him she did it for him so they can be together. She says if you think this was something wait until you see what I have planned for Belle.

Cave: Sami continues to ask Lucas to make love to her. She tells him that she loves him – that she has always loved him. He gives in and starts kissing her. She notices he isn’t wearing a wedding ring and asks him where it is. He tells her that things are not the way you remember them. She says sure they are. She asks him to look her in the eye and tell her that he doesn’t love her. He can’t. He tells her that he loves her and that she is the only woman he has ever loved. He wants a life with her. He wants to be a family with her. He falls in the pit somehow. Sami is worried about him. He makes it out saying that it was because of her that he had the strength to get out. She wants to make love. He starts kissing her neck and takes her jacket off.

Tuscany: Phil brings Kate but she doesn’t want to go but he convinces her to. Inside John and Shawn are talking. John is telling Shawn that Marlena hasn’t been herself since Maggie’s death. She blames herself for not being able help her. Once Kate and Phil come in John and Kate talk and Phil and Shawn talk. The John/Kate talk is about Marlena and of course, Sami. Phil notices Shawn isn’t looking too happy and asks if he is having trouble with Belle. Shawn says he has a weird feeling that he can’t shake that Belle is in danger.

Belle and Marlena come in together. Belle had been outside waiting for Marlena. Marlena told her that she had to stop at the hospital. Belle goes straight to Shawn and they hug. He tells her it feels so good to hold her in his arms – he had been so worried about her. She wonders what’s up with that. She tells him about Marlena cutting up her suit and the knife.

Music starts playing and it’s a song that holds special memories for John and Marlena. They start to dance. Belle sees them dancing together and her and Shawn dance. As they dance Shawn is ‘thinking out loud to himself’ about the murders including the stuff Belle just told him. A delivery man comes with flowers for the ladies – Kate and Belle – but none for Marlena. Kate opens hers and screams – roses covered in blood. Belles’ are the same. Shawn says I know who the killer is to Belle, it’s your mother. Eyes turn toward Marlena and she is at a table with her hand by a knife.

Previews: Hope asking Celeste is she is getting any vibes about Bo – Celeste says no. Sami freaking out because Will is gone. Belle and Shawn outside of Tuscany yelling at each other. Belle is angry because he accused her mother and he is saying that no one would think it could be Dr. Marlena Evans Black – as John looks on.

Tuesday Feb. 17

Jan’s Spoilers…..

I know Pat is going to say the same thing but I have to start out this way….LOL. John finally buys a clue!!!!!!!!!

At the mansion…..Brady/Nicole out in the hallway as the lights go on and off. The locksmith arrives to collect the money. YKW is in the bathroom with Vic as we see a repeat of her throwing the CD player into the bathtub and Vic convulsing. She does look a little scared but not that much. She comes out of the bathroom and hears Nic/Brady. She hides beside the bed. The lights are out as they come in…..Brady goes to the door as YKW picks up a vase and Nic yells no. She gets Brady to go downstairs and see about the lights as she pulls YKW out….she tells her not Brady and wants her out of the house. YKW tries to hug her and calls says aren’t you my best friend….Nicole pulls away as Brady comes back up. YKW hides again. Brady leaves again to climb up the trellis as Nicole pulls YKW out and tells her to go to her room. YKW says she killed for her again…first her father who raped her and now the old man husband. She wants Shawn and now!!!!! Nicole gets her to her room and Brady screams…Nicole goes into the bathroom as Brady pulls the plug…he gets a shock and Nicole says he’s dead..Brady listens closely and says not yet….as Nicole looks a little on the worried side. BTW….a lot of arguing with Brady/Nicole about trying to get into the bathroom.

In the woods……Sami asks Lucas to make love to her and wants to feel his skin on hers..they take off their tops and fall to the ground….next we see Sami having trouble breathing….(so I’m not sure how far they got)…Lucas holds her and Sami all of a sudden turns and slaps him across his face….she asks if he was trying to take advantage of her and he tries to explain….she tells him she doesn’t remember everything…he says she told him she loved him and that she had waited her whole life for this….she tells him that they only had sex once a billion years ago and there was a reason for that (Allan Harris was brought up but I’m not sure why)..Sami dresses and heads out as Lucas follows….he wants to take her to the hospital to have her head checked but she says she doesn’t believe in shrinks anymore since her Mom had the affair with John…he says no I mean Lexie….they notice the kids and campsite are gone as she screams for Will….he comes running and says someone thought they saw a tiger so they packed up to leave be he wouldn’t let them go without Lucas/Sami…..he asks what is wrong as Sami is crying…Lucas says she was hurt….Sami remembers what happened in the cave as they head out…….

At Jen’s house…..Jen/Hope/Lexie are eating pizza. Celeste arrives with ‘good’ news. She had a premonition about three rings…..they ask what kind and she says wedding rings….both Jen and Lexie say no and Hope says she is married to Bo. She asks what Celeste sees……she tells her that she sees Hope as happy but doesn’t see Bo. She phones his ISA contact and asks him to get in touch with her. Lexie/Hope leave and they talk a bit as Hope gets a call and they can’t get in touch with Bo. Jen leaves to pick up Abby and hears her and Jack’s wedding song on the radio…she cries as we see her dancing with Jack (not him)and says she’ll never marry again. She wipes her eyes and backs up hitting someone in the process…..the show ends on her face.

At Tuscany…..John tells Marlena to stay away from the flowers after he calls Tek to put trace on them…Marlena remembers killing Roman and then asks about Shelle. John leaves to find them. She touches the roses and pricks her finger…she sucks the blood off (reminded me a bit of when she pricked her finger on the pillow)she goes to Kate and tells her things will work out…(to herself she says when you die….Roman is dead because he married you but you are the one who deserved to die)

Outside Belle is asking how Shawn could do this…she remembers when he went off on Rex at the kitchen table…Shawn tells her that they will find out the truth…John comes out and Belle tells him what Shawn said…Shawn says I hope you were kidding as Shawn says No,Sir…John says this isn’t funny as Shawn says maybe you know something…Belle can’t believe he is accusing both her parents…..Shawn goes on to explain about the suit and Marlena cutting it up….John says he checked it out and it was fine…Shawn figures it should have gone to the cops for testing…Belle says her Mom is respected…Shawn says so no one questions her because she is Dr. Marlena Evans…….he says it was the same suit as the killer wore at the circus and Marlena had it on the same day….John asks if that is all he has…He says no and talks about Tony, Marlena being there, she’s a doctor she had a scalpel..and she was there when Tony died. He then asks if she had an alibi….Belle says what is her motive…she says she was scared…can you blame her I’m a basket case..John says he doesn’t want this conversation again…Shawn says you asked me to protect Belle and John says not from me or her mother…John.tells Belle to stick by family and asks if she wants to go in…she says not yet and turns toward Shawn with a look that could kill….Shawn turns to her….we then see him with his cell as she grabs it from his hand…..she goes off on him for believing it and that maybe it was Zach or his Mom….he says his parents are cops and he has to go with his gut feeling…..he mentions reading Mickey’s law books and Belle says you’re a boy….a boy who is supposed to love me….he says I do….she says how could you do this to me and my family….look what happened to Tony/Rex they were both arrested….he says he is only going to tell Hope…she says if you do it I will never speak to you again…..she throws the cell on the ground and takes off…..he chases after her….he comes back alone and says Dammit Belle. Where are you….(he is really scared for her)

Back inside Marlena asks if Belle is ok…John says yeah…Marlena says but your not. They talk a bit and John remembers what Shawn said….he says when Roman suspected me people looked at me differently….she tells him that she never suspected him…he talks about Celeste’s predicition…she says she was scared but knows he would never hurt her….they hug as John thinks to himself that maybe it could happen.

Excellent performances today by JC/KS and both DH’s. I loved how Shawn stood up to John…….and I can see these two getting involved together in this s/l somehow. Also loved that Shawn is still protective of Belle and that John gets a clue.


Pat’s Spoilers…

You’ll have to excuse me if I don’t have all my ducks in a row tonight. I had to watch 2 episodes in a row so I might confuse the two…LOL! One thing which you all know is true because you saw the show today is that Belle and Marlena look beautiful. I especially loved the way Belle’s hair was styled and that choker and bright lipstick made her overall look very striking. Okay on to the show. Lookout I got detailed with the Belle/Shawn/John scenes.

By the way – JOHN KNOWS! LOL – after watching today’s episode I am 100% convinced of that.

Cave: Opening scene shows clothes flying as Lucas and Sami continue to kiss and murmur words of love. Sami tells Lucas she wants to feel his skin against hers – she has been waiting for this moment all her life. So now they’re both naked from the waist up and he lowers her to the ground. When next we see them they are really close to making love when Sami pushes Lucas off her – she’s naked – he’s in his boxers. She can’t breathe and she’s feeling dizzy. He tells her to put her head down and she leans against his chest. When she opens her eyes she is back to herself and on the attack. Poor Lucas. She accuses him of taking advantage of her and when she feels the lump on her head she asks him if he clubbed her. He reminds her that he is not Allan Harris. She is busy dressing herself and can’t believe that Lucas would do this. He tells her everything that happens, the tiger, her falling and hitting her head, her telling him that she loves him – she tells him she knows he’s really crazy now. He can’t believe she doesn’t remember any of that. She refuses to let him help her even though she can barely walk on the one leg.

Using a stick they get back to the campsite and it’s completely dismantled. She freaks out and calls out Will’s name. He comes running and asks where they were? One of the counsellors saw the tiger so everything was packed off and they were going to leave without them but he wouldn’t let them. Will mentions Valentine’s Day and said they exchanged Valentine’s and he got sixteen. He asks if they remembered. Sami says it’s just another commercial holiday to get you to spend money and it doesn’t really mean anything. Will says it does if you are in love. Sami flashes back to a moment in the cave (LOL – the little minx does remember).

Jen’s: Hope, Lexie and Jen are eating pizza. Hope tries to get hold of Bo but fails again. Celeste comes over and tells them she had another premonition about the three of them. None of them are happy about that but Celeste says it’s a good premonition that means happiness in the future for the three of them. She tells them that she sees three new wedding rings for them. Lexie says Abe gave her the one she is wearing and she is never taking it off. Jen says she married Jack twice and she’s done. Hope says she’s married to Bo. Celeste tells her that she does not see Bo in the picture at all. That is all she can tell them. Hope phones Bo’s ISA contact to get an emergency message through to him. Lexie and Hope both have to leave to go to work. Jen is going to pick up Abby. Hope gets a call from Bo’s contact and is told that they can’t get hold of Bo. Jen is in her car and turns the radio on and it’s playing their wedding song. She starts crying because she can’t ‘see’ Jack anymore. When she starts backing up she hits someone.

Kiriakis mansion: The lights flicker and Brady wonders what is going on. Jan has another one of her freaky jantasies where Shawn is so proud of her for doing the job. She mutters that Nicole better keep her side of the bargain or she’ll fry as well but in the electric chair. Nicole has to pay the locksmith and it costs her a small fortune. Ironically Brady asks her how much her next alibi will cost because she can’t use him any longer and no else has been murdered. The lights go out again. Nicole does everything she can to keep him out of Victor’s bedroom but he goes in anyway. Nicole screams no when Brady is going to go in the bathroom and she sees Jan hiding and reaching for a statue. Nicole tells Brady that Victor doesn’t like to be disturbed when he’s in the tub – he should go and fix the circuit breaker. Brady does as he’s told. Nicole tells Jan to get out of the house before the servants see her. Jan says she’s killed twice for Nicole and she owes. First she killed Nicole’s father and now her husband. She wants Shawn and she wants him now. Brady overhears Nicole talking to someone and she lies as usual. She tells him the bathroom door is locked. Brady climbs up from the outside trellis and screams for Nicole to help him. He unplugs the CD player and gets a shock. Nicole says ‘he’s dead’ as Brady is leaning over him. Brady says ‘no he isn’t’ and Nicole looks shocked and none to happy.

Tuscany: John tells Kate not to touch the flowers and phones Tek to tell him to check out who sent the flowers. John tells Marlena that he will catch this killer if it’s the last thing he does. Marlena begs him not to say that. Marlena says she never should have come here- this is where Roman died. She hugs John and says she is so glad he is there. Marlena is worried when she sees Shawn and Belle are missing and says with the killer sending a threat no one is safe. John says he will go and look for them. Marlena reaches for one of the roses but pricks her finger – she sucks the blood from her finger – EWWW.

Phil is apologising to his mother. He wanted to give her a special night but he just made things worse. Marlena comforts Kate when Kate asks her if it will ever get better. This is where Marlena thinks to herself that it will get a little bit better every day until she dies. She says that Roman died because he married Kate but she is the one who deserves to die. Phil gives her a gift – it’s a picture frame that has 3 separate photos, Phil, Lucas and Will. Phil says he brought her there so she could feel closer to Roman. Kate looks and sees a bright light and says Roman’s name.

Shawn and Belle are outside. Belle just can’t believe that he would say something like that. I love watching them fight. As upset as she it – so is he. She reminds how he accused Rex and he says he was wrong. She wants him to take it back and he says he can’t. She says you can’t make accusations and you can’t prove it. He says I can and I will. Shawn says he thinks that there is a growing body of evidence both physical and circumstantial that will back up his theory. Belle yells and says there is no way that you can prove my mom is the serial killer. John says what did you say? LMAO – Belle looks pleased as punch when she sees her Dad – the look she throws Shawn – as if to say – Hah, Daddy’s here and you’re scared of him so you’ll back down. Belle tells her Dad thinks that her Mom is the serial killer. John asks if this is his idea of a joke. Shawn is dead serious when he says ‘No sir.’ I love that he doesn’t back down – he stands toe to toe with John. John tells him he is way out of line and Shawn asks him how he can be sure. John tells him that he would never be able to prove it. Shawn asks John if he knows something that he hasn’t told them. Oh my – the look on John’s face.

Belle wants to know if Shawn is going to try and pin it on her Dad if he can’t pin it on her Mom. Shawn just wants to know how he can be so sure. He says John is trained in law enforcement to look at all the facts. John listens intently as Shawn talks about the button and the suit. Belle tries to defuse it by saying that 10 other women had identical suits. Shawn yells that Marlena was wearing it at the circus where Tony was attacked. John does look shocked when Shawn tells him that Belle just told him a little while ago that Marlena was cutting up that same suit. Belle says Shawn thinks she was trying to destroy evidence. John says he checked the suit and didn’t notice a button missing. Shawn says she could have sewn another one on. Belle says she did it because she couldn’t stand too look at because the serial killer had one just like it. Shawn thinks that is quite the coincidence. Belle asks him why he doesn’t think that the killer could be trying to frame her Mom. Shawn asks why she just didn’t turn the suit into forensics to show that it was intact and blood free. As Shawn and Belle go back and forth John is just listening. Belle says she is just upset and wasn’t thinking straight. Shawn says both you and John have been commenting that Marlena hasn’t been herself for months. Belle screams at him and asks who has. She knows she hasn’t been herself – she’s a complete basket case (she has tears in her eyes at this point). John asks Shawn if that’s all he’s got. He says no unfortunately there’s more. He talks about how the killer had free access to the hospital, to the drugs and to the scalpel and she was in Tony’s cubicle when the fatal drug was administered. At this point Shawn is really worked up and yells that no one is looking at her because she is Dr. Marlena Evans. Belle tells him that everyone respects her Mom for good reason. He then asks if she has an alibi for any of the crimes. Belle tells him to ask if she had a motive because the answer is no. Belle tells him that she is not going to sit around and let him go on a witch-hunt like he did with Rex. Shawn yells at her and asks her if she thinks he would do any of this intentionally. Belle is so exasperated she turns to her Dad and asks him to Shawn that the whole thing is crazy. John turns away and you can see him thinking. He says his wife is the most ethical person he knows, she would never…he stops himself and turns back to Shawn and tells he never wants to revisit this conversation again. Shawn goes right up to him and says you asked me to keep your daughter safe and now she is in more danger than anyone else. John asks him from who - her mother, me?. He tells Shawn that his daughter doesn’t need to be protected from her parents. John then goes to Belle and says everything will be okay if they stick together as a family. He goes back in, Belle stays out with Shawn.

Inside John tells Marlena that Belle is alright but she notices that he isn’t. She asks what is wrong. He’s says it is the murder case, the bloody roses, what’s next? John says the memories are all around them. Marlena remembers killing Roman as she holds a knife and looks at it. John sees this. When she notices him looking at her he explains that he was thinking back on his days as a cop. He was trained to be objective to evaluate the case strictly on the facts. He thinks about the stuff Shawn said outside and stares at Marlena until she asks why he is looking at her like that. He says he’s remembering when he told on the suspect list and how he can still see the suspicion in people’s eyes. Marlena says never hers. She does admit to that Celeste’s premonition did throw her a bit but she knows that he would never hurt her intentionally. John hugs her but he is thinking Celeste’s premonition would never be true unless there was a reason it had to be.

Belle grabs Shawn’s cell phone from him and says he is not going to call him Mom and spread more rumours. He tells her that is not what he is doing. She reminds him that her mother almost died from poison. He says maybe that was an accident. LINE OF THE DAY GOES TO BELLE – “I don’t want to hear anymore maybe’s. I’m sick of this stupid speculation.” LOL – I thought that fit pretty good. Belle says maybe its Zack – no one would suspect a toddler – maybe it’s your Mom, she had access – she’s just taking her cue from him. (They’re really into this fight now). He says his parents are trained in law enforcement - they taught him to go with his gut feeling. She says she has instincts too and she knows her mother is one of the best people on the planet. He starts talking about reading his Uncle Mickey’s law books. She tells him that he is not a lawyer; he’s just a boy, a boy that is supposed to be in love with her. He says I am. She wants to know why he is attacking her family. If he adds to her mother’s suffering, he’s adding to hers as well. He asks what if he is right, what if there are more murders. She wants to know if he is prepared to ruin her mother’s reputation and her life on a hunch. He says he doesn’t want to be doing this, he doesn’t want to be going through this. She says you don’t have to do this. He says I’m not going to tell the world, I’m just going to tell my Mom. Let the police investigate and the truth will speak for itself. Belle reminds him that it didn’t work for Rex and Tony. She says if you love me you will not do this (he looks away from her) – she sees that and says but you’re going to do it anyway. She throws his cell phone at his feet and says she will never speak to him again and runs away. He picks up the phone and goes after her calling out not to go off on her own…it’s not safe. He’s not able to find her.

Preview: Shawn telling Belle that he is afraid that she could be in more danger than anyone (Belle looks very angry). Jen collapsing and Hope telling Lexie something is wrong with her as Lexie is tending to the guy Jen hit. Marlena saying “How could I let this happen to people I love. This is all my fault” as John listens to her. Kate sees Roman.

Wednesday Feb. 18

Jan’s Spoilers……

Before I start let me say KUDOS to the cast today. Deidre/Drake/Suzanne/Lauren/Josh/Jason/Kirsten and John did an amazing job. And I know that this report will not do their scenes justice.

At Tuscany....Phil tells Kate he couldn’t find Doug and Julie…they probably left to avoid fighting with Bonnie…Kate sees Roman…Phil looks puzzled..Kate says she wants to be alone and heads out to the patio….(she is walking like she is with someone)…outside we see Roman…they dance and talk (to my favorite song)as he tells her he died a happy man…he tells her he has to leave as she doesn’t want him to go…she calls to him…J&M are behind her…John asks if she is OK and she tells him that she misses Roman and heads inside….

J&M are talking as John tells her he trust her with his life…she says the same and he asks her to go somewhere with him…he holds out his hand and she takes it…they arrive on the patio to see Kate… J&M are talking as she keeps saying how she misses them. She could have stopped it if she could have helped Maggie…John tells her that it isn’t her fault…John says do you remember the night before you left for Eric's. She says yes you made dinner and we danced. They start to dance to somewhere over the rainbow...they both have tears in their eyes. They turn and she sees Roman/Kate and Mickey/Maggie dancing. She tells John that it like they went back in time she says thank you...thank you for bringing back the magic. Both still with tears Roman's ghost leaves and she says no...then Maggie's ghost leaves and she says no again....John says what...she says I miss them so much...he says he is sorry for making her cry. She talks about loving all of them.

Shawn is outside calling for Belle….she answers him and he was worried…she said she wanted some peace. He tells her that she could have been hurt…she says by a tiger or sliced by a serial killer…she says wait my Mom is inside…she tells him that her and her Dad know her Mom best and she isn’t the killer….he just wants to have someone investigate it…she tells him that he wants it to be true…….he says no he doesn’t…she says you know her you know she couldn’t do that…she tells him that she loves him because he is honest and because of his principles…she says she loves him so much…he says he loves her so much and comes towards her but she back off and tells him not to touch her or come near her again until he takes back what he said….Belle comes into Tuscany and Phil is there...she puts her arms around him and is crying...he asks what is wrong and she says I'm sorry I can't tell you....Shawn comes in and is watching her. She goes to the other side of the room.

Mickey arrives…Bonnie goes to get him a hot toddy…Maggie touches his shoulder…they talk as she mentions the changes in Tuscany…he says it is a special evening he will change it back…she says she doesn’t need it as a shrine…she notices the drink and that Bonnie called him ‘sweetcakes’ (we see them dancing on the patio) Maggie is telling Mickey that she knows he quit drinking because of her...she wants him to be happy as she looks at Bonnie....her ghost leaves again. Bonnie comes over and gets him to take a drink and eat something. Phil comes over and says his Mom wants to go home...Bonnie is upset that this day turned out to be so bad. Mickey remembers what Maggie says and asks her to dance. Phil/Kate leave. Bonnie tells Shawn to ask Belle to dance...he says he doesn't think she'll dance with him. Bonnie says sometimes love doesn't need words. He heads over to her and she tells him to leave her alone. He says he's only going to call his Mom and have her investigate. She takes the phone from him and they continue to argue. J&M come in and Marlena wants to know what they are arguing about....John tells her that Shawn thinks he knows who the killer is...you. Marlena's demeanor changes as she looks down at a knife and back up at Shawn....John notices.

At the mansion.....Brady wants Nicole to help him get Victor out of the bathtub…she tells him not to touch Vic…she’s worried that by touching Vic he’ll get electrocuted…Brady tells her to call 911….she pretends to do so as Brady leaves to get blankets…Nic leans down and taunts Victor….Brady is giving Vic CPR and asks Nicole to help…they bring him back as ykw shows up….she is worried because Victor saw her…she won’t have Shawn….....Nic tells her if Vic doesn't die then Shawn will be visiting both of them in jail. ykw goesto hide as Brady is in with Vic. Victor keeps saying Nicole's name over and over. Nicole calls 911 and reams them out for not getting there. Brady starts CPR ....he asks Nicole why Vic keeps saying her name and she says they have unfinished business. Brady tells her to tell them not to go through the red lights...he's gone. He puts his head on Vic and cries as Nicole smiles.

At Jen’s…..Hope talking on her cell…her and Lexie hear a crash and turn to find a guy lying on the ground….Jen comes out as Hope calls for two ambulances. She goes to Jen…Jen is remember going off the bridge and faints…Lexie tells Hope they are losing her as Jen is remembering Jack helping her…she tells him she’s coming….Hope is begging Jen to hang on for the baby and Abby and for herself…Jen hears Jack’s voice telling her to concentrate….Jen comes to

At the hospital....a shirltess Patrick arrives to see Jen....He gets a call from someone...(didn't we do this with Billie?? LOL)....Hope leaves and wants to take Jen home....she says she is staying to make sure Patrick is alright as Hope heads outside. Lexie comes in and tells Jen to leave that she'll let her know if anything happens as Patrick starts to scream in pain...Hope on her cell outside as a leather gloved hand puts his hand on her mouth.........BO'S BACK.

Previews...Jen asking Lexie if Patrick is dead. Belle telling Shawn it's over....John saying there is another death...Victor… as Marlena says that isn't possible and we see BO!!!!!!!

(sorry I’m glad Bo is back…LOL)

Excellent show…..Enjoy!!!!

Pat’s Spoilers…

John Ingle debuts as Mickey. And LOL…Patrick is shirtless less than ¾’s of the way through the show…I guess, Brady, Shawn and Philip had to stay fully clothed so somebody had to do it.

Jen is close to hysterics while Lexie is examining the man she hit with her car. She flashes back to Jack saving her the night the bridge blew up. She says his name and Hope asks if she can see him. She says no she just wants to be with him. Lexie gets the guy stabilized and Jen passes out. Lexie examines her and says she is going into shock. Lexie starts an IV but tells Hope that she’s losing her. Jen tells Jack she is coming. Jack yells for her to fight for Abby and the baby. She comes to and they go to the hospital.

Jen is fine. Hope and Lexie talk about hoping that she has good insurance because this is a lawsuit waiting to happen. Patrick is wheeled in, shirtless of course, with a scrapes and a bruise to his shoulder. He wants to see Jen. He somehow knows she is expecting and asks if she is okay. Jen apologises. He goes into his cubicle and uses his cell even though he had been told not to. He calls someone and hangs up saying where is she? Then he calls someone else and lies saying he is in Europe. Jen won’t leave until she knows he is okay. He calls out in pain and Lexie goes in and then calls for help. Jen is very distraught. As Hope leaves the hospital she is calling someone on her cell when a black gloved hand reaches out from behind and covers her mouth.

Kiriakis Mansion: Nicole yells out to Brady to stop when he says he is going to get Victor out of the tub. She tells him he might get electrocuted as well. She tells him to go shut off the circuit breaker and she’ll call 911. She talks into the phone but she’s holding the button down. Then she kneels behind Victor and smiles and tells him to die. Brady and Nicole (as much as she doesn’t want to) give Victor CPR. Victor keeps saying Nicole’s name. Nicole makes excuses to Brady telling him that she and Victor have unfinished business. Jan is lurking in the doorway so Nicole tells Brady she is going for more blankets. She tells Jan to stay in her room. Jan is worried that Victor saw her try to kill him and she won’t be able to get Shawn if she is in jail. Nicole says if he doesn’t die they’ll both be in jail. Brady has to start doing CPR again and he yells at Nicole to phone 911. She yells into the phone that it’s been forty-five minutes and asks what they mean by the call not registering. She tells them to run every red light to get there. Brady stops doing CPR and Nicole asks if he is breathing again. Brady says he’s been down to long and he’s not coming back. He starts to cry and puts his head on Vic’s chest while Nicole smiles.

I’m not going to say too much about the scenes at Tuscany because they should be watched and enjoyed for what they are. It was great to see Suzanne Rogers and Josh Taylor on the screens again. John and Marlena continue talking about Celeste’s premonition and even though he remembers some of the stuff Belle was saying Shawn believes John is back to convincing himself that it is not possible. Deidre Hall gives an amazing performance especially when her and John dance on the terrace and she sees Maggie and Mickey and Kate and Roman dancing as well. She tells John that he made it just like it was the night before she left for Colorado when everything was still good. He cries, she cries. She is almost maniacal in her happiness at seeing the people she killed. She cries to John that she misses them all so much.

The dances between Mickey and Maggie and Roman and Kate that take place for the John and Marlena dance are very moving as well. I liked the Maggie/Mickey scenes because they talked like husband and wife not man and ghost. They talk about Tuscany and Bonnie. LOL – you can tell that Maggie doesn’t approve of some things but overall she walks Mickey to be happy. Bonnie is ecstatic when Mickey asks her to dance. (Gag factor when she feeds him chips and dip and wipes his mouth – warning you all now so you have your lunch over and done with first).

Shawn calls for Belle. He wants her to answer him if she can hear him. She comes out and says I can hear you. Belle is still extremely annoyed with him and tells him there is no need to get hysterical she’s fine. He says don’t give me that. He was getting ready to call the cops. She just went for a walk to get some peace and quiet. She was eaten by a tiger or sliced by a serial killer. She asks him why he jumps to all these conclusions. He answers that no one is safe. LOL when she calls him Mr I have police instincts – she wants to know why he would think she was in danger if he was sure her Mom was the killer – she’s inside Tuscany while she is outside. He says he is not sure of anything but if she would just look at the facts – she cuts him off and says she listened to everything he had to say but he won’t listen to anything her or her Dad say. They know her Mom better than anyone and he just dismisses them. He yells that he isn’t. He just thinks that she can be in more danger than anyone else.

She asks him if he thinks that her own mother would hurt her. He says that they’ve known for a long time that the killer is someone that they know. She asks why her Mother. He says links and asks what ties together all the people who died – who did they know? Your family – to which she answers – and your family to. He says the closer you get to the killer the more danger you are in. She says he’s known her Mom his whole life – how could he think such a thing. He tells her he wants to be wrong and she says he is wrong but he just wants to believe it’s true. He yells that he doesn’t. She wants to know why he won’t listen to her and asks if he doesn’t trust that she knows her own mother.

She turns away from him but her turns her back around to face him and tells her that no matter what happens it doesn’t change who she is. She says everything changed already. Either her mother has changed into a person she doesn’t know or he’s the person that changed. He looks surprised and says “me”? She tells him she loves him because he is principled, honest and even stubborn but he doesn’t know when to let go even when he’s wrong. She tells him he has no proof, nothing. He says that he would prove it. She yells that he can’t and he shouldn’t even try. She can’t believe that he is asking her to pick between him or her Mom. He says he would never do that. Poor Belle is in tears when she tells him that he is and that she loves them both so much. Poor Shawn now, he his tears in his eyes and he looks at her so intensely as he cups her face and tells her he loves her. She pushes his hand away and says don’t touch me, don’t even talk to me until you’ve taken back everything you’ve said and then she runs inside.

Okay – she has a 24 second scene (yes, I timed it) with Phil and for a good 8 seconds of that scene the camera is on a Shawn – grrrr at the look on his face. He hugs her and asks her what is wrong. She looks at him with a tear-stained face and says she is sorry but she can’t talk about it. While Mickey and Bonnie are dancing she notices that Shawn and Belle are apart and Belle is upset. She tells Shawn to ask her to dance, love doesn’t always need words. Shawn doesn’t think she’ll dance with him. Bonnie says she is sorry that his Valentine’s Day surprise didn’t turn out the way he wanted but it’s not too late. He thanks her for caring and goes to Belle. She doesn’t want to listen to him or talk to him. He pulls out his cell phone and tells her that he will just call his Mom and tell her his theory. The police can investigate and if Mom is innocent…She says ‘if’ and grabs his phone and says like hell you will. Marlena asks John what they are arguing about. John, sigh, not too bright – tells her that Shawn thinks she is the killer. Whoa…the look on Marlena’s face and of course she eyes up a knife. I think John starts wondering about her again when he sees her reaction.

Preview: Jen asking Lexie if Patrick is dead. Belle saying “Shawn, it’s over between us and I don’t think I’m kidding. I mean it”. Gulp – the look on his face. Nicole telling Jan to relax, Victor is dead. John telling everyone at Tuscany that there’s been another death, Victor. Marlena says that is just not possible – Bo looking very angry – and damn good if I have to say so myself.

Thursday Feb. 19

Pat’s Spoilers…

Wow – Kirsten Storms gave a stellar performance today!

Before I get into the spoilers I just have to say after watching yesterday’s and today’s show it is my opinion that Belle is truly confounded and hurt by Shawn’s accusations. She is not reacting so strongly because deep down she believes he is right. She is really hurt and confused. There was some major foreshadowing in this show and the words came out of Belle’s mouth. I’ll come back to that.

Kiriakis Mansion: Just a bunch of silly scenes as Nicole hoodwinks Brady to keep him from seeing ykw. Nicole and ykw argue. Nicole tells Henderson about Vic’s death. The police arrive. Nicole cries on his shoulder because she’s a widow now (oh sheesh) and ykw is cursing under her breath that if the cops find her there she will fry like a smoky sausage link. She does vow to take that bitch Nicole with her if she gets caught.

Hospital/Jen’s: Patrick had a muscle spasm – that is what caused him to cry out in pain. Lexie mentions that he has no insurance and they can’t discharge him without getting some guarantee payment. He asks for his jacket saying he will give his credit card. He pretends his wallet is missing and then folds the jacket over so they can’t see it. Jen offers to pay. He thanks her. Lexie says he has to go home and rest. Earlier he told Jen he had no family in Salem and without his wallet he wouldn’t be able to get a room. Jen offers to take him home with her and let him stay in the apartment above the garage. Lexie tries to talk her out of it but can’t. In the house Jen is looking for the keys and he pretends to get another spasm. He says he won’t be able to go up any stairs and asks for some tea. While she’s gone he springs off the couch and pulls Jen’s wallet out of her purse and rifles through it.

Outside the hospital Hope flips the guy over her shoulder and pulls out her gun. LOL! The poor flowers and chocolates that Bo was carrying got the worst of it. They share a cute reunion scene where he wishes her a happy Valentine’s Day. He admits it wasn’t a good idea to sneak up on her with a serial killer still on the loose. Hope has a message from Shawn and they both listen to it. They head to Tuscany.

Tuscany: Belle takes Shawn’s cell from him when he says he is going to call his Mom. LOL she says like hell you are and turns her back on him. He wraps his arms around her and takes the phone saying he has to. She tells him that if he makes the call they are over and she is not kidding. John tells Marlena that Shawn thinks she is the killer and she faints. Belle runs to her and asks John if she was poisoned again (boy the glare she levels Shawn with). John says she fainted when I told her Shawn thought she was the killer. Belle turns on Shawn and tells him to look at what he did to her mother. She comes to and asks Shawn if he really told her daughter that he thought she was the serial killer. I have to give Shawn credit – three pairs of accusing eyes levelled on him and he says, very respectfully, yes Dr. Evans I did and I thing I can prove it.

John tells him to step back – he doesn’t want him upsetting the two women any further. Marlena asks him how he could believe something like that. He says god knows he doesn’t want to. Belle is angry and tells him if he didn’t want to believe it, he wouldn’t. She says he must be getting some sick satisfaction from it. She figures it must make him feel powerful and important to hurt her and her family. He denies it and says that is the last thing he wants to do. She replies ‘as if I would ever believe that again’ and walks away. Marlena says you have known me since you were born. Do you think I’m capable of killing someone in cold blood? He says no. She says that is what you are accusing me of so which is it, either I’m capable or I am not. Shawn says he is just trying to figure it all out. Belle steps back and says that she is trying to figure him out. She wants to know how he could think that her mother would kill all those innocent people. He doesn’t want to believe it but he’s just looking at the facts. Belle gives him the facts. She goes on and on about what her mother means to her and talks about how she has helped so many people – so many of her patients have told her that they wouldn’t be alive if it wasn’t for her help. Shawn’s reply that he is impressed infuriates Belle. She wants to know what kind of ridiculous phoney word that is. Are you impressed that my mother is a heartless monster? She can’t figure out what he is thinking. Shawn is now upset and tells her quite loudly that he is having a hard time understanding it too. He is confused and conflicted and this is upsetting him too.

Jason gives a knockout performance during this sequence (and throughout the show) and when Belle and John turn on him when he says that he can’t ignore the facts. John says everything he has is substantial. He yells that he wants someone to please explain to him why Marlena was cutting up the same suit the serial killer was wearing when Tony was attacked if she was innocent. Belle tells him she felt so guilty, disgusted and freaked out that she had the same suit as the killer and Marlena says that is exactly why she did it. Belle tells Shawn that her mother is more upset and traumatized about these murders than anyone else. She was close to all the victims. Shawn says exactly and we know the victims would have trusted her and let their guard down. Belle really lets him have it – telling him he must think he is so smart going into his cop mode and spouting his theories. He asks her what kind of relationship they could have if he can’t be completely honest with her and tell her what he is feeling. She says this isn’t about honesty, this is cruel and heartless. When she says that no one with half a mind would accuse her mother – he says that is exactly what the killer is counting on. John makes him stop and tells him to walk away before he makes things worse.

Belle apologises for Shawn to her mother. She doesn’t understand she thought he loved her but he is saying those things about the person she is closest to most in the world. Now for the foreshadowing – Belle tells Marlena that when she was talking about her patients she was also talking about herself. She tells Marlena that without her she wouldn’t be able to go on. She is the one that helps her when she is unhappy or insecure. She tells John that he helps too. Marlena calls Belle – ‘my little Belle and says she is her pride and joy. Belle’s response ‘making you proud is so, so important to me.’ They talk about how the night turned out – Belle figures that Shawn has just snapped but her anger rises as she thinks about his accusations. Belle doesn’t know what to do. John says considering Shawn’s irrational behaviour she should re-think her relationship with him. She asks him if he is telling her to break up with Shawn. (She’s not too happy about that). He won’t tell her what to do but she better think long and hard about what kind of future she could have with someone who is so irrational and suspicious. Marlena tells John that Shawn is under a lot of stress but John won’t her defend him.

Shawn phones his mother and tells her to come to Tuscany he has something to tell her about the killer. Belle comes up to him spitting fire. She can’t believe he just did that. She tells him he has turned this Valentine’s Day into the worst day of her life and you wouldn’t stop even when I ‘threatened’ to break up with you. He is sorry but he had to do it. She tells him that she is beginning to see him for the pig-headed accuser he is and lists all the people he accused. She asks him when her mother is cleared is he going to accuse her next. He tells her not to be ridiculous – she isn’t capable of murder. She feels the same way about her mother. Bo and Hope come in but before Shawn can tell them his theory John spouts Victor’s about Nicole. Shawn is just going to say what he has to say when Brady calls John. John tells everyone that there is another death, Victor. Marlena says that is just not possible. They all go rushing out.

Preview: Nicole threatening ykw with a gruesome death when she threatens to tell the police that Nicole forced her to call Victor. Bo, Hope and John – Bo says it was premeditated. Hope wonders how the killer got in and out. Belle standing next to her mom telling Shawn to go ahead and say it, my Mom is not the serial killer.

Friday Feb. 20

Jan’s Spoilers…..

Jen’s house….Patrick is rifling through Jen’s wallet (he has a shirt on)as she comes out of the kitchen and asks what he is doing…telling him that he shouldn’t be up and about. They talk a bit and he mentions knowing Jack. Tells Jen about Jack’s fascination with NASCAR…Jen doesn’t remember but he tells her he spent one day with him at Indianapolis and it was the best day of his life. She thanks him…he figures that they aren’t together anymore and she explains that Jack has died…she doesn’t think he has heard about the SSK but Jack was the 2nd victim. Lexie arrives and is worried about Jen…explains about Victor’s death (apparentely Jen has already heard)and she tells Lexie how hard it must be on her having to do this over and over…Patrick comes out without a shirt on and Jen goes over and pampers him (pillow for his back)…Lexie says she has to leave as Jen tells Patrick she’ll be back and shows Lexie to the door. Lexie tells her that she doesn’t think his back is that bad but Jen says I hit him of course it’s sore…she tells Lexie that he knew Jack…Lexie tells her she has a bad feeling about this…Patrick hobbles over to the table and pulls out a newspaper article about Jack and his leaving a wife and child…he hides it and says to himself that sometimes timing is everything. (OK…I know he’s trouble but I don’t mind him at least right now)

At the mansion…John/Marlena walk in and hug Brady…Belle/Shawn walk in behind them and Belle tells Brady how sorry she is…Bo/Hope follow. Belle tells Brady how sorry she is about his grandfather and then turns to Shawn and says I’m sorry as well…Shawn says we weren’t close not like my grandmother as Hope hugs him. Brady explains what happened…the lights flickering, he’s in the bathtub…he explains about the cuffs and who was there….Nicole/him/locksmith/servants…Bo asks where Nicole is as Brady says upstairs she’s upset…Lexie comes down and welcomes Bo home and he asks her what happened…she explains that it was probably an accident (Nicole is peeking from upstairs)Bo/Hope head upstairs as does Brady.

Upstairs Bo/Hope/Lexie go into Vic’s room. Hope is concerned about Bo’s reaction. He comes out of the bathroom and starts to talk to one of the cops but Hope tells him he need to say good-bye. He pulls the sheet of Victor’s face and tells him that he wasn’t into the money and mansions but his mother loved him and he knew that Victor loved her. He would find out what happened for her. John arrives and the three of them head in to check out the crime scene. Brady tells Nicole that the police are there and they will want to question her…she wants to change…Brady asks her why just to be questioned..she head into her bedroom where ykw is hiding. Ykw is talking to Shawn (he’s not there)saying how sorry she is…she tells Nicole that if she goes down so will Nicole…she asks why she did it…Nicole threatens her….a cop arrives to check out the room…Nic answers the door wearing a black negligee…the cops snoops around and the hear a noise…go to the window but Nicole pulls off the shoulder of her negligee and the cop forgets what he was doing…ykw comes in and tells her she’s afraid of heights…Nic tells her that everyone is downstairs as she changes into something….that Shawn/Belle are there…ykw says she is always hanging onto him and heads for the door…Nic stops her and leaves…..Bo/Hope/John talk to Henderson and he explains about the CD player being kept away from the tub….Bo says it’s murder….

Downstairs…..Belle/Shawn/Marlena/John are talking. Belle wants Shawn to say his mother didn’t do it. Marlena is defending Shawn as Belle says what he said is insane..Marlena tells her not to throw that word around like that…she tells them that they believe that their relationship will last and to not let this destroy it. John says that Belle can take care of this as Marlena agrees…(John heads upstairs)Belle goes to Shawn and tells him that things were stressed tonight with Victor’s death and what he said about Marlena…she wants to know what he is thinking….he tells her that he hopes Victor was killed by the SSK because then it would prove that Marlena isn’t the killer…Brady hears it and lets into Shawn….Belle comes over and tells Shawn she wants to talk to him outside NOW!! Marlena defends Shawn to Brady but Brady doesn’t want to hear it…says Marlena would never hurt anyone…she flashesback to killing Roman and with Belle at the penthouse….outside Belle tells Shawn that she knows why he is doing this…it’s because he wants her to break up with him…he says no that’s not it….I’m trying to protect you, if there is the slightest chance that it’s your Mom…she tells him if he keeps saying it their relationship is over…inside Victor’s body is brought downstairs as Brady says good-bye…Shawn comes over and says he didn’t know him well but he was family and that is the bottom line….his Mom/Dad and he will find out who killed him and she will pay with her life no matter who it is (Marlena is watching him)…Belle comes up to Shawn and says she is sorry about his Grandfather…he talks about all the bad things he had heard about Victor but it is really protecting the people you love…she says is you mean me then I want to be with you too just say it isn’t my Mom…he says I can’t and she walks away…he looks at her as Marlena watches and says Shawn is becoming a problem and problems need to be eliminate. Everyone is downstairs as Nicole makes a grand entrance thanking Bo/Hope/John for coming…Bo tells her he isn’t there to pay his condolences…that Victor was murdered…says it is a short list of suspects…very short…John tells him about what Victor said about if he dies look no further than Nicole…Bo arrests her…(Bo says Kiriakis the same way Victor does…cute)…(Brady is watching from the background) The show ends on Nicole’s face.

Previews: Shawn asking Belle if they are broken up (ykw in the background with a smile on her face)…Phil telling Brady that he and Nic wanted Vic dead so they could be together as Brady punches him….(more but I missed them…LOL)

Monday Feb. 23

Jan's Spoiler

At Tuscany…..Doug/Julie are cleaning up and Julie is still upset with Bonnie. Telling Doug that she ruined Valentine’s day. She repeats that she is after Mickey’s money. Maggie was his true love and this was their anniversary and she left with him. She hated it when she saw them dancing. Doug tells her he wished he had a camera when she was chasing Bonnie around the room with the horns and that arrow stuck on her head. She says she could have killed her. Doug says you don’t mean that…you don’t mean you could kill someone. She says I’m not the Serial Killer. He says it’s nothing to joke about. They are cleaning up and Julie is still upset….she knows that kind of woman. Doug says let’s go home I’m tired. They are in bed and Julie tells him how much she loves him…they lay down and Doug remembers running into the killer at the circus. He remembers his talk with Marlena about where she was..he has a vision of the mask. He then has a flashback to the hospital. He is looking in the door to where Tony is…we hear Julie’s voice saying only doctor’s and medical staff are allowed in….he sees a doctor go in with Tony….the same doctor comes out holding a syringe and he says her face…he wakes up sweating and says Marlena. (I can’t tell you how upset I am at Doug leaving…they were my first ‘favorite’ couple on the show and I enjoy him and Julie so much)

At the mansion…(first we have ykw’s fantasy in which she tells Shawn about killing Victor and Shawn leaves….she tells herself that Belle is next)downstairs Kate/Phil come up to the door as Phil says he couldn’t believe it when he got the call from Bo. Inside Bo is reading Nicole her rights as they come in and Phil lunges at her calling her a dirty bitch (I believe)he is pulled back and Nicole says she was handcuffed naked to Brady…everyone looks at him…Belle pulls Shawn into the living room and says this has to prove my Mom isn’t the killer, she was with us at Tuscany when Victor was murdered. Shawn says we don’t even know if Victor was murdered, I don’t now what to think. Brady stands up for Nicole explaining what happened, Phil again goes at her but is stopped by Bo who tells him they will find out who killed their father. John explains what Victor told him, Kate says it had to be her or she had someone do it…she killed them all. John confirms the handcuffs and Bo/Hope release Nicole. Shawn tells Shawn that he has to believe that her mother isn’t the killer because she was with us when Victor was killed. He tells her he agrees she couldn’t have killed Victor. Belle says then she couldn’t have killed the others. Marlena comes in and says so you believe I’m not the killer, I’m not you know. Shawn says I’m not sure but whoever she is she’s smart and it’s someone we all know. Belle goes over to Phil and tells him how sorry she is…Shawn says the same and Belle asks if her and Shawn can go upstairs to talk. Bo has a message from Victor telling him that he wants to give him the combination of the safe but he’ll do it tomorrow, he’s safe tonight as Nicole is handcuffed to Brady. Bo says he wishes he could have talked to him one more time. Gene Briscoe comes in and offers his condolences to Bo, Kate makes a comment and Nicole wants her removed. Henderson tells her he can’t do that as Nicole says I am Mrs. Kriakis. Gene turns and says he doesn’t know the contents of the will but he does know that right now and after the reading that means nothing. He tells Phil/Brady that they are executors to the estate and tells Bo that Victor knew he wanted nothing to do with the Kiriakis estate but Victor wanted him here when the safe was opened. The decide to meet in the morning with the relatives and the locksmith. Nicole tells Brady that she is glad he is there for support….Brady tells her that tomorrow when the will is read he can’t help her it appears his grandfather had the last laugh.

J&M are outside as Marlena wonders if Shawn will tell his parents. If he does they will have to investigate. John says it doesn’t matter no one will believe Shawn’s theory. Marlena says you have faith in me I’m not sure I deserve it…John says you don’t have anything to feel guilty about do you.

Bo finds Nicole at the safe…she tells him that she was making sure that no one broke into it…Bo tells her that looks like what she was doing…he tells her she looks guilty.

Shelle arrive at Nicole’s room…(ykw in the closet)Shawn asks why she wanted to come upstairs and she says so she could yell at him. He wants to take her home they can discuss this in bed…she tells him that she doesn’t think she wants him to come home with her…he should stay in his own place tonight…she says her parents are apart because of this…and now us…he wants to know if they are breaking up….she tells him that she is glad she didn’t have sex with him and that she doesn’t think she could be intimate with someone who thinks her mother is a killer….

Bo/Hope are upstairs as Hope tells him she knows how hard this is on him. He says they’ll find the killer. Nicole is acting guilty…Hope says the killer is probably long gone (not true Hope she’s about 10 feet away)

Phil comes in and sees Brady…he goes at him about Brady not being able to stop the murder…that he was naked with Nicole…he says only she was naked…Phil mentions the looks they share…says that he stole Chloe from him and now he was stealing his grandfathers trophy wife…Brady punches him and they fight…J&M come in and break it up…Marlena tells them to stop that everyone is upset about the murders even her….she tells them violence doesn’t stop anything and to apologize…they do. Marlena tells John that Celeste’s prediction about him killing her upset her…if she was the killer he might have to…he says it would never happen….she smiles and says ooooh, that’s good then as she walks away. John says it couldn’t be her..no it couldn’t.

Brady tells Nicole that tomorrow when the safe is open they will find out that she was in Tony’s room…..she lied to him….she tries to explain but he walks away. Phil vows they will find out who killed his father and they will pay not matter who it is.

Kate sees Marlena and tells her how ironic it is that she was in the same room as the killer…Marlena says yes, ironic.

In the living room Kate, Phil and Brady all look in the mirror (the future of Titan I’m sure)

Nicole upstairs telling ykw to stop…she lets it slip that she killed Colin and ykw says so you’ve murdered before…Nicole tells her that if anyone finds out they will have a double execution the first in Salem….Nicole then has a fantasy about the will reading and her being arrested.

Bo/Hope/Shawn/Belle come downstairs…Shawn says he is leaving and he’ll see them tomorrow. Hope wants to know about his theory…J&M & Belle are watching. He says it probably wasn’t true and to forget it…Bo tells him he can tell him anything. Bo/Hope leave as Shawn tells J&M and Belle that he didn’t say anything because she had an alibi. John apologizes to Marlena for upsetting her by telling her that Shawn thought it was her. Shawn helps Belle on with her coat but tells him he should go home alone. John hugs her as does Marlena….Marlena gives him a bone chilling stare as Shawn smiles at her.

Outside Bo/Hope talk about Celeste but Bo knows she doesn’t want to help because it could get her killed. Hope talks to him about all the people in his family he has lost and they hug….Bo is looking very upset.

Tuesday Feb. 24

Pat's Spoilers...

Jen’s: Patrick is exercising (bare-chested and covered in sweat, of course). He gets up and checks the computer to get information on Jen. Jen comes down and asks him why is using her computer. He tells her he was doing research on back pain. She notices the sweat and he tells her that it is a side-effect of his medication. She wants to phone Lexie but he tells her it is not necessary. They end up talking about Jack and he says a lot about the man and Jen wants to know how he can know all that from one meeting. He says the guest room and the entire house is full of stuff about Jack – he read some articles. He thanks her again for taking him, a complete stranger in when there is a serial killer on the loose and she mentions that it is good to have a big strong man in the house. She talks about all the pain comes back each time someone is murdered. He goes to get them each some ice cream and she feels the baby kick and lets him feel it as well. He says the baby is Jack’s miracle.

Kiriakis Mansion: Nicole is trying to get in the safe when she hears ykw sneaking out. She tells her to leave town because if anyone sees them together it will be all over for her. Brady yells down and asks who she is talking to. Nicole ushers ykw outside where she stands and smiles thinking that Shawn should be done arguing with his ex-girlfriend by now and she can finally have him to herself. Nicole tells Brady she was talking to herself and that she has a confession. She confesses that she wished his grandfather dead so many times and now that it has happened she feels guilty because she used to love him once. Brady tells her to go to bed. As soon as Brady goes back up she’s back at the safe again. She has 3 fantasies while trying to open that safe. Brady must come down at least 3 times (bare-chested of course) and she keeps feeding him a line of bull each time. One fantasy is that the combination is Isabella’s birthday and she gets the safe open but a cloud of gas escapes and she is knocked out. The next fantasy has Bo and Hope arresting her for Colin’s murder and declaring her the serial killer. Also ykw comes in and says she killed Victor but only because Nicole forced her to. Third fantasy Bo throws her in a cell with ‘Big Bertha’ and tells her he knows she will have a good night. Big Bertha tells her how things are going to be and then demonstrates what the ‘big squeeze’ is.

Shawn’s bedroom: Only this is definitely a jock’s room – basketball, jar of baseballs and yes even a hockey stick propped up in the corner – electric guitar hanging on the wall. Shawn is in bed in just those nice black boxers having a dream about Belle. Wow I have to say the pink pj outfit Belle had on was gorgeous – lace crop top and very low riding bottoms. She tells him she loves him and they kiss. Back to him turning over in bed and ykw kisses him and he kisses back and then opens his eyes looks up in shock. When next we see him he is still sleeping and wakes up and calls out Belle’s name. He says that the kiss felt so real. Of course ykw is hiding under his bed saying that Belle could never arouse him like can. He goes over to Belle’s and knocks on her door and asks if she was just at his place. She says no. He tells her that he loves her and he was dreaming about her – he dreamt that she kissed him. She tells him that his dreams are going to be the only place she kisses him and closes the door on him. He says he knows what he has to do and leaves.

Belle’s loft: Belle opens her door and sees her mother who happens to be standing outside Shawn’s place but Belle is happy that she came by to see her. They go inside and Belle is still upset and can’t understand why Shawn is saying such terrible things. She worries that it is going to be over between them. She laments over the fact that it was such a horrible Valentine’s Day and she is envious of Mimi. Rex took her on a romantic getaway and Shawn ruined things. She wonders how he could be such a jerk. On top of everything she things she is getting a cold. Marlena asks if she has Vitamin C and Echinacea. Belle says she doesn’t think so – if she did it would be in the kitchen but she has cold medicine upstairs. She goes upstairs while Marlena checks the kitchen and finds the keys to Shawn’s apartment. She is trying to decide what weapon to use to kill Shawn and thinks back over how she killed the others. Of course she has that hulking big carving knife in her trench coat pocket – I have one question about that? I mean she was sitting in the park on a bench caressing it (well maybe not caressing it but darn close) when a cop came up to her, she had out when Belle opened her loft door – both times she puts it in her pocket. My question – why didn’t the big sharp knife rip through the material and fall out of her coat??? She tells Belle to relax on the couch and covers her up and tells her to drink plenty of fluids. She made her herbal tea and honey. Belle says she is such a good mother and that she wouldn’t hurt a fly. Marlena leaves.

Bo & Hope’s: They are in bed and Bo decides he should go back to Victor’s because he can’t sleep. Hope says they can do other things and they kiss. They start talking about what could be in Vic’s safe. Bo worries that whoever Victor names as the killer will be able to get out of it because she is so smart. They both think she will kill again. Bo feels that he should have caught the killer by now and Hope tells him he will. Shawn comes in and says he saw the light on. He asks Bo if he can talk to him so Hope leaves to check on Zack. He tells Bo that he messed by with Belle and he needs his advice. He tells Bo that he had some thoughts about the killer and he told Belle and now she is so mad at him. He loves her so much and he wants to make it right. Bo knows that Shawn told Belle it was someone close to her. He asks Shawn what his theory is but Shawn says he’s in enough trouble already. He just thinks that all the killings have finally got to him and messed with his head. He wants to know what to do. Bo tells him he’s not giving him a lot to go on but he says you only said those things because you thought she was in danger and you were worried about her. He suggests he tell her that and to say he’s sorry. Bo says Belle is a very understanding person. Shawn thanks Bo and tells him he is always there when he needs him. He says he’s going to Belle he’s sorry. Bo tells him he should wait for morning. Outside the door Shawn thinks to himself that he really hopes that Marlena isn’t the killer. Hope comes in and they talk a little more about family. Hope says when they really miss Caroline and Roman they just have to look at their two sons and they will see their loved ones in them.

Shawn’s: Marlena and pulls out the keys and the knife. She says she wouldn’t hurt a fly but she will kill her boyfriend – she also says Shawn has to pay with his life for figuring out that she is the killer. She is quite angry that he was able to do that. Oh good lord the attack is gruesome. She does grab a pillow and push it down over the person in the bed – but I honestly don’t know how anyone could have survived that and then only require stitches by Dr. Nicole. When she is done she says Shawn Brady is dead and Belle won’t have to worry about him anymore. While this is going on Belle is in her loft looking at pictures of both Shawn and Marlena. She loves them both so much and she doesn’t want to lose either of them.

Preview: Sami in her bed telling Lucas that Nicole has killed all the people in her family to make her suffer and she’ll be coming after her next. Nicole in the bathtub – Brady saying Nicole you’re bleeding as they look at the blood on the palm of her hand. Marlena “I’m sorry Belle but Shawn was a danger to me just like Abe” – as she is thinking this we see Shawn – I think he’s in the hallway outside their lofts but it’s hard to tell. Belle calling out “Shawn are you in here?” and then screaming when she goes into his bedroom.

Wednesday Feb. 25

Pat’s Spoilers

Kiriakis Mansion: Nicole is relaxing in the tub trying to come up with the combination to Vic’s safe. She notices the blood on the palm of her hand. Victor’s ghost appears. He throws the CD player in telling her its death by the electric chair without the seat. She screams and Brady comes running. She is sleeping. She told him she saw Victor and he tells her she had a bad dream. He notices the blood. He bandages her hand and picks up her razor and said she probably cut herself on that. She tells him she is sorry for his loss but he can’t possibly believe that she is capable of murder. He says he will wait to see the evidence in the safe before passing judgement. She pulls off her robe and tells him she needs him to believe her. He walks out on her. He calls Chloe and tells her he is coming to Europe to visit her after the funeral. Nicole goes back to her soak in the tub. She hears something and then feels someone touching her and then sees a bloody hand. It’s ykw. She tells Nicole the serial killer attacked her. Nicole asks her if she knows who it is. There is a flashback of ykw watching as Shawn is putting on his shirt and then leaving. She strips naked (ewwww) and claims into bed with a big smile on face. Then we see the shadow of the killer and the knife. As Nicole is asking her who the killer is she passes out. Don’t ask me how she got fully dressed after being stabbed so much and got out of Shawn’s without leaving a trail of blood.

Sami’s: She is dreaming about what happened in the cave and then wakes up. She sees a shadow and screams. She grabs a vase to hit the person but it’s Lucas. He heard her moaning through the walls – uh, pardon me, but she isn’t her apartment down the hall and ACROSS the hall from his – oh well – he must have been sitting on the window sill – LOL! He thought she was in pain and wants to know how her head is feeling after the fall. He figures out she was dreaming about him. She doesn’t want to go there and he says she doesn’t want to be happy. She says she was happy last year on Valentines’ Day because Brandon asked her to move in with her. She ends up talking how the only two men she ever loved aren’t speaking to her now only too Will and that they were with her only because of Will. He tells her about Victor’s death and she is happy. He was a threat to her and now he isn’t. Lucas tells her she shouldn’t talk like considering she is still a suspect. This is when she says she was worried about her Mom and Dad’s safety but what if she is next. She thinks Nicole killed all those people to make her suffer and now she is coming after her next. Lucas promises to protect her. She doesn’t want him staying with her. He says he will just sit there. He sits propped up against the headboard almost sleeping when she starts to sob. She says that it is too late for her – no one will ever love her. He lies next to her holding her and telling her that it’s not true. This crying is a carry-over from their conversation earlier. She remembers that her grandmother had two men to love her, her mother had two and if she dies and goes to the white light (if she goes there – LOL) no one will we waiting for her. Will loves her because she is his mother. Lucas tries to reassure her that she will find love.

Belle & Shawn’s lofts: Belle is lying on the couch remembering the argument between her and Shawn. She gets up and phones him and leaves a message for him to come over – she wants to talk. Marlena is still in his room holding the bloody knife. She hears Belle leaving the message and thinks to herself that it’s too late. Shawn won’t be coming over. Right after Belle hangs up there is a knock on her door. She looks through the peephole and then opens the door. OMG – the look on that man’s face. He is so head over heels for her it’s unbelievable. He pulls out a bouquet of flowers from behind his back. She asks him in. He says he couldn’t sleep and he saw her light on – he hopes he didn’t wake her. She told him she just called. She didn’t want to leave things that way between them. She didn’t want that to be the last things they said to each other. He tells her he hurt her tonight and that is the last thing he wanted to do. She asks if he thinks her mother is the killer. He talks about knowing Marlena all his life and she has always been so good to him. Belle says that her mother isn’t mad at him she’s just upset that someone could think she was the killer. He hugs her and notices she is warm. She tells him she is getting a cold so he says well let’s get you to bed. She suggests he go back to his place to sleep. Ah his voice when he asks her if she doesn’t want to stay with her. She does but she doesn’t want him to get sick. He doesn’t care he wants to be with her and she wants to be with him. He asks if it’s too late to give her the Valentine’s stuff and of course she tells him it is never too late. Marlena is just about to drop the knife down the garbage chute when she hears Belle’s loft door opening so she hides. It’s like Shawn senses someone is there but they don’t see other. After she hears the door close she gets rid of the knife and leaves.

Park: Marlena talking to herself saying that she is sorry that she had to kill Shawn. Belle will understand one day and thank her for it. Belle can live without Shawn but she couldn’t survive without her mother. Marlena says I love you more than you could know my sweet girl. (Yikes!)

Back at the lofts: Shawn tells Belle to wait for him he’ll be right back. She comes back downstairs muttering that she can’t believe she doesn’t have any aspirin. She goes to Shawn’s place and notices the door is ajar. She pushes it open and calls out for him and goes towards the bedroom door and screams. Shawn (I don’t know where he was) tells Belle not to touch anything. LOL – she tells him she isn’t even going to move. He wants her to go back to her apartment while he checks to see if the killer is still near by but she figures the safest place for her is with him – smart girl. He figures the killer was sending him a message because she felt threatened. Belle says don’t you dare say it was my mother. He wants to go back to her place to see if her spare keys are missing. She asks him if they are there will he believe her mother isn’t the killer and never bring it up again. He agrees. They go back and they are there. He goes upstairs to phone his parents. Marlena comes over with Vitamin C and chicken soup. She hears someone coming down the steps and is shocked to see Shawn. Belle asks her mother what is wrong and Shawn comments that she looks like she saw a ghost. Marlena says she is tired and surprised to see him because the last time she saw them the two of them weren’t speaking. Belle says they made up and Marlena says that is good. Belle tells her what happened and that they at first thought that someone had used the set of keys she has to get in – flashback of Marlena returning the keys (must be when Belle went upstairs to look for the aspirin and Shawn went – I still don’t know where – LOL). When they mention that the killer was threatening Shawn Marlena insists that Belle go home with her. Belle refuses to leave Shawn but she tells her mother she is worried about her being out on own so late at night. Marlena says she is fine. She leaves wondering who she did stab in Shawn’s bed and what do they know.

Preview: Nicole saying to John that the only thing you’re interested in is sticking me with a murder rap. Hope asking Shawn (with Belle by his side) why the killer is coming after him. Maggie’s ghost telling Julie she is there to tell her about Doug and the great danger he is in. Doug sitting up in bed saying he knows who the killer is.

Thursday Feb. 26

Jan's Spoilers...

The loft....Hope arrives as Shelle come out of Belle's apt...Shawn asks where Bo is and Hope tells him sleeping...she asks what is wrong but Shawn says he'll show her....she looks at Belle and asks if she is OK...Belle is looking sheepish...Shawn shows Hope his room and she can't believe it...she checks for blood but Shawn says he isn't hurt...she says who do you think did this...Shawn says the killer who else...out in the living room Hope says she'll call Tek...she asks Shawn again but Belle gives him the 'look' and he says probably because I'm a Brady...Tek arrives and he vows to find something, he asks Shawn but Shawn says he has no idea...Hope and Tek head into SDB's room as Belle tells Shawn thank you...he says let's not get into this yet we'll wait for Tek to find something...Belle looks at him and says Oh my God, you still think it's her don't you..... .Shelle are still talking as Belle says we've been through this…Shawn says I just don’t know…let’s wait to see what Tek finds… as they talk about Marlena being the killer...Tek/Hope come out and Tek says they found strands of brunette hair and lipstick and make-up smeared on the sheets...Belle looks at Shawn and says you had a girl in your bed...Shawn says there was no one in his bed with him...Tek says I hate to dispute it but we have evidence...Shawn says this is crazy...he says this just keeps getting crazier….he explains what happened that he reached out and kissed someone...he looks at Belle and says that is when I came over to your place to see if you were here...she says it wasn't me....Hope asks him if anyone could have gotten in...he says he locked the door behind him when he left...that Belle has the only spare key and it was in her apt. Hope then turns towards Belle and says then there was two people in this apt. tonight let’s find out how they got in....they leave and Shawn says to Belle you can't believe this and that is when she asks who he had sex with tonight...he says to Belle let’s not get into this….Belle says you got tired of waiting and wearing this stupid purity ring (she holds it up)so he found it somewhere else.. .......he tells her that he wasn't with anyone...she says your busted Shawn don’t lie… and says that is why you accused my Mom because you wanted tobreak up with me to be with her....she also mentions what he said about the kiss feeling real....he says are you listening to yourself…that doesn’t make any sense…I thought I lost you tonight….he tells her that honestly he has not been withanyone...she turns her back to him and he turns her around and tells her that remember you said this was the worst Valentine's Day ever well it'sthe same for me....she rolls her eyes at him as he tells her not to do that....he didn't want to accuse her mother…then he says you don’t think I’m the killer do you….she says no (her demeanor changes as she softens) he says the important thing right now is to figure out who got stabbed........Tek and Hope comeout and Hope says that whoever was hurt is alive....Shawn says enough about that what about the assailant....Tek says about average strength
between 5'7" and 5'10"....they leave to gather more evidence as Belle turns to Shawn and says I know my mother is average strength and thatheight but she didn't kill Victor...Shawn says but she was here...Bellesays yeah to give me cold medicine...Shawn says maybe I should tell myMom...Belle says if you love me, truly care about me you won't say anything....not one word….Hope comes out and is shaking....she hugs Shawn and tells
him that he could have been killed...he says but I'm fine...she says that isn't the point...all this time I thought your Dad was in danger but it's you...Belle is in the background and I do believe the girl finally bought a clue that Shawn could have been killed because she looks a little upset all of a sudden.....especially when Hope says thatshe felt like someone walked over her grave and that someone close to
her is going to die. (my feeling is that Belle doesn't really believe Shawn betrayed her and she finally figured out that he may have been killed)

Doug/Julie....Doug tells Julie he knows who the killer is...she asks who but Doug won't tell her, he doesn't want her in danger...she says you have to tell someone we have to stop this....she wants him to tell her who…but he won’t…he says he’ll go to the police…Julie changes her mind and tells him he can’t that he could be next…she tells him to go to Hope she is a cop and his daughter…she can protect him by checking it out and not letting anyone know…he says he has to be 100% sure…Julie asks why…he tells her because this is someone we know and care for and is an important member of the community…I can’t be wrong…he has to see someone tonight..she doesn’t want him to leave but he kisses her and tells her he’ll be back soon……she is in bed and we hear Maggie’s voice calling her name…she smiles and then says it’s a dream…Maggie says it’s me in the flesh almost…Julie asks why she is here and Maggie says I think you know…she tells her that Cassie/Caroline/Tony and her all were killed because they could have named the killer….Julie asks who it is but Maggie says I can’t tell you but Doug could be next if he names her….Doug arrives at a door a knocks…the person answers and he says I know who the killer is and I need your help.

John/Brady...John arrives worried about Brady and wanting to be there for him. He asks Brady where the 'murderer' is. Brady says he doesn't believe Nicole did it she was handcuffed to him...John says coincidence don't you think...she may have hired someone...Brady says but who? They discuss Nicole a bit and Brady tells John that he knows the real Nicole…one who wants to be loved. John says maybe that isn’t the real Nicole maybe the real one is the one who killed Vic…he mentions Abe about to name the killer in Colin’s murder and the says the others were killed to protect the murderer….Brady says what about Roman as John says maybe he came across some of Abe’s files….Brady mentions Marlena and John says she has a lot going on and then Shawn’s accusations…Brady says he can’t believe Shawn said that as John tells him not to tells anyone…Brady says it’s too crazy to repeat…he tells John he is going to Europe to visit Chloe…The locksmith arrives saying that Gene Briscoe phone and wants him to take a look at the safe….he tells John that he will have to drill…Nicole arrives and John calls her Nicky K…she says John only wants to put her away for murder…but she didn’t kill Victor…she says isn’t that right Brady…he doesn’t answer and she tells him to answer her now…she says your father has already turned you against me…Brady tells her they’ll find out the truth in the morning as John smiles.

Nicole/YKW……no comment on these scenes.

Previews: Julie telling Alice that Maggie visited her to warn her about Doug…Bo asking Hope if Shawn was the target as Hope says yes and Bo says I’ll kill her….Lucas walking out on Sami and Sami looking in a mirror saying she doesn’t have feeling for him….YKW telling Nicole she knows the combination to the safe.

Pat’s Spoilers

I have to go for supper so this is going to be quick and dirty.

Kiriakis Mansion: John comes over even though it’s so late. Brady and he talk for the entire show basically about Nicole. John knows that Nicole has gotten to Brady but Brady denies it. John feels that she is a murderess and that the evidence will be in the safe. Brady doesn’t agree – and it goes back and forth. Upstairs Nicole gets ykw drunk and stitches her up. Don’t ask me how she never got any blood on herself. We see more evidence of how delusional ykw is. Line of the day goes to Nicole – she says to ykw “Are you looney tunes – wait don’t answer that.” LOL! The locksmith comes over and starts working on opening the safe because he knows it is going to be difficult. Nicole is not happy to see him when she comes downstairs after shoving ykw in her closet.

Doug & Julie: Such wonder scenes between them as he tells her he knows who the killer is but won’t tell her so he can protect her. He wants to get proof before going to the police. At first she wants him to tell the police but then she doesn’t want him to say anything because the killer is vicious. Doug tells her he can’t do that. He does tell her the woman is someone they consider a friend. Julie wants him to tell Hope so the police can investigate without him in the picture. He says he has to tell someone and he knows just who that person is. He goes and Maggie appears to Julie. SR looks gorgeous. She tells Julie that Doug is in great danger because he is a threat to the killer. If the killer finds out that he knows no one will be able to save his life.

Shawn’s room: Tek and Hope come over. Hope is stunned by what she sees. They start investigating. Shawn does not say anything about his suspicions about Marlena because Belle keeps giving him the look – LOL! They talk about the strands of brunette hair, makeup and lipstick in Shawn’s bed. Belle immediately jumps to the conclusion that he had a girl in bed with him. This goes over several scenes. Shawn swears there was no woman in his bed but Tek says the evidence says differently. Shawn talks about his dream and he thought he was kissing Belle. Belle just rolls her eyes. Tek does more investigating and says who ever attacked the person in the bed was of average strength and between 5’7 and 5’10. Hope and Tek go back into his bedroom and Belle says you think its Mom. Then she wonders if Shawn made up those accusations as an excuse to break up with so he could be with this girl. She wonders if he is tired of the purity rings. He tries to explain – LOL! I love it when he says don’t roll your eyes at me. She had thrown the fact that it was such a terrible Valentine’s Day up in his face again and he tells her it was for him to. He never wanted to hurt her. I do believe that Belle actually started thinking about Shawn at the very end when Hope comes out of his room very upset. She tells him that he is in grave danger. She thought the killer would be going after Bo next but now she knows it is Shawn. She tells him that this feeling came over her – just like someone had walked over her grave. The killer is going after someone she loves next. Belle actually looks very scared. Also by this time I’m sure she realises that Shawn didn’t betray her – at least that’s the feeling I had.

Preview: Julie telling Alice that Maggie came to her and told her Doug was in danger. Bo (very upset) saying something about the killer – Hope is with him so she must have told him about Shawn. Nicole stewing that if they get the safe open she is done for – a drunk ykw telling her she knows the combination.

Friday Feb. 27

Pat’s Spoilers

Kiriakis Mansion: The black widow is wearing her mourning black duds but they are not exactly traditional. She sees all the police cars and wonders if the whole force is there. Bo says they are there to arrest her for murder as soon as the safe is open. Outside Hope is talking to Shawn on her cell. She says Bo is going to go ballistic when he finds out about the attack in his loft and all the blood. She says she has a suspect – Nicole Walker. Bo is ready to arrest Nicole but Hope tells him he has to wait for the evidence. Nicole goes upstairs where she laments her fate. She doesn’t think it’s such a big deal that she killed one black-mailing Irishman but she didn’t do in half of Salem. She decides she needs to find someone who knows who the killer is to clear her name. Bo gets on the locksmiths case to get the safe open.

Hope tells Bo about the attack in Shawn’s apartment. Bo is livid that Nicole went after Shawn. He charges up the stairs. In her room Nicole picks up a picture of Victor and yells that she hates him and smashes it against the door. Bo pushes the door and says did I just hear you say you hated him. She tries to cover by saying that she hates him for leaving her. Bo tells her that her lies don’t work with him. He says he has someone that can ID her as the serial killer. Hope comes in. Nicole says she can’t know. Bo reminds of how Hope was attacked in the evidence room and only she has information that can lead to the killer. Bo lies on the bed and Hope gives Nicole a hairbrush and tells her to pretend to stab Bo. When Nicole has her arm raised Hope measures the distance. Nicole tries to tell them that there is no way she could have gone to Shawn’s and back without at least one cop seeing her. Bo tells her to stay in the room. There are cops inside and outside and they have been instructed to shoot to kill. No comment on the tasteless jantasy – her and Nicole in prison stripes and Bo as a gangster killing them. YUCK. Nicole mutters that she has to get into the safe when ykw comes out of the closet saying she knows the combination.

Julie is going frantic waiting for her phone to ring. She goes downstairs and her and Alice talk. Alice figures out that she is seeing dead people that is why she is so unsettled. Julie says Maggie paid her visit and warned that Doug was in great danger. Julie tells Alice that Doug thinks he knows who the killer is and she is deathly afraid because anyone else that has known her identity has died. She calls him again and leaves him another message. At the end she is talking to herself and decides to make the call she knows that Doug wouldn’t because he has the weight of the world on his shoulders. She makes a call to Marlena saying that Doug thinks he knows who the killer is and she wonders if she can come over and get some advice.

Doug asks Celeste for help. She says she has been expecting him. He goes inside and she has candles lit. It is her way of getting in touch with the spirits. She tells him the spirits are very restless and she feels that the killer is going to strike again. Unfortunately she always sees his face when she gets that vibe. She pulls out a huge candle of an angel and gets him to light it telling him that the white light from the candle will keep him safe from the killer. She scatters tea leaves around the killer to open a channel to the dark side. The windows blow open, the tea leaves start blowing and she tells Doug to ask the question. He doesn’t want to name the person out loud because than Celeste will be in danger. She gives him a bag of crystals and tells him to place them in a circle. If his suspicions are correct the face of the person he suspects will appear in the circle. He does and sees Marlena’s face. The spirits leave and Celeste asks him if his suspicions were confirmed. He says yes but he just can’t believe she would do these things. He is going to go to the police and let them investigate. The angel candle flickers and Celeste tells him he is in grave danger. He wants to know what kind of danger and she goes to the tarot cards. The third card drawn is the death card.

Lucas’: Will, Kate and Lucas are working on Will’s science project. They look for the glue stick and Lucas says Sami must have it. Even though Kate protests Lucas goes over there. Kate notices a family picture of Will, Sami and Lucas and asks Will when it was taken. He tells her about the camping trip and that Lucas and Sami shared a tent and a sleeping bag but that there wasn’t a lot of sleeping going on. LOL! Kat wants to know how he knows that. Will tells her how he planted the snake in his Mom’s sleeping bag. He also tells her about Sami running off and getting trapped in the cave with Horton the tiger and his Dad rescued her. He hopes that finally brings them together. Lucas comes back and sends Will to bed. Kate starts bad-mouthing Sami and Lucas tells her to stop in case Will hears her talking about his mother like that. She is upset that he is letting Sami get to him. He says not anymore. She notices that he doesn’t look to happy about that and doesn’t understand why he would pine for a loser like Sami. He says because they are both losers and the only thing right that either of them ever did was Will. He tells her to buckle up because he has feelings for Sami – real feelings.

Sami’s: As she is watching the romance channel she daydreams that Lucas knocks and she pulls him into a kiss and they end up on the couch. Lucas comes over. She looks for the glue and ends up spraying his t-shirt with some paint. She looks pretty enamoured when he removes his shirt. He wants her to admit her feelings for him. He’s tired of playing with their hearts. He knows she is attracted to him and he wants her to say it. She says she is just annoyed with him. He throws his shirt at her and tells her to have a nice lonely life and leaves. She looks in the mirror and tells herself that she is not attracted to him – and squirts the paint all over it. After Lucas leaves she tells her stuff to stop thinking about him. She doesn’t care for him and the only man she needs is her teddy bear Mr. Fuzzy. The bear’s head changes into Lucas’ and she confesses to the teddy bear that she is in love with Lucas.

Preview: Mimi telling Rex that he has to take her home right now – her Mom is in big trouble. Nicole slapping ykw so hard that she staggers. Hope telling Bo that they are going to get the killer – they just have to be patient. Julie looking strangely at Marlena saying you sound like you know how the killers mind works and Marlena telling her that we are one and the same.

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