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Monday May 3

Jan’s Spoilers……

Okay….I’ll be honest. I have seen enough death/murders and flashbacks of them to last me a lifetime. Brady needs to find a brain. The whole Jan/Nic stuff was beyond stupid and if I have to watch Phil ‘pat’ Belle’s head one more time I’ll scream (she is not a puppy or a little girl)….I did however love it when Shawn called Belle ‘Honey. This is not the show I fell in love with or the characters I love.

On the rooftop Nicole is standing there as Dino-girl comes up beside her. They talk a bit as Jan wants to know why she is still there. Nic tells her that every door is guarded by cops...Jan says they should go to Mexico...Nic asks her if she isn't listening...Bo won't let her leave. Then Nic decides she wants the costume and they wrestle...Brady arrives and wants to know what is going on...Nic tells him the dinosaur fell and she was trying to help her up...Brady asks if she is OK and Dino-girl goes into her Barney routine and leaves (or so it appears as she hides)...Nic asks what is going on with Marlena and Brady tells him she is confessing to the murders...she asks about Victor's and Brady informs her that they don't believe she killed Vic she had an airtight alibi she was with John/Shawn/Belle at Tuscany. They do however suspect her...she says I had an alibi I was handcuffed to you...he says they think you hired an accomplice...Nic starts to freak and says Marlena will frame her..she hates me because of what I did to her son Eric...Brady says she won't lie she is using a truth serum...she says Bo will plant it in her head...Brady wants to know if Marlena knows something..(dino-girl motions at her to get Brady to leave).Nic wants him to go down and find out what is going on...she'll stay there it might be the last time she can breathe fresh air....after he leaves Dino-girl comes out and says you are pretty stupid...Nicole says she is terrified and she should be too...dino-girl says they have to kill Marlena. She tells Nicole she knows how to do that and she got the idea from Marlena.

In the room....Sami is freaking out that Marlena killed says it's obvious that Roman knew that she was the killer...she tells Bo he is wrong. Shawn tells Belle that her mother loved Roman and she killed him. Marlena goes on to tell them that she loved Roman and that is why she killed him...she couldn't let him be with trailer-trash. John says before you took the serum you told me you loved me...she says I lied. Hope calls her a monster. Sami has an outburst and the judge tells her she has 30 seconds and that is it...after that another outburst and she'll be in jail...Sami says that her mother loved her father and all she wanted was to be together with him. It's John and Kate's fault and that is why everyone is dead. It is them that are the monsters. Sami takes off as Lucas turns to follow...Kate yells at him to stay and he says I can't. John tells Belle she should leave…but she doesn’t want to go. While this is happening Shawn is standing by Belle as she cries and he hands her a tissue she says that she can’t believe this is the reason there has to be more to it….Shawn says I’m sorry honey but I think that’s the reason. Bo says to the judge we have motive and the murders were pre-meditated so that makes it murder one...the judge says yes and in this state we have the death penalty. Shawn is standing by Belle and he says he's sorry. Julie comes in and tells Hope that Jen is with Lexie and is fine. Kate leaves and Phil follows telling Belle he has to go to be with his Mom…They start to talk about Doug's murder and Marlena says his was the most painful it took him a long time to die. She has a flashback to killing him and Hope pleading with him to live. Julie attacks Marlena…the Judge asks her if she wants to press charges against Mrs. Williams…Marlena says no she would have done the same thing if someone took the one she loved…then she says wait I did…Belle says that she thinks her Mom is going insane…Shawn tells her that it’s too late for that…she can’t use that as an excuse. They want to talk about Alice…Marlena says she has something to say first…she tells Belle thank you for lying to Shawn for me and giving me an alibi it gave me more time…Shawn says to kill my great-gran…she says I’m not responsible for that Doug is…she then says Julie is as well as we get a flashback to Alice’s death…Brady comes in and takes Belle outside as Shawn watches through the window as Belle tells Brady that this is awful…that Shawn won’t forgive her for lying…Belle goes back in and we hear about Tony’s death. Brady catches Nicole in the dinosaur costume…A ‘nurse’ arrives to give her more truth serum but John stops her…Shawn says she looks familiar as she says it’s the mask…as she leaves Belle looks at her as well. Nicole has slipped into the room. She follows the ‘nurse’ out as Brady follows her asking if she knows who it is. Brady/John/Belle are on one side of Marlena while Bo/Hope/John are on the other side. Marlena tells them about Tony’s death…Phil has come back in the room…Belle turns to him and says my mom is going to die and goes into his arms…Shawn has had enough and leaves…Hope follows him noticing that he was watching Belle and Phil. He slams his hand on the counter and says Phil…He tells Hope that he needs to get away..he’s leaving tonight…she tells him to go to Belle but he says he has to get away…Belle hears him (as does the ‘nurse’ aka Jan)she tells Phil that Shawn won’t even look at her that he’ll never forgive her for his grandmother’s death…he tells her that she deserves better. Inside the room Bo wants to question Marlena about Victor’s death as Nicole walks in.

Out in the hall Sami runs into Brady who asks what is wrong..she says you don't care about me and it's your fathers fault that my mom murderered these people..Lucas comes up behind and he tells Brady that all hell broke loose. That Marlena confessed to killing Roman and that she still loved him…Brady figures that his Dad is beside himself and goes to him…Lucas follows Sami into the Chapel where she is praying for John and Kate to die…Lucas says she doesn’t mean that but she says she does…Kate comes in and her and Sami fight as Lucas/Phil break them apart…Sami bites Phil…Lucas goes off on Sami as he tells her that she has to calm down..he’ll be there for her….she says it’s too late and asks him to leave her alone…when he leaves she breaks down crying as nothing will ever be the same.

Pat’s Spoilers
Thanks Jan for posting these for me. I’m glad that my neighbour is home and I’ll have access to a computer on the weekends I come home now.

This is a very difficult show to write up a spoiler for. Why in god’s name did we have to see replays of Marlena stabbing Doug in the throat, Doug writing in her name in blood and struggling to hide the paper, the blood pouring down on Tony, the tiger attack, the whole little gleeful talk as she explained to Tony how the drug she was injecting into him was going to kill him and last but not least, Alice cowering in the pantry and Marlena telling her it was a good time to die??? I’m sick of all of this – it’s just too much.

And then to be subjected to useless characters like mb, ykw and Nicole on top of it all. I simply CANNOT abide watching mb petting Belle’s head like she’s a lap dog any longer. If that’s what we are going to be subjected to each time he holds her I won’t be watching. I can’t stand the mockery he is making of his uniform…ugh…I better stop now or I’ll have to delete myself and I won’t be around to do it…LOL!

The confessions continue. Marlena remains remorseful and apparently very gleeful as she continues. The judge allows Sami 30 seconds to say her piece after another outburst against John and Kate. Marlena tells her Roman had to die because he married Kate. If she couldn’t have him no one could. (There’s a lot more to her talk about Roman but you really need to watch it).

Shawn is very confrontational with Belle telling her that her mother was married to his Uncle Roman, had kids with him and she just confessed to killing him. Belle doesn’t know what to say. For the most part Shawn remains at Belle’s side but towards the end of the show it’s a different story. We have Shawn, Bo and Hope on one side of her bed and John, Brady and Belle on the other. Poor Belle when Marlena thanks her for giving her an alibi for Doug’s death – it bought her a little more time before she became a suspect. Shawn says ‘enough time to kill my grandmother.’ This is when Marlena says that Alice’s death wasn’t her fault – it was Doug’s.

Julie loses it and attacks Marlena – chokes her. The judge asks Marlena if she wants to press charges. Marlena tells Julie she doesn’t blame her. If she was in her position she might do the same. Oh goodness – Marlena starts laughing saying, “I did do that, didn’t I?” Marlena tells everything saying it’s actually both Doug and Julie’s fault that Alice had to die. She looks at Bo and says ‘stellar’ police work as usual when referring to the note and how she used the surveillance tapes that were meant to catch her.

The only thing I’ll say about the Nicole/ykw scenes is that ykw who tells Nicole the only thing to do is kill Marlena before she has a chance to tell the police that she didn’t kill Victor and that she saw the two of them together. I almost had to laugh when ykw says she doesn’t want Shawn to find out that she killed Victor because even though she did it for him he might not see it that way – Duh…you think???? I’m sorry but can Brady be dumbed down any further. He’s official wearing the Aus-dumb mantle now. In his conversation with Nicole by her words and actions a two year old could figure out that she was responsible for his grandfather’s death. I’m surprised he figured out it was her in the dinosaur outfit when she put it on to watch and see if ykw was successful in killing Marlena.

And Sami – I can’t take much more of her baseless, screaming, endless accusations against John and Kate any longer. Poor Lucas tries to get her to come out of denial but she still believes that John is the killer and is doing something to get Marlena to confess to his crimes. I didn’t like when she was fighting with Kate in the chapel that she bit mb’s hand when he tried to hold her back. It was also a very meaningful moment when Kate begged Lucas to come with her and Philip and he refused to leave Sami’s side. Kate did not like that at all.

There were a couple of mentions of being ‘dead inside’ today – not sure if they have any significance or not. Belle tells Brady that her Mother is not herself, it’s like she’s dead inside. (Marlena tells both John and Belle that they’re seeing the real her without her façade when she talks about killing all these people because she loved Roman and didn’t want him back. She tells John she doesn’t love him and asks if he still loves her). And then at the end John and Kate are talking and by the sounds of it John is buying what Marlena is selling. He asks Kate how he could have been so blind that he didn’t see his wife was betraying him. Kate says she had us both fooled – she killed so many people we loved. He says but the difference is we’re still alive but dead inside.

As for the ‘good friend’ – Belle goes into his arms after Marlena talks about Alice’s death. She says Shawn can’t even look at her. She says that her lie is the reason that Alice died (something to that effect – can’t remember the exact words) and that Shawn will never be able to forgive her. This is when mb says he doesn’t deserve you – Belle looks a little surprised by stays in his arms – now that ticked me off. Shawn sees mb hugging Belle and walks out of the room. (Part of the mb/Belle stuff is in the room – the part where he says Shawn doesn’t deserve her is outside the room because Belle follows Shawn). Shawn says ‘Phil’ and slams his hand on the desk. He tells his Mom that Marlena is really the killer – they can’t make any excuses for her any longer. She sees him looking at mb and Belle and tells him to go to her. He says he’s leaving town. She tells him she wants to talk to him about this. (Of course ykw overhears this…oops I think I neglected to mention she disguises herself as a nurse and tries to inject an air bubble into Marlena’s IV. Shawn asks her if he knows her and Belle looks at her also).

Preview: Lucas finally getting fed up with Sami and her stupid accusations telling her that he wished he would have left her in the death chamber to die. Belle and Shawn in the hallway between their lofts – she says ‘can’t we please talk?’ He tells her they have talked and he needs to get inside and pack because he is leaving tonight. In Marlena’s room Lexie tells Bo that Marlena could go into cardiac arrest if they don’t stop now. Bo saying if getting the name of his father’s killer means she dies tonight he couldn’t give a damn. Oh sheesh Bo – you father? - maybe you should shown some of this concern for him when he was still alive. And pray tell, what makes Bo any different than Marlena if he’s willing to let her die just so that he can get her to answer a question? Can we please, please, please have our characters back – I don’t recognise the characters I’ve been watching for years any more. Sigh….

Tuesday May 4

Jan's Spoilers

At the loft....Rimi are talking as Rex calls Marlena a monster. Mimi tells him that she gave birth to him. He says yes and she killed my father/my adopotive father/my grandmother not to mention everyone else. Mimi says she doesn't know how Shawn and Belle are going to get through this. She says she doesn't know how Sami is going to get through this. She tells Rex that Sami is the type of person that will go crazy with the knowledge that her mother is a killer. Rex says that Sami is his half sister and it's time that he got to know her better. They are going through the same thing. Mimi isn't sure that's a good idea because anyone that gets close to Sami gets hurt. Shawn arrives at the loft (jacket flung over his shoulder…he has come up the stairs)Belle gets off the elevator. He looks at her and then goes to open the door…Belle wants to talk but Shawn said that they’ve already talked and there is nothing more to say that he has to get his stuff that he’s leaving tonight…he shuts the door (I don’t believe he slammed it…LOL)Mimi asks him what that was all about. He says he’s here to pack up his things he leaving. Mimi says tells him that he can’t do that right now he has to stay and talk to her that Belle didn’t believe her mother was the killer or she wouldn’t have lied to him…Shawn says his head isn’t in the right place and he can’t do this right now. He goes to pack as Mimi wants Rex to talk to him…he doesn’t know what to say but she says he’s smart he’ll think of something. Shawn comes out as Rex starts to ask where he’s going and for how long…he says he doesn’t know (he does however pack his ball glove)he tells Rex that it isn’t going to work. Rex then says that he believes he’s doing the right thing…he’d do the same thing in that situation…Shawn says not to make him feel worse than he already does…Shawn tells him not to use reverse psychology on him that won’t work either…he says he left some CD’s on the roof and heads up….Mimi rushes over to Belle’s loft and they hug…Belle tells her that she thinks she may have lost Shawn forever…Mimi tells her that Shawn is wrong he shouldn’t be leaving right now that he should be there for her and they should work it out…that guys always run. Rex comes over and says Shawn is on the roof…Mimi tells her to go up there but she isn’t sure…but Mimi tells her to go again. On the roof Shawn is holding his CD’s…he looks very sad…Belle opens the door and he turns and walks to her. She says to him that she heard him telling his mom he was leaving town tonight…he says he has to get away from everyone bad going on right now…she says and from me…he tells her that she is the best thing that happened to him…she apologizes again for lying as he tells her not to do that to herself….she goes to the door and says all these couples that have lived here before have gotten through so much because of their love for each other…Shawn says yes and Patch/Jack/and Brady’s Mom Isabella are dead…she asks him if she’s dead to him…he tells her no, don’t even think that, he loves her with everything that he is….she tells him she is worried that this is the end for them. (BTW…he is wearing the ‘old’ leather jacket and it still looks good on him)

At Sami's apt...Will brings Sami tea and soup as she is laying on the sofa. He tries to talk to her but she just lays there....he runs to Lucas' apt and pleads with him to help her. Lucas asks him what is wrong...he tells him that usually when Sami is upset she yells, screams and throws things but now she is just laying there. Lucas tells him that he doesn't know if he can't help her. He tells Will that she pulls herself out of these things and she'll be fine. Will isn't sure and please with Lucas to help her. Lucas finally agrees and sends Will to his apt. He goes to Sami's and tries to talk to her...she just lays there and finally says that everyone would be better off if she was gone or just died. He asks her what she means and she pulls out the intruder...she says that I'm just like her...he says no you're not...she says I am maybe I should just die...Lucas looks at her and says you're right...maybe you should have died in the death chamber. She asks him if he meant that…he tells her yes he did…he goes on to tell her that she is a heartless, selfish bitch…he brings up all that she did to get Brandon and Austin. He calls her on using him to get at his mother. He asks if she is fooling with Will’s head….all the times that she kept telling Will they’d be a family…first Austin …is that what she is doing to him. She says his mother was right ….that she doesn’t deserve Will that he is going to file for sole custody. Sami starts yelling that he isn’t going to take him away from her….Will comes running in asking if everything is OK…Sami asks why as he says that she was yelling before she was just laying there and he thought he’d lost her…she says I was gone for awhile but I’m back…she tells him everything will be OK but she needs a hug…as she hugs Will she says I love you Sweetie I don’t know what I’d do without you but she is looking at Lucas as she is saying this.

At the hospital...Hope is pleading with Shawn to talk to Belle...he says that they've talked and it's better that he leaves...Hope tells him that they need each other and to think about it...he says he has and as soon as he finds out what happened to Grandpa Vic he's outta here (Jan is listening)...Hope grabs him by the arm and pulls him into the room....Brady surprised Nicole as she watches Marlena through the window...he tells her that they are questioning her about Vic. She can't believe that anyone would believe a serial killer...inside the room Bo wakes Marlena up and starts to question here...he asks about Vic's murder as John pipes up with the fact that she was with him/Bo/Hope and even Shawn that night. Bo tells him to be quiet he's doing the questioning as the Judge tells John to be quiet. Bo asks her again if she knows anything about Vic's murder...John says of course not as Marlena sees Nicole and says yes...Nicole is standing at the door as Marlena says she knows something but she's not sure...Nicole turns to Jan as Jan quickly leaves...Lexie comes in to check on Marlena...Bo tells her to wait but the Judge and Lexie say no...Hope pulls Bo away and says it will be OK to check her vitals...Bo says she murdered nine people and if I can find out who killed my father then she can die...Belle asks what is happening as it appears Marlena is going into cardiac arrest....Lexie gets Marlena’s vitals under control as Shawn tells Hope that he’s leaving now…she doesn’t want him to go but he tells her he has to…he says Dad understands and I promise I’ll call you…he rushes out past Belle as Belle turns to Brady and says he didn’t even say good-bye…she tells Brady that she has to leave…Brady asks if she wants him to go with her but she tells him no that she’ll be fine…Bo wants to continue to question Marlena after Lexie says that she won’t be giving her anymore truth serum…John says that is enough as Bo asks the judge if it will be OK..the judge says yes as John says they are all insane…the judge tells him to be quiet or he’ll have him removed…Bo wants Nicole in the room (Nic has been outside the room talking to Jan as she calls Jan crazy for trying to kill Marlena with all the cops around…Jan says it would have worked except Shawn noticed her and they have this connection…she tells Nic that she’ll be on a slab beside Dr. Death as she leaves …Bo yells at Brady to bring in Nicole….Nic goes inside as she asks Bo what she can do for him…Bo starts questioning Marlena as Brady says Nicole had an alibi…Bo says something about him protecting the woman he’s in bed with…Brady says he is out of line that there is nothing going on with him and Nicole, he tells Bo that Victor may have been Bo’s father but he was his grandfather and he loved him…he says that I knew him better than you did as Bo says that doesn’t mean I didn’t care about him…I want to find out who killed him as Brady says he does too…..he says if she had something to do with my grandfather being murdered then I’ll see her rot in hell….Bo tells Marlena his theory about an accomplice as Marlena starts to remember something…she has a flashback to meeting Jan and Nicole outside Belle’s loft…Bo asks her again if she knows something and she says yes…Bo says I knew it…Marlena looks at Nicole and says yes I think I do know something. The show ends on Nicole’s face.

At Jan’s….she comes in with groceries…says their love nest is almost finished…she has flowers and Shawn’s favorite grapes and a bottle of champagne….(there appears to be a fridge beside the bed)…she then says one more item as she goes and gets a box of condemns saying they are now set at least for a day or two…she says I’ll give you a bit more time before I put my plan into action.

A few comments…..first of all although I didn’t like what Lucas was saying to Sami I thought that Ali & Bryan did an excellent job with the scenes. The one thing that bothered me about today’s show more than anything else was having to see Jan fondle a box of condemns….if I have to watch Shawn in that cage with her all over him I won’t be watching…enough said about that. I won’t say my thoughts on the Shelle scenes, I’ll let you draw your own conclusions but what I will say is that he looks mighty fine in that leather jacket.

As for the preview with MB and Kate…..I don’t even want to talk about it.

Pat’s Spoilers

I don’t think I can even type up any spoilers after watching the show today. It’s patently obvious that not only are we going to get Shawn locked up in that cage but that ykw has every intention of being in that bed with him and I doubt she’s going to care about what state he’s in. If he won’t do what she wants of his own free will she’ll come up with another option like drugs. I really needed to see her caressing a gigantic box of condoms saying that should last them a couple of days. What the hell has this show come to??? I’m also thoroughly disgusted with the ‘tough love’ gimmick that is supposed to be promoting Lucas and Sami’s love. First we have him slapping her to stop her hysterics. Today we have him calling her a cold-hearted bitch that he should have let die in the gas chamber and then to top it all he says his mother was right and he is going to take Will away from her because he doesn’t want him subjected to her influence. Yes Sami was really down on herself but good lord, all I can say is poor Will. He waits on Sami trying to get her to take care of herself while she lies on the couch staring into space. He runs to his Dad begging him to help his Mom. It’s a pretty sad sentiment when the son tells the father; mom’s not herself because she’s not yelling, screaming, throwing and breaking things. Lucas gets him to stay at his place while he goes to talk to Sami. Once he gets her yelling at him poor Will comes running over to find out if everything is okay. Sami is hugging her son and telling him how much she loves him she stares at Lucas as if she is saying those words to him – I guess all the rest of the stuff that came before that was to showcase this moment. Huh??? Is this supposed to be considered a healthy relationship? Although I did not like the use of ‘tough love’ both Ali and Bryan did a fabulous job with the scenes.

I’m so pleased that the judge told Bo off today for saying that he didn’t really care whether Marlena died today or in the death chamber as long as she tells him who murdered his father. Again we have Shawn, Bo and Hope on one side of the bed and John and Belle on the other. You see Belle’s eyes silently pleading with Shawn to get his father to stop pushing her mother when her health is at risk but Shawn turns his head away from her. You can see her heart break in that moment as she hangs her head in defeat with the streaks of her tears clearly on her face. I also found it pretty sad that Nicole had to send Brady into the room to comfort Belle. Sure she was doing it so she could talk to dottie but Brady should have seen it for himself. Nicole had a point. She tells Brady it has to be a rough day for Belle. She not only hears her mother confess to killing nine people but the love of her life breaks up with her at the same time. Brady goes in and hugs her. Shawn tells Hope he can’t take anymore and rushes out of the room without even looking at Belle. Belle leaves as well.

I have to give this round to dottie; she seems to have Nicole a bit rattled. Nicole was commenting on her stupid move trying to kill Marlena in front of her family and the cops. Dottie says she can’t help it if the connection between Shawn and her is so strong that he couldn’t take his eyes off of her. Nicole is worried about Marlena talking – ykw says you can’t leave but I can. Bo calls Nicole inside and Brady again defends Nicole saying she had an alibi. Bo asks Brady if she is really that good in bed. Against John’s protests the judge allows Bo to continue questioning Marlena about Victor’s death. He asks her if she knows who Nicole’s accomplice is and she says yes (she flashes back to Nicole and ykw outside Belle’s building).

I honestly think that I was as upset with Shawn today as I was with Belle for not calling mb to task when he said Shawn didn’t deserve her. No matter how he justifies it in his mind – he’s running. Instead of working through the problems with her he needs his space. Unfortunately the space he’s going to end up with is not much bigger than a double sized bed. In a way I will concede that I understand why he is doing it but it still makes me angry.

At the loft Rex and Mimi are talking. Rex calls Marlena a monster. They end up talking about Sami and Rex decides he is going to try and get to know Sami better because that’s what his father would have wanted. They do talk a bit about Shawn and Belle and Mimi says she doesn’t know if their love can survive Belle’s mother being the killer. Just as Shawn is outside his door Belle steps off the elevator. They both look at each other but neither can say anything. He opens the door and she says wait can we talk? He says they already have. He wants to pack, he’s leaving tonight – goodbye and shuts the door in her face. Both Mimi and Rex try and talk to him. Mimi says this is about him still blaming Belle for his great-grandmother’s death. He says he doesn’t and he’s told her that but he tells them both he’s in no frame of mind to talk about it and he wants them to back off. Mimi tells Rex to talk to him and she goes to Belle. Belle tells Mimi that her family is falling apart and now she’s losing Shawn forever. Rex tries to talk to Shawn but Shawn knows exactly what’s he’s doing and tells him to save it. Rex says he understands why he is running – which Shawn denies. Rex asks him where he’s going and how long he’s going to be gone and Shawn tells him he doesn’t have an answer to either question. (Yup, that’s our Shawn, run and expect Belle to be sitting around waiting for him when he gets back). He goes on the roof to get some CD’s. Rex goes over to Mimi’s and tells Belle and Mimi he’s there. Mimi convinces Belle to go and talk to him because it might be the last chance she gets. Belle says it won’t make a difference because his mind is made up but she goes. Mimi tells Rex that if Shawn just looks into Belle’s eyes and sees the love she has for him he won’t be able to leave and then our Mimi makes the fatal soap opera mistake. She gets Rex to promise her that nothing will come between them and of course he promises – LOL! We all know what that means.

Shawn’s just turning to leave when Belle comes up. He can’t really look at her. She says she heard him tell her mom that’s he’s leaving town tonight. He says there are too many bad memories here. She says I’m one of those bad memories that you need to get away from. He finally looks at her when he says no of course not all his memories of her are the best. She says except for that one lie. He doesn’t say anything. She wishes she could undo that one mistake because then maybe his great-grandmother would still be alive. He tells her not to do that to herself because this (his leaving) is not about that. He needs some time to himself to sort this all out. She shuts the door and points out all the initials on the door. She tells them that all these couples faced challenges and had horrible things they had to go through but their love still survived. He says except for his mom and dad one of each of those couples is dead. She touches his initial and asks him if he is saying that she is dead to him. That he doesn’t love her anymore. He drops his case and actually touches her briefly. He says of course she’s not dead to him. He says I love you with all that I am and that will never change, he just has to...She says leave. She is trying to understand but she is afraid if he goes she is going to lose him forever. (I’m sure the majority of you have watched the videos so you can see all this better than I can type it up). I think his silence when she said ‘except for that one lie’ says way more than all his protestations that he doesn’t blame her for Alice’s death – he does blame her and until he can truly believe the words he’s saying he can’t even look at her and that’s why he is running. I think that the both of them have to learn the meaning of the words ‘unconditional’ love and I believe that whatever happens to Shawn and Belle at ykw’s hands, because we all know that Belle will end up there somehow, will lead them to that understanding. Again I loved the acting – KS and JC say so much when they don’t use words.

Hmm…I did notice that Shawn seems to have reclaimed that leather jacket he gave to Rex. I’m glad it’s back on the shoulders it belongs – to bad it will be forever ruined once dottie starts running her hands all over it.

Preview: Oh yuck – mb still in his dress uniform telling his Mom that Shawn is leaving Salem and that he (Shawn) thinks he’s fooling himself. Kate tells him this is the perfect opportunity to make his move. (Oh get a life already). Patrick telling his beer-drinking mother that he and Jennifer are not destined to be a couple because he is leaving Salem tonight. Black-gloved hands taking the bonds and Jen saying oh no the bonds are gone. Nicole telling Crystal to kill Marlena tonight.

Wednesday May 5

Jan’s Spoilers….

A few comments….Deidre did another excellent job today as did Drake. Both JC/KS were fantastic in their scenes…the emotions that they showed were right on and those eyes…the tears in them:::THUD::: I have to confess though there is one scene where Shawn rubs his thumb on her chin that had me on the floor…and that kiss well it says it all….their love will get them through this!! Patrick had some great one liners today…I hope Pat caught what MB was saying because to be honest I didn’t pay a whole lot of attention..LOL. Loved the Julie/Jen/Mickey scenes. I may have messed up a bit and if I did I’m sorry but that kiss had me on the floor and the thumb on her chin.

Shelle....Shawn tells her that just because he is leaving doesn’t mean he won’t be back. She asks when? He sayd I don’t know, I accused the wrong people, I couldn’t save Gran and I hurt you. He says I can’t trust myself anymore, I’m just asking for time. Salem is my home, my future. Belle asks if she is part of that future. He tells her he can’t make any promises about the future. She says I thought you loved me. She says I do. She tells him that he is her other half and she doesn’t know if she can make it without him. She says my mom could be facing the death chamber. Shawn says this is killing me that I have to leave but I’m not good for you right now, I’m not good for anyone. Belle asks if there is anything she can say to stop him. He says he needs to go to find ‘me’, this isn’t about us it’s about me. She tells him if he stays she’ll promise not to call him or knock on his door…he asks her if she doesn’t think that will be hard for both of them. She says she ruined everything when she lied about her mom. He tells her not to do this to herself. She says you’re right we keep ending up in the same place. Shawn says that he’s at the end of his rope right now, maybe he’s just being selfish. She thinks for a minute and then says OK…he says OK, really?. She says maybe she’s being selfish..she just wants to hold me and comfort him for all he’s lost. Shawn tells her to call him but she says no you wanted your space…he says please call me if you need anything or to talk. He goes to leave and she tells him that she’s not letting him go without a kiss. YOWZA WHAT A KISS!!! He tells her he does love her and one day he hopes she’ll understand why he’s doing this. She says so do I. He asks her to hold onto this until he gets back as he hands her his ring. She tells him to keep it. He says it just doesn’t feel right to wear it you know. She tells him to put it in his pocket. He asks if she is sure. She says yeah, only when you give me the ring back will our relationship be truly over. He says he should go. She tells him she loves him so much. He says I love you too. Just know that we will be together one day, just have faith. She tells him to take care of himself and come back to her. He goes and opens the door and turns and looks at her one more time before he leaves. Her cell rings and it's MB asking if she's OK...she says no she needs him.

Kate/MB....she can't believe that 'her' friend Marlena is the killer. She confided in her when she was her therapist, she was compassionate or so she thought. And then she killed Roman because he wanted to be with her...and those awful things she said about her. He says that he can't believe that all this is happening. She says she is worried about Belle. He says he is too. She tells him he has to be there for her to help her pick up the pieces of her life. He tells her that Shawn is leaving town...that he blames Belle for her lie but his Grandmother would have been murdered even if she hadn't lied (MB has absolutely no idea what Shawn is feeling right now...he definately is not 'his' friend)...he tells her that Shawn is leaving town. Kate tells him that now is the time for him to make his move. Kate/MB...they are talking about Lucas and Sami as MB reminds her that Belle has the same mother. She says but Belle is different...since working with her at BB she knows how intelligent she beautiful etc. He tells her that he isn't going to go after Belle while she is vulnerable. Kate says you don't have to just be there for her while Shawn is AWOL. She says that Lucas is lost due to Sami...Sami ran Austin out of town...she doesn't think Billie will ever come back...he is her last hope. He says that he has to check on Belle as she thanks him for the tea. After he leaves she says to herself that she'll make sure that he gets everything he wants...someone in their family will live happily everafter.

In Marlena's room....Bo keeps questioning her as Marlena is having trouble remembering. She keeps picturing Nicole's face. Lexie tells them the 'truth serum' is wearing off. Marlena keeps saying it's on the tip of her tongue. Bo keeps asking her if Nicole killed his father but all she can remember is seeing Nicole...John calls her sweetheart and tells her to try to remember. She finally says she wonders why she keeps seeing Nicole's face as Brady says she is guilty. Marlena is coming out of the effects of the truth serum. She can't remember anything that happened. They want her to sign the confession papers but John says not yet...he asks to talk to her alone. The Judge agrees...everyone leaves as Marlena asks what happened...John shows her the papers and she is shocked, she can't believe that she did this...she asks him the reason and he tells her that it was because she loved Roman...she says at one time yes but I've been in love with you for years. He knows that and he knows there is something wrong. Bo tells Hope that Marlena doesn't deserve special treatment but Hope says John does. Outside the room...Brady and Nicole are talking. He is questioning Nicole about the accomplice...she says maybe Marlena had one..he says no she worked alone. He wants to know what is going on with her. His cell rings and says it's Titan business and leaves...the Judge is questioning Lexie and asks if Marlena can take the serum again once she recovers..Lexie says yes but she can also get her memory back on her own...Nicole hears this and takes off...Brady comes back and can't find her...John is zipping up Marlena's jump suit as the Judge asks her about signing the papers...John says don't do it but she said she promised...she signs them as Bo takes them from her...he puts the handcuffs on as John kisses her...they leave as Brady comes to John and says he is sorry...John says something isn't right as Brady asks what...he says everything.

At Alice's...Jen and Julie come in and Julie comments on how quiet it is. She feels like Gran should be in the kitchen making some treats. Jen says it is as she kisses a pic of Alice. Julie wonders why Mickey wanted them there. Mickey comes in and says it's time to celebrate. He wanted the family there, Hope and Lucas but that wasn't going to happen so it's just them. He pulls out a bottle of Irish Whiskey and a bottle of apple juice for Jen and says they are going to toast Doug/Jack and Mom in the Irish tradition. Julie says like Grandpa Tom used to. Mickey says they have to think of Marlena as Julie says she wants her dead. Jen goes to get glasses as Julie tells Mickey that it's her fault..if she hadn't gone to Marlena then Doug and Gran would be alive. Mickey starts to pour as Julie turns and Alice is standing there. Mickey offers a toast....he says they aren't Horton they weren't Horton's by blood but by marriage. (is this a hint) The Horton family has been torn apart but they will survive. Julie mentions that in time she may forgive Marlena there definately has to be something wrong with her...(Alice has her hand on Julie's arm)....they thank Mickey for the toast and he says they just couldn't leave things the way they were at the hospital. Jen says she has to leave as Julie offers her a ride home. Mickey asks if the bearer bonds are in a safe place and she says yes the house is locked up tight.

At Alice's...Bonnie is drinking a beer and reading a book on how to marry a millionaire in 90 days. she practices writing her 'married' name and has a fantasy about marrying Mickey. Patrick comes in and calls her Mrs. Mickey Horton as she comes out of her fantasy. He tells her it isn't going o happen. She says it will...they way Mickey looks at her with his eyes sparkling it won't be long. She then starts talking about Jen as Patrick tells her there is nothing going to happen...she is in mourning and carrying her dead husbands child and besides he is leaving town. Bonnie starts to tell him that he has to stay...for Mimi and for Conner and for her she might need him to give her away.
At Alice's....Patrick confronts Bonnie about the bearer bonds. He says you've figured out the interest on 500,000.00 as it sits in the bank. She tells him that he thought of it too if he's saying he knows what she is doing...he says no that it's not right. He would never do anything to embarass Mimi or Conner like that. They argue a bit and then he says he has to get out of town...after he leaves she says to herself that she knows what he is up to and takes off.

At Jen's...the bearer bonds are on the table as a gloved hand picks them up. Jen/Julie arrive home and Jen asks Julie for tea...Julie says she'll make it and tells Jen to make sure the bonds are in a safe place being locked in the house isn't good enough. Jen goes to get them but they are gone. Outside we see Patrick putting the finishing touches on his backpack.

At the Jail cell....Nic is meeting with Crystal and promising her what she did before if she finishes the job.

Previews:...Shawn is telling Hope that he said good-bye to don't have to worry Belle is history. (I have to be honest…this preview didn’t made sense to me especially after the way he said good-bye to Belle…I just can’t make hide nor hair of it unless ykw is having a fantasy…LOL)

Pat’s Spoilers

Alice’s Bar: Bonnie is reading a book titled “How to Marry a Millionaire in 90 Days”. She has a fantasy of the wedding – I guess this is supposed to be the comic relief – all I can say is that I wasn’t amused. She had written her ‘married’ name on a pad. Patrick tells her it will never happen. I couldn’t get into their conversation – I just kept thinking ‘for christ sake couldn’t they put her in a different top already. I’m tired of seeing her assets.’ She tells Patrick that Jen has a thing for her. He tells her that they are not meant to be because he is leaving town tonight. She uses Mimi and Connor to get him to stay when that doesn’t work she says she might need him to walk her down the aisle. He then picks up a piece of paper and realises she is really going to steal Jen’s bearer bonds. She says no and wants to know if he is planning to steal them. He says no, he’s changed. She says she has to and she wants him to stay and start a new life with Jen just like she is going to with Mickey. He won’t listen. He walks out and gets a call and tells the person that he is leaving Salem; he just has one stop to make. Bonnie is trying to figure out why he’s in such a hurry and says ‘oh no you don’t’ as she goes running out.

Alice’s house: Mickey called Jen and Julie there so say goodbye to those they have lost. He wanted the whole family there but it was possible. He just wants to pay tribute to those they lost. He talks about hearing how they died and that they needed to hear all that but now it’s time to give them a fitting send off. He pulls out a bottle of Tom’s good Irish whiskey and some apple juice for Jen so that they can make a toast. It’s a tradition that Grandpa Tom used. Julie is very bitter about Marlena but then she ends up blaming herself for Doug and Alice’s death because she trusted Marlena. Alice’s ghost appears. She asks if they can smell Alice’s fragrance. They have a really good talk about Alice watching over them and end up saying Marlena must have been so troubled. Mickey gives a very heartfelt toast ending it with the Horton family is still standing and no one and nothing is going to come between us. Alice’s ghost says ‘Amen.’ I really enjoyed the scenes between the three of them and ‘Alice’. Julie offers to drive Jen home. Mickey asks if she put the bearer bonds in a safe place. She says the house is locked up tight as the camera cuts to her living room and someone picking up the bonds. Jen and Julie come into the house and Jen sees the bonds are gone – the camera cuts to Patrick and his backpack.

Hospital: Kate and mb talk about how Kate trusted Marlena and she ended killing Roman just so they couldn’t be together. She is worried about John but the one she is the most worried about is Belle. She tells him that he will have to help her pick up the pieces of her life. Can I just SCREAM now…BUTT THE HELL OUT!!! (Well, I guess I just did scream, didn’t I). He says he doesn’t want to push her now she has so much on her plate. He says she heard Shawn tell his Mom that he’s leaving town because he needs some space. In his oh so brilliant mind he thinks that Shawn is just fooling himself if he thinks going away will solve what’s wrong between him and Belle. All of them are at angry at Marlena, Shawn included but Shawn is the only one that blames Belle. Kate tells him with Shawn out of town he should make his move. Oh god…I can’t bear to listen to Kate. First she spouts off about how demented Sami and her mother are and then praises Belle. Her son actually points out that Belle has the same mother. He says he won’t poach on Shawn’s girlfriend. Kate says she just wants him to honour his feelings for her and to stop being so SELF-SACRIFICING….GMAFB!! especially as Shawn is so hell-bent on dumping her. She just wants him to watch over her because Shawn will be AWOL and see what develops. He tells her as much as he loves her he will not take advantage of Belle when she is so confused. He can only be there for her as a friend and he should go and check up on her now. After he leaves she vows that she is not going to let him throw his life away like Lucas is doing and somebody in our family is going to live happily ever after.

Bo pushed Marlena to answer his question. She does know but she is getting more and more confused. She stares at Nicole and says she saw them – the name is just on the tip of her hand. Bo grabs Nicole and says it was her. Marlena has another flashback to first dottie and Nicole then just Nicole. She says Nicole’s face keeps coming to her mind but she doesn’t know why. Brady says it’s because she is guilty. Don’t get excited – he didn’t find a brain. He says that Marlena keeps seeing Nicole’s face because Nicole has been at the top of the suspects list since the killings began and Bo keeps telling Marlena that she is guilty. Lexie agree that Brady has a point. Lexie says Marlena’s heart rate is back to normal so the judge says they are out of there. Bo gives her the confession to sign. John tells her not to sign at it. She says she will sign it when John tells her what she did and why she did it. Outside the room Brady tells Nicole he’s reserving judgement because until Victor’s killer is found she could be the killer. Back in Marlena’s room she is looking so confused as she asks John what she said. John asks Lexie why she can’t remember and she blames it on the fall. John asks to speak to his wife alone. The judge allows it. Bo says she is a serial killer and doesn’t deserve special treatment but Hope says John does. Marlena flips through the pages that contain her confession and she is astounded. She can’t believe she killed all those people. She asks John why he did it and he tells her she said it was because she still loved Roman. John explains some of the stuff she said and she says it doesn’t make sense. She loves him – why would she lie under truth serum. John says something is not right here. Bo comes in and says it’s time. Just before that the judge had been asking Lexie if it was common for the effects of the truth serum to wear off so quickly (in reference to Victor’s death). Nicole knows just the person she needs to see to make sure Marlena never remembers. Marlena is back in prison garb and signs her confession because she gave her word. He says he loves her and she says the same. Bo pulls them apart. After she is led away John tells Brady something is not right and he’ll be damned if he’ll let her die in prison. Nicole goes to see Crystal and tells her to kill Marlena tonight.

Rooftop: Shawn tells Belle that of course he’s coming back but when she asks when he can’t answer. His voice is so shaky as he tells her that he just has to get away. He’s been wrong about so many things, he accused the wrong people, he couldn’t save ‘Gran’ (his voice breaks when he says this) and he hurt her. He can’t trust himself anymore and he’s just asking for time. Salem is his home, his future is here. She asks if that future still includes her. He can’t make any promises about the future. She says but you said you still loved me. He says I do. She tells him that he is her other half and that she is so afraid that she can’t get through this on her own. Her mother is probably going to be sentenced to death. It’s killing him to leave because he…quote ‘is no good to you right now, I’m no good to anyone’. She asks if there is anything she can do or say to make him stay.

LOL – I love how he says ‘I’m not deserting you…well, yes I am.’ He just needs to go and find ‘me.’ She asks if he can’t do that in Salem. She’ll stay away from him, she won’t bother him – it will be just knowing that he is close to her. He says it would just be harder for the both of them. She turns away and says she ruined everything when she lied to him. She should have told him the truth. He tells her not to do that to herself. She says he’s right. They’ve been over this a hundred times and they always end up in the same place. He tells her that this isn’t about ‘us’ it’s about ‘me’. He realises it’s a very selfish thing but he’s at the end of his rope. It’s just something he has to do. She bows her head as she struggles not to cry and says in a broken voice. “Okay.” He’s surprised and says ‘really?”. She says maybe she is the one who is being selfish. Maybe he should go. She just wants to be here for him, to hold him especially with the loss of his family but if she is not supposed to be the one to do that for him. He interrupts her and says maybe you are…when I come back. But until then she can pick up the phone, she can email him. She says no you’ve already said you need your space. He cups her face with one hand and says come on please you can always call me. Then he slides his hand down her face and his thumb rubs her chin and then he walks away. She says wait and he turns back to her. Sigh…she says I don’t want you to leave without a kiss and she walks to him and kisses him and yes, he does kiss her back.

After the kiss he says I do you love. You do understand why I’m doing this. Her voice is very shaky when she says I hope so. He holds up his purity ring and says maybe you should hold on to this until I get back. She closes his hand over it and says no, I don’t want you to give me that back. He says it just doesn’t feel right wearing it. She tells him to just put it in his pocket. He asks her if she is sure. She says ‘Yeah. Only when you give me that ring back will I truly believe that our relationship is over.” He hugs her. They hug and he runs his hand up and down her back and arm and finally says I have to go. She says I love you so much. He says I love you. Just know that we will be together one day. Just have faith. She tells him to take care of himself and come back to me. They are both close to tears. He leaves and her phone rings. It’s mb. He asks if she is okay and she says no, she needs him.

Preview: John and Brady talking – Brady says Marlena just confessed and yet you are determined to prove her innocent. He says it’s because I love her, can you say the same about Nicole (who happens to be eavesdropping). More B flick women jail stuff with inmates trying to beat up Marlena – can I just say yuck. Shawn saying in a very matter of fact voice to Hope that he’s already told her goodbye. It’s over – Belle’s history as Hope shakes her head. (All I can say is this has to be a fantasy of dottie’s or dodo’s I mean mb’s – there’s no way that Shawn is saying that – not after everything they just said to each other). That’s it…mb is frickin’ petting her head again as he’s holding her. She say’s he’s not coming back. She’s lost Shawn forever. I’m sorry but I don’t think I can stand watching anymore scenes where I see that that arrogant jacka$$ petting Belle’s head like she’s a lapdog. I’ve had it.

Thursday May 6

Jan’s Spoilers….

I have to agree with Kim…I saw it pretty much the same way she did. Shawn is looking for an excuse not to leave and my thoughts were he was trying to get Hope off his back…(but I could be wrong). I absolutely loved Hope today…she had him pegged. Now it amazes me…these days are so long that Belle had a chance to cut her hair (looks good BTW). Kate that’s another story….I’m sorry but who tags along with their 21 year old son….Marlena has quite the right hook. The J&M scenes at the end of the show were good!!

At Bo/Hope's house...Hope arrives home and sees the light on in the garage. She pulls her gun and goes in...Shawn is sitting on Bo's bike. She yells at him saying he almost got shot. He apologizes for being in at home in the garage at his house. He tells her he phoned the station and was told she was on her way home he stopped in to say good-bye. She says you already said good-bye at the hospital..he says then I stopped to say good-bye to Zach (hold it...Zach is still on the show)she tells him that he is just stalling...looking for a reason not to go...he says no I'm leaving tonight...she says something is going to stop you from He says what you're telling me I can't go...he says what if I had a job or was going to school out of town...she says you're 21 and I can't stop you from leaving but you will regret it. She wants him to stay and talk to Bo to find out how he felt leaving town and to get some pointers. She says they have to stick together as a family to get through this. He says that he isn't good for anyone right now and that he has to leave. She tells him she wants him to talk to his Dad and find out what it was like when he went away...ask him for some advice....just spend the night and then he can decide and and maybe change his mind about Belle. He says Belle is history Mom...I already told her good-bye, it’s over. She wants to ask him something…what if it was her that was the killer. He says don’t go there. She tells him to just listen. What if it was her that killed her friends and could be put to death. How would he feel? She calls him selfish as he tries to argue with and turns away…she tells him to look at her. She asks him where he would go for comfort…would he want to be alone like he is leaving Belle to be.
Hope talking to herself says she hopes that Shawn does the right thing.

At Belle's....MB knocks on the door...Belle opens it and says Shawn he hugs her. Kate gets off the elevator and smiles...she goes over to Belle and apologized for tagging along but she was worried (GMAB...all she wants to do live her son's life)Belle says that's fine as Kate says she brought some food. They go inside and Belle is walks over to the sofa as Kate urges MB to follow. He asks if she called Shawn. Belle says that she talked to him and couldn't convince him to stay...he had to leave to grieve for his grandmother in his own way....(if I have to watch Kate with that stupid smile on her face throughout this s/l I'm going to need those barf bags)…Belle thanks them for being there for her especially after what her mother did. Kate tells her no one should hold her responsible…no one. are finished lunch and Kate tells Belle she might feel better if she goes upstairs to splash some cold water on her face. MB tells Kate that this was a good idea it helped her…Kate says you are the one who comforted her…she really calms down when you’re around…MB tells her to leave it alone…Shawn loves her and she loves Shawn always has and always will…he takes the plated into the kitchen as Kate picks up a pic of Shelle…she looks at it and then says to MB…some fairy tales end and others begin….upstairs Belle is holding a plush bear….MB tells her that everything will be fine as she says what if he never comes back…meanwhile downstairs Shawn has arrived. He knocks on the door and Kate answers…he asks what she is doing there and she says she is here to see Belle…she says she is surprised to see him and asks why he is here…he says to see Belle.

At the jail....John/Brady talking as John is going to phone Commissioner Gordon and get him to help....Nicole is talking to Crystal about Marlena as Crystal looks up and says something about the hunk...Nicole turns and sees it's Brady as she pulls the hood of her sweater up. Brady says what are you doing's an old friend Trish...Nicole wants Crystal to cause a diversion while she sneaks out...she says she knows him and says he's her grandson...Crystal laughs and says really...Nicole just says sort of...Crystals leaves and cause a problem as the jail goes into lockdown...Nic goes over and pretends to use the phone but can't get out because of the lockdown...Trish leaves and John comes in...they can't go anywhere as they wait for a call about John seeing Marlena...Brady asks what he wants to do and John says talk about Nicole...(of course she is listening). John talks about being there for Marlena even though she is guilty…Brady says he is there for Nicole because no one else is…Brady calls John a’s OK for him to believe in Marlena but not for Brady to believe in Nicole…John says it’s because I love Marlena…what about you, do you love Nicole? Brady says no he loves Chloe. He says if Nicole is guilty he will personally give her the lethal injection. Brady says he wants this over so he can concentrate on Titan…John asks about the opera house and if it’s still a go…Brady says his first priority. Trish arrives wanting to speak to Brady as he introduces her to John. She tells John there is someone to see him as John looks and sees Marlena. Trish tells Brady about the fight and that Marlena has a new friend. Nicole is listening and thinks to herself she’ll watch your back until she takes you out….the last obstacle…(did she forget about ykw)….John goes up to Marlena and they put their hands out and touch through the glass….she can’t believe that she did this because of loving Roman…John says there is more to it than that and he’ll find out what it is…she says she did it and she has to pay the price…she pulls off her ring and tells him she remembers when he gave it to her…she was the happiest woman alive…she tells him to give it to Belle and tell her she loves her…John says you’ll see her but she doesn’t think she will….(very touching scenes with them today)

In Marlena's cell...the guard has brought her in and says to her these prisioners aren't too happy you killed one of their own...Marlena says she didn't do it as the guard just watches as they take cheap shots at Marlena...they lock the cell (because of the lockdown)and the prisoners start in on Marlena again...she tells them to back off and starts fighting with one of them. Marlena goes to the guard and threatens to call the Commissioner…the guard shows her the ring and tells her to fight her own fight. Crystal shows up as they say they are glad she is there…Crystal says she’s on Marlena’s side as the fight starts. Marlena goes to the guard for her ring and is told the man that gave it to her is there waiting to see her but she is in charge and it isn’t going to happen. Marlena asks why she helped her…Crystal says she knows what she did and doesn’t want to get on her bad side…she says friends and they shake. Marlena says they will probably end up in solitary for the fight. Crystal says that the others started it…Trish shows up and takes Marlena away as Crystal says now I need help…she goes to the male guard and says that she has been watching his hot bootie up and down the hall all day….today may be his lucky day.

At Jen's....her and Julie are searching for the bonds...Julie says she saw the light on in the garage apt and went to ask Patrick if he knew anything...he wasn't there...Jen says he'll be back as Julie tells her he left all his stuff is gone. Mickey shows up and says he called Bonnie but he doesn’t know what happened. Julie says it’s Patrick…Bonnie arrives and Julie tells her Patrick stole them. Bonnie says he’s not a thief as Julie says but you are. Bonnie says she knows they were sacred a gift from Alice. Julie says I say you ogling them..Bonniw wants to know if she wants to search her (oh joy more boobs..LOL) Bonnie is telling everyone that Patrick wouldn’t do that to Jen. She wants Mickey to help her but he questions whether she knew Patrick was leaving. She says yes but she doesn’t know where he was going. Julie steps back into the room saying she has phoned the cops and they are putting out an APB on Patrick. She says she has a headache and Jen says there is aspirin upstairs…she says I have some in my purse. She goes to get it and ends up with Bonnies…Bonnie comes running and wants her purse but it’s too late as Julie pulls out a wad of bills.

Patrick is out hitchhiking as he has a flashback to Jen calling him a good friend...he contemplates phoning her. Patrick figures he needs help in getting a ride. He has a flashback to the coin and telling Jen it’s mind over matter. He puts out his thumb and a car stops…flashing lights…it’s a cop.

At Alice's...Bonnie has a wad of money and is playing with it. She wishes Patrick had stuck around to see what a success his mother is now. She thanks Mickey Horton and the late great Alice Horton for finally getting what she deserves.

Pat’s Spoilers

I’m going out for the evening so this one has to been quick and dirty.

I’m going to come right out and say that the jailhouse fight was just plain tacky. To have the guard offer up Marlena’s diamond to the winner between Marlena and another inmate, spouting off how this is her world was just B movie at it’s worse and an insult to prison guards all over the world. Crystal backs Marlena up as part of her plan to kill Marlena. And yes ladies and gentleman…this night is going to go on until Marlena is killed. Oh joy…NOT!

The rest of the prison scenes have Nicole skulking because Crystal had to create a diversion so she could sneak out when John and Brady show up at the jail. As it turns out it ends up as a lockdown so she can’t leave. John and Brady talk and the conversation ends up on Nicole. John wants to know why he is always defending her. This part is so boring as Brady goes on and on that he stands up for her because no one else does and he doesn’t really trust the Salem PD. He calls John a hypocrite because Marlena confessed and yet he’s still trying to prove her innocent. John says it is because he loves Marlena and asks Brady if he loves Nicole. He says he loves Chloe. Marlena is brought to the visiting room. I enjoyed the couple of scenes between them. He notices the ring and asks her if they let her keep it. She says no she was given it back but she doesn’t tell him how. She tells him to take it and give it to Belle. She is in tears as she says to tell her how much she loves her and wishes she could see her. John says you will don’t give up. She tells him she will not see Belle or him again. She is not making it out of there alive.

Patrick is still trying to get a ride. Mickey shows up at Jen’s house – he can’t believe the bearer bonds are gone. At the start of the show Bonnie is playing with a stack of money and she thanks Mickey and Alice for it. Mickey tells Julie and Jen that he called Bonnie over. Of course Julie accuses Patrick especially when she finds out he is gone (she checked his apartment over the garage). Jen won’t believe it. When Bonnie comes over there’s a lot of screaming between her and Julie. She says Patrick wouldn’t steal. Julie has a headache and opens Bonnie’s purse instead of hers and pulls out the wad of money.

Hmm, between the time Shawn left and mb got to the loft Belle had time to change into a sweat suit and get her hair cut. It’s nice and short now. I like it. She opens the door and hugs mb saying that Shawn has left town. Kate shows up with a bag offering to cook. She makes sandwiches. Of course every chance she gets she’s giving mb signals to move in on her. After they eat she suggest Belle go throw some cold water on her face. She tells her son that it wasn’t her being there that helped Belle it was him – she trusts him. He tells her that she loves Shawn, always has and always will. Kate picks up a picture of Shawn and Belle and says when one story ends another one begins. Belle is sitting in her room holding the teddy bear Shawn gave her when mb shows up. He tells her she doesn’t need a stuffed animal she needs a friend and pulls her up and hugs her. She tells him that Shawn is gone and she is so afraid that she has lost him forever. Shawn shows up and knocks on the door. Kate answers. She asks why he is there and he says he is there to see Belle and asks what she is doing there.

Can I just say I LOVE Mama Hope…whoa…she laid it on the line to Shawn today. She asks him why he is there. He says he wanted to say goodbye. She says you already did at the hospital. He says I thought I would say goodbye to Zack. She tells him he’s stalling because he really doesn’t want to go and she knows someone that is going to stop him – her. He asks if she is saying that he can’t go. She says he’s 21 she knows better. She tells him what he will have to look forward to if he takes off without really thinking about it – regret. She says that Belle needs him and she needs him. This is the time that family should be staying together. He says he has already said goodbye to Belle. Belle’s history. It’s over. I have no idea why he said that – I was hoping it was because he was trying to get his mom off his back but he doesn’t really seem antagonistic until she starts asking him to think what it would be like if she was the killer. She wants him to stay in his room for the night, sleep on it and things might look better in the morning. She wants to talk to his Dad and get his perspective about what life on the road is like, if he would do things differently now. Shawn doesn’t want to hear it as far as he is concerned he’s not any good to Belle or to his mom in his current state. You need to really watch this part. She describes exactly what Belle is going through trying to get him to put himself in her shoes. She calls him selfish and says he is abandoning Belle when she needs him the most. After Shawn leaves she worries and hopes that he isn’t making the biggest mistake of his life.

Preview: Patrick is back at Jennifer’s. The cop has no looked through his backpack and did not find any bonds or cash. Patrick tells Jen he didn’t steal them and asks if she believes him. John is at the loft and he’s saying if Shawn isn’t man enough to give his baby girl the love and support she needs than she is better off without him as Kate smiles and mb looks smug. Now I don’t know what Belle is going to say but she did look ticked off when John was saying this. Nicole is talking on the phone to Crystal saying Marlena has to die tonight as Brady walks in and asks her what she was saying about Marlena. Crystal attacking Marlena from behind and Marlena turns around.

Friday May 7

Jan's Spoilers

At Belle's loft....Shawn is at the door talking to Kate. Kate tells him she made Belle something to eat. Shawn says then she's here I'd like to see her (it appears he starts to go in but Kate stops him)she tells him that she doesn't think that is a good idea right now she's upstairs resting...Shawn says she probably doesn't want to talk to me right now...he tells Kate to let Belle know he was there and he'll talk to her later. Kate closes the door as Belle comes running downstairs with MB behind her...she asks Kate if someone is there she thought she heard Shawn's voice (so MB is upstairs comforting her and she thinks she hears Shawn's voice and comes running...says it all to me)before Kate can answer there is a knock on the door. Belle opens it and it's John...Belle hugs him and tells him how sorry she is about Mom. John starts to talk to her and asks Kate and MB to give them some privacy. John tells her that he saw Marlena and she's not doing to well. He tells her that he believes her Mom is innocent and that something else is going and they'll prove it. Belle says what if there isn't enough time and she's already been sent to the death chamber. He says they'll make it happen and then asks if she believes Marlena is innocent. She says of course I do but what if people can't forgive her for what happened...John says let me think you're talking about Shawn right...Belle says Shawn left...John asks her why...she says because of everything that happened to his family especially his great-grandmother...John says does he blame you...she says no it's just that everytime he looks at me I blame myself...John says this is my take on it...if Shawn isn't man enough to stand by you then you shouldn't be with him....(of course Kate hears this and puts that smirk on her face) Belle and Phil are upstairs in her room…she is holding the bear that Shawn gave her. She thanks him for being there and then she says that she should be asking him how he is doing as he has lost a father and sister. He talks a bit about Victor and Cassie and then says he hasn’t been back to the mansion since Vic’s death because of Nicole. Belle says that the two people she feels closest to are her Mom and Marlena…everything reminds her of them. The bear that Shawn gave her on Valentine’s Day and the scarf that Marlena knit her. Phil thinks she should try to get some sleep she’ll feel better…she can put her Mom and Shawn out of her mind. She lays down on top of the covers as he lies beside her…she asks him to hold her. He says hold you…she says Shawn always held me until I fell asleep at night. He says OK…she pulls his arm around her waist and he kisses her forehead…and he is still petting. Downstairs John and Kate are talking as John says how strong Kate is…having to listen to Marlena talk about Roman’s death. She tells John that is was difficult but she managed to get through it. John mentions how hard it was to listen to Marlena say that she loved Roman. She says that Marlena is guilty…John yells that it isn’t her doing this. She is the woman he loves and he will help get her through this. Kate tells him that he knows she did this…he says yes but it wasn’t her.

At the mansion...Nicole is talking on the phone to a business associate of Victor's and apparently he says something about her Japanese...she says then I'll say it in plain English. She talks to herself after hanging up saying she's been out of the business world too long she has a lot to catch up on...Brady comes in and says he'll help her (shirtless man of the day)he says he was out jogging and he'll take a shower and bring her up to date on Titan's business...after he leaves she gets a call from Crystal. Nicole is offering Brady Marlena’s spot on the BOD at Titan. Brady loves the idea he always wanted to do this. She says well as soon as I get approval from the Board it’s yours. She says unless there is a problem from Bo or Phil. He says it won’t happen neither of them wanted to be involved and he’ll handle it. He asks her why. She has a vision of them making out and then says she has her reasons. He wants to know what he’ll be doing and she hands him a folder that details the Opera House. She has some ideas and as he quickly looks them over he comments on how smart she is. She says that she has a lot of work to do with Titan and she knows how much he cares about Chloe. She doesn’t have the time to fight her. He thanks her and says he is off to phone Chloe. After he leaves she says to herself that behind every great woman is a man with a hot man.

At Jen's.....they find out that Bonnie won the money on a lottery (she picked her kids birthday's and won)...Jen opens the door and there is Patrick and the cop...Julie starts going off on him, he doesn't know what is going on as Mickey says someone stole Jen's bearer bonds. He says he didn't do it. Bonnie says my son isn't a liar if he says he didnt' do it then he didn't...Julie says so he's a thief like his two-bit mother...Mickey stops them from going at each other as the cop says he didn't find anything...Julie wants them to check his napsack as Patrick says fine but Bonnie isn't sure about that (guess she doesn't believe him). Mickey tells Julie to take the cop around the house to see if anyone tried to break in. Julie says she doesn’t need to it was an inside job. Mickey tells her to go…after she leaves Mickey talks to Jen about Patrick and pressing charges. He says that they really don’t have proof…Jen can’t believe that Patrick did this. Patrick/Bonnie are talking as he thanks her for acting like a mother…she then asks if he did take them and does she get a split. He can’t believe that she even asked…he says you are the one who was figuring out the interest. Julie comes back in and says surprise…no breakdown.

At the jail...Marlena is put in solitary confinement....we get a flashbacks of her and John (so much for her murdering everyone because she loved Roman)Crystal makes out with the male guard and steals his keys. She gets out of her cell and phones Nicole. Crystal is trying to talk Marlena into going up on the roof. Marlena says it really doesn’t matter if she dies tonight or in the death chamber. She murdered nine people and she deserves to be punished. Crystal tells her that she read about her in the intruder that she has a lot of kids and a cat and leads a charmed life. Marlena says you read that…I have no cat and I don’t leave a charmed life…I killed friends and people I loved. Crystal tells her that if she leaves now she’ll have a chance to see her husband and children again and isn’t that worth living for. They arrive at the top as Crystal pretends to be dizzy…she gives Marlena the keys and tells her to open the door everyone is waiting…after opening the door Marlena turns around and Crystal hits her over the head with the gun.

Shawn arrives at the Cheatin’ Heart and orders a beer. He pulls out his wallet to pay and notices a picture of Belle…he rubs it with his thumb. He hears Jen’s name and turns around. There is a guy on a cell talking about Jen and how much she inherited from her dead grandmother and husband…he makes a comment about the bonds being as good as cash.

Pat’s Spoilers

This is going to be a fairly short report. I don’t have to go out or anything but so much today held no interest for me whatsoever. I just couldn’t get into it so not a lot of it registered and because I’m taping the Friends finale I can’t go back and re-watch the spots I glossed over.

Kiriakis Mansion: Brady is shirtless and sweaty…I knew we couldn’t go two days in a row without one of the guys being shirtless. Nicole pulls the wool over his eyes once again when he catches her talking to Crystal about Marlena. She says she was talking to someone in corporate relations to get Marlena’s picture and bio out of the stockholders annual report. She wants to replace Marlena on the board with him. She then says she wants to look after the concert hall project and she has all kinds of stuff planned for Chloe. Brady is excited. Nicole has a fantasy about him…yada, yada, yada. I think ykw better take out a life insurance policy because Nicole talks to herself and says once Marlena is dead nobody will be able to stand in her way. It shouldn’t take Nicole too long to remember that ykw has the goods on her.

Jail: Crystal sleeps with the guard (yawn) managing to steal his keys and gun without him noticing. The only good thing was the flashbacks Marlena had – the old John and Marlena scenes were great to watch – even included one when they married when they believed he was Roman. Crystal tricks Marlena into going onto the roof and then knocks her out.

Jen’s house: More accusations by Julie, more denials by Bonnie…how many more times are we going to have to listen to that? Julie did get one good zinger in she called Bonnie the queen of cleavage (at least I think it was queen). No bonds on Patrick, he denies taking them, Bonnie defends him, Jennifer doubts, Mickey hedges. Finally Mickey tells Julie and Jen even if he did steal them they have no proof and the bonds were equivalent to cash so there is nothing they can do.

Cheating Heart: Shawn sits at the bar and orders a beer. He takes out his wallet to pay and looks at a picture of Belle and runs his thumb over her face. The expression on his face is very telling. He wants to be with her. Geez can’t they use more recent pictures – this is the one from when she was 16…good lord. He overhears that guy that we’ve seen with Patrick a few times talking about Jennifer. Boy ladies, look out, we get the smouldering eyes, the clenched jaw, the muscle twitching. The guy says once he cashes the bearer bonds he’ll take care of Jennifer. I’m guessing this is what keeps him in town.

The Loft: First of all after reading the responses to the posts that were under the Day Ahead and EE reports I was feeling pretty bad. But this is nothing. The only thing I got from this show is that mb is going to get nowhere with Belle. Although Jan’s report will be added later she did say to say she felt exactly the same. I really can’t explain why Shawn left – stupid plot…Kate tells him she was there to make sure Belle had something to eat. He says that was nice of you and he says he’s going to come in and talk to her. She says that’s not a good idea, she’s resting. He says she doesn’t want to see me. He tells Kate to tell her he’ll call her from the road. Belle and mb come down and she says I thought I heard Shawn’s voice. There’s a knock on the door and it’s John. They hug. She asks how her mom is and he says he won’t lie she’s not doing good. He indicates to mb and Kate that he’d like a moment with Belle. They talk a bit and when Belle tells John that Shawn left town and she’s afraid she’s lost him he asks if Shawn is still blaming her for Alice’s death. She says no, this is about him but each time he says that she feels more guilty. John says this is his take on it, if Shawn isn’t man enough to be around for my little girl when she needs him than maybe you’re better off without him. Kate and mb smirk. She tells John she doesn’t want to stay alone and he asks her if she wants to come to the penthouse but she doesn’t think she can face going there just yet. Kate pipes up and says her precious baby boy that can’t get a woman without his mother’s manipulations and help can spend the night on the couch. Same son than practically trips over his drooling tongue as he agrees and than practically pushes Belle up the stairs because she needs to go to bed. Now this is for one night – not a moving in thing.

As for the rest that went on – don’t be eating lunch when you watch this because John falls all over himself thanking Kate for being there for Belle. She then proceeds to tell him she has always thought of Belle as a second daughter. HUH??? Now I see where Brady gets his cluelessness from. Boy tptb should have put up a flashing neon sign saying ‘Kate is going to go after John’. What I did like is that John does understand why Shawn left. He tells Kate that he knows how hard this had been on Shawn. I think he said what he said to Belle in an effort to make her feel better.

The Belle, mb scenes are easy to take. All she can think about is the two most important people in her life, her mother and Shawn. As for what mb spouts about his father – you know what, too little, too late. I could care less what he has to say. I only watched to listen to what Belle had to say – mb I totally tuned out. And they are stretched out on top of the bed fully clothed. She does pull his hand to her waist but then immediately closes her eyes. She had just told him Shawn would hold her until she fell asleep.

Preview: The only good thing about dottie’s sick fantasy is that Shawn looks hot…LOL! He’s handcuffed to the bed – black boxers only and dottie cracks her black whip saying ‘bad, naughty, Shawn you’re going to be my love slave.’ (We do get a close up of his face…THUD…damn!) Julie telling Bonnie she bets this will be the last time she sets eyes on Patrick and Bonnie attacks her. Hope and Bo arguing – he say’s it’s the best way, she says you gave a shoot to kill order – sanctimonious, righteous Bo yelling as far as he is concerned the sooner that happens the better.

Tuesday May 11

Jan’s spoilers……..

At the jail....Crystal can't believe Marlena isn't dead yet so she hits her with the gun again. She wipes off the prints and drops the gun. She goes inside and locks the door. She tells herself that Marlena won't see how she is going to spend the money as she'll be dead. Downstairs Bo and Hope arrive as Bo wants to talk to Marlena about Victor's death. Hope says she might not remember and she has already confessed to nine murders so there is no incentive...Bo says this is my father we are talking about and I want to know who killed him. They go to the cell but it's empty. Trish arrives as Bo asks what is going on...she is supposed to be under lock and key. Crystal is in her cell as Earl arrives and asks if his gun and keys are there...she looks in the bed but can't find them. They hear someone coming and Crystal shuts the door. She tells Trish/Bo/Hope that the psycho doc. locked them up and stole Earl's gun and keys as Trish asks if it's true...Earl says yes. Bo gets on his cell phone and tells whoever is on the other end that there is an escaped prisoner and she is armed and dangerous. Crystal is telling them that she was there when Marlena killed Tina and she had the same look in her eyes when she locked them up and escaped. Bo gets on his cell and issues and APB and says Shoot to Kill. Bo/Hope are arguing as Hope wants him to call off the shoot to kill....he won't do it as she is getting more and more upset with him. He says he has to do his job but she can't believe he'd want Marlena dead...she tells him if something happens to Marlena he’ll regret it…he says no I’ll regret it if she kills anyone else…he tells her it doesn't matter if she dies tonight or in the death chamber he doesn't want any more lives lost. She wants to go up on the roof to talk to her but Bo says no he isn't risking her life. Hope calls John......she tells Bo she did and he says he wishes she didn't do that...he tells her John is a civilian and too close to the case...she says so are we...he says but we have no choice.

On the roof Marlena has come to and can't quite figure out what is going on...she has a flashback to Crystal bringing her up on the roof. She grabs the gun and heads for the door but can't get it open...meanwhile all the bells and sirens are going off. Marlena is looking around and sees the helicopter….she says they think I escaped…I have to let them know and surrender…they are targeting her and fire a shot as she ducks behind the duct work on the roof. They are shooting at Marlena as she continues to hide and try to get out of their line of fire….she is sorry for killing the people she loves and still can't remember. She tells John she loves him and needs him....she wants to surrender.....she lifts one arm up and then the other (still holding the gun)as they fire and she falls to the ground.

At the loft....Phil comes downstairs as Mama Kate rushes over and asks why he isn't upstairs helping Belle get to sleep. He tells her that it was a little uncomfortable. She says so as Phil asks what she wants him to do sleep with the girl. She says yes. Phil tells her that he knows that she is upset and that whole thing with Sami and Lucas is getting to her...she doesn't want to talk about that. He says I'm 21 years old and don't want to talk about my love she asks what love life. He tells her that this whole thing she has with him and Belle is a little weird. She says you have feelings for her...he says he doesn't want to take advantage of her. Kate says look at her...Shawn deserted her...her mother is a murderer...she needs a friend. And if you don't want to be that friend then you should leave. She tells him that Belle wants people to be honest with her and maybe it's time he told her his feelings. She says that he shouldn't be leading Belle on. She tells him that he should take Belle upstairs and help her sleep (….Kate you really need a life and something to occupy your time rather than giving your son the same bad advice you gave all your other children) (OK...what did I is he leading her on????) Phil tells her he isn’t leading Belle on that he won’t take advantage of her…he tells her that he isn’t going after a woman who is hung up on someone else he did that with Chloe and look what happened.

John and Belle are talking as she says she couldn't sleep...she kept thinking about her Mom. John tells her that even though Marlena confesses there has to be something wrong and they'll prove it...something so that she isn't held responsible. He tells her not to listen to what people think. Belle is worried about her Mom being in jail as last time she was attacked. John tells her not to worry but she can't help it...he pulls out a photo album and says this is what we are fighting for...she sees a pic of her and Shawn and says nothing will ever be the same. John asks her if Shawn said when he was coming back but Belle tells him no….he says when it comes to love you have to have faith…if it’s the real thing you just never give up…she asks John if he’s telling her to not give up on Shawn….(Phil/Kate are listening of course)John and Kate are talking as Kate tells John not to worry about Belle she is like family...Phil and Belle are on the sofa looking at pics...she says she remember in HS everyone saying that their problems would be worse but she never believed it...Phil says Chloe and her leukemia...Mimi being homeless....and not to forget Puerto Rico...Belle says the first half of the trip was fun...she wonders if things will ever be the same...he tells her she is stronger than she thinks...she thanks him for being there as they hug and Kate watches...Belle tells John she loves him...she tells Phil that there are blankets in the closet she's going to bed...John gets a call from Hope telling him Marlena escaped...he tells Phil not to let Belle watch the TV or listen to the radio and leaves....

At Jen's....Julie is asking if Patrick would lie for his mother and if Bonnie would lie for Patrick. Mickey says he believes that everyone is innocent until proven guilty. Jen says it's her fault that she is the one who left the bonds out....she doesn't know who to trust anymore and runs out of the house. Julie goes out to her to see if she's OK...she says she just doesn't know who to trust...first Marlena and then Patrick. She says that she knows Patrick left town but he has been so good to her and Abby. Inside her home phone rings and Patrick picks it up....(it's Shawn)..he tells Shawn he'll go to get Jen but Shawn says no...he explains a bit about the bonds and says he is going to call his parents...Patrick tells him he is coming down there and to wait.
Jen can't believe that she trusted Patrick...Bonnie and Julie are still arguing as Bonnie says that Julie just can’t stand to see a family stick together. Julie has another come back as they continue to go at each other…Bonnie tells her that she is just jealous that Alice left the bonds to Jennifer and now she knows why….Patrick arrives back at Jen’s as Julie Julie says look who’s back….he explains what happened and that Shawn had called…Julie says my grandson Shawn…she asks why he didn’t tell anyone about the call but he tells her that they were all arguing...Julie continues on about them not phoning the police...he says they didn't have enough time and he didn't want her grandson getting hurt...Jen apologizes as does Julie (sort of)...Jen tells Patrick that Jack always told her as a reporter to trust her instincts and she trusts him with her life.

At the Cheatin' Heart....Shawn is drinking his beer and listening to the guy on the phone (it's the same one who met Patrick earlier)....the guy hangs up and Shawn bumps into him....(he's pretending to be drunk)...the guy pushes him away and tells him next time be careful....Shawn has taken his keys...(he phones Patrick)...Shawn is trying to reach his parents as Patrick arrives telling him I thought we agreed to wait....Shawn says he learned his lesson and he isn’t doing that again...the guy comes in yelling for his keys...when the bartender says he doesn't have them he pushes everything on the bar onto the floor...Patrick comes over and says let's take this outside....they start to fight as Shawn watches through the window. Patrick is telling the guy (I wish I had a name)that he told him to leave Jen alone…the guy tells him that if he had done what he was told then he wouldn’t have had to take the bonds…Patrick punches him in the stomach as the guy then hits him…Shawn comes out and grabs the guys arms and they see the bonds…Patrick takes the bonds as Shawn is holding onto the guy who elbows Shawn in the stomach...he takes off as Shawn asks Patrick why he let him go. He says that we got the bonds back and that is what is important, Jen is going through so much right now she doesn’t need this. Shawn thinks they should call the cops but Patrick figures they are pretty busy. He asks Shawn if he wants to come with him to give them back to Jen but Shawn says since you asked no...he tells Patrick that he is on his way out of town...he has to think things through...Patrick says he knows where he is coming from as Shawn tells him to say hi to Jen...after Patrick leaves Shawn gets a call on his cell...he looks at the caller ID and it says private number....he answers and it's Mrs. B.....she needs a favor....she thinks there is someone downstairs...Shawn asks if she called the police and she says yes but they think it's her imagination...she tells him she is positive that there is someone there and that Alice always said that she could count on Shawn to protect her....she asks him to stop by and check...he says he guesses he could stop for a few minutes on his way out of town...he asks her if it's across the bridge and she says yes...she asks if he still has the address and he says he knows where it is....he puts on his helmet as the guy is watching and is on his cell...he says that Lockhart just upped the stakes and Devereaux is the target....

At Jan's....she is in the cage wondering how many pillows Shawn would like (they are red heart-shaped)...she fantasizes about him being handcuffed to the bed (both legs and his black silk boxers)...he is shocked to see her and asks her what is going on. She then has another on (she's in a black teddy....holding a feather)...she says she saved herself for him as he tells her he saves himself for Belle...she starts to yell not to ever mention Belle's name in this house again…she says that she will make him her love slave (GMAB…she got a whip).... she is sitting down putting her make up on and trying out her ‘nose’ still talking to herself saying this is her fantasy and Shawn should be saying what she wants to hear...she again sees him on the bed as he is telling her she is the only one he wants...she says that's better. She places her call to Shawn and after hanging up says that he'll be here longer than he thinks.

Wednesday May 12

Jan’s Spoilers….

I have to say that Deidre/Drake/Peter/Kristian put on excellent performances today. Lumi were great as well. I have to admit at the end of the show with John crying no, no, no as Marlena fell into his arms was very powerful. The show was emotional but I’ll be honest…I could have done without the Nicole/Brady scenes and Patrick saying good-bye…it would have been much more effective.

At Jen's....she says good-bye to Mickey and turns to tell Patrick that she hopes Julie and his mother can get along long enough to get home. Patrick isn't there but comes around the corner with his backpack. He tells her he had to go and get this it's time to leave. She says I thought you were staying...he tells her he has to go. He says it's a good thing Shawn phoned about the bonds and she got them back. She tells him that she never accused him of stealing them she trusts him. He has a flashback to the 'guy' telling him that taking the bonds was just a start and that he had better do his job. He tells her that isn't the reason he's going....he doesn't want him to leave but he says he has to. She says if he remembers the face of the 'guy' who took them he should call the police...he says Shawn's parents are cops he'll take care of it....he turns to go and she says No. Jen asks him to stay…she says it’s nice to have a man around the house…he’s good with a wrench…saved her wedding ring…and he saved her baby’s life twice…he says it’s better for them if he leaves…he tells her to say good-bye to Abby…she hugs him before he goes. Jen is over at the window crying when Abby comes downstairs. She couldn't sleep so she sits on the sofa with Jen. She asks why Jen is crying and Jen tells her that Marlena confessed to killing Jack. Abby is shocked and then asks if the baby is OK. Jen tells her the baby is fine as Abby says thanks to Patrick. She wonders where he is and Jen tells her that he has left. Abby can't believe her mother let him go...she made her happy. She tells Jen she thinks it's her fault as Jen tells her no that wasn't the reason...there was something else but she doesn't know what it was. She tells Abby that they will probably hear from him seeing as he liked Abby so much. Abby goes to bed and Jen turns out the she is locking the door she hears a car screech by (it appears they threw Patrick out the door)...she goes to him and he appears unconcious and bleeding)...

At the mansion....Nicole gets a call from Crystal...she wants to know what is going on as Crystal says have patience...they are filling Marlena's with enough holes for her to be swiss cheese. Brady overhears her and wants to know if she is talking to her accomplice. She tells him that is doesn't matter what she says he won't believe her. He says once Marlena takes the truth serum again they will find out the truth. She does the feel sorry for me act....I called Victor's bluff..he had nothing on me...Brady says as far as we know...she wants to know why he doesn't have faith in her...he tells her that his Dad has faith in Marlena even though she confessed...Nicole says because he loves her...Brady says he loves her very much...Nicole says is that why you have no faith in's because you don't have feelings for me isn't it. Nicole says that they shouldn't worry about the little stuff...she goes to the computer to check her e-mail and brings up a live TV report with Marlena being shot at....Brady asks what is going on as Nicole says it's spam...she shuts off the computer and tells Brady that she hopes Marlena can get healthy again and be put under the truth serum then her name would be cleared...Brady asks if she is sure and she says yes.

At the jail...Bo is telling the officers to shoot if they have to as John comes running in yelling no...he goes after Bo and is yelling he can't do is broken up by Hope and another cop who asks if Bo wants to press charges...Bo says no...he tells John that if he doesn't stop he won't be able to help Marlena at all he'll be in jail. John pleads with him....telling Bo that she is innocent...she can't defend herself...Bo goes on that she killed nine people to protect herself I'm sure that she can...he tells John she has a gun...John continues to plead for Bo to stop the shoot to kill order...Bo tells him that as long as his officers are in danger he won't...she has a gun. John wants to go up to the roof to talk to her...Bo tells him that his life will be in danger and he can't let that happen...John says I'm not afraid she won't hurt me....Bo says she butchered Roman and she loved him...John says as a friend you have to let me do this...Hope wants Bo to let John go up but he won't....Bo gets a call that they can't get a clean shot and that she still has the gun...Bo tells them again to shoot to kill as John takes off...Bo yells at him to stop but Hope tells him to let John go. Hope tells Bo that John loves Marlena and he doesn’t want her to die…she says he would do the same thing if it was her…Bo tells her that this isn’t about him loving her or them it’s about a killer that’s escaped… John grabs and ax and wants to get out on the roof. Bo tries to stop him telling him he doesn't want him to get hurt...John tells him he loves that girl and he has to help her. He hits Bo in the face with the ax and opens the door as Hope tells Bo to let him go.

On the roof....they continue to fire at Marlena as she tries to keep under cover and get off the roof (she can't figure out why they won't let her would help if she put down the gun) Marlena is trying to hid as she puts her hands over her face still holding the gun...they continue to shoot at her as John yells to her. She yells at him to help her...she needs his help. He opens the door and comes running out as Marlena starts towards him....Bo has told the officers not to fire....(he told them twice but they didn't hear him and think he said fire)....John is yelling at Marlena to get down and drop the gun but she continues to run to him...he gets up and goes to her as she is shot in the chest....he screams over and over as she falls into his arms.

At Sami's....Lucas made kettle corn and Will is picking out a DVD for them to watch...Sami apologizes for shutting down on Will...she goes on to say that she feels like something is going to happen and she is worried...she can't believe her Mom is in jail. Lucas tells her that she did it...her Mom killed her Dad...Sami tells him to stop...Lucas says you aren't going to blame John and my mom again are you...Sami says why not...Lucas says you know they didn't do it...Sami doesn't feel that she can believe in love anymore...if this is what her mother did for love....then this and what happened with Austin and Brandon doesn't make it worth it....Lucas asks her not to give up on love and not to give up on them. Sami is confused about them. She tells Lucas that there are times when she wants them to be together…and then there are times she wants to kill him and it scares her…he says she isn’t her mother….Sami doesn't know what Lucas wants her to say. She says that the last few months with them getting closer has been nice but a relationship...Lucas tells her not to use the word relationship…sometimes words don’t work for them....they kiss and he says that works....they kiss again and he says that works better...they kiss again and Will comes out. Sami jumps up and goes to get salt for the popcorn. Will asks him if Sami is OK and he says she's doing as well as can be expected. He asks how Will is doing and he talks about Grandma Marlena being the killer. He asks Lucas what is going to happen to her...will she die. Lucas says they don't really know for sure but there are people like John trying to figure everything out. Sami comes over and tells him that they have to keep the faith and pray for believe in her. Will goes to put in the DVD and it's the news report with Marlena being shot at....they watch.

At the Cheatin' Heart....Patrick comes in and goes up to the 'guy'...Patrick tells him he is leaving town and to leave Jennifer alone. The 'guy' tells him he can't do that as Patrick tells him that he doesn't order him around...Patrick gets up to leave and tells him if he touches Jen he's a dead he leaves the 'guy' motions and Patrick is followed....(he says to himself that Patrick is the dead guy)...the two thugs catch up to Patrick outside and they start to fight...the 'guy' comes over and holds a wire across Patricks throat.

The preview: Belle is telling a shirtless Phil that Shawn promised to come home to her...Phil says to forget about Shawn, he doesn't deserve her as Belle turns around and give him the 'look'

Pat’s Spoilers

Nicole is on the phone to Crystal who somehow manages to have a cell phone in her jail cell…hmm…is that they’re called ‘cell’ phones when Brady comes in still shirtless of course. Is he ever going to have that shower? He asks if she is talking to her accomplice she proclaims her innocence while secretly gloating that ‘doc’ has reached her expiration date and sipping her martini. Brady says as soon as Marlena’s heart is stronger they will give her truth serum again and she will tell them who murdered Victor. They get on the subject of how John would die to protect Marlena and prove her innocence as while Nicole turns on the waterworks for her ‘poor me, nobody loves me like that’ she is gleeful about Marlena dying. She goes to check her email and as soon as she opens her laptop there is live news video of the ‘jailbreak’. Hmm… nice setup she has – I guess internet is always on. She brings the conversation around to her innocence again and tells Brady that she looks forward to Marlena revealing the truth because she knows that Marlena will never testify against her.

Patrick says goodbye to Jen and she pleads with him to stay but he doesn’t. He goes off to the Cheating Heart to tell the guy who stole the bonds that he is leaving Salem and that if this guy hurts Jen he will kill him. When Patrick leaves the guy signals his two goons to attack him and then he helps them out by strangling Patrick. Abby wakes up and asks Jen what upset her and caused her to cry. Abby insists that she is not a little kid anymore so Jen tells her that it’s been a rough night, Marlena confessed. They have a nice talk about it and their memories. Abby asks where Patrick is and asks Jen why she let him go when Jen tells her that he left for good. Then Abby thinks it was her fault for doing that internet search on him but Jen says it wasn’t. Abby goes up to bed and Jen hears tires squealing and a car door slamming and goes out and a beaten and bloody Patrick has been dumped unconscious on her walk to her front door.

I really liked the Sami Lucas scenes today. Sami is upset that she let her son see her so depressed and out of it. She tells Lucas that she has given up on love. They have a great talk about how Sami felt that her mother and her father’s love was the shining example but if it’s true that Marlena killed all those innocent people because she was jealous of kate – well, Sami says that just proves that nothing good can come out of love. It always end up bad. He tells her not to give up on love that they can make it through this. Sami admits that her feelings about him are so conflicted – that sometimes she thinks that she could just kill him and that really scares her right now. He tells her that she isn’t her mother. Lucas is really good with Sami so calm and so patient and actually very truthful with her. He tells her to have faith because John is going to get to the truth – that there had to be mitigating circumstances that a judge will take into account. When he really can’t get through to her he says that they should stop talking because it doesn’t work that well for them and they should stick with what does. He kisses her and then they kiss again but break apart when Will comes out of his room. Sami goes to get salt for the popcorn. Will and Lucas have a really good talk. Will asks if his grandmother is going to end up on death room like his mom did. Lucas tells him that he really doesn’t know and he tells him the same thing he told Sami, to keep the faith. Will says his grandmother will end up on death row like his mom except no one will save her at the last minute. He goes to put the DVD in and the TV comes on and the breaking news story with the live shots of the rooftop and Marlena holding the come comes on the air.

I don’t know what to say about the prison scenes. Bo sticks to his decision no matter what Hope or John say. He calls Marlena a monster and even though John pleads with him he tells the marksmen that she is armed and dangerous and he is to shoot to kill. He then spouts all the rules and regulations to John. John wants to talk to Marlena but Bo says no. Hope wants Bo to let John try and get through to her. John rushes to the door that leads to the roof but it is locked. Bo tells him he is not going to let him go on the roof – John tells him that he will have to shoot him to stop him. Marlena keeps scurrying from place to place begging and crying for someone to help her but she never drops that gun. Deidre gives another amazing performance. I was crying at the end when John got the door open and Bo ordered ‘don’t shoot’ but the pilot says the order is to shoot to kill then Marlena sees John and comes out in the open – he is yelling at her to drop the gun and stay put but she stands up and is shot in the chest. John cries out ‘no, no, no’ and what can I say, even though I knew it was coming I felt the same way and cried with John.

Preview: Belle saying that Shawn promised he would come back to her – mb says ‘forget about Shawn – he doesn’t deserve you’. Belle turns to face him with fire in her eyes. This part has obviously been spliced – you can actually see that so there’s no way to tell what was really said before mb says this. Hope saying to Bo ‘if only you hadn’t given that shoot to kill order’ – Bo just looking self-righteous and John saying ‘my wife would still be alive.’ Sami crying as she tells Lucas that she loved her mom and now she is dead and someone is going to pay. Look out – that look in Sami’s eyes is deadly.

Thursday May 13

Jan’s Spoilers….

A couple of comments….Deidre/Drake/Kristian/Peter/Ali/Kirsten were awesome today…KUDOS to all of them. I thought JC played his part perfectly in showing how much he didn’t want to be where he was and trying to get to his cell knowing it was Belle calling and how much she needed him. I have to admit in the scene where Marlena says good-bye to her girls had me in tears….she did it to perfection!! And when Drake is talking to her wanting her to breath…incredible. I have to say how much I enjoyed this show. It was a very emotional show and difficult to put into words. Yes there were some parts I didn’t like (those go without saying)but the good in this show definitely outweighed the bad. Oh and one more thing…I thought that the first person Belle wanted to call says it all….she went right for the phone to call Shawn and that once he heard it the first person Shawn thought of was Belle. Also and this is just my speculation but from the previews I am positive that Jan is going after Belle…(but I’ve been wrong before…LOL)

At Jan's....she is putting the finishing touches on her make-up (I have to say it is a very good job)....Shawn is knocking on the door. She talks to herself in the mirror and then says on with the show as she makes her way to the front door...she opens it and Shawn says he knows what is going on...she looks shocked. Of course when she asks what he says that it was a raccoon...she apologizes for bringing him all this way...he says it's ok I was on my way out of town anyway...she thanks him and of course mentions Alice and the fact that she just met him but she feels like she's known him forever...he says he has to get going but she say no and grabs his arm....she says she has a surprise for him....(Shawn is looking like he wants to get the hell away...LOL) Jan tells Shawn she has made tea and whatever…she pulls him into the house and pulls off his jacket..she tells him she has everything ready and to sit down….Jan is making tea (putting in the drug)as Shawn is sitting looking at a book...she asks him to help her bring it over and he does...she tells him to drink up as she puts on some music...he drinks it as he tells her it's good (check out his face...he so wants to be out of there)...she says it's her own special blend...he tells her the music is nice as he continues to drink...they break in that Marlena is dead and Shawn jumps up saying Belle, I have to call Belle....he is dizzy and can't seem to get his legs under him...(Jan to herself says this night couldn't get better)she asks if he's OK and he says he just got up too fast and is dizzy...he hears his phone ring and says I have to get that it's Belle and he heads out to his jacket....he has trouble maneuvering over to it and can't get there before it stops ringing.

At Belle's....Phil is in the kitchen as Belle comes downstairs and asks what he is doing...he says he hoped he didn't wake her...she says no she was thinking about her Mom and how difficult it must be for her spending the night in jail...he says he heard her moving around and thought he'd make her a snack...smores...she says Shawn used to make me smores (another punch in the stomach Phil)she wonders where he is....she then says he promised her he'd be back..Phil says to her forget about Shawn he doesn't deserve you. She turns to him with that look and asks what he meant by that. He takes a hold of her hand and sits her on the sofa saying that he has to be honest here...Shawn is being a jerk for leaving here with everything she's going through...she says what I'm going through what about what he's going through. She says he had to stand there and listen to my mother talk about how she killed half his family...that and the fact I lied to him. Phil goes to say something but she stops him and says don't worry I'm not going to cry on your shoulder...he says that's what I'm here for...she says I'm all cried out...I think I'll watch a late night movie. He stops her...tells her that won't help her sleep...he says he's going to get graham crackers and to not watch TV or listen to the radio...she says then I'll check my e-mail maybe Shawn has written me (another punch in the stomach)Phil leaves and she gets online...she is seeing Marlena being shot at...she then sees Marlena being hit and screams. Belle is watching as Marlena is saying good-bye to her…she tells her not to let this interfere with her happiness and true love…she tells her Mama loves her…Belle is crying and banging on the keyboard as Phil comes in…she says she’s dying as Phil tries to console her but Belle just keeps looking at the monitor…Belle is crying as Phil has his arms around her...she can't believe it's happening that her Mom is dead. Rimi come in as Mimi says we heard you scream...Belle/Phil/Mimi are sitting on the sofa. Belle tells Mimi her Mom is dead...Mimi says we're here for you as they hug and Phil says we'll be here for you night and day...Rex looks at him...Phil wants to know if there is anyone they can call...she says I have to talk to my Dad, I have to call Shawn...Phil says Shawn is gone Belle, he's left...she says when he hears he'll come back...she tries to call but he doesn't pick up....she wants to know why her Mom is dead why everyone she loves is leaving her.

At Rex's....Rex is laying in bed as Mimi tells him to shut his eyes...she'll make him forget everything....she starts to rub oil on him and he stops her saying it won't work. He tells her that nothing will work...after listening to the woman that gave him birth talk about killing his sister and his father. He tells her he loves her as she says the same and that he taught her how to be strong...she makes him promise that nothing will stand in their way as they kiss.

At Sami's....Lucas has put Will to bed as Sami wants to turn the TV back on. Lucas tells her it isn't a good just sit back and wait everything will be fine. She says she can't and turns it on. They are watching as Marlena is being shot at...then they see John and Marlena running to him...they see her being hit as Sami faints....Lucas gets her a cold cloth and brings her to...she says she must have had a dream that her mother was shot...Lucas tells her it wasn't a happened. Sami is watching as Marlena says good-bye to Samantha Gene…she tells her this will be hardest on her…that she is sorry she wasn’t there for her….Sami is touching the screen…Lucas is telling Sami it's not a dream as Will comes out and can't believe his grandmother is dead...Sami says Grandma would want us to be together as a family and I think we should pray...she says a wonderful prayer...Lucas puts Will to bed and comes out and tells Sami how wonderful she was with Will..that he is proud of her that she put him first...she tells him that someone will pay for this.

At Jen's...Jen is calling Patrick's name as he wakes up. They go into the house and she wants to phone the cops. He says no...he was just mugged. She says it was more than a mugging I saw them throw you from the car although I didn't get the licence number...what happened? she is fixing up Patrick but tells him that she knows that whoever did this is the one who stole the bonds...she wants him to go the hospital but he won't...he tells her it's better that they leave this alone..she says she knows someone and calls Lexie....Lexie arrives and fixes him up but tells them they have to contact the police...Jen talks to her and tells her that Patrick doesn't want to do that...Lexie doesn't want him staying there and offers to put him in a homeless shelter...Jen refuses.

At the jail....John is holding Marlena..he lays her down and tries to help her. Hope calls for an ambulance as Bo is yelling at the chopper about not hearing him say don't shoot...he wants the chopper gone as well as the news choppers...Hope goes to John and says help is on the way...Lexie arrives as John tells her her breathing is sporadic etc....he tells Lexie to bring her back all the way...Marlena opens her eyes and says she is dying...they are now in the hall as Lexie stops the gurney and says she has been shot in the heart...John wants her to help but she says there is only one thing she can do and it's drastic...she tells John to come with her and she'll explain...Bo takes over holding the compress in place as a news reporter comes over...Bo is yelling at them to leave as Marlena says no....Marlena is talking to both girls as Bo is holding her hand…John/Lexie are there as John tells her to hang on…she says no it’s too late…she grabs Hope’s hand and talks about how sorry she is for what she did to her friends and family…she asks for their forgiveness…she tells Bo she is sorry as well…John doesn’t want to let her go but she tells him she loves him and not to let grieving control his life…she asks him to take care of her children (maybe it was me but I found this comment a little strange)…he has to move on to find love with someone new…John tells her he loves her…. Lexie tells John it's over as music he tries to get Marlena to breath....he tells her he loves her and that he can't live without her...there is flashbacks as the plays...Bo/Hope are hugging in the background...Lexie is talking to Hope saying that even though Marlena confessed she tried to do everything she could to save her...Lexie gets paged and leaves...Hope and Bo are talking as Hope tells him if only he hadn't given the shoot to kill order...John comes over and blames Bo for her death. He says that it's Bo's fault that she is dead...Bo tells him that he didn't want this to happen but she confessed and was trying to escape..he tells him if he hadn't gone on the roof...John isn't buying in and tells Bo he'll probably go and have a drink to celebrate...Bo says you may not want to hear this but I'm many have died and so many have suffered...I was just doing my job and trying to protect people...Hope says the coroner is on his way as John says no one is touching my wife. He pics up Marlena and says he'll take her to where no one will hurt her again...Hope wonders where they are going.

The preview: Shawn is in the 'cage'...(I'm about to eat crow...fully clothed)with Jan sitting on the bed (in disguise)...he says Belle's name as Jan says how dare you mention her'll regret it.


Pat’s Spoilers

Oh lordy. I’m not going to say very much about this episode. It was so emotional and I cried and cried and cried. Yes a few things grated on my nerves but it isn’t anything that hasn’t been done before – Oh yeah, I forgot, obviously petting a woman and treating her like a lapdog is the way the men that deserve happiness and are self-proclaimed better for the woman than the love of her life, her soul-mate could ever be shows her how much he loves her.

I have no words for the performances of Drake and Deidre as well as Kirsten and Ali. This was Drake’s finest moment. I’ll talk about the other stuff first.

Jen keeps holding Patrick and telling him to wake up. He finally does but insists on leaving. When he tries to get up he collapses again. Jen helps him into the house and patches him up when he refuses to go to the hospital. He also won’t let her call the police. He lets Jen call Lexie to come and look after him. Jen pages her and after Lexie is done at the police station she comes to the house. She talks to Jen alone and says that whoever beat up Patrick did it to send him a message. She tells Jen it’s not safe to be around him and tells her to get him out of her house tonight. Jen tells her that it’s her house and she wants Patrick there.

Mimi tries to seduce Rex with sexy negligee and scented oil to get his mind off of Marlena’s confession. He tells her he loves her but … he can’t understand how Marlena could kill his sister and his father – a man she claimed to love and who she had children with. He wonders how it could end up the way it did. She says she is a different person for loving him – he tells her he loves her. Again we have Mimi asking for the promise that nothing will ever come between them. Yikes…you know what that means.

Will is now in his room because Sami and Lucas didn’t want to see what was happening on the television. Lucas doesn’t want her to watch but she says she has to. She sees that Marlena has been shot. I really can’t go into a lot of detail – you have to watch. The part where Marlena is talking to the reporter as she lies on the stretcher dying is just so emotional. Sami listens to what she has to say as she cries. Marlena knows that this will be very hard on Sami. She tells her she is sorry she wasn’t there for her when she was growing up – she feels things would have turned out different for Sami if she had. She wants her to move on and tells her that she will find all those things she has always wanted. Will comes out and asks if his grandmother is dead. Sami put Will’s needs first and they all hold hands as she leads them in prayer. It was a very touching moment. Of course once Will is back in his room all bets are off as she tells Lucas that someone is going to pay for causing her mother’s death.

After watching this episode today with Shawn and Belle apart I’m convinced than ever that they will end up even more committed to each other after this ordeal with dottie is over with. No matter what mb says or what he does or what she is witnessing, Belle’s thoughts are focused on her mother and when she isn’t thinking of her all she is thinking about is Shawn. She asks what he is looking for and he says he was going to make her smores. She says Shawn always used to make them for her to try and make her feel better. She wonders how far Shawn got and says that he promised he wouldn’t be gone forever that he would come back but she’s not so sure. The shirtless one says that Shawn doesn’t deserve her. She asks him why he would say something like that. He says he has to be ‘honest’ with her – he thinks Shawn is a jerk for leaving her now especially with what she is going through. She says what about what Shawn is going through. He had to listen to my mom talk about killing half of his family knowing that I lied to him to give her an alibi. He tries to say something but Belle tells him she is not going to cry on his shoulders – she is all cried out for the night. She is going to watch a movie and he remembers John telling him to make sure Belle doesn’t watch TV so he says no. He puts his shirt on (thank god for that) to run out and get some graham wafers. Belle says she won’t watch TV she’s going to go on line to see if Shawn sent her an email. LOL – each time Belle mentions Shawn’s name mb looks pained. He just doesn’t get it…sad in a way when you really think about it.

Belle sees the news on the screen and watches and cries as her mother tells her goodbye. It was so sad. Marlena calls her my sweet Belle, my sweet sweet girl. She says she knows that she will have a hard time understanding this because even she can’t understand it. I loved how she told her not to let this stand in the way of her being happy. She tells her to hold on to true love because she might not get a second chance. When mb comes back she is in front of the computer crying and she tells him the cops shot her mom and she is dying. He wraps his arms around her and starts petting her head. When Marlena dies she sits there pounding the space bar saying no, no, no over and over. Mimi and Rex come running over and Belle and Mimi hug. Rex is silent but mb asks if there is anyone he can call for her. Belle says she wants to speak to her dad and that she has to call Shawn – mb snaps he left town. Belle hopes he isn’t too far away and says she knows that Shawn will come back when he hears that mom is dead (another pained expression from mb). She wonders why he isn’t answering his phone and cries that she is losing all the people she loves.

Now as powerful as Drake, Deidre’s, Ali’s & Kirsten’s performances were today so was Jason. You can literally tell by his expressions and his body language that he doesn’t want to be there but he’s too nice to say no to a friend of his great-grandmother’s. He doesn’t want to come in the house and tells Mrs.B. that he saw a raccoon in her trash – that’s what the noise was. He turns to leave but the old lady whips him around and says he can’t. She made tea and scones and wants him to come in. He does – she drugs the tea. Methinks that SDB should have wondered why she wanted soft music playing while they had tea and another little tip-off should have been the way she watched him like a hawk when urging him to drink his tea – not once but twice. But in reality he should have known things weren’t what they seemed as soon as he walked in the house – dottie practically rips his leather jacket off of him. The news cuts in and as soon as hears about Marlena he gets up saying he has to call Belle. He is very dizzy and dottie asks him if he’s feeling alright. He hears his cell phone ringing and he staggers trying to get to it.

There isn’t a lot I can say about the scenes between John and Marlena and Bo and Hope. Bo yells why did you shoot? He orders the police copter to leave and tells them to get the news choppers away from there as well. Hope brings John a first-aid kit as takes his shirt off and uses it to try and stop the bleeding. Bo keeps asking where the ambulance is and all of a sudden Lexie materializes – okay – there is something so strange about this. Just what was she doing there and why did the ambulance never show up? Marlena opens her eyes and John tells her she is going to be okay. She says no she is going to die. I was just sobbing when Marlena was telling Bo and Hope and John how sorry she was for all the pain and that she took full responsibility. I loved how Hope took her hand at one point – even Bo looks moved. My god they play such a sad song as John is begging her to live saying she is everything to him – the flashbacks are great. He literally rocks on his feet as he holds her not wanting to let her go. I lost it when he is crying and says just breathe for me and then he almost stills and says the same thing again but at almost a whisper. He turns on Bo after Marlena dies when Hope tells Bo ‘if only you hadn’t given the shoot to kill order’ – John says my wife would still be alive. Bo stands by his decision especially after Hope says the gun that Marlena stole was recovered. She has to step between them when John says Bo probably can’t wait to go out and have a drink to celebrate Marlena’s death. He pulls his latex gloves off and throws them at Bo saying you wanted her dead and you got your wish – you might as well have pulled the trigger yourself. Bo says if she would have escaped no one would have been safe. He tells John that for what it is worth he is sorry for his loss. He’s tired of all the senseless death. Bo tells Hope to phone and find out where the coroner is. John says he’s not letting anyone near his wife. He picks her up and says he is taking her someplace where no one can hurt her again.

This is just an excellent show. And it’s obvious when Shawn’s attempts to sweet-talk dottie so he can escape fail and he starts talking about his love for Belle it will drive dottie over the edge and she will go after Belle just to make Shawn suffer. It’s my feelings we’re in for some intense episodes over the next couple of weeks.

Previews: Lexie asking Patrick why he won’t report the fact that he was a victim of a felony to the police. She asks him what exactly he has to hide. Dottie running her hand up Shawn’s chest after getting him onto the bed in her cage as he says ‘Belle’. She says did you just say Belle – you are so going to regret that. Sami with Lucas confronting Bo (with Hope) in the church – she tells Bo that he killed her mother and she is going to make sure he pays for it. Marlena’s ghost back-dropped by what I assume is supposed to be the fires of hell telling Celeste that everyone in Salem is going to die.

Friday May 14

Pat is in tool belt country tonight so you are stuck with my version of the show. The same as yesterday the scenes at St. Lukes have to be seen….I’ll try to walk you through them but they are very emotional. I have to admit that I love a determined Shawn with one thing on his mind and that is Belle…the last scene well…I have to admit I laughed. I won’t go into what I think of Phil (again bad mouthing Shawn)or Kate’s comments. Ali/Drake/Kirsten/Kristian/Peter put on wonderful performances today….KUDOS to all of them. I also thought JC’s performance was good. As I said another very emotional show and I didn’t go into a lot of detail with the dialogue…for one reason I couldn’t remember it all…LOL.

Jan’s Spoilers….

At Jen’s…Lexie keeps on about Patrick leaving as he says he should go. Jen won’t hear of it but Lexie is sure there is something up. Jen tells her about the bonds and how he got them back for her. Lexie again asks him what is going on but he says that he won’t go to the police for Jen’s sake…he says it’s to protect her as it would be all over the news and everyone would know of her inheritance…Lexie is leaving as she tells Jen to be careful…they talk about Marlena and how difficult it must have been for her as Lexie says it was but it’s over…Patrick still wants to leave as Jen says she’ll make him something to eat and talk about it…he cell rings and it’s the ‘guy’ wanting to know if he learned his lesson…Jen is the target and he has to do his job…Patrick says to leave her alone but he tells Patrick that he does what he’s supposed to or blondie gets the next beating..Jen comes back in and Patrick tells her he is staying.

At Lexie’s…..Celeste is babysitting Theo…she comes downstairs and looks at the table as the ‘mask’ bursts into flames…she doesn’t understand why she is seeing this vision…she goes to the tarot cards and turns over the death card…she says it’s not over…..Lexie and Tek come out of the kitchen (I have no idea where he came from)…Lexie wants him to give Theo his gift (a football)and mentions him teaching Theo to play…Tek tells her how proud Abe would be of him..they go upstairs to put the football in Theo’s crib….the wind starts to blow inside the house…..Celeste turns and it’s Marlena…she tells Celeste it’s not over…their will be more death and sorrow…she tells Celeste she has to let everyone know…know that all in Salem will die.

At Sami’s…Sami can’t believe her mother is dead…she keeps going on about John as Lucas tries to comfort her…the phone rings and Sami picks it up….it’s Hope….she says how sorry she is as Sami starts to rant a bit…Hope tells her that John is at St. Luke’s with Marlena as Sami says why…Hope doesn’t know but Sami tells her she’ll get him away from her…her and Lucas take off after saying they’ll drop Will at the pub.

At Jan’s….Shawn is still determined to get to his cell…he keeps saying it’s Belle she needs him. Mrs. B is determined to keep him away and suggest he lie down. He says that he has to talk to Belle…it was her mother as Mrs. B says her mother is that awful serial killer.He knows something is wrong with him as he stumbles and falls. She picks him up and pushes his jacket away…she tells him maybe he had too much to drink..he says he had two and then asks what was in the tea…she says herbs and honey….then suggest he might be allergic to the peppermint leaves…he says no…his cell rings again and he trys to get to it saying it’s Belle maybe she is leaving me a message. She grabs his phone and heads to the living room…Shawn wants to know what she is doing as she says kids and their cell phones…he trips over a chair knocking it down…he climbs over it and tries again to get to the phone….Mrs. B grabs a poker from the fireplace figuring the drug needs a little help…Shawn finally falls over a chair and passes out…she says finally and smacks his butt…..she now has him on the bed talking about their little love nest and how surprised he’ll be…she rubs her hand on his chest as he says Belle’s name…she says he’ll regret that…she handcuffs him to the bedpost…pulls up his shirt and starts kissing his chest…starts to undo his belt buckle saying he’ll be there forever. She stands up and raises her hands in the air yelling…. (I’m sorry but that last part…too funny) (I did however like JC’s performance and SDB’s determination)

At the loft…Belle is still trying to get hold of Shawn. Phil tells her that he’s gone and he should have been here for her tonight…she says he probably doesn’t know. She tries again as Phil makes another not needed comment…Belle says maybe he’s ignoring her calls…there is a knock on the door as Belle says maybe it’s Shawn…it’s Kate there to check on Belle…Phil says she’s not doing too well…she keeps trying to reach Shawn…Kate says you’re right that’s not good you have to stop her. The phone rings as Belle says maybe it’s Shawn…she picks it up saying his name but it’s Hope…Belle asks if she has heard from him…Hope says no and then tells her how sorry she is. Belle asks why as Hope says we’ll talk later…she tells Belle that John is at St. Luke’s with Marlena and maybe she should come down…Hope asks if she needs a ride but she says Phil will bring her.

Through the streets….John is carrying Marlena’s body through the streets…..Bo/Hope follow….Bo tries to stop him but John tells him he’ll never hurt Marlena again…Bo says they have to take Marlena to the morgue but John tells him he’ll have to get his sharpshooters to shoot him as they did his wife…he calls Bo ‘Commander’ and tells him to get out of his way….he walks around them as Bo starts to follow……Hope says let him go but Bo asks her where as they follow.

At St. Luke’s…..John carries Marlena to the alter and places her there kissing her. He says that he couldn’t protect her in life and prays she’ll find peace. He starts to put candles around as Hope tells Bo she has to phone Belle and Sami….Belle is on the phone as Hope says maybe she is talking to Shawn…Bo says that Shawn would call her if he knew…Sami comes rushing in yelling at Bo…blaming him for what happened…she tells him that if her father had been there her mother wouldn’t be dead…Bo tells Hope that Sami might be right…if Roman had been there Marlena might not be dead…Sami then goes in to the Chapel as John goes to hug her…she starts to yell at him that it’s his fault…he says he loved her mother and tried to protect her…Sami says if he hadn’t told them about Marlena she’s be alive…her grandmother was right he did kill her….he started everything…Kate comes in and watches from the back…Phil and Belle arrive as she can’t believe this is real that her mother is dead…Phil says she doesn’t have to do this but she says she does….she goes inside and hears Sami yelling at John and tells her to stop…John hugs Belle and says they have to be a family….Sami says he destroyed their family…Belle wants to say good-bye and goes to Marlena’s body…she says Mom as John stands behind her crying….Hope tells Bo she doesn’t know what she’d do if that happened to him as he tells her it won’t…they hug as Hope looks scared…he asks what is wrong but she tells him to hug her….inside John asks Phil to take Belle out for air as he doesn’t think she can handle much more…Phil says not to worry he’ll look after Belle…Kate comes up to John and says I know how much you loved her and hugs him…Sami comes running in and says I knew it…you two wanted her dead so you could be together…Lucas tells Sami that it isn’t true…John loved her mother and did everything to protect her including putting his own life at risk…he hopes that one day they’ll have a relationship like that…Sami tells him if he is sticking up for John then they don’t stand a chance. Outside Belle can’t believe this is happening…Phil says I know what it’s like I lost my don’t have to be alone I’ll be there for you whenever and wherever you need…she thanks him for being there…she tells Phil that she can’t believe Shawn left her alone…Phil says you’re not alone I’m here…she again thanks him for being a friend.

Previews: John/Bo/Hope at the pub as Hope says hasn’t there been enough death. Jan has a pair of scissors and is cutting something…(I’m assuming Shawn’s clothes off…LOL)…Sami is telling Belle that Shawn is like his father.

Monday May 17

Jan’s Spoilers…….

My little rant and a few other comments.

Kirsten/Drake/Ali were again fantastic in their scenes today...they are all putting so much into their scenes. Belle in her quiet way...Sami with her rants (although enough is enough). Kudos to Jason for his reaction to Mrs. B and Jan today....(personally I found the dialogue was degrading to the audience and to Jason (jmo) but I thought his performance was good)...Kristian/Peter were also good today....and Bo is showing some vulnerability (it's nice to see)....Lucas was strong and supporting no matter what Sami said about his mother.....MB...can someone please stop him from petting Belle's head....Deidre in that first scene with Celeste was fantastic....all in all if you can get by the scenes with ykw a good show....very emotional again. And now onto the spoilers..

At Lexie's.....Lexie is asking Marlena why she is here....Marlena tells her there will be more deaths...Celeste has to prepare...everyone in Salem will die....everyone that betrayed her will die (she has the most evil smile on her face)...Celeste asks what she is needed for...Marlena tells her that she will be her messenger....her 'ghost' leaves and it appears that she entered Lexie's body but it was probably just the visual effects....the tarot cards start spinning and land on the table face up...all death cards.

At Jan's...she is kissing Shawn's cheek and rubbing her hands on his chest...she says that this is everything she wanted....Shawn is having a dream...he dreams of him and Belle...they are kissing as he says he never should have left her...she says she doesn't blame him that she lied to him...he says that dosen't matter anymore...they are together and will never be apart again....Belle says make love to me as they start to kiss we come back to 'reality' Shawn is moaning and says I want to make love to you....Jan in her delusional state says I can't believe it happened this fast...she says that he'll get everything he wants and more. she continues to kiss him and speak to him (I'm sorry but I found her dialogue to be a over the top and I won't repeat it)....Shawn is fantasizing about Belle telling her they have to stop…he says they promised to wait until they are married and he thinks they should wait....of course Jan thinks he is talking about her...he says Belle stop as Jan freaks out….he starts to come to and sees Mrs. B as a blur...he starts to freak out and keeps asking where he is and what she is doing on top of him...she tells him one question at a time...she says maybe this is heaven....he says no I don't think this is heaven....she says he is now in for a real surprise as she pulls off her wig...he is stunned and keeps shaking his head...he says Jan it can't be...she calls him her love bunny. (now as much as I hated these scenes except for Shawn's fantasy....Jason did an excellent job with them and in showing his disgust....Kudos to him)

At the Church....John says Izzy we have to pray for you mother...they go to the alter to pray as Belle asks him if Mom is at peace...he says he prays she is (phil is behind them)...Belle stands at the alter and says she'll never see her Mom again, never hear her voice her see her smile (she has a flashback to a scene just before she left for PR)she goes to John and asks what they'll do now...he tells her that they'll get through this together. In the waiting area....Sami is watching John and continuing to rant at how it's his fault...Kate and John set this up..she thanks Lucas for getting his Mom to leave...Lucas says John loved your Mom he's grieving....Sami says no he's not...Lucas tried to control her and tells her she has to grieve that she can't blame everyone for this...Bo and Hope come in with the man from the funeral home...Sami starts to yell at Bo for being there that he killed her mother...John says she's right...Sami turns to John and starts to blame him as Belle tells her to quit saying that...Sami continues on her rant as Hope steps in and tells them to be quiet....look at were we are...a place that should be helping us share the grief...we need to be there for each other...Sami starts again as Hope tells her that's enough to be quiet for once....John tells them they aren't taking his wife....they don't need an autopsy she was killed by a sharpshooters bullet (as he looks straight at Bo)...Hope says she agrees with John an autopsy isn't needed but he has to make arrangements...he agrees as they go to get the body bag...the funeral director suggests they leave but John says he isn't going anywhere...Sami and Belle aren't either as they hold each other...after they have taken Marlena's body John leaves....Sami starts to rant again as Belle tells her Hope was right this is not the place…Belle wants Sami to come with's for Mom and she needs help...Sami says she loved her mother and would do anything for her.

At the morgue....they are getting ready to embalm Marlena when they are stopped...the girls are outside and want to see their Mom...they are let in (special circumstances) They have a picture of Marlena and want her to look pretty...they have her dress and shoes...the mortician promises she'll be beautiful as they want to see her alone...everyone leaves except Belle/Sami....Belle can't open the bag as Sami does....they are crying as Belle wants to know why this happened....Sami starts on about Bo/Kate/John as Belle says don't do that...Sami asks her where her precsious boyfriend ....he isn't here for her (another one ranting on Shawn)..Belle quietly says no...Sami says all because of your lie to protect your mother...I told you what would happen...she says he's gone and not coming back...Belle quietly says he said he was...Sami says he lied...he is heartless and cruel just like his father...Phil/Lucas come in and tell them it's time to leave...they don't want to go....Celeste comes in and Sami asks why she is here...she says to pay her respects...Sami wants her to do a seance but Celeste says no....she tells Belle and Sami it's time to go...Belle kisses her mother good-bye and says I love you....Sami touches her head and tells her she loves her.....Celeste is asking Marlena why her what can she do....Marlena sits up and grabs her arm telling her that this is all a lie....

At the pub....John comes in and he and Pop Shawn have a drink….Bo comes in and wants a drink…John says don’t get him a glass…he can have mine as he throws the drink on him…he says you killed my wife…Bo says and your wife killed my mother, my brother and Hope’s Aunt Maggie, her father and Mrs. H plus 4 more innocent victims….Bo/John are yelling at each other as Hope comes in and tells them both to be quiet...she says we have had enough death around here to last a lifetime...Pop Shawn tells her she's right....John wants another drink as Shawn says you've had enough...he says you are the barkeep and I want another one...he has flashbacks of Marlena (does she ever look young)...Celeste comes in and goes over to him...she says how sorry she is...she wonders if Marlena is resting peacefully as he tells her she should know...she tells him not to be like that...she goes over to Bo/Hope as Bo gets a call from the station....Hope asks her what is wrong...Celeste says she just needed to get out...Hope says it's all behind us but Celeste says I'm not so sure I have something I have to take care of....Bo goes up and pours four drinks...he proposes a Marlena, a wonderful mother, friend and loving wife....Hope says to Marlena as Shawn says the same....they all clink glasses (love the look on Hope's face as they drink)....

Pat’s Spoilers

I’m going to get this out of the way right from the start. What the hell do I have to do to get someone at DOOL to tell mb to stop petting Belle as if she is a stray dog looking for affection. It’s bad enough watching that when he’s hugging her but to have him standing behind her petting her head while she’s talking to someone else is enough to make me sick. UGH I can’t take this for weeks on end. The last thing Belle needs is any affection from an arrogant, disloyal, backstabbing momma’s boy.

On to the show.

At the church John and Belle are praying for Marlena’s soul. Sami continues to spew her hatred of John and Kate. I honestly don’t know how Lucas can stand to listen to her. He keeps trying to tell her that John loved Marlena but Sami won’t listen. Bo and Hope come inside with the funeral director and Sami yells at Bo to get out because he killed her mother he has no right to be there. Bo says the funeral director is there to take the body. John agrees with Sami and wants Bo out of there. He says there will be no autopsy. His wife was killed with a (he names the calibre) bullet shot from the rifle of a police sharpshooter after he was given a shoot to kill order by you commander. Hope plays the peacemaker and tells everyone to remember where they are – this is not the time or place to argue. Of course Sami starts again but Hope quiets her down telling her to at least be quiet out of respect for her mother.

Hope tells Bo that she agrees with John. No autopsy needs to be done. The funeral director and workers move Marlena’s body into a black bag on a coroner. Very poignant as the camera cuts to the faces of the Blacks and the Brady’s as you hear the zipper being closed. Sami again starts accusing John and Kate and Belle tells her she can’t possibly believe that. Belle asks Sami if she will help her do something for mom.

Marlena tells Celeste’s that everyone who did her wrong is going to have to pay and that she is going to use Celeste to get the message out. It appears that her spirit enters Celeste’s body as the tarot cards rise into the air and form a circle – when they all fall back onto the table in a row face up – they are all death cards.

John and Shawn are at the Brady pub drinking a shot of whiskey when Bo comes in and tells his dad to pour him one of those. John tells Shawn not to bother Bo can have his and he throws it in Bo’s face. He says you killed my wife. Bo lists off the people John’s wife killed as they stand toe to toe. Hope comes in and tells them to stop and says there has been enough death already. Shawn says amen to that. Celeste comes in and tells John that she is sorry for his loss and asks him if he thinks Marlena’s spirit is at peace now. He says you’re the one with the pipeline to the dead you tell em. She tells him not to mock and as she is leaving she stops at Bo and Hope’s table and tells them that John is going to need their support. Hope says at least the nightmare is over. Celeste leaves and stands outside the pub saying that Hope is wrong – this is far from over. Hope sits next to John and Bo goes behind the bar and pours 4 shots – he makes a toast to a loving mother, a good friend and a devoted wife, Marlena. They all lift their glasses and drink to her memory. You’ll be treated to some great flashbacks – a couple of Marlena/John ones and one each with Marlena and her two daughters, Sami and Belle.

At the funeral home just as the body is going to be prepared for burial Sami, Belle, Lucas and mb show up. Belle and Sami are left alone with the body after they give the funeral director a picture of Marlena and her clothes for burial. He promises them that she will look just like she does in the picture. Belle can’t bring herself to open the bag so Sami does. They cry and hold each other and then Sami starts spewing her hatred again and tells her unreliable men are after going off on John again. She asks Belle where her precious Shawn is? She asks her if he is there to support her when she needs him the most. Poor Belle says no in a real quiet voice. Sami says he’s gone and he’s never coming back. Belle says he promised me he would come back. (Her voice really got to me because she desperately wants to believe in him but his absence is proving everyone else's venomous statements to be true). Sami says to forget it Shawn is gone and he’s just as selfish and cold-hearted as his father. He doesn’t care about her and he wanted her mother dead. She goes on to say that she told Belle that Shawn would react this way if she told him the truth. Celeste comes in with Lucas and mb. Sami and Belle want to know why she is there. Sami asks if she can help them talk to her mom just like they did with Abe. She says no she is just there to say a prayer for Marlena to find out if her soul is at rest. They leave and Celeste places candles around Marlena and pulls out the big angel candle and lights that as well. Marlena sits up and Celeste asks her what she wants of her. Marlena says I need you to make them understand that everything that has happened has been a lie.

As stomach turning as mb’s petting of Belle’s head is seeing dottie in her old woman’s getup kissing Shawn’s stomach, chest and neck and in her own words not mine, giving him a tongue bath fit for a prince as her hand’s roam all over him is truly vomit inducing. I’m going on the record right now and I’m not just saying this because it’s Shawn – this is truly degrading in my opinion.

As dottie is slobbering all over his abs Shawn is fantasising that he’s in bed with Belle and they are kissing. He tells her he never should have left and says he’s sorry and asks if she can forgive him. She tells him there is nothing to forgive – she was the one who lied – they kiss again and Belle asks him to make love to her. He murmurs that he wants to make love to her and dottie is very happy. She’s pleased that her plan is getting results faster than she thought it would. She continues to drool over him and he fantasises about Belle again – LOL! Even in his drug-induced fantasy he tells Belle they made a vow to wait and they should – he says out loud that he doesn’t want her to have regrets. Again dottie thinks he’s talking to her but then he says Belle’s name and she is furious. She takes out the scissors and cuts his shirt off. He comes to slowly but when his eyes are open he freaks out. He says “Mrs. B. what is going on and what were you doing on top of me?” Good job by JC in this scene. He watches in horror as dottie reveals herself – she says ‘I’m back love bunny.

Preview: mb is giving Belle a massage (actually it looks more like he’s trying to shake her head off her shoulders) saying that he will never leave her – she says she wishes she could say the same about Shawn (sucker punched again mb). dottie cracking her whip saying the things I’m going to do to you lover – he’s not looking too happy. Rex tells John that his wife is not dead. Marlena tells Celeste the worst is yet to come.

Tuesday May 18

Jan’s Spoilers……

A few comments….first of all I believe Phil did 3 or maybe 4 eye rolls today…the boy goes back and forth like a yoyo and is only thinking of himself. The scenes with Jan and Shawn…I have to say that HL did a great job of showing us just how psycho she is but GMAB a kewpie doll that talks. Kudos to JC today…personally I thought he did a great job of showing us just what he thinks of Jan…he played her trying to get her to let him go…he told her in no uncertain terms that he loved Belle now and always….but he knows what he is dealing with in Jan. The disgust shown when she was kissing his neck….loved it. Loved the scenes with Peter/Kristian at the house….very quiet yet in some way very sad….I’m not liking the talk about Bo though. The scenes at the funeral home…well to be honest they didn’t do a thing for me and I hate to say it but I would have thought that John would know that Marlena was alive (unless it isn’t Marlena)…anyway on to the spoilers…..I know I missed some stuff and there was quite a bit of dialogue between Shawn and Jan…I did try to catch most of it.

At the pub....Bo/Hope/John and Pop Shawn are inside....Mimi and Rex arrive as Rex talks about the weather and how much it reminds him of Halloween night, the night Maggie was murdered. Mimi tells him it does but it's the middle of May (well at least we know what month it is)...they go inside as Pop Shawn comments on here comes his eldest grandson (ok...either Rex is older than Eric or we've misplaced a character)...they tell them they came for take-out as Rex wants to talk to John alone. Pop Shawn goes to get them food as Mimi asks if Bo/Hope have heard from Shawn. They say no hasn't Belle...Mimi says Belle has tried to phone home but he hasn't answered...she just wondered if he wasn't answering Belle. Bo dials and says he could be riding and not hear it ring...Hope says it's late he probably has stopped at a motel or for coffee and should have seen the reports...she leaves a message telling him that Belle needs him and they want to make sure he's OK. She says maybe he's talking to Belle as Bo says it could be turned off. Mimi and Hope promise to let each other know if he phones as Bo and Hope leave to check on Zach. Mimi turns on the TV and sees a rerun of Marlena being shot.

Outside...Rex says he has something to say as John interrupts and says something about I know she killed Cassie and Roman. Rex says no I don't want to rehash that...John apologizes as Rex says your wife is alive. John asks what....Rex says he means that she will be alive in their hearts to all those that loved her it is filled with flowers. John says yeah, I would know if my wife was alive.

At the loft....Belle and Phil come in as Belle immediately checks for messages...she says Shawn didn't call. Phil tells her to try again...she just gets his voice mail and leaves a message telling him that he doesn't have to come home she just wants to talk to him and make sure he's OK....Belle goes to the window as Phil follows...he asks her if she meant it that Shawn doesn't have to come home (his hopes are riding high...LOL)Belle says no but she thought he might call her if she said that. He tells her she needs to lie down and get some sleep....she says no as they sit on the couch...he says he knows what she needs and she sits in from of him as he massages (I think that is what it is called)she tells him that it feels good and that he is a good friend for taking the time off base to be with her...she suggests he head back before the storms hits...he says he'll never leave her he promised...she says Shawn said the same thing. Belle is telling Phil that Shawn knew her mother was going to get the death sentence and maybe he left because that is what he wanted and couldn't face her...Phil tells her that Shawn loves her…she says he couldn’t commit to me maybe he doesn’t love me….Phil tells her that they’ve known Shawn all his life and Shawn loves her and he has to admit he wouldn’t leave her alone at a time like this…he says he’d like to help her track him down....Rex/Mimi come in and Rex says he knows how to find Shawn...he gets the tracking device and explains how he put it in Shawn's jacket...Mimi asks if he did that do her and he says no...he finds a signal and says Shawn is on the outskirts of town..he hasn't left....he loses the signal as Belle is worried Shawn is in a ditch somewhere (be prepared for Phils eyes)....Rex says he is sorry and that he can't get it back maybe it wasn't working...Belle says at least she knows he isn't in a ditch...she grabs the phone to call him as Mimi/Rex/Phil talk...Mimi says this isn't like Shawn I can't believe he would stay away...Phil and Rex say the same thing as Phil then says maybe Sami is right and Shawn has left Belle and isn’t coming back...Belle hears him and runs from the room yelling no...Phil calls her name but she keeps going.

At Jan's....a repeat of her taking of her mask as Shawn says it can't be 'Jan Spears' . He asks what is going on as she explains that he is hers. She talks about how she knows they are meant to be...he asks if she thought of this herself and she says no she had help and grabs her 'kewpie' doll....she has the 'doll' kiss his face as he turns away...he tells her he has to talk to Belle...her mother was killed tonight and she needs him...she says she feels safer with the serial killer dead....he says that it was on the radio and that he has to talk to Belle...she says we heard it together...he says Belle needs him....she says you 'mean' virgin Belle...he says the woman I love...she says you don't love her you love me...he says no, no, no I don't I love Belle...she says it's Belle's fault...she destroyed everything....I lost our baby the one we made with love in Puerto Rico....she destroyed our family...Shawn says was Mendez...remember him...he raped you and you miscarried the and I were never together...she says she went to Europe to give her time to think of a plan to get him back...he looks around and says this is all you came up with...his phone rings and she grabs it....he wants's Belle's ring...she says no what are you going to say...that you're sorry and you'll pray for her mom or will you yell that Jan has me locked up outside of town....he keeps telling her to let him go...she asks if he wants her to dress up again as Mrs. B and they'll have some of her 'tea'...he says no just let me go....she says I know what will work...she takes off her 'costume' and is wearing a red or pink whatever...she has her whip.....Shawn is totally disgusted...the look on his face says it all...she climbs on the bed and starts to kiss his neck as he turns away in disgust. Shawn keeps telling Jan to get away from him....he tells her that they need to talk to catch up....she tells him about her parents dieing and that they only had one body bag so they brought them down together and how sweet that was...Shawn can't believe she just said that...she mentions Belle causing her miscarriage...he says Belle never pushed you...she tells him about being around for awhile as Shawn has a flashback to someone outside the Brady home when he and Belle were there...she shows him her arm and he says it was you in my bed....he tells her he is sorry about her parents but she has to remember how she felt and that is how Belle is feeling and he needs to be there he’ll come back to her to start our future together (he has a hard time getting those words out…LOL)...she says Belle has him under her spell and she'll break it...she again starts kissing his neck as he yells at her to stop....she keeps telling him that they'll be together....she tells him that her parents are together forever and they will be too...he asks what she means and she says they left me a lot of money and we'll stay in our love nest forever...he tells her he'll stay with her but first he needs to go to remember how she felt when she lost her parents...he needs to be there for her like he was when she lost her baby...she says our...he says our baby...Shawn JR whatever....he says let me go to Belle and I'll come back and we'll be together...she says this isn't working and grabs the kewpie doll and talks to it as Shawn watches (the doll tells her to be patient that he will love her in time)she goes to Shawn and says that in time it will be them...he says I love Belle, she’s the only woman I’ve ever loved… she again goes back to the doll who talks to her again...she goes back to Shawn who tells her he isn’t giving up on Belle….Jan tells him she has a big surprise for him....

At the funeral home....Marlena grabs Celeste's arm...Celeste is praying to God to help Marlena's soul find rest and peace...Marlena jumps up....Celeste wants to know why she is haunting her...Marlena says that Celeste will be the one to avenge her death...Celeste asks if she is going to kill again...Marlena says no...she tells Celeste that she isn't the one in control now that Marlena is the one with the premonitions...Celeste wants to know who is going to die...Marlena says everyone...everyone in Salem will die. Celeste and Marlena are still talking as John comes around the corner...he hears Marlena's voice and sees her silhouette in the glass and starts to go in...Celeste screams as John opens the door...Marlena is on the table. John gets Celeste water and wonders what was going on...she tells him Marlena is alive...he says she can't be I was with her when she died and took her last breathe....he checks her pulse but there isn't one...Celeste is determined that she isn't dead as John starts pounding on her chest...the mortician comes in and asks what is going on as John tells him she's alive...he says she isn't and John wants proof...he stabs her in the chest with a scalpel...John says if she wasn't dead before she is now and vows to take his licence....Celeste asks for a sign as the candle flickers...John/Celeste are hugging as Marlena takes a breath and her hand moves...John turns but she is still....

At Bo & Hope's....they arrive home and Hope is worried about Shawn. Bo tells her that if he's riding he won't hear his cell...maybe he's camping tv/radio/or a place to charge his cell. She goes upstairs to check on Zach and see the babysitter as Bo goes to start the fireplace...he says to himself I'm sorry that you died Marlena but you deserved to....later Hope is sitting on the sofa looking through a photo album as Bo comes in with flowers...he asks what she is doing and she tells him that she is checking out the pics....she talks about Alice and her Dad and Caroline...she turns the page and there is a pic of Marlena...she says she was family, I loved her...Bo says he did too...she says Gran was a woman of grace....she says how much she misses the FF and that she wishes they could go back to that time...she says Zach is a little boy not a baby...Shawn is a grown man...he asks if she thinks they are getting old...she says no....Bo gives her the flowers...he tells her the shops were closes to he picked them from the park...he'll pay the fine in the morning...she remembers a time when he picked Grans' prize winning tulips...she never got mad because she was a sucker for romance...later we return to them on the sofa as Hope remembers Celeste telling her she was happy but she didn't see Bo....she wakes up with a start as Bo asks her what is wrong...she tells him Celeste predicted she would lose him...she says it isn't going to happen...

in the preview....Belle and Phil are on the rooftop in the rain as Phil says that he hates to badmouth Shawn doesn't deserve her and hugs her....Jan is telling Shawn that she wants him to say he loves her...he calls her totally psycho.

Pat’s Spoilers

I’m going to try and type up a quick report and keep an eye on the DOOLie’s at the same time. I apologise for the skimpiness.

Rex and Mimi show up at the pub. John, Bo and Hope are still there. Mimi asks Hope and Bo if they have heard from Shawn and they all agree that this is not like him. Rex tells John that Marlena is alive in their hearts. He mentions that he went to the funeral home and there were a lot of flowers. Lot’s of people loved Marlena. John says he knows better than anyone that Marlena is dead and he leaves.

In the funeral home – more of Marlena talking to Celeste. Marlena doesn’t exactly say she’s not dead but nor does she say she is. She just tells Celeste that she is the one that is going to predict doom and gloom now. She tells her everyone in Salem is going to die. She also tells Celeste that evil is still here and it has a plan. John hears Marlena’s voice and sees 2 silhouettes and opens the door. Celeste is close to passing out and Marlena is back lying on the gurney. John says that Celeste will think he is crazy but he could have sworn he heard Marlena’s voice. Celeste tells him Marlena is alive. He checks her pulse and says there is none. Celeste says maybe she is in a deed coma. John starts giving her CPR and the funeral director walks in. John says unless he can prove Marlena is dead he won’t stop – he plunges a scalpel into. John says if she wasn’t dead before she sure would be now. The guy just says she was dead already. Celeste and John hug and we see Marlena’s fingers move.

Bo and Hope go home. Hope is worried about Shawn. Bo lists a bunch of reasons why he might not have called Belle and why it’s possible he doesn’t even know that Marlena is dead. Hope looks through an old photo album – lots of regret and gratefulness for the time they had with everyone. These are very good scenes – Bo gives her flowers that he admits to stealing from the city park. He says he’ll go and pay the fine in the morning. They make love and she starts to fall asleep and then remembers Celeste’s premonition that she would be very happy but Bo wasn’t in the picture. She tells Bo about this and he makes her a promise that she won’t lose him. Oh lordy…shouldn’t do that Bo.

Belle rushes to the answering machine but there are no messages from Shawn. You can just see her deflate. MB does even say that they’ve known Shawn all his life and this is not like him. Belle wonders if Shawn knew her mother was on death row and going to die and because he was happy that the serial killer would be executed he might not want to come back to her – mb says that isn’t Shawn. He says maybe he’s tied up – geez how on the mark is that. Rex and Mimi come in and both of them say that there is no way Shawn would not be here for Belle if he heard that Marlena died. Rex remembers the tracking device he put in Shawn’s jacket when he thought Shawn was out to get him. He says according to the reading Shawn is in or near Salem. He can pinpoint the location but then he loses the reading and says it was probably a false reading. mb sticks his foot in his mouth and tells Mimi and Rex he’s being to think that Shawn has left Belle for good. Belle yells No and runs out of the loft.

After watching the show you will see that in her mind dottie was never raped so there is no way she can equate what she’s doing to Shawn to what happened to her in Puerto Rico. I have to say that JC did an exceptional job today. You knew exactly what he was thinking and feeling each and every second. You can almost see him grit his teeth when he is trying to talk politely and rationally to her. But by the end he knows she is a lost cause and for god’s sake…how long to we have to endure a talking kewpie dog. Oh wait they need someone for mb to pair up romantically – now that might just be a good fit – mb and his kewpie doll and then he can pet her and pet her and pet her….LOL! She calls Belle a bitch several times and states with belief that Belle brainwashed him. All Shawn wants to do is get to Belle. He keeps telling dottie that Belle needs him but she is a whole world all of her own where he fathered Shawn Jr and was madly in love with her until Belle pushed her down the stairs. After watching this episode both the audience Shawn get clued into how far gone over the edge this woman really is. She makes no bones (pun intended) about what she expects from him – that commented about expecting to get poked in his bed but not by Marlena about says it all. She climbs all over him and then says she can’t believe his self-control when he’s been separated from the woman he loves for all this time. He tries to talk about getting reacquainted but he says Belle’s name and she goes off the deep end again. There’s a lot but you need to see it for yourself. I know some people have a problem watching him in the love cage but JC’s performance is exceptional. I especially liked the look he gave her when she told him how long she had planned on getting him back and he looks at the cage and says ‘this is what you came up with?”

Preview: Phil telling Belle that he doesn’t want to badmouth Shawn but the longer he is gone the more he believes he doesn’t deserve her. (Blech…more petting). John telling Brady that this is going to sound out there but he thought he heard Marlena talking to Celeste. Crystal on the phone with Nicole reminding her that she was the one that set Marlena up to die. Dottie leaning between Shawn’s legs telling him to say he loves her and not Belle. Shawn pulls at his restraints and clenches his teeth and says ‘you are totally psycho.’

Wednesday May 19

Jan's Spoiler's

At the loft....Belle is up on the roof as she sees the outline of the teddy bear....she has a flashback remembering when it happened...(she had on Shawn's jean jacket and she found a piece of chalk in it...Shawn told her it came from Zach that he was drawing outlines on the driveway...she wants to draw his outline but she laughs and says no...she says she needs the practice...he finds Mr. Bumper (the teddy bear Shawn gave her)...he tells her to practice on that and if it works she can do his....she does the outline as they joke about it....Shawn gets down and writes Shawn (heart) Belle says I love you too...they kiss and Shawn throws the chalk away.) Phil comes out and Belle asks him if he meant it that Shawn wasn't coming back...he says he has no idea what Shawn is thinking...she says he promised he'd come back....she says he has to come back....she has to believe he'll come back...there is a reason he isn’t answering her calls or voicemail...if she thinks about then she'll think something has happened to him... he tries to get her downstairs as the rain starts and she throws herself on the drawing trying to save it....Phil pulls her up...she says it's washing away as Phil tells her she can't stop it....she watches as the rain washes the drawing away and he takes her downstairs. Phil is drying off as Belle comes downstairs…she is telling him that she understands how he must feel losing a parent...she feels numb herself...he says that is the body's way of protecting yourself...they make cocoa and he tells her it won't help her sleep...she says she couldn't sleep...they sit on the sofa and she says are you sure you don't need to go back to the base...he says no it's OK I'll stay with you. He wants to know if she wants him to sing her a lullabye…(GMAB)..she says Shawn always held her when she couldn't sleep...he holds her (and pets her head, her arms....Gawd!!!it's like she's a puppy)she is talking in her sleep (BTW it's the same time Shawn is yelling Belle's name)she says she feels so safe with him holding her…Phil says he’ll never leave her…. (you'll love his face...he looks like he won the lottery...LMAO)she says she wants to stay like this forever… his eyes are huge...LOL)he says Belle....and then she says I love you Shawn!!!!Talk about major eye roll and being punched in the gut big time.......LMAO.

At Jan's...Jan is telling Shawn that everything will work out...she tells him to tell her he loves her...he calls her totally psycho...she says then maybe you think I should see a shrink like Dr. Marlena Evans....Shawn says if he lets her go then he'll get her help....she keeps on talking about their baby as Shawn talks to her about the rape and Paul....he knows that is when this started...he tells her that he tried to help her but he was wrong the lie hurt so many people...she says Belle lied...she pushed me down the stairs and killed our baby...Shawn says you fell and miscarried and I now it was traumatic...he tells her he has to be there for Belle as Jan starts to freak....he tells Jan he never loved her and never will...Belle has his heart....she says Belle lied to you....she told you she was with her mother and that is the reason your great-gran is dead...Shawn asks how she knew that...she says she heard him tell Belle that it was over and she almost jumped from happiness but she couldn't because she didn't want anyone to know she was in town...he says you've been stalking us this whole time...she says yes....he looks around and wants to know who helped her...she couldn't have done this by herself....she grabs the kewpie doll and says no one...only us...he asks how long she planned this…she tells him that it took awhile but she came up with an A1 plan…he says more like an A1 felony…he tells her he'll get out of here and he'll go to the police...she'll be charged with stalking and kidnapping and she'll be the one in the cage...she says that won't happen because you aren't getting out of her...she then tells him that they'll be married. Shawn tells her it isn’t his fantasy it’s hers….she says you want twins one boy one girl….oh maybe two boys. He says all he wants is to get to Belle she needs him. He asks Jan if she thinks this is sexy….being chained and caged and her all over him…this is a huge turn off and he never wants to be with her. The phone rings and he tells her to get it….she leaves the room and as she answers it he starts yelling that he’s been kidnapped and locked up…this is Shawn Brady…the person on the other end is Nicole. She asks Jan if that was Shawn and Jan says yes but you won’t tell will you. Nicole says believe me I won’t tell but you are nuttier than a fruitcake. Shawn is continuing to yell in the background for help…Nicole says it doesn’t sound like he wants to be there…Jan tells her it’s a game they play…Nicole says well you do get what you want…she asks Jan for help but Jan tells her she can’t leave Shawn…Nic says if you don’t do it you’ll be the one caged for Victor’s death…Shawn is yelling asking them to phone Bo Brady…Jan gives in…she goes back in the room and tells Shawn she has to run an errand but then she’ll be back and they can start their life together…Shawn says he only wants Belle and starts yelling Belle’s name…Jan covers her ears and starts to sing “lalalalalalala”as Shawn continues yelling Belle’s name.

At the funeral home....John pulls out the scalpel as the funeral director comes in...he wants to know why they are still there...he has to get started....John says you aren't touching my wife....he tells him he wants to know exactly what he'll be doing as he doesn't want his wife disrespected....he tells John about the embalming procedure as John asks for a minute alone...Celeste and the FD leave as John says he loves her...we hear Marlena's voice say our love is eternal and then we hear John say the same thing....he talks to her and kisses her and leaves. The FD tells him that he can view the body in the morning as Celeste tells him that she is sorry. The funeral director is doing the embalming (and yes we see the tubes)he grabs a banana and says a rhyme…(can’t remember)he then puts Marlena’s make-up on….I have to say she looks gorgeous.

At the mansion....Brady is watching the news as Nicole says that is why she didn't want him to see it. He says he has to go to John but Nic says John will call him when he gets the message....Brady tells her that she shouldn't be so phony with her grieving...she says I wasn't close to her but I know you were...Brady tells her that she should be doing her 'happy' dance because now Marlena can't be given the truth serum and they won't find out what she knew about her and her accomplice...Nic says that maybe she knew nothing or maybe she could have cleared me...Brady sees the empty bottle of champagne and asks if she was celebrating...she says the news upset her so much she didn't know what she was doing. John arrives and Brady tells him how sorry he is…John says they have to phone Eric and Carrie…he wants him to come and check on Belle to go get dressed…Nic comes in and tells him how sorry she is…he goes on about Marlena being innocent but she’s not…. John is telling Nicole that the cops have fingerprints from all over the mansion and are close to naming the person…(I love how he calls her Nikki K)Brady comes down and says it’s time to go…before they leave Nic tells Brady to tell Belle how sorry she is…he just turns…she does her happy dance saying nobody can pin this on me now as the phone rings…it’s Crystal…she can’t spend another night in jail…Nic tells her that she can’t get her hands on any money as her accounts are being watched…Crystal says I arranged for the Dr. so it looked like she tried to escape….I don’t know why you wanted her six feet under but I’m sure the cops will be interested….she hears someone coming and hangs up…Nic says to herself that she can’t get the money because Brady is watching her accounts but just maybe…she then phones Jan (see above)

At the park…Celeste is talking to herself figuring that she is just tired and that is what happened….we then see Marlena’s spirit (look pretty real to me..LOL)telling Celeste that she was supposed to help…Brady and John are talking about Isabella…John says this is different…he knew with Brady’s mom it was final but…Brady says you knew Mom was going to die and you had time to prepare but this time you didn’t….John tells him about hearing Marlena’s voice…he then mentions Celeste…Brady says you don’t believe in that mumbo jumbo…John says he is a skeptic but Celeste has been right about all the deaths…Brady says but with all her ranting she hasn’t stopped one of them. Celeste comes running around the corner says Marlena’s spirit is following her…Marlena says everyone in Salem is going to die….John looks up with a smile and then his face changes.

One quick comment on Belle…I can understand her needing comfort after all that has happened in the last 24 – 48 hours….

1. Her mother fell from the penthouse and almost died.
2. Her father told her that her mother confessed to the murders.
3. Her b/f (who she loves)proposes and she tells him she lied and that may be why his great-gran is dead.
4. Her b/f takes off
5. She listens to her mother confess to nine murders (half of which are her b/f’s family)
6. Her mother is pretty well guaranteed the death sentence.
7. Her b/f leaves town not being able to promise her a future
8. She watches her mother shot and killed on television
9. She can’t reach her b/f and fears that he might be hurt

I do think that once she gives herself a chance to think about it she’ll no that something is wrong and that is the reason Shawn hasn’t contacted her…right now she knows that he’d never leave her at a time like this but there is so much happening and so quickly that she is having a hard time grasping it…and holding on to someone you consider a friend (due to the fact that everyone else is otherwise occupied doesn’t seem out of line)but that is JMO.

Previews: Belle telling Phil that she can’t believe Shawn isn’t here….Hope telling John that Bo is sorry he couldn’t make it as John says and what about your son…Hope says I don’t know as Belle says you haven’t heard from him either…Sami telling Lucas that her mother isn’t dead.

Pat’s Spoilers

I’m not working my early hours this week so by the time I finish watching the show it is 8pm eastern time so I’m just going to give the highlights. Thank you so much Jan for picking up the slack for me. First of all I want to defend Belle a little. I’m with the majority of you, I would prefer to her be more dependent on herself but with everything she went through in ONE night I’m willing to cut her some slack. Jan listed what Belle went through and I would just like to add that I think just about anyone would be traumatized by watching their parent shot on live TV and then actually die. Witnessing a killing had to be very traumatic coming on top of everything else that has happened to her in the past few hours. Her entire world fell apart around her when she had to accept that the mother she has idolized and looked up to and loved with everything in her had brutally killed nine people. Add to that the overwhelming guilt she felt for lying to Shawn and then the love of her life leaving her because he needed space. The scenes on the rooftop showed me that she is close to the edge. She does defend Shawn’s actions and she understands that he needed that space but she does admit that she wants him there because she is grieving.

There was only one Shelle flashback and it was a newly created one that explains the chalk drawing. She finds the chalk in his jacket pocket and he explains that Zach wanted him to draw an outline of him so he could see how big he was. She wants to get one of him but he says no she’ll do something like tickle him. He tells her to start with an outline of Thumper. After she does it he adds Shawn loves (a heart) Belle. She wants Shawn and the door opens and its mb. She asks him why he said Shawn isn’t coming back to her and she wants to know if he knows something he doesn’t. She keeps pushing him and you can see how fragile she is when she says don’t say he heard about my mom or got my messages because that would mean he’s hurt and she couldn’t take that. You can really see her desperation when she throws herself on top of the chalk drawing – it’s like she’s equating losing that with losing Shawn. MB tells her she can’t stop if for washing away and he finally gets her downstairs. Sigh…of course he has to be shirtless to wipe his hair – I know his shirt got wet but geez. I’m not going to comment on his pawing her and his expressions when he was holding her because to me that was leering but I’m sure I’m supposed to see it as a sign of how much he loves her. Loved the kick in the gut he got when she was talking in her sleep and he thought she was talking about him and then she says ‘I love you Shawn’. Everything he says she always brings the conversation back to Shawn…I love it.

Brady and Nicole – can I just say yawn…oops I guess I just did. She’s passed out on the couch after drinking a bottle of champagne celebrating yet another murder under her belt and she’s talking in her ‘sleep’. She says you have to shoot Marlena. Brady wakes her up and asks her who she is telling to shoot Marlena. She covers and says not me, the police. Brady doesn’t know that Marlena is dead and she is the one to tell him. The one thing I liked is Brady doesn’t really buy her fake sympathy. He points out with Marlena dead Lexie won’t be able to give her more truth serum and she won’t be able to tell the police what she knows about Victor’s death. Nicole lies and says she is upset because Marlena could have cleared her. John comes over and Brady goes to get changed (still shirtless in his sweat pants). Nicole gives her fake sympathy to John but he’s not buying it either especially when Nicole says it was probably better than being on death row counting the minutes until you die. John tells her even with Marlena dead the police are closing in on her and her accomplice and she will be the one on death row. After John and Brady leave Crystal calls and tells her if she doesn’t post her bond tonight she’s going to spill everything to the cops. Nicole knows that Brady is watching her accounts so she phones dottie. Shawn starts screaming that Jan Spears has him. Nicole asks if she has Shawn there and dottie says she has him exactly where she wants him and she is going to make all his dreams come true. Nicole says he doesn’t sound happy to be there and dottie’s response is that it’s just a little game they are playing.

The stuff at the funeral home was gross. Marlena’s fingers move again but John just says to Celeste I can’t believe it, she’s really dead. John gives the funeral director a hard time and the guy apologises. John wants to know exactly what he is going to do to Marlena’s body and tells him to treat her with respect. Did we really need to see the embalming fluid flowing through a tube as her blood flows through another? When he jabs the syringe into her Marlena’s eyes open but he doesn’t see it. And then we get close-ups of him doing her makeup. As the fluids are running he eats a banana and says a rhyme about taking days to ripen and then days to rot…yuck. Celeste goes to the park and tries to figure out what happens. Marlena walks towards her wearing the outfit the funeral director dressed her in – she calls out no and John and Brady hear her. She tells them Marlena is walking around she just saw her. It ends with John watching and waiting.

Jan covered the goings on in the cage very well. HL is doing a great job of playing the completely delusional dottie. As good as she is JC is knocking it out of the ball park. I loved it when he calls her a psycho…LOL! The more she talks the more he realises that she has been watching and stalking him and Belle for a very long time. Her fantasy wedding – her is a white robe, Shawn in black dress pants and a bowtie around his neck and then she gives him the kewpie doll to kiss – their daughter – he is just hilarious in this fantasy and the look he gives her is just classic. When she tells him she has to go run an errand then she’ll be back and they can begin the rest of their life together he starts calling out Belle’s name she covers her name and starts saying la-la-la-la-la and he just keeps yelling Belle’s name – I liked how the scene segued to Belle as she started saying all those things in her sleep to him.

Preview: Sami telling Lucas that her mom is not dead and she’s not going to let them bury her. Belle saying Shawn where are you as mb puts his arms around her and she says why has he left me alone like this. Shawn telling dottie that she has to take him out of the cuffs that way they can really spend the rest of their lives together – I don’t know if I’m imagining it but I swear she is made up like her damn kewpie doll. Hope telling John and Belle that Bo really wanted to be there today. John asks if she thinks that’s why her son isn’t there either. Hope says she wishes she knew. Belle says ‘wait, you haven’t heard from Shawn either?’

Thursday May 20

Comments……I thought JC did another excellent job today as he played Jan to the hilt…KS/DH/AS all were exceptional today as well.

Jan’s Spoilers…..

At the mansion….Nicole is sitting there drinking a Bloody Mary as Brady comes downstairs asking what she is doing up before noon. She says she is going to the funeral with him. He says it’s only for close friends and family. She asks if she isn’t a close friend of the family as he says no. He tells her that she wanted Marlena dead. The phone rings and Brady picks it up…he tells Nicole it’s her new best friend. Nicole takes it and it’s Crystal…she tells Brady she does have friends and this is someone she’s known all her life she tells him to go to the funeral. He leaves and she talks to Crystal. Crys tells her that she better get used to being in jail….Nicole tells her she is having trouble getting the money together but she’s been in jail so long that one more day won’t matter. Crys tells her that she better get it or she’ll be joining her in the cell. She tells Nicole this will be the last time she talks to her. Nicole hangs up and can’t figure out why she can’t get an accomplice that doesn’t try to blackmail her but she knows how to keep Crystal in line.

At Jan’s….Jan comes in looking like ‘mother of the year’ and as the EE said June Cleaver…she tells Shawn she brought him breakfast…he tries to kick the tray out of her hands but she tells him to behave. She says she made his favorites just like she did when they were living together…she has fresh squeezed orange and a vitamin to keep his strength up….he tells her that he’s sorry about the way he acted yesterday…the drugs she put in his tea made him not think straight…he says he’s had time to think and he shouldn’t have been saying that he wanted to get back to B…before he can get Belle’s name out she tells him not to say the ‘B’ word or she’ll have to do something..he asks what she means and she says something about going after Belle…she puts the keys to the cuffs on the table beside Shawn and sits on the bed and talks (didn’t pay a lot of attention…LOL)Shawn is trying to get the keys but can’t quite reach them…she turns and he call her baby and tells her that all he wants to do is hold her but he can’t with his arms chained…he tells her to let’s get this started as she climbs on the bed and they start kissing. (loved how Shawn held his hand in the air like he was trying to keep from strangling her…LOL and the look on his face when she is kissing his neck…he needs one of our barf bags)he tells her that maybe they should talk..he’d like to spend the day talking and watching a movie and laughing…she says how about her favorite one Fatal Attraction…he says whatever makes her happy…he tells her that he’d like to hold her and he thinks she’d like his arms around but….(he raises his arms)she goes to get the keys and is about to unlock the cuffs when the doorbell rings…she says they’re here for me and takes off downstairs. She peeks around the corner and then hears Nicole’s voice…Nic comes in and Shawn starts yelling…Nic says I hope he didn’t hear me…Jan says then leave..Nic wants to know what role playing they are doing…Jan pours herself a glass of wine as Nic goes off on her about the bail money…Jan says she doesn’t have it…Nic says what…she says it’s in the bank…Nic says why didn’t you get it last night…she says the bank was closed…she says then this morning…she says she was busy making Shawn’s favorite foods…Nic tells her she better help her or Shawn will find out what she did to his grandfather…she says she wants to make sure that Shawn knows she’ll be back…Nic says I’m sure he already knows…….upstairs Shawn is trying to get the keys that Jan dropped on the bed….the only way he can get them is with his toes…(cute scenes…LOL)he flicks them in the air and the land on the floor….he starts pulling on the back of the bed saying ‘I’m coming Belle’…downstairs Jan hears a noise and takes off upstairs.

At St. Lukes…Sami and Lucas arrive as Sami says she can’t go in there…she isn’t going to bury her mother…Phil and Belle are at the gravesite as Belle says she can’t believe this is where she will be visiting her mother the rest of her life….she will be in a grave beside Roman…Phil tells her that maybe they should go in. Belle wonders why Shawn isn’t there…Phil tells her that maybe he is at a campsite, or his cell is dead or he hasn’t seen or heard the news. Belle says he should have heard by now…she still can’t believe he left. Phil tells her that Shawn is grieving and he has a lot to deal with. She says maybe he’s staying away because his Dad told them to shoot to kill my mother and he doesn’t think I can forgive him just as I didn’t think he’d forgive me for lying. She doesn’t know how she’ll get through this..Phil tells her she is strong, stronger than she thinks and she just has to take it one day at a time…she yells at him that this isn’t what she needs to hear right now…he apologizes as she says she’s sorry she didn’t mean to yell it means a lot to her that he’s there…he says but you wish it was Shawn…she says she wants him with her and she’s worried that something is wrong. Inside the chapel John is touching Marlena’s hair as Hope comes in…Father Tim comes out and Hope asks how long he’s been there…Father Tim says since dawn…Hope comes down as John comes over to her…he says she’s so beautiful…Hope says she is the most beautiful woman I know inside and out…John says even though she hasn’t been home for a few days and he hasn’t been there for awhile he could smell her perfume on the pillow. Outside Sami is telling Lucas that she has lost her mother and father and her grandmother. There is no one left to be there for her no matter what she does. Lucas says I am. As Will comes up behind her and says we both are. Sami hugs Will as Lucas comes over and hugs them both as Kate watches. Inside Belle and Phil come in as John goes to her. She tells him she doesn’t know if she can go up to see her and John says she doesn’t have to…she asks him how she is going to say good-bye as they hug. John/Belle are lighting a candle…Kate walks in and sees Phil…she asks him if he spent the night at Belle’s to which he replies yes…she asks if Shawn phoned…he says no…Kate says you knew he wouldn’t, it’s time to stop being noble…Belle doesn’t need a friend tell her how you feel as he walks away…Hope gets a call from Bo that Crystal has more information on Marlena’s escape….Kate/Hope talk as Kate is upset for her good friend John saying he doesn’t need this….Sami walks in as Hope comes up to her…Sami yells at her for being there as Lucas stops her and says it wasn’t Hope’s fault…Sami agrees and says it was Bo/John and Kate’s fault…Brady walks in and asks Kate what is Sami’s problem…Kate says she is making this all about herself again…Sami/Belle hug as Sami continues her little rant…John says good-bye quietly to Marlena as everyone watches….Celeste comes in and wants them to stop….John tells her she hears dead people…he spend half the night looking for Marlena at the park…she’s dead and now it’s time to bury her…Belle is standing with Brady as her cell rings…she says I told you he’d call…she picks it up saying Shawn and then says sorry you have the wrong number…Phil says it’s time to take their seats…they start the eulogies…first John, then Belle (her’s was very sweet calling Marlena her best friend)then Hope and finally Sami….Sami apologies to her Mom for the things she did and then says that she couldn’t save her but she will get her revenge on John/Kate and Bo. Outside at the graveside Father Tim says a prayer as everyone is standing there…the women all put roses on Marlena’s casket…Belle is standing with John when Hope comes over…she says how sorry she is and that Bo didn’t think that they’d want him here…John asks and that goes for you son too….Hope says I don’t know as Belle says you haven’t heard from him…(check who is behind Hope listening)Hope says no and I know he’d be here if he knew and I’m worried…Belle says she is worried as well…Belle goes over to Phil who hugs her. (how convenient that he is there….as Hope looks on)Lucas tells Sami it’s time to leave…Sami pulls out a plush animal that she was supposed to put in Marlena’s coffin from Will…she is glad Kate took him home…she tells Lucas she needs a minute and goes to the coffin…she is talking to Marlena as she hears something…it’s Marlena saying her name as the show ends.

In the park…..Celeste is walking towards the church as she hears the birds above…she says that they are restless. She hears Marlena’s voice telling her that she can’t let them bury her it isn’t her time.


Pat’s Spoilers

I will say a few things right off the top just to get them out of the way. First, thankfully Belle has long sleeves otherwise her skin would be raw from all the petting she has to endure today – it’s bad enough when he does it outside but for christ’s sake did he have to lean over the pew in the church and pet her shoulder? Ackkkk! I don’t know who decides on the Celeste’s church wardrobe but come on – cleavage and cut out slits on a black dress don’t necessarily bring the words grieving or appropriate to my mind.

Nicole is sitting drinking all dressed for the funeral – Brady tells her the service is only for friends of the family. She says she is one. He says one that wanted her dead. The phone rings and its Crystal. Nicole gets rid of Brady and listens to Crystal’s threats and then threatens her as well. When she hangs up she wonders why she can’t find an accomplice that would keep their mouth shut but then she says she knows how to take care of them.

Outside the church Belle stands by the open grave and says this is where her mother will be – next to Roman Brady. She can’t understand why Shawn isn’t there. The mb tells her she is strong and she will get through her mother’s loss one day at a time. She’s grateful that he’s there but…he says you would rather it be Shawn. She says just a few days ago they were talking about their future and she can’t imagine a future without Shawn in it. The ‘good’ friend tells her she can be strong and get through this and she really turns on him and tells him that is not what she needs to hear right now. She then apologises and says she is glad that he is there for her.

It was nice to see Brady show up. I much prefer seeing him with his arm around his sister than mb’s. Celeste shows up and she keeps hearing Marlena’s voice saying you can’t let them bury me, it’s not my time. Sami and Lucas are outside the church. Sami doesn’t want to go in – she says her mother is not dead and she’s not going to let them bury her.

Sorry – so much of the show happened at the church/cemetery so this is going to jump around. It’s hard to remember everything that happened and I might have things out of sequence. Unfortunately I’m taping the season finales of West Wing and Law and Order so I can’t play back my tape.

Hope gets a call from Bo and he tells her that Crystal has more information about Marlena’s attempted escape. She goes in the church and sees John standing by Marlena’s casket. She asks the priest how long he has been there and he says since dawn. Belle, Brady and mb come in and Belle and John share some nice moments. Kate comes in and asks her momma’s boy if he spent the night with Belle. He says yes and she says Shawn didn’t call, did he? He says no. She says ‘but you knew he wouldn’t?’ Huh – how would he know that? She pushes him because even she knows he can’t get a woman for himself and tells him that Belle doesn’t need a friend and he should tell her how he feels about her.

Sami, Lucas and Will come in and Will asks if these are the only people coming to the funeral. Sami says she helped a lot of people and a lot of people loved her but as soon as she see Hope’s she tells her to get out. Lucas says Hope wasn’t responsible for her mother’s death. Sami says you’re right – it’s Bo’s and she just glares at Hope. She then sees Kate and here we go – John and Kate set this whole thing up. That mantra is very very very old and tiresome already.

Celeste comes in and tells John that Marlena spoke to her again. He tells her to stop. She got his hopes up last night when she told him the same thing. She then told him she had seen Marlena in the park and he spent half the night looking for her. He says I’m her husband; I didn’t see her, hear her or feel her. Why wouldn’t she come to those that love her the most? Celeste says she is reaching out to them through her. John doesn’t want to hear it – he tells Celeste if she can’t accept that Marlena is dead perhaps she should leave. After Celeste sits down he talks to Marlena and takes her hand in his and asks her if she can hear him.

The service is short – the only ones attending are Sami, Lucas, Will, John, Brady, Kate, mb, Hope and Belle. John says some very touching words and so does Belle with tears streaming down her face. She talks about what a great mother she was – the best. She did everything a mother should and everything a mother shouldn’t (she chuckled a little when she said that). She said she was her best friend and that their time together was too short but she was grateful for the time they had. I’m sorry – but I found Sami’s little rant about as appropriate for a funeral as I feel Celeste’s dress is. Although she probably said one of the most honest things I’ve heard Sami ever say. She says she lost her once before and when she came back into life instead of being grateful she spent her time resenting the time they had lost. She says she’s sorry she wasn’t the daughter she should have been. She then spews her venom and promises her mother that she will make John, Kate and Bo pay for taking her life.

After the graveside service mb actually stops petting Belle long enough to give her time alone with her father and brother but not until he sucks up to John big time. Brady asks her what she wants to do and she says she honestly doesn’t know what she is going to do next. Hope comes over and tells John that Bo didn’t that it was a good idea for him to come and he asks if that is the reason her son stayed away as well. She says she doesn’t know. Belle says does this mean that you haven’t heard from Shawn either. Belle and Hope hug a couple of times. Belle says she is worried about him and Hope says she is too. She knows that he would be there for Belle – of course mb is lurking around listening to them both worrying about Shawn so as soon as Hope tells Belle that they will find Shawn he has to pull into a hug and pet her some more.

Sami won’t put her rose on the casket until after John leaves the graveside. She tells Lucas that she doesn’t think she can say goodbye. She kneels by the casket and is asking Marlena how she could leave her. Marlena’s eyes open and Sami hears knocking coming from inside the casket and then she hears Marlena says Sami and the show ends with Sami smiling saying ‘she’s alive’.

In looneytoonville – Shawn is trying to get out of his restraints when dottie aka a 1950’s tv mom comes in with a breakfast tray including a multivitamin because he’s going to need a lot of energy for what she has planned for the day. She tells him she made him all his favourites just like she did when they lived together. At first he’s going to argue with her but than he uses the old ‘honey catches more flies’ method instead. LOL I love how he plays her like a violin – tells her everything she wants to hear. He says it must have been the drugs she gave him that made him say that he loved … she warns him not to say that B word again or she would be forced to do something drastic. He looks at her strangely and sits up and asks her what she means. She doesn’t want to say more but she does say she doesn’t want to spend a day away from him taking care of Belle but she would if she had to. You can just tell by his expression that he is seeing how deranged she really is more and more each second but he sucks it up and turns on the charm. Man when he levels her with that look and that voice – she throws herself on him and yanks his head towards her and kisses him. LOL! You can see he’s just not into it. When she is kissing his neck he turns his head and sighs and she wants to know what is wrong. He pulls at his restraints and says this is wrong. He wants to spend the day talking, watching movies and holding her in his arms. She wants to watch her favourite movie – Fatal Attraction – LOL what a surprise…he says until he’s out these cuffs they can’t truly start their lives together. He says don’t you want to feel my arms wrapped around you. She’s practically panting as she grabs the keys and is just about to unlock the handcuff when the doorbell rings. dottie says oh no, they’ve come for me and throws the keys to the end of the bed and goes to answer the door. Shawn struggles to pick up the keys with his toes…I bet we have a few disappointed people because he had socks on…LOL! Ahem..cough…coughjanlaurenjjcough…cough… He finally gets the keys and tries to flick them close to his hands but they end up on the floor. He has po’d and starts pulling at the restraints – he says he has to get out of them and get to Belle (or something similar).

It’s Nicole at the door. Shawn yells when and Nicole freaks that he might have heard her. She asks for the money but dottie tells her she doesn’t have it. Nicole says you told me that your parents left you rich. She says they did but the money is in the bank and she doesn’t want to leave Shawn alone because she has spent all this time preparing him this special breakfast and she has a special massage planned. Nicole tells her that the only massage she will be giving is to her female cellmate if she doesn’t get the money for her. Just then she hears a crashing sound from the cage and goes running.

Preview: dottie wielding her whip and cracking it over Shawn’s legs as she tells him that she is going to teach him that lying is bad. Nicole fantasizing kissing Brady as he is cuffed and shackled like Shawn is. Sami insisted that Marlena is alive – that she spoke to her and Celeste saying she is right. John asking how she could still be alive as the camera cuts to the casket and Marlena saying Sami you have to get me out of here.

Friday May 21

Jan’s Spoilers….

A few comments…..although Sami did a lot of ranting today she was right but I think it was a case of ‘the boy who cried wolf’ and no one believed her. Shawn is still desperately trying to get out of the cage (love his facial expressions)…Belle and Hope are worried about him…and what’s up with Brady questioning Shawn’s love for Belle…John I can forgive a bit as he is so emotional right now….no comment on Phil…LOL.

At Jan's....Nicole and Jan are downstairs as Jan hears a noise...she takes off upstairs as Nicole follows....Jan rushes into the rooms asking Shawn what happened...he says he must have knocked the tray down...she finds the keys on the floor and says you're lying you were trying to escape...she tells him she will have to teach him a lesson because he is being naughty (Nicole is outside listening)Jan starts to say that he lied to her but he dumped Belle for lying to him...he says that's right I dumped her for lying and that is why I would never lie to you...he tells her that they were going to spend a nice day together cuddling and talking and she was going to take off the cuffs. He calls her baby again and wants to prove it to her...she climbs on the bed and starts kissing him(his facial expression is just priceless…LOL) (Nicole figures there isn't time for a quickie and calls her on her cell)Jan asks Shawn what is wrong and he tells her the ringing of the phone is turning him off...he tells her to answer it...she says she doesn't have to no one knows they are here except for...he says except for who...what's going on...she picks it up and of course it's Nikki K…Jan wants to know what she wants… Nic tells her there isn't time for a quickie as Jan says it would have lasted all day, Shawn was going to prove how much he loved her...Nic tells her she has to get to the bank and get the money or it will be over..Jan picks up the keys and heads out as Shawn wants to know where she is going..Jan finally hands her the keys and tells her to watch over Shawn...then tells her that she won't find the evidence it's not there...she tells Nic to keep her hands off Shawn if she finds out she went after him she'll kill her. Downstairs Jan shows up in a suit and says she has to dress the part of being Shawn’s wife…Nic says if you married Shawn you’d be Jan Brady it seems fitting…Jan doesn’t know who that is…after she leaves to the bank Nic starts to look for the evidence…she pours herself a drink and opens a cabinet…Shawn starts screaming for Jan to let him go…Nic decides she has to keep him quiet…she is now upstairs dressed as Mrs. B as Shawn questions her as to why she is dressed up when he knows it’s her…he wants her to let him go as he says he has to get to Belle…Nic is searching the room and figures it might be in the cage…Shawn pleads with her to let him go…Shawn keeps asking why Jan won’t talk to him go…she starts to have a fantasy of Brady being the one chained up…she comes on to him as he calls her a whore…finally he tells her he wants to make love to her and wants her to unchain him so he can hold her…she starts to undo the handcuffs and comes out of the fantasy…it’s Shawn asking her to undo the handcuffs…she stops and runs out of the room…sit’s on the floors and says to herself that she is getting as crazy as Jan.

At the cemetary....Sami is crying over Marlena's coffin as she hears a knocking sound and then Marlena's voice calling her. Sami starts to yel that her mother is alive, they have to let her out. Lucas tells her that's enough but Sami won't give up. Hope tells her that it's too late as Sami blames Hope and says she is in on the conspiracy...Celeste says Sami's right but we have to hurry...John tells Celeste that he believed her last night when he heard her voice as Sami starts yelling at him for doing nothing....Sami pleads with Belle to help save their mother as Lexie arrives and tells Celeste and Sami that she is dead...I pronounced her dead..she was shot in the heart she tells John he was there he knows....Sami is still pleading with them to open the casket as Marlena will suffocate....Belle goes to her Dad and pleads with him saying if there is just a small chance we have to find out....John asks the funeral director if there is any chance that she is alive...he of course says no....Lexie and John explain it to him that it is not possible as Sami begs him…Celeste tells him that if he doesn’t open it then what Caroline said may come true that John will kill his wife…John decides to open the casket and Hope tells the funeral director that she gives her OK….Celeste starts to hear the birds again and says we have to move quickly....John puts his hand on the casket as Marlena is inside slowly fading...Marlena puts her hand on the casket from the inside and pleads with Sami to let her out.....they finally open the casket and Lexie checks Marlena…Lexie tells everyone she is dead…Lucas puts the plush stuffed animal in the casket saying Marlena gave it to Will when he was born and it was his favorite…he thought it was special because it had different colored eyes…he places it in the casket and says he wanted it to go to heaven with his grandmother (how sweet is that)…they close the casket and Sami won’t stop…she blames John and anyone else she can think of as Lucas tries to control her…he finally gets her away after Celeste says it’s over….John hugs Belle and asks Phil to take her home…Phil promises to take care of her…after they leave John tells Hope that there is only one person who can take care of Belle and give her what she needs…Hope says my son…Hope says he mustn’t have heard about what happened as Brady comes up behind her saying no freakin way…it’s been on all the tv station and radio stations the only reason Shawn isn’t there is because he doesn’t love his sister enough…John says that maybe Shawn isn’t the man for his daughter (Hope looks upset by this)John then apologizes saying that Hope has been a good friend and has stood by them and Marlena giving her the benefit of the doubt…he then says but Bo didn’t…Hope says that Bo did what he thought was best and that she is worried about Shawn…John says Bo is hot-headed and self-righteous and Shawn is just like him. Hope says Bo is my husband and Shawn is my son as John tells her Marlena was my wife and is dead because of your husband. Brady stops him and says Dad, your tired it’s time to go. John goes over to the grave and pulls a flower out of one of the arrangements and places it on the ground…he picks up some dirt and drops it on the gravesite as he and Brady leave.

At the loft….Phil and Belle come in as Belle rushes to the phone to check for messages. She says she’ll make some tea and goes to the kitchen…she just sort of stands there as Phil comes over and tells her she needs to rest…she lies on the couch and he covers her up…he tells her he’ll be there for her…she asks if he thinks Shawn will call…Phil just says I’ll make you some tea and gets up as Belle stares at the phone.

At Sami’s….Lucas and Sami come in as Sami wants to go back. She can’t let this happen to her mother….she is alive and she has to save her. She then worries about Will as Lucas tells her he is with his mother and she’ll keep him as long as necessary. Sami says your mother is probably laughing at my Mom being buried alive and suffocating…she tries to go again but Lucas stops her. He tells her that Marlena is gone…she was embalmed and there is no way that she is alive. Sami continues to rant.

Back at the cemetary….Marlena awakens and looks up…she grabs a hold of the plushed animal and says they’ve buried me and starts to scream noooooooooo!!! As the show ends

Pat’s Spoilers

We get a replay of Sami kneeling over the coffin – she hears Marlena call out to her and she shouts out that we can’t bury her, she’s alive. Cue the disbelieving shocked looks. Belle looks at John and he shakes his head. Lucas tries to get her to leave but she insists. Hope tells her to let it go but Sami accuses her of being part of the conspiracy to kill her mother so she doesn’t want to save her. Marlena is running out of air and asking Sami to help her. Sami turns to Belle and tells her she isn’t lying, she has to believe her. Celeste says Sami is telling the truth. Lexie comes along and tells her mother to stop it their loved ones are dead and not coming back. Sami keeps pleading with everyone and Belle tells John if there is any chance they have to be sure. John talk to the funeral director and Lexie and they both say no especially with the body having been embalmed. John places his hand on the casket and Marlena reaches up but her hand falls as she is running out of air. John says he doesn’t hear anything and he’s tells them to continue with the burial. Celeste tells John that if he doesn’t do something he will be fulfilling Caroline’s prophecy by killing his wife. John tells the funeral director to open the casket. Hmmm funny they open the other end – not the end that Sami was leaning over or that John touched – and lo and behold Marlena’s upper body is there…I can’t figure that out.

Lexie checks and says she is dead. John says to bury her. Sami yells and screams and tells Celeste to tell them all her mother is alive. Celeste tells Sami she can’t, she no longer feels her mother’s presence. Lucas, mb and Brady have to pull Sami off the casket and then she runs off with Lucas following her. John tells mb to take his precious girl home and make sure she isn’t alone- oh please. John and Hope talk and John says that only one person could help Belle and he isn’t here. Hope says she is sure he would be there if he knew. Brady spouts off there is no way he couldn’t know – he’s not there because he doesn’t love Belle after all. Then John goes on about how Bo is hot-headed and self-righteous and says Shawn is going to be the same. Hope reminds him that he is talking about her husband and her son and he apologises but it doesn’t take away from the fact that Bo is responsible for Marlena’s death. The burial is complete, the sod is laid and covering the grave. John goes back to the grave and lays a rose down and picks up a handful of dirt and lets it fall from his hand as he says I love you Doc, always have, always will – he leaves with Brady. Lexie asks her mother if this is all over now and Celeste tells her no there is more to come. She doesn’t know what or when, she only knows that madness they’ve been living has only just begun. They leave and Marlena wakes up and says you’ve made a mistake and starts screaming.

Back at Sami’s Lucas keeps trying to convince Sami that she only heard what she wanted to hear. He has to stop her from leaving to go to the graveside to try and save her mom. At Belle’s she runs in and goes straight to the answering machine. You can hear the heartbreak in her voice as she says – no messages. She is going to make tea but she just stands at the sink. mb tells her to lie down on the couch – covers her with a blanket as she holds on to stuffed animal Shawn gave her – he pets her as she holds the stuffed animal close and says Shawn will phone me, won’t he. He gets up to make tea and rolls his eyes – geez petting and eye rolling – must be his specialties.

Nicole lurks behind the door when dottie runs to Shawn. He lies and tells her he was trying to get comfortable and accidentally knocked the tray over. When she sees the keys on the floor she says you’re lying, you were trying to get free. He says no why would I, you were just about to let me go so we could cuddle and watch a movie when the doorbell rang. He asks who it was and she said someone looking for a handout. She doesn’t buy his story and grabs the whip and says he has been naughty so she uses the whip. She reminds him that he broke up with the bitch because she lied to him and wants to know how he could lie to her. He says that’s right, Belle is no longer in my life, I love only you, I want you. She wants him to prove it and she launches herself on him and starts kissing him – LOL…he is in barely tolerating it. Nicole is having a fit because she needs that money and she phones dottie’s cell. Shawn tells her he could get more turned on if the phone would stop ringing – she should answer it because it might be important. She says no one knows we’re here except…He wants to know who. She locks the cage and he asks what she is doing. She is angry telling Nicole that Shawn was about to make love to her all day long – Nicole doesn’t care if they were going to hang from the chandelier, she wants her money. dottie tells Nicole that she has to stay and watch Shawn and that the evidence Victor had on her isn’t here so not to bother looking for it. She also tells Nicole that if Shawn tells her that she came on to her while she was gone that she will kill her.

dottie changes into a stylish outfit befitting the future Mrs. Shawn Brady, oh blech and tells Nicole to keep her horny hands off her man. Nicole starts searching for the evidence and Shawn starts yelling. Nicole opens a drawer and says maybe I can use this to shut him up because someone might hear him and call the police. She changes into the Mrs.B. outfit (not mine – good god, if I ever dress like that my boys can have me committed…LOL) and goes into the room. Shawn is trying to get free so he can get to Belle. Shawn thinks its Jan and asks why she is dressed like Mrs.B. again. Nicole figures that she is looney enough to hide the stuff inside the cage. Shawn yells at her to set him free and he yanks at his restraints. Nicole has her fantasy about having Brady at her mercy…yawn. In her fantasy Brady says he wants to make love to her but he needs her to unlock the cuffs. She is unlocking the handcuffs when Shawn’s phone starts ringing. He tells her to hurry so that he can hold her. She snaps out of her trance and locks the cage back up and goes into the next room. She slides down to the floor and says she is turning into another dottie.

Preview: Bo saying to Hope ‘this is Shawn we are talking about’ – Hope says, ‘exactly, that’s why I’m worried, it’s not like him to disappear into thin air’. I’m guessing that Shawn figures out that this Mrs.B. isn’t dottie (no, it’s still not me) – he says you have to let me out of here or I’ll never get out. She’s going to leave the room he stops her by saying ‘haven’t you ever been in love.’ Lucas telling Sami that she is consumed with hate and anger and it’s going to prevent her from being happy in the future – she says what future. Marlena in her casket looking around – saying where am I?

Monday May 24

Jan’s Spoilers……

First of all I have to say how wonderful it was to see Alice and she looked beautiful. The coffin falling wherever it was falling was a little much. Loved Shawn's talk with Nicole. Anyway on to the show.

At Jan’s….Shawn is trying to get out of the cuffs as he yells at ‘Jan’ that he needs to use the bathroom…Nic is outside sitting on a chair and says to herself that she can’t take much more…she goes inside…she looks at Shawn and says ‘Brady’…a lightbulb goes off and Shawn realizes it isn’t Jan…he asks who it is but Nic turns to leave…he wants her to listen…he tells her about Dr. Marlena Evans being buried today…she has a daughter Belle who he loves very much. She is all alone right now and needs him and he wants to be there for her…the last time they saw each other they didn’t part on good terms and he thinks that if she doesn’t hear from him that she’ll think he doesn’t care…Nic goes to leave and Shawn asks if she’s ever been in love…she looks up and sees Brady and says yes…Brady tells her that she has to let Shawn go…that both Belle and he need each other right now…she goes to the cage to open it and then stops…she thinks she can’t do this because then Jan will be caught and turn her in…she leaves as Shawn is yelling at her…outside the room she says to herself that Shawn will have to get out by himself…Shawn is pulling at the cuffs and swearing…he hears the door downstairs and says damn she’s home…downstairs Nic is glad that Jan is back and taken care of everything…now she doesn’t have to worry about Crystal anymore…Jan opens her package….a red negligee and heads upstairs…she opens the cage and starts kissing Shawn.

At Alice’s…Ok…I’ll be honest here I didn’t pay a whole lot of attention but Mimi shows up to check on her Mom. Of course Bonnie is going on about Mickey as Mimi talks about Marlena’s being buried today. Bonnie makes the comment ‘that one chapter ends, another begins’. Mickey arrives thanking Bonnie for the flowers….Mimi goes to get Max some water but the two of them listen to what is happening…Mickey pulls out a ring box and wants Bonnie to accept it…..(I do believe Bonnie thinks it’s a ring)…it turns out to be a pin that Mickey gave Maggie on the night Tuscany opened and he wants Bonnie to have it…she actually turns it down but Mickey is insistent….he leaves to take some flowers to Maggie’s grave as Mimi tells her Mom how proud she is.

At Salem Place…Hope arrives as Bo asks about the funeral and saying he would have liked to have gone but it was best he didn’t. Hope agrees and talks about Sami…Bo wants to call her but Hope says no. Bo says she is Roman’s daughter and I should be there for her…Hope says she has Lucas. Jan is there and drops an envelope full of money…Bo notices and tells her she dropped it as she picks it up and leaves…Hope talks about being worried about Shawn, Bo says he’d be here if he had heard about Marlena…Hope says she is worried something’s happened…she says she knows it’s 48 hours but…Bo says it hasn’t even been 24 but makes a call…Hope says that will make Belle feel better as Jan listens and says they will never find Shawn and a comment about him not being with Belle…Hope mentions to Bo about what John said about Shawn not being good enough for their son as Bo says his daughter isn’t good enough…Hope stops him and says that John is just emotional right now.

At Sami’s….Sami is looking at photo albums (one of her and Eric when they were very little with Marlena/Roman)she says that she is all alone…Lucas comes in and tells her she isn’t he is there. She wants revenge as Lucas asks what you want them all to die…she says she doesn’t know. He tells her that everyone is feeling pain…she says it’s not the same…he says maybe not but pain is pain…Bo lost his parents and his brother…she sits on the sofa as Lucas sits beside her and talks….he talks about how her mother would know what to do as it was her job…Sami thanks him….he talks about her future…she says she doesn’t have one….she says she is alone…he says no you aren’t…you have Grandpa Shawn, Hope she turns to him and says don’t say Bo…he had my mother killed…Lucas tells her that Hope said Bo tried to stop it but they couldn’t hear him…she says he’s lying…Lucas tells her John said the same thing but she says she doesn’t believe anything John says…she asks if he is on John/Bo’s side..he says he is on her side. (Loved the scenes between these two today as Lucas comforts her)

At the mansion….Nicole comes in as Brady says you weren’t at the funeral (he is shirtless….can’t figure that one out)she says you didn’t want me there so it doesn’t matter…she goes into the living room as there is a knock on the door (she figures she is rid of Crystal)Brady says he’ll answer it as he pulls on a shirt…as he opens the door Crystal says Helllooooooo…as she looks at Brady and then says Hi to Nicole as Brady looks at her.

At the cemetary….Marlena is in her coffin as we see a white rabbit on the grass above…she starts screaming as the rabbit runs away…she doesn’t want to die…help her…no one comes and she starts to say the Lord’s Prayer…as she comes to the end of it she hears a noise….we see the coffin falling through whatever (I’m sorry but it was a little far out for me…LOL) it lands and she hears a drilling noise…it opens and the light is bright as it shines down on her…we see a shadow….then we see the island (OK..I admit it looks beautiful)…we see Marlena walking through Salem Place…the movie theatre (I think the names of the movies was mentioned earlier today) she walks and sees a figure sitting on a bench knitting…she pulls the leaves away and walks over….we see Alice look up at her and she says I was expecting you…Marlena says I knew it, I knew I was dead…Alice says you aren’t dead and neither am I…the show ends on Marlena’s face.

I have to say how wonderful it was to see Francis again and she looked absolutely gorgeous.

I only caught one preview: Alice sitting in a chair as Marlena asks how she got there…we hear Roman’s voice saying I carried you as Marlena turns and smiles. (I have to admit it was nice to hear his voice as well)

Tuesday May 25

Pat’s Spoilers

Crystal arrives and announces herself to Brady as Nicky’s long last friend. LOL her name is Crystal Galore and she makes no bones about being an actor in adult movies. She suggest that Brady and Nicole should work together – the step grandson/grandmother thing would be a good angle. Nicole tries to usher her out the door but she says no way you owe me. I took care of Dr. Marlena Evans for you. Brady asks her about how she took care of Marlena. LOL – line of the day goes to Crystal – Nicole explains that Marlena was Brady’s step-mother when she tells him that it is none of her business – so she says ‘Step-on? Is everyone in this town related?’ To cover she talks about how difficult it has to get cast in her arty adult films so she joined one of Marlena’s programs that she offered. She wants to raise money in Marlena’s memory and Nicole offered to fund her. Nicole tells her she’ll get her money as she tries to get her out but Ms Galore (as Brady calls her) won’t leave until she gets what she came for. Nicole sends Brady to find Henderson to bring her aspirin and water. Crystal is thrilled to death to learn that there is butler action available and even more excited when Brady mentions the cook. She threatens Nicole forcing Nicole to allow her to live in the mansion. Nicole is left wondering how she is going to get rid of Crystal.

Both John and Kate are at work – Kate did the monthly reports during the night claiming work was a way to try and forget but they both agree it doesn’t work. John says he can’t face going home to an empty place – he never thought that when Marlena asked him to leave the penthouse that they would never spend a night together ever again. Kate understands and says she can’t bring herself to move into Roman’s house even though it’s hers. They start talking about Sami and John tells Kate how they had to open the casket to prove to Sami that she couldn’t have heard her mother because she is dead. He also admits that even though she died in his arms and that he saw her both at the funeral home and in the church and that she was embalmed part of him just can’t believe that she is gone but he has to accept that she is dead and never coming back. Kate talks about her promise to Roman but she just doesn’t think she can keep it and she hopes that Roman isn’t disappointed in her. John says that Roman would understand. She asks if John ever thinks about the afterlife. He says that he firmly believes that Marlena is in heaven and he asks Kate if she is jealous of the fact that Roman and Marlena are together now. She says part of her is upset because Marlena claimed to kill everyone because of her love for Roman. She then apologises to John for talking about Marlena. He tells her they both have suffered losses and should be there to comfort each other and that includes Sami. Kate tells John that next to Roman he is the most honest, caring strongest man she has ever known. (Like we don’t know where this is going…sheesh). They go out for dinner.

Bo can’t reach Shawn and can’t leave a message because his voice mail is full. Hope is worried because grown man or not it’s not like him not to check in. Bo says his battery is probably dead and he more than likely doesn’t even know that Marlena is dead. Hope says even with the serial killer caught and now dead they’ve been living on edge for so long she can’t relax. Bo says it won’t be over until his father’s killer is behind bars.

Lucas informs Sami that Will is staying with Grandpa Shawn and tells her they should get out and asks her to dinner. She asks if it is a date and he just shrugs. She says she doesn’t want to go out and he tells her she can’t just stay inside. When she still won’t change her mind he decides to phone Kate instead so she agrees to go out with him. They go to the Blue Note and Sami remembers the last they were there was when some thugs tried to take Tony out. They go inside to their table as Bo and Hope enter. Bo wants to take one night out before focusing on bringing down Nicole for murder. Hope feels bad celebrating after they just buried another loved one. Bo tells her he doesn’t understand why Marlena did what she did but he wants to remember only the good times – she was a good friend and she was family. Hope thanks him for feeling the same way she does. He raises his glass and says to Marlena.

Cute scenes at the table as Lucas uses the same methods he used to use on Will to get Sami to eat more. She wants to know why he is being so good to her. She thinks what’s missing is that she isn’t aggravated and tells him to do something to annoy her. He asks her to dance instead. As they are dancing he dips her and she sees Bo and Hope. She rushes over and tries to slap Bo – he stops her and says they were toasting her mother’s memory. Bo tells her he didn’t kill her mother – he gave the order to hold fire. She tells him that no matter what he says she is going to hold him personally responsible for her mother’s death. Lucas pulls her away and Bo and Hope decide to leave. Lucas tries to get Sami to calm down and talk to Bo because he is family. She says she is not her family he is Victor Kiriakis’ bastard child. She tells him only one thing could make this night worse and she looks up and sees John and Kate. Lucas takes away all the sharp objects…LOL and Sami tells him that she won’t be held responsible for what she says if they come over to talk to them which of course they do. Sami tells them that she is glad her mother and father are dead because they will be together forever now and there is nothing either of them can do about it.

Marlena flashes back to being in the casket and when she wakes up she is in Alice’s living room. She is so happy to see Alice sitting in her chair that she runs over and hugs her. Alice tells her that they are both alive but Marlena just can’t believe it. I guess the flying casket trip jogged her memory because she has a flashback to killing Alice and she says it can’t be true – I killed you. Marlena thinks it’s a dream she’s having because she passed out from lack of oxygen. When she opens her eyes Alice says I’m still here and so are you. Marlena asks how she got from a bench in Salem Place to here and Roman says I carried you. She says it can’t be, is it and turns around overjoyed to see Roman. Marlena is unsteady on her feet and Roman helps her to sit down. Roman tells her that the drug that was given to them all to make them appear dead is very potent but once it wears off she will be back to normal. Marlena sits and listens to them but then she declares she knows what is going on. She is dead and this is part of punishment – she has to face all the people that she killed. Alice says she hasn’t heard a word we’ve said Roman. He offers her a doughnut and Marlena is horrified – this shores up her belief that she is dead. Alice asks her if I was dead how could I bake doughnuts. Roman tells Marlena that he was hoping to wait until she was stronger but he can’t. He asks her if she is ready to learn the entire truth. He tells her that everything that happened in Salem was a lie, an illusion as is some of what she is seeing now. He says this is an exact replica of Alice’s house and Alice is living in it. She asks about Salem Place and he tells her it the same. She asks him if she is supposed to believe that someone built an exact replica of Salem and is now populating it with the residents of the real Salem. He says yes. She asks if the others that she had killed were there as well and he says yes. She is so happy as she says that means I didn’t kill anyone.

Preview: Apparently Marlena passes out as Roman is holding her saying ‘oh Doc how are you going to deal with the rest of what we have to tell you. Lexie thanking Tek for ‘everything’ as she touches his face and kisses his cheek. John telling Kate that they found their soul-mates and lost them – as for Sami and Lucas he says who knows what the fates have in store for them. Belle urging Sami to answer her cell phone – Sami saying ‘Brandon?’

Wednesday May 26

Pat’s Spoilers

Sami tells John that her Mother isn’t even cold in her grave and he’s out celebrating. He says I know you lost you mother but I lost my wife but Sami says he is happy because now he can be with Kate and she takes off. Kate tries to stop Lucas from going after her but he’ll have none of that. Belle comes in and tells Lucas she has an idea on how to get through to Sami. Lucas tells Sami there’s someone he wants her to talk to and she sees Belle and asks her who she wants her to talk to. Belle says she can’t say yet. Kate and John come to the bar area and John kisses Belle and asks how she is doing and why she is there. She says she came to talk to Sami and John says it’s great that she is there for her sister, family is so important. Sami tells him not to say the word family around her because he is not her father – her parents are dead because of him and Kate. Belle tells her to stop saying that because it’s not true and it’s not helping her. She tells Sami to come with her. They leave and Kate tries to badmouth Sami but John stops her and reminds her that Sami is Marlena’s daughter. Than Kate has the audacity to say that Sami forced her to break the promise she made to Roman on their wedding day.

Kate starts in on Lucas for letting Sami manipulate him but he tells her to think about him. He wants her to think of them as a couple. John excuses himself. Kate asks him what he means and he says he wants to be a family with Sami and Will. He says he is going to ask Sami to marry him – LOL! the look on Kate’s face is priceless. She tells Lucas that Sami is just a project for him because he needs to feel needed. He says he knows Sami and deep inside she’s just a scared little girl that wants what they all want – love. Kate tells him that he has no direction and that’s why he’s thinking this way – she says no that he’s not working for the mobster anymore he just needs something else to focus on and offers him a job at Basic Black heading up a European division. He says that didn’t work with Sami and it isn’t going to work with him. John is talking to Brady and answers another call – he says ‘it can’t be…Marlena’. He tells Brady that he thought he heard Marlena’s voice – LOL! he worries that he is becoming like Sami. Meanwhile Lucas is insistent that he is going to make a life for himself with Sami and Will and Kate is just as determined to stop him. Kate tells John that Lucas is going to get hurt if he pursues a future with Sami. John tells her that she doesn’t know that – no one except maybe Celeste can predict the future and they have no idea what fate has in store for them. Kate silently vows to prevent Sami and Lucas from getting together.

Belle takes Sami to the graveyard and Sami asks her if this is who she wanted her to talk to – her dead mother to get some counselling. Belle says no and then her phone rings. She gives it to Sami and it is Brandon. She tells him how she thought her life was over when he left her. She listens to what he says and tells him she doesn’t know if she can do that. Belle asks her what he told her. Sami says he told me not to let the grief overwhelm her and he also told her that he is never coming back. Belle says it was good advice, she needs to move on. Sami asks her how she can when everyone she ever loves leaves her. Belle hugs her. Belle tries to convince her that a lot of people love her, she lists them and then says she can tell Lucas really cares for her. Sami is adamant that she won’t open herself to that pain again and there is absolutely no future for her and Lucas. Belle says she thought talking to Brandon would help her but she will never forgive herself if that is the reason Sami won’t pursue a future with Lucas. Sami says it’s not her fault. Belle tells her she will only hurt herself if she doesn’t let Lucas into her life. Sami says that Lucas is Kate’s son she can’t love him and vows on her mother’s grave that there will never be a future for her and Lucas. Lucas hears her say this.

Celeste is at the graveyard wondering if Marlena’s prediction about everyone in Salem dying. She goes to Abe’s grave and says if only you were here to help us. She goes to Marlena’s grave and prays that Marlena’s soul is now at peace.

Lexie is trying to put together a toy and can’t. She picks up Abe’s picture and says she misses him so much. Tek comes in and sees that she is upset and says maybe he shouldn’t have come by but she says she needs a man right now. She then explains she needs help putting together a remote control train for Theo’s birthday. He helps. I really liked her telling him how she counted on Abe for stuff like this. She talks about the first Christmas without Abe and that how she thinks of everything in terms of the first without Abe. She can buy out an entire toy store but she can’t give her son the one thing he wants, his father. She breaks down and cries. She apologises for crying on his shoulder – he is supportive. She kisses him on the cheek and he goes upstairs to Theo. Lexie notices Celeste standing in the room and she asks her how for how long she was there. Celeste tells her long enough to see you make a big mistake. She accuses Lexie of flirting with Tek and tells her she is not ready. Lexie says it wasn’t like that but Celeste says she read his cards and learned that he is romantically attracted to her. Lexie says that she can’t think about another man it would be like cheating on Abe. She says she still wears his wedding ring although she knows that he’s really gone and not coming back and that she will have to move on. She says she isn’t ready now and Celeste says even with Tek. She says no. Celeste then gets a very disturbing vibration. Lexie says no more doom and gloom, Marlena is dead. She says it’s about Tek – she senses he has a lot more surprises for Lexie. Tek comes down and Celeste says it appears her grandson enjoys spending time with him. Tek says he hopes he can do it more often.

Marlena is having a hard time comprehending that she is in an exact replica of Alice’s house and that both Alice and Roman are alive. Nothing makes sense to her – she says they are all living in this alternate universe Salem. She can’t believe she didn’t kill them but then she tells Roman that she killed his best friend Abe – she shot him. She asks Roman if it is possible that Abe is…she can’t say it but Abe does ‘alive’. She is overjoyed to see him and she starts to cry and then passes out. Roman wonders how she will be able to deal with the rest of what they have to tell her. She comes to and tells Roman that she had this vision of Abe being in the room with them – Abe comes in carrying water. She cries again and finally accepts that he is alive. She wants to know everything that happened right from the beginning. Abe talks about thinking he was in Salem but there was no else there. He talks about searching for his family for days before coming to the realisation that this wasn’t the real Salem. He says they are an island and Roman says by the weather patterns they figured out they are in the tropics somewhere. Abe says it’s like an island paradise except it’s a nightmare because there is no way off.

Roman says we’re far from the real Salem and from as far as they can determine there is no way off the island. They have everything they need except their loved ones. Marlena says everyone thinks you’re dead – we have to find a way to let them know. Roman says there is no means of communication. Abe says he would give anything to let Lexie know that he is alive. He is so sad that he won’t be there for his son’s first birthday and he is worried about how much Lexie must be missing him. Roman says he worries about Kate as well. Marlena tells him that Kate hasn’t been herself since he died and she blames herself. She then reverts back to them all being dead and that they are in purgatory and she is on her way to hell because she deserves to be punished. She runs out of the room. Roman finds her on a payphone and he hangs it up (same time as John answered the call) and tells the payphones only make local calls – she can’t contact anyone in the real Salem. He then says he is going to prove that everything they’ve told her is the truth. He takes her for a walk and proves that they are on an island. He says they tried to build a raft but the currents were to strong and with Mrs. H. with them they couldn’t take a chance. She says everyone thinks they are dead and they are devastated. She worries about Sami the most telling him that her thinking both of her parents are gone could push her over the edge. He asks if Sami went after her when she found out she was the killer. She says no she never lost faith me in and says she acted like she always does, lashing out. She blamed Kate and John for framing her for the murders. Roman says I asked Kate to try and get along with her stepdaughter but Marlena says that won’t happen. Marlena asks him if he has any theories about who is behind this living nightmare as Roman called it.

Abe has a good talk with Alice. He feels so bad admitting that sometimes he wishes that Lexie and Theo would join him on the island – he doesn’t know what is worse them thinking he is dead or condemning them to a life of imprisonment on the island. Alice asks him if what he is really worried about is Lexie moving on. He admits that the thought of Lexie finding another father for Theo disturbs him but that is what he told her to do. Being a policeman there was always the chance that he could be killed but now she thinks he’s dead when he really isn’t. Alice tells him that he has to have faith that they will be rescued and returned to their loved ones. Abe says he’s trying and he hopes it’s soon and that it’s not too late and Lexie has moved on with another man.

Preview: Shawn with a shocked expression on his face as Dottie screeches ‘I knew it. I knew it. I knew you were still in love with that whiny, self-important, cuter than hell whore as Shawn says no, wait. She then says and emphasises the words – Belle dies. Shawn says no. Kate asking Belle about Shawn as her little boy watches and listens – Belle responds that she thinks Shawn has completely given up on her. Hope saying to Bo admit it you think Shawn could be in trouble too. Marlena asking Roman besides you and Abe, who else is here? Roman says I’ll show you.

Thursday May 27

Pat’s Spoilers

Bo wakes up with a start and calls for Hope. She brings a tray of snack food and can tell that he is worried about Shawn. (Hope looks beautiful in a white negligee set). They agree it’s not like him not to check in and now they can’t even leave him a message because his voice mailbox is full. Hope wonders if something terrible has happened to him. Bo says he asked the cops to look out for him, there’s been no accident reports and he’s only been gone a day. Hope can feel that something is wrong. Bo radios an officer and asks for an update. He tells Bo nothing yet. Hope says she knows where he is and tells the cop to go to Lookout Point. He says he’s been there already. Bo says the cliffs are dangerous and tells the cop to send in a canine unit. He tells Hope it’s just routine. After Hope’s call from Julie the cop reports that they might have picked up Shawn’s trail. He says they found some tire tracks that could belong to his bike and he names the area. Bo says it’s sparsely populated – go door to door. He describes his bike and says you find my bike, you find my son – the camera pans to the bike outside dottie’s.

Poor Shawn, dottie is all over him kissing him and telling him that no one turns her on like him. You can see his distaste for what she is doing. She asks him to make love to her and he says he can’t. She says don’t tell me it’s because you are still in love with your ex-girlfriend because if you say yes she will be your late ex-girlfriend. Shawn tells her not to say that. He wants to make love to her but not like this. He wants to be able to put his arms around and love her the way she deserves to be loved. She reaches for the keys to unlock the cuffs – unfortunately Shawn can only focus on the keys which she notices. She accuses him of just playing her to get the cuffs off so he can escape. THUD – his eyes throughout these scenes…man…

He asks her why he would want to escape; he just wants to hold her. She apologises for doubting him because she knows how much he loves her. He says he can’t escape because the cage door is locked. He asks her to unlock the cuffs and she takes the keys and starts running them over his chest and shoulder. She stops and says she wants him to do something for her. He says anything. She wants him to pass a test – she has to know that he is completely over Belle. He can’t say it so she tells him that Belle Black is dead. He says no, I’m a man of action – Kiss me. She does and she wants to make love … now. She starts undoing his belt and goes to the foot of the bed to pull his jeans off but he says not like this. Let’s shower. She likes that idea. She has this huge length of chain and he asks what that is and she tells him it’s so he can get to the shower she built just behind the wall and points it out to him. She says our little love nest has all the comforts of home and she made sure that he is never going to leave her, never. They hear a car door slam and Shawn can see the flashing lights of the police cruiser and he smiles. Boy she sure can change into Mrs.B mode fast. The cop shows are a very old picture of Shawn and gives the licence plate number of the bike – she looks behind him (the bike is behind a stone fence). Shawn is struggling to break make enough noise – he now is gagged as well with a black scarf.

Belle and mb come into the Blue Note. Belle talks to John and asks if she will always miss her mother this much, she doesn’t want to stop missing her but she doesn’t want to feel this way for the rest of her life. In the meantime Kate is thrilled and asked her little baby if they are out on an unofficial date – he just leers at Belle…yuck – I think it was supposed to be a smile but that pointy haircut distracted me…LOL! Belle and John have a good talk and Belle tells him that she feels that her mom is out there trying to get in touch with them. She talks about Sami not wanting anyone to love her again and how she feels she made things worse for her by having Brandon talk to her. Kate tells her little son that because Lucas is intent on marrying Sami she wants one of her sons to be happy. She goes to John and Belle and has an idea – mb just smirks.

The four of them are having dinner and Kate toasts Marlena saying she hopes she is looking down and happy that they are together giving each other comfort. John doesn’t raise his glass and says he can’t do this. He has to face being alone sometimes. Belle thinks she should go with him but mb says he probably wants to be alone (more fricken’ petting – yuck). Belle doesn’t understand why she still hasn’t heard from Shawn. Kate says it’s very thoughtless of him not to call because he has to know about Marlena by now. Belle hangs her head and says I think he doesn’t believe in us anymore – he’s completely given up on us. Kate gloats, mb pets. Belle says she is going to see her father and leaves. Kate is upset that her little boy let her go. He says he won’t manipulate her, if it happens it happens – yeah like I believe that. She pushes him some more telling him that Shawn is practically Belle to him on a silver platter and he would be a fool if he didn’t take advantage of that. He feels he should give Shawn the benefit of the doubt because it’s not like him to be out of touch. She tells him he’s head over heels in love with Belle and it’s his job to make her feel the same way about him – you can see he agrees with her.

John sits in a dark penthouse and remembers (some good flashbacks- beautiful song playing). He lights a candle and holds Marlena’s pictures and wonders if she will ever come back to him. I loved the father daughter scene when Belle gets there. She says she feels closer to her mom when she’s with him and he says being with his Izzy B always makes him feel better (tears streaming down his face as they hug). Belle can’t believe that she is really gone and they will never see her again.
She makes him soup. John tells her that the petter is a real stand-up guy something he can’t say about Shawn. He says the way Shawn has treated her through this is unforgivable. He knows she loves him but as a father his advice is to forget about him. She tears up and says she can’t. She is worried about him. Okay John pissed me off now. He says he should be worried about you. He is very angry and says Shawn is just like his father and he rants about the both of them ending with Bo is responsible for Marlena’s death and he wants it over between her and Shawn. He tells her what a great guy the petter is but Belle tells him to stop. She loves Shawn but John won’t let it go until she says she loves Shawn just like he loved mom.

Marlena and Roman talk and Marlena feels that if they find out who masterminded this evil, complicated plot they might be able to figure out how to escape. Roman says there is only person capable of this type of deception and grand scheme – Stefano. Marlena says he is dead but Roman says we all know how often the phoenix has risen or he has his associates carrying out his plan. Marlena says if that is the case we’ll never know what his plan was. Roman says they have to be prepared for spending the rest of their lives there. Marlena can’t figure out why Stefano would have Tony killed. Roman reminds her she didn’t kill anyone. She says she has to keep reminding herself of that. Roman says he hasn’t seen Tony on the island so that is more proof that Stefano is behind the plot. She asks who else is on the island and he says he will show her.

Abe and Alice are talking and Abe talks about when he first got there he was the only one now there are more and more Salem residents. He wonders if now that Marlena is there if this means the end of the quote unquote Salem Stalker’s killing spree. The doorbell ring and he opens it and says what happened to you? LOL Doug looks like he’s been lost in the jungle for weeks – hair sticking up on end, covered in dirt and burns with leaves stuck in his hair – but you know what – it was a joy to see him. Roman and Marlena come in and Marlena is overjoyed to see him. He explains that he was desperate to escape to get back to Julie because he knows she is missing him. He went to the perimeter of town where he tried to jump over this barrier – he says he got quite the shock and was thrown about 20 feet. Roman says I warned everyone. This may look like a sleepy little island paradise but if you try to escape you might end up being dead for real.

Doug asks Marlena how Julie is doing and Marlena says she is hurting, not only blaming her but blaming herself as well. Doug asks why and Marlena says Julie feels if she wouldn’t have told me that you knew who the killer was than I wouldn’t have killed you. Roman and Abe start talking about how Marlena changed and they feel maybe she was under mind control or being drugged. They said the change in her was noticed by everyone she pushed John away both physically and emotionally. They ask her if she had strange dreams and she remembers the dreams of the tiger and a voice saying ‘you are the Salem Stalker’ over and over. She talks about confessing while under the influence of sodium pentothal and showed no remorse. She also tells them she said she killed everyone because she was jealous of Roman and Kate. Roman says that’s silly. Marlena tells him that she told them that she was still in love with him. He says that is not a motive for murder. Marlena hopes she didn’t upset him and he says they have always been honest with each other. She says she is in love with John and misses him desperately and Roman says he’s more in love with Kate than ever. Doug and Alice watch and Doug says those two had a great love for years – maybe being together here will rekindle old feelings. Marlena wonders if they aren’t really victims of the Salem Stalker if the ones left behind in Salem are the real victims.

Julie wakes up and smiles and says ‘Doug, you’re alive.’ She phones Bo and Hope’s and Hope runs to phone thinking its Shawn. Julie says she knows where he is. Hope tells Bo that Julie knows where Shawn is. Julie says not Shawn, Doug. He’s alive and I know exactly where he is. She goes on how she opened this cabaret at a place called Alice’s and Doug was there singing. She goes on and on and Hope says Julie you’re sleep-talking. She finally gets through to Julie and Julie is just heartbroken – she misses Doug so much. She says she wants to go back to that dream where he is alive and singing to her.

Preview Bo telling Hope that if Shawn and Belle love each other enough they can make it through anything. Belle hugging mb and saying she doesn’t know what she would do without him – yuck – the expression on his face makes me physically ill – I’m sorry but the man is nothing but a lecher – gross. Marlena telling Roman it’s true, she does still love him. Kate asking John not to hate her for what she is about to tell him.

Friday May 28

Pat is on her way to toolbelt country and I’m on vacation so I didn't get a chance to go into a lot of conversation detail. Great performances again by Kirsten and Drake as well as Deidre. Loved Hope and Bo’s concern for their son…loved how both Shawn and Belle are thinking of each other and looking at the sky at the same time. Oh and we do get some petting but not very much…as for the smile…no comment…LOL.

Jan’s Spoilers….

On the island….Marlena and Roman arrive at the penthouse. She talks about how it is exactly the same but then stops and says there is something missing. She put a new pic of Belle out and it’s not here so that means that this was done prior to that. She says there is something else different…it’s not home. When she walked through the door at home she could feel John’s presence…she can’t feel it here. He tells her he’ll stay with her and protect her…he says he knows she wouldn’t want to come to his place because it has too many memories of them as a family. Roman is going to tell her that this place has all the comforts of home but she says it’s creepy. He comments on her choosing John over him and he lost. She tells him she isn’t a prize. Stefano tore their lives apart…she believe John was Roman and she fell in love with him all over again. They talk about their time apart. Roman wants her to remember everything as she is the ‘key’ to all of this. She doesn’t think she can do that again but he tells her that he and Abe debrief everyone that arrives and they have to. He says even that flimsy excuse for the murders. She says flimsy…I do love you. He tells her he knows she loves him and he loves her they share children. She tells him they have to get off this island and back home….he says their future is there…he with Kate and her with John who she loves with all her heart. The siren rings and her door locks…she wants to know what is going on. He tells her this happens when someone else arrives….she asks what he means and he says someone else will be arriving on the island.

At the penthouse…Belle and John are talking as Belle wants to know if he wants her to help him with Marlena’s things. He tells her no that he is keeping everything the same. He knows that she isn’t coming back but there are things they picked out together and he doesn’t want to change anything. Belle apologizes to him but he tells her that he knows she is trying to help. Outside the door Kate and Phil have arrived as Phil asks why they are here…John and Belle obviously wanted to be alone. Kate tells him that he didn’t have to come if he didn’t want to but she knows he wants to be there. He tells her that she really has to get a new hobby and stay out of her son’s love lives. She says so you do love her…he admits it. She tells him that he is a Marine and it’s time to ‘storm the hill’…he tells her he isn’t storming the hill that Belle is going through some hard things right now and he just wants to be there for her….he won’t do that to her. Kate is telling him to go after the girl as Belle opens the door. They come in with comfort food as John is trying to get them to leave but Kate says nonsense…he tells Phil to help Belle put the food in the kitchen….they leave and Kate asks him how he is. John says fine as Kate says and is that what you said when Isabella died. You had no family or friends who did you turn to. He says Marlena. She pours them a drink and they talk…she then starts to tell him about working for Stefano. (I won’t go into detail on this as we all know the story)she then tells him that it was Stefano she worked for…he tells her that she did what it took and she has nothing to be ashamed of. She says that is almost exactly what Roman told her…she says I’ve just noticed that you and Roman are a lot alike…John tells her that was possibly by design. He and Roman had a lot of things in common like falling in love with the Marlena.

Outside on the balcony….Belle and Phil talk as she tells him she heard what his mother said about a girl. She tells him if he feels uncomfortable then he can leave that maybe she is being selfish wanting him there. He says there isn’t anyplace he’d rather be. She wants to know about the girl saying that she has known him almost all her life and both her and his mother want him to be happy. She does want to know about the girl though. He sort of talks his way out of it. She tells him that she isn’t sure she believes in fate or soulmates anymore after everything that has happened. He tells her that he knows her mother is in heaven and she says she is glad someone else thinks that way. She thanks him for being there for as she hugs him. She then mentions him changing the subject. He says I know you are thinking about Shawn…you have to have faith. What you and Shawn have is special and I do believe in soulmates. Belle looks up at the sky and wonders if Shawn is thinking of her as much as she is thinking of him. She tells Phil that he has to come back to her because she doesn’t know how much more she can take.

At Bo/Hope’s….Hope is still very worried about Shawn. She wonders why he would go to Kent Island as she doesn’t think he knows anyone there. Bo says he’s probably camping out and wanting to get away from everything. Bo asks her how many times when she was younger did she forget to call home and check in…she says all the time when I was with you. Hope says that he knew Marlena was going to be sentenced as Bo says if he knew Marlena was dead he would have phoned. Hope asks him if he thinks Shawn will still want to join the MM when he gets back…she says he thinks that Belle will wait for him. Bo tells her if Shawn and Belle love each other then they will be together. Hope says true love will find a way. Bo tells her just like they did. Bo says it’s like the time Shawn stole his bike and gave Belle a ride. Hope says I didn’t know about that. He tells her he didn’t want her to worry as she asks if that is what he is doing now. He tells her that the serial killer is dead and they have nothing to worry about, there won’t be anymore deaths. Bo gets a call from the officer who says he didn’t find any signs of Shawn or the bike. Bo tells him not to wake anyone else up in the middle of the night to go home and resume the search in the morning. Hope gets up and asks where is my son, my little boy.

At Jan’s….The officer has arrived and is questioning Mrs. B about seeing Shawn. Mrs. B is looking a little nervous….she keeps looking out as the cop turns and asks what is wrong…he then apologizes for running over her rose bush as she tells him not to worry about it. She asks if the handsome young man is dangerous but he tells her that no they are just searching for him. He wants to look around as Mrs. B agrees. Upstairs Shawn is desperately trying to get the gag off his mouth. He knocks over a glass of water. The cop comes back and asks Mrs. B what that was…he heard something upstairs. She tells him it was her cats…he says that sounded like more than cats and wants to look upstairs. Shawn gets the gag off and starts to yell…Jan arrives upstairs and tells him to stop that no one can hear him with the door shut. He says my parents are looking for me and they will be back…Jan says actually they won’t…they’ve been here now and no one will bother them again and no one will find him. She tells him to behave or he’ll be punished and then tells him she has to hide his bike in the shed. She leaves as Shawn looks out the window…he says I can do this…I can get out of here…Belle I’m coming (this is at the same time that Belle is looking up at the sky and hoping that Shawn is thinking of her.

Previews: Celeste talking to Lexie about Thomas Edward Kramer….Jen worried about her baby as Patrick is beside her. Abe telling Marlena and Roman that someone else is coming as Roman looks up and says it’s you.

Monday May 31

Jan's Spoiler...

First of all I found this show to basically be a filler and a set up into the triangle/quadrangles or whatever else they come up with...LOL.

Patrick is definately involved in this somehow I just can't quite figure it out. Loved Jack's words to the baby.

Lexie gets the package from Abe with the letter telling her to move forward in her life.

Abe/Marlena/Roman on the island...Abe upset about the letter he wrote to Lexie. Marlena telling them that they have to have faith. Some things on the island are definately different...missing pictures...the pyjamas with Roman's initials.

Anyway like I said a bit of a filler but Pat's spoilers have the details...LOL. Thanks Pat.

Pat’s Spoiler...

This show is basically a set-up for the next death in Salem 1 and to showcase all the triangles, quadrangles and such that will be in place once the not so dead that reside in Salem 2 return to Salem 1.

I’m really wondering how Patrick is involved in all of this. There’s a lot more to this guy that what appears on the surface – the question is, is he working for the guy that is pulling the strings and masterminded this entire plot?

Jen is cleaning Patrick’s wounds as she talks about all the stuff she has to get done before the baby arrives. She talks about polishing the floor and then Patrick warns her about doing that kind of stuff. She turns on him and lashes out reminding him that he is not the father. He apologises and then tells her about Bonnie almost losing Mimi and what he had to do to get her to the hospital on time to save the baby. Jen apologises and then shows him the book Abby gave her. She has a picture of herself on one page and one of Jack on another. She has the page for the mommy all filled out but wishes Jack was there to fill out his side. She goes to get Theo’s gift and Patrick takes out the coin and says Jack, what would you want to say to your child and then fills it out. When she returns he leaves to put on a shirt (wow, what a concept!) and watches as she reads what he has written. He says to himself that Jack is watching over the baby and he will watch over Jennifer.

Celeste comes to Lexie’s house and decides that Abe would like to be present at his son’s first birthday party. She uses her cards to try and summon his spirits but each time she turns them over they come up blank – something that has never happened before. Lexie comes down with Theo and Celeste would like to try and contact Abe using Theo but Lexie won’t allow it. When Lexie tells her mom that Jennifer, Patrick and Tek are coming to the party Celeste is upset. She tells Lexie that Tek is interested in Theo’s mother more than Theo. Lexie doesn’t want to hear it but continues to question her mother about everything she learned about Tek when reading his cards. Tek shows up with a package that had arrived at the police station. He tells her that it is from Abe and that it is safe. He had confirmed that Abe sent it and ran it through the scanner. Inside is a wrapped gift for Theo and a letter for Lexie. She reads it. It’s a beautiful letter and she ends up in tears – the gist of the letter is telling her to move on. After Tek leaves Celeste picks up the letter and then says to Lexie, I don’t know how to tell you this but Abe is alive.

In Salem 2 Marlena wakes up on her couch with a start and Roman comes rushing over to make sure he is okay. Abe wakes up in his bed saying that the package should be delivered today and it could be the death of Lexie. Marlena and Roman talk and Marlena notices the initials that are monogrammed on the sleeve of his pj’s are RB. They are an exact replica of ones’ she had bought for John with his initials on them and she had taken them out of what would be John’s closet in Salem 1. Marlena had brought in a breakfast tray and Roman notices a chocolate covered doughnut and mentions that he hasn't had one for breakfast since they were married. He then says it’s like we’ve gone back in time. They wonder if this is what Stefano had planned. Abe comes over and when Marlena goes to get him some coffee he confronts Roman and asks what he is doing there. Roman tells him he is just there to look out for Marlena and reminds him of how scary it was when they first arrived on the island. Abe apologises and says it’s just strange seeing a former husband and wife together in their pj’s in an exact replica of the place she shares with John,

Abe tells them about the package that will be delivered today and the letter. He wishes he had never written it. Marlena told him it was a beautiful thing to do. Abe is worried that he might not get a second chance with her because of the letter. Marlena tells them both that they have to have faith in their spouses and believe that deep down inside they know they are not really dead. Abe says the longer we are here the easier it will be for them to move on. The sirens start again and the door locks. Roman says this is the same as last night, one more person will die in Salem and end up here. Marlena wonders who it could be as a photo album drops to the floor and ends up open on a page with pictures of each of the couples that have been torn apart by the plot plus one of Bo and Hope.

Preview: Lexie telling Tek to take his clothes off as he peels off his shirt. Roman telling Marlena that there is no telling what Sami might do now that she believes both her parents are dead. Sami asking Julie how to make someone really suffer and Julie telling her to come with her, she has something to show her. Celeste consulting her cards saying she has to know who is going to die next – pictures of Lexie, Tek, Kate, Lucas, Sami, Jen and Patrick flash by really quickly as Celeste says, no, it can’t be.

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