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Monday Jul 5

Pat’s Spoilers

Most of the first segment is a repeat of the ending of Tuesday’s show. The only differences is that Kate shows up while Belle is making her plea and asks Phil what he has done. Bo has Bonnie in his office questioning her about Patrick. Bonnie is smart enough to know that even though the ISA has a thick file on Patrick there can’t be much in it if Bo wants answers from her. Lexie waits as Tek tries to find a clue from Jen’s computer but he says all the emails are untraceable. A message comes through from search and rescue. Patrick explains to Hope that his mother sold his coin without his permission and the guy wouldn’t sell it back. He says the coin will help him keep Jen alive. She asks to see it and gives him the cuffs and tells him to put them on. She gets a text message and tells him that that Commissioner Gordon has called off the search. That means that they think Jen is dead.

Police Station: Tek tries to calm Lexie down. He tells her that just because they didn’t find the plane that doesn’t mean that Jen is dead. She is concerned about her and the baby saying that even if she survived they don’t know what her condition is. Tek looks puzzled when Lexie says that if Jen is dead it is all her fault. She blames herself because she never trusted Patrick but Jen insisted he was alright and she let her guard down. Tek tells her not to blame herself.

Bo asks Bonnie what she really knows about Patrick and he brings up the fact that Shawn and Mimi grew up together and not once did Mimi mention an older brother. Bonnie gives him the I had Patrick very young, he had left the nest, she had 2 younger kids and a deadbeat husband sob story – she admits that she didn’t always do everything right especially with her firstborn. Bo tells her that she did the best she could and she admits that wasn’t the case all the time. He tells her that if she knows that Patrick knew something about the kidnapping and doesn’t tell him and Jen dies, then Jen’s blood will be on her hands. She has nothing to feel guilty about. Bo asks her if she can say the same thing about Patrick – she has a flashback and Bo can tell she knows something. She tells Bo that Patrick is not who he says he is. Hope calls but the connection is broken. Bonnie tells Bo that Patrick is not a murderer or a kidnapper, he’s Jen’s knight in shining armour and a good person. Tek tells Bo that Patrick is holding Hope at gunpoint behind the Pretty Penny pawnshop. Bo orders one of the cops to notify the SWAT team and he and Tek go after Patrick. Bonnie screams at them not to hurt her baby and starts crying – Lexie comforts her. Bonnie is close to hysterics when Lexie gets a call from the hospital and has to leave her. Lexie tells her she will have Celeste come to the station.

In the alley Hope tells Patrick maybe Bo can get the truth out of him. She places him under arrest for robbery, conspiracy to kidnap and attempted murder. He asks her if arresting him is worth the life of Jen and her baby. She asks him to explain how the coin can save Jen’s life. She calls the station and as she is on the phone he reaches into his back pocket and gets a key to unlock the cuffs. Hope starts talking to Bo but Patrick takes the phone away from her. He says he is going to save Jen and she isn’t going to stop him. Hope reminds him that she has the gun. He kicks it out of her hand and catches it and tells her to put the phone down. She says you won’t shoot – he does. He shoots her cell phone. She tells him he could have killed her but he says he is an expert marksman. The pawn shop owner sees Patrick holding a gun on Hope and phones the police station. Patrick cuffs Hope and she tells him that he is making things worse. He says he is going to save Jen. They hear the sirens and Hope tells him it is all over. Bo shows up in the alley but there is no sign of Hope or Patrick. They are in the dumpster with Patrick holding the gun to her head telling her not to make a sound.

Raceway: Belle continues her plea for Shawn to come home. She says that she is not upset with him. She also says this is the only way she could think of to get in touch with him. As she is talking Phil says to himself that wherever Shawn is he doesn’t deserve her – (oh yeah, right and you do…NOT). Kate goes on and on – the gist being that Shawn is no good for Belle, Belle would never be happy with him, Belle deserves so much better than Shawn – she deserves Phil. Sorry Kate that would be one giant downward move on Belle’s part. She tells him to stop focusing on being noble and focusing on the woman he loves. Belle agrees. Phil asks her what she would say if he told her he was looking at that woman now. He says he’s looking at the only woman he wants to be with – her – as her friend because she needs him. Kate doesn’t like that. Belle tells him he needs to live his own life and be with the woman he loves. He says one day when she is ready he will be. She hugs him and thanks him for being such a great friend. Belle goes to check if there are any calls and Kate ties into Phil telling him that she isn’t the only one that thinks he is the better man for Belle, her father is furious at Shawn for abandoning his daughter. Phil doesn’t think Shawn is good enough for her either and he better have a damn good explanation for staying away. Kate says it doesn’t matter what his explanation is Belle is going to have a hard time forgiving him. LOL – she says unless he is being held prisoner against his will someplace there is no excuse. Oh little does she know. Phil says he thinks Belle will forgive Shawn because she loves him. Belle comes back and says he didn’t call. Someone comes and tells Belle that Shawn is on line one. She is thrilled and Phil isn’t. Phil says that’s it. Kate promises him that no matter what he will have Belle – she will see to it.

Jan’s: Shawn asks Jan to turn the volume up and she shuts the TV off and takes the tape out. He is furious. He says I told you to turn the sound on not shut the TV off. She tells him that he is really delusional. He was watching the tape of Phil and Belle dancing and it was just starting over. He says Belle was speaking directly to the camera and there was no dancing. He yells at her to turn around and look in the mirror to see someone that is delusional. He says you’re the one that thinks locking me in a frickin’ (LOL – this time he didn’t put an extra vowel in the word and stumble over it) cage with shackles, dressing me in this ridiculous too small cage – he says they’re pedal-pushers - is going to make me stop loving Belle. Jan is crushed. She says you’re never going to stop loving her, are you? Loved the look in his eyes…wow! The next scene is very powerful. Jan brings up their past and no matter how much he claimed that she knew he always loved Belle she feels abandoned by him. She brings up how she was going to have an abortion but he talked her into keeping the baby that was a product of her rape by the scumbag Paul Mendez. He wanted the baby and claimed to be the father. Shawn is really finding exactly what impact his actions had. Kudos’ to Heather Lindell…very powerful, moving performance. Shawn tells her that he was just trying to be a friend to her because she was a victim of a horrible crime. She says he was the only one. She talks about the death of her parents and after she got out of the sanatorium he was the only person she had left. He asks her why she didn’t just phone him when she came back to Salem. She laughs at that. He said we could have been friends, her, him and Belle. He says that Belle is a very forgiving person just like he is. If she lets him go he’ll make sure she gets the help she needs. She says she’s not ready to let him go. He asks her to let him make a call just so he can tell Belle and his parents that he is okay. He promises not to say anything about where he is. She says she doesn’t know if she can because in her heart she believes if she keeps him there long enough he will fall in love with her. He just says Jan and she says I know. He tells her it is time to end this and to let him call Belle.

The Island: Jen is still hanging from the vine. She is upset because she came to save Jack and now she can’t save herself or the baby. Jack finds a luggage tag and starts yelling Jen’s name. She hears him and says Jack quietly. She doesn’t think she can hang on but she has the flashback to how Jack saved her the night JT fell for her car into the river. She tells herself she has to hang on for Jack, Abby and the baby. Jack calls out, I’ll save you. She looks up and sees him reaching down for her.

Preview: Brady asking John why Crystal and Nicole would want Marlena dead – John telling him that’s what he intends on finding out. Celeste and Bonnie opening a casket and Bonnie screaming oh my god my son is going to die as they look to see who is inside. Hope yelling Bo before Patrick covers her mouth – Bo hears but can’t see her. Nicole seeing her alter ego in the mirror telling her she knows what she has to do – neutralise Crystal.

Tuesday Jul 6

Pat’s Spoilers

Kiriakis Mansion: John and Brady are outside as John tells Brady his plan to find out how Crystal was involved with Marlena’s death. He feels Nicole is the one behind it and of course Brady doesn’t agree. He tells John that it isn’t going to do him any good even if Earl and Crystal see each other in the mansion he isn’t going to hear a damn word. John says he’ll hear everything they say. The chip he told Earl to place in the panel is a listening device and a camera so he will know everything that is said and done in the house. Brady tells him that is illegal and John’s reply is so is premeditated murder. Nicole is not happy when she Crystal tells her that it’s Earl. Nicole wants to know what he is doing there and he tells her he was hired by John Black to do some work on the security system. She tells him to get out. It doesn’t take Earl long to figure out that he was set up and Crystal and Nicole had Marlena killed. He continues working because he can use the money.

Nicole asks him what he is doing and he says he is upgrading the security system. She takes the computer chip and figures out that it’s a bug. Outside Brady is still not convinced that John is right – he doesn’t see what kind of motive Nicole would have for wanting Marlena dead. John figures that the chip is installed so he pulls out this little hand held device and presses the button but nothing happens. Nicole says from behind them – I’m no techno but don’t you need this – as she dangles the little bag with the computer chip. Nicole plays the martyr for Brady. John tells her that Brady had nothing to do with it but she still is upset with Brady telling him she thought he was the one person she could trust. Inside Earl tells Crystal that John would probably pay big money for his story on what happened the night his wife died. Crystal threatens Earl. Nicole destroys the bug and says that takes care of that – John tells her that will be what he says when they cart her off to death row. He leaves. Brady apologises to Nicole making the excuse that his dad isn’t himself. Nicole asks him if he was going to let his father bug her house and he says yes but only because he knows she’s innocent and he wanted to prove that to his father.

Crystal takes Earl outside so the servants can’t overhear them. He tells her he isn’t scared of her. She says not me, Nicole. John is behind the shrubbery listening. Crystal manipulates Earl into believing that she wants to come clean about that night – she didn’t tell the truth about how Marlena came into her cell and stole his keys and gun while they were doing the nasty because he didn’t want his wife to know that he had been unfaithful. He still doesn’t so he says he won’t say anything and leaves. Crystal takes off saying that Nicole doesn’t have to worry – her good friend Crystal will take care of everything. John follows her. Meanwhile Nicole accepts Brady’s apology but he warns her that his father will not stop going after Crystal to get the truth. He also tells Nicole that if he finds out she was involved than he is done with defending her – done with her for good. She goes inside. Brady sees Earl and takes off after him. Inside Nicole wonders what she is going to do – the walls are closing in and if she loses Brady she doesn’t know what she will do. Her martini-swilling alter ego tells her to find a way to neutralise Crystal – pronto.

Bonnie/Celeste: Bonnie is asking God to keep Patrick safe. She is worried that Bo will have him shot just like Marlena. She doesn’t believe that Patrick would abduct Hope. Celeste comes in and tells Bonnie that God can’t help her. She tells Bonnie that she had a bad vibration on her way over. LOL –Bonnie asks her if she ever has good feelings about anything. Celeste tells her she can’t help what the spirits share with her. She doesn’t know if the vibration was about Patrick – all she knows is that something bad is going to happen to someone they love and there is nothing that they can do to stop it. Bonnie asks if there is anyway to find out if it is Patrick. Celeste tells her that there is a way but it is very dangerous. She takes Bonnie into Bo’s office and shuts the door and blinds and tells Bonnie they are going to travel into the future. She asks Bonnie for something of Patrick’s and she gives her something Patrick said belonged to pirates. Celeste tells Bonnie that they have to go to the end of Patrick’s life. Bonnie starts freaking out when the room turns dark. They end up at St. Luke’s in front of casket. Bonnie says Patrick is going to die. Bonnie wants to go home but Celeste says they have to find out. They see Bo sitting in a pew and Bonnie wants to know what he is doing there. Celeste says she is beginning to get a bad feeling – Bonnie shrieks ‘beginning’ – LOL. They open the casket and Bonnie screams and Celeste is taken aback. They see Hope and Bonnie wants to go back so they do. Bonnie is happy that it’s not Patrick that is going to die but Celeste can’t figure out why they saw Hope when she used the brush that Patrick had given to Bonnie. Bonnie realises that its Hope’s brush not hers – she had borrowed it from her the night of the grand opening of Alice’s. Celeste says Hope Brady is going to die just as Bo comes into the office.

Bo/Tek/Hope/Patrick: Bo stands right in front of the dumpster as he calls Tek on his radio and tells him there is no sign of them. In the dumpster Patrick tells Hope that if she makes a sound her cousin is as good as dead. Tek tells Bo that he’s in the pawn shop and Bo leaves the alley but he hears a sound (Hope slipped). Bo comes up and is going to open the dumpster but a cat jumps on it so he puts away his gun. Tek comes and Bo tells they lost the trail and they will go back to the station in case Hope calls. He leaves again and Hope calls his name. He comes back into the alley with Tek right behind. He tells Tek that he thought he heard Hope calling him but Tek points out that no one is there. Bo thinks he was hearing things. He tells Tek that he will not lose her – Hope is his life. Darkness has fallen by the time Patrick uncovers Hope’s mouth. She calls him a bastard and kicks him. She opens the lid and calls out for Bo. Patrick knocks her out. Patrick handcuffs her to the steering wheel of her call and leaves her there. Patrick is in the alley by a bunch of crates that have the same symbol on them as the plane that Jen was on and on the electrical poles on the island. He says he’s in time – a guy holds on a rifle on him and says – but then again you could be too late.

Bo calls in an APB on Patrick and tells them that he has a hostage, his wife. Patrick disarmed the guy with the rifle and knocked him out and changed clothes with him. He says thanks (for the rifle) because I’m going to need this where I’m going. So okay – does this mean he knows about the island and its purpose? Hope comes to and pulls herself up and with her teeth retrieves a spare set of keys from behind the windshield visor. Patrick has destroyed her radio and disabled her cell phone and taken her PDA but instead of finding a payphone or going into the pawn shop to call Bo she decides to use the GPS signal in her PDA to track Patrick. Sigh…plot, plot, plot. Patrick gets into the cockpit and says it has been a long time since he has flown this type of plane but he figures it’s like riding a bike. He hears Hope telling him not to move – she’s in the seat next to him and is holding a gun on him. (She had a spare in the glove compartment).

The Island: What a beautiful reunion between Jack and Jennifer. He pulls her up and she just touches his face saying it’s really you. They kiss very passionately. Too bad it’s all a fantasy. She says she knew he was alive. He tells her that he will always be alive in her heart watching over her and Abby. Always – he disappears and she is still hanging from the vine. Jack is calling for her and she hears him. She thinks she’s imagining his voice and wonders if it’s his way of telling her it is alright to join him in heaven. Jack is still looking at the luggage tag and thinks that she was probably on the plane that he heard crash so she’s probably…he says no, she’s here and he starts calling her name. She hears him again and calls his name. He peers over the side of the cliff and they see each other just as the roots pull free and Jen falls.

Preview: Nicole telling Jan that she is the only one that can do what she needs done. Jan asks her if she is asking her to kill John Black and Crystal. John has Crystal pinned and she asks him if he wants to do the nasty in the barn and kisses him. Belle confronting Phil saying you were just biding your time waiting to dish Shawn and make a move on me while Phil stands there looking stunned. Bonnie telling Bo that her son is many things but he is not a killer. Bo tells her that if Hope dies he is the one that would have killed her.

Wednesday Jul 7

Jan’s Spoilers….

This will be quick and simple but I just had to add a few thoughts….

Hope/Patrick……loved how he called her a ‘resourceful’ woman and I loved how Hope is being determined.

Bo/Tek/Bonnie/Celeste….Bonnie seems to be waivering a bit when it comes to telling Bo everything but she is holding back….Celeste and her predictions are starting to wear a little thin on Mr. Brady….and it appears that Hope is the smartest of them all….leaving the channel open so they can track her.

John/Crystal….John takes control over the situation…he got a few little digs in there…but the look on his face when she spit on him….priceless. And it appears he now means business.

Nicole/Jan….Nicole has her little ‘nightmare’ about Crystal spilling the beans….so she calls Jan to help her. Jan it appears had absolutely no idea that Nicole or Crystal were involved at all in Marlena’s death. Nicole of course pulls out her wild card and wonders what Shawn will think if he finds out that Jan killed his grandfather…loved the look on Jan’s face when she thinks Nicole wants her to kill John Black and Crystal.

Shawn/Jan….Jan talking to her kewpie doll (I’ve had about enough of that…LOL)she puts on the tape again but Shawn refuses to look at it…she threatens to staple his eyelids open….he throws the TV and breaks it…she leaves (after getting a call from Nicole)….Shawn has a flashback to his proposal to Belle…he stares at the broken TV and sees Phil and Belle dancing….he knows he has to get to Belle….he says if she thinks that he doesn’t love her anymore she’ll turn to Phil.

Phil/Belle….Belle gets her crank call and is visibly upset by it…she hugs Phil…they sit down and he pats her hand….she thinks Shawn may still phone as Phil starts his rant about Shawn….Belle thinks maybe Rex was right about him trying to move in on her….she asks him about him picking her during the LIB when he knew she was with Shawn…he wants to know what she was doing in the LIB except trying to make Shawn jealous because they were broken up again….they were apart when he left town (excuse me…but I do believe they were together then)when he helped Jan…they are always apart…he calls Shawn a selfish bastard and that he would have called he should know everyone is worried about him (I think that is a hint, Phil….maybe something has happened and he can’t call)….he tells her that Shawn doesn’t deserve her….she tells Phil that he doesn’t care about Shawn at all….he tells her that he is being a true friend and being there for her…he goes to touch her but she pulls away from him…(check out the look on his face)…she doesn’t want to be around him…he tells her he is packing his bags and moving out tonight (don’t we all wish…LOL)…after he leaves she says Damn you Philip Kiriakis…I won’t let you talk about Shawn like that…….(I thought Phil played his ‘friendship’ card to the hilt today.

Jack/Jen…..Jen falls as Jack grabs for her…he hold onto her hand but she slips out of his grasp…she falls onto a ledge…he goes to get something to help and comes back with the seatbelts from the plane…he asks if he lowers them can she pull herself up in her condition but she says no…he tells her he’ll come down and bring her up but she says no….she figures he’d want his friend Patrick there right now as he asks Patrick who…she says Patrick Lockhart your friend…this is the kind of situation he’d fit right into…Jack asks who Patrick Lockhart is…he doesn’t know anyone by that name.

Not a bad show…I just wish that Belle wouldn’t have been so quick to forgive Phil and say I’m sorry as is shown in the previews.

Pat’s Spoilers

Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed Kirsten’s performance today. I’m going to enjoy watching every second of her time left even if that means putting up with Phil. I have to say the John Crystal stuff was way over the top today – John hitting a woman? Loved seeing Jack and Jennifer and loved Jen’s gentle reminder to him that he’s not exactly the action hero type.

Crystal goes to the stables and talks to herself about John following her. If he wasn’t asking so many questions she would like it. She hides in a stall when she hears John outside. He calls for her and tells her he wants to talk. Crystal sees a small knife. John comes into the stall and she attacks him from behind with the knife raised. John knocks her down and pins her and she kisses him. John breaks the kiss and says they really paid you to do that. She knees him and starts running. He picks up a lasso and ropes her (don’t ask…LOL). She pulls it off and tells him she is going to claw his eyes out. He punches her and knocks her out and then straightens his tie. While she is unconscious he props her up against a post and ties her up with the rope telling her that she is going to tell her exactly how she set up his wife to die. He throws a bucket of water on her to revive her. She tells him to untie her but he says not until you tell me everything you know about my wife’s death and the part you played in it. She spits on him.

Bo asks Celeste what she means about seeing Hope in a casket. He says she will not die but if she does it will be because Patrick is responsible. Bonnie says Patrick is not a killer. Bo tells Celeste to be quiet. He doesn’t want to hear anymore. He asks Tek if he has the information on Jen’s emails and they go back to work on them. Tek and Bo talk and Tek says that the plane crash could have been faked. The pilot did send out false radar signals so anything is possible. Inside Bo’s office Bonnie tells Celeste this is all her fault. She took something of Patrick’s and that started all this. She goes on to tell Celeste she isn’t a good person – she’s always put her needs above others even her kids. She is worried that she will never get a chance to make it up to Patrick. She hears Bo telling Tek according to Patrick’s file he’s capable of anything. Bo believes that Patrick set the messages to Jen. Bonnie has a flashback of Patrick telling her that he knows who is gas lighting Jen. Bo tells Bonnie that if Jen died in the plane crash he will arrest him for accessory to murder. Bonnie tells Bo the only thing she knows is that Celeste feels that Patrick is in just as much trouble as Hope. A cop calls in and tells them there’s an open band from a police radio. Bo and Tek go to see if they can trace it. Bonnie asks Celeste if Patrick is going to die and Celeste gasps and says it doesn’t look good for him, Hope or Jennifer.

Patrick tells Hope that he is taking off. If she tries to stop him she would be condemning Jen and her unborn baby to death. Patrick compliments Hope on her resourcefulness including getting another gun. She asks for the one he stole from her. He tells her that he left it in the car but she makes him lean forward and pulls it from his waistband. She insists that he get off the plane. He refuses and tells her the only way she can stop him is to shoot him. Hope reminds him that she is in control and she’s taking him in. She believes he was involved in Jen’s kidnapping. He denies it and tells he truly believes that he is the only person that can save Jen and the baby’s life. He starts the plane and Hope tells him he is giving her no choice but to shoot. He tells her he has to do what he has to do, she counts to three and shoots.

Jack catches Jen just before she falls. He tells her to grab his other hand but she tells him she can’t. He says yes you can. She can’t believe that she found him and he’s alive. He tells her they will be together forever. She says she loves him as she loses her grip on his hand. She falls on to a ledge. He asks if she and the baby are okay and she tells him they are. She repeats that she can’t believe he’s alive and that she found him. She talks about him having massive brain damage, the life support being shut off, his organs being donated and that she had a funeral. He says it’s a long story and he doesn’t have all the answers. One minute he was walking in the alley behind Salem Place and the next he was on the island. She is so happy they are back together. He tells her not yet – he has to get her off that ledge. He tells her that he will go and find something. Jen talks to her baby telling the baby how brave and strong their daddy is. We see one of the rocks holding the ledge in place let loose. He comes back with the seatbelts from the play. He asks her if he lowers them if she can pull herself up in her condition. She doesn’t think so. He tells her he’ll come down for her but she says no, he can’t. She tells him he isn’t exactly Tarzan and she has a few added pounds. She says I bet you wish your friend Patrick was here because stuff like this is right up his alley. Jack says who. She says Patrick Lockhart, your friend. He tells her he doesn’t know any Patrick Lockhart.

Jan plays with the blonde hair on her kewpie doll as she flashes back to Shawn asking her to let him call Belle. She tells the doll she knows she did the right thing. Jan mutters ‘You are such an idiot, Belle.’ Shawn asks her what she said about Belle. She tells him that she called Belle an idiot and she doesn’t know what he ever saw in her. He asks her if she will change her mind and let him call her because he knows that Belle is worried about him. She says Belle doesn’t even give him a second thought, she’s moved on with Phil and she has the proof. She puts the tape back in but he won’t look at it. She tells that she’s going to keep playing it until he admits Belle doesn’t love him. When he refuses to watch it she tells him not to make her come in there and staple his eyelids open. He knocks the TV to the floor and it shatters. She tells him to behave or she will have to punish him. Her phone rings and its Nicole. Nicole tells her they’re in big trouble and to get over there. Jan tells her she is busy. Nicole says ‘listen space ranger’ get here or Bo and Hope will get an anonymous call telling them where their son is. After Jan leaves Shawn keeps pushing against the lock on his cage – thoroughly frustrated. He has a flashback to proposing to Belle. He’s very down and he just lies on the bed. He gets up and he keeps seeing the image of Belle and Phil dancing. He says he has to get out of here – he has to get back to Belle. The only reason she would ever turn to Phil is if she thought he didn’t love her anymore.

Nicole wonders where everyone has gone and she talks to herself while pouring herself a drink. She’s worried that John will find out that she paid Crystal to set up Marlena to die. She has a fantasy of John dragging Crystal in to the mansion and throwing her to the floor. He tells her that Crystal told him everything including who her accomplice was in Victor’s death. In her fantasy after confronting Crystal they start fighting. Nicole’s alter ego talks to her. Nicole realises that she is dealing with an ex-cop and spy and that he’ll crack Crystal like an oven roasted peanut. Her other self tells her that she has to make everyone believe that she is just another victim of Crystal’s. Jan shows up and Nicole tells her that she has to provide her with an alibi if Crystal blabs to John. Jan asks her why and Nicole tells because if she doesn’t they will both end up on death row. She just wants to be with Shawn. Nicole threatens to tell Shawn that she killed his grandfather Jan fails to see how Nicole’s problem with Crystal is any concern of hers. Nicole also tells her that she paid Crystal to arrange it to look like Marlena was escaping so she would be killed. Nicole tells Jan she has nothing to lose whereas Jan has everything to lose. Jan finally gets that Nicole is in serious trouble if John finds out the truth and she asks Nicole if she is asking her to kill John and Crystal.

Belle answers the phone all excited that Shawn saw her on TV. She asks him where he is and then says ‘what did you say?’ She continues to keep asking him why he is talking to her like that and then she asks what all the noise in the background is. The announcer tells her to hang up. It’s just a DJ and she’s being ‘punked’. Phil hugs her as she can’t believe someone would do that. YUCK Phil is holding Belle’s hand and petting it. She comments that what the DJ did was horrible but she says Shawn could still call. Phil tells her the way he sees her there only two reasons he hasn’t called. One being that he is in hurt or in trouble but he doesn’t see that as being likely because his parents are cops. They have an APB out on him and no one has seen him in any of the surrounding states nor has anyone matching his description shown up in a hospital or morgue. The other possibility is that he saw her on tv and the message on the car and ignored it. She just says ‘what’. He says maybe Shawn is consciously and deliberately choosing not to get in touch with her. Belle says Rex was right about him. Rex said he was just like a vulture waiting to swoop down and pick up the pieces of her and Shawn’s relationship. Phillie boy is deeply affronted and of course says that is crap. She says you came back to Salem and went on Love Is Blind and picked me even when you knew I was with Shawn. He throws that back in her face by asking her why she went on the show if it wasn’t to make Shawn jealous because they were apart yet once again. He throws Jan Spears in her face and reminds her how Shawn chose Jan over her, he threw away their future for Jan. Now her mother is death and he isn’t even here for her. She says you don’t really care about Shawn at all. She wonders why she didn’t see this before – he’s been binding his time waiting to make his move on her. He denies it and asks herself why she lets herself be treated so badly by a guy like Shawn. She tells him there has to be a very good reason why Shawn hasn’t called. He tells her to listen to herself – there’s no indication of foul play – he just disappeared and it doesn’t look like he’s coming back. Belle is hurt and angry. She tells him there could be other reasons he didn’t call but Phil won’t listen. He tells her that he never called, never checked in and everyone is worried sick about him. This just proves that Shawn is nothing but a selfish bastard. She tells him that she is not going to let him talk about Shawn like that. He says he knows she doesn’t want to hear it and it’s too bad she’s listening to other people badmouthing his motives. He is nothing but a true friend to her and true friends tell their friends stuff even if they don’t want to hear it. He tells her that she is setting herself up for an emotional disaster if she pins all her future and dreams on a man like Shawn Brady – a man who doesn’t deserve her. He reaches for but she backs away and says don’t touch me. He is sorry that she feels that away when all he is ever done is a be a good friend who’s been there for her. He tells her is going back to the loft to pack up he’s moving out tonight. He leaves and she says damn you Philip Kiriakis for saying all those terrible things about Shawn.

Preview: Belle telling Phil that she came to find him because she wanted to say I’m sorry. John telling Crystal he can make her a deal if she talks. Jan telling Nicole this is a lose lose situation. If Crystal talks she is going down. Bo asking Tek if he sees anything (Tek using binoculars). Tek says I see Hope.

Thursday Jul 8

Jan's Spoilers....

Not a lot of detail mostly comments....LOL.

Jan/Nicole/Crystal/John....to be honest I just can't get into this whole storyline. I find it boring and pointless....that being said Jan had a few comments to Nicole, one of them being how stupid she would look if Crystal was with John and she tried to tell everyone that Crystal tied her up....and then Jan figures if Nicole is dead all her problems will be over.

Bo/Tek....chasing down the plane. Tek wonders if Bo isn't a little worried about Celeste's prediction as Bo remembers Celeste telling him about Hope dieing....he doesn't believe in the psychic garbage and tells Tek if Hope is with Patrick then she could be in trouble but he isn't going to lose her. Bo wants to sneak up on the plane but his back-up puts on the sirens....Tek sees Hope through the binoculars and then sees Patrick...Bo tells him to shoot out the tire as the plane starts to take off....(good shot Tek)then he tries to stop the plane by pulling in front of it. Tek figures they might die and lose Hope in the process.

Hope/Patrick...Hope fires at Patrick as he tells her he is glad she can't shoot...she says she can and she hit what she was aiming at the next time it will be him. He continues to try to talk her into letting him go and help Jen. She wants him to tell Bo everything but he says there isn't time. The people who have done this have a lot of money and are influential....he knows how to get on the island (uncharted)and get in without being noticed. He tells her that the plane has made ten round trips from Salem to these islands.He gives her the PDA back and tells her to check her e-mail....it's a map to the island. She really wants Bo to know but he asks if she wants to riskhis life. She finally gives in and puts the gun away...they hear the sirens and she pleads with him to stop but he refuses as they start to take off just as Bo's car pulls in front of the plane.

Jack/Jen....they are talking about Patrick as Jack tells her he doesn't know who he is but they will discuss it later. He can't get the seat belts to work and tries to tie some vines together. He asks Jen if she remembers being in the Girl Scouts with Abby and what knot is what. After tying them together he is going to throw it down to her to wrap around her waist and pull her up. After doing this the 'pilot' shows up and starts fighting with Jack...Jen falls back on the ledge....Jack thinks he has knocked him out and starts to pull Jen up....the 'pilot' cuts the vine and Jack and Jen both fall again....Jack is hanging on the cliff while Jen is on the ledge...he wants her to grab onto his feet and he'll pull them up.

At the loft.....While let's just say that Belle is totally po'd with Phil. She aplogizes for the way she treated him she was just taking out her frustrations. He thinks this means that she is moving on but she tells him that she isn't. He thinks she should move on....after all the know Shawn isn't hurt, dead or in trouble with the law. He has probably joined the Merchant Marines....she says not without telling her. She mentions that he hasn't ever been in love like this...Shawn means everything to her. Yesthey had problems but the can work them out. He tells her not to forget about Chloe and how much he loved her (are we backtracking....LOL)she says it wasn't the same....Chloe loved Brady. He tells her how he was there for Chloe when she had leukemia and that is what Shawn should be doing now...be here for her. She says she told Shawn that she would be fine that she had her own life and she doesn't know why she is like this...he says your mother is dead you should move on with your life for her. He says he lost his father and he knows what it's like....she says he doesn't. He says it's not just me that thinks you should move on....your father, your sister, my....he stops then and she says your what. He again bad mouths Shawn and he tells him she has changed her mind. She opens the door and basically throws him out....he says if Shawn comes back I hope we can still be friends as she shuts the door....she goes to the phone and checks for messages....it keeps playing no messages as she goes down to the floor and cries. (Excellent performance by KS today.....loved how she went after Phil about his relationship with Chloe and him not knowing what it means.....funny how all of a sudden after him telling his mother he has loved Belle since high school he now backtracks and mentions his love for Chloe and how he was there for her....maybe he was but not emotionally it was still all about him....then and now)

Pat’s Spoilers

I absolutely loved Jack and Jen today - they were great! And Belle is back - LOL! I loved how she defended Shawn and the love they share.

Stables: John tells Crystal that he heard her talking to Earl so he knows she stole his gun and keys. He asks her if she set up Marlena. She tells him that one thing she learned in prison is that keeping information to yourself isn’t worth getting yourself beat up but she can’t give him information she doesn’t have. She gives him the same story about Marlena blaming him and trying to escape to kill him. He picks up a jockey’s whip and tells her he isn’t buying her story. He also tells her he can make her a deal. He tells her that he’ll get the death penalty off the table. She doesn’t think he has the power but he assures her he does. He wants to know who set up his wife because he believes that the same person killed Victor and Marlena knew who that was and that is why she had to die. After John tells her that he knows guys like Earl and he’ll turn states evidence on her so fast. He tells her she will go to death row and asks her if she is willing to die. She’s ready to tell him everything she knows.

Kiriakis Mansion: Nicole tells Jan she doesn’t want her to whack John and Crystal she just wants her to make it look like she’s a victim of Crystal’s. Jan likes the idea of beating her up but Nicole says no, maybe just tie me up. Jan says that is boring but asks her where the rope is. She starts tying Nicole up as Nicole directs her how to do it. She says John and Brady have to believe it. Jan says what if John is already talking to Crystal. John will be Crystal’s alibi and won’t all of this look stupid. Nicole doesn’t think that is possible. After using rope Jan wraps Nicole in duct tape. When she’s done Nicole tells her to leave before anyone finds her there. Jan has to tape her mouth. Nicole says no. Jan says that you better be screaming when someone shows up so Nicole tells her to go ahead. Jan tells her that she’s in a lose lose situation and Nicole threatens her by telling her that if she goes down she is taking Jan with her. Not a bright move when you can’t move. Jan turns psycho on her and says if you turn me in then I’ll never be with Shawn. She tells Nicole she’s done nothing but help her and Nicole has done nothing but threaten her. She tells Nicole that if she is dead then she wouldn’t have to worry about Nicole turning her in again. Nicole looks worried. Jan tapes her mouth and picks up a letter opener and says she doesn’t know why she didn’t think of this sooner. With Nicole and Marlena dead no one but Shawn would even know she was back in town.

Hope and Patrick: Hope shoots and Patrick says it’s a good thing she’s a terrible shot. She tells him that was just a warning shot to show him that she means business. He again tells her that is the only one that can save Jen and the baby if they are still alive. She asks him how. He tells her that he has more information than the police and he got it off her PDA which she hands back to it. She looks at it. He tells her they have a map to where Jen is. Hope can’t believe she didn’t check her email to see that Jen had emailed the plane’s registration number. Patrick admits to checking the FDA records (that are not available to the public) and tells Hope that the plane is registered to a dummy corporation and has made ten round trips from Salem to a group of uncharted islands in the Caribbean. He tells her he is going there. Patrick wants a favour from Hope - he doesn’t want her to tell the cops. They hear the sirens and Hope tells him to give the information to Bo and they can go through proper channels. Patrick says there isn’t enough time and asks her if she’s willing to take a chance on Jen’s life by depending on the Feds. Hope makes the decision to go with him and he starts taxing the plane. After the wheel is shot out she tells him to stop they won’t make it but he keeps going.

Bo and Tek: They’re in the vehicle trying to pinpoint where the signal is coming from. Tek says that Celeste’s prediction must have freaked him out. Bo says he doesn’t believe in that stuff but if Patrick has Bo he could lose her forever. Bo is upset that Hope didn’t wait for backup but Tek points out she only did what he would have done. LOL – Bo says that’s different – she’s my wife. Bo is convinced that Patrick was part of the plot to kidnap Jen but he can’t figure out why. She’s pregnant, the mother of a 13 year old, a widow and she’s not a reporter any longer so why kidnap her. He is very upset that they led her to believe her dead husband was alive. Bo also says that it had to be someone with money and resources to have access to a private plane. Tek asks Bo where Patrick fits in then. Bo doesn’t know but he says when they catch up with them he will make Patrick tell them everything he knows. Tek comments that the first thing they learn in the police academy is not to go into a dangerous situation without back up and he can’t figure out why Hope did. Bo says she might not have had a choice. Tek locks on the signal and calls for back up. Hope is at the private airfield. Tek wonders who is flying the plane because there was nothing in Patrick’s file that said he was a pilot. Bo is furious when the police turn on their sirens. He tells Tek that whoever has Hope knows they are coming and now she’s in more danger. Tek sees Hope first through the binoculars and tells Bo that she is holding a gun on Patrick. When they see the plane begin to taxi Bo tells Tek to shoot the wheel out. He does and Bo steps on it telling Tek that he won’t let Patrick win. Tek says if they’re dead, he wins. Bo says good point – LOL!

Island: Jen is trying to convince Jack that he does know Patrick but he’s just too tired to remember. Jack can’t get the seatbelts connected and reaches for a vine. He asks Jen what the difference between a granny knot and square knot is as another rock from under the ledge dislodges. I loved the conversation between Jack and Jen as they tell each other how much they have missed each other. Jack tells Jen that one thing he learned since being dead is that death is not worth living without her. He asks about Abby and she tells him she has been so strong for her. She’s grown so much but she will always be daddy’s little girl. Jack throws down the vine and tells her to put the loop around her waist and then he prays for the strength to save her and the baby. Great flashback as they recall the last time Jack tried to pull Jen up from a ledge. As he is pulling her up Casey the not so dead pilot attacks Jack and starts choking him. Jack breaks free and starts pulling Jen up again but Casey cuts the vine and Jack goes over the side. Casey collapses. Jack is hanging from a ledge and tells Jen to grab on to his feet. She tells him to save himself but he won’t abandon her and the baby. She tries to reach but can’t and she tells him the ledge is giving way. He tells her to grab on because he won’t lose her now. She does and screams as the ledge crumbles.

Phil and Belle: She comes in as Phil is putting one of his bags on the counter. She just glares at him and walks past him toward the desk. He tells her that there are no messages from Shawn. He says for what it’s worth he thought that what the disc jockey did was awful. She tells him she was handling it until he picked that time to tell her that Shawn wasn’t coming back to her and that isn’t the first time he’s said that. He says he’s out of there. LOL – love that ‘I could care less look’ she gives him. He tells her that he gave his forwarding address to Mimi so she won’t have anything to deal with. He also says he’s sorry that she believed Rex when he told her that he was just biding his time waiting to make a move on her because all he thought they would always be best friends. He says he was just being a friend to her. She tells him to wait when he’s ready to leave. She came to find him to tell him she was sorry. She tells him that she told Shawn that she would be fine while he was gone because she is independent so she shouldn’t be feeling like this. He points out that with her mother confessing and then being killed she needs all those that love her around her. She thanks him for being a good friend and says she is sorry for lashing out at him. He tells her that the only person that should be sorry is Shawn. He asks her if she meant it when she said this was the final straw and that she is done with Shawn for good. She says she isn’t saying that at all.

The next scene is very powerful. She tells Phil that she loves Shawn and she doesn’t understand how he can expect her to give up on him. He makes this about him again. He tells her that everyone was telling him that Chloe didn’t love him anymore and to move on but he wouldn’t listen. She’s doing the same. She insists that something could be wrong and that’s why Shawn can’t call. He goes on and says they know he’s not in trouble, hurt or dead – he’s just gone. Maybe he joined the merchant marines and he’s not ever coming back. He tells her to move on and make her mother proud by not focusing on getting Shawn back. She tells him he doesn’t know what it’s like to be in love in a committed relationship with someone that you plan on spending the rest of your life with. Of course Belle is wrong because his relationship with Chloe was life and death. She had leukemia and he stood by her even when she didn’t love him. He tells her Shawn doesn’t deserve her. I love how she yells at him not to say that. She tells him she changed her mind and she wants him to leave. He tries dishing Shawn more but she opens the door and tells him to leave – she won’t listen to him. He says it’s too bad that he won’t be there when she has to face the truth that Shawn is gone but if he’s wrong and Shawn comes back he hopes they can be friends. She just makes a ‘pbth’ sound and shuts the door on him. She listens to her message and then the beep and the 'no messages' plays. Those two words get playing in her head so she unplugs the answering machine and throws it against the door and then falls to the floor in despair close to tears.

Preview: Brady finding Nicole bound and gagged on the floor. John and Crystal struggling and John getting the upper hand. Phil asking Lucas how he can bring this woman he just met home for the second night in a row when he lives just down the hall from Sami. He asks him if he cares about Sami at all. Sami telling Belle ‘she’s smart, successive, beautiful’- Belle asks her why she doesn’t do something about it.

Friday Jul 9

Jan's Spoilers....

At the mansion....Jan hits John over the head....Crystal runs, Jan fantasizes about kissing Shawn, Brady believes Nicole is innocent or does he....LOL.

On the island....Jen is holding on to Jack's legs as he pulls her up to the ledge...he then pulls himself up. She says you did it...as Jack says not quite I still have to figure out a way to get you off the ledge...the ledge is slowly crumbling away. Jack has found a tree I believe and needs to move it over to the ledge....he struggles to pick it up (as only Jack can)and drags it over...he lowers himself on a vine attached to the tree as Jen tells him no....just as he gets there the ledge she was on gives way and he grabs her. With her arms around him he pulls them up the vine as Jen worries it will give way...he tells her it won't.....and FINALLY we have them on terra firma as the rain starts.....she can't believe he is alive as they kiss...and he tells her nothing will come between them again.

At the Blue Note....Lucas is dancing with Sami as he kisses her and tells her how much he missed holding her....he opens his eyes and it's Manda. She tells him she's been with him for 24 hours but he says I missed holding you...they kiss and he pulls away going to get her a drink. Phil is there as he says something to Lucas about being with the wrong woman. Lucas mentions Belle...Phil tells him he isn't living in the loft anymore he and Belle had a fight...Lucas asks if Shawn is home and Belle gave him his walking papers. Manda comes over and tells Lucas she'll meet up with him later. Lucas looks at Phil and Phil asks if he is listening to Mom. Lucas says no but you know Sami...you saw her with that guy when you were here...Phil says yeah but she didn't go home with him. You've known her for how long and you are going to be spending the second night with her down from Sami's apt. Phil leaves as Manda comes over and tells Lucas that the crisis is averted. She kisses him but he sees Sami.

At Sami's....she is watching a movie on TV and hears the door, she opens it to find Lucas there as he apologizes and they kiss....she wakes up and hears a knock as she runs to it finding Belle. Belle tells her that her life is terrible as they hug. Sami says they need ice cream and they go to the counter and sit down eating it. Sami wants to know what is going on as Belle tells her about the NASCAR race and that Shawn always watches but she didn't hear from him. She tells Sami it must be over....Sami calls Shawn a cold-hearted jerk and that there are more guys out there....Sami mentions Phil as Belle says he's a friend. She says besides he's in love with another girl...Sami aks if she knows who but she says know...Sami tells her that it's her that Phil is in love with as Belle looks at her like she's crazy. Belle tells Sami that Phil is a friend as Sami says he has a huge crush on you...he moved in didn't he. Belle tells her that Phil has been trying to help her get in touch with Shawn and helping her to be with the man she loves.....Shawn. Sami says maybe Phil is just laying low and being smart until he knows that she and Shawn are finished. Belle then changes the subject to Lucas. Sami tells her there isn't anything to say as Belle tells her that she should go to Lucas and tell him she is sorry for pushing him away. Sami tells her about Manda as Belle says he didn't bring that girl from Alice's home did he? Sami says he did as Belle tells her she should meet him half way. She tells Sami that if she doesn't she may never enjoy being with someone. They hug as Belle leaves....she tells Sami she has to go and find Phil she has already lost Shawn and she doesn't want to lose Phil as a friend. Sami has a fantasy of Lucas coming over...she has candles lit...he arrives wearing a tux and she tells him she is sorry....he says it's too late and mentions he is in love and so is Will with his new step-mother...Manda comes in wearing a wedding dress and they leave...Sami tells herself that Belle is right if she doesn't go to Lucas now she may lose him forever. She goes to the door and hears voices....in the hall Manda and Lucas are arriving as Lucas stops at Sami's door....Manda asks him what he is doing as he tells her he always stops to say good-night to his son he just forgot he was at camp...he tells her that Sami and him are through as they kiss and Sami watches through the peephole...with tears in her eyes sho goes over and starts to eat the ice cream.

At the pier….Jan has arrived and she sees Belle (she hides)...Belle is walking as she says Hi...it's Phil. Jan figures she'll hear something good. Phil and Belle talk as she tells him that he was right...that he was just trying to make her see things. She doesn't want him to move out as she tells him she doesn't want to be alone....he agrees and she says still roomies.She tells him that she has done all she can to get Shawn back and nothing...he isn't coming back at least not to her. She then says that Sami had this crazy idea about her and Phil...(he gets a grin on his face)as he asks her what...she says it's a crazy idea....she then says you know it doesn't matter. She then says that her and Shawn are over...he doesn't love her anymore (hmmm….if I remember Shawn made a comment a couple of days ago that she’d turn to Phil if she thought he didn’t love her anymore…and so it begins). Jan lets out a noise and knocks over a crate as Belle looks over and says OMG, Jan Spears....Phil wants to know WTH she is doing there.

Monday Jul 12

Jan's Spoilers....

I have to admit that I really enjoyed today's show....we finally had J&J reunited and with some very emotional scenes, Bo/Hope in an adventure and with Bo out to find her....and FINALLY someone else knows Jan is in town...although she is playing Belle and Phil to the hilt. Also enjoyed the Lumi scenes. One more thing...can I say how much I love MA!!!!! He was perfect in today's scenes!!

On the pier....Jan shows herself to both Philip and Belle as Belle asks her if she is eavesdropping on their conversation. She tells them she lost her earring….she apologizes to Belle for everything, saying that after she was raped she went off the deep end…Phil reminds her how she hurt Chloe, Belle and Shawn….she says that she knows she hurt them and that Belle had nothing to do with the loss of the baby…. Jan is telling Belle how sorry she is about Marlena's death...she can't believe she killed all those people and she asks why? Belle says she doesn't know as Phil says she was sick. Jan then tells Phil how sorry she is about his father....she tells them she isn't the same person she was in high school...the death of a parent has changed her perspective. Phil wants to talk to Belle alone...he tells her not to believe everything Jan is saying...it wasn't only Shawn and her that she hurt...Belle says she knows that...she doesn't trust her but she has lost her parents and with everything that has happened she doesn't want to be mean to people. They go back and ask Jan what her plans are, she says they wouldn’t believe her…Phil takes a call and then comes back and asks about her plans...she says to clean up some things from her parents estate....Jan asks about Shawn...she wants to apologize to him as well and in person...she says she thought Shawn would be with Belle...Belle says he's on a road trip and they don't know where he is or when he'll be back....Jan makes a comment as Belle says her and Shawn aren’t together…Jan says maybe he’s tied up somewhere....Jan puts her hand to her mouth as Belle asks what is that...Jan says she's engaged....Phil says it's huge as he looks at the rock he must love you very much...she says he does love me and he’s wonderful and as she looks at Belle she says he'll never leave me he’ll always be with me....

On the island....Jen has pains and tells Jack if she's in labor it will come quickly...they make their way to a cave...Jack helps her with her breathing and goes to get something to light a fire....he is a little unstable on his feet as he tells Jen it's from the breathing....he makes his way back and builds a fire....he wants to make sure our baby is OK as he puts his head on her stomach and sings to it…he is crying as he tells her how much he loves her….she sees the locket and can’t believe all this…they donated his eyes…he doesn’t know what happened but he knew he had to be with her as he takes off the locket and puts it around her neck…he wants to know about Abby as Jen is worried about what they would tell her...he says you're not dead so everything will be fine...he figures Abby has probably grown....Jen tells him she followed all his messages but he says he didn't send anything...she tells him about their wedding vows but he says their wedding was on TV...she tells him they had intimate details that only he would know....the pilot showed her a picture of him and he had on the same clothes....he tells her there was no serial killer they are all alive....she is shocked....as he says he has to tell her about the others he collapses and she goes to him.

At Lucas’s....Sami is having a fantasy about being old and alone and decides she needs to go to see Lucas….he and Manda are in bed....Manda compliments him...he continues to see Sami...Lucas calls out Sami's name....Sami comes over and we see her at the end of the bed....Manda is some po'd....she grabs her things and starts to go off on Lucas....calling him a liar and tells him that it's over...not to call her or e-mail her...she mentions him saying Sami's name...Manda leaves and Lucas starts to yell at Sami...she says you said my name you must have been thinking about me...he says I wasn't and that is the truth...he tells her he never wants to see her again...she says that's fine by me and storms off....Lucas wants his key back so it won't happen again and goes to her apt.....he hears her crying as we see her inside holding a picture of her, Will and Lucas.

On the plane....Hope keeps badgering Patrick....he finally tells her he'll land and drop her off but she says no they have to help Jen. She wants to know about his feelings for Jennifer but he says she's a friend...she says with everything you've done it seems like more than that...she wants to know about his past...he says he left home when he was young and did a few odd jobs....he resisted arrest, stole a plane and all while under gunpoint....they hear the radio as Patrick thought it was dead....Hope sees some islands as Patrick says Jen is down there....she looks up and sees something and asks if it's a plane...he says no a missile....he steers the plane out of the way but tells her that it's a heat seeking missile and they haven't lost it yet.

At the cop shop....Bo is freaking out as they are trying to find out about the plane, he says Lockhart may be a killer and I want my wife away from him. He figures Patrick knows more than he's telling and he is worried about Hope. Tek taps into the FAA radar and is tracking the plane. He tells Bo that it is in restricted air space...it is where the military test missiles and if Patrick doesn't get it out of there they are in big trouble....Bo gets on the phone to the airfield and tries to get them to stop call it off but they tell him they can't....it's done automatically....Bo gets on the other computer and is watching through a camera on the missile...he can see Hope and Patrick in the cockpit....it misses the first time and Bo goes back to check with Tek....he sees the missile hit the plane on the radar screen as the show ends on his face.....loved the ending.....

Tuesday Jul 13

Jan’s Spoilers….

FINALLY….we have a connection that we have been missing on this show. Bo’s connection with Hope is intact….and I am loving it. PR did a fantastic job today playing the emotion of seeing his wife shot down and not believing it…and knowing that she needs him!!! Perfect. The Lumi scenes were fun to watch as they both finally admit their love for each other. The scenes with Phil/Belle/Jan weren’t bad….Phil figures something is wrong…Belle is being written in character as forgiving….the Rimi scenes well….instead of bed we get a bathtub….it’s time for these two to make it out of the bedroom/bathroom….LOL.

At the loft....Rimi are in the bathtub making love....after getting out Rex says what a beautiful couple they are...Mimi says maybe you....she wonders if maybe he doesn't want to play the field seeing that she is his first girlfriend...she says that all these girls are going to be hitting on him while he is bartending...he says he only loves her.....she says I know...he looks at her and asks if this has to do with Shawn and Belle. They talk as Rex tells her that she knows all the things about him….the way he was brought up etc. and he knows all about her and they still love each other….she mentions about what if he had known Belle wasn’t his sister…he explains to her that yes he did think of Belle but she isn’t really his type….she wouldn’t understand him….she says Shawn and Belle have loved each other their whole lives….they finish each others sentences and know what the other was thinking if they can’t make it…she says she trusted Shawn and look what he did…Rex says he believes that Shawn will come back and he and Belle will be together but not as happy as they are as they kiss and fall back into bed…….Rimi are in bed as Rex asks Mimi if she feels better now...she tells him he always makes her feel better. He asks if she knows now that he loves her and she says yes....he wants to have a shower as she says we've been in the tub all day....she says as much as she'd like to she is still like a prune...she gets dressed as she talks to herself and says how she is worried about Shawn and Belle...she goes to the window and opens it up as she sits on the ledge and comments on how she is ready for a committed relationship...she looks over and sees Jan as she says what is she doing there and in Belle's loft....she goes over and climbs in the window grabbing Jan around the throat as she says she isn't going to kill anybody.

On the pier....a repeat of the end of the show as Jan tells Belle and Phil they know him. He loves her the way she is and he knows all her faults. He tells Belle she doesn't have to worry anymore. Phil asks if the get a name...Jan tells them he is tall, dark and handsome....athletic and a hot body....she says but that isn't why she loves...it's because she knows he'll never leave her (she has a flashback to Shawn trying to get out of the cage and calling her a bitch)....Belle says it sounds like Shawn...Jan says it is. Jan says he’s a lot like Shawn but different…..he won’t ever leave her….she apologizes to Belle as Belle tells her it isn’t her fault….Jan freaks a bit and says of course it isn’t….Phil tells her to calm down as Jan is going on about the rape and how Paul almost killed them....Belle/Shawn/Philip as well....Phil says it's over...as Belle says Paul is dead and he won't hurt anyone again...Jan says that it's not over for her....even though she did kill him she still remembers it and she'll never be over it....Phil asks about tea as Jan says all three of us...Belle looks at Phil and says yes as they leave...Phil is behind them as he says there is something going on with Jan Spears and he is going to find out what it is.

At Belle's loft....the trio get off the elevator as Jan turns towards Belle's....Belle wants to know how she knows where she lives and Jan says she checked out the listing downstairs...they go inside as Jan says what a nice place...Philip thanks her as they tell Jan they are living together...platonic of course. Jan can't believe Mimi is shacking up with a guy....as Belle tells her that he is Philip's half-brother and Shawn's cousing. Phil goes to make the tea but smells gas and thinks they should open a window...Jan goes over and opens it without a second thought as Phil says to Belle that there is something going on with her.. Belle says how did you do that I still have trouble....Jan says it's just a lock but Phil says Belle's Dad had a special one installed...Jan says we have them like that in London...Phil and Belle go to turn on the a/c as Jan can't believe she ran into these two twerps...she'll have to kill them..Mimi comes rushing in telling her that she is the only one who is going to die and they struggle.

At Lumi's....Lucas opens the door as we hear Sami saying that she isn't going to get her heart broken again...Lucas comes in and Sami throws something at him hitting him on the head and cutting his forehead...she checks on him and runs to get some ice....she puts his head on a pillow and puts the ice on his forehead (he's out cold)....she tells him she doesn't know what she'd do if she lost him.......she tells him that she isn't good at drama...while starting it but not when she is faced with it....she apologizes for everything and kisses him...he wakes up....on the sofa he asks her what she was doing...he wants to know what she was doing showing up at his place....she says he knows her....she is crazy...he says you are jealous...she says she isn't...she hits him with a pillow...he yells ouch as he tells her at least it's softer...she moves to check on his cut and he pulls her into a kiss. Sami apologizes to Lucas as he is surprised that she said I'm sorry...she says that she has to take responsibility for her own life if she doesn't she'll feel like she is disappointing her parents....she isn't going to stay a receptionist at BB she needs to look after self and make Will proud. Lucas tells her that Will is proud of her and that she is a good mother...she says not always but she is learning....Lucas asks her about loving him...she starts to deny it but he says he heard her....they both admit their love for each other....Sami is worried though as Lucas says the first time was a mistake...Sami says you loved my sister and Lucas says you loved my brother...he tells her that this time they are going to do it right....Will believes in them...they kiss as he picks her up and carries her to bed. Sami pulls away from him saying he called Manda's name....he was joking with her as he wanted to make sure she was paying attention...she tells him he's going to get it and starts to tickle him...he says your turn as he kisses her neck...the bed breaks and they start laughing....

At the station....Bo is watching the missile hit the plane as he grabs the monitor shaking it and yelling HOPE, NO.....he grabs a picture of her and says it can't be....he wants Tek to check but Tek tells him he saw it himself....Hope is gone....Bo says people have tried to tell me that before....Tek wants to know who to call....Bo says no one...we are going to find her....(BTW they now have the co-ordinates as obviously the island is near)....her name is HOPE and that is for a reason...he feels her, he knows she's alive...he wants one of the cops to get a search together to check on his wife....Tek tells him that he can't...she is gone...Bo grabs him by the shirt and shakes him telling him to get out of his way...he is going to find his wife.... Bo tells Tek that he isn't going to come between him and his wife and puches him...he leaves the office and runs into the Judge...she wants him to take some time...he has lost his mother, brother, and now his wife. Bo says she isn't lost. The Judge tells him that she isn't going to let him jeopordize the mission and wants his badge...Tek calls to her and she tells Bo to wait...Tek tells her that as an ISA Agent he had to make sure that agents could handle everything and he thought Bo wasn't but now thinks that even though this is personal Bo is handling it as a professional...they leave the office and Bo is gone...the Judge tells Tek to go with him and if he causes problems to arrest him....Bo is on the chopper as Tek arrives...Bo says don't try to stop me as Tek says he's going with him...they arrive at the scene.....Bo says to get lower...he yells Hope's name....

On the water....we see Hope holding onto a piece of plane....there is blood and pieces of the plane all around....we get a quick shot of her bracelet. Hope is still hanging onot the piece of the plane....her hands start to slip as the chopper arrives...we see the water is blood red....the platform she was holding onto is red...the show ends on her bracelet that is caught on a nail or something.

Wednesday Jul 14

Jan’s Spoilers…

A quick comment….can I say how much I love Bo Brady and how determined he is….and the fact that he saved his ‘Fancy Face’s’ life and didn’t even know it.

At the mansion....I'm sorry but I found the first scene to be absolutely ridiculous as Nicole talks to her alter ego (who is sitting on her martini glass)about getting it on with Brady...the phone rings and it's Chloe who it appears tells Brady that she had to know about the concert hall as they want to book her all over Europe...he talks to Nicole who says not to worry she has a way of bringing Chloe back to him. Nicole comes out with a jewelry box and hands it to Brady telling him that maybe this will help turn the ground on the opera house...Brady opens it and says he can't take it...Nicole tells him that Crystal got most of it....the gawdy stuff but this should help until they can talk to Phil and Bo....Brady says he can't do it and that he is going to phone Chloe and tell her the plan is on hold....Nicole tells him that if she was Chloe she wouldn't need the promise of the opear house for her to come home to him....he goes over to her and kisses her cheek calling her sweet.

At Kate's...she is going over some numbers as John arrives and says he wants her...he tells her that he needs her help to think things through...she pours him a scotch and he tells her about being hit on the head...he says that she is the smartest person he knows and he wants her to help him....as he explains she says someting about Marlena's jailbreak and John says 'alleged' jail break.... Kate and John are discussing the possibility of who hit him over the head...Kate tells him that the police figure that Nicole had an accomplice and Crystal's fingerprints don't match the ones found at the mansion so it must be someone else....John is worried about Brady as he mentions Chloe....Kate would like to see Chloe come home as John says that he remembers Kate not liking Chloe with Philip...she thinks Nicole is worse....she also tells him that she thinks Brady is falling in love with Nicole and doesn't know it...she tells him you can't help who you fall in love with....it just happens....John is going to leave as she apologizes for upsetting him...he tells her she didn't that he knew it already...he grabs his neck as Kate wants to rub his neck for him....she tells him that when she was in Japan she learned how to relieve the stress....she wants him to sit down but he refuses...she finally gets him to sit and starts to rub his neck...he tells her how good it feel and that he is always relaxed with her.

At the loft....Mimi is going after Jan as Belle and Phil come running in and stop her....Mimi tells them that Jan broke in and is planning on killing them...they ask Jan if that is true and she says absolutely...with kindness. Mimi has totally lost it and goes on about how Jan was the one who made Belle think that Shawn had slept with her and gotten her pregnant....that she accused Belle of killing her baby...and don't forget about Chloe....Jan says that Mimi was involved in that as well or did she forget....Rex comes on and Jan gives him a huge smile and asks who he is.....Mimi goes over to him and says my boyfriend...Jan says oh, Shawn's cousin as Rex says and Phil's half-brother...Jan says I can see the resemblance....Mimi pulls Belle away and can't believe she is buying into this....Mimi tells her that Jan doesn't have Shawn...as Belle says neither of us do....Mimi tells her not to give up on Shawn and asks what happened...Belle tells her that she got a prank call....Mimi wants her to check her messages but Belle says she can't....Mimi says you have to he may have called....Belle tells her not I can't...in a fit of anger I threw it against the wall and broke it...Mimi wants her to come with her....Jan to herself says that she has to stay and get some good stuff and how sweet Belle has moved on with Phil. Phil throws Rex a bottle of water as Jan asks him if he's still with ghoul girl...Phil tells her not to call her that and no he isn't with her...she starts to make a comment and tells him that he deserves so much more....someone who is sweet as Belle and Mimi come in. Belle plugs in the answering machine and tells Phil that it's time they made this official....Phil gulps as he repeats official....she comes over to him and tells him that her and Shawn are through....that he won't be moving in with her and that they have no future...she tells him that it's Shawn she is angry with and that she won't take it out on him anymore....she wants him to puts a message on the answering machine...she doesn't have to worry about what Shawn would think anymore....as Phil walks over Jan thinks to herself that he is so in love with Belle that he will have Belle just like she has Shawn and she will get what she wants, she always does....Phil places the message as Mimi tells Rex that Shawn will go nuts if he calls and hears that as Jan thinks to herself that is what she is hoping will happen.

At Mimi's.....Mimi gives Belle the answering machine and tells her that maybe Shawn will still call. Belle tells her it's over...Belle tells her that love is trust and communication…she didn’t trust Shawn and now he’s not communicating with her....Mimi tells her again not to give up but Belle says I've been listening to everyone else, Philip, Sami and you and it's time I grew up and made my own decisions about this....Shawn and I are over as she hugs Mimi.

On the island....Marlena is writing in her journal as Roman tells her that a storm is coming....they look up and see an explosion....Roman grabs some night-vision binoculars and tells Marlena to have a look....she sees some light and he tells her that it's wreckage burning....she thinks it's close but he says it's not...she talks about the madman that is holding them here and why is he doing it....she says what if that was one of our loved ones coming to the island....Roman says if it was they are dead now. Marlena and Roman are talking as we get a change to the history of J&M....Roman tells her that he loves Kate but she was his soulmate. Marlena tells him that they are connected because of Eric, Sami and Will and she misses them so much....they hear a noise and look down....we see arms grabbing on to the pier as we see Hope and Patrick grabbing on and the show ends on Marlena and Roman looking down.

In the water....we see Patrick pulling Hope away from the crate she was holding onto...we see them paddling as Hope asks where the sharks went...Patrick explains to her that he needed to save her as she was in trouble....he tells her how he stabbed the shark to draw the others away....in the chopper Bo is looking down and calls Hope's name....Tek says that their is a storm coming and the debris field is widening...he wants the chopper pilot to take another look around as Bo says no...they have to stay here he is going down...Tek tells him with all that blood that whoever was down there is dead but Bo tells him he is going down anyway and if Tek doesn't want to help him then to get out of his way.... Hope is having trouble keeping her arm out of the water as the sharks are approaching....she thinks she hears a chopper in the air as Patrick says he hears it to must he must be hearing things....even if they are looking for them the storm has blown them off course....as the storm picks up the crate they are on breaks apart and they end up in the water.....the sharks leave as Hope as Patrick tells her that they smell fresh meat....he says whatever it is saved their lives as the start to swim. Bo is in the water looking desperately for Hope...he finds a picture of the family at Christmas as he keeps looking....(the chopper pilot tells Tek they are running low on fuel and that he can't keep the copter so close to the water as Tek says he'll try to get Bo out).....Bo continues swimming through the debris and finds Hope's bracelet...as he pulls it off the nail he cuts his arm (it appears that their connection is intact and he has saved her life as well)Tek lowers himself to the water and brings Bo up to the chopper....Bo calls Hope's name as they pull away.
Pat’s Spoilers

This will be a quick report as I am going out with some friends to grab a cold beer and then a movie. Thank god it’s finally summer.

Kate & John: I do want to say how much I loved Kate’s outfit today – classic white and black – the white top looking stunning on her. John comes for advice because he feels Kate is the strongest woman he knows. He expresses his concern about Brady living with Nicole in the mansion. He tells her that he overheard a conversation between Earl and Crystal that leads him to believe that they set Marlena up. He was close to getting the truth from Crystal when he was hit from behind. It couldn’t have been Nicole because Brady swears she was in the house tied up by Crystal no less. John doesn’t buy that Nicole was victimized by Crystal. They come to the conclusion that it was more than likely the alleged accomplice that Nicole had whose fingerprints were found in the mansion the night Victor died. John is very upset that Brady is more on Nicole’s side than he was before. Kate tells him that Brady is falling in love with Nicole. John is going to leave but Kate sees how tense he is and makes him sit down for a massage. I don’t know where the dialogue is coming from but some of it isn’t amusing – so no comment on what John says although in the end it was goose bumps he was referring to.

Brady & Nicole: Hmm…Nicole has taken to talking to herself – and as I alluded to above – I could have done without half of the dialogue that spewed out of her alter ego’s mouth. Nicole is watching Brady swim and says in two seconds he’ll be making love to me. Brady’s phone rings and its Chloe which dampens Nicole’s ardour. She hears Brady telling her that he’ll call her back after he talks to Nicole about starting construction on the opera house. Nicole flashes back to Vic telling her if she stopped construction on the opera house Brady would see her for the money-grubbing whore she really is. She offers him her jewellery to use as capital and says it is enough to start and then they can work on Phil and Bo about getting more funds. He says if she doesn’t get any settlement from Vic’s estate the jewels will be all she has that give her money and power and he knows how important those things are to her. She tells him she would do anything for him and if she was Chloe she would come home for him not because of an opera house. He kisses her on the cheek and tells her she is sweet.

Bo & Tek: Bo insists on going down to look for Hope even though the storm is getting stronger. Tek warns him about the sharks and tells him not to let go of the harness. Bo goes into the water and he finds a chunk of a family photo of Hope, Shawn, Zach and himself. He keeps calling for Hope but there is no response. He then finds the beads and calls her name as he smashes his hand against the wood and he slices open his hand. He then sees the fin of the shark and tells Tek to get him out of there. Tek shoots the shark and Bo grabs the harness and is pulled back into the helicopter still holding the shred of picture.

Hope & Patrick: Patrick has Hope on another wood panel. He tells her how he managed to scare the sharks away after he took after the one piece of floating debris and put her on the one they are on now. He used his knife and stabbed one of the sharks which started a feeding frenzy. Then they feel a bump and see a dorsal fin of a great white shark. Patrick doesn’t think he can fool this one. He tells Hope to keep her hand out of the water and not let any blood flow down. They’re rammed again and the debris breaks apart and Hope goes under. Patrick dives in and gets her. They grab onto a trunk and they see the shark swimming away. Patrick tells Hope the shark must smell a new kill (which is just when Bo slices his hand open). They feel the pull of the tide and Patrick says they must be close to shore so they decide to try and swim for it.

Roman & Marlena: They are on the pier and Marlena is writing in her journal when Roman tells her that a storm is rolling in and they need to leave. They see the explosion and deduce that it is a plane. Roman says no one could have survived that. Marlena hates the man that is doing this to them. She thinks that maybe someone from home was coming to the island. Roman says that up until this point all the deaths were ruses but now someone has actually died. He says they will get off the island, all of them. Marlena feels that whoever is doing this has underestimated them. They talk about getting home to their loved ones and say the person doing this has taken us all from our loved ones. Marlena wonders if the mastermind is hoping for a ‘Stockholm syndrome’ like result – where the hostages grow happy with their life on the island and make new lives for themselves. This is where Marlena tells Roman that she loved John because she thought he was him, her husband. She never fell in love with John Black she fell in love with Roman Brady all over again. She tells him that she wanted their marriage to work but he left Salem because what she had done was unforgivable. He says he doesn’t blame her and he regrets leaving. He says he loves Kate with all his heart and soul but she is the love of his life. Marlena talks about loving him more as time passed by. He asks her if it would have been different if he hadn’t left Salem – she says they will never know. They’re about to leave when they hear a noise and look down and see Hope and Patrick. Cue surprised looks and freeze frame.

Mimi, Jan, Belle, Phil & Rex: Mimi is horrified to hear that Belle invited Jan over for tea. She tells them that she heard Jan say she was going to kill Belle and Phil. They ask Jan if this is true and she says yes – she is going to kill them with kindness. LOL – Mimi is totally blown away that Belle is even listening to anything Jan has to say. She lists off all the things that Jan did and the last one is operagirl.net. Jan reminds her that was years ago and it was partly Mimi’s idea. Rex comes in and Jan likes what she sees. Mimi pulls Belle aside and asks her if Shawn has called. She says no. Mimi tells her to check her messages. She says she can’t because in a fit of anger she broke hers. Mimi takes her back to her loft and finds hers and tells her to use it. Belle says Shawn hasn’t called by now – he isn’t going to call. She has to accept that he is not coming back. She tells Mimi that she has been getting advice from a lot of people including her and Phil but it’s time she start thinking for herself. It’s over between her and Shawn and she has to accept that. When they return Jan sees Phil mooning over Belle and knows she can use that to her advantage. She will help Phil get Belle because that is what she wants and she always gets what she wants – she adds ‘ just ask Shawn.’ Belle again says it is over between her and Shawn and then she tells Phil it’s time they made it official. Of course he thinks she wants to take up with him but she talks about how Shawn wont’ be moving in and she was taking out her anger at Shawn on Phil so if he records the message it will be official that he has moved in. Phil records a few words – Phil and Belle aren’t in – leave a message – something like that. Mimi says if Shawn calls and hears that he will freak out. Jan smiles and thinks to herself ‘that’s exactly what I’m counting on.’

Preview: Jennifer telling an unconscious Jack that she just got him back, he’s not going to die on her - she is not going to lose him. Kate telling John that she can’t imagine starting over with someone else as he touches her hand and says he thinks they may be perfect for each other. Hope saying what is going on here – something is really wrong here. Roman says welcome to our nightmare.

Thursday Jul 15

Jan’s Thoughts

As one chapter closes and another begins in the Romance of Shawn and Belle we would like to take a minute and say Thank You.

Thank You, Kirsten Storms for bringing the character of Isabella Black back into our lives. From the moment you appeared on our screen as a young, bubbly 15 year old to today as you leave a young, beautiful 20 year old woman you have given us memories as one half of the couple we love ‘Shelle’ that we will remember for years to come. From their first meeting at the hospital, to their first dance to ‘Only a Woman’, to their first date, to their first kiss in the lagoon in Puerto Rico, to their first ‘I Love You’s’ at Lookout Point they are memories of Shelle that we will cherish.

As you move on to the next phase of your career and your life we wish you happiness and success in both.

Pat’s Thoughts

I definitely echo everything Jan has said and just want to add my own ‘Thank You’ to KS for being one half of a couple that had me laugh, cry, smile, get riled up and love right along with them. In all my years of soap viewing I can count on one hand the number of couples that have been that special to me and JC’s and KS’s Shawn and Belle is one of them. It was a joy to watch Kirsten grow as an actress and person in her five year tenure on the show and I wish her continued success and happiness in both her professional and personal life. Kirsten you will be missed. Thank you for all the cherished memories.

Jan's Spoilers....

Awesome performances by both Kristian and Matt today. They both played their scenes of perfectly and I loved them both. It was great seeing Caroline again as it was to see Alice. Loved Bo and his undying faith that Hope is alive. I admit it was nice to see Kate morph into Marlena as at least I know that John still thinks of her. Mimi has the brains today as she doesn’t believe one word Jan is saying.

At the loft....Jan tells Belle and Philip that it's great...they live together and work together, she always knew they'd make a great couple. Belle tells her that they are friends and that they do make a great team. Phil wants to know if she's been in town only a short time how she knows they work together...Belle says good question. Jan says that with her parents estate she is in charge of the charities and she probably saw something that told her that they were co-chairs of the BB charities....Mimi says that is quite the move....from juvenile delinquent....Mimi then says that she is probably her to go after Shawn as Belle says that Shawn isn't here so it really doesn't matter....Jan hold up her ring finger and says besides I'm engaged...Mimi checks it out and says you mean someone wants to marry you to which Philip laughs...Belle gives him the look....Rex wants to know when they can meet him...Jan says they can't...he's in Europe....Mimi says but you have a picture don't you? Mimi again asks for a picture as Phil says she told us before she'd have to check with her fiance....she says I do have one as she goes to her wallet and pulls out a pic of Shawn and her....she says wrong wallet as Mimi grabs it and asks what this is....it's a picture of Jan's parents as she tells Mimi it's all she has left....Mimi says sorry as Jan tells Belle that she needs someone who can help her as well....someone who has been through the same thing....she says what about you Philip you've lost a father....they never did figure out what happened.....Phil says no they didn't but I now who is responsibile....Belle asks Philip how he knows who killed his father...he tells Belle she does too...it's Nicole. Jan figures it's now time to leave her guy is expecting her call....Belle tells her to tell him they are looking forward to meeting him. After she leaves Mimi asks Belle how she can be friends with her...Belle says I only accepted her apology....Mimi says she knows how she can prove that witch is lying...Belle asks how as she says we follow her and do it now before we lose her.

At Kate's....she is still massaging him as there is a knock at the door...she opens it and they bring in a tray of desserts....John and her looks at each other as John tips the guy....Kate thinks John ordered it as John thinks she did....it is his and Marlena's favorites (strawberries and whipped cream)and Kate and Roman's (chocolate and fondue)....they are both surprised by this...Kate phones downstairs and is told it was a mistake...they apologize but can keep it free of charge (we see a black-gloved hand give money to the busboy)....he wants to know how he knew as the guy leaves.....Kate and John figure they should enjoy it for Roman and Marlena as John says he'll never trust a strawberry again....he opens the bottle of champagne and says a toast to Marlena and Roman as Kate says and two other people...your daughter and my son....may they find the loved that we did. John and Kate are talking as Kate feeds him a piece of chocolate...it drips down the side of his mouth...she looks at him and tells him...she leans over to wipe it off and sees Roman and backs up....she tells him again and he wipes it off with his finger....he takes a strawberry and dips it in whipping cream....as he looks over Kate morphs into Marlena and he touches the cream on her nose and then feeds her the strawberry....he looks up to see Kate...she wipes the cream off her nose and says sorry....(the black clad figures is outside the door listening....the door is open)....Kate says how can we ever get through this...it isn't easy as John agrees. Kate is telling John that Philip keeps telling her that she should move on....John says he's a very smart man what else does he say...Kate says that it's time to get my life back....she says it's easier to move on from a broken heart at Philip and Belle's age...as it was for him with Isabella. John puts his hand on hers and says he thinks they are perfect for each other (the figure in black hears this and leaves)....Kate asks what he meant...he says that we are both going through the same things and it's nice to have a woman friend he can talk to....Kate says she feels the same way....she puts on some music and John asks her to dance...she says he doesn't have to do that to cheer her up...he says to cheer both of us up...they start to dance as Kate pulls away and says that this is the first time she has felt at peace in a long tmie as he says he feels the same....the radio breaks in with a special report that Det. Hope Brady, wife of Commander Bo Brady is missing and presumed dead.

On the chopper....the pilot wants to take off as Bo says no they have to stay he needs to find Hope. Tek tells him they can't that she is dead...Bo says I'd feel it...we have that kind of connection and it has never failed us....Tek says what about Celeste's premention as Bo says he doesn't believe in that sort of thing...Tek says she was never wrong about the stalkers victim's....Bo says there is no more stalker and Hope is alive....I'll go down myself and find her....Tek tries to stop him as they struggle....Bo finally gives in but says he will launch his own investigaion when he gets back.

On the island....Jen is holding onto Jack telling him she won't lose him again...Jack is delirious as he mentions the locket....Jen says she has it on he gave it to her....she says he needs some water as he's burning up...he's worried about the baby as she says the baby is fine she isn't in labor....she leaves to get water as Jack has an hallucination....he is searching the jungle for her and finds the locket with blood on it.....we see Jen looking for water as she grabs a leaf and cuts her finger getting blood on the locket....we then see Jack again seeing a cross with Baby Devereaux on it....and then one with Jennifer Devereaux.... Jen finds water and puts it in a coconut shell to take back to Jack. Jack meanwhile is up yelling for Jennifer and walking around....he can't find her and thinks that this is all a dying man's hallucination....he says if she was here he would tell her he loved her....he lays down saying Jen's name....he wakes again searching for the locket...he says I don't have it...of course not I have it to Jen...Jen I have to find you....he gets up and starts to walk out of the cave...it appears he falls down a ravine.

Roman and Marlena pull Hope and Patrick up as Hope looks at them and backs up....Roman tells her it's OK everything is fine...she says I must be dead...Roman says you're alive....she says it looks like Salem but it can't be where am I...he says welcome to our nightmare....Marlena asks Hope about John and then checks on her….Marlena introduces Patrick to Roman and he says you're a cop to which Roman asks if he has a problem....the explain about looking for Jen and what happened with the plane....Marlena checks out Hope's hand and they try to keep her warm....Roman asks her to trust him as they say they need to go to the pub....they stop in front (Hope and Patrick are now in dry clothes)as Hope again questions what is going on and who else is here...Marlena tells her to come inside and see for herself,,,she walks inside and Caroline turns to see her...Hope says I can't believe it and runs into her arms as Roman and Marlena watch. Hope is so happy to see Caroline as Caroline tells her she wishes she could be as happy....Hope asks what she means...she says if you're here it means I'll never see Bo again. Caroline has brought some soup (probably Brady chowder) to Hope...Hope wants to know what is going on as Caroline says she won't see Bo again...she asks what she means as Caroline apologizes. Hope asks again as Roman tells her that they are all seperated from their significant others. Hope tells them that Bo will be mad at her....they ask what she means as she says he'll be mad I didn't tell him where I was going with Patrick...Roman says he'll think you're dead....she gets up and walks saying poor Bo....she doesn't know how he'll deal with it....his mother, his father, his brother, her....he doesn't know they're alive...what will happen to him and their sons. Marlena whispers to Caroline that she knows exactly what Hope needs....Caroline says you're right as she leaves.....Roman and Marlena talk as Marlena tells him she is going to find Doug...he tells her that is a good idea he is going to talk to Patrick....Marlena asks why as he says his cop instinct is telling him that Patrick knows more than he is saying....we hear a voice say Hope, darling....as Hope turns and we see Alice in the doorway...Hope faints as Patrick holds her.

Pat’s Spoilers

These are going to be sketchy because I am not feeling good and it’s difficult to sit and look at the computer screen. I can only type a few sentences and then I need to lie down.

The Island: KA definitely was the show today. She did an excellent job of portraying the shock, horror, amazement, doubt, joy and complete confusion perfectly. After Roman helps her out of the water both he and Marlena come into focus and she wonders what is going on – something is wrong. Roman welcomes her to their nightmare. She says you’re dead, Marlena stabbed you. She looks at Marlena and says the police shot you. I was there when you were pronounced dead. She thinks she is dead. Marlena says no. She asks how they ended up back in Salem. Patrick says this isn’t Salem, is it? Roman doesn’t know who he is and Marlena tells him and then fills Patrick in on who Roman is. Patrick says you’re a cop with a strange look on his face that Roman doesn’t miss. Hope wants to go home and Roman tells her that is not possible. They are prisoners on the island. They tell them they have to get out of the wet clothes and then they’ll go to the Brady pub. After a quick change and hair styling for Hope they arrive outside the fake Brady pub. Hope is really having a hard time trying to grasp everything including not being able to get back to Salem. They go inside and she is overjoyed to see Caroline and Caroline to see her. Hope tells her how happy she is to see her. Caroline says she’s not as happy as Hope because this means she’ll never see Bo again. Hope asks her to explain. And Roman and Marlena tell her it seems like those that end up on the island are part of a couple. Hope is horrified thinking that Bo and her sons will think she is dead and gets all worked up. Marlena tells her to calm down. Caroline knows just what she needs. Roman is going to question Patrick because he doesn’t trust him. Hope hears Alice’s voice and turns around and says ‘Gran’ and passes out.

Jack is really feverish and Jen knows she has to go find water. Jack doesn’t want her to leave but she does. He has a dream of looking for her and finding the locket with blood on it. Jen is trying to mark her trail so she can find her way back and pricks her finger and some of the blood ends up on the locket just like in Jack’s feverish dream. Jack continues to dream and stumbles upon makeshift crosses with the names Baby Devereaux and Jennifer Devereaux. He comes to in the cave and wonders if it was all a dream and than he decides that Jen was never really there just before he passes out. He comes to and reaches for the locket and remembers putting it on Jen so he knows she was really there. He goes to look for her. In the meantime Jen has found a lagoon and she is filling a coconut shell with water and she soaks her shirt and heads back towards the cave.

Bo and Tek: Bo wants the helicopter pilot to circle back but he says they need more fuel. Bo is going to jump out but Tek stops him and tries to convince Bo that Hope is dead. Bo tells Tek he knows she is alive – if she wasn’t he would feel it. They have a connection and it’s never been wrong before. He gives the go ahead to go back and refuel but tells Tek he will be mounting a full scale search.

John and Kate: Each thinks the other has ordered the room service dessert tray but neither of them had. They want to know who did as it contains both Kate and Roman’s favourite dessert and John & Marlena’s. Kate calls down and they tell her it was delivered to the wrong room. John feels stupid for being suspicious of strawberries. Down in the kitchen we see a gloved hand paying the waiter. The guy says that was easy money and wants to know why he did but the person has disappeared. As Kate and John talk that person is listening outside Kate’s slightly ajar door. The talk they had was really quite good although if someone were to take bits and pieces of it and ship it off to Marlena and Roman they would get the impression that something was going on between the two of them. John and Kate talked about trying to cope and John’s quest to clear Marlena’s name. I could have done without the toast to Belle and Philip finding the kind of love that each of them had found. I also could have done without John referring to Phil as a smart man at one point and a veritable genius at another point. They dance and a news bulletin comes on stating that Hope Brady is presumed dead.

The Loft: Jan comments on what a team Phil and Belle are – they live and work together. Mimi asks her if she just got to own how does she know they work together. That was the first of many little slips by Jan buts he always covered them. Mimi tells Belle not to trust her – for all they know she came back to get her hooks into Shawn. Belle asks Mimi what difference would it make. Shawn has disappeared and they can’t blame that on Jan. Jan tells Mimi that she is engaged and shows her the ring. Mimi wants to see a picture of her fiancée. Phil tells Mimi that Jan doesn’t want to tell them anything about him until she talks to him. Mimi pushes so Jan says she must have a picture in her wallet. She pulls one out of Shawn but pushes it back and says she was wrong (she has her back turned to the others) it must be in her other wallet. Mimi grabs it and pulls out a picture but it is one of Jan’s parents. Jan says after the death of her parents finding love has really helped her and says Belle should do the same. Of course she brings Phil’s name up right after because he knows as well as Belle and her do what it’s like to lose a parent. Jan then leaves and Mimi jumps all over Belle telling her not to trust Jan. Belle says the past is the past. Mimi has a way to prove Jan hasn’t changed – she wants them to follow her. Sigh and that’s the last we’ll see of KS as Belle – not a flashback in sight…double sigh.

Just a comment about the appearance today of the mastermind or the mastermind’s accomplice that we got our first glimpse of today. By process of elimination we know it can’t be Bo, Tek, Rex, Phil, Mimi, Jan, Belle, Kate, John or Shawn (seeing as he is locked and shackled inside a cage). So who’s left or is it someone that can get from the island to Salem whenever necessary. It obviously can be done because where’s Casey? When last we saw him he pushed jack over the cliff and then collapsed. When Jack and Jen pulled themselves back up he was nowhere to be found.

Preview: Jan taunts Shawn – she tells him that Belle and Phil are living together – those two love birds are definitely nesting. Bonnie yelling at Julie that she is the only Horton that deserves to be strangled and she’s just the one to do it as she grabs her throat. Mimi and Rex come into Alice’s at that moment. Jen going into labour in the jungle. John saying to Bo that the plane was shot down by a military missile. Bo declares that he is going to find his wife.

Friday Jul 16

Jan’s Spoilers….

Another good performance by KA, MA and Missy. I’m enjoying Bo and John beginning to work together. Loved that Belle is still concerned and thinking about Shawn. Emotional scenes with Mimi and Bonnie.

At the police station.....Bo is holding the picture he found in the water...he sits at his desk and looks at the picture of Hope...John comes in and tellsh him he heard the report and he's sorry....Bo tells him there is nothing to be sorry for Hope is alive....John says he understands how he's feeling...Bo says you don't....John says Marlena died in my arms and I buried her and I still didn't believe she was gone...Bo tells him that Hope didn't die in his arms and he knows....he says even though the Coast Guard and ISA have called off the search he is going to find her....John offers him the use of his plane and his contacts to help....Bo tells him that tomorrow morning they will start again... John is arranging everything as far as checking on the crash site. He tells Bo it's taken care of but he is sure they won't find anything different. Bo tells him she's alive...he wishes he would hear from Shawn....John says that would be good....Bo says he is out mending a broken heart....he has lost his grandfathers Doug and Victor, his granmother Caroline, his great-gran, his Aunt Maggie, his Uncle Roman and now his cousing Jen...I am not going to let him lose his mother. My boys are going to have their mother with them. John says he understands how Bo feels but there is something more important than Hope. Bo turns and asks what could be more important than my wife....John says that isn't what I meant...he says that the plane was shot down by a missile, it crashed in the water that was probably infested with sharks....what we have to concentrate on now is finding out what happened. Why was Hope on that plane? Who sent the messages to Jen? Bo says it's like a chess game as he turns to John and John says Stefano. Bo says this is enough of someone toying with our lives we have to find out who did this and why....Bo says he believes that Patrick Lockhart was somehow involved as John agrees.

At Alice's.....Bonnie is walking around the bar worried about Patrick....she lights a cigarette and turns on the radio to see if there is news....afterall Celeste only saw Hope not Patrick....Julie comes in and her and Bonnie go at it with Julie blaming her for Jen’s disappearance and what is happening with Mickey....Rex and Mimi come in and pull them apart...Rex tells them Mimi has something to tell them...Mimi tells them about Hope and Patrick as Bonnie collapses in Mimi's arms with both of them crying....Bonnie says if it wasn't for that coin and the pawn shop and him resisting arrest then he might still be alive....Julie can't believe that Hope is gone...she wonders what will happen to Zach and Shawn and how Bo will go on...she says my little girl can't be gone as Rex comforts her....Julie turns on Bonnie saying it's her fault....Mimi tells Rex that she doesn't know why is Julie saying these things about Patrick he wouldn't hurt anyone…..Rex wants to figure out what was so important to Patrick.

At the loft....Mimi and Belle are arguing as Mimi says that they should have followed Jan she knows that she is lying...Belle says she lost her mother and I feel sorry for her...Mimi says that she hasn't changed, she was after Shawn and she is up to something....Belle says Shawn isn't here and it's not Jan's fault....she says she lost her mother and I know how she feels....Mimi isn't buying it or the engagement as Belle tells her that Jan didn't know she'd run into Phil and her and she still had the ring on...Phil breaks it up and says for both of them to calm down they should put on some music....they hear the radio report about Patrick and Hope as Mimi says my brother and Belle says Shawn's Mom....Belle hugs her as Phil pets Mimi's arm and head….Mimi wants to know what happened as Rex checks the internet and tells them about the plane being shot down….Phil explains that if it was in restricted airspace and didn’t respond that the would send an ground to air missile to shoot it down…Mimi and Belle remember some moments with Patrick (playing Barbie dolls in his room, breaking his skateboard)Mimi says what about my Mom I have to go to her as Rex says he'll go with her....Belle tells her that she'll be there if Mimi needs anything at all....Belle turns towards Phil and says I'm glad Rex is with her you need to be with someone you love at a time like this....she is worried about Shawn and says she knows how he'll feel that he'll be angry like she was...she says that she is worried that he'll be alone. Phil is making tea as Belle asks him how this happened. Phil says he doesn't know....he can't figure out why Hope was on the plane with Patrick and in restricted airspace...he says there is more to this than we know....Belle is still worried about Shawn....they leave the loft as Phil says they should get some air...the phone rings and Belle says she has to answer it...Phil says let it ring but Belle says it might be Shawn....it has stopped ringing when she gets in but she checks the caller ID...it says private number...Phil says you think it might have been Shawn...Belle says yes....Phil says he's sorry as Belle says I know it's over but I can't stop thinking about him...Shawn has to come home when he hears about his mother.

At Jan's.....Jan yells Shawn's name as he is thankful she's back....she comes in and asks if he missed her....he says he wouldn't say that was the word he'd use....she says she ran into a couple who is in love as much as they are....she mentions them being engaged...he says he's not her fiance....she tells him she ran into Phil and Belle and how they are together...he says your lying...she tells him she's not as he says Phil and Belle wouldn't even talk to you....she says you're wrong Belle is sweet and forgiving and I'm her new best friend....they took me over to their place...he asks what she is talking about....she says Belle and Phil are like lovebirds and nesting. she brings in a phone and tells Shawn she is going to prove it to him.. Jan says that proves it...as my mother would have said they are living in sin...she holds the phone outside the cage and he pushes the buttons...he tries to grab it but she pulls it away knowing what he is thinking she puts it on mute....Jan they says must be hot and heavy as there isn't an answer....the answering machinecomes on the Phil's message....with him asking if that's OK and Belle saying it's perfect...Shawn walks over to the bed and sits down....Jan says that proves it... she tells him that Phil and Belle are living together, sleeping together and planning their future together just like us…as Shawn turns to look at her.

On the island.....Jack is looking for Jen as he feels hot and cold....like a grave. He turns and sees the grave markers for Baby and Jennifer Devereaux...he says not Jen...I have to find her as he continues looking. Meanwhile Jen is looking for the cave and realizes she is going in circles...she looks down and says oh no my water broke....she is still walking trying to find her way as she says no not the baby. Jen notices that her water hasn't broken it's the container with the water she was carrying for Jack....she continues to look for him...Jack hears Jen screaming and goes to look for her….he grabs his head and collapses on the ground….she sees something on the ground but her vision is blurred....it is Jack…as she goes to him she collapses beside him and the two of them lay together.

Hope comes to as she is now sitting in a chair....she looks at Roman and says this isn't a dream...he says no as she says I thought I saw Gran....a voice says you did dear as she turns to Alice....she tells Alice how much she missed her and how much she loves her and that she isn't letting her out of her sight again as she makes sure Alice is OK....we hear Maggie's voice as Hope turns towards Maggie and they hug. Maggie says that Marlena has gone to get Doug as Hope says Daddy, he's alive...Alice says yes, dear. Maggie mentions Jack....Patrick asks what about Jack...Maggie explains how Jack got through the fence and can't get back...that he and probably Jen as well are dead.....Alice looks very upset by this....Hope tells them she has a plan....Roman asks what it is as Hope tells them that her and Bo have this connection...remember when I was Princess Gina and in the tower and he found me....Roman says when she was at Maison Blanche it was Alice that helped...Bo thought she was someone else....Hope says I still believe....Maggie says we all thought that....that our loved ones wouldn't believe we were dead. Roman tells her not to forget about Celeste....that Celeste predicted that they would all die but they haven't.....Hope says that she isn't Celeste and she doesn't have psyhcic powers but she does know that her and Bo have this connection. Hope asks about Gran as Maggie says she is upstairs laying down....Hope then questions them about Jack....Patrick asks if there was anyway that Jack could have gotten a message out as they both say no....Jack thought he might find a radio or a way off the island....Hope asks who is doing this as Roman says Stefano and Patrick says he's dead....Roman says it could be someone carrying out his orders and mentions Tony...Hope says Tony's here...then of course as Maggie says she doesn't think it was him because of the tiger marks on his chest....Roman says unless he is sitting up in the DiMera mansion planning it all....he then mentions Abe as Hope tells them about the letter Lexie received...Roman says he wants to get back to her so bad as Maggie says we all do....Maggie asks about Mickey knowing that Bonnie is cooking and cleaning for him...Hope tells her that Mickey is missing her.... Roman sits down...he wants to know about Patrick...he says I know why we’re here…we are family and friends but how do you fit in….Patrick says I'm Bonnie Lockhart's son and your son is dating my sister....Roman says why haven't I heard about you then...Patrick tells him he's been away I got back in February. Hope and Roman are watching Patrick as he flips the coin and says to himself it wasn’t supposed to be like this now what do I do….Hope turns to Roman and says he knows more than what he is saying as Roman tells her he hasn’t trusted him since the moment he first saw him.

Pat’s Spoilers

I was very pleased to see Kirsten on the screen again today although the sentiments expressed last night remain the same. I am very pleased that in her final scene and her final show Belle's thoughts were all about Shawn.

Police Station: Bo is looking at the scrap of a photo he found and then the photo of Hope he has on his desk. He tells her he will find her. John comes in and tells him he heard about Hope. Bo declares that she is alive but John is sceptical. Bo says too many of their loved ones have died and it has to stop now. John explains that Kate wanted to come and express her condolences but he convinced her to rest. He adds that he didn’t think she could come and watch Bo grieve. Bo says he is not grieving because Hope is alive. The coast guard and the ISA might have given up the search but he won’t. John says he’ll send out his private planes and his security force but he feels the result will be the same. He understands that Bo doesn’t want to accept the obvious. He went through the same thing when Marlena died in his arms. Bo tells him that Hope didn’t die in his arms – she is missing and he will find her. John talks to his crew and tells Bo that they will search the debris field and if there is any sign of life they will hear from them but he isn’t holding out any hope. Bo tells him that Zach will not grow up without his mother. He wishes Shawn would call. John says that would be nice. Bo says he’s probably on the road trying to mend a broken heart. He has lost so many of his loved ones. He lists them all and says he will not add his mother’s name to that list.

John tells Bo that he is going to tell him something that he isn’t going to want to hear. He tells him to stop thinking about Hope; she is not what is important now. Bo asks him how he could say that. John says that even if she survived the plane crash there’s no way she could survive the shark infested waters. Bo has to accept that she is gone. Bo reminds John that Hope supposedly died right in front of his eyes once before. John says that Hope had a gun on Patrick Lockhart yet she chose to take off on that plane with him, why. Jen was kidnapped why? Someone was sending messages to Jen pretending to be Jack, who? Bo says that someone is toying with them like they were pawns on a chessboard. Love the look the two of them exchange as the realisation hits them. Bo says could Stefano be alive and John says he’s done it before. Bo says they have to find out what is going on – they can’t lose another loved one. Bo and John both agree that Patrick Lockhart is the key and they’re determined to find out everything they can about him and then they’ll find out what happened to Hope and Jen and why.

Island: Jen is trying to find her way back to the cave when she realises she has been going in circles. Her water breaks and she knows she is in labour. Jack is stumbling through the jungle looking for Jen. Jen cries out in pain. Jack feels cold as if someone is walking over his grave. He then remembers his vision of the two crosses and sets out determined to find Jen. Jen is lying against a tree clutching the makeshift water bottle and feels the water dripping out. She then knows that her water didn’t break so she gets up and starts trying to find the cave again. Jack is very feverish. He had heard Jen calling out but he can’t find her. He clutches his head and collapses. Jennifer is walking through the jungle and she is feeling dizzy. She looks down and sees Jack through a haze and she thinks she is hallucinating. She looks down again and still sees Jack. She leans down and touches him and then passes out next to him.

At the Island Brady pub Hope comes to and sees Roman. She asks if it was a dream. He says I don’t think so. She thought she saw Gran. Alice says you did, I’m right here. Hope is thrilled to find out she is alive and they hug. Maggie says are you happy to see me too. They hug and are happy to be reunited. Maggie tells her that Marlena is out looking for Doug and Hope is thrilled to find out that he is alive. She says she can’t believe that they are all alive – she is so happy to be with them. They tell her that means she is a prisoner with them on this island replica of Salem. Hope says not to worry she has a plan to get them off the island. That gets everyone’s attention. Hope explains the connection that she has with Bo and that they always know when the other is in trouble. She reminds them of the time Princess Gina was holding her hostage and Bo never gave up on her until he found her. Roman doesn’t believe in that and tells her that Celeste’s premonitions were all wrong because none of them are dead and she doesn’t even know that. Hope says she isn’t psychic but she still believes that she can communicate with Bo. Roman tells her when she was found at Maison Blanche and thought she was Gina is was Alice that believed she was Hope not Bo. Maggie tells her they all thought the same way when they got to the island – that the people back home would figure out they weren’t dead and come and find them. Alice says that sadly isn’t the case. Roman tells her there is no way off the island. Maggie says that Jack found a way through the force field but know he can’t get back. Roman says with no way off the island he fears that both Jack and Jen are really dead.

Hope asks them what they know about Jen. She asks if Jack could have got a message through to Jen, an email, anything. They tell her no – there is no way to communicate with the outside world. Hope tells them that Jen thought Jack was sending her messages to her and she got on a plane to come to him – she was kidnapped. Roman says that must have been the plane that we heard crash. Maggie said that Jack wanted to search the jungle to see if their host had a compound or something where he might find a satellite phone. Hope asks them who their host is and Roman says he only knows one person that pull something like this off and that is Stefano DiMera. Patrick says he thought he was dead. Roman says he’s been dead before or there might be someone trying to carry out his plans. Roman looks at Patrick and says he thinks he knows who that is. Roman says he thinks it is Tony. Hope didn’t even think of him and is surprised to hear that he is alive. Roman says alive and well and living large in his replica mansion. Maggie says not that she wants to defend a DiMera but Tony claims to be a prisoner just like the rest of them and his scars from the tiger attack are very real. Roman says that Abe and he are still sceptical. Hope can’t believe that Abe is alive as well. She says Lexie misses him. She talks about the letter she got from him at Theo’s first birthday party telling her to move on. Roman says that letter is haunting Abe – the last he wants is for her to move on. Maggie asks how Mickey is doing. She knows that Bonnie is cooking and cleaning for him but she wants to know how he is holding out. Hope just kind of smiles and says Mickey misses her very much. Roman tells Patrick his gut is telling him that he knows more than he is letting on but Patrick doesn’t say anything. Hope and Roman talk and Hope is convinced that Patrick knows more about Jen’s kidnapping then he is letting on. Roman tells Hope that he doesn’t trust him. Patrick flips his coin and talks to himself – saying it wasn’t supposed to end up like this.

Casa Looneyville: Shawn hears the door open and Jan calling out that she’s back. He says great (sarcastically…LOL). He asks her where the hell she has been and she asks him if he missed her – then she says my fiancée is lonely. He denies being her fiancée. Jan says she was out and ran into a couple that is just as much as love as the two of them – Belle and Phil. LOL – she’s right about that Jan ‘loves’ Shawn but he doesn’t love her and Phil ‘loves’ Belle but she doesn’t love him so I guess technically Phil and Belle are as much as in love and Jan and Shawn are. (Good lord I’m even thinking like Jan now…LMAO). Shawn turns away from her – he doesn’t look happy. He tells her that Phil and Belle are not in love. She tells him to get with the program – she showed him pictures of their little tryst and the video of them dirty dancing. He calls her a liar. Phil and Belle hate her and if they saw her they wouldn’t even talk to her. She says not Saint Belle – she’s my new best friend. She takes great pleasure in saying that Phil and Belle even invited me back to their place. He asks her what she is talking about. She says Phil and Belle are living together. The two lovebirds are definitely nesting. Oh lordy – those eyes…sheesh. She brings him and cell phone and says it’s time to prove that Phil and Belle are living in sin like her mother calls it. She tells him to dial Belle’s number. He does and tries to grab the phone but she says I didn’t say you could talk to her. She puts the phone on mute. The answering machine cuts in and he here’s Phil’s message and then Belle saying it’s perfect. He sits on the bed looking slightly stunned. Jan goes on and says that Phil and Belle are living together, Belle is sleeping with Phil and Belle is planning her future with Phil (all the while Shawn just sits there). Jan adds ‘just like we are’ and turns and gives her a weird look. I think he realises that Phil and Belle living together isn’t what Jan makes it out to be.

The Loft: Mimi is upset that they didn’t follow Jan and even more upset that Belle believes anything that Jan has to say. She reminds Belle that Jan is obsessed with one thing and one thing only and that is Shawn. Belle tells Mimi that she lost her mother and Jan lost both of her parents – she knows what she feels like. She also said Jan said she was sorry for what she did. She’s grown –up and has a fiancée. Belle also tells Mimi that Shawn is not an issue because he’s gone and they can’t blame Jan for that (sigh…so wrong, Belle). She has to accept that Shawn is gone and not coming back. He doesn’t want to spend his life with her. Mimi tells her she can’t think that – she can’t give up. Phil tells them both to chill out – he goes to put some music on. They hear the news bulletin announcing the deaths of Hope Brady and Patrick Lockhart. The look on Belle’s face when she worries about Shawn finding out about his mother says it all. Mimi is heartbroken and everyone goes to comfort her. Good lord – now Phil is petting Mimi. Oh Christ – when we return, he’s petting both Belle and Mimi – YUCK. Mimi is crying and Belle is crying. Mimi talks to Belle about when they were kids and would play Barbie’s in his room and other stuff. Belle asks Mimi if she wants them to come to the police station with her but Mimi says she needs to go and tell her Mom. Rex goes with her.

Belle feels so sorry for both Mimi and Shawn. She tells Phil that she is happy that Mimi has Rex because when something like this happens you need the person you love. She remembers how she felt when her Mother died – the anger and she never wanted Shawn to feel that. He hugs her. She says no one should have to go through this alone. They’re having tea and talking about how this could have happened – why were Hope and Patrick together in a stolen plane without any flight plan. Belle says the why doesn’t matter because it isn’t going to bring back Mimi’s brother or Shawn’s Mom. She says no one knows how to get in touch with Shawn and wonders if he even knows and when he’ll hear about it. They are carrying their tea outside to get some air when Belle hears the phone. Phil tells her to let the answering machine get it – she says no. It could be Shawn. That brings on the rolling eyes – oh joy. She is upset that she missed the call. She says it was from a Private Caller. Phil says you think it was Shawn. She says yes. Phil says it probably wasn’t. She says more than likely Phil is right. She knows it’s over between them but she can’t stop thinking about him. She knows that when Shawn hears about his mom he will come home.

Alice’s: Bonnie is worried about Celeste’s vision but happy it was Hope in the casket not Patrick. She’s still worried because he’s missing so she puts the radio on to hear if there’s any news. Julie comes in and shuts the radio off and tells Bonnie that Patrick is a murderer. Jen is gone and she’s never coming back. Bonnie reminds her that Patrick was out looking for her. She also tells Julie that Celeste’s newest premonition is that Jen, Hope and Patrick are all doomed. Julie goes on about Bonnie wanting to destroy the Horton family. She brings up the fact that Bonnie is sleeping with her uncle but Bonnie proclaims she is in love with Mickey. Julie says that Maggie would be spinning in her grave if she saw what a fool Bonnie had made out of Mickey. She also promises that if anything happens to Hope, Patrick will pay. Julie calls Bonnie a curse and asks her what she final plan was – was it to strangle Mickey in the honeymoon bed. Bonnie says that Julie is the only Horton that deserves to be strangled and attacks her. Mimi and Rex come in and try to break it up but both Julie and Bonnie are yelling until Rex tells them to be quiet. Mimi has some news – bad news. Mimi tells them that both Patrick and Hope are dead. Both women are devastated. Oh yeah – I do want to say that I really liked the outfit that Bonnie is wearing. It’s very flattering. Bonnie is hanging on to Mimi crying and talking about how she wished Patrick wouldn’t have resisted arrest. Julie hears her and says it’s Bonnie’s fault that her little girl is dead a murderer. Mimi wonders why Julie is saying those things about her brother because he wouldn’t hurt anyone.

Preview: Lucas and Sami sitting down to breakfast. Lucas says it’s hard to forgive someone for lying about something so important. Sami says you did. Lucas tells her he did because he realised he was in love with her. John asking Bo ‘and if turns out to be Patrick Lockhart’. Bo responding that his one regret would be that he didn’t have the pleasure of killing the son of a bitch. Roman question Patrick as Hope and Abe watch. Roman asks Patrick if he going to make this difficult. Patrick asks if that is a threat. Roman grabs him and Hope and Abe step in.

Monday Jul 19

Jan’s Spoilers….

Sorry I missed about 10 mins of the show

At the station....Bo is looking at a picture of Hope as John comes in with something to eat. Bo says he knows what he's going to say...that there is no chance Hope is alive...they have checked the wreckage but he's not giving up....Pop Shawn comes in and says that he has to let her go. Bo is going through everything in detail. He tells John that they are going to find out what happened to Jen and Hope no matter what. That Jen's plane crashed and that it is probably where Hope and Patrick were headed. John says there isn't any proof that Jen's plane crashed. They are going to find out who is behind this. John says and what if it's Lockhart. Bo says then it's too bad he's dead or I'd kill him.

At Belle's.....Phil is in the bathroom looking at all the 'female' stuff on the counter when Belle comes in....she apologizes but he tells her it's ok....she says this isn't the same as living with Mimi...he says no and with all this stuff....they can make it work...she says they'll need a schedule or something...she talks about having trouble sleeping....the radio is on and they listen to the report about Hope and Patrick.....Belle says poor Mimi.....and then she talks about Shawn....she figures this will bring him back....she also seems happy about that....Phil can't believe that she'd want to reunite with him but she does....she says he'll need her when he comes back....he says and where was he last night when you needed him....all he has done is hurt you....he then apologizes and tells her he'll shower while she washes....he goes into the shower and she turns to the mirror. Kate is talking to them about Hope and what happened....Phil says Belle is waiting for Shawn to phone as Kate looks at her and says has he...she says no....Kate says well maybe he won't....Belle tells her that once he hears about his mother he'll call...she talks about her mother and how she still sometimes goes to pick up the phone to call her....Kate says maybe something has happened to Shawn like he's dead....Belle freaks out and says he can't be....Kate says maybe it's something else (after Phil gives her a dirty look).....Belle says that it's always been in the back of her mind that something has happened to him like an accident or something but not that he's dead....she tells them she's taking a shower and leaves the room.....Phil claps his hands knowing exactly what his mother is up to....she of course says she didn't mean it but Belle has to face the facts that he may not come home.....Phil tells her that if Shawn calls or shows up it's over....Belle will be back with him in a minute...Kate tells him he has to fight for her...be a marine and go after what he wants in life....he salutes her and calls her General....she tells him that all she wants is for her children to be happy.....He says that he has never loved anyone the way he loves Belle (guess we forgot about Chloe)Billie/Austin are gone and Lucas is rid of Sami so that leaves him....he and Belle belong together....she says you'll have the kind of love that Roman and I have...Phil says Roman's dead and you should move on...she says I've told you I'll never be with another man....he mentions John Black as Kate says John loves Marlena....he says Marlena is dead and so is Roman.....Belle comes back downstairs as Kate says she has to leave to go to see Lucas....Belle is looking at the phone as Phil says you would have heard if Shawn called....she says he has to call when he hears about his Mom.

At Sami's....Sami/Lucas are waking up and there is a storm outside...she asks him to protect her from the thunder and lightening....he tells her he loves her and she says she loves him...then she tells him never to call her Manda again...she says her Mom would say it's because he isn't over his anger...he says he was angry but itsn't now....she is going to make him breakfast (french toast)....she tells him they should leave the bed like that just in case....while she's in the kitchen he fixes the bed. He tells her it wasn't broken just fell...she say's good....she wants to know if he wants cinammon sugar on his french toast as she says you are really cooking that for me...she says yeah, domestic right. She thinks he's worried about her cooking as he says she's cooked for him before....she says cookies I burned...the piec I bought....and the turkey at Thanksgiving that we didn't eat....she starts to mix the cinnamon and sugar but adds salt instead....Lucas figures she should stop making breakfast and come back to bed...she says after breakfast we'll have dessert. (BTW...he calls her honey and sweetheart)
Lucas is struggling to eat the french toast (with salt and cinnamon)as he and Sami talk about Belle and Shawn....he says Belle lied to him...Sami says that Belle poured everything into the relationship and Shawn just walked out...Lucas says he understands why Shawn did that....Belle lied to him...she says I lied to you about Will's paternity etc. and you forgave me...he says that's because I love you....she says that Shawn loves Belle....Lucas says and maybe with him being aways he's realized that he doesn't love her enough....Sami says you're wrong...they love each other and they'll work it out...some people are meant to be together no matter what as Lucas says some aren't....Sami says look at us....she gives him more french toast as he struggles to eat it...she can't believe how much he ate and tastes it, she runs to the sink spitting it out...she says it's awful as he tells her it wasn't that bad...she says it made me sick and I had a small taste...he says his tolerance to sodium is stronger...she looks at him and says you just didn't want to hurt my feelings, no one has ever done that for me before....he needs something sweet and gulps a mouthful of sugar then says something sweeter and kisses her putting sugar down her back....they end up in the shower.

On the island.....Roman/Abe/Hope are interrogating Patrick. He won't break as Abe is starting to get frustrated. Abe figures he's been through this before...Patrick tells them he has....when he missed curfew and his mother asked him where he was...he never broke and once you've been questioned by Bonnie Lockhart everything else is a piece of cake. Roman grabs him by the shirt and wants him to tell them everything....Hope grabs him away as Roman says he's frustrated....Patrick wants them to let him go and find Jen as Roman says they all want to do that....they ask him how he figures he can get to Jen with the fence stopping his way.... Hope is sitting in the kitchen with Alice smelling one of the famous donuts....Alice says all the ingredients were in the kitchen that is why she made them...Hope talks about how similiar the house is, the backyard and garage except for all the plants....Alice tells her that she has tried not to settle in too much. In the living room Roman and Abe continue to interrogate Patrick who is still refusing to say anything but insisting that he is the one to help Jen. Alice and Hope are now with them as Hope says she wants to talk to Patrick alone...she tells him he has to tell her the truth....he says he is but he has to help Jen...Roman and Abe again ask him questions as Patrick tells them he has to go alone if they all go someone will figure it out...Roman says we've always thought we were being watched but you seem positive of it....Hope talks to Roman and Abe saying he cares about Jennifer and even though he is hiding something his feelings seem genuine...he is after all Bonnie's son and Mimi's brother...Roman says family ties don't mean anything as Hope turns and says she thinks Patrick should go alone to which his face lights up...she asks Gran and Alice says only if he tells us the truth...he says he is as Alice doesn't think so....that settles it for Roman and Abe who say he isn't going anywhere.

Pat’s Spoilers

Police Station: Bo is looking at the picture of Hope when John comes back in with breakfast. Bo knows what John is going to say and Bo concedes that his head tells him that Tek and he are right but his heart will not believe. He can’t let Hope go. Pops Shawn comes in and says he has to. He tells Bo that he needs to get some rest. Bo appreciates his concern and thanks him for taking care of Zach but he’s fine. Bo is going through all the information they have on Patrick and he tells John that he is going to find out what happened to Hope and Jen. He points out that the plane Hope and Patrick were on seemed to be heading in the same direction as Jen’s when it went down. John tells him they’re not sure that Jen’s plane even crashed. Bo tells him they can’t mistrust every piece of information they have. Bo feels that Patrick is the key. John wants says and what if we do find out that he is responsible. Bo says his one regret would be that he didn’t kill him himself.

Island: The Devereaux House: Apparently Roman and Abe have been questioning Patrick all night long. (Patrick is sitting in a straight backed chair). Abe and Roman are losing patience with him and Patrick just keeps saying he doesn’t know anything. Roman tells him he will talk and Patrick asks if that is a threat. Roman grabs him and separates the two. She tells Roman that he’s not that kind of cop. Abe and Roman both believe that Patrick is a pro when it comes to being interrogated and they ask him where he learned to withstand the type of questioning they have subjected him to. He tells them it was all those years of avoiding explaining to his mother why he had broken curfew. Once you’ve been interrogated by the likes of Bonnie Lockhart anything else is just boring. Alice brings doughnuts over. In the kitchen she tells Hope that everything she had in her kitchen at home she has here. Hope is amazed at how exact everything is except instead of back yards and garages there is a jungle. Both of them express the fear that they might end up prisoners on the island for the rest of their lives. Patrick tells them to let him go and look for Jen. They remind him that the plane went down in the jungle which is on the other side of the force field or the perimeter of this replica Salem. They ask him if he knows a way to get through it because he is working for the person that is holding them prisoner. He says no he just knows that they are running out of time to save Jen. Abe and Roman suggest that they all go. Patrick says if they’re being watched wouldn’t the person notice all of them missing at once. They ask him again what he knows about what really happened to Jen. He again denies knowing anything. Roman asks Hope her opinion. She says she thinks he is a good guy and that he really cares for Jen. She tells them that he saved Jen and the baby a couple of times. She also points out that they’ve known the Lockhart’s for years so how nefarious can he really be. Roman says that doesn’t automatically give him a get out of jail card free. Abe and Roman both feel if they let him go he’s going to go straight to the person holding them prisoner and report to that person. Patrick again denies all knowledge. They ask Alice what she thinks and she says he’s lying. Patrick says that if he doesn’t find Jen soon both she and the baby are doomed.

Sami’s Place: They wake up in bed together and kiss. Lucas comments on the storm and Sami says he can protect her. They joke around Lucas knowing how to push Sami’s buttons and she tells him he should know now never to say Manda’s name again. She says her mother would say that Lucas had still not forgiven Sami for pushing him away. She’s happy and could stay like this forever but Lucas figures that he should fix the bed. Sami decides to make him French toast and they’re talking back and forth, teasing each other, him in the bedroom and her in the kitchen. He has the bed fixed and wants her to come back to bed to satisfy a different type of appetite but she wants breakfast first. As she is talking we see her use salt instead of sugar. She serves him the toast and he takes a bite and almost chokes. He swallows down some orange juice and asks her if this is the French toast she serves Will. She says yes except he has with maple syrup. He asks her if she is going to eat and she says she ate too much ice cream with Belle last night. She brings up how hurt Belle is and rants against Shawn for deserting Belle. Lucas can understand why Shawn did what he did. He tells Sami that Belle lied to Shawn about something very important. She points out that she lied to him and he forgave her. He says that was because he realised he loved her. Lucas feels that Belle owes Shawn an apology but Sami feels that Shawn should be lucky to have someone like her sister. Lucas doesn’t want to argue with her about Belle and Shawn. She says maybe Shawn just has to realise how much he loves Belle. Lucas tells her that maybe while Shawn is away he’ll find that he doesn’t love Belle as much as he thought he did. Sami says no way. Shawn loves Belle and he will come back and they will work things out because some people are meant to be. Lucas points out that some people aren’t. After he finished the first two pieces of toast she gave him the last two and he’s worked his way down to the last bite. Sami comments that it must be really good if he’s eaten so much. She grabs the last piece and tastes it and then runs to spit it out. She can’t believe she used salt instead of sugar and that he ate all those pieces when she felt like throwing up after only one bite. He tells her it is alright because he has a higher tolerance for sodium than she does but he pours some sugar in his hand and eats it. He says now that is sweet but this is sweeter as he kisses her. They fool around and he pours some sugar on her. They end up in the shower together. Lucas comments that Will is going to be so happy when he comes home and sees his dream has come true – his parents are together.

The Loft: Phil is in the bathroom in just a towel trying to find some space on the counter. Belle comes in and says she’s sorry. He tells her its okay and she comments that this isn’t like living with Mimi. He says they will have to make adjustments but they can make it work. He says there is only one bathroom so they’ll have to do what they can. She talks about not being able to sleep. They hear a news report on the radio about Hope and Phil shuts the radio off. Belle feels bad for Mimi and then she brings up Shawn and says he will call as soon as he hears the news. He’ll have to call his dad. Phil asks her what she is going to do when she first sees him. She says she’ll want answers and when he explains everything will be okay. She says he’ll need all his friends at a time like this. Phil is upset with her saying that he wasn’t there for her when she needed him. Belle says something has to be wrong; he has to be in trouble if he doesn’t call or come home. Phil asks her how she can go back to a guy who treats her the way Shawn has. She is going to leave and he apologises and says they shouldn’t talk about personal stuff. He tells her she can use the sink while he showers. They end up talking about Shawn again and he realises that there is no way that they can not talk personal stuff because they are best friends. He still thinks she should not forgive Shawn but as soon as she hears the doorbell she runs out saying its Shawn. She opens the door to Kate and is disappointed. Kate is bringing breakfast. Phil comes down the stairs in a pair of track pants with a towel slung over his shoulder and Kate looks from him to Belle in her negligee and beams – asking hopefully if she interrupted anything. Phil says that Belle is waiting for Shawn to call and Kate says and he hasn’t, has he. Belle says he will call as soon as hears about his mother, he has to. If he doesn’t that would mean that something is wrong. Kate says maybe he’s dead as well. Belle is horrified. She says no one has put it in words like that and just hearing it…Kate apologises and says she is sure Shawn will call or come home. Belle goes upstairs to shower. Phil asks his mother how she can be so insensitive. She just wants him to be happy. He tells her he has never loved anyone as much as he loves Belle. Kate says it’s the same way she felt about Roman. Phil says he doesn’t have a chance with Belle because as soon as that phone rings or there’s a knock on the door it will be over. Kate spouts marine slogans at him and tells him this is the perfect opportunity for him to make his move. That way when Shawn does come back they’ll be on a level playing field. She wants him to find happiness and he shouldn’t wait. With all that has happened to their loved ones that’s proof that you shouldn’t delay. He says what about you. She says there will never be another man in her life and he tells her that Roman is dead – she should move on with her life. He mentions John and she looks at him in disbelief. Belle comes downstairs and Kate says she is going to see Lucas (who she told Phil had finally wised up and dumped Sami). Belle looks at the phone and Phil tells her that if Shawn had called she would have heard the phone. She says he will call, he has to.

Preview: Lucas coming into Sami’s living room all wet with just a towel wrapped around her waist and says ‘Mom what are you …?’ Kate looks from Lucas to Sami in a robe with wet hair and screams ‘NOOOOO’ as Sami just smirks. Bo, in the Brady living room, looking at John saying there is something obviously wrong, John. Something is terribly wrong. Abe throws something at the force field as Hope watches. She says she thinks she knows how to disable the system and get through. Roman hands Marlena a knife and tells her if he tries anything use this. Patrick, who is tied to the chair, says is something wrong Dr. Evans and Marlena stares at the knife.

Tuesday Jul 20

Jan’s Spoilers……

At Sami's.....Sami and Lucas are in the shower as Sami asks if this is what is meant by hot and steamy....Lucas tells her to turn around and he'll wash her back....Kate has gone to Lucas's apt. but figures that he is still with Manda...she decides to stop by Sami's instead....Lumi are kissing when Sami hears something...she asks Lucas if he heard it...she says it's the doorbell as Lucas tells her to forget it...she says it might be Belle with word on Shawn....Lucas hopes it's not his Mom with lasagna....Sami figures she wouldn't show up again without phoning first....well it's Kate and she has cookies for Will at camp and only parents can send them...Sami says she won't and dumps them on the table....Kate goes on about Manda and how Lucas is with her now...she doesn't even know her but she knows that she'll be better than Sami...they may even get married and Lucas can sue for custody of Will.....(the whole time Kate is talking Sami is just standing thre taking it all in....Ali looks great....fresh scrubbed look on her face)Kate tells her that she is a three time loser just as Lucas walks out....Kate looks at him and then asks what he is doing there...she turns to Sami who has a smile on her face as Kate starts to scream.......Nooooo!!! (LOL...loved her expressions) Kate tells Lucas to get dressed and come with her….she figures that Sami must have drugged him….Sami starts in on what Kate was saying as Lucas yells at them both to sit down now!!!Lucas is reading Kate and Sami the riot act....he tells Sami that she lies to get what she wants and he tells Kate she bates Sami. Sami says you do, you just told me that Lucas was with that slut Manda and they'd probably get married...Lucas asks her if she said that she says Sami lied I didn't say slut....Lucas has had about enough of both of them...he tells them they don't have to be friends or like each other but they have to be civil at least for Will's sake as well as his. He says Will would choose his mother as Kate says I'd hope you'd do the same. He says Sami is the woman I want to spend the rest of my life with and you'd lose. He says if they both don't do something they'll both lose him. He wants them to shake....they go to and he sees Sami with her fingers crossed...he pulls out her hand and says this is what I'm talking about....she apologizes and they shake. There is a knock on the door and it's John....Kate asks if everything is OK and he says he wants to talk to Sami....Kate tells John she'll meet him at work and before leaving she leans in and says she'll try....Sami yells at John asking what he wants as Lucas says that's a good start taking you're anger out on him....John says he wants to show her something and pulls out the bear....she says Mr. Fuzzy, John asks if she has seen it before and she says Mom gave it to Will, where did you find it....he says at Bo's as Sami says that's no possible...Lucas explains that Will wanted his grandmother to have it so they placed it in Marlena's coffin.

At the station....Bo is talking to someone as he tells them to do whatever they can and do it quickly. He gets off the phone and John tells him he is pushing too hard....that he is exhausted...Bo says he won't stop till he finds out what happened to Hope and Jen. John says I had trouble believing Marlena was dead as well....he tells Bo that he saw the missile hit the plane....he then tells him that even when he saw Marlena on the slab he still had trouble believing it...that there are times now that he doesn't quite believe it. Bo is looking at a picture of Hope. He says that if they are right and you are dead then the best part of me is dead as well.

At the Brady’s….John and Bo come in and Zach is playing with his toys (he looks so cute…missed him)…Bo looks at the bear and can’t figure out why Hope would buy that for him….Zach asks for Mommy. John is looking at the bear and thinks it looks familiar but he isn’t sure why….Bo looks at a picture of Roman and tells John that they thought their family had received a miracle after losing Roman when John arrived...John says then Roman came back and you did receive a miracle. Bo says I loved you like a brother and still do. John tells him that they have both lost the loves of their lives. Bo says in his gut he knows that something is very wrong.

On the island.....Abe/Roman/Hope are still questioning Patrick when Marlena comes in and Hope asks if she found her Dad. Marlena says no as Hope worries something might have happened to him. Roman tells her it is hard to find people without cell phones or pagers but he is sure Doug is fine and will come over as soon as he finds out Hope is here. Patrick wants to leave as they continue to question him....they know he wants to help Jen but they figure they should do this together....Marlena wants to talk to Patrick alone.....(we don't hear what she says to him).....she tells them that he seems sincere about wanting to help and he does seem to care for Jen but she feels he is hiding something. Abe/Roman are concerned that there might be more to it and that by letting him go they could put everyone else's life in danger....Patrick asks to use the washroom as Abe says fine but I'll be outside the door....Roman follows. Marlena asks Hope what she is doing with Patrick....Hope tells her that it is her fault that Patrick is on the island and that if he is working with whoever is doing this she'll never forgive herself. Upstairs Patrick is climbing out of the bathroom window...he gets down and starts to walk away but Roman stops him...(guess the SPD had found their brains on the island) Roman/Marlena and Patrick are talking as Roman tells him not to sweat being tied up...Patrick calls him a jerk....Roman is worried about Abe and Hope being gone so long and wants to look for them...he asks if Marlena is OK and she says yes that he may open up with everyone gone, he's tied up...he hands her a letter opener to protect herself....after he leaves Marlena looks at the opener with a strange look on her face as Patrick asks if she's alright.

Abe and Hope are at the 'force field' when Abe shows her how the tree branch sets it off. Hope says the light goes out for about 10 seconds afterwards and it's probably when they are recharging....She wants to try it but Abe says we'll try something else first....he throws a stick at the 'force field' and the light goes out as Hope rushes to it....she is hit by a jolt of electricity and is knocked to the ground as Abe goes to her and tries to wake her up.

Jack and Jen are lying on the ground as Jack comes to and sees her....he calls her name and then touches her and says she is burning up....he needs to help her....he finds the coconut that she had water in but it's empty....he finds her shirt and squeezes some water out of it...he puts it to her lips and tells her that he has water....she is so glad that he is alive....he says he has to find her help....he'll go back to where they came from as she asks what...he just says he'll be back.....she says she'd love some watermelon...he says watermelon...as she says yes...he says he'll try to find some as he gets up to leave....she hears him fall....she finds him in a pit.... Jack has told her everyone is alive as Jen asks if he is hallucinating or weakening...he agrees to which she asks hallucinating and he says no getting weaker.....he wants her to go and find Abe they may know something now...she says what about the force field how will she get through...he tells her to go west and follow the sun...she has to do it she is the only one who can....they try to touch hands but are too far apart...he blows him a case and says she'll do it...after she leaves Jack tries once more to get out but collapses on the ground.

Pat’s Spoilers

Sami’s: Sami and Lucas are still in the shower. Sami says that except for the salty cinnamon it’s been the perfect day. Lucas says even with that it’s been perfect and he isn’t going to let anything come between them. They kiss as they enjoy the shower. Kate is carrying a bag and is going to knock on Lucas’ door but stops because Manda might be in there and she doesn’t want to ruin that. She goes to Sami’s and decides to give the bag to her. Sami hears the doorbell and Lucas tells her to ignore it. Sami says it could be Belle with news about Shawn. She answers the door and it’s Kate. Kate tells her that she knows that only parents are allowed to send packages to camp and she was wondering if she would send him these cookies from her. She would have given them to Lucas but she thinks he is still with Manda. Sami grabs the bag and says no and dumps them out. Kate lets herself in and shuts the door. She goes on about how even though she doesn’t know Manda she has to perfect for Lucas because she’s not Sami. She goes on and on about Lucas will probably end up marrying Manda and Sami will end up bitter, alone and vindictive. Sami says ‘you think so?’

Sami mocks Kate by saying that she certainly has her future planned out for her. Kate feels that Sami brought it all on herself. Austin, Brandon and Lucas are lucky to be rid of her. Sami says not to worry about her she is going to be all right. Kate just goes on and says what finally did it for Lucas was catching her throwing herself at some guy in the Blue Note. That just proved that Sami was only using Lucas to get to her. Lucas comes out and says Mom what are…and stops as Kate looks from him to Sami. Sami smirks and Kate throws a royal tantrum and screams no. She can’t believe this is happening. She tells Lucas to get dressed and they’ll get out of there – he’s obviously drunk or Sami drugged him. Sami starts in on Kate and they are yelling back and forth when Lucas yells at both of them to stop. Sami wants to kick Kate out but Lucas tells them both to be quiet and sit down. They start right in and Lucas has to yell at them again. Kate says all she did was bring cookies for Will. Sami goes on to her all the other things she said and Lucas is upset with Kate. Sami goes on to say and then she told me I would end up alone and Lucas says if she keeps up this way she will. He tells them both that it has to stop. He ‘demand’s that. He doesn’t expect them to like each other but he expects them to act like a family because it’s him and Will that are paying the price. They still go at each other. He tells Sami that his mother loves Will and he loves her – he tells his mother that she has to respect that Sami is Will’s mother and he loves her. He asks her if she really expects that if she asked Will to choose that he wouldn’t choose his mother. She says no he would choose his mother like I expect you to. He says Will’s a kid and I’m a grown man.

He tells them to shake – he expects them to at least try. Kate holds out her hand and Sami reluctantly takes it but she has her fingers crossed behind her back. Lucas grabs her hand and says – see this is what I’m talking about. Sami tells Lucas she is sorry. She will try and get along with Kate. He tells them to shake hands again and this time Sami reaches out first. They shake and then there is a knock on the door. It’s John. Kate leaves and tells John she’ll see him at work. Sami wants to know why he is there. He pulls out the bear and asks her if it looks familiar to her. She looks shocked and asks him where he got it. He says from Bo’s. She says it was Will’s – Marlena gave him to it when he was born. Lucas says Will wanted to give it back to his grandmother so he placed it in her casket. It was buried with her. Bo is back at the station. He looks at Hope’s picture. He talks to the picture saying he doesn’t want to believe she is gone but if she is gone than the best part of him is also gone.

Police Station: Bo is yelling into the phone. He wants more information on Patrick. John tells him that’s enough. He’s exhausted and he has to pack it in. John tells him that he saw the wreckage; he knows that no one could have survived. John says he understands that he doesn’t want to accept it; he was the same when Marlena died.

Brady House: John, Bo and Zach come in. It’s so great to see Zach again and I love Bo’s nickname for him. He calls him ‘Tiny Man’. Bo pulls out all his favourite snacks but Zach asks where his Mom is. Bo says she’s not home right now and then he notices the stuffed animal. He asks Zach where they got that – he hasn’t seen it before. Bo figures that Hope bought it for Zach but he doesn’t know why. John asks to see it and he holds it and says it’s familiar to him but he can’t place why or from where. Bo looks at a picture of him and Roman and he talks to John about when they thought lost Roman all those years ago it was the first time he had to mourn someone close to him. He goes on to say then you came into our and Marlena’s lives – you were the Brady family miracle and I loved you as my brother. John says and then Roman did come back and you did get your brother and your miracle. Bo says he has always thought of John as family. John says they share one thing now – they’ve both lost the love of their life. Bo says something is not right – there’s a mystery to all this bigger than any of them realise. He thought it would all be over with after Marlena’s death but it hasn’t stopped. Jen was kidnapped and Patrick took Hope to go after her. John says and now they’re all gone. Bo says something is terribly wrong.

Island: Abe tells Patrick that it upsets him that he believes Patrick genuinely is concerned about Jen but not concerned enough to tell them about the people he is working for. Patrick again claims that he doesn’t know anything. Marlena comes over and Hope asks if she found Doug. Marlena said no but not to worry, he’ll show up there as soon as he hears that she is on the island. Roman says it is tough to contact anyone without pagers or cell phones. They fill Marlena in on what Patrick wants. He wants them to let him go on his own to find Jen. Patrick again says they’re running out of time. Abe wants to know how he knows where Jen is. Patrick says he doesn’t so they ask him how he is going to find her then. Patrick says he’s been through all this before. If they are being watched a search party would be noticed and missed whereas one person might not be. Abe says that he and Roman are trained for search and rescue and ask Patrick if he is. He says no. Abe says there’s also the electric force field to get through. Roman says but Patrick knows how to get through. Patrick denies that. Marlena wants to speak to him alone but Patrick thinks that is just more wasted time. Marlena says she’s a trained psychiatrist and if he really cares for Jen maybe Roman and Abe would agree to let him go and search for her. He agrees and the others leave them alone.

Marlena tells them all that Patrick is hiding something but his motive is to find Jen. They ask her what if he is just telling them that so he can get out and report to whoever is holding them on the island. Hope says isn’t saving Jen the most important thing. Roman and Abe say no because the lives of a lot of other people’s lives are on the line. Patrick asks to use the washroom. Roman and Abe follow to ‘guard’ him. Hope tells Marlena that if Patrick is working for whoever planned this whole thing she is the one responsible for bringing him to the island. Patrick jumps out of the second story bathroom window but doesn’t get far before Roman steps out and grabs him. They tie him to the chair. Hope wants to be taken to the force field to see if she can find a way through. Roman and Marlena stay with Patrick. Abe throws a branch at the force field and bounces back completely charred (we see a box with a keypad and coloured lights – the red light flickers when the branch hits. Hope notices the control box and they figure out it controls the system. Abe says there are far too many possible combinations of numbers and they don’t know how many numbers the code actually is. Hope tells him to throw something else against it. He does and she watches the lights. The red light goes out and she tells Abe she thinks she knows how to get though. Hope tells him that she believes the force field takes about 10 seconds to regenerate after they throw something at it. She wants Abe to throw another branch and then she’ll go through. He says he’s her commanding officer – she is to throw and he’ll attempt to get through. She throws the branch but runs at the force field and is thrown back. Abe kneels next to her and yells ‘no.’

Back at the house Roman and Marlena are talking and Marlena says they have to find a way off the island. Roman agrees they need to get back to their loved ones, Kate, John, Sami. Marlena talks about Sami and how she could hear Sami crying and she remembers Sami putting a stuffed bear into the casket. Roman asks her where the bear is now – she doesn’t know. Patrick gets angry and tells Roman that when he’s kneeling over the body of a friend he can tell that person sorry but I was having too much funny making Patrick sweat to save you. Roman ignores him and tells Marlena that he feels she is the key. If Patrick won’t tell them anything maybe she can. He says she told him about the bear for the first time – maybe there is something else. She tells him about being buried alive. When he wonders again where the bear is she says maybe the casket.

Jack comes to and sees Jen beside him. He’s happy that it wasn’t a dream. He touches her neck to feel for a pulse. She’s alive but burning up with fever. He tries to get up so he can help her but he passes out again. He comes to and finds the coconut but it’s empty. He wrings her shirt out and lets the drops of moisture revive her. He tells her that he will go and get her some bananas and coconut milk and she should stay there and conserve her fault. He also tells her that he has to find the way back. She asks him the way back to where and he says where we came from…LOL! She asks him to bring her watermelon – watermelon sounds really good. He tries to tell her that he can’t but he just says okay. He takes off and we hear him yell. Jen says his name but doesn’t move. She gets up and goes looking for him and finds him. He has fallen into a crevice and is on the ledge. She asks him to check if he broke any bones. Jack says he’s okay and he tries to climb up but just falls back. She wants to find a vine and help him up. He says no she has to conserve her energy and tells her she should go for help. She doesn’t know what he’s talking about. He tells her they’re all alive – all the victims of the Salem Stalker. She thinks he’s delirious. He says he has lots more to tell her that she will find fascinating. She can’t believe what he’s told her – a replica Salem and a force field. He tells her she has to go – just watch the sun and head west and she’ll find her way to Salem. She says what about the force field and if I get through it how do we find you – do I tell them to follow the moon and go east. She tells him to get his butt up there. He tries but collapses and says he can’t, he is too weak. Jen reaches down to him but he just can’t reach her. She throws him a kiss and says she will go for help and she vows on her love for him she will come back. She leaves and Jack makes one more attempt to get out but he can’t.

Preview: Jan taunting Shawn that things are looking up now that Belle has moved on with Philip. She turns and Shawn wraps something around and neck and pulls. She tells him to stop she can’t breath. Brady talking to Bo and Phil saying something about being the last chance to have Victors sons and grandson on the same side. Phil says as far as he is concerned the concert hall is on ice – permanently (Nicole likes the sound of that). Radically different look for Phil – short hair plastered down and it looks like he’s growing a beard or goatee. Outside the Brady pub Marlena is asking Roman what is wrong with an innocent kiss – with giving each other comfort. Roman looks a bit taken aback.

Wednesday Jul 21

Jan’s Spoilers….

There was a lot on the show that I didn’t find riveting today but IMO Jan wasn’t trying to make a video tape of her and Shawn…she had a camera in Shawn’s room and she was talking about how much fun it was to be able to watch him…I think she was imagining herself in one of the frames (her in the cheerleading outfit that showed I believe her and Shawn kissing…didn’t happen)but she was using more to make an audio tape to send a message to his folks.

At Titan....Brady comes in and meets with Gene about the fact that it's the last day they have or they will have to cancel the concert hall....outside Nicole is raking Marie over the coals because she hasn't had Victor's name taken off the door...Marie stands firm that until the Board elects a new CEO....inside Brady is calling Bo as Bo tells him now isn't the best time...Brady says he knows that but this is important....Brady then calls Phil to come over. Brady goes outside and agrees with Nicole who is still saying that Victor is dead and she is the one who is going to move this company into the 21st Century...Brady wants to talk to her alone and they go into Vic's office....he tells her that she needs to get the respect of Titan's employees and to follow the request of his grandfather from his business plan or she might as well quit...Nicole looks at the folder he hands her and says it's about the concert hall as she says I thought it was dead...he tells her that he had a meeting with Gene and there is one more chance. Meanwhile Phil and Belle arrive as Phil tells her she didn't have to come with him...she says she had to come to keep the peace between her brother and the new man in her life just as Bo walks up...he says to Belle it looks like you've moved on from Shawn. Nicole and Brady are talking as he tells her that he called Bo and Philip for a meeting. He gets called they are there. Out in the hall....Belle tells Bo that what she meant was Philip is her roommate...Mimi moved in with Rex and Phil is subletting....Bo gives him the look and Belle says she's sorry...he says don't be...my wife is alive and I'll find her...I'll bring both my son and wife home...he turns to Belle and says Shawn is coming home....they go inside where Brady explains the situation...he mentions how Victor wanted to do this for Isabella....Bo says you didn't know your mother and that is a shame but I knew her well and she wouldn't want this she would rather the money go to charity....Brady goes on about how Victor wanted this and they should agree to keep the family together....Bo/Phil and Belle go out to discuss when Bo decides to check his messages....he gets the one from Shawn and tells Belle she has to hear this as he tells her Shawn called (Phil isn't looking happy)....Bo goes in and tells Brady no and that the only reason Victor was doing it was to keep Nicole away from him.....outside Phil wants to know what Shawn said as Belle says it's not what he said it's what he didn't...he didn't say where he was or what he's doing...he doesn't know about his mother but he knows about mine...he didn't mention me as she goes in for a hug....Phil then goes in and tells Brady he is taking Belle home and his answer is no...Chloe isn't coming home the concert hall is on ice....Brady is upset and says it's over and Chloe isn't coming home....Nicole rubs his shoulders and tells him he'll be fine and do well for himself.

At Jan's....Shawn hears her come in and calls her name...she comes in wearing a slinky cheerleading outfit and proceeds with a cheer....S is for sexy, H is for hot, A is for awesome, W is for wow, and N is for never going to get out of here...Go Shawn Go. He claps (unenthusiastically)and says you're right Jan....it's time to go. He needs to get out of there before Belle makes a mistake with Phil...she says they make such a good couple and it looks like she already moved on because you haven't called her and she isn't happy about that. Shawn tells her that Belle will not give up on him just like he won't give up on her...that they promised each other they would talk it out before either of them made a decision, he tells her he will never give up on Belle....Jan leaves as she says to herself that Belle won’t give up on Shawn and he won’t give up on her so she is going to have to do something to prove that they have moved on from each other....downstairs she is watching a tape of Shawn in the cage and congratulates herself on the fact that she thought of doing this...she knows what she is going to do as she starts to splice together pic of her and Shawn.... she wonders at the technology today and wishes she had it when she was growing up to fool her mother. She makes an audio of SDB's voice and places a call to the Brady's.....it says....Hi Mom and Dad. I'm fine...my cell phone battery died and that was why I wasn't able to get in touch. I haven't seen a newspaper or the tv but I just heard about Marlena. I love you both and give Zach my love......she figures she's done it now as 'he' never mentioned Belle....upstairs Shawn figures he has to get out and says I have a way to get Jan Spears....she comes in and he has his back to the door...she blows a whistle which surprises him....he turns and she tells him that Belle is definately out of his life now....she is close to the cage and he has a wire or something and puts it around her neck and pulls her towards the cage...she tells him she can't breathe but he keeps pulling.

On the island....Patrick is pleading with Marlena to let him go but she isn't buying it...she mentions the 'force field' and how he can't get through but he says that's not quite true...she wants to know how he knows that...he backtracks and mentions Jack made it....she says he did but Tony found his compass and they found his backpack...he could have been killed by wild animals or murdered by their captor...he says he has to try and wants her to talk to Roman and Abe. Hope arrives back at the house and tells Abe and Marlena she wants to talk to Patrick alone....Abe mentions something about shutting him up or getting the truth one way or another as Marlena says no more violence. Abe agrees to let Hope talk to him after Marlena says that he might open up to Hope seeing as what they've shared....Marlena gives Hope the letter opener and they leave. Inside Patrick is trying to convince Hope to let him go...she figures he knows something and says she'll let him go but she is going with him...he says no but she determined....

Hope runs into the 'force field' and gets knocked back just as Roman runs up...he says we can't lose her now. Abe says that her heart is racing and mentions being a paramedic....Roman says we don't have the equipment as Abe says that there were cutbacks and they had to improvise...Roman says to him to do that now as he talks to Hope and tells her to breath.....Abe finds a plant and pulls it apart and walks back...Roman asks what he is doing and he says trying to save her life. He puts some of the plant liquid on her lips and she comes to…..they tell her what happened and she says there has to be a way through this…..Roman says not without the equipment or a code…..she says I know how to get it and she takes off.

Caroline is in the garden pick rhubarb as Victor arrives and says I hope this means we are getting some of your famous rhubarb pie....she says only if you help me....she asks him what is wrong and he mentions Nicole and how has found out she is trying to destroy his family. They go inside the pub and she asks if he talked to Hope...he sasy yes and she told me that she is pitting Brady against his sons....he says he made Nicole what she is as Caroline says no you didn't she has always been like that....she tells him that she is in love with Brady and Victor says and now I can't stop it. Caroline is telling Victor that he can't blame himself. She talks about them sharing a son and two gransons she is sorry he didn't get to know Bo better....Victor says he is proud of Bo and his family. Caroline mentions how upset Shawn was when he came back from Ireland with the two of them spending time together...it wasn't like they were having a torrid affair. She thought he'd have heart attack. She says they share a history and talks about what he said to her before she died...she is crying and he says he didn't mean to upset her....she says you didn't I'm just glad you're here with me and I'm not alone...he kisses her....outside Roman and Marlena walk up and Roman says he's going to put a stop to it....Marlena says no...she says they are alone and may never see their families again...they share a history together and it's a New Salem....who knows what will happen besides it's an innocent kiss....Roman says maybe on my mother's part but not Victor's.

Pat’s Spoilers

Didn’t really get into today’s show but I’ll try and give a quick report on it.

Jan’s: Shawn is thinking about the message he heard on Belle’s answering machine when Jan comes in a very skimpy cheerleader’s outfit including whistle and pompoms. She asks him if he’s ready to hit one out of the park and then she starts her little cheer – S is for sexy, H is for hot, A is for awesome, W is for Wow and N is for never going to leave this place for the rest of my life. Go Shawn. He claps and says that’s exactly what he needs to do - go. He needs to talk to Belle before she makes a big mistake. She says why should I let you go – he needs to get over her – it’s just not healthy. He tells it to get it through her head that he is never going to give up on Belle. She will never move on with Phil because they promised each other that they would talk it through before ever breaking it off. She tells him Belle has moved on because he hasn’t called her once since he left. She holds up the pictures and tells him they are so perfect together he should just let nature take its course. He tells her ‘oh shut up’ and turns his back on her. She flounces out – she realises that Belle will never give up on Shawn and Shawn is never going to give up on Belle unless they believe it’s over. She watches Shawn in the cage and congratulates herself for having a camera trained on her love monkey. She has editing software so she can take words he said and string them together any way she wants. She fantasizes being in his arms in the cage. Now this is just my opinion but I don’t believe she will be sending any video tape to Belle. The bars are plainly visible and the part with her and Shawn was a fantasy. Shawn wants to get out and he comes up with a plan. Loved the smile on his face while he’s thinking of escaping. He is startled when she blows the whistle. She turns her back on him and he yanks the cord the whistle is attached to around her neck. She tells him she can’t breathe.

Titan: Gene Briscoe comes to see Brady and reminds him that at midnight the agreement to fund the concert hall runs out. Brady feels his Grandfather would want him to salvage it so he calls Bo and Phil. Neither of them really want to listen to what he has to say but they do agree to come to the meeting. He comes out to see Nicole harassing Marie. She wants Victor’s name removed from the office door. Marie states her objections but Nicole makes it known that she is the boss. Brady hauls her into the office and tells her that is not the way to win the respect and loyalty of Titan employees. She is surprised to hear that he is making a last ditch attempt at salvaging the project.

Belle and Philip arrive hand in hand. He tells her she didn’t have to come with him. She lets go of his hand and puts her arm around his waist and one hand on his chest as she giggles and says she wants to keep the peace between her brother and the new man in her life. Bo comes up behind them and says ‘so you’ve moved on from Shawn to Philip. She says that Phil is her roommate now that Mimi moved in with Rex. She then says she is sorry and he says no need – contrary to what the news is reporting Hope is not dead and he will find her. They go inside but despite Brady’s pleas that this is what Victor wanted – his son and grandson working together on a project honouring his daughter and not because he wants Chloe to come home both Bo and Phil say that Victor only wanted that concert hall built to keep Brady away from Nicole. Bo tells Brady that it was unfortunate he never had the chance to get to know his mother but he did and he knows that Isabella would want this money spent on the needy. Brady says his mother was born in Italy and grew up loving the arts and she would be proud of the concert hall. They go out in the hallway to talk and Bo checks for messages. He listens to it and I got the impression that he felt there was something really off about it – it could have been the weird look on his face. He passes the phone to Belle says it’s a message from Shawn. Phil just rolls his eyes – he did that a few times today. She says oh my god and goes to listen it. She hands the phone back to Bo. Phil asks her what he said – she says it is what he didn’t say. He didn’t say where he was, what he was doing. He doesn’t know about his mom but he knows about mine and then she says and he never mentioned me and wraps her arms around his neck and leans on his shoulder. Both Bo and Phil say no and adds that the as far as he is concerned the concert hall is on ice permanently and then he tells Brady to have a good day. Nicole is thrilled. Now she feels she will have Brady all to herself and they’ll be happy.

Island: Victor meets up with Caroline outside the Brady pub and notices she has a basket of rhubarb. He asks if she is going to bake a pie and she tells him he can help – it’s not like he has Titan to run. She can see he is upset and she knows it’s because of Nicole. He feels his widow will soon poison his entire family against each other. They go inside and Caroline says anyone could see that Nicole was in love with Brady. Victor says she is obsessed with him and he worries that if Brady doesn’t return her affection she might turn on him. Caroline feels that he might fall in love with her. Victor says he loves Chloe. Caroline says she’s not there and from her experience she knows it is possible to love two people at one time. They talk a lot about the past and how things might have been different if Victor hadn’t left town all those years ago. He tells her that he has only loved one woman in his life. They talk about how lonely they are. She finds it a comfort that he is there and he feels the same. They kiss. Roman sees this and tells Marlena that Victor is hitting on his mom and he is going to put a stop to it. Marlena says she is not resisting. Roman wants to know if she is saying that his mother…she says no there is nothing wrong with reaching out for a little comfort.

Marlena and Patrick: More of Patrick denying that he is working for the captor and asking Marlena to let him go. She says that Hope, Abe and Roman are trained in search and rescue isn’t. She hopes they can get to Jen but the force field is impossible to get through. He yells no it isn’t. She confronts him and says you do know how to get by it. He says that he just meant it wasn’t impossible because Jack got through. She says that was just a fluke and he could be dead or being held by their captor. Patrick doesn’t know Jack that well but he has heard that he is very resourceful. He wants Marlena to let him go but she says that is not her decision.

Abe and Roman check Hope but the shock has caused her to have an irregular heartbeat. Abe uses the juice from one of the jungle plants to revive her – it’s apparently a sedative. She wants to go after Jen but they tell her no. She looks at the control box and says there has got to be a way to shut this down. Roman says we don’t have the proper tools. Hope says but we have the key and she takes off back to the house. She asks to talk to Patrick alone. When she can’t get anything out of him she tells him she’ll let him go under one condition she goes with him. He says no – she says either she goes with him or he doesn’t go at all.

Preview: Sami grabs the teddy bear from John saying he took it from her because he wanted to punish her. Marlena telling Roman that it felt like she was free-falling through to the belly of hell. Abe says you were. Jen smiling saying there is finally a way out of here. Jack calling out ‘Jennifer freeze.’

Thursday Jul 22

Jan’s Spoilers…..

Loved the Hope/Doug reunion although I wish it could have lasted longer. Loved Belle telling both Philip and Jan that she’d know when it was over with Shawn but it wasn’t their business. I’m a little worried about how long Jen is going to be hanging from that bridge though….

At Jan's....Shawn has a wire (or whatever it is around her neck)as he continues to pull on it....she says you wouldn't kill me...he tells her not to forget when she told him he should have gotten her and taken the key....she pretends to be out cold as Shawn hopes he hasn't killed her...he puts his hand on her waist trying to get the key when she kicks him where it hurts...he keels over in pain and falls on the bed...she can't believe he tried to kill her she says she is losing respect for him...he says for me....she says that Belle has moved on with Phil...he tells her that Belle is the woman he loves and that he'll never believe she has given up unless he hears it for himself.... she arrives upstairs and watches Shawn....she says I think I've got it and she picks up the phone and calls Belle...she tells her that she wants to help her...she knows where Shawn is.

At the loft....Belle and Phil come in as he tells her how sorry he is....she looks at a picture of Shawn and says that she can't believe he didn't say anything...his mother is missing and he doesn't know because he left town because of her...Phil calls him selfish and tells her that he wasn't there for her when her mother died that he is selfish....she thanks him for being there as Phil has his fantasy about kissing her.....(outside the loft Jan has arrived dressed to the nines....she puts a mike on and turns on the recorder figuring that she'll get the proof she needs)inside Phil is still fantasizing as there is a knock on the door...he has a smile on his face as he is hugging Belle....he pulls back when he hears the knock and Belle gives him a look...he answers the door and Jan says she just wanted to stop by...Phil tells her that he and Belle don't...as she walks in saying Oh good Belle is here...she asks if Belle is OK and then starts to ask if she has heard from Shawn...Phil tells her it is none of her business but Belle interrupts saying it's OK....Belle continues to tell her that she heard from him as Jan says you did....she says well his parents did....Jan says then he told you that he was coming home...Belle says no he didn't mention me....Jan goes on to call him a selfish jerk and then asks Belle if she's over him as Belle looks at her. Jan is telling Belle that it isn't like Shawn hasn't lied to her before. That he lied about her....did he tell you it was his idea to be the father of my baby. Belle just tells her that she isn't giving up on Shawn....they have an agreement and until then she won't give up. Jan asks her what it is but Belle telle her she wants to be alone. After Jan leaves Phil comes over and asks her what the agreement is....Belle yells at him and tells him to mind his own business....she apologizes and tells him that he is a good friend....they sit on the sofa...he tells her that he knows what it's like to have to let someone go...when he was in love with Chloe and she didn't love him everyone told him he had to let her go...he didn't know how but he is willing to help her...she tells him Shawn and her have an agreement and it's private, she can't tell him.

At Sami's....a repeat of John asking about the bear as Lucas and her remember putting it in Marlena's coffin...Sami goes after John blaming him for taking it....she calls it revenge that he didn't want her mother to have anything from her past with her as Lucas tries to calm her down. Sami is questioning John as to how the bear was at Bo's but John isn't sure....he says that Bo thinks Hope bought it for Zach….he wants to know if Sami is sure and she notices the sewing she did to fix it…..it has peanut butter on it from Zach and she goes to wash it…..Lucas asks John what he is thinking….he figures he should go to the cemetary as he asks Lucas if he wants to come...Sami says she is going to but they tell her no...she says I'm not a 2 year-old I'm going. At the graveside they notice that the grave hasn't been disturbed....Sami asks if John thinks that someone took her mothers body as well as the bear as John says he's thought something wrong all along...she says but how do we find out....John says there is only one way...we exhume the body...Sami yells no she is not letting him desecrate her mothers grave.

On the island.....Roman and Marlena are talking as she tells him that it is comforting for Caroline to have someone there to share things with...she says she is thankful that she has the father of her twins with her and someone who she cares about a great deal....she misses John but she is comforted to have Roman with her....Roman starts to think and wonders if maybe she didn't have the bear with her when she arrived on the island. Marlena remembers being buried alive and saying the Lord’s prayer….then she heard something and it sounded like she was switching tracks….then she felt like she was falling and the casket opened to a bright light…..just then Abe arrives. Marlena/Roman/Abe are talking as Abe mentions the tunnels under St. Luke's...He says that Tek told him about them and they were for the underground railroad....Roman didn't realize St. Luke's was that old....Marlena says now it makes sense as she remembers hiding from John in the tunnels...she tells them whoever made her the 'killer' must have programmed this as well...they both agree and hope that some in Salem will figure it out....(seems that John is getting there)

Hope is telling Patrick that either she goes or he stays....he tells her it is too dangerous for her as she asks if maybe he doesn't know who is behind this...he says no it's the elements in the jungle....wild animals, snakes, rough terrain....she tells him again eithe she goes or he stays and says she needs some air...she goes outside and is talking to herself saying that if she let's him go he may find Jen but what if he is involve din this somehow...she doesn't know what to do when she hears a voice say 'listen to your heart'...she turns and says Daddy and rushes into Doug's arms....very touching. Hope can’t believe he’s alive as Doug says he was on the other side of the island and dropped in at Maggie’s and she told him….Hope says she didn’t get here the way he did…. Doug asks her how she got there and she explains about the plane etc.......she says Bo must think I'm dead as Doug asks why would you be dead...she explains about the plane being shot down by a missle. Hope and Doug are talking (while inside Patrick escapes but not without grabbing his coin)...Doug tells her that he isn't sure they should trust Patrick but Hope thinks it's the only way to save Jen....Doug says he needs to clean up and tells Hope he'll be back and they can figure it out together. Hope goes inside and Patrick is gone....she follows him to the 'force field'....he is fidgeting with the codes as Hope runs up...she tells him to wait as he throws the coin at the field...it opens a rift and he jumps through....Hope watches as Patrick throws a stick at the coin to shut it but Hope manages to make it through. He wants to open it and send her back but she says no they have to find Jen. He explains that he noticed while he was trying the codes that the coin had an effect on the field.

Jen is walking through the jungle when she gets pains in her stomach, she's hoping it's not labor....she is eating some fruit and figures that she was just hungry.....she talks to the baby and is hoping that her water doesn't break as she has to get help for Jack...she gets more pains and starts to scream....Jack is in the pit as he hopes Jen is OK and can get help...he sits up all of a sudden and calls her name (the same time Jen screams in pain)..... Jen arrives at a rope bridge and looks across...she figures she has to make it so save them all but doesn't want to make the 10 mile drop....(LOL...it does appear to look that far)...she start to slowly cross as one of the rails breaks and she loses her balance....she gets back on track and continues...meanwhile Jack has found his way out of the pit and is searching for her....he calls her name and Jen stops but she figures it can't be Jack...she continues to crose as we see the rope breaking...Jack arrives and tells her to stay there...she turns and start to walk toward him as Jack says no and the rope breaks...the show ends on Jack's anguished face.

Pat’s Spoilers

I have to say my favourite moment on the show today was the reunion between father and daughter. It was so great to hear Hope say “Daddy” and then run into his arms.

Island: Patrick tries to talk Hope out of insisting on coming with him into the jungle by telling her that the jungle is dangerous. He doesn’t have the time to look out for her and if anything happened to her he would blame himself. She tells him that he doesn’t know her – she could end up having to help him along. He says he is alone – she has a husband and two sons – she has a lot more to lose than him. He’s unattached – yes he has a mother, sister and brother but it’s not the same. Hope says she needs some air. She talks to herself outside wondering if she should or shouldn’t let Patrick go when Doug says listen to your heart. After their emotional reunion he tells her that he was on the other side of the island and he just got back and Maggie told him she was here. He is so happy to see her but sad that she is separated from her family. She tells him she didn’t end up on the island the same way he did. She tells him everything about Patrick and Jennifer’s kidnapping and how the plane Patrick stole was shot down by a missile. She says she didn’t get a chance to tell Bo and he probably thinks she is dead. Doug goes to freshen up and Hope returns into the house to discover that Patrick and his coin are gone. She finds him at the force field and accuses him of knowing the combination. She asks him what the coin has to do with the force field. He doesn’t know –it must be the metal because he noticed a change in the fluctuation while he was trying different coins. Hope kicks the coin out of his hand and it ends up sticking in the force field and that causes a break in it. He goes through and Hope follows him. Patrick throws something to dislodge the coin. Hope takes off into the jungle and Patrick follows her although he tried to get her to go back.

Roman is still upset about seeing Victor and Caroline kissing. Marlena says it’s lonely here – at the end of the day all they have is each other. She finds it a comfort that he is there – a man she cares deeply about, the father of her twins. It doesn’t mean she misses her family any less. All she thinks about is getting back to them. Roman is deep in thought and asks her to think about what happened after she ‘died’. None of the rest of them has any memory except finding themselves on the island. He can’t stop thinking about that bear. She says she knows it was in the casket with her because she was so scared she held onto it. She thinks it’s probably still in the casket. Roman says maybe it found its way back to Salem and someone will see it and figure out that they’re not really dead. She relives the whole thing and talks about. Abe joins them and when he hears some of the things Marlena has to say he says that the graveyard at St. Luke’s is over tunnels and caverns that they believed were used by the Underground Railway. Marlena says whoever is behind this must have made sure she knew that because the night she ‘killed’ Doug she trapped John in a crypt. There can be no other explanation. Abe says whoever is behind this is human and will make a mistake – he just hopes that one of them is around to catch them at it.

Jack comes to and worries about Jen but passes out again. Jen finds some fruit to eat. She tells the baby to settle down and tries to get up but clutches her stomach and lies down. Jack wakes up again and says he has to get to Jen. He starts to climb out. Jen rests for a bit and then gets up. She walks and stops and says finally a way out of here. She starts crossing the ravine using one of those swinging rope bridges. One of the boards breaks but she keeps going even though she knows it’s a long long drop down. Jack pulls himself out and sees Jen. (We also see the rope stretching and shredding). He calls at her to stop. She turns and starts coming back towards her. He yells freeze and the rope snaps and they both yell.

Sami’s: John asks Sami and Lucas if they are absolutely sure that the bear was in the casket when Marlena was buried. Flashback to the moment. Of course Sami accuses John of removing it because he wanted to punish her Mom for being the killer – he wanted her to be alone. She will never forgive him. He insists that he didn’t remove it and if they’re both sure it was inside the casket how did it end up in Bo’s living room. John wants to know if they are positive that this is the same bear. Sami points out the tear and the stitches – she had to sew it a few times. Lucas asks the same question as John did and John says there is only one way to find out. Sami is fearful that if they robbed her mother’s grave – does this mean they took her body as well. They go to the graveyard but it doesn’t appear to have been tampered with. John feels there is only one way to know and he wants to exhume her body. Sami won’t allow it.

The Foursome: Phil and Belle get back to the loft and Belle goes straight to the answering machine. She says no message. He called home and didn’t mention me. She tells Phil that he knew all along that Shawn knew about her mother. She cries on his shoulder. He has another of his lame fantasies – this time she thanks him for being there for him and she kisses him. I’m sorry but I just find the look on his face after he comes out of the fantasy very disturbing – but that could just be me.

Jan tells Shawn that she can’t breathe. He tells her the last time he tried to escape she told him that he should have knocked her out and run. He’s taking her advice. If she doesn’t give him the key he swears he will kill her. She slumps down and he reaches for the key and she kicks him where it hurts. He falls on the bed. She is furious for him from trying to escape from the only woman for him. He says he will never love her. He loves Belle. She says you were a terrible boyfriend – you left her when she needed you the most. She has moved on. He says Belle will never move on with Phil. He won’t believe it unless he hears her say that it’s over. Jan tells him that can be arranged.

Phil is in a kind of daze when there is a knock on the door. It’s Jan and although Phil doesn’t invite her in she just walks in. She gets Belle to talk about the phone call from Shawn to Bo and of course Belle spills everything. (Jan is wearing a wire and has a tape recorder stuck into the top of her nylon). Jan says you have to be over him now after this. Jan says a lot of things that have Phil stepping in saying this isn’t helping. Belle says she doesn’t know then she picks up that very old picture of Shawn. I have to admit – I liked the dialogue. I like that reassurance that she loves him and she still believes that he loves her. Belle says that she still loves Shawn and he still loves her. That was the last thing he said to her. She says he knows what he has to do if he wants to end it. Jan tries to get that out of her but Belle tells her it is between her and Shawn. Phil escorts Jan out. Phil asks Belle what she meant – she tells him that it is private between her and Shawn and she wishes that both he and Jan would butt out. Back at Jan’s she looks at Shawn and wonders what it is that Shawn has to do and how she can figure it out. She calls Belle and says you’re going to want to here this. I know where Shawn is.

Preview: Jan telling Shawn that Belle is over him big time – she’s shacking up with Philip. Shawn is just staring at her. Belle asks Phil what he is planning. He asks her if she would like to give Jan Spears the surprise of her life. Hope asking Patrick what his assignment was concerning her cousin. He says to target her – to bring her down. John telling Bo that someone has been messing with Marlena’s body and he wants a court order to exhume her body. Sami bursts in and says to Bo that you have to tell him to let my mother rest in peace.

Friday Jul 23

Jan’s Spoilers…..

Pat is home for the weekend so I’ll try to do what I can with the spoilers for today’s show.

A few comments……excellent performance by MA today. All in all it wasn’t too bad a show, it moved a little quicker but still....LOL. Oh and it looked like JC had his hair shaped a bit…looks good.

On the island…..Hope and Patrick are walking through the jungle as Hope wants to know what is going on with him. She tells him they should go back. She doesn’t trust him at all and wants to know what is happening. He finally gives in and tells her the truth….that he owed someone money and that to get out of debt the reached an agreement…she says about Jen. He tells her that he was to target Jennifer Devereaux….Hope lets him have it with a right or was it left to the fact and says oops…mosquito. He explains about waiting for her to back out of the driveway and then stepping into her blind spot…it’s easy to fake a back injury. He tells her that all changed when Jen paid his hospital bills and offered him the garage apartment. Hope says I knew there was something going on and then asks why he didn’t leave….he says I tried but I got stopped by the cops because of the bearer bonds. She said you knew who took them didn’t you…he says Shawn called him and he went and got them back and then got beat up for his troubles…he tells her he stayed because Jen was mourning her husband and raising a daughter and having a difficult pregnancy. She asks him if knew Jack but he says no as Hope says I knew Jack wasn’t into NASCAR….she wants to know what he knows about who is holding them all hostage but he says he has no idea….he wants her to go back and wait at the pub but she refuses…he says what about your sons and Bo…you don’t want them to live without you…he tells her that her family needs her…she says Jen is her family also and she is going with him.

Jack is yelling for Jen….but I don’t believe he sees her. He ties his belt to a tree branch and tries to get the rope but fails….he ends up over the edge as he starts to pass out. He climbs back up and finds her locket…he says that she taught him how to be a man, a husband and a father as he has flashbacks (wonderful flashbacks…to him telling her he loved her….the proposal…their wedding…telling him about being pregnant…Abby at home for the first time….finding her on the island and putting the locket on her neck and promising her he’d never leave her)..he then says that he’s coming as he drifts off holding the locket.

At Sami’s……John is telling Sami and Lucas that this is the only thing they can do….they have to find out. Lucas agrees as John leaves to talk to Bo. Sami wants Lucas to stop him but he says she has to know or it will haunt her…she doesn’t agree and follows John with Lucas following her.

At the station…..Bo is sitting at his desk when Tek walks in with news…Bo looks at it as Tek says they found blood and it’s Hope’s….he tells Bo not to forget the shark infested waters and that Bo has to let her go…Bo says he’s not letting her go until he has a body….until then she’s alive….John comes in and wants Bo to get an order to exhume Marlena’s body….Bo tells him that he has live people to look for….Jen, Shawn and Hope. Sami comes rushing in with Lucas and wants Bo to stop it. She says that John is to blame for Marlena’s death and so is he….Lucas tries to stop her and pulls her away..he tells her to let this happen that John isn’t always wrong as she tells him that he is on their side..he says no sides but if she doesn’t do this then it will haunt her the rest of her life….she has to know…Bo says that John is her husband and it’s his decision as Sami says they were separated and Bo tells her not legally. John shows him the bear and tells him that it was in Marlena’s coffin….Tek figures it could be grave robbers because of the SK thing and Sami says she didn’t kill anyone…Bo wants to know how he is sure it was in Marlena’s coffin and John explains about the eyes and the fact Sami sewed it up when the leg came off….Bo asks if that is true and Lucas says yes as Sami calls him a traitor. John tells Bo that this could help in finding out what happened to both their wives as Bo agrees and goes to get the order.

At the cemetary….Bo checks out the order and asks John if he is sure….John says yes and the gravediggers start to dig as Sami comes running in with Lucas beside her and screams to stop.

At Belle’s….Belle is on the phone with Jan asking questions about where Shawn is….she wants to know everything. Jan says she’ll give them the 411 and come over to the loft at 5. After hanging up Phil tells Belle Jan is lying as Belle asks why she’d do that….Phil says she can’t have Shawn and she doesn’t want you to have him either….she hates you. Belle says it doesn’t matter she’s engaged but Phil isn’t buying it. He tells Belle he learned two things in the Marines (only two…LOL)…(sorry I forgot the first…LOL)the 2nd is going to your enemies before they come to you. He checks on the internet saying he was trying to trace the call but it said private number….he finds the address and figures she’s staying out there because she’s hiding something…they remember she had her 2nd birthday party there and Belle thinks she’s there because she has good memories…they head out to Jan’s.

At Jan’s……she is on the phone with Belle. Upstairs Shawn is talking to himself saying that his parents got through things like this and he and Belle are soulmates as well. He says if I close my eyes….Belle says I’m here….he opens his eyes and sees her standing there…he asks when they can be together and she says soon……today. She tells him she promised him she’d wait as he tells her he misses her. They kiss….she backs up as he asks where she is going…she says nowhere and comes towards him…..he starts to explain how he tried to get there when he heard about her mother but that Jan had drugged him and locked him up…she says we’ll be together soon and they kiss…we see her hand change to Jan’s as Shawn backs up…he says I thought you were Belle as Jan says I’m nothing like her…she figures she has to brainwash him some more but not much as he can’t tell the difference between her and Belle…..Shawn calls her delusional and a fruit cake but she keeps on going….she has the doll and is singing to him as Shawn just sits there….he basically tells her to shut up….he says Belle does not love Philip and I do not love you so give it up…she brings him some food and a mug of beer and asks if he’s hungry…..he says only if your baked in a pie…she tells him that she is going out and didn’t want him to go hungry as he takes a drink…he asks where and she says Belle and Philip asked me over as a housewarming….she wonders what to bring maybe a plant….she then talks about how jealous Belle is of her engagement ring and she probably is asking Phil to buy her one now….she says they’ll live together happily and so will we…the doorbell rings as she wonders who it is….Shawn starts to yell as Jan shuts the door and goes downstairs….out pop Phil and Belle saying surprise…..upstairs Shawn hears Belle’s voice asking where he is and starts yelling for Belle to come and save him…..(I can’t figure out how he heard her but she didn’t hear him….at least not yet…LOL)

Monday Jul 26

Pat's Spoilers

First of all I have to rant about the fact that Jan drugged Shawn's beer - how contrived and plot driven was that - for pete's sake she has gone out and left him alone before and never felt the need to drug him first. I really feel that I as a viewer am being treated as if I'm an idiot and I'm not happy about it. It probably didn't help that we had to go through another episode of Phil petting Belle incessantly - that just irks me to no end - I feel like screaming - she's not your lap dog...Alrighty then - enough ranting - on to the show.

Brady and Nicole - Brady is talking on the phone to Chloe (swimsuit - oiled chest) as Nicole eavesdrops. Brady says that his half-brothers (HUH???? What did I miss???) Bo and Phil voted down the concert hall. With nothing holding him to Salem he offers to come to Austria to be with her. Nicole doesn't like that idea. From Brady's side of the conversation you can tell that Chloe is listing all the reasons he shouldn't come as Nicole keeps saying tell him no. Nicole saunters out in her bikini with Martini in hand and plops herself down next to Brady. She uses the opportunity to make Chloe look bad and herself look good. She tells Brady if she had a man like him nothing would keep her from him. That's the difference between her and Chloe. With Chloe it's career first, love second whereas for her although her career is important it would have to take second place to love. Brady tells her that Chloe knows what a relationship is all about - she's thinking of him and doesn't want him to sacrifice his career for her. Nicole asks him what he is sacrificing and tells him that Chloe doesn't want him - just the venue he was going to provide for her. She says that Chloe is ruining his life and walks away. She comes back and apologises - they hug - they kiss - Nicole asks him to make love to her. He says he can't.

Island - Inside the Brady pub Marlena is having memories of being buried alive and they are overwhelming her. Outside Caroline tells Victor that he's being very quiet - he must be missing his family. He says that although he is worried about Nicole sinking her claws into Brady he was thinking of the kiss they had shared. He tells her he' sorry it happened. He came between her and Shawn once before and that was wrong. He won't be doing it again. Caroline says although their affair was wrong it resulted in them having a very fine son. She always knew he was one of the good guys. Victor doesn't think Roman would agree. She tells him to come inside - he is reluctant. She points out that they are all prisoners on the island and need to stick together. They come in on the conversation about being buried alive.

Abe says he knows how they got here. He mentions how Vivian used a drug that simulated death on Carly when she buried her alive. Something similar must have been used on them. Of course everyone thinks they are dead so the problem is - why would anyone look for them. Victor feels if there is just the slightest hint that something isn't right Bo won't stop looking until he has all the answers. Marlena says we shouldn't sit around and wait - Roman agrees - they need to be proactive. He talks about Jen believing that Jack was alive and that led her to the island. Then Hope and Patrick followed Jen. Their big concern is that anyone that comes looking for them might end up being prisoners as well.

As the others talk Victor and Caroline talk on their own. Victor says he's too old and set in his ways to change now. He tells her he loves her and always has. He understands that nothing can happen between them because he knows she will never be unfaithful to Shawn again. He just wanted to say it out loud. Caroline talks about how worried about Shawn she is and wonders who is looking after them. She is also concerned about Sami and Bo now that Hope is on the island. Victor doesn't feel this is over yet so he offers to move in with Caroline so she can feel safe.

Roman is convinced that Patrick knows more than he is telling them and that they have to get that information out of him. Abe offers to go and give Hope a break. Roman overhears Victor's offer and tells his mother that he will stay with her. Caroline tells him that Marlena needs him more. Victor says that's settled then and he and Caroline go into the back. Marlena tells Roman it will be all right. Abe comes running in and tells them that Hope and Patrick are gone. They all take off.

Speaking of ranting - Sami continues hers throughout the show. She is still furious with all three men but especially John. She thinks it's sacrilegous to open the casket. Bo breaks the seal and John opens the casket. The lid falls back and startles Sami into looking into the casket. It's empty. They're all shocked - John especially. Sami notices the shredded lining and she attacks John screaming that she knew her mother was alive. They could have saved her. John says he did open the casket - they double and triple checked - she was dead. He has a flashback to the funeral director stabbing Marlena and then the embalming. He says there is no way those things could have been done to someone that was alive. Bo feels he knows what happened. Someone wanted revenge on the Salem Stalker so they stole her body. John doesn't agree - he says the caretaker said the grave had not been disturbed. Bo says that they have to go to the one person with the answers.

They arrive at the funeral home just at the time that Roman, Abe and Marlena have figured out the that the funeral director had to be in on the plan. John attacks the man and says he wants answers. Of course he insists she was dead. Bo tells John he'll phone for a search warrant. Mr. Milbower says he'll check her files - they're in his private office. They hear a gun shot and John and Bo break down the door. Sami screams when she sees the man has shot himself. John and Bo check his body - but he's dead. John is upset because he knows he took all his secrets to the grave with him.

Shawn yells for Belle - "I'm here" as Belle is asking Jan where Shawn is. Jan wants to know how they found the place - she can't believe they remembered a birthday party from when they were all around 7. Phil says he traced the call and asks if she is going to let them in. She says she was just going out when Shawn calls out again. Phil asks her if someone else is in the house - Jan has that deer caught in the headlights look.

She closes the door and tells them her cat is in heat and when it screeches it sounds like a human. Belle doesn't care about the cat she wants to know about Shawn. Inside poor Shawn is yelling that he can't get to her because Jan has him locked in a cage. He tells Belle to get the keys from the maniac and let him out. Jan wants to go for a walk to get some fresh air and grabs Belle's hand and pulls causing Belle to fall and scrape her knee. Phil insists that they need to go inside and clean the scrape and put a bandaid on it. Jan doesn't think it looks so bad. Sigh...Shawn keeps calling out Belle's name.

Finally Jan lets them in and tells them to wait while she goes to get the first aid supplies. She checks on Shawn and he's passed out on the bed. She has a flashback to pouring a drug into his beer and him drinking the beer. Shawn is dreaming of Belle freeing him and holding her and kissing her as Phil has Jan in a choke hold. He keeps saying her name in his drugged sleep. Phil tells Jan to stop stalling when Belle asks her again where Shawn is. Jan tells them she went for a drive and ended up at a coffee shop about 50 miles away and Shawn was outside putting air in his motorcycle tire. (Okay - she was supposed to have driven 50 miles one way, had coffee, talked to Shawn, driven back the 50 miles and then phoned Belle all in the short time since she left the loft - THINK people - sheesh). Jan plays the innocent very well - if you didn't know better you might almost believe she doesn't really want to tell Belle what Shawn says. She says she brought up Belle's name and Shawn says he knew about her mother. Phil pipes in - with he knew and didn't come home. Jan says he did call home - (flashback to the doctored call). Speaking of that call it's obvious that Bo accepted it - he hasn't mentioned it since and doesn't seem too concerned although from his conversation with Tek yesterday he still considers Shawn 'missing.' Jan tells Belle she doesn't use the type of words that Shawn used but he said he was never blankety-blank going to get back together with Belle. Belle cries, Phil pets and Jan gloats. Phil calls Jan a liar and says Shawn is an upfront guy. He would never tell you that he would call Belle himself. Belle says why should we take your word without any proof.

Preview: Jan saying if you want proof, I'll give you proof. Bo and John finding the burning files in the funeral home. Now I know that they showed Marlena, Roman and Abe but I don't remember what they were talking about.

Tuesday Jul 27

Jan’s Spoilers….

Great performance by Ali today…she played it perfectly. And can I say how nice it was to see Shawn with clothes on again……he looks so great in a shirt…LOL.

At the mansion....a repeat of Nicole and Brady apologizing to each other and then Brady kissing her. Her asking him to make love to her and him telling her he's sorry he can't do this. Nicole is telling Brady that she isn't sorry about the kiss. He apologizes to her again for it. She goes into the pool and when she climbs out she comes on to him again. She tells him that she is here and Chloe is in Vienna. He asks if she was eavesdropping and she says she heard part of it. She can't figure out how he has sacrificed everything and Chloe is sing all over Europe going to after parties with every Tom, Dick and whoever drinking champagne. He tells her that Chloe and he talk all the time and e-mail etc. She asks if she is a pen pal. He tells her that they have a different relationship to which she figures they must. He tells her that he won't cheat as long as he is with Chloe no matter how tempting she is. Nicole goes into the house to make a call....she talks to someone and asks it it's ready yet. Then says I'm paying you enough.

At Jan's.....Phil can't believe that Shawn would tell Jan anything let alone that he was through with Belle. He wants Jan to go over it again. She gets up and picks up her gun and tells him she wants to talk to him alone. Belle and Phil both can't figure out why when Jan was at their place an hour ago she never mentioned it....Belle says you came over to see how I was doing and yet you never mentioned seeing him. She asys she didn't want to hurt Belle...Phil asks if Shawn knows that she's engaged and she says yes she told him....Phil says what abouth is name...she says no one knows his name (we get the same flashback of her recording the message to Bo....guess they want to make sure we remember how she did it...LOL)she then goes on to tell Belle again how Shawn doesn't want anything to do with her...that the reason he doesn't want to talk to her is because she lied for her mother.....upstairs Shawn hears Belle's voice through the vent and calls out her name (very quietly...LOL)Phil and Belle are continuing to question Jan as to what Shawn told her. She goes on about him not wanting to be with Belle and then says she has something to tell her but she doesn't know how she'll say it. Belle asks her to tell her everything....Jan says he plans to join the Merchant Marines and never come back to Salem. Belle can't believe he'd do that to her....Phil tells her that he thinks Jan is lying as Jan says I can hear you....Belle and Phil leave the room and Phil tells Belle that she is lying...she went 50 miles and ran into Shawn and forgot tell him his mother died....Shawn would be back her in a flash if he knew that..(Jan is listening and can't believe that Phil is doing this when she is giving him the opportunity he wants)...Belle says he's right and tells Jan she wants proof....Jan says fine and opens her purse and plays with the gun then pulls out a ring box. She says Shawn gave me this to give to you...I never looked in it I'm telling the truth....Belle opens it and says it's his purity ring....(she has a flashback to the roof when Shawn tried to give it back and she told him to keep it and as long as he had it they would be together)she tells them about the promise they made to each other to wait until they were married to have sex (Jan says how sweet)...Belle says it must really be over if he's giving it back to me....Phil calls him a bastard....Phil hears a noise and asks Jan what it is.......she says her cat (must be a pretty HUGE cat....it's throwing things around upstairs….oooooh…maybe it’s Horton….LMAO)....Upstairs Shawn is trying to call to Belle but is too weak....he finds something in the fridge and throws it at the vent....(that is what Phil hears)....Jan takes off upstairs while Belle tells Phil that no one knew about there promised....not him or Mimi or Jan....she asks Phil to tell her that Jan is lying...Phil says she is and I have a way to prove it...upstairs Jan comes in as Shawn is still trying to throw things at the vent...she opens the cage door and Shawn tackles her....she has a syringe that she tries to stab him with but he fights her off until she finally jabs him in the leg and he passes out.....(guess Phil still thinks that the noise upstairs is a cat....LMAO)

At the funeral home....Bo and John are checking out Mr. Millbauer...Bo tells Tek to phone Lexie and get her down here. Tek wonders if there are more bodies missing....maybe he was selling them and that is what he was hiding. John smells smoke....as he and Bo go and check the file room...all the files for the last year have been destroyed. Lexie and Celeste arrive as Bo tells Lexie what happened....John mentions the bear and Lexie figures someone stole it from the coffin...John tells her Marlena's body was missing...Lucas explains about the inside of the coffin being torn....Celeste goes in and checks out the files when Sami and Lucas come in....Sami asks her to see if she can use the bear to get a reading or something....Celeste hold the bear and has a vision of Marlena alive in the coffin...she tells Sami they were right that Marlena was alive as Sami faints in Lucas's arms..... Sami comes too as Lucas asks Celeste what she knows....Celeste tells her she saw Marlena and that she was alive....Bo is talking to Lexie and says she doesn't know what happened...she examined Marlena and she was dead...she signed the death certificate....Sami comes running out and attacks Lexie telling her that her Mom was alive...Lexie wanted her to suffocate just because she thought she killed Abe....they start screaming at each other as Lexie tells her if she doesn't stop she'll have her classified as crazy....John says he doesn't believe Sami....Sami tells him that is his fault her mother is dead....she asks Bo to throw Lexie in jail for killing her Mom....John explains about what Mr. Millbauer did with the scalpel....Bo tells Sami they will find out what happend to her mother....Sami says she knows her mother is alive.

On the island....Victor and Caroline are inside the Pub where he is telling her how good the rhubarb pie was...she says that maybe it's because he helped or she has perfected it being on the island all this time. He tells her that he is glad to have this time with her and away from Titan....she asks him if he wants to stay here and he says no he wants to get back for family....she agrees as we see pictures of all the Brady's at the bar...he is worried about Nicole seducing his grandson and she is worried about Bo. Caroline and Victor are talking as she tells Victor not to worry that Brady will do the right thing. He is worried about what Nicole will do if Brady rejects him and Caroline asks him what she'd do....he says kill him...Caroline asks what the point of that would be.

Outside Marlena and Roman are talking and she wants to go after Hope. Roman tells her Hope will be fine but she says what if Patrick is involved and he takes Hope as a hostage....Roman says Patrick was the only one who knew how to get through the forcefield and it's a good thing that Hope followed him. Abe comes up and agrees....Marlena is still worried but they talk about maybe this is their chance to get off the island and back to their loved ones.....seems Marlena is a little more determined to get off on this show. they talk about whoever is behind this as being human and humans make mistakes...Roman says that whoever it is had to be setting it up for a long time and needed the resources....Abe agrees but that mistakes could be made and they need people to help....Marlena is determined to get home....Roman says they have to get back to their loved ones....Abe says he wants to be with Lexie and Theo....Abe starts to talk about the tunnels....he says if they had tunnels in Salem and those tunnels helped get them here and this is a replica of Salme then it stands there would be tunnels here as well....Marlena mentions that when her and John were on the DiMera Island that Tony said there were tunnels from island to island....Tony arrives and says she is right. He knows whose it is....when they ask how he tells them that after Stefano died he had a chart of the islands and figured out which this one was.....25 degrees from the Nebula...he says the island belongs to Lexie....Marlena asks if Abe knew about this and he says no they were estranged at the time....Tony says Lexie sold it to a conglomerate for a large amount of money....Roman asks if he knows who but he says no....Marlena mentions that she thinks Stefano is alive and Tony sys it's possible...he then goes on to say that Stefano died in his arms but that someone is playing a game with them...there will be winners and losers and he wonders which ones will get back to Salem alive to be with their loved one.

Pat’s Spoilers

At least I know that all the work that goes into typing up this spoiler won’t be wasted today. LOL! I typed up a spoiler report on Friday – a nice long one and emailed it using my hotmail account to Jan but she still hasn’t received it. I ended up getting an email today in Hotmail that was dated July 21st so I guess Jan should get my Friday spoiler tomorrow.

Today’s show although it dragged for me in a few places is obviously setting up for the realization that the dead are not dead, Lucas’ upcoming proposal and Shawn’s pending freedom. Ali did a fabulous job with her scenes today. And like Jan said we found Horton the Tiger. This stuff at Jan’s is so plot driven it’s beyond ridiculous.

Kiriakis Pool: A lot more of Nicole throwing herself at Brady. These two bore me to tears so I really didn’t pay much attention. Nicole takes her jabs at Chloe. Brady defends her and their relationship. After the kiss Brady says he shouldn’t be kissing her like she’s the woman he loves because he doesn’t. After going for a swim Nicole walks towards Brady and says you find me sexy, don’t you? Brady tells her that he would never be unfaithful to Chloe – that’s not the type of man he is and he walks away. Nicole just says ‘we’ll see about that.’

Island: Victor and Caroline talk and it comes back to Victor worrying that his slut of a wife will make a play for Brady. Caroline says that doesn’t mean Brady will take her up on it. Victor worries that she might kill Brady if he refuses her advances but Caroline points out that would defeat her purpose. Roman and Marlena are talking about Hope and Patrick. Marlena is worried that Patrick is working for their captor and that he has taken Hope hostage. Roman says it’s obvious that Patrick is the only one that knows how to get through the force field so Hope must have followed him. Abe comes along and agrees with Roman. Marlena talks about wanting to get off the island and getting home. They talk about how they all must have been transported from their graves through the tunnels so it’s possible there are tunnels under New Salem. They also talk about how the person behind this must have planned meticulously and carefully for years on end but they also bring up the fact that the person is only human and bound to make mistakes. This person required a lot of help to pull off something of this magnitude and the more people involved the more chance of being discovered. Marlena remembers the tunnels at the DiMera island that her, John and Tony were on. Abe says we would have to assume that Stefano owns this island. Tony comes along and says you are probably right. They ask him if he’s not part of the plot to keep them there how would he know this. He talks about looking through his telescope and remembers the coordinates of a satellite picture of some islands his father ordered and the coordinates of one those islands are the same as this island. He then tells them that Lexie owned the island but sold it for a large sum of money. Victor comes out and tells them not to believe anything Tony has to say. Tony says he’s just telling them what he knows and as far as Stefano being behind all this – he tells them that Stefano died in his arms. (Am I losing it? Didn’t Tony here about the news like everyone else – I could be wrong but I don’t remember him telling everyone that he was with Stefano at the time of his death). Marlena says he could be dead like the rest of my victims and I are.

Funeral Home: Tek is there today. John smells smoke and Bo and him find the files burning. Bo puts the fire out. Lexie and Celeste are also there – they are stunned to learn Marlena’s body is missing. John tells everyone that it appears that he was destroying the files of all the people he had buried in the past year. Tek has the Salem brain today – he says maybe Marlena’s body isn’t the only body missing. Celeste goes into the room where the bodies are prepared for burial and Sami and Lucas follow her. Sami hands Celeste the bear and she has a vision of Marlena clutching the bear calling for help. She tells Sami that she was right – her mother was buried alive. Sami passes out. In the office Bo and John are questioning Lexie. She swears that Marlena was dead. Sami comes to and says she knows who was behind her mother being buried alive. She attacks Lexie – Bo and Lucas break them apart. Sami accuses Lexie of hating Marlena and wanting revenge because she thinks her mother killed Abe. Accusations and denials fly back and forth. Lexie threatens to call together the hospital staff and have Sami committed. Sami turns to John and tells him he claims to love Marlena so much but he was the one that condemned her to suffocate in that casket. Sami insists that Marlena is innocent and that she is alive. Bo tells her that they will find out who stole her body and that person will be punished.

LOL! As Jan mentioned – we found Horton the tiger! I can’t believe Phil has the brains to question Jan’s story but he buys the loud ruckus Shawn makes by smashing things trying to get their attention as a cat in heat. GMAFB. There were a lot of repeats in this segment – Jan tells the whole story again because they actually question her about telling them about knowing where Shawn was when she saw them less than an hour ago. Jan says she didn’t have the heart to hurt Belle but when she got home she knew it was wrong. Again – I have to question – when was it that she was supposed to have seen him and conveniently forget to tell him his mother was dead. Jan gets upset with Phil a couple of times because he really makes sense and questions her – she keeps fingering that gun in her purse. Belle is very upset but Phil tells her that Jan has a history of lying and never wanted Belle and Shawn to be together. Belle asks for proof. Jan hands the small box to Belle and she opens it. Belle starts crying and says we agreed that it would never be over between us as long as he kept the ring and didn’t return it. She says it’s really over. (The flashback…close but where’s the leather jacket?) Phil calls Shawn a bastard. Phil wants to know why Shawn would give that to her to return to Belle. Jan says Shawn told her he never wants to see or speak to Belle again because she lied about her mother and because of that lie his great grandmother was killed – he can’t forgive that. She says he also said he’s joining the Merchant Marine and never returning to Salem again. Jan has to go look after her ‘cat’. Phil asks Belle what he can do – she says tell me Jan is lying and there’s some way to prove it. Phil says he thinks he can do that.

Sigh…I feel so bad for Shawn. He slowly comes to but he’s still very drugged up. He convinces himself that he didn’t really hear Belle but then he hears her voice again. He says I’m here. He struggles to pull himself up the headboard to call out her name through the vent but he can’t yell. He staggers around and opens the fridge and throws a bottle of champagne against the vent. Jan comes in with a syringe and Shawn struggles with her – even makes it out of the cage but Jan plunges the syringe into his leg and he succumbs to the drug and passes out. No comment – this is so .. so… wrong on so many levels.

Preview: Lucas tells Sami he loves her more than she’ll ever know and if he leaves now he’ll never be coming back. She says ‘fine by me.’ Bo saying if Marlena is still alive he believes he knows how it happened. Marlena saying to Abe and Roman – what is going on here? Sometimes I think that we would have been better off if we had died. Patrick telling Hope to look out as the wreckage of the plane falls on her.

Wednesday Jul 28

Jan’s Spoilers……

At Jan's....Belle is asking Phil if he believes that Jan is lying...Phil tells her that she has to be because there is no way that Shawn would break up with her through Jan Spears of all people....Belle says that no one knew about the promise they made to each other regarding the rings...that they would never be over until one of them returned the ring...Phil tells her he knows a way to find out for sure....he takes the ring box and tells her that he is going to have Tek check for fingerprints...if Shawn's are there then they will know. Jan comes back down and asks where Phil is....Belle tells her he had to call the base and his cell phone didn't get a signal so he left to use a phone....Jan tells her that he could have used the one here so what is really going on. Belle tells her there isn’t anything going on that she called them to tell them about seeing Shawn and she just couldn’t wait to find out… Jan is telling Belle how sorry she is but she'll call her a cab and she can go home and have a good cry. Belle talks about Shawn and tells Jan that when she came into the house she felt like Shawn was there...Jan says how could he be....Belle tells her that she thought her and Shawn had a connection like their parents but she figures she was wrong....Jan says she has that connection with her fiance as Belle tells her how lucky she is that she has found true love…..Jan says just what you wanted…....Jan goes on to talk about her 'fiance' she says he has dark wavy hear…..and that strand that keeps falling over his forehead…he has dark eyes…and then says that he has sensual lips that warm her all over...she mentions to Belle that she wouldn't know about that....Belle says that the rings were a commitment …Jan says I have a commitment with my fiance...he is always there for me....he has a big heart….Belle says I know I said this before but it sounds like Shawn....Jan says it is.....

Upstairs a replay of Shawn and Jan fighting over the syringe....she checks his pulse to make sure he's alive and then says I guess it's true that you always hurt the one you love....we see her laying him on the bed and then telling him to be a good boy....to be quiet and that soon they'll be together...she kisses him and tells him she'll be back to start their life together...after she leaves he mumbles Belle’s name…..he has a fantasy of Jan telling him tonight is the night as Belle comes out of nowhere holding a sword….Belle cuts her head off (of course we don’t really see that)…she says never fight with a woman in love….Belle goes to Shawn and she says I’m here….they kiss. (OK….the fantasy was a little on the cheesy side…LOL).

At Salem Place….Sami is hurrying as Lucas is following her….he is telling her to calm down that she is hysterical….she says of course I am my mother was buried alive….she tells him she hates him for not being on her side. Phil tells Kate that they ran into a friend from high school who saw Shawn....Kate thinks that is incredible as now Phil can tell Belle how he feels and move right in on her...Kate is going on about Phil going after Belle now that Shawn is out of the picture and to tell her now how he feels before Shawn comes back.....that if Shawn does come back he'll lose her....Phil tells her that then he'll fight him face to face....he won't manipulate Belle when she is hurting and vulnerable....he says he is a Marine and honorable....Kate tells him that the end justifies the means but Phil isn't buying it....he did it with Chloe and look where that got him.....Tek arrives and Phil gives him the box and asks him to check for Shawn's fingerprints....Tek asks if it's a lead as Phil says it might be but the doesn't want to say anything yet....Kate can't believe Phil did that as Phil reminds her what happened with Bo and Bille, Lucas and Nicole.....basically he tells her to butt out of his life....she tells him that if he doesn't go after Belle now he may never find true happiness.....(she has no faith in him at all does she???)

At Sami’s…….Lucas is trying everything to get Sami to see reason but she figures that he betrayed her....he tells her he was there for her and trying to get her to see reason...she tells him that he is on John's side and she won't forgive him for that....she wants him to leave and he tells her that if he does that he won't be back...she says she if fine with that....Lucas again tries to talk reason with her thinking she is scared....she says she is and she believes that John is reponsible...she again tells Lucas to leave....Lucas comes up with the mail and has a letter from Will....he figures Sami should see it and opens the door....she is praying....she tells God that she knows she was mean to Lucas and he was right she is scared....she wants God to help her be a better person like her parents want her to be and promises that if he brings her mother back alive she will be.

At the funeral home....Sami is going on about Lexie/John/Kate all being involved in what happened to Marlena. She says I told you she was alive and you wouldn't listen to me. John tells her that they have to find out what is going on but she says she doesn't have to listen to him...Lucas tells her that everyone here had nothing to do with it that they are all trying to find out what happened....not to let herself go crazy. Bo tells Lucas to take her home but she doesn't want to go. Bo tells her that he can't do his job with her there....he wants to find out what happened to her mother and the best way for him to do that is for her to leave. After leaving Bo tells Tek and Lexie to check and make sure that Millbauer killed himself. Celeste gets a vibration and they ask what is going on…….she tells John to remember the night she was there with him when Marlena grabbed her arm…..Marlena told her everything was a lie….John says that means she wasn’t dead….they can’t figure out how she wasn’t because of the scalpel…..Bo mentions he knows and talks about what Vivien did to Carly and she was buried alive….it is possible…..then Bo says I can believe that my wife is alive I haven’t seen her body…..he says to John you saw Marlena and she was dead….Millbauer may have had a side business selling organs….Tek and Lexie tell them that it was suicide as Celeste has another strong vibration….they all know what she means as Bo says they don’t want to say it because that would mean he isn’t dead and gone from their lives…..John says I’ll say it….Stefano DiMera….if Marlena is alive he has her……the show ends on John’s face with the Phoenix insignia behind him.

On the island....Abe/Marlena/Roman are walking through Salem place. They are talking about trying to figure out a way out of here and then Marlena wonders if Jen is possibly dead and the baby. Roman mentions Hope and Patrick and says that if Patrick is involved in this somehow then maybe Hope is dead as well. Marlena says maybe it would have been better if we all were dead. Abe asks if she believes that but she says no....she mentions Jack/Jen and the baby and again Roman mentions Hope…Abe says and then there was none….Marlena wonders if they are being picked off one by one…she just wonders if eventually they will start turning on each other....Roman says it isn't going to happen that we are going to get through this we just need to have hope. Marlena tells Roman that isn’t what she means…..she talks about doing something that they could regret because of the hopelessness of it all…..he says like Victor and my mother….she says yes…..especially with people that have a bond…..Abe says they have to find a way out and Marlena agrees….Roman says no more lives will be lost he doesn’t think they should try to escape…..he then says he has an idea to follow him.

Patrick and Hope are walking through the bushes (again he is shirtless....Hope's in a jacket and he is without a shirt...LOL)....Hope wonders how big the island is...as Patrick says big.......Hope asks him if he doesn't no something and he says no I told you that already....she wants to keep looking and heads out with him following her....she is sitting on a rock saying how hot it is when Patrick cuts a leaf and tells her to open her mouth....he squeezes the leaf and she gets a drink of water...she says that was good as he tells her it seemed she needed it....he looks over and sees the crash site....he starts to head over there as Hope follows...he stops her and tells her to wait as Hope takes off running. Hope and Patrick check out the body (Patrick has a flashback of talking to the pilot and him telling Patrick to get with the program in regards to Jen) and she asks Patrick if he knows who it is...he says no...Hope goes to look for Jen as Patrick finds a gun and puts it in his pocket....Hope comes around the plane and stops as Patrick yells for her to watch out and the tail of the plane falls on her.....

At the cliff....Jack is coming to and remembering Jen falling off the bridge....he hears her voice and she appears all dressed in white saying how happy she is and at peace....she tells him the only thing missing is him...that they need to be together...he puts on the locket and starts towards the edge of the cliff. Jack is trying to climb up the cliff and finally makes it...he turns and sees Jennifer on a ledge...he can't believe she didn't fall in the river.

Pat’s Spoilers

Island: Hope and a shirtless Patrick (hmmm…he’s shirtless, Hope is still wearing her blazer) continue to search for the plane. They stop to rest for a second. Hope is missing her family – she’s worried that Bo and her boys are mourning her. She wonders how long they will be there. She asks him what he knows but he again denies knowing anything about what is going on there. They spot the wreckage and a body. It’s the pilot. Patrick has a flashback to talking to him in Salem Place when Hope asks him if he knows him. The pilot was threatening him – telling him to follow the plan where Jen is concerned. He lies to Hope and says he has never seen him before in his life. She goes to check the wreckage – he pulls the gun from the dead man’s pocket. Hope comes back and says Jen is not inside. She is under the tail of the plane when she bends down – Patrick says look out as the plane falls.

Jack comes to and remembers what happened to Jen. He is feverish and delirious and sees Jen. She tells him she is at peace. She misses him and wants him to join her. He steps towards the edge of the cliff. She calls out again and says she needs him with her. He steps over the edge. He must fall on the same ledge because he tries to pull himself up. He makes it to the top and looks down and sees Jen lying further down on a ledge. He tells her to hold on he’ll get it out – then he says if only I knew how.

Marlena, Abe and Roman are in Salem Place and Marlena asks them if they think Tony’s theory is correct – this is all part of a game of wits and not all of them on the island will make it out alive. They say it’s possible because Jack and Jen are more than likely dead. Marlena calls their experience a nightmare and tells them there are times she thinks they would be better off if they had died. Abe and Roman are shocked and ask her if she really believes that. She says no but she doesn’t know how much more of this she can take. She is worried that the stress will get to them and that they will turn on each other. They say that won’t happen. Marlena wants to know if it’s like that game and that they are going to be picked off one by one. They count 3 already, Jack, Jen and the baby and then they say Hope next – and then there will be none. Abe says they won’t let that happen. Marlena says they have to get off the island. Roman repeats that they won’t turn on each other because they are all they have. Marlena says it’s possible that they will start accepting their fate and possibly do something they will regret when they do return home. Roman asks her if she means like his mother getting close to Victor again. Marlena says it’s natural to turn to someone for comfort especially if that person is someone you have been involved with before. They all agree they have to get home but as Abe says, the question is how. Roman thinks their best move is not to try and escape but to wait for someone to rescue them. Marlena says who – we have no way of communicating with anyone. Roman says there might be a way and Abe and Marlena follow him.

Sami keeps ranting about how she told them that her mother was being buried alive but no one would listen to her. Bo says they will get the answers. She doesn’t see how because Milbower committed suicide. Tek says it’s possible someone killed him so he wouldn’t talk. Sami is back on her conspiracy theory – now Lexie, Bo, John and Kate planned her mother’s death. She tells Lucas that now that they know this – they’ll be next. She accuses them of killing her father, her grandmother all of them. Lucas tells her she’s wrong they’re there to figure out what happened to her mother. Celeste says Lucas is right. Bo tells her to go home and let him do his job. Lucas and Sami leave and Bo tells Tek and Lexie to examine the body to see if it was murder or suicide. John wants to ask Lexie something first – he knows Sami was hysterical but he wants to know if she could have been or she just didn’t admit that Marlena wasn’t dead.

Tek defends Lexie saying John knows Marlena was dead – she was shot through the hurt. John apologises. Bo says he will find out what happened to Marlena, Hope and Jen. He feels they are all tied together and the picture is much bigger than any of them know. Celeste gasps and draws everyone’s attention. She tells John that the night before Marlena was buried when Marlena talked to her she told her that everything that had happened was not real. She is convinced Marlena is still alive. They bring up the scalpel again but Bo says she could have survived that – if she is alive – he knows how it could be possible. He talks about the drug Vivian used on Carly – it would make Marlena impervious to pain but Bo isn’t buying it. Marlena was shot through the heart – there’s no way she could be alive. Tek and Lexie tell Bo that Milbower committed suicide. Tek is going back to the lab. Bo tells John that either the body was stolen or Milbower was selling organs on the black market. Bo tells John that they’re missing something – a piece of the puzzle – like who’s behind this. Celeste says ‘no it can’t be.’ They all look at her and everyone knows who she is referring to. John says I knew it – Marlena is innocent because if anyone could set her up to look guilty he could. Lexie says you’re not thinking…Bo says no one can even say his name. John does – it’s Stefano and he has Marlena.

Jan checks Shawn’s pulse and then kisses his hand. She says its true – you only hurt the one you love. Phil tells Belle that there is no way that Shawn would have given the ring to Jan and have her break up with her for him. He’ll take the ring to Tek and check for Shawn’s prints because Belle has to know one way or the other. Belle is so hopeful that he’ll be able to prove that Jan is lying because that would mean there is still a chance for her and Shawn. Okay Jan is really one whacked out chick…LOL…she drags Shawn back onto the bed and tells she will get rid of Belle and Phil so they can get back to planning their future. She then kisses him and strokes his hair and tells him to be a good boy and stay quiet. She leaves – he moans Belle’s name. Jan asks Belle where Phil is and Belle lies that he had to check in with the base and he didn’t have any reception on his cell phone so he went to town. Jan asks why he didn’t use the phone in the house and asks Belle what is really going on.

Shawn has a drug induced fantasy where he is back handcuffed to the bed. Jan is in a black leather outfit and she comes in and tells that tonight she is going to make him hers. He just looks at her as if she is off her rocker. Belle appears in a yellow leather outfit and a sword. Her and Jan fight and Belle cuts her head off. Before the fight Belle says ‘stay away from my man bitch’ – doesn’t sound like Belle to me…LOL! But I guess anything goes when it is a dream. Belle crawls on to the bed and her and Shawn kiss while Jan says no, no I was so close. Belle tells her that she should have quit when she was a.. head…LOL! Downstairs Belle tells Jan her and Phil aren’t up to anything. She was so excited that Jan saw Shawn she wanted to find out where he was so she could go to him. She asks Jan if she was really telling her the truth. Jan thinks to herself that Belle is a loser and she wants her to leave because she has things to do – like Belle’s ex-boyfriend. Belle says that went she first got there she had the feeling that Shawn was there. Jan asked her why she would think that. Belle says they have this connection like Shawn’s parents or at least she thought they had. Jan says her and her fiancée have that connection. Belle says it sounds like you two have a love like the one I thought I had with Shawn. Jan tells her she has exactly what Belle has always wanted. Jan makes a fake apology and hugs her but downs her drink. She goes on to describe her man, the thick dark brown hair with the one lock that always falls in his face – his brown eyes that make her melt – his sensuous lips and kisses and then she alludes to what’s next but says Belle wouldn’t know about that. Jan is happy that her man wants to be as close to her as possible. Belle tells her the purity rings were about commitment. Jan says her man is very committed – once he gives his heart he gives it forever. Belle says again you’re making me think that your fiancée sounds like Shawn. Jan says he is.

The Real Salem Place – Phil is rushing through when his mommy calls out for him. He says that he doesn’t have time because there’s news about Shawn. He tells her that someone they knew in high school ran into Shawn and he told her that he was through with Belle. Kate beams – calls that ‘incredible news’ and tells Phil he can now tell Belle how he feels. Phil beams as well – living in his happy little fantasy world where everyone loves him. Kate can’t believe that Shawn returned the ring signifying the end of his and Belle’s relationship and that Phil is trying to prove he didn’t do that. She tells him to make his move now before Shawn returns. YUCK – Phil says he’s a marine – he wants to keep with the code of honour – he won’t take advantage of Belle. He wants her but he wants her to be ready to move on. If Shawn returns then he will fight for Belle – but be upfront with him – not do it behind his back. Someone should tell him that the damage is done. Kate tells him that all is fair in love and war when Phil again says he won’t manipulate Belle. He throws up Bo and Billie and Lucas and Nicole in her face. Their conversation bothered me to no end so I’m sure I didn’t get it all.

Lucas and Sami are also rushing through – well Sami is and Lucas is trying to catch up. He tries to reason with her but there is no controlling her. She tells him that she hates them for siding with the people who plotted against her mother. She hates him and never wants to see him again. Lucas follows Sami to her apartment. She is furious with him. She says she thought he loved her but he couldn’t if he took sides against her. He says she isn’t seeing logic – he thought they weren’t going to do this anymore. She tells him she can’t see any logic in the world and tells him to get out. He says he loves her more than she could know and if he leaves he won’t be coming back. She tells him that is fine with her. He says he is trying to be there for her – she lost both her parents – but she won’t let him. She tells him he wasn’t there for her when she needed him. John is the killer and Kate is in on it. He tells her he can’t do this anymore and leaves – she cries. Lucas picks up his mail and there’s a letter from Will. He knows Sami would want to see it. He’s going to knock on her door but changes him mind and opens it. Sami is praying and doesn’t see him. She says she is sorry for being so mean to Lucas – she doesn’t know why she did it. Maybe Lucas is right – she does it because she is scared. She wants to be a better person. She also wants her mother to be alive and she tells God she will do anything even give up her happiness if her mom is still alive.

Preview: Roman says if my plan works we’ll all get off this island. Marlena smiles and calls him a genius. Belle tells Jan she should have thought of this sooner – whatever is going on with Shawn is psychological. Jan snarls - you better not be saying he’s crazy. Nicole telling Brady that word is that Chloe and the tenor are doing a lot more than singing. Sami tells Lucas to prove he’ll never leave her. His response – Will you marry me?

Thursday Jul 29

Jan’s Spoilers…..

I really enjoyed Marlena today…..her giddiness about getting off the island was priceless.

On the Island....Roman/Abe/Marlena come into Abe's house as Abe asks if they want a cold drink. Marlena says yes but she wants to know what Roman has planned. He tells them that if these houses are an exact replica of theirs at home then Theo's room should be the same and there should be electronic toys upstairs. Abe says he believes that there are.....Abe brings in cool drinks as Roman tells them that they have to take them apart.....that maybe the can build something to send out a signal...Abe says like Morse Code as Roman says or a radio....whatever we can. Abe heads upstairs to grab everything while Marlena is really excited about all of this...Roman tells her that when he was a kid he used to build things like this...she says I knew there was a reason I married you....she hugs him and he tells her that maybe they will soon be home and having a reunion with their loved ones. Marlena is really excited about all of this as Roman looks a little down...she asks what is wrong and he mentions Abe and how he worries that Lexie has moved on....she says those things could happen after all they could be here for eternity as Abe comes downstairs with all the parts. Roman builds a transmitter and turns it on....Marlena is really excited as they all are and tells Roman how smart he is.....he starts it up and the only thing stopping them is if it runs out of batteries (they definately hope someone hears it)....Abe says he's going to search the house and all the stores on the island as Marlena says we all will.....and she is giddy saying that they may soon be home with their families.

At the mansion….Nicole is having a drink as Brady comes downstairs and Nicole makes a play for him he gets mad and she tells him the only reason he is mad is because it’s true that he wants her…….she hands him a ticket to Vienna and tells him that she is a romantic at heart….later she is watching TV as he comes down all packed and ready to go…….he wants to know what she is watching and she tells him it’s an entertainment program….she tries to hide the TV from him which of course makes him want to see it…he sees Chloe and asks who is with her….Nicole tells him it’s a hot new tenor but it’s a gossip show so don’t pay attention although word has it that he and Chloe are doing more than singing.

At Sami's.....Sami is praying as Lucas listens....when she is finished Lucas tells her that she deserves to be happy....she yells at him for eavesdropping and tells him that they aren't a couple and aren't dating so get out....when she closes and locks the door he tells her that wasn't the reason he came over...he has a letter from Will. She lets him in and starts to read the letter with tears running down her face....Lucas tells her that maybe they can drive up and see him this weekend as Sami looks at him and says she'd like that....she tells him that she doesn't want to tell Will about his grandmother that she was buried alive...he'd never understand it....she doesn't as Lucas holds her. Lucas comes in and Sami tells him that she doesn't know what to believe in anymore. Everyone who has loved her has left her....her mother is gone again. She doesn't think love is for her. Lucas mentions lying to Austin, him and Brandon....she says maybe she doesn't deserve to be loved. That she has to stop lying and manipulating people for them to give her a chance. He is staring at her and she asks him what he is staring at...there isn't anything he can say and he says there is....he says Sami Brady will you marry me as she smile at him.

At Salem Place....Lexie/Celeste/John are standing there waiting as Bo arrives. John wants to know why they are meeting here and not at the station. Bo says he didn't want anyone at the PD to hear this until he's ready to say anything...no one can know. They talk about the possiblity of Stefano being alive as John says with the Brady and Horton's being murdered and Marlena doing it it makes sense that it is Stefano. Celeste tells them she knew he was alive before this. They can't believe it as Lexie says Tony wouldn't lie about it....John reminds her that Tony is a DiMera and would lie....Lexie wants Celeste to explain as she tells them about his Urn falling off the mantle and that she didn't get any signs that it was him....Bo says the ISA never could confirm that it was his ashes....Lexie asks how this could happen as John says he's the Phoenix...John turns to Bo and tells him that they have to get their wives back even if it's their bodies to bury....Bo agrees and then mentions his son is still missing...he called but he doesn't know about his mother. They ask Celeste if there is any way she can tell if they are alive...she says if you have something of theirs I may be able to feel a life force...they both do and pull out keys from their pockets.

Kate/Phil are talking as Kate is going on about him telling Belle his feelings....he says he isn't going to do it....that he wants to make sure Belle is over Shawn and he wonders if she ever will be. She starts to rant about Sami and Lucas as she can't figure out why her sons are so hard-headed...Phil says they take after her. She tells him that she promised Lucas and so did Sami that she wouldn't do this anymore as Phil tells her she lives for it...she says Lucas told her and Sami he would be out of their lives if they kept it up as Phil tells her good for Lucas.....Tek arrives and tells Phil that they should have the results shortly....Kate asks Phil if the results show that Shawn's fingerprints are on the box will he tell Belle how he feels and Phil tells her that he'll make his decision then. Phil tells Kate that Lucas will make up his own mind and for her to stay out of it. She agrees saying that Sami will do something to mess it up anyway. Celeste is given the keys....John's has a charm that was Marlena's on it while Bo's has a ring that Hope gave him..she puts it in her hands and we see smoke coming from her hand...she says that Hope and Marlena's paths have crossed....Kate and Phil arrive sorry to interrupt....Phil says he wants to speak to Bo about Shawn (we don't hear what they say)as Kate asks if everything is OK...John decides to tell her as it will come out sooner or later...he tells her about Marlena's body being missing....Kate tells him how sorry she is for what he is going through....John asks her not to tell Philip as he and Belle are getting closer and she has enough to deal with right now....Kate and he hug....Tek comes over and talks to Lexie telling her about Stefano's house in the seaside town of Harmony....but nothing since and that was years ago....Lexie says that doesn't prove he's dead but she isn't an authority....Tek tells her that they may have given Marlena something to slow her heartbeat but the wound was mortal...he tells her he is there for her and they sort of kiss as Celeste and Bo watch...Lexie tells Tek she isn't ready yet and can't do this....Bo tells Celeste that Tek is an OK guy as Celested says he may be but she senses that it would be disastorous....John comes over and asks what Celeste knows....she tells Bo that she can't sense whether Hope is alive or dead but tells John that Marlena is with all the other dead. A cop comes up and gives Phil the envelope, he opens it and says unbelievable....he sees Kate and tells her to let Lucas live his life and she agrees as they say good-bye.

At Jan's....Belle is telling Jan that it sounds like Shawn as Jan tells her it is. Belle can't believe that Jan lied....she is still in love with Shawn. Jan says yes I love him...he helped me after I was raped and was there for me when I was pregnant....he was the only one that cared about me....she says I love him for that but I'm not in love with him. Belle mentions Shawn not being like this..leaving her and not mentioning her when he called Bo....Jan says maybe he's not who you thought he was.....Belle says he doesn't drink or do drugs...how could he be different....Jan tells her that he wasn't the same Shawn when she saw him.....Belle asks what she means and then says of course with my Mom being a psychiatrist that I should have thought of this...it's psyhological....Jan yells at her not to call him crazy. Belle tells Jan that they don't call people crazy...she says Jan wasn't there last year when everything was happening....Shawn lost so many family members and then she lied to him about her mother and his Grandfather Doug was murdered....she didn't think he could ever forgive her for that. That is probably the reason he isn't acting like himself....Jan says that's not it....she says she saw him and there was more to it. He was dressed in a tight baseball jersey and there was this girl coming on to him and he was coming on to her....she tells Belle that Shawn drove away with the girl on the back of the bike and she was plastered all over him and he her....Belle says I asked you to tell me everything why didn't you say that before....Jan says I didn't want to hurt you....Belle says I want to know as Jan tells her that Shawn left with her and she was plastered all over him....Belle says Phil was right you were lying...Shawn would never pick up a girl. Jan then goes on to say that she isn't lying and she has more to tell...she tells Belle that Shawn told her about a fight they had....it was about the lie she told and that Shawn told her that when he lied about being the father that they had made a promise never to lie to each other now he didn't know what else she lied about....she says he told her that without trust there was nothing...she told Belle it happened in the Chapel....Belle says only Shawn and I knew about that coversation as she says you must have been telling the truth....he doesn't love me anymore it really must be over as she cries and Jan hugs her.

Pat’s Spoilers

Nicole comes on to Brady yet again. He tells her that the trash talk isn’t doing anything for him. She tells him she is just trying to get him to loosen up – he’s so intense. She urges him to go to Vienna. He says the timing isn’t right. She tells him timing is overrated. She’s a sucker for true love so she got him a ticket. He goes upstairs to pack and she pulls out her phone hoping it will ring. Either tonight she gets everything she wants or Brady will be with Chloe and she will be the one that sent him there. She gets her call –everything is set. Brady comes down and she makes a big show of him not seeing what she’s doing. She tells him she’s watching her favourite entertainment program. The more she protests the more he feels she is hiding something. He sees Chloe and a hot new tenor and hears that they are doing a lot more than singing together. All I have to say is – It’s official – Brady has inherited the Aus-dumb role…good lord – Nicole plays him so easily – sad – very sad.

Lucas tells Sami that she doesn’t deserve to be alone but she keeps pushing everyone away. She tells him she doesn’t want to hear his platitudes and tells him to get out. He tries to talk to him but she shoves him out the door. She locks the door. He calls out that he wouldn’t come over there without having a good reason to do so. She looks through the eye hole and sees him holding up a letter. She opens the door. Goodness what a difference when she talks about Will and how much she misses him. She tears the letter open. He offers to take her to see Will on the weekend. She hugs him. Then she sits down and says she can’t tell him about his Grandmother being buried alive. He would never be able to understand it when she doesn’t understand it herself. She talks about how everyone who has ever loved her has left her. All she’s ever wanted was to be loved. Lucas tells her she pushes people away by lying and manipulating them. All anyone wants is the truth – they can handle that. He says he never left her. She turns on him again and says how do you think I felt when you said you were leaving and not coming back – you’re just like all the others that said they loved me. He says he’s different and he can prove it. She asks him how. He tells her to listen because he wants her to hear every word and then he proposes. LOL! Love the look on her face.

Phil and Kate – same old, same old. She tells him to declare his love – he says he is going to wait until Belle is completely over Shawn but he doesn’t think that will every happen. She asks him if he will change his mind if Tek confirms that Shawn did have the ring box – he wouldn’t want Belle to waste her youth on a man who couldn’t even be bothered to call her. They change the topic to Sami and Lucas. She starts in on Sami but stops and tells Phil that she promised Lucas she wouldn’t trash Sami any more because if she did he wasn’t going to let her be part of his life. Phil says good for him he is doing what is best for Will. Tek comes along and tells Phil that as soon as he gets the results he’ll call. Kate tells Phil that if Shawn’s prints are on the box he better go straight to Belle and tell her how he feels. He says he’ll make that decision when the time comes. He tells Kate he has to go tell Bo about Shawn.

Jan answers Belle’s remark about her fiancée being Shawn by saying yes. Belle says Phil was right. You have never gotten over Shawn. You still love him. Jan says of course she does. Belle is upset that she could talk about being in love with Shawn when she can see how upset she is that she hasn’t heard from Shawn, she doesn’t know where he is. Jan tells her that Shawn made sacrifices for her even though he wasn’t the father of her baby – of course she loves him but she’s not in love with him. She just found a guy that has a lot of the same qualities as Shawn. Belle says this just isn’t like Shawn. Jan tells her that he’s changed and she probably didn’t know him as well as she thought she did. Sheesh…did I say Belle apologises to Jan…yikes. Belle thinks that the change in Shawn is psychological. Jan says you better not be saying he’s crazy. Belle looks at her strangely. She says they don’t call people crazy any more. But Shawn went through a very traumatic time – they lost so many loved ones and family and then she lied to him about her mother the night his grandmother left. He felt he couldn’t trust her any more and that they could never get past that – an experience like that would lead to depression. Jan said he didn’t look depressed at all – he looked hot. And she wasn’t the only one that noticed. Another girl with an entirely different body type was noticed him as well and he was noticing her right back. She then goes on to say that they rode off together and the girl was glued to him. Belle tells her she knows she is lying. Shawn would never pick up a strange girl. Jan says I told you that you that he’s changed. Belle still calls her a liar. Jan then relates the conversation that Belle and Shawn had when they argued in the chapel (she says Shawn told her about it). Belle is horrified – she says only Shawn and I knew about that (Duh Belle there was a nurse in the chapel – one wearing a surgical cap and mask – that should be sending up red flags…sheesh). Belle starts crying and says that means that Jan has been telling her the truth about everything. Shawn really did give her the ring to return to her. That means that it is over between them and she just has to accept it.

John, Lexie and Celeste meet up with Bo in Salem Place. Bo tells them he didn’t want to meet at the precinct – too many ears. Celeste says they have to be careful here as well. They meet to talk about Stefano. Celeste tells them she’s known for a long time that Stefano wasn’t dead. She refers back to the time his urn fell over and his ashes spilled out – she says she couldn’t get any sense of Stefano. Bo says the ISA were never able to prove that the ashes belonged to Stefano. John tells them that Stefano set up Marlena and now he has her body. Lexie still has a hard time believing her father would let her think he was dead. Bo says they should have thought of Stefano sooner and tells they have to find their wives if it is only to bring them home to bury them. Bo also says that Shawn is missing although he did hear from him but he’s not sure if Shawn knows about his mother. Bo asks Celeste if there is anyway she can get a sense if Hope and Marlena are still alive. She asks for something that each of them had touched. They both give her key chains that have something them that was given to them by their wives. She holds them and then gasps as she drops the keys smoke rising from her hands. She says that Hope and Marlena have been together recently.

Tek comes along and Bo tells him to start an investigation into the whereabouts of Stefano DiMera. Bo and John ask Celeste to try again. Phil and Kate come along and Celeste looks at them and says she lost the connection. Phil and Bo go off to talk. John and Kate go off to talk. Tek comes back and talks to Lexie. He says the last known location for Stefano was in a rented cottage in a small seaside town called Harmony but that was years and years ago. She says that still doesn’t tell me if he’s alive – something she feels she apparently has trouble determining. She is worried that Marlena really was buried alive. She says this is bringing up Abe’s death all over again. He comforts her – they kiss- Bo and Celeste watch. Lexie breaks the kiss and tells him she is not ready – Abe is still in heart. Bo tells Celeste that Tek is a good man – not to worry. She says she sees an aura of disaster surrounding them.

Roman, Marlena and Abe go to Abe’s house. Roman is counting on there being kid’s electronic toys in the house. Abe says Theo’s room is just like at home and yes there are toys. He says the room scares the hell out of him because he doesn’t want Theo and Lexie on the island as much as he misses them. Roman’s plan is to take the toys apart and come up with some type of signalling device – a radio, Morse code. Abe goes to get the toys. Marlena calls Roman a genius and hugs him after saying his hobby (he talks about always liking to take things apart) might get them home to their loved ones. Abe brings down what he can find and using the components of Abe’s laptop he builds a transmitter that starts sending out an SOS signal. Marlena hopes that the batteries last long enough for someone to trace the signal. They decide to go through all the rooms of the house and stores and see if they can find more batteries. Marlena looks so excited at the possibility that they will be found. Kate comforts John and talks about what a shock it must have been to find his wife’s body missing and that Stefano could be involved. He asks her not to say anything to Phil because he and Belle are growing close. He doesn’t want Belle to find out about it until he has figured out what has happened. Kate leaves. John and Bo go back to Celeste and ask her to try again. She tells them she feels a connection but she isn’t sure whether Hope is alive or not. She tells John that Marlena is somewhere with all the recent dead of Salem. Cue shocked looks. A police officer brings the results to Phil – he opens them and reads them.

Preview: Lucas telling Sami that she can’t be the same selfish manipulative bitch she’s been in the past. She asks him if this is supposed to be some kind of romantic proposal. Brady saying he would be lying if he said he wasn’t tempted to find comfort with someone else as Nicole caresses him and moves in for a kiss. Belle asking Phil what is it as he waves the envelope saying proof that tells them whether Jan was telling the truth. Jan looks worried Phil looks smug and is smiling….where’s that hairbrush – just one whack … that’s all I ask for…LOL! Shawn yelling Belle I’m in the bedroom – get me out of here – Belle.

Friday Jul 30

Pat’s Spoilers

Jan is not available to post this evening so it’s just my take - sorry I think I grumble more than peek today. The show just really got to me today.

I’m sorry I just don’t know what I can say. I’m so sick and tired of the manipulators/ liars/ cheaters/ maniacs/ killers getting everything they want. I can’t believe how characters have to be made to appear so dumb just so the manipulators come out on top - I could just scream…sigh, plot, plot, plot.

Lucas and Sami: I’ll give them this much – that had to be the longest most drawn out weird proposal in daytime history. At first she doesn’t know if he’s serious or not but then he kisses her to prove he means. He goes on and on about how he wants to make a life long commitment to her but she can’t continue to be the selfish, manipulative bitch that she is. LOL – that’s bound to win him brownie points – NOT! Sami listens to him say he wants everyone to see her the way he does. He does talk about the side of her that he fell in love with. He also says if his mother would see that side she would love her to…uh…nope…I don’t think so. There was a lot of conversation between these two – including how Sami taught Lucas how to lie, cheat and manipulate when they were trying to break up Carrie and Austin. Sami tells him he has to change as well but Lucas tells her being part of AA he is learned how difficult it is to change and he’ll be there to help her. He feels they can both help each other to become better people.

Brady doesn’t believe that Chloe is cheating on him. He calls her dressing room and her personal assistant answers. The gist of the conversation basically proves the tabloid report was correct – Brady can’t believe it. Nicole plays him again. He goes on and on about how he can always count on her. She tells him she would do anything to have a man as committed to her as he was to Chloe. Brady rips up the ticket and says he’s going to go for a swim to cool off. They both change into bathing suits. Nicole does her best to get him to kiss her but he just kisses her on the cheek. He goes out – she phones Chloe’s personal assistant and says she will wire the money in the morning. She also tells the person to make sure Chloe doesn’t see the tabloids and that he doesn’t put any of Brady’s calls through to Chloe.

Patrick pulls Hope from under the wreckage and in the process slices open his shoulder and upper arm. Patrick won’t let Hope take the time to look at his wound. He insists they get going. They end up on the opposite end of the ravine from Jack and Hope yells out to Jack just as he’s about to use a pole to vault himself onto the ledge. Jack is surprised to see Hope and he yells out that Jen is on a ledge. At first Hope and Patrick don’t see her but when they do they argue about who is going to go down and try and get her up. Hope wins the argument. They make a rope out of vines. Just before Hope goes over the edge she tells Patrick that if she doesn’t make it to tell Bo and her boys that she loves them and always will.

Jan goes to get Belle some tissue. She sees that Shawn is coming around but is happy when he passes back out. Meantime Belle decides she wants to know where Jan saw Shawn and goes upstairs. She tries the door but it’s locked. She calls out to Jan and Jan tells her to wait downstairs which Belle does. Jan denies that the door was locked – just something that happens in the summer because of the humidity. Jan is anxious to get rid of Belle and asks where Phil is. Belle believes Jan is telling the truth so doesn’t see the harm in telling her that he went to find out if she was lying. Phil comes back just beaming saying he has the proof they need. Shawn’s prints are on the box. We see how Jan set that up – she has a flashback to throwing a box at Shawn and him opening it and asking why she’s giving him an empty box and then he threw it back at her. She’s pleased that she is always one step ahead of the idiots. Of course Belle is all upset and Phil gets to pet her again. Jan turns her tape recorder on and asks Belle what she wants to say to Shawn – she says it’s good to do that. Belle says “It’s over between us. I never want to see Shawn Brady again.” She turns into Phil’s arms. She tells him she’s so happy he moved in with her. He’s been there for her in more ways than Shawn ever was. She then says she loves him. Phil tells her he loves her to and he’ll always be there for her (or some other crap – I couldn’t handle this anymore…LOL). Shawn comes to and says that bitch drugged me again and then he remembers that Belle was there. He starts calling for her again and tells her where he is. Jan comes in and says too late they left. He wants to know who she means by they. She tells him Phil – whether he wants to believe her or not those two are joined at the hip. He tells her he doesn’t believe her. Outside the house Belle asks Phil to hold her. Back inside Jan says if you won’t believe me I’ll let you hear it for yourself. I still feel ill at the look of pure pain in Shawn’s eyes as he hears Belle saying what she said. He’s left reeling – so was I…I HATE this and I just want it over with.

Preview: Julie telling Mickey ‘Truth be told Bonnie Lockhart is trying to kill you.” Kate telling her momma’s boy that he is the perfect position to win Belle’s heart – his reply “I don’t think that’s going to happen” – DUH – you think??? Sheesh – someone, anyone, please just get Kate a life already. Sami yelling at Lucas that his proposal was the worst she ever heard – like a romance novel written by Stephen King. He says that was clever just a bit over the top – she picks up a vase of flowers and throws it saying how’s this for over the top. Jack yelling no no no as Jen teeters on the edge of the ledge.

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