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Monday May 2

Janice’s Spoilers

Hospital: Hope and Patrick

Hope is happy for Jennifer that Jack is back. She thinks it’s a miracle and that they deserve some privacy. Patrick agrees but hopes that Jack will stop thinking that he is interested in Jennifer. He doesn’t need Jack hitting him again. He tells Hope that Jennifer never stopped loving Jack and always knew he’d be back. Hope says she has a bad feeling about Bo. Patrick defends Billie wanting to go look for her daughter especially after the evidence they found. Hope is worried that they have walked into another trap.

Hope is very upset that Bo always chooses Billie over her and Georgia over Shawn and Zach. Patrick says that in all fairness, Hope’s sons are not in any danger right now. She talks again about Bo being Billie’s knight in shining armor but Patrick thinks it’s just about finding her daughter. She worries about what will happen if he doesn’t come home this time. Patrick asks her to answer honestly whether she wishes Georgia never came into the picture. She tells him of course not.

Hope gets off the phone and tells Patrick that they haven’t found Bo’s car yet and that his cellphone isn’t working. She decides to call someone who might have some news.

Abandoned House: Bobsey Twins

Bo is still unconscious while Billie freaks out. Another feedback of her falling...oh joy! You can see his chest moving but she still gives him CPR...sigh. He wakes up but is pretty shaky. She tries to climb up his back to reach the top but can’t do it and they collapse again. Billie goes into a song and dance about how sorry she is and how Hope has every right to be upset. She hears a hissing noise and it turns out to be gas being leaked into the trap.

Boys of Summer Adventure: Shawn, Brady, Lucas, Rex, and Dan Matthews

Shawn, Rex, and Lucas are waiting for Brady to come back. Shawn asks Rex if he knows their location. Rex snaps back at him telling him they are close to the target. Shawn also asks how long Brady has been gone and Lucas tells him twenty minutes. They hear a rustling noise and point their guns. It turns out to be Brady. He tells them that time is running out and they have to move fast or Phil will die tonight.

Brady tells the others about a rebel command centre being destroyed and shows them a map saying that any hostage below a certain line will die soon. Shawn asks him if he has any idea where they are holding Phil and Brady explains about a guy he found that might be able to help them.

The guys are using their flashlights now and Brady comes back with the guy. Shawn wants to know who he is. His name is Dan Matthews and he was a contractor before his compound was overrun. His buddies have also been taken hostage and are being held at a bunker that has become the enemy’s temporary headquarters. He gives them the directions to get there. Brady tells Dan to head over to where the plane is supposed to land and that if they don’t meet him there, to tell the pilot to fly him to the marines.

Brady goes over the plan with the others. Rex and Lucas will create a diversion while he and Shawn go after Phil.

Bunker/Prison: Phil, Stan

I didn’t write much because I can’t understand how in one day Phil can look and act as if he is at death’s door when just yesterday he was thirst but didn’t look to bad... The scenes were repetitive and boring. Stan tells him about Brady, Rex, and Shawn maybe coming to save him and Phil wants to know how he knows them... yada...yada...

Airport/Penthouse: Marlena, John, Roman, and Kate

Roman can’t believe that John and Kate are engaged. John tells him that they had no idea that Roman and Marlena were alive. Kate says that it changes everything. John goes on to say that they were grieving and that physically he was so busted up after the island that he wouldn’t have made it without Kate. He tells Marlena that he didn’t want to go on living without her. Kate says that their terrible grief brought them closer. We get another feedback of muskrat love...oops rug love.

Marlena thanks Kate for helping John. Kate tells her that she would have done the same if the situation was reversed. Roman says that obviously they got closer so the question is whether they want to stay together now that he and Marlena are back.

Marlena is crying. She graciously tells Kate and John that it was only natural that they would turn to each other. John tells her she doesn’t know how he prayed for this moment. Kate tells Roman that John just proposed tonight. Roman believes that they are all in shock but that everything will work out. John thinks they should go home. Kate reminds him about his cane. Marlena is amazed that he can even walk after what happened on the island. She thinks it must have been horrible and painful. Kate interrupts and agrees that it was. John tries to brush it off. We get a feedback of Stan holding drugs out to him. John looks at Marlena and says he has never seen such a beautiful sight in his life.

At the penthouse... Marlena is happy to be home. She says it feels like heaven. She tells John that she wants to look at his medical records but he tells her later. Marlena is crying but they are happy tears because she has dreamed about being home with her family.

Kate tells Roman that it is good to be in his arms again. Marlena picks up a picture of Belle and tells John she wants to see her children. He tells her it can be arranged but not until they have had a private celebration of their own. He gasps in pain and Kate shoves Marlena aside so she can help him to the couch. She asks Roman to go: “up to OUR bedroom and get John’s special pillow.” Roman goes up to the bedroom and sees the negligee he gave to Kate on the bed. He hopes he hasn’t lost another woman to John.

Marlena is massaging John’s back. Kate says: “If you don’t mind, I’ve done this before.” Marlena graciously allows her to take over. Up in the bedroom, Roman flashes back to a scene where he and Kate are drinking wine and he gives her the negligee. Back in the present he says: “Well John, it looks like you got to see her in this first.” He brings the pillow down and Kate puts it just where it will help John the most. Marlena tells Roman that it would appear that his wife has the magic touch and has also made herself very much at home.

John asks for a drink and Kate goes to get it. Marlena turns to her and quietly says that she thinks she can handle getting her husband some water. Roman tells Kate to pack up her things so they can get out of there and give John and Marlena some privacy. Kate prevaricates and finally tells him that she sold his house. Roman is furious. Kate tells him that she wanted to move on with her life. He tells her that she sure didn’t wait very long. He turns to her and John and says the only question now is who is staying in the penthouse tonight...Kate or Marlena.


Roman tells John and Kate that he and Marlena have some news for them as well. He says: “Cards on the table, Doc?”

Billie asks Bo what they are going to do and he tells her that they have to try and figure out a way out of there.

Belle is talking on the phone to Hope. She tells Hope that she hates to be the one to tell her this, but Shawn has gone off to rescue Philip. Hope is upset and can’t believe it. Belle tells her that Shawn is in a war zone and she is scared to death…

Shawn tells Brady that he is going in after Philip... NOW


Tuesday May 3

Pat’s Spoilers

Quick report because there was not a lot I liked about today’s episode. I’m trying to find something good to say. Loved seeing Ali back even though it was for 2/3 seconds at the very end. I thought that Dan Wells did a really great job with his facial expressions today as Sami was freaking out about being killed.

The bunkers: I actually enjoyed the four mouseketeers today. I have to give them this much. They at least have a plan before they go busting in although Shawn is slightly impatient. Hmm…maybe the ISA and the Salem PD can take some lessons. Rex and Lucas create a diversion…Shawn and Brady go in. After almost being caught they find 2 hostages. Rex and Lucas take the hostages to the air strip. Philip is not in the bunker. They meet up outside – Shawn ended up getting himself shot. His shoulder was grazed – nothing serious and he sprained his ankle. He’s gung ho to continue searching for Philip.

Philip is passed out most of the time except once to tell the guards to stay away from ‘Stan’. He gets punched for his efforts. Sami is scared. They tell her she will be the first to die and then a shot rings out. They tell her that was just a warning shot the next time it will be for real. Sami tries to convince them she is on their side. She tells them that she was sent to warn them that an elite force is coming to rescue Philip (LOL – she lies good – but she does refer to them as the F troop in her thoughts). They tell her when the elite force shows up the bunker will be empty because they will be dead. They take her out and tell her she’s going to die first. Inside Philip has a dream about Belle. She has to say goodbye. She gives him a drink of water and tells him it’s alright to let go of life. He comes to and says he has to get back to Belle. He loves her to much to let her go. Sami asks for a blindfold. The guard is going to put it on but notices something strange. He pulls off Sami’s wig and then the stocking on her head, the fake nose, and the fake moustache and wipes her face.

Hospital/Loft: Belle and Mimi were a waste of air time today. I think the sole purpose of Belle being on was to set up the lecture Shawn will get from his two mommies when he gets home. Hmm… I wonder which one of them will be on his left and which one on his right. Actually it was to set up Hope’s rant against Bo choosing Billie over his son yet again. Belle made her feelings very clear – she told Hope that the three men that mean most to her in the world, Philip, Shawn and Brady could all die…surprising that she bothered to put Shawn before Brady…he’s generally very low down on her list of priorities. Hope tells Patrick that if anything happens to Shawn that she and Bo are through. Patrick tries to calm her down saying she didn’t really mean that threat – it was made in the heat of the moment. Hope stresses that she does me it – her and Bo are over. Okay – so why didn’t Hope even mention that Roman, Jack, Cassie and Marlena were home when she was on the phone???? Hope finally thinks of checking the messages on their home answering machine and finds out Bo left her a message. She’s off to rescue him – Patrick says not without me and off they go.

Penthouse: I have no idea how to interpret the look on John’s face while Roman was expressing his uneasiness with how quickly John and Kate moved on. He almost looked like he was laughing at Roman – he sure looked pretty smug and arrogant at one point. Like I said – I have no idea but I didn’t like him nor do I like Roman and Marlena being set up as the bad guys. And brace yourself – there are two muskrat love rug flashbacks and one castle sex flashback…just the beginning I’m sure. Both Roman and Marlena talk about how most people grieve for at least a year before moving on. I liked what Roman had to say about it – he was angry and I can’t say I blame him. Kate lies about her reason for selling the house – she was in shock – nothing but memories of him – couldn’t handle it – of course she didn’t tell him that she put the house up for sale so that Bo would be forced to let Billie move in with him and Hope. Roman wants to lay all the cards on the table. John wants to know what that means. They talk about moving forward even though it won’t be easy. There’s a lot of talking in this episode about all they’re all adults and they can handle this. I did love the short talk between John and Marlena when John told her she was his past, his future, his present and his always. Kate tells Roman that he owes her a wedding night. He says he can’t. He mentions Kate’s clothes on the bed that Marlena and John shared as husband and wife. Kate tells him she will buy back the house. Roman says he wants to live there as husband and wife. Kate gives back John the ring and she tells Roman and Marlena that her and John would have never gotten as involved as they did if they had known that the two of them were alive because that would have been unforgivable. Roman and Marlena have a moment together. Roman is happy that he didn’t tell them what happened. Marlena says he knows that she thinks secrets are dangerous but she agrees with him that it’s for the best not to try and explain what happened between them.

Pit: I’m angry at Billie for her actions but I’m equally angry at Bo for putting himself in this situation. He didn’t have to follow after Billie. He didn’t have to ignore all the warnings Hope gave him. He didn’t have to go against his gut instinct – he knew it was a trap and still he went in. But what Billie did is unforgivable. Bo tries to climb up the wall and stuff his undershirt in the pipe. He falls down. He thinks Billie is Hope. Billie knows he thinks she is Hope – she has an argument with her conscience but in the end she thinks they are dying and she feels that they should take this comfort. She asks Bo to make love to her knowing full well Bo thinks she is Hope. And of course Bo does…

Preview: Naked Billie trying to wake up naked Bo - slapping his face – saying Wake up Bo…Noooo… One of Tony’s soldiers saying ‘Now all she is going to be is dead – forget the blindfold.’ Sami ‘No.’ Roman asking Kate if she had anything to do with Sami and Lucas breaking up. Is the reason Sami missing have anything to do with you. Hope shining a flashlight down the pit seeing Bo and Billie making love (and there is no mistaking what they are doing – how do they get away with airing this stuff in the middle of the afternoon?)…Hope says no – Patrick just shakes his head.


Wednesday May 4

Pat’s Spoilers

This is going to be a very short report. It’s again very difficult to come up with anything good to say about the show. I enjoyed seeing Ali back as Sami but I don’t like her being duped by Tony. The other positive was seeing Victor and Caroline but I got the distinct feeling that Victor is going to aggressively pursue Caroline… he’s not going to want to let her go back to Shawn.

Yacht: Caroline and Victor are being kept in a brig on the boat. Victor vows revenge against Tony. Caroline tells Victor that she is happy knowing that her children are safe and with their loved ones. Victor tells her that she can’t give up and just live her life vicariously through her children. She says when he looks at her like that she feels twenty-something again. Victor tells her he loves her. Caroline knows that Victor has issues with Kate but she thinks Kate is good for Roman. The DiMera’s split up Roman and Marlena. Victor points out that the DiMera’s split up her and Shawn. Victor makes it clear that he doesn’t want Caroline going back to Shawn. Caroline says she vowed to never be unfaithful to Shawn again. She has seen what infidelity can do to people.

Sicko Tony is watching Billie and Bo go at it … sigh… he has a camera in the pit… I suppose he’s taping it as well. This is just beyond disgusting. Bart makes a comment about an interactive porn channel. There isn’t a lot I’m going to say about their scenes. I’m tired I’ve hearing about Tony’s plans. Bart is apologising for letting the four escape and only recapturing Victor and Caroline. Tony says that things aren’t going to be so happy for those that made it home.

Bunker: A replay of Sami’s unmasking. Sami goes into her ‘talk myself out of this mode.’ She pleads for life using the fact that she is a mother. The guards don’t care. Sami rants about Kate winning. She prays to her parents and God but to avail. She has a flashback to death row and says Lucas saved her at the last minute except he won’t do it this time. The guards are just about to shoot when the phone ring. Sami says – ‘is that the governor? The guards are told that Sami is valuable and is working for him. Sami screams for help but the other guard covers her mouth. The guy on the phone listens to his new orders which include keeping Philip alive but secured and the four mouseketeers are to be captured and kept alive. He acknowledges the orders and says ‘Count DiMera’. Sami bites the guys hand and starts screaming Tony’s name. He talks to her. She can’t believe that he set her up. He says he gave her the means to get her revenge. He tells her that he needs her to take care of Brady and crew. She says no. He says you do this for me and I will deliver your parents to you alive. Sami says they are dead. Tony tells her that the dead have been known to rise again. She says okay but he better be telling the truth.

Penthouse: I really couldn’t get into these scenes at all. I’ll try and sum them up. They talk about Sami. Marlena and Roman are upset when they find out she is missing – her self-esteem is so low that there’s no telling what she is capable of doing. Marlena wants to know if Kate had a hand in what happened between Sami and Lucas. Kate lies. Marlena senses that Kate isn’t telling the truth. Roman asks her the same types of questions but again Kate lies. Roman says that he tried to tell Sami that the key to a relationship is honesty and trust – he’s very grateful that he and Kate have that. (All set up for Kate’s fall…if it ever happens). When they find out about Philip and the rescue mission Roman wants to help. He feels that he and John should be able to do something. While John is bringing Roman up to speed Marlena questions Kate about John’s recovery. Marlena as a doctor knows that John had to be in unbearable pain. Kate lies and tells Marlena that John has amazing willpower. Marlena wants to see Lexie’s charts because she knows that any painkillers John would have been given would be highly addictive. John hears this and tells Marlena he made it through his recovery with the help of a good friend – he couldn’t have done it without Kate. Another stupid flashback to rug sex.

Ogden: Patrick is driving the car and Hope tells him to speed up. He tells her they’ll get there. Hope is still upset with Bo for taking off with Billie again and now Shawn could be killed or captured. Patrick tells her that Shawn didn’t go in alone. Hope is deep in thought and when Patrick asks her where she was she brings up the fact that Bo’s biological father is Victor. Patrick knew that. Hope says that Bo has a lot of the same character traits as Victor and she wonders if it’s genetics. Patrick asks her if she thinks that Bo is predisposed to commit adultery because of his genes. Hope says maybe – but she knows that is crazy. They get to the address and Hope sees Bo’s car. They go into the house but Patrick has a bad feeling – he says this is too easy. Hope asks him if he thinks it’s a trap. He goes upstairs to search and Hope looks downstairs. Neither of them finds anything. Hope shines her flashlight on the door to the room with the trapdoor and they go inside. Hope hears Bo saying ‘Hope’ and she says Bo and looks around. I’m not going into what happened in the pit. Billie is depraved. Do the writers really think having Billie arguing with her conscience is enough to justify what she is doing and make it ‘okay’ – how stupid do they think we the viewers are??? For god’s sake, Bo has blood streaming down his face – he keeps saying Bo and Fancy-Face – he says he has never loved another woman like he has loves her. Billie says to herself that a part of him loves her – she knows that. ACKKKKK!!!!! Hope hears the moans and groans as Bo and Billie have sex. Patrick finds a light switch and it’s actually a switch that opens the trap door. Hope sees Bo and Billie having sex and she is crushed.

Preview: Patrick to Hope – We have to get them out. Hope – Are you kidding me? They were just having sex like there was no tomorrow. Like hell I’ll get them out of there. They can rot in hell for all I care. Shawn to his band of brothers – Philip is counting on us and so are a lot of other people. Mimi to Belle (in church) – do you think God will answer our prayers. Belle – he has to. Sami to Toni – Answer me, do we have a deal or not. Marlena to John – I have to tell you something (Roman is not looking to happy).


Thursday May 5

Pat’s Spoilers

Trying to come up with something good to say is getting more and more difficult. I loved Kristian’s performance – I like seeing Marlena and Sami. But oh my John sure made me angry today!!!! And so did the writers – trying to make up for a travesty of the military storyline by having the guys talk about the sacrifice made by everyone involved from support staff upward to having Sami give up the chance to get evidence against Kate all to save the noble brave Philip. Gag me. I’m not slamming the military – I’m slamming the writers for thinking that all the talk using words like noble, brave, etc is supposed to make up for the mockery they made of the real heroes. Listening to Sami spout that Philip was a so brave and hero really didn’t cut it with me.

Church: Belle and Mimi were a complete waste of airtime yet again. I don’t need to hear Belle praying telling God she is a horrible person – tell us something we don’t know. Even her prayers are all about her…sigh. Yup…God makes all his decisions based on how Belle lives her life…boy – must be nice to have an ego that large.

The merry band of four minus Brady: Rex is busy telling off Shawn. Shawn is acting a little too desperate for my sake – he could spout his honourable intentions all day long – he wants Philip home so Belle will end her marriage to him and hook back up with him. Rex blames Shawn for the rebels knowing that they are there by not sticking to the plan. Shawn says we came here to rescue Philip and that’s what I’m trying to do. Rex says they rescued the captured workers and the rebels would never have known how they escaped if Shawn wouldn’t have been so stupid. Shawn just wants to find Philip and get out of there. Lucas comes along and gives them hell for arguing – he says they are a team and have to stick together. Rex tells Shawn that seeing him shot has made it all real to him. Shawn admits that when he saw the gun pointed at him he had never felt so afraid before. Then Shawn gives the I’m sorry for all the things I said about Philip – he’s so brave speech. Lucas launches into it’s not just the soldiers or marines it’s everyone involved and he lists off a bunch of different personnel. They begin to worry about Brady. They have bigger problems – a tank is headed right towards them.

Tony/Bart/Sami: Tony makes a tactical error and lets Sami know how important she is to his plan. Because of this Sami has demands of her own. Tony puts Sami on hold as him and Bart discuss the next step. Tony decides to hear what Sami wants. She wants Tony to promise that neither she nor Philip will be harmed. She tells Tony off for trying to use a brave hero as a pawn…gag me. Tony agrees but he tells Sami he knows that Kate set her up the night before her wedding. Sami says she knew that but she has no proof. Tony says he can give her the proof to destroy Kate’s life if she agrees to do what he wants. When she agrees he says that’s good Philip and the intrepid band of rescuers are as good as dead. Sami changes her mind and says she won’t do it if Philip is harmed and hangs up on Tony. The two guards come back and Sami says it’s about time Tony came to his senses. They aim their guns at her.

Penthouse: John promises to help Roman and Marlena find Sami but their first priority right now is to bring Philip and the others home. Marlena is worried about Belle when John says she was a wreck when Philip went missing. Marlena is concerned that now Belle has all the others to worry about as well. John says he tried to stop the plane – that’s why they were at the airport. Marlena says if you were there why wasn’t Belle? Kate says she and Mimi were angry at her because she knew what the guys had planned and she didn’t try and stop them. Both Roman and Marlena start questioning Kate and John steps in and says it’s not her fault. Then Kate plays the sympathy card – I could lose all three of my sons. Roman promises her that won’t happen. Roman tells Kate that they should leave so that John and Marlena can be alone. Kate says she will go and pack her things. Roman says he’ll help her but John says no, I know how hard it was for you to see her clothes on the bed, I’ll do it. (Huh – and he’s going to expect Marlena to SLEEP in that bed with him?)

Marlena and Roman both look a little stunned as John and Kate go up the stairs. Marlena tells Roman she can’t do this – they have to tell them the truth tonight. She can’t live a lie. He says we went through this already. Marlena wants to know why he thinks telling the truth is not a good thing. He says it won’t serve any purpose – it will be hurtful. He says the situation is complicated enough as it is. He asked her to admit what she really thought when John said he would go with Kate. Marlena admits that seeing John so obviously wanting to be alone with Kate hurt.

Kate and John are having a really hard time with her packing. They admit that they are in love. I’m not going to go into a lot because both of them made me so angry. Kate is feeling sorry for herself – crying. She says everyone thinks I’m the cold heartless woman incapable of feeling love. John talks about her love for her children and how she puts them first. He actually says that next to Marlena Kate is the most caring, selfless, decent woman he knows… oh good god. They come downstairs after a few hugs and a kiss on the cheek. John looks at Marlena and asks if she is okay. She says she has something to tell them.

Ogden: We see a replay of Hope and Patrick discovering Bo and Billie having sex. Hope screams how could you as Bo rolls off Billie. Bo is totally confused. Hope takes off. Billie sees Patrick and calls out and asks for help. Patrick tells her to hold on he’ll get them out but he needs help. Billie tells Bo he has to get dressed. Patrick goes after Hope. Hope absolutely refuses to help. Billie looks up again and doesn’t see them. She says I was sure Patrick and Hope were up there. Bo looks at her and sees Hope and says what are you saying Fancy Face, you’re right here. Kristian’s performance is great so I’m not going to go into a lot of detail. Patrick tries to convince her saying that she was right – it was a trap. Hope says she warned Bo but he walked right into the trap Billie set for him. Patrick tells Hope they just can’t leave them there. Billie calls out Patrick’s name. She tells him he has to get them out. He says he will. Hope is about to leave but Patrick goes back and smells gas. Hope gets concerned when he mentions the gas. Billie tells them that Bo is unconscious and she isn’t feeling well – she passes out. Patrick hopes they aren’t too late.

Preview: Lucas – “Wherever she is, whatever she is doing, she is probably making a list of all the people who hurt her – trying to figure out how to get revenge.” Sami holding part of the Stan disguise – “What do I need that for?” John hugging Marlena – Marlena “We get to be alone.” Kate is looking very jealous. Hope (looking furious) to Billie yelling “You knew that he thought it was me. You knew and you did nothing to stop it.” She slugs and flattens Billie.


Friday May 6

Pat’s Spoilers

Marlena was great today. Her annoyance with Kate was well hidden as she listened to Kate bad mouth Sami in front of Will but she let Kate know exactly what she thought of her remarks with just one look. And Hope was the best – I think even Patrick was impressed with that punch she landed on Billie!!! It was nice to see Grandpa Shawn on screen again as well. Those are my positives about the show.

Now for my rant – for the second day in a row we get the characters paying gratuitous lip-service to the military. I’m sorry – after botching the storyline and making a farce out of the military life for two years – I don’t see this as making up for it. Belle and Mimi were on today again – don’t ask me why. Oh yeah to talk to a military wife and extol the virtues of the men in the service. I noticed how Belle didn’t have any compunction lying to the woman after Mimi blurts out that both Belle’s boyfriend and husband are in the war. Belle has to protect her image and lies about having friends and a brother searching for her missing husband. And then she has the audacity to kneel down and pray again.... where are Philip’s rolling eyes when you need them the most?

The band of 4 – minus Brady. Aside from the lip service paid to the armed forces they weren’t too bad today. Shawn has a scorpion crawling on him. Rex and Lucas knock it off and then Lucas kills it. LOL – got a kick of Rex lecturing them on the fact that there are over 2000 species of scorpions and only 35 are poisonous and only 2 have the power in their sting to kill an adult – he says Lucas probably killed an innocent scorpion. Shawn looks up at him and says I’ll take my chances. I liked the Rex/Lucas talk. Rex tries to convince Lucas that when they get home he should look for Sami and try to forgive her. Nothing is more important than love. Lucas can not let go of his anger. There is a lot more to their conversation but that was the gist of it. Lucas asks him if he could forgive Mimi for doing the same. Rex doesn’t know but he says he would talk to her and he loves her enough so he would try and understand. Lucas doesn’t give an inch and holds on to his anger towards Sami. Lucas goes to check the perimeter (Rex’s words not Lucas – he’s going to look around…LOL). Shawn and Rex are going to have something to eat when Rex tells him to kill the light someone is heading straight towards their camp and it’s not Brady.

Oh good lord – Toni in the same uniform as his mercenaries with a red beret on and his pants tucked into his boots – If I could, my eyebrow would be arched to the back of my neck. I did like Sami today. When Tony shows his face and she realises he was alive all along and that he was the one on the phone she slaps him. She’s about to do it a second time but he stops her and says he only let her get away with that once. She wants to know why he dragged her all the way out here. He says you are going to help me capture Philip’s rescuers. She says she won’t do anything if he doesn’t leave Philip out of his sick plans – Philip is an innocent. He’s a marine serving his country…yada, yada, yada. She makes him promise that Phil will be given water and food and not be hurt. Tony gives the orders to his guards to take Phil food and water. Sami tells Tony that she was almost executed twice and after she got out of the death chamber she had promised to be a better person and change but she didn’t. This time she’s going to do it. He asks her what about her revenge and being united with her parents. She wants proof they are alive. Tony has it in the palm of his hand. He shows her video of Roman and Marlena in the castle. She doesn’t know if it’s a tape or what. He tells her it was recent. He says you can tell they aren’t in Salem or on the island. If you want to see them again you need to do what I ask. Sami agrees. He gives her a gun. She asks him what that is for. He says you are in a war zone – hopefully you won’t need it. Then he tells her his plan.

Penthouse: Marlena tells John she has something to tell him. He asks her what but the doorbell rings. It’s Grandpa Shawn and Will. Will goes running to Marlena and Shawn to Roman. Very touching reunions! Shawn is so excited he says he can’t believe he has his son and his favourite daughter-in-law back. Roman reminds him that Marlena is married to John and he is married to Kate. Shawn apologises – he said he wasn’t thinking straight in his excitement to have them back. Kate wants to know why Cassie didn’t come with them. She’s sleeping. Roman tries to find out what Cassie and Jack told him. Shawn is happy that Tony is dead because now the DiMera’s are out of their lives for good. Roman asks him to sit down there is something he has to tell him. Shawn is distraught. He says it’s like getting her back and losing her again. He says she lived a good life and she is watching over them from heaven.

Marlena was so good with Will. Kate kept bashing Sami but Marlena just kept talking to Will to find out how he was dealing with everything. Will says you probably know that Mom ruined are one chance at being a family. There is a lot of dialogue here which I’m not going to get into. It is just so great to have Marlena back dispensing advice. Will tells Marlena that he loves Sami with all of his heart and he thinks his Dad still has feelings for her to. Kate is not happy. Marlena tells Will they will have to wait until Sami comes home and tells them what really happened. Marlena says that if Sami does something she usually has an excuse for it – this time all she did was say she was innocent so Marlena says that makes her tend to believe her.

The pit: Patrick and Hope are leaning over the pit and Hope smells gas. Patrick can see a rope so he jumps down into the pit. He tells Hope that they both have a pulse but it’s very weak. The gas is very strong and he tells Hope it’s starting to get to him. She tells him to take small breaths. He throws up the rope Bo had made by tying sheets together. Patrick tells Hope to secure the rope and open the doors and windows. All I have to say is they must have had a LOT of sheets because Hope drags that rope to the next room and loops it around a radiator and then ties several knots in it. Patrick says he has to stop the gas. He takes off his shirt (now easy Janice…. Down….girl… just breathe) and climbs up the wall and stuffs his shirt into the pipe. He wakes both Billie and Bo up and says they have to get out of there. Bo tells him to save Hope – to make sure she is okay. Hope hears this. He ties the rope around Billie and he gets Hope to pull as he climbs up with Billie on his back. Billie is passed out again and Hope slaps her on the face to wake her up. Billie says where am I – Hope is so good – she says does wild goose chase sound familiar. Billie says it was a trap. Georgia wasn’t here. Hope is just starting to lecture her when Patrick calls for her. Bo doesn’t have a pulse. Patrick tells Bo – it’s your best friend Patrick, if you don’t wake up I’m going to have to give you mouth to mouth. Bo starts coughing. Patrick figured that would do the trick. Bo looks up and sees Hope and says thank God you’re safe Fancy Face. Hope looks at Billie and Billie just gives her a sheepish kind of look back. Patrick helps Bo out. Bo asks Hope how she got into the pit. Billie says it was me. I was there. Hope says to Billie Bo thought he was making love to me – who did you think you were making love to. She calls Billie a bitch and says you knew he thought you were me and yet you did nothing to stop him and then she punches her and Billie goes down. LOL – love the look on Patrick’s face when Hope decks Billie.

Preview: Belle to John – I miss Mom. Marlena – I miss you too. Marlena’s expressions are great – Belle – well, it’s not too hard to guess what kind of expression is on her face – yup, the slack-jaw opened mouth stare. The band of 4 – Rex – Some guy wandered into our camp and says he’s a journalist. Brady – Do I know you? Mimi to Jan – Jan, it’s me Mimi. Jan – murderer! Hope to Billie – you’re a whore. Billie tries to hit her and Hope grabs her hand and says – don’t ever try that again or you’ll be dead.


Monday May 9

Hospital: Mimi, Jan, Tek, and nurse

Mimi is standing outside Jan’s hospital room and looking in. We get a series of flashbacks....Jan/Mimi arguing and Jan getting hurt & Mimi confessing to Tek at Jan’s house with Bonnie running interference.

Mimi walks into the room and begs Jan to wake up and clear her. A beeping goes off and Mimi freaks out. The nurse comes in and explains that Jan’s IV needs changing. She tells Mimi that Jan is responding and things are looking up for her. She won’t tell Mimi anything else and leaves. Mimi again begs Jan to wake up as Tek walks in behind her.

Tek wants to know what she is doing there and starts questioning her again about the accident. Jan wakes up and in a hoarse voice calls Mimi a murderer. Her voice is very convincing as she says that Mimi wanted her dead...etc...etc... The nurse comes in and makes them leave so she can check on her patient.

In the hospital corridor, Mimi asks Tek for a moment alone. She rushes to call her mom (we don’t hear or see Bonnie today) and asks her to get down there. Mimi goes back to Tek and asks him if he is going to arrest her. He says that he will wait until he can ask Jan a few more questions but suggests that Mimi get a lawyer. The nurse comes out and says that Jan is okay but she might not survive. He asks if he can go in to talk to her and the nurse cautions him not to upset Jan.

Penthouse: Marlena, John, Belle

Marlena is on the balcony looking out into the night when John appears. He asks her what it was that she was going to tell him. We see a flashback of Marlena and Roman back at the castle. Marlena tells John that she can tell him later. Just then the doorbell rings. Marlena stays on the balcony while John goes to answer.

Belle is at the door and he is happy to see her. She asks her dad if he has heard anything from the ISA about the boys and he says he hasn’t. Belle tells John how worried she is about them and that she and Mimi went to pray for them at the church. He is surprised that she is out so late. She apologizes for coming but he tells her this will always be her home. Belle says it doesn’t feel like it anymore and asks if she interrupted him and Kate...grrr...

They are hugging as Belle tells her dad how much she misses her mom. A voce from behind says: “I missed you too!” Belle spins around in shock to see Marlena standing before her. Both are crying as Belle runs into her mother’s arms and they hug each other tightly. Belle asks how this could be and Marlena explains about Tony, how there was a fire at the castle, and they were finally able to escape with Cassie and Jack. Marlena tells her about Victor and Caroline and Belle is sad but is quickly caught up again in the fact that she has her mom back.

Belle asks her mom if she knows what has been happening and Marlena explains how Tony tortured them with the news. She tells her daughter that she knows she married Philip. Belle tells her mom how bad she feels about hurting both Phil and Shawn. John leaves them alone to talk. Belle admits to loving Philip but not in the same way she loves Shawn. Marlena tells her she understands and that Shawn is Belle’s soulmate. She is proud of Belle for waiting to tell Philip the truth before moving on with Shawn.

Marlena tells Belle that everyone makes mistakes and that it is not Belle’s fault that Philip got captured. Belle says that as long as she is legally married to Philip that she can’t be with would be like committing adultery. She wants to tell him in person. Belle hates to hurt anyone but her mom tells her that in the end someone has to get hurt. We get another flashback of Marlena/Roman making love. Marlena is feeling very guilty. John comes back and tells Belle that he is proud of her. He says that he basically prefers Philip but won’t say anything about Shawn. John tells Belle that she is her mom’s daughter and they both always do the right thing. Belle agrees and says that her mother would never cheat on him. Marlena admits that she’s made mistakes but Belle says that thinking John was Roman wasn’t her was the Dimeras. Marlena looks upset.

Deserted House: Bo, Hope, Patrick, and Billie

We see Hope yelling at Billie, calling her a bitch, and punching her out. Hope is all over Billie and berating her for setting a new low. Patrick stands in the background looking uncomfortable. Billie goes on about how they ended up in the trap...yada...yada... Hope accuses her of taking advantage of Bo when he was unconscious. She tears a strip off Billie for constantly going on stupid goose chases. She asks Billie how she thinks Bo is going to take it when he finds out he made love to her thinking she was Hope.

Hope reminds Billie about making love to Bo in Paris, getting pregnant, and then having a supposed miscarriage and blaming it on Hope. Billie doesn’t want to go down memory lane so Hope switches back to the presence witch Billie doesn’t like any better. Hope calls Billie a whore. Billie goes to slap Hope but Hope catches her arm and threatens her that if she ever tries that again she’ll be dead.

Patrick pulls them apart, mentioning the Dimera plot again. Hope pretty much ignores him saying that she knows that it’s a Dimera plot. She wants to know why Billie keeps playing into Tony’s hands and yells that Billie didn’t have to have sex with Bo. Bo wakes up. He says that he feels as if he’s been hit by a concrete block and wants to know why they are arguing. Hope turns to Billie and asks if she wants to tell him or should she. Billie explains how they got the tip and it ended up being a trap and they fell in the pit...and...and.... He says that his lungs are burning and Hope wants to get him to the hospital for Lexie to check him out. She asks Patrick to take him to the car and she’ll be right out.

She tells Billie that although she hopes that Georgia is alive, she wants her to stay away from her find an investigator if there are any more clues. Billie tells Hope that Bo won’t be happy with her if she keeps him away from finding Georgia. Hope tells her to stay away from him again and Billie says: “What if I don’t?” Hope turns around and says: “Don’t test me! This is a fight you don’t want. When it comes to my family, I will win!” She goes outside and takes over from Patrick. Bo wants to know what happened but she tells him she will explain later.

Patrick has gone back inside to Billie. He asks her if she is alright. She puts on the pity me routine and tells him that she’s never seen Hope as angry as she just was. Patrick says: “Do you blame her?” He tells her if Hope was right... Billie looks at him helplessly and says that Hope was right and that she knew what she was doing but Bo didn’t....her excuse: “I just needed Bo so much!” (No comment). Patrick goes to her and she starts to cry.

The Desert: Shawn, Brady, Rex, and Stan

Rex and Shawn are in war mode as they demand that Stan turn around and face them. We get Stan and a few Sami voiceovers. Stan has a flashback to Sami being with Tony as he tells her what she has to do. Back in the present, Stan makes up a story about being a journalist who got captured and was held hostage.

Brady comes back and wants to know what is going on. Stan worries that he will be recognized. We get a flashback of him being on the pier with John and Brady. They demand to see his ID but still don’t believe him. Stan tells them about being in a cell with another guy. He mentions that it’s a marine private and finally mentions Phil’s name (although he deliberately mangles the last name saying “Caracas” so they won’t be suspicious). He talks about being able to bribe someone so he could get away and says that the marine is in bad shape and could be executed very soon. Brady wants him to show them where Phil is but Stan tap dances saying that he doesn’t remember.

The three guys move away from him and Stan (in Sami’s voice) murmurs that they aren’t buying his story and he needs to think of something they can sink their teeth into and then choke on it. Brady still thinks he knows Stan from somewhere. Shawn is skeptical about Stan’s story and wants to ask more questions. Brady tells Rex to go after Lucas. He wants Lucas to get a read on Stan from a distance. Shawn and Brady continue to hold Stan at gunpoint.

Stan is asked why he didn’t try to help Philip escape. Brady says: “What the hell kind of American are you?” Thinking fast, Stan tells them that he’s selfish and a coward and wanted to save himself. He tells them that he has a son to think of. The guys think he is a spy. Rex returns and explains that their friend isn’t who he says he is. He says that Stan is a fraud.


Hope is crying as she says to Bo: “She used you.........that is unless you did know that you were making love to Billie?”

Patrick asking Billie: “What is it? What’s the emergency?” With Billie answering: “Its Georgia…...she’s been found!”

Kate yelling at Belle: “If Philip dies…his blood is on your hands…as well as Shawn’s.” We get facial shots of John, Roman and Marlena…

Lucas targeting Stan from up above with his rifle: “If you hurt any of them…you are a dead man.”


Tuesday, May 10

Pat’s Spoilers

My positive about the show today – Kristian Alfonso’s performance once again. I also enjoyed Deidre’s few short scenes with Josh.

My rant for today – Oh I could rant for a long time but I’ll stick with everything that went on in the penthouse – aside from the Roman/Marlena talk the rest was a waste of time and even seeing Marlena on the screen can’t salvage it or make it interesting.

Penthouse: Listening to Belle go on and on about how mother talk her what marriage is all about is the reason she would never break her vows to Philip – excuse me but you already did. Boy was Kate right about Belle today! Belle turns the screws in deeper and says that Marlena wasn’t preachy (an art form Belle hasn’t mastered yet) but she led by example. Belle knew that no matter what her mother would never betray her Dad. Would someone shut her up already and remind her she was conceived while her sainted mother was still married to Roman? Roman and Kate walk in like they live there just when Belle is saying that she loves Shawn. There isn’t much that goes on between Kate and Belle – but as much as I dislike Kate she was dead on in her diatribe against Belle. Belle whines and tells Kate it’s her fault that Shawn is in danger. Kate tells her that the only reason Shawn went there is so that when Philip comes home you can break his heart by asking him for a divorce. Marlena takes offence when Kate tells her that if Philip dies in this rescue attempt his blood will be on Shawn’s and her hands. Belle goes crying to Daddy, Kate goes out on the balcony to get some air. John convinces Belle to make things right with Kate. While Belle is talking to Kate and John is on the phone, Marlena and Roman talk. He tells her he’s arranged to have the cameras that Tony had planted in the penthouse removed so that Kate and John never have to know that they saw what they were doing. Marlena wants to know how many more secrets they have to keep. She tells him she just can’t live like this. Roman thinks it’s a mistake to tell them but if she feels that strongly about it he will support her. Belle starts to talk to Kate but when she can’t handle the truth she goes running and crying to mommy. Kate comes after her and tells Belle that by going on and making her plans to be with Shawn, she betrayed Philip and what she has done is unforgivable. Belle runs out crying. John and Kate go on the balcony and he comforts her. Marlena and then Roman go after cry baby Belle.

War zone: I have to say I’m really not liking Sami at the moment. Dan Wells is doing a great job but what the character of Sami is doing to her family truly is unforgivable. Rex tries to rattle Stan by saying he knows he is not who he says he is. He confides to Shawn and Brady that it was Lucas’ suggestion to go after the guy in this manner to see if he makes a mistake. Lucas has his rifle pointed at the guy and will shoot if he tries anything. Looking through the scope Lucas thinks the guy looks familiar. Sami/Stan is having a field day telling the guys everything Phil said while they were held captive together. First up, Shawn. Philip talked about his beautiful wife and how much they were in love. He also talked about her jerk ex-boyfriend crashing through the stained glass window on their wedding day. Philip said if this jerk goes near his wife again he won’t hesitate to kill him. Next up, Rex. His brother Rex’s girlfriend is keeping a major secret from him. A secret so huge that it will destroy their relationship. Next Brady. Brady had this one true love but when she died he made one mistake after the other. Phil lost all respect from him when he started doing his grandfather’s widow. Of course all the guys react to his remarks.

Ogden: Hopefully Patrick saw what Billie is really like today and he won’t be so willing to defend her. She admits she knew exactly what she was doing although Bo didn’t. He thought she was Hope. Patrick says you regret what you did though, don’t you. Billie says no – she would do it all again but this time she wouldn’t feel guilty. She gets pretty self-righteous when she tells Patrick that Hope will never forgive her. Patrick says she saw you having sex with her husband – what did she expect. Billie tries to make it sound like it’s not really that has Hope upset. She tells Patrick that Bo was once her husband and they conceived a child out of love. That’s what has Hope so upset – she can’t say that she is Bo’s one and only. Billie than worries that Hope will convince Bo to make sure that she never sees her daughter. Billie says Bo isn’t the type of man that would let Hope convince him to do that. He knows that Bo has feelings for Billie but he loves his wife and he wants his marriage. Billie knows that Bo loves her but she also knows Bo loves Hope more. Billie doesn’t know what she is going to do next – she doesn’t know where to start looking for Georgia. She gets a phone call from University Hospital. She says and I’m the only person that matches. She’s all smiles when she tells Patrick. Georgia has been found and she needs me.

Bo and Hope scenes. As I said Kristian was so good today!!! She showed her vulnerability and hope as she tried to believe that Bo didn’t really know it was Billie he was having sex with. She showed her determination not to let the DiMera’s and Billie win – she talked to the lab technicians and did research on the web to find out the effects the gas could have had on Bo. She learned that it would cause him to hallucinate. Her fear for her son and her anger at Bo for once again going on a wild goose chase with Billie instead of being there when his son needed him. To her condemnation of Bo and her disappointment in him when she tells him that Shawn made a promise to Bo that he had no intentions of keeping because he knew his father is the same – both of them have to play hero. She reminds him of what she told him would happen if Shawn got hurt because he was off with Billie. Bo wants to know is she is leaving him. He gets really dizzy and Hope shows her concern and tells him she’ll get his tea. She’s still angry with Bo and confused. She can’t understand why he insists on defending his decision to go with Billie. She says alright Billie, this is war – a war I have no intention of losing.

Preview: Jennifer to Jack – What is it? Jack – Jennifer I betrayed our marriage vows. Abe to Lexie (Tek’s in the background) – We don’t have a marriage anymore Lexie. I’m impotent. Nicole (still in those surgical scrubs, still holding that scalpel, still talking to herself) – You’ve given me no choice Chloe. Brady coming up behind Stan and grabbing him – Now we’re going to find out who you really are.


Wednesday May 11

Pat’s Spoilers

My positive about today’s show – I enjoyed the ‘reunion’ between Jack/Jen and Lexie/Abe. Jen looks so happy. I also enjoyed the scenes when Jack was telling Jen the truth. Another good thing – no Belle, Kate or Philip – a really good day!!!!

Clinic: I think the Nicole/Chloe scenes were just thrown in there to remind us that they’re both still around. Nicole is still skulking around the nurse’s desk in her surgical nurse garb. She sees a patient whose reconstructive surgery failed (it’s not pretty). She decides she can’t do that to Chloe. Chloe is dreaming of reuniting with Brady after her surgery is successful. Of course just as Nicole sneaks into Chloe’s room, Chloe starts talking in her sleep. Chloe talks about her and Brady being together and him dumping Nicole. Nicole pictures that scenario and then says that Chloe is leaving her no choice. She has to do it. She pulls out the scalpel and advances towards the bed.

War Zone: Not a lot of any consequence really happened out there. The guys aren’t buying Stan’s story. Brady thinks he knows him from somewhere but can’t place where. Lucas recognises the guy and text messages to Brady. He tells Brady that he met the guy in Salem and he asked a lot of personal questions. There’s something weird about him. Lucas wants to question him but Brady tells him to stay hidden because the guy thinks it’s just the three of them. A missile lands close to their location and they’re all knocked to the ground. When they get up Stan is gone. Lucas sees the guy and decides he’s going to ignore Brady’s instructions and question the guy. Brady, Rex and Lucas run into each other and go looking for Stan. Shawn is the one that finds him, grabs him from behind and says now we’ll find out what we need to know.

Hospital: Most of the scenes took place there. The Mimi/Bonnie/Tek and Jan scenes pretty much consisted of Bonnie threatening to kill Jan if she didn’t tell the truth, Mimi worrying, Tek pointing out the obvious to Mimi – that if Jan doesn’t recant and she dies that she will be facing murder one charges and possibly the death penalty. Bonnie does go into the room and wake up Jan and threaten her. Jan tells them she will never recant. Bonnie tells Mimi not to worry – she’s calling in the big guns.

Lexie finds Abe in the ER getting his hand bandaged. He burned it while trying to use the stove. Lexie wants to know why he didn’t call her. Abe tells her he heard about Abby’s accident and figured she was needed at the hospital. He asks how Abby is. Lexie tells him that Abby is going to be just fine which is a good thing because Jen couldn’t handle another tragedy – she’s still mourning…Lexie stops and says I don’t believe it. Abe wants to know what she is talking about. Lexie says that Jen is kissing someone. Abe says she is entitled to move on. Lexie says it looks like Jack. Abe says it’s impossible. Jack is dead. Jack says news of his death was greatly exaggerated. It was a great scene. Jack is told about Abe’s blindness and he feels bad for Abe. Jen wants Lexie to give Jack a physical and Lexie tells them to wait in the exam room. Abe is happy that Jack came back alright not like him with complications that could end their marriage. Lexie insures him that their marriage is fine. Abe says he’s impotent, they have no marriage. Tek shows up. They get to talking about the Spears case and when Abe finds out that he has a statement from the victim and he hasn’t made an arrest he gets very upset with Tek. Lexie says he’s just doing his job. Abe wants to know why she’s taking Tek’s side and if there is something going on between them. A nurse comes to take Abe to sign his insurance forms. Tek asks Lexie how things are and she tells him that Abe is having a hard time adjusting. Lexie does her rounds and when she’s done she sees Abe sitting on a chair. He had been waiting for her to take him home. He gets upset with her and says he’ll find his way home on his own and he’s going to bed early – he doesn’t want her to wake him up. Lexie is very upset and finds comfort in Tek’s arms.

In the exam room Jack and Jen are kissing. He wants to be alone with her. Jen says they can’t do anything in the exam room because Lexie could walk in at any time. He wants to go home then. She says they can’t do that. When Abby is released then they’ll spend time with her and Jack Jr and then maybe go to Smith Island for a few days to the Horton Cabin. That kind of dampens Jack’s enthusiasm. He tells Jen to sit down he has something to tell her. She gets worried when he says that he promised himself he would tell her the truth no matter what. She knows that Tony had someone impersonating her so Jack could be recaptured so she asks him why he’s telling her this again. He talks about how he dreamed of being with her for months and months – he tells her that he was exhausted – finally he says she asked me to go to the Horton Cabin and when we were there she asked me to make love to her and I did. Jen can’t believe that he couldn’t tell the difference. She says she had a rubber mask on, her body had to be different … Jack says it was different but I had dreamed of being with you for so long. He also tells her that the DiMera’s have done this before. He names Hope as Princess Gina and Marlena thinking John was Roman for years – he stops and says none of that matters – what matters is that I hurt you and I’m sorry. He wants to know if she can forgive him. She says it’s too late. Then she explains herself – she’s talking about the time Tony stole from them that they can’t get back. She tells him it wasn’t his fault. Of course she forgives him – she loves him. They kiss.

Previews: Jack telling Lexie that he needs to be tested for sexually transmitted diseases. Shawn to Stan – How do you know so much about us? Stan – I’m a friend and I can help you get everything you want. Mimi to Tek – First degree murder. That’s a capital crime. I could go to death row. Jan to Belle – If anything happens to him I will make you suffer for the rest of your miserable life. Belle’s response – yup – you guessed it – the same vacant, open-mouthed stare that she uses to express every emotion under the sun.


Thursday May 12

Pat’s Spoilers

This is going to be a quick report. I’m running late again tonight. This is one of those shows where there are so many people on it… My positives about the show – Jack’s surprise for Jen – sigh…he is such a romantic and those two are a joy to watch. I also liked Maggie today.

Bunker: Tony and Bart in their stupid uniforms – LOL – keeping an eye on Philip while waiting for Sami to report in. Tony refers to Philip as the lure and Sami the bait when Bart says everything is ready for the four musketeers. The missiles are exploding all around her so Sami radios a mayday in to Tony. Shawn grabs her and asks what that was. Another missile explodes and they both go down. Tony shuts off the transmitter so Shawn can’t hear them (he turns it back on later). Bart worries that is Sami finds out Lucas is with them that she’s change sides. Tony says that Lucas dumped her and he is Kate’s son – hurt Lucas, hurt Kate – Sami won’t change sides. Stan tells Shawn that he can help him rescue Philip and when that’s done, he’ll have Belle. Shawn wants to know how he knows so much about them. Stan says I’m a friend and I can help you get what you want. Shawn doesn’t trust him. At one point Shawn mentions Lucas's name and Stan wants to know if Lucas is there. Shawn says Lucas is Philip's brother - he would be devastated if something happened to me as would Lucas' son, Will. Tony tells Sami it’s time to pull out the proof when he hears Shawn say this. Stan hands Shawn’s Philip’s dog tags and says do you believe me now. Shawn asks if he is sure Philip’s still alive. When Stan says yes Shawn says lead us there (or something like that). Sami gloats and says to herself that Shawn has just made a big mistake.

Philip has a fantasy about his loving, faithful wife – she tells him that she is waiting for him. He says he knows she would never betray him. I actually feel sorry for the guy. He has no clue that his wife is a deceitful, faithless liar that had no compunction betraying him on their wedding night. In his dream he talks about their vows and the marriage and how they will be husband and wife forever. God, I hope so – I may feel a little sorry for him but I don’t like him – I’d rather he be the one that has to be married to Belle over Shawn any day. Shawn deserves so much better.

Hospital – It was like Grand Central Station there today.

Abe/Lexie/Tek: Abe overhears Tek comforting Lexie and confronts them. He tells them he’s blind but not stupid. He tells Tek he should get back to work on the Spears case rather than spending time with his wife. Tek says he got Jan’s statement – Abe tells him that he placed some calls to the court house and the D.A. is not happy with detectives that don’t do their jobs. Tek says he is taking care of the investigation and he doesn’t approve of Abe looking over his shoulder – he leaves them. Abe says that he heard Lexie mention his condition and he wants to know if she told Tek that he was impotent. She says of course not – she just said that he was having a hard time adjusting to his blindness – she would never betray his confidence by telling someone something so personal. Abe apologises. Lexie tells him she just has one more patient to see and then she’ll take him home. She doesn’t want to fight with him anymore and asks him if they can call a truce. After she’s done examining Jack and finishing the Chelsea/Billie transfusion she tells him she’s ready to go. She just wants to sit with him and talk. They’re about to leave when she gets paged. It’s an emergency. He tells her he’ll find his own way home and he won’t wait up for her.

Billie/Patrick/Chelsea: Billie comes rushing in with Patrick behind. He tells her to slow down – she fell once already and had to get her arm in a cast. She wants to see her daughter. Patrick tries to tell her they don’t know if it’s Chelsea. She says that Bo and she knew Chelsea was hurt and the hospital called saying her and this girl shared a rare blood marker so it has to be her. The nurse takes her to Chelsea. Billie says this has to be a mistake. The nurse says no. The hospital computer says you’re the only match. Billie says I thought I was going to find my daughter here. The nurse asks her if she has changed her mind about donating blood. Billie says no. She tells Patrick that in her haste to find Georgia she forgot about what Chelsea was going through. Chelsea calls for the mother so Billie comforts her. Lexie comes in to set up the transfusion and tells Billie she’s doing a wonderful thing. Without the transfusion Chelsea would have died. Billie wants to know if she is going to be okay now. Lexie says she has a chance now but she’s still in critical condition. Chelsea says Mommy and Billie comforts her. She tells Patrick she wishes it was Georgia that was calling her mommy.

Maggie/Jen – Jen is worried that something is wrong with Jack Jr when she sees Maggie. Maggie tells her no – he’s with Doug and Julie. When Julie found out that Bonnie left to go out she thought it would be good for Maggie and Mickey to spend some quality alone time. Jen asks why she is at the hospital then. Maggie tells her that five minutes into their quality time Bonnie called with an emergency. Maggie says she just can’t share Mickey with Bonnie any longer. Jen tells her she can’t let Bonnie get the better of her – she has to fight. Maggie thinks she doesn’t have much fight left. Jen encourages her to fight for what is hers like Bonnie is. Maggie says Bonnie doesn’t fight fair and she won’t stoop to her level. Jen tells her she doesn’t have to – she can handle Bonnie. Maggie says she is going to take care of that hussy and goes looking for Mickey.

Mickey/Bonnie/Jan/Mimi/Belle/Maggie/Tek – Bonnie tells Mickey that Jan has lied and is claiming that Mimi tried to kill her and he has to get her off – she knows he can do it – he’s just like Perry Mason. (Hmm…when was the last time Mickey won a case????) Mickey tells her this isn’t TV – they have to deal with real judges and juries and lawyers don’t solve the crimes before the last commercial. He feels that he can get the truth out of Jan on cross examination. Mimi tells him that Jan has been lying all her life – it comes easy to her. Mimi says she is doomed. Mimi says she needs a miracle. Belle tells her to have faith – miracles can happen – her mother came back. Jan says you’re toast. I’m going to make sure you pay for what you did to me. Belle goes inside to talk to her. Belle tells Jan to tell the truth – she almost died, she doesn’t want that lie on her soul. LMAO – like Belle is one to talk about liars. I loved how Jan told Belle a few home truths about her and Mimi. Jan says you and Mimi are no different then me – you’re both liars. She tells Belle that she is even worse than Mimi because she married Philip when she was still in love with Shawn. She also says its Belle’s fault that Shawn’s life is in danger and if anything happens to him she is going to make Belle pay for the rest of her miserable life. Jan is having a hard time breathing and starts seizing and then flat-lines. Mimi runs in and then Lexie who tells Belle and Mimi to get out. While Belle was in with Jan Tek is talking to Mimi and Maggie is confronting Bonnie and Mickey. She tells Mickey that she can’t live in that house with Bonnie and him any longer – he has to make a decision now. Bonnie says he has no time right now because he has to be Mimi’s lawyer. Bonnie sees Tek talking to Mimi and pushes Mickey towards them. Bonnie tells Maggie that she is going to lose because Mickey belongs to her – she is under his skin and he’s never going to let her go. Mickey tells Tek that he shouldn’t be talking to his client without him being there. Tek says I don’t have to talk to her anymore all I need is a warrant for her arrest now. Lexie comes out of Jan’s room and says she has some bad news.

Jack/ Jennifer – They’re kissing and Jen asks him if she kisses better than the fake Jen. Jack tells her that he just can’t joke about that right now. Jen understands. Jack is wondering where Lexie is – he tells Jen he feels fine. He doesn’t see the need for a check up. She says look what happened to Abe when he got back. Jack says alright I’ll do it for Abe but mostly for you. Lexie gets there and Jack tells Lexie he needs her to check for sexually transmitted diseases. She looks shocked but doesn’t ask any questions. Lexie gives him a clean bill of health. Jack ties a scarf around Jen’s neck and leads her into an examine room. Lexie puts up a do not disturb sign. It’s very romantic! Candlelit table, dinner for two, champagne – chocolates and even a hospital bed or two all decorated with tiny white lights. They make love and Jack gives her a pin with two entwined hearts and says we’ll never be separated again.

Previews: John to Marlena (both with tears on their faces) - You need to know the truth. Marlena – What? Roman to Kate (in bed – she’s turned away from him) - I know why you’re having a tough time with us making love. Abe to Tek and Lexie – Just how close did the two of you get and what have you been doing behind my back since I got home? A quick flash of Sami’s face – Bart to Tony – Look’s like they got him/her now boss. Sami’s luck may have just run out.


Friday, May 13

Janice’s Spoilers

Note: I though James Reynolds did another excellent job today. Drake and Deidre were wonderful as well.

Hospital: Abe, Lexie, Mickey, Bonnie, Belle, Mimi, and Tek

Mickey goes up to Tek and wants to know what his next move is going to be. Tek tells him that it’s cut and dried because he’s has Jan Spears on tape saying that Mimi tried to kill her. Mickey tells him that it puts him in a very tough spot because as Mimi’s attorney, he needs to confront Jan about her statement...but if she dies... Tek finishes his sentence saying...Mimi will be arrested for murder. Bonnie overhears and yells “No!” Lexie comes out and tells them she has bad news.

Mickey asks Lexie if he can speak to Jan. She tells him that she’s not sure if Jan will speak to anyone ever again. Belle and Mimi hug in the background. Mickey gets upset and says that Jan made some serious accusations and Bonnie calls Jan a liar. Lexie tells them that Jan has lapsed into a coma again and has a clot that is reducing her blood flow. They are giving her meds and hope it will dissolve. Mickey turns to Mimi and tells her not to give up. He says that he has Maggie researching precedents. Bonnie is upset but he tells her that Maggie is a wonderful researcher.

Tek sees Abe and goes to talk to him. Abe tells him about the doctor wanting to do more tests. Abe rags on Tek for not making an arrest. Tek tells him he is evaluating the evidence but Abe is still upset. He says that it was a mistake to make Tek a detective and that he should have made an arrest by now. Lexie wants to know why Abe is picking on Tek and he asks her why she is defending him. He demands to know what has been happening since the island and what’s been going on behind his back since he returned. Lexie asks Tek to give them some privacy and he leaves. She doesn’t understand how Abe could say those things and tells him that she is his wife and the mother of his child and would never betray him. She tells him that when he was gone Tek helped her, but just as a friend.

Abe tells Lexie that he is here now and is still her husband even if he can’t make love to her. He tells her that he knows her...she is beautiful...etc...and has needs that he can’t fill now...if Tek isn’t filling them then maybe another doctor in the hospital is? Lexie swears she is not having an affair with anyone and loves only him. Abe asks her if she is not just telling him what he wants to hear. She tells him that she won’t put up with his jealousy.

Mickey asks Tek what he is going to do...if he will book his client or not. Tek tells him not tonight. Belle thanks Tek for not arresting Mimi. He tells her he just hopes Mimi is as innocent as she thinks. Tek walks over to Abe and tells him rudely that he hasn’t made a move on his wife but that he would appreciate it if Abe would not interfere with his case. Abe tells him that he still has friends in high places and will call them if something doesn’t happen soon. The nurse arrives to take Abe off to his tests. Tek turns to Lexie and tells her that they both know that there was more than friendship between the two of them before Abe came back.

Mickey says he is going to check on Maggie. Bonnie tells him she’ll go with him and keep the coffee hot if nothing else. Mimi thanks Mickey for his help. She tells Belle that she is pretty much done for...that it’s her punishment for lying to Rex...yada...yada... They hug.

Kate’s Hotel Room: Kate and Roman

Roman carries Kate over the threshold and tells her it is the beginning of their long overdue honeymoon. She asks him to put her rings back on her finger. He tells her he understands and rededicates himself to their their future. Kate is crying and asks him to make love to her. They kiss...

Roman and Kate are in bed making love but Kate is really restless and upset. We get a flashback to her and John making love. She sees a framed photo of her and John and then more flashback. Roman wants to know what’s wrong and she looks at the photo once more, pushing the Kleenex box in front of it. She tells Roman that she’s sorry and doesn’t want to ruin his homecoming. Roman misunderstands and says it is his fault for rushing things. Kate tells him that it’s been such a shock and that she’s having a hard time processing it. He tells her that he knows why she is having a tough time making love.

Kate tells Roman that she has something to tell him and that it is tearing her apart. Roman says he understands. He thinks it’s because she is upset about her boys. He promises that he and John will do all they can to make sure they make it home safe.

Penthouse: John and Marlena

Marlena is in the bedroom and opens up a dresser drawer. She pulls out a negligee and flashes back to her and Roman watching John and Kate making love with Kate wearing it. John comes in, leaning on his cane, and Marlena asks him if it belongs to Kate. He tells her he is sorry and that he thought they had packed everything up. He says he knows how painful it must be for her and explains that both he and Kate were miserable lost souls sharing their grief.

Marlena says she doesn’t blame them for what happened. He says he understands how she and Roman probably turned to each other for comfort and that she would never betray her vows. Marlena has a confession to make but he stops her, saying that he just wants to hold her. They start to kiss. She tells him that she doesn’t want any secrets between them because secrets can destroy the strongest relationship. Before she can tell him the truth, he blurts out that he is a drug addict.

John explains about the pain from his injuries and that nothing Lexie gave him was enough. He tells Marlena about his promise to walk Belle down the aisle...that he is just a classic junkie...and that Kate and Brady stood by him. Marlena asks him where he got the drugs and he tells her from the hospital...pushers...etc. She gasps that it was so dangerous. We get a flashback of Stan in the room with the bag of pills. Marlena tells John that he must have gone through hell and that she is so sorry. She asks if he is clean now or still addicted. He tells her he is off the hard stuff but still taking the pills.

Marlena tells John that he will beat this thing and that she will do everything in her power to help him. She suggests rehab but he says no. He thinks that with her there he knows he can do it himself. John talks about seeing her in a vision and that he always thought if he just had her back that he could beat this thing. She tells him they will do it together. He tells her that he is going to need her so much. She tells him the same thing and they start kissing.

In the final scene, they are in bed with John sleeping and Marlena watching him. She wonders how she can tell him about Roman...that he will never forgive her...but that she has to tell him before he hears it from someone else.

Tony’s War (not sure where...sigh...): Shawn, Rex, Brady, Stan, Tony, and Bart

Bart wants Tony to tell him about the secret weapon Sami supposedly has. Tony just wants to watch Sami/Stan trick the boys.

Rex asks Brady if they should bring Lucas in. Brady says no because he is their backup. Rex looks through the binoculars and says it is pretty quiet. He asks Brady if he wants to make a run for it. Brady agrees.

Shawn wants proof from Stan and tells him to put up or shut up. Stan pulls something out and wants to know if this will satisfy him. It turns out to be Phil’s dog tags and Shawn says it looks like we can trust you after all. Brady drops in with Rex and says like hell they can. Stan has a temper tantrum and says he is sick of this and that he is not working with the enemy. Shawn tells him to keep his voice down. Brady has two questions for do they know that Phil isn’t already dead...why did he wait until now to show the tags to them...

Stan tells them that he grabbed them off the table in case he ran into some American troops...Phil was alive when he left...the guards were angry when he escaped... Brady says he thought he paid the guards off. Stan tap dances and says yes but their superiors didn’t know about it. Shawn wants to rescue Phil now. Stan goes on about how then Shawn can get back with Belle...Rex with Mimi...etc... Brady still wonders how Stan got all that personal information. Stan tells them that they are running out of time. Shawn tells Rex that whether they trust Stan or not, he is their only chance of finding Phil. Brady has one last question for Stan...we asked you to help us before...what made you change your mind?

Flashback of Tony telling Sami to concentrate on getting revenge on her enemies. Stan tells the boys that what Rex said before got to him...about how he could leave Phil behind. He tells him he is ashamed of what he did especially as they are only civilians and they came all this way to rescue him. He tells them that Phil tried to help him and he wants to return the favor. They decide to believe him this time.

New flashback of Sami insisting that Tony hurt none of the boys. She says it’s a deal breaker and he agrees. Back in the present, Tony tells Bart that he has plans for the boys that Samantha is not aware of. Stan tells the boys that he has a plan. Tony says “Gotcha.”


Tek tells Lexie that he cares about her and that’s not going to change...

Billie tells Kate that she made a horrible mistake and will have to pay the price...a life without Bo and possibly her daughter...

Brady says he wonders how they can prove who Stan really is. Shawn says there’s only one way...

Stan/Sami (in Sami’s voice) saying that Kate is going to go down after this is over with.


Monday May 16

Janice’s Spoilers

Hospital: Lexie, Tek, Belle, and Mimi

Lexie tells Tek that Abe is still upset that he won’t name his suspect. Tek tells her that he is no longer obligated to report to Abe. She argues that out of respect and friendship...he tells her it has nothing to do with respect but that Abe is no longer on the force. Lexie asks Tek if he is upset that Abe thought they still wanted to be together. He tells her that Abe is right, at least on his part, because he does still want to be with her.

Mimi wants to know why Tek is still hanging around and why he doesn’t just arrest her already (the same could be said for you Meems). Belle tells her to be grateful that he hasn’t and to give Mickey time to discredit Jan. Mimi whines that there is no hope for her...will lose Rex...yada...yada...etc...etc...

Lexie wants Tek to stop saying those things...and reiterates that they only have a friendship. She says that Abe is under a lot of stress right now. He tells her that is why he thinks Abe should stay away from the case. He says he can’t just turn his feelings off and still cares about her. She gets frustrated and tells him that she made it clear where they stood when Abe returned. Tek says he is still worried about her. She brushes him off and says that she and Abe will be just fine and walks away.

A nurse calls Tek’s name and he apologizes to her for cutting their date short. Lexie is listening in as the nurse tells him she understands and had a great time so maybe they can do it again.

Clinic: Nicole, computer Nicole, and doctor

Nicole pulls Chloe’s file and says that she has to make sure that the knife used to reconstruct Chloe’s face, does it in a very tragic way. She hears a voice and spins around to look at herself on the computer screen (in nursing uniform, patch over one eye, drink in hand). Computer Chloe eggs Chloe on about being a wuss...when did she grow a conscience...needs to slice and dice the little diva...Extreme Makeover”... or she’ll be waiting when Brady comes home...

Chloe counters that she got a conscience when she fell in love with Brady...doesn’t know anything about reconstructive surgery... Chloe’s surgeon comes in and asks her to sterilize his instruments for Chloe’s operation tomorrow. He says to make sure she does them well because they were just used on a patient who has flesh-eating disease and otherwise the results could be disastrous. She agrees to do it.

Nicole tells herself that she can just conveniently forget to sterilize the instruments. The phone rings and its Brady (see below).

Kate’s Hotel Room: Kate and Billie

Kate is wearing her negligee and having a drink. She opens the door to Billie who apologizes for calling so late. Kate wants to know what happened to her arm. She explains that she’s a klutz and fell. Billie wants the key to Lucas’s apartment (I guess she doesn’t need supervision anymore?)

She wants to know why Kate is not at John’s penthouse (how did Billie find out where Kate was?). She sees Roman’s shirt and thinks that it belongs to John. Kate explains about Roman, Jack, Cassie, and Marlena being alive. Billie is happy about Roman, Jack, and Cassie...doesn’t mention Marlena though.

Billie tells Kate about the car accident and Chelsea losing her parents...yada...yada...then tells her about what happened with Bo...that Hope will never talk to her again. Billie thinks she could lose Bo and her daughter for good (didn’t know she had Bo...) Kate thinks its great. Finally, Billie seems sorry...

Kate explains about John proposing to her. Billie thinks she loves both John and Roman. Billie leaves with the keys and Kate looks at yet another picture of her with John.

War Zone: Boys of Summer

Brady tells the others that the sun is going to come up soon and they need to get their rest because tomorrow they will rescue Phil. Shawn hopes that Stan really knows where Phil is. Stan comes over to them and asks if they are up for it...prepared for it...going into enemy territory...could be the end. Brady says that there is also a good chance that they can achieve what they came for. Stan walks away and in Sami’s voice says that Brady is so cocky and sure of himself and has no idea that she is leading them into a trap.

Shawn says he doesn’t know if they can really trust Stan. Brady tells him that they don’t have much choice and that time is running out for all of them. He reminds him that Lucas is their backup and if Stan tries anything then Lucas will take him out.

Lucas is up at his vantage point and has his viewfinder on Stan. He can’t shake the feeling that there is something about Stan. He murmurs that if he makes one false move then he’s dead.

Stan moves back towards the guys and wants to know if there is a problem or if they still don’t trust him. Shawn says they don’t and rags at him. Stan gets defensive. Brady follows Shawn to one side and wants to know what that was about. He says that he was just thinking about Belle...he’s ready for whatever happens but wishes that he could talk to her one more time first. Brady tells him that he thinks he can arrange that. He brings out satellite phones and explains that he snagged them from his dad’s office.

Rex tells Brady that Lucas wants to talk to him and he leaves after giving a phone to Rex as well. He reminds them to keep their cover stories intact. Stan asks about the phones and Rex asks him if there is someone he’d like to phone. He goes into a sob story about his son and how no gives a damn about him right now. Rex feels bad and gives him the phone, convincing him to call someone. Shawn says they made a really big mistake.

Lucas wants to find out Stan’s whole story but Brady says no. He tells him that he is their backup and that Stan doesn’t even know that he exists. If he tries anything stupid, Lucas can shoot him. Lucas tells Brady that he will. Brady says it will all be over soon. He shows the phone to Lucas and asks him if he wants to phone Will. Lucas says he really wants to talk to him but he would ask too many questions he couldn’t answer. Brady asks about calling Sami. Lucas gets upset and says he doesn’t know where she is and even if he did he wouldn’t want to talk to her.

Brady calls Nicole and asks what she is up to. She tells him that she is waiting for the man she loves to come home and asks if he is okay. He tells her that they are going to find Phil soon and will be coming home. She wants him to promise that he’ll be careful because she is so worried about him. Brady tells her not to worry and that he has to come home and put that ring on her finger. They each say how much they love each other. Brady tells her how proud he is of her for turning her life around so that now there is goodness inside of her... They lose their connection... Lucas tells Brady that women like Nicole and Sami don’t change. Brady says that Nicole has.

Sami/Stan takes out his voice regulator? and phones Kate. She wants to know about Will. Kate is miserable to her and says that Will is doing fine but is still angry and won’t forgive Sami. She tells her that Lucas is better off without her and that Sami should live with the consequences of what she has done, then slams the phone down. Sami damns her and mouths off a doom and gloom threat.

Shawn calls Belle and she tells him she is worried about him and asks him if he is alright. She wants them all to come home and says that they are all in big trouble. He tells her that they are fine and he doesn’t want to argue. He just wants to hear her voice and tells her he loves her. She worries that he could be killed and tells him that she loves him and doesn’t want to lose him.

Shawn tells Belle that Rex wants to know if Mimi is with her. She says yes and hands the phone over to her. Mimi goes on about how much she needs Rex...doesn’t ask if he’s okay...doesn’t say that she’s worried about him. Rex apologizes for not telling her about the trip. She gets off the phone and goes into another blather about no future...etc...etc...

A nurse makes Mimi get off the phone.

Brady is back with the others now and tells them to get some rest. Lucas overhears Stan/Sami asking god to protect her son Will. A strange look comes over Lucas’s face.


Tony tells Sami that she drives a hard bargain and to just keep up her end of the deal.

Abe tells Lexie that he thinks they should get a divorce.

Celeste opens the door to Tek and faints.

Chloe murmurs about Brady...once we are together again, I’ll be happy. Eavesdropping Nicole says...over your dead body.


Tuesday May 17

Pat’s Spoilers

The good things about today’s show besides the fact it’s over (just kidding) were seeing Craig and the Celeste Abe scenes.

As for the rest of the show – let’s just say it’s a good thing I had a glass of ice water next to me…it helped to keep me awake. I don’t have a lot to say so this is going to be short.

The war zone: There was so much ‘war’ going on it was hard to hear their conversations. Stan has the map to the bunker. Brady goes to Lucas and tells him they are about to go into desert. He knows the plan. If Stan tries anything he is to shoot him. Lucas says he can’t do it – not knowing what he knows now. Brady wants to know what he is talking about. Lucas says I overheard him praying that he will make it back to his son. Brady asks him if it came down to a choice between Stan and the rest of them who would he choose. Lucas knows what he has to do but he doesn’t like it. Rex has all their equipment hidden and is telling Shawn that if their camp is found there will be no trace of them. Brady comes back and asks them where Stan is – he has the map. Brady finds Stan just as he is finished talking to Tony. When Brady asks him who he was talking to Stan says himself. They take off and after narrowly being hit by enemy fire they decide to keep moving. The next thing they here is ‘drop your weapons.’

Tony/Bart: Tony tells Bart as soon as Sami leads the guys into his trap Sami, Brady, Shawn and Rex won’t know what hits them. So does this mean he’s planning on double crossing Sami??? Sami checks in but before she’ll lead the guys into Tony’s trap he has to do one more thing for her. He has to find out if Will is okay. Tony orders Bart to contact his operatives in Salem and get a status report. Will is in school. Bart then tells Tony that they have big trouble – so big it could destroy Tony’s plan. A group of soldiers are following the guys. Tony wants to know if it is the Marines or his guys because he didn’t intend to take on the US military. Bart doesn’t know.

Clinic: It was great to see Craig. He comes to see Chloe because it’s the day of her surgery. Chloe has a dream that Nancy and Craig bring Brady to the hospital just before the doctor is going to remove the bandages. Everything is fine – Brady is happy she is alive – her face is back to normal and then everything changes. She tells them she changed her mind she can’t have the surgery. Craig sends Nancy to find the doctor. He then tells Chloe it’s pre-surgery nerves and to not make up her mind until she hears what the doctor has to say. Nicole has the tray of surgical instruments that the doctor used on a patient that had a bacterial infection – flesh eating disease – that she decided not to sterilize. Another nurse comes along and says she is going to sterilize them like she always does for the doctor just to be sure. Nicole tells her she can’t. She makes it sound like the doctor was furious with this nurse for not doing it and that she (Nicole) had to cover for her. The nurse is very grateful to Nicole so she doesn’t sterilize them. Nicole says ‘show time’ as takes the instruments into the O.R. She then overhears Chloe telling her parents that soon her and Brady will be back together. Nicole says over my dead body and then pushes the wheel chair inside. She’s there to take Chloe for her surgery.

Celeste: She’s sleeping and has a dream. She goes to Abe and Lexie’s but she has this deep foreboding that something is not right. She goes in the house and she calls for Lexie and Abe but gets no response. She wonders what happened to her family. Tek comes out of the kitchen and says the Carver family is no more (or something like that). Celeste wakes up. She is happy it was just a dream but she feels she has to go and see Lexie. Lexie wakes up to find that Abe is not in bed. He says he couldn’t sleep. The scenes between them were good. Abe feels like he is a half a man. Lexie tries to convince him that there are a lot of ways a husband and wife can express their love for each other. Abe says he can’t give her more children. He thinks they should get a divorce. He tells Lexie he is releasing her from her vows because she didn’t sign up to be married to a man who wasn’t healthy. Lexie tries to tell him that the vows said for better or for worse and if this is the worse than they got off lucky. She is just so happy that he’s there. For so long she thought she’d never feel his arms around her or hear him say I love you ever again. Abe doesn’t really listen. Lexie goes downstairs. Tek shows up and tells Lexie that he wants to make things right with Abe. He’s going to talk to him about the Spears case. Lexie tells him that Detective Adams is upstairs talking to Abe – he beat him to the punch.

Tek answers the door at Abe and Lexie’s and when Celeste sees him she faints. When she comes to Lexie asks her if she is alright. Celeste says she is fine – she had a premonition. Tek says he is going to talk to Abe. Lexie tells Celeste that Abe asked her for a divorce. They talk a bit. Tek goes upstairs – Abe is rude, Detective Adams acts like a pompous jerk. Tek tells Abe he’s not giving up on him – he’ll be in touch and he leaves. Abe says yeah in touch with my wife. Celeste comes upstairs and asks Abe what he’s going to do about it (she overhears what he says). I liked their conversation. Celeste pulled no punches. Abe finally tells her he is impotent. Celeste tells him he better change his definition of manhood to mean commitment to family. Downstairs Tek tells Lexie he still has strong feelings for her but he doesn’t want it to be awkward between them every time they meet. She says he was a good friend when she needed one and she is grateful for that. He tells her that anytime she needs someone to talk to or a shoulder to cry on, he’ll be there. Celeste is watching them. She does not think that Tek deserves a woman like Lexie.

Preview: Billie watching with a smile on her face as Jack hugs both Jen and Abby saying ‘I can’t tell you how good it feels to have my two best girls with me.’ Hope to Bo – If something should happen to Shawn because you were off somewhere again with Billie again I will never forgive you. Tony to Stan (Sami) – Our deal is off Samantha. You don’t get to see your parents and lastly you will never get revenge on your enemies. The 3 guys are locked in a room – Brady says the only way out is through that door and that is where the guards are. Shawn leans against a wall and a knife is plunged through the wall right next to him.


Wednesday May 18

Pat’s Spoilers

It’s a real struggle to find something good to say about the show. Let’s see I liked the Jack, Abby and Jen scenes. The rest of the show…sigh.

I could rant forever but the show is not worth the effort. Bo made me so angry and frankly, I just want Hope to stop threatening him and just kick his a$$ out the door already.

War Zone: Let’s just say I’m sick to death of Tony and his delusions of grandeur. I’m sick of that outfit he is wearing. What look is he going for??? He’s obviously a military dictator wanna be. I love Bart but even his goofiness can’t temper the pomposity of Tony so it’s hard to find Bart amusing any longer. Bart is freaking out that they’re done for because the Marines have captured Sami and the guys. He wants to shred everything and get out of there because he figures Sami will tell them everything and then it will be the DiMera organization against the entire U.S. military. Tony tells him not to be so paranoid. This is Sami’s biggest test and if she fails then yes, his plan is done for but he has the trump card, Philip Kiriakis. Bart says yeah but what about the Joker – Sami. Bart than says a dead Sami can’t tell any tales. Tony calls in two of his mercenaries. Bart says I was just talking… Tony tells William and Charles that he has a special mission for them – they are to infiltrate the Marine camp. He gives them orders and MP arm bands to wear.

The Marine Captain knows the guys are there to rescue Philip. They ask how he knows. He says the ISA sent out a bulletin. The captain is not easy on them – one of his questions is if they got tired of playing paintball. Stan says he’s a journalist. The captain asks if there are any more of them and the guys lie and say no. Lucas is wondering what he should do. The captain says he is going to hold them until the ISA can send a plane to take them out. Brady says you need to know the truth about this guy (meaning Stan). Brady tells the marines that Stan was held prisoner with Philip. The guys try to convince the captain to let them go ahead but he won’t hear it. He wants to question Stan because he was a prisoner of war. Tony’s two mercenaries show up saying they were sent to help out. The captain tells them to take Stan to his tent for questioning. Within minutes someone comes back and says Stan is missing. The captain orders the other three to be held in a tent. Nice of the captain to let them keep their guns with them. They’re hands are tied together and he tells them that the guard outside the entrance to the death has been ordered to use force if necessary if they try to escape. Shawn says they have to get out of there but Brady says there is only one way out and it’s guarded. Just then a knife cuts through the canvas. Lucas gets them out and frees their hands. They have the map and they’re on their way. Back at the bunker Stan is brought to Tony. He tells Samantha that she won’t see her parents or get her revenge now that the boys are captured and can’t be led into the trap. Stan (Sami) says she doesn’t care about getting revenge. This isn’t about her it’s about Philip and all the marines risking their lives to find him. Bart comes running in and says someone helped the three musketeers escape. Tony smiles and says to Sami – you’ll be getting your revenge after all.

Brady House: Belle shows up to tell Hope that she heard from Shawn. She’s whining that it sounded like a good bye call and it’s all her fault. Hope says no he lied to us. Belle spits out that he also DRAGGED Brady, Lucas and Rex into it – something Kate is blaming her for. Yeah – we get it loud and clear – it’s not your fault Belle it’s Shawn’s – we get it. Hope wishes that Bo was more focused on her and his sons. Belle preaches to her that Bo loves his family and her. Belle has to go and check on Mimi. Hope goes to the police station but not before thinking to herself that she and Bo won’t have a marriage if anything happens to Shawn.

Police Station: Bo is on the computer trying to find out information on Shawn when Billie shows up. She stands in the doorway and of course we have to be ‘treated’ to a pit sex flashback. She tells Bo she has to talk to him. He asks her if it’s about how she tried to break up his marriage. He hit his head and the gas caused him to have hallucinations – he thought she was Hope and took advantage of him. Billie says it wasn’t like that. She thought they were dying and he is the love of her life. He asks her if that’s an excuse. She says no she didn’t want to die like she has been living alone. She then tells him that she is giving up the search for Georgia. Hope has been right. This is all a plan of the DiMera’s to either kill the two or them or break up his and Hope’s marriage. She’s going to let it go. Bo won’t let her give up on their daughter. She is going to need them both. Billie says yes she will. Bo hugs her and Hope walks in. Bo says he can explain. Hope says she can guess – you told Billie that you can’t help her search for Georgia because you have to concentrate all your efforts on finding Shawn and then Billie pulled her little needy act. Bo says actually Billie told me that she was ending the search but I told her we couldn’t. Billie knows how Hope is feeling because her brothers are there and offers to help in her capacity as an ISA agent. Hope turns her down. Billie leaves. Bo says he knows it must have been hard for her to see Billie in his arms. Hope says she should be used to it – it’s obvious he cares more for Billie than he does for her and his sons. Bo does the you and the boys are my number one priority dance again. She tells him if anything happens to Shawn because he was off with Billie that she will blame him. He says he will come home safe. Hope tells Bo that if Shawn gets hurt that nothing will ever be the same between them and she walks out.

Hospital: Mimi and Mickey. Mimi has a dream about being arrested. Mickey asks her if she is okay. She wants to know if she is going to jail. Mickey says not if he can help it. Mimi lists everything she has going against her but Mickey tells her that she is innocent and he will prove it. He leaves and Belle shows up. Mimi tells Belle that she wishes that she was as confident as Mickey. Mimi talks about how worried she is about the guys. Belle is little Miss Pollyanna – she knows they will all be alright – Mimi says the way her luck is going they will all die. She amends that to maybe they won’t but they will be captured and we will never see them again. She tells Belle that she is going to go down to the police station and turn herself in. She’s going to plead guilty to attempted murder.

Jack/Jen/Abby/Chelsea: Abby is going to be released but she doesn’t want to leave the hospital before talking to Chelsea. She feels so bad for her. She talks about always believing that her Dad was going to come home to her but for Chelsea there is not chance that her parents are just going to come walking through the door one day. They’re really gone. Abby goes in to see Chelsea. She tells her she has been released. Chelsea is happy for her. She asks Abby if she knows how her parents are – they haven’t come to see her. Abby comes out and tells Jack and Jen that she just couldn’t tell Chelsea her parents were dead. She wonders who will tell Chelsea about her parents. Who will look after her? Jack asks if she had other family. Abby doesn’t know and Jen admits she doesn’t know anything about Chelsea’s parents. Jack says he will do some investigating. He comes back and says I found someone that knows all about Chelsea’s parents – it’s Mickey. Mickey tells them that he is the executor of their will. Jack says so she’s taken care of financially. Mickey says no. They came in to get a lawyer to file for Chapter 11. They had lost their jobs over a year ago, cashed in their life insurance and defaulted on their mortgage. They have no family. So Chelsea literally has lost everything. All’s that left is bills and now the cost of two funerals. Mickey says the Horton Foundation will start a memorial fund. Jack says they will contribute something to it. Mickey says it’s very important that she has her friends now – she’ll need them. Abby promises to be there for her. Mickey leaves and Billie shows up. Her and Jack hug. Jen tells her that she was just about to go in and tell Chelsea about her parents. Billie says she’ll do it. She goes in and Chelsea asks her where her mom and dad are. Billie tells her the doctors did everything they could but they couldn’t save them. Chelsea cries and Billie holds her.

Preview: Celeste to Jack and Jennifer; “How you would investigate someone beyond a mere computer search.” Jen – “Celeste, who do you want to investigate?” Nicole holding a scalpel and smiling – the doctor comes in and says “Nurse Baxter.” Nicole – “Good morning, Dr. Weiss.” His response – “Not for you it’s not.”
Mimi to Belle – “I refuse to break Rex’s heart. I would rather go to jail.” Rex to Stan – “You won’t get away this.” Lucas – “You said it, bro.” He pulls the trigger and Stan goes down.


Thursday May 19

Pat’s Spoilers

It was real easy to find a good thing about the show – the opening scene when Jack, Jen and Abby came home to find a surprise party set up for them with Alice, Mickey and Maggie there. Oh gosh – that baby that is Jack Jr is so gosh darn cute a person just goes ‘awwww.’ Too bad the happiness lasts for only a few seconds before they cut to Celeste’s predictions of doom and gloom…sigh.

Belle and Mimi in the hospital: I zoned out during Mimi’s self pity attack and Belle’s pontificating. The only thing I reacted to was Belle asking Mimi if she was just going to give up on what her and Rex shared – you mean, kind of like you did with Shawn??? Mimi was right about one thing. She told Belle that because the both of them lied they could lose everything.

War Zone: “Stan” is crawling throw the desert looking for the guys so he can lead them into Tony’s trap although it’s Sami talking to herself. Sami realises that Tony has someone following her to make sure she lives up to her end of the bargain. Brady and Lucas are together checking to see if the Marines are following them. They talk a little bit. Brady mentions that it is his birthday and that he should be in Vienna celebrating with Chloe – that was what he had planned before she died. They get on the topic of Nicole when Lucas says that Chloe was one of a kind. Lucas warns him that women like Nicole and Sami never change. Brady tells Lucas he is wrong about Nicole – he knows she would never deliberately hurt anyone. Brady was happy that he got to talk to her and that Rex and Shawn were able to call back to Salem. He reminds Lucas that he could have called home. Lucas says he didn’t want to upset Will. Brady says what about Sami. Lucas says he doesn’t know where she is and besides he doesn’t want to talk to her – she betrayed him the night before their wedding. Brady doesn’t understand why Lucas can’t forgive her – she was the love of his life.

Shawn and Rex are talking. Shawn mentions that they have two armies surrounding them now and one they can’t fire on because they’re U.S. Marines. Rex says their objective is to get Philip. When they get home he’s going to marry Mimi and take her on a honeymoon anyplace that there isn’t any sand because he’s sick of it. He tells Shawn he can’t imagine not spending the rest of his life with Mimi. Shawn wants the same with Belle. It’s going to be hard telling Philip that Belle doesn’t want to be with him – Rex tells Shawn he’s not going to let him do that. That is between Belle and Philip and Belle has to be the one to tell him. He wants a promise from Shawn. Before Shawn can answer he hears a noise. They find Stan. Brady and Lucas see that the others are with Shawn and Brady tells Lucas to stay back. Shawn and Rex don’t trust Stan and Brady joins in and says he has proof that Stan is a traitor. Stan tries to cover when Brady confronts him about taking off from the Marines. Stan says he took off because he wants to help save Philip. The guys are not willing to trust him and Stan says you’re right I am a traitor – I sell my services to the highest bidder. Tony’s mercenaries surround them. Brady is furious and confronts Stan and is knocked down. Rex tells Stan that he will pay for this. Lucas shoots and Stan goes down.

The clinic: Dr. Weiss tells Nicole that she can’t assist in the surgery because he watched and she didn’t scrub in properly. He asks if the instruments were sterilized. Nicole says just like you asked. She scrubs in. The surgery starts and when he asks for the scalpel Nicole pulls it out of her pocket and hands it to him. She is positively delighted that Chloe’s face will be ruined – sickening. She gets squeamish when she sees the blood and the doctor has to ask her twice for suction. She decides she better take off before the doctor notices she didn’t give him the scalpel from the tray. She takes off. The doctor asks the other nurse if she is sure the instruments were sterilized because this one doesn’t look clean. She says no they weren’t. The doctor stops the surgery and starts Chloe on antibiotics – he worries that the damage could already be done.

I like Craig and Nancy today. Nancy is really worried about the surgery. She has a bad feeling that Chloe made the wrong choice. Craig calms her down. Nancy remembers that it is Brady’s birthday. She thinks it would be great if the surgery was a complete success and then Chloe can tell him she is alive. Craig says then Chloe can have the life with Brady that she has always dreamed of. Nancy says it’s not that easy – Nicole is still in the picture and she knows Nicole would do anything to come between Chloe and Brady. Craig assures her that there is no way that Nicole could possibly jeopardise the surgery. He tells her that they have been apart too much and both of them are lonely and depressed. Once the surgery is over and Chloe is healed then she and Joy can come home. Nancy notices the nurse (Nicole) running past and she demands to know what happened with the surgery. She tells Nicole to take her mask off. Just then Dr. Weiss comes out to talk to them and Nicole takes off. He tells him there was a problem with the surgery. Nancy wants to know if Chloe is alright.

The Devereaux Home: It was great to see Alice again! As I said the opening scene is great but when Jack says all the bad times are behind them the scene cuts to Celeste – she sees them in her mirror and says don’t say that – I fear the bad times are far from over. She predicts more doom and gloom. She says a mother’s prayer will not be answered (the scene then cuts to Nancy praying). In actuality Celeste is worried about Lexie and Tek. Back at the Devereaux’s Jen is taking video of Jack and Abby eating their cake. Maggie tells Mickey that finally someone gets their happy ending. She wants to know if they’ll ever get back to the way they were. Mickey doesn’t think this is the place to talk about it. Maggie asks Jack where his parents are and he says that Vern took Jo on a Mediterranean cruise. Someone suggests that Jack and Jen should take a cruise on the love boat. Jack says with all the experiences he had a boat in the last while he wants to keep his feet firmly planted on the ground. Jen asks Alice if they can use the cabin and Alice says of course. Jack tells Jen this time he’ll get it right. Maggie says to Mickey that a second honeymoon sounds really good but knowing him he’d want to take Bonnie along. The jerk says it wouldn’t be fair to leave her behind – I can’t believe this asinine storyline. I wish Maggie would kick them both out of her house already. Abby looks a little sad. They know she is worried about Chelsea. (Chelsea is mentioned early on including the Horton Foundation setting up a memorial fund.) Celeste comes in and says mothers should cherish their daughters because you never know what could happen (or something to that effect). She apologises for barging in. Jack and Jen want to know if she is warning them that something is going to happen to Abby. Celeste says no – just that Abby is growing up. She says she is talking about her and Lexie. She then asks them how to get information on someone beyond what you can find in a computer search. They ask her who she wants to investigate but she would prefer not to say. Maggie recalls how Celeste had premonitions that she was going to die at the hand of the Salem Stalker and asks if she is having more premonitions of something bad about to happen. The room goes dark and Celeste sees a floating skull but she doesn’t say anything. Earlier on she was predicting so much pain and suffering – oh yeah, things are sure getting better in Salem.

Preview: Roman to Bo – Little brother it is me and I’m alive. They hug. Abe to Tek – You told me yourself that she named her attacker. Why the hell aren’t you doing anything? Belle to Mickey (Mimi beside her – apparently Belle doesn’t think Mimi is capable of speaking for herself). Mr. Horton, we’re ready to talk. What does Mimi have to do to beat this thing? Philip to Shawn – Philip – you risked your life to save me. Shawn – You would have done the same for me. Philip – So come on tell me. How is she? How’s Belle?


Friday May 20

Pat’s Spoilers

What I found good today – Great seeing Maggie, Jack and Jen but how can a person enjoy their happiness with Celeste hovering predicting doom and gloom for them. I actually enjoyed the ‘reunion’ of Phil, Rex, Brady and Shawn until Phil started going on and on about his precious wife – gag me.

Hospital: I don’t know what was worse listening to Mimi feeling sorry for herself or Belle making Mimi’s situation all about her. Belle preaches to Mimi that they are not like Jan – they make mistakes but they don’t deliberately hurt anyone like Jan does. Belle needs to take a look in the mirror – she’s no better than Jan. Mickey shows up but of course Belle has to talk at Mimi and then talk for Mimi. Tek shows up and arrests Mimi – at least that silences Belle for a few seconds.

Police Station: Roman is back as Commander and already working. Detective Adams (what they heck is the purpose of this guy except to be there to kiss Abe and Roman’s derriere?) tells Roman everything is set up. Bo comes back into the police station and Adams tells him the new boss wants to see him. Bo goes in and is shocked to see Roman. Roman says yes it’s me I’m alive. They embrace. Roman tells him what happened. Bo can’t believe that Tony is alive but Roman tells him he isn’t. There is no way he could have survived that explosion. Bo asks him if he saw Tony’s charred body. Roman says no. He then tells Bo that someone else died in that fire. Bo is very upset when he hears about Caroline and Victor. He blames himself because he and Billie were there – he thought he smelled his mother’s perfume. Roman wants to know what he was doing at the castle. Bo tells him they were searching for Georgia. Roman is pretty confused about that. Bo tells him that it’s a long story and he doesn’t want to get into now.

Tek asks Adam if he’s still trying to take over his case. Abe shows up and Adams runs to help him find his way to a desk. I really didn’t like these scenes. Abe is so obnoxious. He tells Tek that he is going to make sure everything is done by the book. Roman and Bo come out of the office and Roman and Abe embrace. Roman is very happy to see Abe – his partner. Bo comments that the two of them were always a force to be reckoned with. Then Roman gets all superior and officious and attacks Tek. He had talked to Abe and the Commissioner and none of them are happy with the way Tek is handling the Spears case. He demands to know why an arrest hasn’t been made. Tek tells him that he is still investigating the case. Roman orders him to make an arrest today. Tek says yes sir and slams out of there. Abe smirks. (I really don’t like this side of Abe). Roman asks Bo if he thinks he was too hard on Tek. Bo tells him he’s asking the wrong person.

War Zone: One of Tony’s soldier’s reports back to Tony that one of the men has been hurt – the blonde. Tony orders him to take care of him and not to be surprised when he finds out that he is a she. The guys are led into the room where Phil is – they all have black sacks over their heads. Phil asks who they are. One of the mercenaries answers and says your friends and then they remove the bags. Philip is shocked to see them. He thinks he’s seeing things. When he realises that they’re really there he asks what they are doing there. They said they came to rescue him. He hugs Rex and Brady but hangs back from Shawn. Rex tells them it was Shawn’s idea. Philip says he can’t be mad at him anymore and they embrace. Phil asks how they found him. They tell him they found out where he was from a fellow hostage. Philip says there was something strange about that guy. Brady says they thought the same. Their gut reaction was not to trust him and they wish they would have followed it. Phil asks about Belle and Shawn looks guilty and both Rex and Brady look uncomfortable – you would think that Phil would have picked up on that. Shawn says she’s fine and worried about him. Phil goes on and on about only thoughts of her kept him going. Brady says she’s really mad at them for coming to rescue him so the sooner they get home the better. Phil thinks they way underground so the Marines and ISA will never find them. The guys tell him not to worry – they have someone on the outside who is probably giving the Marines and the ISA their co-ordinates right now. Philip wants to know who – they tell him it’s Lucas. Unfortunately Lucas is crawling through the desert trying to find them when he is taken prisoner.

Sami comes to and wonders where she is. Tony shows up. Sami wants to know what happened as she tries to sit up. She feels pain and sees the bloody bandage on her arm and she winces. Tony tells her the pain is small price to pay to get her revenge and she will get it. Sami is focused on her revenge but she mainly wants to get Kate and now she wants to add the guy that shot her to the list. She wants his head on a platter. Tony thinks that can be arranged. Sami wonders who was out there. Tony says you’ll be able to see him soon. Sami sees the guy and says Lucas – Lucas is looking right at her. (I’m pretty sure it’s two way glass).

Clinic: Nancy wants to know if Chloe is dead. Dr. Weiss say no but there was a problem with the surgery. He tells them that the surgical instruments may not have been properly sterilized. Nancy asks the doctor what this means. Craig says it means that Chloe can get an infection. Dr. Weiss says it’s worse – the last patient the instruments were used on had a bacterial infection - a flesh eating bacteria. Nancy can’t believe this. Chloe had the surgery so she could get her life back. Dr. Weiss takes full responsibility. Craig is furious and threatens a law suit. A nurse comes to get the doctor – he’s needed in Chloe’s recovery room. Nicole is all changed and in her street clothes hiding behind dark sunglasses when the other nurse from the surgery comes in and says you can’t leave. Nicole wants to know why. The nurse says you left your scrubs on the floor. Nicole cleans them up and takes off. The nurse notices her name card and realises she was the nurse she was looking for. She goes after her and Craig trails behind. Nicole comes to a dead end and hides in a supply closet. Craig looks inside but doesn’t see anyone. The cleaning woman comes along and Craig tells her he’s pretty sure a nurse is hiding in there. She goes in and sees Nicole. Nicole reaches down the front of her blouse and gives the woman a wad of bills (hmm…how convenient was it that she just so happened to have a stash them in the front of her bra.) asking her not to tell. The woman goes out and says that there is no one inside. Nancy comes along and Craig tells her he didn’t find the nurse but he doesn’t know how she got away. Nancy says she works there so she has to come back. They go down the hallway when Craig hears the alarm that was triggered by Nicole taking off throw an emergency exit. He rushes outside but doesn’t see anyone. Nicole comes out from behind the bushes very pleased with herself. She says sorry Chloe but this was the only way I could make sure Brady would be mine forever.

Devereaux house: Maggie tells Celeste that she is not going to let her ruin Jack’s homecoming. They don’t want to hear anymore of her predictions. She says look at them. They are so happy – just the way they used to be. Celeste tells Maggie she is just going to head home. She starts to leave but ends up clutching her stomach in pain and calling out. Jen offers to call Lexie but Celeste refuses. She just felt faint. They get her to sit down and bring her some ice water. Jen asks her if she would like to lie down but Celeste says she’ll be fine. Jack and Jen talk. Jen thinks she doesn’t look good and that Celeste isn’t being truthful. She’s probably had more of those bad vibes but Jen doesn’t want to hear about them. She doesn’t want anything to ruin their happiness. Jack says they should take the party upstairs. Jen says they can’t they still have guests. Jack says they better liven up the party then – he’ll get more champagne. Celeste has another vision of the skull. She says who are you and reaches out to touch it. It shatters and she screams (but only in her vision). Celeste says it’s worse than I imagined. She tells Maggie she needs to lie down for awhile. Maggie takes her upstairs. Jen is talking about all the cake that is left over – they have to give it to someone. Maggie says she’ll take a piece home for Mickey. She goes to the kitchen to get something to put it in. Jack tells Jen they haven’t had their cake and eaten it to and he feeds her some. A song comes on. It’s the song that played in his office when Jen was his intern and she tried to teach him to dance. He asks her to dance. Celeste comes down and sees them and comments to herself that she wishes all they had in their future was songs and happiness but that’s not what they will get.

Previews: Mimi in prison orange (I’m assuming at her hearing) – I don’t want a trial. I hate Jan Spears and I did try to kill her. Bonnie jumps up and yells out - Mimi are you crazy. Hope to Kate – Bo is my husband and you’re doing everything to encourage Billie to break us up. Bo to Roman – Did you and Marlena fall in love at that castle? Is that what you’re afraid will come out? Sami to Tony – Oh my god. I sold my soul to the devil. Tony grins and says and look what you got in return.


Monday May 23

Janice’s Spoilers

Courtroom: Mickey, Bonnie, Belle, Mimi, Tek, prosecuting attorney, and judge

Bonnie bursts into the courtroom upset that anyone could possibly arrest her baby and Mickey tells her to calm down. He tells her that Tek had no choice because he had Jan’s accusations on tape (sorry but don’t you need a little bit more?) Mimi arrives in her lovely orange jumpsuit and Mickey asks for her handcuffs to be removed. Belle asks how she is and Mimi talks about the holding cell smelling like a sewer. Belle also tries to get her to change her mind but Meems is adamant that Rex doesn’t find out that she was being blackmailed...etc...etc...

The judge calls them all to order and turns to the prosecutor asking about the fake fingernails belonging to Mimi. Mimi tells the judge she is pleading guilty...she hated Jan and tried to kill her. Everyone is yelling at her to change her mind and the judge yells for them to be quiet. Mickey is granted a moment alone with his client and tells her that as her lawyer and stepfather he really wants her to reconsider. Belle asks Mimi if she really thinks Rex will feel better without her. Mimi won’t budge and when the judge asks for her plea, she yells out guilty at the same time as Mickey yells out not guilty. Mimi fires him. Again pandemonium breaks out.

Bonnie makes a disturbance and the judge threatens to kick her out if she doesn’t settle down. Belle warns Mimi that she is making a mistake. The judge tells Mimi that she will assign a public defender to her but Mimi again says she doesn’t want waiving her right to trial. The judge accepts her guilty plea and orders her remanded until sentencing. Mickey asks for bail...the prosecution objects...Bonnie is upset. Belle asks to speak to the judge and tells her... “You know me...You know my family...Mimi is innocent but is pleading guilty because she is upset about something else. She won’t leave the jurisdiction.” Mimi yells to Belle to stop. Tek tells the prosecutor that Mimi is acting strange and is told to investigate further. Bail is set at one million dollars.

Mimi asks a teary Belle to tell Rex that she loves him but its best if he doesn’t see her again. Belle and Bonnie hug as Mimi is taken out.

Police Station: Bo, Roman, Hope, and Kate

Bo is at the computer with Roman looking over his shoulder. Bo is trying to figure out the timeframe of when the boys are coming home.

Hope is looking in from the outside and Kate comes in. They get into it. Hope tells her that if she’s come to plead Billie’s case with Bo then she should stay out of it. Kate whines that Hope is once again blaming everything wrong with her marriage on someone else.

Bo and Roman are talking about the Marines capturing the boys and tells Roman about Hope blaming him for Shawn going into danger. Roman asks why and Bo tells him about not spending enough time with family...etc... Hope walks in with Kate shadowing her and hugs Roman. She asks him if Tony is really dead and he confirms it. Hope tells Roman how sorry she is about Caroline and Bo interrupts surprised that she knew and didn’t tell him. She explains that she found out but he disappeared and then she had to take him to the hospital... Hope tells Bo how very sorry she is for losing both his parents.

Bo tells the women that he has good news about the boys... that the marines have them. Hope and Kate go over to the computer to read the report while Bo and Roman go off to one side. Roman wants to know about Bo being gassed. Bo tells him the whole story including having sex with Billie and being caught by Hope and Patrick. Roman is shocked. He thinks it sounds like Dimera’s doings. Bo explains that he was hallucinating and thought Billie was Hope. He also explains that Billie knew what she was doing...and makes an excuse for her saying that she thought they were dying (no comment).

Roman tells Bo what happened between him and Marlena. He says that they are not going to tell their spouses and Bo is surprised. He says it doesn’t sound like her and thinks they should level with John and Kate before someone else tells them. Roman says no because they don’t want them to be hurt. Kate starts to rag on Shawn for being selfish. Hope gets mad and says that he is also very brave and noble. Kate says for what...breaking up her son’s marriage? LOL...I love Hope’s comeback. She asks Kate if she isn’t being just a bit hypocritical because she is encouraging Billie to break up her and Bo’s marriage. Kate just ignores her.

John calls Roman on his cell phone and tells him to get everyone over to the penthouse. There is new information from the ISA.

Penthouse: John, Marlena, Billie, Hope, Bo, Roman, and Kate

John is working on the computer and Marlena walks in with a tray. She tells him its time for a break because he has almost been attached to the computer for the last 48 hours...during which he has also been drug free, she adds with a smile. She asks how he feels and he tells her a little shaky but hanging in. Marlena tells him they will beat it together. John tells her he will get the boys home safely and then look for Sami.

The doorbell rings and its Billie. She’s glad to see Marlena is still alive. John tells her the good news that the boys are in marine custody and he’s waiting to hear when they will be flown back. He also tells her that he has no news on Phil.

Billie tells Marlena about Abby’s accident and that Chelsea has lost both parents. She knows that Marlena has done some grief counseling and wants to know if she will counsel Chelsea. Marlena says of course but wonders if Billie is too involved and setting herself up for disappointment. Billie disavows her of the idea that she sees Chelsea as Georgia... John tells them he has new intelligences and its not good news.

Bo, Hope, Roman, and Kate come in and John shows them the delayed feed. He tells them that the boys escaped the marines but seemed to have someone else with them. They were captured again...maybe by rebel forces...maybe the 4th guy led them into a trap. John tells them that Lucas took out the 4th guy but that he thinks he recognizes him and zooms in. We get another feedback to John in bed and Stan shaking his bag of pills...sigh... Coming back to the present, John tells him it’s just a punk/criminal.

Hope, Billie, and Kate start arguing. Hope blames Bo for Shawn’s problems. Billie defends Bo saying it’s not his fault. Kate says that Bo wanted to sleep with Billie. Bo’s upset. He tells her she doesn’t know what she is talking about and that he was hallucinating. Roman yells at them to start acting like adults and that all that is important is that they find the young men and bring them back.

Tony’s little home away from home: Tony, Sami, Lucas, Shawn, Rex, Brady, and Phil

Philip asks if Lucas is alright. Rex says he’s their only hope of getting out. In the next moment Lucas is thrown in with them, having been captured as well. Phil says he shouldn’t be there.

In the next room, Tony tells Sami he has plans for her and the 4 musketeers. She says she thought there were only three and he tells her to see for herself. She looks through the little trap window in the door and is shocked to see Lucas. She wants to know why he is there. Tony tells Sami to imagine how awkward it would be if all of Salem finds out what she has done.

Sami is afraid that her cover has been blown and that Lucas saw her. Tony tells her to’s a two-way mirror and no one can see them.

Lucas thinks he heard some voices. Brady talks about the two-way mirror and how they are probably being bugged. Shawn says there are five of them and they should break the mirror and take out whoever is on the other side.

Sami tells Tony that she loves Lucas and doesn’t want him hurt. He tells her that she is a damn fool.

Lucas and Shawn are holding the table up in preparation of crashing through the window when the others tell them to stop. Phil goes into a lecture about Shawn never thinking before he acts...reminds him of crashing his motorcycle through the church...etc... Shawn tells him that sometimes nothing happens if you don’t take action. The others tell Phil again that it was Shawn who got them all here and that he was prepared to come on his own without them. Phil asks Shawn if that is the truth and Shawn says yeah. Phil says he bets he knows why.

Sami has a lovely flashback of her and Lucas. Lucas is telling her that he wants to marry her and spend every Christmas together. Back in the presence, Tony goes on with his manipulations reminding Sami that Lucas won’t believe her over Kate. He thinks she should never forgive Lucas for what he has done.

Phil holds out his hand to shake Shawn’s and apologizes. He thanks Shawn for coming especially after everything between them...Shawn being in love with Belle....etc... Phil asks him if he has finally accepted his marriage to Belle. Shawn tells him there is something he should know.

Tony taunts Sami about Lucas finding another woman and blames everything on Kate. He talks about poor John – losing Brady; Bo & Hope – devastated if Shawn doesn’t come home, etc... He tells Sami to make them all pay and get Will away from his evil grandma. Sami says she can’t do it. He tells her she doesn’t have the luxury of bowing out, especially after everything that Stan has done. Salem won’t accept it. He threatens to indiscreetly drop some information and talks about how disappointed Sami’s parents will be.

Sami murmurs that she really has sold her soul to the devil. Tony tells her to leave the boys fate to him. She says fine but wants him to swear that he won’t hurt them. He says “understood...understood...”

Rex stops Shawn from telling Phil the truth. He tells Phil how moved Belle was by his message on the video. Phil says he misses Belle so much and can’t wait to start his new life with her. He tells Shawn that he is amazed the he came all this way to save him. Shawn tells him that it wasn’t completely selfless...he also did it for Belle.

Sami thinks about how much she still loves Lucas. She needs to make sure he is okay and opens the small trap-window. Lucas turns around and sees her face and says “Sami?”

Patrick and Bonnie outside Mimi’s jail cell. Patrick: “You are in a jail cell. That is a problem. I’m going to get you out of here.” Bonnie: “A jail break...that’s it. Now you’re talking.

A bandaged Chloe cries to Craig and Nancy: My life is over. If I can’t have Brady, I might as well be dead.”

Marlena tells John and Belle: “I wish Sami were here for Will. I wish there were a way to find her and bring her home.” John says: “Maybe there is.”

Sami to herself: “I’m sorry you got caught up in all this Lucas…but if I can’t have you, I guess it’s nice to know no one else can.”


Tuesday, May 24

Pat’s Spoilers

It’s almost impossible to come up with something positive to say about the show today – it’s just that bad. I enjoyed seeing Marlena as long as she wasn’t with Belle – sorry, but not even having Marlena in the scene can make the scene tolerable. I enjoyed seeing Nancy and Craig alone and with Marlena but not with Chloe.

Penthouse: Marlena is worried about John doing so much when he’s fighting his addiction. The doorbell rings and its Nicole. She tells Marlena it’s great to see her. She has come over to see if they have heard from Brady. They tell her it’s not good news – the guys have all been taken hostage. Belle is in the doorway and immediately starts whining and snivelling. The mature Belle runs to her mommy for comfort. She is having the worse day – first Mimi pleads guilty to the attempted murder of Jan Spears and now this… Awww… of course this is all about Belle again. Marlena, John and Nicole are all shocked about Mimi. When Belle mentions the million dollars bail John says he can do something for Mimi – he posts her bail. They get back to talking about the guys. John thinks there will be a ransom demand. Belle says they didn’t ask for one for Philip. Nicole tells them that Brady and she are getting married when he returns and now she is worried that he might never make it back after everything she did to make sure they had a future together. John asks her what she means by that. Nicole covers and says she was there for Brady when he was mourning Chloe. She tells John that he got his miracle with Marlena coming home but that Brady isn’t going to get one so John better except that she and Brady are going to be married. She calls him “Daddy”. John says that Nicole is making this about herself as usual (kind of like his daughter continually does) – his concern is locating the guys and bringing them home safely. Nicole thinks to herself that John should do what he has to do while she makes sure that her plan to disfigure Chloe permanently worked. Nicole leaves and calls the clinic for information on Chloe but they won’t give her any. Belle leaves as well. The phone rings and its Nancy. She asks Marlena if she would come and see her – it’s an emergency.

Clinic: Nancy and Craig are talking. Nancy is feeling really bad about what happened to Chloe. Chloe comes to and Craig tells her what happened. Sorry the next part is just a Chloe self-pity party. I’m really sick of the writers have characters spouting the standard dialogue ‘If I can’t have so and so in my life, I might as be dead. My life is over.’ So of course without Brady she doesn’t want to go on. I think her and Shawn should get together – he’s just as spineless as Chloe now – spouting about how he doesn’t have a life without Belle – they can cry on each other’s shoulders and see which one of them can feel the most sorry for themselves. Pathetic. Nancy and Craig are so worried about Chloe that they decide she needs to speak to a professional. Chloe hears them talking about Marlena but she refused to allow them to call her because she is Brady’s step-mother. It’s only after they agree to have Marlena promise to keep her secret that Chloe agrees to talk to her. Marlena comes to the clinic and Nancy tells her everything. Marlena goes in to see Chloe but Chloe won’t talk until Marlena promises not to tell Brady or anyone that she is alive. Nancy and Craig have left them in the room alone. Craig says goodbye to Nancy. Nancy sees Nicole reading Chloe’s chart and confronts her and says that Nicole doesn’t seem to be surprised that Chloe is alive.

Tony’s bunker: Lucas tells the guys that Sami is there. They all tell him that it’s impossible. There is no way that Sami could be there – if she was that would mean she is working for the rebels. Brady says you probably saw Sami because we don’t know what is going to happen and you want to make peace with her. Lucas denies that and says he will never forgive Sami for sleeping with Brandon the night before the wedding. Sorry – what Sami has done is unforgivable – when she hears Lucas say the part about not forgiving her she says at least I know if I can’t have you no one will. She doesn’t seem the least bit upset with Tony’s plan to hold them captive for the rest of their lives. Lucas sits down and remembers meeting Stan and then Sami’s eyes turn into Stan’s. He says he knows who it was – it was Stan. They all grumble about Stan betraying them. Philip is just happy that Shawn came up with the idea to rescue him especially in light of the fact that Shawn used to be in love with Belle. Shawn says his motiveless weren’t completely selfless – he did it for Belle. The guys settle into their bunks and Brady wants to know what the first thing they are going to do when they get home. He says he is going to marry Nicole. Lucas can’t believe that he would settle for Nicole after having been in love with Chloe. Brady goes into the entire spiel about how Nicole has changed. Lucas isn’t buying it. Rex can’t wait to see Mimi again he misses her so much. Shawn says he misses… stops and then says everyone. Philip says when he gets home he wants him and Belle to renew their vows. Him having to leave right after they got married didn’t feel right to him not the vows mean any less. He says they will remain faithful to each other for better or worse forever. Sami is listening and says yeah right my sister is going to break your heart the minute you get home. She feels good that the rest of them will never see their loved ones again – they deserve that for what they all did to her. (So sad…) The only thing is she is glad that Tony promised her that they wouldn’t be harmed. She’s behind a pillar when two mercenaries come by and one says we have orders from Tony DiMera himself to take care of all the hostages tonight…they arm their weapons.

Jail: I really couldn’t get into these scenes – I know I watched them but I don’t remember a lot about them. Bonnie brings Patrick along with her to see Mimi. Patrick says he can take care of this for Mimi. Get her a new identity, move her out of the country, make sure she has a job… Bonnie is thrilled with the prospect of a jail-break – she just tells Patrick to make sure he sends Mimi to a tropical country so she can go and visit her often. She says that Mickey will put up the bond – she feels bad about the money. Mimi says that John will put up the bail money. Bonnie says good – he won’t even miss it. Mimi then realises that they expect her to skip out of the country whiles she’s out on bail. She wont’ do that because it will be in the newspapers and Rex will find out that Jan was blackmailing her and the reason why. How many times do we have to listen to Mimi’s pathetic reasons why she has to plead guilty? Belle comes in and says the bail has been posted. She gives Mimi the bad news about the guys – sigh…the histrionics…

Previews: Chelsea – I’m going to be the best dressed homeless person in town. Billie – I want you to stay with me. Kate to Sami – Neither Will nor his father want anything to do with you. Sami – You deserve to lose Lucas. You deserve everything you’re going to get and more. Marlena looking away from Chloe to the door as Nancy leads in Nicole. Marlena says ‘Nicole?’ Tony to Sami – Imagine if the truth comes how you exacted revenge on all the good people of Salem. You’ll be branded a monster just like me.


Wednesday May 25

Pat’s Spoilers

What I liked about today’s show…hmm…probably my favourite part of today’s show was Brady and Lucas’s dreams.

Abby/Chelsea/Billie: Abby tells Chelsea she has some good news for her. Abby says are you going to tell me this was a bad dream and that my parents are alive. Abby says she can’t but the good news is that she’s going home. Abby says to an empty house – I have no parents, no relatives – nobody. Abby says you have me and Billie comes in and says you have me too. She gives her a huge stuffed bear that she has named Horace (uh oh…I don’t think Madame will like that…LOL!). Chelsea is ready to go home to that big empty heart. Abby asks Billie how they’re going to be able to tell her that she won’t have the house for long. They are in Chelsea’s room and she comments that she can’t keep one room clean how is she going to look after the entire house. Billie tells her that her parents were having financial problems. Chelsea says she overheard them arguing about money when they thought she wasn’t listening. She wished her parents hadn’t spent so much time fighting. Billie tells her that her parents filed for bankruptcy – they couldn’t make the payments. Chelsea realises that she is going to lose the house. Billie asks her to move in with her. Chelsea wants to know why she is offering. Billie tells her she promised her mother before she died that she would look after her. Chelsea wants to know what Billie is going to get out it. Billie tells her that she had a daughter who would be her age. She was told that she was stillborn but now she’s not so sure. Just like Chelsea she’s out in the world all alone and she hopes that someone would look after all. Chelsea agrees to stay with Billie until she makes her mind up as to what she is going to do.

The Carvers: Celeste is looking at a picture of Abe and Lexie when Abe morphs into Tek and Tek and Lexie start kissing. In her vision Tek winks at her. Celeste drops the picture and glass smashes. Lexie comes out of the kitchen and Celeste says your husband needs you. Lexie goes upstairs. Celeste ‘fixes’ the picture but she then has another vision of it changing to Tek and Lexie. Lexie comes running down the stairs – she’s very upset. She tells Celeste she needs some air and goes running outside and runs right into Tek. Tek asks Lexie what is wrong. She tells him that Abe is pushing her away and shutting her out. Tek tells Lexie that he told her that he still has strong feelings for her. She can talk to him about anything. He hates to see Abe hurting her like this. She tells him he is having a hard time dealing with his problems. She actually tells Tek that Abe is impotent…Lexie, Lexie, Lexie…not the brightest thing to do. Tek says that Abe’s problems don’t give him the right to emotionally abuse her. He tells her to leave Abe. She says I can’t leave my husband just because we’re having problems. Tek asks her to think about it – if she’s not happy, Theo can’t be happy. He leaves. All this time Celeste has been checking court records on the computer. When Lexie comes in she tells her she has to stay away from Tek. Lexie doesn’t want to listen to her but when Celeste tells her that she has found countless court documents where Tek has been named the co-respondent in several divorces. He has affairs with married women and then once they divorce their husbands he leaves them – hurting them and destroying the families. She begs Lexie to not let Tek destroy her family.

Clinic: I can’t believe how easily Nicole manipulates and lies her way out of everything. Is everyone that dense? Sheesh. When Nancy accuses Nicole of knowing that Chloe is alive Nicole pretends to be shocked at the news. She tells Nancy that she was there to visit Clara. Nancy asks her if she would like to see Chloe. Marlena tells Chloe she has some news for her about Brady that might change her mind about not telling Brady that she is alive. Marlena says that Brady plans to marry Nicole – they are engaged. Nancy opens the door and says there’s someone here to see you. Nicole waltzes in. Nancy tells Marlena they should leave the two of them alone after she explains to Chloe that she accidentally let it slip to Nicole that she was alive. Marlena agrees but when they are alone she asks Nancy if she really thinks it’s a good idea to leave an emotionally vulnerable Chloe with Nicole. Inside Nicole plays Chloe like a violin. She offers to tell Brady that Chloe is alive because after all Chloe is the one great love of his life. He would never leave her because she is scarred – he would just go on like everything was normal. He would take her to all the company parties and big charity events that she, as his wife, would be expected to host… yada, yada, yada. When Nancy and Marlena go back into the room Chloe announces that Nicole has agreed to keep her secret. Nicole gloats as she says it appears we are going to keep this secret.

Tony/Sami/Will/Kate: Sami attacks Tony but Bart holds her back. Sami says you said you weren’t going to hurt the guys and I just heard what your goons said about killing them. Tony plays innocent and says did I really say I wouldn’t do anything to them. He tells her he can’t leave any witnesses behind. Sami is furious and threatens him. Tony tells her how do you think people will feel about you when they found out you were instrumental in the kidnapping of a U.S. Marine – you’ll be the most hated woman in America. Sami says she had nothing to do with Phil’s kidnapping. Tony says that no one will believe her. He also asks her what she thinks will happen when everyone learns just what she did to extract revenge on the good people of Salem. Sami still insists that he not hurt them. He asks her why. She tells him that she loves Lucas and Will needs his father. Tony tells her that Lucas turned Will against her. Sami doesn’t believe him. Tony dials Lucas’s apartment – don’t ask me how he knows Will is there…sigh…so ridiculous. Kate is at the apartment when Will comes in to get some clothes for the school picture. He asks Kate why she is there. Kate is looking for something – she tells Kate she has something to tell him about his father. Will says something happened to Dad and its Mom’s fault. Kate takes some time to slam Sami but then she tells Will that this time she had nothing to do with it. She explains that Lucas along with Rex, Brady and Shawn went to rescue Philip. The phone rings and its Sami. Will tells her he doesn’t want to see her or talk to her. He doesn’t care if or when she’s coming home. Sami tries to tell him that she loves him but by then Kate has the phone. Kate tells her that neither her son nor his father want anything to do with her. She also tells Sami (among a lot of other slings and arrows between the two) that she abandoned Will so she is hiring a lawyer so Lucas can get sole custody of Will. Then she is going to find the perfect woman for Lucas so that he will have a wife and a mother for Will. Sami starts on her diatribe and tells Kate that she deserves to lose Lucas and Will. She then threatens Kate and tells her that she will never see Lucas, Rex or Philip again and then hangs up on her. Kate thinks it’s just an idle threat on Sami’s part. Sami tells Tony to do go ahead and kill them. He says Lucas too. She says yes – he turned Will against me. I can’t believe that they had Sami say this – she doesn’t care that Tony is going to execute three members of her family and the man she claims to love. There is no redeeming Sami after this. I don’t care what she does to try and prevent it – even the simple fact that tells him to go ahead with the killings sickens me. There is simply no justification for Sami’s actions. Sigh.

Bunker: Shawn and Phil are sleeping so we don’t see them. Lucas tells Brady that they should get some rest if they are going to plan an escape. Brady hopes that it won’t come to that. They both go to sleep. Brady dreams about coming home to the penthouse. He calls out to John that he’s home and he’s there to thank him for paying the ransom. Instead of John it’s Nicole. She comes running down the stairs. They kiss. She says you made me a promise before you left. He says he intends to keep it. He gets down on one knee and proposes. Chloe is the one that accepts. He tells Chloe that she is the one great love of his life and he could never love anyone the way he loves her. He wakes up. Lucas has a dream about coming home to Will. They embrace and then Sami shows up. She tells Lucas she loves him and she hopes that they can be a family. Lucas tells her he loves her and kisses her. Will says way to go Dad. Lucas wakes up as well. Brady tells Lucas what his dream was about. Lucas tells him his subconscious is telling him not to marry Nicole – it would be a mistake. Brady says I heard you muttering Sami’s name. Lucas admits that he is still in love with Sami – in his dream he forgave her. He hates that she may never know that he loves her and always will. Brady says we will get home – there’s no one out there that wants to kill us. Tony flings the door open and says I wouldn’t be so sure of that.

Preview: John to Roman – I knew you would be upset with how close the two of us got. Roman – I’d say that the two of you got a little more than close. John – And I knew it would only be a matter of time before you and I had a problem with that. Nicole to Marlena – When you were locked up all those months with your ex did you stay true to John or did you rekindle your romance with Roman? Tony to Sami – Not only will I guarantee your mother and father to be alive but that they will be together forever.


Thursday May 26

Pat’s Spoilers

What I liked about today’s show was Sami and Bart. Thank god Sami has come to her senses. I couldn’t believe it yesterday when the writers had Sami tell Tony to go ahead with his plans to kill them all.

There’s a lot about today’s show not to like…The flashbacks are interminable. It’s bad enough to have flashbacks from the recent past but when the viewers have to be subjected to a flashback of something that happened earlier in the show – that’s just plain ridiculous. This is going to be a short report – I don’t have a lot to say about the show.

Clinic: Marlena and Nicole are talking while the nurse is in with Chloe. I’m not going into these scenes. I can’t stand how Nicole talks to Marlena and sarcastically calls her Doc. They do go in and talk to Chloe. Marlena is surprised when Chloe says that Nicole encouraged her to let Brady know she was alive. Marlena wants to talk to Chloe about her decision and tells her she thinks she should change her mind. For everything Marlena says Nicole keeps saying its Chloe’s decision. At least Marlena has Nicole’s number. She knows that Nicole is using reverse psychology on Chloe. While Chloe’s bandages are being changed Nicole threatens to find out what happened in that castle. She taunts Marlena about that fear of being held prisoner leading to passion (Yes one of the flashbacks is castle sex). Nicole can tell she has hit a nerve. Marlena says she has to go home. Nicole says who are you going home to Doc or does it even matter to you. Back with Chloe Nicole gloats as Chloe asks her to promise to always be true to Brady and to not disappoint him.

Penthouse: John is working on the computer. Roman wants to know how John knows about Stan. (Yes, flashbacks…many). John tells him it’s not important. Roman says he’s the one that led the guys into a trap – we need to know everything we can about him to figure out who he is working for. John tells Roman he saw the guy dealing drugs on the dock but he got away before he could nab him. Roman wonders how the guy got overseas to a war zone. They talk about the guys again and John says you have to know how they feel – you and Marlena were held prisoner for months. Roman says they knew who the enemy was though. John says he has a pretty good idea what went on between him and Marlena while they were in that room. He is grateful to Roman for being there for Doc. Roman says he was just doing what came naturally just like John and Kate did. This is where John says I knew we would be having this conversion one day. It’s not bad at all – they get on the subject of Sami. Roman says she called and talked to Will and Kate but she didn’t say where she was and when she would be back. John says it’s a good thing she’s not here. They talk about how Sami acts when she is out for revenge. Roman asks if Sami was as out of control as Kate said – John said probably worse. Roman says but Kate wouldn’t have down anything to set Sami up – John says Kate would – she’s very protective of her children but he doesn’t believe she did anything to undermine the marriage. John gets an alert and they sit at the computer. Marlena comes home – she has decided to tell John that she slept with Roman. Before she can John tells her that Tony is alive.

Bunker: Seeing Tony posturing while having two soldiers holding machine guns on the guys was not exactly riveting drama…yawn. Brady says my father killed you…like duh, Brady… Tony tells Brady that John is not infallible and he knows that for himself. Philip starts blustering. There are a lot of smug looks that Tony gives them. He says he can tell them what he is doing – it’s not like it’s going to make a difference if they know his plan. The guys have kind of figured out that Tony’s bunker is not far from the war zone even though they can’t figure out how he knew about Philip’s top secret mission. Tony explains that he wanted to get revenge on all the families of Salem that wronged the DiMera’s. Phil says the list of DiMera crimes against the people of Salem started before he was born. Rex asks what happened to the man that took him and Cassie in – he was so kind and caring. Tony says he found out that you were Brady’s. Shawn goes after him and he gets knocked down for his effort. Tony says he has a lot of secrets to tell. He then tells Philip that he a lot has happened in Salem since he’s been gone…Philip turns to Shawn, Shawn looks uncomfortable. The guys tell Tony they outnumber him 5 to 3 – but Tony has his soldiers aim their machine guns at them. Tony says he’ll come back and talk to them when they can be more civil.

Bart has to restrain Sami from going after Tony. She tells Bart that she can’t let Tony hurt the guys. They have a good talk. Bart shows some of his vulnerability as does Sami. Sami knows what she did was wrong. She says all she wanted was for her parents to be together and for her, Will and Lucas to be a family – that doesn’t make her a monster. She says she was just so angry with Kate that she wasn’t thinking straight – Tony took advantage of her when she was the most vulnerable. Bart asks her why she just didn’t go after Kate. She says she did by going after her children because they are Kate’s priority. She tells Bart that she has done some horrible things but she is not a killer. Bart says he can’t pull a trigger either. Sami says you have to help me stop him – he’s insane. Bart says there is a fine line between being insane and being a criminal mastermind. Tony comes out and asks Sami if they still have a deal. He shows her footage of her parents back in Salem but says unfortunately Marlena went back to John and Roman to Kate. He then shows her the date stamp and time on the video. She is so happy they are at home – it’s a miracle. Tony says they’re there for now…Sami can’t believe he’s threatening to take them prisoner again. Tony tells her that he can guarantee that her parents will be together if she doesn’t back out on their deal. Sami has a flashback of the shower Will and Lucas held for her. She tells Tony there is nothing she would like more except for Will, her and Lucas to be a family. He orders Bart to hold her captive in solitary confinement. The soldiers come and carry her off kicking and screaming. He goes back in to the room the guys are in. Brady wants to know what he is going to do with them. Tony says let’s just say time is running out.

Preview: Hope to Billie – You do not belong here especially since this is your fault. Belle to Mimi (OMG I’m laughing so hard I don’t think I can type – I think she was going for something with this scene but whatever it was it doesn’t work – her words don’t exactly go with the comedic touch so I’m going to go on a limb and say it was supposed to threatening – but I’m just guessing). My Dad is going to stop him. He’s going to put an end to this monster once and for all – ugh…and then she slams her hand down. (Oh yeah, Belle has spoken…LMAO) John to Kate, Roman, Marlena – it’s all a game to him, our lives, our kid’s lives. This time he’s not going to win because that sick bastard is in for the shock of his life. One mercenary to the other – Call the boss and tell him we have a situation – their guns are trained on Rex and Shawn (the others aren’t there).


Friday, May 27

Janice’s Spoilers

Jack & Jen’s House: Jack, Jennifer, Bo, Hope, and Billie

Bo and Hope come over to the house and tell Jack and Jennifer about Tony being alive. Jack is surprised and can’t believe it’s true. He wonders if anybody can stop the guy. Bo also tells them that Tony is the one holding the boys’ hostage. Billie just walks in. Her excuse is she saw the door open and wanted to know if there is any news. Hope tells Billie that she doesn’t belong there, especially since it’s all her fault.

Billie wants to know how long Hope is going to harp on this. Hope tells Kate’s daughter that she will until Billie’s mommy stops blaming Shawn for everything and puts the blame where it belongs. Billie gets snarky and says she supposes that’s her fault as well. Hope goes on about Billie running off with Bo. Bo tries to intervene and pulls Hope away. He reminds her about how they both talked to Shawn and that he promised he wouldn’t do anything…Shawn is an adult...they can’t babysit him. They argue about it.

Jennifer asks Billie to leave. Jack, for who knows what reasons defends Billie and reminds Jennifer that Billie has brothers over there and is worried. Jennifer looks disgusted and walks away. Billie goes on about losing Georgia and not wanting to lose anybody else. Grrrr…Bo goes to her and tells her not to worry…the boys will be found. Jennifer and Hope (rolling her eyes) are watching this go down.

Roman calls Bo and tells him the boys are alive and Sami might be with them. Everyone is shocked and Bo asks how Sami could have gotten over there. Roman says that John is sending a feed to Jack’s computer. They look at it but the feed keeps getting stronger then weaker.... Hope is upset and worried about Shawn. They muse about what Tony’s plans are.

Billie starts slamming Sami. Hope gets angry and tells her that she not helping. Jennifer tells Jack to disappear with Billie because she is upsetting Hope. Jack suggests to Billie that they go outside for some fresh air. Billie tells him she knows why he did it. He tells her that Jennifer is just trying to protect her cousin and asks her if she followed Bo over there. Billie gets defensive and admits that she knows Hope doesn’t want her around (duh!). Oh joy another flashback of her and Bo and the pit-rape sequence. Jack tries to stop Billie from leaving and almost faints. Billie helps him over to a bench. He tells her he’s okay and then he faints.

Back inside the house, Jennifer is suggesting they have herb tea instead of coffee. Hope agrees but asks for some biscuits as well. Bo reassures Hope that everything that can be done is being done. She tells him that she doesn’t know how she can forgive him if something happens to Shawn. They sit on the couch with Bo’s arm around Hope as he tells her that he’s worried too. She tells him how scared she is. Jennifer comes back with the tea. The discussion turns to Tony with Bo talking about how dramatic Tony likes to be.

Belle’s Loft: Belle and Mimi

Both girls are anxiously waiting for news on their guys. Mimi makes them tea and feels likes she going crazy. She asks Belle if she’s sure that she doesn’t want to go to her dad’s. She wonders about this and that happening to Shawn and Rex but Belle refuses to talk about the possibility of losing any of them. She is sure her dad will find and rescue them. Belle gets a call from her mom who tells her about Tony being alive and holding the boys’ hostage. She tells her that her dad is doing everything he can to find them. Mimi finds it all unbelievable but Belle reminds her that Tony and his father have been after her family for years.

The camera scans a picture of Shelle. Mimi says that what is happening to the boys is keeping her mind off the possibility of a life sentence. Belle gets another call from Marlena saying that the boys are alive and that Sami might be with them. Belle is confused and the two girls can’t understand why Sami is there. Belle wonders if she found out where Lucas was and went after him. Mimi doesn’t believe it. She says that the ISA, Belle’s dad, and the marines are searching for the guys but Sami finds them? She talks about Sami working with Tony at one time...crashing through window…etc… She thinks they might be at it again. Belle refuses to believe it. She thinks Sami has learned her lesson.

Belle calls over to her parents for more news. She finds out that her dad is pinpointing the boys’ location and a rescue is imminent. Mimi still thinks that Sami is involved. The girls start praying for the men they love. Belle is also praying for her sister. They hug and hold hands.

Penthouse: Marlena, John, Roman, and Kate

All four are watching the computer screen. Marlena can’t believe that Tony is still alive. John says it’s all a game to him but this time he is going down. Kate is ranting first about Tony and then about Shawn being responsible for everything…etc…etc Roman and Marlena both remind Kate how the boys are over there risking their lives for her son, Phil. Roman also tells Kate that Shawn is not responsible for Phil’s capture and that if it weren’t for Shawn then this rescue mission wouldn’t be happening. Kate goes on about Shawn only being in it for the girl…wants to find Phil and bring her home so he can steal his wife. Marlena tells her that they should all be grateful and pray that everyone gets back alive. Lots of red blob images on the screen. John’s worried that Tony might be on to him.

John’s found the hideout and Marlena points out that there are six figures. John says one is a female. He says that one of them is female - 5’5 and 115 lbs. Marlena wonders if it’s Sami but quickly dismisses the idea when Roman questions her about it. Kate just looks cynical and says that yes it could be. John agrees with Kate, talking about how strange Sami was acting before she left Salem. Roman suggests they all wait until they have the facts. Marlena says that it looks as if Sami is a prisoner too. We hear a beep from the computer and John starts typing on the keyboard. Kate mouths off about Sami again. Marlena gets angry and first its Shawn and now its Sami. Why don’t you reserve judgment until they are all home safe? Kate still says she doesn’t trust Sami.

The feed returns and they see more armed men. Marlena is worried about her little girl (loved Marlena today). Kate says that she hopes Sami burns in hell for what she has done. Marlena glares at her with tears in her eyes.

Bunker: Tony, Bart, Shawn, Lucas, Sami, Brady, Rex, soldiers, and Philip

Tony is in the master control room scrambling signals because he knows that John is trying to find them (didn’t know Tony knew how to do that). He says John is using the ISA satellite. Tony is going to divert the source signal so the coordinates can’t be traced. Bart asks him if he is serious about going through with his plans and he says of course... revenge...yada...yada... Bart is anxious about Sami. He tells Tony that they’ve got a problem and points to the monitor.

Shawn tells the others that there has to be a way out of here but Brady tells him that he doesn’t think so...the doors bolted and the guards are on the other side.

Tony isn’t worried. He tells Bart to relax…too late for Sami to play heroine...she has committed too many crimes on his behalf…talks about revenge again…yada…yada… Bart asks him if he is sure John can’t find out his location. Tony brags that it will never happen.

The boys hide behind the door as they hear someone open it. Sami walks in and says she can explain. Lucas says he knows why she’s there. She says that she was Tony’s prisoner too. The boys don’t think so and ask her why. Lucas sides with her and says she was vulnerable and alone.

More questions from the boys. Shawn wants to know why Tony would go after Sami and how she found out where they were. Sami tells them that she couldn’t let them get hurt. Lucas that she stole a guard’s keys after knocking him out. She tells them that she knows Tony’s plans and they have to leave. More skepticism about her ability to knock out a guard by herself as she says she used a chair.

She tells Lucas that no matter what has gone on between them, he is Will’s father and she won’t let anything happen to him. He says he believes her but Brady says the rest of them don’t. Shawn thinks she might have been working for Dimera the whole time. Lucas gives him a look. Sami waves the gun at them and they step her they believe her. Sami shows the boys the bruise on her neck, saying the guards hurt her too. She gives the gun to marine boy (no comment…sigh) and tells him to get them out of there.

Bart says mayday and Tony looks at the monitor. A guard is lying on the floor in a corridor, knocked out. He sees Sami with the guys and utters…she will pay dearly for this. Tony tells Bart to double the guards so that Sami and her cohorts never get out.

Brady says they have to keep an eye on Sami. Lucas says that Sami wouldn’t doublecross them like Stan did. He goes on about how Stan is a scumbag while Sami listens worriedly. She has a flashback to her and Tony with him telling her that she will never be forgiven when the truth about Stan comes out.

Brady returns Phil’s dog tags. Shawn says he and Rex will go one way and Brady and Philip can go another. Phil tells Brady that they will go find Tony. Lucas tells Sami to stay close to him… Sami wonders why he’s being protective and if he’ll give her a second chance when they finally get home. He tells her that they don’t have time now but that he wants some answers when they get home and she can also explain about Stan.

Brady tells Philip that he doesn’t trust Sami. Phil says it was a mistake to let Shawn and Rex go on their own. Brady defends Shawn and says he’s a good guy.

Two guards overtake Shawn and Rex. Shawn fights with one of them and gets the gun away from him. He tells him to stay still or he’ll shoot the other one. The other guard is pointing his gun at Rex. We get a standoff as Shawn turns and a gun goes off. Rex is shocked.

Bart tells Tony that they’ve all escaped and now Tony wants to blow up the bunker with everybody in it.

Sami panics when she realizes she has lost Lucas. She runs right into Bart and they scream in surprise. She begs him not to turn her in. Bart says its every man for himself now. He tells her that the count is ballistic over what she has done and that he has crossed the fine line between insanity and criminal genius.

Sami finds a room with Stan’s clothes in it. She is freaking out about what will happen if she doesn’t get rid of her disguise. We get another F/B of when the boys are captured. She wants to get rid of the clothes but Lucas calls her name in the hallway and she runs out. He wants to know what she was doing. She tells him that the guns were held in that room but that they are gone. He wants to know how she knows so much about the place. She tells him that they don’t have time and have to get out.

Phil shoots the guard holding Rex. Tony rushes in and grabs Brady in a chokehold and we get another standoff. Shawn and Phil hold their rifles on Tony. Tony tells Phil that he will see Brady die first. Tony tells him that he is outnumbered and outsmarted as Sami and Lucas come in and the guards overpower and disarm Shawn and Rex. Sami begs Tony not to hurt anybody. Phil tells Tony that he only takes orders from his superior...blah...blah...

Bart is in the control room when he hears beeping sounds and gets scared and leaves.

The U.S. Marines shows up for Tony and his goons. Puffed up Phil asks for the honor of disarming Tony and then punches Tony in the face. Tony falls. The military leader lets the boys know that they knew exactly what was going on…planted tracking devices on each of them…had help from the ISA and John Black. He also praises them and says that if it wasn’t for them they might never have found “Private Kiriakis’s location” or captured Tony Dimera. The boys want to know where Stan is and Tony points to a scared Samantha.


Lucas asks Sami: “Promise me you’ll tell me. I want the truth. Sami: “Lucas I swear I’ll do whatever it takes to get your trust back.”

Shawn on the phone to Belle: “I’m going to tell Philip the truth about us.” Belle: “No you can’t!”

John talking to Marlena, Roman, and Kate: “I’m afraid I’ve got some bad news.”

Jack (his hand is shaking): Damn it! What’s wrong with me?”

Hope tells Bo: I just want to pick up the pieces and start living like a family again, okay?” Bo answers: “That’s exactly what we’re going to do.”


Monday May 30

Janice’s Spoilers

Note: There was so much happening today that it was hard to keep it all in order. The phone calls were especially difficult because they went back and forth between Salem and the bunker. I ended up putting all the calls under the bunker section and referring to them in the other sections. I hope this doesn’t confuse anyone.

Also: JJ's caps will be posted later tonight.

Jack & Jennifer’s House: Jack, Jennifer, Bo, Hope, and Billie

Replay of Billie helping Jack to the bench outside. She asks him what is wrong and he starts to speak telling her he just lost his balance but then faints against her.

In the house – Bo gets the computer feed back as Jen and Hope watch. They watch Philip with his gun on Tony. Jennifer says they are all right and Hope says she can see Shawn and he is okay too. Bo and Hope share a hug and Jennifer decides to run outside and tell Jack and Billie the good news.

Bo gets a call from Roman. He hangs up and tells Hope that the boys will be airlifted home tonight. Hope says they will finally be a family again and he swears that things will change when Shawn returns…family will come first and Billie won’t be a problem. Hope agrees and they kiss.

Jack wakes up and Billie wants to take him to the hospital. He tells her he is fine but just tired...seriously exhausted from what happened with Tony and at the castle. Billie wants to tell Jennifer but Jack doesn’t want to worry her. His face looks pretty grim. He tells her that he’ll just rest for a minute and then go inside.

Jennifer comes out and realizes something is wrong. Jack tells her he’s all right and says he was just helping Billie who was upset and emotional about the boys. Billie backs him up. Jennifer tells them about Tony being in custody and the boys being safe. They hug each other and Billie thinks maybe he can tell them about Georgia and then she and Bo can find her.

Back in the house, Jack wants to celebrate. Billie is happy about Tony because now they can find Georgia… yada…yada…yawn… She looks right at Bo (who is hugging Hope and kissing her on the cheek) as she says…and then they can be a family. Jack goes into the kitchen. Bo tells Billie not to get her hopes up. Hope tells Jennifer that she doesn’t begrudge Billie finding her daughter because she’s getting her son back. Jennifer says that everything will be fine and then the scene moves to Jack in the kitchen. He reaches for the champagne. His hand starts shaking and he says...damn it what is wrong with him. Next we see him collapsed and on the floor in the kitchen unconscious.

Bunker: Boys of summer, Sami, U.S. Marines, and Tony

Another replay of the Marines saving the day and noble Phil punching Tony out…as well as the commander talking to the guys and them asking where Stan is. Tony says he’s right here. Sami glares at him. He’s playing a cat and mouse game but he doesn’t give her up. Philip tells the commander that he can give a good description of Stan and Bart. Lucas tells Tony that this time he didn’t get away with it. Tony says that he has not begun to fight, the pieces are still in place and they can’t stop it. Shawn tells Rex that he needs to find a phone and call Belle to let her know he’s okay. Rex asks sarcastically if he doesn’t think that her husband should call her first. Shawn tells him no and that Phil has been rescued so its time to tell him the truth.

Tony wants Sami to tell them all about Stan. Lucas wants to know how she knows him. Sami admits to Lucas that she met Stan but doesn’t know where he is. Tony keeps playing with her. Tony gets taken away finally. Sami goes back to the boys and says she wants to find a phone. The boys are suspicious. Brady wants the truth from Sami…why is she even there. Lucas comes to her defense, saying she can explain everything later. When it is just the two of them, Lucas makes Sami promise that she will explain everything to him. She promises to tell him the truth and do whatever she can to win back his trust. He is sure that it’s a long and complicated story.

Brady is talking to John on the phone. John tells him how proud he is of him. Brady thanks him for sending the Marines. He asks him to tell Nicole that he’s fine and will be home soon. Philip asks to talk to his mommy and tells her he’s okay. He asks her how Belle is. His mommy tells him that Belle is missing him and wants and needs him to come home soon (lays it on thick). She warns him not to let anybody come between him and Belle…especially Shawn Brady. Marlena and Roman are listening in the background. Philip tells her he trusts Belle and has faith in their marriage.

Sami wants to talk to her parents. Kate rags on her first. Marlena grabs the phone from Kate and both she and Roman talk to Sami who is crying now and can’t wait to see them. They talk about missing and loving each other. Marlena wants to know how she found her way to the war zone but will wait until she gets home. She tells Sami that Will needs his mom. Roman tells her to hurry home.

Phil tells Brady that he wants Belle’s first call to be from him.

Rex is talking on the phone to Mimi. She thanks god he’s okay. He tells her that he didn’t mean to scare her and tells her he loves her and will never leave her again. Mimi gives the phone to Belle who tells him that Mimi is just emotional. Shawn comes over and asks if it’s Belle on the phone. He takes the phone from him (Rex tries to stop him) and says her name. She asks him if it’s really him and says she so glad he’s safe. Shawn tells her that he loves her and is coming home to her. He says that being in the war zone made him realize that he can’t wait for them to be together, so he is going to tell Phil about them. Belle tells him he can’t.

Shawn tells Belle that Phil deserves to know the truth…they are in love and want to get married. Belle agrees but says she doesn’t want to break Phil’s heart over the phone. Shawn asks if she is having second thoughts and she says no. She tells him she loves him but that she cares about Phil and has to wait until he is safe…emotionally…physically… before she breaks his heart. Shawn wants Belle to promise him and she says she will tell him as soon as he gets home and is okay.

Philip comes up to him and asks him if Belle is on the phone. He wants to know why Shawn is talking to her. We hear Belle reminding Shawn that he promised. Rex tells Philip that he called Mimi and Belle was with her. Phil takes the phone and she tells him it’s good to hear his voice. He goes on about how much he missed her. She says she missed him too. He tells her how they’ll never be separated again once he gets home. Belle hears a noise and wants to know what it is. The phone battery dies. Phil asks Shawn what he and Belle were talking about. He gets belligerent and asks the question twice. Everyone falls to the ground as the missiles start to fall.

Brady rushes in and asks Shawn and Rex if they are okay. They say yes but want to know what happened. He tells them that the bunker is under attack and they need to find everyone and get out. Phil goes to check with the commander. Shawn thinks it might be Tony’s guys and Brady says it’s possible. He says they have to find Lucas and that Sami is missing.

Phil asks the captain for a report. He is told that they are under attack and more troops have been called in. Phil asks to be permitted to go back on duty. The captain thanks him but says he can’t let him go back into combat yet. Phil goes on about duty…yada… yada…wants to find with the men who risked their lives to save him and his friends.

Shawn says he won’t let Philip go out there again and worry Belle. Philip tells him he is going home to her so it will be okay. Brady doesn’t think he should but says he has to do what he has to do (lol…sounds like a John Wayne movie). He tells Phil that his father would be proud of him. Philip says he knows that. Philip thanks Shawn for organizing the rescue and asks him to tell Belle that he loves her. As he leaves, Shawn turns to the others and asks them how they can let him do this. Rex doesn’t think a few days will matter but Brady says he better hope nothing happens to him.

Sami finds out where Tony is being held and tells the guards she wants to see him. They let her in after searching her for weapons. She tells a chained Tony that she wishes she had a camera. He tells her that she double-crossed him and will have to pay. Tony reminds her of all her crimes and says a day of reckoning is coming with serious repercussions. Sami tells him that no one will believe that she was Stan. She says that while he is rotting on death row, she’ll be getting everything she wants. He replies that her past as Stan will come back to haunt her. He asks for her help to escape. Sami says no. The sound of missiles is heard and Tony tells Sami that they have a chance to escape. He says he will only protect her if she helps him. She says no again and leaves.

Lucas comes across Stan’s disguise and says to himself that it won’t be long before they find out who he is and where he is. Sami sees him with the clothes and looks very worried.

Lucas tells the guys that he found Stan’s clothes but can’t find Sami anywhere. He also found a blond hair strand. They agree that Stan can’t get away with this. Shawn tells Rex that his brother (Phil) has a hero complex and that he will break Belle’s heart. Lucas goes on about how he is fighting for America....says they have to find Sami.

Sami is crawling in the sand with all the explosions going on around her. She tells herself that she’s better off dying out there than having everyone find out the truth about her. She screams when another explosion goes off. Phil and his guys are on the other side of the sand dunes. Maybe someone can tell me why a private is suddenly in charge and giving orders...sigh. He says he sees them and needs to get closer. He is going after them with a grenade. The commander tells him that it’s suicide but hero Phil says just to cover him.

Penthouse: Marlena, John, Roman, and Kate

Marlena phones Belle to give her the good news. She promises to call back with more details later. Kate’s gazing at a framed picture of Belle and Phil. She says she hopes he comes home safe to Belle. John tells them that Tony was captured and Kate runs and hugs him just as Marlena goes towards him. Roman and Marlena watch angrily. Kate says she doesn’t know what she would have done without him and thanks him for keeping her boys safe (yep its all about Kate’s boys).

John sees Roman and Marlena’s reactions and pulls away from Kate. He tells her to thank the Marines. The phone rings. Kate rags on for the umpteenth time about Sami and even suggests that Sami might be working for Tony. Roman says Sami is not involved with Tony. Marlena is angry and defends her daughter. Roman tries to calm her down and says that Kate didn’t mean it. Marlena is skeptical.

John is talking to Brady; Kate talking to Phil; Sami talking to Marlena and Roman (see bunker scenes).

While Sami is on the phone, Kate tells John that she doesn’t trust Sami. He promises to find out the truth. Kate thinks they’ll find out that Sami isn’t as innocent as her parents believe.

Later, the four of them are sitting down on the couches. Roman reiterates that Sami wouldn’t do something like that. Kate mouths off that while their sons are heroes, Sami won’t be described like that. We get a flashback of her and Sami...Sami and Lucas in John’s room with Kate hovering and Sami complaining about the pearls...Kate at Sami’s firing her from Basic Black. John says he has bad news. He tells them what is happening at the bunker and that Phil has volunteered to go back into active combat. Kate comes unglued about losing her Philip. Roman reminds her that he is a trained soldier.

The Loft: Belle and Mimi

Belle is on the phone to Marlena (see penthouse scenes). Marlena gives her the news about the boys and she’s ecstatic. Belle hangs up and tells Mimi that the boys are all coming home as well as Sami. Mimi wants to know when and Belle tells her that when her mother knows more she’ll call them. Mimi asks Belle if she will tell Phil that the marriage is over and she’s in love with Shawn. Belle says when the time is right…he’s back home…and not in danger. Mimi goes on about telling Rex about going to jail...etc... etc... The phone rings and Belle gets Mimi to answer it (see Bunker scenes with Rex talking to Mimi; Shawn talking to Belle; and Phil talking to Belle). Belle and Mimi hug each other afterwards.

Belle holds the framed picture of her and Shawn and glances over at her wedding picture with Phil. She tells Mimi that she won’t sleep until they are both back home safe and sound. Mimi tells Belle that she knows she was upset talking to Phil and asks if she is sure she wants to tell him. Belle tells her it won’t be easy and Meems asks her if she is having second thoughts. Belle says she will tell him when she knows that he’s all right. Belle tells her no but that she is worried about how he will take the news and would do anything not to hurt him. She begs Mimi to change her plea to not guilty but Mimi says no. Mimi says that it sucks because both of their mistakes will make Rex and Phil’s homecoming not a very happy one.

Belle and Mimi look out the window. Belle says that this is the best and worst day of her life. Mimi says it’s the best day because the men they love are coming home and it’s the worst day because the men they love are coming home. She says she has to break Rex’s heart…tell him about going to jail…yada…yada… Belle says she has to break Philip’s heart by asking for a divorce. Mimi says it sucks. They both hug each other.


Sami (talking to herself): “When my parents find out I am responsible, they are going to burn me at the stake.

Lucas talking to Tony: “If anything happens to Sami, I will kill you!”

Shawn talking to Belle on the phone: “That’s what you want right? You still want to be together?”

Bo talking to Hope: “I love you and nothing or no one is going to ever change that.” They share a kiss.


Tuesday May 31

Janice’s Spoilers

Jack and Jennifer’s house: Jack, Jennifer, Hope, Bo, Billie

In the living room, Hope tells Jennifer again that she doesn’t begrudge Billie wanting her daughter because she has her son back and there is a happy ending. Jennifer tells her that she just knows everything is going to be fine now. In the kitchen, we get a flashback of Jack…hand shaking…falling to the floor unconscious.

Bo and Billie talk about Tony and Georgia…sigh… Bo is trying to be realistic and tells her that it won’t be easy to get the truth out of Tony. She says she’s not giving up. Billie does a sob routine of the bench outside and he follows and tries to cheer her up. Inside, Hope tells Jennifer about the promise Bo made that things would be different and that she and the boys would be his first priority.

Bo tells Billie not to give have faith...that they’ll find their daughter. Billie whines that she keeps losing the things she loves…including him. He looks quite uncomfortable. Poor Billie tells Bo that he’s got Hope and the two boys and she just has Georgia…blah …blah…doesn’t know what she’ll do if she loses her.

We see Jack trying to rise up but he doesn’t have the strength. In the other room, Hope says she’s sure that Bo is committed to her and the boys but that she still has to keep her guard up where Billie is concerned…Billie isn’t just after her daughter…but she wants Hope’s husband as well. Jennifer reassures her that it won’t happen. She tells her that Bo loves her. Hope reminds Jen about the pit/rape fiasco and Billie’s part in it. Jennifer still has a hard time believing it happened and that Hope actually found them. Hope reiterates that it wasn’t Bo’s fault.

Bo tells her that they will get Tony to tell them the truth. She thinks he might lie again and send them on another wild goose chase (no Billie that’s just you following stupid leads all the time).

Jack wakes briefly and whispers Jennifer’s name before fainting again. In the other room, Jennifer says that her faith as been restored because the boys are okay and coming home, she has Jack back, and Roman, Marlena, and Cassie are alive. Jennifer thinks that her family and Hope’s should visit the Horton cabin together for a family vacation and both of them agree that it’s a great idea. They split up so with Jennifer going in search of Jack and Hope in search of Bo.

Hope goes outside and overhears Bo telling Billie that they’ll find their daughter now that Tony’s been captured. Hope tells them that she hopes they do. They hear Jennifer scream and run into the kitchen.

Jack covers up and says that he just slipped/cut himself and fell but Billie comes forward finally and admits that he also fainted on the porch. Jennifer is adamant about taking Jack to the hospital. Hope volunteers her and Bo to stay behind and watch the kids. Jack is trying to make a joke out of it.

Hope brings out a tray of coffee? and she says that she hopes Jack is okay. Bo reminds her of the torture Jack went through at Tony’s hands and says it’s probably because of that. He says that Dimera is in custody finally and the ISA will get the information out of him. It’s payback time. Hope tells him that she hopes he finds Georgia and they kiss on it. She tells Bo about Jennifer’s idea for a family vacation. He likes the idea...more kissing. He tells her he’s the lucky one to have her. She tells him that she won’t mind Georgia being a part of their family and suggests that Georgia come with them to the Horton cabin....Shawn and Zach can get to know her...but Billie’s not invited. They kiss and Bo tells her he loves the idea. She says that if Billie has a problem then she will be more than happy to straighten her out. She mentions how Billie still wants Bo. Bo tells her that he loves and nobody will change that.

He runs out and comes back with a lovely flower bouquet for her. He mentions her cousin’s green thumb. Hope is shocked and tells him that Jennifer was growing the hybrids for a spring flower show and will be very upset. He says that maybe they can replant them except that Hope reminds him that he cut the stems…too cute. She decides to call Gran. She’s growing the exact same flowers and will know what to do. Bo tells her that he just wanted to show his love. Hope tells him there’s an easier way right under his nose and they start kissing.

Hospital: Jack, Jennifer, Lexie, Billie

Lexie is told about how Jack has fainted twice. He tries to make light of it and says he just slipped. Lexie says the cut is superficial. She decides to take blood and do a few tests. Jennifer begs Jack to take this seriously and he finally agrees. Later Lexie comes back with the results for Jack, pushing Jennifer and Billie out of the room on the excuse of needing to check him again. Billie thinks it might be post-traumatic shock response. Back in the examination room, Jack asks Lexie what she is up to. Lexie tells Jack she has bad news for him and she’s sorry but it’s not got.

Warzone/Loft: Boys of Summer, Belle, Sami, Marines, and Phil

Shawn is asking Brady and Rex why they let Phil go off. Brady says he has to join his unit (again no physical? psychological testing first?) Shawn says he needs to call Belle. Rex tells him that Phil is in the war and asks him sarcastically if he thinks it’s noble to be talking to his wife behind his back. Shawn tells them that he just wants to talk to her, hasn’t said a thing to Philip about her and him and won’t put any pressure on. Brady says that he better not have and should let Belle tell Philip the truth. Shawn leaves to call her. Rex tells Brady that he sees he’s as happy as he is that Belle is dumping Phil. Brady replies that Belle would be so much better off with Phil. Rex asks him what he is going to do about it.

At the loft, the phone rings and Belle rushes to answer it. She says...Philip? Shawn tells her that it’s just him. She tells him that she can’t talk to him right now and to put Phil on the phone. Shawn tells her he can’t do that.

Phil does a lot of grunting and groaning on this show. In the first scene the private is barking out orders to his teammates to cover him while he goes to be single-handedly noble.

Lucas tells the guard he needs to see Tony. He explains about Sami being missing and the guard lets him through. Lucas asks Tony where Sami and Stan are and Tony starts laughing at him. Lucas thinks that if Sami is with Stan then she could be in terrible danger. Tony keeps laughing.

Sami is still out there and repeats her fears about being burned at the stake in Salem Place if they find out the truth about her. Back inside, Tony is still laughing. He says Stan is not a threat to Sami. Lucas tells him he found Stan’s clothes and a blond strand of hair. Tony replies that they spent a lot of time together but not to get jealous. Lucas wants to know what the hell he is talking about and swears to kill Tony if anything happens to Sami.

We get a fantasy of Sami telling Lucas about what she has done…every single crime as Stan...says she regrets it…asks him to forgive her.

Inside the bunker, Brady tells Rex that Belle can be with whoever she wants and that he’ll only butt in if Shawn tries to tell Phil the truth. Rex says he won’t let that happen. Brady hopes that Belle doesn’t make a big mistake. Rex says that maybe when they all get back and she sees Phil that she will change her mind.

Belle wants to know why Shawn won’t put Phil on the phone. He tells her that he’s not there. She gets mad at him for lying to her and putting them all at risk. He tells her he did it for her. She’s crying and says but he almost got himself killed. Shawn says that they are okay and everything is good. He tells her he had no choice but to lie because she would have told their parents and that if he hadn’t done it, Phil might be dead.

Belle is still crying and says she is so glad that Shawn is okay. She tells him that she knows he’s a hero and that she almost went crazy thinking they would die over there. Shawn tells her it wasn’t that great for him either and what scared him the most was the idea of never seeing her again...never being able to hold her or kiss her...or tell her how much he loves her. Belle thanks him for helping to save Phil. He asks if that means she forgives him. She says yes. Shawn tells her that he misses her so much and can’t wait to see her. She says she misses him too and to remember his promise. She also promises to tell Phil as soon as he gets home. He tells her that it will be a little longer than they thought...that Phil has rejoined his unit and is back in combat. Belle cries out “oh my god! no!”

Phil is screaming. Jake tells him they are pinned down by a sniper. Phil is going to save the day.

Tony is still mocking Lucas. Lucas leaves and finds Brady and Rex outside.

2nd part of Sami’s fantasy...Lucas says he won’t forgive her. He’ll turn her into the police and ISA and that he’ll watch them give her a lethal fact maybe they will let him give her the needle himself.

Bart rushes into Tony’s room wearing a uniform and helps Tony escape from the chains.

Lucas is tells Rex and Brady that he is worried about Sami. Brady wants him to admit that he still has a thing for her. He says it’s because she is the mother of his child. Brady still wants to know what she is doing there. He decides to grill Tony about it but they find out he’s gone, split up to find him and Sami. In the corridor, Tony is stopped by a guard.

Sami is crouched down and murmuring about changing her ways and thinks she won’t make it out of there. She starts praying for another chance to clean up her act and just then Lucas jumps in beside her. Sami starts crying. She tells Lucas that she ran because she thought the bunker would be bombed. Lucas tells her to follow his exact orders. He tells her to stay low...follow his orders...zigzag...and not to argue.

Belle wants to know why Shawn let Phil go back into combat. He tells her that they tried to stop him but he insisted on rejoining his unit. Belle can’t believe it. Shawn tells her he knew she would be upset and doesn’t understand why Phil would choose to put her through that again. Belle says it’s because he’s a soldier...took oath to defend country. Shawn says that he also took an oath to her. She says that she took one love, cherish...etc...and look what she is doing instead.

Phil is grunting. He yells back that he is locked down and hears that the rest of his team is as well. He wants to know where the enemy is because he thinks that he can take them down all by his little old self. Firing one shot, he falls back after being shot as well. The team radios him and eventually he wakes up and says he got shot in the flak jacket and maybe a rib as well. He refuses to go back (gosh…a noble Marine who refuses to take orders!)

Shawn says he will let her tell Phil the truth and tells her that Phil is back in combat. Belle replies that she will continue to honor her wedding vows as long as she and Phil are married. Shawn reminds Belle that she hasn’t broken them. Back in the loft, Belle takes a look at noble Phil’s picture and gets upset…how honorable he is…groan… Shawn is looking unsure and vulnerable and asks her to reaffirm her decision to divorce Phil and be with him.

We see Phil throwing a hand grenade before falling backward unconscious... (.never seen anyone pull the pin and then transfer the grenade to another hand before throwing it.)

Sami and Lucas get back to the bunker safe and sound and Sami thanks Lucas for saving her life. He thanks her for rescuing them and saving their lives. He mentions her being a prisoner just like they were and she agrees with him. She tells him that Tony would lie so that they would think she wasn’t. She thinks back to Tony’s promise to expose Stan and thinks he might follow through and prove that she was Stan. Brady and Rex turn up. She learns that Tony has disappeared again and is freaking out. They leave to look for Tony.

Sami asks Lucas if he still cares about her. He doesn’t want to talk about it right now but says that he’s had lots of time to think about things and they need to talk when they get home. He’s glad she didn’t die. She prays that Tony runs fast and far because her future with Tony depends on it. Lucas tells her that Tony told him that she spent a lot of time with Stan and that the ISA will want to talk to her.

Brady runs into Tony. Tony offers him a deal to let him go. He'll give him Chloe back.

Belle tells Shawn that of course she still wants them to be together...that hasn’t changed and never will. She still loves him. Shawn says that she had him worried for a second. Belle then says that if anything happens to Philip that they can never be together.

Phil has misplaced his light so he tells his buddy Jake to send up a flare so he can figure out where the hell he is. We see a sign reading Danger…Mine Field in front of him (well done, noble but insubordinate Phil!).

Lucas is telling Sami that its time for them to let their son know that they are both okay.

Tony is telling Brady that Miss Chloe is very much among the living. Brady wants to know why she hasn’t told him that.

Shawn is telling Belle that Phil is trapped by enemy fire. Belle gasps.

Phil is ordered to fall back but he says negative…trapped in middle of mine field.

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