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Wednesday Jun 1

Janice’s Spoilers

Hospital: Jack, Jennifer, Lexie, lab technician

Jack asks Lexie what the tests show. She says the results are inconclusive and they need to draw more blood. He maintains that he’s just fine...end of story. She reminds him that he lost consciousness and asks him to do it for Jen and the children.

Jennifer is in the corridor on the phone to Abby (we don’t see or hear Abby today). She tells her about the family vacation at the Horton cabin idea and says that daddy will be just fine.

Jack tells the nurse and Lexie that vampires don’t even need this much blood. He asks why they don’t just rerun the numbers from the previous tests. Lexie says that they need more samples. He asks what they expect to find...she already gave him a clean bill of health when he got back from the castle. The nurse finishes and Lexie asks her to take them down to the lab and ask for a rush on the results. Lexie tells Jack that they should err on the side of caution and that they need to find the cause of the dizzy spells. Jack wants to know whether she thinks it’s something more. Lexie doesn’t know but if there is, she wants to get to the bottom of it. Jennifer overhears the last part and is concerned. She asks Lexie if she is saying that there is something wrong with Jack.

Jack tells Jennifer it’s nothing...the tests are inconclusive. Lexie confirms it but reiterates that she just wants to play it safe. Jack says that Lexie is being overcautious. Jennifer’s PDA goes off and she tells them that Abby is getting everything together for the cabin. She tells Jack her idea about the family vacation and he thinks it’s great. Jack is worried about Abby touching his prize winning lures. Jennifer leaves to call Abby again. Lexie warns Jack that she is not going to lie for him but he tells her that as his doctor she has no choice.

Jack is going to hold Lexie to doctor/patient confidentiality. She tells him he shouldn’t keep the truth from his wife, but he wants to protect Jennifer. She tells him that he is refusing to acknowledge, even to himself, that something could be seriously wrong. Jack asks Lexie whether she seriously believes that his dizzy spells could be life threatening. Lexie admits that no she doesn’t. Jack says that everything will be all right. Jennifer comes back in the room and says that Abby has vowed not to touch his lures and asks Lexie if they can go home. Lexie starts to tell her the truth and then changes her mind and just says that Jen’s husband is impossible. They leave and Lexie phones the lab to ask about the results. Ryan, the lab tech, says he is working on them now but suggests that she come down and look at the results herself. She says she’s on her way.

In the lab, Ryan says the results are highly unusual and don’t look good. Lexie says that it doesn’t look normal.

Jack and Jennifer’s House: Jack & Jen

They come home and Jennifer is surprised at everything Abby has done to get ready for the trip. Jack is excited about going but Jen asks if he is sure he’s all right. He says he’s got the most beautiful wife, daughter, and baby boy and can’t wait to get there. He tells her he will catch the fish and she will clean and cook them. Jennifer jokingly tells him that he’s the man so he will clean them and she will cook them. Jack suggests that while they are there, they get the double sleeping bag and go into the woods for a little stargazing. Jennifer thinks that would be perfectly romantic.

Bunker: Sami & Lucas

Sami is pacing and talking to herself. She mumbles that Tony is gone so no one will find out she is Stan. She wants to go back to Salem and concentrate on Will and getting her life back together. Lucas overhears the last part and couldn’t agree more. He tells her that neither of them has ever had any problem putting their son first and tells her that Will is fine...wants them to be a family...but feels guilty because he thinks its his fault that Sami disappeared...was too hard on her. She feels bad but Lucas says its not her fault...she was Tony’s prisoner too. Sami has a flashback to Tony showing her that Roman and Marlena are alive and giving her a gun. Back in the present, Lucas says he thinks its time that they let their son know they are okay.

He has Tony’s camera and says that Grandpa Shawn told him that Will will be on the computer. He decides to set up a little video conference call with him. Sami is impressed. She asks if she looks okay and he tells her she looks great. We see Will on at the computer. He gets a message to turn on the camera and says oh my god because he can see his mom and dad. Sami says hi and Will says he can’t believe the two of them are together. He asks Sami what she is doing over there.

Sami tells Will that her explanation is pretty lame. She was getting ready to leave Salem, and the next thing she knew...she was Tony’s prisoner. Will asks them if they are getting back together. Sami thinks Lucas should answer that. Lucas tells Will that they love him very much but it’s not the right time to make those types of decisions. Sami says they just want to get home safely. Will continues to go on about hoping they would get closer.

Clinic: Chloe & Nicole & Bunker: Brady & Tony

Nicole stops in to see Chloe, saying she was checking on Clara’s progress and thought she’d see how Chloe was doing. Chloe is working on her scrapbook and Nicole is impressed by the pictures. She looks through it and finds a blank page...suggests that it’s for Chloe and Brady. Chloe agrees, saying that it was for their reunion, but that if her scars are permanent, it will never happen. She gets upset and rips the page out, saying I might as well forget it.

Bunker: Brady is still holding Tony at bay in one of the rooms. Tony goes on about being able to get Chloe back for him. Brady refused to believe him and talks about her tragic accident in Europe, bringing the ashes back, her memorial...etc... Tony reiterates that he can arrange a reunion...she’s alive...yada...yada... Brady smacks him hard and calls him a lying son of a bitch.

Tony tells Brady that he just made a terrible mistake. Brady tells him he should have killed him. Tony says he’s far too valuable to the Marines and ISA...has lots of info they need. He wants a deal and offers to give Brady the love of his life back. He promises that he’s not bluffing and that the beautiful Chloe is still among the living. Brady is angry and asks why he hasn’t heard from her then...why she hasn’t told him she’s alive...

At the clinic, Nicole is being sooooooo sweet. She tells Chloe not to be so pessimistic ...Dr. Watson is doing everything he can to make her better. Chloe doesn’t see how, because the scars are even worse than before...and she now has a horrid infection. We get a flashback of the doctor asking Nicole to sterilize his equipment. Back in the present, Nicole is sure the infection can be treated but Chloe says the damage is already done. Nicole comments on the love Brady and Chloe share...it’s strong and he would love Chloe no matter what she looked like. She says she won’t stand in Chloe’s way if she decides to tell Brady she’s alive. Chloe says she isn’t saying anything and tells Nicole that she can’t either. Nicole tells her that Brady is out of the country and Chloe is concerned but thinks the guys are very brave.

Chloe gets a strange feeling that Brady is in trouble.

Bunker: Brady tells Tony that this is just a sick ploy of his to get his get out of jail card. Tony tells him that he obviously needs proof so why don’t they call her. They talk about love and Brady mentions Kristen. Tony gets angry and says that Brady’s father turned her away from him and he will never get over it. Then he smiles and asks Brady if he wants to talk to Chloe or not. We get a fantasy...Brady & Chloe in hot tub making love...Brady feeding Chloe fruit and showing her newspaper with headline about Tony being captured...urn scenes with Nicole in the background. Back in the present, Brady tells Tony that if this is one of his sick jokes...he’s a dead man.

Clinic: Nicole is sure that Brady is just fine...he proved he could take care of himself on the island. Chloe talks about Puerto Rico and Nicole’s dad. The phone rings and she says hello. Back at the bunker...Tony grins and hands the cell phone to Brady. Brady hears Chloe’s voice and we see a three-way split screen with Tony...Brady...Chloe...

Brady asks Chloe if it’s her. She stays silent and tells Nicole its Brady. Nicole grabs the phone and reminds him that Chloe is dead. He tells her that Tony Dimera told him she was alive. She asks how he can trust him. The line goes dead and Brady realizes that Tony has escaped again and locked him in.

Clinic: Chloe hangs up the phone. Nicole tells her that she doesn’t know what Brady believes but that Tony Dimera just told him Chloe’s alive. Chloe looks shocked.

Marine Camp/Loft/War Zone: Belle, Shawn, communications officer, Phil

Shawn is sitting on a bench and calls Belle. She asks him if they’ve found Phil yet. He tells her no. Belle is upset and wonders if something has happened.

Phil is crawling around the mines and talking to himself. He isn’t going to panic...will retrace his steps...and get out. Jake calls his name and Phil yells at him not to move. A mine goes off.

Shawn tells Belle to stay calm. A communications officer sits down next to him and Shawn asks if theirs any news. He tells him that there isn’t but he is about to radio him. Belle’s phone goes dead.

Communications officer is yelling at Phil to fall back. Phil says negative...stuck in middle of minefield...etc... Shawn tells the officer that Phil is in trouble and he has to do something. He is told that they will do all they can but for now Phil has to stay put. The phone rings and its Belle. She asks if Phil is back. Shawn decides to be straight with her and tells her that Phil is trapped in the mine field.

Phil says he’s taking enemy fire. Again he refuses to obey orders and is going to save Jake. Belle asks Shawn to do her a favor. She wants to talk to Phil. He is surprised but she says that what she tells him might save his life.

Phil is yelling at his buddy to hang on and crawling towards him. He’s going to dismantle the mines...one by one... With Shawn listening in, Phil hears Belle’s voice. She tells him that the communications officer patched her through and is upset that he is in danger. He goes on about how he loves her...not to worry...etc... She says she loves him but you can hardly hear her. Phil says he’s in a pretty tight spot. They lose the transmission. The marine base is being bombed and Shawn and the others hit the ground. Back at the loft, Belle says oh my god no!


Lexie tells Jack he is making a big mistake. Jack wants to know what he should tell Jennifer. Lexie tells him he can start with the truth.

Marlena tells Belle that she isn’t to blame. Belle is crying and says it’s all her fault...

because of her, Philip & Shawn could both be dead.

Kate is saying...Please don’t take him from me. Please let him come back safely to me

Nicole (probably fantasy...lol...I hope): Time to put you and everyone else out of your misery. She smothers Chloe with a pillow. saying “Die!”


Thursday Jun 2

Janice’s Spoilers

Jack & Jennifer’s House: Jack, Jennifer, Abby, Chelsea, Billie, Lexie

Chelsea walks in on Abby packing up a box of camping food...marshmallows, popcorn, chocolate...etc... in the kitchen. Chelsea asks if Abby is going away and says that it sounds boring. Abby says that it will be fun...her dad will make his world-famous hamburgers, teach them to fish, go hiking with them. She asks Chelsea to come with them but Chelsea wavers. She says she doesn’t have any outdoorsy stuff and can’t afford to buy it. Billie bursts into the kitchen like she owns the place and offers to help.

Jack and Jennifer are running around getting things ready for the trip. She says that they have enough stuff but Jack says not quite. She tells him that she phoned Hope and told her that they were going up to the cabin early and that Hope and Bo will come when Shawn gets back. Jack says he wants to find the telescope and explains that it’s for looking at the stars and heavenly bodies. They kiss. Jennifer asks him if he is sure he is okay. She thinks it’s abnormal that Lexie did the tests twice in one day. Jack jokingly tells her that Lexie is just trying to satisfy the malpractice insurance. He assures her that a few days of R & R is all he needs. They kiss again.

We see Lexie outside of the house. She pauses, and worries as she remembers Jack’s test results. She walks sees Jack and Jennifer kissing through the window and prays that their happiness isn’t short-lived.

Billie aka Miss Moneybags pulls out a bunch of cash. Chelsea doesn’t want Billie’s money. She asks her why she wants to help her.

Jack asks Jennifer if she knows how much he missed kissing her. She says she missed kissing him as well and they kiss again. There’s a knock on the door and it’s Lexie. She tells them that she got the results of the second tests.

Chelsea is angry and suspicious of Billie. Billie asks to speak to Chelsea alone (sure, kick Abby out of her own kitchen). Abby goes to get an extra duffel bag in case Chelsea changes her mind. Billie tells Chelsea that she wants to help (gag!) for lots of reasons…promised her mom… yada…yada… cough…cough…

Jennifer is worried. Lexie says it isn’t what they found but what they didn’t find. She tells them that she’s sent the tests to the Mayo Clinic where they can do a more sophisticated analysis. She admits it might just be a benign anomaly and Jack grabs that idea and runs with it. Jennifer hears Jack Jr. crying on the baby monitor and goes upstairs to get him. Downstairs, Jack asks Lexie more questions. She wants him to be honest and not hide things from Jennifer. Jack says he doesn’t want to worry her.

Lexie tells Jack that she will continue to respect the doctor/patient confidentiality but wishes he would postpone the trip until they get the results. He tells her he can’t. She gives him some samples to take with him in case he gets dizzy and tells him not to drive. He’s worried because he always does the driving and what will Jen think. Lexie suggests he tell her the truth.

Billie goes on about her own terrible childhood (yawn!) how lonely she was, etc…

Abby comes back and it seems like Chelsea has had a change of heart and is going camping with them. Abby says she’s got tons of stuff that Chelsea can borrow. Abby tells her dad that she invited Chelsea and he’s fine with that. The girls run upstairs to pack. Jennifer calls downstairs for Jack to come up and help her. Lexie tells him to have a wonderful trip and he runs upstairs.

Billie and Lexie talk outside. Billie thinks Lexie is worried and wants to know what about. Lexie won’t give her details but she does break patient confidentiality long enough to tell Billie that she doesn’t know what’s wrong and it’s scaring her. Both of them leave.

Jack and Jennifer come back downstairs. Jennifer says that she wanted to talk to Lexie some more. He tells her that he’s fine...it was just a passing thing. She says that she can’t help worrying about him and that she couldn’t take it if anything else happened to him. He tells her nothing will and to prove it he kisses her passionately. He asks her if she has enough proof and she says she still isn’t convinced so they collapse on the sofa and kiss again.

War Zone: Sami, Lucas, Brady, Shawn, and Marines

John’s Jet: Lucas and Sami are on the jet waiting for the others to come so they can go home. She can’t wait to see Will. Lucas is ragging on about Stan. Sami just wants to forget him…lol… Brady joins them and says that Chloe is alive. He explains what happened but Sami and Lucas are leery. Lucas thinks it’s a trick by Tony to save himself, but Brady is sure…explains about hearing her voice and that Nicole was with her. Lucas thinks that if it is true, Nicole would be doing everything she could to keep it a secret. F/B to Stan talking to Nicole and telling her what to do about Chloe. She’s nervous and prays that Nicole hasn’t done anything. She moves away from the guys and goes to call Nicole (talks with mouthpiece as Stan). She/he tells Nicole to not hurt Chloe (more details in clinic preview).

Brady says to Lucas…what if it is true…what if she is alive…what will he do about Nicole? They are both impatient to get home and wish the others would come already. Brady has a lot of unanswered questions to deal with back home. Sami hangs up and Lucas comes up. She’s panicking to herself about what she has done. Brady tells himself that if Chloe is alive…he will find her even if it takes the rest of his life.

War Zone/Marine Base: Shawn is told that its no use... Kiriakis’s radio is dead. The radio’s dead and they can’t contact him. He wants to go after Philip. He starts to go but is stopped.

The officer tells him that he’s already deployed a unit and that he can’t let a civilian go out into the minefield. Shawn is told he will be arrested for interfering with a military operation if he tries to rescue Phil. He tells Shawn that he is just making a bad situation worse. We get lots of unconscious Phil shots interspersed throughout the show.

The communications officer gets a message that Phil has been found and is safe. Shawn asks if he is alive and is told that there wasn’t much they could do for Phil.

Clinic: Chloe & Nicole

Chloe’s upset about the phone call. Nicole is telling her that everything will be okay and not to freak out…she’ll try to convince Brady when he gets home that it wasn’t Chloe on the phone. Chloe thinks he will still come looking for her.

With Chloe sleeping, Nicole worries about what she should do. She has a fantasy about smothering Chloe with a pillow and gleefully saying…die diva bitch die… Later, Chloe is awake and she asks for Nicole’s help so that Brady won’t find out the truth.

Nicole gets a call from Sami/Stan who tells her that Brady knows that Chloe is alive. Stan tells Nicole not to hurt Chloe. Nicole says its too late…the damage is done. Stan tells her to come up with a story because Brady is on his way home and is determined to find Chloe. Nicole hangs up and Chloe asks her what is wrong. She tells Chloe that it’s over and Brady is on his way home to reunite with her. Chloe is looking in her mirror while Nicole starts crying.

Penthouse: Belle, Marlena, John, Roman, Kate

John is talking to Shane on the phone. He hands up and tells Marlena, Kate, and Roman that Sami, Lucas, and Brady are on the jet. Kate is worried about baby Phil. Marlena hopes that Shawn is all right. Belle comes over and is crying and very upset about Shawn and Philip. She’s afraid they both might be dead and explains about the phone call and the huge explosion. Kate walks onto the balcony with Roman following so she can cry on his shoulder. Marlena is trying to make Belle feel better. Belle thinks it’s all her fault.

On the balcony, Roman is trying to comfort Phil’s mommy. She goes on about her baby….its Chloe’s fault…oh it’s also Belle’s fault… Roman tells her that he will be there for her and they will get through this together.

Inside, Marlena tells Belle that Shawn and Philip will be found soon. Belle continues to say it’s her fault… Marlena can’t believe that they are still using inefield...barbaric. Belle says that if she had just been honest about her feelings for Shawn... Marlena says that Tony changed things as well and that they can’t change what happened...all they can do is pray. Belle continues to feel bad.

John tells them that Shane has sent a request to get more information on Shawn and Phil. Marlena tells Belle to have faith. Belle still thinks she’s to blame...you know where this is going…Miss Kate (who thinks she owns the place) comes in and agrees with Belle thereby giving her the right to rant and rave like a lunatic at her. The other three try to get Kate to shut up but Phil’s mommy wants Belle to know that she is evil and it’s all her fault. Belle apologizes but Kate doesn’t accept. John tells Kate that Belle didn’t force Phil to enlist or go into a minefield. Marlena and Roman agree. Kate exits dramatically with puppy dog Roman biting at her heels.

Belle tells John and Marlena that Kate is right and it is her fault. Marlena says its just the emotions talking and not to listen to Kate…Phil will come home (unfortunately…sigh) and she will be fine. Belle thinks that Phil will end up hating her. John and Marlena continue to comfort her.

In the hall, Kate does her best Marlena Dietrich impression and says she wants to be alone. He repeats that he loves the witch and will be there for her.


Kate tells Roman that she will be honest with him if he will be honest about his feelings for Marlena.

Nicole taunts Marlena about getting down and dirty with her ex at the castle. She bets Marlena hasn’t even bothered to tell John about it.

Lucas looks at Sami and says that he knows her and there is something she isn’t telling him. He wants to know what it is.

Belle is crying…Philip can’t die…She can’t lose him.


Friday Jun 3

Janice’s Spoilers

Basic Black Jet: Shawn, Lucas, Sami, Brady, and Rex

Brady is impatient to get going. He has a flashback to Tony telling him that Chloe is alive. Lucas is with Sami and wants to know what is going on and what isn’t she telling him. Shawn comes on board and explains about Phil...says it doesn’t look good.

Captain Ellis arrives and tells them that Phil isn’t dead. He’s been airlifted out for treatment and he can only give more detailed info to his next of kin...wife. He gives Shawn a note that noble Phil was able to dictate before being flown out. Shawn reads it to the others...it thanks Shawn for arranging rescue...even though he knows he did it for Belle...says Shawn and the others would make great marines. Phil asks Shawn to be there for his wife when she gets the news about him...tell her not to worry...he will get better so they can have the future they planned and then nothing more will come between them.

The pilot announces that they are ready for takeoff. Lucas asks Sami what the matter is again...if she’s nervous about going home. Rex starts sermonizing to Shawn about why he can’t see that Belle belongs with Phil...yada...yada...

Lucas tells Sami she will have a lot of explaining to do when she gets home...like how she ended up in a war zone as Tony’s prisoner. She maintains that it’s just a confusing nightmare. She goes on about Brandon and how Kate set her up. Lucas says he will find out what his mom did or didn’t know about the night before their wedding. Sami thinks she’ll just lie again but Lucas tells her that Kate could say the same about her. Rex sermon part II...yada... yada...after everything Phil has done to get back to Belle...don’t you think they belong together?

Lucas reminds Sami that her marriage track record is pretty abysmal. She admits that it was a bad idea to go to Brandon’s room and thinks that Kate drugged them. He tells her that he will find out the truth. Rex interrupts and pulls Lucas aside to ask him to be best man at his wedding. Lucas tells him he’ll be happy to. Sami is muttering that it won’t happen...goes into flashback of pier scenes with Stan and Mimi.

Brady says that if he finds Chloe...it will be forget Nicole... Lucas wants to know from Sami how Tony got his hands on her...what did he threaten her with... Another tedious flashback of Sami and Tony with him repeating all her crimes and how he will tell everyone back in Salem about her. Back in the present, Sami says she just wants to forget about him...he might be dead...he’s a war criminal... just wants nightmare to be over. Lucas says that he doubts that the authorities will give up on finding Tony.

Rex sermon part III...Shawn finally has enough...makes a sarcastic but necessary remark about Rex throwing it in his face and leaves.

Sami can’t wait to see her son again...so much to celebrate when she gets home. The pilot says that they have started their descent into Salem and all the passengers are happy.

Alice’s Restaurant:

Roman is comforting Kate about Phil. Kate goes into rant # 1,000,000 about Belle being emotionally unfaithful to her baby. Roman defends Belle and says it’s a tough situation and it’s not Belle’s fault if she is in love with Shawn. Kate goes into rant #1,000,001 about Belle. Roman has a flashback to the castle where he and Marlena talk about keeping their secret from their spouses.

He reminds Kate that they exchanged vows there when it was the sophisticated Tuscany’s. She reminds him that this is where he died...lol...worse day of her life. Roman mentions her engagement to John. She says they helped each other through a very bad time. He mentions about John still caring about her and asks if she still has feelings for him. She parries back about his feelings for Marlena.

Roman says that he won’t lie to her...Marlena was one of the two great loves of his life...had family together (sorry but I don’t see Kate as the other) and that they would still be together if it weren’t for Stefano. We get a flashback of castle lovemaking. He says they experienced some powerful feelings and supported each other. Kate mentions that she and John thought they were dead but that he and Marlena knew that she and John were alive. Roman says that they were both difficult situations and wants to know what she is getting at. He is saved by the phone ringing...hangs up and says it was his ISA contact and the hostages are all on their way home. He suggests that they have a welcome home party.

Penthouse: Marlena, Belle, and Mimi

Marlena finds Belle on the balcony. She tells her daughter that she made some herbal tea. They go back inside and Marlena comforts a worried Belle. John is in the den making calls (we don’t see him on the show today). Marlena tells Belle that there isn’t any news yet. The doorbell rings and its Mimi. Belle tearfully explains about the explosion and they hug.

Mimi tells Belle that Shawn and Phil will be fine. Marlena tells them that the Basic Black jet has taken off with all the hostages. The three of them believe that it also includes Phil and are excited. Belle says that she would have been called if anything had happened to Phil. Just then the scene moves to the loft with the marine chaplain leaving her a phone message that he needs to talk to her about her husband.

The penthouse phone rings and its Chloe. She wants Marlena’s advice as a psychiatrist and needs to see her immediately in person. Marlena hangs up and tells Belle that she has to go see a patient and leaves.

Belle is excited about the news and hopes that Phil hasn’t been injured. She hates that she will have to break his heart when he returns. Mimi says that Rex will be heartbroken as well when he realizes that they have no future together. Her cell phone rings. She hangs up and tells Belle that it was Mickey and that her sentencing date has been moved up. Belle tells her she can’t go to jail and tries to convince her to change her mind. Mimi goes on about how the sentencing hearing is on the same date as their wedding would have been.

The phone rings and its Roman. He asks Belle if she’s heard the news and they both talk about how excited they are that everyone is on the way home. Roman tells her about the party idea and she says that they will be there as soon as they have spread the word. Mimi goes on about Rex not finding out about her lies...etc...etc... She wants Belle to help him find a new love...etc...etc... Then she guilts Belle about Phil never getting over her. Belle looks shell-shocked.

Clinic: Chloe, Nicole, Marlena

Chloe says her face looks worse than ever. She doesn’t want Brady to find her. Nicole tells her that when he gets home he won’t give up and will come looking for her. She phones Marlena asking her to come. Nicole tells her afterwards that she doesn’t think it was a good idea. Chloe says that Marlena always knows what’s best for her. Nicole says that Brady will hate her for keeping Chloe’s secret. Chloe says she is willing to take all the blame...falling right into Nicole’s trap. Nicole says...so you’ve made up your mind to see him...she plays with her emotions...reminds her about her scars, etc... Chloe says she hasn’t made up her mind yet and that Brady will be angry at the person who did this to her. Nicole has a flashback about not sterilizing the instruments...yawn.

Marlena comes in. Nicole wants to talk to her privately in the corridor. Marlena wants to know why Nicole is even there. Nicole changes the subject and goes on the verbal attack….asking about Roman and the Castle…again yawn and totally ridiculous coming from her.

Back in Chloe’s room, Marlena explains about the welcome home party and advises Chloe to see Brady there (excuse me, is Chloe and outpatient with room privileges now? Doesn’t this disease have debilitating consequences?). Marlena tells Chloe that it’s finished. Brady knows the truth. Nicole agrees but quickly exits. Marlena smiles at Chloe and tells her its time. Chloe wants to see Brady right away and runs into the bathroom to get dressed.

Alice’s Restaurant cont...

The girls arrive at the restaurant and see Kate and Roman (lucky them). Rant # 1544 from Kate about Belle’s disloyalty to Phil (someone needs to put a muzzle on the woman). The scene moves to Belle’s loft again and the Chaplain leaving another phone message saying that they need to speak to her personally and her husband and are on their way to Salem to do so. Belle asks Kate not to ruin the party. She and Mimi go inside to help and Kate bitches that Belle is going to break her baby’s heart.

Nicole is outside of Alice’s just as Brady walks up...wants the truth...and asks where Chloe is. The passengers have all showered and cleaned up very nicely as they arrive at the restaurant. Sami sees her dad and runs into his arms (very sweet). Lucas run’s into Kate’s arms. Kate asks Lucas about Philip. He is surprised that she doesn’t know already. Outside of the restaurant we see Mimi and Rex. Rex is telling her that he can’t wait to marry her.

Belle is standing outside when a rose is thrust in front of her. She says: “Shawn?” He smiles. She tells him that she’s so glad that he is okay and was so afraid of losing him. She asks where Phil is and he realizes that she hasn’t gotten the news yet. He tells her about Phil being injured and about the letter Phil wrote…doesn’t know how serious Phil’s injuries are or if he’ll survive. We see the chaplain and his driver driving towards Salem to see Belle. The driver says it will be a long hard night for her. Belle says... “He’s still alive? Going to live? Phil can’t die…I can’t lose him.”


Bo tells Hope that if Dimera survived the explosion in the castle, then maybe his mom and Victor did too. Hope agrees saying maybe they are still alive. (lol…about time the writers got back to Victor and Caroline).

Marlena tells a very-bandaged Chloe that as soon as she is ready they can see him (Brady). She says that Chloe will make him the happiest man on earth.

Belle listens to her cell phone messages. Shawn asks what’s wrong. She tells him that its worse than she thought.

Lucas tells Sami that she has to be honest with him about everything if she wants him back.


Monday Jun 6

Janice’s Spoilers

Basic Black Jet: Shawn, Lucas, Sami, Brady, and Rex

Brady is impatient to get going. He has a flashback to Tony telling him that Chloe is alive. Lucas is with Sami and wants to know what is going on and what isn’t she telling him. Shawn comes on board and explains about Phil...says it doesn’t look good.

Captain Ellis arrives and tells them that Phil isn’t dead. He’s been airlifted out for treatment and he can only give more detailed info to his next of kin...wife. He gives Shawn a note that noble Phil was able to dictate before being flown out. Shawn reads it to the others...it thanks Shawn for arranging rescue...even though he knows he did it for Belle...says Shawn and the others would make great marines. Phil asks Shawn to be there for his wife when she gets the news about him...tell her not to worry...he will get better so they can have the future they planned and then nothing more will come between them.

The pilot announces that they are ready for takeoff. Lucas asks Sami what the matter is again...if she’s nervous about going home. Rex starts sermonizing to Shawn about why he can’t see that Belle belongs with Phil...yada...yada...

Lucas tells Sami she will have a lot of explaining to do when she gets home...like how she ended up in a war zone as Tony’s prisoner. She maintains that it’s just a confusing nightmare. She goes on about Brandon and how Kate set her up. Lucas says he will find out what his mom did or didn’t know about the night before their wedding. Sami thinks she’ll just lie again but Lucas tells her that Kate could say the same about her. Rex sermon part II...yada... yada...after everything Phil has done to get back to Belle...don’t you think they belong together?

Lucas reminds Sami that her marriage track record is pretty abysmal. She admits that it was a bad idea to go to Brandon’s room and thinks that Kate drugged them. He tells her that he will find out the truth. Rex interrupts and pulls Lucas aside to ask him to be best man at his wedding. Lucas tells him he’ll be happy to. Sami is muttering that it won’t happen...goes into flashback of pier scenes with Stan and Mimi.

Brady says that if he finds Chloe...it will be forget Nicole... Lucas wants to know from Sami how Tony got his hands on her...what did he threaten her with... Another tedious flashback of Sami and Tony with him repeating all her crimes and how he will tell everyone back in Salem about her. Back in the present, Sami says she just wants to forget about him...he might be dead...he’s a war criminal... just wants nightmare to be over. Lucas says that he doubts that the authorities will give up on finding Tony.

Rex sermon part III...Shawn finally has enough...makes a sarcastic but necessary remark about Rex throwing it in his face and leaves.

Sami can’t wait to see her son again...so much to celebrate when she gets home. The pilot says that they have started their descent into Salem and all the passengers are happy.

Alice’s Restaurant:

Roman is comforting Kate about Phil. Kate goes into rant # 1,000,000 about Belle being emotionally unfaithful to her baby. Roman defends Belle and says it’s a tough situation and it’s not Belle’s fault if she is in love with Shawn. Kate goes into rant #1,000,001 about Belle. Roman has a flashback to the castle where he and Marlena talk about keeping their secret from their spouses.

He reminds Kate that they exchanged vows there when it was the sophisticated Tuscany’s. She reminds him that this is where he died...lol...worse day of her life. Roman mentions her engagement to John. She says they helped each other through a very bad time. He mentions about John still caring about her and asks if she still has feelings for him. She parries back about his feelings for Marlena.

Roman says that he won’t lie to her...Marlena was one of the two great loves of his life...had family together (sorry but I don’t see Kate as the other) and that they would still be together if it weren’t for Stefano. We get a flashback of castle lovemaking. He says they experienced some powerful feelings and supported each other. Kate mentions that she and John thought they were dead but that he and Marlena knew that she and John were alive. Roman says that they were both difficult situations and wants to know what she is getting at. He is saved by the phone ringing...hangs up and says it was his ISA contact and the hostages are all on their way home. He suggests that they have a welcome home party.

Penthouse: Marlena, Belle, and Mimi

Marlena finds Belle on the balcony. She tells her daughter that she made some herbal tea. They go back inside and Marlena comforts a worried Belle. John is in the den making calls (we don’t see him on the show today). Marlena tells Belle that there isn’t any news yet. The doorbell rings and its Mimi. Belle tearfully explains about the explosion and they hug.

Mimi tells Belle that Shawn and Phil will be fine. Marlena tells them that the Basic Black jet has taken off with all the hostages. The three of them believe that it also includes Phil and are excited. Belle says that she would have been called if anything had happened to Phil. Just then the scene moves to the loft with the marine chaplain leaving her a phone message that he needs to talk to her about her husband.

The penthouse phone rings and its Chloe. She wants Marlena’s advice as a psychiatrist and needs to see her immediately in person. Marlena hangs up and tells Belle that she has to go see a patient and leaves.

Belle is excited about the news and hopes that Phil hasn’t been injured. She hates that she will have to break his heart when he returns. Mimi says that Rex will be heartbroken as well when he realizes that they have no future together. Her cell phone rings. She hangs up and tells Belle that it was Mickey and that her sentencing date has been moved up. Belle tells her she can’t go to jail and tries to convince her to change her mind. Mimi goes on about how the sentencing hearing is on the same date as their wedding would have been.

The phone rings and its Roman. He asks Belle if she’s heard the news and they both talk about how excited they are that everyone is on the way home. Roman tells her about the party idea and she says that they will be there as soon as they have spread the word. Mimi goes on about Rex not finding out about her lies...etc...etc... She wants Belle to help him find a new love...etc...etc... Then she guilts Belle about Phil never getting over her. Belle looks shell-shocked.

Clinic: Chloe, Nicole, Marlena

Chloe says her face looks worse than ever. She doesn’t want Brady to find her. Nicole tells her that when he gets home he won’t give up and will come looking for her. She phones Marlena asking her to come. Nicole tells her afterwards that she doesn’t think it was a good idea. Chloe says that Marlena always knows what’s best for her. Nicole says that Brady will hate her for keeping Chloe’s secret. Chloe says she is willing to take all the blame...falling right into Nicole’s trap. Nicole says...so you’ve made up your mind to see him...she plays with her emotions...reminds her about her scars, etc... Chloe says she hasn’t made up her mind yet and that Brady will be angry at the person who did this to her. Nicole has a flashback about not sterilizing the instruments...yawn.

Marlena comes in. Nicole wants to talk to her privately in the corridor. Marlena wants to know why Nicole is even there. Nicole changes the subject and goes on the verbal attack….asking about Roman and the Castle…again yawn and totally ridiculous coming from her.

Back in Chloe’s room, Marlena explains about the welcome home party and advises Chloe to see Brady there (excuse me, is Chloe and outpatient with room privileges now? Doesn’t this disease have debilitating consequences?). Marlena tells Chloe that it’s finished. Brady knows the truth. Nicole agrees but quickly exits. Marlena smiles at Chloe and tells her its time. Chloe wants to see Brady right away and runs into the bathroom to get dressed.

Alice’s Restaurant cont...

The girls arrive at the restaurant and see Kate and Roman (lucky them). Rant # 1544 from Kate about Belle’s disloyalty to Phil (someone needs to put a muzzle on the woman). The scene moves to Belle’s loft again and the Chaplain leaving another phone message saying that they need to speak to her personally and her husband and are on their way to Salem to do so. Belle asks Kate not to ruin the party. She and Mimi go inside to help and Kate bitches that Belle is going to break her baby’s heart.

Nicole is outside of Alice’s just as Brady walks up...wants the truth...and asks where Chloe is. The passengers have all showered and cleaned up very nicely as they arrive at the restaurant. Sami sees her dad and runs into his arms (very sweet). Lucas run’s into Kate’s arms. Kate asks Lucas about Philip. He is surprised that she doesn’t know already. Outside of the restaurant we see Mimi and Rex. Rex is telling her that he can’t wait to marry her.

Belle is standing outside when a rose is thrust in front of her. She says: “Shawn?” He smiles. She tells him that she’s so glad that he is okay and was so afraid of losing him. She asks where Phil is and he realizes that she hasn’t gotten the news yet. He tells her about Phil being injured and about the letter Phil wrote…doesn’t know how serious Phil’s injuries are or if he’ll survive. We see the chaplain and his driver driving towards Salem to see Belle. The driver says it will be a long hard night for her. Belle says... “He’s still alive? Going to live? Phil can’t die…I can’t lose him.”


Bo tells Hope that if Dimera survived the explosion in the castle, then maybe his mom and Victor did too. Hope agrees saying maybe they are still alive. (lol…about time the writers got back to Victor and Caroline).

Marlena tells a very-bandaged Chloe that as soon as she is ready they can see him (Brady). She says that Chloe will make him the happiest man on earth.

Belle listens to her cell phone messages. Shawn asks what’s wrong. She tells him that its worse than she thought.

Lucas tells Sami that she has to be honest with him about everything if she wants him back.


Monday Jun 6

Alice’s Restaurant is where most of the scenes take place today:

A repeat of the final scenes from yesterday’s show... starting with the party going on...noisy and crowded. Outside we see Brady come up to Nicole. She’s happy he’s back until he demands to know about Chloe. She says she will tell him.

Marlena sneaks a disguised and bandaged Chloe into the restaurant’s office. Chloe thinks it was a mistake to come. She doesn’t want Brady to see her like this. Marlena tells her that Brady loves her and the scars won’t change how he feels...Brady won’t give up and they belong together.

At the party we have a repeat of Sami running into Roman’s arms. Both are laughing and crying as Sami tells him how glad she is that he is alive and how much she missed him. He tells her that he will never go away again. Sami asks where her mom is. Roman points behind her. Sami spins around and, seeing Marlena, runs into her arms. Sami is glad that both her parents are okay. She tells them that life for her has been pretty terrible but she is sure that now they are back that her whole life will be better.

Nicole tells Brady that Chloe is dead but he says he knows better and is sure she knows where she is. John walks up, glad to see Brady. Brady tells his dad the news about Chloe.

Marlena tells Chloe that she has seen Brady and that he is eager to see her. Chloe is nervous and unsure if she is doing the right thing. Marlena assures her that he loves her. Chloe says she needs some time alone first to build her courage so Marlena leaves.

In the office, Chloe stares at Brady’s picture and worries about telling him the truth…wondering if he will still love her looking like she does.

Kate and Lucas are talking. She’s happy about him being back safely but wants to know where Phil is. Lucas is surprised that she doesn’t know what happened.

Outside, Mimi and Belle are strolling hand in hand. Mimi sees Rex and runs into his arms telling him how much she loves him. Rex tells her that he wants to marry her and takes her inside.

Belle is waiting by herself now. Shawn gives her a beautiful red rose and they hug as she tells him how glad she is that he is alive. He tells her he loves her. She asks about Phil. He tells her that Philip was injured and then explains about the letter...Phil will do everything he can to come back to her...he’ll not let anything ever come between them again (Jason does a wonderful job here). Bo and Hope see him and rush to embrace him. Shawn asks sheepishly if they are mad at him. Bo tells him he’ll be mad later but for now they are just happy he’s back safe and sound.

John comes over and Belle runs into his arms. She starts crying about Phil not coming back and doesn’t know what she will do...she might lose him. Shawn watches from the side. We get a clip of Phil on the military helicopter and a medic working on him. The medic says it will be a miracle if he makes it to Germany...much less home.

Inside, Lucas tries to convince Kate that Phil will be fine. He mentions Sami being a hero and Kate looks disgusted.

Roman and Marlena ask Sami about Tony and the war zone. She tap dances and says she will tell them later.

Back on the military helicopter, we see Philip having a dream about Belle. Belle is at the window of the loft when he walks in. She runs to him...happy he’s alive. Back at the party, John, Bo, and Hope ask Shawn about Phil but he tells them that he doesn’t have any news. Shawn gives Belle the letter from Phil.

Bo tells Hope that he wishes he could speak to Victor once more. They both think it’s possible that Caroline and Victor are alive...Tony survived the fire so maybe they did as well.

Roman and Marlena talk about how worried they are about Belle. Sami looks jealous. Roman leaves to find Kate. Sami asks her mom why she and Roman aren’t together (broken record). John comes up and welcomes Sami back. She won’t hug him...sigh...walks away. Sami tells Lucas that she is upset that her parents aren’t together.

Roman tries to comfort a miserable Kate that Philip will be fine. He goes to find Rex.

Belle is reading Phil’s letter (still in tears) and asks herself how she could turn her back on him. We see Phil dreaming again.

Shawn Sr. has arrived with Will. Bo and Hope tell them their theory about Caroline and Victor. He says: “My beautiful Caroline could still be alive? We have to find her.”

Rex wants Mimi to tell him what is wrong. She blusters and says she is upset about Phil. Kate comes up and hugs Rex. She thanks him for going to rescue Phil (bet she won’t thank Shawn). Kate tells Rex that Roman is alive. Roman comes up and hugs his son. They tell them they have a surprise for him. He turns around and smiles as he sees Cassie, running to hug her. Mimi is watching in the background and mumbles to herself that Rex is so happy...how can she break his heart and tell him that on the day they are supposed to be getting married...she’ll be going to jail.

Will is happy to see Lucas and Sami. He hugs his mom and tells her and Lucas how much he missed them. He thinks going to rescue Phil was pretty cool, but wants to know how Sami ended up with Tony (seems to be the question of the day...lol...). Sami blusters her way out of it. Lucas tells Will that his mom is a real hero. She says that she just wanted to show them that she was a good person...a person they could trust...wants to be a family again. Will says, “Well dad?”

Marlena is with Chloe again. Chloe says that her biggest fear is that Brady will stay with her out of pity. She asks to be alone again to get her courage up.

John and Brady (with Nicole interrupting) are talking outside. John asks his son if he really thinks Chloe is alive. Brady is sure. Nicole tries to convince John that Chloe is dead. Brady asks her abruptly to leave them alone to talk. She says she is going in search of a drink and he tells her not to go to far. He explains to his dad about the phone call and about Nicole lying. John thinks she hasn’t changed at all. She wants Brady and will do anything to get him. Brady starts to believe him.

Belle checks her phone messages and says OMG! Shawn wants to know what is wrong. The next clip is of the marine chaplain and his driver. The chaplain is explaining that Belle is at a welcome home party. The driver doesn’t think she will be celebrating when she finds out the news. We see Phil dreaming again. Belle is holding him on one side and Shawn on the other as he passes out. Back at Alice’s, an upset Belle tells Shawn who called.

Will asks his father if he has forgiven his mother. Lucas says that he still has a lot of serious questions but for now will give her the benefit of the doubt.

Shawn Sr., Bo and Hope are still talking about Victor and Caroline. Shawn Sr. gives a toast to his darling Caroline and hopes that both she and Victor are alive and get home soon. Nicole is also at the bar drinking and hears them. She’s upset that Victor might be alive and wants to know why these people can’t stay dead. Brady takes her drink from her and tells her that the lies stop now.

In the office, Chloe is looking at a small framed picture of Brady. She doesn’t know how she will face him or what she will say. She knows he loves and misses the old Chloe, but what about the new one? Will he be able to love her like this?

At the bar, Nicole tells Brady that this was supposed to be the happiest day of her life...he was going to propose... they were going to get married. She says she should have known and walks off upset. Brady swears...lol...

John and Marlena talk about Belle. Marlena has a flashback to making love with Roman...groan. They go look for Belle.

Shawn is trying to convince Belle to stay positive. Mimi rushes up and says that Shawn is right. Shawn goes to get her some water. Belle tells Mimi she is right and that Phil will be okay. She asks Mimi if she has told Rex the truth yet. Mimi says he’s happy and she doesn’t want to ruin it. Belle tells Mimi that she is innocent but Mimi says the best she can hope for is that Rex never finds out...and she’ll go to jail for a crime she didn’t commit.

Rex is inside with Cassie. He says that it’s unbelievable that she and dad are okay. He just hopes that Phil is. Cassie agrees. On the helicopter, the pilot says that they are almost there. The medic replies that it can’t be too soon because they are losing him.

Brady and Belle are together now & hugging. She’s happy he’s safe and says that the guys are all heroes. Brady’s just sorry he couldn’t bring Phil back for her but is sure that he’ll pull through. Belle goes to check her messages again. John comes up and asks if he had any luck with Nicole. Brady says no and that he is going to call Nancy.

Chloe is still in the office by herself. She has changed her mind and says Brady can’t see her like this and that she shouldn’t have come.

Shawn Sr. and Sami are hugging now. She hopes that Caroline is all right. Shawn Sr. decides to leave with Will and go raid the kitchen back at the pub. Lucas tells a reluctant Will that they will spend time with him tomorrow. Sami suggests that Will might even want to move back in with her. Lucas says they should wait...Will has school tomorrow ...they can decide later. Sami tells Lucas that she will do anything to be a family again. He says that there is one condition. She says she’ll do anything.

Bo and Hope are talking about Belle. Bo says that no news is good news. She suggests they go and get Zach from Doug and Julie’s. He tells her that Zach is staying overnight and he wants to take her to a special place so they can be alone. They kiss passionately and Hope tells Bo that his lips are very persuasive (loved this scene).

Lucas tells Sami that she has to be honest about everything. He wants to know what went on between her and Tony.

Rex overhears Mimi talking about jail. He says that now he knows what she was trying to keep from him.

Nicole is outside crying as Marlena comes up to her. She tells Nicole that Chloe is there and that Nicole should have told the truth while she could. Nicole says she wanted to be with him.

Brady comes inside and is searching for a quiet place to call Nancy. In the office, Chloe is mumbling that Brady doesn’t deserve to be stuck with her. Brady opens the door and says, “Hello?” And then “OMG!”

John asks Belle how she is holding up. Kate and Roman come up to them and Kate starts ranting at Belle again. The chaplain arrives and tells Belle that he has news about her husband. Belle asks him if Phil is okay. The helicopter has arrived in Wiesbaden, Germany. Phil is on a gurney being wheeled into the hospital. The doctor is told that his blood pressure is really bad. He says, “oh my god! We may be too late!”

Some Island: Caroline, Victor, and Bart

Bart comes into their room with a cart of favorite food. He lifts one of the covers to show them a package of Listerine Pocket Pals for an after-dinner romantic moment (this stuff is really wearing thin...sigh). Caroline tells him he should be ashamed of what he is doing (I don’t understand how one moment he can tell Sami that Tony has gone over the deep end and in the next he is back with him). Bart tells the prisoners that they won’t be leaving because Tony is alive and has big plans for them. Caroline says she just lost her appetite.

Some time later, Caroline and Victor are eating. Caroline talks about Sami and Philip and the others. They both miss their families. Victor swears he will get them out of there or die trying. In the hallway Bart is saying that he’s sorry but they aren’t going anywhere.

Nicole taunts Marlena saying that Chloe may need to keep lying to Brady. Did she ever think of that, as Marlena may need to keep lying to her husband?

Hope tells Bo that maybe a part of him may have known it was Billie and not her. Bo says there is no way that would have happened…if he had known anything…Hope says she knows one way…

Lucas tells Sami that it is impossible for them to have a future together unless the lying stops for good…

Belle is on the phone crying and says, "Oh God! NO!"


Wednesday Jun 8

Janice’s Spoilers

At the Beach: Bo & Hope (Christian and Peter were wonderful today)

Bo leads Hope (eyes closed) to his little surprise on the beach...blanket...picnic...bonfire... Hope thinks it looks beautiful and romantic. Bo tells her it’s a symbol that their future will be as full of happiness as a day at the beach. She tells him that she loves how romantic he is and they start to kiss.

Bo tells Hope that they are going to have good times from now on because their family is back together. He apologizes for chasing down blind alleys and says he should have been there for her and the boys. Hope tells him that she won’t stand in the way of his finding Georgia but hopes he is aware that Billie will try anything to take advantage of his kindness. He tells her that he understands that she’s upset. Hope tells him that a part of her wonders if he did know that it was Billie he was making love to in the pit. Bo says no way. She asks if deep down a part of him did want to make love to Billie.

Bo tells her that when they were in the pit, they thought they were dying. He says that maybe he wanted to be with the woman he loved most in the world and that at that moment maybe he had Hope in his mind....doesn’t really know because of the gas. Bo tells her that he would never consciously make love to another woman...she is the only woman he loves and it kills him that he hurt her so much. He wants to prove how much he loves her and they start to make love under the stars.

Later, Bo tells Hope that their relationship will never die...neither will their passion. Hope jokes about being arrested for making love in a public place. He says he wouldn’t mind spending the night in jail with her...and that he is just a crazy husband who is crazy in love with his wife. They make love again.

Bo reminisces about sailing on the Fancy Face. Hope is very happy and he tells her that their ship is unsinkable and pledges to prove to her that she is number one on the top of his list always. They make love once again...lol...

Island: Tony &Bart

Bart lays down the King of Clubs with Bo’s face on it and tries to decide if the next card he puts down should be the Queen of Hearts – Hope or Queen of Diamonds – Billie. Tony comes in and tells him he should play the card that will cause the most pain. Bart welcomes the count back and offers him a drink. Tony says he has to stay sober so he can plan his next move. Bart wants to know who he’s going to slam next. Tony grabs a knife and spears the Queen of Spades – Sami.

Tony has the cards now and lays out the ace of hearts, saying that he still has a young Georgia up his sleeve. He explains to Bart that they will all pay for what they did to his family...revenge...revenge...revenge...yawn... He asks about Victor and Caroline and Bart says everything is fine. Tony thinks that John, Bo and Roman know he’s alive now, and they may also think that Caroline and Victor are too. He thinks they will come after him but says he’s ready for them.

Tony takes another look at the Queen of Spades and says that destruction is as destruction does. Then he murmurs that he holds Sami’s terrible fate in his hands.

Alice’s Restaurant: Everyone else...

Lucas tells Sami that if she wants a future with him then she has to come clean about Tony. Sami tells him that she knows she owes him the truth.

For the umpteenth time, Mimi is talking to herself about telling Rex that she is going to jail. Rex comes up and says he knows now what secret she is keeping from him.

Marlena and Nicole are still talking about Chloe. Nicole is still trying to decide whether she should tell Brady that Chloe is alive. Marlena asks Nicole where her compassion is. Nicole throws it back at her and asks her if she wouldn’t want to hide if she had the same scars Chloe has.

Chloe is arguing with herself about being a burden to Brady. We get another replay of Brady looking for somewhere to use his phone...opening the door to the office...saying OMG...

We get Kate ranting again at Belle and John telling her to take it easy. She yells at Shawn that while her son’s life is hanging in the balance, he is still trying to steal his wife. Belle says that’s not true. The Marine Chaplain finds her and she asks whether Phil will be okay...he doesn’t say anything and she is upset that Phil might be dead...starts crying.

The scene moves to the military hospital operating room. The surgeon says that the pulse is barely thee and that surgery is a long shot...not much time. Flashback to Phil in the minefield talking to Belle.

The chaplain tells Belle that as far as they know Phil is still alive. Belle is grateful. He tells her that Phil stepped on minefield trying to save buddy...very noble... such a hero... and that he sustained a very severe injury...all they can do is wait. He gives her his card if she needs anything and then salutes saying how noble Phil is. Kate says that they have to pray. Belle says that Phil will be okay.

Nicole is ragging on Marlena about her and Roman’s secret.
Brady smells Chloe’s perfume and asks if she is there. Chloe is hiding and hears his fervent desire to see her again...missed her so much...yada...yada...

Sami tap dances about Lucas’s question. She turns the tables on Lucas and asks him how he could possibly believe that she would be involved with a monster like Tony... “You’re the one with the Dimera Organization on your resume...” He tells her that he never lied about working for Tony, the master manipulator, and goes on about how Tony is good at offering people what they want and getting them to do their dirty work. Sami has f/b to being with Tony and watching castle scene with Roman and Marlena eating Chinese food.

Mimi tells Rex she’s sorry. He’s confused and wants to know why she would apologize about his dad and sister being alive. She makes the excuse that she didn’t want to tell him but wanted him to really be surprised...oy vey! Rex says he can’t wait for their wedding day. Mimi has a fantasy of being in jail and wearing her wedding dress... she’s crying. Back in the present she tells Rex that it will be a day neither of them will forget.

Roman and Kate walk up to Lucas and Sami. Kate tells Lucas she needs to talk to him about his brother and they walk off. Sami goes into her song and dance routine about her mom and dad being together. F/B to castle love. Roman cuts her off and says he loves Kate...she’s his wife...John is with Marlena...that’s the way it is!

Lucas is telling Kate that Phil will be okay...Phil will do anything to get back home to Belle. Kate says she hopes Lucas isn’t falling for that viper Sami again. He looks uncomfortable.

Brady says that he can’t wait for Nancy and leaves. Chloe comes out and decides that she has to tell him she’s alive.

Marlena and Belle are hugging. John takes Shawn aside and rags on him for stealing ISA secrets. Shawn holds his own and says they had to do it...they led the marines to Phil and he was rescued. John doesn’t let up and says that Shawn had a hidden agenda and to stay the hell away from his daughter. He goes to Belle and both parents are hugging her now while Shawn watches.

In the operating room, the surgeon is saying that it’s not looking good.

Brady bumps into Nicole and asks her if she is finally ready to tell him the truth about Chloe. She lies again and he says his father was right about her...she’s a cold-hearted liar. He walks off. Chloe comes up and tells her that she has to tell Brady the truth.

Marlena and Brady rejoice in seeing each other again. He tells her that he is convinced that Chloe is alive and needs her help. She’s smiling at him.

Rex tells Mimi that he knows she is worried about Phil and that he is too. He asks where Bonnie is and she says in Nashville. She’s on her way home now that she knows everyone is back.

Belle is crying. Shawn tells her he’s sorry and wishes he could do something to help her. Belle says there is...he can pray with her. She holds out her hands and he takes them. They bow their heads and pray.

Back in the operating room the Surgeon says it may be too late. Phil has a fantasy of being in bed with Belle and then fading out so that she is alone and sad. The surgeon says it’s such a tragedy and he’s not looking forward to telling Phil’s family.

John and Roman talk about going after Tony and finding Victor and Caroline. John thinks it would be great for Phil if they could find his father.

Sami tells Lucas that she’s sorry about Phil. He says he is going to talk to his mom and see if there is any more news. First he warns her again about no more lies. Sami watches him go and says thank god Tony is out of the picture. Her cellphone rings and she says... god it’s you!

Chloe and Nicole are outside. Nicole tries to psych her out of telling Brady but Chloe is determined. She asks Nicole to go find Brady for her. Inside Marlena tells Brady to go onto the terrace where he may just find his answers.

Rex is happy and tells Mimi that he loves her and wants to marry her...yada...yada... He goes on about how perfect she is until she stops him abruptly and tells him she isn’t perfect and can’t marry him.

John tells Roman that for them to find Tony...they don’t have to look any further than Sami.

Sami asks Tony what the hell he wants. He says that no one knows that she is the infamous Stan and that she betrayed Salem’s young heroes. Sami tells Tony that he’s not going to tell anyone. Tony says he will tell her ex-fiancé and to put Lucas on the phone.

Shawn tells Belle that he understands that she needs to focus on Phil coming home right now and making a full recovery. He knows that they can’t think about being together yet. Kate comes up and gets mad at him. She says that maybe Belle will realize that she still loves Phil and would rather be with a marine hero than a loser like Shawn. Belle’s cellphone rings and it’s the surgeon. She listens and says...OMG...No!

Sami: No, you can’t do that, Tony, Please! Just tell me what you want.

Bo to Hope: I just think our son should prepare himself for the possibility he might have to spend the rest of his life without Belle.

Kate to Shawn: Take your hands off her – she’s still Philip’s wife. Shawn says: She’s scare to death, Kate.

Brady to Nicole: I need some answers from you. I need them now.


Thursday Jun 9

Janice’s Spoilers

The Beach: Bo & Hope

They are sitting in front of the most beautiful bonfire... sigh... Hope tells Bo that she thinks their coming to the beach was a wonderful idea...so peaceful. Hope is glad that things are getting back to normal. She thinks they still have a lot to deal with but is glad that for one night it is just the two of them. Bo looks disturbed and she asks him what is wrong. He wishes he could be as optimistic as her but thinks it will take a while until things get better.

Hope asks him if it’s because he and Billie still haven’t found Georgia. Bo says that is part of it but he is also concerned about Billie’s involvement with Abby’s friend. Hope thinks it’s a good thing...Chelsea needs a lot of support now...and when they find Georgia...the two girls can help each other readjust. Bo just hopes it doesn’t backfire on Billie...using Chelsea as substitute for Georgia.

Bo talks about Belle and Shawn and says that worrying about their children never stops. Hope is grateful that Shawn got back safely. Bo says that Shawn was irresponsible but he is also proud of him. Hope explains how desperate Shawn was to find Phil but Bo thinks it was because he was desperate to be with Belle. She wonders if he is questioning their son’s motives. Bo says he isn’t but does think that Shawn’s motives were also a little self-serving.

Hope is upset with Bo and says that all the boys were heroes. Bo counters that he’s not questioning Shawn’s bravery...just his motives. He thinks that Shawn was more concerned about Belle than about Phil being flown to a military hospital. Hope thinks he was concerned about both of them but that Belle was out of her mind with worry and Shawn was just trying to comfort him. They both agree that the situation is very complicated and hope that Phil will be okay. Hope suggests that they pray for everyone including their son.

Hope hates the way Bo is talking about Shawn and asks him if he really thinks that Shawn wants to see Phil hurt by Belle. Bo says no but that Shawn is determined to be with Belle no matter what and that it won’t be pretty when Phil returns. Hope tells him that Belle loves Shawn and that he’s the one she wants to be with. Bo asks her if she thinks Belle should break Phil’s heart...walk away from the man who loves her more than life (I think the same can be said of Shawn...grrr...)...survived months of torture and imprisonment to get back to her...etc...etc...

Hope feels bad for Phil but says that the reality is that Belle loves Shawn and they deserve to be happy. Bo says that he just thinks Shawn should accept the possibility that he might have to spend the rest of his life without Belle.

Still at Alice’s Restaurant: Everyone else...

A replay of Chloe and Nicole outside. Nicole trying her damnedest to get Chloe to back off from revealing herself to Brady...more and more mean mind games.

A replay of Marlena and Brady inside. Brady wants to know why Chloe hasn’t come to him and if she’s fallen in love with someone else. Why is she hiding from him...etc...? Marlena turns and sees Nicole and Chloe on the terrace. She suggests that he go onto the terrace to clear his head... find answers there. He wonders what she knows that she isn’t telling him.

Roman tells John that unless he has a mirror that can tell them where Tony is holding the hostages he doesn’t see how they can find him. John says they have to find Tony first and to do that they just have to look at Sami. He tells Roman that no one knows how long Sami was with Tony and they haven’t heard a credible explanation yet for what she was doing there in the first place. Roman asks him if he is implying that Sami is working for Tony.

Sami is still on her cellphone with Tony. She asks him again why he is calling. He asks her if anyone has found out that she is the infamous Stan yet...a traitor who betrayed the young heroes. He’s going to tell everyone about her starting with her ex-fiancé. Sami panics and tells him he can’t because she is sure Lucas is about to take her back. Tony asks her to put Lucas on and when she won’t, says he’ll call him directly.

Outside, Shawn is telling Belle that he knows that there is no way they can be together until Phil comes home safely. Kate comes up and repeats her rant about Belle choosing noble marine hero Phil over loser Shawn. Belle’s cellphone goes off and it’s the surgeon. Belle asks him how Phil is and then says OMG! No! Shawn wants to know what is wrong and Belle says she doesn’t know because the surgeon was called back into surgery before he could tell her anything. Belle goes into Shawn’s arms for comfort and Kate looks at him disgustedly.

Chloe tells Nicole that Brady knows she is alive and won’t give up until he finds her... should have been honest from the beginning...etc... More Nicole mind games...convinces Chloe to stay hidden for a bit.

Marlena tells Brady to listen to his heart...it belongs to Chloe and Nicole needs to know that. He says he never lied to Nicole about his love for Chloe, but they got closer when he thought Chloe was dead. Marlena tells him that Nicole thinks they are getting married and he admits to telling her that when he got back they would make a commitment....if Chloe is alive it changes anything. Marlena gives him a lot to think about and he decides to go out on the terrace to get some fresh air. He goes through the doors and says “You!” (getting so tired of this misleading stuff).

Roman doesn’t believe that Sami is involved with Tony. John takes a trip down memory lane and reminds him about Sami switching hospital records (Abe/Lexi)...her behavior being out of control since Roman and Marlena have been gone... etc... Roman tells him to give her a break because she thought everyone was dead. John says that she blamed everyone...was abusive and selfish....wedding fiasco...she disappeared. Sami’s dad says it doesn’t make sense that she would end up in the war zone with Tony. John thinks its because both Sami and Tony are after the same thing...revenge.

Tony is calling Sami “Stan” now. He says that Stan is her evil alter ego and when everyone finds out her new name will be “Mud.” Bart finds that funny. Sami tells him that she did what he wanted but he tells her that she destroyed his plans and he almost got caught. She tells him that alls well that ends well but he says that their relationship is far from over.

Kate pulls Belle away from Shawn and tells him to get his hands off her...she’s still Phil’s wife. Shawn tells Kate that Belle is scared to death. Kate turns from him and asks Belle what the doctor said. Belle tells her that he didn’t say anything...not even if Phil is dead or alive...but said he would call her back. She asks it this is bad. Kate says no. Shawn says that they know Phil stepped on a landmine... the military got him out quickly and onto a play to the hospital where they have some of the best doctors and equipment in the world. Kate gives Shawn a dirty look and he gets mad. He tells her that there is no reason to give up hope. Kate tells him to just give up the act because he doesn’t care if her baby lives or dies. She tells Shawn that the only reason he wants Phil alive is so he can break his heart and steal his wife.

Chloe is hiding and listening in to Brady and Nicole’s conversation. Brady still wants answers. She tells him that he’s right and everything he thinks is true.

Roman asks John who Sami would want revenge on. John replies that just about anyone she thinks has done her wrong...anyone in the Salem phone book. Roman gets angry but John says he doesn’t trust her. Roman guarantees that Sami isn’t like that. Lucas and Marlena come up and tell them they could hear their arguing from the bar and want to know what is going on. Roman tells Marlena that her husband thinks that Sami is working with Tony. She says that she already told Kate that that was impossible. Lucas admits that when the boys were in the bunker, that Rex, Brady, and Shawn all thought the same thing about Sami when they first saw her.

Sami tells Tony he is a sick man and needs special help. She tells him she couldn’t let him hurt the guys. He tells her that anyone who goes against him does so at their peril. Bart also thinks this is funny. Sami says he lied to her...said he wouldn’t hurt them. He counters by asking her if what she did as Stan wasn’t evil too. He says that she systematically destroyed people’s lives and that people are still suffering because of her...what will her heartbroken parents...Lucas...Will...think when they get a list of her crimes. When she doesn’t answer he asks if the cat caught her tongue.

Shawn is furious with Kate. He tells her that he has had it with her accusing him of not caring about Phil...he risked his life to save him and it wasn’t just so he could be with Belle. Kate says he should keep telling himself that and eventually he might end up believing it. Shawn says that the only thing Kate is right about is that he loves Belle and wants to be with her. He asks her why the hell she would want her son to be in a loveless marriage. Belle says that she loves Phil...not to say that...Phil could be dying... Shawn tells her that they don’t know that. Kate rags on Shawn to Belle and says that Shawn doesn’t know anything except that he would be happier if Phil was dead because then he could be with Belle. Belle gets upset and tells them to stop it...it’s not about her...it’s about Phil and whether he survives. She leaves to go inside and Shawn follows.

Roman is surprise that the boys thought Sami was in league with Tony. Lucas says that they were wrong and that Sami saved them. He tells them that it was Stan who really betrayed them. Marlena excuses herself to go to Belle.

Belle tells her about Phil. John calls Shane for info. Marlena tells Belle to stay positive. Shawn agrees and tells her he is there for her and always will be.

Kate walks up to John and he tells her not to worry. She hugs him and tells him she doesn’t know what she’d do without him. Marlena watches from afar.

Brady still wants to know where Chloe is. Nicole taps and says she is alive in his heart. He gets very frustrated. She implies that Tony was pulling the wool over his eyes. She gives him a sob story but he doesn’t buy it.

Sami tells Tony no one will believe him. He tells her that he has evidence (twirling Stan’s wig in his hand)...Stan’s disguise has DNA all over it. Bart says they also have photos and video. Sami thinks he’s bluffing. Tony goes into a long review of Stan’s crimes complete with flashback after boring flashback. She finally tells him that he has made his point and still wants to know what he wants.

John thanks Shane and hangs up. He tells them that there is no hard news yet and that the surgeon is still in recover with Phil. Shawn tells Belle that at least Phil is alive. Marlena asks Belle is she can get her anything and she says no. Kate says she could use a brandy but before Marlena can go and get it for her, John takes off for it. Marlena and Roman look concerned.

Lucas pulls Shawn aside and asks if to back off for a little while. Shawn says that Belle needs him. Lucas says that she has her mom and dad and that his mom doesn’t need anymore aggravation. Shawn says he’s just trying to be there for Belle. Lucas persists and asks him to leave her alone...Belle is caught in the middle between Kate and Shawn.

John gives Kate her drink and watches as Roman takes her away. He tells Belle that Phil is tough as nails and loves her and just wants to come home to her....once he hears her voice it will give him the strength to fight. Shawn overhears Belle telling her dad that she will do anything to help Phil recover...stay with him no matter how long it takes.

Tony tells Sami that she broke her word for him. She says they are even and wants to pretend it never happened....she says she made a huge mistake. He says he is going to make sure she learns from it.

Lucas tells Shawn that he knows it hasn’t been easy for him...but if he really loves Belle he will back off. Belle’s cellphone rings. She asks how Phil is and says... OMG! No! and starts crying. Everyone looks shocked. Shawn puts his hands on her shoulders.


Sami (Still talking to Tony): “Damn you Tony! What are you going to do to me?” Tony replies: “Maybe I’ll just go after the ones you love...like your mother...your father...even Lucas...”

Lucas talking to Rex: “It’s really bad Rex...worse than you can ever imagine.”

Hope talking to Bo: “Don’t you want to see him fight for the woman he loves?” Bo replying: “No matter who gets hurt?”

Belle at the loft, talking to Shawn: “You shouldn’t be here.” Shawn replies: “But I am...and I’m not letting you go!”


Friday Jun 10

Janice’s Spoilers

Alice’s Restaurant:

Chloe is still hiding and listening to Brady and Nicole’s conversation on the terrace. She wants to be with him more and more…doesn’t want to be a burden…and on…and on… and on. Brady asks for a logical explanation. Nicole is doing her best to convince Brady that Tony duped him into believing that Chloe is alive.

He doesn’t believe her…wants to know how Tony set her up…she keeps saying the same thing…he still doesn’t believe her (I’m falling asleep here).

Brady tells Nicole that if Chloe were alive he would definitely be with her and not Nicole. She continues her quest to convince him that he’s wrong. He tells her again that Chloe is and always will be the love of his life. Nicole puts the blame on Tony for trying to break them up…even going to the extreme of arranging a fake call to convince Brady that Chloe was still alive.

She brings in the Nancy card…Nancy told him Chloe was dead too…set up ceremony for her…etc… Nicole tells Brady how much she loves him…could make him happy…but if he doesn’t want that she hopes he and his ghost (Chloe) live happily ever after. Then Nicole exits dramatically. Brady’s upset and that makes Chloe upset too. He’s talking to himself about the situation and miracles happening and she’s wondering if she’s brave enough to tell him she’s alive and show him that miracles do happen.

Inside the Restaurant:

Sami is still on the phone with Tony…yawn…same old…same old…. She hides herself in a tiny electrical closet. Tony tells Sami he had to break his promise not to hurt the boys of summer because he couldn’t leave any evidence behind. We get another stupid flashback. She wants a truce and he threatens to hurt her parents or even Lucas.

After Shawn tells Kate that Belle shouldn’t be alone right now, Phil’s angry mommy tells him to stay away from Belle. Roman comes up and tries to get her blood pressure to go down and tells her they will get through this. She’s very upset about her baby and doesn’t think she can get through it. She has a flashback of Belle getting the news about Phil.

Shawn is very upset and asks John and Marlena why they aren’t with Belle. They tell Shawn that they took Belle back to her loft so she could be alone. Marlena admits that she didn’t want to but Belle’s wishes have to be respected. John threatens to stop Shawn if he doesn’t do the same. John finds out that his plane is being serviced. He is trying to find another plane to take Belle to Phil. Shawn says that Belle shouldn’t be alone. He doesn’t think she should go to Phil because it will just upset her. Kate rants on…Shawn wants Phil dead…yada…yada… Marlena and Kate go get some water.

Roman pulls Shawn aside to talk to him. Shawn still doesn’t want Belle to be alone but Roman says he might not have a choice and should put his feelings aside. Shawn explains about Phil’s letter and says it’s not just about him...Phil wanted him to take care of Belle. Roman tells him that Phil meant…just as a friend and didn’t know what was going on. Shawn agrees but says that he can’t leave her alone because she blames herself for what happened. Roman says that it wasn’t her fault but Shawn tells him he tried to explain that to her but she isn’t hearing.

Roman wonders if Shawn is worried that Belle will stay with Phil and not tell him. Shawn admits it’s a possibility but he doesn’t want to think about it. Roman tells him that Belle wants to be there for Phil because of what he is going through. Shawn agrees but asks Roman if what he is saying is that Shawn should give up on her. He tells him he can’t give up on Belle or he’ll regret it for the rest of his life. He likens it to Roman giving up on Marlena. Roman tells him he knows how tough it is for him but to hang in there…he is his nephew and he loves him very much.

John tells Roman, Kate, and Marlena that the marines are going to give Belle and two other passengers’ seats on a military plane leaving that very night for Germany. Marlena thinks Kate should go, just as Kate thinks Marlena should too. Marlena wants John to go instead of her…can cut through red tape; get Phil home sooner...etc… Roman says he wants to find his mother and Victor. He offers to drive Kate home so she can pack but she tells him she needs to be alone. They kiss and say goodbye. John and Marlena hug each other. Marlena tells him she will miss him and to take care of their little girl. John asks Roman to let him know if he gets any info on Tony and both men agree to look out for each other’s wife (sheesh! Talk about contrived).

Rex asks Lucas if he’s seen Mimi. He explains that she ran out on him after saying she couldn’t marry him. Lucas tells Rex about Phil. He thinks its all Stan’s fault. So does Rex. Rex tells Shawn that he is going to look for Mimi. Shawn goes with him. Lucas goes to find Sami.

Tony is telling her that her world will come crashing down around her when she least expects it. Lucas comes in. Tony is telling her to tell Lucas the truth. She pretends to say goodnight to Will and hangs up. Lucas tells her about Phil’s leg being amputated. He promises to kill that “bastard” Stan, saying it’s his entire fault (funny but I thought it was Noble Phil’s decision to return to combat?)

Nicole gets a call from Tony. She’s surprised to hear from him. He tells her he knows what she did to Chloe. She denies it but he tells her to cut the crap. Tony wonders how Brady would feel if he found out the truth. Nicole tells him he can’t prove it. He tells her he can through Stan and that Stan is working for him. She wants to know who Stan is and Tony tells her that he’s at the party but not in disguise. She looks around the room and stops on Sami’s face…especially her eyes. She figures out that Sami is really Stan and says OMG...not Sami...it can’t be!

The Beach: Bo & Hope

Bo and Hope are still talking about Shawn and Belle. Hope feels bad about Phil and all the hell he has gone through. She thinks he can’t wait to see his wife, but also knows that Shawn loves Belle and that they deserve happiness. Bo doesn’t think Shawn should pursue a married woman (Belle). He also thinks that Shawn should be prepared to live his life without Belle. Hope tells him that Shawn and Belle have loved each other forever. Bo goes on about the vows Belle and Phil made. He thinks it means they must have strong feelings for each other.

Hope repeats that Shawn loves Belle and it isn’t wrong... it’s a fact. She says that Belle made a terrible mistake in marrying Phil (amen!) Bo still thinks she has feelings for Phil and mentions them getting together after Shawn deserted her (hey Bo, ever heard of on the rebound?) Hope argues that Shawn didn’t desert Belle…he was kidnapped by Jan. Bo says that Jan only got involved after Shawn turned his back on Belle…sigh…and that Shawn walked away from Belle after she lied about Marlena’s alibi. Hope tells him that Shawn and Belle never stopped loving each other and that is the point. Bo talks about Victor and his mother and Marlena and Roman. Hope throws it back at him and mentions him and Billie.

Bo says that’s completely different and that he didn’t want to be with Billie as soon as he knew that Hope was alive (oy! I’m confused). Hope asks him if he doesn’t want to see Shawn fight for the woman he loves. Bo asks her even no matter who it hurts. Hope tells Bo that Belle and Shawn are miserable and asks him what happens when Phil realizes Belle is still in love with Shawn. Bo thinks it will be devastating.

He thinks Victor was right to back off from Caroline and says that what happened between him and Billie is totally different (LOL). She tells him it’s because he is so in love with his wife, right? But that Belle isn’t with Phil. Bo asks her if she is encouraging their son to break up a marriage. She tells him no but in the long run Phil will be happier finding someone who loves him the way he deserves. He agrees that he doesn’t love Billie and thinks that Shawn, Belle, and Phil (all adults now) should work things out by themselves. Hope and Bo agree that it is ultimately Belle’s choice.

Bo tells Hope how much he loves her...their love was destined from the beginning. She tells him the same and says just like Shawn and Belle...lol...and they lie back on the blanket and make love again.

Belle’s Loft: Belle, Mimi, Shawn, and Kate... Outside Loft: Shawn and Rex

Belle comes home to find the loft dark and Mimi inside crying. Mimi tells her that she had to get away from Rex. Then she asks Belle what’s wrong. Belle tells Mimi about Phil losing his leg. They both cry and hug each other. Belle explains that in order to save Phil’s life they had to remove his leg. The minefield damage was too severe. Mimi asks if he knows yet. Belle tells her he is still in recovery and doesn’t know about his leg. She asks Mimi to help her pack for her trip.

Belle tells Mimi that she is leaving as soon as she can. She says that it’s her fault that Phil was wounded. Mimi tries to convince her it wasn’t and that Phil volunteered, but Belle says he volunteered so he could come home to her. Mimi asks her what that means for her and Shawn. Belle looks very sad and says she just doesn’t know.

Belle is crying about how she was going to break Phil’s heart and asks for a divorce when he came home. She says she can’t do that now.

Shawn and Rex are in the hallway between the lofts. Rex thanks him for looking for Mimi with him. He sees Shawn looking at Belle’s door and tells him it’s a bad idea. Shawn tells him that he has to see her and don’t try to stop him. Rex says...as if I could...lol...

Shawn comes to the door and she tells him he shouldn’t be there. He says but he is and he’s not letting her go.

She gets a call from her dad who gives her the flight info. She’s concerned about Phil’s mommy and asks her dad to sit between them on the plane. He says she doesn’t have to be. Kate is overjoyed that Belle is going to Phil’s side. She tells him wants to be with Phil but isn’t sure if she will be able to handle it. He tells her that he’ll see her soon.

Shawn tells Belle that he had to see her one last time before she leaves. Belle tells him that her dad will be there soon and he’d better go. He says he knows she is hurting and he just wants to help her. He doesn’t know when he will see her again and he begs her to please let him hold her and then he’ll go. She goes into his arms crying and they hug. Kate doesn’t knock...just opens the door and sees them.

Shawn/Rex Loft: Mimi & Rex

Rex is leaving a third message on Mimi's cellphone when she walks in. She tells him where she was. He wants to know what is going on and why she can't marry him.


Chloe is talking to herself and saying that it’s time to tell Brady that she is alive. We hear Brady say…OMG is it you? (believe it when I see it…sigh).

Sami asks Lucas if he hates her. Nicole sits down at their table. She says that if he doesn’t now, he will when he hears what she did this time.

Marlena tells Belle that she’s not sure “he” can live with a broken heart. Belle asks her if she is saying that she shouldn’t tell him about wanting to be with Shawn.

Mimi tells Rex that she can’t marry him, anywhere. He wants to know what she is talking about. She tells him she’s going to jail.


Monday Jun 13

Janice’s Spoilers

Belle’s Loft: Belle, Shawn, Marlena, John, and unfortunately Kate

John is on his cellphone on the roof talking to his ISA contact in Wiesbaden about Phil and Tony. He tells him that he is bringing Phil’s mom and wife and that he wants to find Tony. Hanging up, John says that: “You can run but you can’t hide. You’ll never hurt my family again.”

So much for Kate wanting to be alone to pack…lol… Shawn and Belle are hugging and Cyclone Kate catches them at it. She is not a happy camper and launches a spiteful oration targeted at Miss Belle. She asks Belle if she has no shame at all and tells her that she married her son on false pretenses and lied to him. Furthermore, how could she disrespect Phil like this when he is in a hospital fighting for his life? Belle tells her that they weren’t doing anything and it wasn’t what it looked like...Shawn was just being a friend. Shawn tells Kate that Belle is telling the truth and that if she wants to take it out on someone she can take it out on him. Kate loves hearing her own voice and spews on about Shawn not thinking twice about betraying the man who was once his best friend (funny, I thought Phil did a bit of betraying himself).

Kate tells Belle that she thought John and Marlena raised her better. She says that Belle is worse than her sister Sami. Belle isn’t backing down though. She says she can’t help how she feels. She asks the old hag whether she has never been in love with one man and had feelings for another man at the same time. Enter Marlena (thank god!) who gives my favorite line of the show… “Of course she has.” Kate glares at Kate.

Marlena continues and says that Kate knows how Belle feels…wasn’t she in love with Roman when she accepted John’s proposal? Kate doesn’t see the comparison and tries to defend herself by saying that they both thought Marlena and Roman were dead…yada… yada… (I wonder if Kate will have to whisper her rants when she gets to the military hospital?) Miss Kate goes to part II of her rant…Belle is betraying Phil…Belle and Shawn are monsters…etc… Marlena tells her that Belle did nothing wrong. Kate says that the minute Phil shipped out, Belle was in the arms of her ex-boyfriend. Belle says she didn’t do anything but Kate tells her that while Phil is in the hospital, she is in the arms of the man who helped put him there.

Belle defends Shawn and says that he tried to save Phil... did everything he could...risked his life. Shawn tells Kate that Phil insisted on going back into combat and that he tried to stop him...even when he was in the middle of a minefield, Shawn wanted to go after him. Kate asks him sarcastically why he didn’t. John comes running in and wants to know what the hell Shawn is doing there (excuse me but isn’t this Belle’s place?) Part III of Kate’s Shelle rant....Pure as the driven snow Miss Kate tells John that once again she walked in (nobody knocks anymore) and Belle was in Shawn’s arms. Shawn says that they explained... Belle was upset and he was just comforting her.

Marlena tells John she’s glad he’s there. She says she just wanted to see Belle one last time and walked in to witness Kate berating Belle. Kate yells that everything that has happened to marine boy is all Belle’s fault. Kate slams out of there with puppy dog John going after her. Marlena asks Shawn to let her talk to Belle privately for a few minutes and he goes upstairs to get Belle’s suitcase. She tells her mother that she’s sorry. Marlena says she’s glad she stopped by, understands the situation, and doesn’t blame Belle. Marlena tells her daughter that she knows that she and Shawn have reignited their affection for each other. She also says that Shawn and Belle have been in love since they were pups and it’s only natural. Then she gives her a big BUT and says that she has to also think about Phil here and what he’s lost…isn’t sure he can handle a broken heart on top of that. Belle asks her mom if she is telling her not to tell Phil about wanting to be with Shawn...ever...

John and Kate are in the hallway. Kate sure needs a lot of calming these days…sigh… Kate goes on about how she just lost it...that Phil doesn’t deserve this. He tries to explain that Belle is having a rough time right now and they both know how complicated love can be. Kate isn’t buying it…Shawn is manipulating Belle…she doesn’t want her baby to lose the love of his life...it isn’t a level playing field (I’m really having a hard time comparing Phelle’s short-term love story in the category of Shelle’s long-term love story). She tries to get John to say that Belle would be better off with Phil but John tells her that they are adults and they have to let them live their own lives (gosh I wish he’d take his own advice). He goes back into the loft and Kate stays in the hallway to make a phone call.

Kate tells herself that John is wrong and sometimes parents have to get involved and she won’t let Shawn take away her baby’s happiness. Kate calls Judge Fitzpatrick and tempts her with a job at Basic Black in Legal Affairs if the campaign/election tanks. Karen isn’t conned and asks if she’s being bribed...

Marlena tells Belle that she isn’t saying not to tell Phil about Shawn...just to proceed very carefully. Belle tells her parents that she won’t tell him right away and that a part of her still loves Phil and she doesn’t want to hurt him. Shawn comes down with her luggage. Marlena asks John about Kate. He tells her it’s not easy for her seeing Shawn and Belle together. Marlena defends Belle and says she wishes Kate would be a little more understanding. John isn’t happy. He tells her there is a lot she doesn’t know. He goes on a little rant about Shawn’s deeds…crashing wedding....almost killing Belle and others...don’t make excuses for the kid...you weren’t here to see what he turned into...he’s been out of control (um I thought John was describing himself for a moment...lol...) Marlena informs him that she does know…Tony provided a close-circuit monitor…saw everything including things that tortured them. John is surprised.

Shawn asks Belle if she is sure she is okay. She smiles and says yes. He tells her that Kate had no right to attack her like that but she says she’s almost getting used to it by now. Shawn says she shouldn’t have to. Belle tells him that Kate’s just worried about Phil as everyone is. Shawn thinks he should go to Germany with her. She says no but he says he could be there for her. Belle says no again and that she will have her dad, but Shawn tells her it won’t be the same. Belle thinks that if Shawn goes that it will just antagonize Kate and she would find a way to hurt him.

Now Kate is talking about her baby and how Shawn’s court case hasn’t even come up yet. She wants the judge to push it forward… move Shawn’s file to the top of the stack...he’s dangerous and needs to be put away before anyone else gets hurt. She tells the judge that it’s a matter of life or death and gives the judge her “get Shawn off the streets and take his get out of jail free card away” sob story and the judge is sucked in. She promises to put the case on her calendar. Kate’s job is done and she’s a happy camper.

Marlena tells her husband that she knew that Belle was making a bad mistake but she was helpless to stop it (so why didn’t John know? Oh yeah the drugs). She tells him that he doesn’t want Belle to spend her life in a loveless marriage. John says a part of Belle loves Phil, but Marlena tells him that it’s not the same as the way she’s in love with Shawn. She compares the situation to when she was in the same position…with John and Roman…Stefano’s fault....if she hadn’t been tricked she would still be with Roman. John is upset and shocked and asks Marlena if Roman was her “Shawn” and he was her “Philip?” And is Roman the one she wants to be with?

Shawn says there is nothing Kate can do to hurt him. Belle tells him not to be so sure...she’s desperate to keep them apart. She wants Shawn to promise her that he’ll be careful.

Rex’s Loft: Rex & Mimi

Rex asks Mimi to explain herself but she tap dances and start’s to talk about Phil’s situation. He tells her he missed her so much. Mimi tells herself that she’s a coward. He pours some wine for them so they can toast being back together…promises her they will never be apart again…etc… He goes on about their future… She puts a halt to it…wishes their love were stronger. He still wants to know what’s wrong…wonders what he did and apologizes for being insensitive. Mimi tells him that she wishes their love was strong enough to make the wrong things right.

She says she loves him very much. Rex says that their love can handle anything. Mimi tells him that’s what Shawn and Belle thought and look what happened to them. Rex replies that Belle and Shawn had a lot of trust issues but that they were able to find their way back to each other...if they had been more open and honest with each other, Phil wouldn’t be about to have his heart broken. He goes on to say that he and Mimi don’t have any secrets. More tap dancing on Mimi’s part until she tells him she’s sorry and takes off.

Mimi is on the roof now talking to her mom on her cellphone and saying she’s going to tell Rex the truth. Rex finds her and wants to know why she ran out. He talks about not having a big wedding because of Phil’s situation, and that they could go to the Justice of the peace instead. Mimi tells Rex she can’t marry him because she is going to jail. Rex looks shell-shocked.

Alice’s Restaurant: Brady, Chloe, Nicole, Sami, and Lucas

Brady is still on the terrace talking to himself. He wishes Chloe was there. Chloe is hiding and wishing she could let him know she is alive…she’s too afraid. We get a flashback of Chloe talking to Marlena and then to Nicole. Chloe decides that the time is right. Brady looks up and says OMG! It’s you! (The writers should tattoo that saying on all the characters chests since they use it that often) Once again it’s not Chloe he is referring to Judge Fitzpatrick. She congratulates him on going after Phil and tells him about Phil’s condition (pretty strange if you ask me). Chloe is listening in and gasps. Brady wants to know who’s there…silence…he goes inside the restaurant…she comes out. More mumbling about Nicole maybe being right and she should wait until it’s the right time.

Inside the restaurant we see Nicole still staring at Sami and wondering what she should do. We get flashback after flashback of her and Stan as she tries to convince herself that it’s true. She tells herself that both Stan and Sami are manipulators. Sami is looking at Nicole nervously. She tells Lucas that Nicole keeps staring at her. Nicole stops thinking about Sami/Stan and starts thinking about what is happening on the terrace. Still more Stan flashbacks…she needs proof before she confronts Sami.

Sami is very nervous now and tells Lucas that she is freaking out about Nicole staring at her. Lucas tells her he can’t deal with her paranoia right now. Sami is worried because Nicole hates her so much... LOL…Lucas tells her that everyone hates her. She asks him if he does. Nicole walks up at the same time and says that if he doesn’t already, he will when he finds out what Sami’s done this time. Both Sami and Lucas want her gone…gone… gone…

Nicole turns to see Chloe taking off and wonders if things might be looking up for her. She congratulates both Sami and Lucas for getting home safe and sound but wonders out loud how Sami ended up in a war zone in the first place. Nicole looks at Sami again and transposes Stan’s hairstyle, nose, contacts, mustache onto Sami’s face and voila we have Stan. Nicole is shocked and gasps. A little verbal judo between the two of them…not polite to stare…not polite to do lots of things…etc…etc… Lucas has to split the two women up. He pulls Nicole away and asks what’s wrong with her and calls her crazy. He taunts her with the fact that if Chloe is alive then Brady will dump her. Nicole tells him that Chloe is dead but he affirms that Brady thinks she is alive and if that’s the case then Nicole should leave them be. She snaps back that she’s glad he and Sami are together because they deserve each other and stomps off.

Lucas gets a call and goes outside to answer it. He sees Brady who tells him that he isn’t as sure as he was before that Chloe is alive. He thinks that it was just wishful thinking on his part. Lucas tells him that Nicole is doing a lot of that as well.

Inside the restaurant, Nicole thinks she just needs a little help to hold onto Brady and knows where to get it. Going up to stand behind Sami, Nicole says in a very low voice: “Stan?” Sami answers: “What?” and turns around as Nicole starts laughing. Nicole tells her that she knew it was true and that Sami is Stan. She can’t wait to tell everybody Sami’s dirty little secret. We see a split screen of Sami and Stan.

Clinic: Chloe & Craig

Chloe is crying by the time she gets back to the clinic. She sees Craig and tells him about going to tell Brady the truth that she is alive but that she was too afraid. Chloe explains about Tony’s part in all of it and that now Brady is determined to find her. She also talks about Marlena’s advice and Nancy’s that she should tell Brady she’s alive. Craig asks her what she herself wants because it has to be her decision alone. He tells her that whatever she decides, he will support her and love her (I love Craig today…sigh). She’s confused. Craig hugs her.


Marlena tells John that if she hadn’t been tricked by Stefano that she would still be married to Roman. John asks her if she is saying that she still wants to be with Roman.

Belle tells Shawn that as far as Phil is concerned, she is still his wife and she needs to be there with him if he is going to get better.

Rex is talking to Mimi (Patrick and Bonnie are there as well). He asks Mimi what she is talking about. Mimi tells him that she has already confessed.

Billie is being sarcastic to Bo and Hope. She says that it’s ironic that Hope has always accused her of trying to go after Bo and break up their marriage…when that is exactly what she is encouraging Shawn to do to Belle and Phil…


Tuesday Jun 14

Pat’s Spoilers

There wasn’t much about the show I enjoyed today. In fact the only parts I liked were the scenes in the Devereaux kitchen and the scenes with the Lockhart’s and Rex. The majority of the show centers on Belle – what a complete bore and waste of air time.

The Devereaux household: Abby thanks Chelsea for helping her to decorate her dad’s birthday cake. Abby knows it can’t be easy for her. Chelsea is feeling down and talks about she used to help her dad with her mom’s cake and vice versa. Bo and Hope show up and ask Jen what happened to the trip to the cabin. Jen tells them there was rain in the forecast so Jack didn’t want to take Jack Jr there because he has the sniffles which is also the reason they missed the party at Alice’s. Jen says they must have been thrilled to have Shawn home – to see all of the guy’s home safe and sound. Bo and Hope realise that Jen hasn’t heard the news. They tell her about Philip. Jack comes in just as Abby is going to put the cake away because she thinks they won’t be celebrating now. Jen says no Philip wouldn’t want us to feel sorry for him – Bo agrees. Bo talks about Belle, Kate and John flying to the military hospital in Germany. Billie overhears this as she enters and says it’s the best thing for Philip – to have those who love him around him. Jack pushes the door open and knocks the cake out of Abby’s hand and it falls to the floor. They decide to bake another cake. I enjoyed the family scenes between Jack, Jen and Abby while they were making the cake. Hope tells Billie that Belle going to Germany is the worst thing for Philip. There is one moment when everyone is laughing and happy when Jack holds his side – hiding pain???

Billie and Hope go into the living room and talk because Billie doesn’t want to spoil Jack’s party. Chelsea is outside – she misses her family. Bo is off somewhere taking a phone call. Hope tells Billie that she doesn’t think that Belle is doing Philip any favour by giving Philip false hope. Billie says that Hope just wants Belle to be with Shawn. She accuses Hope of being a hypocrite – Hope is always saying that she (Billie) is trying to break up Hope and Bo’s marriage yet she is encouraging Shawn to break up Belle and Philip’s marriage. Darn – I hate when Billie or Kate are right and in this case Billie is right. Billie tells Hope not to count Phil out – after all he was held hostage and is now a war hero. Bo comes in at the tail end of the argument and wants to know what is going on. Billie sees Chelsea outside and tells Bo it’s nothing. Chelsea is about to light up a cigarette. Billie tells her about how she used to smoke when she was stressed out when she was Chelsea’s age. She gives her all the reasons not to smoke. Chelsea isn’t in the mood to listen. She reminds Billie that she is not her mother and she has no right to tell what she can or can’t know. Billie says she knows that she just doesn’t want Chelsea to make the same mistakes she did. Chelsea tells Billie she wants to be alone. Inside the kitchen everyone except Chelsea is gathered around Jack’s cake. They all sing Happy Birthday including Jack…LOL! They tell Jack to make a wish. He says he has his wish – he’s home with his family. He says if he could have one more wish it would be that Philip comes home. He tells them they should all wish for the same thing and they can all blow out the candles together – which is what they do.

Rex/Mimi/Patrick/Bonnie – They weren’t on for very many scenes but it still takes forever for Mimi to tell Rex why she is going to jail. Poor Rex – he just never stops talking. He thinks Mimi was in fender bender – she won’t go to jail for that – they just have to call the insurance adjuster to take care it. She says she doubts her insurance company can solve this problem. Rex says then we’ll get a lawyer. Mimi says she already has one, Mickey. Rex says he’s the best. He’ll make this go away. She tells him she is charged with attempted murder. Rex still doesn’t quite get it. He doesn’t understand how a car accident can lead to an attempted murder charge.

Bonnie rushes into Mimi’s loft. She picks up the wine glass and starts to drink it. She goes to the open window and hears sirens. She talks out loud to herself (gee…her and Kate have the same habit today). She thinks that Mimi told Rex the truth and he left her. Mimi, being very distraught, then drank the wine and threw herself off the fire escape. Bonnie says it’s all her fault for encouraging Mimi to not tell Rex about the baby and having an abortion. Patrick agrees with her. They come up to the rooftop just as Mimi is about to tell Rex why she was charged with attempted murder. Bonnie drags her away and tells Rex she wants to talk to Mimi. Rex asks Patrick what is going on but Patrick tells him that Mimi is going to have to tell him. Bonnie asks Mimi how she thinks she can explain to Rex why she pleaded guilty without telling him about the abortion. Mimi just goes to Rex and tells him that she is being charged with the attempted murder of Jan. Rex is stunned. I’m not exactly sure at what point Mimi breaks away from Rex and runs downstairs…if it was before or after she tells him that she pled guilty – there is no future for the two of them. It’s over.

Marlena/John/Belle/Shawn/Kate/Roman- There is so much conversation and so many different little groupings that it’s hard to try and report on it all. Kate is talking to herself pleased that Judge Fitzpatrick is going to move forward with the trial against Shawn. She thinks that if Shawn is out of the picture when Phil and Belle return Belle will realise that Phil is the right man for her. She says that she doesn’t have a problem with Belle, her problem is with Shawn. Roman overhears that part and asks her if she thinks she was a little hard on Belle. She says she was. He asks her what she is going to do about it.

John and Marlena continue their conversation about the DiMera’s interference in their lives. Marlena says if not she that interference her and Roman would still be married. John asks her if she is saying that would rather be with Roman. She sees no – she loves him – but the fact of the matter is if the DiMera’s hadn’t altered the course of their lives she would still be with Roman. John says then we would have never met and we wouldn’t have our beautiful daughter. He asks her if she wishes that were true. Marlena is shocked that John would ask and assures him that she loves him very much.

Belle and Shawn talk – I’m not exactly sure what they say. I have a hard time staying awake when those two share screen time. Something about not sure that she hasn’t forgotten to pack something. Shawn asking her how long she’ll be gone. She says she is going to stay with Philip as long as he needs her. Kate overhears this and makes some comment about that being good or something– Belle looks smug – Shawn looks worried. Kate apologises to Belle citing stress as her excuse. They hug (aww…such a nice mother-in-law/daughter-in-law moment…gag me). John is happy to see the hug and so is Marlena. John was beginning to worry that the long flight was going to be very difficult if the two of them were at each other’s throats. John tells them it’s time to leave. Roman and Kate say their goodbyes. Belle says goodbye to Marlena and then walks out and Shawn follows like the good little puppy dog he is. Marlena tells John she can’t believe they are saying goodbye and that she has to let him go. Shawn and Belle say goodbye and everyone catches them hugging.

On the plane Belle makes a call to Shawn. John and Kate talk. He asks her if she got the impression that Roman and Marlena have become closer. She says it would be natural considering all the time they spent together. John tells Kate about the conversation he had with Marlena and said he got a sense of wistfulness from Marlena for what she and Roman once had. She says they were held prisoner – just the two of them and Tony. John tells Kate that Marlena told him that Tony showed them live feed over closed circuit TV of everything that was going on back home with their loved ones. Kate asks John if he thinks that they saw they make love. John says he didn’t find a camera in the bedroom but it could have been removed. Kate and John both believe that Roman and Marlena didn’t see it because if they did they would have said something. Belle falls asleep – yawn…a whole lot of flashbacks – they were boring beyond belief when the scenes aired – they’re hundreds time more boring in flashbacks. She says Philip’s name. Kate says she must be dreaming of Philip. John hopes that Belle and Philip stay together – that she realises he is the best man for her. John goes to check their arrival time with the pilot. Belle dreams of kissing Shawn and then Philip. She murmurs ‘why am I kissing Philip?’ Kate smiles – that is how the show ends.

Roman tells Marlena he’ll take her back to the penthouse. She tells him that she is going to say in the loft to feel closer to Belle. He gets a phone call. Marlena wants to talk to Shawn. She tells him she understands what he is going through. He says no one sees how much he hurts for Philip – he didn’t want anyone to get hurt. She talks about him and Philip being best friends. He says all of our lives until we both fell in love with your daughter. Shawn tells Marlena that he is really worried that he is going to end up losing Belle …sigh Shawn…actually if she chooses you – you will be the loser. In this case let Phil be the loser. Shawn goes to take his call. Roman asks Marlena if she is ready to go. She feels dizzy. He brings her water. She tells him it’s that she is exhausted from their ordeal. Roman accepts it. She tells him she is going to stay and he leaves. She gets up and drops the water bottle and rests her hand against her stomach.

Previews: Brady to Lucas – Going to far is Sami’s favourite way of getting exactly what she wants. Sami to Nicole – Tony is holding what I did as Stan over my head. Nicole – Sure sounds like you screwed up alright. Sami – Nicole, if I’m screwed so are you. Shawn to Rex – I’m afraid of losing her. Rex – If Belle does the right thing you just might. (Don’t even get me started on how pathetic the character of Shawn is now being written…sad). Philip to Belle – I’m going to carry you across the threshold sweetheart. Belle (to John & Kate) – He doesn’t know (duh…you think??? Wow – how intuitive!!!)


Wednesday Jun 15

Pat’s Spoilers

The best part of the show today is Marlena. She looks beautiful!

Shawn and Rex: Rex is feeling down, Shawn is throwing a temper tantrum by playing music loud and beating up the patio furniture on the rooftop. Rex runs up and asks him what he is doing. Shawn is afraid he is losing Belle. (Geez man, you need a life). Shawn goes on and on about what Rex would do if he thought he was going to lose Mimi forever – Rex can’t possibly understand what he’s going through. Rex informs him that he has lost Mimi and that there isn’t anything he can do about it. That momentarily shuts Shawn up (thank God!). Rex fills him in on what Mimi told him about pleading guilty to the attempted murder of Jan Spears even though it was an accident. Rex tells Shawn that Mimi won’t tell him why she pled guilty. Shawn thinks he knows the reason. They all know what Jan is capable of so Jan is probably holding something over Mimi. Shawn can’t believe that Rex is not fighting to get Mimi back into his life. He gives Rex this big talk about how he should be willing to do anything to ensure that he gets that life with Mimi that he was dreaming of. They switch the conversation back to Shawn. He asks Rex to at least concede that Belle would never have married Philip if he was there. Rex tells him it doesn’t matter now. Shawn feels like he could lose her. Rex says if Belle does the right thing which Rex feels she will Shawn could lose her. Shawn says he’s going to Germany. Rex says he can’t let him do that. Shawn won’t listen – he actually cites Rex fighting for Mimi as applying to him and Belle as well.

Marlena’s office: It boggles my mind that Marlena can just resume going back to work – back to her office that must have been sitting and waiting for her…sigh… She tells a nurse to bring the test results to her as soon as they are available. There’s a knock on her door. It’s Mimi. She asks Marlena if she has some time for her. She needs someone to talk to and normally that would be Belle. She tells Marlena she has ruined Rex’s life. Marlena can’t see how she could have done that. Mimi tells her she broke up with Rex. Marlena is surprised and tells her to start from the beginning. Mimi tells her about the abortion, not telling Rex about being pregnant or the abortion and that because of complications she can not have children of her own. She talks about going to jail for the rest of her life for the attempted murder of Jan. When Marlena hears it was an accident she tells Mimi that she has to fight the charges. Mimi says she won’t do that because the abortion would come out in the trial and she doesn’t want Rex to know. Marlena urges her to tell Rex the truth. Mimi says isn’t it better to sometimes lie if the truth would really hurt the person you love? She asks Marlena if she’s ever lied to protect the person she loved. Cue the castle sex f/b. Mimi apologises and says Marlena would never lie – Belle always told her that her mom was a good example and that being truthful was the foundation of a strong marriage (or something similar to those words). Marlena says that sometimes she has trouble following her own advice. She tells Mimi that if she tells Rex the truth she will feel so much better and that Rex will forgive her. Mimi wants Marlena to help Rex move on with his life. She wants her to talk to him because Kate is out of town. After Mimi leaves the nurse comes back and says your patience isn’t sick, she’s pregnant. Marlena is shocked and says ‘pregnant’ and the show ends with a freeze frame on her face.

The Military Hospital: All three of them go into Phil’s room. Kate talks to him first and Phil slowly wakes up. Kate says someone else is here to see you. He looks up to see Belle and tells her he can’t wait to go home and carry her over the threshold and they can finally have that honeymoon. He falls back to sleep and Belle says to John and Marlena – he doesn’t know. They go out of his room and Phil’s doctor approaches. He says they keep the patient heavily sedated for the first 24 hours after surgery which is why Phil hasn’t been told as yet. The doctor says when he wakes up he’ll tell him. Belle says he can’t do that. She’ll tell him. She’s his wife he should hear it from him. She turns to Kate and says unless you want to tell him. Kate says she’ll go in with her. The doctor says only one visitor at a time (huh – the 3 of them were just in there???) Belle goes in. Philip tells her he missed and she lies and tells him she missed him too. She then calls Philip ‘baby’ and says I have something to tell you. They don’t show her actually telling him – the next we see of them Philip is distraught (at least I think he is) and says his life is over. Belle tells him that is not true. There’s a lot more but I really didn’t pay much attention. The scenes were excruciating to watch – yes, they are that bad and that’s all I’m going to say about them. After the pep talk Phil tells Belle she’s so beautiful, she’s so perfect, why is she there with him. She shows him her rings and says she made a commitment to him – in sickness and in health. He declares his love – she tells him she loves him.

Kate is in tears. John holds her in his arms. Kate says that Belle can’t break his heart now. She goes on about Phil being the star athlete that everyone admired and now … he sees himself through Belle’s eyes. John says that Belle will stay with him – he knows his daughter. He also says something about Belle being her mother’s daughter (that was worth a laugh). I didn’t pay much attention to them…just suffice it to say that Kate liked being in John’s arms and her actions went beyond the ‘close friend’ boundaries.

Lucas/Brady/Sami/Nicole: They are still at Alice’s. Brady and Lucas’ entire conversation is a series of warnings - Brady warning Lucas against getting involved with Sami and Lucas warning Brady against getting involved with Nicole. Lucas asks Brady why he changed his mind about Chloe being alive. When he finds out that Nicole gave Brady a logical explanation Lucas tells him he can’t believe her. Brady defends Nicole. Lucas asks him who stands to gain the most if Brady believes Chloe is dead. Brady concedes it would be Nicole and he tells Lucas that’s he right. If there is even a slim chance that Chloe is alive he has to search for her. Brady is convinced that Sami was working with Tony. Lucas won’t believe that. Surprisingly Brady has it figured out – he is convinced that only when Tony went too far by deciding to kill them did Sami step in and help them escape. Lucas says she is the mother of my child – I just can’t believe that Sami would work with her family’s worst enemy – she wouldn’t go that far. Brady says going far is what Sami does when she’s desperate.

Sami takes Nicole outside and tries to bluff her way out of replying to the name Stan. Nicole makes it clear that she knows. She tells Sami that Tony told her the person who masqueraded as Stan was at Alice’s. Sami admits that Tony is holding the things she did as Stan over her head. Nicole is gloating – threatening to tell Lucas everything, asking Sami what her parents are going to think when they hear the truth. Sami turns the tables on Nicole saying that if she is in trouble so is Nicole. She tells Nicole that Brady is going to dump her as soon as he finds out that she knew Chloe was alive and than sabotaged her surgery. Nicole says she only did what Stan told her to do and Sami is Stan. Sami says she didn’t think Nicole would really go through with it – the decision was always Nicole’s to make. What she did, scarring Chloe for life, was pure evil. Nicole still thinks she can rat Sami out without there being any ramifications to her. She taunts Sami about going to prison. Sami warns Nicole that if she goes down she is taking Nicole with her. Nicole says there’s only one thing to do. We have to work together. I’ll help you make sure Lucas doesn’t find out about you being Stan, you help me make sure Brady doesn’t find out that Chloe is alive.

Preview: Kate to John – You said I gave you an idea of how you could show Marlena how much she means to you. John – I’m going to ask her to marry me all over again. It will be like a new beginning for all of us. Roman to Marlena – (looking at the test results) This what got you so upset – this pregnancy test? Belle to Philip (yawn) – I got a surprise for you. Phil – You do? Belle – One I think you’re going to like a lot. Lucas to Sami – Cut the crap. What’s really going on between you and Nicole?


Thursday Jun 16

Pat’s Spoilers

This needs to be a quick report because we’re in the middle of a thunderstorm. I shouldn’t be on the computer…LOL!

The best part about today’s show…uh…er… it ended? Hmm… I can do better. Marlena – I just love seeing her on screen. And Brady actually found the Salem brain today!

Marlena and Roman: Marlena calls the lab tech and asks her to rerun the test. Ashley says the result won’t change but if it’s important she’ll do it and call her as soon as she has the results. Roman shows up and notices that Marlena is a little unnerved. He asks her if she heard from Kate and John. She tells him that John emailed when they got there. Belle is with Philip now. Roman comments that they have a lot of catching up to do. He gets call from the station and rights something down on the back of the pregnancy report (Marlena had flipped it over). He picks it up and looks at it and asks her if the pregnancy test results were what had her so upset. He wonders why the patient isn’t happy about it. Marlena tells him it’s complicated and he immediately comes to the conclusion that there are two men in her life. Marlena asks him why he came by. He’s there about Caroline and Victor. The ISA reported that after the fire at the castle an eyewitness seen an older couple in the village. He believes that Tony kidnapped them again. Roman wants to know if at time when they were on the boat or in the castle if she heard anyone say something about other hiding places. Marlena suggests the island. Roman says the ISA have been watching it but he’s not there. Roman is going to talk to Lexie to see if Tony or Stefano ever said anything to her. He hopes she’ll let him into the mansion. Marlena doesn’t think that Lexie will be much help because Tony and Stefano were so secretive. She suggests that he talk to Patrick Lockhart. Billie and the ISA cleared him but he did work for Tony at one time so he might know something. Roman thinks that is a great idea. Marlena asks him if he’d like some tea. Her phone rings and its John. He wants to apologise for the way he left things with her. He had no right to ask her if she wanted to be with Roman. Just than Roman curses (he’s getting hot water for the tea and gets some on his hand). John asks if Roman is there. Marlena says he’s there, he’s looking for Caroline and Victor and he has some questions for her. They both say I love you and hang up. Roman tells Marlena that he got a text message so he needs to leave. Ashley calls and tells Marlena her patient is definitely pregnant. Marlena says ‘oh gosh, I’m pregnant with Roman’s child.’ Freeze-frame ending on her face.

John and Kate: They’re in the hospital cafeteria. Kate is still very upset about Philip and refuses to eat. John convinces her that she needs to keep up her strength. The conversation reverts to Marlena and Roman. Kate makes a comment that has John asking her if she is saying that she is upset that Roman and Marlena came home. Kate says no, it’s just awkward. John explains the feeling he has that Roman and Marlena’s bond is even stronger now than before. Kate brings up the fact that they share children so it’s only natural. (She brings the shared children up more than once…sigh). John thinks it’s more and he asks Kate if she thinks that anything happened between the two of them in that castle. Kate says they would never do anything – all they could talk about was how much they wanted to get back to them. Kate says when everyone is home again in Salem maybe things can get back to normal. John says you’ve given me an idea. He goes to phone Marlena. The Colonel (at least I think he said he was a Colonel) that had been in to see Philip approaches Kate. He tells her she raised a fine man. Phil is going to need love and support. Kate says he’ll have it. The officer comments that Phil has a wonderful wife and mother and he hands her his card. He says something about Belle and Philip and their marriage. When he leaves Kate says to herself that Phil and Belle will have a really good chance of a long happy life together if Shawn ends up in jail where he belongs.

Mr and Mrs. Kiriakis- I’m going to say as little as possible about their scenes. I can’t really say too much or I’d be breaking the rules of the board … LOL! I just wish that Shawn would have been there to witness and actually see (really see) and hear Belle when Philip says he doesn’t want to be a burden to her and her response is – “You could never be a burden to me. You’re my husband and I’m your wife We’re going to get through this together.” She lays her head on her shoulder. This is my biggest problem with Belle. There was no conflict shown, no hesitation, no hint of sadness – all of the things I would expect to see if Belle was deeply in love with Shawn – nothing – she was totally and completely wrapped up in Phil. The Colonel comes to talk to him and goes on about what a true hero Phil is and how proud Belle should be of him. She is totally in her glory and she says she’s very proud of him. The officer gives Philip a folder – it contains options for him and his future in the Marines and he and Belle can go through it and make their decisions. After he leaves Belle takes the folder and says this is for later, I have a surprise for you. It’s a portable DVD player and DVD that Rex made (don’t ask me when he had the time to make it – when he was at Alice’s, on the roof top??? Oh well, it’s a mystery). The more he watches the more upset he gets and he hurls it against the wall. He is angry that she is showing him what their life was before he lost his leg. Bell apologises for not thinking. The doctor comes rushing in and gives Phil a sedative. Belle and the doctor are outside the room. He wants to know why Phil was so upset. She says it’s because she’s an idiot (woo hoo – I finally agree with her about something). She tells him about the video. He tells her it’s a normal reaction for anyone that has lost a limb – especially someone in the military who is used to a lot of physical activity. Belle wants to know what she can do to help him. The doctor says there is something but it would require a big commitment from her. He says the best thing for Philip would be for him to know that his injury hasn’t changed the way she feels about him. She says it hasn’t. He says marriages have broken up over injuries like this – she just has to be willing to be there for him. He asks her if she can do it. She answers ‘absolutely’.

Brady/Nicole/Lucas/Sami – Brady and Lucas ask Sami and Nicole what the two of them are talking about. Prepare for interminable flashbacks…you get flashbacks of yesterday’s scenes between Nicole and Sami and Sami’s conversion to Stan as well…yawn. Sami says she’ll tell them. She was asking Nicole for a job. Brady and Lucas are very sceptical considering what happened the last time Sami worked at Titan. Nicole says she won’t hire her. Sami calls her a slut and goes on about the fact that old man Caracas (she mispronounces Kiriakis) was hardly in the ground before she was doing his grandson. Brady looks at Sami closely and she morphs into Stan. He tells her she mispronounced his grandfather’s name the same way Stan did. Sami bluffs and says Stan must have picked it up from her when Tony was holding her captive because he was hanging around a lot. Lucas wants to talk alone to Sami. He wants to know what she and Nicole were really talking about. She says I need a job. Your mother fired me from Basic Black. I haven’t had any money coming in for a long time since before Tony kidnapped her. Lucas asks her how she got overseas – she’s never really given them a good explanation. She brushes the question off by replying Tony can do anything. Brady tells Nicole he has to look for Chloe. She then goes on and on about how she thought he had laid her to rest – that he had finally accepted she was gone. He says she’s right. He has to let go and he has. Nicole hugs him and smirks. Brady has a flashback of Lucas asking him who stood to lose the most if Chloe was still alive. Brady knows that Lucas is right and that Nicole would do anything to keep him from Chloe. He’s determined to find her.

Preview: Phil to Belle – I want to ask you something. Why were you calling to Shawn in your sleep? John to Kate – I need to renew my vows with Marlena. Kate – Because you broke those vows when you made love to me. Shawn to Bo & Hope: I can be back before any one notices I’m gone. Bo – I’m sick & tired of your cavalier attitude. Sami to Nicole – There’s only one thing left for you to do. Nicole – What’s that? Sami – Find a way to get way of Chloe permanently.


Friday Jun 17

Pat’s Spoilers

Something good about today’s show – Ali looks great. I love the colour outfit Sami is wearing and her makeup matches so well!

I’m not writing up much of a spoiler today. I’m in mourning. After watching today’s show I’ve come to the conclusion that no matter how good looking JC is even that can’t make up for what has been done to Shawn’s character all for the sake of a woman who doesn’t know the meaning of the word love. I don’t think I can stand watching his character reduced to a weak, needy, desperate, stubborn, arrogant, witless, brainless idiot.

Mimi is standing outside the door to the loft debating whether she should follow Marlena’s advice and tell Rex everything. When she has a fantasy of his reaction when he hears about the abortion it’s pretty much a clear indication that she isn’t going to tell him. Inside Rex is surprised to see Shawn. He thought he was leaving and is glad that Shawn is taking his advice about not interfering. Shawn says his credit card got refused. He asks Rex if he can borrow him money. Rex says no. He is very angry with Shawn reminding him that Philip just lost his leg and no matter what Shawn says he’s only going there to make sure that Belle doesn’t decide to stay with Phil. They talk a little bit about Mimi and Jan. Rex is determined to get Mimi to change her plea. As Shawn is leaving he bumps into Mimi. He tells her he hopes she has answers. Rex wonders why Mimi won’t tell him about what she and Jan were fighting about. He surprises her by saying he’s not going to ask. She denies she has a secret but he knows that she is lying. He says he has something to do. When she questions him he says that by the time he’s done she is going to change her plea – he knows exactly what to do.

Bo brings the mail in. There’s a letter for Shawn from Salem Superior Court. Bo is going to open it. Hope says that he would be violating Shawn’s privacy. Bo convinces her that the way Shawn has been acting so irresponsibly lately they need to know what’s going on. Bo opens it up and says this is worse than I thought. His court date has been moved on. They’re about to call Shawn when he comes in. He tells them he needs money. Bo wants to know if he needs money to fix his motorcycle. Shawn says no he’s going to Germany to be with Belle. Bo says like hell you are. Shawn says he loves Belle and he wants to be there for her. Bo basically tells him (I’m paraphrasing here – not actual dialogue) that he has no place in Belle’s life – she is married. Bo goes to the kitchen to call Mickey. Shawn pleads with his mother. I’m choked over his asinine dialogue. “I can’t live without her. Without her my life is over. If you give me the money and I go there and I find out that at least some day she’ll be with me I’ll be a changed man”. Oh my god… how absolutely degrading! He claims that he and Belle are soul mates just like the two of them are (Bo and Hope). He plays on Hope’s belief in true love. She gives him her debit card and pin number and tells him to get out before his father catches him. Bo comes in just as she’s saying this and Shawn takes off. Bo looks at Hope and says ‘you gave him the money?’ Bo is not pleased and I don’t blame him.

I don’t know what the Brady/Lucas, Nicole/Sami scenes were setting up but here’s a brief overview of what happened. Brady goes over to see Lucas. They talk. Brady says he told Nicole he believes her. Before he can say more Lucas goes on a tirade against Nicole. Finally Brady is able to tell him that he took Lucas’ advice – he doesn’t trust Nicole. He just wants her to think he does so she lets her guard down. He thinks that more people than Nicole must be keeping that secret – Nancy and Craig and he wonders why Chloe wouldn’t call him. They get on the topic of Sami. Brady asks Lucas if he has a plan on how to get Sami to tell him the truth about what she was doing with Tony. Lucas says Stan has all the answers. He’s going to find him and after he gets the information out of him he’s going to tear him from limb to limb. Brady wants a piece.

Sami shows up at the mansion. A lot of back and forth insulting going on and not much more. Finally Nicole tells Sami she doesn’t need her because Brady doesn’t believe Chloe is alive so there’s no way he would believe Sami if she tried to tell him that she (Nicole) tried to sabotage Chloe’s reconstructive surgery. Sami convinces her that she is better off with her watching her back instead of stabbing it. Nicole concedes she has a point. They hear Brady come in so Sami hides behind the drapes. Nicole kisses Brady. They talk about Chloe and Nicole is happy that Brady has accepted the fact that she is dead. Brady says he has but he is going to talk to Nancy about the phone call. Nicole blurts out that he can’t. She tries covering her reaction by saying that he would just be upsetting her. Brady says that Nancy is already on her way but he’ll call her from the office. He leaves. Nicole is upset – she knows that Nancy will till Brady the truth. Sami tells her there is only one thing to do and that is to get rid of Chloe permanently.

Military Hospital: John gives Kate a rose to cheer her up. She tells him that Belle will not break her vows to Philip. She is convinced of that. Shawn was just pushing her to be with him. John says Shawn has done a lot of stupid things and he’s hurt Belle but he does love her and he would do anything to get her back. Kate says that the vows Phil and Belle took are sacred. John agrees – when you marry you take sacred vows and they shouldn’t be broken. He says that is why he wants them to renew their vows. Kate asks him if he feels that he betrayed his vows with her. John says no, when they made love they believed that Roman and Marlena were gone. Kate points out that technically he is no longer married to Marlena – she was declared dead. He says another reason to have the ceremony – he believes Roman and Kate should as well. There was also some talk about how close Roman and Marlena had become but John just chalks it up to being there for one each other.

Belle is sleeping and she mutters Shawn’s name a couple of times. He wakes her up. He tells her he didn’t know she way staying there all night. She tells him he had a fever so she was wiping his brow with a cold cloth…ahhh such a dutiful, loving wife. He asks her why she was calling out to Shawn in her sleep. She tells him because Shawn was with her when she got the news and he was so supportive of the both of them. Philip was worried it was because Shawn is a whole man and he isn’t. Belle tells him that he can’t think that this makes him any less a man. She’s his wife and she is going to be there for her. He tells her he loves her so much and she just beams at him and tells him that she loves him – no hesitation, no guilt – nada…she loves Philip and she shows that love – something she has never done when she is with Shawn. Kate and John are standing in the doorway smiling when they hear the mutual declarations of love. Kate and Philip talk. John wants to talk to Belle. Kate and Philip talk about Roman and Marlena being alive. Kate tells him that she and Roman and John and Marlena are going to get remarried in a double ceremony but they’re going to wait until he can be there. He says not to do that because his recovery is going to take forever. He could be stuck in this hospital for a long time. Kate says John pulled a lot of strings and instead of his recovery being at Walter Reed it’s going to be in Salem. Philip is thrilled because now he and Belle never have to be separated again. Kate says you’re right, never again as she gloats to herself over the fact that Shawn will be in jail.

Belle tells John that she will be with Philip as long as he needs her. She is his wife. (Boy she loves to say that). John asks her what this means for her and Shawn. She shrugs. She tells her dad that his and her mother’s marriage is what commitment is all about – that is what she wants for her and Philip. Shawn will just have to understand. (I’m not even going to say all the things I could say except Belle really thinks highly of herself – why does she think any man should wait around for her when to her the word love isn’t worth the saliva it takes to form the word…ACK!)

Preview: Rex to Mimi – You’re going to be such an amazing mother. Do you really want to throw this all away? Mimi – I already have. Marlena (can’t see who she is talking to) ‘that’s right. It’s not John’s baby.’ Belle to John (Kate’s there to) – You two back together the way it’s meant to be. We can just forget this year ever happened. Billie at Bo and Hope’s door looking very smug- Bo ‘let’s see what she came for.’ Hope – ‘Then get the hell out.’


Monday, Jun 20

Janice’s Spoilers

Rex & Mimi at the Loft:

Mimi tells Rex that no matter what he says, she is not going to change her plea. She takes us down memory lane about what happened between her and Jan. She tells him that he should pray that Jan recovers so it doesn’t end up being first degree murder. Rex tells her she’s wrong.

Mimi tells him that he should forget what they had and move on with his life, but he wants them to fight to get her acquitted. He asks her if she loves him and she tells him she does. He also says that he has invested too much in their relationship. Rex mentions selling her engagement ring and Mimi’s reaction tells him right away that she doesn’t like that idea.

Rex shows Mimi the candlelight meal he has prepared and says that even a condemned woman deserves a last meal. Mimi realizes that he is showing her what she’ll be missing. She tells him she’ll miss him but it doesn’t change anything...she’s guilty and has to pay. Rex tells her that there’s just one thing left to do...try harder. He puts on some Sonny & Cher music: I’ve Got You Babe... and tells Mimi that they are playing their song. We get a flashback of them on the roof with Rex playing the guitar and singing the same song. Back in the present, Rex asks Mimi to give him one last dance. He holds her close as they slow dance.

Rex tells her that they have been through so much together. He doesn’t want her to give up on them and talks about their future...the kids they will have... she’ll be a great mother. He says that there are lots of ways for them to still become parents...he would love to give a home to a kid who needs one and thinks that no one could be a better mother than her. Mimi has had enough and yells at him to stop. She says it can’t happen and that he should forget she ever existed. Mimi runs out of the loft.

Billie’s Apt: Billie talking to herself

Billie is sitting at the computer and searching the internet for info on Georgia. She hits a few keys and says that the long shot just got shorter. She prints up the information to take to Bo.

Bo & Hope’s House: Bo, Hope, and Billie

Bo is angry with Hope for giving Shawn money so he could go be with Belle. She tells him that Shawn isn’t going there to be with her but to be there for her. She says that Shawn loves Belle and always has. Bo asks Hope if she and “her” son have forgotten that Belle is married to Phil.

Hope says she hasn’t forgotten but that true love is important. He says that isn’t the issue here but she tells him that true love is sacred. He asks her what about the vows Belle took and says that its wrong of Shawn to interfere and that it’s wrong of her to as well and to enable Shawn. Hope argues that Belle knew her marriage was a mistake long before Phil was injured. She asks him what he thinks will happen to their son if Belle stays with Phil out of guilt. Bo tells her that Belle loves Phil. Hope says but not like she loves Shawn. He tells her she doesn’t know that but she says that Shawn is more centered now and more stable.

Bo says it was a mistake for Shawn to go to Germany. He thinks that if Shawn violates his bail terms, there will be more charges and if he doesn’t get back in time, there will be a warrant for his arrest. He asks Hope if breaking up a marriage is more important than that. She reminds him that he didn’t try very hard to stop Shawn himself. She says that Bo would have done the same thing if he thought he was losing the woman he loved. Bo says that Shawn already lost her and that Belle should focus on her husband. He also thinks that Shawn is going over to stake a claim and that three people in a marriage doesn’t work.

The doorbell rings and of course it’s Billie. Hope isn’t thrilled to see her and asks her what she wants. Billie tells her that she needs to talk to Bo about Georgia. Hope tells her that she is the last thing they need right now. Billie says it’s important and Hope replies sarcastically that “it’s always important.” Bo starts to defend Billie and Hope tells him not to. She tells Billie to tell him the information and then to get the hell out.

Billie explains about the website she found and thinks that Georgia might be as anxious to find them as they are to find her. She needs Bo to sign some papers. The phone rings again and this time it’s Shawn (we don’t see or hear him). Hope tells him there isn’t any need to thank her again for the money and that she loves him. She asks him to call her as soon as he gets to Germany.

Nosy Billie goes ballistic over the fact that Hope gave Shawn money to go to Germany. She doesn’t want Hope’s “loose cannon of a son” anywhere around Phil and Belle. Hope flares up as well and says that it’s rich that the woman who manipulated her husband into thinking she was her (I think she also said “and raped him”, but it happened very quickly) would say that. Billie turns to Bo who stays quiet and looks angry at the same time. Billie figures he agrees with her and not Hope.

Hope tells Billie not to dare drive a wedge between her and Bo. She tells her to leave now. Billie says fine but that she will not let Shawn come between Belle and Phil. After she’s gone, Hope asks Bo who does Billie think she is. Bo says he stayed quiet so he wouldn’t take sides. Hope tells him he didn’t have to...his silence said everything (Go Hope!). She tells him that if Billie tries anything she will have to go through her.

Salem University Hospital: Marlena & Dr. Karen Bader

Karen comes to see Marlena in her office and tells her that she is glad she is alive. They both missed each other. They talk about what happened when Marlena was held captive and she tells Karen that she couldn’t have gotten through it without Roman. Karen asks her about the patient she wanted advice on and questions the fact that the file has no name on it. Marlena explains about confidentiality. Karen murmurs that the patient is a little over two months pregnant. She looks at the file some more and then says...this doesn’t look good at all.

Karen says that it’s a high-risk pregnancy and there would have to be plenty of bed rest, diet...she would have to advise on a day-to-day basis. Marlena asks her what the chances are of carrying the baby to full term. Karen says not so good.

Marlena describes herself to Karen. Karen thinks that the husband would help but Marlena tells her that he doesn’t know. The other doctor is confused and says it’s very irregular to analyze a patient she hasn’t even examined. She recommends that the patient make an appointment with an OBGYN ASAP. Marlena tells her the truth...that the patient is her.

She tells Karen that no one else knows and asks her not to say anything. Karen tells her that its good news... Marlena loves children and that John will be over the moon to have another baby with Marlena. She says that it’s risky but Marlena might make it to full term. Marlena tells her that the baby is Roman’s and not John’s.

Marlena is worried about what it will do to her marriage when John finds out the truth. Karen tells her she doesn’t have to have the baby and then no one would know. Marlena tells her she can’t do that. She bemoans the fact that she didn’t tell him the truth before because secrets have a way of coming out. Karen tells her that she has to tell John the truth.

Hospital in Wiesbaden: Belle, John, Phil, and Kate

John and Belle are watching Phil through the window from outside the room. Inside, Kate is laying it on thick and telling Phil that Belle couldn’t wait to get to his side. He tells his mom that he is going to have a long and hard recovery and that he’s scared he won’t make it.

John and Belle are talking and he’s proud of her for being there. She tells him that she promised to be with Phil in sickness and in health and will stay as long as he needs her.

John and Belle come in the room and John asks Phil how he is doing. Phil says he’s been better and that he won’t be able to rejoin his troop. John talks about the wonders of prosthetics. Phil thanks him for pulling the strings to get him home sooner so he can be near his friends and family. He’s glad that Belle won’t have to relocate to be with him. John has a strange look on his face as he quietly says that it’s important to be near the people you love and that love you. Phil mentions John’s and Kate’s plans to renew their wedding vows with Marlena and Roman. Belle is surprised and asks if it is because Kate and John feel guilty about what happened between them (lol...you should see John and Kate’s faces). Phil asks them what happened.

Kate tries to explain that they got close. Phil asks...how close. Kate says they thought Marlena and Roman were dead. John cuts in and talks about having a double ceremony. Kate opens her mouth wide and says maybe Belle and Phil can renew their vows as well. Phil says they don’t need to because Belle never thought he was dead. Belle looks uncomfortable. Phil tells John and Kate that they were lucky to have each other. Phil mentions asking Shawn to take care of Belle after he was injured. Kate can’t believe he did that. She says it’s like asking the fox to guard the henhouse.

Phil tells them that Shawn risked his life for him. Kate says: “Like hell!” Belle agrees with Phil and John does too, saying that Shawn took a hell of a risk coming after him. Phil says that he didn’t have a choice but to do his duty...but Shawn had a choice and chose to come get him...even wanted to rescue him from the minefield. Phil says that Shawn is a hero. Kate tells him that Shawn is not quite the saint he is making him out to be. Phil replies that he knows that Shawn has had problems...etc... but he now has a whole new level of respect for him. He says that Shawn has been a good friend. Belle agrees and says that Shawn only wants what’s best for Phil. Phil asks John and Marlena when they are going to have the ceremonies. Kate says as soon as Phil can be there. John wants it to be a surprise for Marlena and Roman but Belle reminds him that her mom hates surprises.

Belle mentions that Shawn wanted to come with them to see Phil. Kate is glad he didn’t because Phil already has enough visitors. The nurse comes in to change is bandages and the others leave. Belle tells them that she is worried about Phil...one minute he’s okay and the other he’s depressed. John tells her it’s natural. Kate is glad she is there and that she knew as soon as Belle saw Phil, without Shawn, that she would realize she still loved Phil. Belle tells her that she does love Phil but that she also loves Shawn. She’s annoyed at Kate and asks if they could NOT talk about this right now.


Brady with Chloe: “I know about your scars and I don’t care...don’t you know how much I love you?”

Shawn with Belle: “What I want to know at the end of the day is do you still want to be my wife?”

Rex with Mimi: “You are keeping a secret from me and you are going to tell me right now what it is!”

Sami: “What would be perfect is if you and mom got back together. Roman: “That is never going to happen.” Sami: “But Tony promised me!” Lucas can be seen coming up to them.


Tuesday Jun 21

Pat’s Spoilers

I’m going to be keeping my spoiler reports short. I have my son staying with me until he finds a place to live so I don’t get to watch the show until late and if I went into tons of detail it would be after ten Eastern time before I could post this.

The good part about today’s show - Marlena has on a very nice outfit. I also like Brady having the semblance of a brain.

Lucas’: - Sami shows up with breakfast for Lucas and Will (muffins, juice and coffee). Will says I know what you’re doing. You’re trying to act like we’re a family again. Sami says yes – this time things will be perfect. Will says every time you say that something bad happens. There’s a knock on the door. It’s Roman. He’s there on official business. He wants to talk to Sami about Tony. Lucas sends Will to his room. Roman asks Sami if she learned of any of Tony’s plans. She insists she didn’t. Roman says any little bit of information would help in the search for Caroline and Victor. He pushes Sami asking her if she doesn’t want her grandmother to come home – to have the entire family back together. Sami says that would be great and it would be even better if you and Mom got back together. Roman gets upset with her and tells her that isn’t going to happen. Marlena is happily married to John and he to Kate – their wedding vows are forever. Sami blurts out that Tony promised her they would be together. Both Lucas and Roman confront her – Sami says she will tell them the truth. She lies and says she meant that Tony told her that they were both alive. He wanted her to work for him and come back to Salem and do horrible things but she refused even though he promised she would get to see her parents if she did as he asked. They’re still sceptical but she as much as she wanted to see them she couldn’t – she’s not that evil. She also slips again and says she would never willingly help Tony. Roman pounces on that asking her if she is saying she did help Tony without knowing it. Sami says she would never get tricked by Tony. Roman tells her she has to come to the station to make a formal statement. He leaves and Will comes back into the room – he takes one look at Sami and says you have that look again. When Sami says what look – Will says the guilty one. Lucas says that things will be fine as long as Sami keeps telling the truth. Cue that ‘guilty’ look…LOL!

I really believe that the Rex/Tek and Marlena/Mimi scenes were thrown in to 1) give Tek some air time 2)they’re stretching out time because with Eric leaving they have nothing to do with Rex 3) to reinforce Marlena’s feelings of guilt and 4) as an excuse to show f/b’s of the castle sex scenes.

Rex goes to the station to see Tek. He tells Tek he can’t let the woman he loves go to jail for a crime she didn’t commit. Rex says she will tell me everything except why she convinced. By Tek’s response Rex figures out that Tek knows something. Of course Tek doesn’t say anything. He says it’s an open and shut case. Mimi confessed and pled guilty. They got Jan’s statement before she lapsed into a coma. Rex leaves and Tek phones Lexie. Marlena is holding her test results wondering how she is going to tell John she is pregnant with Roman’s baby and wondering how she is going to tell Roman. Mimi shows up. She tells Marlena she didn’t do what she wanted her to do. She was going to tell him but she just couldn’t. She asks Marlena if she is still keeping her secret – than says of course you wouldn’t get a secret from the man you love. Mimi says Rex was so sweet, made her a special breakfast, they danced to their song and then he started talking about their future and what a wonderful mother she was going to be. She says she lost it and told him it was over. She’s worried about Rex because he looked so hurt and confused. She then goes on to say something about keeping secrets which Marlena takes to heart. She also says that she is being sentenced today and will probably be in jail for the rest of her life. Rex will find someone else to love. Mimi leaves and runs into Rex. He knew she would come to see Marlena. He tells her he knows that she is keeping and secret and she is going to tell him right now. Marlena is experiencing some morning sickness.

Chloe dreams about Brady coming to the clinic and declaring his love for her and convincing her that he doesn’t care about her scars. They kiss – she wakes up. At the mansion Nicole strips and crawls into Brady’s bed and starts caressing and kissing him finally getting to his lips. Brady in his sleep returns the kiss and calls her Chloe. When he says you are so beautiful Chloe he wakes up and is shocked to see Nicole. Nicole is upset and accuses him of lying to her. He doesn’t believe Chloe is dead. He says no that’s not true. She (Nicole) convinced him that Chloe is dead but he still loves her and he can’t help it if he dreams about her. He tells Nicole that she can’t come to his room as long as there’s even a small chance that his grandfather is alive. She says their marriage is a sham and he made it clear on the island that he wanted a divorce and so does she. Brady says that you are still married to him and that makes you my step-grandmother – we can’t make love. Nicole leaves and Brady hopes that she will lead him to Chloe. Nicole calls Chloe and tells her that Brady is convinced that she is dead. She then tells Chloe to pack she’s leaving Salem today for good. Brady comes out of the shower and notices that Nicole is on the phone. He wonders if she is talking to or about Chloe. Nicole says she found her a place at a clinic in Switzerland. Chloe doesn’t know if she’ll be able to convince Nancy. Brady picks up the phone.

Military Hospital: John and Kate are in the cafeteria. They pay lip service to those real life heroes that suffered or paid the ultimate price for their country. They talk about how horrid landmines are and that they should be banned. After the PC speak they get back to how lucky it is that Phil survived. Kate is comforted by the fact that with all the advances made in medicine that Phil will live a relatively normal life (not exactly her words – but in that vein) and of course she is happy that Belle is there and Shawn is thousands of miles away. This will give Phil and Belle a chance to bond without Shawn trying to come between them. Kate is worried that once they get back to Salem that might change. John tells her not to worry. He talked to Belle. She is committed to her marriage and she is using Marlena as her role matter. Belle would never break her wedding vows just like Marlena would never break hers. This leads into talk of renewing their vows – this time its Kate’s turn to express worry about close Roman and Marlena got while Tony was holding them captive. More talk about what happened between the two of them because they believed Roman and Marlena were dead – talk about Roman and Marlena knowing what was happening between them thanks to Tony. John saying that he knows that nothing happened between the two of them in that castle.

Belle is sleeping in Phil’s room dreaming about dancing with him and snuggling very close. Shawn’s hand comes down on her shoulder and she says Philip’s name. Cue strange look from Shawn. He wakes her up and kisses her cheek. She thinks she is dreaming but when she realises she isn’t she tells Shawn he shouldn’t be there and he has to leave. Phil starts waking up and Belle can’t get Shawn out of the room fast enough. He sees all the pictures of Belle and Philip pasted to the door and he doesn’t like it. She asks him what he is doing there – and she is not nice about it all – this is where I can use a good friends line that she mentioned in jest – Shawn should have borrowed extra money so he could have bought some lederhosen – if he’s going to get treated like a two year old by the woman who is supposed to consider him the love of her life he should dress like one… he’d look cute especially if he wore the feathered hat as well… He says he’s there for her. She says Phil has a long difficult recovery and Shawn being there will only make it worse. Shawn understands and wants Phil to recover. She says she is committed to being there with Phil through his recovery. Shawn wants to know that at the end of it all is she still planning on being his wife. Cue the stare… Kate and John are walking down the hallway. Kate is again rejoicing that Shawn is no where near until they both see him. Kate asks him what he is doing there. John tells him that the best thing he could do is leave. Shawn says he’s not going anywhere – he’s there for Belle. Phil starts calling out Belle’s name and she rushes inside. He tells her he had a bad dream that Shawn came and wanted her back. She tells him not to worry about Shawn. Phil says he can’t lose her – he needs her – he loves her. She cuddles up to all lovey-dovey and tells him she isn’t going any where – she’ll be with him forever…. Shawn is watching through the window.

Previews: Tek to Lexie – The man can’t make love to his wife. That’s Abe’s real problem. Abe – Did I hear my name? Jack to Lexie – What’s my prognosis? Lexie- Not good. Jack – Is that doctor speak for I’m dying? Therapist to Phil – I don’t mean to bring you down soldier. Once they realise that it’s never going to be like it once was they take off. Shawn to Phil’s wife – He wants to know if she is committed to having a future with him.


Wednesday Jun 22

Pat’s Spoilers

Something good about today’s show – I loved seeing the Jack, Jen and Abby. We also got the introduction of Max Brady.

Nicole/Brady/Nancy/Chloe – Brady does not hear anything on the phone – Nicole hangs up just as he is going to listen. She comes into his room and he asks her who she was talking to. She wants to know why he is interested. He says he was going to make a call and just picked up the phone but hung up when he realised she was on the line. She lies and says it was her assistant. She tells him she is going in to work – he says he has a busy day. As soon as she leaves he calls Nancy.

Chloe tells Nancy that Nicole has arranged for her to stay at a clinic in Switzerland and they are leaving tonight. Nancy can’t believe that she is letting Nicole win – she’s just a tramp. Chloe says Nicole is still beautiful – something I will never be. I like how Nancy tells her that she is being disrespectful of Brady by making statements like that. Nancy gets the call from Brady and goes to the mansion. Brady questions Nancy about the circumstances of Chloe’s death. He doesn’t want to upset her but he heard Chloe’s voice on the telephone. He wants to know if she saw Chloe’s body. Nancy skirts the issue and says it was a horrific accident – they had to use DNA. Brady says those tests can be faked. He asks about the cremation and if she was sure those were Chloe’s ashes in the urn – flashback to the chicken bones et al. Also a flashback to Chloe telling her that if she tells Brady she is alive she will never speak to herself. Brady wants to know if there is any chance that Chloe is alive. Nancy tells him she wishes she could tell him what he wants to hear but she can’t. Nicole is eavesdropping. After Nancy leaves Nicole enters the room and asks Brady what Nancy was doing there. Brady tells her that he had to tell Nancy what had happened. He says miracles don’t happen just because you want them too (now I can’t remember if he said that to Nancy or Nicole). They hug – Nicole is feeling very pleased with herself – Brady is thinking – ‘now lead me to Chloe’. Nicole leaves and Brady follows.

Devereaux house: Jack, Jen, Abby and Chelsea are packing a picnic lunch to take to the Salem 500. Jack is in pain and when Jen touches him he winces but doesn’t say anything (Jen notices). The girls are going ga-ga over the pictures inside a racing magazine. They are obviously talking about Max. Chelsea tells Abby she would lose her virginity to him in a Salem minute. Abby gives her a look – Chelsea makes a remark about Abby and virginity – Abby says we’re going with my parents – I’ll be coming home a virgin tonight. Jack tells Jen he has an errand to do and he’ll meet them at the track. He calls the hospital and tells Lexie he has to see her and this time he wants straight answers. The ‘girls’ head off to the race track. Abby and Chelsea take off to swarm around Max Brady to get his autograph while Jen is left to set up their picnic table. Chelsea wonders if Max is related to the Brady’s in Salem. Abby doesn’t think so. They get their turn and Max signs Abby’s magazine. Chelsea wants him to sign her top and she thrusts her chest forward. Max just gives her the signal with his finger to turn around. They ask him what he’s doing after the race and he says he has some people in Salem that he wants to hang out with. Chelsea tries to give him her cell number but Abby drags her away. Abby wonders who such a cool guy as Max would want to spend time with in Salem. Jen had come over once to see what all the fuss was about but didn’t hear Max’s name. She comes back again and Abby is gushing and she tells her mother that Chelsea got Max Brady’s autograph. Jen looks over and says oh my. She calls out Max’s name. He looks up and says Jennifer…Jennifer Horton – they hug and he spins around as they talk about how long it’s been since they last seen each other.

Hospital: As much as I enjoy seeing James Reynolds on screen I was not happy with the dialogue given to his character today. I understand that Abe has physical problems, the blindness and the impotence, but to hear him talk the way he did to Lexie today was disgusting. Tek is asking Lexie how she is doing. He asks her if she has time for coffee. She says that’s not really why you’re here. He says she knows him to well. She tells him that she will not be unfaithful to Abe. Tek says Abe is the one pushing her away and Abe’s real problem is that he can’t make love to his wife. Abe shows up and says did I hear my name. Tek says he just stopped by to see how Lexie is doing – they are friends. Abe is very cruel to Lexie – I’m not going into the dialogue because I found it distasteful. Lexie wants to have more tests run but Abe is tired of being a guinea pig, poked and prodded. Lexie asks him if there was the slightest chance that he could see his son again wouldn’t he want to take it. At that moment I saw a glimpse of the Abe I know and love. We also find out that Detective Adams has been checking out Tek for Abe (hmm… using the police to check on your wife’s supposed lover). Tek notices Det. Adams as he is trying to slink out and asks him what he is doing there. Adams says he doesn’t report to him. Adams also sees Tek go to Lexie and Lexie going into Tek’s arms.

Jack shows up at the hospital and tells Lexie he has no sense of balance and he has a pain in his side. He wants to know what is wrong and he wants the truth. She sends him for more tests. She gets the results and he says what does it say – that I’m going to die. She tells him she wants to discuss the results in private on the balcony. She tells Jack she hasn’t encountered this disease before. His white blood cell count is dangerously low. He wants to know what that means. She tells him in cases like this she recommends a second opinion. Jack says I really am dying. He’s in shock. She tells him that she will come with him to tell Jen – he says he is not going to put Jen through this. He wants to know how many years he has. When Lexie stays silent he says months, weeks… She says if forced to say around three months. She tells him that Jen has the right to know to prepare for his death. Jack rails against God for letting him survive everything Tony DiMera could throw at him and to make it home only to spend a couple of happy weeks to find out that he is going to be dead in a few short months.

Military hospital: I’m not going to say a lot – I’m sick to death of seeing Belle on the screen every day and I’m sick at heart over the character destruction of Shawn. Belle must have settled Phil down because she’s back outside the room talking to Shawn. Shawn says he expected Kate to not be welcoming but he didn’t expect her father to treat him the way he did. Belle says you surprised us – we weren’t expecting you. She says she has to concentrate on Phil’s recovery and Phil would be upset if he saw Shawn there. Phil has another nightmare and wakes up screaming – he’s suffering phantom pains – he can feel his amputated leg. He tells Belle he doesn’t want to be a burden to her – she doesn’t have to stay with him – this isn’t what she signed up for. She looks very upset with him for saying this. She tells him he could never be burden and she’s there to see him through his recovery. She’s his wife and she isn’t going anywhere. Phil goes for x-rays…Shawn comes into his room. Belle again treats him like a two year old but then to keep him dangling she goes crying into his arms. She conveniently doesn’t answer him when he asks her if she is still committed to spending her life with him. In the x-ray area Phil talks to a fellow amputee named Gary. Gary talks about how his girl flew there as soon as she heard about his injury. He says she tried but it’s not the same – it can never be the same and when they find that out they leave. Phil says it’s different for him – they’re married. Gary says his girl dumped him by email and moved on with one of his friends. Gary says when they start crying on same guys shoulder, a guy with two legs, it’s all over – cut to Belle crying on Shawn’s shoulder. On the way back the doctor kind of confirms what Gary said but says it depends on what type of relationship the two of them have. Phil is not worried… he tells the doctor he’ll wheel himself in to surprise his wife. He pushes forward but stops when he sees his wife in Shawn’s arms.

Preview: Chloe to Nancy (with Nicole listening and smirking) Brady is really close to finding me. The only way to prevent that is to leave Salem which I intend to do right now. Jennifer to Jack – What distracted you so much that you forgot your favourite relish? Tex to Lexie – I know that you’re hurting – I just want to take the hurt away. They kiss. Phil to Shawn (with Belle and her infamous slack-jawed open mouthed stare in the room) – You’re still after Belle. You’re doing anything you can think of to come between us and steal my wife.


Thursday Jun 23

Pat’s Spoilers

What I liked about today’s show… I liked Jack. I liked the scenes revolving around Max Brady. He’s a big time flirt but he’s cute and someone different. I might as well as well enjoy his character before Reilly starts him down the path of destruction. I actually liked that Belle for the most part stood around wringing her hands and giving out that ‘look’ – Shawn and Phil did most of the talking.

Clinic: I have to be honest. I can not wait for the Brady and Chloe reunion. Not because I expect Reilly to do it any justice but because it will mean that I don’t have to listen to Nancy trying to get Chloe to tell Brady that she is alive and Chloe repeating the ‘I can’t be a burden to him’ mantra ad infinitum. Be prepared for more of that today. A nurse has Chloe’s release papers ready for her to sign. The nurse wishes Chloe well but tells her that the longer she cuts herself off from all her friends and loved ones the longer it will take her to heal. Chloe says she is never going to heal – she’s going to be disfigured for life. The nurse means heal emotionally. She wishes that Chloe would of have had more visitors than just her mother and that woman – the nurse has no compunction saying she didn’t like her. Chloe asks the nurse to not tell anyone that she was there if someone should ask. Nancy knows exactly what Nicole is doing but Chloe won’t see it. She actually defends Nicole and says Nicole loves Brady and she makes him happy. She wants Brady to move on and she trusts that he will choose the right woman to love. Nicole thanks Chloe and Nancy is so angry she tries to go after Nicole but Chloe steps between them.

Brady shows up to the clinic and asks the same nurse (the one that just left Chloe’s room and who had just placed Chloe’s file down on the desk) if she Mrs. Kiriakis was there visiting Clara. The nurse says that Clara is not there. Brady wonders where she could be because her car is in the parking lot. He bends down and picks up something from the desk saying this explains it. It’s a brochure for a mall next to the clinic. He thinks she’s shopping. He calls her on her cell. In Chloe’s room Nicole asks Chloe if she should answer it and Chloe yells no – Nancy says like you were going to. When her cell goes to voice mail Brady knows that Nicole is up to something. (Don’t ask me what the connection is to not answering a cell and being up to something – don’t have a clue…LOL). The nurse comes in and tells Mrs. Kiriakis her boyfriend was looking for her. Chloe panics and says you didn’t tell him… the nurse says no. Nicole offers her some money but the nurse tells her that she doesn’t have to be bribed to keep a word to a patient. Brady comes back to that same nurse and asks if there is a patient there by the name of Chloe Lane. She tells him that patient information is confidential. He says haven’t you ever been so much in love…etc. He says he knows she is alive. The nurse says she can’t say anything but maybe someone in Room 206 could help him. Brady rushes into the room but finds it empty. He goes to the closet door and finds Nancy inside. She’s holding Chloe’s jacket. He asks Nancy about Chloe but she doesn’t say anything. He says he wants the truth from her. Outside Nicole and Chloe are in the car. Nicole says that was too close but they got away. Brady will never find out that she is still alive.

Devereaux house: Patrick is walking towards the house when he hears a siren. It’s Tek. He tells him that Lexie told him that Jack wanted him off the premises. He wants to know if he is there to steal something. I have to say I really don’t like Tek at the moment. He’s very confrontational with Patrick. Wants to know what he’s hiding. What he’s doing there? He tells Patrick that one day he’ll slip up and he’ll be right there to catch him. When Patrick gives him a smart-ass answer about stealing the silver Tek says if you have nothing to hide why are you acting so defensive. Patrick asks him how he would react if someone walked up to him and asked him if he was there to rob someone blind. Jack stops at home after leaving the hospital to get this pickle something relish. Patrick comes out of the kitchen carrying a couple of garbage bags. Poor Patrick – first Tek and now Jack. Jack thinks the same as Tek. Patrick says he just got some garbage bags to pack his clothes. Jack can’t figure out why he’s still there when he asked him to leave days ago. Patrick tells him that Jennifer gave him time to get his stuff together and find a place to live. Jack says why don’t you move into that Habitat for Humanity home that was built for his mother – she’s living at Mickey’s now. Patrick tells Jack that it’s none of his business where he lives. Jack walks him out and tells him he wants gone by tonight.

Hospital: Jack comes into Lexie’s office. She asks him if he changed his mind about telling Jennifer. He says no – he has some insurance papers for her to sign. He says he knows she thinks he is making a mistake but it’s his decision and she can’t tell Jennifer. She tells him symptoms aren’t going to go away. They will be with him until he … he jumps in and says until I die. She says yes. She thinks he should talk to someone – the stress of keeping the secret isn’t good for him. He says he doesn’t want to waste the little time he has left talking about dying. She asks him what could be more important – he says going home to get some pickle…. Relish. Lexie can’t believe what she is hearing. Jack explains – he has a really impassioned speech. He says being held captive for over a year…he has learned that nothing is more important than family. He wants to spend every moment he can making wonderful memories with Jen, Abby and Jack Jr. After he leaves Lexie has a flashback to another scene that happened before he left that they didn’t show. When Lexie tells Jack Jen and Abby may be angry with him when they find out – they might feel cheated. Maybe there would be stuff they wish they hadn’t done or stuff they had. They might want to do something special for him. He doesn’t want to put them through the worry. He tells Lexie to picture Abby coming into their bedroom every ten minutes to check if he’s still breathing. Imagine Jen worrying every time he coughs or sneezes. A hand touches her shoulder. She turns and says I’m happy to see you I really need you right now. It’s Tek. He asks her if it’s something about Abe. She says no it’s a patient of hers that is dying and doesn’t want to tell his family. Tek thinks the patient is right. He goes off on other things and Lexie knows he’s talking about them now not her patient. He says something to her about letting go…they kiss. It gets a little more passionate but she stops it and says she can’t do it. He tells her he wants her – she says she wants him and than it gets pretty down and dirty. She doesn’t have the patience to take off his shirt she rips it open – he takes off her blouse (he had already dispensed with the lab coat) and lays her down on the desk.

Race track: Abby and Chelsea can’t believe that Jennifer know Max Brady. Jen explains that she knew him since he was a little kid. She talks about how he had this little pedal car. Chelsea makes a lot of comments throughout the show about Max’s prowess on the track. Jen asks about Frankie and says she thinks about him a lot. Max says when Frankie found out that he was going to be in Salem he called and told him to make sure to stop by and say hello. He says he has other people to visit. Abby says if you lived here than you must be related to our Brady’s. He says that Shawn and Caroline adopted him and his brother Frankie. When Abby questions her mother about Frankie she says they were friends. Max says more than friends – they dated for quite a while. Abby wants to know more. Jen says they dated for a while. The girls want to know if Frankie was her first love. Jen says they were in high school and then changes the subject by commenting that she wonders where Jack is. Max wants to know who Jack is. Jen thinks Max would have been too young to remember him. Max takes the girls to the pit area. He flirts a bit with Chelsea. He then gives the tickets to sit behind the pit stop area and kisses them each on the cheek. Jack finally shows up and Jen asks him what took him so long. He says he had to go home to get the relish. She asks him where it is. He says I can’t believe I forgot it. She wants to know what was so important that he forgot it. He says something came up and brushes if off saying it didn’t matter because neither her nor Abby like it. Just then Chelsea and Abby show up and say look who we found. They are arm in arm with Patrick.

Military hospital: Belle wants Shawn to get out of there before Philip comes back and catches him there. She wants to at least have the chance to tell Philip that he’s there. She turns and sees Philip and says he saw us together. Philip comes into the room. Belle comments about him being in a wheelchair. He says he wanted to surprise her but it turns out he was the one surprised. He shakes Shawn’s hand and asks him what he is doing there. He says he came to see him – he had been so worried with all the reports they got he expected Philip to have one foot in the grave. Shawn gets reprimanded by mommy 2 asking him how he could be so insensitive. Philip smiles. Shawn didn’t mean it that way – he just talked without thinking and he put his foot in his mouth. Belle looks horrified … Shawn stops but Philip starts laughing. Shawn tries to apologise again but Philip says it’s natural – the more you try not to talk about something – the more you do. He thanks Shawn for his stupidity – it gave him the first laugh he’s had since arriving at the hospital. Shawn smirks and says I thought I would give you a leg up on your recovery…more laughter. Philip turns serious – he has some questions for Shawn. First he talks about the rescue mission and how stupid it was and that they were lucky that Tony captured them or they would all be dead. He does thank him for it though because if it wasn’t for Shawn he could still be Tony’s prisoner. He says we never really had a chance to talk about why you were so desperate to get me home. Belle chimes in and answers for Shawn (nothing new there) saying he didn’t want Philip to be hurt. Phil looks at Shawn and says we weren’t on good terms before I left. You crashed into the church on our wedding day almost killing us all. Then you did everything you could to come between Belle and me – so he has to ask him again why he’s there. Shawn comes up with saying he’s there to help. Philip wants to know what he feels he could do that John, Kate, Belle and the US military can’t. Shawn says he could run interference for him with his parents… Phil asks him if he there to try once again to come between him and Belle – is he there to steal his wife. Freeze frame on Shawn to end the show.

Preview: Belle lecturing Shawn – Philip can not know the truth yet. He’s not ready. You HAVE to keep up this lie. Shawn – I’m sorry I can’t and I won’t…sigh, how I wish he would stick to his guns on this one but we know that isn’t going to happen. Chloe (in a panic to Nicole) – Oh my god Nicole, Brady’s out there. Nicole. Damn it. Chloe – He’s going to find me. There’s no where for me to hide. Jack to Patrick – You stay away from my wife. You stay away from my family. Patrick – or what? Jack – or I kill you. Jen screaming – oh my god, Max…no….


Friday Jun 24

Pat’s Spoilers

I don’t know if there was anything good about the show today. I don’t like the way Jack is treating Patrick. Hmm…. I did like Jennifer.

Racetrack: Max has tickets for all of them including Patrick to sit together. Jack wonders what Patrick is doing there when he told him to leave his family alone. Patrick insists it was a coincidence. Jack warns him to stay away from his family. Patrick says or what. Jack says or I’ll kill you. I’m sorry I just don’t like Jack when he’s like this. Patrick thanks Max for the ticket but he’ll sit in own seat. Max looks at it and says that is in the next county. Jen goes to talk to Jack. Jen points out all the good things Patrick did including saving Jack’s life on the island and delivering baby Jack. Jack thinks Patrick was doing that to get on her good side – he can’t get past the fact that Patrick worked for Tony. Jen believes that people can change. With Jack being thought to be dead twice she doesn’t want to take anything for granted. She brings up what Steve did for him. He says Steve has been gone for a long time. He tells her that Patrick can stay. Jen tells Patrick that both Jack and she want him to sit with them. Max tells Patrick that he looks familiar and wonders if they met. Patrick says he has a good memory. He was interested in investing in his team when Max was a midget driver. He talks about being a driver himself but he crashed and there was no money to build another car.

Max has to leave. The girls wish him luck and he says he would have a better chance if they kissed him. Abby and Chelsea kiss his cheek. He then asks Jen for a kiss. They watch the race and although Max goes into a spin he recovers and wins the race. There’s some racy dialogue coming from Chelsea – but it’s what I expect from this head writer. Jack says he’s starving. The girls ask Max to join them. Jen is sure he has other plans. He says take out in my hotel room. She invites him. The girls ask Patrick – Jack begrudgingly agrees but he tells Patrick one beer and one burger and he’s out of there. Rain threatens so they go home. Jack won’t let Patrick do anything. Jen realises that she didn’t plan dessert. Max wants to know if Sweet Bea’s is still open – they made the best homemade ice cream. He asks each person what flavour they want. Patrick looks at Jack and says he won’t be staying. Max asks if anyone would like to come along. Both Abby and Chelsea offer. Max says it’s a two-seater. Abby tells Chelsea to go she’ll stay and help her parents. Abby and Jen go into the kitchen and Jack warns Patrick again. He makes it clear that he isn’t going to let anyone or anything come between him and his family ever again. Max takes Chelsea to Lookout Point. She asks why they stopped there. He tells her that Frankie told him it about the great view of Salem from this spot. Chelsea says did you know everyone comes here to make out. He says someone as pretty as you must have been here. She says a few times but the guys aren’t mature enough. There’s more dialogue and the word hot comes into play. He kisses her and then reaches for the tie on her blouse.

Clinic: This part drags on for most of the show. I lost count of the number of times Brady kept asking Nancy to tell him where Chloe was and him saying that he knew she was alive. Nancy keeps denying it. Talks about the ashes and his mother’s ring in her urn. When then doesn’t stop him she plays the ‘how can you do this to me’ card. It hurts her so much that her daughter is gone. Brady just keeps on pushing and raising his voice. Her phone rings and its Chloe wondering where she is. Nancy says I can’t talk right now. Brady grabs the phone and calls out Chloe’s name begging her to talk to him and tell him where she is. She hangs up. Brady looks at the phone and says the number looks familiar. Nancy denies that it was Chloe saying it was Craig. Brady says Craig would have talked to him. Nancy figures that Craig had hung up – he’s a busy man. Brady says that wasn’t a New York area code. He demands that she tell him where Chloe is. Nancy glances towards the curtain. Brady sees a small carry on. There’s the picture of him inside, some of Chloe’s clothes and a locket he gave her. Brady had asked Nancy to explain what she was doing at the clinic if Chloe wasn’t a patient. I have to admire Nancy for sticking by her promise – even when Brady pleads with her that if Chloe was badly injured in the accident he wants to be with her. She needs him. He could never love another woman as much as he loves Chloe. He can’t live without her (sigh another guy that says that). Nancy tries to cover and says he knows she volunteers at the clinic and she brought the stuff for a patient who doesn’t have much – she didn’t know the locket and picture were in there. He asks for the patients name and age and other stuff. Nancy doesn’t have time to regroup before Brady is barraging her again. She says I don’t have time to argue with you. I have to get to the airport – I have a plane to catch. Brady says plane – he tells Nancy – that number was from the Titan jet.

Airplane: Not a lot going on to report on. Nicole wonders where Nancy is and hopes that Brady didn’t see her. Chloe knows her mother won’t break her promise to her. Nicole says the bitch hates me and wants you and Brady back together. At least Chloe defends her mother and tells Nicole not to talk like that about her. Nicole phones the pilot and asks what’s taking so long. He says he’s doing his pre-flight check and once it’s done they can take off. He reminds her that she told him they were waiting for another passenger. Nicole tells him she’s not sure they are going to. Chloe calls Nancy. After she hangs up on Brady Nicole decides to call him. She tells him that she had her phone off while she was shopping. Brady just keeps asking her to put Chloe on the phone. Nicole starts on the I thought we’ve been all through this, she’s dead. She gives him the don’t you know how much you hurt me by not letting go sob story. He tells her that if he finds out that she knew that Chloe was alive and she didn’t tell him he will never forgive him. Nicole says she can’t talk to him while she is driving because it’s too upsetting and she doesn’t want to get in an accident. She hangs up on him and tells Chloe that Nancy will have to find her own way there. She orders the pilot to take off. The plane is moving when all of a sudden it starts slowing down. Nicole calls to the cockpit and is told that they’ve been ordered back to the hangar – a direct order by the FAA. Chloe wonders what is going on. Brady comes running to the area and grabs a chain link fence and starts screaming Chloe’s name. Chloe says oh my god he knows I’m here – what am I going to do – there’s no where to hide.

Military hospital: Phil twisting his wedding ring asks Shawn if he is there to steal his wife. Shawn says you’re kidding right. Philip says no. He wants to know why he came there and he wants the truth. Belle steps in and talks for Shawn again – she says Shawn must be tired and he should go back to the hotel. Philip wants an answer. Belle doesn’t let Shawn speak for himself – she answers for him – gosh, she lies so easily and glibly. Shawn says Philip deserves the truth. I did it for the same reason I organised the rescue mission and for the same reason I wanted to try and get you out of the landmine – I did it for Belle. He tells Philip that Belle was a wreck after she saw the video of him. Philip is not buying it. Philip talks about how Shawn hated him and wanted to break up his marriage – he wants to know the real reason Shawn came to Germany. Shawn finally steps up and says I’ll tell you. Philip glares at him. Belle again tries to take control of the situation – I don’t pay attention to her lies. A nurse comes in and tells him that he is going to get measured for a prosthesis. He is very rude and says he is in the middle of something. When she insists he again refuses. She says I’m not just a nurse I’m a captain and I’m ordering you… Philip apologises and immediately obeys the order. I hate the way Belle just rounds on Shawn and orders him around like a two year old or her little lap dog. He finally finds a bit of a spine and stands up to her. She says Philip isn’t ready to be told the truth – they have to keep up the lie. Shawn says he can’t and he won’t.

The other part of their conversation annoyed the heck out of me. Shawn is very logical. He doesn’t want to hurt Philip but he feels they are hurting him even more by not being truthful. He tells her that deep inside Philip knows that they are still very much in love. Shawn asks her who she loves more – him or Phil. She goes into his arms telling him she loves him (wrong…she loves only herself). But she can’t tell Philip. Shawn says you didn’t want to do this until we were face to face with him- now we are. We have to tell him. Shawn wants to love her in the open. She is very cold and tells him that this isn’t about him. Her exact words – “It’s about me – long pause – and Philip. Geez what a surprise – when isn’t everything about Belle???? Shawn sticks to his guns – I don’t actually mind him so much until he spouts that garbage – My life is nothing without you – I can’t live without you – what an idiot! Belle says don’t say that…I say that to – he should be slapped upside the head for spewing that nonsense. Belle insists that Phil can’t be told. Shawn asks her if the doctors lied to him – did they sugar coat his injury by telling him that his leg was magically going to grow back. The longer they drag this out the worse it’s going to be. Philip can handle the truth. Belle tries to come up with a counter argument about how you wouldn’t tell a child injured in a car accident that her mother was dead. Shawn reminds her that Philip isn’t a child. It ends in a standoff. Belle even tries the do it for me trick but Shawn is intent on telling Philip the truth.

Preview: Bonnie screaming – You can’t do that my daughter’s innocent. Please. Mimi faints and Mickey catches her. Judge banging Order in the court – Bonnie yelling are you okay. Philip to Shawn – I’d like you to stay. I have some questions about you and my wife. Marlena to Jack – The longer you keep this from your family the harder it’s going to be to tell him. Max to Chelsea – Are you sure you want to do this? Chelsea – don’t I look sure? They start kissing.


Monday Jun 27

Pat’s Spoilers

There’s a lot going on today so this report is probably going to jump all over the place. I absolutely loved the Marlena/Jack scenes today. This is the Marlena and the Jack that we know and love. And I loved the final scene – when Jen sees Frankie at the door – the smile on her face … oh my! Frankie looks really good too…LOL!

Devereaux’s: Both Maggie and Alice are there and both of them have heard the news that Max Brady is in town. Marlena shows up and Jack tells her he would like to talk to her when they’re alone. She has also heard that Max is in town and she has phoned Bo and Roman because she’s sure they would want to see their brother. She asks where Max is. Abby says he went to get some ice cream – my friend Chelsea is with him. Jen wonders what is taking him so long. Abby goes to the window wondering the same thing and worrying that Chelsea has got in over her head. Jack is going to check on Patrick’s packing progress – Jen says she will go. Patrick is in the garage, shirtless, as he packs his boxes. Jen says she didn’t realise he had so much stuff. He didn’t either. He guesses that since coming here he has become a packrat. He actually felt like putting down roots. He hopes they can still remain friends. Jen says of course. Patrick doesn’t know considering how much Jack dislikes him. Patrick knocks the stack of boxes over and has to catch Jen. Jack finds Jen in Patrick’s arms and tells Patrick to let his wife go waving the barbeque fork at him. Jack yells at him to put his shirt on and then jumps all over Jen for not seeing what Patrick is doing by parading around half naked. Jen defends Patrick saying it’s hot inside the garage. Patrick grabs his shirt and leaves them alone. He calls his mother and leaves a message. He wants to know if there is any word on when Mimi’s sentencing is going to happen. Abby comes out and talks to Patrick. She wonders where Max and Chelsea could be. Patrick says Chelsea seemed to be really into him so they’re probably taking the long way home so everyone in Salem can see her in his convertible. Abby hopes that’s all it is.

Inside the house Jen is bustling around getting things together. Maggie sees the autographed picture of Max Brady in the magazine and says she has a hard time thinking of him as a sex symbol. Jen again wonders where he is and says I guess he’s not as fast as we thought he was. Abby says under his breath that he is fast alright. One of them I think its Maggie says he used to have emotional problems didn’t he. Marlena said he didn’t speak. After Shawn and Caroline took him in that is when he began to talk again. Jen says she forgot about that. She notices the buns and says I forgot to give these to Jack, he likes to toast them. Marlena offers to take them out to him. I’m not going to go into detail on their conversation. They did a lot of talking and I don’t want to miss anything so I’ll just give you the gist of the conversation. Jack comes right out and tells Marlena he is dying. Marlena is taken aback. Jack tells her he hasn’t been feeling good so he went to see Lexie. Marlena says Jen seems to be alright. Jack says Jen doesn’t know. The long and the short of it is that Marlena tries to convince Jack to tell Jennifer the truth. I really really liked the advice she gave and the arguments Marlena used. She talks about how Jennifer is his life partner – a partner he chose – a partner in the good times and the bad. She also tells him that Jennifer will feel cheated and he should give her and Abby the chance to prepare for his death. The longer he waits to tell them the harder it will be. All Jack is worried about is Jen and keeping his family safe. He talks about how he wishes he could come back as a guardian angel and hold them in his arms and protect them. He stops and says he is sounding crazy. She says no you just sound like a man who’s in love with his family.

The food is being served. Patrick tries to leave but Jen stops him. He tells her he is not hungry. She insists that he can’t leave until he’s had one of Jack’s famous burgers. She hands him a plate and looks at Jack. Jack gives him a hot dog. Patrick looks at him and says I’ll have a burger too. Jack begrudgingly puts a burger on his plate. Jen sits down with her plate full of food commenting that if Max doesn’t get back soon there won’t be anything left for him. Someone says he’ll probably be back soon. Alice isn’t so sure. She seems to remember Frankie and Jennifer missing a lot of family picnics because they had something better to do. Abby says were you really that much in love. Jen smiles and says yes I was – as much as love as you could be in high school. She tells Abby that it was completely innocent – the way it should be in high school. They’re cleaning up after the meal. Alice says she saved a little room for ice cream. Jen says she will have to settle for brownies. The doorbell rings. Abby goes to answer it thinking it’s Max and Chelsea. She opens the door and doesn’t recognise the person. Jen sees him and says oh my gosh Frankie.

Max/Chelsea: Chelsea stops Max and does up the ties to her top telling him she thinks he got the wrong idea about her. He says okay that’s cool. He obviously read her wrong. He thought she wanted the same thing he did. She tells him wanting something and actually doing it are two different things. Outside the ice cream shop Chelsea wonders what is wrong with her…she’s with Max Brady…Geez louise – a stupid flashback to a scene that just happened 5 minutes ago – how low can this show get??? He comes back and says they better get back before the ice cream melts. He notices Chelsea is distracted and he asks her if everything is okay between them. She says yes. She has a question and it’s personal. She wants to know if he has had a lot of girlfriends. He says yes. She asks how many? He doesn’t know – a lot. She asks if any of them were serious. He says he hasn’t met the right one yet. He asks about her – if she has a serious boyfriend – one that she could see herself spending her life with. She says there is one but he’s an older guy. He makes some comment about her being afraid. She says you think I’m afraid. He says it sure seemed that way early. Chelsea proclaims that she is 18 – a woman. She tells him to keep driving. They end up back at Lookout Point. He wants to know what they’re doing there – the ice cream will melt. She says not that fast. It’s cold and I’m hot and I know what I’m doing. She unbuckles her seat belt and makes her move. He wants to know if she is sure. She asks him if she doesn’t look sure and she unbuckles his seat belt. They start kissing.

Courthouse: Bonnie is complaining and saying how can this be happening to me. Mimi says it isn’t happening to you, it’s happening to me. Bonnie asks her if she thinks it’s going to be easy for her knowing her <i>youngest</i> is going to be in jail. Youngest… what happened to Connor – oh well, I guess JER has decided to change history again. Bonnie says that Patrick should be there. Mimi says she’s happy he isn’t. She only called her to let her know that the sentencing date had been moved up. She thanks god that Rex isn’t there just as he walks in. Rex tells her that he loves her and he is going to wait for her. The judge comes in. She talks about Mimi’s guilty plea and how two young lives are ruined. She sentences Mimi to fifteen-twenty years. Mimi faints Bonnie goes into a screaming fit. Mickey tries to talk the judge into reducing the sentence. The judge refuses. Mimi gets to say goodbye to her mother but is hauled away before she can talk to Rex. A guard locks Mimi in a holding cell and says welcome to your new home until you are transferred to Statesville. Mimi is crying. She’s only been in jail for five minutes and already she wants to go home. The guard comes back and says you have a visitor. Mimi doesn’t want to see her mother. The guard says unless your mother is a man it’s not her. It’s Rex. He hated not seeing her before they brought her to the cell. She tells him to get used to it because this is the last time that they will ever see each other again. In the courthouse Mickey tells Bonnie that he will continue to work on Mimi’s case. Bonnie tells him she doesn’t know how she would have got through this without him. They hug. Bonnie asks him to promise that he’ll always be with her. Mickey doesn’t answer.

Military Hospital: Kate sees Shawn and Belle in Philip’s room and says he has to leave before Philip comes back. They go into the room and she starts ordering Shawn to leave. Shawn refuses. Belle tells Kate she was just asking him to leave. Shawn says he intends to tell Philip the truth – he needs to know. Kate says he can’t. If he won’t leave because she’s asking he should leave because Belle is asking him to. John agrees with Shawn. Shawn thanks John but John makes it clear he’s on Philip’s side. John goes on about Philip being strong enough to handle the news – he’s a Marine…yada, yada, yada. Kate wants to talk to John alone. Belle glares at Shawn and orders him to leave – he stands his ground but his spine turns to gel and we see how spineless he is when he says he can’t go because he’s afraid if he gets on that plane without telling Philip the truth that he will lose her forever. God – I wish he’d see that if that happened he would in effect be winning – not losing anything. Outside Kate starts working on John pleading with him to remove Shawn from the room. She says they have pretty much seen eye to eye on things why can’t he support her on this. John asks her how Philip will feel when he finds out down the road that his wife and mother were lying to him. She eventually wears him down and he goes barging into the room and telling Shawn he has to leave now and get on a plane. Belle starts in on him and Kate starts in on him and John is at him and Shawn stays put. Philip comes in and says you’re not leaving are you. Shawn says that’s up to you. Philip wants him to stay because he has some questions for him. He asks him again why he’s there. Shawn repeats that he arranged the rescue mission because Belle was a basket case – he wanted Philip to come home safely but his reason were partly selfish because he hoped that Belle and he could get back together. Philip glares at him (boy he and Belle are really well suited for each other). Philip tells John and Kate to leave the room – this is between him, his wife and Shawn. He tells Shawn it’s time to talk man to man. Phil stresses that he and Belle are married. Shawn says you shouldn’t be. I still love her – I always have and I want her back. (This is not exact wording – these scenes are degrading to Shawn’s character so I don’t pay much attention to them). Just be prepared for that infamous Belle Kiriakis look today … sigh… over and over and over again.

Preview: Max to Frankie – Why did you follow me to Salem? Are you checking up on me? Frankie? I heard you were coming back here. I knew it would be only a matter of time before you got yourself in trouble and I was right. Chelsea to Abby – What is this really about? Are you jealous of me? Marlena to Jack – Are you going to Jennifer the truth about your condition. Jack – I can’t. I can’t. Philip to Belle – Who do you want to spend your future with? Me or Shawn?


Tuesday Jun 28

Pat’s Spoilers

This is going to be a short report. I got a late start on watching the show and if I don’t condense this it will very late before I post. The good part about today’s show…Frankie’s return. The other really good part about today’s show is that Belle by refusing to support Shawn when his eyes are pleading with her to back him up shows us once and for all that her claims about loving Shawn are nothing but lies. She doesn’t love him enough to leave her cushy marriage and sully her precious image but she’ll love him enough to commit adultery with him. That’s all that Shawn is good enough for apparently. He’s not good enough to stand up for – he’s not good enough to leave her husband for…apparently it’s alright in her mind to rip his heart out of his chest and stomp on it – after all, he’s not Philip. And once again she declares her love for Philip while chastising Shawn… oh yeah, this is a woman worth loving – NOT.

Military Hospital: I’m not going into a lot of detail here. It’s all been said already. Philip makes it sound like Shawn pursuing Belle while he has been at war was only a one-sided thing. Shawn says it wasn’t like that and he looks to Belle for support but she just glares at him. She is very cold and heartless to Shawn – asking how he could hurt Philip like this – I guess it doesn’t matter to her that Shawn is hurting. When Shawn looks to her for support all he gets is the cold shoulder and the snarky words – I can’t believe that you’re doing this to Philip. I know we’ll hear claims from some people that Philip laid on the guilt trip – and there are a couple of sentences that I thought the writers were giving Belle an easy out for later on when she cries on Shawn’s shoulder but Philip clears it all up. Just to show us that Belle is a cold-hearted, manipulative liar Philip tells her (among a lot of other things) that giving her up would be the hardest thing he would ever have to do but he’d rather do that than be with a woman that loved another man. I don’t think Belle’s choice could have been any clearer. If she really loved Shawn she would tell Philip that she loves him as a friend but Shawn is her one true love but Belle will show us who she really loves with her choice. And of course when Philip asks her once again who she wants to be with…the show freeze frames on that LOOK – again… you know the slack-jawed open mouthed stare…sigh.

Max/Chelsea: By the dialogue early on we find out that Max and Chelsea didn’t have sex – just fooled around. Max says he was wrong to call her a kid, she is all woman. Chelsea is kind of in a daze. Max asks her if she is okay with what happened. She says yeah. It’s not like we had sex, just fooled around. They kiss. He says you’re a really good kisser- has anyone ever told you that. She says all the guys. She makes it clear that she is saving herself for marriage. Max makes it clear that he’s not into relationships. He asks her if she is saving herself for that older guy she mentioned. She says yes. They decide to go back to Jack & Jen’s.

The Devereaux’s: I loved these scenes. It was so great to see Jen smiling and so excited to see Frankie. Frankie is happy to see everyone as well. He hugs Marlena, Maggie and Alice. Him and Jack get along really well. Frankie tells them he can’t believe they have a daughter this age. Jen tells him that Abby is the same age that she was when the two of them were dating in high school. Frankie knows about what happened and he says they all look really good for people that were presumed dead. He talks about how lucky Jack and Jen are – he tells Jack that Jen is a very special woman and he’s lucky to have her – what more could a man ask for. Jack says something to the effect of enough time to enjoy it all… Abby asks Maggie what the deal was between Frankie and her mom. Her mom made it sound like a high school crush but Frankie makes it sound as if it was serious between them. Maggie says it was very serious. At one time they all thought that the two of them would get married. Jack tries to get the conversation off of their family and on to Frankie. He asks Frankie if he is married. Frankie says he hasn’t met the right woman yet. He met one but he let her get away – it wasn’t meant to be. Jack wants to know what he does for a living. Frankie says he’s a lawyer. His firm deals with graft, internet fraud and identity theft – oh oh – Patrick looks worried when he hears this. Frankie is worried about Max. Jen says he’s with one of Abby’s friends – they went to get ice cream. Patrick mentions that they have been gone a long time. By Frankie’s comments it’s easy to see that he and Max have ‘issues’ – LOL!

Abby asks her Dad if Frankie being there bothers him. He says not at all. Abby can’t believe he’s not even a little bit jealous. He tells her that her mother’s relationship with Frankie helped turned her into the woman he loves and that loves him. Marlena tells Jack that he has to tell Jen the truth. Frankie doesn’t want him to hurt anyone. Jen finally gets the chance to introduce Frankie and Patrick (their dear friend). When Frankie hears the name he tells Patrick it sounds very familiar to him. Jack starts making disparaging remarks about perhaps he heard of Patrick in his line of work which Jen quickly puts a stop to. Max and Chelsea finally show up. Abby drags Chelsea outside and wants to know what they were doing. Chelsea says they went and parked by the river. Abby asks her if they had sex. Chelsea says no they (and then she whispers in Abby’s ear). Abby can’t believe that she did that. Chelsea says it’s no big deal – everyone does it. Abby says she’s heard kids talk about this in school and she can’t believe Chelsea did it – and not everyone does it because she doesn’t. Chelsea says when you grow up you’ll do it to. She wants to know if Abby is jealous of her. Abby says no. Frankie and Max have an interesting conversation. Frankie reminds him that Salem is they’re home town – there are good people here that he doesn’t want hurt. He wants to know what Frankie was doing with Chelsea – he makes reference to the fact that Max is a love ‘em and leave ‘em kind of guy. Max says just like you left Jennifer – hmm… is Max resentful of that? Jack and Jen are cleaning up in the kitchen and Jack says he knew he was right about Patrick – even Frankie doesn’t trust him. Jen says that isn’t true. In the living room Jack had mentioned offering Max and Frankie the apartment over the garage – they discuss it in the kitchen again. They do ask Frankie to stay but he tells them that there is plenty of room above the Brady pub. Jen says of course you want to see Shawn but asks him to consider at least saying this one night – they have so much to catch up on. Maggie and Marlena are talking. Maggie says she is sure that Marlena is missing Belle and John. Marlena is happy that John is there with Belle – she needed to go there and support Philip. (My feelings - Marlena has been away for a long time…it’s obvious that she doesn’t know her daughter at all). Marlena comments that Shawn is Belle’s one true love – WRONG – Belle is Belle’s one true love. Maggie goes on about how first love is the true love – flashback to castle sex.

I really liked the scenes on the couch where Abby and Alice are going through the yearbook and talking about Frankie and Jen. We get treated to some flashbacks of Jen and Frankie – they were so cute to see. Gosh it made me sad for the old Days…Days when couples fell in love and there was actually chemistry between the two actors that played the duo in love…sigh.

Holding Cell: It’s a lot of recycled conversation. Mimi telling Rex that it’s over. Rex saying it isn’t. Mimi it has to be because I’m going to be in prison for 20 years. Rex – I’ll wait. Mimi – No we’ll never have that life me dreamed of – you’ll have it with another woman. Rex still trying to get this big secret out of Mimi – Mimi refusing to tell him. Rex saying he’s not letting her spend two decades of her life in prison for a crime she didn’t commit. If she won’t tell him what she is hiding he is going to find out. Mimi – you can’t. Rex kisses her and tells her he loves her. She turns her back but says I love you too under her breath. After Rex leaves she asks the guard if she can refuse to see any visitors. When she finds out she can Mimi tells the guard to add Rex Brady to her list. Rex goes back to the apartment and starts working to free Mimi. There’s a knock on the door. It’s Patrick. He says he couldn’t get hold of his mother so he came here. He wants to know why no one told him Mimi was being sentenced today. Rex says he isn’t surprised his mother didn’t tell him. Mimi didn’t want anyone there. He tells Patrick she got the maximum sentence 15-20. Patrick says they have to do something because Mimi wouldn’t be able to survive Statesville. Rex says he’s already on it. He knows it was an accident what he doesn’t know is why Mimi is keeping a secret from him. He’s started this time line that he hopes will help him. They both agree it’s going to be difficult to fill in the gaps but Rex is determined to find out what really happened.

Preview: Brady running after Chloe – I knew it. Chloe – Stop. Stay away from me. Nicole is cowering behind some crates. Hope to Bo – This better be good Brady. Bo to Zach – This is gonna be a great surprise, huh. Zach – Yeah. Bo – High five (Zach is so cute). Belle turning on the tears (Oh boo hoo – if you’re looking for sympathy you’re really looking in the wrong place) - one of you is going to be really hurt and I’m sorry about that. I really am (someone thinks very highly of herself). – Sorry – Belle – one man is going to be the luckiest man in the world because you choose the other.


Wednesday Jun 29

Pat’s Spoilers

This will be another very quick report. Surprisingly I enjoyed most of the show today except for the fact that it’s clear that Shawn is going to be written like a juvenile kid to showcase the very mature Mrs. Kiriakis and her mature husband. Great performances by Jason Cook and Kyle Lowder today.

The Brady’s: Absolutely loved the Brady family scenes today. Bo and Zach are playing monster trucks ... LOL! Hope is going to call Shawn in Germany. Bo doesn’t think it’s a good idea. He says they disagree on Shawn’s motives for going there. Bo feels Shawn went there to make sure Belle didn’t bond with her husband. Hope believes that they love each other and that’s enough. Bo says that when Shawn was gone Belle fell in love with Philip. Hope says Shawn didn’t abandon Belle of his own free will. Bo says but Belle didn’t know that. She loved Philip enough to take vows, sacred vows with him. Bo thinks that by going to Germany Shawn might lose the one thing he loves the most. He says the choice is Belle’s. Hope agrees with him. They have some really cute, playful, kissing scenes where Bo starts teasing her about a surprise he has for her. He tells her he has to go out for a bit – it’s about the surprise. When he leaves Zach asks Hope, where did Daddy go. Also when Bo and Hope were kissing the camera panned to him and he is just grinning – a full tooth grin…LOL! Bo comes back with paint smeared on his shirt. Hope asks him if that is blue paint. He says yes – it has something to do with her surprise. He keeps teasing her but won’t tell her what it is. There’s a part where Bo tells Zach that keeping women on their toes, that little element of surprise – is the secret to a long happy marriage. Bo goes up and changes his shirt and tells Hope to go pack an overnight bag for Zach – he’s going to Doug and Julie’s. When Hope runs up the stair Bo tells Zach have their little high five moment.

Airport: Brady runs to Chloe and tries to touch her but she won’t let him. She’s wearing a cloaked cape and keeps her back to him. She won’t talk to him. Brady figures out that Nicole is behind this and he starts yelling for her. Nicole comes out from behind the crates. I won’t go into all the dialogue – there was a lot. I will say that Kyle was just phenomenal today as Brady tied into Nicole. He gets Nicole to admit that she has been lying to him for months. He doesn’t believe her when she tells him that she couldn’t tell him the truth because Chloe made her promise to keep her secret. Brady won’t accept that – Chloe loves him too much to do that. Everything comes out – he asks her why she married Victor – did she ever love him or was it just for the money. Nicole doesn’t know why he’s bringing up Victor now. Brady tells her that a woman who would marry a man for his money would do anything to keep it. Nicole begs Chloe to tell the truth. Chloe tells Brady that everything Nicole is saying is true but Brady doesn’t believe her. There’s a lot of dialogue – including talk about Nancy and Brady letting Nicole know that Nancy didn’t tell him that Chloe was alive. Great scene when he tells her to pack her bags and be out before he gets back or he will move out and sell the mansion, leaving her homeless. Nicole is completely devastated…Kudos’ to Ari as well. Brady yells at Nicole to leave and she does but she doesn’t go far. She believes that as soon as Brady sees Chloe’s face it will be over. She doesn’t believe he could love Chloe – he loves her.

Military Hospital: There is no question in my mind after watching today’s episode that Belle has been lying to Shawn all along. I’m not saying she doesn’t love him in some small fashion – but she doesn’t love him like a woman should love a man. She doesn’t love Philip that way either. Belle Kiriakis loves herself above all. It’s all about her. Shawn and Philip start arguing – Shawn feels that Philip is laying it on thick. Mrs. K starts her whining and crying and Shawn starts backing off saying that she doesn’t have to make the decision now. She’s stressed. He tells her he’s sorry (It really angers me that he is apologising to her). Philip wants her to make the choice now. He gives her every opportunity to leave him. She says her mind it was made up. She walks to Philip and says I’m sorry Shawn. Oh god, the look in Shawn’s eyes, the tears…as she belittles him and chastises him telling him this is his fault. She snarls at him that she told him to stay home, she didn’t want him here. He asks her if she is punishing him because he disobeyed her. (I think the man bought a clue as to what Mrs. K. is all about). Philip wants her to be sure. He tells her this is the time to change her mind if she is going to. What she says will effect the three of them for the rest of their lives. She tells Philip she loves him and she wants to spend the rest of her life with her. Shawn won’t accept it. She is so cold and heartless to him – now I know why for the past 10 months I’ve never bought that Belle ever loved Shawn – there is no hesitation, no look of indecision, no look of regret – just a condescending snob turning down her nose at someone she considers beneath her that had the audacity to speak when not spoken to. Shawn tells her she is making a mistake. Philip tells him that she has made her choice and he has to accept it. Mr and Mrs Kiriakis want Shawn to leave. He does. Belle goes to her husband and kisses him and tells him she loves him. Philip asks her if she is really sure – being married to a man that has lost his leg isn’t going to be easy. They won’t be able to do a lot of things – like dance. He brings up how people talk about her and Shawn dancing together at the last blast. She dismisses that part of Shawn and Belle’s history – saying that was ages ago – they were just kids. (I could say so much here but I’ll bite my tongue). She’s with him now and she is never going to leave him. She goes all wifey on him and wants to learn what to do. After she helps him get into bed she wants to know what else she can do – or does he want her to leave. He says for a while – he needs some rest. Belle goes to the cafeteria and Heather Mills makes her guest appearance. I enjoyed listening to her.

John is talking on the phone – I presume to Marlena but it’s a one sided conversation. He talks about the strings he pulled to get Philip home to Salem for his rehab. He talks about Shawn being there – pressuring Belle. He makes a lot of disparaging remarks up Shawn. Yup – it’s all Shawn’s fault. The conversation ends. Shawn barrels out into the corridor and almost knocks John over. Can’t exactly remember what Shawn says but he asks John if he’s looking for a fight. John says no but it looks like he is. He says – she did it, Belle dumped your sorry ass. I really hated their conversation. The way John talks to Shawn – well, it’s plain to see that Philip is being written as a man and Shawn as a hot-headed kid. The way John praises Philip is sickening. He also threatens Shawn that if he interferes in Belle’s life he’ll have to answer to him. Shawn asks him if he wants his daughter to be happy because she isn’t now. She’s staying with Philip out of a sense of duty because people like John told her to. John says sometimes you honour your commitments over your own happiness. Belle made the choice – stresses again that Philip is Belle’s choice and he has to accept that. Shawn tells him to go to hell – something he should have told Mrs. Kiriakis. Shawn sees Belle with tea – he says – like tea is going to help. You just made the biggest mistake of your life (or something like that – sorry can’t remember and I’m watching Canadian Idol so I can’t rewind right now).

Preview: Phil (don’t know who he is talking to) If I had to chose between losing my leg or losing Belle I would lose my leg without thinking about it. Shawn to Mrs. Kiriakis – But that doesn't mean that I’ve accepted what has happened here because I will never accept it. Condescending Mrs. K – Philip needs me more than he ever has. Shawn – But for how long – til death do you part? Mrs. K turns on the tears – oh boo hoo…my little puppy dog isn’t obeying me… Shawn – just tell her to take a long walk off a short plank already and be done with it…sheesh. Hope to Bo – Is it I mean she really really ours? Bo – Yes she is. Hope – I can’t believe it –still I can’t believe it. They go aboard the Fancy Face III, kissing and fall into the bed. (Great clip – Hope looks so happy). Chloe to Brady – Pretend like you never saw me – like none of this ever happened. Brady – Chloe, do you realise how impossible that is. Take off your bandages – all of them.

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