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Monday Jul 4

Janice’s Spoilers

Note: The Bo & Hope scenes and flashbacks were amazing. Overall, as far as today’s show goes, I thought the writing was great, as was the acting.

Bo & Hope on the dock:

Bo is holding Hope and guiding her (she has her eyes shut tight). He reminds her to keep her eyes closed. She hears the water and hopes he doesn’t plan on having them break the law by using someone else’s boat again. He says he doesn’t. Bo tells her to open her eyes because “she’s our boat...” Hope gasps and says it looks just like the Fancy Face. Bo tells her it’s not just like the Fancy Face...she is the Fancy Face. He’s smiling at her amazement.

Hope is having a hard time believing it. We get our first of many wonderful and romantic flashbacks of Bo and Hope on the original Fancy Face. Bo is showing her the boat for the first time and telling her that he is going to sail off with her into the sunset. Back in the present, Hope says that she would swear “she” is the same but is worried about whether they can afford it. Bo tells her that he made some extra cash when he was commissioner and that now they can afford both a home and a boat. He says that the boat is theirs...just for them...they deserve it and it will become their little sanctuary...they will have the place to come to so they can focus on how much they love each other. He reaffirms his love for her.

Hope tells Bo that the boat is truly beautiful. We get another flashback of Hope mopping the deck and calling Bo a taskmaster. Back in the present Bo reminds her about how much fun they had and thinks they should go down below.

Below deck, Bo welcomes Hope to her new home away from home. She says that everything is just like it used to be and that it’s like stepping back in time. He tells her he stored everything from the original Fancy Face. Another flashback of Hope ringing the bell. She tells Bo that it means that all is well and that they will always be together. In the present, Hope sees the bell again and rings it. Bo tells her that they have their whole life together. She sees dinner on the table and hopes he didn’t cook it...lol... He tells her he wanted it to be perfect so he got their favorite takeout as well as expensive champagne to celebrate. Hope suggests they wait until the bottle is empty to christen the boat. Bo pours two flutes full of champagne...they entwine arms...and he says a toast: to us then, now, and always. Later we see them smashing to bottle against the hull.

Hope playfully feeds Bo and they kiss. We get a flashback of them dancing on the Fancy Face. Back in the present they start dancing and Bo tells Hope that they can come anytime they want. She thanks him and asks when they are going to take the boat out for a cruise. He tells her he has something else planned and they fall on the bed. Hope starts to undo Bo’s shirt buttons and he helps her take off her top. They start to make passionate love...the boat shakes...the bell rings...truly wonderful scenes today.

Brady and Chloe at the airport:

Chloe still won’t let Brady see her face. She admits that she still loves Brady. He pleads with her to tell him why she let him think she was dead. She tells him that she wishes he still thought that, and is still leaving and going somewhere he will never find her.

Brady is having a hard time understanding how Chloe could give up her career. She tells him she didn’t have any choice and explains about severing her vocal cords. She says that she lost everything she worked for and that she put her personal life on hold. Flashback of Brady telling her to go have her career and then kissing passionately at the airport as she leaves for good. Back in the present Chloe is amazed that Brady made the ultimate sacrifice because he loved her and let her go. He goes to touch her and she yells at him to stay away from her.

Chloe tells Brady that nothing can fix this. (Kyle is doing an amazing job here as is Nadia) Brady reminds her how he stayed by her side when she had leukemia. He tells her that he doesn’t care if she can’t sing. Chloe admits that she can now and that she sang for him at the church and he heard her. Brady is amazed and then remembers that Nancy slipped up a few times and almost gave the game up. He tells Chloe that she was always alive in his heart. She wants him to stop and brings up Nicole. He asks if she is jealous and thinks she is wondering how he could be in love with her but sleep with Nicole.

Chloe says that he moved on. He admits to being devastated over her death and that Nicole was there for him. She thinks he could have made a better choice and he says he was wrong...thought Nicole had changed...but he still cared for her because she helped him. Chloe tells him about being in the mansion. He’s surprised that she wouldn’t let him see her and asks if that is when Nicole started to manipulate her. She says that Nicole didn’t do anything wrong and that she was just terrified of losing him. He says that its no excuse for what Nicole did but Chloe doesn’t want him to blame her. She says that it was she who asked Nicole, Nancy, and Craig to lie. Brady isn’t buying it. He still thinks its all Nicole’s fault.

Brady thinks that Nicole lied for selfish reasons but Chloe didn’t. He doesn’t understand why she would want to hide from him and asks if she has forgotten how much they loved each other. Flashback to them skating... making love... Back in the present, Chloe says that she wishes she could pretend and they could be together, but they can’t.

He asks her to turn around and let him see her face. She finally does and he smiles gently. He says that nothing under those bandages could change how he feels and asks her to take them off. She gives him a brief glance, flipping a corner for a second. He asks her to take them all off again, still smiling softly. She starts to do it....

Military Hospital in Germany:

In the hospital corridor, Shawn tells Belle that he knows she still loves him. He says that Belle loves him more than she will ever love Phil. (Both Jason and Martha were great today)

In the hospital room, Phil thanks Heather for coming. He admits that he doesn’t want to be a burden to his wife. She is surprised and tells him that she can do anything she wants, ski, etc... and that so can he eventually, even to the point on going back to active duty once he gets his prosthesis and finishes therapy. Phil says he can handle the pain but can’t handle pity from everyone and doesn’t want Belle to stay because she has to...she deserves better. Heather suggests that he take one step at a time.

Belle tells Shawn that he forced the issue but that she does love Phil and is staying with him. He doesn’t believe her but says he can accept it as long as she tells him she loves him more. She says that everything has changed and Philip needs her. Shawn wants to know for how long. She reminds him that she took vows and promised in sickness and in health. He says so she would have betrayed Phil in health? She says it would have been terrible but she would have. Shawn asks if she plans to stay with Phil until death do them part. Belle looks shell-shocked at the idea...lol...

Heather tells Phil to get some rest and asks him to promise that he will help someone else in the same situation.

Belle tells Shawn she is sorry but she has to stay with Phil. He asks her for how long but she says she doesn’t know. Shawn thinks this could be forever but Belle says they have to take one day at a time. She starts crying and tells him to please go home because he is hurting both Phil and her. Shawn is devastated and says he never wanted to hurt her. He tells her that he will go home and stop pressuring her but will never accept that it is over for them. He says he loves her and knows that she still loves him. He promises that he will find a way for them to be together. Belle watches him go with sadness.

Belle introduces herself to Heather, thanking her for being there. She tells Heather that Phil is trying to be so brave but must be so scared. Heather tells her to just be there for him...to bond...and to massage his legs.

The doctor is in Phil’s room. Phil asks when he can start therapy and get out of this place. The doctor tells him he will see what he can do. He is worried that it will be very stressful doing the therapy back in Salem and asks Phil if he thinks his wife can handle it. Phil tells him that something wonderful happened today and he’s wondering how Belle is now. Shawn is listening in the background.

The doctor leaves and Phil is in pain. Shawn comes in and asks him if he needs anything. Phil tells him he just wants to talk to him for a minute...to make sure there are no hard feelings between them.

Heather tells Belle that Phil loves her. Belle stumbles nervously and says...and...and...I love him. Heather tells her that Phil needs her more than ever and that he is likely to take his anger out on Belle. She says they should be honest with each other and that she left a video for Phil about Olympians with physical disabilities. Heather tells Belle that it is possible for them to get their lives back again. Belle gets a funny look on her face.

Shawn tells Phil that he respects him and thinks he’s a hero. But he won’t say there are no hard feelings because he’s been in love with Belle since they were kids. He tells Phil that he is not exactly thrilled. Then he makes Phil promise him that he’ll never hurt Belle (I thought this was a very telling moment and Jason did an amazing job). Phil says it will never happen and that he thinks that Shawn is a hero as well. He admits that if he had to choose over, he would rather lose his leg than lose over Belle.

John warns Kate that she better stay focused on the prize and eliminate all the distractions because if she doesn’t, it could cost her her marriage.

Lucas asks Sami if she really expects him to believe that his mother set them up. Sami says that Tony has proof.

Patrick tells Rex that there’s no way Mimi can survive in there and they have got to find a way to get her out. Rex says he thinks he has...

Mimi yells at another prisoner that they will see who’s going down! They start to fight.


Tuesday Jul 5

Pat’s Spoilers

This will be a short report. The best part of the show…hmm, I liked Brady. Ali looked beautiful! The very best part about today’s show – NO BELLE!!! Finally a break from the ‘it’s all about me’ mantra. What a very refreshing, welcome change!

Sami/Lucas: Sami is trying to decorate a dessert so that it looks like a waving flag. She’s not having much success. Lucas comes over and she doesn’t want to let him in because she’s working on a surprise for him and Will. He promises not to look. He sets down his laptop and tells Sami he is doing research on Stan. He wants him to pay for what the guy did to all of them. He holds Stan responsible for almost getting them all killed. He wants Sami’s help – he wants her to tell him everything she knows about Stan. Sami says Stan is gone and they’re never going to find him – they should just move on with their lives. Lucas accuses her of hiding something because she’s trying to change the subject. Lucas questions Sami again about how she ended up overseas being held prisoner by Tony. He’s suspicious of her answers and asks her if Tony was the one that left the note that said she was going away. She says she wrote the note – it was just a coincidence that Tony kidnapped her. Sami brushes it off saying who knows why Tony does what he does. She tells him all she wants is to be a family with him and Will. Lucas says there is still a lot of stuff he has to look past before that can happen including the fact that she slept with Brandon the night before their wedding. She insists that Kate set her up. He asks her if she honestly thinks his mother would hurt him like that. She blurts out that Tony has proof.

Lucas wants to know how Tony would know something like that. Sami says he knows everyone’s secrets so he can hold them over people’s heads. He asks her what the proof is. Sami admits she doesn’t know. Lucas says that he can’t believe his mother would do that to him and Will – deliberately destroy their happiness. Sami is crushed. She says you won’t believe that your mother would do it but you believe I would. I have to give Sami credit – she never backed down. She told Lucas that she was going to find the proof and that she would never forgive Kate for what she has done to her. Lucas doesn’t really want to get into this with Sami so he grabs his laptop and says he is going to work on finding Stan. After Lucas leaves Sami starts thinking of how she can get the proof she needs and her mind goes to Eugenia. She knows Eugenia was in on it from the beginning – she just has to get something on her to make her talk.

Military Hospital: Kate and John gloat over Belle’s choice. LOL – They think that Philip ‘won’ – but it was Shawn that won – he just has to figure that out with. I will agree with one thing Kate said – she said Belle is the perfect wife for Philip – and she is 100% right. Although I do feel a touch sorry for Phil but hey – you reap what you sow – he wanted her, he ‘won’ her and now he can live with her. Kate admits that she will do anything to ensure her children’s happiness – John says she is a good parent – gag me. They start talking about what parents do for their children and then John has some advice for her. He tells her that she has to try and get along with Samantha or her marriage will suffer. There’s a lot of talk about Sami and John alludes to the fact that Sami wants her parents together and the both of them out of their lives. John says like it or not they are all one big family and she is going to have to make peace with Sami or risk losing her marriage. All the while Kate is pretending to take John’s advice she’s bad-mouthing Sami and plotting against her. John says besides – Kate got what she wanted – Sami didn’t marry Lucas – she won. Kate really said some not very nice things about Sami…sigh. Haven’t we heard all this before? Lots of flashbacks in these segments.

Jail: I’m not going into the totally unnecessary cell fight between Brenda and Mimi – disgusting. Patrick brings a 4th of July themed cake that Bonnie made for Mimi. Of course he is stymied when he passes through the metal detector until the guard takes the cake from him. He realise that Bonnie did something stupid – yup – there’s a nail file inside. Patrick sweet talks the guard out of writing up Mimi because of what his mother did. When Mimi comes to see him he sees her black eye. Mimi is really feeling sorry for herself. She won the fight but she should have let Brenda kill her – what has she got to look forward to. Patrick tells her not to give up – he hasn’t, Rex hasn’t. Mimi launches into the Rex has to move on with his life – she doesn’t want him to know the truth – she can’t hurt him that way. Bonnie shows up. Mimi finds out what Bonnie did and makes it clear that she there isn’t going to be a jail break and the judge isn’t going to set her free. Patrick leaves. Bonnie asks Mimi if she really wants Rex to move on with his life because if she keeps on pushing him away she’s going to push him right into the arms of another chick. Bonnie wants Mimi to picture Rex with another girl, kissing her…marrying her…

Rex’s Loft: Bonnie shows up to find out if Rex has made any progress on getting Mimi set free. When he says he doesn’t have anything yet Bonnie says she set a plan in motion. When Rex finds out what she did he tells her that she could end up with both her children in jail. He also tells her that Mimi can’t file through the bars with a nail file. She tells him it worked in a movie. Apparently she’s been watching a lot of jailbreak B movies. She tells Rex that he can have all the time off he needs from bartending – with pay of course – Mimi is his number one priority. There’s not a lot to their conversation – I just viewed it as giving Rex something to do before he leaves town. After Bonnie leaves Rex is trying to come up with a way to find some proof that Mimi is innocent. He says if only there was a way to rewind to the time it happened…Patrick shows up and tells Rex that they have to get Mimi out of there – she’s not doing all that great – she won’t last in prison. Rex has an idea.

The airport: I won’t go into a lot of this because it was fairly repetitive. Chloe just couldn’t accept that Brady loved her and the scars didn’t matter. To Brady – he didn’t see the scars – all he could see was the woman he loved. Kyle did a great job portraying Brady’s love for Chloe. He tells her that he never stopped loving her, not when he thought she was dead, not when he tried to move on. He tells her she is the most beautiful woman he knows – on the inside and the outside and that hasn’t changed for him. She keeps talking about being how her face is gone and that she is disfigured and he says he doesn’t know what she is talking about. He asks her if she doesn’t love him any more. She says she does love him and that is why she can’t burden him. She says small children will scream and run away when they see her in public. She doesn’t want anyone to see her not even him. She tells him to leave. He tells her he can’t. He will not let her out of his life. He wants to go away and celebrate that she is alive. At first she tries to get away from him but when he keeps declaring his love she stops and listens. He wants to take her to a special place – a place he only wanted to ever take his one true love and now he can. I don’t know where that is – but it’s not the mansion...LOl!

Previews: Max and Frankie pushing and shoving…Frankie- What are you doing? Max pulls out a picture of Jennifer. Jen to Jack – Tell me the truth. There’s something wrong with you, isn’t there? Brady to Chloe – I want this night to be special for the two of us. Sami to Nicole (who is downing shot after shot) – There’s something else I have to tell you and I don’t think its good news.


Wednesday Jul 6

Pat’s Spoilers

This is going to be a very quick report. I have to go back to work this evening and I don’t want to miss Canadian Idol. What was good?? Do I even have to say??? Unfortunately my luck runs out tomorrow…sigh. I liked the Jack/Jen scenes and the Brady/Chloe scenes.

Cabin: Brady leads a blindfolded Chloe into the cabin. Although I loved the scenes I just find this so weird – there’s no history to this place. I don’t remember Isabella having a cabin when she lived in Salem – but I digress. I don’t know when Brady had the time or when the ‘caretaker’ had the time but the place is decked out in flowers, there are candles all over and a bottle of champagne chilling in an ice bucket. He takes off the blindfold. She asks him where they are. He tells her this was his mother’s place. She would come here to paint. After she died his Dad didn’t come here anymore and when Brady was old enough he gave the place to him. He tells her he was saving it for their honeymoon. Brady tells Chloe that when his mother found out she was dying she would come to this place – it made her feel better. Chloe realises that is why he brought her here. Chloe can not grasp that Brady isn’t repelled by her scars. Brady just doesn’t see them. To him she will always be perfect. He also has the closet conveniently stocked with new clothes he bought for her to wear on their honeymoon. There is a lot of dialogue and once I got past the manufactured history of this cabin I enjoyed watching them.

Sami/Nicole: Nicole shows up at Sami’s door crying – Sami does a double take – she can’t really believe what she is seeing. Nicole tells Sami that Brady knows Chloe is alive and he’s with her now. She wants Sami to help her get Brady back. Sami refuses. She tells Nicole to accept it. Brady will never leave Chloe – it’s over. Nicole says they have to do something. They should play on the fact that she is scarred. Maybe sell her pictures to the tabloids, make sure she doesn’t want anyone to ever see her again. Sami repeats that she won’t help her. She tells Nicole that she wants to be a better person. She isn’t going to do anything to jeopardise her chances of being a family with Lucas and Will. Nicole threatens to reveal that she was Stan. Sami counters by saying she will make sure Brady finds out that Nicole is responsible for Chloe’s little bacterial infection. Sami isn’t worried that Lucas will find out anything about Stan because the guy doesn’t exist. None of the guys associated Stan with her. Nicole reminds her that Tony did and he probably has proof that she was Stan. When Sami refuses to budge Nicole decides she needs a drink. Sami doesn’t think it’s a good idea but that doesn’t stop Nicole. She starts drinking and Sami tells her she has more news and it isn’t good. Her Dad is convinced that both Victor and his mother are still alive and he is searching for them. With Victor knowing that she tried to kill him and then finding out everything else she did, Sami tells Nicole if Brady and Victor join up she is dead meat. She advises Nicole to leave town. Nicole won’t run. She tells Sami that they are partners in crime so they need to stick together. She has a plan. Sami has a feeling she isn’t going to like it. Nicole thinks Stan should deep six Chloe.

The Devereaux’s: Jen is very pleased that Frankie and Max are staying overnight. Frankie thanks her. They end up talking about Patrick. Frankie says the name is so familiar to him but he can’t remember anything. Jen tells him she can always ask Patrick. Frankie talks about the fact that Jack obviously doesn’t like Patrick. Jen says it’s because he doesn’t know him that well. She sings the Patrick’s praises bringing up how helpful he was how he delivered Jack Jr in the jungle and saved their lives. Jack comes into the garage and tells Jen that he has a surprise for her. They tell Frankie to make himself at home. Jack also says the girls are following Max around like groupies…Frankie tells him that he’ll keep an eye on them. Max has his shirt off and is working on his car. Chelsea comes on to him – I don’t know why the necessity for the suggestive dialogue. Frankie puts a stop to the flirting by dragging Max off into the garage. Frankie doesn’t want Max hurting the girls – he’s the love them and leave them type. Max is just having fun. He pulls out Frankie’s wallet and the picture of Jen when she was in high school. Max tells Frankie if he wants her he has to go after her. Frankie says she is married. Max taunts him that even if she was available Patrick Lockhart would have her in his bed while Frankie was still thinking about what his move should be. Max goes back to work on his car. Frankie makes a call and tells whoever he is talking to that he will be taking some time off. He also asks that person to get him information on Patrick Lockhart. Outside Abby and Chelsea are talking. Abby does like the way Chelsea is acting and actually calls her a slut. Chelsea doesn’t think what her and Max did was a big deal. Abby asks her what her mother would think of it. Abby doesn’t like bringing up her parents but she wants Chelsea to think about what she is doing. Chelsea says she learned from her parents that you have to live for the moment. She goes ahead and flirts with Max. She suggests they go back to the lake. Max tells her to get in the car and they take off. LOL – it’s like Abby doesn’t exist.

Airport: Jack takes Jen to the outskirts of the airport. They spread a blanket on the hood of the car. There’s a flashback to when they were much younger. The scenes were very good – Matt did a great job as a man making the most of the time he has left while trying to keep that secret from the women he loves. He talks about how special this moment is – she talks about having hundreds, thousands more moments like this over the next fifty or sixty years they will be together. Jack doesn’t think that many people have that much time together. Jack is overwhelmed and tears up as he tries to tell Jen how much she means to him. He can’t so he quotes part of a poem. She tells him that he is the best writer she knows. She saved everything he ever wrote to her and she was so thankful that she had his words when she thought he was gone. Somehow they get on the topic of the circle of life and he tells her that she could go on if he wasn’t there. She asks him if there is something wrong. He tells her that he just loves her so much. They weren’t on a lot but I enjoyed their scenes very much.

Previews: Lucas looking down at a heap of clothes in Sami’s closet – What the hell is this? – It’s one slightly inebriated Nicole. Stupid Shawn to petulant Mrs. Kiriakis – I want you to know that this is not over. I’m not giving up on us. The look on her face signifies that she thinks of Shawn about the same way she would think about dog crud on the bottom of her designer shoe. Rex to Mimi – I came to tell you that you are free. Mimi – Huh. Roman to Marlena – Oh my God Doc. Are you pregnant?


Thursday Jul 7

Pat’s Spoilers

My favourite part about the show today was the brief scenes that Sami and Lucas shared. Bryan did a great job as he struggled to answer a question of Sami’s.

Mr & Mrs Kiriakis, Kate, John & Shawn – basically a waste of air time. The purpose of the scenes as I saw them – to bolster Kate’s reputation of being a well – you know what (like we need to be reminded) and to illustrate that Belle, well although she may find Shawn good enough to bed every now and then, will never put Shawn first – Philip, her husband (she sure likes to keep telling Philip that she is his wife) will always be first in her life…well, first after her because after all it’s all about Belle. Oh yeah and to make us think that after 7 months Belle might be getting the first signs that she is pregnant – how stupid do they think the viewers are??? Another purpose – to have John put Kate on the same level as Marlena yet again.

Phil is in a wheelchair – they’re ready to leave on John’s jet. Shawn comes in with a duffel bag and asks Philip if there is anything that he needs before they leave. Kate tells Shawn that they are ready to leave but he won’t be coming with them. Shawn asks why not – they’re using John’s private plane. Kate says because you came here to steal Philip’s wife. Philip’s wife of course just stands there with that vacant look on her face – John is no better. Philip is the one that finally buts a stop to his mother’s ranting and says he can come with them. He knows that Shawn is still in love with Belle but Belle chose him, Shawn is going to have to accept that. Philip asks his wife if it’s okay with her. Her response is anything but enthusiastic but she agrees. On the plane Belle makes a point of fawning over “her husband”. Philip needs some rest – Belle heads off to the lavatory. I hated watching Shawn debase himself following after her – he pushes his way into the washroom – he doesn’t care that he is putting her in a bad position – all he cares about is telling her that he will never accept her decision. Belle gets queasy and tells Shawn to leave – he does but he tells her it is not over. Kate is standing outside and tells him that it is over – Belle is Philip’s wife. Shawn tells her he doesn’t need to be reminded. (Sigh – the character destruction of Shawn sickens me – my favourite character being ruined for … ack…And once again I have to agree with Kate – Shawn obviously does need to be reminded that Belle is married.) Kate knows he won’t give up but she smiles – he won’t have a choice when he’s locked up behind bars.

The Kate and John conversation was pretty much what I expect from the two of them. She thanks him for all he has done for Philip – Johns says that he is his son and he would do anything for him. They both think that Philip and Belle’s marriage will last. Kate is so thankful that Belle is there for Philip to help him through all of this. John agrees. He tells her that he couldn’t have recovered from his injuries and addiction without the women in his life. Kate asks him if he thinks love conquers all. John touches her fingers and they share a tender look. Oh yeah – John does mention his and Marlena’s anniversary and how he can’t wait to get home.

Holding cells: Rex, Patrick and Roman are talking. Roman is cautioning Rex to not get his hopes up. Rex doesn’t understand why – the tape clears Mimi. Roman says the judge will want to know why the tape is just surfacing now. The guys remind him that the police didn’t bother to check out the surveillance tapes. Roman agrees the police dropped the ball but another stumbling block is that Mimi confessed. Roman asks them why she did that. Rex doesn’t know why all he knows is that the judge will set Mimi free as soon as she sees the tape. Mickey enters and tells them that isn’t necessarily the case. Everything is in the judge’s hands. Patrick says maybe we should have done what Mom wanted and bust Mimi out of jail. Roman asks Patrick if she was serious. Patrick says he came by the petty larceny and con artist stuff naturally – he got it from his mother but she never really hurts anyone but herself with her schemes. Mickey agrees. Mickey than tells Roman that his nephew missed his pre-trial hearing and the judge has issued a bench warrant for his arrest. Rex is very agitated – Roman and Mickey tell him to calm down. Mickey says they might as well go home – there’s no guarantee that the judge will make any decision tonight.

Marlena is concerned about Mimi when she sees her black eye. Mimi tells her that she gave as good as she got. It’s not so bad besides she has to learn to stand up for herself. Marlena gets sick. Mimi thinks its food poisoning but Marlena mentions no and something about this time of day. Mimi asks her if she is pregnant. When Marlena says she is Mimi says that John must be so excited. She can’t believe Belle is going to have a little brother or sister. Marlena says she hasn’t told John yet – she also mentions that it is their anniversary. Mimi thinks her news would be a great anniversary present. It doesn’t take very long for Mimi to figure out that Marlena hasn’t been back long and that the baby can’t be John’s. Marlena admits that it is Roman’s. (Someone please tell me why Marlena is having this conversation with Mimi and not with Maggie or Julie????) It happened when they were being held captive. Mimi asks her if they fell in love again. Marlena says no … Mimi can understand why it happened and she is sure John will understand it as well. Marlena agrees that he would have understood if she told him when she first got home but she let Roman convince her that John wasn’t strong enough to handle that type of news. Mimi asks her if she is going to tell him. Marlena says yes she is but not tonight because he’s still in Europe – she will have to pick the right time to tell him. Mimi asks her if she is even considering abortion – Marlena says that is not an option. Mimi thinks it’s ironic that she could lose the man she loves because she had one and Marlena could lose the man she loves because she won’t have one. Marlena says that could happen but she still intends to tell John the truth and she still believes that Mimi should tell Rex the truth. Marlena asks her not to say anything to Belle because she has to talk to John first. Roman’s name comes up in the conversation just as Roman comes in – he wants to know what he should be told. Mimi covers and says that Marlena wanted to tell him that their visit was over. Roman sees that Marlena is not feeling good so he offers to take her home.

Mimi is told that her brother and lawyer are here to see her. Rex is with them and in typical fashion Mimi won’t let them say anything – she’s too busy yelling at them and telling Rex to leave. Finally Patrick tells her to shut up so that Rex can give her some good news. She says fine as long as you promise to leave when he’s done and never come back. Rex tells her that they came to tell her that she is free. At the penthouse Roman and Marlena talk about Sami. Romans blames Stefano for the way Sami turned out because of how Stefano messed with their lives. Marlena feels that Sami is a grown woman now and has to take responsibility for her actions but if there’s blame to go around, then it should be her that takes the blame. There were all kinds of signs from Sami when she was younger, including bulimia, the switching of Belle’s paternity – all signs that Sami needed help. She couldn’t accept John into their lives and she couldn’t help her because of her relationship with John. They end up talking about Lucas and Sami. Marlena doesn’t believe that Sami slept with Brandon – that’s just not how Sami operates when she is about to get something that she really wanted. They talk about her blaming Kate. Roman says he doesn’t think that Kate not getting along with Sami … Marlena says that Kate hates Sami. She didn’t want to get into it with Kate because of Philip’s injury but she tells Roman that is a discussion she intends to have with her. Kate is Sami’s step-mother and potentially her mother-in-law – she expects more from her. Roman brings up the promise Kate made to him on their wedding day and he tells Marlena if he finds out that Kate had anything to do with destroying Sami’s chance for happiness with Lucas their marriage would be over. He reminds her that Sami accused John of siding with Kate. Marlena replies that John loves Sami. Marlena feels sick. When she comes back Roman asks her if she has a fever or anything. She says it’s nothing a little herbal tea and crackers won’t fix. Roman looks at her and says you used to drink herbal tea and crackers when you were pregnant. The are you pregnant question comes at the end of the show and the freeze frame is on Marlena’s face.

Sami’: Nicole wants Sami to don the Stan get up because that’s the only way to get rid of Chloe. Sami says are you asking me to kill Chloe because I would never do that. Nicole threatens to tell Lucas the truth. Sami tells her – you know what I just said about not killing anyone. I was wrong. If you mess up my chance with Lucas I’ll kill you. Nicole doesn’t give up and reminds Sami that they agreed to watch each other’s backs. Sami tells her she can’t be Stan because the disguise was left behind in the bunker. Sami tries to get Nicole out but without any success. Lucas comes to the door and Nicole grabs the bottle as Sami is pushing her into the closet. Lucas wants to talk. He tells her that Will called from camp – he’s having a great time. (Sigh…I guess Christopher is out already). Nicole starts hiccupping. Lucas hears a noise but Sami keeps talking as if nothing is going on. When Sami out and out denies hearing a noise Lucas goes to the closet. Nicole has a jacket thrown over her head and the bottle in her hand. Sami gets Nicole out and tells Lucas that Nicole came there because she just lost Brady and she wanted to talk. Lucas isn’t really buying it – Sami says that Nicole is drunk – who knows what she is thinking. They have a really intense conversation about Kate and the entire fiasco with Brandon. Lucas is tired of Sami always blaming someone else and wonders when she’ll turn on him and blame him for everything that is wrong in her life. She tells him she wouldn’t do that but she does blame Kate – she calls Kate a malicious, conniving bitch. Lucas is not too happy about that and demands this so called proof. Sami says Tony didn’t give it to her and she doubts he will now after she helped them to escape. Lucas says they’re back at square one. Sami asks him if he will take her back if she gets him the proof. This is the part where Bryan did such a great job. He almost breaks down. He doesn’t come out and say yes – he tells her that he never stopped loving her – he just lost his trust in her. After he leaves Sami vows to use Eugenia to get the proof she needs.

Preview: Mrs. Kiriakis mumbling something about feelings for Shawn. Mimi – What are you going to do about it – what is he going to do without you? (Hmmm Mimi – how about live a long and happy life!)) Shawn to Kate – If Philip hadn’t been injured she would be home with me right now. Kate – You have lost her forever. For once in your life why don’t you act like a man and accept that. John (smiling) to Marlena & Roman – Is there something going on here that I need to know about. Doc, I think we need to tell him.


Friday Jul 8

Janice’s Spoilers

Note: Sorry this is so late. Tape problems (...lol...more like my memory)and unexpected family issues took priority.

Jack & Jennifer’s House: Jack, Jennifer, Abby, Frankie

Jack and Jennifer come home. She tells him he has made her very happy and they hug and kiss. Abby tells them they have an audience (Frankie is watching in the background) and smiles. Jennifer asks where Chelsea is and Jack asks if she is with Max. Frankie tells them that Max took her for a spin in his car.

Jack says he is going into the kitchen to put the ice cream sandwiches in the freezer and kisses Jen before leaving. Frankie tells Jen that Jack is very lucky and a great guy. He says that Abby is amazing and that Jack Jr. is quite a character. Jennifer asks him if he remembers when they dated. She talks about how Salem has everything she wants and loves.

In the kitchen, Jack grabs his back in pain. Abby sees this and is worried. She asks him what is wrong. Jack tells “Abigail Joanne” that he did a dumb thing and tried to move the fridge by himself. Abby admits to being paranoid about him and they hug. She mentions Patrick and Jack goes ballistic and tells her to promise him never to let Patrick move into their home again if anything happens to him.

Jack comes back into the living room just as Frankie is telling Jen that he is a workaholic. He tells Frankie that things would be different if he found the right girl...someone like Jennifer, and then adds...if she were available. Jennifer is surprised and apologizes to Frankie. She tells Jack that she won’t be available ever again and that he’s stuck with her. Jack looks upset and hugs her. He goes back into the kitchen and Jen is worried about him. Frankie tells her he will try to find out what’s wrong with Jack. Jennifer hugs him in thanks.

Back in the kitchen, we see Jack taking some pills and then saying that he wants the time they have left to be happy.

Salem Jail: Mimi, Rex, Patrick

Mimi comes out in her own clothes and says it feels good. Patrick tells her that their mom will want to have a party for her at Alice’s but Mimi just wants to go home with Rex. Patrick whispers to her to tell Rex the truth (but we all know she won’t...sigh). Rex tells her that he has a wonderful night planned for them.

They come into the loft and Mimi sees the candlelight dinner Rex has prepared for her. They drink champagne...toast her being free. Rex wants to know about the big secret she is keeping from him but the phone rings just at that moment. The call is from Belle telling her that they are home and to come over with Rex. Rex tells Mimi that they will finish their talk later.

Lookout Point: Chelsea, Max, Patrick
Max asks Chelsea if she has been there before and she says yes. He wants to know if she wants to fool around or would rather he just drive her back home. Chelsea suggests that they talk first. Max keeps at her about fooling around and wants to know who she is saving herself for...Patrick? She denies it and defends Patrick when Max starts to rag on him. He tells her he’s bored and takes of his seatbelt and hers...wants to no if she wants to “get down with it.” Chelsea offers to go half way. He wants to know if she’s done it before and she admits that she hasn’t. Then he tells her that he’s at her service.

Patrick sees the car and drags Max out of it. He asks Max if he’s crazy...Chelsea is still in high school...yada...yada... All the while Chelsea is smiling in the background. Max argues that she’s 18...etc... Chelsea agrees to go home with Patrick and Max leaves. Patrick warns her about him...she cries (all an act)...he hugs her...she’s smiling.
Abby’s waiting outside when Max appears. She asks him about Chelsea and he tells her she’s with Patrick.

Belle’s Loft: Belle, Shawn, Phil, Kate, John

Shawn and Belle wheel Phil into the loft. Shawn asks him if he needs anything...pillow ...Phil says he has everything he needs...his wife...loves her...yada...yada...they kiss...Shawn’s watching in background.

Kate tells John in the hallway that everything is perfect...Phil finally home with wife... Shawn’s the devil’s spawn...etc...etc... John goes on about how Belle is Marlena’s daughter...made right decision...honoring vows...

Back in the loft, John asks Belle if she wants the luggage upstairs. Phil says to leave it there...going to sleep on couch until he gets fitted for prosthesis...etc... Belle tells him he’ll be up and walking in no time. He agrees but says...also dancing...and other stuff. Shawn is looking at a framed picture of him and Belle. She comes up and takes it away from him. Then she hugs her dad and wishes him and her mom a happy anniversary.

Belle tries to convince Shawn that she is going to be there for her husband. He tells her that they belong together. Later Kate tells him to go home...Belle’s with Phil...etc... Shawn argues that if Phil hadn’t had his accident, then Belle would be with him.

Mimi and Rex come in to see Phil. Kate goes on about how happy they are now...all her children...yuck!!! Mimi asks Belle if she made the right choice. Belle tries to convince her she did but Mimi doesn’t believe her.

Shawn goes to leave. Belle tells him goodbye and he asks her if it is easier for her to pretend that she loves Phil if he’s not around. He reiterates that its not over between them and that he knows she still loves him.

Penthouse: Marlena, Roman, John

Roman realizes that Marlena is pregnant and asks her if it was a surprise or if they were trying. She tells him he has misunderstood and that she’s a few months long...it’s his baby not John’s. He tells her he will stand by whatever she wants to do. She tells him she doesn’t know what she is going to do.

John comes in with a beautiful bouquet of flowers for Marlena and tells her it’s for their anniversary. Roman explains that they were just talking about Sami. John thinks it’s something more. Roman wants Marlena to tell him, but Marlena only says that Roman is worried about Sami wanting to marry Lucas so badly. John tells them about the conversation he had with Kate about Sami. Roman looks upset that Marlena didn’t tell the truth. He tells John to take care of his own and he’ll take care of Kate and his family. Roman leaves and John wants to celebrate their anniversary. Marlena is crying in his arms. She talks about how worried she is about Belle and Phil. John goes on about how proud they should be of Belle for making the right decision...wedding vows...yada... yada... Marlena says that Belle still loves Shawn. They have champagne but she doesn’t drink any. He wants to know what is wrong and she asks him to hold her.

Kate sees Roman in the hallway. He mentions being with Marlena when John got home. She wants to know what’s wrong. He says that Marlena wanted to talk about Sami. They hug.

Roman sees Shawn saying goodbye to Belle. He tells himself that he hates the fact that as well as Shawn losing the woman he loves, he now has to arrest Shawn.


Hope asks Bo why he keeps saying it would be a mistake for Shawn to want to be with the woman he loves.

Kate is talking on the phone and asks the other person why he/she is calling and if she is being threatened.

Lucas asks Sami who would help Tony. She tells him...the one person who’s been after her forever.

Phil thanks Belle for not giving up on them.


Monday Jul 11

Janice’s Spoilers

Shawn’s Loft: Shawn, Mimi, Rex

Mimi and Rex are in the bedroom playing rabbit games...sigh...she tells him how happy she is to be home and he tells her they will be together always. Shawn is in the living room listening to the “two rabbits” go at it. He has a quick fantasy about making love to Belle and then groans that he has to stop thinking like that because it is driving him crazy.

Back in the bedroom, Rex gets up and tells Mimi he is going out and will bring her back a surprise. She tells him he saved her life. He wants to know why she pleaded guilty...what she and Jan were arguing about. Mimi doesn’t want to talk about it. He tells her they will talk about it when he gets back.

Rex comes into the living room and Shawn tells him he made coffee. Rex says he’s got to go to the grocery store to make Mimi’s favorite breakfast. Shawn says he’s happy for Rex and Mimi but Rex doesn’t believe him. Shawn apologizes but says that things couldn’t be worse for him right now because Belle is living with Phil. Rex tells him that she’s his wife and made a choice. He thinks Shawn should move on. Shawn tells him that Belle doesn’t love Phil like she loves him and that she’s just with Phil out of sympathy. He gets angry and says that he won’t give up and there is nothing Rex or his father can do about it.

Shawn tells Rex that he loves Belle and she loves him and they belong together. He says he can't accept not being with Belle...and that she will ask Phil for a divorce as soon as he is better and able to cope. He says they WILL be together.

Rex leaves and Mimi comes out. She tells Shawn that she overheard their conversation and tries to explain to him that what happened with her and Rex is different...Belle is married...yada...yada... Shawn tells her that both Rex and him just wanted to set their women free. He gets mad and tells Mimi that he thought she was a friend.

Shawn’s cellphone rings. He won’t answer it because it’s Bo. Mimi’s phone rings and its Bo as well. Bo congratulates her on being free. He asks if Shawn is around. Mimi covers for him and says she doesn’t know. He asks her to tell Shawn to call him right away and hangs up. Mimi asks Shawn why he didn’t want to talk to his dad. Shawn doesn’t want another lecture. She asks about his mom and Shawn says that Hope is cool... understands...gave him money to go to Germany. He tells Mimi that he doesn’t know how much longer he can take it. The only thing keeping him going is the thought that Belle is acting more like a nurse than a wife to Phil.

Mimi sees an envelope from the courts and wants to know why Shawn hasn’t opened it. He tells her it’s no big deal...probably just judge granting continuance. Rex comes back and Mimi asks Shawn if he wants to eat with them. He says no and leaves. Rex tells Mimi that he thinks Belle belongs with Phil. He wants Mimi to tell him the secret...what her argument with Jan was about.

Lucas’s Apt: Lucas, Kate, Sami/ Sami’s Apt.: Sami, Lucas

Kate comes in and wants to know why a robe-clad Lucas isn’t ready to go. They argue about who is early and who is late. She brings in a box full of stuff for Will and asks Lucas why he isn’t ready to go see his brother. Sami comes out. Sami and Kate ask each other simultaneously what the hell they are doing there. Kate wants to know why Sami is half-dressed. She rags on Sami and goes on about her drugging Austin...yawn... Sami rags on Kate about drugging her and Brandon...yawn...sabotaging wedding... Kate demands to know what is going on. Sami tells her that Lucas is a grown man and doesn’t have to answer to her. He explains that Sami was using his shower because her shower wasn’t working. Kate wants Sami to get the hell out. Lucas tells Sami he thinks its for the best. She asks to speak to him privately and they leave.

Back in Sami’s apartment, Lucas wants to know why Nicole was hiding in the closet. Sami tries to convince him that she isn’t plotting with Nicole and that Nicole was just drunk and upset because Brady dumped her. She changes the subject and asks Lucas whether he will give them another chance if she can prove that Kate is behind drugging her and Brandon. Lucas doesn’t think she can but says that he will give them another chance if it does happen. She tells him that she thinks Eugenia helped Kate.

Kate’s phone rings. It’s Eugenia. She wants Kate’s help. Kate keeps asking if Eugenia is threatening her. Eugenia says she’s not but that Kate promised her a job at Basic Black and she needs it desperately. Kate tells her to hang in. Eugenia wonders to herself if Kate is going back on her word...if that is the case then all bets are off. Kate doesn’t want Eugenia at Basic Black because it will make Sami suspicious. She tells her she will find her a job. Eugenia goes on about Kate eating caviar while she’s eating cat food. We see Eugenia playing with a cassette.

Kate tells her she will take care of her just as Lucas comes back in and asks who’s on the phone. Kate makes an excuse and starts ragging on Sami to him. He tells her that Sami is convinced that she broke them up. He also says that he will never forgive her if its true and that she would never be that stupid because she knows she would lose him and her grandson permanently.

Belle’s Loft: Belle, Phil

Phil is shirtless in the kitchen trying to wash himself. Belle comes in and wants to know what he is doing. He tells her he feels pathetic that he can’t even wash himself. She tells him she will help...she’s his wife...yada...yada... Phil asks her how long it will be before she gets sick and tired of being married to an invalid (I know I'm tired of it already...sigh).

Belle tells Phil that he is her brave and heroic husband. He’s frustrated because he can’t do the simplest thing. She tells him that he will soon and that it won’t be forever...they are a team...let her help him. He mentions that she hasn’t seen his leg yet. She brings over a bowl of water and a sponge. They kiss.

The doorbell rings and its Kate and Lucas. Belle goes into the kitchen to make them coffee. Lucas sits with Phil and asks him how he is doing...gives him a pep talk. Phil says it will be a long recovery and Lucas tells him they will all be there for him.

Kate tells Belle that Phil needs her right now to be there for him. She goes into her wonderfully manipulative routine. Phil tells Lucas he doesn’t know what he would do without Belle. Kate tells Belle she HAS to be more than just a nurse to him...he needs her emotional and physically. Belle is squirming and tells her that she doesn’t feel comfortable having this conversation with her. Kate won’t shut up and just as Shawn comes in she tells Belle that she needs to let Phil make love to her.

Brady Home: Bo, Hope

Bo’s concerned because Shawn hasn’t returned their calls. He tells Hope not to make excuses for him and hopes that Shawn didn’t try to come between Phil and Belle in Germany. Hope wants him to try and understand. She defends Shawn. Bo is worried that the judge won’t see it their way...talks about Shawn driving motorcycle through church. Hope wants him to put himself in Shawn’s shoes. He tells her that he knows Shawn loves Belle but it won’t do him any good if he ends up serving 10 – 15 years in jail. He tries to call Shawn.

Bo wants to know why he is the bad guy. The phone rings and its Roman. He listens and looks shell-shocked by the assignment Roman gives him. He hangs up and Hope asks him what is wrong. Bo tells her that the judge refused a continuance and has issued a bench warrant for Shawn. Bo has to carry it out (which in the real world would never happen...grrr...

Eugenia’s Apt: Eugenia, Sami

Eugenia dumps a box of tapes out onto her desk...her insurance policy in case Kate doesn’t come through with a job for her. She puts them back and leaves. Sami breaks in and searches for evidence.


Sami (talking to herself): “There’s evidence here of what Kate did. I just need to find it.

Chloe talking to Brady: “I’m not the same person I was and I never will be.” Brady talking to Chloe: “I can’t believe I was so blind I couldn’t see it before.

John talking to Marlena: “Oh my god! You knew she was alive and you kept that secret from Brady?”

Bo talking to Shawn: “I’m here as a police officer. I have a warrant for your arrest.”


Tuesday Jul 12

Pat’s Spoilers

This is going to be a very quick report as will be the report tomorrow. Wednesday will be a much abbreviated edition of the LAT because I need to get ready for New Salem’s beach party.

What I liked today – Brady – his unwavering love for Chloe is great to see. I also really liked Marlena today – and yes, she looked beautiful. I also like how Hope immediately had Kate’s number and I also like that Lucas is beginning to suspect that his mother is more than capable of doing what Hope accused of and what Sami has been accusing her of.

Sami/Eugenia: Sami is searching Eugenia’s apartment searching for the evidence that she is sure that Eugenia must have. She is on all fours looking under the bed when she hears the key in the door. Eugenia comes in and sits on the edge of the bed. She takes off her shoes and says she has to put on her slippers. They are under the bed. Eugenia is just searching with her hand so Sami makes sure she finds them. When Eugenia plops down on the bed the mattress hits Sami and she makes a noise that Eugenia hears but dismisses. Eugenia calls to check on her baby Dino – the psychic is looking after her puppy. They talk and Sami overhears Eugenia blame her for her miserable life. Eugenia says at least she helped make sure that Sami lost her boyfriend and son and that she is miserable. She talks about helping Kate set up her and Brandon so Lucas would find them. Eugenia also talks about the evidence she has to make sure that Kate comes through for her. Sami is thrilled to hear this. Eugenia goes for a shower. Sami vows to come back and find the proof.

Penthouse: Roman is outside the door talking to Bo on the phone. Bo asks why he couldn’t be the one to go and arrest Shawn. Roman says he’s busy working on finding Ma and Victor. Bo questions that and Roman admits that he actually was going to do it but he thought that with Shawn being his son, Bo would want to do it. Bo says he should be the one to arrest Shawn. Hope says she won’t let him. Roman hears that and asks if there is a problem. Bo says it’s his job and he’ll do it. Hope wants to know if they could talk to Judge Fitzpatrick. Roman says it’s too late to do that now – the bench warrant has already been issued. Mickey will have to talk to her at his arraignment. After Bo hangs up Hope says it’s her fault. She is fairly confrontational with Bo when she says it’s all my fault, isn’t it – I gave him the money to go Germany – why don’t you just say it. Bo just looks at her smugly.

Inside John and Marlena are having breakfast. John is eating – Marlena not. John keeps talking about the food and Marlena keeps getting sicker. When John holds up a piece of toast smothered in marmalade she tells him she is feeling sick and leaves the table. When she returns John insists that she see a doctor. When Marlena can get a word in edgewise she tells him she already has. She tries to tell him that she is pregnant but John is busy making his own diagnosis. Just when Marlena is about to spit it out the phone rings. It’s Brady. He gives John the good news about Chloe and asks him and Marlena to come out to Isabella’s cottage. John tells Marlena the news and Marlena admits that she knew about Chloe. John can’t understand how she could keep the news from Brady until Marlena tells him Chloe was her patient. John than comments that the Hippocratic Oath is as important to her as her marriage vows. Marlena is surprised to learn that he kept the cottage. He thought he had told her. He doesn’t go there much and he gave it to Brady. He says he kept it for Brady. Marlena says and you didn’t want to give up on your memories of Isabella. John admits that he never wants to forget her. She was one of the great loves of his life and they share a child. Just like Roman and Marlena share two children – they will always be bonded. Marlena is set to tell him once again that she is pregnant but the doorbell rings. It’s Roman. John says we have some news – Chloe is alive. John runs upstairs to get some antacid for Marlena. Marlena tells Roman that she was going to tell John last night when the time was right. When the time was right she couldn’t find the words but she is going to tell him now. Roman offers to stay with her. She says she will tell him after they go and see Chloe. She asks him if he has told Kate. He says he won’t tell her until after she tells John.

Isabella’s Cottage: Brady and Chloe are having breakfast. Chloe tells Brady to stop staring at her. He tells her – he can’t help it – she’s so beautiful and he’s so happy to have her back. Brady tells her that he’s taking her back to Salem. Chloe says no – she doesn’t want anyone to see her. Brady is totally at a loss as to why she keeps saying she is ugly – that she looks like a monster when she’s the same beautiful girl she always was. Chloe agrees that she has to go back and face people but she doesn’t want it to be today. Brady says he finally sees what she was talking about. Chloe thinks he finally sees her scars but no, he rattles off his diagnosis – she was so traumatized by the accident, then she had all these surgeries…yada, yada, yada. When she won’t go back into town he asks if he can call his Dad and Marlena. She agrees. After the conversation she tells Brady that Nancy brought Marlena into to counsel her. Brady says it must have been very difficult for Marlena to come out and tell him directly that Chloe was alive but she did it indirectly by urging him not to give up until he found her. Brady hopes that Marlena can help her – Chloe is hoping that Marlena can help Brady – LOL! John and Marlena arrive and it doesn’t take very long until they both realise that Brady can’t see her scars. Chloe and Marlena talk – I really like how Marlena explained to Chloe why Brady didn’t see her scars – it was very touching. John talks to Chloe. He asks her to sing at the surprise doubling renewal wedding ceremony tomorrow. Chloe doesn’t think she’s ready. John understands. He tells her that she is Brady’s future wife and one of the family, he would really like her to at least attend the ceremony. When John and Chloe are talking Brady asks Marlena to help Chloe get her confidence back – she keeps talking about scars that aren’t there. Marlena is so good with him. She says that she will continue to see Chloe but Brady will have to attend some sessions as well. He will do everything he can.

Mr & Mrs Kiriakis’ Loft – Sigh – Shawn does hear what Kate is telling Belle and he rushes in and tells Kate to stop it and mind her own business. Kate says her son is her business and she tells him that Belle is her daughter-in-law. She orders Shawn to get out. Belle finally gets a touch snippy with Kate – nice to see her use that tone on someone besides Shawn. Belle tells Kate that this is her home and she does not have the right … Kate repeats her order to Shawn. Philip says he wants Shawn to stay. When Kate questions him Lucas asks her what is going on. She tried to throw Sami out of his apartment earlier and now she’s trying to throw Shawn out of Belle and Philip’s place. She tells him she would do anything to protect her children. Lucas tells her they are adults and if he wants a relationship with Sami because of Will and Philip wants Shawn to be part of his and Belle’s life than she has to bud out. Kate’s phone rings. It’s Roman. He tells her he will pick her up at the Loft. He then tells her about the bench warrant out on Shawn and that Bo will be arresting him as soon as he finds him. He tells Kate that if she sees Shawn she should tell him that his father is looking for him. Kate lies and says she will. After she hangs up she tells everyone that it was a business call. She shocks them all by agreeing that Lucas is right. This is their business and she’ll bud out. Shawn asks her just like that. There’s a knock on the door.

Belle let’s in Bo and Hope. Bo tells Shawn that he is here as a police officer. He has a warrant for his arrest. Shawn is very lippy with his father. Bo gives as good as he gets. Bo tells Shawn he didn’t take these charges seriously enough and now he’s in a lot of trouble, Judge Fitzpatrick ordered his arrest. Lucas comments that Kate is good friends with her – maybe she could call her and ask her to go easy on Shawn. Kate says she doesn’t have that kind of influence on Karen…Hope immediately figures out what happened. Hope calls Kate on it but Kate denies it. Bo keeps ragging on Shawn about acting on impulse without thinking things through – he asks Shawn when he’s going to learn. Shawn tells Bo he’ll change when he does. Philip and Belle both offer to intervene with the judge. Shawn says he got himself into this trouble, he’ll get himself out. Bo tells him not to turn down the offers so quickly – these are serious charges. Kate tells Philip and Belle that Shawn has been out of control and acting irresponsibly – this could be just what is needed to get his life back on the right path. (Of course, she’s just happy that Shawn is going to be thrown into jail). Roman shows up and Hope says she is just going to tell him – she says your wife is responsible for this – she is the one that made sure Shawn’s court date was moved up. Roman says no – not Kate, she wouldn’t do that. Hope know she is right, Roman knows that he is – they don’t really get anywhere. Shawn makes a smart remark about how good this arrest will look on Detective Brady’s resume. Roman defends Bo and tells Shawn he thought it would be better if his father was the one to take him in. After they leave Lucas talks to Hope. He wants to know if she thinks that his mother really influenced the judge. Hope says she would do anything for her children. She wants Shawn away from Belle – she would do anything. He talks about what Sami has been saying but says there is no way his mother could have got Brandon and Sami into bed together. Hope says maybe not by herself but with help she could have. She says when two people share a secret the only time that secret is safe is when one of them is dead. She says his mother is a rich woman and she could pay someone to do anything. She reminds him of the 5 million Kate paid Nicole to marry him. The ending is on Lucas’ face as he is thinking about what Hope just said – that his mother would stop at nothing to ensure her children’s happiness.

Preview: Chelsea to Abby – Now that me and Patrick are living under the same roof it’s only a matter of time before we’re sleeping in the same bed. Maggie to Mickey – I’ve made a decision about our future. Mickey – I’ve made a decision too. Maggie – I’m leaving you. Belle to Marlena – I can’t believe I’m going to have a baby brother or sister. Dad, Dad must be so excited. Marlena – Dad doesn’t know. John to Kate as he kisses her hand – You are as beautiful inside as you are out (Kate is all teary-eyed). Roman – I couldn’t agree more.


Wednesday Jul 13

Pat’s Spoilers

I loved seeing Alice today. She looks beautiful. I did enjoy the Mickey and Maggie scenes.

I’m beginning to find Chelsea just as annoying as Belle. What is the need for this character? She and Abby are sitting watching a group of guys playing basketball. She informs Abby that this is the best place to see guys with bare chests. I find her so distasteful that I’m just going to give you the gist of their conversation. Abby wants to know what her and Max did. Chelsea says they didn’t have sex. Chelsea goes on and on about how jealous Patrick was when he caught them. Abby tells Chelsea that Patrick thinks of her as a kid – Chelsea has stars in her eyes. She sees Max and they make eye contact. Max takes off his shirt and joins the game. Abby wonders if Max is just using Chelsea. Chelsea brushes that off – she’s using him to get Patrick jealous and she’s about to do it again. She approaches Max and he asks her if she wants to get out of there. She agrees to go with him leaving Abby standing there.

Patrick finds Billie in the park and tells her that he caught Chelsea and Max Brady in a compromising position. Billie immediately jumps to the conclusion that Max took advantage of her. Patrick says it didn’t look like Chelsea was being taken advantage of. Billie worries that Chelsea might be headed down the same path she took. Chelsea is being evicted and Billie wants to ask her to move in with her but she doesn’t have a place. Patrick says they can move in with him. He actually mentions Connor so I guess unless Connor is now older than Mimi Bonnie must have forgot about him when she referred to Mimi as her youngest child. Billie finally agrees. Max and Chelsea happen to run into Patrick and Billie in the park. Billie wants to talk to Chelsea. Patrick warns Max again. Max challenges him to a game of one and one – first one to three will be the winner. If Patrick wins Max will leave Chelsea alone, if Max wins Chelsea is fair game. Billie tells Chelsea about Patrick’s offer. Of course she is all for it. She has a lame fantasy where a shirtless Patrick is carrying boxes in and then he asks her if there is anything else he can do for her. She’s on the bed in skimpy lingerie and of course he’s kissing her. Some fantasy. Abby comes along and Chelsea tells her the news. Max ends up winning the game of one on one. He asks Chelsea if she’s ready to leave. She tells him she can’t – she has to move. Chelsea tells Abby that now that she and Patrick are living under the same roof it’s just a matter of time before they share a bed.

Mimi and Belle are walking in the park. Belle gives Mimi advice about Rex – don’t even get me started on Belle being qualified to give anyone advice. Belle sees Marlena and leaves to go talk to her. Marlena is sitting on a park bench. Roman asks her if she has told John yet. She tells him that she hasn’t found the right moment. He tells her that it won’t be long before she can’t hide the fact that she is pregnant. Belle says your pregnant? She is excited. Starts asking for details, how far along… Roman says he’ll leave them alone. When Marlena admits that John doesn’t know Belle asks her why she told Roman but not her Dad. Marlena has a hard time saying it but she finally tells Belle that the baby is not John’s, it’s Roman’s. Belle can’t believe her and says how could you??? (hmm… this coming from the woman that crawled out of bed on her wedding night to cheat on her husband). Marlena explains what it was like for her being locked up for months, not knowing from day to day whether they would still be alive. There was one particularly bad day when she needed John so much that she turned to Roman for comfort and one thing led to another. Belle hugs her and tells her that she is there for her. Marlena is happy that Belle is so understanding. She hopes that John and Kate will be the same. She asks Belle not to tell anyone. She needs to tell John. Belle’s phone rings and she excuses herself to take it. It’s her Dad. He tells her about wanting to renew his marriage vows with Marlena and he needs her help. He tells Belle that no one will come between them again.

John comes into Kate’s office at Basic Black. He’s there to talk about the plans for the double renewal wedding service. Before long Kate gets emotional and talks about how just a short time ago they were engaged to be married. John tells her how he couldn’t have got through what he did without her.(There’s a lot more to their conversation but I don’t have the time to got into it – I didn’t particularly like what he said) She tells him that he opened up her heart. He kisses her hand and tells her that she is as beautiful inside as out. Roman says he couldn’t agree more. John says he can explain. Roman says it’s not necessary. Kate tells Roman they were just talking about how lucky they were. John leaves them alone. Kate and Roman talk some more and somehow the conversation gets around to children. She says we share two children. She then says something about how sharing a child really bonds a couple. She locks the door and asks him to make love to her. They’re on the couch and she tells him that nothing will ever come between them again. Freeze frame on Roman’s guilty look.

Alice is visiting Maggie. Maggie is picking up after Bonnie. She spills the iced tea that she is serving Alice. Alice tells her she needs to calm down. Mickey comes in through the back door carrying a huge bouquet of roses and a folder. He puts the folder down. He has made his decision. He just needs to figure out a way to tell Bonnie that he chose Maggie. He goes out of the kitchen and Bonnie enters. She has been out shopping. She vows to be back in the master bedroom tonight and to have Maggie out of the house. Mimi comes over to talk to her. Bonnie sees the folder and opens it even though Mimi tells her she shouldn’t. Bonnie says Mickey and I don’t have any secrets. She sees that it is paperwork on a restaurant. She tells Mimi that Mickey is finally going to get rid of Bonnie. This must be a divorce settlement. Bonnie decides to phone Mickey’s assistant but when she picks up the phone Father Jansen is on the line wanting to speak to Mrs. Horton. She says speaking and is very happy to confirm that yes Mr and Mrs Horton will be there to renew their vows tomorrow. Bonnie is thrilled – she tells Mimi that her husband is such a romantic. Maggie is coming down the stairs to get some thread and she sees Mickey. The flowers are hidden behind his back. He tells her he wants to talk about their future. Maggie says so does she. They don’t have a future she’s leaving him. She says the longer she has stayed waiting for his decision the more humiliating it became. Mickey wants to explain. He says I have made my decision. I choose you. He gives her the flowers and gets down on his knee and asks her if she will re-marry him. She tells him to stand up. I really liked their talk. He says he could never really love another woman. She reminds him that he told Bonnie he loved her. He says he doesn’t know what possessed him to mistake gratitude for love. He explains how lost he felt after he thought she died and Bonnie was there for him. He tells Maggie that he made his decision a while back but Mimi ended up in trouble and he just didn’t feel that was the best time to tell her he had chosen her. He asks Maggie again about getting remarried – colour me confused. How can he marry Maggie if he hasn’t divorced Bonnie??? Didn’t they go through this whole legal argument that proved that Bonnie and Mickey were legally married because Maggie had been declared dead…sigh. Mickey tells Maggie not to answer that until she looks at this. He pulls out the deed to the new restaurant. Maggie is overwhelmed – she doesn’t know what to say. Alice tells Mickey not to pressure her for an answer – she might need time to think about it. Maggie says she should but she can’t, the answer is yes. They hug. Bonnie comes in and totally misunderstands when Mickey says his decision has been made. She tells them she’ll give them some time alone. She’s going to Alice’s. Maggie asks Mickey if he didn’t think she took that too well. Mickey says she did. They wonder if Bonnie thinks he chose her. Alice is worried about that possibility – LOL!

Preview: Abby to Chelsea – You’re going to freak Patrick out. Chelsea – When he sees my body Abby he’s out to flip out not freak out – she drops her towel and hops in the shower. Mimi to Shawn (in prison orange) – I was pregnant with Rex’s baby and I had an abortion. Chloe to Brady – What did I do to deserve you? Brady – Just don’t stop loving me okay. Philip – There was a time when I was in combat (what for those 2 minutes before Tony captured you???) when I thought I was never going to see her again. Now that I’m home I’m never going to let her go. Belle – (in a hospital exam room) You don’t think I could be pregnant, do you? (No comment – I’m laughing too hard).


Thursday Jul 14

Pat’s Spoilers

What I liked about today’s show – really enjoyed the Shawn/Mimi scenes except when he was being delusional about Belle. I also liked the Brady/Chloe scenes. I also thought there was a defining moment in today’s show when it comes to the entire Phil/Belle/Shawn saga which hopefully will soon be over for good with Shawn moving on to a better, fuller life leaving Mr. and Mrs. Kiriakis to get on with their marriage.

The Lockhart’s – Chelsea whines that she could have been on a date with Max instead of moving. Patrick promised to be there and he isn’t. Abby reminds her that he is getting keys made for them. Chelsea goes on about seducing Patrick – Abby makes it known that she thinks Chelsea is not too bright. Chelsea tells if Abby thinks she is so stupid then she can just leave. Abby apologizes – she’s just worried about Chelsea. Chelsea sprays some of Patrick’s cologne on herself. She has told Abby her plan is to surprise Patrick in the shower – he won’t be able to resist her. When Patrick returns Billie tells him she thinks she made a mistake. He asks her why. Since she moved back to Salem all her residences have been temporary – she wants a permanent home for Chelsea. Patrick tells her that staying with him will give time figure out what she really wants. They go up to check on the girls. Patrick leans in and asks Chelsea if that’s his cologne he smells. She says she spilled some accidentally. Patrick tells the girls there is some food downstairs – he’s going to show Billie her room and then take a shower. Chelsea is excited. She tells Abby that Patrick was flirting with her and he made sure she knew he was going to be in the shower. They hear the shower running and Chelsea strips. Abby thinks that Patrick will think Chelsea is insane – Chelsea just thinks Patrick is going to want her. The show ends with Chelsea dropping her towel getting ready to jump in the shower.

Isabella’s Cottage: Chloe wakes up from a nap and wonders where Brady is. When she looks in the mirror she talks out loud to herself (of course) – Marlena said that Brady couldn’t see her scars – Chloe wonders if he would still love her if he could. Brady is behind her and says he would love her no matter what. Chloe gets frustrated with him talking about how beautiful she is and she tells him to leave her alone. They end up talking – she understands the scars don’t matter to him but they do to her. She talks about how she felt in foster care – and how insecure she was and then about being called ghoul girl – she doesn’t want to go through that again. He insists that she can lead a normal life – even sing on stage. She says no one would want to see her – in that business looks are very important. He talks about plastic surgery. She says that Dr. Weiss is the best and he couldn’t fix her. Brady says he can help her if she will let him. He called Marlena. He mentions the name of the world famous plastic surgeon that Dr. Weiss studied under. Marlena knows him and they can call him but Brady tells her only under one condition. She can’t call him to have the surgery for him because he doesn’t care – she will always be beautiful to him. She doesn’t know how she could be so lucky. They make love. He tells her to look out the window – he has a surprise for her. He’s hired a horse and carriage just like the one they rode in Colorado (cue the flashback). They make love again.

Hospital: I’m not going into these scenes in much detail because I have to get ready for our beach party … Phil is really touting his love for Belle and how he can’t let her go, how he couldn’t live without her (methinks he’s been listening to Shawn too much). He’s telling Belle how much she means to him but Belle isn’t paying any attention – she’s worrying about her parents. She then feels sick. Philip calls for a nurse. Lexie comes in and offers to check Belle over. The guy comes to fit Philip’s leg for the prosthesis. There’s a lot of talk about living a normal life – Philip will be able to do anything he could do before he lost his limb – he’ll have to be the one to set the limits. Philip doesn’t think the guy can really understand what he’s going through. The guy then shows him his artificial leg – had it for six years. Philip is shocked – he didn’t know – he didn’t even see him limp. Inside the exam room Lexie is asking Belle questions as she is changing into a hospital gown. The last one is when did she have her last cycle. Belle can’t remember – she used to be regular but she just assumed with all the stress she has been under it wasn’t unusual to be irregular. She stops and asks Lexie if she thinks she could be pregnant. Lexie says they will draw some blood and wait for test results. Belle asks if she could have an ulcer. Ever since Philip left for the war she has been stressed, now he’s injured and she just wants to be there for him and also Shawn is in jail and she’s worried about that. Just so much stress. Philip says it’s his fault. Lexie leaves them alone. Philip says that he just wishes he could take her away from all of this… this is the defining moment in my eyes – you’ll have to judge for yourself. She goes to him and tells him she just wants to be with him (she is very soft and loving … no audience – no pressure – just Belle wanting her husband) – she asks him to hold her. He takes her in his arms and she sits on his lap hugging him close.

Jail: Shawn is ranting that he’s stuck in jail while the woman he loves is stuck in a marriage with a husband she doesn’t love. (Ah delusion… it can be a happy thing, right???) Mimi shows up and reminds him that Belle chose Philip. Shawn doesn’t understand why she is saying that – he thought she was his friend. She says she wants both of them to be happy. He asks her how she got in. She told the guard she was his girlfriend. She says she remembers a time when all she wanted to do was go out with him. He says that was such a long time ago. She talks about the kiss and is surprised he remembers it. She wanted to be kissed by a sexy guy in Paris – she just never thought it would be him. He tells her she was beautiful young girl and now she’s a beautiful woman. She’s flattered. He says you called me sexy so I’m returning the favour – the only difference is that in your case it’s true. They get on the topic of Rex and Mimi says she is afraid of losing him forever. She ends up telling Shawn everything – including how Jan blackmailed her. Shawn’s advice is not to tell Rex. What’s done is done. Mimi is surprised because it’s opposite of what everyone else has been telling her. He says did you listen to them? He tells Mimi that her and Rex belong together just like Belle and him. Mimi tells him that it doesn’t matter what they think, it’s what Rex and Belle think that counts.

Preview: Shawn to Belle – You do want to be with me. Belle – Shawn, that’s not why I … Shawn grabs her and kisses her…(sigh I can’t say what I really think of Shawn today because New Salem’s mantra for Beach Party day is all happy all the time). Sami to Lucas – Somehow Kate got Eugenia to help her destroy me. Now do you believe me? Max to Patrick – Newsflash Lockhart. Whatever I do with Chelsea or don’t do is none of your business. Frankie to Jack – Are you okay Jack? Jack – It’s nothing that getting rid of Patrick Lockhart wouldn’t fix. Frankie – I’m working on it.


Friday Jul 15

Pat’s Spoilers

I’m really struggling to come up with something I liked about the show today. I like Jack and Jen but Jack’s incessant rants and threats against Patrick and Jen trying to be the peacekeeper is getting boring. I did like Mimi today.

The show jumps all over the place so I’ll try to keep some semblance of order.

Chelsea pulls back the shower and surprise, surprise, it’s Billie. Billie grabs a towel (LOL – I love how her eye makeup is still intact). Billie doesn’t exactly buy Chelsea’s story that she didn’t know anyone was in the shower – she didn’t hear the water running – especially when the next thing out of her mouth is “Where’s Patrick? I thought we were sharing this bathroom.” Billie says Patrick decided to move into his mother’s room so that he could have a bathroom to himself. It’s better this way. They didn’t really want him coming into a washroom with all their girl stuff all over the place. Billie tells that they are now right next door to each other – they can share stuff, do the girl talk thing. Chelsea goes back to her room and tells Abby that Billie wants Patrick for herself. Chelsea is terrible – she’s going to get Billie out of the way. Someone please tell me why this girl is on our screens???

Patrick shows up at Jack and Jen’s. Jennifer answers the door. She is happy to see him. Patrick is there to pick up Billie’s chest. Jen thinks it’s great that Billie and Chelsea are moving in with him. Chelsea needs some role models now that her parents are gone. (Oh yeah… Billie and Patrick????) Jen asks Patrick how Connor is adjusting to the new people in the house. Patrick alludes to the fact that he is at camp – so are we to believe that he was living in that house by himself up until Patrick moved in??? Jack comes down the stairs and is not happy to see Patrick there. He rants – Jen reminds him that Patrick is their friend. Jack says the only friend Patrick has is Tony DiMera. Jen in her desperation to have Jack make peace with Patrick suggests they have a housewarming party over at the Lockhart’s. Outside Max and Frankie are returning from the gym??? Frankie wonders what Patrick Lockhart is doing there. Max says he has a thing for Jennifer Devereaux just like you do. Frankie denies it. Max keeps ragging on him that if he wants Jen he has to get in the game. Frankie reminds Max that Jen is happily married. Max keeps bugging Frankie to box with him but Frankie ignores him – when Max doesn’t stop Frankie lands one punch. Max is surprised. Frankie says he was asking for it. They go inside and Jen asks them if they’re ready to party.

Back at the Lockhart’s Bonnie is browbeating someone over the phone. She’ll pay for the pool when she’s ready – she took it on approval and she hasn’t approved it as yet. She throws the Horton name around and threatens the guy with a lawsuit. Jack, Jennifer and crew show up. Bonnie tells Jennifer that she better get used to calling her Aunt Bon Bon because tomorrow she will be Mickey’s one and only wife. She feels bad for Maggie but she’s sure her settlement, the new restaurant, will help keep her busy. After Bonnie moves along Jen says that she almost feels sorry for Bonnie. Jack asks her how she could possibly have any sympathy for that woman after what she did to her Aunt Maggie. Jen says she said ‘almost’. Chelsea, Abby and Max are all in swimwear. Chelsea suggests to Patrick that he take his shirt off. Max confronts her about Patrick being the guy she is saving herself for. Max has no qualms about talking quite loudly about what they did together and Chelsea doesn’t like it. After a swim Chelsea asks Max if she would like to see her room. Patrick stops them and asks where they are going. Abby tells him she’ll be there to chaperone. Patrick wants to talk to Max alone. The girls go upstairs. In the kitchen Patrick tells Max that what he and Chelsea were doing the other day is never going to happen again. Max tells him what does or doesn’t happen between him and Chelsea is none of his business. Up in the room Max and Chelsea are standing in her bed after hanging up a huge Max Brady poster. She asks him to sign it for her. He does and then he takes the marker and starts writing something on her stomach. They end up lying down in the bed. Abby is getting embarrassed. She asks Chelsea how she likes her room. Chelsea says it’s kind of small … and three is a crowd. Max looks at Abby and Chelsea and says not necessarily (please…now we Chelsea and Max thinking threesomes?? Gag me). Downstairs Frankie wanders into the kitchen and asks Patrick if this is where he grew up. Patrick is not in the mood for small talk. Frankie says he knows that he knows Patrick from somewhere but he just can’t remember where. Patrick is sure that he has him mixed up with someone else. Frankie is equally sure that he is right. He says he’ll find out – he likes mysteries. Patrick and Billie go upstairs into Chelsea’s room and get Abby out of an embarrassing situation.

Outside Frankie makes a phone call to find out if any information on Patrick has been found. He knows that when there is no information on someone they have something to hide. Jack and Jen are arguing about the Lockhart family again. He tells her the Lockhart’s and Horton’s don’t mix – they’re like motor oil and spring water. He gets worked up and then has to sit down from the pain. Jen asks him what is wrong. (Earlier on Jen and Frankie had a long conversation about Jack – Jen knows he’s keeping something from her. Frankie is investigating and he tells Jen that Jack won’t know that he’s doing it. Billie and Patrick also talk after Jen has pulled Jack away from him. Patrick doesn’t understand what Jack has against him. Billie tells him that Jack felt he was trying to take his place – once he sees that Patrick is with someone else he’ll be fine. Jack says a little too much about how he’d rather Jen had Frankie in her life then Patrick. Billie tells him that he’s talking like he’s not going to be around to take care of his family.) Jen goes to get Jack a drink of water. Frankie sits down next to him and asks him if he is alright. Jack says nothing that getting Patrick out of his family’s life wouldn’t fix. Frankie tells him he is working on it.

(Sorry this is all jumbled… Bonnie had more scenes but it’s just Bonnie being Bonnie… Mimi shows up – Bonnie is fairly inebriated and falls over.)

Sami is on the balcony outside Eugenia’s apartment. She makes a noise and Eugenia hears it and opens the window carrying a baseball bat. Sami hangs on the balcony above so she doesn’t get caught. When she jumps down she makes more noise so Eugenia looks the window. Sami knows she won’t be able to get inside now.

Lucas goes to see Shawn. He tells him that he is sorry he got thrown into jail. What he did for Philip was a great thing and he shouldn’t be in jail for missing his court date. Shawn tells him to go talk to his mother because she’s the one responsible. Lucas does go to Basic Black and is told that his mother is in a meeting and can’t be disturbed. Sami shows up at Basic Black. She says she came to pick up her stuff. She wants to talk to Lucas. He still blames Sami for sleeping with Brandon the night before their wedding. She insists that she did not – that his mother and Eugenia Willens set her up. She tells him that she overheard Eugenia talking to someone on the phone and she admitted that she worked with Kate to destroy her life. Lucas says that’s just your word and right now that doesn’t mean anything to me. Sami says she came here for some proof. She offers to watch the desk while the receptionist goes to get lunch. She shows Lucas Kate’s telephone logs and all the calls from Eugenia. She asks him why Eugenia would be calling Kate – it’s not like they belong to the same country club. Lucas still won’t buy it – he says my mother may hate you but she would never deliberately hurt me or Will.

Kate’s meeting is with Judge Fitzpatrick. She’s writing a cheque out for her campaign nattering away about happy she is with the work she is doing on the bench. Putting Shawn in jail is sending a clear message to all the youth out there that they can’t get away with committing crimes. The judge wants to make it clear that the cheque is not payment for putting Shawn behind bars. Kate is all double talk and smiles. She is happy that Shawn is in jail because this will give Philip a chance to be happy with his wife. She did a good thing by keeping Shawn behind bars because he is trouble with a capital T. She wouldn’t mind if Shawn got life. Judge Fitzpatrick says she can’t guarantee that. Kate signs the cheque but before the judge can accept it her phone rings.

At the hospital Phil tells Belle he would like to go into Physical Therapy alone – needs to keep some mystery about this whole thing. Belle says she is his wife and wants to be there. He knows that but he would still like to do this on his own. Mimi shows up – she’s been looking for Belle. She’s just been at the jail. Belle asks her why – she thought she would have had enough of the place. Mimi says hello Belle – I went to visit Shawn – the guy you’re still in love with. Belle says don’t say that – I’m with Philip and I made the right choice. Mimi says fine but Shawn needs you – can’t you at least go and see him. Belle is very cold and heartless. She says he’s going to have to get used to not having me in his life (not exact words but meaning is the same). Mimi agrees but tells Belle can’t you at least wait until he’s out of jail before you make that clear to him. Belle is feeling sick – she tells me the stress is getting to her – Lexie thinks she has an ulcer. Mimi says maybe you’re feeling sick because you made the wrong choice. Belle says she didn’t – she’s with Philip and she’s going to make the best of it – these are special circumstances.

Philip comes out of therapy and asks Mimi where Belle is. She says she went to do some errands. Philip feels bad that Shawn is stuck in jail. Mimi is surprised to hear him say that. He tells her that if Shawn wouldn’t have had the courage to organize the rescue mission he wouldn’t be here talking to her. They used to best friends. Mimi mentions that Judge Fitzpatrick is a tough judge. Philip says she is friends with my mother but I know my mother won’t try and get Shawn released but he can. He calls the judge from the payphone. He asks her to do him a favour and let Shawn out on bail. She says her mind is made up. Philip tells her about why Shawn missed his court hearing and about how Shawn helped rescue him – he says he would be willing to make appearances during her campaign or he can call a press conference and says the Kiriakis estate is withdrawing their support from her campaign. The judge tells Philip that he makes a good point. She tells Philip that Shawn will be released on bail. Judge Fitzpatrick tells Kate she is disappointed in her for not telling her why Shawn missed his court date – she also tells Kate that she has been outmanoeuvred.

Kate comes out of her office and wants to know what Sami is doing there. Sami says she just came to get her things. Lucas starts questioning her – he asks her why Eugenia called her so often. She lies and says since Sami ruined her life she’s been down on her luck and she’s been trying to help her. The receptionist tells her she has a call – it’s Eugenia Willens. The judge walks out of her office. Lucas says Shawn was right. You did have him locked up. The receptionist reminds her that she has phone call. She says she’ll take it in her office. Sami tells her to take it out there and put her on speaker phone so we can all here how her job search is going. Kate tells Sami that she doesn’t do business that way. She lies again by telling Lucas that she was talking to her friend Karen trying to get Shawn released. She goes into her office and takes the call from Eugenia who wants a job at Basic Black or Kate can start supporting her. Kate tells her to be careful because Sami is on their trail. Sami is disappointed once again when Lucas refuses to even consider that his mother would hurt him or Will. She tells him she understands. He leaves… split screen on Sami and Kate… Kate is determined to do what it takes to keep Sami out of Lucas’ life… Sami is equally determined to get the proof she needs to prove Kate set her up.

The jail scenes between Shawn and Belle made me hate Belle more. After listening to her spout off to Mimi how Philip is her husband and how Shawn has to get over her… does she try and pull away from Shawn’s kiss… no she kisses him back. The guard tells him they can’t do that. Shawn reaches for her again – she says we can’t (huh – you just did). She says we can’t do that because I’m married. Shawn says but you love me and that kiss just proved it. You know there are names for women like Belle and she is not exempt from them just because her name is Isabella Black/Kiriakis. Before Belle can say anything Philip arrives and asks her what she is doing there. She says she can explain. He says you don’t have to – we’re married and we trust each other implicitly. He says he called the judge and Shawn is a free man, he’s being released on bail. Belle is all happy as she skips over and hugs and kisses her husband. Philip tells Shawn that he pays his debts. They shake hands and Shawn says he owes him. Hmmm… Shawn I hope that you don’t intend to pay him back by stealing his wife – because you would be doing Philip a favour but bringing a world of hurt down on your shoulders – but that’s my opinion. It will be interesting to see if Shawn steps back but I doubt it – they’ll keep writing him to look like a jerk for going after Phil’s wife even after the guy got him out of jail…sigh.

Preview: Bo to Shawn – You keep getting into this trouble, Shawn. What kind of future can you offer Belle if you’re behind bars. Bonnie to Mickey and Maggie – I didn’t want the groom to see the bride before the – Maggie cuts in – I’m the bride – Bonnie starts to cry. Roman to Marlena – The secret is going to come out before long. Sami – What secret? What’s going on Dad? Brady to Chloe – You are beautiful. Marry me.


Monday Jul 18

Janice’s Spoilers

Note: I loved the Maggie/Mickey scenes today. She looked absolutely gorgeous. Alice was wonderful as well...sigh...Francis Reid’s smile gets me every time! There was so much going on today that I hope its not too confusing for you.

Outside Eugenia’s apartment: Sami, Eugenia

Sami has her ear to Eugenia’s apartment door trying to figure out if she is at home. She runs and hides when Eugenia comes out with her garbage bag. Sami’s cellphone rings and its Lucas. He wants to know where she is and if she’s going to the restaurant opening. She tells him that John wants her to go...so of course she won’t. She also tells him that she is going to prove to him that they were set up by Kate and Eugenia and then hangs up.

Sami’s phone rings again and its Lucas. He tells her she has to come to the restaurant and she agrees. She sees Eugenia leave her apartment all dressed up.

Basic Black: Kate, Billie, Lucas, Roman

Lucas and Billie want to know what is so important. Kate admits that she and Roman are renewing their vows at the restaurant as well as John and Marlena, but it’s a surprise. Just as she says she doesn’t want Roman seeing the bride before the ceremony, he shows up and she rushes back into the office and shuts the door on him. He asks the others if it is something he said.

Roman wants to know what that was all about. He wants to go after Kate but Lucas and Billie stop him. They give him a tuxedo to wear. He wonders if it’s too fancy but finally agrees to leave to get changed.

Lucas phones Sami again (see above).

Outside Chez Rouge: Maggie, Mickey, Bo, Hope, Bonnie, Mimi

Mickey brings Maggie (who is blindfolded) to the new restaurant. Hope turns to Bo and tells him how happy she is that the judge let Shawn out on bail. They smile as they watch Mickey and Maggie. Bo tells Hope that he loves her and would marry her all over again. Mickey takes off Maggie’s blindfold and tells her it’s “Red’s Place” and that this is their wedding day. She tells him it’s gorgeous. He says that he hired a 5 star chef from her favorite restaurant in Paris and that today they are going to renew their wedding vows. Both of them are smiling and hugging.

Bonnie and Mimi arrive. Bonnie is mouthing off about Maggie. She goes up to her and asks her sarcastically: “A little overdressed, Mags?” Maggie replies no but Bonnie is and she wasn’t invited. Bonnie is shocked. Mickey tells her that he is giving the restaurant as a wedding present to Maggie. Bonnie says: “But I’m the bride!” Maggie corrects her and Mickey says he tried to reach her to tell her that Maggie’s death certificate has been rescinded so they are renewing their vows. Bonnie runs off upset. Mickey tells Maggie that he handled that very badly and feels terrible. Maggie says she doesn’t...lol...

Penthouse: John, Marlena, Belle

John gives Marlena a new outfit for the opening. She looks at it and tells him she can’t wear it. He wants to know why. She tells him she can’t wear white on Maggie’s wedding day. John says that Maggie will just have to understand and they kiss.

Penthouse hallway: Shawn, Belle

Shawn is hanging out in the hallway when Belle arrives with her mom’s wedding bouquet. She’s shocked to see him there and says he has to stop doing this...she’s married to Phil. He says he’s been looking everywhere for him. He realizes she is upset about something else and wants to know what. She gets upset and admits that her dad is going to surprise her mom and renew their vows. Belle thinks it’s all wrong and will be a huge disaster. Shawn opens his arms and holds her close as she leans into him for comfort.

Belle tells Shawn that she has been under a lot of stress and that he’s making it worse. He tells her that she was upset but she thinks she can handle it on her own. Shawn tells her that if she’s in trouble then he is going to want to help her...he wasn’t there before and wants to make it up to her. Belle thrusts the bouquet at him and says she shouldn’t have brought it up with her...supposed to be a surprise. She tells him if he wants to help her then he can take them back to her car. Shawn rolls his eyes...lol...

Back in the Penthouse...

Belle comes in and John leaves to go get dressed. She asks her mom if she has told him yet. Marlena says she is scared. Belle says she has to be honest before they go to the restaurant. Marlena looks confused and wants to know why. Belle tells her just to trust her.

Back at Chez Rouge: Everyone

Shawn is in a suit now and talking to his parents. Hope tells him how happy she is to see him and thanks god that he is out of jail. She tells him that she understands why he had to do what he did but to be careful around Phil. Bo mentions the trial coming up and asks him how he will be able to support Belle if he is in jail. Shawn tells them that he loves Belle and just needs to convince her that they belong together just like his parents. He leaves. Bo tells Hope that he is worried that his son is going to break his heart. She says that they should just hope that true love wins out.

Hope tells Bo that she still thinks Kate was responsible for what happened. He agrees but cautions that they still have no evidence. Hope thinks that Kate wishes Shawn would rot in hell. She tells Bo that they have to be responsible as parents. He says they will be and that he will always be there for his son. Billie is eavesdropping and she says... “Glad to hear you say that. Do you feel the same way about Georgia?” Hope glares at her.

Belle sees Brady. He tells her he has a big surprise for her and to go find Mimi as well. Mimi is telling Rex that her mom just got terrible news. Belle grabs her before she can explain.

Brady brings Belle and Mimi to see Chloe. They all hug excitedly while he smiles. Shawn wheels a dress-uniformed Phil in and Phil and Chloe exchange a look (to me I saw lots of chemistry here). The girls leave. Shawn tells Chloe that it’s great to have her back and that they all missed her. He leaves to give Phil and Chloe some alone time. She apologizes for what she put him through and talks about not wanting to become Ghoul Girl again. He tells her softly that she never was. She hopes that his recovery hasn’t been as hard as hers. He tells her that he thinks they will both be okay and become better people. Brady comes up and asks if she’s ready to sing.

Maggie, Mickey, and Bonnie are together again. Maggie tells Bonnie that Alice’s Restaurant is her marriage settlement. Mickey tells Bonnie that his marriage to her is not legitimate. Bonnie gets whiny and asks if she can have the big house on the hill. Maggie says no that it’s her house and she is no longer Mrs. Mickey Horton. Alice pipes up from the background... hallelujah!!! She tells them that they finally came to their senses...lol... her smile is amazing... Bonnie says...what about me? Mickey says that his one true love is his “red” and that he learned that from his father (love the reference to Tom).

Bonnie whines some more (Judi is great today) that if she gets a payoff she won’t hold a grudge...especially if it’s a six figure one at least. Maggie gets mad. Mickey tells Bonnie that he gave her the restaurant. Maggie starts to rag on Bonnie (wonderful scene... lol...). Mickey tells Bonnie that her credit cards will be cut off tomorrow. Maggie laughs and
says that she won’t even be able to fill her peanut barrel at her honky-tonk. Bonnie thinks to herself that she has 24 hours to spend...spend...spend...

Kate sees Eugenia and wants to know what the hell she is doing there. Eugenia tells her she got an invitation. Sami walks up and says what a surprise! Kate and Eugenia rush away mumbling something about job opportunities. Lucas comes up to Sami and tells her he’s glad she made it. She tells him that “those two” are up to something.

John sees Belle and asks if she is okay. She talks about Chloe being alive and he tells her they already knew and asked her to sing today. Belle asks him if her mom has talked to him yet.

Roman comes up to Marlena and asks her if she has told John she is pregnant. She goes on about it not being the right moment. He warns her that the secret will come out and that he can’t tell Kate until she tells John. Sami overhears the word “secret” and wants to know what is going on. Marlena shuffles and says that Chloe is alive. Sami isn’t impressed. She goes into a speech about hoping that her parents were getting back together...she thinks they are the two greatest loves of each other’s lives... She leaves.

Marlena tells him she has to tell John right now. She finds goes to find him but he brushes her off with a smile and says they have to find their seats.

Lucas comes up to Maggie and Mickey and hugs them. They leave and Sami tells him that she wishes they were getting married too. Lucas tells her that he wishes it was true as well but that he doesn’t know if he will ever be able to trust her again. He leaves and Eugenia walks by and calls her a big fat liar. Lumi are together again and watching Kate and Eugenia. Sami wants to know what they have in common...

Kate wants Eugenia to leave...Sami is getting suspicious. Eugenia tells her that she can’t afford to give up free food. Kate tells her she will find her a job but she has to go.

Chloe is singing “The Rose” as Brady watches. We get a lot of close-ups...Bonnie crying... Shawn sitting next to Belle as Phil on the other side takes her hand in his...a sullen Billie watching Bo and Hope smiling at each other...a serious Roman watching an equally sullen Kate...watching John watch a nervous Marlena. The song ends and there is applause. Father Tim comes up and thanks Chloe and welcomes her home. Mimi asks her mom why she is torturing herself. I’m not sure but I think Bonnie says...because I really did love the guy...

The ceremony starts. Both Maggie and Mickey look wonderful. She tells him that true love is never lost...it’s reborn. He tells her that this is her place and that he will love his “Red” forever. They kiss. Alice has a huge smile on her face, as do Bo and Hope. Bonnie is really crying. John turns to Marlena and tells her they are next.

Marlena wants to know what John means. She tells him that she HAS to talk to him but again he brushes her off with a smile and says later. John walks up to Belle and tells her its time. She asks him worriedly if he is sure. He is. She goes to get the flowers and he walks up to Kate. He asks her if she is all set. Kate looks miserable and mumbles... “If you are...” Marlena and Roman are watching them. She tells him that they have to tell the truth.

Bo tells Hope that he loves his “Fancy Face” and promises that nothing and no one will every come between them. They kiss. Billie is hovering and watching. Her cellphone rings and we see a picture of the Phoenix on the screen. She says omg!

Shawn stops Belle on her way back with the bouquet. He tells her that he has been waiting all day for this and sweeps her into his arms. They share a passionate kiss.

Lucas is wondering where Sami went. We see her break into Eugenia’s apartment again. She starts going through the desk and pulls out some papers. Eugenia shows up.

Phil sees shelle kissing.

Brady sees Chloe with his mom’s ring in her hand. She admits that she took it from the urn and has been wearing it on a chain all this time. He smiles and slips it on her finger for real and asks her to marry him. She’s still worried but he tells her he loves her and that she is beautiful to him. He asks her to marry him again.

Billie is sure that the message is about Georgia and rushes off.

Roman says he’s go find Kate and then he and Marlena will tell John and Kate the truth. He rushes off and Mimi comes up to her. She tells her that Rex keeps wanting to know the truth. Marlena tells her that relationships can’t survive without it. She leaves and Rex comes up and tells Mimi that he knows all about the baby and can’t believe that she has been lying to him for so long.

Roman tells John and Kate that he and Marlena have to talk to them. Marlena tells John that afterwards things might never be the same between them. All four of them look worried.


Billie tells Bo and Hope that Bo has to go with her so they can figure this out. Hope shouts No. She tells Billie that Bo isn’t going anywhere with her.

Sami tells Eugenia that she can’t wait to see both of them dump that bitch. Lucas comes in and wants to know what is going on.

Roman tells Marlena that they can’t go through with this. He says that John and Kate have to know the truth.

Brady tells Chloe she is beautiful.


Tuesday Jul 19

Pat’s Spoilers

This will be a very quick report tonight. It was a lot of the same old same old carrying on from the last episode.

Rex/Mimi: He thinks she is pregnant and asks her if she was lying when she told him she couldn’t have children. She takes him into the kitchen so that they can talk privately. She tells him that he misunderstood. She isn’t pregnant, Marlena is. She swears him to secrecy telling him that Marlena hasn’t told John yet. Strange that Rex takes a couple of words and jumps to all kinds of conclusions but he doesn’t question why Mimi knows that Marlena is pregnant but her husband doesn’t. Rex wants to know what she and Jan were arguing about – he knows Jan was holding something over her head. Mimi lies and says that Jan hated the fact that they were happy. Jan was going to convince Rex that it was Mimi’s fault that the two of them couldn’t have children. Mimi takes the blame – it her fault because she waited to long to go to the doctor. Rex says I know now why Jan gave them that doll. Mimi says that when Shawn and Belle got back together Jan was miserable and she wanted to make their lives miserable. Rex wants to know if there are any other secrets. She says no. He asks her to forgive him for thinking that was lying to him – she forgives him (how magnanimous of her!). During the renewal service when the priest is talking about trust and honesty Rex sings Mimi’s virtues to her making her feel even guiltier.

Eugenia catches Sami in her apartment. She picks up the phone to call the cops. Sami is going to end up in jail and Eugenia is pleased that she will be the one to put her there – everyone in Salem will be thanking her. Sami warns Eugenia not to call because she’ll end up in the cell next to her. She waves the papers that she found and taunts Eugenia with the fact that she owes two years worth of back taxes. Eugenia blames that on Sami – she had a repayment schedule all set up when Sami forced her to change the DNA results. Eugenia then pulls out another letter that shows she is paying back her taxes. She tells Sami that is why she has to work three part time jobs. They argue some more and of course Eugenia keeps denying Sami’s allegations. When Sami tells her that she was there earlier and heard Eugenia on the phone bragging about how she and Kate set Sami up Eugenia admits it. She is really proud that she ruined Sami’s life and she would do it again. Sami is all excited and starts telling Eugenia she is going to tell everyone what she just told her. They start arguing when Eugenia doesn’t agree.

Brady holds Chloe’s hand and looks at the ring on her finger. He tells her that it fits her perfectly – that’s a sign that they should get married. She tells him that she wants to get married – she just wants to know if he can stand to look at this (she removes her band -aid) for the rest of his life. He tells her she always looks beautiful to him. She can phone the surgeon if she wants – it’s her decision. She admits to being afraid – she talks about how everyone was staring at her face. Brady says they were just happy to see her. She says she did the same thing with Philip. Brady says Philip doesn’t want anyone pitying him – he’s strong and he’ll be back on his feet before long. Brady interrupts John and Marlena just as Marlena is about to tell him that’s she pregnant. He tells John that Chloe strained her voice and that she can’t sing at the wedding. He has to take her back to the cottage. While Brady is gone to talk to John Chloe phones the doctor and makes an appointment. They return to the cottage after seeing the doctor and make love. Chloe tells Brady she has made up her mind – she’s going to have the surgery. Sigh… I loved Brady today and man… he looked fine…LOL!

Roman is just about to tell Kate when Lucas interrupts them. Lucas tells her he hates to miss the renewal service but he has to go and find Sami. Kate is not happy and lets Lucas know it. He tells her that Sami is the mother of her son – he’s worried about her and he has to go find her. Roman overhears the latter part where Kate is ranting at Lucas for letting Sami back into his life. He says we’re married – she’s my daughter and you hate her. Kate says I don’t hate her, I just don’t like her and I never will. Kate says what kind of a marriage would we have if I lied to you about it.

Lucas gets to Eugenia’s and asks them what they were arguing about. Sami is just so happy. She says they weren’t arguing. Eugenia just admitted to everything – she helped Kate set her up. She’s proved that Kate didn’t care that she hurt him or Will as long as she hurt her. She keeps going saying that they can get back together and be married and be a family. Lucas asks Eugenia if this is true. Eugenia doesn’t have a clue what Sami is talking about. She tells Lucas that Sami came in to bribe her to say that Kate had set her up. Sami says I have less money than you how could I bride you. Eugenia waves the letter from the IRS saying Sami tried to blackmail her into lying – into saying what Sami wanted her to say. Eugenia claims Sami is crazy. When Sami says that Eugenia is the one lying Eugenia asks her where her proof is. That silences Sami. Lucas has had it. He tells Sami that he loves her but it’s over for them. They don’t have a future and he leaves. Eugenia gloats and really rubs in the fact that she had a part in destroying Sami’s life and she would do it again.

There are several times throughout the episode right until the renewal service begins that Roman and Marlena keep saying to each other that they have to tell Kate/John the truth.

Billie interrupts Bo and Hope as they are talking about the maiden voyage of the Fancy Face III. Bo can’t wait for the party to end so that they can leave. Billie tells them that she got a message about Georgia from Tony. Hope looks at Bo and says can I trust you to take care of this. Bo and Billie go outside to talk. She shows him the message – it’s in code and includes some riddles. Bo reads it but can’t make any sense out of it. Billie wants to go some place quiet where they can work on it. Hope tells her she isn’t going anywhere with her husband. Hope is very civil and tells Billie and Bo that she wants them to find their daughter. She would like to help. She asks to see the message – they all agree that it’s a strong possibility that Tony is just playing mind games with them again. Hope suggests that they get the ISA to look at the message and see if it can be decoded.

Philip is one lucky guy – unlike us, the viewing public, he didn’t have to witness that disgusting kiss between Shawn and his wife. He comes out and calls out for them and then says I can’t believe it. Cue the guilty look from Belle, the smug look from Shawn. Roman just told him that his father could be alive and he’s going to try and find him. Belle is all excited for hubby. Phil says he doesn’t want to get his hopes up because if he is alive Tony DiMera is keeping him prisoner. Belle says they just have to pray that they’ll be found. She says they better get back inside she has to give her mother the flowers. I can’t express how disappointed I am that Shawn has been reduced to a two-faced @$$&)!3… he talks to Phil like he wasn’t checking out the man’s wife’s tonsils two seconds ago…blech.

Shawn goes to the bar and orders a scotch or a bourbon or whatever. Hope tells him that is not going to help. Drinking is what got him into the trouble he is now. He was drunk when he crashed through the window during Belle’s wedding. Shawn thanks Hope for reminding him. He tells her she doesn’t know how difficult it is to watch the woman he loves with another man. Hope picks up the glass and says this isn’t going to help. Shawn agrees – it won’t help – but the whole bottle might. Hope tells him that he needs to stop pressuring Belle it’s obvious that she needs to stay with Philip now to look after him. Shawn says he doesn’t want to view Philip as the enemy but… Hope tells him to stop worrying about Belle and to focus on getting his life back on track. Pathetic Shawn interrupts and says I don’t have a life without her. Hope tells him he’s wrong. She’s not asking him to stop loving Belle, she’s just asking him to let Belle do what she has to do (I’m really not sure about all the dialogue in this part – I was just happy that for once Hope wasn’t enabling Shawn in his inane pursuit of a married woman). She tells him that if he and Belle are truly meant to be it will happen. Maybe one day Belle will see that Philip is stronger and decide it’s time to end their marriage – Shawn says maybe isn’t good enough he has to know. Hope tells him no one knows the future as she watches Bo and Billie go outside. Bo is telling Billie they will wait to hear from Tek and the ISA – he doesn’t want to end up in a pit again. Hope says she doesn’t want that either. She asks him if he’s ready to leave or has he changed his mind about going away with her. He says no. Billie can’t believe he’s taking off. He tells her he’ll have his cell phone. Hope says if the ISA deciphers the code or anything concrete comes up they’ll drop what they’re doing and come back to search for Georgia.

John and Kate decide it’s time to get the ceremony underway. Marlena and Roman are talking once again about telling the respective significant others about the baby. Marlena is beginning to waver – she just doesn’t think this is the right place to do it – in the middle of a party. John and Kate interrupt and Roman and Marlena learn about the plans. John announces it to all the guests. Kate asks Roman to marry her again. John asks Marlena if she’s ready to marry him again – she doesn’t say anything. John laughs and says he’ll take that as a yes. Marlena says she has to talk to him – asks if the ceremony can be put off for a while. He says no the priest has another appointment. John goes to check on something. Belle comes in and gives mothers the flowers and then really ties into her for not telling John about the baby. She orders Marlena to do it before the ceremony. What a condescending …. Ack…

After long last the ceremony starts. The priest talks about what marriage is and how people grow apart but sometimes they are together because of honesty, truth and trust and that’s what they are here to celebrate. Roman and Kate go first. Kate goes first – of course the words truth, etc come into play again. Roman talks about the fact that they will have good time and bad times. Next it’s John and Marlena’s turn. Before they start Marlena faints into John’s arms. Roman says be careful John, she’s pregnant – freeze frame and split screen on Belle (don’t even get me started on the absurdity of her presence in this ending), John, Marlena and Roman.

Preview: Billie to Bo: You’re here with me now (not sure if those are her exact words – couldn’t understand her) I guess I can assume that you’re deserting me and our daughter. Lucas yelling at Sami (she’s crying) – You trying to bribe and blackmail Eugenia and get her to back up your lies only proves it. You’re the same manipulative Sami that you’ve always been. Shawn to Belle – Isn’t it a bit hypocritical of you to not want me to keep secrets from Rex and yet you’re keeping this huge secret from Philip. (Guess which look he gets in return – yup, that would be the one!) John to Marlena (they’re back at the penthouse) – What’s going on here? Marlena – There’s something you need to know about the baby.


Wednesday Jul 20

Pat’s Spoilers

I’m going over to my nephew’s place this evening so this will be a quick report.

Bo/Hope/Billie: Bo and Hope are outside the restaurant. Bo remarks that that was quite the way for John to find out about Marlena’s pregnancy – a real surprise. Hope says that Marlena was probably surprised when she found out. Bo tells her that if she ever has news like that for him to make sure he doesn’t find out like that. She teases him and asks him if he would like to find out when they are outside and alone. He asks her if she is pregnant and she laughs and says no. He is ready to sneak off to the marina – no one will miss them now. Billie shows up and says ‘now that you are leaving I’m to assume you’re deserting me and our daughter. The argument is on. Billie wants to know why Bo didn’t show the message to John – he’s ISA. Bo informs her that John is a little busy and she’s ISA they don’t need him. Hope tries to tell her that they have nothing but a bunch of gobbly-gook that they can’t make sense of. Bo says he has a copy of the message, he’ll work on it, Billie can work on it and the ISA is working on it. If they break the code and find a real clue she can let them know and they’ll sail back.

Billie is really not backing down in her quest to get Bo not to go on the trip. Hope gets a little ticked and brings up the past times where they rushed off chasing clues and almost got themselves killed. Hope says the real reason Billie doesn’t want Bo to go is because she doesn’t want him to be alone with her. Billie avoids the question and tries to change the subject. Hope asks her to answer the question. She throws up the fact that the last little escapade Billie raped her husband. Billie says when Bo made love to me – Hope interrupts her and tells Billie that what she did was rape – she let Bo who was suffering from a head injury and gas inhalation think he was making love to his wife. Billie tells Bo that’s the real reason Hope doesn’t want them to work on this clue. Bo finally turns on Billie and tells her that what she did was wrong – he doesn’t care if she thought they were dying or if she saw St. Jude – what she did was wrong. He tells her Hope and his boys are his number one priority. Billie says Georgia is her number one priority. Bo warns her not to go off on a wild goose chase – Hope jumps in – she doesn’t want Billie running off either hoping Bo will come to the rescue. Bo says this is not just about Georgia any more; it’s about his parents as well. Bo blurts out that they never should have gone looking for Georgia. Billie can’t believe what she’s hearing and questions him. He says we should be searching for Tony – he can tell us where my parents and Georgia are. Billie says you’re right but he won’t tell us. Bo says he’ll tell him… (Very threatening…LOL)

Inside the restaurant Belle excuses herself from the group of five and goes to check on her mother. John wants to get Marlena to the hospital. Marlena keeps telling him it’s not necessary. John overhears Belle telling her mother that she should have told him the truth. John says I know what’s going on – I can’t believe I didn’t see it before. He’s referring to Marlena’s morning sickness and the fact that she passed on her favourite champagne. He remembers how many times she told him she had something to tell him but he didn’t give her the chance. Marlena says she is feeling tired and wants to go home. John goes to get the car. Belle again tells her mother that she should tell her father the truth. Marlena says she will tell him when she gets home – she doesn’t want to do it in front of all these people in public. Kate tells Roman there’s nothing like a child to get a couple to recommit to each other. Roman agrees.

After Belle leaves to talk to her mother Rex comments that he can’t believe Marlena is pregnant. Phil thinks it’s great. He and Belle are going to start on their family as soon as possible. Shawn says don’t you think you should talk to Belle about that and find out if that’s what she wants. Mimi thinks it’s too soon as well which surprises Rex. He thought she couldn’t wait to adopt. She says she would like to at least wait until they’re married and then she would want it to be the two of them for at least a year. She says once you have a baby you’re never alone again. Phil says he and Belle aren’t going to wait. Shawn again says that he needs to talk to Belle about that. Phil says after what they’ve been through they both know there are no guarantees in life and once she holds her baby brother or sister she’ll want a child as well.

At the Kiriakis’ loft all five of them end up there. They’re talking about the pregnancy and Mimi asks Rex what he thinks about having a new half-brother or sister? Belle says that could only happen if Roman was the father – it’s confusing – Mimi was probably remembering that Marlena was the surrogate that delivered Rex and Cassie. Belle asks Mimi to help her get some sodas. Mimi tells Belle she knows that Roman is the father – she explains how she found out. Belle starts feeling sick. Mimi asks her what is wrong. Belle says her ulcer is acting up – she’ll feel better once she has milk. Mimi looks at her strangely and says I think it’s more than your stomach. Shawn and Mimi talk privately for a few minutes. After listening to Rex talk about how eager he is to start a family Shawn thinks she should tell him the truth. He tells her that secrets have a way of coming out – he and Belle learned that the hard way. Shawn and Belle end up in the kitchen alcove – Shawn tells her she doesn’t have to cover for Mimi – she told him about the abortion. Belle says she should tell Rex the truth – Shawn comments that she is being hypocritical considering she is keeping a big secret from Philip.

Kate and Roman end up at the penthouse with John and Marlena. John plays the doting daddy to the hilt. He gets Marlena to lie down on the couch and takes her shoes off. He tells her from now until the baby comes she isn’t going to have to do a thing. Marlena teases him and says and after I’m on my own, is that what you’re saying. John is on cloud nine. There is some cute banter between him and Marlena. John wants to know when she found out she was pregnant and why she didn’t tell him. Marlena says she was waiting for the right time – John assumes she couldn’t have found out that long ago because she hasn’t been home that long. Kate wishes that she and Roman were having child – that is if he would like to have a child with her. He tells her yes he would welcome another child and he would love to have a child with her. Belle phones to check in to see if her mother has told John yet. Marlena lets on that Kate and Roman are there and she assures Belle she will tell him. Marlena wants to tell John how Roman knew she was pregnant before he did. Roman explains that he just guessed. He was over one morning and Marlena felt ill. When she asked for herbal tea and crackers he just knew she was pregnant because she would ask for the same thing when she was pregnant with Eric & Sami and Belle. John wouldn’t know that because when Marlena was pregnant with Belle she was still married to him even though John was the father. John wants to know why he brought that up. Roman says he was just trying to explain how he figured it out – he didn’t mean anything by it. Marlena tells John she has something to tell him about the baby. Kate says you’ll want your privacy. Marlena says she wants them to stay.

Alison Sweeney rocked the house today. Her performance was so powerful – she had me in tears…LOL! She is going through her mail and comes across a letter from Will. She starts reading it and begins to cry. There’s a knock on her door – she sees its Lucas. He found her shampoo in his shower and he’s returning it. She tells him to keep it, she has more and if her shower doesn’t work again she’ll have some there. He tells her that he doesn’t want anything of her in his apartment – he doesn’t want any reminders of her. He tells her to go to the Y if her shower breaks down again. She tells him he can’t mean that – they have Will. He says they will continue to share custody. She then tells him about the letter so he comes inside. She points out the section where Will writes that he dreamt that Sami had changed and Dad had forgiven her and they were a family like he always dreamed. Lucas reads the rest – But then I woke up and realised that Mom would never change and we’ll never be a family. There’s a lot of rehash about the Eugenia/Kate setup. There’s a really good part where Lucas says if what you say is true the two women I love most in the world hurt me. Lucas talks about the fact that he didn’t have a father growing up and he’s going to make sure he’s there for Will. He talks about his dreams for them and for Will. They are great scenes and I won’t do them justice – you really need to watch them. They get into a real shouting match and then Sami breaks down. She says she doesn’t know why she does the things she does – she ends up hurting the people she loves the most. Lucas comforts her and they end up kissing. Lucas says he can’t do this. She says you love me. He says yes – he loves the Sami that promised to change, (he lists other things) – he doesn’t love the Sami that is a liar – and that is who he sees now. He can’t trust her – he doesn’t believe her – she has no proof. Sami tells him that if he loves her he should trust her and believe her but she understands that he doesn’t trust her. He leaves and Sami is more determined than ever to find the proof she needs.

Preview: Bo to Hope, Jack & Jen holding up a bottle of champagne and reading the note Bon Voyage & Happy Hunting. Hope – No name. Bo – we don’t need one. We know who it’s from. Hope – DiMera. Shawn & Belle – almost kissing (on the rooftop – fingers intertwined tracing their initials) – Shawn – we’re still soul mates. Belle doubles over and moans. Shawn – What is it? What’s wrong? Belle – I think I’m going to be sick. Marlena (fighting back tears) – John, the baby is…


Thursday Jul 21

Pat’s Spoilers

Sorry, this will be another short report – it’s almost 6:45 and I’m just getting started on typing this.

Chloe is standing in the doorway of the cottage wondering where Brady is. He comes into the room wearing a tuxedo and carrying a garment bag. She tells him he looks great but even though she was out earlier amongst friends she’s not ready to go out in public. Brady says he’s sorry – he thought that was her coming out. He wants her to wear the dress he bought her just for him. She goes to change. He pulls out the snow globe he had given her. Chloe dresses in the beautiful gown and sees a box that wasn’t on the dresser before. There’s a beautiful jewelled hair comb inside and when she puts it on her scars are magically gone. She calls out to Brady. She can’t believe they aren’t there any longer. He tells her it’s because she’s finally seeing herself through his eyes. He has a romantic candlelit dinner set out for them. He tells her it was never his intention for them to go out. They enjoy the evening. She notices the snow globe. He tells her they are connected – even when he thought she was dead he thought about her all the time. She likens herself to Cinderella and then wishes she hadn’t because Cinderella’s coach turned into a pumpkin and her gown turned to rags. Chloe fears that her scars will return. Chloe tells her to go to window. She does but she says it’s dark she isn’t going to see anything. It starts to snow – Chloe calls it magical. He rented the snow machine from Green Mountain lodge. He wanted to make this night magical. He would do anything for her. She whispers in his ear and he leads her to the bedroom. She waits up later and the comb falls to the floor. She sits up and sees her scars again.

I really didn’t enjoy the Shawn and Belle scenes therefore I didn’t pay that much attention to them – so this is probably not very accurate. She’s on the rooftop and smiles and admires the flowers (huh – I don’t know if they’re fake or dried flowers or what) that Phil gave her before he left for combat – she remembers that her mom’s bouquet had the same kind of flower. Flashback to her earlier betrayal of Phil. She phones her mother and tells her that she has to her Dad that Roman is the father. Shawn overhears the conversation. He tells that he did. She tells him that he can’t say anything – this is so hard on her mother. Shawn says he is sure that it’s hard on Roman as well. She’s worried that this will be the end of their marriage. Shawn feels that because they love each other so much John will understand considering the circumstances Roman and Marlena found themselves in. Belle says that history is repeating itself – Sami always blamed her for blaming up her parents marriage. Shawn says that’s ridiculous you were a baby. Belle says Roman divorced her mother when he found out the truth – she’s really scared that her parent’s marriage will be over. She ends up in Shawn’s arms cheating on her husband yet again. She finally pushes him away saying she can’t do this. She tells him that she is Philip’s wife and he needs her. She talks about how honouring her marriage vows is more important now than ever (referring to her mother’s situation). Shawn agrees that she should stay with him. The next part is just about Shawn telling her he’ll wait – he understands that Phil will need her support until he’s adjusted to the artificial leg. He says a lot of things and each time Belle makes no promises – she’s not convinced that there will come a day when Phil doesn’t need her. Shawn says they’ll know when it’s the right time – Phil will want to get a job – she cuts in and says I’m just supposed to leave him then – what about her marriage vows. Shawn says you’ll get a divorce – a lot of people do. She says maybe the world would be a better place if people honoured their commitments. Shawn says he’ll wait for her forever. She says you would do that for me. He tells her he would do anything for her – she is his life (sigh…how sad). She tells him not to say that. He knows everything will be okay – he takes her to their initials and says their soul mates. He asks her not to stay true to their vows – she says you want me to stay married but not make love to my husband. He says he knows it’s a lot to ask… Belle is saved from answering by doubling over and telling Shawn she’s going to be sick.

Marlena is just about to tell John the truth when the phone rings. It’s Belle – she talks her to Dad first and then Marlena. Marlena tells John that she will take the call on the balcony. Belle knows from her father’s word that Marlena hasn’t told him yet. Belle wants to know why… uh… maybe because the phone keeps ringing??? Marlena says she is having a hard time putting the words together but she is going to tell him. She goes back inside and tells John that she is feeling tired and wants to go upstairs to lie down. John tells Roman and Kate to let themselves out. Roman just stands there and Kate says aren’t we leaving? Roman says he knows she won’t understand but they’re not going to leave. He says he’s going to make coffee. She tells him that Marlena is pregnant and won’t be drinking coffee for a long time. He says John might need it. Kate says it sounds like you know something I don’t. He wishes that he didn’t have to hurt her. Upstairs Marlena has changed into her pyjamas. John says they can wait until tomorrow to talk. She says she can’t wait another minute to tell him the truth. He says what truth. He knows it’s about the baby and asks her if there are complications. She says there is no easy way to tell you this the baby is Roman’s. John just stares at her. She repeats it and John immediately blames it on Roman – he says he took advantage of Marlena. She says no it wasn’t like that. John is not really listening – he says Roman would use any excuse to get her into bed. He brings up the island and how Roman begged Marlena to make love to him once last time – and she was going to do it. Marlena wishes she could take it back but she can’t. John is going after Roman. Marlena tries to stop him but feels dizzy and sick. Downstairs Kate is not being very understanding even after Roman tells her it only happened once after Tony was so kind as to show them live feed of John and her in bed together. Kate says we thought you were dead but you knew we... John comes down the stairs and punches Roman. Marlena calls out from the top of the stairs. It’s clear she’s not feeling well. She starts coming down the stairs but falls – (it’s a horrific fall). John cradles her in his arms and yells to dial 911 – Roman and Kate stand there in shock not moving.

Bo and Hope are at the docks. Hope says that Tony sent the message knowing that they would come looking for him. Bo agrees. Hope says we have to stay one step in front of him. Bo thinks that the two of them are a great team and they will get Tony DiMera. Jack and Jen show up and Jack doesn’t think they will succeed. They go below deck. Jack knows what Tony is capable of and this is his game and no one can beat him at his own game. Bo and Hope don’t believe that. Bo says this is personal. Jen worries about them. Bo shows them a suitcase full of weapons they have on board. Jen is worried and tells them she couldn’t bear it if something happened to them. She doesn’t want to lose another family member. Bo tells her that until DiMera is found he will always be a threat. He says what if he comes and takes Jack again. Jen clings to Jack and says Tony isn’t going to get Jack again, no one or anything is going to separate Jack and I again. She says isn’t that true, Jack. Jack takes a long time to respond and says I have it on good authority that Tony is not going to separate us again. Jack and Bo go above deck to move some stuff around. Jack experiences pain and can’t hide it from Bo. He tells Bo that he’s not a teenager any more and he damaged a disk in his back when he was trying to escape the hospital. He tells him not to tell Jen because she’ll have in staying in bed for a week fussing over him. Below deck Hope says that in the very unlikely event that something should happen to them she wants to know if Jen and Jack are still up to raising Zach as their own. Jen says of course. The guys come below deck. They here a noise up on deck. Bo grabs a gun and tells them to stay back. It’s a delivery man. The others come on deck. It’s a bottle of champagne with a note saying Bon Voyage, Happy Hunting. Bo and Hope don’t need a signature to know who it’s from – Tony sent it. Jen looks at the note and says there’s nothing on here that screams that it’s from Tony. Jack says he wouldn’t drink that champagne. Bo says he doesn’t intend to. He jumps off the boat and puts it in a trash can. He just gets back on the boat when the bottle explodes. They’re all alright.

Preview: Max to Billie – I wouldn’t mind with an older much more experienced woman…Billie gulps. John grabbing Marlena’s hand (they’re in a hospital exam room) Lexie, what’s going on. Lexie pushing him away – John, I need you to stand back. Kate to Sami – If that’s your idea of an apology you really need to work on it. Sami – I said I was sorry now go to hell. Patrick to Jack – Jennifer’s all mine now and there’s not a damn thing that you can do. Frankie to Jen – If something is worth holding on to I never let it go.


Friday Jul 22

Pat’s Spoilers

I’m still trying to figure out the reasoning behind those swimming pool scenes at the Lockhart’s. Chelsea invited Max over for a swim. He says the best thing about swimming at night is no one can see what is going on underneath the water. They start kissing. Billie and Patrick show up. Patrick apologises for not being able to decipher the coded message Tony sent. They see Chelsea and Max kiss and Patrick is ready to jump in and go after Max. Billie has a better idea which she whispers to Patrick. I honestly don’t know if her idea was that Patrick go and talk to Chelsea while she flirts with Max to distract him but that’s what it looked like to me. Max notices that they have company and he tells Chelsea he’ll take care of it. He swims towards Billie and asks her what she is doing there. She asks him what a famous race car driver is doing with a girl like Chelsea – he could have any girl he wanted. He says he likes Chelsea and he hoped that they could be alone. Billie says I guess I’ll just go and take a cold shower. Needless to say she doesn’t leave and Max ends up flirting with Billie talking about how he’d like to date an older more experienced woman. He thinks they could teach each other things. Billie agrees to go to the dance with him at Alice’s. Chelsea tells Patrick that she is going to ask Max to take her to Alice’s tonight. There’s a dance contest and the winner gets a car. She needs one to get to work and to college if she can go. She would do anything Max wants if he’ll take her. Patrick is shocked by that and offers to lend her money for a car. When she won’t accept it he caves and says he’ll take her to the dance. She’s thrilled and says okay, it’s a date.

Jack returns home from his mother’s and Vern’s. They were thrilled to have Jack Jr. Jen is still upset over what happened on the boat and worried about Bo and Hope. She goes through the lists of what if’s and Jack tells her none of that happened. She still can’t believe that Bo and Hope went after Tony after what happened. He tells her they are cops that is what they do. She is just grateful that he didn’t ask to go along. He says he did but Bo turned him down. He says he did and when she is upset by that he explains that if anyone has reason to get back at Tony it’s him. He kept him away from his family for a year and a half – time he could never get back. Jen says wait a minute since when do you take no for an answer. He tells her that he is happy that Bo wouldn’t let him come along because it allows him to be right where he wants to be – with his family. Jen says she knows something is going on with him and she wants to know what. He denies it. She says he’s not acting like himself. He doesn’t have his usual spunk. He says he’s just a little tired from everything that happened while Tony held him captive but he’s still the same. He then feels ill and tells her he feels a migraine coming on. She rushes to get him some aspirin – he takes his pills saying, please not now, not like this. He takes the aspirin and says he’ll be fine as soon as they kick in. He falls asleep on the couch. Jen covers him and notices a light on in the garage. She grabs a poker from by the fireplace and goes out.

Frankie is inside the garage going through some boxes he had in storage in the Brady’s attic. He pulls out a picture of him and Jen from high school. He has a flashback to when he told her he loved her…gosh, they were so young…LOL! He hears a noise and goes out to check. Jen hits him with the poker and is horrified when she sees that it is Frankie. He tells her he is in pain but it’s not bad – he deflected the blow. He tells her he wanted to look for something – he’s a pack rat. She claims Jack is one as well. Jen explains what happened earlier – that’s why she is so jumpy. She sees the picture and says is this what you were looking for. She asks him what else he has in the boxes. He asks her if she saved stuff too. She says she does and she probably has something from when they were together. He pulls out a mood ring and asks her if she remembers this. She does – they reminisce. She asks him why he kept all that stuff. He says he was going to give it to his wife. She says why would you want to give your wife something that you saved from a relationship with another woman. He says because at the time he saved the stuff he thought she would be his wife. He makes light of his statement saying that was a lifetime ago. Jen finds a tape they made of their favourite songs – she wants to listen to it. They put it a tape player. She says it’s like a blast from the past as Stand By Me plays.

Jack has a dream. He’s outside his house wearing a dark suit. Lexie and Celeste walk by and he says they are looking pretty stylish. If there’s a party he should be there. He goes inside his house and says it doesn’t look like much of a party. He sees his picture and says oh no that means I’m dead. Chelsea comes down the stairs. Lexie asks her where Abby is. Chelsea says she isn’t coming down. She doesn’t think Abby will ever get over losing her father. Roman and Sami are sitting on the couch. Sami says It’s too bad Jack died, he was one of the few people in Salem she liked. Jack says thank you. Sami says it’s a good think he is dead – he doesn’t have to see Patrick moving in on the grieving widow. Jack sees Patrick holding Jen and comforting her. Jack tells Patrick to let her go. Patrick says what are you going to do about it, you’re dead. Jack tries to get Celeste’s help. He takes her hand and talks to her about Jen needing protection from Patrick. Lexie asks Celeste is sensing anything. Celeste drops Jack’s hand and says no, our good friend Jack is gone. Jack confronts Patrick again. He tells him that Jen is very smart and before long she’ll figure out that he’s a deadbeat. Patrick says if she isn’t with me she’ll be with someone else and there’s nothing you can do about it. Jack wakes up and calls out for Jen. When she doesn’t respond he starts rushing around in a panic looking for her. He ends up outside and here’s the music. He looks inside the garage and says Frankie.

Lexie rushes to the gurney as Marlena is being wheeled into emergency. John tells her that she is pregnant. Lexie tells him they’ll look after her. Kate rushes in with Roman right behind her. John tells Kate to get him out of here. Roman says he has every right to be there. John repeats that he wants him gone. Kate pulls Roman away. Sami comes rushing in. Belle called her with the news. Sami accuses Kate of trying to hurt her mother so she could get back together with her lover John. Roman tells Sami that he is responsible for her mother’s fall. He tells her what happened and that he is the father of the baby. Sami is thrilled about it and talks about how her parents love each other – she turns on Kate again. Roman tells her enough. Sami leaves. Roman apologises to Kate. She says Sami always blames everything on her. She is very upset with Roman for making love to Marlena when he knew that she and John were alive. She doesn’t know what to think and she needs some time alone. Sami overhears this and smiles. She takes some water to her Dad. He tells her she owes Kate an apology. Sami goes to Kate and says I’m sorry. Kate says to save it she knows she’s only saying that because her father asked her to. Sami says that is true, I love my father and would do anything for him unlike you. She vows to expose Kate to her father so she ends up alone. Sami tells her to go to hell.

Belle and father have some scenes but I was in the kitchen making supper so I caught bits and pieces. John tells her Roman is the father and finds out she knew. Philip and Shawn talk. Philip knows that Belle was on the roof with him. He wants to know why. Shawn says he went up to the roof to get some air because it was so hot in the loft. He heard Belle on the phone with her mother – she was upset. Phil wants to know what upset her so much because when she came rushing back in she was sick. Shawn says you have to ask her, it’s not my place to tell. Phil does. She tells him that Roman is the father.

Lexie is treating Marlena. Her blood pressure is very high – she’s at risk for a stroke or heart attack. Marlena starts having seizures. Lexie gets her stable. Marlena lifts up her oxygen mask and says John’s name. Lexie lets him come inside. She tells him she is so sorry. John tells her to focus on getting better. He needs her, the children need her and this baby needs her. She starts having difficulties again and Lexie pushes John aside. She tells him she is stable now. Roman overhears John telling Marlena that they will get through this together. Kate comes in and asks John how’s she is doing. John says right now she’s stable. Sami shows up and tells John that he shouldn’t be there and neither should Kate. She starts her my parents love each other mantra again. Roman tries to get Sami to stop but she doesn’t. Marlena weakly says stop fighting and then the alarms go off. Lexie kicks them out of the room. John turns on Sami and tells her that if anything happens to her mother it’s her fault…freeze frame.

Preview: Frankie to Jack – Where do you see yourself in say five years. Jack – That’s easy heaven. Jen looks taken aback. Sami to Lexie – Is my mother going to die? Lexie bows her head while Roman, John & Belle look on. Shawn to Belle – What’s wrong – she collapses in his arms – Phil is next to them. Rex to Mimi – I’ve got a million questions for you. You were never going to tell me the truth, were you?


Monday Jul 25

Pat’s Spoilers

Jack watches Frankie and Jen and says Frankie, of course – he smiles. Jack comes in and Jen tells him that they were taking a trip down memory lane looking at old photos from high school. Frankie says he hopes he wasn’t out of line. Jack says of course not. You two were great friends and I hope you two will always be close. Always. Frankie tells Jack he’s happy that he and Jen will always be friends but she is his wife. They have a beautiful and he doesn’t want Jack to think he has the wrong intentions. Jen and Jack assure him they don’t think that. Jack says they all know that Frankie is a good guy unlike Patrick Lockhart. Frankie doesn’t want to overstay his welcome like Patrick obviously did. Jack says he knows it’s a small apartment but your brother is on the race track circuit and will be gone a lot – you’re welcome to stay as long as you want. Frankie thanks them both. Jack tells them to bring the tape inside and they will par-tay. He’ll make his hot, hot jalapeno dip – he acts goofy – telling them they have to stay in the spirit – memory lane and all that. He dances out and Jen looks at Frankie and says that was … Frankie jumps in and says ‘strange.’ Jen has no idea what is going on with him. Frankie says he doesn’t have financial or legal troubles and there isn’t another woman, not that Jen has to worry about that. Jen knows something is wrong with him but she doesn’t know what. Outside Jack says to himself that he’s not going to be around much longer but Frankie is. The more I think about it – he’s perfect. He imagines Frankie comforting Jen after he’s gone. (LOL – I can’t believe one of my speculations was right – I thought that Jack would push Frankie and Jen together – kind of like the way Patch pushed Kayla towards Jack when they believed Jack was dying at that time).

They go inside – Frankie and Jen are looking through a yearbook. Jack comes in with the dip and a tray of food. He wants to play truth or dare – the dare is you have to have some of the dip. Jen warns Frankie that it’s very hot. Jack starts. He asks Frankie what his idea of the perfect woman is. Frankie lists off a whole string of things. Jen laughs and says he’s not asking for much – Frankie tells her he is not finished. When he is done Jack says you just described Jennifer. Jennifer protests, Frankie tries some of the dip and almost chokes. He rushes for the jug of ice water. He tells Jack it’s his turn now so Frankie asks him where he sees himself in five years. Jack says, that’s easy, heaven. He sees the strange look Jen gives him and says, I’ll be here with you – that will be heaven. Jen says enough. They’re going to play her game now – a game she always wins. They end up playing Scrabble. Very cute banter amongst the three of them. Jack then has a fantasy of Frankie and Jen playing Scrabble after he is gone – he’s there as an angel – LOL! In his fantasy Frankie and Jen are married). Jack declares Frankie and Jen co-winners and then he gets an idea on how to celebrate their co-championship. He comes down in western wear and a stack of clothes for Jen and Frankie. He tells them to go change. Jen wants to know what is going on. Jack shows them the flyer from Alice – tells them there is a dance contest and the winner gets a car and that Trick Pony is going to perform.

Mimi and Rex are in the cafeteria. Rex can’t believe he’s going to have a little brother or sister. Mimi apologises for not telling him sooner that his Dad was the father but Marlena swore her to secrecy. Rex hopes Marlena doesn’t lose the baby. Mimi has a flashback to talking to the counsellor about the abortion. Rex says Marlena’s baby is not the only thing on her mind. He knows something else is bothering her and he has a pretty good idea what it is. He has been watching those security tapes and it was clear that she and Jan were having a heated argument. He asks her what they were fighting about. Mimi says that Jan was going to tell him that it was her fault that she couldn’t have children – she wanted to break them up. Rex says that doesn’t make sense – you know I wouldn’t have blamed you. He wants to know if Jan was holding something over her – another secret she hasn’t told him. Mimi is saved by Philip’s arrival. He tells them Marlena lost the baby and Belle is a wreck.

Belle comes out to tell Phil and Shawn (it’s so sad that he is hanging around there…sigh, what a waste!) that her mom could lose the baby. Phil tells her to stay positive. Shawn tells Belle to sit down she’s stressed. He asks if he can bring her anything. Phil snaps at him (rightly so) that he can look after her. Sami is upset and cries to her father that her mother can’t lose the baby. Roman tells her to calm down. She says this is my baby brother or sister we’re talking about. Kate tells her to give it a break. Sami says that she bets both Kate and John are hoping her mom miscarries. Roman tells her to stop. Sami says she can’t help it, she’s scared. Roman tells her they are all scared. Maybe she would feel better if she went to the chapel and said a prayer. Lexie comes out and says she is sorry, they couldn’t save the baby. John asks about Marlena. Lexie is silent. Sami asks her if her mother is going to die. Lexie says there is no easy way to see this. Marlena is in critical condition. There’s some bleeding from the miscarriage and she suffered head trauma from the fall. They’re doing everything they can. They have to wait until she regains consciousness to further assess the extent of her injuries. John wants to see her. Lexie tells him to give her a few minutes. Sami turns to Roman. She asks why did this have to happen. You and mom were going to have a baby – we could have been a family again. Belle hugs John and says she has to be okay…Shawn hovers (can I just scream once – get a life, already – okay, I’m done). Kate whines to Philip that Sami just makes things worse. He advises her to be with her husband. She says Roman doesn’t need her right now – he’s mourning the loss of his child, one he conceived with Marlena. If he needs her she’ll be in the cafeteria. Belle goes crying to her husband. He comforts her and then asks if she is going to be okay – he’s worried about his mother. Belle says sure and she goes to her Dad. Shawn hovers.

After Rex and Mimi leave Philip goes to talk to his mother. (They really shouldn’t show his legs considering he’s supposed to have lost one…blanket doesn’t really cover it). He asks her how she is doing. She says this is a very difficult situation. She’s sure John is hurting too. Philip says Roman and Marlena are hurting as well. Kate says it’s going to be very hard for them to get their lives back. This is going to sound very terrible but things probably would have been worse if Marlena hadn’t lost the baby. Sami overhears this and confronts Kate saying the truth is finally out. You didn’t want my mom to have this baby. Phil says this isn’t the time. Sami tells him not to protect her. She tells Kate that now her Dad is going to know how evil she really is. Sami continues her tirade against Kate. Philip tries to intercede but Sami keeps rolling along. Roman comes along and tells Sami to leave Kate alone. Kate suggests to Phil that he go check on his wife.

Belle goes to phone Brady. Lexie comes out. John asks if he can go in. Roman would like to see her too. Lexie says she is still unconscious but it might do her good to hear a familiar voice. She tells John to go in first. Sami doesn’t like that. She tells her Dad that John shouldn’t be anywhere near her – he’s the reason she’s in the hospital. Roman tells her that’s enough – there’s enough blame to go around for everyone. John talks to her listing off all the people that need her. She comes to and asks John about the baby. Belle returns and John tells Marlena that she lost the baby. Marlena gets very emotional and starts crying. (Great job by Deidre!). Marlena is sitting up and staring into space. John, Belle and Lexie all talk to her but don’t get a reaction. John says she completely broke down after they told her about the baby. Lexis starts to examine her and tells them to leave the room. Belle comes out and hovering Shawn gets to move. They hear Lexie call out code blue we’re losing her. Belle doubles over and passes out. Shawn catches her just as Phil returns. Lexie examines Belle and tells everyone that she is alright – they’re running more tests. Marlena went into cardiac arrest – she’s calling in two specialists because her injuries were more extensive than they first thought. Phil is worried about Belle – Lexie assures him that she’s fine. He wants to see her. Shawn asks Philip if he can come in too. Philip says sure. Philip tells Belle that he feels responsible for her being sick – she’s been taking care of him and it’s been stressful. Shawn adds that he hasn’t helped. Philip wants to know what that means. Shawn says he’s been worried about her ulcer or whatever it is and bugging her. Philip wants to know what he’s been bugging her about. Belle lies and says he just wants her to take better care of herself. Belle wants to talk to Mimi and tell her she is going to live. Phil says we have a long happy life in front of us. Shawn goes to get Mimi.

Mimi comes into to see Belle. Belle asks how her mother is doing. Mimi says she doesn’t know, they’re bringing in some specialists to see her and John is with her. Belle mentions the baby and then notices Mimi’s reaction and says you are thinking about your own baby. I’m not going into the rest of the conversation where Belle tells Mimi about having to tell Rex the truth and talking about lies. Needless to say that despite Mimi’s pleas to talk about this later so that Rex won’t overhear, Belle won’t stop and Rex does here. When Mimi says to Belle, how could you – Belle answers Rex deserves to know the truth and now he does. Mimi goes after Rex, Shawn comes in to see Belle. She ends up telling him what he wants to hear and cheats on her husband by kissing Shawn in the hospital. The lab technicians have Belle’s results. She’s pregnant. Mimi tells Rex to stop, she needs to talk to him. Rex is angry and says now you want to talk. He wants to know how she could lie to him. She was pregnant with his baby even when the doctors said she couldn’t conceive. He wants to know when this miraculous pregnancy occurred. She tells she never meant for him to find out like this. He says you never meant for me to find out. I’ve had a million questions for you and you’ve had zero answers. He says you were never going to tell me the truth, were you? He continues, you don’t have to say a word. Your silence says it all. She says she was pregnant and she’s sorry she didn’t tell him. He wants to know why. She says you kept saying you didn’t want kids yet. Rex says Mimi, you didn’t. She says she shouldn’t have. He says you had an abortion? She says yes.

Roman says that Sami and Kate shouldn’t be together. Kate agrees and tells Sami to leave. Sami isn’t going until she tells her father what Kate just said. She tells Roman about Kate’s remark and asks him how he could be in love with a woman that wants an innocent baby dead. She’s evil. Sami can’t believe her father is staying with Kate. He says he know she doesn’t like it but John is married to Marlena and Kate is his wife. Sami says she hates it. She repeats what Kate said about the baby. Roman asks Kate if that is how she really feels. Rex rushes in and tells them that Marlena went into cardiac arrest.

I have a hard time equating cardiac arrest with sitting up and being in an almost catatonic state – but that’s just me. John keeps talking to Marlena telling her to get better. They all need her. He tells her if she gets better he promises to find a way to make this all work out. Sami and Roman join John at Marlena’s bedside – she’s lying down now. Roman asks how she’s doing. John is very cold to him. Sami talks to her and tells her she loves her and needs her. Marlena opens her eyes. Kate and Lexie end up in the room. Sami tells her Mom this is just great and then notices she isn’t say anything. She asks her if she can’t speak. Marlena looks startled when Lexie asks her how she is doing. Marlena looks at them all and says what are you all doing here? Who are you?

Preview: Sami to Kate – You tried to come between them just like you set me up so you could ruin my chance of happiness with Lucas. Lucas – Sami, Stop that’s enough already. Belle to Marlena –Mom, it’s me, Belle your daughter. Marlena – I’m sorry I don’t seem to know you. Billie to Jack – Is there really something wrong with you. Jack – I’m dying and I don’t have much time left. Rex to Mimi – It’s over, Mimi. I’m leaving Salem. Mimi screams no.


Tuesday Jul 26

Pat’s Spoilers

All the scenes today take place either in the hospital or at Alice’s. I’ll try and touch on the highlights. And the rooftop – Rex and Mimi.

Alice’s: I really enjoyed watching and listening to Trick Pony! They were great. Loved the songs they sang. Maggie comes in and she’s on a mission – she tells Bonnie she is busted, the credit card company called. Bonnie calls her Red and says Maggie stole her husband – she deserves those things. Mickey said she could use the card yet today so she did. Maggie lists all the stuff she bought including the car Bonnie is giving away during the contest. Bonnie calls her Red again and Maggie tells her that she can’t call her that. I couldn’t understand the name Bonnie gave her then. She slaps her hand against her rear and then blows a kiss towards Maggie as she walks away.

Jack enters with both Frankie and Jen. He’s in high spirits and Frankie and Jen just kind of humour him. Jack sees Patrick and Chelsea dancing and then Billie and Max. He tells Frankie that it looks like Max and Billie are on a date. Abby joins them and tells them that Chelsea is there so she could win the car because she can’t afford one. The plan was that she was going to go with Max but the plans changed. Frankie tells Jack that its better that Chelsea is better off being there with Max because he knows how Max is around impressionable young girls. The dance contest starts and Jack and Jen dance together and Frankie dances with Abby. After dancing for a while Jack is in pain and grabs his side. Jen helps to sit down. Frankie wants to know if he should call a doctor. Jack says no he just has a stitch in his side – he’s fine. By that time Billie and Max have joined them. Jack insist that Jen try and win the car so he tells Frankie to take her to dance. Jen doesn’t want to leave him but Jack insists. Billie offers to sit with him. Abby and Max dance together.

Billie asks Jack what’s wrong. He says nothing but she isn’t buying it. She says you’re pale and you’re having trouble breathing. She wants him to see a doctor. He tells her he’s been there, done that. She wants to know if there is something seriously wrong with him. He tells her that he is dying. She is stunned. She then says he should get another opinion. He informs her that Lexie has sent the test results to several different specialists and the result is the same. He’s dying and he doesn’t have much time. Billie discovers that he hasn’t told Jen and Abby and she urges him to do so. He explains why he doesn’t want them on a death watch. He’ll tell them when he has no choice. He also lets Billie know that he’s making sure that Jen ends up with Frankie after he is gone. Billie says you can’t make two people fall in love. Jack says he won’t have to. A part of Jen will always love Frankie because he was her first love and Frankie never married because Jen is his one true love. Billie doesn’t want to keep this from Jen but Jack reminds her that they have always been there for each other and he needs her now. She promises to keep silent. Frankie and Jen are eliminated and rejoin Billie and Jack at the table. Max and Abby are eliminated. Max tells Jack they could have won if Abby would have let him hold her closer. LOL – Jack says good for you Abby – none of that until you’re thirty-five or married. With the help of the crowd Patrick and Chelsea are declared the winners of the contest with Chelsea being the one that gets the car. No offence but isn’t one of the perquisites for winning a dance contest being able to dance??? Oh well, Patrick looked really good in that cowboy hat!!! Jack continues pushing Frankie and Jen together by insisting they go out and dance. He takes Billie to dance. Maggie tells Bonnie that she is going to have to pay for that car she gave away. Bonnie starts threatening lawsuits… Maggie tells her it’s not over.

Hospital: Shawn is happy that Belle is going to tell Philip the truth. Belle says she will tell Philip when she thinks the time is right. I guess the platitudes she spouted to Mimi about lying don’t apply to her. The lab technician comes in and catches Shawn and Belle kissing. She doesn’t know how Marlena is doing but she has some new for Belle. She and Philip are going to have a baby. Shawn tells Belle that this doesn’t change anything – they’ll be together. (I don’t even recognise who this person is…sigh). Lucas shows up and Philip tells him everything that has happened – Marlena collapsed at the wedding, they found out she was pregnant, then they found out the baby was Roman’s – she had an accident, fell down the stairs miscarried.

Deidre was excellent today! The way she plays Marlena’s total bewilderment and fear is remarkable. She jerks away from anyone that tries to touch her. The look on her face when Sami calls her Mom is priceless. She calls Lexie Doctor and asks her who all these people are and why are they here. Lexie says they love you and want to help you. John says he is her husband but Marlena shows no sign of recognition. He says he knows what will help her remember. Philip enters the cubicle where Belle and Shawn are and says the nurse told me you had something to tell me. Belle wants to know about her mother. Philip tells her that she can’t remember anything or anyone including who she is. Her Dad wants to come because he thinks once she sees her she will remember. John shows up then and they all head back to see Marlena. Shawn follows but Kate stops him from joining everyone by saying family only.

Belle calls Marlena Mom and Marlena just gives her a strange look. Belle tells her that she is her daughter – you have to remember me. Marlena says she doesn’t know her. She wants to know who everyone is and why they are there. John says Belle is your daughter and I am your husband. Sami waits for John to tell Marlena that she is her daughter as well. (John was horrid to ignore Sami like IMO). Sami tells Marlena her name and says she has a twin brother Eric. She introduces Roman as her father and then adds the man you really love. John says this isn’t the time … Marlena is confused and she wants Lexie to get rid of them all. Lexie tells them to leave the room. John asks her how long Marlena’s amnesia is going to last. Lexie says that she has seen patients that regain their memory after a good sleep. He says and what happens if she doesn’t. Lexie tells him there is no timetable - no real way to tell. For now she is going to move Marlena into a private room so she can get the rest she needs.

Kate and Sami are going at it again and Lucas comes to his mother’s defence. Sami is still on her my mother and father love each other and would be together by now if she hadn’t lost the baby which is Kate’s fault song routine. Sami vows to do what Kate tried to do to her – she is going to destroy Kate’s life. Phil asks Belle is she is okay because he doesn’t know what he would do if he lost her. She tells him she is fine – just worried about her mother. They kiss and Shawn hangs around watching. They leave with Belle glancing at Shawn. Kate notices the look and says that something is going on between Shawn and Belle and she is going to put a stop to it once and for all. (Probably not those exact words but that’s the gist of it).

Rooftop: Mimi finds Rex on the roof. He's devastated and doesn't know how he can ever trust her again. He can't believe that she got pregnant and had an abortion and kept it from him. He's figured out that the abortion is what Jan was holding over her head and that's what they were fighting about when Jan fell and hit her head. Rex tells Mimi that if she would have told him the truth that they would still have their Mimi and Jan wouldn't be in the hospital. Mimi tries to explain that she wanted to tell him about the baby so many times but just when she was ready he would start talking about how they weren't ready for a family. She didn't want him to be forced into staying with her and she didn't want to be responsible for tying him down. They liked their life the way it was and she was afraid that he would hate her for trapping him. He can't believe that she thought that she couldn't tell the man who loved her that she was going to have his baby.

Rex talks about how the DiMera's kept secrets from him - he talks about how he and Cassie were raised and how he believed that his life had turned around. She knew how about important it was for him that they had no secrets between them because of everything he went through and he trusted her and never believed she could do that to him. She tells him she is sorry. Every decision she made was wrong and she wishes she could change them. She says something to make him realise that others knew that she had been pregnant and he wants to know who besides her mother and Belle. She says Patrick and Tek knew and that's what he thought her motive was. That is why she pled guilty because she didn't want the truth about her abortion to come out. She tells him that she also told Shawn when he was in jail. Rex also puts two and two together about her infection that led to her not being able to conceive being a result of the abortion. He told her even when he found out that they couldn't have children of their own it hurt but he knew they could adopt and they would give their children all the love and stability they didn't have growing up. Mimi tells him they can still do that. He says it's too late. It's over. He's taking the job in Chicago. He leaves. She follows screaming no.
Preview: Lucas to Sami – When are you going to get it through your head that my mother is not the monster you believe she is. Sami – She didn’t want my Mom to have that baby, she admitted it. Roman and John throwing punches – Kate yelling stop. Shawn to Mimi – Rex left Salem. Mimi- Thanks to your girlfriend. She’s ruined two more lives. Philip to Belle – Why don’t you come out and say it. Belle – Philip I’m still …


Wednesday Jul 27

Pat’s Spoilers

Very short report tonight. I think the less I say the better.

Hospital: John is sitting by Marlena’s bed side telling her that she needs to wake up and come back to him. Roman enters and asks how Marlena is doing. John makes it very clear by the way he glares at Roman that he is not welcome. Roman tells John that like it or not he was the father of the baby Marlena lost and that gives him the right to be there. John says we better take this outside. Kate is watching and listening. I did not like John at all today. His attitude towards Roman was very autocratic and righteous. In a way I guess it’s a good thing that he defends Marlena and blames everything on Roman but by doing that he’s not believing in his wife. Marlena told him that Roman didn’t take advantage of her but he discards that because it makes him feel better. Words are exchanged when Roman tries to explain what happened. John asks Roman what he did this time to manipulate Marlena into sleeping with him. He’s wanted since that time on the island when he asked her to do him (was this phrase really necessary?) because he thought he was dying. John keeps pushing for an answer so Roman says okay the truth is I said yes when she asked me to make love to her.

John slugs Roman. Roman returns the favour. Kate jumps in and yells at them to stop or they’ll get kicked out. Roman tells them everything – how they were thinking – how they were feeling – what Tony was doing to them. He says for as hard as Stefano worked to separate them Tony worked just as hard to get them together. Marlena called it reverse Stockholm syndrome. John says if Marlena knew what Tony was doing she would do everything in her power not to let Tony win. Roman tells them all they talked about was getting home to John and Kate – then Tony started showing them feed of the two of them making love. John in his pomposity says so now you’re saying that it’s our fault. Roman says no – it was evident to them that no one was going to come looking for them – they thought they were going to die in that castle. Roman reminds John that if Jack hadn’t come up with an escape plan and they hadn’t saved Marlena she wouldn’t be here. John doesn’t want to hear anything he just wants Roman gone. Roman asks him if he wants Marlena to end up like him without knowing about her life. John says he wouldn’t wish that on his worse enemy. Roman says if she needs me to help her remember I’m going to be here. The nurse comes to check on Marlena and John follows her in. Roman tells Kate he hopes she understands – all he was thinking about was coming home to her. She asks him if he thought of her when he was making love to his ex-wife.

Sami is in her apartment fuming. She decides to go out and get her evidence. She leaves but comes back in to pick up some stuff. She says this time she’s going to be prepared – one never knows when a person will need a camera or a recording device. She vows to get revenge – Lucas overhears her. She asks him why he’s there. He says he came to apologise. He thought he was a little hard on her at the hospital but he was obviously wrong – she hasn’t changed. He wants her to stop blaming his mother for every bad thing that happens. Sami says she knows that Kate didn’t have anything to do with her mother’s fall. Lucas says I told you she’s not the monster you think her to be. Sami says not so fast – she tells him that his mother didn’t want her mother to have the baby – she admitted that. His mother would stop at nothing to get what she wants and that includes hurting her son and her grandson. Lucas says you don’t know that she did anything. Sami says she does know because Eugenia admitted it but she knows she has to get him proof. He warns her not to frame his mother. He gets a call from his head-hunter about a job. Sami says why didn’t I think of this before. Lucas asks her what she is up to. She says she is going to get the proof and then Lucas is going to have to say he’s sorry and if he’s lucky she might forgive him. He tells her not to get into trouble.

Rex is one very swift packer…LOL! In the time it takes Mimi to get down the stairs Rex has cleaned out all his stuff from the apartment, left his eyes and had time to type up a letter of resignation and leave it in Bonnie’s office at Alice’s. Mimi is very distraught when she discovers he is gone. She sees a picture of her and Belle and rips it up blaming Belle for the fact that Rex is gone. Bonnie shows up and Mimi cries on her shoulder. Bonnie gives her typical Lockhart advice. Rex isn’t the only bull at the rodeo…yada, yada, yada. Mimi needs to take stock of her life and see what else is out there. Rex was her first – he won’t be her last. Mimi doesn’t want to hear any of this. Rex was her one true love and she will never get over him. She rants about how Belle is the reason that Rex learned the truth. Bonnie says that Belle wouldn’t have done it deliberately. Mimi tells her mother a few home truths about Belle – how she married Philip only because she thought Shawn didn’t love her and then as soon as she found out differently she was going to dump her husband – everyone in Salem except Philip knows that Belle is only with him because she feels sorry for him. She hopes that both guys come to their senses and both of them dump her and then she’ll know how Mimi feels. Bonnie tells her the perfect guy for her could be right under her nose – living here with her. Mimi groans. She tells her that she doesn’t love Shawn and Shawn doesn’t love her. Bonnie keeps pushing – Mimi asks her to leave. Bonnie says she will but she wants Mimi to think about what she said. She could be happy… Mimi says you mean me and the Horton and Kiriakis trust funds could be happy. Bonnie tells her that it’s just as easy to love a rich man as it is a poor man.

The stuff in the Kiriakis loft is too inane for words. Shawn carries their groceries in for them but doesn’t leave even though Philip gives him the look. Belle makes Philip a protein drink because he can’t take his medication on an empty stomach. While Philip is on the phone Shawn wants to talk about their future. She tells him very coldly that every thing has changed. He grabs her and spins her around and says something very important happened and we need to step back and talk about this. She asks him what he doesn’t get – she’s pregnant with Philip’s baby and nothing will ever be the same. Philip hints that they are tired and want to go to bed. Shawn says goodnight. Belle walks him out. In the hallway he asks her not to tell Philip yet – they’ll talk about it the morning. She refuses and she tells him not to ask her not to tell Philip – he should have known about the baby before Shawn. She goes back inside. Phil asks her what is bothering her. She says she is pregnant. He’s happy she’s not. It doesn’t fit in with the plans they had made – he was supposed to finish his tour of duty and she was supposed to finish school – they were going to get jobs. He says things don’t always work out the way we planned. He says he’s thrilled – she says having the baby would be a big mistake. He’s taken aback and asks her if she doesn’t want to have the baby. She says no – she’s scared – she’s not sure she’s ready for motherhood – doesn’t think she’ll be a good mother. Phil assures her that she’ll be great – he asks her if there is anything else. She says I’m still… and the door bursts open.

Shawn walks into his loft to find Mimi crying. She tells him that Rex left town and that it’s all Belle’s fault. Shawn says that Rex will be back – he’s just in one of his moods. Mimi says he took all his stuff, left the keys and quit his job and moved to Chicago. Shawn asks her if she really blames Belle. He also says Philip didn’t say anything on the way home about Rex leaving. Mimi wants to ask Philip if he knows where Rex is. Shawn says not a good idea – wait for Rex to call. Mimi doesn’t take his advice and marches over to the Kiriakis’. She asks Philip if he knows where Rex is. Philip doesn’t know why she’s asking. Mimi says Philip left me. Rex ask why. She says why don’t you ask Belle she knows. It’s all her fault… there’s more. Belle gets very cold and haughty when Mimi calls her selfish and she tells Mimi that she is the selfish one. She should have told Rex the truth along time ago – that’s why he left her. Mimi slaps her. Shawn looks from one to the other – LOL – it looks like he’s trying to decide if he needs to jump in and referee – hmm… maybe that’s why he’s wearing a black and white shirt.

Preview: Bo to Hope – I woke up and you were gone. Hope (sitting on deck) – I think we’re in trouble. Kate to Roman – You were hoping I’d stay there with John because then you would have your precious Marlena all to yourself. Shawn to Mimi – What are you doing Mimi? Mimi – I’m about to teach my dear best friend Belle that payback is a bitch.


Thursday Jul 28

Pat’s Spoilers

I’m not sure how accurate this report will be. I couldn’t get into this episode. I watched it but I’m not sure I retained any of it – it’s not a memorable episode by any means. I did enjoy seeing Bo and Hope but they weren’t on all that much.

Bo and Hope are in bed aboard the boat reminiscing about sailing on the Fancy Face while Shawn D was small. Talking about how they never had a clear course just went from port to port and if it wasn’t romantic when they got there it was when they left. Bo checks his PDA. They still haven’t figured out the clue. Hope tells them they have to find DiMera. They can’t be afraid. Bo says that they will find him and maybe they’ll find his mother, Victor and his daughter. They start kissing. Bo wakes up and finds the bed empty. He goes on deck and tells Hope he was worried when he woke up and she wasn’t next to him. She tells him they’re in trouble. They’re three degrees off course and no matter what she does she can’t correct it. He wonders why the new equipment isn’t working. He tells her once the wind picks up they’ll get back on course. The wind picks up; Bo locks the helm in position and tells her it’s time to go back to bed. They make love. We see a gloved hand picking up a phone reporting in that despite their best efforts Bo has corrected the change in course and locked the wheel. He says he’ll continue watching them. He trains his binoculars on the sleeping couple. Hope wakes up suddenly and sits up in bed. She tells Bo that she has the strangest feeling that they are being watched.

Sigh…Chelsea was on. I just don’t see the purpose for the dialogue that spews out of her mouth. Patrick gives her instructions on how to drive a stick shift. She pops the clutch and ends up hitting a stack of boxes. She doesn’t know what happened. Patrick explains that she is supposed to ease the clutch up. She asks him to drive and she can watch. She puts her hand over his and says I’ll learn how you operate your stick (or something equally bizarre). They get home and Chelsea fantasizes about Patrick. He asks her if she is coming in. She tells him she is going to sit in her car for a while.

Max takes Billie home. He says you just went out with me to vet me, right? She admits that she wanted to learn more about him. She also admits that she didn’t learn much. He’s willing to tell her his life story. She says she will go and get some lemonade. He wants something stronger. She says she doesn’t drink. He says he does but Billie is getting lemonade. Max strips naked and dives in the pool. Billie says I thought we were going to talk. He says is that all you wanted to do. She tells him that talking is the best way to get to know something. He invites her in the pool, she refuses. He climbs out. Billie turns her head and hands him a towel. He says he’s fit and not ashamed of his body, she can look if she wants. She tells him to sit down – she calls him little man…LOL! He asks her what an ISA agent is doing in Salem. She says she is on a leave of absence looking for her daughter. He is surprised to hear that she has a daughter especially one close to his age. She asks him what he is doing with Chelsea. He tells her that Chelsea is not innocent and that they are using each other. Billie is shocked. He tells her not to be – it’s mutual. Chelsea is using him to make Patrick jealous – he’s the man she wants.

Patrick shows up so Max kisses Billie on the cheek and tells her goodnight. Billie asks where Chelsea is. He tells her in her car. Billie asks if she is ready to drive a five speed. He says no. She needs more lessons. Billie asks who she’s going to get the lessons from. Patrick says him. Billie says can’t you see the girl has a major crush on you. Cut to Chelsea in the car with her eyes closed. Max climbs in and Chelsea grabs him and starts kissing him passionately asking him to make love to her. She opens her eyes and pushes Max away asking him what he is doing. They exchange words. Patrick tells Billie that he felt sorry for her when she lost her parents … maybe she mistook his sympathy for something else. She asks him if he has feelings for her. Patrick says he only has feelings for one woman. Billie asks him who… not Jennifer. He says now who’s dense as he kisses her. Chelsea and Max enter the yard. Max says you may want Patrick but he doesn’t want you.

Roman and Kate – they had a lot of dialogue today, there’s no way I won’t miss something. Roman tries to explain but Kate can’t get past the fact that he slept with Marlena when he knew that she was alive. He asks her if she didn’t hear anything he said to John. They were at their lowest point after watching her and John make love. Kate says that they knew what the DiMera’s were capable of – they knew that Tony wanted them to get back together – he should have told Marlena no when she asked him to make love to her. She brings up the fact that he treated her very coolly when they got home. He asked who was going to sleep at the penthouse. He says he was a little angry because she had sold his home. She calls what he and Marlena did adultery. He tells her she’s making it sound tawdrier than it was. She wants to know why they didn’t tell her and John when they got home. Roman reminds her that she wasn’t exactly forthcoming. She feels he should have read between the lines – they were living together, they were engaged. Roman wishes there was something he could say or do to prove that he loves her, she is wife – the woman he wants to be with – the woman he wanted desperately to come home to. She says he could leave the hospital with her – she’s his wife. He says he has to be in case Marlena needs. He’s known her for half her adult life – if he can help her remember he has to do that. He doesn’t think she’s being fair. She says your place is with me. He asks her if she’s saying they can’t get past this. She leaves.

I’m not going into much of the stuff at the loft. I’m tired of seeing Shawn being jerked around and talked down to. I’m tired of Mimi’s ranting and Belle’s self-righteousness. Belle is in no way to blame for Rex leaving Mimi but she is in no position to be lecturing Mimi about lying. A fact Shawn points out but one she refuses to acknowledge. Philip doesn’t have a clue what is going on. Mimi says she’ll tell him before Belle does. Belle insists that she didn’t mean for Rex to hear. Mimi reminds her that she told her he was right outside the curtain. She tells Phil that Rex overheard Belle talking about Mimi’s pregnancy. Phil can’t believe that Mimi is having a baby and Rex left. Mimi says no that’s not all. She tells him about the abortion. She is angry at Belle because Rex might not have left if she had told him. Belle snaps that Rex had the right to know and Mimi was never going to tell him. She was going to lose Rex because of her lies and deceit. Mimi flies off the handle (rightly so). Shawn has to hold her back. Philip says he wants to talk to Mimi alone. Belle and Shawn go into the hallway. I actually enjoyed the conversation between Philip and Mimi. He lets her say her piece. Rex calls but hangs up as soon as Philip says Mimi is there.

In the hallway Belle is saying that Mimi never should have let the lie drag on so long. Shawn says like you’re dragging it out with Philip. Belle snaps that it’s not the same thing. Shawn disagrees. He wants her to tell Philip – the baby makes no difference. (I’m rolling my eyes in disgust at that remark coming out of Shawn’s mouth). Belle wants him to respect her enough to do things her way. When he keeps pushing she snaps at him – she doesn’t need this pressure from him and she walks away. Shawn follows. When they get back inside Belle asks if everything is okay. Mimi glares at her. Philip says Rex called but wouldn’t talk to Mimi. Belle tells Mimi she’s sorry but Mimi doesn’t want hear it. She thanks Phil for being a true friend. Belle grabs her stomach and Phil asks her if it the baby. Mimi says you’re pregnant? When Belle admits it Mimi turns to Shawn and asks if he knew. He says yes. Mimi says isn’t this ironic. Belle wants to talk to her. She asks Mimi what she is thinking. Mimi doesn’t say anything. Belle says this is Philip’s baby. Mimi says she never said it wasn’t. Mimi calls Belle a hypocrite. She asks her when she intends on telling Phil that she wants their marriage annulled so she could be with Shawn and that she’s going to take the baby with her. Belle says don’t you dare. Mimi pulls away from Belle. Shawn asks her what she is doing. Mimi says I’m about to teach my dear best friend Belle that payback is a bitch.

Preview: Belle (all smiles) reading a baby book to Phil – Baby’s birthday, the happiest day or our lives. Phil – Honey, I know what’s going on here. I know what’s wrong. Mimi to Shawn (looking mighty fine in a black muscle shirt…GULP) – Shawn, wake-up. You’ve lost Belle. It’s over. Kate (in tears) to Roman – The question is and always has been can you ever get over your love for Marlena. (Note to Roman – it might help if you wiped off that smug look from your face). Nicole to Sami – I’m going to get Brady back, Sami and you’re going to help me, okay. Get with the plan, Stan.


Friday Jul 29

Pat’s Spoilers

Philip and Belle were on. He’s has a special breakfast catered for them but she’s too sick to eat. He wonders what Mimi meant when she said payback is a bitch. Belle lies. He gives her a baby book. She’s happy and then teary. He says he knows it’s sad that her mother lost her baby but she’s going to be grandmother to Baby K. Their life is perfect. They are so happy.

Nicole has a pitcher of Cosmo’s for breakfast. Sami comes in and tells Nicole that she wants Lucas back and for that to happen she has to prove that Kate set her up. She tells Nicole that she has to help her. Nicole tells her to break into Kate’s or Eugenia’s and get the evidence. Sami tells her about overhearing Eugenia on the phone telling someone that she had proof. She has broken in twice but hasn’t found it. Nicole doesn’t want to help. Sami says she had no choice. Nicole threatens to expose her as Stan. Sami says no one will believe you. Nicole says Kate will and then Lucas and your family will hate you. Sami concedes that they have the goods on each other so they’ll have to work together. (This could be out of sequence – I’m not sure if the agreeing to work together happened before or after Brady showed up). Of course Nicole wants Sami’s help with Brady. Sami tells her that Brady is in love with Chloe. Nicole is yelling at her when Brady walks in (Sami hides on the terrace). Brady is very harsh with Nicole. Nicole doesn’t help her cause by asking Brady how he could stand being with Chloe and her scarred face after he was with her. Brady tells Nicole that what she did was unforgivable. He also suspects that she was the nurse that mysteriously showed up and disappeared. Nicole denies it. He tells that he hired a private detective to find that nurse and if he finds out that it was her he’ll see to it that she pays. He can’t believe he was ever in love with her. He says that he grew up with Sami Brady as a step-sister – you’d think he’d be able to recognise a bitch when he sees one. He leaves. Sami can’t believe that Nicole wants him back. Sami reminds Nicole that Brady told her Bo and Hope are looking for Victor. When he gets back he’ll throw her out of the house, Brady will never leave Chloe – the best thing Nicole can do is leave town. Nicole refuses and insists that Sami has to keep her end of the bargain. Sami agrees but first Nicole has to come up with a plan to get the evidence. Nicole pours herself another drink. Sami tries to get her to stop drinking but Nicole tells her she does her best thinking this way. She’s come up with a plan. Sami thinks it’s brilliant. She helps a staggering Nicole up the stairs to get dressed.

Brady and Chloe wake up in each other’s arms. They’re both so happy. Brady can’t wait until he can place his mother’s ring on her finger. Brady has to go to work. She has her doctor’s appointment. When Brady leaves the bed to go for a shower Chloe looks in the mirror and says if the surgery isn’t successful I can’t marry Brady. The doctor sees her and doesn’t promise anything but gives her hope. (There’s a lot more said between Brady and Chloe and the doctor and Chloe but I’m in a rush…sorry). When they return to the cottage Chloe tells Brady that she didn’t get the news she wanted but the doctor really wants to do the surgery. The doctor had talked a lot about his daughter and Chloe thinks he saw something of his daughter in her. Chloe wants to ask Brady a question. She says whether or not the surgery is successful I want to spend my life with you. Will you marry me Brady Black?

Roman and Kate: They are in their hotel suite. It’s a rehash of the conversation at the hospital. Kate won’t accept Roman’s explanations. When it comes to the part about him not telling her right away he turns the tables on her. He says that he was just a little afraid that she loved John more than him – that she might still be in love with John. She says her feelings for John aren’t the question the question has always been are you still in love with Marlena. I just didn’t get into their conversation. He does tell her that she is the woman he loves but Kate is not really buying it.

Oh thank god Mimi has a portion of the Salem brain and she keeps Shawn from making a fool of himself again. Mimi is sitting on the couch crying. Shawn notices and grabs a roll of paper towel for her instead of the flimsy tissues. (Gulp – love to see that gold chain and cross on that black muscle shirt). He gives the roll to Mimi and that gets a smile out of her. Shawn says he didn’t sleep either. He’s living his worse nightmare – Belle is pregnant with Philip’s baby. Mimi says Belle ruined both our lives in one night. Shawn doesn’t think she was trying to get pregnant with Rex’s baby just like he doesn’t think she was trying to get Rex to overhear that she had an abortion. Mimi asks him not to defend Belle to her. He thinks Belle is little Miss Perfect. A perfect person wouldn’t talk about something so fricken’ private where other people could overhear. She never thinks about anything but herself and how she could have it all. Rich Philip for a husband and sexy Shawn forever in love with her in case she gets bored. Shawn says that is not Belle at all. She tells him men in love don’t see clearly. I’m a woman I know. She wouldn’t be surprised if Belle got pregnant on purpose so she would have an excuse to stay with Philip even if he is missing a leg. You need to face it Shawn – now that she is going to have a little Kiriakis prince or princess she doesn’t give a damn if she breaks your heart. Shawn tells her to stop. This baby is not going to keep him and Belle from getting back together. Mimi says I’m sorry, hon but this one’s a lock.

Shawn says he’s sure Belle is sick over what happened between her and Rex. Mimi says she’s probably scarfing down Eggs Benedict. She saw the catering truck from Chez Rouge. Philip’s pulling out all the stops for his pregnant bride – she wonders what they will be doing after breakfast. Shawn says damn it. Either you or Philip are going to drive me crazy. Mimi points out that Belle is the one cheating on him. Shawn says he’s going over there. Mimi tells him to stop. That’s exactly what Philip expects – him to rush over and make a scene and then he could say I told you Belle – he is a loser. Shawn says “I’m not a loser.” Mimi tells him to stay put. Shawn is going to go over there. Mimi says he’s just going to make a fool out of himself. They’re going to laugh at him. Shawn insists that Belle loves him. Mimi tells him to believe what he wants but Belle is having another man’s baby – her husband’s baby. It’s pretty hard to compete with that. Shawn’s angry because Philip is over there seducing the woman he loves – all because he’s a war hero. (Excuse me – duh – but Belle is Philip’s wife). Mimi yells at him to wake up. He’s lost Belle. It’s over.

Mimi can’t believe that Shawn can’t see how this is going to turn out. Belle wants to make him pay for hurting her. That’s why she married Philip. That’s why she won’t leave him now. Shawn insists that Belle will leave Philip – she doesn’t want to hurt him like she doesn’t want to hurt. When the time is right she will leave Philip. Mimi says maybe when Philip dies of old age. Shawn says no they had this talk – once Philip is done his rehabilitation and is walking, she’ll tell him then that she’s really in love with me. Mimi would pay a million bucks to see that – but she doesn’t have a million dollars – doesn’t matter because it’s never going to happen. Shawn insists that Phil and Belle will separate and they will be together. Mimi asks him when did the two of them have this lovey-dovey chat. Was it by any chance before she discovered she was pregnant with the next Kiriakis heir. He know it’s not going to happen now but sooner or later she will tell him she is love with me and they’ll get an annulment. Mimi says an annulment? When she’s carrying little Philip Jr or little Miss Belle – Mimi doesn’t think so. She says take it from someone who knows a baby changes everything. It all about being perfect with Belle and a perfect wife doesn’t leave her husband when she’s pregnant with his child. She tells Shawn she’s sorry. She knows it’s not what he wants to hear but it’s the truth. Shawn looks at her and says that he and Belle will be together but then he goes to his room and pounds his fists against the wall. Mimi vows to make Belle suffer the way Belle made her suffer.

Preview: Bo to Hope – There’s something wrong with the navigation system. Hope handing the PDA to Bo – We have something bigger to deal with. Roman to Marlena – You and I have a very long history. Marlena – But I’m married to another man. Do I love him or do I still love you? (Cue John’s eyebrow arch). Belle to Shawn – Philip is my life now. Philip and my baby. Shawn – You don’t mean that. You can’t. Belle – You and I can’t ever be together. Mimi (crying) Damn you Belle. I’m going to make you pay.

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