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Monday Aug 1

Janice’s Spoilers

Fancy Face III: Bo & Hope

A mighty fine looking shirtless-Bo comes down into the galley kitchen waving a dead fish. He tells Hope that he caught their lunch. Hope pulls back and says she won’t touch it until he cleans and guts scene. Bo wants to check the PDA regarding the message Billie got about Georgia. He wants to see if the ISA found anything out. He tells Hope that the two of them are going to track down Dimera and find out where Ma and Victor are and maybe get the truth about his daughter.

Bo’s at the stove when Hope comes in. He tells her that the fish is all ready to be cooked but then asks her what’s wrong. Hope tells him that she called Maggie to see how Zach is doing. She gives him the news about Marlena losing the baby and having amnesia as well and Belle being pregnant with Phil’s baby. Hope doesn’t know how Shawn is going to deal with this...he’ll be devastated. Bo thinks it might be for the best because maybe it will be the jolt Shawn needs to wake up to the fact that Belle and Phil are married till death do them part.

They finish eating lunch but Hope is still worried about Shawn and thinks they should head back to Salem. Bo tells her no...the trip is for them and they need to hunt down Dimera. Hope reminds him that Belle and Phil are having a baby. She’s worried about what Shawn is going to do. Bo thinks Shawn should just get on with his life but Hope says that Shawn and Belle are meant to be together. He doesn’t want to argue and neither does she. Bo picks up Hope in a fireman’s they go to make love.

Bo and Hope are in bed. He wonders if Tek figured something out and then realizes that they are heading west again. He goes upstairs to see what is going on and Hope reaches for the PDA and says OMG! Bo won’t believe this.

Bo says that it’s a mathematical puzzle of longitude and latitude and maybe they can find Dimera and the hostages with those coordinates.

Shawn’s Loft: Shawn & Mimi

Shawn walks into the living and in a towel after taking a shower. Mimi is still on the couch and crying. She says that she and Rex were going to have a family and she’s worried that Rex will never trust anyone ever alone for the rest of his life. Shawn tells her she can’t blame herself. She gets mad and says she doesn’t...she blames Belle. He tries to get her to stop. She tells him not to defend Belle to her...Belle is pregnant with Phil’s baby and will stay with him forever. Shawn says No Way!

Mimi is looking morosely at a picture of Rex. Shawn comes in dressed and says that he loves Belle and she loves him and that will never change. Mimi talks about how she and Rex loved each other too but Belle ruined all that. He tells her that he knows she is angry but that deep down she knows that belle didn’t want Rex to overhear her. Mimi is just staring at him belligerently. He tells Mimi that she feels guilty about not telling Rex but doesn’t want to admit it to herself so she is blaming Belle...Mimi doesn’t want to take the blame. Mimi tells him she doesn’t need a shrink and to leave that to Dr. Evans. Shawn talks about what Belle and her family are going through and asks Mimi if she doesn’t think Belle could use a friend. Mimi says she forgot that the whole world revolves around Belle but Shawn replies that Belle has been a good friend to her. He says that if Mimi doesn’t want to be there for Belle then could she stop making life miserable for her and the rest of them. He tells Mimi that it’s her own damn fault.

Shawn tells Mimi he’s sorry and that he’s going out to get some air. Mimi finds a letter from Rex.

Mimi is crying still. We hear Rex’s voice as she reads his letter...their love will last forever...he can always believe in her...she’ll never keep secrets from him...etc... Mimi rags on Belle again saying that she will pay big time.

Belle’s Loft: Belle, Phil, & Lucas

Phil is on the couch looking at the baby book. Belle’s in the kitchen washing dishes. He tells her that they have a lot to do to get ready for the baby...pick names...and suggests that they turn the 2nd bedroom into a nursery. Belle is completely oblivious to what he is a world of her own. Phil asks her if she is excited and she says NO! Belle looks really sad and upset here.

Rex is in the hallway outside the loft and talking to himself. He can’t believe Rex left town and guesses that Mimi is just as bad as Sami.

Back in the loft, Phil asks Belle if she doesn’t want the baby. Belle says of course she does but she’s worried about... Phil interrupts her and mentions his leg and her mom. She tells him it’s also about Mimi. She can’t bear the thought of losing her best friend and is sure that Mimi will never forgive her. Phil tries to understand.

Lucas is in the loft now. Phil wishes him a happy birthday. Lucas sees the breakfast and wonders if they went to all that trouble for him. Phil gives him a present and tells him about the baby. Lucas is excited and congratulates them. Belle looks very uncomfortable. Lucas talks about missing out on this time with Will because Sami lied and said it was Austin’s baby. He apologizes to Belle for criticizing her sister but says that lies and secrets are a part of who Sami is. Phil takes Belle’s hand and says that’s why he counts his blessings every day because their marriage is based on complete honesty and trust.

Shawn is in the hallway when Belle’s door opens. He quickly hides around the corner. Lucas is wheeling Phil into the elevator to go check on their mom. Belle is still feeling queasy so she stays behind. After the guys have left, she turns back to the loft and Shawn slips in before she can close the door. He tells her he just came to talk about them and their future. Belle says she did some thinking last night and they do need to talk...she has made an important decision. She tells Shawn that the baby means that Phil and she have a responsibility to each other now and to the baby to make sure he or she has both parents. Shawn tells her that she owes it to the child not to live a lie. Belle says that she does love Phil. He argues that she doesn’t love Phil the way she loves him. She says that he is right but that she will be setting an example that marriage and family are sacred and that maybe her love for Phil will grow. Shawn asks her what happens if it doesn’t. She says that Shawn and she can never be together. She’s sorry (Belle’s crying now) but it’s over. Phil is her life now and her baby. Shawn tells her she can’t mean that...what they have is true love and she can’t throw that away. Belle asks him to stop and to please go. He tells her he will go but that he will never stop loving her...he can’t throw that out. Shawn leaves and Belle breaks down in tears. In the hallway, Shawn damns Phil to hell.

Eugenia’s Apartment: Sami, Nicole, & Eugenia (great scenes...really funny)

Sami climbs up to Eugenia’s balcony again and looks in the window. She hears Nicole on her way up and pulls her up the rest of the way. LOL...I think Nicole is afraid of heights. She thinks its kind of high up there and wants a drink. Nicole tells Sami that she can’t believe she talked her into this. Sami rolls her eyes and tells Nicole that it was her idea in the first place. Sami talks about getting the proof she needs that she was set up to sleep with Brandon. Nicole remembers what a good brother Brandon was and is glad he didn’t marry Sami.

Sami wants Nicole to be quiet so they don’t get caught. Nicole wonders what she was on when she came up with this plan and flashes back to when she explained about the movie to Sami. She wants a drink. Sami tells her that’s the last thing she needs and explains that today is Lucas’s birthday and she really wants to get the proof for him. Nicole takes the smoke bomb out from its hiding place in her bosom. Sami says they have to climb up to the roof but Nicole tells her she’s afraid of heights. Sami promises her the moon and they start to climb.

Sami and Nicole are crawling through a vent tunnel. Nicole says she is petrified of getting caught in small spaces. She says she can’t lose Brady. Sami drolly says that she knows that Brady is the love of Nicole’s life but that today is about Nicole talks about living happily ever after with Brady but seems unsure if it will happen. LOL... Sami tells her absolutely. She asks Nicole for the smoke bomb. Nicole can’t remember what happened to it after she set it down to do her hair. They call each other incompetent bimbos.

Sami and Nicole are on Eugenia’s balcony again. Eugenia sees smoke coming through the vent and grabs her goldfish bowl, a dead plant, and the tapes. Sami is sure she will get the evidence now.

Roman & Kate’s Place

Roman and Kate are at the breakfast table and she is giving him the silent treatment. He thinks it’s childish and wants to know if she’s ever going to forgive him for sleeping with Marlena and keeping the pregnancy a secret. He tells her that there isn’t a baby anymore. Kate agrees but wonders what will happen when Marlena recovers from amnesia...who will she choose...Roman or John...and if she chooses Roman...will he choose her?

Roman tells her that Marlena will want John. She asks him if he’s sorry and he tells her that he isn’t and that he loves her and wants to be with her for the rest of his life. Kate says that if that’s true she would want that too. She tells him she loves him. He asks if they are okay but Kate says that the four of them are connected in a way that no two couples should be. She doesn’t know if they’ll ever get over this.

Later when Kate is alone, Lucas and Phil show up. Kate gives Lucas a present that he loves and he asks how she is. She goes on about her spouse sleeping with her ex...wasn’t honest...etc... Phil tells her that her sons will always love her. Kate rags on Sami wanting Roman and Marlena back together. The boys tell her to fight for Roman if she loves him. She says that they can’t let Sami win.

Lucas and Phil tell her about Rex leaving and about Mimi’s abortion. Kate says she knew Mimi wasn’t right for him. Phil also tells her about the baby and she is ecstatic. In her mind she says that Belle will never leave him for Shawn now. Phil says that it’s more incentive to get out of his wheelchair. Kate says he’ll be the best father in the world and that if Bo and Billie can find Georgia then they too will be together. The boys can’t believe she is still trying to break up Bo and Hope. Kate is worried that Lucas will go back to Sami. He says he won’t unless she is telling the truth. Kate says she is innocent and Sami will never find proof.

Hospital Room: John, Marlena, Lexie, & Dr. Alex North (WAYNE)

Marlena is sleeping. John is placing memorabilia around the room...vase of lilacs... family pictures...spraying her favorite perfume. She wakes up and wants to know what the smell is. He tells her and shows her a picture of their wedding. He tells her that he’s her husband and then shows her a picture of them and Isabella their daughter. Marlena tells him that she remembers all of it.

John’s excited but Marlena qualifies that statement by saying she remembers the things everyone has been trying to drum into her since yesterday. She’s frustrated. John gives her a strawberry dipped in cream. She tells him it’s good but wants to know why he keeps touching her. He says he loves her but she tells him she doesn’t know him and asks him to leave. John goes and runs into Lexie who asks him how it went. He wants to know how long this will last but she says she doesn’t know.

Lexie tells John that the good news is that there is no physical cause for Marlena’s amnesia. John wants to bring in a specialist. Lexie recommends Dr. Alex North. She says that his research is light years ahead of others in his field and that he has spent years looking into extreme cases of amnesia. She tells him she’ll give Dr. North a call. Lexie asks John about letting Roman visit with Marlena...maybe a familiar face will help. He doesn’t look happy.

John is showing Marlena a picture of Isabella’s first birthday party. Marlena doesn’t remember. Roman shows up. John rudely tells him to wait until they are done. Roman argues that it looks like they are and maybe he’ll have better luck. John and Roman argue and Marlena gets upset. She tells them that she doesn’t want either of them there...doesn’t want to be tortured. She wants to know if amnesia is the reason she is in the hospital. John explains about her fall and losing the baby. Marlena gets confused when she realizes that although she is supposed to be married to John, Roman tells her the baby is theirs.

Roman wants to explain to Marlena but John says no. Lexie pulls John out and tells him she has good news. Back in the room, Marlena asks Roman if they are recently divorced. When he tells her that it’s been quite awhile, she figures that she must have been cheating on her husband and asks Roman if she is a tramp. Roman tells her that she didn’t do anything wrong. She asks him if she loves her husband or him.

In the hallway, Lexie tells John that Dr. North has agreed to see Marlena even though he doesn’t normally see private patients anymore. Apparently he knows Marlena.
John goes back in the hospital room and says that he is the one Marlena loves. Lexie comes in and tells Marlena that she has someone she wants them to meet. Dr. North walks in but we only see the bottom half of his body. He says hello to Marlena and that it’s been a long time. Then we see his face...sigh...and Marlena is staring at him.

John tells Dr. North that even the most likely person to pose a threat to my wife...

Brady asks Chloe she could listen to a damned thing she says to you? Chloe says that everything she said was true...maybe you should just let me go and pretend you never found me...

Bo tells Hope... It’s the only lead we have. Hope replies: which could likely lead us into another trap...

Eugenia yells at Nicole: You Idiot!!!...what have you done?


Tuesday Aug 2

Janice’s Spoilers

Isabella’s Cottage: Brady & Chloe

Brady is holding Chloe against him and they are looking in a full length mirror. Chloe’s still worried about her scars and the fact that Dr. Travis couldn’t make any guarantees. She tells Brady that she can’t deal with any more failures.

Brady tries to comfort her. Chloe thinks he wants her to have the operation. She wants to be her old self for him. He tells her that when he found out she was alive it was a miracle. She tells him she’s ugly. He wants to know where all the negativity is coming from. He asks her if Nicole is putting that garbage into her head. Chloe tells him that a lot of what Nicole said makes sense.

Brady says that the miracle of them being back together is more important than anything and nothing else should matter. He tells her that he will support her 100% whatever she decides. She doesn’t believe him and he asks her if she really has no faith in him or his love for her. Chloe says that the day will come when he will wake up beside her and find a monster. Brady tells her she has grossly underestimated his love for her and that maybe they shouldn’t be together after all.

He asks her to look into his eyes and tell him she really wants to leave him. She tells him that she doesn’t and that she loves him. He wants her to commit to him. She hates the way people look at her. Brady tells her to have the surgery for herself. He wonders what he can do to prove to her that he doesn’t care about her looks.

Brady calls Belle (we don’t see her) and asks for her help. He wants phone numbers of people who can throw the biggest most elegant wedding there is. He tells Belle that Chloe needs a wedding dress and asks her if she can whip up a Belle Black original. He thanks Belle for her help and hangs up. Then he tells Chloe that there will be no more ragging on about her face. He’s waited long more buts...she is going to be his wife soon. Chloe is smiling.

Fancy Face III: Bo, Hope, and intruder

Hope and Bo are on deck. The weather is worse. She thinks there is a bad storm coming in...windy and no visibility. Bo refuses to go below deck. He wants to find his parents and daughter. Hope tells him it’s a big mistake to continue, as we see the shadow of a man behind them.

They are below deck now. He tells her he won’t change course. She begs him to get out of his wet clothes. The man climbs on board above them. Bo is determined to follow the clues Tony has left them. Hope’s afraid it will lead to another trap and that he’s running off blind again. Bo says he will have a plan and he has no choice because he knows his parents are alive. Hope kisses him as the man watches through the porthole.

Hope makes Bo promise to proceed with caution. She begs him to get some rest because he’s exhausted. Bo wants to go back up on deck but agrees to rest. She gives him two sleeping pills and says she’s just going up to batten down the hatch and will be right back. They kiss and are being watched again.

Bo is sleeping and Hope covers him up with a blanket. The boat jerks and Hope is thrown. She realizes with shock that they are heading straight for the storm and grabs her coat. Up on deck, Hope is grabbed from behind by the unknown spy and pushed overboard with him. She drops something before going over.

Outside of Eugenia’s apartment building: Sami, Nicole, Eugenia, and fireman

Sami and Nicole are hiding around the corner. Sami tells Nicole that her plan was brilliant and that if they didn’t hate each other, they could have made a hell of a team. We get a flashback to Eugenia’s smoke-filled apartment. Nicole is drinking. Sami tells her sidekick that she is turning into a lush. They see Eugenia standing in front of her building and Sami mutters that she has to get those tapes. Nicole asks her how and Sami tells her she’s thinking. Nicole tells her that that could be

A fireman comes out with a bag for Eugenia. He tells her its cosmetics and stuff. Eugenia moans that she won’t be able to get back into her apartment. Nicole wants Sami to tell her about the plan for her to win back Brady. Sami tells her to shut up because she’s focusing. Then she looks at Nicole and tells her to go get em.’ Nicole is worried about getting caught. Sami threatens her that unless she wants everyone to find out about the contaminated instruments...yada...yada... Nicole counters with her ‘Stan’ card. Sami lies and tells Nicole that she knows how to get Brady back and the plan is foolproof.

Sami instructs Nicole to go get the tapes from Eugenia because she won’t recognize her. Nicole starts a funny song and dance about having been a famous model and on the covers of Sami tells her that the only magazine that Eugenia reads is the National Intruder. Nicole answers back that if she’s caught she’ll be on that cover too.

Nicolle puts sunglasses on and goes over to Eugenia, bumping into her and falling down... jarring the tapes...they fall into the sewer. Sami is watching this and moans about getting a drunken bimbo to help her. Eugenia is berating Nicole and calling her stupid. Nicole sees Sami mouthing to her to get the tapes back. Nicole tells Eugenia she is so sorry. Eugenia admits that the tapes were her insurance policy. They she grimaces as she figures out that Nicole is drunk. She asks Nicole if she knows her and Nicole thinks fast and tells her she lives on the third floor. Then says she has to run.

Eugenia calls Kate who tells her she’s busy. Eugenia counters that she’s homeless...has an apartment full of smoke. Kate says she doesn’t know what she can do. The younger woman tells her she needs a job NOW...time is running out and she’ll go straight to Sami if Kate doesn’t help her. Kate reminds her that she doesn’t like being threatened but agrees to make some calls. Eugenia hangs up and leaves to meet her at the hospital. (see hospital scenes)

Nicole tells Sami it’s time for plan B—jump in the sewer and get the tapes. They argue about who is going down there. Nicole takes another drink and says she won’t because of her expensive shoes. She tells Sami to quit whining. Then she agrees to do it and says fine but on one condition...she wants the plan for breaking up Brady and Chloe first. Sami tells her she lied and doesn’t have one yet. Nicole refuses to go down the sewer. Sami asks her to at least help her lift off the manhole. Nicole says: “So help me, if I break one nail you are soooooo paying for my manicure!”

Nicole yells down into the sewer wanting to know how Sami is doing. She tells her to just slosh around and find the tapes. Sami mutters: “That will make two of us sloshed then.” She starts screaming and is totally wet now from falling down. Nicole asks her sweetly if she hurt herself...and then says nope she’s fine.

Hospital: Kate, John, Marlena, Alex, and later Eugenia

Kate comes up to John and asks if he’s seen Roman. He tells her that he asked Roman to leave quite a while ago when the specialist arrived. He thought she would have heard from him. Kate admits that Roman would rather spend time with Marlena and asks how she is.

In the hospital room, Alex apologizes for the poking and prodding. Marlena apologizes for staring at Alex but says there is something really familiar about him. She asks him if she knows him.

John asks if things are strained between Roman and Kate. She reminds him that her husband slept with his wife and they only found out because Marlena was pregnant...and now Roman is hovering over Marlena. John tells her he’s sorry. He tells her that he’s having a hard time because they kept the truth to themselves for so long. He asks Kate how she really feels and she tells him she feels hurt...angry...wants to be with the man she loves. John looks at her intently and asks if Roman is the man she loves.

Back in the hospital room, Alex asks Marlena if he looks familiar. She thinks he’s trying to trick her but he tells her he’s just trying to help. He thinks he might have lost his touch. Marlena tells him that his bedside manner and ego are intact and he puts her at ease. Alex comments about how her family really cares about her but Marlena tells him that she’s glad they are gone and hope they never come back.

Kate wants to know what John is really asking her. John wants to know if her feelings for Roman have changed. Kate tells him that Roman is her husband. John says that’s not an answer. She tells him that Marlena is his wife and he tells her she is still not answering his question. Kate is crying now and tells him she can’t and that they have to focus on Marlena and her recovery right now. John agrees but warns her that even if Marlena regains her memory it could make things worse...she may just have memories of Roman.

Marlena asks how she can know if they are her family. Alex reminds her of the photographs but she says they mean nothing. Alex asks her if she’s feeling angry or sad. Marlena says she is annoyed because they are so relentless and she’s tired of seeing them disappointed. Alex tells her to get some rest while he goes and talks to her husband.

John and Kate see Alex coming out of the room and John says... “To be continued.” He asks Alex if he can help Marlena. Alex tells John that it’s been a long time since he treated a private patient. John asks him to name his price but Alex says they can discuss that later. He admits to being intrigued to be treating a fellow psychologist with Marlena’s reputation. John’s suspicious and wants to know why Alex only agreed when he found out Marlena’s name. Alex admits to becoming attracted to the case because he’s read Marlena’s published articles and says that she is a very accomplished member of his profession.

John asks Alex to keep Marlena’s prognosis and treatment under wraps. Alex reminds him of doctor/patient confidentiality. John is worried about Marlena’s vulnerable condition...someone could play games with her mind. Alex is surprised and says: ‘Mind control?” John talks about Tony Dimera. Alex is vaguely familiar with the name but says he spends most of his time doing research and not reading newspapers. He wants to know if Tony is a threat to Marlena.

Alex promises to be discreet. John asks him to help Marlena recover...she means everything to life. Alex tells him he can see that and calls John a very lucky man. To himself Alex says... “As he should know.” We get a brief flashback to Roman (Wayne) and Marlena kissing way back when!

Kate meets with Eugenia when no one is looking. She tells Eugenia she got her a good job and starts to give her some money but pulls back at the last moment. She has a question for Eugenia and if she gets the wrong answer... Kate tells Eugenia that there better not be one damn thing that can connect her to Sami’s sabotaged wedding. We get a flashback to Eugenia and Nicole. Kate says that Sami can howl at the moon as long as she is home free.

Roman asks Kate if she will trust him. Kate doesn’t look too impressed.

Marlena tells Dr. North that he looks familiar.

Jack tells Frankie that he would appreciate it if he’d keep this between them and didn’t tell Jennifer about it...just as Jennifer walks in and asks him what they don’t want her to know.

Sami is in a beautiful black evening gown as she walks up to Lucas and tells him she is going to give him a birthday party he will never forget. Then she kisses him like there’s no we hear applause in the background.


Wednesday Aug 3

Pat’s Spoilers

There were a lot of different people on the show today – a lot of fragmented scenes and not a lot happened. I’ll try and cover the basics.

Abby/Chelsea: I don’t know the purpose of their scenes. We know Chelsea wants Patrick and we know she sees Billie as an obstacle she has to get rid of – we know this – move on already. They are at Buddy’s Burger Baron and after Chelsea’s ‘stick’ comments and the fact that she won the car in a dance contest with Patrick Abby says she can’t believe it but she thinks Chelsea is making some progress with him. Chelsea says she would be making more progress if Billie wasn’t in the picture. Abby tells Chelsea all the reasons she thinks that Patrick is attracted to Billie – Chelsea isn’t impressed. By now they’re on the highway and to show that she isn’t afraid to push it to the limit Chelsea starts speeding. Abby asks her to slow down but she doesn’t. When the sirens sound Chelsea tells Abby she can’t stop because she doesn’t have any insurance. They have to outrun them – Abby is scared. She tells Chelsea she could lose her licence and the car. Chelsea swerves and they both scream.

The Devereaux’s: Billie comes over and thanks Jen for inviting her to the barbeque. She asks how Jack is and Jen says do you know what’s wrong with him. Billie asks her why she thinks something is wrong with Jack. Jen talks about his dizzy spells and even though Lexie gave him a clean bill of health she can’t help but feel that something is wrong. She blames the DiMera’s for her fear of losing Jack again. She doesn’t know what she would do if she lost him. Billie tells her not to spend her life looking over her shoulder waiting for something bad to happen. Outside Jack fires up the grill. Frankie brings a tub of beer on ice. He notices that Jack’s hand is on the grill and he yells at Jack. Jack says he thought he smelled something burning. Frankie can’t believe he didn’t feel it. Jack tries to brush it off by saying the grill wasn’t that hot. Frankie looks at his hand and says it’s going to blister. He wants Jack to go to the ER but Jack says no. Frankie puts his hand in the tub of ice and goes to get the first aid kit. Jack remembers a discussion with Lexie where she tells him that he will lose his sense of touch. He also thinks to himself that it’s happening faster than he expected. He needs to accelerate his plan to get Jen to fall in love with Frankie. When Frankie is bandaging his hand Jack tells him he suffered some nerve damage at the DiMera castle. He tells Frankie not to tell Jen. Jen and Billie arrive and Jen wants to know what she isn’t supposed to be told. Frankie holds up his bandaged hand and says Jack burnt his hand on the grill and he didn’t want to Jen to know because she might tell him that he couldn’t grill any longer. Jen is worried and hugs him. Jack assures her that Dr. Frankie patched him up and he’s fine. Jen talks to Frankie while Billie urges Jack to tell Jen he is dying. He points to Jen and Frankie and says it’s going to be okay. By the time I die Jen will have someone to look after her.

The hospital: Roman and Kate are outside Marlena’s room. Roman asks Kate where John is. Kate says that John is at the airport. Dr. North sent him on a scavenger hunt for specific things from Marlena’s past that could help her regain her memory. Roman comments that Marlena is has been all over the world. She asks him if he is surprised that John would travel to the ends of the earth for Marlena. She wonders if he would do that for her. Roman says he explained all that to her and he says it boils down to trust. Does she trust him? Kate says she knows he loves her but she thinks he loves Marlena more and that he will always put her needs first. She doesn’t think she can live like that. She mentions that he’s sitting vigil at the hospital instead of working on their relationship. He says that he and Marlena share a history – they have kids together… He notices that Marlena is awake.

Inside the room Lexie and Dr. North talk. They discuss her CT scan. Lexie asks him what could be causing her amnesia – she has no physical injuries that could be the cause. His diagnosis is psychological trauma due to everything she has been through in the past year. He also points out that Lexie’s expertise in this field is limited so he’ll be in charge of the case. She asks what she can do to help. He tells her that he wants Marlena’s medical records – he needs to know everything he possibly can about his patient. Lexie is going to get her records for the past five years. He says no he wants her medical records dating back to her arrival in Salem. Lexie goes to arrange that. Dr. North takes Marlena’s pulse and than takes her hand in his. Marlena wakes up and Kate and Roman enter the room. Lexie asks her if she recognises anyone. She thinks Dr. North is familiar. Lexie asks her if she knows him. She says no she just met him but she doesn’t know who anyone else is. Dr. North asks everyone to leave the room. Marlena tells him she is exhausted. He tells her to get some rest – she’s going to need it because they’ll be working hard on her therapy. Lexie brings in the medical records. Dr. North says that when he starts Marlena’s treatment it will be just him and her – no one else involved including her husband, ex-husband, etc. Lexie is surprised – the memories she needs to recover involve all these people. He explains that she is confused by everyone trying to get her to remember and she may not be able to recover her own memories. He needs to establish doctor-patient trust that is why he wants isolation. When he’s ready to start her therapy he wants Lexie to sit down with him and Marlena’s family while he explains his treatment. Lexie thanks him for including her – she says Marlena will be her old self in no time at all. Dr. North says to himself that that has been his plan all along. (He does have a flashback of a Roman and Marlena kiss).

Lucas’ & Sami’s: He’s sitting with a little muffin with a candle in it looking at a picture of him, Will and Sami. He says that birthdays should be celebrated with family. He’s about to light the candle when there’s a knock on the door. It’s Maggie and Alice – they’ve come to celebrate his day with him and they’ve brought a cake. Maggie mentions that the four of them will party – she tells him Julie is parking the car. Sami makes a call and asks for help. Julie answers her phone – it’s Sami. Julie asks her where she’s calling from and Sami says her place and Julie says I’m here. Sami opens the door. She tells Julie that she wants to give Lucas a surprise birthday party so she can show him how much she loves him. Julie doesn’t know if that’s a good idea. Sami reminds her that she helped Lucas propose – that she believes in true love. After more talking Julie can see that Sami truly does love Lucas and she agrees to help. She orders a cake from Maggie’s restaurant that will be delivered to Sami’s at no charge. (They have one on hand). Sami gives her a list of people to call including Kate. Julie calls Kate at the hospital and tells her that she is throwing a surprise party for Lucas and she hopes that both she and Roman can attend.

Julie calls Maggie and gives her the scoop. Maggie tells Lucas and Alice that Julie has a few fires to put out – something about an investment of hers and Doug’s. She picks up the cake and ‘accidentally’ drops it. She offers to order another one but Lucas says not to bother – he’s not in the mood to celebrate. They start talking about Sami. He tries to explain how she makes him feel – Maggie sums it up for him by saying she makes you feel complete. Lucas agrees. Alice says that’s love. Maggie asks him if there’s a chance for him and Sami. He doesn’t think Sami will ever change – he says she is not taking responsibility for what she did. Maggie asks him if she proves to him that she was set up would he take her back. He says no. They give him a pair of cufflinks that were Tom’s. Tom gave them to Bill and now Bill wants him to have him. Maggie mentions that Kate and Sami are a lot a like. Lucas is surprised by that. Maggie talks about hurt Laura was by Kate and Bill’s affair. How both Sami and Kate know what they want and go after it. Roman and Kate run into Eugenia in the hallway and all three enter Lucas’. Kate tells him that Philip and Belle are also coming over. Kate asks Eugenia what she is doing there. Eugenia says Julie invited her. Kate thinks it’s a strange group. The big cake is delivered and Sami pops out. She tells him she will give him a birthday party he will never forget and she walks over to him and plants a big kiss on his lips. Lucas doesn’t resist and kisses her back – Kate is not looking too happy about that.

Preview: Frankie to Jack – Jen is …? From who? Jack – It’s Patrick Lockhart. Billie to Patrick – (Patrick has Max in a headlock) Patrick. What the hell is the matter with you? Mrs. K to her hubby – I don’t know what’s going on here but something tells me it’s not good. Lucas to Sami (holding a tape) – Right now? You want me to play it right now? Sami – I think it’s something that everyone is going to want to hear. Kate is standing in the background looking apprehensive.


Thursday Aug 4

Pat’s Spoilers

Chelsea and Abby are still outrunning the cop. Abby pleads for Chelsea to pull over but she won’t. Abby asks her if she doesn’t remember what happened to her parents. Chelsea says she made herself a promise after her parents died that no one is ever going to take anything away from her again. She will not let Billie take Patrick from her – sheesh, she’s running away from the cops and she’s worried about Billie and Patrick. Abby tells her that they will never get away from the police and high speed chases always end up badly. Chelsea says not for them. They make it to Abby’s street and Chelsea parks the car and tells Abby to haul ass. They run to Abby’s house but the front door is locked. They are going to the back and run into Jen. She tells them to come and eat. Chelsea says they’re just leaving to meet some friends. They get to the garage where Max is working on his car. Chelsea tells him she is in a lot of trouble and fills him in. She asks for his help. The cop shows up and Max says he’ll talk to him. He ends up telling the cop he was driving and gives him a long line of bull about how and why he didn’t hear the siren. The cop says he’s going to give him a ticket. Abby tells Chelsea that Max is doing her a huge favour. Chelsea she’ll repay him by giving him what she wants her virginity. Abby tries to talk her out of it but to no avail. After the cop leaves Chelsea goes and thanks Max. He says you owe me big time. Chelsea suggests that they go somewhere and discuss how she can pay him back.

Billie figures out that Jack didn’t feel the burn that’s why he didn’t take his hand off the grill. She tells him there was an ISA agent who had the same symptoms that Jack is displaying. Jack asked if he… Billie nods. Jack wants to know how long after the symptoms showed up did the guy last. Billie doesn’t answer. Jack says that quick…he has to work harder to make sure Jennifer is looked after. Billie urges him to tell Jen the truth but Jack says no. He goes to the house to get something and see Jen and Frankie in the kitchen. Frankie is eating the brownies that Jen baked and Jen is telling him to wait until after supper. He teases her about them being from a mix but she insists she baked them. Jack enters and when they’re going out to the barbeque Jack stops Frankie. He tells Frankie that he could see that the two of them used to be in love. Frankie says there’s nothing going on if that’s what you think. Jack says no he knows that. Jen would never do that. What he meant was it was nice to know that Jen had a good friend like him to help look after her and the kids. Frankie says you’re talking like you won’t be here. Jack says he’s an investigative reporter so that means he’ll be gone some times and he feels better knowing that there is some one around to look after Jen. Frankie says you are talking like Jen is in trouble. Jack says she if from Patrick Lockhart. She trusts him so she doesn’t see that he’s no good but I do. Frankie doesn’t trust Patrick either but he doesn’t think the guy would hurt Jen.

Patrick enters Jack and Jen’s garage. He’s talking on his cell phone. He says he won’t do that. He tells whoever he is talking to that he doesn’t care how much he owes him he won’t do that to her. He won’t hurt someone he cares about. Max wheels out from underneath his car and says sounds like you’re in trouble. Patrick warns him that he better forget that he heard that conversation. Max wants to know what he’s doing there. Patrick is there to see Billie. Max makes a smart remark about how he wouldn’t mind getting some of that. Patrick warns him to stay away from Billie and from Chelsea and he tells Max that if he hurts Chelsea he will have to answer to him – Patrick has him in a headlock and he’s choking him. Billie comes and asks Patrick what the hell he thinks he is doing. Max tells Billie about the phone call Patrick got. Billie questions Patrick asking him if the DiMera’s contacted him. He avoids the question and says let’s go crash Jack’s barbeque. Jack and Frankie come out of the house just as Patrick is hugging Jen. Jack is furious. Frankie tells him not to put Jen in a position where she feels she has to defend Patrick. Jack and Billie end up talking a bit. Billie knows that Jack is pushing Jen and Frankie together because he doesn’t want Patrick in the picture after he dies. Jack admits that he wants Jen to be with someone he has picked for her.

At Lucas’ there is a repeat of Sami popping out of the cake but this time Alice isn’t there but Belle and Philip are. I’m not going into to a lot of detail because the entire episode was just Sami lulling Kate into a false sense of security before she pulls the rug out from under her and that won’t happen until tomorrow. Lucas tells Sami just because she planned this party that doesn’t mean anything has changed. Sami says it’s a step in the right direction. Kate and Julie have a little talk. Kate is surprised that Julie is helping Sami to get her hooks back into Lucas after everything she has done to him. Julie defends Sami claiming that she isn’t perfect but everyone knows that Sami and Lucas are meant to be together. Julie believes that Sami has changed. Kate cites a long list of the stuff Sami did to Lucas in the past. Julie says that was years ago, she’s grown. Kate thinks Sami just wants to get back at her. Julie asks her what she did that Sami wants revenge. Roman tells Sami that he is going to leave. He tells her that he’s sorry things didn’t work out the way she wanted. She says the party isn’t over. She asks how her mother is. He tells her about the specialist Lexie called in to help Marlena get better. Sami feels that all her mom needs is him – she still loves him. Roman tells her to stop. She says I know you’re here with Kate and you love her. She says nice things about Kate and Roman gets suspicious and asks her what she is up to. More mingling. Lucas talks to Belle and Philip, Belle talks to Lucas at one point and to Sami, Kate and Eugenia talk, Kate and Roman talk.

One thing leads to another and Lucas ends up confronting Sami about what she did to him the night before the wedding. He also brings up the fact that she never took responsibility for her actions and to this day she keeps lying to him. Sami says you’re right. She admits to lying. Lucas and everyone else are stunned. She goes on to admit to making Kate’s life a living hell. She tells her Dad she is really sorry. She says Kate tried to keep her promise to you but I didn’t. Roman apologises to Kate for not believing her. She accepts his apology saying it’s understandable that he would want to believe his daughter. Sami hopes that he doesn’t hate her. Roman says he could never hate her but he’s very disappointed in her. Kate gets on her soapbox and vilifies Sami. Maggie and Julie leave but just before Kate and Roman leave Sami shuts the door. She says I went through a lot of trouble to get Lucas this gift and I want you all to see it. She hands it to Lucas and tells him it’s not just from her but from Will as well. Eugenia’s cell phone rings and she steps out of the apartment to take the call so she doesn’t see Lucas open his gift. He says cassette tapes? Sami tells him to play it – everyone will find it interesting.

Preview: Sami to Lucas – Lucas your mother is a two-faced lying bitch. Belle to Shawn – You and I are not going to have a future together. Shawn – Nothing you say is going to change my mind. Philip to the both of them – You two have nothing to worry about because it’s over. Tony to himself??? – Abandon hope all ye who enter here (laughs). Bo yelling Hope, come back to me.


Friday, Aug 5

Janice’s Spoilers

Fancy Face III/Ocean: Bo, Tony, and Bart (we don’t see Hope today)

Bo runs up on deck and can’t find Hope anywhere. He starts shouting her name out into the night, getting desperate.

Tony is watching Bo from his live cam. Bart has a black eye and complains that Hope has a mean right hook…lol… Tony is laughing and wonders whether Hope realizes she’s there for good and what Bo will do without her. He knows that Bo will follow before long. Then he says: “Abandon hope all ye who enter here.” Tony is happy that Bo will think that Hope was lost at sea. He’ll be desperate to find her.

Bo looks down and finds Hope’s bracelet. He drops the anchor and is still yelling her name. We see him jump off the boat to search the waters.

According to Bart, Tony is a genius. Tony tells him he smells smoke and Bart runs out to check on it. In the meantime, Tony is in revenge mode and his victims are going to be Bo and Hope.

When Bo gets back on deck, he looks at the bracelet, swears to find his Fancy Face and then calls Mayday. He gets a reply from the U.S. Coastguard who ask for the exact coordinates where Hope went overboard. Bo has to tell them that he doesn’t know the coordinates because they were taking turns up on deck and he doesn’t know how long she’s been gone either. He tells the coastguard that the radar is jammed and they kept getting pulled west. Bo beseeches them to send search and rescue. The coastguard say they are sorry for the rough weather but need those coordinates.

When Bart comes back his sleeve is burned…lol…Hope was apparently playing with matches and set a small fire. No damage with one exception—Bart. He tells Tony that he told Hope she would never be found, and then talks about their “frog guy” doing such a great job of wrecking the navigation system on the Fancy Face III that he doesn’t even know where they are. Bart is afraid to deal with Hope anymore…lol…Tony tells him not to worry. They watch the screen again.

Bo is still yelling for his Fancy Face. (Peter was excellent today). The coastguard reiterates their apologies but need those coordinates before they can help him. He tells them that his GPA is shot. They will search the area but that’s the best they can do. Bo is getting a PDA message that says: Bo, I need you…Love Hope. Bo says to himself that he knew she was alive and says he will find her...but how? Tony is laughing again and stroking his own ego.

Lucas’s Apartment: Lucas, Sami, Kate, Roman, Shawn, Belle, Phil, and Eugenia (Ali, Josh, and Brian were excellent today)

Belle answers Lucas’s door and its Shawn. He tells her he was invited to the party and has a present for Lucas. She tells him she thinks he has an ulterior motive. Shawn says that he will take any opportunity to be near her.

Eugenia looks terrified watching Lucas open his birthday gift and seeing her cassettes inside. Lucas is trying to figure out what might be on them. Sami tells him they aren’t blanks. She just so happens to gives him a tape recorder…part of Lucas’s present. Roman wants to hear the tapes. Eugenia is really upset now…wants to leave…Sami won’t let her. Kate wants Eugenia to tell her she didn’t do something stupid. Sami pretends to be sorry for how she treated Eugenia and gives her and Kate a piece of cake…lol…

Lucas is playing the tape and we hear Kate’s voice saying that Sami Brady is the bane of her existence and she’ll do anything she can to keep her from marrying her son. Then the tape jams. Even so, Roman, Lucas, and Philip aren’t happy campers. Kate tap-dances and says it was recorded out of context. Lucas plays with the tape to get it to work. Kate and Philip are talking. He wants his mom to tell him that there isn’t any incriminating evidence against her on that tape... because if there is, he can’t defend her. She argues that Sami wasn’t the right woman for Lucas and as his mother she had every right to look out for his best interests. Roman isn’t sure that anybody can forgive Kate if it’s true.

Shawn takes Belle aside. He asks her if she’s getting the message and understands now that secrets and lies aren’t good for relationships. He doesn’t understand how she can stay married to a person she doesn’t love. Belle says that she does love Phil and asks how she can be untrue to the father of her baby. Shawn asks her how Phil will feel when he finds out she’s been lying to him all this time. Enter Phil & wheelchair stage left grimacing with pain. Belle’s worried. Phil tells them he thought he could tough it out without taking a pain pill today and didn’t bring any with him. Belle wants to go home so he can get one. Belle gets Shawn to help Phil get downstairs and says goodbye to Roman.

Eugenia has a flashback to her meeting with Nicole outside the apartment building. Sami has one of being in the sewer. Lucas fixes the tape and puts it on again. Eugenia taped the conversations of Kate talking about drugging Sami and Brandon and letting Lucas find them naked in bed together. We hear Eugenia saying that she will do anything to see Sami ruined. Roman is angry as is Lucas. Sami tells him that his mother is a lying, two-faced bitch… Go Sami! She also tells Lucas that there isn’t enough alcohol in the world to make her cheat on him because she loves him. She admits that fell right into Kate’s hands (after her mother cheated on her dad her life was a wreck and she did terrible things) so that people would believe she had done those things, but adds that his mother became her judge, jury, and executioner. Laying it on thick, Sami can’t believe that Kate drugged Brandon and says they could have been killed…just to stop the wedding.

Sami thanks Eugenia for the tapes—insurance policy because they are Sami’s salvation, and asks Lucas whether he will now keep his promise that if he found out that his mom was responsible, will he turn his back on her. She also asks Roman if he will stay married to Kate, and adds that he deserves to be married to an honest and loving wife. Kate interrupts finally and questions why Sami confessed earlier. Sami tells her that she wanted to see how far Kate would go with her lies to take her down. Roman challenges Kate, saying that those tapes are strong evidence that she set up his daughter. He asks how she could do something so despicable to his daughter and her son, and wonders if he will ever know the woman he married. He tells her she’s busted.

Kate does some more fidgeting and says that the tapes could have been doctored by Sami. Sami faces off with her nemesis and tells Kate that her dad’s a cop and can get a lab test done at the crime lab to find the truth....the tapes can be verified. Eugenia is losing it…lol… Sami’s sure that Eugenia was going to blackmail Kate if necessary. Roman has the tapes now. Eugenia tells Kate to give it up and stop with the lies. Kate turns on her and tells her she can kiss her new job bye-bye...she betrayed her and now will have nothing. At the same time, Eugenia is crying and determined to make Sami and Kate pay for ruining her life again. Sami throws out that Kate is really good at breaking her promises and tells Eugenia she is poison.

Kate finally looks at Lucas and says that Lucas is still her son and he knows why she did those things…because she loves him. Lucas looks so devastated right now. He asks her how she can expect him to forgive her for this. He tells Kate that he is cutting her out of his and Will’s life…doesn’t trust her. She begs him not to shut her out. He says that Will will get over it. He says if she doesn’t believe him…watch him. He leaves. Sami tells her dad he should do the same and then goes to follow Lucas.

Kate wants Roman to say something…they still love each other right? Roman turns on Kate again calling her on how she’s been upset with him for what happened with Marlena and all along she tried to ruin her son’s life. Kate rags on Sami. He tells her that Lucas isn’t a boy any longer and that if she couldn’t honor her promise to look out for Sami, she should have just stayed away from her. Roman can’t believe that she renewed their wedding vows knowing that he would hate what she had done. Kate asks him to honor those vows and listen to her side before he decides which side he is on.

Lucas and Sami are in front of her apartment now and she asks if he’ll talk to her. She walks inside but turns around to find him gone. Sami starts crying…she thought if she gave him the proof that he would want to be with her.

Belle’s Loft: Belle, Shawn, and Phil (both Martha and Jason did a great job here)

Shawn brings Phil in and Belle goes for his pain pill. Phil thanks them both for helping him. Shawn and Belle are looking at each other. Belle offers to make one of his protein shakes to go with the pill, but he says he can do it himself. Instead wheels himself away and then shuts his eyes, waiting for the pill to work. Belle wants Shawn to go home but he refuses. He says they need each other. Phil also wants him to stay—the drug is making him dizzy/tired. He offers Shawn a beer. Belle tells Shawn she’s married to Phil and wants to know why he can’t accept that. Shawn wants Belle to tell Phil the truth. She tells him that she will never talk to him again if he hurts Phil by telling him the truth. He doesn’t believe her. Belle tells him that she can’t live caught between the two of them anymore. Shawn covers his hand over hers. He tells her that they need each other. Belle admits to loving Phil but not the way she loves him.

Shawn asks her pointblank if she wants him to start dating or to marry someone else and have a baby with her. Belle looks very sad but manages to wring out that she’s having a child and he deserves to have children as well. Shawn tells her she didn’t answer him. She says that this is the life she has chosen and that what she is doing what is right. Shawn says it’s wrong for her and them. He tells her that the only thing keeping him sane is knowing that Phil’s condition...knowing he can’t make it up the stairs. Belle reiterates that she’s married to Phil now and pregnant so they can’t have a future annulment. Shawn tells her that nothing she can say will change his mind.

Phil says it’s over. Belle and Shawn both swing around in surprise. Phil is talking about his pain. Belle gives him his protein shake. He goes overboard with his thanks for everything she has done for him and suggests that she take a bath and relax. Shawn agrees that she needs to take time for herself. After she’s gone, Phil approaches Shawn to help him with a surprise for Belle. Upstairs, Belle is looking in the full length mirror at her tummy. She can’t believe she still isn’t showing and thinks about her future with Phil. She wonders (very sad) if her pregnancy means that they will stay together forever. Downstairs, Phil asks Shawn to help him upstairs so he can be in bed when Belle gets out of her bath so they can be together. Shawn gets an interesting look on his


Tec is comforting Lexie…so to speak… jumping on the hospital bed and making out.

Shawn and Belle are kissing. Phil is looking and calling for her.

Lucas wants to know if Sami still has her engagement ring. She tells him yes and he tells her he wants it back.

Marlena wakes up to see Alex and John looking down at her. She tells them she remembers.


Monday Aug 8

Janice’s Spoilers

Belle’s Loft: Belle, Phil, and Shawn

Belle has her bathrobe and is taking out fresh clothes to wear. She passes the mirror and looks at her tummy again. Downstairs, Shawn is looking at Phil as if he is a Martian… lol… He asks Phil to explain his request. Phil pushes the knife in a little further and talks about how it is to ache for the woman you love, asking if Shawn knows what that’s like. He tells Shawn that he KNOWS that he has accepted their marriage at last and that he needs to be with his woman. Shawn says an anguished NO! You can’t do that.

Belle is in a bath towel now and having a flashback to her earlier conversation with Shawn in the kitchen. Downstairs, Phil is giving Shawn the third degree. He admits that having just one leg might be strange for her...him too, but they need each other. Shawn doesn’t think it’s safe for her to have sex in her condition or for Phil in his condition. Phil tells him she’s only sick in the morning and he’s fine, so it’s okay.

Shawn finally agrees and gets Philip to the stairs. At the top, Shawn leaves him to go back down for the wheelchair. Phil decides to take matters in his own hands and doesn’t wait. He ends up falling back down the stairs. Shawn catches him at the bottom so he doesn’t get hurt and gets him over to the couch. He asks Phil if he’s okay and tells him he could have broken his neck. Phil admits that it was a stupid mistake. Belle runs down and wants to take him to the hospital but he refuses. She wants to call Lexie to make a house call. Phil tells her that it’s just his ego that is bruised but the pain pill he took will fix that. He tells her how much he misses being with her…but mood ruined so they have to wait. All he wants is a kiss. She gives him a quick one. He tells her he loves her then closes his eyes and waits for the pill to do its job. Belle tells Shawn he should have stopped Phil. He tells her he tried everything he could to stop Phil. She asks him to go so that she can take care of her husband. Shawn is upset but he leaves.

Phil is sleeping. He has a dream of making love to Belle complete with candlelight. She’s pampering his ego and tells him she doesn’t care about his injury. Phil starts talking in his sleep and says that he wants to make love to her. She’s sitting on the couch next to him.

Shawn is on the roof. He’s tracing their carved letters and says that this isn’t how it’s supposed to be. Belle turns up (dressed in jeans) and smiles tentatively at him. He asks her if it’s a dream and she softly says that no she is here. He tells her she couldn’t stay away and if Phil had gotten up to bed, she wouldn’t have been able to sleep with him because she’d have been thinking about Shawn instead. Belle says she doesn’t know and turns away. He turns her back and pulls her into a passionate kiss with more to follow. We go back to Phil. He wakes up and frantically calls out Belle’s name.

Hospital: Abe, Dr. North, John, Roman, Lexie, and Tek

Tek asks the nurse whether Lexie is there and Abe overhears him. He asks Tek why he wants to know. Tek asks him how he is but Abe wants to know why he’s so interested in his wife. Lexie is talking to Dr. North in Marlena’s room. She thinks he must be bleary-eyed from looking at the files. He tells her its an occupational hazard and that if he is going to help his patient, he needs to learn as much as he can about her.

John comes in the room with a box of memorabilia for Marlena. He’s flown all over the world and both he and his pilot are worn out. Alex tells him not to get his hopes up.

Lexie leaves and John wakes Marlena up, asking her if she missed him. She tells him that it’s hard to miss someone you don’t know. John tells her that he had his pilot fly him to some very special places. He pulls out a Hawaiian flower lei and puts it around Marlena’s neck. He reminds her of their honeymoon and how she never wanted to take them off. Marlena doesn’t remember. She smells it, almost sneezes, and pulls it off, saying she thinks she’s allergic to flowers. Then John brings out a plate of cookies…made by her mom in Colorado…her favorites since she was a little girl…oatmeal raison chocolate macadamia nut cookies. She asks him whether her mother lives in Colorado. He wants her to try a cookie. She bits into it and scowls, telling him no thank you.

John brings out some cloth that he got from Singapore (just when did John have all this time to fly around the globe?) He tells her about a blouse she had made out of this material to match a jade ring, which he also brings out for inspection. Marlena starts crying as she holds the cloth. She’s very upset.

Lexie turns up at the nurses’ desk and asks Abe why he’s there…to check up on her? Abe tells her that he came to see John and Marlena. They argue as Lexie defends Tek.

Dr. North stops the trip down memory lane. John tries to touch Marlena/hold her hand, but she backs away from him. She wants it all taken away...doesn’t want to look at anything else. Dr. North tells him to leave (a bit of a power struggle here). John walks away upset and discouraged. Alex takes Marlena’s hand and she doesn’t mind. He promises not to let anyone hurt her.

Abe wants Lexie to take him to Marlena’s room but she tells him it’s not a good time. John comes up. Lexie wants to help Abe but he brushes her off. She turns on the waterworks and rushes away with Tek following behind. John tells Abe that he needs his advice.

Marlena is sleeping now. A nurse is dealing with the cookie mess and Alex asks her to remove all the stuff John brought because they upset his patient. Alex goes out to talk to John who is with Abe now. John introduces them to each other and they shake hands. Abe thinks the name and voice sound familiar and he could swear that he knows him.

Lexie and Tek go into an empty exam room and she moans about how Abe won’t let her help him. He blames Abe completely and says she has needs (GMAB!) Lexie tells him that she loves Abe but he isn’t the man she married…no loving touches or kind words anymore. She’s crying and Tek holds her close, telling her that he’s there for her. Tek kisses her. Lexie takes her lab coat off. Both of them end up on the hospital bed… kissing…breathing heavy…

Alex doesn’t think he knows Abe. John is asking him about Marlena and he tells him it takes time and patience. He talks to John about his readings and tells him that there is one part of Marlena’s life that hasn’t been recreated yet. Alex doesn’t tell him what though, he just says he’ll take care of it and leaves to make a phone call. Abe asks John if he can trust Dr. North. John gets him some coffee.

When next we see Lexie and Tek, they have discarded their clothes and are laying together in the aftermath of their passion. Lexie realizes where she is and rushes back into her clothes before they get caught. She tells Tek that she’s worried about her reputation…oh and of course what Abe would think (I have no words for this). She realizes that they didn’t lock the door and is shocked. Tek rags on Abe not caring about her so why should she care about him? He says he loves her and she deserves more…something she won’t get with Abe. Lexie reminds him that she and Abe have a son. Tek pushes further and asks what kind of message is this sending to Theo…two unhappy people staying together. He tells her that he can make her happy. We then see Abe through the window, sitting outside the room. He’s thanking the nurse for bringing him.

John tells Alex how unhappy he is with the lack of progress and asks him how he plans to do it, just as Roman comes up and says…with him (conversation with Dr. North in next section) John’s angry.

Alex hangs up from his talk with Roman and puts Roman’s business card back in his wallet. He says…here we go. A newspaper clipping falls out of the wallet. It’s an old article talking about Dr. Marlena Evans joining the staff at the hospital.

Lexie tells Tek that this can’t ever happen again. She comes out and sees Abe. She lies and tells him she was with a patient. He wants her to take him home but she says she has an emergency…can he wait a while and then she will. He tells her he’ll find his own way. She leaves. Abe wonders if she was really with a patient. We see Tek come out of the room behind him.

Alex breaks John and Roman up. The three of them go back into Marlena’s room. She opens her eyes and sees them. Marlena thinks…it’s true. All rogues lead to Roman. She tells Alex she remembers him.

Lucas’s Apartment: Roman & Kate

Kate admits that Sami told the truth…that she set her up. He reminds her of her promise to look after Sami. She tells him that she knows how much Sami hates her and couldn’t let her hurt Lucas or Will…she brings in the Austin card. She talks about how conniving and cruel his daughter can be and asks if he can blame her.

Roman tells her that Sami is Will’s mother and that Kate knew what this would do to them. Kate doesn’t apologize for what she did just for the fact that she got caught. Roman tells her she can’t play god. She answers that would do it again if she could, but this time she would make sure Eugenia didn’t make any tapes. Roman is shocked and can’t believe she means it. She tells him that she was protecting her child and asks Roman where they go from here.

Roman tells her that love is about trust and asks how he can love her if he can’t trust her. Kate goes counters with what he did with Marlena. He apologizes to her and tells her he knew he was wrong and should have told her right away. The difference, he says, is that if he could go back in time and change it, he would. Kate on the other hand shows know remorse for what she did to Sami. He says she betrayed Sami and Lucas and them. He tells her they are finished…it’s over…and walks out the door.

Kate runs after him but he won’t talk to her. He tells her to leave him the hell alone. She’s now in front of Sami’s apartment… the door’s slightly ajar…and she hears their conversation (see below) about making love.

Roman is at the elevator when his cellphone goes off. It’s Doctor North who reassures him that nothing else has happened to Marlena. He tells Roman he needs his help with an experiment. Roman agrees to come to the hospital. Kate watches him leave.

Later Kate says: “Dear god, could my life be any worse?”

Sami’s Apartment: Sami, & Lucas

Lucas comes back. Sami asks him why he left. He tells her he needed time to think so he wouldn’t act impulsively, like they taught him at AA. He needed to think. His whole life has changed and he had to figure out what he was going to do. Sami asks him if he has come to a decision. Lucas asks Sami whether she still has her engagement ring.

Sami is crying now. He asks for the ring back. She asks him about his promise to be with her if she could prove her innocence. She asks him again why he left.

Lucas explains how much his mother meant to him when he was growing up...his friend, and that is why it was easy for him to believe her over Sami. He tells her that she and his mom were the two most important women in his life and that he knew his mom did bad things to other people but he never thought she would do them to him. Lucas is almost in tears as he apologizes to Sami and says it was wrong of him and he doesn’t deserve to be with her. Sami is shocked that he wants his ring back
for that reason.

Still crying, Sami gets the ring, telling him that when he didn’t ask for it back she was glad because it gave her hope. He tells her that he should have trusted her and their love and plans to disown his mother forever. He still wants the ring back. She gives it to him. He then tells her he has two questions. First, can Sami forgive him for not trusting in their love? And second, if she can do that…Lucas gets down on one knee (I loved these scenes). He says: “Marry me Sami Brady” She’s so happy she cries again.

Sami tells Lucas she forgives him and accepts his proposal. They start kissing. Lucas puts the ring back on her finger and promises to spend the rest of his life making it up to her. Sami tells Lucas that he owes her the longest make-up sex ever. He’s smiling now and tells her they should try to break the bed again…more kissing.

In the next scene Sami and Lucas are in bed together. He tells her that that was the most incredible make up sex ever. She can’t believe they are back together and says they’ll be very happy. He asks her what’s wrong. She tells him nothing and that she can’t believe how perfect their life is now. Lucas tells her it’s not perfect…the bed hasn’t broken yet…so they try again and it falls apart. Both are laughing now as Lucas says…mission accomplished.


Philip talking to Mimi: “Are you trying to tell me there is something going on between Belle and Shawn that I don’t already know about?”

A saddened Belle talking to a shocked Shawn: “After tonight, I think its better that we never see each other again.”

Roman talking to Kate: “I look at you now Kate, and all I feel is sick.”

Sami (in nothing but a sheet) laughing and talking to Lucas: “You better not be thinking what I think you’re thinking!” Lucas replying with a devious smile: “I think I’m thinking the same thing you’re thinking.” Next we see her spraying Lucas with whipping cream. She laughingly says: “That’s what I’m talking about!”


Tuesday Aug 9

Pat’s Spoilers

The Apartment building where the Kiriakis, Shawn and Mimi reside – Phil is calling for his wife wondering where she is. His wife is on the roof cheating on him with his former best friend. She finally breaks the kiss saying they can’t do this. Shawn asks her if she would rather be up here with him or downstairs with Phil. She can’t respond. He points out the fact that not only did she not push him away she returned the kiss. She admits that she loves him more than anything. Shawn thinks that means she is going to finally tell Philip that she is going to leave him. You know there’s clueless and then there’s clueless…sigh. She breaks Shawn’s heart again and tells him that she is staying with Philip – the baby changes everything. There’s a lot of dialogue between these two but it’s all been said before all the other times Belle told Shawn it was over. The only difference this time is that she finally addresses the fact that she is pregnant with Phil’s baby.

Phil gets himself into his wheelchair and wheels himself into the hallway. Mimi steps off the elevator and Phil asks her if she knows where his wife is. Mimi doesn’t and makes it clear that she doesn’t care. Philip thinks she might be up on the roof so he asks Mimi for help. Mimi figures if Belle is on the roof than she is there with Shawn. She thinks to herself that if Phil finds them together Belle will end up with Shawn and there’s no way she wants Belle to be happy so she tells Philip she isn’t strong enough to help him up the stairs. He asks her to come in and talk to him. She says okay as long as she doesn’t have to see Belle. He tells her that Belle isn’t to blame for Rex leaving her – she is the one that kept a secret from him. Mimi says she was wrong to do that and asks him if thinks what she did to Rex is any different than what Belle is doing to him with Shawn. Philip wants to know what she means. She says that Shawn is still in love with Belle and Jan had him kidnapped all summer. Phil dismisses that by saying that Shawn had left Belle before Jan kidnapped him. Everything happens for a reason. He hints that maybe something could happen between her and Shawn. He reminds her of the crush she had on Shawn in high school – so much so that she begged him to take her to a dance (flashback). Phil feels that Shawn had feelings for her too because he gave her her first real kiss in Paris (flashback). Mimi says it’s not going to happen. Phil says friends make the best lovers. He never thought he would end up with Belle – he thought like everyone else that she would end up with Shawn. Now they’re happily married, in love with a baby on the way. Mimi says I may be angry with Belle but I know she will make a good mother and you’ll be a good father.

Back on the roof Shawn reminds Belle of how much they love each other and when they carved their initials on the door he believed that they were going to be together forever. Belle dismisses their past as a period of naivety – they were too young and too much has happened since than. So that must mean that neither of them ever really loved each other if I’m following what she is saying. So why say in one breath that you love someone more than life itself than in the next allude that the promises they made to each other were nothing more than two young, naïve people saying stuff they didn’t understand??? Colour me confused. But that’s my problem … LOL! She then goes on and talks about how she wants her baby to have two parents that live together. She doesn’t want her child shuffled between homes – she doesn’t want to be a part time parent. Shawn reminds her that there are lots of children whose parents are divorced that grow up to be just fine. She says Sami wasn’t. Shawn tells her that if Sami’s parents had stayed together she wouldn’t be here. She talks about how Philip’s parents divorce was so hard on him. She tells Shawn that it’s over between them and that it would be better if they never saw each other again. She tells Shawn that in time they will both move on and be happy. Shawn tells her he’ll never stop loving her. She says goodbye and leaves him.

Sami’s Place: Sami and Lucas are in bed giggly and happy talking about ‘breaking the bed’ again. Lucas suggests that their wedding gift to each other being a sturdier bed. Sami says the difference this time from the last time they broke the bed is that there’s no chance that the wicked witch will walk in on them. Lucas gets upset and tells Sami that she’s killed the mood. He knows what his mother did was wrong – he can’t and won’t forgive her but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt. He gets out of bed and says he’s leaving. Sami is crying and chastising herself for bringing up Kate’s name and ruining things between her and Lucas. Lucas comes back in with a tray. He tells her he knows how much she likes ice cream after they make love so he brought her some. She is happy to see him – she thought he had left. He says no I didn’t leave he just was upset. There are some cute moments between them and they end up making love again. After that he makes sundaes and serves them. They eat their sundaes and Sami says she’s going to hate herself in the morning. Lucas suggests that they burn off the calories and he picks up the can of whipped cream. Sami can’t believe he’s suggesting what she thinks he’s suggesting… Lucas sprays some whipped cream on her and she on him and they end up back in bed.

Hospital: Kate arrives and sees Roman and John along with Dr. North in Marlena’s room. She thinks to herself that Marlena should enjoy all that attention from the men in the room. LOL – I get the distinct impression that Kate is not happy with Marlena. She is angry with Roman for seemingly caring more for Marlena than for her – she thinks that with their marriage in trouble he would focus more on them then on Marlena. She debates whether she should leave him and give him a chance to cool down before she makes him understand why she did what she did. She watches them in the room with Marlena and thinks that possibly leaving him alone with Marlena wouldn’t be that good of an idea.

John reaches out to touch Marlena and she shrinks away from him and asks him not to touch her. He wants to know who she remembered him or Roman. She looks at the two of them and then at Dr. North and has a memory of her and Roman (Wayne’s Roman) and says I remember him. We had some great times together. John is not happy and asks Dr. North if the two of them no each other. Alex says he’s sure there’s a logical explanation but he’ll need to talk to his patient alone. Neither John nor Roman are happy about that and both say so Of course John is not happy that Roman is even in the room and he makes that clear as well. Marlena wants them both to leave – she’s very upset and near tears. They want to know why she wants them to leave. She tells them they are pressuring her to remember stuff she doesn’t and when she does remember something they tell her that her memories are wrong. She is so confused – she does cry. John says he’ll leave but he’ll be back later. Roman says the same.

When they are alone Dr. North tells her to calm down and then they will talk. She takes his hand in hers and brings it to her cheek. She asks him why she can remember being with him. He tells her that she doesn’t remember that. She’s transferring memories of times she shared with either John or Roman to him. He goes to the door and opens it but comes back. Marlena asks him if they are arguing out there. He says yes – they’re arguing about you. He says that she is a woman worth fighting for. Marlena lets Dr. North know that right now he is the only man she trusts.

Roman and John exit Marlena’s room and Roman sees Kate and asks her what the hell she is doing there. She tells him she wants to talk to him. John figures that she is there to check up on Marlena and says so. He then realises there is more than that going on and asks them what this is all about. Roman tells Kate to go ahead and tell him. Kate doesn’t think this is the time or the place. Roman says sure it is. He then talks about Sami and how she insisted that Kate had set her up to destroy her chance of happiness with Lucas. John says is she still singing that tune. Roman says that Sami was right all along. John thinks Roman is foolish for believing Sami. Roman said Sami got proof – taped conversations between Kate and her accomplice Eugenia Willens. There is a lot of discussion here that I’m not getting into. John DEFENDS Kate – saying that she was protecting Lucas from Sami. He brings up the other almost weddings of Sami’s that blew up in her face that Kate had nothing to do with. She was doing a Lucas a favour because Sami is such a screw-up. (I’m paraphrasing here don’t take me literally). Let’s just say I was angry with John…LOL! He goes on and on about Kate tried to do keep her promise to him but Sami blocked her at every turn. She was nothing but vindictive and spiteful to both him and Kate. Roman asks John if he tried to show her some understanding. Both he and Marlena know what Sami can be like but they try to help her and encourage her. Sami was changing her life – trying to be a better person. He tells John that Marlena was very hurt by the way he treated Sami and he says that it’s possible that she never told him about the baby because she didn’t want to be with him anymore. Kate has to come between them to stop a fight. She tells Roman that she wants to talk to her alone. He says that he doesn’t think he can ever trust her again and that it’s over. John says they’re both saying things they don’t mean – they need to talk. He goes back in Marlena’s room. Roman says he did Kate a favour. He tells her that both she and John obviously hate Sami so they should be together. (I think he said those hateful things while John was still there). Kate is angry at him for ‘offering’ her up to John like that. She then turns everything around and says that the entire argument about Sami is just an excuse for Roman to get out of their marriage so he can be with Marlena. She tells him he might be wiser to wait until Marlena gets her memory back and she can tell them all who she loves, John or him.

Preview: John to Dr. North – So what do you suggest we do? Dr. North – I think that the only thing that will benefit Marlena now is for her to leave Salem. Philip – Why are you blushing, Meems? Mimi – Stop it. Phil – Who are you trying to convince here, me or yourself? Bo to Billie – Hope has been kidnapped by DiMera. I need your help to find her. Tony (to Bart, Victor and Caroline) – And since Hope is already here I should kill her first.


Wednesday Aug 10

Pat’s Spoilers

Rooftop: Not going to go into much detail on the Shawn and Belle stuff. We’ve heard it all a hundred times before. Shawn doesn’t want to go, she sniffles that he has to – the more they talk the more sure she is about it. Shawn knows she will do the right thing. She says the right thing is honouring her vows. She tells him that she is not the girl he fell in love with. They aren’t kids anymore. All those promises they made to each other back then – she should have known that none of them would come true. He tells her that he’s going to tell Phil the truth right now. She asks him if she thinks that if he tells Philip that they will just ride off into the sunset together. She will never speak to him again if he tells Phil. She asks him if that’s what he wants. She’s going to take responsibility for her decisions it’s over. Goodnight. She sheds a few tears and goes downstairs to her loving clueless husband.

Mimi tells Philip that the crush she had on Shawn was years ago. He reminds her of what she told him in Paris. That if Belle didn’t marry Shawn she would. She says that was after he had given me my first real kiss – I didn’t really mean it. He asks her if she remembers the kiss. (Flashback). Phil asks her why she is blushing if the kiss didn’t mean anything. She tells him to stop it. He asks her who she is trying to convince him or herself. She tells him she isn’t trying to convince anyone. Yes she likes Shawn but she was in love with his cousin. They talk about Rex. She says he will never come back Phil says more reason for you to move on. Mimi says right not all she wants to do is focus on finishing college and her future. Phil says that’s a good plan. He starts phoning around looking for Belle. Mimi looks through a photo album and stops at picture of her and Shawn. Flashback to her asking him to the dance and then her mother urging her to move on with Shawn. She says I couldn’t not with Shawn. Belle returns and lies to her husband about where she was. Mimi knows she lying – she sees how her upset Belle is because her hand is shaking when she puts her compact down. Belle says hi Meems. Mimi just wants past her without acknowledging her – woo hoo Mimi! Belle complains to her husband that Mimi hates her. Phil tells her that’s not true yada, yada, yada. Mimi goes up to the roof and takes one look at Shawn and just goes to him and hugs him for comfort – loved that moment!

Okay – Tony is just a totally deranged despicable person. Bart comes in with food particles on him complaining that Hope threw her supper at him. Tony tells Bart that soon he will be able to destroy the Brady and Horton. Victor and Caroline are brought in wearing cuffs and shackles. Is this really necessary? Where are these two senior citizens going to go? Caroline spits at him…LOL! Tony says he always knew as the matriarch of the Brady would be formidable but he didn’t think she would be crass. He tells them that he intends to destroy the cement that holds the families together. Caroline says ‘love’. He brings up John stealing Kristen from him and he has to have his revenge. LOL – loved how Caroline told him that if Kristen had wanted him she wouldn’t have left him. He tells them how he tried to drive a wedge between Bo and Hope – gives them the ‘pit’ sex story and how the best part was seeing the pain on Hope’s face when she caught them. But they worked things out now he has another plan. He’s going to kill them – well kill one of them because the other one will just die because of the grief. He already has Hope so she might as be the one to die. He pulls out a gun. Caroline tells him to do what he wants with her and Victor but let Hope go. He says why should I do that – I already have you. Victor wants to make a deal with him. Tony says no deals – he already has Bo where he wants him. He brings up Bo on the monitor and laugh that he doesn’t even know he’s being watched. Bo aims a gun and shoots out the camera. Tony orders Bart and his men to go and greet him and they are to shoot to kill.

Roman and Kate continue ‘talking’. Roman doesn’t think they have anything left to say. Kate informs him that they are going to have this out. The way she sees it Roman is just using this as an excuse to leave her because he loves Marlena. Roman says you lied to me about interfering in Sami’s life and if you hadn’t been caught you would still be lying. More back and forth – all stuff they have said already. He tells her not to try and turn this around on him. She says this all about the fact that he loves Marlena not her. He says that is not true. A part of him will always love Marlena because she’s the mother of this children but he came home to her – he loves her. Kate’s not buying it and she tells him that he’s gambling on Marlena choosing him when she regains her memory but if she doesn’t he shouldn’t expect her to take him back.

Bo checks out the IP address on the message sent from Hope. He knows that she is alive and that Tony has her. He checks out the co-ordinates and determines that Hope is on land. Once he gets to the island he will have at least 30 miles to travel to get to where Hope is. He needs some help. Patrick and Billie get home after the barbeque. They argue about Max. Billie thinks he’s basically a good kid – how could he not be – he was raised by the Brady’s. Patrick reminds her that he was adopted and he thinks she is wrong about Max. Billie calls the ISA but they haven’t heard from Bo. She is telling Patrick that she is worried when her phone rings. It’s Bo. He tells her that Hope has been kidnapped. She says she is going to come and help him search because he might find Caroline, Victor and Georgia if she is still alive. Bo says he doesn’t want her there – she’s Georgia’s mother. She’s too involved. She points out the obvious to him – he is Georgia’s father and Victor and Caroline are his parents. He tells her that he doesn’t want Georgia to lose both her parents. She can help by doing this…Billie takes notes. Bo shuts off his GPS system so Tony can’t track him and sails by the stars. He sees the lighthouse and anchors the boat. After he shoots out the camera he says that he can’t wait for the ISA. He throws a duffel bag into the waters and then dives in.

John asks Dr. North why his wife had memories of him and no one else. Alex tells him because right now he is the only person she feels comfortable with. John accepts that because there Alex and Marlena don’t know each other. Alex has a flashback of ‘Roman’ kissing Marlena. Dr. North goes on to explain that she is feeling so much pressure to remember and that she feels the tension between John and Roman and their children. John asks if there is a possibility that she may never remember him and HIS children – excuse me but what about Sami and Eric???? Alex says there is that possibility and that it’s job to help her start a new life that may never include John or her children. John just wants him to do what he has to help her remember. Alex tells him the best thing for her is to leave Salem. He has a cabin in the mountains where he takes patients like her. John says that he will pack a bag for him and Marlena and they can use one of Basic Black’s helicopters to get her there. Dr. North says that John misunderstood. The only two people going there will be him and Marlena. John doesn’t like that. Roman joins them around this time. Dr. North tells John that if he wants his wife to get better he has to let him treat her the way he sees fit (ah … he uses the guilt trip well). John signs the papers and says he is going to go and say goodbye to his wife. Roman would like to as well if John doesn’t mind. Neither of them gets the chance because Dr. North says it’s in his patient’s best interests to be left alone. After John signs the papers Alex says he get Marlena to remember who she really is.

Patrick and Billie go to the hospital. A nurse says I have the first aid kit ready. Billie sees her mother. She asks Patrick to go with the nurse and she goes to her mother. She asks Kate what is wrong. Kate fills in her on what happened at Lucas’. She tells Billie that she has lost Lucas and her husband. Billie hugs her – she says she doesn’t agree with what Kate did to Lucas and Sami but she hates to see her hurting. Kate is upset with Roman because he is angry with her for lying when he did the same thing by not telling her he slept with Marlena. Billie says he is angry because you hurt his daughter – just give him time and he will come around. Kate wants to know what she is doing at the hospital. Billie tells her she has an ISA assignment. Tony has kidnapped Hope and she is going to be Bo’s backup. She asks if she can use one of Basic Black’s jets. Kate can’t believe that she is going to help Hope. Billie asked her if she hasn’t learned her lesson yet – you can’t interfere in people’s lives to make them do what you want them to. Georgia may be being held at the same place Hope it. Kate is worried about her. Billie says she is taking Patrick with her. Kate is not thrilled. Billie says I know you wanted me to get back together with Bo but I’m moving on without him in my life. Kate tells her to stay safe. Billie makes her promise not to tell John or Roman.

Preview: Sami to Nicole: What’s happening here? Wha…wha…what’s going on? What are you doing? Nicole – I’m sitting here until you make my dream come true. Chloe to Brady – I love you so much. Brady – I’m counting on that. They kiss. Lucas to Kate: You want to talk. Fine. I’ll go first. Goodbye. Jen to Jack: You have all the time in the world. Jack –No, Jennifer I don’t.


Thursday Aug 11

Pat’s Spoilers

Chloe is leafing through a bridal magazine. Brady asks her if she found a dress yet. She says she found a few she likes. He asks her if he can see – he feels because it’s a picture the international court of suspicion would say it was okay. She shoes him one she likes. He says no matter what dress she wears it’s going to be beautiful. She has a fantasy of being in that gown (it’s gorgeous). Then she looks in the mirror and sees her face. Fantasy is over. She asks him how they can plan a wedding when everything will be beautiful except the bride. He tells her again that he doesn’t see the scars. She doesn’t know how he does it – he sees her heart not the scars but everyone else can see the scars. She brings up his position as CEO of Titan and how having a wife that looks like a side show freak will hurt him in the business world. She tells him that she can’t marry him because of what it will do to his career. He pulls out some paper and writes a letter of resignation. She says she can’t let him do that. He tells her that it’s his decision. If his job is worrying her than they can move out of Salem – go move to the middle of nowhere – he doesn’t care. He just wants to be with her. She doesn’t know what she did to deserve him. She tells him she loves him very much. They kiss.

Sami and Lucas are kissing passionately. Lucas says I thought you wanted more ice cream. She hems and haws but decides to send him on his way. She is so happy she turns on the music and starts dancing around the room. She pulls out her wedding dress and keeps on dancing holding the dress in front of her. She notices the door is ajar and goes to shut it but Nicole sticks her foot inside and forces her way in. Sami asks her what she is doing there. Nicole wants her to keep her end of the bargain. Sami says no. Nicole says it could be the vodka but I thought I heard you say no. Sami says there is nothing she can do. She wants Nicole to leave before Lucas gets back. Nicole uses her lipstick to write on the mirror Sami = Stan. Sami cleans it frantically and urges Nicole to get out. Nicole plops down on the couch and says she is staying until Sami helps her get Brady back. She figures if a low life slut like Sami can get Lucas back she should be able to get Brady back. Sami reminds her that Lucas didn’t have another woman in his life. Brady has Chloe. Nicole always knew that if Brady found out Chloe was alive their relationship was going to be over. Sami points out that Nicole has more to worry about than getting Brady back. Her Dad is convinced that Victor and Caroline are alive and that they will find them. She tells Nicole to get all the money she can out of Victor’s accounts, put them into some off shore accounts and leave town. If Brady and Victor find out that she was responsible for Chloe getting that infection Nicole will end up in prison. Nicole says she doesn’t care about the money. She loves Brady and wants to be with him. She tells Sami that she might have made Chloe look like a freak (not the word she used – can’t remember it at the moment) but Sami betrayed her country. What does she think Victor would do to her when he finds out about Stan? Sami worries about that. Sami goes to the window and sees that Lucas is back. She asks Nicole to leave. Nicole says when I leave is up to you. Sami hears Lucas at the door and promises to help Nicole. She gets Nicole to leave through the window and down the fire escape. Lucas comes back in carrying the ice cream. Sami takes the bag from him and says let it melt. They end up on the couch. Nicole is got on the fire escape in the pouring rain – LOL! She mutters that Sami owes her big time. (The Sami/Nicole stuff is probably out of sequence but that’s the gist of their conversation).

Chelsea and Abby are inside the Java Café. Chelsea says she found a guy for Abby and he’s here. Abby asks where and Chelsea points in the direction of the counter. She asks Abby to get her latte while she’s there and Abby is buying. Abby approaches the guy and says so you know Chelsea. He says if she is referring to the girl she is with she is hot but he doesn’t know. He would like to and asks Abby for Chelsea’s cell phone number. Abby says your Josh aren’t you. A voice behind her says I’m Josh. Abby turns around and spills the coffees on him. He tells her not to worry he’ll bring some new ones to their table.

While Abby is at the counter Chelsea goes to talk to Kate. She addresses her as Mrs. Brady and says it looks like she could use a friend. Kate asks her what she can do for her. Chelsea doesn’t beat around the bush. She asks for a job. Kate asks her why she should hire her. Chelsea says she knows fashion. She reads all the European fashion magazines. She knows who all the top designers are. She knows what the kids want to wear. She tells Kate that when it comes to fashion for the younger people that Basic Black is more then than now. Kate says Billie told me you were blunt. Chelsea admits to not being afraid to speak her mind. She asks Kate if she has the job. Kate says no. She has been nothing but rude since she sat down at her table uninvited. Chelsea goes back to her table in a huff.

Abby comes back to the table. Chelsea complains about Kate. Abby tells her to cut Kate some slack. She’s going through a rough time. She had a falling out with her son Lucas. Lucas comes in and Chelsea says this should be good. You can feel the tension between them. Abby tells Chelsea she met Josh but spilled the lattes all over him. Chelsea says no big deal. She’ll find another guy for her. Josh is really good at math and is into comic books. Some girls are into geeks but she sure isn’t. Josh puts their coffees down in front of them just at that moment. He is not happy about being called a geek. Abby is upset with Chelsea and she goes to the counter and tells Josh that she doesn’t feel the same. She asks him if he would like to… he cuts in and says go to a movie sometime? Abby would like that she. She gives him her cell phone number.

There isn’t a lot of conversation between Lucas and Kate. She tells him she wants to talk – she is still his mother. He says you’re the woman that gave birth to me. A mother is loving and nurturing and caring. He calls her a despicable person for framing Sami. Kate asks him not to say things he may regret. She just wants to talk. He says okay he’ll go first. He has one word for her – Goodbye. Kate says I’ve lost you, I’ve lost Will and Roman won’t talk to me. Lucas has no sympathy for her. Kate says she tried with Sami but she is a bitch through and through. Lucas says the only bitch he sees is her. He grabs his order and leaves. Kate can’t believe Sami won. She says but this was just a battle. I know Sami has secrets and I’ll find them and Lucas will realise what a witch Sami is.

Jack is going through some papers when Jen comes down the stairs. She sees that they are insurance papers and other important papers. She tells him that she has decided laundry can wait for another day. She wants to spend time with her husband. She tells him to put that stuff away. He has all the time in the world to take care of it. Jack says no he doesn’t. Jen wants to know why he snapped at her. Jack apologises. He remembered that she had said some bills came due while he was being held captive. He was just checking to see if their insurance had lapsed. She looks at the policy and says it’s not due for months. She looks at the papers again. She says these are insurance policies and wills – is there something wrong with you. He says no. It’s just that while he was being held captive he had time to think and he realised the importance of making sure his family was protected if anything happened. She says we will be – you’ll be here to look after us. Jack says with Tony being alive… Jen doesn’t want to talk about Tony. Jack says Bo and Hope are out there looking for him. All he is saying that anything can happen and they need to be prepared. He then stuffs all the papers away and said she is right. He can look at this stuff anytime. He turns on the music and asks her to dance. They dance to Stand By Me. Jack says this song sounds familiar. Jen says it was her and Frankie’s song. She should change it. He says no it’s fine.

Frankie is sitting outside having a beer thinking back over his conversation with Jack when Max comes along. Max tells him the Cubs are winning and asks him to come and watch. Frankie says he thinks he’ll stay out there. Max says that Frankie would rather sit out and daydream about Jennifer than watch the Cubs. Frankie says he was thinking about both Jack and Jen. I really enjoyed their conversation but I’m not going to get into all of it. They talked a LOT…LOL! Max talks about the feelings that Frankie obviously still has for Jen. He asks Frankie why he came back to Salem again if it wasn’t for her. Frankie says it was a chance to reconnect with family and he had some work to do – nothing major. Frankie changes the subject to Chelsea. He tells Max that Patrick talked to him. Max is not impressed and says that Patrick has the hots for Chelsea. Frankie tells him they’re in Salem now where the Brady name means something. He wants him to take it slow with Chelsea. He has seen how Chelsea flirts for him and how she dresses but Max has to remember that Chelsea has lost a lot. Her parents, her home. He says she’s like Jen was at that age – appears to be wild but is really innocent – just in a hurry to grow up. He says if you really like this girl you should ask her to go to the movies or something. Max says – you mean a date – like you and Jen used to do. He again urges Frankie to go after Jen but Frankie says she is happily married with two kids. Frankie tells Max that he really likes Jen. Max reminds him that when he first planned on returning Jen wasn’t married – everyone thought Jack was dead. There’s more talk about when Frankie first left and the second time he left with Eve. He tells Max the timing has always been off for him and Jen. He said he wasn’t just in love with her, she was his best friend. He would like to find that again. Max says why don’t you admit you’re still in love with Jen. Max goes inside. Frankie hears the music and watches Jack and Jen dances. He fantasizes that it is him with Jen. In his fantasy they kiss.

Preview: Tony to Hope – Bo Brady, your husband, is about to fall into my trap. Hope gives him the arched eyebrow look. Bo to Billie (he has her in a headlock) – What the hell are you doing here? Frankie to Jack & Jen – Listen. I’m here to tell you that I’m leaving. Jack – No Frankie. You can’t leave, not tonight. Lucas to Sami – I’d do anything to nail that son of a bitch Stan.


Friday Aug 12

Pat’s Spoilers

I’m not going to go into a lot of detail today because I’m getting a very late start on this. Besides I’m feeling a little woozy from all the knocks to the head I took from that huge foreshadowing bat. Sami is going to lose it all and on her wedding day yet again. They might as well have put up a sign in neon lights and hung it over her head.

Sami and Lucas are busy making love. Nicole is on the fire escape getting drowned by the rain and drowning her sorrows. Sami sees her and tries to signal for Nicole to take off but no luck. There’s a knock on the door. Kate wants to talk to Lucas. She doesn’t like the way they left things. Lucas says he’s busy. He and Sami are planning their wedding and he shuts the door in her face. Sami tells him that she is sorry that he was hurt when he found out the truth about his mother. He tells her that he should have believed her. He some how gets on the topic of being married to Nicole. Nicole takes offence to the comments being made about her and stands up. Sami sees her and tells Lucas she thinks the window is open. In her haste to close the curtains she pulls down the curtain rod. Sami thinks Lucas has seen Nicole and tells him she can explain. Lucas comes to the window. Nicole is hiding so he can’t see her. Lucas tells Sami he’ll fix it in the morning. Nicole stands up again and goes tumbling over the railing. Sami says oh my god – but doesn’t explain why she said it.

Sami and Lucas start talking about the wedding. He says you’ll probably want a big wedding like we were planning before. She says that Basic Black won’t be paying for it. Maybe she can get her parents to help pay. Maybe her parents will get back together now that her Dad has left Kate. Lucas reminds her that Roman and Kate are still married as are John and Marlena. He doesn’t want her to get her hopes up. She can’t help it. She’s so happy. He also tells her that her mother is really not in any shape to worry about weddings. Sami thinks it might help her. Then she says maybe we should rethink this. Will said my weddings always blow up in my face. Maybe we shouldn’t have a big wedding. Lucas says they’ve talked about this already. She was a different person. She has changed. She’s a better person now and she has made him a better person. All he wants to do is spend the rest of his life with her. He says this is the last time they will be getting married so they should do it right. Sami wants to do something nice for him and asks him what he would like for a wedding present. He tells her that he doesn’t need anything – he will be marrying her and that’s all he wants. She tickles him until he says he’ll tell her. He says it’s not something that you can buy or that you can even do. He wants to get Stan. He goes on and on about Stan and how he was a traitor to his country. Then he apologises to Sami about accusing her about knowing more about Stan but that was before he knew his mother was the one lying not her. Poor Sami gets more and more uncomfortable as he keeps talking. He ends it by saying but they don’t have to worry because there are no more secrets and lies between them and she doesn’t know anything about Stan.

Nicole ends up being able to hang on to the railing and then let herself drop down. She falls and crawls to get her flask. Kate finds her and comments about Nicole being in the gutter. She taunts Nicole about Chloe being alive and Brady dumping her. Nicole says you’re no different. Roman doesn’t want anything to do with you and neither does your son after Sami played him those tapes. Kate wants to know how she knows so much about her life. Nicole says I’m clairvoyant. Kate figures out that Nicole and Sami are up to something considering Nicole is standing outside of Sami’s window. She also deduces that Lucas came home and they didn’t want him to see the two of them together so Nicole went out the window. Nicole doesn’t admit anything. Kate promises to make it worth her while. If Nicole has any dirt on Sami she has to give it to her so that Lucas doesn’t marry her. Nicole says Sami has secrets. She also says that if Lucas knew he would dump her. Kate tries to get her to talk but Nicole says I have to look out for myself. If Victor is alive I’ll lose his money and I’ll lose Brady. She leaves. Kate is happy. She knows that Nicole has something on Sami and she is determined to find out what it is.

Jack and Jennifer continue their dance. Frankie makes a call and tells the person that he wants to be transferred and he wants to leave tonight. It’s personal. Jack tells Jen that he needs to sit down. He’s tired. He says I’ll call Frankie in and you can continue dancing with him. She asks him why she would want to do that. He replies because you like dancing. They sit down. Jen is upset with him. She knows something is going on. She says he’s acting strange. The Jack she knows wouldn’t be pushing her to spend more time with another man especially an ex-boyfriend. He would be jealous and suspicious and do what he could to keep the guy away. She says you’ve changed. You don’t love me anymore. Jen gets up and walks away and Jack follows her. He says that is not true. He loves her more than anything. She brings up all the stuff he’s done to bring her and Frankie closer. She says it is like he wants her to fall in love with Frankie again. She wants to know what is going on. He says he will tell her. He then goes on and talks about being held prisoner by Tony on both the island and in the castle and how a day didn’t go by where he didn’t think of her and night go by that he didn’t dream of her. He hates that Tony kept them apart so long – it’s time they can never get back. Jen softens and they kiss. Frankie knocks and comes inside. He tells them he is leaving town tonight. Jack says you can’t go, not tonight. He covers and says you can’t sneak off in the middle of the night, Jennifer will be upset. Jen asks him to stay one more night. She’ll call Uncle Mickey and Aunt Maggie to come over and look after Jack Jr and they will go out to Alice’s. One last together. Jack goes up to change. He’s thinking of how he can convince Frankie to stay so that he will be around after he’s gone. He needs him to keep her safe from Patrick. Jen tells Frankie it was nice seeing him again. He tells her he will come back. Jen tells Frankie that she will always consider him to be family. She wants to know what the real reason is that he is leaving. He tells her its work, just like he said.

LMAO – Bart is wearing full umpire gear when he brings Hope to Tony (god, how I hate those chains, cuffs and shackles). Love Hope – she is strong and feisty and does not let Tony intimidate her at all. Tony lets it be known that Bo is falling into his trap and it’s just a matter of time before he will be captured and then one of them will die while the other is left behind to grieve. When Hope finds out that Caroline and Victor are there she demands to see them. Bart can’t believe that she is trying to give orders but Tony says to take her to them so they can say their goodbyes. Victor is looking through binoculars keeping a watch out for Bo. He tells Caroline he is worried about Bo and his need to play the hero. He hopes that he has backup. Hope is brought in and they both hug her. She says she wished she could hug them too but she can’t. (At least Caroline and Victor aren’t in chains today). Hope realises they aren’t surprised to see her. They tell her that Tony told them that she was there. Hope is so happy that they are both alive. She tells them that both Roman and Bo were convinced of it. Victor asks if Bo has backup. She tells them the two of them came alone but she’s sure that Bo would have called Roman once he had the co-ordinates of the island unless he called Billie. If he called her than there is no hope for them.

Patrick comes ashore first and makes a phone call. Billie catches up to him and asks him why he didn’t wait. He tells her he wanted to make sure the coast was clear. He says he’ll go back and get the supplies. He leaves and Bo grabs Billie and asks her what she is doing there. She came to help. They argue until Bo hears someone coming. They hide and he grabs Patrick and holds a knife to his neck. Billie says he’s here with me. Let’s just say Bo is not happy about that. More arguing. Billie says she is going to scout around. Bo tells her she is not going anywhere. He goes to check the supplies. Patrick says go ahead I’ll make sure he doesn’t follow you. Billie says how. Patrick tells her that he will use force if necessary. Bo notices that Billie is gone and asks Patrick where she is. He then pulls a gun on Patrick – he knows that divide and conquer is an old trick but Lockhart isn’t going to win. They hear someone coming. Bo points the gun at one of Tony’s guards and Patrick knocks him out from behind. Patrick tells the guard he’s just on time. Billie comes back and both Patrick and Bo are gone.

Hope knocks Bart around and sends him flying when she is led back to where Tony is. Tony tells her they are about to have a party. Two guards come in with Patrick. Hope is shocked to see him and even more shocked when she hears him tell Tony he is loyal to him. Bart is not buying it. Tony asks him how he can be sure. Patrick says I brought you something you really want. He signals to the two guards and they bring in a bound and unconscious Bo.

Preview: Belle to Shawn and Mimi (I have to say those two are looking mighty fine!) Where are you guys going? Mimi – Alice’s for a drink, if that’s okay with you? (Oooh… love that smirk on Shawn’s face!) Frankie finds Jack lying in a pool of blood – Oh my god, Jack. Chelsea to Abby – I’m giving Max my virginity tonight. Jen steps out from behind Abby looking shocked. Tony to Hope and Bo – And yet again rule the day. He points the gun and says ladies first. Bo steps in front of Hope.


Monday Aug 15

Pat’s Spoilers

On the island: LOL – Poor Bart took another beating at the hands of Hope today when she wanted to get to Bo. He was trying to hold her back but he didn’t succeed. Hope wakes up Bo and his first concern is that she is okay. Tony asks the question about what makes the Brady and Horton families so resilient. Bart answers love. Tony makes one of speeches about this being the day or time that the Brady and Horton families will experience hell on earth (not his words). Hope tells Bo that he was right about Patrick. He is working for the DiMera’s. Bo tries to go after him but the guards hold him back. Patrick tells Tony that he wants to work for him again. Tony says he doesn’t give his trust easy. He asks Patrick if he came to island or if he came alone. Bo glares at Patrick and Patrick doesn’t respond right away. Billie finds a flashlight and sees blood on it. She thinks that Tony got both Patrick and Bo and asks herself why a sane person would want to kidnap everyone. She is going to call for backup when she is grabbed from behind. Tony repeats his question but before Patrick can answer Billie is brought in. She tells she can’t believe she trusted him and let him touch her. Tony tells Patrick he can be a foot soldier. Bo wants to know if Caroline and Victor are there and Hope said she saw them and they are fine. Bo demands to see them. Tony says they might as well be there to watch.

Victor and Caroline are brought in. Bo gets to hug his mother. Caroline begs Tony to take her and Victor instead of Bo and Hope. Tony ignores her and gets Bart to bring him a gun. He pulls out a gold bullet and says the one way to destroy the two families is to end the marriage that united them. A gold bullet to end a great love. He asks them to choose which one of them will die. Bo says he will not let him kill Hope. Hope begs Bo not to play Tony’s game. Tony says if they won’t choose he will – ladies first. He points the gun and Bo steps in front of Hope. Tony pulls the trigger but it just clicks. He knew Bo was going to do that. He tells the guards to take the guests to their cells while they get Bo’s execution ready. Patrick can stay with the guards but if he does something suspicious they are to kill him. Billie says she wants to know where Georgia is that is if she is really alive. Tony decides he can tell them because they are prisoners and it’s not like they are going to be able to tell anyone. He says she is very much alive and they travelled all around the world looking for her but didn’t look close to home. He tells them she is in Salem. Both Bo and Billie ask who she is and if they know her. He says Georgia doesn’t know you are her parents and she doesn’t go by the name Georgia. Her name is very familiar to you. Freeze frame – show ending.

At Alice’s: Max is dancing with three different girls while Chelsea and Abby are sitting at the bar watching. Chelsea tells the bartender to bring them 2 beers. Bonnie comes along and asks them what they are doing in a bar when they are underage. She asks Abby what her parents would think. She points out that Jack and Jen just arrived. Jack can’t believe how busy the place is and asks Frankie how he can leave such a happening place. Jen says never made that, how can you leave your friends. Frankie says it’s about work and now they will be able to have the place to themselves. Jack makes an inane response but covers it up quickly. Frankie goes to tell Max that he is leaving town. Max urges him not to leave and let go of Jennifer. He says you’ve been carrying her high school photo in your wallet all these years. You love her – you have to do something about that. Frankie admits that he loves Jen but she has a loving husband and two great kids. He will not mess with that.

Jack and Jennifer ask Abby and Chelsea what they are doing there when they said they were going to the movies. Abby says it was sold out ... Chelsea cuts in and says we were only going to have one drink and leave. Jack says what kind of drinks. Bonnie brings them two root beers and tells them they are on the house. Abby tells her parents that she told Chelsea she could stay with them until Billie and Patrick get back from their trip out of town. She talks about having a slumber party. Chelsea isn’t enthused but Jen thinks it sounds like fun. LOL – Abby asks Jen if she could not be quite so ‘nosy’ (not the word she used) when Jen asks some questions. Jack and Jen have a quite moment talking about that. Jack says they will be their chaperones and they can stay a little later. Jack and Jen dance. He then asks Frankie to dance with Jen because he’s feeling a little dizzy and needs some air. Jen and Frankie dance – she tells him that she will really miss him. In the mean time Max gets into an altercation with a guy over one of the girls. The guy is kicked out because he’s drunk. Outside Jack bumps into the guy who is on his way back in. The guy drops a knife. Jack picks it up and they struggle for it.

There’s a lot more with three girls all over Max (sigh… I didn’t enjoy it…LOL). Chelsea is not happy. She thinks Max doesn’t take her seriously and that has why she has decided to give him her virginity tonight. Abby tells her she shouldn’t lose her virginity to an older guy like Patrick who won’t stay with her to Max, a guy she doesn’t really like. She tells her she should wait until she is in love. Abby tells her that she isn’t losing her virginity she’s giving it to Max – her choice, her decision. Jen seems like she overhears this but doesn’t (Frankie has gone to check on Jack). She just wants to know how they are doing. The girls with Max want him to choose which one he is going to go home with. He says he can’t so he will go home unless all three of them want to come with him. They argue and leave him. Chelsea makes her move and they start dancing with Max and she whispers in her eyes her plan for the night. Outside Frankie finds Jack in a pool of blood. Jack makes light of it. He got his palm cut by the knife – the same hand he burned. He tries to pass it off as nothing but Frankie wants to know why he was passed out. Jack says he faints at the sight of blood. Frankie insists on taking him to the hospital. Jack stops him and says they can’t do anything I’m dying. The following moments between Jack and Frankie were so powerful. Matt and Billie did a wonderful job. When Jack tells Frankie that Jen doesn’t know and he has to promise not to tell her. Jack then says he has something else he needs Frankie to do. He wants him to marry his wife after he dies. Oh my – both Jack and Frankie have tears in their eyes as Jack is asking him to be a good husband to Jen and a good father to Abigail and Jack Jr.

Phil and Belle were on… not going to go into much detail. They settle into married life and have a conversation about their friends Shawn and Mimi. Phil says he has a feeling that it won’t be long until they are dancing at Shawn and Mimi’s wedding. Belle drops her glass of water and it breaks. She doesn’t think that anything will ever happen between those two and she hopes Mimi doesn’t fall for Shawn because he well never love her. They will never be a couple. Phil tells her they both just lost the people they thought they would spend their lives with, they live together, they’re lonely – do the math. I got the impression that Belle didn’t like it when Phil talked about how Shawn and Mimi could adopt and then their kids could play together like they used to – I could be wrong though – that was just my impression.

Inside Shawn & Mimi’s place Mimi is sleeping on the couch dreaming about what Philip had been saying about her and Shawn – reminding her of how she told him that if Shawn and Belle didn’t get married. She wakes up to see Shawn standing before in wearing nothing but a towel, his gold chain and cross, five o’clock shadow and a smile. He asks her ‘Mimi, what did you do with my pants?” Mimi replies ‘huh?’ – Can’t say I blame her…LOL! He has to ask her a second time for his pants – she comes out of her daze and says ‘what about your pants?’ He tells her he thinks she is lying on them. She passes them to him saying her you all – all pressed. She asks him how he is because he looked pretty wrecked. He says yeah – I had that talk with her. The one where she tells me it’s over for good. He thanks her for the pants and goes to his room. Bonnie phones and urges Mimi to bring Shawn to Alice’s. She says you are both lonely yada, yada, yada – Mimi says Philip told her the same thing. Mimi and Shawn come out of their apartment as Belle taking garbage out – Phil is in their doorway. Belle asks them where the two of them are going. Mimi says we’re going to Alice’s for a drink if that’s okay with you. Shawn and Mimi get into the elevator and leave.

Really cute moment for Shawn and Mimi when they arrive at Alice’s. Shawn never thought a place like this would be named after his great grandmother. He says he’s sorry he knows her mom named it. Mimi says yeah it is her bar and she named it – but she is Bonnie Lockhart weirdo mother from hell but she does have a big heart. Shawn agrees. Mimi goes on to say – you don’t have to answer this but… Shawn goes oh gosh. Any time a woman starts a question like that the guy has to come up with something really fast and interesting. Mimi is kind of flustered and says you just called me a woman. Shawn says – yeah what else would I call you. She thinks it’s kind of weird because they’ve known each other since kindergarten. Shawn says so what – we’re older now and it’s just down hill from here? Mimi says it’s just that I know you would rather be here with Belle. Shawn stops her and says that is one ground rule I want to set up. I don’t want to talk about… Mimi says fine with me. They both say ‘do you want a drink’ at the same time. He asks her if wants a beer – she says not any of that imported stuff. He says okay American and English speaking. He is bringing the beers back when Bonnie waylays him and asks him if he would ask Mimi to dance because she’s been so down. He says he was going to do that anyway. Shawn asks Mimi if she wants to get on the dance floor. Shawn wonders if it is kind of weird dancing with him. She says it’s not that this place reminds her of Rex. He says it kind of reminds him of Belle. She says we’re quite a pair huh. She then says she is afraid that they’ll never be able to get over the ones that got away. He says I hear you and they hold each other a little closer.

Preview: Jack to Frankie – Don’t you get it? I asked you to make her fall in love with you. Frankie – I don’t know if I can promise that. Billie to Tony – What clue are you talking about? And if it didn’t come from you who did it come from? Answer me, damn it. Mimi to Shawn – If she was really going to dump Philip why did she take the risk of getting pregnant with his baby if she didn’t really love him. Philip to his wife – I know you don’t want Shawn back but it seems like you don’t want anyone else to have him either.


Tuesday Aug 16

Pat’s Spoilers

This has to be a very quick report tonight as I have plans for the evening.

Belle and Philip were on – didn’t pay the least bit of attention to them except for a couple of scenes at Alice’s. A replay of Phil being Shimi’s biggest cheerleader and Belle well being Belle and that’s all I have to say on that.

Chelsea – WTH??? At least Max had the sense to try and cool her down by telling her that Alice’s is not a sex club. Abby comes and tells her that her mother said it’s time to leave. Chelsea refuses to go. Max leaves them to argue about it. Bonnie flirts with him and now I have to say WTH – Max comes on to her??? Oh heck, he could have been just being polite for all I know – LOL! Bonnie tells him he can call her anytime, her number is in the book. She tells him there is a lot to be said for experience. Mimi is shocked and says Mom he’s young enough to be your son. Bonnie tells her it is just harmless flirting. Chelsea doesn’t want to argue with Abby and sends her back to ask her mom if they can stay a little longer. Chelsea and Max start dancing (at least I think that is what it was supposed to be). Abby comes back and says her mom had to go home because Jack Jr was fussy. They can stay a little longer but then Chelsea has to bring her home. Abby goes to find Jack to tell him that Jen has left. Chelsea is really pushing Max and when Max tells her that it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen tonight she tells him they have time – they can do it in her car. Max at least has the sense to tell her no. This is her first time and it should be romantic and special. When Abby comes back to ask Chelsea to take her home Chelsea whispers to Max to meet her at the Lockhart’s.

The Jack and Frankie scenes were so intense. I can’t say enough good things about Billy’s and Matt’s performances. There was so much dialogue between them. Jack is so passionate and fervent and Frankie is so conflicted and yet so moved by Jack’s pleas. I can’t possibly do all of that dialogue justice so I’m just going to touch on a few of the highlights. Frankie changes his mind and doesn’t think he can do what Jack wants. He will be there as a friend for Jen but it’s up to Jen to choose a husband not Jack. Jack tells Frankie that he thought he was a stand up guy that he could count on him. Frankie tells him he’s not the Jack he thought he knew. The Jack he knew would fight this thing and never give up. Jack tells him that all the second, third, fourth, fifth opinions, all the tests, the poking and the prodding – all say the same thing. He’s dying and he doesn’t have much time. Frankie wants him to tell Jen. Jack says I won’t and neither can you – you promised. Frankie doesn’t think it’s fair to keep it from Jen. Jack doesn’t think its fair for them to have to sit around and wait for him to die when they could be spending the time they have left making happy memories. He needs Jen kept safe from Patrick. Frankie says this is not so much about me being the right guy for Jen as it is Patrick being the wrong man for her. Jack says I know you will love her and that she will love you. Jack confesses that Frankie is the only man he’s ever been really jealous of because he was Jen’s first love. Frankie asks him if he believes that first loves are the only real loves. Jack says no but she loved you once and she could love you again. No matter how much Jack pleads with him Frankie just can’t agree to promising Jack that he will marry Jen. He’s upset with Jack for making him lie to Jen. At one point Abby interrupts them but she doesn’t overhear what they are talking about.

Tony’s Island: More of Tony taunting them about Georgia. More of Billie and Bo demanding to know who she is… Billie goes from pleading to demanding so quickly I think I suffered whiplash. More threats by Tony. He taunts them that they had the clue to her identity but even with ISA training and Salem PD training they were too stupid to see what was right in front of their faces. (I’m assuming he means the fact that Billie and Georgia share a rare blood type). He’s just about to tell them her name when they all here an explosion. Tony sends Bart out to investigate. Patrick glances at his wristwatch – I think that’s a clue that he set this all up. Bo asks Billie if she brought anyone else to the island. She says no just Patrick. Another explosion – this one rocks the house and debris starts falling. In the ensuing melee Bo and and Billie are able to disarm the guards. Hope hits Tony and tells him it’s over. Tony holds the gun to her head and tells them to drop their weapons. Bo won’t – he tells Tony there is only one bullet – if he pulls the trigger and it doesn’t fire he’s dead. Tony says but it could fire and Hope will be dead. Bo says so will you. More explosions. Tony pushes Hope out of the way and makes a run for it. Billie and Patrick go after him. Victor, Caroline, Bo and Hope get out of their cuffs and chains. Bo goes after Tony because he doesn’t think that Billie can handle both Patrick and Tony. Hope can’t believe she was so wrong about Patrick. Billie brings back Tony – but no sign of Bart. Bo brings in Patrick and says he’ll be going to jail with his boss.

Shawn & Mimi – just to clarify some of the discussion that went on this morning after reading one of the early spoiler reports. Mimi does NOT encourage Shawn to drink. In fact she asks him if he thinks he should be having another beer. And Shawn does NOT get drunk. He has two beers. They continue dancing. She’s thinking about Rex – he’s thinking about Belle. He tells her that he kissed Belle and she kissed him back. He really thought she was going to tell him that she was leaving Phil instead she tells him that it is over for good. They can never be together. Mimi is upset at Belle for leading Shawn on for months and months. Mimi doesn’t think Belle is happy so she doesn’t want them to be happy. Shawn says let’s not talk about Belle like that. Mimi can’t believe that he is still defending her after she broke his heart. Shawn tells Mimi that he knows that Belle still loves him and that he believes that she will leave Philip to be with him. She doesn’t love him. (Sigh…poor guy). Mimi asks him why if Belle had any intention of actually leaving Philip did she have unprotected sex with him and risk getting pregnant with his baby. Shawn says it could have been an accident. Nothing is 100% - Mimi should know that better than anyone. Mimi thanks him for bringing that up. Shawn is sorry. Mimi says this isn’t working. We shouldn’t have come here. Shawn says it will be fine – they need to relax – and they can do that by having another beer.

They go to the bar and they order – Shawn says 2 beers and whatever the lady wants. Mimi orders club soda. Bonnie tells Shawn that the drinks are on the house because he’s helping Mimi. Shawn says he doesn’t know how many he will have because if he drinks too much he ends up doing something stupid. Bonnie says that Mimi is drinking club soda. She will get home and into bed. Mr. and Mrs. Kiriakis arrive. I like how Philip reminded his wife when she got angry at Mimi for letting Shawn drink that Shawn is an adult and he makes his own choices. They come up to Belle and Mimi’s table and Philip says you don’t mind if we join you. Shawn says actually I do. We were having fun. He asks Mimi to dance and away they go. For a fraction of a second Shawn fantasizes that Belle is dancing with him. Belle ignores everyone and glares at Shawn and Mimi. Mimi gets a measure of enjoyment at seeing Belle suffer. She makes sure she kisses Shawn on the cheek. Phil goes to the men’s room and Bonnie gets her licks in with Belle as well. Bonnie thinks that Shawn and Mimi just may get married one day. Belle says they will never be a couple. Bonnie says you don’t see it because you don’t want to. Hmm… I think Bonnie and Philip might have to duke it out over that head Shimi cheerleader title. Shawn and Mimi are relaxed and having a good time by the time the episode comes to a close.

Preview: Sami to Lucas – Forget about Stan. Concentrate on us, on our wedding, on our future. Bo to all assembled (Patrick is tied to a chair) – The only thing that bothers me is that lunk-head is lying through his teeth again. Hope – He just might be telling the truth. Jack to Frankie – He’s going to take advantage of her when she’s at her most vulnerable. You don’t want that to happen. Marlena to John – I’m sure he couldn’t have forced me to be intimate with my ex-husband. Max and Chelsea in the pool kissing.


Wednesday Aug 17

Pat’s Spoilers

Another very quite report tonight as I have to pack for our trip. Woo Hoo – One more work day and I’m vacation.

Jack comes downstairs and thinks to himself that he has to make sure Jennifer is safe after he’s gone and Frankie is the man he trusts. Chelsea brings Abby home. Abby tries to convince Chelsea not to sleep with Max. Chelsea comments why not, the man I want is out of town with Billie Reed and Max is hot and a famous race car driver. Jack comes up and tells them its past curfew. Chelsea says she is eighteen, older than Abby… Jack reminds her that she is staying under his roof so he is responsible for her. He tells them to come inside and watch Alfred Hitchcock with him. Chelsea doesn’t have a clue who Alfred ‘Pitchfork’ is. Abby says they will come in and watch as long as makes some kettle corn. Jack goes inside to make popcorn. Chelsea leaves to be with Max.

Max runs into Frankie outside of Jack’s house. He tells Frankie he is going out on date with Chelsea. He decided to take Frankie’s advice. Frankie is pleased but then Frankie doesn’t know what Max’s plans are. Max says he intends on going slow and being gentle. Frankie says good because the girl has been through a lot and I don’t want you to do something you may regret. They get on the topic of Jen and Max puts down Jack. Frankie tells Max that Jack is the most decent guy he knows. Max says he wouldn’t say that about you if he knew you wanted to take his wife. Max leaves. Frankie says but he does want me to be with his wife. Jack ends up outside with Frankie and they talk some more. Frankie tells Jack that what he is doing isn’t right. Jack brings up Jen and Frankie’s past. Frankie tells him that was 20 years ago. Jack asks him if he can tell him that he doesn’t have feelings for Jen and that there isn’t a connection. Frankie admits the connection is there but they are different people now. He tells Jack that he will make sure that he is there for Jen and he will try and keep her safe. They talk about Jen’s innocence – how after everything that has happened to her she still believes that all people are basically good. Frankie says he could never replace Jack in Jen’s life because he was the love of her life. Jack says but I will be gone and she will have to move on. Frankie finally promises to at least try to make Jen love him.

Chelsea and Max go to the Lockhart’s. They kiss. Max says he wants to go for a swim. Chelsea says she doesn’t have her swimsuit. He says who needs them. He strips naked. Chelsea looks a little scared but when Max asks her what is wrong she tells him that she is just taking in the view. They kiss. She gets undressed rather hastily and her cell falls out of her pocket and dials Abby. Abby can hear what is going on. She realises Chelsea is going to do the deed. The phone goes dead.

Sami is sleeping and has a nightmare about Lucas finding out that she was Stan. She waits up and Lucas isn’t in bed. She finds him working on the laptop. He tells her that he finally figured out how to find Stan. He used to work for Tony so he was privy to passwords to access the DiMera mainframe. Sami tells him not to do it because Tony is dangerous and he’ll come after them. Lucas doesn’t think so. He’s been at this for hours and now he’s finally got access. Sami panics and pulls the plug. Lucas is angry. She tells him she did it because they’re finally so close to getting everything they wanted and she doesn’t want Tony coming after them. She tells him that he is obsessed with Stan. He says the guy sold us out to Tony and let Tony capture us and the guy is a traitor. Sami pleads with him to just focus on them, on their wedding and their future. Lucas agrees because all he wants is for Will and the two of them to be a family. Sami wants to practice for the wedding. He says you want to practice cutting the cake? She says no – she wants to practice her first dance as Samantha Roberts. She finds a slow song on the radio and they dance a bit and start kissing. The music is interrupted by a news bulletin stating that Tony DiMera has been captured by the CIA and ISA and is being brought to Salem. Lucas tells Sami he has to change and find out where Tony is being taken. He’ll get Tony to tell them where that bastard Stan is.

Dr. North and Marlena enter the cabin. Marlena is pleasantly surprised at the cabin’s atmosphere. She feels comfortable there. Alex teases her about expecting it not to have electricity or plumbing. She thanks him for bringing her here and hugs him. John comes in and sees Marlena in Alex’s arms. He drops the luggage loudly so they know he is there. Marlena thanks him for carrying it in for her. Alex says he will take it upstairs into the bedroom. John asks him how many bedrooms the cabin has. Alex says only one. John asks him where he will be sleeping. He says on the couch. It’s very comfortable. John has a gift for Marlena. She takes off the wrapping. She says a photo album. He says she always put their pictures into albums. This is just one of them. She opens it. He points out pictures of Belle and Sami and of the two of them. She says she has no memory of their marriage or children. She thinks that she is a woman of principle – John agrees. She says then our marriage and love couldn’t have been that strong or I won’t have slept with my ex-husband. John tries to explain the extraordinary circumstances (Alex is listening – he’s on the stairs). He mentions Tony DiMera and the DiMera name sounds familiar to her. John says first Stefano and then his son have tried for years to destroy their love. Marlena doesn’t think that Tony could have forced her to sleep with Roman. Alex makes sure they hear him come down the stairs. Marlena says she will go and unpack. Alex says he would like to have a session tonight if she is not too tired. She says she is fine. Alex says that means that John has to say goodnight. John is going to kiss Marlena but doesn’t. He gives her a card with a cell number and tells her to call whenever she wants. Alex walks him out. John wants Alex to do something that may be a bit unethical. John wants Marlena to remember that he is the man she loves. Alex says you want me to tip the scales in your favour and not Roman’s. Alex tells John not to worry. He will make sure that Marlena ends up with the right man. They shake hands. Marlena has turned on some music and when Alex comes in he has another ‘Roman/Marlena’ lovemaking flashback. He tells her it is time to put back the pieces of her life.

On the island Bo is gagging Patrick. Billie tells him that Patrick was on their side. Bo should be thanking him not tying him up. Billie says she has proof. She shows them her PDA. Patrick sent her message that he had set the explosives and that he had taken Bo to the compound so he could infiltrate it. Bo is not buying it. Bo asks Tony if Patrick was working for him all along. Tony says I knew how to find you didn’t I. Billie turns on Patrick. Patrick says he had to make it seem like he was still working for Tony to get inside the compound. The phone call Max overheard was from someone on the inside of Tony’s organization that thought Patrick was still loyal to Tony. Hope doesn’t know why he just couldn’t tell Billie or Bo instead of knocking Bo out. He says Billie would never have agreed to it and neither would have Bo. Bo calls him a lunkhead and says he’s lying again. Hope doesn’t think so. They agree not to argue about it. They untie Patrick. Billie demands that Tony tell them who Georgia is. He says he doesn’t feel like talking. Billie pulls out her gun and threatens to kill him. Tony says that is an empty threat because the information will die with him. Tony manipulates her to try and get into computer that is password protected. He gives her the password but all she has done is start a file transfer. All the files are wiped off the computer and downloaded to a server in a location they will never find. The computer than self-destructs. Billie shoots and Tony looks stunned. She doesn’t hit him she just wanted to scare him. Bo takes the gun away from her. The ISA show up to take Tony back to Salem. Billie says she is going with him. She will get him to tell them who Georgia is. Caroline and Victor didn’t think the day would ever come that they would be going home. Victor says before they know it they will be back to their regular lives normal lives. Bo and Hope kiss. Hope says they are finally safe. Bo isn’t so sure. They put one madman away and there’s always another to take his place. (Hmm… interesting that the scene cuts directly to Dr. North at that moment).

Previews: Nicole to Brady – Tell me you still have feelings for me. She kisses him. Mimi to Shawn (on the rooftop) – I’m sure there are a hundred women out there who would love to go out with you. Shawn – Oh, like who? Mimi – Like me, for one. Belle seeing Philip’s overturned wheelchair yelling Philip. Lucas confronting Tony in the Brady Pub (don’t know why Tony is there but that’s what it looked like) – Where’s Stan? Tony – Why don’t you ask Sami that question?


Thursday Aug 18

Janice’s Spoilers

Belle’s Loft: Belle & Phil/Shawn’s Loft: Shawn, Mimi, & Belle

Belle wheels Phil back into the loft and he tells her he had fun. He thinks that Shawn and Mimi did too. Belle has a flashback to seeing Mimi dancing with Shawn. Phil says he thinks something is going on between them. Belle gives him a strange look.

Mimi thanks Shawn for taking her out. He gets them both beers and tells her it was fun. Shawn asks her if she is still thinking of Rex. She nods and says just like he is still thinking of Belle. He admits that it didn’t help that Phil & Belle showed up at Alice’s. Mimi thinks he’s lucky that he at least got to say goodbye to Belle but he’s not so sure. She says that he’s a great guy and that she bets at least 100 women would love to go out with him. He asks her who and she

Belle tells Phil that she thinks Shawn and Mimi are just friends. Phil says that’s how they started out and look at them now...married and with a baby on the why can’t it happen for them?

Shawn looks at Mimi and don’t want to go out with me. She tells him to get over himself and that she just wants to go out with him as friends. He tells her that he knows that they are there for each other. Mimi says they can help each other get through this and turns on some music (very loud). They realize that the band is one they both love. Shawn spills beer on his shirt.

Phil hears the music from inside Belle’s loft and says it sounds like Shawn and Mimi are still having a good time. Belle wonders if they know what time it is...thinks they could wake up the whole building. Phil says there isn’t anyone in the building over 30 so they are probably still awake. Belle thinks it’s rude and decides to go over there and tell them to turn it down. She walks out and pounds on Shawn’s door. Shawn opens the door without his shirt on.

Belle apologizes to Shawn for interrupting his fun. He tells her they were just listening to a little music and explains about his shirt...Mimi is cleaning it in the sink...etc... Belle walks in yelling over the music and asking him if he doesn’t think it’s a little loud. Just as she turns it off, he He tells her they can keep it down and is glad she stopped by because he wanted to talk to her about something. She hopes it’s not about asking her to leave Phil again. He tells her no...might not like her decision but respects it. Belle is surprised. Shawn tells Belle that he hopes when they get past this that they can still be friends. She doesn’t look very happy and says...yeah...that would be nice. Mimi walks out with his shirt and says...oh look we have company...what are you doing here? Belle mentions the loud music. Mimi asks her if she is now the building police on top of everything else. Belle tells her she doesn’t want to argue with her. Shawn goes to put on his shirt. Belle goes to leave. Mimi stops her at the door and wants to know why she really came check on Shawn and her?

Phil is on their bed upstairs. He reaches for Belle’s sash? (not sure) and has a flashback to making love to her. Then he murmurs how much he wants to make love to her tonight.

Back in the hallway, Belle tells Mimi that she doesn’t know what she is talking about. Mimi tells her that she saw the way she was looking at them at the restaurant and knows she was jealous. Mimi can’t believe that Belle came over to spy on them. Belle says that’s crazy. Mimi tells her she’s afraid that they might get together but that Belle dumped Shawn so it’s none of her business what they do. Belle asks her if there is something actually going on. Mimi tells her that Shawn and her are just good friends and have been for most of their they can comfort each other. Belle tells her she happy for them. Mimi says...just as she is happy for her...Phil is a great guy...deserves to be happy. She tells Belle not to worry about Shawn because he is a big boy and will get over her. Then she slams the door closed in Belle’s face.

Shawn comes out and asks if Belle left. Mimi tells him yes. He thinks the party’s over now. Mimi doesn’t think they should let Belle spoil their fun and suggests that they take the CD into his room and listen to it where they won’t be bothering anyone. Shawn thinks it’s a great idea and grabs a few more beers to take with them.

Belle is talking to herself outside the loft. She says...okay...I made my choice...I chose Phil...and Shawn is free to be with whomever he wants. She goes into the loft and calls Phil’s name. She starts to panic when she can’t see him.

In Shawn’s bedroom, he turns the main light off and leaves a small one on. They are on the bed listing to the music but Mimi can’t stop thinking about Rex. Shawn tells her he knows how she feels. She says that at least they’re not completely alone and have each other. Shawn gives her a little smile.

Belle is screaming Phil’s name and runs upstairs. She sees him in bed and candles lit. Phil says...surprised?

Back in Shawn’s bedroom, Mimi asks him if he thinks she’ll ever get over Rex. Shawn makes her laugh when he says that it sucks having to pay Rex’s portion of the rent. They bet that he can/can’t make her laugh and he starts to tickle her....she ends up under him and they start to kiss. The camera scans to the vent.

Phil tells belle he was determined because it’s been too long. A subdued Belle tells him he could have hurt himself. He starts to kiss her and we get a split screen with him and Belle kissing and Shawn and Mimi kissing.

Brady Pub: Shawn Sr., Caroline, Victor, Bo, Hope, Roman, Kate, Sami, Lucas, Abe, Lexie, Celeste, Tony, Police officers

Roman comes into the pub and Shawn Sr. tells him a lot of people got the same message to meet Bo and Hope there. Kate walks up and says Billie called her to come. Shawn Sr. is happy to see her and hugs her. Roman tells him that they are separated and Shawn Sr. is surprised and sad. John and Lexie arrive back to back. He tells her that he is worried about leaving Marlena with Dr. North. Lexie sees Abe walk in with Celeste. They tell her they got the same message to come. Celeste has a premonition that evil has returned to Salem. She says evil is right outside the door.

Outside the pub, Sami and Lucas walk up. He tells her he won’t rest until Stan is locked up as well as Tony. Lucas goes to phone Billie. Sami tells herself that she has to find a way to keep Lucas and Tony apart. Bo, Hope, and the policemen walk up with Tony. Tony asks Sami if she isn’t going to welcome him back to Salem.

Bo tells Sami that the ISA released Tony into their custody. Tony looks at Sami and tells everyone that he’s not the only one guilty of inflicting pain...he had help. They all go inside.

Patrick and Billie walk up to the pub. He thinks he should go home but she convinces him to stay for her. She tells him she is sorry she doubted him.

They bring Tony inside and Roman can’t believe it. Tony sees Abe and calls him his dear brother-in-law. He tells Abe that its good to see him but that its too bad Abe can’t say the same...the Phoenix has risen. John walks up and says he’s waited a long time for this “Tony Bro.” He tells Tony that he is going to tear him apart with his two hands. Bo holds him back. Tony tells John that he especially had a great time tearing John’s family pay him back for what he did all those years ago to him and Kristen. He tells John that he stole the only woman Tony ever loves and then discarded her. Tony smiles and says he understands that John’s precious Marlena was unfaithful to him with her ex-husband. John goes to attack him again but Bo stops him once more. Kate tells John to let it go.

Bo goes up to Shawn Sr. and Roman and tells them he has a surprise. Caroline and Victor walk in and Shawn Sr. is beside himself with happiness. John welcomes Victor home and tells him that Brady and Philip will be glad to see he’s alive. Victor wonders if his wife will.

Abe walks up to Tony with his white cane saying...where is that bastard? Dimera! Dimera! He tells him that it’s his fault that he’s blind...Tony did something to him on the island. Tony cruelly tells Abe that the only reason he’s blind is because he can’t see right in front of his face...the life he left behind in Salem isn’t the one he returned sister is too young to be tied down to the likes of you! You must know you’re a burden to her now! Lexie slaps Tony hard and calls him a bastard...she yells at him not to talk to her husband like that. Abe says its okay but Lexie asks to be alone with Tony. Abe and Celeste walk away. Tony tells her he must have struck a nerve. She tells him that he is a worse monster than even Stefano because Stefano never turned his back on family. She tells Tony she hopes he burns in hell and leaves.

Tony says...Next! He tells Lucas that it was a nasty business...that skirmish in the warzone. Lucas accuses him of trying to kill his brother. Sami tries to stop Lucas from continuing. Lucas wants to know where Stan is. Tony asks him why he doesn’t ask Sami that question.

Roman tells Billie that she will have to wait until tomorrow to question Tony about Georgia. Patrick offers to take Billie home.

Victor asks Caroline if everything is okay. She tells him it’s wonderful to be home. He says that he is going home to take care of a few things. Victor tells her he’ll miss her and that she will always be a part of his family. Shawn Sr. thanks Victor for taking care of his wife. Victor tells him that she missed him and their children. Shawn Sr. offers to buy him a glass of Irish whiskey but he says no and leaves.

Outside, Victor sees Kate. Kate tells him about Phil’s injury and marriage to Belle. Victor promises to make Tony pay. He leaves and Kate the same way I will make Sami pay.

Back inside, Lucas wants to know how Sami could know about Stan. Tony tells him that they are rather alike...both master manipulators...could almost be the same person. He asks Sami what she thinks. Lucas insists that Tony tell him where Stan is. Tony is smiling and asks Sami what she thinks. Roman walks up and tells Tony it’s time to go...has a nice cell waiting for him.

Shawn Sr. thanks Bo and Hope for making him the happiest man alive. Bo says he’s pretty happy himself and they all hug.

Kate tells John that she hopes Tony pays for what he’s done. John is worried about Marlena. They hug and he leaves. Kate says...oh might have already lost Marlena to Roman.

Sami wants to leave but Lucas wants to know what Tony meant about Stan. Sami tells him...just mind games. She’s worried that Tony will do more to hurt them. They hug. Kate is watching in the background and softly says...Sami sure seems shaken up...if only I could prove she’s up to something.

Outside the pub, Tony’s goodbyes are cut off by Roman. Lexie turns to Abe and says that there are no more Dimeras to hurt them. Abe says the damage has already been done and she looks at him with a worried look.

Lockhart house/pool: Chelsea, Max...later Patrick & Billie

Chelsea and Max are making out in the pool. She asks him to make love to her. Then she tells him to stop because he doesn’t have any protection. Max tells her he’ll go for a condom and be right back. He has a flashback to Frankie telling him not to do something he’ll regret, but he ignores it.

Chelsea tells Max she’s getting cold and they should go inside to her bedroom. He asks her if she is sure she wants to do this. She tells him it’s just cold out and they can be more comfortable inside. They get out of the pool.

Patrick and Billie arrive. Billie tells him that Chelsea is home safe and sound because her car is parked outside. Then she says oh my god and picks up the condom wrapper. We see Chelsea and Max kissing on her bed. Patrick and Billie walk into the doorway of Chelsea’s bedroom.

Kiriakis Mansion: Brady, Nicole...later Victor

Nicole is sitting at the computer with a martini glass in her hand. She says that if she is losing Brady they she will be paid for her trouble...better make it 20 million to be safe...when the widow Kiriakis leaves...she will leave in style. Brady comes up behind her and tells her to guess again.

Brady tells Nicole that he just got a call from the bank that a large amount of money was being transferred to the Cayman Islands. She admits it and says she deserves it. He tells her she doesn’t deserve a dime. Nicole thinks she should be compensated for services rendered and reminds Brady that she is the widow Kiriakis and heir to his fortune...she earned every last penny for putting up with the old man. She is going to take the money and go far away to try and take care of her broken heart.

Brady tells her that he never meant to hurt her but she kept the truth about Chloe from him. She tells him that Chloe never wanted him to know. Nicole is arguing with him now. She wants him to understand how much she loved him...he was the only one who had the power to change her for the better...he defended her. She tells him that she knows he loves Chloe but he must feel something for her too. Nicole touches Brady’s heart and they start to kiss.

Brady pulls away from her. He tells her that a part of him will always love her but that was a goodbye kiss...and that he has informed Henderson that she is moving out. Nicole goes ballistic and tells him she’s not going anywhere...she is Vic’s widow and entitled to live in the house and spend his money...she’s not going to let his idiot grandson tell her what to do! Brady starts laughing and asks her to tell him how she really feels. He tells her she’s out of there. Nicole says in that case she’s taking all the money. He tells her that if she stills from Victor and his family then Victor will make her regret it.

Nicole is sure Victor is dead. Brady asks her if she’s willing to take that chance. She tells him she’s willing to bet 20 million that Brady’s evil grandfather is as dead as the Macarena. Victor appears and tells her that that is a bet she would lose. Brady runs to him and hugs him while Nicole looks


Marlena asks Alex if they share a past.

Victor tells Nicole he’s been waiting a long time to do this. He starts to choke her neck.

Mimi (didn’t get the beginning) says to Shawn...thing is, you never thought twice about me, did you?

Chelsea tells Max she wants him to make love to her.

Billie asks Patrick what he means. He asks her about whether Chelsea is really Georgia.


Friday Aug 19

Janice’s Spoilers

Note: It was actually a good show today from start to finish!

Shawn’s Loft: Shawn, Mimi

Shawn and Mimi are kissing on the bed. They both pull back. Mimi apologizes and says she doesn’t want to go there...she’s really confused right now. Shawn says they both are. She tells him she still misses and loves Rex and she knows that he’s still in love with Belle. Mimi wonders if they will ever get over this and be able to move on.

Mimi says she can’t stop thinking about Rex. Shawn tells her he knows exactly what she means. She thinks that he at least is better off without Belle but he tells her not to talk like that. Mimi apologizes...hates being angry with Belle...misses her...but it’s not like what he’s feeling. She tells him she can’t ever forgive Belle...she lost the love of her life and Belle (her best friend) all at the same time...the two people she could count on.

Shawn tells her that she can count on him. Mimi goes on about the four of them being best friends forever and wonders how everything could change so fast. She apologizes again for mentioning Belle’s name but she’s the whole reason they are friends. She starts to talk about high school...Shawn doesn’t want to go there but she’s determined. Mimi tells Shawn she has a confession to make...before she fell in love with Rex...she was really hung up on Shawn...wasn’t exactly world’s biggest secret. Then she says.... “Thing never thought twice about me did you?”

Shawn tells offense...she was a cute to tease...but he never looked at her in that romantic way. Mimi tells him to forget she asked. He says she was/is a beautiful’s just that there was... Mimi answers “Belle.” He agrees and talks about all the years he and Belle thought about getting married and having a family. He can’t even think about a future without thinking of would be one thing if they didn’t still love each other, but its so hard to accept that Belle is going to spend the rest of her life with his best friend and that they are having a child together... Shawn says that he’s supposed to just forget that he and Belle loved each other. He tells Mimi that he doesn’t want to lead her on, but there will never be another Belle for him...he won’t let himself ever be that vulnerable again. Mimi tells him she completely understands...loved Rex so much... has a hole in her heart she doesn’t think she’ll ever be able to fill. Shawn tells her that it sucks that they have to go through this. She thinks that at least they can be there for each other as friends. Mimi gets teary and tells him that she’s grateful to have him as her friend because Belle was her best friend and now she’s lost Rex. She doesn’t know what she would do if she ever lost him. They hug.

Mimi apologizes to Shawn for getting so emotional. He tells her that he will never be friends with Phil again and Belle... Mimi goes on a Belle rant and finishes his sentence... she hates Belle for what she has done to them...she’s the reason Mimi lost Rex... yada ... yada... Belle broke Shawn’s heart...and they are both miserable because of Belle. He tells her that it doesn’t do either of them any good to blame Belle. Mimi counters that it doesn’t do him any good to keep defending Belle. He says that he has to take some responsibility here...if he hadn’t been such a jerk, she would never have married Phil. Mimi doesn’t by that...more ranting... He asks that they don’t talk about it’s time for them to move’s got to get easier. They groans coming from the vent. Shawn looks devastated.

Mimi gets talkative and tells him it’s got to be killing him...Belle being right across the hall. Shawn tells her she doesn’t have to remind him. Mimi goes on about...could the walls be any thinner. Shawn is very upset and thinks he’s all alone now. Mimi tells him he isn’t...he has her as a friend...misery loves company. She hugs a distraught Shawn.

Mountain Cabin: Alex & Marlena

Alex and Marlena are seated at the dinner table. She is amazed at how lovely it all is and can’t believe he cooked it all...feels like she’s on an exclusive vacation with a renowned psychiatrist who is doubling as a gourmet cook. Marlena can’t believe that he made her favorite foods and remembers that she hasn’t had them in years. She asks Alex if his therapy is working and if she is getting her memory back.

Alex asks Marlena how much she remembers. She tells him she doesn’t remember John or Roman or her family, but looks at the food and thinks there is something very familiar about it. She wants to know how he knew to make these dishes for her. Alex wants her to call him by his first name and calls her Doc. Marlena has a flashback to them having a candlelight dinner years ago. She asks Alex if they have a they share a past.

Alex tells Marlena that not only has he read her complete medical history, but he has talked with her nearest and dearest so he could learn as much as he could about her. Marlena finds it all a bit unsettling but admits to feeling very warm and happy. She thinks she must have been much loved and secure in her past. She adds that she only felt anxiety around Roman and John. Alex tells her that that is why he brought her to the cabin. He touches her cold hand and decides to light the fire.

Alex keeps calling Marlena “Doc” to breakdown her barriers. He pours to flutes of wine and toasts her. She has another flashback of them doing something similar years back. They stand by the fire and Marlena asks Alex why she remembers him and nobody else. He tells her that’s the way it should be... She keeps remembering having moments like this but they are moments she spent with Alex. How is that possible? He tells her that she’s transferring and projecting her memories on him. He asks if she trusts him and she says yes, so he tells her not to fight having the memories.

Alex tells Marlena that it’s time for bed. They blow out the candles together and we get another flashback to them doing the same and then kissing in bed. He asks her what she is remembering and Marlena runs upstairs crying.

Kiriakis Mansion: Victor, Brady, and Nicole

A white-faced Nicole can’t believe Victor is alive. Brady says it’s a miracle. Victor tells him it’s great to see him. Nicole wonders why Tony didn’t kill them all. Brady tells his grandfather that he prayed that he would return. Victor is looking at Nicole as he tells him that it must have been a very powerful prayer because someone else wanted the very opposite. He tells Nicole that he has been waiting for this moment for a long time to be reunited with his she will get what she so richly deserves.

Nicole backs away and says she doesn’t want to interrupt their reunion. He tells Brady that she is a cold-blooded murderer and that he has enough evidence in the safe to put her away forever. Nicole says it’s a lie. Brady wishes he could have seen it. Victor tells him about how Jan tried to electrocute him in the bath under Nicole’s orders. He says they can get Jan to tell the truth. Brady explains that Jan is in a persistent vegetative state. Brady is angry that he defended her and gave her an alibi. Victor attacks Nicole.

Brady pulls Victor away. Victor says he doesn’t want to see Nicole go to jail...she isn’t worth it. Brady asks her if this is how she wanted to get out of her marriage to Victor. She rags on them by saying that Victor is evil and repulsive and she couldn’t live with the thought of every sleeping with him again. Brady apologizes to Victor for sleeping with her. He didn’t realize Victor was alive. Victor doesn’t blame Brady and says he will never forgive Nicole for going after his grandson. Brady explains about how Nicole was trying to transfer all that money to the Cayman Islands. She starts to panic. Victor tells Nicole to get out before he changes his mind and goes for his gun. She wants to know what she will do without any takes a cue from Gone With the Wind and says...Frankly my dear...I don’t give a damn! She looks shocked.

Brady takes her outside. She begs him not to reject her as well. He tells her that he doesn’t want anything more to do with her and to leave. Nicole is crying now and goes. Brady goes back inside and hugs his grandfather, telling him he’s happy he’s home. Nicole is lurking outside and swears to get revenge on Victor and the rest of them.

Lockhart Home: Patrick, Billie, Max, and Chelsea

Billie and Patrick are standing in the doorway. Billie shouts “stop! Get your hands off her!” She asks them what the hell they are doing. Chelsea is angry and sarcastic (I thought the actress did a good job today) and turns the question around, saying...what the hell do you think we’re doing...we’re having sex! Max informs them that they haven’t actually done anything yet. Chelsea asks Billie why she cares so much. She yells at her to get out...doesn’t want to have anything to do with her ever...she’s not her mom and she doesn’t need a surrogate mom.

Max argues that they are both consenting adults. Patrick tells him to shut up. He tells him that this is his fault and that next time he’ll carry him out on a stretcher. Chelsea continues to rag on Billie. She thinks that Billie is using her to get over losing Georgia and that Georgia is lucky Billie never found her. Billie runs out upset. Patrick goes after her.

Chelsea thinks she made Patrick jealous. Max tells her he’s only interested in Billie. He’s mad that she used him. He defends Billie to her, comparing what Billie has done to how the Brady family and Frankie took him in. Chelsea cozies up behind him, undoes her robe and leans against his back. She wants him to make love to her and they start to kiss again. In the next scene we see them back on the bed. Max remembers Frankie’s advice about being in love before having sex. He tells Chelsea that he wants to get to know her first. Chelsea climbs out of bed. She tells Max that all she wanted from him was sex. She wants love from Patrick.

Billie is crying by the pool when Patrick finds her. He tries to comfort her by saying that Chelsea was embarrassed and that she shouldn’t take it personally. Billie defends Chelsea but feels as if a knife has been stabbed through her heart. Patrick talks to her about something that Chelsea said about Georgia. He thinks that part is true...that Billie is trying to replace her with her daughter. Billie balks at the idea but slips in Georgia’s name by mistake. She wonders if she really is responsible for ruining her daughter’s life. Patrick holds her as she cries.

Patrick asks her about Tony’s comment that Georgia was actually living in Salem. He thinks there might be a very good reason that Billie is feeling the way she is. He wonders if Chelsea is really Georgia after all.


Sami is talking to herself. She vows that if “he” comes between her and Lucas that she’ll just have to kill him.

Billie calls Tony a bastard and demands that he tell her who “she” is.

John is worried and asks Kate what will happen if Marlena remembers being in love with Roman but nothing else.

Marlena tells Alex that she remembers being in love with him. He tells her that she can start by taking her clothes off. Marlena is shocked and says “what???”


Monday Aug 22

Janice’s Spoilers

Brady Pub: Caroline, John, Kate, Nicole

We see John having his breakfast there. Caroline is back at work. We see her snub Kate when then other woman walks in to sit with John. The topic of the day is Sami and Lucas. John thinks that Sami will make a mess of things. Kate talks about missing Rex. Then she mentions Roman yearning for Marlena. The subject of Marlena’s memory comes up. John thinks she’ll get better. Kate tells him that Marlena is lucky to have him. He’s afraid of just what she will remember and that she might come back a different person.

Caroline keeps a watch on them from afar. Kate tells John that she thinks Roman is still in love with Marlena and that maybe he just settled for her. John tells Kate that she’s one hell of a woman and offers to help.

Nicole is sitting at the bar drinking a Bloody Mary. Kate sees her and goes over. Roman comes in and Kate and him go at it about her being at the pub. Nicole makes a rude comment to Caroline about Victor. She tries to pays for her food to go and drink. Caroline tells her that her card declined and gets in a rude comment of her own...Victor is no longer paying Nicole’s Of course Miss Kate offers to pay for her. Nicole wonders if she’ll regret letting Kate pay for her...wonders what she wants.

They sit down together at a booth and Kate wants to give her the change to put Sami’s head on a platter. Roman is with John now and talking about Marlena. They are ragging on each other and Roman accuses John of other reasons for giving into Dr. North’s plans. He doesn’t trust the doctor.
Kate tries to get Nicole to say what she knows. She pulls out a bundle of money and Nicole grabs it. Nicole tells Kate that she is sworn to secrecy but that the most evil man in Salem can help her. Nicole gets her takeout food and goes. Kate realizes she was talking about Tony.

Caroline comes running over to break up John and Roman’s fight. She tells them both that there is no use fighting because whatever happens with Marlena is out of their hands. They both accept that. Roman admits to being upset since his marriage broke up. John says that they don’t have any choice but to trust Dr. North.

Sami’s Apartment: Sami, Lucas

Sami is by herself...praying that she and Lucas will finally be together. He comes in and asks her what’s wrong. She hides her wedding dress from him and jokes about how many times she’s almost made it down the aisle. Lucas has to go for a tux measurement but reassures her that they will be happy...especially when Stan is captured. After he’s gone, Sami is worried again.

Roman comes in and also wants to know what’s bothering her. Sami tells him that she’s nervous. Roman is sure that everything will work out alright...that is as long as she isn’t hiding He saw how jumpy she was with Tony and wants to know if there’s something she wants to tell him.

Sami tells her dad that at the very beginning Tony tried to get her to help him. Even though he promised to get her mom and dad back together, she told him no. She tells Roman that Tony will probably lie about her. Roman tells her that he hasn’t yet. She looks reassured. Roman takes off and once again Miss Sami is fretting. She threatens to kill anybody who gets in her way.

Lucas runs in to Nicole while he’s out and rags on her about Victor evicting her. Nicole starts talking about Sami but he tells her he’s happy and their future is bright. She’s willing to give him information about Sami and asks him what its worth to him. We get a flashback of Nicole fighting with Sami). Nicole tells Lucas that Sami won’t ever change and that Kate might be right about her. He isn’t interested and walks away just as Nicole is complaining that she needs a drink and goes back into the pub.

Back at Sami’s...Lucas comes back and is disappointed because Billie told him that Tony hasn’t spilled his guts yet. He’s sure that Tony will talk about Stan at some point. Sami quickly changes the topic by kissing him. He lifts her up in his arms and carries a worried Sami into their bedroom.

Lockhart House: Billie, Chelsea, Patrick

Billie tries to wake Chelsea up. Chelsea smart mouths her and says that she doesn’t have any guys hiding under the covers. Billie tries to talk to her but Chelsea isn’t interested... slamming of doors. Patrick reminds Billie that Chelsea could really be Georgia. Billie tells him that the Benson’s affairs were handled by Mickey and nothing was said at the time about Chelsea being adopted. He talks about how they both have the same rare blood type.
Billie decides to go and do some sleuthing and leaves. (Okay, here is where it gets a bit too much for me...sigh...) Patrick plays pool boy and is in cleaning mode when Miss Chelsea appears complete with miniscule bikini, flirtatious attitude, and Billie rant. She asks Patrick if he’s in love with Billie. Patrick simply says that they are the same age. Chelsea doesn’t give up and asks whether Billie being ISA doesn’t bother him because of past. Then she goes in for the kill...she’s much better suited for him because she also doesn’t play by the rules...starts to kiss him. Patrick seems to be into it but who knows...grrr...maybe he’s just caught unawares???

Salem PD: Billie, Tony

Billie goes to see Tony at the police station. He tells her that he’s been expecting her. She asks for the truth and tells him she won’t go until she gets it. She wants to know who Georgia really is. Just like that, he admits that Chelsea is Georgia.

Mountain Cabin: Marlena & Dr. Alex North
Marlena wakes up to find Alex watching her. It makes her a little nervous. He tells her that he has breakfast ready. She apologizes for the way she acted the night before. Alex asks her if she wants to talk about it. Marlena has a flashback with him in it. She tells him that she remembers being in love with him as well as kissing him. She asks him again whether they have a past together. Alex reminds her about feeling transference and tells her that she should just go with the flow.

Marlena wants to know if she is remembering her love for John or for Roman. Alex tells her that it could be someone else. They have breakfast and she sees the flowers, thinking they might be her favorite. Alex wants her to trust him and then he asks her to take off her clothes. The look of her face is He explains that a long hot bath is just what the doctor ordered. While in the tub, Marlena has another flashback of taking a bath with Alex. He’s outside her door murmuring that this is working out better than he thought.

Afterwards, the doctor tells his patient that she looks nice and relaxed and wants to know if she remembers anything else. Marlena goes over to him and starts to kiss him, telling him that she remembers doing it.


Chelsea tells Hope: “If I were you, I would be more focused on my own husband. For all you know, Bo could be cheating on you right now. Do you even know where he is?

Bo tells Billie: “If it is true that Chelsea is our daughter and he touches her again...he’s a dead man!”

Alex tells Marlena: “You are not a terrible person.” Marlena is in tears: “What must you think of me? I feel like a cheap whore!”


Tuesday Aug 23

Janice’s Spoilers

Note: Both Kristian and Deidre were amazing today.

Also, JJ probably won’t be posting caps tonight.

Lockhart House: Patrick, Hope, Bo, Chelsea

Patrick and Chelsea are kissing when Bo and Hope walk in on them. Bo goes ballistic and tells Patrick to get his hands off of her. Patrick tries to explain that it’s not what it looks like but Bo punches him in the jaw.

Hope steps between both men and yells at them to stop it. She wants Bo to give Patrick a chance to explain, but Bo just calls him a low-life scum who is trying to take advantage. Patrick admits to kissing Chelsea. Bo thinks it’s close to statutory rape. Chelsea finally speaks up at reminds them that she’s eighteen. Patrick tells Bo that he’s jumping to the wrong conclusions.

Hope pulls Chelsea aside to talk. She wants Chelsea to admit that Patrick wasn’t coming on to her and asks her to tell the truth. Chelsea doesn’t want to talk about it and leaves. Patrick wants to follow Chelsea to make sure she’s okay. Bo stops him and suggests that Hope go instead. Hope is onto Chelsea’s game big time and tells Bo that Chelsea is okay...just embarrassed. Bo is shocked that she isn’t defending Chelsea and goes after the younger girl himself. Hope turns to Patrick and tells him that she has a pretty good idea of what went on.

Bo tells Chelsea that he’s sorry for what happened to her. She tells him its no big deal. Bo rags on Patrick, saying he’s dangerous and could hurt her. Hope wants Patrick to admit that Chelsea kissed him and not the other way around. Patrick is trying to protect Chelsea and doesn’t want to talk about it. Hope tells him that Chelsea is a manipulator and schemer. He wants her to understand that she has problems and is just acting out. She warns him that Chelsea has big problems and could create even bigger ones for him if he doesn’t pay attention.

Patrick continues to defend Chelsea. Hope thinks it was a mistake to let her move into the house. He thinks that with Billie there it will be okay. They go to get more ice for his bruised jaw. Bo tries to sympathize with Chelsea because of the rough year she has had. He continues to badmouth Patrick. Chelsea tells him that Patrick wasn’t taking advantage of her but Bo doesn’t believe it. His cell phone rings and its Billie asking him to meet her right away (see police station below) at the pub. Bo asks Chelsea to tell Hope he had an emergency and had to leave. Chelsea mumbles to herself that Billie has him jumping through hoops too.

Hope finds Chelsea no worse for wear and applying her lipstick. She tells the younger girl that she doesn’t seem too upset by what happened...that she knows the truth...and to save her innocent little girl routine for someone else. She tells Chelsea that she’s very lucky that Patrick is such a decent guy and that lots of other men would take advantage of her. Chelsea looks at her sullenly and tells her she’s not stupid. Hope tells her to stop acting like it then. The younger girl doesn’t believe that Hope is really worried about her. She wants to be left alone.

Hope tells her that she’s not picking on her and mentions the hard time Chelsea had with losing her parents. She doesn’t think that Chelsea’s parents would approve of how their daughter is behaving. Chelsea gets angry and calls Hope and Billie old witches. She tells Hope to go to hell. Hope says...I’m sorry...what did you say? LOL. Chelsea tells Hope that she should be more focused on her husband, because for all Hope knows, Bo could be cheating on her right now. She asks if Hope even knows where he is.

Hope tells Chelsea to just tell her. Chelsea embellishes Bo’s message and tells Hope that as soon as Billie called, he couldn’t wait to run off to her. Patrick comes outside and then we get a flashback of him and Hope in the kitchen while she attends to his wound. Hope is telling him that he’s always treated her fairly. He reminds her that they both looked after each other on the island and that he wouldn’t have made it back in one piece without her. Then we see him remembering them on the island with Hope taking off a few clothes and climbing under the blankets with Patrick to keep him warm and he starts to kiss her.

Back in the present, Chelsea tells Hope to go and save her marriage. She starts ragging on Billie. Hope realizes how much Chelsea doesn’t like Billie and comments on how much Billie has done for the younger girl. Chelsea thinks that Billie used her just to get closer to Patrick. She also tells Hope that she thinks Billie still wants Bo.

Police Station: Billie, Kate, ISA Agent, Guard

Kate is talking to herself and says that if Nicole is to be believed, Tony has the answers she needs. She is determined to break up Sami and Lucas and goes up to the guard to see if she can get in to see Tony. Billie comes out in shock. They both are surprised to see each other. Kate tells her daughter that she looks like she just saw a ghost. Billie tells her mom about Tony saying Chelsea Bentley might be her and Bo’s daughter. Kate wants to know why Tony would give her that information. Billie admits that he didn’t give her any proof. Kate starts in on her dream for Billie and Bo to be a family again.

Billie talks about saving Chelsea’s life with her rare blood match and thinks it might be possible. But she wants her mom to give it a rest as far as she and Bo are concerned. Billie goes to call Bo.

When an ISA Agent won’t give Kate the time of day, she calls John...who calls Shane Donovan...who gets her clearance to see Tony for 10 minutes.

Brady Pub: Caroline, Bo, Billie

Bo comes in and surprises Caroline. He asks her how she is, but Caroline can tell he’s not listening. He admits to being there to meet Billie. Caroline asks him if he told Hope. She reminds him that Hope has a right to no...talks about the pit fiasco and warns him to keep his distance with Billie. (Loved Caroline today).

Bo and Billie sit across from each other in a booth. She tells him her news. He thinks that Chelsea is pretty messed up at the moment and tells her about Patrick. Billie is shocked but refused to believe that it was Patrick’s fault. She tells Bo about Chelsea’s crush on Patrick...about the shower scene, etc... Bo accuses Billie of calling Chelsea a Lolita, but she’s positive that Chelsea made the first move. Bo continues to rag on Patrick, saying that he’s a dead man if he touches her again.

Billie doesn’t think Chelsea was the victim here. She’s upset that Bo didn’t ask Patrick for his side of the story. Caroline overhears them talking about Chelsea possibly being their daughter and upsets the tray she’s carrying. Bo helps her clean it up and Caroline tells him that she wants him to find his daughter but asks how Hope feels about it. He promises to tell Hope everything, and goes back to Billie. Billie suggests that they don’t tell Chelsea until they know for sure. He tells her that he knows how to find out and they leave together. Caroline just shakes her

Mountain Cabin: Alex & Marlena

Alex and Marlena are kissing passionately and fall back on the bed. He pulls back and tells her he’s sorry but they can’t do this. She is distraught, apologizes to him and runs off. Marlena is crying. Alex comes up to her but she asks him to leave her alone. He tells her he can’t when she’s so upset. She tells him that she’s confused...a married woman, and wants to know why she was kissing him. Alex thinks she’s blowing it out of proportion. Marlena tells him that she knows she cheated on her husband and that she was pregnant by her ex-husband.

Alex wants to know if she is remembering this by herself. She tells him no but that she’s been told it over and over and asks him if she’s a terrible person. He tells her she isn’t but she says that she feels like a cheap whore. Alex tells Marlena that he wants her to feel safe there. She tells him she does and hugs him. Then she tells him that she is ashamed and feels like a tramp. Alex won’t let her call herself names. They sit down and he has his files on her with him.

Alex tells Marlena that if she knew more about herself then she wouldn’t be so hard on herself. He explains about her difficult life...including all her traumas...held captive by Tony...chained to pregnant...kidnapped other times...taken to lab... impregnated with another woman’s eggs...gave birth to Rex and Cassie...all done by the Dimeras. Marlena doesn’t want to hear anymore. He thinks that her amnesia could be her mind’s way of saying it needs a rest from the pain.

Marlena wants to know why she is drawn to him...did they have a relationship? Did she know him in the past? Then she gets paranoid and asks whether Alex works for Dimera. She backtracks a moment later and reneges on that accusation. Alex asks her not to let her paranoid thoughts upset her. He tells her it’s only natural that she would reach out to him because she doesn’t associate him with any of the negative things that have happened in her life. She tells him she has a confession to make. She admits to having memory flashes to kissing and making love to him. He tells her its just transference and not unusual but that those feelings seem to be disturbing her.

Alex reassures Marlena that she’s not being unfaithful. She admits to not wanting to go back to Salem...doesn’t care if she sees her family and friends ever’s so peaceful at the cabin...feels so safe with Alex. He tells her that’s not bad. She thanks him and hugs him again. We hear Alex thinking...that’s exactly what he was counting on.

Chloe tells Brady that she’s made up her mind. She can’t marry him looking like she does at the moment.

Abby tells Chelsea that Billie has been like a mother to her ever since her parents died. An angry Chelsea replies that the bitch could never be her mother.

Jennifer tells Frankie and Jack that she thinks it’s wonderful that Frankie is going to be staying in town, but she has a pretty good idea what changed Frankie’s mind and he should be ashamed of himself.

Sami’s phone rings and its Tony. She asks him what he wants and he tells her he needs to see her. Lucas is standing by her side and asks Sami who it is.


Wednesday Aug 24

Janice’s Spoilers

Isabella’s Cottage: Brady & Chloe

Chloe is looking in a mirror again. She tells herself that it isn’t going to be easy but she knows what has to be done. Brady comes in from a run with the mail. He tells her that they got a lot of RSVPs. She tells him that he’s being selfless in agreeing to give up a job he loves just for her....she can’t let him do that...especially now that his grandfather is back and will need him more than ever.
Brady tells her that he loves her more than his job.

She doesn’t think he should be saddled with a wife that looks like her and says she can’t marry him. Brady wants to know how many times they have to go through this...he loves her...wants to marry her... and it would kill him to lose her again. Chloe agrees to marry him and they kiss.

She tells him that she really hopes the antibiotics help her infection. Brady reminds her not to remove the bandage on her cheek. When he’s not around she does remove it. Her hair is pulled forward so we don’t see it and she is crying. Brady comes back and Chloe tells him that the scar is all red and inflamed and looks worse than it did before. He tries to calm her down and restore her confidence. He tells her how he sees her...without scars and beautiful (I’m sorry but the idea that no one could possibly love you if you’re scarred really upsets me).

Lockhart House: Abby & Chelsea

Abby comes over at Chelsea’s insistence. Chelsea tells her that she has to get rid of Billie Read. She doesn’t need Billie dead...just out of the house so she and Patrick can finally have it all to themselves. She doesn’t want that ‘over the hill tramp’ interfering in her life. Abby defends Billie but Chelsea gets mad (not going into it) and doesn’t want Abby ever mentioning Billie and her mother in the same breath ever again.

Abby reminds Chelsea that Billie saved her life and gave her a place to live. Chelsea counters that all Billie did was butt into her life and that it was Patrick that gave her a home. She wants to convince Patrick to kick Billie out on the street where she belongs so they can be together. Abby tells Chelsea that she has a date tonight and asks if she’ll help her get ready.

St. Luke’s Parrish House: Jack, Jennifer, Frankie

Frankie walks into a darkened room and yells to see if anyone is there. Jennifer comes out from the back and is surprised to see them. It appears that Jack sent them both a message to be there. At that moment, music starts to play: Stand by Me. Jennifer is surprised but the song choice and wonders who put it on. We see Jack hiding in the back room. He murmurs to himself that he’s got all their love songs and that by the end of today they will be back together.

Jack walks out and tells them that he volunteered all of them to help set up and oversee the festivities for St. Luke’s annual charity dance. He tells them that he won’t be around to help them because he has an unexpected business meeting that if successful could really be good for him. He asks Frankie to help Jennifer set up and then dance the night away with her. We get a flashback to outside of Alice’s Restaurant with Jack begging Frankie to take care of Jennifer when he’s gone.

Jennifer reminds Jack that Frankie is leaving Salem. He tells her that has changed. Frankie confirms and says that with Caroline back home, he would like to spend time with his family and friends. Jennifer is sure she knows the real reason and tells Jack that he should be ashamed of himself. Frankie defends Jack. Jack continues to push the two together...not too

Abby and Chelsea come in and Jack gets them to blow up the balloons while everyone else is decorating the place. Jennifer wants Frankie to explain how Jack twisted his arm to get him to stay. Frankie won’t tell her. Jack plays the song: On Bended Knee. He tells Abby and Chelsea that Frankie and Jennifer are great dancers and pushes them into showing the girls their talent. Jennifer and Frankie start dancing.

Hospital: Bo, Lexie, Billie

Billie rushes up to Lexie and tells her she needs her help. She and Bo explain about Tony’s information about Chelsea. Lexie is shocked and wonders if it’s true. Bo says Tony could be playing them for revenge. Billie says they need DNA tests on all three of them without letting Chelsea know. Lexie tells them that they still have all their records and will get the lab on it. Even though she tells them it might take some time, Bo and Billie decide to wait.

Lexie leaves with a smile and they sit down. Billie tells Bo that its going to be a match and she wonders pensively how Chelsea will take the news that they are her real parents. She’s also excited and Bo tells her not to get ahead of herself. She tells him that he’s afraid it will be too complicated to add Chelsea to his family life. He denies it. She asks him then why hasn’t he called Hope to tell her the good news? Bo doesn’t look very happy.

Police Station: Tony, Kate, Sami / & Sami’s Apartment: Sami & Lucas

Kate and Tony face off. She tells him that before he goes to death row for all his crimes, including kidnapping her husband, manipulating both Roman and Marlena into sleeping with each other, and almost killing her three sons, she wants information from him. Tony knows it’s about Sami and tells her there will be a price...his freedom. Kate tells him she doesn’t think she can free him. He offers to give her a little hint if she lets him use her cell phone.

At the apartment, Sami is on the internet reading about Tony’s arrest. We get a flashback to her being in the war zone with Tony taunting her about all of “Stan’s” numerous crimes. Lucas walks in and she asks him if he is as excited as she is about the wedding. Lucas surprises her by looking stern and if what he just heard is true. He puts her out of her misery by telling her that she forgot to put a date on the emailed invitations and his grandmother caught it.

Sami edits her invitations and sends them again. Lucas thinks she’s tense and she tells him its just pre-wedding jitters. He talks about Stan. They start to kiss and the phone rings.

With Kate in the background, Tony phones Sami and tells her he needs to see her right away. Lucas wants to know who it is. She tells him it’s their wedding planner. Tony tells her that she won’t need one if she doesn’t get down there and hangs up. Kate is sure he was talking to Sami but he erased the call before giving her back the cell phone.

Back at the apartment, Lucas wants to know when they got a wedding She says that she forgot to tell him and has to go because there is a problem with the florists. Lucas offers to go with her but she tap dances and tells him there is no sense in both of them getting aggravated. After Sami leaves, Lucas decides to do a little “Stan investigating.”

Tony gives Kate another hint about Sami. He tells her that Sami is a mistress of disguise. They argue and she leaves. Tony tells himself that things are going much better than he’d planned.

Sami comes into the police station wearing glasses and a cute dark wig and pretending to be Tony’s lawyer. She insists on seeing her client. Kate comes out and they bump into each other. Kate is preoccupied and doesn’t realize it’s Sami. With a deep voice, Sami continues to demand to see Tony. She tells the officer that her name is Barbara

Tony compliments her on her ability for disguises when she finally gets in.

At the same time, Kate tricks her way into Roman’s office by saying that she wants to leave him a message on his computer. She closes the door and starts computer searching for stuff on Sami. Lucas stops in and finding out his mom is in the office goes in to see her. He gets angry that she’s trying to search classified information. They have a tug-a-war as he tries to get her away from the computer. She gets angry when Lucas shuts the computer down and they start to argue. The policemen are all listening in.

Tony is blackmailing Sami into helping him escape or he will reveal all he knows about Stan. She argues that she doesn’t know how she can help him. He tells her to follow his instructions perfectly. When she leaves, she runs into Kate again. This time Kate realizes who she is and yells for Lucas. She starts yelling at Sami. Lucas comes back and brushes her off, saying he’s tired of all her accusations.

By herself, Sami murmurs that she just had a close call because she would never be able to explain to Lucas what was happening. She tells herself that she has no choice but to make a deal with the devil but promises herself that this is the last time. The final frame is of Sami with fire going up all around her.


Philip tells Shawn that he and Belle are proof that friendship can lead to a lot more. Shawn tells him that the only thing he is interested in is moving on.

Mimi tells Bonnie that she and Shawn came very close to sleeping together. Sami overhears and tells Mimi that she sure didn’t waste any time.

Billie is screaming at Hope. She wants to know if Hope is calling her daughter a slut. Hope looks shell-shocked as she turns to Bo who looks sheepish and says: What did she say.

Frankie tires the door handle and tells Jennifer that it’s locked. She says oh my gosh they are trapped and Frankie agrees with her.


Thursday Aug 25

Janice’s Spoilers

The Park: Sami

Sami sits down on a bench and pulls out a picture of Lucas to talk to. She tries to convince herself that if she helps Tony then she will be able to marry Lucas...and they will live happily ever after with their son...and no one will ever have to know what she has done.

Alice’s Restaurant: Bonnie, Max (the dog), Mimi, Sami

Bonnie is puffing away on a cigarette and talking to her dog about how this is what it has come too...she’s smoking again because of losing Mickey. A grumbling voice (supposed to be Max’ tells her to stop whining and get it together already. Bonnie tells Max that she is a survivor.

Sami stops by. Bonnie tells her they aren’t open yet but changes her mind when Sami says she can take her business elsewhere. Sami tells Bonnie that she wants to use her place for a reception, because at such short notice every place else is book. She keeps putting her foot in her mouth and denigrating the place. Bonnie isn’t impressed but Sami tap dances and reminds her host that her parents are rich and Bonnie can name her price. Bonnie sees $ signs and offers to show Sami around the place.

Mimi comes in looking for her mom. She doesn’t see Sami at first and blurts out that she came “this close” to sleeping with Shawn. Sami tells her that it sure didn’t take her very long to bounce back from losing Rex. Mimi is shocked that she was overheard and tries to explain that nothing happened to a skeptical Sami. Bonnie sends Sami to look at the banquet room. Sami decides to eavesdrop anyway.

Bonnie wants Mimi to go after Shawn in every way possible. Mimi is upset and worried that Sami is going to go home and phone Rex. Bonnie doesn’t think so. She continues to push Mimi towards Shawn to move on. Mimi doesn’t want to talk about it and asks her mom for a job so she can help pay rent. Her mother tells her she needs another waitress. She tells her she also needs a bartender now that Rex has gone, and she knows just who to get. Then, without telling Mimi, she phone’s Shawn.

Later she is all excited as she whispers to Max that the new bartender will also become Mimi’s boyfriend...and then fiancé. Max just growls at

Belle’s loft/Hallway between lofts: Belle, Shawn, Mimi, Phil

Belle is up in the bedroom on the phone. She hangs up and tells Phil that the van broke down and they can’t send another one to take him to the hospital. He takes off his shirt...says well since they spent all day making love, why don’t they go back to bed and continue. Belle balks, saying that his appointment is important because he is going to get fitted for his prosthesis today. She suggests getting her dad to help but Phil tells her not to because he has enough on his mind. He’s acting a little aggressive and suggests getting Shawn.

In the hallway, Mimi and Shawn walk out of his loft. Mimi is going to see her mom and she asks him if he has his keys so he doesn’t get locked out He finds them just as Belle comes out and quietly says that she was hoping to talk to them. Mimi walks away and Shawn asks her what she wants. She explains that Phil needs his help.

Belle explains about Phil’s prosthesis fitting. Shawn tells her that its okay and he’s happy to help. She’s surprised because things haven’t gone very well between them lately. He tells her that he knows that the prosthesis will make Phil’s life easier and hers now that she has a baby coming soon. Belle thanks him for understanding and he calls her on it, asking did she think he wouldn’t? He tells her that he wasn’t exactly happy with her decision but who knows...
maybe Phil is the one she was meant to be with all along. He goes into the loft. Belle stands there a little shocked before following him in.

Shawn walks into the bedroom and the first thing he notices are...rumpled sheets. He tells Philip that they should get going. Belle leaves to get her things and Philip invites Shawn to sit down and wait. Phil goes into his interrogation about Shawn and Mimi...kind of doing a female Bonnie imitation. Shawn tells Phil that he and Mimi are just friends and that he isn’t interested in falling in love again for a while. Phil continues to aggressively push his agenda. He tells Shawn that that is how he and Belle started as friends and then they fell in love. LOL...Shawn kind of rolls his eyes here.

Shawn tells Phil that they overheard him and Belle making love. He says that he is going to talk to the landlord about soundproofing the lofts. Phil is all full of himself and says that he’s not embarrassed and neither should Shawn and Mimi be (kind of like a broken record). Shawn tells him that he just wants to move on with his life. Belle overhears this part and looks very sad.

The hospital – Part I: Shawn, Belle, Sami, Phil hospital: Bo, Hope, Billie

Belle offers to go with Phil to his appointment but he tells her to spend some time with Shawn and wheels off. She thanks Shawn again. He tells her that she should know by now that he would do anything for her. Belle is a little unsure and he picks up on it. She asks if he cares so much about her then why is he spending so much time with Mimi. She feels bad for asking. Shawn tells her that he and Mimi are just friends. He goes to say more but his cell phone rings. Telling her that he doesn’t recognize the number and that he can’t use his cell phone in the hospital, he is going to go over to the payphones and find out who called.

Shawn is surprised that the caller is Bonnie. With Mimi in the background and unable to hear, Bonnie asks him if he will pinch-hit for her until she finds a new bartender. She tells him that he will be well compensated. He tells her he will because he could use some extra cash.

Sami comes over to Belle. She explains that she’s there to get her wedding blood work done. Seeing Belle looking at Shawn with yearning, Sami rags on her to let Shawn go and stay with the husband of her baby. She tells Belle to ignore what her heart is telling her and listen to her stomach. Belle is teary and very upset and says she can’t...she just can’t!

The Hospital-Part II: Bo, Hope, Billie

Bo and Billie are put in a waiting room so they can wait for the results from the DNA. Billie is antsy and wondering what’s taking so long. Bo tries to calm her down. She rambles on about the journey they’ve had to get to this point...yawn... Bo warns her that the results might not be what she wants and hugs her. Hope is watching from the outside.

Hope comes in and rags on Bo for leaving without telling her, sending a message through Chelsea who had an attitude, etc...(Go Hope!). He makes excuses. Billie goes on a rampage against hope for attacking poor little Chelsea. She tells Hope that she is the one with a lousy attitude. Bo comes to Hope’s defense but Billie is off in a world of her own...very belligerent. Hope tries to tell her that Chelsea is out of control and it’s not just because she lost her parents...there’s something more going on. She tells Billie that she and Bo have seen many troubled teens in their line of work.

Billie continues to suggest sarcastically that Hope is the problem here and not Chelsea. Hope tells Billie and Bo that she really thinks that Chelsea came on to Patrick and not the other way...kind of girl who uses sex to manipulate. Billie accuses her of calling her daughter a slut. Hope is stunned and asks Bo what Billie just said. He tells her that they are waiting for DNA results because of what Tony told Billie. Hope apologizes to Billie. Billie talks about giving Chelsea all the patience and love she needs, if indeed she is her daughter. She says that she won’t let her daughter make the same mistakes she did.

The nurse shows up with a file and tells them that Lexie got called away for an emergency but she wanted them to see the finished results. Bo gives them to Billie to open. Billie takes a look and says: “Oh my god! I can’t believe this!” Bo and Hope look anxiously at her.

St. Luke’s Parish Hall:

The dance is in full swing and Frankie and Jennifer are on the dance floor. They both talk about the songs and the memories. Jennifer is afraid that if they don’t stop playing oldies, then the young people will leave. They laugh about being old themselves.

Abby is waiting on the side for her date, when Chelsea appears.

Jennifer talks to Frankie about how odd it is that Jack would sign them up to help and then just take off. Frankie tries to defend Jack by saying that he has the future to think about now (flashback to scene outside Alice’s Restaurant with Jack begging Frankie to stay). He tells her that he is staying now because he wants to see family and friends, especially Caroline—he called Shawn Sr. to invite them to the hall but was told she was resting.

Chelsea tells Abby that she has set a plan in motion for Patrick. He comes in and she asks Abby to stall him while she takes off for the bathroom. Abby and he talk and he’s very sweet about her date, telling Abby that there is no way her date would stand her up. Chelsea turns up and pushes her way between them. He tells her that he got her message. She wants to go somewhere private to talk and pretty much dismisses Abby.

Jennifer offers to set Frankie out with some cute/single young ladies (friends of hers). We get another flashback to the restaurant. He tells her that he just wants to get settled for now. They hug each other and we hear Caroline from behind asking him what he thinks he is doing. LOL...she wants to know why she didn’t rate a visit and then tells him that she was just teasing. They have a sweet reunion. Caroline talks about how happy she is to be back home, especially with her two youngest—Frankie and Max. He promises to stay in Salem for a while.

Jennifer hugs Caroline and welcomes her back. She tells her how glad they all are, especially Jack, that she and Victor made it back okay. Caroline tells Jen that she has nothing to worry about because Jack won’t be going away again for a very long time. Frankie looks upset.

Chelsea takes Patrick to a quiet room. He wants to know why they couldn’t just go outside. She tries to kiss him but he pulls back and she pouts. He tells her plainly that they can only be friends and suggests that she find a boy her own age. Chelsea says that boys her age just bore her and blames Bo and his “bitch of a wife” for turning Patrick against her. Patrick gets angry and tells her that Hope is his friend and he won’t have her badmouthing her. She tells him that she knows of a guy that she can be with. Patrick figures out that she is talking about Max tells her to stay away from him because he is a user and a charmer and will only hurt her.

Abby’s date, Josh, comes in. He’s so apologetic to her and explains that his skateboard lost a wheel. He tells her that he was a little surprised to hear from her because he doesn't usually get asked out for dates by a girl. She tells him its just a Josh gives her the decoder ring from his favorite superhero and she promises to keep it. Jennifer is surprised when she walks in on them and sees Abby kissing Josh’s cheek as a thank you. She asks him to dance.

Caroline asks Frankie if he has anybody special in his life. He looks over and sees Patrick talking to Jennifer and admits that he doesn’t like the guy. Caroline sends him on an errand to get cups for Sister Mary Margaret. He goes straight up to Jennifer and Patrick and asks her for them. They both leave. Chelsea is watching Patrick from behind. She phones Max.

Jennifer and Frankie go into a dark supply room when someone shuts the door and they get locked in. Someone shuts and locks the door, leaving them trapped inside.

With the dance over, Chelsea finds Abby and asks her how her date with Josh is going. Abby is happy and tells her its going well. She looks at Chelsea and says that it looks like her plans for Patrick aren’t. Chelsea rags on Bo and Hope again for being the reason Patrick is giving her the cold shoulder. She tells that she will use Max to drive Patrick insane. She makes a date with Max for one hour later just as Patrick comes over.


Hope tells Patrick that Bo and Billie have found their daughter...they know who and where she is.

Billie is crying and tells Bo that she doesn’t think Chelsea should ever know that they are her parents.

Belle asks Shawn what he will do if Mimi falls in love with him.

Jennifer and Frankie are still locked in the closet – and she’s dressed in a costume of sorts.

A disguised voice tells Sami on the phone that she will do whatever Count DiMera asks her to do, or she can kiss her life as she know it in Salem goodbye.


Friday Aug 26

Janice’s Spoilers

Hospital Part 1: Shawn, Belle, Sami

Shawn hangs up the phone and tells himself that having a part-time job as a bartender at Alice’s won’t be so bad because he can use the extra cash.

Sami asks Belle what’s wrong with her...why can’t she accept that her relationship with Shawn is over, especially after the way he treated her. Belle asks Sami if she accepted that she and Lucas were over. Sami thinks that her situation was completely different because Belle chose to be with Phil. Belle agrees, saying that it was the right thing to do, but she can’t help the way she feels...a part of her still loves Shawn.

Sami you married’re having his baby...and you don’t love him? And here I thought I was the mixed up sister! Belle tells her that she does love Philip, just in a different way. The feelings she has for him are sort of Sami mimics Belle and says...sort of building? That’s like saying you’re sort of pregnant! She tells her sister that they really need to talk and drags her out onto the hospital terrace.

Shawn walks up to a nurse and asks if Philip is finished. She tells him not quite. He grabs a cup of coffee and mumbles the word “Sami.”

Sami tells Belle that she thinks it’s time they talked about motherhood. She hopes her little sister doesn’t think that her kid will be perfect with baby coos and sleeping all the time. Life as she knows it will be over. Belle tells her that she knows things will be different. She is hoping it will make her a more patient person. Her sister tells her it probably will and that Philip will make a great dad but with his injury he won’t be able to help much. Belle says they can get a part-time nanny to help. She also wants to be with her baby 100% of the time and knows it’s a full-time job. She asks Sami if she is trying to scare her.

Sami tells her that she doesn’t know how lucky she is to have a full-time dad for her baby and how lucky she is to be married. She wants Belle to promise her that she won’t do anything to mess that up. Belle tells her she doesn’t plan to. Sami warns her that she has to get over Shawn and don’t even think of going back to him. Belle wants to know why not. Sami tells her that she is kidding herself if she thinks she can leave Phil...get back together with Shawn...and then her kid would have two great’s just a’s over...Shawn is history...and if Belle leaves Phil she will be doing this on her own.

Belle wants to know whether Shawn said something to Sami. Sami admits to talking to Mimi and Belle wants to know what was said. Sami explains to her that she was Alice’s, checking out the restaurant for a possible reception location and that Mimi burst in and told her mom that she almost slept with Shawn. She starts to tell Belle about Bonnie’s response but stops until Belle insists. Then she tells her how excited Bonnie was because now that Belle was out of the way, Mimi could finally have the man she always wanted.

Belle is upset. She can’t understand how Mimi could do that to she could be after Shawn all this time. Sami tells her that she guesses you can’t always trust your best friends. Belle mentions Mimi and Rex being so in love, but Sami counters that Rex is gone and that maybe Mimi decided to skip love and go straight for the money (Shawn will be rich from Victor’s coffers and Great Grandma Alice’s). A nurse comes out and tells Sami that the lab is ready for her. Sami tells Belle she’s sorry and they hug. She tells her she doesn’t want her niece/nephew to grow up in a divorced family like she did.

Belle tells Sami that she didn’t plan this pregnancy but that having this baby means the world to her and she wants him or her to have a wonderful life with a mommy and daddy who are happy. She just hopes it’s not too late and doesn’t know how it got so messed up. Shawn walks out at that moment and Sami says that she thinks Belle has the answer and why doesn’t she ask him. She tells “Shawn D” goodbye. Shawn mumbles ...”’s Shawn Douglas” funny. He asks Belle what that was all about. What did Sami want?

Belle tries to tell him it’s not important but he thinks it is and wants to know what he did this time. An upset Belle tells him that she can’t believe he almost slept with Mimi. He’s amazed and says that Sami has no clue. Belle informs him that her sister heard Mimi tell her mom. He replies that he doesn’t know what she heard but nothing happened between him and Mimi...they were hanging out... listing to some music...and they ended up having a kiss but that was it. Belle looks skeptical. He asks her whether she doesn’t believe him. She says she does but is not so sure about she is going after her that something you do to a friend? Even an ex-friend?

Shawn is getting angry and says to her that this sucks... lol...and reminds her that she is married to Philip...told him to move on with his life. He tells Belle that he would have waited for her forever but she didn’t want to wait for him...Mimi and he did nothing why is she so angry? It’s not because she’s jealous is it? Belle says she just doesn’t want to see him get hurt...Mimi is angry at her...and she’s probably using him to get to her. He asks her if she really believes that and she says yes...she thinks that’s part of it and also that Mimi has apparently wanted to be with him forever.

Shawn tells her that it was a crush in high school only and that Mimi is in love with Rex now and will continue to love him for a very long time. Belle isn’t so sure and asks what if Mimi really does love him...does he think he could really love her back? He looks at her uncomfortably and says he does not want to fall in love with anyone...that she told him over and over again that she wanted to move on so that’s what he has done as well. Belle replies that she just wishes things could be different. He says they aren’t and they won’t ever be and he has finally accepted that. A nurse comes and tells Belle that her husband is looking for her. Shawn tells Belle to go be with her husband and she leaves.

Hospital Part II: Hope, Bo, Billie

Bo asks Billie what the results say. She tells them they are positive and that Chelsea is their daughter. Bo is stunned. He recalls how Dimera had them looking all over the place and they went to hell and back. Hope looks stunned and shattered at the same time. She tells them that she very happy for them. Billie murmurs that she was right when she said that looking at Chelsea was like looking at a mirror at her age. Hope tells them that she is going to give them both some time alone. She’s sure they need to figure things out so she is going to head over to St. Luke’s to see Bo’s mom and Jennifer. Bo cautions her not to say anything to anyone about this until they tell Chelsea. Hope looks very upset. Bo hugs her and Billie thanks her for her sensitivity. Hope leaves.

Bo tells Billie that they better find Chelsea and tell her that they are her parents. She tells him she can’t and that she doesn’t think they should ever tell Chelsea the truth because Chelsea hates her...if they were to tell her that everything she’s ever known is a lie...she would be devastated...not to mention that she’ll think they’re insane. Bo knows it won’t be easy but Chelsea has a right to know.

Billie’s scared and wishes they had gotten along better. He tells her not to beat herself up and that teenagers and their moms argue all the time. Billie’s afraid that Chelsea will resent them for trying to take the place of her parents. Bo figures that they aren’t asking her to forget them...besides Chelsea will have a new family of grandparents, brothers, aunts and uncles. He admits that she’s a pretty strong willed kid but they’ll just have to hope she makes the right decision.

Billie says it will kill her not to have any sort of relationship with her daughter after all these years. Bo reminisces about how hard it was for him when he found out Victor was his dad. She mentions the same problem with her mom. Both agree that they get along great with them now and decide that they are the right people to help Chelsea. Bo wants to go see their daughter and talk to her and they leave.

St. Luke’s Parish Hall: Jack, Jennifer, Frankie, Patrick, Abby, Caroline, Josh, Chelsea, Hope

Josh tells Abby that he has something in his teeth and needs to go floss. She’s surprised that he carries it with Abby thanks Caroline for chaperoning. Caroline says it’s important for her to keep her mind off all that happened to her. Abby talks about having never believed that Jack was dead and is happy he’s not going anywhere ever again.

Jack is outside the storage room locking the door. He talks about wanting Jennifer to be with Frankie after he’s gone. He’s got a stereo boom box and plays an old song that Jennifer remembers being played at an event long ago when she and Frankie dated. She reminds Frankie that she was dressed as a roaring twenties flapper and turning around is shocked to see a box with those costumes.

In the next scene, Jennifer is dressed up as the flapper and Frankie in a twenties style suit and very wide white tie. She has a boa wrapped around her asks him to dance. Outside Jack is still telling himself he’s doing the right thing. He hears voices and hides after covering the music with a blanket. It turns out to be Abby and Josh who think the music is just for them and start to kiss. Jack is watching them with a comical look on his

Caroline comes along and Abby and Josh stop and then leave. Caroline is trying to figure out where the music is coming around when Jack comes up behind her and scares her. Inside the storage room, Jennifer tells Frankie that it nice to remember the past and kisses him on the cheek just as Jack, with Caroline beside him, unlocks the door.

Caroline remembers Jen’s costume, saying that she thought she had donated them to the church. Frankie hands her a box of cups and she goes. Jennifer kisses Jack and wants to know about his business meeting. She mentions seeing Abby kissing Josh and he tells her that he saw them too. Jack threatens to kill Josh if he tries anything with Frankie says he will if Jack doesn’t.

Jennifer leaves and Jack tells Frankie that he still wants him to take care of Jennifer after he’s gone. Back at the dance, Jennifer smiles at Caroline as they talk about the costumes and memories.

Chelsea is talking to Max on her cell phone and wants to meet him at the beech. He tells her that she can have what she wants if they meet at his place instead. Patrick comes up to her and wants to apologize for what he said. He reiterates that they can just be friends. He mentions finding her in bed with Max. She tells him she’s 18 and that it was in her bed. He tells her that technically it was his bed and his house. She informs him that she wasn’t yelling for help and asks if he’s kicking her out of the house. He tells her no but doesn’t understand what she sees in Max apart from him being a famous race car driver and that he’s gone through so many women. She tells him that Max cares about her and leaves. Chelsea pulls Abby away from Josh to talk and tells her Patrick may not be into her, but Max is and she is going to be with him.

Patrick asks Abby where Chelsea is but she says she doesn’t know. Just then Hope shows up and hugs her...says she looks beautiful and asks where Abby’s mom is. Abby tells her that Jen is around and leaves to go back to her date. Hope turns around and sees Patrick looking down and out. She asks him what’s wrong, grabbing a potato chip from the table. He tells her about the argument he had with Chelsea about Max...she’s about to make a big mistake and he’s going to stop her. Hope tells him to wait and she’ll go with him. She grabs up some food from the table to

Patrick runs into his house yelling for Chelsea. Hope tells him that her car wasn’t in the garage. He thinks she probably went to meet Max. Hope wants him to calm down because they’ve got a much bigger issue to deal with and explains about Bo and Billie finding Georgia...apparently Tony told the truth. She tells him that Chelsea is Georgia. He tells her about how he told Billie that Chelsea might be her daughter because she was the right age...rare blood marker...strong connection to her. Hope tells him about the DNA testing and the match.

Patrick says he’s happy for them because the search is over. They he asks how Hope is doing with all of this...after all, she has a new member of the family too. She says it’s a little daunting and that a lot of things are going to change...besides the fact that Chelsea hates all of their guts. She goes on to speculate that she can’t help but think that there is still another shoe to drop from Dimera...otherwise why did he make it so easy? He thinks she is probably right and they both agree that they have to protect Chelsea above all. He tells her that he is going to go find her, bring her home, and keep her safe until Billie gets there. Hope asks him not to say anything about the paternity to anyone. Patrick asks her to stay at the house in case Chelsea comes home in the meantime. Hope reminds him that Chelsea hates her. He smiles and tells her she is a great mom and to let those stepmom instincts take over.

Hope is looking out the window when she hears a car stop. Bo and Billie come in and are surprised to see her there. She tells him that she ran into Patrick who told her that Chelsea was pretty upset. Bo says...did you go after her? She answers that Patrick asked her to wait there while he went looking for her in case she came back. Bo loses it and says he doesn’t want that creep anywhere near his daughter.

Hope tries to defend Patrick but Bo is having none of it. He didn’t tell him about the DNA test did you? From the look on her face he can tell she did and is even madder, saying...I asked you specifically not to say anything to anybody and you tell him of all people? Hope apologizes but Bo keeps ragging on Patrick thinking he works for Dimera so he could hurt Chelsea. Hope tries to reason with Bo and says that all Patrick has tried to do is help her...he opened up his home for her. Bo counters that he kissed her and does Hope think it’s a coincidence that he has her living there? Both are getting frustrated. She thinks that if Patrick had wanted to kidnap Chelsea then he would have done it a long time ago.

Billie enters the fray and this time decides to side with Bo. Hope thinks they are both jumping to conclusions and says she thinks he went to Jack and Jennifer’s house because of Max. Hope watches Bo and Billie take off. Her mouth is open as they just leave her behind. She is sure that Patrick is a good guy.

Chelsea goes over to Jack and Jen’s garage and wonders why Max wanted to meet her there. He comes in all nice and tidy and the kiss. Then he blindfolds her and lifts her up in his arms telling her they are going somewhere special. They are in a clearing/forest /beach?...when he takes her blindfold off. She’s amazed at what she sees. There is a big tent and a beautiful fire. They start to kiss and he lowers her to the ground near the fire.

Bo and Billie get to Jack’s and search the garage but it’s empty. They don’t see the note but Bo is adamant about finding Chelsea before Patrick does. Patrick comes in after they are gone and sees the note. He starts walking towards the fire and murmurs that if Max has laid a hand on Chelsea, he’ll live to regret it.


Hope tells Bo that she thinks he should be careful in getting his hopes up...she could fight him and she could fight hard.

Kate tells Nicole that she wants to know everything that Sami is up to...and that Nicole is going to tell her.

Chelsea runs into Patrick’s arms and begs him not to leave her. She tells him she needs him here with her.

Bart is talking to Sami on the phone. He tells her it’s time to pay the piper. If she doesn’t, no one she loves will ever love her again.


Monday Aug 29

Janice’s Spoilers

Payphone just outside Alice’s Restaurant: Nicole, Kate & Sami's Apartment: Sami, Lucas, Will

Nicole is bemoaning the fact that Victor threw her out with only the clothes on her back. Now she has to use a payphone and it’s probably filthy. We see Kate stalking in the shadows. Nicole digs out a quarter and calls Sami to threaten her again that if she doesn’t help her get Brady back...yada...yada... Kate is murmuring to herself that she wants to know what is going on.

Sami comes into the apartment and is checking off things that are completed on her wedding list. The phone rings and when she sees it’s from a payphone, she thinks it’s Will calling. Nicole tells Sami that she will tell all. Sami tells her she can’t do that or it will be all over. Lucas walks in on those last words and asks her what she’s done this time. Sami hangs up on Nicole and lies. She tells Lucas that she used the Horton name at the hospital to fast track their blood work.

LOL...Lucas is relieved that it isn’t something worse and tells her that he’s glad about anything that will get them married faster. She reminds him that he didn’t believe she told the truth last time.

Nicole is damning Sami, Victor, and everyone else who has ever done her a wrong She is searching her change purse for another quarter when Kate holds one out to her. (Ari is wonderful today) She likens Kate to a Kate wants to know everything about Sami but Nicole won’t tell her. Kate pulls the money card and reminds Nicole that she helped her out before and can give her more.

Lucas and Sami are kissing when Will comes in to surprise them. Sami looks him over and thinks he’s lost weight and talks about his hair which is a little They start to hug and Sami is just happy that she has her family back together. Lucas goes to get Will’s stuff.

Kate tells Nicole the clue Tony gave her, ie... Sami being a mistress of disguise. Nicole says for Kate to think... major...when it comes to disguises...that Sami was playing at being someone else and that Nicole didn’t even see through it. When Kate still doesn’t clue in, Nicole uses the movie Victor/Victoria as an analogy and suddenly Kate understands that Sami was pretending to be a guy. She tells Nicole she wants more information but Nicole backs off, saying she’s said too much already.

Back at the apartment, Sami is talking about the wedding now. Will laughs and asks his mom if he can bring a date. Sami is surprised. He tells her he’s sorry for how he treated her, and she starts to cry. More talk about the wedding and then it spins off into how Lucas and Kate are estranged because of what Kate did. Will thinks his mom is a hero. Sami flashes back to Nicole threatening to expose her as Stan.

Kate says she wants Sami’s head on a platter and Nicole’s help to do it. She tries bribing Nicole with a new life... But all Nicole wants is Brady. Kate tells her that she’s lost him just as her cell phone rings. In the meantime, Nicole is pouting that she loves Brady much too much to give up on him and she is going to make Sami help her.

Will notices that Sami has something on her mind. She explains that it’s just all the wedding details. Lucas comes back just as the phone rings once more. He answers it and Nicole pretends that she’s the florist. Sami comes on the line and tells Nicole that she wants lilies so that Lucas won’t be suspicious. Nicole threatens Sami that if she doesn’t help her get Brady back that the lilies will be for her funeral. They start arguing with each other and Nicole is sure they will both end up as jail mates.

Nicole gets hung up on of course Kate is right there hovering behind her. She tells Nicole that she will still help her if she tells her about Sami. Nicole refuses. She tells Kate to put on her Nancy Drew cap and find the answers herself.

Back at Sami’s apartment, Lucas and Will are watching baseball. Sami brings them popcorn and the phone rings again. Bart tells her that Tony has decided she has to pay the piper or lose everything she loves, ie...future husband, mother, father, son. He tells her that nobody in Salem will ever love her again.

To The’s House: Patrick, Chelsea, Max, Bo, Hope, Billie

Bo and Billie come back to Patrick’s house empty handed. They think Chelsea is with Max but Bo goes on a rant again because Patrick is looking for her. Billie has had a change of heart and both she and Hope try to convince him that Patrick is a good guy. He’s not buying it and tells Billie she only feels that way because she’s sleeping with him. LOL...Hope whispers loudly to Bo that she isn’t sleeping with Patrick and she still thinks he’s a good guy. Bo decides he needs some fresh air and goes outside.

Patrick sets out towards the beach. He feels bad for Chelsea and can’t help wondering how she will react when she finds out that her parents are really Bo and Hope. He hears a scream and rushes towards it. Chelsea screamed because of a spider which resulted in Max spilling a drink on her. When he offers to take her home and says they can wait, she refuses. She just wants him to go fetch her sweatshirt from home so they can carry on.

Back at the Lockhart house, Bo takes out Georgia’s death certificate and starts to feel bad for not knowing she was alive all this time. Hope comes out and they have a heart to heart. She reminds him that Chelsea’s other parents loved her very much. Billie comes outside and says it’s not his fault and that they have to think of the future now... Chelsea/Georgia is still a teenager and will need them.

Patrick finally finds Chelsea who puts on her Lolita act and runs into his arms crying. She tells him that Max attacked her...things got out of control and Max took off. Patrick is angry and wants to take off after Max. Chelsea pleads with him to stay with her instead...sigh...

Hope reminds Bo and Billie that Chelsea hates them and will probably fight so they shouldn’t get too hopeful. Billie is adamant that they will have a relationship with their daughter. Hope tries to explain that Chelsea/Georgia is very fragile emotionally. But Billie is sure that their daughter will eventually come to love them. Bo says he thinks it will be hard, just as Max gets there.

Chelsea starts to back off on her lies and tells Patrick that it was just a misunderstanding that that Max will be back. Patrick wants to know if she was trying to make him jealous. He offers to take her home and tells her that Bo and Billie need to talk to her. Chelsea doesn’t want to talk to Billie.

Bo, Hope, and Billie want Max to tell them where Chelsea is. He tells them they were on a date. Bo also wants to know where Patrick is but Max says he doesn’t know. Bo and Billie tell Max that they need to talk to Chelsea right away. He tells them he will take them to her. Bo is upset that maybe she is alone with Patrick. Hope tries to reassure him.

In the meantime, Patrick is trying to get Chelsea to go with him. He grabs her arm but she starts yelling no and to let go of her. Bo, Hope, and Billie show up around and Bo starts punching Patrick out. Then he looks over at Chelsea.


Marlena tells Alex that she doesn’t know them...doesn’t remember them...and she knows it sounds harsh, but if she never sees them again, she will be just fine.

Chloe tells Brady that she feels that there is just so much pressure and maybe they should just elope...

Sami asks Bart if he wants her to betray the whole free world. Bart is wearing priest He tells her that it’s either that or... Sami finishes his sentence... lose everyone and everything she holds near and dear... yeah, she knows...

Chelsea tells Billie that she used to feel sorry for her but now she just thinks Billie is pathetic.


Tuesday Aug 30

Janice’s Spoilers

Isabella’s Cottage: Victor, John, Brady, Chloe

Brady opens the door to find his father and grandfather on the doorstep. Chloe comes out and is happy to see both of them, remarking on what a miracle it is that both she and Victor are okay. They tell her that they know what a rough year it has been for both her and Brady and want to give her a surprise...subsidize the wedding.

Brady is excited but Chloe reacts badly and rushes back into the bedroom. Victor tells Brady he’s sorry for getting Chloe upset. Brady goes to check on her. He comes in just as Chloe is starting to peel off her bandage and stops her. She tells him that she wishes they could just run away and get married. Brady offers to take her to Los Vegas where they can dress up in costumes and get married. Chloe changes her mind, when he tells her that his real dream has been to walk down the aisle of St. Luke’s with her. She agrees to a church wedding.

John and Victor talk about Marlena and Doctor North. Victor asks if he checked the good doctor out and John tells him he came highly recommended from Harvard. Victor thinks he remembers the doctor from somewhere. Victor gets a call from Kate (at Alice’s—see below) who offers to buy him a drink because she needs to talk to him about something. Victor leaves and John decides to phone Marlena.

Dr. North answers the phone but when John tries to talk to him, he gets cut off. John calls his pilot to get the chopper ready because he is going to go up and get his wife.

Mountain Cabin: Alex & Marlena

Marlena comes out with a platter of baked bread that she made herself. Alex comes in and is surprised. He tastes it and starts choking on it before telling her it tastes great. She’s pleased with herself because she didn’t know she could Alex looks in his file and reads the comments from her daughters that she’s a lousy cook. Marlena’s not happy but Alex tells her it just might be a latent talent. He refuses to let her see the file when she asks because he thinks it might influence her memories.

Marlena tells Alex that she doesn’t want to see John, her husband. He tells her that John is important part of her recovery and she can’t ignore him. She thinks that maybe her life in Salem wasn’t so great after all and that she feels very peaceful at the cabin. Her cell phone rings. She panics when she sees its John calling and tells Alex she can’t talk to him. Alex answers and lies to John that Marlena is out for a walk. He pretends there is a lot of static and hangs up on him.

Alex tells Marlena that she had better call John back or he’ll come up and check on her. She phones John and when he tells her he’s coming to visit, she tells him not to, saying it would probably hinder her progress. She tells him she’s sorry if that sounds hurtful. He tells her that’s okay. Marlena hangs up just as John wants to tell her he loves her. John looks a bit disgruntled. Marlena turns to Alex and tells him that he was right about John coming up. She also tells the doctor that she only wants him there.

Alice’s Restaurant: Shawn, Bonnie, Mimi, Belle, Phil, Kate, Victor

Note: At least for this show, I did not see a whiney Belle.
Instead I saw a rather quiet and subdued one...jmo!

Bonnie asks Mimi how she’s doing with her new waitress job. Mimi reminds Bonnie that she’s done this before and that her mommy doesn’t need to ask her every hour on the hour. Bonnie asks if Mimi has seen the hot bartender. Mimi says she’s not interested, walks up to the bar with her head down and runs off a list of drink orders, including Merlot. LOL...Shawn says that’s the red one right? She looks up and is shocked to see Shawn behind the bar. He tells her that he’s never bartended before but he thinks he’ll be okay.

Shawn sees Belle and Phil (walking with canes) come in. Mimi turns around to see what he is looking at and asks if he is okay. He tells her about the talk he and Belle had on the hospital terrace, including the fact that Belle seemed jealous because of what Sami apparently told her... overhearing Mimi talk to Bonnie about almost sleeping with him. Mimi looks interested in that. She tells him she’s sorry. He tells her not to worry about it because he has moved on with his is the first day of her new life. They decide to have a drink after work.

Kate is sitting at a table by herself and trying to figure out why Sami would disguise herself as a man.

Belle complements Phil on how well he is doing on his new leg. She is looking at Shawn when Phil barks at she coming with him??? She says of course. They go over to Kate’s table. She’s happy that her son is doing so well. Phil decides to go and say hi to Shawn. Belle says she’ll go with him.

Belle stops to talk to Mimi. Mimi tells her that she’s working. Belle quietly mentions Shawn working there. Mimi makes a smart remark about Shawn being her friend and that Belle wouldn’t know anything about that. Before Belle can say anything else, Mimi takes off.

Phil and Shawn exchange hellos. Shawn asks him how he is doing. He tells him that he guesses he’s supposed to feel lucky that he can walk. Shawn asks him if he wants a drink. Phil decides to stick with orange juice for balance purposes. He goes on his usual mission of putting Shawn and Mimi together...tells Shawn that both he and Belle think that they (Shawn and Mimi) will become more than friends. Shawn tries to change the subject saying that he’s just here to help out Bonnie. Phil goes back to the subject like a dog with a bone. Shawn looks bored and irritated.

Belle comes up and Phil asks her how her conversation with Mimi went. She tells him sadly that she wishes she could have explained to Mimi that she never meant for Rex to hear their conversation Philip asks Shawn if he will talk to Mimi and try and make her understand. Shawn doesn’t look thrilled but nonchalantly agrees. He asks Belle if she wants a drink and then gives her a sparkling soda.

Kate decides that she knows who can help her and gets out her cell phone to call Victor. He arrives shortly after and they talk about Kate’s downfall and how Sami destroyed her relationship with Roman and Lucas. She wants to know if he still has any contacts in the Dimera organization. Victor reminds Kate that she destroyed herself. He can’t believe she’s still going after Sami. He offers to help her and then sees his son and grandson near the bar and decides to go say hello. Kate murmurs that Sami is going down.

Outside Entrance to Alice’s: Sami & Bart (dressed as a priest)
Sami sees a priest approaching her and then realizes its Bart in disguise and says...oh god. He has pictures of her transformation into Stan and tells her that if she doesn’t do what Tony wants, ie. get out of jail free card, that he will send them to all her loved ones. She tells him Tony can’t do that.

Bart tells Sami that she has to break into her dad’s computer. She doesn’t want to. Bart tells her that Tony’s experts couldn’t get through the police firewall for the codes they need so that leaves her. She starts to rip up the pictures. Of course Bart tells her there are more where they came from. He hands her back the pictures and tells her to get them what they need.

Sami looks inside the restaurant and not seeing anyone, sits down outside at a table and sets the pictures on fire from a candle. She is adamant that no one can ever find out. Kate comes out of the restaurant.

Woods/Beach?: Hope, Patrick, Billie, Chelsea, Bo, Max

We see Bo attacking Patrick and Patrick wanting to know all the time Chelsea is grinning with satisfaction. Billie asks Chelsea to tell the truth. So does Hope. Bo and Max are quite willing to see Patrick as the villain. Patrick has a flashback to sitting beside Chelsea and asking her if Max attacked her. Chelsea finally comes clean with a lot of coercing. She tells them that she was scared on her own and hugged Patrick because she was glad to see him. Patrick admits that she never actually said that Max attacked her...he just assumed. Neither Bo nor Max is inclined to believe that Patrick is innocent.

Hope defends Patrick but Bo doesn’t want to hear it. He’s too busy defending his daughter. She tells Chelsea to apologize to Patrick. Chelsea rags of Bo, Hope, and Billie and takes off, yelling at them to leave her alone.

Hope and Bo walk a little ways off. She tells Bo that even though Chelsea is his daughter, she lies and is a manipulator. Hope doesn’t want to see Bo taken in by his daughter. She remembers Chelsea’s smile and tells her husband that the girl was trying to work both Max and Patrick against each other.

Patrick and Max argue. Max wants to take him on and Patrick is all for it.

Chelsea is off on her own now and crying for her parents who died. She tells them that she hates Billie. Billie comes up and Chelsea is more than angry now. She’s sure that Billie is jealous because Patrick likes her and that Billie is just using her to come between Hope and Bo. Bo comes upon them and she repeats her accusations to him, just as Hope gets there.

Hope stays silent. Billie is crying. Chelsea calls her pathetic and wants nothing to do with her. Billie finally tells Chelsea to stop alienating everyone who loves her. With a sympathetic and encouraging glance from Bo, she starts to tell Chelsea the truth about her parentage...Bo confirms it and tells his daughter about the DNA testing. Chelsea slaps Billie and calls her a bitch.


Victor tells Kate that he has some news for her about Sami and Tony.

Roman says to Sami that maybe she can help him by answering a question about her involvement with Tony Dimera.

Patrick asks Hope if she trusts Bo and Billie.

Bo tells Billie that they are a family and everything will be okay.


Wednesday Aug 31

Janice’s Spoilers

Outside Alice’s Restaurant: Kate, Roman, Victor

Kate walks out of the restaurant and over to the table. She shakes the ashtray and pulls out a charred piece of one of the photos Sami burned. She’s still determined to find out why Sami would disguise herself as a man...and what her connection to Tony Dimera is. Roman stops by and says he has something important to tell her. He has hired Mickey to represent him and wants a divorce. Kate looks shocked.

Kate can’t believe he wants to end their marriage so quickly. He reminds her that they were only together for a few weeks. She reminds him about his loss of control with Marlena at the castle. He reminds her about her betrayal and lies where Sami is concerned...and on and on... Roman berates Kate for everything she did to destroy Sami’s life, including lying to him. He’s also upset that Kate sold their house and never gave Sami a dime. She tells him that Sami left town and she couldn’t help her. He tells her that the reason Sami left was because of her terrible actions.

They argue about who has done worse...Sami or Kate. Kate is sure that Sami is hiding something and it has to do with Tony Dimera. He’s shocked when she tells him that she talked to Tony and wants to know how she got in to see him. She changes the subject. Roman tells her that he would never believe anything Tony said and that bottom line, he wants a divorce and leaves.

Kate murmurs to herself that she has to find out what Sami did. Victor comes to find her and they sit down at the table. He tells her that apparently the buzz is that Tony is blackmailing Sami for something. Kate is very interested. He warns her about hurting Lucas and Will. She tells him that Lucas just thinks he’s in love with Sami, and how happy she is that Phil and Belle are at least doing well. Kate also tells Victor that Chelsea might be Bo and Billie’s daughter and their granddaughter. He tells Kate that he hopes she doesn’t have any plans to come between Bo and Hope again. She promises not to do anything but crosses her fingers behind her back.

Alice’s Restaurant: Lucas, Sami, Will, Roman

Sami, Lucas and Will are sitting at a table and enjoying themselves. Lucas tells Will that nothing is going to stop them from being a family now. Sami looks a little uncomfortable. Will is watching his mom with suspicion. Lucas leaves to get them some drinks so they can toast the upcoming nuptials.

Will wants Sami to tell him that she’s not keeping anything else from them. She promises she isn’t as she flashes back to her meeting with Bart. Will warns her that if she is keeping something from them, that they will never forgive her. Sami tells her son that she’s just happy that they are back together at last.

Lucas comes back with their drinks. He toasts Sami and tells her how proud he is that she has changed for the better. Sami thinks to herself that as soon as she helps Tony get out of jail that she will never do anything bad again. She excuses herself and leaves. Lucas promises his son that they will be a happy family. He answers his cell phone and invites whoever is on the other end to the wedding.

Sami sees her dad and tells him that she accidentally heard what he said to Kate outside. Roman doesn’t want to talk about it, but that doesn’t stop She tells him that She came with Lucas and Will to celebrate his coming back from camp. Then she goes into a story about how she has been using Will’s computer to manage the wedding invitations, responses, gift registry, etc... Roman thinks it should be easier that way. Sami goes in for the kill and tells him that now that Will is back and school is starting, she won’t have the use of his computer...can she use his police computer instead?

Roman is shocked and tells her that it’s against the rules. Finally he agrees and tells her that she can come if she lets him know first and if they aren’t busy. He gives her is password. Lucas and Will join them. Lucas tells her that Austin just called and is going to come for the wedding. Kate is listening in the background and has a huge smile on her face.

Forest/Beach: Patrick, Max, Bo, Hope, Chelsea, Billie

We get a replay of a crying Chelsea slapping Billie and calling her a bitch (Oy! Once wasn’t enough?) She refuses to believe that Billie is her mother. Bo tells her that they are her biological parents. Chelsea still refuses to believe it.

Patrick and Max are still measuring each other up. Max is sure that Patrick is just jealous because Chelsea prefers him.

In the meantime, Bo goes on to Chelsea about the DNA tests. Billie tells her how they thought she had died as a baby and didn’t know until a year ago that she might still be alive. Chelsea decides that Billie is a slut and that she is their bastard/illegitimate daughter. She tells Hope that Bo and that...ahem...Billie must have had an affair right under her nose.

Chelsea tells them she doesn’t want to have anything to do with them and runs away. Billie wants to go after her but Hope stops her. She angrily tells both Bo and Billie that this was not the way to tell their daughter the truth.

Patrick and Max start to fight when Chelsea shows up. She seems very interested when she finds out that they were fighting over her. When she asks Max to take her for a ride, Patrick warns her that it’s a mistake. She goes anyway.

Patrick finds the rest of the and Bo goes into idiot macho mode, telling him to get lost because this is none of his business. Bo wants to look for Chelsea but Hope stops him as well. Billie is crying and thinks they might have lost their daughter again. She pushes herself into Bo’s arms and hugs him while he and Hope look at each other. Billie takes off. Bo tells his Fancy Face that he has to go. She tells him she understands and he kisses her goodbye.

Patrick asks Hope if she trusts Bo and she says she does. They are both worried about Chelsea. He says that Chelsea is looking for love in all the wrong places and there’s no telling what she’ll do.

Bo finds a devastated Billie on the beach and tells her that it will be okay...they will be a family.

Max now knows the truth of Chelsea’s parentage. He defends his brother Bo. Chelsea says she hates Billie and doesn’t want anything to do with her. She doesn’t want to go back to Patrick’s or Abby’s. Max comforts her.

He drives to a motel and takes a blindfolded Chelsea into a room. She’s really happy and he tells her that nobody will find them there.


Patrick and Hope are standing at the pool. He says: “I thought you were going for a swim? Where’s your swimsuit?
Hope (dressed in a long sweater with either a sundress or nightgown on underneath—not sure) says: “Who needs a swimsuit?”

Bart is dressed in a ridiculous clown outfit, complete with makeup. Sami tells him that no one can find out she is Stan.

Frankie tells Bo and Billie that he has a way to track down Max as well as Chelsea, if she is with him. Jack is hovering in the background.

Chelsea asks Max to run away with her and take her someplace that Bo and Billie will never find her.

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