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Thursday Dec 1

Pat’s Spoilers

Nicole/Sami/Lucas: Lucas is on the phone telling Eugenia to get some information together for him on High Style. Lucas gloats that this will be another nail in Austin’s, Nicole’s and Sami’s coffin. Over at Sami’s Nicole and Sami continue to snipe at one another. Sami does not think the takeover is a good idea – idiotic more like it. Nicole says it will guarantee a successful future for the company. Sami claims the only future Nicole wants to guarantee is getting into Austin’s bed. Nicole claims she isn’t interested in getting Austin in to bed but she thinks Sami is. This is an opportunity for both of them to have lengthy flashbacks of times with Austin. Sami tells Nicole she is going to talk to Lucas about Will. Lucas is busy working on his presentation and is reluctant to let her in but when she says she wants to talk about Will he relents. She tells Lucas she is going to parent teacher interviews with him. She wants to know what happened to Will’s A in math. She wants to make sure Will is doing his homework. Some insults about education and lack there of are exchanged. Lucas claims his marks dropped because he is distracted and that is Sami’s fault because she broke Will’s heart. Sami says it’s his fault because he couldn’t forgive her and broke up with her. She wants to come in because Nicole is driving her batty. She strokes Lucas’ ego telling him he was right about Nicole all along. She’s going to drive Austin’s company into the ground.

Nicole is working on her presentation. She is going to beat Lucas at his own game because no one plays dirty better than Nicole Walker. Lucas lets her in. He tells her not to get the wrong idea – he’s only doing this for Will and because he feels sorry for her for going to work for Austin. Sami says she didn’t really have a choice – she had to pay the rent. He goes on that Austin only hired her because he felt sorry for her just like he always felt sorry for her. Lucas makes things worse by insinuating that Sami never loved him – she always wanted Austin. Sami can’t believe they can’t at least be civil to each other. She wants to know if that was why he was with her because if he loved her he would have forgiven her. He says that if she loved him she would know that he deserves better than her. Sami says she is going to leave. Lucas tells her to go. Sami yells damn it Lucas I mss you. Lucas sarcastically tells her that she made her choice – she has Nicole now. This is Sami’s opening. She blurts out the information about Nicole’s takeover plan. Lucas falls for it and tells Sami that he agrees it’s a dumb move. Sami leaves satisfied that she has scuttled Nicole’s plan. She hopes that Austin will fire Nicole and then she can get what she wants. Sami…Sami…Sami… when will you learn… sigh. Lucas calls Victor and tells him that with the info Sami gave him he is going to book a flight and meet with the CEO of High Style tonight. Victor tells him to use the corporate jet. Sami comes back and she and Nicole start in on each other again. Sami tells Nicole that her plan is guaranteed to fail and then Austin will fire her and she’ll be back in the gutter that Victor threw her in to. Nicole wants to know what Sami did now – Sami says nothing – she just knows that Nicole’s plan will fail. By the time it takes Sami and Nicole to exchange a few words – Lucas has flown across the country and is walking into the CEO’s office. He stops and says – it’s you.

The Hospital: I’m not going into the scenes between Kate, Philip and Lexie. It’s basically Philip saying all the things guaranteed to freak Kate out and make her more determined than ever that Claire’s paternity doesn’t come out. Philip talks about not wanting to go on if anything happens to Claire. Kate wondering what would happen to Belle and Philip if Claire doesn’t survive. Lexie with no real news – but there to reassure Kate that Belle and Philip love each other and to say that Phil is Claire’s father … hmm … Kate knows he isn’t but Claire’s doctor hasn’t figured that out by blood types yet???

At Jen’s: Abby is sitting on the couch with her mom. She says it can’t be true. Jennifer thinks it’s a horrible mistake. Bo says that he did retrieve Jack’s licence plate but he didn’t locate the car. Jen says it’s possible that Jack is still alive. Jack knows what to do if the car is submerged in water – they had a segment on how to save yourself on their talk show. Abby says they learned about it school. Jen says Jack wouldn’t panic – he would make sure he made it home to them. Hope says that Patrick, Billie and Chelsea are out searching the riverbank. Jen wants to know why it’s only the three of them searching. Bo says that all available personnel are busy because of the ice storm. Bo’s cell rings. Bo tells them that the fire department has their heavy equipment on site – they are going to locate the vehicle and bring it up out of the water. Bo asks Hope to stay with Abby and Jen. Jennifer insists that she is going to be there. When they pull the car out of the water she is going to be the first person Jack sees. Frankie, Bo and Hope all try and talk her out of going but Jen won’t be dissuaded. Abby wants to come along to. Jen says she can.

The scenes on the bridge are very emotional. Kudos to Melissa Reeves for a job well done! They get to the bridge. Jennifer sees where the car broke through the guardrail. The waiting is getting to her. She rushes to the edge and has to be held back. She’s crying out for Jack – saying he was supposed to come home – he said he was coming home. She can’t believe this. He will come home. Great scene with Bo and Hope follows this. Hope says that Jen can’t accept what is right in front of her. Bo replies that they won’t really know anything until they pull the car out of the river. Hope says they are so lucky to have each other, their sons and their health. She doesn’t know what she would do if anything happened to him. Bo tells her that nothing is going to happen to him. Hope says she is sure Jack said the same thing to Jen. She isn’t going to take their life together for granted … They’re told the car has been located and they’re ready to bring it up. Bo tells Hope that it is going to be a real shock for Jen when she sees Jack’s body. The car is sitting on the bridge and Jen urges them to get the doors open quickly because she needs to get her husband to the husband. Bo takes a crowbar and pries the door open (I’m guessing the door handle wasn’t manly enough …LOL). The door is opened but Jack is not inside. Jen starts screaming – where is he? Where is my husband? Hope holds her.

Preview: Philip to Claire (Mimi, Kate & Victor) – I don’t know what I’m going to do if anything happens to you. I’ll tell you one thing. I’m not going to want to live anymore. Nicole to Sami – I’m a business woman. You’re a wanna be. You’re lucky Austin is giving you a chance. Jen to Bo (and assembled company) – Unless you can show me his lifeless body my husband is alive. Do you hear me all of you? Hope to Bo – God had a plan or Jack had a plan. Brady if you know something you better tell me right now.


Friday Dec 2

Pat’s Spoilers

Hospital: Philip sings a lullaby to Claire – Kate hovers in the background and eavesdrops. Mimi brings Philip something to eat. Kate decides that Mimi would have a lot to lose if the truth about the paternity came out. Philip tells Mimi it means a lot to him that she and Shawn are there at the hospital. Mimi says it’s been quite a year for them. Philip talks about how rough it was when he was being held captive and thinking he might not come out alive but it doesn’t compare to this. He doesn’t do know what he would do if they lost Claire. He apologises to Mimi – he didn’t think about her losing her baby. Mimi says she didn’t – she made the choice which was obviously a bad one for her. There are no do-overs so she just has to get on with her life. She admits that sometimes she has to pinch herself when she thinks about being with Shawn. That is just what Kate wants to hear. She walks away and Victor spots her. He wants to know what she is planning – he recognises that look on her face. She tells him that she is just worried about Claire. He says she is in good hands and tells her that if she can’t be positive she should leave. Victor goes to visit Claire and Philip. Kate tells Mimi to give them some privacy.

Philip tells his Dad that Claire is hanging in there fighting. Victor says that is because she comes from a long line of warriors – she’s a Kiriakis. Victor asks how Belle and her PPD. Philip says she was starting to get better – it’s been hard on all three of them. Victor talks about how they almost lost him several times before he was born. Even though he and Kate aren’t together they love him very much. Victor tells him that he and Belle will treasure this life that they created. Victor has to leave to check in with Lucas. Philip watches over Claire.

Kate tells Mimi that she never got the chance to tell her that she was sorry about what happened between her and Rex. Mimi was under the impression Kate didn’t think she was good enough for Rex. Kate says I was just being a protective mother – you’ll know what I’m talking about when you have a son. Mimi says she’s leaving now. Kate apologises – she forgot about Mimi’s situation. She thinks that the break up with Rex ran deeper than just the abortion. She doesn’t think Rex was her soul mate. Kate thinks Shawn and Mimi are meant to be together. Mimi is a bit surprised considering that Kate treated Shawn like he was the spawn of Satan. She tried – no she actually caught Shawn thrown into jail. Now you think we should be together. What does that make me? Kate says that Shawn’s actions prior to Phil and Belle’s wedding were those of an angry individual – he could have killed people when he crashed his motorcycle through the window. Mimi concedes that is true but the circumstances leading to that weren’t Shawn’s fault. Kate doesn’t care about that. She thinks he has changed. Mimi tells Kate that she is very happy with Shawn if that’s what she is fishing for. Kate says she isn’t fishing for anything. She thinks Shawn is the one who can mend her broken love with. She says to Mimi – you’re in love with him aren’t you. Mimi says things are moving fast between them but neither of them is ready for a commitment. Kate thinks she hears wedding bells and if Mimi listened to her heart she would hear them too. Kate walks away.

High Style: Carrie and Lucas are both surprised to see other. After the reunion talk Carrie tells Lucas that she is the new CEO of High Style – she just started. Lucas says that he hasn’t talked to Mike in ages but he would have thought he would have let him know he was back in the States. Carrie tells him that she and Mike are through. Lucas can’t believe that – everyone thought they were the perfect couple Carrie says everyone except one person. She says that was part of the problem – she tried to live up to this ideal of them being in a perfect relationship. She moved to another country with a doctor that was very committed to his work and then was surprised when she found herself feeling lonely. One day they were having dinner and they looked at each and agreed it wasn’t working. She says they are still good friends and they email all the time. This is for the best. It gives Mike more time to spend with Jeremy which is the reason they moved there. They get on the topic of Sami. Lucas says I know what you’re going to say – that I’m stupid for thinking she would change. Carrie says you loved her – Sami is the stupid one. They talk about Sami’s failed weddings. Carrie wants to feel sorry for her but she can’t – too much blood under the bridge. She asks how Will is taking it. Lucas says not too good – nobody’s life is perfect though. Carrie thought hers was. After what she did to Austin she should have expected this. She feels like a failure. That’s why she took so long to come home – that and Sami. She can’t deal with Sami’s drama. She asks Lucas why he is there. He says he’s working for Titan and he tells her about the takeover. Carrie says her company is not for sale. Lucas says most companies Titan goes after aren’t but he will tell Victor that High Style isn’t right for a takeover. Carrie thanks him. She says she hears his brother is back in town. Lucas plays coy even though he knows it’s Austin she is referring to. He says he started a company but he doesn’t think it’ll go farther considering his lame employees. Carrie asks if he is married. Lucas says no but that might change if Sami has anything to do with it. Carrie is surprised and not too pleased to hear that Sami and Austin are working together. Carrie asks Lucas not to tell anyone that he has seen her. He says his lips are sealed.

Sami’s: Yawn – More of Nicole and Sami sniping at each other. Austin is there and Sami tells Nicole and Austin that they are making a big mistake by considering this takeover. They explain to her the company is ripe for a takeover because the CEO has given away all the profits to protect the rainforest. Sami says the CEO must be an idiot (I do believe Nicole had the same thought). Sami wants to know if they have any of the products so she can try them. Nicole points to a box and says they are all in there. Sami tries some lotion and doesn’t like it. Austin comes out and says he has a meeting with a potential investor. Nicole wants to know if she’s blonde. Austin says he has enough blondes in his life – he tells Sami to go over the information on High Style and he will quiz her when he gets back. She’s not happy about that. Austin tells her that answering phones at the hospital and doing errands for John Black and his mother didn’t prepare her for the business world. He leaves. Nicole and Sami start in on each other. Sami fantasizes about using Nicole for product testing. One chemical she dumps on Nicole has her melting – Sami laughs. Sami is studying the documentation when the phone rings. Nicole is talking to their accountant and goes into another room to look at a file that Sami wouldn’t go and get for her. Austin phones – he forgot to right down the address. He tells Sami to look up in his Filofax. She gives him the address and drops the book. It falls open to a page with a picture of Austin and Carrie. There’s a note beside it. Sami reads it – the ending says ‘I realised I never stopped loving Carrie.’ Nicole comes out and tells Sami she is going to meet with Barry. Sami freaks and throws something into the fireplace. She can’t believe that Austin still loves Carrie after everything she did to him. If she catches Carrie anywhere near him … she yells that she hates Carrie.

Devereaux’s: Jen yells up the stairs telling Abby that she wants her to eat something. Bo and Hope come over. Jen just keeps talking as Bo, Hope and Frankie look on with concern. She tells Bo and Hope she’s glad they’re there. She wants them to try and get Abby to eat something. She’s going back to the bridge. Bo says they got his car out of the water and he wasn’t in it. Jen says that is a good sign and starts looking for her keys. She says she can never find them when she’s looking for them. Frankie tells her the water was too cold … the current too strong … for … Jen says don’t you dare say it … because if you say it I might believe it. She refuses to give up on Jack … she did it twice before and he was out there alive. When Jack comes home she’s not going to be sitting here weeping. She’s going to make some tea – does anyone want some? Outside the house Billie holds the flowers that Jack bought for Jen. She tells Patrick that this is so sad. She asks how are we going to tell her. Patrick doesn’t know – he’s never had to do this. Jen hears the door open and thinks its Jack but it’s Patrick and Billie. Billie tells Jen they don’t have good news. She shows her the flowers and tells Jen that they found them near to where Jack’s car was pulled out of the river. Jen wants to know where Jack is – is he with the police – at the hospital. Billie says they drove 50 miles down river – they checked at all the hospitals and no one matching Jack’s description was admitted. The harbour patrol didn’t pull anyone out of the water. There have been no reports of anyone being pulled out of the river. Jennifer refuses to believe Jack died. She yells that unless they can show her his lifeless body he is alive. Hope gets a call – their babysitter has to go home. Hope and Bo are talking about what to do – Jen tells them to go home. Frankie can stay with her until Jack gets home. Bo and Hope leave.

Patrick tells Billie that this is tearing him up. Billie wonders if Jen is right – maybe Jack isn’t dead. She tells him that Jack wanted to kill himself to save his family the pain of watching him die. Patrick says knowing Jen she would want to be there no matter how much pain Jack was in. Billie thinks Jack might have staged this… Jen overhears this and asks Billie if she is saying that Jack faked his death. Billie says he talked about it once. He was looking for ways to end his life before the illness progressed. Jen doesn’t believe her – why wouldn’t Jack talk to her about that. Billie says he couldn’t talk to you because he knew you were the one person who could talk him out of it. Jen is upset – she wants to know why Billie didn’t tell her this. Billie says he made me promise not to. She also tells Jen that Jack asked her to help him but she wouldn’t. She also tells her about an ISA agent that had the same illness and about how difficult it was for his family towards the end. Jen thinks its one of the most ridiculous stories she has ever heard. Jack would never do that to his family – he would hang in until the end. She says she will say it – unless you show me his body he is alive.

Bo and Hope kiss Zach good night. Bo says he looks so cute sleeping with Mr. Bear. Hope says he never goes to sleep without it. Bo thinks he’s so lucky to have such an amazing wife and beautiful kids. Hope thinks it’s so unfair for Jen to being going through what she is. Bo tells her it is God’s plan. Hope looks at him and says God’s plan or Jack’s plan. If you know anything Brady you better tell me now.

Preview: Kate to Mimi – I admit it. I do have an ulterior motive and it’s about Belle and Philip and the baby. Hope to Bo – That child could have been our grandchild if Belle had married Shawn. Philip to Belle – This little girl is our gift from God and the three of us were meant to be a family. Nothing is going to change that. Jen to Abby – It could be that your Dad is home.


Monday, Dec 5

Pat’s Spoilers

This is a very good episode – one I don’t think any write up can do justice to – you need to watch it and enjoy what we’ve missed about Days. (Forget about Kate and her stupid manipulations) the rest of the show is about family and friends being there for each other. I think Hope said it best – it’s takes something like this to happen (Jack’s accident) to make us realise how blessed we are. (I’m paraphrasing but that’s the gist of it).

Hospital: Mimi and Shawn wonder if Belle and Phil got any sleep at all and they hope that the antibiotics are doing their job and that Claire is getting better. Shawn goes to check on Claire. Kate is watching. She is determined to prevent Shawn from finding out that he could possibly be Claire’s father. By her thinking if Mimi and Shawn marry then Shawn would never be a threat to Phil’s happiness. (Hmm… Kate this is Salem – where marriages you thought lasted for years aren’t really marriages at all!) Shawn comes back and tells Mimi he has some bad news – Claire was moved to pediatric ICU. Mimi says she’s not going to die is she. Shawn says it’s not looking so good. He wishes he could stay but his parents have been leaving him urgent messages all morning so he’s going to go over there and find out what’s wrong. They both hope it isn’t more bad news. Shawn leaves – Kate saunters over and starts in again on the Shawn and Mimi. Mimi says that’s the twice now you’re going on about us. Kate is just happy to see that she’s getting over Rex – she guesses a new love will do that. Mimi tells her she didn’t say anything about love. Kate tells her she doesn’t have to – she can see it on her face when the two of them are together. She heard the two of them are leaving together – she asks Mimi when they’re taking the next step. Mimi is suspicious and wants to know why Kate is suddenly so interested in her and Shawn. Mimi thinks it’s because Rex is coming back to town and Kate wants to make sure she keeps them apart. Kate says no that’s not true and Rex is never coming back to town.

Mimi wants to know what this is all about. Kate says she just wants Mimi to be happy. Mimi doesn’t buy that for a second. She says that Kate never wanted her to marry Rex and she was probably thrilled when Rex dumped her. Kate never thought she was good enough for Rex. Mimi says she had time to think about their conversation last night and she wondered what kind of ulterior motive Kate had. Kate admits she does have one. It’s about Belle, Philip and the baby and she is going to tell Mimi what it is. Kate admits that at the end she wasn’t happy about Mimi’s relationship with Rex. She was very upset with the abortion. But she has noticed that she and Shawn have been very helpful to Belle, Philip and Claire. She says it’s obvious the four of them are still good friends but it could be awkward if Belle still had feelings for Shawn. She thinks it would be in everyone’s best interests if Mimi and Shawn got together. Mimi concedes that that makes sense. She says that Kate will be happy to know that she and Shawn are getting closer but they are a long way from making a serious commitment. Kate says that could change. Mimi doesn’t think so. She gives Kate the lowdown on their financial situation and before they could think of settling down they would have to save some serious money. Kate understands that especially if they want children. Mimi reminds her again that she can’t have children but she would like to adopt. Having kids brings on even more responsibility – she wants to give her kids the things she didn’t have – all of that costs money. Kate tells Mimi that Belle wants to stay at home with the baby now so she’s looking for someone to replace her. She asks Mimi if she would like the job – she has such a great sense of style. Mimi is taken aback by the offer. She’s leery of Kate’s motive but Kate says that Mimi would be doing her a favour – she has to fill the position anyways. Mimi says she’ll think it over. Kate tells her to do that. She hopes she’ll accept the job.

Shawn returns to the hospital and asks if there is any news on Claire’s condition. Mimi says no but she has news of a different nature. Kate offered her Belle’s job while Belle is on leave. She apparently wants us to settle down and live happily ever after. Shawn can’t figure out why Kate cares what they do. Mimi tells him it’s because she is afraid that Belle and he might get back together some day which is completely ridiculous, right? Shawn says there is no future for him and Belle. She and Philip are married and the baby is bringer them closer together every day. Mimi can’t help thinking that there is more to this than Kate is letting on (duh – you think?).

Philip and Belle watch over Claire. Philip wishes Belle would get some sleep – she was up all night. She can’t because isn’t getting better – she seems to be getting worse. Philip says that she is holding her own and he tries to get Belle to come down but Belle turns on him and treats him like pond scum as in her best I am superior and you are not tone of voice and demeanour she snarls that Claire is not getting better either. Lexie told her that what Claire has is very serious and if could lead to brain damage or progressive organ failure. Philip goes to Belle and wraps his arms around her. He tells her that this little girl is their gift from God. The three of them are a family and nothing is going to change that. Philip had stepped out of the room and when he returns Belle is humming a lullaby to Claire. He tells her that she is a great mom. She wishes she could have been there for her before she got sick. Phil says it wasn’t her fault she was sick. Belle tells Phil that one thing she is sure of is that he is the best father that Claire could have. She then tells him that she loves him more every day – they hug. They’re by the crib when an alarm goes off and a nurse comes rushing in. Belle freaks out and yells at the nurse to do something. The nurse says that Claire is having trouble breathing and she is going to give her more oxygen. She asks them to leave the room. Philip takes a hysterical Belle out of the room. Mimi and Shawn and Kate watch as Belle cries. Kate makes her vow about Shawn and yada yada yada …

The Brady’s: Hope is pouring cereal into Zach’s bowl and they find a prize. It’s a race car just like Uncle Max drives. Bo gets home and Hope is so happy to see him. He was out all night heading up the search and rescue effort – they haven’t found Jack. Hope says she should have been with him. He tells her no – she needed to be home with Zach. Bo doesn’t think it’s looking good for Jack – it’s been too long, the water too cold and the current too strong. Soon it’s going to be a recovery effort not search and rescue. Hope says she’ll never forget the look on Jen’s face when they pulled Jack’s car out of the river and found it empty. She was so sure he was alive. Bo says that she is going to have to prepare herself for the worst. Hope tells Zach it’s time to put the toys away and finish his breakfast. He needs to eat it so he can grow big and strong like his Daddy. But first she wants a hug. Zach hugs her … AWWWW. Bo comes back in the kitchen and Hope hugs him and tells him that she loves him. Bo thinks that’s a good thing. He loves her too. She says that they have to face reality – one day one of them is going to be alone. Bo asks her what she is talking about. She says they are both cops – they can never know what is going to happen. What happened to Jack and Jennifer has really got her thinking. She wonders what is going to happen to their family. Abby is going to miss Jack so much and Jack Jr is never going to know his father.

Shawn comes in and hugs his mother. He says he got their messages. He was at the hospital all night – Phil and Belle had to take Claire in. He tells them what he knows about Claire’s situation. Hope says what’s next. Did something else happen. They fill him in on Jack’s accident and what happened. Shawn asks how Jen and Abby are dealing with it. Hope says Jen isn’t. This just might be what pushes her over the edge. Shawn is sitting at the table now and he asks Zach how that pitching arm is doing. Hope says he’s doing really good but he could use some pointers from his big brother. Shawn says that they should spend some time together at the park – a brother’s day. Hope asks Zach what he thinks about spending the day with Shawn at the park – Zach says ‘YAY.’ Shawn has to get back to the hospital. Bo and Hope tell him they’ll call if they have news about Jack’s situation. After he leaves Hope says it felt good to have our family all together. Bo says not everyone was here – Chelsea wasn’t. Hope knows how much it means to him to have her as part of the family – especially since he wasn’t there when she was growing up. She missed the first year of Zach’s life but he missed eighteen. She says that children shouldn’t be separated from their parents. Bo agrees. He says that with Jack gone it’s going to be the hardest on Abby and Jack Jr. Hope embraces Bo and says that they are so blessed.

Hope feels bad for Phil and Belle. She knows what they are going through. Bo says you’re thinking about J.T. aren’t you. Hope says she knew something was wrong with him but the doctors just told her to wait. And then when they found out he had Fetal Alcohol Syndrome they blamed her. She says when she thinks about all the time they spent waiting in Pediatrics while J.T. was in surgery was the most frightening time of her life. She wonders what Philip and Belle would do if Claire doesn’t pull through. How would they feel and how about John and Marlena and Kate and Victor – her grandparents. She then says she could have been our granddaughter if Belle had married Shawn. Bo says – she didn’t. She married Philip and they are a family and god willing they always will be. Hope talks to Bo about how truly blessed they are. She feels so badly for Jen – she’s going to go there and be there for her. She says if Jack is gone she truly doesn’t know how Jennifer is going to be able to handle it.

Devereaux’s: I am not even going to attempt to write up these scenes. Ashley Benson did a wonderful job as Abby. Oh the tears when she was talking to Max and Chelsea – when she accepts that her Dad isn’t coming home. She is so worried about her mother. Missy – oh my – Jen is so up beat and positive but when that veneer starts to crack … I enjoyed the conversation between Max and Chelsea – I like how he encouraged Chelsea to accept Bo and Billie’s love … he talks about what it meant to him to have Caroline and Shawn Brady adopt him. He tells her she’s a Brady by blood – they will love her unconditionally and they love for life. Frankie tries to get through to Jen – gently and he’s there for her when everything starts crashing in on her. Great – great – scenes – I recommend that you don’t miss them.

Preview: Carrie to Lucas – Those memories are one of the reasons why I haven’t gone back to Salem in all these years. Why I probably never will. Sami (ranting out loud to herself) – What is it about her that every single guy she meets falls in love with her. Even Lucas. Hope to Jen – Jack’s gone. Jen yelling – I can not accept that. I can’t. Kate hovering around Phil, Belle, Mimi and Shawn thinking – Shawn may help Claire get through this but I don’t care what I have to do. He’s never going to find out he is her father.


Wednesday Dec 7

Pat’s Spoilers

Lucas’: Eugenia comes over bringing coffee and donuts and the newspapers. She notices the headline of the Salem Tribune – Jack Devereaux Killed In Crash. Lucas calls Julie to see if there is anything he can do – he’s pretty shaken up. He passes on condolences to Jen and says he will be there later. Eugenia suggests he take the day off. He thinks that’s a good idea but they have some business to take care of. Eugenia wants to know what’s going on with the bid to take over High Style. Lucas doesn’t think it’s a good investment. Eugenia questions him – wanting to know what changed his mind. She did all the research on the company and it was ripe for the taking and Victor approved the proposal. Lucas says that after meeting with the CEO he doesn’t think that Titan talking over the company is a smart move. They’re going to focus on revitalising Countess Wilhelmina and Clear Visage. Eugenia asks him if it’s wise to leave High Style for the competition. He says if his brother Austin tries to take over High Style he’ll be in for a big surprise when he meets their new CEO. Eugenia leaves. Lucas gets a call from Carrie. He tells her about Jack and says he’ll see her for dinner. She cancels dinner – to busy. His phone rings again – it’s Kate. She tells him about Claire. He says he’ll come to the hospital and then go see Jen – he has some free time because his date got cancelled. Kate may be worried about the paternity issue and Claire’s illness but not that worried that she doesn’t perk up at the mention of the word date. Lucas says it’s an old acquaintance and he’ll save her the problem, yes she knows the person and yes she would approve. After they hang up Kate feels justifies in what she did to break up Lucas and Sami because it’s obvious Lucas is moving on with his life.

Sami’s: She comes inside reading the newspaper. She looks shocked and upset. She’s in tears. She tells Austin that her friend Jack died last night. He knew but he didn’t know they were friends. She wonders how Abby is doing … she’s Will’s age … she never got the chance to say goodbye. Austin says he’ll give her some time alone. As soon as he goes into another room Sami’s grief quickly goes away as she picks up Austin’s planner and begins muttering about him still being in love with Carrie. She’s holding it in her hand when Austin comes out. She tells him she was just straightening up. He says my desk, my planner – I’ll straighten up. She says the place is always in a mess since Nicole moved in. Austin says that it won’t be so bad once they move their business. Sami says Nicole will still be living here. Nicole has to find a place to live because if she doesn’t they will kill each other. Sami adds - as long as it’s not with you. Austin knows Sami and knows there’s something more going on. Sami says she’s stressed – she’s trying to learn all about High Style because he says it’s the future of their company. Austin says it is and he goes to get ready.

Sami picks up the planner and starts talking out loud to herself again – ranting about Austin still being in love with Carrie even though she cheated on him. Eugenia overhears her (Sami conveniently didn’t close the door behind her when she went out to get the paper). Eugenia proceeds to taunt Sami saying I guess if you can’t have Lucas you’re going to go after his older brother. She tells Sami not to make a fool out of herself. Sami tries to get rid of her but Eugenia tells her she heard her saying that Austin is in love with someone else. Does this mean she’s going to go grovelling back to Lucas? It didn’t take long for her to move on from the supposed love of her life. Sami slams the door in her face. Austin wants to know who was there. Eugenia yells something about Lucas not wanting her and Austin not wanting her. Sami tells him that she doesn’t know what Eugenia is talking about. Austin picks up his planner that is open to the picture of Carrie and him. He says he knows. Sami asks him how he could still be in love with Carrie. Austin is upset that she went through his things. She says that she didn’t – he asked her to find him an address and the book fell open to the picture so of course she read it. She accuses him of stringing both her and Nicole in love – he says he didn’t lead either of them on. He told them both it was strictly business. She wants to know if he was in love with Carrie when he was engaged to her. He says when he was with her he only thought of her but when he moved to New York he did think about Carrie. But that doesn’t matter because she is with Mike. He takes his planner and leaves. Sami swears that she will never let Carrie come between her and the man she wants again.

Carrie: Busy at work – she asks Becky to get a folder out of a drawer in her desk. Becky finds the photo of Carrie and Austin and wants to know who the hunk is. Carrie gives her the abridged version, they fell in love, got married, got divorced, he moved to New York and she moved on with another man. Becky says you are still in love with him. Carrie says she just broke up with Mike, she just started her job and she has no time for a personal relationship. Becky says there’s always time for a relationship and she urges Carrie to call this man – she bets he would want to hear from her. Carrie picks up the phone (it’s the call to Lucas). Lucas calls Carrie back after talking to his mother at the hospital (Kate was telling him to go after what he wants). He tells her about Claire being ill. She wishes she could be there for Belle – she doesn’t even have a picture of her new niece (don’t feel bad – no one has seen her yet). Lucas says he can bring one to dinner. She finally agrees to go out for dinner. Becky thinks that it was the guy in the picture that called. Carrie tells her that’s Austin, I was talking to his brother Lucas.

Hospital: Shawn is sleeping sprawled out on waiting room chairs with his head on his leather jacket that is propped up on an end table. Mimi pours some coffee and wakes him up. She asks him if he slept here all night. LOL – he says with a chuckle – what the hell do you think. He gave blood and they told him to rest for a little while and he just passed out here. He asks her when she went home. She left right after visiting hours. She tried to wake him up but he was totally out of it. He says he was in another world. He asks how the baby is. She doesn’t know – it’s still early and she didn’t want to bother them. She tells him she’ll be right back. He asks her where she is going. She says to the chapel to say a little prayer. Shawn asks if she would mind if he went with her. She says it’s fine. Let’s go. They enter the chapel. Mimi thanks him for coming with her. On the drive to the hospital she realised there is nothing she can do to help Claire – she feels useless. Shawn knows what she means. Mimi says at least you were able to give blood. Shawn hopes it helps but right now Claire needs all the prayers she can get.

Mimi lights some candles kneels and says a prayer for Belle, Philip and Claire. She sits down next to Shawn. Shawn stares at her and then takes her hand in his. He says you were afraid you couldn’t do anything to help but you did. God hears all of our prayers. We just have to have faith that he will answer them. Mimi says they should get back to the ICU and see how the baby is doing. Shawn asks her to wait – there’s something he wants to say to her. Mimi says what? Shawn says that what he is trying to see is that he enjoys being with her. All of his life she’s been right in front of him and he never noticed. Mimi says that’s the story of her life actually and laughs. Shawn says he is serious – he’s not ready to walk down the aisle yet it’s just that I’ve been really happy when I’m with you and I hope you feel the same way. Smiles are exchanged and Shawn touches her face tenderly.

Kate is giving Victor an update, Phil is sleeping in a chair by the crib – Belle wakes him up – Claire is turning blue. Kate sees the nurse go rushing towards Claire’s room. Lexie tells Phil and Belle that Claire isn’t getting enough oxygen – they need to put her on a ventilator. Belle gets all haughty and superior and talks to Lexie as if she’s an idiot. Lexie says that they are doing the best they can and she suggests they go and get some breakfast. Belle won’t leave – she suggests to Phil that he should get some coffee. Phil leaves and his mother comforts him as he expresses his fears about losing Claire. At least Phil has Kate to comfort him – god knows, he isn’t getting any support or comfort from his wife. Kate goes into Claire’s room. Belle cries on her shoulder. A nurse and Lexie come in with a tray full of needles. Belle demands to know what is going on. Lexie says they have to do another spinal tap and she suggests they wait outside. Belle bites Lexie’s head off – she’s not leaving and Lexie can’t touch HER child. Philip comes in and finds out what Belle is having a cow over – he says they have to do the tests – what choice do they have. Lexie finally gets them out of the room. Kate stays behind and wants to know what her granddaughter’s odds are. Lexie says we don’t know what she has as yet so I can’t answer that – they’re doing everything they can.

Mimi and Shawn notice the blinds to Claire’s room are shut. Lucas shows up. He chats with Kate. Lexie comes out and tells everyone that Claire is sleeping. Belle goes into the room – so does Shawn. Belle is crying and she says she doesn’t know what she is going to do if she loses Claire. She walks to Shawn for a hug. Kate and Phil come in. Kate tells Phil to go comfort his wife. Phil touches Shawn’s shoulder and Shawn gladly relinquishes Belle to him. Kate tells Mimi that she better do something to make Shawn hers or he’ll always gravitate towards Belle. Mimi just gives her the look – LOL! They go inside the room. Shawn puts his arm around Mimi’s shoulder.

Preview: Sami (talking to herself) – I’m making sure that I end up with Austin. Carrie is happily married half way around the world. Lucas to Carrie – And you my beautiful friend are in for a night you will never forget. Hope to Shawn – If that was your little girl in there fighting for her life … Kate to herself (off course she overhears Hope and Shawn’s conversation – can you see me rolling my eyes?) – That is Shawn’s little girl. I’m going to have make sure both of you never know that. Weepy Belle to John – First you lose mom and now I could lose my little girl.


Thursday Dec 8

Pat’s Spoilers

All of the scenes take place either in the hospital or Carrie’s office today. This will be a very short report as I have some packing I need to do this even. The only good thing about the show today was the scenes with Hope, Shawn and Zach. The theme for the rest of the show is – well, it’s just plain stupid – I don’t know how else to put it so I’m not going into a great amount of detail.

Ridiculous Factor #1 – John, Marlena and Alex and company. I don’t know who is the bigger idiot – John or Marlena. Are we supposed to be interested in this? Has Marlena lost her ever-loving mind? Alex objects to John calling Marlena Doc because it’s a term of endearment and because Marlena is his wife he feels it is inappropriate. John says she’s been called Doc for years – he asks Marlena if it bothers him. Mrs. Stepford says because it upsets my husband you shouldn’t do it. John asks her what she will do when her memory returns and you realise that I’m the man you loved. She says that Doc was his wife and his lover but she doesn’t exist any longer. John says what about me and our daughter. Mrs. Stepford – I am married to Alex. He is my main concern. I owe it to him to see if we can rekindle our love. MAJOR - Tick-me-off Factor – Marlena tells John she’s at the hospital because Belle needs her. Sami comes along and says Mom and Marlena winces. Excuse me – is Sami not your daughter as well? Sami is thrilled when Marlena tells her that John and she are separating. Sami says John wasn’t the man you really loved anyway – it’s Daddy – now you can get back together with him. Marlena tells her she is already married to Alex and her father will have to accept that just like John has. Duh – Marlena – your brains must really be rattled – I don’t know how much clearer John could make the fact that he isn’t giving up on you although at this point I’m beginning to question his sanity. They part ways. John is comforting Belle in the chapel – he at least talks to Philip. Marlena comes in and says Belle – John has to hand her off – Marlena ignores Philip and takes over comforting Belle. John tells Alex he checked out his story and it’s all true – he is married to Marlena. John wants his word that he won’t be intimate with Marlena until she gets her memory back. Alex asks him if he’s serious. They argue – Marlena breaks it up – Marlena and John talk alone – just recycle everything they said in the first half of the show.

Ridiculous Factor # 2 – Today Lucas overhears Austin tell Sami that he can’t help the way he feels – he is still in love with Carrie. He goes to mommy dearest who says she thought he had a date. He does but … Kate says if you love her go after her. It’s too soon to talk about love but it could lead to that except he has a rival for her affections. Kate tells him love is like business – you make your move and grind your competition into the ground. Lucas goes to Austin and has a gentle warning for him – don’t underestimate me like you did with the Clear Visage account. Austin says this time you won the next time you might not. Lucas puts Austin on notice – he’s going to be one step ahead of him all the time. Austin has a feeling he isn’t talking about business. So just like Sami is going after Austin because he’s in love with Carrie and she doesn’t want her sister to have him – Lucas makes it clear that he’s going after Carrie because Austin loves her and he doesn’t want his brother to have her. Can this be any more stupid??? Is that what we’re going to be subjected to for months on end? And Lucas gloats wondering what Mommy dearest is going to do when she finds out that Austin is the competition he was referring to. Oh yeah – Austin tells Kate not to worry when she cautions him that both Sami and Nicole want him. He is interested in someone else. Of course she counsels him to go after her.

Ridiculous Factor # 3 – Sami feels powerless to help Belle and Claire – she can’t do anything about her mother being married to the jerk but she can do something for herself. She can make sure that she is the woman that ends up with Austin. (Even though he point blank told her that he loves Carrie and he isn’t interested or isn’t going to get interested in anyone else). So instead of worrying about how Carrie and Mike are doing she decides to phone Carrie. They chit chat – Carrie knows everything that is going on in Salem and all Sami can say is your source is very good. Now get this – Carrie asks SAMI if Austin ever mentions her and then looks sad when Sami says never and insinuates that Austin will be getting married soon. HELLO!!!! Anyone home up there Carrie – this is SAMI – your sister – the one who drugged Austin and made him believe that she was you – the sister who passed off Lucas’ son as Austin’s to keep him away from you – the same sister that faked her paralysis to keep Austin by her side … Sheesh …

Belle to Philip – Wah, Wah, Wah what are we going to do… Claire isn’t getting any better. Philip comforts Belle

Hope and Zach enter the cafeteria (I think that’s where they are) and Shawn is getting coffee. Zach calls out ‘Shawn’. Zach goes running to Shawn who crouches down on the floor so they can hug. Zach is there for his check up. Shawn says oh you’re here for vaccinations and blood work and needles. Hope wants Shawn to be quiet. Zach says it’s okay Mommy, he’s just teasing. Shawn and Zach goof around (they are so cute together…awww) – Hope goes to get coffee. Shawn sees that she looks really down so he goes to her and asks her if she’s okay. She’s thinking about Jen and everything that happened. Jack Jr is going to grow up without knowing his father. Hope asks how Claire is doing. Shawn says they gave her a transfusion but it didn’t help. Hope says that could have been your little girl… Shawn says yes if he and Belle hadn’t broken up – he thinks about that. Kate is lurking and says she is Shawn’s girl but you can never find out – Claire is the glue holding Philip and Belle’s marriage together. Zach is having his check up. Shawn and Hope talk. He tells her that he’s been spending a lot of time with Claire – Hope says that’s natural, you’re her godfather. He says he’s been looking after to give Philip and Belle a break – she’s a great kid – it’s put everything into perspective for him. He says that stuff with the motorcycle and everything had to be so hard on you and Dad. He’s very sorry for putting them through that. He tells her it won’t happen again. He’s ready to get married and have a family.

Hope is happy that he is thinking about these things but just because Philip and Belle started a family that doesn’t mean he has to rush into anything. He says he doesn’t mean right away but he and Mimi have been spending a lot of time together – things are getting serious between them. He tells her that Mimi can’t have children of her own but she loves kids as much as he does so he thinks that they will adopt. There are so many kids out there in the world that need a good home. Hope tells him that he has grown up. She says that he doesn’t know how much it means to her to know that she has raised such a wonderful thoughtful young man. As parents they tried to instil the values that they were taught by their parents and grandparents – they are both so proud of him. (LOL – Shawn is looking slightly abashed by all the praise). Hope says - Now is you would only go back to college – raising a family costs money. Shawn tells her not to ruin a good thing. Hope tells him she had her say and it will end there. She just wants him to be happy. He asks her if she is going to trust him to decide what that is. She says she doesn’t have a choice. She tells him she loves him so very much – he says I love you too Mom. Zach returns – Shawn saved some Jello for him (yucky yellow jello – LOL). Zach is perfectly healthy. Shawn tells Hope that there will be no more Evel Kneivel stunts, no more drunk driving … he isn’t going to get into any trouble. She’s happy to hear that because she doesn’t think she could handle it if anything happened to either one of them. Shawn says come on don’t worry. Zach is probably the healthiest under 10 kid in Salem – Hope says just Salem. Shawn says okay top 3 in the States and I’m the healthiest in the over 21 category. Hope says she needs to give her boys a hug. Shawn teases Zach – oh no a hug. Hope comes behind them (Zach is on Shawn’s knee) and they hug. I love how little Zach leans back into her … sigh.

Preview: Sami to Nicole – Power and money? Nicole – I thought that’s what you wanted. Sami – Of course I do. Who doesn’t? Nicole – Okay then. Stay out of my way and let me do what I do best. Kate in front of the hospital computer – It’s a very dangerous thing that I’m doing. Security guard – What are you doing in her ma’am? Carrie to Lucas – I felt bad leaving Salem. I just felt it would be easier to start over someplace new. Frankie to Jen – Are you saying you think it’s time for me to go? Jen – I think it’s time for all of us to move on.


Friday Dec 9

Pat’s Spoilers

This is going to be a very short report. I have some packing I need to do this evening … who knew a person could accumulate so much stuff in a home away from home? Sigh.

Carrie & Lucas – They are about to leave when Becky reminds Carrie that the representative from the company she gets all her corporate gift baskets is coming to see her that evening. She also has all the children’s gifts to wrap. Lucas offers to help. The guy comes – Carrie likes to buy her staff gifts that they can’t afford to buy for themselves. Lucas sees the bill – he offers the guy his business card and the chance to do business with Titan next year and as a show of good faith he wants the guy to give Carrie 20% off. He does. Carrie is impressed – she could learn from him. Lucas says I learned from you that maybe there’s room for businesses to have heart. They go out for dinner. Carrie orders sparkling water even though Lucas says she can have wine. He has fallen off the wagon a few times but he’s good now. She says because of Sami. Lucas is very good – he doesn’t blame Sami. He says Sami and Nicole drove him to drink but alcoholism is a disease – and it’s his disease to deal with.

Nicole, Austin & Sami – Nicole and Sami bicker because Sami won’t call a taxi for Nicole. Austin says that Nicole can ride to the airport with him because he is going to L.A. to meet with an investor. Sami says they aren’t going without her. Nicole doesn’t think they should spend the money on a ticket. Sami asks Austin how is she supposed to learn about the business if she’s not involved. Bottom line – Sami is going. Nicole tells Austin that the new CEO is worse than the other. She makes charitable donations, gives the employees’ profit-sharing bonuses – she’s toast. Austin doesn’t want to take over the company and completely dismantle it. He wants to keep most of the employees. Nicole tells him they are too top heavy and all she wants is their products and some of their marketing. Austin tells her that she is not to do anything underhanded while in his employ. Nicole says she won’t she just wants to see the real balance sheets. He goes to change. Sami tells Nicole she knows that she was lying through her teeth. Nicole doesn’t want Austin to look like a wimp. Success, power and money … isn’t that what everyone wants. They go to LA – Nicole goes to High Style pretending to be interested in a job – she’s Mary Smith … I did like her get up…LOL! Sami and Austin end up at the same place as Carrie and Lucas. Sami looks beautiful. She starts reminiscing and Austin cuts her off saying this isn’t a date. Sami says if I was Carrie you wouldn’t be saying that. Austin doesn’t know where there is coming from. Sami mentions Carrie being her much older sister and she makes some disparaging remarks and feels better.

Kate talks to herself and pretends to have a conscience for 2 seconds and then goes in and changes Shawn’s medical records. She gets caught. The guard (the guy that played Kurt when Hope and Stefano were locked up in the castle) can tell that Shawn’s medical file had just been changed. She broke the law and she is going to be charged. She tries to bribe her way out of it but that doesn’t work. Then she tries the I did this for my war hero son – this doesn’t work. She says they can just change it back – no harm done. He says you can’t undo things – it doesn’t work that way. He tells her not to try and leave he knows who she is. He comes back with someone – Kate says it’s you.

At Jen’s – Jen is trying to get Jack Jr back to sleep. She has a flashback of Jack singing to the baby. Frankie asks if he can do anything. She asks him if he can sing. He’s been told he can carry a tune. She says that won’t work, Jack Jr is used to really bad singing. Abby comes down and says she heard Jack Jr. Jen says he just had a little nightmare like you used to have. Abby says when I was missing dead. Frankie takes Jack Jr upstairs. Jen and Abby talk. Abby is sad that Christmas is coming and Jack won’t be there. She knows he was in terrible pain but she wanted him to be with them no matter – she feels that was very selfish of her. Jen says it isn’t. Abby says that Jen isn’t making her feel better – Dad always had a way of saying things to make her feel better. They have a flashback. Jen says they have to hold on to the memory. Abby says so Jack Jr can know his dad. She wants to make a memory book. Jen says it’s late and the memorial is tomorrow – she should go to bed. Abby says just one page – she’s going to make some hot chocolate. Frankie comes back down and asks her what she would like him to do next. She tells him to start packing. Frankie asks her if she wants him to leave. She thinks it’s time they all started moving on with their lives. He says you need your friends now more than ever. She appreciates everything he has done but she says if he stays they will end up depending on him. Her, Abby and Jack Jr need to learn how to be a family unit. She wants Abby to come to her and talk to her about anything – the last time when Jack died she talked to everyone but her. Frankie says he wouldn’t come between them. Jen knows that. Frankie hopes she isn’t taking on too much at once… Abby comes into the living room and says it’s snowing and Daddy never covered his rose bushes. She doesn’t want them to die. Frankie says he’ll go and cover them but Jen insists that she can do it. Outside Jen covers the rose bushes and talks to Jack. She tells him his rose bushes are alive – she wishes he was. She misses him so much already. She doesn’t know how she is going to do this – she wishes he was here. Jack says I’m right here. Jen turns around and stares at Jack. Freeze frame ending.

Preview: Frankie to ??? – She’s wants me to leave, obviously it will be hard, but I’ll go. Jen to Hope – You’re not going to believe this. You’re not going to believe this. Jack is alive. Becky to Nicole – Excuse me but you can’t be in here. Sami – oh my God, you. Carrie – I don’t believe it – camera shots of Austin and Lucas.


Tuesday Dec 13

Janice’s Spoilers

This is going to be short and sweet. Apart from the Jen/Hope/Frankie scenes, and being able to see Victor, the rest was a big yawn for me…sigh… I will say that the acting was good though if that makes sense...Kyle, John Aniston, and of course Melissa and Kristian...

Note: I would swear that the actor playing Mr. Giles was the prison guard years ago that kidnapped Jennifer when Jack was in prison accused of killing Peter... lol...

Hospital: Philip, Claire, Victor, and Kate

Philip is reassuring the baby that everything will be okay. Victor and Kate are watching from afar. He presses her to tell their son the truth. She can’t believe that he wants to hurt Philip in this way. Victor is angry with her and says she could have killed Shawn. She refuses to feel guilty…says belligerently that she changed the records back and wants them to just think about their son.

Victor can’t believe what she has done. He tells her that this could make enemies of Shawn and Phil because they both love Belle. He asks her how long she thinks Philip and Belle’s relationship will last when he finds out the truth. That’s why Kate doesn’t want to tell him. Victor just shakes his head and talks about her “so-called love” for her children and the terrible things she does. He is adamant that Philip needs to know the truth. Philip overhears and asks about what.

Victor explains that Kate has something to tell their son. Kate tap dances but Philip insists on knowing. She lies and says that his father is angry because she bribed the nurses to give Claire better care. Philip thinks the care has been just fine so far. Victor presses Kate to tell Philip the rest just as the machines Claire is hooked up to go haywire.

The nurse tells them that Lexie is away at an emergency but will come as soon as she can. She says that some of Claire’s medications might be hurting her kidneys. Philip is beside himself as Victor tries to comfort him. The nurse has Claire’s lab results and sas that the baby’s kidney function is low…no extra medication needed at the moment though. Kate warns Victor that the truth could kill Philip. Philip leaves Kate and Victor with Claire while he goes to find Belle and eat something.

Victor glares at Kate and tells her that their son needs to hear the truth. She refuses and tells him to just let it go. He finally agrees that for the moment they will keep it from him.

Devereaux House: Jennifer, Hope, and Frankie

Jennifer tells Hope and Frankie that she saw Jack…he’s alive. They just look at her and she realizes that they don’t believe her. Hope wants to believe Jennifer but she wonders why Jack didn’t come in with Jennifer. Frankie takes a look and starts calling Jack’s name. Jen and Hope run outside. Frankie finds the cat. He tells them that he will check in the front. Hope reassures Jennifer that she isn’t going crazy. Jennifer’s instincts are still telling her that Jack is alive…just like the other times she thought she had lost him. She’s determined not to give up now. Hope wants to know what he said. Jen says she was just so excited and shocked to see him. She admits that he told her he was dead. Hope asks her how Jack got out of the car... where’s he been...did he maybe come back to say goodbye?

Jennifer explains to Hope that Jack came back to say goodbye to her and that he wants Frankie to take his place. Hope looks strange. Frankie looks around and finds a heart-shaped locked in the snow. He murmurs that he doesn’t believe in ghosts…but…

Hope thinks maybe Jack came back as a ghost and to give Jennifer some closure. Lots of crying and hugging. Hope tells Jennifer that she loved Jack too but maybe he didn’t make it this time. Jennifer doesn’t want to move on with Frankie. She tells hope that she loves Jack with all her heart and he can’t be gone. Hope thinks Jack is at peace and is okay with her moving on. She tells her that Jack knew Frankie was someone he could count on. Jennifer gets upset and says she doesn’t want Frankie…she wants Jack. A devastated Frankie listens in the background.

Los Angeles Restaurant: Mr. Giles, Austin, Lucas, Nicole, Sami, and lady’s room attendant

Lucas sees Nicole who thinks he’s on a date. They both keep their secrets.

Mr. Giles suggests that Austin get rid of the CEO of High Style… that the company can be profitable again. Austin is determined to do things his way and suggests that another bank can be found if Mr. Giles doesn’t like it. Just as Mr. Giles gets up to leave, Nicole puts in an appearance. She has him wait while she and Austin talk about his demands. Same old…same old…argument…finesse vs…shrewdness...tough-mindedness...kicking ass. He tells her that he is not about to fire anyone for the fun of it and especially not before the holidays. She mentions Lucas being there and ready to grab the company from them. Austin lets Nicole talk to Mr. Giles while he goes to find out what the hell his brother is doing in L.A..

Sami’s is upset and talking to the attendant about caring for two men that are brothers… yada…yada… We get flashbacks of the “non-wedding.” Sami thanks the attendant for being so sympathetic and slips some money in the jar. The attendant suggests Sami talk to her mom or maybe a sister. Sami gives her the 24/7 on Marlena’s condition…her brother…two half-sisters who are pefect…etc…etc… We get another flashback of her and Carrie having a conversation about Austin. Sami admits to being a terrible sister and mentions that Carrie is happy now.

Carrie loses her balance and her shoe comes off. Sami and the attendant are surprised that someone else is in there. Carrie changes her voice and tells them she’s all right. Sami recognizes the shoe as being expensive, deposits more money in the jar and leaves. Carrie comes out and the attendant asks if she’s okay. Carrie tells her that she is now that her sister is gone. The attendant looks shocked.

Mr. Giles tells Nicole that he’s not willing to lend a lot of money to someone who is wanting to win a popularity contest. Nicole says she isn’t like that. Sometime later, Nicole and Mr. Giles are toasting to a long association. Sami finds Austin at the bar and he tells her he doesn’t think there will be a deal...philosophical differences.
Carrie comes back to the table and tells Lucas they have to leave because Sami and Austin are there…sigh what are the chances of being in the same restaurant in a city the size of L.A.??? Lucas looks and sees Sami and Austin watching them from the bar. He says it’s too late but doesn’t think they recognize Carrie (her back is towards them) and takes her out on the dance floor. Austin asks Sami if she wants to dance.


Marlena: “Should I not be concerned with my family?” Alex tells her no she shouldn’t.

Sami: “Austin that is the biggest sprig of mistletoe I have ever seen.” Austin leans her backwards and goes in for a kiss.

Lucas: “I’m moving on with my life and it’s not with Sami.” Carrie: “It almost sounds like you’ve found someone else.” Lucas: “I have, at least I hope I have.”


Wednesday Dec 14

Janice’s Spoilers

Note: All I’m going to say about today’s show is that, in some ways, it was like watching paint dry! I’ll leave you to decide which parts I’m talking about…sigh!

Los Angeles: Carrie, Austin, Sami, and Lucas

Repeat of Carrie upset about Sami being there, telling Lucas about how she heard Sami’s conversation in the rest room, not wanting to explain about Mike, and them trying to escape via the dance floor.

Sami is surprised that Lucas is there with another woman. Austin and Sami go out on the dance floor. Sami sees a woman wearing the shoes from the rest room. Austin goes up to ask her where she got the shoes and says “I can’t believe it’s you!” She turns out to be an old friend of Austin’s from New York—Rory. They gab about old times and what she is doing in L.A. Sami approaches and gets introduced…more gabbing…stupid talk about the “shoes” then Sami gets ignored by the two of them. Sami wants to know if Rory is okay after her rest room accident. Rory doesn’t know what she is talking about… Sami tries to get Austin away from Rory. Austin doesn’t want to go…yada…yawn…yada… Rory is a clinging vine.

Carrie wants to get out of there NOW! She just doesn’t want to face Austin and Sami yet. Lucas says he understands. They talk about the past. Lucas is sorry for the part he played in breaking Carrie and Austin up. Carrie mentions overhearing Sami say she was going after Austin again. Lucas can believe it. Carrie also tells Lucas that Sami said she still loves him. Lucas doesn’t care…it’s over…yada…yada…he’s moving on and his life no longer includes Sami. Carrie wonders if he has someone new. He tells her he hopes he has.

Sami points out a sign to Austin for a raffle—win 2 tickets to a Rolling Stones Concert…the proceeds will go to Hurricane Katrina victims. Austin is a fan and decides to buy a bunch of tickets so that it will be a donation to Rory’s cause. Rory is “very” thankful.

Lucas sit down on a bench with their coffee and dessert. He says he wants to settle down. She tells him she hasn’t dated since Mike but that she still cares about Austin. She assumed that Lumi was together so that Sami would be too busy to cause trouble. Lucas reaffirms that Lumi is over. Carrie thought she and Austin still might have a chance until she heard Sami’s conversation. She refuses to get into another triangle. Lucas asks her if she could forget about her feelings Austin if he and Sami get together.

Carrie says that if Austin/Sami get serious then she will stay out of it….would never pull a “Sami.” Rehashed talk about Sami’s dirty deeds…drugging Austin…etc…etc… She doesn’t think Austin will go back to Sami. Lucas isn’t so sure. Carrie needs to know one way or the other. Lucas offers to take her home. She remembers that she left a confidential file in the restaurant and goes back to get it. Lucas thinks Sami might take it.

We see Sami inside looking at the folder labeled Highstyle. Austin appears and wants her help. She suggests Rory help him…he wants her. They go and then Carrie comes back for the folder. Sami sees a huge sprig of mistletoe and Austin kisses her with an upset Carrie watching from afar. Sami is thrilled by the kiss…sigh…they won the kissing contest and tickets to the concert…lame…lame…lame! Sami realizes the kiss was just for charity. Austin goes off to pay for the tickets. Sami watches him leave and is sure that the kiss was real…determined to be the next Mrs. Austin Reed.

Carrie tells Lucas about the kiss. They hug and leave to go home. Carrie is crying.

Outside in the snow: John, Kate

John determines that Kate needs to eat and insists on taking her out for dinner.

Chez Rouge: Marlena, Alex, John, and Kate

Maggie greets Marlena and Alex and shows them to a table. She thinks she should be back at the hospital supporting her daughter and granddaughter. Alex doesn’t think so. What he means is that she needs to take care of herself too…GMAB! They hear the song “I’ll Be Home for Christmas” playing and he tells her they danced to it on their first Christmas as a couple. She doesn’t remember. He thinks if they dance again she might. Marlena says that it might also take her mind off John and the family. Alex just looks at her.

Marlena only remembers dancing with John to this song…lol… John and Kate appear and they go up to them. Marlena asks about the baby. Alex just wants to go back to the table. John watches them leave and tells Kate about Marlena wanting to stay with Alex and telling him to move on. Kate thinks he should consider it. John doesn’t know how he can forget someone he loves. He tells Kate that Marlena doesn’t want him to call her Doc anymore. Kate tells him that he shouldn’t be asking her that.

Maggie approaches John and Kate’s table. She commiserates with him and is sure he will get Marlena back. John mumbles that he can’t change Marlena’s mind if North won’t give him any time alone with her. Maggie decides to help out. She tells Marlena that there was a call for her and that she can get the message at the bar. Alex starts to accompany her…Geez Louise!!! Maggie stops him. Alex notices Kate sitting by herself and goes over…yada…yada…recycled conversation about who loves who…

Marlena goes up to the bar and asks for her message. John appears and explains that there isn’t one…just Maggie trying to get them a moment together. Marlena was worried it might be the hospital. Marlena is upset that Maggie would do that. John says that Maggie knew that he wanted some time alone with her. He kisses her.

Hospital: Shawn, Lexie, Nurse, Claire, Belle

Well, Belle is Belle…sigh…upset…off-balance…etc…etc… Shawn arrives and Belle explains about Claire’s kidney problems. She tells him that Philip is getting some much needed sleep. Lexie brings in a doom and gloom prognosis. Belle goes ballistic.

Belle thanks Shawn for his blood contribution. He was happy to do it….would do anything for the baby…may be the closest thing to a biological child he will have…that is if things work out with Mimi. Belle asks morosely if they are serious about each other already. Shawn says you never know. Belle goes in for the kill and tells him that he would be a great father but recommends that he take things slowly (yep like she did…sigh). He wants to know why. She says its because she is his friend and cares about him...doesn’t want to lose him. He tells that when it is all over that Belle and Philip will have a beautiful healthy baby and that he and Belle will still be friends.

Belle wants to give more blood no matter what the rules are. Shawn offers as well. Lexie refuses and tells them that the Blood Bank is calling around but the baby is hemorrhaging and at this time of year it is hard to get donors. Belle asks what will happen if Claire doesn’t get the blood she needs. Lexie says they will lose the baby if that happens. She gives Belle a pep talk. Belle goes all weepy again. Shawn says he’ll do whatever he can to help save Claire even if she isn’t his daughter. He promises that she won’t lose the baby. Shawn tells her to go to the chapel and he’ll take care of the blood problem.

Belle leaves and Shawn approaches the nurse…says that yesterday he was rejected.
She checks and sees that he gave blood yesterday. He tells her that he offered but that Lexie told him to wait until they really needed it. The nurse thanks him.

Belle comes back and upon hearing more dire news about Claire, cries out Shawn’s name. Lexie is shocked. Shawn lies to the nurse and says that Lexie said it would be okay if he gave two pints because of the emergency. The nurse gets him ready. He murmurs that he would give all of his blood to save Belle’s baby.


Bo thinks that if Mrs. H. is so sure about Shawn and Belle, then maybe they are meant to be together. Hope just looks at him sceptically.

Belle runs into the room Shawn is in and he’s unconscious and lying on the floor. She asks him if he is okay.

Bonnie (dressed up as Mrs. Santa) tells Mimi (dressed as a cute elf) that she will finally find true happiness with Shawn. Max (reindeer…lol) barks.

Marlena stops a fight between Alex and John and asks them to stop.


Thursday Dec 15

Janice’s Spoilers

LOL...I loved Mimi today! I know Belle wanted to be there for Shawn, but I really thought that given that Philip was sleeping, Belle’s time should have been split her time with her daughter Claire getting more of it...jmo

Bonnie’s Christmas Tree Lot: Bonnie, Mimi, and Max

Bonnie is dressed up as Mrs. Clause and Mimi is dressed up as her cute little elf. Even Max the dog gets into the act. Mimi isn’t thrilled to be wearing her Bonnie tells her that Christmas is about selling trees. Mimi says a little wryly that she thought Christmas was about the birth of Jesus. Bonnie sort of agrees and then notes that Max isn’t complaining. Mimi thinks he would if he could talk. Bonnie asks her to stay and help...she goes into mommy-mode ala Bonnie style. Mimi tells her that she hopes she didn’t steal the trees this year. Bonnie assures her daughter that they are legitimate, but that this year they aren’t being sold for charity...just for her.

Bonnie brings out her huge Christmas ornament and tells Mimi that she is getting her name taken off and putting Mimi’s on (LOL...the look on Mimi’s face). Mimi tells her no way and reminds her about the tree falling over last year. Max isn’t impressed either. Bonnie reminds Mimi about Shawn being a Horton/Kiriakis and that she won’t let her make the same mistake she did. Mimi insists that she would never marry for money. Bonnie looks skeptical and says that she also told her she wouldn’t marry Shawn. Mimi thinks its highly unlikely that she and Shawn will get married but even so, she just wants an ordinary ornament.

Bonnie pushes to know more about Mimi and Shawn’s relationship. Mimi admits that he’s been preoccupied lately because he thinks of Claire as his own child. She mentions not having to use birth control. Bonnie goes nuts over that information...her mind goes directly to sleeze-mode. Mimi wishes she could take those words back and reminds her mom that Shawn is a mechanic. Bonnie throws in that Shawn will soon be coming into Kiriakis funds. Mimi moves to go. She tells her mom that Shawn is at the hospital with Belle and Bonnie is amazed. She is sure that Mimi will lose him.

Mimi refutes that statement and says that Shawn is just there for moral support...Philip is there too...and Belle told her that Philip is sleeping. Bonnie goes ballistic thinking that Shawn and Belle are together. She wants Mimi to rush over to the hospital. She also wants Mimi to marry Shawn...have a family...and live happily ever after. Mimi tells her mom that even though Shawn has talked about adopting, she knows that deep down he wants a family of his own and she can’t give him that.

Her mom comforts her and says that Shawn will be thrilled to adopt and have lots of kids and will love all of the children they have. Mimi thanks her mom for saying that. Bonnie smiles and says the best part is that Mimi will keep her figure. Mimi doesn’t care about that. She says that she would give anything to feel a baby growing inside her and wonder if the baby would look like her or take after her. But she knows what Shawn would choose if it was between adoption and having his own child with Belle.

Bonnie tells Mimi not to take it like that. If Shawn loves her then nothing else will matter. She compliments Mimi and tells her that she turned out to be such a good person with a good conscience despite her mom and that she will find true happiness. Mimi chooses a Christmas tree for Philip and Belle’s loft (I’m sure Belle will give her heck for it...sigh). Bonnie gives Mimi a huge bunch of mistletoe and tells her to hang some in the bedroom, kitchen, Max barks at that and the two women laugh.

Brady Home: Bo, Hope, and Zach

Bo brings in a tree and they joke about it not coming from Bonnie’s tree lot. Both of them talk about how much they have to be grateful for and how sad they are for Jennifer and Abby. Bo wants her to get into the Christmas spirit for Zach’s sake. They thank god for everything they have.

Hope is in bed with Zach reading him a sweet. She tucks him in and says goodnight. Bo is decorating the tree when she comes downstairs. She tells him that Zach is so excited about Christmas and that she wants to invite everyone for a turkey dinner...even if she can’t cook. She includes Shawn and Mimi and says she is getting used to the sound of that....but is still sad about Shawn and Belle. Bo says they are over.

She tells Bo that Alice isn’t so sure that Belle and Shawn are over and even bought Belle an ornament...that she has a 6th sense that they will be together someday...or maybe Mimi’s ornament someday. Bo is surprised but says if Mrs. H. is so sure about Shawn and Belle, then maybe they are meant to be together. Hope looks at him but he asks her when was the last time Mrs. H. was wrong about something...especially about matters of the heart.

Bo just wants Shawn to be as happy as he is with Hope...whether it be with Mimi, Belle, or someone else. Zach comes downstairs and wants to know if Santa is there yet...too cute! Bo picks the little guy up and Hope tells him no but suggests that they hang the Christmas stockings in the meantime. She has one for JT and wants to send it to him after they fill it up. She also has a surprise for Bo. He takes Zach up to bed and Hope looks for it.

Hope gives Bo a stocking with Chelsea’s name on it. He’s very touched and tells her it is great and that she must feel that Chelsea is a part of their family now. She tells him that Chelsea is Shawn and Zach’s half-sister so of course she is family. They share a tender moment and hug each other. Hope says they are so lucky to have an amazing family and the best present is that they are all together. Bo tells her that he loves her and vice versa.

Hope tells Bo about Jack’s spiritual visit to Jennifer. Bo is skeptical but says that he thinks if he lost Hope he would lose his mind too. She tells him about how Jack wants Frankie to be there for Jennifer. Bo thinks it’s a very selfless thing to do to worry about Jennifer’s safety like that. They talk about Billie and Patrick and Hope asks him to be civil at the memorial service to Jack tomorrow. Neither can believe that Jack is gone. Hope prays that there won’t be anymore bad news.
Chez Rouge: John, Marlena, Kate, Alex

Alex is still talking to Kate about going after John. Kate just wants to think about her son and granddaughter. She doesn’t think John will give up on Marlena. John and Marlena are kissing and he wishes her a Merry Christmas. Marlena reminds John that she is married. He points to the mistletoe and talks about tradition. Marlena remembers them kissing in the past under the mistletoe. John milks it.

Alex’s radar is working...wants to know where John is...and goes in search of Marlena. John tries to kiss Marlena and Alex sees it and goes into his ballistic he-man mode. Marlena tries to explain. John rubs it in Alex’s face. Alex is glad she’s remembering but goes into “Me and only Me” mode. Marlena admits that she has Christmas memories of them as well. Grrr...we get a flashback of Wayne when he played Roman and Marlena hugging at Christmas. Alex presses her to tell him which memories are more important. She has one of kissing John again and then the same one with Roman/Wayne.

Marlena is looking zoned out. Alex asks her again. She apologizes to John but reminds him that she’s married to Alex...will be sharing Christmas with infinitum! John is visibly upset. Kate wonders if she does have a chance with Shawn. I wonder when this stranglehold storyline is going to be Alex goes into grouch mode now and warns John against kissing HIS WIFE. Marlena tells him it didn’t mean anything. John refutes that and says it meant something to both of them. Alex (the picture of calm) tells John to just accept that his marriage is over and Marlena is with him. Marlena agrees and they leave. John wants to go after them but Kate holds him back.

John’s phone rings and its Belle. She tells him he needs to get over to the hospital right away. John tells Kate that it doesn’t look good. Marlena wants to go to the hospital as well. Her lapdog insists on going with her.

Hospital: Lexie, Shawn, John, Kate, Marlena, Alex, and unfortunately Belle

The nurse has Shawn’s blood donation and Lexie gets mad at her for not checking with her first. Lexie runs off and Belle goes on a Shawn hunt. Meanwhile, Shawn tries to get up from the gurney but his legs give out. Belle comes in and he is lying unconscious on the floor. She asks whether if he is okay.

Belle helps Shawn up. Lexie comes in and checks him out. She’s upset that he donated again and says that his blood pressure is dangerously low. He doesn’t care because Claire is stable now. Lexie makes him rest and tells him to drink juice. Belle promises to I mean stay by his side and make sure he does. Lexie goes to check on Claire. Belle is grateful to Shawn...a little flirty. He tells her he would do anything for Claire or her.

He’s lying on the gurney exhausted and holding her hand. Belle talks about how things have turned out so different from what they planned. He asks her quietly if she thinks they would have stayed together if Claire had been his. Belle turns away and that Claire isn’t his but Philip’s...the crisis has brought them closer and she thinks she and Philip can have a really strong future. Shawn just smiles and tells her that he’s glad she feels that way. Belle tells him she won’t ever forget what he did for Claire and says that is why they chose him and Mimi as her godparents. Shawn tells her that Claire will pull through. Belle says that then she will know that her godfather saved her life.

Lexie rushes in and tells them that Claire’s liver is failing and she might not survive despite the blood Shawn donated. Belle looks devastated. Shawn goes to hug a crying Belle. Later Belle is haunting the corridor outside of Claire’s room. Shawn comes up and refuses to go and get some rest. Claire’s monitors go haywire again and Lexie rushes up. Belle is very...very...upset. John and the others arrive and she tells them about Claire. She’s crying and Shawn is holding her comfortingly. Kate wants to know where Philip is as she watches them.


Austin tells Sami she should be happy that he wants to go with her to the concert. Sami is excited.

Marlena is crying and tells Alex that she doesn’t know what she would do without him. He begs her to let him take care of her. They kiss.

John looks devastated and tells Kate that he’s lost “her.”


Friday Dec 16

Janice’s Spoilers

Note: I am going out on a limb today and saying that I thought Jason did an amazing job with his scenes both at the hospital and at his parents. As well, Farah was wonderful. Mimi comforted Shawn and was there for him. And Martha did a great job as a bereaving parent as did Kyle. Drake was excellent as well. Just my humble opinion folks!

Los Angeles: Lucas, Carrie, Sami, Austin, Rory

Carrie remembers the kiss between Sami and Austin. She and Lucas discuss their intermingled relationships.

Inside Sami goes on about being kissed...and makes the mistake of suggesting that they could go on a date. Austin gets angry...just friends...coworkers...if she can’t accept that then...

Carrie won’t tell Austin about her feelings. Lucas thinks if he knew that he would drop Sami.

Rory goes ballistic with excitement as she announces that Austin has won the tickets to the concert... surprise...surprise... Sami is beyond excited... Rory suggests he send the little worker home and go with her... Sami is beyond insulted...

Lucas get’s Marie from Titan to find tickets to the sold-out concert. Carrie is beyond

Sami puts Rory in her place....Austin talks ethics... Rory goes kiss...kiss... Sami gets jealous... Austin threatens to pull out... Sami is dying to go to the concert... All is well and they go back to the hotel to change.

All four are at the Rolling Stone World Tour in Anaheim, California. Lots of camera angles showing the audience...fireworks...Mick Jagger singing “Start Me Up!” and reactions from the two couples.

Hospital: Shawn, Mimi, Lexie, Philip, Belle, John, Marlena, Kate, Alex, Father Jansen

Kate is upset and wonders to herself why Shawn is there...if he could possibly know that he is Claire’s father. Phillip runs in looking exhausted and asks why he was paged. Belle is crying and tells them that their daughter is dying. Shawn walks past Kate and she isn’t a happy camper. Mimi comes up to Shawn and asks him what is going on. Shawn is overwhelmed with sadness and emotion. He can’t believe that this is happening to Claire. Mimi mentions that she knows about how he gave blood again. She thinks he is amazing. He tells her that he had to do something. She tells him softly that he has done everything he can and asks if he should maybe go and get some rest now...take care of himself.

Lexie arrives and tells them that Claire is stabilized for now but there could be multi-organ failure and tells the stunned group that she’s sorry but they might want to call a priest. Belle cries in a devastated Philip’s arms.

Father Jansen arrives and wants to baptize the baby and administer the last rights afterwards. Belle and Philip are upset but he explains that it could also help Claire and give her the strength to go on. Everyone enters the hospital room and Father Jansen turns to Mimi and Shawn as Claire’s godparents. The baptism begins and everyone prays together. He administers the last rights and sadness overcomes the group as they continue to pray. Father Jansen tells Belle and Philip to call him if they need anything and leaves.

Marlena goes up to Belle and tells her that they will all be there for her. Belle is comforted but asks them quietly if they would leave so she could spend some time with Claire. John is worried about Belle being alone but leaves with the rest of them after Philip says he will call them if anything happens.

In the corridor, Marlena is beside herself and isn’t sure they should leave Belle and Philip on their own. John doesn’t think Marlena should be alone. She tells him she’s with Alex. John tells her that this is “their” daughter and granddaughter and he wants to take her back to their home...she shouldn’t be dependent on a stranger for support right now. A crying Marlena argues that Alex isn’t a stranger...he’s her husband and insists that she is going home with him. She asks John to call them if there is any change. Kate and John watch as they go.

Kate’s Suite: Kate, John

John opens the windows and breathes in the fresh air. He’s upset at how stressed and vulnerable Marlena is right now and thinks that Alex will take advantage of her. Going to the cabinet he pulls out the listening devices and hones in on Alex and Marlena’s conversation.

Marlena is getting hysterical over the Claire situation. She thinks she is a terrible mother and that she failed Belle. Alex tries to calm her but John thinks he’s doing something much worse. He wants to go over to the penthouse but Kate stops him. They listen to Marlena crying. Alex tells her that he hates seeing her do this to herself and that her daughter needs her to take care of herself. She tells him that she doesn’t know what she would do without him. He begs her to let him take care of her in every way. They start to kiss.

John looks devastated and tells Kate that he has lost Marlena.

Brady House: Bo, Hope, Zach, Chelsea, Max, Shawn, Mimi

Really sweet scene with Zach playing “Go Fish” with his mommy and daddy and snacking on cookies. Bo isn’t doing very Zach thinks they should play “Gin Rummy.” LOL...the look on Bo’s face.

Chelsea and Max arrive and Hope and Bo are happy to see them. Hope says its important to spend the holidays with those you love. Chelsea agrees with her and talks about missing her parents. Bo looks at her. Hope sympathizes but tells her that she is a part of their family now. Chelsea knows that but can’t help remembering the special traditions the Bensons had. Hope suggests that they incorporate some of them into their own celebration. Chelsea is pleased.

Hope tells Chelsea that she knows they didn’t get off to a good start but that she and Bo are proud of Chelsea. Max remembers the Brady Christmases and good times at the pub and how they made him and Frankie feel like they were really Bradys. Bo tells him they are really Bradys. Max tells Chelsea about all the Bradys she hasn’t met yet. She feels a little overwhelmed. Zach looks up at her and shyly tells her not to worry because she is his big sister and he loves her. Everyone smiles.

Max and Chelsea are alone and he points up to the mistletoe. Bo comes out and asks if anyone wants nutmeg in their eggnog, tripping on the last word as he sees what they are up to. Max grins and tells his bro that it’s his mistletoe after all. Bo looks chagrined and tells Max that it’s “his” daughter too. Hope walks in on them and sees their faces. She wants to know what she missed. Bo tells her about the kissing. She shrugs it off and says it is Christmas.

Bo pulls Max to the side and warns him that Chelsea is his daughter and he better not hurt her or he’ll answer to him. Max tells him that there is nothing happening between Chelsea and him...she’s fun to be with...and if anything, she is keeping him in line.

Meanwhile, Chelsea shyly thanks Hope for the Christmas stocking and tells her it was a really cool thing to do. Hope tells her that they will always be there for her...there is nothing more important during the holidays than family.

Shawn and Mimi arrive and tell Hope and Bo about Claire dying...about the baptism...and last rights. Shawn is devastated and gets comfort from both parents who are shocked by the news. Mimi wants Shawn to rest. She explains the lengths he went to in order to help Claire. Shawn explains that he couldn’t just let her die. Hope tells him that no parent should face losing a child.

Shawn takes the guardian angel from the Christmas tree and reminds them how Hope used to tell them that it would always protect them. Now he wants it to protect Claire and asks if he can take it to the hospital. Hope agrees and tells Shawn and Mimi to tell Belle that they are thinking of them. They all hug again. Shawn and Mimi leave. Hope turns to Bo is shock about Claire.

Chelsea moves to go as well. She has studying to do. Max decides to go too. Bo is surprised that they didn’t drive over together. He wants Chelsea to be careful and mentions that the guys at the station have already given her a few warnings about speeding. Chelsea is annoyed that they told him. She promises it won’t happen again. More hugs and then Chelsea and Max kiss one last time under the mistletoe and leave.

Bo and Hope sit down on the couch with Zach cradled in Bo’s arms. Zack has the sniffles. Bo is thrilled that Max and Frankie are back in town. Hope tells him teasingly that the only thing better than being a Brady is being a Horton. She thinks her little boy is coming down with a cold. Hope tells Bo that she loves him and he says the same thing back.

Chelsea is driving and murmurs about Christmas stockings and eggnog being very lame. She pulls out her cell phone and phones for movie times. Just then she screams Oh My God!

Back at the Hospital: Belle, Philip, Lexie, Claire, Shawn, Mimi

Shawn leaves Mimi in the corridor and quietly enters Claire’s room. Lexie rushes up concerned and wants to know why he isn’t resting. He explains to the three adults about the guardian angel and hangs it above Claire’s crib. Belle thanks him quietly. Shawn just looks at her sadly.

Out in the corridor, two nurses walk by loudly discussing Claire’s file. A shocked Mimi overhears them saying that its interesting that Shawn Brady’s blood typed matched the little girl’s but her own father’s didn’t.


Austin is having a great time at the concert. He looks up at the huge screen and sees Carrie’s face in the audience.

Shawn wants to know why Mimi is so worried about him being a match for Belle’s baby.

At the hospital, the nurse closes the drapes on a girl’s Chelsea’s? (sorry I didn’t see) body. She tells Bo and Hope that she can’t imagine losing a daughter... she never regained consciousness after the impact and probably never felt any pain. Bo and Hope look shocked.


Monday, Dec 19

Janice’s Spoilers

Note: Some great Bo and Hope scenes and Shawn and Mimi scenes today.

L.A. Concert: Lucas, Carrie, Sami, Austin

We get a regurgitated few minutes of the pre-concert scenes. Austin feels badly that Nicole has to work. Sami goes into insecure mode thinking he would have preferred to take his other co-worker. Austin negates that idea pretty quickly. Sami is still soooo excited to be there.

Carrie once again thanks Lucas for getting the tickets. She goes to phone Becky. She tells her assistant about seeing Austin and Sami….near miss as Austin hears his name but thinks it’s Sami calling him.

Once again everyone is seated and “Start Me Up” is being sung by Mick Jagger. Austin looks at the screen and is shocked to see Carrie’s face. Austin gets up and leaves. Sami continues to enjoy the concert. Austin asks one of the technical workers what section was being shown on the screen. He is told Section E3. We see Carrie and Lucas on the screen again. Austin is having a hard time believing it.

Shawn & Mimi’s Loft: Shawn, Mimi, Bonnie

Shawn and Mimi walk in to the loft exhausted. Shawn says it doesn’t feel right being at home and wants to return to the hospital. Mimi reminds him that Belle made it very clear that the only person she wants there is Philip. Shawn says okay but thinks they should go to St. Luke’s Church...they should be praying for the baby. He looks around at the Christmas decorations...poinsettias, mistletoe, decorated Christmas tree and asks about them. LOL...Mimi says: “Oh you know...Christmas comes up at the end of the know December...people celebrate the birth of baby Jesus and give each other presents...your must have heard of it...”

Shawn can’t stop a small smile from appearing on his face. He asks her softly if she did all this. Mimi tells him that she and her Mom did it together. Mimi just thought that if they ever needed a little Christmas it was now. He says that they sure could use a Christmas miracle for Claire and takes Mimi in his arms and hugs her close. Mimi wants Shawn to relax and pushes him towards the couch. She tells him that she is going to get some fluid into him and get him something to makes fun of her own cooking but she’s sure she can find him something. Shawn smiles tongue in cheek and says he’ll take some leftover mac and cheese if she has any. Then he admits that he isn’t hungry. She tries to press him...reminds him of all the blood he gave and what Lexie said... She goes on to say earnestly: “I really...really admire what you did for Claire...but if anything had happened to you...

Shawn promises Mimi that he is fine but then says how can he be when Claire is sick and that Mimi must feel the same way. Mimi agrees and says of course she’s upset too...Claire is their goddaughter and Belle is their best friend. He tells her that all he can think about is the baby and he has a weird connection to her and doesn’t know why. Mimi flashes back to overhearing the nurses at the hospital. Shawn asks her if she is okay. She tells Shawn that she will make them some hot chocolate. Shawn is determined to go back to the hospital. He says he can’t just sit around and pretend that everything is fine...Claire might not make it through the night.

Mimi is sure that if anything happens that they should know about that Belle and Philip will call them. But the last thing they need is for Shawn to collapse again. Shawn agrees and decides to go and lie down and try to take a nap...when he wakes up he will call the hospital and see if there is any news. Mimi is glad that he is taking care of himself and starts to walk away. He pulls her back with a soft smile and tells her it’s kind of nice to have her worrying about him. They hug and share a sweet kiss and Shawn goes into his bedroom.

Mimi decides she needs to find out why Shawn’s blood was a match to Claire’s blood. She looks on the computer for information about blood types. Bonnie drops over with a new batch of mistletoe and some cider. Mimi updates her mom on Claire’s health and tells her that Shawn is in his room getting some rest. Bonnie wants her to keep him there and not let him anywhere near Belle.

Shawn is lying down in a darkened bedroom and struggling not to cry. He puts his hands together and starts to pray to god about Claire. “Please God...I remember when I asked you to save J.T. when he was sick and then when he was in the car accident...and then again when Glen and Barb wanted to take him away. I didn’t think you heard my prayers. It took a long time to see that you did have a plan.” He pauses and talks briefly about how when he and belle broke up his life was over and when he found out she was pregnant with Phil’s baby...he was destroyed. He goes on to say: “But if something happens to that baby girl...if you have to take someone right now...just take me and let Belle and Philip’s baby live...please...”

Later he is dreaming and sees Claire lying beside him. He kisses her and thanks God for answering his prayers. He tells Claire that she will be okay and live a long a happy life. All of a sudden he wakes up and realizes it was just a dream.

Mimi would rather worry about Claire first and then her lovelife. Bonnie wants to know why she is doing a computer search on blood types. She asks Mimi why they took Shawn’s blood and not Philip’s. Under duress, Mimi explains that they took Belle’s blood but couldn’t take Philip’s because he is on medication. Then she tells her about the nurse’s conversation she overheard.

Bonnie thinks that Mimi is scared she will lose Shawn if he finds out that he is Claire’s father. Mimi denies it. She says that Shawn swore to her that he never slept with Belle and Belle swore the same thing. She remembers one time…but it didn’t happen... They discuss blood types. Mimi thinks it might okay for Shawn to be a match because Philip is his half-uncle. Bonnie gives Chloe’s bone marrow transplant as an example and doesn’t think Mimi should worry.

Shawn walks out and overhears the end of their conversation. He asks Mimi why she is worried about him being a match for Belle’s baby. Bonnie tap dances and tells Shawn he’s lucky he didn’t pass out after what he did for Claire. He tells her modestly that it was worth it. Bonnie tells him he’s so generous and a good friend. Mimi goes into his arms and asks him sweetly if he got any sleep. He tells her he feels a bit better but there is something he has to tell Mimi but isn’t sure about saying it in front of her mother. Bonnie grins and wants him to go ahead.

He smiles and tells Mimi: “Um...well...okay...I just want to say if we end up staying together...I know it’s just hypothetically...but... (more smiles)...but I want to adopt a lot of babies...a lot...” Both are grinning now. Bonnie thinks that’s the most romantic thing she has ever heard a man say.

Mimi looks disconcerted and them smiles shyly. She says: “Well if we do stay’ve got a deal. Bonnie yells out “mistletoe alert” and pushes them towards it. Mimi says wryly that the whole apartment is a mistletoe zone and tells Shawn that her mom goes overboard and he’ll have to get used to it. Shawn grins and says: “You know what? It’s not a problem...especially if you’re with someone you really care about.” He winks at her and crooks his head...moving her towards the mistletoe himself. They start to kiss. Meanwhile, Bonnie shuts down the computer.

Brady Home: Bo, Hope, Zach / & Chelsea’s accident scene

The Bradys are playing a board game. Zach is winning big time. Bo whines that he is beating him and tells the little guy that he has to take it easy on his old man.…lol…very sweet. Hope tells Bo to face it...their kids are smarter than they are. Kate asks Zach if he had fun with his big sister and he says yes. She talks to Bo about keeping Chelsea from being alone with Zach until she becomes more responsible…and not let him get in a car with her because of the reckless driving skills Chelsea is exhibiting. Bo thinks Chelsea will do better but agrees about the driving.

Bo promises to talk to Chelsea. Hope says it would be awful to lose her over a senseless accident. They share a sweet kiss. Zach is playing on the floor and Hope brings him a drink.

We see Chelsea crashing her car and lying unconscious with blood on her face. The police, fire department and an ambulance show up. She’s trapped and they decide that the only way they can get her out of the car is by using a chainsaw to cut her out.

Hope tells Bo that between Shawn and Chelsea...she would have to say that their children are conspiring to make them go prematurely gray. Bo says they come by it honestly... they take after their old man. He compares his younger years of speeding around on his motorcycle to Chelsea’s problems. Hope doesn’t want her to learn the hard way and thinks if she is accountable for something other than herself.... She thinks that if Bo gets closer to his daughter that it will help.

Bo calls Chelsea his little girl. He’s trying to make it up to her for not being there when she was growing up... He says he has a soft spot for her but thinks maybe getting a ticket will help. Hope reminds him about what happened to Jack and the Bensons. She mentions her mom as well. They just found Chelsea and she can’t imagine what would happen if …she can’t even bare to think about it. Bo says he won’t let Chelsea out of his sight. Hope remembers J.T. We get a heartbreaking flashback of Hope crying and pleading with Bo to stop them from taking him. She’s glad they can still see J.T. but its so hard when they have to say goodbye. Hope wonders if Lexie feels the same way about Zach.

Hope is sad for Jennifer and Abby…they never got to say goodbye. Bo agrees and thinks Christmas time will be hard for them. Bo talks about how when he lost Hope the holidays were the worst ever and the only reason he got through them was because he had Shawn. We see a flashback of him with a young Shawn looking at Hope’s Christmas ornament. Hope wishes they could find Jack’s body so that Jennifer would have some closure. Bo thinks the memorial service will help.

Chelsea’s unconscious body has been extracted from her car. They find her identification and realize that she is Bo’s daughter.

Bo and Hope are talking about sad Christmases past. She calls Zach to come to her and he climbs up on the couch and into her arms. Hope cuddles Zach and tells him how much she loves him and is lucky to have him. She tells Bo that they are so lucky to have each other and he puts his arms around both of them. He wonders if they’ll ever have a normal Christmas seems like there is always something to be sad about. He remembers holidays being a happy time. Hope wonders if they should maybe tone things down this year out of respect for Jennifer. Bo thinks it would be a mistake. He says that they all need a bit of holiday spirit to cheer them up. Hope reminds him that they are going to incorporate Chelsea’s traditions into their own this year.

Bo’s cell phone rings and it’s the police telling him about Chelsea. He is told that she’s alive but unconscious and bleeding from the head. Bo explains to Hope. Hope picks up Zach…they will leave him with Maggie and Mickey. Bo tells her that Billie isn’t answering her phone so he’ll call her on the way. They all run out the door.
Chelsea is on an examination table with a nurse. The curtains are closed. Bo and Hope rush in and hear two nurses talking about someone that has died and how the victim probably died on impact so didn’t feel any pain. Bo is in shock.


Jennifer tells Frankie that she thinks she is making a terrible mistake letting him go.

Austin wants Sami to calm down. Sami says she won’t until she finds out the name of the slut who is with Lucas. Austin wants to know what she is going to do. The camera moves to Lucas and Sami watching the concert fireworks.

At the hospital, The nurse removes the sheet covering a body and Hope and Bo gasp.


Tuesday Dec 20

Janice’s Spoilers

Rolling Stones Concert: Lucas, Carrie, Austin, Sami

Austin worries that he’ll never find Carrie in the crowd. He asks the Jumbo-Tron Technician to rewind and check again for him but is told that he can’t do it…its not a tape…it’s live. He leaves and bumps into Carrie but doesn’t notice and says he’s sorry. Then he calls out her name.

The concert has concluded and everyone is rushing out. Lucas and Sami run into each other. Both are paranoid and ask each other if he/she is following her/him. They start to bicker.

Austin wonders if Carrie could actually be there.

Carrie’s talking to her assistant again, telling her about the concert. We get a flashback of her and Austin listening to the Rolling Stones CD and kissing.

Austin notices a blond woman walking up the stairs and thinks its Carrie.

Sami and Lucas are still going at it. She doesn’t care who he’s dating. All that matters to her is that the woman treats their son well. He leaves and she decides she has to find out who is date is. She can’t figure out how he found some chick in California.

Austin approaches the blond woman just as her guy comes up and kisses her. A little attitude from the guy to Austin who apologizes for watching and leaves. Sami finds him and asks if he saw Lucas. He tells her no but that he saw Carrie. She tells him he couldn’t have. He suggests they leave but Sami wants to buy Will a t-shirt and poster.

Carrie is hunting for Lucas. Lucas is hunting for Carrie. He’s angry at Sami and won’t let her ruin his evening with Carrie. Carrie finally finds him and he lets her know that Austin and Sami are at the concert. She tells him that she doesn’t want them to know she is back in the United States yet.

Sami sees Lucas from afar and yells for him just as they are leaving—no hookup.

Austin and Sami leave the stadium. Sami is going ballistic over Lucas having a calling…yada…yada…wants to know who it is. Austin tries to calm her down and presto it works.

Devereaux Home: Jennifer, Frankie, Father Jansen

Jennifer thanks Father Jansen for coming by. She goes back inside and mentions to Frankie how busy he is with Belle and Philip and how sorry she feels for them. Frankie agrees and thinks their prayers might help. Jennifer hopes that they will get a Christmas miracle unlike her.
Frankie knows that planning the funeral for Jack has to be hard on her and asks if she is all right. She tells him that it doesn’t get any easier and the hardest part is not being able to say goodbye. She blames herself and her stubbornness in not wanting to believe Jack was actually dying…should have spent quality time with him…told him how much she loved him instead of making him take vitamins…etc… Frankie tells her that Jack wouldn’t want her to beat herself up over this or blame herself. He would want her to focus on the good times. Jennifer doesn’t know how she can when she doesn’t know how she will move on...doesn’t even know how she will get through tomorrow. He tells her she will because she is strong and that he will help her.

Frankie tells Jennifer that he knows her family and friends will be there with love and support. He doesn’t want to leave her like this. She tells him she can’t let him stay…he has a job and a life he should get back to and she doesn’t want to keep him from it. Frankie wants to stay until she gets back on her feet. He pushes his argument by mentioning that Jack wanted him to be there for her...look out for her and he promised he would. Jennifer is surprised but he tells her that even Billie, Hope and Lexie knew about it and how much his promise helped Jack to be at peace with the fate that awaited him. Jennifer can’t believe it because her conversation in the garden with Jack (whom nobody thinks she saw and she thinks was her imagination) was about that very thing. She tells him he doesn’t have to keep the promise or feel obligated.

He tells her he doesn’t feel obligated. He wants to do it because she is his best friend and he cares about her. Jennifer appreciates it but wants to do it on her own…she and her children need this time alone together. She needs to help them deal with the loss of their father. Frankie tells her he’ll go after tomorrow’s service...should head back to D.C. anyway. She tells him how grateful she is for his friendship and how much she will miss him...doesn’t know how she would have gotten through this without him. He answers that he’ll only be a phone call away. They hug.

The doorbell rings and a guy delivers a decorated Christmas tree for Jennifer. Frankie ordered it. Jennifer loves it. The delivery guy wishes Frankie and “his wife” a Merry Christmas. Frankie pays him and he leaves. Jennifer switches the lights on. She can’t believe it’s almost Christmas and worries that she is making a mistake by asking Frankie to leave. He tells her she is just doing what she needs to do and that they’ll always be friends. She calls him her best friend and he goes to pack. Jennifer stops him and thanks him for everything.

Jennifer watches him go and then looks at the Christmas tree. We see a wonderful flashback of Jennifer dressed up as Santa and proposing to Jack. Frankie watches her from the window outside and then leaves.

Hospital: Bo, Hope, Max, Chelsea

Max is in tears and looking at Chelsea. Flashback to Bo talking to her about not speeding. Max tells her he tried to get there sooner…talks about being at Bo and Hope’s earlier. He doesn’t know how he is going to tell his brother and kisses her hand.
Bo and Hope rush in and ask about Chelsea. The nurse tells them she’s sorry but there wasn’t anything they could do…she was in a very bad accident and the injuries were serious. Hope is crying now and Bo tells her that he should have taken the car away from Chelsea but it’s too late. He can’t believe she is gone…needs to call Billie (out of town on business)…it will destroy her to get the news. Hope doesn’t want him to blame himself. The nurse appears and asks Bo to go with her to identify the body. Hope offers but its something that Bo has to do. Bo and Hope go in together and when the nurse uncovers the body, Bo realizes it isn’t Chelsea. Hope thanks God. The nurse doesn’t know how this happened. He wants to know what happened to his daughter and asks if another girl was brought in tonight and she checks.

Bo and Hope are hugging…upset for the dead girl’s parents but happy that Chelsea is still alive. Max turns up and tells them that Chelsea will be fine…she’s banged up and sedated. Her car is totaled though. Bo doesn’t care. He just wants to make sure Chelsea is okay. The nurse comes back and tells them she is in cubicle 1 and that the sedation should be wearing off. They go in to see her and she apologizes. Bo tells her its okay.

Chelsea is upset about her car. She wants to know if it can be fixed. Max tells her it was totaled. A policeman comes in and asks to speak to Bo and Hope alone. Outside in the corridor, he lets Bo and Hope know that Chelsea was driving 30 miles per hour over the speed limit and that he was going to pull her over just before she crashed. Bo tells him that he is sure Chelsea has learned her lesson. The policeman tells them that she already has two previous tickets from the Highway Patrol for speeding and reckless driving and that this is Chelsea’s third strike…she’ll have to go to traffic court now ASAP and face a judge…her license has been taken away too. Bo thinks she’ll probably lose her license and it’s for the best. Hope doesn’t think she will see it that way.

Chelsea is complaining to Max about her lack of a car…her life is over…yada…yada… He offers to drive her around. Max wants her to be grateful that things aren’t worse and be happy for what she has…rehash of her parents being gone…tap dancing about Billie and Bo. Bo comes back in and Max explains Chelsea’s mood to him…sigh… Bo tries some positive persuasion…no go! He tells her about her license suspension and she wants Daddy to fix it. Bo won’t. She wants him to influence the judge and gets angry that he took the policeman’s word over hers. He tells her that he cares too much to intervene. She tells him to get out.

Max returns and tells Chelsea that Bo is only doing what he thinks is right. Chelsea goes ballistic.


Austin tells Nicole that it was a great concert except that he saw a ghost from his past.

Lucas tells Sami that of all the horrible things she has ever done…this tops them all.

Bo tells Hope that after all the time he lost with Victor, he doesn’t want the same thing to happen between Chelsea and him.

Alice promises Jennifer that she will be okay.


Wednesday Dec 21

Janice’s Spoilers

Note: Miss JJ is out for the evening (well-deserved) and, depending on how late she returns, she may or may not be posting caps later tonight. As well, I apologize but I just couldn’t get into the L.A. or Chelsea scenes today.

Grrr...just me being a little annoyed that Bo felt it was more important to go outside and track down Chelsea than stay for Jack’s memorial service. And I sure felt sorry for Max today. But in spite of that, it was wonderful to see Alice.

Los Angeles: Samantha, Lucas, Austin, Carrie, Becky

Sami is supposedly shopping…getting angry at a Santa from the Salvation Army for making too much noise with his bell…him making her an offer she can’t refuse…donation and he’ll take a hike for coffee…

Austin gives Nicole, who just happens to have a hangover, a personal wake-up call. Cue sobriety lecture from Austin.

Sami still carrying on…Lucas just happening to show up…sarcasm and more sarcasm…etc…etc…Lucas leaves…Sami gets mad and of course donates more than she planned…one hundred dollar bill instead of one dollar bill. Sami is beyond upset about her money mistake and tries to get it back. Lucas of course catches her in the act and the insults pour out again.

Carrie comes into the office, decorated for the holidays. Becky gives her a new batch of overdue bank notices. Carrie glances at a picture of her and Austin and decides to put off dealing with the notices until next week…would rather think about the employee party. Becky asks her if she and Austin will spend the holidays together. Lucas arrives with a bouquet of flowers, wishes Carrie a Merry Christmas, and gets an invite to the party. He
leaves. Carrie tells Becky that she and Lucas are just friends.

They exchange gifts, so to speak. Austin gives her a Stones t-shirt (she’s not too impressed) and she gives him back the Highstyle account, flashing the contracts to look over. Austin won’t sign until he talks to Highstyle’s CEO. Austin talks about the concert…tells Nicole he saw a ghost from his past…Carrie. Nicole is sure that Carrie is still in Israel and Austin finally agrees saying it was just wishful thinking.

Carrie tells Becky she won’t be spending Christmas with Austin…she’ll be by herself…watching the Yule log on channel 91. Becky sympathizes but thinks she should
call him.

He leaves and Sami goes back to scavenging for the missing one hundred dollar bill. Santa yells…lady with bag hits her…Sami pulls out a single dollar bill and leaves.

Carrie tells Becky she might never let Austin know she is back. Becky asks her boss if she is a coward. Carrie says she isn’t a coward.

Java Café: Abby, Josh

Josh tells Abby that he left her messages on her cell phone. She tells him that she didn’t feel like seeing anybody. He wants to help. They hug. He tells her he wishes he could get off work to go to the service and then just decides to do it anyway. Abby tells him that the service is for family only. He gives her a kiss and tells her if she needs him he’s there for her.

Outside near the Salem Courthouse: Chelsea, Max

I guess Chelsea’s injuries weren’t too bad after all. They’ve just come from traffic court and Princess Chelsea is on a rant about losing her license and being ordered to take driving lessons before she can get it back…as well as doing community service which she has no intention of following up on. Max suggests public transit or help from family and friends…quite beneath Miss Chelsea however. A little selfish ragging on Daddy Bo. Max honestly tries to get the little…er…whatever…to listen to reason. He pulls out the community order that she tries to throw away and tells her she could end up going to jail. A little ragging on Shawn is next on the menu….motorcycle…church window…drugs... alcohol = getting off scot free. Max reminds her that Shawn did lose his license and is still doing community service. Chelsea could care less…tears and more tears. Max gets mad and tells her not to call his brother Bo a traitor.

Devereaux House: Jennifer, Frankie, Maggie, Mickey, Jack Jr.

Frankie comes in and thanks Mickey for seeing him before the service. Jennifer tells Frankie that she is okay. Maggie tells her that they will all be there for her and they leave for the service with Jack Jr. Jennifer asks Frankie to drive to the church with would mean so much to her. The camera scans to Jack’s framed picture.

Jack’s Memorial: Bo, Hope, Lexie, Abe,

Bo and Hope arrive at the church. Bo tells her sadly that this is not what they should be doing before Christmas, and that what Jennifer and her kids are going through could have been them. He bemoans the fact that Chelsea has disowned him, but is glad he was able to convince Billie not to come back. Hope reassures him.

Abe and Lexie walk in and sit down. Abe talks about when he was on the island with Jack and how Jack was so concerned about Jennifer and the kids and then finally getting home only to realize that he had an incurable disease. Lexie explains about Jack’s plan
for Jennifer’s care after he was gone and explains that he chose Frankie to take his place. Abe isn’t surprised.

Doug and Julie arrive. Doug asks Hope about Jennifer. He wishes more of Jennifer’s family could be there. Jennifer and Frankie arrive with Maggie and Mickey. Jennifer tells them she’s fine. Maggie offers to take Jack Jr. to the nursery, but Jennifer says that she can’t stand to have him out of her sight so she and Maggie go together. Frankie tells Mickey that he’s leaving Salem. Maggie tells them that Alice has finished talking to Father Jansen so maybe they should go sit down. Jennifer waits for Abby to arrive. Hope comes up and hugs her. Abby arrives and apologizes for being late they all go take their seats. Abby and Jennifer sit with Alice. Jennifer leans into Alice and tells her she doesn’t know what she would do without her. Father Jansen arrives and starts the service.

Mickey tells Frankie that he doesn’t want him to go…he was hoping that Frankie would become his partner. Julie recites the 23rd Psalm. Bo walks out...can’t rest until he’s talked to Chelsea. Abby wants to know where Grandma Jo and Vern are. Jen explains that her grandmother wasn’t feeling well, so Vern went with her to the rectory.

Abe gets up to speak and tells them that he is glad Jack was never a criminal because he would never have been able to catch him. Everyone laughs. He talks about Jack understanding life and living it to the fullest but being aware of his limits at the same time. He also says that Jack fought back...didn’t just curl up and die...and made sure his family was taken care of. Abe tells Jennifer that she was very fortunate to have Jack. He tells Abby that he hopes she carries Jack’s sense of humor forward. Father Jansen tells them that they will now play one of Jack’s favorite hymns (Amazing Grace) and then we get a heartwarming collage of Jack and Jennifer memories…very poignant. Alice tells Jennifer that she will be okay…she promises.

Outside, Bo tries to call Chelsea but she doesn’t pick up. Instead, she and Max come up behind him. Chelsea is glaring. Max decides to give them some time alone and goes into the church. Bo asks his daughter how her court date went. She exaggerates her punishment and accuses him of knowing they would do that to her. He admits it. She tells him that he is ten times a more horrible parent than Billie... We get more me me me and me comments from Princess Chelsea. Bo tells her he is there for her. We get crying from Princess Chelsea. She tells him that she came for Abby and doesn’t want to see him ever again…he will never be a father to her. Hope watches the scene from afar.

Father Jansen finishes the service and Jennifer stays behind to pray. Abby stays and comforts her mom. Outside, Abby sees Chelsea and asks about the bandages. Chelsea tells her she will explain later.

Hope tries to comfort Bo about Chelsea. She asks him not to give in to Chelsea just so there will be peace. Everyone comes out of the church. Lexie tells Frankie that while she didn’t agree with Jack at first, that she now thinks he knew what he was doing.

Jennifer puts her hand on Jack’s picture and cries.


Kate looks on as John asks someone on the phone what he/she has for him and is it enough to nail North to the wall so he can get him out of his wife’s life once and for all.

Carrie tells Becky that she is going back to Salem for the holidays…she wants to see Austin.

Frankie asks Bo why does he think it never worked out for him and any other woman. He tells him that he never got over “her.” Bo tells him that was obvious.

Hope asks Jennifer if she is afraid because deep down she could have feelings for Frankie. Jennifer can’t bear the thought (geez…a little soon to be pushing this don’tcha think???)


Thursday Dec 22

Pat’s Spoilers

LA: Nicole pushes Austin to sign the papers so they can give the buy order to get controlling interest in High Style but Austin refuses to do it until he talks to the CEO. He places a call and Becky answers. Becky has had a few glasses of champagne so she’s not exactly at the top of her game at the moment. She tells Austin that the CEO is unavailable – she’s at the staff Christmas party. Carrie enters. Becky thought she was done work. Carrie is – she asks if the call is for her. She’ll take the call, get rid of whoever it is and then get back to the party so she can hand out the Christmas bonuses. Carrie takes the phone. Austin says this is Austin Reed. Carrie has picked up the wrong line so she doesn’t hear him and by the time Becky informs her of that fact Austin has been cut off. Nicole goes on and on about how inept the new CEO is and wants Austin to sign. He calls back. Becky has a meltdown as she searches through discarded wrapping paper to find a message pad. She finally takes down Austin’s name and number. The cleaning lady comes in and you guessed it, she throws the message into the garbage. Becky tells Carrie the guys name was Reese or something like that – Carrie says if it’s important he’ll call back.

She gives Becky her bonus – Becky gives her a present – a Rolling Stones album. Carrie has made a decision. She wants to make it clear to Lucas that she wants to be only friends with him. She is going back to Salem to see Austin. Now that Sami has decided to go after him Carrie wants him to know she is available because she doesn’t want him hurt by Sami again. Back in the hotel room Nicole tells Austin he better make a decision and quickly before some corporate raider comes in and buys up the company and sells if off piece by piece. If he is so worried about the employees he should think about what would happen to them if the company was sold off bit by bit. Austin smiles and tells her now he knows why he hired her. He signs the papers. Nicole opens a small bottle of bubbly and toasts to their successful relationship – Austin amends it to business relationship. He tells her they have time to catch the last flight to Salem. Christmas is all about family and he wants to spend it with his family. He leaves the room. Nicole says that they can have him for Christmas but in the new year he’s all hers.

John/Kate: John tries to see into Marlena’s penthouse but the drapes are drawn – f/b to Alex and Marlena kissing. Kate calls the hospital and reports back to John that Claire is still in critical condition and that they need to pray for a miracle. John says maybe they’ll get two miracles, Claire getting better and he will get his wife away from Alex. He tells Kate that he is waiting for word from the ISA on their investigation of Alex. Kate is confused – she thought John had him investigated and that his story checked out. John says yes everything he said was true – now he’s investigating what he didn’t tell them and he’s sure they will find something. He gets an email from Agent Nash saying that he has something for him that he thinks John will like to hear – he’s going to call. John just finishes the email and his phone rings. Agent Nash has found someone that knew both Marlena and Alex when they were in medical school – she’s on her way to Salem to see him. John hangs up and there’s a knock on the door. It’s Dr. Lois Banks. She tells John that Alex was obsessed with Marlena – a real Jekyll and Hyde personality – all charm one minute and a monster the next. She says that he was an abusive husband – verbally, emotionally and physically. John asks her if she will testify to this and Dr. Banks says of course. She leaves and John tells Kate he is going to get his wife back.

Church: Bo tells Hope he’s sorry he skipped out on the service. Hope says Jen will understand Chelsea is your daughter. He tells her that he’s had enough of Chelsea’s drama and they go back inside the church. Jen is packing up the flowers to take to the hospital. Frankie says he will go and pack. Bo offers to help. Hope and Jen have a long talk about Frankie. Jen is upset with Hope for pushing the issue – Jack was the love of her life and she can stand on her own two feet – she doesn’t need anyone to take his place. Hope asks her if she really wants Frankie to leave or is she just feeling guilty because deep down she has feelings for Frankie. They have a really good conversation and I won’t report on it all. Jen tells Hope it doesn’t feel right. Hope thinks that Jen saw Jack because she wanted Jack to tell her to send Frankie away – she’s feeling guilty because she does need him. Jen admits that it would be great to have him around – but she repeats that it doesn’t feel right. Hope tells Jen that she is not telling her to date Frankie … just let him be there for her and the kids.. Jen won’t change her mind.

I have to say I really liked the Frankie/Bo scenes – they should put these brothers together more often. Frankie tells Bo that he is in love with Jen. Bo says that is fairly obvious. Frankie says he could never make it a go with any other woman because he never got over her. Bo doesn’t understand why he is leaving then. Frankie says he is leaving because that is what Jen wants him to do. Bo suggests talking to her and telling her that he wants to stay. Frankie says he’s already done that – is Bo suggesting that he force the issue. Bo tells him there is a difference between force and persuasion. Bo talks about the time Hope was Princess Gina and she didn’t want anything to do with him or Shawn but he wouldn’t give up on her – that’s how the Brady’s are. Frankie says it’s different for him … Jen wants him to go and he has to respect her wishes. Bo tells him that Abby and little JJ could use a father figure. He asks him what about his promise to Jack. Frankie says he was always straight with him – he would look out for Jen and the kids if Jen let him be there for them. They head back to the church. Bo can’t get Frankie to change his mind no more than Hope could get Jen to change hers. Bo and Hope leave to take Zach to see Santa. Frankie and Jen say their goodbyes – it’s a very nice scene.

Java Café: Bo, Hope and Zach arrive and luckily there is no line up to see Zach. They take Zach’s jacket off and he rushes to sit on Santa’s knee. Santa asks him his name and he says Zach. Santa asks him if he’s been a good boy. He tells Santa he’s been a very good boy. Santa asks him what he wants for Christmas. Zach starts whispering in his ears. Bo reminds Hope to get her camera out. She says these are the moments in your child’s life you always want to remember. They grow up so fast – just look at Chelsea and Shawn. She realises her faux pas and tells Bo she’s sorry that he missed all those years of Chelsea’s childhood. She suggests that they ask Chelsea if she has pictures of when she was growing up that they could see. Bo thinks that is a great idea. He wonders what kind of list Zach is giving Santa – it seems to be a long one. Zach comes back to them and suggests that they go and tell Santa what they want. They laugh and say that Santa is kind of busy.

Preview: Roman to John (in the penthouse) Damn it, John. We have to find her. John – I know exactly where he’s taken her. Belle – praying (and that’s being kind) – Christmas is a time for miracles. Just let me know that my daughter is going to be alright. (Hope overhears the ‘prayer’). Shawn reading the Christmas story to the kids in the hospital (Mimi is there). Abby to Jen – Why did Daddy have to leave us. Jen – he is here – camera cuts to Jack lurking outside the window.


Friday Dec 23

Pat’s Spoilers

This is will be another short report as I’m still getting ready for Christmas. To be honest I think the less I say the better. I was pretty disappointed in the show today. The show is very disjointed and people go from one place to the other. Amazing how both Austin & Sami and Lucas and Carrie (one pair flying commercial, the other on a private jet) can make it to Salem in about the same amount of time that it took Bo to get from Jen’s house to Alice’s…sigh.

LA: Sami notices that Austin has his shirt buttoned up incorrectly. He tells her he has so much on his mind. She understands – the takeover of High Style is a big thing. Austin tells her no – he’s thinking of Carrie. That doesn’t sit well with Sami. Austin can’t get her off his mind. He’s sure he saw her on the jumbo tron. Sami reminds him that Carrie is thousands of miles away living happily in Israel with Mike. She tells him to get his mind off Carrie and on Christmas. She has a present for him. It’s a picture of them at the Stones concert. Austin had forgotten they had it taken. Sami didn’t forget. It’s a reminder of the happy time they shared and hopefully they will share many more happy times together. At High Style Carrie asks Lucas if she can come back to Salem with him on the Titan jet. Lucas is thrilled. He promises her a Christmas she will never forget. Carrie doesn’t want him to get the wrong idea. She’s going back to Salem to be with Austin. Lucas is disappointed and tells her he thinks she is making a mistake. He thought she didn’t want people to know that things hadn’t worked out with Mike. She says she has to deal with it at some point.

Penthouse: John and Kate search the penthouse but it’s clear that Alex and Marlena are gone. John accuses Alex of kidnapping Marlena. Kate reminds him that Marlena cares for Alex – she may have gone with him willingly. John doesn’t think that Marlena would leave town when her granddaughter is critically ill. Kate says he has a point. John is calling the police and the ISA to help him find Alex. After some phone calls John miraculously has a GPS device connected to a satellite but he still can’t track Alex. Roman comes over and Kate decides to go to the hospital. Roman tells her that Claire is in his thoughts and he hopes she gets better. Kate thanks him and leaves muttering to herself that Philip can’t lose his daughter and Shawn can’t find out he’s the father. (Geez – how many times have we heard that already? The more it’s said the less I’m tending to believe that he is the father…yawn). John fills in Roman on what he has found out about Alex. Roman is shocked to hear that Alex abused Marlena. John gets some news. He figures out that Alex is taking Marlena to his cabin in the woods and they are off.

Jen’s: Abby comes into the living room and tells Jen that all of Frankie’s things are gone. Jen says she knows – she asked him to leave. Abby doesn’t understand why. She thought they were good friends and yet Jen sent him away on Christmas. Abby mentions that Jack wanted Frankie to stay and look out for them. Jen tells Abby she doesn’t need a man to help her get by – they need to depend on each other. Bo, Hope and Zach arrive outside. Bo and Hope kiss and tease Zach asking him if he’s bored yet. Bo tells Hope he has a surprise for her and tells Zach to make sure he doesn’t tell her what it is. They dress Zach in a Santa costume and enter the house. Bo says they brought one of Santa’s cutest helpers along with a big bag of gifts to put under the tree. Zach comes in – he is so cute. Abby and Jen both them he’s the cutest Santa they’ve ever seen. Abby says she is going upstairs to get JJ so they can go over to Alice’s. Jen tells her they are not going. Hope tells Abby to go and get Jack Jr. Bo wanders over to Zach. Jen tells Hope that she won’t get her to change her mind. Hope tells her to think of her kids especially Abby. They need this sense of things staying the same now more than ever. Jen doesn’t think it would help Abby to see her break down when she tries to hang Jack’s ornament – she wants to be strong for her. Besides she promised to deliver some stuff to St. Luke’s. Hope says she will do it and she knows that Jen won’t break down because Jack will be there with her to give her the strength she needs. Abby is happy to hear they are going to attend the tree trimming.

Hospital: Shawn tells Mimi that it looks like Belle and Philip are getting more bad news about Claire. Lexie tells Belle and Philip that Claire needs a transplant to survive and there are none available. They want to know how much time she has but Lexie can’t tell them. Belle goes to St. Luke’s to pray. Philip tells Shawn and Mimi the news. Shawn offers to call a friend who is a webmaster – this person will set up a website to get the word out about Claire. Even if it doesn’t help her it may help get the word out about signing organ donation cards and donating blood. Bonnie hears this and tells Shawn that Belle and Philip knew what they were doing when they picked him and Meems as godparents. They are great together.

Austin and Sami arrive at the hospital. Austin had a message about Claire. He sees Kate and Philip talking- Sami can’t deal with Kate. She sets off to look for Belle. Lucas and Carrie arrive. He wants to be there for the kid’s Christmas party. Carrie says it’s strange being here – it’s where her and Mike fell in love. (Carrie is wearing a Santa hat). They go their separate ways. Lucas talks to Kate. She asks him how things worked out with the woman he was interested in. He tells her it didn’t – she’s interested in someone else. Kate urges him to go after her. Sami and Lucas run into each other. She wants to know how he torn himself away from the slut he was with. He says he didn’t, she came to Salem with him. Sami is upset and wants to know who she is. He says you’ll know soon enough and you’ll be surprised. He walks away. Sami picks up a Santa hat. She decides that she wants Austin and with Carrie in Israel she shouldn’t have any trouble getting him. She hopes to catch Austin under the mistletoe. Carrie sees Sami but can’t bring herself to let her know she’s in town. She’s not ready to deal with everything she went through the last time Sami wanted Austin.

St Luke’s: I think the less I say the better. Belle is apparently angry at God but the railing sounds more like she is ordering God to do her bidding. Hope arrives. Belle tells her that Claire needs a transplant. They need to pray for a miracle. Hope says she hopes they get a miracle because Claire could have been their grandchild – Belle and Shawn were together for so many years. Belle asks God for a sign that Claire is going to get better. The candles flicker. She thinks that is a sign. Hope says it could be or it could just be a draft because the door didn’t close behind her.

Horton’s: Bo, Zach, Jen, Abby and JJ arrive. Mickey, Maggie, Doug and Julie are already there. Alice is sitting in the chair Tom always used to sit in. Julie shows Bo the newest ornament – it’s for Chelsea. Bo says she will be there later. Abby says that is if she and Max aren’t having too good of a time – Bo hears this. Mickey asks Jen how she is doing. Jen tells him she’s hanging in. She picks up a picture of Jack. Maggie asks Jen if she and Abby would like to hang the ornaments of all the Horton’s that are absent (which is the vast majority of them). Several ornaments are hung when Hope arrives apologising for being late. Alice tells her she’s just in time. When Hope comments that Shawn isn’t there Bo tells her that he will be there later as will Chelsea. They pick up Zach and ask him if he wants to decorate the tree. They give him his ornament to hang and then Bo and Hope hang theirs. Hope puts up Shawn’s and Bo Chelsea’s. The three of them together… sigh … Bo and Hope kiss… Abby hugs Jen – she knows she’s really missing Jack. Jack is outside watching through the window. Mickey and Maggie hang their ornaments as well as Melissa’s and Sara’s. Then Doug and Julie who also put up Tom and Alice’s. Mickey comments that the Horton’s have a wonderful family. Maggie is so happy to be back with the man she loves. They kiss – Jen watches.

Hospital: Lexie asks Shawn if he would read the Christmas story to the children. She is sure his great-grandfather would be so proud. Shawn says he would be honoured. Phil and Belle hear this and follow Shawn. Bo, Hope and Zach arrive in time to hear the story. Shawn reads the story as the camera pans over all the kids. Bonnie then holds up a glittering star saying it’s the star of Bethlehem. Belle sees it shimmer and smiles. She tells Philip that God gave her a sign – Claire is going to live. Hope hears this and tells Bo she hopes that Belle is right and that they get the miracle they need. Lucas is looking around for Carrie. He sees a blonde wearing a Santa hat and smiles. He walks up behind her and pulls her around and kisses her. It’s Sami. Austin makes his way out on to the balcony. Carrie is out there but her back is to him. He says that Salem is a beautiful city and he’s glad to be back. Carrie recognises his voice and says “I agree, so am I. Merry Christmas Austin.”

Horton’s: It’s time for Jen and Abby and Jack Jr to hang their ornaments. They do so with Jack watching. Jen is in tears. Abby says why did Dad have to leave us, why isn’t he here? Jen says he is – she feels his love so strongly. Jack walks towards the front door and reaches for the handle. The camera cuts to Alice’s hand placing the baby Jesus in the Nativity scene. She looks at the camera and says “Those we love, near and far…may the blessings of this day be with you now and all the days of your life.”

Preview: Jen to Abby and Maggie – I feel that Jack is nearby – like he could walk in at any moment – cut to Jack’s hand on the door knob. Shawn to Belle – I couldn’t love her more if she were my own. She could have been if things had worked out differently. Carrie to Sami – Mike and I aren’t together any more (Austin and Lucas hear this as well). Alex picks up an axe and walks towards the fireplace … Marlena is placing a log on the fire.


Monday Dec 26

Pat’s Spoilers

Alice Horton’s: Maggie joins Abby and Jen. Jen says that even though she know it’s impossible she feels that Jack is so close – she feels like he could walk in the door at any moment. Jack reaches for the door handle. Jack tells himself to just go ahead and open it. Abby goes to help Alice in the kitchen. Maggie talks to Jen. She wants to make sure that Jen knows it’s not possible for Jack to be nearby. Jen assures her that she knows that but its Christmas and she can’t help but wish for a Christmas miracle. The doorbell rings. Jen runs to answer it, flings the door open and says in surprise, ‘oh my gosh you’re back.’ It’s Frankie. Due to bad weather near Washington his flight has been delayed for a few hours. He asks her why she looked so surprised. Maggie says it’s because she thought you were Jack. Jen explains about feeling Jack’s presence. Frankie says he forgot to give them their presents. Maggie says so this is fate. Frankie says something like that…LOL. Abby, Jen and Jack Jr open their presents. He gives JJ a stuffed animal (a cute dog), Abby a bracelet and Jen a Charles Dickens novel. Jack watches from outside. He says I love you all so much. It has to be this way. He wishes Jack Jr, Abby and Jen a Merry Christmas and goodbye.

Alex’s cabin: Marlena is dozing on the couch. Alex walks in carrying a piece of firewood – it’s raised as if he is going to strike someone. Marlena wakes up startled and then laughs. They joke around. He puts the log on the fire and then an old fashioned metal coffee pot. She asks him what he is doing. He says he is heating milk to make hot chocolate. She loved it when they used to do it before. Alex seems set on everything having to be just perfect. Marlena tries to tell him it doesn’t have to be perfect. Alex insists because he’s dreamt of doing this every Christmas they were apart. They talk. Outside Roman won’t let John charge into the cabin. It’s just a fairly long argument between John, Roman and Kate. Roman and Kate tell him that he has evidence that Marlena is in any danger – Roman wants to do everything by the book. This goes on and on until John bolts from the car and Roman and Kate charge after him. Inside the cabin Alex and Marlena both smell something – it’s the milk burning. Alex gets all upset because this was supposed to perfect … Marlena says they can start all over again – remake the fire – put on some more milk. Alex says he knows what he has to do. He grabs an axe and raises it. Marlena takes the poker and tries to retrieve the coffee pot. John sees Alex with the axe raised and screams for Marlena to turn around. Roman and Kate arrive just as Marlena starts screaming. The three of them charge into the house where they find Marlena and Alex rolling around on the floor. Marlena explains that sparks caught her clothes on fire and that Alex was trying to put the fire out using his own body. Marlena insist that John release his chokehold on Alex. Roman tells her that Alex could be dangerous. John says he is. Marlena and Alex both reject the idea. Kate says that it appears to be true. John says that he has proof that he’s been right all along. The man is a monster and I’m getting him away from you right now. Marlena glares at him.

Hospital: Lucas wipes his mouth after he realises he kissed Sami. They trade insults – the slut word comes into play again. Lucas lets Sami know that she knows the person he was seeing in Salem. Sami taunts Lucas about her time with Austin – making it sound like a lot more was going on between the two of them then really was. She tells Lucas that it’s clear that Austin never really got over her. Lucas sees Austin and Carrie talking on the balcony. He tells Sami that he has a present for her – a belated Christmas present, early engagement present and tells her to look out the window. Sami is shocked to see Carrie.

Austin is surprised but happy to see Carrie. He says it’s been a long time and he asks her about Mike. She just answers that Mike isn’t with her. Austin assumes he is too busy and Carrie doesn’t correct him. Austin asks if they had any trouble over there – he says all they hear on the news is the stuff about suicide bombings. She says that they have had no trouble. She tells him that she heard he started a new company and asks him how that is going. He starts telling her about it but his phone rings. It’s business (on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day???) He tells Nicole that he has already signed the takeover papers. She needs to file them (again – huh – it’s Christmas – how can she file papers with some office??? Carrie asks again about his company and he says he’s in the middle of his first acquisition. She wants to hear all about it. Austin is just starting to tell her when Sami bursts in and gushes over seeing Carrie again. She’s asking a million questions at the speed of light. She goes on and on about Mike and asking about the wedding. Sami picks up her hand and notices she isn’t wearing any rings. Carrie finally tells her that she and Mike are not together any longer. Sami is confused – she says you sounded so happy when I talked to you in Israel just the other day … Sami realises that Carrie wasn’t in Israel. Austin asks Carrie what hotel she is at. Lucas says she is staying with me. Carrie explains that there were no rooms. Austin says you’ll be just down the hall from me. Sami corrects him and says ‘us’. Carrie says she knows that Austin, Nicole and Sami are sharing the apartment platonically. Lucas tells Carrie they need to leave. Austin tells Sami that he’s going to see his brother. He asks her if she wants to come along and see Belle. Sami doesn’t. She stays behind to mope.

Belle tells Philip that the shining star was a sign from God. Claire is going to get a liver donation. She’s going to tell Lexie. Mimi and Shawn are with them. Mimi tells Philip that the star did really glow. He says it was the reflection from the fluorescent lights. Shawn thinks that if Belle believes it was sign maybe that’s enough to make it come true. They go into Claire’s room. Philip tells Claire to hang in there. Belle comes back. She couldn’t find Lexie. She comments that Claire is running out of time. Philip hugs her and tells her he loves her. He decides to go and look for Lexie. Mimi has gone to get them tea. Philip asks Shawn to look after Belle. Shawn tells Belle he got her something for Christmas. She doesn’t want to open it but he insists. It’s a necklace with an angel charm that is similar to the angel hanging over Claire’s crib. He puts it on. He’s about to step away when Belle says she is so scared. Shawn rubs her arms in comfort and tells her they have to believe she will be fine. Belle comments that he is so good to Claire. Shawn looks at Claire, then at Belle and says he couldn’t love her anymore if she was his own. She could have been if things had worked out differently. Mimi returns and asks her if there is any word. Shawn says no. Mimi tells Shawn she almost forgot that there was a message for him at the nurse’s station – she hands it to him. He says it’s from his Dad he wants him to come home – whatever he wants him to come home for won’t take long. Shawn is reluctant to leave but Belle tells him that family is the most important thing. She tells him she wants him to go home – she’ll be fine. Mimi asks her if they can bring her anything. Belle replies – a miracle. Shawn and Mimi go outside the room. Mimi thinks he is being so wonderful for wanting to stay and support Belle and Philip. Shawn and Mimi share a sweet kiss – Belle glances up and notices it.

The Brady’s: A very cute scene with Zach, Hope and Bo as Zach plays with his presents. Bo wishes he could have known Chelsea at that age. Hope wishes he could have as well. Bo says she’d probably still hate me. Hope says she doesn’t hate him. Bo mentions that she didn’t even thank him for the Christmas present – she didn’t look happy with it. Hope tells him to give her time. He was just looking out for her and eventually she’ll realise that. The doorbell rings. It’s Chelsea. There’s something she forgot to say before she left. She thanks Bo for the present. Driving lessons weren’t at the top of her list – she thought at first that he was just rubbing it in. Bo says he wouldn’t do that – he’s trying to help her get her licence back. Chelsea tells him she figured that out – she’ll be the best student that place ever saw and once she gets her licence back she’ll start saving for a car. Bo says maybe we can help with that. Chelsea is excited. Hope says first you get you pass your driver’s test and then we’ll talk about a car. Chelsea thanks Bo for the gift and hugs him and says Merry Christmas Dad.

The doorbell rings. It’s the last of Hope’s presents – a photographer to take a family portrait. Hope thinks that is great but it wouldn’t be complete without Shawn. Bo says he called the hospital and Shawn should be there soon. By the time the photographer is set up Shawn and Mimi have arrived. They tell Bo and Hope that there is no change in Claire’s situation. The photographer tells them to stand by the tree. Bo holding Zach, Hope and Shawn gather around. They ask Chelsea to join them – she’s part of the family. Shawn asks Mimi to join him. Mimi says; no it wouldn’t be right. Both Shawn and Hope insist she join them. The photographer says girlfriend right next to boyfriend. Shawn puts his arm around Mimi and kisses her forehead. Everyone smiles and the photographer snaps the picture. Shawn and Mimi go back to the hospital. Zach and Chelsea play – they throw scraps of paper at Bo … really fun moments. Hope tells Bo that she was glad that he asked Chelsea to be in the picture but she was surprised that Shawn asked Mimi. Bo says I guess that means he’s over Belle. He also comments that they are a cute couple. He says he is sorry because he knows she always wanted him and Belle to get together. Hope stops him and says she wants Shawn to be happy and he clearly is – so is Chelsea. Bo says it looks like it’s getting serious between Shawn and Mimi. They talk about how Shawn has changed from last year to now. Hope says no one can hurt you more than your kids. Bo says he did the same thing when he was younger. Hope says they have that to look forward to with Zach but not for at least 10 to 12 years. Bo says Zach will be the exception to the rule. Hope laughs and asks him if she can remind him of his statement – Bo says no. Zach runs to his mommy and daddy and says this will be the best Christmas ever. Chelsea smiles.

Hospital: Mimi and Shawn are outside Claire’s room (Phil and Belle are inside). Mimi says you didn’t have to ask me to be in the family picture. Shawn says no he didn’t have to – he wanted to. Years from now they will look back and be able to say that this was the Christmas it all started. Mimi says and I hope that we can say that it’s the day things turned around for Claire. Shawn asks the nurse if they’ve found a donor for Claire. She says no. Shawn says he feels so helpless. Mimi tells him that his parents were right – that them being there to support their friends is of some comfort to them. Mimi goes on to say as much as they need us now they will need us more… Shawn doesn’t want to think of that possibility. Mimi continues. She says it could happen. Mimi talks about how Claire is the closest thing to a daughter she will ever have … she feels selfish because she knows that what they will go through is nothing compared to what Belle and Philip will feel if Claire doesn’t make it. Shawn comforts her and tells her it’s OK. They will be there for Belle and Philip and they will be there for each other. He tells her that they will get through this together. They hug.

Preview: Lucas to Carrie – If you were meant to be with Austin there is nothing that Sami could do or say to stop it. Carrie – Sure won’t stop her from trying. Nicole to Sami – He will start falling for me all over again. Sami – You think you and Austin are going to be a couple? Chelsea to Max – We’re all alone in the house for once – the perfect opportunity. She kisses him. John to Marlena (Alex and Dr. Banks are there) - The only thing we can do is file charges against Dr. North. Charges that are going to send him to prison and get him out of your life for good.


Monday Dec 26

Janice’s Spoilers

Brady Home: Chelsea & Max

Chelsea opens the door with her own set of keys. She tells Max that its weird that Bo and Hope aren’t home and translates it into not wanting to be there for her (another ME moment). Max is surprised that she has keys. She tells him that she’s the daughter of the house and thinks Bo wanted to show her that he trusted her. Then she looks at an incredulous Max as she tells him that this is the perfect chance to score some cash from the cookie jar.

Max asks her why she would want to steal from her parents. She tells him it’s to make up for lost time and all the money she is entitled to. Then she admits that she’s pulling his leg. Chelsea goes on a Hope rant. She’s angry that Hope is always after Bo to give her less, thinks that Hope is a total fake, and mentions the look Hope gave him when he offered to help Chelsea buy a new car. Max talks to her about not speeding and she starts to compare it to his race car driving. He tells her that it’s an occupation and she goes into tear mode. Chelsea whines that she made a mistake and never forgets what happened to her parents. Finally she says bitterly that if Bo wants to get back on her good side...he can buy her a new car.

Max sides with Hope and tells Chelsea that she shouldn’t get a new car until she can prove herself more responsible. Chelsea goes on about how cars are control...calling friends...putting on makeup...etc... He tells her that she just doesn’t get it. Chelsea starts vamping about them being all alone and starts to kiss him.

Devereaux Home: Hope, Jennifer, Frankie, Max, Chelsea

Hope arrives and Jennifer offers her some coffee to warm her up. Hope explains that Zack is with Doug and Julie and they have more presents for him. Jennifer smiles and talks about spoiling him. She wishes that she knew what to say to Vern and Jo. She also wishes that her parents were with her...knows how important their work in Africa is, but thinks it would help Abby to have them around. Jennifer knows that it can’t make up for her not having her dad.

Hope asks her if she is really okay. Jennifer is still having a hard time believing Jack is dead. She tells Hope that she plays these little games so that everything will seem normal. Hope tells her that one day she will meet Jack again. Jennifer asks her if she really believes that and Hope tells her that she was taught to believe that. Jennifer agrees. Hope hates that Jennifer is all alone. Frankie walks in and Hope is surprised he is still there. He tells her that he is taking a later flight

Hope wishes he would change his mind. He tells them that he is going to call for a cab so he doesn’t miss his flight and leaves the room. Hope asks Jennifer why she is pushing Frankie away. Jennifer is upset and says she is not an emotional charity case but a strong woman. Hope agrees with her. Frankie comes back in the room and Jennifer asks him if he confirmed his flight. She leaves to get more coffee.

Hope tries to get Frankie to stay but he tells her he needs to respect Jennifer’s wishes. Hope doesn’t agree that he is going and lets him know that in no uncertain terms. Frankie admits that he couldn’t forget Jennifer if he tried, but will come in a minute if she asks for help. Hope knows that Jennifer will mourn Jack for a long time but thinks she is being stubborn and won’t ask for help if she needs it. Frankie stands firm and says he needs to leave to get dressed.

Hope tells Jennifer that she loves her. She says that Jennifer will regret it if Frankie leaves. Then she backs off for saying too much. Jennifer understands that she cares. Hope tells her that Frankie cares too and could help her with the kids until she gets back on her feet. Jennifer is upset again and says that she is strong enough and on her feet. Hope asks her whether she can ignore what Jack wanted. Jennifer tells her to just stop...there is nothing anyone can say.

Frankie returns and tells them that his cab is outside waiting. He and Jennifer go through phone and fax numbers. She thanks him for being there and Frankie gives her the sweetest smile and hugs her before telling them goodbye. Jennifer and Hope are hugging when they hear a yell from outside and rush out.

In the next scene, Hope, Frankie (on crutches), Max, and Chelsea all come in. Frankie has a broken leg from falling on the ice and Jennifer is very sorry about it. Frankie tells Max that he hopes he didn’t interrupt anything. Max assures him it wasn’t important. We get a flashback of Chelsea and Max making out when the phone rings. Chelsea tells him not to answer but he tells her it might be important. She mumbles that she obviously isn’t important.

Back in the present, Frankie is still determined to go back to DC. He and Max go back and forth about whether he can look out for himself. Hope asks Chelsea about her driving lesson. Chelsea tells her she went but that it was a waste of time. Hope asks her to pay attention in the lessons as it could mean a life saved one day. Meanwhile Frankie is telling them that his broken leg is not fatal. Jennifer is laughing at him and Max. She insists that he stay with them and goes to make hot chocolate. Hope smiles and says that now she knows what the phrase “lucky break” means.

Lucas’s Apartment: Carrie, Lucas, and Will

Lucas has made breakfast (French toast). Carrie is teasing Will about living with an ex-Steven Spielberg. She thanks Lucas for the great breakfast. Will tells her that she’s lucky because Lucas only makes it for those he wants to impress. The topic changes to Sami. Lucas isn’t happy. Carrie tries to smooth things over and tells him that his mom never meant to hurt him...she just goes overboard sometimes. Will leaves. Carrie tells Lucas that Will is a great kid.

Lucas asks Carrie what her plans are for her first day back. She tells him that she has so many people that she wants to see but feels a little awkward. He’s sure that they will be thrilled to see her. Carrie talks about Belle and Philip’s baby. Lucas says that Phil will call him if there is any change. He asks Carrie how long she is staying in Salem. She isn’t sure but says she has to be back with High Style reopens for her staff. He’s amazed that she gave them the holidays off. She explains that they are like her family...the company is her life...her future...means so much to her...losing it would set her back emotionally and she will never sale it. She thanks him for backing off on the takeover. We get a flashback of an upset Sami telling him that Austin’s company is planning just that.

Carrie answers the door and it’s the busybody neighbor with junk mail for Lucas. In reality she just wants to gossip and Carrie shuts the door in her face and calls her the neighbor from hell. Lucas says that the neighbor does have a point. He mentions his names and theirs...Sami...Carrie...Austin and says “what a mess!”

Sami’s Apartment: Sami, Austin, Nicole

Sami thanks Austin for the monogrammed briefcase...does wish the gift had been more personal though. Austin reaffirms that they do not have a personal relationship. Nicole rags on Sami. Sami rags on Nicole. Austin tells Nicole to get Mickey on the phone because today is the day they will take High Style over. Sami asks him if he likes the bathrobe she got him. He tells her it’s nice but that his best present didn’t come in a box. She misunderstands and says that it’s great them being together again. He tells her that his best present was having Carrie back in Salem.

Austin is talking to Mickey on the phone. Nicole is ragging on Sami about her gift to Austin. She thinks that Sami is a tormented soul who remakes the truth to suit her. Sami makes fun of the business card holder that Nicole gave him. Nicole is sure that once they take over High Style that she’ll get a’s her baby...her ideas...and that Austin will fall for her all over again. Sami starts laughing.

Sami’s still laughing and Austin declares that he will go out of the room to hear Mickey’s voice. Sami calls Nicole a joke and says she knows Austin better than anyone and is just going to give him some space and then he’ll get close to her. Nicole can’t believe that Sami actually believes that self-help crap and tells her that she’s poison...mocks her collection of wedding gowns and calls her a bitch. Sami informs Nicole that neither of them have a chance with Austin because Carrie is back and he will always love her.

Austin returns and tells them they are going to have a last minute strategy session. Sami excuses herself to go and see Will. Austin feels bad and wants to try and notify the CEO. Nicole can’t believe that the old CEO’s name is still on all the records.

Back at Lucas’s Apartment Part II: Lucas, Will, Carrie, and Sami

Sami walks in and Lucas mumbles to Carrie that she is another “neighbor from hell.” Will asks Sami what she wants. Sami asks him if he liked his present. He mumbles why wouldn’t he since they were on his list. Lucas asks him to thank his mom. He does so reluctantly. He goes to hug his dad and Carrie. Sami gets upset and he is pushed into quickly kissing her cheek and then leaves. Carrie tries to smooth things over again and says that Will is just upset because Lucas and Sami didn’t get together. Sami says she is as well and notes the French toast. Carrie asks her if Austin is down the hall. Sami lies and says that he isn’t and is busy all day. She leaves and leans against the door in the hallway, crying.

Carrie is sitting on the couch depressed. Lucas tells her not to waste her time worrying about Sami. He can’t believe how two sisters could be so different. She says that in one way they aren’t...they both fell for Austin. He tells Carrie that if she and Austin are meant to be together they will be.

Back at Sami’s Apartment Part II: Austin, Nicole, Sami

Austin can’t believe that the High Style Company is still closed. Sami comes in still upset and Austin asks her if Carrie is over at Lucas’s. Sami lies again and says she isn’t...she’s out visiting with friends and family...people she cares about. To herself, Sami vows to protect Austin from Carrie.

Cabin: John, Alex, Marlena, Dr. Bank

Marlena is ragging on John. John is ragging on Alex. She starts defending Alex. Alex defends himself and says he didn’t kidnap Marlena...she came of her own free will. John is very sure of himself and asks Marlena why she left without telling anyone where she was going...especially with her granddaughter dying. He tells her he loves her. Alex tells him that Marlena has drawn much closer to him now and they belong together. Marlena finally tells John that he should either back up his accusations or get out.

The doorbell rings and its Dr. Banks. John is sure that she and Alex remember each other. Marlena doesn’t remember her. John tells Alex that all his crimes are going to be exposed now.


John calls Alex a wife-beating SOB and says that once Dr. Banks gives evidence that Marlena will lay charges and he will go to jail.

Sami is warning Lucas about what will happen if Carrie and Austin get back together.

In the hospital corridor, a needy Belle tells Shawn that ever since Claire got sick she has felt more connected to him. She moves into his arms.


Wednesday Dec 28

Pat’s Spoilers

This is going to be a very short spoiler report. This is just one of those shows that isn’t really worth talking about it. A lot of it just made me angry to be honest. I’m tired of Marlena blinding claiming this overwhelming love for Alex – a man she didn’t even know existed a few months ago. I’m tired of John’s smugness and his pleading with Marlena. I’m tired of Sami and Lucas. I thought these two loved each other but after listening to the both of them today I’m not sure either of them knows what love is. I was very disappointed in Carrie today because she sided with Kate over Sami. I’m tired of Philip being left out of crucial scenes with his daughter just so that Belle can manipulate Shawn into feeling sorry for her. She just loves to get him to talk about great and wonderful she is. I’m tired of the foreshadowing about a child dying. We know Zach is going to die already – enough is enough. Shawn giving Claire Zach’s blankie and listening to Belle gush about it was more than I could stomach today in light of the tragedy that is about to unfold. I did enjoy Carrie and Roman's reunion today. I thought Jason did a fantastic job with his scenes as well.

Sami flashes back to the argument she had with Austin when she found out he was still interested in Carrie. She’s worried that Carrie might still be interested in Austin so she picks up a Christmas card as an excuse to go over to Lucas’. Lucas is ordering a basket of Carrie’s flowers as he doodles hearts on a note pad. He has a flashback to the two of them at the Stones concert and then one of Carrie telling him that she still has feelings for Austin. Sami comes over and gives her lame excuse about the card – Lucas sees right through her and asks her why she is really there. She tells him that she isn’t exactly Carrie’s favourite person and she’s hoping that he will tell her how she is really doing. Lucas is cagey. The gist of their conversation boils down to Sami saying that Lucas has always wanted Carrie and now he can go after her and Lucas saying that Sami wants Austin – it’s always been that way. Sami doesn’t deny being interested in Austin – Lucas finally tells her that Carrie still has feelings for Austin. Sami says that the two of them should work together to make sure they both end up with the person they really want to be with. Lucas says there is no ‘we’ when talking about him and Sami. The difference between him and Sami is that he isn’t going to manipulate Carrie and try and keep her away from Austin. That just ensures that Carrie would resent him in the future. He tells Sami that is a lesson she still hasn’t learned. The flowers arrive and Sami recognises them as Carrie’s favourites. She tells Lucas he is never going to get Carrie if he won’t do what needs to be done to keep her and Austin apart. He doesn’t want to listen to her and tells her to leave. She’s leaving and Kate arrives. She tells him that she is happy that both he and Austin are interested in other women besides Sami. Lucas says he bets the woman Austin is interested in is Carrie. Kate plays coy and won’t respond. Lucas tells her the woman he is interested in is Carrie – cue the shocked look from Kate.

Austin joins Kate in the cafeteria. I do like Kate’s outfit – red suits her. Austin tells her that he is meeting someone for hot chocolate. Kate hopes it isn’t Sami. Austin says it’s her sister Carrie – Kate is pleased. She is even more pleased when Austin tells her that Carrie and Mike are divorced (hmm… I never knew they got married). She says she always knew that he and Carrie were meant to be together. She asks him if he is going to make his move. Austin says that his priority is to get his company going. Kate tells him that even though she works for Basic Black, his competitor – she will always put family first. Austin shows her a folder with the info on High Style. She says with a couple of new products this could but his company on the map. Kate leaves and Austin calls Sami to see if there are any emails about who the CEO of High Style is. Sami says there is one – she checks and sees that Carrie is the CEO and lies to Austin that the email was just spam. Austin says he guesses that the CEO will just have to think of him as a terrible person – he did want to talk to her first but he can’t talk to her if she won’t return his calls. Sami is thrilled – she believes that once Carrie finds out that Austin is the person responsible for taking over the company she will never forgive him and that she will finally have Austin all to herself.

I did enjoy the Roman and Carrie reunion for the most part. Roman is very happy to see Carrie. She says she had to see family for the holidays – she’s sorry she didn’t see him sooner but she’s still a little embarrassed about how her marriage ended. He tells her she has nothing to be ashamed of. They talk and Roman finds out that she is the CEO of a cosmetics company. He asks her if she would move the company to Salem. She says no and tells him they are in financial trouble. Roman wishes he could help financially. Carrie tells him that her mother offered to help but she turned her down. They talk about Anna today which was really nice – bringing back some of the history of the show. Carrie tells her Dad that she still has feelings for Austin and she hopes that they can find their way back to each other. She asks him about Kate. He says that he did love her but she did some things that were unforgivable. Carrie defends Kate saying that from what she heard Sami drove Kate to doing what she did. Roman says that Sami made a lot of mistakes but there is not excuse or forgiveness for what Kate did. Carrie says that Sami has a way of always turning those that care about her against her – that’s why she hasn’t come back to Salem sooner. Carrie thinks that Sami will resort to her old tricks if her (Carrie) and Austin do get back together. Carrie maintains that she and Austin would still be together if Sami hadn’t come between them. Roman is about to offer some advice when Austin joins them.

The scenes in Marlena’s penthouse felt very dragged out to me. No matter what Lois or John had to say Marlena doesn’t believe them and defends Alex. She knows that he would never hurt her and she does not believe that he ever did. Lois offers up proof that even the ISA or the police don’t have. We see recent pictures of a battered Marlena (Unless she looked the same and had the same hairstyle over 30 years ago). Marlena still refuses to believe that Alex harmed her. John takes her out on the balcony. He tries to get her to see reason. She insists that she won’t believe that Alex is violent until she sees it with her own eyes. Inside Alex asks Lois what she is up to … he advances … she retreats and then stumbles and falls. Marlena and John return as Lois is screaming for Alex to stay away from her. John tells Alex if he touches her he will kill him.

Shawn brings tea or coffee to Belle and offers to sit with Claire if she wants to go and join Philip in the chapel. Belle won’t leave because Claire may not be there when she returns. Shawn says then he will stay with them until Phil returns. Jason did an excellent job of these scenes – he portrays a good friend that is worried about his two friends and their daughter very well. And Martha was a little more understated today which helped the scenes. She did snap at Shawn early on but then quieted down. Shawn talks about losing J.T. and then goes on about how parents should never have to bury a child. Belle remembers that her mother had to (at least someone acknowledges that DJ existed). She doesn’t know how her mother got through it. Enough about the conversation being on other people – Belle moves it back to where it should be – about her. Maybe Claire sensed that she didn’t quite love or want her enough and that is why she is sick. She couldn’t look after her. She doesn’t know if she’ll get the chance to make it up to her. Shawn answers the way she expects –telling her it wasn’t her fault – no one blames her she shouldn’t blame herself. Belle tells him she feels so connected to him since Claire has been sick. Shawn hugs her and asks why that is but she doesn’t answer. Shawn has something for her. He gives her Zach’s blankie. Belle can’t believe Zach let him take it – he never goes to sleep without it. Shawn says he has two and he wanted Claire to have one – he wants Claire to get better. Belle wished that Zach’s blanket could make her better. They need a miracle. Shawn tells her that she may get it – she just has to believe.

Preview: Austin to Carrie – It must be fate – us reconnecting like this. I’m really glad. They hug – Sami watches and listens. Lucas to Eugenia – When Carrie finds out that Austin stole her company she is going to be heartbroken. Alex (in jail) to John – I’m not the one you should be worried about. It’s Lois Banks. Lois to Marlena – Please let me in. Can’t you see I’m shaking … I’m really scared. Marlena – I guess it’s alright.

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