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Tuesday May 1

Pat’s Spoilers

Brady House: Kayla is on the phone with Stephanie. Where is she – this is important. Stephanie says she’ll be there soon – she opens the door. Kayla is not amused. Steve is counting on their help. Stephanie says no, you’re counting on it. Kayla is sorry that Steve said those things to Stephanie – he didn’t mean them. He loves her. Stephanie asks her mother – what if he really is crazy and you’re just afraid to admit it? Kayla insists that Steve isn’t crazy. Stephanie decides to tune her out by listening to music. Kayla won’t have that. EJ is turning Steve away from every one he’s loved. Stephanie says when do you say enough. She didn’t sign up for this abuse. Kayla says, who did, your dad? She’s not trying to make Stephanie feel guilty she just has faith that they can help him. If they don’t, they could lose him. Stephanie says news flash – we already have. Kayla is going to keep trying. They’ll make a miracle happen as a family. Stephanie doesn’t want to put her life in park waiting for a miracle to happen. She suggests that Kayla cut her losses as well.

Kayla tells Stephanie that she has a long, beautiful life ahead of her. That one conversation she had with her father convinced him to talk to Bo. He didn’t talk because they tortured him. Stephanie tells her mom to let go. Kayla can’t – she talks about the commitment they made. Kayla is worried that one day Stephanie is going to need her father and he won’t be there and Stephanie will regret not helping him. That will hurt her more than anything Steve says now. Stephanie agrees to stick it out a little longer. They hug. Roman arrives. Hugs exchanged. He brought Stephanie her favourite donuts – double chocolate. Bo got called away on a case. Kayla asks about the court order – can they fight it. The judge won’t budge. Kayla says they have to get creative. They need to get in there and break him out of there. Roman says – so they have to send in someone undercover. He and Bo can’t do it and he won’t hear about Kayla doing it – she will be recognised. They have to get someone inside that Steve knows and trusts. Stephanie says they have to send in the one person that got through to him before – her.

Roman and Kayla tell her no – she’ll be recognised. Stephanie says fine – they can let her know when they feel she’s part of the family. She leaves. Roman and Kayla talk about people who they can put inside. Roman suggests Jack. Kayla says it will take him too long to get there. How about Max? Roman thinks he’s too hot-headed for this situation. Kayla knows who – Adrienne. They talk about her a bit. Kayla calls her. They’re drinking coffee – Adrienne is on her way. Roman thinks they need to come up with a back up plan. Maybe he can lean on the judge again. Kayla reminds him that he said the guy wouldn’t budge. That had to be the quickest flight in history because Adrienne is there. Greetings are exchanged – it sounds like Steve is in trouble. What can she do to help? She also wants to know why it took Kayla so long to tell her how bad it was. Steve didn’t want anyone to know. Roman adds that they underestimated what the DiMera’s did to him. Adrienne knew something was wrong when Steve stopped returning her calls and answering her emails. Roman tells her that Kayla has come up with a plan to get Steve out of the hospital. He tells her that EJ Wells is involved. He’s used hypnosis, mind control and electric shock therapy to get Steve to do his bidding. Adrienne wants to know what they need to do to get Steve away from him. Kayla says it won’t be easy and if she agrees to help she’ll be putting her life on the line.

Adrienne wants to know what she has to do to get arrested and put inside the state hospital. Roman tells her they’ll take care of those details. Kayla tells her that once she is inside she has to get access to Steve. Adrienne asks – how do I break him out. Roman tells her she will be wired and under constant surveillance. Hopefully Steve will make contact and they’ll be able to move fast. Adrienne asks how fast. Roman says best case, 1 or 2 days. He’ll have people on backup ready to go as soon as she gives the word. Adrienne asks – worst case? They don’t know. They do know the doctor works for the DiMera’s. Roman tells her it could be dangerous and they’ll understand if she doesn’t want to do it. Adrienne doesn’t think there are other options. The longer Steve is in there the more he suffers. There’s nothing to think about. She’ll do whatever it takes to get her brother out of that place.

Jail: Willow thanks Nick for coming. Nick wants to know what is going on. Not only is she being charged with arson and theft, Hope is blackmailing her. Hope and Bo are trying to steal her baby. That doesn’t make any sense to Nick. Willow says if she doesn’t sign her baby over to Hope than he goes into the system. Nick thinks that Hope’s offer is her best option. Willow doesn’t have a best option. She has no money for bail, no defence and worst of all she has no hair brush to prove her innocence. Nick wants to know why he is there. She needs a friend. She wants a second chance – to start over and to raise this baby in a decent place. She figures Nick is anxious – she’s used to people walking out on her but she will never walk out on her baby and he can tell his cousin Hope that. Nick tells her that even with Hope taking care of the baby she would still be the baby’s mother. Willow talks about her feelings for the baby – love changes people. It changed him. He became a thief for Chelsea. Nick gets upset. Willow says she is in a corner and whether Nick will admit it or not, he put her there. Now is he man enough to get her out?

Willow is just jealous that Chelsea has a guy like Nick. Nick is very upset – they can’t talk about Chelsea. They broke up. Willow is sorry that Chelsea hurt him. She thinks Chelsea is crazy to give him up. Willow is ready to tell him why she asked him to come here. She needs him to post her bail. He doesn’t have that kind of money. She tells him that he doesn’t have to post it all – just a part of it. She needs him to be her hero. He isn’t anyone’s hero. Willow says that heroes make mistakes but then they do whatever they can to make it right. Nick tells her to find someone else. Willow has a thought – she’ll call Shawn wherever he is and ask for early child support. Nick caves – he’ll check how much money he has. If he has enough money – how does he make the arrangements. She tells him – she thanks him – she won’t forget this. Nick has one condition – she has to keep this between them. He doesn’t want his family finding out about this. She agrees.

Hospital: Sami wakes up and sees Lucas. She notices the IV. He tells her it’s just to keep her hydrated. He asks if she is hungry. She is. She wants a triple-decker turkey club with seasoned, curly fries but she better have fruit and cheese. It’s better for the baby. Lucas is hungry too – he’ll set out a picnic area for them. As he is leaving to go to the cafeteria she adds that she doesn’t think some chips would hurt. He leaves and EJ skulks into the room wearing scrubs and carrying a hypodermic needle. Sami sees EJ. He covers her mouth. He tells her if she promises not to call out he’ll remove his hand. She nods. He takes his hand away and Sami starts talking a mile a minute. She’s so sorry – she didn’t want to do it. It was all Celeste’s idea. She couldn’t do it. EJ wants to know why. Sami lies – it was the kiss. She saw him lying there so vulnerable – she thought of their connection. EJ keeps taunting her – if he overlooked the fact that she left him in that cabin to burn – what happens then. If he lets one person get away with it – it’s open season on the innocents. Sami replies – they are not innocents. They use and manipulate people and they don’t care about the body count. Sami is sick of this act – the honourable wife and mother – who is she trying to kid. She’s so bored with Lucas already that she can hardly look him in the eye. She’s been fighting it but she still wants EJ and even after what happened last night she knows EJ still wants her. He kisses her hand.

EJ paws Sami – he’ll take her right on this bed. Sami tells him she’s being serious. She couldn’t kill him. He reminds her that she walked away from the burning building. Sami once again blames Celeste. She questions him as to why he’s dressed like a doctor. It’s too blend into the environment – he mentions Lucas. Sami tells her Lucas will be back any minute. She promises to call EJ the second she is released. EJ asks if he looks like a love sick sycophant. Her promises are empty. Sami declares she’ll do whatever he wants. He wants her to lie there quietly and then he wants her to know what he felt like it for him when he thought the moment of his death was at hand. He pulls out a needle – it’s the final act in their little play. He injects her IV. It’s more humane than feeling the flesh burn off your back. Sami begs him not to do it. She’s so sorry. He tells her it’s too late – he warned her there would be consequences. She says don’t kill your child. She’ll go with him right now – she’ll leave Lucas. EJ can’t spend the rest of his life with someone that tried to kill him. She cries and begs. He tells her she has approximately two minutes to live. He pulls out the call button apparatus. Sami starts yelling for help – EJ leaves.

Lucas and a nurse come running in. Sami is screaming, telling them to take the IV out. EJ was here – he poisoned her – he was dressed like a doctor. She’s dying. The nurse tells her that her vitals are fine. Sami is hysterical – she doesn’t have much time. She tells Lucas that he’s the best thing that ever happened to her – he has to tell Will. The nurse pulls out the IV and Sami screams. The room is spinning. She’s dying. Lucas tells her she is fine –the monitors don’t show anything out of the ordinary. Sami thinks EJ did something to them. She tells Lucas she loves him. She thought it was going to be different this time. His mother was right – she always messes things up. Whatever he hears after she is gone just know that she did what she did to protect him. She passes out. When she comes to she says ‘I’m not dead’. Lucas says no – the nurse is taking your pulse, it’s normal. Sami thinks that maybe the poison is just taking longer than EJ said it would. Lucas tries to convince her it was a dream. She asks how did the call button get ripped out of the wall. Lucas thinks she did it when she was trying to get the IV out. Lucas tells her that no one was in the room. He mentions all the pressure she’s under, the fights with his mother, her pregnancy – stress does weird things. Sami insists it wasn’t stress – it was EJ. Sami wonders why EJ would come in and tell her she was going to kill her. Lucas is having a hard time wrapping his mind around that as well. Sami gets testy – sorry her attempted murder is giving him a brain cramp. Lucas wants to know why EJ would try to kill her. The DiMera’s have a sick code – they wouldn’t kill someone without a reason. He wants to know what she did that would make EJ come into her room and make her think he wanted to kill her.

Sami quickly changes her tune. Lucas must have been right – it must have been a dream. Lucas wants to know what changed. Sami insists that he talked sense into her. Lucas thinks she is trying really hard not to talk about EJ. He’s trying to piece things together – her, him and EJ. Sami says EJ is not a part of their thing. Lucas says EJ has been a part of their lives since he came to Salem. Every time he wants to talk about EJ Sami changes the subject or wants to make love. He mentions her shower and finding her and EJ in the bedroom. Sami insists she was sick and EJ followed her. Lucas thinks her stories have more holes than the Grand Canyon. He loves her and he doesn’t want to grill her like this. He wants to trust her … Sami say but you don’t. Lucas asks her if she trusts him. She does. He wants her to tell him what is going on between her and EJ. The truth – right now. Sami tries to bluster her way out it – telling Lucas that he is accusing her of being a liar. Lucas doesn’t want to play word games. She told him EJ was trying to kill her. Sami says once again that Lucas was right – it was probably a dream – either way – she was scared and she wanted Lucas there. Now he is letting EJ make him doubt her. Lucas can’t blindly accept things just because she wants him to. The closer the wedding gets the more unhinged she becomes. Lucas reminds her of the vows they are going to make – vows based on love and honestly. The commitment is sacred in front of God. He wants to know what is going on. He’ll understand – he won’t get angry. Don’t be afraid of the truth. Sami looks ready to talk to him when EJ walks in with a vase of flowers. Lucas orders him out of the room. EJ tells him this is Samantha’s room. If she wants him to go she’ll tell him. Samantha???

Preview: Abby to Chelsea – Nick is going to turn that hair brush in. He’s going to tell the police the whole story and your sorry butt is going to go to jail. Celeste – Oh dear god. Kate – That’s right. I discovered Sami’s dirty little secret, dah-ling. See you at the wedding. Sami to EJ – EJ, I can’t take this anymore. If you’re going to kill me then just do it. Get it over with.


Wednesday May 2

Pat’s Spoilers

Chez Rouge: Chelsea got Abby’s text message so she meets up with her at Chez Rouge. Abby tells her that Stephanie is in town – she’s changed, she has a tattoo now. Chelsea makes some smart remarks. Abby asks how things are going between Chelsea and her mom. They talk but not about that. Billie isn’t happy that she is moving in with dad. Abby thinks she should give her mom a chance – just like she did with Nick. Chelsea tells Abby that she broke up with Nick. It’s over between them. Abby can’t believe Chelsea dumped Nick after he put his career on the line for her. Chelsea claims Nick wasn’t that heroic because he kept the brush. He thinks that she tried to set her Dad’s house on fire. She feels hurt especially because she didn’t do it. Abby says whatever happened she knows that Nick loves her. Chelsea says maybe he does but not enough. Abby thinks this might be Chelsea’s fault. She asks so much of the people who love her and if someone makes a mistake Chelsea wipes them off the list. Chelsea lists all the wrongs that everyone has done to her. Abby is beginning to think that Chelsea did the best thing for Nick by breaking up with him. Nick did everything she asked of him and now Chelsea is blowing him off because he’s feeling guilty. Chelsea says no – because he didn’t believe me. Abby wonders when Chelsea is going to understand that Nick was the best thing that happened to her. Chelsea claims she is doing fine. She doesn’t need Nick. Abby says really. Nick is going to tell the police the entire story and then she’ll end up in jail.

Chelsea admits that she shouldn’t have put Nick in that position and that yes, she did use him a little bit. She claims that wasn’t her intention. If she could do it over she wouldn’t ask him to steal the brush. For the record she does know that Nick was the best thing that ever happened to her. Abby suggests that she go and tell Nick everything she just told her. Nick will understand. Stephanie joins them. Chelsea says oh gosh, you do look different. Chelsea suggests that they hit Salem Place and go shopping. Abby claims that Chelsea has grown up. Stephanie wants to go out and have fun. The town is dead - nothing ever happens in Salem to people their age. Stephanie gets filled in on the Dr. Rebert saga and assumes that Nick and Chelsea are going out. Chelsea says no and mentions that Nick slept with her mom. Stephanie thinks maybe it isn’t so dead in Salem after all. She suggests they go out and have fun. Both Chelsea and Abby have 8am classes. Stephanie promises to have them home by 7am, 7:30 at the latest. Chelsea and Abby are in – let’s go.

Jail: Willow thanks Nick for posting her bail. He’s her hero. She owes him big time. Nick wants to know what she is going to do when she is released. Same thing she’s always done – whatever it takes to survive. Not to worry – she can be very creative when it comes to finding a place to sleep and there’s always the streets. Nick thinks she will be safer in jail. Willow doesn’t remember what safe feels like. She assures him that she’ll find a room in a cheap boarding house. Nick tells her to find a job. Willow asks him what qualifications should she list, prostitution, arsonist … a guard comes and tells Willow it’s time to sign the release papers. Willow tells Nick not to worry about it. Willow returns. Nick wants to talk to her before she leaves. Willow assures him that she was kidding about the job thing. She gave up that life. Nick wants to help her – he doesn’t know why. She reminds him of his promise to talk to his Uncle Mickey about getting her into subsidized housing. That’s okay – promises are like dreams – they never happen. Nick did talk to his uncle. Willow doesn’t qualify. The system is totally screwed up. He’s her friend – when she feels bad, he feels bad. Willow thinks Chelsea was a fool to dump him. Nick is going to leave her some cash and his number. He wants her to find a place to sleep tonight. Willow thanks him and tells him she’ll pay him back. He tells her to take care of herself. He adds dreams do come true sometimes – they may not last but they can come true.

Carver house: Abe is getting ready to put Theo to bed. He tells Theo to go up and brush his teeth. The doorbell rings. It’s Kate Roberts. Abe knows – he can still see. He recognised her perfume. What does she want? She wanted to apologise to him for interrupting his dinner. Abe laughs. He may be half-blind but he can still see through her. Let’s cut to the chase. Why is she really there? Kate asks to be invited in. Abe tells her it’s not a good time but Kate says please. She hopes that Celeste can join them. Celeste is out for the evening. Theo calls down for his dad. Kate tells him to go ahead, she has some calls to make. As soon as he goes up the stairs Kate starts searching the desk. She wants to know what Celeste and the little blonde tramp are up too. Abe catches Kate – what is she looking for? A notepad to leave a note for Celeste. He points out the notepad right in front of Kate. Why is she really there? She lies – she goes on about the apology and how the wedding and work is stressing her out. Abe tries to usher her out so Kate pretends to faint.

Kate is a little embarrassed. She could use some tea. Abe isn’t a fool. He lists all the things Kate has done since she arrived there – it makes a guy wonder. Kate asks if he thinks she is coming on to him. That’s the last thing he is thinking. Kate changes tactics. She’s under so much stress. She doesn’t have many friends to talk to. Abe recommends seeing Marlena. Kate can’t bother Marlena – she’s got too much to worry about. Abe was suggesting she see Marlena professionally. Kate doesn’t need to do that – she just wants to talk to friend. She and Abe go back a long time. Abe goes to make tea. Kate never thought he would leave. She goes into the desk again and finds the photo radar ticket – gotcha Sami. Kate reads the ticket – naughty naughty children. She stuffs the ticket in her purse. Abe returns. She has to leave – she has to go to work. Abe thinks that was a quick recovery. Kate thinks it was his kindness. She turns to leave – Abe says not so fast. Kate knows he’s suspicious so if he wants to frisk her go ahead. Abe isn’t going to do that. He tells her she can leave that note for Celeste – he’ll give it to her. He’s not surprised when Kate says she didn’t write one. Kate opens the door. Celeste is there. Abe says perfect timing – now Kate can explain to Celeste why she was going through her things.

Kate denies rummaging through the desk drawers. She was just looking for a notepad. She came to apologise for being rude to Celeste at Chez Rouge. She was completely out of line – she’s sorry. Celeste tells her not to be because she doubts that is why she came here. Did she find what she was looking for? Kate doesn’t have time for this. She is going to leave. Celeste stops her and tells her to hand it over or she’ll search her. Celeste tells her to open her purse. Kate tells her she doesn’t have the right to ask her to do that. Abe tells Celeste to let her go. Kate leaves. Abe tells Celeste if they find anything missing they can bring Kate in. Abe goes upstairs. Celeste checks and sees that the photo radar ticket is missing. She confronts Kate outside. Kate feels sorry for Abe – he has no idea that Celeste is conspiring with Sami. Celeste reaches for Kate’s purse. Kate drops it and Celeste sees the picture and says oh dear god. Kate has discovered Sami’s dirty little secret. She won’t hesitate to use it. See you at the wedding. She walks away.

Hospital: A repeat of the ending scene between Lucas and Sami with EJ walking in. When EJ asks Sami if she wants him to leave she just says she feels weak. Lucas wants to know what EJ is up to. He knows that this isn’t the first time he’s been in Sami’s room. Why did he want Sami to believe that he had poisoned her? EJ, the innocent, asks Sami what she has been saying. Lucas threatens to kill him with his bare hands. EJ protests – he came here to offer his support to someone he cares about. Lucas says what about supporting your wife – you were supposed to get married. Plans changed. Lucas says so you decided to start the cabin on fire instead – too bad you weren’t inside. EJ says he wasn’t there. His car was stolen – he filed a police report. As for trying to kill Sami – that’s preposterous. Lucas says Sami doesn’t think so – she was quite upset. EJ tells Sami that is a creative story – not flattering to him. Possibly she hit her head when she fell or she’s over-medicated. Or Sami could be just making this up as she goes along. Sami doesn’t know – she just feels kind of woozy. Lucas doesn’t think she was feeling woozy a few minutes ago. What’s going on here? EJ says actually Sami and he have something to tell him. He asks Sami if she is going to do it or should he.

Lucas wants Sami to tell him. EJ starts rambling about a trip that he and Sami took (as lovers) to San Tropez. Lucas asks if this is a joke to him. EJ is just trying to inject some humour into a dire situation. He finds it funny that Lucas is trying to accuse him of trying to hurt someone he cares about. Lucas starts threatening EJ again – Sami’s blood pressure starts rising as Sami freaks out. Lucas orders EJ out of the room – he’s upsetting Sami. EJ tells Sami he is sorry if he upset her. He’s looking forward to her wedding – it should be memorable. Lucas tells EJ not to come to the wedding – he’s hired security. He starts calling hospital security to get EJ removed from the room. EJ thinks that Lucas is insecure. Sami tells EJ he claims that he came to see her because he was concerned but all he is doing is making her feel uncomfortable. EJ leaves. Sami tells Lucas she wants to be by herself to calm down and get some rest. Lucas is going to get some coffee. Sami cries – what is she going to do. She starts calling out in pain. EJ returns to the room and finds Sami in pain. She can’t breathe. EJ calms her down. He gets her to breathe with him. He tells her its okay. Sami was so scared. EJ caresses her arm. Sami tells him to get off of her. He thought his tricks had finally worked – he had succeeded in making her lose the baby. She can’t take this anymore. If he’s going to kill her – just do it.

EJ says if he wanted her dead, she would be. He was actually convinced that Sami cared for him. She lied to him – what would she do if someone toyed with her affections and then just flipped her away. Sami say she thought he was her friend. Then he lied to her and then he raped her. Does he now expect her to think that he is the victim? That she should feel sorry for him? He treated her like a piece of trash – like an incubator for his DiMera seed. Does he really thing that she would want a future with a monster like him? EJ says he isn’t a monster – a monster wouldn’t have spared her life. Sami thinks he’s destroying her life a piece at a time. EJ asks if she thinks he really cares. Sami does – he was really concerned when he saw her in pain. EJ denies it. Sami thinks it’s time for them to move on and put this behind them. EJ says your wedding is just around the corner. We’re just getting starting. Lucas returns with a security guard that asks EJ to leave. EJ tells Sami that if she doesn’t receive his wedding present before the wedding she can expect it on her wedding day. Lucas holds Sami. He tells Sami he loves her. She has to tell him what is going on between her and EJ. What does he have on her – tell him something. Don’t let EJ torture her like this. Lucas tells whatever it is they’ll get through it together. Sami tells him nothing happened between her and EJ. Lucas trusts her. He wants to spend the rest of his life with her. There is nothing she could do or say that would change that. If she has something to tell him – now is the time. She just wants to tell him that she loves him and she wants him to promise to remember that no matter what happens.

Preview: Shawn to Belle – We just have to stick together as a family and nothing could tear us apart, not even EJ Wells. Philip to Gabby – Why are you trying so hard to keep me down here? You buying time while Shawn is upstairs ransacking my room? Lucas to Sami – Why are you in a constant state of high anxiety? Sami – Like what? Lucas – My mom for starters. Kate to EJ – I’m going to blast that bitch out of my son’s life forever. EJ – I can’t let you spoil my plans.


Thursday May 3

Pat’s Spoilers

Island – Upstairs – Part 1: Belle fills a sleeping Claire’s head with a bunch of lies trying to make herself and Shawn look like saints and martyrs. Gabby knocks on the door. She has the GPS fixed. She wants Shawn to check it. She’s sorry for everything they are going through. Belle thinks Philip found out where they were through her call home. She turns on the tears – she’s so scared for Claire, snivel, snivel. Belle thinks there is something that Gabby can do to help – give her the passkey so she can get into Philip’s room. Gabby asks her what she expects to find. Belle doesn’t know. Gabby asks her then why risk getting caught. Belle isn’t – Gabby is going be on the lookout and warn her. If Philip shows up Gabby can stall him. She asks how. Belle insinuates that she should prostitute herself – what a piece of work this woman is! Gabby doesn’t think so. Belle informs her that she’ll wipe the slate clean – she’ll forget that Gabby tried to get Shawn into bed – they’ll be even. Gabby gives her the key but won’t play lookout. If Belle gets caught she’ll say that Belle stole the key. Belle tells her to go downstairs and keep Philip down there. Gabby says – you sure don’t ask for much, do you? Belle commits break and enter and grabs Philip’s duffle bag. She brings Philip’s bag back to their room and throws the stuff out of it. She finds Philip’s PDA and needs time to figure it out so she steals it. She takes the other stuff back to Philip’s room leaving Claire unattended once again.

Island – Downstairs – Part 1: Duck and Philip are exchanging war stories. Duck wants to know why Shawn talked trash about Philip when the guy is a war hero. Philip says that he and Shawn used to be best friends until a girl came between them – Claire. Duck excuses himself. Philip wants to talk to Shawn. Shawn doesn’t want to talk to him. Shawn talks big to make himself feel like a man when Philip tells him that it’s the end of the line. Shawn pulls out the pills he stole – he’s so proud of himself. Gabby informs Shawn she gave Belle the GPS. They start talking about Philip. Shawn gives her the family history of course embellishing a bit to make himself look good. Gabby asks him what he and Belle are going to do. Shawn tells her that they are leaving tonight and Gabby is going to help them. Shawn asks about the sleeping pills he stole. They’re strong. Shawn asks Gabby to drug Philip because he’s too much of a wuss to do it himself. Gabby protests but then agrees to help the coward. Shawn goes upstairs.

Hospital: The doctor is in with Sami and Lucas. They hear the baby’s heartbeat. Sami can go home but she has to take it easy. The doctor leaves. Lucas tells Sami that he really loves her so he’s going to back off. She doesn’t have to tell him anything about EJ. Sami protests but Lucas doesn’t want to talk about that. He kisses her fingers as he counts their blessings. They are getting hitched this time no one is going to stand in their way. Outside Sami’s room Kate says ‘Sami, you are just a heartbeat away from losing everything.’ She’s about to go into the room when EJ stops her.

EJ informs her that Celeste called and told him that Kate was there and took something that didn’t belong to her. EJ wants it. She won’t give it to him but he can see it. She holds up the photo. He admits the guy in the photo bears a resemblance to him. Kate points out the date. That’s the very same night John got shot, the very same night that the roof caved in on Lucas and Sami supposedly saved him. It’s also the same night EJ said he was half way to Mexico. EJ asks her what she gets when she puts all those little bits of information together. Guilt – proof that Sami lied, proof that Sami and he were accomplices and proof that her suspicions were the truth not the ravings of a lunatic. In a few minutes she is going to blast that bitch out of her son’s life forever. EJ can’t let her do that. He can’t let her spoil his plans. In Sami’s room Sami is talking about the fact that they’re wedding is tomorrow and they have a million things to do. Lucas tells her the most important thing is that they have a healthy, loving child. They conceived that baby the very first night they were back together. It happened because their love was meant to be. It’s the only thing that matters to him. He wishes that she felt the same.

Lucas says that tomorrow will be their first dance of husband and wife. Sami can’t wait but there is something she wants to tell him first. Lucas doesn’t want to talk. Sami wants him to hear this from her. Consider this her wedding gift to him. He says she is his wedding gift. She wants him to know how much he means to her. Her meltdowns or mood swings never had anything to do with him or with her doubting her love and complete commitment to him. Lucas knows that. Sami says there isn’t enough time in the world to tell him how much she loves him, how important he is to her and how much she counts on him. She doesn’t think she would have made it through the last couple of months without him. She adds that he is right. Their love is strong enough to make it through no matter what happens. Lucas likes the part about him being right. They laugh and kiss. Lucas wants to ask her something. Why was she in a constant state of anxiety about things that really didn’t matter like his mother for starters. Outside the room EJ tells Kate that he hates to burst her bubble but the first rule of any game is to know your opponent. He lists why showing the photo to Roman will only amount to a minor annoyance for him. His dream team of lawyers will see to that. Kate doesn’t care. Its Sami she wants to bury, EJ was just going to be a little bonus. She’s going to see her son. EJ warns her that she would be very foolish to cross him. He has an agenda and he doesn’t want the surprise he has planned for Samantha and Lucas to go down the tubes because of her.

Kate isn’t afraid of him. She asks if he expects her to let her son march down the aisle with that wretch and then watch EJ humiliate him in front of the entire town. EJ tells her to be practical. Maybe if he hurts Lucas enough he won’t go running back to Sami. He tells her that if she goes in waving that photo she is going to force Lucas into a corner and he won’t have any choice but to defend his bride to be. Kate is going to look like a heartbreaker and she is going to tighten the noose that Samantha has around his neck. Kate won’t let that happen. EJ points out that Lucas already thinks she is out to spoil the happiest day of his life. Kate feels that he may be a little angry but he’ll get over it. EJ says if she goes in with those accusations she is going to force Lucas to defend Sami and she is going to give Sami time to come up with a lie. Kate may be the greatest meddler in the world but Samantha is the greatest liar. If it comes down to a coin toss, who is Lucas going to believe. He’s going to believe Sami. Come on – give him the photo.

Sami tells Lucas that she will work really hard on not letting his mother bother her. She believes in their future because he believes. She wants him to promise to freeze frame this moment and hold it in his heart forever. That he will remember how perfect they are, how happy they are so he can wrap himself in it if something threatens to tear them apart. Promise her that if their future ever gets taken away from them that he’ll remember the way that they were and he’ll never doubt how much she loved him. Kate asks EJ what’s in it for him. He wants her to trust him. He has a special treat in store for Samantha. Give him the photo – forget she ever saw it. Tomorrow is his special day – not just Lucas and Sami’s. The only way this will work out is if she does it his way. Kate gives him the photo – she wants to know what he has planned.

Lucas loves her. No one is going to try and tear them apart. He’s the luckiest man in the world because he trusts her, he loves her – he trusts her with his life. Sami is going to enjoy every moment of their wedding tomorrow. EJ tells Kate to be patient – all will be revealed. He hints that people like to cry at weddings – don’t forget your handkerchief. Lucas wheels Sami out of her room. Lucas wants to know what the hell they are doing there. EJ says they are there to see how Samantha is doing. Lucas says to Sami – does she think they are telling the truth or playing with matches again. Sami pretends to smell smoke and ashes. Kate asks them what the hell they are talking about. Lucas says you mean – what the blazes are we talking about. Let me show you. He grabs the fire extinguisher. EJ tells him not to be an idiot. Lucas sprays them and he and Sami leave laughing. EJ tells Kate that it is going to be such a rich pleasure breaking her son’s heart.

Island - Part 2: Shawn comes to the room. Belle shows him the property she stole making Shawn an accomplice. She’s been reading all of Philip’s emails. There are emails between Philip and EJ. They must have teamed up to find them. If EJ is involved it, it can’t be good. Shawn decides he has to talk to Philip. Belle thinks it will cause more trouble for Gabby. Downstairs Gabby calls last call. Duck calls it a night. Philip is going up. Gabby wants Philip to drink the beer. She starts flirting – she wants to talk. (Belle’s a good pimp). Gabby starts lying. Philip sees right through her and plays along and listens as Gabby rambles on about how sorry she was for misjudging him.

Shawn thinks the only way to find out why EJ is interested in them is to talk to Philip. Belle promised Gabby she wouldn’t get into trouble for giving her the key to Philip’s room. Shawn will try not to cause trouble for Gabby but he needs to find out the information. Some empty promises about living a normal life follow. Philip lets Gabby ramble. He finally asks her why she’s trying so hard to keep him downstairs. Is she buying time so Shawn can ransack his room? Shawn joins them and pronounces that EJ and Philip bugged his parent’s house. He wants to know why EJ is involved. Philip laughs – he was right. He hopes Shawn had a blast reading his PDA.

Philip gets up to leave. Shawn demands that he answer his question. What does EJ want with him and Belle? Philip tells Shawn that he didn’t tell EJ where they were but EJ is a smart guy. He wouldn’t be surprised if EJ was on his way. Philip advises Shawn to make a quick getaway because whatever EJ wants from them must be important or he wouldn’t come all this way. Shawn doesn’t need his advice. Philip says but you need my help. He can charter a yacht to get them out of there – all it will cost them is Claire. Shawn refuses. Philip wishes him luck and goes upstairs. Shawn checks with Gabby to make sure she drugged Philip – that way he can talk really tough. Philip goes up to Belle and Shawn’s room. Belle tells him to leave, he’s scaring Claire. Philip laughs and so do I. Claire isn’t afraid of her daddy. Philip wants to kiss Claire goodnight. Belle screams at him – like that’s not going to upset Claire. Philip takes Claire and talks to her. Shawn comes in the room.

Shawn takes Claire – LMAO – Claire fusses – she wants to be with Philip. Philip tells Shawn that soon he won’t have to worry about Claire, she’ll be with him. Philip starts feeling woozy. Shawn taunts him. Philip warns them that he’ll be right outside that door and if they try and leave he’ll know about it. He goes out and wonders what is wrong with him. Shawn tells Belle that he had Gabby drug Philip with the drugs he stole. They can leave. Belle packs a few things and the kidnappers sneak past a sleeping Philip.

Preview: EJ to Kate – I want to know where Philip is. Now that doesn’t sound like such an unreasonable request, does it? Philip to Shawn – We’ll find a way to work out shared custody. If you agree, we’ll end this whole thing tonight. Over and done with. What do you say? Steve to Adrienne – (I can’t tell what he says but I think Kayla is part of it – it ends with) ‘then maybe I’m not one of them.’ Bo to Kayla – If I have to I’ll break in there myself and bust him out. Kayla – You can’t do that. They’ll arrest you and throw you in jail. Bo – So what. He’d do it for me.


Friday May 4

Pat’s Spoilers

Chez Rouge: EJ is there drinking his OJ and reading the morning newspaper when Billie confronts him for using her security system to spy on Bo. As of now their contract is null and void. EJ denies any knowledge. Billie tells him to talk to Philip that is if he can find him. She just called his office. He went out of the country without a return ticket. That means he must have found what he was looking for. Billie rants on that she is keeping the money and she is finding new investors. The deal is off. EJ stops her – he wants to know where Philip is. She says wherever Shawn and Belle are – that’s who he was looking for but EJ already knew that. EJ denies that he was working with Philip and says he has to leave.

Island: Shawn tells Belle his “great” plan – they’ll hitch a ride on a fishing boat to the next island. From there they’ll keep hitching rides on fishing boats until they get to Australia. They’ll be fine. Shawn bets they will be safe and happy before Philip even opens his eyes. Duck turns on the lights and tells Shawn that he would lose that bet. He has a new one – he bets they aren’t going anywhere. Duck said that Philip suspected they would try and run for it in the middle of the night. He’s there to make sure no one gets an unfair advantage. Shawn and Belle insult Duck and spew nonsense. Shawn tells Belle – let’s go. Duck tells him to stop. Shawn insults Duck again – he loses the smug look fast because Duck pulls out a gun. Duck tells Shawn if he has any brains left he’d turn around and go back upstairs. Belle tries to sound important – Shawn makes idles threats. Shawn tells Belle to turn around and start walking – no one is going to stop them. Philip comes to but passes out when he tries to get up.

Shawn and Belle start walking. Duck shoots off a warning shot. Gabby comes running out. Belle is over the top in her accusations. Gabby tells Duck he’ll have to shoot her if he wants to get to them. Gabby continues screeching – let them go. Shawn keeps shooting his mouth off. Philip comes downstairs. Duck asks if they doped him up. Philip knows that someone did – he looks at Gabby. Belle tells him to let them go for Claire’s sake. Philip tells them they are free to go but they have to leave Claire behind. Belle refuses – they will never give up Claire. Philip says neither will he so round and round they go. Any suggestions. Belle whines about all the things Claire is missing out on. Philip agrees – it’s time to end this. They can go back to Salem and work out shared custody. He’ll even sign something here to make the feel better about going home. Shawn, the idiot, says no. It’s his say – HIS decision. Belle blathers on and Shawn postures. Belle thinks that they’ll go home and Philip will get custody and take Claire out of the country. Philip says – you mean like you did? Shawn tells Belle to take Claire and go. He’ll make sure no one will follow them. Philip says that is not happening. Shawn orders Belle to go. Shawn tells Philip that his family is his – they are free of him. Have a nice life Philip – it’s over. He starts walking. Duck shoots. Philip says what the … Duck says it’s over and done with alright. Philip calls Duck a crazy drunk. Belle comes running back – she must have thrown Claire in the bushes or onto the sand because she doesn’t have her anymore … oh wait, she may have given her to Gabby – the woman she doesn’t trust with Shawn but Claire’s a different story I guess.

State Hospital: Bo and Kayla are sitting in a car outside. Kayla is wondering what is taking so long. Bo tells her that Roman is taking Adrienne inside. Not to worry – Adrienne is Steve’s sister, she won’t let anything happen to him. Foley stops Roman. They weren’t expecting any new patients. Roman tells Foley who he is and shows him a court order. His job is done now Foley can do his. Foley puts Adrienne in a corner and tells her to stay there. After he walks away she tells Bo and Kayla she’s inside. Steve is not here. Bo tells her to stay put. If Steve doesn’t show up soon they’ll go to Plan B. He notices Kayla is shaking. He asks her what is wrong. She got a bad feeling. If they don’t get Steve out of there today they may not get another chance. Bo’s instinct says they will get him out of there. Adrienne tells them that Steve was just brought in. He’s not alright. She identifies Granger (Bo and Hope had showed her a picture of him). Kayla tells her not to attract the doctor’s attention – he’s dangerous. Once Foley and Granger leave she tells them Steve is alone. This is her chance.

Adrienne approaches Steve and calls him big brother. She tells him who she is. She talks about their family. She wants to help him. She touches him and Steve cringes and pulls away. He has to eat alone. They don’t like them talking – can’t make any trouble. Bo and Kayla hear that he has no life in his voice. Bo says they have to get him to shake off that fog. His cell rings. He has to take the call. Adrienne has a surprise for him. Steve says he doesn’t know her. She starts talking about Duke and how he used to beat Steve and Billy. Steve and Billy were put up for adoption before she was born but when she grew up and needed him he was there for her. Steve thinks he killed someone. Adrienne tells him that she shot Duke and he took the blame to protect her. Steve says maybe he didn’t shoot him but he’s done terrible things. He should be punished. Adrienne tells him that he was forced to do those things – it wasn’t his fault. Steve says – I didn’t shoot him – I lied to help you.

Steve tries to remember but then says no, I’m a soldier. I do what I’m a trained to do. He calls Adrienne a liar. She pulls out the bracelet that belonged to their mother. She asks him if he remembers the matching necklace he gave to Kayla. She tells him Kayla loves him. He is a husband and a father – Kayla is his wife. Steve says he doesn’t know any Kayla. He wants Adrienne to go away – if she doesn’t he’ll call someone to take her away. Adrienne says like you made Kayla go away. Kayla hopes that Steve will let Adrienne in. Bo returns and tells her that Belle and Shawn called again. Philip tracked them down. He mentions that EJ and Philip were exchanging emails. He has to go down to that island. Kayla says they have to get Steve out of that hospital first. Steve gets really agitated. He doesn’t want to talk. Adrienne tells him to relax – she’ll talk. It will only be a story. She mentions a pigeon he found in the park when he was a boy. Steve remembers that it had a broken wing. She mentions that Duke told him to get rid of it. Steve says but he didn’t. Jo and he nursed it back to health. Kayla shows him the bracelet again. Steve cries, Momma. Then he says Kayla. He’s crying – Adrienne keeps talking to him. He’s Steve Johnson – he’s her brother and she loves him. She’s going to take him home. He says her name and strokes her hair.

Steve remembers that Adrienne has kids. Adrienne pushes him to remember more. He says no – I’m one of them. They keep telling him – he’s so confused. If there is a Kayla maybe he’s not one of them. Kayla tells Bo they can’t leave him in there one more day. Bo won’t – if he has to break in there and get him out he will. Kayla tells him he can’t do that – he’d be arrested and end up in jail. Bo doesn’t care. Steve would do it for him. Adrienne tells him Kayla is real – she loves him. Kayla’s the reason that she is there – Kayla is outside waiting for them. Steve says he can’t. Adrienne asks him to trust her – they are going to get him well. She hugs him and Foley walks in and tells them to break it up – no contact between the patients. Foley threatens to lock her in her room for the rest of the week if she doesn’t move away. Bo thinks their plans are about to be shot to hell.

Kate & EJ: Kate is on her cell phone in her car – it looks like she’s at Salem Place. EJ gets into the car. He wants some answers. It appears that Philip is missing – he’s gone on an overseas trip. Kate plays innocent. EJ tells her to not play games. They both know he went after Shawn and Belle. He wants to know where Philip went. Kate lies – she doesn’t know where Philip is. EJ tells her that when he needs to know something he gets the answers. They can do it the easy way or the hard way – don’t make him do things he doesn’t want to do. Kate puts up a token resistance but then tells him Philip went to an island. Before she’ll tell him which one she wants to know why he wants to find Shawn. EJ reminds her that if she wants him to make sure that Lucas doesn’t marry Sami she will tell him. She does but she wants his promise that he won’t hurt either Philip or Shawn. EJ promises that he won’t hurt anyone. He gets out of the car.

EJ returns. He had an ‘associate’ get into Philip’s office and find the surveillance tape. It shows that Kate was telling the truth. Kate tells him he can’t leave for the island until he stops the wedding. Speaking of weddings – what happened to his marriage to Brandy Mathas. EJ tells her not to get too curious – it could be dangerous. He gives Kate his word that Lucas will not be spending the rest of his life with Sami. He isn’t going to the island – he has just the man for the job. He has the perfect soldier for the job – the only problem he has is figuring out how to get him out of his cage.

Preview: Foley yelling at Adrienne – Who the hell do you think you are you miserable crip. Steve – She’s my sister. She’s trying to help me. Bo to Kayla – I’m going in there before Adrienne gets in any deeper. Kayla – Bo, wait. Adrienne is sharp, she thinks fast. Just give her a minute. Belle to Philip (with Claire) – You’re not going anywhere. You’ll have to kill me first. Philip – I’m not letting her go. Not now, not ever.


Monday, May 7

Pat’s Spoilers

Island: Gabby returns with Claire in her arms and screams and curses at Duck and then hands Claire over to Philip. Duck yells at Philip that he’s accomplished his mission – get out of there. Belle curses the man who she’s been freeloading off for several months. Philip tells Shawn the doctor will be there soon. Shawn accuses Philip of a hiring a hit man. Philip tells him he paid Duck to keep an eye out but not to shoot. Gabby returns. The doctor and the sheriff are on their way. Gabby screeches at Duck. Philip tells Belle she’s right – Claire shouldn’t be around this. Belle won’t let Philip go. Shawn tells Philip he’s an accomplice – what a laugh. Belle thinks Philip only thinks about what he wants (LOL – that must be the comic relief line of the day). All Claire is to him is a possession. Philip says she is my daughter and I’m taking her home. Now Belle wants to take him up on his compromise. She’ll take Claire upstairs – it’s not good for Claire to be caught up in this. Philip isn’t letting her go, not now, not ever.

Philip reminds them he has a court order. Belle doesn’t think it’s worth anything because he paid Duck to shoot Shawn. Philip has to repeat the truth again because obviously it’s hard to recognise. He didn’t pay Duck to shoot Shawn. Baseless accusations fly out of Shawn and Belle’s mouths as to what Philip was going to do and how he would treat Claire. Shawn knows he’s right – like father (Victor), like son. Philip asks Shawn what kind of father is he? He grabbed Claire, boarded a cruise ship with false passports, and risked Claire’s life by jumping overboard. According to Belle this is all Philip’s fault. Philip tells Belle that is crap and she knows it. She could have turned over Claire to him. Shawn would rather die than do that. Philip tells Belle it could have come to that – following Shawn’s plan could have killed both her and Claire. They found blood on the life raft. Duck tells him it was the little girl’s. She was burning up with fever – they weren’t sure she was going to make it. That just proves Philip’s point. His little girl could have been killed by sharks, drowned, starved to death, or killed by an infection but at least she would be safe from the only father she’s ever known – yeah, you really love her. He starts walking away. He’s sorry it had to come to this. Belle goes after him after Gabby screams at her.

The doctor tells Shawn the bullet went straight through. He’s stitched him up. He gives him some pills and tells him to get a lot of rest. He leaves. Shawn and Gabby try to figure out where Philip was going. Shawn thinks they are still on the island. He’s going to go search. Gabby says he’s too weak. The sheriff is taking Duck in. Gabby tells him to lock him up and throw the key in the volcano. Shawn won’t press charges but he digs out the bullet to use as evidence against Philip – what a laugh. Shawn wants it on record that Philip paid Duck – of course he doesn’t tell the sheriff that Duck was paid to keep watch – not shoot anyone. After they’re gone Gabby insists on going to look for Belle and Claire. She owes him and she always pays her debts. Hmm – how can she say that when she just threw the man that took her out of an orphanage and raised her to the wolves – oh yeah, she pays her debts. More inane conversation with Shawn trying to make Philip look bad – finally they decide to go together. But Shawn wants a gun. He’s weak – he needs an advantage. He grabs one of Duck’s guns. Gabby says no way but Shawn insists. He’ll only use it if Philip refuses to hand Claire over. Gabby grabs the gun and says you’re going to shoot when he has Claire? They leave without the gun thanks to Gabby having a bit of a brain.

Sami’s apt: Sami is talking to her baby. Maybe EJ won’t screw up her life. She prays that Lucas is the father. She praises Lucas. She thinks there is a small chance that this will be the happiest day of her life. Lucas and Will return – they joke around. Lucas wants to see the gown. Sami won’t let him. Lucas says he’s already broken tradition by seeing her on the wedding day. Lucas and Will go to their rooms to get into their suits. Celeste comes over. She tells Sami that Kate stole the photo of her and EJ in the car the night John was shot. Sami thinks it’ all over. Celeste thinks Sami has a chance to make this right – tell Lucas the truth. Sami refuses. Celeste points out that the only weapon EJ is helpless against is the truth. It will rob EJ of the power he has over her. Sami doesn’t think it will stop EJ from coming after her. All it will do is ruin any chance of a future with Lucas. She doesn’t think EJ will let Kate use the photo – it will incriminate him. Celeste reminds her that all Kate wants is to discredit Sami – she won’t care about EJ. Celeste urges her to tell Lucas the truth – don’t deny Lucas the chance to forgive her. If he loves her he will forgive her. Sami says what if he doesn’t. Celeste tells her then she would be better off without him. Celeste leaves.

Lucas comes out in his suit – he looks beautiful (that’s what Sami says … LOL). She’s so lucky that he loves her. He knows that the road they have taken has been rocky but he’s loved every twist and turn. He knows they’re going to get married this time. Sami has to talk to him. Lucas only wants to hear I do. Sami has something really important that he has to hear. He asked her if there was something going on between her and EJ. He did but she told him all she wanted to say was that she loved him. Sami says that part is true but there is … Lucas stops her. He doesn’t want to hear it. He doesn’t need to hear it – please don’t do this to him. Sami says she really needs to say this. She should have told him long ago. Lucas tells her EJ is in their past where he belongs. He tried to break them up and it didn’t work. Together they can stop anyone that tries to tear them up. He’s not blind – he knows that what she has been going through is a lot more than pre-wedding jitters. Mostly because they’ve had so many false starts. He promises that he won’t let that happen today. Don’t give EJ and his mother anymore power to hurt them. If she avoids that – they’re golden. They hug.

Sami says if he only knew. Lucas says he does know. He knows all about her and her flaws and he loves her anyway. She always assumes the worse. Sami thinks he still has the right to know. Lucas doesn’t want to know. He asks her if she loves him. She does. Does she want the house with the white picket fence and all that? She does – with him. He says good, let’s just do it. Let the past stay in the past – they can make this work. Let’s just love each other. Will comes out with his camera and wants to take pictures. Sami tells Will she has to talk to his dad alone. Will says no way – we have to leave now. Will runs to get the rings. Lucas promises Sami that everything will be okay – this will be the wedding of her dreams. Sami knows her timing sucks but she really thinks they should discuss this. Lucas will pencil her in for all the little moments she wants but right now they have a wedding to go to. Will comes out of his room. They’re ready to leave. Lucas tells Sami the next time he sees her she will be walking down that aisle. Tonight they get to make love for the first time as Mr. and Mrs. Roberts. He leaves. Sami says she tried.

State Hospital: Foley orders Adrienne to get away from Steve. She thought this was a community room where the patients get to know each other. Foley makes threats. Adrienne wonders if his bosses know how badly he treats his patients. Foley gets angrier. Bo tells Kayla that if Adrienne gets put in lockdown all their plans will go up in smoke. Kayla tells Adrienne to back off, play it safe. Foley yells at Adrienne who do you think you are you miserable crip. Steve answers – she’s my sister. She’s here to help me. Foley wants to know if that is true. Bo is going in before Adrienne gets in too deep. Kayla wants him to give Adrienne a minute – she’s smart, she’s sharp and she thinks fast. Adrienne says yes, it’s true. I’m his sister. I’m also your sister too. I’m a nun. Foley asks her where her nun costume is. She wears regular clothes to put others at ease. She’s here to comfort some lost souls. Foley tells her to save her comfort for someone else. Steve is off limits. Foley knocks Steve’s tray on the floor and orders him to clean it up. Steve cleans up as Foley taunts him. Adrienne tells Bo and Kayla that it’s worse that she thought. They have him completely under control. She doesn’t know if she can reach him. Kayla tells her not to give up. Dr. Granger comes in and Foley leaves with him. Adrienne is now alone with Steve – she tells them this may be her only chance. Kayla asks Adrienne to give Steve the ear piece. Bo thinks that could be dangerous. Adrienne tells Steve she’s really his sister not a nun. She tells him Kayla wants to talk to him. He says Kayla left him there. Adrienne explains that Granger won’t let Kayla visit. He asks where Kayla is. Adrienne gives him the earpiece. Steve follows orders – he has to turn her in.

Kayla urges Adrienne to get through to Steve – to let her talk to her. When Steve sees the earpiece he says its contraband – he has to report it to his superiors. Adrienne tells him he can but just to listen for a minute. When he hears Kayla voice he calls her sweetness. She tells him she is outside – they won’t let her see him. He says this is a restricted zone – he’s in training. Kayla says no – you’re in trouble. We’re getting you out. He asks if he is on leave. Adrienne says yes. She has his orders. Kayla tells him to trust his sister. He doesn’t know if he can – he’s pretty mixed up. Kayla tells him to tell Adrienne he’ll go with her. Granger and EJ walk in. Kayla asks what is going on. Steve says Dr. Granger walked in. EJ Wells is with him. EJ is upset with the doctor. His instructions were to get him in line not turn him into a gibbering idiot. Bo tells Steve to stay cool. EJ approaches Steve. He has some good news for him. Dr. Granger has released Steve into his care. He can get out of there. Bo has to stop Kayla from going in. Steve can’t go with him. He has other plans. EJ ask what plans. Steve says he’s going with her – he points to Adrienne. Kayla told him to.

EJ says hello to Adrienne. He says welcome to your worst nightmare. He natters on as he searches her and finds the wire. He then taunts Bo and Kayla. Bo tells Steve to give the earpiece to Mr. Wells. Bo tells him he has no legal right to take Steve out of that hospital. EJ says the judge is a family friend and he released Steve into his care. Bo calls him a twisted freak. EJ ignores Bo’s threats and tells Steve it’s time to go. Steve says he’s supposed to leave with her. He doesn’t want to go with EJ. EJ reminds him that he is one of them now. The other patients gather round. They don’t want Steve to go – he’s their friend. They heard his screams when the doctor fried his brains. Foley comes in but the patients don’t back off. Adrienne watches. The room is plunged into darkness. Kayla wonders what is going on in there. Bo says it sounds like the inmates are running the asylum. Bo and Kayla are going to go in when the back door of the car is opened. Adrienne asks if they have room for one more- Steve gets in. Kayla asks Steve if he knows who she is. He says Kayla. Kayla tells him everything is going to be alright. Bo tells them to buckle up – they’re out of here.

Preview: Hope to Bo – Just bring him home safely, okay. Bo – I love you, fancy face. They kiss. Hope – I love you, too, Brady. Bo – See you. Steve to Kayla – I keep trying to get you to go away but I know I’m dead without you. EJ to two hoods (he’s handing them a folded piece of paper) – This, gentlemen, is the day that will change the lives of some people irrevocably. Sami to Lucas – You don’t think it matters, it won’t change anything but I have to tell you something that I think could change everything.


Tuesday May 8

Pat’s Spoilers

St Luke’s – Part 1: Roman is with Sami in the bride’s room. Sami thanks him for being there to give her away. Roman wouldn’t be anywhere else – he’s getting to be an old pro at this. Sami says this is getting ridiculous – you’d think she’d get it right by now. Roman tells her she got it right today and that’s all that counts. She loves Lucas and he loves her. Nothing is going to go wrong this time. Inside the church entryway Lucas is on his cell phone – very upset. Will asks what is wrong. The photographer has the flu and he can’t get anyone to cover for him. Will offers to take the pictures. His new camera is so easy to use that even Lucas could be a pro. Lucas hems and haws but finally agrees to give Will the job. They joke around about Will’s fee. In the chapel Hope asks Bo what is going on – did he get a flight. He leaves tomorrow. Hope asks about Steve. Bo tells her the deprogramming is very tough.

In the chapel, Grandpa Shawn and Caroline are sitting in a pew. Max is sitting alone a couple of pews behind them. Nick comes in and sits next to Max. He asks Max where Abby is. Max says she took off to London to see her folks after she finished up her semester at Salem U. Nick lives in the same house as her and didn’t know that. Max thinks that she didn’t want to deal with him. Nick asks – because you dumped her. Max insists he didn’t dump her. Her aunt and father put the fear of big, bad Max Brady in her. Nick is feeling miserable as well because of Chelsea. Max suggests that they forget them – there’s plenty of fish in the sea. Stephanie comes up behind them and says some of them are right here in Salem. Will takes a ‘reaction’ shot – LOL! In the bride’s room Roman tells Sami they’re not going to talk about all those other weddings. She’s a different person now. Sami isn’t so sure about that. Roman is. He’s been sure about that ever since that night Sami saved Lucas in that cabin. It changed her. It gave her the confidence to change herself – to become the kind of person that deep down she always knew she could be. He’s so proud of her.

In the chapel Will is taking several shots of Stephanie. Max teases him – isn’t he supposed to be taking pictures of all the guests. After Will moves on Max compliments Stephanie. Nick asks her why she came back to Salem. It’s family business. That’s not important. What is important is that she came unescorted – will they be her dates.

Hotel suite – Part 1: Kayla listens as Steve begs the guy to stop – he can’t take this anymore. There’s a knock on the door. It’s Marlena. She stopped on her way to the wedding to see how it’s going. Kayla says it’s horrible. Marlena thinks Steve will get through it. Kayla isn’t worried about that. She’s worried about EJ finding him and that she’ll lose Steve for good. Kayla doesn’t feel right complaining to her considering the shape John is in. Marlena says it all comes from the same source. There has to be some way to end this reign of terror – wouldn’t that be a miracle? Kayla wishes that Stephanie understood that. She thinks Steve has turned his back on them. She can’t accept that’s he’s not responsible for the things he’s doing right now. Kayla understands that Stephanie is afraid to get close again – she may get hurt. Kayla tells Marlena she should get going to the wedding. Marlena must be so happy that Sami has changed so much. She’s starting a new life, getting married, putting all her problems behind her. Marlena can honestly say that this time it really looks that way. Kayla walks Marlena to the door and thanks her. Mr. Arrowsmith comes out of the room. He tells Kayla it’s a long, difficult process. It’s frightening and confusing for the patient. Steve is resting right now. He’s going to take a break. Kayla asks what the chances are of getting her husband back. He’s handled many cases like this before and every single one of them went home to their family. He leaves. Steve comes out of the bedroom and asks Kayla what year is this?

Some dark alley: EJ meets up with two goons. He trusts they’ve been briefed about their assignment. He pulls out an envelope – that should cover their expenses. He wants to make it clear that his hands stay clean. They assure him that he can count on them. EJ is almost sorry he can’t take the credit for this. It will change some people’s lives irrevocably.

Chez Rouge: Maggie clears the big screen television with the wedding planner. Billie enters and asks Maggie what’s with the big screen TV. It’s for a video presentation. Billie mentions Ben Ford’s name and they talk about him doing the menu – everything is free-range and delicious. Billie has brought by green place cards to be used as wedding favours – plantable seed cards. The heart has seeds imbedded in it. You just place it in soil and water it and you get flowers. Chelsea shows up to talk to Billie about Nick. She’s a little nervous about running into him so if Billie sees him coming towards her maybe she can give her a heads up. Billie thought they had made peace. Chelsea says they did but it’s just weird. Billie figures out there is something that Chelsea isn’t telling her.

Billie thinks that Chelsea doesn’t really want things to be over with Nick. Chelsea admits that Nick isn’t that easy to get out of her head but she has to forget that he ever existed. Willow doesn’t think that’s not a very nice way to talk about the guy that saved her bony ass. Chelsea wants to know how and why she’s out of jail. Willow answers – because she’s innocent and a close friend posted bail. This friend is going to hire a good lawyer for her that is going to prove that Chelsea started the fire. Chelsea says that’s not true. Willow says we’ll prove it is but that’s going to be hard because Chelsea destroyed the key piece of evidence. Billie wants to know what she is talking about. Willow tells Billie about the brush that would have proved her innocence because the DNA would have matched Chelsea. That’s why Chelsea sweet-talked Nick into swiping it from the lab. Chelsea decides to run to Maggie to have her throw Willow out. Willow tells Billie to face the truth. Her daughter is an arsonist. Even Nick thinks so that is why he stole the brush.

Billie says Nick would never compromise his job by stealing the brush. Willow says he would if he thought Chelsea would end up in jail because of it. Billie says no he wouldn’t – she knows Nick. Willow says yes you do know him very well. How was he, Mom? Chelsea comes back – Maggie is going to call the cops. Willow says don’t bother, she’s leaving. Billie wants to know if Willow was telling the truth. Did Chelsea get Nick to steal the brush from the lab? She wants the truth. She loves her and she is on her side – she’ll stand by Chelsea no matter what but she has to hear the truth from Chelsea’s lips. If she tells her that she didn’t do it, she’ll believe her. Chelsea looks Billie in the eyes and lies and then proceeds to call Willow a lying whore.

Hotel suite – Part 2: Steve is surprised when Kayla tells him it’s 2007. He thought it was 91, 92 maybe. No wonder he looks like hell. He thought it was a really bad hangover. He almost passes out. Kayla helps him to the couch. He asks her how he got here – when did he get out of the nut house. He can’t get his mind straight. He says EJ – he has to call him. He has to tell him where he is. He goes through Kayla’s purse and finds her cell phone. He doesn’t know the number – he’s frantic. Kayla struggles with him and gets the phone away. They end up on the floor. She yells for him to stop – EJ doesn’t control him anymore. Steve looks at her and tells her she is so beautiful. Her face – it’s like it’s lit from the inside. There’ no more darkness when he looks at it. He likes her face – he asks if he can touch it. He keeps trying to make her go away but she’s so stubborn she won’t go. But he knows he’s dead without her – he doesn’t want to die. He’s scared.

Kayla holds him. She’s scared too but he’s not going to die. Whenever that darkness takes over, just think of her and how much she loves him. She’s not ever going away. He asks her if she feels like making love. Kayla thinks they should wait until he gets his strength back. He says it is. They kiss. She says – there it is. That’s the Steve she remembers. She wants him to promise that no matter what happens he’ll remember her and how much she loves him. They kiss again. There’s a knock on the door. Steve panics – it’s EJ. Kayla says no it isn’t. Kayla calls out Mr. Arrowsmith. The two goons brandish their guns. One of the guys says its room service. Kayla answers they didn’t order any. They say it’s from the management, courtesy of Bo and Hope Brady. Kayla tells them to leave it. They say she has to sign for it. She opens the door but leaves the safety latch on. They push against the door. She pushes it closed. They keep pounding – Steve is freaking out. Kayla tells him she is going to call for help.

St Luke’s – Part 2: Max would be happy to be her date. Nick reminds him that she asked both of them. Stephanie did but maybe Chelsea would be jealous. He should patch things up with her because what are the odds of finding another girl that hot to fall in love with him. Outside the bride’s room Lucas is fixing the bow on a plant. Marlena asks him if he’d like her to take that in for him. He wants to thank her for bringing such a beautiful, smart, funny and sometimes maddening person into this world and into his life. (Sami is listening on the other side of the door). Sami has made him happier than he ever thought he could be. Marlena says our girl has come a long way, hasn’t she. Lucas agrees. Lucas hands her the plant and kisses her on the cheek. When Marlena enters the bride’s room she finds Sami crying and wiping her tears. Sami thinks she is having an allergic reaction to the natural fibres in her dress. Marlena remarks that the natural fibre is silk and she had no reaction during her fittings. Marlena uses this opportunity to name the designer. Sami admits that she is crying because of the usual – she’s keeping a secret from Lucas. She’s afraid of what is going to happen when the truth comes out. She asks her mother if she is disappointed in her. Marlena says you are my daughter and I always, always love you, no matter what and Lucas will feel the same way. She just has to tell what it is, upfront, now before the wedding. She’ll give Sami some time to think about that. Sami tells her she doesn’t need time. Can she find Lucas for her – she needs to talk to him. Marlena says she’ll go and find him right now.

In the chapel Bo approaches Hope, Marlena and Roman and tells them that Shawn just called. Philip took off with Claire and Belle went after them. Hope asks about Shawn. He and some girl that works at the hotel went out looking for them but no luck. Shawn thinks that they’re still on the island so Bo has got to go and help him. He’ll have to miss the wedding. Everyone understands. Marlena thinks he should take John’s plane, it will be faster. She’ll go and make the arrangements. Bo is going to talk to Lucas and explain why he won’t be there. Hope wants to talk to him first. She tells him to bring everyone home safely and to be careful. They both say I love you, they kiss and he leaves. Lucas knocks on the door to the bride’s room. Sami tells him to hold on a second. When she tells him to come in he asks her where she is. She’s behind a screen. She tells him she doesn’t need any more bad luck than she already has. She has something to tell him. She knows he thinks it doesn’t matter but what she as to tell him could change everything.

Stephanie tells Max that Nick knows she is just kidding around. Nick does but unfortunately he thinks she is right. No one falls in love with geeks. Stephanie urges him to go and talk to Chelsea. He’s going to say hi. Stephanie asks Max where Abby is. When he says London she says ‘cool’. Nick waits until Chelsea is finished talking to Grandpa Shawn and Caroline before approaching her. He says hi and tells her she looks exceptionally beautiful. She thanks him and tells him he doesn’t look so bad himself. He asks if she needs a ride to the reception. He brought his car. She brought hers. He thinks in keeping with the theme of the wedding they should share a ride. She’ll think about it. Back in the entryway to the chapel Bo tells Roman that he didn’t want to say anything in front of Hope but there was a shooting. Shawn was shot but he’s okay. Bo is going to find Philip and get what they need on Elvis Jr. Roman tells him to be careful. Bo will call as soon as he has something. Back in the brides’ room Lucas doesn’t let Sami speak. It’s obvious to him she has something she wants to get off her chest and there was a time when he would push her because he wanted to know what it was. But that’s in the past now all he wants to hear is her say I do. The wedding music starts – he has to go. He leaves and Chelsea comes in. The wedding is starting. Does Sami need help with anything? Sami says no, it’s too late now. There’s nothing anyone can do.

The wedding begins. Will and Chelsea walk down the aisle. Then Sami and Roman – love the tears and smiles that Sami shares with all her loved ones. Loved the little wink Hope gave her. Maggie tells her she looks beautiful. Marlena beams. Roman hands her off to Lucas and then Roman joins Marlena. The priest starts the ceremony – talking about marriage. He calls it a union of hearts built on friendship, respect and love. Kate enters the chapel and glares. The priest talks some more and then Marlena does the reading. When that is done the priest asks both Sami and Lucas if they have come freely of their own free will to give themselves in marriage. They both answer yes. Then the priest says if any person present can show just cause why these two people should not be joined together let them speak now or forever hold their peace. Sami looks out over the congregation. We see everyone’s reactions. The doors open and EJ walks in and winks at Sami. Sami turns to Lucas … freeze frame ending on Sami’s face.

Preview: Lucas to Sami – Where’s your Dad? Someone (maybe Maggie) says – Roman’s working tonight? Marlena – It just was unavoidable, that’s all. It just was an emergency. Kayla to Roman – I want him to pay. I want him to pay, Roman. I want EJ Wells to know what it feels like to lose everything that he loves. EJ to Steve (he’s holding a tarot card in front of Steve) – Your loyalty is to me. You are going to go to Tinda Lao and you’re going to kill Bo Brady and that is an order. Steve – Bo Brady.


Wednesday May 9

Pat’s Spoilers

Hotel suite: Kayla gets hold of hotel security. Steve is freaking out. The scene cuts back and forth from the church and EJ’s slo-mo entry to the goons busting in. Steve fights them off but one of them knocks him unconscious. Kayla is tied to a chair and gagged. Steve is dragged off to a van. The goons have time to drag Steve out of there, tie up Kayla and disappear before the security guard finally shows up. Once the gag is removed she tells him to call the police and get patched through to Roman Brady’s cell phone. Tell Roman that Steve has been kidnapped. Roman shows up. Kayla tells him what happened. She wants EJ to lose everyone he loves – she wants him to pay. Roman tells her that he still needs evidence to prove that EJ was responsible for this. Kayla wants a few minutes alone with EJ – she’ll get him to talk. Roman tells her to stay away from EJ. Kayla urges him to go to the wedding reception. Maintenance is there to fix the door – he doesn’t have the right drill bit. After he leaves Kayla picks up the drill and says this will do.

St Luke’s: We can a repeat of EJ’s entrance and every one watching as he makes his way to a pew. Kate has a big grin on her face. Sami has her hand over her heart. The scenes cut from the church to the chaos in the hotel room. Finally EJ takes a seat. The priest takes the silence means that everyone here thinks it’s a pretty good idea for these two to make it official. He tells them to join right hands. He starts with Lucas’s vows. Lucas stops him – he knows them by heart. He’s been waiting a long time for this. He says his vows. Kate glares, EJ smirks. Next we see Sami placing the ring on Lucas’s finger and the priest pronounces them husband and wife. Lucas and Sami kiss and then the priest introduces Lucas and Samantha Roberts. Everyone claps and cheers except Kate. Sami trips when she steps down from the altar but Lucas catches her. Bagpipes play Amazing Grace as Sami and Lucas make their way down the aisle.

Billie is sitting next to Nick and comments that Sami looked pretty. Nick says pretty amazing. Billie comments that amazing can make a guy do crazy things like snitch something from the lab that doesn’t belong to him. Shawn is talking to Caroline – he doesn’t know why the pub wasn’t good enough. What’s so special about Ford’s Filling Station. Caroline proceeds to list off all reasons why – must have read that off a brochure … LOL. Max offers to go and get the car to drive them to the reception. As he’s leaving Stephanie asks Max for a ride to the reception. He tells her he’s taking his parents and the back seat is full of presents. She’ll catch a ride with Chels and Nick. Back in the chapel Sami and Lucas are having photos taken. Kate goes and sits behind EJ and compliments him on his wonderful entrance. EJ thinks his timing was impeccable. Kate agrees except he didn’t give her the happy ending he had promised. She mentions the picture. He tells her to go to the wedding reception. Her patience will be rewarded. Roman, Marlena and Hope are together. Roman’s cell phone rings. It’s Kayla. Roman tells the women that two guy attacked Steve and Kayla in their hotel room. They took Steve. Hope says now we know why EJ is here. Marlena says not to disturb the wedding. Roman says no, to set up his alibi. EJ smirks at the three of them.

Marlena is with Sami. (Lucas is right behind them). She tells her that John would be so proud of her today. Sami suggests that they take some of the flowers and put them in his hospital room so he could be a part of it. Marlena says that Alice couldn’t be there because she has a nasty cold. Lucas says that she called them earlier. Lucas asks Sami where her dad is. Marlena says he got called away on a case– it’s an emergency. She tells Sami he will be there as soon as he can. Lucas finds Kate alone in the chapel. He asks her if she is going to light a candle – Sami says they are for special intentions. Kate wanted a moment alone with him. Lucas says he’s already married. He can’t imagine what she has to say to him. She would like to go to the reception – she doesn’t want to feel like an outsider today. It’s fine with him but she has to ask Sami. Kate will and if Sami says no she’ll leave quietly. Sami joins them – she tells Lucas they should get going. Lucas tells her that Kate has something to ask her. Kate asks if she can go to the reception. Sami says yes. Lucas thinks Mrs. Roberts is one magnanimous woman. Sami asks Kate if she should call her mom now. Kate thinks she should continue calling her ‘Kate’. As they’re leaving Lucas tells Kate to behave herself. Kate says to herself I’m not the one you have to worry about.

Chelsea, Nick & Stephanie: Chelsea drives (Nick is in the passenger seat, Stephanie in the back). The two girls make fun of the wedding. Stephanie tells Chelsea to turn. They’re not going to the reception. They’re going to have fun. Nick protests to no avail. Stephanie tells Chelsea to open up the sunroof. When it’s open Stephanie stands up and pokes her head and half her body through and starts yelling and waving her arms in the air. Nick pulls at her legs and tells her to sit down. Finally she does but she gets right back up. She tells Chelsea to speed up. Nick reminds Chelsea that she just got her licence back. Chelsea wants Nick to take the wheel – she’s going to join Stephanie. Just then they hear the police siren. Chelsea hits the brakes and Stephanie goes flying in front of the car.

Chez Rouge: Shawn talks to Ben Ford. Lucas has a microphone. He thanks everyone for coming. He wants to recite an old Irish wedding prayer to his bride. It is a very beautiful prayer that deeply moves Sami. They then share their first dance. She tells him that was beautiful. Everyone claps as Maggie snaps pictures. Will tries to get his camera back from her but she tells him first he has to hook up the DVD to the TV. We hear the clinking of glasses so Sami and Lucas kiss – Kate glowers. Sami asks Lucas what he would have done if EJ hadn’t sat down. He would have slammed him if he made it past the first row. Sami laughs and calls him her hero. Billie comments on her mother drinking. Kate has a sarcastic wedding prayer of her own. Billie says can’t you see they’re in love. Kate says where you see love I see lies. Billie says can’t you accept defeat graciously for once. Kate doesn’t have to – she’s not going to be the one defeated at the end of the day.

Hope asks Max if he’s having a good time. He comments that weddings aren’t fun when you’re alone. They exchange a few more words. Hope invites him to come over and see Ciara. He will. Max leaves the wedding. Billie notices her mother scanning over the rom. She asks her who she is looking for. Kate says she’s just watching the train wreck. Will tells Maggie that she’s good to go and he gets his camera back. Marlena gets everyone’s attention. Her and Hope have a surprise for the happy couple. Sami asks if they shouldn’t wait for dad. Marlena doesn’t know when he’s coming back so they should get started. Just then Roman arrives and the father daughter dance follows. Sami is in tears, she’s so happy. Maggie and Lucas talk. Lucas says one day he’ll dance with his daughter like that. He thanks Maggie for helping him getting his life, his family back. Billie leaves Chelsea a message telling her to get there, the party has started. Hope finishes up a call to Bo. She tells Marlena that Bo is about to board the plane. They agree that Sami doesn’t need to know about it just yet. Roman tells Sami to go and see her groom. Sami tells her Mom that she is still waiting for that surprise. Hope asks Marlena to take care of presenting the gift alone – she’s going to be with Kayla.

Roman and Marlena talk about Sami – she’s grown-up, married and happy. Marlena starts speaking – it’s a wonderful day for all of their families. She says they committed themselves to each other today and they committed to a life for this planet by choosing a green wedding. She lists all the people that made the green wedding possible. She mentions that Eric couldn’t be here but he had a big part to play in this presentation. Maggie reads a note from Lucas’s dad, Bill. Marlena tells Sami and Lucas that this has been a day of love for them. They want to show them all the love they have shared over the years. First we see some still shots of them and then there is a wonderful video montage of the special moments from when they first met to now. The song they use is great. All of a sudden the infamous photo radar picture shows up on the screen. Roman says what the hell – that’s Lexie’s licence plate. Marlena points out that the date is the day that John was shot. Sami yells for Will to turn it off. Kate tells Will to stay put – that’s a memory worth holding on to, don’t you think, Commissioner Brady. Lucas says you did this, Mom. Kate says no but she wishes she did. Sami says she can explain. Kate says what that you were joyriding with EJ in a dead woman’s car. Roman tells her to shut up. Kate keeps go – or you were rescuing Lucas with super-human strength. Roman tells her to back off, he’ll take care of this. Kate smugly says it looks like the luck of the Irish has just run out.

Roman and Marlena ask her if this is someone’s sick joke – was the picture faked, a computer-generated hoax? Lucas tells Maggie to take Will out but Will says he wants to stay. Kate says the picture is real. She saw the original and if they don’t believe her they can contact the state police. Roman asks Sami if she helped EJ escape. He wants her to tell him everything that happened that night from the first moment she saw EJ. Sami says it’s not what it looks like. She didn’t want to help EJ. She just wanted to be with Lucas, she just wanted to be happy. She’s so sorry – she cries.

Steve & EJ: Steve is tied to a chair in a warehouse. EJ comes in and grumbles. Patch wants to know where Kayla is. EJ makes threats against Kayla so Steve threatens to kill him if he hurts Kayla. EJ tells him he can’t kill a fly without his permission. EJ has a mission for him. He points out Tinda Lao on a map. Steve is going to make sure that Shawn doesn’t sign a statement that could prove troublesome for EJ. The other part of his mission is to kill Bo Brady. Steve says no, Bo is family. He spits at EJ. EJ uses the tarot card and orders him to kill Bo Brady. Steve says, Bo Brady, kill.

Preview: Billie to Chelsea – Everybody makes mistakes. It’s going to be okay. We’ll find a way to make this all okay. Roman, Hope and Kayla are looking at an atlas. Hope – Tinda Lao. That’s where Shawn is. Kayla – And what do you want to bet that’s exactly where EJ sent Steve. EJ to Kate – A life for a life. Kate – So Lucas’s life for a baby. Sami to Lucas – There’s more to the story. When I tell you, you’re not going to be able to forgive me.


Thursday May 10

Pat’s Spoilers

University Hospital – Part 1: Nick is in Stephanie’s room. He knows why they call it ghost riding - you need a death wish to do it. Stephanie claims it was fun and when Nick says there are other ways to have fun Stephanie proceeds to make some sarcastic comments. She then squawks like a chicken and calls Nick one. She says not attractive – ask Chelsea. Outside the room a cop tells Chelsea she’s lucky her friend wasn’t killed. Chelsea claims she made a mistake. It was an accident. The cop recalls that this isn’t the first mistake she made behind the wheel. The last time she killed someone. Stephanie tells Nick the only risk in life is not taking one – she’s talking about Chelsea. She tells him everything he did up to now was taking the easy way out. A stand-up guy would have fessed up about sleeping with Chelsea’s mom. She’s not trying to be mean … Nick says she keeps being mean, what happened in Dayton. She discovered that life is short – she doesn’t regret putting herself out there. She urges him to take a chance – do something outrageous. What has he got to lose? The cop tells Chelsea she’ll probably lose her licence for 90 days. Chelsea whines that she has school – how is she going to get there. The cop tells her she should have thought of that before she went ghost riding and walks away.

Stephanie looks for her cell phone – she wants to call her boyfriend and let him know what happened. It’s not in her purse. She thinks it’s at the church. She asks Nick to go to the church for her. Nick will go but there’s a condition – no more name calling. She agrees. As he’s leaving Chelsea enters – Nick and Chelsea ignore each other. Stephanie asks Chelsea what happened with the cops. Thanks to Stephanie, she’s going to lose her licence for the summer. Stephanie says maybe Nick will drive her around. Chelsea feels sorry for herself – what was she thinking. Stephanie says you weren’t – that’s the beauty of it and she was loving every moment of it. Chelsea didn’t enjoy it. Stephanie asks her why she did it than. Chelsea didn’t want to wimp out in front of Nick – she has an image to maintain. Stephanie is exasperated at the stupid games Nick and Chelsea play – has she tried talking to him. She tells Chelsea that Nick is at St Luke’s if she decides she does want to talk to him. Chelsea leaves Stephanie’s room and encounters Billie. Billie was so worried. Chelsea updates her on Stephanie’s condition and then tells Billie to go ahead with the lecture. Billie says everyone makes mistakes. They’ll find a way to make this all okay. They hug.

Chez Rouge: Will takes off in disgust. Sami gets down on her knees in front of Lucas pleading with him to believe her. She did it for them. She loves him. Kate calls Sami a fraud. A verbal exchange starts between Kate and Marlena. Sami tells Lucas to say something – she loves him so much. Kate yells at Sami to stop making excuses. Marlena yells at Kate – Kate yells at her to shut up. Roman tells them that’s enough. Roman asks Sami why didn’t she tell him. Sami says she couldn’t. She asks Lucas for forgiveness and understanding. EJ walks in and says this looks like one for the wedding album. Everyone stares at him. EJ hopes he hasn’t missed the ceremonial cutting of the cake. Roman tells him that he can come in for questioning on his own or he could slap the cuffs on him right now. EJ plays innocent. Roman points to the picture. That’s a picture of EJ in Lexie’s car that was reported stolen right around the time EJ shot John. He denies shooting John and claims Lexie borrowed him her car. He is getting tired of how long it’s taking the police to locate Alexandra. Roman says EJ knows what happened to Alexandra – EJ got rid of her. EJ says she’s family. Roman knows that doesn’t mean a damn thing to EJ. EJ smugly adds that they both know Roman has nothing on him so even if does arrest him, his lawyers will have him out of there quickly. Roman’s cell rings. It’s Hope. Roman then asks EJ where Steve Johnson is. He knows that EJ gave the order to have Steve kidnapped. EJ denies that. Sami asks Lucas to give her a chance to explain because she loves him more than anything and they are a family now. He has to give her a chance. Kate says he doesn’t have to give you a chance to explain. Sami yells at Kate that this is her fault so she can stay out of it. Kate tells Lucas that he and Will can come and stay with her for as long as they want. Lucas just has one thing to say – don’t be upset Sami, Mrs. Roberts. Don’t be upset on your wedding day, our wedding day. He holds out his hand to her.

Sami doesn’t know what to say. Lucas just wants her to say that she is as happy as he is that they finally said their I do’s. She is. He holds out his hand again. She takes it and stands up. Kate asks Lucas if he is insane. He thinks that Kate should be happy for them – happy that she has a brand new daughter in law. Kate says after everything she’s done to you – after she made a fool out of you. Lucas says a what? He then says he knows it’s tradition for the bride and groom to share the first piece of wedding cake but today he thinks it’s time for a new tradition. He takes a piece of cake and shoves it in Kate’s face and asks her how she likes it, it’s organic. He wipes his hands and tells Sami he thinks it time they started their honeymoon. He lifts her up and starts carrying her out only to come face to face with EJ. Lucas tells EJ if he takes another step forward he’s going to slam him against the wall. Sami says it’s okay. Lucas says it isn’t – not after everything EJ has done to her. Sami asks him to let her take care of it – she can handle it. Lucas puts her down. Sami tells EJ that she knows they have had their differences but now that she is married it all seems petty. She extends her hand – no hard feelings. EJ thinks that is very mature of her. He takes her hand and she nails him with a left hook. Everyone claps except Kate.

Kate tells EJ that he blew this – she thought his plan was foolproof. EJ says there was no accounting for the foolishness of her son allowing Samantha to dupe him again. EJ tells Kate to relax – he has another card up his sleeve. Kate wants to know what it is. EJ mentions the night that Lucas almost died – why does she think Sami was in the car with him. Kate thinks it was because she needed his help to save Lucas. EJ says he did help but more importantly Sami gave him something. Marlena and Maggie are sitting at a table. Maggie has thrown a lot of receptions in her day but none quite like this one. They laugh. Marlena says that is the hardest part about being a parent – seeing your child in trouble and there’s nothing you can do to help them. Maggie says they did something when their kids were small. They taught them to be brave and honest and make good choices. Marlena says now they’re all grown up and all we can do is watch and somehow hope they are able to survive. Maggie says don’t worry about your daughter – she’s a survivor. Marlena says yes she is – she really thinks that she’s going to make it this time. Kate figures out that what Sami did in return for him saving Lucas was help EJ get away from the police. EJ says he didn’t shoot John. Kate wants to know what the bargain was then. He says it was the love of her life for the love of his life. Kate says you slept with Sami – she doesn’t think he made a very good bargain. EJ says it was a life for a life. Kate thinks about that for a second – Lucas’s life for a baby. She thought the baby belonged to Lucas. EJ says – are you sure about that? He kisses her cheek and leaves. Kate says this isn’t over yet, Sami.

Hotel suite: Hope ducks under the police tape and enters. She calls out for Kayla and wonders where she is. The maintenance man enters – he wants to know too. She took off with his drill. Hope gives him some money to buy a new one – he doesn’t have to mention this to anyone. Hope calls Roman to tell him that Kayla is gone. Roman shows up. Hope tells him about the missing drill. They determine that she went after EJ. Roman fills Hope in on the photo that was added to the DVD. EJ is still at Chez Rouge. Hope says you don’t think that Sami had anything to do with what happened to John, do you? Roman doesn’t but he says there has to be some reason she didn’t tell him what happened that night.

EJ’s apt: Kayla knocks and calls out to EJ. When he doesn’t answer she takes out the drill and starts removing the screws on the door knob. Her phone rings –it’s Hope. She doesn’t answer. Will shows up and asks her what she’s doing with the drill. She’s doing some detective work. Why isn’t he at the reception? Will fills her in on everything that happened. He was stupid to believe that this time it was going to work. Will thinks his grandma and EJ had something to do with that photo ending up on the DVD – he just feels bad for his dad. Kayla hugs him and asks him if he talked to his mom. He didn’t. Kayla says there may be a perfectly good explanation. Maybe it isn’t her fault. This has EJ’s name written all over it. Don’t worry – they’re going to make him pay. Will wants to know what she is looking for. Kayla thinks its best that he doesn’t know. He shouldn’t hang around in case EJ does return. She tells him to remember that his parents really do love each other. Will tells her to watch her back and then he leaves. Kayla gets inside.

Kayla finds an atlas just as Roman and Hope walk in. Roman says they are trying to build a case against EJ and tonight they might have gotten the break they needed. Kayla got her break too. She shows them the atlas. Hope says Tinda Lao – that’s where Shawn is. Kayla thinks that is where EJ sent Steve. Hope steps out to call Bo. Roman lectures Kayla – we’ve heard it all before. Kayla states her position – that hasn’t changed either. Kayla is determined to go to Tinda Lao but Roman says no. Hope comes back in and tells Kayla that Stephanie’s been in a car accident. Hope says she will be fine – it’s a slight concussion. Kayla is just going to leave as EJ walks in. EJ tells Roman he assumes he has search order. Kayla says this is on me – Roman had nothing to do with it. She asks EJ to get out of her way – she’s going to the hospital because Stephanie was in an accident. EJ isn’t going to let her leave until he searches her. Kayla shoves him and then slams the door against him as she leaves. EJ asks Roman if he’s just going to stand there and let her do this. Roman says do what – I didn’t see anything. EJ thinks there is a bit of a double standard here. Roman’s sister just broke into his apartment, his daughter just assaulted him and his nephew is a kidnapper yet Roman hasn’t arrested any of them. Roman tells him to file a complaint with the DA but he knows that EJ doesn’t operate that way. During the day he’s smooth but at night he’s a cockroach. Hope says one that is going to be squashed – Hope and Roman leave.

The Roberts apt: Sami has changed and she looks at some of the stuff from the wedding and starts to cry. Lucas asks her what’s wrong. She says when she saw that picture she thought that he … Lucas says that I would walk away. He reminds her of that talk they had before the ceremony. He trusts her. Sami says aren’t you angry that you didn’t know what was happening the whole time – she sees his expression and realises he knew. All this time she was afraid to tell him and he’s known all along. Lucas says he wasn’t sure until tonight but in the back of his mind he always knew there was more to the story. Sami thinks it was because of Kate and that stupid reality show. Lucas says no. The night in the cabin – he wasn’t really out of it. He heard voices. Sami says it was EJ. He lifted the beam off his legs. He threatened her not to tell anyone. If she did he was going to tell the cops that she was in on it. Lucas says the only thing that matters is that she saved his life. Sami says she was so proud to be his hero. She got caught up in the award because her family and he were so proud of her. She thought if she told the truth she would be letting him down. Lucas wishes she would have trusted him and told him. Their lives would have been so much easier. Sami says she does trust him – she’s sorry. Lucas says you did it because you love me. He wants to know why she is so upset. He doesn’t care if it was EJ or his mother that put that picture up – that’s when everything was supposed to blow up but he said no. They need to put the past behind him. They have a family to think of – nobody is going to hurt them again. Sami isn’t so sure of that. There is more to the story and when she tells him she’s afraid he won’t be able to forgive her. Lucas doesn’t care – it doesn’t matter. Sami insists that she has to tell him. Lucas says they are married now. They have a clean slate. He doesn’t want to talk about the past, as far as he’s concerned it’s erased. Sami say no. They have to deal with this. He has to listen. Lucas says okay. Sami says EJ agreed to save you but she had to do something in return. Lucas says what … Sami says I’ve been dreading this for months. Lucas asks – what did he make you do? Sami says she didn’t have a choice – she had to save him – she didn’t want to, she really didn’t want to do this – he forced her and now … she’s crying and rubbing her stomach. Lucas says No Sami – please don’t tell me – not the baby. Not the baby.

St Luke’s: Chelsea finds Nick there and says she thinks they need to talk. Nick agrees. They sit down on a pew.

University Hospital – Part 2: Kayla wants to know what has gotten into Stephanie – her behaviour is out of control. Stephanie says what about yours and dad’s? They’re so wrapped up in their own lives it’s like she is not even there. She thinks that her mom should at least acknowledge her existence. Kayla says that Steve’s life is at stake. Stephanie makes a sarcastic comment. Kayla is sorry she isn’t paying enough attention to her – if she can’t deal with Kayla thinks she should be on the next plane to Dayton.

Preview: Nick to Chelsea – It means I love you, Chelsea. Not a crush or an infatuation but real true love. And I want you to love me back. Shawn to Bo – I screwed up. I screwed up. I screwed up. I lost my family. I lost them. Bo – It’s alright. Sami to Lucas – You can’t go after him. You can’t kill him. If you do that he will have succeeded. He will have destroyed us. Please don’t leave me.


Friday May 11

Pat’s Spoilers

St Luke’s: Chelsea apologises for the ghost riding thing. Nick doesn’t want to say I told you so … He wants to know what the cops said. She’s going to lose her licence but it could have been a lot worse. It’s all her fault. Now that she’s apologised she is going to leave. He doesn’t want her to. They determine that Stephanie set them up. Nick says he’s sorry for being such a coward – from now on he’s going to be a better man for her. Willow is listening. Nick and Chelsea talk about the kind of person Chelsea thinks Nick is. That person that would give the shirt off his back … do anything for a friend… is a fraud, inside he’s a complete mess. Chelsea says she’s spent her whole life trying to hide who she is – it sucks. He asks her who she is. She still doesn’t know. Nick says one thing hasn’t changed – how he feels about her. Falling in love was something that had never happened to him and he didn’t know how to act – especially when he believed that she was so far out of his league. He let Shane Patton say all the things he wanted to say because he believed she would laugh at him if he said them – she wouldn’t like him for him. Chelsea says he never really gave her a chance. Nick says he learned from this ghost riding incident that life is short and you better let the people you love know how you feel. He wants to be a better man for her, a better friend.

They talk about growing into adulthood – one minute you’re still a kid and the next … Nick tells Chelsea he loves her – not a crush, or an infatuation – real true love. He wants her to love him back and he’ll do anything to make that happen. Willow leaves the church. Chelsea tells Nick she missed him a lot – she tried to erase him from her head and heart but she couldn’t. She doesn’t think the two of them are all that different. She talks about trying to replace the Bensons with Bo and Billie. She was afraid of being alone so she put up this front to keep everyone at a distance. She understands that she treated him badly so he had to hide behind a different persona. Nick says he has to learn to go with her being spontaneous occasionally. Chelsea will listen when he tells her she’s acting like a dumbass. She thinks the Benson’s would have liked him. They are about to kiss when Nick’s cell rings. It’s Willow. She’s outside and she needs to talk to him – it’s really important. Nick tells Chelsea its work – he’ll take it outside. Willow tells Nick that she’s been on the street the last couple of nights – it’s really cold – she’s scared that she may lose the baby. He’ll give her money for a motel room. She doesn’t want his money. She thought maybe she can stay at his place. She knows Maggie hates her but she doesn’t have to know. Chelsea comes out. Nick lies and said he ran into Willow – he’ll just be a few more minutes. Chelsea makes a smart remark and goes back inside. Nick gives Willow money and tells her to find herself somewhere to sleep tonight. Nick goes back into the church. Chelsea and Nick kiss but Chelsea says part of being an adult is knowing that this is probably not the best time or place. Maybe they should figure out a place that would be.

The Roberts apt: Sami tells Lucas that everything that EJ does comes with a price – she had to do something for him. Lucas – so you slept with him. Sami didn’t want to. She didn’t think she had a choice. She had to save him. He wants to know if the baby is EJ’s. She doesn’t know – it could be. He must hate her – she lied to him for months. She is sorry but she would have done anything to save him. She’ll understand if he wants to walk away and annul the marriage but he has to understand that she doesn’t regret it because she did it for him. She would do anything for him. Lucas doesn’t hate her but he hates the son of bitch that raped her and he’s going to kill him. He isn’t angry at Sami but he’s volcanic over what that s.o.b. did to her. Sami says she is the one that lied to him. She may be carrying another man’s child and she didn’t tell him about it until their wedding day. Lucas wants to know if there is anything else. She says no. Lucas wants to know if EJ hurt her. Sami says not physically. Lucas promises that EJ won’t hurt her again. Lucas is about to go after EJ but Sami stops him. If he tries to kill EJ – that means EJ wins. He will have succeeded in breaking them up. She pleads with him not to leave her.

Lucas needs to know everything that happened after EJ raped her. Sami tell him that EJ came to the cabin and lifted the beam off Lucas’s legs and then disappeared. He went to Mexico and she hoped that they’d never see him again. Lucas realises that it was when EJ returned that Sami started to fall apart. Sami says he started nosing around and dropping hints about planting the DiMera seed. He kept after – torturing her like a cat playing with a mouse before he killed it. EJ didn’t want to kill her but he wanted Lucas out of the picture. It started to get really ugly. EJ threatened to tell Lucas that she was in on it, she helped him to escape, that she had seduced him. Lucas is shocked that she let EJ do that. She should have come to him and told him that she was in trouble and needed his help. Sami says it got so out of control. She just wanted to be with him, to be his wife and she ended up breaking every promise she had ever made to him. Lucas says you don’t see me walking away, do you? Sami thinks he still could when it sinks in that the father of the baby she is carrying is a rapist and a cold-blooded murderer. Lucas doesn’t want to hear that. She doesn’t want to either but it could be true. She lied to him, she kept secrets from him – if he wants to walk away she’ll understand. She won’t try and stop him.

Sami tells that he doesn’t have to stay. No one would blame him for walking out that door and slamming it in her face. Lucas admits that the old him would have done that or found a bottle of vodka and got lost in it. He’s ashamed of the man he used to be – the man who doubted everyone especially her. Sami says she gave him reason. That doesn’t matter to Lucas. She couldn’t come to him – she couldn’t trust him because she thought he wouldn’t understand or forgive her. Sami says this isn’t his fault. He says it is because she didn’t have enough faith in the power of love because of what he’s done to her – because of the way he’s loved her and left her in the past. EJ was torturing her and she couldn’t come to him. How sad is that? He’s sorry - can she ever forgive him? Sami thinks this is wrong – she’s the one that did horrible things – she could be carrying another man’s child – he should just get out before she causes him anymore misery. Lucas says you’re asking me to leave because you love me. Sami says because she messed up too many times. Lucas wants to be the kind of guy that she can depend on no matter what. Where does he get off being her judge and jury? Sami says because every time I’m guilty. Lucas wants to stick to this time. Why does she think it’s her fault that EJ raped her? She says because she led him on for the police, she flirted with him when he first came to Salem … Lucas says so what. Rape is rape, it’s never the woman’s fault. She submitted to EJ – a guy who probably would have attacked her anyway. She did it because of him – to save his life. She’s his best friend, his lover, his wife, his hero. She’s a true hero. Sami smiles – does that mean he’s staying. He says yeah for the next 50, 60 years … they start kissing.

They’re lying on the couch kissing – Sami stops it. They need to talk to Will. Lucas says he’ll explain everything to him tomorrow. Will loves her. They will make this work. Sami says what if the baby is EJ’s. Lucas says don’t worry about it – that baby will be half you – definitely worth loving. The kissing resumes. Sami thinks that her idea to go and help the Katrina victims was good karma because here she is his wife, in his arms. More kissing. They roll from the couch to the floor. Lucas suggests they take this to the bedroom. Sami agrees but she wants him to carry her because they never got to do the threshold thing. Lucas picks her up and carries her to the bedroom.

The Island: Philip returns to the cave where Belle and Claire are. He brought supplies. Belle doesn’t think there is enough for a trip. He’ll stock up when he gets the call that his boat is ready. Belle wants to know where they are going. He wonders when this became passage for three. He wants to hold Claire but Belle won’t let him. Belle promises Claire that no one will hurt her. Philip says – like I would ever do that. Belle blames Philip’s obsessive quest for the fact that Claire almost died. Philip points out the obvious – he’s not the one that jumped off a cruise ship into the ocean. Belle continues to blame him. Belle claims that he could have been a part of Claire’s life. He says – what the uncle that sees her on her birthday and at Christmas? Philip says that isn’t good enough. Shawn and Belle will see Claire again – in family court, round 2. Belle tries to sound threatening as she refuses to let Philip hold his daughter. Belle proceeds to make Philip’s genuine feeling for his daughter about her – this is about trying to stick it to her and Shawn. She continues throwing out baseless accusations and meaningless threats.

All Philip wanted was to be a chance to be Claire’s Dad again. Belle admits that Claire adored him. She doesn’t blame him for running off when he heard Claire wasn’t him but don’t take it out on her and Shawn. They were all lied to. Philip reminds her that they wanted to cut him out of Claire’s life forever. Belle claims they all made mistakes and Claire is the one paying for them now. She needs her family. Philip says they were a family once – if Belle would give them half a chance they could be a family again. Belle claims to love Shawn. Philip says she used to love him. The Philip she knew was strong and brave and also kind. Philip asks if she thinks she hasn’t changed, made mistakes. Belle admits that running off with Claire may have been one of those mistakes. Philip says you’re finally admitting you were wrong. Belle says, in hindsight, yes. Philip wants to know what she plans on doing to make it better. Belle wants to take Claire home – she wants a compromise. To stop fighting. She wants to go back to the hotel and get Shawn in on this. Philip wants to know what ‘this’ is … Belle says shared custody. Philip asks if he will get equal time with Claire. Belle says yes but no more lawsuits. Philip counters – you and Shawn won’t run off with Claire. Belle says none of them will run off with her. Can they do this for Claire’s sake. Philip may trust Belle but Shawn … His cell rings. He tells Belle the boat will be in the harbour in half an hour – pack up what they need. Belle wants all three of them to go back with Claire. Philip says sorry but when I think of Shawn I think of trouble. He hears a dog barking and goes out to check.

Shawn and Gabby return to the hotel. Gabby tells Shawn to take his antibiotics. Shawn thinks that they are still on the island. Bo shows up. Shawn tells Bo he screwed up and lost his family. Bo meets Gabby and finds out that her father shot Shawn. Bo gets an update on where they have searched. Next is the caves but Philip with his military background is good at covering his tracks. Bo says not to worry – they’ll find him. Tracking bad guys is what he does. Bo asks if Philip gave him any indication as to what his plan was. Shawn says no – seeing him get shot shook Philip up – he just took off. Bo figures that means he’ll have to come into town for supplies. Gabby goes to call the stores. Bo and Shawn talk. Bo wants to know what Shawn’s plan is once they find Belle and Claire. Shawn says they are going home even if that means Bo has to throw him in jail. Gabby comes back with a report that Philip bought supplies – the location is near the caves. Shawn is ready to leave. Bo wants to know if there are any tracking dogs on the island. Gabby goes to borrow a watch dog. Bo sends Shawn upstairs to get a piece of clothing that Claire has worn recently.

Belle is outside the cave. She finds the GPS and turns it on. Shawn finds them and says that his dad is there – he helped. Belle tells him that Philip’s boat is in the harbour. Philip isn’t going to change his mind about leaving with Claire. Shawn says no – not on my watch. He kisses Claire and asks her if she is still Daddy’s girl. Philip says why don’t you try asking her real daddy.

Preview: EJ to Kate – I love Samantha. I always have and I probably always will. Shawn to Philip – You’re not taking our daughter anywhere. Philip – Watch me. (He levels Shawn with one punch). Belle – Philip, no. Kayla to Adrienne – You think I want to do this. Adrienne – You took him, just like that. EJ to Lucas – You think you’ve won. You think this is over. This is far from over.


Monday May 14

Janice’s Spoilers


An upset Kayla sits down in a pew. An equally anxious Adrienne rushes in. Kayla tells her that she thinks Steve has gone to the island to kill Shawn and Bo. Adrienne is shocked. She can’t believe that her brother could murder anyone...remembers seeing glimpses of the old Steve at the hospital. Kayla tells her that Steve has been brainwashed/ programmed by E.J. and the Dimeras and is under their control and about John coming to Marlena in a dream and telling her everything. Adrienne is confused. She thought John was still in a coma. Kayla explains that John told Marlena that Steve is a killer and about everything he was going to do. Adrienne thinks this is like a scary movie. She opens her purse and pulls out the gun Kayla asked for. Kayla thanks her and begs her not to alert Roman or Abe about what she is going to do...she is going to the island to stop Steve from killing Bo and Shawn. Adrienne begs her to reconsider. She can’t believe Kayla would shoot her brother. Kayla admits that this is eating her up inside but she can’t just do nothing if Steve is going to kill her brother and nephew.

Adrienne pleads with Kayla to let the police handle everything and to throw the gun away. Kayla is determined to go to the island but prays to god she doesn’t have to use the gun.


Philip is impressed with Shawn for tracking him down but says he’s too late. He has a boat waiting in the harbor and when it leaves, he and Claire will be on it and heading back to Salem. He gets sarcastic and tells Shawn that Belle can go too if she wants. The boys argue back and forth in macho mode. Belle pleads with them to stop before someone ends up dead. Philip warns Shawn not to try and stop him. He agrees with Belle that someone could end up dead. Belle wants to compromise.

Philip hears a dog barking. Shawn explains that it’s Bo with a tracking dog and that they will find them pretty soon. Philip gets angry and warns Shawn not to push him. They argue about who will get Claire. Philip punches Shawn and then kicks him as he goes down for the count. Belle is upset and tries to get Shawn to wake up. He takes Claire from Belle. She bends over an inert Shawn and tells him she doesn’t have any choice... screams at him to remember that “God punishes sinners” over and over again while Philip warns her to hurry up if she is coming. Bo finds a bleeding Shawn and stops him from running after Belle and Claire. Shawn tells him about the message Belle kept screaming out.

Back at the island hotel, Bo is unsuccessful in contacting Roman and the coast guard. Shawn things they should go home and pray that Philip and the others show up there. Gabby asks for permission to go up to his room to get the GPS. She runs back and tells them she understands Belle’s message. It is code for the GPS (God Punishes Sinners). She couldn’t find it in his room. They all realize that Belle has it with her. Bo says they can get Phil’s coordinates now by logging onto the maritime website. He turns to Shawn and asks him if he wants to wait until they get back to Salem. Shawn insists that he has to do this now. They get Gabby’s laptop, log on, and realize that Philip is heading for Australia and not Salem.

Bo cautions Shawn that he needs his strength if he is going to fight Philip. He never thought Philip would act like this. Shawn agrees and remembers how Philip used to be his best friend. They hear the sounds of an airplane landing. Gabby rushes up and tells them that the pilot is looking for Bo and says he’s a friend.

Sami & Lucas’s Apartment

Lucas wants Sami to hurry up and finish getting ready for their trip. She tells him that this is the happiest she has ever been in her life. They kiss and wrestle on the couch. Someone knocks on their door...a dire-looking E.J. He’s sorry to interrupt their honeymoon but insists that they have something very important they need to discuss... Samantha. Lucas isn’t impressed and tells him that they definitely will discuss all the different ways E.J. tried to torture his wife, but after the honeymoon. Sami tells E.J. that she told Lucas the truth. Lucas agrees and angrily comments on how E.J. raped Sami. E.J. gets angry himself and says he will never admit to raping Sami. Lucas tries to push him out. E.J. comes in and closes the door. He wants to talk about the baby.

Sami tells E.J. that she lied because he threatened her and doesn’t really know who the father is. He gets sarcastic...can’t believe she lied to him especially after he forgave her for attempting to murder him. Lucas is confused. E.J. fills him in on Sami drugging him and going to the cabin. He smirks as he realizes that Sami didn’t tell Lucas everything after all. Sami tries to tap dance her way out of it but E.J. insists that she tell Lucas what she did. He threatens that this is far from over and that she hasn’t won. He still believes that the baby is his, tells them to have fun in New Orleans, and leaves. Sami wonders how he knew where they were going. Lucas is upset about her drugging him and not telling him about it. Sami says she just didn’t get into the details and explains about the lipstick and that E.J. threatened to take the baby away from her if she didn’t do what she was told.

Sami explains about Celeste’s plan and how she went to the cabin but couldn’t go through with killing E.J. Lucas wants to know how the cabin burnt down then. She thinks E.J. did it to mess with her and swears that Lucas knows everything now. Lucas shocks Sami by telling her it’s too bad she didn’t kill E.J. because it could have been justifiable homicide. He doesn’t want E.J. knocking on their door every day of their lives if the baby turns out to be his. Sami thinks that if E.J. thinks the baby is his, then they will be safe for at least the next 5 months. She insists that she wants the baby to be Lucas’s, is glad that there are no more secrets, and just wants to start their honeymoon. She wants to go to New Orleans and do something good...held people rebuild their homes.

E.J.’s Apartment

E.J. is visibly upset as he packs his suitcase and has a flashback of Sami lying about the baby being his and how she wants the baby to be a Dimera. Back in real time, he answers the door to Kate and tells her that Sami told Lucas everything. Kate figures that it’s over then and Lucas has left Sami but E.J. tells her that on the contrary, Lucas didn’t care. Kate is shocked. E.J. says that in a funny way, he respects Lucas for it because his love is stronger that any of the blackmail or dirty tricks they can throw at him. Kate isn’t thrilled. She sees his luggage and asks if he is running away from home. He tells her that she is in charge of the business and hands her a card where he can be reached. She looks up surprised and says...Louisiana?

E.J. opens his door and hears Sami and Lucas laughing and happy. Sami is telling Lucas that she loves him and would always fight for him as they reach the elevator. He’s teasing her about the jazz in New Orleans and promises not to mention E.J. during the honeymoon. E.J. closes the door and Kate asks him to answer a question for her...after everything Sami has done to him...lies and deceit...trying to burn him he telling her that she is the love of his life? In a very quiet voice E.J. declares that he loves Samantha, always has, and probably always will. He leaves to catch his plane. Kate kicks the door closed and swears.


Chelsea asks a shocked Hope: “How do you know if you’re ready to lose your virginity?”

An angry Nick tells Willow, who is wrapped in a towel and nothing else, that he wants her out and that she has ruined everything.

Shawn tells his dad to let Steve fly him there...he doesn’t have time to sit around and wait until Bo figures out if Steve is crazy or not.

Hope is irate and asks Adrienne: “What did Kayla think Steve was going to do?” Adrienne replies: “Kill Bo and Shawn.”


Tuesday May 15

Pat’s Spoilers

Brady house – Part 1: Hope is folding laundry when Chelsea brings in a tray of coffee and chocolate chip muffins. She is going to help Hope but Hope says no folding laundry. They’re going to relax and talk – Hope wants to know what is going on in her life. Chelsea says things are going good. Hope knows that look – it has to do with the opposite sex. Chelsea admits it’s about Nick. She asks Hope ‘how do you know if you’re ready to lose your virginity.’ Chelsea sees Hope’s shocked reaction and says she shouldn’t have asked. Hope tells her to sit down. Chelsea took her by surprise but she does want to talk to her about this. She’s flattered but wouldn’t she want to talk to her mom about this. Chelsea says no. Hope figures out that is because of what happened between Billie and Nick. Chelsea wants Hope to promise that she won’t tell Billie about this conversation. Hope promises. She asks when Chelsea and Nick started seeing each other again. Chelsea says they started talking. Nick makes her feel comfortable – she feels she can be herself with him. Hope says that is important in a relationship and so is trust.

Nick hasn’t given her a lot of reason to trust him. Chelsea says she knows that Nick has lied about a lot of things but in fairness she didn’t make it easy for him to tell her the truth. Hope says that is very mature of her. She’s come a long way and that’s important before taking it to the next level with Nick. Chelsea says ‘the next level’ sounds like a video game. Hope says no this is real life. You have a lot to consider before taking this big step – like pregnancy. It’s hard to talk about sex without discussing the possibility. Chelsea says that both her and Nick would use protection. Hope asks if she has talked to Nick about this. Chelsea hasn’t – but it’s Nick – she knows him. Hope thinks Nick is good for her but … Chelsea says but you don’t think I’m ready. Hope wants her to really, really think about this. Chelsea has thought about it for the last 20 years of her life and she thinks she is ready. Hope asks how many of her friends are having sex. Chelsea says Monday morning chat is always about who slept with who. Hope wants to know if she is considering have sex because all her friends are doing it or because she loves Nick.

Hope comments that there is a lot of pressure on young women to have sex before they’re ready. Chelsea says that no one is pressuring her. Hope asks if Nick knows that she is a virgin. Chelsea answers not exactly – she gave him the impression that she is experienced. Hope insists that Chelsea tell Nick the truth – if he cares for her as much as he claims to he’ll understand. Chelsea is worried about doing something wrong. Hope asks her again if she loves Nick. Chelsea thinks so. Hope tells her that’s not good enough. Chelsea always saw herself with a boy with an edge – a bad boy. Nick is the opposite. Hope says opposites attract. She talks about Bo and how different they were but they balance each other. Chelsea likes that Nick is so different than the other guys she dated – she lists all his geeky traits and ends with saying that when he hugs her she feels safe. She thinks she does love Nick. She thanks Hope and grabs her purse. She’s going to tell Nick she’s ready to take it to the next level. Hope tries to tell her that wasn’t what she was saying but Chelsea is gone out the door.

Nick’s room: Nick is lying on the floor mooning over a picture of Chelsea as Willow snores in his bed. He wakes her up and tells her she has to leave. Willow is going to have a hot bath first. Nick tells her she can’t take a bath. Willow will take a shower then. She refuses to leave – the reason she’s in this mess is because Nick stole that hairbrush for his girlfriend. Nick lies and says he didn’t steal it. Willow tells him to save it – she knows he took it. Maggie knocks on the door. Nick gets Willow to hide in the bathroom. Maggie could have sworn she heard voices in there. Nick says he was watching a movie on his computer. Maggie asks him why his sleeping bag is on the floor. Nick lies – he got a back ache during the night – he thinks the mattress is too soft. He stops Maggie from going into the bathroom to get some aspirin by telling her he already checked. There isn’t any. She goes to get some and gives him a couple. She’s going to put the rest in the bathroom but once again he tells her she can’t go in there.

He claims the bathroom is a huge mess. Maggie has raised two girls – she’s seen it all. When she is going to open the door Nick calls out in pain – he has a muscle spasm. Maggie tries to help by giving him a massage. When he insists on going to work she leaves to make breakfast. Nick knocks on the bathroom door. Willow’s in his robe now. He tells her to get dressed and leave. She ignores him – she’s going to take a shower now. There’s a knock on the door – it’s Chelsea. Nick stashes Willow’s bag under the bed. Chelsea starts talking non-stop she knows he’s late for work but she’s made a decision. She babbles on – Nick stops her and says he doesn’t have time for this right now. Chelsea thinks she can cheer him up. She hears the shower – Nick lies – he’s warming it up. Chelsea lectures him on protecting the environment. He stops her from going in the bathroom – she can’t see his unmentionables – it’s embarrassing. Chelsea doesn’t think anything can be more embarrassing than the boxers he has on now.

Nick puts on his jeans. Chelsea teases him about how hot those boxers are – she can’t wait to see his unmentionables. She’s going to open the bathroom door when Nick asks if that’s her cell phone. No – it’s his. He’s very late for work. He has to get going. He pulls her to the bedroom door – they’ll have to reschedule. He drags her out and shuts the door behind him. Willow comes out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel. She hears Chelsea saying – you’re trying to get rid of me. She hides under the bed just as Nick and Chelsea come back in the room. Chelsea wants to talk – she has a lot going on but first she thinks it’s hot in here – she opens the bathroom door and goes inside. Willow pops out from under the bed and tells Nick to get rid of Chelsea quickly – she’s freezing. Chelsea returns and pulls Nick to the bed. She’s been doing a lot of thinking about them taking their relationship to the next level – she thinks it’s time. She kisses him and pulls him down on the bed. Willow gives Nick a signal to cut it. Nick tells Chelsea he thinks it’s time for her to leave. He can’t do this now. Chelsea asks if she did something wrong – she feels so stupid. She knows he has more experience than her – she was thinking that he would be her first. What a mistake. Nick wants to talk about it but Chelsea storms out. Willow comes out from under the bed. Nick wants her out right now – she’s ruined everything. He grabs his stuff and leaves.

The Island – Part 1: Steve arrives – he heard the Brady boys could use some help. Bo wants to know how the deprogramming is going. Steve tells them they are looking at the new and improved Steve Johnson – no more of that crazy stuff. Gabby mentions that she is going to check on the GPS coordinates. Steve says so you’re keeping a close eye on Kiriakis. Bo asks about the plane Steve came in on. Steve says he flew to Guam and then rented the plane. He only has it for twenty four hours so they better go after Kiriakis now. Shawn is ready to go but Bo says no, Shawn isn’t going anywhere with Steve. He needs to know that Steve is in the right frame of mind before Shawn can get on the plane on him. Shawn protests but Steve says it’s okay. Bo wants Steve to tell him about the deprogramming. Steve says the deprogrammer dragged him through hell. Everything the DiMera’s did to him – he undid. Bo thinks that is amazing – the process could take months yet it only took a few hours. Steve makes a smart comment. Shawn says they have to get moving – Philip has a huge head start. He doesn’t have time to sit around while Bo decides whether Steve is crazy or not.

Bo takes Shawn aside and tells him having Steve involved in this is not a good idea. Shawn says unless Bo has a better plan Philip is going to get away. Steve says he just flew half way around the world to help. Gabby says that Philip is 80 miles away. Shawn wants to go – Bo says no – what if Steve has one of his episodes. Shawn tells Bo that this is his decision to make. Steve doesn’t want to cause any trouble – he just wanted to do some good after all the bad he’s done. He just wants to help. Bo says alright. He’ll check out the weather report while Shawn brings Steve up to date. Bo takes Gabby aside and tells her he needs a phone – he has to call the States – it’s important.

Steve writes down the coordinates. They discuss their options. They want to catch Philip by surprise – maybe while he’s sleeping. Steve suggests that he could drop Shawn off about a mile ahead of the boat. Shawn thinks that is a good idea. They end up talking about EJ Wells. Steve says I heard the cops need you to help nail EJ. Shawn doesn’t know what he’s talking about – Bo hasn’t said anything to him about it. They continue talking about the plan. Bo tells Gabby he needs to talk to Shawn alone. Gabby offers to distract Steve.

Brady house – Part 2: Hope gets a call from Bo. She asks if she can talk to Shawn. Bo says he’s sorry they don’t have time. Philip took Claire and Belle and left the island. He chartered the fastest boat he could find. They think he’s on his way to Australia. Bo tells her that Steve arrived on the island. Hope is surprised to hear that. Bo asks Hope if Kayla knows that Steve is there. Hope doubts it – they were all wondering what happened to Steve after they took him. Hope tells him about the kidnapping. Bo thinks it was probably Wells. Hope says that’s what the police think too. Bo wants Hope to talk to Kayla and find out if Steve can be trusted – he’s their best chance of rescuing Belle and Claire. Hope will call him back. Bo has a bad feeling about Steve.

Adrienne comes over because Hope asked her to. Hope is trying to get hold of Kayla – does she know where she is. Adrienne is sorry –she can’t tell her that. Hope says it’s important that she talk to Kayla – Bo called from Tinda Lao – Steve is there. Bo thinks he could be dangerous. They’re worried about Shawn. Hope can tell from Adrienne’s expression that she knows something – what is it. Adrienne wants to leave. Hope asks if EJ threatened her. Adrienne promised Kayla that she wouldn’t tell anyone. Hope understands that Adrienne feels stuck in the middle but if her son’s life is being threatened she has to know. Adrienne tells Hope that Kayla asked her to buy her a gun. She didn’t want to but Kayla sounded so desperate. She’s going down to Tinda Lao because EJ sent Steve there. She needed the gun to stop Steve from doing something really bad. Hope urges Adrienne to tell her what Kayla thinks Steve is going to do. Adrienne says – kill Bo and Shawn.

The Island – Part 2: When Gabby finds out from Shawn that they aren’t taking off for a few hours she offers Steve a room to get some rest - on the house. She tells him that her dad and she own the place. Steve decides to take a little cat nap and follows Gabby. Bo joins Shawn. Shawn thinks it’s a stroke of luck that Steve showed up with a sea plane. Bo isn’t sure that Steve is there to help them. He talked to Hope and she is going to talk to Kayla to make sure Steve’s head is on straight. Until Hope calls back Shawn can’t go anywhere with Steve. Bo gets the call from Hope that he’s been waiting for. She spoke to Adrienne. Adrienne thinks that EJ sent Steve to Tinda Lao. Bo asks if she knows why. Hope says OMG – she said he was there to kill you and Shawn. Bo tells Shawn that Steve wants to kill them – Steve is listening.

Preview: Maggie (holding up a pair of black panties) – Either you have a secret lover, Nick or just a kinky little secret. Chelsea to Nick – Stay with your Aunt Maggie and live like a monk. Nick – No thank you. Chelsea – Or you can get your own place. Shawn to Bo – I’m getting on that plane. Bo – No you’re not. You do and you’ll die. Philip to Belle – Claire and I aren’t going back to Salem until I’m the only Dad she knows or she recognises.


Wednesday May 16

Pat’s Spoilers

Brady house: Chelsea enters and slams the door behind her. Nick knocks – she got it all wrong. Chelsea knows rejection when she hears it. Nick argues that he wasn’t rejecting her. She opens the door and tells him off and then slams the door in his face. Nick isn’t going to leave until they talk – he loves her. Nick keeps pounding on the door – he’ll sing and won’t leave until he lets her in. He proceeds to howl out what is supposed to be a song – she lets him in for five minutes. He tells her how he feels about her. How he wanted to kiss her in the church. She yells about how hard it was for her to come over to see him today – she wanted him to be her first. Nick wanted that too but it was horrible timing. Chelsea claims he gave up on her – she needed him to hold her and tell her she was the one. She came up with a million reasons why she wanted to be with him and he can’t even come up with one good reason he doesn’t want to be with her. He can – but she won’t like it.

Chelsea wants to know who he’s sleeping with. Nick declares that guys like him don’t know how to sleep around. There is a woman – his Aunt Maggie. He lives in her house – Aunt Maggie does everything for him. The last thing he wants his aunt to walk in on them. When they’re together he wants to hold her all night long. Chelsea says she loves him. She has a solution – he can get his own place. They kiss. Nick mentions the cost – stuff like furniture, rent and food cost money. Chelsea is upset – she’s talking sex and he’s talking shopping lists. Besides he must have a lot of money saved up. Nick says he wants to go to grad school. Chelsea says fine go. He’s making all these excuses – what’s the real reason he kicked her out of his room today. He put the brakes on because this is too important. He wants to be with her in his own place and his own bed – it’s just not going to happen overnight. He doesn’t want to sneak around. He feels honoured that she wants to be with him. She kisses him. When she asks him about his future he answers that he’s looking at it. He’s going to look for a place of his own. More kissing.

Boat: Philip is on deck waxing poetic about the night sky. Belle is downstairs checking that the GPS is on hoping Shawn finds them. Philip goes down – he thought it would be nice for all of them to go out on the deck and check out the stars. She’s tired. He won’t push. Belle claims he will push until he gets his way. Philip talks about the dreams he had when he was younger – he mentions going on deck again. Belle snarls that this isn’t a cruise – he’s trying to take her child away. Philip reminds her that he has legal custody and she is there of her own free will. Belle feels she had no choice – she wants to be with Shawn. Philip reminds her of the choice they made in Salem – trying to keep Claire away from him. She admits that they were wrong. Philip asks if she would mind if he took Claire up on deck – he wants a few moments with her. Belle agrees but she won’t join them because what would Shawn think. Philip makes it clear that he never expected Duck to shoot Shawn. Belle claims that Philip is holding her and Claire hostage.

Philip is trying to get back what is his – what he lost. Belle knows how much he’s lost – she wants to talk. Philip talks about war – everything is a battle. When he got back from that hell he couldn’t switch gears just like that. When he lost Claire he went to war against her and Shawn. Now he’s just trying to get everything right – to find some peace. Belle tells him they’re still at war. Philip says that Claire deserves better than what they’ve given her the last few months. Belle claims that Claire is hers and Shawn’s. Philip says ‘and mine’ – she was my daughter for the first year of her life. He loves her. Belle says there is a way to end this war – if Philip regrets the custody battle he’ll let her and Claire go because that’s what a good parent does. They argue. Philip doesn’t want to hear about Shawn or doesn’t want his name mentioned in front of Claire. He loves Claire – biology isn’t everything – Claire has his heart. Shawn dragged her all over the world. Belle claims they went willingly with Shawn because they wanted to be together. Philip can’t force her to want to give Claire some semblance of a family life – too bad Claire is the one that will suffer. Belle wants to know where they’re going and how long they’re going to stay there.

He says Australia because if they go back to Salem the war starts all over again between the families with Claire as the prize. He doesn’t know how long they’ll be gone – he wants time for Claire to get to know her real father – not this angry person. Belle doesn’t have to stay. He’s waiting for Claire to call him Daddy – he isn’t going back to Salem until he’s the only father she knows and recognises. Belle lectures him – does a good father take his child to another country and separate her from her family, from the people who love her the most. Philip has the line of the day – he says, I don’t know Belle. I’d have to ask Shawn if that is what a good father does. Belle doesn’t want to stay in Australia – she can’t leave Claire – Claire needs her. Philip asks her how she knows what Claire needs – she and Shawn put her through weeks of danger. If she wants to be Claire’s mother it will be in Australia. He’s giving her a choice which is a hell of a lot more than her and Shawn gave him. Philip brings Claire back down. Belle is going to put her down. Philip says it’s cool – he’ll get her a sweater. Belle says no (she stuck the GPS in the duffle bag so she doesn’t want Philip reaching inside it) she has an extra blanket. Philip finds the GPS unit.

The Island: Shawn argues with Bo – Steve isn’t a threat to them – he came to the island to help them. Bo says no he came here to help Wells. All Shawn wants to do is get his daughter back – he’s getting on that plane. Bo says if you do – you die. The game has changed. They have to stay one step ahead of Steve or they’ll both end up dead. Steve listens. Bo tells Shawn that EJ is calling the shots – that’s how Steve got the plane. Shawn continues arguing – Steve would never kill him. Bo says yes he would if EJ told him to. Shawn sarcastically says I’m supposed to believe that because you or Aunt Kayla says so. Steve was brainwashed and tortured. Bo tells him about John. Shawn asks then why isn’t he in jail. Bo claims he doesn’t have proof. Shawn doesn’t see why EJ would come after him. Bo says he’s the key to bringing EJ down – he signs a statement and then they can use it to get Lockhart to roll over on EJ. Shawn tells Bo he never saw what was in the packages. Bo answers – EJ and Lockhart don’t know that. Shawn is a loose end and EJ doesn’t like loose ends. Shawn says that Steve mentioned EJ. Bo tells him that right now Steve is more of an enemy to him than Philip is.

Shawn is sorry about what Steve did to John but he needs to get off the island. Steve joins them – he’s ready to go. Shawn is too. Bo stops them – Shawn is not going anywhere with Steve. Shawn keeps shooting his mouth off – Bo says they don’t go anywhere without a plan. Steve says Bo is right. They’ll take the seaplane and drop him off. Bo claims they don’t know the exact location of Philip’s boat. Steve thinks that when family is in trouble you don’t sweat the details. Bo says details matter – he tells Steve to go and fill up the plane. Steve is getting a bad read from all this – if they don’t want him there just tell him. Steve pours them each a shot – they’re gonna need this. Bo explains that Shawn has never been on a rescue mission like this. Philip is a soldier – they can’t underestimate him. Steve knows that it’s not Philip he’s worried about – Bo is looking for the cracks in him. They’re not there. Kayla got him help and it stuck. He wants to be a man this family can still count on – does he have to drink to that alone. They drink to looking for the girls. Steve goes to fuel the plane. Bo tells Shawn that Steve was testing them. Shawn says – maybe everyone back home is crazy and Steve is okay. Gabby joins them – she hands them a gun she found in Steve’s room.

Bo notices the serial number has been filed off so the gun can’t be traced. Shawn can’t believe this. Bo removes the bullets and tells Gabby to put it back exactly where she found it. Steve can’t know that she was in his room. Bo asks Shawn if he believes him now. He does. What do they do now? Bo says Shawn will go get his family back – he’ll take care of Steve. First he wants Shawn to sign the statement that will put EJ behind bars for the rest of his life. Shawn will sign it but what if Patrick doesn’t go for the bluff. Bo says leave that to him. Before Shawn signs it Steve returns – Shawn stuffs the statement in his pocket. Bo tells Steve that they can’t use the plane – they have to go after Philip another way. The seas are rough – they won’t be able to put the plane down. Bo says they’ll rent a boat – they’ve made their decision. Steve will come along as back up. Shawn says no – Bo and he will handle it. An argument ensues. Bo tells Steve to go home. Steve came a long way to get this thing done and no one is stopping him. Bo tells him it’s not about him. Steve says like hell it isn’t – you still don’t trust me. Is he man enough to admit it? Bo tells him to get his ass off the island tonight or he’ll escort him off himself.

Nick’s room: Willow is brushing her hair when she hears Maggie approaching. She hides in the bathroom. Maggie brings in the laundry and starts folding it. Maggie drops something and finds a pair of black panties – Nicholas has been a naughty boy. Maggie goes through his drawers. She notices nail polish and a makeup brush – hmm either Nick has a lover or a kinky little secret. As soon as Maggie leaves the room Willow gathers up her stuff and exits the room through the window. Nick returns and checks to see if Willow is still there. He closes the window and locks it. He finds a note on top of the black panties. Maggie found these – a friend must have left them behind. They have a lot to catch up on.

Preview: Sami to Lucas – Maison Blanche. My parents, they were here. There was a fire. My mom almost died. Lucas, this is it. This is Stefano’s house. Billie to Hope – We’ll going to have our chance, you and I, with EJ. Our time will come. We’re going to kick some DiMera butt. Hope – Damn right we are. Bo and Steve tusseling – Shawn tries to break it up.


Monday May 21

Pat’s Spoilers

Maison Blanche: Sami asks Lucas if he really thinks she should have the amnio. He wants this over and done with. Sami points out that it is for only five more months. Lucas doesn’t want EJ around for that long – the guy showed up on their honeymoon. Sami tells Lucas that when he was talking to the foreman EJ told her that there was another reason he was there besides to check on the progress at Maison Blanche (which is being rebuilt into low-rental housing units). He came to apologise. Lucas heard that – he hopes that Sami didn’t buy that. She didn’t. Lucas wants him out of their lives now. Sami stresses that would only happen if EJ isn’t the father. Lucas is willing to take that chance. Sami isn’t – she can’t. She is as sick of EJ as he is but she is not willing to risk her child’s life for anyone or anything. EJ asks Celeste since when did she take orders from Tony. Since the DiMera’s took her daughter. The message Tony gave her to give him was that Stefano’s condition is worsening – he needs those stem cells now. She hates that she has been dragged into another heinous DiMera plot. She swore that once she helped him with Samantha that would be the end. She thought he only wanted to torment her. EJ scoffs – she had to have known it was much more than that. Samantha is carrying his baby. Celeste says he doesn’t know that. EJ answers – it has to be mine – too much is at stake. Celeste wants to know what is at stake. She realises that the stem cells are to come from Sami’s baby.

EJ tells Celeste to mind her own business. Celeste thinks EJ made it her business – he promised to tell her where Lexie is and she is still waiting for him to make good on his promise. EJ will tell her when he is good and ready. Celeste calls him a liar – she stayed quiet at Samantha’s wedding. EJ tells her that unfortunately things didn’t turn out the way he expected at the wedding so he’s going to hold on to that information. He will tell her when he thinks the time is right – she has his word on that. Celeste asks him what kind of man is he – he kidnapped or god forbid murdered her daughter and then he promised to tell her what happened to her if she helped him with Sami and she did. EJ tells her that she will continue to help him. Celeste asks – with this? You raped Samantha to get her pregnant, to create a baby for the express purpose of using the stem cells to save Stefano’s life. Was it his depraved mind that thought of this or was it Stefano’s. EJ suggests she leave. Celeste is sick inside that this crackpot scheme is the cause of all the pain and misery. EJ claims that his father gave him everything, gave him the best – he owes him this. Celeste says that Stefano gave EJ nothing – EJ owes him nothing. He better realise that soon or she promises him that Stefano will destroy him.

Lucas hugs Sami and tells her that if she doesn’t want the amnio she doesn’t have to do it. Sami understands how frustrated Lucas is with EJ showing up wherever they are – she is too but she can’t risk harming the baby. Lucas tells her she is right – they have to put the baby first. Sami says if she had the test and the baby turned out to be EJ’s, if they think he’s bad now imagine what he would be like … Lucas knows he would be a million times worse. Sami says without the test they can put him off – and act like a happily, newlywed couple. Sami tells him the vows they took meant so much to her. They’ve only been married a short while but this has been the happiest time of her life. His too. She admits she would like to live in denial for a little while to protect the baby. Lucas understands. Sami thanks him – some teasing banter follows along with some laughter. Lucas tells her he loves her and he would do anything for her and for the baby. They kiss. Sami asks him if he ready to say ‘hell, no’ to EJ Wells. EJ tells Celeste that his father loves him – he would never hurt him. Celeste calls him a fool – he has no idea what kind of man Stefano is. Stefano is a coward that hides behind his family’s wealth and power – using it to make himself feel important. All Stefano cares about is himself. EJ recalls Celeste telling him that his father would never hurt one of his children. Celeste thought that at the time but no longer – Stefano is capable of doing anything including destroying him. EJ argues – she’s wrong. His father raised him, educated him, protected him. He didn’t want for anything. Celeste says ‘yeah, because he was raising a weapon, not a son. Stefano used him to destroy his enemies and now that he’s dying he wants to use EJ’s demon seed so the Phoenix can rise from the ashes again. Celeste tells EJ that if this is his child Stefano won’t hesitate for one minute to destroy it to save the only life he’s ever cared about – his own. Celeste tells EJ that he has to save this child. If he is the father he has to stand up to Stefano and save his baby’s life.

EJ tells Celeste not to worry – he’ll find out very soon if the baby is his or not. If it isn’t his he’ll tell Stefano and Tony there is no DiMera baby and therefore no stem cells. He’ll leave the Roberts family to enjoy the rest of their lives. Celeste says she spent the worst years of her life in that mansion trapped inside Stefano’s madness and like EJ she thought Stefano was a god. What is EJ going to do if the baby is his – how far is he willing to go to save an evil old man? Just then Lucas and Sami show up. Sami asks Celeste what she is doing there. She’s there on family business. EJ wants to know if they have a proposal on the table. Sami answers – they’ve talked it over and the answer is no. She’s not willing to risk the baby’s life for anything. EJ will have to wait until the baby’s born. That doesn’t work for EJ. Sami tells him it’s not his choice. EJ will not wait five months. Sami repeats – he has no choice. EJ won’t wait that long. Lucas wants to know what the rush is. EJ wants the matter settled – he thought they would like some closure as well. He asks Sami if she wouldn’t like to be rid of him – to get on with her life. She would like nothing better than to be rid of him but she’s not willing to risk her child’s life for it. The sad thing is she was hoping he’d feel the same way because this child could be his. Lucas says that EJ only cares about himself. EJ has a flashback to when Celeste told him that every time he traumatized Sami he risked the baby’s life. EJ denies Lucas’s allegation. Sami think he isn’t familiar with the concept of fatherly love. Rule #1 – the child comes first above everything else. Sami asks him to respect her marriage and give them some space while they wait. EJ says believe it or not, he does want Sami to be happy. Sami tells him he doesn’t get it. This is not about her or about him, it’s about the baby who has already dealt with too much stress. She wants him to do what a real man, a real father would do – do what is best for this baby. EJ says okay – he’ll leave everything until after the child is board. Sami thinks him – she and Lucas walk away. Celeste is impressed. Did EJ mean what he said. He did. She asks – what are you going to tell Stefano?

Lucas congratulates Sami – he thinks she got through to EJ. Sami hopes he’ll leave them alone until the baby is born at least. Lucas reminds her that they’ve been through this before – he promised to move out of the building but he’s still there. Sami thinks that EJ sounded sincere. Lucas thinks that EJ will still try and come between them and he’s sick of it. He’s going to teach EJ a lesson – one he’ll never forget. This will be the end of EJ Wells. Sami asks him what he is going to do. Lucas says when he was looking over the books he found at least six SEC violations. Sami thinks that because EJ is a DiMera he’ll find a way out, he’ll walk. Lucas has copies of all the evidence – this is a slam-dunk case. Sami asks him about his mom – she will go down too. Lucas says she’s a big girl. She chose to go to bed with EJ – he can’t do anything for her. She’ll figure it out. As for EJ, he’s going down. EJ doesn’t know what he’ll tell his father but Sami was right, if that is his baby he has to protect it. He isn’t going to wait five months though – he has to find another way. As far as Celeste knows DNA testing is the only way to determine paternity. EJ is talking about the black arts – that thing she does. He wants her to do if for him.

Boat: Philip tells Belle that he won’t let anything happen to her or Claire. Belle wants to know what will happen after the storm. Is he going to leave her on the island and take off with Claire. He’s tired of fighting. If he knew he could trust her and Shawn … he hears a noise on deck and goes to check. He comes face to face with Shawn. Shawn came for Claire and Belle. Philip tells him to sit down – he doesn’t look so good. Philip thinks that Shawn was crazy to come out on a night like this. Shawn will always find them. Philip wants to know what Shawn is going to do – put them on his back and swim away. Shawn is going to take over the boat. Philip laughs. Shawn then claims that Philip kidnapped his daughter and Belle. Philip reminds him that Belle came of her own free will. Philip says so now you’ve come to save the day. How is he going to do that when he can barely stand. Shawn has two choices – stay and do as Philip says or swim home. Belle comes up on deck. Shawn screams this ends right here, right now and takes a swing at Philip and falls on his face. Belle yells that Shawn is bleeding again. Philip will take him in.

Belle is tending to Shawn (he’s in bed). She doesn’t know what he was thinking coming after them in this storm. Philip says he was doing what he had to do. Belle thinks it sounds like Philip is impressed. Philips has to give him credit – Shawn may be nuts but he doesn’t give up. Belle smiles – that sounds a lot like Philip. The wound has re-opened, she needs bandages. Belle gets Shawn to wake up. Shawn says he’s sorry – he meant to kill Philip. Belle tells him that the fighting is over. Philip’s agreed that the only way to get Claire to safety is to work together. Shawn asks where Claire is. Philip picks her – she’s right here. Philip goes up on deck and opens up the throttle. Shawn and Belle are downstairs – Shawn hears the loud engine sound. Philip comes down. Shawn tells him it’s not a good idea to go full throttle when the seas are so rough – it’s better to throttle back than be dead in the water. The two argue. Philip thinks they need to get ahead of the storm. Shawn thinks they may be able to stay in front of it – the main thing is to save the engine. All of a sudden the motor stops. Shawn tells Philip that they threw a rod – it can’t be fixed without parts. Downstairs Belle tells Claire that her two dads will fix everything. Shawn and Philip come down. Shawn tells Belle the engine can’t be fixed. All they can do is seal the boat down as tight as they can and wait and pray.

Bo & Steve: Steve asks Bo to turn the signed statement over to him. Bo can’t do that. Steve has to insist. Bo asks if he is threatening him. Steve has a job to do. Bo says and this from the man who swore he was only there to help them. Steve doesn’t want Bo to make this difficult. Bo asks – it must be difficult to sell out your friend to the enemy. He reminds him how they’ve always been there for each other, bailed each other out, saved each other’s lives. Steve has to remember how much they mean to each other. Steve has a flashback to Bo saving his life. Bo doesn’t give a damn what the DiMera’s have done to him. The real Steve is still there. Steve wants Bo to give him the damn document. Bo says forget it. Steve says wrong answer and pulls a gun on Bo. Steve just wants the statement – it will end with that. Bo says he will just get Shawn to sign another one. Bo tells Steve that the statement isn’t what EJ is really after. As long as he and Shawn are around they are a liability to EJ. Is Steve ready to kill them. Steve says it doesn’t have to come to that. Why does he have to be super cop and go after Wells – can’t he chase down someone else. Bo yells EJ brought it to my house – he bugged the house, he tried to break up his marriage and he tried to kill Steve’s wife. Steve gets really upset – he doesn’t want Kayla brought into this. Bo says she keeps getting herself in the middle trying to break the hold EJ has on him. Is he going to sell out Kayla – is he going to choose EJ over the woman he loves? Steve says he kept telling her to say out it – he’s not worth it. Bo tells Steve that Kayla thinks he is. Steve says they will all be fine if Bo would just give him the damn document. Bo tells Steve he can keep lying to himself but he can’t lie to him. Wells sent Steve there because he wants him dead – is that what Steve wants too?

Bo keeps pushing Steve to tell him that EJ sent him there to kill them. Steve has a flashback to EJ ordering him to kill Bo. Bo tells Steve to ignore the voices inside his head because they are making him do things he doesn’t want to do. That’s why they took him out of that hospital but EJ got him back. EJ has got some kind of hold on him – he has to fight it. Steve screams at him to shut up – he doesn’t want to hear anymore. Bo grabs Steve’s wrist and tells him to do it then – shoot him. Steve asks Bo why are you doing this. Bo knows he can’t do it no matter what the DiMera’s did to him. Once Steve realises that this stupid game will be over. He’s not a cold blooded killer – he’s the same Steve he’s known for years. The Steve that loves his wife and daughter – he’s not going to put a bullet in his best friend’s head. Steve yells – you’re not my friend. You put my eye out. If you don’t think I could kill you for that then you’re not paying attention. Bo reminds him that they hashed this out – they got past that. He reminds Steve that he had the chance to get even shortly after it happened. Flashback to Steve saving Bo’s life. Bo insists that Steve’s not a DiMera killer, he’s the same guy that saved the life of a man he claimed to hate. He asks him to put the gun away or use it.

Bo knows Steve. He’s the kind of man who helped Shawn and Belle escape with Claire – he’s helped all of them over the years. He’s not a killer. He’s not a DiMera. He hates them as much as the Brady’s do. Steve asks – then why am I here holding this gun. Bo says he can’t think straight – just give him the gun. It will be okay. Bo grabs for the gun. Bo gets the gun and throws it to the back of the plane. Steve is frantic – he shouldn’t have done that – plans are in motion – if they’re stopped someone has to pay. Bo assures Steve that he will protect him. Steve has to complete his mission. Bo tells him the gun is gone – it’s over. Steve says it can’t be over – he puts the plane into a nosedive and yells at Bo to give him the statement or they’re both going to die. Freeze frame on Bo’s shocked face.

Preview: Belle to Shawn (and Philip) – Let’s make a promise. We go back to Salem and we work things out. Philip – deal. Kate to Lucas – Just how vindictive are you going to be Lucas? Lucas – I don’t know, Mom. I guess you just found out. Shirtless EJ, Celeste and a flaming cauldron between them. Celeste chants – Tell us. Does the ancient DiMera bloodline flow through the heart of the soul of Samantha’s unborn child?


Tuesday, May 22

Janice’s Spoilers


Steve puts the plane into a nosedive and demands that Bo give him the paper or they will both die. Bo tries to change his mind. Both of them go ballistic as Bo asks him if he is going to follow E.J.’s orders...tells him he’s just Elvis’s soldier...wants him to show him that he’s still in control...reminds him how much his wife loves him. Steve tells Bo there is nothing left for him at home. Bo doesn’t think Steve has it in him to kill a friend.

Bo and Steve walk into the island hotel yelling for Gabby. She’s worried about Shawn and the others but Bo thinks they are okay. Gabby tells him that she sent out an SOS to the Coastguard. He asks her to get him the document she put in the safe for him. She looks at him curiously but goes to get it. Bo turns to Steve and reminds him of the good times they had in bars like this one. Gabby returns with the document. Bo refuses to give it to Steve and says he’s just trying to save both of their lives...pulls out a knife to match the one Steve is threatening him with...says that he has a couple of rules he lives by...brush and floss before he goes to sleep at thy neighbor...fight the bad guys even when they don’t know they are the bad guys. He stabs his knife into the counter and surrender.

Steve grabs him from behind and puts his knife to his throat. He warns Gabby to stay back. Kayla appears and yells at Steve to put the knife down. Bo tries to protect Kayla and warns her off. Kayla is having none of it. She refuses to back down and demands that Steve listen to her...reminds him that he is her husband and she loves him...starts reciting their marriage vows. Steve struggles and begs her to stop. Kayla continues and Steve falls down on his knees crying...tells her he’s sorry. Kayla holds him and turns to Bo to see if he is okay. He thanks her for saving him. She thinks they will stay for a while until Steve is up for the flight home. Bo doesn’t feel comfortable leaving her alone. She tells him she’s not afraid of Steve. He worries about Steve’s dark moods. She just wants the chance to break E.J.’s hold on Steve. They say goodbye. Gabby rushes in and tells them that she got another radio transmission from the Coastguard... Philip’s boat has gone down with everyone in it. Bo looks shocked.

Philip’s Boat

Shawn tells them that the engine has burned out and he can’t fix it. Philip says they will just have to ride things out and batten down the hatches. Belle tries to stay calm but murmurs that all three of them are to blame if something happens to Claire. Philip hands out lifejackets and a small one for Claire. Shawn leaves to wake her up and get her ready. Philip reassures Belle that the lifejackets have GPS beacons and will alert the search and rescue teams once they are in the water. The boat tosses and turns and Belle falls into Philip. She looks at him and says she has something to say that can’t wait... she’s sorry from the bottom of her heart.

Philip tries to calm her down but she wants his forgiveness for doing him an incredible wrong...she cut him out of Claire’s life even though Claire loved and adored him. She reminds him about when they were kids and the “do-overs” they wanted...says that if she could do it all over, she would invite Philip back in. Shawn eavesdrops and says that so would he...and he wouldn’t be so afraid Claire would consider Philip her father. Philip feels bad about going berserk when he found out Claire wasn’t his. Belle murmurs that he doesn’t have to be related in order to be family and gives Claire over to him.

Philip knows that he put them through hell...taking them to court...just because he desperately wanted his little girl. He also knows that they wouldn’t be in this situation if he had done right by them and Claire would live to see her next birthday. The boat tosses again and the lights flicker.

Belle hugs Claire. Shawn turns to Philip and admits that he has been thinking about his own life and doesn’t like what he sees. He tells him that he saw him as a threat and resented him. Belle likens the three of them to “the three stooges.” Shawn and Philip share a brief moment and rap knuckles in unity. Philip wishes he had done things differently. Belle wants them to make a promise that if they get out of this they will go back to Salem and work things more fighting, kidnapping, double-crossing...they will all love Claire and raise her together. Philip agrees. Just then the boat collides with something and the lights go out as water overflows onto the boat.

Claire is crying. Belle tries to soothe her. She thinks they can make it. Philip, Belle, and Shawn rebuild their friendship. Philip remembers how Shawn crossed the desert to save him after he was kidnapped in the war zone (LOL...I thought Shawn did that so Belle could tell Philip she wanted to be with Shawn). Shawn remembers how Philip was his best friend. Belle is crying and starts to sing Amazing Grace. Shawn and Philip join in. Philip touches her hand.

Sami & Lucas’s Apartment

Lucas carries the bride over the threshold and says welcome home. They tease each other and remember that Will is coming home ASAP. Sami is worried that Will hates her for what she did. Lucas tells her that Will can’t wait to come home and that he explained to him about E.J. making her do things against her will. He starts to rant about E.J...thinks he is probably over at the Mystic offices shredding documents showing corporate fraud. Lucas admits to going to the SEC and giving them everything they need to put E.J. away for a long time. Sami worries about what E.J. will do. Lucas is sure that they will live happily ever after for a long time. She asks him how he will feel if the baby isn’t his. He reassures her that he doesn’t care...he’s in love with the mother and will love any child of hers.

Sami is concerned about that E.J. will take the baby and run. Lucas tries to calm her down but just then an angry Kate bursts through the door. She glares at Sami and calls her a lying manipulator... accuses her of blowing the whistle on her company and wants to wring her neck. Sami looks shocked. Lucas tells his mom that it was he who tipped off the SEC. Kate is skeptical and thinks Sami put him up to it. Will comes in and wants to know what is going on. Kate tries to badmouth Sami to him and Lucas puts a stop to it. He hugs Will and pushes his mom out the door into the hallway.

Sami hugs Will and tells him how much she missed him. Out in the hallway, Kate tells Lucas that he hurt and betrayed her. He badmouths E.J. Kate gets sarcastic and asks why he didn’t tell E.J. to stop sleeping with Sami then. Lucas gets irate and tells her that Sami didn’t sleep with E.J. and that he raped her. Kate gets that skeptical look again and warns him that she will go down too if E.J. does and then Lucas will be in for the fight of his life.

Sami pulls out some presents for Will and suggests that maybe they can all go to Mardi Gras someday. She apologizes for embarrassing him. Will is supportive and knows she did what she had to do to save his dad’s life. They hug and say that they love each other. Will gives her a wedding photo album as a present and they look at the pictures.

Kate is upset and wants to know if Lucas is just going to stand by while she rots in jail. Lucas isn’t impressed. She thinks he did this because of her hatred for Sami and wants to know just how vindictive he is going to be. He tells her that he’s not out to get her, he just didn’t have a choice. He tells her how E.J. followed them of their honeymoon. Kate starts crying. She doesn’t think he should destroy her for what E.J. has done. She thinks he is throwing her to the wolves and thought that of all her children they were the closest ...reminds him of how she supported him when he drank.

Lucas doesn’t care. Kate slaps him hard and calls him an ungrateful son. Lucas yells back that she did everything she could to destroy his wedding and humiliate him and Sami on the best day of their lives. Kate suggests they back off, calm down, and talk again in the morning. Sami listens in as he tells his mom that it’s over and that he can’t trust her to be around his until she changes, she can’t be a part of it. Kate leaves and Sami joins him. She tells him she’s sorry and that she hopes Kate comes to her senses. Lucas promises that he is never going to let anyone come between them again.

New Orleans

Celeste and E.J. match wits on either side of the cauldron. Celeste lights it and tells E.J. to remove his shirt. She talks about al...and more hocus pocus...all to find out who the daddy is. E.J. brings out a glove of Lucas’s and a scarf of Sami’s. Celeste’s offering is two peacock feathers. E.J. wraps everything in his shirt, blows on the feathers (even though he feels ridiculous). The feather that survives will tell them everything... LMAO...I can’t believe I am writing this stuff up!!!

Celeste plays on E.J.’s conscious to protect Sami’s unborn child and reminds him of what he did to Lexie. E.J. reminds her that Stefano needs the stem cells. She finally tells him that the baby is his (methinks she is lying) and asks what he is going to do. E.J. is relieved and smiles. He is going to save his father.


Willow smirks and shows Nick the panties in her hand. She tells him that the evidence proves he is guilty even though he is innocent.

At the pub, Hope tells Chelsea that she could have been up front with her. Chelsea asks her about what. Hope tells her about “you and Nick.”

Steve shows Kayla a syringe and says that was the weapon of choice back in the bin. Kayla tells him that they are going to use it to make him better. He replies: “That’s what they always told me.”

A devastated Shawn is soaked to the skin. He tells his dad that he lost his daughter. Belle looks inconsolable.


Wednesday May 23

Pat’s Spoilers

Island - Upstairs: Kayla has taped a bunch of pictures of her and Steve and of their families on the wall. Steve is worried about who is going to paint the walls – he remembers he hates to paint. She shows him a picture of the two of them holding Stephanie as a baby. She tells him every face is looking at him with love - every face is a memory. He asks ‘of what’. She thinks The Beatles had it right – all you need is love. Steve asks if they said anything about tough love. Kayla tells him all love is tough. He wants to know how tough. That depends on how much her patient cooperates. Steve ask Kayla what is in the coffee – it’s just coffee she tells him. He notices the needle she is holding and asks her what it is. She tells him its good medicine. He asks if he is supposed to take her word on that. She answers – he’s supposed to take her word for everything. She tells him it’s a relaxant. He insists he doesn’t need it – he’s fine. She doesn’t think the man who just held a knife to her brother’s throat is fine. He thinks they don’t need that stuff – they got each other, the photos. Kayla agrees that ‘they’ don’t need it but he does. She jabs the needle into his arm.

Kayla asks him if he ready for a walk down memory lane. He says they are just faces to him. He wants to see the hypodermic. He picks it – that was the weapon of choice in the pen. Kayla is sorry about that but they are going to use it to make him better. Steve says that’s the same thing they always told him. Steve is playing his harmonica. He stops and tells Kayla she is so beautiful. She thinks it’s just the medicine talking – this isn’t appropriate doctor patient interaction. He kisses her – he doesn’t need a doctor, he needs his wife. They kiss more – she tells him lucky for him he has both. Kayla tells him the next few weeks aren’t going to be easy. He doesn’t think it can be any worse than the last fifteen years. She tells him that they will undo that. He says ‘you don’t know that’. She tells him there is no other option because they are not leaving this room until she has her husband back. Steve thinks they will be stuck there for a long time. Kayla says that being stuck on a tropical island with the man she loves is not the worse thing that has happened to her.

She doesn’t think he’ll like her much over the next few days because of what she has to do. He asks ‘now what’? She has to try and get inside of his mind. These photos are full of memories and feelings – she wants him to look at these pictures and remember them from his heart not just his mind. She points to a picture of him and says Steven Earl Johnson and names his parents. She has pictures of Jack and Adrienne and Stephanie. He takes the picture of Stephanie and holds it to his heart. Kayla wants him to repeat something again – he’s sick and tired of saying the same thing over and over. He knows the players. Kayla says yes on some level he does. Steve asks if he wants her to recite poetry to them all. He pulls a picture of Stephanie off the wall. Kayla asks if he loves her. She’s his kid. Kayla asks him again – does he love her. Steve tells her to back off – they’re done. Kayla says fine – if you don’t want to face your family how about this. She holds up a picture of EJ. How does that make him feel? He didn’t see that coming. Kayla asks if she should put his picture up with all the family pictures. Steve rips all the pictures down. Kayla says fine – they were just paper. Kayla tells him to get back in bed. Steve doesn’t want her giving him orders. She says EJ. He yells that she can’t fix him. Kayla tells him that failure isn’t an option. They are going to stay here until one of them breaks and it isn’t going to be her. Steve is lying on the bed. Kayla tells him to sleep – she’ll be right there. He tells her he would have been a damn fool not to have fallen in love with her. She reminds him they promised more than love, they promised courage. He thinks she kept that part of the bargain. She thinks he did too – most men wouldn’t have survived what he went through. She lies next to him and cradles him in her arms. He asks her if she is sure his middle name is Earl. She’s positive.

Brady Pub: Hope tells Chelsea that she was hoping her dad would have called by now with some good news. Chelsea has some good news of her own. Nick is going to get his own place so their first time can be special. Hope reminds her that this is a big step. Chelsea knows. They will be safe and responsible. Maggie shows up. She asks Chelsea if she could talk to Hope alone. Chelsea takes Ciara for a walk. Hope wants to know why Chelsea had to leave. Maggie didn’t want to embarrass her. She doesn’t know how to tell Hope this so she’ll just spit it out. She found a pair of Chelsea’s panties under Nick’s bed. Hope wonders if the panties could belong to another girl. Maggie says you are talking about our Nick. Hope reminds her of Billie. Maggie says the indiscretion with Billie aside, Chelsea has been the only girl in Nick’s life since he arrived in Salem. Hope will talk to Chelsea. Maggie isn’t a prude but she would like Hope to ask Chelsea to please respect her home. Hope says if they are having sex than Chelsea is a much better liar than she thought possible.

Chelsea returns, Maggie leaves. Chelsea wants to know what that was all about – what’s she done now. Hope tells her that she could have told her that she and Nick had been intimate with one another. Chelsea insists that nothing has happened between her and Nick yet. Hope tells Chelsea that Maggie found a pair of her panties under Nick’s bed. Chelsea repeats that they haven’t slept together – Nick gave her this big lecture about not wanting to disrespect his aunt. She’s upset for believing him. Hope asks if it is possible that Nick is seeing someone else. Chelsea thinks that if he isn’t he has a lot of explaining to do. Hope tells Chelsea not to jump to conclusions - talk to Nick first. Chelsea wants to know what she would do if she found someone else’s panties under her bed. Hope says kill him – LOL! Willow doesn’t know who she hates more – him or her. Hope answers ‘him’. Chelsea takes off. Caroline pours Hope a coffee – she notices the look on Hope’s face and asks her ‘what is it?’ Hope tells her that Bo called. They found the boat. Shawn, Philip and Belle are alright. They haven’t found Claire yet. She got separated from them somehow. They’re still searching the ocean. Caroline says they have to believe that they will find her.

Nick’s bedroom: Nick has the panties and the note in his hand when Willow knocks on the window. He helps her in. Willow thinks she left something there. Nick holds up the panties. She’s happy he found them – she isn’t exactly swimming in wardrobe choices. He didn’t find them, his Aunt did and now she thinks he has girls coming in and out. If someone is thinking he is having sex he’d like it to be true. Willow gets it – the evidence proves that he is guilty even though he’s innocent. Kind of like her except everyone thinks she is guilty and there is no evidence to prove she is innocent. Nick wants Willow to go he doesn’t care where as long as it’s not here. She’ll go and check if that park bench is available again. Nick doesn’t like hearing that. Willow thinks he did a good thing by letting her spend a night there – his aunt would be proud of him. Nick says the panties are worth more than a thousand words – no one will believe him. Willow sees the newspapers and sees the ad for an apartment and figures out that he’s moving. Great – he has two places to live and she has none. Nick asks her what she wants. She wants the hairbrush. He lies and says he doesn’t have it. Willow really wants a job but she doesn’t know what to put on her resume. Nick brushes her concern aside – she’s free now, she’ll figure it out. She’s free until her trial and then what? Nick callously answers that she will be in jail and she will have a roof over her head. Willow slaps him. Nick apologises – it was a rotten thing to say. Willow knows that all he cares about is Chelsea. She tells him not to worry – the good thing about babies is that they don’t know the difference between a park bench and a soft bed. She is going to leave. Nick stops her – maybe they can figure this out.

Nick knows she can’t get a job or go back to the Y. Willow drops her bag and some of the stuff falls out. She tells him she doesn’t need help – this is her home away from home. He asks her if this is everything she owns. It is. Nick thinks she should take the place advertised in the paper. She should live in it. She would love to but she has no references. Nick will take care of everything. She hugs him and thanks him. Nick pushes her away – he knows how the blackmail thing works. He’ll get her the apartment but he never wants to hear about that hairbrush again. She agrees. Nick gives her a cheque. It’s for first months rent and damage deposit – there has to be some way for her to earn an honest living. She insists that he sign the lease. Chelsea knocks on his door. Nick practically pushes pregnant Willow out the window in his haste to get rid of her. He tells Chelsea his room was a mess – he wanted to straighten it up before letting her in. She wonders if he was picking up the extra pairs of panties his Aunt Maggie found and then told Hope about. Chelsea wants to know who she is. Maybe they should take the panties to the lab. Nick insists that there is no other girl. He thinks the panties belonged to Abby. He’ll ask his aunt if they could be Abby’s. He’s not cheating on her – he loves her – then he kisses her.

Island - Downstairs: Gabby ends her radio transmission with the search & rescue team. She tells Bo that so far there is no sign of survivors. Bo wants to get out there. Gabby stops him as another transmission come in. She tells Bo they found them – they’re alive. Bo wants her to raise them again to find out how they are. Gabby says everyone seems to be fine. They will radio in once everyone is in the chopper. Bo is relieved. Gabby offers to make coffee. Gabby adds some hard liquor to the coffee. She calls in to get another report to get a status on everyone. Bo wants to know about Claire once he finds out everyone is in the chopper. Gabby tells him they can’t find Claire. Shawn wouldn’t come out of the water – they had to send divers in to get him. Bo says the second team is still out there – they must have found her by now. Gabby says they’ll hear something soon.

Bo tells Gabby that they’ll need extra blankets and asks her to alert the doctor. Belle, Shawn and Philip show up – one of the rescuers needs to get vitals on all of them. Bo crouches in front of Belle but she doesn’t say anything. Shawn tells Bo that he lost his daughter. Bo hugs him. Bo brings Belle some hot coffee. Gabby tries to give some to Shawn. He doesn’t want it – he is going back to the chopper. Bo stops him. He’s too weak. Shawn says she’s out there – she needs me. Bo tells him they’re out there. They’ll find her. Shawn mentions putting on her vest and double checking that it was tight enough. There has to be a signal. Bo says they will see the signal. He asks Shawn to tell him what happened. Philip says it’s not Shawn’s fault. I was the last one to hold Claire – he’s the one that lost her. Shawn asks what happened. Philip says she was being pulled from the boat so he grabbed her and held her tight – so tight he thought he was afraid he’d hurt her. A surge pulled them out – he made sure she didn’t take in any water. They got dragged out. He kept telling her not to be afraid – he’d never let her go – he loved her. A wave hit them and they were pulled under – she was ripped from him. He dove down but couldn’t find her. He swears to Shawn that he didn’t let go. Shawn and Philip hug. Belle is just sitting there – she looks like she is in shock.

Bo tells Belle it wasn’t her fault – it’s nobody’s fault. Belle says it should be her out there. Bo assures her they’re not giving up – they’re out there looking for her. Belle thinks they should have found her by now. She talks about all the times over the past few months when Claire was scared she would sing to her. It calmed her and made her feel safe. She cries – there’s no one out there to sing to her. Bo sits next to her. Belle talks about the water being so cold. Claire has a jacket on but the wind just cuts through it. If Claire could just hear her voice maybe she wouldn’t be so scared or feel alone. Gabby gets another radio call. Everyone gathers around. Gabby asks them to repeat the status of Claire Kiriakis and then signs off. They ask her if Claire has been found. She says no. They ask if they got anything off the signal. Gabby says the signal is still not working. They had to pull back. The seas got worse. They’re changing the mission from search and rescue to recovery. Shawn says no, they can’t quit looking. Philip tells Bo to make them search. Bo says he has no jurisdiction there. Belle cries. Shawn tells her she’s not gone. He tells Bo that she didn’t die, she didn’t. He then holds a crying Belle. Freeze frame/cut screen on the four of them.

Preview: Marlena to Hope – Belle isn’t the only person who’s had a visit from John in her dreams. John has come to me also. Philip to Victor – It was my job to keep her safe and now my little girl is gone. Sami to Lucas – I’m happy with who I am and I’m happy with you and our kids. I’m not going to let anyone take that away from me. Tony to EJ – You bring me Samantha Roberts, now!


Thursday May 24

Pat’s Spoilers

Tony & EJ: EJ enters a warehouse. Tony comes out from behind a curtained off area where Stefano is being looked after. They greet each other with controlled civility. EJ comments on the fact that Tony was released from jail early. Tony makes it clear that he expects EJ to treat him with the same respect he reserves for ‘father’. He notices that EJ is travelling solo. He reminds him that their father is fighting for his life. Coming here without Samantha Roberts and the little DiMera she is carrying could be a deadly mistake. EJ asks Tony how he got out so early – he can’t imagine he got out for good behaviour. Tony met with a ‘compassionate’ (translation – a judge he could bribe) judge. EJ asks how father is. Tony replies that he is still in desperate need of those stem cells which brings them back to EJ coming here without the lifesaving remedy. Where is Sami – he was ordered to bring her here. EJ is going to see his father but Tony stops him. If EJ ever hopes to speak to his father again he’ll do exactly as he is told and bring Samantha Roberts now.

EJ thinks that Tony has forgotten that he (EJ) is his son too. Tony asks – who’s been the most loyal? EJ wasn’t aware it was a competition. Tony says trust me – there is no competition. As far as Tony is concerned EJ is a failure, a complete embarrassment to the DiMera name. EJ thinks that is hypocritical – what could Tony accomplish from a jail cell. Tony answers – you’d be surprised. He points out that EJ has accomplished nothing with the entire family fortune at his disposal. John Black is still alive, as are Bo and Shawn and the imbecile Patrick Lockhart. They’re all living while father is on his deathbed waiting for those stem cells that never arrived. EJ’s ineptitude boggles the mind. EJ responds – there is more to this than just his father – his child, a part of him is at risk. Tony asks him if he is putting that unborn bastard ahead of their father’s life. EJ is telling him it’s a consideration. Tony yells that if he does not bring the stem cells necessary to save father’s life there will be hell to pay for both him and his unborn child. EJ doesn’t appreciate the threats. Tony gives EJ a warning – if Stefano dies, so does he and god help that little child he’s so concerned about. He gives EJ a deadline of one hour to bring Samantha to him. He cautions EJ that he (EJ) does not want to disappoint him ever again.

The Roberts’ apt: Sami is almost huge now … LOL! Lucas is trying to feel the baby kick but no luck. Just as he lets go Sami calls him back. They ooh and aah over their baby. They’re sitting on the couch talking about what it will be like when the baby is born. Sami worries about the DNA showing that EJ is … Lucas stops her. He doesn’t care about the DNA – that baby is theirs. He tells her to think positively. The most important thing is who the mother is. Lucas thinks they are finally where they need to be – they have perfect happiness. There’s a 50/50 chance the baby is his – just stay positive. A lot of obstacles were in their way but they got married anyway. They’re finally a family and happy and that’s all that matters. They return from getting the newspaper. Best case scenario for Lucas is that he’ll be king of Mythic and the worse case scenario is not that bad – if he has to get a new job he’ll get a new boss. Anyone has to be better than EJ. They talk about finances. Sami has some savings – she learned her lesson after finding herself penniless that one time. Lucas wonders if he made a mistake by calling the SEC because if EJ skates he’ll come after him and after Sami. Sami tells him it will be fine. She is never going to be EJ’s victim again.

Lucas says the hardest thing he ever did was stop himself from killing EJ with his bare hands for what he did to her. Sami tells him she understands. She sometimes wishes she could have done it but she started thinking about the baby and she couldn’t because she didn’t want the baby’s life to start off like that. She promises her baby that she won’t let anything happen to it. Lucas wishes other people could see this side of her. Sami says for the first time in her life she doesn’t care what anyone thinks of her. All she cares about is him, Will and this baby – they are all that matters. She’s happy with whom she is and she’s happy with where her life is heading and she won’t let anyone take that away from her. Sami and Lucas are making out on the couch when EJ knocks on the door. He leaves an envelope outside the door. When Sami answers there is no one there. They open the envelope. Inside is a copy of The Knot and a note from the editor. She wants to do a follow up interview with Sami. She’s under a deadline and needs to meet her right now at Chez Rouge. They both comment that it’s strange that she didn’t call but Sami decides to go. Lucas is working on the Thank You cards when the doorbell rings. It’s Celeste. When she finds out that Sami isn’t home she tells Lucas that EJ knows that Samantha’s baby belongs to him. Lucas scoffs – she didn’t have the amnio. Celeste says there are other ways. Samantha’s baby was conceived with one thing in mind – to save Stefano’s life.

Brady Pub: Hope tells Marlena it’s like a bad dream. She wonders why God keeps taking their children. Marlena tells her they have to stay strong for the kids. Victor enters – Bo let him know that Philip was coming home today. Hope tells him he’s not welcome there. She accuses Victor of killing Claire. She yells that Philip is not Claire’s father just as Bo and Philip walk in. Philip tells them that he tried to save her. Bo tells them that Belle had to be admitted for shock – she might be there for awhile. Marlena and Hope head to the hospital. Bo tells Hope he’ll be there soon. After they leave Victor tells Bo that he just told Philip that he has hired a search and rescue team to search the waters around the island. Philip tries to tell him she’s gone but Victor says anything is possible. Bo responds – they’d all like to think that but if she had survived someone would have picked her up by now. Victor will not capitulate. Philip asks his father to stop – to let it go. No more arguments. Claire is dead. Can they please let her rest in peace?

Victor asks why he’s the only one being proactive. Philip says how by throwing around money and barking orders. Philip stresses that Claire is gone and she died because of them. They wasted all that time fighting with Shawn and Belle when they should have been working out a compromise. Victor reminds him that Shawn and Belle were going to cut him out of Claire’s life. Philip says he did that himself when he re-enlisted. He took the easy way out. It was his job to keep her safe, he didn’t and now his little girl is gone. Philip knows that Victor taught him to be strong and not accept defeat but they need to face the fact that Claire isn’t coming back. Victor is determined to find her – he has to. His voice breaks – he promised to teach her to ride – she really took to the horses. Philip says he’s sorry – he knows this is hard for him to. Victor wishes he had a little more time with her. Philip tells Victor that on the island Shawn, Belle and Claire were a real family – he was the outsider. But when things got bad they put their differences aside and worked together. Claire was the only thing that mattered. Even though Claire is gone he wants to make things right. Victor asks him if by some stroke of luck Claire is found is he willing to give up his custody suit. Philip insists she is gone. Victor cautions him that until they’re sure about that Philip shouldn’t fraternize with the enemy. As far as he’s concerned Claire is still alive and he won’t rest until she takes her proper place as Claire Kiriakis.

Hospital: Shawn talks to a sleeping Belle. If they only would have come home when Belle wanted to Claire would still be alive. He doesn’t know how he can forgive himself. Belle is restless. She dreams. She sits up in the hospital bed and calls out for Claire. She sees a shadow and asks who is it? Where is Claire? What have you done with my baby? Shawn wishes he could take her pain away. Claire is in heaven now. Back to Belle’s dream – she is demanding to see her daughter. Then she begs – she just wants her little girl. They all tried to save her but it happened so fast. She starts crying – you should have taken me. John materializes. He hugs Belle as she cries that her baby is gone. John says she’s not. That’s what I’ve come to tell you. Your little girl is still alive. Belle asks how? The water was so cold, so rough. John knows she survived because he’s been in this place for a long time, just hovering between life and death. He’s seen everyone that has passed to the other side and he hasn’t seen Claire. She’s still here on earth. Belle asks where? Did someone rescue her? Did someone kidnap her? John only knows that she is alive the rest is up to her. He starts walking away. She doesn’t want him to go. He tells her that he will always be there for her and leaves. Belle screams for him to come back. Shawn can see how agitated she is so he calls for a nurse.

A nurse is giving Belle something when Hope and Marlena arrive. Hope hugs Shawn. Marlena asks about Belle. Shawn tells Marlena he’s sorry. Marlena is glad he is safe and thanks him for taking care of Belle. Shawn says that Belle is having bad dreams. Marlena sits next to Belle and talks to her. Belle opens her eyes. Marlena tells her to let it out. She’s at peace. Claire is with the angels now. Belle says you don’t understand. Claire’s alive – she smiles. Marlena knows that is what she wants to believe right now. Belle insists it’s not denial, Claire is alive. They have to do something – Shawn, please. Marlena asks to be left alone with Belle. Marlena assures Belle she doesn’t think she is crazy. She’s a mother – she shares her loss and remorse. Claire is gone … Belle cuts in and says no, she’s alive. Dad told me. Outside the room Shawn tells Hope he’s really worried about Belle. He doesn’t know what to do. Hope tells him to be there for her, listen, talk to her. She hugs him and finds out he was shot. She asks if it was Steve. He says no. Hope wonders when he and his father were going to tell her about this. They didn’t want her to worry about him. Hope wants him to see a doctor. Shawn refuses – he has more important things to worry about.

Shawn tells Hope that before they lost Claire he had this crazy idea that they were going to be real family. He and Belle had arguments but they worked it out. Everything was great but then he lost Claire. He’s afraid that he’s going to lose Belle too. Hope claims that Belle loves him. Shawn loves her too but how do they move on from this. Back in Belle’s room, Belle tells Marlena that Dad came to her in a dream. It was real. It was right here in this room. He told her that if Claire had passed through to the other side he would have seen her but he didn’t. All they have to do is find her. Marlena doesn’t think Belle is imagining this – remember that she isn’t the only person that John has come to in a dream. Belle exclaims – he was right about Steve. That means he’s right about Claire. Hope tells Shawn that they will get through this. Shawn answers – Claire is what brought us together and now she’s gone. Hope says that he and Belle are going to need each other more than ever, she and Bo did when they lost Zack. Shawn thinks this is different – losing Zack was definite – they had closure. Belle has this crazy idea that they are going to find Claire. He doesn’t know how to deal with that. Bo shows up and asks about Belle. Hope confronts Bo about not being told about Shawn’s gunshot wound. She wants him to convince Shawn to see a doctor. Shawn will see a doctor when Belle’s okay. She needs him, he’s not going anywhere.

Marlena tells Belle not to get her hopes up. Belle asks if Marlena believes her. In Marlena’s experience she has to say it’s a possibility. She mentions the Italian coin they talked about on the phone – she found the coin in John’s hand. Belle thinks it was a miracle. John didn’t want Marlena to give up on him just like he doesn’t want her to give up on Claire. The Brady’s enter. Belle wants them to get the word out that Claire is still alive. Her Dad came to her in a dream and told her. She sees their concerned looks and says you believe me don’t you? Marlena, Bo and Hope leave the room. Belle tells Shawn that her Dad visited her mom in dreams and everything he told her turned out to be true. Mom definitely thinks that there’s a chance Claire is still alive, isn’t that great? Shawn stares. Hope and Marlena talk. When Hope realises that Belle thinks Claire is alive because of some dream she asks Marlena – ‘and you’re encouraging this?’ Marlena says Belle is not the only one that John has come to in a dream – it happened to her too. Hope says you don’t really believe that John came to you in your sleep? Marlena thinks they should talk about this later when things calm down. Bo tells Hope that Marlena talked to him about these dreams a few months ago and it turns out they were pretty much on the money. Hope still doesn’t think it’s a good idea to get Belle’s hopes up. Marlena tells Hope that Belle is her daughter – she won’t lie to her. She leaves to go and see John.

Sami’s car: Sami unlocks her car and gets in. From the back seat EJ reaches over and puts a cloth over her nose and mouth. When she passes out he says – I’m so sorry. I truly am.

Preview: Willow to Shawn – I heard you were back in town. I thought you’d like to know how your baby is doing. Chelsea to Nick – You either tell Willow to take a hike or you can say goodbye to me. EJ to Tony – You’ll have to kill me before you can get a hand on Samantha or my child. Are you clear? (We see Sami tied to a chair). Tony laughs. (The audio was very poor during the previews so I don’t know how accurate these are).


Friday May 25

Pat’s Spoilers

Nick’s bedroom: Nick and Chelsea are making out on the bed. Chelsea exclaims that he is such a great kisser – she can’t wait to find out what else he’s good at. Nick puts the brakes on - not here in his Aunt Maggie’s house. Chelsea mutters that his aunt already thinks she is the slut of Salem – you would think she would recognise Abby’s underwear by now. Nick lies and says his aunt’s eyesight isn’t that great. Chelsea gets off the bed and finds the newspaper with the ad circled. Great – he’s already found a place. Chelsea isn’t saying that they should move in together but for him to have his own place where they can do what they want would be like a dream come true. Nick says it would be but it’s so expensive. Chelsea says he’s doing great at the lab – he could totally afford it. He isn’t so sure. Chelsea offers to pitch in a little – she won’t be moving in but she’ll be spending a lot of time there. When Nick says that sounds great Chelsea starts calling the number. Nick tells her not to call. He doesn’t like rushing into things. He wants to do this right – this is a big deal for him. He’s never had his own place before. He assures her that he wants to get his own place. Chelsea wants to know why he’s acting so jittery then. Just then Willow knocks against the window. Chelsea wants to know what the hell she is doing there. Nick opens the window and asks her what she’s doing there. She forgot her newspaper. Nick tells her to leave after she gets the paper. She says thanks Nicky and he finds any more panties they are hers. Nick tells her to leave.

After she does – Chelsea starts yelling – Nick starts explaining. Willow had no place to stay one night – she slept on his bed and he slept on the floor – nothing happened. He swears. Chelsea wants to know why he was helping her in the first place. Nick tells her that Willow knows he stole the hairbrush. Chelsea says who cares – no one would believe her. Nick says someone could. If I don’t do as she says she’ll sink us both. Chelsea says she’s blackmailing you. Nick would do anything for Chelsea. Chelsea is not okay with this at all. She wants to know if he thinks she started the fire. He thought it was possible at first but now he knows she wouldn’t do anything like that – he would bet his life on that – he did bet his life on it. She believes him. She tells him to tell Willow to get lost – he has to stop letting Willow manipulate him. Next she’ll be asking him to pay her bills and get him an apartment. Nick says she already did. If he finds her a place to live she’ll leave him alone. Chelsea yells at him to be more firm – to be more like EJ – he doesn’t take any crap from anyone. He either tells Willow to take a hike or he says goodbye to her because she won’t share him with a gold digging whore. She continues to give him orders and won’t listen to anything he says. If he wants her he has to prove it. He says no to Willow and he doesn’t back down – she kisses him and leave.

Hospital: - Belle’s Room Belle is showing Marlena pictures of Claire. She’s grown so much – Marlena will see for herself soon. Shawn comes in. Marlena says she is going to see John. Belle wants to go as well – both Shawn and Marlena tell her she needs her rest. After Marlena leaves Belle tells Shawn he needs his rest too. They both have to get better if they’re going to find Claire and bring her home. Shawn doesn’t think Claire is coming home. Belle attacks – how can he say that? Shawn wants Claire to be alive as much as Belle does but … Belle says her father said she is still alive. Shawn reminds her that was a dream. Belle says it doesn’t matter – she believes it. He’s come to her mother in dreams too and everything he told her has come true. Why not Claire? Shawn tells her he isn’t a shrink so he doesn’t know these things work but aren’t dreams just pictures of things we hope for … we wish for. Belle says no – it wasn’t a dream, this was real. Shawn had a dream about Claire but when he woke up … Belle stops him. If he loves her he will believe that Claire is alive and he’ll go with her to look for her. Shawn asks – what if we don’t. What if you’re wrong? What if your dream is just a dream?

Belle wonders what is wrong with Shawn – how can he give up on their little girl? He would give anything for her to alive but he was there – that boat snapped like kindling. There’s nothing left. Belle argues – except for him, her and Philip. Shawn says he had to struggle against the storm to stay alive – he’s a lot stronger than Claire. If Claire was alive they would have found her by now. They had a tracking device on her that was working. Belle says there were a lot of private boats out there – one of them could have picked her up. Shawn asks why hasn’t anyone reported it then. Belle tells him to stop. He’s talking logic and reason and she’s talking about a miracle. Shawn thinks it would be a miracle if Claire were still alive. Belle remembers that he used to believe in miracles. She knows that he’s afraid to believe because if they’re wrong it would be like losing their little girl all over again. Shawn says that’s part of it. She says please don’t tell that you don’t believe in miracles. He does – he thinks the fact they found their way back to each other is a miracle. Belle says they’re getting the best miracle of all. Shawn says it’s not the same. Belle talks about the first island they landed on –finding Claire was a miracle. Right now she really needs the Shawn Brady that never gives up. Shawn says no – what you need is someone that can help you deal with this. It’s definitely not him or her mother. Belle says you think my mother and I are both crazy.

Shawn doesn’t think she’s crazy. She’s been through so much. Belle says they all have but she believes one thing and he believes another. Shawn thinks they need to accept that maybe Claire didn’t make it. Belle asks if she can’t accept it, he thinks she should see a shrink. Shawn tells her she is taking this all wrong. He is just figuring out how they are going to make it through this day without their daughter, and then the next. Belle interrupts him – ‘we’ don’t – if he gives up on Claire, he’s on his own. Shawn wants to know if she is ending things with them when they need each other the most – when they worked so hard to be together. Belle is willing to fight ten times harder to find her daughter and if Shawn isn’t willing she’ll do it herself. She tells him she’s going to see her father and walks out. Shawn tries to stop her but she tells him to take his hands off of her.

DiMera Warehouse: EJ wheels in Sami. Two goons jump up and he orders them out. Tony tells him it’s about time. He tells EJ they’re ready for the surgery. EJ wants Tony’s word that neither Sami nor the baby will be harmed. Tony’s only concern is for their father – that should be EJ’s too. He goes behind the curtain. Sami comes to. She asks EJ what is going on. EJ tells her to calm down – nobody is going to hurt her. His father is dying – he’s on the other side of the curtain. He needs stem cells to survive – he rests his hand on her stomach – stem cells that only the baby can provide. Sami says you can’t force me – she’s not letting him take the stem cells. EJ doesn’t think she’s listening – his father’s life is at stake. Sami doesn’t give a damn about Stefano DiMera she only cares about her baby. EJ says he doesn’t really want to do this like he didn’t want to do a lot of things but he doesn’t care about what she thinks about his father. Their child is the only thing that can save his life. Sami reminds him that they don’t know that he is the father. EJ knows – he tells her about the ritual Celeste performed using the black arts. Sami says let me out. He tells her she can’t go.

Sami opens the door but the two goons stop her. EJ tells her she isn’t going anywhere – he brings her back inside. Sami asks if she is going to kill him. He thinks this child is his because of some voodoo ritual yet he’s will to sacrifice it for Stefano DiMera. EJ repeats the child will not be harmed – he promises – and neither will she. He asks her to please show a little compassion. She asks him where his compassion was when he shot John, when he killed Lexie and Tek or when he raped her? He and his whole sick family don’t even know the meaning of the word. EJ does – he feels it for her. Sami says really then what am I doing here? He says he didn’t have a choice. Sami asks why – because of Stefano. Tony steps out from behind the curtained area and says because he’s not calling the shots. Sami exclaims – you’re supposed to be in prison. Tony smiles and says clearly I’m not. He’s missed the people of Salem especially her. He heard the curse was broken – she made it past the altar and on to wedded bliss. Sami thinks he is as sick and depraved as ever. She would have been married to Lucas much sooner if it wasn’t for EJ. Tony says good things come to those who wait. Sami is still waiting for him to die – him and his entire family. Tony says thanks to you that won’t happen – they just need a few stem cells – there’s really nothing to it. Sami says you are not touching my baby – not as long as I am alive.

Tony has always admired her bravado but realistically there’s only one of her and all of them. He tells her it will only take a few minutes than she can run back to Lucas and her life of domesticity. Sami knows he’ll never leave her or any of the Brady’s alone. Tony says it’s time to get her into surgery – Daddy’s waiting. Sami reminds EJ that he said he would protect her – he has to stop them. EJ tells them to wait and then he tells Sami he’s so sorry. Sami calls him a liar and a coward. He struts around Salem like he’s all that but he’s nothing but another pawn on the DiMera chessboard. He’s a fraud. She cries. She says please EJ – don’t let them do this. Tony reminds Sami that he’s the one in charge. Sami taunts EJ – he says enough – and walks away. The goons put her back on the stretcher – she’s yelling at EJ – if Celeste is right how can he do this to his baby. What kind of man is he – he has to help her. Sami keeps screaming for EJ to stand up to his brother – to protect the baby. EJ hangs back and listens. Tony tells Sami not to worry – after the little procedure the child will be ours – a DiMera to do with as we will. EJ comes out and pushes the goons away and tells them to stop. Tony tells EJ this isn’t his call. EJ wants him to explain what he meant when he said the child would be ours. Tony says they may need access to those stem cells in the future – father’ health may remain fragile. They’re not only taking blood, they’re taking the fetus for safekeeping. EJ answers – know this brother and let there be no doubt – you will have to kill me before you can get a hand on Samantha or my child. You clear? Tony laughs.

Hospital: - John’s Room Marlena talks to John. She tells him Belle is home. She talks about the dream Belle had. She wants to know if he told Belle that Claire was alive because as her mother and a doctor she thinks Belle needs to deal with the truth. She doesn’t know what the truth is. She needs John to tell her and she doesn’t mean in a dream, she needs him awake more than ever. Every day when she walks through that door she prays that this will be the day he responds to her voice, to her touch and he opens those eyes. She knows it will happen – she knows he can hear her. He’ll be exactly the same person. She needs him now more than ever before. The doctor interrupts – he wants to talk about John. Marlena suggests they do that outside. As Marlena is talking to the doctor about a new facility in Bangor, Maine that specializes in patients like John, John is moving his fingers trying to reach the call button. Marlena makes it perfectly clear that she is not sending her husband to an institution – what is best for him is his family. John knocks the call button off the bed. Marlena is very terse and sarcastic with the doctor. They’re faith will pull John through. Marlena goes back into the room. She asks John – I’m right, aren’t I. You are coming back to us.

Marlena is going back to Belle’s room. She tells him they need him – she loves him. She notices the call button hanging to the floor and picks it up. Belle comes in. Marlena says she should be back in her room. Belle needs to see him – she only needs a minute. Belle sits next to John. She tells him she’s back. She mentions the dream – he told her Claire was still alive. She wants to believe that more than anything but almost everyone tells her that is impossible. She needs a sign from him – anything that shows her that is true. Marlena tells her that he is incapable of giving her a sign. Belle pleads – anything so she can go on believing. Marlena tells her that’s enough. He can’t give her a sign. Belle just wants a little more time. Marlena tells her they will come back together tomorrow. She can’t help her father if she doesn’t take care of herself. Belle gets up to leave but John won’t let go of her hand. Belle tells Marlena that he’s not letting go of her hand – he’s coming back.

Hospital: Shawn leaves Belle’s room and sees Willow. She heard he was back in town and thought he’d like to know how his baby is doing. Shawn makes to walk right by her – he’s going someplace she’s not. She asks him if he doesn’t even care about his child. Shawn says my child is dead, she drowned in a typhoon. Willow didn’t know – she’s sorry. Shawn tells her to stop because the only person she cares about is herself. Willow says that is not true. And for a guy for who just lost his daughter she thought he’d be a little more sensitive to the unborn baby he left behind. Shawn sneers – you know damn well that baby isn’t mine. Willow insists it is his and she will prove it. Shawn tells her to say what she wants, do what she wants but to stay the hell away from him. She tells him to get over himself – she’s found someone else that is going to take very good care of her. And after this whole thing with Claire she doesn’t think she’ll let him any where near their kid.

Preview: Hope to Willow (Shawn is there as well) – Watch what comes out of your mouth. Willow – What are you going, Grandma? Hope – I’m going to make it my business that you’re the one that never gets to see your child. EJ to Tony (with the goons behind him and Sami beside him) – The only way you’re going to stop me from leaving here is cold blooded murder. Belle to John – Please, Dad come back. We need you. Marlena – John, please, do it for me. Hope to Shawn – What do you want to do? Shawn – We’re going to hit her with everything we’ve got. The Brady’s are going to war.


Monday May 28

Janice’s Spoilers

Dimera Warehouse

Tony is irate and reminds E.J. that they are talking about their father’s life. E.J. holds Sami close to him and replies that he took an oath to his father and not to Tony but for the stem cells only and not the baby. Guns are drawn as the verbal battle goes on. Tony insists that when Stefano can’t run things that he is in charge and that E.J. must take his orders. He threatens him if he doesn’t put Sami back on the bed. E.J. responds that the only way Tony can stop them leaving is through cold-blooded murder and then he can explain to Stefano why he killed his favorite son.

E.J. continues to shield Sami (now crying) as he confronts Tony and tells him to go ahead and shoot them in the back and then tell their dad how he stupidly authorized the death of his favorite son. He takes Sami and leaves. Tony is incensed.

In the Car

Sami tells E.J. that she thought they were dead for sure and can’t figure out why Tony didn’t give his guns the order to shoot them when they left. E.J. thinks he wouldn’t dare do it without Stefano’s okay. He thinks Sami should thank him for getting them out alive and doesn’t think that Stefano will send Tony after them... would never harm a child. Sami is amazed considering E.J. got her into this mess in the first place. E.J. tells her he adores her but Sami brushes him off and says only her family is allowed to adore her.

E.J. reassures Sami that his father would never harm the mother of his grandchild. Sami isn’t so sure about the rest of her family though. She wants to know why Stefano has such an obsessive hatred for the Bradys. E.J. tries to defend his father and says there is nothing to worry about because Stefano isn’t a murderer, their family is different and everyone knows their place. You don’t ask questions about that sort of thing. Sami thinks it’s all semantics and that Stefano just hires murderers to do his dirty work. She reminds E.J. that he made himself the black sheep today by helping her and notes how she has been the black sheep in her family. She tries to convince him to break the pattern/change the rules now and go to Stefano and tell him how he feels about the baby, his grandchild. She wants a truce for the Dimeras and the Bradys...wants Stefano to change for the baby.

E.J. is astonished at her request. Sami assures him she isn’t joking. She thinks that it’s worth trying if he really thinks the baby is his. She looks at her tummy and says that this life could end the feud. He thinks that Stefano would want to know what would be in it for him. Sami promises that she would allow them to take the stem a real hospital and with a real doctor...where it would be safely done. She dares E.J. to be courageous and do this. He doesn’t think there is a chance in hell that Stefano would agree and wants to know why Sami would do this. She tells him that she is doing it for her family and wants a guarantee that Stefano would never hurt them again.

E.J. can’t believe she would save Stefano. Sami talks about being the black sheep again and about the photo at the wedding reception. She believes that Tony will avenge his father’s death by taking it out on the Bradys if she doesn’t help, and begs him to talk to his father. E.J. thinks she is being noble but asks how talking to his father will benefit him. He makes a grab for an unwilling Samantha who starts to pummel him.

E.J. starts laughing and claims he was just teasing Sami. Sami sees red and reminds him of where they are and of how he raped her in a car. He tells her he’s sorry. She says it’s not enough and to live with it just like she has to live with what he did to her. He adores her. She reminds him she’s married. He thinks that is Lucas’s problem and won’t give up. Sami tells him to shut up and says that there may be a possibility that some day they could be friends if he agrees to talk to his father...but that’s all. E.J. says that’s all he’s ever wanted and smiles again. Sami tells him he’s a slime. He jokes that at least he is honest about being slimy. Sami plays hardball and tells him to broker a permanent ceasefire between the Dimeras and the Bradys... E.J. grins and says: “And...and... darling?” She just tells him to do it and gets out of the car.

John’s Hospital Room

Even though Marlena doubts her, Belle is sure that her dad grabbed her hand. Marlena goes to John and asks if he can hear them. She flashes a light in his eyes while Belle begs him not to let go of her hand. Marlena goes for the doctor. Belle begs her dad to wake up and open his eyes. She starts talking to him as the doctor and her mom watch for signs. The doctor notes that John’s heartbeat jumped at the sound of her voice. John moves his finger at the doctor’s request. Marlena begs John to open his eyes for her.

Marlena and the doctor encourage John to come out of his coma and to remember the dream. She flashes a light to his eyes again and tells him to find the light and move his fingers. John does and finally opens his eyes slightly. Marlena and Belle are thrilled and Marlena asks John if he had a sweet little dream. The doctor talks about therapy for his muscles and speech. Belle pushes to find out about her dream and if Claire is really alive as he starts to close his eyes again. The doctor tells them that he will still need to do a brain scan but that John’s vitals look good.

Marlena finally steps in and tells John that Belle needs his help. She asks him if Claire is alive. A semi-conscious John finally nods his head. She finally convinces Belle to go back to her room and rest with the promise that they will all have breakfast together tomorrow. Belle tells her dad that she loves him and that she has gotten two miracles now—he came back and Claire is alive and will be back before they know it. She leaves. The doctor talks about John being released as soon as possible and leaves. Marlena goes to John and tells him he needs his rest as well. John moans and Marlena tries to guess what he wants. She finally gives him a pad and pen and he scribbles the word “kiss”. He has a very tiny smile on his face as Marlena laughs and starts to kiss him. He strokes her face and the show ends with the camera on this moment.

Hospital Corridor

It’s a free-for-all as Shawn, Willow, and Hope go for the jugular.

First off, with Hope listening in, Shawn calls Willow a liar. Willow waves the DNA results report in his face...asks if he is calling her a skank or a whore. She caps that by telling him that given how he went off with Princess Belle, he is the last man she would want to be the father of her baby. He doesn’t know what the hell she wants him to say and doesn’t think she can blame him for thinking she lied when that is what she does best.

Hope to the rescue. First she calls Willow a bitch...yada...yada...about Willow being responsible for the fire...Willow denying it...thinks she can take care of her baby just fine without them...Hope countering that its not up to her...Hope attacking Willow’s mothering talents...her selfishness...challenging her to think of what is best for the baby. Willow’s claws come out. She says that Hope thinks she is better than everyone. She tells Hope that she will be a mother who doesn’t let her child play in the street so it will stay alive...and won’t let her baby drown. Shawn tells her to shut her damn mouth. Hope slaps her hard on the cheek and tells her to watch what comes out of her mouth. She tells Willow that she is going to make it her business that Willow will never get to see her child.

Willow tells them that she has someone else to take care of her and the baby and doesn’t need them. Hope is exasperated and asks her what her agenda is. She wants Hope and Bo to get her cleared of charges and keep her out of jail permanently. Shawn can’t believe that Willow would use the baby to stay out of jail. She thinks he would do the same thing. He argues that if he did wrong then he would accept the consequences. Hope refuses to help her and says she and Bo do have influence and will use it against Willow. Willow leaves. Hope asks Shawn what he wants to do. Shawn puffs out his chest and says that they are going to hit Willow with everything they have and take her down...the Bradys are going to war.

Hope tells him that she and his father have already filed for custody because they thought that is what he would want them to do. Shawn backs away from the idea...still reeling from losing Claire and wondering how he will tell Belle that she is dead, as well as about Willow and the baby...he has a spare on the way and guess who the mother is... Hope tells him he needs to be honest with Belle and tell her ASAP.


( Not phone

John asks in a hoarse voice: “The doctor. What did he say?” Marlena smiles and says: “He’s says he is sick of you lounging around this hospital and he wants you out of here.”

An angry Willow says: You know what, Fallon, it’s not that easy to get rid of me.”

Stephanie says: “Use it or lose it.”

Bo: “About Claire. I have some information from Tinda Lao, but I need to know that Philip can be trusted.”


Tuesday May 29

Janice’s Spoilers


With Marlena and Hope on either side of him, John takes a stroll down the hospital corridor. Both are so excited that he is awake again. They make it back to his hospital room and run into Roman who gives him a big hug, welcomes him back, and tells him it’s good to see him up and around. Roman doesn’t want to rush him, knows he just woke up, but wants to know if he can positively identify E.J. as the son of a bitch who shot him.

Shawn is with Belle in her hospital room. Belle is remembering John holding her hand and waking up. She is sure the dream was real and that Claire is alive. Shawn wants to be realistic and doesn’t think there is a chance. Belle thinks he believes she is delusional and asks him just to consider the possibility that Claire isn’t gone. Shawn wants them to deal with the reality that Claire is indeed gone. Philip shows up just then and tells Shawn that he doesn’t know that for sure.

Philip goes up to Belle with a pink rose (her favorite color) and kisses her cheek. He asks her how she is feeling and then asks Shawn about his shoulder. Shawn cuts him off and tells him that it’s wrong to give Belle false hope...he says it’s common sense. Belle is upset and says she doesn’t care about common sense...a mother knows and until she sees evidence to the contrary, she intends to keep on looking for Claire and will even launch her own rescue team with or without him. Shawn tells them that he has been praying to God in the hospital chapel but that God isn’t listening. Belle turns and asks Philip if he believes that Claire might still be alive.

Marlena explains to Roman that John remembers going to the boathouse and waiting for E.J... remembers losing radio contact, but that is all. Hope is sure that John will start to remember more.

Roman leaves. He runs into Bo who asks how John is doing. Roman tells a disappointed Bo that John’s memory is sketchy and then gives Bo the forensics report from Tinda Lao. Bo opens it up and it has Claire’s lifejacket. Roman suggests that he go and tell the kids.

Back in Belle’s room...Philip tells her that she knows he would give anything for Claire to be alive and that if she believes it, he wants to believe it. Shawn isn’t a happy camper. Philip reasons with him that they are all entitled to deal with this in their own way and he is just telling Belle how he feels. Bo shows up and is hostile towards Philip because of his unfriendly-family decisions of late regarding Claire. He blames Philip for what has happened to Claire...has some information for Shawn and Belle but doesn’t trust Philip. Shawn defends Philip but Bo is still wary. He pulls out the life jacket, explains that the coastguard pulled it out of the water. He asks if it is Claire’s.

John’s doctor checks his reflexes and mobility. Marlena is smiling and thinks it’s a miracle. The doctor taps John’s knee and John whispers/ growls: “Watch it pal!” to the amazement of the others.

Shawn identifies the life jacket as Claire’s. Shawn, Philip, and Belle don’t understand how it came off her. They were sure they made it tight and secure. Bo tells them that the tracking gage was rigged...cut off. The others are shocked.

Marlena manages to get John to talk when she teasingly says: “Do you want to have naughty sex?” John replies in a hoarse voice: “Hell yes! When?” The doctor tells them they will talk later and leaves. Marlena tells John she’ll be right back and follows the doctor. There is a knock on the door and Hope appears. He points to her and whispers “baby.” Hope grins and tells him they had a little girl. They hug and she tells him they have so much catching up to do, it’s so good to have him back, and that they should have a huge party at the pub when he is feeling up to it.

Belle is shocked. Shawn wonders if the vest was cut clean deliberately and if someone found Claire... meaning she is still alive. Philip thinks someone found her and pulled her out of the ocean. Bo tells them that the civilians who helped in the search and rescue are being questioned and that the coast guard has re-listed Claire as missing. Belle is thrilled. Bo leaves to go talk to John and Marlena. Shawn apologizes for doubting Belle. Belle is excited that they will be a family again. Philip follows Bo out and apologizes for what has happened. He explains that when Claire is back, she will go home with Shawn and Belle and that he will have visitation rights. Bo wonders where Victor fits into all this.

Marlena and the doctor talk in the corridor. He’s a little worried about residual trauma but gives the okay for her to take John home.

Hope and John are still hugging. She tells him that he has been such an amazing friend and a good man. Marlena comes back and tells John the good news. He’s a happy camper.

Philip is sure that Victor will respect his wishes. Bo is still skeptical and tells him he better not be screwing with him. Back in Belle’s room, Belle thinks about having Claire back home and how she will go to sleep every night knowing that she is so loved...they will get a place of their own with a big back yard. Shawn gets serious and tells her there is something she needs to know. He explains that something happened before they got back together and about him being the father of Willow’s baby.

Hope is excited that John can go home. She goes to find Bo. Marlena explains to John that while he was gone, the place was so empty and lonely without him that she moved them out. She hopes that is okay with him. John whispers that it’s okay as long as she saved the bed. She giggles and tells him she did and he says: “It’s all good!” They start to kiss.

Hope tells Bo that John is going home. She spins him around to see John and Marlena walking towards them. John pulls a fast one on Bo and asks him if the cops have found his kidney. Then he says: “Gotcha!” and they hug. Bo grins and tells him it’s good to have him back where he belongs.

Empty Apartment

Willow talks to her unborn baby about how great the apartment is. Nick shows up and tells her the deal is off. Willow rags on Chelsea, blackmails Nick about the hairbrush, and pushes for more. Nick finally signs the lease and pays the first month’s rent. After the real-estate lady leaves, Willow decides to con Nick into giving her money for furniture. He gives her his credit card, tells her she would have more friends if she didn’t keep acting like a whore, and slams out of there.

The Brady Pub

Chelsea is feeding adorable Ciara a bottle of milk when Stephanie shows up. She explains that she is babysitting because Hope and Bo have gone to see John at the hospital and that he has just woken up from his coma. Stephanie cracks a few comments about her parents being AWOL and segues into asking Chelsea what her summer plans are. Chelsea just wants to sleep in, but Stephanie wants her to join her in making a boatload of money and becoming working girls for the summer.

Chelsea thought Stephanie would be back in Dayton for the summer but Stephanie nixes that idea...wants to stay because of her dad...goes on about how her dad treats her mom like garbage...wants to be around when he dumps her mom again. She goes on to explain that she wants to enroll in Salem University in the fall but it’s very costly and suggests that she and Chelsea fly the friendly skies and become flight attendants.

Chelsea mentions that they don’t have any training. Stephanie explains that her boyfriend Jeremy has leased a private jet, complete with bar, with his friend to fly high rollers to Vegas and back. He’s looking for hot chicks to serve drinks, etc....outstanding paycheck and lots of tips. Chelsea is reluctant. Stephanie makes fun of Nick...doesn’t think he rocks Chelsea’s world. Chelsea is upset and tells Stephanie that she doesn’t know Nick like she does and should show more respect. Stephanie starts bragging about bad-boy Jeremy.

Chelsea isn’t interested in the summer job. She tells Stephanie that Nick is a great guy and she is totally into him. Stephanie backs off on Nick but still pushes Chelsea to take the job. Nick arrives. Chelsea asks him how things went with Willow. He wants to talk about it later and tells her it wasn’t his finest moment. Stephanie leaves so they can talk in private. Nick thinks Chelsea will hate him and tells her about Willow’s continuing blackmail and threats. Chelsea tries to understand. She asks him to watch Ciara for a few minutes and leaves to catch up to Stephanie. She tells Stephanie to count her in and that she is willing to meet with Jeremy...and if he likes what he sees... Stephanie is ecstatic and they hug.


Belle asks Shawn: “What does this mean, Shawn? What does this mean for you and me?”

Willow taunts Philip: “You want Belle, don’t you? That’s what all this is really about.”

A shocked John watches as Sami runs to him and hugs him. Marlena is smiling in the background.

Tony tells E.J.: “This is on your back now...along with your dear Samantha.”


Wednesday May 30

Pat’s Spoilers

Brady Pub – Part 1: Sami and Lucas are having lunch. Lucas insists that Sami tell Bo and Roman that EJ and Tony kidnapped her. Sami reminds him that EJ is also the one that saved her. EJ didn’t know that Tony had planned to take the baby. Lucas is extremely sceptical about that and lets Sami know it. Sami says you didn’t see the look on his face. Lucas says EJ has only one look – the cold-hearted one. Sami says no, it was different. He was vulnerable. Lucas thinks EJ was just playing her. Sami asks – then why didn’t he let Tony do what he wanted to do? Lucas doesn’t have an answer but he knows one thing – the DiMera’s want their baby. Sami thinks there is only one way to stop them which is why she told EJ to offer Stefano a deal. She will let them take the stem cells if Stefano will give them some guaranty that this vendetta against the Brady’s will end. Lucas asks her if she is insane.

Tony & EJ: They meet in some dark alley. Tony thinks it’s an interesting spot – very cloak and dagger although he prefers a foggy pier. EJ wants to know if father has thought about Samantha’s offer. Tony says yes, long and hard. EJ wants to know if Samantha gives them the blood cells will the DiMera’s leave the Brady’s alone. Tony smiles. EJ assumes that Stefano has agreed to the terms. Tony says no, they will not end the vendetta. EJ can’t believe that, without the stem cells he’s going to die … he then realises that Tony never talked to Stefano about Sami’s offer. Tony tells EJ he still doesn’t get it. He’s back, little brother. He’s in charge. He decides who talks to father and who doesn’t. EJ says so father is going to die so you can show me who’s the boss? Tony has no intention of letting his father die and he will get those cells from EJ’s spawn. EJ says ‘and Samantha?’ Tony replies that people pay for their mistakes as will EJ. EJ reminds Tony that Sami is carrying a DiMera baby. EJ thinks Tony is jealous of his relationship with father and the fact that he is the one giving him a grandchild. Tony warns EJ to worry about himself – he is the one that defied orders. When father was told he was so upset that he turned his face to the wall meaning that EJ is no longer his favourite son and he no longer has Stefano’s protection. Tony goes on to say the target is now on Elvis and Samantha and then he walks away.

Hospital – Part 1: Bo escorts John out of his hospital room commenting that only John could come out of a coma looking like he just woke up from a 10 minute nap. John feels refreshed. Bo and Hope tell John they missed him. Salem hasn’t been the same without him. John says one thing is the same – EJ is still out there. Hope tells him it’s not his fault he can’t remember. Bo thinks they’ll still be able to get EJ with John’s help. They’ll bring EJ down to the station for questioning and then John can walk in, back from the dead. It will blow EJ out of the water. Hope says with EJ already being stressed because of the SEC investigation this is a good time to lean on him. John thinks it’s worth a shot. Marlena appears with his release papers and a wheelchair – his chariot awaits. John isn’t getting in that. Marlena says he doesn’t have to – he can stay at the hospital for another five or six months if he wants to. John practically leaps into the chair and tells her to drive – LOL! He wants to stop at the Brady Pub – he does remember the world’s best chowder. They can start that party now. Bo says he will get him the chowder and then they can start working on those plans on how to catch a snake.

Belle thinks Willow is lying. Shawn did too until he saw the DNA test that showed he is the father. Belle asks if he is sure the test was real. He doesn’t think Willow is that good of a liar. Belle wants to know what this means for them. Shawn doesn’t think this baby will make any difference in their lives. Belle thinks that Willow will make all kinds of demand and threaten to keep his child from him if he doesn’t do what she says. Shawn says that won’t happen because Willow already told him that she doesn’t want him anywhere near the child – she doesn’t think he’s a very good father. Shawn wants to know how Belle feels about this. She calmly says ‘these things happen’. He says yeah when you’re dumb and irresponsible. Belle gets up and tells him it sucks. This is the last thing that they need when their daughter is missing. She’s not going to pretend that she can care about this baby now. Does her really want to know how she feels. She slaps him.

Belle apologises. Shawn says he deserved it. Belle thinks the timing is terrible – their daughter is missing and all they can talk about is Willow. She’s afraid that Willow and her baby are going to prevent them from finding their daughter. Shawn assures her that he won’t let Willow get in the way of them finding Claire. Claire will get their full attention. Belle tells him that his baby will need his father. He needs to be there for his child and she will be to – they’ll do it together. Shawn breathes a sigh of relief because Belle let him off the hook so easily. He thinks she is amazing – LOL I have a whole lot of other words and amazing isn’t one of them. Belle tells him to go and talk to Willow. Shawn whines. Belle insists – he should tell Willow that he doesn’t want to fight with the baby’s mother. Think of the child. Shawn caves – he’ll make peace with Willow. He promises her they’ll find Claire. Belle knows it is going to be expensive to launch a search like this. Shawn has no money. Belle says they’ll borrow. Shawn says no – he’ll get a job. Belle insists their parents will want to help.

Willow’s Apt – Part 1: Philip knocks on the door and asks if he can come in. Willow is sorry about what happened to Claire. Philip tells her that they have reason to believe Claire is alive. Willow is happy to hear that. Philip has a favour to ask. He apologises for the way he treated her in the past. He wants her to take it easy on Shawn Brady. Don’t use her baby to punish him. Willow reminds him that it wasn’t that long ago he was paying her so he could use her baby to get revenge on Shawn. Philip says things have changed. They almost died in that storm. Just before the storm hit things became clear. Claire could die because the three of them were fighting over her. They promised that if they survived they would put this behind them. Willow thinks this is a classic triangle – two buddies in love with the same girl. He wants Belle – that’s what this is about. Philip has no interest in getting back with Belle. He asks her how she would feel if someone tried to take her baby away. She tells him that she already knows what that is like. Philip says if she agrees to do him this favour they need to discuss her price. She says it’s a freebie – professional courtesy from one whore to another. (Actually that statement makes absolutely no sense to me at all).

Brady Pub – Part 2: Sami insists she is not crazy. The DiMera’s have been tormenting her family long enough. It has to stop. Lucas doesn’t think she’s the one that should be brokering a peace. As far as he is concerned EJ is just another DiMera foot soldier assigned to the Brady’s to make their lives a living hell. Sami says she doesn’t trust EJ but she believes he wants this to end almost as much as she does. Lucas reminds her that EJ is the man who raped her, who tried for months to stop them from getting married now she’s giving him a free pass because he showed an ounce of humanity. Sami thinks that Lucas is missing the point. This isn’t about them. This is about ending the feud. They can do that because she has something the DiMera’s desperately need. She wishes it wasn’t their baby’s stem cells but they can find a way to do it safely that won’t harm the baby. They’re still arguing when Sami sees John and Marlena walk into the pub followed by Bo and Hope. Sami tells John that she knew he was out of the coma but she can’t believe he’s here, he’s back. She tells him she missed him so much and hugs him – John looks bewildered – LOL! Marlena beams.

John says if he knew it was going to be like this he would have woken up a long time ago. Sami apologises for the ways things were between them. She’s sorry for the way she behaved. She’s happy for her mom that he is well and back. Everyone there is happy that John is back. John tells Lucas he is sorry that he missed the wedding – he heard it was eventful. Sami calls it another Sami Brady showstopper but this time she got her happy ending. John welcomes Lucas to the family. Sami invites them all to join her and Lucas. Lucas is very glad John is there and feeling better – he wanted to talk to both him and Bo. Lucas tells Sami he’s sorry, he has to tell them. Sami was threatened by Tony DiMera. They want her baby. He thinks she could be in real danger this time. Sami thinks that Lucas is overreacting. John is surprised that Tony is out of jail. Bo wants Sami to tell them what happened. Sami says that EJ took her to this warehouse where Stefano was being prepped for surgery. Another shocker – Stefano is in Salem. Lucas says he checked the warehouse but they must have taken off after Sami wouldn’t give them stem cells. Another shocker. Sami says Stefano is dying and he needs the stem cells. Lucas explains that because of Celeste’s voodoo ritual EJ believes he’s the father of Sami’s baby. Marlena wants to know if Sami has told her father about this. Sami didn’t want to involve anyone else. She knows that they want the stem cells so that is why she offered the deal. She said she would let Stefano have the stem cells if she could get some kind of guaranty that the vendetta would end. Bo is excited – he tells John they can use this. He’ll bring EJ downtown for questioning and then bring in his surprise witness – John. EJ doesn’t know that John is out of the coma so when he sees him standing there he’ll break. They’ll have one less DiMera to worry about – EJ will be put away for the rest of his life.

Sami thinks it’s an awful idea. If they do this it will ruin everything. They have to think beyond EJ. Think about all of the DiMera’s – they’ve been tormenting their family and they don’t know why. They spend all of their lives looking over their shoulders wondering what the DiMera’s are going to do next. She wants them to let her try and handle it her way. Lucas says it’s too dangerous. John agrees. Bo says her deal depends on Stefano holding up his end of the bargain. That will never happen. He doesn’t think she should be involved. She can’t help but be involved – this is her baby. Hope thinks Sami is right. If there is even the slightest chance of getting the DiMera’s off Sami’s back and ending over 25 years of war Sami should go for it. Sami’s cell rings. It’s EJ – he needs to see her right away. It’s a matter of life and death. Sami tells EJ to hang on. She tells everyone what he said. Bo tells her to tell him to come here. Sami tries to convince them to hold off. Lucas asks her not to get involved – if she won’t do it for him, do it for the baby. Sami agrees to get EJ to come to the pub but she makes it clear that she doesn’t agree with this. Sami tells EJ that she is at the pub. He’s on his way. Sami tells everyone that if EJ comes here he’s going to think she set him up again and they’ll lose all chance of getting the DiMera’s to agree to a peace between them. Hope and Marlena both agree with Sami. It becomes a men vs women thing. All the women have their say but Bo says you’re asking me to trust Stefano DiMera. The answer is no. Let the police handle this. Sami says, really, the way you’ve been handling it so far?

Sami apologises. She didn’t mean that the way it sounded. She knows that they have all worked very hard to stop the DiMera’s but no matter what they’ve tried to do it doesn’t seem to help. She thinks it’s time to do something different. Lucas says not at the risk of her and the baby. John agrees – she’s out. Sami asks them if they believe she won’t still be in danger, EJ will be out of jail in 5 minutes. Bo doesn’t think so – they’ll get him in jail and then they’ll have something the DiMera’s want. Hope says and the feud will go on and on. Bo asks if they’re just supposed to forget about all the crimes they’ve committed. Sami says they can’t change the past but they can do something about the future. Lucas says no. Bo tells John it’s time to hit the road. John and Marlena kiss and then John goes into the back. EJ enters – he needs to talk to Sami. Bo tells EJ he needs to ask him some questions down at the station. EJ came to talk to Samantha, not the police. Bo says too bad – we have a lot to talk about, Tony, Stefano, things like that. Either he comes on his own or Bo will get a warrant. EJ will play his game for the umpteenth time and for the umpteenth time Bo will find out he has nothing to hold him on. EJ needs a word with Samantha – it’s very important. Lucas doesn’t want Sami talking to EJ but she tells him she’ll stay right here. She goes to the bar and EJ follows her. She tells EJ this wasn’t her choice. Her offer is still open. EJ tells her that Tony said no. It gets worse. Tony is out for blood, not just the baby’s. You and I are in grave danger.

Hospital – Part 2: Philip arrives just as Shawn is about to leave to go and see Willow. Shawn leaves. Belle asks Philip if he knew that Willow was pregnant with Shawn’s baby. He admits that at one point he was so angry with Shawn that he agreed to help take care of her just so he could try and control what happened to the baby. Belle thanks him for being honest. Philip is happy that Shawn told her – it looks like they worked it out. Belle says they did. Shawn has gone to try and work things out with Willow but she doesn’t have much hope. Philip has a feeling things will work out – he made Willow an offer she couldn’t refuse. He thought Shawn could use a break after everything he put him through with Claire. Belle thanks him. Philip thinks it would be best if Shawn didn’t know – guys like to think they figured everything out on their own. Belle tells him he’s a good man. She’s glad she finally remembered that. He’s glad he remembered it as well. Belle wants to start looking for Claire as soon as she gets out of there. Philip is already on it. He’s hired a private investigator. He’s starting with the private boats that were involved with the search. Someone had to see something – they’ll find Claire. He’s sure of it. Belle has missed their friendship. She hopes they’ll always be friends. Philip is happy to hear her say that. He’s been thinking about her and Shawn – they’re going to need a place to live. Belle hasn’t even given it a thought. Philip tells her she doesn’t have to. He wants them to move into mansion. They can work together as a team to find Claire. What does she think?

Willow’s Apt – Part 2: Shawn shows up – he wants to talk. He came to apologise. He’s sorry for the way he treated her and for not believing her about the baby – that was wrong. He doesn’t want them fighting over the baby. He never wants to do that again. He doesn’t want to put a kid in the middle. He wants to be a father to this baby in every way if she’ll let him. Willow has been thinking of what’s best for her baby. She grew up in a house where her parents always fought and made the kids choose sides. She doesn’t want her child to have to go through that. She loves this baby – she wants this baby to have both a mother and father. Shawn says that’s what it’s going to have. Willow says it’s a boy. Shawn smiles. Willow swears she didn’t start the fire in his parent’s house. Shawn wants to believe her but no matter what happens he’ll be there for her. She’ll let him know if she needs anything. She gives him a word of advice. Don’t trust Philip. He’s not your friend.

Preview: Grandpa Shawn to Hope – Ask me anything you like. Hope – Why are we at war with the DiMera’s? Grandpa Shawn – Anything but that. Shawn to Philip – Why is it so important for you that we move in? Philip – Because I want to find Claire. Shawn – I think it’s more than that Philip. Bo (grinning) to EJ – I got another little surprise for you. John – Hello Elvis. Sami (duct taped to the driver’s seat of her call) screaming – Help me. Somebody please help me.


Thursday May 31

Pat’s Spoilers

Hospital: Belle thinks moving in to the mansion will be weird. Philip asks why – he assumed her and Shawn would be living together. It’s not that – Belle meant the three of them in his father’s house. She doesn’t feel warm and fuzzy about his Dad. Philip tells her they’ll be in the east wing, far from his dad. They banter about the Bikini hotel and rooms with ocean views. Philip asks if he should call the maid to get the room ready. She wants to wait until they talk to Shawn. Philip stresses that this is about the three of them working together to find Claire. Shawn walks in. Belle brings up living arrangements. Shawn says they’ll have to look for something temporary. Belle is pleased they will be living together. Philip asks Belle if it’s okay to ask Shawn and she nods. Philip wants them to move in to the mansion – they’ll have a separate wing – complete privacy. Belle says he thinks if we’re all together we’ll have a better chance of finding Claire.

Shawn appreciates the offer but he can’t. It doesn’t feel right – he’s been leaning on people too much lately. Philip understands but priorities shift – Claire is Shawn’s number one priority – do what is right for her. Shawn doesn’t see how it’s going to be easier moving into the mansion. Philip says for one all your expenses will be covered. Shawn refuses to live under the same roof as Grandpa Victor. Philip tells him that Victor is away on business – he’ll be gone for a few months. Belle wants to do this. She doesn’t want to worry about getting a job or an apartment. She just wants to focus on finding Claire. Shawn wants to know why it’s so important to Philip that they move in. Philip answers because I want to find Claire. Shawn thinks it’s a helluva lot more than that. Philip wants to know what this is about – he already told him the reason. Smug Shawn makes a smart ass remark. Philip thought the three of them agreed to work together at this. Shawn says that doesn’t mean they have to be together all the time. Philip realises that Shawn doesn’t trust him. Belle tries explaining the benefits of working together – round the clock. Shawn can’t shut off old feelings that easily. Philip tells him the clock is ticking. Shawn says and what if we don’t find Claire. Belle tells him not to think like that – to put his pride aside. Shawn lies and says it has nothing to do with pride. Both Philip and Belle want to know the real reason that Shawn’s doesn’t want to move in.

Shawn doesn’t how to say it without sounding like a jerk but the reason is if they move in Philip is always going to have the upper hand. He thinks right now they’re even (LMAO). Belle wants to know if his feeling threatened by Philip is what this is all about. Shawn thinks that if the three of them have an argument they’re going to have to cave in because Philip will be the one feeding them and housing them. Philip insists he’s doing this because he’s desperate. He needs their help to find Claire. No one else knows what it’s like to wake up wonder where Claire is at, if she’s okay. There are no strings attached in fact Philip feels he owes them. Belle says this was a freak accident. Philip thinks it’s on him. When he left last fall he was only thinking of himself – Claire suffered because of him and his ego. He wants them to know how sorry he is. He tells Shawn he knows that things will never be the same between them again but can’t they put their differences aside for Claire’s sake. Shawn squirms. Belle wants to talk to Shawn alone. Philip leaves them a key for the front door. He’ll tell the maid to get the guest room ready just in case. He leaves. Belle thinks moving in is a good idea. Shawn doesn’t like the idea of living under Philip’s roof and the Philip making all the decisions. That argument isn’t ringing true to Belle. There’s something else going on. Shawn doesn’t trust Philip.

Shawn tells Belle to open up her eyes – is she going to let Philip get to her. The guy kidnapped her and Claire (what a load of bull!) Belle claims Philip has changed. Shawn snarls people don’t change. Belle tells him he’s wrong. People do change especially when really bad things happen. It puts things in perspective. Shawn still doesn’t want to move in – they don’t have to trust him. He thinks Philip has a different agenda – she wouldn’t happen to know about that, would she? Belle wants to know what he’s talking about. Shawn thinks Philip wants to get closer to her. Belle scoffs - when would Philip have time. She mentions that Shawn has other things going on – like Willow. How did their talk go? Willow is going to let him be part of the baby’s life. He didn’t see that coming. Belle says Philip didn’t want her to tell him this but he went to bat for Shawn with Willow. He told her that Shawn had been through enough. Maybe Shawn can see now that Philip isn’t such a bad guy after all. Belle can’t believe he’s still suspicious of Philip after what she just told him. Shawn says it all makes sense now – he flashes back to what Willow told him about Philip. Shawn doesn’t share that info with Belle. Belle has a compromise. They’ll move in to the mansion and then when they find Claire they’ll move out. She wants him to do it for her and for Claire. All she wants is her daughter to come home. Shawn says that is all that matters. He’ll go and pack up some things and let Philip know they’re moving in. Belle says they are going to find her – she knows it.

Brady Pub: Sami thinks Tony is insane for turning down her offer. If Tony wants to watch his father die a slow painful death, it’s okay with her. EJ says that isn’t what Tony wants. Sami says he needs my baby’s stem cells to save Stefano’s life. EJ tells her that Tony didn’t even tell father. He wants the child for himself. Sami swears she’ll kill him before she lets Tony have her baby. She made the offer to give him her baby’s stem cells which everyone thinks she was crazy for doing and that’s not enough. EJ informs Sami that for Tony this is about positioning himself as the head of the DiMera family. Sami says fine – let Stefano die and Tony can take over – she doesn’t care. She made the first move now the ball is in Tony’s court. If he doesn’t want to do anything it’s not her problem. EJ tells her she’s wrong. It’s their problem because he’s going to try and kill us both. Bo interrupts – it’s time to go. Lucas wants to tag along. Bo says okay. EJ tells Sami to think about what he said. Lucas wants to know what that was about. Sami just says that EJ has to have the last word. Lucas kisses her and leaves. Marlena goes to tell John that they’re gone. Marlena wonders if this is such a good idea, the doctor told him to take it easy. John is just taking a taking a cab drive to the station and he’s going to scare the hell out of EJ. Marlena tells Hope that she is so happy to have John home that he can do whatever he wants. They both notice the look on Sami’s face and sit down at the booth. Marlena asks Sami what EJ told her.

Marlena figures out that Tony turned down her office. Sami doesn’t get it. Marlena does – its textbook DiMera. Tony is never going to let his father die. Sami says that means he’s going to come after me and my baby. Marlena assures her that won’t happen. They’ll talk to her Dad and get protection for her. Sami wishes she could understand any of this – why are the DiMera’s after our family in the first place. Hope answers – that’s the million dollar question. After all these years we still don’t have a clue. Sami does – she tells them she’ll be right back. Sami brings them the letter that she and Lucas found in New Orleans. Hope asks her why she thinks the letter is going to help. Sami says because we found it at Maison Blanche. Sami explains about the DiMera’s donating the house to the city for low income housing and mentions that EJ showed up there as well. Sami tells her mom to look at the letter. Marlena comments that it’s in Italian. Sami wants her to at the signature. Marlena thinks the first name is Santo. Hope wants to look at it.

The only thing Hope can figure out is that Santo must have written this for his son when he was on his deathbed. He talks about a woman that was the love of his life but the romance ended when the woman was taken from him. Santo’s heart was broken. Marlena doesn’t know anything about any woman. Marlena suggests that maybe somebody at the University can help them. Hope says wait – I swear to god this word looks like Brady. Sami thinks it does too – it’s definitely a B. Marlena agrees that it looks like a B but the word could be anything. Sami thinks this letter could be the beginning – an angry letter from Stefano’s father telling him to take revenge on his enemies. Hope makes a call to the university, foreign studies department. Hope rights down the name and room number of the person that is going to translate it. Sami offers to take it – she wants to get to the bottom of this before anyone else gets hurt. Marlena is so proud of her putting her family first. Sami feels she owes it to them all for all the trouble she caused over the years. They hug. Hope gives her the letter and tells her not to lose it – it’s their only copy. Sami won’t – she’ll guard it with her life. Hopefully it will have the answers they’ve all been looking for.

Hope and Marlena are talking about what is going on at the station. Hope thinks it’s so strange that they’ve been at war with the DiMera’s for all these years and they don’t know why. Grandpa Shawn brings a pie over. Hope asks her to join them. They could use some help with family history. He tells him to ask anything they want. Hope wants to know why they are at war with the DiMera’s. He answers – anything but that. Hope apologises. She didn’t mean to upset him. Marlena adds that they thought of anyone he would know the most about the Brady’s. He doesn’t have the time to rehash old news. He gets up. Hope says that was so strange – she’s never seen him so tense. She is going to talk to him. Marlena tells her to be patient. He knows something and when he’s ready to tell us, he will.

Police Station: Bo comments ‘so Tony is back in town.’ EJ isn’t interested in his brother’s whereabouts. Bo says you know he got out of jail and asks when did that happen. EJ doesn’t know. It appears Tony found a judge that owed his father a favour. Bo thinks EJ knows more about Tony than he is saying. Lucas chimes in – you’re supposed to be asking him about Sami. EJ explains that he didn’t kidnap Sami. He saved her life and the life of her child. EJ wants Bo to explain the protocol of having a civilian involved in an interrogation. Bo smugly smirks – EJ’s days as a free man are numbered. EJ never ceases to be surprised by Bo’s optimism. Bo has another surprise for him. John says hello Elvis. He tells John it’s nice to have him back. John says interesting when he thinks about the last time he saw him. EJ thinks it’s been a long time. For John, it seems like yesterday. EJ doesn’t remember. John fills him in ending with one of them had a gun. EJ thinks John is having problems with his memory – that’s to be expected. Bo makes another threat – this time he has an eye witness that EJ can’t make disappear.

EJ stands up and suggests that if Bo is going to arrest him he better put the cuffs on him and read him his rights. Lucas jumps in – he’s all for that. Bo wants to know if that is a confession. EJ responds that there is nothing to confess. John is simply misinformed. John says you shot me. It pains EJ for what John has been through and he hopes he regains his full mental capacity. Until that happens he’s afraid that what happened that night will remain a mystery. Bo states that EJ will get his. EJ wants to know if Bo is arresting him or not because he has far more pressing matters to attend to. Lucas smirks – yeah, protecting Mythic from the SEC. EJ says no, I was talking about your wife. If he’s not mistaken she’s in considerable danger. Lucas says she’s been in danger since the moment she met you. EJ thought that Lucas would want to know why Sami was so uneasy at the pub. Lucas says EJ looks like he wants to tell him so go ahead. EJ thinks Bo and John will want to hear this. Tony is now heading up the DiMera family. Stefano is on his deathbed. The only thing that can save him is stem cells for our child. He doesn’t want his father to die so he agreed to share the stem cells with Tony however Tony wanted the baby for himself. He told Tony that would never happen – he would never give him his child. Lucas keeps interrupting correcting EJ on whose baby this is. EJ wants the chance to go and talk to Stefano. His father is a reasonable man. The only problem is Tony. EJ knows they don’t give a damn about him but he knows that they care about Samantha. She and the child are in grave danger. Lucas starts threatening EJ. John steps in and tells Lucas to call Sami and tell her not to leave the pub until they get there. Bo postures – as soon as they squeeze the truth out of Lockhart they will charge him with conspiracy and attempted murder. EJ laughs. He’ll never make it to trial. That works for John. EJ shrugs – maybe but they should know they would certainly be signing a death warrant for Samantha Roberts too.

Bo says to EJ – you don’t really think I’m going to let you walk, do you? EJ does. If Bo cares anything for his niece he will. EJ proposes that they let him leave and he’ll talk to his father and he’ll persuade him not to hurt Samantha or the baby. Bo says sorry, no deal. EJ is sorry too, for Samantha. His cell rings. Lucas returns – he can’t get hold of Sami. She let the pub. EJ is on his phone – he takes off. John tells Bo that EJ just hauled ass.

Sami: Outside the pub Sami sticks the letter in her purse and searches for her keys. Someone bumps into her and apologises. Sami starts to feel woozy and sits down on a bench and passes out. Bart puts a cap over a syringe and says ‘Sorry, blondie but we’re going for a little ride. Sami comes to. She sees her hands taped to the steering wheel and realises she is taped to the seat of the car. She also sees a hose with the exhaust pumping in. She yells, somebody please help me. She passes out.

Preview: Stephanie to Jeremy – What are you talking about? What happened? Jeremy – We lost our investor. We’re grounded. Bo to Tony (John is there as well) – What the hell did you do to my niece? Jett to Chelsea – I was just going to ask you if you’re seeing anyone. Sami to EJ – Help me. Help our baby. EJ – I’m going to get you out of there. Ok? I’m going to get you out of there.

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