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Monday Jul 2

Janice’s Spoilers

Brady Pub

While Belle stands a few feet away holding Claire, Shawn explains to Philip that he’s not being unreasonable. He just wants some space. Philip suggests that they listen to what Belle has to say. Belle walks over with Claire and realizes that things are tense between the two men. Philip tells her that Shawn wants the three of them to move out of his place and into Shawn’s parents’ house. Belle says no.

She asks Shawn why she didn’t hear about this from him. Shawn asks for a few minutes alone with Belle and Philip takes Claire to get a snack from Grandma Caroline. Shawn rags on Philip...says Philip had no right to tell her his plans...doesn’t want him constantly hanging around....wants them to be a family but is finding it really hard. Belle agrees with him...says that Philip’s house isn’t the best place for Claire...she will move out of Philip’s house. He thinks it’s a done deal that they will move in with his parents. Belle is adamant that they won’t. He mentions how Bo offered to lend them money as well.
She refuses to consider it and thinks they are old enough that they don’t need to rely on their parents.

Shawn goes on and on again about how Claire thinks Philip is her father. Belle defends Philip and says it’s not his fault that Claire feels that way. Shawn continues to rag on Philip and wants them to look out for themselves as a family...they are Claire’s parents and Claire needs to wake up seeing the same faces and playing in the same backyard. He gets a phone call from Ohio and leaves to take it.

Philip returns and Belle tells him that they are moving out but not into Bo and Hope’s house. She thinks that if the phone call is about a job, then they will be able to afford a place of their own. Shawn returns and is puzzled because he doesn’t remember sending out a resume to the company that just called him for an interview. They want him to go to the company’s Forth of July picnic. He wants to take Belle but Philip talks him out of it. Shawn thinks that she can start packing and then they can think about moving out when he gets back. Belle doesn’t look very happy.

Belle gets a phone call reminding her of a play date with Claire and she leaves. Philip isn’t happy about Shawn getting his way. Shawn says it wasn’t personal and leaves. Philip doesn’t believe him.

Brady House

Hope wants confirmation that Roman slept with Anna. Bo tries to get her to stop prying but Hope thinks it’s so romantic that they found each other again and can put their differences aside after so many years. Roman shakes his head in amused resignation, knowing that Hope isn’t going to let this go. He admits that at one point they were at each other’s throats and then the next minute... Hope asks if there were fireworks and how things were this morning. He tells her that he left the hotel before Anna woke up.

Hope is shocked. Roman sheepishly tap dances and gives her a lame excuse...he had errands to run...needed to get the car washed before it got too crowded. She turns to Bo and tells him that his brother is unbelievable. Bo doesn’t think that this was Roman’s smoothest move. Roman agrees with him but says he doesn’t want a lecture from his kid brother or his wife. Hope thinks Roman owes Anna an explanation. LOL...he hasn’t a clue what to say to Anna.

Hope tells Roman to go back to Anna and pray that she is a forgiving person. She further explains that you never sleep with a woman and then disappear in the morning before she wakes up. Bo offers his own take. Roman tells him he isn’t helping. He thinks he is a sensitive guy who is very well tuned into the opposite sex. Bo adlibs again...lol...and both he and Hope try not to laugh. Roman isn’t sure how he feels about Anna. Hope starts laughing in earnest and insists him he does know but just doesn’t want to admit it.

Roman admits to feeling something for Anna as well as guilt for what happened last night. Bo and Hope start arguing about whether Roman does or doesn’t care about Anna. Roman agrees that Anna drives him crazy with her ego. Hope just smiles. Roman thinks everyone at the station will be on his case if they find out he is interested in Anna. The doorbell rings and its Anna...surprised to see Roman there...facetiously thought that he was in the hotel buying her breakfast in bed. Anna crooks a finger and Roman follows her out the door. Hope gangs up on Bo about their bet...lol...he is going to be on dirty diaper duty until Christmas.

Bo is in the kitchen now and has a flashback to making the bet with Hope in the first place. Hope comes in and he tries to renege on the bet. They spar and tease each other over whether Roman is in love with Anna or not. Hope pulls him in for a kiss and tells him he is a bad loser. She kisses him again and he finally agrees. They discuss the 4th of July picnic and how great it is going to be. Hope thinks that this will finally be their year.

Bo thinks it’s going to be a zoo around the place with generations of Hortons and Bradys getting together for the picnic. He wants to get Greco from the morgue to take pictures. Hope is surprised. Bo tells her that Greco also does weddings. Ciara starts to cry from downstairs and Hope pushes him to go check on his daughter.

Safe House

Sami and Lucas are on the bed kissing when she pulls away. She doesn’t want the guards to hear them. She also reminds him that Dr. Jacobs put her on a strict exercise regimen. Lucas tries to convince her that this isn’t boot camp but she doesn’t want to gain weight... feels fat and uncomfortable. She pulls out her pregnancy yoga DVD and Lucas grabs it away from her. She changes her mind and Lucas thinks it’s because she is thinking about E.J. She gets upset that he even brought E.J. up and they start kissing again. The guard hears them making a lot of noise and asks if everything is okay. Sami is upset that they don’t have any privacy.

Lucas thinks it will be torture if they have to be celibate while they are at the safe house. Sami grabs the DVD and starts exercising. Lucas salivates and resorts to reading the bible. He decides to give her some tips.

Lucas massages Sami’s shoulders and they start kissing again. Sami accidentally leans on the television remote and we hear the television go on...a shoot out and screaming. The police rush in with their guns pointed at a shocked Sami and Lucas.

Dimera Mansion

A Smiling E.J. tells Stefano that he has great news for him...he is going to be a father. Stefano congratulates him and thinks it is wonderful. E.J. explains that Samantha is having twins...a boy and a girl and admits that he hasn’t talked to her because that idiot Roman has her locked away in a safe house. Stefano breaks out the brandy and gives a toast: long live the Dimeras and may they flourish forever. He suggests that E.J. have Roman followed because it is imperative that the children be born and raised as Dimeras.

E.J. wants the children to be raised as Dimeras but insists that Samantha won’t let that happen without being given something in return. Stefano reminds him about the proposal he already made to her...divorce that idiot Lucas and marry E.J. E.J. also reminds him that she already turned down that offer and thinks they need to present her with something more favorable. Tony interrupts and in a very sarcastic voice tells E.J. to be a man. He wants to know who controls the situation...E.J. or Samantha. E.J. glares back at him.

Tony tells E.J. that if he didn’t know better, he would swear that E.J. didn’t have a drop of Dimera blood in his veins. He warns Stefano that E.J. is so lovesick that he is willing to compromise generations of Dimera history for a married woman. E.J. argues that he is just trying to protect his children. He doesn’t want them in the crosshairs of the Brady/Dimera feud. Tony wants E.J. to take charge for once in his life and stop standing around like a pitiful eunuch. E.J. tells him to shut his mouth or he will shut it for him. Stefano stops their fighting.

E.J. argues that he takes his responsibility of being a father seriously and wants the war with the Bradys to end. Tony goes on the attack again and accuses E.J. of being in bed with the entire Brady clan and not just Samantha. E.J. tells him to watch his tongue. Stefano collapses and E.J. runs for Dr. Rolf. Rolf tells them that Stefano has taken a turn for the worse. Tony and E.J. are at each other’s throats playing the blame game. They stop as Stefano, in a wheelchair, comes back in. E.J. is glad his father is better but tells him that they need the stem cells from Samantha. He wants Stefano to make a deal with her. Stefano agrees and tells him to get Samantha. E.J. thanks him and leaves. Tony asks his father what that was all about. Stefano shakes his head and tells Tony that he was right about Elvis all along.

While E.J. eavesdrops from outside the room, Tony and Stefano talk about Sami and the twins. Stefano believes that E.J. is too emotionally involved with Samantha and that it is clouding his judgment. Tony thinks E.J. needs a one way ticket back to England. Stefano offers to let Tony teach him a few lessons. He tells him that the Dimeras bow to no one and that Elvis should be made aware of that...insists that they must connect with Samantha and he doesn’t care how Tony does it but he wants her brought to him. Tony leaves to do his father’s bidding and E.J. comes out of the shadows with a perturbed look on his face.


Bo questions Shawn about the panic in his voice.

Philip tells Bo that he’s not helping Shawn. Bo tells him sarcastically that he isn’t either.

Jett asks Nick about whether he has ever felt like the woman he is crazy about just doesn’t feel the same way.

Jeremy grabs Stephanie for a kiss. Steve comes up behind him and pats him on the shoulder. Jeremy gets rude and without turning around tells Steve that he is busy. Steve replies that he thinks it’s time they had a little talk.


Wednesday Jul 4

Janice’s Spoilers

Cheating Heart:

Nick and Jett sit at a table talking. Nick wonders if Jett just has pre-wedding nerves. Jett doesn’t think so because they haven’t even set a date yet. He thinks things have changed and his biggest fear is that Danielle is seeing someone else.

Chelsea eavesdrops as Danielle pledges her love to the guy on the phone...tells him she misses him. She gets off the phone and tap dances to Chelsea’s questions. She thanks Chelsea for looking after her man.

Steve apologizes to Jeremy....knows his little girl is all grown up and says that if Stephanie thinks that Jeremy is okay then so does he. Jeremy is impressed and thinks they are alike. Stephanie says they are both rebels. Steve suggests they have dinner one night.

Danielle tells Chelsea that Jett thinks a lot of her. Nick suggests that Jett talk to Danielle. Jett and Danielle dance while Chelsea watches. Nick joins her and she tells him that she knows that Danielle is totally cheating on Jett. She explains about the phone call and thinks they should do something. Nick thinks they should mind their own business. Chelsea insists to an already suspicious Nick that Jett is her friend and she isn’t going to stand back and watch him get his heart broken.

While Jeremy takes a phone call, Steve tells Stephanie that “the dude” is setting off warning lights in his head but thinks he should get to know him and give him a chance. Jeremy offers to buy him a beer. He declines and says he needs to head over to Bo and Hope’s. Stephanie is impressed. Jeremy thinks her old man isn’t so bad. Adrienne is proud of Steve and reminds him of what people first thought of him when he came to Salem and what he thought of Justin. She wonders if Jeremy could be the love the Stephanie’s life.

The Beach

Marlena rubs John’s chest. He knows how worried she is about Sami but reminds her that Sami is in a safe house and there is nothing to worry about. They start to kiss and then from afar, Marlena sees Belle and smiles. She gets concerned when she sees her with Philip and wonders if he has really reformed.

Philip and Belle sit on lawn chairs eating ice cream cones. She wonders about Shawn’s interview. He reminds her that it’s not a pressure-cooker interview. He tells her that she shouldn’t have the weight of the world on her pretty shoulders and wants to fix things for her.

Marlena and John watch them from afar and she wonders if Philip is laying a trap. John reminds her that Belle, Philip and Shawn have put the past behind them.
Philip thinks Belle needs some time to herself after everything that has happened. He wants her lighten up and smile more often and suggests that she start using his guest pass to his country club. He strokes her hair softly as she watches him intently and tells her that she won’t look out of place...she’ll be the classiest woman there. Belle gets nervous and jumps up to go and call Victor about Claire. Philip tells her how sorry he is for everything he has done. She tells him he has no need to apologize and leaves.

Marlena wonders if she is dreaming that John is back with her. He tells her he is real and in her arms. They start kissing just as Belle notices them and smiles.

Belle returns to Philip and laughingly tells him about her parents making out on the beach. She is so happy that they are back together and still so in love. She asks Philip is he can imagine almost losing the love of his live and then getting him/her back. Philip gets serious and asks her if that isn’t what happened with her and Shawn. Belle pauses a little uncertainly and then says yes.

Belle tells Philip that Shawn is back from his interview. She starts to leave but he apologizes for crossing the line with his offer, and for all the craziness in the past, but was just thinking of Claire and hopes that if she won’t take the offer for herself, she’ll do it for the baby so she can spend time with other kids. He explains that the country club has an amazing child care program and Claire can make friends and learn how to swim. Belle hesitates and then agrees to talk it over with Shawn. She leaves.

Philip sits thinking about things. His cell phone rings and he is spooked by a baby’s crying.

Bo and Hope’s House:

With a large American flag waving in the background, Bo and Hope are getting the backyard set up for their 4th of July celebration. Lexie is helping them. She thinks they have enough food for ten more 4th of Julys. She starts munching on potato chips and explains that she hasn’t been able to stop eating since she was rescued. Hope feels bad for everything she has been through. She tries to convince Lexie to go and see Abe. Lexie backs away, saying she isn’t ready yet. Bo tries to convince her that now that Abe has his sight back, he needs her. She tells him that she has lost her nerve.

The doorbell rings and Hope rushes off. In the meantime, Bo explains to a shocked Lexie about her grandfather’s attachment to Colleen Brady. Caroline arrives without Shawn Sr. and explains that he’s not up to coming today. She asks Hope to drop the Colleen issue for today.

Caroline tells Lexie that she is glad she is feeling better. Bo asks her if she brought her devilled eggs. She tells Bo that Shawn Sr. had business at the pub so he won’t be coming. She runs off for the devilled eggs in order to avoid more questioning. Max comes in with a bag of designer baby clothes and a designer doll for Ciara. Bo is suspicious and starts questioning him.

Hope asks Caroline why she didn’t tell Bo that his dad isn’t coming today. Caroline replies that she didn’t want to upset him. She tells Hope that Shawn is very upset and doesn’t want to dig up the past. She goes back outside. Kayla arrives and Hope explains about her dad and about Colleen and Santos as well as that Steve could be at the Dimeras keeping tabs on them. Kayla is worried that this will jeopardize his recovery.

Bo questions Max’s overnight success. Hope shows Kayla the pictures of Colleen and tells her the letters are being translated. She hopes they will find out the truth about the vendetta. Kayla talks about the friction between Steve and Jeremy. Max finally admits to Bo that he and Jeremy are middlemen, selling designer stuff to a guy in Vegas. Bo worries that he is involved in something illegal. Max promises to get out if things get dicey and asks Bo to have a little faith in him.

Kayla tells Hope that Steve doesn’t trust Jeremy and she hopes this doesn’t push Stephanie away. Hope thinks Steve is just trying to protect his daughter. Just then the teens arrive and Stephanie introduces Jeremy to her mom. Hope sends the kids out back. Stephanie stays behind and tells her mom about Steve apologized to Jeremy for the way he treated him.

Lexie tries to sneak out but Hope stops her. She explains that Abe’s nephew just arrived, they haven’t met but she’s afraid he will tell Abe that she was there. She leaves. Jett introduces himself and Danielle to Bo and thanks him for the invite. Bo tells Jett that any family of Abe’s is family of theirs too.

Hope explains to Doug, Julie and Kayla that Shawn Sr. isn’t coming. Kayla decides to go and get him.

Chelsea sits down beside Max and tells him about Danielle and how she isn’t going to just sit by and let her hurt Jett. Nick tells her that Jett already knows the truth.

Bo looks up suddenly and sees Alice and Maggie. Both women look gorgeous. They all rush towards them and Bo and Hope kiss Alice’s cheeks. Alice sits down at a table with Maggie and Jeremy approaches to say hi. He asks her if she remembers him. Alice gets feisty and tells him that he reminds her of Jeremy Horton but that he never comes to see her. Jeremy looks sheepish and apologizes. He tells her he’s been busy. Alice warns him to be good. He tells her “always...you know me.” Alice has his number and says “exactly.”

Bo brings Ciara to see Mrs. H. Maggie asks Alice is she is okay...lol...Alice replies that she is nearly perfect.

Nick explains about his conversation with Jett. Chelsea can’t understand why Jett is dancing with Danielle. Nick gets moody and replies that maybe Jet doesn’t want to let her go...it sucks to find out the person you love wants to be with someone else.

Hope sees the bags of baby clothing that Max brought. Bo tells her about the scam Max and Jeremy are running.

Shawn comes up to Max and asks about the garage. He asks him if he can manage the garage for him and Max agrees.

Belle sees her mom and grins, saying that she saw her parents making out at the beach... couldn’t keep their hands off each other. Marlena counters that she saw Belle with Philip. Belle insists that he is just a friend. Shawn pulls Belle away and she asks about his interview. He brushes her question off. Bo offers Marlena a beer and mentions Philip. Bo says that Philip seems like a changed man. Marlena isn’t so sure.

Steve arrives and John asks him for an update on the Dimeras. Steve tells him things are pretty quiet and that they trust him. Kayla arrives with Shawn Sr. John takes him out back for a beer. Steve kisses Kayla and then she punches his arm. She can’t believe he is working as a double agent with the Dimeras. He tells her that it will be okay and takes her out to the party with the promise that they will have some of their own private fireworks later.

Caroline is glad that Shawn Sr. changed his mind. Bo gives the photographer instructions and gathers everyone in for a family picture around Mrs. H.


Stephanie wants to hit the surf with “Moon doggie.” Jeremy follows her while Jett and Danielle stay behind.

Nick tells Chelsea that he wants to spend the night with her. He’s shocked when Chelsea tells him she’s sorry but it’s not going to happen.

Colleen in a nun’s novice outfit kneels with Santos’ head in her lap. She asks softly and with an accent: “So, can you hear me? Open your eyes.” Santos slowly opens his eyes.

Bo tells John and Marlena that Colleen wasn’t a nun yet. She hadn’t taken her vows. Hope is sure that she never did but one thing they do know, this can’t have a happy ending.


Monday Jul 9

Janice’s Spoilers

The Beach:

Jeremy/Stephanie and Jett/Danielle sit by the bonfire and talk about Steve finally being nice to Jeremy. Stephanie and Jeremy decide to go swimming. Danielle turns to Jett and asks him how she is doing. He jokes that she has just won the Oscar for best performance as his bride-to-be. She jokes back that she would like to thank God, her mom, her dad, and her husband... Jeremy gets serious for a moment. He thinks that Mark will probably want his wife back soon and tells her that he appreciates her help. She tells him anytime and that her husband is okay with this. She asks about his feelings for Chelsea. He just smiles.

Jett thinks Danielle needs to relax and insists that Chelsea means nothing to him. Danielle thinks he should watch his back when it comes to Jeremy because he is nothing but trouble. Jeremy and Stephanie return. Danielle decides to go back to the hotel and Jett wants to go with her. Jeremy stops them by asking about their wedding. Jett states that a date hasn’t been set yet. Jeremy thinks it would be cool if they all headed for Las Vegas, find a chapel on the strip/have a massive party. The ladies aren’t impressed. Jett and Danielle take off. Jeremy doesn’t think they will last. Stephanie pulls a fast one on Jeremy about life being too short but ends up getting hurt by his reaction.

Jett finds Stephanie crying on the beach and wants to know what Jeremy did this time. Stephanie tells him that Danielle is a keeper and then runs off.

Inside Bo & Hope’s House:

Chelsea is still upset that Danielle is cheating on Jett. Nick is still upset and jealous that Chelsea is still upset about it. He wants her to back off and mind her own business. She insists Jett is her friend and she is going to tell him the truth. Nick grabs her cell phone away from her so she can’t call Jett. They argue back and forth and then he ends up kissing her and says he wants to spend the night with her. She tells him it’s not going to happen.

Chelsea doesn’t want to spend the night with him because there are too many people at the house. He whines that the others are outside. It ends up with Nick having a hissy fit and slamming out of the house after telling Chelsea that her grandmother is blackmailing him.

Church in Ireland/Bo & Hope’s Back Yard/Safe House:

Hope thinks it was a great day. She and Bo reminisce about Claire mothering Ciara. Bo pulls Hope into a chair and tells her to relax. They start to kiss just as Doug and Julie walk in on them. Julie has the first letters that the university translated. They explain that Roman is dropping off copies to Sami and Lucas at the Safe House. John and Marlena join them and they all sit down together. Doug asks Bo if his dad has shed any light on what happened yet. Bo says no.

Roman arrives at the safe house and gives Sami a copy of the letter. He can’t stay. Sami teases him about Anna. Roman says: Have a little respect...please daughter.” Lucas thanks him for the food he brought over...apple pie...Caroline’s chicken... Roman smiles and leaves. Lucas starts eating like there’s no tomorrow. Sami opens the letter and begins to read it out loud... “Dear Signore Dimera, please forgive my chicken scratch. I hope this finds you well despite the terrible wound you took on the head the day we met...”

The scene moves to the inside of an Irish church where Colleen is kneeling and praying in the sanctuary. Her prayers are interrupted by the arrival of two young Irishmen dragging Santo (unconscious and bleeding in the face) towards her. They explain that the man is in need of medical attention...it wasn’t his fault...he was at the pub and got mixed up in the rabblerousing/derby bar fight. She looks worriedly at Santo and decides to help.

Marlena sighs to Doug about the idea of Colleen Brady being a nun. John says that technically Colleen was a novice and hadn’t taken her vows yet. Bo figures it’s no wonder that his dad didn’t want them to look into this scandal. They agree that it would be a disgrace for Colleen to renounce her vows. Julie looks down at the letter and both she and Hope are sure this is a love story. Marlena thinks Santo was deeply in love with Colleen. Julie continues with the letter reading: “You lay there in the church, so pale, so still. I feared for your life. What joy I felt when you opened you eyes, but when you spoke and I heard the musical language of DaVinci and Dante, I was left quite breathless.” Julie is in awe of the romance and sighs. She smiles at the others and says that she doesn’t think Colleen was exactly shy.

Back in the sanctuary, Colleen tells the others to bring her some holy water. She gently wipes his beaten face and asks the others to go for a doctor while she tends to the poor man. After they leave, Santo falls into her lap. Colleen prays: “Dear Mary. Let him be alright.”

Sami admits to Lucas that she can sympathize with Colleen. She loves an Italian accent. Lucas thinks it’s cheesy and calls Colleen...Sami’s trampy great aunt who broke her vows. Sami isn’t thrilled and insists that Colleen didn’t break her vows because she was just a novice. She tells Lucas not to be vulgar. Lucas kisses her.

Sami wants him to understand Colleen’s situation. Here is a young woman and the only thing she knew of the outside world was from reading books or watching movies. She led a sheltered life in a small Irish town and imagine the scandal when an exotic stranger comes in and sweeps her off her feet. Sami thinks that all it took was one look or touch between them. Lucas thinks that if Colleen left the church because of Santo, then the Bradys would have started the vendetta against the Dimeras and not the other way around. Sami is surprised but agrees with him and figures that if Santo took Colleen away, he didn’t just take her away from her family. He took her away from God.

With Santo’s head lying cradled in her lap, Colleen prays. She whispers to him: “Sir, can ye hear me? Can ye open yer eyes?” Santo’s eyes open and grow wide with amazement as he sees her face. He mumbles something in Italian. Colleen tells him to mind his tongue. He is shocked that she understands Italian. He explains that his father insisted that he learn English. She loves his language and he thinks that Irish is poetic. He tells her his name and she realizes that it means “saint.” She thinks he must be a very good man to wear such a name. He is pleased that she has not yet taken her vow of silence and that she also speaks Gaelic. Colleen administers a bandage to his head and asks him if he thinks he can stand. She tells him to take her hand and not rush and asks if he remembers what happened. He asks her if he can call her Colleen and wants to know how long it will be before she takes her final vows. She whispers that it will be soon and rushes away.

Doug muses about why a novice, just about to give her life to God and church, would write love letters to a man she hardly knew. Bo is still skeptical that it was a love letter. Hope is positive it was. Marlena tells him that if you read between the lines, the message was love. Julie starts reading again. “Signore DiMera, I know it must seem forward, my writing to you this way. I chose to write in Italian, your native tongue, because to be frank, Mary O’Hallahan at the postal office has shown herself to be too curious. I am sitting in the small chapel, not just for privacy, but for direction. It has never been my want to write to a man I barely know...until you granted me that rare purpose.” Hope sighs.

Colleen wipes Santo’s forehead and they stare at each other. He asks if she was born there and she answers that she was born and raised there. Santo tells her about his family’s import-export business. She mentions how poor Ireland is. He agrees but tells her it is also very green and beautiful, still staring at her. He wants her to come to Italy and it will give him the greatest pleasure to give her the grand tour. Colleen asks him if his wife would be coming with them on this grand tour. He admits to having a wife and tells Colleen that she is in Tuscano with his son Stefano and makes many of the beautiful things he sells. Santo pulls a soft handkerchief out and presses it into her hand. He tells her that she is his savior. She corrects him and says that God is his savior. He still thinks she is a blessing.

Sami thinks the letter was written by a woman devoted to God and her faith. She starts reading again. “Our first meeting was an odd one. I was as clumsy as a duchess milking cows, but we seem to be “simpatico,” which gives me the courage to put pen to paper as I have a great favor to ask. Taking advantage of our short acquaintance, the favor has to do with your wife back in Tuscano.” Sami and Lucas are surprised. She continues: “Your kind eyes and the lovely things you said about your wife and son back in Tuscano, is what led me to write this letter.”

Santo declares that Colleen is the most beautiful woman he has ever seen. Colleen is shocked and asks him if he does not see the habit she is wearing. He insists that God brought him to this place to find her. Colleen insists that he stop and that what he is saying is blasphemy. He declares that the lord can come for him and he will go with joy because he can no more stop than he can turn back the tide as he has now seen heaven on earth.

Father Mallory comes into the sanctuary and asks who Santo is. Colleen explains about Santo being in a fight and that she patched him up. Father Mallory takes Colleen aside and suggests that she get Santo to make a donation to the church in exchange for all the medical treatment he is getting at their expense. He leaves. Santo continues to stare at Colleen. He is enamored. She suggests that he leave while he can. He insists that she not kick him out until she gives him his last rights. She thinks the good lord has chosen to spare him and tells him to be gone.

Santo thanks her for her kind hands and kind heart and starts to leave. She calls him back and thinks he should see the doctor about his head. He thanks her, softly kisses her hand, thanks her again, and then with much reluctance...leaves. She picks up the handkerchief just as Father Mallory comes back in. He asks her about it.

Sami tells Lucas that he is not going to believe the favor Colleen asks of Santo. She reads further: “I pray you won’t think me too forward asking a favor on so short an acquaintance, but I so admired the silk handkerchief your wife made that I’d treasure having one for my da. He’s worked hard all his life and never had a bit of luxury to call his own. Perhaps you might bring one to me and I could pay you for it.” Lucas jokes about the great handkerchief rebellion being the cause of the feud. Sami thinks Colleen just really wanted to see Santo again.

Colleen tells Father Mallory that Mr. Dimera left his handkerchief. Father Mallory is impressed by the quality and expense. She suggests going to the infirmary and returning it but he doesn’t think it will be necessary. He’s sure if Mr. Dimera wants his handkerchief that he will return for it. He leaves. Colleen runs to get paper and pen thinking that maybe a little letter would hasten his return.

Sami thinks that Colleen used the handkerchief to see Santo again. Lucas starts to massage her shoulders.

Hope thinks that Colleen definitely wants to see Santo again. Marlena thinks she was starving for the love of a dashing Italian to come into her life. John jokes about it. Bo reiterates that Colleen wasn’t a nun yet and hadn’t taken her vows. Hope is sure that she never did...and one thing they do know is that this can’t have a happy ending.


Sami and Lucas are lying on the bed. She thinks he isn’t giving Colleen enough credit because she took a long look at Santo and knew exactly what she wanted.

A young Irishman (maybe Shawn Sr. in his youth?) raises his fists and yells at Santo that the Almighty himself can’t stop him. Colleen runs in holding a little boy’s hand and screams at the young man to leave Mr. Dimera alone or he’ll answer to her.

Shawn Sr. has a picture of Colleen in his hands as he says: “Colleen Mary, I pray that you’ve found peace and that you’ve forgiven me.”


Wednesday Jul 11

Janice’s Spoilers

Brady Pub: Part One

A nervous Caroline looks out the window. Bo and Hope arrive and ask what is wrong. Caroline explains about finding Shawn Sr.’s note and not knowing what to think. Hope can’t believe he didn’t talk to Caroline about it first. They all sit in a booth as Bo reads the note and thinks this isn’t like his pop. Caroline wonders where he could have gone.

Hope tries to comfort Caroline and tells her not to worry...Bo is on the case and will get to the bottom of it...he will find Shawn Sr. Caroline is sure this is about Colleen and berates herself for nagging him repeatedly about her. Hope agrees that the very mention of her name has affected him badly. Bo comes back and tells them that Shawn Sr. got on a plane late last night for Ireland, rented a car and drove west. Caroline is in tears and thinks he has gone back to Galway...he’s gone home.

Bo tells his mom not to worry or think the worst. He and Hope will find Shawn Sr. and bring him home. Caroline frets about Shawn Sr. getting mixed up with the Dimeras. Hope takes her into the kitchen to make some tea. Roman and Anna arrive. Bo explains about their dad’s note and that he and Hope are going to Ireland to find him. He hopes they will get some answers when they come back. Anna is hungry and Roman tells her about a donut shop behind the pub. She leaves.

Roman wants to help. Bo reminds him about protecting Sami and Lucas and suggests that he reach out to E.J. Wells. Roman goes ballistic. Bo backs off and says he will handle it when he gets back...they need to resolve this before someone gets seriously hurt and he thinks that E.J. is the most levelheaded Dimera because of how he feels about Sami. He wants everyone to sit down, break bread, and come to some kind of understanding.

Roman thinks they are ruthless criminals. Bo tells him he is talking about their family’s safety. He doesn’t want his little girl growing up looking over her shoulder with this vendetta still happening. Roman finally agrees to talk to E.J. He thinks E.J. might agree to a meeting but doesn’t think Stefano or Tony will. Bo just wants to find out whose side E.J. is on.

Roman wants this crazy vendetta to stop and figures if their pop won’t talk, then maybe the Dimeras will. Hope comes back and they start to leave to get ready for their flight. Bo turns to Roman and asks him how things are going with Anna. Roman smirks and says that dealing with the Dimeras will be a very nice break. Bo grins.

Tony’s Car: Part One

Tony is spying on the pub through binoculars. E.J. gets into the car and demands to know what he is doing. He replies that he is watching the pub and going to find Samantha Roberts and then take her to his father, something E.J. was also asked to do. E.J. is angry and says: “Why? So you can cut her open?” He reminds Tony that Sami is being kept in a safe house, but Tony counters that he saw Bo and Hope charge into the pub like the Calvary and is sure Roman will be next and lead him directly to Sami.

E.J. tells Tony that Stefano asked him to look after Sami. Tony calmly agrees that E.J. made a deal with their father to get the stem cells, but insists that he is dying and won’t be around long enough. E.J. argues that Tony doesn’t know that for sure. Tony blathers on about E.J. showing Samantha compassion, but it will be him that inherits the empire and not E.J. E.J. shakes his head and wonders if Tony can hear himself. Tony gets very quiet and warns E.J. that someday he will find himself in the gutter.

E.J. says: “What happened to you Tony? You used to be a decent man and you didn’t want any part of the Brady war. What went wrong? You had a good life, you were married and you had friends. What turned you into this sick psychopath who takes pleasure in harming innocent people? Tony asks if this is the same Elvis who put a bullet in John Black’s chest and raped Samantha on a cold night.

E.J. gets very serious and replies that he knows who he is...he lives with what this family made him every single day...he was raised a soldier and father said nothing else matters if you are a good soldier. Tony cuts him off and says with dripping disgust in his voice: “Until you fell in love with that tartar Brady of all people... pathetic...crazy Sami!” E.J. counters that he has found a lot of reasons not to believe that mythology. He thinks it’s ironic that he is now becoming the man Tony used to be...the man Tony could still be if he stopped and looked inside to see how miserable he has become. He pleads with his brother to help him end this self-defeating vendetta so they can all get on with their lives. Otherwise, it will not end well for any of them. Tony sees Roman arrive and is happy.

E.J. asks Tony for a response to his appeal...unless he is a coward. Tony tells him that he’s right. He was a different person once. He was a well respected businessman, loving husband and he turned his back on the Dimeras. He paid dearly for it. Stefano punished and imprisoned him and let Anna think he was dead. He realized there was no fighting it and decided he wasn’t going to be cheated out of the Dimera Empire...so he would become the ideal son and Stefano’s successor. E.J. refuses to let him do this. Tony wants to know how he is going to stop him.

Tony tells his little brother to listen. He is going to carry out Stefano’s orders and E.J. can’t prevent it. E.J. figures out that Tony is going to follow Roman to get to Samantha. Tony thinks it’s brilliant and is sure that by the end of the day he will have delivered Samantha, willingly or unwillingly, to Stefano. E.J. is angry now and yelling. “He’s going to take her babies, my children, his grandchildren.” Tony points his gun at E.J. and warns him that the conversation is over and that if he crosses him he will be dead.
E.J. tells him to put the gun away. Tony says: “Do you understand the situation? From now on there is a race...the clock is ticking to see who inherits the Dimera fortune. I have no intention of disappointing father.” E.J. warns him that he will not let him harm Samantha or their children and leaves. Tony calls Bart and tells him to get down to the pub.

Anna gets into Tony’s car and he tries to get rid of her. She comes on to him and they talk about their dance the other night. Suddenly she surprises him and pulls him in for a kiss.

Brady Pub: Part Two

E.J. arrives and sits down with an ornery Roman. Roman tells him that his family is sick and tired of being threatened, harassed, and terrorized by the Dimeras, so whatever this crazy vendetta is about, it’s time to end it. E.J. happens to agree with him and thinks Stefano might too if it’s presented in the right way. Roman explains that the Brady’s want to meet with E.J., Tony, and their father and sit down and put their cards on the table. The Bradys want to know what started the war. They want to end it so everyone can live in peace forever. E.J. thinks it’s a lovely idea but Tony would never go for it. He tells Roman that Tony used to be reasonable but now he lives for only one thing...to get Roman’s daughter...and he is using Roman to get to her.

E.J. tells Roman that he cannot stress enough how concerned he is for Sami’s safety. Roman goes off on a tangent about the alleged rape and nailing E.J. E.J. dares him to come up with unfounded charges and tells him that the only way there will be peace/an end to the vendetta, is if Roman takes out his brother, Tony.

Bo and Hope’s House

Short and to the point: Nick is all over Chelsea for not wanting to have sex with him. They argue about the blackmail, they argue about Jett, they argue about going/not going to Willow’s apartment, they argue about his sleeping with Billie. Nick finally leaves after deciding that Chelsea doesn’t want him anymore.

Bo and Hope come home and tell Chelsea about their trip to Ireland. Bo worries if Chelsea will be okay alone.

Church in Ireland

Shawn Sr. walks into the church’s sanctuary and kneels at the back to pray. He murmurs that he came to tell Colleen how sorry he is. He flashes back to when he was a little boy. Colleen is with him in the sanctuary and tells him not to be scared...it’s just his first communion and his big sister will help him through it but he has to learn his prayers word for word.

Little Shawn sees Santo arrive and he warns Colleen that they all have to keep their promises to God. He continues to pray. Santo comes up and introduces him to his son Stefano and tells him that he would like to play with him. Back in the present, Shawn Sr. shakes his head and wishes that he and Stefano had never met.

Back in the past, little Stefano plays with a truck and then reaches out to give it to Little Shawn. Colleen comes up and persuades her brother to play with little Stefano. The boys start to run out but little Shawn turns with a worried face to watch his sister talking to Santo. Shawn Sr. mumbles that Colleen broke her promise to God. All of a sudden the vision is gone and he looks around in confusion.

Little Shawn rushes back into the sanctuary yelling for his sister. Shawn Sr. goes up to Colleen’s plaque and reads what it says: “Sister Colleen Brady. She gave her life to God and now she sings with the angels.”


Marlena warns Sami that she can’t give Stefano the stem cells because if she does, her babies will die.

Anna tells Roman that she’s not kissing anybody else until they buy her a decent meal... lol...

Hope whispers to Bo: “What do you think he was praying for?” Bo answers that it is one of two things...either Colleen’s soul or his own.

E.J. is gagged and all tied up. Tony tells him that there is only one punishment for treason...death...and aims the gun in E.J.’s face...


Friday Jul 13

Janice’s Spoilers


Roman, John and Steve are laughing about E.J. and the Dimeras. Roman tells the other two about E.J. tipping him off about Tony and about Bo wanting a peace conference between the Bradys and the Dimeras. John thinks E.J. is in a lot of trouble for ratting out his brother. Roman wants John and Steve to find E.J.

Old Safe House

E.J. is tied up on the bed. He angrily tells Tony that he is making a grave mistake and that their father will be furious. Tony thinks the “grave” is E.J.’s. He starts yelling at him that he made the wrong choice protecting precious Samantha instead of the man who gave him life. E.J. tries to reason with him and tries to convince him that they don’t need to sacrifice Sami’s babies to save Stefano. Tony argues that the babies belong to the Dimeras.

Tony rigs a shotgun to go off and kill E.J. when the police come through the front door. E.J. argues that he would never betray their father and that the police are coming for Tony and not for him. Tony screams that E.J. betrayed him by offering to turn state’s evidence and bring the family to its knees. E.J. screams back that Tony is not half the man their father is. Tony gets grandiose ideas about his first 100 days of reign and tells Bart that they will escape by climbing out the bathroom window. Bart gags E.J. and leaves with Tony. E.J. struggles to get loose.

E.J. hears John and Steve outside in the corridor and struggles to give a muffled scream for them not to come in. The guys figure that E.J. was trapped after helping Sami to escape. Steve figures out that Tony might have left a calling card for them, given how furious he was with his little brother. He decides to go around to the back to find another way in. John gives him a gun for protection. Steve is surprised John trusts him.

Steve breaks in and finds E.J. John decides to go through the front door anyway...sheesh not sure why...and there is a gun explosion. Steve rushes to protect E.J.

Brady Pub

Sami and Lucas sit across from Marlena in a booth. Marlena asks Sami how she is feeling. Lucas rags on his favorite themes: E.J., Stefano, the stem cells. Marlena mentions that Roman is looking for a new safe house for them. They want to know how he found out about Tony. Sami is surprised when Marlena tells her that E.J. Wells tipped Roman off.

Sami has a hard time believing that E.J. tipped her dad off to save her. Marlena tells her that E.J. has switched allegiance from his family to Sami and her babies. Lucas goes ballistic about E.J. Marlena counters that E.J. has a lot to lose...maybe even his life. Sami starts to defend E.J. and Lucas sees red. She tells him that she has to find a way to move on and wants to believe E.J. has a conscience. Marlena agrees with her and says she can’t walk around with anger inside of her...it’s not good. Lucas storms out in a temper tantrum. Sami worries about him and wonders if the rage and revenge will ever end.

Outside the pub, Lucas finds Kayla with Ciara. He asks her if she could forgive E.J. if he raped her at gunpoint. He is shocked and very sorry when she tells him that she went through the same thing Sami did quite a while ago. She admits to being able to forgive her rapist but says she doesn’t know if she can forgive E.J. for torturing Steve. Lucas tells her that Sami wants to forgive E.J. but he is sure E.J. is evil. Kayla wants him to think of what the babies need...a father. Biology isn’t everything. She gives him Ciara to hold and says that the babies won’t care who their biological father is or how they were conceived.

Sami goes on about E.J. raping her and she knows Lucas is threatened by everything happening. She tells him she loves him but even so... Marlena finishes her sentence by adding that Lucas knows that E.J. puts his life on the line for Sami. Sami says it’s not for her but for the babies. Marlena wants them to be honest here and admit that E.J. wants Sami and that he is trying to save Sami’s life. Roman arrives and tells them that they found a nicer safe house this time. Sami leaves to tell Lucas. Roman asks Marlena if she knows Tony Dimera well enough to be able to tell if he is the real deal or a first class fake.

Sami tells Lucas about the safe house. Lucas hugs her and tells her he loves her and the babies. They tease each other about their growing family.

Roman tells Marlena about Anna kissing Tony. Marlena wants to know why she is kissing Tony and not him. Roman gets flustered. John and Steve walk in with E.J. Roman asks him what happened and he explains things away saying it was a “family spat.” John tells Roman that Tony tried to kill E.J. Sami and Lucas come in. E.J. and Sami stare at each other. Lucas stares at both of them.

E.J. tells Sami and Lucas that he is glad they got out safely and that he doesn’t approve or endorse Tony’s tactics. Lucas goes on another rant. Sami thinks they should show their gratitude because E.J. put his life on the line for them and suffered for it. Lucas ups the verbal attack and insists that they are leaving for the safe house. Sami follows but turns back and mouths a silent “thank you” to E.J. who nods back.

Roman asks E.J. if he is ready to pay Tony back for what he tried to do to him. E.J. says he still won’t turn state’s evidence against Tony. Roman says that what he has in mind is setting a trap with E.J. as bait. E.J. agrees but insists on one condition...he wants Roman to put him in the safe house as well. Marlena asks E.J. if it is because he is afraid of Stefano’s reprisal or if he just wants to be around Sami. She wants him to stay away from her daughter. Roman agrees with her.

Outside the pub, Steve holds Ciara as Kayla tells him that this brings back memories for her of Stephanie as a baby. Steve is sorry he wasn’t there for that. Kayla wishes they had another chance to raise a baby together. Steve is caught off guard, tells her he has some business to take care of, and leaves.

Tony’s Car

Bart asks Tony how he is going to break the news to his old man that he just whacked his father’s favorite/youngest son. Tony insists that he is in charge now. Bart reminds him that Stefano is not dead yet and that he’ll go crazy when he finds out what Tony did to Elvis. Tony thinks Stefano is already crazy for agreeing to a truce and wants to have him committed.


Stephanie tells Jeremy that she could never get sick of him.

Max tells a suspicious Jett that it’s just business. Jett asks him what kind of business it is...Touch the Sky...or that little side operation that Max and Jeremy have going.

Anna tells Bo, Hope, John, and Marlena that the man who’s here now is not Tony and that she shared a bed with Tony so she should know.

An angry Stefano tells Tony that he has done irreparable damage to this family and that Elvis will never trust again.


Tuesday Jul 17

Pat’s Spoilers

Vegas: Max informs Jeremy that if he accuses him of lying one more time he’ll plant his fist into those over-bleached teeth. Jeremy changes tactics and tells Max to lighten up. He mentions that Jett has been snooping around – he thought he might go to Max with questions. They have a lot of money riding on the side deal – what did he tell Jett?

Jett tells Chelsea that she had no right sneaking around in his personal life. Chelsea tells him its fine if he wants to be mad at her for telling the truth but she thinks Danielle is the person he should be angry with. Jett thinks she should have minded her own business and tells her to butt out. He leaves. Stephanie shows up and gives Chelsea the ‘I told you so’ attitude. She then tells her that Jett will come around. Chelsea feels like she hurt Jett. Stephanie brings up Nick – it doesn’t seem like he’s a priority for Chelsea any longer. Stephanie thinks that Chelsea is wasting her time with Nick. Chelsea says that her and Nick have a connection. Stephanie thinks it’s a friend type connection – but there’s no passion. Chelsea says it’s just sex. Stephanie says no – it’s just sex between Chelsea and Nick – it’s not passion. Chelsea says that if passion is what Stephanie and Jeremy have she doesn’t want it. She gets out of the hot tub – she’s going to find Jett.

Max tells Jeremy that he did tell Jett about the knockoffs. Jett joins them and when he finds out that Max blabbed to Jeremy about their conversation, he gets really upset. Jeremy pulls the ‘we flew missions together, don’t you think I’d have your back’ line on Jett as he assures him that it’s all legit. Jett just had to check – he leaves. Max heads to the casino.

Jett is on the plane. He is talking to Danielle telling her that Chelsea heard her talking to Mark on her cell phone. Max shows up. He tells Jett about Ilsa. Jett just thinks its old horn-dog Horton and another one night stand. Max says it’s much more – the girl was really frightened of Jeremy. Chelsea arrives – Max leaves. Jett says he’s sorry. He’s angrier with himself than with anyone else. Chelsea just wanted to make sure he was alright. When she says she is going to leave he asks her to stay. They talk about how you have to let yourself trust someone – sometimes you may get hurt but you can’t stop trying. Jett tells her she is a good friend. Chelsea feels the same way about him. They talk about Danielle for a bit but Jett doesn’t want to talk about her anymore. Chelsea tells him if he ever needs to talk, she’s there for him. That means a lot to him. Chelsea is going to kiss him but Jett steps back and asks her what she is doing. She thought … he says no. He thinks she should leave. She does.

Jeremy joins Stephanie in the hot tub. Stephanie is tired of him talking business. He kisses her. Everyone else in the hotel room takes off. Stephanie takes off her bathing suit. He does to - they start making out. While basking in the afterglow Stephanie asks Jeremy if he’s happy with her. He evades answering. She starts calling him a chicken. He yells at her to stop – she doesn’t. He holds her head under the water for a long time. When he lets her up she is gasping for air – she asks if he is crazy. He yells that he loves and tells her to chill. He warns her not to blow the best thing she’s ever had or will have. He lays his head back and closes his eyes – Stephanie stares at him – she looks scared. Max watches.

Tony & Bart: Tony is in his car waiting for his cell to ring when Bart joins him. Bart informs him the cops are at the mansion so he can’t go home for a while. Tony has no intention of going home – he has some loose ends to tie up and he can’t do that until his brother calls. Bart laughs and asks if he’ll be calling from hell. Tony informs him that the cops saved his brother’s life and now he’s gone and turned against the family. Bart thinks that EJ made a big mistake.

Tony tells EJ he will meet him if EJ assures him that he’ll come alone. EJ agrees as long as Tony will do the same. He’ll send him a text message with the location. Tony receives the message and shows the address to Bart. Bart knows that place – lots of apartments – nice terrace on the roof. Tony informs Bart that the meeting is about family but the meeting is going to be a lot shorter than EJ expects. He hands Bart a gun and tells him that when he gets a clean shot, take it.

Brady Pub – Part 1: EJ thinks he’s already proved that he wants an end to all the bloodshed but Bo and Roman think they need one more gesture from him to show them he means what he says. Call the man who calls himself Tony. EJ does. EJ wonders why Tony isn’t surprised to hear from him. He thinks it’s time for a meeting. Roman tells EJ that he wins on points. EJ wants to find out where Tony really is. Bo says to leave that to them. He then tells Roman to make sure that he has backup and that he keeps EJ away. He leaves. EJ tells Roman that he hopes Bo realises that Andre is going to show up heavily armed. Roman assures him that Bo can handle it. Sami shows up because Roman wanted to see her. Roman tells her not to argue – the price he had to pay to get EJ to turn in his brother was to let him talk to her. He’ll be in the kitchen. He leaves. Sami tells EJ that both she and the twins are fine – that’s all they have to talk about.

EJ tells her this will only take 10 minutes. Sami insists she is in love with her husband nothing will change that. She wants EJ to forget she exists. He asks her if she wants the children to go through their whole lives without knowing their father. Sami states that Lucas is their father. EJ yells that they are his blood and nothing she can do is going to change that. He’s there because he’s concerned about them and their mother. Sami assures him that she is perfectly safe – there are a lot of cops protecting her. She feels safe with them. EJ smirks. In his experience when a woman protests that much the only person she is trying to convince is herself. Sami thinks his ego is so massive it’s a wonder his head doesn’t explode. EJ thinks that she wishes she could hate him but she can’t. When they kissed – those feelings they felt were as real for her as they were for him. They have an attraction that they can’t deny or can’t fight because it hurts too much. Sami thinks he’s delusional. EJ asks her to sit down so they can have an honest conversation about everything.

Sami doesn’t want to talk to him. He reminds her that soon they will be responsible for two small lives. He didn’t want to get lawyers involved. Sami asks him if he is threatening her. EJ is offering her a choice: either she respects his place as the father or she will face difficult consequences. Sami sits down – she wants to know the difference between difficult consequences and threats. EJ replies – civility, my dear. Keeping things pleasant between them is a priority. When this is over and everyone is safe he thinks they should sit down with a family court judge and resolve this. Sami asks if he is talking about custody. EJ believes that the judge will place the babies with their mother – that’s how it should be. Sami says that Lucas is going to be a father to the twins. EJ states they will have two fathers. He wants to see them on alternate weekends and occasional holidays. He hopes she won’t fight him on this because he is going to be a part of those children’s lives. Sami thought he wanted more. EJ says no – what he wants most is for them to be friends. He’s going to have to make peace with her marriage. Sami asks if he can do that. He thinks he can as long as his rights as a father are honoured. Once the custody is sorted out he will leave her and Lucas alone.

Rooftop: (Lol – apartments??? I recognise the hospital rooftop set when I see it!) Andre opens the door and calls out for EJ. He realises that EJ isn’t there so he calls for Bart and reminds him that when he has a clear shot at Elvis, he’s to take it. Bart goes to hide behind the air conditioning unit. Bo grabs him and forces Bart to hold the gun to his own head. Bo asks if he was going to ambush the guy – that’s definitely the DiMera style. He tells Bart to take off – he has business with his sorry boss. Bart is ordered back to the mansion. As soon as he leaves Bo starts reading Andre his rights. Andre wants to know what the charges are. Bo says the attempted murder of Sami and Elvis J and the disappearance of Tony DiMera. Andre laughs and claims he is Tony and he hasn’t disappeared.

He thinks Bo has no evidence to support his trumped up evidence so he’s just going to be on his way. Bo says yes, to a dark, dank, depressing cell, Andre. Bo makes a point of repeating the name Andre as he tells him they have rock solid evidence. They can do this the easy way or … Andre interrupts and says easy is a relative term as he steps up on the ledge. Bo says you don’t want to die tonight – it’s time to co-operate. Andre says you want something I have. Bo wants to know where Tony is. Andre wants total immunity. Bo tells him that won’t happen. Andre declares that Tony will rot on that island for another 20 years then.

Andre says the island is very remote. There is a map. Bo tells him to come down and negotiate – they both know he’s not going to jump. Andre says that death is more preferable than being double-crossed. Bo swears that if he helps them get Tony back they ... he steps forward and Andre steps back slipping off the ledge. He hangs on and says ‘help me for God’s sake.’ Bo smiles. Is Andre afraid that he might not bounce back from the dead this time? Bo tells him to start talking – where’s the map. Bo alludes to the fact that accidents could happen in situations like this. Andre begs – that is what Bo wanted to hear – a DiMera begging. Bo says no, he’d rather know where the map is. Andre tells him to pull him up. Bo gets him up to the top of the ledge and says that’s as far as he goes until he finds out where the map is. Andre glances behind Bo and says Bart’s back. Bart rushes over and tries to help Bo but makes matters worse. Andre falls.

Brady Pub – Part 2: Sami has heard him promise to try and not come out between her and Lucas before. He assures her it’s different this time. She’s married. If he thought she wasn’t happy he would try to win her but it’s clear that Lucas has her heart. She says ‘always’. EJ just wants to make sure that these children have the best of all of their parents. What ever happens with Stefano he thinks it’s time the three of them called a truce. Sami wants to believe him so she’s willing to work this out with a judge. EJ thanks her. Sami does want this to work. EJ does too … he tells her he’s really sorry. Sami doesn’t want him to go there. EJ says if co-parents and friends are what they are supposed to be, that’s what they will be. Sami stresses that is all they will ever be. Bo comes busting in yelling for Roman. Bo informs them that Andre is in the hospital – there was an accident. He fell from the roof – it doesn’t look good. Roman asks for confirmation that the man was actually Andre – Bo confirms it. EJ is kind of surprised to find out the man he thought of as his brother is really his cousin. Roman asks if Bo asked where Tony is. Bo did, Andre was just beginning to tell him when Bart showed up and the accident happened.

The four of them are sitting in a booth now. We learn that Tony has been kept prisoner on that island for over 20 years. Sami asks if they have any idea where the island is. Bo says Andre was going to tell him where the map was but that’s when Bart showed up. Roman says – so, no last words. Bo says none that were of any help. They want to know what Andre did say. Bo answers that when Bart showed up he said Bart’s back. Roman hopes Andre lives long enough to tell them where that island is. EJ thinks Andre may have already told them. Maybe what Andre was telling was that the map to find Tony was on Bart’s back. FF on Bo’s shocked face.

Preview: Santo to Colleen – My son, Stefano, what he needs is a friend. Say you will meet me again for him. Belle to Shawn – If you didn’t go to the job interview then what did you do in Cleveland all that time? Bo (holding a tape recorder) – When did this start? Philip – A few days ago. Bo – Any chance you got a kid out there you don’t know about?


Wednesday Jul 18

Pat’s Spoilers

Brady House – Part 1: Hope and Marlena are amazed that Andre has been impersonating Tony for all these years. Marlena talks about the Tony she knew being a nice man, a man who turned his back on Stefano and his evil ways. She also talks about how awful it was to watch Tony become a monster like his father. She hopes they find him and bring him home. Sami arrives. Marlena wants to know where her police guard is. Sami informs them that her father said she doesn’t need them because Andre is in the hospital clinging to life. The map possibly being on Bart’s back is mentioned – Hope thinks that is very DiMera-like. Sami has another letter from Santo to Colleen. She starts reading it. . . Cut to the past – (1).

The three ladies laugh at the thought of Santo’s expression when he realised Colleen brought another nun with her. They talk about Colleen stating she was very feisty. Sami thinks it was kind of crazy that Colleen wanted to be a nun. She can’t imagine being a nun, feisty or otherwise. Marlena can’t picture Sami as a nun either … LOL! Marlena adds that Sami does resemble Colleen not only in appearance but they are both unpredictable and they both have a mischievous streak in them. She thinks Sami is Colleen re-incarnated. Sami thinks Colleen is way smarter than she could ever be. She’s totally in control of the situation and she’s testing Santo and he knows it. . . Cut to the past – (2).

Sami continues reading and they all laugh at Santo saying that he suddenly found himself being a chaperone to two sisters. It wasn’t the picnic he had envisioned. They banter about both Colleen’s and Santo’s motives – Sami says either way, it’s getting hot. . . Cut to the past – (3).

Sami reads about Sister Rose telling Colleen she can’t say no and wonders what kind of chaperone she was. Hope thinks that Colleen was put on the spot. Marlena thinks Colleen was thrilled – she wanted to see Santo again. Sami agrees with her mom. Colleen wanted to give in to the passion she was feeling.

Colleen & Santo: (1) Santo begins to pack up the picnic basket when Colleen finally arrives. He had almost given up hope. He brought her many foods from Italy for her to enjoy. Colleen wants to know if there is enough for three – Sister Rose arrives complaining about her bunions.

(2) Santo assures Colleen that it’s not a problem that she brought someone else. Sister Rose asks for something to drink. Colleen states she is lucky that Sister Rose agreed to be her chaperone. If there’s not enough food she’ll give up her share. Santo says there is a lot of food – this is nice.

(3) Santo hands Colleen an artichoke and then shows her to eat it. He mentions that the prickly armour hides a tender heart. She asks what happens when you find that tender heart. He tells her – then you claim if for your own. Colleen reaches for the bread – it’s a funny shape for the loaf. It's foccacia bread. He dips it in garlic and olive oil and hands it to her. She likes it. He hands her another piece but Sister Rose intercepts it. Colleen thanks him for the picnic – it was fine and it was very kind of him. They have to go back to the convent to make it back for evening prayers. Santo asks her to stay for a few more minutes so they can talk. His son is staying with him in Ireland. Colleen says a boy needs his dad. Santo thinks he needs a friend. Her little brother Shawn – they liked each other from the moment they met. They were simpatico. He asks her to meet him again for Stefano.

(4) Colleen says that Shawn doesn’t speak a word of Italian. Santo insists they’re boys, they’ll make up their own language. Sister Rose tells Colleen they need to leave. Colleen tells Santo there are plenty of other boys in the village Stefano can make friends with – if he doesn’t, he can always go home to his mother. Santo says he can’t. His mother is dying. She is in Naples with her parents. Stefano needs a friend, he needs kindness, he needs a woman’s voice telling him everything will be alright. Sister Rose tells Colleen she can’t say no to a boy whose mother is dying.

(5) Colleen will bring Shawn if he agrees and if she can get the Father’s permission and find a chaperone. Santo doesn’t see why they need a chaperone to bring two boys together to play. Colleen insists that these are the rules and she agreed to follow them. Santo starts speaking in Italian asking her not to bring a chaperone.

(6) Santo continues to try and persuade her to meet him. Colleen insists it’s not possible but Santo persists. Sister Rose wants to know what all the jabbering is about. Colleen says Mr. DiMera was helping her with her Italian. Santo adds that it is to help her understand and appreciate the Latin mass. He asks Colleen again to meet him. Again she says she can’t. Santo speaks in English and says he only wants her friendship. Colleen tells him she has to leave now. Santo says he’ll see her again. She asks if that is a question. He answers – no, it’s a fact.

Rooftop – Part 1: EJ and John are now on the roof with Bo. Bo explains what happened to Andre. He didn’t want the man to fall; he wanted Andre to tell him where the map was. EJ states that Andre did tell him – the map is on Bart’s back. Bo says they will find that out when Roman shows up with the infamous Bart. Philip shows up – he wants to talk to Bo. It’s a police matter. He tells Bo that he’s been getting these crazy calls. He hopes Bo can help him find out who is making the calls. John talks to EJ and comments that the old man is crazier than EJ thought. EJ insists that his father would never send his own son into exile. He obviously had no idea that Andre had switched with Tony. John says you really don’t know him, do you? The big guy has a history of terrorizing Tony – this thing with Andre is classic Stefano all the way. Bo asks Philip why he came to him with this. He disparages the Kiriakis name and makes a smart remark. Philip insists he is on the level – these calls are really getting to him. Bo wants to know what the calls are about. Philip passes him a tape recorder and tells him to listen for himself.

EJ tells John he is mistaken. Stefano loves his children. John says, yeah, if they do his bidding but if they fail him he will be as ruthless with them as he is with everyone else. He warns EJ to be looking over his shoulder because Stefano is going to turn on him when he finds out that EJ double-crossed him. Bo listens to a tape of a baby crying and a distorted voice ‘saying where are you, Daddy? Why did you abandon me?’ He asks Philip when the calls started and if he has idea who it is. Philip doesn’t. Bo asks if there is any chance that he’s got a kid out there that he doesn’t know about. Philip says no – his Dad put the fear of God in him that people with money had to be careful. Bo makes another smart remark. Philip states that the point is he is always careful. Bo wants to know if there have been any threats or extortion attempts. When Philip says no Bo tells him it’s not a police matter. He suggests he have one of his highly paid P.I.’s investigate this case. Philip will do that. Bo tells Philip if anything changes to call him. Philip leaves.

Brady Pub – Part 1: Belle and Shawn are celebrating Claire getting accepted into pre-school. Shawn rambles on about working in the garage and paying back Philip. Belle wants to know why he told her he went to the job interview in Cleveland when Philip told her he never showed up for it. Shawn gets all self-righteous and rants about Philip before lying about why he didn’t go on the interview. Belle sits there and laps up his lies. Shawn then says ‘no more lies, I promise.’ Belle asks him what he did in Cleveland all that time. Shawn stares and we’re subjected to a long, boring flashback of Shawn and Bo when Mimi called. Belle says if you don’t want to tell me … Shawn lies – she’ll think he’s nuts. He spent all that time sitting in the Cleveland airport waiting for his flight home. Belle swallows his lies. Shawn wants to take her to Vegas – of course Max is going to be paying for everything. Belle will go as long as Philip agrees to take care of Claire. Shawn rants that she is going to give Philip a veto on this – this is their trip.

Rooftop – Part 2: John asks Bo what that was all about. Bo fills him in on Philip’s troubles. Roman shows up with a cuffed, loudly protesting, Bart … LOL! Bart goes on and on – then when he sees E.J. he starts in on him for betraying his father and brother. Bo tells Bart he wants him to tell him how to find the real Tony DiMera. Bart has no idea what he’s talking about. Bo tells Roman and John to take the shirt. Bart starts screaming about his rights again – illegal strip search. Bart keeps yelling as Roman rips the shirt – the map is there. Bart insists it’s his tattoo. Roman is going to take Bart to the station. He thinks it’s going to be a hard sell to get the department to authorize a trip to the South Pacific on what could be a wild goose chase. After they leave John tells Bo he’ll take his jet. He’s kind of curious about this long, lost half-brother of his. John leaves. Bo thanks EJ for his part in getting Andre up there. EJ says whether Tony is alive or dead if they want peace between the families they need his help. He’s willing to give it on one condition. They leave his dying father alone. . . Cut to the past – (4).

Bo tells EJ that Stefano started this. He’s done horrible things to the Brady family plus despicable things to his own family. EJ thinks that Stefano was fooled by Andre just like everyone else. Bo tells him that if he believes that, he’s a fool. EJ insists that his father would never do that. Bo repeats that he has done that and worse and to his own family. EJ has to face that fact and the fact that his old man is going to prison. EJ yells ‘he’s dying’. Bo can’t think of a more appropriate place for Stefano to die than prison. He leaves. . . Cut to the past – (5).

Brady Pub – Part 2: Belle tries to explain that if they’re going to leave Claire with Philip for a weekend they should clear it with him first. Shawn continues his rant. Philip shows up. Shawn says Philip doesn’t look too happy (and Shawn looks really happy about that). Philip mentions the calls – he’ll talk to Billie and see if she can get to the bottom of them. Shawn wishes him luck and gets up to see if his Grandmother needs help. Philip gives Shawn a long, questioning look when Belle mentions the calls are not only strange, but totally sick. Philip says speaking of strange he found out more about Shawn and the trip to Cleveland. Belle tells Philip that she already talked to Shawn about the interview. He didn’t want to travel that much so he didn’t go. He waited in the Cleveland airport the entire time because he didn’t want her to know he had blown off the interview. Philip tells Belle that Shawn didn’t sit in the airport. He knows for a fact that Shawn wasn’t there – he called the airport – Shawn didn’t go. Belle asks if he was checking up on Shawn. He wasn’t – he was the one that set up the interview behind his back, Shawn didn’t want it so he (Philip) figured the least he could do was reimburse him for the money Shawn spent on the ticket. Shawn cancelled the flight. Belle wonders why Shawn didn’t just tell her that. Philip asks if Shawn could be in some kind of trouble. Belle answers that if he is he’s certainly in a good mood. Shawn informs Belle that they’re going to have a nice picnic under the stars. Philip gets up to call Billie. Belle asks if they’re done talking about Cleveland – is there anything he wants to add. Shawn lies – nothing he can think of. He says let’s go. Belle and Philip exchange glances.

Brady House – Part 2: After reading the part where Santo starts speaking in Italian Sami thinks that Santo is a player. Marlena thinks he is being sincere – Colleen was drawn to him, attracted to him. Sami thinks it was because he was sexy and good-looking. Hope reminds her that they don’t know what Santo looked like. Sami thinks because Colleen was dying for this guy he had to be gorgeous. They all agree that both Colleen and Santo felt the attraction and that it was incredibly strong. There’s a knock on the door. It’s John. He kisses Marlena – she informs him that they’re catching up on the letters. She asks if there is any news on Tony. He asks her if she has any plans for the next few days because once Roman gets there with a certain map they are going to go and find Tony. Sami suggests that while they’re waiting for her Dad, they finish the letter, she’s dying to find out what happens. John tells them to carry on. Sami reads – Santo knows it was forward of him to ask her to meet him like that but if he let the moment pass he would regret it forever. . . Cut to the past – (6).

Sami can’t believe that’s all he wrote – she wants to find out what happens next. Hope asks if they think Colleen met him without a chaperone. Marlena says of course she did or there wouldn’t be an end to their story. John is lost – LOL! Marlena will fill him in on the plane – it’s very romantic. Roman arrives with the map. John and Marlena leave. Hope tells Roman he just missed the latest instalment of the Irish saga – Santo has just propositioned Colleen. She adds that they’re still trying to figure out why Santo was so intriguing to Colleen. Sami thinks it’s because he must have been gorgeous. Roman thinks he can help with that. When he arrested Bart at the DiMera mansion he happened to see a photo of Santo. He hands it to Sami – it seems like she is not the only one with a link to the past. Sami stares in shock at the picture.

Preview: EJ to Lucas – I envy you, more than I think you know. Sami to Hope – He’s a really screwed up guy but he wants to be a better a person. Hope – He wants that or you want that? Stefano to Bo – What is this? Bo – A DNA report. It proves that Tony DiMera had his life stolen from him. Tony to John & Marlena – Stefano holds the key. Marlena – Tony, what does the key open? Tony – It has something to do with the vendetta and how to end it.


Friday Jul 20

Pat’s Spoilers

Brady Pub – Part 1: Max is working behind the bar when Stephanie walks in. They exchange some idle chatter before Stephanie comments that if it wasn’t for Jeremy Max would still be working in the garage changing tires. Max warns her to keep her eyes open – he doesn’t trust Jeremy. Stephanie calls him a hypocrite but before more can be said Jeremy walks in and announces they have a flight to Vegas tonight. Max isn’t sure he can go. Jeremy says he can’t fly without his partner. Max is thinking about changing that arrangement. Stephanie thinks he would be crazy to give it up. Jeremy talks to Max alone. He hands him an envelope filled with cash. The boss man is so happy with the merchandise he’s doing some profit sharing. Max tells him to keep it, he doesn’t want it. They argue back and forth. Max wants a break from the business. Jeremy says he can’t do that – they have commitments – just take the money. Max says he doesn’t think so and walks away. Jeremy stuffs the money back in his pocket. Stephanie joins Jeremy and he asks her if she knows what’s bugging Max. Stephanie calls out to Max and tells him to tell Jeremy what he told her – that he doesn’t trust Jeremy. Jeremy wants Max to talk to him if he has a problem with him.

Beach: Chelsea makes a point that this was the first time she could buy alcohol without using a fake ID. They drink some wine and joke around. They kiss. Nick is happy because the way they left things he thought they were over but it’s all good now. What happened? Chelsea thinks of Jett and tells Nick she’s just glad they have a chance to be alone. She’s all his for the rest of the night. Jett shows up. He mentions the run to Vegas. Chelsea says he can count her in, she’ll go. Nick protests – he thought tonight was going to about them. Chelsea apologise to Jett – she asks for a couple of minutes. Jett tells her to call and leaves. Chelsea wants to know what’s wrong with him. Nick just wants to spend time with his girlfriend. She says it’s just work – Jett is her boss. She has to go. Nick wants to know why she pretended they were going to talk it out then – was that for Jett’s benefit. Chelsea starts packing up the stuff she brought. If he had got called into work she would have been fine with it. If he has a problem with her going to Vegas for work maybe he was right when he said that maybe they should break up. She leaves. Nick calls her and apologises. He wants to talk about everything when she gets back from Vegas. He tells her he loves her – she says, yeah, you too. Nick gets a call about the paternity tests that he ran from Sami’s amnio. After the call he says that he has to go and tell Sami and Lucas.

Island: Marlena and John tell Tony they need his help to end this feud. He’s the only one who knows what is going on in that twisted head of Stefano’s. Tony is well aware of what a psychopath the man is but he insists that Stefano DiMera is no longer a part of his life. Marlena thinks it would be therapeutic for him to face Stefano after all the things he has done to him. Tony loves his life on the island. It’s simple and comfortable. Marlena asks him to please consider it. Tony states that until Stefano is dead and buried the island is his home. Marlena talks to Tony – she’s never known him to be afraid of anything – she can’t imagine him being afraid of Stefano. Tony denies that he is afraid, he just doesn’t want to see him. Marlena tells him his friends need him. He’s sorry to disappoint her but nothing she can say will convince him to go back. Just then Anna shows up. Tony is thrilled to see her.

Tony never dreamed of seeing her again. He comes closer to her but Anna stops him. They’ve been tricked before. Marlena says this is Tony. Anna doesn’t think they can be sure. Tony wants to show her – let him hug her. Anna pulls a gun on him telling him that maybe this will help him remember who he really is. John tells her to relax but Anna points the gun at him and tells him to back off. Anna tells Tony that she has some questions. She reminds him of the time they crashed on an island – there were some questions about his identity even back then. There’s a flashback to that scene and the questions she asked him. She asks him the same two questions but Tony can’t remember – it was over 20 years ago. Anna says he just proved he is not the real Tony – she’s so afraid there’s only one thing she can do – her hands shakes as she holds the gun on Tony.

Tony tells Anna that if she kills him she will destroy her life – they’ll take her away, there will be no mascara … Marlena adds some other stuff Anna would have to go without. Anna wonders why she is the only one that can see that this isn’t Tony. The only logical explanation is that he is Andre. Marlena asks her who is in the hospital in Salem then. Anna is flustered and John moves in and disarms her. Tony grabs Anna – he may not remember all the details but he does remember how much he loved her. He mentions a man’s name – the man had framed Anna for murder. That was the last time he saw Anna – the man kidnapped him. Anna cries – she can’t believe it’s him – they kiss. John and Marlena kiss as well. Anna has no doubts that he is Tony. Anna wants him to promise her that he’ll never leave her again. Marlena informs Anna that Tony has told them that he wasn’t coming back to Salem. Tony says that was before he saw Anna. Marlena asks if this means he will come back with them and help them deal with Stefano. Before Tony can answer the two island girls return. Anna glares.

Sami & Lucas’s Apt – Part 1: They kiss and share strawberries and whipped cream. Lucas remembers he left ice cream in the car – it’s melting. He has to go and get it – Sami doesn’t want him to leave. Lucas opens the door - neither of them notices the flower arrangement sitting on the floor. They end up heading back to the couch. After they make love Sami craves some curry. Lucas makes some jokes then remembers that he has to check on dinner. It’s a surprise. It will be ready in a few minutes. Sami tells him that she is impressed by the fact that he made peace with EJ. Lucas just wants her to promise that when the twins are grown up he won’t have to suck up to EJ anymore and she’ll let him beat the crap out of EJ. Sami wants to throw the first punch. More kisses. More strawberries – this time chocolate covered ones. The babies start kicking – more kidding around. Lucas says his kids are going to play American sports. Sami is so thrilled that he referred to the babies as his kids. It’s the sexiest thing she ever heard. More kissing.

Brady Pub – Part 2: Max backs down and tells Jeremy there is no problem. Jeremy pulls out the envelope – Max takes it. Yes, they’re still partners. Jett comes in and tells them he doesn’t think Chelsea will make the trip because of Nick. Jeremy starts bad-mouthing Nick and Max calls him on it. Stephanie steers Jeremy toward a table and Jett sits at the bar and defends Jeremy’s action. Max is upset with everyone giving Jeremy a pass. He mentions the fact that Jett hasn’t told Stephanie that Jeremy is cheating on her. Jett doesn’t want to get in the middle of Jeremy’s personal life. If Max is so upset about it why hasn’t he told her.

Jeremy rants about Max – he went out of his way to bring him in on the ground floor of a business that is going to make him rich and this is how he repays him by treating him like crap. The next time Max gives him attitude he’s not getting off so easy. Max Tell Jett he can’t because she’ll just think he has it out for Jeremy. Jett thinks that if Max wants to blow Jeremy out of the water maybe they can help each other. Max asks how. Jett says by getting a look at the merchandise. Max says Jeremy showed it to him – the guy is straight. He was surprised but relieved. The money they are making is huge. Jett says all for a few designer knockoffs. Max knows that is weird. What should he do, hire a P.I.? Jett wants Max to be the P.I. and spy on Jeremy. Just keep his eyes open and ask some questions. Chelsea joins them. She asks if they are leaving soon. Jett offers her a ride to the airport but Chelsea says she’ll come along with Max.

John’s plane: Anna is crying – Tony teases her. She asks wouldn’t you cry if all your dreams came true. He tells her they have. Anna excuses herself to freshen up. John and Marlena ask Tony to describe the key. He says it was unusual looking – he thinks it is solid gold. From the way it is cut, it looked old. John asks if knows what the key opens, a door, a box … All Tony remembers is that Stefano said the secret to the ending of the DiMera vendetta is hidden away and it is that key that will unlock that secret. Anna returns. She can’t believe that he’s coming home to Salem. They have a lot of lost time to make up. Tony says maybe he can come and stay with her. Marlena says if Roman doesn’t mind. She says she just meant … and stops – you are living with Roman aren’t you? Tony and Anna exchange looks.

Sami & Lucas’s Apt – Part 2: Lucas is getting dinner out of the oven when the doorbell rings. He tells Sami to make sure and check who it is before she answers it. It’s Nick. Nick tells her he has to talk to her – it’s something important. Sami thinks it was so sweet of him to bring flowers. Nick says they’re not from him – they were just sitting there. Sami wonders who sent them. Nick says – Sami, I think these flowers are beeping – freeze frame ending.

Preview: Jeremy to Max – Give me a break, no. Max – I still want to keep track of things. Is that a problem? Jeremy – Keep track all you want, just not tonight. Stephanie to Chelsea – If you were rolling around on that beach blanket with Jett would you still have dropped everything to work this flight? Colleen to Santo – I won’t have anymore of this talk. Santo – I don’t want any talk either, Colleen. (They are about to kiss).


Tuesday Jul 24

Pat’s Spoilers

Vegas: Chelsea and Stephanie are in the hot tub. Stephanie wonders what’s bugging Max. Chelsea thinks the way Jeremy does business just rubs Max the wrong way. Stephanie shows off her new toe ring that Jeremy bought her. Chelsea wonders what he is feeling guilty about – some guys act like that. Stephanie says like Nick did after he slept with your mother. On the plane Jeremy tells Rawlins that they have to cut back – his friends are asking a lot of questions. Rawlins says no way. Before he can say more Nick shows up. Rawlins pulls a gun on him. Jeremy tells the guy Nick is his cousin. Rawlins backs off and leaves. Jeremy tells Nick it was just airport security. Nick is acting weird. He has a date on the beach. Jeremy wonders if he’s been sniffing stuff in the lab. Nick thinks Jeremy is acting crazy. He asks if he can lie down and promptly passes out. Jeremy splashes water on Nick to get him to come to. His cell rings. It’s Bo. Bo fills in Jeremy on what happened to Nick (Jeremy tells him he’s there) and suggests he take him to a doctor. Jeremy promises to look after him and suggests they call back in a few hours for an update. Nick wants to find Chelsea. Jeremy will take him to her but he doesn’t know if Chelsea will be happy to see him. Nick doesn’t know why not – he’s a sexy guy.

Chelsea and Stephanie take their argument outside of the hot tub. Stephanie decides she is going to the casino – the air is too stale in here. Jett asks Chelsea what is going on. Chelsea says his best friend is totally cheating on Jeremy. Jett wants to talk about the kiss between them – the kiss that almost happened. Chelsea is tired of obsessing over relationships – kiss or no kiss – she doesn’t care. It didn’t mean anything to her. Not to him either. She says he made that clear by asking her to leave. He says he was really mad at himself – he was using her to get over Danielle. Chelsea says she was using him too, kind of – so forgive and forget. He joins her in the hot tub. They talk about the non-kiss and how they can’t let something that didn’t happen get in the way of something that is good. They agree that it was good that they talked this out – they’re now closer friends. They both decide it’s gotten hot in there – time to cool off. Jett gets out of the hot tub and offers his hand to Chelsea. She takes it and slips and ends up in his arms. Nick arrives at that moment.

Sami & Lucas’s Apt – Part 1: Roman thought that with Andre in the hospital they would be safe. He’ll move them to a safe house in the morning. Sami and Lucas don’t want to go. Roman argues – they can’t stay here. A cop comes in with something for Roman to see. It’s a business card holder. The card says ‘May the two of you live happily ever after in heaven. Love EJ’ Lucas starts ranting that EJ tried to kill them tonight.

Hospital – Part 1: EJ comes in and makes some lame jokes at Andre’s expense. He asks Andre how long he’s been masquerading as Tony. He thinks that as soon as Andre found out Stefano was planning on making peace with the Brady’s he went behind his back and started targeting Sami. Andre whispers something but EJ can’t hear him. Stefano says he said to look behind you. He thinks it’s time they had a long talk. Dr. Rolf wheels Stefano out into the hallway. EJ tells Stefano that is not Tony – it’s been Andre the whole time. Stefano informs him that he knows that – does he think he doesn’t know the difference between his son and his cousin. EJ is surprised that he knew the man was a fraud. Stefano says that Andre is the one son that did not disappoint him. Tony was lacking in loyalty and strength of purpose. Andre never disappointed him. EJ realises that Stefano has been pulling the strings the entire time. Inside Andre’s room he frees his hand and opens EJ’s briefcase. Stefano tells Elvis that he has disappointed him. If he decides to stand with his enemies than he must reap what he sows. Stefano tells Rolf to take him back into the room. EJ follows claiming that he did everything Stefano asked. He succeeded in ways no other had. A Brady woman is carrying his children – DiMera children. Stefano answers – what good are grandchildren to a dead man. He tells EJ to get out – it’s the last time he wants to look at his face. EJ grabs his briefcase and leaves. Stefano asks Andre if he left his little surprise for Elvis. He has. Stefano says very good – then it is done.

Stefano yells at and threatens the doctor. Find out what is causing the paralysis or else. The doctor leaves. Stefano laughs – these medical idiots are so easy. Thankfully Rolf doesn’t suffer from naivety. Stefano says that is why they underestimate us, my son. Tony opens the door and asks him which son he is referring to. It’s not clear how many sons Stefano has. Stefano says – my god, Tony. Tony answers – Yes, I’m home and it’s so good to be back. Stefano says he looks well – the South Pacific must have agreed with. Tony confronts Andre. Stefano tells Tony to leave him be – he may never walk again. Tony says lack of mobility hasn’t stopped him from being mischievous. Tony calls Stefano vulgar. He has no compassion for anyone. Stefano says not for anyone that stands in his way. Tony says no, for them you have the psychopath. The tide is turning. All the people he attacked year after year are coming together and gaining strength. Tony promises that he will not rest until Stefano and all his minions get hurt the same way they hurt others over the years. Stefano’s reign of terror is over – period!

Beach: Maggie and Hope are searching for Nick. Maggie is in a panic. Bo shows up and tells them to stop searching. He called Nick’s bank. He used his credit card to book a flight to Vegas. He should be landing about now. Maggie figures out he went to see Chelsea. Maggie wants Bo to do something – Nick could be really hurt. Bo can’t do anything for 24 hours. Nick is a smart kid – if he’s in trouble he’ll go to the hospital.

Sami & Lucas’s Apt – Part 2: Sami doesn’t think it makes any sense. Why would EJ leave his business card if he was the one responsible for the bomb? Roman agrees. He brings up the safe house again. Sami says no – let the DiMera’s send anyone they want. EJ walks in – he’s impressed. He explains that he got a call from the management company. Is everyone okay – the twins okay? Lucas and Sami explain that they’re fine but Nick isn’t. EJ is really sorry if his father was responsible for this. Lucas starts ranting. EJ concedes that his family was probably behind it – he doesn’t know what to say. Roman asks him where he was this evening. EJ says he was at a SEC meeting. He tells Sami that she has to know he had nothing to do with it. Lucas says you don’t have a problem with rape or shooting someone in cold blood. EJ thought they had agreed to end the hostility between them for the sake of their children.

Lucas is not happy with EJ referring to the twins as ‘our’ children. EJ suggests that Sami doesn’t need this stress of them arguing – she’s in her third trimester. That sets Lucas off once again. EJ understands that they’re on edge – he’ll do whatever he can. Roman asks if that includes turning on Stefano. It’s either him or you. Sami says if that is true EJ is in as much danger as they are. EJ has made his choice and he doesn’t regret it. He gives Roman his word that he’ll do everything he can to keep Samantha safe … Lucas starts ranting that it’s EJ she has to be kept safe from. Sami reminds him that she is in the room and she can make her own choices. Roman thinks sending Will to visit Carrie and Austin was a smart move – she wanted to keep him safe. Doesn’t she want to do the same for the twins? Sami doesn’t think that is fair. She doesn’t want to move to a safe house – she can’t take it again. Roman suggests that they move in with him.

Sami appreciates the offer but this is their home. They haven’t had a chance to make it feel like a home for the twins yet. Lucas agrees with Sami. Sami wants to stay put – decorate the nursery for the babies. Lucas tells Roman he can put as many cops as he wants outside, inside it’s his job to protect Sami and the twins and he will. Sami says they won’t take any unnecessary risks – they want to stay here. Roman caves – he’ll put guards outside. He leaves. EJ thinks they all need to relax – he suggests a game of Hearts. Do they have a deck of cards? Lucas thinks EJ is out of his mind. EJ is just trying to get them to relax. He asks Lucas to start thinking of him as a neighbour and friend – not the devil incarnate. Lucas will think of him as his neighbour because that is true but they will never be friends. He hands EJ his briefcase – he wants him to leave. Lucas mentions EJ's promise to move out. EJ says the promise was made under different circumstances. Here’s a promise he will keep – he will do what is best for the two of them and twins and he doesn’t need to give his word – he’s going to prove it to them. He’s just about to leave when he says, is it me or is my briefcase beeping. Sami says OMG – not again.

Brady Pub – Part 1: Bo and Hope are there. Anna comes in and tells them that they found the real Tony and brought him back home. Anna raves about Tony. She needs to find Roman – she needs to talk to him. Bo thinks he’s probably at the station. Anna asks them to tell Roman she needs to see him if they see him before she does. She leaves. Hope tells Bo that his poor brother is about to get his heart broken. Bo thinks Hope doesn’t know his brother. After Anna hooks up with Tony Roman will be handing out cigars – he’ll be relieved to be a bachelor again. They banter back and forth – Hope suggests they bet again – double or nothing. Bo asks what will he have to do if he loses – breast feed. She wants him to streak – twice around the parking lot. He says that won’t happen. Hope wonders what happened to the Bo Brady she fell in love with – the guy that wouldn’t think twice about risking it all on a dare. Bo takes the bet.

Hospital – Part 2: Stefano claps and says bravo, Tony. He thinks Tony gets his sense of drama from him. Tony says perhaps and perhaps I internalize more than you know and I may prove to be more of a threat to you than you imagine. Roman comes in. He sees Tony and they exchange greetings. Roman mentions John and Marlena’s trip being a success. Tony doesn’t think they should talk about that here – he and Anna will have Roman over for dinner. Roman says that’s a good idea. Roman tells Stefano that the bomb outside Sami’s apartment missed. Stefano plays innocent. Roman says even though someone tried to blame EJ the smell left behind in the room is the same smell that is in this room – the smell of a dying old man. They need to settle this before they all dance on his grave. He suggests that Stefano spend some quality time with Andre – he’s going to prison for a long time. Roman tells the guard that no one gets inside that room. If there’s any trouble, call him. The cop doesn’t see how there can be trouble, one guy is paralyzed and the other in a wheelchair. Roman says just call me – you got that. The cop does. Tony tells Roman if there is anything he can do to help end the vendetta, just let him know. Roman mentions the key – it might help them. Tony is to find out what the key opens and to get the key, no matter the cost. The doctor places a call to Roman – Andre DiMera is missing. The man is gone. (The cop is tied up in the hospital bed).

Brady Pub – Part 2: Hope teases Bo – does he want to practice stripping down. Bo is sure Roman is going to love his freedom. Tony and Anna come in. Tony greets Bo and Hope. Anna tells them that Tony just came back from seeing Stefano. Tony says he told Stefano that he’s going down. Anna is so proud of him – she kisses him. Roman walks in. He tells Bo that he has some other things to do some place else. He heads to the kitchen. Anna calls out to him but Roman ignores him. Hope tells Bo that Roman is running away before the other shoe drops. Hope grabs Bo’s shirt and says – speaking of ‘dropping’ – and I don’t mean shoes … LOL! Hope is looking out the windows and smiling when Roman comes out of the kitchen. He tells Hope that Andre and Stefano have disappeared from the hospital. Hope thought Andre was paralyzed. Roman doesn’t know how they pulled it off. Where did Bo run off too? Hope says funny you should use that word … naked Bo comes dashing back into the pub. Roman smirks – he’s not going to ask. Bo finds out that Andre escaped – he tells Roman – let’s go get him. Roman suggests that Bo put his pants on first – with any luck they’ll catch someone else with their pants down.

Preview: Max to Ilsa – I just want to know that you’re okay. Ilsa – I cannot talk to you. Max – I’m one of the good guys, I swear Ilsa. Just talk to me … Some guy – The little lady is with me so just back off Jack. Bo to Shawn – Something on your mind? Shawn – Yeah. I’m thinking about asking Belle to marry me. Belle to Philip – You are a girls dream come true. Lucas screaming – Sami, it’s a bomb. Get out of the way. He pushes her. Sami yells No, Lucas, no.


Wednesday Jul 25

Pat’s Spoilers

Brady Pub – Part 1: Philip plays a tape of a call he got today for Billie. Billie asks for the tape and asks if there were any threats. Does he know who is placing the calls? He tells her no threats and he has no clue who is placing the calls. Billie asks him if anyone has a grudge against him. Philip starts talking about Titan but Billie tells him that this isn’t about business, it’s personal. Belle walks in. Philip hopes the calls are just pranks. Billie says they are not – going under the assumption that the calls are personal, who has he pissed off. Philip will start on that list. Billie is going to call his cell carrier and see where the calls are coming from. Philip comments that she didn’t ask him if he had any kids out there – that was the first thing Bo asked. Billie says it crossed her mind but she knows he would of have told her. Philip thanks her for keeping the faith. She goes off to make the call. Belle joins Philip. She is meeting Shawn there to go on their picnic. Claire is with Hope. Philip has something for her.

Hospital: Bo tells Shawn that Andre has escaped. Stay alert, no Brady is safe. After some small talk Shawn beams – he’s going to propose to Belle. Duh … didn’t Bo just tell him no Brady was safe so Shawn wants to make Belle a Brady???? What a dolt! Bo is thrilled (no comment). Shawn starts whining – he can’t think of a reason why Belle would say yes. Bo wants to know what the problem is. Shawn wishes he was making more money. Bo knows what the problem is – Philip. No, Bo – the problem is your not so bright son … sheesh. Bo tells him that young couples have to struggle sometimes – the money situation will straighten itself out. They talk about living at Philip’s. Shawn says that they have got to find a place of their own. Bo cautions him that proposing isn’t going to make that happen any quicker. There are plenty of reasons to propose to Belle but to play keep-away from Philip isn’t one of them. Shawn continues whining – he wishes he had more to offer. Bo advises him to get his money together, find a place of their own and then propose. Roman shows up – he needs to talk to Bo. Shawn leaves.

Vegas: There are a lot of scenes and except for the Ilsa/Max stuff they’re really not worth talking about. In a nutshell – Nick tells Chelsea they have a date and they’re supposed to spend the night together. He broadcasts this in front of Jett and Jeremy. Chelsea told him they don’t have a date. Nick makes comments about her living the high life. She goes to change – Nick starts threatening Jett – Jett just stands there and calmly explains what happened. Chelsea comes out and tells Jett she’s ready to hit the bar. Nick asks her if they’re done – she says they are. Nick then steals some clothes and preens in front a mirror thinking he’s some kind of stud. He heads down to the casino and proceeds to act like he’s some kind of high roller.

Stephanie and Jeremy are in the hot tub. He tells her she is lucky to have a guy that spoils her. She has a flashback to Chelsea talking about Jeremy feeling guilty. She says you spoil me because you feel guilty. Jeremy immediately jumps on her wanting to know if Max has been talking to her. Stephanie tells him she was just kidding. Jeremy then tells her that he has a side business on the go and he is making a lot of money. People will make up stories about to put him in a bad light because they are jealous. She wants to know what kind of stories. He tells her not to play dumb and he gets out of the hot tub.

Max hears Ilsa’s voice and recognises it – another flashback. She’s with some jerk. When the guy leaves her side Max approaches Ilsa but she makes it plain that she can’t talk to him. She wants him to leave her alone. The jerk comes back and after an exchange with Max he attempts to punch Max but in the process he somehow misses Max, hits the bar and then the floor. Security halls the jerk out. Ilsa slaps Max and takes off. Max tells Jett and Chelsea that he saw Ilsa there. He gets a really bad vibe about this. Jett tells Max if he sees her again to let him know.

Jett and Chelsea talk about Nick. Another flashback. Stephanie joins Jeremy and he stuffs money down her bra. It’s from his side business. He sees Ilsa and takes off after her. Max takes off after Jeremy. Chelsea is going to tell Stephanie that Jeremy is cheating on her. Jett doesn’t think that is a good idea. Let her find out for herself and then be a good friend to her.

Sami & Lucas’s Apt: They all stand and stare at the beeping suitcase. EJ says the only person that had access to the briefcase is Andre but he’s in traction. Lucas pushes Sami away and yells at her to stay back. (Huh – why didn’t he grab the briefcase and throw it out in the hall?) To add to the sheer stupidity EJ sits down to open the briefcase and Sami and Lucas gather round him … sigh. EJ opens it and smoke starts billowing out of it. He yells at them to get out as he collapses. Lucas and EJ come to. EJ checks the canister in his briefcase. It’s ether and sulphur chloride. They’re lucky to be alive. They then realise Sami is gone. Bo and Roman are now at the apartment. Roman has a good idea who is behind Sami’s disappearance – Andre. He explains that they found a syringe – he injected himself with a muscle blocker to make everyone think he was paralyzed. EJ says they need to go to Stefano. Bo tells him that Stefano has disappeared as well. Lucas figures out that they are going to kill the babies to add a few more years to Stefano’s miserable life. He starts ranting and raving and making threats against the DiMera’s. EJ says Lucas is right. His father wants to live. He will sacrifice anyone to save himself.

Lucas is bouncing off the walls, EJ is sitting there quietly. Lucas is going to take the DiMera’s out. Bo tries to get him to calm down. Lucas freaks. Roman returns to report that they got in and got Sami out using the fire escape – they broke the window. Lucas wants to know where the guards were. Roman says they got a bogus dispatch call that pulled them off the stakeout. He assures Lucas that they will find her. Bo tells Roman they have to go. Lucas wants to go with them. Roman says no. Sami is smart. If she can get to a phone she’ll call here – does Lucas want to miss the call. Lucas agrees to stay. After Bo and Roman leave EJ says finally. Let’s go and find Samantha. Lucas blames EJ for the fact that Sami is missing. EJ asks if he thinks they have to time to fight. They should be looking for Sami. Lucas doesn’t need EJ. EJ says that Lucas does need him because he knows how his father thinks. They should do this as a team. If they do this together they have a much better shot at saving Samantha and the babies.

Brady Pub – Part 2: Belle rhapsodizes over all the clothes that he bought for her and Claire. It’s like he had her wish list. He did – he found a catalogue with all these yellow stickies in it. Belle says it’s the nicest thing anyone has ever done for her but she can’t accept them. Philip likes doing things for her and Claire – it makes him happy. Belle says that living at his place Shawn already feels like he isn’t pulling his weight. Speaking of dead weight – Shawn walks in and plops down across from Billie. He proceeds to brag about the ring he bought – would she say yes if some guy proposed and gave her this ring. (I have to say it has to be the ugliest ring I’ve ever seen – shudder). Billie puts it on – she’d say yes to the ring and then the guy. Did he get it from a gumball machine. No – he asked for an advance on his salary. (Huh – he already whined to his dad that he had so much debt so he goes and adds to that debt – oh yeah, now there’s a responsible guy).

Shawn joins Philip and Belle and asks Belle what all this stuff is. Belle tells him Marlena took her shopping. Shawn will pay Marlena back. Belle says no – it was a gift. Shawn goes to the kitchen to get the picnic basket. Belle tells Philip she should have told Shawn the truth. Philip says it was just a little white lie. It’s a win-win situation. Belle thinks he is a girl’s dream come true. Philip asks her if she talked to Shawn about the trip to Cleveland. Belle says she gave him every opportunity to come clean but he stuck to his story. She brushes it off as a white lie – didn’t hurt anyone. Shawn comes back with the picnic basket. He leaves Belle to carry all the shopping bags. Belle thanks Philip again and kisses him on the cheek. Billie comes back to Philip’s table and asks if he knows anyone in Indianapolis. He doesn’t. Billie tells Philip she’ll find out who the person is making the calls.

Beach: Belle and Shawn are lying on the blanket looking at the sky. Belle starts talking about how bright the moon is shining. They sit up. She talks about the reflection of the moon on the water – it’s bright and sparkly. Shawn wants to know if it’s as bright and sparkly as this. He pulls out the ring box and gives it to her and asks her to open it. He asks her to marry him.

Preview: Kayla to Steve – What do you think about us bringing home a … Steve – teddy bear? Kayla – a baby. Ilsa to Jeremy – It won’t happen again. Jeremy – Just do your job. Max – What job is that Jeremy because I’d sure like to know. Belle to Shawn – Will you marry me? Shawn – You’re proposing to me? Belle – Will you marry me or not? Nick – I won fifty grand. Pete – (I can’t make out what he says at first) and lots of it son. Nick – Thank you Pete.


Thursday Jul 26

Pat’s Spoilers

Vegas: I’m not a fan of this storyline so I’m just going to sum it up in a few sentences. Jerry Springer is surprisingly good – he’s a natural. Unfortunately he was given some really lame dialogue and even worse, they had all his scenes with Nick – a character that I for one can’t stand. Chelsea tries to get Nick to quit gambling but he doesn’t. Pete gives him some advice – Nick ends up betting it all and winning $50, 000. He tells Chelsea they’re in Vegas they should get married.

Max follows Ilsa and Jeremy but is stonewalled by both of them when he questions them. Ilsa tells him she knows a lot of people in Vegas. When Max asks her who she tells him it’s none of his business and walks away. Max gives Jeremy the money back. Jeremy tells him the partnership is over but they have some unfinished business – Max has seen the designer knockoffs and they’re not exactly legal. Max will hold up his end of the bargain – he won’t say a word about that but Jeremy’s business smells bad. If he finds out what Jeremy is really up to he won’t hesitate to turn him in. Max then goes to the creep’s room and asks him where Ilsa is. The guy wants to know if Max is her pimp. Max is stunned to find out that Ilsa is a prostitute. He demands that the guy tell him how to contact Ilsa.

Stephanie chases after Jeremy when he’s trailing Ilsa. He has important calls to make – that’s his excuse for leaving their table. He agrees to dinner with her parents. Chelsea sits next to Stephanie at the bar and after some discussion Chelsea tells her Jeremy is cheating on her. She tells her what Max said. Stephanie accuses both Chelsea and Max of lying to her because they don’t like Jeremy. After she cools down a bit Stephanie asks her if this was true, which it isn’t what should she do. Chelsea says she would plot revenge but then she’d get in the guys face and tell him he couldn’t treat her that way.

Brady Pub: Steve is working behind the bar when Kayla comes in. She tells him she stopped by Hope’s on the way over – Ciara was awake –she’s so adorable. She whips out some photos – this is her favourite. Steve looks at it and says the teddy bear is bigger than her. Kayla asks him what he would think about bringing one of those home. Steve says a teddy bear? Kayla says no, a baby. Kayla thinks they are so lucky to get a second chance. Steve agrees – the two of them are lucky – he stresses the word ‘two’. Kayla quips – baby makes three. Steve isn’t there yet. Kayla tells him if that is the end of the discussion she’ll have to accept it. He tells her it is. She just can't accept that … LOL!

Steve tells her that he would give her the world. She just wants a baby. He asks why – because they didn’t raise Stephanie together. She says it wasn’t his fault that he wasn’t there. He says he’s been trying with Stephanie lately but he isn’t good at it. There are a lot of things he’s good at but being a dad isn’t one of them. Kayla tells him that he has to stop blaming himself for not being there to raise Stephanie. Steve says that she paid a price, they both did, now she wants distance. Kayla tells him that things will get better. He asks her what if they don’t. She tells him that is not an option. Steve tells her that no kid should be a second chance to make things right. She isn’t saying that. He asks her if she is happy. She is. So is he and he doesn’t need a baby to make his life better. Kayla says she doesn’t need a baby to make her happy – she just thinks it would make their life richer. Steve says he has so many holes in his memory they could drive a semi through them. He has trust issues, etc. Kayla insists that a child of theirs will love him as much as she does. He has so much love to give and love is the main ingredient in parenting – that and doing your best to raise a good person. Steve says I bet Jeremy’s parents thought that and he sure doesn’t want to end up like them.

Kayla waves the pictures of Ciara in front of him again. Steve says she is an adorable child. Kayla says there are so many needy children that need a home. Steve agrees – just not the Johnson home. He tells her not to look at her with those eyes – those eyes that get him to do what she wants. She persists. Steve tells her that moment he had with Stephanie (he names a lot of things parents do with children) has passed. Having a kid is just not for him – that boat has sailed. Steve sits across from Kayla and asks her why she didn’t adopt a kid earlier. She didn’t want to do it without him. They talk some more. Steve tells her she should be in sales. Kayla says I didn’t sell you on it. Steve says she has him thinking about it. He wants her to agree that they won’t make any decisions without talking it through.

Beach: Shawn was hoping for an answer. Belle thought they would wait until they were settled. Shawn thinks they have waited long enough. He kisses her – because she kisses back Shawn takes that as a yes. Belle tells him in some ways they have known each other for a long time, in other ways it hasn’t been that long. Shawn will be okay as long as he knows that some day soon she will be Mrs. Shawn Brady. Belle tells him she loves him. Shawn thinks it would be great for Claire as well. Belle tells him that Claire is not a reason for them to get married. Shawn loves her and just wants to make it official. Belle asks for us and not Philip. He says he didn’t think about Philip but he does want him out of their lives. Belle doesn’t think they have to get married for that to happen. Shawn wants to – why is she hesitating. Belle wants to be sure. Shawn will do whatever it takes to make sure they’re happy. Belle will to. When she still hesitates Shawn apparently thinks insulting her is the way to go to get what he wants. He thought he was the one that had a lot of growing up to do but he guesses he’s not the only one.

He realises he made a tactical error. He’s sorry. He knows he’s not making that much money. Belle says it’s not that – he surprised her. This is a big decision. Some apparent teasing follows (at least that’s what I think they were going for- what I think is supposed to be cute and funny just came off as lame to me). Belle tells Shawn she loves him she just wants them to be open about things. Shawn thinks they are. This statement clearly tells me this beach proposal is for one purpose and one purpose only – to set up the complete and final break up of Belle and Shawn – which is 3 years overdue. Belle says Without honesty we don’t have a chance. Shawn asks her what she is saying. She knows he blew off the job interview in Cleveland. Shawn says he told her about that. Belle says yeah, you did but you told me you got on that plane and you didn’t.

Shawn figures out Philip told her – he wishes Belle just would have asked him. Belle wishes he would have just told her himself. Shawn starts whining about Philip – so pathetic. Belle understands why he didn’t take the job. She is glad he didn’t take the job but what she doesn’t get is if he wasn’t in Cleveland on the 4th, what did he do all day. Shawn has a flashback to changing his flight to Indianapolis. He looks Belle right in the eyes and lies to her – he didn’t do anything – just drove around. He is sorry she had to find out from Philip – but apparently not sorry enough that he actually tells her the truth. Belle for some unknown reason gets down on her knee and proposes to Shawn. He accepts. They hug Belle’s expression is very telling.

Preview: Chelsea to Nick – The answer is no. Nick – No, you don’t want to get married at all or is this about some problem you have with me? EJ to Marlena – I care very deeply about Samantha. Marlena – Get hold of that so called father of yours. Tell him to find Sami and get her back here. Lucas to Tony (Roman and Marlena are there as well) – You got to be kidding me. Tony – I wish I were Lucas. I don’t think any of us are going to see Samantha anytime soon. Stefano to Rolf – I wish it would be different but we must make this sacrifice. (The camera cuts to an unconscious Sami).


Friday Jul 27

Pat’s Spoilers

Vegas: Nick keeps asking Chelsea to marry him, she keeps saying no. He insults her and then tells her that he is getting married tonight with or without her. She asks him where she can send the gift and walks away. She talks to Jett. He tells her that Nick has a head injury – she should think about it before saying its over. As soon as Chelsea walks away from him Jeremy swoops in and tries to smooth talk Nick into becoming his partner. The smooth talk doesn’t work on Nick – oh well, Jer, one out of two isn’t bad. You lied to Stephanie and she sort of bought it. Just as Jett has Chelsea convinced to talk with Nick, Nick shows up and introduces China Lee, the future Mrs. Nick Fallon. After telling Chelsea she blew her chance Nick tells China it’s time to get married. When they walk away he thanks her for playing along about the wedding stuff. They decide to drink and have a good time.

Max gets Ilsa to the party room. He has to threaten to call her boss and complain when she refuses to come in. She comes into the room and then balks when he says he just wants to talk. He tries to get her to tell him how she met Jeremy. She’s not co-operating so Max threatens to call Immigration. She just starts to talk as Jeremy comes into the room. Max lets Ilsa leave and tells Jeremy he’s going to find out everything that is going on. He leaves as Stephanie comes in. As he’s walking in the casino two goons grab him and one of them pokes a gun into his side. Rawlings follows as the goons lead Max out of the casino.

Police Station – Part 1: Lexie comes in with a hoodie completely covering her head and hiding her face. She goes into Bo’s office. He assures her that Abe won’t be there. He tells her that Abe will forgive her and be happy to see her. She isn’t so sure. John shows up. He’d like a favour from her – he wants her to be the bait they use to hook Andre DiMera. Bo argues with John – it’s not safe. John says Sami’s life is at stake – does Bo have a better idea. Lexie says she will do it. Bo says no – Abe and her little boy could lose her again for good. Lexie says this is her chance to do something good – she wants to do it. John ensures Bo that nothing will happen to her. Lexie asks him what he wants her to do.

John pulls out a cell phone that has the same number assigned to it as Stefano’s. They’ll send Andre a text message and he’ll think it’s from Stefano. They’ll set up a meeting between Lexie and Andre – Andre will scout the location out and feel pretty safe but before he can do anything the police will be all over him. Bo says Andre is very smart – does he think he’ll fall for this. John asks him again if he has a better idea. John sends a text message – he tossed in a few $2 euro words to sound like Stefano. Bo goes to round up some backup. John tells Lexie he appreciates her doing this considering that Sami and her have had their differences. Lexie says that when Sami gets home she’d like to put the past behind them. John thinks Sami would too. John gets a text message back. Andre bought it – they’re on.

Sami & Lucas’s apt: Marlena tells Lucas that it hasn’t been that long since Sami went missing – she can’t be that far. EJ thinks this may just be another scare tactic by his family – he’s sorry. Marlena throws back his apology in his face bringing up the rape and shooting of John – how does she know that EJ isn’t behind this. EJ assures her that he had nothing to do about this – he cares very deeply for Samantha. Marlena tells him to prove it by phoning his so called father and tell him to find Sami and get her back here. Roman shows up – they’ve checked airports, train and bus stations in a 300 mile radius – no luck. It’s like they dropped off the face of the earth. This is Lucas’s cue to start ranting about the Salem PD. There’s a knock on the door. It’s Tony (at least they think it is - I think it’s Andre). He has news about Samantha.

Stefano’s plane just took off from a private airfield in Illinois. When they ask where he’s going Tony says nowhere. He’s going to fly the plane over international waters. He’ll be airborne until he’s fully recovered from the operation. Lucas says that means he’s going to cut Sami open and take the stem cells. Marlena says it’s a risky operation – what about turbulence. Roman knows that Stefano doesn’t give a damn about Sami but he has to know how risky it is. Tony says yes, but what other option does he have. EJ says the plane has to land – they don’t have enough fuel to fly all day. Tony tells them that Stefano is going to have the plane refuelled in flight. He doesn’t think any of them will be seeing Samantha any time soon. EJ says they can’t sit around – they need to take some action. Stefano has to be in contact with air traffic control somewhere – why don’t they start there. Roman thinks that is a good idea – they’ll pin down the location. They’ll have to figure out a way to get the plane to land. Roman is going to head back to the station. Lucas and EJ are going with him. Tony stays with Marlena.

Tony tells Marlena that they will get through this. If there is living proof that Stefano does not always prevail – it’s him. If he could survive everything that man put him through, Samantha can too. John arrives. Tony checks his cell phone and says he has to go – he leaves. John asks Marlena if she would like to view Andre DiMera behind steel bars. If everything goes according to plan Andre will be jail tonight. They should be able to squeeze out the information on how to get to Stefano and save Sami out of him. Marlena is so proud of him. John wants her to show him. She kisses him. He wants more and more and suggests they take it out to the car. (Rolling my eyes …)

Plane: Stefano is happy their plans worked out to perfection. Bart bemoans the fact that Sami landed a right hook on his face. Rolf stands over an unconscious Sami and says she will soon be ready to make her charitable contribution. Stefano sits next to her and rambles on about youth being wasted on the young. He sure hopes He can forgive him for this. He hates to think that he is giving up a place by His side for a few more years on earth. Rolf tells him he shouldn’t feel guilty, he’s only doing what he must to survive. Stefano would have preferred to wait until after his grandchildren were born. Rolf tells him he doesn’t have the luxury of time. Stefano leans over Samantha and puts his hand on her pregnant stomach and says he wishes it could be different but she must make this sacrifice. Stefano asks Rolf if Samantha is ready. She is – all that is left is to make sleepy time for Stefano. Stefano lies on a gurney next to Sami.

Police Station – Part 2: Both Lucas and EJ strike out after calling all the locations on their lists. They hope Roman is having better luck than they are. EJ tells Lucas they have to believe they will find her. Lucas thinks it’s easy for him to say, it’s not his wife in the hands of a madman. EJ says no but they are his children. He’s not trying to insult Lucas. When he found out Sami was pregnant he said he was going to make changes in his life. Facing the prospect of losing the babies has put everything into focus. He’s sorry for everything he has put Lucas through. He’s been an amazing father to Will and he knows he will be a good father to the twins. Lucas says even though Sami is his number one concern he’s still praying for the babies. Roman comes in – he has a location. In the office Bo tells Lexie she can still back out. She wants to do this. Bo is proud of her and he knows that Abe will be too. They go out the back way. Roman, EJ and Lucas are now in the office. Stefano’s plane is cruising airspace between Grand Cayman and Bermuda. The next step is to make radio contact with him and go from there. Hopefully they’re not too late.

Preview: A very beat up Max (it doesn’t show who he is talking to) – Whatever it is, I intend to find out what’s going on and see that Jeremy gets what is coming to him. Danielle to Chelsea (Jett is there as well) – Chelsea, hi. Chelsea to Jett- I’m an idiot. EJ to Stefano – If you care anything at all for me do not harm Samantha or those babies. Stefano – Why should I care for a son who stands with my enemies? Roman to Andre – Andre? Andre stabs Roman in the stomach.


Monday Jul 30

Pat’s Spoilers

Brady Pub – Part 1: Chelsea has a series of flashbacks – all of her and Jett. She heads to the kitchen as Jett and Danielle enter the pub. Jett tells Danielle it’s so frustrating. There are so many people involved and he doesn’t know who to trust. Danielle tells him he can’t tell anyone. He has to be careful. He can’t let anyone find out. He won’t – he’s in way too deep. Danielle talks about how stupid it was of her to let Chelsea overhear her on the phone with Mark. Jett tells her not to worry – he covered. He pretended to be devastated. Danielle says now Chelsea thinks their engagement is history – what if she sees them together. Jett tells her not to worry – Chelsea is too busy licking her wounds. Her and Nick broke up. Danielle’s cell rings – she gets up to take the call and walks away from the booth. Jett goes to the bar to get them some drinks. Chelsea comes out of the kitchen and sees him.

Danielle insures the person she is speaking too that they have it under control. Chelsea apologises to Jett for the way she acted in Vegas. She was upset with Nick and took it out on him. Jett tries to get rid of her but Chelsea has something else to say. She brings up the conversation about the almost kiss before Nick burst in on them. Jett says it was really bad timing. Chelsea feels that her and Nick were over long before that – she just didn’t realise it. She tries to tell him more but he interrupts her and tells her he doesn’t have time for this. Chelsea apologises for intruding – she’s upset. Jett tells her he didn’t mean to blow her off but he’s got a lot on his plate right now. He’d like to talk about this tonight. She says okay. Jett tells her he’ll call her just as Danielle comes up and asks where the beer is that he promised her. She then notices Chelsea and says hi. Chelsea says, god I’m an idiot. They stop Chelsea from leaving – they’re just friends. Chelsea doesn’t buy it. Jett insists there is nothing going on. Danielle insists that she is a happily married woman. Jett is friends with her husband. Chelsea figures out they were never engaged – this was one big lie. Danielle tells Jett that he has to tell her. Chelsea doesn’t want to know. She leaves. Danielle tells Jett he has no choice. He has to tell Chelsea before she tells someone else – besides Chelsea deserves to know.

Vegas: Nick comes to in the party room - he was passed out on the floor. He’s wearing a tux. He’s not sure where he is. He realises he’s in Vegas. He remembers that he won 50 grand. He checks out his pockets and pulls out wads of money. There’s a knock on the door. Nick opens it. Max collapses against him – bruised and bleeding. Max tells Nick that two guys pulled him out of the casino and beat the crap out of him. He doesn’t want to go to the cops or the ER – he just wants to find out what is going on. Whatever it is it has to do with Jeremy. He fills Nick on his side operation with Jeremy that is slightly illegal. He believed it was designer knockoffs but it has to be something more. Max thinks the guys that beat him up were working for Rawlings. He mentions Ilsa – she’s involved. He doesn’t know how but she seems terrified. Nick immediately jumps to the conclusion that she is part of the Russian Mafia because of her name – it has to be drugs. Max intends to find out what is going on and see that Jeremy gets what is coming to him.

Nick has a one track mind – Jeremy is trafficking drugs and Chelsea and Stephanie are working for him. Max says that they don’t know its drugs. He just wishes he knew how Ilsa was involved and why she is so afraid of Jeremy. If Jeremy is using him and his money to fund something illegal he’s not going to back down. Max wonders where everyone is. Nick says they probably went back to Salem. Max is not happy about being stranded there. Nick asks Max if he thinks Jett is involved. Max asks him why he’s so interested in Jett – does this have something to do with Chelsea. Nick admits that he and Chelsea had a fight and Jett was part of it. Max asks him if this is why he followed Chelsea to Vegas. Nick says it’s possible. The last 24 hours are kind of a blur. He was on a beach and he was supposed to go home and then somehow he ended up at Sami and Lucas’s and there was a bomb and the next thing he knows he was on a plane to Vegas. He has to go and find Chelsea and fix this. Nick wishes he could do the day over again – just press rewind. Max wishes chicks could have a twin – if they mess it up with the first one, they could get it right with the other one. Nick says twins - OMG – that is what I was going to tell Sami and Lucas. He was at the beach when he got the call that said Lucas was the father of the twins. Max is confused. Nick says the first test wasn’t a real one – he had to fake a test that said EJ was the father. Max asks him why he would do that. Nick doesn’t have the time to explain. He has to get back to Salem and tell Sami and Lucas the truth.

Pier: Bo is sure Andre will show up – he always does what Stefano asks. Lexie is nervous but she has to do this. She’s the only one who can – she’s family. Bo assures her that they will be right there. When Andre shows up they’ll nab him. The police hide. “Andre” shows up. Lexie thanks him for meeting her her – Stefano thought they should talk. Lexie looks around. “Andre” asks her if she is setting him up – Lexie keeps backing away from him. “Andre” doesn’t believe her when she keeps saying that she just wanted to meet. Bo comes in with his gun drawn and tells him he’s under arrest. “Andre” protests – what has he done? Lexie is so thrilled – it worked. Bo tells her Abe will be so proud. “Andre” tells them they made a mistake. Bo sarcastically says ‘Oh come on, Andre, you’re going away for good this time.” Tony yells I’m Tony DiMera. Bo scoffs.

Tony tries to convince them that he is the real Tony DiMera. Lexie says you just threatened me Andre. Tony insists he didn’t – he was afraid she was setting him up for Stefano and Andre. Bo asks why would she do that – Andre held her prisoner in the tunnels and let everyone believe she was dead. Tony yells – how was he supposed to know that? He’s been stuck on an island for 20 years. All he remembers is that she is a DiMera and she’s done Stefano’s dirty work before. Lexie lectures “Andre” about all the dirty work he’s done to everyone including Tony. Tony yells – but I am Tony. What can he do to convince them? Bo tells “Andre” that the invitation to this party was sent to him, not Tony. Tony says but Andre forwarded it to me because he knew I wouldn’t question it because he hasn’t seen Alexandra in such a long time. Can’t they see what Andre is doing? He’s making sure that I’m hauled off to jail and then he’ll be free to attack your family. He asks Bo if is just going to stand there and do nothing about it and let Andre get away with it?

Tony says for the last time, I’m not Andre. Bo’s not falling for it. He tells the cops to take him in. Tony reminds Bo that they used to be friends. He talks about a time he took Bo and Hope to an opera. He picked La Boheme because he’d thought they would like it but Bo complained about it all night right up to the first intermission and then he went straight to the bar. How could Andre remember that? Bo says it’s been twenty years, plenty of time for Andre to do his homework. Tony points out the obvious – how could Andre even know that Bo left after the first intermission? Bo says they’ll straighten this out at the station. As the cops are dragging him away Tony asks Lexie to tell Bo that’s he’s Tony. After he’s gone Lexie asks ‘is it possible?’ Bo doesn’t know how anyone else could know about that opera ordeal. Lexie asks – if that’s Tony, where’s Andre?

Bo is going to have someone take Lexie back to Celeste’s. She wants to stay until they find out if that is Andre or Tony. Bo tells her it could take a while – they’ll call her. Lexie agrees to go home – she prays that they caught the right DiMera. So does Bo. He’s going to call Roman. If they didn’t get the right guy he has to know that Andre could still be out there. Lexie adds – and more dangerous than ever because he knows we tried to set him up.

Bo is pacing talking on his cell to the precinct. He’s got reason to believe Andre DiMera is still out there. A cop comes running up and tells him they got a dispatch – Commissioner Brady has been stabbed.

Police Station – Part 1: Lucas rants. Roman shouts – they’re doing everything they can to make contact. A cop tells him they’ve made contact with the plane. (As EJ is talking to Stefano [see plane] “Tony” walks in.)

Plane: The pilot tells Stefano that air traffic control has a call for him. It’s an emergency. Stefano tells him to put it on the intercom. It’s Roman – he knows where they are and what they’re doing. Stefano protests – he doesn’t know what Roman is talking about. Roman spells it out – if Stefano hurts Sami he will not live to see tomorrow – that is a promise. Roman continues threatening – Stefano insists he is going to see a specialist. Roman knows he is going to take the babies stem cells. Stefano laughs – on a plane. I’m just going to watch a movie. Lucas starts threatening Stefano – he’ll strangle him with his own hands. Roman takes over. Stefano tells him even if he was planning something there isn’t anything Roman could do about it because he’s flying over international waters. Roman says he has to land sometimes and when he does he’ll be waiting. Stefano looks forward to that but for now he has to go. EJ steps up and says wait, don’t go. Stefano says why am I not surprised. EJ says if you care anything about me please don’t do anything that would harm Samantha or those babies. Stefano wants to know why he should care for a son that stands with his enemies.

EJ reminds Stefano that Samantha is carrying his grandchildren – his flesh and blood. Stefano calls them the spawn of a traitorous son. EJ talks about how Stefano raised him, loved him and protected him. That is what he is going to do for his children. He’ll protect them at all costs. He knows Stefano is afraid of dying but these children are his heirs. The reason he built his empire – why is he willing to sacrifice them? Stefano says because he is not ready to die. If the children are anything like their father they will certainly not be true DiMera’s so they can’t be his grandchildren. Does EJ understand what he is saying? EJ does. He says ‘Now you understand me. You’re afraid of dying. You harm Samantha or those children, you won’t see out the week. Do you hear me? And don’t even worry about Lucas or Roman because the last face you’re going to see is mine. I guarantee it.

EJ thought Stefano cared about his children but all he cares about is himself. Stefano had such hopes for Elvis. His first son was such a disappointment but he thought Elvis would be his successor but he’s no different than Tony. He’s worse actually because he had potential. He turned on his father, on his family because of a woman, a Brady woman. Lucas yells – that’s my wife you’re talking about. She wants nothing to do with EJ. Stefano laughs and tells Lucas to wake up and smell the coffee because she won’t be his wife much longer. Lucas wants to know what he means by that. Stefano says it means that the moment Elvis laid eyes on her he wanted her and we all know that Elvis will do anything to get what he wants. EJ says this isn’t about Lucas, this is about the two of them and his grandchildren. He doesn’t believe that they mean nothing to him. How could they have disappointed him? Stefano says they are EJ’s children. He’s glad his father isn’t here to see what Elvis has become. “Tony” steps in and tells Stefano that he is going to assist EJ and the police in bringing him down. Stefano has to go. Roman yells at him not to hang up. Stefano suggests they all get together when he returns from his trip because something tells him he’s going to feel like a new man. He hangs up.

Stefano tells Rolf – there will be no more interruptions – he’s ready. He hopes that it will be worth it. Rolf assures him that the stem cells from his grandchildren will save his life. Bart comes rushing in – don’t do it. He was going through Sami’s medical records – Stefano can’t have the surgery. He’s not a match. Elvis is not the father. Rolf looks at the chart and says Bart is right. The stem cells from those babies will not save you. Stefano wants to know how this happened. Samantha had an amnio and a DNA test. All that Rolf knows is that these DNA results tell a different story and they cannot be challenged. There is no mistake. Bart has to ask – what do they do about her? (Sami)

Police Station – Part 2: Roman tells EJ, Lucas and “Tony” that they did all they could. Stefano has to be at least thinking about what they said. Lucas doesn’t think so. He has some calls to make – he has to call Marlena and everyone else. EJ will give him a ride. EJ and Lucas leave. EJ thanks “Tony”. He replies – it’s not over yet. He’ll do everything in his power to make sure Stefano gets what he deserves. EJ and Lucas leave. A cop comes in and tells Roman that Bo is on the phone. Roman tells “Tony” that with any luck Bo has Andre in custody and he can help them to get to Stefano. “Tony” tells him not to bank on that. Andre is too devoted to Stefano. He’d never turn on him. Roman picks up the phone. “Tony” pulls out a switchblade.

Roman is talking to Bo. Bo tells him that they caught a DiMera but he’s not sure it’s the right one. The guy he arrested insisted he was Tony. Roman asks why he would believe anything that Andre said. Bo didn’t at first but he knew things that only Tony does. Roman says hang on, I’ll see what I can find out. He turns and says, “Andre?” Andre stabs him in the gut. Roman drops to the floor. Bo keeps shouting, Roman, are you there. “Andre” is led into the police station in cuffs. A cop goes to tell the commissioner – he looks at Tony and says you know you have a twin. He knocks on Roman’s office door and finds him on the floor. He yells for them to call 911 – they have a man down. Tony rushes into the office and checks his pulse. Roman comes to and thinks its Andre. Tony says no, it’s Tony. Hang in, help is on the way. Roman tells Tony that he has to stop Andre.

Brady Pub – Part 2: Lucas is talking on the phone to Marlena. He tells her they’re not giving up. She knows that Sami is a fighter. She’ll probably kick Stefano’s butt if he tries to harm the babies. EJ sits across from Lucas telling him it’s going to be okay. They will find her. Lucas’s cell rings. It’s Sami. She’s in some hotel room – she just woke up. Lucas asks if they hurt her. She says her head hurts and she feels kind of funny – would he please come and get her. Andre skulks outside the pub and watches through the window.

Preview: Jett to Chelsea – The whole thing was a setup and Danielle was in on it. Is that enough truth for you? Jeremy (with Stephanie) to Steve and Kayla – Stephanie reminds me of the man I want to be. Only one of the reasons I love her so much. Bo to Steve – I got that jacket you wanted on Jeremy. It ain’t pretty. Lucas showing EJ the door – The bottom line is you’re out of our lives. EJ watches as Lucas hugs a crying Sami.


Tuesday Jul 31

Pat’s Spoilers

Police Station: A news anchor is in front of Roman’s office with a live report about the stabbing as Bo shoulders his way through a crowd of reporters. Bo has ‘no comment.’ Roman is on the gurney when Bo comes in. Bo jokes about Roman picking a hell way of getting out of having to pay for the beer at bowling league tonight. The paramedic tells Bo that Roman is losing a lot of blood; they need to get him to the hospital. Bo tells Roman that he’ll make it through this that. Bo helps them run interference through the mob of reporters.

Pier: Chelsea is on the pier feeling sorry for herself (talking to herself as well). Jett follows her and tries to explain but Chelsea doesn’t let him get in a word edgewise. Jett finally speaks and says he’s not letting her leave until he explains. Chelsea does his explaining for him – her version of it at least. She doesn’t want to give him another chance to lie to her. Just like the lie where he pretended to be so devastated that he came on to her. (Huh – I saw her coming on to him!). Jett tells her she’s right. He lied to her – the whole thing was a setup from the beginning and Danielle was in on it. Chelsea goes on and on not letting the guy say more than a word or two – of course this is all about her. Jett says he lied because he couldn’t let himself get involved with her. He was looking out for her. She calls him a jerk – she thought Jeremy was the biggest jerk she knew.

Jett admits he sent her mixed signals but he had no choice. She starts whining. He tells her that he’s in way deeper than just messing around with her. He’s not the man she thought he was. She agrees – he’s just like his buddy Jer. Jett says wrong because Jeremy Horton is the criminal and I’m the undercover ISA agent sent to bring him down. He pulls out his ISA ID. Chelsea ignores the fact that Jett is there to do a job. All she is concerned about is that since Jett has come to town he’s been lying to her. She wants to know if their friendship was an act. Jett tells her that he had to hide his attraction to her that’s why he introduced Danielle as his fiancée. Danielle appears and informs Chelsea that she is working the case too. She flashes her ISA ID. Danielle apologises for all the cloak and dagger stuff. She says that lying to her really tore Jett up inside. Her and husband have known Jett for a long time and they’ve never seen him go so far to protect someone. It’s obvious he thinks she is a really special lady. Chelsea preens. After Danielle leaves Chelsea says this is unreal – no one is going to believe this especially Stephanie. Jett warns her that she can’t tell Stephanie. Chelsea asks why – what has Jeremy done.

She asks if it has to do with the shuttle service. Jett doesn’t know – he hasn’t been able to make that connection yet. He says that he and Jeremy did serve together but lost touch after that. Jeremy has no idea he’s a cop. He was going through a file about smuggling and it had Jeremy’s name all over it. So he made contact with Jeremy and offered to go into business with him. He doesn’t know what Jeremy is smuggling, who his accomplices are or who he works for – that’s where Chelsea comes in. He thinks that Stephanie knows more than she is letting on. Chelsea says that Stephanie wouldn’t cover for Jeremy if she knew he was doing something illegal. Jett says she is in love with him – people in love do crazy things. Stephanie asks about Max. Jett says Max is cool – Jeremy is keeping him in the dark. He asks her to watch Stephanie and see what she knows.

Brady Pub – Part 1: Steve and Kayla are waiting for Stephanie and Jeremy to show up. They banter a bit. Steve still keeps flashing back to Jeremy having his mitts all over his little girl. Kayla reminds him that Stephanie isn’t a little girl anymore. She needs him to respect that and play nice. She knows he can play nice because he has a very big heart. She asks him not to give Jeremy the third degree. Steve says he won’t have to because he asked Bo to run a background check on Jeremy. Bo was happy to do it because he’s seen how twisted up Maxwell has gotten since he started working with Jeremy. Steve explains that he’s doing this for her and Stephanie. If Jeremy’s got nothing to hide he’ll sit back and let nature run its course – maybe. Kayla tells him that Stephanie isn’t thirteen – he’s not in charge of her love life. Steve talks about all the stuff he missed – to him Stephanie is still a little girl. Kayla brings up the fact that she’s given him a way of having a second chance – adoption. She says Patch was a good name for him back then because he kept his life together with spit and grit. It doesn’t work anymore because there’s something way stronger holding his life together – his love for his family. She sits next to him and they exchange a few little kisses.

Stephanie and Jeremy arrive – the phoniness is absolutely cloying … yuck. Jeremy has brought gifts for both of them. Perfume for Kayla and a mixed CD of blues harmonica songs for Steve. Jeremy thanks them for this chance – they got off on the wrong foot. Jeremy makes a toast. Steve asks about his business venture. Stephanie gushes – everything Jeremy touches turns to gold. More gushing about how well the business is doing and how great Stephanie is doing. Jeremy says its fun partying with high rollers but they have their eye on the future. He wants to give Stephanie the future she deserves. Steve agrees that money is a great invention. He thinks a business run right has its own rewards but something else has to factor in – a man’s character. Jeremy admits he’s scored as many errors as hit but everytime he forgets the rules Stephanie reminds him of the man he wants to be – one of the reason’s he loves her so much.

Lucas & Sami’s apt: Lucas is covering Sami with blankets and giving her tea. Sami is so cold. EJ thinks she is in shock and should be taken to the hospital. Lucas starts ranting about giving EJ’s family another shot at her – she’s safer here. Sami asks them to fill her in – the last thing she remembers is EJ opening the briefcase and the gas coming out. Lucas says when they came to she was gone. Bart or one of Stefano’s goons must have taken her so that they could take her baby’s stem cells. Sami says thank God he didn’t. EJ says there is still one thing that doesn’t make sense. His father had the life saving stem cells within his grasp but he just dumped her in a motel room. Sami’s been wondering about that. She wishes her father would call and let her know what’s going on. Lucas says the important thing is that she is back where she belongs. EJ thinks his father had a change of heart. He’s a compassionate man that cares about family. When he thought about what he was going to do to his grandchildren he realised that the coming together of a Brady and a DiMera was a way to end the hostilities. Lucas thinks EJ sniffed too much gas. Stefano is pure evil. Lucas continues to rant and is thankfully shut up by a knock on the door. It’s Nick. He remembered why he was here the night the bomb went off – it’s about Sami’s babies.

Sami asks him if there’s something wrong with her babies. Nick says no. He starts rambling about the amnio – he messed up. Kate comes barging in to see Lucas. She heard Sami ran away with EJ. Sami tells her she was kidnapped by Stefano. Kate asks – What are you doing here then? Lucas tells her that Stefano let Sami go. She asks Nick what he’s doing there. Lucas answers that he has something to tell them about the twins. Kate doesn’t think the wretched lab rat has anything to say. Lucas asks her what she’s doing. Kate starts rambling about Sami being kidnapped – the babies were in danger. Sami reminds her that a minute ago Kate thought she had run away with EJ. Kate says being with a DiMera is being in danger. Sami asks her what she’s talking about. EJ is the baby’s father – he wants them to be safe. Kate thinks Sami is exhausted – whatever Nick has to say he can say at a later time. Sami wants to hear what he has to say. Kate keeps making cryptic statements – she can’t stress enough to Nick how wrong it would be say something that could be disturbing – she hopes Nick isn’t making a mistake. Sami asks Nick if there is something wrong with her pregnancy. Nick assures her nothing is wrong with her pregnancy – her and Lucas’s kids are just fine. EJ says wait a minute – Nick stops him and says their not yours. The father of these babies, both of them, is Lucas.

Sami asks him how this is possible. Nick tells them the first test was wrong. They ask him if he’s sure. He says 100% … well there is one chance in 13 million that he’s wrong.. Sami and Lucas start celebrating. EJ asks Nick why they should believe him. Kate says no one should know better than Sami that reports can be falsified. Nick asks her why he would do that. Kate can think of many reasons starting with him being incompetent. Nick spouts off his credential – he knows for a fact the first test was wrong because he screwed up and he asked another lab tech to run the test again. EJ asks him if someone is paying him to say this. Kate tells Nick his job could be on the line. Nick says his job is on the line. Sami wants to know how he messed up the test. Nick explains that he was under a lot of stress to get the test results quickly and he got careless. He shows them the new report signed by the chief lab tech. Sami and Lucas are thrilled. Sami says wait a second – smart guys like Nick don’t make mistakes unless they’re under a lot of pressure from someone. Sami and Lucas stare at Kate.

Both Sami and Lucas believe Nick was pressured to give the false report. EJ asks Nick who it was. Nick states that no one pressured him – it was his mistake and his alone. He says he didn’t do the cross-checking he should have because he was in a rush and EJ came up the father. He takes full responsibly even if it means losing his job. Kate offers to speak to his supervisor to make sure he doesn’t lose his job. Nick tells her not to do that – let him deal with the fallout on his own. Nick is going to leave. Sami stops him – she doesn’t believe him. Look in her the eye and tell her that EJ or Kate or the both of them weren’t responsible for the false report. Nick tells her if she needs someone to blame – blame him. It was his fault. Kate leaves to check on that ‘poor boy.’ Sami rounds on EJ and accuses him of being in on this. Lucas tells Sami that it was her mother on the phone – her father was stabbed tonight by Andre DiMera.

Sami freaks out. She yells at EJ. He has no power over her anymore. That’s why Stefano let her go because these twins can’t help him. She has nothing EJ wants and there is no reason for him to be in her life. He is totally irrelevant. She goes into her bedroom and slams the door. Lucas smirks. Lucas tells EJ that the bottom line is that he is out of their lives for good – he opens the door. EJ steps out just as Sami comes rushing out of the bedroom. She wants to be happy about him being the father but she can’t – she’s so worried about her father. She cries. Lucas holds her – EJ sees this and walks away.

Brady Pub – Part 2: Steve sees Bo and goes outside to talk to him. Bo tells Steve that Roman took a knife to the gut. Andre did it. Roman is hanging in. He tells Steve to get the family to the hospital. He tells Steve he got that jacket on Jeremy – it ain’t pretty. Jeremy is bad news. Bo says he’s a Horton, Hope’s family. Steve says it just goes to show that your name has nothing to do with it – if there can be righteous DiMera’s like Benjy there could be a bad Horton or two. Steve reads the rap sheet. Inside Jeremy talks about being a pilot and the rush he gets from landing the plane. Bo tells Steve that Jeremy is not who he claims to be. The reality is Jeremy is nothing but trouble. Kayla looks uncomfortable as Jeremy and Stephanie kiss. She goes outside to see what is keeping Steve. Bo informs hier that Roman was stabbed by Andre – it’s critical. Kayla is going to go the hospital with Bo. Steve will stay and explain things to Stephanie. Steve joins them at the table. He explains about Roman and Kayla having to go to the hospital. Jeremy asks if there is anything he can do. Steve says yeah hotshot. You can tell us all about your record. Your felony convictions, the time you spent in jail.

Preview: Chelsea to Jett – I’m just your informant only I don’t get paid and the perks aren’t that great. After you nail Jeremy I don’t want to ever see you again. Steve to Stephanie (Jeremy is there too) – I want this jerk out with the rest of the garbage. Nick to Kate – Do what I want and your secret stays safe. Kate - And if I refuse? Nick – I expose you. Sami to Marlena and Lucas – I have to protect my children. The best way I can think of is to kill Stefano DiMera.

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