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Tuesday Jan 3

Kiriakis mansion - Part 1: Brady comes down the stairs decked out in a track suit and finds Madison in the living room working away on her laptop. He was disappointed to wake up and not find her in bed with him. Madison played last night so she had to make up for it this morning. Sami couldn't have quit at a worse time. Now they are not only behind on all these Mad World projects, she has to find and train a brand new executive. Brady tells her if there's anything he can do to help ... Madison appreciates that. She's going to have to make some very tough decisions. I'm going to have to push back the date of the Men's line promotional tour. Brady - Yeah, I know you get crazy when I try to tell you how to run your business but you're not doing that. Madison asks why. Because it's tied together with too many Titan cross promotions - it would completely throw off the schedule. Madison argues that her company is not ready and she's not going on a tour of this importance without proper preparation. Brady tells her to put all her available resources behind prepping for this tour. It would be too damn expensive to change the dates now. Madison has more important projects to focus on like the development of her new product line. Brady doesn't mean to pull rank here but ... Madison - If you're going to remind me again that you own my company, please don't, because I am the CEO of Mad World Cosmetics and I will damn well run things the way I see fit. I thought you respected me enough to let me handle things my way. Brady does respect her but Mad World is not the only company he has to worry about. I have to worry about Titan and I can't play favourites. If I push back the promotional dates, it not only affects Mad World, it affects Titan as a whole. Madison - You know what you're doing, right? You're overcompensating because we're dating. You're being harder on me than you are on any other executive because you don't want anyone to think you're favouring Mad World. Brady - That's completely untrue. I can't let you operate under a different set of rules then the other execs just because we're together. I'm treating you just like I'd treat anybody. Madison - Really? You didn't even want to hear why it was the better thing to do to push back the promotion tour. You just dismissed me out of hand. Would you have done that to any other executive if you weren't sleeping with them? Brady - Would you complain like this to a boss you weren't sleeping with? Madison - Maybe that's the problem. That's what I was afraid of all along. Maybe we shouldn't be sleeping together.

CW - Kate's office - Part 1: Kate asks Sami if she enjoyed her first day tour. She did. Her office at Mad World was just on a blueprint so it will be nice not to have to work out of a table at her grandmother's pub. Yes, she completed her HR paperwork and if I haven't said it before, thank you for the job. Kate - Come to think of it, I don't think you did thank me. Sami - I just hope neither of us regrets this. Kate - You're welcome. Sami knows she can contribute a lot to Countess W. She holds out a file - I've put together a list .. Kate - That's enough. You can put that away for later. Right now we're going to get down to the main reason you were hired. I want you to tell me everything you know about Mad World Cosmetics. Sami - So that's why you hired me; because you want me to give you all the Mad World secrets. I actually believed you the 10th time you told me you were hiring me because I was good. How could I be so stupid! Kate - I did mean it. I think you're smart and I think you're driven. I wouldn't have hired you if you weren't but the main asset you have right now that I'm interested in is your knowledge of the inner workings of Mad World. Sami - What you're asking me to do is unethical and probably illegal. Kate - Yeah probably. Why are you asking? Sami - Because for people that have a conscious, it's a problem. Kate - Then it shouldn't be a problem for you. Sami - It's not right. Kate - There's no room in this business for rightneous indignation so stop the nonsense and tell me what Madison has planned for her company. Sami - No, I'm not doing it. I'm not selling out Madison to you. Kate asks why she's suddenly so loyal to Madison. She didn't exactly treat you well. Wasn't she part of the reason you left the company? Sami - One thing you can say about Madison is that she's very straightforward and loyal. Kate says that's a joke. Sami is serious. She worked really hard to build her company from the ground up and I don't think it's right that it just gets destroyed because I'm passing along trade secrets to you. She gave me an opportunity and I owe her for that. Kate - Now you owe me for giving you an even better opportunity. Sami - This isn't right. Kate - So you've said over and over again. Since when have you cared about what's right? Because as long as I've known you the only person important to you is Sami Brady. And when I hired you I was hoping to benefit from that legendary self-absorption. Sami - It is my self-absorption that is making sure I don't go along with your stupid plan. Kate - How's that? Sami - I signed a non-disclosure agreement with Madison. If I get caught I'd be arrested for industrial espionage and then I would go to jail which is probably what you planned all along. Kate tells her to stop being so melodramatic. There is no way Madison could ever prove that you told me anything. Sami - You're insane. You're willing to play Russian Roulette with my life. Kate - No, what's insane is you screwing up a once in a lifetime career opportunity. This job can take you places you've never dreamed of. Sami - Right, like the minimum security prison for white collar criminals. Kate - I'm being serious. Be a team player and move up the corporate ladder. Sami - And if I'm not a team player? Kate - You'll be fired. It's your choice.

HTS - Part 1: Jen thanks Nicole and EJ for meeting with her, Abe and Lexie. Jen thinks they've been having a hard time coming up with a forum or even an agenda for the mayoral campaign and the clock is ticking. EJ is surprised that Alexandra is here - he thought she had patients to look after. Lexie reminds him that Abe is her top priority; the debates are a crucial part of the process. Jen - Unless you're afraid to face down Abe when it comes to the actual issues. EJ scoffs. Abe - The sooner we get this settled, the sooner we can get back to work and you can get back to doing whatever it is you do. EJ says let's get this going then. Jen mentions that there is one sticking point. We feel the people need to get their voices heard so I'm curious as to why you don't want to let the voters ask questions. Nicole - We have a limited amount of time to get our point across. Do we want to give the mic to Joe the plumber! Jen - So you're saying you don't think it's important for the candidates to hear and respond to the issues the voters care about the most. EJ steps away to take a phone call. Abe gets a call as well so he also steps away. Nicole belittles Jen's point about letting the voters be heard. She claims the typical voter puts more thought into which reality contestant they're going to keep on their show. EJ and Abe both finish their calls. They can hear the women talking so EJ suggests giving them a little more time. Abe chuckles - Sounds like a plan. It sure seems like they haven't noticed that we're gone. EJ - I'm not sure they actually noticed we were there in the first place. Abe - You would think they're the ones running for office. It's EJ's turn to chuckle. He says Nicole is doing a good job but all this strategizing is very tiresome. I wish we could just jump to the end of this whole thing. Abe - You mean after you've won the election and you get to run this city your way. If you're elected, you'll we be working for her and all of us. I can see you at the County Fair in the dunking booth. One of the good things about you being a candidate is you raised a hell of a lot of money there. I know you're used to being in complete control of your life and everyone else's and you probably think that's what being mayor is all about. And sure, you do get to run the city but you don't control the city council. EJ asks if he's advicing him to sit back and be mainly ineffectual. Abe - Actually what I was saying is that you need a strong vision. You have to stick to your guns after all the buck does really stop with the person in charge. EJ - For once I actually agree with you. They look over as Jen and Nicole's voices get louder. Nicole gets up and tells Jen to cancel the whole thing.

John & Marlena's townhouse - Part 1: Will comes into the living room and thanks Marlena for letting him stay over last night. I didn't want to go home after what I told you. Marlena tells him he can stay over whenever he likes. Will asks if John was upset. Marlena - Why would he be? Oh, I didn't discuss our conversation if that's what you mean. But he did make us some breakfast. Do you feel hungry? Will says thanks. He thanks her for not pushing him last night. He knows she wanted to talk more about what he told her but he couldn't. Marlena understands but she is glad that he confided in her. She would like to talk to him about what he saw and how he is feeling. Are you up for that now? Will thinks he should go home because his mom and Rafe are probably worried about him not coming home last night. Marlena texted his mom to let her know where he is. Marlena knows it's hard talking about this but if he keeps it bottled up inside, it's going to make him sick. Will thinks it already has. Marlena - Then let's get it out of you so it can't do anymore harm. What you saw with your mom and EJ ... Will - You know what, you want to talk about it - fine. Let's talk about it but let's also call it what it is. They were having sex, not 'what happened', they were having sex. I caught my mom and EJ having sex. She broke her vows to Rafe and she betrayed our family so I am not going to forgive her. Marlena asks when all this happened. Will - When Johnny was missing. Can you believe that? Marlena - That doesn't make any sense. Will - Since when does anything my Mom does make any sense. And meanwhile Rafe was looking like crazy for her son. And when we found him I had to go look for her because she turned her phone off and she wouldn't answer her calls. Marlena remembers that happening. Will - I ended up going to the DiMera mansion to tell EJ that we found Johnny alive and that the news report was wrong. Marlena - What happened then? Will - I knocked on the door and no one answered. I remembered it was the servants night off so I got my key out and walked in (As he's talking we're shown a replay in black and white) and they didn't hear me. Marlena - So they had no idea that you were there? Will - No. I got the hell out of there before they could see me. I wish that I could erase that picture from my mind because I knew my mom was selfish. I knew that. I wish I never had to know what a heartless, evil, slut she really is. Marlena - I want to tell you something. Your mother loves you and she's still your mother. Will - Okay. What kind of mother is that really? Because no she does not love me. She's doesn't love me. She doesn't love Rafe. She doesn't love Johnny. The only person that she's ever loved EVER is herself. Marlena - Will ... Will yells - No. Stop. Don't tell me to calm down okay because she finally did something right by marrying Rafe. And because of what she has done, our family will be torn apart and I hate her for that. I hate her because she did that.

HTS - Part 2: Abe and EJ are now standing by the women's table. Nicole argues with Jen that it's not too much to ask that the questions be pre-approved. Abe declares that it's time for a cease fire. EJ and I could hear you all across the plaza. Nicole - So. EJ - So in the interest of curtailing World War 111, Abe and I have made some decisions on our own. Jen - You made decisions without any input from us? Nicole - This ought to be good. Lexie - What did you come up with? EJ - There will be 3 televised debates ... Abe - And the topics for the debates will be first jobs and the economy in Salem. Second, social issues and third, the enviroment. EJ - There will be one moderator approved by both campaigns. They will ask the questions. The public will have the opportunity to submit questions in advance. The moderator will then pick from those questions. Abe - And neither candidate will have the right to approve or disapprove any question and the content of the question will be held in confidence from all parties until before the debates. EJ - So those are our terms. Do you ladies see what actually can be achieved when you handle things coolly and calmly. Nicole laughs. So do Lexie and Jen. EJ asks 'what's so funny?' Nicole - Jennifer, Lexie and I pretty much came up with that same plan. Abe - So what was all the arguing about? Nicole - That's how we reached our decision. Jen - Just because we were passionately defending our position doesn't mean we were being unproductive. Nicole - And you would never make that assumption about a professional argument between men ... just saying. Lexie - Abe, don't you think that's a bit sexist? EJ - Don't answer that Abe, it's a trap. The women laugh again.

Kiriakis mansion - Part 2: Brady asks if they made a mistake trying to make this work - do you want to break up? Madison - No. I'm sorry. I'm just frustrated. So is Brady. I'm trying really hard to balance these two worlds; the professional and the personal. It's hard to do. Madison tells him he's doing a great job and she appreciates it. It doesn't matter how professional we are, what we're attempting to do is pull off an incredibly delicate act ... Brady - And it's a lot harder to do than I thought but I want to make it work. So does Madison. You and Mad World are the two most important things in my life right now and I'm not giving up on either one of them. They agree to hit the restart button on this conversation and come up with some sort of compromise.

CW - Kate's office - Part 2: Sami - I still can't believe how far you're willing to go to get what you want. Kate - I don't know why you're so surprise; we're just alike. Sami - I am not that ruthless. Kate - In business, no because you haven't had a job for more than 5 minutes. But in your personal like you put me to shame. Sami - Oh really. I don't go around poisoning people's brownies. Kate - No, you just gamely pump a bullet into your ex-lover's brain. Maybe if you could use that killer instinct in your career, you wouldn't be always out of work. Sami - You know what, I should never have left Mad World to work for you. Kate - You should have stayed and been a slave to Madison James for the rest of your life. Would you have liked that? Regardless, it's too late now. There's nothing you can do. You can't go back. What I'm asking of you is no big deal really. It happens in the corporate world all the time. Madison is probably expecting us to do this. And if all goes right, you will be amply rewarded. Sami - What do you mean, if it goes right. Kate - I didn't expect you to have a sudden attack of personal ethics. Let's just get real. Jobs are scarce. I need you right now and you need me so let's make it simple. Are you in or are you out? Sami - Fine, I will tell you everything you need to know. Kate - I knew you would see the light so tell me what Madison has planned. Sami - She spends all her time working on a top secret project that she's convinced will be a sure fire hit. Kate - What is it? Sami - It is a new product line for young, vibrant, bold women. Kate - The oh so elusive but profitable 18-34 set. Sami - Yes. Believe me, she set aside a ton of money for the ad campaign. Kate - When's the launch? Sami - I don't know. I think the launch date has been pushed back because there's been problems, delays on the product line. Kate - 'Til when? Sami - We don't have a date yet and Madison is very upset about the delays. Kate laughs - I could kiss you right now.

John & Marlena's townhouse - Part 2: Will - You know what it was like for me growing up; my mom wasn't around for me because she was too busy jumping from one guy to the next. Marlena - Sami was very young when you were born. Will - That doesn't excuse the things that she did. She lied to me about who my dad was. Marlena - I know she made mistakes and she knows that too. Will - Then why does she keep making them? Because I don't want Johnny, Allie and Sydney to have the kind of life I did. All I ever wanted for them was to grow up and have a solid family that they can count on. Marlena - They have that right now. Will - Yes they do because of Rafe. Rafe was the one that made our family whole and Mom was the one who ruined that. Marlena - Do you have any idea if Rafe knows what happened. Will - I'm sure he doesn't know because my mom would never admit that. Marlena - So it might not be a good idea for him to know, you think? Will - Personally, I feel like I owe it to him to tell him the truth because if your wife cheated on you, for God's sake, you deserve to know. Marlena - What would happen then? Will - He would leave and Johnny and Allie and Sydney would lose the only good thing they've ever had in their lives. Marlena - You don't want that to happen, do you? Will - No, but Mom doesn't deserve Rafe and Rafe deserves to know the truth but honestly I am too scared to be the one who ruins that; who ruins that family and takes that from them. So I don't know what to do. You know what made me sick. The vow renewal ceremony. My mom promising, hey, I'm going to be faithful. Yeah, like that's ever going to happen. Marlena - It's so clear now. Why Sami was so desperate to renew her vows in front of God and her family. She was looking for a brand new start. Will - Isn't it a little late for that? Marlena - I know Sami made a terrible mistake but she was filled with so much fear when Johnny went missing. And then the news report came on saying they'd found his body. She thought she had lost her son forever. Will - So she had to have sex with EJ to make herself feel better? What kind of excuse is that? Marlena - That kind of fear makes people do things that they would never do normally. I don't think Sami and EJ got together out of lust. I think because Johnny was missing they were so terrified, in so much pain, they were doing anything they could just to get out of pain. Will - Grandma, it doesn't matter why she did it. She cheated on Rafe with a man that she hates. She slept with the man who has hurt our family so many times. How do you know that was the only time? Marlena - I don't know that but I believe it was the only time. I believe that Sami loves Rafe so much that's why she wanted to renew her wedding vows; to make that marriage new again, fresh again, safe again. And that guilt must be eating her alive inside. Will - How can you defend her? Marlena - Because I made the same mistake. You know that. I betrayed my wedding vows to your grandfather and sent our family into utter chaos, especially Sami who went into a tailspin at that point. And now all these years later my sins have come full circle.

CW - Kate's office - Part 3: Kate is on the phone - I don't care if it's your day off. Be in the office in an hour or you're fired. Kate tells Sami they're set to meet with the head of product development today. Sami - Great. Let's plan this out because if we launch a product that's too similar to Madison's, she'll know that I gave everything away. Kate assures her that it's all taken care of. I have people who's sole mission in life is to take care of things like that. Sami - Is that the only way Countess W succeeds - by stealing ideas from the competition? Kate - I have complete confidence in everything we do. We have great, top quality products but in this market we need to cover all our bases. Sami - You mean, in this case, covering our asses. Kate - Whatever rinky dink ideas Madison has, we're going to improve them tenfold. So do you have more information that could get us on the fast track? Sami - Yeah, I have some other stuff at home on my laptop. Kate - Go get it and be back in the office in an hour. Sami - Why the rush? Kate - Because we need to beat Madison to the market and we're behind right now. The only way we're going to pull this off is if we get a move on. Now go.

John & Marlena's townhouse - Part 3: Will - You can not blame yourself for something my mom did. Marlena - I know that Sami is responsible for her own actions but a part of me feels that what John and I did was so deeply scarring for her that she's still troubled by it even today. Will - That was years ago. That was before I was born. Marlena - I know that and I can't condemn your mother. And even if I could, it's not my place. Any you know what else, it's not your place either. Will - If you're asking me to forgive her, I don't think I'm going to be able to because I can't even look at her the same way. Marlena - You need to try. Will - No, I'm sorry I can't. No. Marlena - If you won't do it for her, than do it for yourself. I have seen firsthand what happens to someone that carries a terrible, dark secret. Sami acted out in unthinkable ways. She did things so awful she regrets them to this day. I don't want you going down that road. I don't want you having the same kind of difficult relationship with your mother that your mother has with me. I hate to say it but in all this time we haven't been able to recover from what happened. I don't want you making those same mistakes. I want you to go find your mother, put the animosity behind you because if you don't, the only person that it hurts is going to be you.

Kiriakis mansion - Part 3: Brady and Madison are now working together. Brady says first - bring in some executives from your other offices to cover the slack of Sami leaving. Madison - I'll still have to push back the men's tour, but not by much. Brady will inform the other corporate heads that they'll have to adjust their calendars to accomodate hers. Madison - Then I can focus on my new top secret line. Brady likes the sound of that plan - he wants to kiss her now. They kiss. Brady just thought of something bad though. Sami was very instrumental in developing that new product line, wasn't she? What is she takes that information to Kate? Madison - She signed a confidentality agreement. Brady - Good. Madison - She wouldn't break that, right? Brady - No. Sami's done a lot of crazy things in her life but one thing she's not is stupid. Madison is getting ready to leave. Brady wants her to know that when it comes to the workplace, he's going to be as fair as possible and give her the same consideration as every other Titan executive officer. Madison - Except for this - she kisses him - he kisses her back.

Rafe & Sami's loft: Will comes in and sees Sami working on her laptop. He didn't think she would be home. Sami - I just have to grab something off the computer. I'll be out of your way in a second. Her cell rings. Will - Before you go, I was wondering if maybe ... Sami - I have to take this. It's Kate asking if she has that information yet. No, she's just pulling it up now. Kate - Chop chop. Sami mutters that the laptop is freezing up on her - she's going to have to take it with her. What were you saying? Will - Nothing. You better go. Sami is sorry. I will be home later and we can talk about whatever you want. She leaves.

John & Marlena's townhouse - Part 4: Marlena gets a call from Will. I just talked to Mom and she made it pretty clear that she doesn't have time for anyone but herself. Marlena is sorry. Tell me what happened. Will - She was all involved in some work thing and before I could say anything she rushed back to the office. Marlena - Well it was a bad time. Isn't this her first day at work? Will - Yes, that's no excuse. Marlena - I know it's not. You have to try again. This time pick a time when she's not busy or distracted. Will - No. I'm sorry. I think this is a bad idea. I'm not ready to hear anymore of her crap. I know I won't be able to forgive her and I'm not sure that I ever will. He hangs up.

HTS - Part 3: As Nicole and EJ are strolling through the square she comments that it looked like he and Abe were old buddies back there. EJ - We have our moments. Oh, you have a problem with that, do you? Nicole - Should I? You're still going to go in for the kill, right? EJ - Absolutely. Nicole - Good, because I have a plan. I'm going to make sure I get the questions from the moderator ahead of time. She tells him not to worry about the details, you just worry about the results, which means you will have your answers ready and Abe won't know what hit him. EJ - I knew there was a reason I hired you. He kisses her. They leave. Jen watches and then says - It's clear to me that Nicole does't want any unscripted moments which means she is going to get those questions for EJ before the debate. Abe - You really think so? Lexie is sure of it. Nicole and my brother will do anything to win. Jen - Don't you worry, I intend to find a way to stop them.

CW - Kate's office - Part 4: Sami returns. My computer froze up but I think it's working now. Kate - Email everything to me. Sami - I can't do that. That leaves a paper trail. I'm just going to show it to you. Kate - Good idea. You know it's funny, for so many years we've been at each other's throats when we should have been working together. Now that we're a team I have a feeling we're going to be unstoppable.

John & Marlena's townhouse - Part 5: Marlena looks at a picture of Will and Sami and recalls when Sami confronted her about about making love with John. (Classic scene!) She picks up the picture - Oh dear God, this can't be happening again.

Preview: Bo to Marlena - I'm responsible for what happened to our little boy. (Hope is there with him). Sonny to Will - You can tell me anything. Abigail confronting Melanie and Chad - What the hell is this?


Skye's Spoiler Report - Wednesday, January 4

Austin help rafe and carrie move into their new office, he makes a bad joke about their lack of clients
she isnt too happy with him

Chad at the square
thinking about kissing Melanie
she walks up behind him
he wants to talk to her about how they rang in the new year
he said it felt so right
she thinks it wasnt right
he is about to kiss her and abigail walks up and says what the hell is this
its exactly what she thinks
her ex and her best friend together
she knows when it started Halloween
how could they betray her like this

will goes over to see sonny to bring back a flash drive
sonny wants him to talk to him
will asks him if he ever wished he could leave and and get away from everything and everyone he knows
sonny says he use to , but not anymore
no matter how far you run, when you wake up in the morning you are still you and there is no escaping that

Hope and Bo come to visit Marlena
she tells them that john knows about stefano help in getting him out of jail
they are going to have a session
they want to work on their marriage
Bo says they are very happy right now
Hope says they feel they need to get to the heart of what went wrong between them
Bo thinks it was zack
they never really talked about what his death meant to them as a family
Bo says when their marriage was tested they came close to losing everything and he doesnt want that to happen again

marlena wants to know how zacks death affected them the most
Hope says for her it was not dealing with what happened to zack , that was the start of
not dealing with a lot of other things as a couple
Bo says they got to a point where they didnt trust each other to not be angry or care
Hope says trust became a huge issue
they thought they tried to get back on solid found
but just pretending things were back to normal when they werent
they want to change that
thats why they are there

will says if you run away you are just taking problems with you
sonny says he tried it but it doesnt work
just deal with problems head on
will asks how he deals with his stuff
sonny says admitting to myself that i was gay
he didnt want to be around anyone ,his friends his family, he felt uncomfortable with who he was
he didnt want be around other people
kept his distance from salem
will says so you could be with guys and didnt have to answer to your family
sonny says that was part of it
will says who in your family were you most afraid to come out to
sonny says uncle vic
will says what if he wasnt ok with it
sonny says it would have been his loss
cant change who he is

ausitn says didnt mean to hurt her feelings, just a joke
carrie says they will have lots of clients
give her 5 minutes
Austin says he supports her
he is here for her
she knows
he just wants to see his wife
she says he will be seeing so much of her he will be sick of her
rafe walks in with a lady in need of their services
she says she is Tilly and desperate
austin leaves
carrie wants to know what they can do for her
she says the love of my life has gone missing

Marlena asks when was the moment they realized they needed help
bo thinks the x-mas tree and finding zacks ornament
and johnnys disappearance
seeing how sami ,rafe and Ej were going out of their minds
they got a happy ending thank god
marlena says ,johnny got his happy ending how does that make you feel ,zack not getting his
hope starts to cry
Bo says are you sure you want to do this
Hope says we have to

chad tells abi they both agreed to see other people
abi says in the future, not 2 seconds after we broke up
not with a kiss
that happened 2 months ago
deep down she knew something wasnt right
and melanie sat there acting so concerned
did she wait for face time or text him updates
mel says i didnt mean to hurt you
Abigail says well you did ,she rushes off

tilly says
he left home 2 days ago and not come back since
he has no heath issues
good shape
too good maybe
he has an eye for the ladies, always has
she should have done something about that a long time ago, but she couldnt
love him too much to deny him love
rafe says not sure what they can do
she says find him pick him up bring him back home
ill take care of it from there

abi goes into the pub ,Austin is there
she starts crying and hugs him

Hope says she used all her police training to hold it together for as long as she could until she found out that Chelsea was the driver, she was grounded wasnt supposed to be driving she just left him there,she thought she hit a dog,she told Bo
Bo didnt tell her the truth, he waited
cuz he knew if he had not given her the keys to the car our little boy would still be alive to day
Bo says he regrets what he did that night every day of his life
she says letting chelsea drive and not telling her that,was what shattered her trust in him
he says Hope is right im responsible for what happened to our little boy
Hope says seems like we never talk about this. our pain, our loss with each other
they both cry and hug each other

rafe says finding him is one thing making him go home is another
she says she wants her snuggle bunny back home
rafe says is charlie your husband
she says no ,sterling is her husband and he is 6 feet under
charlie is her missing cat

will asks sonny since the web is over , does he have any more business ventures
sonny says he wants to take over the cheating heart
wants to make a hip,cool coffee place, live
music, games ,wi-fi,,,,,a place gay and straight people will be comfortable
will says he is in
sonny says they need investors
will says that might be difficult
sonny says he doesnt want to ask uncle vic again
will says we can ask chad he can ask his family
sonny says they are loaded, but he isnt going to hold his breath
will says he can asks kate
sonny says lets not stress about it

mel tells chad abigail was right about Halloween
she is her best friend
if she can do this to her she hasnt changed as mush as she thought
we can not be together

abigail tells ausitn that her and chad broke up
he says he is sorry
she says she knows it was the right thing to do
but she found out chad has a thing for her best friend Melanie
and she has a thing for him
which has been going on since Halloween
thats why she wasnt feeling into him anymore,he had her best friend waiting for him
Austin tells her she is such a special person , he
takes her hand and says the right guy is out there for you , i promise

marlena asks Bo if he is reluctant to share his feelings about the loss
he says he is more private
Hope says we talk about zack and the memories they have , but everything else like
our hopes and dreams for him and the grief that never leaves us
it makes her feel alone and sad
that she cant talk to him about it
when ciara was kidnapped and bo wouldnt let her pay the ransom
she didnt want to lose another child with his decisions
she was so scared when she got ciarra back
and so was ciarra. Hope thought she could take her away for a change of scenery
Bo couldnt understand
Hope told him they needed some time apart
Bo wasnt happy about it , but 2 weeks later he was with Carly in their bed
Bo says we talked about this before
he was trying to protect her from people trying to kill her
she says it was our bed
why our bed, why not the couch or a guest bed
Bo says it was your decision to leave me ,to move out of our house
she said i thought you would be waiting for me , but instead you replaced me

Tilly shows rafe and carrie a picture of her cat and a list of his fav haunts
she gives them 5 dollars for a retainer
wants them to find charlie
she leaves
rafe and carrie say wow
he says he use to chase down stefano dimera and help free john black now he is chasing down a cat
hope they can find him

chad doesnt want to break up, he thinks
they belong together
wants her to admit it
she says it did start on Halloween
that is the truth
it always comes out sometimes its messy
she says lets start over

Abigail tells Austin that she wouldnt feel as bad if chad moved on with someone else , not her best friend
she doesnt think she saw it coming
convinced her self she was being paranoid
she realized she was the one who had feelings for someone beside chad

sonny asks will if he signed up for his classes yet
will says he isnt sure he will be back anytime soon
doesnt know what he wants to do anymore
he doesnt think he can live in salem anymore
sonny says maybe he should leave Salem the sooner the better

rafe and carrie go out looking for the cat,rafe says he hates cats,
he crawls under something to get it
they dont show it
just a cat howling

bo tells hope he didnt mean for things with carly to go where they went
he says he is sorry
she says she is sorry too
Hope says she was devastated and hurt ,angry that he could replace her so easily
she turned to pills when he turned to carly
to help her sleep and dull the pain
i almost killed the only man i ever loved
he says you couldnt go through with it
she says of course i couldnt i love you

rafe and carrie are back at office
cant find the cat
carrie says if we cant find a cat how can we find people
we are losers
tilly calls and thanks them for finding charlie
she found him on the porch yowling to get in
carrie says that was a surprise for her
they are happy

sonny tells will sometimes you have to put distance between everything you know and everyone you love
before you can find yourself
if he is so down he doesnt want to go back to school, he should take time for himself

Melanie and chad agree to be friends first and see where it goes

Abigail tells Austin she does have feeling for someone else
he makes her feel so special
he says this is what you deserve
this guy sounds like someone worth caring for she should follow her heart

Hope tells Bo after everything she did , he forgave her
he knows how angry she was because of him and carly
he nearly lost her and he doesnt want to go anywhere near that place again
marlena says you cant change the past its sacrosanct but the future is fluid
you can make that what ever you chose
Bo tells Hope he trust her to work out their problems together
love forgiveness follows
Marlena says time is up for the day you have made so much progress in on day, you have the chance of having the kind of marriage you want
They say they love each other.


Skye's Spoiler Report - Thursday, January 5

Gabi and Quinn kick boxing at the spa
then Melanie and Quinn do it
chad comes in and she accidentally kicks him in face, knocks him out, he falls to the floor

john at home
Brady drops by
he heard about his personal finances
john says he had a debit card declined
Brady wants to know if he has a plan to recover his losses
john says he is going to build Basic Black from the ground up
Brady wants to help
john says he wont accept a hand out

jack and jen at the Horton house
he is talking about the Hawaiian vacation
he goes on and on about what they will do
she thanks him for how much thought he put into it
he says he always wanted to go on a family vacation
she says the way he planned it , to make sure they all had separate bedrooms
she says she appreciates it , its going to take time
he says he has no problem with that
but he wished she would meet him half way
she doesnt know what he is talking about
he says she knows what he is talking about ,,,,him

Dan is in lexi's office waiting for lexi
maggie comes in and says she heard he was getting the test results back and she wanted to be with him when he got the news
lexi comes in
she tells Daniel to sit down
he sits

jen isnt sure why he is bringing up Dan, its a non issue, he moved on with his life and they are going to spend quality time together in Hawaii
he says he wants her back in every way shape and form,but they have a long ways to go,he is concerned about her feelings for Daniel

Brady tells john
he didnt have any idea he was rebuilding the company
john wants to pick his brain, see what he thinks about the idea
Brady knows how he can be the guy he needs, his partner

chad wakes up
they give him water
melanie apologizes for knocking him out

john says you want to be my partner
how would this work
Brady says they would put their heads together and figure out how to put basic black on top and they will do it together
john says what about Titan
Brady says he can multitask
john thinks he will regret the decision
Brady says he was thinking about the good old days when he and john were working at basic back together
he wants to build something out of nothing with him
john says i dont know what to say

jack asks jennifer if her feelings have changed
she doesnt want to do this right now
she doesnt want any pressure
he wants to know if there is a future for him
she says they agreed to take it day by day
he says he is frustrated
he feels like he is doing something, working on himself going to therapy trying to make himself a better man for her
she wants him to take care of himself
he says but myself, there is no me without you ,she motivates him, she brought him back from all that hell in Afghanistan
she wants to know if he was hoping that she
was going to say it wasnt necessary when he planned the separate bedrooms in Hawaii
he says was i hoping that you
would take a leap of faith on you and me

dan reads the result papers
intention tremor
Lexi says they see it in people with MS or people who suffer from chronic alcohol abuse
Dan says or the result of a minor stroke
lexi says it probably happened when he was asleep and he wasnt aware of it,it was a very minor stroke
these types of tremors are difficult to treat and the condition is not reversible

Quinn asks chad if he wants him to call Abigail to give him a ride home
he tells them he and Abigail broke up
gabi seem surprised

john doesnt believe brady wants to be his partner
nothing would make him happier than going into business with him but
thinks he is just doing it to show being his son means something to him
john says just standing there talking to him
is more than he he imagined they would be able to do,
he could use a partner like him he needs a partner like him, but he is the last thing he needs, the answer is no

jack tells jen he wants them to enjoy this trip
he thinks they should set it aside for the moment
the talk of Daniel and separate rooms takes the fun out of it
she thinks its a great idea
he says he is going to interview john
about him being released from prison
she wonders if Marlena would be there and she might be able to help him find closure
he says me finding closure to feel better about myself, so i dont need you to feel better about myself
so there would be no pressure on you
he says he was going to go easy on her and he is going to stick by that
just that some things are easier said than done
he leaves

lexi says some drugs have positive effects
but with time the tremors come back
dan asks does this mean my days of being a surgeon are over

Brady asks why was he turning him down
john says titan is a thriving business because of him
he isnt going to let him walk away from titan
he is proud of him for coming over there and stepping up to the plate
but it wouldnt be right
john tells him jack is coming to talk about things
brady wants to stay

dan is upset
maggie tells him she knows how much operating means to him, but he is still a doctor
he can still help people
he thanks lexi and maggie , he knows they want to help
but he is sorry
lexi tells him he is in shock
going to take a while
he says being in the OR is who he is
he walks out

john tells jack how he was going to bring back basic black
he had a lot of time to think this past year
to reassess and prioritize what is most important in my life
going to take it day by day
jack says and you are not worried thats going to become frustrating
going to take all your money and try to pay back the pension fund you wont have anything ,going to be busted , going to have nothing or no one to support you
john says not necessarily , and looks at Brady

maggie tells lexi that this news is tearing dan apart
lexi says its going to take time for him to deal with the diagnoses
maggie says sitting next to him when he learned that his career as a surgeon might be over
she felt like she was intruding on something personal
lexi says he is your son
she says he has only been my son in his mind,for a little while
he wanted to be a surgeon his whole life
thats a dream that he shared with the mother who raised him
lexi says whether you had a child for 30 days or 30 years, its hard to see them in pain
Lexi talks about Theo, says he has a beautiful soul
and Daniel has an incredible soul and in time he will appreciate that she was there for him today
Maggie says but what she knows about her son he needs someone else to get him through this

Dan goes to the square and runs into Jennifer
(really runs in to her)
he says Im sorry
she says no its my fault im sorry

gabi, melanie , quinn go to the pub with chad
Quinn says lunch is on him
quinn tells chad its hard to believe a cute thing like melanie is single
gabi talks to melanie about chad and abigail breaking up
she asks if Abigail would mind if she asked chad out again
mel says she doesnt know

jack says he got everything he needs
there are lot of people that would like to hear this side of the story
john says he wants to make it clear that he wouldnt be here right now if it wasnt for his wife,her love, support and belief in me , is what kept me going
if you are lucky enough to have a woman like that to love you
dont take it for granted
jacks says i wish i was doing this interview a few years ago
i took Jennifer for granted and it will be the biggest mistake of my life

Dan says happy new year and was about to walk away
jen asks him if everything is ok
she says she still cares about him and she can tell that something is wrong
she wants to be here for him if he wants her to be
he says he is just having one of those days
she wants him to sit and tell her about it
they sit on the bench

Gabi sits and flirts with chad
quinn tells melanie she has real potential and if she ever wants to work on her technique one on one , he will be happy to help
chad doesnt look too happy

jack leaves and john feels bad about talking about marlena, thinks it might have hit too close to home for jack
Brady thinks there is something real with him and Madison
in a couple of years they may be lucky enough to have what him and marlena have
john says another reason he should stay with titan
rebuilding basic black is risky
he wants him to talk to Madison first and listen to what she has to say and then think about it
and after all that if he wants to come to basic black and be his partner he will be the happiest sob on the planet,,,,they hug

jen says they think you had a stroke
dan says a minor one
medicines could help for a little while but not long term
she says she had no idea this was happening
he says he could be the one to discover a cure, he has a lot of time on his hands
she says all you ever wanted was to be a surgeon
she says she is so sorry
and she felt like she hurt him so much and its unfair
he says you didnt hurt me you saved me
they hug
jack walks in to the square and sees them

Tomorrow----Brady and Madison
Rafe and Will
Will and Marlena


Skye's Spoiler Report - Friday, January 6

Sami at work
kate comes in
and asks her if she sent the figures to distribution
sami says yes
kate says keep up the good work
might have a bright future there, nothing gets by her
sami is looking at pictures of rafe and the kids on her laptop, she closes it.

will goes home
rafe is there, cooking stir fry
will likes it without carrots
he is cooking one with and one without carrots
he tells him his mom is working late tonight
Will says its so much better when she is out of the house

john is home
marlena comes home asks if he heard from Will
john wants to know whats going on with him
she says girl stuff
he tells her Brady wants to be his partner

Brady meets Madison at the pub
she is looking for a replacement for sami
he tells her she can do it she is super woman
she doesnt want to talk about work right now

Ej on phone saying he dont care ,he wants answers now, slams phone down.
stefano comes in and says is everything all right
Ej says so i go down to john blacks press conference,so i can be the bigger man and im
down by 20 points
stef says maybe you put too much energy in your election campaign on a felon who has been exonerated
EJ says i dont understand how something like this happened, i had him exactly where i wanted him
he is in jail , he plead guilty to his crimes
and now he is the hero
i was supposed to be the hero
stef says yeah, it may be better to calm down
ej says calm down, no , i need to know
how he did this, how did this guy weasel his way out of jail
stef says i m sure its all going to come out sooner or later
Ej says what do you mean by that
do you think i let you down
do you i think that i failed you by not putting john behind bars for life
stef says no you are not to blame
i am the one who has failed you

Ej says how can you be to blame for any of this
stef says i could have taught you better
should have spent more time with you when you were a child and given you some insight into things like this
ej says what could you have taught me that that would have given me any insight into a situation like this
stef says maybe it was inevitable
ej says a mistake was made but it wasnt made by
im sorry, i feel like im taking my frustrations out on you
you are the one person who has been in my corner
even when you had reservations about this project
you were with me 100 percent
i am very grateful for that thank you
stef says you are welcome my son

kate tells sami she knows it was hard for her to cross back over to the dark side
to share info on mad world
its going to pay off ,for her and her family
Madison would have done the same thing, just business

kate gives her the rest of the night off
sami says they have work to do
kate says she believes in rewarding employees for hard work and dedication , good for office morale
take your things go home and see your children
she tells her she can look at pictures of her children on her computer as often as she wants to ,she doesnt have to hide it from her

rafe tells Will he is trying to give him space
but he has to tell his mom if he is angry at her
Will says if my mom was here i would tell her to her face
rafe wants to know what is bothering him
Will says all his life he saw his mom go from guy to guy manipulating them and ruining their lives he doesnt want to see her do that to you
she is going to break your heart
rafe says what is it that she is going to do thats going to break my heart

Will says what wouldnt my mom do, she is always out for herself
rafe says let him worry about his wife
Will says you are
cooking for her ,cleaning taking care of her children
rafe says thats what being married is all about
sami comes home and kisses rafe says it is so good to be home

john tells marlena about what brady wants to do
but he is going to talk with Madison first
marlena says she likes the idea of him working with brady
john says he just wants Brady to be happy
john starts organizing what little finds they have
Marlena says 150 dollars for cable sports package
thats a little much dont you think
he says absolutely not , unless you can come up with
a better idea to keep me entertained
she crosses it out and says indoor contact sports baby
she kisses him

Brady tells Madison about leaving titan and going to work with his dad
madison says he should think that through
before he does that
he says he has been thinking about it for awhile
since he visited his dad in jail
they talked about the good memories they had working together at basic black
she says seems like you made up your mind
why are you talking to me about it
first sami and now you
soon i will be running mad world all by myself
i want to be alone , please leave
you are the reason i came to Salem and now you are going to leave me high and dry
happy for him and his father working things out
but whats in it for john
he is a hero to millions of people
he says his dad is broke
he needs an income to survive
she thinks he can make money working for other companies
he says she would rebuild her company if anything happened to it
its important to his dad
she doesnt understand why its so important to him

ej says so since john has decided to pay all this money back to these pensioners , im losing my advantage im slowly but surely letting go of this election
stef says no no no dont give up
remember Dimeras are not quitters
ej says im not quitting but
i have to find a new way to play this game

kate comes in and says hello boys
stef says dont you look perky
she says thats because i am
she looks at ej and says
looks like im the only one
stef says so what makes you so happy
kate says Sami Brady Hernandez is the one who is making me smile
ej says what are you talking about
kate says i hired her ,i stole her away from the competition and its working out even more beautifully than i even hoped
he says you hired Samantha

Sami says you made stir fry
my fav ,a wonder meal , wonderful husband i have
you didnt have to do it you must be tired form work
rafe says no big deal
we did crack our first case
she says congrats

she asks Will how his day was
he says fine
she says after we eat maybe we can play poker
kids are at grandmas so we can have fun
he says he is leaving
she says what about dinner
he says he will have left overs

Brady says joining basic black because his dad needs his help
because of his relationship with his father
he didnt want anything to do with him when he came back to town
starting to get to know him again and doesnt want to take him for granted anymore
he cares about her, loves whats going on between them
but he doesnt want to go back to basic black if it is going to come between them
she says she wanted to work with him, she trusted him , but now he is leaving
it will come between them
gonna put a strain on their relationship
but she believes in family first
so what ever he wants to do, she is behind him

Ej says Samantha,why would you hire Samantha, she only has 1 skill and she cant use that to sell clothes
Kate says au contraire, my darling step son, she has proven to be quite an asset
ej says oh this is a scheme is it...revenge
Kate says no no i dont scheme anymore
im much too content
ej laughs
she says so my darling are we ready to go to dinner
she asks EJ if he will join them
he says he would love to but
stef says he has to much work to catch up on
they leave

sami wishes Will had stayed
she tells about how he was when they played monopoly when he was a kid
sami thinks he is wounded over losing gabi
rafe says he needs a little time and space but he will come around
she says he misses him

will goes over to Marlena , wants to talk to her alone
john goes in the bedroom

will says he didnt know where else to go, he cant stay there he cant breath when he is around her
she was gushing over the dinner rafe made
if he knew the truth there is no way he would put up with that crap
she wants him to tell his mom, get it off his chest
he says he cant ,,,it would kill rafe
she says maybe his mom would find the courage to tell rafe herself
he says she would never do that , she is so selfish she would make me feel guilty for telling her and she would make me keep her secret for life
she is going to take this one to the grave
marlena says im not so sure
we all have secrets,we may be afraid to share those secrets
but your mother knows better than most ,secrets have a way of getting out
they have a way of getting exposed when we least expect them
he says tell it to mom , she is the one hiding it
she says he can talk to her
he says he got to go
dont know where, some place far away
he might leave town
he knows if he doesnt get away from his mother soon he may explode

sami and rafe finish eating
she kisses him
he wonders what that was for
she says for being the most wonderful thoughtful perfect husband in the world
he says she has been overly affectionate lately
she says you are suspicious of me, because you assume something is wrong, you are right
when she thought she lost johnny
changed everything , made her realize she doesnt want a day to go by without telling him how
much she loves him.

john comes out
mar says he is gone
she hopes he is alright but she cant talk about it
he says he knows
she says he has so much on his plate
wishes she can do something to make it easier
he says you are here giving him good advice thats all you can do
she says im not sure its enough

Will goes to the square and is screaming and crying , he kicks over a garbage can

stef and kate
outside the pub he tells her Harold is not wearing his suspenders anymore and its part of his uniform
getting too comfy in his home
kate tells him he has been distracted lately
something swimming around in that head of his
wants to know whats troubling him
he says its probably better if he confess to someone,,,if he doesnt , he is going to blow up
it has to do with Elvis
he has been struggling, he
kept a secret from him and if he knew the truth he doesnt think he would forgive him

madison and brady go back to her place
she says she thinks its great that he is going to work with his dad
she wishes her mom was here
she gets it , why he wants to work with his dad
he thanks her for understanding

sami tells rafe she is liking countess W, she feels like she belongs there

Will crying sees Ejs picture for mayor , he goes over closer and looks at it , his eyes are so red, i dont know if he can see and then runs off

kate says what have you done to Ej
he says i have let my son down and there was nothing i could do about it
god how i hate that
kate says is that why he was in such a bad mood

marlena and john walk by
stef says you havent come here to buy a meal, that would be wrong since you are so destitute now
kate asks them to join them for dinner
john says he would rather starve than share a table with them
kate says we are all friends
sami is working for me now
john says what, Samantha is working for you
kate says why not she is a clever girl
marlena says lets go
steff says sure you dont want to come with us my treat
john says you done enough dont you think
they go into the pub
kate says done enough, what did you do

kate says what was john talking about
stef says they seem to think im behind of the funds
going missing, he will use any excuse he can to blame me for his problems
she says you are not worried about what he thinks about you
stef says i would be foolish not to but
he is a worthy opponent
he is going to get his life back, he already has
kate says she is safe with the phoenix by her side
he says lets go find the most expensive place and have dinner alone

marlena and john have coffee at the pub
john gets a call from Brady
he says he wants to talk to him

rafe cleaned up the kitchen
he asks if she wants desert
she says no
he says not the kind he was thinking of
she says well in that case
she jumps in to his arms and he carried her to bed

Ej is home opens the door to Will
he says William, what can i do for you
he is there crying and he says im going to leave Salem and you are going to give me the money to do it
Ej says what makes you think that im going to give you any money
Will says because i know your secret and if you dont open up your wallet
i will tell everyone what you did

Tomorrow.....Ej to Will---i know something that you would not want to be public
Bo and Hope,
Jen tells Dan let me help you the way you helped me


Skye's Spoiler Report - Monday, January 9

Ej motions for Will to come in
he says you have my attention
Will says you know what I'm talking about
Ej says I can assure you , I do not
Will says yeah you are right because
scum like you must have hundreds of secrets , well im going to be a little bit more specific with you
im talking about what you did with my mother
Ej says maybe we should go into the living room and talk about this in private
Will says privacy is a good idea
They go into the living room and Will says I'm sure you are not going to want anyone else hearing what I have to say.

Ej pours himself a drink
Will says ok,
if you don't want everyone in Salem including your wife to know what you did , you will give me what I want
Ej says enlighten me
Will says fine, ill tell you and your whole smug demeanour will be gone
do you remember when johnny was missing , so do I, when that happened
i saw you and my mom in this room
Ej says whats so scandalous about that?
Will says you were having sex, while the whole city was out searching for your son, you were cheating on your wife with my mom
Ej says really
Will says don't deny this, i saw you with my own eyes
so you will help me leave Salem or i promise you i will tell everyone what you did

Ej says i fund your little adventure and in return you keep your mouth shut, is that what you are suggesting ?
Will says you must be slow, yes money for silence, i would have thought a guy like you would be familiar with that kind of an arrangement

Ej says im quite impressed
you have grown a spine in the last few years
Will says you dont want to listen to me, ok, i dont care
i will get out of this town eventually
but you , i will ruin your life
your wife will leave you , you will lose the election for mayor and when rafe finds out that you had sex with his wife, you will be as good as dead
Will says , we both know , i'm holding all the cards here
Ej sits down and takes a cigar out
he sets his drink on the coffee table and Will picks it up and drinks it
he says Why dont you give me what I want and I will leave you alone
Ej says what does your mother say about this encounter you claim you witnessed
will says i havent told her yet
because i cant stand being in the same
room as her , let alone have a conversation with her
Ej says so im assuming she is one of the reason you are leaving town
Will says she is a reason
but that doesnt matter, what matters is whether or not we have a deal
Ej lights his cigar and says
i have to commend you
a blackmail achievement at your age
i suppose to a certain degree it must come naturally
Will says don't
Ej says however you are not the one holding all the cards dear boy
will says really?
Ej says you will do well to remember
that I know something about you
something that you would not want to be made public
Ej says I have always seen a little bit of myself in you , you know troubled young man, very angry at the world
will says i am nothing like you
Ej says we both had a difficult upbringing , a lot of mistakes were made
Will says everybody makes mistakes
Ej says but not everybody gets caught
and you got caught
Will says what the hell aer you talking about
Ej says I don't know,,, what could i know ,,it is something that could send you to prison for the rest of your life
Ej says i can see the headlines now Horton scandal , your
whole family would melt wouldnt they?
You the precious one, the anointed one
in jail,,,eh?
your mother would be such a mess
although maybe that would be a benefit eh?a fitting punishment
will says I have no idea what you are talking about
Ej says really, I'd be lying if i didnt say
that hurts my feelings a little bit
you don't remember it?
It was one of the most important moments of my life
Will says you got nothing
i know you got nothing i know you are bluffing, too bad it didnt work
he smacks Ej's arm and says nice to know you chap
Will starts to leave
Ej says am i bluffing when i say i know it was not your father who shot me
you already know that don't you
because it was you
you tried to kill me

Ej says you thought you could get away with murder didnt you or attempted murder
Will says my dad shot you , not me
EJ says you know after years of denying that to yourself, maybe you really cant remember
but i can assure you , i can remember that day very clearly
Will says you are delusional
Ej says for a very long time , i couldnt
i really couldnt understand why your father did that
but then i had children off my own and i understood exactly what it was to want to protect your children, what ever the cost
Will says if it was me , why would you keep it to yourself all this time
why didnt you send me to prison when you had the chance
Ej says i have something that you lack
when i get some info i weigh it
i look for the right opportunity and i bide my time
you should take something from that
Will says how to be an manipulative
bastard like you
Ej says the next time you try and pull something like this, esp. To a Dimera
you better make sure they dont have any secrets on you

EJ says I'm sure
the toll of killing an innocent
man has taken a toll on your psyche
Will says an innocent man?
Ej laughs and says maybe not
will says my only regret is that i didnt get the job done the first time
Ej says is that a threat?
Will says
this time ill aim a little bit higher
he aims at his head with his hands held like he is holding a gun
Ej says i really dont think you are in the position to be making such bold statements
Will says
here call the cops, i dont care
Ej says yes you do
you care a lot, your life is very challenging you dont need me to bring you to court , to bring all that emotional turmoil into your life
you are very
confused mixed up emotionally
have you spoken to your grandmother
it would be good if you share you deepest darkest secrets with the world
thats something that can be arranged
Will says you wouldnt do that
Ej says I would
Will says you sick son of a bitch
Ej says the name calling has got to stop
i think we have a new appreciation and understanding for each other
Will says no one is going to believe you
you are scum
EJ says i hear prison is not a very nice place, particularly for a man of your disposition
are you sure you want to play this game
will says ok
i won't tell anyone you had sex with my mother
you have my word
EJ says im not a very forgiving man
an apology isnt nearly enough
you need to be taught a lesson for what
you just did and i know just the thing
Ej says did you ever hear the saying
you keep you friends close and your enemies closer
you are going to be close to me
you are going to assist me
Will says you have tons of minions to order around
EJ says you are an upstanding young man , you,are so innocent , nobody is going to suspect you
and if you want to stay a free man
if you want to keep yourself out of jail
you are going to do everything I ask you to do
welcome to your worse nightmare William, i own you.

jack out in the square talking on the phone
watches jen and dan sitting together says what the hell
he runs and gets a newspaper,
and eavesdrops
jen says i know we are not seeing each other anymore
but i care about you a lot and you will never be a burden to me
Dan says thank you but im a big boy i can take care of this my self
she says you had a stroke you may never be able to operate again
if that is not a reason to lean on a friend, i dont know what is you lost a career that you love its ok to feel something,,, talk to me
im a good friend
you gave me the confidence
im so happy working for abe right now
i wan the same for you
you can do anything you want
let me help you the way you helped me
jack sneezed
jen sees him and says are you kidding me
jen says jack what are you doing here
he says he was curious when he saw them holding hands
dan says it was innocent
jack says he knows that now
tells him he is sorry for what he is going through
he knows whats its like when life throws
a curve ball
dan says you were held by terrorists i have tremors
jack says its not so different when he got back he had to make some changes he had to figure it out out and he will too
he will look back at this , its a dot in the bigger picture
you will see that it led you to something you never would have imagined
Dan says i guess everything happens for a reason
jack says you dont have to believe me , my life is a mess
jen tells him he is doing alright
jacks says he hit a lot of road bumps and she has helped him
if she wants to help you let her
jen says you are being reasonable about all this
jack says after watching the 2 of them and seeing the concern they have for each other, the
3 of them cant go on this way
go on like this
fighting over which one of us is right for you,i can see now how much this hurts all of us
Jennifer still loves you
she wants to be your friend you need a friend you want her to be a friend, you should let her
she says i agree with jack, but this is
between me and Daniel
Jack says
how can we pretend this is real
dan you may think you took yourself out of the equation but as long as jen has feelings for you,,,you are still in it
we should put an end to this
jack says he is taking himself out of the equation ,
Dan tells him not to do that
jack says its best thing for all of them esp Jennifer
he is taking the pressure off, she know longer has to chose
dan says he understands where he is coming from, wasnt easy but he did it
he tells jen he loves her very much but sometimes you got to walk away
she tells them they are both amazing men and she would never do anything to hurt either one of them
dan says she made his life better, showed him he can love again
Jack says see how amazing you are you have 2 men fighting over you
jen says and now i lost you both
jack says she couldnt lose him if she tried
jen says it sounds final
jack says nothing is final
he will always love her,she is his
wife, mother of his children
but there will always be a part of him
that will wonder if she is still in love with him, points to dan
wait take some time ,so you can figure it out
jen says we should have seen this coming what were we thinking
jack says i thought, i could win over the girl, but Dan is a stand up guy
Dan says he feels the same about Jack
jen says i am still as confused as i was to begin with
jack says you need time you need space
you dont need the 2 of us
i hate backing off but it is for the best
jen says were do we go from here
what do we do now
jack says we need to move on with our lives and get back to normal
jen says i dont know what is normal anymore
he says i want my family back but
pressuring you like this isnt going to solve anything
dan kisses jen and leaves
jen says so
jack says so
she says its getting late i should get home
he says goodnight
she says good night
no kiss goodnight for jack

Bo and Hope in bed
he says he was thinking about the session with marlena
and he says its a lot more difficult than he thought it wound be the things that came up he though they worked threw those things more or less , but they havent
what if with marlenas help things dont get better

Bo says
we are a stronger now than we ever were
what if going through this tears us apart again
Hope says if we dont talk about it we will never heal
bo says i dont want to lose you because of choices i made a long time
she says i dont want to lose you because we are scared to talk about those choices
if we want our marriage to survive we have to be committed to this, no other choice
Hope says the thought of losing you again
bo says im committed to making our marriage as strong as we can
seeing how much it hurt you is killing me
Hope says we cant just talk about out issues in therapy we need to be able to
take them home
losing zack was the most devastating thing i have ever been through
most of our problems step from loosing zack and the choices we made
bo says he is sorry he let Chelsea drive that night,
she says you didnt trust me to tell me the truth that night
just like you didnt trust me when ciarra was kidnapped or when carly came back
Bo says we will get through that
i promise you i wont ever lie to you again
she says i want to believe that
im afraid to trust you with my whole heart
there is always a small seed of doubt in the back of my mind
he knew the day he met her he wanted to change and she helped him , deep inside , he is still that kid, scared, has trouble relying on people is still there
he knows he can rely on her, she is his
life partner.

Hope says i have faith in us
i know im not perfect plenty to work on
he says sure do
just kidding
you are perfect
she says thats better
we can make it through this we can
make it through anything as long as we are together

Bo and Hope break in to the pub
its closed
Bo puts music on
they dance

Hope says she believes in her heart the therapy is good for them
he says i will do what ever it takes as long as he is with her
she says just remember that what when therapy gets hard
i always love you
he says and i love you
Hope says you always know the right thing to say
Bo says we made it through so much shipwrecks,Stefano Dimera
Sean Ds teen age years
you are my destiny
you are my everything
Hope says i feel its destiny
Brady says i feel that way when ever im with you.

too tired to remember the previews
Chad, Melanie and the gang i think.


Skye's Spoiler Report - Tuesday, January 10

chad and sonny at the pub
drinking coffee
talk about the cheating heart becoming
a coffee house
looking for investors
sonny says Will mentioned asking Kake
Chad says Dimera money are you out of your mind
he doesnt want a loan from Kate, Ej or his dad it will come with way
too many strings
Sonny says he was afraid he was going to say that
Chad says what about your family
sonny says too many strings with his family too and none of them a pearls
Melanie comes in and sonny leaves for class
they talks about the new semester
he wants to kiss her so bad
she wont let him because of Abigail
they agreed on taking it slow for Abigails sake
he says we broke up
mel says if she walks in and saw them kissing
Abigail walks in and says how did you two ever manage to keep your hands off each other long enough to stab me in the back

Brady and Madison at the kiriakis mansion
Brady tells her it means a lot she is supporting him
he is nervous about telling victor his plans
they walk into the living room

john and marlena at home
they talk about her new job at the university
the head of Salem U psychiatric residency program
she is nervous and is sorry she cant be with him for interviews today
she is so proud of him
liquidating his company to pay back the people
he hates how his money problems have affected her
she says she is working and he will be working soon enough
the important thing is he is free and he is the same honourable man he always was
and she says how lucky i am to have you at home,making me breakfast in bed and watering the plants
and who is full of energy at the end of the day
he says you are making me sound like some kind of a boy toy
she says ill check with you in about 12 hours
she has to get ready for work
and she hopes Brady leaves Titan to join him
he says he cant help wonder how vic is going to react

Brady tells Vic about his dad rebuilding Basic Black
Maggie says she thinks its wonderful what john is doing
vic says indeed, if anyone can make a successful comeback, its john

Brady tells Vic he wants to help his dad rebuild his company
vic thinks he needs money to help
brady says he is going to take a hands on approach
he has decided to go work with is dad
which means he is leaving Titan

chad tells Abigail that he and Melanie never hooked up when he was going with her
she thinks they are lying to her
chad leaves and Melanie stays to try and get through to Abigail
mel tells Abigail she hates how things are between them
it isnt her fault her and chad broke up
she didnt know things were going badly for her and chad before she told her and what about the guy she has a crush on

Abigail says whatever, at least i know the real reason why things with her and chad werent working out
mel says you cant blame me for that
i didnt want to have feelings for chad , didnt want anything to come between us
Abigail says its too late for us, we are not best friends anymore

john tells marlena he is glad him and Brady are close again, hated the distance between them , he knows
he left him high and dry when he left salem
marlena tells him he was fighting to get on his feet, took every bit of strength he had
john says bottom line was he needed me and i wasnt there for him

marlena tells him he was afraid brady was going to run it off the road
john says for good reason
holding Vivian prisoner, stealing Titan from victor
starting a war with the Dimeras
marlena says that was when he shut you out,now you are back , ive seen a very big change in him already havent you
john says i could take a little credit for that , but i think a lot of it goes to madison james

she yes yes i suppose you are right but you have always given him love and support and now he is in a place where he can recognize that
you are so lucky
you got a 2nd chance to create the kind of relationship you have always wanted with your son

Vic says you cant leave titan i forbid it
i admire for you for wanting to help john
but Titan is your birthright
Brady says it is Phillips
vic says i always meant for the 2 of you to run the company
you took the reins from me and went to a great deal of trouble to do it
you are the ceo
you cant walk out on the family business
Maggie says your blood pressure
madison says brady knew you would be upset, but this is something he feels he has to do

vic says you are abandoning the family business
brady says you and my dad built Bella magazine together, to honour my mother for my sake
he is my Dad, i need to help him right now
vic says how can you go from running a multinational , multibillion dollar corporation to running a start up that doesnt have a dime to its name
brady says i dont need you to understand , i need you to accept my decision
vic says i thought all of your foolishness was behind you and now this
i believe in you but look at the mess he made of basic black the first time around and look at the hit he has taken to his reputation, you know how hard it is to do a start up in this economy , its practically impossible , you go down that road you are going to end up living in a box under a bridge
brady says his decision is final, leaving Titan and going to go your with my father
vic says then you are a fool

Big white sectional couch in the middle of Salem square
chad and sonny sit there and talk
about Abigail and Melanie
sonny says he doesnt like to gossip so didnt mention it before
he wants to know if he cheated on his cousin with Melanie

mel tells Abigail chad never cheated on her
Abigail thinks she jumped in bed with him already
and she thinks she told chad that she was interested in someone else
she remembers how she did this to Stefanie and Phillip oh and Nathen too
when Stephanie heard they were friends she warned her
but she defended her because that is what friends do
but i am an idiot and you are a selfish bitch

john tells marlena that maybe she and sami can patch things up too since he and brady did it
marlena says yeah i would like to have that happen between sami and me but its more complicated than that
its a thing between girls and moms holding a grudge business going on
i cant blame her
john says i love Samantha, i raised her ,i know her and i know she blames me for the grief i brought to the family when johnny went missing
but i have been found innocent so she doesnt have any reason to continue being so damn disrespectful to you or to us
marlena says over the years i have hurt her a lot
john says we both have but we loved her a lot, sometimes
more than she loves herself
marlena says that work has to come from the inside and she has to do that herself , wished she could help her own daughter
he says the kids are so lucky at salem u to have her as a teacher
he gives her an apple and tells her to have a good day

Brady says it has been a great ride at Titan but he wants to spend time with his dad
vic says male bonding ill send you on a fishing trip
Madison says i had the same reaction
but she knows family is the most important thing to brady and i think he is doing the right thing
she supports him

brady says it was Philips birthright and he stole the business
vic says thats all been forgiven
Brady says i stole it and i was wrong
im not only resigning as ceo of Titan , im giving back all the shares of the company
Titan is now yours grandad
vic says he wasnt expecting that or him washing his hands of him
brady says he loves him and the time has come to move on
has to learn what he needs from his father
he was a real bastard there for awhile
hopes going to work for his father will make him more like him
he wants to be like his dad
vic says you couldnt learn any integrity from me, its over rated anyway
brady says he wants to earn it not have it handed to him
Vic says our legacy is not our names in lights, its knowing that
those that come after us will be safe and secure
brady says thats your legacy not mine
i want to earn my place in this world
im walking in your footsteps

sonny says did you hook up with mel when you were dating my cousin
chad says no kissed a few times
he tells him he cares alot about abigail, but he couldnt stop thinking about melanie they have more stuff in common
sonny says he knows that
he wont be mad if he dates Melanie
chad says they are giving Abigail time to get use to it, going to be friends till then
sonny says he thinks he is doing the right thing

mel says she is not
Abigail says ok a lying slut does that feel better
mel says no , you are going to far
what happened to the guy who made your heart flutter
abi says i didnt act on them feelings
she didnt go after her best friends girlfriend
look me in the eyes and tell me nothing happened between the 2 of you when we were together
mel thinks about the other kisses
Abigail says just what i thought
some best friend you turned out to be huh
she leaves
mel cries

vic tells brady he is making a mistake
maggie says when she hears Brady say
he wants to follow his heart and be his own person , not only do i think what he is doing is right
i also think he sounded more like his mother
she was strong,and passionate and caring
vic says and stubborn
maggie says Isabella loved john more than anything think of how happy she would be knowing her husband and her son were working together
Vic says Maggie is right
your mother would be proud
and as much as it hurts to admit it , im proud of you too

At the university
marlena finds an upset Abigail and tells her to come in to the office to talk

Mel goes to talk to chad at the square
tells chad Abigail hates her and she will never forgive her for being with him
she is a traitor to her
he says she will get over it
he thinks they would have broken up sooner or later
she says but not because of me, she was my best friend
she starts crying says she ruined all that
i lost my best friend and i never wanted it to happen
he says she will forgive her
she thinks she hurt her too much and she cant be with him

Vic says if anyone can help john get basic black on its feet again its him
brady says that means alot to him
he hugs vic and says he has to tell his dad the news
madison stays behind
vic tells her he has to discuss her future and bradys place in it

in marlenas office
Abigail says she cant believe her boyfriend and best friend were together behind her back
marlena says maybe it didnt happen
they told you they didnt cheat so maybe they didnt
give them the benefit of the doubt
they both really care about you
they dont want to have happiness at your expense
you feel betrayed
maybe its true what they are saying

brady talks to john and the pub
he tells him he will be working with him,they are partners
john says thats a dream come true
brady says for me too

madison says you dont approve of my relationship with brady?
Vic says he is glad she stood by Brady, smart and loyal, we need to discuss mad worlds future
now that brady is leaving
going to have to bring in a new ceo
phillip doesnt want it, wants to have time to parent his son
only 1 person who can take bradys place at Titan and thats her

Abigail tells marlena that her friends betrayal hurts her more than chads
marlena says maybe they did not mean to hurt you
look at your dad he never meant to hurt her or her mother but he did
maybe the same thing is true of her friend and maybe she can find a way to forgive her friend
Abigail says no i can never forgive her , our friendship is over

chad tells melanie he knows she is upset
he feels bad but them being apart isnt going to help anyone
she says this is wrong
he says just guilt talking
she says
i use to do whatever i wanted i didnt care who it hurt, if i chose you over abigail
im going to go right back to that girl so sorry i cant be with you
she leaves

john says he went through hell because of stefano dimera
in the end he gave me a great gift
i got my son back

madison says you want me to be ceo of titan
vic says why not, he has been
keeping an eye on her, strong and almost as savvy as him and brady put together
how she took mad world in to a global franchise wonders what she could do with titan
she says she will have to give up mad world
he says she will still be overseeing mad world
she says i dont know what to say
he says of course you do,,,say yes
she smiles

Sami and kate
abe , john and lexi
Will telling EJ, he cant betray Abe like that
Ej says i own you


Skye's Spoiler Report - Wednesday, January 11

Sami and Kate are at the office
Kate is looking at pics for the new model of countess W
sami says they all look like the same girl
kate says where are the cindys and Niomise of today
sami says you are going about this search all wrong
We should do a search right here in Salem

Brady and john talk at the pub
john shows him some plans he has for basic black
Brady thinks its a great outline to rebuild basic black
brady says he has no regret for leaving titan and his grandfather
but it was tough
abe and lexi come in
john introduces Brady as his new partner
Abe says this is a special day
as soon as this interview is over
you can finally close this chapter of your life
john says all he cares about right now is that the innocent people that intrusted him with their money get their future back

Ej is home with Nicole
she is on her ipad
playing angry birds
Ej says bad move with those cardinals darling
she says angry birds have nothing on me
ej kisses her and says whats up
she says john black press, he is turning in to some urban folk hero right before our eyes
today is the day the pension funds are restored
john is about to endorse abe carver
Ej says thats old news
she says heres a little twist for
you ,abe is set to announce his new plan to create local jobs
id like to find out what that is and beat him to the punch
ej says i started working on that yesterday
she says oh really, would you like to fill me in, she taps his face
he laughs
She says Will Horton ?
Will comes in
Ej says excellent William
i would like to introduce you to the newest member of our campaign

madison tells vic she is overwhelmed to be offered the job of ceo at titan
vic says he thinks she will be perfect for the job
she says she is flattered but
if she takes this job she would have to give up mad world and that is a problem

Abe and lexi set up an interview the day the funds are being restored
abe tells john he appreciated him endorsing him
john says he is doing it for selfish reason and the last thing he wants is Ej Dimera to be his mayor
Abe tells john he is happy him and brady will be working together
john says ill be happier if his endorsement for him helps bury Ej dimera

nic says since when did Will become part of our team
ej says it just happened
William as it turns out has quite an interest in politics and i thought this would be an incredible opportunity for us to have a member of the
Horton family working on our campaign
Nic says they arent exactly the answer to the royal family
Ej says this goes towards his college credit
will says yeah thats true
nic says well Will you surprise me
i must have done something right all those years being your step mommy
you managed to pick the winning team
will says yeah i guess so
she says still hard to believe you are not more team carver than team dimera
in your heart
ej says we are very fortunate that there were no opportunities available on the carver campaign
she says welcome to the team
i have some phone calls to make and she leaves

Will says why did you make me come here what do you want
Ej says its very simple my young padawan
you are about to start earning favour with the master

kate says the top agencies sent her the best of the best
sami says we want to be relatable, we want to be now
women today dont relate to the starving waif. Our countess is our customer
the women who buy our products
what if we do a campaign for the face of countess W
remember the search we did and carrie was picked
where we find a woman whos relevant now that people can relate to
kate says well i suppose if we use someone from Salem
Sami says we can start with salem, do a local search then go internationally
looking for the face of countess W

maggie brings coffee for madison and vic
titan is a huge company , much larger than mad world
he thinks she can run the whole thing
thinks she would make a hell of a ceo
Maggie says he should give madision a minute to think it over
madison says she has to get back to work
she will be in touch with victor

Will says what do you want me to do
ej says abe and john are over at the pub right now listening to john give a speech about how he is going to return all of those pensioners their money
Will says what does that have to do with me
Ej says you are going to go down there and listen to them drivel away and you are going to find abes computer, locate the files on the computer about his jobs proposal
and you are going to get that to me
Will says how, i doubt if abe wil hand his computer to me
Ej says you are quite right, i asked you to do this because i thought you could be a little bit creative,
you are going to find a way to get the information
and if you get caught
you can use your creative little mind to get out of it
Will says i know what you want me to do
you want me to steal the files
and im not going to do it
ej says let me make something clear to you
i own you
so unless you want certain information to be made public
like for example it wasnt your father who shot me it was you
i suggest you start towing the line
find that info for me
put it on this
he gives him a usb drive
and text me when you are done
are we clear
are we clear
Will says we are clear
he leaves
Ej says kids

maggie asks vic how he is handling brady leaving titan
vic says it prob for the best
might mean brady is maturing
maggie thinks working with his father might help
Isabella would like that very much
vic says thats one of the reasons im willing to let brady go
even if there isnt a family member at the head of the company anymore
maggie says brady isnt the only family you have you know, what about your son

madison goes to the square runs in to brady
big couch is still there
madison tells him
she wishes he would stay at titan so she could work with him
he says doesnt mean they won t still see each other
she says not sure that will be possible

kate says she thinks the idea is genius
sami says did you just call me a genius

nic comes back in the room and asks where his little intern is
he says i sent him on a little errand
she says good
and starts to run her hands up his legs, he is sitting on a chair
which must tickle him cuz he starts to laugh
she says cause you can explain to me why you hired
Will horton
out of the clear blue sky
she takes his papers
he is still laughing
he says stop it
no tickling at work remember
he just fell into my lap
i think this is good for us
good thing for the campaign
she says we are going to need more than a horton to boost us to where we need to be right now
he says he is going to give us the exact boost we need
she says i wish i had your confidence

john is doing an interview with a blonde woman
Will is there

Abe sees Will and asks him what he was doing there
Will says im here to support john
abe gets a call and walks away and Will gets out the usb drive
vic says Phillips not interested in running titan
she says she is not talking about phillip she is talking about Bo
vic says Bo in a suit and tie there is a thought
the brief time he spent at titan he did a good job but they were never a fit, he would never leave the police force
maggie says wouldnt it be nice if he knew you thought about it
he says how did i get so lucky to find you
he says i was the luckiest man in the World to fall in love with you and
even luckier to marry you

madison says you are going to be busy helping john and my work load may be changing
brady guesses his grandad offered her the position of ceo at titan
he says he thinks its great

Nic says is there something you are not telling me
she runs her fingers up him again
what little tricks do you have up your sleeves
he says tricks
up my sleeve
no darling im confident that im going to find a way to level the playing field with Abe
enough talk about the campaign
i would like to focus on the other important thing in my life

he tries to kiss her
she says as sweet as that is honey
she pushes him back in the chair
he says what and grabs her and picks her up and says we are taking the night off ,i promised i was going to put you first this is what im going to do
lets go
he picks her up and carries her out
she says where are we going
he says you will see

john continues to talk to the reporter
will goes on Abes laptop
and a hand grabs his shoulder

maggie tells vic they are both very lucky
she wants him to find the right person to run titan
doesnt want to share him
if madison takes this job she might not have time for brady
and maybe she doesnt want to work that much
vic says he thinks madison is a good fit for his grandson

madison tells brady she is thinking about it
no sure she can walk away from mad world

kate says your idea is genius not you
sami says its a compliment ill take it
kate says did i create a monster
sami says she loves her job
sami says maybe she will take rafe out to celebrate
kate says what is this this rafe rafe
trouble in paradise?
Sami says why would you say that
kate says,i know you
the only person you talk about is yourself now its rafe 24/ 7
what did you do to him

ej took Nicole out to the town square
to eat
she says she is glad he took her cell phone and tablet
he gives her a gift
she takes the black box and opens it and says what did i do to deserve this
he says i saw it and i wanted to thank you for everything that you have done for me.
its a square looking bracelet she says its beautiful
she taps it and says is this thing on
he smiles
she says you dont have to keep getting me gifts unless you want to
he laughs
i want to , i think i have a lot of making up to do
she says yeah so do i
the most romatic thing you have gotten out of me is a pen
he says i don think its the most romatic thing i have ever gotten out of you
she says i dont want to talk about the past , we are starting fresh , being totally honest with each other now and thats all i care about
Ej has a sex with sami flashback
he smiles and says we made a commitment to one another and we love one another
i couldnt have done this election campaign without you
she says there are more people with more experience that could have got you in to office
he says maybe
but we are a good team we are partners , that makes a big difference
im not going to throw that away
she says im going to kiss you
he say you better, they kiss

its lexi she says thanks for coming down to support john, gives him a hug
Will says he didnt want to bother them,just want to let them know he supports them
the woman takes john away again and Will gets back to the computer
he gets the info

brady and madison sit on the big white couch
she thinks the job at Titan was so big and if she didnt take it he would thinks less of her
he says he wants whats best for her
what ever she wants to do

sami says what are you talking about
kate says you are over compensating with your husband
constant texting all lovey dovey
sami says i love rafe and i want him to know that
kate says with a normal person but with you i recognize this , cuz
i saw it with my sons
when you get all desperate and needy like this i know something is up, something not good
sami has a sex with ej flash back
says there is nothing wrong with me and rafe and our relationship is great and you should stay out of it
kate says just an observation

ej gets a text
he wont let Nicole see it
he says its Will
he just finishes an errand i sent him on
nic says she is going to stop by campaign headquarters
he says maybe meet me back at the house
she thanks him for the bracelet
kisses her
she says ej life is good and i owe it all to you
she kisses him

john asks will to join them for hot chocolate
he says maybe next time
john says ok thanks for stopping by

will looks at the usb drive outside the pub and rushes off

maggie tells vic she belives madison james was the first woman he ever approved of for brady
he says isnt it any wonder
she is beautiful intelligent
perfect match for my grandson

madison and brady kiss on the couch
she thanks him for his suport
he has to go talk to his dad
she takes out her phone and says hey its me, i have a big decision to make and i need your advice
just like the old days i need your help again

kate tells sami she can go ahead with her search for the new face of countess W

at the pub the interview lady thanks john for his time
abe thanks john too

ej is home on the computer
Will comes in and throws the usb drive at him
i feel awful i know you dont care
ej says boo hoo poor Will Horton, its hard to take
next time you try to black mail a dimera, be careful they like to up the ante and take a lesson,
i held on to this info that you tried to kill me for a long time
you save it till you need
it , that day came
Will says you got me you won
is that what you want
i dont have to feel good about any of this
ej says lets look on the bright side
it seems like you were able to swipe the info i needed with minimal effort
Will says it wasnt as hard as i thought it would be
ej says you think about this
under my tutelage you might be
able to learn something about yourself and
so much about the world


Skye's Spoiler Report - Thursday, January 12

carrie and rafe at the office
rafe has his shirt off
its too hot, he is checking the thermostat out
carrie comes in
and she says i didnt know you were in here half dressed
he says the heat is broken and the
windows are painted shut
landlord wont return his calls
i should probably put my shirt on
carrie says im dying in here too , dont worry about me and she starts to undress

Austin at the square walking with an armload of books drops them
Abigail comes over and helps him pick them up
its his first day and he is nervous
glad to see a friendly face

sonny and will talk at the square
sonny says he thought will was leaving town
will says he is going to stick around
tired of the same old boring choices , tired of being
good little Will ,im tired of pretending
and im done with a lot of things

Hope and Bo at the Horton house
she called Hewitt about the key but she didnt tell her anything
but gran didnt want anyone to find it , she has no idea why

sonny and Will sit and talk
will says he has a lot of time to think
kind of like a new years resolution
wants to be open to things around him, new people, new ideas
he was on a boring treck and now wants to try something new
sonny says he seemed depressed last time he talked to him
Will says he is over that

Adrienne drops by gives sonny a kiss
she tells sonny how proud she is of him
she leaves
will says wow
your parents are so awesome so great to have parents like that
sonny says they have my back 100 percent

rafe takes the thermostat down and starts fiddling with it
carrie sitting there in her red camisole
he looks at her
carrie looks at him
he says maybe she should go home
she says someone said they might stop by, she should be there in case
he says he got a call for a case , a woman he knows from old neighbourhood
her kid got picked up for arson
his mom thinks he isnt guilty
he knows this kid, defended a kid against a bunch of bullies
he has a gut feeling
he knows she would be the best lawyer for this case
and he thinks she could help the kid
but the family is flat broke
if she took the case there would be no pay

Abigail asks Austin if she can help him to his office
she says there is a short cut to his office and she shows him the way

Hope says she doesnt know why gran would hide a key in the horton plaque, its
like grandad wasnt a part of it
she has a whole separate life even before he passed away
thought they had a perfect marriage
Bo says when it comes to perfect marriages they came very close, but couples have problems, we know that better than most , her grandparents had an unshakable trust
she says it really means so much to me that you are ok with going to therapy
he says he would do anything for her,thinks its worth it
she says she loves him
he says he loves her back
she thanks him for sticking with it
he says we found the key by mistake , mrs H didnt want anyone to find it
i think we should drop this

Justin stops by to chat with sonny and Will
they talk about the new coffee shop
Justin says the fire at the java and the owners decided not to reopen
he is filling a void here in Salem
Sonny says he wants everyone to feel comfortable
wants his dad to come there too
Sonny has to go call someone
Justin gives sonny a hug goodbye
Will is watching
Justin tells Will he is glad he is working with sonny on his project
Will says its cool that he is so supportive
Will says not every parent would be so accepting
Justin says why because sonny is gay

Carrie and rafe continue to work in the heat
she says the heat is getting to her
he says sure its not cuz i asked you to do a case pro bono
he goes on and on about the kid
she says we dont have any cases
it wouldnt be taking away from our resources
give me the file and if i can help ill let you know
he says you are the best, the best
he will forward the file to her
he says the thermostat fixing is going too well
she says maybe you dont have the right tools
he asks for an Allen wrench
she says she deosnt know what they are
but would a bobbie pin work
she gives it to him
he says it will work
they continue to steal looks at each

Hope says so you agree with the attorney and stefano
things should stay buried and gran never wanted anyone to know the truth
he says he just wants her to be happy
he hopes she can get some sleep at night
she says gran and i were very close we could communicate without saying a word to each other
all she had to do was look at her and she knew what she wanted
if gran never wanted anyone to find that key
she would have tossed it in river but she put it inside that plaque
there was a reason for that
bo says she could see the future
she says she couldnt have known how it would happen and
she never knew have known it would be us ,she put it there for a reason and until i find out i am not dropping it

Will says sonny is so cool with who he is and its awesome you do too
Justin says sonny is a great person with a big heart and a lot of ambition
will says not everybody would be so laid back with him being gay
it surprises him a lot of people are uncomfortable with others being out
Justin says not me or Adrienne
Will says its cool he has his family support cuz not everyone would have that in that situation
Justin says its not a situation its who he is
nothing about sonny changes the way i feel about him
i want him to fall in love with a good person who makes him happy
we all deserve that
Adrienne and i ,if we could we wouldnt change one thing about sonny
he leaves
will smiles

rafe tells carie she looks miserable
she says shei s ok she wont melt
they joke about how they are sweating
he gets a drink
he says he cant get over the fact sami took the job with kate
he thinks its a bad idea
she says but they are going to need the money and she is glad sami didnt put up a fuss when she found out they were working together
rafe say he couldnt believe that
carrie says she learned a long time ago not to ask questions when she gets the reaction she prefers from sami
sorry not nice to disparage thy partners wife
carrie says there is a boat load of evidence against the kid
but she will keep reading
he stares at her

Austin thanks Abigail
she says dont load students down with homework kids will love him
he says he is concerned about homework everything has to be done online theses days
he doesnt know how to do all that stuff yet, didnt get his training yet
im so old i remember turning in homework on paper in ink
she says you are old
is it really that hard to crack,she offers her help
she shows him what to do

Bo tells Hope she is like a dog with a bone
she says next time you want to try am ore flattering analogy if you know whats good for you
he says im worried about you
you are as stubborn as
she says a fluffy bear
we are a team,
he says yes we are a team but you worrying about that key it is driving you crazy
she says giving up will drive me crazy
bo says ok we are a team i will help you get to the bottom of this if we can
she says the 2 of us together ,we can do this

Bo gets a call about work
someone knocking over pharmacies
they run off

sonny introduces matteo to Will
he is thinking of being an investor in the new coffee shop
he doesnt want sappy straight love song music played at the new coffee place
They mention Foster the people
Sonny doesnt know them
Will says how do you not know that band
matteo says cuz he is tone deaf
he really liked the sports website
looked good,hates hackers
they talk about Will being the brain behind the sports website

Abigail shows Austin everything online
he says he will never figure it out
she says he can do it
he says you are a godsend
couldnt get through today without her
she says no problem
he says he was told he is entitled to a student assistant
she says she would love the job

Carrie continues to work in the heat
rafe keeps starring at her
drinking water
music playing
women singing ....feel the heat
carrie walks around getting things
rafe keeps watching her, she keeps looking at him
she is looking at his ass
yes the camera goes there

Abigail gets the job as Austins student assistant
they decide to go out for lunch

rafe gets a bucket of ice
carrie thanks him for the ice
she rubs it on her neck
rafe looks at her ,like he is watching a porn movie

Bo and Hope go to the pub ,talking about the serial drug thief
Bo wants to talk about the key now
they agree its for a locked box or safety deposit box
she says Austin told her about a website where you can access financial public records
going to see if something jumps out
Bo says she probably used a fake name and he thinks he knows which one

will ,matteo and sonny talk about bands
he can let him hear the music on his ipod if he can meet him tomorrow
will says he may have some stuff to do, he will get back to him
matteo and sonny look at each other
sonny says the name for the coffee house is common grounds
will says yeah its great
Will says he has to go and leaves
matteo says is it something i said , he was fine until i asked him to hook up tomorrow
sonny says its hard for him
he is just not there yet

rafe tells carrie he has a new witness,older guy was seen at the scene of the fire
carrie says there are discrepancies everywhere and she thinks she can help the kid
but they need paying clients if they are going to continue like this

Abigail says she can go down to the pub and she can pick them up cheese burgers and they can get to work

Hope says got it
safe deposit box name is in
A. Grayson at Salem National
Mrs. H 's maiden name
Hope says no mention of it in her will and it isnt where gran done her banking
Bo says the way she hid the key
Hope says im sure it opens the safety deposit box
she wonders what is in it that gran went through great lengths to hide and kept it secret

music plays at the end
matteo and sonny talk ,Adrienne and Justin talk with them
Will watches in the background
Hope looks at the key and her and Bo smile

Austin on the computer
Abigail comes in and watches him
she has lunch in bags

rafe still looking at carrie
chewing on a pen
looking at her chest and her face

Tomorrow: Ej says to Will, if you are thinking about declining this , you should think again

Jen, with rafe and Abe
she says you got to be kidding me
this is not possible,,,turns tv up

Hope telling some man , this box belongs to me now
man says actually it doesnt


Skye's Spoiler Report - Friday, January 13

Madison is getting a massage at the spa
they dont show the masseuse
she sings you know how i like it
Brady is giving the massage and he sings you know that i do
she says this is supposed to be a couples message
and the message therapist isnt there, they have to massage each other
Quinn comes in and says he is sorry the masseuse is late but they are on the way
they can get a discount when they check out,he leaves
she locks the door and tells brady to lose the towel
she takes the towel off him
she gives him a message
she goes too far and brady jumps up and says uh uh
they drop their towels and kiss

At the Horton house
Hope and Bo show jennifer the key to the safety deposit box
she says she never heard of this before
she cant believe the key was hidden in the plaque in the town square ,says its not like gran keeping secrets
Hope says she feels like gran has been guiding her for months now
Abe comes in
Jen says they have a strategy meeting
Hope asks how the campaign is going
Abe says now that Ej cant slam mud at john anymore
the people are beginning to realize Dimera is just a one issue candidate

Nicole and Ej are outside the spa
Ej has paid for a self defence class for her
nic says i know how to defend myself and you
not that the recent polls are any indication of that but
Ej says we have said this its a momentary lapse
Nic says i dont have time to waste on some worthless class there is work to be done
he says we can not spend our entire lives running one campaign
and this is a good opportunity to keep an eye on Quinn
she says there it is Quinn seriously
he says i know you dont like the guy but i have money invested in that spa , we need to see what he is doing
she says ok ill be your spy
he says good girl
they go in

rafe and sami eating lunch at the square
she asks how work is going with carrie
he says she is fine
she tells him about the idea she had for looking for local models for countess W and her work is going well
he says for now
she says she has her eyes wide open
she tells him she loves him
he kisses her
and hugs her, over his shoulder , she sees EJ and she ends the hug suddenly
he says whats wrong, what is it

Ej calls Will, who is at the pub
Will says what?
Ej says what? The greeting you were looking for was hello
will says hello
Ej says there we go, much better , much more polite where are you
will says at the pub why?
Ej says stay there i have another job for you

rafe says what is it whats wrong
she says nothing i just have ahead ache
he rubs her temples
she says thanks

Hope mentions the new jobs program that Abe and Jennifer are working on
Abe says he has a serious proposal he is close to unveiling
but they are going to have to wait until he makes it public

Ej comes into the pub
says to Will I get the distinct impression you were about to leave
will says no, you arent worried someone is going to
see us together
Ej says why its not like we are doing anything illegal
Will says i know you dont care but
i hate doing this and i already did one thing for you that was illegal
Ej says oh please , you stole some files from abes computer about some jobs program, no big deal
Will says it was a big deal to me,he trusted me and i used that to get the information that i wanted from him

Ej says thats politics my boy
will says no its not its blackmail
Ej says im surprised you are complaining because thats exactly what you tried to do to me
Will says whatever
Ej says why dont you think of our arrangement as an apology
for shooting me in the back all those years ago
all these little tasks that im giving you , you can think of it as
your gift to me so that i keep my mouth shut about that and your other questionable behaviour
Will says so what do you want
Ej says thats hardly the kind of attitude i would expect from somebody in your position
i think you are getting a little bit of a
kick out of all these errands
Will says why would you think that
ej says cuz i was your age once , eager to prove myself
to be a man, be honest with me when you connected that flash drive to abes computer and you were praying that you didnt get caught , didnt you feel a little bit of a rush
didnt your heart beat a little bit faster
didnt you feel right in the moment
Will says stop
he smiles and shakes his head
Ej says its just the 2 of us you can be honest with me
a little bit
Will smiles

Quinn comes and tells nicole, he is her instructor
she says ej says i have to protect myself from people like you
he says i have changed , seeing a therapist
trying to make a decent change in my life , work through some of the things that have been weighing me down
she says that therapist should retire after treating you
he says i have a business that people seem to enjoy
im legitimate now
she says so ,what you see is what you get
he says i believe change is possible and you do too
you are back with the Brit
things still going strong?
She says she didnt pay for chit chat
they start to kick box

Jen tells Hope she finds it strange that gran had the key hidden in the plaque
Hope asks her whats happening with jack and Daniel
jen tells her she has these amazing men waiting in limbo cuz she is fickle
Hope says she isnt ,she has 2 men fighting for her heart and she has given pieces of it to both of them
jen says it doesnt matter Daniel didnt want to force her to choose and jack didnt want to be with her cuz he felt it was by default so they both walked away and she doesnt blame them
Hope asked her what was she going to do
jen said she had no idea , she looks at her and Bo and wonders why cant she be like them
Hope says not all relationships are easy
they are going to therapy so their marriage can be as healthy as can be , hard bringing up painful memories
bo doesnt like talking about his feelings
jen says he got nothing on jack
Hope says ill bet you had to
drag jack kicking and screaming to get help for his ptsd
he is doing what he needs to do

rafe and sami talk about the model she is looking for
he says if she needs help looking at those models
let him know
she hits him on the head and says no
he tickles her , she laughs
she says you are the best and i dont want this to ever end

Ej passes Will a piece of paper
Will says whats this
Ej says thats the name of a man i need you to meet
Will asks where
Ej says at the square near the cafe
he will have an envelope
i need you to accept it on my behalf
inside that envelope will be a further set of instructions , you carry those out
if you are thinking about declining this you should think again

Brady leaves Madison alone
he goes out and talks to Nicole
she says she is taking a break from martial arts class
she says there is something different about you
he says im sober
Madison comes out and nic says maybe not

Bo tells Abe there is not one cop in the department that wants to hear the name mayor Dimera
Jen says they arent the only ones
Bo and hope leave
Abe says he doesnt want to be caught off guard by Dimeras next move

sami is looking at a pic of her and will on her phone
she says she s so proud of him
she hasnt seen him smile in a long time
she didnt think he would take the break up with gabi so hard
he says well she is a catch
she says a break up right now would feel like the end of the world to him

will says i dont get it
why dont you just meet him
Ej says cuz i have plans , dont be so sour, you might actually enjoy this assignment
Ej looks at the paper
Will picks it up
ej says good
and taps his shoulder and leaves

Brady leaves to talk to Quinn
nic says so you and Brady
she says yeah me and Brady
nic says you said you didnt want to hook up with him
mad says i did say that ,i am out of the denial phase
you denied you wanted to be involved with ej again
nic says i was on the fence about it
brady is a real catch and i will always care about him
im glad he has someone who makes him happy
what he always wanted was to find a woman who is free to love him back

abe tells jen he wants to announce his plan soon
she says maybe you can do it at one of the factories that could reopen from your program
he says it will play like a photo op
run on the 6 oclock news and be forgotten
this area has been hit so hard by the recession
it doesnt show that i know what they are going thru
they need answers they need help
make sure my program had tax incentives for companies to relocate there manufacturing plants
here in salem
get those factories and warehouses going to create jobs right here where they are need most
jen says if the voters could see your passion and dedication to this town the election would be over today

Ej is home now
tie on now
cameras set up in the living room
he looks around,,,

rafe and smai are leaving the square
he kisses her goodbye
Will walks in
looking around
sees the man he had to meet
walks over to him and says Mr french?
i work for Ej Dimera ,you have something for me
Mr. French puts an envelope inside a newspaper and sets in on the table for him and leaves
Will picks up the newspaper and takes the envelope out

ej takes his tie off and sits at the computer
camera guy is leaving
Will comes in and says whats going on is that a tv camera
Ej says dont worry about it did you find mr french
Will says i did and these were in the envelope he gave me
he throws keys on ejs desk
he says you know im curious why did you make it seem like i was about to do something illegal
Ej says what you didnt enjoy your little task
Will says it was fine, but if you wanted your fancy sports car delivered, you could have just said so
Ej says where would the fun be in that
did you enjoy driving it
Will says yeah whats not to like
zero to 60 in 5 seconds
tops out at 240
the sound system alone probably cost half of my college tuition probably the coolest car that i will ever drive
Ej says probably the coolest car you ever had
he throws the keys to him
Will says what
Ej says its your car William , you own it

nic and Madison are laughing
brady comes back and says the 2 of you laughing like that cant be good
madison says what makes you think we are talking about you
you have nothing to worry about
mad says she has another massage to get ready for
she leaves, nic tells brady she likes her
brady says he likes her too
brady says she looks happy
nic says i am happy
i know how you feel about ej and never going to change but he has changed
he shows me every day
think its going to work out for us this time
Brady goes to say something she says to zip it

rafe comes to jens
they want his services for crowd control at the events
their security cant handle crowds that size
they want him to consult over crowd control and look over abes private detail
rafe says he opened a new business with carrie
abe says you dont have time
rafe says he will fit them in his schedule
they are all happy about it
Abe says he has learned he cant take anything for granted when you are running against a dimera

Will says you are giving me a sports car
ej says unless you want to return it
will says very funny and gives the keys back
Ej says take them, its your car
Will says why are you doing this ?
Ej says its a perk of the job
you work for me when now, that means when you are out and about , you represent me , my family, my campaign
i cant have you driving around petro guzzling European thing
you represent me now , when people see you , they see me
if you dont like the colour
will says no the colour is fine, picks up the keys
it will have to do

sami gets a call from kate
she wants her to bring a file by her house
Sami leaves for the Dimera Mansion

Hope and Bo talk to the branch manager of the bank where Alice has the safety deposit box
Hope tells him she is the executor of her grandmothers estate
and she has a safety deposit box there
and she shows him the key
he says yes that key is for the box but
i cant allow you access to the box
Hope says legally that box belong to me now
he says actually it doesnt because the safety deposit box didnt just belong to your grandmother

Hope says what do you mean
there are 2 names on the account t
both parties have to be present in order to open the box
Hope says so unless we know who the othe rerson is this key is useless

Brady and Madison
they make out some more

nic continues kick boxing with Quinn
he says you are in excellent shape

she says
remember what you were talking about before how people can change
you are right people can change ej has changed, i changed and you can change too

jen gets a text
says this is not possible
she turns the tv on
Ej is on giving an interview
he talks about the job program
that abe was talking about
he is going to increase jobs
increase local revenue
has to establish tax incentives
encourage national manufacturing organizations to come in and use the resources they have available
we have a large number of abandoned warehouses, factories along the water front

jen says this cant be happening
abe says how the hell did Dimera get his hands on my plan

Will says no one has ever given me anything like this before
Ej says a sports car is just the begging of what i can put within your reach
he gives him the keys and Will takes them
sami walks in and says what the hell?

Tomorrow.....Nicole and Jennifer
Ej , Sami and Will, sami is saying to will, how is rafe going to feel when he finds out that you wanted to work for EJ?
Hope and Bo


Skye's Spoiler Report - Monday, January 16

Hope wants access to the safety box
the banker tells her it didnt belong solely to her grandmother
when she was alive an agreement was made, both parties had to be present to open the box
it was her grandmothers wishes
both parties insisted on having these met
Bo tells him to call this person get them down here now

Dan at the pub drinking a beer
jack says its on him

jen at square talking on phone to Abe about ej stealing his jobs proposal
she sees Nicole talking on her phone and she grabs the phone out of her hand and says we need to talk
tell me how you pulled it of you thief

Sami comes in and says whats going on here
Ej says Samantha, this is a surprise
she says oh save it and grabs the
keys out of Wills hands
says what are these?
Will says keys
she says i know they are keys im asking what are they for
Ej says you might have noticed a new bright shiny sports car
in the drive way, its Williams
he needs it
she says what does he need a sports car for
Ej says for his new job of course
sami says what new job
ej says oh he didnt mention, he is working for me darling ...yes
she says Will is doing what
Ej says he is working for me,, my dear, hes the newest member of my campaign team
she says you are kidding
tell me you are kidding
she goes to Will and says you are not working for EJ
Ej says i dont know why you find this so troubling, he is capable of being employed and unlike you he is very industrious
she says oh shut up Ej
Ej says why are you so upset
i had an opening in my campaign and i found somebody perfect to fill it
she says yeah right and that perfect person to work for you is Will?
Ej says he is young, he is capable ,he is smart and he has incredible tenacity
She says i dont need to talk to you about my son
he needs a reality check
if he thinks im going to let him get involved with you or your ridiculous campaign for mayor
Ej says he is a little old for a time out
she says you dont tell me how to parent my kids
Will says did you say you are not going to let me?
She says you cannot be serious about this , im not the only one who sees how wrong this is
Will says whats so wrong about it
Ej is watching them talk
she says if you need me to tell you there are consequences to getting involved with the Dimeras
Will says you would be the expert on that wouldnt you
sami says ok we are not having this conversation here, lets get out of here, she grabs his arm
Will says no no and dont touch me again

nic says alright if you dont give me my phone , you are going to find yourself getting reception in a very bad place , i dont know whats going on with you but
you do not want to mess with me
Jen says do you think im scared of you
nic says yes , why did you call me a thief
jen says dont pretend you dont know what im talking about cuz your fingerprints are all over this yours and Ejs
you knew abes plan for new jobs in salem and some how you stole his research
you manged to get EJ on tv and make it look like this whole thing was his idea
nic says ej was on tv?
Jen says stop acting like you dont know what im talking about cuz you will regret it
you are so smart
cuz you tweaked a few details, so you would have plausible deniability
nic says we didnt steal anything from abe, there is no secret people need new jobs in this town
that plan ej laid out is 100 percent his
abe has been in office for 3 years
and we are just now seeing a new job plan
maybe you stole from us

The bank tells hope and bo he can not open the box
or tell them anything other than the other owner is alive

dan asks jack why he wanted to buy him a beer
jack says i thought you could use it
dan is reading up on drugs to treat his condition
his hand shakes a lot as he is holding the paper
dan wants to talk about jack
i am not the only one dealing with a life altering medical condition
jack says ptsd, what can i say its a lot of F...U...N
Dan says anymore episodes?
Jack says no i think i got a handle on it , if you
want to fix anything, got to recognize that something needs to be fixed
talking to marlena , wants him to get involved with a
support group
dan says thats good
you got a family and its important for you to know that what you are living with is manageable
you can have a life that you want
jack says there is a fix out there for you too ,got to track it down

Jen says thats your defence,you had it first
2 seconds ago, you said you had no idea what it was i was talking about
nic say i dont have to explain myself to you
jen says cuz you cant
nic says you are the one running around here screaming that we stole from Abe
you dont think we are capable of coming up with our own initiatives?
Jen says no, you dont want whats best for salem, just want to make sure Abe doesnt have a plan
the only thing you and Ej have proven is you are not worthy
nic says you are taking this personally
because you feel bad cuz you made a mistake and abe got
caught with his pants down
you made a very big mistake and you have no one to blame but yourself
jen says no i didnt make any mistakes
nic says im sorry , your
track record proves that you are not very good at making decisive choices
everybody knows that you couldnt chose between jack and daniel
and you lost them both just like you lost this election to EJ

Sami says you want to stay here
will says you can not tell me who i can and who i can not work for
she says this isnt some job at the mall
he says oh i know
she says are you forgetting everything he has done to us to our whole family?
Will says i could ask you the same thing
she says my relationship with EJ was a mistake , a million mistakes and you already know
Will says this isnt personal its a job
sami says think about what Ej did to rafe , never mind everybody else
rafe almost lost his life because of ej
how do you think rafe is going to feel
when he finds out you wanted to work for EJ
Will says how do you think rafe is going to feel
Ej says i think rafe will be pleased that William has been able to put the past behind him
sami says stop talking Ej stop it
Ej says i think he will be able to see there is something valuable that can be learned from that
maybe there is a lesson that we can all take away from it.
She says the only lesson he will learn from you is how to be a criminal and i want more for my sons future than that
ej says will is going to be exposed to a full blown political campaign this is an opportunity for him to develop and hone skills
that will last him a life time , do you have any idea how many people would kill for the opportunity that im just giving him
she says its a trap
she looks at Will and says and you dont see that
thats what scares me the most
Will you are smarter than that
i know it
he says i made my decision and when i explain why you will understand

hope and Bo go to the pub
she says if gran hadnt wanted anyone to know about the safe deposit box she wouldnt have left the key in the plaque
bo says ms.,h took it out in her maiden name so she didnt want anyone to know about it
roman comes in
wants to see them down at the station
to talk about the pharmacy robberies
they did excellent work
good start but they have to get to the root of it

jack says maybe its none of my business but what are you going to do now ,,work wise
surgery was your life for so long
dan says he is considering a few ideas
jacks says he doesnt seem like the self pitying type
Dan says i caught a bad break
so have you
we have to work it out and find a way to move on
they drink to moving on
dan says he needs some time off away hit the road, change of scenery will do him good

jen says are you implying im letting my personal life interfere with my job
nic says your life is messed up and now you are ruining abes campaign
jen says and what about you , you are trying to sell a man who
crushed you , like he is some kind of hero, he isnt just a crooked politician he is a murderer

i know what he did to your family i know what he did to his own family
nic says you dont know EJ,
jen says i know enough to know that you would be a complete masochist to take him back
Nic says he loves me and things are different now
jen says men like ej dont change
nic says at least i have a man to go home to
you manged to chase 2 off
not surprised they left
you are very bland and boring
jen says i get now what ej sees in you
you are as amoral as he is
nic says and you are a bitch , she pushes her
jen yells you want to push me again
jack and daniel to the rescue
jack pulls jen away and daniel grabs nicole

will says i worked for Ej before i was an intern at dimera enterprises
Sami says yeah and we all know how that turned out
i have the same concerns now that i had then
will says except i know now what im getting myself into
sami says no you dont
Will goes over to EJ and touches his back and says
Ej is johnny and sydneys father and i have always said because of that he is family
sami says that
doesnt change who he is or the kinds of things that he does
Will says so you think he is going to be a bad influence on me
people use to say the same things about you and i turned out....
sami says wonderfully
we are not talking about me here
Will says yes we are you are the one who has a problem with me taking a real good job cuz its with EJ
she says yes i do
you dont think its a problem
will says i see this as
an opportunity
sami says to what ,to drive a fancy sports car
Will says you think i can be bought,you work for grama kate you hate her and she is a dimera
sami says she is not EJ
Will laughs and says she is not EJ, you had 2 kids with Ej
so i think i can fetch his coffee and find a way to live with myself can you
Ej looks amused listening to them talk as he is reading something

jack holds jen and dan holds nicole
jack tells jen , fighting in public with nicole walker
is this the image you want to project
let abe and ej do the fighting in the election
jen says she made it personal

roman gives them a tablet
says all police will be carrying them
need to use every tool available to catch these guys
they read the list of guys
every perp will have their own page
roman says he is putting them in charge of the task force to bring down all those bad guys

sami says Ej i need to talk to my son can you please give us a minute
he says of course
he gets up and tells Will if he needs anything he can ask the staff
he leaves
will says he isnt going to say anything different because Ej has left the room
she says i hear you
you want to take this job you know what you want out of it
glad that you know who you want to be ,you sound very sure of yourself
he says and that is not a good thing
she says i wonder if you are trying to prove something
he says to you
she says no to gabi
he says why would you bring her up
she says im tying to understand whats going on here
he says nothing
she says you have been angry since you broke up with her
havent been acting yourself
maybe you miss her more than you thought you would
he says are you saying i took this job to win her back
you are so wrong
working for ej has nothing to do with gabi
she says then you better tell me why right now
he says its something i want to do and stop trying to change my mind about this cuz its not going to happen

jen say nicole is just like Ej she doesnt play fair , doesnt know how

dan talks to nicole , says do i have to put you in restraints again
she says again? What are you talking about
he says you need a cage
nic says she started it
he says you gave her some reason to do it
she says you are defending her, after the number she pulled on you
he says i still love jennifer
she says just like you love all of your patients
he says you were my patient i dont love you
she says you didnt have to fix me
jennifer was playing you from the beginning
take my advice for once this situation just doesnt happen it takes planning and scheming
dan says it was my idea
she says you are an idiot
i was going to give some credit for seeing the light
she walks off

jack and jen sit on white couch
she says it isnt enough they stole the jobs program
its that she wont own up to it
how can she deny it
he says thats the way politics is played, you lie and deny
and you will laugh all your way into office
jen says i hate it
he says i know,you made me hate it too
i though this job would be perfect for you
you are a decent person, better than most
you want to change the way the game is played , bully for you
not a pushover
you are ready to throw down in public with the opposition
she says thank you for showing up when you did you and daniel
you showed up at the same ti e
jack says yeah lucky for nicole
jen looks over at dan
jack tells her dan is thinking about leaving town

sami says alright will i wont try and change your mind
he says good
she says there are some things you havent thought through
if you chose to associate with the dimeras , what are people going to think
think that you have the same values as the dimeras

he says values
you are going to talk to me about values ,,,,,you ?
She says im your mother
i made a lot of mistakes in my life and i dont want to see you make a mistake that you will regret for the rest of your life
he says im not
she says i know you cant see it,you have to trust me, i know what EJ is capable of
he can do anything , he can convince anyone of anything to get what he wants
will says you think he is using me
she says i dont know what his end game is
he doesnt have your heart or your conscience , the things i have seen ej do to people
will says i know whatn he is capable of doing
she says i know you do
please just think about this
he opens the doors and hollers for Ej
Ej comes in and Will says i think we are done here, my mom is leaving

While Bo was looking of the list of criminals he notices stefanos name isnt on the list
gives him the idea that it is stefano who was Mrs. Hs partner

dan says nic took off they dont have to worry about her
jack says good riddance
and he leaves to prepare for class tomorrow
dan asks jen if she is ok
jen thanks him for what he did today
jack just told me you are thinking about leaving town thats not true is it?

ej says is there anything else Samantha?
sami goes over to Will and says just so we are clear im not giving up on you not ever
tell kate her papers are in the foyer
Will flops down in a chair and puts his feet up on the coffee table
Ej sits in the other chair and says everything ok?
Will says you know before when you told me there were things that i would appreciate about this arrangement
you were right
ej winks, smiles and takes a drink

Next time...marlena, abigail
brady and john
chad , gabi, sami


Skye's Spoiler Report - Tuesday, January 17

Melanie walks into the pub
chad is there
they talk about them
she asks him if he is going to school
he says no he is on his way to see gabi at the spa to give her homework assignment
she says tell her i said hi
he touches her hand and
Abigail sees them and she walks out the door
Melanie runs after her

Madison and Brady in her room
talk about working out
she say she has a meeting and he has a meeting
going to get a shower
he say he will join her
they run into the bathroom

chad drops off gabis homework at the spa
he thinks he pulled something at the gym, hurt his shoulder
she wants to help him
tells him to take his shirt off
so he does
she stares at his chest
he sits down she puts lotion in his shoulder and begins to massage him

john serves Marlena breakfast
no, not in bed
she says she was waiting in bed for it
guess she is spoiled, guess this is self serve
he says he had all these plans but he couldnt stop thinking about all the things he wanted to go over with Brady
he is sorry he hasnt taken time out to enjoy his freedom or each other
she says she is happy to see him happy , rebuilding his company and reuniting with his boy
he says you know what makes me happiest
you you are my happiness sweetheart
its always been you

At the spa
sami and kate walk in to check out her products and the product response
sami watches gabi massaging chad
sami says is that the kind of product response you are talking about
kate says yeah if we can only package that
Quinn walks in and kate goes to talk to him
sami stares at gabi and chad

In the square Melanie talks to Abigail
tells her what she saw , it didnt mean anything, nothing is happening with her and chad
abigail tells her to stop lying and leave her alone
mel says she cant cuz she is her best friend
Abigail tells her she should have thought of that before she jammed her tongue down her boyfriends throat
she says nothing happen between her and chad cuz her friendship means too much too her
abi says too late you betrayed me and our friendship
and there is no going back

Quin tells Kate people buy her products by the bagful
she says it doesnt hurt to have someone as beautiful as gabi selling them
he goes to get a latte
sami tells kate she just had another amazing idea

marlena and john kiss
he says do you miss your house husband she says i do , he was wonderful
but seeing you happy is the best thing i could ask for
and it couldnt have been easy for Brady to leave titan and that speaks volumes
he says thats a fact doc
she says thats a fact baby
she says this is going to be a huge success
that you and Brady are together again that is a success

madison and brady leave the shower
he says that was a real good shower
he kisses her and she says back to the real world
she takes a phone call
and say she will be there
brady starts to kiss her
she says she will be in later,something just came up
making out again
he takes his robe off and then hers
looks like i just saw this Friday at the spa?

Sami tells kate
we decided we are looking for someone new
and inexperienced to be the face of countess W
you are looking at the next countess W face
points at gabi
kate says you may be on to something, she is a natural beauty working in the beauty business , she knows how to sell the product
we should include Chad
they could pretend to be a hot new couple
sizzling because of countess W products
sami says yes , we can have them photographed
kate says no not with a professional , they are newbies , lights and cameras, they would freeze up
sami says she will take care of that

mel says she is trying to do the right thing
abi says you betrayed me ,dont want to be your friend,
mel says she isnt going to be with chad, knowing what it would do to her
she can fix this
abi says no its too late

she runs off
quinn tells Melanie he heard that and he is sorry, if he tells her how she lost her best friend and man she cares about maybe he can help get them back

sami and kate tell chad and gabi they need their help
would like them to do a little public research for countess W
would like them to test out some new products
they say no

mel and Quinn sit on the white couch
she tells him everything
he says you should wait and see what happens
she says she wants them both
he says sometime things either work out or they dont
he is sorry
he has to head back to work

chad tells kate he isnt getting involved with anything Dimera
she says this is her baby
nothing to do with stefano or ej
gabi says she works for Quinn
he comes in and says its ok

sami starts to set up
chad says he didnt agree to it
kate says if you did this for me, i would consider it a personal favour
sami says we could use your help
gabi says say yes please
chad says ok

brady and madiosn walk through the square
she still didnt agree to be ceo at titan
she cant think of anyone she would want to run mad word
she gets a call from salem u
internship program , they didnt have time to look into it
brady says its a great program
he leaves to get to work with his dad

abigail runs in to madison , says she heard her say she wanted to hire an intern from the university
she wants the job

sami gets a camera man
kate says thats good if anything goes wrong its your fault
sami tells chad and gabi that he will take casual shots of the makeover process
nothing fancy just to use at the office
he takes some pics
sami wants something done with chads hair
sami tells gabi she is worried about Will since they broke up
gabi says its just taking him longer to get over it
sami says im sure thats what it is
then they show chad and gabi getting made over
music playing
pictures being taken
woman sings dreams were made for us to find
after the makeover, kate asks if they can do a few after shots
gabi tells chad he looks incredible
he says so do you
you look amazing , beautiful
mel walks in and watches them talking

brady arrives at the townhouse to get to work
john says he has a hard time thinking big working at such a small place on the table
brady says the skyscraper will come
and we will build it from the profits from our first venture
john asks what is our first venture
brady says he doesnt know
basic black had a dozen different divisions form music to magazines
john says we need just one to start with
bradys says whats the cornerstone company of the new basic black going to be

abigail and madison sit and abigail tells her about herself
she says sounds like you have alot going on
abigail says she has always been interested in beauty and fashion
madison gives her card tells her to e-mail her resume
malrena comes by and says hello
marlena mentions how she knows Abigail
and madison was surprised to hear that she was jennifers daughter
madison leaves to take a call
and marlena and Abigail talk about her friend betraying her
Madison says i know how that feels
marlena says you arent speaking of sami are you
Madison nods her head

kate says to sami i guess you were right letting gabi and chad think this was a test shot
sami says help warm them up for the real thing
kate says lets see if they can get hot in front of the cameras

mel talks to chad and gabi
she explains what they are doing

sami tells them they are going to take a few more shots
chad says hasnt he taken enough
sami says no he hasnt
kate wants gabi to open chads shirt and put her hands on his chest
so they can see her hands and nails
mel isnt happy

Brady says cosmetics are performing good but doesnt want to be in competition with his girlfriend
john says he understand that
brady says he really likes madison she makes him happy
he says he could go the long haul with her

marlena says she was stunned to hear Sami left mad world
madison say sami caught on really fast
she left cuz she didnt take criticism very well
esp when she was told to but out of her personal life
cant forgive her for going to work with kate
she offered her a fancy title and a lot more money
marlena says we have to deal with people that hurt us and disappoint us , part of living
but i cant see anything good from sami and kate being together

kate tells chad
do me another favour
she knows he wants to stay independent of
his father business and the family money but could he
stop by the mansion and talk to his dad
just visit him tell him your news
he says did he put you up to that
she says no his father is too proud to ever ask anything like that
he loves you and he misses you and he is not a well man
he asks if his diabetes has gotten worse
she says no ,its under control but not everyone lives forever, not
even your father
stop by, talk to him
it will make him happy and deep down it will make you happy too

sami tells gabi she is great
and adorable with chad

chad tells mel ,kate and sami cornered him
she says i can see why they want to take your picture
he says he doesnt care about that only cares about her
she tells him she tried to talk to abigail and her best friend hates her
he says im sorry, think its time to give up on getting through to Abigail, she thinks we are traitors
she isnt going to forgive you
she says what should we do
he says be together
like we should have been from the start

madison says sami thought the grass would be greener working at countess w
she will have to live with the consequences
of her actions

mel says she cant do that
chad says are you going to put your life on hold
abigail made her choice she is going to move on
what about us dont we want the same thing here
gabi comes over and says they have to take more pictures
mel tells him to go they will talk later

brady tells john he is there today because of madison , she knew i wanted to do this before i did
she gets me and i get her
john says i guess it wasnt like that with Chloe or Nicole
he says its different she is special she knows me accepts me and doesnt want to change me
we had some big issues to get through and we worked them out and now we are focusing on whats important
secrets and lies killed my relationships ,its good to know its not going to happen with her

madison is on the phone talking to someone saying i need your help, deciding what to do with titian and everything

abigail tells marlena she can never be friends with chad and Melanie again
she leaves
madison asks marlena if she vouches for abigail
marlena says yes
she asks if john and brady are doing as well as Brady says
marlena says they are
she can see why Brady is so fond of her
she really cares whats best for him

Brady asks john what he thinks of when he thinks of basic black
john says fashion
brady says even couture labels are designing clothing and fashions for every day consumers now
brady says fashion
john says we could partner with mad world on a line of cosmetics and fragrances designed to go with our clothes
brady says we could get jewelry designer to come in ,shoes , the whole thing
john says it goes on and on
we stick with what we know
what we both know

camera man continues taking pics of chad and gabi
melanie watches in disgust

Tomorrow ..rafe and carrie
he tells her , we are a team, if you are not in, im not in , thats it

Nicole in bed on the phone saying I need some personal files on EJ

Marlena at the square
saying whats going on here to Ej and Will


Skye's Spoiler Report - Wednesday, January 18

Ej and Nicole are in bed sleeping
alarm goes off, he shuts it off
she says how many times did you hit the snooze button
what time is it ?
He says its early
she says why dont i believe you
she looks at the time and says oh my gosh its late
he says i got to bed at 3 this morning and you were still working
she says you can sleep after the election, you have meetings
he says oh i have to meet William Horton he can wait
she says about our young Will Horton
are you ready to tell me the real story
as why you hired him
Ej rubs his eye and looks at her

Marlena runs in to Will at the square
he hugs her and says grandma , how have you been
she says what did you call me
he says oh , doc
she wants to talk

carrie is putting up winter scene picture on the wall in her office
rafe comes in and says he came prepared for the heat
he has a fan
she says i did too a blender to make ice drinks
he says you are on fire , notice something
the landlord finally fixed the furnace
they laugh about not getting any jobs
sami comes and says sorry am i interrupting ?

abe and lexi at the pub
she says this makes me sick after all the hard work you put into that jobs program
how the hell did Ej get his hands on it
and then the gall to claim that he came up with it himself
Abe says after all the chances you have given him ,ej never changes
lexi says we were at the mansion at x-mas ,he promised things would be different
thats it ,this is the end of the road for my brother and me
he says im glad, when i find out how he managed to steal from my computer ,,,justice will be served
Hope and Bo came in and talk bout salems most wanted criminals
Abe says his office is behind this program
a mayors top priority is the safety of his citizens
lexi says abe needs to win before my brother hijacks this election away from him

ej says i can find much more enjoyable ways to start the day than talking about Will
she says tell me why you hired him and we will move on to those more enjoyable ways
he starts kissing her
she says i know what you are doing and its not going to work, why dont you want to tell me
he says are you still talking
he kisses her again

Marelana asks Will if he was meeting somebody here
Will says i have a full day
they talk about their word game
she asks him if he was still thinking about leaving salem
he says no im going to stay
she says now you can find some time to talk to your mom
he says how can i bring up the subject, hey i just happened to walk in on you and Ej sleeping together, but there wasnt any sleeping going on

sami says good to see the 2 of you having so much fun
they talk about the sweaty day they had yesterday
sami says why didnt you work at home
Carrie says we were waiting for a client

Abe tells Bo and Hope that Ej stole his jobs
laptop wasnt out of his sight , no evidence of hacking
lexi says Ejs tactics might work

Ej says now for your second pleasure of the day
ill have Mary make you something to eat
she says i think we spent enough time in bed
where did you say you were meeting Will today
he says i forget
she tickles him and he laughs and says stop
im meeting him at the square
she says and why you ask, thought maybe i can join you
unless you can give me one good reason why i shouldnt

sami tells rafe she brought him muffins
they haven had time to see each other much
she tells him working with kate is going really well
she tells him about his sister
kate listened to her advice
between their new jobs they dont have time to spend together
the furnace broke again

Ej says it would be amazing if she came along
he has to talk to Will then they can get a late breakfast
she says ok mmm hmmm
its weird s one day you decide to hire Will and then the next out of the blue you are announcing abes top secret job plan as your own
he is laying there with his eyes closed
she says you arent really asking me to believe that it was a coincidence are you?
He says nothing

Mar tells Will she understand his anger
but the only person hurting is you
you have to get past this anger, the only way to do it is to confront your mother, let her explain, let her apologize to you
he says there is nothing that will make me forgive her
she says she is your mother and she is my daughter
he says a daughter that has blamed you for everything that has gone wrong in her life
she has never given you a chance so why should i give her one

Ej says Will is a very smart kid and he needed a job thats it
she says thats fine i dont have a problem with you helping Will
he says he is johnny and sydneys brother
she says there is more to it than just that and i deserve to know why, this is more than just personal its job stuff too
have you forgotten that a crazed Jennifer Horton attacked me yesterday i had no idea what she was talking about
i felt like an idiot
he says you are not an idiot when it comes down to violence between you and jennifer, my money is on you

carrie says we will be needing those fans after all
rafe says we have our very own sauna
they joke about competition for the spa
an dhow they make no money
carrie says good thing we are married to people who are employed
he says hello
Sami smiles awkwardly

abe says im as frustrated of ej s tricks as you are
we have to kick this campaign into over drive, i
have a few tricks up my sleeve
there is no way EJ can lower the crime rate in salem
Hope says esp when his speciality is raising it
abe says as long as he has been mayor he wanted to launch this anti crime program but my hands are tied with budget
we need bodies on the street to wage this fight
he was able to move money from one line item on the budget towards crime reduction
he is authorizing hope and bo to hire who ever they need to clean up salem

nic say s the point isnt whether or not jennifer can get the best of me in a cat fight the point is about you not sharing information with m e , i didnt even know you went on tv about this jobs plan
he says you were taking the day off at the spa
she says now i know why
you wanted me out of the way when everything went down
i should be so furious with you
he says but you are not and you had a lot of fun kicking ass
he says you know your problem , you think too much
i told you that there would be times during this campaign it would be in your best interest to not know whats going on and this is one of those times
im going to take a shower,, he gets out of bed
she gets her phone and calls someone and says
hi i need some personal files on Ej
yes of course he authorized it, we were just talking about it

Will says why should i give my mom a chance she never gave anyone a chance esp you
Mar says thats not so
Will says ever since you came back , shes has been treating you like crap and shes tried to turn everyone against you
i dont know how you can love her
Mar says i love her with my whole heart
i love her cuz she is my daughter
and she feels the same about you

sami tells rafe and carrie how she was working at mad world and had no office, i dont think they are listening to her , so she says she should get back to work
rafe thanks her for stopping by

Abe thanks Bo and Hope for getting the program up an running
Abe says the criminals in Salem will be quaking in their boots when they find out they are in charge of this task force
Lexi says my brother among them
Hope says this must be hard hoping and praying Ej and stefano will change
lexi says i wish i was more like my brother and father
i could predict their tricks and somehow stop them
Abe says ill make sure this latest dirty trick is his last
Lexi and Abe leave

mar tells Will she is as much to blame for not healing this relationship as his mother was
we just let our anger and hurt fester too long
thats why you have to talk to her now
he says i dont think i can do that
she says it will make things so much easier
Ej and Nicole walk in
Ej tells Will , he thought they were meeting at the entrance,,are you ready to get to work
Marlena says whats going on here?

Will says sorry i was waiting at the entrance but i ran in to my grandmother
Ej says not a problem you know how i feel about family
marlena , its lovely to see you
she jumps up and says im hoping there is a misunderstanding here
Ej says William works for me , he is my new campaign intern,, he is a very valuable member of the team

Hope meets with rafe and carrie at the pub
they talk about the wanted criminals in salem
and they want to hire them to get the job done
they agree to take the job
carrie isnt too happy about it though

mar says if you like to work on a campaign , i can talk to Abe for you
Will says he didnt have any openings
Ej says i was very happy o help him out
Mar says i was speaking to Will, if you dont mind
Ej says i was merely explaining
mar says you can merely be quiet
ej says to nicole sweetheart take a seat
he sits her down at the table
mar says im sorry we are having a private conversation
you werent invited to join us
Ej says can i look at the menu, im famished
mar says you and me Will alone
Ej says go ahead, its going to take me awhile to pick out something to eat, we can talk when you are finished
mar says i guess he got his manners from his father
they walk away from nicole and ej
nic says to ej,, grandma isnt too happy
ej says well that is her problem
now whats good for breakfast

Will tells his grandma , working for Ej is just a job ,its cool it has perks
she says what kind of perks
concert tickets and
she says you are working for a Dimera
he says i done it before i worked for stefano and nothing happened
she says i will call Abe
he says i am fine , i dont mean to be rude but i have to work cant talk right now
be ready,,,my word for the win

Ej tells Will to run over to the place he sent him to the other day they have posters for him and he can take them to the campaign headquarters
thank you
Ej tells Nic ,, he is a good lad
Will runs off past lexi and abe
she tries to talk to him
they see ej and nicole eating
abe says you do have a pair of brass ones EJ, committing atrocities one day and enjoying
a meal in the square the next
EJ says im just having breakfast and hobnobbing with the locals , something i plan on doing a lot of when im elected
i have no idea what you are talking about
Abe says how about hacking , theft, plagiarism?
Lexi says compared to blackmail and assault and murder that probably seems like nothing to you , right EJ
Abe says i know you stole my jobs plan
Ej says instead of spinning these theories
why dont you spend time preparing for the debates
abe says you are not going to get away with this
not only will you lose the election you are going to believing proof of that old saying crime doesnt pay
not while im in charge

lexi says every time, i think you cant sink any lower you find yet a deeper cesspool to swim in
ej says i dont know what you are talking about
lexi says im putting you both on notice
im calling the debate moderator to tell her theres a good chance that your campaign would most likely steal the questions in advance
nic says you must feel insecure about abes reelection chances to go to such lengths
nic says ej knows what the people want and the people want EJ
abe says well they wont once they know the truth
smoke and mirrors wont last forever
Ej says they dont need to last forever just until the election

marlena runs in to sami at the square
sami says she is busy working
mar says you are working for kate
sami says you have a problem with that
you have been after me to get a job since i was 16
now i have a career and that isnt enough for you
mar says i want to talk about will
his employment choices, are you aware he is now working for ej
Sami says i just found out about it
mar says you dont seem very concerned
have your feelings for ej changed?
Sami says of course not i despise Ej
i did try to talk him out of working for Ej, but he is not listening to me
mar says i wish you would try talking to him again
Will needs his mother more than anything
sami says im surprised of this, coming from you
where were you when i needed you

Lexi says you know ej in a few rare occasions i glimpsed a real human being in side of you , i must have been imagining it
you dont have a soul
you are an expensive empty suit
Ej says im sorry, its politics
you cant take this too personally
the other day abe and i were standing there having a chuckle

Abe says thats the last chuckle we will have together
lets go lexi
they leave
ej takes out his phone
nic asks him if he is alright
he says im fine no text from Will, how long does it take to pick up some bloody posters
nic says the look on marleans face when she found out will was working for you was priceless
wish i could se ethe look on samis face , she must know by now
ej says i know what you are doing iand m not answering any questions about Will so just drop it

mar says lets not make this about us lets make it about Will
sami says you dont have an answer do you
people call me selfish i know where i got it from
john will always come first for you
more important to you than your own daughter
mar says not so i tried to make it right
you really enjoy turning the knife so much
sami says you are a hypocrite you want everyone to see you as this wonderful mother but
you dont want to do the work
all those times you werent there for me and you
never answered for it
when i married rafe
when my daughter grace died
john was sick , that was more important to you
johnny missing he could have been dead where are you not with us you couldnt be with us
because of john
nothing to say about that huh
mar says theres been enough conversation already
sami says lets not talk about it anymore
dont you dare tell me how to be a good mother you should spend more time wondering why you werent one

nic says i will stop
if you are straight with me about lexi
he says ok
she says i know you love your sister so that tongue lashing has got to sting, she is worried her husband could lose this election
Ej says her husband will lose the election
she says so you dont care about what she says then
because i feel like she may never speak to you again
he says im not going to lose any sleep over it ,she will come around she always does

abe says he wishes ej wouldnt upset her so much
she knows what he is capable of doing to win it scares her
abe says ej wont win
he cant win
the citizens of salem deserve better
and im going to make sure they get it

will and marlena meet up again
he says no lectures
she says he is an adult he can do what he likes and work where he pleases
but she couldnt live with herself if she didnt tell him
there is something i know in a way that know one else knows ,
that nothing good ever comes from associating with a Dimera

Tomorrow.... Nicole is telling Will, there is something she wants him to do for her

Marlena telling EJ to stay the hell away from Will
Maggie and Melanie crying to Daniel


Skye's Spoiler Report - Thursday, January 19

Will and Marlena at the square
she tells him about the history of what the Dimeras did to their family over the years, her , and john and his mother
he says my mother had it coming
Abigail comes by and tells Will she saw his new car it was awesome
she leaves
marlena says my goodness
tell me Ej did not buy you a new car

nic and Ej at home
she says Will still hasnt picked up the posters from the printer yet
how much you wanna bet he is with his concerned granny , who has pigeonholed him ,asking him the same questions that i have been asking , that i cant get you to answer , so remind me why Will Horton would want you elected mayor
he says we discussed this several times
she says yes we have , there are certain aspects of this campaign that i must do alone ,,,i get that,,if you were embezzling a billion dollars
i would see why you would want me in the dark and that where i would want to be, but this some 18 year old kid who is a campaign intern ,,wheres the intrigue?
He says there isnt any intrigue , he is a very bright boy , technically savvy,, he does get college credit for this and most importantly
his brother told him that if he didnt work for me , he would be in trouble
she says thats brilliant, cute but what if johnny found out that you used Will to win the election and asked him to lie, cheat and steal
do you think johnny would still feel the same
ej says i did not ask Will to do any of those things
she says are you kidding
you are telling me Will had nothing to do with stealing abes jobs plan
he says nothing
she says come on
who are you protecting I thought we were on the same team here

vic and dan outside the pub talking about him and his choices he has ahead of him
Vic says what about melanie and maggie have you
thought of how your decision is going to affect them

melanie and maggie are at the spa
melanie wants to take maggie out shopping or for something to eat
Maggie tells her she knows what she is doing

will says yeah Ej bought me a car so what
im always out running errands and doing other stuff like that so i needed some reliable transportation
Ej is running for mayor
you are making a big deal out of nothing
Marlena says Ej is tying to buy you and corrupt you
and i will not let him do it to you
i promise you he will not do that

Austin meets up with Abigail
tells her he realized its you
i cant live another minute without doing this
he kisses her
tells her he loves her and he wants the world to know it
its Abigail day dreaming
Austin comes up to her and asks if she is ok
she was spaced out
she says she was just day dreaming
he wants to know if she ordered their lunch

Will says its just an internship, few months not a big deal
she says did you go to ej and ask for this job
he says yeah
she says why would you go to the man that
oh i get it
this is about you punishing your mother
he says no
she says this is your way of hurting your mother cuz she slept with Ej

Ej tells Nicole we are on the same team
she says im starting to feel like we are slipping back into our old ways,keeping secrets, telling lies
he says i made a promise to you that i wasnt going to lie to you and im not lying to you now
but there are certain things you need to be protected from
she says i dont need to be protected
i need you to be honest with me , honest
he says you need me to be honest with you right now
She says yes
he says you look very sexy
she says im being serious
he starts kissing her, says im being deadly serious
she says stop it i need you to talk to me
he wont stop kissing her
her phone rings
he says leave it alone
she says i cant leave it alone, in the middle of an election
dont you have a phone interview in 5 minutes
he says time flies when you are kissing the woman you love
she says why dont you go in the den where you are not so distracted
and we will continue this conversation later
he says later, maybe 5 minutes maybe
she says go
he leaves
she gets on the phone and says i got your message ,what did you find out?

Will says i just want a decent internship
she says i could believe that if you were working for anybody besides EJ
john and brady are going to open basic black, they would love to have you with them
Will says ,i made a commitment, i cant quit
she says you can before its too late
he says no I cant
she says if there is something going on you should tell ,me i can help you
he says you are right, part of me is doing this to get back at my mother
she says you are going to get hurt
he says i fetch his coffee, and i make copies
she says im begging you if this is about your mother
then confront her and move forward but dont work with the enemy
get out now please

Maggie says its mickeys birthday
melanie says she doesnt want her to be alone
maggie tells her she doesnt need to worry about her
she is thinking about him today
but she isnt so sad anymore
she spent a long time being sad now she is grateful
not everyone is so lucky
now she has victor, the man who has brought joy in to her life
and now she has her and Daniel
dan calls melanie and asks her and maggie to meet him at the pub for lunch wants to talk to them

nic says when did you say the car was purchased and you are certain its in Wills name ?Thats all i need to know
Ej walks in and says that all you need to know about what
she smiles

will says grandma you are the most important person in my life, i can talk to you about anything
you never judge me or talk down to me
right now i need you to let me make my own decision
please do not get involved
she says if stefano or Ej hurt you ,, i could never forgive myself
for not stepping in
will says that isnt going to happen
he says please let it go i love you and i dont wan this to come between us
she says nothing will ever come between us not the Dimeras or anything
he says i have to go
ill call you later
they hug
she says call anytime for any reason

nic says nothing just campaign stuff
what happened to your interview
he says it was postponed due to some breaking news
may i , he tries to take her ipad
she says no ill take care of it for you
he says no ,you are busy. You have a lot to do
he tries to take the ipad from her again
she says i was thinking about that and i really dont want to talk anymore
he says really? I thought you had a lot of work to do, are you sure
this wont take any time at all
he is still trying to get the ipad
she puts in under the cushion
she says thats why we hired an intern
he says thats why we hired an intern
come here, he kisses her
she pushes the ipad down inside the couch
they kiss some more

Abigail tells Austin about her meeting with madison james and trying to get a job at mad world
he says he bets she will get the job
he wonders how she is going to juggle all the things she has to do
he says if she cant handle it all, he can always get another assistant
she says no

Well i guess EJ and nicole had sex.they are naked on the couch
Ej says that was a pleasant surprise
she says wasnt it
he says since you have been such a dirty girl today i should take you upstairs and put you in the shower, if you have time
she says why dont you head up there and ill be up in 5 minutes
he leaves
she gets the ipad , then calls Will, wants to meet him this afternoon
to discuss the campaign

abigail tells ausitn she would love to keep her job
he says i would love to keep you
just dont kill yourself
he says he would like to blow off work and hang out there all afternoon
she says he can
he has everything he needs
wi -fi,,,coffee and me, your trusty assistant s what else do you need
he says nothing

dan meets with melanie and maggie and vic at the pub
he tells them he is leaving Salem

Ej changed out of his pink shirt
wearing light blue or greyish colour
he is about to go out the door
Marlena is there
she says we have to talk EJ
she walks in , he says about what
she says how dare you
they go into the room
he says may i offer you some tea
she says no
he says even Sydney knows how to say no thank you
she says what are you doing with Will
he says helping him realize his full potential
she says you will not corrupt him you know
he says no i wont
im a new man what im doing is trying to make my children proud of who i am
she says and what does Will have to do with that?beside using his name
He says i suppose it doesnt hurt having a Horton on the campaign
she says but there is something bigger going on here
and Id like to know what it is

ausitn complains about typing on an ipad
she shows him what to do
they laugh
he tells her to go enjoy her youth she is like a workaholic
things she trying to avoid thinking about someone like chad
she says she is over him and that

Melanie starts to cry
says you are not leaving salem
you are kidding
he says no i need some time away
regroup,,think about what im going to do for the rest of my life
maggie asks where will he go
he doesnt know
might just travel the world
surf the big waves

Ej says why does there always have to be an ulterior motive?
She says cuz you are a Dimera thats the
only kind of motive you have
tell me what you are thinking to do with Will and i will leave and if you dont ill just stay
he says you probably still think i have some secret agenda to destroy you and your husband
she says not too secret would you say
he offers her a seat
she sits and says
must have really irked you when john was found to be innocent
i know you and stefano worked so hard to frame him , there went your class action suit and your bid for mayor
he really made a fool of you, so now you are paying him back by going after Will
he says why do you think this is all about you?
my father hasnt thought about you or john in years
she says you made it about me when you went after Will
so if you want to target somebody in my family
target me
stay the hell away from Will

Austin gets a call from Carrie she cant meet him for dinner tonight

melanie cries go live your big dream
who care if i just found you
boooo hoooo
he says he will be back
she is his life , his world
Maggie cries we are not friends we are family and distance cant change that

nic meets Will at the square
she says i want to officially welcome you to the team
he say im excited to get started
she says get started are you kidding i have heard you have been a tremendous help to the team
he says i just do what im told
she says we are a wonderful
fully dedicated to winning this election we will do what ever it takes and i trust you feel the same ?
He says i want whats best for Salem
she says yeah lets get down to it
i would like to start with a few important things

Ej says where is all this hostility coming from
do you have problems at home?
Is John not satisfying your needs?
she says you never disappoint do you EJ?
He laughs and says look, you came here to get me to talk, and frankly, im concerned about you, you seem very confused and you are angry and thats not good for your health my dear
she says well if you keep going after Will , the concern will be for your health
he says but there isnt anything i can do about that
he works for my campaign and if you have an issue with that i suggest you take it up with him
she says i did that but it seems you cracked the code on tying to keep a teenager loyal
Ej says hmm?
She says you bought him a new car
he says did you see the car he was driving?
He represents the campaign cant have him driving around in Samanthas old bloody mini van
she says i dont understand why you are trying to buy him off
he says i didnt initiate this ,Will came to me
she says you could have turned him down , why the hell didnt you?
Ej says im telling you the truth this is not some conspiracy theory
she says im wondering why i should believe you
he could have worked for almost any company in town
yet he chose to work for somebody who is so corrupt , somebody he just intensely dislikes , why would he do that?
He says im going to ignore all these little insults and say that i dont know.. when he turned up at my door
i was just as surprised as you , then i realized the truth of the matter

nic tells Will i want to talk to you about your mother
sami and i have a very complicated history we dont get along
he says you want to claw each other eyes out
she says you work for ej now which means you work for me , you have to keep family business at home
dont carry it to the office ,what happens behind closed doors stay behind closed doors
Will says he gets that

Marlena says oh please enlighten me
he says i thought it would be obvious , we are connected because
we are family
johnny and Sydney are his siblings
his grandmother is my step mother , you can deny it all you wish but we are connected
she says please dont pretend that you care about Will
he says i care about William very much always thought of him as a son
he may not have Dimera blood in him but he has been
and always will be part of this family

Abigail and Austin continue working
he says why dont i take you to dinner
she agrees

vic asks dan when does he leave
he says as soon as i can
maggie cries and hugs him she is going to miss him more than he knows
last few months with him in her life have been amazing
he says he is going to miss her too
tells vic to take care of maggie
they leave melanie and him alone
she cries some more
wonders what she is going to do with out him
he tells her to be strong
and call him if she has a problem
he may not be the best father but he loves being her father and that will never change
he loves her
she cries i love you too dad

Will asks Nicole what does she want
she says i need you to do something for me

Marlena says have you completely lost your mind
Will is not a member of your family
never was and never will be
he says obviously he feels connected to us though doesnt he?
Or he wouldnt be here
she says Will is working for you because you found a way to use his emotions , he is a very young confused man
he isnt working for you by choice
he is working for you because you want him to
he says what ever you have to tell yourself
but i know the real reason he is here
i give him something he doesnt get from the bradys and hortons
i treat him like a man and with respect
she says you treat him like a toy like a puppet
using him for your own amusement , but i will not let you destroy his life
i will see you and your father dead before i let that happen

Tomorrow...Bo and Hope
he figured out how to get to stefano

Madison and Sami
sami says never get on your bad side

gabi says to melanie
would you ever consider hooking up with chad


Skye's Spoiler Report - Friday, January 20

At the spa
gabi and Melanie talk
Melanie is crying
gabi asks her why
she says her dad was taking time for himself
leaving town
she just found him now she is losing him

Chad comes to visit Stefano at the mansion ,having very bad hair day
he is looking around,
no one seems to be there
he picks up a cup of coffee beans and smells them
stefano comes in and says those are kona beans the others here from Jamaica is blue mountains and kope lowak are from Indonesia, they are very rare, best coffee beans in the word
my favourite
chad says why did you ask me here ?
Stef says i heard of your latest venture with sonny kiriakis
going to change the cheating heart to a coffee house
i would like to help you
i have a lot of connections and i know a lot of the right people
they will make sure you get all of you want of what you have in your hands and the price will be beyond anything, anybody could touch
chad says oh those right people
stef says i would like to invest
chad says why
stef says because you are my son and i
want you to succeed
chad says i dont want your help

kate and sami are at work looking at pics of chad and gabi
they say they are hot
sami says those 2 belong in a fashion magazine
i believe we found the faces to represent countess Ws youth line
kate says the best part of this is it will blow Madison James and her little company right out of the water

Bo and Hope at the pub
she is starring at the key, trying to figure out what their next move is
Hope agrees with him about stefano being the other owner
Bo says he isnt going to admit it to us
she says going to have to find a way to make him talk or
we will never find out the truth
thought about getting a search warrant for stefanos house see if they can find other key
he says they cant get a search warrant on speculation
she says i will try anything right now
even debated on whether to break in to stefanos house
Bo says we cant have that , have to keep this
operation on the up and up
we play by the rules more or less
she says what if we run out of options they might never find what we are looking for.
Madison is there and she takes a pic of hope with her phone and smiles at it

sami says what do you think of the slogan youth is served
kate likes the idea, she says
hiring you was one of the smartest things i done in years

Madison comes over to bo and hope and introduces herself
she wants to talk to Hope
about being a cop

stef says i knew you would react that way
but i want you to hear me out
to start a business at any time is difficult , but this day and age , they are ready to knock your head off right from the start
chad says i know that
stef says i know our relationship has been strained lately but
im still your father and its every fathers duty to see that their children reach their top potential
dont think about the name stefano Dimera being anywhere in the business , id be a silent partner
chad says and im the only one who will know where the money is coming form
stef says of course
chad says you dont care about some coffee house tell me
it is that you really want
stef says i just saw an opportunity for us to do something together that was positive
chad says a silent partner with connections doesnt sound positive
stef say this motive is very sincere
then we get together and work out a real relationship between a father and son
chad says all because you bought some beans
stef says you know there is more to it than that
chad says you have more money than god
this gesture is meaningless
stef says i never not once invested in something i didnt believe in and i believe in you
he says why cuz i have your genes
stef says no cuz you earned it ,you are never going to be able to cut me out of your life
i want this rift between us to heal
chad says and i all have to do is sit back and let you do all the work
stef says you are my son and i miss you
i dont apologize for that
i stay awake nights trying to think of a way so you could be back in my life
i came up with this plan so we could have a future together as a father and son

gabi and melanie talk some more about Daniel
gabi says this will be good for her father
hiking surfing , he will get a tan or get tanner
melanie cries that she doesnt know when the next time she will see her dad

kate says they have to sign them , book a studio , hire a photographer
she wants her to get right to it
sami tells kate to approach chad
kate says she can pull strings with chad
kate tell sami to talk to gabi , get her
signed contract with gabi this afternoon
if this campaign works she hopes to start a reconciliation between chad and stefano
if sami gets to know gabi better , she might find out what happened between her and Will

Hope says you want me to model for mad world?
Madison says when i look at you i think wow
Hope says thats out of the blue
mad says she has a great look
theres an essence about her
Hope says i love being a cop
Madison says what if you could do it all
be a cop, a mother and model
you done it before right
you know the ropes you would be a natural , her products are developed for real woman and she cant think of anyone who
fits the mold better than her
Hope says its not for me right now
madison says ok, and gives her , her card
call her if she changes her mind
she leaves
Hope says can you believe this
Bo says i can believe it, you dont get this kind of offer everyday

stef says i can be more than a father , i can be your
friend, a mentor
chad says you a mentor,,wow
stf says yes, i know
that you dont want anything to do with anything i do
i get that ,but to reject your family
that i can not take
you think you will never have regrets but the day will come
i will never give up on you my son
and i pray the day will come that you will not hate me for it

gabi and mel look at the pic from the photo shoot
gabi says i felt sexy
even chad had a good time
it was a good distraction for him since he broke up with abigail
she asks melanie would you ever consider hooking up with chad

chad says you arent shy about putting someone on the spot
stef asks him to stay for dinner
chad says i get you are being sincere when you are offering to help out with the coffee house
but i meant what i said, i want to do this on my own
stef says i understand and admire you for it
chad says as far as dinner goes i cant
instead of buying coffee for me you can buy a cup from me one of these days
stef says i would like that very much
he leaves
stefano seems sad

Bo tells Hope she is the most beautiful woman he has ever met inside and out
hope says madison is asking me to be someone im not anymore
bo says thats it
i frgured out how we get to Stefano

Madison is talking (dont show who she is talking to)
saying Kate and Countess W are more than just our competitors they are in our way the more they push, the harder we push back we have to stay ahead of them always , what else can we do
then they show Sami , she says i think we have done the most important thing ,putting someone on the inside of countess W. was genius and its already paying off
we are hitting kate where its going to hurt the most right in her ego
mad asks if she suspects her
sami says she is too busy patting herself on the back to see whats right in front of her face
staging those fights and timing them so she would walk right in
i didnt have to play surprised when she offered me the job
she was betting she was going to turn you against me
and use you to spill all mad worlds secrets and then she was going to use that against me
sami says she is running with it
she made the most of that information, she revised her entire line cause she wants to beat you to the shelves and all of its based on false dates i have fed her
mad says her strategy is to market towards the youth
Sami says she has completely forgotten about any other demographic
mad says good that way when we launch our youth campaign while still marketing to the over 30 crowd , we will attract all the clientele that she has ignored
im going to go with real woman
none of that glossy wannabe teenage angst crap
Sami says i just want to make sure that we are still focused on
everything at titan and making sure we cover our tracks
kate might have spies and bugs
mad says im sure she does but she is so sure shes ahead of her game she is going to let her guard down
she is going to relax and she is going to be the one twisting in the wind

mel says why would i want to hook up with chad
gabi says i see the way you look at him sometimes
mel says we are friends thats all

kate comes in and talks to gabi
wants to know if she spoke to sami
gabi says about what
kate says i guess you didnt
she wants her to text chad and tell him to meet them there

sami and Madison have drinks
sami says i didnt think i could be behind the scenes at countess W thought it was a dumb idea
never thought kate would want to hire me
mad thanks her for everything she did for her and her company
sami says when it gets tough she reminds herself there is an exit strategy in mind
madison says i will take care of you
sami says kate is going to hire some new inexperienced models
one of them is my sister law feel bad the plan is doomed to failure
mad says your sister in law will be ok but for kate it wont be pretty
they have a toast
sami says i cant believe i convinced kate to plan a whole campaign based on the idea of fresh new faces
mad says she really thought that was an original idea?
we are going to unroll our new campaign featuring fresh new faces of all ages
mad says kate will look like she is playing a real bad game of catch up
Sami wonders what she does now at Countess W
how does she mess things up more
mad says she can do what she wants to do
sami says i love my job , thinking of more ways to torment kate

chad asks melanie if she is ok
want to talk about it
he says he got a text from gabi kate wants to talk to him at the spa
mel says its probably about those hot pictures
they talk about their dads
he says his was so relentless wants to be a part of my if life, i dont know what to do right now
she says you are so lucky
you are not the only one having dad problems

Bo and Hope talk to some woman at the pub
she says how was that, has a phone in her hands and she leaves
Bo says you said the hardest part was getting stefano to talk to us
Hope says not anymore huh

Mel tells chad her dad is leaving
she cries about it
she doesnt know when he is coming back, never saw it coming
chad says its not forever
she names off all the people that left her
her mom, Max, dario
she feels left behind
he hugs her and says im still here
and your dad cant stay away for long
she says i shouldnt be doing this and she runs off

gabi asks kate what she wants to talk to them about
she says your future

bo and hope at the square
talk about stefano
Hope says hope he hasnt figured out what we are doing
he could be waiting for us to try something like this all along
bo says he doesnt know that we know about the safety deposit box and he doesnt know that we found the key
she says ill have faith when i see him walk through the arch
bo says well start singing cuz here he comes
stefano walks into the square

sami tells mad no one knows she is there and no one knows she is working for her
mad tells her she appreciates this is not easy stuff
corporate espionage thats not all fun and games
brady couldnt be told
no way he would agree with this
sami says she hates not telling rafe
madison thinks they can tell them now
since they were successful
sami wants more than anything is to see the look on kates face when she knows the truth
mad says done

kate tells gabi this photo session was to evaluate you and chad
she wants them to model for her

stef at the square
Hope says i cant believe it worked
bo walks over and says oh my goodness stefano dimera
stef remembers getting a call talking about his safety deposit box with A. Greyson
he has to get to the bank , problems with his box
bo says my goodness what are the odds of running into you here
stef says pretty high i assume
Hope says we were just talking about you and the safety deposit box you share with my grandmother
Stefano rolls his eyes

Tomorrow.....Madison telling brady she has been keeping a secret from him

victor is telling Daniel there is something i have been meaning to tell you about maggie being your mother

Will at the pub with 2 guys
one guy asks him what happened when he came out to his parents
Will laughs


Skye's Spoiler Report - Monday, January 23

Brady and Quinn are boxing at the spa
Brady complains his dad cant get any funding for his company
Quinn says he understands
Brady says you pimped women out for money, he says he is a little bit angry with him cuz
i saw my ex wife in the hospital, and you didnt beat her up but you are not blameless
Quinn says he will be sorry for the rest of his life for what he did

At the square Madison and Abigail talk about her getting the job at Mad World

gabi and chad at the spa
she tells him kate offered them jobs as models
kate comes in and says i want you and gabi to be the new faces of countess Wilhelmina

Sonny and Will at the pub with 2 other guys
talking about them starting a promotional campaign for the new coffee house to bring in customers , then they talk about a new gay club near the university
they ask Will if he he was ever there
will says no

maggie and melanie and vic at the Kiriakis mansion
saying good bye again
jennifer comes in and says what you are leaving today

Hope says to stefano, why did you share a box with my grandmother
stef says i have no idea what you are taking about
i dont want to be bothered, if i want to go to the bank i dont want to be hassled by the likes of you
bo says we know why you are here ,we had someone call and tell you there was a problem with the box you shared with A.Greyson
you being here proves we are right
Hope says you have the other key dont you
why dont you tell us the truth , what were you and my grandmother hiding ?

Quinn tells brady he gets why he is upset
he is seeing his step mother
professionally, he screwed up his life and is trying to change
brady says its hard for me to pass judgement on other people , with the way i have lived my life , so good luck
he apologized, said he
talked to Chloe she told him how he wrote a letter apologizing to her
she says he helped promote her opening night in Chicago
and Melanie saying if it werent for him her mother wouldnt be sober right now
i have been given second chances in my life so im going to give you one too
Quinn says thanks, i hope salem can do the same thing

Madison hires Abigail
she says she would like to have her be more than an intern , she has big plans for her,, big plans

maggie takes melanie and victor out to the kitchen
jen and dan are left alone
dan says he wanted her to meet him there to say good bye to her
she cant believe he is really leaving
he says he is going to Australia
staying away as long as it takes for him to figure out what he is going to do with the rest of his life
he got too many painful memories there
she thinks he is leaving because of her

stef says you are never going to outsmart me
bo says we got you here didnt we
show us whats in the box
stef says i shared a box with Alice but you cant open it unless you have both keys
hope shows him the key
he says im sure its terrible for you to realize that i shared so many secrets with Alice, secrets she never shared with you
well i guess there is no reason to keep you in the dark any longer
come along children
lets get this over with

chad says thanks for the offer but im no model and have
no interest in becoming one
kate tells him how good he would be for it
gabi tells him it will be fun
kate says she will make it worth his while
chad thinks there must be something in it for her
he thinks she wants to get him back under his dads thumb

sonnys 2 friends go to get a drink and sonny says to Will
what do you think about Dustin
will says he seems like a good guy
are you asking if im interested in him ?
sonny says no for me, we hung out last weekend and i think i want to see him again
Will looks uncomfortable and says go for it
i could see the 2 of you together
sonny says can you put in a few good words for me
Will laughs and says yeah it will be a tough sell though
dating advice
dont make any jokes cuz you are unfunny
sonny says im unfunny
Will says im thinking of you here
he lets out a big sigh

jen feels awful she feels like he is leaving mel and maggie because of her
he says before her his life was a string of disasters, he hurt a lot of people and he lives with that every day
he will never regret falling in love with her
and when he thinks of their time together it will make him smile
they hug and she says right back at ya

Brady comes to the square to talk to Madison
asks her about titian
she says she is still thinking about it, but she has a lot of stuff going on at mad world that needs her attention
he says like what?
she says i have been keeping a secret from you and its time i came clean

Jen leaves
dan talks to vic
he tells him he went above and beyond the god father thing and he gives him the pocket watch his dad gave him when he became his god father and he gave it to him (Dan)
and said you wanted to earn it , well you have
vic says its a nice watch
after he lost his parents and rebecca no place felt like home, but this place feels like home and he made him feel like he has a home and he thanks him for that
vic says just remember the whole point of an odyssey is to end up at home and this will always be your home

kate says chad believes everything the Dimeras do has a hidden motive
she isnt doing this for stefano
chad doesnt believe her
she says your father doesnt even know about this
chad says this is a job i dont want
kate say ill find another couple then
he says you just need another guy
kate says no i saw chemistry between the 2 of you
either i hire both of you or neither of you

mad makes brady swear not to say anything to anyone
sami never quit mad world she is still working for me , we staged a number for kates benefit
we had a feeling if kate saw us not getting along, she would try to steal sami from me
and we were right
you can never underestimate the sneakiness of kate
he says i know
she says she hired sami and coerced her into giving up mad world secrets
he says she just gave her misinformation
did it bother you that you are sinking to kates level and what you did was
she says all is fair in love and lipstick i was just protecting my company
he says why did you do that ,why did you tell me about this

bo and hope are in a waiting room
waiting for stefano to come out
Hope say she doesnt have a good feeling
she understands her gran helping to save ejs s life she would do that for anyone
but there is something more
its grans birthday today , maybe its a sign
today is going to be a big day for her and us
stef comes in with the box and says so do you want to see whats inside this box?

Abigail talks to Quinn at the square
tells him about her new job
and he wants to talk about what happened between her and Melanie

gabi asks to speak to chad alone
chad says you arent going to talk me in to this, she is using you to get to me
my dads company owns countess w
if i do this he will own me too and thats what kate is after, she is using you to put pressure on me
she says what was i thinking me a model
he tells her she is gorgeous, beautiful
she says she doesnt know that
will said he loved me but there was something about me that turned him off
and she thought if he saw the pictures , maybe he could see that
he was wrong about me

Sonnys friends talk about coming out to their parents
one guy said his mom already knew
he didnt figure it out till he was 15
his dad was great too
sonny says his parents were great too
one of the guys asked Will what happened when he came out to his parents
Will laughs

brady is mad she lied to him and put sami in a dangerous situation , do you
know about the history between sami and kate
kate had sami framed for murder
kate would bury sami, wipe her out and take her kids away from her and you sent sami into the wolfs den
mad says sami wanted to do it
he says of course she did she thinks she is invincible , the kiriakis family owns your company and now you
are playing games with the dimera family
the last time that these 2 familys went to war people almost died there were
real bullets and everything
she says she had no idea
he says i cant believe you did this
mad world was doing great
and now you do this
she says i dont care who kate is marred to , maybe i shouldnt have used sami
i didnt know
i would do anything to beat kate
this is personal to me

vic and dan have a drink
he wants want vic to look after melanie and maggie
he wishes he had found out sooner that maggie was his mother , they might have had more time to bond
vic says there is something i need to tell you about maggie being your mother....
Dan says what
vic says i knew that your leaving would devastate maggie
she come to love you very much
he says ill be back
vic leaves to check on the car
maggie , Melanie and jennifer
are there
maggie gives him a compass belonged to her father
and when he looks at it he can think of her when he is gone
he says ill call you , keep in touch
maggie cries
hugs him

brady asks what does she have against kate
she says we have crossed paths before and she probably doesnt remember, it was business stuff
he says and she made you mad enough
she says mad world is everything to me, im ensuring its survival , i should have told you from the beginning
but im being honest with you now
and i need you to forgive me

hope puts the key in the box
then stefano says you know before we open this box
you should ask your self
if your grandmother wanted anyone to know about the secret why did she go thru so much trouble to keep it hidden maybe she was trying to protect you or someone that you love, it looks to me like you are opening Pandoras box are you sure you want to do that ?

Chad tells gabi when he first met her he thought she was an amazing person
but she met Will
she is beautiful inside and out and thats why kate picked her
she thanks him
means alot to her that he said that

they say give it up Will
will says im
they says they have to run
sonny tells Will he is sorry
they put him on the spot
will says they just assumed i was gay no big deal
sonny says no big deal

melanie cries some more saying good bye to Daniel
he promises her she will never lose him
maggie and jen watch

brady hates that she lied to him
she thought it was the best thing
and if she had any idea it was such a big deal she wouldnt have done it
he says he needs some time to digest what she has done and no more secrets
it was a terrible idea to put sami in there as a mole
she better get her out of there before someone gets hurt
she says we cant she is in too deep
he says this could blow up in everybodys face especially yours

will goes home
no one is there
he looks at a pic of him and sami
then he looks in the mirror
and spits at it

gabis says she didnt mean to guilt him she is fine not being a model
he says he hasnt seen her this excited about something in a long time
he doesnt care why kate is doing it
they could use the money
my new goal in life is to be a super model
kate comes in and says thank you
you made a wise decision

mad says no one will find out about sami
she looks over at abi and Quinn
say she is going to ask Abigail to model for mad world
he says why dont you ask both of them
she says i have other plans for Mr. Quinn Hudson

more tears and hugs for daniel
hand shake from vic
dan tells them he loves them all
he walks out , puts his coat on
Jennifer runs out and says wait
she gives him a kiss
and says hurry home ok
she is crying and kisses him some more
he leaves she walks over to the door and leans on it and cries

Hope says yes i really want to now
Bo says wait you can wait to do this
you can
i can see you are not ready
stef says why dont you 2 think this over and when you have made a decision let me know
he goes to take the box
and Hope removes her key
he says have a lovely day
he leaves
Hope tells Bo , you were right
im not ready


Abe, (I couldnt get who he is talking to)

Will asking Nicole if she is asking him to be her spy

rafe telling sami that this isnt the sami i love
she says you could have fooled me


Skye's Spoiler Report - Tuesday, January 24

It is a new day in Salem

Hope and Bo at the pub
they talk about being at target practice
her dad and Julie come in

Carrie and Austin
in their hotel room
start to make out
Carrie tells Austin to stop she has a busy day at work and so does he

sami and rafe at home
she tells him she didnt really leave mad world
she is a spy ,,a mole
working at kates and letting her think she can trust me while reporting everything back to Madison , its great right ?
he says i hate it

Will comes in to the mansion and leaves an envelope for Ej
he starts to leave and Nicole stops him
she says im beginning to think you have been avoiding me since i told you i needed your help
he says he is busy with the campaign and school
she says helpful hint ,,,i suggest you make time for me

Ej is sitting out in the square
lexi walks by and he says hi Lexi good to see you
she tries to walk by him
he says lexi please , i was just hoping we could have a quick conversation about the campaign
she says there is nothing for us to discuss
he says i understand you are not very happy that im running against your husband i recognize you have to support him and not your brother
she says you are not going to make me feel guilty about that
he says no that is not my intention at all , once this stupid competition is behind us , somethings are going to be different either
im going to be mayor or abe is
lexi says abe is
Ej says but there are somethings that dont change
we are always going to be family
she says think again

Abe is at Jennifers house
she asks him if he meant it when he said that he wanted to play hardball with EJ
he says yes
jen says ej is doing exactly what we expected him to do
he has arranged to get the debate questions in advance
i have a way to stop him and ej will never see it coming

sami says all you going to say you hate it
rafe says what else is there to say
we renewed our vows ,we promised to be open and honest to each other about everything and you have been living a lie , we have been living a lie

Hope tells her dad and Julie that Stefano didnt deny he shared the safety deposit box with gran
he made her doubt that she wanted to know what was inside the box
she started questioning she might expose something that might hurt gran or the whole family
Julie tells her she is being careful which she has to be when stefano is involved

Ej says hey stop,,, Nicole is not here abes not here
can we have an honest conversation
she says honest , you were waiting for me , you know i come this way going to work every morning
he says i was waiting for you cuz i love you cuz i love my sister
im trying to bridge this gab between the 2 of us
she says you are so smug
you are thinking lexi will come around she will forgive me she always does
he says you came over at x-mas cuz you wanted to, cuz we are family
she says my real family is abe and theo, because with them its just about
love and trust and its always unconditional
he says father and i feel the same way
she says no you dont, with you guys its all about conditions and demands
ej says come on im really trying to change
she says even if you spent all your time and energy on trying to become the kind of man abe is
you will never succeed
he has the most amazing integrity, ethics and morals
you dont even know the meaning of those words

en tells abe she has a reporter friend who knows what Ej and Nicole are up to . They are working thru someone at the debate moderators office to get the questions in advance
Abe says why isnt your friend running the story
jen says cuz he knows Ej will claim plausible deniability cuz thats what Ej does , so
instead of printing a retraction and enduring public humiliation, he is warning me
i want to beat ej at his own game i want to get the questions in advance too all you have to do is say yes
abe says so this is whats its come to
jen says you said you might have to get your hands dirty
he says i meant being aggressive not cheating
jen says but Ej is already cheating
he says Ejs schemes doesnt work he will cover it up like he always does
jen says ej does that better than anyone
Abe says i know how much damage mayor Dimera would do to this city that i love,,,call your friend
jen says you are doing the right thing but its for the greater good
he says lexi cant know what we are doing
jen says we will keep it between you and me

Ej says you go ahead and compare me to your sainted husband
he is such a beacon of integrity and i am an utter disappointment
she says that sounds right
he says its an old cliche...but you cant chose your family
she says you crossed the line when you undermined my husband
you made me chose , you made me chose,,,she hits him in the chest
i chose my husband he is everything you are not and never will be ...
she walks away

Nic tells Will she wants to make sure we are on the same page
he says i dont know what you mean ,you run this whole campaign by yourself , im just a lowly intern , if you want some coffee i can get you that
she says we both know you do more than fetch coffee
i know that ej ordered you to break into abes computer and steal his job plans
we need to make sure EJ wins this election and
i need to know what is going on to with this campaign
whatever assignment you get , whatever it is , who ever its from you need to check in with me
he says are you asking me to be your spy
she says you catch on fast Will
always knew you were a bright kid

carrie says she is sorry but they are running late
he says i miss you
miss being with you
touching you
she says i know its crazy
all the work they have
he says if we dont make time for each other no one else will
time we made a date

sami says im not living a lie
rafe says you go to work for kate everyday telling her that you are loyal to her, all the time you are undermining her
she says this is kate , she has done a lot worse to a lot of people
he says so that makes it ok
she says kind of yes
you are not trying to see my side
he says i get why you didnt want to tell me
i dont know why you did it in the first place
she says cuz my boss told me to and im doing really well
he says you are excelling at this 9 to 5 of deceit and betrayal
she says police officers do it all the time under cover
he says we are talking about lipstick and perfume not life and death
seems like something Ej would do , not you

Julie tells Bo stef got what he wanted threw hope off balance
he says Hope will do everything she can to protect the memory of her grandmother and her family
she will find the right way to solve this mystery

Austin and Carrie try to find a day for their date
he tells her and rafe dont have much business she should be a little more flexible

Sami says you are comparing me to EJ
i dont think there is anything that you could say to me that could be more hurtful than that
he says im not trying to hurt you just
trying to get you to wake up
you convinced yourself that what you are doing is ok, you think its ok cuz you are doing it to
kate, someone who deserves it
she says dont condescend me
i have a pay cheque im bring in to support this family
mostly cuz you have a new career you are working on and thats fine but
you dont get to question me when i do what my boss tells me to do
he says i dont think that she thinks that
you should have to do this stuff
you are trying to find reason to justify it
she says you are wrong
he says oh really what about the candy wrapper they found in johnnys bed, he blamed it on Allie
you said lying is always wrong what if they found out about this how would you explain it

Will says im not comfortable with the direction this conversation is going
ej is not only the candidate he is my boss, so if you feel out of the loop with things
you should talk to him about that
she says very smart
but sometimes the candidate dont always look out for their own best interests thats why they need a team to look out for him, to protect him
he says you do a great job
she says if eJ gives you some future assignment it could end up hurting his chances , all im asking is for you to tell me whats going on in the campaign
she gives him a piece of paper
he says whats this
she says its the money i transferred into your bank account
and theres more where that came from
if i know that i can count on you
Ej comes home
he hollers from the foyer
is anybody home

jen says she hates doing this but ej leaves them no choice
she is going to call her reporter friend and get the questions , they will go over them and practice them , they will be well prepped, so that at the debate if ej thinks he has an advantage , he will be wrong because it will be neutralized
Abe says that wont be enough to level the playing field
i want an advantage over Ej the same way he wanted one over me
i have an idea

having the right questions is one thing we have to arrange for ej to have the wrong one
jen says he will be playing catchup through the whole debate and you will be wiping the floor with him
abe says this thing can decide the whole election but how can we make this happen
jen says she will ask her reporter friend
you are sure about this abe
he says ej has me thinking like him now
cant wait for this election to be over

Will puts the paper in his pocket
Nicole says we are in here
EJ says what are you up to
she says giving will a few things to handle
he says anything important
will says no nothing critical
just deliveries and stuff like that
Will and nic smile at each other

Doug tells Hope that when he looked at the bank statements, he noticed that the money always ended up in the same bank in Africa
Hope says i wonder if whatever is in the box is tied to the bank account
Doug says we are going to get on a plane and go there
to find out more

sami says i cant believe you are bringing up the kids
blaming something you did on your sister
we are talking about something completely different
you use to like that i was crazy and thought outside the box and you told me a million times that was one of the things you love about me
he says that is the sami i love and will never stop loving
she says you could have fooled me
rafe says trying to be honest sorry he is not jumping up and down congratulating her on her new job as a corporate spy
im sorry just worried about you
dont want anything to happen to you
she says this is just cosmetics
he says you are doing this to kate dimera
what happens when she finds out about it , she wont be ok with it
she says i have an exit strategy
he says she isnt going to be ok with, oops om sorry i quit, when you take a job its about the team and the
team comes first
she says i didnt realize that was your new motto ,is that like you and carrie she comes first for you now
he says you got to be kidding me
she says nope

ausitn tells carrie , she stood him up the other night
said she couldnt make it, so he made plans then she said she could make it , so he cancelled those plans and then she didnt show up
she says she was sorry
he says he got stood up for the same date
she says she is trying to get her business up and running so they can stay here
didnt think dinner was that important
he says are we important
she says im trying to find a date that works for both of us
he reminds her that they always found time for each other when she was going to law school
he wonders what they cant find any time now

Hope thanks Julie and Doug for going all the way to Africa to look in to it
Julie says they will make it a second honeymoon
Hope says she is afraid of what they might find
stef is implying gran was involved with something horrible
doug says stef is making it hard he saw doubt he makes people unsure all the time protecting himself
he is so self serving
julie and doug say good bye
hope says its amazing they are doing this
hope says they take the fight to stefano

jen tells abe her contact is wiling to get the questions but not willing to feed Ej the wrong ones , doesnt want
to cross a Dimera
abe says we will have to figure this out ourselves
we have to keep this between us , the
fall out could be catastrophic

Ej says to Nicole how is our little debate project coming along
she says my sources tell me, bam its a lock,, delivery in a few hours
so i have a few things to handle myself , she asks how he is
he says im more than fine,i have a few things to talk to William about
she leaves
Ej says so William anything to report
he says no
ej says no
Will says i wont have any trouble filling up my car
now that im rolling in cash
ej smiles and says it went exactly as i said it would
he says yeah except instead of cash she transferred money into my bank account
ej says the internet , she
is a smart girl
will laughs and says it was kind of exciting
i have never been bribed before
Ej smacks him on the shoulder and says oh look at you
Will laughs

lexi says what are you talking about
Abe says we are talking about the fallout from loosing the debate its so close and a bad performance could be the difference between winning and losing
lexi says you are worried about losing the debate
it doesnt matter, all you have to do is get on stage and they will seethe difference between the 2 candidates
one is a liar and the other is the best man i ever met
she hugs him
abe looks at jen

Will says how did you know that nicole was going to ask me to report to her
Ej says once you realize what women want , predicting their behaviour is straight forward
Will says i will remember that
EJ says she was very generous with you
the funny thing is that really tells me how much she cares
so dysfunctional but
i really love her for it

Austin tells carrie she is free Thursday and his meeting is cancelled
they decide to have a date on Thursday

rafe says of course carrie doesnt come first,you and the kids do
i knew it you had a problem with me taking this job with carrie thought you understood i didnt take the job to hurt you , i did it to put food on the table
she says its the same thing im doing you dont see that
he says no i dont
he says ok and puts his coat on
she says where are you going
he says going to work dont want to be late
she says you are going to leave without saying good bye
he says of course not,,, good bye
she shuts the door
she cries

Tomorrow...madison, brady and vic

sonny and Will
more rafe and Sami


Skye's Spoiler Report - Wednesday, January 25

kate at work
they are getting ready for the photo shoot with chad and gabi
the stylist comes and works on them
hair and make up

Carrie and Austin at the square discussing their date
they kiss each other good bye
Abigail comes and he asks her if she has time for coffee she says yes

Will at the pub meets Marlena
they are having an early lunch
he doesnt want to be lectured on working with Ej
she says thats not why i invited you
form the bottom of my heart what ever choices you make in your life as long as they dont hurt you i could never love you more than i do at this moment

maggie and vic at home
she made him muffins, says they are
good for the heart
brady comes in and he loves the muffins too
vic asks how was work going with his dad
brady says its going very well
vic wants Madison to start work as ceo as soon as possible
brady says she hasn told him her decision yet

Madison is at the square talking on the phone

rafe comes back says to sami ,you are still here
she says i didnt think you were coming back
he says i forgot my phone,why arent you at the photo shoot
she says im on my way
dont like the way we ended things
rafe says he doesnt like what she is doing with Kate
dont mess with the Dimeras
she says she wants to find a way to make it right, she cant concentrate when they fight

i get it you dont love what im doing right now , but we need the money
he says so
you wouldnt have taken this job if i had a regular paycheck
she says no, im saying
i love what im doing and Madison gave me the opportunity of a lifetime
he says asking you to lie not only
just to kate but to me
she says i told you as soon as i could , im sorry im not perfect like you , i dont do everything right the first time, im not out there saving the world , im a little more grounded
taking care of my kids and finding ways to pay the mortgage
i dont want to have to go to Ej and ask for child support, i dont want to have to ask Lucas
and maybe allie should go back to Hong Kong
he says i didnt ask you to do this
i am working, maybe not making as much money as i use to
you asked me what you could do to make this right
walk away from the job
she says i cant do that
he says i guess this is one of those things where we agree to disagree
she says i want you to understand
he says oh i know , but i dont
he leaves

Will says great im done defending why i work for Ej
marlena says yes but you know how i feel about it
its your choice , you have to
respect yourself , thats the way that you can have everything,, being happy inside,
believing in your own integrity
and that way nobody can shame you for any reason

madison comes to the kiriakis house
she says she made a decision
she decided to stay with mad world
turning down the offer

Will says he is fine with the choices he made, he
did nothing wrong by working for Ej and he has reasons for being angry with his mother
she says im not talking about ej or your mother
sonny comes in and Marlena talks to him about the new coffee shop
he sits and asks Will to join him and his friends
they are going over designs for the logo
he shows him the logo one of the guys came up with
sonny wants him to meet up with them to talk
will says he cant
he wants to talk to Sonny alone
they leave the table

will tells sonny he is working for ej and busy with that and school
sonny says after the election
Will says dont wait for me, meet the guys
sonny says i thought you wanted to be part of the project is there something you dont like about my friends
Will says no
marlena is watching

vic gets angry with madison and tells her this is a bad idea
madison says the answer is no

chad and gabi talk about their makeup
chad doesnt care for it too much
he says the paycheck will be nice
and Will is a jerk you are hot he is an idiot for letting you get away
sami comes in and says to gabi , you look amazing
kate say thanks to you
you really did a great job

music plays
they show some picture being taken

rafe goes to work
he says to carrie you look like you are in a good mood
i could use some good news
she says then i will make your day

will tells sonny he doesnt have time to hang out with him and his friends
sonny says they are all busy
call when he has time
doesnt mean to pressure him about anything
he leaves
marlena asks will if everything is alright
if you want to spend time with sonny and friends its ok

Austin apologizes to abby for cancelling plans with her the other night
then he tells her carrie
she says next time call me

carre tells rafe his friends son and the arson case, she dug something up
there was a first responder who got a commendation for bravery from the fire department where he use to work , he got a disability for smoke inhalation afterwards
rafe says a
fire bug who wanted early retirement
carrie says he matches the description of the eye witness
rafe says this is huge
dont know how to thank her
great news
she asks him if something is wrong

more music more pictures
of chad and gabi

brady tells madison he thought she was going to take the job
doesnt want her to regret her decision
she says she made up her mind
maggie tells her , her decision doesnt change the way they feel about her she is always welcome here
vic says he has to go find a new ceo for titan
he leaves
madison tells Brady they should go
brady says he would like to know why she turned down
the job , he wants to know what really is going on

Abigail tells Austin she got the intern job at mad world
he hugs her and says he is so happy for her

carrie asks rafe if something was going on
he says no , no more than the usual , homework,, t-ball
being here at work is a good distraction

she says work is a good escape
they decide to go see the DA
they share a look

more pictures taking of chad and gabi
now its over
kate and sami tell them they did a great job
kate tells sami they have a gold mine in those 2, i
took a leap of faith hiring you, im happy i did you are working out even better than i thought it would

will and marlena talk about what sydney wants for her birthday
marlena says when she was sydneys age she had a little oven that baked things with a light bulb
will says she has one of those
she says i got her one
he says its collecting dust somewhere
malrena says she saw him shut down his friend
Will says can we drop this please
she says no we cant

abigail and austin talk on the couch
he loves spending time with her
she says she love spending time with him too

rafe and carrie come back from seening the da
he says now what
she says its up to the da
he tells her how smart she is an dhow he likes working with a smart woman
she says i like working with smart men
he says hopefully all these smarts will get us some clients
she says she is trying to get some clients

brady and madison go to the square
talk about the kate thing
he is afraid if it gets out they will be in trouble
he goes to get her coffee
she calls sami, asks how is it going
she is looking thru the photos says it went well
mad says , you mean so so
sami says no better than well
mad says you were supposed to divert kate and countess W. Long enough for us to launch our womens line
sami says chad and gabi were more natural than i thought they would be
madison says you have to do
something about that
sami says what am i supposed to do the photo shoot is over
kate walks in and says whats going on who are you talking to

will says he has to go
marlena say you know i love you so when i see you struggling or in pain makes me want to help you
Will says im not struggling and im not in pain just busy
i will be fine
she says i know you will
i just have a feeling you need someone to talk to
someone you feel safe with
im here anytime at all
he says i appreciate that more than you know
i have to go
he leaves
chad and gabi come in
he walks past them

sami says i was talking to the wardrobe supervisor about some other clothes i asked for ,, for the photo shoot
and we dont need more help
kate says it was such a hit
i didnt think it would turn out this good
they look at the pics , kate says when madison sees these she is not going to know what hit her

vic cant believe madison turned down the job
maggie and him talk about it
maggies says maybe she is happy
running her own smaller business
vic says she wanted this and then she did a 180
something else is going on

brady comes back and asks madison whats wrong
he can see it in her yes
she says nothing,lot going on
lot to juggle
she thanks him for having faith in her
even if he doesnt agree with her decisions
he says what is it you are not telling me

sami calls rafe
he says he is busy
she asks if he is still mad at her
he says you know how i feel about it
i am waiting for a call from the da office cant talk about it right now
he hangs up
carrie say you are fighting with my sister
he gets a call from the da
they dropped the arson charges
they laugh and hug each other
and then they share another look

marlena talks to chad and he asks if will is ok
she says he got a lot going on right now,but he will be fine,ill make sure of it

will goes to the square
he looks at the paper sonny gave him

maggie says she thinks madison decision was personal
she is in love with brady wants to spend more time with him

madison says i care about you a lot
thats all
he says thats enough
madison you ticked off my grandfather today but im behind you no matter what
she thanks him
he leaves
she calls someone and says yes
i did what you asked, turned down vics offer, it wasnt easy
felt like i gave up the biggest opportunity of my life

sami is looking at some of the pics on the laptop
she is about to press delete
kate comes in and says what are you doing ?
sami says i am proofing the proofs
kate takes the laptop away and says come on
we have a lot of work to do

rafe leaves carrie
she bites her thumb

Marlena and jack
john and Brady
Madison and Abigail and Melanie


Skye's Spoiler Report - Thursday, January 26

Marlena meets jack at the Horton square
he says he isnt comfortable meeting in public
she says we are not having a session here just wanted to ask you something, we remember i told you that im
meeting with military veterans that have served overseas
we begun having weekly therapy sessions and we are about to have one in the next 10 minutes
thought it would be good for you to join us,,,sit and listen
he says no i cant sorry
hard enough for him to meet with her one on one

madison meets with Abigail at the square, wants her to edit something

Quinn and Melanie at the spa
he tells her he wants to talk about Abigail cuz she was her best friend
mel says she was but she hates me now

john and brady at home
john wants to talk about a campaign in the high fashion magazines
something like black is back
brady says thats
predictable and expected
we need to use something we have have not done before, fashion magazines
who reads them anymore
john says women who buy clothes
brady says young women who buy most of the clothes , buy online
we have to be online, have to get a twitter account
john says
we are starting from scratch here
brady says i think you are dead wrong

Quinn and Melanie discuss Abigail
mel doesnt understand why he cares
he says cuz he made so many mistakes in his life and its easier to fix things before they go to far

mad tells Abigail they have to rescue Quinn, now they are at the spa , she says she has a new product that involves Quinn
he comes up and talks to Madison
he sends abi off to do something

mar says can we talk about this
he says its not going to work
those people they put their lives on the line.
this pen is my deadly weapon of choice and it would be an insult to pretend that i went thru the same thing
she says thats up to them , i asked if i could bring someone
he says no we will meet for the regular session
she says you are running away again you cant see that

john and brady have an argument
brady says lets talk about something else
john says the Yankees?
Brady says he isnt a Yankee fan
we are not going to work on any ad campaign
right now we have to see if we can work together

Quinn set up for abigail and melanie to run in to each other
they talk

madison wants to talk about him selling countess w
it screams middle age
she wants to use his spa for a huge national campaign that will promote mad world cosmetics
he says thats what kate is already doing
she says no she is going to launch a successful campaign
he could open spas all over the usa
opportunity of a lifetime

jack and marlena are in the hall way
jack says i dont think i can do this
she says you are one of the bravest people i know
what you went thru was unspeakable and you are going thru it all over again in order to heal, thats courage
he says i want to doesnt mean that i can
she says the people are helping each other, thats how they survive
they dont judge
jack says Abigail and JJ deserve a real father not half of me
i can try,, cover me im going in
they enter the room
mar says this is my friend jack
the man i told you about
the guys are sitting there
not looking too friendly
a woman has a dog
jack looks unsure

john tells brady, you are acting like a jerk
kind of like i am right now
they laugh

the woman says hi jack im Leslie this is Isaac ,my service dog
she introduces him to the other men
they all shake his hand
except for one guy, who seems quiet
jack and marlena sit
one guy says he has been back 3 weeks but doesnt feel like he is home , he asks jack
where did you serve
jack says im not in the service , im a writer
he says im not a big fan of journalists, maybe you meant well but
9 times out of 10 you guys have it all wrong, guess you had to be there
marlena says jack was there
jack says i was in Afghanistan i was working on a story about the drug trade and
leslie says how long where you there
he says i was there about a year
i was kidnapped
they kept me in a cave for about a year
i feel that right now,it doesnt feel like home feels like im still back there in the cave

john tells brady the problem is they are 2 much a like
john says he still stands by everything he said
we disagreed but we are still here
i can trust you thats the biggest thing of all
maybe we can come up with something we can both live with

melanie and abigail talk
quinn and mad come in
quinn says thats progress they didnt kill each other
quin introduces Melanie to Madison
mad says she has a new campaign for mad world, she wants to feature the 2 of them and the spa , and she wants them to be
the faces of the new line
you are both beautiful
she likes the way they relate to each other
she wants to feature friends ,best friends, who
look like real people
Quinn says we have a problem here
mad says if you 2 are on the outs
then i dont need either one of you

leslie says she wanted to share the things she remembered the most the sound of gun fire and the warm amazing people of Bosnia
jack says i think thats an amazing thing
you lost so much
she says i lost part of my leg but i still can walk ,lost most of my vision but i can still see a bit
so many people over there have lost their lives , towns, families
worst of all they lost their hope and sense of freedom
one guy says he has a blood clot now he cant go back
they feel like they let the guys down that are still over there
another guy says he wakes up in a sweat, can still hear gun fire
his wife wants him to talk about it
but he cant talk about those things
jack asks him his age
he says he is 20
jack says you are kid, my daughters age
another woman comes in
named Pat
she is a marine
she was in Iraq

john and brady talk about
reaching a compromise
john says i think black is back

madison says she cant have an ad campaign about friends without friends
melanie say she is interested
Abigail says she is too

Leslie said when i came home i felt so disfigured
i had to morn my leg and my vision
taken me a long time to get where she is today
she is still in therapy
she decided not to let herself be a victim
i still have my voice and spirit
now she can reach out to give hope to others

pat says she thinks she is doing ok
then her 3 year old asks her whats wrong
and she doesnt want him to know.
He was the one who kept her going
he is my everything
Mike says they talk there but not at home, he cant say anything
like he isnt him
like walking thru his life
and no one but them knows what he has seen
what im thinking

paco says he thinks it was good for
his friends mom to know he was holding him when he died
his last words were tell my mom i love her
he hasnt laughed since he died
he thinks he never will again

Abigail and Melanie talk for awhile
about Daniel leaving
mel understand why she is upset
but Melanie still wants to be with chad

madison talks to Quinn
he wants to think about her offer
he says he will be breaking his agreement with kate
she says is she going to make him rich
he smiles
she says i take that as a yes

jack says what more can he say
its crazy to think you are the only one who has been to hell and back

poco says there are thousands
like them
going thru the same thing
jack says he will never feel sorry for himself again
paco asks him what was it like in the cave for a year
jack says time was weird
i knew it was important if i could remember what day it was ,if i knew the day
i kept a calendar , scratched in a rock
they couldnt see it
thought i wouldnt go crazy if i knew the day
its stupid
they beat us ,tortured us
he has flashbacks
of the beatings
i kept saying i will go home ,i will make it home
and then one day
they came and killed one of the prisoners, they
took my friend and i heard him screaming , i didnt want to know that there were people who could do that i didnt want to be in a world where there are people that could be like that and now that world and those people are more real to me than any of this
its like i feel like im still back in the cave

when i got out and came back i said yes i made it i survived ,going to pick up where i left off and go
it didnt work out that way
i managed to scare the hell out of my wife, i kept freaking out
it wasnt the people back there and it wasnt everything that happened
the world had moved on with out me the people i knew had moved on without me and i couldnt cuz
i have a huge part of myself that is back there
in a cave
i wanna be a good dad to my kids i wanna be a man whose wife wants to be with him
i want to be whole again
mar says thank you jack
time is about up for today
not easy for anybody
im reminded of what a world war 2 vet said once,, for those who were there no explanation necessary, for those that werent no explanation possible
hope you all come back next week
jack gets up and the guys shakes his hand and hugs him
and the women
they all leave

mar gives jack a hug
he says thank you
she says you did really good

Note at the end thanking the vets
for what they do

Tomorrow....Ej telling Will, im going to throw a party and i would like you to bring the quest of honour

Abigail telling Austin she is more mature than he realizes

Hope asking Stef , if he saw what was in that box


Skye's Spoiler Report - Friday, January 27

Abigail has another day dream of kissing Austin and telling him that she loves him

Carrie comes in to work
rafe is there, fiddling with a tiara
for syds birthday party tonight
sami was so supposed to take care of it ,but
she got called away for work
Carrie says im a tiara expert
she takes it from him

jen and abe
going over the questions
he says his mind isnt on it
she knows how much he doesnt like it
he says having the questions fed to them feels like cheating
she says ej did it, he isnt wrestling with his conscience
he says that use to be the difference between us ,
she says we cant let Ej win this debate
he says your source , is he
sure Ej is having the questions delivered to him this afternoon
jen says yes hand delivered , so they cant be traced back to the moderators office
abe says smart
jen says we have to figure out a way to switch the questions with the ones we have drawn up

Ej is home on his computer, cigar in his mouth
will comes in
Ej says there is my favourite intern
Will says im your only intern
Ej laughs and says you should learn how to take a compliment , you will find in life they are few and far between
will says do you need me for something
Ej says yes i do,its something of a personal nature
Will says ok, what it is
Ej says well im sure you are aware, today is your sisters birthday
Will says yeah we are having a party for her at the pub later
Ej says as we have both very successfully managed to piss your mother off , she has decided not to invite me
Will says im pretty sure thats
not the only reason why
Ej says i would like to spend a little bit of time with my daughter on her birthday
will says you want me to talk to mom for you
Ej says no i have a much better idea
im going to throw a
little party here at the mansion and i would like for you to bring the guest of honour

hope and bo met with Stefano at the square
to talk about the safety deposit box
stef says they should let the past rest in peace

carrie makes the tiaras
rafe says its perfect
is there nothing you cant do

Will says you want me to bring sydney here, mom isnt going to go for that
Ej says your mother and kate are in Chicago
they wont be back till this evening
will says meaning she wont have to know
what if sydney tells mom about seeing you
EJ says it will be too late it won t matter
Will says i cant do that
Ej says why?
Will says because
Ej says because is not an answer
you are going to deny your sister the chance to spend a little bit of time with her father on her birthday
Will says this is about more than that and you know it
EJ says what i know, your sister, my daughter misses her father terribly and i have an opportunity here now to be able to do something about that
just let her come here and
open some presents, spend some time with me and Nicole, it will mean a great deal to her
will says yeah she does talk about you
EJ says she does?
Will says but if i bring sydney here my mom will lose her mind
Ej says William thats the whole idea
will says ill ask her and if she says yes i will bring her and if she says no i wont, im not gonna kidnap her
EJ says ok fantastic, i think we both know what that means
go run along
Will says its amazing how you always get what you want
he leaves , Ej laughs

Hope tells stef what is in the box must effect him in some way,there are 2 keys and both are needed to open the box
i just dont think it was my gran who wanted it kept secret you must have wanted the same thing
in fact you still do , dont you?

rafe says he was lucky enough to have a party when he was a kid much less a pinata
he asked carrie what her fav birthday party memory was
she says it was a princes party
with a pony
last party her mom threw for her
she threw big parties for her friends all the time. It made her realize she really did love her
he says thank you for making me realize all this is worth it

lexi drops by jens
abe asks her what was she doing there
she just got a call form ej
he wants them to bring theo over for a party for sydney
abe says at the mansion ?
Lexi says i know its the last place you want to be right now
dont blame him , but
its about theo and sydney
she doesnt want her feelings about ej to effect their relationship
jen says i think you should go
Abe says it could be good for theo to spend some time with his cousin
Lexi says what if Ej tries to pull something
jen says she will go to to make sure everything runs smoothly

ej and nicole bring presents into the living room
they have pink and white balloons up
Nic says i hope sydney still likes peanut butter and banana sandwiches
Ej says i think this is going to be a wonderful afternoon for everybody
Nic says Will has to be going behind Sami's back
Ej says so
she says so,why would you do that, arent you worried about the fallout
Ej says , he is sydneys brother she misses me ,she misses you and if Samantha doesnt want to make us a part of these festivities then thats her problem
Nic says im so excited to see her , she is growing so fast feels like it was just yesterday when i was getting up for the 2 am feeds
he says you never did complain about that did you
she says complain, they were the best moments of my life
i loved her i still love her so much , in my heart ill always think of her as mine
Ej laughs and says uh huh
he does the going crazy thing with his hand and says going back to crazy town
Nic says not in some
im not gonna kidnap her way
he says i know you love her and i love you for it
Will carries Sydney in , she says daddy
ej says there she is
she runs over to him and he picks her up and say happy birthday
Nic says whose a big girl today, is it you
they smack hands
Nic says Bam
they laugh

stef says i do not have anything to hide here
why would i want you to open the box if i did
Hope says you tried to make me believe i wasnt ready to face what ever is in the box
you dont want that box opened
Stef says all i wanted to do was protect you
what your grandmother didnt have the heart to expose you to
Bo says you are protecting us
stef says you ?no
but my little art thief here, i always think of her best interests
she says dont you dare refer to me that way or act like thats supposed to mean something sentimental to me
you used me ,you stole years of my life from me, im not falling for your little mind games again

Aby tells Austin she was going to be Modeling for mad world
ausitn says thats fantastic congrats
she wanted to make sure it was ok with him
he says he wouldnt stand in the way of that
he asked her if she asked her parents
she says i dont need their permission
he thinks of her as jack and jens little girl
hard to think of her as a grown up
she got upset about that

carrie and rafe finish with the tiaras
she says she loves this kid stuff
he asked her why she and Austin didnt have kids
she says by choice
always wanted them
but they changed careers
and were so busy with that and now the timing isnt right
rafe gets a call

lexi , theo abe and jen come into the mansion
theo brings presents for Sydney
Ej thanks Lexi for coming , it means alot that she came
she says im here for theo and sydney not you
jen tells abe the papers havent been delivered to EJ yet
so they still have time to switch them
abe wishes he could tell lexi what they are doing
Ej is now leading in the polls ,cant let him have control of the city he has to stop him no matter what it takes

Hope tells stef lets go open the box
stef says you are making a mistake
Hope says maybe what ever is inside that box, might be just what we need to put stefano away for good this time
stef says you are misguided
she says then prove it
stop delaying ,stop hiding behind my grandmother and face up to what you have done
Stef says you have no idea what you are talking about , how many lives those 2 secrets could destroy
Hope says there are 2 secrets inside that box?

Kayla at the pub decorating for the party
carrie and rafe arrive dressed as prince and princess
rafe says the people he hired to play prince and princess from syds fav tv show cancelled at the last minute
and he couldnt get any one else
so he is prince casper and carrie is princess miranda

At the mansion
jen talks to Will
surprised to see him there
he says he is the go between for his family and Ej
abe says thats a big responsibility
Will says no not really now that im working for him
jen says you are working for ej
Abe says since when
he says 2 weeks ago
he thought they knew
im his campaign intern
jen says you are kidding
Abe says you could have come to me
Will says you are completely staffed
abe says i would have made room
jen says you could get out of this
will says thank you but i can t
i committed to Ej, if i left it would be unprofessional

Ej goes to pour Lexi a drink
she tells him she can get her own
where is father
not like him to miss time with his grandchildren
he says this came together rather quickly , i couldnt get a holed of him, couldnt reach him on his cell
lexi says you know what that means ,he is up to no good

Bo says dont clam up tell us more about these 2 secrets
stef says he is as tired of this as they are
after your grandmother saved my sons life i went to see her , wanted to express my gratitude , she said it was not necessary , i told her
i would do everything in my power to pay her back for the debt i felt
Hope says thats why you gave her the card
Stef says yes , she told me she wanted nothing to do with me
Bo says but she hung on to the card
stef says your grandmother was a pistol she and i ,we didnt have very much in common , but i had a lot of respect for her, she was strong honourable, she was a lot more clever than i ever imagined

Austin says you are grown woman now you dont want to be treated like a kid
he apologizes
she tells Austin she might have to go to new york and Europe with the modelling job

kayla takes pics of carrie and rafe
she asks them to practice the dance
they dont watch the show
they dont know about the dance
kayla says joey watches it and at the end they do a ballroom dance
kayla says its easy
she shows them how to do it

Ej says to Nicole as they are watching sydney with lexi and theo
Look at the smile on her face
Nic says she loves being the center of attention
he says she loves being with her family
thats why im going to win this election
i want my children to be proud of the Dimera name , not growing up ashamed of it like I did
she says hey , you didnt turn out so bad
he says really, i think i could have done a little bit better
i want them to have all the things i didnt have growing up
she says i know you are dedicated to making that happen but even if you do win you could lose your sister as a result
he says that is not going to happen , even if we have some sort of fracture in our relationship at the moment
she will come back she always does
he goes to get the camera
The door bell rings
nicole goes to answer it
jen and abe look at each other

Stef says Alice was no fool
and she never allowed anyone to be one with her
a few years after i gave her my card i went to see her again
i had a favour for her
i came across some info about her family, that she wouldnt want anyone in public to know about it , i promised i
i would keep it a secret and that was one way i could pay my debt to her
she said she had something on me
Bo says what did she have on you
he says that i do not know , never told him
we were at a stalemate until she came up with a very smart compromise
Hope says the safety deposit box

carrie and rafe dance
as kayla watches
she says it was perfect
kayla says she has to go, joey hasnt been feeling well
she leaves
rafe sayst his isnt so bad
carrie says im having fun
they tell each other how good they were
then they continue to rehearse

Nicole puts the envelope in a desk drawer in the foyer as jen watches
she tells abe she thinks the questions were dropped off and she saw Nicole get them
she tells him where she saw nic put them
Nicole comes in and sits with will and syd
Abe says its now or never and he goes out into the foyer

Stef says Alice and i refused to reveal what we had on each other so we took what we had and put them in 2 separate envelopes and locked them up, and it couldnt be opened unless we were both there
hope says and my grandmother never found out what you knew about our family
Stef says and i dont know what she had on me
bo says the possibilities are endless
Stef says when she passed away i assumed that would be the end of it
if you 2 had left well enough alone , which you did not
so now we have to face something very real and a very dangerous dilemma for us all

more dancing by carrie and rafe
cheeesy it is
and a waste of time

nic gives syd a big gift
Ej says to Will see what a great time she is having ,are you happy you brought her now
will says you think this is fun wait until my mom finds out she is here
while Ej is taking pictures of sydney
Abe goes out and gets the envelope
he switches the questions with ones he brought with him
ej walks out and sees him and asks him what he was doing out here

stef says i was not bluffing when i told your grandmother what i found out should never be made public , and if i were you 2 ,i would adhere to the same advice
i done my part, now you can either leave sleeping dogs lie or awaken the beast ,the choice is yours

No previews on NTV today


Skye's Spoiler Report - Monday, January 30

john home in the living room,
marlena is talking from the hallway she says did you see my budget
he says yeah i didnt see anything wrong with my budget
she says well your budget didnt have any groceries on it and your wardrobe allotment was a little out of range
she comes out dressed in a leopard thingy with a scarf over a very short black dress
he says whoa!
She takes the scarf off and wraps it around his neck and says my budget has us wearing our old wardrobe
he says well if this is what all your old clothes look like we can stick to any budget you like
they kiss
she says stick to this
and they kiss again

Ej taking pictures at the party
Abe going out and replacing his questions with the ones that got delivered
ej comes out and say Abraham what are you doing out there

rafe and carrie still dancing,,at the pub

sami outside on her phone
saying rafe is going to be so excited i made it back in time for sydneys party
she looks in the window and sees rafe and Carrie dancing
says i gotta go

Hope , Bo and stefano still at the square
she says your mind games arent going to work on me , we are going to open that box and we are going to open it now
Stef says you open that box and its going to ruin your family, but it is your choice
if you want to open it lets open it, your
gran went thru a lot of trouble to make sure
that this remain a secret
she says if she wanted the secrets to remain in the dark she would have gotten rid of this key
stef says didnt she get rid of it
where did you find the key

nic and sydney open one of the presents
its a beautiful princess dress,, pink
Nic says its beautiful, wait till your daddy sees you in this
where is your daddy?

Ej says are you hiding something from me
Abe says you caught me red handed and here is was thinking i was going to get away with it

rafe and carrie finish the dance
sami comes in
as they are staring at each other
and Austin comes in the door and says hey,,,,
they look at him and Sami
Austin says hi

john wraps the scarf around marlenas neck
and kisses her neck
she says im sensing that you like it
he says do you think
im crazy i like it even more now than when you wore it a few years on valentines day
she says you remembered?
He says im a man, men do not forget nights like that
well then , living on a budget isnt so bad
he says why dont we take those memories back to the bedroom and make ourselves an afternoon we will never forget ,,,kisses

hope says you know where we found the key
Stef says why didnt your gran let you have the key when she was still alive?
Hope says dont pretend that you know anything about my grandmother
he says i know more about her than you do
Bo says he is spinning in circles trying to confuse the matter
we are not going to play your games
stef says you already are

sami comes in and slams the door
rafe says we were just dancing
sami says why
rafe says because the prince and princess
cancelled on us for sydneys party
carrie says you were in Chicago
there was no one but us and
we had to put on these awful costumes
rafe says we did it for sydney
sami says yes sydney would have been very disappointed
Austin says i get why you are dressed like this
what the hell was going on when we walked in here

syd opens a gift from Will

Ej says you were trying to hide something form me?
Abe says i was
i forgot to sign sydneys birthday card and came out here looking for a pen so no one would notice and you busted me
Ej finds a pen in his pocket and says take mine, its always brought me good luck and you could use it, you need all the luck you can get
Abe says i was looking for pen not luck
i will do fine on my own
Ej says awfully confident are we?
i have to go make some popcorn
he leaves
Abe puts the envelope back in the drawer and Abe goes back to the party
lexi says where were you
he says i had to take care of some business
lexi says did everything go alright
Abe says yes its too soon to say but i think everything is going to work out

carrie says it was just a dance
Austin says why were you dancing
rafe says you havent seen the show
carrie says the prince and princess end each show with a ball room dance
austin says you were just practising
carrie says yes
carrie gives sami the tiara and says here take it , i make a horrible princess im a lawyer
rafe asks sami to be the princess
sami says you are already in costume
and there is so much to get done
she asks Austin to help her with the decorations
she says Allie and johnny are at a soccer game , they will be there right after
Sydney is with granma
rafe says no she is with Will
she says where is he ?

Syd continues to open gifts
Ej comes in with popcorn , eating it
will says whats up
EJ says we should probably start to wrap things up, get sydney back before your mother returns
Will says why whats the rush, she isnt due back yet for a couple of hours
EJ says are you sure
will says would i lie to you
Ej says considering our arrangement it wouldnt be be a very good idea
Will smiles and says trust me i got it under control

abe tells jen Ej caught him
he was able to put the envelope in his pocket before he saw anything

ej says to Nic, have the question arrived
nic say they have and they are in a safe place
Ej says good
Syd yells daddy and runs over to Ej
he picks her up and says are you having a good time
she says yeah

Hope says so you admit it ,its all a big game to you
stef says this isnt a joke
i want to go home
marys hamsters is more entertaining than you 2 , at least the hamster is going around and around
Bo says you are the one giving us the run around
stef says you made the wrong choice , if you open that box you want to destroy your family thats fine with me
Hope says there we go again with the threats
you know what ever is in that box can put you away for life..you are scared
stef says am i , it was you 2 who tricked me in to coming here, i could have walked away but instead i let you make the decision
Hope says why didnt you just walk away
afraid we would get a warrant
you are helping us cuz you are scared
you are going to lose
stef says how many time have i heard you say that and every time you have been wrong

john and mar come out of the bedroom getting dressed
he says i hope you dont mind, i went off script there a little bit
she says you always manage to surprise me
he says that was a nice little diversion lets get back to the budget
she says i get my first pay cheque next week
he says im not going to live off your money
she says my money, how do you feel about us living off your money
he says our money
she says you just made my point, we have always been able to get by
he says im the bread winner in this family
i will support you
she says you need to relax a little bit ,you have been going non stop
lets take the day and relax
we will look forward to sydneys party
and we will forget how much i paid for her present
he says its a grandparents job to spoil the kids
she says we will think about other stuff to do that wont cost us anything
he says i cant imagine
they laugh and kiss

stef says there are 2 keys to this box mine and yours
box wont open without both , you need me
hope says no we dont need you
he says you need my key
i could walk away , i dont have to help you
she says walk away
we will find another way to open it , you are not our Savior
he says i have enjoyed out little meeting good luck
Bo says you want to know whats in that box just as much as we do
you want to know what Mrs H had on the big bad stefano, why dont we get this over with today and you can
go back to playing chess with yourself
you need to know as badly as we do
he says fine i will help uyo open the box on 1 condition

Will is looking at his phone
Ej is sitting with syd and nic they are having a tea party
EJ says you make very good tea darling
nic says ill have milk and honey in mine

lexi and abe talk to Theo about his dad being on tv
all of salem will see what a smart caring trustworthy man your daddy is

will is sitting in the chair
jen says is that your phone, it has been vibrating for 10 minutes
Will gets up and looks at the phone
It's sami calling
she says to rafe Will isnt picking up
he answers
sami says i have been calling you for 10 minutes
Will says so
she says sydneys party starts any second
where are you
he says calm down we are almost done here
she says where is here
he says Ejs we are having a little birthday bash for sydney , you should come over
she says excuse me , what did you just say?
He says we are having a little party over at EJs , you know family friends, you should come,,i never saw sydney smile so big
she says you are not at the Dimeras with your sister
he says yep, i should get going , bye
she says Will
he hangs up
she is mad, and says god

rafe says what happend
she says will hung up on me
he says did you say will and sydney are at the Dimeras
sami says yes ,,,that son of a bitch
went behind my back and threw a party for sydney when i specifically told EJ no
rafe says whats going on
sami says he used Will to do it
he asks where was she going
she says im going to go get my daughter
he says im coming with you
she says like that?
He says would you rather i go home and change
they leave
carrie says that will put a damper on sydneys big day
he says yeah its a real shame but things really started going south for me when i caught my wife in the arms of my brother in law
she says they were dancing , it was no big deal

Bo says you wait till now to say there are conditions
stef says you either play by my rules or we dont play at all
Hope says why should we ,m we can walk away
stef says you are going to be haunted by this secret
i want to know what the contents of the letter is inside the box
no one touches it or sees it
hope says so you walk away with the envelope and we never get to see whats inside...no

will says to syd and theo the cook told me there is chocolate cake in the kitchen go and get it
they leave
ej and nic come in
the doorbell rings, Ej gets it
sami storms in with rafe behind her
wearing his getup under his coat
she yells where is she , i want her right now
EJ says what are you doing here
she yells i want my daughter , im not gonna
let you kidnap her again
he says kidnap her , dont be preposterous
please im throwing her a small birthday party
nic comes out and says
whats all the yelling
nic laughs when she sees rafe and says did sami let you get yourself dressed this morning
sami says oh shut up Nicole
this is serious
i want my daughter
Ej says calm down ok
its a birthday party, we are all having a lovely time
sami says thats funny cuz im not having a lovely time cuz i didnt know where my daughter was , i have been searching for her so i want her back . Im not going to let her celebrate her birthday with 2 kidnappers
Ej says im her father
sami says you gave up custody you signed away all rights to her , you dont even have visitation and
i have been very generous letting you see her
he says hardly
she says from now on you are only going to see Sydney when i say its ok
do you hear me
syd runs out and says stop

bo says afraid it will end your reign of terror here in Salem
stef says no, im trying to make a deal that will satisfy all of us
bo says we dont make deals with the devil
Stef says i know one of the secrets inside the box
now that Alice is gone what stops me from sharing it with the rest of the world
hope says you wouldnt
he says i would and i will unless you play by my rules
bo says you keep saying how terrible the secret it is
what about you
we have the other envelope are you ready to handle what Mrs. H has on you

carrie says lets not fight about this
he says im not fighting trying to communicate with you
she says then do it in a nicer tone you are hurting my feelings
he says did you think it hurt my feeling when we spent hours trying to find time for a date and
you have plenty of time to play princess with that guy
she said she helped rafe
he says i thought you were going to call me at lunch
she says im sorry i got caught up
he says with the party or rafe
she says i dont want to have to explain
he says im the bad guy in this ,its my fault
john and marlena walk in john says might be a bad time

sami runs to syd and picks her
says , im sorry i didntmean to make you sad , i was yelling cuz i was worried about you
Ej and Will are looking at each other
ej says everything is going to be ok,you cant be sad on your birthday
rafe opens his coat like a flasher and shows her his ,,,,,costume says dont i look like price casper to you
she doesnt look impressed(smart kid)
sami says we have a very special party planned for you at
the pub , everyone is there, johnny and allie and uncle Austin , aunt carrie , going to be so much fun
Sydney says says daddy
and looks at EJ

Austin sits at the bar with head down
john asks him if he is alright
he caught the tail end, its
called marriage we have all been there

carrie tells marlena its all her fault if she had called austin instead of trying to save the day
marl says you were helping your family
carrie says her and ausitn have so little time together and she spends all day with rafe
mar says you are starting a business togther
its to be expected
she says business has been slow
Austin doesnt know how stressful its been
they had a fight about it earlier and she was excited for an excuse not to go home
mar says are you avoiding ausitn

austin tells john he over reacted
i miss her and she is always with HIM
this goes beyond rafe
i know nothing is going on
its about i want to spend time with my wife
but i dont think she wants to spend time with me

Sami tells sydney everyone is waitng for us at the pub
she says i want daddy
sami says daddy cant come, he is busy he already got to have a party with you
he is too busy, he cant make this one, isnt that right
ej says yeah daddy has a lot to do , you go and have a lot of fun, tell me all about it when you get back
she say no
she jumps out of samis arms and goes and hugs Ejs leg
Sami says
we have to get going , have a party to get to
rafe says you dont want to miss your party, princess miranda is there
Sami says i think you are right, lets ask daddy if he can come for a little bit
do you have time?
Ej says did you hear that, daddys going to come after all, so
you dont have to worry about that
we will clean up here and come down
sami says great
asks will if he is coming
will says i wouldnt miss it
will shuts the door
lexi and abe , Jen , nic, go in the living room

ej stares at will
Will says what
ej says what the hell was that all about
Will says i guess my mom got home early , whoops
Ej says how did she know sydney was here,you are treading on very dangerous ground
Will says i know but did you see how mad my mom got , wasnt it totally worth it
he smiles and goes in to the room
Ej sits there and shakes his head

sami and rafe bring Sydney into the pub
John and marlena says they were glad they could be here
sami says glad you are here too

Carrie asks syd if she knows who she is
she says princess Miranda
carrie she says thats me
rafe brings the punch bowl out asks Austin to help him find a ladle
Austin says you use to be a detective, go find it yourself
Will comes in and sami says what is your problem
Will says nothing , im in a good mood
sami says this is your sisters party and im not gonna let you ruin this for her but after this you and i are going to have a very serious conversation

Stef says look who is playing games now
bo says no games
Hope says stop speculating and open the box
stef says do it to my terms
Hope says i dont trust you
stef says nor i you
what is more important finding out your secret or coming up with some phony excuse against me
we are not going to settle this today
you know where to find me
Hope says you cant leave
stef says but i can open the box, close the box, either way i win
steffie walks away
bo says this is not over
hope says what i wouldnt give to see that bastard rot behind bars

lexi abe and jen are leaving
want to go to the pub for the other party
jen says she is good
had enough drama for one day
lexi takes theo out to the car
abe tells jen the fake questions are in the drawer

at the pub
sami put the tiara an Sydneys head
rafe says everything turned our perfectly 20 years from now thats all she is going to remember , us too right

Ej comes in and pics syd up and says are you a princess
sami says no im pretty sure i will remember everything about this day
she stares at rafe

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Skye's Spoiler Report - Tuesday, January 31

It's the day after Sydney's birthday party

Brady in bed
Madison comes and kisses his stomach and chest
he wakes up
she wants to snuggle before they go to work
they kiss
and more

sami at the pub
john comes in
she wanted to say hi to grandma
he asks how sydney liked her party
she says she loved it
john says he was glad to be included
she thanks him for the doll carriage
john says marlena is looking forward to the tea parties and games of hide and seek, the things she wishes she could have been there for you and Eric
she says yeah , i bet
he says i heard
you are working for kate how is that going
she says what do you mean by that

Carrie at work
she was pouring coffee and the top fell off and it spilled all over the desk
rafe comes in and helps her
clean up the mess
she tells him she and austin had a big fight, he stormed out and didnt come back and she doesnt know where he is

Austin spent the night in his office at Salem U on the couch
Abigail comes in and waked him up
asks if he is ok
he says he is great,,really great
every once in awhile he likes to sleep on the couch in the office
then he tells her
carrie and i had an argument came here and crashed out on couch
things arent ok

more sex for Brady and Madison if anyone cares
looks like porn

Carrie tells rafe they said awful things to each other,
he tells her to tell him what happened
she says he was mad at her because of the dance but it was a
cheery on the sundae of a messed up week. He thinks i
have time for everything but him
he says he will talk to Austin and explain to him what happened
she says no you will only make things worse

john says i didnt mean to come off sounding noisy
i care is why i asked
sami says i didnt mean to jump all over you
its going really well
he says you working for Kate
she says she works really well with me
he says maybe she has mellowed
she says i wish i had a 48 hour day, then i could get it all done
use to be a hands on mom , havent been able to do that lately
i didnt even get to plan sydney's birthday party
he says when you were the same age as your twins i was the one
who took you to school, bandaged your knees , l made mac and cheese played dolls with you
cuz your mom wasnt there
one of the biggest regrets i have i wasnt there for brady as i should have been
you are a wonderful mom , you are the room mother, you host all the sleep overs
you cheer at soccer games
Will is old enough, you can step back, but
johnny, allie and sydney, they need their mother, they need her now , so if you find this
job getting in the way that, you might want to ask yourself ,
is it worth it

rafe says i wouldnt want to cause any problems
but me leaning on you with sydneys party is causing problems for you and Austin, i just want to let him know, im not going to ask you to do that stuff anymore
she says it isnt you we started having problems when john was arrested
he knew it was going to happen and didnt tell me about it
i started looking at Austin , thinking do i even know him
thought we could put everything behind us , stay in salem and build a new life together
guess in the back of my mind i kept thinking do i really know who he is
he is wondering the same thing, this is our home now
we are still in a hotel, no time to find a place
maybe its stress
austin trying to figure out his teaching, we are trying to start a business
when she was in law school they always found time to be together
what scares me the most maybe its not so important to us anymore

abigail say she is sorry dont know what to say, you guys have
been married forever
he says people get married for different reasons but if you are lucky you get married cuz you are so in love with someone, sometimes
you could be more alone in a marriage than you think possible on your own
she says yeah my mom said something like that once
he says i bet she did , cuz when you are married there is always new things for you to deal with ,the 2 of you have to do it but sometimes you feel like saying
i dont feel like talking about us tonight
thats why i slept on the couch and it got me nothing ,things are worse this morning than they were last night, this is what happens when married people stop talking
he checks his phone and no calls from Carrie
Abigail says she must be crazy to not want to make things right with him

brady tells Madison
he isnt upset with her for what she is doing with sami, the old him would have done the same thing
the old me you never knew before you met me
she says its just business
he says what else havent you told me
she says we should get dressed
he say there is something isnt there

rafe tells carrie, with guys
we get mad we walk out the door
saying i showed her, then they
stand alone on the side walk all alone
he will be there when you get there
she says have you ever done anything like that?
he says no im too reasonable , i sit back and tell sami its all her fault
things were frosty with her last night
she was furious with Will for taking sydney over to Ejs , Will is acting all strange
he cant stand Ej and now he is working for his campaign , im
worried about that kid
she says me too
he says sami and i got in to it
i said some things too
ever since she started this job
i think her boss is using her
carrie says she is working for kate
he says she doesnt want to talk about i t
we would always work things out but now she is doing stuff i cant fathom and it doesnt seem to bother her at all
she says you are seeing apart of my sister i have a lot of experience with , i know how hard that can be

Austin says carrie has reasons to be mad at me
abi says she is lucky to have you you are a great guy, a good person

sami says you havent been around for a long time you dont know about my life , its pretty nervy for you to tell me what to do with my kids
he says im not telling you what to do
just looking back at my own life
and thinking about things i would have done differently
she says well im not you and
i am there for my kids
he says i know you are
she says i still bake cookies for them and i still cheer at their soccer games , and i matter to , this job is important to me and it isnt just to
make ends meet, while
rafe isnt making much money right now
he says how is that working out for the 2 of you , you being so busy and him not?
Saw a certain amount of tension between the 2 of you at sydneys party
wonder if this job
she says its not about the job at all ej and Nicole were at the party too
john said i wondered about that
she says and now im
messing everything up
you probably think im the kind of woman who
can not balance work
and a family, without messing it all up and you know what ?
you are probably right
she storms out

Brady says tell me nothing is coming out of the sky to screw things up
she says its not going to happen

Austin and Abigail go to the square to have coffee
rafe and carrie walk into the square and she sees Austin and Abigail and she says oh i guess he made it through the night ok
she wants to leave
but Austin sees her
carrie says i didnt realize you had a date for breakfast
Abigail says its not a date we just ran in to each other
rafe tells Abigail maybe they should give them some privacy

rafe and abigail talk about Austin sleeping on his couch in the office

sami runs in to rafe at the square
says im late for work its a been a bad morning , ran in to john , gave her some
really valuable life lessons
she doesnt have time to talk about it
she tries to leave but he grabs her
says they need to talk

carrie says to austin , you walk out and spend the night god knows where and i find you here having a cheery little breakfast with your new assistant
he says she found me sleeping on the couch, she is trying to cheer me up
i love you i married you
she says why didnt you come home
he says im tired having same old argument
i went to the office and fell asleep on the couch i wanted forget that, that day ever happened
she says i cant believe that this is us
he says i know we are never upset with each other before we got here
we never fight
can we figure this out

Brady and Madison come in to the pub
john is still there
they talk
she mentions the fashion line
john gets a call he has to take
madsion has to leave cant have breakfast with him
she heard everything he said about sami and she is going to think about it
she leaves
john says what is madison up to with Samantha

sami says she will tell him later after work
john says im screwed up
she doesnt know what he said it
but she is late for a meeting
love to spend the afternoon with you but we need a paycheck
just until him and Carrie get their business going and they are a huge success and then
she can sit at home and eat bonbons and read tabloids
he says i cant wait for that day
she says i knew it
we are good right
i love u
he say love you
he says go to work

carrie says they always wanted what the other one wanted, but
things have been different since they moved back there
he says i was a jerk, cuz i was selfish i want you to myself
you have been spending a lot of time with rafe during work, after work, after hours
she says she is sorry about that, hasnt been considerate of his feelings
he gets a call, he has a meeting scheduled
he says we are good right
she says we are better than we were,are you
coming home tonight
he say you bet, i love you and no matter what we are going to get thru this
he kisses her good bye

Brady explains to john how sami started out working for Madison and she now she is working for her chief rival kate

madison did a few things sami didnt approve of like going out with me
john says that was none of her business
brady says kate made sami an offer and she accepted it
john says im worried about her
worried this job will make sami revert back to her old tricks and if that happens
she can stand a chance to lose everything that is important to her

sami is sitting waiting for madison outside the square
sami says kate trusts her
as much as she trusts anyone
time to bring her down
Madison says good
i talked to Brady and he hates this whole thing,thinks im using you
he filled me in on your history with Kate , and he the dimera family, he
doesnt want to see anything happen to you
sami says kate is never going to know that i was a part of this
mad says as much as i want to hurt kate i dont want to hurt you or lose brady and if we go along with this plan we know that can happen

rafe is back at the office
carrie comes in and says her and Austin talked
he says he talked to sami ,but she has somewhere to go people to see
he remembers when he had a job like that
he should go a little easier on her
then they laugh over the coffee pot and he throws int in the trash

Austin goes back to his office
he says he is glad to see her he apologizes that she had to witness the scene between him and carrie
she is sorry for what he is going thru
he says he doesnt want her to worry about it

sami says since when did you let your boyfriend try to run your business
Brady is not trying to run things , he is concerned about what kate my do to you
i care about what he thinks and i care about you
i think we should just abort this whole plan
Sami says and then what, you just leave me there with her
mad says i would never do that
sami says
what are my options i could quit my job and end up with no job
or i could quit my job and go back and work for you and then Kate will poison me
mad says you are acting like we dont have a choice
sami says cuz we dont
we are in too deep ,we have gone this far we have to see it through i risked everything for this, you can not leave me hanging

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