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Friday, Jan 18

Segment 1: Nicole informs Chloe that she thinks Kate spilled the fact that Chloe was a prostitute to the moral authority of Salem. OMG, she told Jennifer! Chloe is going to leave but Nicole stops her and tells her that it's not like she had a chance with Daniel anyway. He's moved on. Chloe whines - He didn't know Parker was his son. Nicole points out that doesn't change the fact that Chloe cheated on Daniel. Now he's in love with Jennifer who sings in the Sunday choir. There's no way in hell you're going to get this guy. Chloe will do ANYTHING to get him back. Meanwhile the moral authority tells Dan she needs to talk to him about Chloe. Dan doesn't want to talk about to Chloe. He assures her that even though his connection with Chloe is permanent because of Parker he loves her. All that matters is that Chloe is a good mother to Parker. Almost brainless Brady pieces together the note that Kristen wrote to Marlena. John listens to the recording - the most incriminating part - the part where Kristen says Marlena was happy to find Brady in her bed because it kept John out of it. John wants to know if that is true. Sami returns to her apartment and Will asks the question we all want answered - Don't you work for a living? Sami was on her way to work when she saw him sneaking into the building. She removes her coat to reveal that she obviously has a new job judging by her choice of 'work' apparell ... think street corner hooker. Will doesn't want to talk but Sami informs him that they will talk until he decides what he's going to do about the baby Gabi Hernandez is carrying.

Segment 2: Dan knows that Chloe is a good mother. Dan talks about the upheaval in Parker's life but Chloe knows what is best for her child. Jen agrees that they've closed the discussion on Chloe. Chloe runs up panting - Wait! Dan thinks Chloe seems tense. What did she want to talk to him about? Chloe fudges - she wanted to know if Dan had Parker's bunny. After Dan and Jen leave Chloe wonders why Jen didn't tell him. Nicole comes up and hears the news - Chloe is happy because this buys her some time. Brady asks Kristen why she wrote that note. Cue flashback. Kristen lies - It's work related. EJ was on speaker phone and was bluffing so she wanted to let him know she knew what he was doing. Oh Wow - Brady doesn't buy her lie - it doesn't add up to him. He grabs his head and grimaces in pain. John wants to know why Doc was recording her conversation with Kristen. Doc feels it should be obvious to him. She was trying to get some proof of what Kristen was doing because like his father before him, Brady didn't believe what she told him. John thinks the recording reveals more about Marlena than Kristen. All Marlena was trying to do was save their family. John guesses that her little plan didn't work. Marlena concedes that Kristen figured out what she was doing and lied the whole time. John wants her to confirm that the part about not telling him to keep him out of Kristen's bed was true. Marlena insists she didn't tell him because she didn't want to hurt him. John thinks she didn't tell him because she didn't trust him or maybe she felt he didn't love her enough to stay out of Kristen's bed so she was happy that his son distracted her. Just admit it. Marlena will tell him the truth.

Segment 3: Sami needs to understand what is going on in Will's life starting with the fact that he got Gabi pregnant. Will sighs - That was a one time mistake. Sami points out that they created a life. Was he thinking about that when he drove her to the abortion clinic. She guesses it wasn't his idea. Why did he take her? Will wanted to respect what she wanted to do. It was her body. You of all people should have a little empathy for what she was going through. Sami does but what she cares about is him. He's facing a difficult, scary situation. She doesn't understand why he's so passive about everything - the abortion and being okay with Gabi passing off the child as Nick's. She wants to understand what he is thinking and feeling and she needs to know if he's prepared to turn his back on his child. Cameron is at the hotel room checking out Brady - he wants him to come in for a checkup - he's had 2 concussions recently. Kristen asks if it's related to the mugging and recalls paying off the muggers including the fact that it was supposed to be Brady's father that rescued her but she thinks it will all work out for the best. Marlena talks about her renewed appreciation for Kafka. A woman who tried to kill her in the past shows up and her husband and stepson believe that woman over her. John says they're not talking about Kafka but the fact that she didn't have faith in him. He wants to know if what Kristen said on the tape was true. She says yes it's true. Nicole tries to warn Chloe that Jennifer can be a tough opponent. Chloe thinks that Dan won't like it if he thinks Jennifer is malicious. She's going to turn what could be a disaster into an advantage. She rushes off. Nicole grimaces - That girl makes me look sane and rational.

Segment 4: Cameron gives last minute intsructions and leaves. Brady assures Kristen he's fine. Kristen didn't want him to hurt like this. She didn't want to come in between him and his father. Brady the dense tells her that none of it was her fault. Eric returns to the rectory to find Nicole ranting about his budget entries. Eric wants to know what's really bothering her. Nicole points out that he made it clear that he doesn't trust her with his problems so she'll keep hers to herself. Chloe and Anne scheme over lunch at the pub to bring down prissy Jennifer. Will isn't turning his back on anyone. He's trying to do what is best for the baby. Sami scoffs - You think what's best is for the baby to be raised by an ex-con and you not be a part of the baby's life. Will says the most important thing is that the baby was going to be part of an actual family. Sami argues that the baby is part of an actual familty - the Hernandez family and the Bradys and the Hortons. You have a huge family and support system. They are willing to help you and you turned your back on all of us. Will is sorry, it won't happen again. Sami isn't judging him - she's trying to get through to him; to make him understand what he is doing; trying to remind him of how all her life experiences could be a lesson for him. You keep secrets from the people you love and it hurts everyone - it never works out. You witnessed that yourself. I could have helped you. Will scoffs - That was my big sin, not coming to you. Sami cries - I would do anything for you. Will didn't have a choice. They agreed not to tell anybody. And for the record if I was going to tell someone it wouldn't have been you because I have learned from many painful experiences myself that you just make everything worse.

Segment 5: Eric says it's not that he doesn't trust her, it was a privacy matter he couldn't share. Nicole knows; Brady told her the whole story. She understands why he's upset. Eric doesn't think John and Brady will never be close again because of Kristen DiMera. John was involved with her and now Brady is too even after everything Kristen did to her mother. He can tell from Nicole's reaction that she didn't know everything. Nicole thought Brady had scraped the bottom of the barrel when he was her her but Kristen! Eric says it's tearing his family apart. Marlena lashes out that John has been laser focused on her betrayal of him. John insists that she didn't trust him and made the decision that it was better that Brady be in bed with Kristen than him regardless of the fact that he loves her and would never do that to her. Marlena asks - Did you ever wonder why you were so quick to believe that Kristen had changed? Because you wanted to believe it. You wanted the woman you had fallen in love with back. So can you look me in the eye and tell me that some part of you is still not attracted to her. Anne hads a note to someone in pink - you know what to do. She then calls Jen and says she needs to see her at the nursing station. Chloe tracks down Daniel. She has something to tell him. She has to hear this from him. After Parker was born she made a terrible, stupid, self-destructive mistake. Before I left Salem, before I came to my senses I was working as a prostitute.

Segment 6: Sami makes the understatement of the year - I know I'm not perfect. I made a lot of mistakes and I will have to answer for them. I'm not judging you - I'm just trying to understand. Will - So saying I turned my back on my whole family and my child wasn't judging? Sami concedes she shouldn't have said that. It just seems so out of character for him to give up like that; to let go. Will argues it's not out of charcter for him - it's out of character for her. She wouldn't let go or give up. I think the most important thing for my child is to have a mother and a father in the same home; have a mother and a father who don't hate each other. If I let him go up in peace there would be no custody discussions or battles. Sami - I really failed you, didn't I? Will didn't say that. He's just saying that he doesn't want his child in a broken home. Sami - Because of how you grew up. Will - OMG! This isn't about you. Sami agrees. It's about you and what you are going to do with your child. Nicole asks Eric is he wants to get a drink on her. She wants to make it up to him for being such a pain. Eric suggests sayings she's sorry. So she does. Eric asks about what's really bothering her. She's worried about some friends - Daniel and Chloe. She's sensing that there's going to be big trouble. Chloe says that was as low as a person could go. She's not excusing herself or trying to make it sound better but she was blackmailed into it. Dan asks by who. Chloe says she was able to pull herself together on her own - and she was able to make herself a better person and a good mother to Parker. Dan knows by the way she raised their son that she is not that person now. Chloe is glad she told him. Thank God you heard it from me not Jennifer. She heard Kate telling her daughter that she told Jennifer. Dan puts 2 and 2 together. Chloe could tell that Jen hadn't told him. I guess she's as nice as everyone says she is. Dan agrees. Meanwhile the one in pink places a note on Jennifer's desk. John can't believe that she doesn't know that he loves her not Kristen. Marlena didn't say that. She was trying to point out ... John doesn't let her finish ... just complains that thinks got smooshed out and now her and Brady are like complete strangers. Marlena knows exactly how that feels. John needs to figure out what the hell is going on with them; what to do with his son and what to do about their marriage.

Segment 7: Sami doesn't think that Will has come to terms with the fact that his situation has changed. That the idea that it might be best for the baby that you pass it off as Nick's is not on the table anymore. It is not an option anymore. Before you know it that baby is going to be born and it will grow up and have thoughts and ideas and they will know a lot more than you think whether you want them to know or not. Ask me how it is to have secrets blow up in your face. Ask me how it feels to have your child look at you and you just know that they are thinking about all the things that you did and why you did them. Whatever you decide to do with your baby someday that child will grow up amd he or sure is going to look at you and judge you. So are you going to be a father to this child or not? Brady is going to take a shower - he asks Kristen to join him. She will but she's going to check her messages first. She gives herself a pep talk. Stay focused. You just have to string him along a little bit longer and then it will all be over. John tells Marlena this place is so toxic. I think I need to step away from Salem for awhile. Marlena asks him where he is going. John doesn't know. Marlena - You'll call. He doesn't know. Marlena pleads with him that they need to talk but her pleas fall on deaf ears. He walks out on her. Anne tells Chloe - It's done. Chloe is pleased. Jen returns to her office and Dan follows. He tells her that Chloe told him about her life before she left Salem and that she's pretty sure you know about it. Is that true? Jen hedges. Dan - That she was a ... Dan picks up the pink lady's note and ask Jen why she has the number for Child Protective Services? Is this about Chloe?


Tuesday, Jan. 22

Segment 1: Jen admits that she just found out about Chloe being a hooker. Kate wanted her to tell him but she couldn't. Dan gets on his high horse and says that's because she was going to call child services on Chloe. Chloe is celebrating her supposed victory with Anne wishing she was a fly on the wall. Nick is working behind the bar when Rafe comes in looking for Gabi. Nick tells him that she went to St Luke's. Rafe wonders why he's working at the pub and not his new job. Nick is helping out until he starts it. Rafe is going to leave but Nick has something for him. He returns the tickets for their honeymoon. Rafe assumes they have no need for a honeymoon now. Nick informs him that he and Gabi still intend on getting married regardless of what happened last night. Nick asks if Rafe sees where he's coming from here or not? Rafe says in spite of everything that happened Nick is still here. In fact Nick wanted to marry his sister despite the fact she was carrying someone else's baby. Nick is going to spend the rest of his life taking care of her and the baby. Rafe feels that now that everyone knows the truth there is no need to rush into anything. Nick hears him. Justin comes in just as Rafe is leaving. Nick thanks Justin for coming. Nick gives him some money so that attorney / client privilege attachs to their conversation. He has some questions that can't wait about Gabi's rights and his rights. What are they? Gabi is praying for forgiveness for lying in the church. She wanted the 3 of them to have a good start. She promises that she will always put the baby before herself. Nicole makes her presence known. She didn't mean to eavesdrops. Gabi guesses that she knows; everybody knows. I don't know what I'm going to do. EJ is on the phone talking to the best custody lawyer in town. EJ has sent him a retainer for a guy by the name of William Horton. Sami asks Will if he's going to be a father to his baby or
not? Will loves how she's trying to take the pressure off. Sami retorts that he put the pressure on himself by having sex with Gabi without a condom. Will is not going to talk to her about that at least until he's talked to Gabi. Sami tells him to make sure he figures out what Gabi's agenda is. Sami is sure that she definitely has on. She had an agenda when she made sure you gave up all rights to your baby. She had an agenda when she lied to me about it from day one and she definitely had an agenda when she said you were the one pushing her to have an abortion. Will wants to know why Sami was talking to her at all. Sami wanted to lay the groundwork for him to have rights to his child; now the rest is up to him. If you want those rights you're going to have to fight for them and you better do it soon! Will wants to know what part of 'I'm not going to talk to you' do you not understand. Sami argues that they are talking about his child. Will - That's right. My child. Maybe you should do less talking and more listening to said father of that child. Sami would love to listen to him talk. I'm doing the talking because I love you and I don't want to see you get hurt and I can see by your face that this hasn't sunk in yet. It's not real. You haven't heard the heartbeat; you haven't seen a sonagram because if you had this baby would already be the most important thing in your life. I'm begging you not to make a decision until you know exactly what it is that you are giving up. Please get the right advice. Will - From you? Sami - Okay, from your grandmother, either of them. Talk to your father, your uncle, talk to anyone who is on your side.

Segment 2: Justin says you're asking about Will and Gabi's baby. Nick replies that the baby is going to be born after he and Gabi are married so would that make him the baby's legal father. Justin tells him it depends on what Will decides to do. If he renounces his rights as a father it's pretty simple but if he doesn't you're looking at a custody action. Nick assumes the judge would most likely give custody to the mother. Justin - Not in every case. Nick - What do we have to do to make sure we get total custody of the baby? Nicole says she's made every mistake in the book so if Gabi wants to talk to someone who won't judge her she'd be happy to listen. Gabi thought they had everything figured out. She knows that Nick still loves her and wants to marry her but now that everyone knows it's Will's baby everything has changed. Nicole tells her she can still marry Nick. This baby is a miracle. Rafe listens as Gabi says this baby is going to have me for a mother. I screwed up my whole life. My mother won't talk to me, I practically have no friends ... Nicole tells her not to talk like that. I screwed up my life in ways you probably can't dream about but people have an amazing ability to forgive. What did you do that was so bad? You made love to the wrong guy and got pregnant. Now you're dealing with it the best way you know how. You are going to be alright. She hugs Gabi and sees Rafe there. He smiles at Nicole. Will tells Sami he doesn't need advice from anyone. The baby is not yours Mom, it's mine. He opens the door to leave and finds EJ there. EJ tells Will he wants to talk to him for a minute. Jen doesn't know how that got on her desk; it's not her handwriting. Secondly, if I didn't tell you about Chloe why would I tell CPS. That's what Dan wants to know. Jen insists she doesn't know how this piece of paper got here. Dan has to go to the OR. Jen chases after him - Chloe and Anne smile.

Segment 3: Anne asks Jen if she's alright. Jen needs to know where this note came from. Anne tells it from Hailey, the new candystriper - she puts lines through her 7's. Jen wonders why she put the note on her desk. Hailey is right there so Anne calls her over. When Jen asks her why she put the note on her desk Hailey replies - because you asked for it. Jen most certainly didn't. Hailey just started here - she guesses that she thought Jen was somebody else. Jen guesses she did. Chloe watches as this all goes down. After Jen leaves Chloe tells Ann and Hailey that they are good. Nicole leaves to let Rafe and Gabi talk. Gabi tells Rafe why she came here but God isn't the only person she needs to apologise to, is He? Sami will leave them alone. She thinks EJ might be the perfect person to give Will advice and she knows the only way he'll take the advice is if she's not here. Will tells her she doesn't have to leave. She hugs Will and then leaves. Will asks EJ what he thinks he should do. EJ doesn't know. He's in a difficult situation but he knows Will is trying to do the right thing. Will - The right thing? No, even I don't believe that. Justin - You want full custody? Then you need to convince Will to petition the court to give up his rights as the father. That would make things very cut and dry and then when the child is born you can adopt. Are you sure that Will won't balk at doing this? Nick shrugs - Why would he? He was perfectly fine letting the whole world think the baby was mine. Justin - But now the whole world knows the baby is his. Families are involved. It's not just the 3 of you anymore. Nick - Do you really think that Will wants to be a father? Justin doesn't know what Will is thinking but he does know that it's possible he could change his mind. Nick - Say you're right, what would it take to prove that Will's not fit to be a father?

Segment 4: Justin - You want Will declared to be unfit? You're saying you don't even want him allowed to be near his child? Nick - That's right. Justin - How do you define unfit? Nick - It's not for me to define, it's for the judge, isn't it? Justin - If it's because he's gay ... Nick didn't say that. Justin - You started talking about your rights. Now you're talking total custody and having Will declared unfit; there must be a reason. Cue flashback of Lucas saying he went to prison for Will. Nick just wants to consider all his options. Justin - Consider a new attorney while you're at it, this case doesn't appeal to me. He walks out. Will tells EJ it's a little more complicated then doing the right thing. He admits he was still scared
after he was outed. He didn't know who in his family would be prejudiced against him and what people would think or say. One of his best friends told him being gay was vulgar and disgusting and everyone thinks so and he didn't know if he was right or not. I was in a very insecure place when I went to meet Gabi who was also upset. We ended up comforting each other and had sex. Afterwards I said that was the stupidest thing I could of done but also after that I knew who I was. I wasn't afraid anymore and didn't care what anyone else thought. Then I started going out with Sonny and being a part of something that was that good and that real was the most amazing thing I've ever experienced. I felt so great. EJ - That's when Gabi told you she was pregnant. Will - Yeah. I wanted to make it not true. I'd love to say I saw how happy Nick and Gabi were and I made this big sacrifice for them but it would just be a lie. When Nick told Gabi he wanted to marry her and tell everyone that my child was his I saw a way out. I thought great, now nobody has to know. Sonny doesn't have to know and I can still be with him. The bottom line, no I didn't do the right thing. I took the easy way out. Billie is leaving a voicemail for Kate when Dan walks up to her and tells Billie to tell Kate he wants to see her sooner rather than later. Billie comments that he seems really angry. What's going on? Dan barks - You know damn well what's going on. Just tell her to call me. Billie will - Lovely running into you too. Chloe comes up to Daniel. We have more to talk about it. Jen goes to see Maggie to tell her that Daniel is really angry with her. Jen can't tell her all of it. She was given some information that Daniel needed to know and she didn't tell him because she didn't feel it was her place to tell him. He found out anyway and he knew I knew about. He's angry because he feels that I didn't tell him because I somehow want to use this information behind
his back. Maggie is having trouble keeping up but she knows Jen would never go behind Dan's back. How did he get that impression? Jen doesn't know; she guesses it was an accident. She sees Parker's little plane - Or maybe it wasn't. Chloe dropped a bombshell on him earlier and they haven't had a chance to talk about it. Dan is in a hurry. He needs to find Jen. Chloe saw Jen leaving. She really wants to talk. She's scared to death that what she told him is going to affect the way they deal with Parker. Dan tells her they'll talk.

Segment 5: Dan knows she wouldn't sell herself under any circumstance. Dan guesses they both got played about the most important thing in the world, our son. We both went a little crazy. He points out that she put her life together and she's a good mother. When he sees her with their son he knows that's true. Chloe hugs him and thanks him for saying that. Dan does need to go. Jen asks if Chloe is here. Maggie says Chloe said she had something to take care of at the hospital. Jen - Did she? Maggie guesses the information she got concerns Chloe. Are you wondering if Chloe set this up? Jen is. She would really like to think this is some horrible mixup but Chloe's been in town for 2 days and Daniel and I are already having problems. Maggie tells her that Chloe was waiting to talk to Daniel. I think you'd better have a conversation with him yourself. Jen is going to go right now. EJ assumes Will talked to Sonny about this. Silence. EJ would really like to help him. He took the precaution of hiring Will a custody lawyer because it was the smart thing to do. Will doesn't need anyone else trying to run the show. He has his mom already. Why do you want to help anyway? 2 reasons, he's a fantastic brother to Johnny and Sydney and because he cares about Will's mother. I want to help, not run the show. You need to stop and think about exactly what it is you want and then I will help you get that. Will - How am I supposed to do that when everyone is trying to tell me what I should want? EJ - By everyone do you mean your mother? Will - Sometimes she seems like a crowd. EJ - When she's passionate about something she doesn't deviate, we both know that. Will - If you were me what would you want? EJ - I'm not you. I can tell you that my children are the most important thing in the world to me. That's another reason I wanted to help you. I've been forcibly separated from them before. I know what it's like and it's hell. Gabi wouldn't blame Rafe if he hated her for lying to him. Rafe couldn't hate her. She was in a rotten situation. Now we just have to figure out what to do next. You promise to be honest with me from now on and I'll promise to help you anyway I can no matter who gets in our way. Nicole runs into Sami in the square. How's it going there granny?

Segment 6: They exchange quips. Nicole concedes this isn't funny and mentions that she just talked to Gabi. Sami retorts that Gabi could of used Nicole's advice on how to lie about her baby daddy. Nicole figured Sami gave her enough lectures. Sami doesn't like being lied to as Nicole knows. Nicole - Yes, because you have such high standards. It must be troubling that your own son also lied to you. Sami asks if she wants to start something. Nicole doesn't. She's just putting Sami on notice because she likes Gabi and her older brother and I told her if she needs anything she could come to her. Sami makes a smart remark. Nicole wishes she had thought twice about helping Rafe get her back. Sami - What did you just say? Nicole is surprised that she doesn't know. She stalled EJ on NYE so Sami and Rafe could be together at midnight. Sami asks why she would do anything for her. Nicole didn't do it for her, she did it for Rafe because he wanted to be with you so much. I should have known you'd blow it. You always do. Nicole walks away. Gabi leaves to go see the doctor. Rafe talks to God and asks Him to look out for Gabi and the baby. He's leaving just as Sami comes in. Sami immediately starts bringing up what was done to her. Rafe doesn't want to do this here. Rafe reminds her that Will signed off on everything his sister did including of course lying to you. Sami says he was terrified of losing Sonny; Gabi knew how to play him. Rafe argues that she's just a scared, young girl. Sami - That's what you see. I guess we conveniently forgot that she did something so terrible she could have got thrown into prison for a few months ago. If she had gone to prison she wouldn't be pregnant with my son's child. Rafe - I said that's enough! Billie is in the square leaving a message for Kate. I ran into Daniel and he is so mad. Whatever you were planning has backfired big time. Nicole hears all this. Jen finds Daniel at the hospital - she wants to talk. Dan wants to go first. He is so sorry. You are the most decent, honest person I know. You told me you didn't know where that phone number came from and that should have been enough for me. Chloe is eavesdropping. Dan tells Jen he loves her, believes in her and will always trust her. Are we okay? Jen hugs him - Yeah.

Segment 7: Jen admits to Dan that she was scared because she saw the look on his face and ... Dan says it was a look of confusion. He knows the one thing he can count on in this life is her; the sort of person she is. Nothing and no one is ever going to make me doubt that. They kiss. Nicole sees Chloe in the square. Nicole assumes she's going to see Daniel. She heard Billie leaving a message for Kate telling Kate that her plan backfired. Dan's still on your side, right? Chloe - Yeah he is but not the way she hoped. He'll back me if anyone questions my fitness as a mother. Nicole - But Jennifer's still the woman he loves. Honey, you're not going to win this one. Chloe - Daniel loved me and only me until people started screwing with our lives. But we have a son together and I may have a lost this round; it may be a lot harder to get Jennifer out of his life but I'm just getting warmed up. Gabi returns to the pub. She tells Nick the doctor says everything is fine, the baby is perfect. She is going to have a sonagram soon. She tells him she doesn't know what to do next. Nick looked into it and their marriage licence is still valid. We can go to the courthouse and be married by dinner. Gabi - I can't do that. Will walks up. That's right. She can't. Not until we talk about what we're going to do with the baby. Rafe tells Sami that what Gabi did before has nothing to do with the situation they're all in now. Sami knows he wants to cover for her but she's a mother now, she's going to have to take responsibility for her actions. Rafe - Right. How many times exactly did I cover for you? Sami - You wanted that to hurt and it did. Rafe - Just trying to get your attention. Anyway you have no say in the matter anymore. Sami - But Will does and I promise you this, he's not going to sit around and think it's his job to make it easy for Nick and Gabi. He's a great big brother and he's going to be a great father. And he's certainly not going to stand by and let that child be raised by a felon who murdered someone and your sister who should be spending time behind bars herself. Rafe argues - EJ arrives - Sami looks smug.


Wednesday, Jan 23

Segment 1: Rafe tells EJ to get lost; it's none of his business. EJ thinks it is and even though Sami says she can take care of herself EJ has to pontificate. EJ understands the importance of family but he will not allow Rafe to threaten Samantha. Rafe scoffs - Are you really going to go there now? Sami gloats and then repeats that she can handle this. Rafe - Oh you can? Just like you handled my sister by threatening her? Sami lies, she didn't threaten her. Rafe reminds her that she said she was going to take her baby away from her - was that a helpful suggestion? Sami says he's exaggerating, she didn't say that. Yes she completely turned on Gabi, she lied to me. EJ tries to play mediator. If you are any kind of man could you please show a little compassion, a modicum of respect? Sami's smugness reaches an all time high. Rafe - Should I respect Sami for attacking my sister the way she did? For having no compassion whatsoever for a kid who made one honest mistake that has turned her world upside down? EJ points out Sami has been lied to for months. Rafe asks Sami if she really needs EJ to run defence for her. She doesn't but it's nice. EJ points out that Sami would have been deprived of knowing her grandchild if Gabi and Nick had gotten away with what they were trying to do. Rafe rebuts - She would have been deprived of that by her own son. A son that did not even ... he stops. This is pointless. He starts to leave. EJ wants him to know that no matter what Will may have been willing to walk away from the fact is he's changed his mind.

Gabi tells Will she's sorry they haven't talked since the wedding thing. It's just been a disaster and with that whole thing with his mom ... Will heard she got a little emotional, he's sorry. Nick states that Sami didn't have the right to attack Gabi like that. Gabi can see where Sami was coming from; while Sami was planning her wedding she was lying to her about the fact that Will was the father. Nick says that Sami expects to be a part of this baby's life; they can only hope that was an idle threat. Will doesn't know exactly what his mother said ... Nick says it doesn't matter, the point is nothing has changed. Will points out that everybody knows the truth now. Nick says that doesn't affect their agreement. The three of us need to do exactly what we were planning to do; meaning Gabi and I will be the parents, just the 2 of us. Will reminds him when they agreed to keep this quiet nobody knew he was the father; now everybody knows. Gabi says Will is right, they can't pretend to be the parents now. Nick isn't talking about pretending; I'm talking about making it real legally. He tells Will that he can go to court and give up your parental rights for good.

Chad knows Sonny is still angry with him about everything that happened. He didn't know Will was the father and he knows that affected things between him and Will. Sonny points out if Chad hadn't put the truth out there he'd still be in the dark. Chad has one more stop to make on the apology tour; Cameron. He leaves and Adrienne rushes into the coffee shop. I've left you 15 messages, why haven't you called me back. Sonny wasn't in the mood to hear I told you so about his boyfriend. That's not why she came. Sonny doesn't want to talk about it. His mom informs him that everyone is talking about it but she's sure Sami is making a bigger mess out of it if that's even possible. The saving grace is at least now you know that Will is the baby's father before ... Sonny tells her that he loves this guy. The morning of the wedding he asked Will to move in with him. And he lied to him which means he can't trust him anymore. Do you have any idea how that makes me feel?

Segment 2: Abigail greets Maxine and asks if Cameron is on call. Maxine makes sure Abby knows that Emily and Cameron are history just before Cameron shows up.

Adrienne is so sorry that Will put Sonny through this. She also points out the whole time Will was telling him that he loved him he was lying to him. Sonny asks if things are bad enough that she had to come in and torture him.

Will - Are you kidding? Nick wouldn't kid about anything so serious. You just have to petition the court which is just a formality and then you would give up your parental rights to the baby. Gabi doesn't think Will was expecting ... Will wasn't expecting Nick to be such a cold SOB. You want me to give up my parental rights to my child so that you can adopt him even though nobody thinks it's you. Nick - That's irrevelant. Will - Is it irrevelant that the child you want me to give up my rights to has my genes and ... Nick tells him to calm down and be rational about this. Will is, Nick is the one that is insane. Nick coldly snaps - Don't ever say that about me again. Ever!

Rafe - In case you haven't noticed EJ, Will and Gabi are kids and they're about to have a kid and yet they're both in love with other people. Sami wonders what his point is. His point is that Will is in love with a guy so her fantasy about Will and Gabi coming together for the sake of the child is never going to happen. Sami doesn't have any fantasies. Rafe reminds her that she said nothing is going to keep Will from this child but you never asked Will how he felt about it because you don't care. Sami insists she cares about Will and how he feels more than anything. Rafe scoffs - Oh come on Sami. It's always about you and what you need and want, it always has been, always will be.

Segment 3: Abby lights up when she's talking to Cameron. She asks him about Emily. Cam lets her know that he isn't with Emily anymore. Chad shows up just as Abby is leaving. Maxine reminds Cameron that he has a sonogram appointment with Gabi Hernandez at 4. Chad goes to Cameron and tells him that after everything that has gone down he thinks they should settle some things. Cam - Don't you mean after everything you did? How are we going to settle it?

Adrienne says the last thing she wants to do is make him feel worse. Sonny - Then you need to think about what you're going to say to me before you say it. Adrienne apologises. I want you to be okay. Are you still upset with me? Sonny - You didn't think Will was right for me so now you're probably feeling vindicated. She says no - she came around eventually. She's sorry that he's sad and disappointed. I care about you. Sonny - But you came here to make sure I wasn't getting back together with Will. Adrienne - Says no, she came to see that he was okay. She is sad, you deserve better than this. Sonny - So you called it mom. You in maternal, infinite wisdom knew we'd be a train wreck before we even started. Adrienne argues that she's on his side always, don't you know that? All Sonny knows is that he's never felt worse in his entire life.

Will - What makes you think that I would do any of this? Gabi doesn't want anyone to be upset, please, let's talk this out. Nick reminds Will that before the truth came out he was ready to give them his baby so he could be with his boyfriend. Will says that's not true. I did it because I convinced myself that it was the best thing for Gabi and the baby. Nick pronounces - That's because it is. Will - How can you say that? Maybe before everyone knew you could have raised the child as your own but now everybody knows; more importantly, the child is going to know. I don't understand why you don't see that that changes everything? Will is waiting for Gabi to back him up. Silence. Nick asks Will how he sees this playing out? You mom and your grandmother know. Do you feel you have to pretend to care about this baby to prove something to someone? Will - You think I'm pretending to care about my own child? Gabi points out that Will was upset that he couldn't have more time with the baby even before the wedding. Nick knows how Will feels but unfortunately this isn't about feelings. This is about what's best this for this baby and we all decided that you being around would be confusing for him or her. Will - So if I was out of the picture completely would that not be confusing ... Nick tells him to listen to reason. Whether or not you're going to be with Sonny, you're going to be with some guy and presumably that person will want to be a part of this baby's life. Will asks him what he's getting at. Nick - Do we really want this baby raised by 1 mommy and 3 daddies?

Rafe - Despite the fact that you spent the better part of Will's childhood passing him back and forth between you and Lucas you seem shocked that I could ever call you selfish. Sami - It's just unfair. Rafe agrees. It's unfair to Will and all the other kids. And if you think Johnny and Sydney are going to turn out any less mixed up than Will, you're wrong. EJ declares that Will isn't mixed up, just going through a very difficult time at the moment. He's a wonderful lad and Johnny and Sydney are going to grow up very happy and secure because they know they are loved by their mother and father. You can get out. Rafe - The bottom line, if you think I'm going to stand by and watch you screw up my sister's baby, you're dead wrong. He leaves.

Segment 4: Gabbie gives Nick the look so he apologises to Will. I didn't mean for that to come out like that. I'm just agitated because I care so much about this baby. Will - I'm the father, you think I don't care so much about this baby? Nick - No, I didn't mean to insult you. Again I apologise. I know Gabi and I have felt the same way all along, just wanted to know how you felt about it. Will repeats that they can't do it the way they planned anymore. Nick is saying that they should do it legally. Gabi gets a reminder about her sonogram appt on her cell. She has to go. Nick - Right, you're appointment with the Dean about your 2nd semester class schedule, right? Gabi - Yeah. Nick apologises to Will again. I'd appreciate it if you'd think about what we're asking you to do. They start to leave. Will - It doesn't matter how much thinking I do, I'm never going to give up custody of my child. Nick - I guess that's good for us to know. They leave.

Rafe runs into Nicole in the square. She can tell he's upset. Rafe doesn't want to talk about if. Nicole - Give me 3 guesses, Sami! He smiles. Rafe shouldn't be surprised by anything Sami says or does but she's totally outdone herself this time. And then throw in her cheerleader, EJ ... Nicole says no arguing - come with me.

EJ declares that Rafe is trying to push her button's so he can further his sister's agenda. Sami would love to believe that but Will said the same things to her earlier. EJ explains that Will took out his confusion on her because she's his mother and she won't turn on him. Sami would never do that. EJ states that Rafe is being unfair. Sami just wants to make sure that Will gets to be in his child's life. EJ - If he wants to be. Sami declares that he does. He's just young and scared and gay. She'd love to live in a world where that didn't matter but it does. EJ agrees. Sami - If Gabi and Nick get married and sue for custody, the fact that Will is single, a college student and gay is not going to help him. EJ retained the services of the best custody lawyer in town. Sami thanks him. They finally leave the church.

Chad is trying to apologise. He knows Lexie wouldn't want them to be fighting like this. Cam points out that he ruined Gabi's wedding and made Will's life a confusing mess. You and I both know that you're only sorry that it didn't go the way you planned. Chad - You don't understand how sick Gabi is and how she wronged me. Cam - Why don't you understand that NOTHING can justify what you did. And since you brought up Lexie, I can guarantee you she wouldn't be patting you on the back right now. In fact I'm sure she'd be ashamed as hell of you which is what I am. Chad - I came to apologise to you and this is what I get? Who the hell do you think you are to tell me what my sister would think of me? You think you stand on some higher moral ground just because you're a doctor? Cam - I'll tell you what I think. I think you're an angry, vindicative bastard and what you did to Gabi and Will was indefencible and unforgiveable so give it up. There's no way you can make things right, especially not with me.

Will comes into the coffee shop.

Segment 5: Nicole - So EJ is using this thing between you and Sami as a wedge to get Sami back? Rafe - Let him. He can have her. He's serious. Nicole asks what Sami did. Rafe says she attacked my sister, threatened her. I saw the real side of Sami and it's a nightmare. Nicole has never heard him talk this way about Sami. Rafe has never felt this way about her. She was cruel to my sister. I'm telling you it's over, done!

EJ and Sami show up at the square. Sami appreciates his support. Sami can't believe she has to have this conversation with Lucas about the baby. EJ goes to get coffee or something. She sends Lucas a text. When can we talk? Adrienne walks up. Sami doesn't want to hear it. Adrienne - You're going to.

When they arrive at the hospital Gabi asks Nick why he didn't want Nick to know they were coming in for a sonogram. Nick - We're all going through a hard time figuring out what to do next. Will has a huge decision to make, something like this would make it harder for him. We're about to see our baby for the first time - alive and moving around. I don't want to share that moment with anybody else. Gabi - Is that the only reason? Nick - No, I was also afraid if he saw the baby it would affect his decision and it make it harder for him to be objective. I'm sorry if it seems like I'm selfish but you and I are the ones raising this baby together, nobody else and I want to share every special moment with you and nobody else.

Will greets Sonny and tells him he really misses him. He understands that Sonny doesn't want to see him anymore but he is so important to him that he can't imagine his life without Sonny in it. Just give me one more chance. Sonny - That depends on whether or not you can explain to me why you lied to me that entire time about getting your ex-girlfriend pregnant. Will's reason is that he was afraid that he'd lose him if he told him the truth.

Segment 6: Sami doesn't want to do this because it's been a rough couple of days for her and her family and if she says even one teeny, tiny little thing that is negative about her son, she will take her down. Adrienne - I have nothing to say about your son but mine is devastated. I've never seen him so upset. Sami is sorry that Sonny is hurt and feeling betrayed but Will did the best that he could in a situation that is confusing, complicated and difficult, painful for him. Adrienne - Did he have to lie to Sonny? Sonny's heart is broken. It's going to take a long ... Sami - Really? How long do you think it will take Sonny to get over it? A month, 6 months, a year even but he will get over it. My son is about to become a father and godwilling he will be dealing with that child for the rest of his life. He's in college, he's gay and he's probably going to lose a man that he loves and he's about to become a father and you want to sit here and talk to me about Sonny's problems?

Will reminds Sonny about the conversation they had about kids. Sonny said he didn't want to think about kids for a long time because he wanted to travel, not be tied down. Sonny wanted to travel with Will. You don't how I would have reacted. I might have bolted or I could have said this is going to be challenging but why don't we figure out how to make it happen because we love each other. Now we'll never know how it would have played out because you didn't trust me enough to tell me the truth. You just kept lying and lying and lying. He gets up and walks away. Abby goes up to Will and asks if he's okay. She's really sorry. Will says he's okay. Abby is surprised he's here; she thought he'd be at the hospital.

Maxine tells Nick and Gabi the doctor will be in soon. Nick asks if Gabi is far enough along for the doctor to be able to tell them if it's a boy or girl. Maxine is pretty sure the doctor will be able to tell them if they want to know. Gabi and Nick decide they want to know the sex.

EJ returns. Adrienne gets up and leaves. EJ tells her to drink her tea and relax. Sami rants about doing everything for your kids so they don't make the same mistakes you make ... EJ decides he should make a move on her so her comforts her.

Chad comes up to Abby in the coffee house and tells her he saw her with Cameron at the hospital. Does she think Cam fell for that whole 'batting the eyelashes' thing. Abby tells him to stop. Chad apologises. Just for a nanosecond I thought we could have something; it was the first time in months that I didn't feel so totally alone. I'll see you.

Sami and EJ are at her apartment again. Sami listens and deludes herself into believing it's true when EJ waxes poetically about her being a wonderful mother. Blah, blah, blah. Sami doesn't know what she would do without him.

Segment 7: Cam comes into the exam room. Cam is so sorry about what Chad did but in the long run maybe it's best that the truth came out. Nick snaps that it was the worst thing that could have happened.

Nicole understands Rafe is upset but she also understands that Sami is under his skin in a way no other woman has ever been. Rafe - Not anymore. Nicole reminds him that he's said that before. Rafe - She's never been cruel to my family before. My sister is having her son's baby. Sami and I disagree on what that means for them. She and I are going to be at odds about this for a very long time.

EJ takes advantage of the situation and kisses Sami.

The ultrasound is underway. Gabi says this is incredible. Cam asks if they want to know the sex of their baby. They do. Say hello to your daughter. Will - It's a girl. He stares at the ultrasound.


Thursday, Jan 24

Segment 1: Adrienne and Justin stroll through the square. She tells Justin that Sami has absolutely no compassion for Sonny and what this has done to him. She kept going on and on about how Will's life was thrown into turmoil - she lists all the things Sami said about Will. Justin says it's true. Adrienne asks if he's defending Sami. Justin knows this is painful for Sonny but Will is going to have to live with this mistake for the rest of his life so he doesn't think it would hurt them to show Will a little compassion. Lucas appreciates Justin saying that.

Abigail tells Chad she needs to talk to him. She makes it clear she doesn't hate him. Chad is doubtful. Abby clarifies that she didn't hate him but she hated what he did. She doesn't understand how the sweet guy who was her friend, who never pushed her, who kissed her can match up to this vindicative, mean-spirited jerk that ruined Nick and Gabi's wedding. Chad had his reasons. Abby asks what could possibly justify what he did. Chad can't get into the reasons but if he could go back and do it all again, he wouldn't. Abby retorts that it's too late now. Chad agrees. Now I'll just live with the consequences of what I've done and the chances I've lost for the rest of my life. Rafe comes into the coffeehouse and asks Sonny if he knows where Will is. He has no idea. Will and I aren't together anymore. Rafe is sorry to hear that. He knows they were happy together.

Will remarks - OMG, look at her as he watches the baby's image on the sonogram. Cam asks Gabi if she wants Will in here for this. Will states that he has every right to be in here. I'm the father. Cam tells Will it's Gabi's appointment, her call. Will repeats - I'm the father of this little girl. There is no reason I should not be here. Nick states that Will is right. He's the baby's father, he should be here.

EJ and Sami end up on the couch. Once EJ gets Sami where he wants her - he puts a halt to things and the manipulation begins.

Segment 2: Adrienne tells Lucas she just got an earful from his ex. She doesn't need another lecture on how she should feel sorry for his son, not mine. Lucas - I guess if falls on me then because I wasn't accepting of Will when he first came out. He felt like he didn't have his father's support so he must have felt that he had something to prove. Adrienne - Getting Gabi pregnant? That isn't what Lucas meant. Neither one of them expected or wanted this pregnancy. Adrienne - Will's not thinking of getting back together with my son, is he? Lucas doesn't know. That's not his business or hers. Agreed? Justin - Agreed! Lucas leaves. Adrienne looks at Justin - Really? Justin - The situation is not black and white. Adrienne asks him what he means? Justin recalls Nick asking him what it would take to prove that Will is not fit to be a father. Adrienne asks if he's listening to her. Yes, and they're on the same team, team Sonny. We'll support our son no matter what. We'll help him through it all but I don't see how it serves anyone to make Will a villain. Adrienne didn't say he was a villain, just sorely lacking in the maturity dept and she doesn't want Sonny in the middle of it.

Sonny tells Rafe that Abigail is here; she might know where Will is. Rafe thanks him. Rafe walks up to Abby and asks if they can talk for a minute. Chad says they're done, he walks away. Rafe asks Abby if she knows where Will is. She asks why. Rafe - Because I haven't spoke to him privately since I found out he's the father of my sister's baby. Will and I are close; mu sister and the baby matter a lot to me. My sister is going to need her friends through this pregnancy; I hope you can be there for her. Abby will, she cares for Gabi a lot. Rafe thanks her. When he turns to leave Abby tells him that Will is at the hospital with Gabi for her sonogram. Rafe thanks her again and leaves.

Nick says Will can have his spot; he'll go wait outside. Gabi protests but Nick insists it's too crowded in here. Will just wants to be a part of this. Nick says they really should have told him about it; we had no right to keep it from you. Will - No, you really didn't. Nick leaves the room.

Sami lies there with everything hanging out; she didn't expect him to stop. EJ plays her. He knows she feels terrible about what's happened with William and Rafe. She's vulnerable at the moment. He doesn't want her thinking she took advantage of them. He points out that they only seem to end up in this situation when something terrible has happened to one or both of them. Sami understands. EJ continues playing her like a piano - I love you. I think the time needs to be right. You know where I am and when you need me I'll be there. There's a knock on the door. It's Lucas and he immediately knows what was going on.

Segment 3: Sami tells Lucas all the kids are at sleepovers tonight. Lucas wants to talk about Will; he knows where the kids are. EJ leaves. Lucas - Didn't take the two of you very long, did it? Sami claims nothing happen. Lucas points out that she did a terrible job buttoning her blouse. Sami doesn't have to answer to him. Lucas - Well, just tell me this. Why were you all over Rafe at Nick and Gabi's wedding and now here you are with EJ doing the merengue again? Is it because of the inconvenient truth of who the father of Gabi's baby is? So what, now it's out with Rafe and in with EJ. Nice, real nice.

Adrienne and Justin come into the coffeehouse. Sonny asks if she brought dad for backup. Adrienne just wanted to see how he's doing and she wanted to apologise for being insensitive before. Sonny is sorry too, he was a little rough with her only because he was frustrated. He asks - At Christmas you both acted happy that Will and I were together but now I'm wondering if you really meant it or did you know even back then that we were a mistake.

Chad and EJ are in the square. Chad comments on happy EJ looks. Either he won the lottery or something really good went down with Sami. EJ claims that things are slowly going in the right direction. Chad asks if that's because of what he did at the wedding. Smug EJ gloats that the war it brought between Sami and Rafe didn't do him any harm. Chad congratulates him and starts walking away. EJ calls out and asks how things are with him in the aftermath of his showstopping performance at the wedding. Chad says his life is pretty much a full blown disaster.

Gabi calls Will over so he can see the baby moving. Will - She's a miracle. Gabi - I know. Nick watches through the window and vows to make this right again.

Segment 4: When Cam comes out he tells Nick Gabi asked for him to come back in. Nick asks if everything is okay with the baby. Everything's fine. Nick goes into the room. Gabi says he could have stayed. We have so much to be grateful for. Cameron says she's very healthy and she's exactly where she should be at this stage. Will knows now that they're original plan of letting everyone believe that Nick was the father was a huge mistake. Seeing what I seen, having felt what I felt, I want and I need to be a part of my daughter's life. And I want to thank you so much for giving me this time with Gabi and our baby. I know we don't always get along but I know that we can work it out because we all want what's best for this little girl. Right? Going forward can you please let me know about any checkups or anything. Gabi promises that they will. Will leaves. Gabi thanks Nick for that, she knows it was hard. I think that the 3 of us can do the right thing for our daughter. She lets Nick feel the baby kick.

Sami doesn't owe him an explanation of her personal life. Lucas just made an observation. She was undressed with EJ DiMera again. Sami says he's been great about Will unlike Rafe who's been a word I won't mention. Lucas bets that she had some choice words for Rafe's sister. Sami - Nothing that wasn't true. Lucas - As you see it. Sami starts ranting about Gabi lying to her. Lucas points out that Will has lied to them lots before. Sami declares that Will had to lie about this. Lucas - Why? Did he have a gun to his head? Sami - Gabi and Nick coerced him, I'm sure. That's the only reason he'd lie to us. They made him feel like they would be better parents then him. He was scared so he went along with it. Lucas - That doesn't sound like Gabi to me. Sami scoffs - There's a lot about her you don't know and Nick is genuis smart. Lucas - He's smart so he wanted to marry a girl who is pregnant by his gay cousin and then he wanted to pretend he was the father. That makes him a genius? Come on! Sami snarks - You have quite a wit. Lucas didn't come to fight with her or pass judgement. He doesn't care who she's sleeping with these days. What day is it today? EJ gets Thursday, Rafe gets the weekend. I came to talk about Will, that's all. We need to be there for him together as a united front. Sami agrees - what's the problem? Lucas - The problem is you've managed to alienate Rafe and Gabi; Gabi, the mother of our future grandchild and that's a huge mistake.

Rafe sees Will in the square and says he was on his way to see him at the hospital. Will asks how he knew he was there. Rafe figured that because Gabi was having her first sonogram he'd be there. Is everything okay? Will tells him everything is great. I almost missed it because Gabi and Nick didn't tell me. Rafe - You know that I care about you a lot, right? Will - Yeah but I lied about getting your sister pregnant, the caring kind of just faded away. Rafe - Maybe a little. I just wanted you to be honest with me, honest with everyone. Will - I know. I should have been honest with myself. I know it sounds stupid but everything has changed because I know now exactly what it means to be a father. I'm going to be a big part of my baby's life and I told Nick and Gabi that so they know ... he's beaming. Rafe smiles - That's great. That's important to me too. It's going to be my first niece or nephew. Will - Niece. Rafe - Or nephew. Will - No, niece. It's a girl! Rafe - Oh wow. He hugs Will.

Nick tells Gabi they've had a rough few days but he feels things are better now. Gabi feels the same way. It's much more real to her now. I couldn't be happier. Nick - Sure you can. That's why we're getting married tomorrow. I took care of everything; you just have to show up. She hugs him - I love you.

Segment 5: Will is so sorry that he lied to him. Rafe gets it. You were scared. Will - But I'm not going to be anymore; I can't. I've got to be strong and take responsibility because there's a little girl on the way and she's going to need her Dad. I'm going to be that for her. I felt her kick, btw. I told Gabi it was a miracle. Are we good? Rafe hugs him - We're good. Congrats. Will leaves. Rafe shakes his - It's going to be a miracle if this all works out.

EJ asks how Abigail is taking all this. Chad replies - She can't stand the sight of me. EJ advises to give her a little bit of time. In his experience with relationships, despite a bad prognosis, things can work out.

Sami and Lucas exchange velvet barbs. Sami adds - You know one other thing we have to deal with, we're going to be grandparents. Cheers! Lucas - I guess that's what happens when you're still a kid and you have a kid. Sami - Is this what Will has to look forward to? Lucas - Let's let him get used to being a Dad before springing all the other stuff on him. Sami laughs - Good plan. Did you talk to him? He did, right after everything blew up and I told him we'd be there for him no matter what. Sami - He's really mad at me. Told me I was being selfish and making it all about me. Lucas - You selfish, really? Sami - Why does everyone keep saying that? Lucas - Because it's true. Who else told you that besides Will and me? Sami - Rafe. Lucas - Rafe is the only family Gabi has here in Salem so if you're going to make peace you're going to have to get along with that particular ex-husband. Sami doesn't see why she should make nice with him especially after the way he talked about our son. Lucas - You want to be a part of that baby's life? Sami - Yes! Lucas - Then you have to stop blaming Rafe and Gabi, it's not their fault; it's just the hand we've been dealt. We're going to be the adults in the room; the grandparents, so we're just going to have to deal with it.

Adrienne points out that when they were together at Christmas none of them knew what Will was keeping from him. Sonny - I know, it just seems like forever ago. Justin knows how much he and Will care for each other but you need to know that from now on things are going to be different. Will's a father now so no matter what happens between the two of you, he always will be. Sonny understands that. I know his life is going to change completely. Justin - We're both with you. Come on - group hug. Sonny loves them so much. Justin and Adrienne leave. Will goes in.

Segment 6: Will was hoping they could talk. Sonny heard from Abigail that he went to the sonogram, everything okay with the baby. Yes, everything is great. I actually saw her, felt her kick. Sonny - A girl! Will - Now I can't imagine not being a part of her life. I have no idea what I was thinking before. Sonny - So now you're glad the truth is out? Will is. And I intend to be a father to this little girl but there's something else I want. I want you to be in her life as well. I should not have said that. Sonny agrees. Will - I wish every day that I never lied to you. I love you and it's not like I'm going to stop. I want to be with you. I swear that if you give me one more chance I will never lie to you again. I miss you every minute, every day.

Chad arrives at the hospital and tells Cam he's here to give it another shot. I know you're angry and I know why but I'm just hoping that you'll hear me out this time. It doesn't matter what motivation I had to go after Gabi but it was all about her and nobody else. I'm sorry other people got hurt including you. I had confidential from you that you didn't know I had and I used it to make my point. Cam - What's your point now? Chad - My point is that I was wrong to do what I did and I want to make it up to you not just because I should but because you're family. I know you got mad at me for bringing up Lexie but I really think she'd want us to figure this out. Cam will try. Chad thanks him.

Nick and Gabi come back to her room. Nick is going to get her a milkshake when Abby stops by for a short visit. Nick leaves them alone. Abby just wanted to check on her and see how she's doing. Gabi knows that Abby is caught in the middle with both Nick and Will being her cousins. Abby feels it's tough for both of them too. Gabi thinks things are getting better them. She tells her about the sonogram. It's a girl. Nick says we're getting married tomorrow. Abby is so happy for her especially after what happened with Chad at the wedding which she doesn't understand and is so sorry for. Gabi states that Chad has his reasons to be mad at her and I did make some mistakes but I don't want to get into it because stress is not good for the baby. I just want to focus on all the positive things in my life and my future.

Lucas - The bottom line - A, we have to be there for our son unconditionally. Sami agrees. B - We have to not alienate Rafe and Gabi anymore than we already have. Sami - You mean anymore than I already have. Lucas - Can you do that? Sami - Yes. What are we going to do about the Sonny complication? How do we help him with that? Lucas - We're not getting involved in that right now, that's for Will to handle. Sami - But he really loves him. Lucas - Sometimes love just isn't enough. Goodnight.

Rafe comes into the pub and tells Nick he just spoke to Will, Gabi's having a girl. Nick - Yeah, she's so happy. I guess I should tell you we're getting married tomorrow. I don't see any reason to wait. The only person I could see having a problem with it ... he stops. Rafe - Sami. Nick - Yeah, maybe. Actually I was thinking of Will.

Segment 7: Abby - You and my mom are the only ones who know about me being a virgin. I was embarrassed to tell Cameron and that hasn't changed. Gabi - You're still embarrassed? Abby - No, I'm still a virgin but I'm not embarrassed about it anymore. I've come to terms with it. It's who I am and if anyone doesn't like it or thinks it's weird, that's just too bad. Gabi - Here you are thinking someone is not going to like you because you're a virgin and here I am pregnant. In a way it's kind of the opposite. I thought Nick wouldn't accept me being pregnant with somebody else's baby but he did accept. That's because he's an amazing person and you are too. I know you're going to find somebody to love really soon and that person is going to be so lucky to have you. They hug.

EJ calls just to make sure he keeps Sami at his beck and call. He claims that he wanted to make love to her but he wanted to make sure it's the right time. She does have something to tell him but it would be better in person. After the call she mutters that she owes EJ the truth about Rafe and her.

Rafe asks Nick why Will would have a problem with him marrying Gabi. He didn't before. Nick doesn't trust that Sami and Will are going to let this custody thing go and that could make things really difficult for Gabi and me and the baby. Rafe - As upset as I've been with Sami lately we have to face the facts here. The fact is that legally Will has every right to be a part of this child's life. Nick - If things get ugly and I need to protect Gabi, I may have to ask for your help. I can count on you? Rafe - Sure, but ... Nick - Great, that means a lot to me. Nick walks away.

Sonny and Will are kissing. Will asks if they can go back to your place. Sonny wants to be alone with him so bad but it's not going to fix our problems. It's not going to make anything better. It would be just sex. It's never been just sex with us. Will - You're so incredible. You're the best thing that could have ever happened to me. I'm sorry I'm such an idiot. He leaves.


Friday, Jan 25

Segment 1: Dan is talking on the phone with Chloe. Parker cried for a bit after she left but he's fine now. Chloe thinks that deep down inside Parker knows that Dan is his daddy. Dan tells her Maggie is coming over so he's going to have backup. Chloe will be there as soon as she's done with her errands. There's a knock on his door so he ends the conversation. It's Nicole and she's carrying a present. Dan thinks Parker likes his present. Dan comments that Nicole is pretty quiet. Nicole didn't think Parker would be here. This is Dan's first time alone with him. Nicole thought she would drop the present off and tell him how happy she is for him. Dan says if this is too much, he's sorry. He knows this is a painful reminder of everything she lost. Nicole says what she lost is her own fault. Dan says, not the baby. Nicole - I spent so much time keeping you and Jennifer apart. Maybe if I had taken better care of myself ... Dan - That is not true. Nicole - So you're with Jennifer now and I've got my BFF's over at the convent, it's great. Dan - You will find somebody who is right for you. Nicole - I found somebody. The hard part was getting him to see that I was right for him. Dan is sorry. Nicole asks how Jennifer is handling him having a son. Dan says she was as shocked as he was but she's happy. Nicole - Is she happy that Chloe is back in your life? Dan - She knows that what Chloe and I had is over. Nicole - Daniel, I think there is something that you should know.

Chloe knocks and comes into Jen's office. Chloe feels that they should talk face to face about Parker and Daniel.

Brady and Kristen come into the rectory arm and arm and ask Eric if everyone else is late. Eric cancelled the board meeting. Kristen - Without telling us? Eric wanted to speak to the two of them privately. Given the public nature of your relationship and the very public nature of the fistfight you had with your father the idea of us all working together to build this school seems a little naive. Brady - What do you mean? Eric - It means that it's not happening.

Marlena joins John at the coffeehouse. She was so relieved to get his message. He's glad she could make it. Marlena asks if he's changed his mind about leaving town. No, he's leaving today. Marlena is crestfallen. John says his meetings in Paris and Milan came up sooner than expected. Marlena - Baloney! You're running away. You don't want to stand and fight for us, do you? What John wants is to figure out a way to get his son away from that woman. For some reason he can't think in this environment. Marlena asks when he's coming back. He doesn't know. He's thinking about staying in Italy for a while after his meetings. Marlena - So everything we've built, everything we've survived, everything we've meant to each other, you're going to throw that away because I didn't tell you about Brady and Kristen. John - If I had known earlier what was going on maybe I could have done something for my son but you made a decision, you let that woman use him, maybe destroy him. Marlena - You told me she was right and I was wrong. John - I see, you didn't have any faith in me. What really bothers me Doc, is you still don't.

Segment 2: Nicole is about to tell Daniel something when there's a knock on the door. It's Maggie. Nicole was just leaving. Dan says she was going to tell him something. Nicole claims it wasn't important. She just wanted him to know that she was happy for him. She knows he'll be a great father. She leaves. Outside his door she cries.

Chloe is so sorry about Jack; you must miss him a lot. Jen does and she always will but she doesn't think Chloe came here to talk about Jack. Chloe kind of did. I know how much you 2 meant to each other so I understand why you say you'll always grieve for him which makes me wonder about you and Daniel. It makes me wonder if Daniel is a transition for you to help you get over losing Jack. Jen - Do you think I don't know my own feelings. Chloe isn't trying to barge in where she doesn't belong ... Jen is sceptical ... Chloe states that Parker has to get over missing Philip and he has to accept Daniel as his dad, learn to love him which means he has to get know you and care you. If you and Daniel don't work out I'm just worried that Parker will be even more hurt and confused than he already is. I have to put my son first ... Jen - Give me a break. You did not come here to talk about Parker.

Brady - You want us to resign from the board? Eric does. Brady - Do you have any idea how much money you're going to lose if you do this? Kristen will resign; let Brady stay. The most important thing is the school. Of course my family will still honour it's pledge to the building fund. You guys need to work this out. Don't let this come between brothers. Brady snarls - We're step-brothers. Kristen repeats - You're brothers. She leaves. Brady starts ranting. Just so you know I'm not staying on the board without Kristen. Eric - That's fine with me. Given the way you're conducting your life I don't think you and I will ever work together on anything anymore!

Marlena asks John how long he'll be gone. John doesn't know. Marlena asks if he has any suggestions on how she can keep the family safe from Kristen while she's alone. John - Kristen's M.O. has changed; she's into mind games now. Marlena scoffs - Oh really! John - Stay away from her. Do not engage. Marlena - I'll try not to. Should I have the locks changed? John - If I thought she was a physical danger to you I would not go out of town. I have a lo of things to do before I go to the airport so please stop thinking about her. Marlena calls out to him as he's leaving - You too. She gets up and wraps her arms around him and then kisses him.

Segment 3: Parker has now gone down for his nap. Dan couldn't get him to go to sleep. Maggie points out that Parker is used to a crib so she put pillows around him. Dan rants that he missed 2 years of Parker's life. He never should have left here. That room should be his room. Maggie points out that he's got Parker now. Dan complains that Parker put up with him this morning because he had to; I'm just a stranger in this kids' life.

Chloe asks if she's questioning her committment to her son. Jen isn't. She doesn't doubt her concern for her son or that she's a good mother; she just doesn't think Parker is the reason Chloe came here today. You said that you accept the fact that Daniel has moved on with me but I don't think you mean it. Chloe - You have every reason to be suspicious of me so now that's it's just the 2 of us, it's time to clear the air.

Nicole runs into Father Matt in the HTS. FM has been hearing that she's been doing wonderful things in the church office. Nicole - At least I'm finally doing something right. FM remarks that she doesn't sound too happy about it. Do you want to talk about it? They sit down. Nicole says there's this guy she used to be involved with and she's worried about him. He's dating this new woman who's so self-righteous and annoying and she wouldn't know how to have a good time if it bit in her in ... okay, she's dull. FM - Sounds like he doesn't feel the same way. Nicole - He's a great guy but he's so clueless when it comes to women. He hasn't even noticed that this other woman from his past is trying to break up him and the dull one. FM - Maybe you still have some strong feelings for this man. Nicole - Yeah, I guess. FM - Then you can't be entirely objective. Nicole - Just today I was going to warn him about what's happening but then I thought, why would I help him stay with the dull one when I should sit back and let the scheming one do her worst. What do you think I should do? FM - Nothing, because all of that is none of your business.

Brady - So this is personal? Eric wishes he would have been more honest with him about his relationship with Kristen. Brady - What board members do in their free time, why is that any of your business? Eric - It becomes my business when you're sleeping with a woman who was once involved with your father and then you and father get in a fist fight because of it. Brady - Don't you think you're being a tad bit judgemental? Eric - And don't you think you're being a little bit tacky? It's not my business but I'm not going to have it be a poor reflection on this church. Brady - Does that collar give you the right to look down on people? Eric rips off the collar. I'm talking to you as your brother not as a piest. If it were up to me Kristen never would have been on this board. She's as dangerous as her old man and as phoney as a 3 dollar bill. Brady - You don't even know her! Eric - I know that she tried to kill my mother and that's all I need to know. Brady - She paid for it and she regrets it every day of her life okay. Eric - She's got you so tied up in knots you don't even see reality. Don't you see how this is affecting your whole family? Brady - If you're talking about my Dad ... Eric - He and Mom have put you back together so many times. How have you paid them back? By being selfish. You don't even care that their marriage is falling apart because of it. Brady - I talked to Dad and Marlena and they won't even give Kristen the benefit of the doubt. Eric - Why should they! Brady - I thought you becoming a priest would change you; make you different somehow but it hasn't. I was wrong. He storms out slamming the door behind him.

Kristen watches as John and Marlena kiss. Marlena begs him not to go. I have a terrible feeling that if you go, you're never coming back. John doesn't know what's ahead for them but he'll be back. Marlena is going to hold him to that. She hugs him again and then he leaves. Kristen watches as Marlena cries and then she hops up and down in glee.

Segment 4: Maggie talks about being happy that he had a good childhood but she still wishes she could have been the one taking care of him as a child. But they're happy and she's sure Parker will feel the same way. Dan tells her he's so lucky to have her in his life.

Chloe lies and tells Jen that although she's said that her relationship with Dan is over, she accepts that he's with Jen now. If you think I've been hiding something it's because I was. She tells her about being a prostitute. Jen knows that and it's really none of her business. Chloe agrees but now that you know the worst I think it's best that you hear the whole story. Jen doesn't want to but Chloe insists because she really feels it could change everything. After hearing everything Jen says it's a horrible story and she doesn't think anyone could hold that against Chloe. I want you to know that I won't. Chloe appreciates that. I just keep thinking that somebody else would have fought back. Me, I let Vivian convince me that Daniel was having an affair with Carly. I let Philip seduce me. I had no idea that Stephanie and her friend and Caroline Brady were all trying to arrange the results of my amnio. It's all so crazy. I let other people ruin the best thing that had ever happened to me. If Daniel had known that Parker was his son, even if he found out about Philip and me, maybe we could have worked things out. I'm pretty sure that Daniel would have wanted to try for Parker's sake. As it was, he turned and walked away. Jen - I understand what you're saying but I don't understand the point you're trying to make. Chloe - I know you're such a good person and you always try to do the right thing ... Jen - So you're saying that the right thing to do would be for me to give up Daniel.

FM has a suggestion for Nicole. Why don't you focus on doing something for somebody else, something good, something generous, something that doesn't involved your own needs. Nicole - That's a good idea. Now I just have to figure out what that is. FM - Let's think about this.

Kristen tracks down John near the gate of the square. That was some scene between you and Marlena at the coffeehouse. Was it for real or just for my benefit? John - Didn't know you were there. Are you spying on us? Kristen wouldn't spy but when Marlena chooses to make a spectacle of herself it's a little hard to ignore. John - Well she's not quite as subtle as you are. Kristen - Are you really leaving town? John - Only long enough to figure out a way to make my son see you for the monster that you really are. Kristen - So what's going on with you and Marlena anyway? Trouble in paradise. That did not look like a fond farewell. John - Go to hell. Kristen - You first. After he leaves Kristen gloats - Whoever said revenge is sweet didn't know the half of it.

Segment 5: Chloe - Losing Daniel was my own fault. If you make him happy I would never ask you to give him up. What I'm worried about is what you could do to Parker. Jen - How could I hurt Parker? Chloe heard that she asked for the number for CPS ... Jen wants to know who told her that. Chloe states it doesn't matter. Jen argues that it does. I need to know. Chloe - Were you going to call them on me? Jen - No, why would I do that? Chloe - To get me out of Parker's life and Daniel's. A nurse comes in and tells Jen the hospital administrator wants to see her right away. Chloe says she has to pick up Parker anyways. Please think about what I said.

Nicole finds Eric's collar on his desk. She asks if the collar is getting uncomfortable. Eric was actually looking for that. He tells her he threw it at Brady today. Nicole asks if it's about a family matter that doesn't concern her or was it about Kristen. Eric asked them both to resign from the board. I couldn't tolerate them using the church and the building fund to make their relationship look respectable. Nicole asks how Brady felt about that. Eric replies that he didn't want to hear a negative word about her. Nicole - There is so many negative things to say. Eric - Yeah, he says she's changed, in love. He's getting played. Kristen as much as admitted it to John. I don't know what it's going to do to him when he finally realises that. Between him and the problems it's causing my mom and John I don't understand how one woman can tear a family apart.

John sees Brady with a bouquet of flowers. John just ran into Kristen. She was revelling in the fact that I'm heading out of town and things aren't going so well between Marlena and me. Brady - You're going out of town. John thinks it's a good time to take some meetings at the European offices. Brady - So you'll be back. John - Eventually, once I figure out how I'm going to get through to you about Kristen. Brady - Then you're going to be gone a long time. Until you accept the fact that Kristen is a part of my life maybe you should just not come home. At least not for my sake.

Kristen is on the phone gloating to Stefano. Stefano - So John has lost his wife and his son because of you. Kristen - Of course. Now John's life will never be the same. Stefano - Since you have your victory it's time for you to dump Brady Black. Kristen doesn't think she's going to do that.

Segment 6: Eric states that Brady is not the man Nicole knew and John is leaving town for awhile. Nicole - Why? What about your mom? Eric thinks it's pretty accurate to say that they are separating. Nicole - They're the world's most devoted couple. Eric - Were. Nicole - This is all because of Kristen? Eric - That's what my mom says. Nicole - It sounds like the only way to get your mom, John and Brady back together is if Kristen is out of the picture. Eric - What are yout thinking about? Nicole smiles - Causes that can be won. Time for my break. Don't give up hope. After she walks out of the room - she mutters - You do your thing and I'll do me mine. She looks up - You're still helping people who help themselves, right, because I'm counting on that.

Stefano - You've got what you want so it's time to give him his walking papers. Kristen isn't sure she has what she wants. Stefano - You said John left Marlena. Kristen - Yeah but if I keep seeing Brady I can keep sticking it to John and Marlena. Stefano - If that's all there is to it. Kristen knows exactly what she is doing.

Brady comes into the coffeehouse and sees Marlena and after putting down the flowers he says hi. I ran into Dad. Marlena - Then you know. Brady - About him going to Europe. Marlena adds - For an indefinite period of time. Brady - Eric also told me that you and Dad had been having problems because of me. I'm sorry about that. Marlena - It's not your fault. It's my fault. Brady - Why, what did you do?

Jen closes her office door behind Maggie and asks her to promise that she won't say anything especially to Daniel. Chloe came to see me this morning to talk to me about what I was talking to you about yesterday. It was about Chloe and a horrible incident that had happened to her in her past that Daniel didn't know about but he knows now and he thought I was going to use that information against Chloe without telling him. Maggie - How did he get that idea? Jen - I think Chloe is trying to make me look really bad right now. Maggie - Can you tell me what the incident is? No, that wouldn't be right but Jen can tell her why Chloe is using it to get at her. When Chloe came to see me it was very clear to me that she still loves Daniel and I believe she will do anything to get me out of the way so she can have him back.

Chloe and Dan talk about Parker not settling down for a nap because he's not in his normal place. Chloe says he'll learn to love this place. He'll have as many happy memories as I do. Oh my gosh, I have the best idea.

Segment 7: Maggie declares that Chloe will never replace her in Daniel's eyes. Jen points out that she and Dan are just finding their way back to each other. Chloe has given him what he wants most in this world; a child that he can raise. Maggie - Do you think that will make him fall in love with him? I saw what happened with them and she blew it. Jen - She knows that but she still thinks she has another chance. Maggie says Victor thinks so too. So maybe the two of us should keep a very close eye on Ms Chloe.

Chloe - You want to spend a lot of time with Parker and he needs to spend time with you and be settled in one place. Why shouldn't that place be here? Dan - Are you kidding? Chloe - You two would bond in no time. Dan - That would be amazing. Do you think we could work it out? Chloe - It's easy. Parker and I could move in here today.

Marlena doesn't want to go into specifics. I don't like talking about the foolish decisions I made because of Kristen. I think you'll feel the same way one day. Brady - Don't start with that. I've had enough of it for today. Marlena - I can't stop. I think you and I are going to end up paying the dearest price.

John hugs Eric. He tells him he needs this time away but he'll be back. Do me a favour and watch out for your Mom and keep trying to get through to Brady. Eric will and he'll keep praying. John thinks unfortunately it's going to take more than prayers to stop Kristen. She really is the devil.

Kristen assure Stefano he doesn't have to worry about her. She's going to ruin John and Marlena's life just like they ruined hers and that's all there is too it. Someone's at the door. It's probably Brady. She opens the door to Nicole.


Monday, Jan 28

Segment 1: Kristen tells Nicole it's nice to see her. Nicole calls her 'cupcake'. I'm not so sure if it's going to be so nice. I want to talk about Brady. I love him but when it comes to women he's sadly stupid. Kristen - You're right, wasn't he once involved with you? Nicole - You may be able to fool him but you don't fool me. We both know you're a phony bitch. Kristen - I guess it takes one to know one. Nicole tells her to think about Brady. Because of her he lost both John and Marlena who's like a mother to him. Nicole knows that to Kristen Brady is the perfect means to hurt John and Marlena. Kristen - Thankfully he doesn't think that's what I'm doing. Nicole - Because it's too painful for him to face what a fool he's been. Do you know how I know what you did to get Marlena away from John? That secret room where you tried to kill her, you stole Susan's baby and you tried to bring Roman back from the dead. I know all this because Brady told me. Kristen admits there was a time he wasn't her biggest fan. Nicole - Now he has to pretend to forget so he can do this (she points to the bed) with you. Kristen claims that Brady doesn't have to do anything because he knows she's changed. Nicole quips - Just like I know there's 0 calories in vodka. Kristen has neither denied that she's made mistakes. Nicole retorts - Neither has Stalin. Kristen - When it comes to mistakes it seems like you're the past master, right?

When Marlena tells Brady she thinks that someday they will pay a terrible price, Brady chalks it up to more scare tactics. Eric doesn't want to be with Kristen so he boots me off the advisory board. Dad doesn't want me to be with Kristen so he takes off to pay me back and you don't want me to be with Kristen so you're going to prophesize doom. Marlena - You think your father left to punish you? Brady rants that they both want him to fall in line because it's obviously impossible for them to accept that Kristen makes him happy. Marlena - Happy enough to be without anyone else in your life? Brady whines that every relative of is in line to take a number to tell him off. Brady gets a call from Eric. Eric needs him to come back to the rectory; there's one more thing they need to settle.

Hope comes to the hospital to see if she's free for lunch. Jen has a date with Daniel. Hope asks how it is between them with Chloe back in town. It's fine. Hope doesn't think that it sounds so fine. Jen doesn't think Daniel wants her to see it but Chloe is dead set on getting him back.

Chloe thinks it makes sense for them to move in with Daniel. Parker needs to get to know his Daddy and know he's part of the family. The best way to make that happen is for them to move in here.

Brady is back in the rectory. He thinks Eric has seen the error of his ways and wants to beg him to come back and chair the board. Eric - No, before I can replace you we need a formal letter of resignation. I need to get a replacement. We have no time to waste on our fundraisers. Brady tells him not to worry about the fundraising. Even though he and Kristen are persona non grata DiMera and Titan are still going to support the school and the church. It will be thrilling for you. You'll have all this money rolling in without the unpleasantness of seeing me on an ongoing basis. Eric - You seem to be enjoying this, I'm not. Brady isn't either but he's not going to fall apart. I don't care what anyone thinks; I'm going to live my life my way. He walks out and Eric mutters - The Kristen DiMera way.

Segment 2: Hope asks if Daniel sees that Chloe is out to get him. Jen lists all of Daniel's wonderful qualities before she says he doesn't see some women for who they are - case in point, Nicole. Nicole wasn't even the mother of his son and she had coming and going so I think I would be very stupid to underestimate Chloe.

Dan tells Chloe she talked about moving in here like it was actually possible and realistic; that's scary. We are divorced and I am in love with Jennifer. This is not a scenario that calls for me to have a roommate; certainly not you. Chloe wasn't thinking about herself, she was thinking of Parker. If they all live under the same roof he'll know what it's like to be part of a family. That's all she meant.

Eric is happy Marlena came to see him. She asks how it went with Brady. Not great. Marlena was afraid of that. She was hoping that Brady wasn't isolating himself from so much of the family. He's so defensive with me ... Eric says he's defensive with him too. Marlena - It's just all a mess, isn't it? Eric hopes she understands that he can't keep Brady and Kristen on the board. Marlena does understand. I just think this might be a gradual wakeup call for Brady. After losing Madison I don't want him losing anymore. Eric - How much have you lost in all this? As vulnerable as Brady was part of me wanted to go after him for what he's done to you. Marlena can't blame Brady. So much of this is my own fault.

Kristen thinks Nicole is a little hypocritical since she dumped poor Brady for EJ. Didn't you also dump Eric for Lucas so you could get your hands all over Kate's money? But nothing compares to you jumping into the marital bed with Victor Kiriakis. Nicole - I was awful but I have and always will be a loyal friend to Brady. Kristen believes her. She thinks Nicole is here because she's concerned about Brady. She also thinks Nicole is bored because her life is so empty. You have a past, I have a past but there's one big difference. I've changed, wasn't it you wandering around Horton Square pretending your baby was alive. Didn't you set up Jennifer Horton to take the blame. It seems to be that you are still that same woman who thinks innocent babies are a means to an end. Nicole attacks - You bitch. Kristen grabs her hand - You just made another serious mistake.

Segment 3: You should never raise your hand to a DiMera unless you're willing to pay the consequences. Nicole is trembling. Kristen thinks she's been pretty tolerant of her. I know you care about Brady but you are so insignificant to me that you're not even worth the energy it takes to react. I'm going to let go of your arm and you're going to walk out of here if you know what's good for you. Nicole - I never know what's good for me. She sends Kristen flying on to the bed. Brady bursts into the room and pulls Nicole off Kristen. Nicole yells - You can call me every name in the book but don't you ever say I wouldn't love my babies - EVER! Brady drags Nicole into the hallway - she screams Bitch! Brady - You do something like that again and our friendship is over, do you understand me! Nicole - Losing a friend is nothing compared to losing your mother, your father, your brother. Brady isn't going to listen to this. Nicole - She's not worth it. In your heart you know she's not. Brady - You are wrong! You are all wrong about her. Kristen eavesdrops. She mutters - What am I doing to you Brady?

Eric asks his mom how this is her fault. She tried to get Brady to see the truth about Kristen and she ended up losing John. Eric asks her what she's talking about.

Jen says after being married to Jack for so many years who she loved with her whole heart, it's kind of nice to be with someone who isn't so complicated. Hope can see that. Jen says the only time she's seen Dan bitter is when he talks about not being able to see Melanie grow up. He feels guilty for this horrible man who was her father. Hope - And know there's Chloe. She thinks Jen is being way too fair with Chloe. Jen knows from Chloe's POV it would be better for their son if they were back together. Hope - That would work out nicely for her too, don't you think? I don't think she's evil, I just think she's weak and a whole lot of people have been hurt by that weakness. Jen thinks at the same time Chloe is strong for her son. Chloe told her the whole story about what happened with Daniel and it was wrong and very unfair. If I was her I would want Daniel back too. Hope tells her to stop. She's not going to let Jen talk herself into this.

Dan says they need to talk about something they haven't addressed since she came back. We need to clear the air about the two of us. Chloe asks if he heard more about her. Dan - Is there more? No. Dan isn't so sure about that. He happens to know that she didn't get back with Philip when she left Salem and now she's talking about moving in here as if that was the next logical step. Chloe - For Parker. Dan isn't talking abou Parker - we're talking about us. I want you to be honest. Is there any part of you that wishes we could get back together? Chloe - Of course there is.

Brady is sick of everyone piling on Kristen. I'm not speaking to the rest of my family so it wouldn't be a big deal if I didn't speak to you either. That's what's going to happen if you a pull a stunt like this again. Nicole - OMG, your brother means nothing to you. Brady - He's a priest, he has no right to judge me. Kristen - So you're doing the woman he tried to kill his mother. Brady is going to go in the room but Kristen stops him. This isn't about me and Kristen, this is about you. I came here to tell her what this is doing to your family. You should see Eric. It's killing him and I know it's killing you. Trust me, she doesn't care about you. She only cares about herself. Brady - You're wrong. He goes into the room. Kristen claims Nicole is certifiable. Brady states that she's upset. Kristen - She came in here and attacked me! Brady - She's been through a lot. I think you should cut her some slack. Kristen - Are you defending her?

Segment 4: She came in here and physically attacked me and you want me to cut her some slack! Brady - This hasn't been the best day for me. I've spent the last week running around defending you to everyone. Some relationships are very, very strained because of my relationship with you. Kristen - I'm aware of that. Brady points out that Nicole did just lose a baby, it's her second one in a short amount of time. I was there for the first one and I've never seen anyone in so much pain and agony in my life. So if she gave you a hard time just now I think you should get over it, let it go. Another thing - I saw your face and I heard what Nicole was saying; I'm pretty sure you gave as good as you got. Kristen - So I was just supposed to stand there and take it? That's not who I am and it never will be. I'm aware that Nicole is a basket case but she doesn't your protection or your sympathy. I think you need to steer clear of her from now on. Silence. What is that look for? Brady - You're jealous, aren't you? Kristen - I'm not jealous. Why would I be jealous of the most unstable person in Salem? Brady - Good question, why would you?

Nicole listens as Marlena tells Eric that John thinks she went to far in trying to show Brady the truth about Kristen. Eric - After he found out he put Brady in the hospital and you went too far? Marlena - He thinks that. Eric is sorry. Marlena is going to let him get back to work. Nicole comes in - she didn't mean to interrupt. Eric is going to walk Marlena out. After they leave Nicole says - It sounds like Kristen is the hot topic of the day but it seems like you're giving up the fight Marlena. Perhaps it's time to bring in the reserves. So you want the truth about Kristen to come out, you are too good and noble to realise that sometimes it takes a lie to get at the truth. Brady Black, CEO of Titan industries. Kristen Blake DiMera, VP of DiMera Ent. (She's looking at the files on them on Eric's desk). Ah, lovers and competitors. She goes through the deskand finds a flashdrive. This is going to work out nicely.

Hope tells Jen that she doesn't have to stoop to Chloe's level but you don't need to stand back and watch either. Don't let her find an opening to move in on Daniel. Actually I think it's time you fought fire and fire. When she finds out they're going to the pub for lunch she says hmm.

Chloe agrees that they need to be totally honest with each other. It took me a long time to realise it wasn't that I slept with Philip and lied about it ... I don't think I've ever been that unhappy in my life. I know you sensed something was wrong no matter how hard I tried to hide it. Dan could sense something was different. Chloe cries - All the terrible things I did after I lost you was because I'd lost myself. She remembers living here and waking up with him next to her. It's the first time in her life she felt that she was at home. And you're right, I haven't been with Philip or any other man since I left Salem but that's because I live to be a good mother to Parker. No other man, no other life could possibly touch what I had then so of course I want that back. I think about it everyday. I don't think that you even remember it. Dan does.

Segment 5: Kristen repeats she's not jealous of Nicole or anyone else. She can tell Nicole is out of control because she doesn't like the idea of you being with anyone when she's so alone. Brady - So your solution is to tell me to stay away from her. Neither one of likes to take direct orders ... Kristen admits she was upset and her words didn't come out right. She's in trouble. I don't want her using you. She suggests they don't do this. She knows he's having a rough day. John's leaving town, right? I'm worried about you. I know what being with me is doing to you. Brady says everyone is wrong about her. We shouldn't let other people get between them. Brady would love to stay but he has a company to run. So does Kristen. She gives him a card key to her room in case he gets home before she does. They kiss. Brady wonders who's going to get on his case next. After he leaves Kristen grabs her purse and coat and leaves too.

Nicole tells Eric she seen Brady's resignation. Getting his signature couldn't have been fun. Eric says they didn't have another fight. To Brady nothing matters but Kristen. He's so delusional ... it's tearing the whole family apart. Nicole asks if he needs a similar letter signed by Kristen. He does. Nicole offers to handle it. Eric is glad cause he doesn't want to see Kristen. Eric goes to get some aspirin for his headache. Nicole mutters - Before Kristen and I go for round 2 there's someplace I have to stop first.

Hope loves the pub but there are certain things that can't happen at the pub. They banter about Hope not being so subtle. Hope thinks Daniel would enjoy being reminded how well the two of them get along one on one. Jen maybe we can go to the park ... Hope thinks that would be perfect. Go for it. Jen did hear Chloe say she was taking Parker back to the mansion so she could text Daniel and pick him up at his place.

To be fair Dan says she wasn't the only one to make mistakes. I'm just happy that Parker is back in my life and so happy that he has such an amazing, strong mother. Chloe - But? Dan - Out time is past. We hurt each other deeply and I don't know how to undo that. Chloe - You don't think we can. Dan thinks they can be forgiving. Chloe understands. Honestly, I'm glad that you've moved on and you've found someone you really like. Dan doesn't think it will take her long either. He hopes she'll be as happy as he's with Jennifer. Dan has some errands to run. Chloe will take Parker and leave. When Dan sees he's sleeping he tells her to stay until he wakes up - just lock up when she leaves. Dan says it was good to talk to her. He leaves. Chloe tells Parker - Once upon a time your Daddy loved your Mommy so much and I promise you he will again.

Segment 6: Hope is at the rectory with Eric and Ciara. Hope tells Ciara it's time for her 1st Communion class. Ciara leaves. Eric asks Hope if she's seen his mom lately. Hope saw her the other day. Eric guesses she doesn't know that John left town. Hope - Kristen won.

Kristen stops in front of the jewelery story window in the stall and recalls when Brady gifted her with the bracelet she's wearing. She tells herself - No, Brady is just a means to an end. As she turns to leave she runs into Marlena.

Chloe is feeding Parker at Dan's place. She tells Parker that his dad is wrong. They can have what they had back. She just has to figure out a way to derail that Horton broad. She hears Dan's text alert. She reads up the text from Jen. Well Jen you'll be swinging by an empty apartment ... maybe it won't be. She takes Parker's baby food and smears it on her dress.

Henderson will let Mr. Black know that Nicole is here. When Brady comes into the living room Nicole tells him she came by to apologise. She realised the last thing he needs is more drama in his life. She fakes a headache. She asks if she can get some tea with honey. Brady goes to get it for her. She goes on his laptop and copies some files onto the flashdrive.

Segment 7: Eric - So you think Kristen engineered all of this. Kristen - She's been causing problems for you mom and John ever since she got back to Salem. Eric - I just find it hard to believe that knowing what they know that she could succeed. Appartently it wasn't just Kristen. My mom implied that she did something that really bothered John but she wouldn't tell me what it was.

Kristen - So is John really gone? Marlena - Yes he is so maybe now you'll stop torturing Brady. Kristen - Why would I torture someone I love? Marlena - You don't love him. Kristen - Don't be so sure about that. I do love him and I'm hoping we're going to be together for a very long time. She walks away.

Jen knocks on Dan's door. Chloe answers it wearing Dan's shirt and nothing else.

Dan comes into the living room of the mansion and asks Nicole what she's doing here. She's waiting for Brady. Dan lets her know that he knows there's something she's not telling him.


Tuesday, Jan 29

Segment 1: Staredown - Chloe vs Jen. Jen asks Chloe what she's doing here. Chloe tells her she has nothing to worry about - Daniel's not here. Jen points out that she's wearing Dan's shirt. If he's not here why are you playing house in his apartment?

Kate complains to Billie in the square that Daniel only got Chloe to agree to minimal visits which means she'll hardly ever get to see Parker. Billie states that at least he's not out of her life completely. That's a small comfort. Billie surmises that now she's really going to make Chloe pay. Kate - You have no idea! Billie does. She doesn't think this is Chloe's fault - it's yours.

Brady calls Kristen to tell her work is taking longer than he thought. She's behind too - she'll see him at 'home' later. Roman walks up outside the pub and comments that Kristen looks like she just swallowed that canary everyone talks about. She asks if there's anything wrong with greeting the day with a smile on your face. She adds he always has that same sour. Roman - Because of you. I got an email from John. He said he's leaving town for a while. You wouldn't have anything to do with that, with you?

Dan tries to get Nicole to tell him what she's up to. Nicole deflects then talks. She talked to Sr Margaret and Father Matt today. She's trying to better her life but every now and then she is reminded of the life she thought she was going to have and how much she wanted it and what she was willing to do to get it. I saw you today holding Parker ... this is still very hard for me. You're the last person I expected to see walk through that door. Dan says the look on her face wasn't surprise. Nicole says it was guilt. Seeing you it just hit me a all over again. Dan asks why. Nicole snaps - I'm pooring my heart out to you and you think that I'm lying. What is wrong with you?

Segment 2: Kate rants - I'm about to lose my grandson and all you can do is rub salt in my wounds. Billie - First of all he's not your grandson and you're not losing him. Kate - I might as well be. Billie - You wouldn't be satisfied with anything short of Chloe's destruction. I tried to tell you ... maybe in not so many words but that's because you don't listen. Kate - Your damned right. Billie - You're so proud of being so stubborn. Kate - It's called determination. Billie - You're absolutely unwilling to change your ways? Kate - How do you think I got where I am? Billie - Where are you? It's time for you to listen to me. Things are about to change around here.

Chloe is wearing Dan's shirt because she's sure Jen wouldn't want her answering the door naked. I was naked because Parker made a huge mess with his mac and cheese. She figured Daniel wouldn't care if she took a quick shower. She wasn't expecting Jen to come knocking because Daniel said he was meeting you for lunch so what are you doing here?

Dan tells Nicole to spare him the phoney indignation and tell him what's going on. He knows what she told him but he knows from past experience that she's 6 lies from the truth so spare us both the trouble and tell me. Vic walks into his living room. Both of you and Chloe darkening my doorstep on the same day? Nicole - Lucky you. Vic - What the hell are you doing here? Dan says they're in the middle of something right now. Nicole - No actually I was in the middle of trying to make an apology to Brady. Vic - Well a sincere one would take all day. Thank God none of us have to worry about that. Nicole tells Brady that she can see she's not wanted here. Maybe I should leave. Brady offers to walk her out. Nicole tells him that's not necessary; she's very familiar with the exit. Outside she recalls copying Titan files. Oh I hope you're ready Kristen because you are no match for me.

Kristen - If you think I had something to do with John leaving town you are a pretty lousy detective, aren't you? John left alone. Roman - Tell me what happened. Kristen - Marlena. She doesn't really seem like herself lately, does she? Roman - I wonder why. Kristen - And it's more than her being on edge. It kind of feels like her and I have switched places. I was the one who used to be sad and troubled and desperate ... Roman - You would use anyone to get what you want. On the other hand Marlena, she would never ... Kristen - Gosh, I tried to make you understand how sorry I am for your saving your life, nursing you back to health, bringing you back to Salem. That was so reprehensible of me, wasn't it? Roman - You certainly didn't do that out of the goodness of your non-existent heart. Kristen - Whatever my motives you're here and it's worked out pretty well for you, hasn't it? Come to think of it Salem's been real good to me this time around. Roman - We'll see about that. Kristen - Okay bye, bye. She stops - I came back to Salem this time to make amends but Brady Black just blew in out of nowhere and made all my dreams come true.

Segment 3: Vic rants - Why do I pay Henderson anyway? Stumbling over people I despise in my own house shouldn't be a daily occurance. Brady - Maybe if you didn't despise half the town it wouldn't be a problem. Vic - Maybe if I didn't have to take in such unsavoury boarders maybe I'd have a sunnier dispositionn. Dan - Sorry. Brady - At least Chloe comes with a cute kid in tow. Vic - Alas, Nicole does not. What the hell was she doing here today anyway? Brady - I don't know if you'll ever know since you sent her on her merry way. Brady excuses himself to call Taiwan. Dan - Would you belive I have to call Taiwan to. Vic is very happy to have Parker here as for that other unwelcome guest ... Dan is a step ahead of him. He's already looking for a place for her to stay. Vic - Why can't she look herself? Dan - She has my kid and I want to help her get settled. I thought you'd be pleased to be rid of her? Vic - I hope you know I'd rather have that brazen hussy darken my doorstep forever than have her darken yours.

Jen says she texted Daniel and asked him to meet her here. Chloe wonders where Dan is then. She pretends to just notice that Daniel left his phone here. Jen realises that means Dan didn't get her text which means she's late. Chloe asks if she has a minute to finish their conversation from earlier. Jen says they are finished unless Chloe wants to hurl another false accusation at her. Chloe - Oh Wow. I think we both know how bad and dangerous it can be to just jump to the wrong conclusion. If I did that I'm sorry. I'm sensing some hostility from you still. I don't think we should be enemies. We can't. There's a child involved here. Jen agrees. Chloe - I think we both want what's best for him. Jen - Yes we do. She leaves. Inside Chloes smirks - Who says blondes have more fun!

Kristen is working on her laptop on her bed when there's a knock on the door. It's Nicole. Nicole is here to do God's work. She holds up a file folder. I have a letter here from Eric that he needs you to sign about you leaving the board. Kristen - And you didn't suggest that he send someone else? Nicole - I volunteered to come. I just feel like we have some unfinished business.

Segment 4: Kristen - If you're here to attack me physically again I will kick the crap out of you. Nicole talked with Brady and she wants to apologise for what happened earlier. If Brady is happy with you who am I to stand in the way. I realised I just have to let nature take it's course. Kristen - I don't actually need your permission to continue seeing Brady but it's so nice of you to give it. Nicole - You're right, you don't need anything from me but the truth is you don't want to be my enemy and vice versa from what I here. Kristen - So give me the papers. Kristen gets a call. While she's distracted Nicole pockets a key card. Kristen rants about the valet - she has to go. Nicole says she hasn't signed the paper yet. Kristen hasn't read it. Nicole - If you can't trust a priest who can you trust? Kristen signs it - Now please go. Nicole - I'm going, thank you very much.

Kate - What kind of change are you talking about sweetheart? Billie - When you call me sweetheart you treat me like I'm six. Kate is sorry. I actually would have liked to be a mother to you when you were six. Billie - It's too late to play the guilt card. I made some calls and I've lined some things up. Kate - I don't know what you're talking about. Billie - Of course you don't. You're too busy getting revenge on Chloe to ever notice. I'm looking for a new job. I don't think we should work together anymore.

Chloe tells Parker they're going to play with Grandma Maggie but they won't be gone long. Daddy and Jennifer don't know that I know where they're having lunch and if I just happen to stop by I'm going to make sure everything goes just right for the both of us. I'm doing all this for you.

Dan hears him. Vic - Just like you heard me the first time I warned you about Chloe in the first place and Nicole. Brady returns with the gentleman on the line wanting to talk to Victor. Before stepping out he tells Daniel not to leave before they have a chance to talk. Brady complains about everyone coming down on him about Kristen. He names names including Maggie's. She called it self-destructive addict behaviour and even if you agree with her I'd appreciate you keeping your opinions to yourself. Dan doesn't know Kristen so it's none of his business. Brady is sorry for dragging Jen into keeping the secret for him before. Dan suggests that perhaps the 4 of them could do dinner sometimes. Brady would love that. Dan will tell Jen - she'll be happy. BTW why was Nicole here. Brady says she and Kristen got into it. I think Nicole realised she was fighting a losing battle. She came here to apologise. Disaster averted, I hope ... because if Kristen and Nicole went to war, look out Salem.

Nicole lets herself back into Kristen's room. Sorry about your job Mr. Valet, I hope it was worth your while because you have made my day. She copies Titan's files on to Kristen's laptop.

Segment 5: Vic returns happy to find that he and Brady are alone. Brady promises that Nicole won't be showing up here on a regular basis. Vic says if he wants to entertain a woman under this roof any murderous vixen would be preferable to Kristen. Brady is so sick of ... Vic - And you've had it with every person who loves you. They're all wrong and you're the only one who is right. Now why is that? Because we all know you're such an impeccable judge of character. Brady - Do you remember what the entire Horton family said when Maggie fell for you but she saw something in you that no one else did. Lucky for you that she didn't listen to her family. Vic - Don't you dare compare me to that ... Brady - Why not? Vic - Because we all know why you're interested in Kristen and it's for one reason only. Brady - It's not about the sex. It's about who she is, the person she is. I just got out of rehab so I happen to believe that you can turn your life around if you try hard enough and if you want it. Kristen hasn't been here for 10 years ... Vic - And she's a totally new person! Brady - Yes she is. She has changed and what we have is real. Vic - Aww ... Where have I heard that before? You know there's a very fine line between trust and naivete and if you haven't learned that difference yet I'm sure that Kristen will be more than happy to teach you. Brady - We're done here. Goodbye. He leaves.

Jen comes into the pub and apologises for being late. Dan notices that she's not her normal perky self. Dan starts talking about this email he got from Ann Milbauer. He's going to show it to her then realises he doesn't have his phone. Jen has it. Dan asks what she was doing at his place. Jen went there to surprise him ... Chloe walks up. She ordered some takeout. She's glad to run into Jen. She wants to apologise again for what happened earlier - it was really awkward. Dan is in the dark. Chloe is surprised Jen didn't tell him. It was all a misunderstanding. So she tells him she was wearing one of Dan's shirts and why. Her food is ready. Get back to your date. Dan is a little confused; why did you tiptoe around what happened instead of just telling me the truth.

Nicole - Corporate espionage may not be what you're really guilty of but it's karma baby. If you're lucky Brady might find another naughty little secret in your personal file once he gets an anonymous tip. She's about to leave whnen she hears someone trying to get in. Brady enters and calls out for Kristen. Nicole hides in the bathroom.

Segment 6: Kate - So you're quitting. Why? Billie - Were you not listening to me? Kate - It's not like I've asked you to do anything underhanded. Billie - No, I've had to stand by and pretend to support you while you plot and scheme. I can't do it anymore. I love you do death; I just need some distance. Kate - I'll stop. Billie - No you won't. I thought it would change after you got away from Stefano. Kate - My marriage crumbled, Austin went off to another continent with my grandbaby to be and now I've lost Parker so ... Billie - I don't want to be cruel but you have to take a look at why the people you love always leave you. I don't want you to hurt you. I just need to take care of myself. I need a fresh start. When Curtis got me addicted on heroin as a kid I traded it in for another addiction, getting Bo Brady to love me. Kate - I was there for you every step of the way. Billie - You helped me so much. You taught me to be a fighter but what I really needed to do was learn how to let go. I've learned my lesson. I can't go back. I just need some distance. I found out that if you cling to somebody so hard you just lose them. I don't want to do that anymore. I have to go. I don't want you to drag me down. Kate - Is that what I do? Billie has to go; she's expecting a call. Kate grabs her arm - We're not finished here. Billie - Yes we are. Kate will try harder. Billie - I've already tried as hard as I can. She walks away.

Jen wasn't trying to hide anything - she didn't see the point of getting into it. She assures him that Chloe didn't upset her. When he asks why she came to his place she tells him to check his phone. He does. Jen - This is why I'm overdressed for the pub. Dan is sorry. Jen says the important thing is that they are here and they're alone. Dan thinks this date needs a do over so he offers to make her dinner ... maybe not dinner. He wants to make this up to her. Jen knows what he can do.

Brady dims the lights. Kristen returns. Brady asks if she's alright. She starts ranting then notices the rose petals on the bed. Brady picks her up and lays her on the bed. Nicole peaks - EWWW!

Segment 7: Chloe rushes to the hospital to talk to Ann. Ann is on the phone firing someone. She tells Chloe she used to hate firing people, now she imagines it's Jennifer's head on the chopping block and suddenly it's not so bad. Of course my fantasy will never come true as long as Daniel is protecting her ... Chloe - You might get your wish. Daniel will get bored with her and then Ms Horton will be somebody else's problem - not yours or mine. Ann - You sound pretty sure of yourself - do tell. Chloe - Let's just say I gave her an image she won't be able to get out of her for a very long time.

When she sent Dan that text message she thought she'd come to his place and they'd be alone, really alone. I feel where we're at right now, it felt like the right time. Dan screwed up royally today. Jen points out the day isn't over. It might be very nice if they went away together. She knows he's just getting to know Parker. She doesn't want to stand in the way of that but toddler's sleep 12, 13 hours a night so maybe we could manage one night just the two of us. Dan asks if she's sure she's ready for this. She takes his hand - Yeah, I'm so sure. I really want this night to be special for both of us. Dan says it will be. Jen - Maybe we can meet tonight. That works for Dan.

Kristen pushes Brady away - Don't move I'll be right back. Nicole looks around in panic for a place to hide.


Wednesday, Jan 30

Segment 1: Rafe comes into the pub and is greeted by Gabi with Nick. She is so happy Rafe came and is going to City Hall with them because she can't get married without him. Rafe has been thinking a lot about this and he thinks she should cancel the ceremony.

Will is with Kate in the square. He wonders if she's going to tell him what's wrong. She's fine, she's concerned about him. She hasn't seen him since that farce of a wedding. She knows that Nick and Gabi convinced him into letting them raise his baby as their own. Will says that's not exactly what it happened. Kate plunges ahead. If they're still trying to shut you out just let me know and she will make sure Nick's parole is revoked immediately.

Marlena's at the police station visiting Hope. Hope gives her a big hug and gets confirmation that John left town. Marlena says they're called it an extended business trip but they both know he needs time away from me to sort out his feelings. Hope - What is there to sort out? He loves you, you love him. You belong together. Marlena says he doesn't trust her anymore. Because of her attempts to beat Kristen at her own game ... that was the last straw for him. Hope is so sorry that she ever suggested that wire tap. I feel responsible. Marlena - It's not your fault. We both know who's to blame.

Nicole hides behind the bathroom door as Kristen comes in to wash her hands. Brady calls out - What is this? Kristen asks - What's what? Brady is looking at her laptop. These are confidential documents from Titan that are on your computer. How the hell did they get on here. Nicole smiles. Kristen has no idea. Brady - This deal is still in negotiations. It hasn't even been presented to the board yet and I'm the only one who has access to these documents. Kristen - You probably used my computer and forgot. Brady - Are you really going to try and turn this around on me? Kristen doesn't like his tone. It has so much suspicion. Brady - Do I have reason to be suspicious? Kristen - Wow! She gets off the bed. Brady asks her where she's going. Kristen is leaving before she says something she regrets. Brady just wants to know why those files are on her computer. She snaps - I don't know as she's leaving. Brady looks at the laptop - This doesn't make any sense. Screw it. He goes after Kristen. Nicole comes out of hiding - I guess my work is done here.

Brady catches up to Kristen in the park. One way or the other we're getting to the bottom of this.

Segment 2: Will tells Kate that he doesn't want her going after Nick. She argues that he's trying to keep Will from the baby. Will says he isn't. Kate rebuts - He was. Will says that was his fault; he agreed to it. Kate asks why. Will thought it would be best for the baby if he wasn't involved. Kate is very sorry he felt that way because she thinks he'll be a fantastic father to that baby. Will is going to try. After what happened I could never act like the baby wasn't mind. Kate asks what happened. Will tells her that Gabi had a sonogram. I saw the baby, I felt her kick. It was incredible. Kate - Her? Will - I'm sorry I didn't tell you. It's a girl; my daughter.

Rafe is not saying that he's against them getting married. I think it would be better for everyone if you just held off for right now. Nick argues that it's not better for him and Gabi. We love each other and we love this baby. Gabi wants to hear what Rafe has to say. The last time you tried to do this it was a disaster. Nick states it wasn't their fault. Rafe thinks it kind of was. You were about to start your marriage off with a really big lie. Take a step back, let the dust settle and that way it won't seem like a reaction to everything that happened. Nick snaps - It isn't. Gabi and I love each other. That hasn't changed and it never will. Rafe - Time, that's all I'm asking for ... it feels right.

Hope argues that Marlena's family was being threatened. You did what you had to do and if John would understand that and see where you're coming from ... Marlena - He understands that. He also knows that my worse fear in all of this is that he would end up in Kristen's bed, not Brady. It's my lack of faith in him that's got him so hurt. Hope suggests getting out of here and going some place to talk over a shared dessert. Marlena can't. I'm just in too much pain. I'm going to go. I'll check in later.

Kristen asks Brady - If I was going to spy on your company, do you think I'd be so stupid to leave my computer out and open to those documents? Brady - No. Kristen - Don't you think it's more feasible that I was set up? Brady - Who would set you up? Kristen - How about the idiot who came to my room and attacked me? Brady says Nicole couldn't have done it because he was there. Kristen - Not the second time. She came by and wanted me to sign the resignation letter. Brady - Eric sent her? Kristen - No, she volunteered I'm sure. Brady - That must have been after she came by the mansion. She was acting really strange. I was trying to figure out why ... now it's making sense to me. Kristen - Maybe you should have thought it out before you blamed the wrong person. Brady stops her from leaving. I'm sorry. I jumped to the wrong conclusion but if you walk away right now Nicole is going to win. He hugs her. I'm so sorry. I'm an idiot. We both got played. Good news, I think I figured out a way to prove it. I need to see those documents one more time.

Segment 3: Nick tells Rafe that he and Gabi need some time to discuss this. Rafe tells Gabi he loves her and then leaves. Gabi - What do you think? Nick - You know what I think.

Kate is so happy for Will. Will - When her image came up on the scream I felt like my whole life changed at that moment. Kate - That's because it did. Will - I'm so relieved that Nick, Gabi and I are on the same page so please don't get his parole revoked. Kate won't. She was trying to be protective. I can see why you'd feel that was intrusive. I just want my children to be happy, my grandchildren to be happy. I just want you to feel loved and secure. Will - Are you going to tell me what's bothering you? Kate - Billie and I had it out. She's deeply disappointed in me ... nothing new. I sure hope you don't experience that with your daughter. Will - Are you guys going to be okay? Kate - Yeah. I'm sure we'll work it out eventually.

Billie is at the coffeehouse talking on her cell. Yes, I'm available. I gave notice to my previous employer. I can start immediately.

Nicole returns to the rectory and starts waxing poetic about the beautiful day ... Eric assumes things went well with Kristen. Nicole says getting her to sign was a piece of a cake ... in fact it was almost too easy. Eric leaves. Brady comes in. Nicole comments that he looks terrible. What's wrong? Brady doesn't know where to start. He needs someone to hear him out. Nicole tells him to talk to her. Brady can't believe he's saying this but he thinks she was right about Kristen. Nicole asks what happened. Did she do something to hurt you? Brady isn't sure but he's hoping Nicole can help him make sense of it.

Segment 4: Rafe catches Hope in a moment of frustration as she's doing paperwork. They share stories about her their days aren't going that great. He hands her a pen because he saw her throw the other one away. She asks how Gabi is. Rafe has spoken to her, told her he loved her. He mentions the lie she told to everyone ... he hopes it doesn't get worse. Did you know that her and Nick were going to get married today by a JP. Hope - What are you talking about? I didn't know about this. Rafe talked to them and asked them to put it off for a little while. I think Gabi bought into it, not sure about Nick. Hope - Do you want me to talk to him? Rafe - I don't want them to feel ganged up on. Beside you've got a lot of other things on your plate. Hope - What are you talking about? Rafe - You've seemed edgy lately. Something else going on besides this? Hope - Like what? Rafe - When Bo is coming back.

Gabi asks is waiting to get married is really such a bad idea. Nick - What if we wait and your brother comes back and asks us to wait some more. What if he's never okay with us being together. Gabi - Of course he's okay with us being together. He just doesn't want us rushing into marriage especially after everything we've been through. Nick - Are you really considering this, considering giving into him like that? Gabi just feels that Rafe has done so much for her and what if he's right. What if waiting is going to let everyone put what happened behind them and actually be happy for us - supportive. Nick - What people? Gabi - Our friends, our family. I would really like them to be there when we do get married. So maybe waiting to get married isn't such a bad idea. Kate walks up to them - Finally, someone's talking sense.

Marlena stops as Kristen walks up behind in the park talking on the stall. She wants those new security measures instituted immediately. After the call Kristen tells Marlena it wasn't about her but given how strange she's been acting maybe she should get a little extra security. Marlena - Let's not do this. Kristen - Why not, it's so much fun.

Brady - And that's when I saw those documents on Kristen's computer. Nicole - And with her position at DiMera Ent. she could use that against you. I'm so sorry. Brady - I can't be involved with someone I don't trust. Nicole - Without trust what do you have? Brady - Funny, but there's more to it than that. The part I can't figure out. Those documents are brand new. They were timestamped when they were uploaded to my computer and based on that, there's no way Kristen could have stolen them. Nicole - Are you sure? Do you think she could have hacked into the system? Brady - No, but you were at the house. Did you see anything? Nicole - What could I have seen? Brady really needs her to think about this because it's important. I didn't do it, Victor didn't do it, Daniel certainly didn't do it ... Nicole - Henderson ... Brady - You. You were the only else that was there. That's why I need your help figuring this out. What am I missing that would explain how documents that Kristen clearly couldn't have stolen from my computer wound up on her computer right after you left my place and went to her place to have her sign those papers for Eric. Nicole - Wait a minute. You think I did this! You so easily dismiss everyone else and point the finger at me. Fine, obviously Daniel didn't have a part in this but let's think about Grandpa Victor in all this. Brady - Are you really going to through my Grandpa under the bus right now to cover your sorry ass. Nicole - Like he wouldn't do it to me. Brady grabs her wrists and calls her a lying little bitch.

Segment 5: Marlena - You must be so proud of yourself. You really got it this time. Kirsten - You wouldn't mind if I just quickly patted you down - I just want to make sure you're not wearing a wire. Marlena isn't. Kirsten - No more stupid tricks that just make you look like an idiot. Thank goodness you've moved on. Marlena - You've won. John is suffering, I'm suffering. That's what you wanted, be happy. Kirsten - You're not suffering. You're in heaven. You thrive on self-pity. You know what I haven't seen you do, take responsibility for what you've done. Did you tell Brady what you tried to do to me? Of course you didn't. Of course you didn't because that would just get in the way of your narrative; the one where you're always and forever the victim. Even now, just look at you. You've lost and you're still slathered in all that smug, superiority. That's why it's never going to be over for us. You're a hypocrite and what's worse, you don't own it.

Brady - I can't believe you'd pull this on me. The one person who stood by you when no one else would. They were smart enough to know that you would make their lives hell if you were given the chance. Do you think that I would fall for something stupid like this. Nicole - You don't understand. (Eric is back in the room now). Brady rants - Of all the idiotic things you have done this has got to be the stupidest of them all. You put those documents on Kristen's computer, didn't you. You wanted me to think that she was stealing from Titan; that she was using me. Nicole - No. Brady screams - Don't say no because I have proof. Did you think that you were going to break us up. You didn't, as a matter of fact we're stronger for it now. You crossed the line. I don't want to see you. We're done. Nicole calls out - Just let me explain. Listen to me. He's gone. Eric - My God, what have you done?

Nick tells Kate the wedding won't interfere with work. He's not scheduled to start until next week. Kate is just agreeing with Gabi; getting married would be a mistake. Gabi never said it would be a mistake. Kate hands an envelope to Nick. Nick - What is this, a severance package? I thought I made it clear that we have a contract, it's solid. Kate - Relax, you're not fired thanks to Will. Will convinced me that you and Gabi are going to keep him and his baby girl's best interests in mind. Gabi thanks her. Kate - Don't thank me, thank Will. Nick would appreciate it if she wouldn't tell people that Gabi is having a girl because she really wanted to tell people herself. Kate - Will told me that and since he's the father I think it's up to him who he tells. Gabi tells Nick it's fine. He asks Kate what the envelope's about. Kate - Your parking pass, your security badge. You need to rest up because you're going to be very, very busy. You won't be seeing much of your fiancee because when you're young and just getting started those are the kinds of sacrifices you need to make. She leaves.

Marlena sees Brady rushing through the square. He's sorry, he doesn't have time. Marlena asks him to take a minute, it's important.

Segment 6: Billie returns to the coffeehouse and finds Kate working there. Billie asks if she can join her. Yes, but if she's wants her job back she's already put out feelers; HR is compiling a list of possible replacements. Billie isn't here because of that. She wasn't going to do this but she ran into Will and he convinced her that she deserved better than to learn about it after the fact. That job I was after, it came through. Kate congratulates her. Billie - The position's in Europe. I leav tonight. Kate - Before you go can you tell me, do you really hate me that much?

Nick thinks Kate's visit made one thing very clear. There's no one on our side but us. Gabi - That's not true. You're overreacting. Nick argues - No. The only reason she came by was to let me know how short the leash is with her. Essentially that's what your brother was doing in his own way. Gabi - No! How could you compare my brother to Kate. Nick - Because he should be looking out for you. He should be trying to help you get what you want which is to marry me and for us to raise this baby together but he's not. He's putting restrictions and conditions and limits ... Gabi - Stop! Nick - I'm sorry. I didn't mean to upset you. We'll figure this out. Gabi - I know what Rafe wants me to do and obviously I know what you want me to do but ... Nick - What do you want? Gabi - I don't want to be caught in the middle. If we go to City Hall today or we go in a couple of months to get married, we are going to get married ... so it doesn't matter if I'm as big as a house. It's still going to be beautiful and we can make everything work just like we want it to. Please Nick. Nick - If that is what makes you happy then that's what we'll do. Gabi hugs him - Thank you.

Hope really appreciates Rafe's concern; it's sweet but she's not on edge and certainly not because of Bo. Rafe - He's been gone a while. Hope - Yeah. He's spending some long overdue time with the kids, Shawn, Belle and Claire. I have to safe I'm envious; wish I could be there. Rafe gets a call from Gabi. She tells him that she and Nick talked it over and since the end result is the same either way they're going to postpone the wedding for now. Rafe knows this wasn't any decision for her to make. Hope takes it they agreed to hold off on getting married today; good. She thinks it's for the best too. She starts gathering her things. She's going to pick up Ciara. She'll see him tomorrow. Rafe - We weren't finished. Hope - Yes we were. I'll tell Bo you said hi. Lock up when you leave.

Nick is on his computer doing a search; Lucas Horton, prison sentence. Time to play hardball Will.

Eric - What were you thinking? How could you do something like this? Nicole - Could you just let me explain. I was trying to help Brady and you. Look I know you've been trying to lead towards this better path or whatever ... Eric - If that's what you think I meant than I've seriously failed. Nicole - You don't get it. No matter what, you can't turn me into this virtous person overnight. I know this is hard for you to understand but the things I do, they come from here (she covers her heart). I know this thing with Kristen has torn you apart. I thought if I could make things better ... Eric points out she didn't do that. Nicole - If things had gone the way they were supposed to you would be thanking me right now. Eric - No I wouldn't. Nicole - Okay fine. But you know what, if I lose my friendship with Brady over this, so be it because I would do it again in a heartbeat because I want him to see the light where that woman is concerned. And I want you to be happy and I'm sorry if this was the only way I could think of to make that happen.

Marlena - I know your father told you that he went to Europe on business. That's only partly true. Brady - I guess the other part is because of the way things are between us. Marlena - And because he needed a break from me. Brady - From you? Marlena - I need to tell you something and I'm fairly sure you're not going to like it. I went to see Kristen a few days ago. It was my idea, John didn't know about it. I was wearing a wire. Brady - Why? Marlena - I was hoping I could get her to say why she was with you; what she wanted from the relationship. Anyway the whole thing backfired. John found out and he was terribly upset and that's why he left. Brady - Why are you telling me this now? Marlena - Well I guess I would have assumed Kristen had told you about it already. I don't know why she didn't. In fact she was on to me from the very beginning. She held up a note that said I know what you're doing. Cue Brady recalling asking Kristen about that note and her answer. Marlena - I know this is a lot to absorb. Sit down and let me ... Brady is sorry. I've got to go. He leaves.

Segment 7: Billie - There are reasons why I came back and those reasons are no longer relevant. It's just time for me to move on. Kate - And you realised all of that after one minor argument with me? Billie - No, the timings just not good. Kate - What if I don't accept your resignation. Billie - Mom, please, don't do that. I don't mean to hurt you it's just that I need to make this change for me. I've got to do this for myself. It's not like we're not going to see each other. You can come to visit and you know I'm always going to come back. Kate - I don't want to stay goodbye. Billie - You don't have to. I love you Mom. I just wish you didn't make is so darn hard to be in your corner. Please just know that's where I'm always going to be no matter what even if you don't see me there. I really do love you, I just need to do this. They hug and cry. Billie leaves.

Will asks Gabi if she's really okay about postponing the wedding. She tells him it's not going to be for long. Rafe is right, it's better this way. When we actually get married, it will be more of a celebration. She has something for him. She gives him a copy of the sonogram picture. Will - It's our little girl. Thank you. Where's Nick? I want to thank him.

Nick is upstairs reading about Lucas being convicted and sent to prison for 10 yrs for the attempted murder of EJ DiMera and that he confessed. Lucas went to jail for Will so the confession was a lie for Will. He took the rap for Will. The gay boy tried to murder EJ DiMera. Will sticks his head in the door - Nick. Nick is startled.

Eric knows that wasn't easy for Nicole to say. He's really glad she did. I'm sorry that it cost you your relationship with Brady. Maybe when things cool down you can repair it but I think you should prepare yourself just in case ... Nicole - Just in case what? Eric - You broke the law by stealing those documents off Brady's computer. If either one of them gets mad enough to press charges ... Nicole - I could wind up in jail.

Kristen is sprawled out in a chair drinking way. Considering how the day started it couldn't have ended in a better position. There's a knock on the door. It's Brady. She comments that he didn't use his key. Did you confront Nicole? Brady - He did and she confessed to everything like I thought she would. Kristen throws her arms around him - let's celebrate. Brady wants to know why she lied to him. Kristen - I didn't, Nicole did. Brady isn't talking about the files. Why did you lie to me about Marlena?


Thursday, Jan 31

Segment 1: Brady - I know what you're doing - the note I found in the trash. You said it was about a conference call with EJ; Marlena told me the truth about it. Kristen - Did she tell you she was wearing a wire? That she was trying to get me to say I was just using you. Brady - Yes she did. Kristen - She wanted to prove that what we feel for each other is not real. Brady - You had no trouble looking me in the eye and lying to my face. Why is that?

Sami comes out of the coffeehouse and calls EJ who's in the square. She has something to take care of and then she'd like to see him. We have to talk. She'll text him when she's on her way home. EJ sees Rafe and asks him how his sister is. Rafe - Fine no thanks to your brother. EJ thinks it worked out in everyone's best interests. Rafe - You're really going to go with that. EJ realises it's a rite of passage for the Hernandez family to keep a father from his child but he would have thought by now you realised it doesn't work out well for you. Rafe - Unlike kidnapping and hiding babies from their mothers. I've got no time for you EJ. EJ - Just one thing. Make sure you and your sister stay away from William and Samantha or you'll be seeing a lot more of me than you like.

Sami leaves a message for Will. I just heard a nasty rumour from my friend that works at City Hall and we have to deal with this for the baby's sake.

When Nick sees Will poking his head into Gabi's room he asks him what he's doing here. He quickly closes the window with the Lucas stuff on it. Will just wanted to tell him how much he appreciated him letting him be at the sonogram. Thank you. What did you think btw - seeing her, hearing the heartbeat, feeling her kick. I didn't know they could show that much, did you? Nick - No, it was awesome. Will shows him the sonogram pic Gabi gave him - it's going to be our new screen saver. Nick - It's ours too. Will sees it on the laptop. This is how it should be. We all love this little girl and we're going to raise her and how awesome that we'll be good to each other at the same time. Nick nods.

Rafe grins - You're loving it, huh. Puffin' up for Sami. Is that what this is? EJ - Samantha and I are none of your business. William is the father of your sisters baby; that makes Samantha the grandmother and that gives them rights. Rafe - Are you already on the case? EJ - No. I took the liberty of hiring the best lawyer in Salem to do that for me. Just to be ready to defend against any challenges that you and your sister and that criminal she's going to marry throw in their general direction. Let's be clear about this - if you interfere with William and Samantha in any way you'll regret it. Rafe - Wow, so you're fighting for Sami now, huh? That's really good you know because she likes that. She really likes it when people treat her like she's helpless. EJ - I don't think I need you to tell me about Samantha. Rafe - Of course you do. You know her like a book; you know what she's thinking. EJ - We have a bond; a tie, something you wouldn't understand. I suppose that's probably why you lost her. Rafe - What? I lost? He laughs. Is that what you think? I threw in the towel you moron which is the only reason you have a chance with her now. We were together ... she was going to tell you but then we decided it would be better to wait until after the wedding. But make no mistake my friend, you were out. Rafe turns to walk away.

Gabi is looking at baby clothes when Sami waltzes into the pub and announces that she knows what Gabi and Nick are trying to pull and you can forget about it because it's not going to work.

Segment 2: Brady - You didn't miss a step. That story about work just rolled off your tongue like it was nothing. Kristen - That's how it is with us pyschopaths, we just lie all the time. Ask your family, they'll tell you. Brady - I'm not playing with you. I defended you to Nicole today. I actually ended a very close, long standing relationship with Nicole today because I was on your side and I knew you would never steal Titan secrets. Kristen - And I didn't because I couldn't have as those timestamps on the documents prove. Now you're not so sure.

Chad sees Abby with Sonny. Abby comments that Sonny is miserable. Sonny says he made a mistake. Abby shrugs - Mistakes happen. I know that Will's mistake was bigger but big or small it was a mistake he made because he was trying to do the right thing for everybody including you. I know you still love him. Can you at least try to give him another chance? Cam walks in and notices Cam watching Abby and comments that he's looking at her like a stalker. Chad - That's one crime I've never been accused of. Cam - If you want to keep it that way, let it go. Chad has. He knows he blew his chance with Abby. Abigail thinks I used her to ruin the wedding and I didn't. A hell of a lot happened when I stop up that was not my intention. As bad as I feel about Abigail, I destroyed Sonny and Will's relationship. Abby knows Will lied and that was wrong. Do you ever think that the way you're acting now proves that he was right to keep it a secret.

Will tells Nick this will all work out. There's no reason it can't be easy for all of us. Admittedly my family is not the best example but there are plenty of families that share kids, those children are healthy, happy and loved. That's going to be us. Nick agrees. Will gives him a hug - See you. After Will leaves Nick goes back to the article on Lucas.

Gabi asks Sami what she's talking about. Sami - Her quickie wedding. The appointment she and Nick had with the judge at City Hall. Gabi - How did you find out about that? Sami - Doesn't matter. What matters is that this is your first move in trying to get full custody. If you think getting married is going to help you, think again. You're marrying a convicted murderer. He's on parole. Gabi - You didn't care about here about that when you were planning our wedding. Sami - There were a whole lot of things you kept from me back then like the fact that you and Nick were trying to keep my son's child from him. Gabi can't do this again. She sits down, not feeling well. Sami - You brought this on yourself Gabi by lying to everyone. Gabi - Nick and I postponed the wedding, not that it's any of your business. And no one's trying to take Will's baby from be. It was his choice and it's always going to be his choice. He's going to be in this baby's life. He even went to the sonogram with me today. Sami - He did? Gabi - Yes he did. You say you're here to help Will. You don't even know what's going on with him. Why don't you talk to him before you come charging in here and assume he's being wronged somehow. Sami - How was the sonogram? Is the baby okay? Gabi - Yes, she's perfect. We even felt her kick. Sami - It's a girl. Well we have lots of plans to make. We have to make schedules at the hospital leading up to the birth. Gabi - No, you're not going to be part of this Sami. If you want to be a part of this baby's life at all you can't just come in here and attack me for no reason. Sami - Are you threatening me? Because if you think for a second that you are going to keep me out of my grandchild's life you have another thing coming. Nick walks up - What the hell's going on?

EJ - So Samantha didn't meet your high standards otherwise you'd be together right now. That's your story? Rafe - Yeah that's pretty much how it was. You can ask anyone. We were together. Don't worry about it. You guys obviously have this great, mysterious bond so I'm sure she'll tell you all about it. He leaves.

Segment 3: Gabi says it's nothing. Sami and I just had a misunderstanding. Sami - Oh I think you were quite clear. You were theatening to take my granddaughter from me and I'm not going to stand for it. Nick - If you care for this baby at all then you need to leave her mother alone. The stress and the drama is bad for Gabi so please just go. Sami - I didn't mean to upset you. Just trying to help. Seems what I'd be best at right now is shopping. You could use some help with that and Will's daughter deserves the best. She leaves. Nick comforts Gabi.

Sonny asks Abby if she's trying to start a fight with him. Abby - If it will get you out of your own way, sure. Sonny just needs some room to deal with what Will did and see how he feels. Abby - So you're saying it's not a 100% over. You still love him. Sonny does. If he didn't this would be easy but I don't know if I can trust him anymore. EJ comes in to talk to Chad. Tell me about the wedding. Tell me about Samantha and Rafe. Were they together? You must have noticed something. Chad - Maybe. Mostly people talking about them like, they're happy, maybe there'll be another wedding soon. People probably saw Sami and Rafe at the wedding and jumped to conclusions. EJ is sure that's it. Chad - But you and Sami, what's going on with that? EJ - Word to the wise, Chad, don't ever be a woman's second choice.

Kristen tells Brady if he's not going to trust her and listen to her side of the story, there's the door. Brady - Just tell me what happened with Marlena. Kristen asks if he's sure because he's not going to like it. Brady feels that after everything they've been through he deserves it. Kristen will tell him everything.

Segment 4: Kristen tells him her version of the story and how she knew Marlena was wearing a wire. She wrote the note because she was so mad. Whatever Marlena played for you she must have edited the hell out of it because I told her the truth. Brady - Marlena didn't play the tape for me. Kristen - Then what other lies are you so upset about. Brady - You looked me dead in the eye and lied. Kristen - I was protecting Marlena. Brady finds that hard to believe.

Chad asks Abby what he can do to make this better. Abby - You want to make things better, make yourself a better person. She has to go. When Sonny sees Brian in the coffeehouse he says - You obviously heard. This is 'I told you so.' Brian says no. You did say Will had a lot of baggage, I just didn't know that included a diaper bag. Sonny laughs.

Nick offers to get Gabi some toast. She'll be lucky to get the vitamins down. Every time Sami comes around I feel like my throat is closing. Nick - I've got to be honest with you, we probably need some space from Will. Gabi - No. He's great. It's his mom that's a huge problem. Rafe comes in. In lieu of you two not tying the know I thought I could take you out someplace nice for dinner. What's wrong? Gabi - Nothing. Nick - Sami.

Sami lets EJ in. Sami tells him he's been great for sometimes now and that's why she has to tell him something.

Segment 5: Kristen didn't want to add to things. John and Marlena are going through a tough time as it is. I wanted to protect you. Brady doesn't need that. Kristen - I see what having your entire family lining up against us is doing to you. If I told you that Marlena had done another horrible, vicious thing, who could it possibly help? Brady - You. Kristen - I can handle Marlena, John, Sami, Eric and anybody else. What I can't handle is you looking at me the way that they do. Brady - I didn't mean it. Kristen - Yes you did and if that's honestly how you feel I want you to go. She opens the door. I told you from the very beginning it was going to be me and you against the whole world. If you don't have my back I'd rather be alone. He closes the door. You don't want to be alone anymore than I do. I know whose side I'm on. So do you. He kisses her.

Abby walks up to Cameron at the nurses station. I saw you at the coffeehouse; you didn't even say hello. Cam points out that she was talking to Chad. Abby - He was trying to make amends and I'm trying not to be a total jerk about it. It's not easy since what he did was so over the top. Cam knows Lexie would want him to give Chad another chance. Abby - Sounds kind of nice. Cam - Are we talking about Chad? Abby - Second chances. I know how Chad feels doing something so stupid and irrational that you can't even explain why you were so careless about with someone else's feelings. Of course you want another chance.

Chad and Will run into each other in the square. Chad asks Will to give him a least 2 mins.

Gabi hugs Rafe; maybe another time. Rafe tells her to get some rest. Gabi - I forgot to tell you, it's a girl. Rafe - I know. Will told me. Gabi - He's excited. She goes upstairs. Rafe - How bad was it? Nick - Pretty damn bad. Gabi's ducking dinner because she can't eat. Rafe - Not good. Nick - She was calming down, finally getting her appetite back now ... Rafe - What the hell is wrong with Sami? Nick - This time who knows? You guys were so glad that the truth came out but this is reason #1 why we didn't want Will and his family involved. Sami's going to make Gabi's life a living hell now.

Sami starts with last fall when she told him she had to stop bouncing back and forth between him and Rafe only I didn't stop, I kept bouncing towards Rafe. I kept trying with him even up to New Years Eve. You took me on this wonderful, romantic date and I still ended up kissing him at midnight. After that he asked me if we could try again and I said yes. He told me that I had to tell you and I agreed but I could never do that. I didn't want to hurt you, get all upset before the wedding, blah, blah, blah. I think now that I was being selfish. I think there was so small part of me that was trying to save me. The wedding was a complete disaster. I saw Rafe for who he really is. I saw how I kept trying to make it work with him and that's why ... was I really that desperate for my family's approval. Was I that sure that he was the good guy, the right choice? I'm sorry. I know this is taking too long ... what I want to say is there's another reason I didn't tell you about Rafe. It's because I knew that if I told you I would be throwing away you. I've been such a coward. I've been so afraid of how you make me feel but this is right. It feels right. And I think losing you would be the biggest mistake of my whole life. I get that I deserve to lose you but since when has that ever stopped me from asking for what I want. I want you. Do we still have a chance?

Segment 6: Kristen and Brady lie in bed together. He says it's just you and me. Kristen - The rest of the world can go to hell. It always does.

Cam says she was really working Sonny over about Will. Abby shrugs - They love each other. Cam agrees that they did seem happy together. Abby - And they could be again. Cam has to make rounds. Abby knows he's busy but if he has time she'd like to see him even if it's just to talk about what happened between them. Cam would like that.

Brian and Sonny talk and banter about what Brian's been doing. Brian flirts.

Chad tells Will that if he had known he was involved in this thing would Gabi he would have taken it to his grave. Will - What you did and how you did it, kind of sucked but at least I got this now. He hands him the sonogram pic. It's a girl. Chad - You're going to be an awesome Dad. Will is going to try. Chad mentions hearing Abby and Sonny talk - eavesdropping is when you always hear the truth.

Rafe tells Nick that things will calm down with Sami. Nick - What makes you think so? Since when has Sami backed down when she gets something like this in her head. Rafe - Sami's not going to be a problem. I'll take care of it. He leaves.

Sami turns on the crocodile tears. There has been something between us since day one. We danced around it always letting something or someone get in the way but no matter what we said or did, no matter how angry I got it always comes back to you. I just can't stay away from you and I'm tired of fighting it. You have been patient with me more or less so now it's my turn. You can tell me to go to hell but I'm not giving up. I'm not going anywhere. I'm willing to do what I have to for as long as it takes to get you to come around because I believe we belong together.

Segment 7: Sonny locks up and dims the lights. Brian and Sonny talk and then they kiss. Will tries the door and finds it locked. He watches Sonny and Brian kissing.

As Gabi sleeps Nick goes back on the laptop.

EJ makes sure to string Sami along by staying silent. Sami tells him to say something. He says she said it all and then he talks. You may have patience but I'm at the end of my patience with you. Sami understands. EJ kisses her. There's a knock on the door. Rafe cals out for her to open the door.

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