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Friday, Feb 1

Segment 1: Hope comes over to Jen's to borrow sleeping bags; she can't find hers and Ciara has a sleepover tonight. She sees that Jen has a bag packed and asks where she's going. She and Dan are spending the night together thanks to Chloe. Seeing Chloe in Dan's shirt she saw that Chloe was going after what she wants so she has to do that too. Hope asks if this overnight was her idea; it's so spontaneous. Jen asks Hope if she thinks it's too soon. Hope - Do you?

Chloe tells Daniel that Victor and Maggie are going out so she and Parker will have the mansion to themselves. She infers that he can spend time with them or she can go out so he can be alone with Parker. Dan can't. Jennifer and I are going away for the night. Dan leaves Chloe the number for the main lodge. It's not too far in case of an emergency. He asks if she's okay. Chloe - There is something but there's no rush. There is something big that they need to discuss. Dan asks if it's about Jen finding her at his apartment. No, she hopes that didn't cause a problem. Dan says no, it made things clear; that's the reason we're going away tonight. So what is it? Chloe wants to talk about her past and how Kate tried to use it against her but if he's in a rush ... Dan - Because it's about Kate he'll make the time.

Brian asks Sonny if he wants to stop ... Sonny pulls him in for another kiss. Brian suggests going someplace more private. Will walks around the other side of the building. Brian sees him there but Sonny doesn't.

Rafe keeps knocking. He knows she's there; he saw her car downstairs. Rafe persists - Open the damn door. Sami opens the door and tries to threaten Rafe. Rafe - You need to leave my sister alone. Sami - Then shen needs to stop trying to end run around Will. She was trying to sneak off and get married and I wanted to make it clear to her that's not going to help her with custody. She tries to close the door but Rafe isn't leaving until they get something straight. He sees EJ there. Perfect

Segment 2: Chloe plays the poor me, this is so difficult to talk about card so she can stretch her time out with Daniel. I have this overwhelming paralyzing guilt over everything that happened; the choices I made. He tells her she doesn't have to talk about it. She claims it helps to talk. She was so in love with him, more in love than she'd ever been in her life that when things fell apart ... I'm not making excuses ... Dan tells her that she's been an amazing mother to their son. What matters right now is that he is their #1 priority. We agree. Chloe agrees. Dan has to go. Chloe is sorry - that wasn't a good warmup to a romantic evening. Dan tells her not to worry. Of course she's going to worry. He's her friend and she'll worry especially because of how fast things are moving. Dan - Fast? Chloe reminds him that he told her they just went on their first date recently so things are moving pretty fast especially for Jennifer.

Jen is ready for more with Daniel. It's not that I've forgotten about Jack. I will never stop missing him. He's the father of my children and he is still such a huge part of my hurt. Hope - He always will be but you need someone Jen. Jen - She doesn't need someone ... she wouldn't dream of moving on if it weren't Daniel. Hope comments that they were very close before. Jen - That's why I don't want to wait. It's not about Chloe and her feelings for Daniel and her wanting to get him back, this is about me and Daniel and the feelings I have for him. If there is one thing I learned this is you should never take time for granted, especially time with the people you care about. They hug.

Justin calls out to Will while he's walking through the square. Justin tells Will that he's on the way to the coffeehouse to see Sonny. Will tells him Sonny isn't there. Justin thought he was going to work until closing tonight. Will guesses he closed early. Justin - Do you know where he went.

Rafe - Wow, this is a speed record, even for you 2. Sami - Nobody asked for your opinion. Please leave. Rafe - Did you barge into the pub and make a scene? Did you threaten that if anyone tried to cut you out of the baby's life there would be hell to pay? Sami - I wasn't quite that harsh but I did make it clear to Gabi that her tricks aren't going to work. Will and I aren't going anywhere. Rafe - Will is included, what rights do you have? EJ - She has plenty of rights. Rafe tells him to stay out of it. Sami - You don't get to come into my house and tell anybody what to do. I'm sorry that Gabi was upset. When I found out she had included Will in the sonogram I realised they were handling things well for now and I left. Rafe - You can't just show up and go off on my sister. Now if you do there's going to be nothing but problems. Sami - I will be more understanding of Gabi's condition as long as she respects Will's right as a father I won't be in anyone's face, okay? Rafe - Okay, we're done. EJ follows Rafe into the hallway - he isn't finished with him yet.

Segment 3: Will doesn't know where Sonny is. He's going to leave but Justin asks him how he's holding up. I haven't seen you since Christmas. Will - That was a great night. It was great being with your family. It felt really like home. Keeping the secret about Gabi and the baby obviously ... Justin - That's a pretty big secret to keep for a lifetime. Will - Yeah. Justin asks him if he happens to have a good custody lawyer. Will - Why, do you think I need one. Justin recalls Nick asking him how they go about proving that Will isn't fit to be a father.

Brian raises a glass and toasts 'To better days'. That's what you deserve, Sonny. You're special. You've always known exactly who you were, no apologies. That's very sexy. Sonny thanks him. You've always seemed very confident. Brian - Yeah. Comfortable in my own skin, that's been a long road. Sonny asks if was hard for him when he was coming out. Brian doesn't want to do that tonight. I've waited a very long time. He kisses Sonny.

Dan states that he and Jen are grownups; they can figure out how slow or fast they want to take things. This might seem like a new thing with Jen but we're solid so you don't have to worry about Parker bonding with her and then having her disappear because Jennifer is going to be a constant in his life. I've got to go. He leaves. Chloe knocks over Parker's blocks. Maggie opens the door just as Dan is about to. She asks if he's off to Green Mountain Lodge. Have fun. She asks if he had a good visit. Yeah, he doesn't really know me. I know he's 2 yrs old but he's going through a huge upheaval so I shouldn't expect much.

Rafe has nothing to say to him. EJ - Good. You're finished here. Rafe - Yeah, I told you that myself a few hours ago. I see you wasted no time. Congrats BTW on coming in second. EJ - Why do you think she never quite got around to telling me. Rafe - Ohh ... this is the part where you're going to tell me she was playing me. EJ - That's not exactly what she said but she told me everything that happened. Rafe shrugs - Maybe you two do have a great connection. The woman lies. Maybe she lied to me, I know she lied to you. EJ - You can't even bring yourself to say her name. Rafe - How's this? You and Sami deserve each other. EJ - We do. Just to be clear, you're gone. Stay out of our lives. Rafe - Keep her away from Gabi, away from me, she's all yours. Rafe leaves. EJ struts inside - He's gone and he's not coming back.

Segment 4: EJ and Sami drink, they're both glad it's over with Rafe. Sami admits that she did go off on Gabi earlier but they were going to sneak off and get married and spring it on Will. She wonders what stopped them. EJ - Probably William. Sami doesn't think so. Will is very trusting. The truth is Nick and Gabi could totally blindside him. EJ assures her they won't let that happen.

Justin thinks it's good to know your rights in a situation like this. Will - EJ has someone on retainer for me. Her name is Bailey ... Justin - Blanchard. One of the best. You're in good hands. Will - I don't think I'm going to need her though because Gabi, Nick and I are all on the same page. I was just at the sonogram, got to see the baby, got to feel her kick. Justin - I'll never forget the first time I felt that. Will - I'm just glad I'm not going to miss anything. Justin - Did you really think you could? Will - Well I mean every time I thought about seeing him or her walk by and not being able to hug him or her, they wouldn't know me ... I couldn't visualise it. Justin - But that's what you agreed to. Will - Yeah because I thought it was best for the baby; I was afraid of what I might lose, what I did lose anyway. He leaves. Justin is going to say something as he's walking away but in the end he doesn't.

Brian and Sonny are on the bed. Brian is undoing Sonny's belt buckle. Sonny gets up - I'm sorry, I can't. Brian - What's the problem. Sonny - It would just be sex. Brian - You say that like it's a bad thing. Sonny - You know I like you but I need a little more time. Brian kisses him. I'll walk you out.

Maggie comes in and greets Chloe. It looks like the guys had a good visit. Chloe wishes it had been longer. She's glad Daniel found the time at all. Maggie points out that he's only going to be gone 1 night. Chloe is worried about him. I'm worried about Parker if this whole thing with Jen goes south. Maggie - Jennifer and Daniel have a very good relationship; it's overcome very many obstacles already. Chloe - You never know. Daniel and I overcame obstacles, I gave up everything to be with him and it wasn't enough in the end. Maggie - There were reasons for that. Chloe - I know. I'm just saying that if Jennifer doesn't have the same level of commitment or she's not willing to ride out the rough stuff ... Maggie - What makes you think she isn't? Chloe - She had a chance with him before but when Jack showed up she dumped Daniel without a second thought. Maggie - That's enough.

Jen opens the door to Daniel. He asks if she's ready. She is. Thank God for second chances. They kiss and then leave.

Segment 5: Maggie - You are welcome in this house but if you want to trash Daniel and Jennifer in any way ... Chloe isn't trashing anyone, she's just pointing out what happened. Maggie - You weren't here. Chloe - No but I heard about it. I know that Jennifer left Daniel for Jack and he was devastated. Anyone that knows Daniel for any time knows that he's easily hurt. Maggie - Not as easily as you think. Enjoy your evening. Maggie walks out of the room. Chloe mutters - It will be harder to get Jennifer away from Daniel if this night happens. I have to figure out a way to stop it.

Jen and Dan arrive in their room. Jen is excited, they have a jacuzzi. Dan tells her they have dinner reservations in a half hour. They kiss. Dan - Or we can eat know. Jen - Or get room service. More kisses.

Justin knocks on the door of the coffeehouse. Sonny lets him in. Justin - You closed early. Sonny - I just left for a little bit now I'm going to catch up on some stuff. Justin asks how he is. Sonny is okay. Classes are fine, coffeehouse is turning a profit, friends are good. Justin - You're talking about everything except the one thing anybody means when they ask how you are. Sonny - That's because there's nothing to say. Justin - You must be hurting. Sonny - Of course I am. Everything in my life is perfect, nothing's wrong yet everything feels screwed up. Justin - Because you don't have Will.

Brian sees Will in the pub and goes inside. Hey Will, how's it going?

EJ is going to have the custody lawyer call Will and talk to him. He natters on. Sami only wants sex. They banter - I think it's supposed to be cute and funny ... sorry I just tuned them out - all I heard was blah, blah, blah. I did hear Sami apologise for wasting so much time making the 'right' choice. EJ lies - He didn't have that option. She's the only one he's ever really looked at. Sami buys that so I just tune out again.

Rafe and Hope are at the police station. Hope asks Rafe what's going on. Rafe - Besides Sami mercilessly hounding my sister ... Hope - Oh boy. Assuming you already played bad cop with her, would you like me to be good cop? It's going to be okay. You're going to work it out, I know you are. Rafe - Yeah, as long as we don't speak. Hope - You have a point there. Rafe - It's over. We're done.

EJ is going to let Sami turn in. She wants him to stay.

Segment 6: Sami throws herself at EJ to prove how right it is that they have sex now.

Sonny reminds his dad that Will lied to him. Justin knows. Sonny - You can't think that's okay. Justin - Liars are an occupational hazard for me. People lie to me all the time for all sorts of reasons. Sometimes they're weak or users or won't take responsibility for their lives. Sometimes they're really good people in really lousy situations trying to do the best they can and failing. Sonny - Those are your clients. Would you want to live with those liars? This was big ... a baby. Justin - A baby Will loved. He was willing to give up all rights to his child. Did you ask him why? Sonny - He said he was doing what was best for the baby. Justin - Is that all he said?

Will asked him what he's doing here. He was out getting some air. Will - This isn't a game to me. Brian - You saw me and Sonny in the coffeehouse, didn't you. Will - Yes. Brian - Then you know what I've been doing. It was an incredible night. I guess you know what that's like too.

Dan and Jen start disrobing each other. Back at the mansion Chloe looks at her cell. To hell with it, I'll just wing it. Just then she hears Parker crying through the baby monitor. She's goes to him taking her phone with her. Dan asks Jen if she's sure she's ready. More kisses.

Segment 7: Hope - Sami and EJ won't last. They can't ever get together. Rafe - No? Well, they're doing a really good imitation of that right now at her place. Hope is really sorry. Rafe - Don't be, not on my account anyway. They're perfect for each other. Hope - Sami told me right before the wedding that her heart belongs to you. That's true. It does. Rafe - Yeah well, you can't believe a thing that girl says. That was my mistake and as for her heart, I'm not sure she has one.

Sami is lying on top of EJ on the couch making sure her point is getting across.

Dan and Jen are on the bed when the phone rings. Jen picks it up and Chloe speaks - Daniel, it's Parker. I need you now.


Monday, Feb 4

Segment 1: Stefano is reading an Italian newspaper listening to an opera in an exact replica of the DiMera mansion living room when John lets himself in via the terrace doors. Stefano seems inordinately happy to see him - Giovanni. So tell me how did I earn this nice surprise. John - I thought it was about time you and I hada a little talk about your daughter.

Brady and Kristen are strolling arm in arm past the shops in the square. Brady feels stupid for jumping to conclusions. He should have known Marlena was up to something and he knows Nicole's capabilities. Sorry. Kristen kisses him. You've totally and completely been forgiven. Brady realises he forgot his phone. Kristen offers him the use of her phone. Brady needs a number; it's morning in London, Titan business. He'll see her at the coffeehouse later. He gives her a kiss. She stops him wanting another kiss because she knows that Marlena can see them. After Brady leaves Kristen starts making fun of Marlena - Aww, reduced to spying, living vicariously, does it help distract from the loneliness of missing your husband?

Caroline walks up to Will who's on his laptop at a table in the pub. She hasn't seen him since Gabi's wedding. Will - I screwed up big time, didn't I? Caroline - Yes you did. She's wanted to do something since then. She stands up so he does too - she gives him a big hug and tells him she loves him. Your whole family loves you. Nothing will ever change that.

Nick is on the laptop still reading articles about Lucas going to prison. Cue flashback of him overhearing Lucas saying to Will that he went to prison for him. He mutters - I have to prove that somehow. I have to prove that Will is the one that shot EJ DiMera.

Sami makes sure EJ knows she wants sex and she wants it now. They head into the dark bedroom. Not much visual but the sound effects are still there.

Jen asks Chloe what's wrong. Chloe snaps - she needs Daniel. Jen hands the phone over to Dan. Dan asks Chloe what's going on. Chloe just holds her cell to the monitor so Dan hears Parker crying. She then claims she doesn't know what's wrong. You left, he started crying and never stopped. He's never done this before. Dan asks if he has a fever or if he could be having an allergic reaction. She pretends to be comforting Parker. I don't know what's wrong with him. He keeps looking towards the foyer; maybe he knows you're not here. I don't know what to do. Dan knows she's a great mother; you'll find a way to handle it.

Segment 2: Stefano - What's new? How's the family? John - So nice of you to ask. Well, the family, what's the expression I'm reaching for here ... oh yes, never a dull moment. Stefano - Come on, fill me in. John - I have a feeling you've already been filled in. That's why I'm here; to put you on notice. Stefano chuckles - There's that horrible sound coming into your voice again. John - That's because your sick, twisted snake of a daughter has slithered her way back into our lives ... that's not going to last long. Soon she'll be a bad memory. But I got to thinking about the situation and I had to come here and give you warning Papa, if your daughter's machinations lead you to believe that's somehow opening a door for you to renew your sick obsession with Marlena then your head's even farther up your ... Oh I'm so sorry. What I meant to say was, you're sadly mistaken.

Kristen runs after Marlena. Don't go. Let's have a little chat. Talk about our feelings. How does it feel to have your heart ripped out. How does it feel when you lose the one person that means everything to you. Not good, right? Marlena - I will not engage with you on this level. Kristen - That hurts my feelings. Marlena - Do you want to know what I think of you professionally speaking? Kristen - Ah, sure. Marlena - Good. I think you're a borderline personality with sociopathic tendencies. Oh I'm so sorry, in layman's terms, you're a complete bitch. She starts walking away. Kristen laughs and runs after her ... You want to throw names around - try daughter-in-law. It could happen sooner than you think. Marlena - More talk of the future? I know exactly how this ends.

EJ and Sami have sex to a horrendous sound track.

Will is sure his Grandma has a lot of questions about what happened. She knows what he said about trying to straighten things out; she's really proud of him for that. You're going to spend time with your child, that's really all that matters. Will shows her the sonogram pic - check out my little girl. Caroline gushes - Amazing, the miracle of life. Will - I got to feel her kick yesterday. She kind of turned my life upside down. I know it's all going to be worth it the moment I get to hold her for the first time.

Upstairs Nick is still on the computer - he recalls Will and Gabi's closeness during the sonogram. I just have to find a way to get Will out of our lives, my life, Gabi's life, the baby's life.

Chloe keeps saying she doesn't know what to do. Jen tells Dan to tell her they'll come back. Chloe thanks him. After he hangs up Dan apologises. Jen tells him not to. This seems so strange to him. Parker was ambilvalent, why would he be so worked up because I'm not there. Jen says he'll find out when he gets there. Dan - You're coming with me? Yes, but she's not staying with him; she'll just be in the way. You need to make sure your son is okay. Just call me after.

Chloe is talking to Parker who is content and playing. Mommy so's excited because Daddy's coming home. Brady is standing in the doorway.

Segment 3: Brady asks if everything is okay. You don't seem too happy to see me. She tells him everything is okay now. Parker was crying hysterically and she couldn't get him to calm down but he just stopped. What are you doing here? I thought you were going out for the night. He is, he just forgot something. He grabs something from a drawer and leaves.

Sami tells EJ that she loves him and trusts him.

Stefano assures John that he has moved on from Marlena. Been there, done that as they say. It's just the same as Kristen, she's done with you. She has changed your over for a new model. John - Keep your passport handy. Your daughter's going to need you to run back to Salem and pick up all the pieces when this all falls apart around her. Stefano - We'll just have to see about that; who breaks who. John - Ciao. He leaves.

Kristen - I'm going to sit down. Why don't you tell me how this is all going to end. Marlena - Kristen, this is your game. You're an expert at deception and manipulation. You're unstoppable, certainly by me. Kristen - You're so sweet. Marlena - I'm just being realistic. My best strategy here is to sit back and be patient because you, eventually, will self-destruct in your own time. All your lies will come caving in and Brady will see you for who you are and he'll leave you just as John left you. Marlena walks away.

Johnny comes running up to Will. He points to the sonogram pic - What's that? Will - This is a picture of a sonogram. This is a baby. It's my baby actually. I'm going to be a dad. Nick hears this.

Segment 4: Sami and EJ have had round 2. Sami says it all when she tells EJ she doesn't care about what other people think about them being together. Our kids (they are specifically talking about ONLY Johnny and Sydney) will be happy and they are the only ones who's opinion matters. EJ thinks he should get going. Sami wants more sex.

Nick comes up to Will and asks him if he told Sonny the good news, that it's a girl. Will did. Nick - How's everything going with him? Did he say anything about wanting to be a part of the baby's life. Will - If he had would you have a problem with it? Nick - No, just curious. Will - Sonny and I haven't had a lot of time to work things out. Nick is so sorry. He didn't know. Will was kind of planning on focusing on helping Gabi through her pregnancy. Marlena comes in and gives Will a hug. She greets Nick. Will tells Marlena that Johnny is in the kitchen. He knows Johnny would love to see her so he's going to go and get him. Marlena asks Nick if he has a minute. Sure, what's up? Marlena - I just wondered how you're doing. We talked for a while during your parole hearing and the Pre-Cana sessions but this is a very tough transition you're going through. Nick assures her he's fine. I'm marrying the girl of my dreams and starting a family. I wouldn't trade places with anyone in the world. Excuse me, I've got to go.

Kristen says hi to Jen who's in the coffeehouse. She asks if she can join her. You look so pretty, big night? Jen - Not really, no. Kristen - You want to talk about it? I still feel like your good friend. I hate to see you look so sad. You're the one person I know who deserves to be happy. Jen thanks her. That's a kind thing to say. Kristen - If there's something or someone standing in the way of that happiness, maybe I can help.

Dan comes in and finds Parker playing. Chloe maintains he stopped crying 15 mins ago. Dan asks why she didn't call him. Chloe didn't know if he was going to start again. Dan pulls her aside. Dan acknowledges that he's new to being a dad to a toddler and he obviously doesn't know Parker as well as she does but I have been around more than my fair share of small, sick children as a doctor. I don't know at ease I am around Parker but one thing I do know is that Parker does not look like a little boy who's been crying all night.

Segment 5: Sami and EJ eat and drink in bed.

Marlena hopes she didn't interrupt when he was talking with Nick earlier. Will - Not at all. Marlena - I know you must have a lot to work out what with Gabi and the baby. Will - We do but we've been making good progress. Marlena - Nick's been agreeable with you wanting to be a part of your daughter's life? Will - Yes he is. It was difficult at first but he knows and accepts that I'm the father of this little girl and I'm always going to be in her life and I'm always going to be there for her.

Nick is back on his computer. At least Sonny's out of the picture for now. One gay boy down, one to go. He sees the artice about Will being arrested for killing Stefano.

Jen appreciates Kristen's concern ... Kristen - You're so completely telling me to back off, I get it. Jen - No, I'm not. I'm confident that this whole situation is going to work out for the best. Brady comes in - Look at this, you two sitting here and catching up, just like old times. Kristen gets a call. She'll be right back. She goes outside to take the call. Hello father. Stefano - I'd thought you'd like to know that I had a visitor, John Black. Kristen - Are you kidding me? He must have been so rattled by me that he had to go running to you. Stefano - As if this is going to deter you. Kristen - He knows better than that. Stefano - Why do you think he's wasting his time? Kristen - I don't know. Just wait until he sees my next move. Stefano - Oh boy. I certainly don't want to know. Kristen - I'm going to convince Brady to ask me to marry him. Stefano - What did you just say! Kristen - I said I'm going to convince Brady to ask me to marry him and then I'm going to leave him at the altar just like John did to me. Stefano - Thank God. You scared me to death there for a moment because I thought you were really going to marry that idiot. Kristen - No, I think this will have a much bigger impact and to paraphrase Marlena, karma is a bitch! Brady tells Jen he mentioned this to Daniel earlier but he thought it would be fun if the 4 of them got together and went out on a double date. What are you doing for dinner tomorrow night? Jen doesn't know, she'll have to check Daniel's schedule. She'll let him know. Brady - Is that what happened tonight? Did he have to work? Don't think I didn't notice how nice you look; you two had plans, didn't you? Jen - Yeah we did but something came up, not work. Brady - You seem a little on edge about it. Jen - No, I'm just questioning the timing of this particular interruption but it's okay, I'll have answers really soon.

Chloe - Do you think I'm lying, that Parker wasn't crying? She reminds him that he heard Parker on the phone. He was practically screaming. Dan questions her trying to determine why he was crying. Parker says Daddy. Dan is all smiles. He goes to Parker. Chloe is thrilled.

Segment 6: Sami talks to Johnny than she and EJ point to Sydney and Johnny as examples of how amazing they are.

Jen gets a call from Dan. He tells her that Parker called him Daddy. I think he really was missing me. Jen says he should spend some time with him. She's so happy for him. Him calling you daddy is huge, just enjoy that. She tells him to have a good night. Brady returns and asks if that was Daniel. She tells him that Parker had a rough time, crying uncontrollably - that's why their night was cut short, but he's fine now. Brady - When was this crying fit? Jen - About an hour ago. Brady - I was at the mansion around that time, he seemed fine. He was playing. Chloe said he had been crying earlier but he really seemed okay. Anyway I've got to go. This is the club I thought the four of us could go to in Chicago. Let me know. He leaves. Jen - Are you kidding me? She faked and used her 2 year old son to break up our date!

Dan asks Chloe for some alone time with Parker. She tells him to stay as long as you want.

Stefano - How are you going to convince young Mr. Black to propose to you. Kristen tells him Brady is coming, she has to go. She'll talk to him later. Brady comes out and asks Kristen if she's ready. She is. Brady admits he lied to her. He did not lose his phone. He went back to the mansion to get this - he hands her a package. Happy 3 month anniversary. Kristen - You are so sweet and handsome. I love you to death. They kiss.

Marlena - So you've talked to Nick and Gabi and you've made it clear on how you want this all to work. Will - Yeah. I just want to be in my daughter's life. I have no interest in interfering in their relationship. Marlena - Of course. Will - What? Marlena - I hope things don't get complicated. I know they've agreed to let you be a part of your daughter's life, I hope they don't renege somewhere down the road. Will - I don't think that's going to happen. I really trust Gabi and because like me, they just want what's best for this little girl.

Upstairs, Nick is back on Ewe Search doing a lookup on surveillance equipment.

Segment 7: EJ finishes his call with Johnny.

Kristen and Brady are naked in her bed. She asks if he has any idea how happy he makes her. I don't ever want to stop feeling like this. Brady - Me either. Kristen - Kind of makes you wonder, maybe we should take it to the next level. Brady - Marriage? Kristen - I know it's crazy ... Brady laughs. You're beautiful and you're smart and you're funny as hell. Kristen - Funny? Brady - Yeah, you're a jokester too. You're perfect as far as I'm concerned.

Parker yawns. Dan hugs and kisses him.

Jen is at home and opens the door to Chloe. Chloe came over to apologise. I'm sorry I ruined your night with Daniel but you're a mom, you know how these things go. Jen - So do you. Chloe - I'm sorry. Jen - I'm surprised with you being a mom that you felt so completely overwhelmed that you had to call Daniel. I'm sure Parker has thrown temper tantrums, you know, those terrible twos. Chloe - It was different this time. He was missing his father. Jen - Isn't it nice when we know what our child needs, or anyone for that matter, because then you know what they're really about, you understand their motives and you can deal with them. Chloe is going to go. Jen - No hard feelings because Daniel and I will get our time together sooner than later. She closes the door. Chloe mutters - The hell you will. Jen looks at the brochure Brady gave her. Maybe tomorrow night and you won't wreck things for me this time. I won't let you Chloe.


Tuesday, Feb 5

Segment 1: Rafe is having breakfast at the pub when Johnny comes running up and joins him. They exchange hi-5's. Rafe calls out Good Morning to Caroline. She replies that she hasn't had coffee yet. Johnny points behind Rafe and says 'Hey, look.' When Rafe is looking Johnny steals a piece of bacon off his plate. Rafe teases him then adds Mommy must have dropped you off pretty early. Johnny tells him that she dropped off him and Sydney last night. Mommy had to do something. Johnny asks for something from the FBI (didn't hear what he said). Rafe tells him he doesn't actually work for the FBI anymore but he'll try and find him one. Did you have fun at your sleepover? So mommy had to do something, huh? Caroline forgot Johnnie's vitamins. She asks him to run and get them please. Johnny - Okay, but first Mommy told me a secret that I want to tell Rafe. It's about Rafe. Mommy said he's going to be spending a lot more time with us. I can't wait. He goes to get his vitamins. Rafe comments to Caroline that Johnny's a great kid. Caroline agrees. Rafe asks if something's on her mind. Caroline - It's just when Sami asked me to take the kids for a sleepover I thought the reason was you.

Sami and EJ make a deal not to screw this up. Sami lets it be known that she wants to seal the deal with sex.

Abigail is surprised to see Jen at home. She thought she was spending the night with Daniel. Jen points out that Abby is talking to her like a roommate not a Mom. She tells Abby that Dan needed some bonding time with Parker and she had the pleasure of having a little chat with Chloe. Jen doesn't want to talk about it, just mutter about it under her breath. Jen says Abigail looks so cute so early in the morning. The doorbell rings. Jen wonders who it could be. She opens the door to find Cameron standing there with a bouquet of flowers. I wasn't expecting this.

Nick is still in front of his laptop talking to himself. It's going to take more than this to prove that Will shot EJ. Gabi wakes up - Did you say something. No, he was just waiting for her to wake up. He joins her in bed.

Brady tells Kristen she looks beautiful in the morning. Kristen comments that it's nice waking up together. He agrees. Kristen - Just think, if we were married we'd be waking up together every morning. Brady - You've got marriage on the brain. You were joking about it last night and now this morning. Kristen - I'm not joking. I know you're surprised. She understands. Brady thinks this isn't like her. She's the most independent woman he's ever met and he doesn't think she holds marriage in a very high regard. Kristen - I'm human. Being with you has changed me. So what do you say, let's get married.

Segment 2: Jen thanks Cameron for the flowers - they're beautiful. Abby tells him to ignore her mother, she's acting very strange this morning. She tells Jen they're going out for breakfast. Cam has to check in with the hospital so he'll see Abby outside. Jen didn't know the two of them were dating. Abby - We're not dating, it's just breakfast. Jen retorts - Eggs is breakfast, flowers is dating. Abby can't believe he's even talking to her after the way she blew up before. Jen - Maybe he believes in second chances. Abby - Which is why this time I'm not rushing into anything. She leaves.

Caroline - I'm sorry. Did I say the wrong thing? Rafe - No. Maybe this is out of line, but isn't it tiring for you taking the kids overnight? I bet they're staying up late. Caroline - It's not bad. Johnny just follows Joey around and Kayla's so over the moon to have Sydney, I just watch. Rafe - What about Allie? Caroline - Allie's with Lucas. Rafe - Oh. So Sami took the night off. He recalls finding EJ at Sami's apt. Caroline - I'm sorry, I did say the wrong thing. When Johnny mentioned Sami you looked absolutely miserable so please tell me what is going on.

Sami thinks that maybe they should wait until to announce their reconcilation at least until they're prepared to deal with the backlash. She knows she said she didn't care what people said or thought but of course she does, how could she not?

Brady loves her but as much as I love you, I think that's moving way too fast because if we walk down that aisle now it's going to look like we're doing it just to stick it to my Dad and Marlena and I don't want to do that. Kristen hopes he knows that's not why she wants to marry him. Brady does but he thinks that's the way they'll see it. At some point he still wants to work things out with them. Kristen - I see. Brady - I just think if we do it right now things will be irreconciable with them. Kristen - You're right, we do have to think about John and Marlena. We need reconciliation for your sake because I know what you've lost and everything you've gone through because of me. Brady - Maybe we won't be married but we're definitely on the same page.

Nick feels the baby kick. I can't believe we're going to be parents soon. Gabi - I was so scared about people finding out the truth but I think I feel better now. I'm just happy that our baby has so many people that already love her mainly you. Nick - You know what? I forgot I have to go to Jennifer's to pick up a letter she wrote on my behalf for my parole officer. She notices the scar on his back. Tell me how you got that scar, it's so sexy. Nick hears a voice saying - Careful Nicky, you know what happens to snitches, don't you?

Segment 3: Cam and Abby are at the outdoor cafe in the square. Cam surmises that Abby didn't tell her Mom about their date, she was surprised to see him. Abby wasn't keeping it from her. My mom has always liked you. She has to tell him something before they order. Cam thinks he knows what it is.

Rafe - Nothing's going on. I'm just not a morning person. Caroline - I forget it but there's a word for what you just said - bull. I saw Sami and you at the wedding, it was like old times. I'm not the only one who noticed. Rafe - You're right. It was like old times. You think everything's going great then you realise it's really, really not. Caroline - Is it the situation between Will and Gabi? Rafe - It's not a situation. It's a baby. Caroline - Are you going to let a baby come between you and Sami? Rafe - Sami attacked my sister, not just once but over and over again. She did things I just can't forgive.

Gabi doesn't know why he got so mad when she asked about the scar. Nick isn't mad. He just doesn't want to talk about something that was a stupid accident. Gabi asks if he's nervous about his next meeting with his parole officer. Nick - What would I have to be nervous about? Thanks to you I have what you call an exemplary life, and I do mean thanks to you. He kisses her. Let's not talk about the past, just the future. Bye.

Caroline - I've always been crazy about guys that stand up for their sisters but you know Sami and you know how she's going to react if she thinks one of her kids needs protection. Rafe - If Will had thought about protection we wouldn't even be in this mess. Caroline - Will is human, so is Gabi, so is Sami, so are you. Rafe - I know you want this to work out. So did I. Sami just went too far this time. I can't go back there. Caroline - Well if you don't go there you know who will.

Sami's worried about how people could use the information of their reconcilation - like his sister, to hurt her mother. EJ suggests they call a truce when it comes to Kristen or at least not talk about her. Sami doesn't like that suggestion. He needs to concede that his crazy sister is trying to hurt her family. She's a huge problem. The situation with Brady is utterly grotesque. EJ points out that they're together because Kristen resigned at CW. They start kissing - I'm sure the smacking can be heard all the way over in Brookville.

Brady is trying to find a way they can be together without him losing his family. Kristen understands. Brady - We know how we feel about each other. Marriage isn't going to change that but it might kill any chance of my family accepting us. Kristen - You're being mature; seeing the big picture. I'm just being sentimental. I care about you so much. When Brady is in the bathroom Kristen recalls telling Stefano that she's going to get Brady to ask her to marry him and then leave him at the altar. She mutters - Wouldn't be any fun if it wasn't a bit of a challenge. He's going to be begging me to marry him in no time.

Segment 4: Nick thanks Jen for doing this. She's so happy to help out. I didn't have to make anything up; you've done such a good job since you've got out. Nick - Better than expected thanks to Gabi. Jen is really sorry about the wedding. Nick - It doesn't really matter. Gabi and I are getting married in a few weeks. Nobody will stop us this time.

When Gabi comes down Caroline tells her that she and Johnny are going to play a game, if it gets super busy, call me. Gabi joins Rafe. He asks if she slept okay. You were very upset last night. Gabi says she shouldn't have let Sami get to her. Rafe - How could you not? She shouldn't have spoken to you like that. Gabi - Let's forget about it because I don't want to get in the way of your relationship with Sami. Rafe - You don't need to worry about that. We don't have a relationship.

Kristen meets up with EJ at the coffeeship. She got his text. What's up? EJ thanks her for the quarterly report. Kristen - That's not why you wanted to see me. EJ wanted to tell her this in person. Samantha and I are back together. Kristen - Good for you, I guess all our hard work paid off. EJ - It did. Thank you. I owe you.

Sami runs into Brady in the square. And it started off such a good morning, too. Brady - Thanks for the voicemail messages. Remind me to leave you some harassing messages commenting on your personal life. Sami - Are you kidding me? My mother and brother are in hell over your love life and you don't seem to care. Brady - That is completely untrue. Sami - You don't think that it bothers them that you're dating a homicidal maniac? Brady - I'm so sick and tired of people commenting about Kristen ... Sami grabs his arm preventing him from leaving. You'll have to get used to it, she's not very popular. Brady - Do you feel good passing judgement Sami? Why don't you get your affairs with Rafe in order before commenting on my life. Sami - I'll have you know my affairs with Rafe are perfectly in order. We're over for good. Brady - Really? What did you do this time? Sami - I didn't do anything. He did and his sister. Brady - You're an idiot. He's a good guy and for some reason he loves you. You get in a fight over Will and Gabi so you're going to end it. Is that really worth being alone? Sami - Actually it would be but I'm not alone. EJ and I ... she stops. Brady - You're kidding me! Sami, have you lost your frickin' mind!

Segment 5: Abby asks Cam if he's clairvoyant like his mother. Cam thinks he knows what she's going to say. I think you were going to apologise for what happened before and I don't think you should. Abby - You think that behaviour was acceptable? Cam - You had just lost your father, I'd lost Lexie, so we were both, and I think this is the correct psychological term, nuts! Why don't we just start over, focus on the moment and see what happens. I don't think you should have to apologise. Abby - I was trying to say I'm eating gluten-free - just kidding. I was going to apologise. You were nicer about it then I ever could have hoped so thank you and I agree. Let's see what happens.

Jen is really glad that he still wants to get married after everything that's happened. Nick points out that nothing has changed between him and Gabi. Jen - Good because we were worried about you - your family, because we love you so much. Nick - That means so much to me the way you all stood by me through a really hard time and went to bat for me so I could turn my life around. Jen - Which you've done. Nick - I'm so excited that my daughter is going to be born into such a good, strong family. Jen - You're daughter. Nick - Yeah. What happened at the wedding doesn't change anything for me and Gabi. We're having a daughter. I'm so excited. Jen guesses that it's good that he has a positive attitude. Nick - You guess? Jen - It's great you're so happy with Gabi and you're so excited about this baby. Nick - It doesn't sound like you're happy about it. Jen - No, I'm a mom and this is the mom in me coming out. Everything for you right now is moving so quickly. Nick - I don't understand what I'm supposed to do. Am I supposed to just walk away from Gabi? Jen - No I didn't say that. At the very least I think you need to realise that you're getting into a very complicated situation. Nick - And you think I can't handle that? Jen - I didn't say that either. I just think your thoughts are so black and white right now after everything that's happened. I was talking to Julie the other day and she told me about what happened to you in jail. You were attacked a year ago and I know that you have to be so strong and single-minded to persevere ... Nick - Just don't tell Gabi about that. She doesn't need to know I was attacked in prison. She has enough to worry about without having to think about that. And she doesn't have to because that part of my life is over.

Gabi - Everything is going smoothly. The three of us are working things out so now it's time for you to work things out with Sami. Rafe - It's never going to happen.

EJ tells Kristen she was right - working with Samantha was the way to go. Kristen asks if he's told father about Samantha? No, they've decided not to let the world in just yet. Kristen thinks that's smart because she doesn't think he's recovered from finding out about Brady and her. EJ asks how things are going between her and Brady. On course. EJ - You make is sound like a business arrangement. As long as you're happy. Kristen is very happy and guess what, someday I'm going to be even happier.

Brady - You're kidding me! Everyone is bashing me for sleeping with the woman who tried to kill my stepmother and here you are sleeping with the guy you tried to kill yourself. Sami shrugs. Every relationship has its ups and downs. Brady - Yeah, like your relationship with Rafe which was actually a hell of a lot more healthy. Sami - You wouldn't know anything about a healthy relationship. You're the one who's sleeping with your former stepmother. Brady - No she was never married to my father. Sami - You got off on a technality. They didn't actually tie the knot but if you think sleeping with Kristen isn't a Grimm fairy tale, you're wrong. It's disgusting. Brady - You want to talk about grim? Okay. You're with a guy who kidnapped your baby and also replaced your husband with an imposter. Sami - I remember that okay. The past has been troubled. I get it but we're not talking about me. My relationship isn't what caused my mother and your father's marriage to be destroyed. Brady - I don't feel good about that but it's not my fault, it's not Kristen's fault either. Sami - Can you spell delusional! Brady - They're adults. They have to be responsible for their own decisions and their own behaviour. Sami - Oh stop it right now. You really believe that! You're more selfish than I am.

Gabi assumes things are still bad with Sami. Rafe - It's not a big deal. Gabi - It is a big deal. Didn't we just agree to tell each other the truth. Rafe - Okay. The truth. I called Sami on her crap so I don't think she's going to be messing with you anymore as long as things with you, Nick and Will continue to go smoothly.

Segment 6: Gabi - This is not making me happy. I don't want to be responsible for you losing Sami. Rafe - You are not responsible. I could never be with a woman who treated you like that. Gabi admits it was very hard on her but he has to understand where Sami was coming from. I had been lying to her for months about her very own grandchild. Rafe - It's ironic, isn't it? Sami being so sensitive to someone lying. Gabi - I know how she feels about Will. Just give her a chance, give her a break. Rafe - I am not going to give her a chance besides she's the one who broke it off and went back to being the woman I know I could never be with. Gabi - That doesn't make sense. Rafe - It kind of does. I've got to get going. You take care of yourself and my little niece in there. He leaves.

EJ thinks father is going to have a cow when he hears the news. He's not looking forward to seeing Marlena either. He's happy they decided to keep mum, we have some chance to enjoy ourselves before it all hits the fan. He leaves. Kristen - I might have to adjust things with Brady so that I get what I want. Thank you Marlena, I think I now know how to do that.

Brady - Finally you're admitting you're selfish. Sami - You don't like that I'm with EJ, I don't like that you're with Kristen, we will agree to disagree until you realise that I'm right and you're wrong. Brady is going to leave but Sami has to ask for a favour. Please don't tell my mom or Eric about me and EJ. I will tell them. Brady agrees. It's not like I talk to either one of them anyway. She leaves. Brady gets a message from Kristen.

Segment 7: Cam tells Abby he had a great time. She did too. Cam gets a message. He has to get back to the hospital. He asks her if she'd like to go to the movies sometimes. Abby - Like a date date? Cam - Unless that's too fast. Abby - No, I think that would be perfect. Cam will text her.

Nick thanks Jen for the letter again as he's leaving. Jen - You're welcome. I just want you to take care of yourself. They hug. He leaves. Outside Nick recalls what happened when Gabi asked about his scar.

Brady joins Kristen back in her hotel room. She has some big news. Brady thinks he knows what it is, Sami and EJ are back together. We were arguing and she blurted it out. Kristen - That's so Sami. 5 mins after telling EJ not to tell anyone she tells you. Brady - And he told you. Kristen - We're pretty close. I have to say, even though Marlena did some pretty horrible things to me I feel kind of bad for her. Brady - That's why Sami wants to keep it a secret. Kristen - She's right. Sometimes people don't have to know everything. What they don't know can't hurt them. Brady - Like you and I could get married and not tell Dad and Marlena? Kristen - I never thought of that. Is that what you're suggesting?

EJ is outside the pub with Johnny. Did you have a nice time with your cousin and grandma. I did. You look really happy today Daddy.

Sami is walking through the park when she runs into Rafe. He turns ands starts walking away. She asks him to wait. I think we should talk.


Wednesday, Feb 6

Segment 1: Kristen will think about getting married in secret if that is what Brady wants. Brady - No, it's absolutely not.

Hope knocks on the rectory door and comes in (Eric and Nicole were about to talk balanced budget). Hope is here on police business; she needs to ask Nicole a few questions. Nicole - About what? Actually I'm busy right now. Hope - I really don't care. She asks Eric if she can speak to Nicole alone. Nicole snaps - Absolutely not. I need a witness just in case she badgers me. What's this about? Hope - I'm investigating some illegal activities involving corporate espionage and theft at Titan. Eric points out that Nicole doesn't have anything to do with Titan anymore. Hope - Are you sure about that Eric? You have no idea about it? Nicole - Can I cry sanctuary and she automatically has to leave? Hope - You object to answering a few questions? Nicole - No, I object to you blaming me for everything that comes across your desk. That's harassment! Eric - Can you tell us why you want to talk to Nicole? Like I said she's no longer affiliated with Titan. Hope - Some files were stolen off of Brady Black's laptop. Eric - And that led you to Nicole? Nicole - Everything leads her to Nicole. She's still trying to blame me for the Great Train Robbery. Hope - You still haven't told me where you were that night? Nicole - Oh look how much fun she's having falsely accusing me ... Hope - Stop. I'm not accusing you of anything. Actually in fact, questioning you wasn't my idea. I took the case over from another detective and a complaint was filed against you. Eric - And who did that? Hope - I can't divulge that information as you know but what I can tell you is that whomever filed the complaint was absolutely positive that Nicole was responsible. Nicole - Brady! OMG, I can't believe this. You know what, actually I can believe this because that bitch Kristen put him up to it.

Gabi thanks Julie for the baby gift. You're too good to me. Julie begs to disagree. The way you helped turned Nick's life around; I couldn't possibly be too good to you. Gabi - Nick did that. I've never, ever met anyone so focused. Julie - I know and I was so frightened for him. When he was stabbed, it was all touch and go. Even when we knew he was going to survive I was afraid he'd have big emotional scars. Gabi - He was stabbed? Julie - Oh Gabi, you didn't know. I'm so sorry. Gabi - The scar on his back; he was stabbed. Julie - He never told you. Gabi - No, whenever I asked him he got too upset. What happened? Julie - That's just it, nobody knows. Nick refuses to ... Nick comes up to them in the pub - Julie, not one word!

Will sees Sonny working inside the coffeehouse. He pulls out the key to Sonny's place and recalls the morning Sonny gave it to him. He goes inside, they stare at each other for a moment.

When Sami says they need to talk Rafe replies that he thinks that everything that needs to be said has already been said. Sami - Just listen, EJ and I ... Rafe - I know what you and EJ did. I really don't need to hear the details. You slept with EJ. All I was wondering is how long it was going to take you to throw it in my face. Sami wasn't go to say ... Rafe - What were you going to say then, huh? What the hell else is there to talk about? That's all you guys have been doing since we had our little chat, isn't it? Sami would appreciate it if he could be a little less offensive. EJ and I talked about the situation with Gabi and he helped me see that I could have handled it better. Rafe - You talked? That's what you did? You talked. Really? That's why you farmed the kids out? So you and EJ could talk? Go to hell.

Brady - We've been through this. If we get married right now it's going to make it virtually impossible for me to reconcile with my family. Kristen - That's why I thought you wanted to keep it secret. Brady - Because that's what you were implying. Make no mistake, if we do get married, I don't want it to be a secret. We hid how we felt from everybody before and look how it turned out. Kristen - You're right but that was completely different. Brady doesn't care. I don't want to hide anything. My family knows that I love you. I think that they should absorb that. If we get married I want everyone there. I want everyone to see what we have together. He gets a call from Eric. Father, what did I do now? Eric - I don't know. I was hoping you could meet me at the police station in a few minutes. Brady - You had me kicked off the board and now you want to make a citizen's arrest? Eric - I can't explain it on the phone but it's kind of important. So if you would meet me at the police station ... Brady will be right there. He tells Kristen he doesn't know what it's about but Eric whats him to meet him at the police station. I'll text you when I know what's going on. They kiss and he leaves. Kristen talks to herself. Okay, so I'll ask. What's a girl got to do to get a marriage proposal around here.

Segment 2: Eric and Nicole are now at the police station. Nicole tells him that the only good thing about this morning is that he was there. Eric - For spiritual guidance. Nicole - So can I call you as a witness in my civil suit against the City of Salem and Hope, drunk with power, Brady? Eric - I'll testify that she asked you to answer a couple of questions. Nicole - She dragged me in here without a shred of evidence. Eric - Because you cut her off before she could finish her sentence and it seemed a little bit by design. Nicole - Whose side are you on anyway? Eric - I'm on yours but you're playing it as if you something to hide. I mean, all this outrage and protestation. If you could tone it done a few decibels. Brady comes in the room and sees Nicole - What's she doing here? Nicole - Don't play innocent with me. You set me up, you and that sea witch you're shagging. Brady - What is it that I apparently setup? Nicole - You set me up for stealing those files. Hope walks in - So you admit you stole them? Nicole - I didn't admit to anything. She turns to Brady. I know you're angry but how could you do this to me? I have a record, this could be really bad. Brady - I'm aware of that which is why I didn't turn you in. Nicole - No, you had Kristen do it for you.

Kristen is complaining to Stefano that Brady shot down the concept of getting married in secret. Stefano - In secret? I'm going to be polite now and call it your plan, wasn't it your idea to humilate him in front of the church? When you have humilation you have a lot of people. I mean John dumped you in a room filled with people. Kristen - I kind of remember that so I guess I would have found a way to make the private ceremony public. I'm not stupid. Stefano - No but sometimes you get caught up in emotion. This idiot does not even want to marry you. Kristen - I really hate talking to you. Stefano - What I'm doing right now talking to you is not fun either. This is like old times. When you had an idea you would follow through with it and you would never think that the whole thing could possibly blow up in your face. Kristen - Okay, so you don't have any faith in me. What else is new? I don't care because I'm going to get what I want no matter what. She hangs up.

Gabi tells Nick to calm down. Julie is so sorry. Nick - I don't need to calm down. I am calm. I just want to put the whole thing behind me. It never happened. No harm, no foul. He looks at the baby gift. This is beautiful. This is so nice of you. Where did you get this? Lucky us, with the Horton family we're never going to have to buy one thing for this baby. He hugs Gabi.

Sonny and Will sit down at a table. Sonny - You didn't just drop by for coffee. Will wanted to talk to him for a minute. He passes Sonny the key. I just figured I've had it long enough. Sonny - There wasn't a timetable ... Will knows. I moved my stuff out already, there's no reason for me to keep it.

Sami - What happens between EJ and me is none of your business. Rafe - You're right. It's not. He starts walking away but stops. But you know what I do find amazing ... what amazes me ... two weeks ago you were going to dump him for me. Then all a sudden there you go, bam, you jump right back in the sack with him. You couldn't resist, could you? Sami - That's what this is about? You're jealous. Rafe - I'm jealous? Yeah, you wish. Are you kidding me? After the way you treated my sister. I'll tell you something. You can do whatever the hell you want with whoever the hell you want. Sami - Then why are you so upset? Rafe - Because I fell in love with a woman who doesn't exist, that's why. You make me sick. I'll tell you something honestly, I wish I could delete every single memory I have of you.

Segment 3: Kristen is now at the police station. She tells Nicole that she did not call the police on her although she is still thinking of taking legal action against her but not until she talks to Brady. I'm trying to respect the fact that he thinks of you as a friend. Nicole - And when she's done here, she's going to go and collect for UNICEF. Hope returns. I still can't get hold of the first detective on the case but let's be honest here, it really doesn't matter. You all but admitted that you did it. Nicole tells Eric she's scared. Eric has his arm around Nicole's shoulder - I know that this is yours and Kristen's decision but the repercussions of pressing charges could be very devastating; she could go back to prison. Kristen - Obviously she's been distraught and not in control. If she'd thought about this for even a minute she probably wouldn't have done something so stupid. Brady - Are you okay with not pressing charges? Kristen - I guess the last few months have changed her. She's your friend. You must see something in her that I just don't see. Nicole - So can I go. Hope - No you can't because the person who reported the crime still has a say in the matter. Nicole - Who wants to put me back in jail. Victor walks in - Well Nicole, that would be me. (LOL - He pretends to curl his mustache like the villains in the old movies).

Julie - Nick, you're in such a good mood, can I presume that the two of you worked things out with Will? Gabi - He's been very great but not his Mom. Julie - Aw, Sami, so brash, so passionate, so in your face, not unlike the way I used to be long ago. Do you need me to talk to her? Gabi - No, we have everything under control, thank you. Julie - I think it's absolutely wonderful that this baby is going to have 3 loving parents looking out for it. She has errands to do. If you need anything at all, call me. She leaves. Nick looks at the dress - It's hard to believe that this is going to go on our very own baby girl one day. Gabi - When you heard what Julie was saying you were so upset. Nick - I don't want anyone to worry you. Gabi - Then you covered it up. I know you don't want to talk about it, but the stabbing, I think we should talk about it. Nick has a flashback to when he was stabbed in prison. Gabi notices his hands are shaking.

Sonny - You said you got all your stuff but you left that watch that you loved. Will - I left that for you. I know you liked it. I want you to have it. Sonny - Thank you. Will - You're welcome. Besides you're late all the time so you could probably use it more than I could. I was hoping I could run something by you, if that's okay. Sonny - Yeah. Will - I know it's a lot to ask but I was hoping that we could be friends.

Sami - That's a really awful thing to say. Rafe - Right, shouldn't be mean to you. But a scared, pregnant girl - that's no big deal to you. Too fragile to hear the truth, aren't you? Sami - I don't think it is the truth. I think it's something that you chose to say because it was calculated to hurt me. Rafe - Yeah right. Couldn't be anymore true. You know what I've had to deal with, with you? Do you have any idea? All the bull year, after year, after year. Sami - Well I'm sorry about that, I really am 'cause I on the other hand am having a great life now. I did have sex with EJ last night and I'll tell you one thing, it was the best night of my life.

Segment 4: Victor sits down and holds out a bag. Does anyone want some candy? I brought candy. Nicole - You S.O.B. Victor - Oh sit down Nicole. Nobody likes a sore loser. Detective Brady, let me bring you up to speed here on what's going on. When the Titan security team was notified that some files were downloaded from my nincompoop grandson's computer without authorization, we worked backwards and we found that the files had been downloaded from my home at a time and date that Nicole was there. Nicole - You vile, vindicative ... Victor - Now don't take it personally Nicole ... oh good ahead, take it personally. Eric - Hope, is there anything you can do? Hope - I need to speak to Victor alone please. Kristen - What did you do to get on his bad side Nicole? Oh right ... Hope closes the door after the 4 leave. What are you doing? What are you, 5 years old. Victor - I like to think of it as young at heart. Hope - Does it mean nothing to you at all that Nicole stole that file to get Brady away from that woman, from Kristen? Let me remind you that she's a woman that you hate even more than Nicole. Victor - Hmm, do I hate Kristen more than I hate Nicole? How many angels can dance on the head of a pin? Hope - Wow. So I get to go home and tell Ciara what a jerk grandpa was today. Victor, do not do this. Victor - Oh, I'm not going to press charges. I think she can be very helpful in getting Brady away from that whack job ... Hope - This was all a charade? Victor - Taunting Nicole keeps me young. Hope - Wasting my time makes me a little bit angry. Victor - I'll make up for it, I promise. Hope - Good, I'm going to hold you to it. I know you like to have your fun and I admit, a few more minutes of Nicole's screeching and we might have had a homicide on our hands today.

Sonny - I hope that we'll always be friends. Will - Me too. Sonny - I know things are weird between us but if you ever need anyone to talk to, I'm available. Will - Thank you. I appreciate that a lot. Sonyy - I care so much about you. Will - I feel the same way about you. I just want you to be happy even if it's not with me. Cue flashback of them exchanging hugs and I love you's. They both start talking at once. Sonny - You think that we should just be friends. Will - I think that's for the best. My life's been crazy with the baby ... let me show you something. He shows him the sonogram pic. Sonny - She has your nose. Will - I guess so. Is it weird? I'm really starting to get excited about being a dad. Sonny - We're friends now, right. Friends are honest with each other. I really think you need to be careful with Nick and Gabi. I don't trust them.

Gabi takes his hands - I'm sorry I upset you. Nick - I'm sorry. I'm fine. I don't like thinking about the past. I like thinking about you and the baby. Gabi - I understand. I just want you to know that I love you and I want you to share things with me because I'm tougher than I look. Nick - I know I can share things with you but there are things that happened in prison that I had to learn how to get through and put out of my mind like it never happened. It's the only way to survive.

Rafe - There's a new experience, isn't it? You telling the truth; only last time when you talked to EJ and then you lied to me about if for months. Sami - Yeah, I wonder why I did that. I had this crazy notion that you would have no compassion for the fact that I was out of my mind with grief thinking that my son was dead. All you would care about is that I had cheated on you. Rafe - Yeah, poor you. There's no sense having another post-mortem, is there. What we had is dead, it doesn't matter why. Sami - Finally, something we can agree on. Rafe - Unfortunately we can't make it a clean break because of the baby but maybe if you keep up your end of the deal and don't harass my sister we might be okay. Sami - Absolutely as long as Gabi doesn't stop Will from having his rights as a father, I have no problem. Rafe - My sister has no problem whatsoever with Will seeing the baby. Sami - I'm not just talking about Will seeing the baby. Rafe - Then what are you talking about? Sami - I'm talking about Will having equal rights to his own daughter; I'm talking about shared custody. Rafe - You really want to make this child a prize in a custody battle? Sami - No, of course I don't. I don't see any reason why Gabi would keep Will for his own little girl but if she tries you can be sure it will be Gabi in court pleading with Will for a chance to see her daughter. Rafe - As if, she's the mother, okay. If you think that's the case then you're definitely crazier than I thought. Sami - Really, she's the mother? Are you forgetting the fact that the mother is going to marry a convicted felon and a murderer. Not to mention her own crimes whatever they may be. What judge is in his right mind wouldn't give the child to Will?

Segment 5: Rafe - You pull any dirty tricks with my sister or the baby and I will come after you. And by the way, I will be the judge of what's dirty seeing as you have this charming way of justifying just about everything including attempted murder. Sami - Right, since your sister's fiance is a convicted murderer, I'm not exactly quaking in my boots. Rafe - Go to hell. After he walks aways Sami shakes her head - Great, what did I just do?

Will knows he doesn't like them, he understands that but he has to be around Gabi and Nick and he's going to be around them for the rest of his life so he has to deal with that. I think we've worked it out. Gabi has been nothing but great. Sonny - I hope you're right but wasn't working it out a little too easy? Wll - No, because we only want what's best for the baby. Sonny - But Nick and Gabi are teamed up, did you ever think they could be stringing you along? Will - I know you have this thing about Gabi that you can't tell me about ... Sonny - She's not as innocent as you think she is. Forget about what I know about her, what about the fact that they tried to get you to give up the rights to your own child. Over and over they lie and manipulate to get what they want ... Will - I didn't give up the baby for them, I gave up the baby for you.

Kristen and Brady follow Eric and Nicole into the square. Kristen asks Brady to wait just a second. She asks Nicole if they could walk back to the church together; give us a chance to clear the air. Sounds like a good idea to Eric. Kristen tells Brady she'll meet him back at her hotel room. She looks at Eric - Maybe clearing the air would be a good thing all the way around. The ladies leave. Brady is going to leave so Eric thanks him for not pressing charges. Brady - Neither did Kristen. Eric - I appreciate that. Brady - I don't like the way things are between us; I liked them the way they were before. Eric - I did too. Brady - But it's never going to be that way again, right, as long as I'm with Kristen.

Kristen follows Nicole into the rectory. Nicole is not up to another fight. Kristen suggests calling a truce. That whole thing with the Titan documents kind of defanged you, so there's no need for active warfare. If you mind your manners, if you don't, I will destroy you, I think I can be civil with you. Maybe someday we could even be friends. We have a lot in common. We're both smart, ambitious, gorgeous, tall but I do respect the way you went after me, decent plan. Nicole - Yeah, it really should have worked. Kristen - You're kind of off your game and after today I can certainly understand why. Nicole - What is that supposed to mean? Kristen - How about working shoulder to shoulder with that hunk in a little turnaround collar. Do you know how to spell forbidden fruit?

Segment 6: Victor wants Hope to do one more thing for him before he leaves. Tell me what's really going on with Bo. Hope claims she doesn't know what he means. Vic - We both know he wouldn't be away from you and Ciara for this long without a very good reason. She kisses his cheek - It's always so good to see you Victor.

Kristen did her homework. You and Eric were involved. Nicole - Ages ago. We're just friends now. Kristen - I'd work hard to keep it that way. Take it from someone who knows, you don't want to fall in love with a priest. That makes married men look like a walk in the park. She leaves.

Rafe knocks on the door to Gabi's room. She tells him to come in. She asks him what's wrong. Why are you back so soon? Rafe - I just talked to Sami. And I don't want to scare you but I think there's going to be trouble ahead for you and the baby.

Sami stomps into the square muttering - stupid, stupid, stupid. Look up tipping your hand in the dictionary and there's my picture. I have to do some damage control. I'll start with Will. She sends him a text to meet her at her place.

Nick walks up to the door of the coffeehouse and sees Sonny and Will together. Sonny - You were going to give up your baby for me? Will - Yes. I thought if you knew I was having a baby I'd lose you which I did. So it wasn't Nick or Gabi, it was me. Sonny - You said you were doing what's right for the baby. Will - I did say that but I think deep down I felt that I couldn't have you and the baby so I chose you. I chose you over my own kid which is messed up but that's how much I love you. I was really selfish. Sonny covers his hand (Nick takes off) - I'm so sorry, if I had known ... Will - You couldn't know because I didn't say anything. I screwed up everything and now it's too lae. He gets up and leaves.

Segment 7: Brady and Kristen are back in her room. She tells him that she and Nicole called a truce. It did hit me that she was in pain and I know she was looking out for you so ... Brady - You are truly not the tough chick people think you are. He tells her she was great agreeing not to press charges, this truce thing - you went above and beyond. Kristen - I don't want you to lose one more person in your life because of me. Brady is going to have to figure out something special to reward her with.

Eric returns to the rectory and asks how things went with Kristen. Fine, she was actually really nice. Thanks to Victor I really have a lot of work to do so I don't have time to talk. Eric - Okay, what's next? Nicole - No offence but things would go a lot faster if I do them myself. He grabs her hand - Would you tell me why you're pushing me away like this?

Rafe - So I think Sami's going to push for some sort of mutual custody agreement. Gabi - We've already talked about this. Nick and I are going to raise the baby and Will can see her whenever he wants and Will's on board. We're getting along great. Rafe - Sis, we're talking about Sami here. Sami Brady, she can get Will to do whatever she wants, whatever she thinks is right. Nick comes up outside the door and hears Rafe say - I wouldn't put it past Sami to take you to Family Court once the baby is born and not just for partial custody, maybe even for full custody. Gabi - No, I am the mother of this baby. The court's not going to take the baby away from it's mother. Rafe - Let me tell you exactly what Sami said. The court may take issue with you being married to a murderer. Gabi - OMG. No.

Will comes into Sami's apt. He shows her the sonogram. I got to feel it kick. Sami - I can see by the look on your face that you love her already. Will - Yeah, this kind of makes it real in a good way. Sami - Good. I know you think the baby isn't coming for a long time but it's going to happen soon and I really think you should contact that lawyer that EJ recommended. Will - Why? Sami - Because I think that you need to insist that Gabi get a paternity test immediately.


Thursday Feb 7

Segment 1: Eric asks Nicole if something is wrong. Nicole gives a work-related excuse. Eric thinks it should be easy for her. Nicole retorts that she's computer smart, life-smart not so much. Eric knows she was trying to help him when she tried to setup Kristen and he's sorry it backfired on her but maybe she should have talked to him first. Nicole - You would have encouraged me not to interfere. Eric - Maybe, but you know there's nothing you can't talk to me about. Nicole asks him to leave her alone.

Lucas is in the square on the phone with Allie. When he's done on the call Chloe tells him he's still a wonderful father. Lucas heard she was back in town. Chloe - Yeah, long time no see. I'm guessing you wish it were longer.

Dan is at his apartment staring at the picture of Parker on his phone when he opens the door to Jen who immediately kisses him. This is me picking up where we left off last night.

EJ and Johhny are at the coffeeshop. Johnny is enjoying his hot chocolate. He thinks Sydney is going to be upset she's missing this. EJ wanted it to be just the two of them, man and man. Johnny - Rafe calls me dude. Will Rafe be at mommy's when we get back there. EJ doubts it, why is he asking? Johnny - I told him my FBI jacket got too little; he's going to get me a bigger one.

Will asks why he needs a paternity test; everyone knows he's the father. Sami says everyone knows that because that is what Gabi is saying; what if she decides to say something different. Will - She wouldn't. Sami - You don't know that. She's going to be with Nick and they might get married and what if she decides when the baby comes that that is the easiest way to get rid of you; put Nick's name down as the father on your daughter's birth certificate. Will - Gabi is not going to put Nick's name on the birth certificate. Sami - I don't see there being a problem with you protecting your own rights. Will points out that Gabi wants me to be a part of my baby's life, so does Nick. Sami - You're 100% sure of that? Will - Yes. Sami - Then why not get the paternity test, have it in writing. Will - Because I'm the father and even if Nick and Gabi want to pretend otherwise it doesn't matter, I'm the father. Sami - You don't think it matters if Gabi puts Nick's name down on the baby's birth certificate. Will - I guess if that happens I would ask for a paternity test. Sami - I know more about paternity tests than anyone you know and I'm telling you right now if Gabi puts Nick's name down as the father the burden of proof falls on you. If she doesn't want a paternity test you're going to have to get a court order to get one and if you think that's easy, you're wrong. Will - I think you're making things up so I'll do whatever you want. Sami - Don't believe me, ask EJ's lawyer. I get it. You like Gabi but she's a girl and she wants the man she loves to be the father to her child. And in this situation Nick wants that too. You've seen them together. Nick can talk her into anything. Johnny and EJ return. EJ asks how things are here. Sami is going to get Johnny cleaned up. EJ asks Will how everything's going. Will - Great. Mom has this insane idea that I need to demand Gabi gets a paternity test. EJ tells him that's exactly what he should do.

Gabi tells Rafe they can't take the baby away from her, she'd want to die. Rafe - That's exactly why you have to take this seriously. Gabi - Are you saying I shouldn't marry Nick? Rafe - I'm not telling you what to do. I'm just telling you that you have to face reality and the reality is if you and Will and Nick get into a custody battle, Will is going to use every weapon he has and Nick's past is a weapon. Gabi - Will would never do something like that to me. Rafe - Maybe he wouldn't have before but now Sami is involved and trust me, she will find a way to convince him that this is what he has to do.

Segment 2: Eric can see that Nicole is upset; is it something Kristen said? Nicole - Like I would let her get to me. Eric - You said that before but you seem so different since you spoke with her. I go way back with that lady; I know what she's capable of. If she threatened you ... Nicole snaps - She didn't. I'm in a mood. Would you leave it alone! Eric can't because Kristen has the talent for saying the one thing that can get under someone's skin. Nicole recalls Kristen telling her not to fall in love with a priest. She admits that Eric is right. Kristen did say something that got to me.

Lucas - Is that why you came back? Because you found out Daniel is the father after all. Chloe - Did you talk to Philip. Yeah. Chloe - It turns out people were lining up to mess with the paternity results. Lucas - Really? Someone went behind your back to betray you! Upstanding person like yourself. Chloe - How's Philip? Lucas - How do you think he is? Chloe - I didn't do this to him. Lucas - Maybe you didn't mean it but you're kind of like a whirlwind. Enter a guy's life, knock everything down and you keep on going. Chloe was hoping they were at the point where they could have a polite conversation but she guesses not. Lucas - Don't flatter yourself, I'm over you. Chloe knows but finding out that Daniel is the father of the child you thought of as your nephew is probably not your favourite news. Lucas - You may have Daniel's son but you sure blew it with him, didn't you? Chloe - Not that you're gloating. Lucas - Actually I'd like you two to get back together. You deserve each other. Not only that, he'd have to leave my sister the hell alone. He leaves.

Jen assures Dan she understands about last night. She's so happy he got to hear his son call him Daddy. Speaking of picking up where they left off, Aunt Maggie told her that she told Chloe she would look after Parker tonight. She also checked Dan's schedule and he has no surgeries tomorrow so she called Brady. He's been talking about you and I and him and Kristen going on this double date. Kristen has connections to get to the front of the line at the hottest club in Chicago. Dan - It sure is long drive back. Jen - Yes but you would only have to go as far as East Walton Place. There's a hotel there overlooking the lake. She made a reservation, one room. Are we on? They are. Dan has to go over and see Parker before they leave. Jen has a few errands to do before they leave.

Gabi doesn't care what Sami says, Nick is not the same person he used to be. Rafe - A prison record is a prison record. It's not like he was in jail for fraud; we're talking about a violent crime. Gabi doesn't care. Nick is the most gentle person I've ever met. I want to spend my life with him and I want to have a baby of our own with him and if I want him to raise this baby with me, shouldn't that make a difference to a judge? Outside the door Nick recalls Lucas shouting - Man, I went to prison for you. Nick leaves. Rafe - I know you love Nick. I just want you to be aware of the fact that being with him can have consequences that you may not like. Sami is not going to give in on this. You don't have a choice. Gabi - Why do things have to be like this? This is the whole reason why Nick and I wanted to say the baby is his; so our families wouldn't go into this battle. Now that's exactly what's happening.

EJ - Your mother and I both know a great deal about custody fights. Will - Yeah, with each other. EJ shrugs - We both care very passionately about our children. Neither of us wants to spend a night away from them. That is something you're going to understand very clearly when you have your daughter. When children are the issue, these situations can become incredibly volatile and very emotional. That's why you need to arm yourself with the facts because in a situation like this if you have a legal document that says you are this child's father that can offer you as much protection as a suit of armour.

Segment 3: Nicole tells Eric that Kristen did threaten her. She wasn't going to make an issue of her planting stolen documents on her computer unless she did something else to her, then she would come down hard on me. Eric - She means it. You do not want to mess with her. Nicole - Helping you and Brady made me feel so good about myself. Eric - And now you don't. Do you want to talk about it? Nicole - No. You asked me what was wrong and I told you. Eric - You were trying to help me and I pushed you away. Nicole - This isn't about you. Just leave me alone, drop it. Eric - Fine. I'm sorry I pushed you to talk. I was just trying to help. He leaves the rectory. When she hears the door open she thinks it's Eric, but it's Jennifer. Is this a bad time? Nicole - What are you doing here? Jen came to see her if that's okay. I want to talk to you about Chloe.

Dan lets Parker hear his own heartbeat. Chloe comes in and watches them together. Chloe joins them on the coach. Dan hears that Maggie is taking over tonight so she can get some rest. He knows because Maggie told Jen. So now that I know you're covered, I've made some plans. Chloe - Are they with Jennifer? Dan - Yes they are.

Gabi - Everything is such a mess now. You and Sami probably would have been together if it hadn't been for this. Rafe - Listen, if Sami and I couldn't figure out a way to get through this then we don't deserve to be together. Gabi - You don't mean that. Rafe does. I've been trying to sell myself on this version of Sami that doesn't even exist. Besides, she's back with EJ. Gabi - That's awful. Rafe - No, it's good. They deserve each other.

EJ - Meet with this attorney that I retained for you. Will - I understood most of what you're saying but I consider Gabi my friend and I trust her. I don't ask my friends to take paternity tests. EJ - That's commendable. I just hope your faith in Gabi is well placed. Will - It is. EJ - As far as you know. Will - Everyone is hinting at something Gabi has done that I don't know about, so why don't you enlighten me? EJ - Your mother doesn't know the details and I'm not allowed to discuss it. Will - Who says you're not allowed? EJ - I do. If you knew the things that I know you wouldn't think about Gabi the sami way. Trust me. Sami - If she's really that trustworthy than she won't have a problem with taking a paternity test. Will - How am I supposed to broach the subject. Hey, I just want to make sure the kid is mine. Is that alright? Sami - She'd rather hear it from you now than a judge later. Will - If I do this, I do it my way. I'll figure out what to say and do it myself. Sami - I promise you that you will not regret this. Will is going to go. Sami asks if he's okay. Will - I don't know. Somebody telling me this, somebody telling me that, everyone is running around in circles. I'm just going to put it all on the table and figure it out. He leaves.

Nick is holding up a pen. And this will record everything. The guy says yeah. Nick has this professor that drones on and on ... The guy tells him it's voice activated. It records up to eight hours. Nick - So even if I'm slumped over in my chair it will still catch the whole lecture. Yeah, and it's also a transmitter. If you send the pen with a friend to class you can listen on your PC at home. Nick tests it out. He will take it. Do you have any of those disposable phones, do you? They do. Nick is pleased.

Segment 4: Chloe was thinking that Parker is really taking to him now; she'd hate to do anything to stop that progress. So would Dan. Chloe - If you're going to be gone for a whole day he might be uncomfortable with you the next time he sees you and you might have to start all over again. Dan won't let Parker forget him ever again but he is going away tonight. Chloe - I thought maybe if he could spend the night with you ... Dan says that Maggie and Victor are looking forward to this. Tomorrow afternoon he'll put a bed in Parker's room so they can hang out for a night. Chloe - Sounds great. Dan says that she and Maggie will have the number where he'll be and she can always call him on his cell. Chloe - Let's just hope he has a better night than he did last night. He says goodbye to Parker and leaves.

Nicole - Why would I discuss Chloe with you? Jen - You and Chloe are friends and I thought you could give me a little insight as to what she wants. Look, I know I don't like you and you don't like me but I thought when you apologised you gave me the idea that you wanted to make some sort of amends for what we went through together. Now's your chance. You can help me not go through this nightmare again.

Brady and Gabi are now downstairs in the pub. He's sorry for dumping this on her. It wouldn't have felt right not to say anything. Gabi can't believe that he's thinking of her after what happened with Sami. Rafe - Would you forget her, you're my sister and that's my niece right in there. Two of the most important people in the world to me. They hug. Nick comes in. He notices Rafe is getting ready to leave. Sorry I missed you. Rafe - I guess you're going to be stuck with my beautiful sister. After Rafe leaves Nick asks what's wrong. Gabi tells him they have to talk about something. Nick - Whatever it is, guaranteed we're going to be okay. Will comes in. Hey, I'm glad you guys are here because there's something I kind of want to talk to you about.

Segment 5: Lucas walks up to the nurses station. Eric shakes his hand and thanks him for meeting him here. I have a parishoner going into surgery. Lucas hopes everything goes alright. Is this about raising funds for the new school? Eric talked to Billie before she left and she said you might be interested in taking her spot on the board. You seem reluctant. Lucas - I am. Nicole works in the church office, right. I'll serve on the board under one condition. You make sure she and I are never in the same room together, I mean ever.

Nicole isn't going to talk about Chloe behind her back to Jen. Jen guesses it's too early for Nicole to confide in her. This is about Daniel's happiness as much as it is mine. I know you still care about him so think about something for me. Do you think Chloe ending up with Daniel is the best thing for him? As Jen is leaving Nicole says - Watch yourself. Don't give her anything that she can use against you, anything at all.

Chloe is muttering to herself complaining about Jen having Daniel right where she wants him. She picks up his stethoscope - Does she?

EJ tells Sami that Johnny has been talking to Rafe. Rafe has promised to get him a bigger FBI jacket. Sami declares that this is not happening.

Nick, Gabi and Will sit down. Gabi says it sounds serious. Will says it doesn't have to be. We all want what's best for the baby and you still want me to be a part of the baby's life ... Gabi - Yeah. Nick - So what's this about? Will - The thing is I think Mom and EJ ... I think that we should get a paternity test before the baby is born. Gabi - What!

Segment 6: Dan is over at Jen's house. He pulls out a piece of paper with the contact info to give to Chloe. He is going to put their bags in the car. Jen sees the paper and asks him what it is. He promised Chloe he'd give her contact info. Jen asks if Chloe knows they're going to Chicago. No, all she knows is that they're going out tonight. I just got a couple of numbers for her. Nothing is going to spoil our night. He goes to the car. There's a knock on the door. It's Chloe. Can I come in?

Eric - Your feelings are your feelings and I can't do anything to change that. I do think Nicole sincerely wants to change the way she lives her life though. Lucas - Whatever you say. Eric - Does this mean you don't want to be on the board because I can't guarantee that you won't run into Nicole. Lucas - Billie wants me to do it and it's good cause. I'll do it. Eric - I don't want any scenes between you and Nicole. Lucas - There won't be any. What you said about Nicole changing, I'll believe that when I see it. He leaves. Eric goes in to see his patient. Nicole stops when she hears his voice.

Gabi - I don't see why this is necessary. I've never denied that you're the baby's father. Will - I know. I'm so sorry but I've changed a lot since I found out you were pregnant. I used to want to run away from it but now I don't. I want it on record. I want to make it legal. I want this little girl to know that before she was even born I was proud to say that I am her father. Gabi - Your mom and EJ pushed you into this. I can't believe that you let them. Nick - That's okay. I think I understand where EJ and your mom are coming from. Before the wedding you had said and we had all decided that you were going to bow out. Now that you feel differently I think they're just trying to protect you. Will - Yeah! Trust me, they've been through this a lot. Nick - So if the paternity test isn't going to hurt Gabi or the baby I don't see why it should be a problem. Will - Thank you. I honestly didn't expect you to say that. Gabi - Neither did I. Nick - We all need to think about what is going to be best for the baby and I intend to make sure that's exactly what happens.

Chloe pulls out Dan's stethoscope. He left it when he was visiting Parker. Jen thanks her. She'll make sure Dan gets it. Chloe wants to talk to her. Last night really changed everything for Daniel and Parker. They're officially father and son now. Jen - I know and it's wonderful. Chloe - Anyway I just want to make sure they get to spend as much time together as possible. Jen agrees and you should call Daniel in the morning and set something up. We have plans tonight. They're set in stone; we can't really change them. Chloe - Okay. Daniel said he was going to give me the info on where you guys are going. I can just get that from you, right? Jen - You have his cell phone number right? Chloe - Yeah but you never know about cell phones. The battery could die or he could leave it somewhere. I think it's really important to know where Daniel is at all times just in case.

Segment 7: Nicole watches Eric pray with the patient. A nurse asks if she can help her. Nicole has some flyers from St Luke's. She was going to leave them in the chapel but there's a service going on in there. The nurse will have them put in there later. Nicole watches Eric and then steps away and tells herself - You can't have feelings for this man, you can't!

Jen agrees that she should know where they're going to be. They're going to be here in town at Club Inferno. Chloe knows that place. Jen - If that's everything ... Dan returns. Chloe, what are you doing here?

Sami can't believe that Rafe is working Johnny to get back at her. EJ didn't tell her this so she would suddenly start being angry with Rafe. Sami can't help but be angry. He's using that little boy to cause problems for us. EJ - Possibly. I don't like when anyone gives my son an FBI jacket, especially your ex-husband. But I can't change the fact that Johnny loves that jacket. He just does. Sami - The problem is that he loves Rafe. EJ - Maybe he does but I don't think Rafe is using Johnny to get in between you and me. He cares about Johnny and he cares about Sydney and I understand why and I'm fine with that. Sami - You're not threatened by him at all? EJ - Not at all.

Will thanks Nick for being so understanding about this. Nick - All I've ever cared about is Gabi and the baby. Gabi will talk to her doctor and if he says it isn't dangerous, I guess it's okay. Nick - So we're good? Will - Yeah. Nick has some stuff to do so he'll see them later. Will shakes his hand and thanks him. As he's leaving Nick drops the surveillance pen into Will's backpack. Will - Just so you know I was really scared about talking to you and Nick about this. Gabi - If it's what you want ... Will - What I want is for us not to have a big fight. That's the last thing I want.

Upstairs Nick locks the door to Gabi's door.

In the square Lucas gets a text. I know what you did to EJ DiMera. He looks around - What the hell!

Back in Gabi's room Nick holds the disponsable cell in his hand and smiles.


Monday, Feb 11

Segment 1: Nicole dreams she is working in the rectory when Eric kisses her passionately. She wakes up. She then recalls Kristen's warning to not fall in love with a priest. She mutters - No more tacos after 10, it makes you crazy. She goes back to sleep and dreams of Eric in bed with her. What the hell is wrong with me. She gets out of bed.

Sami pours her mom a coffee and asks how long John is going to be gone. Marlena doesn't know and she doesn't want to talk about John. You invited me over here to tell me something important about you. Sami did. I made a decision I should tell you about. You should probably brace yourself. Marlena - What is it? Sami - EJ and I back together. Marlena - When did this happen? Sami - The last couple of days. Marlena - Really? That's amazing. I heard you had a disagreement with Rafe ... Sami - Not a disagreement. It's over for good. Marlena - I know you feel that way but you and Rafe have been in this place many, many times. Sami - I saw him for who he really is and I don't want to be with a man like that. Marlena - You want to be with a man like EJ? A man who's treated you the way he has? A man who has been cruel to you? Sami gets up in a snit. Marlena knows she's frustrated and the news that Will is the father of Gabi's baby caused a lot of tension between you and Rafe. But to go from that to EJ, that really is a dead end street. Sami - How did I know you'd react this way. Marlena - Anyone who knows you will react this way. You're not just hurting Rafe, you're hurting yourself. Sami tells her to stop. Stop shrinking me and just talk to me like my mother. Marlena - Fine, this is your mother speaking. What the hell are you doing?

Stefano is happy to hear from Elvis. EJ isn't sure he's going to like the reason for this call. Stefano tells him to spit it out.

Kristen continues pretending to be drunk. She doesn't want to go home. She calls for the bar-keep. Brady asks for the check. Kristen stands up on the table and gets the attention of everyone there. I want you to know I love this guy. Brady lifts her off the table - Kristen picks up a drink off a server's tray. Brady is going to get her to bed. Kristen wants to kiss. Brady calls for the check again. Kristen points out they haven't had dinner yet. She's going to need another drink. Kristen starts pouring her drink out when Brady turns around and sees her - What are you doing?

Chloe thinks that Brady answers his phone but it's Daniel. What is wrong. She tells him she's at the hospital. It's Parker. He's burning up with fever. Dan tells her to calm down and tell him what's going on. She explains she was looking after Parker because Maggie had to go out. Parker was so hot, she couldn't find him so she took his temperature. I've never been so scared. Dan finds out his temp was 105. Chloe sees Kayla and hands the phone to her - tell Daniel what's wrong with Parker. Kayla confirms that Parker does have a temp of 105. A doctor is working on bringing the fever down but they don't know what's causing it. Dan will be right there. Dan tells Jen it's real. Chloe begs Kayla to save her son. Kayla is helping Chloe fill out forms when a nurse comes to her and says 'he's convulsing'. Kayla tells Chloe to stay right here. I'll come back with some answers.

Segment 2: To cover Kristen puts her arms around the plant and tells Brady she was watering it. I love nature. Brady leads her out as she keeps up her drunken charade. He takes her to a private room. She's embarrassed, she's a drunk. Brady doesn't think she's a drunk but she is drunk. She tells him he's right except when he's wrong and he's wrong about the marriage thing. Brady suggests talking about that tomorrow. She wants to talk about it now. The only reason he won't get married is because he doesn't want to upset John and Marlena. What have they done for us lately?

Sami demonstrates her lack of maturity by throwing the kids toys around. Marlena - Maybe I shouldn't have said that. I love you so much. I worry about you. Sami knows. The worry is because you think this has come out of left field but it hasn't. EJ and I have been working together very closely for months and it just happened naturally over time. He has been so wonderful to me and kind and there for me. It's been fun and easy, better than it ever was before. Marlena would like to be happy for her but it's going to take her some time. Sami - You're never going to see EJ the way that I do unless you're open to the possibility that he's changed a lot. Yes, no? Marlena - I'm wondering if he became the new EJ after his father left town. Sami - Well, yeah. Marlena - So I'm wondering if he'll be the same kind, gentle man when his father returns.

Stefano - You're what! Maybe I heard wrong ... EJ - You heard right. I'm back with Samantha and it's better than ever. Silence. Stefano - How did you manage that. EJ claims it just happened naturally, effortlessly. Stefano - No effort on your part of course. EJ - Are you suggesting Samantha engineered the situation? Stefano laughs. She's been know to go after what she wants with a vengeance. EJ has always admired her tenacity but this time they just fell in love naturally for once. I think it's really going to work out. Stefano just shakes his head.

Nicole is in the rectory all dressed up to go when Eric turns the lights on and asks her what she's doing.

Dan and Jen arrive at the hospital. Dan hears a nurse telling Chloe she can't be in the room. He goes to her. She tells him Parker is having convulsions and they won't let her go in his room. Dan tells her to calm down; he'll find out what's going on.

Segment 3: Kristen rambles on how the 12 steps aren't working for her especially with his stepmother. Brady says it's a complicated situation. Kristen - But you my seriously hot, hunky boyfriend make it so worth it because you make me so happy. I really remember the first time you kissed me. I love you that's why I want you to start thinking about all the reasons you should say yes to getting married to me. Don't think about the reasons to say no. I really want you to say yes.

Sami opens the door to EJ and she tries to play the femme fatale. EJ is there to talk about the ad campaign. Sami wants sex. She makes it clear the sitter will bring Allie home in a couple of hours.

Marlena is strolling though the park in the square when her phone rings. It's Stefano.

Nicole tells Eric she's going out. He asks where. She doesn't think it's any of his business. Eric - What's with the attitude. Nicole - I don't know so I'm going to go out; maybe I'll find a better one by having fun, something that's sorely been missing in my life lately. Eric - Fun is a good thing. There are certain rules at the convent that you have to abide by when living here. Nicole - Is there a curfew? Eric - No. That dress that you're not wearing ... Nicole - You don't like my dress? Eric - It's irrelevant. Nicole - So you like my dress? Eric - It's not a matter of my liking or not liking it. You can't go out like that. Nicole - You're very wrong. I can and I will.

Dan returns to tell Chloe they lowered his fever; it's not life threatening. Chloe is relieved. Where did the fever come from? Dan - They're looking into that now. He's going to be just fine. They hug. Dan tells her she did the right thing by bringing him here. Chloe was going out of her mind trying to call him over and over. He tells her his cell phone broke. Chloe called Jennifer's cell too. Dan - She didn't have it with her. You could have just called the club in Chicago and had me paged. Chloe - Chicago? Jennifer said you were going out here in town. She gave me the name of a club. Inferno, isn't that where you were? Dan - No, it isn't.

Segment 4: Brady is very touched by everything she said but ... Kristen - No buts. This isn't the booze talking. I'd say this if I was stone cold sober. I love you with all my heart and soul and I want to tell the world. And it's not because I want to shove John and Marlena's faces in it, it's because I've never been this happy before. I'm afraid of losing you so I guess I want to make it official. I want a big dress, I want to say vows, I want my happy ending. She starts crying. Brady believes everything she's saying but they have to go. He's going to get her coat. After he leaves Kristen makes a not so happy face.

Nicole calls Eric a hypocrite. It's not like you priests and nuns are so perfect. You guys get caught doing bad things all the time. You fired Brady and Kristen off the board because they were having sex! Oh my gosh, the horror of it all. Eric - That's not exactly what happened. Nicole - Whatever. It's normal, healthy, in fact for people to have sex. I'm sure you remember that. Or maybe you don't. Maybe you're a freak like the rest of the people that work here. Or maybe you do remember and maybe you're just jealous because other people are having fun without you. I'm sick and tired of leading this boring, unsexy life and I'm going to make up for lost time. I'm going to go out and I'm going to have some fun. Silence. What? Just please say it.

Sami thinks they should tell the kids they are together. Sami wants to ignore Johnny and Sydney but EJ goes to check on them

Marlena - Why exactly are you calling me? Stefano - To impart information, that's all. I just thought you'd like to know that your husband was here.

Jen comes across Anne and says she needs information about Parker Jonas. There was an emergency ... Anne knows - Chloe was out of her mind when she couldn't find Dr. Jonas who was with you apparently and impossible to reach. Jen - Wait a minute, were you with Chloe when she found out Parker was sick?

Dan - There's no way Jen told you Salem. We planned on Chicago from the start. Kayla comes over and tells them the fever broke. The convulsion was a one time reaction to the high fever. Chloe - What caused the fever? Kayla - It was a virus. You guys can go in and see him now. Chloe and Daniel rush into Parker's room.

Segment 5: Eric - You're doing it again; acting out. You jumped all over me this morning for no reason. Maybe there is a reason. I just don't understand why you don't tell me what it's about. Nicole - FUN. That's it. Eric - Cut the crap. You were all over me this morning and now your screaming out, begging for a confrontation. Why are you deliberately trying to get a rise out of me. Nicole - I don't want to hurt you.

Jen - So you and Chloe hang out together in bars. You're friends. Anne - Yeah, we go way back. Jen - Oh really, I didn't know that. Anne - So what. The fact is Chloe is Parker's mother. You can't imagine how upset she was when she found out her son had such a high fever and his father was unreachable because he was out clubbing with you. It was a nightmare. Jen - I'm sorry. Anne - Sorry isn't going to cut it. Chloe is the mother of Daniel's child, you are nothing.

Kayla tells Dan and Chloe that Parker needs some sleep so they leave the room. Chloe hugs Daniel, thank God he's alright.

Brady has Kristen back in her hotel room. He thinks it's time for bed. He assures her he's not upset. She reinforces that she meant what she said - she loves him. She asks him if he remembers when she first brought up getting married. You laughed at me because you thought I was joking. It really hurt my feelings. It was like a knife in my heart.

Segment 6: Dan thinks Chloe misunderstood Jen. She would not say they were at Inferno ... Chloe tells him to wake up. She lied to me so you two could be alone and I couldn't find you. Dan - She wouldn't do that. Chloe - But she did. Didn't you see how she shut you down when you guys talked about where you were going. She told you that she gave me the name of the place but she didn't. Did you happen to write it down on a piece of paper? Dan he did. Chloe - I saw her crumbling that paper so there was no misunderstanding. I thought exactly what Jennifer wanted me to think.

Jen is so glad Parker is okay. She thanks Kayla for letting her know. Kayla is sorry her evening was ruined. Jen recalls the arguement between her and Dan about the memo to call CPS. She also remembers confronting Anne about it.

Brady didn't mean to hurt her. She knows it wasn't intentional. Brady reminds her that she made light of the fact that he was laughing. He had no idea she was hurt. Kristen - That's because everyone thinks DiMera's are impervious to pain of any kind. Brady - I never thought that about you. Kristen - I opened my heart to you. Brady knows and he loves the fact that she did but they can't get married right now. You know the reasons why. Kristen - If it wasn't for John and Marlena ... Brady - It's not just them. It will still be impossible. It's just me. Kristen - What do you mean? Brady - I can't talk about it right now. It's been a long night. You need to get your rest. We'll talk tomorrow. She says okay.

Marlena - Why are you doing this to me Stefano? What do you want? Stefano - My dear, I want nothing. All I am doing is telling you that your husband was here and he's in good hands. Marlena - How very thoughtful of you. Stefano chuckles. If only I could beleive that you really meant that. This is going to be the first, no, the second of many talks that we are going to have. Marlena - Why in the world would you think that? Stefano - Our families are getting closer, no? We have Kristen and Brady and we certainly have my son and Sami. I can tell by your silence that you're not too happy with this closeness. But Marlena we both know that the heart wants what the heart wants. You should be very happy that your other son is a priest. He laughs. Marlena hangs up.

Eric - How could you think something like that? How? Nicole - Look at me. I'm not just talking about this outfit. I don't have it in me to be this good, Christian person that you want me to be. Eric - I want you to be you. I believe that you have it in you to be at peace and to do God's work the way He wants it to be, not the way I want it. Nicole - Same difference. It's never going to happen. Eric - It's getting late. Why don't you go to bed and we'll talk about it tomorrow. Nicole - Okay. Eric - So are you going to go to bed? Nicole - And do what? Count rosary beads. I'm going out. Eric - Fine, then don't come back.

Sami looks for a pen using that as an excuse to go through EJ's pockets. She finds a ring box.

Segment 7: Kristen waits until Brady is asleep then she gets out of bed and goes into the hallway and calls Stefano. He asks her how the night went. Kristen - Epic failure. He will not propose to me but at least now I know it goes beyond John and Marlena. Stefano - What other reason would be there. This jerk is not good enough to shine your shoes. Kristen - I don't know but I will find out and I will get him on both his knees begging me to marry him. Stefano - Be careful because even DiMera's can overstep at times like this. Kristen - Don't worry about me. It's a very small battle in a very big war. She crawls back into bed and mutters - I will get what I want. I will get what I need.

Sami opens the box. OMG.

Nicole - Let me get this straight. You would actually kick me out if I go out. Eric - There's obviously a lot you're not saying. Why don't you get some rest and we'll talk about this tomorrow when you're not so worked up. Or you can go and the conversation is over for good. So what is it? What do you want? Nicole gets in his face. I'll tell you exactly what I want.

Dan knows Chloe is upset about Parker ... Chloe snaps - This isn't about Parker. I know he's going to be fine and I'm greatly relieved. This is due to the fact that I could not find you when I needed you, when your son needed you. Dan - I know that's frustrating but Jennifer would not do ... Chloe - Don't take my word for it, ask her. She's right here. Dan turns to Jen - Did you lie to Chloe about where we were tonight. Is Chloe telling me the truth?


Tuesday, Feb 12

When Eric asks Nicole what she wants she fantasizes about kissing him passionately. She keeps telling him she can't tell him what the problem is and Eric keeps asking her to talk to him.

Rafe sits at the outdoor cafe in the square drinking - he recalls his argument with Sami in the park. He goes to see Eric. He is cleary inebriated. He lets it be known that Sami has let that loser back in her bed and it's okay with him. He realises though that he interrupted something between Eric and Nicole. Eric suggest he go home and get some sleep. Rafe will do that but he has something else to do first. Nicole asks him where he's going. The outdoor bar is still open. Nicole tells him to buy her a drink and she'll be there shortly. He leaves. Eric makes it clear that if she leaves she can't come back. Nicole rummages around in the desk drawer until she finds her stash of money. She gets ready to leave but stops in the door and looks at Eric. Eric is sorry if he made it sound like he was trying to get her to live the kind of life he lives. He feels he drove her to leaving. If you were leaving here a clear thought of where you were going and what you wanted to do, I wouldn't stand in front of you. I know you, I know who you are and you're running. You said something earlier tonight; that if you stay here you'll somehow hurt me. Is that really what you think? Nicole - Yes. Eric - You can't. You won't. You're a good person. Besides, I think I would see it coming. You don't want to give yourself the credit you deserve, let me do it. I have faith in you. Trust me. Nicole says she's blown the whole night standing here. Can we talk tomorrow? Eric says sure. Nicole - You know what I wish. Just once I wish I saw the person you see.

Kate is at the pub drinking when Stefano calls her at her attorney's request. She reminds him it's tax season and they need to file a joint return. After some talk Stefano insults her in Italian. Kate hangs up on him.

Jen admits she lied to Chloe about where they are going. Before Dan says anything Kayla comes to take Chloe and Dan back to Parker's room. Both parents say they want to stay with Parker when Kayla informs them she wants to keep him overnight. Dan returns to Jen and he and she go somewhere private to talk. Jen makes it clear she's sorry about the result but she's not sorry she lied to Chloe because after her chat with Anne she knows that Chloe was going to try and ruin their night again. Dan's attitude is so what. He wouldn't have let her. This means Jen thinks he's stupid. Jen argues that she thinks he's too trusting. He's a good man but she sees how that can be taken advantage of ... she seen it with Nicole. Dan thinks Jen could not be more wrong about this. Jen doesn't think so, not in the big picture. Dan needs to get to Parker. Jen stares at him and then turns around and leaves.

Sami and EJ were on. Sami is trying to get him to propose. EJ keeps playing her - first pulling out his cell phone from his jacket and discussing a report they just received. Then he pulls out a multi-coloured nail polish that they're set to release. The babysitter brings Allie home. EJ asks her to stay as he and Sami have work to do and need to go out.

Rafe is sitting on a bench in the square drinking when Kate comes along. He says hello. Are you going to ignore me? Kate has some words she wants to share with him. Rafe tells her if she's going to get on his case about Gabi she needs to get in line behind Sami. Kate says that's too dangerous and tells him why. Kate asks him if he's okay with Will being a father to this child. He replies - Will is the father and he has no problem with that. Kate doesn't see why they can't agree to be reasonably reasonalble about all this. She then declares that she needs a thesaurus. No, I need a drink. Rafe will buy her one. She tells him not to beat himself up over Sami - just look straight ahead and move forward. He heard about how things weren't easy for her. She's strong, independent and gets things done. Kate laugh - That makes me sound like a battleaxe. Rafe laughs and tells her she's beautiful. She repeats Stefano's Italian insult and adds 'my ass'. She explains to Rafe that it's an Italian phrase meaning 'grandmother witch' or 'old bat.' There's even children's story books about this witch who lives in a small village, meddles in everyone's life and cures warts. Rafe asks her why she ever married that man. She answers 'Blackmail.' Rafe can't believe that. Kate doesn't know Detective Hernandez, or Rafe, well enough to tell him the details. Rafe thinks she's well rid of Stefano when she says he turned out to be the love of her life. He's crazy ... must be from all those pyramids and secret tunnels and being hooked up to machines. Kate laughs. She thinks she better head home. Rafe doesn't think she can drive or walk. Kate would like to see him try and walk in high heels right now. Rafe tells her she'd have to pay him for that. He offers to walk her home. She accepts. Kate trips when they get to the Kate. Rafe - Easy tiger. Watch it. It's a good thing I'm not in heels or we'd both be on the ground. Kate - That was embarrassing. Rafe - Nobody's watching. Kate - This was fun. I feel better. Rafe - Yeah, me too. Kate - You're kind Detective. Rafe - Kind? You mean about that strega nonsense. Forget it. Kate - It becomes a little harder to do at a certain point in life. Rafe - I meant what I said. Kate - About what? About me being beautiful? Rafe - Yeah. They kiss.

EJ and Sami end up in the square. EJ comments that everytime he brought up business she was distracted. He didn't want to talk business, he wanted to have sex. Maybe they could go somewhere a little more private.

Dan and Chloe are with Parker. Jen arrives at home. Daniel is so right. Even if Chloe is Chloe we're just going to have to deal with it. I'm not going to sink to her level especially when I saw what could happen tonight. I'm not going to do it. He's so right. I can't text him because his phone is broken. She phones the hospital and leaves a message with a nurse to write down and give to Dr Jonas. This is Jennifer and I'm so, so sorry. Chloe hears the nurse repeating the message. After the nurse ends the call Chloe lies to her about some guy needing help. She takes the note and rips it up.

Nicole is back in bed dreaming that Eric comes to her saying 'I knew you couldn't go.' She wakes up.

Sami and EJ kiss in the same spot Rafe and Kate had kissed. EJ gets a business call. Sami will see him tomorrow.

Rafe and Kate are in bed together kissing.


Wednesday, Feb 13

Segment 1: Kirsten is buried under the covers. Brady asks her if she's awake. No. And when I do wake up I'm going to have amnesia about everything that happened last night. It was disgusting. I was drunk. Brady doesn't judge. I love you very much. Kristen thought they were always going to be honest with each other. Brady - We are. Kristen - Then why did you just lie to me. Brady - You think I'm lying? I do love you. Kristen - If you say so. Brady - What is wrong with you this morning? What's going on? Kristen - You're holding something back about us getting married. I know what you told me, it's what you haven't told me that I'm concerned about. You're keeping something from me.

Parker throws blocks at Daniel who is sleeping in the chair to wake him up. Chloe comes into the room. She hands Dan a new cell phone. He notices it's all programmed. How did you get all my data on a new phone. She worked them; told them she was his wife. Dan - You told them you were my wife and they handed over all my data to you? Chloe - It wasn't like that. I knew you needed to be up and running this morning. Dan - How did you convince the phone company? Chloe - It wasn't hard. I remembered your Social Security Number and it's not like you ever change your passwords so everything was pretty much the same as before. Dan - Not everything. Chloe points out that he's a doctor. People need to be able to find him; he needs a phone. This way you got a chance to spend time with Parker. She sees him checking for texts and messages. Do you see anything important? Not really.

Jen opens the door to Hope and hugs her. Thank you for coming. Hope - Of course. You sounded freaked out on the phone and you're not in Chicago where you're supposed to be. Jen - It's just a mess. Kristen - Did Chloe ruin your night? Jen - Yes, but not the way you think. She had help. Me. I shot myself in the foot because I got so angry because of what Chloe planned. Hope - You should have been. Jen - That didn't help me deal well with what actually happened. I was driving home and kept thinking that Daniel was right and I lay awake all night thinking I had sunk to Chloe's level. Hope - If you think that you should apologise ... Jen did. She called the hospital and left a note saying she was so sorry and nothing - not a word back.

Will meets up with Lucas in the park near the square. It's not T. Lucas asks if he's sure. He gave you a lot of trouble when you first came out. Will knows but it's not him. Did you get anything on the phone? Lucas - No, it's a disaposable phone; can't trace it. Will - So we've got to work backwards and figure it out. Lucas - We've got to start with motive. Are you sure Nick didn't send that text? Will - It's not Nick. Lucas - Who else has a reason to get you out of the way? Will - I don't know but Nick's been really great about everything. He's totally come around. Lucas - It sounds like a cover to me. Will - What you're saying does not make any sense. Even if Nick wanted to hurt me, he has no idea I shot EJ. How would he possibly know that?

Nick is in Gabi's room above the pub listening to his audio recording. Gabi comes in - That sounds like Will. Nick thought she was working this morning. She was. What were you listening to?

Kate wakes up and looks around the room and then under the sheet - her reaction is priceless. She sits up and sees Rafe sprawled out on the other side of the bed. OMG. She reaches for her clothes. Rafe turns over, wakes up and sees Kate. Kate - Good morning.

Segment 2: Brady - How did we get from you having a hangover to me being in the hot seat? We talked about this. If we get married right now it's going to kill any chance of me resurrecting my relationship with my father and Marlena. Kristen - You told me that's not the only reason. Brady - I did? Kristen - Yes, when I asked you what was the reason you said 'just me'. Brady says that didn't actually mean anything. Kristen - You were putting me off. Brady - I wasn't. I thought it was the booze talking. I want to talk about this some more but I have to go and get my phone from Daniel and I need to go to the office. I'll talk to you about this later. Kristen says okay.

Lucas - If it's not Nick blackmailing you my vote goes back to EJ. Will - No, that's too twisted. Lucas - For EJ DiMera? Come on! He's dying to look like a hero in your mom's eyes. He sets up this whole scenario and then swoops in to save the day ... that's so like him! What? Will - I forgot about Mom. Please tell me you didn't say anything to her.

Nick - I'm just in nerd-land; it's new speech software. Gabi - It sounded just like Will. Nick - I guess it kind of did actually. You don't look so good. Gabi - I was going to lie down; that's why I came up here. Nick covers her up and comments that she didn't sleep at all last night. Gabi was thinking about the paternity test. Nick doesn't want her worrying about that. It's going to work out for us and our baby, I promise you.

Dan is at the nursing station going through his message sheets - Is this all my calls. The nurse guesses so, she didn't take any calls for him. Chloe recalls ripping up Jen's message. She tells Dan that Parker is ready to go. They thank Kayla. Chloe has a wonderful idea. She knows he's supposed to have Parker all by himself today but I'm not ready to let him out of my sight. Dan will work today then and they can reschedule. Chloe - No, how about I come home with you and Parker for a couple of hours. I'll make sure he's comfortable and settled then you can have him all to yourself for the rest of the day.

Jen thinks Dan is still angry with her; what other explanation is there? Hope reminds her that he doesn't have a cell phone, secondly, his child is sick. Jen points out that there's a phone at the nurse's desk. Hope - No news is no news. You don't know what's going on. Jen calls the hospital. I left a message last night for Dr. Jonas. Oh, he just picked them up. No, I already left him one. Thanks. She tells Hope that Dan just picked up his messages and read them. Hope thinks he's probably still with Parker. How's he doing this morning? Jen doesn't know. Even if she called to check they wouldn't tell her as she's not family but Parker's okay, that's not the reason Dan didn't call. Hope - So he's still upset with you and you agree he has every right to be so maybe you have a little work to do here. Just a little word of advice. Don't assume that Daniel's doing or feeling something or someone. Go talk to him. Jen says she's right. Hope hugs her - she has to go to work. Hope is rooting for her; she'll check with her later.

Rafe pulls the sheets up over his chest. Kate - It's a little late for that, don't you think? Rafe - Maybe. Is it? Kate - I think so. Rafe - So we were ... Kate - Yeah, as I recall. Don't you remember? Rafe - We were drinking. Kate - Yeah. If you don't remember then I ... Rafe - No ... we walked here, right? Kate - Yes. I was going to make a graceful exit before you woke up so ... Rafe - Wait.

Segment 3: Kate doesn't think they need to have a long, drawn out reconstruction of the night. You don't remember ... Rafe - I didn't say that. Kate - We're both adults. No one was harmed so ... Rafe - No, it was just a ... Kate chuckles - mistake.

Chloe is sitting on the couch at Daniel's with Parker. She's so happy he's a doctor, it makes her feel safe to have him around for Parker. Dan has to go and return Brady's phone and pick up some stuff for Parker. He'll be back soon.

Lucas - I would never turn your mother loose on something like this. She'd only make things worse, you know that! Will - Yes, thank you. So what do I then? Lucas - You do nothing at all. I've been thinking about this all night long. He shows Will the text. What does it say? It says 'I know your son shot EJ DiMera'. It doesn't say I have proof, I have evidence ... none of that is in there. Will - They obvioulsy have evidence if they know what I did. Lucas - If they had evidence they would tell you that. It's not here. Will - The police have evidence. All they need to do is go to the police. Lucas - They have the stuff they took from the cabin. Will - Yes and that has my fingerprints on everything. Lucas - I still think they're blowing smoke. Will - Why? Lucas - To rattle you. Will - Well it worked.

Nick - Stop worrying about the paternity test. You won't have to take it. Gabi - How can you say that? You were all for it. Nick - I didn't want to make a big thing with Sami and Will. It's better for now if they think we're on Will's side. Gabi - Well aren't we? Nick - Is that the way it feels to you? Gabi - I think that Will's not going to be a problem. It's just his mom is pushing him ... Nick - Or it could be Sonny. Gabi - Really. Nick - I saw them yesterday at the coffeehouse and the way they were ... I don't know, it just feels that it's possible that Sonny is behind this whole paternity thing. Gabi recalls Sonny telling her he's going to be watching her a lot more closely now for Will's sake.

Chloe answers the knock on Dan's door. It's Jen.

Segment 4: Kristen is on the phone with Stefano. He has some wonderful news. My work here is almost finished so I should be home soon. Kristen - Good. Stefano - Good, is that all you can give me. It must be all about John Black's spawn again. Kristen - Yes it is. I'm concerned about Brady.

Dan and Brady meet up in the square. Dan gives him back his phone. Brady asks how Parker is doing. Dan says they've got him back home. Brady is glad he's alright. He asks Dan what's wrong with him. Dan - A messy night I guess. Brady - Do you want to talk about it. Dan - No, it's Jen I should talk to.

Jen asks if Daniel is here. No. Jen asks how Parker is. Better. Obviously neither of us want to leave him today so we're both spending the day with him. Jen says that's good. She's glad they're doing that. Is Daniel going to be back soon? Chloe doesn't know. Do you want to leave him a message. Jen will come back later. Chloe - Stay. There's something we should talk about.

Gabi apologises. I'm just being irritational. Nick says no, you're not making this up. Whatever you're worried about, tell me. Gabi - I'm scared they're going to take the baby. Nick - They have no grounds to question you as a mother. They don't know anything except for your ex-con husband. I guarantee you this will not go before a judge. I promise you I will not cost you this baby. I'm working it out right now.

Lucas - You're really worried about this, aren't you? Will is. Lucas doesn't think anything is going to come of this. It's just any empty threat. Will - It's not just a threat. It reminds me of what an idiot I could be, trying to kill somebody. Lucas - You tried to kill EJ DiMera. There's a whole bunch of us who would want to do that. Will - It was a stupid move. It was irrational and you ended up paying for it when it should have been me. Lucas - I was not going to let you go to prison. Will - You should have. Lucas - I didn't give you a choice so if you want to blame someone, blame me. Will - I should have owned up to what I did no matter what you told me to do. Lucas - Your mom and I screwed up your life enough. We weren't going to let you start out with a record too. You didn't deserve this. You're a good kid. You're a good man. You're going to be a good dad. Will - I want to be. Lucas - You will be.

Rafe - You're right. Kate - Do you think it was a mistake? Rafe - I have not been in this position in a long time so I don't know what to say. Kate - Exactly the reason why we shouldn't talk. Rafe - It is coming back to me btw. We were drinking. You were telling a story about the Italian witch and then you tried to walk in heels ... Kate - Alright, alright. If you really need to talk about it I would really prefer to do it upright, clothed and clearheaded so let's just try and do that. Rafe starts laughing. Kate - Really, you're laughing? Rafe - The stairs on the way up here. Kate - WOW. Okay on my way out I'm going to make sure nothing was broken. Rafe - You don't have to go. Kate - I thought that we both agreed this is a big mistake. Rafe - Well you were putting words into my mouth. He takes her hand - they stare at each other. Kate leans in - What the hell. They kiss and pull the sheet over their heads.

Segment 5: Kristen knows Brady is keeping something from her. Stefano - Don't forget what you are keeping from him so don't be like a spoiled wife or a hurt mistress. You have to keep your eye on what you're going to do here because this is something you have chosen to do. Kristen knows that. I'm upset because I'm missing something. I thought my research was so thorough that I knew everything there was to know about Brady. Stefano - Don't get so involved in the mystery that you forget about the prize. Kristen - I'm going to get it out of him and he's going to propose and I'll probably break his heart before you even get back here unless of course you want to watch when it happens. Stefano - No, get this over with as soon as possible. Kristen - Are you sure you're ready to come back here? Stefano - Why wouldn't I be? Kristen - Because nobody likes you here. You'll have to run into your ex-wife Kate all the time. Stefano - So what, she's old news. As a matter of fact I don't even think about her anymore.

Rafe and Kate chuckle. Wow. Rafe - So I'm guessing that's the second mistake. Kate - Speak for yourself. Rafe - Really? Kate - Really. I can not be responsible for any of my actions before my second cup of coffee, that's all I'm saying. Rafe - Are you really going with that? Really? Kate - OMG. This doesn't make any sense. It makes no sense whatsoever. We could end up on totally opposite sides of a war. Rafe - What? Are you talking about Gabi and Will? You said last night, no sides. What happened to that and reasonable reasonableness? Kate laughs. I did say that, didn't I? Rafe - You did. You also said you're going to help me with Sami. Kate - We both know the odds of that working out. Okay, I'll talk to her but you need to keep an eye on Nick. Rafe - Nick? Kate - Yes Nick. I don't trust Nick. I know he's going to marry Gabi and you're all in love with him but I'm not convinced. Say it's survivor's instinct ... you need to keep your eye on him. Rafe - Okay. Kate sits up - Oh, ow, she rubs her forehead. Rafe - Slow and easy. Kate - It's better horizontal. Rafe - Sure was. They laugh. Kate - I have to go so thank you. Last night was unexpected. Rafe - Yeah, in a good way. Kate - Oh yes. She stands up with a sheet wrapped around her. I really do have to go. Rafe - The deadbolt on the inside; the key's in a canister under the sink. Kate - Really? I'm surprised you trust me. Rafe - I didn't say I trust you. I'm moving as soon as you leave.

Nick knocks on Hope's PD office door, you got a minute. She always has time for him. How's Gabi. Nick - She's stressed. Will asked for a paternity test. Hope - Out of nowhere? Nick - Not really. I can guess where the idea came from. Hope - Sami? Nick - Yeah. Hope - This doesn't make any sense though. Gabi isn't claiming that he's not the father and she's been involving him in everything. Nick - Exactly. So why make a big deal about a paternity test when the paternity isn't even in question? Why make a paper trail? Sami is pushing Will to go for custody of this baby in court.

Rafe knocks on Gabi's door. He asks if he woke her. No she was just resting. Rafe thought she was working today. She was but she was too tired. Rafe - Are you not sleeping okay? Gabi - It's kind of hard. Rafe - What's wrong? Gabi - I'm not sure yet so don't freak out. Rafe - Why, because you're freaking out for me? Gabi - You were right. Sami's coming after me.

Chloe - What you did last night was inexcusable. I don't know how or why you have this saintly reputation because that move was pure cruelty. The fact that you could lie to Daniel about ... Jen - I didn't lie to Daniel, I lied to you and considering your history do you really want to talk about lying to Daniel. Chloe - What if Parker had been sicker or god forbid, he had died and his father wasn't there because of your paranoia. Jen - It's not paranoia when you know someone is out to get you. I know about the note to call Child Services. I know the stunt you pulled the first night Daniel and I tried to get away. Chloe - This is sad. Jen - Really, you're not subtle at all. Now I know last night was a genuine emergency. I understand that was not planned but I do know that you and Anne were at Inferno because you thought Daniel and I were going to be there. Chloe - This is unbelievable. You're the one who does something terrible and unforgiveable and I'm the one being grilled. Jen - I am so sorry you couldn't reach Daniel and that will never happen again but I'm telling you all of this is not going to help you to get Daniel back. Chloe's had enough. Jen - You're the one who asked me to stay. Chloe - You know what, you can go now. She closes the door. Dan gets off the elevator and sees Jen outside his door.

Segment 6: Gabi - I kind of know where Will is coming from. Rafe - This sounds like Sami though. Gabi - Or EJ. He's a lawyer, right? Rafe - Right, so he's building a case against you. The hell with that. I'm on this. Gabi - Stop please. Don't because everytime you go over there Sami gets worse. I know you're trying to help but no. Rafe - Okay, I am going to help by not going over there and stirring her up. I probably started this, didn't I? Not everyone on that side is nuts. I know exactly the person to talk to.

Brady returns to Kristen's room. I do love you. You can count on that. Kristen - I think I just lost this conversation. Brady - You were right. The reason I can't get married to you. It's not just about my Dad and Marlena. I didn't tell you everything.

Jen says it feels like she hasn't seen him in days. She wants him to know how happy she is that Parker is okay. Dan thanks her. So that's it? That's why you came all the way over here? Jen - Yes, isn't it obvious. Dan - No it isn't. They both start talking at the same time and then they hear Parker crying. Jen - You need to go be with your son. Chloe is going to be thrilled that you're here. She leaves.

Segment 7: Hope can't believe it's come to this already. They've gone from zero to custody battle. Nick - I know. We can not lose this baby because of me. Hope - That isn't going to happen. We'll vouch for you. The Horton's will stand behind you. You're a good man. Nick - Thank you and that's incredible but is that going to be enough? I mean it's Family Court so the rules are a little different, aren't they? What counts as evidence? Hope - Whatever the judge wants to hear basically. In Family Court the standard and the burden are different and the rules of evidence are very different. Nick - What about a tape recording? Hope - If the judge feels it's relevant to the case, yeah, sure, it would be allowed.

Will is sitting on the couch in the square. He opens a big brown envelope addressed to him and pulls out a taped box.

Jen asks the nurse if she's sure Daniel checked all of his messages. The nurse says he read them and threw some of them away. Kayla comes up to the nurse's station and asks Jen if she heard Parker went home. Jen - Yes, it's really great. Kayla - Is something wrong? Jen - Yeah, I made a mistake and I just have this sick feeling Daniel's not going to forgive me for it.

Chloe comes out's of Parker's room and tells Daniel it's perfect. It has everything. Dan thought he heard Parker crying. Just for a second - he wanted his choo choo. Dan tells Chloe to help herself to some food; she's going to be here for a little while longer. He goes into Parker's room. Chloe mutters - Oh yeah, I'm going to be here for a while longer.

Brady tells Kristen to sit down. It's not easy to talk about but you deserve to know the truth. I can't marry you ... it's not because of Dad or Marlena ... it's not about waiting until things calm down ... those aren't the reasons at all. It's not going to change. I can't ever marry you.


Thursday, Feb 14

Segment 1: Gabi comes inside her room to find a naked Nick kneeling on her bed holding a stragetically placed heart-shaped box of chocolates. Gabi laughs. It's so funny and so sweet and so thoughtful. She kisses him.

EJ places a single red rose in front of Caroline, Happy Valentine's Day. Caroline holds out the rose to him - Whatever you want, the answer is no. EJ says fine, I'll place it in Samantha's bouquet. Caroline snatches the rose back. Tell her to give her grandmother a call. EJ is meeting her here for lunch. Caroline - Good, I can keep an eye on you. A flower delivery guy arrives with a bouquet for Caroline. She tells him that's a mistake. EJ - Looks to me like someone is keeping their eye on you.

Maggie hands Victor a card and wishes him Happy Valentine's Day. He reads the card. That's sweet. You make everyday seem like Valentine's Day to me. Vic hands her a gift. It's her family tree. He tells her Melissa gave him a hand with it and it's all up to date. Maggie hugs him. It's the most perfect gift. Vic tells her he made lunch reservations ... Maggie - You're going to have to cancel it because I'm not going.

Sonny tells Chad he can go home early. Chad - Why, it's not like I have any plans. Neither does Sonny. Brian comes in. Chad - Are you sure about that? Sonny recalls their kiss.

Sami sees Will sitting on the couch in the square. She says hi and tells him she's on her way to meet EJ for lunch. Will forgot today was Valentine's Day. I guess that means you're getting pretty serious. Sami thinks he's going to propose. Will - Why? Sami - What kind of question is that! Will thinks it's a good one. Wasn't it two weeks ago that we thought you were going to walk down the aisle with Rafe. Sami - That's definitely not going to happen. I know it seems sudden but EJ and I have been doing this dance for a long time. We have 2 kids together. This time it seems right. Will - So he said that he's going to propose to you? Sami - No, I just happened to find the ring in his jacket pocket. Will - Why isn't it on your finger? Sami - That's a good question. She realised that he was waiting for today, it's Valentine's Day. Will wishes her luck.

Kristen asks Brady if he's sick. Is that why you can't marry me? You want to spare me the pain of losing you.

Segment 2: Gabi and Nick are in bed. Nick wishes her a Happy Valentine's Day. She thanks him for making it so special. We probably won't be able to do this next year. We'll have a baby ... Nick says they'll find a way. Gabi wishes they could stay here forever. Nick assures her it's going to be okay. I will take care of you and our baby girl forever. Gabi knows he will.

EJ tips the delivery guy and tells Caroline he thinks she has a secret admirer. Why don't you take a look and see who they're from? Caroline reads the card. I don't believe it.

Vic - You don't want to have lunch with me? Maggie - Couldn't we have dinner instead? Vic - You have plans. Why didn't you just say so? Maggie - No I don't. Considering what a difficult year this has been ... we never know what the future holds. Maybe you'd like to have lunch today at the Brady Pub.

Sami comes in and greets Grandma and EJ. She tells her Grandma the flowers are beautiful. Where did they come from? One of the servers comes up - he has a menu question for Mrs. Brady. EJ remarks to Sami that he thinks Caroline just gave him the evil eye. Sami tells him to get used to it, she's seen worse. Sami suggest they could go to more neutral territory. EJ says no. It's very important to him that she doesn't have to chose between him and her family. I know how they feel about me. I can take it. They sit down at a table and Sami lifts up her napkin to find the ring box under it. EJ - Happy Valentine's Day.

Chad tells Sonny he'll be in the back. Brian tells Sonny he was hoping to hear from him. He's sorry if ... Sonny - You have nothing to be sorry for. I'm just not ready. Brian - I get it. Sonny - Do you? You were right about me and Will, more right than I could ever imagine but I still love him. Have you ever been in love Brian? Brian - I thought I was but I wasn't because now I understand what the real deal looks like.

Will has opened his gift. It's an Ipod. He opens the card and its from Sonny. The card says I love you. Will wonders if that means he wants to get back together.

Brady loves the way she makes him feel. I love the way things are right now. Kristen - The way things are is that people in this town think we're a passing fling. They think if they trash me enough to you, you'll end up dumping me. This is what I'm saying about marrying me ... Brady - Even if a miracle happened and my Dad and Marlena came around I'd be worried about hurting you. Kristen - What are you talking about. Brady - My past; it scares the hell out of me. Kristen - What about my past? We both have so much baggage on the road that brought us here. It doesn't mean we have to take it with us. Brady - It's not about baggage. It's not about divorces. It's not about exes or drugs. It's much worse than that.

Segment 3: Vic - Why would you suggest that I ... Maggie - The florist called earlier with a question about the arrangement you were sending Caroline. Vic - Oh. I hope I haven't upset you. Maggie - No, you haven't. Caroline is the mother of one of your sons. She needs her family and friends around her more than ever. And Victor I have to say that's exactly the gesture that made me fall in love with you. Vic - Thank you for understanding. Maggie - Of course I understand. I'm sure the flowers will brighten her day, I know the one thing that would mean even more is the gift of your companionship. She hugs him. We're so lucky. Vic - I'm the lucky one.

Gabi comes along as Will is listening to his and Sonny's greatest hits. She comments - That's a beautiful box. Will - It's a pretty nice gift from Sonny too. Gabi asks if they're back together. Will doesn't know. This was the last thing I expected in my mailbox. I think he might be giving me another chance. So what's up? Gabi - That's great. It's what you want, isn't it? When we found out I was carrying your baby it felt like our lives were going to fall apart, me and Nick, you and Sonny, but look at us now. Maybe we could have a happily ever after.

Sonny - You know love isn't something you can just make happen. Brian - Maybe like is a better place to start. You know I like you Sonny. I would love to get to know you better. If you don't feel the same way ... Sonny recalls Will telling him he thinks it would be best if they're just friends. Sonny - No, I'd like to get to know you better too.

Sami never expected something like this. I'm so surprised. EJ tells her to open it. She will. A couple of weeks ago her life was so different but now it's Valentine's Day and I'm here with you and we're going to be ... she opens the box. It's a pair of earrings. EJ - What's the matter? Do you not like it?

Kristen - What could possibly be so bad. Brady - I'm no good for you. Kristen - What are you talking about? Brady - You know I was engaged twice after Chloe. A woman by the name of Arianna. She got in an accident, an accident that I thought I could have prevented. Then there was Madison on our wedding day ... Kristen - I know about those things but you can't possibly blame yourself. Brady - I don't blame myself but I could have done things differently. Kristen - Are you saying that if we got engaged you think something bad would happen to me? What are you bad luck Brady? That's silly. Brady - It's not silly to me because everytime I push things a little too fast and a little too hard they don't work out. Everything goes straight to hell. I don't want that to happen with us. I really like what we have and I don't want anything to change that. I want to protect what we have, that's how I feel. Brady gets a call. It's a work emergency. We can talk about this later but I can't change my mind about this. He leaves. Kristen mutters - Well I can change your mind.

Segment 4: Brian leaves. Chad asks Sonny where Brian is headed off to. Sonny - He'll be back in an hour. It's not a date. We're just hanging out. Chad - Still, I'm sorry about happened with you and Will but there are plenty of other guys out there. Sonny - I'm not looking for just another guy. Chad - I know you're not, that's why I'm glad it's Brian. Chad leaves.

Gabi thinks Sonny must have dropped some serious cash for all these songs. Will - No, he just shared his playlist. Will tells her not to tell anyone about this because he hasn't talked to Sonny yet. I've got to go and get cleaned up and get him a gift. Gabi - Sonny isn't going to want you to give him a gift just because ... Will knows. Wish me luck. After he leaves Gabi talks to her baby. I want your Daddy to be happy but more importantly I want us to happy. I can't lose you. I won't.

Sami tells him they're beautiful. I'm just stunned. EJ - I wanted to find something as beautiful and as equisite as you. He knows they've been down this road before but this time is going to be different. Sami remembers the first time he gave her earrings. They were pearls in an oyster shell. You have been right about us from the beginning. EJ always knew that whether they loved one another or hated one another, they were never indifferent. I can not imagine my life without you. He lets it be known that he wants sex. When he goes to get them some food Sami closes the earring box - she looks annoyed.

Chad and Kristen sit down at a table at the outdoor cafe. Chad is glad she was free for lunch. Kristen - So am I but it's Valentine' Day. What are you doing here with your big sister? Chad - Well it's better than being alone. Kristen - I'm a pretty good listener. Do you want to talk about it? Chad - Since Melanie left I'm having a hard time accepting that she's never coming back. I started hanging out with Abigail and thought maybe there'd be another chance for us but I screwed that up too. Now she won't even talk to me. Kristen doesn't think he should blame himself entirely for that because when it comes to Horton and DiMera romances, they kind of always end up as train wrecks. I don't know why but I think it could be the law of nature. Chad - You're probably right. Chad - I used to think it was unfair for people to judge me because of my last name but they were kind of justified because there I was going all DiMera at the wedding, getting revenge on Gabi. Kristen - I kind of warned you about that. Chad - Yeah, you did. Kristen - You know what I didn't warn you about though, is that even the best revenge has a price tag. You might lose a little piece of yourself. Chad - So you've been there too? Kristen - Have I ever!

Segment 5: Caroline is looking at her flowers when Victor comes in. Caroline - I don't know how to thank you for the flowers. They're my favourite you know. Vic knows. I'm glad you like them. Caroline - Where's Maggie? Vic - She had plans for lunch so I thought I'd stop by here and have a bite. Any chance you could join me? Caroline - We're really short-staffed today. Nick walks up. Not anymore. I can help. He greats Victor. Caroline - Nick, you don't work here anymore. Nick - Maybe not but a free shift is the least I owe you. I can bus a few tables unless you're afraid I'm going to break more dishes. Caroline thanks him for the gracious offer. Nick - What can I get you guys. Caroline tells him to bring the blue plate special. She asks Vic - Maggie doesn't mind you spending Valentine's Day with your former lover? Vic - Maggie knows how important you are to me and always will be.

Brady is on the phone ordering flowers for Kristen. He finds a pic of Madison in his wallet. Maggie comes in and sees his expression. What's Kristen done now?

Chad - Since you've been through this please tell me, what do I do now? Kristen - Well I know for sure that you can't put the genie back in the bottle. Sorry. Chad - I know that you paid a huge price after what happened between you and John but you're in Salem, a changed woman, everything's great, right? Kristen - Right. I forgot I have to do something, I have to go. Chad - Did I say something to upset you? Kristen - No, not at all. It just totally slipped my mind. Chad - When I see you and Brady it makes me feel better to know that there's a possibility of me having a happy ending someday. Kristen - It's not a happy ending, it's just beginning. She hugs him. Bye.

Will showers and fantasizes that Sonny joins him and they kiss.

Segment 6: Gabi returns to the pub and sees Nick. I'm so glad you're still here. Nick - Is everything okay? Gabi - No, it's not.

Will writes in Sonny's card; Sonny, I'm not sure I'll find the words when I see you and I want to make sure I get this right. I never thought I'd get another chance with the only guy that I've ever loved so thank you for being patient and generous and for loving me as much as I love you. And most of all thank you for giving me a second chance. Love, Will.

Brady - Kristen hasn't done anything. Why does everyone thing that's the first thing ... the truth is I'm not good enough for her. Maggie - How can you say that! Brady - She has turned her life around completely. I admire that. It wasn't easy for her. It was a struggle but she did it. Maggie - I know that's how you see it ... Brady - No, it's not how I see it, it's how it is. She lost her parents, she lost my Dad at one point. All her dreams, everything she wanted, came crashing down. The problem is I can never make those dreams come true for her. Maggie - It's not your problem, not your responsibility. I just want you to know that I'm there for you no matter what. Brady - I don't need a sponsor. Maggie - No, you need a friend. Brady - I feel that the only friend I have anymore is Kristen.

Kristen returns to her room and sees the bouquet of flowers from Brady. She reads the card. Thank you for showing me that I could be happy again. You might not know it but you saved my life. I love you so much. Brady. She mumbles - That's so trite but I know you mean it from your heart. Sins of the father shall be visited on the generations ... I don't know anymore if it's the right thing to do.

Sami comes into her office and sees a bouquet of flowers. Sami reads the card from EJ. She's all smiles. She sees another ring box. You set me up!

Segment 7: Caroline tells Vic she's very fortunate. I have children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren. I have material comforts. Most of all I have beautiful memories. Vic feels exactly the same way.

Kristen gets a call from Brady. I need to see you Kristen, it's important. Kristen - Actually, I need to see you too.

Nick and Gabi go up to her room. Gabi - You were right. Will and Sonny are together and if Sonny tells Will what I did to Melanie ... Nick - I don't want you to worry about that. Gabi - How could I not worry about it? I mean if Will sues for custody although I don't really think HE would do that ... with your track record and my track record, he could win. Nick - It won't happen. Neither of those guys are going anywhere near our baby.

Will comes up to the door of the coffeehouse. There's a newly created 'flashback' of him and Sonny in bed together talking about Sonny's New Years resolution for 2012 - Get Will to fall in love with me. He goes inside.

Sami opens the box and sees the ring. EJ comes in - So what do you think of my proposal?


Friday, Feb 15

Segment 1: Abigail opens the door to Cameron. Right on time. He's carrying a box from that bakery that has the best peach cobbler in town. He hopes she's in the mood for something sweet.

This time outside the door of the coffeehouse Will flashs back to the gift and card he received from Sonny. When he comes inside Sonny comments - Look at you. You're practically beaming. I bet I know why.

Gabi asks Nick how he can say something like neither of those guys are going to go near their baby. We've already worked everything out with Will. Nick - Will's not the real problem here baby. Sami and EJ are but as long as Will lets them keep on pulling the strings, they will find a way to keep you from your baby. Gabi - No! Will would never let them do that ever! Nick - It's not just them. Now that the other gay boy is back in the picture there's no way this arrangement is going to work. Gabi gives him a really weird, disgusted look. Did you just call Sonny the other gay boy? Nick - I didn't mean anything by it. He happens to be gay and that's the way I chose to describe him. Gabi - You didn't need to do that. I know Sonny. I know he's gay. I know a lot of things about him. Nick - What's your point? Gabi - It's almost sounding like you want to keep the baby away from Will and Sonny because they're gay. Nick - What! No, you're reading way too much into this. It wasn't my intention to convey that at all. Gabi - Then what did you mean to convey? Nick - That I'm worried about who Will's listening to right now. Sami's already made it extremely clear where she stands on this. She told your brother that she would not hesitate to encourage Will to go for full custody and make you jump through hoops to see your own child. If she's putting those ideas in Sonny's head as well ... Gabi - I can't do this. Everybody in Will's family hates me. Nick - That's why I have a plan to protect you. To make sure that our baby is raised by the right parents.

Rafe is at the police station reading Nick's file when Kate comes in. Strange choice of reading material. Was it something I said? She reaches for the file but Rafe pulls it away. It's confidential and you're early. Kate was in the neighbourhood when he texted her so she came right over. Miss me already? Rafe smiles. Actually there's something I want to talk to you about. Kate - I know what you want to talk to me about ... she reaches for Nick's file again. Rafe pulls it back - Actually I want to talk to you about Sami.

EJ can't believe Sami's at a loss for words. Sami can't believe he did all this. EJ - Truth be told, not entirely my idea. Sami - This wasn't your idea? EJ - No. Diane in accounting deserves the credit for that one. Sami - She knows about this? EJ - She's really smart and she's really creative and I know a good idea when I hear one so I thought what the hell, let's give it a shot.

Segment 2: Rafe and Kate are now at the outdoor cafe in the square. Kate - Well here we are, the scene of the crime. I wonder if we should stick to soft drinks. Rafe - About Sami ... Kate - Okay fine. What did the blonde barracuda do to you now? Rafe - Sami and EJ have bullied Will into demanding that Gabi have a paternity test. Kate - Why? Does someone think that Will's not the father? Rafe - No. Kate - So what's the issue with the paternity test? Rafe - Sami and EJ are trying to cast doubts on my sister's promise to let Will be part of his baby's life. Kate - I'd like to say I was surprised but I'm not. Rafe - They've even gone so far as to suggest that Gabi would put Nick's name on the birth certificate just to tie things up in court. Were you listening? Kate - I was hanging on every single word. It's just that I have to say that I see their point. Rafe - Are you serious? Kate - Yes, I'm serious. If I were Gabi and I wanted to deny Will access to the baby, that's exactly what I would do. Rafe - Well you're not Gabi. Kate - That's true. She's a lovely, young, guileless woman and I actually trust her. I trust you too. I think you're a gentleman and your word means something. I think you and Gabi are going to do the right thing. Regardless of Sami and EJ's interference, Will is going to do the right thing too. Rafe - Let's hope so. So what are you thinking? Kate - The same thing I've been thinking about for a while now. The person who concerns me most in this little threesome is Nick Fallon.

Gabi - Why won't you tell me what the plan is? Nick - Right now I just need you to trust me. The less you know, the better. Gabi - The less I know? You do know how that sounds, right? Nick - Look baby, all I can say is that if this comes down to a judge deciding who is and who isn't fit to be a parent, I'm not the only one with a past okay? At least I paid my debt to society. Gabi - What are you talking about? Nick - Will may be out of the closet but his family still has plenty of skeletons in theirs. Gabi - Will's family is your family too. Nick - The Bradys and the Hortons will do anything to keep their secrets from coming to light.

Sonny - Let me guess, you're good mood has something to do with your daughter. Will - Why would you say that? Sonny - Because you always light up when you talk about her. When you showed me the sonogram, when you felt her kick - I've never seen you so happy. Will - That was an amazing day. Sonny - You're going to be an amazing father. Will - Thanks. That's not why I'm here. This came in the mail today. Sonny - Sorry. I got it a month ago, the day that you moved in. I forgot about it. I should have cancelled. Will - No, that's fine. Everything's changed ... if you want it back ... Sonny - No, I got it for you. You keep it.

Sami - Give it a shot! Are you serious? EJ - Why wouldn't we give it a shot? What have we got to lose exactly? It's not like we're making some lifetime committment Samantha. Sami - We're not? EJ - No, we're not. That thing's not going to last forever; it will tarnish eventually. Sami - It will tarnish? It's not a real diamond? EJ laughs. No, it's a cubic zirconia. That way when you lose it it won't matter. Sami can't believe how cavalier he's being about this. EJ - Look, we work very hard here. We work a lot of hours. Sami - So you're saying it's not worth it. EJ - No, I'm saying sometimes working here is pure drudgery as you know so this gives us a break from all of that. Sami - It's a chance to get me out of the office? EJ - That's one of the perks of the situation. Think about it. You can spend more time with the children or you can see William through this horrible situation with Gabi. And if I get stuck I'll pick up the phone and I'll call Diane and she can come in here and help me. Sami snaps - The hell you will!

Segment 3: Abby and Cam are in the living room. After their lunch Cam asks - What's with the boxes. Abby and her mom are going through some of her Dad's stuff. We're deciding what we want to hang on to and what we're going to donate. Cam - That box has your name on it. Abby - It's just some of my old school stuff. Cam - So there's nothing in there that will give me the inside scoop into Abigail Devereaux. She says no. He pulls out a handmade card from a guy she got when she was 8. First love? Abby - Maybe.

EJ - Maybe I should have run this by you before I committed to Diane. Sami snarls - You think! EJ - I'm probably not doing her idea justice but when she gave it to me ... Sami shrieks - She gave it to you! EJ - Let me show you the rest of this okay. Sami - I don't think visuals are going to help here. EJ pulls out several ring boxes and opens them. Ta da! Sami - I don't understand. EJ - Are you alright? Sami - I don't think so. Let me show you the rest of this okay ... he types something on the computer and indicates that she should come over. Sami - It's an ad campaign. EJ - It's our new nail polish. Sami - The Gem Stone collection. EJ - Yes! The Gem Stone collection goes perfectly with Proof lipstick. Brilliant idea. You're welcome. Sami - OMG. I can't believe I thought ... EJ - What! Tell me. You're not going to tell me. Sami - No. Okay. Yes. I will tell you just to honour our deal that we're going to be honest with each other.

Rafe - I know you have your issues with Nick. Kate - Most people do. Rafe - I've been there myself but what I do know with 100% certainty is that Nick has only Gabi and the baby's best interests at heart. In fact ever since the truth came out at the wedding he has been completely supportive of Will being part of this baby's life. Kate - And still you spent the entire morning poring over his prison record which says to me with a 100% certainty that big brother is in no way, shape or form ready to give his blessing to the happy couple any time soon.

Gabi - What is it about the Hortons that you're not telling me? Nick - Exactly, I'm not telling you. It's nothing you need to worry about. It's family stuff. Gabi - What you're talking about sounds a little bit like blackmail. Nick - And that sounds an awful lot like needless worrying. Gabi - Nick, you're on parole. You can't take any chances. Nick - I have no intention of playing dirty unless it becomes absolutely necessary. Gabi - Okay and then what? Nick - And then all I would be doing is telling the truth. Whether or not that happens is totally up to Will.

Will is listening to the music. This is good music. Sonny reminds him he used to make fun of his music all the time. Will - Yes I know but then you went through this nice little zen phase and came out on the other side. Sonny - That was 2 days. Will - Listen I'm complimenting you. I like your music. I like your stuff. They start talking about one song and then share the ear buds. Sonny - I make a pretty good playlist huh. Will agrees. It's not just the songs. It's also what you said. He's going to pull out the card but Brian comes up and asks Sonny if he's ready to go.

Segment 4: Cam goes through her senior yearbook. They banter a bit about his competiton. When he asks what the Golden Circle club is she knocks over their dessert plates.

Sonny lost track of time. Give me 2 mins. Will actually has to go. Sonny is glad he likes his gift. He did. Brian asks Sonny if everything is okay. You didn't forget I was coming, did you? Sonny didn't. Brian - Good, my gym just opened up a new rock climbing wall.

Rafe - I was looking at Nick's file because if this does go to court, ends up in a custody battle, I want to be prepared. Kate - Really. I think it's cause you're rattled by Sami. Rafe - I don't give a damn what Sami thinks. And I don't think my sister would marry Nick and allow him to put his name on the baby's birth cerificate. Kate scoffs - What are you talking about? He already convinced her that the two of them could raise the baby together and leave Will completely out of it. I think you're worried that Sami's going to argue that because she chose to marry a convicted murderer and allow him to pretend to be the father of the baby ... Gabi made some choices that could definitely reflect on her and make the case for her to be declared an unfit mother. Rafe - It wouldn't surprise me a bit. Kate - Okay, so if that happened the judge could very easily decide that Will is the one that could provide a stable home for that baby. Rafe - Is that what you'd want? Kate - Look, I love Will with all my heart and I think he's smart and courageous and I think he's kind but I know and Will knows that he's not in a position to raise a child on his own. Rafe - So you don't think he'd want a custody battle? Kate - Okay, what I'm saying here is that Will is not the problem. Rafe - Nick. Okay so what do you think we should do? Kate - I think we have to show him that we're on the same side. Rafe - I thought we were. Kate - No, in Nick's eyes you're representing Gabi, I'm team Will. We need to show him a unified front. Rafe - As far as Nick goes and Will and Gabi and the baby are concerned, he is on their side. Kate - Are you sure about that? Rafe - I just said it, didn't I? What is meeting with him right now going to accomplish? Kate - That's what you have me for. You said you trusted me, remember? Rafe - Actually I didn't say that. Kate - Well maybe it's about time you do.

Gabi - I just want us to be happy. We're having a baby. This should be a happy, exciting time. Nick - It will be. I promise. He kisses her. He gets a text. It's work. Kate wants to see me. I'll be back in a little bit. I love you. After he leaves Gabi rubs her stomach. Don't worry baby. Daddy Nick's going to make everything okay.

Sami admits that she found the ring in his jacket pocket and after that she kept expecting him to propose to her. I even told Will you were going to propose. He was supportive of me but he thought you had lost your mind. EJ is going to say something but she doesn't want him saying anything cheesy or romantic. Do you know how embarrassing this is for me. EJ points out that an engagement at this point would be a little bit forward for even someone as impulsive as him. Sami agrees. EJ - This explains why your head was going to explode during that ad presentation. EJ smooth talks her to make her feel better.

Segment 5: Abby feels so bad. He didn't even get to try his favourite dessert. Cam - Next time, if there is one. Abby - Why wouldn't there be? Cam - I don't want to be too pushy. I thought the Golden Circle club was some school based investment club. Abby - No, it's nothing like that. Cam - I used to belong to the Future Doctors of America. I only signed up because it gave free lollipops at every meeting. See, I've shared, now it's your turn. Abby - It's not a big deal. Cam gets a text. It's the hospital. I have to go. Thanks for lunch. Abby gives him a kiss before he leaves.

EJ closes and locks the door so they can have sex.

Will knocks on Gabi's door. OMG, what is the matter with me! Gabi asks him if he's okay. No he's not. Gabi - What happened? Will - Did you tell anybody about what I told you about Sonny and me getting back together. Gabi - No. Why? Will - Are we still friends? Can we talk about stuff even with all this baby tension? Gabi - Will, of course. We can always talk okay. So tell why you feel stupid. What happened with Sonny? Will - Nothing happened, nothing's going to happen. Gabi - Did you talk to him? Will - I did. I was really excited about seeing him. I thought the gift meant he wanted to get back together. Gabi - But it wasn't. Okay he just needs time to get over it. He will. You can't give up on him. Will - I have to. Sonny's with Brian now.

Nick joins Kate. I know I promised you I'd have the analysis on those nail polish samples you gave me ... Kate - I didn't call you here to discuss business. Rafe comes up and pats him on the shoulder. It's personal.

Segment 6: Abby looks at the yearbook photo of the Golden Circle club. Why don't I hire a plane and skywrite it all over Salem.

Cam is at the nurses station. He has a question for the nurse there. You went to Salem High, right? She did. Cam - Were you in the Golden Circle club? She snaps - Excuse me! That question is slightly inappropriate for the workplace, don't you think? Cam - Why? Nurse - Have you ever heard of sexual harassment. Cam - Whoa ... Nurse - You think it's cool to ask a woman you work with, who you hardly know, if she's a ... I can't even say it. This is really embarrassing not to mention weird. Cam - Yeah it is weird. I don't know why you're bringing up sexual harassment when I was just asking you about a high school club. Nurse - You really don't know what the Golden Circle club is, do you? Cam - No and if you could please tell me before I accidentally offend someone else ... Nurse - It was a club for people who signed a pledge swearing they wouldn't have sex until marriage. Not until they got the golden circle, as in a ring. Get it now? Cam - Yeah, thank you.

Will - The gift was ordered a month ago. Gabi - You said the card said something about new beginnings. Will - Yeah he was talking about us moving in together. Thank God he made that clear before I made a fool of myself by saying I thought we were getting back together. Gabi - You don't know that that's not what he wanted. Will - Yes I do. He left me to go on a date with Brian. Gabi - Sonny's feeling for you are not going to disappear overnight. They're still there. Will - No. I think it's better this way that he moved on. Now I can move on and I could focus on school and I could focus on OMG, our daughter because when she's born I'm not going to have a lot of time to date anyways. Please don't tell anyone about this because it would be really humilating if Sonny knew that I thought we were ... Gabi - Okay, what if you told him. Will - I think I hurt him enough today. I don't want to hurt anyone else that I care about. Gabi - Okay, I promise I won't say anything. Will is leaving when he stops to ask if she made that appointment for the paternity test.

Rafe - Kate and I just want to talk to you. Nick kind of figured that one out. Rafe - We just want to make sure that everything works out with you and Will and Gabi and the baby, this agreement that you have to raise the baby together. Nick - Okay. Rafe - In order for that to happen we need to make sure that we do everything possible to make sure that there's no stress that affects the outcome of the baby. Nick - Right. It sounds like what you guys are talking about is Sami. I don't know what her problem is any more than you guys do. Even before Gabi and I tried to get married we included Will in every decision that we made and that won't change and Will knows that. Kate - I just wanted to be clear that while Rafe and I recognise and support each parent's right to be part of that baby's life we're concerned that someone with a personal agenda might get in the way of that. Someone other than Sami. Nick - You mean me? You think that I have an ulterior motive? Rafe - Do you?

Segment 7: Sami and EJ continue their sex frolic in the workplace along with some sappy banter.

Sonny and Brian are ending their date - they're in the park in the square. They both had a great time today. Brian kisses him and then says goodbye. Sonny recalls a moment with Will.

Gabi hasn't had a chance to schedule the paternity test yet. She wants to ask Cameron if it's going to hurt the baby or not. Will - That's fine. I just want to get it out of the way. After today's misunderstanding with Sonny I want everybody to be on the same page and I just want to know where everybody stands. Gabi understands. Will thanks her and then leaves. Gabi - Where do you stand Will?

Rafe - I know you love my sister; you even agreed to push back the wedding. Nick - Waiting was your idea Rafe, not ours. Gabi and I will get married soon. Rafe - Okay. No reason to get defensive here. Kate - We're not the enemy here. Nick - No offence Kate. You may be my boss but I know you don't like me very much. Kate - Okay, I'm not going to deny that it put me off that you played me against Sami to get a better job offer. But Will talked to me and he convinced me that the only reason you did that was to provide for your family; for Gabi and the baby. I respect that. Nick - Thank you. It also happens to be true. I intend to protect this baby no matter what. Rafe - But you do realise that if Sami and EJ manage to push this thing into court, into a custody battle, that you and your prison record will become Gabi's biggest liabilities. Nick - That is so unfair. I did my time. I paid for my crimes. Not everybody does. Rafe - Nick, I know exactly what happened to you in prison. Kate looks from Nick to Rafe wondering what she doesn't know.


Monday, Feb 18

Segment 1: Nicole comes out of a fantasy where Father Eric is in the confessional and she comes in and says 'Bless me Father for I will sin' and then she kisses the daylights out of him. She grabs her coat and purse and gasps when she opens the rectory door and Eric is there.

When Rafe tells Nick he knows what happened to him in prison Nick recalls the moments just before he was stabbed. Nick - A lot of things happened in there, it's prison. He gets up to leave but Rafe asks him to wait. I read your record. I know you were beaten, you were stabbed. Have you talked to Gabi about it? Nick - What's your point? Rafe - That's a lot of baggage to bring into a relationship. You're talking about starting a marriage, a family ... how do you expect to do that if you haven't been honest with your fiancee about your past.

Jen sits on a park bench and leaves a message for her Aunt Maggie. She just wants to talk to her about Daniel. Lucas is behind her. I knew it. Daniel broke your heart again, didn't he? Jen - Really? Eavesdropping now. All Lucas has to do is look at her face and he knows that Daniel has done it again. Jen - Dan didn't do anything. It was all me.

Chloe calls Daniel from the mansion. He tries to discourage her from coming because Parker is napping but Chloe wants to be with him so Dan caves but tells her she has to keep her visit short. There's someone at his door, he has to go. After he hangs up Chloe mutters - Keep it short? I don't think so. Victor hears this. Chloe sees Vic and says they have to talk. Vic - Yes we do. You see my dear I haven't had the chance to tell you how delighted I am ... no, let me take that back ... I'm over the moon that you are back here in Salem. Thank you God for answering my prayers. Chloe - If you're done being hilarious, it's my turn, and what I have to say is very serious.

Dan opens the door to Brady. He has a get well gift for Dan's son although it looks like it's his Dad who's not feeling so hot. Dan says he's just tired; not used to taking care of a toddler. Brady wonders if he talked to Jen and worked out everything that was bugging him. They sort of talked. When Brady asks what that means, Dan retorts - How often do you talk to Kristen and what needs to be said gets said? I rest my case.

Kristen is on the phone with Stefano. He thinks she sounds underwhelmed. No, she's thrilled that he's comimg back to Salem. Stefano is coming back sooner than he said. Maybe a little soon as far as you're concerned? Kristen - No, I'm kind of distracted. It's not about you. I'm rethinking things. She looks at a picture of her with Brady.

Segment 2: Nicole tells Eric that she thinks she's coming down with a cold and she doesn't want him to get it. Eric doesn't think that's the problem. She tells him he can think what he wants. Eric knows things got tense between them last night. I'm really glad that you stayed. You just seem so frustrated with me, with things. Nicole lists all the ways she had a really bad day. She has to jet - see you later.

Jen doesn't need the third degree. Lucas isn't doing that. He's expressing his concern. Jen - Can't you just say hello. Do you have to jump all over me? Lucas - When it comes to Daniel hurting you, yeah, I have a problem with that. I'm your brother and I care. Jen - Caring is fine but not to ask me questions that you already know the answers to. Lucas tells her he saw Chloe yesterday. She wants Daniel back, doesn't she? Now that Parker is Daniel's son after all, she's going to ... Jen doesn't want to talk to him about this please. Lucas goes on - And Daniel's got a problem historically with keeping it zipped. Jen - Are you for real right now? Lucas - I just don't want to pick up the pieces, that's all. Jen - I'll make sure your shoulder is the last one I come to cry on. Lucas - Fine, I'll come by the house later. Jen - Not if you're going to act like this, don't. Lucas - I have to. There's something I have to get out of the attic. He leaves. Jen is going to leave when Nicole comes by.

Chloe did an inventory of all the cleaning products in this house. Are you trying to poison my child? Vic - What the hell are you talking about? Chloe - I don't mean to be an alarmist here but there's not a single green product to be found nor is there a child safety lock on any cabinet. Any surface my son runs his finger across could sicken him and that worries me. Toxins are everywhere! Vic - Yes I know. I'm looking at one right now. Chloe - Also, do you know how harmful your drycleaner is. Vic - Oh for God's sake! Chloe - The chemicals they use are heinous. Don't you ever smell that on your shirts, suit ... disgusting! Next time you feel compelled to pick up my son, don't. And the same thing goes for Maggie. I forbid either one of you from picking up Parker until you switch drycleaning companies. Vic - You forbid me or Maggie to pick up Parker. Who the hell do you think you are? My wife is that child's grandmother. I will no more caution her about having contact ... You're living in my house, Chloe. Chloe - I know that and with all due respect if Parker and I decide to stay here some concessions need to be made. Vic - If you decide ... Vic walks away and Chloe smiles.

Kristen - A truly great plan requires flexibility, right Father? Stefano - Enough with this nonsense. The plan is still the same, is it not? Kristen - Crushing John, yes. I'm just not a 100% sure I have to break Brady's heart to do that. If I don't get the result I had in mind, what's the point? Cruelty for cruelty's sake? Stefano - Just tell me what's going on. Kristen - You just can't predict everything you're going to feel in this situation. Stefano - I see. So Brady fell for you as planned. What you did not plan is that you may fall for him, huh? He chuckles. Nailed it, didn't I?

Kate - You and Gabi are so young. What your're thinking of doing would be a lot for anyone. Nick - We're not just thinking about it Kate. I was at an altar with Gabi about to get married. Nobody had a problem with me being Gabi's husband until Will changed his mind about wanting to pe part of the baby's life. Rafe - Okay, okay. We understand that. We're not standing here telling you to change your plans for the future. Kate - We're asking you to be careful. Nick - You're asking me to give up Gabi. Rafe - No, dead wrong. Kate - That's absolutely not true. We're just suggesting that you try taking things more slowly. Rafe - We know you love Gabi. What difference is it going to make if you wait a while longer to get married. Nick - You already asked us to wait longer and now now you're asking us to wait longer ... you want us to wait until the baby is born, don't you? Kate - Yes. Nick - Well you can forget it. I respect you both but I promised Gabi a great life and I intend to give her that sooner rather than later. He leaves. Kate sighs - Okay, so that went well.

Segment 3: Kristen says she does not have feelings for Brady. Stefano - Don't play games with me. Kristen isn't. Just listen to me. If I do manage to convince Brady that he can't live without marrying me and I get him to the altar, what is the point when John's in Europe indefinitely. If John's not there to witness it, what's the point? Stefano - So you think it would be wrong to hurt Brady. I don't understand that because it never stopped you before. Why would it stop you now?

Dan isn't going to stand here and trash Jennifer but let's just say there's a pretty significant issue that came up and she's really slow to acknowledge it. Brady - So you're ticked off because she hasn't made the first move. I don't know the details but I know what Jennifer means to you. If there's an issue, bring it up, talk about it, resolve it. Dan - It's not that easy. Brady - Yes it is. Be direct and tell her what's on your mind. You're not in high school, talk to her.

Nicole comments that Jen looks worse than she feels and that's saying something. It's Chloe, isn't it? You didn't take my advice, did you? Jen really needs to go. Nicole - Wait. What did Chloe get on you that she then turned around and used on you ... Jen really doesn't want to talk about this right now. Nicole - You know what your problem is? Jen groans - Oh God, save me. Nicole - He doesn't really answer that quickly, trust me. Listen, your problem is that you're too nice. Jen - You didn't use to think that about me. Nicole - You can definitely hold your own but the problem is you revert back to your true nature, the good girl and that's when people try and take advantage of you which is what Chloe is doing right now. Jen - I took your advice and it backfired on me. I lied to Chloe about where Dan and I were going because I thought she would cry wolf the way she did the night before. So then I leave my phone at home, Danie's phone breaks, his son spikes a fever, I tell Chloe we're at a different club and that's where everything goes completely crazy. Nicole - That's an unfortunate circumstance however, did Daniel go through the roof? Jen - No he thought that is was a hoot that his son was so sick and he was unreachable because of me. Nicole - Are he and Chloe ... Jen - No. You do know that I don't back down in a fight as nice as you think I am. Nicole - Yeah and I do know how much you love Daniel, you always have, haven't you? Jen - Why do you say that? Nicole - Because even when you got back together with Jack you still couldn't turn your feelings off for Daniel, could you? Jen - No I couldn't. Nicole - So how did you do it? How could you walk away from Daniel when you cared for him as much as you did.

Chloe then hands Vic an estimate to clean out all the air ducts in this place. Vic - $80,000 to vacuum a pipe? Chloe - It's for all of us Victor. You, Maggie, the staff too. I notice your eyes get watery easily. Do you have a mold allergy? Vic - Let me review. You would like me to turn my house inside out and upside down because you're concerned about Parker, a child I'm not to go near because of my choice of drycleaners, where I might add, there is not a solution in existence that would wash away the stain that you have put upon my family. Chloe - There it is. I try and have a simple conversation about better overall health and you seize the opportunity to cut me down which I might add, you've been waiting to do since Parker and I got here. Vic - You bet your sweet life I've been waiting. You accuse my son Philip of rape falsely, don't bat an eye over that malicious lie. But then that little transgression pales to the way that you broke Brady's heart with your stilleto heels, forcing him into drugs. Chloe - Blame me because Brady is weak, because Philip has no character or ambition or even when he was born with that gigantic silver spoon in his mouth, can't seem to make a decent life for himself. Vic - That's it. Get out! I tried to make accomodations for you but you've pushed me too far. Get out and I don't want to see you in this house again. He leaves. Chloe mutters - Oh woe is me. Wherever shall I go now. She smiles.

Segment 4: Jen tells Chloe that's not an easy question to answer but I'm telling you it wasn't about loving one man more than the other. My love for Jack was different. He was the father of my children, he was my family and he worked so hard to get back to us so I thought it was a choice I was going to have to make when really it wasn't a choice at all. Daniel recognised that and that's when he pulled back. I guess the simple answer to that is going back to Jack and leaving Daniel was really tough but it was right for me and it was right for my children. And sometimes you have to do the difficult thing. I need to go. I'm sorry, I don't know if that made any sense at all. She leaves. Nicole - Yeah, that made more sense that you know.

Daniel gives Parker some toys to play with and then picks up his phone to make a call when there's a knock on his door. Chloe comes in with a suitcase. Victor threw me out. I'm homeless.

Vic hands Eric an envelope - Put this where you think it will do the parish the most good. Eric - Thank you. On a personal note, I'd like to say thank you for not pressing charges against Nicole, who's also very grateful. I'm sure you know that. Vic - I'm sure I don't give a damn. Eric - You know she's trying to change her life. Vic - Like every bad news bitch in the city. Bull! I know you're a priest now and I'm sure you believe in miracles but you're extremely naive if you think Nicole Walker is ever going to turn into a decent human being. That's one miracle that's never going to happen.

Rafe - He sure is devouted to my sister; I guess that's the good news. Kate - Kind of desperate devotion, don't you think? Almost as if he believes he's going to lose her at any moment. Rafe - Yeah well. I think she loves him as much as he loves her. Maybe he'll see that in time. What? Kate - I was just thinking how unexpected it is that my gay grandson made a baby with your sister and the two of us ended up in the same corner.

Nick is up in Gabi's room listening to the recording he made of Lucas and Will. I've got everything I need now to get what I want.

Segment 5: Kate - Maybe I should go look for Will. Maybe I can gauge more clearly what his mindset is about this whole state of affairs. Rafe doesn't think that's such a good idea. Kate - Afraid Sami might find out? Rafe - Yeah, sure. She isn't exactly thinking rationally. Kate - That's a shocker. I suppose we've done enough damage for one day. I better get back to work. Rafe has to get back to the station.

Lucas comes into the rectory ... Hey Eric ... he stops when he sees Nicole. That's great, my day just keeps getting better and better. Nicole is glad to be of service. Eric isn't here so get out. Lucas - I told him this wouldn't work. He didn't listen to me. He said everything would be cool, but here we are ... Nicole - What are you babbling about? Lucas - When Eric asked me if I'd serve on the church board I said no problem, I'd love to do it, as long as it didn't mean ... Nicole - Running into me? Lucas - Exactly. I have a problem with that. Nicole - Oh really? Why? Do you think you're better than me? You don't think I belong here?

Jen is at the mansion now with Maggie. She apologized to Daniel but she's not sure that was enough for him. Maggie - If he is upset, I'm sure he won't hold on to it too long. Jen says she left him a message, never heard back from him. She went to his place, he never even acknowledged the call so she thinks he is holding on to it. Maggie - Maybe you should ask him. Jen - The nurse told me she handed Daniel his messages, he read through all of them and threw them out. Maggie is confused. Your story makes sense, your actions don't.

Chloe - A few simple requests and he lost his mind on me. Dan - What kind of requests? Chloe - Childproofing the house basically. Vic instantly got furious and told me to leave and not come back. I think he's been looking for any lame excuse to throw me out of the house and he found one. Dan will talk to him. Chloe - There's no point. He's not going to listen to you or anyone else about this. And I can't really move into a place of my own until the 1st of the mouth. Can you imagine me and Parker living out of suitcase in a motel? I don't know how I'm going to make this work logistically or financially. Dan - Why don't the two of you move in here until you find a place? Chloe - Seriously! That is the most generous offer ever! Dan - It's for our son. I know he likes being here. Chloe goes in to hug him but Dan holds her back. I need to go take care of some things to make sure this works out. I'll be back in a bit. After he leaves Chloe asks Parker - Why didn't Mommy think of this sooner! This was perfect, so easy. In the hallway Dan is making a call. I was wondering if you had any rooms available starting tonight for a couple of weeks. No, just me. I have to move out of my apt for a little while.

Segment 6: Rafe and Kate are back in bed together.

Jen - What am I doing wrong? Maggie - You're here with me, not with Daniel. Did it ever occur to you that getting a piece of paper with a message on it - Call me - might not have been enough? Maybe saying how you feel in person to the person that you feel it for has a little more meaning. Jen understands that. I was waiting for him to do all the work. That note, I chickened out, didn't I? Maggie - Yes but it's correctable. That's the good news. Jen - You're amazing. I love you. Maggie tells her to go and talk to him. Tell him how you feel. Jen leaves. Vic comes into the foyer. Maggie - It's awfully quiet today. I'm guessing Chloe has gone out. Vic - Well that's one way to put it. I asked her to leave for good. I know we should have discussed it first but she pushed me too far. Insisting that I spend thousands upon thousands of dollars detoxing this house. And don't get me started on her insisting we change drycleaners. Maggie - That sounds ridiculous. She should be grateful to you for your hospitality. Vic - That woman is an absolute nightmare. Maggie - She's difficult, I agree. Please reconsider for my sake. It's wonderful for me having Parker here but isn't Chloe more trouble out there where we can't keep an eye then here where we can.

Lucas - I haven't seen a lot of you since I came back to Salem and that's just the way I like it. All I'm trying to do is the right thing, do a little charity, be a good citizen and I have to deal with you! Nicole - Doing charity work and bitching about it kind of negates the deed, don't you think! Lucas - I'm not bitching about the charity, I'm bitching about you. Nicole starts yelling back. Eric comes in. I can hear you two in the chapel. What's going on? Lucas - I told you I can't be in the same room as her not more than 5 secs before I'm going to tear my hair out. I should have listened to my gut about this whole thing and stayed away from it. Nicole - Yeah, you should have stayed away. Lucas - Don't tell me what to do. He leaves. Eric - What did you say to him? Nicole - What did I say to him! I was sitting here working and he walks in and tells me I don't belong here. He wasn't nasty about it but he's right. I don't belong here.

Kristen meets with Brady in the park. He's been doing some thinking. He's been through some rough times. I'm more careful now and then you came along and careful kind of flew out the window. Kristen - You seem a little nervous. He is. Kristen - Just say what you want to say. Brady - The thought of losing you rips me up. It's happened to me before and I don't want to go down that road again. Kristen - Are you saying you want to end things? Brady - No. I was talking to Daniel earlier giving him all this advice about how you shouldn't let something go when your heart tells you that it's right. And even if rushing into marriage is a big mistake, it doesn't mean that making a bigger committment has to be. I have an idea. My dad and Marlena are going to hate it but I think in time they'll see that it proves we're serious about one another. That's what I'm hoping for. Kristen - So what are you hoping for? Brady - For you to say yes.

Segment 7: Nick is at his laptop. Cue prison flashback. He paces. You think you know what happened Rafe, but you don't. Camera cuts to a prison cell where a guy is marking an X on a page and flipping to the next page that has a date circled on. The inmate is the one from Nick's flashbacks.

Brady - Let's get a place of our own, together. Not my place, not your hotel room. Let's live together. I want to live with you. I want you to say yes. Kristen - No, it's not going to work. None of this is going to work.

Eric - I know you and Lucas have a history. I was there. I was part of it. I didn't think it would explode in your face like this. I'm sorry. You've been so upset lately in general. Is it because of Lucas? Nicole - What! You still ... you don't think I'm hung up on Lucas, do you? Eric - I thought it was possible. Nicole - I thought you clerics could see through people's souls or something. Eric - I'm new at being a cleric. I haven't found my second sight yet. Nicole - I believe it otherwise you would know that yes I am still hung up on one man but it sure as hell isn't Lucas.

Lucas opens the door to Jen's house. It's Daniel. Lucas asks if he's looking for Jennifer. He is. Lucas - She's out. Dan - Do you know where she is? Lucas - Hopefully she's going to stick to what she told me about you, wherever she is. Dan - What are you talking about? Lucas - She doesn't want to see you anymore. In fact she wants nothing to do with you. Lucas leaves.

Jen comes up outside Dan's door and knocks. Chloe answers it. Jen - Wow, how did I not see this coming. Chloe - Can I help you? Jen - Yes, I really need to see Daniel please. Chloe - Please leave. Jen - I need to talk to him please. Chloe - I don't have time for this. I need to give my son a bath and then I need to finish unpacking. Jen - What did you just say? Chloe - Oh, you haven't heard? I'm moving in.


Tuesday, Feb 19

Segment 1: Brady is surprised when Kristen says no to his suggestion that they move in together. What do you mean none of this is going to work. You're not talking about us, are you?

Marlena is at Common Grounds when she gets a call from John. She's so excited but then the connection drops. EJ plops down - So, is he back in town or not? I'd be very interested to know what John thinks about Samantha and I getting back together. Marlena - When I see him I'll ask him what he thinks. Do you want to know what I think? EJ - I think I know what you think.

Eric thinks he knows who the man is that Nicole isn't over.

Before Dan can leave Abby comes home. She asks him what he's doing here. He came to see her Mom but Lucas was here. He blew by me without closing the door behind him. Abby tells him her mom isn't here. She wants to know something. Are you really going to do this to my mom again? They've moved into the living room now. They talk about Parker a bit. Dan gets that what she's really wondering is what this means for him and her mom. Yes she is. I saw what Nicole did to my mom when she wanted to be with you and my mom's right back in the middle again.

When Chloe tells Jen she's moving in, Jen retorts 'you're slipping'. Last time you told me something like this you were wearing Daniel's shirt and your hair was dripping wet. Chloe - If you don't believe me ask Daniel. Jen thought she and Parker were staying at Victor and Maggie's house. Chloe - Victor threw me out. Daniel understood that I have to have a place to stay. You know how he is. What I don't understand is why he didn't go over it with you first. I thought you two were so close. Jen - Obviously this just happened. Chloe - Yeah but I'm surprised he didn't at least call you and tell you about it. Chloe has to go - she has a lot of unpacking to do. Jen - I bet you do. I've noticed wherever you go you arrive with a lot of baggage. Chloe - It will be fun though, putting my things back where they belong and Daniel's going to be home soon so we'll have all night to get me settled back in. She closes the door.

Segment 2: Marlena - If you know what I think why are we talking? EJ - Because we have a situation that we need to deal with. I know how you feel about me being with Samantha. Samantha feels rather differently. Marlena smiles - Yeah, well, today. EJ - I think we owe it to her to try and get past our differences especially since Brady is about to marry into my family. Marlena - That's spoken like a real lawyer. EJ - What exactly do you mean by that? Marlena - You're trying to make it sound like a plea for sanity but what you're really saying is that I've lost and I should throw in the towel. I should tell you something. You've got the wrong girl. I know that you and your sister will only cause my family misery and John and I will not lay down and let you roll over us. EJ - John and Brady are barely speaking to one another. Do you really want the same thing to happen to you and Samantha. Marlena - Of course I don't but you and Samantha won't last, you never do and Brady and your sister won't last either. Not when he figures it all out and when that happens John and I will be there for him. EJ - But I hear John's not even in town. Marlena - Don't break my daughter's heart. Is that too much to ask of you. Marlena walks out on him.

Kristen - This is not an easy conversation to have but I guess we have to have it. Brady gets a call. It's a work call he doesn't want to deal with. Kristen tells him to take the call. She needs some time to formulate her thoughts. Brady will go. Kristen tells him they'll see each other later and talk it out.

Eric knows it can be hard to face the changes of someone you cared so deeply about. To know that something you want isn't yours anymore no matter how bad you want it. He believes in time and he also believes she's too much of a life force to invest in something that no longer exists. I know you can't believe it now but you're going to get over Daniel. Nicole - Right. Eric - Sometimes I find it comforting knowing that God is there; that He's always hearing my prayer. Nicole - Are you telling me to pray? Eric - I know that's not what you want to hear. Nicole - Still not seeing into my soul otherwise you'd know that is the best thing you could say to me.

Dan knows this is a big adjustment and there are some problems but the reason I'm here is to work those problems out with your mother. She's so important to me that honestly I have trouble finding the words to even talk about it. Abby - You sound sincere. Dan - Trust me, I am sincere. Abby - All I know is my mom is unhappy. You didn't do anything to stop Nicole from making my mother's life miserable and you're not doing anything now to stop Chloe from doing the same exact thing. Dan - What exactly is Chloe doing? Jen walks in as Abby replies - I don't know but I do know that if my mom is hurt again I'll make you sorry that that happened. Dan sees Jen standing there.

Segment 3: EJ comes into the pub and sees Brady there. I can't seem to go anywhere this morning without bumping into a member of your bloody family. Brady - Bite me. EJ - My sister tells me you're quite a catch. I told her she's out of her mind but she won't listen.

Kristen sits on the bench talking to herself. What the hell is the matter with me! I should have just ended it. She kicks a soda can. A hand picks it up ... the camera pans up. It's John. Littering is against the law. I'll tell you what's the matter with you. You got in too deep. Your plan didn't include developing actual feelings for my son, did it? Kristen - How long have you been standing there? John - Long enough. So the whole idea was just to break his heart, right? But somehow it was your heart that wound up on the chopping block. I'm going to get my son back and I'm going to make things right with Marlena, but you on the other hand, you are just going to wind up a big loser again. Kristen winds up for the big slap but she hits nothing but air. Oh God, I'm losing it. Marlena comes along. You seem upset. Oh goodie!

Eric tells Nicole that feelings like she's having taking a long time to resolve. Nicole - You don't know the half of it. Eric - Have you tried praying? Nicole - What I am supposed to do? Get down on my knees and what ... Eric - Improvise. Say what's in your heart. You can practice with me. Hope walks in - Sorry, I thought you were alone. Eric asks her to give him a few minutes. Nicole - No! What do you need? Hope - I've been made the department liasion with the Community Outreach. I thought I'd start by scheduling the kids field trips to the station. Eric - I can do that. Nicole - I can do that. Eric - You're telling me to make myself scarce. Call me if you need me. He leaves. Nicole sees Hope looking at her. What! Hope - Nothing. Should we start with the middle school group or the little ones. Nicole - You don't think I belong here, do you?

Chloe opens Daniel's door all smiles only to find Maggie there. Maggie - Bad time. Chloe - No, I thought it was Daniel. Maggie - Where's my grandson. Chloe - He's napping, sorry. Maggie says that's okay. I came to see both of you. Actually I wanted to talk to you about what happened with Victor. Chloe is so sorry she didn't say goodbye before leaving but Victor wanted her out as quickly as possible. Maggie - Come back to the house. Leave Victor to me. Chloe - I can't. Maggie - We have everything set up so we can help you out with Parker. Chloe - I won't live in the same house with a man who hates my guts and you know Victor does. Maggie - So you here because you are afraid of what Victor might do? Chloe - I'm here because my son belongs with his father. Maggie - Don't treat me like I'm stupid. Chloe - Excuse me? Maggie - You are here because you can't stay away from my son. Who do you think you're kidding Chloe? Not me, not Jennifer and definitely not Daniel.

Abby leaves to do homework. Dan - I don't know if your daughter thinks I'm a complete jackass or just a stupid idiot. Jen - Wait until she finds out that you moved Chloe into your apartment. That should help her decide. Dan - You know? Jen - Yeah I know. I want to your door and she answered it. Then she just loved rubbing my face in the fact that you moved her into your apartment but she didn't have time to chat because she was really busy unpacking. Dan - Can we have this conversation without yelling ... Jen - Oh yeah, let's be completely reasonable until this situation is completely ridiculous ... then can we yell? Dan - Let me have one word. Jen - Knock yourself out. Dan - I'm not going to be living with her and Parker. Jen - Does Chloe know that because that's not what she thinks. Dan yells - I don't give a damn what she thinks. I only care about what you think. I already booked a hotel. I came here to tell you that. I'm not going to be moving back until Chloe moves out. Jen - Okay. Dan - Okay, you got blindsided and Chloe did that. I'm not a complete clueless idiot. Yeah, I can see that she's going to be a problem but there is no problem with me and you. Jen - If you would have called me ... if you would have let me know in advance that you were going to move her into your apartment, you're right, there wouldn't be a problem between us. But you didn't, you made the decision by yourself. And then you come here and you're asking me to just deal with it. Dan - Wow. It's not just Chloe you have a problem with, it's me too. Yeah because we had this same conversation with Nicole. You want to know what it is. You don't trust me, do you?

Segment 4: It's not about trust Daniel. It's about you doing the right thing for every person in every situation. Some people just have to fend for themselves. You can't come to everyone's rescue all the time. Dan - So I offer Chloe my apartment now she's walking all over me? Jen - No she's not walking all over you, she's walking all over me. Dan - Do you know how insulting that sounds? Jen - I'm not trying to insult you. I'm trying to make you see what is going on here. Dan - Oh, I'm so oblivious like every other guy. I've got my head in the clouds. Jen - You're just so trusting because you want to believe the best about people. Dan - I'm sure it's got nothing to do with the fact that I just found out I have a son. I don't know how to deal with his mother - maybe I'm just a moron who doesn't know how to deal with women in general. Jen - I didn't say that. Dan - That's exactly what you said to me! Jen - No. Dan - You know what, forget this. I'm done. He walks out slamming the door behind him.

Maggie - Let me tell you what I think happened today. You knew which buttons to push with Victor to get him to throw you out. Chloe - Why would I do that? Maggie - Because it's too hard to keep up your agenda with Daniel when he only gets to see you every so often. But living here with you, wow, that's a whole new ball game. Chloe - You're giving me too much credit. I'm not that clever. Maggie - Nice try. Chloe - I'm a single mom. I quit my job and gave up my apartment so I could bring my son to get together with his father. So let's just get to what you're really worried about. Maggie - So you're a mindreader now. Chloe - No, I'm just good at history. You're the one who walked in on us when I was married to Lucas, remember. You remember how Daniel felt about me. You're just afraid that it's going to happen again. You're afraid that he's going to dump your niece for me. Maggie - Chloe, Chloe, Chloe, you know . I wouldn't unpack just now. This just may not last. She leaves slamming the door behind her. Chloe mutters - Oh I don't know. Sometimes lightening strikes twice.

Hope - What do I think? It doesn't really matter. You're here because Eric wants you here. Nicole - And I'm causing problems for him already. Hope - Did I say that? Nicole - You don't have to. You made it very clear that I stuck my nose where it didn't belong when I tried to set up Kristen. Hope - Kristen gets people to do things that they might not ordinarily do. Nicole - And Eric had to cover for me with the bigshots at the Diocese, but you already knew that. Hope - Eric was trying to help you because he cares about you and that's his ... Nicole - Problem. Hope - No, I was going to say that's his concern and none of my business. Nicole hands Hope a file. These are the permission slips the parents need to sign. Just pass them out in the classroom when you talk to them. I think you'd be interested to know that I don't want to be Eric's concern anymore. Hope - What does that mean? Nicole - It means as much as I love living here with the sisters, I'm thinking about leaving. Hope - That's your decision. Nicole - I know. All this piety and humility is really getting to me. Hope - If you're doing it to get away from Eric I don't see it making much of a difference.

Eric watches EJ leave the pub as he enters. Brady - Did you know I once beat the crap out of that guy and put him in intensive care. Eric - Is that a confession? Brady - No, just a point of pride.

Kristen - I'm not upset. Why would I be? You're alone and miserable, that's all I care about. Marlena laughs. I don't think that's all you care about. You should powder your nose sweetheart, you're sweating. Kristen - It's just the blush of victory. Marlena - Well enjoy it while you can. John called me. We're going to work things out. So you may have caught us at a vulnerable time but we are stronger than you are. And Brady's going to figure out you're just using him if he hasn't already. Maybe that's why you're so unsure of yourself. Kristen - You don't know what you're talking about as usual. Marlena - You know you've had it your way ever since you came back to Salem but that kind of dumb luck doesn't last forever. And no, that's not the flush of victory, it's flop sweat. Marlena gets a call. You'll have to excuse me, it's my husband.

Segment 5: Chloe asks Parker if Daddy is going to think Mommy looks pretty just before Daniel returns. Dan talks to Parker. Chloe talks about the day they brought Parker home from the hospital. Dan remembers. Listen, I need to pack. Chloe - Where are you going? Dan - I got a hotel room. Chloe - Why? Dan - You didn't think I could stay here, did you? Chloe - There's enough room for all of us here. Dan - It's not about the room. It's just about what's appropriate. Dan gets a call from Maggie. He tells Chloe he needs to talk privately. Chloe takes Parker into his room to play.

Hope - So all the kids have to do is bring these back to the teachers and then we can schedule the trip. Nicole - What do you mean it wouldn't make a difference if I left the convent or not. Hope - Because it won't. What I meant was it doesn't matter where you live because Eric is still going to be invested in helping you turn things around. He's not going to walk away from you until you're on your feet again. Nicole - You don't know that. Hope - Oh yeah I do know that. He's Bo's nephew. I've known him since he was a kid. And when he gets that look on his face ... Nicole - What look? Hope - The way he looks at you, he's not giving up on you. I'll be in touch. Bye. Nicole - Oh damn it, she's right. It doesn't matter where I move, Eric will try and help me and I can not try to get involved with another man who I can never, ever be with it. Ever.

Marlena is in the square now. Oh gosh, you sound so close. Are you back in Salem? John - No, I'm still in Italy. Marlena - A girl can hope I guess. John - I'm just checking in. How are things? Marlena - I just ran into Kristen. She seemed pretty rattled. I'm not sure what that's about. John - But she's still with Brady. Marlena - Yes. John, what is your plan? John - I think I'm going to be here for a while. You okay? Marlena - I wish you were here. I wish we could talk face to face. John has to run, he's late for a meeting. I just wanted to make sure everything was alright. Marlena - It can't be unless you're home. John - Sorry Doc. He hangs up on her before Marlena is finished speaking.

Eric asks Brady if he wants to have lunch and talk. Brady - Actually I'm pretty busy. Eric - I'll buy. I just want to thank you for not pressing charging against Nicole. Brady - She's suffered enough but she better not try anything else. Eric - She won't. Brady - Were you the one who got her going? The day we had the argument about Kristen is the very same day Nicole came to her hotel room and told her off. Brady - I had no idea Nicole would do anything like that. Brady - So it was you. Eric - Let's please not just even go there. You're the closest thing I have to a brother. Eric - You as well for me but why can't you just admit that you were wrong about Kristen. Eric - I can't. Brady - I'm sorry to hear that. I'm not going to sit here and listen to another lecture. Did it ever occur to you that I know Kristen better than you do, then this whole town does. I didn't think so. He leaves.

Kristen returns to her hotel room in a snit. She keeps smashing a pillow against the bed - I hate you Marlena! I was going to cut him loose. I was going to do the right thing. You see I started to feel sorry for you Brady. That was my first mistake. I let myself forget that you're my enemy. Sorry baby, I'm going to have to destroy you after all.

Segment 6: Brady comes to Kristen's hotel room. Brady's been thinking a lot about what happened earlier. He realises he must have thrown her for such a loop when he said he wanted them to move in together. Kristen - Don't you know you had me at hello. You don't have to apologise to me, certainly not for wanting to live with me. Brady - Sounds to me like you're saying you might have changed your mind.

Maggie has a couple of things she wants to talk to him about. Have you seen Jennifer today. Chloe eavesdrops. Dan - He has. He doesn't want to talk about this over the phone. Why don't I bring Parker over to see you. I'll see you in a little bit. Chloe drops back so he can't see her. Dan calls her out and tells her he bought a new car seat so he's going to take Parker out to see Maggie. He might leave Parker with her while he goes to check in. Chloe - That's cool. I have a couple of things I need to do anyway.

Jen picks up a picture of Alice and hugs it to her chest. Abby comes in. You seem upset, what's wrong? Jen is upset. I'm upset with myself because I just let Chloe really get to me and I took it out on Daniel. Abby - He said he came here to make things right with you. Jen - I think he did but I didn't give him a chance; I just let him have it. Now I just have to figure out a way to fix this. Abby will give her some time to think. Jen - Where are you going? Abby - Remember that dress at Priscilla's. Jen - I loved how it looked on you. I wanted to buy it for you. Abby has decided she wants it. Jen - Why don't you do your homework and I'll go pick that up for you. Abby - I thought you needed time to think. Jen - I'll be better if I'm moving. Maybe by the time I get back I'll have figured out how to outdo what I did to Daniel.

Nicole is outside the pub when she sees a woman with Sydney. Hi Sydney. It's Nicole. Do you remember me? Sydney says hi. Nicole tells the woman that she used to be Sydney's step-mommy. Nicole talks to her a bit and gets a hug from her. Sydney says - You're squeezing me too tight. EJ walks up after the nanny and Sydney leave.

Segment 7: Kristen thinks her pride was hurt because she wanted to marry him and he didn't want to marry her. Brady - It's not about how I feel about you ... Kristen - I believe you. I haven't been in love for a very long time. I forgot how crazy it makes you. I really want to live with you. Brady wants that more than anything. They kiss.

Abby opens the door. It's Chloe. What do you want? Chloe - Is your mother here? Abby - No. Chloe - Do you know where she is. We kind of had a misunderstanding this afternoon and I want to clear it up. I bet she'd like to as well. Abby - She went to Priscilla's to pick up a dress for me. She closes the door. Chloe - Wow, Priscilla's. That could work.

Jen sees Daniel with Parker in the sqaure. Jen - Just stop thinking Jennifer and take action and don't blow it this time.

EJ - You look upset. Is everything okay? Nicole - Well I'm standing here with you, aren't I? EJ - I'm glad that you had a chance to say hello to Sydney. I know that can't be very easy, she's a reminder of everything you lost. Nicole - Go to hell. EJ - Well I'm sure if I go there you'll be a part of the welcoming committee. Nicole - Shouldn't you be burning an orphanage or bilking a widow or something. EJ - No, I just came for a stroll down here. I thought I'd go check on that new French restaurant. It's supposed to be very romantic. I thought I'd take Samantha there. Nicole - Why, so you could set her up and poison her? EJ - No actually, we're back to get together. I suppose you don't know. Nicole uses her best valley girl voice - No, oh my God, really. EJ - Things are better than ever. We managed to get past our differences. Nicole - Well with you two there's nowhere to go but up. How do you do it? EJ - Mainly I think it's by not being a complete loser. He walks away. Nicole - OMG, if that wasn't a sign, I don't know what is but could You please be a little more subtle next time. I get it. I'm leaving this one horse town and I'm never looking back.

Eric is in the rectory. He kneels down to pray. Someone walks up and holds a gun to his head.


Wednesday, Feb 20

Segment 1: Will comes to his mother at her office at her request. He figures she wants to show off her new engagement ring. Sami has to admit she made a fool of herself. Will can relate. Sami guesses Sonny. Will doesn't want to talk about it. Why did you want me here? She wanted to ask about Gabi's paternity test. Do you have the results? Will - She hasn't taken the test yet. Sami - Why the hell not? We've talked about this. She has to take that test. Will - I know. It's going to happen. We just haven't set a date yet. Sami doesn't like the sound of that. It makes it seem like she's playing games with you. Will - I don't think so. Sami - I know you don't but you have to keep your eyes open here. You don't understand ... if she wanted to she could just marry Nick and put his name on the birth certificate.

Gabi hands Cameron his takeout order. She wants to ask him a question about her baby. She wanted to know about getting a paternity test. Cam asks why she would need a paternity test. Julie walks up - That's a good question. What in the world is going on now? Why in the world are you discussing a paternity test with this charming young man unless you're not sure that Will's really the father. Gabi - No, no, no. Will is the father. Gabi introduces Cam to Julie - he's my doctor and she tells Cam that Julie is Nick's cousin. Cam asks her if she wants to take a walk around the block or ... Gabi - No, it's totally okay. I'll call you. Cam - Are you sure? Gabi - Positive. Cam leaves. Julie doesn't understand why she's even thinking about getting a paternity test. Those things can be dangerous for the baby. Gabi - I was afraid of that. It's just that Will won't back down. Julie - Why would Will insist ... this has Sami Brady written all over it.

Abby walks up to Courtney at the nurse's station ands asks if Dr. Davis is around. I owe him a dessert. Courtney - He's on break but I can make sure he gets that. It's the least I can do after accusing him of sexual harassment. Abby - What! Courtney - It was just a big misunderstanding. He asked me what the Golden Circle club was and I thought he was asking ... well it doesn't matter what I thought because I was totally wrong. Abby - What did you tell him? Courtney - I told him what it was; a high school club for kids waiting for marriage to have sex.

Just as Jen is going to go after Dan Abe and Theo walk up and greet her. Abe was going to stop over at her office. I'm working on a project to repair the damage done by those tunnel explosions and I was hoping the hospital would help with a fundraiser. Jen - Yes, absolutely. I'll call you soon and we'll work on that. Theo starts talking. Jen tells him she likes his hat. Abe and Theo head off and Chloe comes face to face with Jennifer. I'm glad I ran into you. We really need to talk.

Nicole joins Rafe at a table at Common Grounds. Thanks so much for meeting me here. Nicole gives him a big hug. I really need to talk to you. Rafe - What's up. Nicole - I just wanted to say goodbye. I'm leaving Salem. Rafe - Why? Nicole - Because there's nothing for me here. Rafe - One, that is not true. And two, where are you going to go? Nicole - Well I don't have any family or friends here ... Rafe - Really! Nicole - I'm sorry ... I'm living in a convent for God's sake. Rafe - Then for God's sake move, get an apartment in Salem. Is this about Daniel? Nicole - No. Part of me still cares about him but he's not the reason. Rafe - What is this thing that you're not telling me. Oh wait a minute. This is about Eric.

Eric kneels down in the rectory to pray. Heavenly Father, I just want to say ... the gunman jumps in ... Bless me Father for I have sinned. The gunman has to steady his hand. He tells Eric to stand up and open the safe and he doesn't want any crap about it. I've been casing the place. I know that's where you keep the collection. Eric - What's your name friend? Guy - I am not your friend. Eric - Your hand is shaking. You're having some kind of withdrawal. Guy - I'm shaking with excitement. Eric - I want to help you but stealing to buy more drugs is not the answer. Guy - I don't remember asking you any questions. He pistol whips Eric in the head sending him flying to the floor. If you want to help me Father just give me the damn money.

Segment 2: Nicole - What would make you say something like that. Why would you think that Eric is the reason for my leaving. Rafe - Oh I don't know maybe because the last time I was in the church; granted I may have been a little inebriated but I walked in on a lot of tension there. Nicole - No, this is not Eric's fault. I think it would be best for everyone if I left St Luke's and Salem. Rafe - That's a little extreme don't you think? Nicole - No because everywhere I look in this town there's a bad memory. I think it would be best just to have a clean break. Rafe - I'm going to miss you. Nicole - You're one of the very few. They laugh. Rafe - If you would have told me a year ago that I'd be sitting here saying I'd miss you ... I will. Anyway ... Nicole - Just don't let Sami hear you say that. Rafe - I don't think there's much danger of that. And for the record, everything she said about you, everything else for that matter is wrong so ... Nicole - I ran into EJ and he told me they were back together. What's that about? I'm so sorry. Rafe - I'm not. After everything she did and said to my sister I don't give a damn about that woman. Nicole laughs. Yeah, we both know that's not true.

Gabi - You really think the paternity test would be dangerous for the baby? Julie - I want you to make sure it's safe before you agree to it. Gabi - I'm going to talk to Cameron about it first. Nick says we might not even have to go through with it. Julie - Be prepared for a fight on that one. I know Sami ... Sami and I have a few traits of character in common ... she's not going to back down. Gabi - It just gets me so mad. Will, Nick and I had everything worked out. It's like she wants us to be enemies or something. Julie - You have Nick and your brother and a whole lot of Hortons to support you. Just try and concentrate on taking care of yourself and the baby. Gabi will. Julie gives her a hug. Everything's going to be just fine. After Gabi goes back to work Julie mutters - And I'm going to make sure it is, Sami!

Chloe - I just wanted to clear up any confusion from this afternoon. Jen - You mean confusion about misleading me purposedly. Chloe - It wasn't on purpose. Jen - I think every move that you've made since coming back to Salem has been on purpose. I think you found great delight in telling me you were moving into Daniel's apt but it slipped your mind to tell me that he wouldn't be staying there with you. Chloe - Wow. I guess I didn't realise just how insecure you really are. Chloe drops her packages and some 'apparell' slips out. Jen can see she's been shopping. I'm not insecure and I'm not stupid. I know exactly what you want and you're not going to get it.

Segment 3: Rafe - Now look, I could not care less that Sami is with EJ. They deserve each other. Nicole - So your little bender the other night had nothing to do at all with Sami. Rafe - Nope. Nicole - Liar, liar, liar. Okay. Rafe stands up - Don't leave town without calling me first. Nicole wouldn't dream of it. They hug. Rafe - Are you sure you want to go? Nicole - I think I have to. Bye.

As Eric is stuffing the money from the safe into a bag he tells the guy he really doesn't have to do this. Guy - How about you take a vow of silence. Eric - I can help you. God can help you. Guy - I'm pretty sure God forsake me a while ago. Eric - Maybe it was the other way around. Guy - Either way, I'm pretty sure He owes me this one time payoff. Eric - We both know this is not a one time thing. You have a disease. It's called an addiction and the thing that sucks about this is that these things get worse and worse if you don't get help. Guy - Did you ever hear the one about waiting in silence? He pushes the gun into Eric's chest. Shut up. Quit stalling or things really are going to get worse.

Abby comes into the pub and asks Gabi if she's seen Cam. Gabi - He was just here. He probably went back to work. What's wrong? Abby - I don't know. Maybe nothing. Maybe everything.

Will - Wow! I have to say that I'm so surprised that you are trying to take over my life. Sami claims she isn't. Will - So when the baby's born do you want to name her, pick out clothes for her, you want to chose a school for her, you want to arrange a marriage for her. Sami - Stop exaggerating. Will - Listen to me. I'm saying that I'm handling this very well. Nick and Gabi are going to be part of my child's life and it's best for her if we all get along. Sami - I'm just trying to look out for you. Will - I know and I'm trying to look out for my kid so we're just going to make sure this test is safe before we go ahead with it. Sami - It is safe. I would never ... Will - That's not your call. We're going to talk to a legitimate doctor before we make that decision. Sami - Okay, then go do it. Go talk to any doctor. They'll tell you it's just a simple blood test. They take the mother's blood and they can get the baby's DNA from it. Will - Thank you for prepping for this debate but it's really not your decision to make. Julie pipes up from the doorway. Will, your mother doesn't really understand that concept. Sami dear, you and I need to have a little talk.

Chloe - What I want? What are you talking about? Jen - I'm talking about a very desperate and needy woman who is using desperate measures to get Daniel back in her life. Chloe - Why do you keep making these baseless accusations. Jen - Because you keep doing these underhanded things and you are so exceedingly transparent. Chloe - Wow. All I've done is brought Daniel his son; the child he and I conceived when we were deeply in love. I'm sorry if this is difficult for you to hear. Jen - It's not difficult for me to hear because I know exactly what you're doing but the one thing you don't know about yourself is that you don't catch subtleties hence my idea to be really direct with you and try and penetrate this delusional fog that you are living in. Chloe - Wow, you are really starting to sound paranoid. I understand you've been going through some difficult times ... Jen - I have been but those difficult times have made me stronger not just for myself but for my children so I am not paranoid. I am self-protective. Chloe - I admire your strength and devotion to your children. Jen - And I admire the mom that you are because I look at your son and he's so happy. He's a really well-adjusted child. Chloe - Yes he is. Jen - But I don't admire your effort in trying to get this man back in your life that doesn't want anything to do with you. Chloe - I am not doing that. You just got through saying we have to be strong for our children so why can't you grasp the idea that everything I'm doing is for my son. I'm simply trying to give my little boy as much time with his father as possible. Doesn't he deserve that? Doesn't any child?

Eric closes the money bag. I pray for you. The guy grabs it. Nicole walks in - Eric I have to tell you ... they guy grabs Nicole and holds the gun to her head. Eric - Do not hurt her.

Segment 4: Gabi - Let me get this straight. In high school you took a pledge to not have sex until you were married. Did you have to join that club, could you just not have had sex? Abby - It was a way to stay strong. Gabi - Unless things have changed since the last time we spoke you still meet the eligibility requirements, right? Abby - Yes, I'm still a virgin and now Cameron knows about it. Gabi - You can talk to him. Maybe he's going to admire you for it. Abby - Maybe or maybe he'll think I'm a complete freak of nature.

Sami - Julie, this isn't a very good time for me actually. Julie - Well it's important and it won't take long. Will - I will leave you two alone. Sami - No you won't. We're not done talking. Julie - Actually I would prefer that you stay because this concerns you. Sami, I understand your paternal instinct to protect your son but in this instance you really need to back off. Sami - I don't know what you're talking about. Julie - Just what you and Will were talking about, a paternity test ... totally unnecessary and possibly dangerous. Sami - Oh I see, Gabi sent you here.

Dan joins Maggie in the living room of the mansion. He has put Parker down for a nap. Maggie has to tell him something. The demands that Chloe made to Victor and me to make green changes in the house ... we were actually doing them. We've cleaned the air ducts and we're changing our drycleaners. Dan - So something positive came out of that after all. Maggie - What I really wanted to talk to you about ... I'm pretty convinced that Chloe deliberately pushed Victor's buttons in order to get him to throw her out of this house. She used his temper to get closer to you. Dan - You know what, you and Jennifer need to trust me because I love Jennifer and there's nothing Chloe does that will change that. Maggie - You're right we should trust you. So if you really love Jennifer why are you so angry with her. After everything she's been through with Chloe and Nicole, so she slipped up. Maybe she had a gut load of Chloe's games and she made a mistake. Dan - It would have been nice if she had apologised, admitted that she was wrong. Maggie - She did. Didn't you get her message.

Jen - So this is just about Parker. It has nothing to do with wanting Daniel back in your life. Chloe - I want what's best for my son. Jen doesn't believe her. Chloe lets her know something she learned in high school - You can be funny and smart but you'll get nowhere in life if you don't have the charisma to back it up. Just saying, some people have it, were born with it and others, not so much. Jen - What weren't you born with Chloe? Sensitivity, a kind heart, character? Chloe - I'm not going to stand here and be insulted by you. Jen - Oh but it's okay for you to insult me by telling me I have no charisma which is a code name for dull and boring. Chloe - I wasn't talking about you specifically. I was making a general statement. Jen - I think you believe Daniel will chose you over me, don't you?

Segment 5: Jen - I guess you're not going to answer me. There's no need to respond. That grin on your face speaks volumes. Chloe - You really are paranoid. Jen - No I'm not. I just wish Daniel could see you for who you really are. Chloe - Oh yeah, and does he see you for who you really are. I know everyone in Salem thinks you're sweet and adorable. Jen - And you think I'm an ice princess because I can see through you. Anyone can see through you, I'm not in the minority. I think that you are a manipulator and contrary to what you might think, Daniel is getting wise to your ways. Chloe - He can wise up til the cows come home but the fact remains I am the mother of his child so that bond will keep him from ever pushing me too far away. Ever. And one more thing, this is not a war of words, it's a different field of battle. And for the record, Daniel likes it when I'm wearing one of these - she holds up her bag, or nothing at all. After she leaves Jen mutters - You're a pathetic woman.

Dan - Oh come on, you're kidding me. Maggie - She left you a note at the hospital saying she was sorry. Dan never got it. Maggie - I didn't think you had. You wouldn't have just ignored it. That's why I told Jen to go and talk to you in person. Dan - Son of a ... She went to my apt to apologise and Chloe was there and told Jen that she had moved in. Maggie - What a lovely way to get that news. Dan - This is all screwed up. I went to her house to explain to her, to tell her that I'm sorry and neither of us got a chance to apologise. We got into this knock down, drag out fight ... Dan gets a text from Jen. She wants to see me. Maggie - This time try not to screw it up.

Julie - Sami, you know that I don't take orders from anyone. Sami - Right, but Gabi didn't send you here to plead her case. Julie - Yes, I'm here to plead her case. She did not send me. She doesn't even know I'm here. Sami - She just told you about the paternity test ... she didn't expect you to do anything about it? She manipulated you. She's good at that. Will - God, Mom, you're going to sit there and accuse Gabi of being manipulative. Sami - Could you please just ... Will - Are you going to tell me to butt out because aren't we actually talking about my life here? Julie - That's exactly right. I think Will and Gabi and Nick are handling a difficult situation beautifully. I just don't want to see your mother get in the middle of it and stir things up. Will - My mother stir things up? Sami - Let me ask you something Julie. Why are you on Nick's side? Will is your family too. Julie - I'm not on anybody's side Sami. I'm trying to stop you from making the situation worse. Will - Well good luck with that. Sami - So you agree with her Will. Will - Yeah, I do. I know you always want to do something more but seriously can you just not ... don't do anything this time please. Sami - Okay fine. I can't make any promises but I will try to back off. Julie - I thank you too. I think everything is going to be just fine. Will, I'm glad you were here. I'm very proud of you. She leaves. Will - Mom, I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings. Sami - Oh you know, you dish it out, you've got to be prepared to take it. There are some other things I'd like to talk to you about. Do you want to stay? I bet you're hungry. There's great snacks in the kitchen. Can you grab me a protein bar while you're there. Will leaves. Sami picks up the phone and tells the secretary she's going out for a bit. Hold all my calls.

Eric tells the guy to just let her go and walk away. Guy - Not without her jewelry. Nicole - No! Eric - Just do what he says. Guy - Lady, you're not in a position to say no to me. Just put it on the desk. Nicole does as he says. Guy - The necklace too. Nicole - It was my mother's. It's not even worth that much. Please don't. Guy - Give it to me otherwise you die!

Segment 6: Chloe lets Ann into Dan's apt. Ann makes reference to Chloe downsizing from a mansion with servants to cozy. Chloe wanted cozy. Just mommy, daddy and baby. Ann - Has something gone horribly wrong? Chloe - Yeah, Daniel moved into a hotel. Ann - What a surprise. Another one of your schemes didn't go the way you wanted it to. Chloe - Just leave, I need a friend right now, not a critic. Ann - There's more isn't there. Chloe - I kind of blew up at Jennifer. I lost control and I think I overplayed my hand.

Dan is at Jen's. I don't like the way we fought before. I hated it. One of the things I regret most was just me being such a ... let's be kind ... jerk. Jen - As I recall, I kind of gave as good as I got. Dan - Yeah. Maggie also shared something else with me. She said that you left a message at the hospital for me and then you figured out that I didn't get it which is why you went to my apt. That's where you ran into Chloe. I guess I should have talked to you about her moving in before ... I tried to and you were going to apologise and I was going to apologise and then I got so screwed up ... you and Abigail, I was just so mad at you because you were right and guys we hate that. I'm sorry. Jen - You talked a long time. Dan - I'll keep talking because I want to get this back to the way it was. Jen - You know what I could be the kind of woman that lets you stretch this out but I want to get back to where we were. Dan - I'm so glad to hear you say that. Jen - I just want you to know that I'm sorry that I lied, so sorry. But I also have to tell that I've had a gut load of Chloe playing me. Dan - Maggie told me the same thing. Jen - I am sorry that I jumped all over you. Dan is so glad they had this chance to talk. The only reason he didn't tell her about Chloe moving in is because he didn't want to tell her over the phone; he wanted to do it in person. Jen doesn't want to talk about this anymore. Neither does he. Jen - I think we should just kiss and make up. Dan thinks that is a great idea.

Sami stomps up to Gabi in the pub. I'm interested to know why you decided to use Will's own family against him. Gabi - What? Sami - You sent Julie to do your dirty work for you. Will rushes in - Oh God. I knew it. You realise just 7 mins ago you told me you were going to leave Gabi alone and you were going to back off. Sami - And I will. I will back off. I just want to ask her a simple question. I want to know why she hasn't had the paternity test. Gabi - I don't want to do anything that could possibly hurt the baby. Will - That's what I told you and I back her up 100%. Sami - It won't hurt the baby. Gabi - That's not what Julie said. Sami - You listened to Julie? She hasn't had a paternity test since Nixon was president. Go to a doctor. Ask a professional. Let's go to the hospital right now, we can find out, shall we. Rafe storms up - Really! What the hell do you think you're doing?

Eric tells Nicole to give him the necklace. Nicole - No. It's the only thing I have left of my mother and I'm not going to give it to this crazy hophead. The guy snaps - Give me the necklace. As he tries to rip it off her neck, Nicole stomps on his foot with her heels causing him to loosen his hold - Eric tackles the guy and sends him flying. As Eric tends to Nicole the guy knocks Eric out using the wooden cross.

Segment 7: Abe with Theo tells Cameron that it makes Lexie very happy that he and Theo are getting to know each other. Cam - That's one of the reasons I'm glad I stayed in Salem. Abe - Good. So we'll see you Tuesday? Cam - Yeah. They leave. Abby comes up to Cam. Do you have time to talk?

Chloe - This isn't really about Daniel, it's about Parker. I grew up bouncing from one foster home to another and I'm determined that Parker is going to have a stable, loving home with both of his parents. I think I may have pushed it too hard this time. Now that Jennifer knows that I'm after Daniel who knows what she'll do to fight back. Ann - She'll do the obvious. She'll turn him against you.

Dan thinks they need another little getaway. Third time's the charm. Jen - Or 3 strikes and you're out. I just think there's more things we need to talk about, specifically Chloe. Dan - I know she hasn't been making this easy for you. If there's anything I can do ... Jen - There is. I think you need to make it clear to her that you've moved on and there's no chance that the 2 of you are getting back together. Dan - I'm not sure I can be clearer than I've already been. Jen - It's not sinking in because she wouldn't be buying lingerie if she was ready to throw in the towel. I'm just telling you she's not going to give up and I just think there's only one thing you can do. I know you're not going to like it, I don't like it. Dan - What are you talking about? Jen - I've given this a lot of thought and I think that you just need to not have any contact with her. I know you share custody of Parker, I know you have to do that. But I think you can tell her that you can't see her or hear from her at all.

Rafe - You're going to back off and you're going to back off now. Sami - No, she is stalling about getting that paternity test and I'm not going to sit around and do nothing about it. Rafe - That is not your call. Sami - Actually it is because if she is stalling that is proof that she and Nick are trying to pull something on Will. Gabi - No! That's not true. I'm trying to do what is best for the baby. Rafe - Do you see this? That is not backing off and that is what's going to get you a restraining order. Do you understand? Will - Mom, please, please go back to the office. Sami - I am not doing anything wrong here. She is the one who is lying and manipulating ... Rafe - One more word out of you and I am calling a lawyer. Sami starts screeching. Will covers his eyes and shakes his head. Gabi pleads with them to stop. All of a sudden she grabs her stomach - OMG! OMG, the baby. Sami rolls her eyes.

The gunman takes off. Nicole kneels over Eric - Are you okay? She pulls her hand away from his hand and sees blood on it. Eric, say something. She cries. Eric - You can't die on me. you can't. Eric, I love you.


Thursday Feb 21

Segment 1: Cam tells Abby he has time to talk. Abby talked to Courtney ... Cam - Right, she gave me the cobbler you dropped by. Thank you. That was sweet of you. Abby - She also said that you asked about the Golden Circle club. Cam hopes that's okay. You were mysterious and I was curious. Abby - So now you know.

Maggie opens the door of the mansion to Chloe who thanks her for watching Parker. Maggie will go get him. Chloe was wondering if she talked to Daniel in the last hour or so. Maggie - Why? What exactly do you want to know?

Dan - You want me to cut off all contact with Chloe. Jen - You would still share custody of Parker of course but I just think that you shouldn't see her or talk to her; that you shouldn't have any contact at all. Dan - You can not be serious. Jen - I know that it sounds like a lot and it sounds extreme. But if you and I are going to be together I really think it's the only way.

Nicole is crying over Eric when he comes to. Nicole looks up - Thank you God. Thank you.

Rafe helps Gabi to a chair. Sami asks her if she's okay. Gabi holds up her hand - Get her away from me. I don't want to talk to her. Will - Mom, could you please wait outside. Sami - I'm just trying to help. Rafe - I think she's had enough of your kind of help. Now just get the hell out of here. At Rafe's encouragement Gabi is taking nice, deep breaths. Will is going to call the hospital and tell them we're on our way. Gabi - No, don't. The pain is going away. I think I'm okay now. Rafe - Are you sure? I think we should get an ambulance. Gabi - No, the doctor said that I would have occasional pain. It's going away. I'm fine. Nick comes in - What's going on? Gabi - It's okay Nick. I'm fine. I got this pain and I was really scared but I'm okay now. Gabi asks Will if he can get her some water. Thank you. Sami - Maybe you should lie down and get some rest. Rafe - What are you still doing here? Sami - Making sure my granddaughter is alright. Rafe suggests that they take a little walk.

Segment 2: Nick is glad she feels better but he still thinks they should take her to the hospital to be sure. Will agrees. Gabi smiles - The baby just kicked. See, she's fine. She probably just reacted to how upset I was. Nick - Why were you upset? Will - Just my mom was kind of badgering her a little bit ... Nick gets up - I'll be right back. Sami is arguing with Rafe - If Gabi would have the paternity test ... Nick walks up. Sami, I need you to leave right now.

Cam and Abby go into the lounge to talk. Abby - So about the club ... Cam - You don't have to talk about it. Abby doesn't mind. It was a long time ago. I was young, impressionable so I was in the abstintence club. You probably think this is hysterical. Cam - No I don't at all. And now that I know, everything kind of makes sense.

Chloe - So Jennifer and I got in a little argument this afternoon and I'm just sick about it and I was wondering if Daniel knew. Maggie - You're wondering if Daniel is mad at you? Sounds like he should be. Chloe - I don't understand. Maggie - I don't know what the fight was about. I don't think Daniel was too thrilled with you for letting Jennifer know that you were staying in his apt and omitting the somewhat pertinent fact that he was moving into a motel. Chloe - I didn't mean to upset her. Maggie - Like you didn't mean to upset Victor when he kicked you out of here so you could end up on Daniel's doorstep with his son in your arms like something out of a Greek tragedy. Too bad it wasn't raining than you could have really looked pathetic. Chloe doesn't get this. We used to get along. We used to be friends. Maggie - Newsflash: I'm not friends with someone who manipulates my son so maybe you want to write this down ... he's with Jennifer now. He's over you.

Dan gets that she's upset but he wants her to think about what she's saying. How could I share custody with Parker and not have any contact with Chloe. Jen - You're going to have a nanny so you'll have different jobs, different residences so maybe the Nanny could act as an intermediary and Victor and Maggie could help mediate ... Dan - Yeah Chloe's going to love being mediated by my mother and a man who loathes her. Think about this. How would you feel if I told you couldn't have any contact with Jack. We are talking about the mother of my son. I know she is way, way out of line here but I think this is just a huge overreaction. Jen - I understand why you think that but you are wrong.

Nicole is on the phone with the police. And if you catch that little creep, this is the time when police brutality is absolutely appropriate. She asks Eric if it's still bleeding. No, it's all over. It's just a cut. Nicole doesn't care, she's calling an ambulance. Eric - What about you? Nicole - I wasn't the one clocked over the head with a crucifix. Eric - I guess my mom was right; I am hard headed. Nicole - This isn't a joke. You can't pretend this didn't happen. You could have been killed. He hugs her. It's okay. It's all over. Nicole cries - I couldn't wake you up. I was so scared. He knows. I heard. Nicole - You did? What exactly did you hear?

Sami - You are standing here in my Grandmother's pub asking me to leave. Nick - Yeah, leave and stay away from Gabi. Sami - No. As long as she refuses to take that paternity test I will be on Gabi like white on rice. Rafe - Do you hear yourself at all? Does it even compute to you that everyone in this room thinks you are dead wrong including your own son. Sami - I don't care what anyone else thinks. I'm not going to let some loser ex-con keep my son away from his daughter. Nick - You know what Sami, we will discuss this, I promise you but not here and not now. What's important right now is making sure Gabi's okay and if you ever want to see your granddaughter again, you'll leave. Sami - Ease off the threats and I will hold you to that promise. Nick - Okay. Just as Nick gets back to Gabi's table she calls out - Oh God, it's happening again. Rafe is on the phone ... Will is going to call the hospital too, Sami watches - OMG.

Segment 3: Eric heard her call his name and he could tell by the sound of her voice how worried she was about him. Roman comes in - Eric, are you okay? Eric - I'm fine. Nicole - No he's not. He was hit over the head with a cross. Roman takes a look at the wound. Nicole - He was unconscious for a really long time. Eric - But then I woke up and the bleeding stopped. You think God would let a priest get seriously hurt with a cross; that would be horrible PR. Nicole - He keeps joking about it. A uniformed officer asks her if she's okay. She's fine. The jerk tried to steal my necklace. He came after me but Eric stopped him. He saved my life.

Abby isn't sure she understands what he means. He's talking about before. When they broke up he kind of thought it was about her losing her father and that you were having a hard time dealing with it. Abby - I was. Cam - I knew you were but that wasn't the whole reason, was it? If we're going to try this again, it's imperative that we're honest with each other. If you don't want to talk about it here, I understand. I don't want to embarass you. I do want you to know that ... Abby - Yes, you're right. I'm a virgin. Nurse Maxine clears her throat - Dr. Davis, we have an emergency coming in. We need you right away. Cam is sorry. I'll talk to you later. After he leaves Abby mutters - Oh my God!

Chloe - I guess it was stupid of me to try and talk to you about it. Of course you're going to take Jennifer's side. You think she's a saint even though her lie about the club almost stopped Daniel from being with his son when he needed him the most. Maggie - The lie wasn't exactly unprovoked. Chloe - You can justify what she did. I don't think she's exactly the best influence on my son. Maggie - You're right. It's stupid of you to talk to me about this.

Dan - Did she threaten you or something? Jen - No, she just keeps doing the same things she did before. She keeps talking about your bond with Parker, she's giving me details I don't really want to hear about. She's not threatening me but it's really tiring and she brought up something else. I was just asking her why she was spending so much energy trying to get back this man that doesn't want her and she got so defensive. So whatever it you're saying to her, it's not penetrating. You move out of your apt and she still believes that you are going to get back together. You talk to her on the phone about who is going to pick Parker up and she believes that you still love her. So dealing with her right now is like sitting down and having drinks with an alcoholic because you stop but she doesn't stop. Dan is sorry for what she's putting you through but I promise you, she is not going to get to me and eventually that will sink in. You need to trust me. Jen - I do, I trust you. I'm not worried about the two of you getting back together but I'm scared that she's not going to give up. So if you don't set boundaries she is just going to keep chipping away at what we have until we have nothing left. And I can't do that. I will not go through that again.

Gabi is wheeled off the elevator in a wheelchair. She's in obvious pain. All three guys try to follow her into the exam room but Cam tells them to wait out here. I'll come out as soon as I know what's going on. So what happened? Rafe - She got a pain in her stomach. It seemed to go away but it came back. She's been in pain ever since. Cam - What was she doing? Did she physically strain herself? Did she fall? Will - No, no, but she was having an argument with my mother - just then Sami shows up. Nick - Please do not let anything happen to her or the baby. Cam - You got her here fast, that's good. We'll do everything that we can. He goes to tend to Gabi. Rafe walks up to Sami - Why? Stay out of the way. Will rushes up to her. What the hell are you doing here? Sami - You have to believe me; you have to know that I would never do anything to hurt your child. Will - No, I don't know that.

Segment 4: Roman cleans the wound. Eric - That hurts. Roman - Offer your pain up to God. Nicole - This isn't funny you two. Eric - We're Irish and male. You think there's a chance of us playing it straight? Roman asks if they can give him a description of the guy. Could you pick him out of a lineup. Nicole - Yeah, and I look forward to doing so. Eric - She's not a turn the other cheek kind of person. Roman - Looks like most of the money is still here so let's stop him before he tries again. It could take some time though. Eric - Time isn't an issue, right Nicole? Nicole recalls telling Rafe she's leaving Salem.

Abby lets herself into the mansion and walks into the living room. She asks Chloe if her Aunt Maggie is around. Chloe - Yeah, she's upstairs with Parker. She's getting him ready to come home. Abby - I thought you were living here. Chloe - I guess your Mom didn't tell you. Parker and I moved into Daniel's apt.

Dan - I hear what you're saying so I will tell her in no uncertain terms to stop harassing you. Jen - So you didn't get my whole point about alcholics. Maybe you should ask Maggie and Brady the success rate of making an addict stop. Dan - This is not an addict. Jen - An addict has to want to stop and Chloe doesn't want to stop, she is having the time of her life. Dan - I will keep her away from you but I can't not deal with her. That's not good for my son. And I want you to think about this, what about Abigail and JJ? How would feel if you missed out on the first 2 years of their lives? Because what I'm trying to do right now is make a smooth transition for Parker to go from Philip's life to my life and I think that he has to have 2 parents that are getting along. He has to see that. Jen - I understand how hard this is for you and I'd agree with you 100% if we weren't talking about Chloe. Do you think she is not using Parker? He doesn't realise it now but he will. He will grow up and look back on his childhood thinking that you were something to hold on to; that she was using him to hold on to you. And that is going to happen if you don't stop this right now. Dan - I'm done. I can't talk about this. We'll talk about this tomorrow morning. Jen - I'm not thinking about myself ... you really need to hear ... Dan - You really need to stop. I know what you want but I'm not going to give it to you, not right now.

Nick paces - I should have been there. I promised I'd protect her and the baby. Rafe - You can't be there 24/7. You did everything you could have done. Nick recalls listening to Will and Lucas's confession about the coverup. Nick - You're wrong. I could have done something. I should have shut all of this down right away. Rafe - What's that supposed to mean? Nick - Nothing. I was talking about Sami. I should have made it really clear from the beginning that she had to stay away from Gabi. Rafe - Yeah, I should have helped you on that one.

Sami and Will are in the lounge. Sami - I can't believe you said that. Will - Listen, I don't think that you would intentionally hurt this baby but you do not stop and think. You just charge ahead. I mean this afternoon you looked me in the eye and you lied to me. You sent me on this stupid errand so you could drive as fast as you can to yell at a scared, pregnant girl. I swear to God Mom, if anything happens to this baby because of this, I will never forgive you. Sami - I'm sorry that I lied to you and I will never forgive myself if something happens. I feel terrible about it. Will - Well you should. Sami - If I had known I would never have come down there to confront Gabi. I would never do anything to hurt the baby. Will - Yes I know Mom but the problem is you just push and push to get what you want and other people's feelings do not matter to you. Sami - Your feelings matter. You matter. I'm doing this for you. Will - There's no reason to Mom. I had everything worked out and now who knows what is going to happen! What if something happens to this baby! Sami - It's not going to happen. I promise you it's not. She hugs him. Your little girl is going to be okay, I promise.

Cameron, Maxine and Kayla are in with Gabi. Maxine tells her to keep breathing nice and steady. Gabi asks if her baby is okay. Please tell me there's nothing wrong with my baby.

Segment 5: Nicole - No time is not an issue. I'll do whatever it takes to put this guy away. Eric - Son of a gun. I'm supposed to stop by the hospital and see one of our parishioners. He tries to stand up and almost passes out - Roman catches him. Sit down and stay there. Nicole - You're not going anywhere. You're in no condition to drive. Eric - I promised her I'd stop by. Nicole - Okay, I will drive you but you are going to see a doctor first. Eric agrees.

Abby - You're living with Daniel and my mom's okay with that. Chloe - It doesn't really matter if she's okay with it because it's his home and if he wants us there then she doesn't really have a say in it. Abby - Unbelievable. She leaves. Chloe smiles. Maggie - Was that Abigail I heard? Chloe - Yeah. Maggie - She didn't take the baking pans I packed for her. Chloe - Maybe she had something else on her mind.

Jen - I'm sorry if you feel like I'm forcing you to make a decision but I just think it's the only way for this to work out for us. Dan - Yeah, I'll think about what you said and we'll talk tomorrow. Jen - Okay. He kisses her cheek. We'll talk in the morning. Jen - I love you. Dan - I love you too. He leaves. He almost goes back inside but changes his mind.

Kayla tells Gabi her baby's heartbeat is strong and steady. Gabi - Thank God. Kayla - Are you still in pain? Gabi - No. I was so scared, I didn't even notice. Kayla - Of course you were scared. Gabi - So is my baby alright? Cam - Everything looks good at the moment. Gabi - What caused it? Kayla - We're not sure but my guess is you're dehydrated which is why we have you on these IV fluids. Gabi - Dehydrated? Because I didn't drink enough water, this is my fault. Kayla - Listen to me. You did everything right. You want to do what's best for your baby, just stay calm and rest. We're going to do a few more tests and figure out what happened to you. Gabi - Can Nick come in? Cam - If you can promise to stay calm. Gabi will. Kayla - And the pain is completely gone, right? Gabi - Yeah, my back hurts a little bit but it's been like that for a couple of days. Kayla - I don't want to give you any medication at this point. I think the IV fluids will help you out. We'll be right back.

Cam and Kayla come out of Gabi's room and Kayla tells Rafe, Will and Nick that Gabi's resting and the baby seems fine. Cam tells Nick that Gabi wants to see him. Keep it very low key and don't stay too long. Rafe asks if Gabi has to stay here. Kayla would like to keep her under observation. Rafe - What aren't you telling us? Kayla - We are just trying to pin down what happened. I told her and I do believe that she is dehydrated so we have her on IV drip. I just don't want to release her until I know for sure it's not a prelude to premature labour. Sami is listening to all this. Nick - What? Cam - We have medication we can give her to stop labour in most cases. Nick - But the baby, she won't make it. Cam - This is just precautionary. We don't think it's going to happen. Kayla - We just want to be sure so don't say anything to scare her. Nick - Of course. Rafe to Will - Sounds like everything's going to be okay. Will - Yeah for now.

Segment 6: Nick - So the doctors said everything looked good. I'm so sorry. This is all my fault. Gabi - No, none of this is your fault. Nick - I just want you to know that from now on I'm going to protect you and our baby no matter what. Get some sleep, I'll be right outside if you need me. Gabi - I'm so tired. Nick comes out of the room and sees Will and Sami together.

Abby comes home. Mom, you didn't tell me that bitch moved in with Daniel. No wonder you were so upset. Jen - It's not what it looks like. Abby keeps ranting. Jen tells her that Daniel checked into a hotel. Chloe has a tendency to leave that part out of the story. She's unbelievable. Abby - OMG, the games that that woman plays. I don't know how you deal with it. Jen - Hopefully I won't have to deal with it much longer.

Dan is in the square. Chloe calls. She's just about to put Parker to bed, does he want to say goodnight. He does. Chloe puts him on the phone and tells Parker to say Daddy, I miss you. Dan misses him too. Chloe - Why don't you come over and read Parker a story and tuck him into bed.

Will tells Sami that Cameron and Kayla are being cautious but they think Gabi and the baby are going to be okay. Sami - Thank God. She's been texting EJ. He's in the middle of a meeting or else he'd be here. He wants you to know he's thinking about you and the baby, sending you the best. Will - So you can go now. Sami - Is there anything else I can do for you? Will - Just leave Gabi alone; no more talks about paternity tests. Sami - No, of course not, not tonight. Will - I'm not kidding. If you don't back off, I'm not going to deal with you. Sami - I understand. Sami sees Rafe. I'm glad that Gabi is doing better and I'm sorry that I upset her. Rafe - Well, it's not all your fault. I shouldn't have blown up at you in front of her. But you need to understand ... Sami - I do. I've talked to Will and they're handling it pretty well themselves. I should stay out of it. I learned my lesson. Rafe - Good. That's great. Now that we know that Gabi and the baby are doing okay maybe you should just go on home. Will - He is right about that, maybe you should just leave. Sami doesn't want to leave him here alone. Will - I'm not alone, I've got Maxine. I'll be fine, I promise. And if anything changes, I'll call you. Sami - You promise. He does. Goodbye. Sami talks to herself. I'll go. I just have to apologise to Gabi first. She makes sure the guys are watching her and then she sneaks in to Gabi's room using the side door. Gabi is asleep. Sami sits down next to her bed. She strokes Gabi's hair. Gabi wakes up.

Segment 7: Roman is with Nicole. I can't believe I'm saying this but I'm really glad you were here tonight. Eric - Me too. Nicole's like my very own guardian angel.

Jen tells Abby that she talked to Dan about Chloe. I guess I drew a line in the sand when it comes to her and now it's up to Daniel whether he's going to let her cross it or not.

Dan tells Chloe he'll see Parker tomorrow when he comes over for the nanny's interviews. Dan will come early. They need to talk about what they want the nanny to do. There may be a few things I want to add to what we already agreed upon. Chloe - What do you mean by that? Dan - I'll fill you in tomorrow. Chloe talks to Parker and wonders what Jennifer told him. I promise you honey, mommy's going to find a way so you never have to see that horrible woman ever again.

Gabi sits up - What are you doing here? Sami - I came to apologise. I'm sorry. I really am sorry that I upset you. Gabi - You were yelling at me. I don't know what I ever did to make you hate me so much. Sami - I don't hate you. I wish you and Will had been honest with me about the baby sooner but that's in the past. Gabi starts getting pains again. Sami jumps up - I'm going to get the doctor. Sami rushes out to the nurses station yelling that they need to get the doctor for Gabi. Will - What happened? Sami - I don't know. We were talking and then all of a sudden she doubled over - she was cramping or something. Rafe - What did you say to her? Sami - I was apolgising. I said I was sorry. I just wanted to talk to her. Kayla and Cam rush into Gabi's room. Rafe to Sami - Why are you even here? Maxine - Doctors, she's gone into labour. Everyone rushes to the door. Nick - It's too soon. She won't make it. The baby won't make it.


Friday Feb 22

Segment 1: Brady and Kristen are naked in bed. Brady has a big surprise for her. She tells him she needs sleep. Brady isn't talking about that. He hands her brochures of places they could live together. Kristen found a place with tons of servants, lots of square footage, lots of privacy. Brady - It sounds like a mansion. Kristen - It is. It's my father's.

Kate is having coffee at Common Grounds. She smiles as she recalls sharing Rafe's bed. Sonny walks up - By the look on your face that must be one fine cup of coffee. Kate never thought she'd like decaf. She always thought it was weak and boring. Then she tried this new kind and it is amazing how bold and strong it is and afterwards I sleep like a baby. Sonny arches his brows - Okay. Let me know when you need a refill. Kate - I most definitely will. Sonny, have you seen my grandson lately. Sonny has. We're still friends. Kate - Just friends. Sonny - Yup. Kate thinks that's too bad. I think you were really, really good together. Sonny - We were for a little while. Lucas comes in. Good to see you Sonny. Lucas joins his mom. So why am I in a coffeehouse in the middle of the night? Kate - You're here because I'm worried about Will and the baby. Lucas - Why? Kate - You're not worried? Lucas recalls talking to Will about their secret being out and someone wanting them to pay. He thought everything was fine. Kate - So you haven't heard that Sami is demanding a paternity test I assume. Lucas - Why would she do that? Will hasn't denied that he's the father. Is Gabi saying the baby isn't his? Kate - No, Sami's just causing trouble. Surprise, surprise. Lucas - I tried to tell her to be nice to Rafe and Gabi but she wouldn't listen. Kate - Obviously you have just as much influence over her as you ever have. Lucas - Thank you for that. I appreciate it. Kate - Okay. I'm going to forgive you from making me a great-grandmother at my tender age but in return for that you need to do something for me. You need to make sure and stop Sami before she screws this entire thing up.

The guys are all outside Gabi's door waiting. A nurse comes out and they hear Gabi cry out and go rushing inside. Maxie pushes them out. Nick asks her what she's doing. Maxine - Keeping you from getting in the doctor's way. Nick - What am I supposed to do? I'm just supposed to stand around out here! Maxine - You might try saying a prayer. Nick is going to after Sami but Rafe steps in front of him. I know how you feel but this isn't the time or the place. Nick glares at Sami - What the hell did you say to her? What did you do to her? Sami - I was just trying to make things better. Nick - Better! She's in labour for God's sake. Sami - All I did was apologise. Will - Why were you there Mom? We were all supposed to stay out of her room. Sami - They let Nick in. I thought it would be okay. Nick - But you didn't ask if it would be okay, did you? You snuck in there like you always do because you knew what you were doing was wrong. Sami - I was just talking to her. It was going fine and then all of a sudden she started having contractions again. I swear it's not my fault. Rafe - It's never your fault, is it? EJ shows up and asks Sami what's wrong - is it the baby? She nods yes. Rafe - Who invited him? Sami - I did. Sami is telling EJ that Gabi is having contractions again and they're worried that if they can't stop them ... Nick - Because of you Sami. Are you happy now? Rafe - Would you just get her out of here! Sami - No I want to stay. I want to be with Will. Will - I don't care. I want you gone. I want you to leave. I want you to leave NOW! Sami - I just want to make sure that Gabi is alright. I just need to stay close by. Will - I don't care. I ... do ... not ... care! Leave! EJ takes her away. Gabi asks them what's happening - Is the baby coming? Maxine tells her to calm down. You're in great hands. Kayla - You're not dilating and your water has not broken; that is a good sign. Cam - But we do have to stop these contractions so we're going to give you something. Gabi - Is that going to hurt the baby? Kayla - No. It's just a drug whose job is to stop your uterus from contracting. Your job is to try and relax.

Segment 2: Brady thinks she's joking. She's serious. OMG, it's not happening. Kristen - I would love to live in one of these apt's with you but I promised my Father when he came back to Salem I would move into the mansion. Brady - Now I'm bunking with Stefano DiMera! Kristen - No, you're bunking with me. Brady - Under the roof of the guy who is devoted to destroying my Dad. Kristen - I'm aware it's going to be awkward. Brady - Awkward doesn't begin to describe what it would be. It would be horrible. Kristen's - It's a big place. Brady - Wyoming wouldn't be big enough for Stefano and me. I love you. I don't have any love for your father. I'm not moving into the mansion.

Sami whines to EJ (they're in the lounge). She admits she let into Gabi at the pub. EJ says that was probably not the wisest thing to do. Sami rants about how they're keeping Will from his own child. Then Rafe showed up and he yelled at em and I yelled at him and the next thing we know Gabi was having contractions. Sami thought Gabi was faking but she wasn't. They took her to the hospital. EJ - And you followed them? Sami wanted to make sure Gabi was alright. She was doing better so I went into her room to talk to her. I wanted to apologise. EJ - So you snuck into her room. Sami says it was going fine and then all of a sudden she started having contractions again. It had to be a coincidence because we weren't fighting. Even if we were fighting since when do pregnant women go into early labour because they're fighting. I have 4 children for God's sake. EJ knows she would never do anything to hurt Gabi or the child. Sami whines - Everyone out there thinks differently including Will. EJ - William is frightened, same as you are. The doctor will take care of the contractions, everyone is going to calm down. This whole thing is going to go back to normal.

Lucas will try and tell Sami to leave Gabi alone. Kate - You have to try hard because this is a very delicate situation. Sami's like a bull in a china shop. Lucas will do his best. You know Sami, she always thinks she's right. Lucas gets a call from Sami. Sami thought he should know that Gabi is in the hospital. Lucas - Why, what's wrong with her? Sami - Gabi's having contractions. Lucas - Is she in labour? Kate - What? OMG! Sami - Yeah, they don't know what's wrong with her, they're trying to figure that out. You should come down here because Will needs someone on his side. Lucas will be right there. Kate asks if Gabi is in labour. Lucas - Sami's not sure. She's having contractions. Kate - It's way too soon for the baby. Sonny is hearing all this. Lucas - I know it is. That's why I've got to get to the hospital right now. Kate is going with him. Sonny asks one of the workers to close up for him; I've got to go.

Rafe goes over to Will and asks him how he's doing. Will looks up - it looks like he's been crying. Bad. Why aren't they telling us anything. Rafe - They're taking care of Gabi. Will - Yeah, I know but don't you think it's taking too long. Rafe - It's driving me nuts too. Will - All my life I told myself I want to be a better parent than my parents but I was ready to sign over my rights and pretend that Nick was the father and not me. So I think this is me being punished. Rafe - No! The universe does not work that way. This is not your fault. Will - I don't know. Rafe - Well I do. This thing that happened, who knows why but it's not your fault. Will - Thank you. Rafe - For what it's worth I think you're going to be a pretty darn good Dad. Will - I just figured I'd think about what Mom would do and do the exact opposite. They smile. Rafe - That's a good plan. Will - I just hope I get the chance. Nick is outside Gabi's door. Come on baby, fight for your family.

Gabi is still in pain. This drug is not working. Why isn't it working! Kayla - It takes some time. You need to calm down. Gabi - How can you I do that? Maxine - Because it's for your baby. Look at me and breathe through the contraction; don't verbalize. Take a deep breath and blow it out ... and another ... that's right. Look at me and do your breathing, that's all you need to be thinking about. The contractions start easing off. Kayla - Good job. Maxine - The same thing happened to me when I got pregnant the first time but I did what the doctor said ... Gabi - Was your baby alright? Maxine - I'd say a first year chemistry major at Salem U is more than alright. That child wants to be a doctor. I'm going to go broke paying for it too. What do you want your little girl to be? Gabi - Whatever she wants. Mostly I want her to be more than her mother ever is. Maxine - Her mom's not so bad. Gabi doubles over in pain. It's happening again. Maxine - Look at me and breathe.

Segment 3: Kristen - You never struck me as the type of person who cares so much about what other people think. Brady - I wouldn't if I was moving into the home of someone mildly evil like Al Capone or Adolf Hitler, but this is your father. Kristen - I didn't want to go here but I will. Your grandfather is hardly citizen of the year. Brady - I agree with you. I love him just like you love your father. The fact is if I move into the DiMera mansion I'm going to lose my grandfather because he's going to die, he's going to have a stroke and die. Kristen - I know for a fact the families have made peace. Brady - You're right. How long do you think that's going to last if I'm shacked up with you in the DiMera mansion. What about Dad and Marlena by the way? Kristen - What about them? Brady - If I move into the mansion with you any chance of a reconciliation with them is over. Kristen - I firmly believe that they're going to come around eventually. They're going to have to. Besides EJ told me that Sami and the kids lived in the mansion for months. Brady - That's because Dad and Marlena were in Europe at the time. They didn't have to see it on a daily basis. I did though. You know what it was? Dysfunctional to say the least and it ended very badly. Kristen - I don't know what to tell you. I would love to live with you but I promised my father when he moved back to Salem I would move in with him. I gave him my word. Brady - Just tell him you changed your mind. Kristen - It hasn't even been a year since he lost Lexie, how could I do that? Brady - You could visit him a lot. Kristen - That's not the same. I'm sorry. I'm moving in with my father. If you want to live with me it's going to have to happen there. Brady - Let me ask you something. Why are you taking such a hard line on this? Why is this so damned important to you.

Rafe stands up when he sees Lucas and Kate arrive. Lucas hugs Will. Kate - How is she? Rafe - We don't know yet. Will - How did you guys find out? Lucas - You mom called and told me. Will - At least she did one thing right. Kate - What does that mean? Will - Nothing. I'm just really glad you guys are here. Lucas - We'll be here as long as you need us. Kate - Do you know anything about Gabi or the baby. Rafe - The doctors are in there now. They're just trying to stop the contractions. Kate - OMG, poor baby. She had to have been so terrified. Rafe - Thank you. I know you're as worried about the baby as we all are. Lucas asks Will if he's okay. Do you need anything? Will sees Sonny.

EJ has called the babysitter and she has agreed to stay all night. Sami wants to go out there and see what's going on. EJ points out that Will will come and tell her. People out there are upset. I think you've been shouted at enough for one day, don't you? Sami - Why are my instincts always so wrong. Lucas comes in as Sami and EJ are kissing. Sami thanks him for coming. Have you talked to Will? Is there any news. Lucas - The doctors are still in with her. Anybody know why this is happening? Sami - It's all my fault. EJ - It isn't. Sami - It is my fault. Me and my big mouth now we might lose our grandchild. Will and Sonny hug. Will can't believe he came over here. Sonny heard from Will's Dad and Kate what was going on. We're still friends, I just had to be here. Unless I'm in the way. I can go. Will - No. I want you to stay. Sonny - I can't imagine how hard this is on you. Will - She was just this idea. She was just this problem and then I saw the sonogram and she was trying to suck her little thumb and I put my hand on Gabi's stomach and I felt her kick and it was like she was saying 'Hey, there you are. I've been waiting for you.' And I was like - That's my kid. I have a daughter. And I started thinking about all the stuff we could do together. I could take her camping in the summer, ice skating in the winter. Sonny - You kind of suck at ice skating. Will - I was going to try and get better. I can't fall if she's holding my hand. I really hope I get to hold her hand. Sonny - You know what I think you should do. You should take some ice skating lessons because little kids like to learn when they're young and the way you skate ... you're going to need a head start. Kate asks Rafe if he's seen Gabi. Rafe - I was with her when it happened. Kate - It had to have been scary. Rafe - The only time I felt more powerless is when my sister Arianna died. Maxine comes out of the room. Nick jumps up - How is she? Will joins him - What's going on? Maxine - They gave her an injection to stop the contractions. Nick - Did it work? Maxine - Not so far. I'm sorry I don't have better news. Inside Gabi's room Cam says that she hasn't had a new contraction for several minutes. Kayla - That's good news. How are you feeling Gabi? Gabi - I just feel tired. She gets another contraction. Please help my baby. She can't come now, she'll die.

Segment 4: EJ thinks Sami is overstating the case. Lucas would like to hear it from her. Sami wants to talk to Lucas alone. EJ leaves. Lucas - How is this your fault? Sami - Because right before Gabi started having contractions I was yelling at her. Lucas - About what? Sami - About the fact that I found out she was delaying taking that paternity test. Lucas - You're kidding me, right? You went after her about that. Sami - I was thinking about Will. Lucas - You weren't thinking about anybody but yourself. You promised me you weren't going to cause any trouble. What happened to that? Sami - I know and I'm sorry. I'm really sorry. Lucas - I know you wouldn't do anything to hurt Will and I know you never wanted this to happen. I'm not stupid ... Sami - Thank you for saying that. I'm so worried about this baby.

Kayla tells Gabi she's doing great. Cam - You've got the breathing thing down. Gabi - I don't want to be good at this. Not now. Can't you do something? Kayla - I'm sorry. We can't give you another injection. We've just got to wait this out. Gabi - Can we say a prayer or something. Maxine - Sure we can. That sounds like a fine idea. They join hands. Maxine says the prayer.

Rafe tells Kate that when they brought Gabi here they told Sami to stay the hell away from her. Kate - And she didn't listen to you? Rafe - No, of course not. She snuck into her room. Kate - She is unbelievable. Rafe - Some time has past and I see that I was part of it too. I gave her hell. Kate - Come on, she had it coming to her. Rafe - Well, I think she may have actually felt a little bad. She said she went in the room to apologise. Kate - That's what she says to you. Who knows what went on in that room. Tell you what after talking to Nick we should have found Sami and locked her in a room until the baby was born. Rafe - That's a little extreme. EJ walks up to Will and asks if there's any news. Will - Maxine said they gave her drugs to stop the contractions but it hasn't worked yet. EJ - I'm sorry. Will - Me too. EJ - Your mother feels terrible. Will - I don't care. I can't think about my Mom right now. The only person I can think about is my daughter.

Maxine concludes the prayer. Gabi - Thank you. I feel better now. Kayla - You didn't have a contraction the whole time we were praying. Gabi - I know, I don't feel anything now. That's good, right? OMG, please tell me that my baby's still alive.

Segment 5: Brady is putting his pants on. You think this is some request; if I do what you want I don't have a family anymore. Kristen - Wait a second, Stefano is my family. You don't seem to have any problem at all asking me to turn my back on him. Brady - I can't do this. I'm sorry. Kristen - Where are you going? Brady - I'm going home. Kristen - Because of this? Brady - I don't see any compromise out of this at all. You've taken a really firm stance on this and if that's true, I don't see how we're going to be together.

Kate sits down next to Nick. You must be as worried as I am. Nick nods. Kate - I know that you love Gabi and the baby too. Nick - They're my life. I feel like for the first time I know why I'm here on this earth. I don't think I knew what family meant until now. Kate - Well Gabi's a very lucky girl. Nick - I'm the lucky one. I met Gabi and suddenly everything that was bad and ugly and horrible about my life just disappeared. It's like all that stuff happened to somebody else; somebody that I don't even know that well but someone I feel sorry for. Oh God. My life's in that room and I want to be able to go in there, I want to hold her hand, I want to tell her how much I love her. Kate puts her arm around his shoulder. Someone I have the feeling she already knows.

Sami - Maybe we could go back out where everyone is waiting. Lucas - What are you going to do; use me as a human shield? Sami - Come on. I'll be really quiet. I won't say a word. I won't bother anyone. Lucas - You promise. Sami promises. I just want to be there for Will when he gets good news about the baby. Lucas - Alright, let's go. Kate hugs Will - You'll hear something soon. This can't go on forever. Everyone stops talking when Lucas and Sami join them. EJ steps in - William, you have to know she's just as scared, just as worried as you are. Will ignores her. People pace, people read magazines, people yawn, people sit on the floor, people wait. Cam and Kayla come out of Gabi's room and all eyes are on them.

Segment 6: Cam - It's good news. Kayla - Gabi's contractions have subsided. There's no reason she can't have a normal pregnancy and a healthy baby. Everyone is releived. Nick asks if he can see her. Cam - She's exhausted and she's fallen asleep which is the best thing for her so I'm going to put in an order saying no visitors for awhile. Kayla - The best thing you can all do for Gabi is to go home and get some rest yourselves. Nick - I get what you're saying. I think we all get what you're saying. Do you have any idea what could have made this happen? Cam - Gabi was pretty dehydrated. She's been working a lot of hours at the pub and hasn't been drinking enough water. Sami - That's what caused the contractions? Cam - Yeah and fortunately we were able to stop them. Nick - I can guarantee you that she'll be drinking tons and tons and tons of water. Cam - She's also been under too much stress. Will - And what, so stress can play a part in it. Cam - I think it definitely did. Everyone looks at Sami.

Kristen checks her phone. Nothing. He just walked out on me and went home. I know why. I overplayed my hand. I was in love with the idea of John and Marlena finding out that Brady was living at father's house. Well Brady doesn't know that. He's in love with something too - she looks at herself in the mirror - You. So you can still get your revenge. All you have to do is tell him you never loved him; tell him it was just a game. Just tell him you were playing with him. So sorry Brady. She leaves.

Sonny walks up to Will. How are you doing? Will is fine. Sonny - Why don't you go home and get some sleep. Will - There's no way I could sleep right now. Sonny - You heard the doctors. Gabi is sleeping, she's fine and they're not going to let anyone else visit. Will - I still won't sleep though. Sonny - Plan B. I heard there was this place that served halfway decent coffee, do you want to head over there? Will - Yeah that sounds great.

EJ asks Sami if she feels better now. Sami feels much better about Gabi and the baby of course but the fact that her son and the mother of her grandchild hate me, no. EJ says the crisis is over. William and Gabi will forgive you in time. EJ tells her that he's going to get the car. Stay here and don't talk to anyone.

Rafe asks Cam if Gabi has to take any special precautions now. Cam - She has to stay hydrated and get enough rest and also avoid stress. Kayla - And if she does that she and the baby should be fine. Rafe shakes Cam's and Kayla's hand. I want to thank you guys, you're the best. Nick shakes their hands as well. Kayla - Our pleasure. Kate - Thank God that ordeal is over and Gabi and the baby are doing good. Nick - Just as long as Gabi avoids stress.

Sonny and Will come into the coffeehouse. Sonny tells Will they're not open for another hour so no one will bother him. Will is going to splash some cold water on his face. Sonny will get some coffe going for them. He moves Will's backpack and sees an envelope addressed to him.

Segment 7: Kristen shows up at the Kiriakis mansion. Brady - What are you doing here? I'm the only one up right now. Kristen had to see him. Sorry it's so early. He invites her in. Brady - If you're wondering if I've changed my mind, I haven't. I love you. I'm crazy about you ... Kristen - Before you say anything else I need to tell you something. It's really important.

Kate and Lucas are at the elevator. She tells him to wait, she left her reading glasses on the counter. She picks them up and sees Rafe - My reading glasses, such a pain. Rafe - It's been a long night. Kate - Yes and I'm glad it turned out the way it did. Rafe - I'm glad you were here. Kate - Maybe when we're not feeling like zombies we should get together and talk. Rafe - Talk? I'll see you soon. Kate - Okay. Give Gabi a kiss from me. She walks away. EJ walks up to Rafe. That was a beautiful moment between you and my stepmother. What's that all about?

Sonny takes the card out and reads what Will wrote. Will comes back.

Sami - Don't worry about it Mom. It's a good thing you didn't pick up messages until now. We're all relieved that Gabi and the baby are okay. Will is exhaused but relieved. Bye. Nick comes into the lounge and closes the door. You blew it lady and now it's all over.


Monday, Feb 25

Segment 1: Eric walks into the rectory and recalls the attempted robbery. Nicole comes in and asks him if he even tried to get some sleep. She knows he went from being checked out in the ER at St Mary's to tending to some sick parishioner. Even the Lord Himself takes a day off to rest. Silence. Why are you looking at me like that. He pulls her into an embrace.

Sonny reads Will's Valentine's card. Will returns and sees him holding the card. You weren't supposed to see that. Sonny - Too late.

EJ comments on the lovely moment between Rafe and his step-mother. What was all that about? Rafe recalls having sex with Kate and replies, "I don't know what you're talking about." EJ - I watched the two of you together and from somebody who has himself known Kate, I don't think it could be more obvious.

Nick confronts Sami in the lounge. You blew it lady, now it's all over. Sami - You must be exhausted. We all are; it's been an emotional night. Now is not a good time for us to have this conversation. Nick disagrees. I'm hoping that in the cold, hard light of day you will for once think before you act because your actions last night could have killed your son's child.

Kristen has something to tell Brady. It's really important. I've been keeping a secret ever since I came back to Salem. I think it's time you knew what it was. It's my father. He's very, very ill. In fact, he's living on borrowed time. Brady hugs her - I'm sorry.

The 'dying' Stefano is dining with a very young, beautiful woman.

Brady knows Stefano is a diabetic but he didn't know his condition was so life threatening. Kristen - Nobody knows but me. My father made me promise I wouldn't tell anybody. He's just so proud, you know. I can't tell you how difficult it's been carrying this burden on my own but obviously you need to know. You're the only person I truly trust. Brady - What exactly is wrong with him? Kristian - His diabetes is affecting everything in his body from his heart to just overall numbness all over his body. Lexie was monitoring his condition and then when she passed away nobody was there and he really started to detoriate. Brady - What's his prognosis. Kristen - It's not good. The doctors have left it to me take care of his rehabilitation. That's why I need to be close to him but I didn't want it to mean that I couldn't be with you. That would just kill me. That's why I asked you to move into the mansion. Do you see? Brady - Yes, of course. I'm sorry, it just can't happen.

Segment 2: Eric apologises. It just hit me again how much danger you were in last night. Nicole - I'm fine. You're the one that got hit in the head. Marlena comes in. I hope I'm not interrupting. Eric hugs her - No, of course not. It's always good to see you.

EJ - You do know that forming an alliance with Kate is a little like a frog jumping on the back of a scorpion. Rafe - No alliance, just relieved that someone can actually be rational about all this. EJ - You're talking about Kate being rational. You do know that she was married to my father for a very long time. Rafe - Yeah. EJ - It would be a mistake for you to allow your pain over losing Samantha to cloud your judgement when it comes to William and your sister. Rafe - I suggest you check your facts there counsellor because it was Sami's cloudy judgement which landed my sister in this hospital to begin with. Demanding a paternity test, stressing her out, classic Sami Brady, isn't it? But then again I guess you shouldn't be surprised because it's the same woman who kept your own child a secret from you and held a gun to the side of your head and then pulled the trigger. He slaps EJ on the shoulder laughing, Congratulations, that's quite a prize!

Sami - I am very sorry for what happened today to Gabi and the baby. I never meant for them to be hurt, you have to know that. Nick - Are you serious? You already have! If we hadn't gotten Gabi to the hospital when we did that baby wouldn't have stood a chance because of you. Sami - And I'm going to work very hard to make sure that Gabi is not upset by me anymore. But you have to understand this is Will's child and I am doing everything I can to make sure ... Nick - Do you even hear yourself at all because you say one thing, you're sorry about this, you're sorry about that and then a second later you're back to your same selfish agenda. Sami shrieks - Selfish agenda! This is my son's child we are talking about, my grandchild and I am making sure that you do not shut Will out of his daughter's life. Nick - You want the God's honest truth Sami. I think the best thing that could happen would be for Will and his whole family to be shut out of this baby's life for good.

Sonny - You can take the card back but I can't pretend I didn't read it. Will - Then can you pretend to not make a big deal out of it because I'm embarrassed enough as it is. Sonny - Did you write this because of what was in the note that came with the mp3 player? Did you think I wanted to start over? Will - Yes it is but now I know the new beginning you were talking about was us moving in together. I get it. There's no new beginning for us because of the lies I told you and you're with Brian now. Sonny - I'm really sorry about the mixup about the mp3 player but this thing with Brian, you have to know, it's not even in the same league as you and me.

Brady - I'm sorry. It sounded harsh. It's just that ... Kristen - It wasn't fair of me to do that to put pressure on you to move in with me and my father. I'm sorry. It's just that if it became public knowledge that Stefano DiMera was so weak and vulnerable it would be just disastrous for his company and our family and I'm not going to do that to him. I guess I was just being selfish because I don't want to do it alone. I don't want to face it alone. Since you're not ready to get married and you don't want to move into mansion I guess I'm just going to have to adjust to this new reality. Brady wishes things were different. So does she. My father needs me. I'm not going to let him down. I'm going to stand by him. Brady understands. Kristen - I was kind of hoping that you'd stand by me.

Segment 3: Marlena had to come over to see for herself that he was alright. Eric - I am, thankfully so is Nicole. Marlena - Yes, I heard you were there too. Roman didn't give me details. Eric - The guy was addict. He obviously wanted the money for drugs. He had a gun. I didn't want to argue so I just started putting the money in the bag. When Nicole walked in he jumped her. He demanded that she give over her jewelry and she refused. Marlena - Why would you do that! Eric - Because the necklace she was wearing belonged to her mother. After that, he lost it and started choking her. Nicole - But Eric stopped him and I was so scared about what that guy was going to do to him ... Marlena - You must have been terrified, both of you. Nicole - We were really lucky. Eric is fine but if anything happened to him ... I'm going to let you two finish talking ... she leaves. Eric - Sami called me a couple of times, do you know what she wanted? Marlena - Oh yes. Gabi had a scare last night. She went into premature labour. Eric - Is everything okay? Marlena - Yes, they were able to get it under control in time. She and the baby are just fine. Eric - Thank God. Marlena - Yes. I wish I could say the same about the relationships your sister and Brady are both having. Eric - Yeah, me too. Maybe Sami and Brady will have some sense knocked into them later. Marlena - I can only hope. And you, are you well? Eric - Yeah, why do you ask? Marlena - I always thought you would be the son I didn't have to worry about. Eric - You don't. Marlena - Are you sure?

Sami - You are absolutely not going to keep Will or his family away from that child so you can stand there and threaten me all you want. Nick - I don't deal in threats, I deal in facts. Some facts are really ugly; so ugly that people want to keep them buried forever. Sami - Ugly facts, what could you possibly be talking about? Murder, for example. Nick - Everything I did is out in the open. See I got caught. I went to prison but there's a lot of people out there who never get caught, who never have to answer for what they've done. Sami - I have no idea what you're talking about but what I do know is that you are not going to keep that child away from Will or his family. Why? Because Will is the father not you. So the sooner you accept your role in all this the sooner we can all just move on. She leaves. Nick smiles.

Will - Obviously I understand that what you and I had is not in the same league as what you and Brian have because he is great, he is cool, he's a genius, he's in med school, he's a jock ... Sonny - He's not you Will. Will - Yeah that's pretty much exactly what I was getting at. Sonny - The only reason I ever hung out with Brian is because you said you just wanted to be friends. Will - I said that because I didn't want you getting weighed down in my drama. Sonny - I didn't want that either at the time but now ... Will, I don't think I can be your friend. Will - Okay, I get it. What I wrote you in the letter freaked you out ... Sonny - No! You're not getting it. After reading it I realised that even if we try we could never be just friends.

EJ - Samantha and I may have gotten off to a rocky start but we're on a solid ground now and it's going to stay that way. Rafe - Oh yeah, of course. For all eternity I'm guessing considering you're both so stable, loyal, reliable ... EJ - You should know that no matter how this shakes out I'm going to stand by Samantha and William. If this does come down to a custody battle, I think with your sister's reputation and Nick's history ... Rafe - Go to hell (Sami walks up) and take Sami with you.

Brady - Standing by you is my first priority but you've got to understand this is coming out of left field here. Since we've been together you've never mentioned your father and his health. Kristen knows. My relationship with my father is complex but I certainly can't say no to him. Not now, not when his very life depends on me being there for him. I just wanted you to know that if we were going to live together the mansion is our only option. Brady - If I move into Stefano DiMera's house it's going to drive a knife through my dad's heart. Marlena is going to go bezerk. My whole family is going to be disgusgted. I don't know how I could hurt them more. Kristen knows. We all have to make our choices. It's okay. I just wanted you to know that this is why I was being so adamant about it. It's out of duty to my father. I know he's done terrible things but he's been there for me, he's my father and I don't know how much longer I have him. I guess us living together was just a fabulous fantasy of mine. She starts to leave. Brady - Wait, don't go.

Segment 4: Eric - I'm fine. Why would you be so worried about me? Marlena - I guess I'm kind of in the habit of worrying; waiting for the other shoe to drop. Eric - Maybe you could get in the habit of not worrying about me at least. Marlena can try that. Eric asks if she's heard from John. No, have you. Eric - An email here and there. Maybe silence means he's on his way home. Marlena hopes so. Eric is going to swing by the hospital and check in on Gabi. As far as Sami, I'll get to her when I get a chance. And Brady, I don't think there's much I can do for him at this moment. Marlena - Well then make a promise to do something for me, please try and stay safe. Nicole comes in with a tray. I didn't know if either of you were thirsty so I'll just leave this here. Eric gets a text. He needs to go and speak to one of the other priests. After he leaves Nicole tells Marlena she doesn't have to worry about anything happening between her and Eric. Marlena knows that. I know what kind of man and priest my son is. She leaves. Nicole mutters - What a ... Seriously, who am I kidding. She's right. I'm the one they have to worry about.

Sami didn't realise Rafe was still here. Rafe - My sister needs me. Where else would I be? Sami - Of course. How is Gabi doing? Rafe - Oh I don't know. How do you think she's doing? She almost lost her baby. Sami - No matter what you think it's worth saying, I would never want to do anything to hurt Gabi or her baby. Rafe - Well you'll have a hell of a time convincing her of that. Sami - I'm sure that's true. If something changes, if anything happens, would you please just ... Rafe - I'll call Will. Sami - Thank you.

Sonny - Do you still feel this way? Do you wish we could start over? I'm glad I sent you this Valentine's day present. They kiss.

Brady - Okay, I'll move in with you. Kristen hugs him. She gushes. Are you going to start packing. Brady has some things to do this morning. Kristen hugs him again. She's so relieved that he's going to be there helping her through this horrible ordeal with her dad. Brady - It's going to be a process, this whole living together thing. I want to be the one to tell people ... Kristen promises not to tell anyone. Brady - You do realise that once this becomes public knowledge everyone's going to think you have me wrapped around your little finger. Kristen shrugs - You and I know the truth.

Segment 5: Eric returns to the rectory and asks Nicole if there's something on her mind. She was just thinking about the guy who attacked them. It brought up a lot of memories about my Dad. Eric is sorry. Nicole - When he tried to take my mother's necklace ... I just hate that he's still out there. Eric promises that they'll get him. Nicole - Let's hope it's soon. Eric - It will be and I promise you will never be left alone here again. Nicole - That's very sweet but it doesn't really matter. The thing is I've decided to go away.

Sonny and Will kiss their way into Sonny's apt removing their jackets. They end up on the bed. Will really wants to do this with him but there's something else. I kept a secret from you before and it nearly cost us everything. I don't want to make the same mistake again.

EJ follows Sami into her office asking if she's sure she wants to be here today. Of course, why not? EJ - Because you were up all night, you're exhausted. Sami - So were you. Sami is too wired to sleep after what happened to Gabi ... after what I almost caused. EJ maintains it wasn't her fault, she was dehydrated. There were underlying causes, there always are. He asks her what happened in the waiting room. Sami - Nick Fallon happened.

Rafe looks up as Nick goes to the door of Gabi's room. You can't go in there right now. Nick - Why not? Rafe - Because Gabi is sleeping and the doctor said she needs her rest, remember? How are you doing? Nick - I'm fine. Everything's under control. Rafe - What does that mean? Nick - You'll see. Rafe - I'll see what? What are you talking about here? Listen let's not forget you're still on parole. Don't do anything stupid. I might not be able to help you. Nick - I'm not stupid. Just because I'm on parole doesn't mean I'm not going to protect Gabi and the baby. I love them, both of them. Rafe - Protect them how? What's going on? Nick - Look, you have my word that what happened last night will never happen again. Now if you don't mind I'm going to go in and be with Gabi even if that means just watching her sleep.

Marlena walks up to the Kiriakis mansion just as Brady comes out. I'm glad I caught you. I have something I want to talk to you about. Brady - Good because there's something I need to talk to you about as well.

Kristen returns to her hotel room talking to Stefano on her cell. When can I expect you? Stefano isn't sure. Kristen thought his return was all set. Stefano has encountered a rather pleasant delay. Kristen needs him here. Ie finally convinced Brady to move in with me. So when can I expect you? Stefano gets angry - How about never! Does that work for you? Kristin sighs - You're so annoying.

Segment 6: Eric - Where are you going? Nicole - I guess I'm leaving because of what happened last night; because of the memories it brought up of my dad. I want to see my sister. I want to spend time with her. Eric understands. Nicole - So okay I'm going. Eric - You can't leave. My dad said he needs us both to ID the thief once they catch him. Nicole - No. Eric - Why don't you just tell me what's really going on here. The phone rings. He has to take the call. Can we talk about this later. She leaves the room.

EJ asks if Nick threatened her. Sami - Not really. He finally admitted he doesn't want Will to be part of that baby's life. EJ - What does it have to do with him ... nothing! Sami - It does have something to do with him. The other thing he said that was interesting is that he had paid for his crimes but other people hadn't. EJ - Really? He pulls out his phone. I'm calling his parole officer. Sami - No, I can't have him thrown in prison. EJ - You aren't going to do that. Sami - Well Gabi, Will and the whole Horton family will think that it's because of me. Think about this. He has a point. I was right in Gabi's face. I got her so upset that she ended up in the hospital. EJ maintains that Gabi's premature labour had nothing to do with with Sami. Can you please stop blaming yourself. The only thing that is important now is how we deal with this going forward.

Gabi wakes up and sees Nick sitting there. Nick assures her the baby is fine. I'm so sorry. Gabi - You didn't do anything wrong. Nick - I told you I would protect you and I didn't. Gabi - Please don't blame yourself. Nick - I promise you that I will never let anything happen to you or our baby ever again.

Will - I wouldn't blame you if you wanted to walk out the door and never look back. Sonny - Is that what you want me to do? Will - No. Sonny - You didn't have to tell me all that. Will - Yeah I did. I wanted you to know because I want things to be different this time. Sonny - They will be. Will - I hope so. If this is going to be a new beginning for us I don't want to make the same mistakes that I did before. Sonny - You won't and neither will I. Will - What mistakes did you make? Sonny - I made everything that you were going through all about me. I didn't stop to think about what all of this meant for you. And I want to be there for you when your daughter is born. And I want to see you hold her hand for the first time. Will - I want to see you hold her. Sonny - I just love you so much.

Kristen tells Stefano to calm down. I just would like to tell you ... Stefano - No! Absolutely not! I will not have that so-called man in my house. Kristen - We've been over this and you know why it has to be this way. Stefano - Because of your plan. Kristen - Calm down and imagine for a second the look on John and Marlena's faces when they learn that Brady is in my bed under your roof. Stefano chuckles. That would be like a dagger in their hearts knowing that one of theirs now belongs to us. Listen, a friend of mine tells me John is still in Rome. Perhaps I'll take this little bit of news to him personally. Kristen - I love how you turn on a time about things when you finally see the light. That's a wonderful idea. I wish I could be the one to tell Marlena but unfortunately it's not up to me.

Brady - So Eric and Nicole are both okay? Marlena - Yes. They were both very lucky. Then we had a scare with Gabi. She went into premature labour. Brady - Is she okay? Marlena - She's fine. They were able to stop it. Brady - With everything going on, why didn't somebody call me? Marlena - Nobody thought that you would take their call. Brady - That's very inaccurate and unfair. I would have taken anyone's call. Marlena - What did you want to talk to me about? Brady - Nothing important. It can wait. Marlena - Okay. We love you very much and we still need you in this family. She leaves.

Segment 7: When Gabi wakes up again Rafe is in the room with her. Gabi - You're here. Rafe - Where else would I be? Gabi - Nick was so worried about me. Rafe - Yeah, we all were. Gabi - I love you guys so much. Where's Nick? Rafe - He said he had to take care of something.

Nick is walking through the square ... he stops and thinks.

Sami thinks she should send Gabi flowers. EJ - Promise me you're not going to accept culpability in that note. Sami has an idea. Maybe if I can win Gabi over Nick will come around too. EJ - Why do you need Nick to come around? You don't. Sami - You're right. I don't. There's nothing Nick can do to keep Will away from his baby girl.

Sonny and Will are now naked in bed. Sonny says they're going to need a bigger place especially if Will's daughter is going to be staying with us. Will - I love you. Nick pounds on the door. Will, open up. Will, I need to talk to you right now. Open up.

Kristen - Before you hang up there's something you need to know. It's really important. When you do come back to Salem I need you to pretend that you're on death's doorstep. Stefano - Why would I do such a thing? He cozies up to his pretty young thing - In fact I haven't felt this good in years. Kristen - The only way that I could convince Brady to move into your house with me was to tell him that you had one foot in heaven or you know ... wherever. Thank you so much for being so understanding. She is startled when Brady slams the door closed.

Nicole sits on a park bench. Dear God, if You're there and You haven't completely crossed me off, I need Your help. I need You to do something to set me free from Eric.

Eric finishes his call and notices a woodchip on the floor. As he's crouched down someone puts something around his neck and starts strangling him.


Tuesday, Feb 26

Segment 1: Nicole continues her prayer. For once in my life I'm not trying to be selfish. I'm pretty sure it's too late to save my soul but please save Eric, save him from me. Like I said, I'm pretty sure I'm the last person You want to help but if You could do me this one last favour ... Roman walks up to her. Are you okay? Nicole - Yeah, I'm great. Roman - I just wanted to remind you that I need your help in identifying the guy who attacked you and Eric. Nicole - I told you I can and I will. I will never forget that face. He tried to kill both of us. I just hope you catch him soon so he doesn't hurt anyone else.

The junkie is choking Eric. He tells Eric to say a prayer for himself because he's going to meet his maker. All I want is that cash and with you out of the way I'll have it.

When Nick calls out that he needs to talk to Will right now, Will calls back "One minute." Will opens the door putting his shirt on. What's up. Gabi and the baby okay? Nick - No, Will, they're not. Will lets him in. What happened? Did Gabi start having contractions again. Nick - Gabi is resting now. Her condition is the same. Will - Thank God. You just scared the crap out of me. Nick - Good. You should be scared. The baby almost died today. Will - Yes I know that. Nick - Then you also probably know that this never would have happened if it weren't for your mother terrorizing ... Sonny - You can't blame Sami ... Nick - Excuse me, I don't just blame Sami, I blame Will for going along with everything Sami told him to do. Demanding a paternity test, really! Will - You're the one who agreed to it. Nick - Yeah because I didn't want to stress out Gabi anymore but I am done being nice okay. Somebody has to control your mother and if you don't do it, I will.

Kristen turns to look at Brady who has just slammed the door. I was just telling my father ... Brady - That I was an idiot and I swallowed your lies hook, line and sinker. Kristen - I know what you heard sounded bad. Just give me one minute to explain. Brady - Like when you lied to me about the note that was in the trash can. Marlena said you were driving her crazy, you said it was all about her and you were just trying to keep me out of the middle and I believed you. Everyone in this town was right and I was wrong. I was an idiot. Kristen - You were not an idiot but just listen to me ... Brady - I can't believe this. I know what happened. I told you I didn't want to move into your father's house and you made up a story about him being sick because you knew that I'd cave in. BTW it's bad karma to wish death upon a relative. Kristen raises her voice - Please let me explain. Brady sits down - Please do. And while you're at I want you to tell me about all the other lies you've been feeding me. I want to hear them all.

Stefano places a call to John. John - So how'd you do it? Stefano chuckles - How did I find you? Afterall you found me huh. Don't forget that I taught you everything that you know. John - Get to the point. What do you want? Stefano - I was thinking that you are a man who says he hates me so much so I'm a little curious as to why you're still here. 3000 miles aways is everything that you love. I would give it a second thought if I were you. John - The only thing I ever give a second thought to is taking any advice from you. Bye. Stefano - Hang up the phone John, that's the thing to do because you know that whatever I have to say to you I have to say to your face because I'm sure you're going to want to know what I have to say.

Segment 2: Abe comes into the Brady Pub and sees Marlena. He goes over to her. Marlena gives him a big hug. How good to see you. Abe - You need to know. John's coming home. Marlena - Why do you say it like that? Have you talked to him. Abe - Yes.

John joins Stefano. You have 5 mins. Stefano - I rang, you came and you are going to stay as long as I want you to because I know you're going to try to find out if I've harmed Marlena in any way. John - If you have God help you. Stefano - I don't think there's any way I could hurt her more than you've already done. After all, you dumped her. John - Get to the point. Stefano - I just wanted to be polite enough to tell you unless Brady ... John - What about him? Stefano - Your son and my beautiful daughter Kristen are going to live together under my roof.

Kristen - I admit I lied. I lied about my father being sick but I promise you I have not lied to you about anything else. Brady - Why should I believe you? Your father needed you to take care of him and of course I shouldn't say anything about how serious his condition is because he's a proud man and it might hurt his business. You thought of everything, didn't you? You thought you could pull a couple of strings and manipulate me to do what you want and the sick thing about it is you almost got away with it. Kristen - Wait a second, you wanted to live with me too. Brady - I sure did. I wanted to move in with you but not in your father's house. The only reason you wanted that was to hurt my Dad and to hurt Marlena. Everyone in this town was right about you and I was blind the whole time but my eyes are open Kristen. He leaves as she pleads with him to wait.

Will tells Nick to calm down. My mom was just as upset as anybody else when Gabi went into labour. She gets it. Nick - Does she? Will - Yeah. She will back off. Nick - She doesn't know how. Sonny - You think you know his mom better than he does? Nick - Does Will need you to speak for him because this has nothing to do ... Will - Hey, hey. No, we all want the same thing right? We want Gabi and the baby to be okay which apparently they are, but if it makes you feel better, sure, I will keep my Mom in check from now on. Nick - Like you've done so far? Get real Will. We both know you can't do that, nobody can. Not Rafe, not EJ friggin' DiMera. Will - Then what do you want from me then? Nick - I want you to do the right thing and if you really care about Gabi and this baby you will give up your parental rights for good.

Roman - You know Nicole I need to thank you. I wasn't real happy when Eric moved you into the convent but I'm sure glad you were there. Nicole - It's too bad your ex doesn't agree. Roman gets a call from HQ he has to take. I'll be in touch. Thanks again. After he leaves Nicole looks up, Okay God, now what? Well I guess I have to go back home sometime. Please make sure Eric is not alone, please.

Eric breaks free from the guy. When he sees the guy now has a knife Eric knocks it out of his hand but the junkie manages to get it back. Eric tells the guy it will be okay. When Eric makes a move towards him the junkie holds the knife to his own throat - Not one step closer.

Segment 3: Eric - You don't have to do this. Guy - You don't know me. You don't know what I would do. Eric knows that when he came in he was thinking that he'd get money for a fix and that fix would get him through to tomorrow. But there has to be a reason you held up a priest instead of a bank teller. I think there's more than just the money. Guy - You're right. I did come here for a reason. I came here because I hate everything this place stands for. Eric keeps approaching him. You're not thinking straight. Don't make any decision that you can't take back. Guy - I made that decision a long time ago. Eric - I used to think about myself the same way you do knowing that I ... Guy - You what, turned your life over to God. Eric - Yes I did. Nicole is now in the doorway and hears Eric say - I had to get as low as you did to realise that I could not do this on my own. You can't. No one can and you're not alone. Just let me help you. Guy - How stupid do you think I am? Eric - You're not stupid at all. I think God put you here for a reason. As bleak as things may seem right now I promise you that you can get through this. I can help you get through this. The guy drops to the floor crying. Eric crouches down next to him - It's okay.

Marlena asks Abe to sit down. What did John say to you? Abe - He wanted to know what was going on in town. He wanted me to keep an eye on Brady for him. Marlena - He couldn't ask me to do that? Abe - He said he talked to you. Marlena - Briefly. I can live with anything if I just knew he was coming home. Abe - He will. He loves you too much to stay away.

John - No, Brady would never ... Stefano - Isn't that what you said when you learned he was bedding her. Look if you don't believe me, call your son. John - Why are you gloating? You can't be any happier about this than I am. Stefano - I'll admit it was tough in the beginning but somehow or other it seems to be growing on me. Look, since your son dropped you dead like this I'm sure you're concerned that your son will not have a father figure but do not worry. I am going home and if you want I will play the part of the father.

Kristen chases Brady down in the park. I want you to give me another chance. Brady - You already had one of those. Kristen - I know. Don't you want to know the whole truth. Brady - I just don't think I'm going to get it. Kristen - Please. You're a good judge of character. You weren't wrong about me. Just look at me and see what I have to say. You're right. I did shade the truth. Brady - Why do you feel the need to shade the truth with me? Kristen - Because I love my father and I can't admit that he's not going to be around that much longer I guess. And he is sick. I'm talking about him blaming himself for Lexie's death - he's sick with grief over it. And when he found out about me and you, it just about did him in. Brady - So my moving into the mansion under false premises, is that going to make everything better? Kristen - No, it was stupid of me. I don't know what I was thinking. I guess I thought it would be a first step ... Brady - Your father's happy about all this. Kristen - No but he doesn't want to lose another daughter and I don't want to lose another parent anymore than you do. Brady - Is that it? Is that the whole and complete truth this time. Kristen - Yes. Brady - Liar.

Will - I thought we discussed this already and we decided that that's not going to happen. Nick - You were totally ready to give up your parental rights before. You were going to allow me to be the only father of this little girl so that you two could be free. Will - No, I wasn't totally ready and I was wrong. I knew that then and I definitely know it now. Nick - Until you change your mind again. Will - I'm not going to. I'm not going to let my little girl's whole life be a lie. I'm not going to let her think I don't want her because I do. Didn't we decide that we were going to do this, the three of us together? Nick - I was on board with everything Gabi wanted until your mom nearly killed the baby. Will - Gabi went into labour because of dehydration. You can't pin this all on my mom. Nick - Oh okay. I guess we'll just leave it all up to chance then. And then what? Will - I don't know what you're talking about. Nick - The baby is born healthy and gosh, Sami Brady's never changed a paternity test, has she? A few? She's never kidnapped a kid once or twice? Will - She's not going to change the paternity test ... Nick - You know Will you're not really giving me much of a choice here. Will - I don't know what that means. Nick - Well if you don't take yourself out of this equation I'm going to have to do it for you. Sonny - Yeah, how are you going to do that? Nick - I am going to take him to court and I am going to have him declared an unfit father.

Segment 4: Sonny gets in Nick's face. Are you saying what I think you're saying. Is this about Will being gay? Nick - I'm not doing this to hurt Will. I'm doing this to put Gabi and the baby first. Will - Unlike me, that's what you're implying. Nick - When my parole is over, Gabi and I may want to leave town. We may want to start a new life somewhere. Will - No. That's not going to happen. You're not going to take my little girl away from me. Sonny - I have watched my Dad litigate hundreds of custody cases and biology counts for a lot. And I'm sorry, but even if the judge is the most bigoted person in the world, you're a convicted murderer. You will never get custody over Will. Nick - But see, I served my time. I paid my debt to society. What about you Will? Did you pay yours or did someone pay it for you? Will - It was you.

Nicole makes her presence known. Guy - Oh no, you again. Eric assures Nicole that it's okay. He's not going to hurt you. You can trust Nicole, she's one of us. Guy - What, a sinner? Eric - Somebody who's been given a second chance like me, like you. What's your name? Kevin. Eric - I'm going to ask Nicole to call the police. It's okay. My dad is the boss. His word is as good as mine. I gave you my word and I'm not going to break it. Kevin - I'm so sorry. Eric - Don't be sorry. You're taking the first step in turning your life around. I can't promise it's going to be easy, in fact, I know it's not going to be. But I can promise you that God is going to be with you every step of the way. Eric helps Kevin up.

John - Well I'm afraid that THAT is never going to happen. Stefano - But it already has John. I just spoke to my daughter and she told me that it's a done deal. There's nothing that you can do about it. You've already lost your son. John - Like I said, never. Stefano - And your wife. He raises a glass - To my ungrateful pawn, may you stay this miserable for all the days of your lives. If you'll excuse me I have a lot of things to get together to get ready to go home. Ciao.

Brady - What you're telling me doesn't make sense. I'm willing to shake hands with Stefano. I'm even willing to break bread with the guy for your sake but why the hell do I need to move into his house? Kristen - Because he asked me too, he demanded it of me actually. And if I don't do it ... Brady - Are you afraid of your own father? Kristen - I guess I kind of am. Brady - It certainly didn't sound like it when you were on the phone with him. Kristen - I certainly don't want him to know that. Brady - What is going to happen if he doesn't get his way? Is he going to kill you, kill me? Tell me what it is and tell me the truth because if you don't I swear to God I'm walking away and I'm not looking back.

Segment 5: When the uniformed cop puts the cuffs on Kevin Eric says 'I'm sorry.' Roman - What do you mean you're sorry? Eric - I promised him that he would not have to detox in jail; that he would get treatment and that he would be treated with compassion every step of the way. Roman - Okay, you got it. Eric - Kevin, this is Commander Brady, my dad. Like I said, his word is as good as mine. Roman, Kevin and the cop leave. Nicole - How could you do that? How could you be so kind to someone who tried to kill you?

Kristen - I will tell you everything but please promise to try and be understanding and try to be patient. This isn't something that I talk about ever; it's not even something that I want to think about. My father as you know has done pretty much every horrible thing imaginable. I know that but with me, he's been good to me. He's been understanding and caring towards me. He would never physically hurt me. When I left Salem 15 years ago I was his sworn enemy. Can you imagine what he had to go through to forgive me. Think about it. If I was to defy him again, that would be my last chance. Life as I know it would be over for me.

Nick - It's me? I'm not sure I know what you're talking about. Sonny holds Will back - He's trying to provoke you to use something against you. Just relax. Nick - Your dad might be a great lawyer but he can't make this go away. Does he know what Will did? Do you? Will - Get out. Nick - Why? Cause you got something to hide. Sonny you should know this, Will tried to kill EJ DiMera and he let his dad take the rap for it. Sonny - That's a lie. Will - You have no idea what you're talking about. Nick - Actually Will I do. I know everything.

Segment 6: Brady - Stefano's a scary guy but ... Kristen acts scared and goes into Brady's arms. Brady - What's wrong with you? You're hearts pounding like a rabbit. Take a deep breath. Kristen has to get out of here. She has to go someplace where she feels safe. Brady will take her home.

Marlena ends a call with Roman and tells Abe they caught the man who attacked Eric. Every time the phone rings I think it's going to be Sami marrying EJ or Gabi going into labour or some awful thing that Kristen's done. Abe - You feel like you're going through it all alone. Marlena - Yeah but it's nothing compared to what you're going through. Abe - Whoa. It's not a competition. You're missing your husband. There's no reason for him to be thousands of miles away when you need him. Life is too short. Marlena - Thank you for understanding that. Abe - Those last few weeks Lexie taught me so much about seizing the moment. Marlena - Me too. Abe - She would say you have right to be upset and angry. Marlena - I know that, I just don't know what to do. Abe - Well I think I do. If I were the one asking for advice you'd tell me to pick up the phone and reach out to John ... so what are you waiting for?

Nicole - Why did that guy come back? He came back for the money, didn't he? She notices the bruising on his neck. He hurt you. Why didn't you tell your father? Eric - I'm fine. Nicole - You're not fine. He tried to kill us both. Eric - Do you think it was wrong for me to offer him a little bit of compassion? Nicole - And what would Jesus do and all that! Eric - What should we all do Nicole? We're all imperfect. We all deserve a little bit of love, don't we?

Sonny - You're leaving. He opens the door. Nick - Sure if that's what you want. I'll walk out of here and go straight to Gabi and tell her everything I know. She'll file suit and it will all come out. Will - There's nothing to come out. Nick - Where have I heard that before? Your Dad knows, who else? Sonny closes the door as Nick continues - Your mom? Your grandma? I know you told T. Will - How ... Sonny snaps - Will! Nick - Ohh, he told you too, didn't he? Do you really want your boyfriend to have to testify against you in court? Your father? Your friend T? It was pretty dumb of you to let him shoot the gun like that. Yeah, I've got you dead to rights. The question is, what are you going to do about it?

Segment 7: Nick - I'm not trying to ruin your life here Will. I'm just trying to take care of my family. Will - Your family? Nick - Don't you want to take care of yours? Do you really want Aunt Hope and your Grandpa Roman and Rafe all having to investigate this case; all having to turn state's evidence against you? Your father would have to testify and of course they're going to charge him with perjury for lying the first time. He looks at Sonny - So you're not the only guy who knows something about the law. Sonny - This is blackmail. Nick - No, it's a choice. Since Will claims that Gabi and the baby mean so much to him ... Will - What do you mean claims? Nick - You can either put them first willingly, nobly or you can force my hand in which case I will make sure the entire world knows what you did. But take some time, think about it. Word to the wise though, prison's not fun especially for somebody like you. He leaves. Sonny comforts a shell-shocked Will.

Nicole - I guess I don't think I do ... deserve love. You told that guy ... you told him everyone deserves a second chance. Well I've had three, four, even twenty and look where I am. Eric - This isn't all about him, is it? Nicole - Of course is. Eric - Nicole, please don't. I think it's more about you and why you need to leave Salem to visit your sister. I think we need to stop lying because if we die tomorrow, yesterday ... there would be a lot of unsaid stuff. We need to stop lying to ourselves and each other. Nicole - You're right. We do.

Abe - Call your husband. You have nothing to lose. He loves you. Marlena picks up her phone. Abe notices her expression - What? Marlena - Well if you happen to believe in omens, battery's dead.

John pulls out his phone and calls Marlena but gets her voicemail. He hangs up. He calls Ben. Fire up the jet, I'm going home.

When they get back to her hotel room Brady asks how she's doing. Better. She needs to talk to him. I've never told anybody this except for my therapist. When you told me about Ari and Madison, how you were afraid to get married again, you really trusted me. I know that was hard for you. But when you did it I felt so much closer to you because you told me something so personal. Brady - I had to because it was about us. Kristen - This kind of is too. I'm just going to lay it on the line. I'm going to be as honest with you as you were with me cause you don't trust me and I don't blame you. I really need you to see inside my soul. Brady - Is it about Dad and Marlena? Kristen - Kind of but much, much more. I've tried to erase it, pretend it never happened to me ... Brady - What are you talking about? Kristen - I'm going to tell you what happened to me while I was gone from Salem.


Wednesday, Feb 27

Segment 1: Nicole - What is it you think I've been lying to you about? Eric - You never explained the need to pack up and leave town. Nicole - You seriously don't know, do you? Before Eric can say anything Rafe comes in. He needs to get both of their statements about the attempted robbery. He finally looks up. Sorry, am I interrupting something? Eric - Yes. Nicole - No.

Marlena walks up to the nurses station where Kate is and says Hi. Kate asks if she's here to see Gabi. Marlena - Yes, how is she? Kate - The nurse says she's resting comfortably. Marlena - Good and no more contractions. Kate - No. Sami hasn't been here to work her special blend of black magic so ... I guess that wasn't necessary, was it? Marlena - No, maybe not. Kate - Look at us, proud great-grandma's to be. Who would have thought that! Marlena - Yipes! Kate - Are you alright? Marlena - I've had better days; no, I've actually had better weeks. Wait, I've actually had better months. Kate - I am so sorry to hear that. Marlena - Thanks Kate. It will get better. It just has to, doesn't it?

Kristen - There's only one other person who knows what I'm about to tell you and that would be my father. Brady - Are you sure you want me to hear it? Kristen - No, I'm not. I actually never thought I'd share this with you. If you don't want to hear it, I understand but if you do choose to stay and hear what I have to say I hope you believe me when I tell you that the lies I told were never about you. It was all about me, the things I've done, the things that were done to me ... things I have to pay for forever.

Abby is surprised to see Jen in the living room. I thought you were at work. Jen decided to work at home. Sometimes I work better without interruptions. Abby - Is that a hint? Jen - No, you are the highlight of my day. Abby - You're working from home because you're avoiding Daniel, right? What happened? Jen - Last night I really thought I did the right thing. I gave Daniel an ultimatum but he hasn't answered me back and I'm really afraid that I pushed him away for good. He said we would speak today which is why I didn't want to press for an answer the second he got to work. Abby - Which is why you are here. Jen - Yeah, but I didn't expect to hear nothing. Abby - You don't have to sit and wait for the phone to ring. Call him. Jen - No. I left the ball in his court and after everything that happened last night he has to know that his silence is just speaking volumes right now.

Chloe lets Dan into his apt. She wasn't expecting him this early. The nanny interview isn't until 11:15. Dan knows. Am I interrupting something? Chloe - No, it's your apt. You can come and go as you please and if you ever get tired of living out of a suitcase ... Dan - The hotel is fine. Chloe is going to get Parker but Dan tells her to wait. He has something to say that he can't say in front of Parker. Chloe - What's that? Dan - Read my lips. Lay off Jennifer. Chloe - I don't understand. Dan - Do you need me to say it one more time. Chloe - No. I just don't know where this is coming from. Dan - Honestly? How naive do you think I am? Chloe - I don't know what Jennifer said to you but there's obviously been some terrible misunderstanding. Dan - No. The problem isn't a misunderstanding, the problem is you.

Segment 2: Abby - You can't second guess yourself. How much are you supposed to put up with? Daniel knows what an evil woman Chloe has been to him and to you. Jen - I asked him to cut off all contact with Chloe. Abby - Good for you. Jen - No it's not. I don't ever want to stand in the way of Daniel's relationship with his son so when I think about it, I think it's cruel that I asked him to raise his son in a world where his parents don't even speak to each other. Abby - That's better than a world where his parent's are throwing things at each other. What would be cruel is to let Chloe break Daniel's heart and yours. And that poor little boy of hers because she's using him as a pawn in her little game. You're doing the right thing. One thing I learned recently is that you have to stand up to people like Chloe otherwise they'll walk all over you every chance they get.

Chloe - Are you saying that my being here with your son is a problem for you? Dan - No, I love having Parker. I'd do anything for him, you know that. Chloe - Then what do you want me to do? Disappear? Dan - I want you to stop playing mind games with Jennifer. Chloe - What did I do? What did Jennifer tell you? Dan - It doesn't matter what Jennifer told me. I just want your word, for what little it's worth, that Jennifer doesn't have to worry about you. Chloe - Why are you being like this? Do you hate me? Dan - I don't hate you but I'm done tip-toeing around this. I want you to tell me what you really want.

Kristen - When I left Salem everyone thought I had died. I bet my funeral was the biggest party this town has ever seen. I think as years went by though word got out that I was alive in Europe; I hadn't really died. I can't tell you how many times I wish I had. Brady - You said you were hiding out on an island. That doesn't sound that bad to me. Kristen - I was being held prisoner and ... horrible things were done to me. I can't talk about it right now. What made it even worse if that's even possible, is that I brought it on myself. Every person that ever cared about me, I alienated them all. Do you know what's worse than being hated? It's being completely forgotten. Brady - You're definitely not forgotten now. What happened? Did you escape? Kristen - No, someone set me free but I had to pay a price. I had to pay a huge price.

Marlena - I just can't push Brady too hard. Deep down he loves his family and he's having a really hard time walking away from us. So we just have to be patient. Kate - If there's anything I can do, and I mean that! I had to suffer through that smug bitch delivering Stefano's divorce papers. So personally I would like to see Brady leave Kristen's heart in a bloody pulp on the floor. Marlena - Wow! That sounds vindicative. I like that! Kate laughs. Marlena - How are you? Kate - I'm good. Marlena - Yes you are. You're more than good, you're fabulous. You want to have coffee and tell me your secret.

Rafe - Sorry if this is a bad time but it kind of can't wait. Eric - I've already told Dad everything he needs. Rafe - I'm afraid not; bureaucracy at it's finest. Eric - Bottom line, Kevin does not need to be dumped into the system. Rafe - Kevin. You're on a first name basis with the guy who mugged you! Eric - I gave him my word that I would get him everything he needs from treatment or a halfway house. Rafe - Actually that's up to the judge and jury so ... Eric - Not if I don't press charges. Rafe - Seriously. Nicole - Do you think you could be a little less perfect. Eric - What? Nicole - You heard me. Eric - We were talking about this. Nicole - No, you were talking about this. That guy could have killed us both and now what, he's your best friend? Eric - Of course not but ... Nicole - Then could you at least try to be a little more normal for a change. Eric - Meaning what? Nicole - Human! Regular person. Eric - I'm not human now? I thought you understood. This is my vocation. This is who I am now. Nicole - Believe me, that is abundantly clear.

Segment 3: Nicole - Well if Eric doesn't want to press charges I have no problem giving a statement. I'll give you everything you need. Eric - We were talking about something important, let's finish. Nicole - This is important. Kevin probably has a rap sheet 10 miles long and if he ends up on the streets again how much do you want to bet he'll be knocking on your door again and your head. Did I say bet? Oh God, another sin. Rafe - I hope not. My aunt plays Bingo every Thursday night at church. Nicole - Maybe God holds Eric to a higher standard. Eric - No, He doesn't. Nicole - He holds everyone to a higher standard than me. Let's go Rafe. Rafe - Okay. Listen if you change your mind ... he hands his card to Eric.

Brady hands Kristen a box of tissue. What price did you pay? Kristen - One day I got a visitor. It was Stefano. Brady - You said he disowned you. Kristen - Yeah, he did. Apparently he felt sorry for me. Brady - Tell me what happened. Kristen - I was so desperate to get out of there ... I was so desperate to get away from those people and I was grateful ... I would have done anything and I did. I made a pact with the devil.

Abby - I know that with everything that's happened this past year it's easy to tell yourself that you don't deserve to be happy but that's not true. Jen - You're so sweet. I love you more than you know and you deserve to be happy too. Are you feeling good about seeing Cameron again? Abby - Yeah I am. Just waiting for the phone to ring but I'm not sure it will. Jen - If he doesn't call you it's his loss. Abby - Daniel is going to call Mom. I bet he's laying down the law with Chloe as we speak.

Chloe - I don't know what you want me to say. I thought we already had this conversation. Dan - We sure have but what I want from you is the truth this time. I thought we had things settled between us. Chloe - So did I. Let me ask you this, what am I supposed to want? Dan - I hope you want what's best for Parker. Chloe - Of course I do. Dan - Than stop messing with Jennifer's head. Do you understand? Because if you don't Parker is the one who's going to get hurt.

Segment 4: Abe comes to the rectory to see Eric. Your mom tells me they caught the guy who attacked you. Eric - Yeah, hopefully he'll get the help he needs. Abe - I'm sure your Dad will do whatever he can. So what I can do for you? Eric - Everything that happened these past few days got me thinking. I've got a little project in mind and I need someone who's got a little pull to make it happen, like you. Abe chuckles - Me? You know I'm the ex-mayor. You need real pull. How about your Dad? Eric - No, I can't take this to him. He'll hate it.

Rafe and Nicole are at Common Grounds. Nicole is telling Rafe how Eric talked the guy down. Rafe - So why are you so upset? Nicole - Why are you even asking me that? Eric wants this guy back on the streets. Why does he have to be such a damn saint! Rafe - I understand. I've got a job to do here too. But on the other hand, Eric is making a stand; standing up for his fellow man. You kind of have to admire that, don't you? Nicole - I'm sorry, maybe I'm still wound up from staring death and stupidity in the face. Speaking of which, I need to splash a little water on my face. Excuse me. Rafe calls Kate. She's right next to him. She answers her phone - Hello Rafe.

Chloe - What do you mean Parker is going to get hurt? What did Jennifer say to you? Dan - I am not going to have ... Chloe's phone rings. Dan goes to see Parker while she takes the call. Chloe tells Dan the nanny agency had to postpone the interview. Dan has to get going. Chloe - Seriously, we were in the middle of a conversation ... Dan - I said what I needed to say and you know what you need to do. He leaves. Chloe complains to Parker that his Daddy is so mixed up because he's listening to that witch. I've got to figure out what she told him. Don't you worry, you and your mommy and your daddy are going to live happily ever after, I promise.

Kristen - My father bought and paid for my freedom and I went from being in hell to being in a five star hotel in Paris. And I saw a therapist every day trying to learn how to cope with all the things I had done and all the things that had been done to me. Suddenly one day I was a different person. I was able to go out in the world. Nobody knew me, nobody knew my past. I felt free. I never thought I would have to show my face in this town again. Brady - Why did you? Kristen - Because my father summoned me and he said he wanted to collect on my debt. He said I had to live up to my end of the bargain. He wanted me here so I could help him rebuild the DiMera family now that Lexie is gone. But my first few weeks back all I wanted to do was scream and run away but I couldn't. I was just trapped and then the most amazing thing happened to me ... you happened to me. I never in a million years thought something as wonderful as you would come out of this deal I made with my father. So you see you're in my life because of him and I could lose you because of him. He wants me in that house and I owe him. That's why I lied. Brady - I see. Kristen - Even if I did manage to do all the things he wants me to do without pushing you away it's always going to be something else. Because the one thing I know about Stefano is that you can't trust him. Brady - No you can't trust him. Kristen - I know but that's why I have always felt alone. I feel that I can't trust anybody. She cries. Brady holds her. Me. You can trust me.

Segment 5: Chloe opens the door to Anne. Thank you for getting here so quickly. Anne - What's the big emergency? Chloe wants her to look after Parker. Anne - Babysitting? I gave up reading the riot act to Jen's lackeys for this! Chloe - If you want Jen's head on that chopping block then this is important. That witch said something to Daniel to turn him against me. Anne - How dare she! Chloe - I know and I have to figure out what she said to him. Anne - Good luck getting anything out of Mary Poppins. She might be stupid but she knows how to keep those lips locked with that pretentious little smile. Chloe - I've seen that smile on her equally not-so-bright, judgemental daughter who I think has inside info and I have the perfect way to get it out of her. She takes off.

Jen hears a knock on her door. Hi honey, did you forget your keys? It's Daniel. She invites him in. He didn't mean to keep her waiting. Jen wanted to tell him ... Dan goes first. He was up all night thinking about what she said. After his morning rounds he and Chloe were supposed to be interviewing nanny candidates but the agency cancelled. It was probably for the best; it gave us a chance to talk. I totally understand why you want me to cut Chloe out of my life and I know this isn't going to be what you want to hear, but I can't do that.

Kate sits at Rafe's table. Great minds ... I was going to call you and here you are. Rafe - Here I am. I was just calling you to let you know that Gabi and the baby are okay. Kate - Oh well, I actually was already there. Rafe - So why were you calling me. Kate leans forward - Well ... Nicole returns. Rafe, what's going on here.

Abby walks up to Chloe in the square. Chloe thanks her for meeting her. Abby - What do you want? Chloe - I just wanted to clear up something from last night. Abby - What's that? Chloe - Well I realised I wasn't in a very good mood when I saw you at Victor's. I've just been really stressed out lately, worried about Parker. It wasn't until I was tucking Parker in that I realised that ... when I told we had moved in to Daniel's apt I don't think I told you that Daniel had moved out. I'm sorry. I don't know how I missed that really important detail. I just wanted to make sure we were clear. Abby - Oh we're clear on a lot of things. Chloe - What's that supposed to mean? Abby - Cut the sweet and innocent act okay. You and I both know you're neither one of those. Now what are you up to Chloe?

Segment 6: Kate - Well I just came from seeing Gabi. Nicole - Oh I'm so sorry. I've been so caught up in my own stuff I totally forgot to ask. Rafe - It's okay. Kate - Actually, the danger has passed and Gabi and the baby are doing fine. Nicole is glad. Kate - So are we all. Anyway that's the reason I came by. Rafe - Thanks. I'll see you soon. Kate - Yeah, I'll see you at the hosptial ... somewhere. She leaves. Nicole - I guess you have to be civil to that woman for the baby's sake. You have my utmost sympathy. That poor sweet baby to have a bitch like that for a great-grandmother. Rafe - I'm sure she has wonderful things to say about you too. Nicole - I'm sorry. This is Kate we're talking about, right? The one woman in Salem that everyone hates more than me. Rafe - Okay, why don't we get back to business. As I was saying, when it comes time to testify are you going to be here or do I kiss my case goodbye?

Eric - When I was doing mission work, I was literally saving people's lives; helping them stay alive. I love what I do but yesterday I spent 2 hrs in a meeting discussing altar linens. Abe - I understand. So what are you suggesting? Eric - I want to start a prison ministry. Abe - Do you have any experience working with felons? Eric - Well no, besides my twin sister, but ... just kidding. Abe - I'm going to tell you right now that you don't know what you're getting into. Eric - Ministry is about building relationships and if I can save just one guy ... no, it's okay. If you can't help me I'll just figure a way out. Abe - That sounds like something my wife would say. No promises. I'll make a few phone calls; see what I can do.

Brady - I'm sorry to make you relive all that. Kristen - It's okay. It's good that I got it all out, right? I never want to keep anything from you ever again. Brady - That's everything right? Kristen - I don't think it gets much worse than that. Now that you do know the whole story my father still wants me to move in. Brady - If you think I'm going to let you move in alone, there's no way in hell I'm going to let you do that. Kristen - My father's coming back. He's going to want to move in there. Brady - I'll deal with that. Kristen - You would do that for me? Brady - Yeah, I would. Kristen - Thank you. They hug. Brady suggests getting some air. Kristen needs to rest. Brady - I love you. She loves him too. He leaves so she can rest. After he's gone she stares in the mirror and wipes her tears.

Dan heard what she said and he knows how much it took for her to ask him what she did. I don't want Chloe to be an issue between us but the idea of having a third party handle our kid ... what is that going to do to Parker when he's old enough to realise his parents hate each too much to even pretend to be civil? I don't want to hurt you and I won't hurt him so there has to be a middle ground here. I love you. Jen - I love you so much. Dan - Even though I can't do what you ask I'm not going to sit by and let Chloe interfere in our lives. I promise you. Give me a chance to make this right for all of us. I won't let you down. I believe we are strong enough to get through this. Jen believes that too. I believe in you and I believe in us. They kiss.

Abby - You knew that I'd find out that you and Daniel weren't really living together. You lied ... I'm sorry, misled, so you coud see the reaction on my face and you did the exact same thing to my mom. And for what? Like my mom hasn't been through enough already; like she's ever done anything to you. Chloe - Wow! Have I ever done anything to you? Abby - No you haven't and you won't have the chance to. Don't you get it? When Daniel divorced you he meant it. He's not taking you back, my God, who would? And quite frankly I'm sorry that I won't be there to see the expression on your face when you're history; that he wants zero contact with you because you are a lying, manipulative bitch. Chloe - Did your mother ... Abby - My mother asked Daniel to cut off all contact with you and he'll do it because my mother is the woman that Daniel loves not you.

Segment 7: Rafe - Nicole, yes or no? Nicole - Maybe. Rafe - Maybe's not going to cut it. Are you going to be here to testify or not? Nicole - Yes, okay, I'll stay. I know now that I need to see this thing through to the end.

Kristen gets a call from Stefano. Where are you? Stefano is still in Rome. Some business came up that he had to take care of. But I'm on my way so I will be seeing you really soon. Are you alright? Kristen - I'm just exhausted. I let my guard down with Brady and I almost blew it all. Stefano - What happened? Kristen - It doesn't matter. I had to work really hard to reel him back in but I've got it under control. Stefano - I think you've got enough little tricks up your sleeve that you could get rid of this sap. Kristen - Yeah, but I had to use something I never thought I would, the truth. She hangs up.

Brady and Marlena run into each other outside the pub. Marlena asks him if he has time for a cup of coffee. Brady is sorry, he doesn't. I have to make some arrangements. Look Marlena, there's no easy way for me to say this. Marlena - Say what? Brady - I realise it's too much for you to be happy for the two of us so I'm just going to say it. Kristen and I are moving in together. Marlena - Oh. Brady - You're actually taking this a little better than I expected. Marlena - I thought you were going to say you were getting married. So you're just getting an apartment together. Brady - Not exactly. We're moving into the DiMera mansion. I know this isn't easy for you to hear. I wanted to be the one to tell you and I've obviously upset you. Marlena - Your father is going to be upset. Brady - I know and I don't want to hurt him. I don't want to hurt anybody. I'm sorry.

Dan breaks the kiss. Jen tells him not to stop.

Chloe - You're making that up. Abby - That's your game Chloe not mine. Chloe - Daniel didn't say anything ... Abby - I'm not getting in the middle of this. I'm done with you. Chloe grabs her arm and whirls her around - Well, I'm not.


Thursday, Feb 28

Segment 1: Nicole stops in the doorway of the rectory when she sees Eric sitting at the desk. She recalls saying I love you when he was hurt. He notices her and asks if she just got here. Just.

Sami is in her office. She recalls her encounter with Nick. Sami is about to leave her office in a huff but when she opens the door Lucas is standing there. What's going on? Sami - Will can't lose his baby. Lucas just came from the hospital. Gabi's fine, the baby's doing well. Sami isn't talking about that. They are trying to kick Will out of his own child's life ... at least Nick is and he's going to get Gabi unboard eventually. Lucas - Don't assume. Sami - I'm not assuming anything. Nick told me right to my face. Lucas - What did he say exactly. Sami - After we heard that Gabi was better I snuck into Gabi's room to apologise. I realise that wasn't the smartest choice but Nick caught me alone and read me the riot act. Lucas - So you got him angry. Well you do have that affect on men, don't you? Sami - I don't have time for you to take shots at me, this is serious! He threatened me. Lucas - Relax, Sami, once again you're going too far. Sami - He wasn't mad and it wasn't what he said, it was the way he said it, like he has something. I'm serious. It set off alarm bells. I think he has something that could back up those threats.

Will is lying on top of the bed. He asks Sonny what time it is. Sonny tells him not to be mad; you needed your rest. Are you feeling better? Will - That depends. Did I have a crazy dream that Nick showed up? Sonny - No, that was real. He was here and he knows you shot EJ. Will - How did I go to sleep after that? Sonny - You were wrecked from being up all night and being side-swiped by Nick. Will - It's not what he knows, it's what he's going to do with it.

Nick is sleeping in a chair in Gabi's room. He has a nightmare about Vargas having him in a choke-hold - You owe me Nicky and you're going to pay real soon. Hope apologises for waking him. He whispers - It's okay. Come outside. (Gabi is still sleeping). Nick - I don't want to wake Gabi up. Hope - I hear she's okay. Nick - Yeah she's okay for now. Hope - How about you? Nick - I'm good. Hope - It doesn't look like it from here. Were you having a nightmare. Nick says No, I'm fine. Hope - I saw you in ???. You were about to yell but you stopped yourself so you wouldn't draw any attention from the guards because that would only make your life worse. Nick - I don't know ... Hope - Nick, I've been there. You do what you have to to survive. Nick - I was a little confused when I woke up for a minute. Hope - What were you dreaming about? Nick - I don't remember my dream. I never have. If I was about to yell it's because I thought Sami was there. Hope - Why Sami? Nick - You didn't hear? She's the reason that Gabi's in the hospital. She kept badgering us about getting this paternity test and she wouldn't let it go. Hope - I'm sure Sami didn't mean to hurt anyone. She's just trying to navigate through a very difficult situation. Nick - I'm sure Will didn't mean to get Gabi pregnant either. The whole family is trouble. How many people in this town have been a victim of something they didn't mean to do.

Chloe demands to know what deal Jen supposedly made with Daniel. Abby - You're out Chloe. That's the deal. Daniel's going to cut off all contact with you. Chloe - Oh yeah, he agreed to that? Abby - Why wouldn't he? A choice between you and my mom is really no choice at all.

Dan and Jen move their kisses to the couch.

Segment 2: Eric - Did you give a statement to Rafe? Nicole - You bet and I can't wait until they throw that thug in jail. Sorry, that's just how I feel. Eric - You're entitled to have your feelings about what happened. Nicole - Yeah because anyone who breaks in here and tries to hurt you should be behind bars. Eric - You won't be alone on that one. Do you know we have less than 5% percent of the world's population with over 24% of the world's prisoners. How can that be? Nicole - Seriously, that's what you do when you've been attacked by some psycho, you Google numbers? You have to be more careful or ... Father Matt comes in. I got your email. You want to do Prison Outreach. Nicole - What! Eric - I spoke with Abe Carver about getting access into Statesville. FM - Did he tell you he could arrange it? Eric - Probably but I'll let you know if we need the diocese to step in. Nicole - Oh step in so you can go hang out in prison. That way the criminals don't have to try and find you the next time they want to threaten you. Eric - I think if they know a better way they won't threaten anyone. Nicole - This is insane. Eric - It's my job. Nicole looks at FM - Can I get a ruling on this please? Eric doesn't want to be late for a school meeting. He tells Father Matt he'll speak to him later about this. He tells Nicole it's going to be okay. He leaves. Nicole - So can we get that ruling ... especially that part where everything's going to be okay. Do you really believe that? FM - I think it's a big challenge. Nicole - But it's a lousy, dangerous idea, right? FM - He's taking on a lot. Nicole - This is death wish crazy.

Lucas - What do you mean by the way Nick said it. What exactly did he threaten you with? Sami - Nothing. He didn't say anything specific. What he said was I don't deal in threats, I deal in facts. And then he let me know how things are going to be. Maybe that's how he talks when he stays up all night and is ticked off but I don't think so. I think he has dirt and I think we have to find out what it is. Lucas - No, no, no. You're going to leave this alone. Sami - No! Why, because you think I bug him so much. Lucas - Yeah for starters. Sami - Then maybe that's how I'll get him to admit it. Lucas - That's your plan? To annoy the guy so much that eventually something falls out of his mouth ... really! Sami - Well I got him to admit that he was trying to cut us out, right? Lucas - I don't know or maybe you caused it. The point is we don't need this. Don't create a situation about this. Sami - There is already a situation here and we just have to find out what he's planning next. Lucas - Okay, I will handle it, not you. Sami argues - You don't even believe there's a problem. Lucas - Maybe that's why I'll get further than you because nobody's mad at me. I'll calmly find out what's going on and then I'll let you know what's happening. Sami - Okay, then what? What if you can't get the answers we need. Lucas - I will get the answers we need. Don't worry about it. You just stay out of it. It's probably your active imagination anyway. Outside her office door Lucas shakes his head and mutters - Man!

A nurse comes up to Nick and tells him Gabi is awake and asking for him. He's on his way. Hope tells him to go be with Gabi. I'll be here. Nick goes into Gabi's room. Gabi heard he stayed all night. Nick - There's no place I'd rather be. Gabi notices a fresh bouquet of flowers. Those are pretty. Nick - They just came. Nick opens the card. Gabi - Are they from Rafe. Nick reads the card from Sami - Yeah. Gabi - No they're not, they're from Sami. Nick - Do you want me to get rid of them? Gabi - Just the card. Nick - Promise me you'll stop thinking about Sami. I'm serious. You can forget about her. She's not going to be problem for you anymore.

Sonny - He's probably just yanking your chain. Will doesn't think so. Sonny does. He just wants your mom to back off. Will - But he's not going to stop there. Why would he? He wants me to give up the baby. Sonny - Because he's a snake. He lied to your face because he's crazy. Will - But he's smart and that was a smart move. Now what I have to do is figure out how to stop him. Maybe legally he can't use what he knows. Sonny - I just looked at that. Statute of Limitations is still running. Even though you were a minor you could still be prosecuted so you need to get a good lawyer now!

Jen starts to remove Dan's shirt. He pulls back. Wait. Jen - What's wrong? Dan - We're okay but it shouldn't happen this way because you deserve so much better.

Abby - I'm sorry. Did you think you had a chance against my mother because of your son. Daniel's the father. He doesn't need your permission to see his son or did you think this would do the trick (She's referencing Chloe's attire). How obvious do you have to be. Just a hint Chloe, this look doesn't work outside of a trailer park. Chloe - Are you done? Abby - Almost. You're trash. Now I'm done. Chloe grabs her again. My turn. The only disgusting, trashy person here is you. Deep down inside, I think you know it.

Segment 3: Jen - Better than what? Dan - Jumping on the couch like a couple of teenagers. Jen is fine. Dan doesn't want it to be a quickie. I want to build something for you that is beautiful and real and ours because you are a treasure and I need to treat you that way.

Chloe - I get Jennifer. She's older, alone, getting desperate, thinking this is her last shot at getting a man so at least I can respect what she's trying to do. But you, you have no excuse and what's worse, you're a hypocrite. Abby - I'm a hypocrite for wanting to protect my mother from an evil, manipulative bitch like you? Chloe - No for standing here and acting all holier than thou, tearing me down and acting like your mother and Daniel are meant to be. It's appalling really. Abby - Oh I'm appalling! This coming from the most evil, conniving, appalling woman that has ever walked this planet. Chloe - What would your father think Abigail, huh? Abby - What, my father? Chloe - How do you think he would have reacted to what you're doing? Abby - First of all, you shut the hell up about my father. And second, my father would have been proud of me for going after a snake like you. He would have wanted me to stick my neck out for my mother. Chloe - Are you sure about that? Do you really think he would have wanted you to stick your neck out in this particular situation? Abby - I have no idea what you're even talking about but I repeat you shut the hell up about my father. Chloe - Hey, I liked the guy. You're the one who's being horribly disloyal to him and trashing his memory ... Abby - What! Chloe - That's what you're doing Abigail. You are betraying your dad.

Sami tries to work but recalls her talk with Rafe in the church after the non-wedding where he reminds her that Will signed off on everything Gabi did including lying to her. She keeps on playing the conversation in her remembering bringing up the fact that Gabi did something so terrible she was almost going to get thrown in prison. She gets up and grabs her coat - We have leverage of our own. She leaves after telling someone by telephone that she's going to the hospital.

Nick - You don't have to worry about Sami or Will anymore. Gabi - How is that possible? Nick - I'll make it true. Do you want to have a healthy baby? Gabi - Of course I do. Nick - Then we've got to keep your stress level down. We have to keep a wall around us. I don't want to have another 24hrs like we did. Gabi doesn't either. Nick - Then we need things to be like they were before Will and Sami were involved and the baby was just ours. Gabi - I can't just cut Will out. Why would you even think about that. Nick - All I'm saying is that it should be up to you. You should get to decide who should be around and when. Then after the baby is born and everyone calms down then you can have Will around if you want. But nobody can force you to do what you don't want. Gabi - And you can magically make that happen? Please don't do something stupid because of me. Nick - I won't do anything stupid or illegal. I'm not risking my parole. I'm going to convince Sami and Will that this is the best way for everybody involved and I'll make it stick.

Will - What good is a lawyer going to do? Sonny - Not just any lawyer, let me call my Dad. He'll know exactly what to do. Will - No, we might not need him. Sonny - I don't know why you're fighting me on this. Will - I'm so grateful for your help but I'm not ready to tell your Dad I shot somebody. What's he going to think? Sonny - He hears that everyday. Will - From his son's boyfriends? Sonny - He loves you because I love you and he's going to work twice as hard. There is something else we could do first. What about Gabi? She's your friend. Is she going to let Nick sell you out to the cops? Will - Nick's not going to tell her and if I tell her then she's going to go to Nick ... There's a knock on the door. Lucas comes in. Sonny, something came up. Can you just give us a minute ... Will - What? Lucas - It's big Will. Sonny, go now!

Segment 4: Will - Sonny's not going anywhere. Lucas - I'm sorry. That came out wrong but something urgent has come up and we need to talk. Will - Is it about Nick because if it is he knows everything already. Lucas - He knows! Why would you tell him? Will - Nick came over and Sonny happened to be here. Lucas - What the hell did he say? Will - He said that he knows that I shot EJ. Apparently he knows everything and it looks like he's going to use it.

Nick comes back out and apologises to Hope for being so long. Hope asks if she can go in and say hello. Nick tells her that Gabi fell asleep. She's exhausted. Hope is going to stick around. Nick - Yeah. You can go in and sit with her if you'd like. Hope - If I make you a promise that I'd stay here until you got back, would you take a nap? Nick - You mean leave? No. Hope - What about getting some rest in the waiting area. Just for a little way. Nick - Okay. You promise you'll come and get me when she wakes up. Hope - Cross my heart. Nick makes a call. This is Nick Fallon. Are the papers drawn up? Do you have a Notary in your office? Good. Here's what I need. I need the Notary sent with the papers to University Hospital. I need them signed and filed with a judge today. I'm on the 4th floor. Thank you. Sami gets off the elevator and sees Nick heading to the waiting room. She slams the door behind her. Hi Nick. I think we should get some things straight, don't you? Nick - I couldn't agree more.

Jen - Now we can just kill some time. I thought maybe we could go for a walk or play darts. Dan - Is it too cold for ice cream? Jen has an idea. Why don't we go for a walk and see where we end up. They kiss.

Abby - You have crossed a line. Chloe - If Jack could hear you know. Abby - OMG stop it. Don't you dare say his name. Chloe - I was fond of Jack. Abby - Stop it! Chloe - Your dad was a good man and he deserves better than what you're pushing. Abby - Pushing? Chloe - Yeah. Jack was the love of Jennifer's life. Everyone knows that. He's barely in the ground and you're pushing me around and pushing your mom to move on like she should already be over your dad. Abby - No! That is a horrible and a cruel thing to say. It is sick and twisted and that's not what's going on here. Chloe - That's exactly what's going on Abigail. That's why you're being so defensive. And hey, I get your mom, it's a classic rebound thing but your end of it ... it's pretty creepy. Abby - My end of it! My mom is trying to be happy. She's trying to start over and I am supporting her in that. My mom deserves to be happy again. She needs to be loved. Everybody needs that. Chloe - Wow, that is a beautiful sentiment Abigail but she needs it now? Now when she should be grieving. Come on, timing is everything. Abby - Timing! Chloe - Do I have to spell it out for you? It is too soon which makes it disrespectful and kind of icky frankly. And here you are egging her on. Like come on, Dad's been dead, what 2 or 3 months, it's time for you to move on with the man of your dreams. Abby - Stop it! Chloe - What kind of daddy issues are you covering up? Abby - You stop it right now, do you hear me, stop it! Not another word. (People are gathering). Chloe - You're the one stomping on your father's grave not me. Abby - You have no idea! Chloe - You're right I have no idea. Did you hate him or are you just trying to replace him ... Abby - That's not what's going on here. That's not fair. Chloe - Or are you just trying to get back at him for abandoning you. Is that what it is? Abby - You viscious slut! She grabs her throat. You take that back - take it back right now!

Segment 5: Abby - You bitch. Chloe - OMG Abigail, calm down. Abe breaks them apart. Chloe - Are you crazy? Abby - You evil slut. Don't you ever talk to me again. Jen and Dan rush up. Jen goes to Abby, Dan to Chloe. Dan - What's going on? Chloe - She attacked me. Abby - You deserved it, you bitch. Chloe - Jennifer, your daughter should be on a leash.

FM - You're worried about Eric? You think taking on this Prison Outreach program is reckless. Nicole - That's exactly what I think. FM - Is there anything else bothering you? Nicole - That's pretty big, isn't it? I'm sorry. It's just been quite a week for me. I'm okay. FM - I'll be hearing confession in a few minutes. Nicole - Well I haven't committed any crimes lately so I'm good, thank you. FM - Sometimes looking inside at your problems when you're in the booth on your own with your privacy quaranteed is good. Think about it. He leaves. Nicole - I'm not sure you want to hear what's going on in my head about Eric though. You'd probably ask me to leave town. So what else you got for me Padre. I can't believe I'm actually considering this. No! I need a drink!

Eric and Hope leave Gabi's room. Hope - Gabi looks great doesn't she? Eric is glad she's out of the woods. Hope has to get back to work. Eric was hoping she'd help him with something. Eric - I want to get into Prison Ministry and I've spoke with Salem PD. Hope - With Roman? Eric - No, I'm trying to keep dad out if but I did speak with Abe. I know you were on the inside and I was wondering if you could give me any ideas. Hope - It's a great idea but a tough one. Working with the system could take months. Eric - There's got to be a way to speed it up. Hope - We'll see. You need to get your feet wet before you start dealing with lifers and hard cases. Work with transistions, someone who is about to get out is much more motivated to do good. You'll get less push back. Eric - I'm not afraid of push back. Hope - With all due respect Father, you have absolutely no idea. If you want to do this start small. Find yourself someone who's about to be released okay?

Vargas marks an X on Feb. 27th and turns the page over where we see Mar. 15th circled.

Lucas - Tell me exactly what Nick said. Will - First he just wanted me to keep Mom away from Gabi. Then he wanted me to give up my parental rights so they could have the freedom to move out of Salem. Lucas - What exactly does he know or think he knows. Will - He knows that I shot EJ. He knows that there's evidence from the cabin that the police have. And he knows that I told T. Lucas - That's how he found out, you think? Will - No T didn't say anything. I'm guessing he just heard us. Lucas - Heard us how? He had surveillance on us or something? He bugged my office? Will - I don't know but there was too much that was exactly what we talked about. Lucas - If he recorded us he can't use that in court. Will - Not even in civil court or family court? Lucas - That's his end game, isn't it? He wants you to give up the baby. Will - Yeah. He wants to be the only father my daughter ever knows.

Sami - You have to stop trying to cut me out of my grandchild's life. It's not going to happen. Nick - You know you've got a lot of nerve. You nearly killed your grandchild yesterday. Sami - Nobody wanted that to happen so you can stop threatening me with it. Nick - Or what? I will keep Gabi and our baby safe. Sami - Will's baby. Gabi's and Will's baby, right. The sooner you get that through your thick skull ... Nick - Why are you even here? Why are you pushing? You keep pushing when you know you are toxic for Gabi and that baby. Sami - We are talking about Will and Gabi's child. Will has rights to that child. He gets to decide how much access you have to ... Nick - I love Gabi and that baby and there's no way I'm going to let a bitch like you ever hurt them again. Sami slaps him.

Segment 6: Lucas - He actually said that. He wants you to give up custody. Will - Now. Lucas - Do you think this has always been his plan. Will - I don't know. I don't think so because he was working with me, we were going to raise the baby together. Lucas - Then what the hell happened? What changed everything? Will - You realy have to ask? Mom!

Nick - I'm sorry. I shouldn't have called you that name. Sami - No, you shouldn't have. Nick - You have a way of pushing my buttons. Sami - I am here ... Nick - What do you want? Sami - I want you to stop the nonsense of trying to cut me or Will out of this baby's life. You talked a lot of smack earlier; made a lot of threats. Oh wait, not threats, facts. Nick - That's right. Sami - You're bluffing. Nick - Okay. I'm not scared of you Sami and I don't owe you any answers. Sami - You're threatening me and my family so yeah, you do have to answer for yourself. Nick - I've paid my debt to society. I have not violated my parole. You can not use my record against me. Sami - Actually I can in family court but that's not what I'm here to talk about. You have a bigger problem than your record.

Will - All this behaviour started with the paternity test which I wouldn't have asked for if Mom didn't push me to do it in the first place. Lucas - So that's really the timing of this. Will - Yeah, cause Mom got into Gabi's face and sent her to the hospital and she almost lost the baby. Lucas - But she didn't mean to do that. Will - I know but she wouldn't listen to anybody. At the hospital they told her to go home. She said she was going to go home, snuck into Gabi's room and sent her into early labour. Lucas - I know. I thought she was going to apologise. Will - She only made it worse. If you were Nick and you see that, wouldn't you try to shut that down? Sonny - Don't say anything good about Nick. He's trying to cut you out of your baby's life and send you to prison. We're not giving him the benefit of the doubt. Lucas - Listen to your boyfriend. Will - All I'm saying is I've been to the breaking point so many times with Mom and so have you so if anyone should understand, it's us. Lucas - I know that and I get it but she promised she's going to stay out of it. She's not going to get involved anymore. Sonny - If you were Nick would you believe that?

Jen tells Abby to look at her and calm down. Abe tells Jen he doesn't know what was said; he just saw Abigail go for Chloe's throat. Jen - What happened? Talk to me. Dan asks Chloe what happened. She tells him she feels dizzy. I feel like her fingers are still digging into my throat. I just tried to apologise to Abigail and she went off on me and started calling me trash. It's like we're in high school again. What's with this town! Jen - Did she hurt you? Abby - That manipulative slut. She used Dad against me.

Segment 7: Nicole is in the confessional. Bless me Father for I sin a lot. What I'm thinking, what I'm feeling is completely wrong, totally out of bounds ... so wrong. Eric looks in her direction.

Dan - Just tell me from the beginning. Chloe just came here to explain to Abigail our arrangement. I was afraid that she misunderstood when we talked before about us moving into your apt and you into a hotel and the next thing I know she's grabbing me by the throat. Dan - That doesn't make any sense. Chloe - I know it doesn't. I just came to apologise and the next thing you know she's attacking me for no good reason. She cries in his arms. Abe tells everyone there's nothing to be seen her. Abby - Look at her. She makes me want to puke. Jen - It's okay. She hugs Abby.

Will - Unfortunately there's no where for me to go. Lucas - What are you saying? Are you just going to give in? You're going to give Nick what he wants, really? Will - Dad, you've been there for me so much everytime we've been through this. And not just this time, hell, you went to prison for me. Lucas - I don't need your gratitude. You're my son. Will - I know, let me finish though. What I'm saying is that I should have owned up to what I did and I did not. So the price I have to pay now is this. I'm going to have to give up my own daughter.

Sami - Maybe you have paid for your crimes but Gabi hasn't. Yeah so you're going to let me and Will be with the child. Will will have complete access to his daughter without interference. Nick - Or what? Sami - Or I will call my family, the entire Salem PD, and I will make sure they know what an unfit mother Gabi is. I know what she did last summer so she stands to lose not only her baby but her freedom 'cause she will go to prison.

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