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Friday, Mar 1

Segment 1: Nicole is in the confessional. Just listen. I'm in the middle of something I didn't intend. I'm messing up. What I'm thinking, what I'm feeling, what I want to do is totally wrong. Completely out of bounds; so wrong. Eric listens as she continues. I'm having a really hard time telling you this but I'm going to try. Eric - Go ahead, please. Nicole - Eric! Eric - It is, yes. Nicole takes off.

Rafe and a uniformed cop show up at the square. Rafe - You want to tell me what's going on here. Chloe - I'll tell you what's going on. Abigail attacked me. Abby - She called the police. Abe - No, I did. Rafe turns to Abby - Abe says he saw you attacking Chloe. Did you? Chloe - We were both at fault. It's over except I really tweaked my arm and it's killing me. Dan tells her to let him look at it. Rafe - Chloe, it's pretty much up to you here. Do you want to press charges. Chloe - No. It's done. Abby tells Jen she's so sorry. Jen tells her it's going to be okay.

Cameron checks on Gabi as she sleeps and has a nightmare. She and Nick are looking at the baby. Nick says it's beautiful. Sami - Yes she is; the spitting image of her real father. Sami grabs the baby. She's not your baby. You think I'm going to let you keep her after what you did to Will! Nick - Give her back to us. Sami - Never. Neither one of you deserves her. In her sleep she mutters Sami, no.

Sami tells Nick she knows what Gabi did last summer. I'm not just talking about losing the baby, she could go to prison. Nick - You know it's hard to fathom how Will could have ended up as well as he did with you for a mother. EJ comes in - What the hell is going on here? Sami - Nothing, Nick and I are just coming to an understanding. Nick - Yeah, an understanding that she thinks she can threaten to send Gabi to prison in order to get her hands on our baby. Sami - You threatened Will and I'm not going to tolerate that. I will retaliate. EJ - Give us a moment will you Nick. Nick - Yeah, I'd be happy to. Why don't you explain the facts to your girlfriend. He leaves. Sami - The facts are simple. Gabi did something that she deserves to go to prison for and you actually know what it is. EJ - That's right I do and as much as it pains me to say this, I can not tell you.

Sonny tells Will there has to be another way. Lucas agrees. Sonny - I can call my dad. He knows his way around this stuff. Lucas - No, I don't want to tell Justin about this, not yet. And no offence, Sonny but I wish Will hadn't told you. Will - He's not going to say anything to anyone. Lucas - I know he's not going to say anything but this puts him in a position where he has to lie now and Nick's going to realise that. I know you don't want to give up your child and I'm not going to let you either. Will - I know. So I've just got to tell the truth. The only chance that I have is to turn myself in for shooting EJ. Lucas - You've got to rethink this okay. He didn't press charges then, it's probably too late now. Sonny - Not for attempted murder. I did the research and there's no statute of limitations. Lucas - He was a minor. Will - I would still do time and what's worse is you could face perjury charges. Lucas - I don't care about that. Will - I do. Will gets a text. Nick wants to see me. Lucas - Let's go then. Sonny - I'll go with you guys. There's strengths in numbers especially with a bully. I'm part of this now.

EJ pulls a stomping Sami into the park. Sami rants - I can't believe you're not on my side about this. EJ - Shh. My brother signed an agreement stating that he would not testify against Gabi. Now if he does that he can go to prison. Sami - Because he beat up Nick. EJ - Now do you understand? Sami - Yes but there has to be another way. EJ - He's not stupid Samantha. He knew that I would stop you. Sami - So I just made it worse, that's what you're saying. I have to call Will. She stomps around looking for her phone. EJ - Don't worry about your phone. I think you've done enough for one day.

Nick is in Gabi's room. She's sleeping. He utters - Don't worry Gabi. I'll take care of you and our baby.

Segment 2: Abe goes over to Jen and Abby who are sitting at a table at the outdoor cafe. Look, I know you're upset and I'm sorry but what went down was ... Jen - Abe, it wasn't Abigail's fault. Rafe comes up and tells Abby that he's still going to need a statement from her even though Chloe isn't pressing charges.

Dan is on the couch in the square checking out Chloe's arm. Chloe will be fine; she justs want to go home. Dan - If you decide you want to be alone just let me know and I'll come get Parker for a while. He stares over at Jen and Abigail. Chloe has to repeat I said that sounds good. Dan - Okay. Chloe - Just come over when you're ready. He leaves her.

Rafe tells Abby and Jen he's done here. You're lucky Chloe's not pressing charges. Dan comes up. I'm sorry about what happened. I don't know what happened or why. I just wanted to make sure you're okay. Jen - She's good. We're going to head home. Dan - I'm sorry about what happened like I said ... Jen - Yeah, we need to go. They leave. Rafe smiles - Current girlfriend, ex-wife, kid ... he pats Dan on the shoulder ... complicated.

Eric rushes into the rectory. Father Matt had a last minute emergency so I stepped in. Nicole - To my confessional! Eric - You said you were having feelings that were wrong. Why? You know you can talk to me outside of confession. Nicole - That's never going to happen! Eric - Why? Nicole - Because it's none of your business Father.

EJ - I don't think you need to make a situation that's already fraught and miserable even worse. Sami - If Gabi knew what Nick was doing she would freak out. EJ - You shouted at Gabi and she nearly lost the baby. Now if you go hurling more accusations at Nick you're going to throw fuel on the fire. She's going to further align herself with him and it's going to make life a lot more difficult for you and for William. Sami - You're right. Fine, no more threats. I'm just trying to make it right. That's all I'm trying to do. EJ understands. Sami - What should I do? EJ - You're going to do exactly nothing.

Will, Sonny and Lucas all arrive in the waiting room. Nick - Wow. You brought a posse with you. Are you afraid of me Will? Lucas - What do you want Nick? Nick - Will knows what I want. As soon as he understands what's at stake I think he'll do everything in his power to help me get it. Lucas - There's no way in hell my son is going to waive his rights to his own child.

Segment 3: When they arrive at home Abby apologises. I made even more drama for you and Daniel but mom if that woman hadn't provoked me, if she hadn't used Dad's memory to get to me ... Jen - Tell me what she said about your father. Abby - No. Jen insists. Abby - She said that Daddy was barely cold in his grave and I was already pimping you out to Daniel. Jen - Dear God. Abby - I know. If she hadn't said that I don't think I would have lost it like that. I'm just so ashamed. Jen - Don't you be ashamed that you lost it. She was being cruel and it is unconscionable what she said. Abby - Still I should have just kept it together. Chloe is a mean and horrible person and she's shallow. All I did was prove that I can stoop to her level. I should have just walked away. Jen - No you shouldn't have because you were defending your father and you were defending yourself. Abby - There's other ways to defend myself and I know that and the worse part of this is that Dad wouldn't have wanted me to act like that. He wouldn't have liked it. Jen - I disagree with you. I think your father would have completely understood just like I do and I think he would have been so impressed by the way you've stood by me through all of this. Do you know what that means to me? I'm so proud that you're in my corner. Abby hugs her - Always. Jen - I know that your Dad would be so proud of you.

Rafe comes into Gabi's room and asks Cameron how everything is. Cam - Mom and baby are fine but Gabi needs to take better care of herself. Rafe - I'll make sure that she does that. Thank you. Cam - She's lucky to have a brother like you. Rafe sits down next to her bed and Gabi wakes up. He tells her Cam told him that she and the baby are fine. Gabi - I just had the worst dream about Sami.

Nick - It's very sweet of you to stand up for your son like that but I have a lot in my favour here. Lucas - Don't test me. Nick - I have all the incriminating information about the shooting on tape which btw, is totally admissable in civil court. Lucas - Civil court, you S.O.B. Nick - Wow Lucas, is that any way to talk to family. Will - Nick ... Nick - Will, I want you to think about all of the family members who are going to be affected by your decision here. Just the law enforcement side of your family alone, Bo, Hope, your grandfather Roman, they will all have to testify. Sonny - Unbelievable. Nick - And then they'll have to explain why they didn't check for fingerprints on such vital evidence. Lucas - Salem PD and everyone that works there is off the hook because I confessed you idiot. Nick - To protect your son, I know. It's very noble but the courts are going to smell a coverup with your Grandfather being commissioner, right? I mean, it's almost too obvious. Sonny - You son ... Will - It's okay. I'll just turn myself in for shooting EJ. Is that what you want me to do? And if I don't do it, you're going to do it, right? Sami walks in with EJ - Over my dead body.

Segment 4: Nicole - I'm sorry. I shouldn't have come down on you so hard. It's just that I was shocked when I realised it was you in the confessional and no I don't want to talk to you about anything outside of the confessional. There are just some things I can't talk to you about as a priest or a friend. Eric - Okay, I won't push. Nicole - Thank you. Eric - But it was a gratifying moment for me, if only for a moment thinking you had finally accepted God and the Church. Eric gets a text. I have to go to this pre-eliminary meeting about the Prisoner's Outreach program. I'm sorry about that. Nicole - Honest mistake. After he leaves Nicole talks to herself. Yeah, that would have been the cherry on my sundae for the day or for the year. Eric, I want to rip your clothes off. Yeah, that would have been great. That was too close, way too close!

Jen - I hate that you are in the middle of this. Abby - I hate that Chloe Lane is the most despicable human on earth and that she would do anything no matter how disgusting or amoral to get Daniel away from you. Jen - She's feeling so desperate. Abby - No kidding. Jen - I think that she feels she was cheated out of the love of her life. Abby - She was cheated? Look at what that woman has done to Philip and Lucas and God knows how many other men. Jen - Don't go there. Don't do that. Just sip your tea. Abby - Quite honestly I don't know how she lives with herself. Jen - I think she does that very easily because she justifies everything she does. Abby - I hate that I lost it like that. Jen - No, don't start with that again. Abby - They said that I was insane ... You're right. Forget it, it doesn't matter. I'm already done for anyway. Jen - What are you talking about? Why? Abby - You don't think that Cameron is going to hear about this. That he's not going to hear that I attacked Chloe Lane in the town square. Abe saw the whole thing. Abe's probably telling him about it right now. Jen - You need to calm down. All you need to do is tell Cameron that Chloe provoked you; that she was saying horrible things about your father. He will understand that. Anyone with a heart will understand why you reacted the way you did. Abby - I think you're right. I have to go. I have to talk to him. Wish me good luck.

Dan lets himself into his apt. Chloe says it's so nice to just be able to hold Parker after that awful incident in the square. Dan - What in the world happened out there. Chloe spews the sames lies as she told him in the square. Dan thinks that's really out of character for Abigail. Chloe - Whatever, it's over. I just want to be done with it. That nanny called that I thought would be perfect; she took another job. Dan is sure there's another one. Chloe - No, she's the only one I was happy with so I came up with a brilliant idea and I think you're going to like it.

Sami - Lucas is the one who shot EJ and he already went to prison for it. Nick - Maybe you should catch your mom up Will. Will - He knows everything. EJ puts his hand on his shoulder - There's nothing to know. Nick - I have the entire confession on tape counsellor. I also happen to know that there's a lot of evidence with Will's fingerprints on them which tie him to the crime. Sami - Is that true? Lucas - Yeah it is. Sami - I can't believe you would even think of doing this Nick. Will has given you the benefit of the doubt since you got out of prison. Nick - I had no problem with Will until his family got involved. Lucas - Really or is it because the truth came out, is that it? Sami - Think about what you are doing. Will is your family and he is the father of Gabi's child. How could you threaten him with prison? Nick - Oh, was it better when you threatened to send Gabi there?

Segment 5: Dan plays with Parker as Chloe natters on. You have a really busy schedule, so do with I my students. Instead of going through another exhausting interview process I was thinking that maybe my mom could come here and stay with me and Parker for a few weeks. Dan - What about Craig and Joy. Chloe - They'll be fine besides she's been dying to see Parker. It's a win-win for all of us and I think it would even help out with Jennifer. Dan - What does that mean? Chloe - One of the things Abigail said to me before she tried to rub me out was that Jennifer wanted you to cut off all contact with me. So given all of the hostility and rage that Abigail and Jennifer have toward me I figured that my mom would be a good go-between for that. Dan - We don't need a go between. I never agreed to cut off contact with you. We share a child. I wouldn't do that. Chloe - I know you wouldn't. I'm just trying to make everything as easy as possible for you. Wouldn't it be nice for Parker to have his grandmother around for a while. She is his family too. So what do you say?

Gabi - It was awful Rafe. Rafe - It was just a dream. That's all. Sami does not have any say over this. So don't be giving her any power where she doesn't have any especially with your subconcious. Gabi - Nick said basically the same thing. Rafe - And Nick's a smart guy. He's looking out for your baby's best interests. So am I.

Lucas - What's he talking about? EJ - It's nothing. Will - Threatening to send Gabi ... EJ clamps down on his shoulder - It's a mistake. Let it go. He tells Sami he's going to make a quick phone call. Don't do anything until I return. Nick - He's going to try and find a DiMera way out of this. He'll probably call a hitman. Sami - Or maybe just your parole officer. Lucas - Come on Sami, don't push it. Sami - What! If Gabi knew what he was ... Nick points at Sami and looks at Will - Do you see what she's doing! You understand now what Gabi would be facing for the rest of her pregnancy. And after the baby was born it would just get worse. Do you understand now why you need to give up your rights Will? Sonny - He doesn't have to go that far. Nick - This doesn't involve you. Sonny - The hell it doesn't. I'm not going to sit here and watch you hurt Will. Sami - You know what Sonny, don't worry about it. Nick can threaten all he wants, Gabi is the child's mother and there's no way she will go along with this. Will - Mom, I want you to stay out of this. Nick - Will, actually your mom is absolutely right. I couldn't have convinced Gabi to do this but your Mom's constant badgering and threats have terrified Gabi. She's having nightmares. You know Sami if anybody is responsible for Will losing his rights to his baby it's you.

Segment 6: A nun comes in looking for Father Eric. Nicole says he's in meeting; he won't be long. The nun will come back. Nicole - Sr. Margaret, can I ask you something? Of course. Nicole - I was just wondering when you have to open up in the confessional to Father Matt or Father Eric, do you think it's weird ratting yourself out to your boss especially when you have to talk about personal stuff. Sr M - No. It isn't weird. A priest's job isn't to judge, it's to listen and help us understand. And for us just setting foot in the confessional, opening up about what's bothering us, can help us clear our heads; shed new light on the things we need to take care of. Does that answer your question? Nicole - Actually, yes it does.

Chloe keeps selling her mom. Dan can't tell her not to let her mom visit. Chloe - Great. You two always got along. You like my mom, right. Dan does. Chloe - My mom can look after him when I'm working and when it's your turn to visit my mom can bring him to you especially if you're with Jennifer. Dan - I think I need some time. The idea of your mom taking care of Parker on a permanent basis, I need to think about it. In the meantime I can take Parker for the rest of the day if you want. Chloe - No, he actually makes me feel better. She asks if he can watch him for a second.

Rafe ends a call to their mother. Gabi - She's lighting candles and praying? Rafe - She is. For you and for her granddaughter. Gabi - And for Ari's angel. Rafe - Hey, it's real for her. Gabi - I know. I've been thinking of Ari lately too. Rafe - So have I. Gabi - Well I want to name the baby after her. Rafe - Wow. I think that's a great idea. Gabi - I also wanted to name her after Grace. You practically raised her as your own even if it was for a short time I know that you loved her as much as I can see Nick already loves my baby. Rafe - So, Arianna Grace? That's a really beautiful name.

Sami - You do not get to blame me for this. I'm just trying to protect my ... Nick - I'm not blaming you ... Lucas - You're not blaming her, then what the hell do you call it then? Nick - Do you guys realise that the only constant over the past six months has been the love that Gabi and I share for each other; the only constant! Sami - That is ridiculous. You realise that. We're talking about six months. You barely know her. Nick - You're wrong Sami. We know each other very well. In fact we're very much in love. Sami scoffs and laughs. Nick - What is wrong with you? You're laughing? What is wrong with you and what has happened to you all in the past six months. Lucas - You have no right to punish our son because we happen to be screw-ups. Nick - Punish him! What about Gabi who's bringing a baby into this world to suffer at the hands of such a totally, utterly, dysfunctional family. Sami - That is so unfair! Nick - You know Sami a few weeks ago at our wedding everyone was talking about how you and Rafe would be the next ones to walk down the aisle. Now you're back with EJ. Sami - Rafe and me have nothing to do with what you are doing. Nick - To say nothing about the fact that you and Rafe lied about EJ being Sydney's father - that doesn't factor in here at all? Lucas - No, it doesn't. It has nothing to do with it. Nick - How many times have you and Sami gone to battle over Will and Allie? Sonny - That's not fair. Will is not responsible ... Nick - Sonny ... again ... this is not your concern. I don't even know why you're here. Will - I wanted him here. Do not talk to him that way. Sonny and I are together and we're in love. Nick - You're in love I know and you've been back together all of 24 hrs. And how many times have you guys been in and out of love over the last 6 months? Lucas - What, your time in prison has given you the right to pass judgement on all of us, is that it? Nick - No. My time in prison made me understand that when I had the chance I needed to stand up for what was right. Tell me you can't see this Will. Tell me that you don't know from experience the type of hell your daughter would be pulled into by your mother's obsessive behaviour. Sami - That is an outrageous lie. Nick - Is it? Sami - Will, tell him! Nick - You've got a choice here Will. You can either turn yourself in for shooting EJ and hurt a lot of people in the process. Or give up the rights to your daughter and not only protect the people you care about but give your daughter a fighting chance at having a stable life. That's what it boils down to.

Segment 7: Abby walks up to the nurses station. I'm looking for Dr. Davis. Do you know where he is? The nurse saw him heading to the supply room down the hall. Abby finds the supply room and finds a naked Dr. C inside.

Eric returns to the rectory. Hi Sr. Margaret, I was looking for Nicole. Sr. M - She was here a few minutes ago but she went out.

Nicole is in the square talking to herself. Sr Margaret is right. Eric's not going to judge me for feeling the way I feel about him. But he's so committed to God now he doesn't see the way I look at him or understand the way I feel about him. Since I'm the only one who is aware of this problem, I'm the only one who can make it go away and I will. I have to.

Chloe shows Parker a picture of Grandma on her phone. Maybe things will finally start to go our way.

Jen opens the door to Daniel who immediately say I'm sorry. Jen - Don't Daniel. Come on in. Dan - What happened with Abigail and Chloe ... Jen - I don't want to talk about it. Dan - I just hate that you had to worry about your kid. I know that feeling and it's the worse. Jen - Yeah. My daughter was hurt and that breaks my heart. And she did not deserve what happened. Dan - Of course not and I'm really sorry. Jen - I know you are but we can't keep doing this. Dan - What are you ... Jen - This, it's just painful. It's painful for you, for me, for Abigail. I just think maybe we should take a little break and not see each other for a little bit.

EJ returns and shrugs when Sami looks at him. Will - Nick, you don't have to do this. Sami - EJ, there has to be something. EJ shakes his head no. Lucas - Do you have any idea how the family is going to react when they find out about this. Nick - The only thing they'll find out is that Will made a very brave sacrifice for his little girl. Sami - No one is going to believe that. Nick - It's not really my concern. An older gentleman comes in, Mr. Fallon? Nick - Yes. Do you have all the papers? Man - Yes. Sami - What papers? Nick - I took the liberty of having an attorney draw up a standard agreement for relinquishing custody with Will's name on it. You can check it out EJ. EJ takes the papers. Sami - You can't actually believe that Will is going to sign anything. Nick - Well that's why we're here. Lucas - This isn't right Nick and you know it. Nick - I only know what has to be done. He turns to the man. Do you have a pen? Yes. Sami - You can't do this. Nick looks at EJ - I trust you found everything in order. EJ hands the papers back. Nick - I don't see any reason to waste anymore time. The guy hands him the pen. Oh, I won't be the guy signing, that would be Will. Will takes the forms and the pen.


Monday, Mar 4

Segment 1: Dan tells Jen she doesn't mean it when she tells him they need to take a break from each other. Jen doesn't want to do this but she doesn't know how they can go on if he's not willing not to have any contact with Chloe whatsoever and she doesn't think he's ready for that. I hear the words coming out of my mouth and I know it sounds like an ultimatum but that's now what I want it to be. Dan knows but it's an ultimatum. Jen - The most important thing for you is to be with your son but Chloe is not going to stop. It's just going to get worse and worse. Dan - And you can't live like that, I know. Jen - I know that she's not going to get you back but I also know she will eventually end up killing whatever we have between us.

Nancy calls Chloe to let her know that she's got her plane ticket, her bags are packed and she can't wait to see her and her precious grandson. Chloe doesn't know if now is a good time. She wants her to come it's just that everything is a lot more complicated than she thought. Nancy tells Chloe to tell her all about it.

Abby apologises for walking in on a naked Cameron. Cam - What's wrong? Cam stops her from leaving. I can tell you're upset about something.

Rafe rubs Gabi's stomach - Arianna Grace, that's a beautiful name. Gabi is already asking Ari to watch out for her. Kate comes in. She just wanted to see how Gabi is. Gabi - Thank you, I'm fine so goodbye. Just go okay. Kate - Sure, I'll leave this here for you. Get some rest. She puts down a gift bag and is about to leave when Rafe asks her to wait. Rafe looks at Gabi - I know you're upset but she's just trying to be nice. She's worried about you and the baby. Gabi - Why are you defending her?

Sami - Will, why don't you wait? Why don't we think this through before you do anything. Nick - You know what the choice is here Will and trust me, you don't want to spend any time in prison. Will - If I could go to prison without dragging anyone else down I would. At least she could come visit me, I could see her when I got out. (It's hard to understand what he's saying but it ends with) 'she'd be better off without me.' Sami grabs the pen - I just want a second. Just give me one second. Sami turns to Nick. I have something I want to say to you. Just the 2 of us. Lucas doesn't think that's a good idea. Sami does. I think it's important for Nick and I to talk, just the two of us. They all leave the room. Nick - You can threaten me and Gabi all you want but I'm not backing down. Sami - I'm not here to threaten you, I'm here to make you an offer. I will do anything to make sure that Will does not lose his daughter. Nick - Unfortunately there's nothing you can do. Sami - You're wrong. There is something. I will take an oath, I will sign anything, I will swear that I will stay out of that baby's life.

Segment 2: Sami - Get an injunction that will keep me away from the child, I won't fight it, I will sign it. Think about it. I am the one who made the mistakes, I'm the one you have a problem with, not Will, so punish me not him. Nick - This is not a punishment Sami, do you understand. I'm protecting Gabi and our baby. Sami - Yeah but you don't have to protect that baby from Will. It's his child. He's totally committed to her. Nick - Oh really, was he totally committed to her when he took Gabi to get an abortion? Sami - You don't understand what he ... Nick - You need to face facts here Sami. Will is just like you. He will not commit to anything unless it's convenient and those committments have a tendency to subside very quickly. Sami grabs him - You're talking about his child. This is Will's baby girl and that has to mean something to you. You love Gabi right? You love her and this child that she's carrying but Will being a part of this baby's life doesn't have to change that for you. It's me you have a problem with and I totally understand that so if you promise that Will will be part of his daughter's life I will disappear. I will stay away from that child forever. Nick - You know what Sami I think you actually mean that.

Rafe scoffs. Defending her? No, just wondering why you're so tough on her. Gabi - I'm tired and I'm upset and I also can't forget how hard she was on Nick. Kate - We were in negotiations. He was hard on me too and I respect him for that. None of that really matters. You're having Will's baby and that's what's important to me. You have the upper hand because I will do practically anything to be part of that baby's life. This gift is just the start ... if I have to buy you a new car, send you on a trip to Europe ... Rafe - So you think you can buy her affections? Kate - I'm going to try. Go ahead and open it, see how I'm doing so far.

Cam - Is this about the other day. I'm sorry I ran out on you. Abby - No, that's not with this is about. Something really terrible happened today. Something awful. I got in this huge fight with Chloe and I think I screwed up my mom's life completely. Cam hugs her.

Dan - Love is what we have between us and she's not going to kill that. Jen wants him to hear what she's saying because it's so important. I don't want to give up on us. I want to fight so hard for what we have so I don't understand why we can't draw this line in the sand for Chloe and ask her to honour that. Dan - If we draw this line in the sand what is going to happen to my son? You were okay with this before. Jen - That was before all this trouble happened; before I knew how obsessed she was with you; before she dragged my daughter into this and taunted her with the memory of her dead father. Dan - What! Jen - Oh, she didn't tell you about that? Wow, how unusual for Chloe to leave out a pertinent detail like that. Dan - I am going to make sure ... Jen - I know what you're going to say. You're going to make sure that it never happens again. You can't. Dan - You don't think it's going to get even worse if I don't talk to her. Jen - I have no idea. I don't know how to get through to her obsessed, sick mind right now because she is out of control. I see what she's doing to you and I feel for you in this situation, I really do but now that she's dragged my daughter into this I am not going to go down this road that you are proposing. Letting us believe that everything is going to be okay and deluding ourselves into thinking that Chloe just wants to be a good mom to Parker when her agenda is so clear. We don't have to talk about it anymore. You know why I made this decision and you know how I feel so now it's up to you.

Segment 3: Chloe doesn't know if there's anything she or her mom can do if Daniel agrees to what Jennifer wants I'm not sure I'll be able to get close enough to him to win him back. Nancy - Listen to me. Everything will work out. We'll find a way for you to get him back. I promise you that.

Dan has to go and tuck Parker in. Goodnight. He kisses Jen.

Cam - She spoke about your father? Abby - Yeah she acted like we didn't even care that he had died and she accused me of pimping out my Mom to Daniel because I'm trying to get back at my Dad for deserting me for all those years. Then I attacked her physically. Cam - Well I hope she's missing teeth. Abby - What if she's right? Cam - She's not right. I was there. I saw how much that affected you and how much you loved him. Abby - I just ... why was he so determined to save me! Cam - Don't say that, don't think that. Abby - It should have been me on that elevator!

Gabi - Thank you so much. It's a gift certificate to the spa for the whole day. It's perfect. Thank you. Kate - Great, so does that mean I don't have to buy you that new car?

Will asks EJ - Is there any way if I take responsibility for my actions, I can just serve the sentence and not drag anybody else down with me? EJ - I think under the circumstances Nick has a pretty good case. Sorry. I don't think the Board of Inquiry would understand what your grandfather did. Bo and Hope not properly investigating evidence that implicated you and then there's what your father did. Lucas - Don't worry about me, I'll be fine. EJ - Lucas, you already perjured yourself twice. Will - I do worry about you Dad. You've suffered enough because of my stupidity and I don't want to hurt anybody anymore. Lucas - What about your own daughter? Do you really want her to be raised by a blackmailing murderer?

Sami - I do mean it. Nick - Yeah, you do. That's why people keep falling for your lies because when you say them you actually mean them. Sami - I'll put it in writing. I'll sign anything right now. Nick - It doesn't matter because tomorrow morning you'll wake up and try to find some way to change it. You don't change Sami, no matter what you promise. Sign something, put your hand on a bible ... I do not believe you.

Segment 4: Nick heads to the door but Sami grabs him. No, I'm offering you something that is so precious to me. I am offering you my time with my granddaughter for Will. So think what you want of me but no one will argue that I do not love my children. Nick - Sami, you just tried to blackmail me by sending Gabi to prison, the mother of your unborn granddaughter to prison. Sami - I was desperate ... Nick - And you still are. Do you really think for one minute that if Will were to be able to see this baby, hold in her his arms, spend time with her that you'd be able to prevent yourself from elbowing your way in on that. You would not be able to stop yourself from interfering and making Gabi's life totally, totally miserable. Sami starts screaming over top of him - You don't have rights to this child. You are a blackmailer and a murderer and you are trying to steal another man's child. You don't deserve to raise any child never mind my son's daughter. Nick - Huh. Sami - I didn't mean that. Nick - I think Sami we both know that you did mean that. Listen, this conversation has ceased to be productive on any level so I'm going to go get the notary and Will to sign his paper.

Will - I know Nick is doing this wrong but he's only doing it because he's scared. He's scared of what Mom did. I mean Gabi almost lost the baby during one of my mom's attacks. EJ - You're not seriously suggesting that man is justified in what he's doing. Will - No, I'm not. I'm just saying that Nick in saying that what Mom did was just one example of the dysfunction of our family. He does not think that is a healthy environment for a child to grow up in and he's going to do everything he can to protect Gabi and the baby from her. Nick steps up - That's right, I will.

Cam - I was there Abigail. Your father is a true hero and I'm so grateful you're still alive. He'd hate it if you felt guilty for what he did of his own free will. Abby - Thanks, when you say it I can kind of believe it. Cam - Believe it because it's the truth. Thank God you're still alive. He kisses her forehead.

Dan - I am not giving up on us. I will make you see that I can make this work and give my son everything he needs. I love you. Jen - I love you. They kiss again and then he leaves. Jen - Maybe love is enough. She flings the door open but Dan's already gone.

Sami tells EJ - He hates me and he's using me to hurt Will and I played right into his hand. Nick - I don't see a reason to put this off any longer. Does anyone else. Sonny - Will, please talk to my Dad. Nick - What is another lawyer going to tell him? We can't wait any longer. Will looks at Nick - Somewhere deep in your heart you know this is wrong. Nick - I only know what's best for Gabi and this baby. He hands Will the papers and the pen. Will looks around and signs them.

Segment 5: Abby thanks Cam for talking to her; she actually feels better. Cam is glad. You're amazing; you should always feel good about yourself. Abby does when she's with him. Cam has to get back to work. Can I see you tomorrow? Abby would like that.

Dan lets himself into his apt. Chloe asks him if he's made a decision yet about Jennifer's ultimatum. Dan isn't here to talk about that. He's here to stay goodnight to Parker. Chloe - You're too late. He fell asleep in his playpen. He was so cute, trying to stay awake, saying where Daddy? Dan - Really! Chloe - Do you think I'm lying? Dan - I think you enjoy making me feel guilty. You need to call your mother and tell her to get here right away until we find a nanny. Maybe by the time we hire someone we'll have made some decisions on how everything is going to work here. Chloe - You mean the Jennifer Horton plan goes into effect? Dan - Did I say that? I don't think I said that. Chloe - Have you even thought about it? If we can't be in the same room how are we going to go to his nursery school interviews or his birthday parties or whatever. Are you seriously going to let Jennifer dictate how we parent our child! Dan - Ssh! Chloe - Sorry. It's hard for me to keep my voice down when we're talking about my son's life. I'm going to go call my mom. Dan kneels down by the playpen. I'm going to do what's best for you. What the hell is that!

The notary tells Nick the papers are in order. I'll take them to your lawyer. Nick - I think we're done here. I think everyone understands the importance of discretion. As far as people outside of this room, this was Will's decision. I say that to protect you Will because the fact is I have nothing to lose if the truth comes out whereas Will, on the other hand ... Lucas - You're great grandfather practically built this hospital. If he could see you now he'd be disgusted. You are not a Horton. Nick - I need to go find Gabi. EJ - Nick, 4 years ago I stood in a courtroom and asked for leniency for you, leniency you got. Leniecy without which you would not have gotten your parole. William is like a son to me and I belong to a family you do not want to mess with. Nick - You don't scare me. EJ - Then you're a lot more stupid than you look. Nick stares him down. Maybe. Then he walks away leaving behind a dumbfounded EJ. Sami is hugging Will crying her crocodile tears. He's a viscious S.O.B. but it's my fault. I'm so sorry. Will - No, I have nobody to blame but myself. He turns to Sonny - Can you take me home? Lucas goes to Sami - You tried. It's not your fault. Sami - He can't get away with this. Lucas - It looks like he just did. He leaves. Hypocrite Sami asks EJ - How can anybody be so cruel?

Nick asks Gabi how she's feeling. Good, how about you? Nick - Excited, happy. All of our problems are over. Everyone finally came to their senses. Will, his whole family, they all finally realised that you and the baby are the biggest priority. No one, not even Sami, is going to be able to bother us now. Gabi - What did you do? Nick - I did what I had to do and now I want to marry you as soon as possible.

Segment 6: EJ comes into Sami's office. He wants to go home, all of this can wait until the morning. Sami is in a snit. EJ insists she needs to go home and get some rest. Sami whines - Why? So I can ruin the rest of my kids lives? EJ - Would you let me help you?

Sonny and Will return to Will's dorm room. Sonny wishes there was something he could say. Will - It's over now. Will looks at the sonogram - Our little girl.

Gabi - That totally came out of the blue. Nick - You know how much I want to marry you. Gabi - All of a sudden you want to get married right now. You told Rafe that we'd wait. Nick - And we waited over a month. You know how much I want the 3 of us to be a happy family. I wouldn't do anything to screw this up. There's no more reason to wait. Please marry me. Gabi - Yes of course. She hugs him.

Chloe comes back in the room and tells Dan that her mom will be here tomorrow. Dan - Good. And once again you are going to stay away from Jennifer and Abigail. If you happen to run into them you cross the street and stay away from them. Chloe - I said I would do that and I'm going to keep my word. Dan - Good. He leaves.

Segment 7: Abby is at home. Mom, I lost it because of Chloe but I'm fine now. I hate it that you and Daniel are breaking up because you're worried about me. Jen - We are not breaking up. We're just trying to figure it all out right now. Abby - It feels like it's my fault. Jen - It's not. It's not my fault. It's not Daniel's fault. I just hope that Daniel figures out whose fault it is and he gets Chloe out of his life for good.

Nancy calls Dan. It's so good to hear your voice. Dan - Who is this? Nancy - It's your son's proud grandma. Dan - Nancy, sorry ... Nancy - Don't worry about that, it's been a long time since we've spoken but that's all going to change. I can't wait to see Parker again. Dan - It's really nice of you to help us out like this. Nancy - Thank you Daniel. There's something that I want to say. I know a lot of what's going on. I love Chloe to death but I can clearly see that she needs to let go, move on. I'd like to maybe sit down with you when I get back to Salem. Maybe I can help Chloe find her way through all of this. Dan - That would be great. Nancy - Good, then we'll talk when we get there.

Chloe gets a call from her mom. It went great. I stayed on script and he bought it all. Chloe - Thank you so much. Nancy - Don't worry honey. It's all going to work out just the way you planned.

Cam tells Nick not to forget that Gabi needs her sleep. After Cam leaves Gabi tells Nick she hopes she's not too excited to sleep. I love you Nick. Nick - I love you so much and I'm going to make you so happy. They kiss.

Rafe and Kate are in bed together when Rafe's phone rings. Rafe - I really don't want to get that but it's work so I have to. He takes the call. Okay, I'll be right there. Sorry. Kate - That's okay. Duty calls. Rafe - It won't take long. I'll make sure it doesn't take long. Kate - So what are you trying to say? Rafe - Stay here if you want. I'll be back. They kiss.

When EJ tries to touch her Sami starts stomping around. She doesn't want his sympathy and she sure as hell doesn't deserve it. I don't need you. She blubbers. I'm sorry. I do. More blubbering.

Will - I just can't get away from the fact that this is all my fault. Sonny - And Nick, he's just blameless? Would you please talk to my dad? Will - There's nothing to talk about. Sonny - So you're just going to give up after everything Nick did to you? Will - I don't know. I get why he did it. It wasn't fair. Sonny - And it was cruel. Will - Yes, and it was wrong but he's just trying to do what he thinks is best to protect Gabi and what he sees as his family. Sonny - Protect? From you? Will - From my family, my mom. He's right about how screwed up ... Sonny - No, that is just an excuse. I've been thinking about this. I was trying to piece this whole thing together. Nick played you and Gabi and everyone. You think that he just stumbled upon this evidence of what you did. No. He went looking for it and he found it and he sat back and waited for something to happen so he could justify using it. This whole thing was planned. That was why he was so thrilled when your mom got in it. Will - No. Sonny - Yes. You really think he's doing all this because your mother butted in? Will, he's doing this because you're gay.


Tuesday, Mar 5

Segment 1: Rafe brings Kate coffee in bed. He wakes her up with a kiss. She can't believe she slept there all night. Rafe is glad she did. He kisses her neck and back. She asks - What are we doing? Rafe - If you have to ask I must not be doing it all that well. Kate - No. I mean it, I really do. What are we doing? You don't think this is just a little bit unseemly? Rafe - Why? Kate - Because you're a cop. Because I'm Stefano DiMera's neferious ex-wife. Rafe - The key word there being ex. Kate - I don't think you're listening. Rafe - Okay, fine. Let's put it under a microscope then we'll analyze it, dissect it ... will that be good? Should we talk about our feelings? Kate - You mean ruin it? Okay, I get it. Forget everything I just said. They kiss.

Hope is in Gabi's hospital room. I'm surprised that you're still here. So is Gabi but she feels great, no contractions. Hope asks if the doctor is releasing her today. Nick - He's supposed to which is good news because we have big plans for tomorrow. Hope - What kind of plans? Nick - Do you feel like coming to a wedding? Rafe asked us to wait and we did for over month but we love each other and we're tired of waiting. Hope - Have you mentioned this to your parole officer that you plan on getting married tomorrow. Nick - Frankly I don't think it's any of his damn business. Hope - You're taking on additional responsibility ... Nick - I'm so sick of everyone second guessing me about this wedding. Gabi - Nick! Nick - I'm sorry, I'm really sorry Hope. It's been a tough couple of days but we got through it and we're so happy and I'm ready for the responsibility. I have a great job and I just want to start building a life with Gabi and our little girl. Gabi - Nick and I want to get married as soon as possible. Nick - We're doing it at the courthouse this time. We're not telling many people about it but we'd love it if you were there. Hope - And I'd love to be there. I'm very happy for the both of you and this beautiful baby to be. Hope has to leave. Nick closes the door behind Hope. If one more person tells me it's too soon to have this wedding I swear to God ... Gabi - What? Why don't you tell me what's been going on lately. You've been so touchy. Nick - What do you mean? I was scared to death about you and the baby. Gabi - It's not just that. I know you. Please tell me what's going on.

Kristen follows EJ into Sami's office nattering about how she's been driving the staff crazy getting ready for father's homecoming today. Are you going to stop by and see him later? EJ is non-responsive. Kristen - What is it? EJ - A problem with Samantha. Kristen - So what's going on with Sami? EJ - We are in the middle of a serious problem. Kristen - Does that really surprise you? EJ - No, what surprises me is I'm torn about how best to deal with it.

Eric is surprised to see Sami in the rectory. She asks if he has a minute. They hug, she starts crying. He asks if she's okay. No, everything is not okay. Eric - You've got to tell me why you're upset. Sami - I can't talk about it. Eric - Does it have anything to do with with Will's baby. I thought Gabi was okay. Sami - She is and the baby is okay, God willing. Eric - Is it Will? The last time I saw him he was so excited and committed to being the best father he could possibly ... Sami, you've got to tell me what's got you so worked up.

Sonny stands at the foot of the bad, 'You're awake.' Will didn't really sleep last night because he was thinking about the stupid thing Sonny said about Nick. Sonny - Why else would he get you to sign away the rights to your only child? Will - I don't think it's because I'm gay. It's my mom. She's been making Gabi's life miserable. Sonny - Say your mom was totally sane, Nick would come up with something else. I was awake last night and I'm right. What Nick's doing is not about your mom, your messed up family, it's about the fact that he doesn't think gay people should be parents. Will - You're talking about my cousin. If he didn't like me because I was gay he wouldn't have been so accodomating at the sonogram; he wouldn't have let me be the first one to feel the baby kick, he wouldn't have let me there for the sonogram. BTW when I asked Gabi for the paternity test, Nick was the one who agreed to it first. He was the one who talked her into it. Sonny - Did she take the paternity test? Will - You know she didn't. Sonny - And now you've lost the rights to your own daughter. Nick is very smart. He uses people to get what he wants. Why do you think he did all those nice things? He was working you.

Segment 2: Sami - Nothing happened. That's not why I'm here. I wanted to give you this. She hands him an envelope. It's from the company for the school. It was EJ's idea. Eric looks at the cheque. We're going to have name something after him, maybe the gym. The whole EJ DiMera chapel thing won't fly. Sami swats him - Stop it. He is different. He is a good man and he has changed since his father's not around. Eric - I hear he's coming back to town. Sami - Even so, EJ doesn't want anything to do with Stefano. Eric - He may say that to you now. Sami - He is a good father. He's a good man and I see a whole new side to EJ. Eric - Do you need glasses? Sami - No. We've been getting close. Eric - Do I need to remind you that just a few short weeks ago you were saying the exact same thing about Rafe.

Sonny - He was setting you up; getting you to trust him. He had no intentions of ever letting you be a part of that baby's life. Will - How do you know? Sonny - Because I've been out longer than you have and I see the signs. Nick was weird around me the first time I met him. Will - He was weird around everybody. He had just gotten out of prison. Sonny - What did he say ... Who's going to believe the baby's father is a gay boy. Will - That was bad I admit but he apologised and said he didn't mean it. Sonny - That's classic behaviour. Make a crappy remark and then claim you didn't mean it. But I get why you don't want to believe this about somebody in your family but I am telling you it's true. Will - You've got to be wrong about this. Sonny - Why? Will - Because if you're right about this I just signed a piece of paper that says I'm fine with my daughter being raised by a bigot.

Nick - I know I've been on edge recently. I was really scared that we were going to lose our baby. Gabi - Everything is fine now. Nick - Still it got me really freaked out and it's just hard to come back from. Gabi - Hope asked you it you told your parole officer you were getting married tomorrow. I know that makes you mad but I need to know, have you told him? Nick - No. I don't like the guy. I don't like talking to him. It brings me down. Gabi - Why? Nick - Because it reminds me of the way it was in prison. They issue you all your clothes. You have to stand in line to eat. You can't breathe without asking for permission. I felt like I couldn't breathe period! And they watch every move you make and they tell you what to do, what you can't do. You feel like you can't get any privacy. Gabi - I'm sorry. Nick - I don't like thinking about it. There's some real lowlifes in there. Gabi - What's wrong? Don't shut down on me please.

Kristen - If getting what you want upsets you so much maybe it's time you rethink what you want. EJ - It's not a laughing matter. Kristen - Sorry. So is this between Sami and you? EJ - No. Somebody else is doing their level best to upset her. Kristen - Okay. Rafe? EJ - Not on this occasion. This is a complete nobody. Kristen - Who doesn't know his place. EJ - Yet he's making her life a living hell. Kristen - There's always the DiMera solution for dealing with little nobodies.

Segment 3: Sami - Of course you would throw Rafe in my face. Eric - I was just saying the truth. Sami - Well the truth is Rafe turned his back on me the split second he found out Will was the father of Gabi's baby. Eric - That must have hurt and when you're hurting the last thing you should think of doing is hooking up with another guy especially EJ. Sami - EJ is good to me and he's been there for me and he's on my side. Eric - Are you two getting close? Sami - If you're asking if we're sleeping together the answer is yes. Eric - I know that it must be very tough for you and Rafe right now. Sami - I know it's tough for me to have a son who isn't even 21 years old about to have a child of his own. I've been there myself. All I'm trying to do is back Will up and all Rafe is doing is being a jerk every chance he gets. Eric - How? Sami - Well Nick blames me for the fact that Gabi went into early contractions. Eric - How could that be? Sami - Because the doctor said part of the problem was stress and I was arguing with her because I want her to have a paternity test because I want to protect Will's rights as a father. Eric - Okay. Sami - And that's it. I can't tell you the rest of the story. The point is I feel like they're all ganging up against Will and me and Rafe is on their side. It's just a train wreck. Eric - I don't know Rafe very well yet but I can see he that he's a very passionate guy who cares a lot about his family and maybe in the heat of anger he says things that he regrets later. I think you can relate to that. Sami - Alright, I get your point. Eric - Maybe you can give him one more try to talk. Give him a chance not to be a jerk before moving on with a guy like EJ. Sami - It's too late for that. I am committed to moving on with EJ and I'm really happy about it. I love you and I hope you can be happy for me.

Kristen - What's stopping you? Get the ball rolling. EJ gets up and closes the door. I don't think it's a particularly good idea to be going quite as far as you're suggesting. Kristen - I wasn't suggesting that you do anything that extreme. Just reminding you that the DiMera's have options that other people, especially little nobody people, don't have. EJ - If I said those options hadn't crossed my mind I'd be lying. It would give me a wonderful warm sense of satisfaction to eliminate him but ...

Nick - I told you I don't like to relive those days, not with my parole officer and not with you. Gabi - I'm going to be your wife. If you have memories that make you feel this bad I think I should know about them. Nick - I feel bad sometimes because I see the way people look at me. I know what they're thinking; that I'm not good enough for you. Gabi - No. Look I'm not perfect either. You know what I've done but I learned from it just like you did. We both want to live a different kind of life. Nick - It's just hard to be hopeful when you're in prison. I saw guys who were in there so long they didn't know anything but prison. Then there were guys who could get out and a year later they're either be back or ... Gabi - Or what? Nick - Dead. Gabi - You're not one of those guys. Nick - Maybe now you understand why I don't like to talk about that time. I'm going to check if your release forms are ready.

Rafe - I don't know why it happened but I'm glad it did. Kate - I think I know why it happened ... for me. Rafe - Why? Kate - It's been quite a long time since a man had told me I was beautiful. Rafe - You must be hanging out with some blind men. Kate kisses him. Rafe gets a text. It's my sister. She says she needs me. Kate - You should go. She's having to deal with Sami and that's a situation that needs a lot of support. Rafe - Yeah. They kiss.

Will - If I try to do anything about this Nick will send me to prison and it won't be just me. It will be my Dad, my grandfather, Aunt Hope ... Sonny - He's not just a homophobe, he's a jackass. Will - He's got all the cards. Sonny - Why won't you ask someone for help? Will - EJ was there and he's a lawyer. Sonny - My dad says EJ is a lawyer the same way Snookie's an actress. Come on! Will - He's not an idiot. If there was something that could be done don't you think he would have done it. Sonny - I guess I should have just kept my mouth shut. I could be wrong about Nick. Maybe he and Gabi will step up once the baby's born and you can have visiting rights. Will - Right now that is the best I can hope for.

Sami is stomping through the square when she sees Rafe. She starts to go around him but he asks her to wait.

Segment 4: Sami - What do you want? Rafe - I just thought you'd like to hear the good news. Gabi's out of the hospital; she's going home today. Sami - That is good news and I'm very glad that Gabi and the baby are okay. She turns to leave. Rafe - Can we clear the air here? Sami - Okay. Rafe - I know how much you love this baby. I know that's why you were putting so much pressure on Gabi. Sami - Well I won't be doing that anymore. Rafe - Okay but now that Gabi is okay and the baby's okay and she's going home, I just want to put this all behind us. No hard feelings. Sami - Oh yeah. Rafe - Yeah. I want this to work out for Gabi and for Will; for everyone involved.

EJ - My impulse to deal with this directly was one that I quickly had to rule out. Kristen - What happened to my ruthless EJ DiMera, I miss him so. EJ - I'm still ruthless when it comes to business but if I employ father's tactics with Samantha I lose her. Kristen - That's so interesting. The Sami I know was never a saint. EJ - She's not but she tries to do the right thing. Kristen - That's interesting too because Sami's definition of the right thing is far different than anyone else's I've ever known. EJ - I lost Samantha once because Rafe managed to convince her that he was the better man. I have another chance with her now. I'm not going to give him another opportunity so I need to prove to her that I'm a good father and a good man. That I'm a better man. Kristen laughs. You'll do okay. I think you made good choices. EJ - Why is that? Kristen - Obvioulsy because you chose to accept me. Remember one thing, the DiMera's are born struggling with the concept of goodness but personally I think that's what makes us interesting. I have to go. Now that father's back I hope I'll be seeing more of you.

Abe and Eric are at the prison. Abe thanks Eric for agreeing to being a mentor for this Outreach program. Eric is looking forward to it. Abe - When these guys get out of here they need someone on their side. Hope joins them. Our man will be here any minute. I have some information on him. Abe - I was just telling Eric how glad I am he's involved. Hope - Yeah, it's great to have you as a mentor. Eric - There's nothing better than helping someone turn their life around.

Nick comes back and tells Gabi he can take her home. Gabi wants to ask him something first. I hope I didn't hurt you when I asked you to talk about prison. Nick - You didn't because that's all in the past. I'm looking at my future, right?

Sonny and Will kiss. Sonny asks if he's going to be okay. What choice do I have. You have to get to work and I have to study. Sonny tells him he'll see him later. They kiss again. Sonny leaves. Will looks at the sonogram picture and then leaves.

Segment 5: Hope - The hard part is getting these guys to agree to participate in the program. They tend to look at Abe and me as part of the system that put them here. Long story short, I think it's best if you do the selling. Abe - Just do what you did with the guy who attacked you and Nicole. Hope gets a call. She steps out of the vistor's room to take it. Abe tells Eric he has to leave for a meeting with Theo's teacher. He leaves. Eric prays for guidance - Let me help this man.

Rafe - You realise I've known Will almost as long as I've known you. He's a great kid. He's always been a positive influence on his brother and sisters lives and I know that he's going to be really great with this baby. Sami - That's really nice of you to say. Rafe - And I know that you are going to love this little girl as much as I will and spoil her rotten probably. Sami - That's exactly what I would like to do. Rafe - I just want to put this all behind us. Gabi is waiting for me. I better get going. After he leaves Sami says - You have no idea, do you? You have absolutely no idea what that bastard has done to my son.

Nick and Gabi come into the pub. He suggests that he help her settle in upstairs and then he'll get her something to eat. Gabi wants to wait down here for Rafe. I texted him because I want to tell him in person that we're getting married tomorrow. Nick - I hope you won't let him change your mind. Gabi - I don't think he's going to do that but if he does it won't work. I'll tell him we promised to wait and we have and now we're going to go through with it. Rafe comes in - Go through with what? Gabi - Nick and I are getting married tomorrow. Nick - We'd love to have your blessing but if we can't have that we're going to do it anyway.

Kristen and Chad are in her hotel room. Chad - Why did you call me? Too cheap to hire movers. Kristen - It's because of this. She hands him the DiMera family geneology. Chad - Wow. I hear you're moving into the house of Frankenstein. Kristen - With Brady. Chad - Seriously. So he and the old man are going to be facing each other over the breakfast table every morning. Kristen - Wow. Chad - You and Brady must be really tight then. They are. Chad - So you've got him, EJ's got Sami, everyone's all tied up. Kristen - You must be sad you're all alone. Chad - It's even harder knowing it's your own fault. Kristen - Well you do have a father, brother and sister that will see you through this so maybe you should think about moving into the mansion too. Chad - You're kidding right. Kristen - I'm not. When all else fails you have your family.

Sami returns to the office. EJ wants to talk business, Sami wants to have sex. They leave.

Segment 6: Kristen tells Chad not to mention to anyone that Brady is moving in with her; he hasn't had the chance to tell his family yet. Chad - So if you guys are just moving in together why would you want your mopey brother around. She points out that it's a big house. You wouldn't be in the way. Chad doesn't have too many good memories of that place. Neither does she but when she was looking over this geneology thing she realised that for better or worse she's a part of this family and so is he. Chad appreciates what she's trying to do but he's not ready to make a decision about that. Kristen - Okay but don't be a stranger. Father's going to be here this afternoon and I know he's going to want to see you. Better sooner than later, right?

Kate comes into the coffeehouse and orders a decaf cappucino. She looks at Sonny. You don't look very happy. Sonny - I'm not. Kate - When I saw you at the hospital I thought that meant you and Will had found your way back to each other. Sonny - We did. Kate - That's wonderful. Okay so why do you look like your worse nightmare came true.

Rafe sits down at the table with Gabi and Nick. So it's put up or shut up, huh? Gabi - It's not like that. Nick and I are very sure that this is what we want and I really hope that you believe that. After everyone found out that it was Will's baby you asked us to wait. Nick - And we did. But when we were scared that we were going to lose the baby we realised all over again how much we love each other and that we really don't want to wait. Gabi - We really want you at the wedding. Nick gets a text from Will - We need to talk. I'm outside. Rafe - I will be at the wedding. God knows you deserve to be happy. Nick sees Will standing outside the door. He gets another text. If you don't come outside I'm coming in. Nick tells Gabi he left her suitcase in the car. He's going to go and get it. After he leaves Rafe asks - What's the rush? You have all the time in the world. Gabi - I'm glad you didn't say that in front of Nick. Outside Will tells Nick to follow him.

After Sami and EJ engage in a bout of sex Sami tries very hard to play the femme fatale. Remember when you said you'd do anything for me.

When they get to the park outside the square Nick asks - What the hell is it Will? We settled everything and there's nothing left to discuss. Will - Yeah, you got everything you wanted and I gave up my daughter. Nick - It wasn't for me. It was for Gabi and the baby. Will - You keep saying that but I have an important question for you and after what I just did I think I deserve an honest answer. Nick - So what's the question?

Segment 7: Kristen confirms with Harold that everything is ready for her, Brady's and Stefano's arrival. You know that saying - You can never go home again well I'm about to go home again and I'm so excited. After the call she smiles. This is it - end game.

When Sonny serves her order Kate asks if something happened. Sonny - I'm just hoping that Will's okay. He went through a lot when he thought that Gabi was going to lose the baby. Kate - I know but now Gabi's fine and the baby's fine. Sonny - I know. I just really wish I could have been part of his life when all this started happening. Kate - I think we all regret that it couldn't have worked out a different way, that there wasn't more that we could have done but I don't think that's what this is about. Is there something happening with Will that I don't know about?

Rafe - So nothing I can say will change your mind. Gabi - It's not that. Nick wants us to be married and honestly I think it's going to make him feel more secure. Rafe - Secure about what? Gabi - He almost never talks about his time in prison and I think that it still haunts him.

The guard opens a cell door - Father, this is Vargas. Eric faces the prisoner who says My name is Vargas.

Will - If my mom had never attacked Gabi and she hadn't gone into premature labour, if we didn't have that scare with the baby, would you still have used what you know to try and get me out of my daughter's life. Nick - Yes. Will - Okay. Is it because I'm gay. Nick - Yes.

After sex Sami tells EJ - I want Nick Fallon gone.


Wednesday, Mar 6

Segment 1: Chloe walks into the rectory and asks Nicole why she's really working here. You don't need the money and you don't believe in the church so what's the attraction? Nicole looks at a picture of Eric. Nicole - Eric's my friend and he needed a secretary and I needed a sanctuary so ... Chloe - So that's a match made in heaven? Spas, cruises, beaches - those are sanctuaries ... this is an old dusty church. Nicole - I'm kind of busy. What can I do for you? Chloe knows things have been scratchy between them since she's been back. I miss you; I miss our friendship. Nicole - I kind of miss you too. Chloe - Obviously you have something on your mind. I'm sure the nuns are good listeners but virgins tend to be judgemental. Come on, just between us bad girls tell me what's going on. Maybe I can help.

Eric and Vargas shake hands. Eric - I'm sure you know why I'm here. Vargas - You want to help people like me with life on the outside. Eric - Right, exactly. Vargas - With all due respect Father, I was raised Catholic but given what I've done with my life, I don't think the church is going to want me back. Eric - Our Outreach program isn't about religion. You're free to practice any faith of your choice or none at all. Our goal is to help you find a way on the outside. You've been in here a long time. Vargas - 10 yrs but I was only sentenced to serve 7.

Will - You want me out of my baby's life because I'm gay. Nick - Yes. Will - I thought we were good though. I thought that you were okay with me. You let me take your place at Gabi's sonogram; you let me see my baby. Sonny said you were setting me up but I told him he was wrong. Nick - Your boyfriend was right. Will - You let me think that we all wanted the same thing and that we were all going to raise this baby together and now you're telling me you wanted me out of the way from the beginning. Nick - I've always wanted what is best for Gabi's baby. Will - How is it best for her never seeing her father? What's best about keeping her away from me all the time. Nick - Your mother made it impossible for me to even consider having you be a part of this child life's with her threats and her accusations. She was terrorizing Gabi. She left us no choice. Will - Who's us? Gabi? Does Gabi know about this? Nick - Okay, it was my choice, not Gabi's and I did it to protect the baby. Will - From me? You really hate me that much because I'm gay.

Kate - Is there something going on in Will's life that I don't know about? Does Will need my help?

Rafe - Did you ever ask Nick about what happened to him in prison. Gabi - Yeah but everytime we talk about it he just shuts down. Obviously something horrible happened; somebody tried to kill him.

EJ asks Sami if she knows what she's saying when she tells him she wants Nick Fallon gone. Sami - I know exactly what I'm saying. Nick is hurting my son. I offered him anything to make him stop ... he had his chance and he blew it so now he has to go. Sami continues her rant against Nick while satisfying her other urges. He's hurting my son - he is going to keep my son from his own child and I can not allow that. She smirks - Nick does not know who he's messing with and I will do anything to protect my son. She wants more sex but EJ pulls back. Let me get this straight. When you say you want Nick gone you mean that you want him dead. Sami smiles and has more sex.

Segment 2: Nicole admits she's been a little tormented about various things lately. Conflicted. What else is new. Chloe gets a text from her Mom. She's coming to stay for a while to help me with Parker. Nicole is surprised that Victor agreed to that. Chloe tells her that she's staying at Daniel's place now. Nicole - You're what! Chloe - Don't get too excited; Daniel's staying at a hotel for now. Nicole - I told you it was going to be hard to pry Daniel away from Jennifer. Chloe - I know. I should have listened to you. You have some experience in dealing with Daniel's obsession with Jen-Jen. And since you recently went to battle with her I was hoping you would share a few cautionary tales with me. What do you say?

Rafe - I already know Nick was stabbed in prison. I read his file. Oh come on, don't give me that look. I've got to make sure my baby sister is going to be okay. 4 yrs of incarceration could do a lot of bad things to anyone especially a guy like Nick. Gabi - What does that mean, a guy like Nick. Rafe - He's not the biggest guy. Trust me I know because I put a lot of them behind bars. I know what goes on. It's not pretty. Gabi - I know that but Nick's a smart guy; he would have totally used that to his advantage. Rafe - Actually it probably made him more of a target. What I really want to know is why he refused to give up the name of the guy who stabbed him.

Eric - Do you mind if I call you by your first name? Vargas - The thing is I've been Vargas for as long as I can remember so if it's alright with you Father I'd rather keep it that way. Eric - Fair enough. So you said your original sentence was 7 yrs. Vargas - Yes it was. I'm not going to make any excuses. I accept responsibility for what I did outside those walls as well as in here. Hope returns. Eric - introduces Det. Brady to Vargas. She is the PD's liasion to our program. Vargas - Ma'am. Hope - I didn't mean to interrupt. Finish what you were saying. Vargas - If it's all the same to you I think I've talked enough here. I think I should listen to what you and Father Eric have to say.

Sonny - Will's just going through a lot right now. Kate - I know that Sami rocked the boat in her your usual self-serving way but it seems to me things have calmed down. Gabi, Will and Nick seem to have really worked things out. Sonny - Yeah they have worked things out. Kate - You positively flinched when I mentioned Nick's name. Now is Nick causing problems for Will?

Nick - I don't hate you Will. Will - Why did you just make me give up any claim I had to my own daughter. Nick - It's not personal. It never has been. I'm just protecting Gabi's baby. Will - From me? From her own father! Nick - I'll be there for her Will always. Why is that not good enough for you now? Why can you not see this the way that you did before? Will - Because the way I saw it before was wrong. The way I rationalized it before was wrong. I was not thinking straight and I thought you understood that. Nick - Have you considered the fact that maybe you're not thinking straight now. Will - No. Nick - When you found out Gabi was going to have a baby you were perfectly content to go on with the rest of your life without her and let Gabi and me raise the baby. Will - I was never perfectly content and you know that. I was confused. Nick - Right. You were confused and you still are. Nothing has changed. Will - Everything has changed. From the moment I saw my baby; from the moment that I felt her kick, everything changed for me. I felt ... Nick - You felt a connection. I warned you that would happen. I tried to tell you that if you spent time with this baby even before it was born that you would develop an emotional connection. Will - I have an emotional connection. Nick - That's because you didn't listen to me and that's your fault. Will grabs him as he's about to leave. Will - You are the one who is separating me from my daughter. That is on you! You are the one who is keeping me ... Nick snaps - How can you not see that this child will be better off with 2 parents in a loving, stable relationship. How can you not see that you are saving your daughter years of confusion and heartache and embarrassment? How can it be good for her Will? How could it be good for her to see you popping in and out of her life with whoever you happen to be sleeping with? Will - I am with Sonny. Nick - Yeah, now and for how long? And when you're done with him, how many other guys will there be? Will - Sonny and I are both looking forward to being a part of my daughter's ... Nick - No! Forget it. You two want something to love, get a dog because you and your boyfriend are not going to screw up Gabi's baby.

Sami sighs - If Nick were dead it would just make ... no, EJ we can't do that. We have to find another way of getting Nick out of the way without actually killing him. He makes me sick the way that he thinks he's so justified in judging all of us just because he's marrying a girl who's pregnant with someone else's baby. EJ - Are you sure? Sami - There's got to be another way that we can take care of him without actually killing him. EJ - But what if there's not. What if Nick has to die to make sure he never hurts your son again. Can you live with that?

Segment 3: Nicole hands Chloe a flyer announcing the return of Father Eric to the parish. Chloe - What am I supposed to do with this? Nicole suggests getting down on her knees and striking up a conversation with God because she's all out of answers. Chloe - I just thought ... Nicole - I know what you thought. You're more transparent than your wardrobe. You didn't come here because you miss me or our friendship. Chloe protests. Nicole - You came here because you wanted information about Daniel so you could get him back in your bed. That's the only reason you came back to here; for a tidbit so you could blow Daniel and Jennifer out of the water so you could get your greedy little hands on him. Well you're out of luck. Chloe - Wow, I knew it. You're still in love with him. Nicole - I'm not in love with anyone. Chloe - Liar!

Vargas - I know a lot has changed since I walked through those prison gates but so have I. I'm not the same man who made all those mistakes that landed me in here. Eric - You know if you're committed to keeping your life on the straight and narrow, Det Brady and I both know some people who are ready to offer you some help in Salem. Vargas - Salem? Eric - That's where we're from. The prison Outreach program will be based out of St Luke's. Vargas - That's your church? Eric - Yes. Vargas - I'm sure you'll be talking to a lot of other inmates here. I just feel blessed to have this opportunity and I'm most definitely interested.

Gabi - Nick doesn't know who stabbed him. That's why he can't ID him. Rafe - From what I've read it seems like Nick is hiding something. Gabi - I don't want to talk about this anymore than Nick does. It's in the past and we're trying to move on. That's why we're getting married tomorrow.

Sami - There's got to be another way to deal with Nick. I shouldn't have even asked you for this. I know you are trying to be a better man for me. We're both trying to be better people and I don't want you to ever stop listening to your better angels because of me. EJ - What if there isn't another way? You have to understand, Nick's not just hurting William. He's hurting this innocent girl by depriving her of her father and I know exactly how terrifying and heartbreaking that is. Now you're asking me to do what is right by that little girl and that is exactly what I am going to do. Sami's pleased and grateful - she hugs him.

Will - You're sick. Nick - I'm sick. You want this baby to have 3 fathers. No, she'll be normal. You and Sonny, that's what's sick. This isn't getting us anywhere. You signed away your parental rights and you're not getting them back but look at what you got in return. You saved your own ass and you kept your grandfather and your father, Uncle Bo and Aunt Hope from paying the price for this miscarriage of justice. It's a win win for all the Hortons. You should be thanking me. Stepping up, providing your kid with the type of home every kid deserves. Your daughter will have a wonderful life. I promise you that. I'm sorry that you won't be able to be a part of it but you're just going to have to learn to live with that. He leaves. Will kicks over the park bench.

Segment 4: Chloe - Don't try and deny it. I know you and I know how hard it is to want somehow who everyone is telling you you can't have because I love Daniel too. But we belong together; we share a son and that means something. Nicole - Let's just say you do the impossible and get back with Daniel. He's not going to be happy with you. Chloe - And what, he's going to be happy with Jennifer. How can you not hate her? Nicole - Because I've been there, done that and it wasn't that great of a trip. Chloe - Living in the convent has totally ruined you. Since when do you care about doing the right thing? Nicole - I care about you using me to get to Daniel. Chloe scoffs - Oh yeah, using someone is so beneath you. You were just as bad as I am if not worse. You are scarred and damaged and twisted and it doesn't matter how many days you live under this roof you're never going to be one of the good girls. Sorry to tell you. She leaves and bumps into Eric. Wow, Eric, I barely recognised you. Eric - It's the collar. Chloe - It's very becoming. Nicole - Alright, she was just leaving. Chloe - Actually I was not. I'm here because I need to see you Father Eric.

Sonny - There's no problem. Like you said, Nick, Gabi and Will are cool - it's just been a rough couple of months for Will. Like I said, I'm just glad to be in his corner. Kate - I'm glad too. Sonny gets up to do some work. Will comes in and greets Kate who says she wants to speak to him. Will - Now is not a great time. Kate - I'm sure it's not. I just about had to beat it out of Sonny but I know all about your problem and I want to help you.

Gabi - So are you going to be there tomorrow. Rafe - I'm going to do everything I can to be there when you marry Nick. Gabi hugs him - Thank you. You don't know how much this means to me. I'm so happy. Nick returns. Gabi - I have amazing news. Rafe gave us his blessing. Nick - What! Wow. Thank you so much Rafe. I promise you that I'm going to dedicate my life to keeping Gabi safe and making her happy. Rafe shakes his hand. I'm going to hold you to that. Rafe leaves. Gabi - Are you really okay. Nick - Better than okay. He hugs her. Tomorrow I'm marrying the girl of my dreams and there isn't anything or anyone that can get in the way of our happily ever after.

EJ - If it was to appear that Nick had broken the conditions of his parole than he'd have to go back to prison to serve the remainder of his sentence. Sami - Sounds good to me. They both start talking at the same time that they know people ... Sami - I think your people are probably better at this. To show her appreciation Sami offers up more sex.

Segment 5: Chloe tells Eric that she and Daniel had Parker christened here. She always hoped the three of them would attend services here as a family but things fell apart for us pretty quickly. Eric heard - he's sorry about that. Chloe did get the miracle she prayed for. It turned out that Daniel really was Parker's father so we're back. You're not the only one returning to the fold and I'm hoping to get Daniel to join us. I think it would be really good for Parker. Eric - Our door is always open to you and your son. (Nicole keeps banging stuff around during the conversation). Chloe - I was wondering if there was an opening on the music committee. I just want to volunteer my time and show my gratitude for all that God has given me. Eric will talk to someone on the committee and get back to her. I really need to get going. Chloe - Can I walk you out? Eric - Sure. They leave. Nicole mutters - Bitch. Chloe comes waltzing back in with the flyer. FYI, there's a typo here - instead of six you put sex. Somebody's not getting any.

Sonny walks up to Will - I'm glad you got my message. I wanted to bounce some ideas off you for St. Patrick's Day. Will - Great. He looks at Kate - Is that okay? Kate - Sure, no problem. I just want you to know I'd do anything to help you, no matter what it is. Will - Thank you so much. I have no idea what you're talking about but that means a lot. Kate gives him a hug - I love you. She leaves. Sonny - I thought you needed some rescuing. Will - Did you say anything to her? Sonny - No. Did she say I said something? Will - Yeah, she hinted that you did. I'm sorry, I should have known better. Sonny - Did you say something? Will - No. You were right. Nick is a bigot and I just gave my daughter away to an ignorant, homophobic bigot and there's nothing I can do about it.

EJ - Plotting to kill Nick really turns you on, doesn't it? Sami - No, it's being with a man who's powerful enough to get the job done. Sami wants more sex but EJ holds off. We have to get back to the matter at hand. The way I see it we only have one problem. If Nick goes back to prison how long do you think it's going to take him to work out who sent him there. He's a smart guy. Sami - I don't care if he knows. So what. EJ - The first thing he's going to do is tell the authorities everything he knows about William's involvement in my shooting.

Nick hovers over Gabi - Did you have enough to eat? Do you want a refill? Gabi wants him to sit down and talk to her. Nick - About what? Gabi - It's about why you got so upset when Hope asked you about your parole officer earlier. Nick - Because that's in the past and it doesn't matter anymore. Gabi - It's not in the past, you're still on parole and you still have to talk to your parole officer. Nick - Fine, I'll call him tomorrow after our wedding. Is that what you need to hear? Gabi - Remember when you told me you didn't know who stabbed you in prison? Nick - Yeah because I don't. Why are we talking about this? Gabi - Rafe read your prison file. Nick - What! Gabi - Don't be mad at him. He was just looking out for me. But the thing is he read something that suggested the authorities thought you knew who stabbed you but you tried to cover it up.

Segment 6: When Eric returns to the rectory Nicole starts in on him. It's one thing to offer your services to hardened criminals because some of them actually deserve your help. But Chloe! Really! Taking her up on her offer to give back, that's just ridiculous. She is just using you and God to score points with Daniel. It's just sick and manipulative. Blasphemous! It's just plain wrong! Hello ... why aren't you saying anything? Eric - I think I finally understand the depth of what's going on with you and I think it's about time we talk about it.

Hope returns to the police station and greets Rafe. He asks her where she's been. Hope - I went from the hospital straight to the prison with Eric. Rafe heard about that. You're working with him on this Outreach program? Hope - Yeah I'm going to be the police liasion. What are you thinking? Rafe - Nick, his time in prison and how it effected him.

EJ - There are 3 things we have to do to deal with Nick. The first thing we need to do is find the evidence that Will shot me and make that disappear. The second thing we have to do is find William's taped confession and destroy those and ... Sami - The third thing would be to set Nick up to violate his parole. EJ - And then and only then can he go back to prison; the authorities won't listen to a thing he says and he'll be in prison for a long time.

Will - How could I not see Nick for who he really is. Sonny - You were just trying to give him the benefit of the doubt. People like Nick learn to hide their feelings even from themselves. And they always have a rationale for their intolerance. They hide behind pity or religion or they think they are defending what they call a family when really all it is hatred and fear. Will - I see that now in Nick especially ... the fear ... what is he so afraid of though?

Vargas is in his cell doing pushups. When he's done he recalls sitting next to Nick on one of the prison cots. I'll protect you for now Nicky even though your big mouth is the reason I'm still stuck in this hell hole. Don't you worry because the day is coming that you're going to pay me back big time for the 10 years of my life you cost me.

Nick - Why are you pushing me to talk about this? Gabi - Because I want to take care of you the way you take care of me and the baby and if something is bothering you or hurting you, I want to know about it.

Segment 7: Eric - It really hurts me to see someone I care about in so much pain. I know ... you were starting to telling me in the confessional. Nicole - If you know then why don't you see ... Eric - See what? Nicole - What's right in front of you! Never mind. Eric - Please help me. What am I supposed to see. Please tell me. He's holding on to her hand.

Nick - Not so long ago I walked through those doors right over there and I met the most incredible woman. She totally changed my life. Everything from before no longer mattered because I was truly born again that day. God knows I didn't deserve it but I was lucky enough to have her fall in love with me just as I was falling in love with her. And now the two of us are going to raise a child. We're going to be a family; build a new life together. He gets up and gets her a gift from his jacket pocket.

Sami - I can take care of the evidence from the police locker. I have someone to help me ... it's not Rafe of course. It's not like he would risk his badge for anyone but his sister. EJ - So that takes care of the first problem. Next we have to get those audio recordings. They're probably on Nick's computer. That shouldn't be too hard to find. We'll just erase them. Sami - We have time to get this done. Gabi's not due for another month.

Gabi opens her gift. It's a onesie.

Sami - So we have time to get Will back into his baby's life and Nick out of everyone else's. EJ - Sounds like we have a plan. They seal the deal with sex.

Gabi smiles as she reads the stitching - Daddy's Little Girl.

Vargas marks a big X on the 7th of March.

Nick - Do you like it? I've never picked out baby clothes before. Gabi - It's beautiful and I love you so much. Nick - Do you think she's going to like it. Gabi - She's going to love it. Arianna Grace is the only person in the world luckier than I am. Nick - Everything is going to work out for us Gabi from now on. They hug.


Thursday, Mar 7

Segment 1: Dan and Jen arrive at the nurse's station at the same time and exchange glances. A nurse asks Dan about a patient. Maxine and Kayla watch. Maxine - They've been like that all day. Kayla - Well, at least we have tonight. Maxine - Tonight? Kayla - It hasn't slipped your mind, has it? Maxine - Oh yeah, the ceremony for me. Kayla - Yes, the one where we're going to honour you - Nurse of the Year! Most deservedly so if I might add. Maxine doesn't know about that. It will make her kids happy anyway. Kayla - And given the way Dan and Jen feel about you ... it's a good opportunity to break the ice ... party atmosphere coupled with their love and respect for you. Maxine - A couple of glasses of champagne won't hurt either. Kayla - Whatever it takes. As long as they find their way back to each other tonight. Kayla walks up to Jen. I hope you cleared your schedule for tonight. Jen - Tonight? What? Kayla - You remember ... the party I'm hosting for Maxine. We're honouring her as Nurse of the Year. Jen - Yes. I need to talk to Maxine about that. I'd love to go but I can't make it. Kayla - Previous engagement? Jen - No. Kayla - You're not sick or anything. Jen - No. Kayla - Great. You're not busy and you're not sick so you'll be there. Maxine talks to Dan - I was just telling Kayla my kids are making a much bigger deal of this than I am. Dan - Your kids are very proud of you. We all are. Maxine - That means a whole lot. I'll see you tonight then. Dan - You know how happy I am for you about this award but I don't think I'm going to be able to make it.

Nancy arrives at Dan's apt. Chloe is so glad she's here. Nancy - My daughter and grandson needed me. Chloe - Boy do we ever. Nancy - You know that I love a good challenge. Chloe - It's simple, get rid of Jennifer Horton. Nancy - I got rid of her brother Mike so I'll ... no, we'll get rid of that boring Barbie. After checking on Parker Nancy gives Chloe another hug. I can feel your rib cage. You've lost weight over this Daniel Jennifer fiasco, haven't you. Chloe - A bit, mainly it's just given me a giant headache. Nancy - Your mom has a doozy too. She rummages through her purse for pills; aspirin, calcium and pills for her insomnia. They're like a godsend to me. They knock me right out. Chloe hopes they're not addictive or anything. Nancy - Do not be a worrywort and don't worry about that meddlesome bitch Jennifer either. We shall put our little headachy heads together and come up with a remedy to get rid of her. Chloe - And then I'll have a clear path back to Daniel. Trust me, it's not just for selfish reasons that I want him back. It's for Parker too. He deserves to have a mom and dad who are together and love each other. Nancy - About that Chloe ... and please don't get angry with me. I know that you want Jennifer out of your life and I don't blame you but getting Daniel back the way he was ... you can clear the path, you can get rid of the competition but you can't make someone love you. It just doesn't work that way.

Eric - Help me, what's right in front of me! Nicole - That's the thing, you are so smart and naturally intuitive about people so why can't you even come close to sensing what I'm feeling!

Maggie looks at a stack of suitcases and then joins Vic and Brady in the living room. That's a lot of luggage. Brady - I'm moving out today. You knew that. Maggie - It's still a little jarring to me. Vic - It's more than jarring to me. It's downright depressing. Moving in with that wretched woman! Kristen DiMera, of all people. Maggie tells him to stop. Vic continues - If I didn't know better I'd swear you were back on drugs. Brady - On that, I'm out of here. Maggie - Before you go would you write down your address for me. I'm making some muffins and I'll send them over to you. Brady thanks her. Vic looks at the address. Good God! The DiMera mansion. Is this your idea of a joke! Brady - My mail is going to be forwarded. It might take a couple of days. Vic - Forwarded to the bowels of hell because that's exactly where you're going. It's an abomination, Brady. It's bad enough you're moving in with that woman but to move into the DiMera house of horrors turns my stomach. Maggie - Brady, I don't understand. I know you're crazy about this woman but living under Stefano's roof! Brady - Kristen needs to be there. I love her so I'm going to be there with her. Vic - How touching! I suppose if she needed to be on Pluto you'd move with her there too even though there's no water or oxygen and you'd drop dead immediately. Maggie - Calm down please. Victor - Good God. Maggie - So does this mean you're going to be stepping down from your position at Titan as well. Brady - I don't see why I should. I'm not going to work out of that home and the new safeguards are up and running so the company will not be compromised. That I can promise you Grandfather. Vic - I'll promise you something too. You walk out that door don't even think of coming back.

Harold lets Kristen in. You had the locks changed I trust. Harold - As you wished. Kristen - The staff knows not to come back until tomorrow. Harold - Yes, mum. He hands her a key. If you'll excuse me I'll finish opening up the house. Kristen - It's been so long since I lived here I might need a map. After Harold leaves Kristen mutters, Rising from the ashes, just like you father. Kristen walks around the living room and then turns around. Well look who's here. Aren't you going to welcome me back home.

Segment 2: Eric - I'm sorry. You keep telling me I should be getting something. And maybe I'm being really dense, I just have no idea what you're trying to tell me. Ciara comes in - Father Eric, look, I made this in First Communion class. Eric crouches down next to her. That is beautiful. Thank you. Is it God or Jesus? Ciara - It's you. Eric - Me. Ciara - Because I love you so much. Eric hugs her. I love you too Ciara. Ciara - I was thinking ... I better not tell you ... Eric - What were you going to say Ciara? Ciara - That when I grow up, I want to marry you. Eric smiles - Oh Ciara. Ciara - I knew it! You don't want to marry me, do you?

Nancy - A lot has happened since Daniel loved you before. Chloe knows but it's all in the past, what matters is now. I just want my son to have a mother and father who are together and who love each other like you and Dad do. Nancy - You know we love you so much and we'd do anything for you. Chloe knows that. I just want to be able to give that to Parker as well. Daniel and I were so happy once and we can be that way again. I just have to show him that I can give him the one thing Jennifer can't and that's unconditional love.

Maxine - I must have heard you wrong. Did you say you're not coming to my party? Why do you think I'm being honoured tonight Dr Jonas, huh! I'm being given this coveted award for running a tight ship and being a perfectionist and because I'm only as a good a nurse as the doctors I work for and I work for you Dr. Jonas. And it so happens that you're an inspiration to me. You make me work as hard as I can around this hospital. So what would it look like if my biggest inspiration wasn't there to support me! Are you going to say something or just stand there! Dan - I will be there. Maxine - That's the right answer. Dan - I'm sorry I even considered not coming. You are inspiration to me too. You work very hard Maxine and this is your night. You deserve to be honoured. Congratulations. I'll see you later. Jen tells Kayla that JJ's having a hard time at school and the only time that she can speak to his advisor via video chat is tonight right in the middle of your event. I can't really put it off. I'm sorry. Maxine asks Kayla - How did you do? Kayla - I struck out, and you? Maxine - It was close but I got Daniel to agree. Kayla - Guilt trip him? Maxine - Epic! Kayla - I should have let you have a shot at Ms Horton. Maxine - Whatever this is between those two seems to go much deeper than a lover's quarrell. Anne is eavesdropping.

Kristen - Don't be shy. Let's have a look at you. She walks over and pulls the dust sheet off of Stefano's portrait.

Brady pulls out his Titan ID card to hand to Vic. Vic - That's not necessary. Brady - You're going to let me stay on? Vic - Your personal life is a catastrophe; it's an affront to everyone who cares about you but you're good at your job. Business is business. He leaves the room. Brady - I'm sorry about this Maggie. Maggie - I just hope and pray that one day you come to your senses and you and your grandfather will salvage your personal relationship. Brady - What about our relationship? Maggie - Our relationship? Brady - I mean me and you. I'm pretty concerned about what this move is going to do to us.

Segment 3: Kristen - Despite our rocky history Father I'm so grateful to you - that you asked me to come home. If it wasn't for your invitation I wouldn't have been able to start the ball rolling on exacting revenge on those who wronged me. And now that I have Mr. Brady Black right where I want him I'm going to make the most of this. She pours herself champagne and raises the glass - To moi!

Maggie - You know that I care deeply for you so yes I am upset. How could I not be affected by you moving into the DiMera mansion. Brady - I just feel like I've let you down. Maggie - I'm very concerned about you but despite what Victor said in the heat of the moment that door will always be open to you as well as my heart. They hug. Brady - Thanks!

Anne reports to Chloe on the conversation between Maxine and Kayla. Jennifer isn't going to the party but Daniel definitely is. Chloe tells her this is perfect. Nancy brings Parker into the room. Who was on the phone? My friend Anne. Nancy tells Chloe she got a text from Daniel; he's coming over. Chloe has to make sure she looks good.

Jen is at the Horton house video chatting with JJ's advisor. After she's done she goes to answer the door. It's Kayla. I was on my way to the Brady Pub and I thought I'd come by and give you a lift to the party. Jen - I told you already I wasn't going. Kayla - I know but with all due respect, I didn't believe a word of it. She points to Jen's laptop - And see, logged off so I guess that call is over. Jen - Yes it is. Kayla - Great, so go get changed. I'll wait. I even brought my own magazine. Jen - Please ... Kayla - I know this is about Daniel. You guys obviously had some sort of disagreement but you're crazy in love with each other. Everybody knows that. Jen - I appreciate you being so supportive but what Daniel and I had was not just a disagreement. Kayla - What happened? Jen - Chloe Lane happened.

Chloe lets Dan into his apt. Nancy gives him a big hug. The family chat continues. Chloe excuses herself to run to the store to get a few things. Nancy - I'm really glad that we have a moment without Chloe around because we need to talk.

Segment 4: Eric - Ciara, you know it's not that I wouldn't want to marry you, it's just that there are many reasons why I don't think that would be such a good idea. Ciara - 'Cause we're cousins? Eric - Well yeah that would be one of them but priests, they never get married. Ciara - Does that make you sad? Eric - No, it was a choice I made. In a way I'm sort of married to the church. It kind of takes the place of a wife, a family. Nicole - I'm going to let you two talk. I'll see you later.

Nancy - I know you've moved on from Chloe; you made that very clear yesterday. I'll get right to the point. My daughter is nostalgic for what she shared with you; the love, the passion but we both know you're not her man anymore and never will be again. Dan takes his ID card from Parker and puts it on the end table. Nancy - I promise you this, I will do everything I can to pound that into Chloe's head and to get my daughter to back the hell off.

Kayla - If Chloe thinks she can win Daniel's heart, let her try. Everybody knows his heart belongs to one woman and that's you. Jen - I wish I could believe that. Kayla - You will if you cut Daniel a little slack. Talk to him. Discuss all this with him openly and honestly. That's why I'm so determined to get you to this party. I'm not going to push you. I'm going to drive myself and I hope that you show up. Daniel is going to be there and I think you owe it to yourself and him to show up too. She leaves.

Daniel - I really do appreciate your help with this. I've tried to be clear with Chloe myself. I don't want to hurt her. Nancy - Then it's a good thing I'm here. Dan agrees. Chloe returns. Dan grabs the bags from her. Dan has to leave. Chloe asks Nancy - How did it go. They're all smiles.

Segment 5: Eric finds Nicole sitting on the park bench. Nicole looks up - So did Ciara join the convent? You do know that you pretty much ruined that little girl's life. She has no choice now but the veil. Eric - Nicole, please talk to me. Nicole - I love you Eric. The truth is I always have. I thought I had moved on a dozen times but now I know I never did. Eric - I'm so sorry Nicole. I hope I haven't led you on in any way. Nicole - No, this is all on me. Eric - I don't think we should see each other anymore. She snaps out of her daydream and mutters, He's going to want an explanation. Eric walks up - You're right, I do.

Kristen leads Brady into the living room. You look a little overwhelmed. Brady - It's just strange. I always considered this the last place I'd want to visit let alone reside in. Kristen knows that this is Stefano's house but she's hoping with his help they can turn it into their home. Replace all those horrible memories with good ones. Brady - Sounds good. Kristen - Are you upset? Brady - No. I didn't tell you but I already got into it with my Grandfather and Maggie about this whole thing. I didn't want to lie to them so I passively aggressively told them what my new address was going to be. Maggie was very sweet and gentle; Victor on the other hand didn't fire me but he essentially disowned me. She's so sorry. I know everything you've had to give up because of me. Brady - It's okay, you're worth it. Kristen thinks he's worth it too.

Chloe - Letting Daniel think you're on his side Mom is inspired, genius actually. Nancy - Hopefully it will buy you some time. Maybe Daniel will come to trust my opinions and put his family first instead of snarky old Jennifer. Chloe mentions that it seems like snarky Jennifer is avoiding Daniel like the plague.

Kayla works her way through the crowd at the pub to tell Dan she's glad he's here. Dan - Well the guest of honour gave me an ultimatum. Jen walks up outside the pub. Anne arrives. I didn't know you were coming. Jen - Sorry to disappoint you Anne but I'm here. Maxine shows up and gives Jen a big hug. They go inside. Anne immediately calls Chloe - Red alert. I don't know who got to her but someone did. Jen is at the awards ceremony. Chloe - Crap, Daniel is there. Anne - Yes I know. I'm looking right him. Dan and Jen make their way to each other. He tells her she looks beautiful. Can we talk? Anne (who is now inside) reports to Chloe - He just took her outside. Chloe - OMG do something. Stop them.

Segment 6: Eric takes her hands in his. I want you to tell me why so many things have changed between us. Nicole - You hurt my feelings. Eric - I did. I'm sorry. I don't know what I did or when. Nicole - It's not just one time or one thing. You thought I was upset about Chloe when I wasn't. You think I'm still pining for Daniel but I'm not. I told you a part of me will always have feelings for him but he's in love with another woman, I've moved on. Eric - Then what is it? Nicole - I'm trying to change who I am and it's not easy. And seeing Chloe trying to manipulate the situation to get Daniel back ... so desperate to get something she can't have ... it reminds me of me and I can't and I don't want to be like that anymore. Eric - So you're changing the things or the way you've been. Nicole - The way I still am and despite the fact that I'm a slow learner I am determined for my sake and for the sake of everyone who comes in contact with me.

Kristen - I know that you being here with me means giving up things that matter to you and that you love and I just want you to know something. I don't take it for granted at all. Brady - Thank you. When do the other inhabitants arrive? Kristen - The staff is off until tomorrow, Stefano is not due back for hours and hours ... why does that phrase, christen every room in the house play over and over in my head, it's so weird. Brady - We should probably take care of that. He clears off the chess board. We should probably start here.

Chloe snaps - So what is he saying to her? Anne - How should I know. He took her outside. Chloe - Can you see them? Anne - Yes but I don't have bionic ears. Chloe - Get close enough so you can hear them. Anne is pretty good at lip reading. Outside Dan tells Jen he knows he's put her through a lot. The whole think with Chloe and Parker has been difficult for you but just in the last hour or so something happened that just might help us through. Jen - You sound hopeful. Anne - So maybe I'm not such a good lip reader but I sure as hell can read body language. It doesn't look good for you Chloe, sorry.

Segment 7: Nicole and Eric are back at the rectory. Eric - I'm sorry Nicole that I haven't been able to understand what you've been going through. Nicole - And I'm sorry my reaction was to lash out at you ... Eric gets a text. I have to go to someone's house; Last Rites. We'll talk later. After he leaves Nicole talks to herself. If I just accept the fact that I can't have him I can move on. I can and I will. She wipes away her tears.

Dan tells Jen he's crazy in love with her. Chloe shrieks - Ann Milbauer, talk to me, what are they doing? Anne - Oh, oh. Chloe - What are you seeing. Anne - They hugged and they're still doing it. This is no ordinary friend hug, something big just went down between them.

Brady and Kristen are engaged in raunchy sex when there's a knock on the door. Kristen - It's too early for Stefano to be back. Brady - Is it your brother? Kristen - EJ, at this hour? Kristen starts pulling up her dress. We live together. My family needs to learn how we roll. Kristen peers out the window and then pulls her dress down again and opens the door to John. She pretends to be surprised to see him. Brady shows up in the foyer putting on his shirt.


Friday, Mar 8

Sorry - just a very short post today as we have a very, very busy day planned. In fact I'm only going to post the highlights of today's show.

1. Probably most intriguing: Cameron gets a telephone call at the Brady Pub. He asks the person (paraphrasing) - Do we have to talk now, I'm at a party. Okay ... he then goes outside the pub to take the call.

2. Most predicatable moment: Chloe having hysterics when Anne reports that it looks like Dan and Jen are going to kiss. Anne reports back that she stopped the kiss before it happened but they are going to meet at the square to talk. Nancy points out that Chloe can't be the one to break up their reunion - they're on to her ... Nancy will take care of it.

3. Best use of history: Jennifer is not at all happy to see Nancy back in town. Of course Nancy lays it on thick and heavy about how great it is to be back in town helping out Chloe and Daniel at their request. She then tells Jen please tell your brother hi from me Jen gets very angry. Nancy feigns innocence - she thought they had put what happened behind them years ago. She knows she has moved on. Jen reminds her that she went after both her brother and mother bringing up the fact that Nancy drugged Mike and then had a nurse file suit against - she accuses Nancy of destroying Mike's reputation and driving him out of town. Nancy recalls that Mike left because he was having an affair with Austin Reed's wife. Jen starts yelling at her and calling her a liar saying Daniel would never agree to her being the go-between Jen and Chloe. Dan shows up at precisely that moment. Jen is furious when she realises that Nancy was telling the truth. Nancy leaves them. Jen really lays into Dan - she's furious that he refuses to see what Chloe is doing. She's done.

4. Best nice moment: Abby arrives at the square where she's supposed to meet Cameron and recalls her encounter with Chloe. Chad finally gets her attention. He asks if she'd like to have coffee and catch up. She tells him she's meeting someone in a while but she could really use someone to talk to. She tells him that someone said something very terrible to her here and she can't stop thinking about it. Chad doesn't know what was said but he knows it wasn't true. Abby thinks the reason it's bothering her so much is because it is true. She tells him what went down with Chloe. She's upset with herself for forgetting for one second that her Dad died saved her life. Chad points out that her Dad would want her to live her life not be bogged down with guilt. They talk about his mom. He says he likes thinking about her now - as time has past he remembers only the good times. She puts her hand on his just as Cameron arrives. Chad leaves them to their date. Abby tells Cam that she and Chad are friends. She tells him about their conversation. Cam is totally cool with it all.

5. Best funny and teary moments: Funny - Kristen trying to get a rise out of John while Brady is in the living room putting on his belt. Kristen throws up their past in John's face - offers him coffee, tea or me. She continues trying to provoke John but he stays silent. When Brady returns John tells him he's not here to try and talk him out of moving out of the DiMera mansion - he's just here to give him this. He hands him a gift. Brady opens it. John tells him he was in Venice where he took Brady's mom when her time was running out. He took her for a gondola ride. When they were under the Bridge of Sighs Isabella talked about her wishes for her son. Her greatest wish was that he would feel peace just like she was feeling at this moment. He tracked down the gondolier and the guy helped him pry off this plaque from the left side of the gondola just like all those years ago he helped him pry off this one (John pulls out a plaque with the #of the gondolier from his pocket) from the right side. Brady is touched - Kristen is making faces in the background - she doesn't like this. John leaves. After he leaves Brady talks about how he's sure his dad will never accept them as a couple he still thinks they can be family. Kristen is not a happy camper.

6. Best 'drop in' moments: Hope comes into the coffeehouse and sees Marlena staring at her phone - John won't know she wants to talk to him if she doesn't call. Marlena replies - He knows, he doesn't want to talk to me. Hope feels responsible for their separation. Marlena says no the person responsible is Kristen. Marlena played into her hand everytime; she can't blame John for taking out his anger on her. Roman can. Marlena, Roman and Hope talk a bit about John. Roman offers to talk to John. Marlena says no besides even if she did want him to talk to John she doesn't know where John is. Hope is gone. Roman knows what Kristen did to her all those years ago. He's very sympathetic. Marlena is teary eyed talking about John. They hug. Marlena opens her eyes and John is there. In the last segment of the show Stefano's pilot welcomes him back to Salem. Stefano mutters that he's home for good.

7. Best setup to cliffhanger: Back at the pub both Anne and Jen watch Dan pound back a couple of glasses of straight whiskey. Anne reports to Chloe that Daniel left alone drunk. Chloe tells her Mom she's going to Dan. He's drunk and she knows what he likes to do when he's drunk and it's not sleep. Back at the pub Kayla and Maxine gang up on Jen. In the end Maxine just gets Jen's keys from her purse and tells her to go talk to him now. She shows up at Dan's hotel room with his ID tag. She offers to make him her famous remedy for staving off hangovers but he tells her he just wants to sleep. He's going to splash water on his face - she can see herself off. When he's in the washroom Chloe closes the door and removes her coat. When he comes back she has the drink made. Dan is falling over the place. He refuses to drink it. Chloe knows he only drinks when he's upset but she imagines he doesn't want to talk to her about it. No Dan doesn't want to talk. Chloe - You're right, talking is overrated. She kisses him.


Monday, Mar 11

Segment 1: Brady fingers the plaque. I have so few things attached to my mom and that was really nice of my Dad to do this for me. Kristen - If he really did. It doesn't matter if it didn't come from the actual gondola. Brady - Are you saying that he made it up? Kristen - No, your father loves you very much. He would go to a lot of trouble to give you something that would mean a lot to you. Brady - It's just not the way I expected him to react to me moving in here. Maybe we can mend some fences. Kristen - Wouldn't that be something. Brady has a housewarming gift for her. He goes to get it. After he leaves the room Kristen mutters - Nice try John. It's not going to work.

Marlena breaks the hug with Roman and smiles at John. I didn't know you were coming home. John - Well I can see that.

Rafe calls out to Lucas (they're at the town square). How's Will? Lucas - How's Will, seriously? Rafe - Yeah I know this whole thing with Gabi was quite a scare, wasn't it? Lucas - Yeah it was. Rafe - Here's the deal. You're going to hear it anyways so I might as well tell you. Nick and Gabi are getting married tomorrow. Lucas - Congratulations. Rafe - They're a little young but evidently it's what they want to do so who am I to stand in their way. Sami's probably going to freak out when she hears so try and keep her calm. Lucas - Will do. Rafe - And away from those kids. Thanks man. Lucas - See you. As soon as Rafe is gone Sami stomps up to Lucas. Lucas - He has no idea. Sami - No he doesn't. I was trying to warn you. Sorry I didn't say anything. Lucas - Rafe has no idea Nick is blackmailing Will out of the baby's life.

Hope comes into the pub. Hey cuz, did I miss the party? Jen - Yeah. Hope - Was it fun? Jen - That wouldn't be the word. Hope - What would be the word? Do you want to tell me about it? Jen - There's really nothing to tell. What's up with you? Hope - Just getting ready for Nick's wedding tomorrow. Thank you so much for letting me use the house. Jen - Yeah of course. Hope - Talk to me. Jen insists she's fine. Hope doesn't agree. What happened?

Chloe breaks the kiss long enough to tell Dan - Don't fight it. She kisses him again. Dan pulls back - What are you doing? Chloe - You're upset. It looked like you needed a friend. Dan - Maybe, not this. I don't need this.

Kristen looks up when she hears footsteps in the living room. Father. Stefano smiles - Yes Father. Aren't you going to welcome me home?

Segment 2: Kristen gives him a hug. Harold and Mary have been working so hard to get the house together for you. Stefano can see that they took care of the bullet holes. Kristen laughs. Everything else is the same though. I know this place has a lot of memories for you but what do you think about changing things a little bit. Stefano - It's been my life. I don't mind the memories. You've got your little boy toy coming here - something new. Kristen - If you're referring to the man in my life Brady, he's upstairs. He'll be down shortly. Stefano - It is so quiet. Kristen - EJ and Chad weren't sure exactly what time you were going to be back. Why don't I call them? Maybe they'll join us for dinner later. Stefano - Maybe? Kristen - Yeah, well. Mary is so anxious to start cooking for you again. She's sure you've been living off pastries and espressos since you've been gone. She wants to get you healthy. Stefano - Am I still at death's door? Kristen - I told you we weren't doing that. You seem a little cranky. Is this not the welcome home you were hoping for? What is it? It will all fall into place. Now that you're home let the boys come to you. We've already had a visitor. John Black was here. Stefano chuckles. Did he see Brady here? Kristen - He certainly did. He came armed. I'm sure you caught him off guard with the news about Brady when you were in Europe but he's back on his game and he's damned good.

Marlena - What was that about? Roman - Yeah John, are you kidding? Doc was concerned and worried you were off the grid. She's not supposed to talk to old friends? John - Ex-husbands. Marlena - That's insulting. John - I don't know what to expect these days Doc. Roman - Well stick around and you will. John - May I have a word with my wife please. Roman - Sure. Nice to see you again too John. He leaves. Marlena - Why would you do that to Roman? You had to know better. John - I don't assume anything anymore. Marlena - Despite the last 5 minutes I'm still so happy to see you. Am I a fool to hope? John - About what? Marlena - You're coming home to your wife.

Lucas - I know why Nick didn't say anything to Rafe but do you think Gabi knows? Sami - No but I think she's going to figure it out. Lucas - Not if Will convinces her he doesn't care about his own child. Sami - That is not going to happen. I have a plan. Lucas - That is the scariest sentence you ever say. I don't want to hear it. Sami - Don't wuss out on me. Do you want to hear this or not? Lucas - No. Sami - Nick has 2 things he's hanging this blackmail on. One, the recording he made of you and Will talking about the shooting and two, the evidence the police have from the cabin. If those 2 things go away ... Lucas - If they go away? Sami - Things get lost. It happens. And EJ's already getting to work on getting rid of that recording. Lucas - So this is his plan. Sami - No! Okay, we worked on it together. I don't want Will to go to prison and I don't want him to lose his child. Lucas - Neither do I. Sami - Okay then. You and I have to go deal with the evidence at the police station tonight!

Jen - So Nancy told me she came to Salem because Daniel wanted her to help with Parker. Did you hear what I just said? Hope - Yeah. Jen scoffs - Nancy Wesley to help! Can you imagine if Mike were here right now, how horrible that would be. Hope - So what happened. Jen - It just turned into a huge fight between me and Daniel. Hope - Why was Daniel mad? Jen - He wasn't, I was because this is his solution! He said he was going to find a way so that Chloe couldn't interfere with us anymore. He was going to find a go between to help with Parker and it's Nancy! Hope - I get it! What I don't get is why you're mad at Daniel about this.

Dan - I don't want this. You're beautiful but it's not us ... we've both moved on and I am with Jennifer. Chloe - Are you? Dan - Yes, I am trying to be. You should go.

Segment 3: Lucas - What do you want to do? Take the property clerk at the Salem PD hostage? Sami shushes him. No! Don't be so dramatic. I have this whole thing figured out. Yes they keep the evidence in the evidence room but I found out that because of budget cuts they put the old files and the dead cases in a storage room with key card access. Lucas - And who has the key cards? Sami - Lots of people we know. Lucas - And they're just going to lend them to us, no problem. Sami - They won't know the difference. We'll be in and out in a flash. It's not like we're going to take real evidence that they need for real criminals. Lucas - Alright, so we get the evidence and Will's home free. Sami - Exactly. Lucas - Except there's one problem. He's already signed away his rights to the baby. Sami - Like 2 mins ago. Besides the baby isn't even born yet. Any judge in his right mind would toss that out. Nick wouldn't be able to do a damn thing about it. Lucas - So we get the evidence and he's got nothing to back him up. Sami - Yes, that sounds more like the Lucas Horton I know and love. Lucas - I'm a little reluctant to go to jail these days okay but fine I'm in.

Chloe - I'm sorry if I misunderstood. Dan - You did. Chloe - But you are in bad shape and you shouldn't be alone so please don't kick me out. Dan - I just need sleep. Chloe - Yes you do and I will stay here until you fall asleep. Dan - No, I don't need this. You've got to go. He opens the door - Please go. Chloe - Are you sure? Dan - I'm sure. Goodnight. He closes the door. He drinks some of that remedy Chloe made him and then picks up his phone. He gets Jen's voicemail. He stumbles over his words - ends up saying this is no good. Never mind.

Hope - Daniel offered you a solution to the Chloe problem so he welcomed Chloe's mom here to help with the baby. It's not an unreasonable idea. Jen - It's Nancy! Hope - I know that ... Maxine walks up to them and asks Jen what she's still doing here. Go and see Daniel and make this right or you will not like what you find on your desk tomorrow morning. Hope smiles - She's serious. Better listen to her. Jen says okay. She listens to Dan's message - so does Hope as it's on speaker phone. Hope - He reached out to you. Jen - He hung up. Hope - Maybe he was cut off. He sounded like a mess. Jen - Yeah he does.

Chloe returns to Dan's apt. She tells Nancy - Don't say a word. You were right. I tipped my hand to Daniel. Nancy - He's drunk, chances are he won't remember a thing when he wakes up. Chloe - Unless it's about Jennifer. I don't see why I can't make him forget about her.

John sits down. You are my wife, that's still a fact. Marlena - Does that mean anything to you? John - Nothing's changed. Marlena - You're home! John - Brady's moved into the DiMera mansion. Marlena - You've been getting my messages. John - No, Stefano told me and he loved every minute of it. Marlena - So that's why you came back. John - I stopped by the DiMera mansion as soon as I landed. Brady's already in. Marlena - That's our priority, to get him out of there. John - MY priority. Marlena - You don't want my help. John - I can handle this. Marlena - Alright. What about us? How do you plan to handle that? John - One day at a time. Sorry, I've got to go.

Kristen - John was so calm like nothing was going to get to him. He wouldn't take any of the easy bait. He had a present for Brady from some stupid canoe that his mother supposedly rode around in. John probably had the thing made up but the point is he didn't make any noise about me, he didn't ask anything, he just handed Brady this sweet little thing that's supposed to have a precious connection to his mother. Stefano - Smart man. Kristen - I guess he won this round but it's a marathon not a sprint and I've got the legs for it. Kristen tells Stefano she's going to see John. I'll be back in a few minutes. Why don't you settle in and say hi to Brady; get reacquainted. Stefano - What fun! Kristen - Try not to scare him. Bye. He notices the disarray around the chess board and mutters I won't even ask. Brady comes back and sees Stefano in the room. Stefano sees the gift in his hand - For me! You shouldn't have.

Segment 4: Lucas and Sami enter Hope's dark office. Sami will search it and Lucas will be the lookout. Lucas agrees but thinks they should have a code in case someone is coming - a code word like we're going to jail. Sami is searching through the desk drawers when she hears her father asking Lucas what he's doing here. Lucas - Looking for Hope. Sami stomps to another room (making enough noise to alert the entire city of her presence but somehow Roman doesn't hear her) and hides behind the door as Lucas and Roman enter Hope's office. Roman comments that normally the door would be locked. Maybe she's just out for a while. Lucas asks if he's working late tonight. Roman has an interrogation that could take a couple of hours. Are you ready to go? Lucas - Can I leave Hope a note? Roman - Yeah but don't mess with anything. Hope has a system. You mess it up, she'll hurt you. Roman leaves. Sami comes back into the room. I knew I brought you for a reason. My dad trusts you more than he does me. Lucas - It doesn't matter. That's it. We're out. Let's go. Sami - No! Lucas - We're not going to mess up Hope's office. She's got a system ... Sami - We don't have to. He says he's going to be in an interrogation for hours. We can use his key card. I know exactly where he keeps it. Come on. Lucas - Oh great. We get to break into 2 detective's offices in one day. Sami - We won't break anything. I know where he keeps the key card. We can use that and get that evidence out of the storage room. Lucas - Well, when you put it like that ...

Brady - Where's Kristen? Stefano - On an errand for me. Brady - How was your flight. Stefano - Long. Brady - This is very awkward for both of us. I want you to know that I love your daughter and she wanted us to live here and that is why I'm here. Stefano - You say that you love her. Brady - I love her very much. I want to make her happy but that doesn't mean I've lost my good sense or my memory. I don't trust you, probably never will. Stefano - Fair enough. When Brady turns to leave Stefano asks him where he is going. I have something to say to you too.

Kristen throws the plaque John gave to Brady in front of him. (He's at a table at the outdoor cafe). Are you short of change? You could always leave that as a tip. Even cheap brass is worth something. John - Does Brady know you have that? Kristen - Where do you think I got it? BTW that was a wonderful story you told him. She claps. I almost bought the whole tragic gondola saga. John - It was all true. Kristen - Your nose is growing. It was a stupid gimmick and it's not going to work.

Sami and Lucas let themselves into the dark storage room. I think the files will be in the back by date or alphabetically. She hands Lucas a flashlight and gloves. Lucas can't believe she brought equipment with her. Sami reminds him that Salem PD has both of their fingerprints on file. Sami starts looking on one side and Lucas the other.

Dan gags on somemore of the drink Chloe mixed. He talks himself out of drinking and dialing. He goes out into the hall leaving his door open.

Jen is going to see Daniel. Hope is going back to the station. Let me know how things go. Jen says goodbye to Maxine. Anne watches it all.

Chloe whines to her mother about Jen. Anne calls and tells her that Jennifer is on her way to see Daniel. Chloe begs Anne to stop her. Anne - Relax, I've got your back. Chloe tells Nancy she has to get to Daniel's. Nancy - Before you go, think. Chloe imagines Dan opening the door to Jen and then Jen praising her to Dan - wondering why Dan would want her when he can have Chloe. Then Dan tells her I love you, only you. Nancy - I don't think she'd say nice things about you. Chloe - Sure she would, she's a freakin' saint, haven't you heard? Nancy - Okay but come on Jennifer wouldn't fall back into Daniel's arms just like that. Chloe - Are you kidding me! If he said all those sweet romantic things to her - it worked on me all the time. Watch Parker. Nancy - Please don't make things worse. Chloe grabs the bottle of Nancy's sleeping pills. Nancy protests - I need those to sleep. Chloe - I will bring them back. Don't wait up.

Segment 5: Stefano - I lost Kristen once and I'm not going to let it happen again. You say that you love her but now you have to prove it because if I get the slightest hint that you try to hurt her ... Brady - I would never hurt her. I'm not playing any games with your daughter. I love her very much. Do you have any idea what being with her has cost me? I would not hurt her. Stefano - If you hurt her in any way at all you will have to deal with me.

John - Brady is going to miss this. Kristen - Actually he just dropped it on the table and went about his life. That's the kind of thing that ends up in the back of a drawer along with expired passports and foreign coins. I'm still funny, huh? John - No you're clueless. If that's what you really think you don't know my son at all because that is a connection to his mother - he shoves the plaque back towards her. Kristen - That is a connection to you. That's your plan, right?

Rafe is in Hope's office talking on his cell. Yeah he remembers that; that case is cold as hell. You're kidding me! I'm going to pull the evidence; stay right there.

Sami and Lucas are walking through the room looking at boxes. Salem Stalker, John's shooting, Trent Robbin's homicide ... Sami - Hey look up at there. Lucas - They all say DiMera. Sami - That one says DiMera shooting. Lucas - You've got to be a little more specific. Sami - The date is 2007. That's when EJ was shot. Sami - Help me. I have to get it down before someone comes. Rafe shows up outside the door and starts looking for his key card.

Somehow Anne is now outside the pub and she blocks the doorway when Jen tries to leave. Anne starts talking about work. Jen tells her it's after hours. Call me at work. Anne points out this is a work function. Jen snaps at her. Anne pretends to be scared and then smiles. Finally Anne lets Jen go by but she knocks into her. Jen asks if she's going to drive. Anne tells her it's none of her business. It is Jen's business if she's going to drive drunk and kill someone. Do not get behind the wheel of a car. After Jen leaves Anne says - You better be ready Chloe.

Chloe knocks on Dan's partially opened door. She lets herself in when he doesn't respond. She hears him asking where he can get ice. She takes one of Nancy's pills and breaks it into the drink she had mixed. She doesn't notice the pill bottle falling out of her purse to the floor. She hides in the bathroom. Dan puts some ice into the drugged drink and drinks it.

Segment 6: Kristen - Brady belongs to me now. You're not going to get him back with cheap gimmicks. John - I can afford a lot more than that. Kristen - There's nothing you can do sweetie. I've taken what you love most and I'm not giving it back.

Sami and Lucas hear someone at the door. They hide. Rafe puts on the lights and starts looking around. He places a call. Duncan, I've got it. Keep your guy in his seat sweating, I'm on my way. He picks up the box and stops - looks around and leaves. Sami calls to Lucas.

Chloe gets a call. Anne - Code Red, Jennifer's on her way to Daniel's right now. (Dan is sleeping on top of the bedcovers fully dressed). Chloe says it's too soon. Anne - I slowed her down. I did my best. She's probably there already. Chloe - OMG, I'm not ready. Anne - Well you have to get ready. What are you going to do? Chloe - Let me think. Anne - There's no time to think. You have to take action right now so do something. Jen stands outside the door.

Segment 7: Chloe quickly removes Dan's shirt and turns him over onto his back and pulls the covers up to waist.

John - Are you done? Kristen - Yeah, for now. John - And do you realise how badly you tipped your hand? Why are you really here? Kristen - I'm here to save Brady from a lot of pain because it hurts him everytime you force him to push you away. But he will keep pushing you away as long as you refuse to accept us so you can keep your presents to yourself unless of course they're for me. She kisses his cheek and leaves.

Lucas is holding Sami up - Can you get it? Sami is trying. Lucas - Any day now okay. Rafe returns to Hope's office. Hope - Do you think this gang is involved in Mission Street? Rafe - Yeah it looks like. Hope - Good, then you can go home and start thinking about this wedding tomorrow. Jen's been great about the house but there's still so many things to take care of. What about a honeymoon? Rafe? Hello? Rafe? Where were you? Lucas - When did you put on weight? Sami - About the same time you stopped working out. Back in Hope's office Rafe mutters - Smell. Hope - You want the wedding to smell? How? Rafe - What? No, the smell in the evidence room. I know that smell. Sami says - I got it! Two more minutes and we're home free.

Jen knocks on Dan's door. Chloe opens the door pretending to be surprised.


Tuesday, Mar 12

Segment 1: This time when Chloe opens the door Daniel is lying face up in bed with his bare chest exposed.

Kristen is back at the mansion. She asks Brady if the two of them played nice. Brady wouldn't say that word but no blood was shed. He thinks that he and Stefano are beginning to understand each other. What did he send you out to do? Kristen - What? Brady - He sent you out to do an errand for him. Kristen recalls part of her encounter with John. Kristen lies - It was a work thing. An important message had to be delivered. Brady - And you were the only person that could deliver that message? Kristen smiles.

Sami grabs onto the box. I got it. Lucas - Just take the box and put it on a lower shelf and I'll get the evidence out. Sami complains that the box is heavy. Lucas responds and she she tells him to shut up. They hear someone at the door. Sami - Lucas, someone is coming! Lucas almost drops her as she lets go of the shelf.

Chloe - This isn't what it looks like. Jen - You make me sick. She leaves. Chloe smiles - It could not have gone better. Daniel moans Jennifer's name.

Stefano comes into the living room but when he sees Kristen and Brady he turns to leave. Kristen chases him down. Wait! Stefano - No, no, no. I don't want to watch you two playing chess. My God! Kristen - You just got home. We want to spend a little time with you. She holds Stefano's hand and Brady's hand. Kristen starts talking about the garden. Brady - This is not going to work. Stefano agrees. This chatting back and forth ... we can't ... Kristen - You're right but it's going to get easier you know. I'm grateful that you're trying. Brady - For you. Stefano - Only for you. Kristen - You're the two most important men in my life. In time you'll see each other in a new light, don't you think. EJ walks in and takes a picture. Look at that. That's going to have be my new screen saver.

Rafe comes back into the evidence room and turns on the light. He starts looking around. He's about to leave when he spots Lucas. Lucas, what the hell are you doing in here?

Chloe stands over Daniel and recalls putting the drug in Daniel's drink. She wonders if she used too much. Oh God, what if he doesn't wake up.

Segment 2: Jen returns to the Horton house crying. This is unbelievable. She recalls happier times. One fight. One stupid arguement is all it took for you to jump into bed with Chloe.

Chloe puts Dan's phone next to him and beats a hasty exit. She then calls Dan - Please, please wake up. Dan answers. Chloe - Thank God you're awake. I was worried. I'm sorry about how we left things and I couldn't sleep. Dan - Yeah, that was not good. Chloe - I'm really sorry about kissing you. Dan was going to call her tomorrow about that. Chloe - No need, I got the message. Dan - No you didn't. What I said wasn't right. Listen if you want we could do this now. Chloe - Do you want me to come over. Dan - No, I will come to you. Chloe - You've been drinking so much. Dan - I won't drive. I could use the fresh air; I don't even remember going to bed. It's a bad med school flashback. Chloe - I promise you didn't do anything you'll regret. Dan - I'm not so sure. Chloe - So you'll take a cab and I'll see you in a few. Dan - I'm on my way. Chloe wonders if he's coming around.

EJ asks if he should come back later. I wouldn't want to interrupt your bonding moment. Kristen - No. I know father's anxious to catch up with you. She asks Brady if he wants to finish unpacking. They head upstairs. Stefano - My son. EJ - You look well. Stefano - It's very good to be back in our home. EJ - It's funny. I really thought I'd never set foot in this house again. Stefano - I didn't think I would either but I feel that our bond is stronger than anything that went wrong. EJ - A lot went very wrong. Stefano - Yes because of that idiot McAllister. EJ - It's what you chose to beleive. You sold your son for a cheap trinket and some empty words. A coin. Stefano - That's why I want to make it up to you. I thought maybe we were beyond this. EJ - Well you think again. I'm not here to punish you. I'm glad that we're working together. I'm glad that Kristen brought us together. Stefano - I'm glad too but is that all. EJ - It's a start. Stefano - Why don't you take another step. Why don't you bring your family here to live. Come home.

Lucas stands up. Rafe - So what did you say you were doing in here? Lucas - This isn't Hope's office. Did you guys move things around? Rafe - No. Lucas - You didn't? 'Cause none of this stuff was in here before. I don't remember any of it. Rafe - You're right that it did become a storage area a while back but it was never Hope's office. Lucas - Oh, it's my bad. I was just confused so I'll just go. Rafe - How did you get in here anyway. Lucas - I don't know. The door was open. Rafe - Seriously! Lucas - Yeah. Rafe - The door has been acting up but not that badly. Lucas - Obviously it doesn't work. Rafe - So you just came and decided to hang out here in the dark, huh? Lucas - Yeah, it's been a hell of a week. It's been rough. I took a wrong turn, saw a nice dark place and I thought I'd just sit and think for a while. Rafe - In a locked police evidence room. Rafe makes a comment then adds - Here's the deal, you can start making sense or we can go and see Roman. Lucas - I'm making perfect sense. Rafe - Let's go. Lucas - No, no, no. Rafe - Let's not. Before we go I need to find your partner in crime. Sami! Sami Brady, get the hell out here now!

Segment 3: Kristen and Brady are in bed having sex. He knocks something over. Think anyone heard that. Kristen - A good thing about this house is how big it is. Brady - So technically we could go weeks on end and I wouldn't see Stefano. Kristen wouldn't go that far. Brady - Too bad. I want to christen every room in the joint. Kristen thinks it's an admirable goal. Brady says he loves her. Kristen says he's proven that by moving into the heart of darkness with her. Brady - I'd follow you into hell Kristen. I don't want to lose you. Kristen - Don't talk like that.

EJ - I'm not going to come back here and live in this house. Stefano - Think about it. EJ - I'm not going to ask Samantha to come back and live here either. You know full well that we're back together. Stefano - I didn't know that you were living together. EJ - Things are going very well. Stefano - Is she shacking up with you at your place or are you shacking up with her at her place ... or maybe it hasn't gotten that far. EJ - We're together and happy. It doesn't need any interference. Stefano - All I want to do is help. If I can help the two of you understand something better I will do it. EJ - Father, there's no need. We have a relationship built upon honesty and trust. It doesn't need scheming or manipulation or help as you call it. I should be getting home. Stefano - It was good to see you Elvis. EJ leaves. Stefano - It could have been worse but I am not going to let Samantha come between me and my son.

Rafe - Sami, this is not a negotiation. Come on out. Okay you've got until the count of 3 and then I'm going to book your boy Lucas and send your Dad in for you. 1 ... 2 ... Sami - Okay, don't get my dad involved. How the hell did you know I was here. Rafe - Your perfume. Sami - Really! Since when did you notice my perfume. Rafe - Since I forked out a hundred bucks for a bottle of it on your birthday. Sami - Well okay, fine. You win. Game over. Come on Lucas, let's go. Rafe steps in front of her. Did you really think that was going to work? I mean I do give you points for brass but you don't get out of here that easily.

Chloe rushes into Dan's apt. Nancy - How did it go? Chloe - Perfectly. Now go hide. Daniel's on his way over here and we are going to need some privacy. Nancy - Oh that good! Chloe - Yeah. Nancy - Did Jennifer show up? Chloe - Yeah. Thanks for reminding me. I need to cover that base. She calls Jen. Chloe - Don't hang up. I want to explain. Jen - Don't you ever call me again you witch. She slams the phone down. Chloe - Dreadful phone manners. Oh well I tried.

Jen answers a knock on the door, it's Maggie. Maggie is dropping off some recipes Abby wanted to try. Jen will make sure she gets them. She's not sure if she's out or asleep - she just got home. Maggie - What's wrong? Jen - I'm fine. Are you excited about the wedding? Maggie - I don't know if that's the word. I was told to keep mum about this whole thing. I mean Nick and Gabi want to keep it small. Still it's nice to have a wedding in this house again, isn't it? Jen - Yeah. Maggie - Okay Jennifer Rose start talking. Jen - It's not fair Aunt Maggie ... Maggie - I'll be the judge of that. Jen - It really isn't because it's about Daniel. Maggie guessed that much. What happened? Jen - It's over.

Segment 4: Maggie - Is it something Daniel said or did? Jen doesn't want to do this. Maggie - That bad huh. Jen - It's not fair for me to talk to you about your son that way. Maggie - He really messed up then. Jen chortles - Oh yeah. Maggie - Was it ... I don't even want to ask this question. Jen - There's no question to ask. He crossed a line, an unforgiveable line. Maggie - Did he get a push? Was Chloe somehow involved in this line crossing? Jen - Yes in a big way. Maggie - You do realise that there are many, many ways this could have been a misunderstanding. Jen - Yeah I wish but it really doesn't matter anymore. Maggie - I see. What did Daniel say? Didn't he give you any explanation? Jen - No, none. Maggie - He just looked at you and said nothing! Jen - Aunt Maggie, he wasn't even awake.

Chloe - The sleeping pills worked perfectly. Daniel was out cold, undressed and in bed by the time Jennifer arrived. Nancy - That was quick thinking. Chloe - Part of it was luck too. Nancy - It's about time, maybe the God's are smiling on you. Chloe - Wouldn't that be nice for a change. Nancy - You deserve a better hand then you were dealt. They hug. Chloe - Thank you. I'm so grateful that you are here. You don't know how much it means to me. There's a knock on the door. Nancy - Go get your man. Don't you worry about that precious baby. She goes into the bedroom. Chloe lets Dan in. How are you feeling? Dan is feeling groggy. He needs some caffeine. Chloe can make some coffee. Dan suggests going out, the fresh air seemed to help and we need some privacy. She calls out to her mom that she's going out.

Jen - It has been a really rough day; everyday since Chloe's been back. Maggie - But you knew Daniel loved you. You had no doubts, did you? Jen - No. Maggie - Don't you think he deserves a chance to explain what you saw. Jen - Maybe. Maggie - Give him a chance tonight. I get it ... I say you go over there and face Chloe down. Wake up Daniel, get in his face. Jen - Okay. I really don't think that anything is going to change so be prepared. Maggie - I am, and you be prepared to be surprised.

Brady gives Kristen the gift he mentioned earlier. It's a piece of jewelry engraved Forever Starts Today. Brady - Too cheesy. Kristen - No I was thinking of all the keys I've lost now I'm never going to lose a key again. They kiss. Brady - Who cares about keys. All you have to do is know your way home. Kristen - Thank you. Brady - Where did you go when Stefano said you were out running an errand. Kristen doesn't want to talk about her father.

Rafe - Okay, one of you start talking. What are you doing in here? Lucas - We can't tell you. Rafe - Why not? Sami - Because ... I mean, you don't trust me but you'll listen to Lucas, right. He's right. We can't tell you. Rafe - So you'd rather explain it to your Dad. Lucas - No, we can't tell him either. Rafe - I can't just let you walk out of here. Lucas holds out his hands - Then arrest me now. Go ahead do it. Sami - Me too. Rafe - That's it? And you both agree ... since when? Oh right, since Will. That's what this has to be about, doesn't it?

Segment 5: Kristen stares at Brady's gift as he sleeps. She gets out of bed.

Sami - This has nothing to do with Will. Rafe - What's in here for you? Nothing but dead files and old cases Sami. Ahh, that's it, isn't it ... Trent Robbins murder. You're trying to dig up dirt on Nick. Lucas - You can't really pin that on us. Rafe - You are afraid of Nick raising Will's daughter. Sami - Wouldn't you be? Rafe - Yeah, wouldn't I be worried about Nick marrying my little sister. Wouldn't have I dug through every single file with a fine tooth comb to make sure there wasn't anything going on with him? You know, just to make sure he's okay. Lucas - Of course you would have. Sami - Right. Lucas tried to convince me of that but he's also a convicted murderer; he was a drug addict! Are you seriously going to stand there and tell me we have nothing to worry about. Rafe - If there was I would let you know. Seriously! You don't think that I would have found it! What, you don't believe me. Sami - I do, I just don't think you'd tell me. Rafe - So you think I'd hang you and Will out to dry. Sami - I don't know. Lucas - We weren't thinking straight, were we? Rafe - It's been that kind of week, hasn't it? Do you have any backpacks, knapsacks with you ... anything you can hide files in? Lucas opens his jacket. Sami pulls out the gloves and flashlight from her pockets. That's it. Rafe - Good. Get out of here. This never happened. Lucas - Thank you. Rafe - I mean that; this never happened. I don't want you telling Gabi that you were snooping around trying to find dirt on Nick because that's going to stress her out and you remember what the doctor said about that, okay? Alright? Sami - Yes, okay, I won't say anything. Rafe - Good. I spoke to Gabi she said that her and Will and Nick have this custody thing all worked out. They're communicating okay so let's not muck this up for them. Sami - No sir. Rafe - Good. Now if I ever catch either one of you in here your asses are going to jail, understood? Lucas - Yes, thank you. They leave.

Dan and Chloe are in the park near the square. Chloe knows what happened tonight was a surprise. It shocked me too. I didn't expect ... Dan - What didn't you expect? You kissed me which was so out of bounds. What did you think was going to happen? Chloe - I didn't think. Dan - Neither did I. I shouldn't have beem so harsh with you. Chloe - What do you wish you would have said? Dan - Same thing only nicer. It never should have happened. You are the mother of my son so you will always have my respect. Whatever happened between us, I will always be sorry for what happened to you after our split. Chloe - I don't want your pity. Dan - It's not pity, it's concern for you and Parker. I want to make sure you have everything you need to keep our son happy, healthy and safe. I'm going to be in his life. I'm going to be a hands on father which means you and I are going to be in each other's lives but that's all. I love Jennifer, only Jennifer. Chloe - I get that. Daniel - Do you? Because if this is too hard, if you can't accept what I'm saying, changes will be made. Chloe - What kind of changes? Dan - We will make arrangements to hand off our son, other than that there will be no contact with each other.

Jen finds Daniel's hotel room door ajar and goes inside. She sees the empty bed. No surprise here. How could I be so wrong? So stupid! How can you say you love me and then sleep with Chloe. She is standing right next to the bottle of sleeping pills but doesn't look down.

Segment 6: Sami and Lucas go into the coffeehouse. Sami is upset. We just needed 2 more freakin' minutes. Lucas - Yeah, then we could have run into Rafe in the hallway with the evidence. That would have been perfect! Sami - What are you talking about? You would have come up with a great alibi like you're story about finding Hope's office. She starts laughing. Lucas - I was stonewalling. That was all I could think of. Sami - I'll find out when Rafe's not working and we'll go back and try again. Lucas - Again! Really. Do you have any idea how close we were to being arrested! No. Sami - Having been arrested, yes I do know. So do you. Lucas - And I don't want to go back to jail. I hate jail. Jail sucks! I have a little girl to think about. Sami - What about your son? Will needs us. We need that evidence or that snake Nick is going to keep blackmailing Will and keep him away from his daughter and Rafe doesn't know the truth yet. EJ is standing there. What happened? Lucas - Sami's plan was like Swiss cheese, it had a bunch of holes in it. Sami - Rafe caught us. EJ - Why aren't the two of you locked up? Sami - Well actually he gave us the perfect alibi. He thought we were digging up information about Nick or something. Anyway he let us go so I'm going to find out when he's not working and we can try again. Lucas - Count me out. Sami - You're serious! You're bailing! Lucas - Yeah, I'm bailing. I'm not doing this. This is wrong. It's causing more problems then it's worth right now. Sami - You don't know that. Lucas - Yes I do know that. He looks at EJ. Why don't you explain things to her since this whole thing turned criminal the mintue you got involved. Sami - Are you suggesting that I couldn't think of this on my own. Lucas - Oh man, she's all yours buddy. Sami - Okay, I see that you're getting soft in your old age Horton but thank you for saving my ass back there. Lucas leaves. Sami - So what does he think you're going to explain me; how am I making this worse? EJ - Samantha, you get caught, Nick is surely going to know what evidence you were looking for. How long do you think it's going to take him to pull the trigger? Sami - But if we don't get the evidence he's going to be able to keep blackmailing Will. It's a viscious circle. EJ - We'll find a way. Sami - Maybe we should just tell Rafe ... EJ - You are not discussing this with Rafe.

Stefano comes into the living room and finds Kristen staring out the terrace doors. I thought you and your little boy were going to turn in for the night. Kristen - I couldn't sleep. And you? Stefano - It's too quiet. Kristen - You're going to get your family back father. We're both going to get what we want. Stefano - How did your meeting go with John. Kristen - He was smug but I made him understand that he's not going to get his son back but of course there's still the chance for him and me. Stefano - Are you crazy! Kristen - Could you give me a little credit just once. I'm not a fool but it doesn't hurt to have John think that I am.

Brady wakes up and finds Kristen gone.

Jen leaves Dan's room slamming the door behind her.

Dan - I don't want to cut off all contact with you. That would be ... Chloe - What, harsh? Dan - And unnecessary I hope. Chloe - It is. This is humilating enough. Dan - I'm sorry about that. Chloe - Listen there is something that you should know about Jennifer but it can wait. I better get home. She leaves. Jen walks up - Chloe turns around. Dan - Jen, what are you doing out here so late?

Segment 7: Sami - Well that was forceful. EJ - Samantha, you can't trust him. Why do you insist on trying? Sami - Because I want to help my son. EJ - Rafe has already made it very clear that his loyalty is with his sister. Sami - Come on, he'd want to protect Will especially since you're not going to press charges. EJ - You can trust me. Do you trust Rafe? You want to place your son's life in his hands? Sami - No. I can't trust Rafe with this but I can't give up on Will. I have to find a way to help him. EJ - And you will. We'll find a different way.

Dan - I didn't think I'd get to see you again tonight. Chloe is eavesdropping. Jen - I bet you didn't. Dan - Are you going somewhere? Do you have a minute? Jen - For? Dan - I've been thinking about you all night ... Jen slaps him.

Stefano - Be careful my dear. Kristen - I can handle John Black. Stefano - Last time you had those emotions you almost destroyed your life. Kristen - I'm aware of that and I will never be that weak and trusting again so don't worry about me father. It's all going perfectly, exactly according to my plan for John's total destruction which is brilliant. You'e going to love the end game. Brady is standing in the doorway.


Thursday, Mar 14

Segment 1: A sleeping Will is awakened by a call from his mother. Sami is so glad he answered the phone. Will - I was sleeping. I wasn't thinking clearly. What do you want? She's checking in on him. Did he get any of her messages. Will hasn't been in a talking mood lately. Sami - Because of me and what I did. Will - No, I told you I'm not mad at you anymore. I only have myself to blame for what happened. Sami - Listen, you got Gabi pregnant but everything that happened after that is because of Nick. I'm going to take care of it. I'm serious. I'm not going to let that creep keep you away from your daughter. Will - Please stay out of this. Sami sees EJ and tells Will she has to go. Don't worry, I've got everything handled. Sonny walks up - What did your mom do now? Will - It's what she's going to do which is make a bad situation worse. Sonny - You should call her back. Will - It doesn't matter. She's going to do what she wants anyway. Sonny - That's true. Did you think about what I said last night. People are going to start asking questions about why you signed your rights away as the father and since you can't tell them that Nick is blackmailing you I was thinking we should have some kind of cover story. Will - What am I going to say that makes any sense? I can't even convince Gabi probably. Sonny - I just know you're going to take a lot of heat for this. I'm really sorry. Will - I hope people don't think I did this just for you. Sonny - Even if they do, I know the truth. Nick is trying to destroy your life because of some stupid thing you did as a kid. And he would have taken down your dad, your grandfather, your Aunt Hope and I know you did the only thing you could do. Will - You don't have to make me sound so noble. I should have accepted responsibility from the beginning. If you need any proof of what goes around comes around just look at me.

Nick and Gabi are in bed. Nick holds up Gabi's left hand and asks her if she likes her ring. She loves it but I already have the pendant. Nick - The pendant doesn't tell the whole world that you're spoken for. Gabi - I know but it must have cost a lot of money. Nick - I'm a working man now, just ask Kate. I can afford to buy my old lady some bling. Gabi laughs - You're so romantic. They kiss. Gabi - What a great way to start the rest of my life. Nick - I can't believe it. In a few hours you're going to be Mrs. Fallon and you are going to be Arianna Grace Fallon - he kisses her stomach. Gabi - Yesterday Will came by and I kind of felt weird about not inviting him. Nick - Will came by here? What did he want? Gabi - He wanted to talk to me about something. It kind of sounded important and then he just changed his mind. Nick - Why do you say that? Gabi - Because he said something that we both knew was totally lame and he took off. I think I'm going to call him and see if everything's okay. Nick - Don't do that.

Rafe is in bed. His cell rings. This better be important. Oh, it's the station. Hernandez. Kate strokes his chest. Rafe - Stop! No not you. Go ahead. Are you sure about that? Okay, thanks for letting me know. Kate kisses his neck. Bad news? Rafe - Stefano. Kate - Is he dead? Rafe - No, he's back in Salem.

EJ asks how Will is. Sami complains that he sounds like he's given up. EJ - Nick, for a convicted murdererer, is quite adept at working his way around the legal system. Sami - We have to find a way to get him out of the picture. EJ knows. He has something important he needs to talk to her about. He would have told her last night but she was a little upset. My father has moved back to Salem. Sami asks if he knew Stefano was coming back. He did. Sami - And you chose not to tell me. Yes. Sami - Did you think I wouldn't notice Stefano being back in town. EJ was hoping that he'd change his mind. Sami - Have you gone to see him? Last night. Sami - And you didn't tell me that either. EJ - Because you were upset. Sami snarls - I'm upset now because you kept it from me.

Kristen joins Stefano for coffee in the living room. He asks 'Where's Brady?' Kristen thinks he's still sleeping. Stefano - This was his first night under my roof. I wonder if he had pleasant dreams. Kristen hopes so. Did you? Stefano stayed awake thinking about what she has in store for John and Marlena. It is nothing less than brilliant. Kristen thought it was pretty clever herself. Brady walks in. Kristen tells him to join them for breakfast. Brady is going out for breakfast with his Dad.

John is at the outdoor cafe in the square. He looks at a newspaper photo of Kristen. He recalls his conversation with Brady about Brady's condition - accepting Kristen. He crushes the newspaper page.

Segment 2: Kristen follows Brady into the foyer. You didn't tell me about this breakfast with your Dad. Brady knew what her reaction would be. He invited me. He said he didn't like the way things are with us right now. He even said he was ready to accpet you into my life. How about that? Kristen - Do you think he means it? Brady - I don't know. I didn't give him much of a choice so maybe he heard me. Kristen hopes so. Do you want me to come along for moral support. Brady knows what she's doing. You're afraid he's going to try and talk me out of being with you. He can't do it; nobody can do that. Kristen - Sorry for being a little insecure. Brady - Why don't you give me some time alone with him then you show up at the coffeehouse. I'll have my one on one with him and then you and I could talk to him together. He needs to see how good we are together. Kristen - I like it. Let's do it. Brady - Give my about a half hour, 45 mins. She will. After he leaves Kristen goes back into the living room. Stefano - John is trying to outmaneuver you. Kristen - He can try all day, it's not going to work.

Gabi - Why shouldn't I call Will? Nick - Because today is your wedding day. Today should be about you. Will can deal with his own problems for one day. Gabi guesses he's right. She's going to start getting ready. She heads to the shower.

Will - I guess the thing to do would be to say I thought about it and decided that the original plan that Gabi, Nick and I made is the best thing for my daughter; that she needs a stable environment. Sonny - What are you going to say when your grandma's weigh in? You know Kate and Marlena are going to say you can't go back. Everything's different now; the whole town knows that you're the father, eventually your daughter will know. And I think they're going to ask, what are you going to say when your daughter wants to ... Will - I'll tell them I don't know because I honestly don't know. Sonny - I'm sorry. Will - I'm just saying I don't know what I'm going to do about any of this. Will gets a text from Nick. He wants to see me.

Rafe - Are you okay? Kate - Yeah, I think I'm just surprised. I had the feeling that he wasn't coming back. Rafe - Now he's here. Kate - Sounds like. Rafe - How do you feel about that? Kate - Let's see. I couldn't care less. I don't give a damn about Stefano. He can be in Timbuktu for all I care. But he is here, maybe we should think about ending this.

EJ thinks Sami is overreacting. So Sami overreacts somemore ranting about what she and Lucas went through last night. Which is exactly why EJ didn't tell her. He knows how much pressure she's under. He thinks he's helping her - Sami thinks the exact opposite. EJ - My father coming back to town is not going to have any impact on our relationship whatsoever. You think you hated the influence he had over me? Believe you me, you didn't hate it half as much as I did. Sami - You hated it so much that you couldn't tell me the one man that could help my son if back in town. EJ - What did you say? Oh please don't tell me that you're thinking about getting my father involved in this!

Segment 3: Sonny - Why the hell does Nick want to meet with you. He's getting married today. Will doesn't know. I already gave him everything he wants unless ... do you think it's possible maybe Gabi told him I went to see her yesterday and he ended up telling her everything? Sonny - Anything's possible. Will - Gabi wouldn't stand for it. Maybe Nick has to back down. Sonny - Don't get your hopes up. Even if he had to tell Gabi he would spin it. He would tell her it's about your Mom. He would never tell her it's about you being gay. And then he'd make her believe that he's doing this to protect her. I think you should tell him to take this meeting and shove it. Will can't do that because he thinks there's a chance. He hugs Sonny.

Sami - You're damn right I want Stefano DiMera's help. How could you think that I wouldn't! EJ - Because I've spent a tremendous amount of time listening to you tell me how much you despise him. Sami - Yeah for my sake and your sake but it's Will we're talking about here. I would do anything to help my son even if that means deal with Stefano DiMera. EJ - You have no idea what you're saying. Sami - I'm not going to ask him to take a hit out on Nick. EJ - Oh great. What exactly is it that you want then? Sami - My dad and my uncle are always complaining about the fact that they know Stefano has someone on the inside at the Salem PD so that guy could get the evidence out of the storage room that Lucas and I were trying to get and then we're home free, right? EJ laughs. You really have not thought this through at all. Sami - I don't have time to think it through. We have to go see Stefano right now.

Rafe - Is this your way of telling me you want to get back with Stefano. Kate - My God. NO. I want nothing to do with that man; he wants nothing to do with me. It's just that he wouldn't want to see me with anyone else. So if he should find out about the two of us ... Rafe - Ah, look at you ... you're worried about what he might do to me. Kate - Well we already know what he did to you. Rafe - So I know how he works. I'm not scared of him and I don't give a damn if he finds out about us. In fact I kind of like the idea of driving him a little crazy. Kate - Wow. You're either one of the bravest men I've ever met or you're a complete fool. Rafe - Maybe a little bit of both. They kiss.

Stefano - Didn't it dawn on you that John would fight back? Kristen - If he thinks he can outsmart me he can think again. Stefano - Then you better hope that Brady cares more about you than he cares for his father. The doorbell rings. Kristen yells - What! I'm coming. She opens the door to Chad. I'm guessing this is a bad time.

John gives Brady a hug when he joins him at the coffeehouse. John took the liberty of ordering for Brady. Brady really wants to work this out. I really appreciate very much that you're trying to accept that Kristen is going to be a part of my life but I also know that you're a former ISA agent and you know how to work people. John - You have a right to be suspicious but I am not working you. When I was gone I did a lot of thinking. I was thinking about what my life would be like without you in it. I can't let that happen just because I don't approve of the woman that you love. She has become very important in your life. Brady - You seem serious. John - If you love Kristen then I've got no choice but to try and accept her. Brady - I hear what you're saying. I just don't know if I believe it.

Segment 4: Rafe - As much as I hate to say this, I have to go. Kate - Duty calls. Rafe - Gabi. I want to check in with her before the wedding. Kate - What about if I go with you? Rafe - To see Gabi? Kate - I have a gift I want to give her. Rafe - You're a very generous person. Kate - Yes I am but don't you let that get out. It would absolutely ruin my reputation. Rafe - You're secret's safe with me.

Will meets Nick in the square. Nick - You went to see Gabi last night. What was that about? Will - I can't even talk to my own friends now? Nick - You didn't go there to talk. You told Gabi you wanted to tell her something important. Will - What did she say that I said? Nick - Nothing. She knows that you changed your mind so why don't you tell me. Will - I was going to tell her that her fiance was a S.O.B. and that marrying you was the worst decision she would ever make.

EJ chases Sami down in the park. Sami is not changing her mind. EJ - Has time completely eroded your memory of my father? You're going to ask him for a favour, something that doesn't benefit him. Sami shrugs - He likes Will. EJ - That didn't stop him from doing exactly the same thing to him that Nick is doing. Sami - Didn't you say that Stefano treated Will like one of his grandchildren. I'm desperate. EJ knows. Sami - I hate Stefano so much but right now all I can see is Stefano as Will's saviour. EJ - All he's going to see is your desperation and that's going to make his day. Sami - Not if you're helping me. What if you talk to him unless you are not willing to do that. EJ - I'm not getting sucked back into his world. Your happiness means everything to me. Sami - If you're with me than Stefano will want to help us and I can make sure that you don't get sucked back in, I promise. I think if we're together it will totally work. Stefano will listen unless you think there's another reason he won't help me. It's because he hates me and he hates that we're together.

Kristen apologises to Chad. She's very happy to see him. They hug. Chad - You still think moving in was a great idea? She does. She hopes he'll feel the same way. Chad - I thought about what you said and decided that I could at least welcome the old man home. Kristen - Look at this place. Wouldn't you rather live in this magnificent mansion instead of your sad and depressing apt. Chad - And what? Sit around the fireplace and talk about who we're going to whack next? Kristen - I don't think we do that anymore. It's very yesterday. Chad - How does Brady like it here? Kristen - He said it wasn't so bad. Doesn't sound like a ringing endorsement to Chad. Kristen - Moving in here has brought us closer together and I'm going to do everything I can to make sure it stays that way.

Brady - That trip to Europe must have changed your whole perspective. John - It did. Brady - New Year's Eve you were calling Kristen every name in the book and saying she was using me to get back at you. John knows exactly what he said. Brady - Here we are a couple of months later and you have a whole new attitude. So have you decided Kristen isn't using me or are you just fine with it. You're either lying to me now or you were lying to me then. Which is it?

Segment 5: Chad goes into the living room. Stefano is so pleased to see him. From everything I've heard you've had a rough time since I left. The loss of your sister, you broke up with what's her name ... Chad - Melanie. Yeah I had a terrible time. Stefano apologises for not being here when Chad needed him. Chad - Don't worry about it. It's not like you were ever there for me anyway. Stefano - Woah. In that case why are you here? Chad - Because Kristen wouldn't stop bugging me about it. And because some of what she said got through to me and made me decide that I could give the family another chance.

Gabi comes down into the pub and greets Rafe and Kate. Rafe - You look great. I know you're busy. I won't take up a bunch of your time but I just want to make sure you're okay. Gabi - I feel great and the baby's kicking away. Kate - I'm sure you're probably wondering why I'm here too but since you are carrying Will's baby I really wanted to give you another wedding gift. Gabi - That's really nice of you but you already gave me a day at the spa and you gave Nick a job. You've done a lot for us already. Kate - I disagree. I wanted to give you the something blue for your wedding. Gabi opens the small box - it's a pair of earrings. Wow, they're beautiful. Kate - They're going to look exquisite on you with your dark eyes and who knows, maybe someday you'll want to give them to your daughter. Gabi hugs her. Thank you so much.

Nick - If you really think that Gabi is going to listen to one word you tell her about me you're a lot dumber than I thought you were. Will - Okay, I've known Gabi for a long time. A lot longer than you; we've been friends since high school. So if I tell her that she marrying a lying, blackmailing, homophobic idiot, I'm pretty sure she's going to have a big problem with that. Nick - Well you would have a bigger problem and so would all the people who covered for you when you shot EJ. And just for the record, I have nothing against gay people. I just don't think they should have anything to do with children. I'm serious. Will - That's really open-minded of you. Nick - I didn't come here to argue. I came to give you a warning. Do not ever try to turn Gabi against me. Not only will it not work, I will use everything that I have against you. Do you understand? Will - Yes. Nick - Good. The only reason I'm here right now and not at the police station is because it's my wedding day. Will - Are we done? Nick - No. Look as long as Gabi and I are still in Salem I'm sure that we're going to be running into each other and I don't want that to be unpleasant. Will - I will try to turn not seeing my daughter ever into a fun thing then. Nick - One day you'll see it's all for the best. Will - If it's all for the best then why can't Gabi know about it? Nick - I did that for you buddy because if Gabi finds out what you did and she decides to do her civic duty and tell Rafe, believe it or not, I do not want to see you spend the rest of your life in prison. Trust me! You're family Will. He leaves. Will mutters - Unbelievable.

EJ - Father claims he has accepted our being together. Sami - Great, than let's go see him. EJ - You really need to think this through. Sami - I don't want to. We don't have time. EJ - You understand my father - this has to be quid pro quo. Sami - Again in English. EJ - It means if you want something from him he's going to want something from you. And you have to ask yourself whether you're willing to pay that price.

John tells Brady it's possible he overreacted to what Kristen was saying back then. Brady - I'm so sorry about the way you found out about us. I know it was a shock to you. It was wrong for me to keep it secret. What I don't understand is you saying that Kristen told you she was using me. That's a flat out lie, why would you say something like that. Kristen arrives.

Segment 6: Gabi asks Rafe if he and Kate came together. Rafe - Yeah. Gabi - Are you guys like friends? Rafe - Something like that. Gabi - Why?
Outside the pub Kate recalls Rafe telling her that Stefano is back.

Stefano is so glad that Chad decided to keep an open mind. Chad - It's more like I decided to close my eyes to certain things. Stefano says it was wonderful to be in Europe but he could not wait to get back especially to be around his family. That's what is so important to me. I love it when they're under my roof ... depending on how much time I have left. Chad scoffs - I was just at your funeral yet here you are. If anyone has 9 lives it's you. Stefano - That was a pretty stupid funeral. Anyway you have decided not to move in. Chad - Kristen's pushing it but I haven't made up my mind yet. Stefano - The important thing is that you and I work together to get back to our old days. The important thing is you are my son. That's all that counts.

Sami doesn't need to be reminded how Stefano operates. The idea of being in his debt does make her queasy but at the end of day I'll do anything for my kids. EJ - Including selling your soul to my father? Sami - Yes. If it means that Will gets to be in his daughter's life, yes. Come on, I know you'd do the exact same thing for Johnny. EJ - Of course I would. EJ - Okay, we agree that we don't talk to my father until we've exhausted every single other option. Sami - What other option and I mean another option that does not involve you going to the dark side. EJ - It's going to be a while before the baby is born and I have some lawyers looking into legal avenues that we have. Sami - All Gabi has to do is write Nick's name down on that birth certificate and she's willing to do anything for Nick. Alright, we'll wait before we talk to your father. Unless Will's back is against the wall then I won't hesitate. I will go to Stefano and ask him for a favour. Why aren't you still arguing with me? EJ - There may be another way to ensure my father helps us. Sami - Great what is it.

Brady tells John he invited Kristen to join them. Brady gets a call that he has to take. He steps away. Kristen - So John what are you really up to?

Segment 7: Rafe - What can I say; I've gotten to know Kate a little bit better. Gabi - Because of me and Will and the baby. Rafe - Exactly. She's not who I thought she was. She's cetainly not what Sami said she was. She's an interesting woman. Gabi - What's that supposed to me? Nick returns. Feel like getting married? Gabi - You were gone so long I thought you changed your mind. Nick - We better finish getting ready otherwise we'll be keeping people waiting. Gabi hugs Rafe. I'll see you later at the wedding.

Sonny joins Will at the square. Your text made it sound like things didn't go so well with Nick. Will - At least now I know what I'm doing wrong; treating him like he's the same guy he was before he went to prison. That was a big mistake. Sonny - What happened? Will - He honestly believes everything he's doing is right. Cutting me out of my daughter's life because I'm gay does not bother him at all. Here am I trying to be reasonable and it's a complete and utter waste of time. He doesn't care about what I want or what my baby girl might want when she's older. I don't think he even cares about what Gabi wants. The only thing he cares about is what he wants and that's what makes this such a losing battle. Sonny hugs him.

EJ - I think you're right. At some point Father might be our best option. Sami - Our only option. EJ - After speaking to him last night I think there is something that we could do that would ensure his cooperation. Sami - Whatever it is, I'll do it. EJ - I wouldn't be so hasty with your words. Sami - What are you thinking? EJ - I'm thinking that you and I and the children, we move into the mansion together.

Kristen - You're not answering my question. You're going to have to do a lot better than that if you want to win your son back. John - I was having a nice breakfast with my son up until now. Everything seems to be working out. Kristen - I think we both know this is a lot more than breakfast. I guess I didn't make myself clear last night. I'll try again. The only way to Brady is through me - she strokes his hand - think you can handle that?


Friday, Mar 15

Segment 1: Brady finishes up his call outside the coffeehouse. Marlena walks up. Brady - How are you doing? Marlena - About the same. She's picking up a latte on her way to the hospital. Brady stops her. You can't go inside. John doesn't respond to Kristen. You're giving me the silent treatment huh. Well you're going to have to do better than that if you wanna win your son back. John pulls his hand away. It's been made clear to me that if I want to win my son back you are part of the bargain. I can deal with that. Marlena - What's in there that I'm not supposed to see. Brady - Dad. Marlena - Excuse me! Brady - He and I were having breakfast together. I came out here to return a call. He and I have a real chance to reconnect. Marlena - You don't want me to mess that up, is that it? I get that. I'm okay with that. How was your first night at the Dimera house? Brady - It was very comfortable. Marlena - Yes I'm sure Kristen made it quite comfortable. Have a nice day. She leaves. Kristen scoffs - So you're offering a truce. Is that what you want me to believe. John - I know you're sceptible of everything I say. Kristen - For good reason don't you think. John - So why don't you let me show you just how serious I am. Brady watches.

Sami shrieks - Are you serious! You want me to move into your father's house. EJ - That's what he wants and if you want his help dealing with Nick Fallon ... Sami - We tried living there before; you remember what happened. EJ - That was very different. We don't have any secrets between us at the moment. Sami - You want us to move in together. EJ - That's what I've always wanted you and me together, the children under one roof. Rafe walks by as they're kissing. Rafe - Don't worry. I'm just passing through. I'm on my way to Gabi's wedding. Sami - Be sure to give them my congratulations. Rafe - I will. She's very happy and I hope that once this is all over, the wedding that is, Gabi and Nick and Will can start focusing on giving this baby a great life. He's going to leave but Sami stops him. EJ tries to caution her but she tells him that he has to know. Rafe, you have to know what Nick has done.

Hope is following Jen around the Horton living room trying to convince her to talk to Daniel. Jen can't think about Daniel today. Hope - So what are you going to do? Just give up; roll out the red carpet for Chloe. Are you going to let her win. Jen cries - I can't do this right now.

Nick comes into Gabi's room. She tells him he's not supposed to see her in her wedding dress. Nick doesn't care. I just want to be with you on the first of the best days of our lives together. They kiss. March 15th, today I marry the love of my life. Gabi hugs him.

Vargas is working out in his cell. He puts an X on the 15th on his calendar. Lucky me. Today's the first day of the rest of my life.

Eric tells Father Matt that Vargas is being released from prison today. Father Matt says there's a room ready for him in the priest's quarters. Nicole hears this when she comes in. Are you two out of your minds?

Segment 2: Rafe - What are you talking about? What did Nick do? EJ - Let me tell him. You're future brother-in-law has been saying some pretty unkind things about Samantha since the incident at the hospital. Rafe - I'm sorry to hear that. We all thought my sister was going to lose the baby and things were said that shouldn't have been said. He leaves. EJ - Please tell me you weren't actually going to tell him what's going on. Sami - He deserves to know his sister is marrying a creep. EJ - What about William? Sami - I don't see how it would hurt Will for Rafe to know what a horrible person Nick is and what Nick is doing to Will. EJ - The first thing he would do is go to Nick and the first thing Nick will do is tell him everything about William. Sami - I just hate that Nick is getting away with this. EJ - Then maybe you should give some thought to what I'm suggesting. Sami - Okay. What about you? Are you seriously considering moving back into that house after everything you've been through.

Eric - I know this is hard after everything that happened here. Nicole - What happened? Seriously! Some drug addict almost killed both of us now you want to let some jailbird move in here. Eric - I'm sorry you're upset but I became a priest so I could help those that wanted to be helped. Nicole - Oh yeah, this guy is definitley going to want to help himself, that's for sure. Help himself to the silver chalices at the altar ... don't be surprised if you find the statues of the saints in some pawn shop. Eric - You've never even met this man. Nicole - I don't have to. Eric, why are you being so naive about this. What if this guy does something awful to you? Eric - I have to have faith. Nicole - Would you please listen to me; I actually think I know what I'm talking about here. Please do not let that guy move in here. What if he hurts you?

Vargas is in the visiting room. He recalls having a little chat with Nick in prison about Nick paying him back big time. Looks like that day is going to be today Nicky.

Caroline tells Gabi she has a little present for her. I carried this when I married Shawn. My grandmother gave me this and I thought it could be the something old; it certainly qualifies. She hands her a small bible. Gabi would be honoured. They hug.

Kristen doesn't know what to say. John laughs - That's got to be a first. Brady joins them - What did I miss here? John - I came here to talk to you alone but now that Kristen's here it's perfect because there is something that I want to say to the two of you.

Segment 3: Nick - You know, us being together, it's all because of you Caroline. If you'd never given me a job Gabi and I might never have met. Caroline - Well marriage is tough, especially in the beginning, so don't blow it. Nick - We won't. Caroline heads back to the kitchen. Gabi - Earlier Kate gave me these beautiful earrings and now I get this ... I can't believe that Will's family is being so nice. I think they all know we want to give this baby the life that she deserves. Nick - Yeah I hope so. They leave.

Eric - Nothing is going to happen to me. Nicole - You can't bring some criminal in here that might hurt you and take you away from St Luke's. Eric - It's not going to happen. Nicole - You don't know that. Eric - I think you're borrowing trouble. Nicole - No I'm not. I know what ex-con's are like. I know how they think. Eric - Because of your Dad. Nicole - No. Because I've been with a few ... do you not remember that I was in prison.

EJ and Sami are walking through the square. I'm absolutely not going to move into the house without you and the children. Sami - He is going to start working on you EJ and he is going to use us to do it. EJ - I know my father. He's been through hell. I think the only thing he wants to do is spend some time with his grandchildren and you know they could be quite a useful diversion. Sami - Right. You're telling me Stefano helping Johnny with his rock collection is going to stop him from being a pyschotic monster. EJ - It's not going to be just the two of us and him. Sami - Kate's moving back? EJ - No, Kate's long out of the picture. Sami - Thank God for that. EJ - Kristen will be there however. She moved back into the mansion with Brady. Sami - No, there is no way my brother is living with that cow in that mansion. It's not going to happen.

John - I know the two of you have strong feelings for each other. Brady - That's why we moved in together. John - It's the next logical step but you see this ... I never expected this which is why I had such a strong reaction to it. However I'm trying to look at things differently here so I would like to start all over again. Can we do that? Can we bury the hatchet?

Segment 4: Eric - Yes I do remember that you've been in prison which is why I would assume you would be so much more compassionate. Nicole - Look whoever this guy is I wish him the best. I hope he turns a corner in life; I hope he changes but I don't have faith that that's what he really wants for himself. I don't know why you think that you can create some kind of miracle for him. Eric - I did for you and it worked out alright, didn't it? Nicole - That's different. I just can't risk losing you again. Eric - I've got to get to Statesville. He leaves. Nicole - It's time I appeal to a higher power.

Brady - Just how do we start over? John - For starters, how about dinner, just the three of us tonight? Brady - What about Marlena? John - I don't think it's going to work. So what do you say, should I have my assistant make some reservations. Kristen - Why not, we have to eat right? It might be fun, just the three of us. John will contact his assistant. Brady mouths - Thank you. Kristen mouths back - You owe me. She then says she has to leave. John - Thanks for agreeing to this kid. Brady - Sure. What made you do it? Outside Kristen talks to herself. What is going on with you John? I know you'd rather stick needles in your eyes then accept me in Brady's life. What are you up to? This is going to be so much fun.

Sami - There's no way Brady would do that. He wouldn't do it to my mom or John or Victor. EJ - He moved in yesterday. Sami - I can't do it. I can't live with Kristen. EJ reminds her she worked with Kristen. Sami - She tried to kill my mother. EJ - Everyone tries to kill somebody every now and then. She probably feels really sorry. Sami gets very sarcastic - now we can be besties. EJ - You can at least try. The way things are going you could end up being related. Sami - Moving in there has disaster written all over it. EJ - Just remember why we're doing this. It's for William so if you have to suck up to my father and my sister that's exactly what you're going to do. Sami - Then I think we should get one thing clear first. If I say no I'm not moving in there then you are not moving in there either, right, even if your father orders you to.

Hope lets Rafe in. It's really nice of you to come; putting up a good front. Rafe - I have no idea what you're talking about. Hope - Oh no? I know you have misgivings about this marriage. I know you're not particularly happy about it. Rafe - Well here's the thing. I love my sister. She's the only one I've got left. She loves Nick and if I don't support this wedding I'm going to lose her ... besides Nick loves her, that's half the battle, right? Hope - Do you want me to convince you? Rafe - Nah, I've convinced myself. Hope - About what? Rafe - Oh I don't know ... just that this nagging feeling I have will go away once I see my sister happy, getting what she wants. Hope - This nagging feeling ... any idea what it's about? There's a knock on the door. It's Gabi and Nick. Hugs all around. Gabi is so glad Rafe is here. Hope - So are you ready? Nick - I've been ready for a long time. Is the Justice of the Peace here? Hope - Not yet, soon. Nick - Rafe, I actually wanted to have a quick word with you. Hope takes Gabi to get her flowers. Nick - There's just something I wanted to get off my chest.

Segment 5: EJ tells Sami he's not going anywhere without her and the children. If Will is serious about getting father's help he needs to go and see him and mend some fences. EJ gets a text. He has a meeting. Think about this ... it's your decision ... it's up to you. He leaves.

Nick - It means a lot to me that you're here today. Rafe - That's it? That's what you wanted to get off your chest? Nick - No. This is the house my parents were married in. Tom and Alice built this house because they loved each other and they loved family. So I wanted to clear the air and let you know that you're family to me now. You're my brother. Rafe shakes his hand. I wish you the best, I really do. They hug. Nick - I'm going to give Gabi a wonderful life. In the living room Jen says so now you have something blue, something old and now you need something new. She hands her a gift. Gabi - No, you're letting me get married in your house ... really, you don't have to get me anything. Hope tells her to open the box. It appears to be a silk scarf. Gabi - OMG, this is beautiful. Jen - That is from Jessica, Nick's mom, it came for you this morning. Hope hands her an envelope - It's from Jennifer and me. Gabi opens the card. Gabi, This bracelet belonged to Alice and one day it will be yours. Hope hands her a box - Here's your something borrowed. Gabi - Oh wow, thank you. I feel so blessed. Nick and Rafe enter the room. Nick - Just like I felt the first day I laid eyes on you.

Nicole paces. That is the last time I ask you for a favour Father Matt. Come on, think Nicole. Eric's going to get hurt. Caroline walks in - No one is going to hurt Eric.

John tells Brady that when he was in Italy he visited every town he saw with Brady's mother. As I walked around I started thinking about how much I loved her and how much I love you and I realised I have to figure this thing out or I'm about to lose the last living link I have with Izzy B. And I won't do that. Kristen or no Kristen. Brady appreciates that but I don't think your feelings about Kristen have changed and that's going to be a problem. And you still haven't answered my question about what you said on New Year's Eve. John - Damn it son, I was so upset then maybe I just misspoke. Brady - So you lied to me about what Kristen said to get what you want. Is that what you're saying to me.

Kristen walks up to Marlena who is at the nurse's station. Marlena looks up when Kristen speaks to her - I don't have to talk to you. She walks away. Kristen - Maybe you'd like to know that Brady did fine last night. He wasn't consumed by Satan or anything else. Marlena - Did you happen to know that Brady left the DiMera mausoleum this morning to have breakfast with his father. Kristen - How did you find that out? Marlena - I saw Brady outside the coffeeshop. Kristen - Did he tell you that I was there too? Marlena - You were there with John? Kristen - Yeah, just the two of us. Kind of like old times. You want to hear the real kicker. John has decided to accept me as the woman Brady loves. Marlena - I don't believe you. Kristen - You should. I don't want to ruin your day but the three of us are having dinner tonight. Marlena - You're trying to get me riled up and it's not going to work. Just then Kristen gets a text from John's assistant telling her what restaurant they're going to have dinner at tonight. She holds up her phone to Marlena.

Segment 6: Rafe tells Gabi that when Nick came in earlier he said he was going to take care of you and he will cause he's a good man and he's going to love you, provide for you and the baby and keep you safe.

Vargas is putting on street clothes.

JP - Do you Gabriella take Nicholas to be your lawfully wedded husband for richer or poorer, for better or for worse, in sickness and in health as long as you both shall live?
Gabi - I do.
JP - Do you Nicholas take Gabriella to be your lawfully wedded wife for richer or poorer, for better or for worse, in sickness and in health as long as you both shall live?
Nick - I do.
JP - You may exchange the rings now. Rafe hands them over.

Vargas slips a ring on to one of his fingers.

JP - By the power invested in me I now pronounce you husband and wife. Nick and Gabi kiss.

A guard tells Vargas he's a free man. Do you have any plans?
Vargas - As a matter of fact I do.

Nicole - I think Eric is making a really big mistake. Caroline - Well you might know about that. Nicole - Yeah, I'm the authority. Caroline - What's the mistake? Nicole - Will you believe me if I tell you? Caroline - I believe that you care about my grandson so what is this about Chloe?

John - I'm so sorry about what I said on New Year's Eve. Brady - You were lying to me ... John - Would you please listen. Kristen had upset Marlena to the point where Doc felt that she couldn't talk to me about Kristen anymore. She had no idea how to tell me about the two of you and because of that I was totally unprepared for what I walked in on. Not that there's a good way to see a woman from your past in the arms of your son so yeah I was shocked. I was upset on so many different levels that I ended up saying things that I now regret. Do you believe that? Brady - I've got to go. John - Are we still on for dinner tonight? Brady - We're on for dinner. He leaves.

Sami tells herself EJ is right when he told her if helping Will means she has to suck up to his sister and father she has to do it. If it means Will gets to be with his daughter I can make sucking up into an artform. She thinks about Kristen ordering her around and her sucking up to Kristen. LOL at Kristen saying - Father finds you so annoying. It's unfortunate you're so incompetent, isn't it? Kristen loves having Sami living there. Watching her bite her tongue, keeping all her feelings inside, the woman with the biggest mouth in the world forced to kowtow to the people she despises the most. Sami is bringing the martini she made for her. Kristen - I know you would love to throw that in my face but then you know I could pluck Nick Fallon from wherever I stashed him and he's going to steal that baby right back again. Sami tells herself - I can do it. For Will I can do anything.

Marlena - You're having dinner with John? Kristen - Yeah, isn't that great. I guess going to Europe by himself gave him the chance to think clearly for a change ... you know, without you braying in his ear. I guess he decided that his son is so important to him, that he's so anxious to reel Brady back in that he's decided he was wrong about me. Marlena - We'll see who's reeling whom back in. I'll just talk to John. Kristen - Except John's not talking to you. I guess you're just going to have to face the facts. John is back, apparently not for you. Ouch. She walks away.

Segment 7: Nicole - My name's Nicole, Mrs. Brady, not Chloe. Caroline - Oh, I know that. It's just that you two have your heads together so much I got mixed up. So what is the problem with Eric? Nicole - Eric is part of some prison outreach program or something. He's going to turn St Luke's into a halfway house. Caroline - What's wrong with that? Nicole - There's going to be an ex-con living here. Caroline - You? Nicole - No! Some guy he thinks has rehabilitated. I'm more cynical than that and I think you are too. Could you just talk to him please. Caroline - No. Nicole - Why? Caroline - Because maybe I'm not as cynical as you are. I trust my grandson's judgement. Maybe you should too. She leaves.

Vargas is signing papers when Eric arrives. Eric asks him if he's ready. Vargas - Yeah. I can't tell you how grateful I am for this opportunity. Eric - I'm happy to help you make this adjustment. Vargas - I think Salem's going to be the perfect fit for me.

Nick and Gabi kiss. Nick - We did it, you and me. No one is ever going to come between you and me and our family ever again. Do you hear that little girl?

Sami tells herself she can do this. Whatever they throw at me, I can do it for Will. Cue another daydream of Sami fawning all over Kristen. In this daydream she hears Marlena calling out - Run Sami, save yourself. Kristen doesn't hear a thing. Marlena - I'm begging you Sami, run for your life. Sami - That is my mother. It sounds like it's coming from the basement. Kristen - I've been meaning to have that basement soundproofed, silly me. Sami - You're doing it again. You're holding her hostage again! Kristen - You didn't have a problem with us dealing with Nick when he was in your way. Your mother's in my way. This is how the DiMera's solve problems. I think I need something crunchy. Would you get me those peanuts - chop, chop. Sami picks the martini Kristen set down and throws it in her face. Sami - Who am I kidding. I can't do this.

Brady and Kristen meet up in the park near the square. Kristen asks how it went after she left. It went. Dinner's still on it's just that my Dad is so bad at hiding his real feelings. Kristen - He misses you. No matter what he says he's worried about you. Brady - It's not just that though. I'm really beginning to understand why he acted the way he did when he found out about us. Kristen - Because he hates me. Brady - Quite the opposite I think. He talks a good game but I don't think he's ever gotten you out of his system.

Marlena comes into the pub and sees John sitting there. When she says his name he says hi. She asks if she can sit down. Sure. Marlena - It's really good to see you. I went a couple rounds with Kristen. She told me that you're taking her and Brady to supper. Silence. I didn't believe it when she said it ... Oh I get it, I know what you're doing. You came back to town to nail her. You're going to destroy her, aren't you?


Monday, Mar 18

Segment 1: Chloe gets delivery of a business size envelope. She tells her mother that this is the key to Daniel's heart. Nancy - You know you have my undying love and support but can you tell me why you continue to pursue a man who after kissing the gorgeous, talented you tells you he still only has eyes for that twit Jennifer! Chloe - He's the father of my child and I love him. Nancy - That love has addled your brain. Chloe protests - Why would you say that! Nancy - Let's see, you kissed him, then you used my sleeping pills to drug him ... nearly killing him ... then you let Jennifer see you next to his half-naked body thinking you'd slept together, then you run over to her to tell her that you hadn't ... I have my concerns about your overall game plan. Chloe - I told you I was doing damage control. Nancy - And I'm telling you that there better be a magic wand in that little package because you're going to need it. Chloe tells Nancy to give her some space when she gets ready to open the envelope. Nancy - Sorry. I can't wait to see what the key to someone's heart looks like. Chloe pulls out a certificate and exclaims - Well this sure as hell isn't it!

Maggie walks up to Daniel at the nurse's station. They exchange greetings. Maggie comments that he's not very cheerful today. Dan didn't get a lot of sleep, that's all. Maggie - Do I want to ask what happened with Jennifer last night. Dan - Probably not. I know that she's family and you care about her but if you could not bring her name up in the future, I'd appreciate that. Maggie - I get the feeling there's been a terrible misunderstanding here. I know how Jennifer feels about you and you about her; this shouldn't be that hard. Daniel agrees. Maggie - True love, you shouldn't let it go. Dan - I'm not the one who let it go.

Abby comes into the living room of the Horton house and hugs her mom. Do I finally have a new cousin-in-law? Jen - Yes, no surprise announcements this time. Gabi's wedding was beautiful. Abby sees her mother trying to keep busy - are you trying to keep your mind off something? Daniel? What did Chloe do now? What happened? Cue f/b of Chloe opening the door to Dan's room and Chloe telling her that they didn't have sex. Jen doesn't want her involved in this. Abby - So she did do something. That woman, I am going to kill her! Jen - No, you are not. Just relax. It's not about Chloe. It's about me and Daniel and it's something we have to deal with. How was your date with Cameron? Abby - It was fine, don't change the subject. Jen - Please, for me. Do you know what would make me really happy? For you to be happy. I want you to go to do something really fun. Abby says fine - I'm going. She leaves.

Cam is in bed. He gets a call. What now?

Marlena - You're going to destroy Kristen, aren't you? John doesn't want to get into that here. Marlena - Please, why else would you tell Brady you're trying to accept the fact that they're together. Oh wait a minute, you're not buying into her routine again, are you? John - I don't owe you any explanations. In fact I don't owe you anything at all. Marlena - We can't survive this if you keep walking away from me; if you will not talk to me. John - Don't know what to say. You were the one person I always counted on. Marlena - I'm still that person. I love you so much. I've missed you so much. Will you look at what we've been through; what we've survived. Other couples couldn't begin to imagine that. Seriously, THIS is what's going to tear us apart! Roman comes in and greets them. No response from John. Roman - I'm sorry, am I interrupting?

Brady tells Kristen that he doesn't think his Dad has ever gotten her out of his system. Kristen - Why would you say that? Brady - He loves Marlena. He's always loved Marlena. Kristen - Of course, she's the love of his life. Brady agrees. I didn't say that to hurt you. Kristen - Stop it, I got over him a long, long time ago. Brady - I'm sure he thought he was over you too but why is he giving you all these chances. I guess he thought he could move on but not you. And now that you're moving on with me of all people, I know my dad well enough to know that he's going crazy. Kristen (with her back to Brady) smiles. You think we're making your dad crazy but not because he hates me but because he's jealous. Brady - I'm just saying he was so angry when he found out about us. He would have said anything ... I mean he even said that you admitted to him that you were with me just to hurt him. Now he's kind of backing off. Kristen - So he admitted to you that he lied about what I said. Brady - Not exactly. Kristen - Do you think he lied then or he's lying now?

Segment 2: Cam - Yes, I have it. I know I was late but ... fine ... just try not to be obvious. After the call he pulls out a cash box and pulls out a wad of bills.

Maggie - Jennifer let go! What do you mean? The last time she and I spoke ... Dan doesn't want to have this conversation. I have a favour to ask you. This colleague can't go to a medical conference in San Francisco so he asked me to take his place. I was kind of hoping that you could check up on Parker while I'm away. Maggie - You know I love spending time with my grandson but is it really that important for you to go to that conference now when things are so unresolved. Dan - With Jennifer, yeah. She's the one who needs to get things resolved with herself. I don't really see that happening. Maggie - I saw Jennifer last night and she was absolutely devastated. She loves you and if you are doubting that for a second ... I know I'm sticking my nose in where it shouldn't belong but you're right about one thing, I love you both. And after what Jennifer's been through this last year I don't think she can take another loss. Look, I'm not putting the responsibility on you but if you don't love Jennifer the way that she loves you then you absolutely should walk away. But if you do why should you both be so miserable. Okay, I'll be going. Just let me know if you decide to go out of town. He will.

Chloe - It's Parker's birth certificate. I asked the State Records office to remove Philip's name and replace it with Daniel's. It only took me 7 forms and 2 hours on the phone and instead the incompetent idiots left it blank. Nancy - I'm sure that can be rectified. Chloe - I need it done now. Nancy - It's been 2 years. Chloe - I need something I can shove in Jennifer's face today; something with my name next to Daniel's and Parker's. I need a perfect excuse to go and see him. Lord knows I need a good one after last night. Nancy - Don't look at me, my bag of tricks is empty. Chloe gets a call from Daniel. What's up? Dan - Are you at the apt? I'm coming over. Chloe - Great, I'll be here.

John finally speaks - Hello, again. Marlena asks Roman to excuse them for a minute. Absolutely. Marlena - John please, don't you think I have a right to know the truth. Kristen came back to town after everything she had done to me, to you, to us. You begin making excuses for her; you believed in her. John - Maybe if you had been honest with me I would have realised sooner ... Marlena - There it is. John - What! Marlena - You know exactly what she's up to. You haven't changed your mind about her. And you're only doing all this as a way to get through to Brady. Honey if you don't trust me enough to tell me the plan that's okay with me but please just tell me ... John - I can't. He gets up and leaves.

Brady - Why would I think my father's lying now? I've always believed in you. Kristen - No you haven't. Brady - Let me clarify. A lot of people were telling me a lot of things about you. The fact is you are the one who told me that my Dad would pretty much say anything to keep us apart. Kristen - So why do you think that would suddenly change. Don't you think it's possible he's saying he'll make an effort to accept me so he can get you back. Brady - Well, yeah but my father's never lied to me about anything but yes, it's possible. I hope he's being sincere. I want him to be sincere but if he's not there's nothing that man can say or do that's going to keep us apart; that I know. Kristen hugs him - I hope not. I have such a great idea. We can find out what his true intentions are. You're not going to like it because you don't like the subject ... you and I getting married.

Segment 3: Brady - We talked about this. Kristen knows. I'm not suggesting that we actually get married. I'm just saying that if we casually drop the idea at dinner with John we'll see how he reacts and find out how he really feels. Brady - I don't want to lie to him. I don't want to risk the chance of ruining everything. I want to take it one day at a time. Kristen agrees. I'm thankful everyday that we have each other. I feel so bad for Daniel and Jennifer. I know they're going through a rough time. Maybe I should go over and see how she's doing. Brady thinks she would appreciate that. Kristen - I wasn't sure she and I would ever be friends again. People kind of saw me for the person I was when I left Salem, not the woman who I really am, the woman I was before. Brady - Before you fell in love with my Dad and he broke your heart. I'm going to make you a promise. He will never hurt you like that again. Kristen isn't worried. Brady kisses her and tells her he'll see her tonight.

Cam is working at the nurse's station. He asks Elise if anyone has come by looking for him. No, not 'til right now. Abby walks up. She tells Cam she's here for a psych assignment. Cam was hoping she was coming to see him. Abby was hoping he'd be free. Cam is open for a break.

Roman shrugs - Lousy timing, eh? Marlena - No, it's not your fault. I appreciate your concern but it just isn't your problem. Roman knows. I just don't like seeing you hurting, that's all. You know that I would do anything I could to make it better.

John calls to confirm dinner reservations for 3 tonight. I'm going to make you a promise Izzy B. I'm not going to lose him; not to her. Not ever!

Jen opens the door to Kristen. Jen invites her in. Kristen asks how she is. I haven't seen you since Chicago. Jen - Good. Kristen - Really? What happened?

Chloe puts lipstick on. How do I look. Nancy - Beautiful as always. Did Daniel say why he wanted to speak with you. Chloe - No and I didn't ask him. Nancy - Well at least you found your excuse to see him. Chloe - As long as he isn't come to see me because he found out what I did. Nancy - Wait a second, isn't that why you told Jennifer nothing happened so that she wouldn't go blabbing to him about finding you in bed together. Chloe - Yeah but if does happen to come up how am I going to explain it. Nancy - Oh I know. The bellman called you and said Daniel was drunk so you ran over there so worried and then you spilled something on your outfit ... Chloe - That's brilliant ... too bad I already used that! Nancy - Well then all I can say is good luck; you'll need it. Dan knocks. Chloe - Well here goes nothing. She opens the door.

Segment 4: Chloe asks Nancy to excuse them. Dan says it's alright. I just want to let you know that a colleague asked me to fill in for him at a medical conference in California. Chloe - How long are you going to be gone? Dan - It runs for about a week but I don't know if I can be away from Parker for more than a day or so. Nancy - Actually Chloe and I were just speaking about when I could take Parker to New York to see Craig and Joy. If we work out our schedules then we could do everything. You could go to the entire conference and Parker would never even know that you were gone.

Cam and Abby return from his break. Cam is really happy to see Abby back to her perky self. Caffeine, the wonder drug? Abby thinks the credit goes to his company. Of course you can't say the same for mine. You look so tired. Cam - Thanks a lot. Abby wants him to take care of himself; cut back on the double shifts. Cam - Don't worry about me, I'll be fine.

Marlena - Now that you mention it, there is something you can do for me. Roman - Name it. Marlena - You know I cherish our friendship, maybe more than you know. Right now things are so fragile. I can't do anything to put my marriage in jeopardy. Roman - So you are saying you want me to keep my distance. I can do that, I will do that. But you know if you need me I'm just a phone call away.

Brady greets Maggie at the coffehouse. What's wrong? Are you okay? Maggie - You mean except for being worried about almost everyone I care about ... have you talked with Daniel lately? Brady - No. If you're asking if I know what went down with him and Jennifer, not exactly. Maggie - He won't confide in me. I understand that. I was hoping that at least he would lean on his friends. Brady - I'll look into it. If there's something I can do, I'll do it. Maggie thanks him. Dare I ask you, are you enjoying living at the DiMera mansion with Kristen and Stefano. Brady - It's actually fine. It's great. When my dad found out ... Maggie - I can imagine. Brady - No. He's really beginning to understand that Kristen is a part of my life now. As a matter of fact he's doing his best at accepting her as part of the family.

Kristen - So you and Daniel ... Jen - We had a really awful fight last night. Kristen - About Chloe? Jen - Who else. And I completely overreacted ... Kristen - Who can blame you! Jen - When I managed to pull myself together I went to Daniel's hotel room to apologise and who opens the door? Kristen - Chloe! Jen - Yes, and there's Daniel. Apparently he got drunk and he passed out. He was half-naked. Kristen - Do you think they actually had sex? Jen - No, Chloe said they didn't. She followed me to tell me that it wasn't at all like what it looked like. Kristen - That's weird. Why would she do that? Jen - That's a good question. Kristen - I guess it doesn't really matter, does it? Jen - What! Kristen - You're not just going to sit here and wonder! Jen - I don't know. What else can I do? Kristen - You have to fight for your man. You can't just let that twit win!

Dan - Well if this works out for you Nancy ... Nancy - The sooner the better. I'm going to get Parker up from his nap so you can go out for a little walk - some daddy / son bonding before you go. Dan - Sounds like Nancy is homesick. Chloe - I guess so. Dan - I think it's best that we get a nanny from the service like we originally planned and you can ask your mom to just go on home because this doesn't seem to be working out so well for any of us. Chloe - I'm sorry. Dan - You keep saying that but things just keep getting worse and worse. Chloe - What do you mean? What did Jennifer say to you! Dan - Well what hasn't she said to me. Chloe - I meant it when I told her I was sorry. Dan - Sorry for what?

Segment 5: Cam - A dominoes tournament. Abby - Sounds lame, right? Cam - No it sounds really cool. Abby - Do you play? Cam - Not since I was a kid. Abby - I used to play all the time with my Dad. He was convinced it would improve our brain power. Unfortunately it did not have that affect on me. But we'll probably be doing more talking and laughing than dominoes playing. Cam really wishes he could go just to see her in action ... it's too bad he's busy. Abby - Another double shift! Bummer. Cam - For me too. Raincheck? Abby - Absolutely.

Chloe - I told Jennifer I was sorry for what I did with you. Dan - You told her you kissed me. Chloe - Yeah I thought that you would have told her. Dan - I haven't really spoken to Jennifer. Nancy comes back with Parker. Dan leaves to take Parker to the town square. They leave. Nancy - Before you say how I've ruined your life, please let me explain. I need to get back into Daniel's good graces ... Chloe - You don't have to worry about that. Nancy - I don't. Chloe - No, things seem like they're finally starting to go my way with or without your help. Nancy - What do you mean? Chloe - Something amazing just happened.

Kristen - Do you really think Chloe came to see you last night out of the kindness of her heart? Jen - No, she's always trying to make things worse, not better. Kristen - Well don't let her. Jen - I'm trying. Kristen - No you aren't. Don't you want to know what really happened? Look at me Brady and me. We have far worse obstacles than Chloe Lane but I would never let anything stand between me and the man I love.

Brady - I think my Dad has finally had to admit that Kristen is not the woman everyone has made her out to be. I mean, he was in love with her at one time. In fact part of me believes he still ... Maggie - Loves her? Do you think he's jealous of you two. Come on, is that what you think! You were very young when all this happened. I saw with my own eyes what Kristen did to your father and Marlena. Oh John, he would never be jealous of his own son but he could never, ever forget. Brady - Wow. Kristen never did a single thing to you but you can't even try to keep an open mind about her. Do you think that my father is lying to me about accepting Kristen into my life?

John hears a knock on his hotel room door. Who is it. John, it's Marlena. He opens the door. May I come in? He lets her in. John - If you are here to remind me of all the things Kristen has done to come between us, I don't want to hear it. Marlena - No, I just need to understand something. How is it that you are so sincerely willing to reach out to Kristen after all she's done but not to me, your wife, the woman you love.

Segment 6: A heavyset guy walks onto the floor and nods to Cam who's at the nurse's station. He tells Elise he's going to grab some coffee. The guy follows. Abby returns and tells Elise she walked off with Cameron's pen ... Elise points - He went that way.

Jen - That felt good to just talk it all out. Thank you for the encouragement. Kristen - Did it really help though? Are you actually going to do anything about what we talked about or are you going to let that twit walk all over you. Jen - I'm going to walk away. For your information Daniel is the one who is letting Chloe stomp all over his heart right now. Kristen - He doesn't want to. It's because she's the mother of his son. He doesn't want to lose Parker. Don't you think that you should take yourself out of the equation. Doesn't Daniel have the right to know what Chloe is really about? Jen - If he hasn't figured that out by now I am not going to be the one to change his mind. Kristen - Jennifer! If you love him you owe it to both of you to fight for him. Try again.

Dan sits with Parker on a bench in the town square and talks about how much he's going to miss him. He promises to never let him down.

Maggie - I can't say what your father is thinking anymore than you can. Brady - I can tell you if he's playing me again ... Maggie - Brady don't ... you said you were going out to dinner tonight. John is putting a lot on the line for you. Brady - I know that. Maggie - Then you must know that you owe it to him to give him the benefit of the doubt. Promise me you'll never forget how much he loves you.

John - I can't tell you what you want to hear. Marlena - I don't tell expect you to tell me everything ... John - Sure you do. I need you to leave. He opens the door. Marlena walks out then comes back in - No, you're not getting rid of me that easily. I am your wife. I deserve an answer and I'm not leaving here until I get one.

Segment 7: The big guy menances Cam - You better not be late again. Cam - You can't come here. Abby comes up to the door of the lounge just as Cam hands the guy a thick envelope. She watches as the guy pulls the money out and starts counting it.

Chloe - I played this just right. Nancy - Did you? Chloe - Yeah. Daniel hasn't talked to Jennifer since she slapped him silly. He has no clue what happened. Nancy - I hate to be a negative Nancy but when Daniel does talk to Jennifer and get a clue what are you going to do then?

Jen watches Dan and Parker talking together. Hi. Do you think we could talk for a minute? Dan - Like talk first, slap later? Jen - No just talk about Chloe and about the two of us.

Kristen sits down in the living room and recalls part of her past with John when he tells her that she's lost him forever. Whatever you're up to John you will know the pain I felt that day.

Marlena - Listen to me. I know all that's wrong with this marriage is because I was not honest with you but if you respond in kind, we don't have a prayer of fixing this. John - Alright. All I can say is this, I would not give Kristen a second chance, not in a million years but right now Brady can't know that because if he does I'm afraid I will lose him for good. Marlena is relieved. John notices the door is ajar and opens it. Brady is standing there.


Tuesday, Mar 19

Segment 1: Jen understands if Dan doesn't want to talk in front of Parker. Dan - No, it's important; as long as we're civil. Jen sits on the bench. She would wait until they could be alone but she feels if they don't straighten this out now they never will.

Nancy wonders whether Chloe is being realistic. When Jen and Daniel sit down to talk how is he not going to figure out that you drugged him and let her think you slept together. Chloe - Normally I'd say you're right except the two of them can't sit down to talk without Jennifer screaming, threatening, slapping or making some crazy new demand so it's never going to get that far. It can't.

Dan knows that she and Chloe talked about last night. Jen - She told you. So then you understand why I was so upset; why I lashed out the way that I did. Dan - Actually I was hoping that you could enlighten me.

Abby closes the door to the lounge and faces Anne. Anne - Would it be too much to ask you to step out of my way. Abby - Actually, yes it would be.

Repeat of Kristen in the living room of the Di mansion. She pours herself a drink. EJ walks in commenting that it's a little early in the day for vodka. Kristen agrees. How about a gin and tonic? EJ - No thanks. I'd like to be stone cold sober when I speak to father. Kristen - Good point, however if you change your mind ... he's not home. EJ is happy. It will give them time for some brother / sister bonding. Kristen - You have something you want to talk about? EJ - Yes, you. I see John Black's back in town. That doesn't look like a celebratory cocktail; you look like you're about to jump out of your skin. Kristen - Who told you John was back? EJ - There's not very much that happens in this town that escapes my notice. I would imagine that rather complicates things with Brady. Maybe instead of considering this a setback it could be an opportunity.

Repeat of John telling Marlena that he isn't accepting Kristen and him opening the door to see Brady there. John - Hey Kid, I didn't know you were here. Why didn't you knock? Brady - I didn't expect to see you 2 together. What a surprise. John - How long have you been standing there? Brady - Long enough to know how much better you two are doing. I'm glad about that. Marlena - Me too. Brady - Did Dad invite you to dinner tonight. I know that an evening out with Kristen is not your idea of fun but it would mean a lot to me if we could all start acting like a family again.

Segment 2: Marlena - That would mean a lot to me; for all of us to talk, to listen ... John - But right now Doc and I have a lot more talking to do so for tonight I think it's best to stick to how we planned it, just the three of us. Right Marlena? Marlena - Sure, whatever you think. John - So what can I do for you kid? Brady - Actually I came here to thank you. I'll admit in the beginning of this whole thing I thought you might be playing me; that you weren't being honest about wanting to give Kristen a second chance. I spoke to Maggie and she made me realise what an amazing thing you're actually doing for me.

Kristen - We've barely talked in the last 2 weeks. I can think of more scintillating topics of conversation than John Black. EJ admits he's curious as to how he took the news that Brady was moving into the mansion with our father. Kristen - Far better than I ever could have imagined. EJ - Just you wait until he finds out I asked Samantha to move in as well. Kristen - What did she say? EJ - She didn't say no. Kristen - I know that makes you happy. It's good for Father. It's good to have the family all here. EJ - 3's company, 8 is crowded. Kristen is looking forward to living here with his charming children, Chad might move in and with Sami here ... when she buries her claws, and she will, I promise to behave ... mostly because you love her. EJ - What about Brady? Do you expect me to pull my punches out of respect for my sister. Kristen - I don't know what that means. EJ - All living here ... it would be good for me to know ... are you and Brady here because you're a couple in love or is this you doing penance to serve some greater aim.

Anne - You Hortons act like you own the place. You don't even work here ... Abby - And hopefully soon you won't either. Anne - Do you know who I am! Abby - Yes I do. You're the jealous bitch who's going to pay for stabbing my mom in the back. Now go away and leave me alone. She walks away. Anne follows.

The guy finishes counting. It looks like it's all here. Cam snaps - Of course it is. Guy - Don't cop an attitude. It was late. Next time it better not be. Cam - I heard you the ... he stops ... yes sir. Guy - That's more like it.

Anne catches up to Abby - Excuse me, I wasn't finished with you. Abby - Well I was finished with you. Anne - Do not talk to me that way in my hospital. Abby - Your hospital? Anne - Oh, you're thinking it's yours. God deliver me from you Hortons and you may just be the worst of the lot. Abby - Me! What have I done to you Anne besides just get in your way. Anne - And call me names and threaten me, not to mention what you did to my friend Chloe. You committed assault and battery. If you weren't a Horton your ass would be in jail.

Chloe - I admit I was a little upset at first when you suggested Daniel go away for the entire medical conference but then I realised if Jennifer just stays under the rock where she belongs until Daniel leaves tonight it could be days before they have a chance to talk. There's a knock on the door. It's Maggie. If you're looking for Parker he's with Daniel. Maggie came to see Chloe. Chloe - Why? Maggie - Just to remind you that I've got your number. I always have, remember, and this time Chloe, you're not going to get away with it.

Jen - Wait a minute, you talked to Chloe. She told you about our conversation and you still don't get why I was so upset. Dan - Upset, yeah but I'm sure Chloe told you I didn't reciprocate. Jen - She did tell me that but in the midst ... Dan - Stop. There is no point in rehashing all that. It's petty. It's meaningless. What I wanted you to know is that I'm not angry anymore because no one understands better than I do.

Segment 3: Chloe - Maggie, my friend, did you really come to MY home to threaten me. Maggie - It's not your home, it's my son's and you are not my friend. Nancy - Excuse me ... Maggie - Oh what a treat Nancy. So good to see you. I hate to be rude but I hope you don't mind. I need a moment to talk to your daughter alone. Nancy - Not if you're going to speak to her that way. Chloe tells her it's fine. It won't take very long. Nancy leaves the apt. Chloe - Whatever you think you know ... Maggie - I know my son doesn't love you and you're never going to hurt him again, do you hear that! Not on my watch.

Jen - What is it that you understand so well? Dan - I know that Chloe can be difficult but at the same time she is my son's mother. And for me to be a great father to that little man over there she is going to be in the picture. I have tried everything to make it clear to you; I have tried everything to make this as painless as possible for everyone involved. Jen - Really? Dan - I've done everything that I can do but I feel that you doubt me every single ... Jen - No I don't. I doubt her. And I doubt that you are capable of drawing boundaries that you need to keep her from taking advantage of you. Dan - Jen, I'm sorry, but this is not about Chloe or even me. Jen - Really! Then what is this about? Dan - Jack.

Kristen - You don't get in the way of my agenda, I won't get in the way of yours. EJ - Even if mine is to marry Samantha. Kristen - Why would I get in the way of that? I know that's what you've wanted for a very long time. If it makes you happy that's all I care about. Actually I'm a little competitive; I thought I would be first. EJ - To the altar with Brady! Kristen - The only thing important here is nobody loves a wedding as much as I love a wedding ... lots of planning to do especially considering Sami's history with weddings. EJ - Stop. Kristen - You know it's the truth. I'm not trying to hurt your feelings. EJ - Everytime I ask you about Brady you change the subject. Talk to me.

Brady is fingering the plaque as he tells Marlena - It's a plaque from the gondola, from the last day they went on a ride before my mom died. He brought it over as a housewarming gift to remind me how much my mom loved me. Marlena - That must mean the world to you. Brady - You have no idea. Marlena - Why do you think you wanted to tell me about it. Brady - I know that you and Dad have been having problems ... all of 3 of us have been having issues ... all I've ever really wanted was to feel like I belong; that I was part of a family. John - You are son. We've always been a family and this dinner tonight ... I'm hoping it's a start to resolving these issues we have between us. Brady - Do you really think that's possible? John - Of course I do. Brady - You lying S.O.B.

Segment 4: How clueless do you think I am! Of course I heard you plotting against me and Kristen. John tries to deny it but Brady turns on Marlena. And you were all too happy to turn my Dad against me. Marlena - That was not what this was about. Brady screams - Spare me. Quiet. Brady throws the plaque aside. You give me presents. You've been apologising to me for what, to reel me back in? Do you think this is a game. John yells - I love my son. Brady - I know you love me but I am finished with you. I'm sick of your lies. He points to Marlena - I'm done with you, looks at John - And I'm done with you.

EJ feels that he can talk with her for an hour then feel like he knows less about her then when they started talking. Stop deflecting. She'll stop deflecting when he does. EJ - I care about you. Why do I know so little about you? I get these glimmers of who you are when you drop your guard for a second and say something unscripted. Kristen - I'll try not to say what I mean more often. EJ - When you moved in here with Brady I assumed it was for some greater end now I see you talking to him and it seems like you have genuine feelings for this guy. If we're all going to be living here under one roof I would just like to know how things stand. Kristen - When you find out would you tell me. I'd love to know too. EJ - Are you telling me you're not sure how ... Kristen snaps - Why the hell does it matter to you so much. It's none of your damn business.

Anne - If I were Chloe I would have pressed charges against you so fast but she treated you with kindness and pity and all you could do was call her names. Abby - Believe what you want to believe Anne, I know the truth. Anne scoffs - The truth is you're an elitist little snoot who thinks the world revolves around her just like your mommy. You know what, you're even worse. Cam walks up - Anne, what the hell is going on here!

Maggie - One thing that is abundantly clear here Chloe is that the source of Jennifer's and Daniel's problems is you. You've had an agenda since the first day you came back to town. Chloe - Talk about having an agenda, don't you think you have anything better to do than play matchmaker for your niece and your son. Maggie - And don't you have anything better to do than try and break them up. Chloe - Seems like everyone in this town is obsessed with the precious Daniel and Jennifer and their pathetic love life when you're all just wasting your time on something that is doomed from the start. How many times have they broken up or been fighting since even before I was in the picture. So try the serenity prayer instead of blaming me because there's nothing you can do. The truth is those two just aren't meant to be.

Jen - You think Jack is the problem between us? Dan - Yeah. I know how much you love him and my God, to lose your spouse ... Jen - Don't tell me I'm being disloyal to my husband's memory. Dan - No. What I'm saying is that what we are dealing with is it was a very complicated situation when he was alive and even more complicated now that he's gone. Jen - Yeah, I know that. Dan - We had a relationship, a very good one but you don't just jump back in like that. Jen - No you don't. Dan - And I was in a bad place with Nicole and you were very, very protective and I think partly because you felt like you owed me. Jen - Owed you? Dan - I saved your life that time ... I just did what any doctor would do. Jen - Can we not downplay that because you saved me life. Dan - Exactly and I know that's how you see it and ever since that time you felt like ... Jen - I owe you. You just said that to me but would you stop it please. It doesn't make any sense what you're saying. Dan - But it does. All of those experiences were very intense and they brought us together very quickly. Jen - And you think that's a bad thing. Dan - No I think maybe it was too soon; you weren't ready. I really do. I think part of you is saying it's too soon and you're afraid in some way of betraying Jack and that's why you're pushing me away and you're just using Chloe as an excuse to do it. Nancy arrives at the square and sees them.

Segment 5: Cam - I don't know what's going on here but you were completely out of line. Anne - Look who's riding to the rescue, it's nepotism's poster child. Cam - Excuse me! Anne - Side with the Horton dynasty all you want but at least your sister earned her place around here. Abby - Are you saying Cameron hasn't? Anne - I'm saying only the poor and unconnected among us actually have to work our way up the ladder. Abby - Or backstab their way up the ladder. Anne - Some of us aren't lucky enough to be Hortons or Bradys or have DiMera ties. Cam - Enough. Yeah I have connections Anne. I don't like to use them but I won't hesitate to do it if you don't start choosing your words a lot more carefully.

Chloe - Think about it. If Jennifer and Daniel were really meant to be wouldn't they have worked it out by now. But no they haven't. There's always one thing or another with them. Maggie - Yes there is, it's you or you and one of these days Daniel will get completely fed up and you will be out on your unnaturally perky ass. She leaves. Chloe - We'll see about that.

Jen - You think I am coming up with reasons to not move on, to not be happy? Dan - Not consciously. Jen - That I'm unknowingly sabotaging my own happiness ... our happiness! It's not about Chloe paying games. It's not about you trying to keep her from doing that. It's not about any of that ... it's about me! Dan - I've got to go. I catch a flight in a couple of hours. I'm going to be in San Francisco for a few days. I think it's going to be good timing for all of us. Jen - So you're just walking away. Dan - You asked me to and I think you need it and I think I do too. You take care of yourself. Nancy watches and looks pleased when Jen sits down looking devastated.

EJ is sorry that he asked. Kristen apolgises. It's so sweet that you care. I guess I'm not used to opening up about my feelings with anyone. EJ - That I understand. Kristen - I really do care about Brady deeply even though I realise I can't actually live happily ever after. I'd like to think that we're not going to be miserable. Maybe that's too much to hope for. EJ - That's exactly the same way I felt about Samantha; look at where we are now. I owe a lot of that happiness to you. Would you let me return the favour? Kristen - That's not necessary. Do you think I can't manage this on my own? Do you honestly think I can't succeed without you pulling the strings!

John - Hear me out. Brady - Why? do you think I want to hear more of your freakin' lies! Why are you looking so upset Marlena. You got exactly what you wanted. You turned my Dad against me. He's on your side. Marlena - There are no sides. Brady - Are you helping me? Is that what this is all about because dumb Brady can't figure out this woman is using him. She couldn't possibly love him. You think you two are the only people who know what love is. John - Listen ... Brady screams - I'm not in the mood to listen to you anymore. Go to hell ... both of you. He leaves.

Segment 6: EJ is just offering his help, that's all. Kristen knows. She doesn't know why she's being so emotional. Sorry. I guess because there was another time I was going to marry the man of my dreams and strangely enough it was in this very room. I don't know. I guess when that went straight to hell I locked up all those childish dreams forever. EJ - And now? Kristen - I don't feel like talking about it anymore now then I did 5 mins ago. EJ - Okay. I'll be on my way. Kristen hugs him - I'm sorry. He leaves.

Anne - I don't answer to you. Cam - And she doesn't answer to you so why don't you apologise to Abigail. Anne - I think I should get back to work. She leaves. Cam starts to go after her but Abby stops him - She's not worth it. Cam - People like that just drive me crazy. Why was she going after you like that? Because she doesn't like your mom? Abby - Pretty much. I'm sorry you got sucked into it. Cam - I'm glad I came along when I did. Abby - You seem tense. Are you okay? Cam - Me, no I'm not okay actually. Abby - I'm sorry. You've listened to me go on and on about my problems for weeks, it's your turn now. Why don't you talk to me?

When Jen returns home Maggie is talking on her cell to someone. Now that cell phone service is back on at Smith Island we should have no problem keeping in touch. Jen asks her what that was about. Maggie - Charlie, he's heading up to Smith Island to open up the cabin for the season. Spring has sprung. I'm sure you're wondering what I'm doing in your living room. Helen was cleaning; she let me in. Jen - You don't need a reason to be here. Maggie - Honey, you look terrible. Jen - However I look, I feel worse. Maggie - Oh no, what happened now. Jen cries - I can't do this. I can't go into this again. Maggie - You tell me to butt out if I'm crossing a line here. I don't know what's going on but I wish you would do yourself and Daniel a favour and call him and sit down with him, talk to him. Jen - That's actually where I just came from and that is actually what we just did. We got it all out there and it is worse than it's ever been.

Daniel tells Parker he's going to miss him. Chloe asks if everything is okay. You seem a little stressed. Dan just doesn't like being away from Parker. Here's my itinerary in case you need to reach me. Chloe is going to miss Parker too. Nancy returns and tells Daniel to have a really good trip. Dan - You too and take care of my little man. He says goodbye to Parker and leaves. Nancy tells Chloe she took a walk through the town square and she saw Daniel and Jennifer talking. Well arguing and I have to say you were right, it did not end well.

Brady returns to the mansion and sees Kristen in the foyer. Good, you're here. Kristen - What's going on? Brady - Nothing you can't fix right here, right now.

Segment 7: Cam - Isn't it obvious why I'm upset. I have to work everyday with someone who implies that I don't deserve my job. Abby - Don't listen to Anne. Cam - I try and give a 110% so that no one ... so there's no excuse to wonder. Abby - Is that the reason you've been taking on so many extra shifts lately. Cam - Everybody at the hospital loves and respects my sister. I have big shoes to fill. Abby - Speaking of your sister, I walked off with your pen and I knew Lexie gave it to you so it's really special. Cam - Thank you. I guess I better get back to work. Abby - Okay, see you soon. He's looking forward to it.

Nancy - I couldn't get close enough to hear what they were saying but from the way things ended it looked like Daniel was still clueless. Chloe - I wonder why Jennifer wouldn't tell him why she slapped him; because I let her think that we'd slept together. But hey, I'll take it. Nancy - Team Chloe all the way!

Maggie - Are you sure you said everything to Daniel that you wanted to say? Jen - No because I couldn't. Maggie - Is there anything that can be gained from keeping it inside and giving yourself an ulcer. Who knows, Daniel might surprise you. I love you Jennifer Rose. Whatever happens I just want you to be happy. Call me if you need anything at all. Even if I have to knock some sense into my son for you, okay? Jen - Thank you.

Dan packs. He finds some pictures of him and Jennifer together. I have to make this right.

Jen makes a call. Hey Charlie, it's Jennifer Horton. Aunt Maggie was telling me that you were going to get the cabin ready for the season and I was thinking that I would like to do that myself. Yeah I'm sure. I'm good. I just need to go someplace quiet and to be alone for a while.

Marlena chases down John in the square. John, talk to me. John - Leave me alone. Marlena snaps - Talk to me! John - Doc, don't you understand that you've ruined everything. Marlena - Brady will come to his senses soon enough. He will be grateful to you. He will understand what you were doing. John - Stay out of my son's life. Stay out of mine. He walks away.

Kristen - What happened? What do you think I can fix? Brady gets down on his knees - Will you marry me because I love you more than anything.


Wednesday, Mar 20

Segment 1: Kirsten says Okay, I'll marry you. They kiss. Kristen - Why did you change your mind? No, it doesn't matter why you did change your mind, it only matters that you did. And I'm so happy to marry you; I'm thrilled to marry you; I'm excited to marry you. Brady - Me too. More kisses. Kristen - Just one thing about you doing this whole 180 thing. You were so concerned about how John and Marlena would feel about us getting engaged. If you have any kind of reservation ... Brady finally gets a word in - Let me talk. I have no reservations because it feels so right. It feels right in my heart and I love you. I've never see you look this happy. You're really happy, aren't you? She is.

Nicole is at the coffeehouse drinking coffee and talking to herself. If Eric is going to continue sticking his holier than thou neck out for that menace to society; inviting him to live under our roof like some long lost friend ... well, there's really nothing I can do about it. She picks up a brown envelope. Someone's got to do God's work and it might as well be me. She leaves.

Hope, Eric and Vargas enter the rectory. Hope immediately comments about the heat. It's like an oven in here. Eric will check the thermostat. Vargas comments that the radiatior is alive and kicking. Eric adds that it's over a 100 degrees on the thermostat. He'll check and see if he can turn off the heat using the hallway control. Vargas - Can I ask you a question Detective? Hope - Sure. What do you have in mind? Vargas - I was wondering if you could recommend some counselling that might be available to me now that I'm on the outside. Hope can do that. Vargas - I was thinking it might be helpful. I can't imagine anyone spending time locked up and not wanting to talk about it.

Nick and Gabi are in bed after making love. Nick - Does it feel differently to you now that we're married. Gabi - It feels better.

Abby notices Jen's suitcase and asks if she's going somewhere. Yeah, Smith Island. Abby - By yourself? Jen - I just need to get away for a couple of days. Abby - From Daniel? Jen - You know sweetie I wish that there was something we could do to make this right but obviously Daniel has decided that we are too much work. Given everything that has happened I can't say that he's wrong. Abby - Why are you so angry with Daniel. Cue flashbacks. Jen - Sweetie I appreciate your concern and that you want to help but this is not a conversation I want to have right now. Abby - Okay, I understand. Is there anything I can do? Jen - No, I'm good. It's all me right now and I just need to step back and put my mind on other things. Abby offers to go with her - they don't have to talk. Jen - No because I don't want you to put your life on hold. I'm going to be gone for a couple of days. Abby - Are you sure? Jen is positive. Abby - What if you called Daniel one last time? Jen - We have talked this through, we really have and honestly, the last thing that I want today is to hear from Daniel Jonas.

Dan finishes packing. I can't leave it like this Jen. Maybe if each of us talk and listen we could ... he looks at the pictures again ... there's still time before my flight. I've got to make it right. No, I'm not going to call her. I'm just going to show up and tell her that I love her and take it from there. He rushes out of his hotel room.

Nancy comes into the living room and asks Chloe what she's doing. Chloe - Seeing if there's a seat on the next flight to San Francisco. Nancy - No Chloe. You have overplayed your hand with Daniel more than once and not succeeded. Your luck is going to run out sooner or later. Hang up the phone! Chloe - There's a seat on the 10pm flight. Nancy grabs the phone. You are not going to be on that flight. Chloe - Would you chill out Mom! Nancy - No! You need to chill out unless you want to drive Daniel back into Jennifer's needy, clingy arms. Chloe - Of course I don't. I want her out of his life. I want that dreary loser out of all of our lives for good. Nancy - If you want Jennifer to disappear then you can't push things. Chloe agrees. So I'm going to think about it. Nancy - How refreshening. My daughter is actually going to think about it instead of barging in and screwing up her life for the 9 millionth time. Chloe - Thanks for the ego boost Ma. Nancy - Get your ego out of this missy. It's not about egos, it's about strategizing. If you want Daniel back you've got to strategize. Chloe - Fine okay, I get it. Nancy - Where are you going? Chloe - To get Parker. We're going to go for a walk and figure out a way for him, me and his daddy to be a family again.

Segment 2: John is in the park on his cell leaving a message for Brady. Aw come on kid, call me back. I really need to talk to you. We can work this out. I know we can.

Brady sees he has a message from Dad but puts his phone in his pocket when Kristen comes into the living room with a bottle of sparkling cider. Brady - Can we keep it on ice for a little while, there's something I've got to do. Kristen - You're aware you just proposed to me. Brady is very aware of that. Trust me, I'm not having second thoughts. There's just something I've got to do that's extremely important to me. Kristen - I guess we've got our whole lives to celebrate. Brady hugs her - Darn right we do. Kisses. Brady will be back soon. He leaves. Kristen paces - This is really happening. I've got to share this news with somebody.

Hope - I'm impressed Vargas and I'm glad that you're able to see this as an opportunity to turn your life around. Vargas - Because it is. Eric returns. I couldn't get the heat turned down so somebody is going to come and fix it. In the meantime I know a place where we can go and have lunch. They leave.

Gabi feels so lucky. Nick - Me too. I promise you this is just the beginning. I'm going to make every moment of our lives perfect. Gabi - You're off to a very good start. Nick - So listen Maggie offered for you to move in with me at the mansion as I have to live with a family member until my parole is over. I was thinking we could take her up on the offer and then when Arianna Grace is born we can look into getting a place of our own. Gabi - You've given this a lot of thought I see. Nick - Yes I have because I think about our future a lot. What do you say? Gabi - I say I think it's a good idea. Her cell rings. It's Caroline. Yes, I can do that. No problem. Bye. She tells Nick Caroline wants her to cover for her because she has therapy. You don't mind, right? Nick - What's a few hours. We're married now. We have the rest of our lives to spend together.

Nancy opens the door to Dan's apt when someone knocks. It's Nicole. Is Chloe here. Nancy - No she's gone out. Nicole waltzes in - Good, I've got plenty of time to kill. Nancy - I did not invite you in. Nicole - I'm so sorry. That was so rude. Oh wait, you're just a house guest here and wearing out your welcome I'm assuming. Nancy - Get out. Nicole - No. You see, you can't kick me out of Daniel's place. Nancy - What do you want? Why are you here? Nicole - To make sure Chloe knows her place.

Chloe and Parker are in the square and come face to face with Jennifer.

Abby opens the door to Daniel. Is your Mom here. I need to talk to her. It's really important. Abby - You're too late. She's already gone. Dan - What do you mean gone? Abby - She's gone out to Smith Island to be alone.

Chloe notice what Jen has in her hand. Oh is that a ticket on the ferry to Smith Island? The quickest way to the dock is in that direction past the Brady Pub. Jen - I appreciate it Chloe. Having grown up here I never would have known that. Chloe - Hey, I don't want you to miss the boat and I'm not speaking metaphorically. What I mean is I wouldn't want anything to ruin your trip.

Segment 3: Eric, Hope and Vargas enter the Brady Pub. Hope asks Vargas if he's okay. Vargas - Yeah, it's just I haven't been in a public place like this in a long time. I think it's going to take a little getting used to. Hope - Just take your time, relax. She goes up to Gabi and greets her. Gabi asks if they're ready to order. Hope - I'm not seeing things. You're really here and you're working! What are you doing here? You just got married this morning. Gabi - Well it probably slipped Caroline's mind. She had therapy and she asked me to cover for her. Hope - And you didn't say anything. Gabi - Well no, she's been so great to me and Nick. It's no big deal. I'm happy to do it. Hope hugs her - Thank you. It's very kind of you and very much appreciated. Gabi - It's no big deal. Eric tells Vargas the prison is running a Job Bank; they can help you prepare a resume, look for employment opportunities online. Vargas - I'm not sure what's out there for a guy like me. I'm not a genius like some people but I'm not afraid of working hard for what I want.

Dan can't believe he missed her. I have this conference for a few days. I wanted to talk to her before I left and tell her ... Abby - My mom didn't say too much to me but I got the sense the last time you two talked it didn't go well. Dan recalls part of their conversation. I shouldn't have come by. Abby - Probably not. He hands Abby the pictures. Would you mind if I left these for her. Abby - She looks really happy here; you both do. Abby gets a call. Dan opens the door to leave and Kristen is standing there. Hi, just where do you think you're going Mister!

Nicole looks at the throw pillows on the couch. I'm guessing you picked these out. Nancy - Why would you say that! Nicole - Judging from Chloe's lingerie, she's a leopard print girl. Nancy - You know Nicole if you don't have something nice to say perhaps you should shut your mouth. Nicole - Does Daniel know his squatters are redecorating in his absence? Nancy - Daniel told us to make ourselves at home. Nicole smiles - I'm pretty sure he was just being nice. Nancy - You know Nicole if you have some information my daughter might find useful I'd be happy to impart it to her. Nicole - Useful? You mean her tramptastic pursuit for Daniel? Nancy - My daughter is not a tramp. Nicole - You're right, desperate is probably a better word. I told her she's on her own. She has to do her own dirty work. Nancy - You are such a fairweather friend. Nicole - I think I've been there for Chloe more than you have. Nancy - You know what Nicole, that door has not moved since you sashayed through it, perhaps you'd like to leave. Nicole - I'm having such a good time catching up with you. How is that out of your league husband of yours doing anyway? Nancy - Oh Nicole, you really should leave before I hurt you. Nicole - I'm sorry, I can't. I have business with my fairweather friend. I hope you brought an umbrella because I'm about to rain all over Chloe Lane's parade.

Chloe - I don't need to tell you how beautiful the cabin is this time of year, close to spring. Lucas and I, we were really happy living there until I met Daniel ... you know the rest. Jen - Why are you doing this? Chloe - Excuse me. Jen - Have you no sense of decency Chloe? I know that we have our differences but why are you doing this? I'm trying to walk away from the situation and you're just trying to provoke me. Chloe - Why are you being so hostile? We have history, you and I. We were family, remember. Jen - No, you were just a horrible mistake that my brother made. Chloe - Wow, the claws come out. Jen laughs - My claws come out? Right, oh, btw, Daniel's not here so you don't need to turn on the performance for the Chloe Lane theatre. Chloe - I'm just trying to make conversation. Jen - Really? Do you want to talk? I would love to talk. Why don't we talk about last night? Chloe - What? Jen - Oh what? Really, somehow and I don't know how you did this, but you knew I was going to see Daniel. And when I got there you made it look like you'd been in bed with him and then you went through so much trouble to tell me it wasn't what it looked like; pretending to be so innocent when we all know that is one thing that you are not. Chloe - I don't know what I did to make you think I'd go to such extremes ... Jen - Oh stop it and wipe that smug look off your face. You lie! You are such a liar. And you know what, maybe you just need a big dose of the truth and that is, that you are a duplicitous little tramp. Chloe - Wow. Jen - What? Chloe - I had my doubts about you but now I'm 100% certain that Daniel will never, ever, ever want to be with you.

Segment 4: Hope goes up to Gabi's room and gives Nick a hug. Oh my gosh look at you ... glowing. I just want to say thank you so much for being so incredibly understanding and letting Gabi cover for Caroline on your wedding day. Nick - Of course. Caroline's always been in my corner; it's the least I can do. Hope - I really am so proud of you Nick. The way you've gotten your life back on track, it's incredible. You really seem happy. Nick - I am. Why do I sense a but coming? Hope - But I think it still might be a really good idea to talk to someone about your time in prison. I love you. I only want the best for you. I want your happiness with Gabi to last a lifetime but if you're carrying around some baggage from your time on the inside, I don't want it to come back and haunt you. So would you at least think about talking to someone.

Vargas - It's not just that I spent the last decade behind bars, I've been in and out of institutions my whole life. That's really what I know, not that I'm looking for sympathy or anything. Eric - I know. I truly believe everything is going to work out. Vargas - I hope you're right Father. Either way, I've got a good outlook now and I'm going to make the best of this opportunity that you've given me; make sure that I never see the inside of a cage again.

Brady finds John in the park. John - Did you get my message? Brady - What do you want? John - I'm not perfect kid. I made a mistake and I was wrong to lie to you; to mislead you about accepting your relationship with Kristen. But you've got to know I did what I did because I love you. You're my son and all of my instincts were propelling me to try and protect you; to take care of you, to keep you from getting hurt. I just hope that you can find it in your heart to give your old man a second chance.

Kristen - I'm so happy to find you here. I guess I'm not the only one with good news to share. Where's Jennifer? Is she here? Dan - No, she took off for a couple of days actually. I was just heading out myself. Kristen - Oh, I guess from the look on your face, you guys did not patch things up. Dan - No. Kristen - I just assumed that because you were here ... sorry. I guess, I'm just going to leave a note for Jennifer then. Dan - Sounds good. I'll see you later. Kristen - Wait Daniel. I don't know if you're aware of my history with Jennifer. It's kind of complicated. We were really good friends then ... we're kind of friends again. I care about her so I'm going to dive right in and ask you. Did you do it?

Jen - You are even more deluded than I thought. To think that you believe you have any insight into Daniel or me. Chloe - How dare you talk to me like that in front of my son, Daniel's son. How do you know that he doesn't understand every word that you're saying and that you're cruelty could have a severe pyschological ... Jen - Oh come on, give me a break. Chloe - You called me a whore in front of him. Jen - That is not what I called you. Chloe - Daniel loves his little boy more than anything in the world; more than himself, more than you so as nice as it's been to have this little chat with you, I'm not going to keep you any longer. She leaves.

Dan - Did I do what? Kristen - Did you sleep with Chloe?

Segment 5: Vargas looks at Hope and Eric - I don't suppose they take IOU's here. Eric - No. Don't worry. This is on the big guy upstairs. Hope - Thank you Father Eric. Eric - You're welcome. If you'll excuse me for a minute. He leaves the table. Vargas - And I want to thank you too for all your help so far. Hope - I'm happy to do it. I believe people can change if given the right opportunity and the right support and a second chance. Vargas - I'd like to think so. Hope - My cousin, Nick Fallon, just recently got out of prison and I have to say he's really gotten his life back on track. Vargas - Good for him. Hope - I believe the two of you were at Statesville at the same time. Did you happen to know him? Eric tells Gabi he hears congratulations are in order. Gabi - Thank you. You can understand why we didn't have a church ceremony this time around. I know I said it before but I want to say I'm really, really sorry about how things turned out. I should have been upfront with you; with everybody. Eric - I think it was a tough situation for everyone involved. He picks up a gift bag. I have something here for you and Nick. It's a wedding present. I was going to leave it with my grandmother but seeing as you're here and all ... please open it. It's a bottle of wine. Eric - Christ's first miracle was turning water into wine in the spirit of celebration. I think there's a message in there that with love, faith, you can turn a very bad situation into something wonderful, something that you and Nick and Will have done with this baby. And I know that a bottle of a wine isn't the most appropriate gift for a pregnant woman ... Gabi - It's perfect. You know what they say, wine gets better with age. Eric - You can save it for after the baby is born. Gabi comes out from behind the bar and hugs him. Thank you so much. This means so much to me but you know what, your forgiveness means more than anything. Vargas - Nick Fallon. The name sounds familiar. Young, skinny kid, right? Is he part of the Prison Release program too? Hope - No, he's not. Eric returns. I think that Nick and Gabi are going to be very happy together. Eric tells Vargas that Gabi is Nick's wife. They got married today. Vargas - Lucky guy. Eric - What do you say we all head back to the church and see if the heat has been fixed. Vargas looks over at Gabi before leaving.

John - Oh come on kid, say something, anything. Scream, curse, take a shot at me if it makes you feel better. Just give me something. Brady - I am marrying Kristen. He leaves.

Chloe returns to find Nicole sitting there eating a banana. Nicole - Well you're in a good mood. What's got you in such a high note?

Jen lets herself into the cabin.

Dan - Where did you hear that I slept with Chloe? Kristen - From Jennifer. Dan - No, what! That doesn't make sense because that never happened. Kristen - That's certainly not the impression Jennifer has. She went to your room last night. Guess who opened the door. Chloe. And guess where you were. In bed, passed out, half naked. Dan - That never happened. Kristen - That's what Chloe told Jennifer, that it never happened. She came here after to tell Jennifer that she hoped she didn't give her the wrong impression ... she doesn't want there to be any misunderstandings ... Dan - That's what Chloe told her? Kristen - Yes. Dan - OMG, OMG. He hugs Kristen. Thank you. He takes off.

Segment 6: Chloe tells Parker that grandma is going to take him for his nap. Nancy - Are you sure you don't want me to stick around. She's in kind of a mood. Chloe - She's always in a mood, trust me, I'll be fine. Grandma takes Parker for his nap. Chloe - So what's up Nicole? Nicole - I wanted to talk to you about your application for the music board at the church that has been reviewed and rejected. She dumps out the application that has been shredded. Sorry. Chloe - Don't be, no big deal. Nicole - I figured you could handle it. If anyone can handle rejection ... Chloe - Speaking of rejection, shouldn't you leave now. Nicole - Daniel might be okay with you shacking up here with Parker and your mom but I'll be damned if you're going to use Eric and the church to further your sinful agenda. She leaves. Nancy returns - What's all that? Chloe - Confetti. We're going to celebrate. Nancy - That Nicole left? Chloe - No, that Daniel and Jennifer and finally over.

Jen recalls the last time she was at the cabin when Daniel had to do surgery on her. Everything was so right. How did it go so wrong? She heads outside.

Eric and Vargas return to the rectory. Eric didn't think it was possible but it's even hotter in here. Looks like someone tried to take a crack at it while we were out. Vargas - They weren't too successful, were they? Eric is going to ask Father Matt if it was him or if he brought someone in from the outside. Vargas looks around - I always thought it was the guys downstairs that had the heating problem. He removes his shirt and starts working on the radiator.

Gabi comes upstairs. Nick asks what's in the bag. A wedding present from Father Eric. Nick - Wine? Gabi - He said it was one of his favourites. I told him we'd open it after the baby is born and share it with Will. Nick - With Will? Why? Gabi - Well because for the first time in a really long time I feel that things are going to be okay and the three of us are going to raise the baby together. Once Arianna is here then I want to make a toast with my husband and my baby's father. Nick - No. Gabi - No, what? Nick - Will can't be a part of that. Gabi - What are you talking about? Nick - Just leave it alone okay? Gabi - No, I'm not going to leave it alone. That's it. What is it about Will that you're not telling me?

Segment 7: Nicole returns to the rectory and fans herself with a file folder. She removes her top blouse - she's just wearing her tank top. A hot sweaty Vargas stands up and startles her. Vargas - Hello.

Gabi - I really need you to explain to me why you're acting like this. We both know perfectly well that Will is going to be a part of our little girl's life. Nick - No, he's not. Gabi - What are you saying? Nick - He's not going to be part of this little girl's life because he agreed. He signed away his parental rights. In the eyes of the law Will is no longer the father of your child.

Kristen returns home and finds Brady pouring the sparkling cider. Before they drink he says hold on. Something is wrong here. He takes the glasses and sets them down. We're missing something. He holds up an engagement ring and slips it on her finger. Kristen - You're making all my dreams come true. Kisses.

Nancy - Daniel and Jennifer are over for good. I don't understand. Did you come up with a plan? Chloe - Not yet but I just ran into little miss blondie herself in the square. Let me tell you Mom, she's biting the dust. Nancy - She's leaving for good? Chloe - If only. Nancy - I don't understand. Chloe - All I know is that Daniel's getting on a plane and she's getting on a boat so I can take comfort in the fact that tonight Daniel and Jennifer will be thousands of miles apart.

Dan arrives at the cabin calling out her name. He looks around the cabin and turns to leave. As he opens the door to go out Jen is opening it to come in.


Thursday, Mar 21

Segment 1: Gabi reacts to Nick's statement about Will signing away his parental rights. Gabi - No, that doesn't make any sense. Why would Will do that? She picks up her phone. Nick - What are you doing? Gabi - I'm going to call Will; find out what happened. Nick - I already told you what happened. Gabi - Well then I'm going to figure out why it happened. Nick takes her phone. Does it really matter? It's the same arrangement we had before anyone knew that Will was the father. Gabi - This is exactly my point. Now everyone knows that he is the father; that completely changes everything. Nick - Why? Gabi - Because for one thing I know for sure that Will would never just sign his baby away unless someone was holding a gun to his head okay. Nick - Well actually it was something kind of like that.

Will and Sami sit on the park bench. Sami hates that he's sad and it's because of her. Nick never would have made you sign that if it weren't for me. Will - Sonny said, and I think he's right, that he was going to use what he had on me anyway and what you did was just kind of an excuse for him. Sami didn't think she could hate that guy anymore than she already does. I know why you did what you did. I know you were thinking about your Dad, your grandpa, your Aunt Hope ... Will - They're my family. I couldn't sell them down the river. Sami - And you didn't but this isn't over. I'm going to make sure that you can be a real father to your daughter and I know how to make that happen. Will - It is truly amazing how you never change. I don't know how many times I've asked you to stay out of this and you keep trying to push your way back in. Sami - This situation is untenable. You can't think you can go through life pretending your daughter doesn't exist. Will - You don't use words like untenable Mom, EJ uses words like untenable so that means not only are you not keeping out of this, you're taking your cues from him. Sami - Every day you're not with your daughter is going to hurt more ... Will - I know that but I signed the paper and it's over. Sami - That deal isn't worth the piece of paper you signed it on. Nick was blackmailing you; that's not binding. Will - Is that EJ talking? Sami - No, this is me. What Nick is doing is morally, ethically and legally wrong. You just give me the green light and I can make sure that you are part of your daughter's life and I can make sure Gabi and Nick are shut down. I can make sure that you are the one who decides how you want your daughter raised.

EJ and Eric are at the coffeehouse. EJ hands over a cheque for the school. Eric - Thank you. You've been very generous. I'll have Nicole send you a receipt for your tax records. EJ - How is Nicole?

Vargas - Sorry if I scared you. I didn't hear you come in. Nicole - It's okay. You're here to fix the heat, right. Vargas puts his shirt back on. I'm going to try. Nicole - Do you mind if I stay or I can take the laptop back to the convent ... whatever. Vargas - I'm not going to be in your way but I might be here a while if you want to do your work somewhere else. Nicole - That's fine. She watches him work and mutters softly 'Boy, fine!'

When Nancy sees Chloe bring a suitcase into the living room she reacts - Are you kidding me! Chloe - Now that Daniel and Jennifer are 2,000 miles apart it's time for me to close that distance between him and me. Nancy - Am I losing my mind or did we not just have a conversation about this being a bad idea. Chloe - If he's in San Francisco, I need to be in San Francisco. Nancy - Have you given any thought about bumping into Daniel 2,000 miles from home. Chloe - Yes. I've thought about it and I've got a plan. Nancy - Deja vu all over again.

Jen - I thought you went to San Francisco. Dan - No I am here and I am here because I love you and I am not going anywhere until I make this right.

Segment 2: Vargas - I think I got it. It feels like it's starting to cool down in here. He walks away. Nicole takes a sip of water - Not really.

Eric - Nicole is doing very well. EJ - Working at the church, living in a convent. Sorry, it's just not her natural habitat. Eric - She's doing much better since we put the wet bar in the rectory. EJ chuckles. Look we're not friends but I know she's been through a lot. Eric - It's a slow process but she's getting there. It may not be her natural habitat but she gets to stay warm??? (not sure what he said) EJ - She's lucky to have you. Eric - It goes both ways. He shakes EJ's hand. Thanks again for the cheque. EJ - Of course. It wasn't easy for you, was it? Eric - God teaches us to reach out to sinners especially sinners with deep pockets. He leaves. EJ asks Sonny how William is holding up. Sonny - Not great. Losing the rights to his kid is bad enough but to be shoved around by that snivelling, low life piece of ... EJ - You really sound like you want to rip him limb to limb. Sonny - Something like that, yeah. EJ - What if I were to tell you that there may be a way that we could make William's pain go away.

Gabi - What did you do Nick? Nick - Will knows that his baby almost died because of his mother. Maybe he signed his rights away to make sure she left you and the baby alone. Gabi - Really? Nick - Yeah and maybe now that he's back with Sonny he thought it would be best for the baby if he stepped aside. Like I said it's exactly where we were before, putting the baby first. So when we sign Arianna Grace's birth certificate I'll be the father and the 3 of us can be the perfect, little, happy family that we always dreamed of. Gabi - No, no, no. I'm right, you did something to make Will walk away from his daughter.

Will - Mom, just because Nick thought it was okay to take the baby away from me does not mean I think it's okay to take my baby away from Gabi. I want my daughter to have both of her parent's in her life. Sami - I'm not talking about taking the baby away from Gabi. I just want to make sure you're in the baby's life. Sami - All Nick has is that recording he made of you talking about the fact that you shot EJ and the evidence the police have in the evidence locker. Will - Does he need anything else? Sami - All I'm saying is if the recording and the evidence disappear then he has nothing. Like EJ said, once that stuff is gone then there's no way he can make that agreement stick. We'd be homefree! Will - Great. Destroy the evidence at the police station and we'll be homefree. That's simple. Sami - It's not impossible. Your father and I almost had it the other ... Will - OMG. Sami - It isn't a big deal. Will - It is a big deal Mom. I signed that piece of paper to protect Dad and you talked him into trying to steal something from the police station. Sami - Your father cares about you. We both do but we have a better plan now. There is someone I know who can help you; someone who can make sure that evidence disappears; make sure the recording disappears by barely lifting a finger. And with a little bit of time this person can be convinced to help you. Will - Let me see if I have this right. You involve Dad and now you want to involve Grandpa. Why don't we get great-Grandma involved ... why don't we have Ciara be the lookout. Sami - I'm not talking about my Dad, I'm talking about Stefano.

Chloe is on the phone. Thanks Barry, I owe you big time. After she hangs up she says Done. Nancy - What's done? Chloe - That was a guy I worked with last year in Chicago and he got me an audtion to do some voiceover work. Nancy - In San Francisco. Chloe - So when I bump into Daniel I will have a good reason to be there. She hugs Nancy. Thanks for taking Parker to see Dad and Joy. At least I won't have to worry about him when I go to get him his Daddy back. Nancy - You really think that Daniel's going to believe that you bumping into him is kismet and not just the end of a string of an elaborately staged event. Chloe - Why do you have to be like this! Can't you see that I have everything going for me right now. Nancy - Yes but Daniel is not an idiot. Chloe - No he's not but he's hurt and vulnerable. He and Jennifer are at each other's throats and she's here and he's there. And there's another thing - it's the most important thing. Nancy - What's that? Chloe - Since I've been back I've been able to see that deep down inside his heart, he still wants me. Nancy just rolls her eyes.

Jen comes in. Dan - I went to your house to talk to you one more time to try and figure out why we're just not getting on the same page and Kristen stopped me. Jen - So. Dan - She just flat out asked me if I had slept with Chloe. Of course I told her I hadn't. Jen - Again, so? Dan - So she went on and she told me where you got that idea. That you came to my hotel room to talk to me and Chloe opened the door and you saw me passed out in the bed. Jen - Yeah, you already knew that. Dan - No I didn't know that. All I knew was that I drank too much and I was making a fool of myself. But what I didn't know was that you saw me there and Chloe. Jen - So wait a minute. When I slapped you you had no idea why I did that. Dan - Not until an hour ago. And I didn't know that's what Chloe went to talk to you about. Now that I know what happened, I think I got off easy with a slap. Jen - No, you didn't deserve that. You don't deserve any of this. I had no idea ... Dan - You don't deserve it. You don't because when I think of what you've been through and the thoughts that must have been in your head ... OMG. Believe me, Chloe is going to have to answer for what she did but that's not what's important here. What's important here is that I love you and I hate that I didn't listen to you well enough and long enought to get that their were bigger problems going on. I'm sorry. I am so sorry. Jen - I can see that. I can see how sorry you are. I still don't understand why she apologised to me for what happened because nothing happened and I believe that. So why do you think she was apologising to me? It doesn't make sense. Dan - Remember when we said we were going to be honest with each other ... here goes ... that night Chloe came to my place to return my hospital badge and I was drunk and she came on to me and kissed me.

Segment 3: Sonny and EJ sit down at a table. Sonny - What exactly do you mean? Make Will's pain go away. EJ - It seems to me at this moment that William has just accepted the fact that Nick is calling all the shots. Sonny - Isn't that pretty much the way it is? EJ - It seems a little defeatist, don't you think? Sonny - I'm sorry, I don't see another option. EJ - There are always other options. The question is whether or not you have the stomach to exercise them. Sonny - Are you talking about something illegal? EJ - Nick is blackmailing William, that's not legal, is it?

Gabi - You once told me that you had something on the Horton's and you never told me what that was. Did you blackmail Will into this? Nick - Gabi, I was out of my mind when you almost ... Gabi - So that's a yes. Nick - There was no way I was going to let that woman do that to you again. Gabi - Fine. Okay, keep Sami away but not Will. Nick - Do you really think that Will is strong enough to keep Sami backed off? No! As long as Will has access to our baby so does that woman and there's more. When Sonny showed up at the hospital that night ... Gabi - Wait, Sonny was at the hospital? Nick - Gabi, they made threats. They started talking about a custody battle. They started talking about my prison record and how they were going to use that to keep our baby away from us; how Will and Sonny were going to raise the baby together. Gabi - Will and Sonny? No, Sonny hates me. Nick - So I didn't know what other choice I had.

Will - You want to get Stefano involved in this? Sami - Well EJ and I are together and talking about the next step; moving in together. Will - Please don't tell me what you're about to tell me. Sami - Come on, this is serious. And Stefano's getting up there; it makes sense that EJ would want to spend time with him. Will - You hate Stefano though and now you're talking about moving in with him. Sami - That will make us family. Stefano protects his family. This could work. He already cares about you. Will - The last time I saw Stefano I was pointing a gun at him because he blackmailed me and ruined my life. You know what should happen though. Nick and Stefano and EJ should all get together and have a beer and talk about how they all blackmailed me over the same thing ... Sami - Okay, I knew you would feel this way but this is important. Please, we have to do something. I know you would rather die than not be in your daughter's life ... Will - What you are talking about is worse than what Nick did.

Chloe is on the phone. Yes, I'm only going to need the room for one night then I'll have another place to stay. I have another friend staying at the hotel. I was wondering if you could ring his room and I'd like to stay on the same floor. He what! No! Why would he cancel his reservation.

Dan - Chloe kissed me then I pushed her away and told her she had to go, that I was with you. Jen - Then why didn't you tell me? Dan - First of all I didn't want to upset you more than you already were but mainly I thought it was finally clear with Chloe that there was no chance of getting back together. So for Parker's sake I thought it was best to forget the whole thing. When you told me that Chloe came to you to apologise, I thought that that was what it was about. I thought that you understood everything. Jen - No, that was just Chloe pitting us against each other. It's what she does. Dan - It is not about Chloe. What matters right now is that I love you. I have been confused about a lot of things but never, never about that. I know it's a lot to take in and if you want me to go to give you time to think ... she kisses him. Dan - Does this mean you don't need time to think. Jen - You catch on fast. Dan - So we're good? Jen - We are so good, really good. More kisses.

Segment 4: Nicole - So you fixed everything with just those, huh? Vargas - I'm pretty good with my hands. Nicole - You must feel pretty sure of yourself. Vargas - I saw those tools laying there and figured I'd give it a shot. Eric returns. Nicole, what are you doing here? Nicole - I work here. Eric - I know but I thought ... Nicole - That I'd rather not be here when the potentially violent prisoner you decided to rehabiliate shows up? Someone needs to pick up the paperwork for the invite someone who might kill you in your home program. Oh wait a minute, I mean the Prisoner Release program. Eric - Well then, let me introduce you to Vargas. Nicole - We met. He fixed the radiator. Do you have a bill or something? I can write you a cheque. Vargas - I'm not a plumber. I'm the prisoner release guy.

Gabi - Sonny threatened you. Nick - Threatened us, our baby. Gabi - So you blackmailed Will? Nick - I had no choice. Gabi - You realise that you're still on parole, right? You could go straight to prison ... Nick - No, no,no. I've got them backed into a corner. Gabi - Will does not deserve that. Nick - What about what we deserve, our baby deserves. Will's mother is never going to back off and Sonny is going to keep whispering in Will's ear about you. I had to handle it and I had to handle it fast. And I did not blackmail him. We made a deal. I know something about Will's family that could hurt them. Gabi - Tell me what it is. Nick - It's not important. What is important is that we made a deal. He backs off and I keep my mouth shut about him. It wasn't blackmail. Gabi - Well it sure sounds like it Nick and other then Sami, Will's family has been so good to me, to us. His grandmother, his mother, they set up this amazing wedding for us. Father Eric, you know what he told me today? He said we were making something great out of something bad and it feels like I'm lying to a priest again! I don't want to do that. Nick - Calm down. Father Eric doesn't know anything about the deal so we're not lying to him. Gabi - So who does? Nick - Will, his mother, his father, Sonny and EJ. And those are the only people who should know. Can you go along with it? Do you think you could not tell anybody else?

Sonny - Are you trying to enlist me? Do you think I'm going to pressure Will into doing something ... whatever it is that you're planning. EJ - Don't you want to help him? Sonny - I do but I don't want to manipulate him into doing something he doesn't want to do. Why do you care so much? EJ - I like William and I want his mother to be happy and I think it would be great to crush Nick Fallon like a bug. Don't you think it would be fun? He leaves.

Will - Wow! So you're talking about committing a crime or crimes to cover up the fact that I committed a crime. Sami - You were driven to do what you did. Will - What I did Mom was shoot somebody. I've come to the conclusion that that's almost never a good idea. Sami is going to tell him what she thinks. Will - That's new. Sami - What Nick is doing is worse than shooting someone because he's not just hurting you, he's hurting a helpless, innocent child, your child. Will - By telling the truth? Sami - I can not believe that you are standing here and defending him to me. Will - Well I can't believe that you're moving back to the scene of your own crime. Do you remember when you snuck in there and shot EJ in the head? Are you at least going to have a different bedroom? Sami - EJ and I are in love and I would do anything for you Will. I would sleep on the street in a cardboard box to help you. Will scoffs - You're going to be slumming it in the mansion for sure. I don't want your help because everytime I get it I just need more help from somebody else. Sami - I deserve that. I guess I just push too hard because I am always trying to make up for everything ... make up for the time I spent away from you. You just have to ask yourself this, do you want to someday be saying the same thing to your child.

Chloe tells Nancy she just called the hospital and Daniel cancelled his trip. Now he's not picking up the phone in his hotel room either. Daniel, where are you? She calls his cell.

Dan - Are you sure? I want this to be special. Jen is sure. I know how much you love me so I know it's going to be special. More kisses as they kneel in front of the fireplace.

Segment 5: Nicole - Well, this is awkward. Eric - I was trying to keep it from being like that but you wouldn't shut up. Vargas, this is Nicole Walker. She works here with me and if you try hard enough you might be able to pry an opinion out of her. Vargas - Nice to meet you. Nicole - I'm sorry, it's just that I have a really big mouth. Vargas - Where I spent the last couple of years what you said sounds warm and inviting. I'd shake your hand but ... Eric - Sr Annabelle is outside. She'll show you to your room so you can settle in and get cleaned up. Vargas - Thanks. Eric - No thank you for fixing our radiator. Vargas - Like I was telling her I'm pretty good with my hands so anything you need ... he leaves. Eric - Classic Nicole Walker. Nicole - Maybe it didn't occur to me that he's the ex-con because he was left here alone. Eric - And with the opportunity he fixed the heat for us. Nicole - Or maybe he was just setting us up for some false sense of security before the big score. Eric - The big score - infiltrating a broke parish church? Nicole - You're so perfect and wonderful because it's your freakin' job but I'm less than thrilled that I'm going to be living under the same roof as some ex-con.

Gabi - Nick, I'm sorry. I guess I can't understand why you did what you did because I don't think it's going to work. Will's my friend. Nick - We can't be sentimental about this. Nick gets a text. I have to go down and sign for this package. Take a deep breath. I'll come back in a minute and we'll figure this out together. He leaves. Gabi - Will's my friend. She texts him.

Will is sitting on the park bench when a young girl walks up to him. Daddy, why didn't you want me? Silence. Little girl - Sir, did you hear me? I asked where the library is? Will apologises and shows her the way.

EJ joins Sami in the square. EJ comments that she doesn't look happy. Sami wants him to give her good news about his conversation with Sonny. EJ planted a seed. He seems to hate Nick as much as you and I do but he's also being very protective of Will. Sami - Well, he'll see how much good that does him. Will is trying to do the right thing. You know how I feel about that. But I think that he's going to have a change of heart when he sees Gabi and Nick raising his child, he'll see it differently. EJ - He just may need some time. Unfortunatly you and I don't have that luxury. Did you make a decision as to whether or not we are going to move into the mansion.

Chloe - Something is just not right. Nancy - Stop and think. Chloe - What is there to think about! If he's with her then I need to go find them. Nancy - But honey you don't know that they're together. And if they are and you go barging in you'll make Daniel angrier than he already is. Remember when you were just going to take off and do nothing. Jennifer and Daniel were able to mess things up all by themselves. Chloe - I can't let her win. Nancy - You and I have done everything we can to convince Daniel that Jennifer is not the right choice for him and we have to sit back and do nothing.

Cue a love song and Dan and Jen making love.

Segment 6: Eric - You're an ex-con too Nicole. Nicole - Yes but I'm not worried that I'm going to kill me in my sleep. Eric - And I'm sure he won't do that. Nicole mocks - That makes me feel so much better. Eric - Actually it's your influence on him that I'm kind of concerned about. I'm worried about what you might do to him. Nicole - How dare you! Did you tell him I did time too? Eric - No, that's none of his business. Besides you've changed so don't you think more than anyone that this man deserves the same chance?

Vargas is wearing a towel around his hips and drying his chest off with another one. So the blonde's not quite as naive as the priest. I still think this is going to work out just fine.

Sami wants to take the next step she's just not sure the DiMera mansion is the right place. EJ assures her they would have their own wing; they could keep to themselves. Sami isn't talking about herself. For her it would be great to live there. She wants to get Stefano on Will's side. She's thinking about EJ. EJ wants the same thing. Sami - What about all the issues you have with your father? Are you sure you're ready to deal with him on a daily basis?

Gabi comes into the coffehouse. Hey Sonny. I'm looking for Will. He hasn't answered any of my texts. Sonny - This morning we took each other's phones by mistake. Gabi - You should get different covers. Sonny - It's not a big deal. Will has nothing to say to you. Will comes in and hears this. Why don't you let me decide that. Hey what's up. I thought you had your wedding today. Gabi - Yeah but this can't wait. Can we go somewhere and talk for a second.

Segment 7: Jen and Dan bask in the afterglow. Jen - That was perfect. Dan - You were perfect. More kisses.

EJ - Maybe living with my father is the best way to deal with those issues. More importantly this is about making William happy. I promise you that little girl is going to know William is her father.

Nick returns to Gabi's room. I was just thinking that ... he sees that she's gone.

Gabi and Will are in the park. Gabi - I know what you did but I want to hear it from you. Are you really okay with giving up your daughter?

Dan and Jen are kissing when Chloe walks up to the cabin and sees them together naked ... Chloe looks like the wicked witch of the West!


Friday, Mar 22

Segment 1: Brady returns to the living room of the DiMera mansion. Hi fiancee. Kristen loves the sound of that word. Brady apologises that the conference call took so long. Kristen promises not to be that wife that sits by the door with a frying pan. Brady - Have you told your Dad yet? No, he's in Chicago so she's going to have hold on hiring that skywriter. Brady - I hope he takes the news better than my Dad did. Kristen - You're grumpy. No, he's tired. Kristen - We have the whole house to ourselves. Do you want to pick up where we left off? Brady has to go back out. There's someone I have to tell about this and I want to do it face to face. Kristen - You have to do this tonight? Brady - It can't wait. So you understand. Kristen does. I want to be with you but like you said we have the rest of our lives to be together, right? And you want to tell whoever this is in the best possible way. Brady - This decision was sudden. Kristen - I know a lot of people are less then thrilled so do what you have to do. They kiss. Kristen tells him she's so happy. He leaves. Kristen - Something's very wrong.

EJ and Sami talk about moving into the DiMera mansion. EJ says he knows it's not the most romantic place for a new beginning. Sami is thrilled because she believes EJ is willing to deal with his father just to help her. We need to get Will out of the situation with Nick. That is incredibly romantic to her. But if your sister gets in my face I'm going to deck her.

When Sonny hears the door close he says Sorry we're ... He sees that it's Nick. What the hell do you want? Nick - Where the hell is Will? I asked you where your boyfriend is. Sonny - I heard you. Nick - Don't tell me that you don't know because Gabi's not home either. They're obviously together, aren't they? Sonny - Wasting your time Fallon. I don't have to tell you a damn thing.

Gabi asks Will if he's really okay with giving up his little girl. Please tell me. I need to hear it from you. Will - No I'm not okay with it. I'm the opposite of okay. It is tearing me apart. Gabi - I'm sorry. I didn't want things to be like this. Will - Me either. Gabi - But we can work things out right? We're friends; we're always going to be friends. If it weren't for you I wouldn't be having this little girl so we're together; we're connected for life, right? Will - I'm sorry, I shouldn't have even said anything. It hurts but I know I did the right thing and plus my mom would have never left you alone. She's possessed or something. Gabi - Yeah, she's very scary. Will - Do you remember when you, Nick and I were the only ones who knew. If only Chad had kept his big mouth shut. Gabi - But he didn't and now everybody knows. What are people going to say when they find out you signed that paper? Will - I will deal with that when I come to it. I can't think about it right now. Gabi - Will, I know why you did this.

Chloe watches as Dan and Jen make love. Jen hears a noise. Dan did too. Dan goes to check even though Jen teases him she saw a bear out there once. Dan goes out armed with a broom - sees nothing. Chloe hides in the bushes sniveling.

Segment 2: Kristen is coming down the stairs in her lingerie to answer the door. Hey baby, I gave Harold the night off so you and I ... she opens the door to Sami and EJ. Sami - Let me guess, you're cleaning toilets.

Brady tells Eric that he already told his Dad so the whole world's going to know soon but I wanted to tell you personally. Eric - You've seen proof of who Kristen really is and you dumped her? Eric - Not exactly. I asked her to marry me. Eric - You know I was wrong about you. You're not a complete jerk, you're a moron.

Will - What do you think you know? Gabi - That Nick made some kind of deal with you because he knows something about your family that could hurt them if it got out. Will - Did he tell you what it is? Gabi - No, but I know he used it to convince you to sign those papers. Will - Convince ... is that the word that he used? Gabi - I don't want to start on Nick. He just wants to protect me and the baby. Will - Do you really think you and the baby need to be protected from me?

Nick - I know you don't like me but you need to tell me where Will is. Sonny - If I don't what are you going to do about it? You going to dig up some dirt from my past, use it to force me to sign some legal agreement that I have to tell you where Will is. Nick - I needed to protect Gabi from Sami. Sonny - That's bull. You need it to protect Will's daughter from the gay boys, right? Because you can't stomach the idea of the two of us having anything to do with that child. Nick - For once you actually got it dead right.

Chloe returns home crying. Nancy asks what's wrong. Chloe - I went to the cabin. Nancy - Things didn't work out the way you planned surprise, surprise. Chloe - I saw them. They were making love. Nancy - You watched them making love! You should not have ... Chloe - Please don't yell at me. It's over. It'a all over. I've lost Daniel for good.

Segment 3: Chloe - Daniel loves Jennifer and she knows it now. When I looked in that window I wanted to die. Nancy - Don't die, think and I'll help and this time I'll come up with a strategy. Chloe - Nothing is going to work. Nancy - You're beautiful, you're talented and you're way sexier than that Jennifer Horton ever thought of being. Okay she's blonde, she's thin, borderline rich but you have something she'll never have. You have Parker. Jennifer will never give Daniel a kid. You just have to think of her as a little blip on the radar screen, turbulence that you've got to ride out. You've got to think about your long term goals. Chloe - You don't know Daniel the way that I do. Nancy - He's a man, that's all I need to know. Chloe - There's a lot more. Nancy - Maybe but I know that he's a man and he can't keep it in his pants. Chloe - That's gross and it's not true. Nancy - Right. Chloe - I know him better than you do. I know him better than anybody. I remember what it is what like when he fell in love with me. I had his whole heart and soul and I threw it away. He would never have cheated on me or left me and he won't do that to Jennifer either, not in a million years!

Jen and Dan talk about happy they are and how they made it - they're together. Dan - I'm never letting go of you again, ever.

Brady - Well I'm glad you don't judge. Eric - Morons are very dear to God. Brady - I suppose this means you won't be marrying us, right? Eric - I didn't say that. I'm really glad you told me in person. Who else knows? Brady - Just you and Dad. Eric - How did he take the news? Brady - How do you think he took the news! Eric - So Victor, my mom, Sami? Brady - Nobody knows. Eric - For a happy guy you're not shouting it from the roof. Brady - I'm here. I told you. Eric - Yes you did and I'm glad. I know how strongly you feel about Kristen and you wouldn't propose if it's not what you wanted. Brady - That is right. Eric - I hope you'll be happy. No matter how I feel about Kristen I'll always want the best for you. Brady - Thanks. Eric - What's on your mind? Brady - Nothing ... That's not true. There is something. If I talk about it with you do you promise not to make a smart remark about it? Eric won't. Brady - I'm scared.

EJ tells Kristen they came to see father. Kristen - He's not here. Do you want me to give him a message? EJ - No we'll be here when he gets back. We're moving in. Kristen - That's wonderful. She hugs Sami - How good of you to do that. Chad is thinking about moving in, you and the kids are moving in; father's going to be so pleased. Just wait until Brady finds out, he's going to be ecstatic. Sami notices Kristen's ring - What is that!

Gabi - I know that the baby and I don't have to be protected from you. It's your mom. Will - I'm the one who's going to suffer though. My name is not going to be on the birth certificate. I'm not going to be able to see my baby. Gabi - Who said you can't see your baby? Will - Why do you think that Nick did this? Gabi - You're the one who started this. You asked me for a paternity test. Will - I did that because ... Gabi - It was what your mom and EJ wanted. Look, I never, ever told you that you weren't the father of this baby so why should I need a paternity test unless your mom and EJ wanted to sue for custody of the baby. Will - I would never do that and I thought you knew that about me. Gabi - Well I never thought you would ask me for a paternity test. Obviously your mom pushed you into that so how do Nick and I know that she's not going to push you into suing for custody of the baby. Will - So what you think is I'm such a pushover I would just let that happen. Gabi - Your mom has a way of getting people to do things ... you know that. Now she can't. Will, I would never, ever stop you from being with your daughter or from being in her life. Will - Well you better work that out with Nick.

Sonny - People said you used to be a decent guy. Nice, understanding, open-minded. What the hell happened to you? Nick - That easy guy was weak. He got hooked on pain pills and he ended up killing someone. Sonny - So this is you being strong? Hating Will and me because we love each other. Blackmailing your own cousin to keep him away from his OWN child. Nick - I'm taking care of Gabi. That's why I have to find her and I swear to God if Will ... Sonny - If Will what ... Nick starts to leave. Sonny goes after him - You're not going to hurt him again. Sonny grabs him. Nick - Get your hands off me faggot. Sonny punches him. Nick gets up and pushes Sonny back.

Segment 4: Nick pushes Sonny away. I know what you're trying to do. Sonny - Beat the crap out of a bigot! Nick - You're trying to report me and get my parole revoked. Sonny - You think the whole world is out to get you. Is that how you think? Nick - You don't know what I've been through. Sonny - You need to get some help. You need to talk to a priest or a shrink so they can tell you how messed up you are. Nick - I don't need to talk to anyone. I love Gabi and that's all I need. Sonny - If you're so happy why are you trying to destroy Will? Nick - Will's got you, right? He's going to be just fine. He leaves.

Brady - I'm been engaged twice to women I have loved. Both of those women are dead. Every woman that seems to care about me ends up paying an awful price. Eric - What happened to those women was a horrible coincidence, not a plan. God doesn't work that way. Brady - I keep telling myself that but now that Kristen and I are getting married I've got a lot of anxiety about this. I don't want to lose her. I can't.

Kristen - Sorry, didn't mean to spring this on you. I just assumed Brady told you but yes, we are getting married. Isn't that wonderful! A barely civil conversation ensues. Kristen - Once we do get married I'm going to have a sister again ... yay!

Chloe - You're being unfair to Daniel. He was always faithful to the women in his life starting with his first love Rebecca. Nancy - He fathered a daughter that he didn't even know about and he broke up your marriage. To me, that's a player. Chloe - He would have loved to take responsibility for Melanie and he did not break up my marriage. I was the one who was unfaithful to Lucas, you know that. Nancy - Let me ask you this, how come you were able to let Vivian Alamain convince you that Daniel and Carly were sleeping together if he's so loyal and true in your mind. Chloe - Because I was still that same geeky, insecure girl from high school on the inside. And I just couldn't believe that someone like Daniel could totally be in love with someone like me but he was! Nancy - This is not beauty and the beast. Chloe - Would you stop it with the lame jokes. Nancy - I am just trying to give you a reality check here. What about Daniel and Nicole? What about that? Chloe - They were just having fun together and then Nicole fell in love. As soon as Daniel realised that he broke it off because he didn't want to use Nicole. He knew that he only loved Jennifer and I saw that tonight. He loves Jennifer the same way he loved Rebecca and the only way he'll ever leave her is if she asks him to.

Gabi - Nick's not going to have a problem with you seeing the baby. Will - Did he say that? Gabi - No, but I know him Will. Will - No you don't and you married a guy you don't even know. Gabi - So what is it that I don't know? Nick shows up. Gabi, I've been looking everywhere for you.

Segment 5: Nick - Will, what's going on? Gabi - Will thinks you want to keep him totally out of the baby's life. Nick - What! No I never said anything like that. I think it should be up to you to decide Will's place in our life, of course. Gabi turns to Will - See, everything's going to be fine. Nick - Babe, you look pretty tired. I don't want to take any chances. I think I should take you home. They leave.

Jen and Dan are dressed now. He puts down a jewelry box on the table. Jen - Oh dear, all I gave you was a ham sandwich. Dan has had this in his coat pocket for weeks. He wanted to give it to her both times they went away. She opens it. It's a sapphire and diamond necklace. Jen - This is so beautiful. It's my birthstone. He puts it on for her. It's perfect. Jen - Thank you. Dan - The jeweler told me everything the designer makes is one of a kind, just like you. I am so happy that I had just the right moment to give it to you. Jen - Me too. Dan - Because this night is a whole new beginning. They kiss.

Chloe - When I found out Parker was Daniel's son, I was so happy. It's like a miracle happened. I thought I was finally going to ge the life I should have been living this whole time; in this apartment with the love of my life and our child. It's all I ever wanted and I can't have that with anyone else. She cries - What am I going to do?

Eric - Thanks for being understanding and thanks for listening to me. I know you're not a fan of this marriage. Eric - Given what Kristen did to mom do you think that's unreasonable. Brady - She had a meltdown. She went off the rails. It was a long time ago. Aren't you supposed to be touting forgiveness all Holy Week? Eric - I've forgiven Kristen. I want her to have a long and happy life. Brady - You just don't want her to have a long and happy life with me. Eric - There's too much history there. Brady - Well thanks for being upfront about your feelings. I appreciate that. My own father ... he looked me dead in the eye and lied to me about everything. Eric - About what? Brady - About being able to accept Kristen in my life. He wasn't truthful. He just wanted to get something incriminating on her. Eric - Are you sure? Brady - I heard him saying it to your mom. Eric - They're talking? Brady - Kristen is the only subject they truly agree on. They'll do anything to get something on her. Your mom broke into Kristen's hotel room and went through her private journal. She even wore a wire at one point to get her to say something to use against her. They keep trying these things and they never give up. Eric - If you marry Kristen you'll probably have to live with that. Brady - Why? Can't they understand that maybe she's changed. Is that so impossible? Look at your life. You know better than anyone that it's possible to change, right?

EJ tells Kristen they'll be back in the morning to give father the news. EJ asks Sami to wait in the car for him. She leaves. EJ - That situation certainly changed very quickly. Let me ask you something. Now that you have what you wanted are you sure you still want it?

Segment 6: Kristen - I am as sure of this as I am of anything I've ever done. EJ hopes she will be happy. I'm very sorry if the conversation we had earlier offended you. Kristen - Oh please, you and I and Sami and Brady are going to be living under the same roof as Stefano. You better hope to God I've got thick enough skin not to be offended when you tell me what you think. EJ - It's going to be a very interesting domestic situation, isn't it? Kristen - It's like the first chapter of an Agatha Christie novel, so many suspects. EJ - We'll just have to wait and see what crime happens first. Kristen - Except it's the DiMera mansion. There can't be just one. EJ laughs.

Eric - Of course I believe people can change especially when you love someone as much as you obviously love Kristen. Brady - I've changed too since I met her. When she first came to town I was at one of the lowest points of my life. I had just lost my fiancee Madison. I had lost hope. I didn't think I was going to love again. I didn't think I was going to be happy again. I understand that it's hard for you given the history Marlena has with Kristen but I was hoping that you could put that aside and focus on how happy she makes me. Eric - I'm working on it. Brady - It means a lot. Brady has to leave. Eric thanks him for coming by.

Nick and Gabi return to her room. Babe, you didn't say anything the whole way back. I thought maybe you'd be excited about moving in with Aunt Maggie and Victor, living in a mansion. Gabi - It's something that Will said. He said that I don't know you. Do I?

Jen is staring in a mirror at her necklace. It takes my breath away. Dan - You take my breath away. Jen - Daniel, wait.

Nancy brings Chloe some tea and then goes to check on a crying Parker. Chloe - Right I'm supposed to sit here drinking my tea while that bitch ... she doesn't deserve Daniel. She paces and stops and looks at a picture of Daniel and Parker. You know what, everything is going to be okay.

Segment 7: Will is with Sonny at the coffeehouse. Sonny asks if he's alright. Will is going to try to be. Gabi swears I'm going to be part of the baby's life. I just don't trust Nick. Sonny - You have no reason to trust Nick. Will - I know but she seems like she really means it though. Sonny - Like I said before, he's really got her snowed. Will - Yeah, she loves him so much she's going to give him anything he wants.

Nick - You know me better than anyone has my whole life and I love you more than I've ever loved anything. He kisses her.

Brady has returned. Kristen - So now EJ and Sami both know. Brady - It's okay. The more I think about it I think it's better Sami heard it from you rather than me. Kristen - EJ was with her so she had to behave. You seem like you're in a better mood than when you left. Brady - Yeah. I realised I was worrying about things that I don't need to worry about. You know what I want to do. I want to set a date ASAP. Let's do this. Kristen - I couldn't agree more.

Dan brings Jen a cup of hot chocolate with whipped cream. Is something wrong? Jen - No, nothing's wrong. I just want to say thank you for fighting for me. Dan - We fought for each other and the fight is over. They kiss.

Nancy comes back into the living room. Nancy - Maybe the first step in giving up can be the beginning of getting over him. Chloe - Who says I'm giving up? Finally everything has become crystal clear. I know what I need to do for Daniel, for myself, most importantly for Parker and I will.


Monday, Mar 25

Segment 1: Kate and Rafe are in bed together when the phone starts ringing. Kate reaches to answer it but Rafe pushes her hand away - It's early. Kate argues that it could be important. Rafe tells her it can wait but this can't. He turns to her and kisses her. The camera pans to Kate's phone - Missed Calls (1) from Stefano DiMera.

Sami prances around the DiMera living room and smirks at Stefano's portratit. Well, well, well, what would you have to say about me moving in here. Stefano replies - Welcome home.

Abby sets a table for 2 in the Horton living room. FB to Cam and envelope of money.

Cam is in bed when he gets a text from Abby.

Sonny brings Will coffee in the park. Will - Didn't you have to work this morning? Sonny - I did but I thought it was more important to spend some time with you. Will asks what happened to his hand. Sonny lies. I don't know. I must have banged it on something. It's not that big a deal. Will wants to know what happened. Sonny - I got into a fight with Nick. Will - Are you telling me that Nick took a swing at you? Sonny - Actually I was the one that threw the first punch. Will - What did he do? What did he say? Sonny - I don't want to talk about it. Will does. Nick's problem is with me. I don't want you punching people and getting caught up in the middle. What did he do? Sonny - He called me a faggot.

Nick wakes up alone in Gabi's bed and calls out her name. Gabi is sitting at the desk. I'm right here. Nick asks if she's okay, if the baby is okay. Gabi tells him everything is fine. I couldn't sleep. I was just thinking about what Will said ... that I don't know you. Nick - That's crazy. I told you, you know me better ... Gabi - No I don't. I've been thinking about it all night and I realise Will was right. Nick - I promise you that's not true. You know me better than anyone. Gabi - Nick there's still so much about you that I don't know. You've told me what you wanted me to know and I understand; there were things about my past I didn't want to tell you either but then I did and it made me feel so much closer to you. With everything that's happened and how quickly you've been able to shut Will out of the baby's life I feel like I need to know more. Nick - What do you want to know? Gabi - I want to know what happened to you in prison.

Segment 2: Cam calls Abigail. Of course I didn't forget it. I'm looking forward to this. After the call he stuffs a bunch of money into his cashbox. He then places a gun inside it as well.

Kate's cell rings again. Kate - Now can I get it. Rafe - You can get it. He hands her the phone. She looks at it. Rafe - What's wrong? Kate - Nothing, it's just business. Rafe - You do know that I'm a trained FBI agent. Kate - I think that's ex-FBI agent. Rafe - But I'm still really good at reading people so ... he takes her phone - I'm back in town. I thought you should know. Kate - Stefano. Obviously it was personal. Rafe - With Stefano it's always personal.

Sami tells Stefano that he doesn't to play nice. Stefano assures her that this is her home and the kids and Will's too if he decides to live with them. Sami doesn't think Will will be moving in but she thanks Stefano for his hospitality. Stefano - Hospitality is for guests, you are now part of the family cara! EJ comes in and tells Sami breakfast is ready. Stefano isn't going to join him. He will leave EJ with his future bride. He wants the 2 of them to enjoy themselves. After Stefano leaves Sami asks if she missed something - like the announcement of an engagement.

Will doesn't know why he's surprised. The guy's a homophobe; that's not exactly breaking news. Sonny - To tell you the truth I did push him probably more than I should have. Will - That does not justify him calling you a faggot. Sonny - Of course, nothing could. I think we should turn the tables on Nick; let everyone see Nick for the homophobic jerk he is. Will - I get what you're saying but you have to think about how my family would react to that. Sonny - It's the truth. Why are we protecting him? Will - It's not about protecting him. Don't you think I would tell everyone right now, especially Gabi, if I didn't think Nick would just run to the police. It's not just me. It's my Dad, it's Hope ... Sonny - I'm sorry. Will - I'm sorry. I'm just angry. Sonny - With good reason. Will - Not at you. The only thing you should have done was hit him harder. Sonny - There's always next time. Will - This is the guy who's going to raise my little girl. He'll fill her head with all sorts of ignorant nonsense.

Nick - When I walked into prison that first day I was probably the least prepared guy in the world for what was to come. I had no idea. Even though everyone was there for breaking the law that world has it's own very strict set of laws. I broke one of those laws right away. It cost another inmate 3 years on his sentence and it almost cost me my life. I didn't know Gabi. I didn't get that there are things that happen in that place that are ... close up as Nick's face as he recalls screaming ... no ... please no ... NO! Gabi - Nick, what happened to you?

Segment 3: Rafe - Do you want me to have a talk with Stefano? Kate - What, on my behalf? Rafe - You don't think I'm serious. Kate - Look, I think that's really sweet that you feel protective of me but no, I think it would be a terrible idea to go off and rattle Stefano's cage. Rafe - You don't think he was trying to rattle yours with that text? Kate - Do I look rattled? What? Why are you looking at me that way. Rafe - Sometimes I wonder. Kate - Sometimes you wonder what? That I still have feelings for him because I don't. I did love him but all I feel now is shame. Rafe - Shame. If you love someone even if it ends badly ... Kate - Better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all. Rafe - That's right. I believe it, don't you? Kate does but the kind of love Stefano and I had ... you know that he blackmailed me into marrying him ... looking back I think it was Stockholm Sydnrome. I think my survival strategy was to be sympathetic to my captor and eventually I did fall in love. Rafe - God, does this mean I'm going to have to make you my prisoner? Kate laughs. No because I am happier person with you in my life.

EJ is sure that is Stefano's way of giving them his blessing. It's his way of saying that he hopes this reunion is going to be a permanent one. It sounded like a life sentence to Sami. EJ wants to know what is bothering her. Sami - Stefano. He was nice to me and it creeps me out. EJ - You know he can be incredibly charming to your face, it's when you turn your back that you have to watch out. EJ promises that he will keep her safe. He will never let his father or anyone else hurt her.

Nick - I wish you could understand but there are things about life on the inside that you can't think about. You just ... you have to forget. There's a certain order ... a hierarchy with the inmates and I had to play all the angles. I had to figure out how to make all the right alliances ... cue flashback - A bruised and battered Nick is sitting on his cot when Vargas asks - What's your name punk? It's Nick Fallon. Vargas - I could kill you for ratting me out. Nick - One of the guards asked me about the fight in the yard. Vargas - And you told them that I started it. Nick - I didn't mean to get anybody in trouble. I didn't understand ... Vargas - Yeah, but you understand now how things work around here. I said do you understand. Nick - Yes. Vargas - Good. I hear you're some sort of genius. No one's ever called me that God knows but I am smart enough to know that you can't use your brain if you're always worried about what's going to happen to you next. You need someone to protect you. I could do that but you're going to owe me boy, you understand that, right? Gabi - Nick, how did you do that? How did you survive in there for 4 years? Nick - Flashback. Nick is lying on his cot when Vargas throws a book on his chest. The pages are cut out in part of the book and it's filled with pills. Gabi - Nick, what did you do?

Segment 4: Cam arrives with a bouquet of flowers for Abby. He's sorry to have kept her waiting. Abby thanks him for the flowers. Cam thinks he ruined any chance of them having breakfast by being late. Abby - Now we can have brunch, it's much classier. Besides, there's no rush. My mom is out and I don't have class until 3 and you said yourself your shift isn't until later. Cam - Beautiful. Abby hopes it tastes as good as it looks. Cam wasn't talking about the food. He was talking about her.

Adrienne is at the coffeehouse. Sonny asks her what she has in this shopping bag here. Adrienne - A little something for Will. Is he going to be by? Sonny - He might be. He's studying for an econ test right now. She holds up the gift bag with a little pink dress on it. Sonny - Don't you think that's a bit much? Adrienne - It's not for Will, Will ... it's for his baby girl. Sonny - Oh mom, you can not give that to him.

Will closes his books and pulls out the sonogram picture.

Nick - A lot of people in prison use drugs as an escape. It's a way to cope. But I didn't. Somehow I rememebered who I was before I started using and I wanted to get back to being that person again. Gabi - So what did you do? Nick - Well Statesville is run a lot like a small town. There's hundreds of prisoners and they each work in different departments to keep things going. I found ways to work that system to my advantage and I traded on it for protection. Gabi - Like an informant? Is that what led to you being stabbed? Nick - Someone thought that I was going to snitch on them which is the worst thing you can do in there but they were wrong. Gabi - You weren't going to. Nick - No, by then I learned you don't rat out on another inmate. Gabi - But he still tried to kill you. Nick - The stabbing was just a warning. If they wanted me dead, I'd be dead. Gabi hugs him - I'm so sorry that you had to go through that. Nick - You are the reason that I'm still here. Gabi - What are you talking about? Nick - When I got out of prison I was going to start my new life; I didn't know what was going to happen. But then I met you and everything came together and it came together better than I ever could have imagined it. Thank you, thank you Gabi for saving my life. For giving me the family I've always wanted.

Sami and EJ head upstairs to have sex.

Kate gives Rafe a quick kiss. Okay we have to get going, at least I do. I have to get to work. Rafe - Alright, I'm going to jump in the shower. Kate - And I'll be right there because you know I'm all about water convservation. Rafe knows. When she's alone Kate calls Stefano. Catherine, how nice to hear from you. Obviously you got my message. Kate - I knew you were back in town before I got your little text message, not that I give a damn. Stefano - Then why did you call me? Kate - To tell you to leave me the hell alone. You will never, ever be a part of my life again. I've moved on. She hangs up.

Stefano - Moved on, with whom?

Segment 5: Abby asks Cam how work is ... has he had any more run-ins with the horrible Anne Milbauer. Cam - That lady's a trip, isn't she? I don't worry about her. Abby - Why should you have to put up with someone so annoying and disruptive especially when you work so hard and take on so much responsibility. I know that you put a lot of pressure on yourself because of Lexie and what she meant at the hospital. Cam - It is a lot to live up to. Abby wants to asks a personal question. What happened before, the misunderstandings, we're past that, right? Of course. Abby - I'd like to think that if something was on your mind you know that you could talk to me about it. Cam - Actually there is one thing that's weighing on me.

EJ and Sami have sex.

Sonny - And now he's just trying to move on. Obviously it hasn't been easy. So that's why you can't give him that gift. Adrienne - My God, how could Will do this. I thought he felt so strongly about being a part of the baby's life. Does he really believe this is what's best for the baby? Sonny - Yeah he does otherwise he wouldn't have signed those papers. Adrienne - I know you stand by Will no matter what he does because you love him but you can't honestly tell me this is the best decision. Kate comes in just as Adrienne is saying - For Will to give up the legal rights to his child. Kate - When the hell did that happen?

Segment 6: Cam - We've been spending a lot of time together lately and it's been great. You're funny and you're smart and I feel really comfortable when I'm with you. I hope you feel that way with me too. She does. Cam - But sometimes it gets awkward like it is now. Abby - I didn't feel awkward 'til you just said that. Now that you did I'm actually feeling a little awkward. Cam - You know what I mean. Abby - I suppose I know what you mean. Cam - I think I know a way we can bust through that. Abby - That's good to hear ... he kisses her.

Rafe comes into Gabi's room. I got your text. Everything okay? Gabi - Everything's fine. I wanted you to hear it from me. Will has given up his rights to the baby. Rafe - Are you serious? Gabi - Yeah. Everything's been filed with the courts and it's official. He has no claim on Arianna anymore. Rafe - I've got to tell you that's the last thing I thought you were going to tell me. Gabi - It's a good thing Rafe, it is. Rafe - Sit down a sec. I don't mean to pry but a while ago Nick made some sort of threat saying he was going to do anything that he could possibly could to keep you safe. Is this part of that? Gabi - All I can say is that this is what needs to happen to keep Arianna safe from Sami. Okay you yourself said that she could push Will into fighting for custody and now legally that could never happen because we're protected. Rafe - Right. Will's okay with this. Gabi - He knows that I'm never going to keep him from her. She's always going to be in his life. Rafe - I just really wish you had told me about this Gabi. Gabi - I would of but it kind of happened fast. I have to get to class, I'm late. Can you carry this downstairs because Nick and I are moving to the Kiriakis house today and Victor's going to have someone pick it up. Rafe - You're moving into the what? We're not done talking about all of this, you understand? Gabi - I appreciate you looking out for me but you don't have to anymore because I have Nick and besides, the decision has been made.

Kate - Are you telling me that Will voluntarily signed over his parental rights to that baby? Sonny - Yeah, that's what happened. It's a done deal. Kate - Says who? Sonny - Will says ... it was his decision. Kate - Was it or did you talk him into it? Adrienne - Excuse me, my son didn't do anything except support Will's decision. Sonny wanted to be a part of that baby's life as much as anyone. Kate - Well all I know is that Will would never abandon his daughter. When did this happen? Adrienne - A few days ago. Kate - This is a travesty. I don't know why Will did it but I am going to find out. Sonny - Kate, please ... damn it.

Sami gets a call from Will. I need to see you now. I'm at the town square. Sami - What's this about? Will - My baby.

Segment 7: Cam - Now that we got that out of the way we can relax and finish our breakfast. Actually, maybe brunch can wait a little longer. He kisses her again.

Rafe opens the door to Gabi's room. Kate slaps him. You son of a bitch!

Adrienne - Sonny, I need you to be honest with me. Is Will in some kind of trouble? Is that why he was so willing to give up his baby? Sonny - I'm really sorry. I can't tell you anything else. Adrienne - Okay, I understand. Just know that if you need anything your father and I are here for both of you.

Sami shows up at the park. Did something happen to the baby?

EJ joins Stefano and asks if he's seen Kristen today. Stefano wants to make sure he understands that he meant what he said before. I want you and Samantha to feel at home here. EJ - I'm quite sure you believe that but you have a tendency to believe a lot of things. EJ makes a move on the chess board. Stefano - You think that is wise. EJ - That is just my first move.

Will - Do you still think Stefano could help me get custody of my daughter. Sami - Of course I do. Will - Good, then I want you to make that happen. I want you to do whatever it takes to get Nick out of the way.


Wednsday, Mar 27

Segment 1: Kristen follows Brady into the DiMera mansion living room. I blew it. Brady - No, you were trying to help. Kristen - I should have known it was a really stupid idea. Since when can we have a rational conversation with John and Marlena. Brady has a headache but he doesn't want aspirin - he starts kissing her. Someone watches through the patio doors.

Will and Sonny are in the square. Will comments that Sonny seems disturbed. Did you see something; hear something. Cue f/b of Sonny walking in on Kate and Rafe kissing. Will - Tell me.

Rafe finds Kate at the coffeehouse. She tells him that Evan says Sonny will be here shortly. Rafe - You're waiting for him? Take a breath. No need to panic. Kate - It's a little late for that don't you think? Did you see the expression on Sonny's face when he walked in on us? Can you imagine if he would have come in about 2 mins later. Rafe - Yeah, let's not think about that. Kate - What we need to think about is who he's going to tell because if he opens his mouth ... Rafe - What? Kate - It's over.

Sonny - You're right. I don't want to have secrets between us so I'll tell you the truth. Will - Truth about? Sonny - Rafe and Kate.

Dan wakes Jennifer with the aroma of a fresh cup of coffee. They banter. Jen asks him when he woke up. He never went to sleep. More chatter and then kisses.

Chloe paces - cue f/b of her at the Horton cabin. She's going to head out but she steps on one of Parker's toys and breaks it. She leaves.

Jen guesses they should get up. Dan thinks they worked so hard to get here they should never have to leave. Jen feels the same. More kisses.

Chloe is outside the pub talking on her cell to Parker. I miss you so much. Are you enjoying your trip? Good. I promise I'll see you soon. Chloe gets Parker to give Grandma the phone. How did he do on the plane? Nancy - He slept the entire flight. Chloe - I told you, didn't I? I hope you got some rest because you're going to be busy. Text me when everything's ready. Nancy - Yes sweetheart but before we get in too deep are you absolutely sure about this? Chloe - Mom, would you please stop asking me that. I need to know that I can count on you to do what needs to be done. Nicole - What needs to be done Chloe?

Segment 2: Chloe ends her call. Nicole - Who were you talking to and yes I'm being nosy. Chloe - Don't you have habits to iron or haloes to stack; anything other than eavesdropping on me. Nicole - I wasn't eavesdropping, I was walking. I know you have nothing better to do in your life that needs to be done other than diapers, dishes and oh ... Daniel. Let me guess, you've got another crazy scheme to win him back.

Jen and Dan declare their love. Jen is really happy. So is Dan. Dan notices his phone. I never showed up at the conference. I never even called the guy to let him know. There's one more thing I need to do to make things right for us and I promise you I will.

Will - Rafe and Kate, what about them? Lucas rushes up. Good to see you. How are you guys doing? I'm not interrupting, am I? Sonny - No. Will - You were just about to tell me ... Sonny - It's no big deal, not at all. Lucas - If it's about Nick or Gabi we'd really like to hear about it. Will - I don't think it is though. Lucas - Come on Will. We're going to go through this custody battle ... Will - It's not a custody battle. I signed away my parental rights, that's it. Lucas - I know it looks like Nick has won for now but there's got to be a way for you to spend time with your own daughter, right? So Sonny if you know anything, anything at all that could help, now's the time.

Rafe - What do you mean it's over? Kate - If Stefano finds out; if Sami finds out ... Rafe - It's a little late for that, don't you think? Besides Sami went back to the mansion with EJ and Stefano. The last time I checked you were half-way divorced, right? Kate - Right. Rafe - So what's Stefano going to do, kill us? Kate - Maybe. Rafe chuckles. At least we'll get to enjoy the looks on their faces before he does. Kate - So now you're joking, right? Rafe - No. You know as well as I do that it's impossible to keep a damn secret in this town. Kate - Okay I think what you're forgetting is that your little sister is pregnant with Will's baby. Rafe - What does that have to do with us? Kate - Well it's kind of a Montague and Capulet story on steroids and I don't think they need us as a complication, do you?

Brady wants to add his and Kristen's DNA to the DiMera sofa. Whoa, I could have sworn I saw someone out there. Brady goes to check.

Segment 3: Brady doesn't see anything but he swears to God he saw something moving out here. Brady wants to take up where they left off. Kristen puts a halt to things. He has a headache, he clearly needs sustenance so she called ahead to have cook prepare something special. Kristen lets him know they have the mansion to themselves. They kiss.

Sonny - Gabi says she wants Will to be able to see the baby. Lucas - That's great but what did Nick say about it? Will - That's an excellent question. Lucas - Does Gabi know what Nick did and how he got you to sign away custody. Will - No, but she knows I didn't want to do it. Lucas - Well she's going to find out, isn't she? She's got to. She's living with the guy who's blackmailing you and raising your child. Lucas gets a call - he has to close this deal, sorry. I'm going to stay on top of this, okay? Will - Thanks. Lucas steps away to take the call. Will - Obviously whatever you have to tell me you didn't want my Dad to know. Sonny - Yeah, I didn't. It's not my place to tell him but with you it's a different story.

Dan and Jen are getting dressed. She hands him his cell. You missed a call. He picks up the phone and she sees his expression. It's from Chloe, isn't it? Dan - Probably wants to know where I am. Jen - She didn't leave you a message? Dan - No, but I have a message for her. As long as we are here it's like the rest of the world does not exist but when we go back you know Chloe will be waiting. Jen - I know. I really don't want to think about that. Dan - And you know that I've tried to make her understand that there is no way, no chance, that she and I are ever ... Jen knows. Dan - This time boundaries are going to be made crystal clear. Jen - Except with Chloe the Berlin Wall is just a minor roadblock. Dan - Don't you worry. I know what it takes to get through to her and I promise you no more games, no more lies ... nothing! As much as I hate to leave here I want to be on the next ferry 'cause the sooner I set her straight, the sooner we can start our lives together.

Chloe - Are you still obsessing about Daniel. That's so pathetic even for you. Nicole - Wait a minute, Daniel is my friend and I don't want to see him get hurt. I don't want to see you get hurt! Chloe - Oh what, the sweet, self-righteous Jennifer, she's not going to ruin his life. Nicole - No more than you did. Chloe - Wow! You couldn't wait to gloat that I didn't get the spot on the St Luke's music committee. Why? Because I have talent, drive and a plan for the future. Friends shouldn't be jealous of friends. Nicole - I am not jealous of you. Chloe - If you think that misery likes company then you're wrong because I'm never going to be alone and pitiful like you are because I have a son; something that you'll never be able to give Daniel or anyone else for that matter. Nicole - OMG Chloe, take that back. Chloe - Well it's true. If you don't want to hear it you should have just kept on walking. You know I'm the only one left in this town that even gives a damn about you and you had to push me away. Why? Because you can't stand either one of us being happy. Instead of helping me you deliberately stood in my way and now Jennifer has moved right on in. Nicole - What do you mean I stood in your way and Jennifer's moved in, what does that even mean?

Kate - How do you think Will is going to deal with this? Rafe - He survived you and Stefano, didn't he? Listen Will has a lot of other things on his mind right now. Kate - That's true. Will is probably the least of our problems. Rafe - Which is exactly what I thought. You're really worried about Stefano, aren't you? Kate - Aren't you? Rafe - The way I see it there's not much else he can do to me that he hasn't already tried. Kate - Are you sure about that? Rafe - He's the one who divorced you, isn't he? What does he expect? That you put the rest of your life on hold? Kate - That's exactly what he expects. I think things are getting so complicated with Stefano and Sami and Will, maybe we should ... Rafe - What? Kate - Maybe we should just end this. Rafe - Is that what you really want? Kate - No. Sonny and Will come in. Will - Grandma ... Rafe and Kate greet him. Will - You don't have to pretend. Sonny already told me.

Segment 4: Sonny - I'm sorry if I was out of line. I just thought that Will should know that the both of you are in the loop about Will signing over his parental rights. I didn't want him to think that he needed to keep anything from you. Will - I'm sorry Grandma. I know you're disappointed in me and you should be after what you went through with Austin and Billie. Kate - Honey, this is your life. It's not my life, it's your life and I know whatever choice you made it's because you felt it was the only thing you could do. Will - Could I just have a minute with Rafe privately? Kate - With Rafe? Yeah, sure. Sonny and Kate walk away. Kate - So you didn't say anything? Sonny - No. Who do you think I am; Perez Hilton? Rafe - Will, there's something I want to say ... Will - Let me go first. Rafe - Okay. Will - I know this is a huge relief for you. Rafe - Why would you even say that! Will - I get it. After the abortion clinic and the wedding, all the stupid things I did and the things you said, I understand I'm the last person you want around Gabi and the baby.

Dan and Jen arrive at the square. Jen would go with him for moral support but she thinks she would make things worse. Dan - I think Chloe needs to hear it from me and only me. Jen is going to get her car and then she'll see him later. Dan - Your place sound good? It does. Dan will be there. He's feeling incredibly lucky right now. They kiss. After Jen leaves Dan calls Chloe and leaves her a message. Call me, it's important.

Chloe - What do I mean? You're standing here saying Jennifer's won and I've lost. Well you're wrong. Nicole - Am I? Chloe - Yes. I'm the one who's going to win and I don't need your help. And I certainly don't need you dragging me down either. Nicole - You're right, you don't need me at all. Chloe - You know what, Daniel doesn't want you in his life so that means I don't want you in my life either. Nicole - Okay. I'll stand back and bask in the satisfaction of watching you implode. You're not going to get what you want. Daniel may be too good for me but he's a million times to good for you. She leaves. Chloe yells - What, that's it! Yeah, walk away. That's what you do because you're a loser but I'm not! Cue f/b. I'll never quit.

Segment 5: Chloe strolls through the square. She sees that she has missed a call from Daniel.

Kristen and Brady are eating in the living room. Kristen suggests going to bed early. Brady likes that suggestion. She asks him where he went last night, he never told her. Brady went to St Luke's. We're engaged, we've got to start preparing for the ceremony, right? Kristen - Without the bride? Brady went to talk to Eric - a brother to brother chat. He was much cooler than I thought he'd be. How could he not appreciate what you've done for St Luke's. Kristen - He fired me from the board! Brady - In any case I don't think you need to worry about him at all. For one, his advice to me was do what you want and don't worry about what anyone else thinks. Brady persuades Kristen to try some of his food. She thinks there might be only one thing in the world better than this ... she gets up and kisses him. The doorbell rings. Kristen goes to the door. It's Daniel. I hope I didn't come at the wrong time? Brady - What's going on? Dan - I'm just looking for Chloe. Brady - She's not here. Dan - I didn't think she was. She's teaching a music class right now. I had some time so I thought I'd come over here and thank you in person. Kristen - For what? Dan - For helping me get my life back.

Kate - I didn't mean to imply that you were being indiscreet. I just assumed ... Sonny - That we tell each other everything? We do. Kate - But. Sonny - But right now I'm still dealing with the image of the two of you in Gabi's room. Gabi's room, really? What's that about? Kate - Is that really important? Rafe - Will, Gabi's my baby sister. She's family but so are you. You always will be and I would hate to see you torn out of that baby's life. Will - Really? Rafe - Yes, really and I know that Gabi feels the exact same way. We've talked about it. Will - I am glad Gabi feels that way but Nick ... Kate comes back. I know someone pressured you to sign away your parental rights and I want to know who, when and why and what we can do about it.

Kristen - So you talked things over with Jennifer. Oh, oh, maybe more than talked. Dan - Let's just say we worked things out but if it hadn't been for you clueing me in on the misunderstanding we wouldn't be where we are right now. Kristen - I guess I can add matchmaker to my resume. Dan - Don't act like it's nothing. To find true love once in this lifetime ... but to find it again! Brady - I know what you mean. I'm assuming that's why you're looking for Chloe. Dan - Yeah. I know you're her friend ... Brady - You do what you have to do. Dan - You better believe I will.

Chloe gets a text from Nancy and replies. Tell him I miss him too. This will all be over soon and then life will be good again.

Segment 6: Jen calls Abby from home leaving her a message letting her know that everything is oh so good. She removes the necklace Dan gave her and smiles.

Dan notices Kristen's ring - Is that what I think it is? Congratulations. Brady - Thanks. Dan - The four of us will go out and celebrate. Brady - We'd love to. We're not really getting that reaction around town. Kristen - Anything other than abject horror! Brady - We appreciate your support. Dan - Likewise. He notices Brady rubbing the back of his head. Are you okay? Brady - It's just a headache. It's been coming and going. Dan - Get it checked out. Make an appointment. Brady insists it's nothing. Dan - Maybe it's stress, you could be right but on the other hand it wasn't that long ago you had a head injury due to getting beaten pretty bad by those thugs. Kristen recalls paying those thugs off. Dan - Kristen, would you talk to your fiance and get him to make an appointment with a neurologist. Kristen - Of course.

Will - I don't know that there's anything we can do about it. Kate - Nick works for me. I can make sure ... Will - Calm down, please. Kate - I still don't get it. Why does he have a problem with you being a part of your child's life. Will - Because he's afraid my mom's going to go off the deep end again. He wants to remove her from the picture. Rafe - You're telling me this is all about Sami. Lucas comes in. Will - Yes. Kate - I still don't get why you would agree to that Will. Lucas - Mom, I'm glad I ran into you. I really need to talk to you. Kate - I'm right in the middle of something here. Lucas - There's a 5 million dollar deal on the line right now, I need your help. Kate - Alright. Rafe has to head to the station. Kate tells Will they haven't finished this yet. Will - Grandma's not going to back down so what do I say. Sonny - Anything but the truth. Will - Come to think of it why can't I tell her what Nick has over me. Sonny - Cause she'll fire Nick and Nick will send you to prison. That's going to make everything worse; for your dad, for you, for your daughter. Will - I know. Sonny - Let's just hope your Dad can get her to back off. Will - If he doesn't then I'm going to have to find another way to keep this secret. Kate - 5 million dollar deal, huh? Lucas - Did you see the look on his face when you were asking him those questions. You need to back off now. Kate - Why? Oh so you can't tell me, is that it? I could do so much to help him. Who does he have on his side? You and Sami? Lucas - Yeah that's right. Kate - Oh. Is that what you were doing snooping around in the evidence room. That is amateur hour! I can ... Lucas - You can not help. Kate - How do you know that? Obviously Nick is holding something terrible over his head and you think Will has done something that I would judge. I would never do that. Lucas - It has nothing to do with that. Kate - Why won't you tell me? Lucas - Because if you get involved in this you're going to hurt Will even more. Now is that what you want? Kate - No.

Segment 7: Will watches Kate - she's outside now. Sonny finishes a call with T. Yes I will ask him and let you know. That was T. He needs us for a basketball game tomorrow. He keeps on bragging how you guys used to dominate the court. Did you hear me? Will - Yes. T and basketball. I'm not really up for it. Sonny - It will be a lot of fun. It will distract you from the stuff going on with Nick and Gabi. Will - Yeah, it's not really stuff. Sonny - Sorry. I know it's important. I know it's serious but you also have some other good stuff in your life. I know that Gabi and I have our differences but I do believe what you told you dad; that she will make sure no matter what those papers say that you'll be part of your daughter's life. Will - Well Nick ... Sonny - Don't worry about Nick. He's not going to be able to control Gabi when it comes to that baby. At least I hope not. Also, I'm sorry that Kate found out. Will - That's okay. It's not your fault. She was going to find out sooner or later. Sonny - I was going to tell you sooner but I couldn't find you. Will recalls speaking to his mother. Will - I had to handle some stuff.

Outside Kate is on her cell with Rafe who's at the police station. I thought you should know that Sonny isn't going to say anything but it is harder and harder to keep on coming up with excuses when people see us together. Rafe - So. Kate - So when Sonny walked into the room and saw us it just made me realise that ending this is really the right thing to do before it gets too complicated. Rafe - I guess there's nothing I can say to change your mind then. Kate - No. Rafe - Well I guess the only thing left to say is goodbye. Kate - Goodbye.

Kristen tries to convince Brady to call the doctor right now. He refuses because his headache is gone. It was probably just stress. Kristen - So you're saying all you need is to relax? Brady was thinking that since Daniel knows maybe we should tell some other people around town about it. Kristen - You mean like Victor? Brady - Exactly. Kristen - Do you want me to go with you? Brady - You could bring a defibulator. That might help. Kristen is sorry he has to choose between her and his family. Brady - There's no choice. I love you, that's the end of that story. He leaves. The doorbell rings. Kristen opens the door to one of the muggers. What are you doing here? Sy - Don't worry, I waited until he left. Now it's just me and you.

Dan lets himself into his apt and calls out for Chloe.

Jen opens the door to find Chloe standing there.


Thursday, Mar 28

Segment 1: Henderson opens the door and is pleased to see "Master Brady". Brady asks if his Grandfather is around. Vic comes into the foyer. Hallelujah, the prodigal grandson returns. He chuckles, Finally had enough of that snaky little bitch, huh.

Kristen pulls Sy into the house. He tells her it's really important that they talk. Kristen - No, it's really important that you get the hell out of here and you stay out of here.

Nicole is working on the laptop in the rectory. No more emails from Chloe. Eric comes in and asks if she's busy. He noticed that he startled her. She assures him she's fine assuming her heart is still in her body. Now Eric feels bad. Hardly the way to come in and ask for a favour. Nicole - Eric, you can ask me for anything. Anything! What Eric wanted to ask - I know you're using the office for paperwork but I was wondering if you would mind sharing it just for a while. Nicole doesn't mind sharing as long as he promises not to be a distraction. This is a workplace now. Eric won't be here. The person I'm hoping you'll share the space with ... well here he is. Vargas enters.

Marlena leaves Eric a message. I need to talk to you. It's kind of important ... no, it couldn't be more important.

Dan comes into his apt Chloe are you home yet?

Jen is surprised to see Chloe at the door. Chloe lets herself in. There's no point in trying to make nice, is there? You know me, I know you, probably a little too well. Chloe's cell is ringing. Jen suggests she answer it. Chloe - No, you're the one I want to talk to 'cause you're the one who's been really busy, haven't you? Jen - I'm sorry ... Chloe - No games. We're way past that. Jen - I don't know what you mean by games but right now is not a good time ... Chloe - No, we're going to talk and it's going to be brutally honest so please pay attention. Jen - Why are you here? Chloe - Because, there's just no other way to say it, I saw you. I saw it all. Jen - What are you talking about? Chloe - Really? You didn't notice that there were windows in that cabin last night. Jen - Oh God, what. Chloe - Oh yeah, all happy and laughing and sweaty ... Jen - Are you kidding me! You are disgusting. Do you mean to tell me ... Chloe - I'm just telling you what I saw and like I said it's time for us to be honest because now I realise finally that everything has changed.

Segment 2: Vic - Brady, I can't tell you how proud I am of you. This calls for a drink. Brady - Before you get that drink you might want to stop for a second. You're misinterpreting everything. Vic - No ... Brady - I'm still very much with Kristen. I came over here because I want you to hear this from me first. Vic - No, absolutely not! That is not going to happen. I won't allow it, damn it!

Sy - Ma'am, if you could just hear me out. Kristen - Why would I do that? Because you once did a job for me, poorly I might add. Sy - You told us later that was kind of a good thing, remember? Kristen - Never mind what I said then just listen to me now. Get out! We can not be seen together, do you understand that? Sy - I know that but I can't go until I tell you what's going on. Things have been kind of bad for me lately; bills piling up. I hate to ask but I need help, money, so my family can get by. Kristen - That's a sad story. Let me pay you for the job you've done ... oh wait, I've already done that. Now get the hell out.

Nicole - Vargas. So I'm supposed to ... what? Eric - I really hope it's okay. He'll probably only be here for a day just to use the phone, make some notes. He can use my desk. Vargas - Father Eric gave me some places to call for a job so it's time to go hunting. I'm pretty psyched although I have to admit Father, deep down I'm a little bit nervous. Eric - Don't be. Just don't forget, think positive. Sometimes that's all it takes. He leaves. Vargas - This is kind of cozy, huh?

Jen - You sneak up to the window and you looked in while Daniel and I ... Chloe - Get over it would you please. It's not like I haven't seen it or done it myself. Jen - You are disgusting! Get out of my house! Right now. She opens the door. Chloe - No, you can't. You can't throw me out. Don't you understand. Daniel is everything, he's all that ... when I looked in that window and I saw you two I finally got it Jennifer. He really does love you and that means that I've lost him.

Dan is fixing the toy that Chloe broke. He fantasizies about Jen playing with Parker.

Chloe - You must be thinking, how could she be so blind, in such denial. (They're in the living room now). Jen - Chloe, listen ... Chloe - I swear Jennifer I never imagined that he could love anyone else, not the way he loved me. She starts crying. So I came back to Salem hoping, knowing that I was going to get him back. I could feel it in my bones but then when I looked in that window last night and I saw the way that he looked at you and his total love for you ... do you love him? Jen - Chloe, please ... Chloe - I need to hear it from you. Do you love him, truly love him.

Segment 3: Vargas is on the phone - he's not having much sucess. Can't get past the damn secretaries. Who died and made them God anyway! He sharpens his pencil. Back to the rejection booth. Oh yeah, I've got to stay positive, right? He places another call. He tells the person that Father Eric from St Luke's gave him their number. He's looking for work and also a new beginning. He notices that Nicole is going to leave - Am I being too loud? No, she just needs some air.

Eric joins his mom at Brady's Pub. You sounded awful on the phone, what's going on? Marlena - Well I feel like I've destroyed everything and everything I try to do just makes things worse. And John has never been so angry. Eric - Brady told me what John was trying to do and how it all went south. Marlena - I destroyed it. He was trying to get closer to Brady and I ruined it. Eric - Stop whipping yourself about all of this. Marlena - You mean now that I've lost everything.

Vic - Brady, you are an addict! Brady - I'm aware of that every single day. Vic - Just because you beat back drug addiction you think the rest of your life is going to be a walk in the park. Brady - Of course I don't think that. Vic - Kristen DiMera is the worse addiction you're ever going to have to face. That slut is going to destroy you. Brady - You don't get to call her names anymore. I'm a man and I'm looking for happiness. As my grandfather do you think you could wish that for me please. Vic - You're going to be miserable. She's going to suck your soul dry and she's going to love every minute of it and when she's done you're going to think that drug addiction was a walk in the park. Brady - My God, this was a waste of my time. Thank you for your faith in me. Vic - Brady, wait ...

Sy - My daughter's been really sick ma'am. It's not like I'm asking for a whole lot. It's just that someone who lives in a mansion like this, it's not going to dint your pocketbook much to help out a little girl, right? Kristen - Maybe Daddy should get a job or try robbing a bank. Sy - Ma'am I need to be with my little girl. I don't need to be going to work all day or going to jail. Kristen - Well I told you no several times now I'm asking you to leave again. Sy - I did a good job for you and I went the extra mile. After me and Henry busted up that Brady guy I went to the hospital to see how he was doing, poke around a little. I seen his father, that psychriastist lady, Evans, I think her name was ... see, I'm a sharpie. I remember things. Kristen - If you're as sharp as you think you are you better start forgetting things like her name, like my name, like this address and everything else. Sy - Ma'am if you've got another job for me, say the word. I'll do anything. I'm a good guy to have in your corner. Kristen - I don't want you anywhere around me, do you understand that! Get out. She opens the door ... Now!

Dan decides he's not going to sit around and wait; he's going to surprise Jennifer.

Jen - I really hate doing this Chloe but if you insist on knowing the truth then yeah, I love him. I love him deeply and I have for a very, very long time. And there were times when I fought it and times when I told him that we could not have a future but he never gave up. He just kept fighting for me. We've had a lot of highs and lows, ups and downs but we passed every single test and that is when you know your love is strong and it is real. I know that is not what you wanted to hear but I do love Daniel. I love who he is, I love his past, his present, I love his future and I always will. Let's not do this. Daniel is waiting for you. He wants to talk to you so go be with him and hear what he has to say. Let's just be done here. Chloe - Done! No, no, we're a long way from done.

Segment 4: Vic - The last thing we should do is fight. Brady - And yet we do. Vic - Yes and it's wrong on so many levels. Instead of yelling at you for being blind maybe it's time I tried to look at what I'd lose if I keep fighting you. Brady - What are you saying to me? Vic - God knows I want the longest engagement possible, plenty of time ... longest engagement in the world would be find with me. But in the end if this is still what you want then you have my blessing. Brady - I hope you mean that. I think you mean that. I'm hoping that Maggie's had the influence on you that I think she has. Vic - She has been my salvation. Brady - Then I thank you. He hugs him then leaves. Vic frowns.

Kristen - When I tell someone to do something like get out of my sight ... Sy - I heard you ma'am but the bad part is you're not hearing me. I need money. You know what, I bet we could do a deal. Kristen - You want a deal? You're going to go out this door; you're going to make sure no one sees you leaving the property and you're never coming back. That's our deal! Sy winks at her and leaves.

Marlena - My marriage to John might be over; Brady might never speak to me again and I've dug myself into such a deep hole, I can't even crawl out of it. Eric - Then ask for help. He helped me, He changed my entire life. There may be hope again. He'll help you if you ask. Marlena - Maybe I ... Eric - I want you to think back. God helped you once before when you needed Him most and I think, I know He'd do it again.

Dan is in the square admiring the toy train car he bought for Parker when he and Nicole literally bump into each other. They both apologise. They talk about Parker's toy. Dan mentions he's on his way to see Jennifer. We're together now. We worked through all the problems we were having. And that's probably hard to hear from me but I think it's best that you do. Nicole recalls Chloe lashing out at her earlier. Nicole - So that's what she meant. Dan - I'm sorry, I didn't catch that. Nicole - I'm just babbling. I'm glad things worked out for you. You deserve to be happy. So does Chloe know yet?

Jen - No, we're done because I am not going to keep doing this with you. Chloe - Really? Jen - Yes. We have got to stop harassing each other. No more lying and scheming, for heaven's sake, let's just move on okay! Chloe - Move on? I don't think you've been paying attention. Jen - What! Chloe - Did I ever say one word about moving on? No.

Segment 5: Dan - No offence, but I'd rather not talk about Chloe with you. Let's just say we're handling things. It was good to see you. Nicole - I'm sorry. I didn't mean to pry. I just thought ... if you are going to tell her, you should tell her soon. Dan - Why is that? Nicole starts a couple of sentences and then just says she is going to go back to work. Dan wonders what she meant.

Jen - I'm confused. When you got here you gave me the impression that you needed to move on because you saw me with Daniel and you realised he loved me and you had lost him, right? Chloe - I guess I did blurt something out to that effect but I didn't mean it was a done deal. We still have some very important things that we need to work out. Jen - Like what? Chloe - Like Parker.

Vargas is on the phone. Sir, I spent my years in prison trying to turn my life around. I understand that but if I was hired on a trial basis then you could ... right. Thanks. He add 'For nothing' after the guy hangs up. He sees Nicole - This thing is a complete crock. Nicole - What's wrong? Vargas - Nobody wants to hire an ex-con; most people don't even want to talk to one. Father Eric's little project of wanting to save my soul and send me off into the world a new man ... talk about failure. Nicole - Who's failure? You've been at this, what, for an hour! Look sometimes turning your life around takes a little time. You're going to be fine. Eric's helping me too and sometimes it's one step forwards and two steps back but he won't give up and neither will I. Vargas - How come you needed his help? What'd you do? Nicole - It doesn't matter. It hasn't been long since I got of prison so I know what you're going through, believe me. Vargas - No way! Nicole - Maybe we should get t-shirts made - I'm an official Father Eric project. They laugh.

Marlena - I don't know, prayer seems, in my case ... Eric - Mom, you are one of the most empathetic people I know on this planet. Professionally, personally, you must know that sometimes you can't do it on your own. Right now you feel that you're at rock bottom. Look up, ask for Him. Marlena - You are so sure of this. Eric - Yes I am. Eric gets a text - he has to go see Father Matt. Marlena assures him she's fine, go. Eric will call her later. He leaves. Marlena - I don't want to lose John. I want Brady back in our lives. I want everybody to know what I know about that woman, please.

Kristen is cursing Sy when Brady returns and tells her that his grandfather is coming around. He said if marriage is what I want he's not going to fight it. Kristen is thrilled - she kisses him. Brady keeps nattering on about Vic and Kristen climbs all over him kissing him. She tells him to stop talking and start celebrating - off with the shirt.

Segment 6: Vargas and Nicole are sharing stories about their time in prison when Eric returns. It's nice to see you two getting along. How's the job search going? Vargas - It's a little bit tougher than I thought. Who am I kidding! It's been a lot tougher ... didn't figure it would be easy but ... Eric - It will get better. Vargas - But I want to pull my weight around here too so I'll probably move out if I don't make something click pretty soon. Nicole - Eric, how about that handyman job? Eric - That's only part-time. Nicole - It will give him something to do while he's searching for a job. Come on, he fixed the the heating with a monkey-wrench and a hammer. Man's got skills. Vargas - What are you, my agent? Nicole - No, us ex-cons have to stick together.

Henderson - Mr. Kiriakis, I was so glad to hear that you and your grandson had worked things out. He's a very important part of your life. Vic - Yes he is. That's why I let him think I was coming around. I'm not going to lose that boy now especially not to some psycho whore. Henderson - So the things you told him about accepting ... Vic - He needs a place to run to Henderson. He has to know that his family is going to be here when his world catches on fire. In the meantime I have to hope that something or someone flips a switch for that boy, shows him what kind of hell Kristen DiMera has planned for him.

Brady and Kristen are in bed starting to have sex when Kristen's cell rings. She snaps - What! Sy - Ma'am, it's me again. I wanted to give you one more chance to do that right thing. I really need cash. Brady asks her if everything is alright.

Dan returns to his apt calling for Chloe. She should have been back a long time ago.

Jen - Chloe, as Parker's father, Daniel has certain rights. You can't keep using ... Chloe's cell rings. Jen - Why don't you just answer your phone. Chloe - And interrupt an important conversation about Parker, no. I'm his mother, his only mother and I have loved and cherished that boy for 2 wonderful years. We're going to get through this too. Jen - Get through what? Chloe - I'm glad you asked. See when I look at the way Parker reacts when he's around you it makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up, you know. Jen - No I don't know. Chloe - See that I understand. You hate me. I get it. I'm fine with it but when you bring that hatred into a room and you dump it on a poor, helpless boy ... Jen - What are you talking about? Chloe - I can see it. Jen - See what? I love Parker. He's a beautiful ... Chloe - He doesn't love you. He doesn't even like you. He feels threatened when he's in a room with you ... he's literally shaking. Jen - That is so untrue. Chloe - And he stays tense until you get the hell away from him. Jen - That is absolutely absurd. How can you even say that. Chloe - So that's the problem Jennifer. It's a big problem. It would be a big problem for any good mother so I've decided you can no longer be around my son. Jen - Okay. I'm really sorry that you feel that way because I've already told you I love Daniel and I am going to be in his life. Which means I am going to be involved with Parker. Chloe - Think again.

Segment 7: Eric - So what do you think of Nicole's idea? Vargas - I don't know. Maybe part-time will make me feel less pressure. Eric - Sounds good. Let me clear it with Father Matt. Consider yourself our part-time handyman. Vargas - Thanks Father, Nicole, but I'm not going to stop looking for full-time. The other list of contacts you gave me is in my bedroom. I'm going to grab it and make some more calls. Thanks again. After he leaves Eric tells Nicole - That's a good thing you did. Nicole - Well you know one ex-con to another. Eric - For somebody who didn't want Vargas around you sure di go above and beyond. Nicole - He's obviously very grateful that you're giving him a chance. He wants it to work. How can I argue with that? In his bedroom Vargas grumples up the list. I don't need this anymore.

Kristen - We've considered your offer and we've rejected it permanently so goodbye. Kristen makes it sound like a call from a pushy business person.

In front of the pub Sy mutters - You had your chance bitch. Time for Plan B. Marlena is strolling through the square when she gets a call. Hi, Dr. Evans ... Marlena - Speaking. My name is Sy. You don't know me but I have a problem and I think you're the one who can help me. Marlena - You've called my private number so if you'd like to please call my office and make an appointment. Thank you. Sy - And there it is, Plan B.

Dan paces. It goes to voicemail everytime. He calls Nancy. Have you heard from Chloe? Nancy - What do you mean? Dan - I'm having a hard time tracking her down. I'm kind of worried about her. It's no big deal, I'll find her. How's Parker doing? Nancy - He's fine, perfect. Dan - Has he had a chance to see a lot of New York? Hello ... are you there ... is something wrong?

Jen - I know you're upset. You've been emotional since you walked in here. Daniel and I are going to be together so why can't we find a way to work this out please. Chloe - I've already worked things out. You're not going to have any more contact with my son. Jen - What! Chloe - Here's the deal. You willingly take yourself out of the picture and let Daniel be Parker's father or you don't and Daniel suffers the consequences. So Daniel can either be with you or with Parker, but not both, not ever.

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