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Monday, Apr 1

Segment 1: Sami comes into the rectory. She and Eric talk Easter. Nicole comes in talking to Eric about Vargas. When she sees Sami she says hi and wishes her a Happy Easter. Sami - Thanks. Who's Vargas? Eric - Vargas just got released from Statesville. We're helping him get his footing on the outside. Sami - Isn't that dangerous? Hiring a criminal to ... Oh. Nicole - Wow. I actually didn't agree with it either but now I think it's worthwhile. Sami - Really, what changed your mind? Nicole - What's it to you? Eric takes a call. Is it safe to leave you two alone. Sami - Yes of course. He leaves. Sami - You know Nicole, you couldn't be more obvious. Nicole - What? Sami - You, living in a convent, working at the church. I know exactly what you're after.

Nick is in the park near the square. Vargas comes up behind him and says Hello Nicky. Nick sees that Vargas is holding a pipewrench. Vargas - You look pale. Nick - What are ... how ... Vargas - A few days early for April Fool's so this must be real, right? He wields the pipe like he's going to use it. Nick - I can't be seen with you. Vargas - Why not Nicky? I'm a free man. I paid my debt to society. In fact, I served more time than I had to thanks to you. Nick - Don't do this. Vargas - What am I doing? Speaking the truth. Nick - The whole thing was a mistake. Vargas - Oh yeah, your mistake.

Will arrives at the DiMera mansion at EJ's request. EJ heard that Will had changed his mind. You want Nick Fallon taken care of. Will - Sounds like you are very clear on what needs to be done. EJ is. I will do anything to make sure you are clear. You ask my father for a favour and he agrees to grant you that favour, there can't be any vascillating or any ambiguity. Will - Meaning? EJ - It's a fait accompli. It's irrevocable.

Rafe and Kate make arrangements to meet at his place after work. Stefano walks into the square. Katherine. Rafe - Look who it is. I've got to admit Stefano that Salem PD is glad to have you back in our jurisdiction. It's been pretty dull around here without you to keep tabs on. Stefano laughs - I imagine it has been but you know, you solved my murder so fast, so complete, I bet it's still bothering you, huh. Katherine, I seem to have walked in on a private conversation between you and the detective here. Kate - As a matter of fact you did. I was asking about Gabi's health. She is after all carrying Will's baby. Rafe - Gabi is doing great. She especially liked that gift of a spa day. Kate is glad. Rafe - So I'll see you around Stefano. He leaves. Kate - I was hoping to never lay eyes on you again. Oh well. Stefano - Before you go I would like you to meet someone.

Anne comes over to Dan's apt with a bottle of spirits - they can indulge with her son away. What did I miss? Chloe - I just got back from seeing Jennifer and Daniel should be there now. Anne - What! They're getting back together again. Chloe - Or just the opposite. Anne - Do you have a fever or something; I don't understand what you're saying. Chloe - It's just whatever is happening over there, it could go either way. That's why I'm falling apart. Anne - I don't get what you're saying. Do you think Daniel is going to tell Jennifer to take a hike once and for all. Chloe - No, the other way around but you never know with Jennifer and that's why I'm a wreck. Anne - I hate that I can't be a Pollyanna here but even if Jennifer knows the right thing to do is to let Daniel go, she's going to do what's best for her.

Dan comes over to Jen's with a bouquet of flowers in hand. She invites him in. He can see she's been crying. Did something happen? Jen - Yeah. Dan - Is it someone here. Jen - No, they just left. Dan - Who was here? Jen - Lucas was here. Dan - Gosh, he upset you. I'm so sorry. Jen - We're fine really. Did you have a chance to talk to Chloe yet? No. He left her messages to call him. Maybe she knows why because she hasn't called me back. But when I do get a hold of her I'm going to let her know once and for all that you and I, we are together for good! Nothing, no one, is ever going to come between us. Nobody! Jen? Hey, what is it? What's wrong?

Segment 2: Stefano introduces Kate to Cicely (she's very young). Kate - Lovely to meet you. Stefano - Katherine is my most recent wife. Kate - Yes, regrettably, that is true but fortunately that situation was remedied. I hope my dear that you don't suffer the same fate. Ciao.

Will - Unfortunately asking Stefano for help is really my last option. I'm sure you understand that I couldn't live with being shut out of my baby's life. EJ is really sorry that he ended up in this situation. I understand why you're going to my father. Will - I hope so. I'm just a little worried ... do you think Stefano will expect some kind of payment from me in turn for helping me out. EJ - Reading my father's mind is not my best event. Will - I'm just afraid he's going to blackmail me again. EJ - He may also take sympathy in your situation. He may help you out of the goodness of his heart without any payback expected or required. Will - I guess I'll have to wait and see. EJ - I have to ask you something. When your mother went to you with this idea you were adamantly against it. Why did you change your mind?

Vargas - I was big enough to overlook your mistake. I protected you. We had a deal. Nick - I'm on parole. If we're seen together ... Vargas - By who Nicky? Your little bride? Nice work btw. She's hot even with the baby bump. You sure do move fast. Nick - You stay the hell away from her. Vargas - Wrong thing to say Nicky.

Nicole doesn't know what Sami is talking about. Sami - I know that there is one reason and one reason only that you are clinging to this job by your fingernails and I know what that reason is. Nicole recalls her fantasies about Eric. Nicole has to get back to work. Sami - Fine. Hang on to this fake halo that you're hoping people will see over your head right now. But I'm telling you, no matter what you do, no matter where you work, no one is going to forget or forgive you for everything you have done to them; especially not this recent episode with Jennifer.

Dan - Something happened to you because you're obviously upset. Jen - I am. There is no easy way to do this.

Segment 3: Will asks if they are still friends. EJ would like to think so. Will - Then if I share a bit of private information with you can I trust you not to share it with my mom. EJ - That depends. Will - I can't tell you unless I have your word because if my mom found out about this I'm sure she'd find some way to make it worse. Please. EJ - You have my word. Will - Nick didn't force me to sign those papers because of what Mom did, that was a convenient excuse. Basically he wanted me out of my daughter's life because I'm gay.

Nick - Look I'm sorry. I ... Vargas - The first thing out of a man's mouth is what he really means. Didn't I teach you that? Nick - Vargas, listen, my wife has been through hell. It's been a really hard time and we have a baby ... Vargas - You think I give a damn about your wife and baby. I care about our deal. You do remember our deal right. Nick remembers. Vargas - I'm a handyman now over at the church. Nick - You're what? Vargas - Yeah, your cousin Hope, she set it up for me. And that young priest guy, Eric, he's been helping me out too. But you and I, we've got something bigger planned, right? So I'm going to change some lightbulbs, dust the baptismal font. You just take care of that knockout wife of yours and you wait. I'll be in touch when the time is right.

Nicole - For a woman with umpteen kids and a supposed career you sure do have a lot of time on your hands. Sami - What exactly is that supposed to mean? Nicole - It means, why don't you put your energy into your own screwed up life and stay the hell out of mine. Vargas walks up and overhears the argument. Sami - That's what you'd like, for the people of this town to focus on themselves and forget about everything you have done especially to Jennifer. You used the death of your own child to try and ruin her life. Nicole - Really, you're going to keep doing this? Sami - You don't even seem sorry about it. Nicole - How do you know what I am? How dare you come in here and judge me! Oh I'm sorry, is Sami Brady's house made of shatterproof glass? Is that why you think you can be so brutal to people when your life has been one catastrophe after another? Sami - All I'm trying to say is if you think anyone in town is buying this sister act, you're wrong. And if you really are trying to atone for something, I don't know if this is the place for you to do it. One more thing, if you hurt my brother in any way, I will make you pay. After Sami leaves Vargas comes in. Are you okay?

Kate finds Rafe in front of the Brady Pub. So how did it go? Did Stefano suspect anything? Kate - Well Stefano suspects something every minute of the day which is why we have to be careful. I don't want to see anything happen to you. Nick walks up.

Jen - Since we got back from Smith Island I've been feeling really uneasy. It hit me that everything is moving so fast in both of our lives; maybe too fast. Dan - If you're worried about me being direct with Chloe ... Jen - It's not that at all. You are a man of your word and you always have been. I've been rethinking things ... and I'm not ready for this relationship. Not now and not ever.

Segment 4: Nick turns to leave but both Rafe and Kate call out to him. Rafe - I've been wanting to talk to you now for a while. Nick - It's not really a good time for me. Rafe - Well make it a good time.

EJ - Nick, a homophobe? I don't know him very well ... Will - He called Sonny a faggot. EJ - Sorry. Now I understand why you're so angry. It's one thing to sign over the rights to a child, it's another thing to watch them being raised ... Will - I can't do it. EJ - Have you talked to Gabi about this? Will - No and I can't tell her. EJ - I know. You tell her, she confronts Nick, Nick exposes you for shooting me. Will - And it's not ust me that would suffer. It's my dad, my grandfather, Aunt Hope - they could all lose their jobs or worse. EJ - You're a good man. You're going to be a wonderful father. And my father and I, we will take care of that. Will - Okay.

Nicole - I'm fine, thanks. Vargas - The door was open and I heard some of what that woman said to you. Nicole - We have a lot of history, that woman and I. Sami, she can be lethal especially when we're alone. Vargas - Maybe you should be careful of being alone too much. Nicole - I try not to be. Vargas - What was her name anyway? Nicole - That was Sami Brady, Father Eric's twin. Vargas - I guess the spiritual thing doesn't run in the family, huh. Nicole - So how much did you hear? Vargas - I heard that you lost your baby. I'm sorry. How long ago was that? Nicole - A few months. It was just before Father Eric came back to town. Vargas - How far along were you? Nicole - Almost term. Vargas - I'm really sorry. Nicole - Thanks. Vargas - If you don't mind all my questions, what was Sami saying about you were trying to blame it on someone else. Nicole - I made is sound like someone tried to hurt me and the baby. I lied. I lived a life full of mistakes, terrible mistakes. This is the worst one I've ever made.

Anne and Chloe are now at the outdoor cafe. Anne - What! You sent your kid to Brazil! Chloe - With my mother. Anne - Okay, I'm listening. Chloe - I'm going to go and join them and stay there if Jennifer doesn't agree to give up Daniel and stay away from him and Parker for good. Anne - You're serious. Chloe - Why would I make this up? Anne - What if it doesn't work? What if Jennifer tells him this crazy plan. She could just tell him that you threatened to take his kid away for good, then what? Chloe - Okay, so it's risky but the reward is high. And I think that Jennifer, as much as I can't stand her, she knows that if Daniel had to choose, he'd choose his son. Anne - Hear me out. Let's just say worst case scenario and Jennifer tells Daniel everything, can he come after you? Could he keep Parker out of your life. Chloe - No, he can't. My birth certificate redo was a bust. Nobody's listed as Parker's father so technically Daniel has no legal rights to him whatsoever. Anne - I have to tell you woman that you have a lot of hootzpah! Chloe - I hold all the cards.

Dan - Jen, what are you doing? Jen - I'm begging you not to fight me ... Dan - I'm not fighting. We have made our way back to each other. After that incredible time on Smith Island this is what you say about us? That you can't do this relationship now? Jen - I had some time to think, that's all. Dan - I don't believe you. I can sense that there's something you're not telling me. OMG, it's Chloe. She got to you somehow. Jen denies that but Dan doesn't buy it. This is why she's ignoring me. You have to tell me what she said to you. Jen - Don't do this please. Dan - You need to tell me what she did to you please.

Segment 5: Sami comes in and is happy to see Will. EJ was just explaining to Will exactly what making a deal with Stefano means. They hear Stefano's voice. EJ - It's good you're here, we can get this process started. EJ calls out for Father. Stefano comes in with Cicely. Well, hello William, Samantha. Allow me to introduce you to Cicely. Pleasantries are exchanged. Cicely excuses herself for a moment. Stefano - She can only stay this evening. She's on her way to China tomorrow moring. Sami starts the grovelling process - Will has some news that he's so excited to share with everyone. Stefano - He's going to be a father, congratulations. Will starts kissing the ring - Thank you so much sir.

Rafe, Kate and Nick are inside the pub now. Rafe - So Nick, I haven't seen you since Will signed the rights away to his child. And I've got the feeling that you had something to do with it, am I right? Kate - Maybe you should back off just a little. Rafe - Back off, Nick's married to my sister and we're talking about the baby she's carrying and I just want to know why Nick pushed for this. It's a fair question, isn't it? Nick - I'm taking care of my wife and child. Rafe - It seems to me there's more to it than that. Kate - Nick, it just seemed that you were upset when you ran into us, so why don't we start with that. What's going on with you?

Vargas - Don't worry okay. I'm obviously not in a position to judge you and even if I was, we all do crazy things in our life. Nicole - Thanks for that. Vargas - I can't even begin to imagine the pain you must have been feeling when you lost your child. Who can expect anyone to be in their right mind after going through something like that. Nicole - I was shattered but I had to take responsiiblity for what I did and I have for telling that terrible lie. Vargas - It still hurts, I can tell, the loss, I mean. Nicole - Every day, all day. Eric returns. Everything okay in here?

Anne - Why don't you just tell Daniel that you don't want Jennifer near Parker. He can't not do what you ask, right? Chloe - Don't be naive. I can keep Jennifer away from my son but I want Daniel. How will that happen if Jennifer is in the picture. Anne - What in the world does this guy see in her! Chloe - Can we please not talk about her. Anne - I just don't want you to end up in Brazil speaking Portuguese. That's a pretty tough language. Chloe - I don't care, I will learn it. I will stay there for the rest of my life if it it makes Daniel hate Jennifer which he will eventually if that selfish loser keeps him from his son. Anne - Are you sure Jennifer was clear about this plan? Chloe - Crystal.

Jen - It has nothing to do with Chloe. Dan - What the hell is it? I'm sorry. Where is this coming from? Jen - I don't want to hurt you. Dan - Then don't. Please stop because we can get through this together because I love you with all of my heart.

Segment 6: Stefano - You'll learn that there's nothing more important in your life than being the father of a child. Will trips over the sirs. Sami goes along with the a$$ kissing. Stefano excuses himself - Will bows. Sami pretends that she didn't really want to do. EJ feels that Stefano sounded accomodating. He doesn't know if it was genuine but it's a start. Will is going to leave. Sami promises Will that they're going to get his daughter back.

Nick - I just have a lot on my mind. Rafe - You're going to have a lot more if you try to push Will out of his baby's life. Nick - You can't ... Rafe - Listen to me. Will's a good person and Gabi cares about Will and Will wants to be close to his daughter. He is no threat to your marriage. Nick - Sami made this worse. Rafe - Agreed but Sami and Will are two different people, you know that. There's no reason for this. Nick - Are we through? Rafe - Yes. Nick - I admit I'm under a lot of pressure but I will not slack off my work. I have a family to support and I take that and my job very seriously. He gets up and leaves. Kate - Something else is going on with that young man.

Nicole - Everything is fine now Eric. Vargas - Excuse me Father, I just wanted to let you know that I found a place in town that sells used tools in really good condition. I don't want to overspend or anything. Eric - That's great, thank you. Vargas - I'll be working on the light stand by the lectern in the church. He leaves. Eric - It was Sami, wasn't it? Nicole - I'm a big girl, I can handle your sister. Eric - You shouldn't have to. What did Sami say to make you upset?

Anne - You do know that if you bolt with your kid Daniel will hunt you down to the ends of the earth. Chloe - I already have my ticket. She places it and her itinerary on the table. By the time Daniel gets anything worked out with the courts I'll already have changed cities 12 times. He'll never be able to find us. Anne - Great and then you'll lose any chance of having him ever. Chloe - It's a chance I have to take. It's all or nothing. It's the only choice I have.

Jen - It is not enough. Dan - What's not enough? Love? We have fought through wars together and we are still right here together. How is loving each other not enough. Jen sits in the chair and cries. Dan - I'm going to ask you one last time, what happened since the last time I saw you. What is this really about?

Segment 7: Nicole - I was upset but surprisingly it's not your sister's fault. I have to deal with people judging me for what I did. Sometimes you get acceptance from where you least expect it. Eric - What are you talking about? Nicole - Vargas. He was great about it. Eric - He heard you arguing with Sami? Nicole - Enough to ask me what happened? Sr Annabelle comes in to tell Eric several emails marked Urgent need to be looked at. Nicole ushers the sister out - Let's give the boss man some space. Eric looks taken aback when he checks his email.

Kate - Something was different with him just now. He wasn't angry and defensive like he usually is. He seemed shaken. Rafe - Maybe having everyone riding him about what he did to Will is getting to him. Kate - Let's hope he has second thoughts.

Nick returns to the park. He hyperventilates as he recalls his meeting with Vargas and then some prison nightmares. Will walks up - Nick, what's going on?

Sami asks EJ if he has any idea why Will changed his mind about coming to Stefano. The only thing EJ knows is that between him and his father, they can make this right. Nick is no longer going to be a problem ... he promises.

Anne - You'e a nervous wreck. Chloe just wants to know what is going on. Kate walks up and sees Chloe's itinerary. Oh, planning a trip?

Dan - Whatever this is you can't keep it from me. Jen - You want the truth? Dan does. Jen - It's all about Jack. Dan - No, you have talked to me about Jack and you have said many times he would want you to be happy; that he wouldn't want you to feel guilty about loving me. Jen - It's not about that. You're a wonderful man and I care so much about you but I can't stop thinking about Jack. And I keep comparing my feelings for him and for you and they are not the same. You are not Jack and you never will be him.


Tuesday, Apr 2

Segment 1: Will finds Nick sitting on the park bench hyperventilating and asks what's going on. What is wrong with you? Nick - Nothing. Just leave me the hell alone. Will - I'm not going to back off. You look like you're going to pass out. Nick - I'm fine. Just stop pretending that you care. You want dirt so you can use it against me. Will - What are you talking about? What dirt? Nick - If you don't leave I will. He does. Will follows.

Sami comes into the Brady Pub and greets John with a smile and a hug. This is a first; you buttering me up with food before you tell me what a terrible mistake I am making with my life. Save your breath. My mom and dad have already tried. I'm not going to ... John - No, no, no. I'm not going to ask you to move out. In fact, I'm kind of glad that you're in there. Don't get me wrong. I don't approve of you raising your kids in the House of Usher but I know better than to ever try to get Sami Brady to change her mind. Since you're there ... I'm at my ropes end when it comes to my son and his relationship with Kristen. So I was just thinking; actually I was hoping, since my boy isn't speaking to me now and you are perfectly positioned ... Sami - The legendary agent John Black is asking me to spy for him. John - You got it.

Sy Miller is standing in the archway to the square. He calls to confirm his 3 o'clock appt with Dr. Evans.

A receptionist comes up to Marlena at the nurse's station and tells her that her 3 o'clock just called to confirm. Marlena - Yeah, he called my private line. The lady asks - How did he get the number? Marlena - I don't know. I told him to call you to make an appointment. I wish I had referred him to somebody else. The woman can call him back. Marlena - No. I'll see him today and tell him I'm not taking new patients. We'll figure it out.

Kristen and Brady are walking through the square hand in hand. Kristen's been thinking that she wants a pretty simple wedding ring. She wants their bands to match. Brady - 2 simple wedding bands; that's boring. Kristen - Getting something crossed off the list is very exciting. Brady - Speaking of lists, I have to go to Barron's. I'll meet you later. After some banter they kiss and go their separate ways. Sy walks up to Kristen. Kristen - Excuse me. Sy - You're not excused. Kristen - What the hell are you doing here? Sy - I've got something I think you'll want to see. Kristen - You're kind of like a bad penny, aren't you? Sy - You know how to get rid of me. Kristen - Yup. So why don't you follow me and we'll settle this once and for all.

When Kate asks Chloe if she's planning a trip Chloe quickly hides the papers and says no, I'm not going anywhere, sorry to disappoint. Kate - Really? Because I can recognise an airline ticket when I see it and I also know that you wouldn't let an inch of daylight get between you and Daniel much less a few states. So why don't you save us all a lot of trouble and come clean. What are you up to now? Chloe - Not that it's any of your business but if you must know I'm going to New York. Parker's only been there a day but I already miss him like crazy. Kate - Well since Daniel's at a medical convention I'm surprised you didn't go with Nancy and Parker in the first place. Chloe - I wasn't thinking. Kate - You're always thinking Chloe to the extent that we can call it that. I can see those little wheels turning right now that's why I don't believe a single word that's coming out of your lying mouth.

When Jen tells Dan that he's not Jack and never will be he replies - You don't think I know that. I can not replace Jack in your life. I wouldn't even try. Jen - I know and when you told me that I wasn't probably ready to move on, you were right. Maybe I wasn't ready to move on that's why I'm thinking we need to end this right now please. Dan - Where is this even coming from. Jen - I told you ... Dan - I hear what you're telling me but I can also see the look in your eyes. I don't think you mean a word you're saying. When we were together I never pushed you. Jen agrees. Dan - And believe me I know how much you loved Jack. I saw it. He was a great man. I never tried to be Jack. Jen - Because you couldn't be. Dan - No, I couldn't be and you never, ever compared us 'til this moment. Jen - I'm not trying to hurt you. Dan - I know but I don't even understand. Hours ago you were telling me you knew Jack would want this for you and you were so happy. We were talking about our future and now all of a sudden ... please, what happened? Please, for the last time, what is really going on?

Segment 2: Abby walks up to Sonny in the coffeehouse. Why does Spring Break already feel like last year? Sonny points out that the semester will be over before she knows it. Abby - I guess everything looks better when you're in love. Sonny - I guess it does. Abby - I've known Will my entire life and I've never seen him this happy. I'm really glad you two worked things out. Sonny - Not as glad as I am. Abby - Then things are good. Sonny - Yes, things between us are amazing. We're still working through some stuff with Nick and Gabi about the baby but I'm glad that Will and I are doing it together.

Will catches up to Nick and grabs his arm. Nick - What do you want? Will - You're right. I don't give a damn about you but whatever this is, if it's going to affect Gabi, it's going to affect my baby then I should know about it. Nick - Can you stop being such a drama queen. Look, I'm under a little pressure, okay. Will - What kind of pressure? Nick - I don't know. A new marriage, a baby on the way, big job. Will - Yeah, blackmailing people. Nick - Look, all you need to know is that everything I do is to keep Gabi safe and the baby. Will - Why wouldn't they be safe? Nick - I mean, the baby almost died, did you forget? Will - No but that still doesn't explain why you're so freaked out. Nick - I told you, I'm just stressed. I didn't mean to go off on you and I owe Sonny an apology too. Will - Really. Nick - Yeah. We were arguing and I said something I shouldn't have. Will - Yeah, you called him a faggot. Nick - Yeah and I'm really sorry.

Sy follows Kristen into the park. So what I'm thinking is you have more money than the devil and this job doesn't come with health insurance. Kristen - Right, your sick daughter except you don't have a daughter Sy. Sy - Okay. I don't have a daughter. Does it really matter? Kristen - Trying to play a DiMera and getting away with it; that would set a terrible precedent, don't you think? Sy - Yes, but a DiMera getting outed by the hired help would be even worse. Remember that thing I wwanted to show you. He hands her an envelope. I hate that it's come to this but you left me no choice. I really think you'll want to take a look at that before you give me your final answer.

Sami - John, I would love to help you, believe me I would, but I just can't afford to make waves with my landlord right now. My kids are there, I'm there, we're living with Kristen. I can't. John - So you can just sit there and watch this trainwreck happen right in front of you. Do you care about Brady? Sami - Of course I do. Brady walks in. I didn't expect to see the two of you together breaking bread. John - I didn't expect to see you at all. Brady - What's going on? John - Samantha just wanted to talk to me about her mother. Marlena walks in.

Chloe - It would serve you right if I took Parker away from Salem and never let you see him again. Why would I want my son to spend time with a wench who hates me. He's a very sensitive little boy so I'm going to cut out all negative influences in his life effective immediately.

Jen looks at the family pictures. When I walked into the house earlier the first thing I saw was Jack's picture. And when he came back from Afghanistan, I'd pretty much written him off. And you and I had moved on together. That caused him a lot of pain and I don't think I'm ever going to get over that guilt. Dan - Because of me. Jen - No. Because you were so noble and stepped aside so we could figure it all out and I'm so grateful to you for that. But that is when I realised that Jack was the only man for me. Dan - When he was alive, yes, but do you really think he'd want you to be alone for the next 40 years. Jen - I don't know but I know that you and I, when we were together, it was so painful for him the last few months that he was alive. Dan - But Jack and I worked through all that. Jen - Right because you and I weren't together, that's why. Dan - Jack is not here anymore. Jen - Do you really think you need to remind me of that. All I'm trying to tell you is that you were right. I moved on too fast. Everything happened with Nicole and I felt that I needed to come to your rescue and then I felt that I needed to repay you for saving my life. Dan - It was more than that. You admitted you loved me. Jen - That is because I thought I would miss Jack less and I don't. Dan - I understand. I do. But in time ... Jen - You're not listening to me. The thing that is standing between us is Jack and it's never going to change. Dan - How can you know that? What do you want? Do you want to take it slow? I will do that. Whatever you need to do ... Jen - I need to end this right now, that is what I need. Dan shakes his head no.

Segment 3: Abby - You and Will make it seem so easy. Sonny - Really? Abby - I guess you're secret is, no secrets. Sonny - You're right. Abby has to get going. They hug. Luv you cuz. After she leaves Sonny recalls seeing Rafe and Kate kissing.

Will - Are you sorry you thought it or sorry that you said it out loud? Nick - It was wrong and I don't blame Sonny for wanting to beat the crap out of me. Will - I hope you're not expecting me to apologise to Sonny for you. Nick - No, I'll do it myself. Abby walks up - Apologise to Sonny for what?

Marlena - Hello family. Sami greets her mom but then says she has to leave. So sorry. Brady has to go as well. John - Hold it right there kid.

Kristen puts the envelope in her purse. Sy - You're not even going to look at it? Kristen - I don't give a damn if it's the President's birth certificate or the Magna Carta, it's not going to change the terms of our deal. Sy - I'm not asking for a lot here. Kristen - Our business is done and that's my final answer. Sy - Then I'll just do what I've got to do. Kristen - And I'll do what I have to do.

Kate - The only bad influence in Parker's life is his mother. Thank God he at least has Daniel. Chloe - You hate Daniel. Anne - She hates everyone. Kate - His father is the only one preventing him from having a very bleak future. I can't believe I'm saying this but have a nice trip and hurry home. She leaves. Anne - That was close. Chloe - Who cares what she thinks. What is taking so long! Anne - I will go to Jennifer's house. If she and Daniel broke up maybe I can finally get her prissy ass fired.

Dan - You have said this before and it has never really been about you and me. Jen - Yeah it is. Dan - No. Jen - Yeah. I should have listened to my gut because deep down I knew that it couldn't work. Dan - Why? Because today when we were out at Smith Island you said this was perfect. Jen - I know because I got so caught up in the moment. When I'm with you it's intense and I can't think straight. Dan - What is there to think about? Jen - It's just that last night was wonderful. Maybe it was good for me to be with you because it made me realise as wonderful as it was after it was over I still felt really empty and lonely inside. Dan - I don't believe a word you're saying.

Segment 4: Jen - I know this isn't what you want to hear. Dan - I don't hear any conviction in your voice. I only see pain in your eyes. Jen - I'm really not trying to hurt you but I feel like I was using you to fill a void. I was leaning on you more than I had a right to. Friendship isn't love and sex isn't love. When I grew up, my grandparents showed me what true love was and I had this crazy idea that when I grew up I was going to meet my soulmate. And it turned out not to be so crazy because that man was Jack. So when I waltzed back into the house and I saw all these memories I felt like I had been unfaithful to him. I know it's not like that for everyone but for me I believe I had one true, abiding love and his name was Jack. And there can never be anyone else. Not you, not anyone.

Nick - Sonny and I had a fight. Abby - Sorry to hear that. Nick - It was my fault. I said something idiotic and I need to tell him that I didn't mean it. Nick's gets a text. I'm sorry. I have a work emergency. I'll have to talk to Sonny later. Bye. Abby - Is he okay? Will beams - I don't care. Abby - What's going on? I thought that you two worked everything out. You were all about getting along for the sake of the baby. Will - I don't really want to get into it right now. Abby - Okay. Will - I'm hoping that it will sort itself out.

Brady - Hold it right there? What am I? A criminal? John - No you are my son. Brady - Not anymore. Marlena - Brady, please. Brady - Why don't you two focus on working things out with each other because there's no chance of fixing anything we have here. We're done. He leaves.

Sy - I guess we'll both be on our merry way then but you should know throwing that envelope into your bag ain't going to make it disappear. If the pictures not worth a few thousand to you I'm sure it's worth more than a thousand dollars to someone else. Kristen - Get the hell out of here. Sy laughs and then leaves. Kristen pulls the envelope out of her purse.

Segment 5: Dan - I know how hard it must have been to come back into the home you'd shared with Jack and those feelings of starting a new life without him but I'm telling you ... Jen - Please, I can't do this anymore. Please, can you just go. Abby comes in and realises she's interrupting. Jen - No, you're fine. Daniel's just leaving. Dan - We will talk later. He leaves. Anne sees him leaving so she calls Chloe and reports in - he looked very, very unhappy.

John - Marlena ... Marlena - You don't have to say anything but there's something I'd like to say. I'm not giving up on us and I'm not giving up on Brady. She leaves.

Brady confronts Sami in the foyer of the DiMera mansion. My dad wasn't talking to you about Marlena, it was about me. What does he want you to do - send me subliminal messages 24/7 that Kristen is a heartless wench. Sami - He asked me to keep an eye on her. Brady - Spy on my fiancee under Stefano DiMera's watchful eye? What's he trying to do ... get you killed or something. Sami - Maybe. I said no. Brady - I'm glad you said no not that it would matter to me. I don't care what anyone says. She loves me, end of story. He goes into the living room.

Kristen goes through the pictures of her paying off the muggers. I better call him. Crap, I deleted his number. Crap! It's going to be okay. Remember who you are Kristen. You're a DiMera. That S.O.B. can't win this game.

Nick joins Kate at one of the benches in the square. I got your text. Is there a problem with my R&D project. Kate - The problem is not with your project, it's with you. Earlier I asked you some questions and your answers weren't satisfactory so I thought perhaps you would be more forthcoming without Gabi's presence. Nick - I don't know what else to tell you. I'm not hiding anything from you. Kate - Do I look stupid? Nick - No. Kate - Then don't try and con someone who's been playing this game since before you were born. Obviously you did something to Will to convince him that his only choice was to give up his parental rights. I'm hoping that you've changed your mind about that.

Sonny serves Will a cup of coffee. What's wrong. Will - Nothing. You know what, I'll tell you. I had the weirdest conversation with Nick just now. Sonny - Weird how? Will - Well he looked upset and he said that he needed to apologise to you. Sonny - That's a shocker. Will - Of course he found an excuse not to come in and do it. Sonny - Not that it matters. Even if he promises to lay off the slurs he's still a homophobe and he's still trying to keep you out of your own daughter's life because you're gay. Will - I wouldn't care what he thought if it weren't for Gabi and the baby. Sonny knows. Will - I don't know how I'd get through this without you. Sonny - I'm not going anywhere but we promised each other no more secrets and there's something I've been keeping from you.

Dan lets himself into his apartment and yells for Chloe. She comes in. What's going on? Dan - I know what you've done!

Segment 6: Will - Do I need to sit down? Sonny - Maybe, it's not about us. Just something that I found out totally by accident. Will - What is it?

Nick - I'm not having second thoughts. I know what I did was right for Gabi and the baby. You know how Sami is. You know what she was trying ... Kate - I don't give a damn about Sami. Will is my grandson and that child is my ... Nick - Great granddaughter, I know. I have absolutely no problem with you trying to see her. Kate - That's so big of you. Gabi is a sweet girl and Will was her first love and I know there is no way she would keep her child from his loving father unless she was coerced by someone and obviously that someone was you. What did you do Nick and more importantly, why did you do it?

Abby - Mom, you're shaking. What happened? Jen - I'm okay. Abby - No you're not okay. I came in at the worse time. Jen - We were finished. Abby - You don't mean finished, finished. Jen - I do. Abby - I don't understand. I got your message earlier and you sounded so happy. What happened? Jen - I hurt Daniel. I hurt him so deeply. If I were him I'd never forgive me.

Chloe - What do you mean what I've done? Haven't you been in San Francisco? Dan - No I decided not to go because I found out that you had let Jennifer believe that we had slept together. Chloe - No I didn't. Dan - Jen walked in on you in the room, me passed out in the bed and you never told me about that. Chloe - I can explain that. Dan - Well I don't want to hear it. I've been trying to get hold of you all afternoon. Chloe - I was at the spa for a little bit of me time. Dan - Do you even know anymore what it means to tell the truth, to be honest. Do you know? Chloe - Wow, obviously you're upset but I have a feeling you're not upset with me. What happened? Dan - I think you know exactly what happened.

Segment 7: Nick - Gabi has a mind of her own. I didn't tell her what to do. Kate - Maybe not but you did tell Will what to do. I know you Nick, better than most. You're a really cool customer even when your wedding went to hell you didn't break a sweat. But today something's getting to you. Nick - I have a lot on my mind. Kate - I think it's more than that. I a woman of considerable influence in this town and I can use it to help you as I have happily in the past or I can use to it unearth your deepest, darkest secret. I suggest you consider it and decide which you want it to be. I'll be in touch.

Sonny - It's not a big deal necessarily but since Kate is your grandma and you're having a baby with Rafe's sister ... Will - Is it about Gabi? Sonny - No, it's about Kate and Rafe.

Kate peeks inside the coffeehouse and then sends a text. I thought you were meeting me at the coffehouse.

Jen is sitting on the couch sobbing. Abby tries to comfort her. Everything is going to be okay. Whatever happened I know that you love Daniel and he loves you. Jen - You don't understand. It's not that simple. Abby - Why not? Jen - I said something ... Abby - I know you said something that hurt him really badly. Just tell him that you're sorry. He'll understand. Jen - No he won't. Abby - How will you know if you don't try? Why should both of you be miserable. He needs to know how you really feel.

Chloe - How could I know what happened? Dan - I know you saw Jennifer earlier today. She was a wreck when I got there and someone had just left and it had to have been you. What the hell did you say to her. Talk right now!

Sami follows Brady. I get it. People said a lot about EJ. At one time I believed it. We've been apart more than we've been together. I know you think EJ's a jerk. Brady - I do but I'm not going to change your mind about him anymore than you or Marlena or my father are going to change my mind about Kristen. If it hasn't happened by now, maybe it's time to just give it up.

Marlena is checking the menu outside the Mandalay Cafe when Sy Miller walks up and introduces himself. Marlena - I believe I'm scheduled to see you at 3 today. Sy - Maybe we don't need an appointment since we happened to run into each other. What I have to say won't take long. Kristen crouches down and tiptoes closer to Sy and Marlena. She sees Sy holding a brown envelope.


Wednesday, Apr 3

Segment 1: Sy, Marlena & Kristen - Repeat of last scene.

Will - You already told me that Rafe and Grandma know I signed away my rights. Sonny - They do but that's not what this is about. Will - Are you worried that they're going to make trouble with Nick or something. Kate comes up to them in the coffeehouse - Are you two okay? Will - I don't know, why don't you tell me.

Chad is at the nurse's station talking to Cameron. Theo told me that we were his favourite uncles so I was thinking we could all spend some time together. That's fine by Cam. Chad asks if tonight would work. Abe told me there's this spring festival thing going on ... Cam can't. I have to work. Maxine tells Cam they're looking for him in the lab. Cam asks Chad to tell Theo he's sorry. Another time okay? After he leaves Chad asks Maxine if she's always this tough on her doctors, making them work double shifts. Maxine - This is a hospital not a diner, slim. Double shifts are against policy. Chad - Are they allowed to work at other hospitals then? Maxine - Not if they want to keep their licence. Working at more than one hospital at a time is against state law.

Abby & Jen - Repeat of their last scene.

Chloe claims she doesn't know what Dan is talking about. Whatever is going on with Jennifer is not my fault. As you're so fond of telling me, it's none of my business. I'm getting really tired of you blaming me everytime that woman has some sort of a meltdown. Dan - You did nothing to upset her, really? Chloe - For the last time I didn't do anything to upset Jennifer not that I expect you to believe me. Dan - Maybe because you never give me a reason to. Chloe - Why are you so being so mean to me? Dan - Because I just want the truth from you once ... Chloe - Which truth is that? The truth that Jennifer gave you. What did she say to you this time? Dan - Forget it. It's not important. Chloe - I think it's important since you're pointing a finger at me. I have a right to know ... Dan snaps - I said forget it. I'm not having this discussion with you. I made an assumption about some things that I was obviously wrong about so there you go. Chloe - Is that your attempt at apologising to me? Dan - Do not push me. Chloe - Fine. Dan - Since I cancelled my trip to San Francisco I'm going to go to New York. I've got the next few days off. I can spend them with my son. That's exactly what I'm going to do. Chloe - No, you can't.

Marlena looks at the envelope - What is this? Sy - Something I think will interest you. Kristen mutters - Damn it you idiot. Sy - I really want you to have this Dr. Evans. You need to see what's inside. Marlena - Mr. Miller, I understand you're anxious, even eager, to start therapy but to approach me outside the office is inappropriate. Sy - I know that. I get it but if you could just make an exception in this one case and look inside the envelope. Marlena - I'll see you at 3 o'clock in my office. She leaves. Kristen turns and runs into EJ - Not now! Damn it (she can't see either Marlena or Sy).

Abby doesn't understand. I thought ... Jen - I know what you thought but you thought wrong because I realised that I don't love Daniel. I care about him obviously but what I really feel for him is not love and now he knows that. Abby - You told him that! Mom, that doesn't make any sense. Did something happen? Recall of Chloe's ultimatum. Jen can't explain this to her. Abby asks her to try. Jen - I realised that Daniel and I were moving so quickly and we got caught up in the idea of having a relationship and being together. And I was needy and desperate to fill this void but I never considered how I really felt. Abby - This is about Dad, isn't it?

Segment 2: Will - Sonny was just about to tell me something about you and Rafe and I think he's afraid that you and Rafe are going to do something to Nick. Kate - I really wish you hadn't said anything Sonny. Sonny - Sorry, I don't want to keep secrets from Will. Rafe comes in - Hey. Will - How's it going. I'm glad you're here. Maybe you can tell me what's going on 'cause no one else is willing to. What's going on between the two of you?

Abby - You're feeling guilty about moving on from Dad. Jen - I don't want you to start worrying about this because I'm fine. Abby - No you are not totally fine. We have talked about this. Dad would have wanted you to be happy and Daniel makes you happy. Jen - Stop! I don't want to talk about this anymore. Please, I'm begging you. Abby - Okay fine. I'm sorry for pushing you. Is there anything I can do. Jen - Yes, I want to be alone. Abby - If you do decide you want to talk ... Jen - You will be there, I know. Abby - Yeah I'll be here always. I love you. They hug. Jen - I love you too. Abby leaves. Jen cries over the bouquet Dan left behind.

Dan - I don't understand. Why shouldn't I go to New York? Chloe - I'm not saying you shouldn't go ever. Dan - Just not now. Chloe - No, it doesn't make any sense. It's a lot easier if I ask my mom just to bring Parker back here that way you don't have to take time off work. Dan - I already have time off. Chloe - Well, I can't go with you. I miss our son too. If you stay here at least it will give me a legitimate reason to ask my mom to bring Parker back here sooner rather than later. Dan - Okay. I won't go to New York. I'll wait for Nancy to bring home to Salem but I'm not going to wait that long to talk to him. He picks up his phone. Chloe - Do you want me to call him 'cause she always answers when I call so let me do it. Nancy answers in Portuguese. Hi Mom, it's me. Nancy - Hi honey. YOu sound a little strange, is everything okay. Chloe - Oh, that's great. I bet he's having a great time. How's the weather in New York? Nancy - Tropical. Chloe - Well Daniel's here and he wants to talk to Parker. Chloe tells Dan she's getting him. Nancy - Say hi to Daddy. Parker - Hi Daddy. Dan - Hey Parker, are you having a good time in New York. Parker - Not New Werk. Dan - You're not in New York? Where you at big guy?

Segment 3: Dan - So where are you if you're not in New York? Nancy grabs the phone. I'm so sorry. He's just so tired. We were out seeing the sights today; the Empire State Building, Lincoln Centre. That's why he said what he said because he's just so tired. Dan - Sounds like fun. Where are you now. Nancy - Home, at the apartment, in New York. Where else would I be? Dan - Okay I get it. Parker understands that he's at Grandma's house, he just doesn't get that the apartment is in New York. Nancy - Yes. That's why he said what he said - so cute. Parker, tell Daddy that you love him. Parker - I love you. Dan - Tell him Daddy loves him back. Nancy - We really have to go. Craig and Joy are waiting for us at the Zoo in Central Park. Dan - Have a great time. Nancy - We will. Bye Daniel. Dan thanks Chloe. Chloe - Do you feel better now that you heard Parker's voice? Dan - I always do. Chloe - Listen, about this whole situation with Jennifer. Dan - You need to go. Chloe - What? Dan - You need to get out of my place today. I know your apartment in your new place is ready so I need you to pack and go. No more stalling please. Chloe - I'm not ... Dan - I want you to leave your key because I don't want you to be tempted to come back and use it like you did the night I was drunk and you ... Chloe - And I kissed you. You can say it. Dan - The sooner you're in your own place the better it will be for everyone. Go! I want you to pack now! I don't want you here when I come back. He leaves slamming the door behind him. Chloe - Damn it! I'm not giving up on you Daniel. She takes off.

Kate to Rafe - Sonny wants to tell Will ... Sonny - The truth so you two can tell him or I'll have to tell him. Will - Would somebody please tell me because I'm starting to freak out a little bit here. Rafe - I don't think there's any reason to freak out. Will - Then just tell me please. Kate - Will, the truth is, Rafe and I are seeing each other. We have a relationship. Will - Sonny, what's really going on. What are they really doing? Sonny - Each other.

Kristen - That stupid idiot got away. EJ - Which stupid idiot are you talking about? Kristen - EJ, I don't have time for this. I have to find a ... EJ - Nope, no, no, no. Kristen - No, what? I haven't said anything yet. EJ - I can see it in your eyes. Whatever you're thinking I'm not getting dragged into it. Kristen - You're already dragged into it. You know why? You owe me. I'm calling in a chip.

Jen picks up the necklace Dan gave her and sits in Gram's chair. There's a knock on the door. It's Chloe. Whatever you said to Daniel before, it wasn't enough. So it's time for you to stop playing games and do what needs to be done.

Segment 4: Chad runs into Abby outside the Pub. Hey, I was just about to call you. Abby - What's up? Chad - Do you realise there's something going on with Cameron? Abby - Why do you ask? Chad - I've been bugging him to spend some time together. Today I wanted him to spend some time with me and Theo; he totally blew me off, said he had to work. Abby - Because he does have to work. He's been pulling a lot of overnight shifts lately. Chad - Not at the Salem Hospital. Maxine told me that they don't allow their doctors to work double shifts. Abby - He's obviously been working at another hospital in the same area helping out. Chad - I thought so too but Maxine told me that would be against state law. Abby recalls the money exchange. Chad - You're worried about him too.

Will - Oh come on. No. You guys aren't doing ... you're not. Kate - Stop alright. The truth is we're together. Sonny - I wouldn't have believed it either except I happened to walk in on them. Will - Where? Rafe - It doesn't really matter. Will - Where? Sonny - Gabi's room. Will - Why were you guys having sex in Gabi's room. Kate and Rafe both reply - We weren't! Sonny - You probably would have if I didn't walk in. Rafe - Stop it. It's really no one's business but mine and Kate's. Okay. Sonny - I understand that but I don't want to keep any secrets from Will. Rafe - Obviously. Kate - Okay, look, the important thing here Will is that none of this becomes public knowledge. Will - Why, because of my mom? Kate - That's one of the reasons. It's just imperative that no one knows. Will - I wish I didn't know. He gets up and leaves. Kate rounds on Sonny - Do you see what you did? Are you happy now?

Dan is sitting on a chair near the nurse's station going through charts. Maxine sits next to him - So you never went out west, huh. Dan - No. Maxine - You look like hell. You know I'm not one to be nosy ... Dan - You? Never! Maxine - Are things okay between you and Jennifer? You know I'm just going to keep asking until you start talking. Dan - Things are a little tense right now but we'll work things out. Maxine - I know you will. You're too smart to let a woman like Jennifer slip away. Whatever's wrong, you ARE going to fix it. She walks away. Dan - Yes I will.

Jen - I don't know what to tell you. I don't know what you want me to do. Chloe - I want you to try harder Jen. I need you to actually break his heart. You need to make it clear to Daniel that there's no hope for you now or ever. Jen - This is insane. Chloe - If you don't, I'm out of here. I'm gone and I will make sure Daniel never sees his son again. Jen - How can you be so cruel? Chloe - I'm being a nurturing mother. I'm doing what any good mother would do to make sure her son doesn't grow up without his father. Jen - You keep telling yourself that but you know the truth deep down that this is so selfish and horrible and disgusting. Chloe - What you're doing is pointless and pathetic. She waltzes in and picks up the necklace. Very beautiful and elegant. Where did you get it? Jen - Daniel gave it to me. Chloe - Did he? When? Jen - At the cabin. Chloe - And you didn't think to give it back to him! I thought you understood. I thought you were serious about Daniel keeping Parker in his life. Jen - I am. Chloe - Then prove it. She screams - Give the necklace back and end things definitively, permanently NOW! Jen - I can't hurt him like that, please, I can't. Chloe - Wow. Anne Millbauer was right about you. You are selfish and cowardly and you would let Daniel lose his son because you won't do the right thing. Because you don't have the heart or the guts! Jen - The right thing! This is not the right thing. If you think it is not only are you sadistic and twisted, you are delusional. Chloe - What I am is on the next flight to Brazil. Have a nice life.

Marlena is strolling through the square when the receptionist calls and tells her Mr. Miller cancelled his appointment. Marlena - Well that's surprising considering how much he wanted to see me in therapy or so he said. Marlena will be back in about an hour. EJ asks her for a moment of her time. Marlena has a minute, a patient just cancelled. What do you want? EJ - I have something important that I need to talk to you about.

Sy comes into Marlena's office. I hope you don't mind that I let myself in Dr. Evans, your receptionist wasn't out front. Kristen turns around in her chair - The good doctor's out. Sadly for you, I'm in.

Segment 5: Rafe is outside the coffeehouse with Will. I understand this is a little unexpected for you. Will - Unexpected? No not really. My mom's ex-husband is sleeping with my Grandma, why should that be surprising? Rafe - I'm sorry if it upsets you. Will - Not sorry enough to stop doing it. Rafe - No. Will - I don't really want to talk about this anymore. Rafe - Well guess what Will, neither do I but the bottom line is this, no matter what's happening between me and your mom and no matter what she's doing in her life, or I'm doing, I care about you and I always will. Will - Thanks, I'm really moved. Rafe - Which is precisely why I want to know what happened with you and Nick and Gabi and the baby. How the hell did Nick get you to sign away your parental rights?

Jen - Chloe wait. I will break things off with Daniel permanently just like you want me to. Chloe - Good, you finally got the right idea. And just remember, if you blow things the second time it will be on you that Daniel never sees Parker again until he's old enough to look for Daniel himself, not that he'll want to. Jen closes the door and holds the necklace close.

EJ and Marlena sit at on of the tables outside. EJ - So you don't mind if we talk here? Marlena - Not at all. What's on your mind? EJ - I want to talk to you about Samantha. I'm sure you're aware that she's moved into my father's house with the children. Marlena - Are you hoping for my opinion on that? EJ - No but it's important to me that you understand that I love your daughter very much and I'm in this relationship for the long haul. It's wonderful for not just the two of us but also the children as I'm sure you can appreciate. Marlena - I'm very pleased for the children. EJ - Good. I'm glad to hear that and I trust that you won't do anything to stand in the way of our happiness, Samantha and myself of course. Marlena - Samantha's happiness is the most important thing to me. EJ - I'm glad to hear you say that because she needs your love and your support and I think it would mean a tremendous amount to her if you would just take a moment to stop at the mansion and wish her well. Marlena - Absolutely not.

Sy - What are you doing here? Where's Dr. Evans? Kristen - It's not important. What is important is that you get it through your head that screwing with a DiMera is just not kosher. In fact, it's one of the stupidest things a person can do. Now that we've established that, I want the photos. I want the copies of the photos. Now we can do this easy way or the hard way. Sy - Look, you don't understand. Kristen - Oh I understand completely. You think that you're calling the shots, don't you Sy? You think that pompous bag of wind, aka Dr. Evans, is somehow going to protect you when you give her the photos of me paying you for assaulting Brady, but you've got to guess again because neither Dr. Evans nor the Salem PD has ever been remotely effective at keeping my family in check. One phone call to my daddy and you're going to find yourself in a very, very precarious situation. You might even find yourself dead. You don't want to die do you Sy. So what do you say we settle this once and for all.

Segment 6: Chad and Abby walk into the square. Abby - I am worried about Cameron. There's something in his expression when he talks about how busy he is that just ... I think he might be in some kind of trouble. Chad - What kind of trouble? Abby has no idea. But I have to find out. How else am I going to help him.

Will - Talk about a change of subject. Rafe - Yeah it is. I'm asking you because I care about you. Will - You know the answer. Rafe - You know I'm your friend. Will - Yeah but you're also Gabi's brother and she's your priority. I respect that okay. Rafe - I'm not going to argue with you on that but you know that Gabi would never do anything to keep you away from that child no matter what papers you signed. Will - I hope so.

Kate - I have to wonder why you're so interested in what I do? Sonny - I'm not. I'm interested in Will's peace of mind and if the situation continues to go like it's going he's going to lose his child. Kate - Really? I'm well aware of his situation. Sonny - I thought you'd be a little more focused on helping him and only him. Rafe and Will come back inside. Kate - Sweetie, I understand that you're going through a lot in your life right now and I don't want to add to that but it's also very important that you understand that discretion is needed in this situation. Stefano is home, your mother is living under his roof ... Will - I won't say anything. Kate - Thank you. Rafe - We should get going. They leave. Sonny - I'm really sorry I didn't tell you sooner. That was really awkward. Will - Don't worry about. I can't be mad because I've been keeping something from you too. Sonny - What?

Abby and Chad see Cameron in the square and start following him.

EJ - I certainly understand your reluctance to come ... Marlena - Reluctance? I am adamant that I will never again, for any reason, go near that place. Your sister lives there. I've got to get back to work. She leaves. EJ smirks. Hope I gave you enough time Kristen.

Kristen - You asked me for more money. Sy - And you turned me down, remember? Kristen - I did but guess what, I'm going to make you an offer. Sy - How much? Kristen - How about 5 thousand dollars in unmarked bills in exchange for the photos, and all the copies of the photos including those on the hard drive. Then you have a choice to make. Either you keep your mouth shut or I can shut it for you permanently. Do we have a deal? He hands her the photos and takes the money. Kristen - Now get the hell out of here. Sy - Yes ma'am. He leaves. Kristen looks at a wedding photo of John and Marlena. Now look at them. The perfect couple ... she slams the photo down ... not.

Sonny - You asked Stefano DiMera to help you get Nick out of the way, really! Will - I know you don't approve but trust me you have every right to be angry at me but I do not have another choice. Sonny - You're doing this because of what Nick called me, aren't you?

Dan is on the phone. Yes, Ms Lane will be picking up her keys today. Great. This is great, getting Chloe in her own place, Step 1. Jen walks up - Daniel.

Segment 7: Rafe and Kate are in the park. Rafe - I tend to trust Will. I don't think he's going to say anything to Sami or anyone else for that matter. Kate - I don't know. Maybe it doesn't matter; maybe all this sneaking around is going to prove futile. Rafe - Why do you say that? Kate - Because I know we're being careful, I know we're keeping it under wraps but maybe we're just kidding ourselves. Rafe - About? Kate - Stefano. Maybe he already knows.

Will - You don't know; I would have done this no matter what. What Nick said about you was terrible but this is about me. I have to be a part of my child's life. Sonny - But involving the DiMera's? What if Nick gets hurt? Will - Well it's not what I want. Sonny - Like you said I don't think you have any other choice.

Marlena returns to her ofice and sits at her desk. She sees the overturned photo.

Sy counts his money. This isn't going to be enough; not even close. I can't get caught by Miss Guerilla DiMera either. Damn. I'm going to have to find another way.

When Kristen comes into the living room of the DiMera mansion EJ comments that it didn't take her very long. Everything go to plan? Kristen - Yes, thanks to your assistance. EJ - Are you going to tell me exactly what's going on? Why it's so important for you to get to know this particular patient of Marlena's. Kristen - No, patience is a virute Eeej and it will all be revealed in time. EJ - Just as long as it doesn't in any way interfere ... Kristen - Would you please stop worrying about you and Samantha. I'm not going to do anything to screw up your relationship besides isn't your love for one another sacrosanct, beyond what any man can tear asunder. After EJ leaves the room Kristen talks to herself. Now that that little problem is solved, on to the next step of my audacious, crazy plan. She pulls out a box from the desk drawer and opens it and smiles.

Jen - I'm really glad I found you. Dan - So am I. There's something I want to say to you. (Chloe lurks and eavesdrops) I am not giving up on us Jennifer. Jen - Can you please ... don't make this harder. Dan kisses her.


Thursday, Apr 4

Segment 1: Abby stops and asks Chad if he thinks it's okay to be following Cameron. Chad reminds her that they're helping him; she felt he was in trouble. The pursuit continues.

Nick is at the pub having coffee when he gets a text from Vargas. Meet in the rectory now.

EJ comes into the rectory and encounters Vargas. Vargas informs him that Father Eric is out. Vargas introduces himself to EJ. I just started working here.

Sami opens the door and encounters a very angry Lucas. He guesses it's true that she moved back in here. He goes out of town for a couple of days with Allie and this is the stunt she pulls. How could she move her kids back into this House of Horrors!

Anne, Maxine, Chloe and some nurses watch as the Dan / Jen kiss continues. Jen breaks away. Dan is fighting for them. He doesn't know why she suddenly backed off but he's not going to let her. I love you and I'm not letting you go. Dan goes on and on about all the things he loves about her. He's never loved anyone like he loves her. Jen sees Chloe watching them as Dan goes on and on about his love for her. Jen recalls what Chloe told her - break his heart. Jen tells Dan that they are done, we are over.

Chad and Abby follow Cam to his hotel room. Abby - We followed a guy who went home from work. Chad reminds her that he lied to them about working a double shift. It feels wrong to Abby. Chad feels there's something she's not telling him. Cue f/b. Abby wants to go but Chad feels Cam lied to them - they deserve answers.

Segment 2: Chad wants to confront Cameron but Abby argues this is none of their business. Chad wants to find out what's going on with Cam and doesn't understand why she doesn't, aren't you boyfriend and girlfriend? Abby - The jury's still out on that. Chad - Then don't you want to know what's up with him. Abby will talk to Cam privately. She'll tell Chad everything. Chad leaves. Abby knocks on Cam's door.

EJ hands over the architect drawings for the school. Nick shows up and sees EJ there.

Lucas is upset that he didn't even get a phone call, just a text with this address. Sami suggests that they bring Allie in from the car. She sees his expression. Where's Allie? Lucas is not dropping his daughter off at a place like this. It's not going to happen. Sami apologises. She should have told him. Lucas - Told me? You should have asked me. We talk about this. We're parents. We have joint custody. Sami - It was an emergency. Lucas - I don't care. I hate being here. I hate this house. I hate the DiMera's so forget it. You're going to be sucked into this vortex, you're not taking our daughter with you. If you stay here Sami I have grounds. He starts to leave but she grabs him. No, Lucas, you can't do that. Lucas - You've already done it. You violated our agreement. If you stay here I will sue for full custody of our daughter. Don't push me.

There's quite a crowd around the nurse's station watching the show. Dan wants to go somewhere more private. Jen isn't going anywhere with him. Just accept it! Maxine asks what's going on. Dan doesn't believe Jen. She didn't hear what he said. She heard every word now he's going to listen. We are going to settle this once and for all.

Segment 3: Everyone watches as the drama continues. Jen doesn't think Dan heard her because if he had he wouldn't have thought it was okay to kiss her like that. She accepts that she misled him but she was confused. I left the island feeling sad and empty. Dan calls her a liar. You wanted to be with me. Jen agrees but it wasn't love, it was sex. And that is great for women like Chloe and Kate, not me, I need more than that. Don't touch me!

Abby is momentarily distracted by shirtless Cam. Abby apologises - She should have called first. Cam tells her he's on his way to work. Abby was hoping they could talk about what happened between them the last time they were together. Cam assures her they're good. We don't have to talk about the thing. I know you may feel weird about it but it's not big deal to me that you're a virgin. I really like you and I want us to work out and we will but I've really got to go now. I'll call you tomorrow. He closes the door. Chad walks out from behind the corner. So you're a virgin, huh?

EJ writes a note to leave with the drawings. EJ leaves and Nick comes in and closes the door. It is stupid for us to meet here. It's stupid for us to meet at all. Vargas - It's my call. Nick - Do you understand if EJ had seen me ... Vargas - Yeah. You would have thought of something. You're a smart guy. Who cares if he'd have seen you in church. Nick - Do you have any idea who he is? Vargas - He's the DiMera son. Every con in Statesville knows that family. Nick - Do you know he lives with Father Eric's sister? Do you know he used to be married to Nicole? Vargas - The Nicole that works here? Nick - Yes. It's a small town Vargas. Everybody's in everybody else's business. There's no room to operate here. Understand? Vargas tells him he's not leaving until they get a few things straight.

Sami stands in the doorway so Lucas can't leave. You don't understand. It's clear to Lucas. You and this overgrown thug have a thing. You're in this sick, destructive, spiral of a relationship and you get off on it. Sami protests. Lucas is done trying to figure out why she keeps going back to this guy. He feels bad for Johnny and Sydney but there's one person he can save and that's Allie and that's exactly what he's going to do. Sami claims she would never let anything happen to Allie and neither would EJ, he cares about her. Lucas - With everything that's gone on in the past with EJ he can barely take care of his own kids. Sami doesn't want to make this conversation about everything that has ever happened. We're in this house - you won't let me explain why. Lucas - Okay you tell me why you're living here. Sami extolls the virtues of the house and grounds and all the amenities it has to offer. Lucas is going to leave. Sami - Okay I'm handling this badly but please don't punish Allie. Lucas - Allie not living here is some sort of punishment to you? Really? Sami - She doesn't get to live with her brother and sister. Yes, that would be a punishment. They love each other. Lucas - This isn't about the kids. This is about you, 100% about you and that's all you care about - yourself! You don't care about the kids. Sami - No, I'm here trying to save our son.

When Dan tries to reach out to her Jen backs off. You're doing it again. You're treating me like a child. You patronize me like when I told you Chloe was a scheming witch and you said you would take care of it but you didn't take it seriously. Dan - I was wrong. I kicked Chloe out. She's in her own place. She will not be a problem. Jen - Until she is because she is never going to stop. It doesn't matter because it's too late. You're so worried about pleasing people all the time that you've just become a pushover. Maggie joins the show now. Dan isn't going to let anyone get in their way. Jen - Let go of the delusion. There is no us. After Jack died I was so lonely and I wanted this to be real and I wanted you to be the answer. But you are not even half the man that Jack was and I am not going to disgrace his memory by pretending you are. Get it through your thick skull. I do not want to be with you.

Segment 4: Chad - You mean you've never ... this makes a lot of sense. When we were dating there was always something about you ... I couldn't put my finger on it ... let me rephrase that. They hide when they hear Cam's door opening. Chad covers Abby's gaping mouth when they see Cam pull out a gun.

Nick is worried someone is going to see them. Vargas tells him they have time. I'm about to get my hands on some money. That money we made in the joint was just seed money now we get to turn that into a real payday. Nick is sure Vargas can do it. Vargas can with Nick's help. Nick - I got lucky before. There's no guarantee I can make that happen again. It's a very big gamble. Are you willing to lose everything? Vargas theatens -you don't want to see me unhappy. Nick thinks he should go to another town. Vargas likes it here. He holds up a pipewrench. I deserve better than this and I'm going to get it. I have work to do now and so do you. Nick leaves.

Sami pulls Lucas into the living room and closes the doors behind them. She makes him promise not to say anything to anyone. He does. Sami makes it sound like it was all Will's idea for her to go to Stefano for help. Lucas - You want Stefano to kill Nick? Sami - Not kill him, just get rid of him, more importantly get rid of the evidence against Will. Lucas - Why don't we go back to get the evidence. Sami insists that this can't be traced back to them. Stefano has someone on the inside at the police force. That person can get rid of the evidence and no one will ever know. Lucas - So why doesn't EJ do it. Sami claims EJ doesn't know who it is. That's why I'm here, to give Stefano a reason to help us. Once the evidence and taped confession are gone Nick has nothing and we can go to court and get that agreement voided. I would make a deal with the devil himself to help. Lucas - I think you're about to and I think you're making a huge mistake.

Dan keeps arguing, Jen keeps yelling at him to take the necklace back. We are over. She throws the necklace on the floor. Anne tells Maxine - I always knew she was a bitch but this is hardcore. Dan will see ... Jen - No you won't see me because I'm quitting my job here. So do you get it now. I don't want to see you anymore. Stay away from me. She leaves. Maggie comes up to him - I'm so sorry. He waves her back. Dan looks around at everyone there and walks away. Chloe smiles.

Segment 5: Chad and Abby watch as Cam's inside the Mandalay Cafe getting coffee. They can't wrap their head around the fact he has a gun. Chad - When we were dating the reason we never ... because you were a virgin. Abby - No it was because you were a jackass and you still are. Chad you could have told me. Abby - You're looking at me like I'm an exhibit at a zoo. Why would I tell you? They hide when Chad says Cam is leaving. They rush to get Chad's bike so they can follow Cam's car.

Lucas - Even if Stefano agrees to help our son you're going to be in his debt. Sami - Better me then Will. If you have a better idea I'd love to hear it. Lucas is working on it. Sami - In the meantime bring Allie home. Lucas - Don't you ever call this mausoleum her home, it's not. Sami - This place isn't really that bad. The kids will love it. Lucas - How long? Sami doesn't know. Will's going to have to come here to so don't give him a hard time about it. Lucas won't. He'll bring Allie by tomorrow but don't ever pull a stunt like this again. Sami promises she won't. Sami tells him not to say anything to his mother. He won't. Boy, Nick's not going to see this coming.

Chloe lets herself into Dan's apt. Dan tells her it's a bad time. Chloe knows. She was there. I went to the hospital to give you my keys and I saw. I couldn't believe what Jennifer did. That was pretty out of control. You don't have to say anything and I won't either. I know what happened and I don't understand but I want you to know that I'm so sorry.

Jen is at the Horton house crying when there's a knock on the door. It's Maggie. Open this door. What in the world is wrong with you?

Segment 6: Sami has dinner for 2 ready in the living room when EJ comes home - obviously they don't have a dining room. EJ knows she did something bad. Sami insists she didn't. Then she admits she told Lucas about their plan to get Stefano to help Will. EJ is not pleased.

Nick is sitting on the park bench looking at Gabi's picture on his phone. I have to keep you safe. I can't believe Vargas is here. Think, there's got to be a way. Lucas walks up - A way to what?

Abby and Chad arrive outside some club in Chicago. Abby thinks they lost him. Chad isn't so sure. Everything else around here is closed. He must have gone in here. The bouncer looks at Chad's ID. Are you sure you're in the right place? Chad - Yeah, why? The bouncer shrugs - Whatever floats your boat. He lets them inside. They look around for Cam but can't see him. Chad doesn't see anything wrong with this place when Abby wonders why Cam has a gun with him.

Jen tells Maggie she doesn't feel well. Maggie isn't surprised. After humilating Daniel in front of the whole hospital. Jen tried to tell him privately but he wouldn't let up. Maggie - Tell him what. Jen - That I made a mistake. That I'm still mourning Jack. Maggie knows what that's like but that's no excuse for ripping a man to shreds. Jen was trying to be gentle and nice but he wouldn't listen to what she was saying. Maggie - And your only alternative was a public humilation! I have known you since you were young girl and you have never been anything but a kind and sweet soul until today. What you just did was heartless and cruel and completely unnecessary.

Chloe tells Dan it took everything she had not to yell back at Jennifer but she knew it was none of her business. Dan agrees with that. Chloe - I heard that she still blames me. Maybe I can talk to her. Dan - No, the only thing you need to do ... he gets up and opens the door ... is get out. Chloe what she said about you was so wrong. She was bitchy, ugly ... Dan - Don't you ever talk about Jennifer like that.

Segment 7: Chad gets Abby to look around the club. Abby - It's all women. Chad - Do you think it's a gay bar? Abby sees a male waiter - Definitely not, why would they hire a waiter that looks like that. Chad - Do you think Cam is a waiter here. Abby - No, he's a doctor. Let's go down the block we must have missed something. They're about to leave when the curtain goes up and the ladies start screaming. Cam dances and then starts stripping.

EJ and Sami are arguing about Sami telling Lucas. They scream at each other.

Maggie - You have broken my heart tonight right along with Daniel's. What you have done is unforgivable and you know it. She leaves. Jen cries.

Chloe apologises. I hate seeing you hurt. Dan closes the door. Chloe insists that Jen is wrong about him and she's not going to let him believe anything she said about him. You are a good man and you know what real love is. Please don't shut me out. Dan kisses her.


Friday, Apr 5

Segment 1: Cam is stripping but Chad and Abby are outside the club trying to figure out where Cam is. Abby realises she left her purse inside so she goes back to get it and she sees Cam on stage doing his thing.

Nicole is surprised to see Eric in the rectory. She thought he was leaving for a religious conference. He is and he may not be coming back.

John opens his hotel room door to Kristen. What an unpleasant surprise. Kristen - Don't be that way. John - You shouldn't have come at all. Kristen holds out a box. I was going through some things I left at my fathers and I found this. Go ahead open it. John does. It's photos of them. John - You kept these. Kristen - I did and for some reason I felt the need to share them with you.

Jen is staring at a toy she has for Parker when the doorbell rings. It's Hope. You won't believe what I just heard; that you quit your job at the hospital after a huge fight with Daniel. Jen did. Hope thought they were back together and everything was fine. What happened? I heard about all of this third hand. Kayla told me what Maxine told her. Frankly none of the things she said you said sounded at all like you. Jen - The next time I break up with someone I'll try and sound more demure. Hope - That's not what I meant. I know how much you love Daniel. I know how happy you were when it finally worked out. I don't know what's going on with this flip act but you're not pulling the wool over my eyes. Something is not right here. Jen - No, something's not right here. Hope - Whatever it is can you work it out? Jen - The answer to that is no.

Dan and Chloe are now prone on the couch with Dan still kissing her. Dan pulls back. I can't do this. Chloe - Yes you can. This is right. This is meant to be. More kisses.

Segment 2: Nicole - You might not come back. Eric - I haven't talked about this with anyone but Father Matt. These are transfer papers. Nicole looks at them. Eric - The bishop is considering moving me elsewhere after the conference is over. Nicole - Well he's an idiot. What about all the wonderful things you've done here. We need you here. Eric - He is also my commanding officer who is doing God's work so please don't call him an idiot. Nicole - I didn't take any vows. This is horrible news. What about all the things you've done for the school. Eric - Maybe there's a parish that needs me more. Nicole - Before you said he's apparently thinking of transferring you. What does that mean? Eric - The bishop alluded to certain changes in the email that the transfer papers were attached to. One of the changes is me moving out of St Luke's. Nicole - All because of these stupid papers. She rips them up - Look at that, problem solved.

Kristen holds up one of the pictures. So strange looking at this. It's a picture of an allusion. I thought we were in love. I thought I was happy but now that I know what love is supposed to feel like ... something meaningful and exciting ... I guess I so desperately wanted to be in love I told myself I was. But you know that song, ain't nothing like the real thing baby. John - Oh come Kristen. We both know you don't love Brady so what's real and exciting is using him for your own purposes. Kristen - That would be so sad if that were true but I guess I would live with it. This is the end of my little visit so enjoy your trip down memory lane. By the way, that mullet ... what were you thinking! She leaves.

Chloe reaches for his belt but Dan stops her. No, this is not right. Chloe - Yeah it is. We were in love once and Parker is proof of that love. Dan - Look, no, you were there and saw what Jennifer did at the hospital. Chloe - Yeah I saw how cruel she was to you. Dan - I'm not going to talk about her with you. I can't use you to get over my own problem. Chloe - Your problem is she hurt you; she wanted to hurt you. Dan - That's not Jennifer. I don't know what's happening but she doesn't lie. She's not that cruel. Yes, I'm a mess and I have no right to take advantage of you. You are the mother of my son and hurting you would be like hurting him. Chloe takes his hand - You are the best man I've ever known.

Jen - It's really not complicated. Daniel and I weren't ready or I'm not ready to move on. I'm not over Jack. I'm not ready for another relationship and I don't know if I ever will be. Hope - I saw you with Daniel and you were so happy. Jen - I really don't want to talk about this right now, okay. Hope - It's really not okay because I'm not buying any of this. Does this have to do with Chloe? Jen - No, it's about me and Daniel. Can you please just go.

Chad paces outside the club and then goes back inside. Abby watches stunned as women stick money in Cam's shorts. Cam notices that she's there.

Segment 3: Cam scoops up more money and dashes offstage. Abby tells Chad she saw Cam. So did he - a lot more of him than I ever wanted to. Abby - He's a stripper! Why! Chad makes a joke. Abby is not amused. He knows I know - what am I going to do. Chad - Make sure you have enough 5's and 10's for the next routine. Abby is leaving. A guy grabs her arm - Sweetheart, you're not going anywhere.

Eric appreciates the kind gesture but it's out of their hands. Nicole - But you just got here. What about all the money you've raised for the school and that killer Holy Week. Eric - You're using a very poor choice of words. Nicole - And you spend so much time in the hospital and you take in criminals for no reason. I just don't understand. Eric - I asked Kristen and Brady to resign. Maybe that's what they frown upon. Nicole - What are you, your brother's keeper? Eric - Cain said that. I know we're supposed to want to be our brother's keeper. Nicole - Now you're arguing with the Bible. Eric - I'm going to miss discussing theology with you because you really, truly have a unique point of view. Nicole - You're not going to miss me because you're not going anywhere. Eric - I took a vow of obedience, not to obey only when I want to. Nicole is near tears. Eric - Hey, it's okay. Don't be upset. Nicole - What am I going to do without you? Damn, Kristen DiMera, this is all her fault.

2 nurses are in the square gossiping about what Jennifer did. Kristen hears how Jen dumped Dan and how she was so mean and so loud.

Chloe puts his hand over her heart. Dan thinks she should go. Chloe - No, you shouldn't be alone tonight. Dan is going to be fine. Tomorrow I'll go and see Parker. Maybe I'll call Melanie and the 3 of us can meet in New York city. Chloe - It would be easier if mom brings him back here. Craig and Joy will understand. Dan - You don't have to do that. Chloe - Don't worry about it. I'll be back tomorrow morning to get the rest of my things. Just focus on Parker, you haven't lost him. Dan - Thank you. Chloe leaves. Outside his apt she calls her Mom. Jennifer and Daniel, it's done. You can bring Parker back now.

Jen gets another visitor - Kristen. Jen tells her it's not a good time. Kristen - I know and I'm not leaving until I know you're alright.

Segment 4: Chad tries to get the guy to back off from Abby when Cam joins them. I asked him to make sure she didn't leave. We need to talk. Waiter - We don't need anyone upsetting the talent. Chad - I didn't know taking your clothes off was a talent. Cam - I can't believe you followed me ... invading my privacy like this. Chad - If you want privacy you should maybe look into another line of work. Abby - You're not helping. Chad - I'm not trying to, I'm making fun of him. I'm sorry. Cam - I think you should tread pretty lightly here. Chad - Oh come on. You expect me to take this seriously! You're a doctor by day, Magic Mike by night. For the record, we weren't trying to invade your privacy. We are your friends. We were worried about you. Cam - If you were my friends you wouldn't be here. Abby - Sorry to burst your pompous little bubble Apollo but that's just crap and you know it.

John throws the pictures out but picks one up and stares at it. You brought these here for a reason Kristen. I sure as hell better figure out what that reason is.

Kristen - Sounds very upsetting. I like Daniel. I was hoping the 2 of you could be happy. Jen - It wasn't in the cards. Kristen - Is this about Jack? Jen asks her to please leave. Kristen - It is about Jack; it always has been. Peter loved you so much and even though Jack did unforgiveable things you would never leave him. Jen - Well that's history. Kristen - History has a way of repeating itself. You blow off the nice guy for the one that treats you like dirt and that's the one that remains forever ensconced in your heart ... Jen - Please go away. Kristen - Sorry, maybe I'm talking about myself. Jen - So John is still firmly ensconced in your heart. Kristen - That's not what I'm saying Jennifer. I'm not here to talk about me or history. I'm sincerely worried about you. Jen - Don't be. Kristen - I know you. The way that you dumped Daniel ... that's not you. You don't hurt people like that. You certainly don't do it public. I think you're going to have a really, really hard time living with what you've done. Jen - Well, that's my problem, isn't it? And for the record the one who really got hurt here is Daniel.

Daniel pours himself a drink. He holds the necklace - cue f/b. Knock. It's Maggie. I'm sorry. I can't believe the way Jennifer treated you. Dan doesn't want to talk about Jennifer. Maggie - Then we won't. They hug.

Segment 5: Abby - I think you have a lot of nerve taking that moral high tone. I just saw a bunch of women stuffing small bills into that thing you were wearing. Chad - How much money can fit - I'm just curious. Cam - What I do here is my personal business. I didn't realise I had to check my rear view mirror to see if my friends were following me. Abby - I wasn't following you when I saw you paying off that creepy dude at the hospital. Chad - Wait, what guy? Cam - Why didn't you talk to me about it? Abby - I tried. You basically slammed the door in my face. Chad - That's true. I was a witness. She thought you were all freaked out that she's still a virgin. Abby - You are obviously in some kind of trouble here. Cam - I don't need your help and I don't owe you an explanation. Abby - Wow, then I guess you are right, we aren't friends because in my book when one friend sees another friend in trouble they do whatever they can to help them even if means wearing a stupid helmet and riding on the back of some stupid motorcycle in the middle of the pitch black dark because they are scared to death. Cam - You don't trust me and the truth is you never have and that's what's held us back. So bottom line you don't have to worry about me anymore. Chad - Can you stop using the term bottom line. Cam - I can take care of myself. Chad - Oh you can. Is that what the gun we saw you carrying is for?

Nicole tells Eric she's calling the Bishop and telling him he can't do this. Eric - Gee what a great idea. Not only is it surely going to work but it won't raise any questions why my personal female assistant is making personal phone calls about a confidential matter. Nicole - Wouldn't he want to hear from the lost sheep. That's what I was. And you went and you found me and you brought me back. What would happen to me if he made you leave? Eric - You're going to keep going on with your life. Every day is going to get better and every day we're going to be thankful for all the time we had and how it was good for the both of us. Nicole - Yeah, like I'm really good for you. Eric - You are. You helped me with nightmares about what happened in Africa. You always had my back. You made me laugh even though I didn't think there was much to laugh about when I showed up. You turned me around. I thank you for that. Nicole - I can't stand this. Eric - You can because you are tough as nails. You are one hell of a friend. We're going to save those goodbyes. Seeing as I have to leave very soon I have a lot of packing to do. Before I go there is a favour that I have to ask of you.

Maggie sees the bottle of booze. Looks like I'm interrupting. Dan - Don't worry about it. I'm fully trained in pain management. Maggie - I remember all the times that a drink made me feel better, like never. But hey, I'm the alcholic and you're not. It doesn't give me the right to stick my nose in your business. Dan - This situation is a cliche right. Maggie wishes that she knew what to do to make him feel better because you don't deserve this and I feel that it's all my fault. Dan - And here I was blaming Jennifer. Maggie - Oh come on, we both know I was her biggest cheerleader. I love her with all of my heart. I just don't like her much right now and I don't want anything to do with her after what she did to you. But for the life of me I don't know why she did it. Dan - I do, Jack.

Kristen - I know you hurt Daniel but it seems to me there's enough pain to go around. Jen - Even if you are pretending to be my friend can you please leave. Kristen - Okay ... no, I do honestly want to be your friend. Jack and I didn't always get along however I feel that fundamentally he was a good man and he obviously loved you. And I know he wouldn't want you to live your life mourning him and he wouldn't want you to pass up a chance at happiness in his name. Now I'm done. She leaves. Jen holds the toy. I am sorry Daniel, I am so sorry. I didn't have a choice. The doorbell rings again. Oh God, could you give me a break! It's Chloe. Jen - This is a bad time. Chloe - Yeah, rough day.

Segment 6: Nicole - I would have thought that you know by now you can ask me anything. Eric - I was wondering about Vargas. I know he'll be Father Matt's responsibility. I was just hoping that you'd cut him some slack. Nicole - Vargas and I get along great now. Eric - I didn't know you two had worked it out. Nicole - It's just easier. We do have to co-exist here. Eric - Anyway I'm really going to miss you. He leaves. Nicole - You don't know the half of it.

Chad can't stop laughing. We were worried to death because he had a gun and it turns out to be a prop for his stripping routing. Cam - Just get the hell out of here. Abby - Look at me. I am not laughing. Why are you doing this? Cam - Because I need the money. Abby - You're a doctor. Cam - With a mountain of student loans and I had to help out my mom. Abby - So you borrowed money from that guy? Cam - Yes. Chad - Joking aside, you are family. You're Lexie's brother. Why didn't you just come to me? Cam - I'm not going to take money from the DiMera's. This is my debt and my personal responsibility to pay it back so all I want from the both of you is a promise not to tell anyone please! Abby - You have it. Chad - I'm sorry. Like I said you're family. Cam - If the tables were turned I'd probably give you a hard time too. Now I've got to go back to work. Chad - Go get 'em Apollo.

Jen - Get off my porch and out of my house. Chloe - This won't take long. I have something to tell you. Parker's on his way back but if you do anything to try and get back into Daniel's life I'll take him away again. So just to be clear Daniel can be with you or he can be with Parker, but not both. Jen - Wow, do you ever think of your son as anything but a pawn. Do you ever just stop and think? Chloe - I don't really care what you think about me as long as you're out of the way. Jen - Don't worry I will be because I want what is best for your son and since he's saddled with such a witch of a mother I really want him to have his father in his life. Chloe - Great, martyr yourself, you love to do that. She grabs the toy and leaves.

Dan knows she's worried about him but she has to know he's not going to go out and do anything stupid. I may not have Jennifer right now but I have my son. As a matter of fact Chloe's mom is bringing him back so I have a pretty good reason to have a clear head tomorrow morning. I do know drinking isn't going to help, it never does. Maggie - That is all I wanted to hear. What Jennifer did was hurtful and classless and I made sure she knew it. Dan assures her he's going to be fine. He's going to go out for a walk and get some fresh air. Maggie will call him tomorrow. Dan thanks her. I didn't really want to talk and I do want to be alone but I'm really glad you came by. Thank you. They hug.

Kristen returns to the mansion. Poor Daniel. She sees a huge bouquet of red roses in the foyer. Brady. She looks at the card - Oh Brady. Is it my fault that men are the weaker sex. No, it's not my fault.

John looks at the picture again. Alright Kristen what are you trying to tell me.

Kristen crushes the card from Brady - It must be done. She goes into the living room and throws the card in the trash and opens the desk drawer.

Segment 7: Nicole talks to herself. Face it Walker, it's not the Bishop who did this, it's you, right. You got tired of all the impure thoughts under Your roof so You decided to do something about it. I know I asked You for help on this but I didn't think You'd actually answer me. I know I don't deserve to to be trusted; I don't deserve much of anything but this is really hard. He gets me through the day. I try not to show it but it's tough, really tough. Please don't let him leave. She cries. Eric returns - Those transfer papers were for someone else. They got attached to the wrong e-mail. I'm going to be gone for just a couple of days then I'm coming right back. It was all just a big mistake. Nicole - Are you sure?

Abby - Cameron is never going to forgive me for this. Chad - Well tonight wasn't great. Abby - Hey, you were a big help ... hey, go get 'em Apollo. What was that? Chad - He'll get over it. He's proud and he didn't want you to know he needed money and that he's a ... Abby - If you laugh one more time I swear we're not friends. It's awful that he has to do this. There's got to be another parttime job. Chad - I don't think manning the all night drive thru' window will pay as much as this does. Cam's next act starts. Abby just shakes her head.

John is looking at the picture - Cue John / Kristen f/b. Well one thing's for sure, this isn't over. He pushes the box into the garbage with his foot.

Kristen is holding a picture - John doesn't think this is over. Got you right where I want you. She throws the picture into the fire.

Dan walks through the square just as Jen is walking in his direction. Dan turns and walks in the opposite direction.


Monday, Apr 8

Segment 1: Dan has a dream that he had a nightmare. Jen is in bed with him and assures him that it was a bad dream and their love is real. He wakes up. Knock knock. He ignores it but Chloe calls out for him. Chloe keeps knocking and calling out for him so he gets off the couch and answers the door. Chloe apologises for waking him; she has a surprise for him. Dan hugs Parker. Nancy gets off the elevator. Dan asks Parker - How was New York City. Chloe is sure they'll have lots of time to talk about that. Nancy agrees. Dan tells Nancy he put some of her things on the table so it shouldn't take long to pack. Nancy still doesn't understand why Chloe had to move out. Dan - That's okay. Chloe knows so she can explain. Nancy - After everything ... how are you?

Abe is with Nicole in the rectory surprised to hear that Vargas fixed the radiator. Abe comments that there's not a thing in his file that says he's good with tools. Nicole - You can still give him a good evaluation, right? Abe is just following up for the Outreach program. No evaluation, just what he's doing. Does he have a job, things like that. Vargas listens as Nicole informs Abe that Vargas was hired by the parish as a handyman. Abe - Seems like he's doing fine. Nicole - You don't sound convinced. Abe - I'm just gathering facts. I am curious though, how are you handling being around the hardcore ex-con?

Brady ends a call just as Kristen walks into the DiMera living room. They discuss Brady's one-track mind (Sex all the time). It's one of the things Kristen likes about him. Brady tells her he was talking to Dr. Ellis. The results of his MRI came in and apparently he's fine; no residual damage from the mugging. Kristen recalls giving Sy another $5000. Kristen thinks that is great news. They should celebrate. The doorbell rings. Kristen opens the door to Hope. Kristen greets her - Hi, what are you doing here? Hope - I have some great news. We may have caught one of the muggers who put Brady in the hospital.

Jen does stretches getting ready to go for a run. She opens the door to find a very happy Lucas there. There she is the woman of the hour; the woman of the year. I can't believe it. I'm so happy. He hugs her. You did it! You got the message and you dumped Daniel. You've got to be feeling fantastic about yourself, right?

Segment 2: Hope walks into the foyer. Is Brady here? Kristen - How'd you find the guy? Hope - Last night there was a mugger near the location you two were attacked and we practically caught the guy in the act. Kristen - What's the guy's name? Hope - I'm not promising anything but when we started asking questions about previous muggings he got really desperate. Kristen - Being desperate doesn't necessarily mean he did it, right? Hope - He fits the general description of one of the guys who attacked Brady which is why I'm here. I'd like the 2 of you to come down to the station and take a look. Brady - Let's do it. Hope - Great! I was beginning to think you weren't here. Brady - No, I'm here and I want to see this guy get what's coming to him. He's going to have a heart attack when he sees us walk in. Kristen smiles and nods.

Nicole - That's a weird question since you know I'm an ex-con too. Abe - What I meant was Vargas did 10 hard years. Nicole - Where was I? A country club? Abe - You know what I was saying but if you don't want to talk about it ... Nicole - No, it's fine. When Eric first mentioned this outreach problem I was like, no way - have dangerous men living in extra rooms here ... give me a break. Abe - Trouble does seem to follow ex-cons. Nicole - But Vargas is doing great. Eric was right and I was wrong as usual. Vargas wants to put the past in the past and keep it there. I think he really wants to make something of himself. Abe - So how's that going? Nicole - Great. Let me go get him so you can see for yourself.

Vcitor comes into the mansion - Maggie, I need to see you right now. She's in the living room. What happened? I go away for one night and everything comes tumbling down like Jericho. What's going on with Daniel? What the hell did that woman do to him?

Dan tells Nancy he's fine. He plays with Parker. Nancy - We need to talk about the elephant in the room. I don't know everything that went on. Chloe did have to tell me why I had to bring Parker back ASAP. This thing with you and Jennifer, it's just, well I have to tell you ... I have had a lot of run-ins with the Horton family myself and though they'd like to make you believe that butter wouldn't melt in their mouth ... Jennifer is no saint. She's a Horton and she would do the same thing. Dan is going to take Parker out so he won't be in the way when they pack. Thank you for bringing Parker home. He comments that if Chloe stays to help Nancy maybe the both of them will be gone by the time he and Parker get back. Dan goes to change. Nancy pulls Chloe aside. He's in some kind of a mood! Chloe - Yeah but he'll get over it and he'll get over her and I will be here with our son. Nancy - If Jennifer says one word Daniel will never forgive you. Using Parker as blackmail! Chloe - Jennifer won't say a word. She knows the consequences.

Lucas brings in two cups into the living room. This calls for a toast. It should be champagne right now but I'm in AA and it's early. He hands her a cup. Here's to you making the smartest decision of your life. Jen doesn't drink. Lucas - I'm not going to tell you I told you so; I wouldn't do that but I am the one who told you from the very beginning he was all wrong for you, remember? Jen nods yes. Lucas - The guys a user and a taker. You don't need that Jennifer. You don't. Look you know it's kind of weird, Sami did this 180 on me actually ... maybe you don't want to hear about Sami right now and that's fine. My point is Rafe is a great guy, he's available and I was thinking maybe I can set you guys up on a date. Jen - Really Lucas! Lucas - It's too soon, isn't it? I understand. Sometimes when you do the right thing it still hurts but you did it! You cut Daniel Jonas to the bone and you left him to bleed on the street. He clinks his cup against hers and she drops it on the rug.

Segment 3: Maggie - How Jennifer could treat Daniel like that ... how she could say the things she said ... oh God! She can't get past Jack, that's one thing but to hurt the man who loves her! It was so viscious. It was so wrong. Victor - It was and you know who's partly to blame ... me! I encouraged him every chance I got. I stood right here in this room and I told him he could trust that bitch ... she would make him so happy. Unbelievable! What the hell is wrong with that woman! Maggie - She says she can't get past her love for Jack. Vic - Well she should have told him that on day one. He gave her all the time and space she needed and how does she repay him? She leads him on and then dumps him like so much garbage. Maggie cries as Vic continues ranting. It's a good thing it was you that went over and gave her what's for. If it was me ... He goes to Maggie. I'm sorry. He's your son, his heart is broken, so is yours. He holds her as she cries.

Lucas - I'm sorry. I guess this hit you a little harder than I thought. Jen - It's like you said. Sometimes when you do the right thing it still hurts. Lucas - You're going to be okay though, right? Jen - Of course! Lucas - Because we're strong okay and I've been down the same road myself many times but you did really good. It's not like Daniel Jonas was the real thing anyway, right? He holds up Jack's picture to Jen. Jen - I think I was just fooling myself into thinking that we had a chance. Reality is not always what you want it to be, huh? Lucas - No kidding but you got wise sooner than later. Now you don't have to deal with that piece of ... Jen - Can we just not do the whole bashing Daniel because I was cruel to him. I was more than cruel. He's not a bad man, he's just the wrong man for me. Lucas - I don't want to argue right now. I think he's a bad man ... whatever. Why don't you forget your run and we'll catch a movie or something. Jen - That's really sweet but I have a million things to do today and I really, really need to run just to clear my head. Lucas - Are you sure you're going to be okay? Jen - Yes, I'm okay. I'm going to be fine besides I know much you care about me and how much you love me. Lucas - And you know I'm happy as hell right? Jen - Yes I know that too.

Nancy is pulling stuff out of her purse and putting it down on the desk - I know I have aspirin in here somewhere. Chloe finds some in her purse and hands it over. Nancy - My purse is such a mess. Chloe apologises for making her rush back like this. I know that Brazil's a long trip. Nancy - It's okay. I'm not sure we could have kept pretending we were still in New York. Chloe - I know. Parker's becoming more and more talkative. Nancy - Are you sure Jennifer's not going to say anything. One word from her ... Chloe - She's not going to say anything, trust me. If you'd heard some of the things she said to him at the hospital ... she's committed and so am I. Nancy - Where are you going now? Chloe - I think it would be good to spend some time with my son and his daddy. Nancy - No! Daniel said he wants to spend some alone time with Parker. Chloe - Yeah well 2's company and 3's family.

Dan and Parker are sitting on a bench in the square playing a game on the i-Pad.

Hope is on the phone. When she ends her call she asks Brady and Kristen if they're all set. They are. Hope - Hopefully you'll both make a positive ID and we'll have it signed, sealed and delivered by noon. I'll see you both down at the station. She leaves. Kristen tells Brady she'll meet him there as she has to make a stop at the office. Brady will drop her there - he cites construction zones as the reason - traffic's a nightmare. He wants them at the station together.

Segment 4: Abe is now talking to Vargas. Yes Vargas knows Fr Eric will be back later in the week, Thursday he thinks. Nicole returns - I can't find ... oh there he is. Vargas - Mr. Carver just told me you were looking for me. Nicole - I'm glad you got to meet Abe. Abe - Me too. He seems to be doing fine here. Just in case there's a problem feel free to give me a call. He hands Vargas his card. Vargas - Thanks but I doubt anything will turn up. So far this is turning out to be a great place to get back on my feet. Abe has to get to a meeting. He leaves. Vargas - Nice guy, huh. Nicole - He's one of the good ones. Vargas has to get back to work on the hot water heater. Do you know if Fr Eric received the plans that EJ DiMera left for him? Nicole - I'm sorry. EJ was here? Vargas - Yeah, do you know him? Nicole - Know him! I was married to him twice.

Hope leaves her office and Kristen let's herself in and goes to her desk. She starts leafing through folders and other stuff. Hope walks in - What are you looking for on my desk? Kristen - I was so excited that maybe you caught the guy that hurt my Brady I couldn't contain myself. I was hoping I'd see a photo or mug shot. Kristen - A police detective's desk isn't fair game. Kristen apologises. Hope - The mug shot isn't here yet. Why don't we wait for Brady.

Victor apologises for blowing up. The last thing you need is to deal with one of my long winded tirades. Maggie - It was just so hard. What I saw wasn't Jennifer. It wasn't the woman I've known all these years. I mean, the cruelty was so unlike her ... is it possible that I never knew her. Could I have been that wrong? Vic - What we need to do now is concentrate on Daniel, make sure he knows we're here for him for anything at any time. Maggie says he's right. Vic - Never forget that I'm here for you too. I hate seeing you like this. I just wish there was something I could do. Maggie - Hold me - more crying.

Chloe shows up. Dan - What are you doing here? Chloe hopes she's not intruding on boy time. I wanted to say that I know that I've made a lot of mistakes, big ones but the one time I did the right thing was when I found out Parker was your son and I brought him here to Salem to be with you so our family could be complete. Dan asks her to sit down. Jen is jogging through the square when she sees the 3 of them together.

Segment 5: Jen watches them for a moment then leaves. Dan realises he left his phone at the apt. He's going to go and get it. Chloe - This is fun, right? Dan leaves. Chloe mutters - Yeah, this is going to take some time.

Vargas - Twice! You married that guy twice. Nicole - It happens and it's ancient history. Vargas - Okay but that guy. Oh come on, you've got to know what kind of weight the DiMera family name carries in Statesville. It's sort of what he carries here. Nicole - You're lucky I'm not going to tell Fr Eric you said that. I'm sorry I snapped. It's just that everyone in town knows about EJ and I and our drama and what an idiot I was, he was. I'm not used to getting into it. Vargas - I guess when you were doing your drama I was otherwise engaged. Nicole - Sorry. Vargas - Can I ask you a question, no offence taken ... about marrying the same guy twice. So you get married, things turn sour and you get divorced ... Nicole - And then I get married again. I know, I sound like a wacko but then it made sense to me. But looking back now ... not so much. You know the definition of insanity - doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result. That's me. Feel free to call me insane anytime. Vargas - You seem pretty sane to me. Nicole - You've asked me so many questions how about I ask you one. How come you're so easy to talk to?

Hope - One reason we think this guy is one of the perps is because when we asked him about last November he got really nervous, sweating bullets actually. Kristen - But he didn't admit to anything, did he? Hope - Not yet but he has no alibi for the night of the mugging. A uniformed officer brings in the folder on the guy complete with mug shot. Hope tells Kristen to sit down and take a look. It's not Sy. Kristen - He's one of the guys who mugged me and put Brady in the hospital. Hope - You're sure about that? Kristen - It's been a while. I think so, definitely, he's one of them.

Segment 6: Kristen - The more I look at him the more sure I am that that's the guy. Hope - Take your time. Really look at his face. Kristen - I'm positive it's him. Brady finally comes in. Kristen - Look at this. Isn't this great. Hope found one of the muggers. Hope - Have you ever seen him before? Brady - No, never. Hope - This isn't the guy who attacked you? One of them? Brady - No. Kristen - Honey, you didn't see him because he hit you from behind. I saw him, you didn't. Hope - Wait a second, in your statement you said you never got a good look at either one of them. Kristen - Did I really? I was probably in shock or something. I'm sorry. I guess it was worth a shot. She asks Brady to take her to the office. Hope - Wait a second. We just had a major update on our mug books last week. Since you're here why don't you take a look. Who knows, maybe we'll get lucky. Brady - Sure.

Sy counts his money. Cue f/b of getting it from Kristen. It's not nearly enough.

Vargas - You think I'm easy to talk to? Nicole - You don't think you are. Vargas - I guess that's what happens when you live in the same place for 10 years. You've got nothing much to do except talk and listen. Nicole - I'm sorry. Vargas - No need. You've probably heard a zillion prison sob stories. None of them are ever guilty, right? Nicole - Of course not. Wait a minute, is that what you think I did? I gave you some marriage sob story. Vargas - It sounded like you were being honest. I don't take you for the kind who's all about self-pity. Some people like to sit around and whine about how lousy their lives are and some of them like to get up and go after it, like you. Nicole - Yeah, I don't think I'm the get up and go after it type, especially not right now otherwise I wouldn't be in this job. I'm just settling for whatever comes. Vargas - You're regrouping. You got burned and you stepped back. Now you're figuring out your next move. You're a smart girl Nicole. He's going to get back to work. I've got my own next move to figure out.

Jen is outside the pub talking to JJ. She thought she could come in for a day or so and they could go to dinner. No, I can completely understand. It was a last minute thing ... you go. I know you're busy. I'm busy too. I love you. I'm fine.

Dan returns and hears Nancy singing. He closes the door quietly and looks around for his phone. He happens to see Nancy's passport on the desk.

Segment 7: Sy makes a call. I've got to do it. I've got no choice. Yeah good morning. Look you don't know me but we need to talk.

Kristen thinks looking through these mug books is kind of a waste of time. Brady flips to another page. Nothing. Kristen declares this to be hopeless. Hope - You don't want to keep looking? Kristen - After a while they all start to look alike. Brady - Him! Brady is pointing to a picture of Sy. Cue another f/b by Kristen. Brady - That's one of the muggers. Hope - Are you sure? Brady - Yeah, I punched him in the face. Hope - Kristen, what about you? Recognise him?

Sy - Hello, are you there? Victor - Who is this? Sy - We can get to all that stuff when we meet. I've got some information I think you'll want to have. Vic - What kind of information? Sy - It's about your grandson Brady and that woman he's with, Kristen DiMera.

Jen is on her cell again. Hey, listen I really need to see you ... now.

Chloe asks Parker if he's happy to be back in Salem. His response - Brazil. Chloe suggests playing a game. Anytime anyone asks you where you went you say New York, you don't say Brazil. Say New York. That will be your special secret.

Dan picks up the passport and opens it.


Tuesday, Apr 9

Segment 1: Kristen looks at Sy's mug shot and tells Hope she doesn't recognise him. Brady - Obviously you do. I can tell by your face when you saw the picture. Hope is going to put out an APB. Maybe we'll get lucky and drag him in here today. Kristen - Wait a second, this is not the mugger. Brady - What? Kristen - His nose is not that big ... Brady - Kristen, that's him. Kristen doubts it. Brady - I don't doubt it at all. Kristen - Even if it is him it's been a while, right? So could he have left town or maybe the country by now. Hope - No. He's not out of the country because he was recently spotted here in Salem and he has a record. Brady - Yeah, that's one of the guys. We need to bring him in. Kristen - No. Brady - He attacked you. He's going to pay for it. That's the guy. Hope - And he almost killed Brady in the process. Kristen - Well they weren't supposed to.

When Sy mentions that he has information on Brady and Kristen DiMera Vic tells him he has his attention. Let's hear it. Sy knows he's a real busy guy. I don't want to waste your time. Vic - Then don't, tell me what the information is. Sy - First I have to make sure that after this comes out I'm going to be taken care of. Vic - I hear you. It involves a DiMera. I'll see to it that you're protected. Sy - That's good but it's not just that. Vic - And compensated. You'll get paid. Now tell me what information you have on Kristen. Maggie walks in - Victor.

Rafe and Kate are in bed kissing. Kate - Wow. Do you think it's odd that we always end up in your bed? Rafe - Well, let's see. Since I can't seem to keep my hands off you when we're alone and we seem to be alone a lot because you don't want us to be seen together ... Kate - Now you're trying to paint it like I'm ashamed which I'm not. I explained to you before it's about Stefano. Rafe - Yeah. Kate - It is! I'm worried that if he found out he would do something to you. Rafe - I thought you said Stefano may have already found out and probably doesn't care. Oh, is that what's upsetting you ... that he doesn't care?

Nicole is at the nurse's station telling Maxine - "Make sure she knows Fr Eric is out of town and he's thinking of her." Maxine - Why didn't you just put it in a card. Nicole - I did but I lost it. Whatever, I'm not perfect like you. Maxine - Amen to that! Two nurses start gossiping about Jennifer. Maxine - Excuse me ladies, that's enough. No more gossiping, understood! Nicole - What are they talking about? What did Jennifer do to Daniel?

Chloe tries to get Parker to understand he has to say New York when people ask where he's been. His reply - Brazil. Anne walks up - Parker keeps saying that and mommy's going to be in big trouble!

Nancy comes into the living room and sees Daniel with his back to her. Hi Daniel. I didn't know you were back. What are you doing? (He's holding her passport). Dan puts the passport down. I just came to get my phone. So how's the packing going. Nancy - Almost done. I'm going to take a few things down to the car. Have you seen my car keys?

Segment 2: Hope looks at Kristen - What were the muggers supposed to do? Kristen - Well not that! They clearly just wanted my money. If I had just given it to them without a fight they would have been long gone before Brady got there. No one would have got hurt. Hope - Kristen, they were in the middle of a robbery assault and stepped it up to attempted murder so just please let us do our job. Kristen - Okay. Roman comes in. Hope tells him they just ID'd one of the muggers that put Brady in the hospital, Sy Miller. Hope goes to put out the APB. Roman asks Brady if they can talk in private. Brady - Anything you have to say to me you can say in front of her. Roman - Fine. Let's talk about how you're screwing your Dad's life up.

Nicole - Come on Maxine, what happened? Maxine - Didn't you hear me just tell those 2 to stop gossiping. Nicole - Yeah but if Jennifer hurt Daniel ... Maxine - It's none of your business Nicole. I've got work to do. Nicole goes to one of the nurses that was gossiping. I couldn't help overhearing about Jennifer and Dr. Jonas, what happened? Please I promise I won't tell Maxine. Emily - Who are you lady? You just walk up and expect me to tell you something. Nicole - Forget it. Nicole goes to another nurse. Emily and I were just talking about Jennifer and Dr. Jonas, that had to have been something! Nurse - No kidding! I practically fell through the floor. She dropped that poor doctor like so much garbage right in front of everyone. Nicole - What!

Chloe - Can we try this one more time for Mommy. Can you say it? Parker - Brazil. Anne - Hey Parker, I hear you and Granny went on an airplane ride. So where'd you go? Parker - New York. Chloe - Yes, you're so smart. So far, so good. Why don't you sit here and play, Mommy's going to be right here. Anne - He's so young, eventually he will think he did go to New York. Chloe - I hope so. Anne - Brazil though, that must have been some trip. Chloe - I hated sending him that far away. Anne - Hey, desperate times. Chloe - It was the only way I could make sure Jennifer would push Daniel out of her life for good. Anne - That was some scene; the way she was slicing him up in front of everybody! 5 star entertainment! Chloe - Poor Daniel. At least Jennifer quit her job. I'm sure that made your day. Anne - Best day of my life. Chloe - I just wish he wasn't hurting so much. Anne - Wah, wah, he'll survive and you'll be there to help him do it. Chloe - You're right. It's finally going to happen. Daniel, Parker and I are going to be a family again.

Dan - Did you check the couch. As she's looking Dan points to them on the desk - There they are right there. Nancy asks how it's going with Parker. Dan - It's great. He's with Chloe right now playing games on the i-Pad. Nancy - I bet it's great to have him back. Dan - It is. Thank you for cutting your trip short. You probably would have liked to stay down in New York a little bit longer. Nancy - When Chloe called and said you needed your son we were on our way to the airport. I'm just so sorry about Jennifer. What a mean streak! Why she'd give you a dressing down like that ... I'm sorry Daniel. Someday you're going to look at this as all for the best.

Segment 3: Kate - Stop teasing about that! No, I am not interested in anything about Stefano. I despise the man. Rafe - Okay. Stop worrying about him alright. We've got enough going on in our lives already, don't we? Kate - Agreed. Rafe - Agreed. I'm hitting the shower. Kate will be there in a minute. She recalls Sonny talking to her about Will's situation and her helping Will. She makes a call to Leon. I need to drop by this morning. I want you to draw up some legal papers for me.

Vic - Just give me a minute, this could be important. Maggie - Who is it? Sy - Hey, who are you talking to? Vic - Just a minute, it's my wife. Sy hangs up. Vic - Damn! Maggie - Who is that? Is it someone you hired to spy on Kristen? Vic - Of course not. I wouldn't do anything like that but if someone calls out of the blue and offers me some information ... Maggie - Victor, have you lost your mind!

Roman - John and Marlena are going through hell because of what you did ... Brady - They're going through hell and staying there because they won't admit they were wrong. That's the truth. Roman laughs - Yeah, yeah, yeah. My mistake here. Sweet Kristen has changed. Brady - Sweet Kristen has changed and I love her very much. Hope returns. I put out the APB. Hopefully by the end of the day Sy Miller will be in cuffs. Brady and Kristen are going home. Hope will let Brady know if she hears anything. They leave. Someone seems put out. Roman - I said what I had to say. My God, Hope, he thinks that bitch really has changed.

Nicole - She dumped him right here in front of everyone. Nurse - I thought you said you and Emily were just talking about it. Nicole - We were but she left stuff out. Emily walks up - No I didn't. Nicole - I'm talking to Carla, thank you very much. Come on, details. Carla - She said stuff like he was smothering her, she didn't want him around. Emily - And we was never going to replace her dead husband. Carla - I don't know how many times she said she didn't love him. Emily - Everyone just stood there with their mouths open. Carla - I felt so bad for Dr. Jonas. Emily - Yeah, he was really dying inside. Nicole - But that doesn't sound ... Jennifer would never act like that. Emily - I know, she always seemed so sweet. Carla - Guess deep down she's a Grade A bitch. Dr. Jonas gave her this necklace as a show of love ... Emily - Threw it in his face! Maxine returns - What's going on here? Nicole - I'll tell you what's going on here. You better rein these two in because they keep gossiping. Shameful! She walks away.

Dan watches as Nancy puts her passport back in her purse. Dan - I better get back to Parker. I'm taking him to the park later. Of course after Central Park, he's not going to think much of Salem's ... Nancy - I'm sure he'll be just as happy. Dan - Hey, you don't have any shots of Parker playing in Central Park, do you? Maybe on your phone. Nancy - The day we went to Central Park I left my phone at home. I'm a bad grandma; big screwup! Dan - That's too bad. I'll see you. Maybe later you can show me photos from other places in New York. He leaves. Nancy - Yeah, you can have them as soon as I get good with PhotoShop. Outside in the hallway Dan is on the phone. I'm glad I caught you. Could you meet me in the town square. It's important.

Segment 4: Kate comes into the pub and asks Gabi if she'd mind if she joined her. Gabi asks her if she wants something; she just started her break. Kate is fine. You're still working. Gabi - Yeah, I go crazy if I just have to sit around. Kate - I was the same way. With my first I worked until the very end. So you're due in about month or so? Gabi - Yeah, I can't wait. Kate - Just wait, after she's born, you and Will and Nick are going to be so excited! Gabi - Yeah. You know Kate I wanted to say that you've been great; not only with the gifts but letting Nick work from home some days and ... Kate - What? Gabi - I think I should tell you something. Kate - If you're going to tell me that Will has signed away his custody rights I already know.

Brady follows Kristen into the foyer. I'd love to hang out here all day but my Grandfather keeps texting me. He wants to get that Arts project off the ground and he wants my input. Kristen - Sounds like fun. Brady - You know what would be a better plan ... if you did it with me. Why don't you do this art project with me for Titan. You have a great eye, we have similar tastes; I think it would be perfect. That Christmas gift you got me ... you didn't know Caldwell was my ... Kristen - That was just dumb luck. Your grandfather is a long way from being my biggest fan so I'm going to stay away ... Brady - But he said that he wants to give us a chance so this would give him the opportunity to see the real you.

Kristen DiMera is a belly-crawling snake and if this guy has some information on her, damn right I want to hear it! Maggie - Out of the blue. Vic - What do I care where he got the information. He's got one of those blocked numbers. I can't even call him back. Maggie - Good. Vic - Why are you so upset about this? Maggie - Listen up. Your grandson has moved into the DiMera mansion with his new love, Kristen. Your words - a belly crawling snake. It's his snake. Then every lunatic and his brother finds out a Kiriaskis has moved in with a DiMera and they put on their teeny weenie thinking caps and one day, ringy dingy, you get a call. Some strange man offers you dirt on Kristen for money, of course. How much did he want? Vic - We didn't get to that but of course he expected ... Maggie - Starting to see the light Victor. All of these people are coming out of the woodwork to get at you. You can listen all you want and pay what you want but I don't think there's anything there. Vic - It could be worse than that. Kristen could have set this whole thing up herself. Maggie - Oh. Then she wants Brady to find out that you're the one soliciting dirt on the woman he loves. Vic - And then my name is poison. Can't explain it, he's out of my life forever. Maggie - I really don't think Kristen is that devious but maybe ... Vic - Devious doesn't even begin to explain that wretched woman.

Nicole is in the rectory talking to herself. It doesn't make any sense. Jennifer would never treat Daniel that way. She would never say that. What the hell ... it's not my business anyway (she's holding a rosary) ... is it? Are You going to give me an answer or not?

Dan returns to Parker and Chloe. Chloe was thinking they could grab a bite to eat at Antonio's or they could try that place on 5th. Dan's sorry. He wants some one on one time with Parker. You can help Nancy take things down to her car. Chloe - Okay I'll do that. I know that you're going through a rough time so if you need anything just know I'm here even if she just need a good listener. She says goodbye to Parker and leaves. Dan - I've been meaning to ask you kiddo, did you have a good time when you were visiting Grandpa and Aunt Joy in New York. Parker - New York. Rafe walks up. Dan thanks him for coming. Rafe - What's up? Dan - That's what I need to find out.

Segment 5: Kristen thinks she's going to take a pass on this one. She doesn't think Victor would want a DiMera in on Titan purchases. Brady - We're not talking about sharing some secret computer code or anything, just offering your opinion. Where's the harm in that? Come on, do it. Take a chance on me. Kristen - If it's okay with Victor. Brady will take the first meeting with Vic and then bring in her in. What's wrong with you? Kristen assures him she's fine. Brady - You haven't been yourself since we got back from the police station. Was it seeing the picture of the mugger? Kristen - No, honestly it was seeing Roman. Brady concedes that Roman can be a jerk sometimes. Kristen gets it. He's never going to forgive me for making him believe that Marlena still loved him. I did do that when I came back to Salem. Brady - That was ten thousand years go. Kristen knows but he just sees that I used him to break up Marlena and John and he thinks I'm trying to use you to do the same thing all over again. Brady - I know but the thing is you're not. Kristen - Of course I'm not. They kiss.

Maggie tells Vic she has to run some errands. Vic - Give my best to Daniel. Maggie isn't going to see him. He needs his space. Vic - He'll call you if he needs you. Maggie kisses his cheek - Stay out of trouble. She leaves. Vic gets a call from Sy Miller. Maybe if you're alone now we can pick off where we left off.

Rafe - Sorry to hear that. I always thought that you and Jen were the perfect couple you know. Dan - Jen was just not Jen but this is not the time. Rafe - So we'll talk about something else. Why did you call me down here? Dan - It's about Chloe, actually her mother. She claims that she took Parker to New York to visit Chloe's dad and sister and as usual something doesn't add up here. Rafe - Like? Dan - Like today when I spotted her passport on the table. Why would she need a passport to fly from New York? Rafe - A lot of people use a passport as ID when they travel. Dan - Okay but there was a Visa sticking out if. Now why in the hell would you need a Visa to fly inside the US. Rafe - You got me there. Dan - And there was no pictures. She takes her grandson to Central Park for the first time in his life, not a single picture. Rafe, I'm telling you man, something is wrong here.

Chloe returns to Dan's apt. Nancy - What no Daniel, no Parker? Chloe - Daniel wants somemore alone time with Parker. So you're all packed? Nancy - Yes, and my hands have finally stopped shaking. Chloe - What? Nancy - A while ago I came over here to get my purse and Daniel was where you are - purse, passport. Chloe - Did he see it? Nancy - No. He was looking for his cell phone but I could harldy breathe. There's a knock on the door. Chloe opens it to Nicole - What do you want? Nicole - To talk to you alone. Chloe - Look I'm really not in the mood. Nicole - You better get in the mood otherwise you're going to pay a heavy price.

Segment 6: Gabi - We wanted to make sure that Sami wasn't going to be involved, not even a little bit. Kate - Okay so that's why Nick had Will sign the papers. Gabi - Yeah. After everything that went down in the hospital ... Sami making me go into premature labour ... Nick wanted to make sure Sami was going to stay away from me and our baby. Kate - But not my grandson. Gabi - No, absolutely not! Will knows that I would never keep him from his little girl. Kate - Thank you. I feel very relieved to hear that although I still wonder a little bit if Nick is on board. Gabi - Of course. He knows that Will is going to be a part of his little girl's life. Kate - That's wonderful. So tell me who's name then is going to be on the birth certificate as the father.

Brady tells Kristen he owes Sy Miller a thank you. If he hadn't tried to mug you I wouldn't have come into your life and gotten to know you and we wouldn't have gotten together. So I'm kind of glad it happened. See you later. He leaves. Kristen - Stupid son of a bitch! He better not still be in town.

Sy - Mr. Kiriakis are you there? Vic - Not for long. I thought about it and I'm not going to get down in the mud with you or anybody else. Don't call me again. Sy - If you could just take a look at something I've got I guarantee you, you'll be really glad you did. Vic - Alright, email it to me and I'll let you know. Sy - Look I don't want to leave any trace. Vic - Those are my terms. You managed to find my private cell phone number, I'm sure you can come up with my email as well. Goodbye. Sy - Damn it, stupid old man. I can't leave a trail using email. Now what!

Hope comes into the coffeehouse and greets Maggie with a hug. Maggie is going to leave put Hope asks if she has a second. I'd really like to say something about Jennifer. Maggie - And what she did to Daniel. Hope - Yes. Maggie - I'd really rather not hear it. What she did to my son was unconsciousable. To berate him in front of all of those people, to break his heart like that! Hope - Maggie, I know, it was horrible. Maggie - Dear God, she's not the person I thought she was. Hope - No, no! I know it seems that way but I honestly believe in my heart that we don't know the whole story. I'm telling you, something is missing here.

Rafe - So my job would be ... Dan - Your job ... when I needed help once before you reached out to some old FBI buddy and you helped me find Nicole's doctor. Is there a way to verify where Nancy flew with Parker? I know it sounds paranoid and I'm asking you to break some pretty big rules here but if there's any way you can help me ... Rafe - Let me see what I can do and for the record, you do not sound paranoid. Besides I figure I owe you for keeping things between me and Kate secret. Dan - Thanks. Rafe - I'll let you know as soon as I find something out. Dan - Thank you. I know this is a big thing to ask ... Rafe - It's nothing. Dan - Thank you. Rafe - Spend sometime with your boy alright. Rafe leaves. Dan goes back to Parker.

Chloe asks Nancy to go wait in the bedroom. She does. Nicole - I heard Jennifer cut Daniel to shreds and now it's over for good and it was very ugly and very public. Chloe - Yeah it was pretty shocking. I guess her inner bitch finally came out. Nicole - Speaking of inner bitch, you know I pretty much thought of you immediately when I heard about that. You know, I'm just trying to piece everything together here. You know when I overheard you talking on the phone to someone and you said do what has to be done. And then I asked you specifically if you were trying to get Daniel back and you pretty much said yes. And lo and behold a few days later Jennifer breaks up with Daniel. How do you suppose that happened? Chloe - You know what, I'm getting pretty tired of your stupid insinuations. We're done. Why don't you just go. Nicole - No, I'm not done.

Segment 7: Kate - When little Arianna Grace grows up and asks to see her birth certificate and we know she will, is she going to see the truth? Gabi - If Will wants his name on the birth certificate I'm not going to fight him on that. Kate - I know you wouldn't. You've been so sweet but I have to wonder about Nick. He is a little bit of a wildcard. Really you never know from day to day what that boy is going to be doing which made me stop at my lawyer's on the way here to have these papers drawn up for you to sign. Do you have a pen?

Brady looks at Vic - Jennifer would never do ... she was in public? Vic - The way I heard it she shoved the knife in and twisted it until it came out his back with half the hospital watching. Brady - There's no way. She's not that kind of person. Vic - We're all capable of going off the deep end Brady. I feel for the kid, I really do and Maggie is miserable. She goes into the bathroom at night crying. She doesn't think I hear her. I wish there was something but there's nothing we can do so we might as well concentrate on something else. Let's get to work on those art proposals for Titan.

Kristen mysteriously has Sy's number back in her phone. She calls him. Congratulations, the police just put out an APB on you. Sy - Why? Kristen - Brady just ID'd your mug shot so I'm just hoping you're spending that money I gave you in Jamaica or better yet, Outer Mongolia. Sy - Don't worry Ms DiMera, I won't be coming around bothering you anymore. I don't go where I'm not appreciated. He hangs up. He places the picture of Kristen paying him off into an envelope addressed to Titan.

Cloe - Nicole, this little scenario you dreamed up is completely ridiculous. Nicole - I know you. I know what you did. You used one of your tricks, a threat, a lie, it doesn't really matter. You caused this breakup, admit it.

Dan is playing with Parker when Rafe returns. Dan goes to Rafe - Did you find anything out? Rafe - You had a right to be suspicious. Nancy and Parker weren't in New York. Dan - OMG, where did they go? Rafe - Homeland Security has them flying to and from Brazil.


Wednesday, Apr 10

Segment 1: Repeat of Rafe telling Dan that Nancy and Parker went to Brazil.

EJ opens the door of the mansion to Sonny. He assumes he wants to see Sami but Sonny is there to see him.

Will and Sami are in the park. Sami makes it sound like it's such a hardship for her to get along with Stefano. Will claims she is going above and beyond for him. Sami feels that a few more visits from Will and Stefano will pull out the big guns. Nick sees them and starts walking away. Sami - Wait. Nick honestly doesn't want another fight. Neither does Sami. I just wanted to say thank you. Will told me that you and Gabi talked to him about making sure he'll see his daughter after she's born. That's all I wanted. I totally messed up. I understand that. I'm grateful that you and Gabi aren't holding it against Will so thank you. Nick - Don't thank me. I'll stand by whatever Gabi wants. He leaves. Sami mutters - Creepy, sick S.O.B. Will - What was that about? Sami - I just want Nick to feel that he's in control so when we come after him he won't see it coming.

Kate hands Gabi the legal papers she had drawn up. Gabi doesn't understand. What is this? Kate - It's a very simple document. What it does is state that Will is going to have time with his daughter which is what you intended all along, right? Gabi - Yeah, but ... Kate - Good. So if you just sign right there everyone will be happy. Gabi - Should I have a lawyer look at this? Kate - Oh no, no. All this is staying is that Will's name is going to be on the birth certificate as the father. Gabi - That's not what you said before. You said that he'd be able to see the baby. Kate - Yes but by having his name on the birth certificate it guarantees it. Gabi - And what's everything else? What is all this? Kate - Right here it says that you will have the right to keep Sami away from the baby. It's really everything that you talked about. I just put it in writing for you. Are you ready to sign there on the dotted line. Nick walks up. What's going on here?

Apparently Jen is at Laura's place??? She's staring at a picture of Dan on her cell when Laura brings in a tray with tea. Jen is sorry to just barge in like this and demand tea. Laura - So, I guess you'd be really put out if Abigail presumed to come to you if she had a problem. They hug. It means the world to me that you'd come to me. Jen didn't know what else to do. Laura - You sounded so upset on the phone. Now will you tell me what's wrong. Jen - I just needed to get out of Salem for a little bit. It just hurts so much to be there.

Chloe tells Nicole her theory that she had something to do with Jen dumping Daniel is ridiculous. I had nothing to do with it. Nicole - Liar. Chloe - So apparently the pot came all the way across town to call the kettle black. Nicole - Oh come on Chloe, it's me. I know your tricks better than you do. What did you do? Chloe - Nothing. I'm not going to pretend I'm not happy that Jennifer dumped Daniel but I had nothing to do with it. Nicole - Bull. I've gone toe to toe with Jennifer and you want to know what I learned. She's a lot tougher than she looks and she loves Daniel and she wouldn't give up on him for no good reason. So I ask you again, what did you do? Chloe - It's really sad. You come all the way over here out of the blue calling me a liar, getting all worked up when we both know why you're so angry. Nicole - Because you're hurting someone I care about. Chloe - No, because you're jealous.

Dan - She took my son to Brazil! You know this for sure. Rafe - My contact at the FBI confirmed it with Immigration. In fact they even faxed over a copy of Nancy's stamped and dated Visa. He hands it to Daniel. Dan - She flat out lied to me. Why? What the hell is going on? What the hell are they thinking? Rafe - You honestly have no idea why she took Parker to Brazil? Dan - It just scares the hell out of me to think about it. I was talking to my kid's grandmother on the phone and I hear Portuguese. I just told myself she was getting takeout from some Portuguese place in New York because I can't fathom that she'd take my son to Rio for a weekend. A weekend! Rafe - You're telling me that Chloe can take him out of the country without even telling you? Dan - The paperwork's not done yet. For all I know Philip is still the legal father. I mean, that's what Chloe said but she also said that they were in New York. Here's the problem. She hasn't broken any laws, right? So there's nothing I can do here. Rafe - Nothing? Dan - Nothing that depends on Chloe acting like a rational person because if I ask her why she did this, I'm just going to get a bunch of crap, a bunch of lies. Rafe - I wish I had something else to tell you but that's it. Rafe - Thank you. At least I know what really happened and I will find out why but man, I don't know where to start.

Segment 2: Nick is going through the papers as Gabi explains. Kate said the papers are a formality in case something happens to me. Nick - What? Gabi - And that it would make it official that Will would be a part of Arianna's life. Nick - That's not the only thing that this makes official, is it Kate? Kate - There are a few other minor things in there Nick. Nick - I don't think it's minor that Will would get the baby every other holiday. Gabi - What? Kate - Really, I don't remember seeing that in there. Nick - Really, because you'd never try to slip something like that past Gabi, would you? Kate - No, I wouldn't. Nick - Okay, then one has to ask the question, who put you up to this? Was it Will or his mother?

Laura - Please tell me what's wrong. Jen - It's not this huge deal Mom. I just need to sort a few things out, that's all. Laura - You're telling me it's no big deal and you just have to sort things out but you're not telling me what 'it' is! Or is it a him? Is it this doctor you've been seeing? Did the 2 of you have a fight? Jen - Yeah. We had worse than a fight and I feel like my heart is literally breaking.

Nicole - I'm jealous. Chloe - Yeah. You're jealous because you're still in love with Daniel. You never got over him. After everything you did he still chose Jennifer. And now that he's free, you're upset that I'm going to get back together with him and once again you're going to be left out in the cold alone and still in a convent. Nicole - You're right. I'm a jealous, neurotic mess in a convent but it still doesn't change what you did. You broke up Jennifer and Daniel because you want him back. You don't care that you're making him miserable. Chloe - Well he won't be miserable after he has his own little family, something that you can never give him. Nicole - Do you have any idea what a horrible thing that is to say to me? How hurtful it is? Do you even care that you've sunk so low? Chloe - I think you should go. Nicole - So what are you going to do if this thing with Daniel doesn't work out? Are you going to trade Parker in for a used car or something useful because all you are doing is exploiting him and that is not how a mother acts. Chloe - Well you wouldn't know, would you? Nicole - Actually I would. Chloe - Okay so fine, you're good and I'm bad. You know if you insist on stirring up trouble why don't you stick around 'til Daniel gets here and the 3 of us can discuss your little theory. But frankly I think he's going to see the truth that sadly you are still obsessed with him. Nicole - Have a nice life Chloe.

Dan - I really, really appreciate your help Rafe. Rafe - Do me a favour and keep that fax under your hat. I broke a few rules to get it. Dan - I got you. Rafe - You hang in there. Dan - I will. Rafe leaves. Dan asks Parker - How was Rio? Good? Parker nods yes. Dan gets a call from Nicole. I need to talk to you. Dan - This isn't a good time. Nicole - It can't wait. It's about Chloe.

Segment 3: Kate - I am not put up to things Nick; not by Sami, not by Will. All I'm trying to do is look out for the best interests of my grandson. Gabi - I don't think it's right for you to try and slip something like that past me. Kate - If you don't agree with what's in that paragraph we'll just strike it right out. Gabi - I felt like I could trust you and you told me that there was nothing to worry about. Kate - There is nothing to worry about as long as you hold up your end of the bargain and allow Will to have time with his baby. Gabi - I will but I don't think I have to sign a contract just because you tell me to sign it. It feels like you're the one who doesn't trust me. Kate - No that's not true. I do trust you and I think you do intend to do the right thing. The one I'm worried about is Nick; whether your husband's going to allow that. Rafe walks up - Allow what?

EJ is amused by the fact that Sonny won't have a drink with him and that Sonny doesn't like talking to him in this house. EJ is glad he came. It gives them a chance to continue the conversation they started a few days ago. I assume that's why you're here; to talk about helping Will. Sonny - We did talk about helping Will but you also talked about squashing Nick Fallon like a bug. EJ - That bothers you, does it? Sonny - It bothers me that I want to. I have never detested anyone like I detest him. EJ - When Nick pulled that blackmail stunt at the hospital that was enough to put him firmly in my crosshairs. You have a moral dilemma. A part of you really wants to help William and a part of you that is worried your motivation is to get back at Nick. Sonny - I just don't think it's a good idea to enjoy hurting someone. EJ - Why, we're human. Is there something wrong with being human? Whatever happens to Nick Fallon is what he deserves. I gave him fair warning. All you're trying to do is help someone you love. How could that possibly not be a good thing. Sonny - You just don't know what all this is doing to him. The reason I came here is because I want to help and I know how. Nick and Gabi are staying at my Uncle Victor's house. You can't exactly drop in but I can. I want to go into Nick's room and check it out. I do want to help squash him like a bug. EJ is thrilled.

Sami and Will are at the coffeehouse. Will comments that Sami already looks different after just a few days at the mansion. Sami is doing it for him. Will knows. But why is EJ doing it? Why did he move into that house? Sami - He wants to help you. Will - I'm sure that's what he wants it to look like but you really think that's his only motive? Sami - Obviously you don't. Will doesn't. I think there's something definitely going on. Sami - Like what?

Laura - So you ended it? Honey, your heart's breaking. I mean, the obvious question is why would you do that? Every email I've gotten from Abigail, she's been so happy about you and ... Jen - His name is Daniel. It's complicated. Laura - So it would seem. Why else would you dump a guy who seems to make you very happy. Jen - I didn't want to break up with him. Laura - Alright. So once again, why did you? Jen - Because I had to.

Dan follows Nicole into the rectory. Are you sure Sr Annabelle doesn't mind watching Parker? Nicole - She was thrilled. She loves kids. Dan - Okay. So what's going on? Nicole - First of all I heard that you and Jennifer broke up and I want you to know that I'm really, really sorry. Dan - I really don't want to talk about that especially ... Nicole - Okay. I can see that. Dan - So what is this about Chloe? Nicole - I'll get to Chloe in a second. First we really need to talk about J ... I need to talk to you about Jennifer. I didn't want to believe this. In fact I drove myself crazy trying not to believe it but I see it now. I see that you and Jennifer belong together. She makes you happy and that is all I ever wanted for you. You deserve that. Dan - That couldn't be easy for you to say but really it's a moot point because Jennifer and I are over. You don't believe me, trust me, you go ask her. Nicole - I didn't just hear that you and Jennifer broke up; it's how you broke up. Publicly, in the hospital, she said terrible things to you. Dan - Really Nicole, I was there. Nicole - I know but didn't it seem a little un-Jennifer to you? Dan - This has been a really, strange rough day. Can you please just tell me what you have to say about Chloe.

Segment 4: Will - We are talking about EJ. I don't know what he's up to but I do think that he's up to something. Sami - Why does it sound like all of a sudden you're not happy about me and EJ being together. Will - I never said that. If I did say that I could certainly draw on some personal history to back it up. Sami - EJ and I have changed. Will - Yeah but don't you think that maybe he's just making you think that he's changed. Sami - I hate you when you make a good point. Will - I was at the mansion and Stefano came in and I saw this weird look on EJ's face. I can't put my finger on it but I know that there is something else going on.

Kate - We were just talking about Will and his relationship to the baby. And what a positive thing it's going to be, not just for Will, but for Gabi and Nick too. In the midst of everything I think you've forgotten that you're newlyweds and newlyweds really do need time together alone. And now you're going to be able to go out and leave Arianna with Will and Sonny; even take that long delayed honeymoon and you'll leave the baby with two people who love her completely and will take such good care of her. Nick - That's amazing. She's always thinking of others. Rafe - Do you have a problem with that? Nick - It's not my place to have problems. I'm 100% okay with all custody decisions that Gabi makes. I support her 100%. Rafe - Then what's the problem? Nick - The problem is that Kate's trying to force Gabi into signing this. Rafe starts paging through it - What's this? Kate - It's really nothing. It's not important. Rafe - The hell it isn't.

Laura - Okay so I guess I could try to guess as to why you felt you had to break up with Daniel. It's Jack, isn't it? Do you feel like you're betraying his memory by moving on? Jen - Yeah, that's it. Laura - Jack's gone. You clearly have very strong feelings for this Daniel. Jen - Yeah I do but he could never replace Jack. Laura - Oh honey, of course not but that doesn't mean you have to kick him out of your life. God knows Jack had his flaws but when it came to loving you he was pretty selfless. He would never want you to spend the rest of your life mourning him and he would never want you to use him as an excuse for not being happy. Jen - I know that. I can't talk about it. Laura - Okay. I'll get us more tea but I'd like you to think about what I said. After her mom leaves the room Jen says - I did use Jack as an excuse but not the way you think. God, I used him to hurt Daniel and I hate that.

Nicole - Okay, about Chloe. Remember the day we ran into each other at the town square and you told me that you and Jennifer got back together. Dan - This still isn't about Chloe. Nicole - What I didn't tell you was that Chloe told me she was never giving up on you and I got the distinct feeling that she had some kind of plan. Dan - Go on. Nicole - When I heard Jennifer broke up with you, how she broke up with you, an alarm went off in my head. So I went to talk to Chloe. I just talked to her and I can't prove it Daniel but I know she made Jennifer break up with you.

Segment 5: Rafe throws the document down. Really! I can't believe you did this behind my back. Did you have this drawn up when we were ... Kate - Don't you think we should talk about this privately? Nick - How about privately and someplace else. Am I the only person that notices that this is pretty upsetting for Gabi. Kate - Gabi, if I've upset you I'm so sorry. All I was trying to do ... Rafe - I think we all know what you were trying to do. Let's talk about this in private. They leave. Nick asks Gabi if she's alright. Gabi - I'm find. I'm just kind of hurt. I thought I could trust Kate. Nick - I know. Here's the only person you can trust in all this, it's me.

Chloe tells Nancy that Anne talked to a nurse at the hospital who saw Jennifer Horton at the airport. Apparently she's left town. Nancy - Did she know where she was going? Do they know how long she's going to be gone. Chloe - Who cares! She's gone, that's all matters which makes this a really good time to spend some time with my boys. Nancy - Daniel has already asked you twice to let you have some alone time with his son. Please, don't be so pushy. You are so close to getting everything you want; please don't blow it now. Chloe - Mother, you are such a worrywart. She leaves.

Nicole - Did you hear what I said? Daniel - Oh I heard what you said alright. Nicole - I told you I can't prove. I don't have a clue as to exactly what she did but underneath all that denial there was a little smirk. Dan - Was there now. The phone rings. Nicole has to go sign for a package. I'll be right back. Dan tells her to take her time. She leaves. He paces. I've got a lot to think about. I'm going to wipe that smirk off your face Chloe. Okay, just take it easy. Just figure out what she did. What could she do to get Jennifer to go along with her. What could she use? Sr. Annabelle brings Parker in. He wanted to see his daddy. The lightbulb comes on. OMG. He hugs Parker. She used him. She used my son.

Segment 6: Gabi asks Nick if he's sure he's okay with her wanting Will to be a part of this baby's life. Nick - That's your decision; completely your decision but aren't you tired of all of them pushing and pushing and pushing you. Will and his Mom couldn't get you to put his name on the birth certificate so they send in Kate. Gabi - She said they didn't do that. Nick - She also said she didn't read the contract. I've negotiated with Kate. Not only did she read it, she had it memorized. She was out to con you. They all are. Gabi - I'm so tired of all ... Nick - I know. Me too. But that's what they're counting on. They want to beat you down until you say fine, put his name on the birth certificate just so we can end all this. That is just the beginning. It's the first step to getting Will full custody of your baby and in your heart I think you know that.

Kate follows Rafe into the park. I can't keep up with you. Rafe - No, I can't keep up with you! Oh you are good, I'll give you that. When we spent last night together and this morning we were having a great time ... all the while you had this in your purse, didn't you? Kate - No, I had it drawn up this morning. Rafe - Even better. For the record my sister has every freakin' right to spend every holiday with her kid and you didn't even have the decency to tell her she'd be signing away that right with this. Kate - Your precious sister is married to a sociopath who wants to keep my grandson away from his own baby. Rafe - We don't know that that is the case. Kate - So, what, we just take his word on it? Do you remember how he looked after Melanie? Your sister needs to sign those papers. Rafe - No way.

Will meets up with Sonny outside the coffeehouse. He thought Sonny had to work this morning. Sonny had something to take care of. I went to talk to EJ.

EJ asks Sami if she knows that Gabi has moved into the Kiriakis mansion with Nick. Sami - How did you find out? EJ - Sonny told me. He offered to help actually. Sami - Sonny showed up here and volunteered to help in any way he could? Just wondering if you gave him the idea. EJ talked to him earlier about what Nick is doing to William. Sami - You are so good at that. At getting people to do what you want them to do and making them think that it's their idea; that it somehow benefits them. EJ - What's your point? Sami - It's a question. What is the real reason that you wanted us to move back here.

Nicole returns. Sorry. Dan - It's alright. We were just heading out. Nicole - Listen Daniel. You know the thing I said about Chloe. I know it must sound crazy but can you just think about it. Dan - You know what Nicole, it's not crazy. It's the truth. Nicole - You believe me? Dan - I really, really appreciate you looking out for me; both of us. So thank you. Nicole - Daniel, now that you know that Chloe did something what are you going to do?

Segment 7: Kate - I can't believe you are defending Nick. He is blackmailing Will. Rafe - No one is trying to keep Will from the baby. Obviously there's a strong argument for putting Sami back in her cage. She is the one who put Gabi in the hospital; obviously Nick had to do something. Kate - Really. So that's what this is about, it's about Sami. Rafe - No. Kate - You know that I don't have warm and fuzzy feelings for Sami but even I know that she would never hurt the baby so I'm thinking that maybe your feeling she needs to be put back in her cage because she dumped you and went back to EJ. Rafe - So obviously you just said something you really shouldn't have said because you're upset. For the sake of us ever talking again I'm just going to consider this conversation over. He throws the legal document into the trash and leaves.

Will would rather not have Sonny involved in this. Sonny asks how he'd feel if something happened to him and he told Will just to stand by and watch. Will thinks his parents are going to freak out if they find out he's involving himself with EJ DiMera. Sonny doesn't have to tell them. If I get caught I'll tell them why I did it. I'm doing this because I love you. They kiss.

EJ - We moved in here to help Will. Sami - I know that is the stated reason and yes I thought it was a good idea. Yes I thought Will and I did stand to benefit from me living here. But now I'm wondering about you, what was your reason? Did you want to be with your family? Your father? Is that what you wanted all along or at least since ... Okay, fine, I will cut to the chase. Have you forgotten to tell me something? Like the fact that you have decided to forgive your father for everything he has done for you.

Jen - You're right about Jack. You're right about everything and I can't do this anymore. I need to call Daniel.

Chloe returns to Dan's apartment. Mom. Has Daniel called you. I tried calling him but he's not picking up. Dan comes out of his room. Chloe - Hey, I've been looking everywhere for you and Parker. Dan - I'm sorry. That must have been awful. Thinking your son was safe and taken care of then finding out he wasn't. Chloe - I knew he was safe. He was with you. Dan - You're right. I wouldn't put my son in harms way. Chloe - Is something wrong. Dan - No, Parker's all tucked in. We're here together. I think all is right with the world. I hope you don't mind that I asked your mother to let us have some time alone. Of course, I didn't think you'd mind. I think you've actually been hoping we could have some time alone for a while now. Chloe - Yeah of course. Dan - There's been so much going on lately we haven't had the time to have that nice, long, lay your cards on the table kind of talk. Chloe - Talk about what? Dan - I don't know. About where we've been ... more to the point, just where you and I go from here.


Thursday, Apr 11

Segment 1: Kristen walks in just as Sami asks EJ if he's decided to forgive his father. I'd love to hear the answer to that one myself. Sami tells Kristen this is a private conversation. Kristen - Come on Sami. There's no secrets in this house. I can't believe I actually tried to get away with that one. Neither can EJ. Kristen - You're not kicking me out. This is too great; you asking Eeeg here if he's forgiven father. EJ - You have your drink Kristen so if you don't mind ... Kristen - He's forgiven you Sami and next to you Father looks like Mother Teresa.

Anne is sitting in the coffeehouse when Abby comes in and asks Chad if he's seen Cameron. Chad has seen more of Cameron than he ever wanted to. Anne listens. Abby means tonight. Chad - No but he usually comes in after his shift at the hospital. Abby was hoping to bump into him here. Chad - I'm guessing he's bumping somewhere else. Abby - You have to stop with the jokes. Cameron won't even answer my calls anymore. I wish we'd never found out what he did. Anne smirks. Abby has her iPad out. I wish we'd never followed him to this place. Chad - We didn't do anything wrong. I think when you're going out with a guy you deserve to know about his shortcomings. Abby - Well I'm not going out with him anymore. He won't even speak to me. And you, you laughed in his face. Chad - You didn't think it was funny? Abby - No. He's a doctor. He can't have anyone knowing that he works at this place. Anne is all ears.

Chad meets up with a guy in the park and hands him an envelope full of cash. The guy says it's all there and on time too. Cam - Did you notice the extra hundred. Two more payments and I'm done with this and you.

After declaring that she needs to call Daniel she says she can't. Laura - Why? Jen - Because it will ruin his life if I do. Laura - I just don't see how someone like you could possibly ruin any man's life. Jen - You weren't there. You didn't hear the way I talked to him. Laura - Then call him and apologise. Better yet, why don't you go and see him. Jen - I can't. Laura - Why? Jen - Because I have done this same thing to him so many times. Laura - Sweetheart, widowhood can make a woman do things she wouldn't necessarily do. Jen - I can't talk about this anymore. Just leave me alone please.

Chloe understands what Dan is going through. Dan - I'm not sure about that. Chloe - The way Jennifer broke things off with you was just mean. She probably can't face you after what she did. I'm sure that's why she left town. Dan - Yeah, I think this decision might be a blessing that this all happened. Chloe - Really, what are you saying? Dan - I'm saying that you and I have a chance to really get to know each other again. Chloe - I know that a lot has happened since that awful day you found out about Philip and me. Dan - Yeah. An experience like that does change a person. Chloe - But now you know that Parker is your son. Dan - So you and I will always be connected. Chloe smiles - We will. Dan - We've been so busy trying to take care of Parker that we really haven't had any time alone together which is my doing, I know. It wasn't always because Parker was with us. I kept my distance because of Jennifer. She made it very clear that it's over now so I'm guessing that I can afford to be more direct and I hope you can too. Because maybe you and I can finally be totally honest with each other.

Segment 2: Abby follows Chad as he clears a table. Anne uses the opportunity to steal Abby's iPad off the bar. Chad tells Abby to give Cameron some time; he'll get over it. Abby - I know him better than you do. Chad - Well I know a hell of a lot more about him now. Abby - Would you stop. Chad - I'm not out to get him. He's Lexie's brother. Abby - We should have stayed out of it. Chad - You saw him giving money to a really sketchy guy carrying a gun around ... what were you supposed to do? Just pretend like it never happened? Abby - No, I should have just known he had good reason for everything he did. Chad - Okay, he had to get money for his mother by stripping and the gun was a prop for his Officer Billyclub whatever he calls himself ... those are good reasons? Abby - I should have had faith in him. Chad - I'm done with this. Stefano walks up. Chad - What are you doing here? Stefano - I've come to see my son.

EJ - I see you're in the mood to cause trouble this evening. Don't start in on the mother of my children. Kristen - This isn't just about Sami. This is about the both of you. When the two of you have been going at each other for years and years hammer and claw ... now here you are, the devouted couple having a serious conversation about the nature of forgiveness. I just find it slightly hilarious. EJ - We have 2 children together who we love very much ... Sami - Yes, we have decided to forgive each other. I agree with you. It's absolutely a laugh riot. Kristen - I get it, I do. So how long were you alone after Rafe? Was it a day or an entire day and a half. EJ - We don't owe you any sort of explanation. Just so you know Samantha and I made a conscious decision not to dwell on the past instead we are focusing on building a future together. Sami - It had nothing to do with me not wanting to be alone. It had everything to do with me realising I love you and can't live without you. Kristen - So the 2 of you have forgiven each other. What the hell is the big deal with EJ forgiving father? Sami - You know exactly what the big deal is. Are you really going to sit there and tell me that you've forgiven him for what he did to you?

Chloe takes Dan's hand. Of course we should be honest with each other. Dan - I know we both love Parker more than life itself. Chloe beams - He's our little boy. Dan - And I know you want me to think back on what we had before it all blew up. Chloe - A lot of outsiders came between us. There was never anything wrong with you and me. Dan - You know how much I loved you. Chloe - I still do. I never stopped loving you. Dan - And you know how happy I was when I found out you were pregnant with our son. Chloe - Yeah. It was a miracle. Dan - But still, it just blew up in our faces. Chloe - That's because I thought Philip was Parker's father. Dan - I know. Chloe - But as soon as I found out I came straight to you. Dan - I know and I thought once it was out in the open we could start over. Chloe - That's all I want. Dan - As friends. As parents to a son who both love him very much. Chloe - But I told you I wanted to be more than friends. Dan - And I told you it wasn't possible and you said that you accepted it; you said you knew the 2 of us would be over. You said that. Chloe - Why are you telling me things that we both already know. Dan - I guess I'm telling you this because I know what you said but I also know what you truly feel.

Segment 3: Kristen - Well, I'm living here, does that answer your question? Sami - Wow, after everything Stefano did; disowning you and leaving you a prisoner on that island. EJ growls - Samantha! Kristen - It's okay. I was asking Sami questions. When father first approached me I said the same things you just said. Then I saw him face to face and I realised that time does heal all wounds. Sami - You never considered that he was playing the dear old dad routine just to set you up? Kristen - Of course I did but I did what I said and I'm glad. You know why? My life was a little isolated before. Now I've got my Brady, I've got my brothers, I've mended some fences or at least I've attempted to and my father can never take that away from me. Sami scoffs. Kristen will leave them to their privacy. After Kristen leaves and Sami rants about her she rounds on EJ. I want to point out that she answered my question about forgiving and trusting your father and I don't think you should either.

Stefano greets Abigail. It's good to see you again. Abby - It's nice to see you also. Abby goes to get herself some coffee. Stefano - Are you 2 trying to get back together again. Chad - Calm down, we're just friends. Stefano - Ahh, but you don't seem very happy about that. Chad - What's up? Stefano - Does this place make a profit? Chad - We're doing alright. Stefano - It wouldn't cost you so much if you didn't have to pay rent. Chad - I see why you are here. Stefano - Yes. Samantha and Elvis have moved in with my grandchildren. Chad - So the House of Usher is rising again. Stefano - Absolutely. I love to live in a house when my whole family is with me. Chad - Stefano ... Stefano - Call me Father. That's what I am. I am your father and I want my son back. Cam comes in and sees Abby. He places his order. Abby - Hi, I'm so glad to see you. Can we please talk?

Jen returns to her mom. When Abigail storms out of a room saying she wants to be alone I usually accuse her of being a drama queen. Laura - Well you didn't storm out exactly. Jen - I just really have no one else to talk to about this and pretending about my feelings is killing me right now. Laura - Sweetheart, you can talk to me. Jen - You have to promise me this won't go any further. You can't tell Hope. You can't tell Julie. You can't tell Aunt Maggie. Laura - I won't. Jen - Okay. Mom, I try to be a good person ... Laura - And you succeed. Jen - I don't think so but I think it's important to make people know that I try. But lately there are a lot of people who think that I am not a good person. Laura - What people? Jen - Oh please. There's Chloe. There's Nicole Walker. There's this woman I work with named Anne and I'm starting to think they're right. Laura - What! I mean, Daniel's ex-wife and that crazy woman who accused you of pushing you down a flight of stairs and some woman at work ... they're attacking your character and you think you have to take these people seriously. Jen - I didn't just break up with Daniel. There is something I left out. I acted like he disgusts me and I said nasty and hurtful things to him in front of his mother and the people he works with and then I took the necklace that he gave me because he loves me and I threw it in his face. And that is who I've become.

Chloe - Daniel, please try to remember that from the minute I fell in love with you I've only wanted what was best for you. Dan - And I want the same for you. But I think the problem here is that we have 2 different definitions of what best means. And maybe it's because we both have been making up our own reality about what can and can not be. Chloe - I don't know what you're talking about. Dan - Let me make this clear to you. I know what you did.

Segment 4: EJ thinks Kristen was talking about all 3 of them grappling to live a different kind of life. EJ doesn't think Kristen's seeking revenge. In life things are not always as black and white as people like to think. I think what you see as forgiveness, I see as moving on. He tells her he loves her very much. He's never been happier. Sami - You're not going to tell me what's going on with you and your father. EJ claims he did. We're moving on and declares that to be the truth.

Chad - Pressure doesn't work with me. Stefano - Who's pressuring you? Chad - You are. I told Kristen I would think about moving in and I am. Stefano waxes poetic about spring. Why don't you take your friend over there ... he sees her with Cam ... unless she has other plans. Cam doesn't want to have it out in Chad's place with Chad standing across the room. I don't want to get into it all. Chad apolgises for interrupting. There's someone here I want you to meet. Stefano - You don't have to introduce us. I know who he is. He is Alexandra's brother. Cam - Who are you? Stefano - My name is Stefano DiMera. I'm Alexandra's father.

Hailey comes up to Anne at the nurse's station and asks if she's ready to go. Anne has to cancel. Something came up. Something that could be very good for her career. Hailey - What are you going to do? Anne recalls her run-in with Cameron. Anne - If I'm lucky I'm going to put a certain someone in his place. She leaves.

Jen - I was sure that I loved Daniel before Jack came back. But after Jack passed away I knew that I couldn't even start something new so I made Daniel believe that we were friends. Laura - Even though you knew that you once loved him. Jen - But I couldn't do that. Jack had just died. Laura - Jack would never want you to live alone. Jen - I know and when I figured that out I realised that what I felt for Dan was love not friendship and he couldn't replace Jack; I wouldn't want him to. But you know who understands that better than anyone is Daniel because he lost his first wife when he was very young and he will never get over that. Laura - May I ask a question? If you love Daniel and Daniel loves you and you understand about his wife and he understands about Jack, what is the problem? Jen - Me, I'm the problem. I did what I did to the man I love with all my heart.

Chloe - What I did? I don't know what you're talking about. Dan shoves her hands away and snaps. Don't give me that. You had your nutty mother take my son to Brazil. YES! Chloe - Brazil? Where'd you get that idea? Dan spews - You ... he gets up and mutters unbelievable. He pulls out the fax from a drawer and places it in front of her. This is from the United States government. That is the copy of the Visa, Chloe, stamped and dated from the time you told me your mother and Parker were in New York. That does not say New York! Chloe - I can't believe that she would do that. What's wrong with her? Dan - Do not put this on her. Let's think about the timing of this. She brought Parker back the second Jennifer broke it off with me. The second! Chloe - Okay, I understand you're upset but I am too. Why are you blaming me? Dan screams - Why! Here's why. Let me tell you why. Because you took my son out of the country and unless you got what you wanted you would never bring him back.

Segment 5: Cam shakes his hand. It was an absolute privilege to know Lexie for the short amount of time that I did. Stefano - I understand that you were a great comfort to her at the very end. Cam - If felt more like she was comforting me. Stefano - Due to circumstances I could not be there at the end. I'm very thankful to anyone who gave her comfort. If there's anything you'd like to talk about her, to say something, if you need anything, my son can contact me. I look forward to seeing you. Stefano leaves. Chad - Abigal and I waited for you at the club but you took off before we had a chance to talk somemore so I figure we can talk now. Cam - Seems to me like you said about everything that you had to say. He leaves. Chad stops Abby from going after him. She protests. I can't just do nothing. He's my friend. Chad - He's more than a friend, isn't he? Abby - What I really don't need from you right now is the 3rd degree, okay. Chad - Where are you going? Abby - Where do you think I'm going? Chad - He's probably working tonight. Don't tell me you're going to see his show again. Abby - No, don't be ridiculous. I'm just ... my life pretty much sucks right now and I just want one thing to go right for me. She's crying as she says she wants Cameron to know she's not judging him or laughing at him. Is that so much to ask. She leaves. Chad asks a worker to close up for him tonight. He also leaves.

Laura - Let me see if I'm hearing you right. You broke up with Daniel, the man you love and you did it in public in the most hurtful way possible. Why?
Jen - Because people had to know that I meant it. Laura - What people? Jen - Did I tell you that Daniel had a son. Laura - No, from his first marriage? Jen - Chloe. She had an affair when they were married and she told him he wasn't the father of this little boy until recently. There was a mistake; he is Parker's father. Laura - How old is Parker? Jen - He's almost 3 and if you could see Daniel and him, they are so beautiful together. Laura - But that's not a problem for you. Jen - No. Laura - I'm sorry. I just don't get this. Jen - I have to swear you to secrecy again because if anyone in Salem finds out what I'm about to tell you, Daniel could lose that little boy forever. Laura - Why? Jen - Because Chloe will take him out of the country and she will never come back with him. Laura - I have never understood how a mother can do such a horrible thing. Jen - Because she wants me away from Daniel so that she can have him back.

Chloe - Daniel, just because my mother did something doesn't mean I told her to do it or even knew about it and this doesn't have anything to do with Jennifer. Dan - Since when does your mother decide to take a 2 year old to South America for a weekend. It's a 12 hr flight. Chloe - I don't know. She does crazy things sometimes. Dan - The two of you have been up to something since the minute she got here. Chloe - That's not true. Dan - She's almost as good a liar as you are and I couldn't understand why Jennifer did what she did until I saw this Visa. And then I understood everything 'cause you told Jennifer that I could never see my son again unless she gave me up. Is that true? Chloe - What! NO! Whatever she told you, that is ... Dan - She did't say a word. What she did do was she put my happiness and Parker's ahead of her own. She gave me up because of you. Chloe - I don't know why ... Dan screams - Stop lying to me! Chloe screams back - I'm not lying. Someone is doing this. Dan - Who? Chloe - Nicole. She's trying to turn you against me. My God Daniel, you know what a liar she is. Dan - She is? You know I couldn't figure out how you thought this could ever work because I would track Parker down to the ends of the earth. I would never give up on asserting my rights. Chloe - You? You don't have any rights.

Segment 6: Sami tells EJ if he thinks of aligning himself with his father again she's taking him and the children away from here. EJ assures her that it won't happen. Where's this coming from? She whines about her encounter with Nick and being with Will. EJ says soon they can ask his father for help. Sami would be grateful to him forever. It's obvious Stefano loves Johnny and Sydney; he's very good with them. EJ - Family is extremely important to father. Sami - HIS family. Stefano comes into the foyer. Kristen greets him. He tells her about his visit with Chad not going so good. Then he bumped into someone ... Alexandra's half-brother. I started missing her more than I already do. Cameron knew Alexandra for only a short time but he seemed so much like here.

The bouncer is letting ladies into the club when Cameron dashes in the sidedoor. Anne walks up to the bouncer and confirms that she's at the right address. He tells her to have a good time.

Jen - When I looked into Chloe's eyes I knew I had to cave into this blackmail. Daniel needs to be with his son or else his son does not have a chance. Laura - That's my girl. And you're questioning whether you're a good person or not. Jen - I just can't stop picturing Daniel's face when I was yelling at him. Laura - Think of the look on his face if he didn't know where his son was. Jen - I know and I just know that we would never have a happy moment together. Laura - Honey, if you're putting someone else's good before your own, to me that's the definition of heroism. Jen - No, I am not a hero but I do know what I have to do next.

Dan - It's over Chloe. Chloe - No, it isn't. Dan - Nor does it matter that the new birth certificate hasn't arrived or that Philip's named as Parker's father on the old one because Philip, more importantly, Victor wants what's best for Parker and being carried off to God knows where, never letting me see him again, is not it. Chloe - I don't need Philip's help. The new birth certificate did come and guess what, someone screwed up. No one is listed as his father. Dan - I don't believe you. Chloe - You don't believe me? Well take a look for yourself. She hands it to him. When I first saw that I was really upset but now I'm glad because you're only Parker's father if I say you are. Dan - I'll get a paternity test. Chloe - Good luck with that. I'll be long gone and I'll take Parker with me. Dan - You threaten Jennifer that way too? Chloe - I won't have her turning my son against me. Dan - No, you'll do that all by yourself. You will not keep me and Jennifer apart. Chloe - Yeah? Well I'll take Parker away from you and I can do it legally and we'll go somewhere you can never find us and there's nothing you or Jennifer or anyone else can do to stop me.

Segment 7: Sami is going to check on the kids. (She says this after she tells EJ he should take on more responsibility on the legitimate side of the business). After she leaves EJ talks to Stefano's portrait. I think she's right. I should take on more responsibility. What do you think?

Abby can't believe that Chad insisted on coming to the club with her. Chad wasn't going to let her walk around this neighbourhood alone. Abby - But if we see Cameron, I do all of the talking. The bouncer sees Chad - Back for more dude. Chad - No, I'm with her. The bouncer tells them there's a bar down the street they might like a whole lot better. Abby - We're here to see Apollo. Bouncer - Who isn't? Abby - Look, I'm his friend and I need to talk to him. Bouncer - I hope you have some 10's and 20's because that's the only language he speaks. They go inside. Abby - She sees Anne. OMG. She works at the hospital. If she sees Cameron she could ruin everything for him.

Laura - I'm glad being here has cleared your mind. Jen - It really did. Sometimes you just need your mom. They hug. Jen - Which is why I'm really thinking of finding a place closer to JJ. Laura - You're leaving the country? Jen - I just feel that this whole situation with Daniel and his son is making me miss mine and I'm going to see if Abigail wants to go with me. Laura - I understand what you're saying. JJ is just fine. He loves his new school. Jen - I don't want to take him away from his school. I just want to spend more time with him. Laura - What about Daniel? You still love him. I really want you to think carefully about this. Jen - I have and I know that Chloe will never stop trying to get Daniel by getting to me and I can't do that again. And that's why I can't ever go back to Salem again.

Dan - You're going to have to go through me ... Chloe - You can't stop me. Dan - The hell I can't! You look me in the eye and you tell me that you're going to wake him up, put your son in a car and drive him away from a father who loves him. You tell me that you can take him someplace that he's never been and let him grow up without a father. You tell me that you can take MY son, a child who I love, away from his father. You tell me it means nothing if you don't get what you want. Tell me that. You tell me right now.


Friday, Apr 12

Segment 1: Repeat of Dan and Chloe's last scene from yesterday. Chloe - You had a chance to be a family and you passed now you can just go to hell. Dan - You are not going anywhere near him. Chloe - I'm his only legal parent and you can't stand there forever so the minute you get out of my way I'm going to take my son and I'm going to go and there's nothing you or anybody else can do about it. Chloe tries to walk around Dan. He blocks her. Chloe - Get out of my way or I'm calling the police. Dan - And say what? Chloe - That you have no legal claim on my son and you are keeping him from me. Dan holds out his phone. Do it. Chloe - I have my own phone. Dan - Do you? You really want to start something like that because then we go into the system and I get to talk. Chloe - I really feel sorry for you right now. I do because I'm going to go and take my son and leave and you are going to end up with nothing.

Repeat of Chad and Abby seeing Anne in the club. Chad asks Abby if she knows Anne. Abby - She hates my mom. Chad - How can anyone hate your mom? Abby - She does. She's jealous of anyone doing better than her and she wants my mom's job. What is she doing here? Chad - I hate to break it to you but she was at the coffeehouse when you and I were talking about Cameron. Abby - She must have overheard us. If she gets Cameron fired from the hospital it's going to be my fault. She stops one of the waiters. You have to stop Apollo from going on stage tonight. His life depends on it. Backstage Cam is in his policeman's stripper uniform warming up.

Vargas is in the rectory. He holds up an envelope. I got my first paycheck in 10 years. Nicole congratulates him. Vargas - I came by to thank Fr Eric for the job and maybe take him out for a drink or something to celebrate. Nicole - I'm sorry, he's out of town. Vargas - What about you? Are you ready to knock off or what? Nicole - That paycheck's really burning a hole in your pocket. Vargas - Yeah, sort of. Nicole - Maybe you should call it a night. Feelings like that can only get you in trouble. Vargas - Alright, sorry to bother you. Nicole - Oh what the hell. However I'm warning you I only drink top shelf vodka.

Sonny pours Will a coffee. Will thought Chad was supposed to close up tonight. Sonny - Jackie told me he asked her to do it and then he just left. Nick comes in. Hi. Sonny - What do you want Nick? Nick - To apologise. I called you a word that I never, ever use and I'm sorry. Sonny - Okay, fine. Nick - So, we're good. Sonny - We're just dandy. Nick - Great. Will, your family is bothering Gabi again. Can we talk about that. Will - So that's the real reason you came over here. Sami and EJ are outside the coffeehouse. They're there to talk to Will. Sami sees through the window that 'that bastard Nick is in Will's face.' Sami is spoiling for a fight but EJ stops her. Sami rants, EJ rationalizes (like there's a plan LOL). Let Nick think that he won, Will can take care of himself. Inside Nick tells Will that Kate came to see Gabi today. It really upset her. Sonny - She wasn't upset when Kate gave you a job with a big fat paycheck. Nick - She wanted Gabi to sign a paper that would guarantee you'd be able to see the baby and put you as the father on the birth certificate. Will - And you're the only one who can force people to sign papers. Nick - We have an agreement and if your family doesn't like that then that's their problem but if you guys keep putting pressure on Gabi I swear to God we're going to have no choice ... Will - It sounds like you're going to make a threat. Nick - It's Gabi's call how and when you get to see your baby. Sonny - Yeah and Gabi said she wants Will to be a part of his daughter's life. Nick - Yeah, she says that now. I guess it's in your best interests to make sure she doesn't change her mind. Sami sees Nick is coming out - she's going to choke on being nice. She says hi. Nick - Will and I just had a conversation. I'm sure he'll tell you about it. He leaves. Sami - What the hell is that about?

Segment 2: Chad pulls out his wallet and gives the waiter a large bill. Go and tell Cameron that Chad and Abigail said it's not a good time to go on stage right now. The guy starts walking away. Chad - Are you going to give him the message. He follows the waiter. Abby is going to follow him when she bumps into Caroline. Caroline smiles - Guilty. Abby - Mrs. Brady, what are you doing here? Caroline - Same thing you're doing here. This is my friend Rosa. She's in my Alzheimer Support Group. Her son drove us in to go to the museum but we ditched him and decided to have some fun. Rosa - We better find seats Caroline. Rosa hands Caroline a handful of bills. Rosa - You know what to do with those, right? Caroline - I seen it in the movies. They go to sit down. Abby - OMG. This could not get any worse. Please Chad, do not let Cameron go on stage tonight. The music starts and the curtain comes up.

Sami can not believe Kate would do that. Does she have no idea about the sensitivity of the situation we are dealing with! Will - You're just upset that you didn't think of it first. Sami - Totally. Sonny - EJ, what's happening with Stefano. EJ thinks he's coming around. William, you need to drop by the house more often. Will - Okay. I'm not his favourite person. EJ - You're a brother to two of his favourite grandchildren. If you're trying to raise a daughter and Nick is preventing you from doing that I'm confident that's all my father will need to hear.

Nicole and Vargas are in the pub. He has a beer, she has a martini. Vargas - It feels good not sitting in here alone. Thanks. Nicole - My pleasure. I needed a break too. St Luke's gets a little crazy when Eric's out of town. Vargas - You don't call him Father? Nicole - He and I go way back. Vargas - I can see that ... the way you two act around each other. Gabi walks over. Hi, I didn't see you come in. Nicole says hi. This is my friend Gabi. Vargas shakes her hand. Hi Gabi. Nick walks into the pub.

Chloe - What I don't understand is how you can have forgiveness for everyone but me. Dan - I can forgive you I guess, eventually. But I am not going to let you use my son as a bargaining chip, no way! Chloe - You forgave Nicole and she did horrible things. Dan - Yeah, but Nicole stopped and I have a feeling you never will because what you put Jennifer through ... Chloe cries - Why is it always about her? I don't get it. How is she still St Jennifer? She was a nasty bitch to you at the hospital in front of everyone. She ripped your heart out and she didn't even blink. Dan - She had to be convincing or you wouldn't let your crazy mother bring my son back from South America. Really! Chloe - So she gets absolution and I don't. Dan - Absolution. You know what, that is between you and your priest. Chloe - Wow. So everything is my fault. Everything. It's my fault that Kate tried to kill me because I left Lucas for you. I should just get over that. It's my fault that Vivian Alamain worked on me for months and even paid people to convince me that you were having an affair with Carly. Dan snaps - Convince you! Did you confront me? Did you even demand to know if I had an affair? Did you? No! You didn't 'cause what you did do is you slept with someone else. Oh, you know who it was? It was daughter's husband. Chloe - It didn't mean anything. Dan yells - It meant nothing! Chloe - Only because I thought I lost you. I thought my life was over. Dan - Why? Did I freeze you out? Did we stop having sex? No, I don't think so because I got you pregnant right before you slept with Philip. Chloe - Again, it meant nothing. You are the best thing that ever happened to me. I was carrying your baby and I didn't even know it. I was about to have everything I've ever wanted and it was ripped away from me. Dan - Ripped away? You make it sound like it was a hurricane. You did it. It was your choice. This is the life you chose to take. You screwed up your own and then you screwed up mine. Chloe sobs - I made one mistake and it's because I thought you didn't want me anymore. I would have done anything to make it up to you but you and everyone else in this town ... ever since, you all turned on me. There's no second chances for me, right? No, none of that famous forgiveness of yours. Dan - Do you know what it feels like to see that baby's breath, to see him born, to feel that kind of love in your soul, every fibre of your being and then be told, actually believe that he's no longer mine. Do you have any idea? Chloe - I didn't do that. Dan yells - Yes, you did do it. You did because if you hadn't slept with Philip none of this could have ever happened. None of it. Chloe - Okay fine. You don't have to worry about getting through to me anymore. You won't have anything to do with me anymore and I have to live with that but I know that in my heart everything I did was out of love for you and for Parker. I may have lost you but I still have him and I'm not going to let anyone turn him against me; not Kate, not Nicole, not Jennifer and certainly not you. So I'm going to go take my son now and I'd advise you to step out of my way because I don't have a problem destroying anyone who comes between me and my child.

Segment 3: A blonde stripper is doing his thing on stage when Chad makes his way back to Abby. He bought them some time. Cameron is the main attraction; there's no way he's not going on tonight. Abby - You're not going to believe this but Caroline Brady is here. If Cameron goes on stage and she recognises him everyone in Salem will know what he's doing. We have to find a way to stop him. Chad - Or we can get Mrs. Brady and Anne over there out of here before they see him. Abby is going to work on Anne. Abby goes over and says hi. She tells her that she and Chad came here for laughs. Anne - I bet you needed them what with your mom leaving town without warning. I had to take on her job as well as my own. Abby - Isn't that exactly what you wanted, her job? Anne - I didn't expect to be burning the midnight oil doing damage control after she made that embarrassing scene at the hospital. Abby - Embarrassing? My mother's life is in shreds but who cares, it's the hospital's image that matters the most. Anne - Your mother was having an inappropriate relationship with a staff surgeon and you know the hospital policy. Any employee who endangers the hospital's reputation can be terminated immediately. A waiter brings Anne another drink - Keep them coming? Anne - Why not! Anne raises her glass - Here's to the future.

Gabi sees Nick. Hey babe. This is actually my husband Nick. Vargas - Wow, it is a small world. Nick thought Gabi was supposed to be off work a half hour ago. Gabi - It got busy. Nicole - What are you talking about, small world. Vargas - Nick and I have met before, in prison.

Sonny - My uncle does someone a favour, he wants something in return. Do you think your father is going to want something in return. EJ - Samantha and I are together now. That makes Will family so the terms change. Sonny - No offence but you two have been together before and it didn't exactly work out so what happens to Will when you split up again? EJ tells him they're looking out for Will's best interests just like Sonny is. Will says he knows Stefano so he knows what he's dealing with. Sonny - You're playing with fire. The whole reason you're in this mess in the first place is because Nick knows you shot him. I don't want him to have anything else to use against you. Will - Me either but my little girl is going to be born in a month and Nick's not backing off. Sami declares - Gabi does whatever Nick wants. Will - I'm desperate. I would do anything to be with my daughter.

Chloe - I'm not lying now when I say how much I love you. Dan - You know what, I was in love with you. Chloe - But now you love Jennifer. Dan - The only thing that we share is Parker and I absolutely believe that you love that little boy and you are going to do right for him. Chloe - What's right is for his mother and father to be together. That's what is right. Jennifer left you. Why can't we work this out? Dan - It would be another lie. I love Jennifer. That's not going to change but you and I, we would be living a lie. And I'm not going to lie to my son. Is that what you really want for him?

Segment 4: The waiter comes over to Chad and Abby and tells them that their boy is up next. Abby wants to get backstage it's really, really important. Waiter - That's what all the ladies say. Abby tells Chad they got Cameron into this mess, they have to get him out. She has a really great plan. She takes off her jacket and hands it to Chad along with her purse and she makes a dash for the stage. She stuffs some money into the strippers shorts and tries to dash backstage but the stripper grabs her and keeps dancing. Chad - That's your idea of a plan? Chad stands in front of Anne. Anne - I can't see. Chad - Hey I know you. I own the coffeehouse in Salem and you're one of my loyal customers. Chad - Let me buy you a drink. Anne - Move or I'll take my business elsewhere. Chad - Let me by you some shots. He tells the waiter to put these on his tab. They drink. Anne squints and points at Abby on the stage - Don't I know her. Chad - Beats me, I've never seen her before in my life. Cam is still warming up.

Gabi - You didn't mention that someone you knew in prison was in Salem. Nicole - Vargas just got here so ... Nick - Right. I was as surprised as you are. Nicole - We met at St Luke's. We have a program that helps people like Vargas get back into the real world. Nick - That's great. Gabi - That is great. Everyone deserves a second chance. I'm going to put your order in. Vargas - You have a beautiful wife and a baby on the way. You're a real inspiration Nick. They shake hands.

EJ - Dealing with Nick is as easy as finding a piece of information that he doesn't want Gabi to know. Sonny - What piece of information? She already knows that he went to prison for killing a guy and she's fine with that. Sami - We're not going to give up until we find some sort of leverage on him. EJ plays the I had a stillborn baby card last year that I didn't know about - I'm not going to let anyone Will go through anything remotely like that. He tells Sonny that he and Sami are not breaking up - he wants to make an honest woman out of her soon. Sami heard that Sonny had offered to go through Nick's room at Victor's house. They'll let him know if they think it's necessary. Right now be there for Will, just keep loving him. We need to focus on making sure that Nick does not find out how angry we all are. This is going to work out for the best if he doesn't see it coming.

Dan - Do you understand what I'm saying? Chloe - When I lose my patience with Parker, when I raise my voice at him or I don't give him all the attention he deserves ... what really gets me is that look in his eyes when I tell him I'm sorry. He has your eyes but I see forgiveness there. He'll always forgive his mommy. Dan - He will always need his mommy. Chloe - And if I take him away from you tonight I know that he'd forgive me too. But I won't. I won't rob him of your love because I can't have it too.

Segment 5: The stripper is still dancing with Abby. Rosa and Caroline are having a great time. The bartender brings Chad and Anne more shots. Anne drinks. The stripper twirls Abigail off the stage and she ends up backstage with Cameron. Cam - You can't be here. Abby - Neither can you. Cam - That's my cue ... Abby - Wait, stop. She follows him on stage but takes off once he starts dancing. Caroline - That cop one looks familiar. Rosa - I've seen that booty before ... in a dream. Caroline - I think I know him. Abby rushes to Anne's table to find her passed out leaning against Chad. What happened to her? Chad - I may have told the waiter to make her drinks double and mine water. Abby - You are a genius!

Nicole - So how come you didn't tell us that you know Nick. Vargas - Statesville's a big place. I didn't really know Nick; I just saw a scared kid in the yard once in a while. Nicole - It must have been awful being in there. Vargas - At least we got lucky and made it out. I hope that luck continues. Nick asks Gabi if she's ready to go home. Gabi - How well do you know this guy? Nick - I recognise him now but that's it. Gabi - I know I've seen him before. I've seen him with Hope and Fr Eric. He must be okay if he was with them. She goes to give them their check. Gabi asks if they want anything else or just the check. Vargas will take the check. Gabi tells him he can pay for it at the bar. He gets up and goes to the bar where Nick is. Nicole asks Gabi how she's doing. Gabi - I'm fine. Everything is good. Vargas hopes Nick has been thinking hard about how he's going to make his money grow. Nick - Just stay away my wife. Nick - Easy killer, I have no interest in your old lady. Just do what you promised and we'll be fine.

Chloe - I must look a mess. Dan - You look fine. Chloe - Look, I know it would be a huge mistake for me to run away with Parker and I know it was wrong of me to try to use him to get you back. Letting my mother take him out of the country without telling you ... what is wrong with me? I wanted you so bad that I stopped being a good mother. And I was a good mother. Dan - You will be again. Chloe - I will because now I know what I really want.

Segment 6: EJ and Sami return to Stefano's house. Sami starts grilling him about the honest woman comment. EJ sees marriage in their future.

Nicole and Vargas are back at the rectory. Vargas - Thanks for having dinner with me. Nicole - I had a nice time. Vargas - Me too. I got you a little dessert when I was paying the bill. Something a little sweet to keep you going. He hands her a takeout container. She drops it. They both reach for it. After he leaves Nicole smiles.

Chad - Okay what are we going to do with her. Abby - I know what I'd like to do with her. I'd like to shave that curly little head of hers and drop her off on the hospital steps. Cam comes running over. What is wrong with her? Chad - She got so loaded she passed out. Cam - Did she see me up there. Chad - No. Thanks to Abigail and me your job at the hospital is safe. I don't think she's going to remember anything about tonight. Cam - What was she doing here? Abby - She was at the coffeehouse and she heard Chad and I talking about you. Cam - You were talking about me working here. Chad - Relax. We don't know how she put it together. At least she didn't find anything out. Abby goes through her purse. Here's her parking pass. She can't drive anywhere. Chad bought the drinks. The least I can do is see her home. Chad and Cam start lifting her up. Anne mutters - Who turned the lights out? Chad takes her out of the club. Abby gets up - Goodnight I guess. Cam - No, not yet. We still need to talk.

Dan - What you're going to do now, what does that mean? Chloe - It means that my life is going to be about what's best for Parker but right now I'm in no shape to try and figure that out. Dan - Parker's not leaving now. I'm not letting him out of my sight. Chloe - I guess I deserve that. Look, I'm pretty much running on fumes right now. Maybe we can talk about this in the morning. Dan - Yeah. Just so you know I'm calling Justin to find out how I can establish paternity. Chloe - Of course. Dan - Do you want to go in there and kiss him goodnight. Chloe - No. I don't think I could bear to see him right now; not after everything ... She leaves.

Segment 7: There's a musical montage at the beginning of the final segment. Will working on his laptop in the coffehouse, Sonny pouring him coffee, smiles exchanged and hands clasped. EJ and Sami having sex. Nicole working but quitting to eat her dessert. Vargas in bed shutting off the light. Nick lighting a candle in the darkened pub, kissing Gabi and then they dance.

Cam - I don't know how this all happened ... Abigail - Just shut up. Chad and I saved your job and your ass tonight and if you're going to start complaining about it I swear to God I'm going to punch you. Everything that happened here tonight is because we cared about you and you lied. Cam - I never lied. Abby - Keeping a big secret like that is basically a lie. You knew that I was worried about you but you didn't trust me enough to be honest with me so if you're looking for someone to blame here Officer Nightstick I will save you the trouble because this one's on you. She walks away.

Dan is playing with Parker. Dan tells him he's going to make a phone call. Your Daddy has a lot to say to your friend Jennifer. Ah, straight to voicemail. There are somethings son you don't say to a lady in a message. Dan places another call.

Chloe is in the square sitting on a bench scrolling through pictures of Parker that she has on her phone. She's crying. I know what I need to do now.


Monday Apr 15

Segment 1: Stefano watches as Kristen puts on her makeup and comments that she won't be joining him for breakfast. Kristen apologises. She has to run. I haven't been around as much as you'd like me to be or as I much as I'd like to be but I had to put out a fire that came very close to burning me down to the ground. Thankfully the danger has been eliminated. It was a close one.

A guy asks Sy why he can't take this himself. Sy tells him there's an APB out on him. I'll make it worth your while. Just deliver this to Victor Kiriakis. The guy looks at the envelope. Art project, seriously? Sy - Trust me, the picture's an eyeful. It's going to make Mr. Kiriakis a real happy man.

Brady is throwing down envelopes. Some of these proposals look really interesting. Vic - Let's go. Brady - In a minute. Vic - You promised me that you're going to check on Daniel. Brady - I'll leave time for that. I wanted someone to join us right now. Someone who can help us choose the art for the corporate collection. Vic - Do I have to guess. Brady - You already know, Kristen.

Kate is in her office trying to work. She gets a call from Rafe. He didn't think she would pick up. Kate - I didn't think I would either. Rafe - We need to hash this out; not over the phone. Kate can meet him. Rafe tells her he's at the square. Kate - I'll be there.

Sami walks up to Rafe. Hey, we can't tiptoe around this. Rafe - Around what. Sami - You need to get your head straight about Kate.

Nicole walks into the rectory and finds Chloe sitting behind her desk. Chloe - You look surprised to see me. Nicole - I am. Chloe - Well you shouldn't be. Not after what you told Daniel about me. Nicole - Why do you think I told Daniel anything about you? Chloe - Well it was pretty clear the minute he opened his mouth. Nicole - So you saw him. Okay, what did he say? Chloe - Don't worry, he didn't give you up. He's too good a guy for that but it was pretty apparent the minute he started speaking so I asked him if he'd spoken to you and there was just this look in his eyes, this flicker and I knew. He figured out the whole thing. Nicole - The whole ... never mind, I don't want to know. Chloe - You already know. It's what you wanted. What I can't believe is that you picked Jennifer over me. That's the one thing that I never saw coming. Nicole - No, I didn't. Daniel picked Jennifer. Chloe - And now he's going to end up with her. I thought I was close; really, really close.

Jen rushes into the house calling out for Abigail. Where are you? Are you okay? Abby comes out of the living room. I'm here. Jen - I got here as fast as I could. What's going on? Are you okay? Jen sees Daniel and Parker in the living room. Jen turns to leave but Dan calls out to her. Don't. Jen - This is not okay. Abby - I knew this was the only way I could get you here. I'm sorry. You need to listen to Daniel. I wouldn't do this if I wasn't sure. Please stay. Abby takes Parker to play with her. Dan thanks her. Jen - I don't know what you're thinking but I have nothing to say. Dan - Then listen. Jen - No, this is a mistake. This is why you need to leave my house ... Dan - You don't have to play anymore. I know everything!

Segment 2: Rafe - What about Kate? Sami - If you play stupid this conversation is going to take a lot longer. I know ... Will and Sonny told me. Rafe recalls the conversation when Will found out he and Kate were in a relationship. Rafe - I don't see why they talked to you about it. Sami - Will is worried. Rafe - It's none of their business. Sami - Of course it's Will's business and that makes it my business. Rafe - And how do you figure? Sami - You think a bomb like that doesn't affect me? Something that you could use to get to me. Rafe - I'm not doing that. He starts to leave. Sami - No you're not going anywhere until we have this conversation. You have to understand who Kate is and what she's trying to do to you.

Vic - Don't you 2 get enough time together at home. Brady argues that she knows art. That Caldwell photo, she bought it. Vic - That just means she learned your taste and how to pander to it. It doesn't prove a thing beyond that. Brady - It's been a great morning. Let's keep it that way. Please just meet me halfway on this. You said you wanted to give her a chance. Well sooner or later you're going to have to be in the same room with her to do that. You need to see that the woman has no hidden agenda.

Sy - Just deliver this to Victor Kiriakis. Guy - Is he expecting me? Sy - Not exactly. Don't worry. As soon as he sees it he'll know what to do with it. No fuss, no trouble. Call me as soon as it's done. I want to make sure I'm ready for the fireworks.

Vic - How important is this to you Brady, 1-10? 1 is Kristen who, 10 is you're out of here and you forget my birthday. Brady - You hate birthday cards anyway. Vic - Make the call; it's important to you, that's all I need to know.

Stefano and Kristen are in the living room now. Kristen - Sy Miller turned out to be a real cockroach. Stefano - He came to me very highly recommended. Kristen - Good help is hard to find. They just don't have standards anymore. Can you imagine he came to me asking for more money even though he'd already been paid. But he had no idea who he was dealing with. What an idiot! Stefano - The DiMera name alone should have taken care of everything. Kristen - Exactly! Stefano - Do you want me to take care of him? Kristen - No. I handled it. I gave him a little extra money and told him no more; the well is dry and that's that. Kristen gets a call from Brady. Victor went for it? Brady tells her they want her help in choosing the art. It will be fun. Kristen will see him soon. Stefano - That dumb sloth! Kristen - I really wish you wouldn't talk about him that way. I don't like it. He's not stupid. He's trusting which is a good thing because he doesn't have a clue and neither does John which means my plan for John's total destruction is still on track. It's going to be a spectular production if I do say so myself and it's going to happen soon. Caio! Stefano just shakes her head.

Nicole - How do you figure you were close? This was never going to happen. Daniel loves Jennifer. Chloe - Yeah. Nicole - He was never going to love you. Chloe - I got it. You know, to think, when I came back to town I thought we were going to be friends.

Dan - I know what Chloe did. She used Parker. She threatened to keep him away if you didn't dump me. Jen - I don't know what you're talking about. Dan - I found Nancy's passport. I saw that she had been to Brazil. I couldn't figure out at first and then I was talking to a friend and she said something that just clicked. Everything you said, everything you did, Chloe forced you to do that. Jen - Right, because she could. So now that you know everything you should know that you have to stop this right now. Dan - I won't. Jen - Do you want to lose your son? Dan - That won't happen. I won't let it. And I won't lose Parker and I definitely won't lose you.

Segment 3: Niocole - I'm sorry but I thought we were best friends. God knows I don't have a lot of friends at all. Chloe - You think there's a reason for that? Nicole - For both of us. Look, a lot has happened since you came back. Chloe - Yeah, an awful lot. They hug and cry. Chloe - Maybe we can get back there someday. I'd like that. Nicole - Me too. Talk to me, what happened? Chloe - I can't. You'll find out soon enough. Nicole - What does that mean? Chloe - Don't worry, you won't have to call the cops. Nicole - What are you going to do? Chloe - What I have to do. Goodbye Nicole. She leaves.

Rafe - Hold on a second. This is obviously not the time or the place to get into this. Sami - I agree with you. I would love not to talk about this but thanks to Kate we have to. She's created this tension between us. Rafe - Yeah, we had plenty of troubles already. Sami - I know but not like this. Come on, we both want peace. We both want to make sure there's no more drama for Gabi or the baby. Rafe - Right. Sami - So you're looking after Gabi, I'm looking after Will and Kate goes all broken arrow trying to get her to sign those papers. Rafe - Right ... those papers. Sami - I just wanted to make sure you know that I didn't know about the papers. I had no idea until Will and Sonny told me. We're on the same side here. Rafe - Right, okay. That's good enough. Sami - What did you think we were talking about? Kate walks up. Sami - Kate, join the party. She looks from one to the other - What is going on here?

They guy with the envelope rings the doorbell just as Kristen arrives. The guy tells her he has a special delivery for Victor Kiriakis. Kristen - I'll take that. Guy - I'm supposed to deliver it to him personally. Kristen - Relax, I'm going in there to work on this very project so do you want me to sign someplace. Guy - No, that's okay. He leaves. Kristen mutters - What kind of delivery service doesn't need a signature. Henderson opens the door. He'll let them know she's here. Kristen - Tell them to hurry or I'm going to start opening these envelopes myself.

Dan - Jen, it's over. I went straight to her once I found out. Jen - What! Oh God, you can't Daniel. Dan - I'm not going to let her off the hook. Jen - She has leverage. Your name is not on Parker's birth certificate. She could take him and leave the country and do whatever she wants. You can't stop her. Dan - No, that's not going to happen. Jen - It already did happen. That's why Nancy took Parker to Brazil in the first place. Chloe was showing you that she will follow through with this. Dan - I know that she threatened to do that again. Jen - So you know what she's capable of. Dan - Not anymore. When I confronted her she just crumbled. It's like something inside of her ... Jen - No. Dan - Yes. It just clicked. She's done. She doesn't want to fight anymore. She is going to leave us alone. We are free. Jen - No we are not. You can't trust her. Why ... Dan - Trust this! Right here. He places his hand over her heart. Chloe walks in.

Segment 4: Chloe - Is Parker here? Dan - We're in the middle of something so ... Chloe - I'm not here because I want to be, I have to. I heard you left town. Jen - I did. Chloe - And now you're back. Of course. Daniel - Chloe ... Chloe - Daniel, please let me just finish this. It's hard enough as it is. Jen - What is? Chloe - The next step, what I have to do now and I need you both to hear it.

Rafe - I actually called Kate here to answer for those papers. Sami - Oh, perfect. So, Kate, tell him. Kate - Excuse me. Sami - Don't you dare try and pull me into this. Tell him I had nothing to do with your little scheme. Kate - Oh. Sami - I'm not kidding here It's important to me. I don't want to be caught up in the middle of this between the two of you. I had nothing to do with it and you tell him that. Kate - Sami had nothing to do with my little scheme. Don't put her in the middle between the two of us. Sami - I didn't have anything to do with it. She came up with it on or own, totally and completely. Kate - Totally and completely because I wanted to help Will so obviously the last person I would turn to would be Sami. Sami - Shut up. Sami - The point being, I didn't have anything to do with that. You have to believe it because I don't want you to hold it against me. More importantly, I don't want you to hold it against Will. Rafe - Don't worry about that. Sami - Okay, great. Then I'll leave you to it. Kate owes you a big apology ... she looks at Kate ... and if you love your grandson, make it stick. She leaves. Kate - Damn it. Rafe - What? Kate - Sami's right and I hate it when that happens especially when I'm the reason for it. I am sorry, you know.

Vargas comes into the rectory. He startles Nicole when he knocks. What's up? Nicole - Sorry. I just had a really strange visit from an old friend. Vargas - How strange? Nicole - Kind of maybe I should call the authorities strange. Vargas - Are you sure that would help? Nicole - No because I've been sitting here thinking that as weird as this sounds, it's the sanest she's been in a while. Thanks for noticing. Vargas - You were twitching. Hard not to tell. Still working on those taxes? Nicole - Yeah, I'm still trying to get these people some more money. Vargas - Maybe I can help. Nicole - It's a little complicated. Vargas - So do they qualify for the earned income tax credit? Nicole - They should have but they were turned down last year. Vargas - So are you going to file form 8862. If that was an error you'd still get a back refund. Nicole - And how do you know that? Vargas - Tax Accounting for Dummies in the prison library. Nicole - Sounds like you learned a useful skill. Pull up a chair.

Kristen is about to open Sy's envelope when Henderson returns with Brady and Victor. Kristen - You caught me, I was about to get started. Brady notices the envelope - Where did that come from? Kristen - It was being delivered as I arrived so here it is. Brady puts it with the others. We have a great response here. Granddad, how do yo think we should approach all this? Vic - Whatever works for you is fine with me. Kristen - Do you have a preference? Kristen - No, I'm easy. Vic - That's not what the mugger said. Kristen - Sorry? Vic - Brady was telling me that the police are closing in on the mugger who attacked you and put Brady in the hospital. Kristen - Did the police call? Brady - Not since we were there. Kristen - I guess they didn't find anybody. Vic - Don't be so pessimistic. Brady's hopeful. Brady - They seemed to get a break but it's not a priority. Vic - Give me a telephone and I'll make it one. Brady - There's no need. Vic - Come on. I haven't chewed out a bureaucrat all day. It will get my juices flowing. Brady - I'll call. I'll stay on it, I promise. Okay, I'll call eright now. He steps out of the room. Kristen - You're so protective. Vic - I love my grandson and I want to see justice done. Kristen - As do I. Vic - Cut the crap Kristen. You worked very hard to orchestrate this meeting so I assumed you have something you want to say to me. We may not have much time so you better get on with it.

Segment 5: Kristen tells Vic there are so many wrong assumptions in what he just said she doesn't even know where to begin. Vic - You didn't want to be here? Kristen - Well sure. I was happy to think that you were giving me a chance but mostly I wanted Brady here. Vic - So do I. I love my grandson and I'm not about to stand by and see him get hurt. Kristen - I don't understand. You're the one who hurt him when you issued that ultimatum because I was in his life. You crushed him. Vic - You're absolutely right. That was a big mistake. One I intend to rectify starting right now. Kristen - I'm sure that will mean a lot to Brady. It's been very hard for him to watch people disappear from his life. Vic - Yes, I can imagine. Kristen - You'd like to think that your family wants to see you happy and that they know when someone is actually good for you. Vic - That's a lot to ask of John and Marlena. Kristen - Yeah, I guess so. If you have any influence at all, maybe you can get them to reconsider. Vic - I'll do what I can. Kristen - You and I were once allies if not friends. There was a time when you knew I was a good influence. Vic - Yes, I would like to see that girl again. Kristen - Well you will. Vic - Or else I will disappear from Brady's life too. Kristen - That's between Brady and you. You two can have whatever relationship you want, right? Vic smiles. Cue f/b of his talk with Maggie about Sy's call and Kristen's possible involvement. Kristen - I would never get in the way of that. Vic - I'm glad to hear that. Kristen - Come on, give me a chance. Vic - That's exactly what I'm doing. Kristen - You'll find out by the end of the day that I only have Brady's best interests at heart.

Nicole - Woo hoo. We're done. They are going to get a $2052 refund and we have it all finished before the deadline. Thank you. Vargas moves his chair back. Last night was nice, better than nice. I don't want to seem weird but I had a great time. It was different. A guy like me who's only been out a few weeks out on the town with a woman who looks like you ... Nicole - I'm great arm candy. Vargas - You're aslo fun to be with. You're smart, occasionally funny and it's ... look, I'm just saying, besides all that stuff, it was really something to see those guys sneaking looks at us and to know those poor slobs were actually jealous of a guy like me. Nicole - Maybe they were jealous of me. Vargas - I know what I saw. I know it was for only one night but it was worth it. Nicole - How do you figure that? Vargas - I'm not stupid. Someone like me and someone like you, it just doesn't happen. Nicole - Now you're putting yourself down.

Kate and Rafe go into the park. Kate - Look, I didn't mean to upset you or Gabi or anyone. Rafe - What did you mean to do? Kate - I wanted to protect Will's rights. I wanted to make sure Gabi's wishes were honoured. Rafe - So what exactly is it that you're sorry for? Oh, so you think you did the right thing. Kate - I think that I made a mistake. Rafe - Which was ... Kate - Going to Gabi. Rafe - What about the fact that you hid the whole plan from me? Kate - There wasn't a whole plan. Rafe - You're kidding me right? We were in bed hours before you threw this document down in front of my sister. You never told me about it. Kate - It never occurred to me. Rafe - It never occurred to you ... this was not some generic, boilerpoint document. This was something that took time, it was planned out. Kate - I have a lawyer on retainer. We did it. Rafe - Yeah, you did it alright. Kate - What's that supposed to mean? Rafe - I don't exactly believe you.

Chloe - You don't trust me. I can tell by your looks you don't trust this. Dan - Chloe ... Chloe - It's okay. I don't blame you. I expected as much. There have been a lot of lies, misrepresentations. Of course you're going to be suspicious. Dan puts his arm around Jennifer. You are not going to come between us. Chloe - I know that and if I had any doubt, here you are. Look, my world collapsed around me a few hours ago and I nearly took you down with me. Here you are and I think it's pretty obvious what you want so I think it's time for me to be honest about what I want. I want to apologise.

Segment 6: Sy paces as he leaves a message for the guy he had deliver the envelope.

Vic - I have a good eye. I'll know what I'm seeing and I hope you will too. Kristen has a pretty good eye herself. Is there something you want to say to me. Vic - I'll be here Kristen no matter who you throw in my path to trip me up. So settle in. Brady returns. Is everything okay? Kristen - Couldn't be better. Vic - What did the police have to say? Brady - Apparently the mugger has gone to ground. There's no sign of him anywhere. Vic gets a call from Sy. It's me. You needed to see what I have. Brady and Kristen start going through envelopes.

Kate - What happened to walking away before we said something that we regret? Rafe - You don't want to hear the truth? Kate - You think I'm a liar. Rafe - I'm just calling it as I see it from where I stand. Kate - So you think I'm a liar. Rafe - I didn't say that. Kate - No you didn't say that exactly. Rafe - It's not like you don't have a history. Kate - A history of what? Rafe - Massaging the truth to get what you want. Kate - That's a really lousy thing to say. Rafe - It doesn't feel great to say it either. Kate - So what else? Rafe - A few weeks ago we decided to call it quits; said it would be better. Kate - Yeah. Rafe - Then a few hours later we were both in my bed. Kate - I remember. Rafe - What were you doing? Kate - I was watching my clothes hit the floor as you ripped them off me. What do you think I was doing? Rafe - I don't know, why don't you tell me? Was it all part of your plan to get to my sister?

Chloe - This is the worse part ... your looks. Like you're waiting for the other shoe to drop but this is it. I just wanted to say I'm sorry. I'm sorry I took advantage of your good nature. I'm sorry that I blew through your relationship. And most importantly, I'm sorry I can't believe I was willing to use my own son. I was not like this before I came back here. I love Parker so much and I knew that he needed his daddy and I was willing to do anything to make that happen. Dan - Well that part would have been easy. Chloe - It was the strings attached that somehow Parker had to have both of us together and that any line I was willing to cross to make that happen was okay. But it was beyond wrong. It's sick. Yes Jennifer, I know that I am not healthy when it comes to this. Jen - Do you, Chloe, because I have heard this, I have heard you be so sincere but you have to know if you were trying to pull something, this is exactly what you would be saying right now.

Segment 7: Kate - Well you got me. I am so busted. Once a whore, always a whore, right. It's not like I would have second thoughts about using sex to get what I want. It's not like I have true emotions left inside. Maybe you thought you were getting the proverbial whore with a heart but let me tell you, you are not because I have no sloppy feelings for anyone. And thirdly, not a guy like you. No, I just take what I want and then I leave so let me save us both a lot of trouble. She's crying as she walks away. Rafe looks crushed.

Vargas - So if I rolled the dice and said last night is something I'd like to do again you wouldn't run? Nicole - I don't know. I'll just have to wait until you ask me. Vargas - Looking for right words. Nicole - They don't have a Dating for Dummies in the prison library. Now you're on your own here. Vargas - I think I got it. He kisses her. Sami walks towards the rectory.

Chloe - I can see that you think this is an act and you're right. Everything I said, all these words, they probably don't mean much to you. Dan - If you mean it, it would make things better. Chloe - But they're just wordsl you need actions and that's what I'm here to tell you. I've made a decision for myself, for you, most importantly, for Parker.

Sy - I thought I would have heard from you by now. Vic - This is a bad time. Sy - I sent someone ... Vic - I'm busy. Sy - Are you walking away from me? Vic - Not now. He hangs up. He joins Brady and Kristen and pics up the envelope Sy had delivered.


Wednesday, Apr 17

Segment 1: After his knees start giving out EJ brilliantly deduces that Sami isn't saying anything in response to his proposal. Is that a no?

When Nick arrives at the rectory Vargas tells him he's late. Nick asks if he has something (money??? not sure what he said). When Vargas says no Nick asks how long is it going to take. Vargas - As long as it takes and even then I've got to make sure that you can handle it. Nick - What's that supposed to mean? Vargas - It means that I've been hearing what you've been doing since you've been out of prison. You got yourself into a hell of a mess man!

Gabi leads Rafe into the living room of the Kiriakis mansion. Rafe - Wow, a little fancier than your room over the pub. Gabi - Yeah the place is huge; it's kind of weird. Everyone's been really nice though. Rafe - That's good. So what's up. Something tells me you didn't just want to show off your fancy new digs. What do you want to talk about? Gabi - Kate Roberts.

Lucas and Kate are strolling through the square. Lucas - Not bad huh. I don't want to blow my own horn but sales are up since I joined your little operation. Silence. Lucas - You seem thrilled, thanks Mom. Kate - What? Lucas - What's going on with you anyway? Kate recalls her breakup with Rafe. Nothing's going on with me. I'm fine. They sit down. Lucas - You're upset about the way you left things with him, aren't you?

Stefano tells Sy their business is not complete. What's the matter, Sy? You seem a little anxious. Sy - Look Mr. DiMera, I'm really sorry. Stefano - Sorry for? Sy - I never should have went to Victor Kiriakis. Stefano - What do you mean you went to Victor Kiriakis. Sy - Like I said, I'm really, really sorry. Stefano - You tell me exactly what you've done.

Brady opens his briefcase at a table in the coffeehouse and he and Marlena are just about to start opening envelopes when Hope walks up and comments that it's awfully nice seeing the two of them together. Marlena - Brady was asking some advice about some artwork for Titan. Brady - Marlena has a very good eye so I thought she would be helpful in giving me some input. Let me show you a couple more of these proposals. Hope - I'm sorry, I don't mean to interrupt your brainstorming but I really need to talk to you Brady. We still have an APB out on the guy who mugged you. Marlena - Do you know his name? Brady - I ID'd the guy down at the station. Marlena - But you don't have him? Hope - No we don't. His trail went cold unfortunately.

When John tells Kristen he's at the DiMera mansion to see her; he brought her something; she doesn't say anything. John - You look nervous. Kristen - I'm not. I'm just not sure ... John - You told me not to come back again unless I brought you a gift. Now I have one. He holds out a gift bag. Kristen admits she's a little intrigued by what he brought her but I asked for that a while ago before I found out your true colours; when I found out you never really accepted Brady and me. So I don't care if you have the Holy Grail in that bag; I'm not interested in it or you. She starts to close the door but John lets himself in. You might change your mind when you see what I have here.

Segment 2: Nick - You don't know anything about me and my life outside of prison. Vargas - I now this much; I know you're not your wife's baby daddy. Nick - My marriage is none of your business. It has absolutely nothing to do with anything between us. Vargas - It better not Nicky because I need you focused and if you're out there distracted, making mistakes, then ... Nick - I've got it under control okay. Vargas - Good. So what do you have for me?

Rafe - This thing with Kate is not going to be a problem. And the contract she wanted you to sign is in the past. She's just over-protective of Will and especially with him maybe not being able to be a part of the child's life it kind of made sense ... Gabi - Everyone's upset. Nick thinks that he has to protect me from everyone. Rafe - I know. And I get it but it's different with Kate; she's not trying to hurt you. Gabi - She already did hurt me. You saw those papers. She was trying to take advantage of me and I almost fell for it. Rafe - Bad method, good reason. She's just looking out for Will. She loves Will, she cares about him and she cares about you too. She's not trying to hurt you. She gave me her word on that so ... Gabi - OMG OMG OMG! You and Kate ... I didn't want to believe it. I can't believe that it's true. Are you with her Rafe?

Lucas - Don't look at me like that. I just meant it's got to he hard for you with Stefano back in town, that's it. Kate - Well you're wrong. Lucas - Am I? You loved the guy, didn't you? Kate - I'm just not going to talk to you about it; change the topic. Have you spoken to Sami about having Allie living in the DiMera mansion. Lucas - Yes I've spoken to her. I gave her hell about that but she has other reasons for moving back in there. Kate - Really? What? Lucas - Just one very important reason, that's all. Let's leave it at that. Kate - Does that mean you're okay with Allie living with the DiMera's. Lucas - No, I'm not okay with it but Allie likes Johnny and Sydney. They like being together so I'm not going to split up the kids over this. Kate - So that's it? Lucas - No, that's not it. They've lived there before. The big problem is that Sami is back with EJ. Kate - I supposed you're alright with that as well. Lucas - No, I'm not alright with it. It's insane but it doesn't matter. It's going to last 2 seconds. I have to deal with it because of the kids but the person I feel sorry for is Rafe. Kate - Why? Lucas - I just get the feeling that Rafe's never been able to move on from Sami. Kate - Why would you think that? You did. Lucas - Yeah I did. I've been in love with other women before but I don't think Rafe has or ever will. When it comes to Rafe, Sami is the love of his life.

Sami can't say yes until she's sure he's not asking her to marry him for all the wrong reasons.

Hope - We had a lead and it evaporated. Brady - You'll find him and when you do you'll put him away. Brady gets a call he has to take. He asks Marlena if she'd walk with him for a moment. I just wanted to say it was nice talking to you, hanging out with you. I hope we can do it again soon. Marlena - I'd like that. Brady leaves.

John puts the bag down on the table in the foyer. I'm going to leave this here for you and I'd like to say something. Those pictures you gave me, they really got me thinking. Kristen - About what? How much you adore me? John - They brought back some memories. Some of them bad, some of them chilling and some of them happy. Remembering those happy times we had together made me realise I haven't exactly wiped my slate clean so I made a decision. You need to have this.

Segment 3: Nick - So it could be big but it's risky. Vargas - No risk, no reward, right? Nick - I have to research it somewhere. The timing is critical and it's not all legit so I have to be careful. Vargas - So family is an issue. Nick - I'm on parole. Do you understand that? I need to be very, very careful. Vargas - I'm nothing if not careful. Nick - Just give me some time, I'll be in touch. Vargas - Wait. Nick - What? Gabi's expecting me. Vargas - About that, I've got a question. Nick - Which is? Vargas - Why the hell did you get yourself in this baby mess in the first place?

Rafe - No, no, no. You are way off base here. There's ... Gabi - Stop, Rafe. You are the worse liar in the world. I knew this was happening because I saw it when you 2 were in my hospital room and then at the pub and then I also saw it ... Rafe - Okay, okay! I'm sorry it upsets you. Gabi - You're sleeping with Will's grandmother. Rafe - For the love of God ... Gabi - He's my baby's father okay. I deserve the right to know that you're having an affair with Kate.

EJ doesn't understand. Sami talks in circles. EJ declares that what she is saying is nonsense. He wants to marry her because he loves her. He says other stuff. Sami starts snivelling and talks all about herself and her insecurities. EJ again declares his love and spouts more 'romantic' nonsense that Sami laps up. Sami finally says yes.

Marlena tells Hope that she saw John. My heart stopped. I thought we would talk but he just wanted to get the keys to the storage. It was like talking to a stranger. And then Brady wanted to engage and that was like putting a bandaid on a knife wound. Hope - Please do not stop fighting for what matters most to you. You can't give up. Marlena - I have fought and fought and fought. I'm exhausted. And nothing's going to help unless ... Hope - You can expose Kristen to Brady. Is there a way to do that? Marlena - Maybe, but it would be in your hands.

John is now outside the door and Kristen in the doorway. Kristen - So leave whatever you brought. It's probably something stupid from our past and I'll happily throw it away. John - Maybe when you see what's inside it you'll reconsider that plan. John starts walking away waving as she calls out ... I'm not looking behind anymore John. I'm looking ahead with Brady. She closes the door and walks to the bag and looks inside.

Segment 4: Kristen pulls out a baseball jersey. On the front it says Salem Moose and on the back, Coach. Kristen recalls the moment that John gave her that jersey. She mutters - Lord, John, that was a long, long time ago. She holds the jersey close.

Rafe - I didn't want to tell you about Kate because I didn't want to upset you. Obviously based on your reaction, I was right on track. Gabi - Are you through yet? Rafe - I am not going to talk to you about my feelings. Gabi - Is that what she told you to say? Rafe - What does that even mean? Gabi - I'm just wondering if she tells you what to do and more importantly if you listen to her. Rafe - Does anyone ever tell me what to do? I'm not going to start now, am I? Gabi - Look, she's just a very persuasive woman and I want to know how much influence she has on you. Rafe - How about none. In fact I broke up with her because I thought she was using me to get to you.

Nick - It's not complicated. I got out of prison, I met Gabi, we fell in love. Vargas - That's a lot to swallow; raising another man's baby. Nick - As long as I have Gabi and we have our baby, that's all I care about. Vargas - You're really into this ready made family thing, aren't you? In fact, you almost seem a little bit desperate to make it happen. Nick - It will happen. Vargas - Look, Nick, I was there. Those years you spent in prison, the things you went through ... Nick - Are behind me. Vargas - I guess if it's meant to be but take it from me man, desperation screws everything up. It's never a good thing. Good job with what you brought. I've got to get back to work.

EJ wishes they were alone. He drags her out of the pub. They run into Lucas. You look happy. What's going on here?

Segment 5: Gabi - Are you telling me that you broke up with Kate because of me? Rafe - No, I didn't mean for it to come out that way. You know what, it's actually better that it's over. Gabi - I get the feeling that you're just saying that. Rafe - No. Listen to me. You're my sister and I love you and you and this baby, my future niece, that's all that I care about, okay? Gabi - You've been amazing even with Nick and I know you weren't so sure about him. Rafe - He probably shouldn't know about me and Kate ... not that I want you to lie to him. Gabi - I'm not going to lie, just not going to say anything. Is there any chance that you're going to get back with her? Rafe - I don't think so. Gabi - She made you happy, right, at least for a little while. Rafe nods yes. Gabi - I want to see you happy Rafe and if she made you happy than I'm grateful to her. Just not with Sami, okay. She hugs him.

Lucas sees her ring. Well look at that. That's what this whole thing was about, really? A closed door, a proposable at a pub. That is amazing EJ. You really outdid yourself this time, didn't you? EJ comments that they are leaving. Lucas makes a joke at their expense - it's really funny and then adds ... You guys walk down the aisle with so many different people you probably have a wedding planner on retainer, right? What do you have, a code word that you use? You just pick up the phone and say Go ... the weddings on ... let's do it ... break out the fondue machine and all the ... Sami - Cut it out please. Lucas - No, let me be the first to congratulate you on your next 15 minutes of matrimony. Sami - Can you please not tell anyone. I want to tell my family myself. Lucas - That's fine. I'm not going to blab. It's not the kind of news people want to hear anyway. It's pathetic and predictable. He walks away.

Marlena - You have an APB out on the man who mugged Brady. Hope - That's right. Marlena - The night of the mugging ... it all seemed so random. The mugger came after Kristen, Brady jumped in and he got beaten up instead. And I'm the only person who thinks that maybe Kristen was involved in that somehow; maybe it wasn't such a random mugging. So if you find this man maybe he'll talk about that night and maybe he'll tell you that Kristen was the mastermind behind the mugging. Hope - So you think if we pick this guy up he might implicate Kristen to cut a deal for himself. Marlena - To far-fetched? Hope - Not if we find this guy and not if it's true.

Kristen talks to herself. John, you've given me such a wonderful gift. I'm going to cherish it and I'm going to use it all at the same time.

Segment 6: Gabi and Nick are in their bedroom. Gabi is showing off the baby clothes she bought. What's wrong Nick? Nick - I just want to be sure that nothing ever, ever gets in the way of our family, for you, for me and the baby. Gabi - Nothing will. Nick - We have to fight to keep that. We can't let our guard down ever. Gabi - What are you talking about? Nick, you're scaring me. Did something happen?

Kate is a table at the outdoor cafe when Rafe comes along and places a single white rose in front of her. Truce?

Sami and EJ have sex while talking about how very much love in they are.

Stefano comes home. Kristen - Did you do it? Did you take care of Sy? Stefano - Yes I did but it was not clean. It seems that those pictures were sent directly to Victor Kiriakis. He tried to make it look like some kind of art thing of course but it was all baloney. Kristen remembers her run-in with a guy delivering an envelope to Victor. Kristen - No! Why is this happening. This can not be happening. Stefano - I'm sure you'll take care of it. Kristen - That's all you're going to say? Stefano - For now yes. I have to go. He leaves. Kristen mutters - This can not be happening. Brady can't see those photos. This can not end this way.

Brady is in the square talking on the phone. After the call he opens his briefcase to look for a report and ends up opening the envelope Sy had delivered. He starts to pull out the picture.

Segment 7: Nick - I'm sorry. I didn't mean to scare you. Gabi - Then why are you talking about being on guard, whatever you're saying? Nick - You changed my whole life Gabi and it's so perfect I just, I'm afraid we could lose it. Gabi - We won't. Nick - I know. I also know that in a little over a month it's going to be the 3 of us. Gabi - I can't wait. Nick - Neither can I. They kiss.

EJ and Sami talk about the first day they met. EJ tells her it was all planned.

Kate smells the rose. A fragant use of the white flag of surrender ... well played. Rafe sits down. I'm not surrending. I just feel bad for what I said to you. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hurt your feelings. Kate - Your feelings can only be hurt if the person inflicting the damage is someone that you care about. Rafe - So a lot of truces end with walking away. I was hoping this could end with a walk to ... Kate - Again? Rafe - So what do you think? Kate - I think that I would really like to try.

Hope calls out - Thanks Madeline. Then she asks Ciara if she had fun. She did. We baked cookies. Marlena tells Hope she'll call and then leaves. Hope gives Ciara a big hug. Mommy and Daddy love you so much. You know you're our sweet little angel. Ciara - I really miss Daddy. Hope hugs her - I know, so do it.

John arrives at the square and sits on the couch. Marlena walks through the square. She sees him but backs away. John mutters - It better work. It has to.

Kristen - Think, think. I've got to do damage control. How am I going to do that? For all I know Brady and Victor are looking at those photos right now. She grabs her purse and starts to leave but comes face to face with Brady in the doorway.


Thursday, Apr 18

Segment 1: Repeat of Kristen flinging the mansion door open to leave and finding Brady there.

Brian, T, Chad, Will and Sonny all come into the pub talking about their basketball game. Will is going to get them something to drink. Brian offers to help him carry. Chad notices Cameron outside and goes out to talk to him. T tells Sonny all this laughing and energy was good for Will. Sonny - That's the guy I fell in love with. Will orders 2 pitchers of unsweetened iced tea. Brian asks when his baby is due. Will - Soon. Brain - My guess is Sonny's not going to be too thrilled about that. Will - You know what Brian I cut you a lot of slack with all the crap you pulled when Sonny and I were having a rough patch but you have hit your limit man.

Ciara is sitting at a table in the coffeehouse drawing a picture. Abigail comes in. Hope greets her and asks if everything's okay. Abby - Yes. No, I mean, I hope so. I'm looking for someone. She leaves before Hope can ask who.

Chad - I'm just asking. Cam - If I came to the pub for coffee so I wouldn't have to see you at your place? Chad - Didn't work though, did it? Come on, let's talk. We're family. We shouldn't be cutting each other out like this. Cam is going to get coffee. Chad - Wait, there's something you should know about Mrs. Brady ... Caroline walks up. When she sees Cameron she says - I recognise you.

Vic notices that Kristen left her scarf behind. Maggie comes into the living room and asks Vic where that came from, it's gorgeous. Vic - When Brady came over to go over the art proposals he brought his one true love along to help. Maggie - And things went south from there? Vic - Not exactly. What I thought was going to be a pleasant one on one time with my grandson turned out ... aw to hell with it! I've decided he could make all the decisions himself with or without that bitch. When he left he put all the proposals in his briefcase. He probably picked out the ones he wants already.

Kristen - You're back. I can explain everything. I promise you I can explain it all. Brady - Let me catch the breath. He walks into the living room. Where the hell is it, huh? Kristen - What are you talking about? Brady - My Ferrari. It was parked in the driveway when I left now it's gone. I thought this place had security. Kristen - My father had your car towed to the motorcourt in the back. Brady - Why the hell would he do something like that? Kristen - Where you parked, he considers that his spot. I know it seems crazy. I'm sorry. So seriously, that's what you're upset about? Brady - Yeah. Why? Is there something else? Kristen - No, it's just you were kind of over the top about your car. Brady - There is something going on because you said let me explain everything. What were you talking about? Kristen stares at his briefcase.

T - Will's been kind of quiet lately; like he's been down about something. Is he freaked out about the baby? Sonny - No. He's just ... he's going through a lot right now. I'm glad you bugged him to get out and do something. It's important for him to stay active. T - That's what friends are for although I wasn't too good at the friendship thing for a while. Brian - What's with the attitude, Will, I just made a comment. Will - I know you're Sonny's friend ... Brian - I was kind of hoping I was your friend too. Will - Really. Does a friend try to convince me that he slept with my boyfriend? Brian - Hey, you jumped to conclusions all by yourself. Will - No, no. You worded things to make sure I'd jump. And btw I'm more than aware of you doing your little thing around him all the time. Every chance you get you hang out an available sign. You're a bright guy and everyone knows that. I don't understand why you're so clueless. Brian - Clueless about what? Will - Sonny and I are together. Sonny is mine so if you want to go ahead and take a shot, try your luck. Go ahead man.

Hope brings Ciara some juice. John comes in and greets them both. John just came in for some coffee. Hope - I'm really glad we ran into each other. We need to talk about Marlena and Kristen.

Segment 2: Chad - Cameron works with Kayla down at the hospital. That's probably where you've seen him before. He's Lexie's brother. This is Dr. Cameron Davis. Caroline - Celeste Perrault's son. Cam - Right. Caroline - You know you took over a shift for me when I was away and I never got to thank you. Cam - I enjoyed doing it Mrs. Brady. Caroline - You must be wanting some coffee and you're in a hurry. I'll get you some. When she goes inside Chad tells Cam - I tried telling you she was at the club last night. Cam - What! No way! Why would she even show up there? Chad - I don't know. She was out and about with another Alzheimer's patient; probably part of their therapy or something. Cam - They don't take Alzheimer's patients to strip clubs for therapy. Chad - You're probably right. You're in luck though; she probably won't remember any of this. But listen, we need to talk about Abigail. Cam - No we don't. Chad - She was just trying to help you. Cam - I'm not going to talk about Abigail with you ... clear! Chad - Okay. I'll come find you later, maybe we can hang out. Cam - I'll be busy. Chad - Whatever. He goes back into the pub just as Caroline comes out with Cam's coffee. I just have to tell you I enjoyed your act so much. Oh my, you took your shirt off ... you got me. Your act is hot! Smokin' hot. Cameron - OOOOOOOOOOOkay.

Maggie - I'm sorry your time with Brady got spoiled. Vic - That woman spoils everything she comes near. It made me sick the way she had him eating out of her hand. Maggie - You didn't get into a fight, did you? Vic - No. I bit my tongue, she put on her phony smile; it was all peaches and cream. When Brady stepped out to take a phone call she made sure I got the message. Maggie - What message? Vic - She pointed out that John and Marlena are no longer in Brady's life and that could happen to anyone. Maggie - So then it was a threat? Vic - Definitely. The thing I have going on my side is she doesn't know where I stand. I think she's hoping that old grandpa is going to buy her bull. Maggie - And I'm sure you will when pigs fly. Vic - I just wish the guy who had information on her would call back and I could get something to use against her. Maggie - Let's not go through this again.

Back at the coffeehouse we see Sy's envelope beside Ciara's things. Hope - You and I are friends right. We've always been honest with each other. John - Absolutely. You know what Hope, it's better that we don't discuss what's going on with Doc and me. Hope - You've been treating her terribly, horribly. I'm sorry. That's the way I see it because it's the truth. Is Marlena perfect? No. Has she made mistakes? Absolutely. But God knows John, haven't we all? Are you really going to throw away your marriage because of this Brady Kristen business? John - I'm not sure it's as simple as you're trying ... Hope - You need to find your way back to Marlena by whatever means possible. I mean it. You two need to come together, stay together, stand together, side by side ... a united front otherwise you will lose Brady forever.

Kristen - It's nothing. I just ... I thought maybe you ran into your father on your way back to the house. Brady - Why would he be here? Kristen - I don't know. Maybe he wanted to make peace? He came by. I listened for as long as I could and then I told him he had to go. Brady - Maybe he thought he'd run into me; get another shot at turning me around. Kristen - Actually he came by to see me. He wanted to give me something. He said it would remind me of our past. Brady - Like what. Kristen shows him the baseball jersey.

Segment 3: Abby is rushing through the square. She stops and starts talking to herself. What am I doing? What would I even say to him? Hi Cameron, I dropped by to say how sorry I am I have such a big mouth. That would never work. He would be more mad at me than he was last night. She pulls out her phone. Okay Chad, we are a team like it or not.

Caroline tells Cameron - Don't worry. My lips are sealed. You're safe okay. You have a good day ... she chuckles. Inside Chad gets Abby's message. He tells the guys he has to get going. Sonny tells him they'll be here for a while if he wants to come back. Chad will see them soon. T and Will decide to order some fries. Sonny looks at Brian's expression ... What? Brian - Your boyfriend thinks I'm always flirting with you. What do you think? T - You know why we won that game today right? It wasn't because Chad was sitting by the hoop and dunking. Will - He must have scored 20 points. T - You and I did all the work; we're scrappy and that shot you took at the end was awesome. Will - Thank you. You set me up with that pass ... T - We were in the zone today. Will agrees. T - I hope it doesn't change. Will - Yeah, with the baby, you mean. T - Are you freaked out yet? Having a baby ... not because of the whole gay thing or Gabi thing ... it's having a baby. Thinking about it freaks me out. I mean, it's huge! I mean it's tiny, but it's huge!

Vic - Maggie, the man could have some useful information. Maggie - We have talked about this. It's much more likely that he's some kind of a huckster trying to punk you for money. You said yourself Kristen could be behind it trying to make you look bad in front of Brady. Vic - I know what I thought but my gut's telling me a different story so if he calls again ... His phone rings once. Maggie - False alarm. Vic - I can't help wondering why the guy stopped calling. Henderson comes in. Excuse me ma'am, you're son Dr. Jonas is on the line. Maggie takes the call. Vic picks up the scarf. One of these days you're going to slip up and fall. When you do, it's going to be hard. Let's hope it's not near Brady.

Brady - This is a random, silly ... Kristen - Maybe John was going through his closets and thought I needed an old sweater. Brady - What did he say about this - he holds up the shirt. Kristen - I opened it after he left so he didn't say anything. Brady - He's tried to bribe me with presents before. Kristen - That was nice though because it reminded you of your mom. Brady - Maybe he's trying to do the same thing with you. Kristen - It didn't work the first time, it's not going to work the second. Brady has to go check on his car. If he scratched that thing ... As soon as he's gone Kristen rifles through Brady's briefcase looking for that envelope.

Segment 4: Sonny - Will and I love each other which means we trust each other. Brian - You guys weren't always so solid. Sonny - I know and it was my fault for sending you mixed signals and I'm sorry but that's why I've been cutting you slack lately but there's a limit. Brian - Cutting me slack! Sonny - For months I've been ignoring your innuendos, your looks, your secret smiles. I thought eventually you'd get the message when I didn't respond but you haven't, so here it is. Stop. Will and I are together, we love each other and if you want to continue to be friends you're going to have to let it go. Is that clear? Brian - It's clear. Will - I hear what you're saying but I'm excited, I'm not freaked out. There's going to be a real live person that I helped make ... it's crazy. T - It's the miracle of life. I'm sorry. Will - It's okay. I guess you can't understand it until you have a kid yourself but that's exactly what a baby is ... it's a miracle.

As soon as Chad arrives at the square Abby tells him they have to do something right now. Chad - Slow down. I'm assuming this is about Cameron. Abby - Yes. Chad - Relax. I just saw the guy. He's a little cranky but fine. He's not talking to me but he's fine. Abby - He could lose his job and it could all be because of me. Honestly, how stupid does one person have to be. I should have known he wasn't doing anything illegal. Chad - We did see him carrying that gun. Abby - A fake gun for his act and then I blabbed away about it to you and Anne Millbauer was listening to me. Chad - Listening to us; this isn't all on you. Abby - She still went to the strip club to find him and to catch him. Chad - She didn't but I guess the question is, is she going to get the guy fired or not?

Anne walks up to Cam at the nurse's station and tells him they need to have a very serious talk.

Maggie returns. Vic asks how Daniel is doing. Maggie - He sounded okay, a little cryptic. He wants to see me. He sounded upbeat. Vic - That's a good sign. Chloe Lane being gone is an even better sign. Maggie - I have to stop by Chez Rouge to pick up some stuff from my office. Why don't I take Kristen's scarf and drop it off at the DiMera house. That way you don't have to suffer another visit from her. She leaves.

John - I know you care Hope and I appreciate what you said, I really do. Hope - But you're not going to take any advice from me. John - I'm going to handle this my way. Hope - This? John - Yeah. Brady, Kristen, Marlena, the whole mess. Hope - Kristen's a DiMera John. She tried to kill Marlena and in doing so, destroy you. What's going on with you? I know you. Why are you holding back? You know Kristen's a threat. She has her tentacles wrapped around your son and she's dragging him down. Don't you care? John - I love my son and I will do anything for him. Anything.

Brady returns - Stefano's lucky, no scratches. He notices that she's going through his briefcase. What are you doing? Kristen - I was just curious about those art proposals that you and Victor were going through. Did you chose one? Brady - No, I only checked out of few. Granddad's not involved anymore. Actually I really like this one. Tell me what you think. Kristen - It is cool. I love that. Brady - I like this one too. Kristen - Is this all of them? Brady counts them - That's weird. There's only 9 envelopes here. There's supposed to be 10. I know the one that's missing too. I was ready to open it ... I don't know where it is. I'm going to call Henderson ... Kristen - I can swing by there. I left my scarf there earlier and I wanted to wear it tonight. Brady - Okay. Just ask Henderson if he seen it. You can also check the table where we had the envelopes. Kristen - If it's there I'm going to find it.

Segment 5: T, Brian, Will and Sonny are talking about a Maroon 5 / Avril Lavigne concert in Chicago. Sonny - And Adam Levine said some people from The Voice might be there. Brian - Sounds awesome. Maybe I'll try and find a date and join you guys. T - I might be able to help you out with that. You remember Audrey right ... Brian - You've mentioned her before. T - She's got a brother who's into dudes. Brian - What does he look like? T - I don't know. He's Audrey's brother and he's into dudes ... what more do you need? Brian - Okay, try and set it up. I've got to jet. See you guys. T - Brian, can I get a ride home. My car is in the shop. Will - You don't have a car. T - Yes I do. It's in the shop being made. They leave. Will - Brian is not going to like Audrey's brother. Sonny - Why not? Will - He looks nothing like his sister. Sonny comments that it's nice seeing Will this happy. Will - You know why I'm so happy. I'm with you. They kiss. Caroline watches.

Chad tells Abby to stop pacing. You're stressing me out. Abby - I can't. Chad - I keep telling you Anne Millbauer was passed out drunk before Cameron went on the stage. Abby - I know but she still knew that Cameron was there. I've seen that woman do her number on people before. She does not let go, no matter what. For all we know she could be at the hospital firing Cameron right now.

Cam is about to do rounds. Anne - It won't take long. Cam - What's up? Anne - We need to discuss a resignation.

Henderson lets Kristen in. She gushes about how efficient he is. If our man Harold was half as good as you are we'd be very lucky. Vic pipes up - You're wasting your time. If I were you I'd get myself home to Brady. Kristen - Why? Vic - Because he has what you're looking for. Maggie dropped it off at that mausoleum Stefano calls a house and gave it to him. Brady probably has it in his hands as we speak. Kristen - Are you positive about this? Vic - Of course I am. Maggie thought you'd want it back. Kristen - Want it back. What are you talking about? Vic - Your damn scarf woman, what are you talking about. Kristen laughs. I'm talking about the art proposals Victor. Vic - Brady stuffed those in his briefcase when he left. Kristen - When I was here earlier with Brady I was hoping that maybe we could put our differences aside; start a new relationship that we can build on. That's still my hope.

Maggie knocks on the living room door when she see Brady working. Brady greets her with a hug. Maggie came to drop this scarf for Kristen. I'm sure she's looking for it. Brady - She was. Thank you for doing this. Maggie - So how do you like your new digs. How's it working out? Stefano keeping his distance? Brady - On and off. It's been good. Everything is fine. Maggie - I'm glad to hear it. I'm also glad that you and Victor are inching forward. Brady - We're trying. It all depends on how he's willing to treat Kristen. I know it's hard for some people but she's not the woman she was years ago; it's that simple. Maggie notices the baseball jersey. She picks it up. She's definitely not the woman who once wore this.

Segment 6: Will tells Sonny he had fun today. I feel it's been such a long time since I've seen you this relaxed. You've been under so much pressure lately. Will - Me, what about you. You've had to fight with Nick. You agreed to help me out with the baby. Sonny - Arianna Grace is going to have an amazing life and we're going to help make it happen no matter what. Will - Thank you. It sounds like you really thought this through. Sonny - I did. I want you in my life Will. I want you to be happy. They kiss again. Caroline walks up - There will be no public displays of affection in this pub, understood?

Brady - You recognise that jersey? Maggie - I remember it. Team Moose Little League. It was a long time ago. Brady - You were involved? Maggie - You bet. I coached them with your father and Kristen. We were on a winning streak. We had such a terrible bunch of boys. They were so talented. Giving jerseys to everyone ... wow ... it was a terrific day. Brady - Seems like it was just yesterday to you. Maggie - Sometimes it seems that way. Somethings you just never forget.

Hope - I'm sure you'd do anything for Brady. John - Yeah. Hope - But what are you going to do to get Kristen out of his life. John, please tell me you have a plan. What are you going to do? John recalls going to see Kristen with his gift. He looks at Hope - Maybe there is nothing I can do. Hope - I don't believe that; neither do you. You're John Black. You never give up. John - Maybe that guy's gone. See you around. He leaves.

Kristen - Well we used to get along once, remember? Vic - That was a lifetime ago. As I told you this morning I'm just not sure about you. And nothing has happened since then to change my mind. Kristen - Maybe you can keep an open mind. That's all I can really ask for. Vic - You can ask for anything you like; Brady will always say yes. Other people, not so much. Kristen - Could I get a glass of water maybe. Vic will see to it that she gets some. As soon as he's gone she starts searching for the envelope. Henderson comes in and asks if she's looking for something in particular. She is. It's really important that I find it. The camera pans to the envelope which is underneath Ciara's knapsack in the coffeehouse.

Segment 7: Will removes his arm from around Sonny's shoulder. I'm sorry. He was just saying such sweet things. Caroline starts laughing. I'm kidding! If I got upset every time couples kissed in this pub I'd be out of business a long time ago. Sonny asks her if she wants to join them. Caroline - I just came over to say how nice it is to see you both so happy. Sonny - Thank you. We're very happy. Caroline - I've been around a lot of years, things change. I think it's about time everybody can be who they are, wherever they are, right? She walks away. Sonny - Wow, what a great lady. You're very lucky to have her. Will - Yes, I know.

Abby - I got it. That club in Chicago would never give out a dancer's real name, right? Chad - Probably not. Abby - So all we have to do is get Anne to think Cameron was one of the bartenders; that's why he was there. Chad - I don't know how you just slip that in the conversation especially when you're dealing with a conniving bitch like Anne. Abby - Thank you for your overwhelming positivity! Chad - Okay, maybe it will work. Sure beats seeing Cameron get fired.

Cam - A resignation? Anne - A nurse, Georgeanne Franklin, 3rd floor Pediatrics. Cam - I know her. Anne - She's moving to Florida and needs a letter of recommendation. Would you mind? Cam - I'm still pretty new here but I do know Nurse Franklin and I think she's pretty terrific. I'll have it to you by tomorrow. Anne - I really appreciate it. You can use this form here. I really appreciate it. Thank you for not holding it against me ... what I said to Abigail Devereaux that day. I was way out of line. I'm sorry about that. Have a great day.

Brady - So you, Dad and Kristen were coaching ... what was the name? Maggie - Team Moose. Brady - And one day everybody got a jersey like that. Maggie - Yeah. Brady - Is this a good memory because I'm getting mixed signals here. Maggie - Like I said, it was a good day. We were winning and a lot of people were rooting for us. Brady - But? Maggie - I guess the reason I'm a little conflicted about all this is ... that was also the day I realised that John had very real, very deep feelings for Kristen.

John is in the park. He pulls out the picture Kristen gave him.

Kristen tells Henderson that Brady may have dropped or misplaced one of the art proposals. I'm just going to look around. Henderson - You can look but I distinctly remembering Mr. Black putting the envelopes into his briefcase. He leaves. Cue flashback of Brady realising an envelope is missing. Kristen - OMG, it was in his hand. Who the hell has it now?

Ciara picks up the envelope and opens it. She pulls out the picture of Kristen paying off Sy.


Monday, Apr 22

Segment 1: Theo runs up to Uncle Cameron at the nurse's station and gives him a big hug. Abe - We haven't seen you for a while. Where have you been hiding yourself? Cam recalls one of his routines at the strip club and replies "I've been around."

Chad and Abby are sitting ouside the Mandalay Cafe. Chad - Are you sure we aren't wasting our time. Abby - Anne takes her break at the same time every day, comes to the same place and orders the same thing. Chad - Please tell me why we are wasting our time for Cameron when he was a total jerk to us. Abby - Because it's our fault that Anne went to the club in the first place. If she finds out Cam is a stripper he could lose his job at the hospital because of their stupid morality clause. Chad - Well here she is. They get up and walk towards her. Anne - Wow, I'm so glad I ran into you. Abby - You are? Anne - Yeah I think we should discuss what happened at the ... Chad - You can say it Anne, the strip club.

Nicole is stuffing envelopes and grumbling 'So much for lunch.' Vargas walks in. A girl's got to eat. Nicole - I have a granola bar in my purse. It's just that Fr Eric is going to be back tonight and he's going to want all this done. Vargas - Okay, I'll leave you to it then.

Brady - So my Dad saved this jersey all these years and he's not even living at home right now which means he went to a lot of trouble digging it up, didn't he? Maggie - I think I know why.

John is in the park looking at the picture Kristen gave him recalling the moment he gave her the baseball jersey. He smiles and leaves.

Kristen stands in the Kiriakis living room recalling her encounter with Sy when she paid him for the mugging. I've got to find those pictures or this is all over for me.

Ciara opens the envelope and looks at the picture of Kristen paying off Sy. Hope returns to the table and sits down. Hi sweetie, what do you have there? Ciara puts the envelope in her backpack. Nothing, just some stuff I found. Hope - Ciara, you wouldn't be hiding anything from Mommy, would you?

Outside the K mansion Kristen mutters - Kristen, just chill. What the hell do I do now?

Maggie - Remember you told me your father went to Venice and he brought you a plaque from a gondola as a keepsake to remind you of your mother. Brady scoffs - It was a bribe to try to make me believe he was on my side. Maggie - He is on your side. Brady - Don't. Maggie - What I was saying is maybe that's what he's doing with Kristen. Brady - What does that mean? Maggie - Trying to remind her of a time when things were more amiable between them. Brady - That's one way of putting it. Maggie - You have every right to be angry but if you're father is trying to make amends ... Brady - Thank you for bringing Kristen's scarf. I'm sure she'll appreciate having it back. Maggie - Call me if you need anything. He will. Maggie leaves. Brady gets a call from Kristen. She asks him what's wrong.

Segment 2: Nicole stacks one of the envelopes, 14 down and 45,000 to go. Vargas walks in with takeout bags. OMG - Do not tempt me. Vargas - You know you want to. Nicole can't - she's in the middle of a mail ???. Vargas can help. Nicole can't ask him to do that. Vargas - You didn't ask. You probably think I'm useless at this kind of thing but I learned a few things in prison. Nicole - Word processing? Vargas replies. Nicole - You are a man of many talents. Vargas - I don't know about that but I do know the sooner we finish the sooner we can eat.

Anne wanted to thank them for getting her home safely last night. I don't really drink. I think that first martini went straight to my head. Chad - You don't have to explain. Anne - Oh, I couldn't, the whole night's a blur. Chad - You're welcome. Abby - So that's all you wanted to say. Anne - No, actually. I owe you an apology Abigail. When Chloe left town and I heard what she had done to your mother I realised all the horrible things she told me about you and Jennifer were nothing but lies. Abby - Really. Anne - So if there's any way we can forget the acrimony of the past months I would like a fresh start. Abby - I'm just not sure why you care so much. Anne - I'm sure you heard I've recently been promoted. Abby - Oh, so it's official. Congratulations. Anne - Thanks. So I'm sure you understand why I wouldn't want to be involved in any pettiness or backstabbing. Abby - Well that makes two of us. Chad - 3 of us. Anne - Great! So I'll see you soon. After she leaves Chad comments - Weird. Abby - That's one word for it. Chad - It sounds like she's going to let the whole thing with Cameron drop. Abby - I hope so. Chad - And if your Mom ever goes back to the hospital at least she won't have to worry about Anne being a complete bitch to her. Abby - yeah, I'm not so sure about that.

Cam, Abe and Theo are sitting in the lounge when a lady comes in and asks Theo if he's ready to finish building that castle. He is. Abe tells him to be good; work hard for Susie and have fun. Don't forget Chad's going to pick you up when you're done. Cam has to go and get this recommendation over to Mrs. Franklin. Abe asks him to hang for a minute. You know that Theo adores you, right? Cam - And I adore him. Abe - But he's a kid who needs stability in his life. He can't have people going in and out of it. Cam - I'm not going anywhere. Abe - Well good because lately you don't seem to have time for him. Cam - I'm a resident and it's a crazy life. Abe - I know, I was married to one once but Lexie always seemed to make time for the things that were important to her. Cam - Look, don't try and tell me what's important to me. Abe - Fine. Then I'll tell you what's important to me. You're the only family in Salem on Lexie's side that is not a DiMera. And it means a lot to me that Theo spends time with his Uncle Cam. Cam - It means a lot to me too ... in a month or so ... Abe - A month? Cam - I can barely breathe and I really don't have time for this conversation. Abe - Then make time and tell me what's really going on here.

Kristen - Brady, what is it? Brady - Nothing. I'm preoccupied with this business deal. Maggie brought your scarf over. Kristen - Then I guess I wasted my trip over here because I didn't find the art proposal either. Do you have any idea where you may have left it? Brady - No. I stopped by the coffeehouse before I came home. Actually I was going to show the proposals to Marlena. She used to be an art lover. I thought I'd extend the olive branch to her then I got the call about this damn merger and that was that. Kristen - So neither one of you saw the envelope. Brady - No. Kristen - Do you think maybe she took it with her? Brady - I don't think so. I shoved everything back into my briefcase; I thought I did. Kristen - Guess I can swing by Caffeinated on my way (Did they change the name from Common Grounds?) and see if I can find it. I'll see you soon.

Ciara - I have a surprise in my backpack for Daddy. Hope - What kind of surprise? Ciara - If I tell you it won't be a surprise anymore. Hope laughs. Wait a minute, if it's a surprise for Daddy why can't Mommy see it? Ciara - Because. Hope - That's not an answer. Is Mommy not going to like this surprise? Ciara - How should I know? Hope - Excuse me, we don't talk to each other like that, do we? I know that you miss your Daddy a lot. Ciara - I'm going to send him this card. Hope - And I'm sure he would love it but you know what, you might not want to send it just yet. Ciara - Why not? Hope - Because I just got off the phone with your Daddy and I have some awesome news!

Segment 3: Nicole - Finito! It looks like Vargas sprung for KFC ... LOL. Nicole thought she was going to be here all night. Vargas would hate to see her waste a perfectly good night. Nicole - Well you wasted a perfectly good morning on this job from hell. Vargas - That's true but time spent with you is not wasted.

Chad - So you don't think Anne meant what she said. Abby - She's being so nice. Anne is not nice. Chad - What was that whole thing about Chloe anyway? Abby - Do you have about 6 hrs? Honestly, it's not worth getting into. It's over I hope. Chad - As long as she drops this whole thing with Cameron we are done worrying about him right. Abby - Yeah. Chad - I've got to head over to the hospital and pick up Theo from Occupational Therapy. Abby - I haven't seen Theo in forever. I'll go with you. Chad - Yeah, you might just happen to run into Cameron. Abby - God, I hope not. I need to use my Aunt's printer. Are we going or not?

Cam and Abe are walking in the nurse's station area. Cam - My next rotation is Internal Medicine and supposedly I can say goodbye to the 80 hr work week. Abe - Things must have changed since Lexie did her residency. You're not supposed to be working that many hours; it's illegal. Cam - It's not illegal if you pick up work somewhere else. Abe - Are you saying you're working a second job. Cam - Ssh. I'd rather no one here know about it. It's no big deal. It's just for a little while until I can pay off some school loans. Abe - You took out those loans to fulfill your dream of being a doctor. Cam - And I did. Abe - What kind of doctor are you going to be if you're running on empty all the time. Maxine listens as Cam replies - I'm fine. Abe - You don't seem fine to me. Cam - Well I don't remember asking for your opinion. Abe - I was just trying to be helpful. Cam - By getting on my case? By making me feel like a screw up? Abe - That's not what I'm trying to do. Cam - I've got to go. Abe - Come on man, we're family. Cam - NO! We're not, not you. Theo is my family. Lexie asked me to look after him and I will. Abe - Really ... when? Theo needs you now and you're nowhere to be found. Cam - Well I'll figure it out. I'll find time for Theo. I told you I would. Abe - Lexie loved you a lot and she asked me to look after you. Cam - I don't need anyone looking after me. I get along fine on my own. I always have and I always will. Now excuse me, I have rounds. Abe and Maxine exchange glances.

Hope - Daddy says his work is almost done and he's coming home soon. Ciara - Yes! I miss him so, so much. Hope - I know you do. So do I! Ciara - Does Grandma Caroline know? We should go tell her! Hope - That's a brilliant idea. Let's go. They leave. Kristen comes in and asks a waiter if anyone has seen a manilla envelope - she shows the size with her fingers. I think it said Titan Art Proposals on it. The girl did see an envelope like that in the trash. Kristen - Where?

John rushes into the park to meet Brady. So glad to get a message from you. Brady starts spewing venom. You're not going to be so glad when I'm done with you. What kind of sick game are you playing?

Kristen digs through the dumpster using a stick. God, what I have been reduced to. EWWW! I have to make sure it's here.

Segment 4: Maxine goes over to Abe. Mr. Carver, how are you? Abe - Hey Maxine. It's Abe to you and I'm doing well. Do you want some coffee? Maxine - Sure. Abe - You know I'm a little worried about Cameron. Is he doing okay? Maxine - Other than acting like a jackass just now he's going to be an outstanding physician. If anything he might be trying a little too hard. Abe - What do you mean? Maxine - He's a proud young man and he knows some people talk. Abe - About? Maxine - They think he's only here because of ... Abe - Oh. Because of his sister. Maxine - Dr. Davis is determined to prove himself, make his own way in the world. Abe - Can't blame him for that. Maxine - No. You're a good brother-in-law Abe. I think Cameron will be just fine.

Chad asks Abby to wait. I just want to say that even though this whole thing with Cameron is a mess, in a way I'm kind of glad it happened. Abby - Why? Chad - I don't know. Because it's been really cool to spend time with you; maybe to make you realise that I'm not a total jerk. Am I way off base here? Abby - I wouldn't say you're way off base. I'm definitely seeing the less obnoxious side of you. Chad - Wow. Talk about faint praise huh. Abby - What I should have probably said is that you have been very helpful and nice. Chad - That's a little better. Anyway I wish I would have been more sensitve about the whole virgin thing. When I found out about I was really surprised. I didn't think that was possible in ... Abby - This conversation started out promising and it's kind of going downhill quickly. Chad - Sorry. There I go again saying the wrong thing. I'm trying to say that I'm really sorry and I tend to get a little awkward around you for some reason and instead of doing the right thing and shutting up I tend to run my mouth ... Abby - Kind of like you're doing right now. Chad - Exactly! But in spite of everything, my being a sort of jerk and you being all worried and panicky, didn't you at least have a little bit of a good time trying to help Cameron? Abby - You mean trying to help Cameron and actually making the situation a whole lot worse? Yeah Chad, that was a blast. Chad - Come on, we had a couple of good laughs. Abby - Even if we did those laughs will be a distant memory if Cameron ends up getting fired. We should go to the hospital.

The worker comes rushing out to the back alley. Sorry Ms DiMera, it turns out the garbage truck already came today. Kristen - So you're saying that the trash the envelope was in is now at the dump? Seriously, you're telling me this now. I guess that means the envelope is destroyed and gone forever. Girl - I'm afraid so. Kristen - Okay. I guess I'll just have to live without those photos. She pumps her fist ... yes!

Nicole is chowing down on a drumstick. I think I'm enjoying this a little more than I should. Vargas - There's no such thing. Nicole - Next time I'm going to treat you to the best clam chowder in town that is if you don't get your stomach turned by a sanctimonious Brady or two. Vargas - Thanks, I think I'll pass. Nicole - It's got to be weird for you to go out and not know anyone. Vargas - Everyone knowing I'm an ex-con, yeah. Nicole - I've been there myself. Vargas - You're not an ex-con. You're just a gorgeous girl who made a mistake. Nicole replies (couldn't understand her). Vargas - Maybe that's why I'm so comfortable with you. Nicole - The further you get away from the orange jumpsuit the easier it will be for you to get out and meet other people. Vargas - Maybe but if I hadn't started out at St Luke's ... nothing. Nicole - With your computer skills you'll be leaving this place in no time. Vargas - Do you think I'm in a hurry to leave.

Chad and Abigail get off the elevator - Theo should be finishing the session ... they see Cam with Maxine at the nurse's station. Chad - I'll be right back. Abby tells Cam she's glad she ran into him. I just wanted to say again how sorry I am about last night. Listen if I thought for a second that I'd be putting your job on the line, I'd ... Cam - Don't worry about it. When it comes down to it it's all my fault. Now if only I felt the need to share every single aspect of my life with you then maybe you wouldn't have felt the need to help me. Abby - I was worried about you and I still am, more than ever. Cam - Don't be. Put me out of your mind forver! Maxine looks over at Abby.

Maggie comes into the coffeeshop. She sees Kristen. I was hoping I'd run into you. Kristen - That's a first. BTW thanks so much for going out of your way and dropping off my scarf; it was nice. Maggie - Actually I had an ulterior motive. Kristen - That's unusual for you. Maggie - I was just going to say it was very generous of you to offer to help Brady with his art proposal for Titan. But Victor, he meant for it to be a bonding moment between ... Kristen - Which is why I removed myself from the situation. We need to be on the best terms possible with his grandfather. Maggie - You actually sound ... Kristen - What? Sincere? It's because I am. Maggie - I remember when we were coaching the Salem Moose together. You were very vivacious and kind with those kids and I was happy when you and John found each other. Kristen - Let me guess what's bringing this up. Maggie - Seeing the old jersey brought up a lot of memories. Kristen - Sure did, didn't it. Maggie - Not that it's any of business ... Kristen - Don't let that stop you. Maggie - I was wondering why John went through so much trouble to find it and give it to you now. Kristen - I don't know, it's weird, isn't it? It's kind of like Neil Curtiss dropping off a Hummel to add to your collection at Victor's and then asking you to take a stroll down memory lane. Maggie - Not exactly because for us it simply would be possible for us to have a nice stroll. Kristen - I know. It's hard to believe that John would actually want to bury the hatchet unless of course it was in my back. What did Brady say when you talked to him.

John - What are you talking about? Brady - That stupid baseball jersey Dad. That you hand-delivered to her that was supposed to remind her of what was that again? John - Oh that ... the person she used to be. Brady - You mean the person who used to love you. Is this what it's come to. Are you that jealous of your own son? Seriously! You need to take it to this level. You're going to start playing mind games with both of us. John - I'm not doing that. Brady - You can't take it that ... stop it ... you need to stop this whole damn thing. She's marrying me. Why don't you deal with it.

Segment 5: Chad has Theo with him. Are you sure you don't want to come mini-golfing with us? Abby - I have a history paper waiting for me and you know how I feel about golfing. Chad - She's worried that we're going to smoke her again. We'll give you 10 free strokes next game. Abby - I will beat you fair and square thank you very much. Chad - So we're still on for our rematch. Abby - Yeah sure, it will be great. Have fun you guys. They leave. Anne walks by and smiles. Hello again. Abby goes to Maxine - How well do you know that curly headed Anne what's her face. Maxine - Millbauer. Well enough unfortunately, why? Abby - I'm just wondering if you trust her. Maxine - Not as far as I can throw her and I believe that might be pretty far. Abby - That is a nice mental picture. Maxine thinks so too. But why are you wasting an ounce of energy worrying about her? Abby - I'm afraid that she might have it in for Cameron; that she might be trying to get him fired. Maxine - Is this about his other job? Abby - You know? Maxine - I overheard him telling Abe that he picked up a second job to pay some bills and Abe was concerned ... is there a problem? Abby - No, Cameron hasn't done anything wrong. I'm the one who screwed up. My mom says you know better than anyone what goes in this hospital. Maxine - Let's just say I've got my ear to the ground. Abby - So will you do me a favour if Anne starts to stir things up, call me. Maxine - Of course. I care about Cameron too. Abby - Thank you. I'm going to use my Aunt Kayla's printer.

Maggie - He didn't say very much. Brady was just wondering why his father gave you that jersey. Kristen - And what did you say? Maggie - I told him about out little team and the winning streak and the day when we go those jerseys was so special because ... Kristen - Because what? Maggie - Well it was the first time I realised John was falling in love with you. Kristen - Wait a second, you told Brady that. Maggie - Yes. Kristen - Excuse me, I've got to get out of here.

John - Son, the last thing I want to do is make things worse between us. Brady - It's too late Dad. I didn't think it was possible but somehow you managed to do it. John - If things can't get any worse will you listen to me. Brady - No, I'm sick of listening to you. Marlena was right. John - What was she right about? Brady - She was right. You talk about Kristen like she's this awful person but deep down you still have feelings for her, don't you. You can't even deny it, can you? Unbelievable. He answers a call from Kristen. She asks him where he is. Brady - I'm just having a little talk with daddio here. Kristen - Just let it go. Whatever he says about me just don't let it get to you. Brady - No worries. I was just leaving. Kristen will see him at home. Brady - Can't wait. Love you too. John - Why don't we get a cup of coffee and talk about this. Brady - No. I don't want to get a cup of coffee with you. Stay away from me. Stay away from the woman I love. After Brady leaves John says - I don't think I can do that.

Segment 6: Vargas pulls out sugar coated (I'm assuming cream filled) desserts. Nicole is thrilled; these are her favourites. Vargas - It's about to get better. He pulls out a can of whipped cream. Nicole - Are you kidding? It's a little bit of overkill, don't you think. There's already cream inside. Vargas puts creme on her fingers as well as the bun. He then licks her fingers then kisses her.

Cam sees Abby in the lounge and is going to leave but Abby asks him to wait. I'm sorry. Cam - You know what, I'm the one who's sorry. I know why you did what you did. I've been a jerk and an idiot not to see how much you really do care about me. Abby - Yeah I do. Cam - Is there any possibility that you can give me another chance. They kiss. Daydream ends. Abby is sitting at Kayla's desk. Get a grip. That is never going to happen now.

John and Maggie run into each other in the square. John - How are you? Maggie - Not so well. I'm worried about your son. John - That makes a couple of us. Maggie - You know we've been friends for a very long time. John - Yes we have. Maggie - I heard that you went out of your way to give Kristen a old jersey from the Salem Moose. John - So. Maggie - Talk to me John. What exactly are you trying to do.

Hope and Ciara are at the pub. Hope - I think we made Grandma Caroline's day. Ciara - I know, her month. Hope - Actually you know what, I think we made her whole year. Hope gets a call. It's work. I'm going to take it over there sweetie ... it's a little quieter. I'll be right back. When she leaves Ciara pulls out the picture of Kristen and Sy. Outside the pub Kristen and Brady meet up. Kristen - Listen, he can dredge up the past all he wants. We're living in the present. The only man I have any feelings for isn't him, it's you. They kiss as Ciara studies the picture.

Segment 7: Vargas bends Nicole over the desk - the box of envelopes goes bye-bye as the red hot kisses continue.

Anne talks to someone's assistant near the nurse's station where Maxine is. I've been trying to get in to see him all morning. The woman tells Anne that he's had back to back meetings. Anne - This is serious. It's regarding a personal situation of an employee and if word got out it could be very damaging to this hospital. The woman will make sure he gets the message before he leaves for Chicago later today. Anne thanks her. Chicago, how perfect! Maxine looks over at Cam and calls Abby. It's Maxine, I think we may have a problem.

John - This isn't your concern. Maggie - I've been hearing that a lot today. Listen to me, Brady is upset and I'm worried that this is going to affect hsi sobriety. So if your intent is to rekindle his fiancee's old feelings for you ... John - My intent is not to discuss this with you. I'll see you around. He leaves.

Brady and Kristen come into the pub. Kristen hopes he's feeling better. He is. She tells him to not let his Dad get to him. Brady won't. Is there anything anyone else can say to come between us ... I don't think so. He kisses her. Ciara sees them and then looks at the picture of Kristen again.


Tuesday, Apr 23

Segment 1: Ciara starts going towards Brady and Kristen's table in the pub with envelope and picture in hand.

Dan is at the square talking to Parker's new nanny. He thinks this is going to work out fine. Jen joins them. Dan introduces her as Jennifer Horton. She's a big part of Parker's life and mine. The nanny will be ready to start tomorrow morning. She says goodbye to Parker and the adults and leaves. Jen approves of Dan's choice. They sit Parker at a table. Jen says almost everything feels right. Dan asks what's missing. Jen opens an envelope. Look what I found. It's a bullet train car for Parker. They're happy it's all over now and they are right back where they belong. They kiss.

Abby goes up to Maxine and ask's what's wrong. They look over at Anne. Maxine - She was just bugging the Hospital Administrator's assistant. Seems there's a personnel matter that can't wait. Abby - Bitch. Did she say it was Cameron? Anne walks up to them. Photo op next Tuesday. You'll want to look sharp. Maxine - I'll press my scrubs. Once Anne is gone she adds, "That woman works my last nerve!" Abby mumbles - She's so chipper. Maxine - She's only happy when she's ruining someone else's day and given what you told me before ... Abby - You think she has it in for Cameron. Maxine - You tell me. Is there something going on that could get that boy in trouble?

Nicole starts working on Vargas's belt. He looks around - Here? They kiss. Nicole - Unless you want to go back to my room in the convent. They're kissing passionately when Eric comes in slamming the door behind him.

Kristen tells Brady they're not going to let anyone's opinions or feelings interfere with them. Brady likes that. Kristen - We can try and live in the moment; drown out the noise from everybody else. Just savour what we have which is pretty incredible. Brady thinks they should get the hell out of here right now. They leave. Ciara looks at the picture.

Chad and Theo are at the coffeehouse playing a game when Cameron comes in. Chad tells Cam Theo won 4 games in a row. Cam asks Theo if he can teach him how to play Home Run Derby on his phone; he has some time before he has to go to work.

Maxine - Cameron has many god-given talents, please tell me why he'd take his clothes off for money. Abby - His mom borrowed some money she couldn't pay back; he's covering it for her. Maxine - That's Lexie's baby brother. It kind of makes sense. Why wouldn't he just ask somebody. Abby - I don't know. I've already said too much. My big mouth is what got us here in the first place; I put that viper on his trail. Maxine - Wouldn't she love to take down somebody that everyone loves. Abby - Can she really get Cameron fired? Maxine sees a man walk up to the nurse's station. We're about to find out. Abby - That's Seth Burns, hospital administrator. They watch Anne talking to him. Abby can't believe the hospital is run by a guy named Mr. Burns. Is he creepy and all-powerful? Maxine - He is THE MAN. Poor Dr. Davis, we're going to miss him around here. Abby - No, Cameron is not going anywhere; not if I can help it.

Vargas - Father, we didn't expect you back so early. Eric glares at Nicole after he sees Vargas doing up his belt.

Segment 2: Kristen and Brady are in their bedroom kissing and removing clothing. Brady tells her everytime is like the first time with her; like he can't get enough. Kristen tells him they should do it eveytime like it's their last time.

Seth tells Anne he got all 3 voicemails and the 4 e-mails. You've already harrassed Claudia to the point where she's going to quit. Abby eavesdrops as he tells Anne he likes his assistant. Anne - She is wonderful and such an asset to the hospital. I was thinking maybe we could do a press feature on her. Do you think she'd like that? Claudia is exactly the kind of person we'd want for the face of University Hospital. Seth - Dare I hope that's all you've been pestering me about. Anne - Hardly ... yes, it's important we control our image when there's someone on staff here who is putting our reputation at risk. Seth - There it is. Who do you want me to fire today Anne?

Chad brings over coffee. Theo is playing on Chad's phone because Cam's battery died. He says Chad has an older version of the game. That's okay, I'll just beat you quicker. Chad - Sad but true. Cam - This is Operation and I'm a doctor ... the boy just took out my spleen. Theo - You can live without it. Cam - That's clean incision. If you keep this up I'll be out of a job.

Jen, Dan and Parker are now in the Horton living room where Parker starts playing with the 'few accessories' to his train set that Jen bought. Dan asks Parker if he wants to give Jen a hug or stay in the zone. Jen says she'll give him a hug and he can keep playing. Jen thought they could put the train set up in JJ's room. That way when Parker's here he has a place to play. Jen assures Dan JJ won't mind. He's going to love Parker. The doorbell rings. Jen opens the door to Maggie. Maggie - Daniel told me what Chloe did to the two of you. Dan comes up. Jen, what happened before ... Maggie - No, Daniel, you don't have to defend me. This is between Jennifer and me.

Vargas - Father, look, I know I've only got a roof here because of you and the grace of God of course, which I don't take lightly. What just didn't happen here was ... Eric - I need a word alone with Nicole. Vargas - Sure thing. He leaves. Nicole. Coward! And you're a hypocrite. Eric - What? Nicole - The guy gets a free pass and the woman gets the judgemental bull ... Eric - Not the woman, you Nicole and you damn well know why. What's going on here?

Segment 3: Dan takes Parker to the kitchen for a cookie break. Maggie - I won't even try to make excuses. I was wrong. Jen - No you weren't wrong. I hurt your son and that's why you came down so hard on me. Maggie - I didn't know. Jen - I know and you wouldn't have known and that was the idea. I had to make Daniel believe I was this heartless witch and I had to make everyone else believe it too. Maggie - You were pretty convincing. Jen - You would have been too because there was no way I wanted to be the reason that Daniel lost his son. Maggie - That will always be on Chloe's head. I still say I'm losing my touch that I didn't know what you were up too; anyone would have known that you're not that kind of woman. Jen - Why not? You of all people must be so sick of that. This idea that Horton's are saints. Maggie - I guess I've always known better. Jen - I would have done it though, you know. I would have let you hate me forever. I was going to move to England. Maggie - You mean you would have left permanently? Jen - I didn't feel like I had any other choice. Maggie - Bless your heart for being so caring in all this. She sees Jen staring at Jack's picture. What are you thinking? Jen - There's one thing that I will regret forever; that I used my husband's memory to deceive Daniel. I hate that I did that and I know that Jack would have hated that. Maggie - No, not if he understood why you did it. Jen - Thing is, Jack would have been so much more clever than me. He would have come up with some crazy scheme to outfox Chloe. Maggie - Yeah, you're probably right. Jen - Do you think that he's disappointed? Do you think he feels that I betrayed him? Maggie - Of course not. Oh my darling girl, you loved Jack with all your heart. You gave him 2 beautiful children. That's what matters; how you loved him when he was here. That's all that matters. Maggie hugs her. You are so kind and generous. You deserve to be happy, loved. I'm so glad that you and my son have found each other again. Jen - And I'm going to be so good to him, I promise you. Maggie - I know you will. They hug. Dan returns with Parker.

Maxine comes and listens with Abby as Seth asks - Did you actually see Dr. Davis stripping on stage in a club? Anne - I know that Cameron Davis has a job at this club in Chicago ... Seth - So that would be enough? Anne - All it takes is one photo going up on line. One picture of one of our doctors stripping in a club. Can you imagine what that would do to our fundraising? Seth - But that hasn't happened. Anne - Not yet. I think we're just in time to nip this in the bud. Seth - You don't have any proof. Anne - We can get it. You're going to Chicago. Come with me to the club. We can catch Cameron in the act tonight. Maxine and Abby take off.

Nicole - You know what is going on Eric. You weren't always a priest. Surely you have some memory! Eric - The other side of you ... Nicole - What other side? The human side, the flesh and blood side? Eric - You know better. Vargas! Nicole - You're the one who said to give him a chance. Eric - Oh come on. Nicole - You said we'd have something in common and you know what, we do. You're the one who pushed me to him. Eric - Do not try and put this on me. Nicole - You're the one who told me to keep an eye on him. Eric - So you thought you'd try and hook up with him in my office. Nicole - I did not hook up with him in your office. Eric - You were very close Nicole and yes I do remember. Nicole - We didn't do ... Eric - You're going to lie to me on top of everything else. You two were pawing at each other like two horny teenagers. Nicole - You watch it! That collar will not stop me from slapping you from here to Pentecost. You don't get to talk to me that way. Eric - You crossed a line. Nicole - You're line. I never said I would become a nun or stop living my life or stop being human. Do you remember what that's like, being human? Because Vargas and I are consenting adults and we can do whatever the hell we want. Eric - Not here! That is a violation and you know it. I trusted you. Everyone told me it was a mistake. Nicole - Well I guess everyone was right. Eric - Yes they were right!

Segment 4: Maggie isn't in the room. Dan - So you two are good? Jen - Yes. That feel's good. We got everything straightened out and she gets what happened and I get that she's so protective of you. She made me feel better about everything like she always does. Jen notices the time. I'm going to be late for my meeting with Seth. Dan offers to go with her and put in a good word for her. Jen - If I cannot get my old job back by myself then I do not deserve my job. Dan - You quit because of me. Seth should know ... Jen - He should know exactly what I want him to know which is going to be very little. Dan wants her to promise not to ever do anything like that for him again. Jen - We'll see. They kiss and she leaves.

Nicole - If you trusted me to stop being human, stop being a woman, than you made a mistake. Eric - It's not about being human. This is a church. Nicole. No it's not. It's a rectory, not a church. Eric - Is that what you're hanging on to? The rectory is church property. Nicole - I'm sorry. I didn't realise I was stuffing envelopes on hallowed ground. Eric - This is my office. Parishioners, Father Matt, Sr Mary come in here every single day. Nicole - Okay, so it's about what people think. Eric - You and an ex-con are hooking up in my office. Yeah, it's got me worried. What do you think would happen to the fundraiser when the church secretary is about to have sex with ... Nicole screams - Stop saying it. You can take everything in this office and shove it up ... She starts to leave. He grabs her - We are not done here. She cries - Yes we are. I quit and I'm not coming back. She leaves.

Cam tells Theo - You smoked me! They joke around a bit. Cam then tells Theo he has a few more busy weeks and then I want you to teach me every game you have. Theo - Sure. Abe comes in. Cam tells Theo he'll see him soon. Cam apologises to Abe. Abe - It's no problem. You made his day. Cam - Actually he's the highlight of mine. Chad tells Cam he'll walk him out. He thanks Cam for stopping by. Cam wants to spend time with Theo. I just need a few more weeks to get myself out of this. Chad - You don't have to explain anything. I'm sorry Abigail and I butted in. Cam - Forget it. It's almost over and I'm putting it behind me. I can't wait until I'm a doctor fulltime and that's it.

Abby tells Maxine Cam didn't want anyone knowing about his job at the club and now ... Maxine - That might be his only job come morning. Abby - I can't let this happen. This is all my fault. Maxine - You didn't take that man's clothes off, did you? Abby - No but I'm the reason anyone here knows about this. I have to find a way to stop Anne from taking Mr. Burns to that club tonight. Maxine - You're going to stop Anne Millbauer? You're going to end up with tire tracks up your back. Abby - I can't do nothing. Cameron is a good doctor and he needs this job. I have to make that happen.

Brady gets out of bed. I have a little something for you. He gives it to her. They're earrings or bracelets (I think). He enjoys showering her with presents. Kristen - You're a good man. You're exceptional. They're pretty, antique. Brady - No, they're new. No retreads with you, objects with false memories attached to them. Kristen laughs. You're very subtle. You don't have to worry you know. Brady - You don't have to either. You and me forward, just us, forget the past. Kristen - Yeah, it's all ancient history; completely forgotten. Brady - We're going to make it.

Segment 5: Kristen - Promise me, no more presents. Brady says no. They argue back and forth. Kristen concedes. I guess we all have to do what we have to do, right?

Nicole is lying on a bed in a hotel. Screw it. I'm not a saint and I'm sure as hell not going to die trying to become one. Life is too short. She calls Vargas. Hey, are you okay? Nicole - Never better. Vargas - Fr Eric was ticked. Nicole - That's his problem, not mine and not yours. So why don't you come over?

Maxine - Voicemail again? Abby - I bet Cameron turns off his phone when he's at that club. Maxine - You can't warn him that he's about to lose his job. Abby - You're so sure. Why is it such a big deal? What are the hospital's exact rules of conduct? Maxine - You can't engage in any behaviour that could harm the reputation of the hospital. Abby - That's a pretty subjective line. Maxine - I think a doctor stripping crosses that line. Abby sees Jen ... Unless ... Jen walks up to them. Abby - Mom, I really need your help right now.

Maggie tells Daniel to bring Parker over tonight. Don't you and Jennifer want some tme together. She watches Parker play with his train set. I remember taking the train to the east when I was a girl. Dan didn't know that. Maggie - There's still somethings we need to catch up on.

Eric is slamming drawers so hard that Fr Matt has to yell his name to make himself heard. What's the matter? Eric - Hear my confession.

Nicole opens her door to Vargas and tells him to come in. Vargas - We need to take a minute here and do the right thing.

Segment 6: Abe thanks Chad for picking up Theo. Chad - Hey, it's our day; I wouldn't miss it. Abe - And I bet you're the reason Cameron stopped by. Chad - He wants to be around. Abe - But something's in the way, huh. I won't put you on the spot but if Cameron's jammed up and needs help, I'm here. Chad - The man's not big on asking for a hand. Abe - Pass it along. Chad - Sure. Abe and Theo leave.

Jen looks at Maxine - Well? Abby - It's solid, right? Maxine - It might work. Jen - Maxine, that is not the can do spirit that we are looking for. Abby - I'm going to call the club directly to see if I can warn Cameron. If not, we have to make this happen. Jen - I'll make some calls. Maxine - Wait a minute, where's my list? If you're going to take down Anne Millbauer, I want a piece of that. Abby - No way. Maxine - Is this about my bad attitude because I really do have spirit. Jen - I just don't want you caught in the crossfire here because if this goes badly you could get in a lot of trouble at the hospital. Maxine - And if you two screw up, Cameron Davis will lose his job. Now Lexie Carver hired me and has given me every promotion since and if I can't help her baby brother when he's in trouble ... count me in.

Cam comes into the empty club. One of the guys says - "I hope your brought your A game tonight; house is booked." Cam - Great. The guy mentions that a new club is opening on the Loop, very high clientele, you want in on that? Cam - I have another job I love and I can't wait to get back to it. Guy - Must be nice to turn down this kind of money. Cam - It's not about the money ... yeah, it is but as soon as all that's over I'm out of here. The phone rings. It's Abby. I need to speak to Apollo. No, I'm not a fan, I'm a friend and I really need to tell him something. Guy - Here's what you do. Come on down tonight ... Abby - I'm serious. Guy - So am I. Bring some twenties, come early and get a spot by the stage. You can tell Apollo whatever you want. Abby - You don't understand. I really need to talk to him. Can you give him a message from me? The guy hangs up and tells Cam - That's the fifth woman who's called for you today. Do you really want to give this up? Cam - Oh yeah.

Brady gets a call. Brady Black. Kristen - What's wrong?

Eric - I gave in to anger tonight. No, it wasn't anger. It was wrath. I was enraged. Fr Matt - Why? Eric - I walked in on Nicole and Vargas in my office. Let's just say it was a compromising position and I lost it. I was furious. I don't even remember the last thing that I said. I was just so mad. I tore into Nicole. I judged her. Fr Matt - You forgot to hate the sin but not the sinner. Eric - I didn't hate Nicole. I don't. Fr Matt - Maybe that's the problem Fr Eric. Listen, you've got to say it, whatever it is, out loud.

Nicole starts taking off Vargas's jacket. Vargas - Look I'm not going to lie, I want you but I've got a great setup at the Church, I don't want to screw it up. Nicole throws his jacket aside - Guess who could tonight. There's no reason for Eric to know you're here. It's up none of his business. Vargas - Clearly Fr Eric doesn't agree with that. Nicole - That's why I left. He's not going to throw you out, trust me. You're his project. He may want to give you hell just like he did me but you're going to be fine. So if you're going to get the penance you might as well do the crime. Vargas - I'm trying not to aggravate the man. Nicole pulls him to the edge of the bed. Sometimes it can't be helped. Who runs your life Vargas. Aren't you tired of people telling you what to do, how to feel? She kisses him. He joins her on the bed.

Segment 7: Anne and Seth Burns are at the club. Seth - I'm the only man in this room who isn't working here. Anne - We won't be here long sir. Seth - I don't like this. Anne - The show itself is so vulgar and distasteful. Dr. Davis is exposing the hospital to so much ridicule. Jen walks up with Abby and Maxine. Hi Annie, did you book your ususal table? Anne - What are you doing here? Maxine fans herself with a flyer??? Same as you. Anne - This is not ... Abby - Not fair? It's really not. She looks at Seth. She beats us here everytime and gets a table right by the stage. Anne - I don't beat them. I don't come here. A waiter comes over and starts placing shots in front of her. Hey Anne, you're ususal kickstarter. Anne - Okay, this is a very unfunny joke. They're only here to warn Dr. Davis only it's too late because that is the intro music. Seth - How would you know that if you're not a regular? Jen - You are so busted. Anne - Listen, any minute now, one of our doctors is going to come out here and break every clause of our code of conduct. The women start clapping, Seth's jaw drops ... Anne - I'm sorry sir. I know it's a shock but ... Anne turns to the stage. What the hell!

Fr Matt returns to the rectory after taking a call from the Bishop. He apologises, he had to take that. Eric - No, it's fine. I only needed a few minutes. I'm fine now. I think I overreacted because of my friendship with Nicole. Fr Matt - Eric, is friendship all there is between you and Nicole.

Nicole and Vargas are naked in bed in the throes of ecstacy. Nicole - Oh God, this feels so good. I want you so much Eric. Vargas stops.


Wednesday, Apr 24

Segment 1: Anne turns around expecting to see Cameron stripping but instead sees Cowboy Dan aka Dr. Jonas gyrating on the stage. Seth - I thought you said Dr. Davis was the stripper. Sami and Caroline show up. I believe it's Abby that says let the party get started. Kristen sits down at Seth and Anne's table. Not without me you don't. Maxine has her wad of bills out and she's dancing to the beat. Anne stands up ready to let loose with all barrells blazing. Kristen tugs her arm - Would you sit down. I can't see a thing. Dan is doing his thing. Anne is aghast.

After Vargas stops because Nicole calls him Eric, she asks him why he stopped. Vargas - You called me Eric.

When Fr Matt asks if friendship is all it is between him and Nicole Eric replies, "No Father, it isn't."

Caroline and another woman rush the stage. Caroline stuffs some money into Dan's jeans. Anne tells Seth - It was supposed to be Cameron Davis. I don't know how this happened. You can't think this is a good idea. Seth shakes his head no. Jen, Maxine and Sami are all gushing. It's Sami's turn to stuff some money down the front of Dan's jeans. Kristen throws some money on the stage and yells 'Take it off.' Dan strips off his shirt and throws it right at Anne who acts like she just caught a live grenade. A bunch of young ladies run to her and ask her if she's going to keep it. Anne lets one of them have it and they act like they were given a million dollars. Jen yells out to Anne that she better get in line. Seth is going to leave. Anne - No, Mr. Burns wait. Cameron Davis will be out here and even if for some reason he doesn't show, look at what you just saw. Seth - Yeah, Daniel Jonas, our best surgeon. A man who's operated on more of our donors and their families than anyone at the hospital. What is it that you'd like to say about him Anne? Jen, Sami and Abby listen as Anne replies - This is a travesty. Jen - No, Anne, it's called fun, Anne. Sami - Yeah, what she says. You've got to lighten up Anne. Kristen walks up, "Are you Seth Burns?" I am. Kristen extends her hand - Hi, it's so nice to meet you. I'm Kristen DiMera. Seth - Ms DiMera, a pleasure. Your father's been an important part of our hospital board for so many years. He's provided so much assistance. Caroline leans in to Sami - And customers ... all the people the DiMera's have offed. Sami - Grandma, behave yourself here. Kristen - He's very proud of the work he's done on the board and in fact he's a very big fan of your new rehabilition wing for stroke patients; very cutting edge. Seth - That's my baby. If only we had more funding. Kristen - It's interesting that you should say that because I'm going to be holding his proxy at the next meeting. We should talk. Seth - Certainly. They step away. Anne rounds on the rest of the women - You think this is funny. I see what you're trying to do here and it's not going to work.

Segment 2: Jen runs up to stuff some money in Dan's jeans. He has money sprouting from all over the place. Dan and Jen kiss. Anne jerks Abby around so they're facing each other. You think your rich friends can protect your boyfriend from his disgusting ... Abby - Wait, Anne, I thought we were friends now. Anne - Oh please. Abby - At least that's what you said. Was that a lie? Abby turns her back on Anne. Dan keeps on dancing and collecting money. The ladies sit down. Sami - Grandma, are you serious; you have been here before. Caroline - Yes. In fact Rosa is thinking of making Friday night's a regular thing. Sami - Well if it keeps you young. Maxine - Drink up ladies, this round's on me. Jen - The next round is going to be on me. Thank you all so much for being here. Sami - We're glad to do it but what's the deal with Cameron. How did he end up here? Jen - He's just paying off someone else's debts. Maxine - And now Anne wants him to pay with his job. Sami looks over at the bar. Well I think Kristen's going to take care of it single-handedly. She's going to work over that Burns guy. Jen - Well Kristen always was charming. Caroline - When she wants to be. Sami - What about Daniel? He won't end up in trouble for this, right? Jen - No, the night is still young. This plan is going to work. Intro music for the next set starts, the women clap. Anne tells Abby - Maybe you can protect Daniel Jonas but when Cameron Davis comes out, he can kiss his job goodbye. Next on stage is Brady wearing a cops's outfit and the obligatory shades. He pulls out his billy club and starts his thing. Abby turns to Anne who is agape ... What's that, I didn't hear you? Sami comes up to Kristen. So this is why you're here. Kristen - Yeah. Daniel asked Brady to help and apparently he couldn't say no. Sami - Everyone loved Lexie so if they don't know Cameron, they'd do it for her. Kristen - I know, my sister was perfect and I'm never going to measure up. But then you wouldn't know a thing about that, would you Sami? Sami - Is this your idea of us bonding? Kristen - It's just something else we have in common besides EJ. Where is he? Is he backstage waiting to go on? Sami - EJ! No, this is not his style. Kristen - He'd have done it for you. Sami - He happens to be out of town. When Daniel called I was wracking my brain trying to think of guys who would do this. I even thought about calling Eric. Kristen - There's not exactly a commandment about not stripping, still I don't know. Sami - I can't help it. I don't think of him as a priest. He's still so normal, human. Brady is still dancing.

Nicole - I did not say that name. Vargas - I know what I heard. Nicole - I would never say that ... okay if this is a joke, it's a lousy one and you better make it up to me. They kiss. Nicole pushes him away - You were joking, right? Seriously, you better tell me if you were joking. I wouldn't say that name. Vargas - Okay, whatever you say. Nicole snaps - Vargas! Vargas - Look, I'm a lot of things but I'm not a liar. You called me Eric.

Fr Matt - How far has it gone? Eric - What? Fr Matt - You've got to lay it all out on the table Eric. Tell me. Eric - Nothing has happened. Nicole and I are friends. Fr Matt - You said that wasn't all. Eric - It isn't. My feelings go beyond friendship. I do love Nicole.

Brady removes his shirt. Kristen brings money to the stage and Brady kisses her. Jen asks Abby if the witch left. Abby - Not yet. She's not giving up for anything. Jen - You're kidding me. What is it going to take? Abby - Look. They watch as Anne stops Seth. Mr. Burns, you can't leave. Seth Burns - Daniel Jonas, our best surgeon. Brady Black who is on the board or his girlfriend, Ms DiMera, what do you think I should do to them? You're worried about our funding and our image in the community. He looks around. This is our community not to mention our funding. Anne - Listen, they're just trying to protect Cameron Davis. This is a blatant case of favouritism. Dr. Davis is a young doctor who doesn't understand his responsibilities clearly. Seth points to the stage. And I don't see him Anne. Anne - Wait, cause he'll be here. New music starts. Sami - So this is it. Cameron's going on. Jen - Not quite yet. Construction worker Rafe comes on the stage. Sami looks a little flustered. She downs a glass of champagne in one gulp. All the ladies go to the stage. Rafe notices Sami who waves her money at him.

Segment 3: Kristen watches Sami watching Rafe as Rafe watches Sami. Rafe removes his undershirt. Abby rushes to Annie and grabs her hands - Annie, why are you hanging back? Anne snaps - Don't touch me. Seth - Why does that guy look familiar. Abby - Oh, that's Rafe Hernandez. He's a detective at the Salem PD, former Special Agent of the FBI. Seth - Interesting crowd. Anne just shakes her head. Caroline stops Maxine from leaving ... there's going to be an Indian chief .. Maxine - I have to hit the cash machine. I'm out of singles. Caroline - I cashed in all of the waiter's tips. Maxine - Well you are one prepared lady. Caroline makes her way to the stage. Sami fans herself with her money. Kristen walks up - Mercy me. You were married to that! Sami smiles and shrugs.

Fr Matt - You're in love with Nicole. Eric - No, but I do love her and I think that's the right word. You know that Nicole and I share history. We've known each other since we were young, naive. Fr Matt - You're first love. Eric - It's been so long. We went our separate ways, very diffent paths. I still care. She has so much potential to be happy. She just keeps getting into these deadend relationships that only end up breaking her heart. When she came into the church she told me she wanted to change and I believed. Fr Matt - You believed she was sincere. Eric - She just keeps torpedoing herself every chance she gets. It's sad but it's not something I can't live with until now. Fr Matt - And what was different today. Eric - Nicole and a former inmate in here were making inappropriate actions. Every judgement she had flew out the window. She's going to make a horrible mistake and get burned by it.

Vargas - I've got an idea. No talking. That works, right? Nicole - Just for the record I don't know why I said that name. It doesn't mean anything. Vargas - Okay, forget it. I'm not thrilled about it but hey. Nicole - What do you mean you're not thrilled? Vargas - I've got eyes. You and Fr Eric ... oh God, are we going to do this now? Nicole - I'm sorry, but what aren't you thrilled about? Vargas - You've got the hots for the guy. Nicole - I do not! Vargas - I really think the not talking thing would work for us here. Nicole pushes him away. You know what, you're a real buzzkill. She gets out of bed.

Maxine comes running back waving bills. She makes a dash for the stage. (So funny!) Kristen - I can understand why that made EJ crazy 'cause that is real talent! Sami - EJ has nothing to worry about. Jen asks Abby how they're doing. They see Anne grabbing Seth, preventing him from leaving. Abby - She's like a dog with a bone. Jen - We have to keep going. We have to play this out. Rafe throws his shirt ... Seth and Anne duck ... LOL! The annoucer gets the ladies in a frenzy and they bring Rafe out for an encore. Dan returns on stage as well as does Brady and Cameron joins them. Anne - See, that's Dr. Davis.

Segment 4: All 4 guys are on stage doing their thing and collecting money like crazy. The music stops. They keep collecting money and then finally leave the stage. Sami laughs - Grandma! Caroline - Well I'm one now. Sami - What! Didn't you have fun? Caroline - Yes I had fun but I'm tapped out. Sami - We did a good thing. We're helping a good cause. We're helping Cameron. Caroline says something but I couldn't understand it. Sami - I know, can you imagine someone being so stubborn and proud they wouldn't ask for help. They both laugh. Kristen joins them. Who was your favourite? I may be a little bit biased but I think Brady wiped the floor with them. Jen, Abby and Maxine watch as Anne talks off Seth's ear. Jen - Do you think Burns is going for it? Abby - He can't make Cameron a scapegoat when all those other guys were up there too. How big of a hypocrite would he be? Maxine - As big as he needs to be. Burns is not the sharpest tool in the shed but he is a survivor and if he thinks he's going to get blowback for not acting, someone's head is going to roll. Jen - We don't know that. Maxine - It's a bad sign that he's still here. It means he doesn't know which way he's going to jump. And if he's not convinced by now ... They start clapping when Brady, Rafe, Dan and Cameron come out. Abby tells Cam that they're trying to see if this thing worked or not. Cam - Don't worry, we still have one more move to make.

Vargas - What's going on? Nicole throws his shirt at him. We're not doing this. Vargas - Oh man. Really? Okay, how's this. Nicole, baby, I know you don't have a thing for the priest and you can call me anything you want. Nicole - I don't need you judging me. Vargas - I'm not. Nicole - Just go. Vargas - There's a word for what (can't make out what he says). Nicole - What are you going to say to Eric about this?

Anne - Look, even if Jonas is a great surgeon you have to stay out in front of any scandal right now. Dan is listening as she continues - Public perception is everything when it comes to fundraising. Dan - You are so right Anne. And I'd say the public enjoyed it. Anne - Why, because they screamed like hyenas when you took your shirt off. That is not the image we want this hospital ... Dan - But they donated generously to a very worthy cause. Cam - And tonight was a fundraiser for the Pediatrics Wing on 4E. Anne - Oh please. Cam - The wing needs new furniture, new games for the kids. Dan - Every room needs new equipment. This is a start. Anne - This is a bribe. Do you see what they're trying to do? They're trying to paper over Dr Davis's second job. Cam - It's not about that. I worked here to pay off my loans. It was temporary and it never interfered with my job at the hospital. I know if it was up to you I'd be fired but it's not. Now sir, what do you say.

Segment 5: Seth - This was a wonderful event. The children at University Hospital are lucky that doctors who work long hours are so dedicated to their care that they'll go the extra mile to raise money. Cam hands him an envelope filled with cash. Anne - You can not do this. Jen - The man just wrote your press release. Take it Anne. Anne - The hospital's reputation is on the line sir. Abby - That's bull Anne. You hate my mom and me and you were trying to take it out on Cameron. Seth - If you'll excuse me, I have an early morning. Anne - Mr. Burns, I think in the cold light of day you will see ... Seth - I'll be making personnel changes, no doubt. He points to Jen - I'll see you in my office at 9am. Jen - Yes, I'll be there. He leaves. Anne - You all think you're so smart but this isn't over. She leaves. Kristen talks like a wicked witch - I'll get you my pretty and your dog too. Brady - Who was that lady? Get her a fruit basket. Maxine hi-5's Jen - Our ex - PR director. Cam - I can't thank you guys enough. You saved my job. Dan - Don't thank us. This was all Abigail and Jen.

Fr Matt - Eric, do you see what you're saying. You're talking about Nicole and her choices as if you could participate; as if you could give her answers to her choices. You can't. If she wants your advice give it to her. Guide her but that's all you can do son. We serve God Eric here, we don't play God. Eric - I don't think that's what I'm trying to do. Fr Matt - Well then take a good look at yourself. Try to find out why you think you can do things with Nicole that you can't with any other parishioner. Think about it son. He leaves.

Vargas - You mean Eric the priest who you don't have any feelings for. You want to know what I'm going to tell him. Nicole - You don't have to say anything. Vargas - No I don't because I like my setup at the church. I want to continue living there so I've got no reason to tell him how you really feel about him. But if he asks me I won't hesitate to tell him exactly how I feel about you. He leaves. Nicole throws something at the door.

Jen sits on Dan's knee and tells him it was hard to be a good sport when those women were sticking their hands down his pants. Dan - It was tough for me too. It's weird. I don't know how Cameron does it but if it's for a good cause ... Jen - It was a good cause for Cameron too. You saved his job. Dan - No, that was you and Abigail. Jen looks over at Abby and Cam - Let's hope for a happy ending there. Dan - Maybe new beginnings? Abby asks Cam if he was surprised when the guys joined him. I tried to call and warn you but they just told me to show up with money so we went with Plan B. I'm sorry but this was the only way out. And I owe you; this happened because I butted in and I was nosy ... Cam - Breathe! We do need to discuss this. Rafe says hi to Sami. She returns the greeting. You did great. Rafe - That was unexpected. Sami - Right. Rafe - Cause when I pictured it in my mind I just didn't imagine seeing anyone that I knew. Sami - Awkward. Rafe - Strange. Sami - Daniel and Jennifer called and said you needed a cheering section so I wanted to help. Kristen walks up - Rafe Hernandez. I can't believe we've never met. And now I will never forget how. You were great up there. Rafe - You're? Kristen - I'm sorry. I'm Kristen Dimera. They shake hands. I'm EJ's sister. She picks up Sami's hand - Whoa, Sami's soon to be sister-in-law. I can't believe he proposed. Let me see that ring. That is so pretty.

Segment 6: Cam and Abby are backstage. Abby - I know you didn't have a real choice in this but we had to do something. Anne was going to bust you tonight so we had to move really quickly. Maybe you could have come up with a better solution in time but we didn't have time. I know, breathe. I felt really awful and I still do because ultimately ... he kisses her.

Nicole runs into Fr Matt in the square. Nicole - I'm sorry. I wasn't paying attention. Fr Matt - Apology accepted. Nicole - Let me guess. You found out I quit and wondered why. Fr Matt - I did. Nicole - I think it's for the best. Fr Matt - And that's how you intend to leave it? Nicole - What else is there? Fr Matt - Nicole, don't you think you at least owe Fr Eric a few words.

Vargas knocks on the door of the rectory and asks Eric if he can come in. He can. Vargas - Look, I meant what I said earlier. I know I wouldn't be anywhere if it wasn't for you. I don't want to mess this up. Eric - If that's true you need to avoid scenes like I walked in on. Vargas - Absolutely. Eric - No matter what Nicole may have said to you this was a violation. Vargas - It didn't happen and it won't happen; especially not with her. Eric - And what is that supposed to mean. Vargas - I'm done with her Father. As far as I'm concerned, she doesn't exist. Please forgive me.

Cam tells Abby that what she did tonight was really something. Thank you. Abby wants more. They kiss.

Dan and Jen are talking when a blonde walks over and asks Dan if he's really done for the night. Jen - Yes, he's done. Dan gives the lady his hat. Jen - Okay, you can stop now. Dan asks is she wants some help with her 9am meeting with Seth Burns. Jen - You've done enough tonight. Let's get you home.

Kristen natters on. That's such a pretty stone. What's it, about 2 carats? Sami - I didn't ask. Kristen - Right. I think it's 2 carats. It's not gaudy. EJ has nice taste. Rafe - I guess congratulations are in order. Brady comes over. Kristen gushes - Did you know EJ proposed to Sami. Look at this. Brady - Wow, I guess congratulations are in order. Sami - Thanks Bro. You looked good up there. Brady and Kristen step away. Sami - I'm sorry about that. Rafe - About what? Sami - Kristen in general. I just didn't want you to find out about this (she holds up left hand) like that. Rafe - It's good. You're happy. Sami - Yeah I am. Rafe - Great. That's all I ever wanted for you. He's going to leave but Sami asks him to wait.

Segment 7: Eric is in the rectory praying when Nicole comes in. She sees him praying and leaves.

Cam tells Abby he owes her an apology. I shouldn't have been like I was. You just wanted to help. If I had been honest with you from the jump then none of this would have happened. Abby - Then you never would have gotten to see how many people in this town really care about you Cameron. Cam - More like they care about you and your mom. Abby - No, they came here for you tonight. Cam - Nobody ever showed up for me like that ever and that's you. There's not even a word for how amazing you are. Abby - Make one up. Cam will work on that. I have an early shift tomorrow so I should go. Maybe I can say thank you another time. They kiss. Cam leaves.

Kristen tells Brady she has a big announcement to make. We're going to put a pole in our room. Brady - Only if you do equal time. Kristen - Sure. Brady - Should we tell Stefano about it. That just might do him in for good. Kristen - That's just gross. Should we wait for them, what do you think? Brady looks over at Sami and Rafe. No, they have their business to take care of.

Sami - I just wanted to say thank you. Rafe - For what? Sami - I know you weren't expecting this and I really appreciate you respecting me enough to not try and talk me out of it. Rafe - Well that's over. Sami - Really? You don't think that being with EJ is stupid and self-destructive and I'll end up regretting it the rest of my life. Rafe - See, you already know it. I didn't have to say a thing. He leaves.


Thursday, Apr 25

Segment 1: Jen and Dan are in bed kissing when he pulls back and asks her how she'd feel if he resigned from the hospital. Jen - I'd be really surprised. Dan - Me too. I've got to share this with you. Last night on the stage I felt so alive. I felt like I'd found my heart's, no my life's desire. Listen seriously. I want to stop being a surgeon and pursue my dream of being a professional stripper. Jen - That is so great. I can't wait to tell my mother because she was so worried I was dating a doctor. Now when I tell her that I'm dating a stripper ... that's bragging rights right there. Dan - I know it's going to take a lot of hard work. It's not going to be all bright lights and women shoving money in my shorts. It's hard work. Jen - If that's your dream, I'd never want to stand in the way of your dream. Dan - That is so sweet. Jen - You're dreaming. Back to real life, you need to pick up Parker from Aunt Maggie's. Dan says there's something else he needs to do; something important.

Vargas knocks on the rectory door and asks Eric if there's anything he wants him to do before he takes his break. No, you're free to go. Vargas - Father, look I know I thoroughly messed up with Nicole last night but you and I are cool now, right? Eric - I'm not so sure that we're cool. I'm working on a draft for Sunday's sermon in my office where you and Nicole were ... let's just say I'm pushing down a visual. Vargas - I said I was sorry. Eric - I let you off the hook. You still have a job. Don't you think it's pushing it a bit to say we're cool? Vargas - Maybe being a priest you don't know what it's like. Eric - What? Being a man. I know what it's like. Your personal life is your business and Nicole can do whatever she likes but this is my office where I work and where I live and the fact that you and Nicole were ... Why don't you go on your break? Vargas - Right, sorry. Eric mutters. I know what it's like.

Nicole looks at her phone and Eric's picture. She recalls getting caught by Eric and then saying Eric's name when she was in bed with Vargas. Nicole calls Eric. Hey, it's me. Eric - I know. What do you want.

John is at the coffeehouse. He recalls giving Kristen the baseball jersey way back when and now. He smiles. Come on crazy K, take the bait.

Brady comes down into the DiMera living room. He can't believe how late he slept. Kristen - You must have been exhausted. Taking your clothes off in front of a room full of screaming women is hard, hard work. Brady - It's a dirty job. Somebody's got to do it. Kristen - I'm not sure I like having to share you with all those women. When Brady is hugging Kristen he sees the jersey. Really? I was kind of hoping that thing would be donated to St Luke's clothing drive by now. I don't like looking at it. Kristen - It's not a big deal. I'll get rid of it today. Brady - But why haven't you gotten rid of it already. I don't understand. Does this have memories for you? Kristen - Well, yeah. It kind of reminds me of a time when your father and I were friends. It's as simple as that so it does have memories for me. Not what you wanted to hear, huh. Brady - It's alright. I asked the question, you answered. Kristen - But I was staring at it and I was thinking how I've changed so much since then. Not just me, your dad too. Back then he was not bitter, he was not manipulative ... sorry, I shouldn't talk about your dad that way. Brady - It's hard to argue that the man is not manipulative when he's been playing so many mind games lately. I think it's also pretty clear to me that he has some ulterior motive for giving you this but what is it. Kristen - That's kind of the 64,000 thousand dollar question, isn't it?

Ciara is sitting at a table at the outdoor cafe in the square looking at the picture. She puts it back in her knapsack when Hope sits down. Hope likes these late start school days because they get to spend more quality time together. She hamds Ciara a menu and asks her what she'd like. Ciara - Mommy, can I ask you something? Hope - Of course, anything. Ciara - It's about Brady and his girlfriend.

Segment 2: Dan - What do you think? Jen - I think that it's a terrific idea and I want to go with you. Dan - We're a team, right? Jen agrees but she has to go to the hospital herself to see about her job. Dan - There's no 'I' in team. Jen - There's no 'I' in enough already. Dan thought he'd give it a try. They kiss. Jen - We need to get this whole team out of bed right now.

Nicole - The reason I was calling was because ... Eric - Because of what? Nicole - I wanted to see when I could pick up my stuff. Eric - You know what, I have a meeting in about a half hour so I'll be out of your way. Nicole - Fine, I'll be there in a half hour. Eric - Goodbye Nicole. He hangs up. Nicole - Yeah, goodbye Eric.

Brady - I asked him why he gave that to you and he didn't have an answer for me, at least not one he wanted to share with me. Kristen - Maybe it was just a peace offering. Brady - A fruit basket is a peace offering. I'm going to go with first theory and that is he still has feelings ... Kristen - I don't think that's it ... Marlena ... hello! Brady - He loves Marlena but my Dad's still a guy and guy's have this universal quality that's ever so admirable. He's moved on but he doesn't want you to move on with anyone else. He doesn't want to see you with anyone else especially his son. Kristen - I guess he's in a tough spot. We're getting married and that's going to be the happiest day of my life. They kiss.

Ciara - What's the name of Brady's girlfriend? Hope- Kristen, why do you ask honey? Ciara - I know something about her.

Segment 3: Nicole walks up to the bar at the Brady Pub. The bartender greets her. Hey Nicole, it's been a while. One Bloody Mary, easy on the tabasco. Nicole - No one makes them like you Tom but not this morning, just coffee. She turns around and sees Vargas. Well this morning just gets better and better. Vargas - What a surprise to find you in a bar first thing in the morning. Nicole - Look, I don't want any drama right now. Vargas - Me either. I like my breakfast without the side of crazy so I'll get it somewhere else. He leaves. Abe walks up to Nicole. What's going on here? I thought the two of you were getting to be friends.

Hope - I was afraid this would happen. Ciara - What? Hope - My guess is that your friends at school have been talking about Kristen and well, people like talking about the DiMera's. But sweetheart let me explain something to you; it's very important. When people enjoy talking about the bad things someone has done that's called gossiping and it could really end up hurting somebody. You understand that, don't you? Ciara - But mommy, I wasn't gossiping. My friends didn't tell me anything. Hope - Okay, I'm sorry. Then why were you asking about her?

Kristen - Even if your father does have feelings for me, you have nothing to worry about because I love you with all my heart and everything else. Brady - You know what was great about last night ... you. Kristen - Why? Brady - Because you cheered and you laughed and you had a great time. And you did a great job of pretending that your fiance wasn't making an ass out of himself. Kristen - You weren't making an ass out of yourself. I saw my fiance helping Lexie's brother and I saw that my fiance was shockingly good at handling a nightstick. Brady - I love the fact that when this whole thing started with you and I we got along in bed really well but now, we get along full stop. I really like that. I really love you. I'm sorry about the whole jersey thing. I didn't mean to ruin our morning. Kristen - Unfortunately I have to get to work. Brady asks if she wants him to drop her off. Kristen - No, I've got something I've got to do. They kiss. Brady leaves. Kristen pulls out her phone.

John gets a call; he smiles - Why hello. Kristen - Meet me at my office now!

Segment 4: Nicole - How about we make this a 'none of your business' kind of day. Abe - I'm the liason for the Prison Outreach program. If there's a problem with Vargas it is my business. Nicole - There's no problem. Abe - I'm just trying to help. If Vargas has done something to upset you I want to know. I know having him coming to the rectory wasn't your idea. Nicole - Vargas didn't do anything and I don't want him to get in trouble. Abe - It's nice of you to worry about him and I'm sorry if it seemed like I was butting into your personal life. Nicole - Yeah, because my personal life is so fabulous, right? Abe, I know this is probably going to sound weird but could I ask your advice? Abe - About what? Nicole - Doing the right thing.

Eric tells Dan and Jennifer that Nicole should be here in about 20 mins. Jen - I have a meeting at the hospital. When you talk to her can you tell her to call me so I can thank her personally. Dan - Yes. Jen leaves. Eric - You two seem very happy. Dan - We are and in large part, because of Nicole. Eric - What exactly did she do?

Nicole - Sometimes when I think about the things that I've done, the things I've put people through, Jennifer and Daniel ... sometimes I think I never got over my mother dying; especially how she died. I'm not saying that I was ever a good person but after I lost her and I lost both of my babies ... Abe - You feel like you've lost your way and you're not all that interested in finding it again. Nicole - Yes, you too? Abe - I hold on for Theo's sake but there are days when I feel everything else in my life is pretty damn senseless. Nicole - But that's my point. Abe, you lost Lexie but you didn't go off the rails. You didn't, just as an example, try to send an innocent woman to prison. Abe - You wanted things to work out a certain way and when they didn't ... Nicole - I went crazy. Abe - I remember once your mother was talking about you and she was worried about you because you were always trying to control things. You couldn't let things just happen. Nicole - Is that what you're supposed to do? Abe - Let things unfold naturally then make good decisions based on what you're given. Nicole - You're asking a lot of me. Patience, good decisions ... who knows, it's new territory. Abe - It won't happen overnight but you've got to aim for it. I think you can do it Nicole. Nicole - Maybe if we'd had this conversation yesterday but now I think it's too late.

Ciara - I have something here ... Hope gets a call. Hold on. It's Daddy. Oh my gosh, I can not tell you how excited we are to see you ... what? She steps away. Brady, you promised. Bo, you promised. Ciara and I have dinner all planned; all your favourites. Bo ... Brady? Ciara - What happened? Hope - I lost reception. Ciara - No, what did Daddy say? Why do you look like that? Hope - I'm sorry, I have some bad news.

John comes into Kristen's office. You summoned me? Kristen - I sure did. You have been causing me a lot of trouble lately. John - Really, in what way? Kristen - You know exactly in what way and I want you to know that it ends today.

Segment 5: Dan - So Nicole not only tried to get Chloe to back off, she came to me and warned me ... let's just say the fact that Jennifer and I are back together and I didn't lose my son is again, in large part, because of Nicole. Eric - Really? Dan - I know it wasn't easy because she and Chloe go way back. She risked losing one of the few friends that she has. Eric - I guess she felt she had to do something to make up for ... Dan - Maybe it looks like that and part of it probably is but when she came to me she really was trying to do the right thing. I just want to thank her. Eric - I can see why. Dan - And I want to thank you for looking out for her; for being so good to her because she needs it and I think she deserves it.

Jen is talking to Seth Burns. When I quit I thought I was doing the right thing. I know this is going to sound strange but I thought I was doing the right thing for Daniel, Dr. Jonas. What I'm saying is I was wrong, I made a huge mistake. Seth - Are you saying you want your job back? Jen - Yes, that is essentially what I'm trying to say. Seth - I don't mean to pour salt in the wounds but that mistake was a very public one and didn't put this hospital in a good light. Jen - I know and I'm so sorry but that's what I do ... when I screw up, I screw up big time! Seth - But you don't screw up very often and there's never been anyone that's come close to doing the job that you've done here and I'm not the only one who thinks so. Jen - I told Daniel, Dr. Jonas, that this was my problem and I don't want him to influence your decision. Seth - He didn't. I'm talking about the letters from people here on staff who think it would be a good idea to have you back. My job is to think about what's good for the hospital. Welcome back. Jen - Thank you so much. Seth - I better get back to work and you should too. After he leaves Maxine walks up to Jen - I knew everything was going to be fine. She compliments Jen on how she took it on the chin like that. Jen points out that it was a private conversation. Maxine - This floor is my kingdom, nothing that happens here is private to me. Jen - Well I am so happy to be back in the realm of Maxine. They hug. Anne - You've got to kidding me.

Nicole knocks on the door of the rectory before going on. When no one answers she goes inside and starts packing her stuff. Eric comes in.

Kristen throws the gift bag at John. I want you to take back your stupid gift. John - Gosh, I'm sorry. I thought after you brought me all those photographs that you might enjoy a little trip down memory lane. Kristen - Did you notice that after I gave you those photographs that I left. My subtle way of saying I was trying to get rid of them. I didn't want them in my house. John - You don't believe that .. or more to the point, you don't expect me to believe that. Kristen - It's the truth. John - Nah. I disagree because if it were true than you would have used your daddy's shredder instead of driving all the way across town to give them back to me in person. You could have mailed them or used a delivery service. I've got to tell you Kristie that what you did was very illuminating. Kristen - Don't call me Kristie. John - Stop it Kristie. Marlena explained the subconcious to me. You know how people are always talking about moving on yet they keep doing things to keep the past alive. Kristen - Stop the games John. John - I really find it kind of weird that after you move on with Brady you're still so damned obsessed with the past. Kristen - I'm not obsessed. John - Back to the subconscious thing, you could have just taken the jersey, wadded it up into a great big ball and thrown it away but no, you demanded that we, you and me, talk about it face to face. Kristen - Because I have things to say to you face to face. I tried to be your friend, I really did but clearly that's not going to work because you're not going to stop trying to destroy my relationship with Brady. I'm telling you right now, I won't have it. John laughs.

Ciara throws her backpack on the ground. You lied. You lied to me! Hope - No sweetheart, I didn't lie to you. Ciara - You said we'd have a family again. Hope - We will, I promise. Ciara - No! You lied. Brady rushes up and hugs Ciara from behind. Stop, tell me what's going on. I'm not going to let you go until you tell me. Ciara - I miss my Daddy. Brady comforts her - That's okay. The envelope is partially sticking out of her backpack.

Segment 6: Maxine - Just what is it that you can't believe? That all that crap you've been pulling didn't work? That now everybody knows you're a lying, conniving ... Jen - This isn't a really good way to start the healing process. Chloe apologised for what she did and left town. Maxine - Everybody knows you're a lying, conniving ... Jen - Maxine, please. Maxine - I'll be watching. Jen - I mean that. Now that Chloe is out of town maybe we can just start over again. Anne - I don't think so and I don't think it's right that you can just sashay back in here and get your job back after the way you quit. Jen - I quit the way that I quit because of what Chloe did with your help. Anne - Right. I get it. I guess if my last name were Horton I'd think I could get away with murder too. Jen - Really, I think the reason you think you can't get away with murder is because you were stupid enough to get involved with Chloe when she was such an emotional wreck ... Anne - How dare you! Jen - How dare you try to get a good doctor fired so you could get a leg up in hospital politics. Anne - That doctor was amoral. Jen - Oh really. You're high moral tone would be really great if you weren't such a liar and a manipulator. Like I said I would really like to start off on the right foot so why don't you listen to me. Why don't you go to my office and get all of your stuff out of there in the next 10 mins and then try really hard to stay out of my way and not be who you really are and I think you might be able to hold on to your job answering to me.

Nicole - I thought you had a meeting or did you decide you needed to be here just in case I was stealing the chalice. Eric - I changed my meeting because I felt I needed to speak with you. Nicole - Okay, talk. Eric - I don't think you should quit. Nicole - What! Eric - I think I made myself pretty clear, I don't think you should quit. Nicole - Is there a reason for this change of heart because after last night that's a pretty big change of heart. Eric - From what I understand what happened between you and Vargas is over. Nicole - Not a match made in heaven. Eric - More than that Daniel came here with Jennifer. Nicole - I'm sorry, now I'm really confused because they're not my biggest fans with good reason. Eric - They both wanted to thank you for telling Daniel about Chloe and according to him, he has a son because of you. And he's with Jennifer because of you. Nicole - Maybe that's overstating things a little. Eric - I don't that it's an overstatement that you were just trying to help, to do the right thing. Nicole - Well I like to mix things up every now and then. Eric - And mix up everyone around you. What makes this so confusing is your record. Personally, criminally, it's easier to forget that basicly you're a good person. And the fact of the matter is I think my office will fall apart if you leave which is why I want you to stay. Nicole - Well I wanna stay but are you sure that's what you really want.

Ciara is now sitting on Brady's knees all snuggled against him. Hope - So we were really looking forward to tonight. Brady - I get that. Hope - This caught us by surprise and Ciara reminded me that we don't like those kind of surprises., do we? Ciara - It's not fair. Other kids, their parents don't go away all the time. Brady - You're parents don't go away all the time. Hope - She has a point. I've left her for long periods of time. Bo has left her for long periods of time. She's had to put up with a lot from the two of us. I'm going to try and get Daddy back on the line. Would you watch her for a moment? She steps away. Brady - You know something, you and me have something in common. When I was your age my Daddy was gone a lot. I didn't like it at all. Ciara - I hate it! Brady - But you know what I figured out. My daddy hated it too. He didn't like it either just like I know your Dad doesn't like it either. And I bet you your mom is going to come back with a story that your daddy had that he couldn't help. Something happened and it wasn't his fault ... and I know that's how it's going to be because there's no one your dad would rather be with than you and your mom. Ciara - So, do you see your daddy now?

John - Oh gosh, if I knew you were going to get so upset about it I never would have given it back. Kristen - I think you're a liar. You've been trying to upset me. Did you ever think about how your son would react? Brady's very angry. John - I know. I talked to him last night. Does it strike you that the two of you are kind of a volatile couple. This jersey seems to have taken on a great deal of importance. One can only imagine what would have happened if I'd given you the whole thing. Kristen - Time for you to go. John - No, no, no. You summoned me, now here am I. You and I are going to talk. We're going to put all our cards on the table face up.

Segment 7: Jen comes home to find Dan reading Parker a story in front of the fireplace. I did it! I got my job back. Dan - I knew that. You didn't think Maxine could sit on news like that, did you? Dan lights a candle on a cupcake. Jen - It's not my birthday. Dan - But he likes to blow them out. Parker gives her a picture that he and Dan collaborated on. Dan tells her to make a wish. Jen - That would be dumb because I already have everything I want. Parker blows out the candle.

Eric - Yes, I want you to stay. Nicole - Because I'm the only one who knows how to work the copy machine? Eric - That and the fact that you know we've ... Nicole - What? Eric - That we've been friends for a very long time and I hope that we can stay that way. Nicole - Me too. I want to be friends forever. Eric - I like the sound of that. He takes her hand in his.

Brady - I saw my Dad last night. Ciara - Did you have dinner together? Mom and I made chili for Daddy. Brady - I love chili so much. You know the best thing about chili is you can freeze it and you can have it whenever you want. So if you don't have it tonight, you can have it tomorrow. His phone rings. Ciara - Maybe it's Kristen. Brady - No, just dumb work stuff. Ciara - You know what, I know something about your girlfriend. Brady - Really, and what would that be?

Kristen - My cards are on the table. I want you to leave Brady and me alone. I want you to take your stupid jersey and get out of my office and I want it to stop. Just take it and get out. She starts pushing the jersey against him ... cue moment.


Friday, Apr 26

Segment 1: Nick and Kate are in the park. Kate is using his iPad - This is going to incredibly successful. Nick - I made some adjustments to the formula. Kate - Every woman is going to want this product. Nick had a feeling she'd like it. Kate - I do but I also want to make it very clear to you that while I'm impressed by your work I also can't stomach the sight of you. Nick - Don't you think that was a little harsh. Kate - Even if it was it doesn't compare to you because what you're doing to my grandson is beyond harsh. Nick - If EJ and Sami hadn't pushed Will to get a paternity test this never would have happened. Kate - I don't know if I believe that. Nick - We feel differently about this but I really don't see what it has to do with the job that I'm doing. Kate - I'll tell you what it has to do with it. You're an ex-con and you have a really, really good job that supports your wife and the baby that's on the way. Now if you were to lose that really good job I don't think it would be so easy to find another one like it. Nick - So you're threatening me. Kate - I'm reminding you that you serve at the pleasure of the queen and if you push me too far ... which means, pushing Will to hard, then maybe you'll be able to find a job with the Vienna Boys Choir in the soprano section.

Rafe and Gabi are in the Pub. Rafe is checking out his smart phone - I'm on Caroline Brady's Facebook page. Gabi laughs. You in all your glory and Dr. Davis and Dr. Jonas ... it was too funny. Rafe - OMG! Gabi - Here's my brother all buttoned up stripping for a room full of women. Rafe - It was for a good cause. It was for the children at the hospital. Gabi - Come on! Rafe - And I do not want to talk about it anymore. How are you? Gabi - I'm fine. I want to meet Arianna Grace and I kind of want my body back. We're both fine. I kind of noticed that Kate wasn't in any of the pictures. Rafe - It was kind of a last minute thing. I didn't tell her about it. Gabi - I also heard that Sami was there without EJ. Rafe - Sami probably only went last night to make sure her Grandma got home okay. Gabi - Yeah. EJ was probably busy. Rafe - Beat's me. Gabi - It didn't bother you that she was there, did it? Rafe - Why would it? Gabi - Come on. I know I'm the reason you guys aren't together. Rafe - I keep telling you it wasn't meant to be. Gabi - But you two were happy when you were married and then when you got back together ... imagine if I'd never gotten pregnant with Will's baby and that things hadn't blown up in our faces ... if that hadn't happened you'd still be ... Rafe - We wouldn't be anything and if Sami really wanted to be with me she wouldn't be marrying EJ.

EJ is on the phone in the living room but ends his call when Sami comes in. That was his father. He's on his way back. We'll tell him about us and we'll find a way to talk about William's situation. Everything is going to be fine for William, for all of us.

T, Sonny and Will come into the coffeehouse. Sonny - T, how come you never mentioned you suck at paddling a kayak. T - Ok, ok, let's give it a rest. If I was in a one man kayak I'd fly right across that lake. Will - You were paddling us in circles. You were making me nauseous. Will gets a call from Sami telling him he has to get to the DiMera's. Stefano is on his way back. Today's the day. EJ's going to tell Stefano about our engagement. He thinks that will put Stefano in a good mood. Once Stefano is happy and jolly the idea is for you to stop by. Stefano will want to catch up with you and then you can tell him about the baby and what Nick is doing. Will is more than a little nervous for more than a few reasons. Sami - We have to do whatever it takes to get Nick out of the way.

Ciara - I know something about your girlfriend. Brady - What? Ciara - She has lots of money. Brady - How do you know that? Ciara - Because she gives it away to people. You have to have a lot of money to do that, right? Hope tries to get hold of Bo without any luck. Brady - Kristen, my girlfriend, she likes to help people. She volunteers all the time. One time she even coached a little league baseball team years ago. And she gives money to the charities, even to the church. Ciara - I wasn't talking about the church. Brady - What were you talking about then? Ciara - I'll show you. She pulls the envelope out of her backpack.

Kristen tells John to let her go. Kristen throws the jersey in his face and moves back. John - You okay? Kristen - I'm great. Get out.

Segment 2: Gabi - Sami's engaged to EJ! I've seen them hanging out a lot but I hoped ... Rafe - What? That she wouldn't be that stupid again? Yeah, sorry. They're already living together at the mansion. Gabi - Are you okay with that? Rafe - Why wouldn't I be? I don't give a damn what Sami does.

Sami tells Will if he's backing out he better say so now. Will - Seeing my little girl is more than worth getting him involved. I have to get cleaned up and showered. Sami - You have a little bit of time. Let me talk to Sonny. Will tells Sonny that his mom wants to talk to him. I'm going to get showered and changed. T asks Will if he got bad news. Will - No, good news. Things are going to start turning around for me. Sami has something for Sonny to do. I want you to tell me exactly where Nick and Gabi's bedroom is at Victor's and exact times when they're not there. Sonny - How soon. Sami - Now. Sonny's on it. Will rushes back in for his phone. I'm going to need that. Sonny asks if everything's okay. Will - Stefano came back today.

Nick - I'm sorry you feel that way about me Kate but I think it would be better for both of us if we focused on what we agree on which is business interests and the welfare of Arianna Grace. And while we're on the subject after the baby is born I'd like to start working from home. Kate - I couldn't care less where you work from as long as you keep coming up with good ideas like you did. BTW you didn't mention this to anyone else in the company, right? Nick - No. Kate - Good. Not everyone that works there is trustworthy like you. Nick - Don't worry. I know how cutthroat the cosmetics industry can be. I understand the need for secrecy.

Ciara hands Brady the envelope and at that moment Hope returns. Sorry I took so long. Brady - That's okay. Ciara was just giving me the lowdown on Kristen. Hope - What? Hey honey, didn't we have a talk about gossiping? Ciara - But Mommy, I wasn't doing that. Brady - It's okay. She was very complimentary. Ciara - I don't like you guys talking about me like I'm not even here. Hope - I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hurt your feelings. Ciara - Why can't I talk to Daddy? Daddies don't hurt your feelings. They love you the most.

John picks up the jersey. I know you don't care about anything I think, feel or say but after all you asked me to come here and so I'm not going to leave until the spy in me finds out why. Kristen - What do you want from me? John - Nothing but if you need discourse I could explain why I brought you the jersey. Kristen - Go for it. John - Remember the day I gave it to you. Your team had just beaten the 1st place team in the league and that right fielder ... um ... you know, the kid with the runny nose ... Kristen - Kirby Gellman. John - Yeah, he finally caught a pop fly; first one of the year. What a time! Last out of the game, final inning and I was watching that kid while his teammates mobbed him and all I could think about was the hours you spent with him; hitting him pop ups so he could have himself that moment. That's when it dawned on me what an incredible woman you were. Kristen - And all I got was that lousy jersey. John - It was the best I could come up with at the moment. Kristen - I remember I was pretty flustered. I tried to put it on over my baseball cap - she giggles. John - You believed in those kids. You turned them into winners. I'll tell you something, I betcha they remember you to this day. Anyway that was when I realised I was falling in love with you. You were incredible Kristen and I just can't help but wonder in spite of everything that's gone on between us, if you could be that woman again. Anyway this thing here is my simple way of saying my money's on you girl. He holds out the jersey. Kristen swats his hand aside. You lost that bet John. That woman's dead. You killed her.

Segment 3: Hope and Brady are talking alone now. Hope - She doesn't usually have meltdowns or talk to me like that. Brady - I shouldn't have teased her about talking to me about Kristen. Hope - It's not that believe me. She just misses her daddy so much. I told her he was coming home and then I had to tell her he got delayed. Now he's on a plane and I can't get a hold of him at all. Brady - Poor kid. Hope - It breaks my heart. Brady - Good luck. I've got to go. Hope thanks him and he leaves. Hope goes back to Ciara who asks if they can call daddy now. Hope - Sweetheart, I told you, Daddy's on a plane, sorry. Ciara - Does he not want to talk to me? Hope - No! It's just that cell phones don't work on airplanes. Ciara - Did you tell on me? Hope - No, there's nothing to tell. I told Daddy that you miss him and you're very sad he's not here. He's going to call us as soon as he can, I promise and then he's coming home. We love you so much. She hugs her. Ciara - Just not when I talk too much. Hope - You're a very honest little girl who says what's on her mind and you know what, I love that about you. Ciara - Really? Hope - Yes, really. Come on, I need to get you some breakfast and then I need to get you to school. Ciara - Can we go to the pub? I like Grandma's chowder for breakfast. Hope - Why not!

Will - What did my mom want from you? Sonny - She wanted me to do something for her. No big deal. Will leaves again. T - So what just happened? Will went from being totally happy to uptight after one phone call. What don't I know?

Nick - Were you at the club last night? Kate - What club? What are you talking about? Nick - This charity thing. Caroline Brady says it was a club benefit for the children's wing of the hospital ... the strip club ... a bunch of the local guys performed. Kate - What local guys? Nick - Let's see. There was Dr. Jonas, Brady Black, Gabi's doctor Cameron Davis and Gabi's brother, Rafe. I'll see you.

EJ tells Sami not to be nervous, everything is going to be fine. Sami rants. EJ assures her that Stefano is going to be thrilled that he's marrying the mother of his precious grandchildren. Stefano comes in when they're kissing. This I gather is the big news. Sami holds up her left hand.

John - So the girl in the baseball cap is gone. Kristen - Yeah. She was too stupid to live. You see John she thought the rules of life were as fair as the rules of baseball until of course she learned otherwise from you. John - It's too bad because that girl was the real deal. Brady walks in and sees John and Kristen close together both holding the jersey. What's going on here?

Segment 4: Stefano declares that it is wonderful. My son, finally, you gave got what you want. EJ cracks the champagne. Sami asks for tips on being a grandparent. Stefano toasts, they drink.

Sonny - Will's fine. T - I've known Will since we were kids. I can tell when something is wrong. Sonny - He just got off the phone with his mom; you know how she can be. And he's going to be a father in a few weeks. T - I've seen Will raise his brother and sisters as long as I've known him so he's going to rock this dad thing. Sonny - Keep telling him that. T - You guys are going to be great. I'm outta here and next time we're going to do 3 one man kayaks and I'll kick all your asses. He leaves. Sonny calls the mansion. His mom answers. Sonny knows he hasn't been around lately. That's why I called. I wanted to see if you're busy ... I'd like to stop over. Adrienne - Do you need directions. Sonny mentions everyone else living in the house ... Adrienne - You're in luck. They're all out. Sonny - I'm on my way.

Kate finds Rafe in the square. Well hi. Rafe - Hi. He kisses her and tells her to relax when he catches her looking around. I decided I don't care who sees us together. Kate - Okay. I was going to call you last night but I had this ridiculous business meeting that went on forever. Rafe - I get it. Kate - I gather you found something to do. Rafe chuckles. Like you don't know. I must say it was a unique experience watching a bunch of screaming women watching me when I took my clothes off. Kate laughs - I bet. So was Sami there?

Sami answers the door and tells Will it's going good. Stefano seems to be in a good mood. She comments that Johnny's soccer ball is a nice touch. Remember, Stefano has to think that this is his idea. Will pretends like the only reason he's there is drop off the soccer ball. When he's going to leave Stefano tells him to stay. We are celebrating. Stefano asks Will if her remembers when he used to teach him - he points to the chess board. Will - Yeah, you killed me everytime. Stefano - Are you still playing. Will - Some. Stefano - We could have a rematch. Sami says they can play now. EJ - Sure, father's never as happy as when he's killing someone ... at chess.

Brady - I told you to stop playing mind games. John - Kristen called me that's why I'm here. Brady - Don't blame this on her. I'm sick of your games. I told you to leave her alone, you're not, so now you're going to answer to me. He grabs John's lapels. Kristen - Please don't do this. Stop.

Segment 5: Rafe - Yes, Sami was there and so was Kristen DiMera and Jennifer Horton and her daughter ... if you want to check it out I hear there are plenty of pictures on Caroline Brady's Facebook page. Kate - Oh. And I understand this was for charity. Rafe - Yes, for the Children's Wing of the hospital. Kate - Well, pulls out a rolled wad of bills. Rafe - Wow, someone's been to the bank today. Kate - Yes, $500, a donation to the charity and I thought maybe at some point you could show me your act in private. Rafe - I think we could probably work something out.

Sonny apologises to his mom for not being around lately. Will's been feeling pretty bad. Adrienne - Giving up your rights to your daughter can do that to a person. Sonny - Yeah, but he's learning to deal with it. Adrienne - How? I still don't understand how he could do that. I also don't understand why Nick and Gabi didn't say a word about it. Sonny - Really, not a word? Adrienne - None. Sonny - They're living here, how's that working out.

Hope is talking to Nick and Gabi at the pub. Ciara misses her Daddy terribly. She can't bring herself to be angry at Bo so she gets angry at Mommy instead. Having Bo's kids has been the joy of my life so you take the bad with the good. Gabi - We're really looking forward to being parents. Nick - Good days and bad days. Hope - If you two need some couple time you know you can trust her with Will and Sonny, right? Gabi nods yes. Nick - Do you really think that's an ideal life for a little girl? Hope - What do you mean by that? Gabi - Yeah, Nick, what are you talking about?

Stefano is giving Will pointers on chess as Sami and EJ watch. Then one day you'll be able to teach your daughter. Silence. Stefano - What's wrong? EJ - If I may father, William has a little bit of a problem. Stefano - What problem? EJ - May I tell him William? Will - Yeah, I guess so. EJ - William signed away his rights as a father. Stefano - What! Why would you do such a thing? Sami - He didn't have a choice. The truth is he's being blackmailed by Gabi's husband, Nick Fallon. Stefano - Nick Fallon has a record. How could be blackmail anybody? EJ - He found out what William did to me the first time Samantha and I were married. Stefano - We have forgiven William, what's the problem? EJ - The problem is the evidence is still at the police dept. Stefano - And Fallon knows this? EJ - He does. Stefano - Unfortunate. Your move William.

Kristen - I don't want you to get hurt again. Brady - Who says I'm the one who's going to get hurt. He pulls away. I don't want him hassling you anymore. Kristen - He's right. I did ask him to come over here. Brady - Why? Kristen - Because I wanted him to take this stupid jersey back. I wanted him to know that it's not going to accomplish anything ... John leaves with the jersey ... which I did in no uncertain terms. Brady rants - He's not going to stop. He starts knocking things over. Kristen - Please don't.

Segment 6: Kristen - You can't let him get to you. Brady - Why didn't you throw the jersey away? Why did you call him? Kristen - It was a mistake. I see that now. Brady - When I walked in I saw the way he was looking at you. Kristen - I didn't encourage it. Brady - This whole thing is creeping me out. Marlena is supposed to be his soulmate, the love of his life. Now they're separated and he can't leave you alone. The guy is not over you. How do you feel about that? Kristen - What kind of question is that? Brady - You spent a lot of years obsessing on him and getting nowhere. That seems to have all changed. I need to know if it brings back those old feelings you had for him because if it does we're finished.

Adrienne - It's all pretty friendly and polite with Nick and Gabi. Sonny - So you don't know what their life is like? Adrienne - Why are you asking? Sonny - Because she's having Will's baby. I just want to know what kind of home the child is going to have. Adrienne - Nick seems very devoted to Gabi. In fact I heard him ask Kate if he can work from home now that Gabi's in her 8th month. Sonny - So he'll be around more. Adrienne - It's already started. Most days he's up there working on his computer. In the afternoon he goes for a run. Sometimes he goes to the pub to see Gabi. Sonny - I really hope they have that room that Alex and I had ... the one with the really cool skylight. Adrienne - That's where they are. Sonny - That's great. Adrienne - Okay mister. If all you're interested in is the baby then why are you asking all these specific questions about Nick and Gabi.

Hope - What's not ideal about a child spending time with her birth father? Nick - I said that the wrong way. I think it will be confusing for her until she's older. Hope - Seriously Nick? In this day and age? I'm sure she's going to have lots of friends who have both birth parents and step-parents. Nick - I guess so. Hope - She's going to grow up knowing Will and loving him and loving the two of you. And the three of you will answer questions as time goes on. Gabi - Yes, it's just this situation is kind of tricky you know. Hope - The important thing is that the three of you have things worked out. Because I will say that the worst thing for a child is when the parents are fighting over them. I need to go find Ciara and get her to school. Think about what I said. After she leaves Gabi says - You heard her, right? Nick - Yeah. Gabi - Good because I agree with her.

Sami natters to EJ about what bugs her the most is that if they could just get rid of that evidence at the police station Nick wouldn't have leverage on Will. EJ - Then it wouldn't matter what he says, he wouldn't be able to prove anything. Then we could get a lawyer to nullify the agreement. Sami - I can't exactly ask my Aunt Hope or Dad to destroy evidence for obvious reasons. And you won't let me try again to get it myself. It's so easy to get in ... if only there was the right person to do it. Sami apologises for making it hard for them to concentrate on the game. It's just frustrating. I can't stop thinking about him being kept from his child. Stefano - I got it. Checkmate!

Segment 7: Kate and Rafe are in bed. Kate - That was really, really good. They laugh. Rafe - It kind of picked up my day too. Kate - Although I am upset with myself for mentioning Sami. Rafe - Would you not worry about that! Kate - No, because I don't like sounding like I'm insecure. I just can't imagine any woman giving you up. They kiss.

Sonny - You act like I'm pumping you for information. Adrienne - I know when you're working me. Are you trying to help Will get something on them. Sonny - What if I am? Adrienne - Then you should be very careful. Sonny - I will be. I promise you. Adrienne - Your father said he's never seen anyone work the legal system like Nick has since he got out. I don't want him going after you. Sonny - Neither do I. Adrienne hugs him - Good. Now what do you need to know.

Nick - I love Hope and I respect everything she says but honestly Babe, Bo is Sami's uncle and Will's great-uncle and Sonny's parents are really good friends with Bo and Hope. Gabi - What does that have to do with anything that she said? Nick - She's like you. She looks at the bright side of things. She thinks everything is going to work out for the people she cares about but I'm not like that. I can remove that lens of subjectivety and see things for what they are. This whole idea of a blended family where everyone gets along; it's not going to happen.

Stefano - Elegant offense William. The only thing is my move was lethal. I look forward to the next time. So does Will. Stefano has to call Singapore. Oh Samantha, did you want to ask a favour of me before, for the both of you.

At school, Ciara is at her desk. She pulls the picture of Kristen and Sy out of her Hello Kitty folder.

Brady - I mean it. I want the truth. She kisses him.

John sits in the park looking pleased with himself as Kristen and Brady lock her office door and commence having sex.


Monday, Apr 29

Segment 1: Sami plays dumb - You think I'm asking you for a favour? Stefano - There was all this talk about this terrible situation William is going through. Certainly it can't be made of foolishness, can it? Sami - Of course not. I'm worried about Nick Fallon. He's threatening to keep Will away from his own daughter and it's upsetting but I would never ask you to do something illegal. Stefano - As you say ... He turns to leave. Sami - Wait. I wouldn't ask it outright but if you're bringing it up ... if you're offering, that would be different. Stefano laughs - Get to the point.

Nick and Gabi enter their bedroom. Nick goes to his laptop. Gabi asks what he's doing. Nick has to delete a file. Kate thinks the skinline product I came up with is going to make a lot of money for the company which means a lot of money for you and me. She's really excited about it but she wants me to keep it under wraps so nobody can steal the idea by taking the files off my computer. He notices how quiet Gabi is. What's wrong? Gabi - I've been thinking about what you said at the pub about how you and I and Will are never going to get along; we're never going to work things out for the sake of the baby. Nick - I'm sorry if what I said upset you. You know I'm going to do whatever I can to make things work with Will. Gabi - You really mean that. Nick - Absolutely. Gabi - Good. Nick - Life is going to be great for the two of us. Gabi - When it's the three of us it's going to be even better.

Vargas is with a sketchy looking guy who asks if he's going to count it. Vargas - Not here. If it's not I know where you live. The guy leaves. Vargas opens the envelope that is filled with money.

Ciara's teacher sits next to her. What was that Ciara? Ciara stuffs the picture of Kristen and Sy into her folder - Nothing. Teacher - It didn't look like school work. Now please let me see it.

Brady apologies for acting like a caveman. I saw you with my father and I acted like a caveman. Kristen assures him he has nothing to worry about. Besides I kind of like watching you act like a caveman.

John sits in the park and recalls his visit with Kristen.

Sonny joins Lucas in the Brady Pub. Lucas - Thanks for meeting me. I really appreciate it. Sonny - Sami called you? Lucas - She told me what you're doing for Will and we really appreciate it. In fact I think that Will is at the DiMera mansion talking to Stefano right now so hopefully things will work out the way he and Sami want them to. Sonny - And if it doesn't I don't know what Will is going to do.

Will - Nick Fallon knows I shot your son a long time ago and he's using that to blackmail me into giving up the rights to my child. Stefano - But if the evidence against you would disappear from the police station then ... EJ - Nick could say whatever he wants. He wouldn't be able to prove anything. Stefano - I gather you'd like me to make this evidence disappear. Sami - No, it's not Will, it's me. I'm the one who came up with this idea. Stefano - Let me get this straight. If I were to do this then the person that would owe me is you. Sami - Exactly.

John strokes the baseball jersey. So now I know. I can stop Kristen from destroying Brady. He throws the jersey into his briefcase and gets up to leave just as Roman walks up. What the hell are you doing?

Brady gets a call from China. He steps out into the hallway where there's better reception to take the call. Inside her office Kristen mutters - Sorry, my love, nothing's going to stop me from getting what I want, not even you.

Segment 2: Brady returns. His call went well. He's in the mood to celebrate. Kristen has meetings this afternoon. Brady tells her to call and say she has a wedding to plan. It's a beautiful day and I don't want to spend it without you. Kristen - Are you worried that your dad's going to come back. Brady is. The guy's not letting up. I don't want upsetting you. Kristen - It doesn't matter. I told him I'm not going to go for any of these stupid games he's playing. Brady - He's stirring up the past. I don't like what he's doing. Kristen - Who cares about the past? I spent too much time and money on the couch trying to leave it all behind me. Brady brings up the baseball jersey. Kristen - He explained it. He thought it would bring back some good memories. Brady - He said that? Kristen - It doesn't matter. I'm in the present with you. I'm looking forward to the future with you. They hug.

John - I'm not in any mood to go a couple of rounds with you. He walks away, Roman follows.

Ciara - Why didn't I get to leave with everybody else? I have a playdate with Rachel. Teacher - You haven't been paying attention lately. You're more interested in fooling around with whatever's in your notebook. Ciara - It's my private stuff. Teacher - Private stuff doesn't belong in school. Should I talk to your mother about this? Ciara - You can't. My mother's not picking me up today, Rachel's mom is. Can I go now, they're waiting for me.

Sonny finishes up a call with his Mom. Lucas - What's going on? Sonny - Maggie just got back to the house and so did Nick and Gabi. They're usually not there during the day but they're up in their room right now so my mom will let us know if they leave. Lucas - If they don't the chances of Sami doing what she has in mind ... Sonny - Are pretty much screwed.

Gabi - Since I have the afternoon off I was thinking about going shopping. Would you like to go with me? Nick would love that. I have the rest of the day off too. Nick gets a call. Gabi - Who was that?

Stefano - Samantha, the only thing you would owe me is gratitude. EJ - I told you he would say that. Stefano - You are marrying my son. You are the mother of my beautiful grandchildren. Of course I will help you. Sami - The truth is if we don't do something, I'll never be able to hold my own grandchild. Stefano - Consider it done. EJ - Thank you father. Will - Yes. Stefano - But there is one thing you must do for me.

Segment 3: Nick - It's the office. Gabi - I hope they don't make you come in. Nick - Me too but I have to take it. Vargas - Meet me now. You know where. Nick - I thought that meeting was tomorrow. I see. I can make that. Yes, I understand. I'll be there. He tells Gabi that Kate wants him to come in and meet with some marketing people. Gabi - I understand. It's your job. See you later.

Lucas - Are you sure your mom's okay with being our mole at the Kiriakis house. Sonny - She and my Dad aren't crazy about Nick either. Lucas - Does she know what Sami's planning? Sonny - No but she knows I'll do anything for Will. Lucas - I think we all know that by now. Sonny - Really, you too? Lucas - Yeah. It took me a while to come around but hopefully you won't hold that against me. I never wanted my son to be alone. I wanted him to have someone in his life who loves him and that person happens to be you so I'm cool with it. Sonny - Thank you. I appreciate it. He gets a call from his mom.

Stefano - What I want you to do is work on your chess game and see what use your rooks could be and your ... Will - Bishops? Stefano - Good for you. I'm looking forward to our next game. Will - Me too. Thank you. Stefano leaves. Will - I can't believe he's going to do it. EJ - That is Part 1 under control. Sami - The next thing we have to do is make sure we get hold of the recording of your confession and destroy it.

Nick meets Vargas in the park. Vargas - It took you long enough. Nick - You can't say jump and expect me to say how high; I have a life. Vargas - Why Nicky? Nick - What? Vargas - Tell me why you have a life?

Sami is on the phone with Lucas. So Gabi and Nick are in the house? Lucas - They were home but Adrienne said Nick left for work. Now Gabi and Maggie are there but Gabi's probably in her room or something. Sami - You need to call Maggie and tell her that Allie wants to see her. Then pick up Allie and go to the Kiriakis mansion and I'll meet you there. Don't go in without me. We have to go in together. Lucas - What am I supposed to do once I'm inside. Sami - I don't know. I'll figure it out and tell you when I get there.

After the call Sami tells Will he has to get Gabi out of the house. Will will do it. Thank you both ... EJ - You can thank us once we've handled Nick Fallon. Sami and Will leave. EJ sits in the living room and talks to his father's portrait. So let's see, we have a search and destroy mission to take care of at the police station, then there's my wedding, Kristen's wedding, you have Cecicly to play around with in Singapore so that should keep you quite busy for the foreseeable future, shouldn't it. Excellent!

John confronts Roman in the coffeehouse. I told you I didn't want to talk. Roman - You don't have to talk, just listen. John - Not if it's about Marlena. Roman - That topic's off-limits? You can treat Marlena like crap and nobody gets to call you on it? John - Not you. It's not your business. Roman - She's going through hell and you don't give a damn. John - Not true. Roman - How can you turn against her for God's sake! Why is it her fault that Brady and Kristen are engaged. John - If you have to know so bad I'll tell you exactly why it's her fault. She knew the two of them were having an affair and she didn't tell me about it. By the time I found out about it, it was too late to break them up. Roman - She loves Brady like a son. She's had your back for over 20 years and now you're going to let somebody like Kristen destroy that kind of relationship. Just how dumb are you John? John - Oh man, back off. Roman - No, I'm going to put you on notice. Either you treat Marlena right ... John - Or what? What are you going to do pal? You going to make a move on her yourself?

Brady and Kristen are at the square. Brady asks if she's issued invites to her side. She has. She hasn't heard back from EJ and Chad but they better come. Daniel and Jennifer have agreed to stand up for us. Brady - I love that. I'm glad things are working out for them. Kristen - Me too. What about your side? Brady - My grandfather and Maggie are coming as long as Victor doesn't change his mind. Eric is going to try and make it. Sami will probably be there with EJ. Kristen - Are you sad about John and Marlena? Brady - No. I don't want anyone there who is not on our side. Kristen - The people on our side could fit into a very tiny ... Brady - I'd be happy if it was just me, you and a justice of the peace. Kristen - Me too. No ... we can't do that. Brady agrees. Besides, after that day, it will just be me and you and the rest of our lives. Brady goes to get them some coffee. Someone watches Kristen.

Segment 4: Will phones Gabi from the Pub. Can you meet me here for a few minutes. It's kind of important. Gabi agrees to meet him there. Will then calls his mom to tell her Gabi's heading over to the pub in a few minutes.

Nick - I know that I only have the life that I have now because of you. Vargas - If I hadn't taken care of you in there would you be living it up in a mansion with a pretty wife and a baby on the way? Nick - No. Vargas - Where would you be right now if it wasn't for me. Nick - Dead one way or the other. Vargas - That's right. The kind of help that I gave you, it doesn't come free Nicky. I thought you understood that. Nick - I still do. Vargas - That's more like it.

Maggie ushers Allie, Sami and Lucas into the living room. Sami - Wow, this looks great. Sami puts a sandwich on a plate for Allie. It's so delicious looking. And Aunt Maggie you should know Allie was so excited to come over here today. She said you're one of her favourite people. Maggie - She's one of my favourite people too. Sami - Allie had a question she wanted to ask you. We were just talking outside about how she'd love to see your garden. She's doing this project in school about flowers. Maggie - What kind of project? Sami - Actually Lucas got all the information from her backpack. What was it again.

EJ is on the phone - Just to be clear, the funds are to be deposited in the DiMera Ltd account, not the DiMera Enterprised operating account. Are we clear? Good.

Ciara walks up to the bench that Kristen is sitting on. Kristen smiles - Hi. Ciara - You're Kristen right? Kristen - Yeah. Who are you? Ciara - Ciara. Ciara Brady. Kristen - Ah right. You're Bo and Hope's little girl. Ciara nods. Kristen - Are you here with your mom? Ciara - No, I'm here with my friend Rachel and her mom. They're right over there. The woman waves when Kristen glances over. Ciara - I asked Mrs. Randall if it was okay if I could come talk to you and she said it was okay. Kristen - Who would do such a thing? For all she knows I could be a pirate ... Aye! Ciara - Everyone knows you're getting married to Brady and Brady wouldn't marry a pirate. Kristen laughs. Well thank you very much for the vote of confidence. Okay then so do you want me to take you back to your friend and her mom? Ciara - No. I got into trouble with my teacher today and it was because of you.

John - In my book there's a rule against hitting on another man's wife; there's a rule against making a move on a woman that's as upset as Marlena is. Roman - How about you put a couple of more rules in that book. One against being a damn hypocrite, one against making accusations that have no basis in fact. John - You want a fact pal? I'll give you one. It's irrefutable and obvious as hell. You never let her go, did you? You never forgot what the two of you had. Roman - Never have, never will. How about you, John? Have you forgotten? He leaves. John sees Brady come in. Brady sees him and turns around and is going to leave but changes his mind. He goes to John. I do want to ask one thing. I want you to be straight with me this time. John will try his best. Brady - What are you trying to do?

Segment 5: Will tells Gabi he wanted to see how she was doing. Gabi - I finally do believe that there is a little person inside me with little elbows and little knees. Will - That's incredible. Gabi - Last night I was cuddled up in bed against Nick's back and he could feel her kicking. I'm sorry, I probably shouldn't tell you stuff like that. Will - It's okay. When I first felt her kick it just made it so real for me; it made everything different. I guess I just realised that there's a person in there that we made together. I guess I wish it was happening to me. Gabi - You wish what was happening to you. Will - When you said Nick felt the baby kick ... never mind ... I'm sorry. Gabi - Don't be sorry. I understand completely. I don't know if this helps or not but I'm really, really happy. Will - I can tell. You're glowing. Listen I just want to let you know that if you ever need anything, if the baby needs anything, if you want anything you know where to find me. I'm here no matter what. Gabi - When you told me to come see you, that it was important, I thought you wanted to put pressure on me to give you access to the baby.

Nick - What do you want from me? Vargas - Have a seat. In prison the only thing a man has is his word. The trouble is the scum you meet on the inside, their word means nothing. I was a man of my word. I told you that I'd look out for you in there and I did. Now it's your turn to step up and you better do it. He hands him the envelope of cash. Nick - This is a ton of money. Vargas - It's 30 grand. Nick - It's plenty of money to start a new life. Vargas - You can't get a good start without a 100 grand. Nick - You expect me to triple your money. Vargas - Yes. I see that as the seed money and you're the farmer that's going to make it grow.

Lucas - Allie has a unit on botany in Science class. Sami - Can you imagine how boring! Lucas - She gets to learn about flower parts, pistils and stamens and stuff like that. Sami - And we thought it might be more interesting for her if she saw unique, special flowers. Lucas - All that terminology might mean something to her then. Maggie would be delighted to show her the garden. Sami asks if she'd mind if she stayed and ate a sandwich first. I haven't eaten all day. Lucas will go with you. Lucas turns to Sami as Maggie and Allie are going out. It's a good thing someone stayed awake in biology class. Sami - If I'd stayed awake in biology class we wouldn't have Will but we do, thank God, and now we have to help him. Lucas - You owe me for this. Sami reminds him that he has to make them stay outside until I figure everything out. Text me if she starts to come in. Sami heads up the stairs but rushes down when she sees Sonny come in. What are you doing here? Sonny - I know the layout of the house. Sami - I don't want you involved in this. Sonny - So you're going to waste time searching all 17 bedrooms. Sami - Okay fine but if we run into your mother you have to think of something. She hates me. Sonny - Don't worry about her. They head up the stairs.

EJ is on the phone again. I'm sorry, I completely lost track of time. Has the market closed already? It doesn't really matter. It will take me a couple of weeks but we're on the verge of making this happen. Roman walks in - What are you on the verge of making happen EJ?

Kristen - Seriously, you got in trouble because of me? Ciara nods. Kristen - Why don't we go sit down over there and you tell me what happened. Ciara watches as she pulls out a pad and pen. What's that for? Kristen - I'm going to write a letter to your teacher of course. What's her name. Ciara tells her. Kristen - Okay I'm going to tell her that you didn't do anything wrong and that it was all my fault. Ciara - How do you know that? Kristen - It's what you just said, right? Ciara - Sort of. Kristen - I know all about being blamed for things I didn't do so you tell me what happened and I'll explain it to your teacher. Ciara - I've been doing some stuff wrong. Kristen - Any idea of why? Ciara - I miss my Daddy and I want him to come home. Kristen - Oh sweetie, just tell your teacher that and she'll understand. Little girls need their dads like fish need water. Anyone with half a brain knows that.

Brady - Kristen told me that you wanted to remind her of the good times. John - Yeah ... I wanted to remind her of the woman she was. I thought it might help you down the line but she told me she's dead and I killed her. Brady - Do you disagree with that? John - That I do. Brady - It must have been something big. She lost her mind. She locked Marlena in that room. John - Don't you think this is a conversation you ought to be having with her? Brady - She doesn't like to talk about that time. John - Can't say I blame her. Brady - Maybe you fell in love with Marlena and out of love with Kristen. Maybe that's what drove her over the edge, right? John - There was more to it than that.

Segment 6: I blame myself for not realising just how broken Kristen was after she lost her child. I don't feel comfortable talking to you about this ... Brady - I understand that but I asked you to be honest with me so please do. John - The miscarriage left Kristen unable to ever have anymore children and that was devastating because she felt that a child was the one thing that could fix everything that had gone wrong between us. She felt she lost everything. After that, she was never the same. Brady - Thank you. He leaves.

Ciara - My daddy's not coming home and I think it's because I get in so much trouble. Kristen - Stop right there. That's so completely wrong. I want you to erase it from your brain. I happen to know for a fact that your father loves you more than anything in the entire world and that he wants to be with you more than anything. Ciara - Really? Kristen - Of course. Look how cute you are and you're so sweet and clearly you don't take crap from anybody so ... Ciara - You said a bad word. Kristen - I know, sorry. I've been known to get in trouble once in a while myself. Ciara - My brother, who died, he never got in trouble. Kristen takes a moment to pull herself together. I heard about your brother Ciara. I'm awfully sorry. Ciara - Me too. Mommy still cries about him. Kristen - I'm sure she does. Brady has been listening for a while now. Kristen continues - I had a sister that was like that too. She was sweet and kind; had a heart of gold. Do you know what that expression means? Ciara - No. Kristen - I'm sure you're going to figure it out; it just means someone who is very generous, really nice and makes you feel good just to be around them. My sister was like that. She died too. Ciara - Theo's mom. Kristen - I miss my big sister all the time. I love her but you know what, the thing I think I always loved most about her was that she knew how hard it was to always be the one getting in trouble. Ciara - Do you want to see what I was getting in trouble about? Kristen - Sure. Ciara pulls out an envelope. I made a special envelope for it. I was going to give it to Brady for a present. Kristen - What are you talking about? Ciara - It's a picture.

Vargas - Come on, Nicky. You rub elbows with those bigshots in the Kiriakis mansion and you report to the head honcho lady of a whole cosmetic's company. You can make this happen because you have the connections and so far what I've seen in this town, everything's about connections. So do what I tell you to do there won't be any trouble. Nick nods.

EJ asks Roman how he got in. Roman - I had a little talk with your butler. What were you talking about on the phone? EJ - Business which is none of your business. Roman - You talked my daughter into moving into this house with my grandkids. I know you two are getting married and neither one of you decided to tell me so yeah EJ, everything you do is pretty much my business. EJ - I just assumed Samantha would tell you. Roman - You assumed wrong and I think I know why Samantha chose not to share the good news with me 'cause she knows it's a stupid idea. EJ - I can promise you ... Roman - Save your promises. I've had plenty of promises from the DiMera's. I know how much they're worth. Just tell my daughter I was here. I'd like to talk to her soon. Thank you EJ. I appreciate it.

Sonny and Sami are rifling through Nick and Gabi's things. Sonny finds Nick's laptop. Sonny - We just have to figure out what he named the file we're looking for. Sami - He could have called it anything. I mean I called my passwords Christmas Card list. Sonny - You shouldn't have told me that. What do you suppose bd stands for? Sami - Baby Daddy? Sonny - Could be. They open the file and hear the recording of Lucas and Will talking. Sami - What are you doing? Sonny - Deleting it and emptying the Recycle Bin. This file is history. Sami - Wait a second. Obviously he's hiding it on more than his laptop. He's smarter than that. Sonny - Maybe he put it on one of those flashdrives. They start searching.

Segment 7: Nick - I'll do my best but I'm not Warren Buffett. Vargas - Just make it happen quick Nicky. Whatever you've got to do, make it happen.

Gabi - You don't have to worry Will. Will - I'm not exactly. Gabi - But it's on your mind. This is baby is more real to me every single day and I'm sure the same thing is happening to you. Will - Absolutely but I don't want to stress you out, especially not now. Gabi - Everyone says that I'm so in love with Nick and I'll do whatever he says and I do love him. We love each other. He wants to see me happy. I've made it very, very clear that I will not be happy unless you are a part of little Arianna's life. Will - Really? Gabi - Yeah, you don't have to worry about that. You have my word.

Sami - Did you find anything? Sonny - No, this box is locked. Sami - Lucas can't keep Maggie out in the garden forever. We can't make a mess. No one can know anyone was in here. Sonny assures he that he put the computer back exactly where it was. Sami - We have to find that flashdrive. They hear footsteps in the hallway and Nick calling out, Gabi, I'm back.

Ciara - I'm glad you're going to have this instead of me. Kristen - Okay. She takes the envelope. Brady walks up and joins them. Kristen - Look, Ciara gave us a present. Brady - Well that was awfully nice of you. Ciara - Open it. Kristen - Okay.


Tuesday, Apr 30

Segment 1: Will bust's into Sami's office. EJ wonders why he's here when he's supposed to be with Gabi. Will says that Gabi is at the spa and will be there for hours. Have you heard from my mom yet? EJ hasn't. Will thinks he should text her about Gabi. EJ doesn't think she needs any distractions. Will doesn't like that everyone is laying it on the line when it's his problem. EJ - It's about to be solved. My father's getting rid of the evidence against you and once your mother gets her hands on Nick's copy of your confession you'll be home free. Will paces. EJ tells him not to worry. Given his mother's expertise with paternity tests deleting his confession is a little bit like taking candy from a baby. Will doesn't want anyone getting in trouble because of him and the mess he made. EJ doesn't see it that way. I think you're handling the situation quite well. You're taking responsibility for what you've done for your daughter; you're looking out for you family. That's something I respect and understand. Besides which, we're about to be family. That means I have your back.

Adrienne rushes up to Nick before he can go in his room and asks if he can give her a hand with something downstairs. Nick says sure, in a minute. Adrienne - No, it will only take a minute. It's heavy and really needs to be moved now. Nick - I'm totally into doing that. Just give me 10 minutes; there's something important I've got to do. He goes into his room. Nick opens the locked box and gets out his computer while Sonny and Sami watch from the closet. Nick puts the money in his briefcase and pulls out his cell.

John is about to leave the coffeehouse when Marlena comes in. I've been looking for you. Victor listens as Marlena adds 'I ran into Roman. He said that you had a fight. That didn't sound like you. I wondered what happened.' John looks around. Marlena - Wow. You can fight with Roman but you can't talk to me. Nice running into you. John - Don't go. Truth is I'm glad you're here. He holds up the key he borrowed from her. I wanted to give you this. Marlena - Is that why you were glad to see me? John hesitates - Yeah. Marlena - Such a pleasure John. Such fun. She sees the jersey. Is that what you were going to storage for? John - I don't want to talk about it. Marlena - It's a simple question. John - And I don't have to answer. Marlena - Like you don't have to talk about what happened with Roman. You don't want to talk about that. John - Would you stop it Doc. I don't have to answer to you anymore. Why don't you leave me alone alright. Marlena - No. It's not alright. I'm tired of being treated like this by you. John - Then go see Roman. Marlena - Maybe I will. She leaves.

Ciara watches as Kristen opens the envelope. I hope you like it. I hope you both like it. Open it. Before that can happen Hope rushes up. There you are! Ciara - What are you doing here? Kristen - Looking for you sweetheart. Mrs. Randall said you and Ms DiMera had quite a long talk just now. Kristen - She's a very smart and a very, very cute little girl. Hope - Thank you. I didn't know you knew each other. Kristen - We just met. Brady - Is something wrong? Hope - No. I just thought Ciara was on a playdate with her friend Rachel not having a chat with your fiancee. Kristen - Sorry, I didn't meant to upset you. She came up to me ... Hope - Would you excuse us. I really need to talk to Ciara. Ciara - I don't want to. Hope - Ciara, honey, Ms. Hogett called me. We need to have a little talk okay. Ciara - It's not fair. Why can't I have my envelopes at school? Hope - Honey, why don't we talk about this privately, okay? Ciara - Fine. Hope - Why don't you go say goodbye to Rachel. I'll be right there. Kristen - I didn't mean to interfere. She just told me she got in trouble at school. I wasn't trying to interfere, I promise you. Hope - Good. Let's keep it that way. Brady - Kristen said that Ciara came up to her ... Hope - I know but I need to talk to my daughter. Please excuse me. She leaves. Brady - What was that all about? Kristen - I have no idea. Ciara came up to me and she told me she got in trouble at school today because of me. Brady - That's really strange because Ciara told me this morning before she went to school all about you. I think you have a child stalker. Kristen - I have no idea what that's about except it must have to do with what she gave us I guess. Brady - Please show me what it is.

Segment 2: Nick - Damn it, I do not need this right now. He's going to go into the closet when he gets another text. Oh God. He leaves the room. Sami - Thank God. Sonny - That wasn't God, it was me. I texted Nick and told him I needed to see him right away and I told my mom to slow him down. He pulls a flashdrive out of the box and starts checking it. Sami notices Nick has a lot of flashdrives. This is going to take forever. Sonny tells her to take them all back to her office and he'll figure out a way to get them back into the room. Sonny rushes out. Sami decides to snoop inside Nick's briefcase.

Will - I'm just afraid that asking Stefano for a favour, and I'm aware a favour is a euphemism in this case, I'm just afraid it's going to be costly down the road. EJ doesn't think he needs to worry. Will - I know Mom said it was all her idea but if someone has to pay I want it to be me. EJ - No. If my father tries to exact any kind of price from either you or your mother I'll deal with my father.

Adrienne is pushing this big box into the foyer. She sees Nick. Thank God. Nick - Can I help you with this later. I'm kind of late for a meeting. Adrienne - No. You need to help me now. This is for you and Gabi. I'm sorry to ruin the surprise but I can't budge it and it can't be here when Gabi gets back so you need to help me and you need to keep it a secret. Now I'm sure you as a guy don't care that you know about the secret but women are very, very, very sensitive about knowing about secrets and surprises. When I was pregnant with Sonny ... Nick - Where do you want me to put it? She tells him. He hoists it. Adrienne - Be careful, it's fragile, go slower, I mean be careful.

Kristen looks at the card and hands it to Brady. I don't understand. Brady - I do. She made this for Bo. She's missing him. He was supposed to come home last night; he got delayed. Kristen - Her little backpack was stuffed full of envelopes and papers. She must have given me the wrong one. Brady - She's having a pretty rough day. She almost lost it when she found out he wasn't coming home. Kristen - Poor angel, then she gets in trouble. You'd think the teacher would cut her a little slack today of all days. Brady - You know what was really cute though? Seeing you with her. She's a shy kid but she really opened up to you. Kristen - I understand her I guess. I know what it's like to be a little girl and not know where you Daddy is and when he's coming back. It's not easy being a little girl missing her Dad.

John is about to leave the coffeehouse when Victor calls out John and then crooks his finger signalling John to come over to him. John - Hey Victor. Didn't see you come in. How long have you been sitting there? Victor - Long enough. I think it's time for Brady's sake that you and I have a little talk.

Segment 3: Sami pulls out some cash from the envelope. What are you up to now you little snake. She steals the money and runs out.

Sonny just sits down at a booth just as Nick comes in to the coffeehouse. What took you so long? Nick - Don't even start with me Sonny. Just tell me what is so frickin' urgent.

When Sami comes down the stairs Adrienne says 'You took your own sweet time.' Sami asks if Sonny made it out in time. Adrienne - Yes, he went out the back. I stalled Nick as long as I could but you know what's really fun, being part of a break and enter when you don't know why you're breaking and entering. Sami - I'm sorry, I can't tell you. It's better that you don't know. Adrienne - But Sonny knows ... this thing that's too dangerous for me to know, he's into it up to his ears. Sami - I understand your concern and I will look out for Sonny. I like him a lot actually. He and Will are great together. Adrienne - God I hate having common ground with you. I love Will, I do, it's just you ... the baggage that comes with him. Sami - Good one. Adrienne - I liked it. Sami - We don't have to pretend to be nice to each other okay. I do have to ask you for one more favour. Adrienne - You want me to drive the getaway car? Sami - No, I need you to tell Lucas and Allie I had to go; I had an emergency at work. Adrienne - Fine, whatever. As usual Sami, it's been fun. Sami - I bet you don't mean that. Thank you. You helped Will today and I owe you big time.

Sonny - That's why I'm so worried about Will. His grades are slipping, he's not eating, he's not sleeping. Nick - What am I supposed to do about that? Sonny - Nick, it's the stress. If you could just tell him there's not going to be any problem with him seeing the baby ... Nick - OMG. How many times do I have to tell everybody this is Gabi's call, not mine. Sonny - That's not entirely true, is it? Nick - You're calling me a liar? Sonny - No, I'm just saying you have influence over Gabi and it would be cool if you told Will he could see the baby and you're not going to try and change Gabi's mind. Just tell him everything is going to work out, that's all I'm asking. Nick - We've gone over this so many times, I have to ask, what is actually going on here.

Hope and Ciara are in the pub and Ciara is frantically going through her backpack. Hope tries to get her to calm down. Ciara - It's not here. I gave Kristen the wrong envelope. I made a mistake.

Brady - You really like kids, don't you? You do, I can see it. You should have seen how relaxed you were with Ciara. It's nice to watch. BTW, there's not a lot of single ladies out there who would voluntarily coach little league baseball. Kristen - I like how uncomplicated they are I guess. Brady - You really wanted to have kids of your own, didn't you? Kristen - Of course I did but I accepted that it wasn't going to happen for me.

John and Victor are now in the living room of the DiMera mansion. Victor - I've been watching you. John - I know. Victor - I want to know what you're up to. John - Up to? Vic - Don't play innocent with me. I know you're involved in some kind of plan that involves Brady and Kristen. I want to know what it is.

Segment 4: Brady - Do you want to talk about it. Kristen doesn't. We had this conversation. I said I was looking forward, not back, remember. Brady - That's what you told me but how do you really feel about it? Kristen - I feel that I'm marrying you and that's going to be the biggest day of my life. Brady - Correction, our lives. Kristen has to go. Kristen stops and watches as Brady is sending a text. She mutters - I'm not going to let you stop me. I have to move forward.

Sami rushes into her office. We got them. Will - Where's Sonny? Sami - He's keeping Nick occupied but look, we don't have a lot of time so we're going to have to use all the laptops. I don't know which one has your confession on it but we need to figure it out before Nick finds out these are missing. EJ - Why didn't you do this on Nick's computer? Sami - Because we couldn't get through all the passwords and we couldn't keep hanging out in Nick's room. I'm starting to freak out about what else we're going to find on these flashdrives. EJ - Wait a second. Will - Did you find it? EJ - False alarm. He steals Nick's ideas by copying them to his laptop.

Sonny - I have noticed a pattern in the way that you deal with things. You're so reasonable - it's all about what Gabi wants. Then it's the snarl or the threat or the slur ... Nick - I think you should be careful about the way you talk to me. Sonny - Why. We try to be civil to you and you're a jerk. We cave in to you and you're a jerk. Now I'm trying to talk to you like a human being and you're a jerk. Nick - You're really making me want to hear what you want to tell me about Will and I really want to patch things up with you now and you still haven't told me what is going on? Why am I here? Nick gets a call. I can meet you at the spa but I can't stay long because I have to do something at home. After the call he says, here's the part where I'm a jerk again. To tell you the truth I don't care about Will's GPA, his appetite or his grades, I care about Gabi and our baby and that's it. He leaves. Sonny - It's not your baby you S.O.B. Sami, I hope you found that confession.

Hope - I spoke to your teacher and I told her about Daddy and that you're not very happy these days. She's very concerned that you're not even trying to pay attention in class. She's concerned that you're not talking to your friends. Ciara - I just want to draw alright. I don't want to talk. Hope - Okay. She sees Marlena come in. I'm going to get some more tea. That's a beautiful drawing. It looks like our house. She goes to Marlena and tells her that she might want to postpone their coffee date, I'm not having a lot of fun today. Marlena - Can I help? Hope - I don't know. Ciara's so upset that Bo's not coming home. Marlena - That's understandable. Hope - I know. To be honest, I'm not thrilled with him myself these days. It just seems odd the way she's dealing with it. Marlena - Tell me. Hope - She doesn't want to talk about Bo and she's become completely focused on Kristen.

Kristen joins Stefano in the living room. I had a perfectly lovely day planning a wedding, exacting revenge. Just a few of my favourite things. Stefano - And you have no second thoughts.

John - There's no plan Vic. I'm not up to anything. Vic - There's a plan alright. John - Think what you like. I'll see you. Vic - I guess I'll just have to pick Brady's brain. Do you have a problem with that? John - Not a good idea. Vic - You just don't want Brady telling Kristen that I think you're up to something. Make me an ally John. We both want what's best for Brady. John - What's best for Brady is for you and everybody else just to keep your mouths shut. Vic - I saw you back there at the coffeehouse. I saw what it took out of you to treat Marlena that way. I know you well enough to know that I can't stop you from doing whatever you've got planned in your head but do you have to go through it alone? John - You're going to swear to me Vic on Isabella's grave that what I'm about to tell you right now stays right here just between me and you.

Segment 5: Sonny joins everyone in Will's office. Will - I got it. They all celebrate. Sonny - We're not in the clear yet. I've got to get the rest of these flashdrives back to the house. I heard Nick talking to Gabi and he's going back home. Sami - He's on his way there now? Sonny - He's meeting her at the spa. I don't have much time. Of course Will has to stop him and thank him. Sonny - Just remember you've got the 2am feedings. He leaves. Will can't express how thankful and grateful he is. It's been hanging over my head so long. I'm just going to take a walk and clear my head and throw this thing in the middle of the river. He holds up the flashdrive. Will leaves. EJ says this turned out perfectly. Will is homefree thanks to Sonny and Stefano.

Sonny asks Adrienne if Nick is home yet. Adrienne - No and Lucas and Allie left. Sonny just needs a couple of minutes up there. If he comes home just stall him. I need to put everything back the way it was. Adrienne - For the record I hate this. Sonny - I know you do. It's the last time, I promise. Adrienne - I'll text you if he shows up. Sonny puts the flashdrives back in the box. He gets a text.

Brady comes into the Pub and sees Marlena with Hope and Ciara. Marlena tells Ciara - You know when I was your age I used to love anything to do with brides. Is that why you're so fond of Kristen? Ciara - You're like Mommy, you don't like Kristen, do you? Marlena - I didn't say that. Ciara - You don't have to, I can tell. I do like her. She listens to me. Marlena - She does. Ciara - She's always nice, really nice. Brady leaves. Hope - Sweetheart, do you want to go and talk to Tom and pick out something delicious for dinner. You can have two desserts tonight. Ciara - Oh, so you guys can talk about me. She heads to the kitchen. Marlena - Being raised by you and Bo, you can't expect her to be a pushover. Hope - I'm sorry. I know that Kristen's not your favourite subject. Marlena - No, especially not today. Outside the pub Brady makes a call. I want to set up a meeting right away.

Kristen - I assure you father, I have no regrets. It's almost over and I'll finally be free. Stefano - If freedom is so important to you ... I have seen you with Brady and you certainly don't seem to want to be free from him. Kristen - It's not too difficult to put on a performance of loving him because there is some genuine affection. He's an amazing man and I care about him but just not half as much as I hate John Black. When I get my revenge I can move on with my life and it will work.

Vic - You know John that whatever you tell me will remain strictly confidential because I know whatever you've got planned, it's going to be in Brady's best interests. John - I have finally figured out how I can protect my son from Kristen. It took me a while to make sure I was right about something but now I know that I am. Despite everything Brady's bride-to-be still wants me Vic.

Kristen - You'll see, it will work. You know why? I convinced John that I want him. Check ... mate!

Segment 6: Adrienne greets Nick at the door. There you are. Gabi just called ... Nick - Yeah, I just saw her. He heads up the stairs. Sonny slips into another room when he sees Nick coming; then takes off when Nick goes into his room.

Breaking the law turns on both Sami and EJ and they are about to have sex on her desk. EJ says she has some explaining to do when he knocks over her purse and all that stolen money spills out.

Nick is on his computer. All I have to do is triple Vargas's money and he'll be off my back.

Vic - Kristen still wants you? That's revolting. John - But useful. Vic - And you're going to tell Brady that? I don't think he's going to believe you. John - He won't. This has gone too far for me to talk any sense into Brady. What I have come up with is far more convincing than words. It's sick and it's twisted but it's the only way.

Stefano chuckles. Kristen - I know what you're thinking. You think what I'm doing is sick, you think it's twisted. Believe me, I've thought this through and it's the only way.

Segment 7: Sonny joins Will at the coffeehouse. I hold had 3 or 4 seconds to spare but I got the flashdrives back in his room and Nick doesn't know what's missing literally. Will - I threw the flashdrive containing my confession in the river. You made that possible. Sonny thought he'd be happier. Will is happy but he's been thinking that the last few weeks have been all about him and his problems. I'm sorry. I was worried that we kind of lost ourselves for a minute. Sonny - That's not going to happen because I won't let it. They kiss.

Kristen - And so on the very day that Brady thinks he's going to hear me say I love and honour him for the rest of our lives til death do us part, he's going to find me in bed with his father. Stefano - Thanks for sharing again. Kristen - John thinks I plan on holding on to Brady forever and that by keeping him away from his father that that's my great revenge. He's going to assume that when I so impulsively and recklessly succumb to temptation and make love with him again after all these years ... he's going to think that will ruin my plan, that I will be unhinged and ultimately destroyed. You see, he's wrong. He will be destroyed. He will be decimated and of course so will Marlena.

Marlena - Things with John just keep getting worse and worse. Hope - Maybe it just seems that way. You knew it was going to take time for John to forgive you. Marlena - It's more than that. We don't even talk anymore. He's deliberately pushing me away. I know him. I know when he shuts down and he is shutting me down for good. Hope - I am so sorry. Marlena - He doesn't even think that we can get back together, not ever and I'm beginning to feel the same way.

John - There's only one way for Brady to see Kristen for the selfish, manipulative, cold-hearted bitch that she is. I'm going to seduce her Vic. I'm going to sleep with her before Brady marries her and then and only then will I be able to open my son's eyes to who she really is.

Brady is in the park. He turns as someone approaches. Thanks for meeting me. I'll make it worth your while.

Vic - Couldn't you do something less drastic then sleeping with her? Couldn't you just kill her? John - No, Victor, this is the only way. Vic - Really? You couldn't have Brady break in and catch you kissing or something. I'm afraid if he comes into a room and sees you two going at it, he's going to go blind. John - No, she can talk her way out of anything but that. Don't you see if Brady actually sees us making love like I saw them it will finally destroy anything he's ever felt for that woman.

The woman tells Brady it won't be easy. Brady - I don't care what it takes, just make it happen ... now!

John - I tell you Vic, it's the only way.

Stefano - Does it really have to go that far?

Vic - You realise that no matter how you try and justify this to her, Marlena is never going to forgive you. You're going to lose her and Brady. John - I know that.

Stefano - You will lose Brady forever. Kristen - I know.

Vic - You're alright with losing your only son? John - He will never forgive her. It will be over forever and that is all that matters.

Stefano - Brady will never forgive you. Kristen - I know. That's sad. I never wanted to break his heart. I guess I'll just have to call it collateral damage. Once it's done, I will have accomplished everything I came back to Salem to do.

John - I know I may lose Marlena but then I may have already lost her but I have to save my son.

Kristen - And so to that end I will do what must be done.

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