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Wednesday, May 1

Segment 1: Kate is at a gunshop. The guy pushes a pistol towards her. She picks it up. Guy - How does it feel? Kate - Deadly.

Abby is with Dan and Jen in Jen's office. Abby already knew Daniel was the world's greatest guy before he came to Cameron's rescue at the strip club ... thank you for proving my point. Dan comments that Cameron seems to be a pretty good guy himself. Abby will let her mom know how it goes. She leaves. Dan - Does she have plans with Cameron tonight. Jen - Not exactly, but she's working on it. Dan tells Jen she has plans tonight; she better clear her schedule for all night. Jen - Wow.

Cam greets Abby by the nurse's station. He asks her if she's free tonight. She is. Is that all you wanted. Cam - Definitely not. He pulls her into a kiss as Maxine watches.

Abe greets Eric at the pub. It's good news that this private foundation wants to inject new funds into your prison release program. They are going to vet you pretty thoroughly to see if what you've been doing so far has been successful and you only have Vargas in the program as of now; so, how's that working out? Eric recalls walking in on Vargas and Nicole. It's not exactly what I expected.

Vargas is on the phone with Nick giving him a gentle reminder that he wants results. Nick - If you want me to take 30K and triple it ... Vargas - Triple and then some Nicky. Nick - If you want me to do that for you you have to let me the do the work and stop calling me to tell me to do the work. Vargas - I went from one prison to another and I am stuck here until you deliver. Do not disappoint me. He hangs up when he sees Nicole in the doorway who asks - Am I interrupting.

EJ is holding the stolen money. There has to be 30 thousand dollars here. Sami - That much huh. EJ - Would you care to tell me what it is exactly? Sami - It's what you just said, 30 thousand dollars. It's not mine. EJ - I didn't think it was. Who's is it? Sami - It's Nick's. I stole it. She explains that she saw Nick stash something in his briefcase. She wanted to know what so she looked and took it. EJ - How did Nick get his hands on this amount of money? Sami - That's an excellent question. We should really think about that. EJ - Why did you take it? Sami - I don't know. I'm sorry. I just grabbed it impulsively. It wasn't the best decision that I've made. EJ - What do you think Nick is going to do when he finds out his 30 thousand dollars is missing? He's going to go nuts! Sami - You think?

Nick is on his computer. This could be it. I could put the money here. His cell rings. I got the message the first time okay. Rafe - Well you didn't get a message from me. Nick - Rafe. Sorry, I thought this was a work call. It's been a crazy day. Rafe - Can you put aside your day for a few minutes and meet me at the coffeehouse. Nick - I'm kind of working on a dozen different things. Rafe - It's about my sister. I can come over there to discuss this. Nick looks at his briefcase - I'll be there in 10.

The guy tells Kate - It fits in your purse; gives you maximum protection. Kate - All in one pretty little package. Do you take credit cards?

Segment 2: Jen asks if this is about Kristen and Brady's wedding. Dan tells her the plans are for the 2 of them. Dan has arranged for Jen to meet her favourite chef. Apparently the guy is opening a pop-up restaurant here and tickets are impossible to get unless you're me. Jen is very excited. You're the best guy ever.

Cam suggests burgers at the pub and a walk down the waterfront. He knows it's not the most exciting date ever ... Abby would love that. Cam mentions that paying off his mom's debt is curtailing all his impulsive ideas like trips to Paris. Abby can't wait. Dan and Jen walk up. Dan asks Cam if he has 5 mins to consult on a case. They leave. Jen - Successful bump-in? Abby - The best. Jen hugs her.

Abe - So do you want to talk about how Vargas is doing? Eric - I have great hopes for this program and it's future. Abe - That doesn't answer my question. Eric - Well I have high hopes for Vargas too. The thing is that the people that fund these types of programs think that it's a very smooth transition into the civilian world. They're wrong. It takes a lot of work and time. It's a process. Abe - Eric you're going through heroic lengths to keep this vague so maybe I'll just flat out ask this instead. How much did your hestation about Vargas have to do with Nicole?

Vargas - I thought you quit. Nicole - I did but Fr Eric and I worked things out so now I'm back. I'm surprised you didn't know that. Vargas - No. So I guess you and I just agree to stay out of each other's way, right? Nicole - One more thing though. Don't you think we should chat about that call I walked in on 'cause I sure do.

Nick joins Rafe at the coffeehouse. I don't have a ton of time. Rafe - I talked to Gabi a while ago. I don't like the way she sounded. Nick - Why? Gabi and I are great. We're waiting for the baby ... Rafe - She's upset about you. Nick - Why do you say that? Rafe - I'm Gabi's brother but I'm also a cop so I know a dodge when I see one. Nick - Gabi's my world. I'm doing everything I can to protect her. Rafe - Protect her from what?

Segment 3: Abe - The reason I asked about Nicole is because I happened to see a kind of an intense moment between her and Vargas earlier. Eric - They work close together. I guess it's bound to happen. Abe - Okay. Are you going to be at the church later today? I'm heading over to the police station to do some consulting work there. Can I stop by the rectory later and show you some of the things I received from the foundation. Eric - I should be there all afternoon.

Vargas - What is it you want to talk about Nicole? What do you think heard? Nicole - Your little Eddie Haskell act with Fr Eric is as transparent as a glass of water. Vargas - Oh damn. So you see right through me now, huh? Nicole - Yeah I can and I think the real you is the guy I heard on the phone call; making demands, hinting that things won't go well if you don't get what you want. Vargas - I sure know what you want Nicole and that's to cause trouble. Nicole - Oh yeah, there it is; turning it on me. You're highly mistaken if you think Fr Eric is falling for your pathetic little act anymore than I am. Oh and if I detect that Fr Eric is a little slow on the uptake this time I'll be sure to get him up to speed. Vargas grabs her arm - What are you going to tell him huh? And think hard about what you're going to say Nicole, very hard. Nicole - Are you threatening me?

Sami gets in a snit. Okay fine, obviously stealing Nick's money doesn't help anything. EJ - Obviously not. Now he has 30 thousand dollars to hold over you head. Sami - I'll sneak back into his room and put it back. EJ - You will not do that. Promise. You do understand how risky that is. I'd rather you take all the money and spend it then do that. Here's an idea. Why don't you take the money to the bank and convert it all to one dollar bills and then you'll have a lifetime supply of tips for your strip clubs. Sami - Kristen told you about that huh? It served a purpose. EJ - So I heard. Sami - Come on, it was for a noble cause. EJ - I appreciate everyone going to Cameron's rescue including your ex who I gather was one of the stars of the show. Is that why you didn't tell me about it.

Nick - It's just an expression Rafe. I'm trying to express to you how deep my feelings are for Gabi and I'm frustrated because I shouldn't have to do that anymore. Rafe - Well when I saw Gabi she had just seen Will. Nick - So? Rafe - I just have the feeling that Gabi feels that she's caught between you and Will because you're not comfortable with him spending time with his baby. Nick - What do you want from me Rafe? Rafe - I want to understand why you do not want him to be with his own child. Nick - Why are you so damn protective of Will? I'm the one married to Gabi. I'm your brother-in-law. I'm going to be the one raising your niece. What is Will to you anyway? He's just a ... Rafe - Just a ... what?

Segment 4: Nick - You want me to say what I think Will is. I think it would be easier to say what I think he's not which is a good person. Rafe - I've known Will for a long time and I think we both know that is not true. Nick - Really? Does a good person go and take advantage of a girl he used to date because he's feeling sexually confused? And then when he gets her pregnant he rushes her off to get an abortion because he thinks it's going to ruin his relationship with his boyfriend. Rafe - You're twisting the truth, you know it, I know it. Nick - You've been on the offensive since I got here, what am I supposed to do? Just deny everything that's right in front of my face? Rafe - No, you're supposed to get your act together and take care of my sister instead you're running around wasting time and energy trying to get Will out of the picture and ultimately it is hurting my sister. She comes first. Don't mess this up. Nick - I would never do that. I don't know how many more ways I can say that to you for you to hear it and finally believe it. He leaves. Kate walks up. Wow, that seemed to go awfully well.

Sami - Wow, I'm impressed at how smoothly you managed to move Rafe into the conversation. And if I didn't know better I'd think your were jealous but I do know better. And I know you know that I only have eyes for you and I proved it by putting this on my finger. EJ - If I was jealous you would know. Sami mentions that Rafe found out about our engagement that night. EJ - What did he say? How did he take it? Sami - I didn't notice. I was distracted by other things.

Rafe - I asked him some questions. He got anxious, defensive. When he did he started to say ... Rafe gets a text. It's the station, I have to deal with this. Will I see you later? Kate - Yes, you can count on that. Rafe - Good. What's in the bag? Kate - This is a gift for me. Rafe gives her a kiss on the cheek - You deserve it. He leaves.

EJ mentions that they still haven't decided what to do with the money she stole. Sami argues - Grabbed impulsively. EJ - I think the best way to handle it is to put it to the side for the moment. You never know, Nick could have gotten that money legitmately. The best policy right now is to wait and see. Sami gets a call from Kate. Do you have a minute for a dropby? Sami - Now? Kate - Yes, I assume you're at the office. Don't worry, it's not about work, it's personal.

Dan tells Cam he's off; I've got plans for tonight. Cam - Same here. Dan tells him to have fun. Maxine tells Cam he has a call. The call has to do with his line of credit. He tells Maxine he ordered flowers for Abigail and his credit card was declined. He checks his wallet. I don't have enough cash to take her to dinner. Maxine - I'd offer you a loan but I'm living paycheck to paycheck these days. Cam - Thank, I wouldn't take it but thank you. Maxine - Abigail is a sweetheart. I'm sure she'd understand. Just level with her. Cam - I don't want her to feel bad for me. I'm just going to make up an excuse and cancel the date.

Abby and Jen are both dressed up to go out. Abby is nervous. She admits she gets all anxious and self-conscious around Cam. Not all the time but ... I think it's because we've had so many stops and starts. Jen - That's all in the past. What could possibly be holding you back now? Abby - Actually I can't think of a thing.

Vargas - Why would I be threatening you? I haven't done a thing. So I'm going to be forced to explain myself to Fr Eric just because you want to make trouble for me. Nicole - Would you kindly take your hands off me. Vargas - Like I said, I've done nothing wrong but you can't say the same thing, can you? Nicole - What the hell are you talking about? Vargas - It means you let yourself fall for the boss and I'm not talking about God. Nicole pulls away. Vargas - What do you think Fr Eric is going to say when he finds out the name you call out during sex is his. Eric walks in. What's going on here?

Segment 5: Nicole - I was just telling Vargas I'm back and we were figuring out how that's going to work. Vargas - That's right. I promise you father that I meant what I said when I apologised to you the other day. The last thing I want to do is blow this great opportunity you've given me here. I made a mistake, a bad one, but I will make it up to you as I'm sure Nicole will too. We're both going to be very professional from now on. Nicole - Of course. The past is the past. Thank you Eric for giving us both a chance to ... Vargas - Repent. Eric - As far as I'm concerned the subject is closed. Vargas - For me too. I've got to get back to the basement to finish some work. He leaves. Eric - Are you okay? Nicole - Yeah. What happened between Vargas and me was a mistake and like he said, nothing like that will happen again here or anywhere else.

EJ offers to stay with Sami during Kate's visit but she tells him it's not necessary.

Dan calls Jen he knows he's late. He forgot to do something so he had to stop back at the hospital. Jen tells Parker is there with the nanny, all settled in. She tells him about how nervous Abigail is about her date with Cameron. I think she really likes him. So was so flustered it was funny. After his call he finishes up something on a laptop then tells Maxine he'll see her. Maxine - Before you go, this may not be any of my business but I think there's some things you should know.

Sami realises the envelope of money is in plain view on her desk. She picks it up - OMG ... just as Kate comes in. Are you alone?

Segment 6: Cam stops at the front door and he practices his excuse for cancelling the date. He knocks on the door. Abby opens it. I'm totally ready, I just have to grab my bag. Jen comes to the entrance. Dan rushes in telling Abby and Cam not to rush off so fast because Jennifer has a surprise for them. I hope you can cancel your own reservations wherever it is because you do not want to turn down this offer. Abby - Mom, what's up? Jen - I'm going to let Daniel tell you. Dan - You know how you're mom is a huge fan of Chef Mark Witkowski. Abby - Kind of, since she never shuts up about him. Dan - Well he's got this restaurant opening tonight in town. Tickets are scarce but your mother called me to make reservations. She wanted you two to have an amazing, chef-prepared, all expenses paid meal for your date tonight. Cam - Are you kidding? Dan pulls out the tickets. Abby - But Mom, Chef Witkowski's your favourite. Jen - Yeah he is ... Dan - But her daughter is her more favouite. Abby looks at Cam - Is that okay with you. Cam - Sure, that's great. Thank you Jennifer. Jen - You're so welcome. Abby - Thank you so much Mom. I'll see if Chef will autograph a napkin for you. Jen - I'm counting on that. Abby and Cam leave. Jen - What is the story behind my incredible genoristy.

Abe arrives at the rectory. Eric - Is that the paperwork from the potential donors. It is. Abe - If this thing with Vargas works out, it would be a success story. Nicole hears them talking. Abe - He is the test case after all. Eric - Yes, I guess he is. Abe - The success of this project hinges on him.

Rafe is on his cell in the square. When he's done his call he sees EJ right in front of him. EJ - I'm so glad I ran into you. I wanted to apologise. I had plans last night and I didn't hear about your event until it was too late. Rafe - That's a real shame. It was right up your alley too. EJ - Hard to ignore all those Facebook postings. People had a lot to say. Rafe - Let me guess. I missed my calling. EJ - It's never too late. Rafe - I have to say this whole thing was an ego boost for me. People raving about my performance, especially your fiancee. She was a real wildcat; no one was cheering louder than her.

Sami - Why did you want to see me so urgently? Kate - It wasn't urgent. I just wanted to offer my condolences ... she starts to laugh ... I'm so sorry, my congratulations on your engagement. She sees the ring. Oh, I'm so sorry, no overstatement DiMera diamond? Sami - I'm surprised you showed up in person to offer your insincere wishes. Kate - I'm actually very sincere about my happiness regarding your news. Sami - Because you think it means I'll stay away from your sons. Kate - If you're talking about Lucas, he can't stand the sight of you anymore. I don't think he'd be in any rush to be your husband anytime soon. Sami - So I'm going to save you the trouble. I don't need you to sit here and tell me all the reasons you think my marriage is going to end in disaster. Kami scoffs. Oh come on. Why would I or anyone in their right mind think you're marriage is going to end in disaster? Oh because once EJ kidnapped your child and let you believe she was dead? Or maybe it's the time you tried to murder him? But seriously, that was a long time ago. No reason at all to hold any grudges, right? Sami - Obviously you're not at your best since your marriage to Stefano imploded but just because you don't have anyone in your life does not give you the ... Kate - Why on earth would you think that I don't have anyone in my life?

Segment 7: Dan and Jen share a pizza with Parker. Jen thinks that was the most amazing, generous thing he did for Cameron and Abigail and she loves him for that. They all sit on the couch and watch a movie.

Cam and Abby get the rundown on their meal from the Chef. Abby suggests they come up with a special dessert all on their own after they're done here.

Abe leaves. Nicole goes into the rectory. Eric asks Nicole to get Vargas for him. Nicole - Why? Eric - Because I need him. Nicole - No you don't. You don't need him for anything. Don't you understand that? Eric - What are you talking about? Nicole - You can't trust him. He's not who you think.

Rafe is going to leave but EJ asks him to wait. Just a couple of quick things. I know what you and the other guys did was for Cameron and I appreciate it. I wish he had come to me for help but I know what you did was good hearted so I'd just like to say thank you. Rafe - So what is it that you wanted to talk to me about. EJ - Samantha.

Sami - I'm pretty sure you're not seeing anyone because if you were you would have sent out a press release; at the very least, you'd be lording it over Stefano. Obviously you're here because you're bored and hard-up. So anything else or are we through? Kate - We will be as soon as you open your engagement gift. She puts the bag on the table.

Nick is in his room talking to someone on the phone. I'm definitely interested in making the investment. Can I do that online? Maximum 1500 hundred. What if I did it in person? Really? And cash? I understand. I definitely don't want to lose my deposit so I will be there before close of business today with the rest of the money. Thank you. He opens his briefcase. Where's the money? Where the hell is the money?

Kate hands her a box with a box on it. Go ahead, open it. Sami - I don't want anything from you Kate. Kate - How ungracious! You hurt me. Sami - Okay, yes. How wonderful. She opens the box and sees the gun. Kate - I hope you like the colour.


Thursday, May 2

Segment 1: Repeat of Sami opening her gift and Kate hoping she likes the colour. Sami - What is this? Kate - An 8 millimeter. Sami - Kate, are you insane? Kate - Sami! Come on. You have to admit it's the perfect gift for someone marrying into the DiMera mansion. Sami - I know what you're doing Kate and frankly it's a little pathetic. In fact if I actually cared for you, I'd feel sorry for you. Kate - All I've done is give you a gift. Sami - Are you serious? What happened to you? You used to believe in romance and marriage and true love. And that's the truth, EJ and I actually love each other. Kate - Okay. I'm not even going to begin to challenge that delusion. Just accept the weapon, say thank you. My granddaughter lives in that house so there's a child safety lock; make sure you use it. Sami - No I won't use it. I don't want your present. Kate - There are other people coming in and out of that house besides your precious EJ. Maybe you don't need to defend yourself against him, not yet, but there is Stefano, there are his mistresses and his minions and the countless enemies he has made over the years. Believe me, a woman needs to always protect herself. Sami - I don't need protection.

Repeat of Abby suggesting they make their own special dessert. Cam - How hungry are you? Abby - Starving.

Brady is outside the coffeehouse on his cell. You're the one I'm counting on to get the job done. Just tell them Brady Black won't take no for an answer. That should do it. Get back to me. Brady gets a call from Daniel. He wants to confirm that Daniel and Jennifer are going to stand up for them at the wedding. I know Kristen appreciates it as much as I do. Everything is going well. I just have one more invitation to hand out in person.

Eric - What do you mean Vargas isn't who I think he is. What's going on? Nicole recalls Vargas's end of the phone call she overheard. Eric - Did that guy do something to you? Nicole - No. It wasn't like that. The stuff you walked in on was totally consentual. And there was only kissing. I swear nothing else happened. Eric - Why don't we stick to why Vargas is not who he seems to be. Nicole - I'm sorry. You're right. Stay on point. It's just that you have this prison release program and you're good name is attached to it and sometimes people will take advantage. Eric - Vargas. Okay, what happened to make you think that? Nicole recalls Vargas asking her what Fr Eric would think about her calling out his name during sex. Eric - Nicole, is there something I should know about Vargas because if there is I want you to tell me.

Gabi returns home and asks Maggie if Nick is home. Yes, he's up in your room. Nick is frantically searching for the money Vargas gave him that Sami stole. He empties his briefcase and throws it across the room. He's practically hyperventilating ... Where's the damn money! Nick is tearing the room apart. Where the hell can it be? 30 thousand dollars doesn't just disappear. Oh God. Somebody was here. They stole it and now they're going to pay.

Rafe - Look at you. You're coming off a little bit insecure. Come on man. You already gave her the ring. You moved her into the mansion and all I have to do is mention the fact that Sami and I talked and you're freaking out. EJ - You're completely misinterpreting this as usual. Rafe - Just so you don't misinterpret I'm going to tell you the exact same thing I told her which is I'm done. I'm out. I am gone for good. If hell freezes over I still want nothing to do with Sami Brady. Clear enough.

Segment 2: Nicole - Actually I shouldn't have said anything. It's just a feeling I had. Eric - Does that feeling have anything to do with that little romance that flared up between you and Vargas. Nicole - What I was going to say is not important. Alright fine, I've already humilated myself and I'm sure you think poorly of me, so I'm going to just say it ... Brady comes in. He didn't mean to interrupt. He'd like a few minutes with Eric. Eric - Nicole was just about to tell me something so if you'd give us a few minutes ... Nicole - It's okay. It really wasn't that important.

Cam asks Abby if she ever worked in a restuarant. Yes, one day. The day he helped Caroline at the Brady Pub. It wasn't work, it was more just fun. Cam worked at a restaurant when he was at college. It helped him pay off his tuition. It's funny how bill's never stop coming. He gets a call. No, not tonight. Sorry. Abby recalls his strip act. That was the club. They want you to come in tonight.

Maggie is showing pictures of Allie in the garden to Gabi. Nick comes down. Gabi tells him what she was doing. Maggie adds that she was showing Gabi pictures of Allie's visit today. Wanna see? Nick - Lucas was here? Maggie - Yeah, he and Sami brought Allie over for a visit so I was showing off the garden. Nick notices that Sami isn't in any of the pictures. Maggie - She was starved so she stayed inside and ate. I guess she must have gotten a call from the office because she was gone when we came back inside. Gabi - Are you okay? Nick - I'm totally fine. There's just something important that I have to do. I'll see you guys later.

Kate - Someday you're going to thank me for this little gift. I'm never wrong about these things you know. Sami scoffs. Kate - I can testify that when I lived in the DiMera mansion hardly a day went by that I didn't wish I had a gun or a bazooka or a flame thrower. Sami - EJ isn't Stefano. Kate - And you're not me. Things tend to go wrong in that house. Get yourself an egg timer. See how long it takes. Sami - Just take this damn thing with you. Kate - It's a gift. Best wishes. Just try not to shoot your future husband again. Kate leaves.

EJ - Look at you, so vehement that Samantha is out of your life. Rafe - You wanted a straight answer. EJ doesn't think he got one. I'm not sure if you're lying to yourself or to me; it doesn't really matter. I do understand that you and Samantha will always have some sort of connection as you were married. Rafe - Keep talking ... all night if you want ... but I'm out of here. EJ - When is Johnny getting his FBI jacket. He asks about it everyday and I know you don't want him to think your promises don't mean anything. Rafe - Just keep the kids out of this. EJ - I wish I could but no I can't because they love you and admire you. So please don't punish them to get back at Samantha. Rafe - I would never do that. EJ - Are you leaving Salem anytime soon. Rafe - No. EJ - It looks like you're going to be around my family for the forseeable future. Fair warning, do not make me out to be some sort of bad guy in my son's eyes. Rafe - I'm sure that Johnny is capable of seeing that all by himself.

Segment 3: Cam - There's a bachlorette party going down and they're short a guy and they wanted me there. They'll find someone else. Abby - Are you sure? Cam - Well that phone call sure spoiled things. Abby - No it's fine. Cam - It seems like you moved 3 ft away. We were doing great. Why did that phone call change everything? Abby - I'm still ... okay ... I'm out with a guy right now who has women pawing at him 3-4 nights a week and pushing bills into his pants and I get that it's just your job ... but ... never mind. Cam - You're right. These women get worked up and crazy and throw themselves at me but if I wanted to be with any of them I wouldn't be here with you. Silence. Cam makes a call to the strip club to tell them he won't be coming in anymore. I'm done. It's final. I'm out of the dancing game.

Nicole has some errands to run. Eric tells Brady he's supposed to hear confessions now. Brady suggests that they meet in the pub in an hour. Nicole stops Brady from leaving. I never got to congratulate you on your engagement. Brady - You mean warn me ... I know how you feel about Kristen. Nicole - No. Kristen gave me a break. There's no way I'm going to bad mouth her. And damn it - you went with your heart. I'm happy for you, both of you. Brady - Thank you. Nicole - How did your Dad ... sorry ... congratulations and best wishes to Kristen. Brady - What do you want? You're giving me all these kind words. We're friends; just ask me. Nicole - It's personal. Do you know Vargas? Brady - I met him a couple of times. Nicole - I need you to check him out privately. No one else can know.

EJ - Johnny knows I love him. Rafe - Of course. You love all your possessions. EJ - There is one thing we have in common and that is that I don't give a damn about you and you don't seem to give a damn about me. Rafe - That's actually the first honest thing you've said since we've been standing here. EJ - It is a bit of a mystery to me why you're disappointed that Samantha and I are engaged. Rafe - No, you see, you both deserve what you're going to get. I've moved on. If you guys want to get married you should. Anytime, anywhere ... in fact I know a couple of judges ... I could pull some strings ... you want to do it say ... tonight? I'm there for you. EJ - I was thinking of something a little more romantic but I'll be sure to pass on your good wishes to my bride to be. Rafe - Please do. EJ - And the FBI jacket. Rafe - I'll be in touch.

Sami puts the gun in her drawer as she talks on the phone. She grabs the money she stole and stuffs it in her purse. Nick comes in and slams the door behind him. Surprise!

Segment 4: Abby - Call them back. You need the money; you can't quit. Cam - There's other ways to make money. The loans are almost paid off. Maybe I'll wait a few tables or bus, I'll be fine. Not so long ago I was a jerk about you and how you feel; now that's all I care about, is how you feel.

Kate is walking through the park when Stefano calls out her name. I see that you are alone.

Rafe is visiting Gabi at the Kiriakis mansion. They talk about the baby. Rafe - I saw a Nick today. Gabi - Is that why you came? Let's not start with Nick, please. Rafe - I just wanted to make sure my little sister is taken care of, that's all. Gabi - Everything is fine thank's to Nick. Rafe - That's funny because the last time we spoke you said he had done something that had upset you. Gabi - That's ancient history. Let's not talk about it. He's been nothing but wonderful to me. Rafe - Where is Mr. Wonderful right now?

Nick - Where is it? Sami - Where is what? Nick - You know damn well what I'm talking about. Sami - Sorry, I really have no idea what you're talking about but I do have to get going. I have a babysitter at home and I don't want to make her mad. When you have a baby at home you're learn how important it is to keep your babysitter happy. Nick - You came to the Kiriakis mansion today. Sami - Yeah. Lucas and I went to give Allie a chance to visit with Maggie. Nick - Except you stayed in the house and Lucas and Maggie took Allie outside. Sami - So. Nick - So you slipped upstairs and went into our room. Sami - Why would I do that? Nick - I don't know but I'm going to find out. Maybe I'll talk to Sonny because he was the one with the lame excuse for getting me out of the house. Sami starts opening her drawer. Do you have a problem with Sonny? Nick - You went into our room and you took something that wasn't yours. Sami - Now you're totally out of line. Nick - You've still got it and I'm not going anywhere until you give it back.

Vargas walks up to the rectory door and hears Brady say - I'm still not clear as to why you want me to dig into his life. This Vargas guy, what has he done? Nicole - It's not one thing in particular. I want to protect Eric. Eric is too trusting and Vargas is too sinful (???) for my blood. Brady - Okay, that's good enough for me. I'm all about protecting my brother. I'll see what I can find out. Nicole thanks him; he leaves. Vargas comes in and slams the door behind him.

Segment 5: Abby and Cam prepare their desserts. The chef comes over. I knew from the ingredients you asked for that you could only be making a Sundae Spooncake. They tell the chef it was an absolutely amazing meal. Thank you so much. Abby feeds Cam some dessert. The chef asks to try it. Fantastic! You're hired. Cam - It's the perfect end to a perfect meal. Chef - You may have noticed that I'm a perfectionist about food. You want to know what I've noticed? This lady is someone you want to hold on to. He leaves. Cam - He took the words right out of my mouth.

Vargas - Sorry I slammed the door. Nicole - No you're not. You heard me ask Brady to check you out now you're pissed and if this wasn't a church you'd probably have me up against a wall punching me or something. Vargas - Whoa Nicole. Let's not turn this into some kind of weird fantasy. I'm not that kind of guy and you of all people should know that. Nicole - Oh I know who you are. Vargas - I may not be Mr. Perfect but seriously, there's no need to turn on me like this. Nicole - I heard you. I know. Vargas - Know what? That I'm doing something wrong? Name it. You can't, can you? And the last thing I'm going to do is hurt Fr Eric. Nicole - Take your hypocrite act somewhere else ... he grabs her. You're going to call your friend Brady and tell him to forget the investigation otherwise Fr Eric gets to hear all your dirty secrets.

Brady tells Eric the ceremony is all ready to go. Eric - I wish you nothing but the best. Brady - Thanks. It didn't occur to me to ask you to officiate let alone stand up for us. Not that I wouldn't like that; there's just a lot of complications right now. Eric - My mother being on top of that list. Brady - I know we're just steps but I always think of you as a brother. Eric - Likewise. Brady - I would like to have you at my wedding. Not to officate, not to stand up for me, just to be there. How do you feel about that?

Kate - Where's Cecily or did she come to her senses and leave you? Stefano - Cecily will be flying in from Singapore very soon. Kate - Then she's not as smart as I thought she was otherwise she would have left an ocean between you. Stefano - And you? Where's the man you're supposed to be with? Kate - What makes you think I have a man in my life? Stefano - Come on, you don't think you can keep something like that from me, do you? Ah, my dear, you are always behind the curve. He walks away.

Gabi - He had some errands to run. You put a lot of pressure of him. Rafe - The way I see it he puts a lot of pressure on himself and on you. Gabi - He works 'til very late, he gets up early and I know he hasn't been sleeping well. I just know that things will get better eventually. The pressure ... Rafe - Is going to get worse. Gabi - Then we'll deal. Just stop. Rafe - I was talking to Nick earlier and I brought up Will's name and I saw him tense up. Not good. Gabi - Yes, okay. I know that things between Nick and Will are not that good but I think once the baby is born things will get better. I know they will. Rafe - Did it ever occur to you that Nick's not giving you the whole story about Will? Maggie comes in with a tray. I just love having tea in the evening. So does Gabi. I was just telling Rafe here how wonderful it's going to be once the baby is born.

Sami tells Nick to calm down, relax. Maybe you should go home, see Gabi. Nick grabs her purse. Give it to me or it's going to get real ugly. Sami tries to stop him from getting her purse. EJ rushes in and gets between them. Nick - What are you going to do, call security? EJ - You're going to wish I called security.

Segment 6: Cam kisses Abigail goodnight at the front door. Abby asks if he wants to come in. Cam has to be at the hospital at 6am. I had a great night tonight. Instead of the dessert he's going to take home a sweet memory. They kiss again. He leaves.

Eric - I've got to admit that I'm a bit surprised. Brady - That I'd want you at my wedding? Eric - No but like you said, if I did attend there could be lots of complications. Let me think about it. Brady - Of course. Eric - I haven't forgotten how Kristen showed kindness towards Nicole or how you opened up to me about your failed marriage. Being there, there would be value for me too. Brady - I'll put you down for a maybe. Considering where we were a month ago, this isn't such a bad place for us to be. Eric - I was thinking the same thing. You know what, I'm going to go say hi to my grandmother in the kitchen. Brady gets a call from Nicole. She tells him she changed her mind about him checking on Vargas. He asks why she changed her mind. Nicole - You know me, playing mother hen, getting all protective of Eric. Brady - We should trust him to know what he's doing. Nicole - Right.

After the call she asks Vargas - Satisfied. Vargas - For now but if Fr Eric or anyone else comes around asking too many questions I'll know who the rat was and oh am I going to have a story to tell. He gets really sarcastic and imitates her in bed calling out Eric's name. He laughs. Have a nice life. Nicole - Hold on there Vargs.

Gabi goes into their room and sees stuff thrown all over the place.

Nick - Sami, please give it to me. I'm begging you. EJ pushes him out the door. Sami, the thief, is so glad EJ is here. She wants to go home. Nick scared me. I just kept thinking deny it, deny it, deny it. EJ - Did it work. Sami - He almost got his 30 thousand dollars back. EJ - Almost is not the same as getting it. Sami - He knows I have it. EJ - He doesn't know anything. He's just desperate. Sami - Don't you think that makes him more dangerous. EJ - You're forgetting, the Nick Fallon situation is almost over. Sami - You're right. EJ has a meeting. He'll get someone from security to take her home. Sami insists she's fine. She'll go home on her own. EJ - Try not to get in anymore trouble. He leaves. Sami pulls out the gun.

Segment 7: Eric has returned. Was that Kristen on the phone? Brady - No it was Nicole. It wasn't too long ago that I was really, really worried about her. I didn't think she'd be able to straighten her life out but since hooking up with the church, she's doing really well. You've had quite an affect on her.

Nicole - Simple warning Vargas. You do any little thing to hurt Eric and your happy little place, the rectory, will be over. I repeat, you can tattle-tale all you want but I will bring you down. I will make it happen. I'm watching you. Clear? Vargas - I guess then we'll be watching each other. He leaves.

Nick comes into their room and sees Gabi packing. What's with the suitcase? Gabi - Nick, you're going to tell me what's going on or I'm leaving.

Rafe joins Kate at a table somewhere. Finally! Talk about a place that's off the beaten path. Why did you want to come here? Well, you're looking awful serious. What's going on. Kate - You already know. I'm going to tell you anyway. This thing we've had for the last few months is over.

Sami is in the sqaure. She watches as Stefano meets up with someone. She stomps over in their direction.

EJ sits down. I imagine my call came as something of a surprise to you so I will get straight to the point. I need your help with a rather delicate matter. Over the next few months I'm intending on bringing about the complete and total destruction of Stefano DiMera.


Friday, May 4

Segment 1: When Kate tells Rafe it's over he suggests going back to his place, talking it out and seeing what happens. Kate - Sorry, no. Rafe - Do I at least get a reason why. Right, Stefano. What did Stefano do? Come on, just tell me. Kate - It has absolutely nothing to do with Stefano. Rafe - Really? Kate - It's just that we've been together for a little while now and frankly it got a little serious. I never wanted anything like that so I'm ending it. That's just the way it's going to have to be. Rafe - I'm not buying it, not for one second.

Stefano is on the bench in the park. He thanks Ofc Bernardi for coming. I need your assistance. The Salem PD has certain evidence locked up in their evidence room. I want you to make it disappear. Eavesdropping Sami pumps her fist. Stefano - This is the file # of the case. And the evidence pertains to the person who shot my son Elvis years ago. Ofc B remembers this. It was one of the Hortons. He did a stretch up in Statesville. Stefano - I want all the evidence on this case, clear? Ofc B - I hate to say it Mr. DiMera but I can't do it. Stefano - Do I have to explain to you about people on my payroll who say no to me. Ofc B - Believe me, I would get that evidence to you if I could. Stefano - Then do it! Ofc B - The thing is your son got himself shot a long time ago and when a case has been closed for more than 4 yrs, the evidence goes into a secure lockup. Maybe I can pull a few strings and get myself inside somehow. Stefano - Excellent. Ofc B - So you want me to find the file on your son's shooting and then destroy everything in the box, right? Stefano - Wrong. I want to destroy nothing. Sami doesn't look happy.

Sonny brings Will a little something to keep him up all night so they can celebrate. Will doesn't know if they should celebrate just yet but today has been a great day. Sonny - Yeah, you said Stefano agreed to get the police evidence. Will - And you deleted my confession off of Nick's computer. Sonny - Don't forget the backup drive. Seriously tomorrow is going to be an amazing day. Adrienne asks - Why's that? What's happening tomorrow?

Gabi tells Nick to stay away from her. Nick - Just listen to me. The reason I had to go out ... Gabi - I don't care why you had to go out. My God, Nick, look at yourself in the mirror; look what you did to our room. You've been acting weird for days. Maggie can see it, my brother can see it, I can see it. This is the only chance I am going to give you to explain everything, and I mean everything, or I am leaving.

Repeat of EJ's statement to persons unknown. Of his vow to bring about the total destruction of Stefano DiMera Justin starts laughing. Really! Wow! You want to destroy Stefano Dimera. He laughs again. That's just fantastic! He continues laughing. It's hysterical ... LOL! EJ - I'm glad I brought some amusement to your evening. Justin continues laughing as he wipes his eyes. EJ, I have to admit that destroying Stefano ... uh ... I can see you're serious. EJ - Oh, I'm very serious. I intend to dismantle DiMera Enterprises and all of it's subsiduaries placing them fully under my control. My target date is mid-summer. Justin - That's ... EJ - Eminently doable. Justin - You do realise you're telling this to a Kiriakis. EJ - Yes, but I believe I found precisely the right person to help me.

Segment 2: Gabi - First thing I want to know is what happened in here. Why in the world would you do this to our room. Nick recalls searching for the money. Nick - The project I've been killing myself over, the one for Kate ... Mad World ... Gabi - I don't want to talk about that. I want to talk about what happened in this room. Nick - I know. I lost this flashdrive with all of my work on it. All of it, the formula, everything. Gabi - Nick, you backup everything. Nick - The backup crashed. That's why I went crazy looking for the flashdrive but I found it. I was an idiot. I had left it at work. That's why I went so crazy before and that's why I was acting weird. Gabi - Why don't you just tell me this kind of stuff? Nick - You're under so much stress right now I figured you didn't need to hear about my stupid work problems. Gabi - So you just shut me out, is that how it's going to be. Nick - No, I wasn't thinking. I'm sorry. I was wrong. You were right. We do need to talk more about everything but you have to know how much I love you. You have to know that. Let's go get a bite to eat and we'll talk about everything. I will not hold anything back, I promise you that. We'll make this work because we love each other. He hugs her.

Will says tomorrow is just another day. Adrienne's not buying that. Does it have to do with the baby? I know it was hard for you to give up your parental rights. Will - It really was but I think things are going to start turning around. He gets a call saying it's from a guy at school and a project they're working on. He gets up to take the call. Sonny - What you did helping me out ... Adrienne - I almost had a heart attack. I knew you and Sami were in Nick's room. I tried to keep him out but he just went in. Sonny - We were lucky. He never knew we were there and now things might just work out. Adrienne - What things? Sonny - Can we just not talk about it. Adrienne - This is frustrating. I want you to tell me as soon as you can please. Sonny will. Why are you here? I thought you and Dad were going out to dinner. Adrienne - We were but he got called into a very mysterious meeting. Sonny - Is everything okay? Adrienne - I hope so.

Justin - EJ, you have a whole gaggle of attornies working for you, why not use them? EJ - Because they all have ties. Justin - To your father. EJ - And if there were to be a leak ... Justin - If a Kiriakis is handling the paperwork it must be a Kiriakis project and no one would ever point to you. EJ - Precisely. Justin - I just have one question though. What makes you think I would even consider doing this? EJ - Because whatever it is you think of me, you think worse of my father. Just imagine for a moment being the Kiriakis who helped to take down the great Stefano DiMera. I think that's too exciting for you to turn down, don't you?

Ofc B - Mr DiMera, if I get into the evidence room and I find the evidence on your son's case, why don't I just destroy it? Stefano - Why is not your concern. You do just as you are told alright? You get all the evidence that is in that box and you bring it to me. Understood? Ofc B - Yes sir. As soon as I go on duty tomorrow I'll find a way to get into the evidence room and I'll bring it all to you. Stefano - Good. Go. Sami comes out of hiding when they leave. Stefano DiMera, what are up to now?

Segment 3: Kate - Whether you're buying what I'm saying or not, it's the truth and you're going to have to accept it. Rafe - So run this by me again. Somehow we got too involved ... Kate - I have certain goals and you and this involvement are getting in the way and I just can't have that. You're too much of a distraction. Rafe - I think you like it when I'm distracting you. Kate - It's just too much and it has to end now. It's not like we didn't discuss this in the beginning. It's not like we didn't know it would come to an end. Let's not even argue about it. Let's just tell the truth. Really, sooner or later, didn't you know this day would come?

Adrienne is telling Sonny and Will how she saw these baby clothes in a store window and she wanted to go in and buy everything. Will - I feel the same way but I wouldn't want to spoil my daughter in her first year of life anyway. Sonny - Why not, I think you should go for it. Sami comes in. Sonny tells Will they should go get the ladies some lattes. Sami - Thank you again for helping us out tonight. Adrienne - No problem. Still don't know what we were doing though ... and you're not going to tell me. Sami - Sorry. Adrienne - Of course you are. I helped Will; that's what counts. I'm thinking that now that we're kind of in the same boat maybe we should bury the hatchet. Will asks if they're pulling out each other's hair yet. Sonny - No, they're actually acting civil. Will - No way! Sonny - You never know. You and I might be the magic potion that brings them together. Sami - I'm willing to try. Adrienne shakes her hand - I always said you were ... she sees the engagement ring. OMG, it's true. You're crawling right back into EJ's bed.

Justin - EJ, why would you do this to your father? I thought you two decided to forgive and forget. EJ - My father can believe whatever he wants to about our little reunion. Justin - So obviously you are not forgiving him for disowning you. EJ - No and I never will. Justin - If you're expecting a decison tonight ... EJ - Not at all. I took the liberty of bringing you some paperwork to peruse. Hopefully that will help you make up your mind and you can give me an answer tomorrow morning. Justin - And we're clear on the fact that there is nothing illegal. EJ - Crystal. Justin - Good. EJ, I'm sorry, I just have to ask you, do you really want to do this? Your father tends to chew up enemies and spit them out very dead. If he ever gets wind of this ... EJ - My father is somewhat distracted at the moment so if I play my cards right and I have the right and talented people helping me, he will not even see this coming. He leaves.

Segment 4: Sami pulls her hand away. Adrienne - I'm sorry. That didn't come out the way I meant it to. Sami - I think it did but I don't care what you think. EJ and I are getting married and we're both very happy about it. Adrienne - Hopefully this time's the charm. It's three, right? Don't go getting offended, just some people ... Sonny and Will bring their lattes. Adrienne - So Sonny, why didn't you tell me that Sami and EJ are getting back in the saddle again? Sonny - I didn't really think that was something I should be telling people. Sami - Thank you Sonny but don't worry about being discreet. Now that your mom knows, everyone will. Will can I talk to you for a second. When they step away Sonny asks - Can't you try and be nice to her? Adrienne - I am. Sonny - No you're not. You're acting like she's marrying Jack the Ripper. Adrienne - Well she is, isn't she ... or at least Lord Voldemort. Sami - So I happened to overhear Stefano telling the cop he has on his payroll to get the evidence and the guy said he would do it. Will - You're telling me you followed Stefano. Sami - No, I happened to see him disappear around the corner and then I saw the cop following him so I followed him. Will - So you followed a cop, that's much better. Sami - The point is, as of tomorrow night you're officially off the hook. Isn't that what you wanted? Will - Absolutely. I want my rights back; just not so thrilled about Stefano being involved. Sami - You're right to be cautious but we need to focus on the positive. We need that evidence to disappear then we can relax and forget about it. Will - Do you really think that's going to happen. Sami - Of course. Why wouldn't it?

Justin gets a call. It's Adrienne. She's at Sonny's shop and was about to head home. Do you still want to eat out? Justin - Yeah. No. Let's go back to the house. We'll grab something there. Just don't be too late. He hangs up. He puts down the documents EJ brought him that he's been looking over. EJ, you just might pull this off.

Gabi is seated at on of the outdoor cafe's tables. Nick is further back. He calls Sami who is outside the coffeehouse. I really need what you stole from me. Sami - I think EJ made it pretty clear that you're to stay away from me and so in case you happen to be in one of your delusional phases and you think I'm going to have a sympathy attack for you, take some time and remember what you did to my son. She hangs up. She pulls out the envelope. God Nick, what are you doing with all this money.

Rafe - I know everything ends eventually Kate, but no, I didn't set a time limit on us. Kate - We both knew from the beginning that this would end. Rafe - Did we? Kate - Of course we did. It's better that it's ending this way rather than ending badly with one of us brokenhearted, right? What? Rafe - I just never ended a relationship this way. It's like cancelling a gym membership or changing your cell phone plan. Kate - The last thing I wanted was for you to think was that I was cold. Rafe - I don't. I get it, I think. So, friends ... he holds out his hand. Kate - I never exactly thought we were friends but I guess now we actually are. She places her hand in his. He kisses her hand and then leaves. Kate mutters - Damn you Stefano. Damn you.

Segment 5: Rafe walks up to Will in the coffeehouse. How's it going? Will - It's going good. Listen if you're here to talk to me about what Grandma did with the legal papers ... Rafe - No. It's done. You might as well know that Kate and I called things off tonight. Will - Oh. I'm sorry. I don't know if that's a bad thing ... Rafe - Her call. Listen there's something I've been meaning to talk to you about. I know it's kind of a touchy subject but what happened with you and Nick. Can you tell me?

Nick brings Gabi some yogurt and some olives. He asks if she spotted any of the constellations. Gabi - There's too much light in the cafe. She eats some of the other food she has in front of her. So delicious! Lately everything tastes so good. She sees him looking at her. Do I have something on my face? Nick - No, sorry, I didn't mean to stare. Sometimes I get caught up in how great things are in the moment. Gabi, I just want you to know and remember that no matter what happens I'll always cherish every moment that we had together. Gabi - Nick, why are you talking like this.

Adrienne finds Justin in the living room of the K mansion. Who are you and what are you doing in this house? Justin - Honey, I'm so sorry I ruined our plans for tonight. Adrienne was just going to heat up some slices and watch Carson Daly. Would you like to join me? She notices how distracted he is. Is your mind still on that mysterious meeting. Do I get the juicy details? Justin - Sorry, I can't talk about it. Adrienne - Really, that secret? Justin - No I can't talk about it because when I walked into this house a beautiful woman invited me up to her bedroom with the promise of pizza and television no less. So who cares about some silly business meeting. They kiss.

EJ is in the living room of the Di mansion. He raises a glass to Stefano's portrait. To the past, all yours. And to the future, all mine. Sami comes in and asks where Stefano is. EJ - Probably video-chatting with Cicely. Are you okay? Sami wants sex.

Segment 6: Gabi - Tell me. What's wrong? Why would you say something like that. Nick - I'm sorry. I was trying to be poetic telling you how special you are to me. It came out totally sounding really weird. Seriously, nothing's wrong. What I was trying to say is that I'm really glad we talked. I can see things more clearly now. I can see what's important. Gabi - And that's? Nick - You, us, always.

Will - Like you said it's kind of a touchy subject. Sonny brings over Rafe's coffee. Something wrong? Rafe - I was asking Will about Nick, trying to find out what the hell happened between them. Will - Let's just leave Sonny out of it. Sonny - No, it's cool. He's just watching out for Gabi. Rafe - Who btw, hasn't been happy lately. Sonny - And your guess is because of Nick. Rafe - I don't want to guess. I want to know. I tried talking to Nick and you actually came up Will. Will - Is he blaming me for Gabi being unhappy? Rafe - No, he's not. Actually I mentioned your name because I know Gabi wants you to be part of this baby's life. The second I did he got really tense. So is there a major problem between you two? Silence. Rafe - Okay. I got my answer. Do you want to tell me what it is? Will - Umm ... I can't really get into it now. Rafe pays Sonny for the coffee. Thanks. He's going to leave but he goes back to Will. Just tell me this then, when you signed your rights away was it because of the stuff Sami was doing or was it something else? Will nods - Something. Rafe - Okay, I have my answer. He leaves.

Stefano is at home in the living room. Kate calls him. I'm going to make this short. I'm not sure what you thought you knew but whatever it was, it's over. Understood. Stefano laughs. Katerina, what makes you think I even care. Kate - Goodbye. Stefano smiles.

Sami and EJ are in bed. She tells EJ that she eavesdropped on Stefano and the dirty cop. Stefano made it clear that he wants the evidence brought to him, not destroyed. Obviously Stefano wants to have it so he can have power over us. EJ - Possibly, it fits the pattern. Sami - He wants to have that evidence so he can use it against us whenever he feels like it. EJ - We've always known that the only person Stefano DiMera really looks out for is Stefano DiMera.

Segment 7: Rafe is in the square looking at a window display of Mad World products. He recalls the morning after his first hookup with Kate.

Outside the Brady Pub Kate recalls making love with Rafe. Sorry, I had to, but we sure were good.

Sonny asks Will if he's feeling better. Come on, Will, this is called a victory. He doesn't have the confession to hold over your head anymore. You should be flying right now. Will - Excuse me but I'm a little superstitious. Sonny - You're afraid if we celebrate early, you're going to jinx it. Will - Yeah. Can you imagine us having a normal life without any problems, no blackmail, no threats? Sonny - Until little Arianna Grace comes along and wreaks total havoc. You know she's going to be just like your mom, right? Will - Oh no! He laughs. Sonny - I haven't heard you laugh like in a long time - not since Nick pulled that stunt. Will - Maybe I am celebrating then. Sonny - You deserve it. Will - No, we deserve it. They kiss and hug.

Nick and Gabi return to their bedroom. Oh this bedroom ... Nick - Don't think about it. Go into the bathroom and change into your PJ's. I'll take care of it. Gabi will help him. Nick - No bending and lifting for you Mama ... PJ's. Shje goes to change. Nick reads a text from Vargas. Hope you're taking good care of my money Nicky.

Downstairs Adrienne - Oh my gosh, before I forget to tell you, Will and Sonny seem perfectly cool with the whole Sami / EJ thing. Can you believe it? It's like I was the only one there who could see how disgusting it was ... Sami crawling back into EJ's bed. Justin?? Justin - What? Adrienne - Oh oh. When some mysterious meeting sends you off into another world like this it means it's something really big. Which also means it's something your really, really dread or something you're really, really excited about. So which is it baby? Justin - I'm not sure.

Sami whines and complains about Stefano having power over her son. EJ asks if she told Will about Stefano holding on to the evidence. Of course not. EJ - Why don't you let me take care of that bastard.


Monday, May 6

Segment 1: Dan greets Maxine at the nurse's station. They exchange pleasantries. Dan - Have you seen ... Maxine - Jennifer just called. She said she would be in shortly. Dan - And what about our good friend Anne Millbauer. Maxine - Anne is not here. She's usually cracking the whip by now.

Someone watches Jen through the windows of the Horton house. Jen looks around and leaves. The camera pans to the french doors that are open slightly.

Eric finds Kristen at his desk in the rectory. Eric assumes she is there to talk about the wedding. Yes. Brady and I don't expect you to bless our union but it would mean an awful lot to your brother if you were there. I'm not trying to pressure you or anything ... Eric does want to be there for Brady. The problem is ... Kristen - You can go ahead and say her name. Marlena. It always comes back to Marlena. Eric - I really don't want to discuss my mother with you. Kristen - Because you are a smart man. No good can ever come from discussing religion, politics or Marlena. Eric - Religion is a safe topic in here. Kristen - Of course and to that end what do you advise me to do. I've tried so hard to make amends. I really have tried to make up for the heartache I caused people in your family, especially Marlena. Eric - I thought we weren't talking about that. Kristen - We're not. I just want your professional opinion. What do you think is more important ... the sin or owning it? I've tried so hard to take responsibility for the hurt I've caused people; I want to know if I've been absolved. Or do you think that my sins are so egregrious that no amount of regret or contrition ... Eric - Please stop. I'm not discussing this with you. Kristen - Okay. Because you can't be objective? Eric - Yeah that is it but I will say confession and true repentance must come before absolution. Kristen concurs. I have had my confession heard. Do you think Marlena had her confession heard about her part in this? Eric - That is none of your business. Kristen - Absolutely my business. Are you aware that she has never shown me the slightest bit of compassion in all these years. She's never apologised to me for ripping my world apart, tearing it upside down ... Eric - That is none of my business. Kristen - That's where you're wrong Father. This is exactly your business. Aren't you in the business of comforting people who are lost and confused? Eric - Yes I am when I feel that somebody is sincere and non-manipulative. And what we are not supposed to do is take sides or disclose information that has been told to me in confidence. Kristen - Of course I understand that. I get you. Rhetorical question just for the hell of it. Am I alone here? Did Roman ever receive an apology from Marlena for tearing his life apart? Did Sami? As a matter of fact, did you?

Marlena is in the square window shopping. At first she sees a picture of she and John in a frame; when she looks again, it's the generic couple. Roman greets her.

John is at the bar in the Brady Pub having a drink. Nicole asks if he's alone. I heard about Brady and Kristen getting married. I know this can't be easy for you ... John crushes the glass in his hand. Nicole asks if he's okay. John - Do I look okay.

Brady thanks the woman for meeting him and her discretion. She asks if this means their business is concluded. Brady - This meeting never happened. She replies - What meeting? and leaves. EJ walks up. Like father, like son. This is all cloak and dagger, isn't it? Why the intrigue? Brady - The better question is why the hell do you care what I do? EJ - You're marrying my sister. Brady - Are you coming to the wedding with Sami. EJ hopes so. Brady - That's terrific. EJ - Why don't you tell me how you really feel. Brady - You know that happy toast for me and Kristen you're preparing, all the glowing words and well wishes delivered through gritted teeth; then you understand exactly how I feel about you and Sami.

Segment 2: Eric - I can certainly say for myself that my mother owes me no apology, never has, for anything. Kristen - You certainly have found your calling. Only a man of God could be so forgiving. Eric - There's nothing to forgive. Kristen disagrees. I've seen it with my own eyes. I've seen your sister Sami struggling with the horror of walking in on your mother and John ... you know ... on the conference room table. And what about your father? Still struggling to this day with being lonely and miserable. Your life was destroyed. Your family was descimated but I guess that's okay with you. Yes, no? Eric - Like I said I'm not discussing this with you. Kristen - I hit a nerve ... of course I did. Eric - I think you should leave. Kristen - It's not so shocking that you would be unfailingly loyal to your mother ... Eric - Go. Kristen - She does kind of portray herself as a saint, doesn't she? One last question. Do you think Satan made her commit adultery because I know for a fact it's on God's top 10 list. Eric - Well I can think of a few other things that can make that list. Kristen - Did you ever think about what pushed me to such desperation Father? I take responsiblity for my actions. I was a woman in love until ... whatever Marlena wants, Marlena gets. Eric snaps - Okay, that is enough!

Roman asks Marlena what's wrong. She wasn't watching where she was going, that's all. Roman - John, what's he done now? Marlena - You know I won't discuss John with you. Roman - Which is why you won't answer my calls and I totally understand that. Let's talk about something else. Let me take you to breakfast. Marlena - I'm not hungry. Roman - You've got to eat, besides I think you need a friend. Am I wrong?

Nicole apologises. If it's any concilation, I'm having a hard time with the wedding too. Brady is my friend and Kristen is ... well ... you know what. Maybe this isn't as bad as it seems. Maybe it's possible she's changed. Look at you, mogul, priest, spy. John - There's a point in all this, isn't there? Nicole - If Brady loves her then maybe that's all that matters. It's not like you still want her, right? Victor comes in and recalls John telling him that he's going to seduce Kristen so that he can open Brady's eyes. Nicole - John, you're not saying anything. John - What do you expect me to say? For the last couple of years Brady has lost not one, but two women he planned to spend the rest of his life with. And between there was ... Nicole - Yeah, the likes of me; you can say it. John - He's not in a healthy place and you've got Kristen doing what she does best ... ah ... what the hell! He's a big boy. I'm always going to love him and I think a part of you is always going to love him and all we want is for him to be happy. Nicole - Right. John - I've got to get something to clean this up. Nicole - And how are you going to clean up the real mess? What are you going to do to stop Kristen.

Abe walks up to Daniel. I've got a favour to ask. I've got an old friend Gerry Grant, and he's been admitted for tests. Nobody seems to know what the hell is wrong with him and I think he's more scared then he's letting on. Dan will check on him after his rounds. Make sure he knows he can call on me anytime. Abe thanks him and leaves. The nanny brings Parker over to see his Dad.

Jen comes back in the living room for her keys. She notices the French doors are open and closes them. Someone watches from outside.

Segment 3: EJ thinks it's really touching that Brady stands up for Samantha especially since they spent the better part of their lives at each others throats. Brady - And you, you never knew Kristen at all. She had been ex-communicated from your family. EJ - I admit freely that I never heard a good thing about Kristen especially from my father. Fortunately as it turned out some of our preconceived notions are wrong. Brady - And sometimes they're not. EJ - I love my sister and I support my sister in anything she does. Brady - Likewise. EJ - See, we have something in common. Brady - Let's quit while we're ahead. See you back at the ranch. He leaves. EJ smiles - Daddy's going to be waiting for you there and you and he have nothing in common.

John - So let me ask you Nicole, what more can I do about Kristen? I've talked to Brady. Everybody has talked to Brady. Begged, pleaded, threatened. He's made his mind up. He's not going to change it. Nicole - Because he's stubborn as hell. Gee, I wonder where he gets that from. You don't give up either. John - Sometimes there is nothing you can do except accept that life has changed. Marlena and Roman come in.

Eric apologises for losing control. Kristen - Don't apologise to me. Priests are people too. Actually, you know what, I think I like you better now that I've seen this side of you. The side that is mad as hell and not going to take it anymore. If you had just sat there so sweet and patronizing it would have been awfully boring. But you're not a bore at all. Father Eric has an edge, doesn't he? Eric - Getting back to the wedding. Since you can see that priests are human which is why I think you'll understand why I can't be there. The wedding is about you and Brady and God and no one else. Kristen - You make it sound so selfless. You actually turned out quite well considering where you came from. Your mother would be so proud of you even if deep down you can't possibly be proud of her. I'm going to save you a piece of cake.

Nicole - Why don't you show me where Caroline keeps the dustpan. John - I'll get it. He goes to Roman and Marlena. You two look close. Marlena - Would that make a difference to you?

Jennifer greets Daniel and Parker. Dan greets her with a kiss. They banter and then kiss. Anne walks up. It's a good thing I didn't eat my breakfast. I don't think I could keep it down. Maxine - Dr. Dan's been looking for you. Where have you been? Anne - Attending to some personal business.

Segment 4: Jen has to get to work. Dan has to get to pre-op. The nanny comes and takes Parker. Dan and Jen make a lunch date. She thanks him for giving up their date night for Abigail and Cameron. Dan is so glad she's back to work where she belongs. So is Jen. Dan leaves. Anne shakes her head. No Jennifer, you don't belong here at all. Jen goes into her office and Anne follows her in and closes the door behind her. Jen - What are you doing here? Anne - Just you wait and see.

Nicole greets Roman and Marlena. John, it was nice to see you. See you later. She leaves. Roman - John, why don't you give Marlena a break. John - Why don't ... Marlena - Why don't we not do this right here. Roman and I can leave. John - No, Roman and I need to have a little talk. Marlena - A talk or a fight? John - We need to settle something once and for all. Roman - Anytime, anywhere. John, why don't you and I take a little walk. Marlena - No, please don't ... Vic walks up. Let them go. Marlena - I'm afraid they're going to kill each other. Vic - And what would you do to stop them? Everytime you've opened your mouth you've made things worse, haven't you? Leave well enough alone Marlena for everyone's sake.

Kristen calls Stefano from her office. Well we can cross Eric off the guest list. Stefano - Pity. Kristen - It is actually. Stefano - Why, there's not actually going to be a marriage. Kristen - I'm aware of that but I really wanted all of Marlena's family and friends to be there to witness her ultimate humiliation. Can you imagine the look on her face when Brady tells her he found me in bed with John. Stefano - Your revenge will be complete. Kristen - Yes it will. I think that self-righteous Eric might have attended the wedding if I'd been able to control my temper when his sainted mother's name was mentioned. Brady's going to be very disappointed. Stefano chuckles. Brady's going to be a hell of a lot more than disappointed when you break his heart into a million little pieces. Kristen - As I said before, collateral damage. He'll get over it and me eventually. Stefano - And how about you? Kristen tells him she has to go when someone knocks on her door. It's Brady.

Segment 5: Jen - Are you really going to do this again? Anne - You may think you can quit your job and come back and quit your job and ... Jen - I'm not quitting. Anne - Who would know the diffence? You're always late or detained or having some PDA at the nurse's station with your hero protector. Jen - I was just kissing Dan good morning. Anne - So you admit it. Jen - Admit what? Anne - As long as I'm stuck in HR I intend to inforce the codes of conduct in this hospital so the next time you see Dr. Jonas in the hospital, do yourself a favour, hand's off. Jen - Did Chloe put you up to this? Anne - I'm just doing my job Jenny. Jen - Okay Annie, maybe part of my job involves requesting a mental health consultation. Anne - For you? An outstanding idea! Jen - No for you because you are so strangely obsessed with my personal and professional life and that is not normal. Anne - I'm sorry, you're going to pronounce judgement on what's normal! Don't you presume to tell me how to act. It is my job to tell you how to act. Dan - Is it? Jen - Daniel, it's fine. Jen gets a call. I'll be right there. We are obviously finished here so if you have another problem with me just go straight to Mr. Burns. Anne will. Jen leaves. Dan doesn't let Anne leave.

EJ returns home and knocks over a chess piece which upsets Stefano who is in the middle of a game. EJ apologises. He tells Stefano about bumping into Brady Black. It was the first time they could have a conversation about Kristen and the wedding. I just never imagined that he would be my brother-in-law. Are you not concerned about Kristin joining the Kiriakis family. Stefano is concerned about a lot of things but he doesn't see why he should get his blood pressure up about something that may not even happen, right? EJ - You make it sound like it's not going to happen.

Kristen locks her door and suggests they get started on their honeymoon. Brady - We should talk. Kristen - It sounds kind of serious. Brady - It is.

Segment 6: Anne - Listen golden boy, you may think your magic hands are special but you are not the boss of me. Dan - You're not my boss or Jennifer's boss and if you keep this up the only place you'll be reporting for work is the unemployment line. Anne - How dare you! Dan - I talked to Chloe last night. She said some very interesting things about you. Every shady thing you did to help her bury Jennifer. Anne - That bitch. Dan - Still interested in calling the morality police. Anne - Why would she say those things about me. I was her friend. Dan - True. She's trying to face up to what she did so she can put her life back together. Anne - She can leave me out of it. Dan - Little too late for that. I'm sure Mr. Burns and the hospital board will be happy to hear what Chloe told me. Anne - Are you going to ... Dan - I don't see any reason to say anything to them now unless you give me one. So what's it going to be. Jen returns. Is there a problem?

Nicole comes in and sees Eric. She's glad he's here. You need to hear about something that happened earlier with your family. I was at the pub and I ran into John and your dad was with Marlena. Eric - Sounds like Armageddon. Nicole - Pretty close. Brady and Kristen's wedding is driving everyone crazy. Eric - I know the feeling. Kristen - Are you going? Eric has decided the best thing he can do is pray for them; keep his distance which is what I'd advise you to do too. Nicole doesn't have a problem doing that but I'm not sure you have a choice.

Vic - I'm sorry. I didn't mean to be so blunt. Marlena - Didn't you? Vic - I hope you're self-aware enough to know that you pushed Brady into that temptress's arms and kept him there. Marlena - Believe this or not, I care as much about as Brady as you do. Vic - I believe you and I believe this outcome is not what you wanted at all. But tell me what do you thing a good pyschiatrist would have advised a woman in your shoes. Marlena - I wish I knew. Vic - What's the one thing you haven't tried? Walking away. Do it Marlena. Accept the fact that you've lost John and move on before things get worse.

John and Roman are in the square. John - Let's not waste any time. I'll cut to the chase. I know you still care about her, you always have. Roman - You're right but we've already talked about that. More importantly, what about you? You slept with my wife, you got her pregnant, our marriage, done, over boom. Now you hit a little bump in the road and you're just going to throw her away. I'm going to ask you one last time, do you have any idea what you're doing to her. Do you even care? John - Of course I care. Roman - Then stop treating her like the enemy. John - It stops now. Roman - Good. John - You take care of her Roman, she's all yours.

Brady - Before you know it our wedding day is going to be here. There's a lot of things to do, to think about and I really want to get it right this time starting with my gift to you. When you met me I had pretty much given up on the future I wanted. I just thought it wasn't going to happen then you made me believe again. I thank God for that. I love you more than words can say. You've changed my life and now I want to change yours.

Segment 7: Jen asks what's going on. Anne - Nothing. We were just talking. So where did you get that lovely dress, it looks beautiful on you. Jen doesn't remember. Anne is going back to work. Jen reminds Dan she can fight her own battles. Dan - Sometimes two are better than one. They kiss. Anne stews. Maxine - What is your problem now? Anne - What else? Jennifer Horton. Am I the only that sees that over-indulgent, self-entitled, spoiled witch for what she is? Maxine - Apparently so. Anne - No, someone somewhere is going to teach her the lesson she's got coming.

Someone walks through the Horton living room and stops and picks up a picture of Jen and Dan.

Eric - If you've got something to say could you please just say it. Nicole - When I talked to John I got this feeling that he literally wanted to kill someone with his bare hands. Isn't that what he used to do for a living? Eric - What's your point Nicole? Nicole - It scared me. With everyone so upset with Brady and Kristen's wedding, I'm afraid that something terrible is going to happen.

Abe sees John in the park. Hey, it's good to see you. I'd like to take you out for a beer sometimes and catch up. John - Can't. He's going to walk away but turns around. So sorry. What I really meant to say is I'd like to have a beer with you but right now I've got a lot on my mind. Abe - I know. At the risk of sounding presumptious, I think you need to talk. John - No. Abe - I'm worried about you. John - No need, I'm fine. Got everything under control. Abe - Somehow I don't believe that. John - Abraham, now is not the time. Abe - I'm your friend. John - I know you are. I'll call you when I'm ready. Abe - I hope it's soon. You take care alright. John - You too Abraham. John mutters - Get yourself ready Kristen, I'm coming, no matter what it costs.

Vic tells Marlena that often your best weapon is preparation. You're in a tough situation and you're thinking it can't get any worse but it does. It always gets worse. It can and it will.

Stefano - Not even Stefano DiMera can predict the future. EJ - Possibly not but you can certainly try like mad to change it. Stefano - What I think the best thing for all of us to do is live in the present, totally, completely. EJ likes that. It's trite. Things that are trite are usually true.

Kristen - Where's all this coming from? Brady - I think you'll understand it better if you read this. He hands her a document. Kristen - Oh oh, a pre-nup? Brady - No. Kristen - These are ... Brady - Adoption papers. I called in a favour. I had us fast-tracked. Kristen - I didn't think ... Brady - We can't be turned down. No questions will be asked. Kristen - How? Brady - It's in the brochure. Every single question you have is going to be answered. Kristen - I can't believe you did this. Brady - I know how much you want to be a mom and I know you thought it was impossible but I'm standing here right in front of you telling you we can have a child together. We can do it. All you have to do is say the word.


Tuesday, May 7

Segment 1: Repeat of Brady telling Kristen they can adopt a child. Brady didn't mean to upset her. I thought you wanted a child. Kristen - I do, I mean, I did. That's all I've wanted ... to be a mom. Brady - And you can have it now. We can do this. Once we get married they're going to push through the paperwork. Kristen - Stop. Brady - We're going to have this baby. Kristen - Just stop. I can't go on like this. I just can't do it. You don't deserve this. Brady - I don't deserve a baby? Kristen - You deserve a baby. You deserve all the babies you want. You deserve a house full of love and laughter if that's what you want but you don't deserve this. Brady - Do you think I care that the child is adopted. It doesn't matter to me. There are so many babies out there that need love; need you. Kristen - They don't need me, nobody needs me. Brady - Stop that. I know how much you have to give and I'm going to have a child with you. Kristen - You really love me. Brady - Thank God, she's finally catching on. I love you so much. You do know that. Kristen - I didn't think ... I didn't know ... Brady - I need you to finish one of those sentences. Kristen - I didn't know how much you loved me. Nobody's ever loved me like that before not even John. Brady - They weren't the right men for you, I am. Kristen - I can't do this anymore. You don't deserve this. Listen, it goes back to your Dad.

When Justin, Adrienne and Hope come back into the Kiriakis living room Ciara stuffs the picture of Kristen and Sy into her backpack. Hope tells Ciara to come and see what Justin and Adrienne got for Nick and Gabi's baby. It's so cute. You have to see it. Ciara - Whatever. Adrienne - What's the first thing you and your Dad are going to do when he gets home. I bet you're so excited. Ciara - Daddy changed his mind. He's not coming home. He's probably never coming back.

Dan teases Jen about being able to have the afternoon off because her meetings were cancelled. Dan has to work. Maxine tells him that his afternoon surgery just cancelled. Dan - So I have a hole in my schedule; how long? Maxine - A few hours. As long as you show up for rounds no one will notice that you're both gone at the same time. Surely you two can find something to do to pass the time. What you do with your time is your business but I don't want you hanging around here getting in my way. Jen suggests going to her house; they'd have the whole place to themselves.

Repeat of someone in the Horton living room. More movement and looking at pictures.

Sami closes the door to the living room of the Di mansion and tells EJ that Joe Bernardi, the dirty cop, will be off in a half hour. EJ - What exactly are you doing? Sami - The guy said he's taking the evidence today. EJ - You know he's taking that directly to Stefano. Sami - I have to make sure Stefano doesn't get his hands on it. I do not want that man having power over Will. EJ - William called and left me a message. Sami - He's called me twice. I think he's starting to freak out. EJ - Do you want me to talk to him? The last time I did it seemed to be quite effective. Sami would appreciate that. I know that he doesn't have a lot of confidence that I'll actually help the situation. I can't believe that Stefano double-crossed us. EJ can't believe she's surprised. Sami - I'm not going to let him win. I'm not going to let Stefano get his hands on that evidence. EJ asks Sami to come home early. Sami says they can have a bonfire and burn all the evidence and then celebrate. She goes to get her keys that she left upstairs. Sami's phone is ringing. EJ decides to get it out of her purse and pulls out the gun instead.

John is in the park when I guy comes up and stands next to him. John - Do you have it? Guy - Do you have it? John shows him the money. Guy - If anyone sees me with you I'm dead. John - Oh relax, you'll be long gone before anyone finds out as long as you have what I need.

Segment 2: Dan is ready to leave. Jen has one errand to run. Dan suggests going to his place. Joanna is out with Parker. We will have absolute privacy there and I can take care of a couple things while you're running errands. She tells him not to wear himself out. He's going to need his energy for later.

Hope - Honey, you know that Daddy doesn't want to be away from you anymore than you want him gone. He loves you Ciara. Ciara - Then why is he away? Hope - Work but he is coming home just not as soon as we hoped. Ciara - Can I have a snack? Justin - Of course. Come on, we'll find something in the kitchen. Adrienne - I'm so, so sorry. Hope - It's okay. Adrienne - No, it's not. I can see how upset Ciara is. I thought I heard Victor say Bo was on his way home. Hope - He was but something came up. Adrienne - When is he coming home. Ciara listens as Hope answers - I don't know.

Sami returns. Found them. I'm ready. Wish me luck. We can have a bonfire when we get back. EJ - Aren't you forgetting something. He opens the desk drawer revealing the gun. You want to tell me what the hell you're doing with that.

The guy hands John an envelope. Everything you need is in there. John checks it out and hands over the money. Happy trails. He pulls out a key.

Brady - The reason you're upset is because of my Dad. Kristen - What happened to me then so completely broke me that it took me years to even be able to talk to my therapist about it let alone recover. What happened ... it left me with holes in my heart and I was wounded and these holes made me do things I didn't really want to do. Brady - I can't possibly get what it was like for you to lose your child but I can see that I really stepped it in here. Kristen - You've done nothing wrong. Brady - Except dredge up the most painful memory of your life. Kristen - What you did was so beautiful and so loving. Brady - But you're not over losing your child. Jen knocks on the door and comes in. Am I too early? Is everything okay?

Segment 3: Jen - I can come back later. Brady - That would actually ... Kristen - It's okay. Come on in. We can talk about it later. I'll see you at home. Brady leaves. Jen - What's wrong? Kristen - Nothing. Jen - Is it just wedding jitters? Kristen - Probably. Jen - If you need a friend I more than owe you. Kristen - You don't owe me anything. I'm fine. What's going on? Jen - I wanted to bring you something. Kristen - Why? You're my maid of honour, you shouldn't bring me anything. Jen - This is something that you can use. Kristen opens it. It's really pretty. Jen - It's something borrowed and something blue and I think it will match what you're wearing. Kristen - Is it a Horton heirloom? Jen - Well it will be. Daniel gave it to me when we got back together. It's a sign of new beginning and that's what you have with Brady, isn't it? You have a second chance at the life you've always wanted. Kristen tears up.

EJ - The most extraordinary things seem to be falling out of your bag these days. $30,000 cash, guns ... God knows what else I'd find if I looked in there. Sami - I can't believe you went looking through my purse. EJ - Your phone rang. Why do you have a gun? Sami - Kate gave it to me. She was being bitchy about our engagement. It was a present and she said if I'm marrying into this family I need to protect myself. EJ - When did she do this? Sami - When she came by the office yesterday. EJ - And you're carrying this around in your purse. Why? For fun? Sami - No. I was going to leave it in my desk and Nick came by ... EJ - I'm going to take care ... Sami - I didn't tell you because you would freak out and get all mad. I'm not scared. I didn't even load it ... see. I'll put it back in the office and we can pretend this never happened. I have to go or I'll miss Bernardi. EJ isn't going to let her do this on her own. Sami - I can hang out at the police station without drawing attention to myself; you can not. I know what I'm doing. You're just going to have to trust me. EJ - Please try to be careful. Sami - I always try. She leaves.

Hope - Guess what we're going to do this afternoon. You'll never guess but try. Ciara - Watching you work. Hope - Going to the zoo. Do you want to see the new Panda? Ciara - Really? Hope - Do we have a date? Ciara nods yes. Adrienne - You know sweetheart that's not an easy ticket. You're a very lucky girl. Ciara - Let's go now. Hope - Thank you two so much. They leave. Justin gets a call from EJ. You've had a chance to read my proposals. Shall we meet? Justin - Yes we shall.

Dan sees Brady sitting a table not looking like a happy groom. Did you meet with the wedding planner? Brady - This has nothing to do with the wedding; at least I don't think so. Dan - What's going on? Brady - Nothing. Dan - Really? Brady - I did something for Kristen that was supposed to make her ecstatic; something she's wanted for most of her life. I expected tears. Dan - You didn't get them? Brady - Oh no, she cried. Dan - But the wrong kind. Brady - It tore her up. Dan - It sounds like you had good intentions. You can't blame yourself. Brady - Oh, I don't, I blame my Dad.

Kristen - When my father asked me to come back to Salem I told him no, I don't want any part of that. It was a horrible time for me and I don't want to go back to that. But then I thought, maybe I could make things right. That's what I've been trying to do since I came back. I thought that was the right path now I'm not completely sure. Jen - Tell me what's changed? Kristen - What's changed is that Brady loves me completely and totally like I've never been loved before; like I never thought I could be loved like that. Jen - And that's a good thing because that's the man you're going to marry. Kristen, you've won.

Segment 4: Hope and Ciara are in Hope's office at the police station. This will only take 10 mins I promise, then you and me are off to the zoo. Hope sees Sami and asks her what she's doing out there. Sami was waiting for her Dad; thought I'd buy him a decent cup of coffee. Hope - Unfortunately Roman's not here today. Sorry you wasted a trip. Sami - It's not a wasted trip at all. I'm thrilled to spend time with my favourite Aunt and my favourite cousin. What's up with you Ciara.

Bernardi is in the records room loading the evidence into a duffelbag.

It looks like EJ and Justin meet at some bar. Justin - Was it necessary to come this far out of the way. It's not like we haven't done business before. EJ - Not like this. Justin - True. EJ - So, did you have a chance to look over my proposal? Justin - I spent most of last night looking things over. EJ - And? Justin - I have questions. EJ - Ask. I'll give you half an hour to decide whether or not you're going to help me bring about the end of the great Stefano DiMera.

Kristen - The way that Brady loves me has nothing to do with the past. He loves me in the here and now. Jen - Even better, isn't it? What are you afraid of? Kristen - I don't want to hurt him. He hasn't earned that. Jen - How would it hurt Brady if he marries you? Does it have something to do with whatever is going on with John. Are you afraid it's going to hurt his relationship with John and Marlena? Kristen - Of course. Jen - You can't think that because if they are real family they will come around and it will be fine. It's sweet of you ... Kristen cries - I'm not sweet. I'm not a good person. I'm not like you and I'm not like Brady. Jen - Stop beating yourself up about the way you were because that's over. Kristen - It's never going to be over. Jen - You have changed and I think that Brady has a lot to do with that. I think it's the way he loves you. It's a powerful thing, isn't it? Kristen cries and hugs Jen - Thank you for being my friend. Jen - We are friends, aren't we? Kristen - I've got to get going. Jen - Call me later. We'll talk about wedding plans. Jen leaves. Kristen looks at the necklace and smiles. She also leaves.

Segment 5: Dan and Jen land on the bed amongst a slew of Parker's toys.

EJ - So do you have anymore questions? Justin - No. EJ - Good. I have a few. Where are the flaws? I need to know. Where are the kinks, where are the weaknesses? Now's the time. Justin - If there are any, I couldn't find them. EJ this is impressive. You have a real shot at taking over your father's empire. EJ - I won't miss! Justin - You do realise though that if you seize all of his legal assets he will no longer have cover for any of his extra legal businesses. What's going to happen to those enterprises. EJ - Oh, I don't think you really want to know the answer to that, do you? Justin - Let me put it another way. If you execute this plan, all of it, your father will be left with absolutely nothing. No business at all. EJ - Exactly! Justin - Are you prepared for the consequences of that? EJ - You mean retaliation. Justin - No, devastation. Stefano is a lot like my uncle. His whole identity is wrapped up in his company. You take that away you will not only ruin him professionally, you will destroy him personally. EJ - Well this is Stefano DiMera we're talking about. Justin - Yeah, it's your father. EJ - It's not that I'm unaware of the consequences, I just don't care.

Hope asks Sami if she can hang here with Ciara as she doesn't want her left alone. Ciara, I just need to file this with a couple of people and then we're out of here, 5 mins. Ciara - 1 Mississippi, 2 Mississippi ... Hope - I'm running. Ciara - Don't be gone an hour. Hope - 5 mins, I promise. Sami - So why are you giving your mom such a hard time. Did she mess up? Ciara - Constantly! Sami - I know that feeling. But what's really going on. I can tell something else happened. What is it? Ciara - I got in trouble in school. Sami - I can relate to that. Why do you think that happened? Were you bored or mad or hungry or tired? Ciara - My Dad lied. He said he was coming home but now he isn't. Sami - Sweetheart, I miss your Daddy too. I'm sure he didn't mean to lie to you, you know? Ciara - No, I don't know. Sami - I just mean that he was probably planning to come home and then something happened. Ciara - Like what? Sami - I don't know but I know your Daddy loves you like crazy. Sami hears someone ask Bernardi if he's taking off. Yeah, my day is done. Sami - I have to go. I can't stay. Your Daddy loves you so much and he's going to be home as soon as he possibly can. Have fun with your Mom at the zoo.

Kristen is home in the living room. Stefano - What's the matter? Kristen - Brady just gave me the most incredible, the most loving, the most I don't even have words for it, wedding gift. He gave me a baby! He arranged for an adoption, no questions asked, whenever we want. He's given me what I've wanted most in life. Stefano - For goodness sake, would you get it together please. If you wanted a baby you could have one years ago. Kristen - I realise that and I've thought about adoption but it never seemed right; not until now. Stefano - You want to have a baby with your boy? Kristen - I know it's crazy. He's not part of the plan. He's such a good man. Stefano - He is collateral damage, your words, your plan except now you don't seem so sure. Kristen - If I can go through with it? I don't know. My feelings are kind of unexpected. Stefano - Are you in love with Brady? Kristen - I think in a way I am.

Segment 6: A uniformed cop knocks on Hope's door. Hey Ciara, is your mom around. Ciara - She's going to be back 10 mins ago and we're leaving for the zoo any minute now. Cop - Before your mom goes makes sure she sees this. It's really, really important. He puts something on Hope's desk. Ciara - Sure. After he leaves Ciara peeks over the desk. There's an envelope addressed to Det Hope Brady. It's a Prisoner Release Notice.

Jen and Dan are naked in bed eating something. They talk about toddlers and raising them.

Ciara gets up and picks up the envelope. Great. More work for Mommy. I'm never going to get to see the pandas. She looks around and stuffs the envelope behind some books on a shelf behind Hope's desk. Hope comes running back in. We're all set. Where's Sami? Ciara - She left. Can we go now? Hope - Yes, I'm powering off. I'm officially off duty. Let's go and have some fun. They leave. The camera pans back to the part of the envelope that's sticking out from behind the books.

John comes up to Brady in the square. How's it going kiddo? Brady - I've got nothing to say to you. John - Then stand there and listen. Let her go son. Kristen belongs to me. I will see her in hell before I ever see her happy with another man especially you. End daydream. Brady gets up and leaves.

Stefano - So now you are not going to destroy John and Marlena. Kristen - I didn't say that. Do you have the key to the secret room? The key please. Stefano - Harold can get it. Kristen - Did you store everything from my almost wedding to John there. Stefano - Yes but the things are dumped all over the place, it's a storeroom. Kristen - It doesn't matter. I need to get my thoughts straight, please. Stefano gives her the key.

Segment 7: Dan walks Jen to her door. He thanks her for the afternoon. They kiss. He leaves. JJ - Where have you been? Jen - JJ. JJ - Hi Mom.

EJ - You're picturing it, aren't you? Stefano DiMera ruined. He laughs. Justin - Do you notice how you never call him your father when we talk about this. EJ - Are you on the job or not? Justin - I'm in. EJ - Okay.

Sami catches up to Bernardi outside the Brady Pub. I'm Sami. Samantha Brady. Bernardi - The commissioner's daughter. Sami - He doesn't always claim me because he hates the DiMera family and I'm engaged to marry EJ DiMera which is why I'm here. Stefano sent me ... he said you have something for me. Bernardi - I have no idea what you're talking about. Sami - The evidence he asked you to get. I'm supposed to take it back to the house.

Brady comes into the living room and asks Stefano where Kristen is.

Kristen lets herself into the secret room and shuts the door behind her. She recalls locking Marlena in the room. She starts opening boxes. Where is it? She pulls out her veil. John walks in.


Wednesday, May 8

Segment 1: Jen and JJ hug, happy to see each other. Jen - It's 3 weeks until your semester is over. Why aren't you in school? JJ - All of my exams were take home essays. I knocked those out early; there was no reason to hang around. I came home to surprise you. Jen - I am surprised but your teachers are okay, right? JJ - Of course. Maybe I'm the one who should be worried. It's just not your usual look Mom, what have you been up to?

Nick is working on his laptop when Vargas closes it and sits down. Nick - We shouldn't be seen together Vargas. Vargas - Why not? Mamacita knows we're old buddies. Nick - It's not smart. You don't want people asking questions about what we're doing. Vargas - I've got a lot of questions. How's my money doing Nicky. Cue fb of search for money.

Will is with Gabi in the Kiriakis living room. He brought over a dashboard for the baby. Gabi points out she won't be able to operate this thing until she's at least a year old. Will knows but it's a limited edition at a great deal; he couldn't miss out on it. Gabi - Are you worried that you're not going to be around when she's a year old, is that it? Will - No. Gabi - Nick's not going to keep you away. Will - No, he won't. Gabi - You're starting to believe that. What's changed?

When Sami says Stefano wants her to bring the evidence to the house Bernardi continues to play dumb. What evidence?

Brady comes down the stairs at the Di mansion and asks EJ if he's seen Kristen. EJ just walked in the door; he hasn't seen anyone. Brady - Your Dad said she came home but he has no idea where she is. I need to find her. Her car's in the driveway. Do you have any idea where she might be. Brady curses when Kristen doesn't answer her cell. EJ - Goodness, you seem more unhinged than usual. Please don't tell me there's trouble in paradise. Brady - Stop smirking. Everything's fine. EJ - I'm sure it is. I hope my sister hasn't come to her senses and done a run. Brady - You're hilarious. EJ - Wedding is still on then? Brady - Yes. EJ - Splendid, can't wait.

Kristen asks John what he's doing here. John - I think it's time that you and I finish what we started, don't you? Kristen - I don't want to play. John - It's not a game. Kristen - How the hell did you get in here? John holds up a key. Everyone's got a price and this didn't come cheap. Kristen - Whoever sold you that key, are they aware of what could happen to them if my Father found out? You need to leave. Security is going to be making their rounds and as much as I'd love to see you hauled out of here ... John - It's not going to happen. Security is not going to be down here for an hour and 58 mins. Yeah, I also have a schedule for everyone who works in this mausoleum so we've got plenty of time. And once I saw you come down to this room ... Kristen - You're spying on me. John - Here we are. Kristen - I really want to be alone. Please get out. John - Is that what you really want. Kristen - Yes. You don't get it. This is over. I'm done. I'm finally, finally done.

Segment 2: Sami grabs the cop's arm when he turns to leave. Stefano wants me to take this. He sent me. Bernardi - I don't understand why you keep mentioning ... Sami - Stefano DiMera does not want to be seen with you in public so he sent me so I can bring it into the house without suspicion. Bernardi - I don't know what it you're talking about. Sami - The evidence. It's in your backpack. Bernardi - Ma'am, with all due respect, you're nuts. I don't know Stefano DiMera. I work for the Salem PD and your Dad. I'd never do anything for criminal scum like DiMera. He walks away, Sami chases him.

Jen - What, you don't like my outfit? JJ - No, it's good. You just look a little frazzled. Jen - I just have a lot going on these days. JJ asks if that Anne woman is still doggin' her. Jen - She tries but I think I have her backed off for a while. It's not just my job. When I was talking to you on the phone last you were rushed and I'm not sure I was clear. JJ - About what? Jen - About how important it's become and it's kind of a big deal ... Abby comes home and gives her brother a hug.

Vargas - What's going on with my money? Nick - I'm trying to build up your capital. Like I said it's going to take time to find the right opportunities. Vargas - But you're on it. Nick - Yeah. Vargas - Okay, that wasn't so hard, was it? I realise you're not a magician. I just want to know that it's a priority and I haven't been reassured lately. How come I have the feeling there's something you're not telling me here. Nick - Because there is.

Gabi - You're excited about Arianna in a way I've never seen before. Will - It's just getting closer. Does it feel real to you? Gabi - It's a little different. We're getting so close to meeting her and please don't be worried about being in her life because you are going to be in her life because that's what I want. And Nick is not going to keep you away. Will - I know that. Everything is going to work out fine.

Sami chases Bernardi stomping through the square and corners him in the park. You do not want to tick off Stefano DiMera. Bernardi - I'm trying to be nice out of respect for the Commissioner ... Sami - If you don't give me that evidence Stefano is going to come asking you why. Bernardi - I don't know Stefano. Sami - You think I'm wearing a mic, is that what this is about? This is not a trick. Bernardi - For the last time I'm telling you ... Sami - You met Stefano here. I know you did. You met in this exact spot and he instructed you to get that evidence. I know. I was here. I saw the whole thing. Bernardi - If that's true then you heard I'm supposed to bring the evidence straight to him, no cut-outs. Sami - The plan changed. Bernardi pulls out his phone. Sami - What are you doing? Bernardi - Calling Mr. DiMera.

Segment 3: Jen goes upstairs to change. Abby - You look a lot better than the last time I seen you. JJ - Dad's funeral. I don't remember anything that happened that week; it's a total blur. A lot's changed since then. When Abby asks why he's home early he tells her the same thing he told Jen. Abby - Don't even. What's really going on?

Gabi and Will talk about Gabi's pregancy and her cravings. Will - Weirdest combo, go ... Gabi - Tamales and cookie dough frozen yogurt. Will - Eww! You didn't eat that together. She did. Will - No one would sell you that stuff together. She tells him the places Nick went to pick them up for her. Will - So he looks out for you? Gabi - Definitely. Will - So you two are happy? Gabi - Sure, for the most part everything is great. Will - For the most part. Gabi - Nick's stressed at work. He can deal, it's not a big deal. I'm late to meet up with him. I'll walk you to the door.

Sami grabs the phone. Stefano is in a very important meeting and he does not want to be disturbed. Bernardi - Geez lady, look, I know Stefano didn't send you. I don't know what your angle is but this is suicide for you. You don't mess with the DiMera's. Sami - Please listen to me. I can make this worth your while.

Dan is with Maggie near the nurse's station. Maggie hates to ask him for a favour when he's so busy. It's about Brady. You know he's not speaking to most of his family because of Kristen. Dan knows. Maggie - It's a lot of stress for someone in recovery. I'm worried about him slipping. He's convinced himself that he can have a couple of drinks with Kristen and it's not a problem for him. Dan - You're his sponsor, talk to him. Maggie - I would if I thought he would hear it. He knows I don't approve of the drinks and Kristen. Dan - You want me to talk to him. Maggie - Check in with him. Make sure he's coping with everything. Ever since he's gotten involved with Kristen ... Dan - I don't think Kristen is the problem.

Kristen - Why are you still here? John - You know why. Too much between us. You can't just say that it's over and make it so. Kristen - I can say that. Your ego is so huge ... John - I don't know what you want. Kristen - No, you don't know what I want. You don't know what I'm feeling. John - Okay then why don't you tell me. Kristen - I want to be free of the past. I want to get rid of these strings that are attached to my neck and pulling me backwards and making me feel controlled. And I'm wallowing constantly in what I've lost in my life. John - And that's why you came down here. Kristen - Your son is so wonderful and he's so loving. He's such a beautiful human being. He deserves only the best from the people around him. What's happening between you and me is not fair too him and that's why it has to end. John - What ends? What are you trying to say? Kristen - I just want to make it clean. I want to make things right. I want it to be clean ... she looks in a box with a lot of her wedding stuff ... John - And? Kristen - I want what I've been dreaming about for years. I want my happy ending.

Segment 4: JJ insists nothing is going on. Abby doesn't buy it. JJ - I just got home and I'm really jetlagged so can I get a one day reprieve on this big sister thing. Abby - Fine, one day. JJ - So Cameron. Abby can't wait for him to meet him. He's such a good guy. JJ - You deserve that. Abby - We all do. You, me and mom. Things are getting better not just for me and Cameron but mom too. She's really happy with Daniel.

Nick - I'm getting squeezed from every direction. I've got a witch of a control freak boss who expects 18 hr days; a wife with a baby that is due ... Vargas - None of that is my problem. Nick - It will be if you push me. I want to make good decisions with your money. Vargas - Smart move. Nick - Well that takes a clear head and a little oxygen. So give me some time, it will be worth your while. Vargas - Fine but not too long Nicky. I'm not a patient man and I hate excuses. Gabi walks up. Is everything okay?

EJ is at the pub when Will comes in. Any news? EJ - Not yet. Will - I thought Stefano's guy was going to get the evidence really soon at least that's what mom said. EJ - I'm meeting your mother here so why don't you wait. We'll find out when she gets here. Will sits down. EJ - Relax. We're going to make sure this turns out alright. Your mother told me you're worried. Will - Of course I'm worried. My mom is handling it. EJ - She is. Will - I still feel better that you're involved. EJ - Always. It was good of you to let your mother take care of this for you. It let her know you trust her, at least allow her the chance to make it up. Will - Kind of like you're doing with Stefano. EJ - I wouldn't compare your mother to my father. Will - No, not even when I was the most angry with her. Now that I think about it though there are definitely some similarities. EJ - If you ever decide to mention that to your mother give me a head's up so I can get a headstart out the door. Will - I'm kind of being serious though. I never thought I could trust Mom and I definitely never thought I could trust Stefano but he's coming through for me and so is Mom.

Sami offers Bernardi the money she stole from Nick. Give me the backpack and it's all yours. Bernardi - And I'd be dead before I could spend a dime. Sami - This is important Joe. You have no idea how important. I need that evidence. Joe - You think I'm going to double cross Stefano DiMera, really! Sami tries to get the backpack from him. She jumps on his back. He calls her a crazy bitch. He dumps her on the bench and takes off running. Sami picks up the stolen money and starts uttering threats. You are going to be sorry you crossed me.

Brady comes back into the living room via the terrace. Where the hell is she. The doorbell rings. It's Daniel. Do you have a minute? Brady - Bad time, no I don't. Dan - Make time, this is important.

John - And what does your happy ending look like? Kristen - Do you recognise any of the things down here John? John - Should I? Kristen - Yeah. They were from our wedding. Here's the veil, the candle. All down here gathering dust for the last 15 years. She pulls out a string of pearls. My mother wore these on her wedding day. I was supposed to wear it on mine but I never did. John - What about when you married Tony? Kristen - No, that wasn't a real marriage. I was saving this for the right marriage and for the right man. It was supposed to be you. John - Are you going to wear it when you marry Brady? Kristen - No. I'm going to wear this. Jennifer lent it to me. It's supposed to symobolize new beginnings. John - Well, it's something borrowed. Kristen - And it's blue. It's kind of weird. It reminded me of all the stuff down here, all the things that never happened for me. All the things I missed. John - Everything you just said you wanted to be free from. Kristen - I did say that, didn't I? Maybe the past hasn't let go of me after all. Maybe it never will.

Segment 5: Abby - Daniel's a really good guy. You're going to like him, trust me. JJ - Good. Are you going to show me around town? Jen - Can you give JJ and me a minute. I want to talk to him alone.

Vargas - You two have a good afternoon. He leaves. Gabi - That guy is so creepy. I don't think I like you talking to him. Nick - He's just trying to get settled on the outside. It's hard for a lot of guys. Gabi - For good reason. Nick - Yeah. It's a small town though. I'm going to see him around. Gabi - Please for me and Arianna can you try and stay away from him. Nick - I'll do what I can.

Will - Do you remember the first time you saw Johnny? EJ - Every second. There was considerable effort expended to keep me away from Johnny when he was born but when I finally had the chance, your mother put him in my arms and it was like the entire room just melted away. The only thing I could hear was his breathing. I knew what mattered, what my job was and that was to keep him safe from that minute. Will - You were a Dad. Were you scared at the time? EJ - No I was enthralled. 10 mins later I was terrified. I didn't know how to be a good father. I didn't know how to be a good anything. Will - You were, you became a great Dad. EJ - You should take heart in that. I had further to go in that then you do. Will - You don't know that. EJ - I do. You're a great brother. You'll be a fantastic father. You will love your daughter just the way Samantha loves you. She'll do anything for you, you know that. Will - You are selling her hard today. EJ - She loves fiercely which has it's hazards. You could do a lot worse in a parent. Will - Maybe. Let's hope I'm not too much like Mom though. Sami stomps up upside the pub and then gathers herself and goes in. Will - Is it done? Is the evidence destroyed?

Dan - I'm concerned about you. Brady - I'm fine. I'm just in the middle of ... Dan - And I'm not the only one. When I saw you earlier in the square today I was already worried but now .. what is it? Stress, the family coming down on you ... Brady - What is this? Is this Maggie having you check up on me? Dan - I told her I'd talk to you. Brady - I'm not using drugs. Dan - Don't be mad at her for caring about you. Brady - I'm not. Dan - You've been walking around all day mad ... Brady - Don't I have a right to be mad? Dan - Even if you did ... Brady rants about his Dad. He's running around town trying to break up my relationship with Kristen. You don't even know about the damage he's already done. He tries it again he's going to pay.

John - I know what you mean. Kristen - Do you? John - It kind of sneaks up on you, doesn't it? Moving forward with your life, everything is going fine, all is forgotten. All of a sudden you find something. It could be a box of pictures, an old jersey, just some piece of a good time and all those memories just come flooding back. Kristen - John. This is the room I kept Marlena prisoner in. Who knows how long I would have kept her here after we were supposed to be married. That's how far it went with me. So do you really think you could find some stupid little league jersey and it's all going to be wiped away. John - No because that's not the way it is.

Segment 6: JJ - Is something wrong? Jen - Yeah. I emailed your school to find out why they didn't tell me you were coming home early and their reply was puzzling. JJ - Don't be mad at them Mom. I told them I wanted to surprise you. Jen - Is there something else that you want to tell me.

Sami - I haven't heard anything yet but there's no reason to worry. It's Stefano DiMera we're talking about. He gets what he wants. It's going to happen. Will - Soon? Sami - Very! Will - As much as I want to rip the agreement up and throw it in Nick's face tomorrow, I think I'll wait. Sami - I agree. There's no reason to rush. Will - At least until the baby is born because I don't want Nick to freak out and stress Gabi out. I don't want to make it any tougher on her than it has to be. EJ - Are things difficult for her at the moment? Will - Yeah. It's tense. Gabi says Nick is under a lot of pressure at work but I feel there's something else going on.

Gabi asks Nick if he wants to go shopping. Today is changing tables and layettes. Nick - I'm still so bogged down with stuff Kate wanted yesterday. Is there any way you can go without me? I'm sorry. Text me pictures. It will kind of be like I'm there. Gabi - Will came by with a present for Arianna. He's really looking forward to being a dad. Nick - Good for him. Gabi - Really? Nick - Yeah. Gabi - I hope you mean that. She kisses him and leaves.

Sami asks Will if he's said hi to Grandma. Will goes to see her. EJ - What happened? Sami - Epic, epic fail. EJ - Did he get the evidence? Sami - Oh he had no trouble getting the evidence. He smuggled it out in his backpack. EJ - But. Sami - He wouldn't hand it over to me. I tried everything. EJ - Treading lightly the entire time right because anything else would be a complete ... Sami - I understand that. By the time I finally got him to admit that he really does work for Stefano it was clear to him that Stefano did not send me. And at that point there was not a tremendous amount of room for subtlety. EJ - Would you mind telling what it was exactly that you did. Sami - Well at one point I offered him Nick's 30 thousand dollars. EJ - We need to clean out that purse. Did he call Stefano? Sami - I stopped him from doing that but I know that I just bought us a little bit of time. EJ - You do know that he has to report back to him. Sami - What's he going to say? Any version of that story makes him seem utterly incompetent so maybe he won't tell him. EJ - Maybe! We can't count on that. What happens if he does tell Stefano? Sami - Stefano will be livid. I'll come up with a story. EJ - It's just not that easy. Sami - I'm good at cover stories. I'll come up with something. EJ gets a call has he to take. Sami is going to run an errand. EJ - Please try to not get in any trouble.

Harold comes in to dust but sees someone in the room. He'll come back later. Brady asks if he seen Kristen. Harold - Yes. She asked for the keys to the old wine cellar. Brady - Why would she want to go down there? Harold - Some items from her previous wedding are stored down there. Brady - I see. Thank you. Dan - This place freaks me out. I'm out of here. You go find Kristen. Brady - Thanks. Dan - Really? I'm on your side. Brady - I know you are. I just wish everybody else was.

John - I'm never going to forget what you've done to me and Marlena but I'll be honest with you. You made me look closely at my actions back then. Kristen - Really? John - I wasn't innocent. I can see that now. It's kind of easy being a Monday morning quarterback after all this time but I should have been honest with you and myself about my feelings for Marlena. I was trying to damn hard to believe that I was over her that I doubled down on you and that wasn't fair. For what it's worth, at the time, I wanted it to be true. I wanted to be over her. Kristen - Well forget that. She's the love of your life. She always has been and she always will be. John - Things change. Feelings change, you know that. Kristen - So now that I'm involved with Brady you probably hate me more than ever. John - Don't, don't ... I don't hate you Kristen. Kristen - Then what. John - Good question. My feelings for you, they're complicated.

Segment 7: JJ - No, there's nothing else to tell. Jen gets a call. I'm going to take this upstairs. You stay right here. I'll be right back. The doorbell rings. JJ answers it. It's Daniel. JJ, wow, you look a lot like you're pictures. I'm ... JJ - I know who you are.

EJ is on his cell in the pub - So the certificates were filed? Good work Justin. We've never done business there so my father's not going to know where to look. I think we're on schedule. I'll be in touch. Will is on his cell. Yeah Rafe, I have some time. I'll be at the pub. Come over. He looks around. Where did everyone go?

Sami is in the park practicing what she's going to say to Stefano. Someone puts their hand over her mouth.

Kristen - I guess complicated is better then sheer hatred, isn't it? You can see yourself out. I'll give you 10 mins ... She opens the door, John closes it. She turns in his arms. There's a knock on the door. It's Brady. Kristen, are you in there?


Thursday, May 9

Segment 1: Replay of Brady knocking on the wine cellar door. Kristen - I'm right here. Brady - Why is the door locked? What's going on? She opens the door. I'm so stupid. I locked the door. She kisses him. Brady tells her he's been looking for her. Kristen - I've been going through some wedding things I don't want you to see before the big day. Brady - Okay I didn't want to interrupt you. I was a little worried after ... Kristen - Everything is beautiful. It's the most wonderful gift anyone's given me in my whole life ... I'm kind of emotional. But I do want to talk to you a little more about it. We'll go upstairs in 5 or 10 mins. I'll meet you there. John makes a noise. Brady - What was that?

Eric prays - Please give my family peace. Marlena comes in. I got your text. You wanted to see me about something. Eric wonders how things are going with her and John. See if there's anything you want to talk about. Marlena - No. Of course. I see Nicole told you what happened at the pub. Eric - You know I had to pull it out of her and she only told me because she was worried. Marlena - I'm worried too. Eric - About what? Marlena - When John left me I was devastated naturally but I always thought that someway we would find our way back together. Eric - And now? Marlena - For the first time I don't know that we're going to get back together. I'm afraid this marriage may be over now.

Abby comes into the coffeehouse and greets Cameron. She tells him that she got a big surprise today; her brother came home from boarding school. Cam - Your mom must be thrilled. Abby - Actually, yes and no.

JJ smiles, Dr. Jonas, nice to meet you. I've heard a lot about you from my mom and sister. Dan's heard a lot about him too. Call me Daniel. Is your mom home? JJ - She is but she's on the phone. Dan - Do you mind if I come in and wait. JJ - Sure. Make yourself at home but I'm guessing you already have.

Sami wanders in the park talking to herself. Nick grabs Sami from behind and covers her mouth. I'm sorry it's come to this but you've left me no choice.

Rafe comes into the pub and joins Will at a table. Will - Hey, what's up? Rafe - Well I think it's about time you levelled with me. Will - What do you mean? Rafe - Nick's my brother-in-law now. I'd like to believe he's a standup guy and that he's going to look out for Gabi and my niece. Will - Yeah. Rafe - Yeah. Something just doesn't feel right. So why don't you tell me the real reason Nick doesn't want you to be part of the baby's life.

Nick has dragged Sami into a back alley. I know you and your precious son think you can get away with everything but you're not going to get away with stealing money. You're going to give me my money and you're going to give it to me now.

Segment 2: Cam - Why wouldn't your mom be happy her son is home. Abby - No, she's thrilled but at the same time it's a little weird that JJ showed up on our doorstep before exams are done. Something tells me we're not getting the whole story from him. Cam - Do you think he's in some kind of trouble? Abby - I hope not but speaking of trouble, any luck finding another job. Cam - I got a custodial gig. It's part-time, flexible hours. Abby - How are you going to pay off your loans when you're making minimum wage? Cam - I'll get there. Abby - No, I'm sorry. This is ridiculous. If I had left this alone you could still be ... Cam - What? Raking it in as a stripper? I'd rather be mopping floors. Besides I can't keep that job knowing how it would make you feel and knowing how I'd feel now that you and I are kind of ... Abby - Together. We can say that now, right? I've had a lot of time to think about it and after all that's happened I want us to be together so I can show you how much I care about you in every way.

Dan - I can come back later; give you and your mom a chance to catch up. JJ - It's okay. Have a seat. Jen comes down. Daniel, when did you get here. Dan - A few minutes ago. I had the good fortune of meeting your son JJ. Jen - Good, I'm glad. JJ, we have to talk. JJ - I'm starving. I'm going to make myself a sandwich. Can I get you anything? Dan - No, I'm good. JJ goes to the kitchen. Dan - I didn't know your son would be home so soon. Jen - Neither did I.

Eric - Mom, what happened? What changed? Marlena - Nothing changed, that's the problem. Eric - Why? Marlena - Honey, if John wants this marriage to work he has to talk to me, he has to look at me, he has to try ... What? Eric - I'm just worried about you. I'm wishing that I could do something. Marlena - You can't. Nobody can. Eric - I'm not sure that's true. Why don't we go for a walk and see if there's something we can come up with.

Kristen - I heard that before. I think it's just rats in the walls. I'll have Harold take care of it. I'll see you upstairs. Brady goes. John - What was the wonderful thing Brady did for you? Kristen - He wants to give me a baby. He's arranged for us to adopt a child as soon as possible. John - And is that what you want? Kristen - You know your way out. She leaves. John picks up the pearls and recalls what Kristen said earlier. He puts the pearls in his pocket and leaves.

Sami - What do you want? Nick - You know what I want and you don't want to mess with a guy who went to prison for murder. If I know you I bet it's on you right now. They struggle for her purse. She elbows him in the gut and gets free. She pulls her gun on him. Actually, I'm not afraid of you Nick. If I were you I'd be afraid because if you take one step towards me I will blow you away.

Segment 3: Cam - You told me you wanted to wait until you get married and I totally respect that. Abby - What I told you was that I wanted to wait until I found the right guy. I'm pretty sure that I'm looking at him. Cam - I don't want you to feel pressured. I'm happy to wait until you're absolutely sure. Abby - I'm sure. I'm ready now .. soon, I promise. Cam - Like I said, whenever. I'm sure we'll both know when the time is right.

Dan - Is everything okay? Jen - I just need to speak to JJ about something really important. Dan - Sure. I know you've got a lot of catching up to do. We'll have dinner another time. Jen - Thanks for being so understanding. I'll call you later. Dan - I want you to know I am looking forward to getting to know your son. Jen - Thanks. They kiss. Dan leaves. Jen calls for JJ. He comes into the living room. Where's Daniel? Jen - He left. I told him I wanted to speak to you alone. JJ - About what? Jen - I think you know. It was your headmaster who just called me. JJ - Mom, I can explain. Jen - I don't think you can. You lied to me. How could you not tell me that you were expelled from school for dealing drugs.

John is in the square looking at the pearls. He puts them away just as Eric and Marlena see him.

Kristen joins Brady in the living room. I didn't mean to disappear on you like that. I'm sorry I worried you. Is something wrong? Brady - Yeah. I know you lied to me about what was really going on downstairs. I know about my dad.

Will - You already know why Nick wanted me to give up my rights to my baby. Mom freaked out, Gabi almost lost the baby and he made the decision to keep us both out of their lives. Rafe - I already know all that. Obviously there's something else going on. Will - I'm just trying to protect Gabi. Rafe - Protect her from what? Will - She's had a really tough pregnancy and she's not supposed to have anymore stress. Rafe - What kind of stress? Is there some sort of deep dark secret about her husband that you know? Will, this isn't just about Gabi. She's going to be raising her baby with him, your baby. I know how much you love that little girl. I know you did not want to give up your parental rights. Somehow he forced your hand; what did he do? Why the hell did he do this? Why did he turn on you?

Sami - You claim to be so smart but you made a huge mistake tonight. I'm engaged to EJ DiMera and if you think he's going to let you get away with attacking me you are dead wrong. Nick - I just want my money back. Sami - Did you call the police? File a report? Why don't you tell them that I stole it? You can't do that. Yeah, you're not carrying around $30,000 cash for my granddaughter's layette, are you? I would guess this is dirty money. The police find you with it they're going to put you back in prison. Maybe I should give it to you then call my dad and give him a friendly tip. Nick - I don't think so. I think you're going to do exactly what I say. Sami - I'm the one holding the gun. Nick - Yeah but I have something that can do a lot more damage. He plays the recording of Will confessing.

Segment 4: Jen - Your school says they tried to contact me several times. That's really funny because I haven't heard from them in weeks. Somehow you figured out a way for me to never get that message and that's really hard for me because when you were a little boy you wouldn't even eat a cookie without asking my permission. And now? How am I supposed to stand here and believe a word that you're saying to me. JJ - I knew that you would react this way. I didn't want you to deal with one more thing; not until I could explain it face to face so that you could look into my eyes and know that I'm telling the truth. I swear none of this is my fault. It was my roommate. He was selling pot, that's all. Jen - Is that supposed to make me feel better? JJ - The way he got busted ... the stash was hidden in our room; we shared the blame. Jen - You had no idea? JJ - No! I did but I couldn't prove it. Jen - You could have called me and asked me for help. JJ - What could you have done? Jen - I could have demanded a fair hearing. I could have hired a lawyer. JJ - You live in another country Mom. They told me that the honour code was clear and that I violated it and that's that. I'm sorry, I'm really sorry. Aren't you going to say anything? You look like you hate me. Jen - I don't hate you. I just don't understand why you felt that you had to handle this all on your own. JJ - Because I think deep down I was afraid that you wouldn't believe me either. I was right, wasn't I?

Marlena tells Eric that she thinks they should do this another time. I love you so much and I appreciate your support so much but I can't do this right now. She leaves. Eric goes up to John. I've got a question for you. John - Sure. Eric - What's your porblem?

Kristen - What about John? Brady - The wedding stuff you were looking at downstairs; it's been down there for years, hasn't it? Since you were going to marry him. Kristen - Who told you that? Brady - Harold. That's why you didn't want me going into the room, right? Kristen - Yeah, sorry. Brady - I should have realised that when I suggested we adopt ... I should have known it would bring back the memories of losing your baby. Kristen - I'm not sad. What you did for me was amazing. I think I was more stunned. I want to be a mom, I always have. Just for right now I want to focus on being your wife, is that okay. Brady - Yes. But I have another question for you. Going through all that stuff downstairs it must have made you question what things would have been like with my dad if it had gone differently. I know it was a long time ago and you've told me a million times you're over him ... I need to ask you if going through all that stuff brought back old feelings that you had for the guy. Kristen - It did.

Rafe - Talk to me. I know this isn't just about keeping Sami away from the baby. Nick's obviously trying to hurt you. Will, my sister needs to know the whole story. Will - No, she doesn't. Rafe - I appreciate that you're trying to protect her, I do. She loves you. You are her best friend in the whole world. You know that, don't you? Will - I feel the same way about her. Rafe - Okay then tell me. You don't need to protect me. I'm not fragile. Just tell me the truth. Will - Okay, okay. Nick doesn't want Sonny or me in my baby's life because we're gay. Rafe - Son of a bitch.

Sami - Give it to me. Give me the phone. Nick walks up to her. Sure. It's not really going to do you any good Sami. I got a dozen more where this came from. I'm a computer geek. Did you think the only copy I had of Will's confession would be on the flashdrive that you stole from my room? Sami - I don't know what you're talking about. Nick - You came in, you trashed my room and then you thought you'd get some extra leverage on me when you saw that cash. If you don't give it back your trigger happy son is the one that is going to prison because I will take this confession and I will go straight to the police when I walk away. Sami raises the gun. Who says you're walking away?

Segment 5: Dan is at the coffeehouse with Abby and Cam. I hope you're happy your brother's home. Abby - Yeah, how did you know? Dan - I just came from your mom's. I got to meet him. Abby - How did that go? Dan - It was fine. I didn't stay long; your mom wanted to talk to him. Abby - Did she say what it was about? Dan - No, she just seemed distracted. I hope everything is alright. Abby - Me too.

Jen - I do believe you and even if ... and even though you didn't know about your roommates little business, you still lied to me. And when I was a teenager and hanging around with the wrong crowd my grandparents made sure I accepted the consequences of my actions. And you know what, it worked so you better expect the same treatment from me. JJ - I wouldn't expect anything different. Jen - At some point we need to sit down and go over every detail of exactly what happened and we are going to go to your headmaster because to have this on your record ... that you were expelled; it could affect your entire future. JJ - I know. I can't tell you how good this feels having this over with and knowing that you understand. Jen - I love you so much. They hug.

John - What's your problem son? Eric - Don't call me son. You know what my problem is. How can you treat my mother like this? John - I know it's hard to see what your mother's going through, Father, but this is between her and me. Eric - Nicole says she's worried about what you might do at Brady's wedding. John - Here's a piece of advice. I would take everything Nicole says with a grain of salt. Eric - I'm just afraid she might be right. Please restrain the urge to do something that everyone will regret at the end. John - I wouldn't do anything. Eric - I'm sure you would and it wouldn't be the first time John.

Rafe - How do you know? Will - He basically told me that he doesn't want Sonny and me in the baby's life because we're faggots. Rafe - What the hell is wrong with him? Who the hell is he to judge you? Will - He wasn't always like this. I don't know. Something must have happened to him in prison. Rafe - Yeah. Does Gabi know about this? Will - No. Rafe - That figures. Marlena comes in and greets them. Rafe - Hi Marlena. Good to see you and good talking to you Will. I better get going. Will - Where are you going? Rafe - Don't worry about it. I'll be in touch. Marlena - Is everything alright? Will - I'm not sure.

Nick walks up and presses his chest against the gun barrell. Go ahead. Do it Sami. Shoot me. Then you and your son can share a prison cell for the rest of your sorry lives because I made sure that if anything happens to me the whole world is going to hear about his confession. Do it. Sami - You're bluffing. Nick - Yeah? You ready to take that chance. I want my money now. Sami - Alright. Alright. Take your money. I swear to God you keep that recording under lock and key. Nick takes the money. As long as everyone keeps their end of the bargain. And Sami you better shut your mouth about this cash. You say anything to anyone I swear to God I will destroy your son. Do you understand me? Sami - I think we understand each other. Nick - Good. He leaves. Sami mutters - Nick Fallon, you are so lucky that this wasn't loaded.

Segment 6: Abby brings Cam home to meet JJ. Jen will let them visit while she makes a phone call. JJ - You must be ... Abby - Cameron Davis. They shake hands. JJ - Abigail told me you went to St Alban's. Cam did. They talk about school a bit. Cam gets paged. He has to call the hospital. He steps out of the room. Abby asks JJ how his talk with Mom went. JJ - It was fine. Why? Abby - You don't come home early from school unless something happened. JJ - You're right but Mom and I talked about it and everything's cool now.

Marlena - Do you want to talk about it? Will - No I don't but how about you? You seem kind of down lately. Marlena - I'm okay. Will - No you're not. Marlena - Thanks for being so caring. Like you, I don't want to talk about it. Will - Okay. I completely understand that. Is this about John? I just want you to know that he is making a huge mistake. They hug.

Eric - I know it took me a long time to forgive you for what happened to my parent's marriage. John - I understand that. Eric - In the end I knew you loved her. I'm always going to think of you and Brady as family but I don't Sami will be in the same place to say the same thing. John - I understand that too. You know what, I really regret all the pain I've caused you all. Eric - Just please don't hurt our family again. Whatever you're trying to do to pull Brady away from Kristen just ... John - You don't know what the hell you're talking about. Eric - I know you should leave it in God's hands and if you don't, I'm afraid we'll all live to regret it.

Kristen - So I took one of the proverbial walks down memory lane down there and I guess the most significant thing I learned was that none of the junk down there could possibly reawaken the love that I felt for John. Maybe the hurt and the humilation of it all ... I've known in my head for a long time that I'm over him but I think I knew for sure in my heart today that I'm over John. Brady - Good for you. Kristen - Going through all that stuff allowed me to let go; say goodbye to John forever. And I know for sure that I'm on the right path although the road to here has been hellish. I'm this close to getting everything I've wanted. Brady - I feel you have closure now. Kristen - I do. You know what else I learned? That even if life sometimes doesn't give you what you want, in the long run it's for the best. They kiss.

Segment 7: Jen is outside the front door talking to Dan. JJ and I had a talk; I think things are going to be just fine. JJ comments that mom had to go outside to make a phone call. Abby - Do you think she's talking about you? I'm kidding. It's probably just Daniel who I heard you met tonight. So, what do you think, he's nice right? Cam calls out and asks Abigail if she can com here. JJ stares at the photo of Jen and Dan.

Marlena - Gabi must be getting ready to deliver any day now. Will - Yeah. The doctor says like anytime now. Marlena - Are you nervous? Will - Definitely but also excited too. Marlena - I'm so glad you decided to be a part of this baby's life. It's so good for her and for you. Will - Nothing is going to stop me from being the best father I can possibly be.

Nick is in the park talking on his cell asking where he can make a cash deposit at this hour. Rafe walks up. You're looking pretty pleased with yourself. Nick - Life is good. Rafe - Is it? Nick - What do you mean? Rafe - I know exactly who you are now Fallon and for my sister, life isn't looking up at all.

Sami is stomping outside the pub leaving EJ another message. I don't know why you're not picking up but I swear to God when I get back home I'm going to give your lying father a piece of my mind.

Kristen and Brady are looking at seating charts. Brady can't do this anymore. I'm going to get you a glass of wine. For the record, I don't care about any of this stuff all I do care about is that I'm going to be marrying you. He leaves the room. Kristen - It won't be long now Brady.

Eric - If you have any respect for me, my mother, our family, I hope you'll take my advice. He leaves. John pulls out the pearls. Sorry God, I'm not going to stand by and watch that woman destroy my boy. I'm going to stop her.


Friday, May 10

Segment 1: Stefano is in the foyer on his cell. I have something I need you to take care of for me. No, right away. It's urgent.

Nicole is in the park. She drops her purse and bends down to start picking things up. Eric picks up something and hands it to her. They kiss passionately and end up on the ground. Nicole comes out of her fantasy. She's in the rectory. OMG, OMG. It's happening again. She throws her purse to the floor. Damn it! Nicole sits on the floor and talks to herself. What am I supposed to do to make these feelings go away. Please God. I'm trying to do the right thing. Please help me stop lusting after your priest. Eric comes in and starts helping her pick things up - deja vu for Nicole.

Sami comes into the Di mansion slamming the door behind her and bellering Stefano, I'm home. She stomps into the living room yelling 'Where are you?' EJ comes sashaying in. I got your message. Sami - Where is your father? Well I'm going to find him. He's probably upstairs facetiming with his mistress and he's not ... EJ stops her forward momentum. I can't let you do that. Sami - Did you say you're not going to let me do something? EJ - I understand that you're upset but you have to remember my father did have that evidence stolen from the police station to protect William. Sami - No he didn't. He did it for himself so he could have something to lord over my head or Will's or both. EJ - What exactly do you think you're going to do if you go and confront him? What are you going to say? Give me the evidence back or I'm out of here. Sami - He'd like that, wouldn't he? EJ - My father does not respond well to threats and you do not want to give him any stupid ideas. Sami - So what do I do? EJ - Take a deep breath ... they sit on the DNA stained sofa. EJ - Remember your family. Sami - Like he's taken such good care of his family. EJ - I can take care of my father. Sami - But he doesn't want you to marry me and he has stuff on you too and I'm sick of living in this house and him lording it over us like he's Darth Vader. EJ - Please... Sami shrieks - No, I'm tired of being ... Johnny stands in the doorway. Stop fighting!

Sonny thinks it's good that Will told Rafe. He needs to know that his sister is married to a bigot. Will - I'm just afraid of what Rafe's going to do now. I didn't want Gabi to have to deal with any of this until after the baby was born. He looks up ... Oh great and if Grandma finds out ... Sonny - She's not. She won't hear it from me. Kate comes over. I have to show you something I got for the baby. They probably won't stay on her for 5 secs but aren't these the cutest booties ever! Will - Oh my gosh. Pretty cute. Sonny - Excuse me, I'm going to go and take care of this delivery. Kate - Well that was really smooth. Obviously you have something to say to me that you didn't want to say in front of Sonny. Will - No, I can say anything I want in front of Sonny though now that you are here I have a kind of personal question I want to ask you. Why did you break up with Rafe?

Hope is strolling through the square when she sees Vargas. She greets him. I was going to stop by the rectory later to see how you were doing. Everything okay? Vargas - Everything's been great. It's good to know I'm not the only ex-con in town who's turned his life around. I ran into your cousin Nick the other day.

When Rafe tells Nick that he knows him now and life isn't really that good for his sister Nick asks why not. Rafe - When my sister decided to marry a guy she barely knew at all, a guy who had just gotten out of prison for killing someone, I had to work really hard to give you the benefit of the doubt. Nick - And I really appreciate that. Rafe - You say you want to be a good husband to my sister and help raise this baby, protect her, make her happy. Nick - Yeah and I intend to do all those things. Rafe - Well my sister would be better off leaving you and never looking back. You convinced my sister that you wanted to be her protector and you pretty much got her into bed the minute you met her. And then you got her to lie and say the baby was yours. Why did you do that? Nick - Will didn't want to be a dad. Rafe - Will wants to be the father of this baby yet you somehow got him to sign away his parental rights. Why do you not want him near his own child? Nick - Rafe, you've got this all wrong. What is going on? Is Will trash talking ... Rafe - Don't lie to me. Do you hear me! I know exactly why you don't want Will to be a part of his own child's life.

Will - If you don't want to talk about it ... Kate - I really, really don't. Will - The thing is my love life is your business and Adrienne's business apparently and it's everybody's business. Kate - Because we care about you. Will - Well I care about you and I care about Rafe. Kate - Well you and everyone else were so shocked when we were together but you were right 'cause it never would have worked out. Will - I never said that. Sonny walks up - For the record, I've never seen you so happy. Will - Neither have I and I've known you a lot longer than he has. So come on, why did you dump him?

Segment 2: Hope - Where did you see Nick? Vargas - I've run into him in town a couple of times with his new bride. He seems like he's doing very well for himself. Hope - He is. Of course it was a tough adjustment at first. Vargas - Well yeah. I'm sure he's had people helping him though just like you've helped me which again, I'm truly thankful for. Hope - Just doing my job. Vargas - Yeah. The job at the church has been great. I'm starting to learn my talents. It's going to be helpful to me when I'm ready to move on. Hope - If you want me to put you in touch with Nick I'm sure I can do that. Vargas - Thanks but I'm sure I'll see him around town so ... Hope gets a call. It's the station, I've got to take this. Call me if you need anything. Vargas - I sure will. Hope - Good to see you. Bye.

Caroline watches Gabi work. You should be resting. Gabi - I'm fine. It's good to feel useful. Caroline - You are making a baby. I can't think of anything more important. You should go on up to your room and take a rest. Gabi - I don't live upstairs anymore. Caroline - Of course. You and Nick are living at Victor's. I wish I could keep things straight. Gabi - That's okay. You remembered in the end and that's what matters. Caroline - I should keep reminding myself I'm one of the lucky ones. I have a daughter that got me on drug trial test and my nimble-minded club has made me a champion crossword puzzle maker. But of course your friends and your family are the best medicine in the world. Gabi - We're very grateful for your support too. Nick always says he doesn't know where he'd be if you hadn't given him a chance. Caroline - Speaking of Nick, where is your husband?

Nick - You know that I love Gabi and that baby with all of my heart and nobody can say any different. And if Will is going around ... Rafe - This isn't about Will. This is about you! You ... it's not just that you killed a man or that you framed someone else for the crime ... but you became obsessed with Melanie and then you would do anything to get whatever you wanted. Nick - I was hooked on pills. I'm not that guy anymore. You know that. Rafe gets a call. Rafe - It's Hope. I bet there's a few things she'd like to hear about her cousin and what kind of man he really is.

Sonny sits down next to Will. Kate - It seems like the two of you have been discussing me, talking about me. Will - We just want you to be happy. Kate - Thank you, that's sweet. Believe it or not I want to be happy too but I don't understand why you think me seeing Rafe for about 2 seconds was a momentous event in my life. Will - We just told you why we think that. Kate - So I was happy, I had a smile on my face. Maybe that has to do with me having a wonderful job, a beautiful family and your sweet baby's on the way and I'm finally unfettered from my gargoyle of an ex-husband. I certainly can pick them, can't I? Will - I think you can. I saw you on Valentine's Day and I couldn't put my finger on it but you were so happy for some reason. I had a feeling then that you might be seeing somebody. Kate - Really, it was that obvious? Will - Yes! Absolutely! Sonny and I have found that out. When you're in love it's harder to hide then you think.

Nicole - Thank you. Well, do you like my new filing system. (Along with her purse several files went flying as well). I was looking for the electrical contract for the new school ... voila, here it is. Eric - I'm so sorry we piled so much on you right now. Nicole - It's okay. I can handle it. Eric - Things are happening a lot faster than we thought. Nicole - Yeah. Eric - What? Nicole - I was thinking on the otherhand sometimes things never change at all.

EJ picks up Johnny. Sami - Nothing to worry about. We were not fighting. EJ - Of course not. Johnny - You were yelling. EJ - We were having a disagreement. Johnny - If it was me and Allie you'd call it fighting. EJ - I thought you were asleep. Johnny - Not anymore. I never had dessert. Sami - You can have some fruit. Johnny - Fruit! EJ will see what he can get for him. Sami and Johnny will wait. Sami tells him that his teacher told her all about the story he wrote about moving into the mansion. I thought that picture you drew of Dracula was a nice toucht. What do you think about living here? Are you happy? EJ returns and listens as Johnny replies - Sure but I liked it better when we lived with Rafe. Sami hugs him.

Segment 3: Eric - What do you mean nothing ever changes. Nicole - I'm still a disorganized mess and you're still wonderful you. Eric - Not so wonderful at the moment. Nicole - Why would you say that? Does it have something to do with what I told you about your mom and John. Eric - I ran into John and I think you're right. I think he's going to try and blow up this wedding. Nicole - Oh. Eric - I tried to talk some sense into John. I don't think I handled things very well. Nicole - I'm sure it went better than you think. Eric - I know him well enough and I'm afraid things may go bad. Nicole - I'm sorry. Eric - No, I'm glad you said something. I'm just glad you're here period. He takes her hand. Nicole - Me too.

Kate - Please tell me you haven't discussed any of this with your father. Will - Oh no. I told you I wouldn't but he did mention to me how happy you've been lately. Kate - Oh God. What! Do I have a neon sign around my neck. Sonny - Maybe, yeah. Will - So has Rafe. I've barely seen the man smile since M... Kate - Since when? You can say it. Since he was with your mother.

Sami - Don't you love living here in this fun, big house. Johnny - Sure. I just miss Rafe. Don't you miss 'em Mommy? Sami - Rafe loves you and your brother and sisters. I know he does and I'm sure he misses you too but we're living here with Daddy. Johnny - Daddy's the best. I love Daddy! Sami - Of course you do and this is Daddy's house; it's so much fun. Johnny - No, it's nano's. Can't we move back into Rafe's with Daddy and Rafe? Sami laughs. Gee, why didn't I think of that. EJ makes his presence known.

Rafe answers Hope's call. Can you meet me at the station in 10. I want to pick your brain about a case. Rafe - I'm on my way. He tells Nick he has to go. But we'll finish this later. Nick - Rafe, please don't talk to Gabi right now; not until you hear my side of the story. Rafe - The story? Nick - It's very important to Gabi for all of us to get along for the baby's sake and I don't want anything upsetting her right now while she's pregnant. Rafe - My sister's stronger than you think. Besides what if she found out I was keeping the truth from her. Nick - What truth? Rafe - What kind of man her husband really is. She deserves to know and I'm going to tell her. Nick - Now? Rafe - Yes, today as soon as I see her. He leaves.

Segment 4: Kate - Thank you for your concern. It's sweet. Will - I know you don't want to talk about it but you have given us some really good advice. Sonny - Look how happy we are! Will - Yeah, so we want to return the favour. Kate - Actually, of all the couples in Salem, I think you two are the happiest. I have to go now. I love you. Will - I love you too. Kisses and hugs all around. Outside the coffeehouse Kate pulls out her phone and looks at Rafe's call info and picture.

In Hope's office at the station Rafe chuckles as he goes through a file. Yes he is my informant. Tell you what, I'll bring him in here and see what he has to say. Hope - That will be great. Thanks, I appreciate it. He notices she's distracted. Rafe - Is everything okay. Hope - I'm late picking up Ciara from her friend's house. Rafe - Well get out of here. Hope - I'm late and she's furious with me ... she's really mad at me. Said she'd rather stay at her friend's house and watch a movie then come home with me. Rafe - You know that's not true. Hope - You know what Rafe, honestly, I don't blame her. I'm not doing so great, am I, at being both mommy and daddy. Rafe - Yeah, because that's an impossible job. Hope puts on her glasses. Rafe tells her she just has to lower her standards a little bit. I'm sure you're doing a great job besides it will get better when Bo comes back, right? Hope - Right. So you're going to be an uncle any day now. Now that's exciting. Gabi okay. Rafe - Healthwise everything is fine. Hope - Healthwise ... what is it? What's wrong?

Gabi calls Nick and he tells her he got hung up at work but he's on his way. What's going on? Gabi - Caroline and I are having a snack. It's pretty quiet in here tonight. Nick - Good. I'll be there soon. Nick gets another call. It's Vargas. Nick - What do you want? Vargas - I just thought you'd want to know I just had a nice talk with your cousin Hope, the cop. Nick - Yeah. Vargas - Yeah, she offered to put me in touch with you. I guess she's hoping we'll become pals what with all we have in common. Nick - Is that why you called me Vargas. To tell me that you and Hope had a talk. Vargas - I do like to keep you in the loop Nick. I also want to make sure you're doing that job you promised me you'd take care of. Nick - I ... am ... on ... it.

Nicole - I mean I'm glad I'm here and not on the streets or dead. Eric - I know what you meant. Nicole - I don't know what I would have done if you hadn't come back to town when you did. Eric - Yeah, me too. You helped me too. Nicole - I did, you mean with my mad filing system. Eric - There were a lot of things I kind of needed to get off my chest and you stayed on top of me until I did. You listened and you didn't judge. Nicole - I'm really in no position to do that. I'm sure Brady feels judged though. I understand how he feels. When you're in love you don't think straight. Eric - Yeah. Nicole - Maybe I can help sort out this mess with your family. Eric - Thank you. I appreciate that. I know this job was only temporary until you got back on your feet and you did so you know I'm going to be really sad to see you go. Nicole - I'm not going anywhere.

Nick enters the coffeehouse and goes up to Will and Sonny. There you are. Sonny - Here we are. Will - What's your problem now? Nick - My problem is the crap that you've been feeding Rafe. What the hell did you tell him?

Segment 5: Sonny - Don't make a scene. Will - It's okay. I didn't say a damn thing to Rafe. He actually figured it out on his own and it didn't take him very long either. I'm sure Gabi's going to figure it out too. Nick - Figure out what? What are you talking about? Will - What do you think! You're a homophobic jerk.

Rafe - Nothing. I'm just being an overprotective big brother. Hope - Are you sure? Rafe - Yeah. Hope - I think between your family, the Brady's and the Horton's, she's going to be one spoiled little girl ... very well dressed though. Hope looks up. Bernardi, what are you doing back here? Jones has the flu, Commissioner Brady asked me to come in and cover for him. He sees Rafe - I didn't have a chance to tell you earlier, that package came for you this afternoon. Rafe - Oh yeah, nice. Hope - What package? Rafe - Johnny outgrew the FBI jacket I gave him so he wanted another one.

EJ reveals Johnny's dessert with a flourish claiming he made it. Johnny - You did not make it. EJ - Daddy's a terrible cook but I did give chef the recipe this morning because I knew you would love it. Johnny declares it's delicious. Sami's worried he's going to make a mess in the fancy living room and suggests going to the kitchen. Sami and Johnny head out of the room. EJ gets a call. It's Rafe. EJ - What can I do for you? Rafe - Johnny's new jacket was just delivered. I know it's a little bit late. EJ - He just went to bed. Where are you? Rafe - I'm at the station on the way to the pub to see my sister. EJ - I can meet you there in 10 mins. Rafe - Make it 20, I've got to walk. EJ - Okay, see you in 20. He sends a text to Sami. Had to run out on errand. Do not talk to Father. He leaves. Outside he makes another call. It's me. Listen I have a job for you. Yes now!

Eric - What do you mean you're not going anywhere. I mean this job isn't ... Nicole - A career befitting my many talents? Come on, who else is going to hire me? And I've quit here at least twice. How many fights have we gotten in? Eric - I haven't been counting. Nicole - That's probably a good thing. Look, if I haven't left by now clearly I'm not leaving any time soon or ever apparently. Eric - You don't have to make any committment now. Nicole - If committment were my style ... Vargas knocks and comes in. Hope I'm not interrupting.

Segment 6: Vargas - I'm ready to get to work stripping those floors for you. Eric - It's pretty late. You can get to that tomorrow. Vargas - I'd much rather move on it now. Eric - Okay, supplies are in the workroom. Speaking of work I have a prayer service to attend so goodnight. He leaves. Nicole - Don't say anything. Vargas - Do you really think he has no idea you're in lust with him? Unless of course he thinks ignoring it will make the problem go away. Nicole - Do you really think he has no idea that you have some other agenda besides stripping floors, really? Once a con, always a con. Vargas - Look who's talking. That's okay. You're not going to have me here to kick around much longer. Nicole - What are you up too?

Nick - I guess you've never made a mistake and said something you wish you hadn't. Will - I'm sure that word just kind of slipped out of your mouth. Nick - OMG ... I say one word and I've apologised a million times and you hold one word over my head for the rest of my life. Sonny - It's not what you said, it's who you are and what you've done. You blackmailed Will to keep him away from his own girl. You know why you did that .. because he's gay. If that doesn't make you a homophobe what does. Nick - I hope to God you haven't been spouting off this stuff to Rafe because now I have to go stop him before he talks to Gabi.

Rafe is holding up the jacket. Hope - That is adorable. Johnny is a lucky little guy to have you in his life, he really is. Rafe - Once she marries EJ the game is going to change. Hope - It won't change how much you love him or how much he loves you. Rafe - I know Sami is your niece but I can't help thinking she and EJ deserve each other. Hope - Okay, Sami's no saint, I'll give you that but no one deserves a DiMera. No one! Rafe - I guess you're right. I really better get going. Hope - Thanks for coming in, I appreciate it. Rafe - Sure. See you. Outside the office he calls Gabi. Are you at the pub, I was going to bring you by a midnight snack. Gabi - Well you wouldn't be passing Martha's Bakery now would you? Rafe - You know I would. Gabi - I've been having these crazy cravings for the blueberry cinnamon muffins. Rafe laughs. Alright. Special delivery on it's way. Gabi - Thanks, I owe you. Rafe - You're my little sister. I'd do anything for you, you know that right? Gabi - Of course I know that. Rafe - And I'll always be here for you no matter what. Don't ever forget that.

Will - This is going to sound weird but I feel bad for Nick. Sonny - Why? Will - I don't know. The guy tried so hard to turn his life around after he got out of prison. Sonny - He wouldn't have been in prison if he didn't kill a guy. Will - I know but I could have gone to prison. I just got lucky. The person I feel really bad for is Gabi. She's in love with him and she's going to be crushed. Sonny - That's why we're going to be there for her. I know I haven't always been easy on her but you care about her and we care about this baby ... that's all that matters to me. Will - I love you for saying that. I love you for a lot of reasons actually. Sonny - Right back at you. Will - I can't believe how lucky I am. I hope Gabi gets this lucky someday. Sonny - You don't think she'll stay with Nick after this? Will - We'll find out soon enough.

Kate comes into the pub. Hi Gabi. You look so lovely. How are you feeling? Gabi - Good. Just anxious to meet Arianna. Kate - I think we're all anxious to meet little Arianna. Here ... something for the baby. Gabi - You've already bought her so many things. Kate - I know ... I must admit it's becoming a bit of an addiction shopping for Arianna. When the stores are closed I go online straight to the baby boutiques. So here's my latest purchase in the wee hours. Gabi pulls out the booties. Oh my gosh. They are so adorable. Kate - Pretty soon you're going to be snuggling Arianna who's wearing the cutest lace booties. Gabi - I love them. Thank you so much. Kate - My pleasure. Gabi - I want you to know that you're always welcome to visit and I don't want it to be awkward between you and Rafe. I'm sorry things didn't work out. Kate - Thank you but we're all adults. It's going to be fine. EJ walks in. Well look who it is, Kate. I'm so happy I bumped into you. Kate - Why is that? EJ - I wanted to thank you for the wonderful, generous, thoughtful gift you gave my fiancee. Kate - Ooh!

Sami returns to the living room to find Stefano at the chess board. Stefano - I don't suppose anyone ever taught you how to play chess. Sami sits down. No, why don't you?

Segment 7: Vargas - I'm not up to anything. I'm just not planning on hanging around this place much longer. Tell me you're not either. Eric returns. Forgot my stole. Vargas - I should get to it. He leaves. Eric - Did I interrupt anything? Nicole - Are you kidding? She puts his stole around his neck. You don't want to be late. You don't want to give those church ladies anything to grumble about. Eric - No I definitely don't want that. Goodnight again. Nicole - Goodnight Eric.

Gabi calls Nick who's in the square. Where are you? Nick - I'm on my way now. Do you want me to meet you there still? Gabi - Yeah, I'm waiting for Rafe. He's on his way from the police station. Is everything okay? Nick - Terrific. I will see you soon. After the call he says - Everything will be terrific as long as Rafe doesn't get to you first. He gets a call. Yeah, I told you. I've got the cash. Something's come up that I need to do first but I guarantee you, don't worry, it will be there soon. I will be there on time.

EJ - You outdid yourself Kate. Kate - I've always been a believer in giving gifts that people really appreciate and can you use. You know like knife ???, meat slicers and pre-nups. Sami's really, really good with firearms. I'm sure she'll put that gun to good use.

Sami picks up a piece. I know a little about chess. This one's the King, right? This one is you. I wonder which one I am? Which one is EJ? What about Kristen? What about Chad? Actually what I really want to know is which one is Will?

Will - I can't believe what an idiot I was to be so afraid to tell you about the baby; so afraid that you would leave me if I told you she was mine. Sonny - We had just gotten together at the time. Maybe you didn't understand then how much I really loved you but you understand now. Will - Oh yeah. They kiss.

Rafe is walking in some alley carrying Johnny's jacket and checking his cell when he's struck heavily from behind on the back of his head with a piece of pipe. The person who stuck him walks up to him where he's lying on the ground. (Appears to be wearing the same colour of clothing as Nick).


Monday, May 13

Segment 1: Will and Sonny are so excited to see JJ when he comes into the coffeehouse. Will asks him when he got back. Just today ... it's about 3am for me. Sonny offers to get him some coffee. JJ - So you guys are an item now. Abigail told me you came out Will. The way you guys were when I came in ... you're together, right? Will - Yeah, do you have a problem with that. Abby calls Cameron. He tells her he's still at the hospital but he'll be done soon. They confirm they're still on for tonight.

When Cameron finishes his call to Abby Kayla tells him the she and Maxine need to speak to him for a minute.

Repeat of Sami asking which player on the chess board each person is. Stefano - Is something bothering you? Sami - Yeah I want to know why you didn't have your man Bernardi destroy the evidence that could put Will in prison. Stefano - You mean the evidence you tried to take away from the man before he could get it to me? Sami - You have to understand; Will is my son. I was worried. Stefano - You asked me for a favour, I granted it and now you try to interfere. Sami - I'm a mother. Stefano - Mother or no mother, you NEVER interfere in my business. Sami - I totally get that but you should have had that evidence destroyed. Stefano - No, you're wrong. I should have done exactly what I did; kept it!

Repeat of EJ thanking Kate for the gift of a gun. EJ - Let's be honest, violence very seldom solves anything. Kate laughs. Did I just hear those words come crawling out of your mouth? Gabi looks at her cell. That's weird. Rafe should have gotten here by now. Where's Nick?

Rafe comes to and sees someone holding a steel bar in their hand.

Kate says something about EJ uttering platitudes against the use of violence. EJ was generalizing to be polite. If we were to list all your violent actions over the years we'd be here all night. Aren't you the lady who had to marry into my family because of some rather unsavoury business with Chloe Lane. Kate - The only unsavoury part of that was marrying your father. EJ - And yet here you are. You're so bitter and depressed because he divorced you. Kate - I couldn't care less about your father EJ. EJ - Really?

Rafe coughs and his assailant starts kicking him in the ribs and beating him over the back.

Segment 2: JJ - Why would I have a problem with you guys being together? I think it's great. What ... you don't believe me? Will - I totally do. I wish everyone in the family was as cool as you. JJ - Someone giving you a hard time? Will - A certain cousin, yeah. JJ - Who? Wait, Nick Fallon. Sonny - You got it. JJ - I always thought that guy was a loser. Be glad he's not on your side. Abby walks up. What are you guys talking about?

Kayla - As Chief of Staff I thought I should be the one to tell you that your fellow doctors are really pleased with how you have grown. Maxine - And the nurses concur. Cam - Thanks. That's great. Kayla - We all know that this year has not been a walk in the park for you; just getting started and then losing your sister who we all cared about a lot. Cam - Lexie was the best and not a day goes by that I don't think about her. Maxine - Same here. I just know that she'd be proud of you. Kayla - I'm sure. All of this is leading up to something which I'm sure you can imagine. At our last inter-departmental meeting we decided that we want you to be the new resident liason. Maxine - You can't just stare like that, you've got to say something. Cam - Thank you. I'd be glad to. It's such an honour. Maxine gets paged and has to go. Cam - Dr. Brady, this is really unexpected. I never ... I know my life outside of the hospital has caused a few problems. Kayla - You mean the dancing or is it called stripping. Cam - Depends on who's talking about it. In case you're wondering, that's all over. I quit. Kayla - Good or maybe not. My mother will be disappointed. Cam laughs.

EJ - Kate, you gave Samantha a gun because you were so angry at my father for cutting you out that you were hoping she would shoot him. Kate - Wrong! I gave Sami the gun because she might need it when she finds out she's no longer considered a use to the family anymore. And then if she does pull the trigger and a bullet hits Stefano well, I guess you would just have to call that karmic justice. EJ - Okay. Tell me what happens if that bullet hits your granddaughter Allie or one of my children, you still smiling? Kate - When it comes to her children I trust Sami always. Gabi walks up and asks if she can get them something. They're both fine. EJ gets a call that he steps away to take. Gabi tells Kate that Rafe is on his way just in case ... Kate - That's very sweet of you but we are going to have to run into each other from time to time so ... She looks at EJ. You know I think I will get going. I'll talk to you soon. On her way out she stops in front of EJ - Always a pleasure. EJ holds his phone and smiles.

JJ - We were just catching up. Hope comes in and sees JJ. She says hi to the others and gives JJ a hug. You're mom left me a message and said you'd gotten in. It's been such a long time. She quickly places her order with Sonny. So young Mr. Devereaux how about keeping me company while I get takeout for Ciara. They step outside. Will wonders if Nick has managed to stop Rafe from telling Gabi. Sonny - I doubt it but when Rafe does tell Gabi, Nick's future's going to be looking mighty bleak.

The guy continues to brutally beat Rafe. When Rafe coughs he kicks him onto his back and then starts kicking him in the stomach. Rafe rolls over again. The guy picks up the bag (takeout bag???) and walks away.

Segment 3: Abe finishes up a call. He's in the square. Kayla greets him. How are you doing? Abe - Good. I just talked to Cam. He told me was chosen as the next resident liason. Kayla - Yes, he's a very gifted doctor, that brother-in-law of yours. Abe - Lexie would be very proud. Kayla - I'm so sorry. I'm sure this is a rough time for you. Abe - No more than usual. Kayla - I was thinking it's about a year now since you lost Lexie.

EJ asks Gabi if she's alright. Gabi - I'm just tired, that's all. EJ suggests that she sit down. Are you sure you should be working this late into your pregnancy. Gabi - The doctor says it's fine. Arianna gets a little rambuncious if I'm just sitting around. EJ - You know I don't think I ever really congratulated you on your pregnancy. I think that you and William will make fantastic parents. Gabi - And Nick too. EJ - Of course. How could I possibly forget about Nick. EJ gets another call that he steps away to take. Is it done? Good? EJ - I best be going. I was supposed to meet your brother here. He was bringing me that FBI jacket for Johnny but I suppose he's been detained. Gabi - I'll tell him you stopped by. EJ - Would you? Don't work too hard. He leaves. Gabi - Come on Rafe, where are you?

Kate is walking through the alley when she sees Rafe and blood everywhere. OMG. RAFE! RAFE! OMG OMG OMG. She pulls out her cell. I need an ambulance. I'm behind Carter's in the alley, Horton Square. A police officer has been attacked. Hurry!

Hope and JJ come back in. That's exactly what I'm gong to do; a cookout to celebrate your homecoming ... the whole family. How's that? Maybe we'll do it out at Smith Island. JJ - Sounds great. Just let me do half the work. Hope - Count on it. Her cell rings. Sorry, it's the station. I have to take this. She steps away. Sonny - How did it go? JJ - It was an interrogation; school life, love life, name it. Sonny - I've got a question for you. How come you're not in school; it's the beginning of May. JJ - What can I say. School lets out early in England. Hope - I'll get the details later. Use a 1030 code to secure the scene. I'm on my way. Hope - Have to leave the takeout, sorry. Gotta run. Will - That was weird. JJ is going to leave too - he's wiped. Abby - I'll go with you. Sonny - Welcome back man. Will - Good to see you. After they leave Will asks Sonny if he wants to eat. Sonny - Your place or mine? Will - Gabi's working tonight so I'm thinking we can eat at the pub and watch Rafe bounce Nick's butt on the barroom floor. Sonny - Sounds good. Let's do it.

Kate cries - You hang on. I know you can do it. Don't give up, they're almost here. OMG. I know you can do it. If I lost you I don't know what I would do.

Sami - There is no doubt that I appreciate what you have done for Will and I know you care about him a lot that's why I was surprised that you didn't destroy the evidence. I'm marrying EJ. We're going to be family and I thought family meant everything to you. Stefano - It does but I also know what happens when you marry a man. So I'd be an absolute fool to destroy anything so valuable. Sami - So it is blackmail. Stefano - Keep your hackles down my dear. Don't force me to use that power. He puts a pawn in her hand. This is you. He leaves the room. Sami mutters - The hell it is.

Segment 4: Abe - Next month it will be a year since we lost Lexie but Theo and I, we're hanging in there. Kayla - I know you are. Abe - Who would have thought that after so much time ... a couple of days ago I picked up Theo from school. He was so proud that he had gotten an A- on a test and I picked up my cell phone to call Lexie and ... well ... I realised ... it's still a little hard to wrap my mind around him. Kayla hugs him. You are a good dad. I hope you take comfort in that. Theo is a wonderful boy.

Will tells Gabi - No, we haven't seen Rafe since this afternoon. Why? Is something wrong? Gabi - No, it's just kind of weird. He said he'd be here in a few but it's been like forever. Nick said he'd be here too. Will - Nick hasn't shown up. Gabi - No. I'm sure everything is fine. I'm paranoid because I'm pregnant. Nick comes in. (Interesting now his sleeves are down just like the assailants when they were rolled up before). Gabi hugs him. I was worried about you. Where were you? Nick - Worried about me? Gabi - Yeah, you were taking so long. Nick - Yeah, but you're okay, right. No contractions or ... Gabi - Everything is fine. Why are you all sweaty? Were you jogging over here? Nick - No, it took me forever to get you something so I was running to make up time. He hands her a takeout bag from Martha's Muffins. (Suspiciously the same colour of bag as the assailant walked away with). Gabi tells Sonny and Will - It's one of my cravings. It's kind of a big deal. I can't believe this. This is so weird. Nick - What? Gabi - I spoke to Rafe and asked him to stop by and get one of them ... it's kind of like you're a mindreader. Nick - I guess I am.

Rafe is wheeled past the nurse's station - already in a hospital gown. We went to radiology just like you said Doctor. Kayla - Good job, I'm getting it right now. Maxine directs them to a room. The EMT reports - Lots of internal damage Dr. He stopped breathing on the way in but we managed to get him going. Pupil response seems sluggish. The bleeding just wouldn't stop. Kate - Kayla ... Kayla - Not now Kate. Hope comes off the elevator. Ciara, I said I'm sorry. I can't come and get you tonight. You're going to have to sleep over there. Baby no it will not work because it will be too late by the time I'm done. An officer was hurt. Mommy needs to find out what happened. Sweetie, I love you so much from here all the way to the stars. I'll see you first thing in the morning, I promise you. I love you. Sweet dreams. After the call she mutters, God I hate this. Maxine calls Dr. Davis. We need you in 409 stat. Kate rushes up to Maxine. Maxine - Ms Roberts ... she sees her appearance ... God, did you find him? Kate - Yes. I have to know what's going on. Maxine - Right now we're just trying to get him stabilized. Hope - Kate, what are you doing here? She sees her appearance. You must be the one that found the officer that was attacked. Kate - It wasn't an officer, it was Rafe.

Inside the room Kayla orders 3 units of O Positive. Let's hope that's all he needs. I put his MRI and CAT scan into the system. Maxine looks at it - OMG. Kayla steps beside her. Yeah. Multiple damage here, here and here on the skill. Deep concussion. Bruised and broken ribs. One punctured his left lung. Maxine - Who would do something like this? Kayla - I don't know. I wish he'd wake up and tell us but I don't think that's going to happen.

EJ comes home all smiles and sees Sami in the living room. What. Sami holds up the pawn. See this? This is what your father thinks of the woman you're going to marry. EJ - A pawn? Were you playing chess with him. Sami rants - He's the king and I'm nothing. EJ - Did you talk to him about the evidence? Come on! We agreed you weren't going to do that! Sami - It doesn't matter anyway. He made it clear that he's going to hold it over my head forever. EJ - Forever's a long time. You know there are always ways. Sami - This isn't Nick Fallon we're talking about here. This is Stefano DiMera with that evidence. EJ - Everything is going to be fine. Sami - How can you say that? EJ - Things are already fine. My father has the evidence against William safely stored away. Nick Fallon is not going to be a problem for very much longer.

Nick looks over - Is something going on guys? Gabi gets a call. Sonny - No, we just stopped by to get a bite. Gabi - Hello. Gabriella, it's Hope. Hi. Hope - Honey, I'm afraid this is official business. I'd give everything if it weren't. Gabi - What? Hope - Is someone there with you? Gabi - Yes, Nick is here. Sonny and Will are ... Rafe ... wait ... did something happen to Rafe? Hope - Gabriella, listen to me. He's in the hospital. The doctors are with him right now. He was attacked in an alley. You should come down here right away. Can Nick bring you. Gabi - Yeah. I'm on my way right now. Will - What happened? Nick - What's going on? Gabi - Rafe was attacked. He's in the hospital. I need to go right now. Nick - I'll get your purse. He assures her everything will be alright as they are leaving. Sonny and Will follow. The camera pans to the blue takeout bag.

Hope sees Kate watching as Rafe is being worked on. Kate turns away. Oh God. Why can't they come out and tell us something. Hope - Can you give me a statement? Kate - I found him behind ... the alley behind Carters ... I didn't see anything. I just saw him lying on the ground. Hope - Is that when you called 911? Kate - Yes. She turns to watch again. Hope - I'm sure Kayla and her team will do everything possible to make sure he pulls through this. Kate - But is it going to be enough?

Segment 5: Someone closes the blinds inside Rafe's room. Hope - You seem really shaken. Maybe you should go Kate. Kate - I'm not going home. Kayla comes out. Kate - Kayla, what's going on? Kayla - We got him stabilized but he's in critical condition and I think he's going to be like that for a while. Right now we're mainly concerned with his internal bleeding and the fluid buildup on his brain. Has anyone gotten hold of his ... Hope - Yeah. I got a hold of Gabi. She's on her way. Kayla makes a call. This Dr. Brady. When I said I wanted that hematocrit STAT I meant NOW! Kayla - I want to see him. Kayla - Not at this point. I'm sorry. Hope - Why don't we sit down; there's nothing we can do. Kate - The hell tbere isn't. She walks away leaving a very puzzled Hope behind. Gabi rushes up to Hope - the guys follows. She cries - What happened? Was he shot? Hope - No. Someone beat him up pretty badly. Gabi - OMG. Who would do that to him? Hope - I don't know. I'm going over to the crime scene now. Honey, stay strong. It's going to be fine. They'll let you in to see him soon. I'll call you in a little while. She leaves.

JJ and Abby stroll through the square. JJ - You didn't have to come with me. I'm just getting a little air. Abby - Actually, I'm being totally selfish. Cameron is supposed to meet me here when he gets a break. We're out of the house, away from mom, no cousins around ... how about the truth. JJ - Sorry. Abby - London, JJ. You got kicked out of school, that's huge. JJ - I told you my roommate was dealing and since I hadn't snitched on him the school assumed I was in on it and I got kicked out too. Abby - I'm sure that Mom bought that story but I'm not believing it for a second so why don't you start over and tell me what really happened.

Gabi cries - If I hadn't asked him to get me that stupid muffin he wouldn't have gone down that alley. Nick - Hey, stop it. Will comes over. Gabi, this is not your fault. Nick - It was probably random. Wrong place, wrong time. It could have been a druggie who needed cash. Sonny - Well he was jumped from behind 'cause Rafe definitely knows how to defend himself. Gabi sobs - He's so strong and now ... OMG ... who would do something so terrible. Maxine comes to take Gabi into Rafe's room. Nick tells the guys he has to go and take care of something. Will - We need to have a talk with him.

Abe ducks under the police tape at the crime scene while putting on gloves. I got a call from Roman at his conference in LA asking me to consult. Hope - Great. Having you on board could make all the difference. Abe - Well we're going to get whoever did this. Hope - Damn right we are. Abe - First thing we need to answer was Rafe a random victim or did somebody mark him for this?

Sami - What do you mean Nick's not going to be a problem. What have you done? EJ - I just need you to trust me. Do you think you can do that. I'm just looking out for what is best for both of us. Sami knows and she appreciates that. I love you but we can't keep living in this house. EJ - We're not doing anything impulsive because the last thing we want is for my father to think that he did the wrong thing by helping us. In fact I don't think it would be a bad idea for you to apologise to him. Sami - Apologise! Have you lost your mind! EJ - Stay calm and collected. Breathe please. Sami - If I could calm down enough to choke down an I'm sorry he would never believe me. EJ - Of course he'll believe you. You'll massage his ego; give him some small sense of victory. Shall we go do that?

Segment 6: Sami - I hate all of this, you know that, right but you. I love you. EJ - Can we go and make nice with my father. Sami - Let's go and get it over with. Stefano comes into the living room. Looks like I've got in the way of another evening of passion. Sami looks at EJ and wipes the lipstick off his mouth. Sami - True love is a little messy. I'm glad you're here actually. There's something I want to say to you. I wanted to say that I'm sorry. I'm a mother, I tend to be a little overprotective ... I'm sorry. Stefano - Apology accepted and for the record I love my family too. Kate comes in - Oh yeah, in fact, he loves them to death. Harold - I'm sorry Mr. DiMera, I couldn't stop her. Kate yells - Jealous bastard! How could you do this!

JJ - Abs, I'm serious. My roommate was this total jerk. Abby - That's not why you got kicked out of school. JJ - Let me finish. He was some rich politician's son. It was like he thought he was immune or something. He had no problem showing his stash to anyone that showed up. Abby - That doesn't explain anything still ... Abby gets a call. Hi, I'm at the Town Square. Cam - Abigail, I'm really sorry but I have to cancel. We just got an emergency admission and I'm assigned to work with Dr. Brady. Abby - I totally understand. Call me later. Bye. Well Cameron has to work which means I'm totally free to keep on bugging you and I plan on doing it until I get the truth.

Cam stands in the doorway for a seond but leaves giving Gabi her privacy. Gabi - Rafe, I need you to know something. I have to tell you that I'm the luckiest little sister in the whole wide world because I've always had the best big brother. You always had time for me; you were always there making sure I did my homework. I kept the St Christopher's medal that you gave me when you left home. You said that it would watch me. I want to give it you. She puts it in his hand.

Abe - Police officers have enemies. This could be some kind of revenge thing or a mugging. Hope - Except for the severity of the injuries. I just got off the phone with Kayla. Abe, somebody wanted Rafe dead.

Sonny and Will go into the lounge. Nick - Is Gabi asking for me? Sonny - No, she's in with her brother. Nick - Good. Will - You don't seem very upset about what happened. Why is that? Nick - My brother-in-law might die; damn right I'm upset. Am I not weeping enough for you. Am I not moaning enough; not putting on a big enough show for you Will? Will - Maybe you could try not texting while your wife is crying her eyes out in the other room. Nick - You know, I've absolutely had it with you Will and fancy pants loverboy here too. Will - Okay, let's start with the gay bashing. Go ahead, let's show everyone who you really are.

Segment 7: JJ insists that Trevor was this total dealer and they kicked me out with him so his rich dad couldn't claim they favoured Americans. Abby - Just forget it. Just know that someday I'm going to expect the whole truth; understood? JJ - Oh man, one of those guys is sure checking you out. Do you know them? Abby looks over at the 2 guys JJ is talking about. Abby - No. I've seen them around but I don't know them. They are not the kind of kids you want to be hanging out with. Abby gets a text. I've got to take care of this and you said you're really tired ... go home okay. JJ - Sure. Abby leaves.

Sonny - Everyone take a breath. Nick - What is wrong with you? Why are you on me like this? Will - When you showed up at the pub you were kind of a mess. It's almost like you were in a fight ... Nick scoffs. I was running. I had to run. Are you suggesting ... you think I'm the one who beat up Rafe? Sonny - It's just the way that you acted when you found out Rafe knew the truth. You knew he was going to be gunning for you. Just face the facts. You were very upset. Will - Rafe was going to go see Gabi. Sonny - It's funny how he was late to the pub too. Nick - I did not go after Rafe. Will - Then where were you and what were you doing? I can just go right now and tell Hope what I know; let the police handle it unless you want to tell me exactly where you were.

Abe - I'm going to call Roman and let him know where we are. Hope - Thanks Abe, for everything. A uniformed cop brings the FBI jacket to Hope. I found this near the body. Hope - Thanks. This was for Johnny.

Stefano - Katherina ... isn't it like you to come in here screaming your head off. Kate - Are you really that empty, that small? Is your ego so fragile that you had to do something this evil!

Gabi cries. Rafe's hand opens and the medal falls as alarms sound.

Kate - Did you really have to send one of your thugs to beat up Rafe? Sami - Rafe! Has he been hurt? Kate - Yes Sami and you can thank Stefano for it.

Rafe flatlines. Gabi cries - Somebody help me. Rafe no. Cam and a nurse rush into Rafe's room. Maxine comforts Gabi as they work on him

Sami - What are you talking about? Why would Stefano have Rafe attacked? Kate - Because he found out we were lovers. Cue surprised look from Stefano. Cue stunned look from Sami.

Cam uses the paddles on Rafe once and then twice ... the monitor alarms still shows and sounds flatline.


Tuesday, May 14

Segment 1: Nick tries to leave the lounge but Sonny and Will stand in front of the door. Nick - Are you serious with this? (Now his sleeves are rolled up again). Sonny - Don't you get how this looks for you Nick? Will - Every minute you don't tell the truth you look more guilty man. Nick - What! You're accusing me of trying to beat my brother-in-law to death. That's insane! Will - Okay. Just deny it then 'cause all you're doing right now is not answering the question. Did you attack Rafe? Nick - You ... Will - What? What were you going to say to me?

The cop asks Hope if she knows why Hernandez would have that. (He's referring to the jacket). Hope - It's a gift for his stepson. Cop - Maybe that's our first lead. Do you know who he was taking it too? Hope - EJ DiMera.

Cue repeat of Kate's shocking statement that she and Rafe were lovers. Sami - Excuse me ... What! Is that supposed to a joke. Is it funny? Kate - No. Sami - You and Rafe! Kate looks at Stefano - OMG. You didn't know.

Kayla calls out Come on, come on as Cam shocks Rafe yet again. I'm not getting anything. Kayla - Charge it again. Cam - We're losing him. Gabi rushes into the room. Rafe, OMG, Rafe please come back to me. Please.

Abby comes into the coffeehouse and is surprised to see quite a lineup. Chad comes out of the storage room. Okay you guys, I'll take your orders in order. Abigail says hi. The guy at the front of the line starts complaining. If you wait on your little friend first ... Abby - Hold on there Speedy. She asks Chad if he's here alone. Chad tells her Sonny is off and the other person called in sick. The two options I have are to shut down for the night or me doing it all. Abby - No, there's a third option. She puts on an Mayon. I can make coffee. Next!

Nick - You're baiting me; is that the strategy? Sonny - Is that why you had to stop Rafe from finding Gabi so he wouldn't tell her what you call guys like us. Will - You were missing when Rafe was found half dead in an alley. Nick - That's enough. I didn't do it. Will - Can you prove it? Nick - I don't have to prove anything. Will - You're going to want to if you're a suspect so why don't you tell me where you were when it happened. You see ... that doesn't look good for you. Nick - I wasn't anywhere near Rafe when he was beaten up. I wasn't. Sonny - He's lying. Will - Yup. We need to tell Hope. Nick - Wait, no.

Kate - I'm going to get out of here and go to the hospital. Sami - On no. You're not going anywhere until you answer a couple or 67 questions. Kate - Sami, let it go! Sami - Let it go! You come barging in here and announce that you are having an affair with my ex-husband and that affair lands him in the hospital without explaining yourself. What the hell is going on? EJ is on the phone. Can I have the front desk please. Sami shrieks - Who are you calling? EJ - I'm calling the hospital to find out Rafe's condition. Sami grits her teeth and turns back to Kate. That's not the point. It isn't true. I know it's not true because you and Rafe ... Kate - What ... is it so hard for you to imagine that you can't even say it. Sami - Yes! Because it's Rafe. He's not that desperate. In fact I can't imagine anyone being stupid enough to get into bed with you. Kate - Really? Because these two did! LMAO at the look on EJ's face!

Maxine pulls Gabi away from Rafe. Let them do their job. She pulls her out of the room. Gabi cries. He's my brother. I need to be with him. Maxine - What you need to do is take a deep breath and calm down. You're not doing yourself any good or him or the doctors standing there at his bed screaming at him. Please honey, you need to shore up for yourself and that baby you're carrying and for Rafe too.

Segment 2: EJ ends his call. No news yet but I have a contact that's going to give me a call. Kate - I'm leaving. Sami grabs her. Wait a second. Kate - What? Sami - You do not walk out of this house without giving me an explanation. You owe me an explanation and you know it. Kate - It's over. We ended it. It never meant anything but I am not made out of stone contrary to public opinion. And I want to know how he is so I am leaving and I am going to the hospital. She leaves. Sami - I swear to God Stefano I am only going to ask once and I will know if you're lying. EJ - Samantha! Sami - Did you have something to do with Rafe being hurt? Did you make someone hurt him? Stefano walks out of the room. Sami - EJ ... EJ - Stefano had nothing to do with it. Sami - How can you be so sure?

Hope hands off the jacket to be bagged. I'm not sure why Rafe was here unless this was where he was going to meet EJ. He was lying on the ground here facing this direction, correct? The attacker I believe came up from behind ... she crouches down and asks for a flashlight. Get the forensics guy from the van. I want a mold of this print.

EJ - I know because I saw something that you missed. When Kate said she was having this affair with Rafe ... Sami - It's impossible! EJ - It's not. When she said that I was watching Stefano. Now I know him just about better than anybody and he's not very often caught off-guard but he was by that. Sami - Because it's a fake. EJ - No, it's true. Sami - How do you know that? EJ - When Kate said that to my father she concocted this entire story about how and why Rafe was attacked and when she realised she was wrong she went pale because she knew she had opened Pandora's Box. Sami - So she wouldn't come barging in here making those accusations if she was making it up. EJ - Exactly. Sami - So who did attack Rafe and why. The phone rings. EJ answers. It's the hospital. Okay thank you. EJ - We better make our way down there. Sami - What!

Will - Okay, I'm waiting. Nick hands him a receipt of some sort. Will - A parking receipt. So? Nick - Do you remember what Hope said about the time that Rafe was probably beaten up. Well you can see by the timestamp on that thing that I was halfway on the other side of town when it happened. There's an entrance time and an exit time and it's not even close to the time Hope said it happened. Okay. Will - Wow, that's kind of convenient. Nick - Convenient, really? You guys hassle me for an alibi and I give you one and you tell me it's too good basically suggesting I parked my car, ran over to where they found Rafe, beat him up and then ran all the way back to my car. Seriously? Sonny - There's still one thing that doesn't add up. Nick - What? Sonny - When you left the coffeehouse before you were fired up to find Rafe so he wouldn't tell his sister what a lousy homophobic bastard you are. Will - And according to Gabi you were on your way to the Pub which I don't think is anywhere near wherever this is. Sonny - What were you doing on the other side of town away from the Pub where your wife said you were headed? Will - Answer me that then maybe I'll believe you.

Kayla keeps administering CPR. Outside the room Maxine reminds Gabi that when she was hospitalized a while ago her brother was here to stand by her. Now you have to do the same for him. Rafe would be very upset if you aren't taking care of yourself. Kate returns as Maxine is telling Gabi - You and that baby are his world and he needs you both. Kate - Listen to Maxine, she knows what she's talking about. Sweetie, what can I do for you? Gabi cries - There were machines and alarms ... his heart stopped beating. Kate holds her close.

Segment 3: Nick flashbacks to talking on his cell. I do not have time to talk to you Vargas; I'm handling your investment. How? By taking it to a contact before the market closes in Hong Kong. Nick - Can I have that please. I think I answered your question and that's way more than I owe either of you. That's the end of the story so if that's not good enough for you; if you want to go and tell Hope that you have a lead and I'm it then go ahead. Let her waste the time and the manpower on nothing. Meanwhile the guy who actually did beat up Rafe will be halfway to the Canadian border. He leaves the room. Will - Well, he may be telling the truth. Sonny - And what if he's not? Will - His alibi seems solid. The way he's acting doesn't but it could be about something else. Outside he room Nick checks the progress of the stocks by looking at various charts.

Gabi - What's taking so long? Kate - Hey, I'm going to let you in on something, okay. Rafe is going to be okay and you know why I'm so sure of that. Gabi - Why? Kate - Because there is nothing on this earth that could ever keep him from being with you when your baby is born. Nothing! He's going to be part of that little girl's life for years and years to come. Gabi - Yeah, he's real excited about the baby. Kate - And you know what else ... I shouldn't be telling you this ... but he has already bought her Christening gown. We saw one in the window of Caplan's and I tried to talk him out of it because I told him it was your choice but he wouldn't hear of it. And it gets worse. If I hadn't been there he would have bought her 1st Communion dress as well. I'm not making it up. Gabi - I know you're not. I'm really glad you told me. Thank you. When she sees Nick she goes into his arms. Nick - Is there any word? Sami and EJ get off the elevator. Sami - Where is he? Where's Rafe? When Gabi sees Kayla come out of the room she goes to her. How is he? Kayla - He's stable. Gabi - Thank you both so much. Cam - You're welcome. He's very strong Gabi. Gabi - I know. Kayla - He's still unconcious but at least we got him back. Gabi sobs - Is he okay? Kayla - Not yet, no.

Chad and Abby work together. Abby screws up an order. The customer is not happy. Chad figures the only reason they're not throwing things at her is because she's one beautiful girl.

Gabi - I thought you said Rafe was stable. Kayla - He is but he's also critical. There's brain swelling. Sami - Dear God. Kayla - We're going to run some tests right now. We'll get the results back, we'll plan our course of action then okay. Gabi - Okay, I understand. Nick suggests she come and get a drink of water. Sami - Who would do this to him? Kate stares at EJ. Nick takes Gabi into the lounge. Hopefully now we can relax a little bit; we got through the worst part. Gabi - What if it's not the worst part? Nick - He survived the cardiac arrest. Gabi - He has swelling on his brain. Nick - I know. Gabi - Why did this happen? I mean, who would do this to my brother? Nick - You guys keep thinking there must be a personal reason for this because Rafe's a cop but the fact is a thousand different things could have happened. He could have been mugged. He could have come upon a robbery and tried to stop it. We're just going to have to wait until Rafe wakes up. Until he does there's no reason to assume that someone necessarily targeted him.
Sami - I just don't understand how something like this could happen. EJ - Do you think it would help if you could go and see him. Will holds Kate's hand. Maybe you can ask Kayla if you can go in and see him. EJ calls Kayla over. I know that Rafe is unconscious but do you think that you'd let Samantha go in and see him. I think it may help her and you never know, it may actually help him too. Kayla - Alright Sami make it brief alright. Sami goes into Rafe's room. She puts her hand on his arm ... EJ watches.

Segment 4: Cam places a call. I need a rush on those results. Will and Sonny go up to him. Sonny - We were wondering if you could tell us anything about Rafe's injuries. Cam - Like what? Sonny - Like how he got them. Cam - I don't have a whole lot of experience in forensics but from what we can tell, he didn't have a chance to defend himself. Will - Was he concious very long? Cam - I'm not sure. The injuries to his head were from mulitple blunt force blows. Whoever did this to Rafe was not trying to land him in the hospital; they were trying to send him to the morgue. Sami sits down next to his bed. Rafe, I care about you. Everyone outside cares about you. When you wake up, you are going to hate this. You are a terrible patient. Everyone fussing over you ... but right now everyone's really worried. Your sister's really worried. You did so much for me, for my kids and Johnny thinks you're a hero. For a long time you were mine. I just want you to get better. We're all waiting for you to get better. She leaves and goes into EJ's arms. Hope returns and sees EJ.

The coffehouse is still pretty full but everyone has been served. Abby - We did good. Chad - No, you did. I was ready to walk out. Chad wants her to take half of the tips. You deserve this and the hourly rate. Abby - Stop. I'm just paying it forward. Chad - Thank you. Abby - It was fun although I don't think my brother JJ will like it that I made him wait so long for his latte. Chad - You're brother's home. School's out already? Abby - No school's not out. At the ripe old age of 17 JJ has discovered trouble. Chad can relate. Abby - You were way, way worse. Fortunately you've outgrown it. Chad - I still find ways of making trouble. Speaking of trouble, Will's mom is a real ... you'll see what I mean. Abby's phone rings. Chad - It's your doctor friend.

Will and Sonny find Kate in the lounge. Will - Grandma, you disappeared. Kate - Yeah, I needed a minute. Will - I understand. You don't want EJ and Mom to find out why you're so upset about Rafe. Kate - Actually that's not even an issue anymore since they all know. Will - How did that happen. Kate - Essentially I told them because I stormed over to Stefano's. I thought he had ordered the beating. It just came out of nowhere and it was so brutal that I thought it had revenge written all over it; Stefano's kind of revenge and it turns out I was dead wrong. Will - He denied it. Kate - He didn't have to. I saw the utter shock on his face when I told the others about me and Rafe. It was obvious Stefano was hearing it for the first time. Will - And my mom was there? Kate - Your mom was there, EJ was there, Stefano was there so they all know. I only have myself to blame.

Stefano is in the living room drinking. You son of a bitch. He throws the glass against the fireplace.

Sami sees Hope and goes and hugs her. Do you know how this happened to Rafe? Do you have any evidence? Hope - Yes we do actually. On the ground next to Rafe was a childsize FBI jacket. Sami - For Johnny. Hope - Yeah and when Rafe was attacked he was on his way to give it to you to give to Johnny, wasn't he EJ? Sami - EJ, is that true?

Segment 5: Cam thanks Abby for understanding. I'm in the middle of an emergency and I don't think I'll get out in time for us to make our date. Abby - We'll reschedule. It worked out well because I'm at the coffeehouse helping Chad; he got swamped. Cam - I'll talk to you tomorrow. I'll make this up to you. Abby can't wait. Chad - How's Apollo? Abby - Be nice. Chad - Told you I was a troublemaker. Abby - You want to make trouble for me and Cameron, is that it? Chad - I think it's too late for that or is it?

EJ - Rafe called and asked me to meet him at the Pub. He told me had Johnny's FBI jacket and he asked if I could meet him so I could give it to him. Sami - And you're just telling me this now? EJ - I didn't want to tell you earlier because I didn't want you to get Johnny's hopes up until I had the jacket in hand. Hope - Weren't you wondering why Rafe was a no show at the pub? Weren't you curious? EJ - Of course I was. I assumed that in your line of work things happen; you get called out on emergencies. I had no idea the reason he wasn't there was because of this nonsense. Sami - Of course you didn't. Honestly Aunt Hope I can't believe you're asking questions like this. You're talking to him like he's a suspect. Hope - That's because he is. Nick asks Gabi if she's ready to go back in. I'm going to be here for you. Everything's going to be okay. His cell rings. I think this is work calling. You go ahead and I'll catch up. Nick checks the charts - It's going up. He looks at a different receipt and recalls when Vargas first met up with him in the park and talked about Nick having connections. Then the encounter in the coffeehouse.

Will asks Kate if she wants some real, good coffee. Kate is alright. Why don't the two of you go. It's going to be a long night. I will call you if anything changes. Will - Are you sure? Kate - I want to be here. I want to be close to Rafe. Will - He's going to make it. Kate nods. He has to. Cam goes into Rafe's room and asks Kayla if there's any change. She sees the folder in his hand. Are those the lab reports. Yeah. They look at them. Kayla - Not much leeway here. Cam - No. Sami - Look Aunt Hope, I don't know what you're talking about but just because he had plans to meet with Rafe does not make him a suspect. Hope - Sami I can't discount anything this early ... Sami - Did you see Rafe? He was beaten half to death. Gabi rushes over to Kayla when she comes out of Rafe's room. What is it? Kayla - Gabi, we need something from you. Gabi - Anything. What? Kayla - Your permission.

Segment 6: Kate walks up as Gabi is saying - I don't understand Kayla. My permission for what? Cam - We've been monitoring your brother's condition and running tests but we have to get the swelling off his brain. That's our main concern. Gabi - Okay, what does that mean? Cam - He needs rest. His brain needs rest. Kayla - And the best option to make that happen is to put your brother in a medically induced coma.

Abby - So us getting closer, Cameron and I, came out of that really. Chad - Everyone showing up at the strip club, coming to his rescue. Abby - Right. It kind of just washed away all the problems that we were having. We sort of picked up right where we left off. What are you thinking? Chad - Nothing. Abby - Chad. Chad - It's not my business but I was wondering if you and Cameron ... I repeat, it's none of my business ... Abby - You're right, it isn't any of your business but the answer to your question is that Cameron is being really cool about my being a virgin. Chad - That's not what I was wondering. God this is awkward. Abby - Awkward for you because I'm totally cool. Chad - It's your favourite topic I'm sure. Abby - It's obviously yours. Chad - No it isn't. I keep thinking about New Years Eve, probably more than I should, when we kissed. Cue flashback. And after Gabi's wedding I could have had a shot with you and I was a jackass ... Abby - Don't shortchange yourself. You were a colossal jackass. Chad - Okay I was. Set that aside, I may have ruined the chance of something great with you. Abby - You may have!!! Chad - Did! But is it too late. Do I stand a chance? Abby - You have customers and I think you can finish this up. Goodnight Chad. She leaves. Chad smiles - She didn't say no.

Will and Sonny stroll hand in hand through the square. Will - It was really hard seeing Rafe like that. My mom looked like a ghost. I know she was with EJ for a long time but she was with Rafe for a really long time. Sonny - He's a great guy. Will - Yeah, he is. He's got to be the same when he comes out.

Nick - How does that work, inducing a coma? Kayla - We give him a controlled dose of an anesthetic, a very powerful one. It puts him in a temporary but very deep state of unconsciousness. Gabi - Isn't he already not awake? Kayla - He will be so sedated that his metabolic rate will slow to almost nothing which is a good thing. That way the swelling on his brain can go down because it's not doing all the work it normally does. Gabi - Isn't it dangerous? Kayla - We will be monitoring him closely but yes, there are some risks. Sami - Kayla, is it the only option? Kayla - Well at this point we think it's the best option. In fact we're sure of it. We did this with my brother Bo and it really did get him through his crisis. Gabi - We have to try, right? Kayla - Right but we can't do it without your permission. Gabi - I have to make this decision? Kayla - You're next of kin so yes you do. Gabi - Yeah do it. You have my permission. Cam - I'll get the paperwork. Kayla tells Gabi she made the right choice.

Segment 7: Kayla, Cam and another Dr are in Rafe's room. Kayla - Let's do it. The other doctor administers the drug into the IV.

Will - I'm sorry. Sonny - For what? Will - For making your life so complicated. Sonny - That's unfair for you to say that because when we weren't together I may not have been in love and happy but at least my life was simple. Will - It didn't have to be me though. You're a handsome man. You can have any guy you wanted. You could at least have someone who doesn't have so much ... Sonny - Don't say baggage. I'm really sick of that word. Will - You know, someone who's not about to be a father. Someone who doesn't behave recklessly and doesn't live with regret, guilt ... Sonny - What happened to Rafe is not your fault. Will - Well indirectly it could be if it turns out Nick was the one who did it. Sonny - But he didn't. You heard his alibi. It seemed solid. Will - Yeah, I hope so. Sonny - I know this is rough but I'm not letting you take it out on yourself. Will - If I did not have you ... Sonny - Stop. You do have me. You always will have me. Will - I better.

Everyone waits arounnd outside Rafe's room. In his room the doctors watch Rafe.


Wednesday, May 15

Segment 1: Kristen comes down to the living room and smiles at all the flowers. Brady comes in. I just realised I can't do this. Kristen - Can't do what? Brady - I saw you standing there and I thought to myself the room is ready, God knows we're ready ... I don't want to wait another day ... let's get married now. Kristen - You're kidding right? You do realise we have a schedule to meet. Brady - Who says? Kristen - Our guests. Brady - Our guests. We have 8 of them. I think they'll understand. Kristen - No, please, I really want to do this the right way. Brady - By the right way you mean I have to wait another day to marry you and you're going to go sleep in some hotel tonight. Kristen - Absolutely because I don't want you to see me on our wedding day. Brady - That's superstition ... don't cave in to that. Wouldn't you rather just wake up in my arms on the first day of the rest of our lives together. Kristen - This way ... my way ... we'll wake up thinking about each other; looking forward to seeing each other right in this very spot. Brady - You always have everything planned out, don't you? Kristen hugs him - Shut up, I don't know what you're talking about. They kiss. After Brady asks - What is it? Kristen - No one's ever loved me like you do. Brady - If that's true why the sad look on your face. Brady's cell rings. Kristen urges him to take the call. It's the office. Hey, what's up. What? Say that again.

John is on a bench in the square. Marlena walks up. John - Hey Doc. He stands until she is seated on the bench across from him. Marlena - John. It's good that I ran into you. John - Why's that? Marlena - Don't worry, I'm not going to start an argument. I spent a long time last night thinking. I give up. I'm done. John - You're done. You're done with what? Marlena - I'm done with you. These last few weeks have been hell for me. John - It hasn't been a picnic for me either. Marlena - I've been trying. I tried apologising to you over and over. I've tried to find some common ground. I've tried to make some sense of this but it seems that all you want to do is to punish me. That isn't who you are so I'm beginning to wonder if this is your way of telling me what you want. You're going to have to look me in the eye and tell me what it is. If it turns out that what you want is a divorce, even that will be easier than this.

JJ is playing video games when Abby comes in and sits down on the couch with him. She interrupts his game. He's upset as he was just about to achieve the next level. Abby - How do I convey to you that I don't care? JJ - What's with you? Abby - Me? What's with you? Ever since you got home you've just been playing these stupid video games. JJ - A, I've been home for 2 days. B - Unlike you I don't solve the mysteries of the universe during summer vacation. Abby - You could at least play in your room. JJ - My room has been turned over to some rugrat. Abby - His name is Parker. He's Daniel's son. If you would have told us that you were coming home early then we wouldn't have taken over your room. Abby leaves the room and Jen comes in. She shuts the TV off. JJ - Why did you do that? Jen - Because I need your undivided attention. JJ - I thought you were at work. Jen - I'm going in late. I was at Salem High picking up registration information for the summer session. She hands him the paper. JJ - This is for me? Jen - Don't you think you should make up the semester you just lost at the fancy boarding school I pay all that tuition for. JJ - Is something wrong? Jen - You are so busted.

Nicole talks to God. You think You're going to make me feel guilty huh ... well, it's working. He's a priest. Okay, I know, I know. Eric runs into the rectory and grabs her hand. Come with me. Nicole - Where are we going? Eric - I'll explain in the car. Let's go.

Dan talks to comatose Rafe. Your vital signs are holding. This is a good sign. Hang in there. We'll get you back buddy. He leaves the run. There's an officer standing guard outside Rafe's room. EJ - How is he? Dan - He's alive. Sorry to disappoint you. EJ - You act like I had something to do with this. Dan - Did you? EJ - So you really think I had something to do with what happened to Rafe, do you? Dan - The whole hospital knows that Hope Brady told you she considers you a suspect. EJ - Really? If anything happens in Salem a Brady blames a DiMera. That passes for police work you know. Dan - There's a whole lot of history with you and Rafe. EJ - The only thing we ever fought over was Samantha. In case you haven't heard, she's with me. Dan - There's more than Samantha between you and Rafe and you and me and you damn well know that. EJ - You must be referring to when you and Raphael helped Nicole hide the fact that she was pregnant with my child from me until after that kid was dead. Dan - Yeah, that. EJ - So what do you think ... I just waited months, bided my time and had somebody attack him. Dan - I think it's entirely possible that you could let your quarry develop a false sense of security til you send one of your boys over there to beat him almost nearly to death. Yeah. EJ - If you think that you must be wondering who's next. Dan - Not really, no. And if that's a threat it's not really working. I will tell you this my English friend ... that Raphael, well he's been put into a medically induced coma so he's not going to really give you anything and that guy over there ... he's going to make sure nobody goes in that room who isn't authorized to be in there. So if you want to know something ask somebody else. EJ - Where's the sister? Dan - The sister is 9 months into a pregnancy so I didn't think it was very prudent to have her sleeping in a chair so I sent her home to rest. That home would be Victor's house. EJ - I see. So you're telling me I'm wasting my time. Dan - You know what, I could care less how you spend your time.

Segment 2: JJ - I don't know what you're so mad about. Jen - Really? I'll fill you in. I just got a call from the Prefect of Discipline at St Alban's and he gave me a little more insight into your current situation. JJ - Oh. Jen - Yeah and you need to look at me when I'm speaking to you. Abby stops and listens. Jen - Did you really think they were not going to try and get in touch with me? Did you really think you were going to get away with this? JJ - Mom, it's not what it sounds like. Jen - I'll tell you what it sounds like. It sounds like you lied to me and it sounds like your roommate wasn't the one dealing pot, it was you.

Dan is on the phone. I'm sorry that's all I can tell you. I'm sorry to give you this news in a message but I didn't want somebody else to tell you. I hope you're alright. Eric and Nicole are standing at the nursing station. Eric - Excuse me, we just heard about Rafe. Nicole - How is he? Can I see him? Dan - I don't think he'd know that you're there. Nicole - OMG. They go over to the window. Nicole - Look at his face. Why would someone do that to him? Dan grabs her as she sways. Are you alright? Nicole - Yeah. I'm okay. Eric - Gabi called. She thinks he may need a priest. Nicole - OMG. What ... Dan - I really don't know what to tell you but he has been pretty badly beaten. He's in a coma. Now we're waiting for the swelling in his brain to go down. Nicole - How long does he have to be like that? Dan - To be honest that's up to Rafe but he's strong, he's healthy ... stubborn as a mule. It's a good sign that he survived through the night. Eric - I think I should perform the sacrament. He goes into Rafe's room. Dan asks Nicole if she wants to sit down. Nicole - I'm okay. Daniel, did EJ do this? Was this because of me?

Brady - From what my secretary saw on TV Rafe is lucky to be alive. Kristen - What happened? Was he on duty? Brady - Could be. He's made a couple of enemies in this town. Kristen - Really? Brady - Yeah. Two of the worse ones happen to live in this house Kristen. Kristen - Are you saying that EJ or my father are responsible for what happened to Rafe? EJ comes in. Maybe I should answer that one.

Segment 3: Abby comes into the room. Whoa, JJ, you were dealing pot! Jen - I need to speak to your brother alone honey. Abby - Yeah, you do. She leaves. JJ - they're putting this on me because my roommate's rich. His family pulled strings. You've got this all wrong. Jen scoffs. So they're framing you. You're completely innocent. Silence. Jen - Yeah, that's what I thought. Do you realise St Alban's is a zero tolerance school. That if they hadn't expelled you they would have called the authorities. You would be in an English prison right now and there would be nothing that I would be able to do about it. Do you realise that? JJ - They wouldn't do that. It would mess with their fancy reputation. Jen - What is going on with you? How could you do this? You are not the son that I raised. JJ - How can I be the same. The son you raised, he had a father.

Daniel - EJ was already here this morning sniffing around. Nicole - OMG. Dan - He says he didn't do it. Nothing to do with it at all but Hope's not buying it. Nicole - So it was because of me. Dan - No, you don't know that. Nicole - When he wakes up he'll be able to tell us what happened, right? Dan - An injury like this is usually accompanied by retrograde amnesia. He's probably not even going to remember being attacked. Nicole - How bad was he when he came in here? Dan - I wasn't on duty when he was admitted. I got the case this morning. I was heading out with Parker; had to find someone to take care of him. Nicole - Who was with Rafe before you came in here? Dan - That was Kayla and Cameron Davis. I was just hanging out with my son, having a great time and here's my friend ... he's fighting for his life. Nicole - He's my friend too. Dan - I know that. Nicole - Rafe was there for me when I needed him. I don't know what I would have done without both of you so can you please let me go see him. I won't make a scene, I promise. I just want to be there for him like he was for me, please. Dan - Okay. When Eric comes out you can go in but no scene! Nicole - Thank you. Eric comes out of the room and Nicole goes in.

John - Doc, I've ... Marlena - What? What is it? Her cell rings. Marlena - Not now. Wait, it's Sami. John really appears to be in tears. What is it? Marlena - Oh no! John - What is it! Marlena - It's Rafe. She gets up and leaves. John follows.

Brady - Who ordered the hit on Rafe? Was it you or Stefano? EJ - I thought brutal beatings were your area of expertise. I think I still have the scars to prove that. Brady - Who did it? EJ - It doesn't matter what I say because it won't make any difference to you. Brady - That's true. I know you're going to lie about it anyway so why bother asking. This new image you're trying to create for yourself ... I know my sister's buying it, I'm not buying it. EJ - Father and I had nothing to do with this because we had more important things to deal with. Brady - Yeah. He starts to leave. Kristen - Where are you going? Brady - I'm going to talk to someone who's going to tell me the truth. He leaves. Kristen stares at EJ. EJ - Go on, ask your question. Kristen - Yeah, did you do it? EJ smiles.

Segment 4: JJ - I'm sorry Mom. Jen - For what you did or because you got caught? JJ - Okay. I lied to you but you are not getting the whole story from the school either. Jen - Why do you say that? JJ - Because they wouldn't let me explain. They just wanted to make an example of somebody. Jen - How many different ways can you spin selling an illegal substance to minors? JJ - Some of my friends wanted a favour. I hooked them up with my roommate but I never did any dealing. I didn't even smoke weed. It smells like skunk and it makes people stupid. Jen - Why didn't you just tell me that? Do you know how much trouble we could have avoided. JJ - What difference does it make? You still think I'm a screwup; you said it yourself. Jen - That is not true. I said you were in trouble and you are in trouble but I never said that you were a screwup. JJ - It's more than that. You're telling me how much I've changed. Well you know what, I'm still the same. It's my whole world that changed. Jen - Listen to me. We all miss your Dad. JJ - Maybe he wasn't like everybody else's Dad ... I didn't hear from him for weeks, months even but when I did I knew that he got me. Jen - And I don't get you? JJ - You and Abigail seem okay; like you're able to get past losing him. It's not so easy for me. Jen hugs him. It's not so easy for me either. I still miss your Dad so much.

Nicole goes to Rafe's bed. You couldn't just put in for vacation, huh. You had to go run into a door or something. I hate to break it to you buddy but you're just going to have to get back up on your feet because the police dept is probably going to fall apart without you. And your sister is expecting you to walk the floor of the waiting room when your niece is being born. And who's going to come riding to the rescue when friends get in trouble? You see where I'm going with this ... I know you're enjoying your spa treatment but you're going to have to cut it short. That's the problem when you're the kind of guy people turn to. I don't know how I ended up having you as a friend but people like you ... you're not supposed end up under tangled wires and tubes. You're supposed to be out there saving the world, making it a better place. So you have to come back, okay. You have to come back Rafe because we're just not as good without you.

EJ - No, I had nothing to do with hurting Rafe. Father didn't either. Kristen - Why would Father want to hurt Rafe? EJ - Ooooh, you don't know. He found out that Kate had been having an affair with Rafe. EJ laughs. Kristen - Father's ex and Sami's ex ... that's just wrong. EJ - Nauseating, isn't it. Absolutely disgusting. He laughs and laughs. Anyway she came round yesterday and she blurted this thing out ... she thought we already knew. Anyway the point being when he found out Rafe was already in hospital. Kristen - So that clears Father. EJ - Oh, but it doesn't clear me. Kristen - No. EJ - I'm very happy with Samantha. Samantha still cares about Rafe. If I did something to Rafe ... Kristen - What about my happiness EJ? Brady considers Rafe a friend so no matter what you say he still thinks that either you or father had something to do with this. I need this the day before my wedding, really! EJ - Oh, it's not about what happened, it's about when it happened. Is that right? Brady comes back into the room. Kristen - What did you find out? Brady - The hospital says Rafe is critical. He might not make it. So I called Daniel Jonas. What do you know, EJ is an official suspect so whatever he told you is a lie. EJ smirks and shakes his head.

Segment 5: Abby returns. Is it safe to come down? Jen - It is perfect timing actually. Can you take your brother over to Salem High and help him get registered for the summer session. Abby - Yeah, no problem. Jen - We're going to start over, right? JJ - Okay. Abby and JJ leave.

Eric is outside Rafe's room when John and Marlena arrive. Marlena - Hi honey. They hug. Eric - John. Marlena - I heard from Sami. She said Rafe was beaten up. What's his condition? Eric - He had a serious head injury so they induced a coma so the brain swelling could go down. Marlena - Thank God there was no intercranial hemorraghing. Eric - He could have died, right? Marlena - Right and I'm sure he's not out of the woods yet. Eric - That's what Daniel said. Marlena - I'd like to go in. Eric - Daniel said he has to clear anyone to go into the room and he's on rounds right now. John says he'll get him. She thanks him. Marlena asks Eric - Does he have any other injuries? Eric - I guess he does. Marlena - Sami must be a wreck. I know a part of her still loves him so much. I'm surprised she's not here. Eric - No, she and Gabi were here last night. Daniel convinced them both to go home and get some rest. Marlena - Well I hope she's not going to work. Eric - Me too. It'll be a little uncomfortable at the DiMera house this morning. Marlena - Honey, do they know who did this? Eric - No. There were no witnesses. They found him unconscious. Marlena - I don't think I'll try and see him right now. I can't really do anything for him. I think I'll find Sami and see if I can give some help to her. John returns - He's been paged. Marlena - I've changed my mind. I'm going to go and try and find Sami. John - What? At the DiMera manison? Marlena - If that's where she is. John - Then I'm going with you. He tells the nurse to please cancel that page. They leave.

EJ - Have you seen Samantha? Kristen - No I haven't. EJ - I better go look for her. Give you two a chance to talk about me behind my back. He leaves. Brady - What did he say to you? Kristen - He said he would never do anything to Rafe because Sami would never forgive him and that my father didn't do it either. Brady - That settles it then because obviously those two men are men of their word. Kristen - Calm down. Brady - Why! I've got a friend in the hospital who's in a medically induced coma ... he might die. Just so happens that Stefano and EJ hate his guts. Kristen - That doesn't mean they had anything to do with it. EJ can account for his time ... Brady - It doesn't matter where he was. He doesn't beat people up. He has people do it for him. He doesn't want to mess up his freakin' suits. Kristen - Wait a second. How do you know so much about him? Brady - Because I've seen his work Kristen. I've seen him. I was there when he got crazy Anna to kidnap Sydney and then he told Sami their daughter was dead and then he sat by and he watched her grieve. Kristen - Obviously Sami's forgiven him. Brady - Well I'm having a hard time with it. I've been trying for the sake of us but I don't know. I heard what happened to Rafe and I saw that look on EJ's face ... that smug look and I honestly don't know how I'm going to get through tomorrow. How am I going to stomach watching your father and that guy watch us get married. Are we really supposed to live here under this roof with those two goons ... seriously. Kristen - Wait a second. You're talking about my father and my brother. Brady - And we are talking about adopting a child. I don't want EJ or Stefano near any kid of mine. And if you looked at them honestly Kristen, you wouldn't want it either. He leaves.

Segment 6: Dan is at the Horton house telling Jen he had a break; next thing I knew I was headed here. Jen is glad he did. How are you? How's Rafe? Dan - He's in pretty bad shape. Whoever got to him messed him up pretty bad. They were pounding his head on the pavement ... Jen - Oh God. What! Dan - You don't need to know all that stuff. Jen - Yes I do because you have to deal with it. Dan - It's my job. You don't have to. Jen knows that he and Rafe are really close. I know that he helped you with Chloe. Dan - Yeah, he's a good friend. Jen - I want to do something for you. What can I do? I know this is so awful for you ... Dan - That's not necessary. I came here to see you and I thought I'd hear some kids hanging out. Just wanted to make sure everyone's okay. Jen - Abigail's out with JJ so it's quiet here. Dan - What is it? Jen - It's nothing. Dan - No. You're holding out on me Horton. What is it?

JJ and Abby are in the square. JJ tells her she doesn't have to hang out with him. Just go report back to mom. Tell her I'm registered for summer school. Abby - Are you mad that mom doesn't trust you? JJ - What the school told her is a bunch of bull. They're totally covering for my roommate. Abby - They kicked you out of school because they're covering for your roommate? JJ - Can we let this go? Abby - Sure, happy to, when you tell me what really happened. JJ - I told you. I'm going to summer school. Abby - At St Alban's. They are a respected school. You want me to believe that they're lying ... JJ - I said let it go. It's embarrassing okay. Everybody in this town knows I'm a screwup. Abby - How can you be a screwup ... you're related to me. Abby gets a text. OMG. My friend Gabi, her brother got beat up last night and he's in the hospital and she doesn't know if he's going to make it. Can you get home by yourself? JJ - Yeah. No problem. I want to check out a couple of crackhouses anyway. Abby - That's not funny JJ. JJ - I'll be fine. Abby - Yeah you will be fine, I promise. I've got to go.

Nicole and Eric are back in the rectory. Nicole - I just can't stop seeing Rafe lying there. Eric - It's unbelievable that a human being can inflict so much pain on another. Nicole - Tell me about it. I was telling him that he needs to get better for everyone but I can't help remembering there was actually a time when I was hoping that something bad would happen to him. I didn't care about the people who needed him. I sure as hell didn't think I would. Eric - He knows how different you are. So do I. Nicole - Oh please stop congratulating yourself padre. I'm not as different as you think I am. Eric - I know you didn't make this happen. Nicole - Daniel told me that the police are talking to EJ because they think that maybe he did it. What if Rafe is lying there because he chose to help me. You still think I didn't have anything to do with it? Eric - Yes I do. Nicole - I can't believe I haven't talked to him in weeks. I haven't taken him out for a beer or asked him how he's doing because all I keep doing is thinking about ... other things. What if he dies believing I don't appreciate what he's done for me? Eric - He knows how grateful you are to him. I know that for a fact. Nicole - It's not enough. He reaches out to her hand. Nicole stands. Please don't do that. Eric - Why not. What is wrong with you?

John calls out to Marlena outside the pub. Doc ... Marlena - You know what, you don't have to come with me. Sami is my problem, not yours, not anymore. John - What you said earlier before we found out about Rafe ... it resonated with me that I haven't been fair to you. Marlena - Finally we agree about something. John - This thing that's going on with us is going to end and it's going to end right now.

Kristen paces. Why the hell is this happening now? She recalls what Brady just said about adopting a child plus Stefano saying Brady would never forgive her and herself talking about Brady being collateral damage. All these voices keep running through her mind. She starts tearing apart a flower arrangement. Brady watches.

Segment 7: Jen repeats that nothing is wrong. Dan - You know you can tell me anything and it's not going to go any further. Jen knows. There is something I need to tell you and that is that there is nothing wrong with us and I'm really happy about that. She kisses him. JJ comes home and sees them kissing.

Eric - If you have a problem with me I think you better tell me about it. Nicole - I don't. Eric - We go back such a long way I sometimes forget myself. Nicole - That's not it. You can't stop me from feeling bad about Rafe. Whoever did this to him is still out there. Eric - Are you afraid? Nicole - Yes, for Rafe. Someone wanted him dead. What if they come back to finish the job!

At that moment EJ gets off the elevators on the floor where Rafe is. He goes to the cop. I'm here to see my friend Rafe Hernandez. Cop - Name. EJ - EJ DiMera. Cop - Forget it. EJ - He's a very good friend of mine. Cop - I said forget it. EJ walks over to the window. When a nurse sees him she closes the blinds.

Marlena - What are you trying to say? John - That I don't have any right to keep you in limbo especially since I can't make any promises about the future so if you think a divorce is better for you then the way you're living your life right now you should go ahead and file.

Brady - What the hell are you doing? Kristen - No, what are we doing? You and me and all this crap. She throws the flowers onto the floor. What are we doing! I'm sorry about Rafe. I hope to God he makes it but maybe this is forcing us to look at some things that we've been ignoring. Brady - You're right. We're going to figure it out. Kristen - No we're not. You hate my brother and my father. Brady - I do. I hate them with all my heart but that doesn't change the way I feel about you. Kristen - You've got to think about this really long and hard because the bottom line is I'm a DiMera and I'm not going to apologise for that and I'm not going to turn my back on my family. So if you can't handle that then maybe we should call this whole thing off.


Thursday, May 16

Segment 1: Repeat of Kristen's I'm a DiMera statement to Brady.

JJ goes back and opens the doors and slams it so Jen and Dan know he's back. Dan - Hey JJ. JJ - You're sure around here a lot, aren't you?

A nurse tells Lucas and Sami that Det. Hernandez is still critical. There's been no change so the doctors are keeping him in a coma. Sorry. Sami goes into Lucas's arms declaring that she can't lose him.

At the coffeehouse a newspaper is lying on a table. The headline reads Salem Cops Clings To Life (there's a picture of Rafe). We see a set of hands pick up the paper and unfold it.

Hope is in her office at the PD holding an envelope from University Hospital. She pulls out Rafe's badge. Kate comes in. What's wrong? Is it Rafe? Hope - No, he's still the same. It's his badge. The hospital sent it over. Kate - Of course I'm going to ask you the obvious question. Are you any closer to finding the S.O.B. who tried to kill him? Hope - No but we're going to get him which is why I asked you down here. I want to go back over your statement again Kate. Kate - You know I don't mind. I'll do anything I can to help but I already told you everything I know. Hope - Everything except the fact that you and Rafe were sleeping together.

Marlena - You want a divorce? John - I just think maybe it's better if we make a clean break. Marlena - We just got remarried. We've survived everything that Stefano has put us through. We found our way back together and you want to make a clean break! John - Well things change. Marlena - The only thing that has changed is Kristen. That's the thing that has changed.

Brady - You don't mean that. Not after everything we've been through. We're a day away from getting married. A day you said was going to be the most wonderful day of your life and you want to throw it all away because of some stupid fight we just had. Kristen ... look at me. It doesn't make any sense. Kristen - It makes all the sense in the world.

John - You're right. Kristen coming back was the start of all this but you want to know something ... we made choices too. Some of them with the best intentions that hurt both of us. Marlena - Yes we did. John - And I just want it all to end. Marlena - By getting a divorce? John - I think you deserve better. Marlena slaps him. Don't you dare play noble with me! And don't you do what you think is best for me. You have spent weeks pushing me away with both hands; trying to push me towards Roman. You act as if I'm some object for which you have no more use. John - That kind of proves my point, doesn't it? Marlena - I never thought I would say this but you disgust me. I fell in love with a man of action. A man who did things and I'm looking at a man who does nothing. Not even when he's about to lose people who love him most in the world. I can't even look at you. She walks away.

Kristen - What we did is get all swept up in the feelings we had for each other and how attracted we were to each other and we didn't pay enough attention to the reality of the situation. Brady - No, no, no. Those feelings that you have; it's called love. It's very real. Kristen - What happened to Rafe is awful obviously but maybe it was also fortuitous. Maybe we both needed to be slapped across the face with all the reasons we shouldn't be together. Brady - So if I have a reaction to the fact that your father or your brother may have tried to kill someone that I care about or a friend of mine, the solution for you is to end this whole thing with us. Is that what you're saying to me? Kristen - You're too good Brady and marrying me is going to hurt you. You don't see it right now ... Brady - But you see it, right? You see the future. You see what's going to happen and you know that I'm going to end up getting hurt. Kristen recalls telling her father that on the very day Brady thinks he's going to hear me say I love and honour him for the rest of our lives til death do us part, he's going to find me in bed with his father. Brady - You're willing to throw away our future together because I have a problem with your family? I happen to know that you are unlike any other member of this DiMera clan. Kristen screams - I'm giving you an out! Would you please God just take it!

Segment 2: Brady - I don't want an out; I just want you. You haven't seen your family in how long ... how many years has it been? You haven't even talked to them ... before you came back ... it was years. And now you're going to take their side over mine? You want me to apologise for rushing to judgement ... fine, I'll do it. I'm very sorry. Kristen - Please don't apologise. You didn't do anything wrong. You never do anything wrong. Brady - Don't make me out to be a saint. Can we get out of this room please. I just want to go somewhere to be alone with you. The doorbell rings. Kristen - Do you mind getting that. I gave the staff the day off today so I could kind of work them to death tomorrow. Brady - How can someone be so mean and so nice at the same time? He goes to answer the door. Kristen mutters - You're just too good! Brady comes back with Maggie. I hate to break it to you but you two are tough to buy for. I couldn't see Kristen DiMera needing a toaster oven. Kristen - You're so sweet. When Maggie sees the flowers on the flower she says - I had a little floral emergency; not a good time so I'm going to go and take care of that. Maggie - Who did the flowers tick off? Something going on. Brady - Just a case of cold feet, that's all. Maggie - Is it a problem with Kristen? Brady - Kristen is not the problem. My father is the problem.

John chases down Marlena in the park. Marlena, Doc ... you're right. After everything we have been through we owe it to each other to talk about this.

Jen - Yes, Daniel is here a lot. He and Parker are always welcome here. JJ - Parker seems to have taken over my room. Dan - If you give me a hand we could take that train table out right away ... JJ - No worries. I didn't mean to interrupt. Dan - You're not interrupting. It's your house. JJ - It's just that you two seemed pretty intense right now. Jen - No. Daniel was just telling me some bad news. He has a friend that's in the hospital right now. JJ - Oh. Sorry about your friend man. Dan - Thank you. JJ - Well, I'll leave you guys alone. Do you think Parker would mind if I played with his train? Dan - Not at all. JJ - I almost forgot to tell you mom, I finished the paperwork for summer school. Jen - Good. JJ - Hope I didn't screw it up. Jen - I'll take a look at it for you. JJ - Thanks. He goes upstairs. Jen - Remember when I said earlier everything was fine; I probably need to revise that statement.

Sami - It's just so hard. The kids love Rafe so much. Lucas - The kids love Rafe. Sami - Okay, I love him too. I can't get along with him. I can't live with him but I don't want him to not be in the world. Lucas - I know. Sami - And I can't get it out of my mind ... the way that Kate told the story about how she found him. Lucas - My mom's the one who found him? Sami - Yeah. Lucas - And she decided to tell you about it? Sami - No. I was there at Stefano's when she came over to confront Stefano and accuse him of doing this to Rafe because he was jealous. Lucas - Wait a minute, you're losing me here. Why would Stefano be jealous of Rafe and how would my mom know that? Sami - Oh God! I can't believe I'm the one who has to tell you this. You're going to find out anyways so ... Lucas - Find out what Sami? Sami - Kate was sleeping with Rafe.

Kate - I didn't mention that Rafe and I had a relationship because it's not relevant. Hope - Really? And that's your call; you decide what's relevant and what's not? Kate - I was trying to protect his reputation. Hope - That's what I've always loved about you Kate; always thinking of others. Kate - You're really enjoying this, aren't you? Hope - Look, someone I really care about is hanging on by a thread. I'm not asking about this for fun. And if you think it was irrelevant then you've suddenly developed amnesia about DiMera men. You know they have a way, a very brutal way, of dealing with romantic rivals. Kate - Stefano didn't even know about us, not until ... Hope - Not until when? Kate - Not until I told him.

Lucas - Wow. She always has a talent for humilating herself. Sami - I'm really sorry. Lucas - I don't want to talk about it. It's more than disturbing. Let's just talk about you and the fact that you're about to marry someone who just put your ex-husband in the hospital; tried to kill him. Sami - No. Lucas - What, you're calling it off? Sami - No, I'm saying he didn't do it. Lucas - Sami, this has got DiMera written all over it. You think he's just going to laugh off the fact that Rafe was trying to claim his child. Sami - He got past that. Lucas - The DiMera's don't get past squat, you know it. Sami - Okay, EJ's working on getting past it. He's working on getting along with Rafe. In fact he was meeting up with Rafe because Rafe had this FBI jacket for Johnny. In fact that's what happened when Rafe got attacked. Lucas - Hello! Sami - What? Lucas - What do you mean, what? You don't realise what you just said? That means EJ knew exactly where Rafe was going to be. Sami - You're wrong about him. Lucas - And you're in denial. You're so worried about Rafe; you're scared ... he's in there fighting for his life and you won't even admit that EJ's the one who put him there. Gabi walks up. Wait, you really think that EJ did that to my brother?

John - I do not want it to end like this. Marlena - You can't pull it off, can you? You can't even get to the finish line pretending this isn't killing you too. John - I don't want to hurt you anymore Doc. I just can't go on like this. Marlena - I'm thinking this was all my fault. John - No, no ... I didn't say that. Marlena - I know you didn't but the truth is I let Kristen into our life because I didn't trust us enough and then I lied ... I stooped to her level. I did the same vile, despicable things she did. John - Stop it! That's not what this is about. Marlena - I thought it was easier to blame her than to face what I had done and what I had become. Now I understand ... she cries. I understand why you can't forgive me. John is going to comfort her but stops himself. I'm sorry. Kristen shows up. Marlena - And I thought this day couldn't get any worse!

Segment 3: Jen doesn't want to tell him but Dan insists. Jen tells Dan that her son got kicked out of boarding school and she's making him go to summer school. Dan points out that the boy lost his father. That's what we tend to do ... we screwup, not grieve. Jen wants him to know there's going to be some tension around here. She'd love to share the details but she doesn't want to violate JJ's privacy. Dan knows he's the interloper here but says he's got thick skin. Your kids are very lucky to have you. Jen is going change the subject. She gives him a CD - Revolting Rhymes. My kids loved it when they were little. Parker will too. JJ sneaks down the stairs and eavesdrops as Dan is talking about downloading it on to his MP3 player. He tells her that Parker wants the player. I'm going to give it to ... Jen - No, Melanie gave it to you. Look - To the hippest Dad in the world ... Dan guesses he'll hold on to it. They continue bantering and flirting as JJ watches.

Hope - You told Stefano that you and Rafe were sleeping together! Smart move Kate. Kate - I told him after the attack. He didn't know til then. Hope - Oh, and you believe Stefano when he claims he didn't know something, honestly? Kate - Hope, I followed your exact same train of thought. I thought Stefano was behind it and I confronted him. I talked to him about the affair with Rafe and he was totally shocked. And I know it wasn't a performance. Hope - If Stefano knew about the affair; if he arranged the attack on Rafe ... what do you think! Of course he's going to act surprised when you tell him about it. Kate - I was married to him okay. I know what I saw and he didn't want anyone to know he was angry. Not because he still has feelings for me but because he had been deprived of the sick pleasure of hurting Rafe himself. If you don't take my word for it talk to Sami, talk to EJ. They were all there. Hope - I will, believe me. I've got a lot of questions for Sami and for EJ.

Sami - Don't listen to him. He hates EJ, he's biased. Gabi - My brother hated EJ too for the things that he did to you. Sami - Don't worry about any of that right now. You are going through hell right now, you don't need to be thinking about things that are going to make you more upset. Just let the police figure out what happened to Rafe. Gabi - I'm just scared. Sami - I know. She hugs her.

The set of hands crumbles the newspaper and throws it in the trash. The camera pans to the guys feet as he leaves.

Maggie - Maybe Kristen has some issues she needs to resolve before making that til death do us part kind of vow. Brady - Why can't anyone see her point of view ever! We're trying to move forward in our lives. We've talked about adopting a child. Maggie - Really. Brady - Yeah, but she can't wrap her mind around having a child with me because my father keeps putting all this in her head ... she keeps thinking of the child she lost years ago. Maggie - Again ... maybe she has to work out some things before making this big committment. Brady - You are right. There are some things that need to be worked out between me and my father. He gets up and leaves.

Marlena - I guess I'll go. She looks at Kristen. I'm sure John has something to say to you. She leaves. Kristen mocks Marlena's tears. Is there trouble in paradise again? John - I guess one could say that. We're getting a divorce. Kristen - What! John - I think you know why. I think we both do. Kristen - Wow. What a thudding irony. You ending your marriage the day before I'm starting mine. Wow! I hope you find somebody new and I hope the next one is just a little bit more stable than that one. She leaves. Brady walks up to John. I want to talk to you.

Segment 4: Dan and Jen are near the door when JJ comes down the stairs ready to go jogging. Dan - Oh, you're a runner like me. JJ - Yeah, clears the head. Mom, do you have an mp3 player. I lent it to my roommate and in all the jumble I forgot to ask for it back. Jen doesn't but she's sure Abigail has one he can borrow. Dan - Use mine. I used that to train for the Iron Man in Hawaii. JJ checks out the playlist. This is actually really cool. Thanks Dr. Jonas. Dan - Again, call me Daniel.

Lucas - What is it? Sami - They just called me to come down to police headquarters otherwise I wouldn't leave obviously. Lucas - Oh, they want to see EJ DiMera's live in girlfriend. Really! Maybe he's using you as an alibi Sami. Sami - Stop it. Seriously you have to stop this. You can not be putting ideas in Gabi's head about EJ. Lucas - I'm not putting any ideas in her head. Do you think she's forgotten what EJ did to Rafe or how her sister died. You think she forgot that? Sami - But you're not helping okay. She needs to be calm so your job right now is to keep that girl calm and talking about EJ doesn't help. Lucas - You not realising that EJ is responsible for this ... that's what's not helping here. He put him in there. You know it and I know it. Sami - That is not true! Lucas - It is true. You're protesting too much again and that means that you know it's the truth. You always do that. When you hear the truth you protest too much. You're scared of the truth Sami. She leaves.

Hope - Did Rafe mention anything out of the ordinary like any threats from one of the cases he was working on? Kate - Rafe and I didn't talk much. Hope - Really? Well it's surprising given how much you two had in common. Kate - You know I'm used to snide and condescending remarks and usually I don't give a damn but Rafe was my friend and I cared about him and I saw what was done to him so do me a favour and cut me some freakin' slack! Hope - I'm sorry. Kate - You may have thought it was ridiculous and that Rafe was desperate. I'm sure you thought that Rafe was scraping the bottom of the barrell, right. But we were seeing each other through a really horrendous time in our lives. So just find the person who did this to him, will you. Hope - I won't stop until I do. Kate - When you do I'd like 5 mins alone with him with a baseball bat. She leaves. Hope mutters - You're going to have to wait your turn Kate. She sits down. EJ and Stefano, obvious suspects ... She picks up his badge. What is it that Rafe always says ... What is it that we're not seeing? The camera pans to the hidden envelope.

Brady - Are you following her? John - Excuse me. Brady - Kristen. She's around here. She's doing an errand. Thought maybe you were tracking her down so you could mess with her head a little more. John - What! I saw her. She spoke to me and then she went that way and I didn't follow her. Brady - Just so we're clear ... if you have anything to say to her, I want you to say it through me. John - Seeing as we're not speaking I'm not sure exactly how that works. Brady - So you do have something to say to her. You're not done with her, are you? John - I'll tell you this much. I'm done with this conversation. He leaves. Kristen comes along and asks Brady what he's doing here. Were you talking to your father? Brady - Something you could probably pass off for talking, yeah. Kristen - Another reason to rethink what we're planning to do tomorrow. Brady - Listen, he doesn't matter. You matter. We do need to talk about tomorrow and make sure it's something we both want to do.

Segment 5: JJ - Thanks Dan. Jen - Daniel, nobody really calls him Dan. JJ - Listen, I'll swing by the hospital at the end of my run and give it back to you. Jen - Just be really careful with that. It's important to him. His daughter gave it to him. Dan comments that it's pretty indestructible. JJ leaves. Dan has to go too. Jen thanks him for reaching out to JJ. Dan can relate. He screwed up to. JJ may have done it the wrong way but maybe he just wanted to be home. Maybe what happened at school was just an isolated incident. Jen hopes he's right about that.

Kate is on her cell sitting at a table in the coffeehouse when Lucas comes in. He goes to her. There you are. What a surprise! I thought you'd be busy pulling tricks somewhere again. Kate - It's always so difficult to read you. Is this you're oh so not very subtle way of telling me that Sami wasted no time in tracking you down and telling you about my latest transgression. Lucas - Did you do a Google search on least appropriate partners and come up with my ex-wife's ex-husband? I mean the guy's the uncle to your great grandchild, really sick! Whatever! If you think it's a match made in heaven go for it. Kate - Okay, please, alright. I know that it's not easy having me for a mother but we kept it private it, we ended it and right now Lucas I have to tell you I'm just scared that what happened to him was somehow my fault. Lucas - I don't think it's your fault but I do think it's EJ's.

Sami snarks - Same old, same old. Something goes wrong in this town so if it's not my fault it must be EJ's. Hope snaps - Sami please! Just answer the question. What were you and EJ doing before he left to see Rafe? Sami - Nothing! We were with Johnny. Johnny's going to be so heartbroken. He loves Rafe so much. Hope - I know he does. Sami - He was just talking about it. He was saying how happy he was when we were living with Rafe. Hope - Well that must have thrilled EJ. Sami - Don't put words in my mouth Aunt Hope. EJ didn't even hear Johnny say that. Hope - Oh and no one ever overhears anything in that house. Sami - But ... Hope - But what? Sami tell me. Sami - Nothing. EJ wasn't in the room when Johnny said that and even if he had been it doesn't change anything. Hope - Do you hear yourself? You keep defending EJ but everytime you try you sound less and less convinced.

Brady - When I saw you walking towards me just now with these flowers, I didn't see a DiMera, I saw my wife walking towards me down the aisle. I'm sorry that I rushed to a conclusion about your brother and your father. But make no mistake if they attacked Rafe, they're going to answer for it. But I'm not marrying them, I'm marrying you. Kristen - I'm a DiMera. Brady - Yes you are in name only so I have an idea. You might hate it, it's a little egotistical but I think you should have my name. I want you to be Kristen Black. He gets down on his knees. Marry me, make me the happiest guy on the earth.

Segment 6: Brady - Now would be a great time just to say yes. Kristen pulls her hand away. I need to think. It's been a really weird day and I want to think things through, okay and then we'll talk. Brady - I'm warning you ... I'll give you all the time you want to think but it's not going to change the way we feel. We love each other. He leaves. Kristen - That's what screwed everything up.

Maggie is now at Jen. Jen tells her that Dan is great; he was really reaching out to JJ. Maggie - He knows how much JJ means to you. Jen - And JJ was needling him, both of us but it didn't bother him. He knows what JJ's going through. Wouldn't it be great if the two of them could get along.

JJ finds Dan in an empty exam room. Dan - How was the run. JJ - Listen, thank you for loaning me this but it broke. He opens his hands and the mp3 player is in bits and pieces.

The feet in the distinctive shoes that left the coffeehouse now arrives at the hospital carrying flowers. Gabi is on the phone. I'll meet you here when you get off work. I have to leave here for a bit ... there's something I have to do.

Kate - Do you really think EJ did this? Lucas - Or arranged it. Kate - The DiMera's do have a history of taking their time before they exact revenge. Lucas - Or maybe it was pre-emptive strike. The fraternity of men who have been involved with Sami ... we all know one thing ... she always wants the guy she can't have. So now she's back with EJ it's just a matter of time before she wants Rafe again. Kate - If that was his motivation then he didn't go far enough. Lucas - Why, what do you mean? Kate - With Sami's B-movie mind, what could be more romantic than nursing Rafe back to health. Lucas - You're right. You should have seen her at the hospital; scared to death for Rafe but I think, more scared that EJ had something to do with this.

Sami - EJ has changed. He's not the same man. Hope - And Kristen's not the same woman. Now they're all like the Von Trapp family, right? What about Stefano? I suppose he's changed as well. Sami tell me, was he happy for Kate that she found a little comfort in Rafe's bed? Sami - You know about that. Hope - Kate says Stefano knew nothing about it til she told him. You were there, do you think that's true. Sami - Yeah, I do. So does EJ. Hope - So does EJ. There's a surprise. He's backing his father's story. I wonder if Stefano would be willing to cover for EJ as well. Sami whines - There's nothing to cover for. Gabi comes in. I just remembered something. I know who tried to kill him.

Segment 7: JJ - I dropped it and then a truck ran over it. Sorry man. Dan - No, it's okay. JJ - Thanks. I've got to run.

Kate - I can't believe I'm actually going to say this but I actually feel a little sorry for Sami. Lucas - That never happens. Kate - I know but if EJ is truly behind what happened to Rafe ... Lucas - I don't think there's any if about it. Kate - We know how good he is at covering his tracks. Sami's never going to know the truth which means she's going to have to deal with the nagging doubt that she's living with the man who tried to kill the man she loves.

Hope - You know who attacked Rafe! Gabi - It was EJ. Sami scoffs - No it wasn't. Hope - Sami, not a word! Why do you say that? Gabi - I just remembered that the night that it happened EJ was at the pub and he was on the phone but he didn't know I could hear what he was saying. Hope - Which was what? Gabi - He said - It's done. Good. Then he hung up the phone and smiled. Hope - Excuse me Gabi. She picks up the phone. Sami - Who are you calling? Hope - The guard on Rafe's room. If EJ paid someone to kill Rafe they may very well come back to finish the job.

The guy starts walking towards Rafe's room. The guard's cell rings. He walks away from the door and turns his back to answer the call. He ends the call and steps back in front of the room. The guy stops ... camera pans up to his face ... It's ... who??? (Jensen I presume).

Brady walks up outside the pub and sees Marlena there. What's wrong? Marlena turns to face him.

Kristen throws her purse and the flowers on to the bench and sits down. John returns - So is it true? You're not going to marry my son.


Friday, May 17

Segment 1: Ciara is by a bench in the town square. She pulls the picture of Kristen and Sy out of her backpack. Nicole walks up. Hey Ciara. Whatcha got there honey?

Brady asks Marlena what's wrong. Marlena - Why? Can you fix it? Like you can make the last 3 months just disappear. Brady - I'm sorry. Marlena - I don't care and I sure as hell don't care to discuss it with you. She turns to leave and bumps into Eric. Hey mom, I was actually ... are you crying? Marlena - I've got to go. Eric - Please don't. He hugs her and glares at Brady. So what have you done now?

John - It looks like there's trouble in your little paradise too. Kristen - You're spying on us. John picks up the bouqet. Nice flowers. Kristen - Put the flowers down. John - Are you planning on walking down the aisle with these tomorrow or are you going to throw them off the Tallahatchie Bridge? Kristen - Does it bother you at all that you've been reduced to spying on your son. John - No, the only thing that bothers me is that you didn't answer my questions. So did you just dump Brady or are you going to marry him tomorrow?

Nick is in some alley. He jumps when Vargas comes up from behind and puts his hand on his shoulder. What the hell! Vargas - You're not very good at this stuff, are you? Lucky for you you've got a guy like me to watch your back. So what do you have for me? He hands him a canvas bag. Vargas unzips it and smiles.

Hope hangs up the phone in her office and tells Gabi that the guard said Rafe is fine; he's safe. Gabi - Thank you very much. Hope - Tell me again about the phone call EJ got the night Rafe was attacked. Gabi - Before that he was obsessed with his phone ... texting, checking for messages. Sami - You mean like everybody on the planet. Gabi - But then he got a phone call and he moved away. That's when I heard him ask 'Is it done?' and then he said 'Good.' Sami - So? Gabi - So??? So I realise now it must have been right after he had somebody beat my brother almost to death. Sami - You don't know that. Gabi - No? Well he was waiting there for Rafe and then his phone rings and he leaves. He obviously knew that Rafe was not going to show up. Sami - He did not have someone beat Rafe up. He didn't do it. Hope - I completely agree. Gabi - You do? Hope - Yeah. Whoever did this wasn't trying to hurt Rafe, they were trying to kill him.

EJ walks up to a nurse outside of Rafe's room and asks how he's doing. Nurse - Sorry sir. I can only give out patient information to family. EJ looks at her ID. Well Nurse Peters I'm on the Board of Directors. I just came from a meeting where I sat beside my good friend the Director of Nursing. My family gives a tremendous amount of money to this hospital so why don't we try that again. How is Mr. Hernandez doing. Nurse - There's no change. They're keeping him in the induced coma. EJ looks at the cop and then turns and notices the guy with the bouquet of flowers leaning against a wall. They stare at one another. EJ smirks.

Ciara - It's private. Do you know what that means? Nicole - You know, you remind me so much of your mother. Caroline comes along holding Johnny's hand. Ciara, you know I don't like it when you run ahead of me like that. Johnny notices Ciara putting the envelope in her knapsack.

John starts tearing the petals ... she loves Brady... Kristen grabs the flowers. John - She loves him not. I have the feeling my presence is making you uncomfortable. Kristen - It's making me angry. Go away. John - Well Kristen you know I would but we both know that's not what you really want.

Segment 2: Sami lectures. Do you know how many business calls EJ takes in a day. That call could have been from anyone about anything. Gabi - Come on. You know better than anyone how much EJ hates Rafe and you know this is not the first time EJ has tried to kill him. Sami - Everything is different now. Gabi scoffs. Really! I mean how stupid can you really be? Not so long ago you and Rafe were together and happy. Then all of a sudden like that you're in EJ's bed and to hell with my brother. Sami will give her some leeway because she's upset and pregnant. Gabi - Rafe tries to protect you and EJ goes after him. Rafe tries to protect Nicole and EJ goes after him. There's a pattern Sami. Hope - Sami, maybe you don't need to be here for this. Sami - She's going to attack EJ, I'm not going anywhere. Gabi - Oh, I'm attacking EJ. Do you know what he's done to my family! How can you say this? Have you forgotten that Rafe put his life on the line to save you and Sydney. Sami - I haven't forgotten. Gabi - Or is it just more important to you to get the DiMera money and power over my brother's life! Is that why you want EJ to get away with murder?

The flowerbearer walks away and EJ follows.

Inside the coffeehouse Sonny is showing Will the garage that Nick has the receipt from. Will takes the phone and checks out the garage. If he really was there he doesn't have time to attack Rafe and get back to the garage. It's not possible. It looks like his alibi checks out. Sonny - Maybe. Will - Do you really think he's capable of this kind of violence? Sonny - Why don't you ask Melanie? Or maybe prison sweetened him up! Will - You really think that he would do that to Rafe just to stop him from telling Gabi he's homophobic? Sonny doesn't know. I don't think anyone knows what Nick might do if he's backed into a corner.

Vargas is holding a stack of bills. Nick - It's all there. Vargas - Oh, it sure is kid. Nice work. He holds out a stack of bills to Nick - Commission. Nick says no. Vargas - Come on, take it. You've got a kid on the way and since I couldn't make the shower ... I guess the prison neglected to forward my invite, right? Anyways, I want you to buy something for Nicky Jr. Nick - Well it's a girl and no thanks. We're even. Have a nice life. Vargas stops him from leaving. Nick - What are you doing? We're done. Vargas - I'm not so sure about that. Let's do the math. Nick - Lets. I tripled your money. Vargas - That's true, you did but that was a few days work for you. I kept you alive for a few years. So this right here is a good start but you and me, we're not finished man. Not even close. He leaves.

Johnny and Ciara are sitting on the bench. Caroline and Nicole sit at a table. Caroline - I may not babysit them anymore but I keep an eye on the babysitter. Nicole - Sitter? Caroline - Yeah, Paula. She's taking Sydney and Allie for ice cream. So did they let you see Rafe? Nicole - Yeah they did. He didn't look like he was in any pain but he didn't know I was there. Caroline - It's just terrible. That poor man. I hate that there's so much violence in this world. Of course I'm not in a big hurry to get to the next one. Nicole - I see where Eric gets it. We went to the hospital together. He gave the Last Rights ... Caroline - It's now called the Sacrament for the Sick. The church is not quite as ghoulish as it used to be. Nicole - Eric is just so good and he helps so many people. He's real religious but he's not so ... Caroline - He's not a drag about it. Nicole - He takes everybody seriously but himself which is completely opposite of me. But I don't know what I would have done if he wasn't there for me in the hospital and I'm just do glad he's back.

Eric and Marlena are inside the Pub. Eric - After I saw you and John at the hospital I kind of hoped things had gotten better between you two. Brady is there as well. Marlena - I don't get it. After all we have been through this seems like the toughest time in our lives. I think it is. Brady hands her some coffee. I'm sorry about that. Marlena - Does not mean that I'm giving up. Eric - What a surprise. I remember all the other times you've given up ... like never. Marlena - The strangest part about this entire conflict is that it's centered around someone so utterly trivial. Eric offers to take her home. Marlena - No honey. I'm going to wait for Caroline. I want to see if she has news about Rafe. Brady - Me too. I haven't had a chance to get to the hospital yet. Marlena - Of course you haven't because you're busy making the biggest mistake of your entire life.

Kristen - I think after all that water that's past under that bridge we burned all those years ago that the least we owe each other is a little honesty, don't you think? John - Me too. Kristen - So why don't you tell me what you think I want and I'll tell you if you're right.

Segment 3: Sonny - The problem is we're dealing with a computer genius. He's not going to have any trouble producing a parking garage receipt that says whatever he wants it to say. Will - So you're feeling is he fabricated the alibi. Sonny - Yeah. You saw how defensive he got when we asked him what he was doing on the other side of town. You have to admit he looks guilty as hell.

Nick arrives at the hospital and asks Nurse Peters if she knows were Gabi is. The nurse hasn't seen her in a while. Maybe she stepped out. EJ walks up. Hello Nick.

Sami - Aunt Hope, you can not make EJ a suspect based on one phone call. Hope - There are a lot more reasons than that Sami. Sami - She's upset, pregnant and emotional. She's just looking for someone to blame. Gabi - I know who to blame ... me. Sami - What! Gabi - Rafe wouldn't have been anywhere near that alley if I hadn't gotten some stupid craving and asked him to get me a muffin from Martha's. Sami - You can't do that to yourself. You can't get yourself upset and then try to blame yourself for this. Gabi - Don't be nice to me okay. I don't want you too. Sami - Okay. I won't but think about what Rafe would say right now. He's a cop and cops make enemies. He chose this life. He wouldn't put that on you. Hope finishes checking the file. Rafe didn't have anything from the bakery. We found nothing like that at the scene. Gabi recalls Nick giving her a muffin from Martha's in a takeout bag. Sami - What's wrong? Gabi - Nothing. Sami - You had a look on your face like ... Gabi - I'll tell you what's wrong. What's wrong is that the DiMera's had my brother beaten up and no one is going to do anything about it. She leaves. Sami - Look, EJ swore that he had nothing to do with it. Hope - Right ... and EJ's never, ever lied to you before, right?

Brady - Gee Marlena, why don't you tell me how you really feel about it. Marlena - I feel you know there is something seriously wrong with this situation. Brady - What's seriously wrong with this situation is my father's reaction to it. Marlena - If that's true don't you think what he's done is out of complete love for you? Excuse me ... well! Brady - Don't make me say it. Marlena - I think I can take it. Brady - I think he's jealous of what Kristen and I have. Marlena laughs. Oh my. Eric - I think you should have stuck to the not saying anything. Brady - Okay, you're saying my father loves me. He turns to Eric - Back me up here because when I was going to get married in a church I looked up some of the wedding rhetoric. It said love is patient, love is kind .. isn't that what Paul says. Do you think Dad is any of those. Does it sound like him? Marlena - Yes it does. Brady - But how about not envious, not angry or resentful. My dad is none of those things? If you knew what was good for you, you would give up on him just like I have Marlena. Marlena - I've got to go. She looks at Eric - Honey. She leaves. Eric - Well done. Kick her when she's down. Brady - I don't think telling someone the truth is kicking them and I'm tired of the Kristen bashing. Eric - You know you seem to be into scripture nowadays so why don't you look up Matthew 7, verse 5. First cast the beam in your own eye that ye shall see clearly to cast out the speck in others. Kind of a loose translation is that you're full of it which means you should stop making judgements about John because the same thing could be said about you. Brady - Thank you for the sermon. You're awful comfortable with this moral authority, aren't you Father? Eric - As I once said to you I'm not speaking to you as priest but as your brother. I think you're an idiot.

Caroline - Well I'm not surprised that Sami fell for Rafe because when she and Eric were growing up they fought a lot but she loved and idolized him. I think Rafe and Eric are quite a lot alike. Nicole - Yeah, they are both such good guys. Caroline - I was going to say killer handsome. Nicole teases - You're not supposed to say things like that especially about your own grandson. Caroline chuckles. I know ... I get a rise out of you. Well Rafe is a good man and so is Eric and they're not simpy or holier-than-thou about it. Nicole - You don't find them all that often. Caroline - That's why I think Sami's an idiot. I didn't say that. Nicole - No you didn't. Caroline - Well, you were luckier. Nicole - I am. Caroline - Well you and Eric are just friends and that's a lot less complicated.

Johnny - Come on Ciara, I showed you my secret. What's in the envelope?

Kristen - Brady loves me. John - But we're not talking about Brady, are we? Or about love. We're talking about you and what you want. Kristen - What I want ... I want ... some kids come chasing a ball that lands near them. Kristen flashes back to when she lost her baby. While John is talking to the kids Kristen takes something out of her purse. John asks if she's alright. Kristen - Yeah, I'm great. There was hope for us a long time ago but it's so dead; it's never coming back, is it? I've done what I had to do now it's time to move on. John - You know what I think. I don't think that you have moved on. And Brady doesn't have to know. Kristen - Really? John Really. Kirsten drops the piece of paper she had taken out of her purse to the ground.

Segment 4: Hope - You keep saying Gabi is upset. That doesn't mean she's not right. Sami - Okay, I can't keep doing this. Hope - Sami, you think EJ is innocent because he told you so??? And he never lies, never ever? EJ could have a bullet ridden corpse at his feet and a smokin' gun in his hand and you'd still buy he's innocent. I have to go get my daughter and keep her safe. Think about your own children Sami and keeping them safe. She leaves. Sami stands there talking to herself. You're wrong. It wasn't EJ. It couldn't have been EJ. She leaves.

Nick - What are you doing here? EJ - I just came from a board meeting. I'm on the board. My family built most of this hospital. Nick - Well my family made it great. EJ - I must say you're looking a lot more pulled together than the last time I saw you when I threw you out of Samantha's office. Nick - Yeah, I could see you enjoyed yourself but that was all a big misunderstanding. EJ - That's a rather interesting spin on things. I don't really care. The only thing I'm interested in is that you're looking after your wife. She's carrying William's daughter. Nick - That's not really any of your concern. Besides you know the arrangement that I have with Will. That matter is settled. EJ - Is that right? Gabi shows up.

Sonny - Are you going to talk to Hope? Will - No. I'm going to talk to Gabi. I don't want to involve her in this but she might know something that could prove whether or not Nick beat up Rafe. Sonny - If that's what you're going to do I want to go with you. They leave.

Brady - I didn't mean to hurt Marlena. I don't want to hurt Marlena. Honestly, I was trying to help but everytime my dad's name comes into the conversation ... I don't want to lose the people I love because of Kristen but let me tell you, it doesn't feel like I'm pushing people away. It feels like everyone is pulling away from me. Eric - I know that's how it feels to you. Brady - Just come to the wedding please. Just come and show the family that it's not such a big deal. Eric - Brady, I can't do that to my mother. I'm sorry. I really am. He leaves as Nicole comes in. Hey, what was that all about? Brady - You don't want to know. Nicole - Bad day? Brady - You could say that. Nicole - I've always found comfort in alcohol. Okay, you're wrong. I do want to know if talking about it helps. Brady - I don't ever want to talk again. Nicole - Good, because I love monopolizing conversation. First things first ... she pulls out a gift ... ta da! It doesn't have a card because I figured if Kristen knows it's from me, she'd just toss it. Brady - What is it? Nicole - I forgot but it's something meaningful. Are you nervous about tomorrow? You shouldn't be. It's not a very big wedding. Brady - No it's not and it's getting smaller by the minute. Nicole - I'm sorry. Brady - Don't be. If my dad and his wife don't want to see me get married that's fine. I don't really give a damn about them. Nicole - But you care about your brother. Is he coming? Brady - I've got to go. Nicole - I'll take that as a no. Brady ... you forgot your gift. Maybe I can get him something better.

Ciara - No, you can't see what's in my envelope. It's not for boys. She glances away and Johnny tries to take the envelope. They struggle over it. Ciara - No, you can't look. Caroline - What's going on here? You know better than to do things like this. Ciara - He started it. He tried to steal my stuff. Caroline - Goodness we'll just have to arrest him after I fix your barrette here.

Kristen slaps John. I'm going to marry Brady tomorrow. Nothing's going to stop me. John smiles as she walks through the gate. On the other side Kristen mutters - Well played if I do say so myself.

Segment 5: Nick goes to Gabi. Where were you? Gabi - How's Rafe? Nick - The same. EJ - Gabi, if you need anything at all just give me a call. He leaves. Gabi - Why were you talking to him? Nick - I don't know. He was just here I guess. Where were you? Gabi - I was talking to Hope. Nick - If she wanted to talk to you, why didn't she come here? Gabi - I went there. I wanted to tell her something. Nick - What did you want to tell her? Gabi - I found out something too. They didn't find a bakery bag at the scene of the crime. Remember that I told you that Rafe was getting me a muffin; the same type of muffin you got me before I found out he was hurt. Nick - So Rafe hadn't made it to the bakery when he was attacked? Gabi - There's something else Nick. I spoke to him and he said he had to talk to me about something important about you. Do you have any idea what he was talking about? Cue flashback. Nick - I have no idea. You don't think that I had anything to do with what happened to Rafe, do you? Sonny and Will walk up. Will - Hey Gabi, how's Rafe doing? Nick - He's the same. Gabi and I need to step out for some air. Gabi - I'm fine. Nick - No, we need to go and talk ... alone, please. They leave. The flower carrier shows up again. He throws the flowers in the garbage and leaves.

Nicole knocks on the rectory door and greets Eric. I was talking to your Grandma today. Did you know how much she likes you? Eric - I've heard. Nicole - I agree with her and it also makes me think about everything you've done for me and I would like to return the favour. I was wondering if you were going to Kristen and Brady's wedding. Eric recalls the day Kristen was in the rectory. Eric - No, I'm not going.

John - Yeah that went well. As he's leaving he finds the confirmation notice from the Salem Inn that Kirsten 'accidentally' dropped.

Hope is with Caroline and the kids. Johnny - Bye Ciara. Sorry I made you mad. Hope - Bye Johnny, bye Carolina. Johnny smiles.

Brady returns to the mansion. Kristen - Thank you so much for giving me a little time because now I know for sure what I really, really want ... is to marry you. I'm certain tomorrow is going to be very happiest day of my life.

Segment 6: John - Oh Kristen. Now was this an accident or did you drop it for me on purpose? Doesn't really matter. Either way I have what I need.

Kristen - What's wrong? Brady - For one thing I didn't know until 20 secs ago if I was getting married tomorrow. Kristen - What else? Brady - I saw my dad. It's like he was following me. Did you see him? Kristen - Yes and I just ignored him. Did he upset you again? Brady - Not me, Marlena. I found her, she was crying. He must have done something once again to upset her. I'm not sure what but she was a mess and Marlena's rarely a mess. Kristen - She's a strong, strong woman. Brady - She refuses to give up on him. Kristen - She's resilient too. Who knows, maybe after this whole wedding drama is over with she and John will fall back in love. Brady - Is that something you'd want? Kristen - Why not? I can afford to be generous. I'm about to get everything I ever wanted.

Will - So Gabi and Nick, that was a little off, right? Sonny - It was. What do you think that was about? Will - I don't know but we can find out. They really haven't gone that far. Let's go.

Nick and Gabi stroll through the square. Nick - What kind of man would I be? I beat your brother to a pulp and pry the bakery bag from his hand and then deliver a blueberry muffin to his pregnant sister, my wife? Gabi - It's just .. Nick - It's a coincidence. I passed by the shop and I thought of all the times you had a craving for one of those muffins. GaBi - Look, the only reason Rafe would have had to go through that alley to the pub was if he had already stopped at the bakery and got me a muffin. Nick - You have to believe me. The former flower carrier walks up. Hey, Nick Fallon. It's funny, I even recognised you from behind. It's been a while hasn't it?

Sami is in the coffeehouse ... first there's Hope's voice asking if EJ has never lied to her ... than EJ yelling at her and then Rafe telling her EJ ordered Anna to kidnap Sydney. She recalls EJ slugging Rafe. EJ walks up - Samantha.

Segment 7: EJ - What's wrong? Sami - I know what you said to Aunt Hope but I want you to be straight with me. Did you have something to do with what happened to Rafe?

Gabi - I know you. You were in the pub. Guy - Yeah, once. Bourbon straight up. It's kind of nice to be noticed. Nick - Yeah well we have to be going. Guy - Nick, what's your hurry? He has his hand in his pocket and he points it towards Nick. You and I have a lot of catching up to do. He looks at Gabi. Looks like you've been busy. Don't you think we should go somewhere a little bit more private. Gabi - Nick, what's going on. Nick - Look, Jensen and I need to have a little talk. I'll catch up with you later. Just go. Jensen - Nick, you and I, we don't have any secrets, right? Let her tag along. I'm sure the pretty woman would love to hear all the things I have to say.

Hope and Ciara enter Hope's office. Ciara - But I hate it here! Hope - I know. I promise I'll only be a little while and then we'll go and get pizza and you get to choose as many toppings as you want. Hope answers her cell. Yeah, I'm working on the Hernandez case. We have a few suspects but nothing concrete ... what prisoner? She logs on to her computer. No, I never received any paperwork on that. I'm going to continue checking. I'll call you back. Ciara pulls out the envelope from her backpack.

At a table in the pub Johnny pulls out the picture of Kristen and Sy from his backpack. When he sees Marlena and Caroline he puts it away. Marlena - I can't shake the feeling that Kristen is calling all the shots and there's nothing anyone can do to stop her. Caroline - I'm not sure how much more of her manipulations that you can take. Marlena - I keep wondering that myself.

Nicole - Are you sure you're not going to go. He's your brother and besides Victor and Maggie, he's not going to have any family there. You know Victor's going to be a jerk, Maggie will try to keep him in line and Brady will be all alone. Eric - Brady will be fine. He's got Kristen.

Brady is on the phone. I'll be there. He tells Kristen he has to go, he won't be long. Don't change your mind while I'm gone. He leaves. Kristen - I'm not going to change my mind Brady because if I did John and Marlena might end up back together. We can't have that now, can we?

John folds the confirmation notice. So after tonight Brady and Kristen will be finished forever.


Monday, May 20

Segment 1: Repeat of Hope telling the person on the phone she never got any prison release notification. J - e - n - s - e - n. What was he in for? When did you send it? I'll get right on it. She runs to the door and calls someone in. Ciara glances at the envelope she hid.

Gabi - Nick, what's going on here? Jensen - Nick you better tell your wife here how this is all going to go down. How you're going to put smiles on those pretty faces and do exactly what it is that I tell you to do because as you remember I'm not real pleasant if I don't get my way. Nick - Please let her go. Jensen - Shut up unless you want what's going to happen to you to happen right here and now. Sonny and Will come running into the square but stop short when they see Jensen, Nick and Gabi.

Stefano is smoking a cigar when a bearded henchman comes into the living room and tells him 'She just arrived at the hospital.' He crushes the cigar on the desk.

Kate goes to the nurses station and asks about Rafe. Any change? Maxine - No. Kate - Could I see him? Maxine - I'm sorry. It's just not possible.

Repeat of Sami asking EJ if he had something to do with what happened to Rafe. EJ - What did you just ask me? Sami - Before you say anything else I know about the phone call you got at the pub. Gabi overheard you. EJ - Go on. Sami - She said you took a call and you said 'Is it done?' and then Good, you hung up and left. EJ - She's right. That's exactly what happened. I hope that coffee's decaffeinated, you seem a little on edge. Sami - You think this is funny? EJ - No, trust me I don't. Sami - The only reason I know that story at all is because I was in Hope's office defending you when Gabi showed up there. She told Hope the whole thing. Hope was already suspicious of you. You understand this evidence is incredibly damning. EJ - Really? I'd say this evidence is pretty much nothing. Sami - Are you listening to me? Det Hope Brady thinks you're guilty. They both do. EJ - I don't really care what Hope and Gabi think. Sami - And what about me? Who were you on the phone with? Damn it, EJ, just tell me. EJ - Here's what I will tell you. Go to hell. He gets up and leaves.

The cop tells her he put that notification on her desk. Hope - You should have given it to me personally. It was about a murderer being released. Just dropping it on my desk when I'm not here ... The cop interrupts - You were here. You were just out getting a case file. I propped it up against your letter holder so you wouldn't miss it and I told Ciara to tell you it was important. Ciara - He's lying. He didn't tell me anything.

Will is going to approach the group but Sonny pulls him back. Gabi - Please, I'm pregnant. Jensen - I know but you don't have anything to worry about. Nick and I are friends. He knows I can be nice sometimes. Nick - She's never done anything to you. Jensen - Easy ... you know I don't want to hurt that baby, isn't that right big daddy? I want both of you to give me your cell phones that way we don't have any distractions. Nick tells Gabi to do it. They hand over their phones. Jensen - These things really are amazing, aren't they? Let's go someplace a bit more private so we can get reacquainted. Will and Sonny come out from behind cover. Will - That was weird, right? Sonny - What just happened? Will - I have no idea. I couldn't hear or see but they both looked really scared. Sonny - They did. He pulls out his cell. Will - Who are you calling? Sonny - I'm going to call 911. Will stops him - Call 911 to say somebody we know looks scared? Sonny - What do you want to do? Will - Follow them; find out what's really going on.

Segment 2: Abby comes into the coffeehouse and walks up to Chad. You texted? Chad thanks her for coming down. Abby - Somebody call in sick? I will work but this time I want my own Mayon. Chad - I've got something better than that. Since you didn't take your share of the tips I decided to use the money to by you this. He hands her a black & purple helmet. Abby - This is a motorcycle helmet. Chad - With you name on it. Abby - Right, so I don't confuse it with any of my friends black and purple motorcycle helmets obviously. Chad - Yeah, you're welcome. Stop gushing. Abby - Thank you. I don't have a motorcycle. Chad - But I do and when we start riding again I don't want to hear you complaining about helmet hair like you did all the way up to Chicago that one day and you know what I'm talking about! Abby - Wait a minute. I distinctly remember you being the one so concerned about your hair tough guy. Chad - I don't know what you're talking about. Abby - So we're riding again. Chad - Yeah, I hope so or I could teach you how to ride by yourself if you want. Why don't you try it on; let me see how it looks. Abby - No, not until I do this. She kisses his cheek. Chad - Wow, you have natural instincts. Riders know it's hard to kiss with a helmet on. Abby laughs, Cameron walks in. So what's up with the helmet?

Kate - Look, I know that I'm not a relative but ... Maxine - That's not the problem. There's an EEG technician in there now. I'll let you know as soon as you can see Rafe. Kate - Oh, thank you. Maxine - Don't thank me. Gabi made sure you were on the list. Kate - Really? Maxine - Yeah, really. She wouldn't take no for an answer so if you'll just have a seat over there I'll let you know as soon as you can go in and see Rafe. Kate - Alright. Maxine, I didn't thank you last night. You were really wonderful with Gabi when Rafe came in. Maxine - You were too. Kate - I guess that makes us a team then. Maxine smiles and winks.

Sami stomps into the living room behind EJ. Don't you dare walk away from me. I have every right and a million reasons to ask you that question. EJ pours himself a drink. Rafe is in a coma. He has been beaten to within an inch of his life. You do not get to shut me out right now when all I am trying to do ... EJ - The only thing you're doing is accusing me of attempted murder.

Hope looks at the cop. I'm going to need a minute alone with my daughter. In the meantime call Statesville. Get everything they have on this Jensen guy who was just released on a technicality. Another thing, coordinate with forensics on the shoe print they have from Rafe's crime scene. See if it matches the prison issue footware. He leaves. Hope - Honey, you need to tell me the truth here, okay. Do you still have that letter or did you throw it away? Ciara - I wanted to see the pandas at the zoo. You work all the time and Daddy's gone. Hope - Is that what you've been keeping in your special envelope? Ciara - No! Hope reaches for the backpack. I need to see that letter Ciara. Ciara points to the bookshelf. Hope finds it and quickly scans it and checks out the mug shot.

Jensen follows Nick and Gabi on a path through a heavily wooded area. Nice place, isn't it? Bucolic like. I stashed the money here before I got sent to prison. It's always good to have something in case of a rainy day. Gabi - Please, sir ... Jensen - Hey, hey, hey. You were nice and quiet on the boat ride over here. Why change a good thing? Nick - You can let her go. Our baby is due any day now. The next ferry isn't going to be here for 2 hours. You took our cell phones. There's no way she can tell anybody that you're here. Jensen - I've got to be honest I'm kind of hurt that you didn't tell me about her. And then again you never wrote, you never called. He never mentioned me, did he? Nick - Stop it. Jensen - Tell her. Nick - We were in Statesville together in the same cell block. Jensen - Don't forget to tell her the part about how you thought you were too good to associate yourself with the likes of me. Will and Sonny thrash their way along the path. They quickly stop and hide behind some trees when they see the three. Nick - Please, you don't understand what happened. Jensen - I understand completely. Do you have any idea what solitary confinement was like? How small the cell was. Maybe that baby in there understands. It's dark, cramped; you can barely turn around. At least your baby has a warm place; can hear your heartbeat. All I could hear was the cold silence. You know I've been counting the seconds, minutes, hours until this beautiful day out here in the open by the woods. You're lucky because you picked a good day to die. He pulls out a gun and points it at them. Gabi collapses to the ground. Nick holds her. Sonny has to hold Will back.

Segment 3: Cam - I remembered my first rotation in the ER and motorcycles didn't seem glamourous to me after that. Chad - Master of light talk. Cam - Parplegia doesn't make for light conversation. Chad is called to fix the espresso maker. He pats Cam on the arm - ER stories, everyone's favourite.
Abby chuckles. Cam - Do you think he's funny? Abby - Right now I don't think you are. Cam - Sorry. Abby - But I do think that you're jealous.

Hope is on the phone. Yeah, I'll have her in there in 15 mins. Thank you again. You saved me. Ciara - You said we were going to have pizza. Hope - Ciara, honey, what you did was wrong; it was seriously wrong. Hope gets a call. So it matches the shoe print to the crime scene. Yes, send it over right away. Thank you. Hope makes a call. This is Det Brady, I need to see you ... now!

Gabi cries. Neither Will or Sonny can get a signal. Will - We've got to do something. Sonny holds him back again. We need a plan! Jensen snaps - Get her to shut up. Nick - She's scared. Jensen - Of course she's scared. That's the point right? Nick - You're mad at me, not her. Let her go. I'm begging you. Jensen - Yeah you are. He knocks Nick on the back of the head with the butt of the gun. Jensen yells - Remember, I hate begging! Now get him up. Gabi helps Nick up. Jensen - Now move it. Will and Sonny follow.

Maxine tells Kate she can go in and see Rafe now. Kate - Thank you. Maxine - You know, one thing about being a nurse is that you get to see what people are really like. When Gabi was here scared that she was going to lose the baby Rafe was her rock. He was all about her. But when he was out here you could see how much he loved her and that baby. That man's not only good looking, he's got a soul. Kate - He does indeed. They don't come around very often. Kate goes into his room.

Sami yells. You hate Rafe Hernandez. You have always hated him. That is motive. You have people at your disposal that will do whatever you want them to do. That is means. You knew where he was going to be, when he was going to be there. That is opportunity. EJ scoffs - Oh you're a detective now. Sami - I'm your fiancee and I deserve an answer. EJ - Well I plead the 5th. I didn't realise I had to have an attorney present every time I talk to you. Sami - Spare me. You have a history. We have a history. All I'm asking you to do is tell me who was on the phone. EJ - Well I'm sorry Samantha. I'm not about to grovel and plead and throw myself at the mercy of your court. I thought we were going to trust one another. I thought we were not going back to the old ways. Sami - You want me to trust you when you won't even tell me who you were on the phone with. EJ - Yes I do so you can yell and you can scream and you can hold your breath until you turn blue in the face for all I care. I'm not going to tell you who I was talking to nor am I going to tell you what we were discussing or whether or not it had anything to do with your ex-husband being attacked. But I'll tell you this, you were right about one thing. I do hate Rafe Hernandez. I always have and I always will.

Stefano shows up on Rafe's floor. The same henchman walks up to him. It's done. You have full access to Det Hernandez.

Segment 4: Cam - I know we're not eclusive and we haven't made any kind of committment. Abby - That's right, we haven't. Cam - I just don't like to think about someone I care about riding on the back of a motorcycle. Abby - I see. So you were just concerned for a friend. Cam nods yes. He gets paged. I'm sorry, it's the ER. He leaves.

Hope follows Vargas into the rectory. Thanks for meeting me. Vargas - Of course. I'm supposed to be working on the air conditioner. Hope - I'll try not to keep you too long but I need your help. Vargas - Well you helped me get into this program so aything I can do ... Hope - It's about the detective who was attacked. His name is Rafe Hernandez. Vargas - I saw about him on the news. If you think I've got ... Hope - No, you're not a suspect. Vargas - Good because I never went near that guy. Hope - But I think the person who attacked Rafe could be someone you know. He just got out of Statesville. I have his mug shot here. Would you take a look. Vargas takes the paper from her. Hope - You know him, don't you? Vargas - Yeah, I met a lot of scum when I was inside but this piece of garbage here was the worse. If any man belonged in a cage it was him. Why the hell did they let him out in the first place.

Jensen follows Gabi and Nick into a shed of some sorts. This place brings back a lot of memories. I used to work right out there on the docks. I'd get paid right in here. It was a good, honest day's work. See, I'm not one of those kind of people who's afraid to get his hands dirty. He holds out some rope to Gabi. Go ahead honey, tie him up right over there. Gabi - I'm not going to do that to him. Nick - Gabi, just do what he says okay. Jensen - We can do this one of two ways. We can do this the easy way or the hard way. Nick - Take it. He sits on the floor and puts his hands behind his back. Gabi ties him to the table leg. Jensen checks her work and tightens it. See Nick here likes it a little rough. He grabs Gabi. Nick - No, don't hurt Gabi. Your problem is with me. You don't have to hurt her. Jensen ties her to the other table leg. Jensen - That's funny Nick because the way I see it you would always bring a third person into something that would just be between the two of us. Sonny and Will arrive and listen at a window as Jensen says - I don't want to hurt Gabi, I really don't. She's seen my face now just like her cop brother. They can both ID me now and that's something that I just can't have. Will and Sonny duck down. Sonny - Did you hear that? He's the one that attacked Rafe. Will - We have to call the police. Sonny - I've got an idea. I've just got to get him out of there for a few minutes. Will - How? Sonny - Just be ready to move fast. Will - Be careful. Sonny will. Will listens as Jensen tells Gabi - Don't worry honey. I promise to make it really quick for both you and your brother.

Kate sits down next to Rafe. I'm so sorry. How could this happen to someone like you. Stefano opens another door slightly and listens and watches.

Sami - You smug son of a bitch. You are fully capable of doing that to Rafe. You overheard what Johnny said and you ... EJ - Yeah I overheard him. He misses Rafe. He preferred living with Rafe to living here. Sami - And that's enough for you, is it? EJ - I also heard him say how much he loved me and how he thought I was the best. Did you hear that? Sami - Yes. EJ - Okay. It's good that our son has some kind of idea of the measure of his father because you evidently after all this time have not. Sami - I wasn't sure. EJ screams - I'm his father, not Rafe. Sami - I'm not ... EJ yells - Shut up! And if you think that I would revisit the last 4 insane years by ordering an attack on Rafe, you are wrong! I thought we were supposed to be building something together. I thought that was what you wanted. Sami - It is what I want more than anything. EJ - Well here we are, running towards the same train wreck. Well I'll tell you what, you can ride this one on your own because I'm done. Sami chases him and grabs him - No, you are not going anywhere. I swear to God I just want you to answer a question for me. I just want you to tell me if you did it. EJ - I'm not going to answer that question. Sami grabs him again - Oh yes you are. EJ - If you don't believe me you can take off that ring and you can get out of my house.

Segment 5: Abby - Isn't Sonny supposed to be back by now? Chad - Yeah. I called him but it went straight to voicemail. Abby - You going to be okay here or should I get the Mayon. Chad - Nah, it's cool. He points out he has staff here. So Cameron had to leave huh. Abby - Yeah he got paged. Chad - By the way he was talking about motorcycles I'm really glad I didn't tell him about the tickets I got. Abby - What tickets? Chad - For Whoopee World; you know that amusement park on Crystal Lake. Abby - I saw them building that. Is it open? Chad - No not yet but I have 2 VIP passes for the day before the grand opening. Abby - OMG. Chad - No lines, no crowds. Abby - So why did you think Cameron wouldn't approve. Chad - Because it has an awesome hug, scare the crap out of you roller coaster. Abby - Really. Chad - Cameron has to hate those too, right? Abby - Probably. Chad - I'm sure my friend Garrett is missing out on those. Abby - What does he have to do with this? Chad - I was going to give him the other ticket but then he got this date with a super hot girl ... he kind of bailed on me. Abby - Well, I love roller coasters. Chad - Get out. You're not one of those girls who hold on for dear life, are you? Abby - Oh no. Holding on is for wusses. Chad - So you trying to go with me or what? Abby - Yeah. Chad - Should I pick you up on my bike; make it a thrill seekers day. Abby - Yes! Wait ... is this a setup?

Kate - So many people love you and all of us would do anything to bring you back but the doctors say you're the only one who can do that now. They've done all they can do. Don't give up. Looking at you I can see that it would be so easy just to let it all go but you can't do that. You have to fight your way back to us. Come back to me. You should know that you kind of turned my life around. You are not only my perfect lover, you gave me back my soul. You gave me back my conscience. Stefano rolls his eyes. Kate - So I wish I could do the same thing for you. I wish I could kiss you and wake you up but I can't. All I can do is sit here and hold your hand and I don't care if anyone sees. People that love you told me that I made you happy and I hope that's true. Stefano stares.

Sami snaps - You're kicking me out! EJ - No. That's not what I'm doing. I'm giving you a choice. Sami - You're prepared to lose me ... EJ - Samantha if you don't believe me than I already have. Sami - You didn't do it. EJ - No and you didn't believe me. Sami - Because you didn't let me believe you. You did nothing to convince me. I swear to God. EJ lifts her up and seats her on the mirror shelf. Sami - Stop. He kisses her. Sami - Why did you just kiss me? EJ screams - Because you wouldn't shut up! Sami screams back - I swear to God. EJ kisses her again. Sami makes the most god awful noises - I guess they're suppose to signify passion but they sounded more like an old man wheezing. EJ carries her up the stairs as Sami starts ripping at his clothing.

Hope - The cop who collared Jensen, turns out he can be bought. Vargas - Oh man. Hope - Well the DA went back and looked at all of his old cases. The search warrant they had for Jensen's place didn't hold up and the evidence used to convict Jensen was seized there. Vargas - So Jensen walked. Hope - He had no choice but to overturn the conviction. Vargas - Sometimes these laws don't make any sense. Hope - It's the price we pay protecting the innocent people. Vargas - You're buddy the cop, he was innocent, right? Seems to me like he's the one paying the price here. Hope - Oh I agree. Vargas - I can't believe the guy's still breathing. Usually Jensen likes to finish what he starts. Hope - I have an APB out on him but the trail's cold. Vargas - I don't know about that. Hope - What do you mean? Vargas - You want information on Jensen you should talk to your cousin Nick.

Gabi - What reason do you have to try and kill my brother? Jensen - Actually that was all Nick's fault. Jensen recalls sitting at the bar when Gabi is on the phone with Nick asking him if he'd be passing by Martha's Bakery. Jensen - See I thought Nick was the one you were talking to about bringing you a muffin so I decided I would surprise him. By the time I got to the alley it was already dark and I saw that bakery bag. By the time I realised it wasn't Nick I'd already gotten 4 or 5 ... Gabi cries. Nick - Stop doing this to her. Jensen - I was willing to walk away from this, chalk it up as mistake but that idiot insisted on opening up his eyes and looking at me. I guess I didn't realise what a tough son of a bitch he is. Gabi - Well now you do. Jensen - That beating I gave him definitely should have killed him but don't worry I'll make sure I take care of that as soon as I'm done here. Gabi shakes her head no. Nick - I'm so sorry. Jensen - Yeah, you're so sorry. Sorry about a lot of things, isn't that right Nick? They all hear a noise. Jensen takes his gun and looks outside. There's someone out there. I saw him running through the woods. He gags Nick and then Gabi. It looks like you guys brought a friend with you. I'll go out there and make sure I give him a real nice welcome. He leaves. Will rushes inside and takes the gags off of both of them. Nick - I've never been so happy to see anybody in my whole life. Will - We have to hurry because if he comes back he's going to kill us all. Will works to cut the ropes.

Segment 6: Abby mentions that she read about them starting construction on Whoopee World about a year ago. She's pretty sure she said something to him about it. Chad doesn't know what she's talking about. Abby - The helmet because I love motorcycles and the passes because I love roller coasters; don't try and tell me that this isn't a date. Chad - I would never do something like that ever. Abby - I thought that we were good. Chad - Right. The girl that's working asks if Garrett's still bailing because I could ride the rides with you Chad. Abby - Too bad he doesn't have 3 passes. You're out of luck, sorry. The girls says let me know if she changes her mind or you do. Abby - I'm sorry for being that way; for acting like you were so desperate to go out with me. It's ridiculous. Chad - You have nothing to worry about. I know we're just friends and this isn't any more of a date then it would have been with Garrett. Abby - Thanks and thanks for this - she points to the helmet. She leaves.

Stefano closes the door. Kate - So here's why I expect you to get better. Because you're too good a man to leave me here feeling this guilty. I expect you to open your eyes and soon ... you get that! She kisses his cheek and leaves.

Sami and EJ have sex.

Vargas - Jensen targeted Nick the minute he got off the bus at Statesville. Hope - He was young. He'd never been inside before. Vargas - Yeah and general pop can be a scary place especially for a guy like him. But Nick was smart, he was able to find someone to protect him and eventually he got his revenge. Hope - How? Vargas - He talked to the right people and Jensen ended up getting 3 mons of solitary. Hope - Wow. I'm sure Jensen didn't take to that very well. Vargas - No. In fact he swore that he was going to get Nick back no matter how long it took. The guy was doing life without parole. I mean no one expected hell to freeze over and that maniac to get back out on the street. Hope - You said that Jensen was really tough on Nick. Does that mean he beat Nick up the way he did Rafe Hernandez? Vargas - Yeah, both before and after. Hope - OMG.

Sonny comes running in. I sent him on a wild goose chase. He's right behind me. Hurry up. Nick - Leave me, take Gabi. Will - Take Gabi and get her out of here. Sonny - I'm not leaving you. Gabi - I'm not going. Nick - Go. Will - Please, get the baby to safety. More imploring. Finally Sonny and Gabi leave while Will works on Nick's ropes. Nick - Will, here's your chance. Leave me to die. Nobody will ever know. Just go.

Segment 7: EJ and Sami make nice. Sami still wants to know who he was talking to the night Rafe was attacked.

Sonny asks Gabi is she's alright. I'm okay. I don't hear anything, do you? Are they behind us? Sonny - They're right behind us. We have to go. Nick - If that guy comes back he will kill you. This is not your fight Will. Will - He pointed a gun at Gabi and my unborn child so as soon as he did that it became my fight. He works on the ropes.

Hope gets off the phone. The nurse on Rafe's floor says Gabi is not there. She said she and Nick left hours ago and both their phones are going to voicemail. Vargas - So you think that Jensen might have them. Hope - I think there's a very good chance, don't you? Vargas - Yeah. Hope - I need you to think hard. Tell me anything at all that could help me find them before it's too late.

Will - I almost got it. They hear Jensen coming back. Will hides. Jensen - So she's gone. Nick - Yeah. Jensen closes the door. Where the hell did she go Nick? I'm not happy and you know what happens when I get unhappy, don't you, Nick? You can save yourself a whole lot of pain by just telling me where she is. Gabi - Sonny, we're almost at the dock. Where's Nick and Will? Sonny - Maybe I should go back. I'm going to go back. You stay here. Gabi - OMG, OMG. The baby. She's coming ... now!


Wednesday, May 22

Segment 1: Repeat of Gabi's baby being born. Why isn't she crying. Sonny, is my baby okay. What's wrong with my baby.

Repeat of Nick telling Jensen he's not even human etc and of Hope bursting into the shed and shooting Jensen.

Repeat of Kate slapping Sami. You rotten bitch! Of all the selfish, irresponsible things you have said that may have been the worst because you have no idea what Rafe means to me. None whatsoever! Sami is incredulous. You love him. Kate - God, Sami, you are such an idiot! I've broken it off with him. I just want you to keep your mouth shut and stay out of my business. Sami taunts - You broke it off with him because you realised you were falling in love with him. It's true, isn't it? You should see yourself right now. It's so true!

EJ hands Justin 3 envelopes with the symbol of the phoenix on them. Those are the final 3 nails in my father's coffin. Justin - So, it's not enough for you to just beat Stefano, you really do want to leave him with absolutely nothing. EJ - That's the plan.

Gabi - Sonny, why isn't she crying? Sonny - I don't know Gabi. He holds the baby close. I don't know what I'm doing. OMG. Gabi - Sonny, please do something!

Jensen falls to the floor. Nick cries out. Will! He shot Will. Is he dead? Hope rolls Will over. Thankfully Hope has reception on her phone. She makes a call. This is Det. Hope Brady. Smith Island. Code 246. Get a Medivac chopper here fast! Nick - Is he breathing. Hope yells Will's name. Will, can you hear me. Will opens his eyes slightly. Hope - Stay with me Will, stay with me.

With Gabi imploring him to do something Sonny stands up and holds the baby up against his shoulder and pats the baby's back. The baby cries. Gabi - She's okay. My baby, OMG. Sonny - It worked! I can't believe it worked. Gabi - Can you give her to me please? Gabi holds the baby. OMG! Hi Arianna. (What an adorable baby - so bright and alert!) Gabi cries. It's so nice to meet you. Sonny grins from ear to ear. Gabi - She's perfect. Thank you. Sonny talks to the baby. Hi! Wait until Will meets you!

Hope keeps pressure on Will's wound imploring him ... stay with us! They're almost here Will. Nick - You're going to be okay Will. The 2 cops Hope brought with her show up. Hope - One of you untie him. The parolee is dead. Will, they're almost here. Just hang on. Nick has been freed. He cradles Will's head. You're going to be okay. Do you hear me? Will groans. Where's Gabi and Sonny? Nick - Gabi and Sonny got out. Will was trying to save me. They're out there. Hope tells the two cops to go and find them. One of them is a pregnant woman. Go! Identify yourselves. They're probably hiding and terrified and leave one of your radio's with them. She gets down closer to Will telling him to hold on.

Segment 2: Gabi - Why haven't Nick and Will caught up to us yet? Sonny - I'm sure they're fine. They got out of there before that lunatic got back. They're probably circling the island to make sure it's clear. Gabi - How far have they gotten? Sonny - I don't know. Gabi - It must not be far because I was screaming. They probably heard me screaming back in Salem. What if they got hurt? What if they're not okay. Sonny - They're fine. You just had labour at the worst time possible. Look at this perfect baby girl. Luck is on your side. Gabi - You're great with pep talks. Sonny - I just figure if we stay calm ... Salem PD, identify yourselves. You're out of danger. Sonny pounds on the window. Hey! We're in here! Gabi cries and looks at the baby. We're okay.

Nick - You're going to be okay Will. The EMT's come in. It sounds like Hope says 'he's dead.' (Not sure exactly what she said). She adds - He spoke earlier. He's been unconscious ever since. Male EMT on radio - Victim has a gunshot wound to the abdomen, upper left quadrant. Female - He's fading, pulse is thready. Male - We'll need an OR right away. He tells his partner they'll have to get his pulse when the get there. We're not going to try and stabilize him here. The other cops radio in. Hope - Over. She tells Nick - You're going to have to fill me in on this Nick. She looks at Nick who is barely holding himself together. Nick! Nick - He saved my life and now ...

Justin - These are three of the most respected names on Wall Street. EJ - Maybe the only three; that's another story. Justin - And you got them to sign over their proxies to you? EJ - Look, they may be the most respected names on Wall Street but those boys didn't get their yachts and their little island hideaways by being good boy scouts. Justin - But they always voted with your father's interests in mind before. EJ - Of course. Justin - Then why would they ... EJ - I didn't have to dig very deep to find out how leveraged my father is. He's shorting his own stock you know. Justin - Whoa! EJ - So with the things that you helped me put into place when it comes time to vote with those ... we'll be putting the old man out to pasture once and for all.

Sami and Kate are outside the coffeehouse now. Sami - You fell for him completely. Kate - I can't believe that you would find that so unbelievable. Sami - It's unbelievable that Rafe would want to be with you. He deserves better. Kate - Really? A prize like you? I can't believe that you're judging Rafe's choices. He gave you his love and his committment and what did you do? You spit on it the minute you jumped into bed with EJ. Sami - Give me a break ... pot ... kettle. You know it's a lot more complicated than that. Kate - More complicated than you being a selfish, opportunistic bitch? Sami - Okay, I will apologise to Rafe when he wakes up because he will wake up. You on the other hand will never hear an apology from me about anything.

Maxine walks up to Dan at the nurse's station. No change? Dan - Not yet. Maxine - I just left Rafe's room. Fr Eric's with him. Dan - That's good. Maxine - If only that sweet man would take a turn for the better before his baby niece arrives. The phone rings. Maxine answers. Now! Well Dr. Dan's here, I'll get him on it. Dan - What is it? Maxine - Medivac's arriving, bringing in a gunshot.

The EMT's wheel Will out. Nick is huddled in a corner with his arms crossed. Hope - Nick, let's go. Hope raises her voice to get his attention. Nick! Let's go. Nick looks around holding back tears before leaving.

Segment 3: This show is really out of whack because this segment starts with Sonny and Gabi back in the shack. So I'm assuming this is segment 3 and what we saw before that was segment 4. So that's the order I'm putting them in even though they didn't air in this order.

Sonny has found one of those thermal survivor blankets. He places it around Gabi's shoulders. You need to stay warm. Gabi - What did they say? Sonny - They're sending a Medivac helicopter to bring us back to Salem. Gabi - Did they find Nick and Will? Sonny - They said the investigation is ongoing but they're out of danger. Gabi - I wish they'd just come in here and meet her. Sonny - I do too. Gabi - I know they said they were bringing medical transport for us but when we were worried about Arianna, did you hear a helicopter?

Lucas walks out of the Brady pub. Marlena sees him and greets him with a hug. Lucas, long time. Lucas - I just dropped Allie off with her great-grandmother and Aunt Kayla. Marlena - Well I'll say hello. I'm here to meet Sami. Lucas - Oh yeah, you guys going to discuss her engagement to EJ. Marlena - We try not to limit ourselves to one topic. Lucas - Well you have to admit it's a pretty interesting topic. Marlena - Yes, I do have to admit that. Lucas - Well I have a theory. Marlena - Okay, I'll listen to it. Lucas - Well, I just think Sami's kind of traumatized right now by the fact that she's becoming a grandma so she's flying off the rails a little bit more than usual, you know. Marlena - Oh. I'm not sure I see it that way. Lucas - Why else would she feel the need to marry a DiMera. I don't know why I'm trying to figure this out, you're the shrink. What's your take on it? Why are Sami and EJ engaged right now? Marlena - Oh. Well you know Sami's my daughter so I try to support every decision she makes. This one defies analysis. Lucas - Yeah, it does. At least it's an honest answer. Marlena - Well thank you. And I love her and I want her happy as I know you do because she's the mother of your children. Lucas - Yeah. Sami happy is a lot better than Sami not happy. Marlena - I've noticed that. Lucas - Haven't we all! I guess I'll see you around soon. Marlena - I'll see you when the baby's born. Lucas - Tell Sami I said hi. Marlena - I will, if she ever gets here. Lucas - Good luck with that. He leaves.

Kate - I don't want an apology from you. I just want a promise. Sami snickers. This ought to be good. Kate - That you and EJ will get married and spend the rest of your miserable lives together and you'll leave Rafe the hell alone. Sami - Well I promise you my life will be anything but miserable; in fact it is a dream come true. But I do care about what happens to Rafe and I'm going to see to it that he stays away from toxic predatory females like you. She finally answers her phone. Hi Hope, what's up? Say that again!

EJ - So the next full board meeting is in two months. Justin - And you don't think Stefano will see this coming at him like an arrow? EJ - No, he's distracted. When he's distracted, he slips up. Justin - Distracted. How? EJ - I suppose this will become public knowledge at some point soon. Kate was having an affair with Rafe. Justin - Kate and Rafe. EJ - So as much as my father had moved on, he didn't take very kindly to her moving on. EJ gets a call. It's Sami. It's Will. He's hurt and they're rushing him to the hospital and I need you to meet me there as soon as you can. EJ - He's hurt. How was he hurt? Sami - He's been shot.

Will is wheeled in. Dan - What've we got. EMT - Gunshot to the abdomen, heavy bleeding. Dan - OR six is ready. Right this way. Maxine tells Hope and Nick not to worry. They'll take good care of him. And I just got word that the second medivac with Gabi is on it's way in. Nick - Is she hurt? Maxine - No she had the baby. Nick, you're a father. Dan returns and comments that Will lost a lot of blood. Hope - I know. I tried stopping it but it was constant. Dan - We're prepping him for surgery now. Maxine goes to assist.

Segment 4: Hope is talking on her cell as Nick paces. Yes, all survivors are off the island. I'm just at the hospital now waiting for an update on Will's condition. Sonny gets off the elevator as well as Gabi and the baby. (Gabi is wheeled off in a wheelchair). Maxine - Congratulations sweetheart. I'm going to take her from you for a little bit. Gabi - No, no, no. Please don't. Maxine - I know she's fine but we have to have her checked out. Gabi - But Nick ... Maxine - It's okay sweetheart. I'll be back to take care of you. Gabi sees Hope and Will sitting in the chairs. Nick rushes over and hugs her. Gabi - It's a girl. Sonny delivered the baby. Nick - I heard. Are you good? Gabi - Yeah. Nick - Thank God you're okay. Gabi - I'm okay. Where's Will? Sonny - You stayed together, right? He was with you. What happened Nick? Just tell us. What happened? Hope replies. Will's in surgery. Gabi - What? She sees Hope's blood stained blouse. OMG! Is that ... Hope - He was shot. Gabi - What! Sonny shakes his head and says no. Gabi - But he's okay. Hope - Daniel is the surgeon. We'll have to wait to hear from him. Maxine returns and tells Gabi that they have to get her checked out too. Gabi wants to stay here. Hope - Honey, go with Maxine please. I promise I'll find you as soon as we hear anything about Will. Sonny looks to be in shock.

In the OR when Dan hears Will's stats he says - We have to go in now. Scalpel!

Maxine wheels Gabi into a room and tells her the doctor will be here in just a few minutes to examine her. Gabi - Where's my baby? Maxine - The Neo-natal people have her right now. They're checking her out. As soon as they're done I'm sure they'll bring her to you. Gabi - You were here when they brought Will in? Where was he shot? Maxine - Honey, I'm not sure but listen, Dr. Dan's in the OR and you know he'll take care of him. Gabi nods yes. Maxine holds her. I'll pray for your friend. Gabi - Pray for Sonny too.

Sami and Kate arrive. Sami rushes to Sonny. Where's Will? Is he okay? What's happening? Sonny - I don't know. He's in surgery right now. Sami - Surgery? Who's with him? Sonny - Dr. Jonas. They just started the surgery. Kate - What happened? Lucas arrives. Mom, Sami, what's going on. Kate - He's in surgery. Sami - Who would do this? Who would shoot my son? Sonny - It was some guy alright. He was sick! Lucas - He WAS sick. Hope - He's dead. It was the same man who attacked Rafe. Kate - What! Who is he? Sonny - He knew Nick in prison. Sonny looks over where Nick is sitting hunched over. Lucas - So wait a minute, this maniac went after Rafe and Will, that's what you're telling me? Sami looks at Nick. And he did it to get at you or did you arrange it? Did you want to get Rafe and Will away from that baby! So you decided to get him out of the picture. Is that what happened. Sami assaults Nick. Did you have him killed? Sami screams - Did you want to have my son killed. She screeches - You answer me.

Segment 5: Sami keeps assaulting Nick as Hope watches. What did you do to my son? What did you do to Will? Nick - It's my fault. Sami makes ugly faces as she rants - It is your fault. It's all your fault. You bastard. You had my son ... EJ pulls her back. (Justin is there too). Hope yells. Everybody just take a step back. EJ - What the hell is going on? Sami makes false accusations screeching away - He hired some ex-con friend of his to hurt Will. Hope barks - That is not true! Sami screams - He admitted it. He said it was all his fault. Hope yells back - Stop it! Jensen was a lunatic. He was after Nick. He was trying to kill Nick and your son, he saved his life. Your son saved his life. Sonny and Will came to help Nick and Gabi. Sami - Where is Gabi? Hope - With Maxine. The doctors are making sure she's okay. And the baby, the baby's in Neo-natal. Kate - The baby? Lucas - Wait a minute, the baby was born already? Justin - Here at the hospital? Sonny - No. Sami - What do you mean no? Where is she? Is she okay? Hope - She's fine. They're both fine. Sami - How? What happened? Where was she born? EJ - Hope, maybe you should just start from the beginning, alright? Nick looks devastated.

The doctor has finished examing Gabi. Everything looks fine. Are you feeling okay? Gabi - I am yeah. I'm very lucky. Dr - Maxine tells me that you have a friend in surgery. Gabi - He's not just a friend. He's much more than that. Dr - Dr. Jonas is the surgeon so he's in very good hands. Gabi - My brother, he's ... Dr - Sorry, what? Gabi - My brother. He's here too. Hernandez. Dr - Are you Rafe Hernandez's sister? Gabi - Is he okay? Is he doing better? Dr - As of this morning there's no change but I can get you an update. Gabi - Thank you. I really need to see my baby. I need to know if she is alright.

Hope - So yes, Nick knew the attacker from prison and apparently he came to Salem to go after Nick. Nick was the target. Rafe ... that was a mistake. Sami - A mistake that put Rafe in a coma. Now my son is in surgery. Hope - Sami, I'm so sorry. EJ - I wonder how long it's going to be before we get some news from the operating room. Hope - I think you should know Nick was tied up and Will wouldn't leave him even after Gabi got out. That's who your son is. Hope turns to Justin. And your son delivered Gabi's baby. Justin - My son delivered ... Hope - Yeah. He's a hero. Justin - That I already knew. EJ - Why don't we go and pay a visit to your granddaughter. Kate - Why don't we all go meet her together. They leave. Justin looks over at Sonny.

Gabi is holding her baby. My sweet girl Arianna. I was so anxious to see you again. Maxine - That is one beautiful baby. Gabi - She looks so beautiful when she's sleeping, doesn't she? Maxine - That's because she's so comfortable in her mama's arms. Gabi - It felt like a dream but she's here with me in my arms. There's a knock on the door. The crew comes in. Gabi smiles. She's perfect. Come look. Kate beams. Sami cries. Oh Gabi. My precious girl. Hi sweetie, you sweet little angel. Kate - Baby Arianna is finally here. Thank God. Gabi - The doctor says she is fine. 7 lbs, 20 ins. Lucas - Gabi, you did a great job. Gabi - Sonny ... if he hadn't been there ... Lucas - We heard. Sami smiles - Arianna Grace. She is the most beautiful baby.

Nick continues sitting there looking like he's in a state of shock. Hope finishes a call and goes to EJ. I guess I was wrong this time. EJ - Wrong, for what? Oh, right, of course. Accusing me of the attempted murder of my fiancee's ex-husband. Don't worry about it. It's fine. It's not a surprise you see. Everytime something happens you point a finger at me or my father. That's what passes for police work in this town. Hope - That's a bit unfair, don't you think? EJ - The only thing I'm thinking about is the man through there (he points at a window) who's fighting for his life. A man who for the last few months has had his life made a living hell by your cousin. I just hope William makes a full recovery and gets some time to spend with his daughter, soon!

Justin - Mom's on a plane. She'll be home later tonight. Sonny - I just left him and that lunatic shot him. Justin - Sonny, if you hadn't left him what would have become of Gabi and the baby? Will's baby. You were there Sonny to deliver that little girl. Sonny - It's hard to believe, isn't it? Justin laughs - Yeah, a little. How did you know what to do? Sonny - I didn't know what to do. It kind of all happened. Gabi did all the work. I was just there to help. I was freakin' out. I was scared. When that baby was born and I got to hold her in my arms ... it's a tiny little brand new person. My heart was like pounding so fast. I looked at her in the face and I saw Will. I saw him. Justin hugs him. He's going to be alright. Sonny - Yeah, he'll be alright.

Dan - More suction. NOW! Damn it.

Gabi hands the baby over to Sami. They all gush over the baby. Sami - You are so loved, you know that.

Nick stares off into space, Sonny prays. Dan works on Will.

Segment 6: Justin sits next to Sonny. Sonny - How do people do it Dad? You hear about these horrible tragedies everyday and it makes you sick and heartbroken. Until it happens to you, when you actually think you could lose someone ... he struggles to hold back the tears. Justin - Hey Sonny. You're not going to lose him. Sonny - It's just funny when there's someone that you love and they're okay ... you're just trying to get through an ordinary day ... like relatively normal ... to see their flaws, the little things you let get under your skin ... it doesn't happen often but those little things compared to the kindness and the laughs ... you know, everything that we share together. Justin - Yeah. Will's an extraordinary guy and I know what you're feeling for him right now that it would be unbearable to lose him. I know that he feels the same way about you and that's what's going to give him the will to live and make him fight like hell to come back to you. Sonny - Thanks Dad.

Dan finishes the surgery and pulls down his mask.

Vargas walks up to Hope. Is it true? Hope - Word travels fast. Vargas - Jensen really is dead. Hope - If I'd gotten there a minute later this all would have been very different. Vargas - So it all worked out you see. You don't have to blame yourself. Hope - Let's drop it. Vargas - Okay. He looks over at Nick. So what about him? Hope - See for yourself. Vargas goes and sits next to Nick. Hey Nick, I hope you know this doesn't change anything between us. You still keep your mouth shut. Look at me when I talk to you Nick. Nick turns his head. Vargas looks slightly taken aback. Maxine comes up to Sonny. Dan goes into Gabi's room. Marlena is now there. Dan - Will's okay. Sami - OMG. Dan - We got the bullet out, the bleeding stopped and his vitals are good. Lucas - Thank God. Gabi - Is he awake? Dan - No, he probably won't be until tomorrow morning but we are expecting a full recovery. Gabi - Did you hear that Arianna? Your Daddy's okay. You're going to get to meet him very soon. Sami - So can we go and see him. Dan - Yes but can I have you in my office for just a little bit. I want to go over things with you. Sami and Lucas go with him. Gabi calls the nurse over. Can you help me find my husband?

Nick stands up when he hears Sonny say - OMG. Will's okay. He's okay! Maxine, where is he? I have to be with him. Maxine - I'm sorry, I can't let non-family members in ... you know, that is one stupid rule. He's in recovery ... go! Justin - Maxine, thanks for that. Maxine looks over his shoulder and sees EJ - Yeah ... well ... are you going to report me to the board? EJ - Absolutely. I'm going to recommend they give you a raise. Vargas goes to Nick - Hell of a break, right? Nick - Yeah, it's great news. Vargas - Listen, Jensen's gone now. He's not going to be able to touch you anymore. And what he did to you before ... well, that's in the past. You should just leave it there. It doesn't make you any less of a man. Okay then, we'll talk. Nick walks away. Vargas goes to Hope - You must be relieved. Hope sighs. Will's going to be okay. It's great news. Vargas - You still seem pretty sad though. Hope - It's hard to jump for joy since none of this would have happened if I ... Vargas - Hey, enough with the guilt. You're a good lady and you did everything you could so no more beating yourself up, okay.

Sonny goes into Will's room and sits at his bedside. I'm here.

Segment 7: Hope is on her phone smiling - Yes. Will's going to be fine. He's going to make a full recovery Roman. Justin leaves a message for Adrienne. Call me when you land. Our son's a hero. It's all good. EJ is on his cell. Make sure the fax is sent to the Hong Kong office okay. Maxine tells EJ that Will is in recovery room 24 if he wants to go and find his fiancee. EJ - I appreciate that Maxine but Samantha is in there with William's father so it's probably best that I step back. Maxine - That's decent of you. EJ glances over at Justin and then talks to himself. Decency is fleeting.

Marlena is holding Arianna now. Kate - She is just perfect. Arianna, it's so wonderful to meet you. I'm your great grand... she chokes over the word and she and Marlena start laughing. Oh heck, you can call me Kate. Marlena - You can call me anything you like. Kate - She's so beautiful. Gabi do you mind if I take a picture to send to Billie? Gabi - Go ahead. Kate - Ever since I texted her that Arianna had arrived she's been begging me to send her pictures of her grand-niece. Kate uses her cell to take pictures. Marlena asks if she'd mind sending those to her too. Kate - I'm going to send them to everyone in my address book! The nurse returns. Gabi - Did you find my husband? Nurse - Sorry, I looked everywhere. I can't find him.

Nick walks through the gate of the park. He leans against the pillar and slides down.

Marlena hands the baby back to Gabi. Gabi tells the baby Nick is going to be here really soon. When he sees you his heart is just going to melt.

Sonny - I should have stayed with you. Why did I have to listen to you? Sami and Lucas come in as Sonny is saying - From now on we are together no matter what, okay.


Thursday, May 23

Segment 1: Sami and Lucas watch and listen as Sonny tells Will that Dr. Jonas said he'd be getting out of here in no time. You're going to be very happy because I have some amazing news. You're a dad. Arianna Grace was born tonight. She is the most beautiful baby girl that I've ever seen. I know I might be biased but I think she looks just like you. She needs her dad. She needs you to be there for her so don't keep her waiting long okay.

Dan is at the Horton house with Abby, Jen and JJ. Jen - So Will's going to be okay. Dan - It was touch and go there for a little while but we expect him to make a full recovery. Jen hugs him - Oh Daniel, you saved his life. Dan - A lot of it had to do with Will. Jen - A lot of it had to do with you too. Oh my goodness, what would we do without you. JJ is not happy seeing his mother in Daniel's arms.

Hope joins Marlena at a table in the pub. Marlena - How did Caroline take it? Hope - How do you think. She wanted to rush over to the hospital right away and see Will and her great-great granddaughter of course. Marlena - Of course! Hope - I promised I'd take her first thing in the morning. I don't think she could handle seeing him like this. None of this should have happened. Marlena - I could say that about a lot of things. Hope - Does John know? Marlena - I called John and left a message. I haven't heard back but I'm not too surprised. Hope - Why? Marlena - John wants a divorce.

John arrives at the hospital and sees EJ. EJ, I heard Will was in surgery. EJ - He's down in recovery. He's doing much better. Lucas and Samantha are in with him right now. John - I don't want to intrude, I just wanted to make sure he was alright. EJ - He's fine. I understand why you ask. John - What happened tonight? EJ - You didn't talk to Marlena? Why don't you and I go for a stroll. I'll fill you in on what happened and there was something I wanted to talk to you about. John - About what? EJ - My sister.

In the Di living room Kirsten is telling Brady she thinks they should postpone the wedding. I would totally understand. Brady - No. It would be one thing if most of my family was planning to come but that's not the case. Will's okay so there's no reason to wait. Besides, this time tomorrow I'm going to be the happiest guy in the world. Stefano opens the terrace doors and sees them in an embrace.

EJ and John are in the park. EJ - So anyways so then William saved Nick and now that the baby is here ... John - The baby. EJ - Oh. Arianna Grace came into this world on Smith Island in a shack delivered by Sonny. John smiles. How is she? EJ - She's perfect. John - This is really something. I'm sure Marlena's happy ... EJ - If I may ask, why haven't you spoken to Marlena about this? It's very obvious to anyone that's looking that you're still in love with her.

Hope - He told you that he wanted a divorce. Marlena - Well I was ... I told him that I could no longer live in limbo. I guess I was trying to force his hand and that was when he made it very clear that he thought there was nowhere to go with the marriage. Hope - If Gran were here you know what she'd say. Where there's great love there's always hope. Marlena - Honey, I know John. When he thought he couldn't walk again, when he couldn't recall who he was, he never gave up. And now about this he just thinks there's no way to go forward.

Brady - I'll go put your stuff in the car. Kirsten - I guess it's okay for you to carry my wedding dress, just don't look at it. Brady leaves. Stefano chuckles - Bad luck. Brady Black is to weddings like his step-sister is to weddings. I guess he'll find out tomorrow. You are going through with your plan? Kristen - How could I have ever fallen for someone as stupid as John Black. Stefano - Perhaps that was the charm. Kristen - Maybe. You know I've been pulling his strings like a marionette, he thinks he's actually pulling mine. He's going to get what he deserves alright. Stefano - And how about Brady? Brady returns - All systems go. Brady and Kristen leave. Stefano mutters - God, why me? I don't understand.

Segment 2: Abby asks if Will will be up for visitors anytime soon. Dan - I'm sure he'd love to see his favourite cousins. JJ - Thank you so much for everything Daniel. Jen - You must be exhausted Daniel. If you want to stay in tonight I understand. Dan - I'm good. The hospital will page me if they need me. Jen - Let's go then. They leave. JJ - Who's taking care of his kid? Us? Abby - No. Parker has a nanny. JJ - Glad Dr. Dan's got his priorities straight. Abby - Are you grateful that he saved Will's life? JJ - I'm grateful Will's okay, yeah. Abby - Okay, then what's your problem?

Sonny - Do you remember the day we met? I don't know if you paid any attention to me but I sure noticed you. And then watching you struggle with who you were; just having to stand there and let you figure it out on your own. It was so hard for me because I knew that I loved you. He kisses his hand and fights back tears. And I knew that there was nothing I could do except be there for you like I am right now. The first time you told me you loved me, that was the best day of my life so far. I'm saying so far because I know that we're going to have best days ahead of us, right? I just love you so much. He kisses him. Sami makes their presence known. Sonny - Hey. I didn't know you guys were standing there. Sami - We just ... Sonny, you have to know that Will loves you. She hugs him. He loves you so much.

John - It's over between me and Marlena. EJ - I don't think that I'm ever going to believe that. John shrugs - It's a fact. EJ - Hold on a second. Aren't you forgetting something? John - What's that? EJ - I want to talk to you about my sister. John - Oh yeah. So talk. EJ - As I am sure you are well aware tomorrow your ex-girlfriend is going to become your daughter-in-law. John - Hey, yay! EJ - I feel the same way trust me. However I put my sister first always. So now if you could do the same for your son ... John - That's exactly what I'm doing. EJ - You know John, someday you are going to realise that you don't have a choice but to accept this relationship for what it is. He leaves. John - What it is is over.

Brady hugs Kristen at the door. I'm going to miss you tonight. Are you sure you want to do this? Kristen - I think it's for the best. Brady - What? Kristen - I like seeing you look happy. Brady - Get used to it. You're going to see this happy face every day for the rest of your life. Kristen - You're the best thing that ever happened to me. Brady - I love you. Kristen - I love you too. Brady closes the door. Kristen - Bye, Brady.

Segment 3: Sami - We want to thank you so much for everything you have done. Lucas - Yeah, if you hadn't been there when Gabi went into labour God knows what would have happened. Sonny - I really didn't do that much. Sami - You were there. Believe me, you did a lot. Sonny grins - She is cute. Sami laughs - Oh yeah. Sonny - I should go and see how she's doing. He looks at Will and leaves. Lucas goes to Will's bedside. I heard you were a real hero today. Despite everything Nick did to you you still put your life on the line for him. You proved tonight what I've known for a long time. You're a better man then I'll ever be and I couldn't be more proud of you. Sami puts her hand on his shoulder.

A young lady brings Ciara over to Hope and Marlena. Hope - Thank you for taking her. You truly saved me. How did it go? Girl - She was great until I mentioned the words piano practice. She bends down to Ciara - I'll see you tomorrow after school, okay? Ciara - Okay. She leaves. Marlena - Ciara, I like your outfit. Ciara - Thanks Aunt Marlena. Is Johnny here? Hope - He's in the back with Grandma Caroline, why? Ciara - I need to talk to him. Hope stops her. Sweetheart, maybe later but not right now. You and I need to go and have a talk. Marlena, I'm so sorry. Marlena - It's okay, you scoot. Thanks for all you did today. Hope - I'll check in on you in the morning. Hope and Ciara leave. Johnny comes over and sits with Marlena. Hi dude, what were you and Grandma Caroline baking in the kitchen? Johnny makes hand gestures until Marlena guesses cookies. I could smell them. Johnny - How come you're sitting out here alone? Marlena - I am now but I wasn't. I was talking to Hope and Ciara so you missed them. Johnny - Good. Marlena - Good? Johnny - I don't want to talk to Ciara. Marlena - Really? I wonder why.

Brady goes back into the living room. Stefano, I wanted to talk to you about what happens after tomorrow. Stefano - I'm listening. Brady - When Kristen and I return from our honeymoon I want to find a place of our own. Stefano - So why should that bother me? Brady - Well I know you like to keep your family under your roof. Stefano - You see my daughter's happiness is the most important thing to me. So if this is something that she wants let it be.

Kristen is using her cell. Brady, please come to my hotel room as soon as you get this message. She then mutters - Save it to send text later, yes. She pulls out her veil. She thinks about Brady pulling back the veil and kissing her. She then thinks about them with a baby. Just stay strong. This is all going to be over tonight.

John places a call to the Salem Inn. My fiancee made a reservation for tonight. I'm kind of wondering if she checked in yet. He gives the Confirmation #. No no message. After the call he says - This will all be over tonight.

Segment 4: JJ - I'm really glad Will's okay like I said but Daniel was just doing his job, wasn't he? I mean he's a doctor. He's supposed to save lives. Abby - What's your point? JJ - It's just ... you and mom act like he's the second coming. Abby - Why do you act like he's the enemy? JJ - Doesn't mom care that he ruined Uncle Lucas's marriage? Abby - Hold on. It was a lot more complicated than that. JJ - He abandoned his own kid. Abby - He didn't know that Parker was his. JJ - You've got an answer for everything, don't you? Abby - No, I don't. I just really want to know where all of this is coming from. - JJ - Don't you get it Abbs? He thinks he's better than ... Abby - Than? JJ - The rest of us. Abby - That's not what you were going to say, was it? JJ - Daniel had this brilliant idea that he and Dad would have a date-off with Mom as the grand prize. Daniel might think he won but he will never be better than Dad. Never.

Sami - Sonny was right you know. Arianna Grace is definitely your daughter. From her eyebrows to the tips of her toes and I want more than anything for her to follow in your footsteps, not mine, definitely not your father's. Lucas - I agree. Sami - I figure you have learned what not to do from the very best. I know we've let you down; done things wrong in every imaginable way and some pretty unimaginable ways too. Lucas - Do the opposite of what we do and you'll be fine; you'll be golden. Sami laughs. We are so happy for you to have a wonderful, happy, stable relationship with a guy you love and he loves you and Arianna Grace. Will, Sonny's face was the first thing Arianna saw when she came into this world. Now she just has to see yours.

Johnny - Me and Ciara were kind of fighting before. Marlena - Ow, ow, it hurts my ears. Johnny - Ciara and I ... Marlena - Much better. Johnny - Were kind of fighting before. Marlena - What were you fighting about? EJ comes over. Hi. I have to say that I thought you would be asleep by now. Marlena - No, he and grandma were making cookies. EJ - Oh sugar. Johnny - 3 cups. I made one for you. He goes to get the cookies. Marlena - I understand that he doesn't know about Will or Rafe yet. EJ - We decided to wait until tomorrow to tell him hoping there would be some sort of improvement with Rafe's condition. Marlena - I hope so. EJ - Look Marlena, Allie and Sydney are staying with friends and Johnny, well he can hear a whisper from 2 floors away so I was wondering whether I may impose on you ... Marlena - I'm afraid you may not impose on me. I'd like to volunteer to take him. EJ - Thank you. Just so that you know, he doesn't have to come to the wedding tomorrow. Marlena - I don't want to talk about the wedding. Will is going to be alright. That's all that matters to me right now.

Brady opens the door to Daniel. Come in. Is Will alright. Dan - Yeah, prognosis is good. Baby's perfect, Rafe is stable. Brady - It feels kind of wrong to feel happy when everyone else ... Dan - It's not wrong. It's exactly what we all need right now, something to celebrate and that's what you and I are going to do tonight. Brady - What are you talking about? Daniel - It's your last night of freedom. Brady - That freedom's overrated. Dan - I agree with you I guess but don't you want to get out of this temple of doom? Well I'm your ticket and I'm not taking no for an answer.

Kristen has her dress laid out. She places Jen's necklace on it. There's a knock on the door. It's Jen with pizza and a bottle of wine. Kristen - Jennifer! Jen - Yes, who did you think it would be. I know you didn't want to go out tonight and I know you didn't want a bridal shower or a bacheloretter party but I had to do something so I thought an old school pizza party would be super fun and if Billie were here, it'd be perfect, right? Kristen - Yeah. Jen - What's wrong? Did you already have plans?

Segment 5: Lucas and Sami meet up with Sonny at the nurse's station. Sami - Hey, did you check up on Arianna Grace? Sonny - Yeah, the nurses said she's doing great. Sonny - Do you mind if I sit with Will just a little bit longer. Lucas - No, it's fine. Sonny goes. Lucas - Where did EJ go? Sami - He said he wanted to give us time as a family. Lucas - So he left. What a guy! Sami - Don't start on him tonight. You think Will's going to be okay, right? Lucas - Yeah. He's going to be a terrific dad to a terrific kid. Sami - I think so too. We should toast this moment (she hands him a cup of coffee). We are officially grandparents. Lucas - Yeah, we are. They start bantering and laughing.

Sonny takes Will's hand. I love you more and more everyday and I know that we're going to have an amazing life together; you, me and Arianna Grace.

Hope and Ciara are not at the coffeehouse. Hope - Honey, you know that mommy loves you beyond ... I love you so very, very much and so does Daddy. Ciara - But ... Hope - I know you wish Daddy were here and I know you wish that Mommy didn't have to work so much. So do I, believe me. But honey, what you did ... Ciara - I thought if you saw that letter we would never go to the zoo together. You work so much. Hope - I understand and you're right. Ciara - You know I'm not the only one who does bad things. Johnny does too. Hope - What do you mean? Ciara - He took something that was mine. Hope - What did he take from you honey? Ciara - It doesn't matter. Hope - You know what, you're right about that. It doesn't matter because this isn't about Johnny. Ciara, do you understand what I'm asking you to do from now on honey. Ciara - Yes, mom.

Kristen - No, I have nothing planned. Just some chores I have to do a little later but I may as well have fun while I can. Jen - Chores? Like what? Kristen - You know stupid stuff that I have to do for beauty, that kind of thing. Jen - What can I help you with? Kristen - You are helping me just by being here Jen. I want to celebrate with my friend. I want to celebrate actually having a friend. Jen - Would you stop saying that. Look at your dress. It's beautiful and the necklace is perfect. I can not wait to see you in this. So this is great. We have something new, something borrowed, we have something blue. So now we need something old. Kristen - It's not a big deal, I'm not superstitious. Can't afford to be, right? Jen - This day has really been a long time coming for you and I want you to know that you deserve to be as happy as anyone. Kristen - You should tell Brady's family that. Jen - Maybe this isn't going to be the wedding you and Brady imagined but I want you to know that Daniel and I, we are so proud to stand up for the two of you. And this day is going to be perfect. Kristen - Jen, stop. Just stop.

Segment 6: Sonny returns to the nurse's station. Your brother Eric is here. Sami - I asked him to do the anointing of the sick for Will. Lucas - Nice! Pulling out the big guns for him. Good job! Sami - I'm going to go and say hi. Sonny - I'm going to grab a bite, would you like anything? Lucas - No, I'm okay, thanks. Before you go there's something I need to tell you.

Jen - Hey, stop what? Kristen - Nothing. I'm sorry. After that last wedding of mine, that debacle, I'm just a little uptight I guess. Jen - You're not having second thoughts, are you? Kristen - No! Not at all. Now help me get my mind off the millions of things that could go wrong tomorrow. Actually we were talking about postponing then we found out that Will's going to be okay. Jen - Yes, Daniel's very optmistic. Kristen - And everything's good with the two of you? Jen - Yeah. We're great. Did I tell you that JJ's home from school? Kristen - No. I thought he wasn't supposed to be home until later. Jen - He wasn't. Kristen - Everything's okay? Jen - No but it's nothing that I want to talk about tonight.

JJ picks up Jack's picture. Abby - The only reason that Daniel won Mom is that Dad's gone. JJ - Those last few months, every time I talked to him he sounded miserable. Abby - Don't blame Daniel for that, blame me. JJ - Why? Abby - Because I was really hard on Dad. I had a really tough time when I thought he had left us. And you know why? Because I loved him so much and so did Mom. If you would have been here you would have seen ... JJ - So now it's my fault! Abby - No, that's not what I said. It's not your fault. It's no one's fault that Dad's gone. We all loved Dad. We all miss Dad but you can't keep torturing yourself. We can't keep doing this over something that we wish we would have done differently. That's not what Dad would want. JJ - What would he want? Would he it want it to be this easy for everyone to move on without him. Abby snaps - It has not been easy for any of us at all. JJ - No? Why don't you go hang out with your own Dr. Feelgood. I wouldn't want to hold you back from moving on. Abby leaves the room.

Kristen - So you're sure everything's okay between you and JJ. Jen - Yeah. I'm sure it will be. Kristen - I'm sure it will be too. You're a great mom. Jen - How would you know? Kristen shrugs - I know you. Jen - Have you and Brady talked about .. Kristen - Yeah. You know I can't have kids but Brady said he would adopt. Jen - What! That's so great. I'm so happy for you. You've always wanted to have children and ... what's wrong? Kristen is near tears. Nothing. I think I'm a mess. This probably wasn't that good of an idea actually. Jen - I'm sorry. Kristen - Don't be sorry. You're so sweet and I appreciate it so much. I just think that I need to be alone to kind of relax. Jen - That's fine. Just relax and just know that if you need anything just call me. Just go to sleep and sleep really well. Kristen - I'lll try. See you. Jen leaves. Kristen cries.

Brady and Dan arrive with takeout at the square and sit at one of the tables. Brady - The batting cages were a good idea. Pretty good bachelor party for a guy who's in recovery and who's wedding list contains one guy friend on it. Dan's impressed about the way he hit the balls. Brady - My dad and I used to ... sorry. If he can't be happy for me why can't he just leave us alone. Dan - He will. Brady - Yeah he will because the one thing I know the guy believes in is the institution of marriage. After tomorrow he's going to have to accept the fact that he's never going to be able to split up me and my wife, ever.

John stares at a text message he just typed - Meet me at Kristen's room. He selects Save as Draft. He looks at his wedding ring and removes it.

Segment 7: JJ opens the door to the guy he met up with in the square. You got the stuff? Guy - Yeah, you ready to have some fun? JJ - Hell yeah. They leave.

Sonny and Lucas sit down. Lucas - I just wanted to say I wish I could take back the crazy stuff that I did and said to you and Will when you guys first got together. Sonny - As far as I'm concerned that's ancient history. Lucas - I know you're good for him, I do but after today I realised just how much you love him. Sonny - I do. I love him like I've never loved anybody. Lucas - Which is why there's no one in this whole world, and I mean no one, I'd rather see my son be with.

Sami is at Will's bedside. Hard to believe you're a dad now 'cause no matter what happens you'll always be my perfect baby boy. She kisses his forehead and cries.

Stefano - Brady says William is going to be fine thank goodness. EJ - Absolutely. So this little shindig is actually going to happen, is it? Stefano smiles and shrugs. EJ raises his glass - To the event of the season.

Johnny stares at the picture of Sy and Kristen while Marlena is away from the table talking on her cell. When she returns Johnny stuffs the picture into his backpack. Marlena - I'm so sorry that our conversation got interrupted. Now I'm wondering what you were putting away when I came over. Johnny - Grandma, I did a bad thing.

Jen is walking through the square when she sees Dan and Brady. She goes over and teases them about the amount of food they're eating. Brady - I thought you girls would be talking for hours. Jen - Kristen just wanted to work on her beauty rest. Brady - I hate to think of her all alone in that hotel room. The thought of going back to that mansion doesn't really appeal to me and I do have some time before midnight. Jen - Uh uh. Brady - Tomorrow's going to be a whirlwind. It's going to be nuts. I just want to see her one last time and I think I'm going to go surprise her.

Kristen sips wine. There's a knock on her door. She opens it. It's John. She drinks.


Friday, May 24

Segment 1: Repeat of Kristen opening her hotel room door to John. What are you doing here? John - You know.

Nicole rushes into the rectory. What happened? Is it Rafe or Will. Eric - No. Nicole - Are you sure? Eric - I just spoke to the hospital 20 mins ago and they were still the same. Nicole - Good. Then what else could have happened. Eric - It's really not a big deal. Nicole - Don't do that. Eric - I said it's not a big deal. Nicole - What did I do? Eric - What? Nicole - You're looking at me like I did something wrong so just spit it out.

Repeat of Johnny telling Marlena that he did a bad thing. Marlena - What did you do sweetie? Johnny - I took something that wasn't mine. Marlena - So you stole something. What was it? Johnny recalls looking at the picture of Sy and Kristen. Johnny - Something. Marlena - Did you take something from the store? Johnny - No way! It was Ciara's. Marlena - What did you take from her? Honey, I'd like you to show it to me. Johnny stares at his backpack.

Repeat of Brady saying he's going to surprise Kristen. Thanks for the party. It was exactly what I needed ... blow off some steam. Dan - Stick around, the night's young. Brady - Nah, I've got to see my girl. Jen - No Brady. I don't think that's a good idea. Brady - I'm not superstitious and I want to see my bride now. He starts walking away.

Come on Kristen, you know why I'm here. Kristen - Maybe. So that's it? You just show up and I'm supposed to open the door and let you in. John stops her from closing the door. John - You don't want to do that.

JJ and his friend are walking in the park. The guy sees a liquor bottle in the bushes. Happy hour! JJ - Forget that man. That stuff is poison. JJ - What's on for tonight? Guy - I can hang. What do you want to do? JJ - There's got to be some fun somewhere in this town.

Jen goes after Brady. Wait a minute. Brady - Jen, why are you trying to stop me from doing this. Dan - I just think that Kristen got a hotel room wanting to be alone tonight and you should probably just respect that. Brady - Listen, you don't know how many times this woman has said to me 'Brady, get out, get out.' It's like her little game. Call it reflex, I know she doesn't mean it. Jen - I think she does mean it tonight. She just didn't look like she was prepared to have guests, that's all. Brady - That's why it's perfect. That's why it'll be a surprise.

Kristen - Really? John - Yeah. Kristen - You want to play. John - Yeah. Kristen - So how do you think this goes. Have you seen hotel security around here? It's a bunch of ex-linebackers. They would love nothing more than to frog? march your ass out of here. John - You don't want to do that. Kristen - You counting on that? One phone call and you're thrown out of here. You don't play with me. John - Okay. Here's a phone, make the call.

Segment 2: Eric - It has nothing to do with you. Why would you assume that I have a problem with you? Nicole - Because it happens Eric. Bless you Father because you're ticked off ... it's been how long since you were angry? Eric - Not long enough. This is really stupid. I'm just embarrassed, okay. Nicole - Yeah, been there, done that. Eric - Honestly, when you asked if I'd heard any news about Rafe and Will it made me realise this is so minor. I mean they are the ones that are important here. They are the ones that deserve my attention. Nicole - But you're on it. You've seen them. You prayed for them. It's not like you're slacking off or something. You just got mad at something else, right? Eric - Yeah and I shouldn't have. In fact it's things like this that make me question my own vocation.

Johnny - Can I have chocolate milk? I finished my vegetables at dinner. Marlena - It's may I have chocolate milk and no. You need to show me what you took. He looks sideways at his bag again. Marlena - It's okay. We're going to make it okay, I promise. Abe comes in and greets Marlena. Johnny - Hi Uncle Abe. Abe - Hey, how you doing? Johnny - I've been better. Abe - Yeah buddy, I kmow what you mean. Marlena tells Johnny he can take his game and play over there. He sits one table over. Abe joins Marlena. I assume he doesn't know about Will. Marlena - No. Thanks for thinking of that. Abe - How is Will? Marlena - He's going to be alright. Abe - How about you? You know John came by to see me the other day. Marlena - Then you know. I suppose everybody knows. Abe - Is that what's up with your grandson? Marlena - No, he was about to show me something. The camera pans to Johnny's bag.

Dan gets in front of Brady. Do you know your girl because I know my girl. I really think you should listen to Jen. We're both on your side, actually both sides. Brady - What is the deal Jen? What's going on? Jen - I just think that Kristen needs the room. Brady - How can you be so sure? Jen - Because you've been on your own. You know how it is. It's an adjustment when someone else is there even if it's someone you want to be with all the time. You know what that's like. Brady - Yeah, I guess. Jen - So you can understand that. I think Kristen means it when she says she needs to be alone. Brady - What are you not telling me? Jen - Nothing. I just told you ... Brady - You told me but there's something you're not saying. What is going on? Is she upset? What's wrong?

Kristen moves away from the door. This is so twisted. John comes in almost closing the door behind himself. (He makes sure to leave it ajar). John - Really. Kristen - Yeah. What are we doing John? John - Just making things right. Kristen - That's not the word that I would use. I'm supposed to be getting married tomorrow. John - That's tomorrow. Tonight is just us and all we have to do is be honest. It's got to be about what you want tonight Kristen. Kristen - What if I don't know.

Segment 3: Nicole - You're questioning your vocation? But this is your thing; don't you sign up for life? Eric - Yes I do. You know I love being a priest but I really didn't realise it was going to be so political. Nicole - Political, how? Eric mentions the Bishop and what he's been doing to get ready for him. Nicole - Yeah, he's coming to consecrate the building. Eric - I've been asked to oversee and do all the details; permits, zoning, contracts and ... Nicole - Yes of course and you've done all that and you've done a great job. That's what everyone says; that you've been on top of everything. Eric - Not exactly because there are certain things that are completely out of my control. Nicole - Meaning? Eric - Well I went through a lot of red tape; got the right permits, that is. And then out of nowhere, completely last minute, this agency called me and said that I was out of my jurisdiction for certain matters; that all my permits were now in limbo. Nicole - Until when? Do you have any idea when this will be resolved? Eric - No, I just know the authorization to complete construction and to allow the school to be used for it's intended purpose are all on hold until indefinitely actually. So now Bishop White is going to come over here without a finished building to bless. Nicole - Oh. That would be kind of awkward, wouldn't it? Erio - Worse than that, it would be an embarrassment. You know I wouldn't even blame the Bishop if he decided that I wasn't cut out for this after all.

Jen - Listen Brady, she's not upset. I just think that she's a little overwhelmed right now. JJ and his friend enter the square. JJ sees his mom and Dan. Jen - We were laughing, having a great time tonight and it's like a switch got flipped and we were done. The night ended earlier than I expected and Kristen said she needed to be alone; she just needed time to gather herself. Brady - Are we talking about her having second thoughts about the wedding. Jen - No! She didn't say anything like that. You know Brady I think maybe it's gratitude. I think she suddenly can not believe that this is happening in her life with you. And now the possibility of adopting a baby! Brady smiles - Did she tell you about that? Jen - You are giving her a gift and your gift ... and like I said, I don't think she can believe that this is happening for her; that's she's falling so in love with someone and she wants to share her life with you. Brady - I didn't expect it either. Jen - Exactly! And that's the best way for it to happen sometimes; by surprise! Brady - I agree. Jen - So she just needs a breath to take it all in. Okay. Dan - It's one night man. Brady - I don't like to be apart from her. Dan knows the feeling. Jen - Me too. And guess what, after tomorrow you won't be. Brady - Ever again. JJ continues watching his mom and Dan.

Kristen is staring at her gown. John - It's very pretty. Why don't you turn around? Kristen - I don't want to. John - Why not? Kristen - I keep hoping that if I stay here long enough you'll just go away. John - You think that's going to settle everything. Kristen - Yes. John - Doesn't sound very convincing. Kristen snaps - Get out. John - That's better. Is that real anger or just frustration. Kristen faces him. How dare you come here and play me. Do you see what this is? This is my wedding gown John. I'm supposed to put it on tomorrow and marry the man of my dreams. John - Is that what he is? Kristen - I'm supposed to start my life with somebody that actually loves me. You stand there like it's nothing. Doesn't any of this bother you? Don't you have a twinge of guilt? There's nothing! All you want ... John - Is to what? Go ahead, say it. Kristen - I'm not like you. I can't just feel nothing. John - I never said I ... Kristen - What? John - I don't know what the hell we're supposed to be feeling right now Kristen. Kristen - But you're here. John - You haven't kicked me out. Kristen - Yet. John picks up the necklace. Is that what you're wearing? Kristen - I told you it's for new beginnings, remember? John - What about the right man? He holds up the pearls. I think you said you were going to wear these for the right man; our wedding. Kristen - That never happened. You took them? John - Well I couldn't stop thinking about you and this necklace. He puts the necklace on her. He turns her around to face him ... Perfect. Kristen - Is it how you pictured it? John - Not exactly. In the picture in my mind you were wearing those pearls and nothing else.

Segment 4: Nicole - Well that would suck, I mean stink. It would stink if the Bishop came here and didn't see that you were perfect for the job. Eric - I'm just embarrassed. I let the little things get to me and I know I shouldn't. Nicole - Hey, you are burning it at both ends to make sure the school is ready. Eric - This is just not me. I'm pushing papers. Do you have any idea that people are putting time and money into this! Do you know how much! They're doing God's work. They deserve the right to see their work honoured and blessed by the Bishop. Nicole - And what, you don't matter? You don't think that you deserve a little of the honour yourself? Eric - I just want to see the school up and running that's all. Nicole - You are too good. Eric - No, I'm not. Nicole - Why, because you got a little annoyed. Eric - Among other things. I have faults. I have a lot of them Nicole. I'm just hoping to use my compassion to help other people's weaknesses. Nicole - Seriously too good. Eric - What! Nicole - Look, you fit here. They're lucky to have you. You're like the perfect priest and that's not going to change. I've got to go. I've got some errands to run before everything closes. See you later.

JJ's buddy glances over at Dan, Jen and Brady. This is riveting. Let's go! JJ - In a minute. Brady - Okay, I'm good now. Thanks for talking me down. I think I'm going to take a walk. This is my last night as a single man so you guys can just go. Jen - I'm going over to the church to talk to Eric about a project I'm working on. Dan - Can I go? Jen - Yes. She looks at Brady. Why don't you join us? Brady - I can't, no. Dan - Why? What's the problem? Brady - There is a problem actually. Eric's not going to be at my wedding. It's his decision needless to say. Dan - I'm sorry. Brady - It's okay. Tomorrow is going to be great and that's it. Say hi to JJ for me; I wanna hang out with him. Jen - Oh yeah, I will. That's great. He needs distraction. Brady - It must be great having him back. Jen - Yeah, it's great. Tomorrow is going to be great. Dan - We'll see you there. Brady leaves. Dan tells Jen he has the urge to kiss her. Jen suggests he does that so he does. JJ watches. Brady returns to an empty table and sits down.

Kristen starts to remove the necklace. John - Don't, they're too beautiful. Kristen - They're too heavy. John adds - to waste. Kristen - All of a sudden you care about these. You never seen them before I showed them to you the other day. John - So why do they bother you now? Kristen - I told you they're too heavy. John - Heavy? You never wore them before? Kristen - No, I never wore them before. You know that. They were saved for one moment in time; for a wedding that never happened remember? John - Yes I remember. I'm sorry. Kristen - Please don't start with the I'm sorry. John - I told you I'm so sorry for that. Kristen - What is it with you anyway? It suddenly just dawned on you that leaving me in a broken heap on the floor was bad manners? John - I nver should have abandoned you. I'm so sorry. Kristen - So, what? You come back with this (she holds up the pearls) and you think it makes it go away. John - No. I just thought that maybe we could start over. I mean, isn't that where you are right now, new beginnings and all. Kristen - Yeah, that's where I am. John - Just thought it might be easier if we just finished what we started. Kristen - And then everything that happened since then just never happened? John - I know it's not going to be easy. I know there's a lot between here and there. There are feelings but nothing is going to get better until I pick you up off that floor. Until then it's not going to be right for either one of us. And isn't that why you really came back to Salem? Isn't that what we both need? Kristen - You think you know what I need? John - I think we both do. He moves in to kiss her.

Segment 5: JJ and his friend are back in the park. Guy - So that was not fun. JJ - Nope. Guy - Who's that dude with your mom? JJ - A guy. Buddy - A guy with a sweet ride. Did you see it? JJ did. He gets a text. Guy - Your broker? JJ - My mom making sure I know where she is because that's what responsible adults do as a matter of courtesy. Guy - I get that one weekly. JJ - Swinging by the church. Will be home afterwards. Guy - So you got a while. What do you want to do? JJ - I think I know where to find some fun.

Brady and Nicole run into each other in the square. They hug. Nicole - Where is the bride to be? Brady - She's at a hotel. Nicole - Then why aren't you with your buddies watching strippers. Brady - Strippers? No, we went bigger than that. We went batting cages and bottled water. Nicole - Whew, you are a party animal! Brady - I don't need a big blowout Nic. I'll buy you a drink, how about that? Nicole - I'm pretty sure you have better things to do than hangout with me. Brady - Considering how you and the Mrs. get along this might be the last time we ever hang out. Nicole - That's probably true but you don't drink anymore. Brady - I'll keep you company. It looks like you need it.

Jen and Dan are in the rectory. Jen has a file folder in hand. So you think you can have your youth group there by one, right? Eric - Father Matt will bring them. I'll already be there. Jen - Checking on Will? Eric - And Rafe. He looks at Dan - Thanks to you Will is still alive. Dan - Will's still alive because of Will. Eric - And a big assist to you. Thank you very much. He shakes his hand. Listen, I have a couple of questions about the program that day. Do you have a minute for me? Jen - Yes. Dan is going to check his messages. He steps out. Eric - I wanted to talk to you about the wedding. Jen - Okay sure. Eric - I'm sure you know I won't be there. Jen - We heard and I'm sorry to hear that. And I wish for both of your sakes that whatever is in the way that you would settle it before tomorrow. Eric - You must know the problem. Jen - I'm guessing it has something to do with John and Marlena. Eric - It's no secret how my mother feels about what's going on.

Abe - So Theo is back to testing where he was before Lexie passed away. Marlena - That's wonderful. You've done such a fine job with him. Abe - I wake up everyday and put one foot in front of the other. How about you? Marlena - What did John say? Abe - Not much. He was preoccupied. He hinted that things were rough with you two. Marlena - That's one way to put it. Abe - Marlena, this morning he sent me a text that felt ... well, bizarre, is the only word. Marlena - What did he say? Abe - He asked me to look out for you; to help you if I could. It was as if he felt that he wouldn't be here himself. Marlena - Well there it is. John won't be around. We're getting divorced. Abe - No! Marlena - I know. I'm shocked too. I tried to confront him and make him see that we were standing at the edge of a cliff and we had to step back and work it out together. He just jumped. Abe - Are you sure? Marlena - He knew what I wanted. He wouldn't take one step towards me and when I gave him the chance to step back he jumped at it.

Just as John and Kristen are about to kiss there's a knock on the door. Room service. The guy pushes the door open. You left it open for me? Kristen - Yes, please come in. John - Don't worry about the setup kid, I'll just take the bill. Thanks. The guy sees the wedding dress. Congratulations. John - Yeah. John takes care of the bill. Kristen stares at the text she has ready to send to Brady but doesn't press Send. John - The kid finally got the hint. I hung out the Do Not Disturb sign. Okay? The camera pans to the text message on her phone that she's holding behind her back.

Segment 6: Dan has returned. Eric gives Jen a quick hug. Dan shakes his hand - We'll see you soon. Eric - I'll be seeing you everyday at the hospital. Jen - I'm sorry we won't see you tomorrow but I do understand. Family is complicated. Eric agrees. They leave.

JJ's buddy is pumped. Dude, that was awesome. JJ - Nothing to it. He laughs.

Jen and Dan come back into the rectory. Dan asks if he can use the phone. He can't get a signal. Eric tells him to use the landline. Is there a problem? Dan - Is there an emergency tow service that you guys like to use?

Abe - I tell you, I can't believe that this is where you are. Marlena - I know. Looking at it it must all seem so cavalier to you. Abe - I would give anything for the luxury of an argument with Lexie. Marlena - It's so stupid that we let it get this far; that we let Kristen do this to us. That we weren't a strong enough team to stop it from happening. Abe - But you are. That's why I can't believe that this is really the end. I've seen you and John through the wars. I've seen everything you fought and you survived to get back to each other. Kristen isn't bigger than that. Marlena - Unless you let her in. Abe - And I pray you find a way to cast her out. I'm betting on you too. Marlena - You're such a good friend to me. Abe - Yes, yes I am and if you ever need a shoulder ... Marlena - I will call you. They hug. Marlena - Thank you. Abe - Take care. He says goodbye to Johnny and leaves. Johmmy holds the picture against his chest. Marlena - What you got there? Johnny - Nothing. Marlena - The thing that you took from Ciara; that you stole. Johnny nods his head ... Yup. Marlena - You know it's wrong to steal and that she must be pretty upset that she's missing her thing. Johnny - I don't think it's hers either. Marlena - No, whose is it? Johnny - I think it's Aunt Kristen's.

Brady brings Nicole a glass of wine and he has a bottle of water. Nicole toasts - To your happiness. Brady - Now start talking. Nicole - About? Brady - About whatever is bugging you. Nicole - I'm fine. You're the one getting married tomorrow. Can we give that a minute or two please. Brady - I got the whole rest of my life for that. Nicole - Are you sure about that? Brady - I am. Nicole - Okay. I'm just saying that with all the controversy going on ... just making sure you're not having second thoughts. Brady - You're talking about that stuff going on with my father and Marlena, right? Nicole - And your brother Eric. Brady - I don't want to go there right now. Nicole - He didn't say no lightly. Brady - He didn't say it smartly either. The guy has been very hypocritical. Nicole - Don't talk about him like that. Brady - No, he is the one ... Nicole - He puts everyone else before him and he bends over backwards to see a person's point of view. Brady scoffs - Unless it's in his own blind spot. Nicole - He doesn't have a blind spot. Brady - He's not supposed to have a blind spot but he does. Nicole - I don't understand. What did he do? Brady - He chose sides. He's not supposed to do that. The collar is supposed to make him different. Nicole - He is different. Trust me Brady you don't know ... you won't ever meet a better man in your life so please don't talk about him like that. Brady stares. Nicole - What! Brady - OMG.

John - Where were we? Kristen - Nowhere. The waiter got here just in time; saved us from doing something really stupid. John - You don't mean that. Kristen - Yes I do. John - Are you sure? He kisses her.

Segment 7: Dan and Jen arrive at the Horton house. Dan - They're tires, they're replaceable. Jen - I know but the fact that someone would do that; that they would vandalize your property. They go into the living room. JJ is watching tv. Jen asks him to turn that down please. I'm sorry, it's just been a rough night. JJ - What happened? Jen - Someone slashed Daniel's tires in a church parking lot no less. JJ - Oh, someone does not like you. Jen - Some stranger pulling any ugly prank, I'm sure. JJ - Still, who would do something like that? He shuts off the tv. Jen - It's fine. You can watch it in here, we'll go. JJ - It's boring anyway. I'm just going to go upstairs and read. Jen gets a call. JJ walks up to Dan - Sorry about your car man.

Nicole gets up to leave. Brady gets up to stop her. When he does his phone falls out of his pocket. Did I hear what I thought I heard you say. Nicole - No probably no you didn't. Brady - It sounds like I heard you have feelings for Eric. Feelings that you shouldn't be having.

Eric lights a candle. Brady I'm sorry. I'm not taking sides and one day you'll understand that. I'm praying for you tonight. Praying that you find the happiness and peace that you deserve.

Marlena - Why do you think that whatever you took from Ciara belongs to Kristen? Johnny - Cause she's in it. It's a picture. He hands it over. Marlena stares at it.

Kristen and John keep kissing. She stops long enough to look over her shoulder and then send the text to Brady. She drops her phone and starts taking off John's jacket.

Brady - You want Eric. Nicole - Don't be ridiculous. He is so taken. What do you think I am? Brady - You're human. Nicole - Or stupid, dumb, masochistic. Brady - I never said that. Masochistic - that's debatable. Nicole - Eric and I are friends. We are very old friends. Brady - I know that you are old friends. Is that all that you want to be? Nicole - Yes. Why are you interrogating me? Brady says he isn't. I'm worried about you. Nicole - Well worry about yourself. Brady - I don't need to worry about myself. My life is good. After tomorrow, it's going to get better. I'm getting everything I've ever wanted. The camera pans to his phone under the table that shows the text from Kristen.

John and Kristen end up on the bed on top of her wedding dress.


Tuesday, May 28

Segment 1: Replay of John and Kristen falling on to the bed.

Eric is having a restless sleep. He wakes up with a start.

Sami is sitting at Will's bedside when Caroline knocks and comes in. Caroline gives Will a kiss on the forehead. Sami - He's going to wake up tomorrow. The doctor says that he's going to be fine. Caroline - What about you? Sami - Me? You know me, I'm always just ... She starts blubbering - He almost died. Caroline comforts her. It's going to be alright. They said he's going to be fine.

Nick comes into Gabi's room. She's asleep. He recalls telling Gabi he wants to marry her and raise this baby together.

While Marlena stares at the picture she recalls Sy approaching her in the town square. OMG.

Repeat of Brady telling Nicole that after tomorrow his life is only going to get better as his dropped phone shows an incoming text from Kristen. What's with that look? Oh come on, you as well? You know how sick I am of people judging Kristen and I. You gave me a present Nicole. I thought we had your blessing. Let me guess, you don't think Kristen's the right girl for me either. Just say it. Nicole - I don't even know how to answer that question. I don't even know Kristen. The question is, do you?

When John pulls back and breaks the kiss Kristen asks - What?

Johnny - Grandma, are you mad because I took Ciara's picture? Marlena - No, I'm not. You said this was in her backpack? Johnny - Yeah. Marlena recalls a conversation with Hope about finding the mugger and that maybe he'd talk about what happened that night. Marlena talks to herself - She set up that mugging so that Brady would ... or is that him? What if she set it up just to make me look bad; just another ruse. Or what if it's not? This is what I need to prove to Brady who she really is.

Brady - Of course I know who Kristen really is. Nicole - Your soulmate. Brady - You're damn right! Nicole - Like Madison? Brady - No, completely different Nicole. I don't give a damn what anybody else thinks about what Kristen and I have. I'm sick of explaining myself. You realise when I met her I was at rock bottom. My life was nothing, do you remember that? Nicole - She saved you. Brady - That's right. She pulled me right back up. She gave me my life back. I never thought I was going to get it back. I fell in love with her. She fell in love with me and from day one that woman has had my best interests in her heart. Her love is true and pure and I'll tell you it's rare.

Kristen turns her back to John. Is something wrong? John pulls out his cell and grimaces but sends that text to Brady. John - No, this is right. He kisses her again as the camera cuts to Brady's cell under the table and then back to John and Kristen. John - I want you so much. Another kiss.

Segment 2: Adrienne finds Sonny sitting in one of the chairs near the nurse's station. She hugs him. I came as soon as I heard. Are you okay? Sonny - I'm fine. Will's still out of it from the anasthetic but they say he's going to be good to go. Adrienne - Thank God. That's good news about Will, isn't it? Sonny - It is. It's just sometimes when I hear his name ... I thought I was going to lose him. Adrienne hugs him again. He's going to be fine; so are you.

Sami - He saved someone's life. Caroline - Isn't that just like him! Always sticking up for someone, right? He was that way before he could walk. No bully was to big for him and no wrong can't be righted. I heard Gabi was involved. He was trying to save her life. Sami - Yeah. And he saved Nick Fallon.

Nick sits next to Gabi's bed. The nurse comes in with the baby. Hi there. Looks like Mommy is sleeping but Daddy's here. Have you gotten to hold your daughter yet Mr. Fallon? Nick - No. Nurse - Nothing like holding your newborn baby in your arms. Okay Arianna, Daddy's going to hold you while Mommy sleeps. She places the baby in his arms and shows him how to support her head. Enjoy her. She leaves the room. Nick looks from the baby to Gabi.

Marlena - Hey Johnny, you said this picture belonged to Ciara. Johnny - But she wouldn't share. Marlena - I understand. Do you know if she ever showed it to her mother? Johnny - I don't know. Ciara was hiding it from everybody. Marlena - Excuse me for a second. She goes to the bar and makes a call. Be there, be there, be there ... she has to leave a message. Hope, you have to call me. It's really, REALLY important. Roman ... no, he's gone. I've got the evidence right in my hands and I can't do a thing with it. She goes back to the table. Johnny, do you know when Grandma Caroline is coming back? Johnny - No. Marlena - Oh okay. She stands up when she sees Eric come in. She hugs him. I'm so glad you're here. Eric - Are you alright? What's going on?

Nicole - Hey wait. Do you hear me judging you at all? I just said that I don't know Kristen but I do know you are really, really happy. Brady - I am and it's because of her. Nicole - Okay. If you're happy then I am happy for you. She kisses him on the cheek. How's that? Brady - Thank you. Nicole - You're welcome. I'm going to head back to the old convent and see what the devil's gotten into ... Brady - No, you're not. Hold on. You never answered my question. Nicole - About? Brady - Eric. Nicole - Yes I did. I answered you completely, honestly, so help me God. There ain't no there, there. Really! Come on. Not those feelings. Not the feelings you suggested. Nicole Walker looking at Eric Brady like that is so way, way, WAY in the past. It's done, it's over. Brady - I wish I could believe you but there's a really good reason why I can't. Nicole snaps - What the hell did Kristen tell you?

Kristen pulls back from John and recalls Brady's proposal. She recalls a gift he gave her. She gets out of bed and goes to the door.

Segment 3: Brady - What in the world does Kristen have to do with you and Eric? Nicole recalls when Kristen taunts her about her feelings for Eric. Kristen - Didn't I just say there is no Eric and Me. Brady - Yeah but then you mentioned Kristen. Nicole - She supposedly saved you and gave you your life back. If she's this great woman why is she feeding you this crap about how I feel about Eric. Brady - Kristen never said a word to me about you and Eric. Nicole - Oh. Brady - The only reason I asked is because of how you went off on me when I mentioned him and made that comment about him. I mean, that was pretty over the top. Nicole - Have you met me? I'm always over the top. Look when someone makes a crack about my friend I speak up. Maybe you should remember that the next time. Have a nice wedding. Brady stops her. Don't leave like that. Leaving things on a sour note with you ... I can't do that. She smiles. Alright, okay, I'm sorry. Like I said, if Kristen makes you happy, good for you and good for her. Brady - Good for everybody. Thank you. Nicole - I can't believe it. The next time I see you, you're going to be married. Oh gosh, a million years ago if I knew you were marrying someone else I would be suicidal. But you'd still be my buddy, right? Brady - We'll always be buddies. Nicole - And friends, they say stupid things like that all the time. Brady - They do. And you know what friends do? They forget that it even happened. Nicole - Yes. Because you're the sweetest thing ever, I'm going to hug you. She does that. Can you promise me that you're going to stay happy? Promise! Brady - I promise. Nicole - Okay. She leaves.

Eric - I just can't believe that Brady is marrying Kristen tomorrow. Marlena - You couldn't sleep tonight? Eric - No. After everything that woman has done to him and John ... no. I'm guessing I'm preaching to the choir. That wedding has got you on edge too, right? Marlena - Yeah. Eric, I've got to get out of here. Eric - Why? Marlena - It's a long story but I promised I would watch Johnny overnight. He can't go home because they don't want him knowing what happened to Will or to Rafe. So do me a favour. When Caroline and Kayla get back would you please ask them to watch him overnight for me. Eric - Yes, sure. Marlena - Please stay with him until they get here. Eric - Not a problem. I can do it. Marlena - Oh, thank you! I love you so much and I think Brady ... well I think it's going to be alright. I've got to go.

Sonny - Hope, she showed up and she shot the guy otherwise Nick would be dead and Will, he would have ... Adrienne - It's okay. It's over. Let's not talk about it anymore. Let's talk about my son, the hero. Sonny - What? Adrienne - Oh yeah. I heard correctly. A certain young man delivered a baby in the wilderness without any help whatsoever. How did it feel? Sonny - She wasn't crying at first; she wasn't breathing. I was panicked. All I good think to do was what they do in those movies; I turned her around and swatted her little butt. Adrienne chuckles - And she started crying. Sonny - I'm telling you when you hold a baby in your hands and it literally comes to life ... Adrienne - It's a miracle. Sonny - Yeah but I never, ever want to do that again. Adrienne laughs - No, let's hope not. But you see why I call you a hero. Sonny - Will, he's the real hero. He could have left Nick there to die; gotten away but instead he showed such guts. Adrienne - Anyway I can see this hero? Sonny - He's sleeping right now. They say he won't come round until morning. I'm going to stay the night. I want to be the first person he sees when he wakes up. Adrienne - Let's go see him now.

Sami - Eric came by earlier and gave Will his blessing. Caroline kisses his forehead again. When God is with you nothing can stand against you. Sonny and Adrienne come in. Sonny - Sorry, we can come back later. Caroline - No, I have to get back to work at the pub. I just came here to give my great grandson a kiss. Sami will go with her. Caroline and Sami hug Sonny before leaving. Adrienne smiles down at Will - So handsome. Sonny - Yeah. Adrienne - And peaceful. Sonny - It's kind of amazing especially because of what he went through because of Nick.

Nick stares down at Arianna.

The camera pans to Brady's cell phone under the table and then to Brady going through his wallet. Marlena is in the square leaving another message for Hope. Call me, call me, call me. It's important. She turns and sees Brady. Brady, I need to talk to you.

John - Are you alright? Kristen - What's really going on here? John - It's pretty simple. Two people who want each other. Kristen rubs her arms. What do you feel for me? John - Well I feel that we've both been waiting for this ... Kristen - I want to know what you feel for me. Johm gets out of the bed. I thought you knew. Kristen - Just say it okay. Just spit it out. John - Well I feel ... oh come on, you know how I feel. You've known for months. Kristen - The truth. I just want the truth. Don't you think it's about time that one of us spoke it. I know exactly how I feel about you. Do you want to hear?

Segment 4: Nicole comes into the pub as Eric is telling Johnny he's getting smarter and smarter every day. Johnny - I'm supposed to. Don't you get smarter every day? Eric - Well, hope springs eternal. Johnny sees Nicole and runs to her and hugs her. Nicole - Hey Johnny, buddy, nice to see you. Johnny - Come on over here. He takes her by the hand and leads her to their table.

By the nurse's station Caroline tells Sami that she needs to talk to her. I need to say something. It's for the whole family, okay? Sami - Okay. Caroline - I know that I'm not what I used to be and that I can't ... Sami is going to say something but Caroline says no. It kills me not to be able to babysit the kids on my own anymore but you know life doesn't always give you what you want. Sami - Grandma, we love you. Caroline - Darling, please, just hear me out, would you? I am forgetful but I'm not fragile. I'm at war with this Alzheimer's but I have plenty of fight left in me. What I don't need is my family playing hide the facts from Grandma. Are you hearing me on this? Sami - Yes. I should have told you about Will sooner. Caroline - Yes and do you know why? Because I'm still here ... see ... me ... and I want to be part of the solution. If I can't I don't want to be a problem. I want to stand by you anytime you need me until I can't. You got it. Sami got it. She hugs her and cries. I need you. Caroline - I'm here.

Adrienne - I can't believe that I ever thought Will wasn't right for you. Sonny - You were hardly alone. Adrienne - But you didn't doubt it, did you? Sonny - Not for a second. Adrienne - We take so much for granted. It can all disappear in a second. We have to pay attention to that. We have to be grateful for every day. Sonny - I will always be grateful that Will's in my life.

Brady - If this is about the wedding or Kristen ... Marlena - Of course it's about the wedding and Kristen. I've got to show you something ... Brady - No, I don't want ... Marlena - This will change your mind ... Brady snaps - Listen! I don't want to see anything. It's not going to happen.

John - Kristen, I may not always have the right words ... Kristen - You're a liar. You're a lying, manipulative, self-serving son of a bitch that doesn't give a crap for anybody but himself. That's kind of old news though, isn't it? That's who you are. Why don't we talk about who you were. John buttons up his shirt - Where's this coming from? Kristen - You were the finger down my throat. I knew that if I was ever going to be free of you, screw therapy, I was just going to have to pretend that you never existed. And that's what I did. I acted fine. I walked and I talked fine for years until one day Stefano called and he wanted me back in Salem. And BAM! All those feelings of hatred came rushing back and I knew that I could finally have my revenge on you and have my revenge on Marlena and the joy it would bring me, right? John - You know what. I think we ought to just call it a night. Kristen - But I was wrong. Revenge isn't joy; revenge is hell. Let me tell you, it's pain and it's sadness and it's complete and utter loneliness. And there's no hope; there's never any hope and I'm sick of it! I'm so sick of it. I'm done with it. It's over. She throws the pearls at his feet.

Segment 5: Gabi wakes up and sees Nick holding Arianna . Isn't she beautiful? We're going to be so happy. She falls back to sleep.

Adrienne asks Sonny if he's eaten. Sonny - No. Adrienne - Come on. Let's go get you something. Plus I'm no doctor but Will may know you're here holding his hand. He might rest a little better if you're not here. Sonny kisses Will's forehead and leaves with his mom.

Nicole - I just came here to get some coffee but it's nice to see you Father Eric. Eric - And it's good to see you Nicole. I'm hanging out here with Johnny until Kayla and my grandmother get back. He was with my mom but she had to run. Johnny - She was real mad because of Aunt Kristen.

Brady starts walking away. Marlena - Brady, wait. If I've come on too strong, I'm sorry. Brady - I'm sorry too. I'm really sorry. I'm sorry about you and Dad. I hate the fact that you're not together anymore but you two treated Kristen like dirt so I had to choose between you and Dad or Kristen and I chose Kristen. Marlena - I know that ... Brady - My choice is final and we're going to get married and we're going to be happy and we're going to have our lives together. The one thing we're not going to do is listen to anybody else's lies anymore. I'm so done with this. He turns to leave. Marlena - Brady, take a second ... He keeps walking - Just stop.

John picks up the pearls. Kristen - It's exhilarating. Maybe I should write a song about how amazing it is not to want to destroy somebody's life or get revenge on somebody. What a concept! John - Geez, I'm confused. Could you be more specific? Kristen - Don't you get it? I don't care anymore about you and Marlena. I still hate you but it doesn't matter anymore. I have something so much better. I have Brady's love. John - Better? Better because you tricked him into loving you. Kristen - No, John. He loves me and I love him. John - Well you know what. He may love you but you can't love him. You know why? Because you don't have a heart. Kristen - That's not true. I do have a heart and it's full of love for Brady. What's the matter? Are you pissed off because your plan went to hell? I know why you're here. I came here for the same reason. I wanted to do to you exactly what you wanted to do to me.

Segment 6: John - Well now you've really lost me. Kristen - John, you don't think I knew that you wanted Brady to walk in on us. I wanted the same thing. I just wanted you to think it was your idea. John - And why the hell would I want that? Kristen - Because you knew it would be the end of Brady and me just like I knew it would be the end of you and Marlena. But John, I don't need that anymore. She holds up her wedding gown. I'm free. I'm free! I'm free to move on with my life with Brady forever!

Brady comes into the living room of the Di mansion. It's all decked out ready for the wedding. He walks around smiling. He picks up a matchbook - Brady and Kristen Forever.

Eric - Johnny, why was Grandma Marlena upset about Kristen? Johnny - She was mad at me too. Eric - Why? Johnny - I stole a picture from Ciara. Eric - Ahh. How does that make you feel? Johnny - Stealing is wrong. Nicole - Yeah it is. People do it all the time ... I mean, sometimes people do things that are wrong. Johnny - Even you? Nicole - Are you kidding? I did more wrong in this town than anyone - Eric gives her the look so she adds; I mean, you're not alone. Sometimes people do bad things but the good thing you did was admit it to Fr Eric. So sometimes when I do things that are wrong I admit it to Fr Eric and he makes me feel better and he forgives me. Johnny - Do you forgive me Fr Eric? Eric - Yes 'cause you know you're not going to it again, right? Johnny - No. Nicole, are you going to do it again? Nicole - Of course not. I mean sometimes you have to bend the rules a little bit - she gets the look again - zipping the lip. From now on you should only listen to Fr Eric. Johnny grins - She's funny. Eric - Yes, sometimes she is. Johnny - You should marry her.

When Sami sees Sonny and Adrienne return to the waiting area near the nurse's station she asks if Will is still asleep. Sonny - Yeah. We're just heading down to get something to eat. Mom, why don't you hang out with Sami and talk. Adrienne - Sure, I can do that. He leaves. Sami - You should be so proud ... I'm sure you are proud of him. It's an amazing thing he did. Not everyone's kid delivers a baby in the wild. Adrienne - I know. He hated biology. Seriously Sami, I'm so glad that Will's going to be okay. Sami - Thank you. Me too. And I can find out how that guy got out of prison. Adrienne - If you need any help I'll get Justin involved. Sami - Thank you. Adrienne - Is there any chance we can see that granddaughter of yours please. Sami - Oh my goodness. Of course. Are you kidding! I'll take you myself. It's a good excuse to go see her again.

Kristen - We're done here. I'm going to go home. I'm going to find my man and we're going to get married. John - You're not going anywhere and you're sure as hell not marrying my son. Kristen - The hell I'm not. Get out of my way. John steps in front of her. Kristen brushes past and opens the door. John slams it shut. You're not going to ruin his life. Two security guards muscle their way in. Ms DiMera, we had a report of raised voices. Some kind of argument. This is the same guy that was bothering you before. Kristen - Yes it is. He's insane. John - Don't listen to her. Kristen - Please stop him because I have to be somewhere. Whatever you do don't let him follow me. John - Damn it. Oh, Kristen.

Marlena strides into the living room at the Di mansion closing the door behind her. Brady. Brady - Did Harold you let in? Marlena - I told him I had to show you something. Don't go ballistic. Give me a moment. I will show it to you and then I will leave. I promise.

Segment 7: Nicole - Alrightee then, I think I'm going to skip that coffee and get out of here. Bye Johnny. She leaves. Eric - Johnny, what do you think? I think we should head upstairs and find you some jammies. Johnny - How come you didn't say anything? Eric - About what? Johnny - Nicole. I know she likes you. Eric - And what makes you think that. Johnny - Because she looks at you the same way she looked at my Daddy when she liked him.

Adrienne and Sami come into Gabi's room. Sami - Gabi is totally wiped out but I think it's okay to look at the baby. Gabi - I'm awake. Adrienne - Ah, sweetie, how are you doing? Gabi - I'm okay. Rafe, why doesn't he ... no one tells me about Rafe. Sami - I went and checked and they said he's fine. He's actually stable. Adrienne - You know what, when you're feeling better we'll get you a wheelchair and take you right over to see him. How does that sound? Gabi - Thank you. Sami - Do you think it would be okay if we took a peek at Arianna Grace. Sami looks in the bassinette. The baby's not here. Gabi - What! She's supposed to be here. Where's my baby?

Will wakes up when he hears the sound of a baby fussing. He opens his eyes and fuzzily sees Nick standing there with the baby. He passes out again.

John - Gentlemen, Ms DiMera has some pre-wedding jitters. She's marrying my son; kind of a stressful time. Guard - You're the same guy who kicked in her door. The other one asks - Have you been drinking sir? John - No I haven't been drinking. I have to go so if you'd excuse me. They block the doorway. It's not going to happen.

Kristen comes up to the door of the mansion. His car's out front. I know he's here. OMG. Just to be able to tell him how much I love him. She goes inside.

One of the guards tells John he's going to check with the front desk to see if Ms. DiMera lodged a complaint. John - This is far too important for ... Guard - It's not your decision sir. You'll leave when we say so. John tries to call Brady. Come on son, pick up your phone. Camera cuts to Brady's phone under the table in the square.

Kristen throws open the doors to the living room - Brady! Marlena is standing next to Brady who is staring at the picture of Kristen paying Sy. Stares all around!


Wednesday, May 29

Segment 1: Repeat of John trying to get past the security guards.

Repeat of Kristen arriving back at the Di mansion.

Repeat of Sami and Adrienne coming into Gabi's room and the discovery that the baby is missing.

Repeat of Nick in Will's room with Arianna.

Gabi panics and presses the call button. Sami and Adrienne try to assure her that the baby is probably just at the nursery. Maxine comes in. Gabi - My baby's gone. Sami amends that - She's not gone, she's just not here in the bassinette. Gabi - I need you to find my baby right now!

John paces and stares at his phone. Damn it kid, call me. Look guys, I've got to go. Guard - Not until we hear from the front desk. John - You can't keep me here. Roman comes in. Maybe not. When my plane landed there was a report of a disturbance here. Thought I'd check it out personally since the name Kristen DiMera came up.

Kristen tentatively approaches Brady. Brady takes a few steps and stops. Who are you?

Sami - I'm sure Arianna is fine. Maxine - Odds are the pediatrician is running tests. She gets a little fussy when babies aren't born in the hospital. I'll check for you. Adrienne assures Gabi that everything is going to be fine. You just need to relax.

Will - Nick.

Roman - So what happened here John between you and Kristen. John recalls what Kristen said about them both wanting Brady to walk in on them. Roman - You're not going to answer my questions? Okay, not to hard to figure out. You came here trying to stop Kristen from marrying Brady. How'd that work out for you?

Brady holds up the picture. This is one of the men who attacked you that night when I came to your rescue, right? Then we started getting close and you told me you were changed. And then you said you were different. Kristen tries to say something but Brady pushes on. And then you set me up. You played me. Kristen - No! Brady - No? Kristen looks at Marlena. You did this. I love him. I love him more than anything in the world and you can't stand it so you created that total lie and showed it to him, right?

Segment 2: Maggie is now at the hospital. She hugs Sonny. I'm so glad that Will is going to be alright. Sonny - You and me both. Maggie - It sounds like we all had some luck on our side today. I know that Gabi and Nick have a lot to thank you and Will for.

Adrienne - You know when Will wakes up in the morning he's going to be thrilled to see Arianna. Gabi - Yeah, he will. Did either of you see Nick when he was here? Sami - Nick? Adrienne - No, he wasn't here when we came in earlier. Sami - In fact I haven't seen him since Will got out of surgery. I thought he left. Gabi - No, he was here. He was holding the baby.

Nick and Will stare at each other. Flashback of Nick getting Will to sign the papers giving up his rights to the baby. FB of Will asking Nick if he did this because he's gay.

John - I wasn't here to hurt her Roman. Come on! Man in suit - Mr. Black as your lawyer I'd advise you not to answer any questions. Guard - Excuse me Commissioner. The front desk said Ms DiMera never filed a complaint and she's not answering her phone. Roman - So let me get this straight. The only complaint you've got is from somebody down the hall saying they heard raised voices. Sec. Guard - Yes, sir. John - So what? It's a surprise that Kristen and I had words? Lawyer - Mr. Black, don't ... John - It's alright. Everybody knows I didn't want my son marrying that crazy bitch. The whole town thought it was crazy. So yeah, Roman, we had ourselves a little argument. A hell of a lot of good that did!

Kristen - So why didn't you add a flying saucer into the picture or Bigfoot? Just because you photoshopped two people it doesn't make it a real photo. Marlena - I know nothing about photography but I do know the man in that picture. I think his name is Sy something. He came to me to be a patient. He also wanted to give me something ... a photograph I assume because it was in an envelope but then he just disappeared ... Poof! Did you have something to do with that? Kristen - Do you hear what she's doing? She's just fabricating this whole thing Brady out of thin air. Brady - I need a moment alone with her Marlena please, if you don't mind. Marlena rubs Brady's arm - I'm sorry it had to come out like this. Kristen - Lying bitch! You live for this ... are you kidding me! That's why you faked that photo Marlena and you know it! Kristen goes to Brady. He holds up his hand. Don't! You know when Marlena showed me this photo she didn't know this was one of the men that put me in the hospital. She didn't see the police mugshot Kristen. Kristen - But Hope hates me almost as much as Marlena does so she probably did something ... Brady - You stop lying to me! Just stop it! Kristen, you paid this guy to fake your mugging so I would come to your rescue and you could reel me in, right? You've been playing me since day one, right? You've been playing me, haven't you? Kristen shakes her head - No. Brady - Haven't you, yes or no?

Segment 3: Brady - I want to hear it. I want to hear the truth from you. Kristen - I want to tell you the truth; tell you everything. That's why I came racing over here. Did you hear me call out your name? I love you. I love you so much. I had this total epiphany tonight. It was just crazy. I had an epiphany about you and me and our relationship. We've been through so much baby! Baby, we made it! I know now that no matter who's against us or what happens, I love you. I love you and nothing can change that. Tell me that you know that. Brady - You are not answering my question. Answer my question. Did you pay this guy? Did you pay him to attack you and hurt me? Kristen - Why would I do that? Brady - Because you were playing me. Because your game was to get close to me so you could hurt my father and destroy his marriage and watch Marlena suffer, right? Yes or no? Kristen, I already know it's true. I just want to hear it come out of your sick mouth. Yes or no? He snaps - Don't stand there. Say yes or no! Kristen - Yes.

Maggie - I've been thinking about it; this might be a real opportunity for the 4 of you. Sonny - An opportunity? Maggie - Well you know, to make it work. I know that Will signed away his rights to the baby and that there's been a lot of bad blood but you all are going to have to start getting along somehow, right? Sonny - I think it could happen. Gabi and I sure aren't the same people we were before the baby was born but Nick and Will ... he shrugs.

Maxine comes back into Gabi's room. I paged the pedatrician. As soon as she gets back to me we'll know what's what. Gabi - Thank you. Adrienne - It's like Maxine said, they're probably just doing some tests sweetie. Sami - I'm going to go. I'll be back in a little bit. Adrienne - Everything's going to be fine. That baby's been in good hands since the moment it came into this world. Gabi nods - I know and I'm very grateful.

Sami tags along with Maxine who says - I didn't want to scare the child but the baby's not in the nursery and the pediatrician doesn't have her either. Sami - It was Nick Fallon; that crazy son of a bitch took my granddaughter. Come on.

Nick sits down by Will's bed. Say hello to your Dad.

Marlena rushes into Hope's office at the PD. Finally! Hope - Hi. I just got your messages. What's going on? Marlena - I need your help. It's Kristen.

John leaves another message for Brady. Are we through here Roman? Roman - A lot of wrinkles for a nice pretty wedding dress. John - Are we through here? Roman - You know what John just between you and me let me take a wild guess as to what might of happened here. You came in here, got in Kristen's face, made a play for her, she freaked, ran out and before you deny that, I do know you still have feelings for her. John scoffs.

Brady - My God. That's the first time you've been honest with me since I met you. Kristen - That's not true. Brady, do you remember when I first came to town, how mean you were to me. I mean, you were really tough on me because you were so determined to protect John and Marlena. I know ... I'm just saying that because you weren't all sweetness and light in the beginning either but then we got to know each other and we fell in love and that changed you just like it changed me. Yes, in the beginning I did some bad things. I used tricks and stupid lies and things because I wanted to get revenge on John and Marlena. Brady - Yeah. What was I? Was I collateral damage to you? Kristen - No. Brady - Marlena was right about you; absolutely right about you from day one and you just admitted it. Kristen - No. What I'm admitting is that in the beginning it was wrong but then it turned right because of our love. Brady - Our love! Kristen - Yeah. Please just listen to me. I've never been in love like that before, okay. Nobody ever loved me like that before Brady and I didn't know. And now I finally know. I know what you mean to me. Brady - I understand. You're talking about the epiphany you had. Kristen - Yes. Brady - Well please, why don't you tell me all about it. Tell me what happened tonight exactly that changed everything for you.

Segment 4: Will - My kid? He struggles to sit up. Hi! Arianna, OMG. Sonny comes to the door. Will - Thank you! Nick is near tears. Everything I've done ... I'm so sorry Will. Will - It's okay. I understand. Can I? Nick - Are you okay? Will - Yeah. Nick and Sonny hand over the baby to Will (sigh ... such a powerful moment!) Nick - Are you okay? Will beams. Nick steps back as he tells Sonny - You two should share this. The baby is crying. Sonny keeps saying 'Sssh, sssh, sssh.' Will rocks her in his arms.

Sami rushes up to Maggie at the nurse's station. Have you seen Nick? Maggie - No but I just spoke to Sonny. I'm so glad Will's going to be alright. Sami - Yeah, yeah. Maggie - Is something wrong. Sami snaps - Yes, you could say that. I swear to God if Nick kidnapped my granddaughter ... Maggie snaps back - Sami, what in the world! Nick would never do something like that. Sami - Are you kidding me? You have always been blind to what that kid is capable of. I swear to God ... Maxine signals for Sami to come to her. Sami continues her rant - Does the name Melanie mean anything to you? She stomps over to Maxine. Maxine - Everything's cool. Come with me.

John - Well let me put it this way Roman, if you think what happened happened, you'd be thrilled, wouldn't you? 'Cause that would finally give you a chance to make a play for my wife. He leaves.

Marlena is leafing through a mugshot book. There is he! That's him. That's the man in the picture; the one that Kristen was paying off. Hope - That's Sy Miller. Brady ID'd him as one of the muggers. Marlena - So now we have the proof that she set the entire thing up. I knew it! Hope - The photograph of Sy and Kristen, you gave it to Brady. Marlena - Yes. Hope - Where'd you get it? Marlena - That's the odd part. I got if from Johnny who happened to take it out of Ciara's backpack.

Kristen - Your father came to my hotel room tonight and he wanted to do the same thing Marlena wants to do, destroy us. Don't let him Brady, don't let them destroy us. Brady - Hey, try and stay focused. What did my father want? Kristen - He wanted me in bed.

Segment 5: Brady - That's ... Kristen - I know but it makes sense Brady when you think about what your father's capable of. He came to my hotel room and said he'd never gotten over me; he still wanted me and that I should stop fighting it and give in because he thought I was the old Kristen but I'm not. See, I could see right through him. Brady - Assuming any of this is real, why would my father do that? Kristen - He wanted to be in bed with me when you walked in. But Brady, you know what I told him. I told him that I loved you. I chose you Brady because you're the most important thing in the whole world to me and I don't need anything else. I don't need revenge. I don't need anything but you Brady and your love.

The baby has quieted down. Maxine leads Sami to the doorway where she sees the 3 guys and the baby. Sami looks at Nick but doesn't say anything. She goes to Will's side. I thought you were supposed to be asleep until tomorrow. Will - She's so beautiful. Sami - Oh yeah. Your dad and I have got the language right. She's not just beautiful. She's the most beautiful baby in the world. Nick leaves. Will - Yeah, she is.

When Maggie sees Nick she exlaims - Oh, you're still here. She sees his expression. Honey, is everything alright? She touches his face, honey! Nick bolts.

Gabi - I'm just saying Sonny and I have really gotten on each other and said some pretty mean stuff but honestly, today, if he hadn't been there I don't think I would have made it. Adrienne - But you did honey and that's what's important. Gabi - He was so kind and so smart; always trying to figure out what to do next; trying to keep the baby safe. I don't even know how I'm going to thank him. Adrienne - Don't worry about that. I know that he's just thrilled that everything worked out okay. Now I do have to admit his mother is awfully proud of him. Gabi - He's already a pretty big part of Arianna's life. I mean he was the first to hold her when she was first born. Maxine comes in. Okay, here's the skinny on that bundle of joy. Will Horton's awake and Arianna's been visiting with him. Adrienne - Really? Oh that's wonderful. Gabi - Really? I wish I would have been there to see his face when he first saw her.

Will - It's hard to realise that if you didn't get Gabi away from that maniac ... Sami - Hey, let's not think about that right now. Let's focus on the important things. Will - Yeah. Thank God you got Gabi to the hospital before she was born. Sami - You didn't tell him? Sonny - No, it's not a big deal. Sami - I'm sorry but I disagree with you. I think it's a very big deal Sonny. Will - What? Sami - Will, Sonny delivered your baby. (My gosh, that baby is so darn cute!)

Maggie follows Nick into the park. Nick, talk to me. What's going on? Is it what happened out on the island? Nick - Will saved my life. Maggie - I heard. I mean, some of it anyway. He was very brave. Nick - After everything I did to him, he almost got killed trying to save my life. And then Jensen shot him. He almost shot Gabi. He didn't even care about the baby. He was always like that. Maggie - Nick, this man, all I heard was that he was in prison with you. Is that right? Nick nods yes. Maggie - And for some reason he came looking for you. Nick - I don't know if I can hold on. Maggie - What! Nick sits on the bench. Everything was going so great you know. I got married and I had a job. Maggie - Nick, who is this man? Nick - I just pretended like it didn't happen. I mean, how else was I supposed to survive? It didn't happen. He fights back tears and takes a deep breath. That it didn't matter. You know they gave me my early parole and I was sure I was going to be okay. And then I met Gabi and Gabi was my life. And then they let Jensen out. Maggie - Sweetheart, what happened in prison? What did he do to you? Nick cries (and I cry too). Maggie gasps as she realises what happened. Nick - Over and over and over. Maggie pulls him into her arms saying I'm so sorry. Nick puts his head on her shoulder and keeps saying over and over and over.

Hope - I am going to have to have a long chat; a long talk with Ciara about keeping secrets. Marlena - I'm sure she had no idea that it was important. Hope - No, of course not. How could she? But never mind that now. I have to focus on finding and picking up Sy Miller otherwise we're not going to have much of a case with or without the photograph. Marlena - Hope, I need to ask you something. I heard about the shooting at the island. Look at me. Are you okay? Hope - Emotionally? I'm fine. Actually I just came from Internal Affairs. Not much of an interview really. He was about to kill Nick, what was I supposed to do? I had no choice. Marlena, I'm good to go. And I'll feel a heck of a lot better once we bring in Sy Miller.

Brady - So tonight you realised that you loved me. Kristen - Do you see how far your father's willing to go to ... Brady - We're not talking about my father, we're talking about you. Kristen - And my love for you. Brady - Here's the problem with your love for me. Tonight you said you realised you loved me. That means everything before tonight you were playing me, right. Kristen - No, that's not true. Brady - You can deny it all you want. There's nothing more you can say about it Kristen. Kristen - Everybody thought I was incapable of love Brady. John, Marlena and even me but I can love. I love you.

Segment 6: Kristen - I've loved you for a long, long time Brady. Brady - Have you? Kristen - But you know I always fought it. I fought it because I didn't want it to be true. I was so determined to get revenge on John and Marlena you know. I couldn't see the gift that was right in front of me. Brady - Gift? Kristen - Yeah. I think I loved you from the first time you ever touched me. And then when you said you wanted to adopt a baby with me ... I adore you Brady Black. I'm so sorry that it took me so long to figure it all out ... so stupid. But I understand now Brady. I understand how much I love you. We can be together now forever. Brady - My guess is that you don't know how sick you sound right now but trust me, you're in a really bad place Kristen. Kristen - I'm in a really good place because I love you. Brady - You don't know what love is. Hell, maybe I don't either because you fooled the heck out of me until now. He crumbles up the picture. Not anymore.

Maggie - We can get you through this Nick. Now trust me, we can. Nick - When he took us out on that island I knew we were going to die. It's like this whole life that I had pretended was going so great was nothing. It was like a cobweb; one swipe and it was gone. Maggie - Nick, have you talked to Gabi about this? Nick - All the crap that I pulled with Will and Sonny. I tried to tell myself that I was doing it for Gabi and the baby ... just lies. I was doing it because I'd become a sick freak filled with hate and rage. Maggie - No, Nick ... Nick. Now you've got to listen to me. This is what you have to talk to Gabi about. Now you can get through it if she is with you. She loves you. She deserves the truth. Talk to her.

Sonny - So we knew the ferry wouldn't get there in time. And then her water broke. Will - And then you ... took charge? Sonny - Not really. I coached her a little bit. Believe it or not when a baby is born a mother does all the work. I did next to nothing. Sami - That is not what Gabi says. She says she couldn't have done it without you.

Adrienne hugs Gabi. Now you just think of me as one of your grandma's. Babysitting happens to be my speciality! Maxine returns. So how is Mommy doing? Gabi - I'm good. Maxine - Great. Adrienne - I'm going to get going sweetie. You take care. Gabi - Thank you for everything. Adrienne leaves. Maxine - That baby of yours is being oohed and aahed over like crazy. She's got a crowd of people just waiting to love her. Gabi laughs. Nick comes in. Maxine - Oh look, here's one of them now. You know Nick, that was a nice thing you did, taking Arianna over to see her father. But the next time you decide to do something unexpected like that please let one of the nurses know. Nick - Yeah, sorry. Maxine - If you need anything push the button. She leaves. Gabi - She's right. Taking Arianna to see Will was pretty awesome. Baby, you looked really wiped out. Maybe you should go home and get some rest because there's nothing to worry about. It's amazing, isn't it? Will's doing awesome, I'm fine, baby's doing great. Now we can all look forward to a future together ... Nick - Gabi, please stop.

Hope finishes up a call and then calls Marlena's name. She has to say it twice. Marlena - Oh, I'm sorry. Hope - No I'm sorry. I've been so focused on the police aspect of this thing I haven't asked how you're coping. Marlena - I'm fine. Hope - It must feel pretty incredible to be proven right. It was blind to everyone and now you have the truth. Marlena - It's nice to be vindicated but it does come at a price. Hope - Are you going to talk to John now?

Kristen grabs his jacket - It can't be over. Brady, I love you. Brady pulls away. Kristen - Listen to me. Brady - Stop. Kristen falls to her knees. Brady - What are you doing? Kristen - It's not fair. I finally know how much you mean to me. You can't tell me that you don't feel the same way. Brady - You want to know what I feel for you? I feel disgust for you. I feel disgust. I want to get the hell out of this room. Kristen clamps her arms around his leg. I won't let you go. Stay here with me please. Don't go, I won't let you. I won't let you go Brady. She cries. Stay here. Stay with me please.

Segment 7: Brady tries to pull away but Kristen is tenacious. Brady, I swear to you that I'm being a 100% honest with you. 100%. Brady - How can you say that? You played me for 6 months and then you realise you love me an hour ago. I feel so important to you. Kristen - You're the most important thing in the world to me; the most important thing. I can't lose you. I can't. We're going to get married. We're going to adopt a baby. Please, we have our love now. We can be ... Brady gets down to her level. He yells - Our love is gone! Kristen - No, it's not. Brady - It's dead and all we have to do now is bury it. He leaves. Kristen cries - No ... no .. no ... no ... no!

Will - You are one lucky little lady. You have Sonny Kiriakis looking out for you from day one. OMG, I love you. He looks at Sonny - And I love you. Sonny - I love you too. They kiss. Sami and Adrienne watch and smile from the doorway.

Gabi - Nick, you're scaring me. Nick - I don't want to do that but there's something I have to tell you about. I don't even know how to say this. I'm so ashamed. Gabi - What are you talking about? Nick - It's time, way past time, for you to know the truth about me.

Brady is in the park. John sees him. They stare at one another.

Kristen is still on her knees pounding on the floor. It's not fair. It's not fair. I was telling the truth. She cries. She then looks around and looks up and sees Marlena standing there.


Thursday, May 30

Segment 1: Nicole is in the rectory. She recalls Johnny telling Eric he should marry her. Eric comes in ... looks are exchanged. Nicole smiles.

Lucas comes into Will's room. Look who's awake. Will grins - Hi Dad. Lucas - Obviously he's on the mend ... looking good. Sonny - He'll be good as new. Lucas - Excellent. Well look at her. That's amazing. You must be popping stitches with pride right now. Look at that little baby. Look at those eyes. You got to meet your daddy. You know I got all the details about what happened on Smith Island. It's pretty incredible. Will - I just did what I had to do you know. I learned that from you. Lucas - I don't know about that. You did some wild and crazy things that you learned from the blonde over there. Sami - Of course. Lucas - Thank you Sonny for bringing the baby here so Will could see her. Sonny - We didn't do that. Will - Nick did.

Repeat of Nick crying and telling Gabi it's time for her to know the truth about him. Gabi - I do know the truth. Of course I know the truth. You're an amazing man with a great heart and we're going to have a really great life together. Nick - Gabi, stop. Gabi - What? Nick - You just think you know me but you can't. I don't even know who I am. Gabi - We shouldn't talk about this today because you've had a really awful day and you just need some sleep, that's it. Nick - Gabi, we have to do it now. I've been hiding stuff. I've been telling myself ... I don't know ... that somehow it would evaporate or something. Or maybe I thought I could just lie forever. Gabi - No, we haven't lied. We've told everything to each other. We haven't done that. Nick - Gabi, I lied about everything. Gabi - No ... what ... Nick - Everything. I blackmailed Will to give up his rights to the baby. I blackmailed him. Gabi - Okay, I always thought that you had something over him but that's because you were trying to protect me from Sami. Nick - No. It had nothing to do with Sami. It's because Will's gay.

John approaches Brady. You look like hell. What's happened? Brady - What did you do tonight Dad with Kristen? John - All I want to know is are you okay. Brady - All I want to know is what you did with Kristen tonight. Did you go to her room tonight? Did you try to seduce her Dad? Yes or no.

Repeat of Kristen looking up and seeing Marlena. Bitch! Marlena - Isn't that what payback is Kristen? Kristen - You viscious, vindicative ... Marlena - Bitch. Yes I know. You said that. Kristen - Can't help yourself, huh? Had to come back and gloat. Marlena - I didn't come back for you. I came to make sure Brady was okay. Kristen - He left and he's not okay. You ruined his life, remember? Marlena - I thought he had the right to know the truth. Kristen - Is that what you thought? Are you sure you didn't think that you've been trying to get revenge on me for 15 years and now is your chance. So what if Brady gets hurt in the process. Marlena - That was never the intention. Kristen - Oh really. Now you're here, what do you want! You want me on the ground again so you can kick me when I'm down. You know what, I didn't think it was possible but I hate you more than I ever did. I only have one regret ... that I didn't kill you when I had the chance.

Segment 2: Nick - Look, the way I treated Will and Sonny is not because I'm religious. In prison ... things happened that changed me. Gabi is going to say something but Nick stops her. You need to let me get through this okay ... all of it. Because if I can't tell you ... Life inside, Gabi ... you have no idea the things that can happen. When I got out I was a wreck you know ... I was lost. I was just faking everything just to get through an hour. And then to get through another hour. And I thought if I could just forget you know ... if I could just wipe away everything that happened that I would be okay. He cries. And then I met you and OMG, you were so wonderful and warm and sexy and loving and I made a huge mistake. Gabi - What are you talking about? Nick - I held on to you Gabi. I held on to you for dear life. I made you my whole world and I took everything that happened in prison and I put it in this box. I just locked it away. And that's ... I thought it would be okay. I thought that you would save me because as long as I had you then I wouldn't have to deal with all my demons. And then Will ... Will turned out to be the baby's father and that's when some of those demons started to come out again. Gabi - Will and Sonny never did anything to hurt you. Nick - I know. I know. But if I didn't treat them like dirt how was I going to justify all my dirty secrets. I know this doesn't make any sense Gabi but I couldn't stop it from happening. And then Will ... Will risked his life for me. He almost died trying to stop Jensen from killing me. And that's when I realised I've got to face what Jensen did to me in prison. I've got to face all of the lies. I'm sorry. I'm sorry Gabi. I'm so sorry. They both cry.

Nicole - So how was Johnny after I left. Eric recalls Johnny telling him that Nicole liked him and how he knew. Eric - Interesting.

John - I need you to know that no matter what son I love you more than anything in this world. Brady - Wow, that's reassuring Dad. Do I get my answer now. Hope walks up - Brady. John - Hope, we're in the middle of something. Hope - So am I, sorry to interrupt. Brady I need to ask you some questions about Kristen and Sy Miller. Brady looks down at the crumpled photo in his hand.

Marlena - Wow. The real Kristen emerges. Hello again. Kristen - Go to hell. Marlena - You put on quite a show the last six months but I never bought a ticket because I knew the truth about you, I always have. Kristen - I think you and I need to have a little talk. I don't think you know everything you think you do. Marlena - I don't care what you say about anything or anyone. Kristen - Not even John.

Segment 3: Nicole watches as Eric fiddles with his collar. Johnny was interesting ... what does that mean? Eric - You know that little boy. I was just wondering, are you comfortable working here? Nicole - Sorry? Eric - I guess what I'm trying to say is are you at peace living here. Nicole - At peace? I don't know ... ooooh ... are you talking about that comment Johnny made earlier. Eric - I'm just concerned that maybe ... Nicole - You can't possibly think that I have feelings for you, that's crazy. What's the matter with you!

Sonny is holding Arianna now. Sami - Let's get the baby back to the nursery. I'll go with you. They leave. Will - Dad, would you mind sticking around for a minute. Lucas - Sure.

Sami - I really want to hear every detail ... what Nick said to you when he brought the baby in.

Gabi - You said that I was someone you grabbed on to. Does that mean that what we had wasn't real? Nick - When it all came flooding back I realised I've spent every day since I first met you pretending I was someone else. Gabi - So you never really loved me? Nick - I thought I did. I wanted to. I'm so confused Gabi. I was lying so much to so many people. How could I know what I really felt. Gabi - Nick, you swore you loved me. Nick - Honest to God Gabi I wanted my fantasy to be real but you have to understand in prison I was so twisted that I ... Gabi - Before we got married Nick I asked you, I begged you to tell me what happened to you. Nick - I know! And I couldn't tell you. I couldn't do it. I'm sorry. Gabi - We got married Nick! And I just had a baby. What is it that you're trying to tell me? Nick - Jensen ... Jensen raped me Gabi. He raped me and he beat me again and again and again and again and after that there was no me.

Hope - That photograph will be key evidence. I'll need it. The man receiving the money from Kristen ... he's one of the muggers from the square, correct? Brady - Yeah and that's Kristen paying him off right there. Hope - You received that photograph from Marlena tonight. Brady - Yes I did. Hope - Has Kristen seen it? Brady - Yes she has. Hope - And what did she say? Brady - She lied. She lied just like the day in your office when I ID'd this guy as one of the muggers. Hope - Exactly, when she insisted he wasn't one of the muggers. Brady, what do you think now? Brady - What do I think now? I think she hired two men to stage an attack. I think she knew that I'd follow her. She knew that I'd rescue her and she knew she could reel me in and lie to me and then use me. That's what she did.

Kristen - First of all my condolences for your upcoming divorce. John told me. Marlena - Well first of all it's none of your business. And secondly, nothing is written in stone. Kristen - You crazy kids think you're going to work things out? Marlena - As I said, none of your business. Kristen - Maybe. I can't help being a little nosy because a couple of hours ago he was in my hotel room. Actually he was on my bed. He had me on my back ... should I go on?

Segment 4: Sonny - Nick just showed Arianna to Will, said he was sorry about everything and Will said he understood. Sami - Will was really amazing out there, wasn't he? Sonny - Yeah, that's who he is. Sami - It's a weird feeling when you realise you're child is a better person than you are. Sonny - You wouldn't have let Nick die. You know you would have done something too. Sami - No, I'm not a 100% sure of that. What I really want to know is how the hell that guy Jensen got out of prison in the first place. Look what he's done to Rafe, what he did to Will, what he was going to do to Gabi. Man, somebody better have some answers.

Will - I just wanted to say that everything you said was spot on about me seeing my daughter for the first time. Lucas - Overwhelming, isn't it? Will - I swear it's like when I woke up and Nick was standing there and he brought me her, it was just like ... I swear music started playing. Lucas - She's beautiful man. So tiny and helpless. Will - Yeah. Lucas - And you've got to realisel; you've got to know you're responsible now. Will - Yeah. I'm going to do everything I can to give her the best life you know. I'm not going to let anybody hurt her. Lucas - That's how I felt when you were born.

Nick - He raped me. I've never said that out loud before. But that's what happened. It's real. And that's what I have to deal with now. What's real. I can't tell you how sorry I am that I used you Gabi. Gabi - So you're saying that it was a fantasy ... what we had ... Nick - It was so obvious what I was doing you know. Sonny and Will show up and I start in with the names, then thrashing them every chance I get. I hated them because of what Jensen did to me. It's sick. Jensen wasn't even gay. In prison it's not about being gay or straight, it's about violence, power. Gabi, I'm so sorry. I wished you'd never met me. Sami and Sonny come in with Arianna. Look who we have for you. They come in and see that they're both crying. Sonny - I'm sorry, is this a bad time? Sami - We'll just take the baby to the nursery. Gabi - No, I want to hold her. Sami - Isn't she precious. A nurse comes in. Mrs. Fallon, I need your signature. Gabi looks at the paper. It's Arianna's birth certificate. Nick takes it.

Nicole - You are a piece of work. May I remind you since you hired me ... and I admit, we've had our fights, but I've stood by you and I've tried to be the best friend I could possibly be. And what are you doing? You're obsessing over what a child said. Really, a child. Oooh Nicole can't keep her eyes off of me. I'm so irrestible to her. Eric - Nicole, I never ... Nicole - You were thinking it. Better get over yourself Eric.

Hope - Brady, I'm so sorry. The photograph, I'll need it. Brady - It's evidence, take it. Hope thanks him and leaves.

Marlena - I think I'll pass on your stories about John. We all know you're incapable of telling the truth. I guess Brady found out the hard way, huh? Kristen - Ask him. Marlena - Sorry? Kristen - Ask John if he wasn't on top of me ready to go. Marlena - I think I've heard enough. Kristen - He's going to tell you that he did it to save Brady. That he had to have sex with me so he could show Brady what a horrible person I am. That's plausible, sort of. It's crazy that I know John so well. I think I know him better than you do. He has this way of doing things. He convinces himself that he's doing them for the right reasons. That seducing me was okay because it served a higher purpose. But did you know that he's been coming on to me for weeks. Marlena scoffs - Have you no shame? Kristen - There's no shame in telling the truth. Marlena - You're trying to fool yourself into thinking that John would have anything to do with you at all. Kristen - Oh honey, honey, sweetie. I don't have to fool myself about anything. He was on top of me. Now granted, his pants weren't at his ankles but he was ready ... Marlena - You are disgusting. Kristen - Aww... can I help it if he still wants me. There might be a little emotion stuff there but basically it's just sex and I know that you're not exactly in touch with that part of yourself. You know and I know that when John and I are in the same room sparks fly. You see it ... it terrifies you because you know it's never going to die.

Segment 5: Eric - I think you're reading too much into this. Nicole - You're reading too much into things. Really, a silly little comment from Johnny DiMera. But I know why ... because you're always judging me and you're disappointed that I'm an openly sexual person with healthy needs and desires. Eric - Nicole, I really don't want ... Nicole - Why don't you just face it Father okay. I can get those needs met anytime without your help. So stop assuming that you're on my radar. In fact, if I'm going to continue working here, I want a full blown apology from you by noon tomorrow. She walks out and breathes a sigh of relief.

Sami - I'd like to see that birth certificate. Nick - No, you wouldn't. Sami - Excuse me Nick but I have every right to look at it. Nick - There's no point Sami. He looks at the nurse. It has to be redone. The name of the father is wrong. Nurse - I'm sorry. The paperwork says you two are married. Nick - We are but the name of the father is wrong. Gabi - The name of the father should read William Horton.

Will falls asleep after mumbling that everything is going to be perfect now. Lucas kisses his forehead.

Marlena - If you're expecting me to have some apoleptic fit over your accusations, you're wrong. Kristen yells - Ask him! Marlena - I wish you could understand how sick you really are. You are as sick as the day you tried to kill me. You're ranting, you're raving, you're out of control. Kristen throws her glass past Marlena's head. Kristen - I could have destroyed all of you tonight. You and John, Brady. All I had to do was let John do what he came to do and make sure that Brady caught us in the act. It wasn't a lie. I don't care what anybody says. It wasn't a lie. I changed. I changed because of Brady's love. I realised that no revenge could ever give me the joy that loving Brady gives me. She starts to cry - So I told John that I was leaving. That I chose a wonderful man's love ... I chose love. And then you came with that photograph and you ruined all of our lives. Marlena - That's a heartbreaking story and you brought it on yourself. Kristen - Shut up! You smug, sanctimonious bitch. Get out. But just remember one thing; remember what I told you about John. He was all over me ... he was everywhere. Now you live with that the rest of your putrid little life.

Brady - You never answered my question. John - You know the truth now. Isn't that all that matters? Brady - So I don't get an answer which is an answer. John - Son ... Brady ... Brady yells 'get away' as he's leaving.

Segment 6: Hope is now in the DiMera living room. Marlena - She has convinced herself that she's the victim. Hope - Of course she has. I saw Brady. Marlena - How is he? Hope - About how you'd expect. Marlena, you did the right thing. Marlena leaves. Hope - Kristen ... Kristen - No, I cannot deal with this right now. Hope - Well unfortunately you do have to talk to me about this. She holds up the picture which is now in an evidence bag. I think you know who gave it to me.

The nurse takes the paperwork from Nick. I'll get this taken care of. Sami cries - Gabi, Nick, you're doing the right thing. That was ... thank you. She leaves. Sonny leaves as well.

John and Marlena come face to face in the square. John - You did it! You nailed Kristen. Marlena - She did that herself. All I did was show Brady the picture and then she couldn't lie her way out of it. John - Well it's over and we won. Brady knows the truth and now we can just put things right.

Brady is still in the park. A dealer comes up to him. I've got some great stuff bro. Durango dynamite. It takes you straight to happy. C-note makes you a winner again. Brady says no. Guy - Your loss bro. He sits on the bench. Nicole comes along. Brady, what are you doing here? Hey, you look awful. What happened. Hold on, it's something about Kristen. What? Tell me. Brady - It's over.

Segment 7: Sami and Lucas sit down in the chairs near the nurse's station. Sami - I had this big revelation tonight. I had to tell Sonny. It's a crazy feeling when you realise your kid is a better person than you are. What do you think? Lucas - I think our kid is a lot better person than you are. She swats him and laughs. Lucas - What? He's a better person than both of us put together and that is just the way we should want it. He kisses her hand.

Sonny talks to a sleeping Will. So incredible. Not so long ago everything seemed so dark, nothing to hold on to. Now everything is going to work out. We're going to make it work. He takes his hand. You and me together.

Gabi - Nick, we have alot to think about. Nick - Get some rest. He leaves. Gabi cries. Don't worry sweetie. You're mommy's always going to be here for you. You're always going to be loved.

Eric kneels down in his bedroom to pray. Heavenly Father, I ... please bless Nicole, whatever her needs. I also want to pray tonight for my stepbrother Brady ...

Brady - I fell in love with a lie. I just ... how could I have been so stupid! I don't understand. It was all just a joke. Nicole - I'm so sorry. Listen, why don't you and me go somewhere okay. We'll go to a bar ... to an all-night diner and we'll just talk until they kick us out, okay. Look at me. You need a friend right now and I could use one too. I'm not going to leave you alone tonight. I'm serious. I'm not going to leave you alone. You're not fine. I'm so sorry. They hug.

Marlena - What did you do tonight John? John - Well it's complicated. Marlena - Always is. John - Look Doc, I'm not sure what you heard ... Marlena - You know what, I don't want to think about this tonight. Not about you or Kristen or about what happened or what didn't happen. I don't want to give it one more ounce of my energy. She leaves.

Kristen - So I don't suppose you'd be willing to call Brady for me. Tell him how much I love him. I always will. Hope - No, I won't be doing that Kristen. I'm here to take you down to the station where you'll probably be charged with conspiracy to commit aggravated assault ... a felony ... that I'm sure will stick and I think you know that because Brady will be testifying against you.


Friday, May 31
Segment 1: Maggie gets off the elevator near the nurse's station where Jen is. Special delivery - one bridesmaid's dress. Jen hugs her and thanks her for bringing it. Maggie - It was really no trouble. I wanted to visit Will so it worked out just fine. Jen - You and Victor are still planning on going to the wedding, right? Maggie - For Brady, yes. We're there to support him even though Victor and I think this whole wedding is a very bad idea. Dan walks up. When's the last time you checked your voicemails? Brady and Kristen's wedding is off.

Vic walks up to John in the Brady Pub. There you are. I understand congratulations are in order. Wedding's been cancelled. I got a text. I assume it's because your plan to expose Kristen's true intentions towards your son was a success. Silence. For the love of pete John, you got what you wanted, didn't you?

Marlena knocks on the door of the rectory and goes in. Eric - Come in Mom, what's going on? Marlena - The wedding is off. Eric - What! Marlena - Yeah. Brady and Kristen are finished.

Brady and Nicole are sitting on a park bench. Brady - I can't believe you! Spending the night out here on this bench with me. Nicole - It's really no big deal. I didn't have much to do anyway. Brady - You could have slept Nicole. She replies - Sleep is overrated. Brady - You should go home. Nicole - Yeah, what about you? Brady - I don't really know where home is supposed to be. Home was with Kristen. That was a lie though. It was all a big damn lie.

EJ is in the coffeehouse talking on his cell. Believe me, I'm not in the mood either but I will find a way to muddle through the wedding. No, you have the most valid excuse in the world for not being there. Good, would you give William my best. I'm glad he's feeling stronger this morning. Oh, I just saw Chad. I'm going to touch base with him. Can I call you back in a moment? Hello brother. Chad - Hello. Did you hear from Kristen today? EJ - I assume she's surrounded by a small tribe of stylists preparing for her walk down the aisle. Chad - Umm ... those two cops outside with coffee's ... EJ - Yeah, I think I saw them. Why? Chad - I think I overheard them say that they brought Kristen into the police station last night.

Hope leans against her desk and asks - Are you going to acknowledge what's going on in that photo or are you just going to sit here all day. Kristen - Without an attorney the only thing I will acknowledge is that there appears to be a misunderstanding. Hope - Really? How else can we interpret what appears to be you in this photograph paying off the man identified as Brady's attacker? Stefano walks in with another guy. This interrogation is over. My daughter is coming home with me unless of course you plan to arrest her.

John - Things didn't go as planned. Cue flashback. Kristen seemed to be one step ahead of me through the whole thing until she wasn't. Vic - What the hell does that mean? John - It means it's over. Brady's not marrying her. It didn't have anything to do with what I did.

Marlena - Brady refused to listen to anybody who talked about Kristen but then he saw the picture of her paying his attacker and it was obvious he'd been used. Eric - You know as soon as I ran into Kristen I knew she was plotting something. It's just that Brady was ... Marlena - What? Determined? Eric - In love. Marlena - I've left several messages for him. He hasn't returned my calls. Eric - As hard as this may be for him, it's best that he learned the truth before he married that woman. Now maybe our family can finally begin to heal and I'm not just talking about Brady. Marlena - I know that. Eric - Mom, you were responsible for exposing Kristen's lies so don't you think John will not only forgive you but be grateful to you. Surely you two can find a way to work things out.

Guy with briefcase - An answer to Mr. DiMera's question would be helpful. Are you filing charges against my client. Hope - Not at this time. Lawyer - She's free to leave. Hope - For now. Lawyer - Let's go Ms. DiMera. Hope - I'll have lots more questions for you once I bring in Sy Miller Kristen. Stefano stays behind. This Sy Miller is a red herring Hope. Besides these ridiculous accusations you've made against my daughter ... I mean, it's been a complete waste of time. Hope - It's always so lovely to see you Stefano and I'm pretty sure Brady would strongly disagree.

Nicole - Brady, you're going to get a summons for loitering if you hang out in the park any longer. Brady - I'll switch benches. Nicole - You need to get some sleep. Brady snaps - Listen! I don't want to sleep. It's not going to fix it. I've lost everything.

Segment 2: Jen is trying to call Kristen, Dan is trying Brady - they're both reaching voicemail. Maggie is going to call Victor to see if he knows. Jen doesn't know what to do. She cleared her whole schedule today. I guess I'll go home and get some stuff done. Dan is going to check on Will and Rafe, go for a run to clear his head and then call in a couple of hours. We'll go get lunch or something. Dan's car will be ready so he'll pick her up. Jen still can't believe someone slashed his tires. Who would do something like that.

JJ and his new friend are in the living room of the Horton house. So what's up for today? Anyone else's tires need slashing? Dude, I said what's up for today? JJ - I don't know. Just chill, smoke out. Guy - Yeah. Smoke what? We finished the last of my stash. JJ - That sucks. Guy - Dude, I think about this kind of stuff usually when I'm high but if I had enough to buy more then I could sell some of it at a profit, we'd be able to fund everything that we smoke ourselves. JJ - Nice idea but with no cash. Wait a minute ...

Stefano is with Kristen in the living room of the still decorated mansion. Kristen, my dear, could you please tell me how Hope got a hold of that picture of you. Kristen - Marlena got her hands on it and raced right to Brady with it. Stefano - So then he figured out what was going on with Sy. Kristen - Yes he did and he called the whole thing off which is ironic because I'd finally realised how deeply in love with him I am. Stefano - When exactly did you realise that? Kristen - When I couldn't go through with seducing his father and having him catch us in the act. I realised I couldn't stand the thought of losing him. Stefano - And you lost him anyway. Chad and EJ walk in. EJ - Kristen, what on earth is going on?

Brady - Nicole, I'm sorry. I know you're just trying to help but unless you can tell me why I keep making the same mistake over and over again ... falling for these women who lie to me and I'm too stupid to see it. Nicole - Well, since I fall under the category of women who have lied to you, I think that I'm qualified to tell you the why. Because you're too trusting and you see the good in everyone. And that doesn't make you stupid; it makes you kind and generous. Brady - I really loved her. Nicole - I know. I saw the way you looked at her. Brady - She was probably the worst possible choice though, wasn't she? Her hatred for Marlena, her history with my Dad ... but I really loved her. I really thought that she and I ... how could I have been so wrong about that?

Segment 3: Maggie returns to the nurse's station. Dan asks if she reached Victor. No. I stopped by to see Will but he was sleeping. Where's Jennifer. Dan - She went home. She had the day off for the wedding. Maggie - She probably wants to spend as much time as possible with JJ now that he's back home. Dan - Hey, Mom, what was he like when he was younger? Maggie - Well you never saw such a sweet little boy. He was so smart and funny. Why do you ask? You two are getting along, aren't you?

JJ's pal is playing video games. JJ is peering through the window. You've got to go. Use the back door. My mom is home and she's not supposed to be. Guy - Are we doing anything wrong? JJ - It's just the less she knows about who my friends are the better. Ward, get out man. I'm serious. Ward - Alright. He leaves. When Jen walks in JJ says - Hey mom, I thought you had a wedding to go to today. Jen - I did, plans changed. JJ - That's weird. Jen - You don't know the half of it. What have you been up to today? JJ - I slept late and I had some breakfast and I've been thinking a lot. Jen - About? JJ - How bad I feel about what I've done.

Eric - Why aren't you saying anything? Mom, do you not think it's possible that you and John can work things out? Marlena - Cue flashback of Kristen telling her about John and what he did to her. Marlena - Honey, the person I'm most worried about right now is Brady. And I'm hoping that Kristen is locked away in some jail cell where she can't get to him anymore. Hope walks in. Sorry, she's still a free woman. Unfortunately Kristen is not in jail yet.

Kristen - Father, would you mind? I'd like to talk to my bros alone please. Stefano leaves the room. EJ - So what's going on? Kristen - Well I was at the police station all night being interrogated until about half an hour ago. Chad - Interrogated for what? Kristen - Apparently there's a photo where it appears that I'm handing money to the man that attacked Brady last year. Chad - So what are they saying? That you paid the guy to mug you and take out Brady? Kristen - That's what Marlena and Hope are trying to prove. It's a misunderstanding. Chad - Right. So it's not true. Kristen - I'm not going to jail. I can assure you of that much. EJ - So what does Brady think about this? Kristen - He didn't take it very well. Chad - The wedding's in a couple of hours. Kristen - No, it's not. He called it off.

Vic - Just tell me what happened John. If Brady didn't walk in catching you seducing Kristen, what was it that finally made him see the light of day about that horrible woman. John - Why does it matter? Brady's not with her. That's all that's important. Mission accomplished. Vic - Yes, I suppose so. Well then why the hell aren't you happy about it? John - Cue fb of Brady asking him if he tried to seduce Kristen. John - I have a few things I have to try to explain to my boy. Vic - I suppose you do. John - Have you seen him? Vic - No, I assume he's with Nicole though as she's the one who sent the text about the wedding. Not to thrilled about that but then she's the lesser of two evils. John - I hope that he's still with her 'cause I've got to talk to him.

Nicole tells Brady that his father is calling her. Brady - Don't answer that. Nicole - Okay, straight to voicemail. Brady - Thank you. Nicole - But would it be such a terrible thing if you did talk to John or Marlena. Brady - The last thing I want right now is an hour long therapy session with Dr. Evans. And if I don't see my Dad ever again I'm going to be fine with that. Nicole - I'm sure you don't mean that. Brady - I need to be alone. I appreciate you and I'm glad you hung in all night with me but I ... I just need some space, okay? Nicole - Okay. Fair enough. One last thing. I know how you feel. I know things seem hopeless and that they're never going to be different but they will. You've gone through it before and you'll get through it again. One more one last thing. Brady - What? Nicole - If you think that you're going to get through this on your own it's not going to work. You need people who love you to help you.

Segment 4: Dan - I'm just curious. Jennifer thinks he's still having trouble with his father's death. And why wouldn't he, it wasn't that long ago. He's so young to have lost his Dad, you know. Maggie - Yeah he is and in such a tragic way. But he's home now. Jennifer can help him through it. Thank God. Dan - Yeah right. JJ and Jennifer need each other right now and I'm going to do whatever it takes to be there for both of them.

JJ - I need to be honest with you Mom. I finally understand that I really screwed up getting kicked out of boarding school the way that I did. I let you down. I worried you and I hate that. Jen - You have been through a lot lately. JJ - But still, it's been hard for you too and I want to let you know that I'm going to turn this all around. I'm totally going to ace summer school. And I am going to pay back Dr. Jonas for the broken mp3 player and the train set. Jen - Okay, well that's great. JJ - I want to make you proud Mom. Jen - I am proud. I'm really proud of you right this minute. Even though I'm a little disappointed in your recent behaviour I want you to know that I understand, I really do because I was not a perfect teenager but you know that. JJ - Thank you for getting it. And know I'm going to start looking for a job. Jen - Look, I know I was upset about the mp3 player and the train and I wanted you to get a job to pay Daniel back. Then I realised you were going to summer school and I mean that might be a lot to handle. You have classes every day, right? JJ - Yeah but I can work at night. I really want to buy my own books and pay back Dr. Jonas. Jen - I appreciate that you want to be so responsible but I am making an executive decision because I want you to do great in summer school and I don't want a job to hold you back from doing that. When her back is turned JJ is just grinning and so proud of how he has played her. Jen - I also think that it's really important to have fun. She hands him a cheque. I think this will cover your expenses while you're in school. JJ - Mom, this is incredible. You don't know how much this meaqns to me.

Hope - Bottom line, I couldn't hold Kristen based on the photograph alone. Marlena - Of course not. That was just wishful thinking on my part. Hope - If we can find Sy and bring him in maybe we can cut a deal with him to get him to implicate Kristen. I'll keep you posted. Good to see you Eric. She leaves. Eric - I know you're disappointed Mom but the important thing is that Brady is no longer under Kristen's spell. Marlena - I just hope he's okay. Nicole steps in. He's not exactly okay but he's in good hands.

Maggie and Vic are at home now. Maggie - So is that all you heard? Vic - That the wedding was cancelled, yes. Maggie - I wish I knew what happened. Brady walks into the living room. I can tell you. Maggie - Sweetie, are you alright? Brady - Kristen wasn't the person I thought she was. She never loved me. Maggie - I'm so, so sorry Brady. She hugs him. He looks at his granddad. Go on Granddad. I know you want to say I told you so Brady. Just get it over with and say it to me. Vic walks up to him and hugs him.

EJ - Chad, would you mind if I spoke with Kristen alone. Chad - Sure. I'm really sorry Kristen. Kristen - Thank you. Chad steps out of the room. EJ - Alright, so ... Kristen - No! No lectures. What? What! Why are you looking at me like that? EJ - I'm a little taken aback. You seem genuinely upset. Kristen - Me! Do I really? It's amazing! How could I be upset? Why would I be upset? The man that I loved just dumped me ... oh but who cares! There's millions of fish in the sea. EJ - The man you love! Please don't tell me you had feelings for Brady Black. Kristen - Yeah I know. Obviously it's extremely shocking; you can't believe it but even I am capable of a real feeling or two. You can pick your jaw off the floor now Eeej. EJ - But you were working an angle with Brady, come on! Falling in love with him was never part of your original plan. You were just seducing him so you could cause damage to John and Marlena's relationship. Kristen - That's true. That was the plan but I lost sight of my initial intentions and I let my priorities change. And then when I did that the whole thing just went to hell. EJ - People plan, God laughs ... that's what they say. Kristen - Yeah, nobody's laughing this morning. EJ - Well at least you're not in jail. Kristen laughs. That's my brother, always looking at the bright side. EJ - That's because there always is a bright side. Look, it may be cold comfort to you now but you're strong, you're resilient, you can come back. If there's anything I can do to help you move on just let me know. Kristen - Who said I was moving on?

Segment 5: Jen - What is it? JJ - Mom, I don't think this enough for books and what I owe Dr. Jonas. Jen - Really. I feel like that's a lot of money. JJ - It is. It's really generous. It's just that I don't feel comfortable taking this from you. It doesn't seem right. Jen - Maybe it would be good to get a part-time job. What about the coffeeshop. I'm sure your cousin Sonny would help you out; give you some hours there. JJ - Good idea. Dad always said hard work builds character. Jen - Yeah, he did say that. JJ - I kind of miss all of his lectures even though they're hard to follow along forever. Maybe that's what kept me in line all those years. Maybe I counted on him more then I knew. Jen - Yeah. You know what honey. Let's not think about a job right now. She pulls out her checkbook. I really believe that your Dad would want you to focuas on studying. JJ - You think so? Jen - Yeah I do. So this should pay your debts and give you a fresh start, okay? JJ - It's perfect! You're the best. He hugs her and grins.

Eric - So you sat with him in the park all night. Nicole - He said he wasn't going to sleep anyways so ... Marlena - Where is he now? Nicole - I dropped him off at Maggie and Victor's. Marlena - I'm going to go and see him. Nicole - Marlena wait ... with all due respect, he said he didn't want to talk to you or John. He was pretty adamant about that. Marlena - Okay. I'll honour that for the moment. Thank you for taking him to his grandfather. Eric, talk to you soon. She leaves. Eric - I appreciate you looking after my brother last night. Nicole - He'd do it for me. In fact he has done it for me. Eric - Yeah, I feel bad for him. Nicole - It's going to be a tough time for him. He's going to be okay; I'll make sure of it.

EJ - So when you say you're not moving on; are you talking about situation Brady or are you talking about revenge with John and Marlena. Chad returns - Too soon? Kristen - Not at all. I need to shower and get out of these clothes. And EJ, please, please keep Sami out of my face. I don't have the stomach for it. Chad - I hope you get through this okay. EJ - You will. You have our love and support. Kristen - Thanks.

Brady - Sorry to put you through this ... the both of you. Sorry. Maggie - We're here for you Brady. Whatever you need to do. Brady - What I need to do is probably be responsible and get myself to a meeting. Maggie - I can go with you if you like. Brady - That's alright. I would rather deal with this alone. I have one more favour. I don't really know where I'm going to go right now. I always felt that this was home. Vic - This is your home Brady. Stay as long as you'd like. Brady - Thank you. One other thing, don't contact my father, okay. I can't see him now. I don't think I ever want to see him.

Segment 6: JJ meets up with Ward in the park. He hands him an envelope full of money. Payday man. My mom wrote me 2 cheques and I just cashed them. Ward - Alright bro! JJ - That should be enough to start our own little business, right. Ward - Definitely. Man, we're never going to have to pay for our weed again. Just then Dan jogs by. He stops - JJ!

Hope is at the pub with Ciara. So those whole time - these last two weeks, you had that picture of Kristen? Ciara - Mommy, I tried to tell you but you wouldn't listen to me. Hope - Ciara ... Ciara - You never do. Hope - You know what? You're right and I'm so, so sorry sweetheart. I need to do a much better job listening to you. No more secrets, okay? Ciara - You're talking about the letter I hid too. I'll be good Mommy. Hope - You are good, what do you mean! Ciara, you're my little angel. Don't you know that? I love you so, so much baby. I want you to be honest with me from now on. I want you to feel that you can tell Mommy anything at all because you know what, I'm on your side ... always on your side no matter what. Ciara - Can I have my picture back now? I want to give it to Brady and Kristen. Hope - They've seen it. Ciara - They did! Did they like it? Hope tells her to come here. Ciara crawls on to her lap and kisses her mommy's cheek. Hope - I love you. You're my girl. I love you so much.

Maggie comes down the stairs calling out to Victor. Where's Brady? Vic stands in the doorway to the living room and puts his finger to his lips. Maggie sees that Brady is asleep on the couch. Maggie - Oh goodness. He needs his rest. Vic - I could just strangle that woman for what's she done to my grandson. Maggie - Normally I wouldn't be happy to hear you talk that way but in Kristen's case I wouldn't mind slapping her around myself! She grabs a blanket and covers Brady. Maggie - We should give him some privacy. Maybe we should to to the hospital and visit Will and the baby. Vic - Good idea.

John and Marlena run into each other in the square. Hey Doc, have you seen Brady? Marlena - No I haven't but I saw Nicole. She was with him last night. She said that he's doing as well as he can under the circumstances. And she also said that he made it very clear that he does not want to talk to us. They both start talking at once ... Marlena - If it's about what happened last night between you and Kristen, Ive decided I don't want to know.

Segment 7: Jen leaves Kristen a message. I just wanted to let you know that when you're ready to talk, I'm here. You were so supportive of Daniel and I when we were going through a really tough time, I want to return the favour. Just know that I'm thinking about you. Call me anytime.

Dan - Good to see you. How's it going? JJ - Fine. Everything's okay. My friend and I were just going down to school to pick up our text books for summer school. Dan - Okay, I was just in the middle of a hard run. I'll catch you later. JJ - You'll be doing more of that now that you car is in the shop I bet. Dan - I'm picking it up now actually. Good as new. He leaves. JJ smiles - Not for long.

Nicole - So I'm going to make myself available to Brady 24/7 for as long as he needs me. That means I won't be here very much. What is that look for? Eric - I'm just wondering is being there for Brady the only reason you're doing this Nicole? Nicole - Excuse me? Eric - Our conversation last night. Nicole - Oh, you mean the one where you accused me of having impure thoughts about you. Look, I really think we need to put that behind us, just forget about it. I swear I'm just taking time off to help Brady. He comes first before anything. Are you okay with that? Eric - Yeah sure. Nicole - Okay. See you Eric.

Marlena starts walking away. John - Doc! I would like the opportunity to explain. Marlena - All this time I've been fighting so hard for us and now ... Goodbye John.

EJ is on his cell. Other then the wedding being off, that's all I know. I'll call you if I find out anything else. Chad - At least I won't get blamed for ruining this wedding too. EJ - No. I think you and I should be good brothers and strike down anything that remotely whispers wedding. So roll up your sleeves ... Chad - I just feel bad for Kristen. EJ - As do I but I have a funny feeling she will bounce back.

Brady wakes up when he feels someone touching him. It's Kristen.

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