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Monday, Jun 3

Segment 1: Brady wakes up and sees Kristen. What the hell are you doing here? Kristen - Hi, baby. Brady - What part of the word done didn't you understand? Let me be clear if I wasn't before. I don't want to see you anymore. Get the hell out of here!

EJ (at home) is on the phone with Sami (in Hope's office). Have you spoken with Brady this morning. Sami - He hasn't returned any of my calls. He probably doesn't want to talk to anyone. The last thing he wants to hear right now are those words so often spoken at my weddings. You're just lucky you didn't marry the bitch. Oh God, I just knew it! Damn it! EJ starts to say something ... Sami jumps in - Don't you dare defend her to me. EJ - I wasn't about to. I would not say this to anybody else but you're right and I'm sorry. However when you see Kristen around the house could you please ... Sami - I know. I'll stay as far away from her as I possibly can. That shouldn't be too difficult. I just got the report on our upcoming product launch. EJ - Looks promising, doesn't it? Sami - Yes, you certainly have been busy. How did you sneak that past me? EJ - Life without surprises can be so incredibly dull. Sami - I have to go. I'll meet you at the hospital to see Will. EJ - Of course. After the call EJ mutters - All will be revealed; just you wait.

Cam is at the coffeehouse. He comments that it's busy in here today. Chad - Yeah, I had a manager quit on me to take a new gig. Cam - Sorry to hear that but please don't count on asking Abigail to help you tomorrow night. I'm asking her out. Chad - Great. Go for it. Cam leaves and runs into Abby outside. Look who's here. Chad and I were just talking about you. Inside Kate thanks Chad for filling in for Sonny so that he could spend time with Will. Chad - Since my sister's wedding was cancelled it's not like I had anywhere else to be. Tell Will I'll stop by as soon as I can. I still can't believe that happened. He didn't even know the maniac; neither did Rafe. They both could have died. I guess Rafe still could.

Stefano stares at comatose Rafe.

Sami - Hope, I just can't thank you enough for what you have done. I mean, Will wouldn't be here ... Hope - Sami, stop. You don't have to keep thanking me. I saw Will this morning. Gosh, he looks a lot better than he did last night. Thank goodness. Sami - Yeah he does. Yet we are immediately thrown into another family drama. Can't you just arrest Kristen for something? I was really counting on her being out of the house for a couple of weeks on her honeymoon. Hope - I apologise for the personal inconvenience Sami. I am doing my best to make the charges stick. Sami - I wish you the best of luck. She is a DiMera. Hope - Aren't you about to be a DiMera yourself. You know I can't tell you anything about an ongoing case. Sami - Right. If it weren't for what happened, I'd be at a cake-cutting ceremony right now having fantasies about the things I could do with that knife. Well if the police don't get her I hope someone does because that heartless bitch deserves to pay for what she did to my brother.

Kristen - Come on Brady. I went through a lot of trouble to track you down. Brady - I don't know why. I've got nothing left to say to you. Kristen - Well I have something to say to you. You know right now we're supposed to be standing in front of our family and our two friends exchanging our wedding vows. Brady - Oh yeah. I know. Love, honour, cherish ... those kind of things. Kristen - I love you. I always will. And I want nothing else more in this world then to be your wife. It's not too late, baby. Come on, marry me.

Segment 2: Brady - You've given me quite the ego boost here Kristen. I mean, I thought I had lost my mind but compared to you I feel pretty damn sane right now. Kristen - What happened to you last night was horrible. I can't tell you enough how sorry I am. Brady - No, you're sorry that I found you out. Kristen - I'm sorry I used you. Brady - Are you sorry that you hurt my Dad and Marlena? Isn't that what you wanted to do all along? Kristen - I thought it was. Brady - I don't know why you're here. I don't know why we're talking right now. Kristen - I understand that you hate me. I don't blame you. Hate is such a powerful thing but there's one thing that's more powerful, that's love.

Abby - I love Robert Downey Jr and I so want to see that movie but I actually have plans tomorrow night. Cam - Okay, then maybe the next night I'm off. I just have to check my schedule. Abby - Great. So did you see Will this morning? Cam - I'd say he's feeling better. He asked me to sneak him in a cheeseburger. What a difference a day makes. It's crazy. Abby - It's so unbelievable. One day we're sweating whether we got a B- or a C+ on our final and the next we could have lost him forever. Cam - Abigail, Are we talking about Will right now or your father?

Stefano glowers as he recalls what Kate said at Rafe's bedside.

EJ arrives at the park and thanks Justin for meeting him. Justin - Do you have something new for me? EJ - I was hoping you'd have something for me. Look my sister's best laid plans got shot to pieces so I need some assurance from you that this little deal that we have to get my father out of the family business is not going to suffer the same fate.

Sami's in full rant. Honestly! This maniac gets released on a technality and there's no one who follows him; who watches him; no one whose job it is to let people know that there's a murderer on the loose. Hope - That's a very good question Sami. Sami - But the answer is yes. Yes it was someone's job and yes, they didn't do it and they need to know that; they need to fix it so that it doesn't happen again. Hope looks at a picture of Ciara.

Segment 3: Abby - You're right. I didn't think it was possible to miss my Dad more than I already do but I think it's just my brother being home. Cam - It's the first time that you've been able to grieve together. Abby - It's not just that. The other day JJ was telling a story and I swear to God he didn't stop to take a breath for about 5 mins. In that moment I realised he sounded just like my Dad and my Dad never got to know that. He's never going to see JJ all grown up. Cam - I'm sorry. Abby - Me too. Cam gets a call. Abby - Please answer it. I know you have to get back to the hospital. Cam - I do but if you want to talk I'm here. Abby appreciates that. Cam kisses her cheek and leaves. Inside ... Chad - So Sonny said Rafe's in a medically induced coma. How long before they try and get him out of it? Kate - They have to wait until the swelling in his brain subsides. Chad - I sure hope he makes it out of this because he is a good guy and Gabi's going to need her big brother. Kate - Well, I see you do have a heart when it comes to Gabi. Chad - Yeah, I actually do feel terrible about ruining the wedding. Kate - As well you should but I have to say I am glad that the truth finally came out because Arianna needs both of her parents. And Will is going to be a really great dad. Chad - I'm sure he will. Kate - I've got to get going. Great seeing you. I will say hi to Will from you. She says hi to Abby who is coming in as she's leaving. Chad - Hey, did you forget something? Abby - No, I have a question for you? I just ran into Cameron and he said you two were talking about me. Chad - You were mentioned. Abby - Did he happen to mention that he was planning on asking me out tomorrow. Chad - Yeah why. Abby - You know that you and I are planning on going to the VIP opening of Whoopee World tomorrow. Why didn't you tell him?

Hope - Sami, I can promise you it will never happen again. Sami - No, actually Hope, you can't promise me that because you don't even know how it happened in the first place. You don't know who's responsible ... Hope - Sami, I'm the one who screwed up. It was my fault. The Dept of Corrections sent a notification of Jensen's early release. The only thing ... it was my responsibility to take the appropriate measures to safeguard the public and I didn't and it's my fault. Sami - Why didn't you? Why didn't you do your job? Hope, I deserve an answer. Silence. Sami - You're protecting someone. Who is it?

Stefano moves beside Rafe's bed and looks at his monitors and smiles.

Justin - Look EJ, I was a kid when I lost my father. No matter what I think of Stefano and how much I want to see him go down, he's still your father. EJ - Are you saying I'll have regrets. Justin - I tried to walk away from my family once. I didn't approve of my Uncle and how he ran the family business. I just walked away and you notice how that turned out. EJ - My father turned his back on me Justin. On me! Because he thought we didn't share the same DNA. Justin - But Kristen is adopted, right? EJ - In a way that makes it worse, don't you think? Yeah. Being created in his image, his right and proper heir was apparently all I ever meant to him. Justin - EJ I don't want to upset you with this but did you really expect anything more from Stefano DiMera? EJ - Yes. As you pointed out he's my father. I'll tell you this much. I'll do a lot better job with my kids. Justin - I'm sure you will. EJ - I already have. You know when I thought Sydney wasn't mine, I'm ashamed to say I did turn my back on her for a moment but I didn't deny her because real love is unconditional. Justin - Real love and Stefano DiMera ... I'm not sure those two things actually fit in the same sentence. EJ - You must be very proud of Sonny. Justin - I am, always have been. EJ - William and he are heroes, you know. I mean to everybody but practically to Arianna. That's what a father should be everyday, don't you think?

Kristen - You were supposed to be a means to an end. Brady - Thanks for reminding me of that. Kristen - But something happened that I never planned on. I fell for you. I fell hard. Brady - Shocking that you'd be attracted to the likes of me, huh? Kristen - No, it's shocking that I'd be attracted to anybody after what your Dad to me. Brady - So the night that you were going to sleep with my Dad and destroy his marriage and destroy my life, that was the first time that you realised you had feelings for me. Kristen - No. Brady - Because it coincides with the exact moment your plans blew up in your face. Kristen - I had feelings for you right away. I just kept fighting it. I just kept trying to convince myself that it couldn't happen for me. Brady - Turns out you were right about that. Kristen - You saved me. You rescued me. Brady - Oh, I rescued you from the mugging you set up. Kristen - No, not from that. I was just dead inside for so long. All I thought about was getting revenge on John and Marlena. But now all I think about is you. I know how to love now because you showed me. Brady - Are you done because on the off chance you actually believe what you're saying right now, I don't. You know what you showed me? You showed me how to be deluded. Problem is I'm not as stupid as you think. I don't want to hear anything more from your mouth. All I hear are lies coming out. I don't want to hear it anymore. Kristen - Then why am I still here? I think you do want to hear it. You don't want it to be a lie because underneath all that hatred and anger you feel the same way.

Segment 4: Brady - I'm going to get over you. It's not going to be as hard as you think it is. Kristen - But you don't have to. You don't even want to. Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things. Brady - Are you going to quote the Bible to me right now! Kristen - That was the reading you chose. Brady - You are so unbelievable to me! Kristen - Just believe this ... I love you. I'm going to prove it you.

Chad - With everything going on around here I forgot the park opening was tomorrow. Abby - You forgot? Chad - What? Did you think I was trying to keep some big secret. Abby - No. Chad - Look, if you want to go out with Cameron then go out with Cameron. I'm sure I could find a dozen people who would love to ride the Wild Tiger in your place. I mean ... Abby - I know what you mean okay. I get it. If you would rather go with someone else maybe you should. Chad - No! No! Unless you want me to. Abby - I think that we're probably talking in circles right now and I want to go with you. I said I would go, I'll go. Chad - Okay. Great! Hope Cameron wasn't upset when you told him you were spending the evening with me. Oh ... wait a minute. You didn't tell him why you couldn't go out with him.

Hope - I'm sorry Sami. I told you the truth. It's my fault. Sami - What! You find out that there's a murderer going to be let loose in Salem and you just decide to keep that information to yourself! Hope - It's not quite like that. Sami - No, it's not because I think you're protecting Rafe. Hope - Rafe? Sami - Well he almost got himself killed, didn't he? He went after that guy by himself. That's why my son ended up in the hospital. That's why Gabi had the baby ... Hope - Don't even go there! Rafe is an innocent victim in all of this. Sami - Then I don't understand. Hope - The letter from prison was misplaced here in my office. Sami - What! Hope, I've seen your jewelry drawer, you have everything organized from beginning to finish. If you're not going to be honest with me then I'm going to go to my Dad and he's going to tell me what's happening. Hope - Sami, don't go anywhere please. She closes the door. I will tell you what happened. It was Ciara. Sami - Ciara? Hope - Nobody knew Jensen was released from prison because the letter was hidden by my daughter.

EJ - You're not in this for the money Justin but you will be rewarded handsomely for your time and your discretion. Justin - Thank you. EJ - I should also mention to you that we have a blockbuster product that we're bringing to market. It should raise the stakes of this little transaction considerably. Justin - Duly noted. EJ - Not to mention it will drive a stake through Kate Robert's heart and her company. Justin - EJ, I can see that you're confident and that's a good thing because I hope that you're prepared for the fight of your life. I don't need to tell you that Stefano will always defend what he feels is rightly his to the death.

Stefano fiddles with the buttons on the monitors. His goon comes in. She's just arrived. What do you want me to do? Kate gets off the elevator and sees that there is no guard in front of Rafe's door. She goes to Cameron and asks where the guard is. Inside Rafe's room the monitor shows flatline but there are no alarms sounding.

Segment 5: Abby - No, I didn't tell Cameron. Chad - Aha, so you're the one keeping a deep, dark secret. Abby - I just ... Chad - Thought he might be jealous. Abby - Of course not. There's nothing to be jealous about, right. Chad - Right, actually you've mentioned that a few dozen times. Abby - Cameron knows that we're just friends. Chad - Right. Abby - I have to go. I'll see you tomorrow. Chad - Great, I'm looking forward to it.

Cam - The police took the guard off the door because the guy that attacked Det Hernandez is dead. Are you worried about something? Kate - No, can I go in? Cam - Sure, I was just going in to check on him myself. The first thing Cam notices is the monitor. He jumps into action. What the ... a wire came loose and someone turned the volume down on the alarm. Kate - No one would hear if something went wrong. Who would do that? Cam - I have no idea. It was a very stupid move obviously. Stefano opens the side door and listens as Kate asks if Rafe's okay. Cam - Yeah. In fact the neurosurgeon is very pleased with his progress. Kate - Are you saying that he's out of the woods. Cam - I can't make any promises but it definitely looks that way.

Sami - How did Ciara get her hands on a letter from the prison. Hope - Because the desk Sgt on duty put it on my desk while I was busy and told Ciara that it was very important. Sami - And? Hope - She hid it from me. Sami - On purpose. Why would she do that? Hope - Because we were supposed to go to the zoo that day. Sami - What? She thought if you read the letter you would be stuck here and ruin her fun. Hope - Yeah. It's been really hard on her without Bo here and with me pulling double shifts we haven't exactly had a lot of mother daughter ... Look, I'm not making any excuses here. What she did ... it was wrong and she understands that. But Sami, if she had fully grasped the consequences of her actions she never would have ... Sami - What about you fully grasping the consequences of leaving your daughter alone in your office! Hope - Actually Sami, I left her in my office that day with you. I had some papers that I needed signed and I told you that I didn't feel comfortable leaving Ciara in my office by herself and I asked you to stay until I got back only when I returned you weren't here. Remember? Sami - Yes. I remember. What you're telling me is that what happened to Rafe, what happened to my son is because of me. It's my fault.

Kristen - Last night I tried to give you an out. I tried to set you free. If you had taken me up on my offer then all my planning and scheming wouldn't have amounted to anything. Why do you think I did that? I couldn't stand the thought of hurting you Brady. I couldn't go through with it. Brady - I'm sorry. Did I hear you right? I swear you just said something about not wanting to hurt me. Kristen - In the end ultimately your happiness meant more to me than my revenge. Brady - Oh, that's beautiful. Yeah, that's like the definition of true love. I should have taken the chance when I had it to run like hell. Kristen - But you didn't. Brady - And you didn't argue with me. Actually I think you were fine with breaking my heart. Kristen - When I left your father in that hotel room I left behind all my hatred and my bitterness. Brady - And you could fill one room up with all of that .. that's amazing. Kristen - Brady, why am I here? Brady - I don't know. Kristen - I was humilated. I was degraded. I was exposed again! If I didn't love you deeply; if I didn't care about you, why wouldn't I run away and never come back. Brady - That's what you should do. Kristen - Brady, we fought so hard for this, especially you. You stuck to your guns no matter what everyone was saying ... that our love wasn't real and true. You said they were wrong and now all of a sudden they're right. How can you be so sure? Brady - All I'm sure about is I want you out of here. Kristen - Wait one second. She pulls out the adoption brochure. What about this? Somewhere out there there's a child that needs a home; a child that was supposed to be ours. This is the most amazing gift anyone has ever given me. This child was supposed to be our future and our hope. This child is our love. Can you really give up on him or her so easily ... as easily as you're giving up on us. I love you. I know you love me. And I know that we can have a future together. Please tell me that you feel the same way.

Segment 6: Kristen - You don't have to answer Brady. Our love has always gone beyond words. I thought I was in love before but nobody's ever made me feel what you made me feel. When we made love it was pure and honest. You know that's true. I can feel your heart pounding. Tell me you don't want me as much as I want you.

EJ is in the coffeehouse. He looks at Chad. You've got a big grin on your face. Chad - It's nothing. Actually, between the two of us, I'm going on a date with Abigail tomorrow. EJ - Really. I thought Abigail was dating Cameron. Chad - Depends on the day. EJ - I'd love to stay and chat but I have to get to the hospital to see Samantha and this new baby. Chad - Speaking of which, there's something I need to show you. It will only take a minute. EJ gets a call he has to take. Do you mind? We'll do this next time. He leaves.

Hope - No! Sami, this is not your fault. Sami - What about that cop? He leaves a letter with a little kid, he doesn't ever follow up ... what's his name? Hope - What good would that do! Jensen got out of prison and picked up exactly where he left off. Vargas got out and he's working at the church trying to make a good life for himself. I don't know if you know it or not he's the one who told me Jensen used to work on Smith Island. Sami - No, how would I ... Hope - If he hadn't told me that Sami, if he hadn't put his neck on the line, Will might not be alive right now. Sami - Well I will have to find some way to thank him. Hope - Sami, I take full responsibility for everything that happened and I'll make that very clear to your father. I'll face all the consequences if it makes you happy. Sami - I wish it did make me happy. I wish we could make it that none of this happened. I wish I hadn't left Ciara alone in your office. Hope, I know you feel as bad as I do. Hope - We fight so hard to teach our kids right and to protect them. When we lost Zack, I blamed Chelsea, I blamed Bo, I blamed Billie but mostly I blamed myself. Sami - Why? Hope - Because it's our job to protect our children, to keep them safe. Ciara, she's our miracle baby, our second chance and I've just ... I've let her down so much. I've made so many mistakes. Sami - I promise you I have you beat there. Hope - I hope you understand that there's one thing I will not apologise for and that's keeping my daughter's name out of this. I haven't told anyone else. Sami - And I promise that I won't either. Hope - Thank you. They hug. Sami - Mothers have to stick together. Hope - Absolutely. Sami - I'm going to go visit with Will. Hope - Give him my love. Kiss that baby for me. They exchange another hug and say I love you. After Sami leaves Hope hugs the picture of Ciara to her chest.

Kate - If he's doing so much better do you think they'll be bringing him out of the induced coma soon? Cam - Tomorrow, we hope. Kate - Really! Rafe, did you hear that. Kate - Thank you Dr. Davis, so much. Stefano is still eavesdropping. Cam - Don't thank me. He's a fighter. Of course he has a long road ahead of him with both physical and occupational therapy but we're optmistic that he'll make a full recovery. Kate - It's just so much good news for me ... I can't tell you ... it's hard to stand it really. Do you mind if I sit with him for a while. Cam - Stay as long as you want. It's good for him to have visitors. Cam leaves. Kate - Tomrrow. Thank God. Stefano slowly closes the door.

Segment 7: Hope is on the phone. Oh my gosh, seriously Brady? I was really hoping you would pick up. Please give me a call back as soon as you get this. I really need to hear your voice and so does Ciara. Would you hurry up and get home already. I miss you. I love you Brady.

Abby walks up to Cam who is sitting at the bar in the Brady Pub with a bag of takeout. Cam - What's going on? Abby - I know that you have to get back to work and I won't keep you. I needed to tell you something that I should have said earlier. The reason I can't go out with you tomorrow is because I already have plans with Chad.

Stefano is back at home. He pulls out a cigar. The henchman comes in carrying a small box. Mr DiMera, the item you requested. Stefano - Oh yes, thank you Ricardo. Stefano snaps his cigar in half and opens the box. It's a knife.

Kate - Did anyone tell you that your niece was born? Arianna Grace is really looking forward to meeting her uncle. I'm going to her right now. I'm going to tell Will the good news about you. So hang in there. Kate gets a call. What! Are you sure? Who could have possibly ... The elevator doors open which means Sami and EJ have to end their kiss. Sami - So if you marry me you're going to become a step-grandfather. Have you thought about what you want Arianna to call you. Pops? EJ - Pops! Sami - Poppa. EJ - No. I don't think it matters too much. If she's anything like Sydney she'll have me wrapped around her little pinkie in two minutes. Sami - I'm sure that's true. They turn to go to Will's room. Kate walks up to them - Not so fast. Sami - Excuse me. Kate - I know what you did and you're not going to get away with it.

Kristen moves in for the kiss but Brady grabs the brochure and shoves it in her hand. You would use this child as fast as you would use me. Kristen - No I wouldn't. Don't say that to me. Brady - You don't deserve to be a mother. No child deserves to be your kid. I don't want a future with you. I don't want to have a kid with you. All I want is for you to get out of here. He starts shoving her out of the room. I want you out of here. Kristen - Please listen to me. Brady opens the door - I want you out. He slams the door shut. Outside she calls out - Brady, I'm not going anywhere. She starts kocking on the door. Brady, I love you!


Tuesday, May 4

Segment 1: Dan and Jen are talking about the non wedding when Anne walks up to them. Hey Doctor, how's your day going. Dan - Fine. Anne - I guess you haven't been to the garage yet. It seems Dr Jonas isn't as beloved as you think he is. Jen - You seem really happy so obviously something bad has happened. Anne - It did to your car.

Rory and JJ come into the Horton living room carrying takeout bags. Rory - Who knew trashing cars could make you so hungry. Like intense man! You were pretty worked up last time when you were slashing his tires but those windows! It was like in the movies when the devil gets inside of somebody ... JJ - It's a dirty job but somebody had to do it. Rory - So you got glass on you bro. JJ picks a piece of glass off his jacket. It's cool how safety glass crumbles, isn't it? Better get rid of the evidence. He shoves it in his pocket. There's a knock on the door. Rory - Dude, do you think someone saw us at the garage. JJ - Dude, would you chill. No one saw us. JJ answers the door. It's Maggie. She hugs him. Finally, you come home and you don't come to see me. You're out of the will. JJ says hi. Maggie - You know we just missed each other a little while ago. I kept calling you but you didn't seem to hear me. JJ - Where was that? Maggie - At the hospital parking garage.

Gabi comes into Will's room. He tries to sit up. She tells him to take it easy. Will says hi. Gabi - I don't want to tire you and I know you need your rest but I think it's way overdue for me to come and say thank you.

Cam - So you're going out with Chad. Abby - Out, yes but not out, out. Cam - Wait, so you're going in ... out? Abby - No, I just meant that it's not a date. I know I made things worse before by not saying something when I had a chance to but I didn't want it to ... Cam - What? Make me jealous. Abby - Yeah because there's nothing to be jealous about, I promise. Cam - So it's not a date but you thought you needed to keep it from me anyway. I'm not jealous, I'm confused.

Stefano checks the sharpness of the blade as he recalls Kate at Rafe's bedside.

Kate, EJ and Sami walk into the lounge. Kate - It's been a while since I sued someone. It's going to be a refreshing change of pace. Sami - What are you talking about? Kate - Did you really think I wouldn't find out that you stole something from me. Sami - What could you possibly have that either one of us would want to steal. Kate - Playing dumb comes naturally to you Sami but this time it's going to get you nowhere. You stole my formula. Sami - Your formula for what? Disastrous marriages, how to destroy yourself with lies, square of the hypotenuse. Kate - The anti-aging formula that was going to make Mad World the most profitable cosmetic firm in the country. Sami - Anti-aging forumula ... obviously you haven't tried it yourself. Kate - And then I find out that you are rolling out the very same product one month ahead of mine. Sami - Oh Kate, you are delusional. EJ - Kate, we are in the cosmetics business. You sound like Chevrolet complaining that Ford is making cars. Kate - It's not a copy. It's the exact same product. You stole it and I'm going to make sure you don't get away with it. She walks out. EJ - Well, she's clearly mad. Sami - She may be mad but she's left the room so you can stop lying.

Chad walks in ... Father ... Stefano snaps the blade closed ... it's me.

Segment 2: Sami - You did exactly what she said you did. You basically took one of our labels and you put it on one of her bottles and I love it. She starts climbing all over him. How did you pull it off? EJ - It's very important to understand that I did not steal anything from Kate, neither did you. Sami - Stop it. You can't kid a kidder. EJ - When the lawyers start taking depositions we need to be able to say that with absolute honesty. Sami - Okay, you didn't steal it. How did ... was it on one of Nick's flashdrives? Sami is thrilled. EJ - It's important that we know there are some subtle but significant differences between her product and ours. Our product is going to be on the shelves weeks before hers. Sami - I'd hate to be your enemy.

Stefano gets up and greets Chad. Chad - Look, I know I'm never here and now I'm here twice in one afternoon. I just wanted to find out how Kristen is doing. Is she around? I kmow she can take care of herself but I wanted to make sure she was okay after what happened with the wedding. Stefano - She's going to be fine. Chad - I guess you're right. So what's in the box?

Abby - I don't want you to be confused. I didn't think that it was a very big deal. That's why I didn't say anything. Cam - Really. Abby - See, VIP tickets to this amusement park are like impossible to come by so it was hard to pass up but I made it absolutely clear to Chad not once, but twice that this was not a date. Cam - When was the second time? You told him it wasn't a date the first time. When did you have to reiterate that? Abby - Just a little while ago. Cam - That's really interesting because just a while ago I was talking to Chad and I told him I was going to ask you out on a date tomorrow night and he said go for it. Abby - With everything going on he forgot that there was a conflict. But when we talked he made it very clear that he wasn't holding me to it because he wanted me to be free to say yes to you. Cam - Except you didn't say yes to me. You said no and you stuck with your plans with Chad.

Gabi - I'm so glad that you are okay. When I thought about losing you and Rafe ... Will - Yeah, you can't get rid of me that easily. Gabi - Don't even joke like that. Come on! You're my best friend and your my daughter's father. Will - You're my best friend too. Did Nick tell you that he brought Arianna to see me. She's so beautiful just like you. Gabi - I was going to bring her but she was asleep, sorry. Will - That's okay. So is Nick taking care of her then? Gabi - No, I don't know where Nick is.

Maggie - So why were you at the hospital? You're alright aren't you? JJ - Yeah I'm fine. Don't tell Mom. Maggie - Tell Mom what? JJ - I picked up some pamphlets on volunteering. Before I tell Mom I want to make sure I can fit it in with summer school. Maggie - Okay, mum's the word. Maggie sees his friend. I'm sorry, I didn't know you had company. JJ introduces Rory to his Aunt Maggie. They exchange handshakes. Rory - I was just going. JJ, keep me posted on that volunteer work. It sounds like a worthwhile endeavour. It was nice to meet you ma'am. He leaves. Maggie - Ma'am. Your friend, he's very formal isn't he? JJ - I guess. Maggie - Now this summer school, what's that about? JJ - I just want to make sure I don't fall behind when I transfer. Aunt Maggie, you look great. I guess married life agrees with you. Maggie - Well life with Victor has it's ups and downs but it's never boring. JJ - I've got to say, you two getting married ... I didn't see that one coming. Then there's a lot that happened that I didn't see coming. He goes into the living room. Maggie - JJ, I know. Honey, I'm sorry about your Dad. JJ - Thanks but that's not really what I was talking about. I mean you've got this whole new family now with Dr. Jonas and Parker ... Maggie - And Melanie. I've got to tell you JJ, I love being Aunt but this has been like a gift to me to have them in my life. JJ - I think my Mom feels the same way. And gosh, Dr. Jonas is like a part of our family. Maggie - Dr. Jonas. That's the second time you've said that. You don't call him Daniel. JJ - I do most of the time. Maggie - Well you must be spending a lot of time together. Are you two hitting it off?

Maxine - This is awful. This is the second time someone has gone after his car. Jen - Whoever did it isn't all that bright because there's security cameras in the garage. Anne - That weren't working. Poor Dr. Jonas, things do conspire against him. All security can do now is check a list of his surgical patients. Maybe he left a retractor in somebody's stomach. Jen - You can't stand that all his patients love him. Not only is he a great surgeon, he's really kind and he's nice and he lifts people's spirits up ... not dragging them down with nastiness and negativity. Anne - Look at her. She really does have stars in her eyes, doesn't she? Jen - I so seldomly say this but why don't you just go to ... no, I'm not going to waste my bad word on her. Why don't you go to admissions and do your job for a change, that would be nice. Anne leaves. Dan returns. Jen - Are you going to be okay? Dan - Yeah. It's just a piece of machinery. Jen - Yeah, that you love. Do you have any idea who would want to hurt you like this? Dan - No. Jen - Wait a minute. I do. I know who did this.

Segment 3: Dan - If you know who it is, we will get through this together. Jen - No, I am going to enjoy this because she so overplayed her hand this time. Dan - She? Jen - Anne. Think about it. How would she know the security cameras were off in the garage. Dan - So you think Anne did this? Jen - Yes. Do you think it was someone else? Dan - Well, it's really not Anne's style. Dan recalls JJ's reaction when Jen said someone had slashed his tires. I don't think we'll ever know who did it. Jen insists it was Anne. We need to nail her for this. What! Dan - I don't think we should go nailing someone without any real proof. Why don't we just let it go ... drop it. Jen - Okay, if you're sure. Dan is going to check on Will and Rafe before he goes. Jen will wait for him. Dan - No, why don't you go. JJ may need you for something. Jen - Why did you bring up JJ all of a sudden?

JJ - Yeah, Dr. Jonas, I mean Daniel and I get along fine. I'm just getting to know the guy, okay. Maggie - I'm pretty sure when you get to know him, he's a really great guy. JJ - He's your son, of course you would think that. Maggie - I know that. A little while ago he was thinking of leaving Salem. Thank God he didn't. JJ - Would it really have been that bad? Maggie - Excuse me. JJ - You'd still have Mom and Abigail and now I'm back. I mean, you would still have your real family.

Abby - I feel like I've hurt your feelings and that's what I was trying not to do. Cam - No harm, no foul, honest. Abby - Really? Cam - There'll be plenty of other times for us to go out. He kisses her cheek. And now I have to go back to the hospital.

Stefano grabs the box out of Chad's hand and puts it in a desk drawer. It was just a wedding present for your sister. I guess I will have to take it back. Chad - Listen, tell Kristen I stopped to check in on her. It's going to be a bummer that she's not going to be with Brady. Stefano - Hey, things happen. Chad - Just like it's a bummer that you're not going to be with Kate anymore. Stefano - What! Chad - Come on! I saw you two together. I could tell she made you really happy. Stefano - I'll give Kristen your message. Chad - Okay, none of my business that you seem a whole lot less happy that you used to be.

Will - You don't know where Nick is, what's going on? Gabi - I don't know. I'm not sure. I mean I know everything now. I know what happened to Nick and what he did to you and Sonny. Will - Sorry. If it makes you feel better he did apologise and what happened to him in prison ... that's going to take a long time for that to heal. Gabi - Listen to you. You're so forgiving. I mean you're here, you almost died trying to save him even after you knew what he had done. Will - I'd do it again. Gabi - I know because that's who you are. I think I know you better than I know my husband. And I mean, where does that leave us? Will - It leaves us good friends. Gabi - I know. I meant where does that leave me and Nick. Kate comes in. You're awake! OMG sweetie, you don't know how hard I've been praying to hear you yell at me again.

Stefano is holding the knife again. Cue fb again!

Segment 4: Jen - What made you think about JJ? Dan - I guess I forgot to tell you. I saw him earlier in the park. Jen - How did it go. Dan - Actually it was just hi, bye. We're dudes. We don't say a lot unless we have something to talk about. Jen recalls giving JJ money. Jen - I think you're right. I'm going to head home and just wait until you're done here. Call me. Dan - I will. She leaves.

Maggie - JJ, you've been through a lot but you're back so let's all try to make this a fresh start okay. JJ - Yeah, good idea. They hug. JJ picks off another piece of glass from his sleeve.

Maxine has brought Arianna into Will's room. She asks Kate if she's held her yet. Kate - Actually I haven't. Will - Okay. Kate - Really? Will - Yes. Kate holds Arianna. They ooh and aah. Kate - I tell you what, I can see now that you have better things to do than listen to me ... Arianna starts crying so Kate hands her over to Gabi. I asked you if you needed anything. Now I see that you have it. She's a beautiful baby. She leaves. Gabi - She's a perfect little girl. Will - Gosh, Arianna Grace, you are going to break some hearts. Chad is in the doorway. Grace? You named her after Grace!

Cam thankfully walks into the lounge breaking up Sami and EJ's lovefest. Sami wanted to ask him about Rafe. Cam - I'm glad to say we finally have some good news. We plan on taking him out of the coma tomorrow. Sami - Really. Cam - Well, if all goes according to plan, yes. Cam is going to leave but Sami stops him. You can't go. I want to ask you more about that. EJ is not pleased.

Segment 5: Abby is now home gathering up the take out bags. How can you put that poison in your body? JJ - You're sure in a good mood. Abby - And you're not in boarding school anymore JJ. You don't have maids picking up after you here, okay. Maggie - Honey, I think I'm going to get some tea. How about you? Abby - No, I'm good, thanks. Maggie gets up. Abigail, you want some tea. They see Jen and say hi. Jen wants tea as well. JJ is going to leave the room but Jen says wait a minute. Not so fast. I just talked to Daniel. JJ - Okay. Jen - Why didn't you give him the money I gave you to replace his mp3 player and Parker's train set. JJ - He was hitting you up for money? Jen - No, he wasn't. He said he ran into you in the park. Why didn't you give him the money? JJ - I had to buy some stuff for school and it cost more than I thought it would. Jen - I gave you more than enough money. JJ - Maybe you didn't account for inflation. Jen - Maybe you should show me the receipts. JJ - Whoa! You going all accountant on me. Jen - No, I'm going all I'm at the end of my rope with you. JJ - Fine, I'll get the receipts, you get the ledger book. Jen - Wait a minute. Come back here. She hands him cash. Take this money and give it to Daniel and I do not want to hear a second time that he didn't get it. Do you understand me? JJ - Yeah fine. If you had given me enough in the first place we wouldn't be having this conversation.

Chad - Grace, huh? I didn't know you did that. Will - Yeah. I hope that's okay. Chad - Definitely. I know how much you loved her. Look, I'll come back. Will - No. You haven't even got to see her yet. Chad - Alright. Wow, she's really petty. Will - Do you want to hold her? Chad - I wouldn't know how. I never got to with Grace. Gabi - It's very easy. You hold her in the crook of you arm - she places the baby in his arms - supporting her just like that ... now rock her. Chad - Hey, pretty baby. It's nice to meet you. Gabi - See, you're a natural. Chad - You know, it's funny. There was this girl at the coffeeshop the other day. She looked like an angel. She was just like this perpetual motion machine. Her mom was chasing her all over the place and then I realised Grace would have been that same age too, on her feet, driving us all crazy. He looks at Arianna. Are you going to drive us all crazy; make all sorts of trouble. Will - Given who her mom is I don't think she's going to be a pushover. Chad - Or her grandmother. Your mother's a real piece of work. Will - You just figure that out? Chad - Now there's proof. I got her on video. Maxine comes in to take Arianna for a checkup. Chad - I just wanted you to know that I'm going to cover for Sonny so he can get down here as much as possible. Will - Thanks. Chad - It's good to see you awake and everything. And hey, don't ever get shot and almost die again, you hear me! Will - Alright. Chad - See you guys later.

Sami - So I just want to understand. When you bring Rafe out of the coma, will he be fully conscious right away? Cam - I'm not really comfortable going over the details with you. Sami - But I'm his ... friend. EJ tells her he has to make a call. Whenever you're finished here we have some work to do. Cam - I'm sorry, I have to get to work myself. He leaves. Kate returns and picks up her a purse. I should probably check my wallet; see what else you stole from me. Sami - Actually nothing you can say could ruin my good mood now. They're bringing Rafe out of the coma tomorrow. Kate - I know. Sami - Well if I were you I'd make myself scarce. Kate - Would you. Sami - Don't you think you should 'cause when he comes to he's going to contradict all the BS you've been spewing about how close you two are.

Stefano drinks. Cue fb from Kate and Cam talking at Rafe's bedside. He places a call. Meet me at the usual place.

Segment 6: Chad and Cam meet up at the nurse's station. Cam - Hey, I think we better talk. Chad - About what? Cam - About the games that you seem to like playing. Chad - Basketball? 5 card stud? Cam - About your game with Abigail and me. Chad - I'm not playing any games man. Cam - That's right, not anymore you're not. Chad - Okay. You do remember, don't you, that long before you ever came on the scene, Abigail and I had something kind of great. We took a break like most couples do but I think we were just about to get something going again. Cam - Before the wedding, I know. You could say Abigail caught a real break that day, didn't she?

Dan is at his apt reading Parker a story when there's a knock on the door. It's JJ. He hands Dan cash. This is for the stuff I broke. He turns to leave. Dan - Just a minute. There's something we should talk about. JJ - What? Dan - Us.

Jen is going through some papers when Abby returns to the living room. Jen asks where Aunt Maggie is. Abby - She's on the phone with Victor. Jen asks if everything is okay because earlier she didn't seem very happy. Abby - It's nothing, I guess. Where's JJ? Jen - He had an errand he needed to run. Abby - I better get going myself. I'm babysitting Parker tonight, remember? Jen - You probably still have a little time. Do you want to help me pick out an outfit for tonight? I just think maybe Daniel's busy right now.

JJ comes into the apt. Dan - I do get that this is a strange situation and I know you're having a tough time missing your Dad and none of this is easy. JJ - By none of this do you mean you seeing my mom. Dan - What I'm trying to tell you is that I know you're going through a very difficult time but I'm not here to screw you up or your family. So maybe if we both try to respect each other we could ... JJ - What? Dan - Get to know each other better, be friends. At least, we could try. JJ - Sure, why not. Dan - It's Parker's nap time, I'll be right back. JJ looks around and sees a tennis racket. He picks it up.

Kate - What are you talking about Sami? Sami - Well, Rafe can finally speak for himself. Don't you think he's going to set the record straight about the two of you. I mean, yeah, maybe the two of you had sex but you're acting like you're all Marius and Cozette. It's sort of embarrassing Kate. You act like you're a teenager having a fantasy about the head of the football squad. EJ eavesdrops. Kate - Sami, you are beyond obvious with all of this. You don't even realise why your panties are all in a twist, do you? You're jealous. You are jealous of Rafe and me.

Segment 7: Chad - I screwed up but I owned it and Abigail doesn't hold it against me anymore. Cam - Yeah, she's the forgiving type but forgiveness is a little bit different than interest, you got that? Chad - I didn't kidnap her to get her to come out with me tomorrow. She's the one who said yes.

Will - If you don't want to talk to me about Nick, that's fine but if you do I'm the very definition of a captive audience. Gabi - Even if I did want to talk about it I wouldn't even know what to say. I'm very confused. Will - Yeah of course. But do you remember all the times you told me that you loved him and he loves you ... are you saying that you're not in love with him anymore. Gabi - I guess what I'm saying is how can you love someone when you don't even know who they really are?

Dan comes out to see JJ with the racket. JJ - This is sweet man! Do you mind if I borrow it? Dan - As a matter of fact I do.

Maggie comes into the living room. It was good seeing JJ again. Jen - Can I ask you something. Do you think that he's changed. Maggie - He's a teenager. Change is their middle name. Jen - I guess you're right. Maggie - There was something that seemed a little odd though. I had to track him down, I couldn't catch up to him until here. Jen - What do you mean? Maggie - I saw him earlier. I called out to him. I just couldn't get his attention. Jen - Where was he? Maggie - The hospital parking lot. Well, it doesn't matter, right?

JJ - Look I promise to take good care of it. Dan - I said no. JJ - Do you have a game set up or something? Dan - No. JJ - So you're saying you don't trust me with it. Right. I guess I'll get going. What? Dan - Is there something you want to tell me? JJ - Why? Is there something that you think I did?

Kate - I don't know why I'm so surprised. I mean this is Sami all the way. Sami - I am not jealous. Kate - So why do you care? Sami - I don't. Kate - Ah, huh. I think it's kind of burning you up that you realise that someone else is actually capable of getting him hot. Sami - Oh Kate, you're a great-grandmother now. You can't keep talking like that. Kate - You know he was kind of generous when he was describing you as a lover. Underwhelming, I think is the word he used. Don't worry about that because he wasn't underwhelmed when he was with me. Sami - What Rafe and I have is so much more than you have had with anyone in your entire life, ever!

Stefano and Bernardi meet up in some dark alley. Stefano - Hello my friend. Raphael Hernandez is in Room 446 at University Hospital. He is in a coma. Joe - I know him. He got beat up pretty bad. Stefano - The coma is induced and they plan on bringing him out of it tomorrow. Joe - And you want me to prevent that from happening. Stefano shakes his head no. Joe - I don't understand. If you don't want him dead, what do you want me to do? Stefano - I want you to cut if off.


Wednesday, Jun 5

Segment 1: Repeat of Stefano giving his orders to Bernardi.

Jen opens the door to Adrienne. Adrienne has heard from Sonny that JJ is back. Adrienne wants to see him. Jen - I'm sure he'll want to see you too. Adrienne - You are glad he's back, aren't you? Jen - Yeah, of course. I'm not sure he's glad he's back and honestly I don't know what I'm going to do with him.

Before Dan can answer JJ's question of are you accusing me of something Abby arrives apologizing for being late. She sees JJ. Am I interrupting something?

Gabi goes to answer the knock on Will's door. It's Nick. Sorry to interrupt. Gabi - It's okay. I was kind of wondering where you were anyway. Nick - Where's the baby? Gabi - They're running some tests. It's procedure; nothing's wrong. Nick comes into the room. You look better today. Will - Thanks, I feel better. Sorry I was pretty out of it last night. Nick - I wasn't sure if you even heard me. Will - When you said thanks? Yeah, I heard. Nick - You saved my life. I won't forget it. Will - I'm glad I could. Gabi - Nick, do you have time to talk right now. Nick - Yeah, let's go. Maxine comes in. Not so fast, Mom. You don't go anywhere until you and the father sign that baby's birth certificate. Gabi signs as Will watches.

Repeat of Kate taunting Sami with the word underwhelming as EJ eavesdrops. When Sami snaps back that she and Rafe have more than Kate ever had with anyone Kate replies - You're still in love with him, aren't you?

Joe is stunned. You want me to cut it off! Stefano - Yes and it must be done tonight.

Adrienne - Do you think it's hard on JJ being back in Salem without Jack. Jen - Yeah. I think that's part of it but the trouble didn't just start. He got kicked out of school. And I'm not really sure what to do about it because I talked to him and he told me he's going to start new and things are going to be different now. Adrienne - Do you think he's still in trouble? Jen - There's some things but he always has an answer. Adrienne - Do you believe him? Jen - I want to but I don't know if I can. And really I feel guilty. Adrienne - Don't.

JJ tells Abby he came to give Dr. Jonas the money for the mp3 player and Parker's train. Dan - Yeah, paid in full. Thank you. JJ heads out. Abby - So what was that because that felt very tense. Before Dan can say anything Parker calls for him.

Maxine has to check on a patient next door. She tells Gabi to get that signed for her. Gabi hands the birth certificate to Will. He reads 'Arianna Grace Horton'. Nick - It's her name. Will - Yeah, it is. Nick - I want to do what's right. I know I basically screwed everybody's lives up and I don't want to do that anymore. I think you guys will be great parents.

Sami scoffs - I am not in love with Rafe. Kate - You said ... Sami - I'm with EJ. Kate - You're 'with' EJ. You're not in love with EJ? Sami - OMG, what are you? The word police. I'm in love with EJ. I'm marrying EJ. Kate - You said 'Rafe and I HAVE'. Sami - Had. Sorry, had, past tense. Rafe and I are over. Kate - Yes you are but you can't accept that for a moment, can you Sami. Sami - I don't want to be with Rafe. Kate - You want to be with all of them. All of them! Every man you've ever been with especially the ones that you don't have at the moment. Sami - You know what Kate, you don't know me ... Kate - You screwed my two sons around for enough years for me to know and now poor EJ is the one sucked back in. Sami - OMG you're delusional. Poor EJ. Kate - Maybe he'll wise up, maybe he won't. I don't really care. The thing is Rafe recognises the sick game that you play and he is done with you for good. He has moved on. Sami - With you? Kate - Yeah, that's right, with me. She walks out. Sami stews! EJ comes in and stands there watching her trying to pull herself together.

Segment 2: JJ meets up with Rory in the square and apologises for being late - family drama. Rory - They found out you trashed that guy's car. JJ - No but my mom sure is handing out life lessons. She made me pay her boyfriend for this train set and mp3 player now I'm tapped. Rory - Good thing we bought some prime before. We'll see my guy on campus tomorrow. JJ - In the meantime can you spot me a 20, I don't have enough for the movie. Rory would but he barely has enough for himself. JJ - I can't go back to my mom. Rory - Too bad bro. JJ - I've got an idea.

Dan is showing Abby a list of numbers and telling her who they belong to. Abby - We're good in case he gets sick. Dan realises he's gone a bit overboard. He apologises. I lost so much time with Parker I don't like to let him out of my sight. Abby - I assure you he won't be out of mine. Dan - Thank you. Abby tells him to get out of here and have fun. Dan says a long goodbye to Parker.

Adrienne - Sooner or later they realise they don't have all the answers and they're in trouble and their friends fail them, that's when you're there. Jen - Yeah. He misses his dad so much. Adrienne - We all do. JJ will find his way with that just like we all did.

Sonny and Chad are talking in the coffeehouse. Sonny - You would have done the same thing we did. Chad - Risk my life to save Nick Fallon's. Sonny - Yeah. You don't think, it's just instinct. Chad - He's a bigoted jerk who isn't worth saving. Sonny - You know there's more to that story. Chad - What? Sonny - I'm just saying maybe the guy isn't so bad. Chad - So what are you saying? What happened? Sonny - I don't have time right now. I've got to get to the hospital. Chad - Hold on. There's a video you have to show Will, it's hilarious. A girl walks up to Sonny and asks if he can get her that special latte she made him the last time. Sonny - Absolutely. Chad asks for Sonny's phone. And don't forget. It's hilarious and it will make you rethink your partner choices. He mutters - Vintage psycho Sami.

Sami sees EJ and asks about his call; was it about the new product launch. EJ - Yeah. We're on schedule. Are you alright? You seem a bit rattled. Sami - Oh, it's just a Kate thing, a bitch. Half my life she's been trying to kill me, sabotage me, make my life miserable. EJ - Well I'm sure Rafe will keep her busy once he gets back on his feet. Sami - They broke up. EJ - And yet here she is glued to his side. The realization of what was almost lost and all that nonsense. What? You don't think Kate wants Rafe back.

Joe - So you want me to cut it off. Stefano - Raphael will be taken out of his coma tomorrow so it has to be tonight. Do you have a problem? Joe - Mr. DiMera, with all due respect, I work with this man. I've seen him with your grandkids. Stefano - This is unfortunate. I thought I could depend on you. Joe - You can Mr. DiMera. It's just that I'm trying to get my head around it. Stefano hands him the straight razor. Joe - You want me to use that?

Segment 3: Dan arrives at the Horton house. Jen greets him with a kiss. Did JJ come by to see you? He did. I appreciated that he made the effort. Jen - Before we leave there's something we need to talk about; something I need to get off my chest. Dan - This sounds serious. Jen - It is. It involves you and JJ.

JJ shows up at Dan's. He tells Abby he needs a favour.

Nick and Gabi are sitting near the nurse's station. Nick - So, you've been doing some thinking? Gabi - Yeah. Nick - What did you come out ... Gabi - I haven't. Nick - You said you wanted to tell me something so you must have some idea of what you would want to do now.

Maxine tells Will to buzz if he needs anything. Will looks into the bassinette. Gosh, look at you little Ms Horton. You're so new. You have no idea what a bumpy landing you had. You were born in the middle of the woods. I promise it will get better. Oh God, I just told my first lie. I'm Sami. I'm my mom. No. Okay I can't promise that it's going to get better but I'm going try. And your mom's going to try. We're going to be there for you and we're going to do everything we can not to screw up. We're going to love you like crazy. Scratch that, I had crazy parent love. You know what though just lying here looking at you I can totally see it; I can totally feel how that happens. I promise that I will love and protect you the way my parents always wanted to love and protect me. Deal!

Sami - I don't know. Kate probably wants Rafe back but he should run the other way. I don't really care. So do you want to come with me to meet my granddaughter. EJ - It really sticks in your throat, doesn't it? Sami - I'll get used to it. She's so beautiful. EJ - I have a quick text message I need to respond to. Sami tells him she'll be in Will's room and leaves. EJ sits and thinks about Sami's declaration about what she and Rafe 'have'.

Stefano - There are no nicks, no signatures. It makes a clean cut and can never, ever be traced. You understand? Alright. It must be done tonight. I will wait for your call. Joe - Yes sir.

Segment 4: Jen - This is hard to say. I can't stay with you tonight and I probably can't for a little while. Dan - Okay. This is about JJ. Jen - He really needs me to be his mom right now and I need to be there until he gets comfortable with the idea of the two of us. Dan - Sure. I knew something like this would happen. Jen - Are you okay with that? Dan - Of course! Our relationship isn't all sex, right? Jen - Speak for yourself. She kisses him. I'm just kidding. This is going to be good because JJ will settle in. Dan - I think it's a great idea. Jen - Why did you say it like that? Is everything okay between you and JJ?

JJ - I need $20 for a sneak peek of After Life, Will Smith's new movie. Mom made me give all my cash to Dr. Dan. Abby - What's up with you two? JJ - What? Abby - Come on, that wasn't normal earlier, even for you. What's going on there?

Gabi and Nick are now in the lounge. Gabi - I don't have any ideas. I'm honestly still trying to understand why you did what you did to Sonny and Will. Nick - It was wrong. Gabi - Yeah. So is what happened to you. It's no excuse but ... Nick - It's not. Gabi - Still ... Nick - What? Gabi - I just wish that you would have told me something. Nick - I couldn't. It was too ugly. Gabi - How can you say that you love me and then jerk me around like you did. You used me Nick. You wanted an instant family. Nick - I didn't mean ... I didn't want to take advantage ... I thought I was helping you. Gabi - It was. I was so desperate and at the time I thought it was the best thing. I can't believe that I didn't see ... Nick - What? What I couldn't see myself? How could you? Gabi - I need to get smarter. I have a daughter now. I need to protect her and me.

EJ comes into Will's room. Sami hands over Will's baby to EJ. Sami is going to take the birth certificate and make sure it's filed properly. Will - Be careful. Remember what happened the last time you touched a birth certificate with my name on it. Sami - That is not funny. Will - But it's true. She says she won't tamper with it and leaves. EJ - So are you enthralled or terrified. Will - Both at once. If I hadn't survived to see this ... EJ - But you did. Will - Thank God. And Rafe did too. They're waking him up tomorrow, isn't that great? EJ - Yeah that is great.

Sami walks oover to Maxine. This is literally priceless okay so we need to make sure it's safe. We could put it in a safe unless it's being filed at City Hall immediately. A lot of people worked really hard to make sure that was just right. Bernardi gets off the elevator and sees Sami. Maxine - I will treat it as if it were that sweet baby herself. Joe recalls Sami jumping on him trying to get the dufflebag.

Chad greets Kate as she comes up to the counter. I thought you were hanging out with Will and the baby today. Kate - I was and then Sami arrived and stole the air out of the room so I'll have some oxygen and a cup of camomille tea. Chad - Sure you don't want a little Italian espresso - he nods in Stefan's direction.

Segment 5: Dan - Well JJ and I really don't know each other that well yet so. Jen - Is that all? Dan - Yeah. Let's go because I have booked this nice table at this new place by the pier. Dan realises he doesn't have his wallet. Jen - We can stop by your place on the way. Dan - You can wait in the car; it'll only take 2 seconds.

JJ - Did the guy say something? Abby - No. JJ - I'm trying to be cool with him. The kid's cute and all but it's not what I expected to come home to. Abby - I get that but you'll like him, I promise. It takes time. JJ - But not tonight. After Life. Will Smith. I'll pay you back next week. Abby - I have to use Daniel's computer for a few minutes doing some resarch so if you watch Parker for me then I will give you the 20. JJ - Deal. Abby goes into the bedroom to use the computer. JJ grabs the mp3 player and puts in the earphones and listens to music as Parker runs around with his toy airplane. He throws it and it ends up on top of a high wall unit. He stands behind JJ and says plane. No response so he starts dragging a kitchen chair across the floor.

Will - You were right. EJ - About what? Will - The tiny fingernails and the breathing and everything. I swear I can barely hear anything anybody says to me. EJ - She's perfect. She's yours. Will - Yeah. It feels like everything in my life just fell into place. EJ - Right behind her. Sami returns. I gave the birth certificate to Maxine and she promised that it would be at City Hall immediately. Of course I'm going to go down there myself and make sure it's filed properly. EJ - This was fantastic but I have to get back to work. Sami - So do I. EJ - Stay here. Sami - I'm want to come with you and help plan the campaign for the new product launch. Sonny knocks amd comes in. Look Sonny's here. They need to spend some time alone. Sami goes to kiss Will and tell him she'll be back to say goodnight. When she turns around EJ is gone. She rushes out. Sonny and Will gush over the baby.

Nick - You know the hardest thing is that there's still a big part of me that loves you. I wish I had done this for the right reasons. Gabi - Did you ... Nick - What? Gabi - I don't know how to ask this. Alright. Did what happened to you in prison make you want to marry me because you were afraid you were gay? Nick - No. What happened ... I'm not gay. Neither was Jensen. It was about ... Gabi - Power and violence like you said. Tomorrow when Arianna and I leave the hospital, we can't come home with you. Nick nods. I understand. I'm so sorry. Gabi - Stop saying that.

Kate - On second thought cancel that order. Chad - Wait. Can you do me a favour. We're a little short-staffed so can you just drop this off at his table. You guys can't hate each other forever. Kate - Are you kidding me? That's our speciality. Okay, for family's sake, I'll do it. She takes Stefano his espresso. Kate - Stefano, your son asked me to deliver this to you. Stefano - Do you expect a tip? Kate - No, I owe you an apology.

Segment 6: Parker is teetering on the chair as he tries to reach his plane. The chair starts tipping back. Dan comes in and sees JJ listening to music. He sees Parker and grabs him before he falls. Abby comes out. I left him for a second. Dan asks her to take him. Abby goes into the bedroom with him. Dan goes up behind JJ who turns around.

Nick - But I am sorry. Gabi - It doesn't change anything. Look at all the people I hurt with what I did to Melanie. I was sorry too. Nick - I need to do something to change it, is that what you're saying? Gabi - I don't know what I'm saying. All I know is that I have a daughter now and I need to be smarter. I need to be a better role model for her. Nick - You are. You're all those things and if I've made you feel you aren't maybe that's the worst thing of all. You are an incredible person.

EJ and Sami are waiting for the elevator. Sami - You seem quiet. EJ - I'm fine. The elevator arrives. They get on it. Bernardi comes out of lurking and stares at the door to Rafe's room.

Kate - I'm going to make it short and sweet. I should never have accused you of hurting Rafe. Even if you knew about us I should have realised that you wouldn't have bothered with a fling that meant nothing. Stefano - For you or for him? Kate - For either of us. Besides you have your lovely Cecily. I'm sure you never give me a moment's thought. You've moved on. Stefano - You're right. I have moved on. So now if you would just do the same. Kate - Gladly. She leaves his table. Stefano places a call to Bernardi. Yes. Stefano - Is it done? Joe - I'm about to take care of that right now. Stefano - I'm waiting.

Segment 7: JJ pulls the earplugs out and stands up. What's up? Dan grabs him by the lapels - If you ever put my son in danger again I will tear you apart.

Will sleeps. Adrienne is holding Arianna. Sonny - You should see her with Will. She knows him; you can totally see that. I have a video. He pulls out his phone. Adrienne - Put it on my phone, I'll look at it later. You're so happy. Sonny - Of course I am. I mean, look at her. Adrienne - I know but you know this isn't going to be easy. Sonny - I get that but I love Will and I already love this little girl so even if it's hard, I know it will be worth it.

Nick hands Gabi a bank book. This account is for you and Arianna. Anything you need. Gabi - You don't have to. Nick - You have things to figure out right. I don't want you to be distracted by money ... Gabi - I won't be. Nick - Please, just take it. Gabi - Thank you. He hugs her. I'll see you. He leaves. She cries.

Sami trails after EJ in the square. I get it. You're obviously upset about something. What? EJ lies. Nothing. I'm just thinking about the campaign. Sami - I'm definitely excited about burying Kate. EJ - You really seem to hate her, don't you? Sami - Yes I really do. I know hate's a strong word but it doesn't quite cover how I feel about Kate. You know that she's tried to kill me, right? Like more than once. EJ - That was a long time ago. It just seems that lately you've been hating her more than ever. Why is that?

Chad looks at Kate - Maybe you can hate each other for ever. Kate - I told you, that's what we do. It was sweet of you to try and help but there's nothing left between your father and me. Chad - That's bull. There couldn't be all that hate if that were true. Kate - He's through with me Chad and I'm fine with that. She leaves.

Bernardi stands at the foot of Rafe's bed and pulls out the straight razor.


Tuesday, Jun 25

Segment 1: Nicole cradles Eric and cries. OMG Eric, what happened to you! The hotel clerk stops Kristen and tells her she's not going anywhere. I know what you're up to.

Chad and Abby almost kiss but she pulls away. She thought tonight was just about the 2 of them going out as friends. Chad apologises. I know what we said but the truth is when I asked you to ride the Wild Tiger with me tonight I never wanted to be just friends.

Arianna is crying as Will and Gabi are trying to figure out what's wrong with her. Gabi just fed her. She asks Will to find Ari's blanket. As Will searches there is a knock on the door. It's Nick.

Dan answers his doorbell clad only in a towel. It's Jen. She didn't want to leave things the way they were. Dan invites her in. Let's talk. Jen - Talk is overrated. She kisses him. Cue reality. Dan is at work standing near the nurse's station. A nurse asks if he has the med orders for her. He does. He hands them over and then turns to leave almost bumping into Jen who turns around and walks away.

Marlena is talking to a nun at the rectory surprised to hear that her son didn't leave the name of the hotel he was staying at. The nun tells her that Nicole Walker made the travel arrangements but she's not here. Marlena doesn't understand why he's not answering his cell phone. The nun thinks he probably turned it off so he could concentrate and prepare for the big meeting tomorrow. Marlena is sure she's right. I just hope he finds some time to relax.

Eric recalls being in bed with a woman before passing out. Nicole panics. Talk to me. OMG.

Kristen tries to get past the man calling him stupid. He tells her that she's not leaving.

Nick asks if everything is alright. Will says yeah. We just lost her blanket in the moving process. Nick doesn't want to add to the chaos. I brought a gift for her. Sonny comes out and sees Nick. Nick greets him. He holds up a black and white mobile for the crib. Baby's can't see colour for the first 3 months. They find the high contrast shapes captivating. That's what I read anyway. Sonny grabs it. Right now I'm happy to try anything so thank you so much. Sonny goes to the baby's room and she stops crying. Will - OMG, it sounds like it worked. Nick - She probably just got tired. Will invites him in. I'm guessing you're here to see Gabi. Nick - Actually I came to talk to you.

Abby protests. Chad knows all about her and Cameron and he thinks Cam is a wonderful guy. But I don't think he's the right guy for you.

Kristen tries to leave but a cop steps in front of her. George, what is the problem? Kristen in her fake accent says there is no problem. Cop - Really? What's in the bag ma'am?

Nicole tells Eric he has to sit up. He can't. She feels his forehead. You're burning up. I'll get you a wash cloth. I'll be right back.

Segment 2: Jen returns to the nurse's station. If I'm interrupting ... Dan - No, you're not. Jen tells him she found the card. She didn't know if he wanted it back or if what he said about wanting a do over was true. She doesn't mean to put him on the spot. She really needs him to trust her because she knows what it looked like when he found JJ with Cameron's prescription pad. I just wish you trusted me to handle my son in my own way. Can you do that please?

Nick - I'm here because I still owe you an apology. Will - No you don't. You brought me my baby girl and you put her in my arms for the first time and that is something that I will never forget. I did ... um ... when I heard what Jensen did to you in prison, I ... um ... maybe you didn't want to let on how much it really affected you and that's the reason why things got messed up between us. I just want you to know that I completely understand and I'm very sorry. Nick - If I was half as good of a person as you are none of this would have happened no matter what I had to deal with in prison. Will - I don't know about that. Nick - I do. I also know that Arianna is going to have one hell of a father. Gabi comes in. Nick ... she stops ... is everything okay?

Chad - I had a really good time with you tonight. Didn't you? Abby - Yes but ... Chad - When I asked you out you had plenty of chances to say no. When Cameron asked you out you turned him down so you wouldn't have to cancel our plans ... Abby - It's not like I was choosing you over him. Chad - Right, it was all about the coasters. Abby - Right now I feel like I'm still in one. Chad - Look, Abigail, I'm sorry okay about everything. I was so angry with Gabi and I let it get in the way of everything. I tried to give you space and I tried to get over you but I can't you out of my head Abigail and I'm not giving up on you without a fight.

Nicole tends to Eric. I'm here for you now. You have to be okay. I need you. Eric - Nicole.

Kristen gets sarcastic. A bag in a hotel ... so suspicious. If you want to see my lingerie just ask me. The cop is flustered. Kristen - What you say I call your chief or my good friend the governor. Cop - What's the problem George? George - This freeloader never checked in yet she has a key now she's trying to waltz out of here like nothing ever happened. She is a thief. I want her arrested.

Segment 3: Kristen declares the claim is ridiculous. If I was a freeloader why wouldn't I stay one night? The cop has his cuffs out and puts her hands behind her back. Well that's quite common when someone is engaged in a certain profession. Kristen - So you think I'm a hooker. George - I think you're on to something Chip. She was determined to get into one particular room. When I said it wasn't available it looks like she ... Kristen pulls her hands free. I will pay for the room again if that's what it takes. George - It's too late. I'm pressing charges. I want to know what you're really doing here.

Eric - Why are you here? Nicole - You left your notes. I came here and I found you like this. Can you tell me what hurts? Eric grimaces. Nicole - I'm going to get you a doctor. She can't find her cell. She tries the hotel phone but it doesn't work. She tells Eric that she's going to go downstairs and get him the help he needs. I'll be right back.

Chip is about to put the cuffs on Kristen again when Martha returns and asks what's going on. Kristen breaks free again. You checked me in. They think I stole a key. Martha - I'm sorry. There's been a terrible misunderstanding. We've been so busy dealing with the phone outage I guess I never finished doing up the paperwork. Kristen - What did I say, huh! George - I'm sorry ma'am. Kristen - You are stupid. She leaves. Nicole rushes up to them. I need your help.

Jen - You can't even answer me. Dan - Do I trust you? Always. But do I think you have blinders on when it comes to your son, that is a different question. Jen - Really? Dan - Yes. He's your son. You are going to love him and support him no matter what. Jen - You think he's lying and you think I'm wrong to believe him. What makes you so sure? Maybe you're too quick not to trust him. Sometimes I think you are just sitting there waiting for him to screw up so you can say I told you so. Dan - You really think that's what's going on? Marlena walks up. I'm sorry. Do you have a moment? I'm so sorry to interrupt you ... Jen - It's fine. I was just leaving. She leaves. Marlena - My apologies. Is she okay?

Nick - I just came to bring that for the baby. I should get going. Gabi - Wait. I spoke to Kate and she told me. Nick - That I was fired. Gabi - Sorry. Nick - It was probably for the best. Sonny - Hey Nick, Arianna is finally sleeping so thank you. He turns to Gabi. If you want to take a walk, get some fresh air, Will and I have this covered. Gsbi thanks them and leaves with Nick. Will - That was so nice of you. Sonny - I just felt they could use some alone time. They aren't the only ones. He kisses Will.

Abby - Chad, I didn't see any of this coming. Chad - Really? It seems life keeps throwing us together and now that you've seen that video ... Abby - We're keeping secrets from the police about a murder investigation. Yeah, that gives us a really special bond. Chad - I'm sorry that you're in the middle of this. You're not having second thoughts, are you? Abby - No. Chad - I know you want to do the right thing and I admire that you stick to your beliefs. Abby - If this is going to turn into a conversation about the virgin thing then ... Chad - Why are you blushing right now? Abby - I'm not. Chad - You're very cute when you blush by the way, serious! Look, it's special that you want to save yourself for the right guy. And I don't know if that's me but ... Abby - I don't know about any of this. Chad - I didn't mean to dump all this on you. I just felt that there was something special that happened between us tonight ... Abby - I've got to go home. Chad - Let me drive you home at least. Hold on, you forgot this. He hands her the stuffed panda. Take this. Abby - Thanks. She leaves.

Nicole leads George and Chip into Eric's room. He needs an ambulance and I can't call out. Chip will radio for an ambulance. George - He didn't look sick at all when he checked in. Nicole tells Eric they are going to take him to a hospital and he's going to get the best care, right? George isn't so sure. The last time they took someone to the ER they waited 8 hrs. Nicole - Is this the state capital or Mayberry? Look, we're getting him to a doctor. We're getting him the best care no matter what I have to do to make that happen!

Segment 4: Chad comes over to Sonny and Will's place. They make small talk about Will coming home and the baby. Sonny is guessing he didn't come over to offer to change some diapers. Chad - No, actually, I just came by to see how Will's doing. Will - And? Chad - Okay, I guess I came over here to talk about Abigail.

Jen is at home and recalls her argument with Dan. Abby comes home. Jen asks if everything is okay. Yeah. Jen - You don't look okay. You don't have to talk about it if you don't want to. Abby - I don't even know how to put it into words Mom. Jen - Do you want to try? Abby - Okay. I'm a complete and total screw-up.

Nick and Gabi are in the town square. Nick tells Gabi she looks great. I'm sorry you felt that you and Arianna had no place to go; that you had to move in with Will and Sonny. Gabi - It's okay. We're all getting along really well. Sonny delivered my baby; everything is good between us. Nick - Right. Gabi - Are you sending out resumes. Nick - Yeah, that's the plan for tomorrow. Gabi - You should send one to Sami. She really wanted to hire you before. Nick - Listen to us Gabi. You and I are married and we're talking like we are strangers. Gabi - Maybe that's because we are.

Dan looks at Marlena's chart. This is a great pickup. I'll arrange for a head CT for Mrs. Santos first thing in the morning. Marlena thanks him and asks him to send a copy of the results to the doctor covering some of her patients while she spends time with Sami. Dan - Of course. If there's anything you need from me don't hesitate to ask. Marlena - I will. This whole situation with John and Brady and now Eric being out of town, I feel like I'm being pulled in so many directions ... Dan - Eric is out of town now? Marlena - Yes. He had to go and see the Governor about getting the permits to open the new school at St Luke's. He thinks if he doesn't get that done he'll be transferred out of Salem. Dan is sorry to hear that and hopes everything works out. Marlena - So do I. I'd be lost without him. Dan gets a call. It's Nicole. Are you at the hospital? Dan - Yeah, why? Nicole - Thank God. I'm in an ambulance with Eric and I asked the paramedic to bring him to Salem. He's really sick. Please, you have to help him.

Kristen arrives home and pulls out the memory card from one of her cameras. No rest for the wicked. She slides the card into her laptop and goes to work.

Segment 5: Sonny - Abigail didn't change her mind about keeping quiet about the video, did she? Chad - No. This has nothing to do with that. Will - What's the matter? Chad - I kind of did something crazy tonight. I got these VIP passes to the Whoopee World opening and I asked Abigail to come with me. We had this very clear understanding that it wasn't a date. At least, that's what she thought. Sonny - But she's seeing Cameron. Chad - I know and I don't like dogging him but I'm telling you it's not over between us. Will - Okay, how can you tell. Chad - I just can. I just want one more chance with her. What if Cameron is not the right guy for her and what if deep down, she thinks it to.

Abby - Cameron and I have been getting closer and I told him I was ready to ... Jen - But you weren't ready. That's okay. Abby - No, it's not. How many virgins do you know that are at my age. Jen - I was at your age. Abby - Yeah but that was so long ago. Sorry, you know what I mean. I went out with Chad tonight. It was supposed to be just friends but I think somewhere deep down I think I knew that he wanted more from me and I still said yes. And you know the worst part about it Mom, I actually had a really great time. Jen - Maybe you did tonight but you need to stay away from him. He is bad news.

Kristen watches herself with Eric. The doorbell rings. She calls out for Harold. The doorbell rings again. Kristen - Really! Do you ever work Harold! She goes to the door. It's the doctor checking in. I hope my formulations were of use. Kristen - Yeah, definitely.

Marlena is panicked. What did they say. The paramedic wheels in Eric and gives his stats to Dan. The patient is non-responsive. His pulse is thready. His temp is 105. Marlena exclaims - 105! Dan asks Nicole what happened. Nicole - I don't know. I found him like this in the hotel. He woke up and recognised me but only for a second. Please tell me he's going to be okay. Dan - First thing we have to do is get his temperature down then we'll figure out what's causing it. Eric is taken to an examine room. Roman rushes up to Marlena. I got your message. They're with him right now. We don't know what happened. Roman - What's wrong with him? Marlena - We don't know what happened. Daniel's with him. Nicole said she found him in his hotel room. He was delirious, he was feverish ... she looks at Nicole. Sr Annabelle said he was fine when he left. He was alone. What the hell were you doing there?

Segment 6: Nick - It's my fault Gabi. I made a thousand promises about our life and future together. I want you to know that I meant every single one of them then. Gabi - I do know but you were lying to yourself Nick. Nick - I guess I just ... I tried so hard to pretend that what happened to me in prison wasn't driving every single thing that I did. I thought somehow that if I had the perfect family ... the beautiful wife and the beautiful baby it would all just go away. I know it might feel like I just latched on to the first girl that came along but Gabi ... you're so special. I'm always going to care about you ... always. And I hope that even though we've been through so much that we can still be friends. Gabi - I care about you Nick, you know that. I want you to get the help that you need but what I need is to take care of my brother when he gets out of the hospital and be the best mom that I can be. I have a chance to finally get things right and I don't want to do anything else to screw that up. Nick - I think you made the right decision moving in with Will and Sonny. They're good guys. A hell of a lot better than me. Gabi - I need to go. Please take care of yourself.

Abby - When dad flipped out when I started to see Chad you were the one that told him to relax. Jen - That was before he did what he did at Gabi's wedding. Abby - Everyone makes mistakes. I've made plenty. Jen - Absolutely. That was more than a mistake. Besides you just told me that you're feeling really close to Cameron. Abby - I am and I do sometimes ... if I were so sure that he was the right one, why would I keep thinking about Chad? I don't know what's wrong me. Jen - There's nothing wrong with you. It's just a confusing time. Abby - You have no idea. Jen - No idea about what? Abby - Nothing. Forget it. I'm fine. I just need to be alone. She goes upstairs.

Will - Correct me if I'm wrong but didn't you and Abigail break up after the wedding thing? Chad - That would be correct. Will - Listen, we all make mistakes and if I'm over what you did, I'm sure Abigail's over it. And if you hadn't done it I wouldn't be a father to my little girl so in a convoluted way you did me a favour. Chad - Wow, thanks for saying that man. I'll let you get back to whatever I interrupted. I'll see you later. He leaves. Will - Where were we? Sonny joins him on the couch - I think we were right here. They kiss.

Nicole - Marlena, I was there because I found Eric's notes back at the church; the ones he needed for the meeting about the school. I knew how important they were to him so I tracked him down. She cries - God, I just pray that he's going to be okay. Roman - We're all doing that. Marlena - I'm so sorry. Roman - Why didn't the paramedics take him to the closest hospital? Nicole - Because I wanted him to get the best care possible so I insisted that they bring him here and Daniel's going to help him ... he has to!

Dan exams Eric. The nurse comes in with Eric's labs. His white count is normal. Dan - That's strange. Nurse - Do you think it's viral. Dan - I'm not so sure.

Kristen asks the doctor if he'd like a drink. He hopes he's not interrupting. Kristen - No, just making a little something to remember the night by because God knows, no one else is going to remember, right? The camera cuts to an unconscious Eric in the hospital.

Segment 7: Dan is going to start a broad spectrum antibiotic while he waits for his cultures. And if his conditions changes at all you come to me. The alarm on Eric's monitoring machine goes off before Dan leaves the room.

The guys are kissing when they hear the key in the door and break apart. Will asks Gabi if everything is okay when she comes in. Gabi - Yes. Is Ari still sleeping? Yup. Gabi - Great, long nap. You know what that means. Will - She's going to wake up and never go to sleep again. Gabi - I wouldn't say ever but she is going to wake up every 2 hrs. She's going to be hungry, cranky, she's going to cry her little head off. Sonny - Wasn't she down for about 5 hrs the other night? Gabi - Yeah, that was a one time thing. She's not even a month old. Do you really expect her to sleep through the night. Will - No of course not. My mom said I didn't leave her alone for more than 3 hours until I was 1. Gabi - I was like that too. I hope it's not hereditary because if it is, we are in trouble. I'm going to try and nap for a bit while I can. After she leaves the room Sonny pulls Will against his chest. Will - So how old were you when you slept through the night mister? Sonny - I was the perfect baby. Slept through the night as soon as I got home from the hospital. Rarely cried. You know when I 6 months I was speaking in full sentences. Will laughs. Sonny - I would blow people away with my highly refined sense of humour before I could even walk. Will - I was sure you were a little nightmare. Sonny - I was. Mom said she didn't sleep or even rest for the first 2 years. Will - 2 yrs and you expect 3 wk old Ari to sleep through the night! Sonny - We can hope, can't we? Will - I'm going to go sing to her.

When Kristen hands the doctor a drink she notices that his hand is shaking. Are you alright? Dr - I have to admit this is not simply a courtesy call. There's something you need to know about the drugs after effects. Kristen - You mean the fever and the chills? Those after effects? Silence.

Dan comes out and tells Roman and Marlena - Heart rate's back to normal and the fever's broken. Marlena - So quickly. Dan - He was very dehydrated so we pumped him full of fluids and he seems to be responding very well. Roman - So then he's going to be okay. Dan - It looks that way. Marlena - I assume you want him to stay a couple of days. Dan - Actually I'm not sure that will be necessary if he continues to improve at this rate. I know that sounds surprising considering the state that he was in when he came in here but ... Nicole - Daniel, you are the best. Marlena - Yes. Thank you both so much. Dan - The nurse is finished checking his vitals to you can go in and see them. After Roman and Marlena go into Eric's room Dan tells Nicole he wants to talk to her for a minute. I need to know everything that happened from the time you found Eric to the time you brought him here. Every detail no matter how unimportant it may seem. Nicole - Why, what's going on?

Kristen - The fever and the chills aren't the side effects you're talking about, are they? Dr - No, as I said, they should subside quickly. I'm referring to the other thing we discussed. Kristen - The promise that you made me that the patient wouldn't remember anything that happened to him ... that other thing? Dr - Yes.

Dan - His lab results are not indicative of a bacterial infection. I've never seen a virus hit this hard, this fast and clear up just as quickly. Nicole - I'm sorry. What are you saying? Dan - If I didn't know better I would say that Eric was poisoned.

Kristen snaps - Now you're telling me this! Dr - I'm sorry. It was only after I gave you this formulation that I was alerted to a problem with the ingredients that I used. Apparently part of the compound was corrupted. Kristen - So? Dr - The properties were probably not as potent as I expected them to be. Kristen - And what does that mean? Dr - Obviously the drug worked as expected but it's very difficult for me to make any promises about the victim's long term memory at this time. Kristen - So what you're telling me is that this person could remember everything that happened to him. Is that what you're saying! He nods yes. Kristen - Damn it. She throws her drink. He ducks.

Eric lies in bed twitching.


Wednesday, Jun 26

Segment 1: Eric lies in his hospital dreaming about being in bed with a woman.

Abby is in her room when Chad calls her from the coffeeshop. How was your night? Abby - Actually, not so great. Chad - Sorry, my fault, right. Abby - I don't know, maybe. She apologises for running out on him last night. Cameron and Theo come in as Chad is saying that she needed space and he totally gets it. I probably should have picked a better time to say how I feel about you but last night just seemed right. He sees Cam and Theo and tells her he has to go. Chad greets and hugs Theo and then says Cameron. No response.

Adrienne is pacing in the Horton living room ranting to Jen. Can you believe it! He took Sami's case. That woman destroys everything she touches and he decides to defend her. Jen - I certainly understand ... Adrienne - And another thing, within months, and I mean it, within months, that woman is going to fix it so my son's heart is broken again.

Will is carrying Ari and telling her that this was her first night in a strange place and she literally slept through the night. Sonny - Arianna, don't listen to your dad. HE slept through the night, you, however, were up every two hours. Will - You're kidding. I didn't hear her. Sonny - You're on enough pain killers to put down a horse. Trust me, you'll have a lot of nights ahead of you to walk the floors, sing lullabies. Will - Is that what you did? Sonny - Yes. Will - No wonder she couldn't sleep. You have a terrible voice. There's a knock on their door. It's Lucas. Will hands off Ari to him - Grandpa's here.

Nicole paces in the lounge and then hugs Brady when he comes in. Thank God you're here. I've been alone all night. Brady - Daniel left me a message and said Eric was hospitalized. What happened? Nicole - I don't know. I don't understand any of it.

Kristen pours the doctor some tea. As I said last night Ms DiMera, I deeply apologise that the solution I gave you was not as pure as I'd hoped. Kristen - The solution you sold me didn't come with hope, it came with a guaranty that whomever received the drug wouldn't remember anything that happened to him while under the influence. And yet here you sit weaseling, sniveling, groveling, begging for forgiveness. Yet the fact remains that even as we speak the patient could be remembering everything that happened to him.

Eric tosses and turns as he recalls more of what happened. Dan wakes him up. Father Eric, it's Dr Jonas. Do you know where you are? Eric looks around. Dan - Father, do you remember what happened last night? Eric - Yeah, I remember.

Nicole - He was delirious. I saw him in that hotel bed and he was shaking like crazy and his eyes ... Brady, he was fine when he went to the capitol and a few hours later he's a total wreck. Brady - Easy, we'll figure it out. Nicole - How! The doctors don't even know what's wrong. Brady - I don't know. It sounds like a virus. Nicole - No, Daniel said that would have been the fastest acting virus he's ever seen. Daniel thinks Eric was poisoned.

Dr - Thank Ms DiMera, no sugar, I prefer ... she dumps the sugar in. Dr - Just one lump then. Kristen - Lemon? Dr - No thank you. Kristen - I only had one chance to accomplish what I wanted to do and now I'm hearing, correct me if I'm wrong, that that one chance has been blown because you sold me a defective drug. What exactly do you think I should do about it?

Eric - I remember last night I was sick as a dog. Dan - Well your fever's down. How do you feel now? Eric - Alright, pretty good. Dan - Do you know what started this illness? What do you think brought it on? Eric - I was ... no ... no ... He sits up in bed. Dan grabs him - Hold on. I'm right here.

Segment 2: Theo sits down to play video games. Chad comments that he should probably spend more time with Theo. Cam - What kind of game are you playing with Abigail? Chad - I'm not. I'm serious about her. Just so you know, I told her how I feel for the first time last night. Cam - So you set up this little non-date thing and then you made your play. Chad - I wasn't playing. I told her how I feel and I'm glad I did.

Abby hugs the stuffed panda.

Adrienne - Sonny needs to get out of that relationship. Jen - Adrienne, listen to me, I spent time with them when Will was in the hospital. They love each other. It's the real thing. Adrienne - I'm sure it is but Will's a liar just like his mother. Abby hears this. Adrienne - Jen, I'm sorry. I know he's your nephew and you love him but he did lie to my son about being the baby's father and that led to that whole wedding disaster. Jen - But Will was confused. He's a kid. Adrienne - Yeah, he's Sami's kid Jen! And then that whole mess with Nick and Gabi. Jen - I understand that. Adrienne - Puts my son in the middle of it and almost gets him killed ... Jen - My understanding ... Adrienne plows on - Then Sami shoots a police detective in cold blood. Jen - She saved Rafe's life. Adrienne - So she says. Jen - Are you kidding me! What other reason would she have for shooting him. Abby recalls promising not to tell about the video.

Lucas puts Ari in the bassinette. I just got back from Chicago. Any other news about your mother? Did they find the weapon yet? Will - No. Lucas - Any other evidence against her surface? Will - What evidence? She was trying to protect Rafe, that's the end of the story. Lucas - Because the guy had a razor. She shoots first and asks questions later, doesn't she? Well I guess she wouldn't have done it unless she had a perfectly good reason for it, right? Sonny - Of course not. Lucas - The problem is when the real story gets out everyone is going to know why she did it. Will - What do you mean the real story?

Dr - Please, Ms DiMera, I want so badly for you to understand that the slight variation in the chemical properties of the drug I gave you would not make it impotent. It would still be extremely effective. Your patient remembered nothing. Kristen - That's incredibly reassuring except for the fact that you were sceptical yesterday .. YESTERDAY! Dr - Yes I was but having slept on it I realise my scepticism was not based in science but rather my congenital tendency towards hyper-cautioness. Kristen - How do you feel about speaking English doctor! Dr - In the light of day Ms DiMera I can assure you that your patient will remain forever oblivious to what transpired between you and him. I would stake my reputation on it. Kristen - Would you! My mind is at ease now. My spirits have been buoyed because you are so fantastic and I am grateful from the bottom of my heart. But if by chance the patient does remember that he was drugged and then seduced it's going to be a hell of a lot more than just your reputation at stake. Are we clear?

Eric is panicked. I have to be at the capitol. I have a meeting with the legislative committee. They don't know what's going on with the school project. Dan - Listen to me. The meeting has been postponed. Nicole talked to them. They understand that you've suddenly taken ill. Eric - But I'm better now. Dan - We don't even know what caused this. Let's just talk about it. Let's talk about that. Just say calm. What happened last night? What are you feeling now? Are you remembering what happened. Eric - No ... something .. something went very wrong.

Kristen - It went very well actually. The video quality was excellent and once it's edited it should work beautifully. That is unless of course he remembers something. Dr - I seriously doubt that will happen. Kristen - You're doubts are very comforting. Now I'm going to have to do something if he remembers that is. Dr - Are you perhaps thinking of leaving?

Nicole - Brady, last night was so scary. Seeing him in that bed all shaking and shivering and his eyes so glassy, I thought maybe I was going to lose him forever. Not be able to be around him at all or see him again. I mean the whole parish would feel that way. He's special to the whole congregation. Brady - He is. Nicole - I'm sorry I'm crying. I've been up all night. Brady - It's okay. Nicole - Dan says he's coming along nicely. Brady - You'll probably get to see him soon. Nicole - If Eric comes out of this okay maybe we could still go on that trip we planned. Brady - Nicole, I think we both know we can't do that. Not today, maybe not ever.

Segment 3: Lucas - I meant the real truth about Sami trying to protect Rafe. He looks at the guys. Why? Is there another truth now? The guys both say no. Will - If she said there was a razor then there was a razor. Lucas - Alright. What's going on here? Are you guys on your own? Where's the baby's mother. Will - Gabi had to make up an exam she missed when she was in the hospital. Lucas - And how are you feeding this baby? Sonny - Gabi has expressed milk in the fridge and the bottles are all loaded to go. We have burb clothes, wipes, diapers so we're good to go. Lucas - Why don't you guys go somewhere and let me take care of this. Will - Are you serious? Lucas - Yes. Go enjoy yourselves. I've got this covered. Will - Thanks Dad! Lucas - Don't leave me totally alone. Leave your phone on or something. Will - Deal! They leave. Lucas goes to Ari. Look at you. You've got Sami's nose, don't you. Let's just hope you don't have her flair for finding trouble.

Abby continues to eavesdrop as Adrienne says - Sonny needs to get away while he still can. Jen - But he loves Will and he's his own man and you need to stop worrying. Adrienne scoffs - Wouldn't you worry if JJ or Abigail were getting involved with somebody who was nothing but trouble! Seriously. Abby comes in and greets both ladies. Jen comments that she slept in late. Abby - I've been up for awhile; had a lot to think about.

Cam - Well you're finally being honest. This must be an odd feeling for you. Chad - I want to be open with what's going on. Cam - As opposed to lying? Chad - It wasn't ... look, I'm trying to be fair. I gave you two some space last night. You and Abigail needed to talk so I stepped outside and let you do it and made sure not to come back until after you'd left. When I did she was upset. Cam - And you moved in to take advantage. Chad - Come on, you know I can't play her. She can think for herself Cameron. She's tougher than you think. She's an amazing woman. Cam - It's not like you gave a damn until she told you she didn't want anything to do with you. What, there's nothing like a good challenge, right? Chad - It's not what you think. Cam - Really? Chad - We became closer over the last couple of months as friends. We've gotten to know each other better by doing stuff and hanging out. Cam - You know what, save me the sales pitch. I'm outta here. Chad - Wait. The last thing I want to do is make things a mess for Abigail or see her hurt even if that means she chooses you over me. And to be fair, last night after you left, nothing happened between us.

Brady - I'm going to say something to you and it doesn't mean that I'm judging you okay. Nicole - I know, that's not our deal. Brady - Seeing how you reacted to Eric being sick I think you're in this a lot deeper than you're willing to admit. Nicole - I just hated seeing him hurt. Brady - I know but here's the deal. We're friends. Nicole - Best friends. Brady - And this rebound thing that we're doing, I think we should put it on hold because breaking up or getting over someone is ... Nicole - Complicated. Brady - Yeah. It's a lot more complicated than just falling into bed with someone else even when that person is the best. Nicole - Brady, I know you were talking about Eric and me but you're talking about you and Kristen now, aren't you?

Kristen - Am I thinking about leaving Salem? No, that's not really my style. I tend to stay put and win no matter what. You got that! No matter what! Now go. Dr - Of course. Kristen - And doctor don't delude yourself that you can run to some far, obscure corner of the universe where my father and I can't find you. Stay close. He leaves.

Dan - You're right, something did go wrong. Not only did you get violently ill, you did it at an alarming rate. Eric - Do you know why? Dan - I did a simple tox screen first, found nothing. The second round was more sophisticated. I'm looking for some kind of poison. Eric - Poison? I didn't eat anything. I didn't drink anything. Dan - Nothing at all? Not even a bottled water. Eric - No. Dan - Did you touch anything that just seemed strange? Maybe a smell, something that could have come through the air vent. Anything. Eric - Frankly I can't recall much of anything. Dan - Why don't we just go back to when you came into the hotel. Can you walk me through that. Eric - When I checked in I said I didn't want to be disturbed. My phone wasn't working in the room so I went down to the lobby to use the office phone. There was a woman checking in. Something was bothering her. I took a shower and when I came into the room ... Dan - What happened then? Do you remember what happened?

Segment 4: Adrienne asks Abby if something is wrong. Jen - Actually Abigail and I were talking last night ... Abby - Never mind. I'm starving so I'm going to get some breakfast. Can I get you anything? Both ladies are good. Abby heads to the kitchen. Adrienne - God Jennifer, she is so sweet. I heard she's dating Cameron Davis. That must make momma bear pretty proud. Jen - Yeah. Cameron is very nice. Adrienne - Nice? Wow. He's a doctor. She could do worse.

Cam - I'm supposed to believe what? That you're telling me all these things because you're on my side? Chad - No but I don't want us to be enemies either. I'm going for full disclosure here okay. I can't help how I feel about Abigail and you know damn well I'm not crazy for wanting to be with her 'cause you feel the same way. Theo comes running up to Chad. I won! I won! Chad - Wow! Theo - Do you want to come to the park and play? Chad wishes he could but he has to work but he'll try and stop by later with some oil for Theo's baseball glove. They hug.

Kristen is on her phone. You're positive? Fr Eric left the hotel and was taken to University Hospital. Thank you so much. I'm a parishioner worried about our Father. She hangs up. Idiot. She picks up one of the pieces of jewelry Brady had given her. Cue flashback.

Brady - I admit it. I've been thinking about Kristen a lot lately. Yesterday I called her but I hung up the phone immediately. I heard her voice and knew it was a mistake. I woke up and realised that the only way I'm going to get this woman out of my system is to have zero contact with her. Nicole - You have to be strong. Brady - The thing is I'm going to need my friend to help me out sometimes. Nicole - She'll be there. Brady - This whole idea of going away together ... I would just be running away from what I need to face.

Kristen throws the jewelry in the trash can and then heads out the door.

Nicole - You're right, running away from your problems doesn't really solve anything. I have to face my demons right here same as you. Brady - Yes you do. Nicole - It's kind of weird calling them demons ... it's the man I have feelings for ... so dedicated to God. But this friends with benefits thing that we're doing ... Brady - We should probably just make it friends, right? Nicole - Right. Friends. They hug.

Eric grabs his rosary. Dan - Anything might help ... a taste in your mouth ... skin tingling ... Eric - The next thing I remember after taking a shower is waking up in bed. I was shivering, aching, miserable. Nicole was there. And how she knew that I needed her is beyond me. Dan - I'd say you're blessed that she showed up. I'm going to go check on those test results and then go talk to Roman and Marlena because they've been here all night long. Eric sits up again. Dan holds him back. There have been a lot of people saying a lot of prayers last night. They're going to be glad to hear some good news so you try and get some rest and maybe some of these memories will come back. Just rest. He leaves the room. Eric gets out of bed. He picks up his collar and stares at it.

Segment 5: Adrienne has left. When Abby returns to the living room Jen says - About last night, I just want ... Abby - Can we not talk about it. It's not because I'm angry or anything I just ... I'd really like you to try and understand that I'm going to make my own decisions about who I want to date even if that means I'm going to make some mistakes. Jen - I know and I'm going to try and not be judgemental. They hug.

Sonny and Will are sitting at a table in the town square sharing a dish of ice cream. Sonny - I was just thinking how different it was when your Dad came today. Will - You mean as compared to the first time he came over. Sonny - It's nice that our parents are on board finally. Will sees Adrienne. Sonny - What? We said no more secrets, remember? Sonny turns and sees his mom. Great, what did my mom do now?

Eric is getting dressed and talking on the phone. Thank you so much Mr Higgins. I'll reschedule with the Senator as soon as I get a look at my calendar. Brady comes in. I hear my brother is in need of a keeper. Eric - Apparently I was. They hug. Brady - I saw your mom and dad and they are relieved. Eric - I sent them home. After Sami's nightmare they must be exhausted. Mom said Sami is out on bail. Brady - Yeah. She's home, she's good. Probably a good thing otherwise she would have been out there with Nicole in the waiting room all night. Eric - Nicole was here all night? Brady - Yeah. She's the responsible type. She wanted to come in and say hi. Eric - Did she happen to say why she showed up at my hotel? Brady - To save your life. Frankly I didn't ask her. Just be glad she did. Eric - Yeah, I am. Brady - You should be smiling. Things are back to normal. Things are going to be fine alright.

Kristen walks up to the nurses station. Excuse me, these are needed for the board meeting. The nurse tells her that her brother already dropped off a copy. Kristen - He forgot to tell me. There's a lot going on in his life these days. Thanks anyway. The nurse walks away and Kristen takes a peek at some hospital paperwork. Nicole walks up behind her and puts her hand on Kristen's shoulder startling her.

Segment 6: Nicole - What are you doing? Kristen - It's none of your business but I was just dropping off some papers that EJ forgot to bring. Nicole - Why were you looking at that list? Kristen denies that she was. Nicole - I saw you looking at the list. Dan walks up. Nicole, can I talk to you in private please. Nicole - Sure of course. They leave and Kristen checks out the list.

Adrienne walks up to Will and Sonny's table. Hi guys? Are you having fun? Sonny - Nice smile Mom. I know what you said to Will. Will - What? Adrienne - Alright, I admit it. I told him he should walk away before the both of you get your hearts broken. You didn't know? She looks at Will. You didn't tell him? Sonny - He didn't tell me. He obviously was trying to protect you. Adrienne - Really. Are you sure it wasn't that he knew eventually it would come out so he took the high road to make me look bad. Sonny - No. You did that all on your own. Adrienne - What is wrong with you! You used to see things so clearly. Sonny - My eyes are wide open. Come on Will, let's get out of here. Adrienne - You know what his mother's like. He lied to you. He almost got you killed. And my God, Sami! How many times do we have to go through ... Will tells her to stop. You're only embarrassing yourself here. Sonny - Yes and for God's sake, Sami saved Rafe's life. Adrienne - Yes, we've all heard that excuse. That's the one she stuck your father with so he can fail in court. Will - And I'm done here. They both start walking away. Adrienne runs after Sonny and grabs his arm - Wait. Sonny - If you are going to make me choose between you and Will it's going to be a very easy decision. He leaves.

Abby goes up to Chad at the coffeehouse. Hi. I think that maybe I gave you some mixed signals last night. Chad - That's no problem. Abby - Actually it is. It's a problem and it needs to be solved.

Dan and Nicole go into the lounge. Nicole asks when he'll know if Eric was poisoned. Dan - Not until we get the test results back. And really it's kind of tough because unfortunately Eric didn't really give me much. I don't think he ingested anything at the hotel once he got there. Nicole - Was it a spider bite or something? Dan - No, any bite would leave a telltale mark. There's nothing. Nicole - I don't get it. What the hell happened to Eric in that hotel room?

Kristen finds Eric's room number. Hello padre. She goes to the door but hears Brady saying goodbye so she hides until he's gone.

Segment 7: Chad - Let me say something first. I told you last night I'm hoping you'll give me a chance but I came late to the party. If you think I'm just going to screw things up with you and Cameron and Cameron's who you want then just say the word and I'm back to being a friend. Abby - Chad, I know I've been a little weird lately but I'm trying to figure out how I really feel. Chad - Hey, the world's not going to end tomorrow and I can't speak for Cameron but I'm not going anywhere. Take your time.

Adrienne is on her cell. Look honey, I know you don't want to take my call right now and I understand but I need to say something. I'm your mom. No matter what you do, no matter what decisions you make, I will always love you. Always. Look maybe I'm wrong about Will. Maybe your Dad will prove that Sami really didn't do anything wrong. And I know you don't believe this but that's really what I'm hoping. I'm hoping that what she did was right and that what you decided was right. How about I make you a promise. From now on I'll try and do my best to show you that I'm behind you 100%. She cries.

Will and Sonny are in the park. Sonny - I can't tell you how sorry I am. Sometimes my mom is out there. Will - So is my mom so we're good. Sonny - I do have to ask. Will - Why I didn't tell you as soon as she said it? Maybe because I thought she had a point. My family has a long history of drama. You just got a taste, wait until you get the buffet. Sonny - Listen to me. We belong together. You know that, right? Will kisses him. Sonny - I want you to promise me something. A lot of people who know us and a lot who don't know us think that it's not okay that we love each other. And I want you to promise me that you will never tell Arianna it's not okay to love someone. Will - Okay. But that goes for you too because when she's old enough to fall in love and she's married, we'll both be there for her. They kiss.

Dan - The problem is if we don't get anything on the test results we may never know what happened in the hotel room but the good news is he's pretty much recovered and I plan on releasing him very soon and he'll be all yours. You get him home and make him rest. Nicole - I will. They hug. Dan tells her to give him fluids, monitor his progress and whatever took him down, he fought back and recovered on his own. Brady hears this. Are you ready to release him? Dan - As soon as I get the test results back assuming there's no red flags. Brady - He doesn't remember anything about last night. Nicole - Maybe if he gets some rest his memory will come back. Dan - Possibly. Details could come back at any moment. Any little thing could trigger Eric's memory.

Eric picks up his rosary and sees Kristen standing in the doorway.


Thursday, Jun 27

Segment 1: Eric and Kristen stare at each other. Cue flashbacks.

Jen is leaving a message for JJ. You're supposed to be here. I left work so we could explain to Cameron what happened together.

The group of 4 druggies are rushing through the square. Rory asks JJ - What did she say? JJ - Have a nice day. I almost lost it. Rory can't believe she didn't hear all the stuff rattling around in his bag. JJ - All that matters is that we did a good job. The other guy suggests they check out their stash. Apparently they've all shoplifted stuff they're going to pawn. JJ declares he can get $300 for what he stole easily. Rory tells him he can pick up a receipt for it down on the docks on any given Saturday. The girl tells JJ he has the best ideas. He asks her what she got. Just a couple of videos - her hands were shaking. The other guy brags that he got a new video game. Am I cool or what. JJ - Actually you're wasted Cole.

Caroline is with Marlena. Poor Eric. It's bad enough to get sick when you're at home; he was out of town. Marlena - He's normally so stoic. He wouldn't complain. Caroline - It must be something serious. Marlena - Let's hope not. Anyway I came by to get some of your famous chicken soup. Her cell rings. It's Roman. Wow, that's great. I'll be there in a few. She tells Caroline that Eric is being released. Caroline - That's wonderful; a quick recovery. Marlena - He was just in overnight. Caroline - I don't understand. He was sick enough to go to the hospital; the next day he's released.

Nicole - Eric didn't have anything to eat or drink at the hotel. Dan - That's what he said but he doesn't remember very much. Brady - He said he took a shower and the next thing he knew he was in bed sick as a dog. Nicole - He's going to get his memory back, right? Dan - Possibly. Maybe if he goes back to the room or sees someone that he associates with what happened to him there.

Kristen enters the room. Hi Eric, I mean Father. I heard you were here. I just thought I'd stop ... Eric - I know why you're here.

Jen opens the door to Cameron. I'm glad you came. Cam - You're message said you wanted to talk to me. Jen - Yeah. Cameron, this is the deal. JJ was waiting for you in your office yesterday and when you hadn't returned he was going to write you a note and he took this pad off your desk. She hands it over. Cam - This is my script pad. Jen - Yeah. And he's supposed to be here right now explaining all of this to you and apologising but he is delayed for some reason. He didn't mean to take your prescription pad. He should have been more careful. I'm sorry. Cam - I keep these in my drawer. Jen - He said it was on your desk. Cam - It's brand new. There's no slips missing. Jen - Right, because he decided not to write the note. Cam - No harm, no foul I guess. Abby comes in and sees Cam there. Oh right, the prescription pad thing. I thought JJ wanted to apologise himself for ... Jen - Yes. Cam - Listen, tell JJ it's cool and I'll see you at the hospital. Jen - Thank you again Cameron and I'm so sorry. Cam leaves.

Rory suggests they go to the park. He starts goofing off and bragging about how he can make stuff stick to his fingers in a store. Cole walks into the tree. I've always hated this tree. Classy, rich people think they own it. He tells everyone to come on and starts breaking a branch off. JJ yells - Stop. Get away from the tree.

Nicole - What if Brady and I go to the hotel and take pictures of the room and then show them to Eric. Brady - Would that even work? Dan - It might have some affect but I doubt it. In situations like this the memories usually come back on their own or not. A nurse brings Dan the test results. He looks at them. Brady - What are those? Dan - Hopefully answers.

Kristen - I had to drop off some papers for the upcoming board meeting and I heard you were here. I know we've had our differences because of Brady and our families. Eric - Stop! Kristen - I just came by because I was concerned about you. Eric - Yeah! You're not here because you're concerned Kristen. We both know there's a lot more to it than that.

Segment 2: Eric - You think I don't know what happened. You love to play people, don't you? You take such joy in it. Kristen - Father, I'm sorry if that's what you think. Eric - I know exactly what this is about. I didn't support your deep, crazy love for my brother Brady. I wouldn't attend your wedding. I wouldn't hear your confession when your crazy scheme blew up in your face. Kristen - Father, this ... Eric snaps - Those are the facts Kristen! You have a ton of vindictive reasons to be angry with me. But now that you heard that the new school may be in trouble because I've taken ill and I didn't have time to meet some very important bureaucrats. Kristen - I don't know anything about a meeting. Eric - And the DiMera's, oh the DiMera's, they gave a ton of money for this new school and you're here to tell me the funds can be withdrawn. Kristen - That's not true. That gift was without reservation, honestly. I'm only here because I heard you were ill. Eric - And what? Hoping that my mother was visiting so you could just stick it to her. That's it! I know you Kristen. When it comes to my family you always have a plan, don't you?

Marlena - The test results aren't back yet so we don't know what happened to him. Caroline - Well at least he's recovered, thank God! Marlena - Roman is going to pick him and take him to the rectory. We'll meet him there. I'm hoping you can come along. Caroline - You bet I can! Marlena - You know between Sami being arrested and this business with Eric ... boy, it's so hard when you're children are suffering. I know you know that. Caroline - Yes I do. But it must be a help to have Roman there for Eric and for you. Marlena - Yeah, it helps. Caroline - And I'm sure John's done all he could. Marlena - Well no. I just got a text from John saying he was out of town for a couple of days and that's fine.

Dan - I'll be damned. Brady - What does it say? Dan - I need to go see Eric. Excuse me. Brady and Nicole both start asking questions but Dan leaves. Brady - Did he seriously just say I'll be damned and walk out of the room. Did he find poison or what! Brady - I don't like that look on your face. What are you thinking? Nicole - I may have the answer.

Jen - I'm worried about Cameron. He seemed more upset about JJ taking that pad then he let on. Abby - JJ should have been the one explaining himself if he can but I think that Cameron was really upset about something else too. Jen - I hope you're not talking about Chad. Jen - Can we agree not to talk about something and stick to it for like an hour. Jen - Fine, I'm sorry. Abby - I've got to go see Cameron. She leaves. Jen tries JJ again. Where are you!

JJ pulls Cole off the tree - his backpack falls to the ground and the stolen video game is in plain sight. Cole - Don't push me man. You think you're family's all special because Grampy has his name on some stupid tree. JJ - Back off Cole. Cole - Seriously. He starts ripping branches off the tree. Ohh ... my family owns this place ... JJ - I said back off! Cole - You know what I think ... he pours his slushy all over the plaque ... I think your tree is stupid. What do you think of that. JJ - Son of a bitch - he pushes Cole against a wall and slugs him.

Segment 3: Jen leaves yet another message for JJ. She paces. She reads the card she got from Dan again. Cue flashbacks. Gosh Daniel, if we could just clear this up. God JJ, where are you? What are you doing?

Cole slugs him back. They both end up on the ground fighting. Two beat cops come along and break them up. What's going on? JJ - He was trying to tear down the tree. Cole - You and that stupid tree man ... JJ - Shut your mouth Cole! The cop holding Cole looks down - who's backpack is this? JJ - It's his. The cop picks up the video game. He points to another pack - Is that yours over there. JJ - Yeah. The other cop picks it up - the stolen item is showing. A woman comes up - Hey, that's from my store. Cop - Do you have a receipt for that? Woman - Of course not. The security tag is still on it. He and his buddies were at my place shoplifting. The only thing they bought was a discount CD for 5 bucks. I want to press charges. The cops place JJ and Cole under arrest.

Brady - You might have the answer to what. It's not like you saw Daniel's report. He sees her with her phone - What are you doing? Nicole - Ssh. Don't say anything. Hi, this is Nicole Walker, Titan TV. You need to put Hanley on the phone right now. Brady - You're not with Titan TV anymore ... Nicole - Ssh! She puts the phone on speaker. Hanley, hi. Nicole Walker. Look I know you're a busy man so I'll cut right to the chase okay. We're about to go public with a story about how you almost killed Father Eric Brady, are you aware of that? Hanley - What the hell are you talking about? Nicole - I'm going to take that as a no so here's a header. A young, courageous Catholic priest desperately fighting for the life of his school had to travel to the capitol because Charles Hanley with the budget bureau is in a turf war with the Department of Education and is holding up certification for Father Eric's school. Are you with me so far. Hanley - This is outrageous. Nicole - Good because I'm not finished. Sadly Father Eric became ill and almost died because of Hanley's lust for petty power. Ooh ... I like that alliteration, petty power. Hanley - Look, stop. I didn't do anything. Nicole - You didn't do anything? Almost killing a priest isn't doing anything? Hey, do we still have that footage of Hanley that we can put up on YouTube. Brady calls out - Yeah, plenty! Nicole - This firestorm is going to be massive. That's why we wanted to call you first. So Hanley, do you have anything you want to say? Hanley - Uh, I, uh, I'd have to consult with some people. Nicole - Consult with whoever you want but the bottom line is do we run the story? Hanley - No, please. Don't run the story. The school is being approved today. Nicole - Oh, thank you very much. Nice talking to you. She hangs up and gives Brady a high five. Son of a bitch, he did almost kill Eric but sometimes there's a silver lining.

Kristen - Father, I didn't come here to cause any trouble for you or your family, I promise you. Eric is rifling through his briefcase. Eric scoffs - Of course you didn't. Kristen - I didn't. I hope you can find a way to have that meeting so you can get the school up and running. I don't want it to fail. Your whole family doesn't want it to fail. Eric - What ... your feelings about my family ... let me tell you ... he stops and stares. Kristen - Father. Dan rushes in. Father Eric, I have the results ... Kristen, what are you doing here. Father Eric hasn't been cleared ... he sees Eric's expression - What's going on? Are you starting to remember what happened last night? Father, is something wrong. Eric - Yes. Something is definitely wrong.

Segment 4: Eric - Dr. Jonas, I need to say something. Dan - Yeah. Kristen, could you step outside ... Eric - No please Kristen. You should stay. She's part of it. Dan - Okay. What's going on? Eric - Whatever my illness was it's apparently made me very irritable and I just attacked Kristen. I started blaming her, accusing her of ... would you please just accept my apology. Kristen - Of course. Dan - Kristen, why are you here? Visiting is restricted. Kristen - I was here on unrelated business and I heard that Father had taken ill and I ... I'm so sorry I disturbed you. Eric - I'm very sorry I snapped. I'm very worried about the school, myself ... what happened to me last night is no way your fault. Kristen - No problem. Bye. She leaves.

JJ and Cole are being processed. The cop is putting JJ's phone in an envelope with his other belongings. You've got a ton of messages kid, all from your mom.

Jen puts JJ's picture back on the mantle place. Her cell rings. You had better have a really good excuse mister! Hello. What! Yes, I'll be right there.

Cam is in the park. Cue flashback of him watching Abby touch Chad's face. Abby walks up to him. Hi. My mom was worried that you were upset about that whole prescription pad thing. Cam - The pad was brand new and there's no way it was on my desk but I should have locked my drawer. So for that part I'm mad at myself. Abby - And at me. Cam - When were you going to tell me? Abby - Tell you what? Cam - I don't know how many times that you told me you and Chad are just friends but as soon as he tells you that he's really into you and wants to move it to the next step there's not a word. So I'll repeat ... when were you going to tell me?

Eric - All the tests came back negative. Dan - Every one. Eric - Except for my foul mood. You know what the important thing is, I'm fine now. Dan - You see, I'm a doctor and I need answers. Are you sure you don't remember anything! A mint on your pillow, bumping into someone in the lobby, maybe a sharp pain. Eric - I'm sorry, I don't remember anything and I really wish I could. The whole night is just a blank. Dan - Okay. We'll definitely run some more tests but the next one is going to be a little tricky though and I am going to need your consent. Will you agree?

Kristen is walking up to the Brady pub but steps back when she sees Marlena and Caroline coming out. Caroline - It's a nice day. We could walk. Marlena - We could or my car is right there at the curb. Caroline - I say walk. Marlena is right there with her. Kristen walks up to them. Hi Caroline. Hi Marlena. Marlena - Oh my gosh!

Segment 5: Abby - I have tried to explain this to you so many times. Chad and I are close but I consider him a friend period. Cam - Really? Well here's what I'm saying, if you didn't have some feeling for the guy, none of this would be going on. He's picking up on real signals Abigail. Abby - I care about you. Cam - I think you do, you really do but I'm sorry Abigail, it's just not enough.

Jen rushes into the squad room and makes a beeline to JJ. My God, JJ what did you do? How could you get arrested? She notices his black eye. What in the world! Did you get into a fight? JJ - Yeah. Jen - Are you hurt? JJ - No. Jen - Is the other boy hurt? JJ - No. Jen - What happened? JJ - We were in the square and he started making fun of the plaque that's on the family tree and then he threw his drink all over it ... I just lost it! Jen - Oh you just lost it. You couldn't call the police and have them take care of it! How could you do ... she stops and tries to collect herself. How could you do this? Okay, he threw a drink at a plaque. That is so bizarre, why? JJ - It was crazy. He was trying to like kill the tree by tearing down branches and stuff. I tried to stop him but then he punched me so I gave it right back to him. I'm sorry but weren't your grandparents really special? I mean, that's why the tree is there. I remember you telling me stories about them; all the great stuff they did. Jen - Yeah JJ they did. My grandmother and grandfather were two of the best people in this world. And you know what, they set the bar really high and I don't always live up to it but I keep trying JJ. She hugs him. I'll get this taken care of. Just get through this. JJ watches as the cops are itemizing the stolen goods.

Cam - I would do almost anything for you Abigail, I really would. That's how much you mean to me. That's why I'm glad we started dating again. We've been through some pretty bad stuff together and when you told me that ... Abby - Okay, if you're going to bring up the virgin thing again ... Cam - No, I didn't mean that. If you want to wait until you're ready, I'm fine with that, I've told you. No, I was talking about my illustrious night job stripping for cash. It's not something I necessarily want on my highlight reel. But the worst part about it was that I lied to you. Abby - We got past it. Cam - We did and we can get past anything if we just stay honest. Abby - I have never lied to you. Cam - No, but you're lying to yourself. Abby - No, I'm no. Cam - And I'm not going to hang around if you continue to play these mind games. You know how I feel. You know how Chad feels. It's time for you to figure out how you feel. I mean, if we're serious, then we're exclusive 'cause otherwise we're done. He walks away.

Eric - You want me to give blood every few days? Dan - Well just a sample. We need to study what's called antibodies. Try to identify what your body is using to fight the poison and then work backwards to try and identify the toxin. Eric - Dr. Jonas, I really appreciate you wanting to find the answers but right now I need to focus on opening St Luke's. I need to get to the capitol. I need to beg if I have to ... Brady and Nicole walk in. Nicole - No begging needed. Brady - St Luke's Academy is open for business. Eric - What are you talking about? Nicole holds up her phone - Check it out. It just hit the internet. New school at St Luke's approved in Salem. Eric - But how? I mean, that is amazing! Brady - Hold on. A tweet from the Governor. It says Congrats to Salem on the new school. One more promise fulfilled by my administration. Eric - This is amazing. But how in the world did this happen? Brady - That's actually a pretty good story ... Nicole - It doesn't matter, does it? I mean the bureaucrats did something right for once so let's just be grateful. Yay! Eric hugs her. This is great. Nicole pulls back. Yeah, it's really great. It's wonderful. Roman comes in - Hey, hey, I guess you heard. I heard it on the radio when I pulled in the parking lot. Eric is super excited. Roman - Are you ready to go? The family is headed to the rectory. Eric - That's great. Let's go. Dr. Jonas I just want to say thank you for everything. Dan - I'm glad I could help. Congratulations. Now that you won't be travelling, we can run those tests. Eric - Actually I don't want to spend any time looking back. The school is opening - just look forward. He leaves.

Kristen prevents Marlena from walking away. I hope you're both well, I really do. Caroline - We're on our way to the rectory. Eric is coming home. Kristen - Isn't that terrific news, a full recovery. So fantastic! But this thing about Sami must be weighing heavily on your mind. Murder. I hope the trial goes okay. Marlena - Why do I have a hard time believing that? Kristen - Of course I want it to go well for Sami if for no other reason, EJ. Marlena - Are you trying to make a point that I'm missing somehow? Kristen - Just that our families are close because of your daughter and my brother intertwined ... we're so connected. I think we will be until the day you die. Bye.

Segment 6: Dan tells Brady if Father Eric could keep a diary that would be very useful. Brady - He could jot down any memory that comes to him, right? I'll tell him. I'm sure he'll be willing to do that. Dan - The problem is his whole life is dedicated to taking care of other people. I'm worried that he might not work hard to find out what happened there and it's important. It's not a little insect bite, this is a powerful toxin. Brady - Yeah but he recovered completely though, right? Dan - Well he did notice that he lost his temper for no apparent reason which is a clear sign that the toxins are still in his body. Kristen stopped by. He had to apologise to her for snapping at her. Brady - Kristen was here? Dan - Man, the mention of her name ... listen if you want to talk about what happened with Kristen ... Brady - No, I don't want to talk about Kristen. I don't want to hear her name. I don't want to think about that woman. He walks away.

Anne is on her cell. Wait, what about Jennifer? What! Are you pulling my leg? She grins from ear to ear. OMG, this is just too priceless.

Jen paces. I don't understand why people just keep walking past us not saying anything. What's taking so long? JJ - I shouldn't have been hanging out with Cole. He's always getting into trouble you know. If I hadn't been with him I wouldn't be in this situation. Jen approaches a cop. Excuse me, are you any closer to releasing my son. Cop - No ma'am. Jen - Okay, this is just getting ridiculous. I don't think he did anything really all that wrong. JJ - Mom ... Jen - If anything, I think he kept someone from vandalizing public property. JJ - Mom ... Jen - Is that such a crime? Look, he's a minor, I'm his mother, I demand you release my son right now.

Abby chases after Cameron. Wait. Cam - Abigail, there's nothing left to say. Abby - Yes there is. Look at me please. What you said before about me lying to myself, you're right. I didn't even know it. Then when you said it I realised that is exactly what I've been doing. Please say something. Cam - I don't know how I'm supposed to react to that. I mean, this doesn't change anything. Abby - No but can you just try and understand that me being conflicted isn't about you. Cam - Right. This is a classic cliché when you want to spare someone's feelings ... it's not you, it's me. Abby - No. Can you just cut me some slack please. My family's going through a really rough time right now and I'm not at my best, okay. Forget it, that was a really pathetic excuse and actually there is no excuse for playing games, for hurting someone even if it's not intentional. Cam - You have to do what's right for you. You can't commit to somebody because you don't want to hurt them or because you want to be decisive. You do it because they are the person you want to be with. You're sure there is no one else that makes you feel the way they do. Abby - Yeah, I understand. Cam - Look, don't be too hard on yourself. Just try to figure it out and when you do then ... bye.

Eric is showing Caroline congratulatory notes posted on the web using his phone. Nicole is on the PC reading tweets. Marlena and Roman are proud parents. Caroline makes a joke about what cell phones can do as compared to smoke signals. Eric - That guy from the budget office ... what was his name Nicole? Nicole - Uh ... Charles ... Hanley. Eric - He was so intent on stopping us then poof, everything is fine. Roman - The good thing is Eric is among the living. They all clink their glasses. Roman - Good day for everyone. Marlena agrees. Caroline - Maybe not so good for Kristen. Roman - What about Kristen? Marlena - Oh nothing. We ran into her on the way here and she said she was concerned about Sami and Eric. Eric - She stopped by to see me at the hospital. Caroline - That girl goes everywhere she's not wanted. Roman tells Marlena if Kristen bothers her again let him know, he'll deal with her.

Kristen is back at the mansion talking to the Dr. A couple of times he had this really odd look on his face like he was remembering something either being hit with the tranquilizer or being in bed with me but it turns out he was thinking about something else entirely different. Dr - Those memories will never come back to him. Kristen - Are you positive about this? Dr - Completely. Kristen - Good. Dr - You've gone through a lot of trouble Ms. DiMera and I know at first you were very worried but now that you're certain he'll never remember anything, I'm assuming you have some sort of plan in mind. Kristen - Yes, of course I do.

Segment 7: Kristen is on her laptop editing the video she took in Eric's hotel room. Oh man, poor guy, trying so hard to do the right thing. Such strong principles - gone. She deletes the scenes where Eric says this is wrong.

Anne walks up to Dan. Dr. Jonas, I didn't know that Jennifer's son was back in town. Dan - Yeah JJ. Anne - That's so nice. She must be just sick about what happened. Dan - What? Anne - Didn't you hear? Dan - I guess not. Is there something you'd like to ... Anne - Well let's not spread it around but I have a friend at the police station and Jennifer's son was arrested.

Jen - I mean really, my son should not have been arrested in the first place and since neither one of them were hurt in the fight it's really not a problem, is it? JJ - Mom. Jen - What? JJ - I wasn't arresting for fighting. Jen - What was my son arrested for? Cop - Shoplifting. He stole several hundred dollars worth of merchandise. Jen stares at JJ.

Brady is back at Victor's. Cue flashback of his conversation with Dan of a few minutes ago. What the hell were you doing at the hospital Kristen. What's your agenda? Who cares. It's nothing to do with my life anymore.

Eric is on the phone with the Bishop. Thank you. That's very kind. A good day all around. He tells everyone the Bishop just hung up with the Dept of Education. He's ecstatic. Cheers all around. Another toast. To St Luke's Academy, a place of learning, for the benefit of our children and the praise of our Lord. Marlena - Is it even possible that hours ago we were worried to death about you. Eric - Seems strange I know. Maybe if I hadn't gotten sick and I went to the meeting, maybe the school wouldn't have been saved. Instead a miracle occurred. God works in mysterious ways.

Kristen continues editing. She watches the clip where Eric says he's never wanted anything like he wants her. Oh Eric, something tells me that not everybody is going to be so understanding. I have a funny feeling!


Friday, Jun 28

Segment 1: Will and Sonny are with the baby in their apartment when there's a knock on the door. They both guess that it's their mothers. Will is right. Sonny hands over Ari to Grandma Sami. Sami is just so happy to get the chance to hold her before ... she stops. Will pushes her to continue. She informs them that she has to appear before a Grand Jury today. They will decide if she should be indicted for Bernardi's murder. EJ and Justin aren't worried so she's not going to worry. Will tells her to tell the truth but not the whole truth. Sami thanks them for keeping that tape out of it. She had no idea who the guy was in Rafe's room she just knew she had to save Rafe's life.

Adrienne rushes in to the living room of the K mansion happy to find Justin still here. Not for long. He has a meeting with Sami and EJ before court. Adrienne tells him to cancel it. Justin thought they had this argument already. He took the case. Adrienne tells him he can't and it has nothing to do with her feelings for Sami. There's an important legal reason he can't take the case; one that even he can't argue with. Justin loves when she explains the law to him. She tells him not to condescend to her. She and Marge Bernardi sat on the Ladies Auxiliary board together for years. It's a clear conflict of interest. Justin points out Salem isn't New York city. It would be easy to justify any such conflict of interest. Adrienne - Can you justify tearing this family apart? Justin - I'm sorry, the only one tearing this family apart is you.

When EJ hears the front door of the mansion slam shut he thinks it's Justin and starts talking. He stops when he sees it's Chad. Chad is not a happy camper and he lets EJ know it. He finally figured out that it was Father that hired the guy that Sami shot. He points out that he is a person that EJ wants on his good side. I have some questions about father's recent activities and this time I want answers. EJ tells him now is not a good time. Chad asks if he prefers that he go to the police station with his viable theory of the crime. EJ asks if he has proof. He doesn't. Chad talks about how Stefano may have kicked Kate out of his life but he still owned her and he couldn't have been happy about her taking up with a very handsome, much younger cop. EJ is waiting for the question. Chad - Am I crazy? EJ - Probably but when it comes to father you're right about everything.

Anne needles Dan about his lack of reaction to her news. Dan says maybe he got a text. No, nothing. Anne continues taunting him about Jennifer's son, the budding felon, what's he really like? Dan asks if she knows what the charges are. No but with his record the possibilities are endless. Dan says they have to get something straight. You for some rotten, mean-spirited reason want to blurt what happened to JJ to anyone who will listen. Here's the thing, you're not really going to do that, understand? Here's what you're going to do. You are going to keep what you heard about JJ to yourself. Is that clear?

When Jen confronts JJ for being arrested for shoplifting he tells her it was all a mistake. Abe walks in. No, JJ, it's not. Jen says that JJ says there's a mistake. Abe tells her if there is they will sort it out. Abe talked to one of the arresting officers. It's a very serious situation. JJ and another guy were in a very nasty fight. JJ says he was going to hack up the tree, the Horton tree. Abe - Unfortunately that wasn't all. The officer found some very expensive electronics in JJ's backpack with the security tags still attached. The store clerk confirmed that JJ was in the store and he hadn't bought anything. JJ doesn't think they had the right to look in his backpack. Jen snaps - Do you think I care? What I care about is what you did and the fact that you didn't tell me any of this. Why not? Answer me!

Segment 2: JJ was going to tell her in private. Jen asks Abe for some privacy. He steps away. Jen tells JJ that this is as private as it gets for people who have been arrested. He lies and tells her that he was hanging out with some friends from school and they went into the store. Cole asked to borrow some notes and that's when he must have slipped that stuff into his bag. Jen reminds him that he was supposed to come straight home to talk to Cameron. JJ claims he forgot. Jen doesn't believe anything that he is saying.

Anne points out that arrests are a matter of public record. Dan reminds her about their little deal. She doesn't really want him to go and talk to Mr. Burns and end up having to look for a job in this economy with a board censure on her record. No she doesn't. Dan is glad they had this little talk. Anne gets in the last word. You may be Jennifer's white knight but if that boy is going down the tubes, there's nothing you can do about it. Can you spell 'downward spiral.' Dan calls Jen's cell but gets voicemail. Abby rushes up to him and asks if he knows where her mom is. Dan - Yeah, I think I do. I don't know the whole story ... Abby - What did my brother do now?

Justin didn't mean that the way it came out. Her obsession with Sami and Will is driving Sonny away. Adrienne admits it may have done so already. Justin doesn't want to see her shut out of Sonny's life when this is all over and that's what she is risking. He asks her to think back to when they were his age. What would she have done if someone had told her to stay away from him. He knows how he reacted when Victor got on his case. Adrienne concedes that it just brought them closer together. Justin has to go. He kisses her and leaves.

Sami doesn't understand how that razor went missing. Within seconds that room was flooded with doctors, nurses, cops, security guards. Sonny wonders if a cop decided to cover up for one of their own. Sami doesn't think it would look good for the police commissioner's daughter to accuse the police force of conspiring against her. Sonny says his dad told him it's much harder to lie on the stand then people think. A jury can sense when someone is telling the truth. You saw the razor, you shot to save a life - they'll see that. My dad is the best at what he does. He gives Will and Sami some privacy. Will knows something else is bothering her. Sami knows why he and Sonny are keeping quiet about the video but she doesn't understand why Chad is.

EJ knew Stefano was behind it as soon as Sami mentioned a knife. Father likes the punishment to fit the crime. Chad - That's creepy. EJ - Welcome to my world. Chad doesn't understand why he's letting Stefano get away with it especially with Sami facing murder charges. EJ uses a chess analogy - you have to stay moves ahead. Chad - If you implicate Father he'll make sure Sami takes the fall. EJ - You catch on fast. I've come to the conclusion our father is a sadist, malevolent bastard and it won't be long until he's finished.

Segment 3: Dan finishes a call. He's sorry to tell her this but her mom and JJ are at the police station. He's been arrested for shoplifting. Abby knows he's screwed up but mom doesn't need this right now on top of everything else. She has to go. She asks Dan if he's coming. Dan isn't sure her mom would want him there and he knows JJ wouldn't. Abby - To hell with what JJ wants, my mom needs you.

JJ gets sarcastic - Nice to know my mother doesn't believe a word I say. Jen tells him that if that is supposed to make her feel guilty it isn't. JJ keeps lying insisting that none of this is his fault. She reminds him he was supposed to be at home. He keeps saying Cole did it - he didn't know he was a thief. Jen snaps that no matter how he tries to spin this the fact of the matter is he's in a police station charged with shoplifting. And no, she's not overreacting - believe me, I'm holding it together. Jen walks out of the squad room and asks Abe - Please tell me what is going to happen to my son.

Sami has to go meet EJ and Justin. She thanks them for letting her come by. There's a knock on the door. It's Adrienne. Sonny tells her now is not a good time. Adrienne insists it's important. She enters and sees Sami.

Chad asks EJ if he's talking about patricide. No, he just means Stefano is getting sloppy, getting old. Chad points out that Sami has been arrested and Stefano sitting on a beach somewhere - doesn't seem sloppy to him. EJ reminds Chad that he's not the only one that knows that Father was behind the attempt on Rafe's life and Rafe is still alive - that is sloppy. Plus Stefano has lost his support and he doesn't think Stefano appreciates how much his support did for him. Justin comes in and asks Chad how he's holding up. EJ asks what that means. Justin replies that Chad has taken on a lot of extra hours at the coffeehouse so Sonny could spend time with Will and the baby. Chad leaves. Justin feels he interrupted something. EJ just says Chad is a lot smarter than he gave him credit for. They were talking about father. So come on Justin make me happy. Tell me today is the day we take my father down.

Segment 4: Abe says it's good he doesn't have a record. He talked to the store owner and told her that it was his first offense and that JJ was still dealing with the loss of his father. She said if he returned the merchandise she wouldn't press charges. He'll do his best to convince the department to go easy. But this can not happen again. What he did was a very serious offense. Jen thanks him. Abe - Grief is powerful and unpredictable. I know he's a good kid. Jen - Don't make excuses for him because that is exactly what I have been doing and this is what happened. But it's going to stop right now. She marches back into the squad room. We're going home thanks to Abe.

Sonny tells Adrienne he'll talk to her later. Sami says no, she has to leave. She has a meeting with Justin who is doing a great job for her. Adrienne tells Sami to wait. I realise I haven't been fair about all this. I'm just sometimes overprotective of my son sometimes. Sami - And you think he needs protecting from me? Adrienne goes off on tangent why she thinks that way but reins it in. I didn't come here to say that. I wanted to say that I hope things go well and since Justin is convinced you're innocent I'm sure they will. Sami thanks her for that and after firing off a zinger, leaves. Sonny - At least you tried to cover up how you felt. Adrienne doesn't want to talk about Sami. She came here to apologise to Will.

Dan and Abby are at the police station. Abe informs them that the charges were dropped; it was his first offense. Abby - His first arrest, not his first offense. Dan asks how Jennifer is. Abe - As angry as I've ever seen her.

JJ and Jen arrive at the Horton house. JJ comments on her not speaking to him. Jen isn't sure she can control herself right now. JJ is sorry that he wasn't honest with her. He let that guy Cole talk him into stealing that thing. He knew it was wrong. He's sorry he wasn't honest. Jen points out that he has everything he needs. Why steal? He had time to think about that and all he could think of was since Dad ... Jen snaps - Don't you dare use your father as an excuse this time.

Justin can't believe EJ's had the time to coordinate all this with everything going on. EJ - Please if you can't juggle a coup and a grand jury in one day then you're not an American. So today's the day that son of a bitch learns just how much I am his son. Justin - You seem to hate her more than before. EJ - After what he put Samantha through ... speaking of which, have you got any word on the charges yet. Justin says the DA is charging Sami with murder. Sami hears this.

Segment 5: JJ using his father as an excuse makes her sick. Your father would be so ashamed at what you've done and I'm not just talking about today. You say you're sorry and you wring your hands and I let it go until you fling it all back in my face again with the next nasty thing you do and it keeps getting worse and worse. Go to your room and think about what you've done. You think about being a man! Go. Jen steps outside and cries.

Will tells her she doesn't have to apologise. I'm aware of what's Sonny been through because of me. He goes to change Ari's diaper. Adrienne apologises for saying the wrong thing. She honestly came to smooth things over. She didn't know Sami was going to be here. She pushes my buttons, I'm sorry. I take the blame for everything and I will join the Sami Brady fan club if that is what it takes to end this tension between us because all I care about is you. Sonny knows. I'm with Will and that bothers you. Adrienne asks him to cut her some slack. She's not the only person that has a problem with Sami. You saw, I was trying. Sonny concedes that Sami can make things tough sometimes. Adrienne admits she was wrong about the shooting thing. Sami must be telling the truth because she doesn't have any motive to hurt that man. She didn't even know him. Sonny agrees. Adrienne - Is there something you're not telling me. Sonny - No. I'm going to tell you what I told you before. I love Will. I love this little girl and I've never been happier in my entire life. Will listens as Sonny adds - Will came by the coffeehouse with Arianna the other day and my heart just swelled. I said to myself, look at my life, look at what I have. This is the real thing and the only thing that could make it better is if you were happy for me. I love you. I just want you to be happy for me.

Sami and EJ aren't happy. Justin thinks the DA is overreaching because the victim was a cop. He feels at the most the charge should be involuntary manslaughter because Sami has absolutely no motive to harm that man. The DA will be tough but just stick to the statement you gave the police. Don't add or change anything. I'll meet you at court. Don't worry. Everything is going to be fine. He leaves. Sami asks EJ if he thinks everything is going to be fine.

Abby and Dan come in the back way to the Horton house. Abby goes upstairs to see if she can find them. Dan happens to see Jen on the front step. He goes out. She steps back when he tries to hug her. She assumes he heard. He did. If he's there to say I told you so she just can't stomach that right now. Please go.

Segment 6: Abby and JJ come down the stairs. Abby is on his case. JJ says he doesn't need a lecture from her too. Abby tells him he really blew it with mom this time. She goes to the kitchen. JJ mutters - For once you're right. He sees Dan with his mom. This is all I need.

EJ says everything will be fine. Stick to your story and keep it simple. This will be over soon. Sami says she was over visiting Will and Sonny and the baby. They are so happy and she doesn't want Stefano ... EJ tells her not to worry about Stefano. I'll take care of it. Sami trusts him. Sami is going to visit her grandmother. EJ has some business to finish up here. He'll meet her at the grand jury room. She leaves. EJ talks to Stefano's portrait. This is the last day she needs to worry about you because you can do nothing.

Adrienne tells Will if he ever needs a sitter she does have references. She tells Sonny she loves him. Things are going to be better for all of us, I promise. Sonny walks her out. Will still thinks Adrienne is right. Being with me doesn't exactly provide you with domestic tranquility. Will heard what he said to his mom. Sonny meant what he said.

Jen sobs - I can't take it anymore, I really can't. Dan holds her as she cries. They end up kissing as JJ watches.

Segment 7: JJ smiles - Well now I know how to get out of this and I'm going to use Dr Daniel to do it. Thank you doctor.

Will and Sonny kiss.

Abby comes into the square and sees a huge photo of Bernardi set up. His wife and son are there. Mrs. Bernardi sees Sami and asks the cop there to watch her son for a moment. She tells Sami she wants to talk to her.

EJ is on the phone. I'm just calling you to remind you that I'm counting on your support and to reassure you that you won't regret it. Good. He turns to the portrait. The end is near old man. After today you will be finished for good! He knocks over the king on the chess set.

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