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Monday, Jul 1

Segment 1: As he watches Dan and Jen kiss JJ declares this is perfect. He opens the door. Mom, I thought I heard you out here. Oh ... I thought you were alone. He thought she wanted to talk. She does. JJ thought she would be alone, sorry. He closes the door.

EJ is surprised to see Justin at the front door of the mansion. He thought they were meeting at the courthouse. They were. Justin tells him to come outside. Your plan to take control of your father's empire has hit a snag. EJ asks - How bad a snag? Justin - It could upend your entire plan. They are in the living room now. Justin just got a call from Mr. Schinn, apparently he has some problem with backing this takeover. EJ states that his vote is critical. That bastard just can't change his mind. I'll call. I sold him on the idea once before, I'll sell him on the idea again. Justin asks if he knows what time it is in Toyko. EJ doesn't care. This is my one chance to destroy my father and I'm not going to let it slip through my fingers.

Hope, in uniform, finds Roman sitting at the bar at the Pub drinking. She comments it's a little early for the hard stuff. Are you okay? Roman replies that he's just been relieved from duty from a job he loves and his daughter may be facing life in prison - he's just dandy.

When Mrs. Bernardi approaches Sami saying she wants to talk Sami tells her that if she had any idea the memorial ... Chad walks up to Abby who is listening. He greets her. She shushes him. Chad - Is that Sami and the cop's wife, that can't be good. Sami says this is a horrible day for you, talking to me is not going ... Mrs. Bernardi - Damn it, you murdered my husband, the least you can do is hear me out. Chad thinks Sami might need some backup. Abby prevents him from interfering. Sami tells the widow to say what she needs to say. Mrs. Bernardi keeps going over it all. It's like a tape loop she can't stop. Because of you I don't have a husband and my son doesn't have a father. And if that wasn't enough you keep trying to destroy Joe's memory. Sami - I'm sorry, but I know what I saw. Mrs. Bernardi - And I know, knew, my husband. The guy I fell in love with, the man I married, the man who fed me ice chips when I was in labour with our son. You are wrong about him. Please say you made a mistake. Your friend was in a coma. You must have been in a state. Maybe you saw something or thought you saw something that you really didn't see. Sami - If I said that I would be lying. Mrs. Bernardi - You said Joe had a weapon and nobody can find it. Why? Why do have to ruin Joe. You never even knew him. Sami - You're right, I didn't know your husband and my heart goes out to you and Timmy but I swear to you on the life of my children that that man had a weapon and if I hadn't stopped him he would have killed Rafe Hernandez.

Segment 2: Roman is convinced that no matter what Sami has done in the past she wouldn't shoot an innocent man. What bothers him is that he didn't know Joe Bernardi was dirty. Hope - You're convinced he was? Roman is but feels he's in the minority. What he hears is that Abe is putting together a hero's funeral for the guy. Abe comes up - also in dress blues. Right. The department is in a rough position. There's no hard evidence Bernardi was corrupt and he's not around to defend himself. The mayor and the department have taken a lot a lot of heat to give him a proper service. Roman understands that there's nothing else Abe can do. Abe tells him to hang in there. He tells Hope it's time to go.

Jen is going to go in and talk to JJ. She'll call Dan later. Thank you for coming. Dan is going to say something but stops. He says he should go and he does. Jen goes into the living room. Jen tells JJ what he saw out there ... JJ tells her she doesn't have to explain. I get why you hate me so much.

EJ is on his cell. After the call he says that should put the fear of God in him. Justin says good. We really need to get to Sami's hearing. EJ - Everything she's going through is my father's doing. Justin - Her life would be a lot easier if we could prove that. EJ - We can't. Justin - The defence is allowed to present an alternative version of what happened. EJ points out that they don't have any evidence. Justin - Stefano would really skip town and leave the mother of his grandchildren to bear the brunt of all this? EJ - Without blinking an eye. Why do you think it is that I am so desperate to destroy him.

Mrs. Bernardi asks if Sami's son, that is Timmy's age, is his father his hero? Timmy idolized Joe. You are taking away the only thing he has left. He's going to grow up thinking his father was a crooked cop. Is that what you want? Sami - No, of course not. Mrs. Bernardi - Then for God's sake stop. Please change your story. Stop lying. Abe tells her to stop. Hope adds that she doesn't want Timmy to see this. You don't want him to hear you. She goes to her son but she stops and turns to Sami. I hear you're going before the Grand Jury today. I guess you think you'll get off because your father is the Police Commissioner and your fiancé is a DiMera but I still believe in justice and you will pay for murdering my husband. Chad tells Abby they should get the hell out of here. Hope is sorry this happened to Sami, especially today. Sami asks Hope to help her and make sure the family doesn't find out about the hearing today, especially Grandma. She's really worried about her, doesn't want her to get upset. Hope just saw her father. He's at the pub. Hope wishes her luck. Sami leaves.

Segment 3: Sami goes to see her Dad at the pub. Roman says because he was put on ice by the mayor he doesn't know much of anything. Sami knows how much he loves his job and he's in this mess because of her. You must be so tired of me screwing up. Roman - If you don't know how much happiness you bring to my heart then I'm not doing a very good job as your dad. I love you so damn much. You listen to me. Don't you worry, whatever this is, I know it's not your fault. They hug.

Chad and Abby are at the coffeehouse. Abby feels so sorry for that woman and little boy. She doesn't want Will's mom to go to prison but she feels that Mrs. Bernardi deserves to know the whole truth. Did you see that little boy? He looked so alone. Chad insists they need to keep quiet. It isn't any of our business. Abby - Why isn't it? Didn't you see Sami having a huge fight with Bernardi? Chad - That wasn't her fault. Abby - How do you know? Chad - Because my son of a bitch father was behind all of it.

Jen doesn't hate him, she never could. JJ - You're into Daniel now. He thinks I'm a criminal. Jen - No he doesn't. JJ - That's what he called me when he caught me with the prescription pad. Jen didn't know that. JJ - He thinks that I'm some kind of a drug dealer and he thinks that I trashed his car but I didn't do any of that stuff and I never, ever would. I don't know why he hates me so much but he does and from what I can see he's trying to turn you against me too. Jen insists that is not true. No one could ever turn her against him and she also says Dan isn't doing that. JJ says he got arrested and 5 mins later he's here to tell you what a loser I am, right? Jen - He came over here to find out how I was. Daniel is not the issue. JJ insists he is. Do you want to know why I was shoplifting today. It was because of him.

Maggie comes over to Dan's place to see her grandson. Parker is at the park. He'll have the sitter bring him over later. Maggie senses something is wrong. Dan says yeah and I keep making it worse.

Justin and EJ arrive at the hearing room. EJ says Sami is late. Justin tells him to relax, she'll be here. Justin introduces Melinda Trask to EJ. Melinda has been appointed the special prosecutor on Sami's case. EJ doesn't understand why the case requires a special prosecutor. She replies - I'm sure you'd prefer a situation where your family and the Brady family could trample due process but the judge thought otherwise. Justin - This is a pretty high profile case and Melinda here, why she just loves the spotlight. She protests - I took this case because I believe in justice and with a big gun like Justin heading up the defence the people deserve equal firepower; someone who has already beaten him. She steps away. EJ - She's beaten you before? Justin - We're one and one. Sami arrives. I thought these hearings weren't going to be made public knowledge. Justin - They're not. Sami - Well Marge Bernardi knew all about it. EJ - You saw her. Sami- Yes I did and she made it clear she can't wait to see me fry.

Segment 4: Sami - The last thing she said to me was that she was going to make sure I paid for murdering her husband. Justin - This is a grief-stricken woman whose husband had a dark side that she didn't know anything about. Sami is told it's time. She goes into the hearing room.

Maggie hears that JJ has been arrested for shoplifting. Dan says Jen was a wreck when he got there; he's sure she's worse by now. Maggie - Why? Dan - JJ caught us kissing. He thinks it looked to JJ that she didn't care about him. Maggie says that is far from the truth. Dan - But she feels so guilty for not being there after Jack died and he could see that JJ feels she's not concerned about him. Maggie says that JJ is old enough to understand that Jennifer has enough room in her heart for you and her children. Dan says he may be old enough but he doesn't think JJ gets that.

JJ - Daniel was convinced I stole the prescription pad to sell drugs. Jen - Right. Poor you, everyone misjudges you. JJ - I knew he would try to sell you on that and you would decide he was right. So I figured I might as well hang out with that moron Cole. Jen - And make it worse by shoplifting. How did you think that would work out. I figured since you already think I'm a total loser what difference does it make what I do.

Melinda Trask addresses the jury reminding them they are not here to determine guilt or innocence. They are to examine the facts of the case and decide whether they are strong enough to indict Samantha Brady on 2nd degree murder. She starts by showing a picture of the victim. She gives his name and his job.

Abe talks about Joe Bernardi and talks about the awards he received and why.

Sami is asked to take them through the events of the night in question. Sami tells exactly what happened.

Another cop talks about how Joe was going to be his wife and his new baby's godfather. He was my partner, my best friend ... the best man I've ever known.

Ms. Trask brings up the fact that Sami was carrying a gun. Sami says she had the gun in her hand already because she had been digging through her purse for some aspirin for her bad headache. So when I saw that he had that straight razor in his head ... Ms. Trask jumps on that. In your original statement you said he had a knife. Sami says it happened so fast. She saw the blade, the handle and figured it was a knife. She's asked why she changed her mind. Sami replies that she was hypnotized to help her recall all the specific events of the night. I was asked to remember everything and that's when I realised it was a straight razor. Ms. Trask - Has it been found. Sami - No but I know it was there. I saw it ... Ms. Trask - As you were being hypnotized. Sami - No, that night. I knew he was threatening Rafe's life with something sharp but then I was realised it was a straight razor. Ms. Trask - Was it a police psychiatrist that hypnotized you. Sami - No, it was my mother. She's a psychiatrist. Ms. Trask scoffs. Sami insists he had that razor open. I couldn't just stand there and watch him slit Rafe's throat with it. I had the gun in my gun and I fired. There was nothing else I could do. You have to believe me.

Segment 5: Sami apologises for getting emotional; it's just very difficult for her to talk about what happened that night. Ms. Trask asks if any of them have questions. A guy wants to know why she didn't scream for help before firing the gun. Sami didn't have time to weigh out her options. She just had a couple of seconds and all she could think about was protecting my ex-husband. Ms. Trask - So shooting him wasn't personal. Sami - No. All I was thinking about was Rafe. Ms. Trask - And you didn't know Det. Bernardi from the police dept. You had no prior relationship or animosity toward him before that night. Cue flashback of fight.

Outside the room EJ paces. He should be in there with Samantha. Justin - All Sami has to do is tell the truth. She should be fine. Sami is instructed to answer. Sami says she may have seen him around the police dept. Ms Trasks adds where your father and Aunt are both police officers. Sami - Correct but I've never had a personal relationship with him. A guy asks if she recognised him before she shot. Absolutely not! I couldn't even see his face. It wasn't until later that I found out who he was and that he was a police officer.

Mrs. Bernardi cries as a cop gives Timmy the folded US flag.

Guy - In terms of motive ... Sami - I didn't want to kill Det. Bernardi. I didn't even want to hurt him. All I could think about was stopping him. My only motive that night was to protect my ex-husband.

Maggie says that JJ will get through this phase someday. Dan hopes it's soon. Maggie asks if she's keeping him from something. No. He's waiting for a delivery. He ordered Parker a new train set and he wants to have it all set up before he comes home. Maggie is looking forward to seeing him later. She asks if she should call first before bringing him back. Dan says please. He thanks her for listening. Maggie assures him she won't repeat any of this. Outside his door Maggie mutters - I hope you won't be too angry with me.

Jen tells JJ - You aren't stupid and you aren't a baby and you knew exactly what you were doing and you decided to do it anyway. You are responsible for your actions. And it doesn't matter how you feel about Daniel because you're still going to have to pay for what you have done. So now you are going to go to class and you are not going to miss class and right after class you are going to go to that store and you're going to apologise to the owner of that store and tell her you stole from her and ask her what you can do to make things right. Is that clear? And if you think I'm not going to check up on you to make sure you are doing these things you are sadly mistaken. And right after you're finished at the store you are going to come right back to this house and we're going to talk about you're punishment. We're going to talk about how you can regain my trust in you again because you have blown it sky high. Don't mom me. Go to class. JJ leaves. Outside he mutters ... I'll go to class after I make one quick stop.

Sami comes out. She thinks it went well. Justin asks if she was questioned by the jurors. She says yes. One guy asked me what I was thinking about when I pulled the trigger and I told him the only thing I was thinking about was Rafe and he seemed convinced. Justin - Excellent. Sami asks how long it will take for them to make a decision. Mrs. Bernardi - I doubt it will take them long. I'm sure they looked at you, listened to you and came to the same conclusion that I did; that you deserve to rot in prison for the rest of your miserable life.

Segment 6: Chad returns to their table. Abby can't stop thinking about what he said about his father. Chad - He sent Bernardi to kill Rafe. EJ says the same thing. Abby - Can you prove it? Chad - Of course not. The great Stefano DiMera knows how to cover his tracks. He left the country the day after Bernardi was shot. Do you think that was a coincidence? Abby - Does Sami know about this? Is that why she was going off on Bernardi in the video? Chad doesn't know. All he knows that it's tough being Stefano's son and be prays to God that he doesn't turn out like him. Abby - You're nothing like him. You never will be. Chad - Maybe no matter how hard I fight it I'll always end up doing what Stefano would.

Dan rushes to the door clad in a towel. It's JJ. Expecting my mom Daniel?

Jen opens the door to Maggie. She asks if JJ is here. No, he's in class. Why did you want to see him? Maggie was hoping he wasn't there. Daniel told me what happened today. Jen wishes he hadn't done that.

Sami says the prosecutor had it in for her. Justin tells her to take it easy. Justin goes to Mrs. Bernardi. I don't know how long this is going to take. Maybe you should head home and spend some time with your son. She says her parents are with him. I'm not going anywhere. We mourned my husband today and I want to be here when justice is done. Sami goes to get some water. Justin tells EJ he just got a text. Apparently Mr. Schinn is back on board. EJ - Let's hope he stays that way. Justin - Maybe this is a sign that everything is going to work out for you and Sami. EJ - Wouldn't that be pretty?

Segment 7: Abby reminds him that no one has been as hard on him about his father as she was. I was self-righteous and judgemental. But the reason for that is because I didn't want them to change you but I should have known they could never do that. Chad - I'm not as sure as you. Abby understands how he feels. My dad's biological father was physically and emotionally abusive. Chad - You've never told me that. Abby - It's not something I like to talk about. Grandfather's are supposed to be these twinkly eyed guys who take you fishing and pull quarters out from behind your ears and stuff. Duke was the opposite of that. When I got older my dad used to always tell JJ and me when he got angry he thought he was turning into his father. But my dad was a good man with a good heart and we were never scared of him. So you are no more your father than my dad was his and you never will be. She wouldn't be saying that if she didn't believe it.

Jen apologises. I know you only want to help. Maggie says Dan only confided in her because he feels so bad for you as I do. Jen needs to figure out how to hand JJ on her own. She just can't talk about it right now. Maggie leaves.

Dan is expecting a delivery person. I don't know why you're here but I need to get dressed. JJ - I know you think you can turn my mom against me but you can't so stop trying. He leaves. Dan gets a text from Jen. I need a little time to figure things out. In the meantime please stop discussing JJ's problems with other people. That's beautiful he mutters as he throws his phone down.

A guy comes out. The verdict is in. Justin tells her that means the Grand Jury has made their decision.


Tuesday, Jul 2

Segment 1: Eric is talking to a nun in the rectory about the new school. Ciara comes in with Victor. Eric introduces them to the nun. Eric asks Ciara - What brings you here and what happened to your hand? Victor - She was pushing a friend on a swing ... Ciara - Hey! Let me tell Grandpa. Victor - Sorry. Okay. Ciara - My pinkie got caught in the chain. Eric - I bet that hurt a lot. Ciara - It did but not anymore. Eric - Well that's good. Oh I want to tell you. Everyone at camp said you were a hero Father Eric. You saved the new school. Nicole comes in. Eric - Actually, I didn't do it alone. I had a lot of help.

Kristen is watching her sex tape again congratulating herself. Time for step 2. Oh no.

Gabi is folding laundry when she gets a text asking if she can meet Nick in the park near the square. She sighs. Where are Daddy and Sonny? She sends a reply.

Nick is reading his text when Vargas joins him at his table in the Brady pub. Nick thanks him for meeting him. Vargas - Yeah, what do you want? Nick says he mentioned this before - the two of them going into business together. Vargas remembers but it seemed pretty pie in the sky to him. Nick hopes that it won't now that he's come up with some ideas and he put it in writing. He hands over a paper to Vargas. Kate walks up - Selling someone else's secrets Nick? Nick introduces the two. This is my ex-boss Kate Roberts and this is Vargas. He's an old friend. Vargas - Cellmates actually.

Adrienne greets Sonny in the square with a hug. Sonny tells her that Will is picking up some baby clothes and he was going to pick up takeout but the café is closed. Adrienne - Yeah. This is where they had the memorial service for that cop; the one ... Will walks up - The one that my mom killed. Is that what you were going to say?

Sami wishes now that she had told her family about the hearing. If it's bad news it's going to hit them like a ton of bricks. The clerk comes out and hands Justin an envelope. He opens it and reads the notice. EJ - What does it say Justin? Justin - They didn't vote to indict. Sami - OMG, it's over! EJ - Congratulations. Smiles and hugs all around. Mrs. Bernardi - NO! No! That's not possible. Your father, he made this happen. Sami - My father isn't even acting Commissioner ... Mrs. B. - Don't give me that. You're the commissioner's daughter and you know that you can get away with murder.

Adrienne apologises. I didn't mean to bring up a sore subject. Will tells her not to worry about it. Will gets a text from Lucas. Apparently the Grand Jury didn't indict mom. Adrienne - What! Are you kidding me?

Eric asks Ciara what she's doing here. Victor - Actually Ciara wanted to see the new school and I wanted to congratulate you on breaking up the gridlock at the State Capitol. Ciara - Father Eric can I see the new school now, please. The nun tells her the workmen are still finishing it but maybe they can take a look at what they have done. Ciara - Awesome! They leave. Nicole will let them talk. Eric - Please stay. He tells Victor if you're offering congratulations for the accreditations you should be talking to Nicole. She's the one that came to the capitol and found me when I was sick and she twisted a few arms otherwise things would have gone badly. Victor - Arm - twisting ... wasn't that your major in college? Nicole - I was just doing my job Victor. Thank you. Victor - There's one thing I don't understand though, if you were too ill to ask for help what induced you to drive all that way to come to the rescue.

Kristen watches where Eric asks 'what just happened?' You can't be hesitating ... you have to be in to it. She edits those scenes. Damn it ... damn it to hell!

Segment 2: Justin tries to calm the widow down to no avail. Mrs. B - I thought I'd be able to go home and tell my little boy that the woman who took his daddy away from him was going to pay for what she did. What do I say to him now? She not only wanted Joe dead, she doesn't want his son to think he's a hero. Justin - I know the police dept provides counselling. Maybe someone there ... Mrs. B snaps - Explain why life isn't fair and murderers get set free. I don't need counselling to tell me why that happened. She's a Brady so the fix was in. That's why she's not in custody right now. You'll pay for this. I'll see to it. EJ - I really don't think this is the time for threats Mrs. Bernardi. Justin - He's right Mrs. Bernardi. A cop comes up to them. Marge, Timmy needs you at home. Marge - She got away with murder.

Kate - I like that about you Nick. You have such lovely friends. Vargas - We both did our time now we want to move on without being judged for what we did in the past. Kate - It's been my experience that people are always judged by what they've done in their past. Nick - Well you'd know better than anyone Kate, wouldn't you? Vargas - I've got to go. I'll be in touch. He leaves. Kate - So if you asked me to meet you because you're hiring a lawyer you can save your money and my time because I have every right to fire you. Nick - I haven't hired a lawyer. I came here to give you this. He places a flashdrive on the table.

Gabi has changed. She sends a text. I'm late for an appointment. Where are you guys? Ari starts crying.

Sonny - It's so unbelievable that Sami didn't get indicted? Adrienne - I'm just surprised that's all. Justin was saying that Grand Jury's tend to indict. Will - I guess this one didn't. Maybe they figured she didn't do anything wrong. Adrienne - Honey, she shot a man. Will - Yeah, to save a man. Adrienne - Yes, according to her. Will - I don't like where this is going. Neither does Sonny. Adrienne - Wait, I'm not bad-mouthing your mother. I'm sure she didn't mean to harm anyone. It's just that I'm surprised that there wasn't a trial, that's all. Will - Maybe what happened was she told the truth and the Grand Jury, unlike some people in this town, believed her. Will gets a text. Gabi needs to go out. I've got to get back to the apt. Sonny will go with him. Adrienne - Sonny, wait, please. I didn't mean ... they're gone.

Nicole - I knew that Eric had left his notes behind and I couldn't fax them over so I jumped in the car and headed to the Capitol. I didn't know Eric was sick until I got there. Eric - And she's the one who got me to the hospital. Vic - What an inspiring story. You've become an exemplary assistant Nicole going above the call of duty to St Luke's and Father Eric. Eric - And I'm grateful. Nicole not only got me back to Salem, she got those bureaucrats to realise how petty they were being. Eric gets a text from Justin. OMG, I have some wonderful news.

Sami stands in the doorway of the room the hearing was held in. I was so scared and I feel so terrible for Bernardi's wife and their poor little boy. EJ tells her she didn't murder Bernardi. He died because he had a secret life his wife didn't know about. They hug.

Kristen - Fantastic ... maybe I should have left it the way it was. Poor thing. Eric, you had no idea what was happening to you. It's too bad I have to go to such lengths but I do. This has to be perfect before I make my next move. She stares at Stefano's portrait. I have it!

Segment 3: Nick - Don't worry, it won't bite. Kate - What's on it? Nick - It's something I developed while I was still on your payroll which means legally it belongs to you. You know, the formula that Sami and EJ stole. Kate - Yeah, I do. Nick - Well, what's on there will make what they have look like old-fashioned cold cream. Kate smiles. Look, if you think that I'm going to rehire you ... Nick - I'm trying to do the right thing Kate, that's all. Kate - That would be a refreshing change Nick. Nick - You know what ... I was going through a lot back then, personal things, and that's why Sami and EJ were able to steal that formula from me. You went out on a limb and you took a chance on me and I think that you deserve something for that. Kate - Okay, so that envelope you were giving to Mr. Vargas, are you patching things up with him as well. Nick - You know Vargas is really none of your business. Kate - Why's that? Did he rape you in prison too? Nick - Ah, actually no, Vargas saved my life.

The guys come back to the apt all smiles but Gabi ties in to them for going shopping and being late. You should have texted me. We're supposed to be in this together. Will - We are, today hasn't been an ordinary day. Gabi - I have to go. Ari's asleep. I made 2 bottles, they're in the fridge. I'll see you later.

Nicole - So what's the news? Eric - It's such a relief. Sami's been cleared of any wrongdoing by the Grand Jury. Vic - Well more proof that God works in mysterious ways. Nicole - That's great news. I'm really happy for you and for Sami's kids. Eric has something to take care of. He leaves. Nicole - I've got some work to do. I'm sure you don't want to stick around here and chat with me. Vic - Actually I do. Why don't you start by telling me what's really going on around here.

Kristen is searching her phone. What's that name? It's been a while since Stefano gave it to me. I hope I didn't delete it. That's it. Excellent. She reaches the foyer just as Sami and EJ arrive. Sami has her tablet out and she's telling EJ she doesn't want her Dad to hear the good news from anyone but her. Kristen - Good news? EJ - Samantha testified in front of a Grand Jury this morning. Kristen - And it went well. Sami - Actually it went very well. The jury decided not to indict me. Kristen - Fantastic. I was so afraid that you'd have to spend lots of time in the slammer. Sami and Kristen banter. EJ tells Sami that they have something important to talk about. They go into the living room and close the door. Kristen mutters - It's too bad I couldn't use you Sami to get back at your mother but then again, you don't swing that way. At least I don't think you do. That's too bad, it could have been glorious.

Segment 4: Kate - You went through a really horrifying ordeal in prison and I just made a completely flippant remark and I apologise for that. Nick - I had it coming. I did some pretty horrible things to Will. I said some rotten things about him and Sami. Kate - No, even if payback was in order, I was totally out of line and I apologise. Nick - I hope what's on there works for you Kate. He leaves.

Adrienne goes up to Marge and the cop in the square. She reminds Marge that they work on the board together. Marge - Right. Your last name is Kiriakis. Your husband defended the woman who murdered my Joe. Adrienne - Yes he did. Marge - You must be proud. He got her off. Adrienne - All I can say is how deeply sorry I am. Marge - Are you really? The cop urges Marge to leave.

Sonny and Will hope Ari wakes up soon otherwise she'll be up all night again. Sonny - Gabi is mad enough at us as it is. Will concedes she had a point. Sonny - You didn't get to tell her the news about your mom. Will was upset that she went off on him. Sonny - Why, because you're the parents and I'm the outsider. Will didn't mean that. Sonny got this apt so the 3 of them could take care of this baby. Will - That's how it's going to be. Will doesn't know how they would do any of this if he wasn't here. Will is starving. They have no food so they're going to order in. Will thinks he left his credit card at the store. He'll be back in a flash.

Nicole - You think something is going on ... like what? Vic - That's what I'm trying to figure out. How do I reconcile the woman who ran Titan like a shark and spent money like a Kardishian with the humble, devoted clerk slaving away in the church office, saving the new school in her spare time. What gives? Nicole - I'm having trouble reconciling the woman I am now with the ambitious, idiot who married you. People change. Maybe I actually enjoy this ... Vic - Life? Vargas steps back as Vic continues. Don't kid a kidder. You haven't changed Nicole. You're the same opportunistic liar you've always been. Maybe you're seeking opportunities in different areas. Nicole - You're wrong about me. Vic - I don't think so. People like you never change unless of course it helps them get something that they want.

Sami and EJ drink to new beginnings. Sami can't help think of Mrs. Bernardi's new beginnings as a widow. EJ points out that Bernardi was on Stefano's payroll. Sami rebuts by saying Mrs. Bernardi didn't know that. He went out of his way to make her think he was this perfect husband and father. EJ admires her for having compassion for the wife of the man who tried to kill her ex-husband. You have a heart young lady.

Kristen answers a knock on the door. It's Eric. Hi Father. To what do I owe the pleasure.

Segment 5: Sonny is vacuuming while cradling Ari in a baby carry all on his chest. Someone is at the door. It's Brent. He wanted to know if it was true about Will and the baby. It is. Brent - Are you insane?

Will greets Kate outside the pub. They chitchat a bit then Will asks how she is. She just had this kind of upsetting meeting with Nick. Will - What did he do? Kate - Actually nothing. He was trying to make amends but that didn't stop me from reaching into my arsenal and making a really hurtful remark. Will - What happened exactly? Kate - You don't need to know because you have enough on your plate. Will - If it makes you feel better you could always come back with me and see the baby. Kate - I would love to but I'm going by to see Rafe. They're going to wake him up today which is good news for everyone. Will - Yeah, you can tell my mom. Kate - What about her? Will - What, you don't know. She went before the Grand Jury today and for some reason they decided not to indict her. Kate - That's great. I'm happy for the family. I'm a little surprised. I thought maybe she had run out of luck. EJ and Justin really managed to pull a rabbit out of the hat, huh.

Adrienne is at home; so is Justin. Adrienne heard he won in court today or Sami did. Justin - Yeah, I told you. Adrienne - I was with Will when he heard and then I ran into Marge Bernardi in the square. She looked awful. Justin - Why wouldn't she? Adrienne - I know you did a good job with Sami. When I think about Marge going home to that house, his clothes still in the closet, the empty side of the bed ... I don't know what I'd do if I ever lost you. She hugs him.

Nick and Gabi are in the park. He asks how she and the baby are doing. Gabi - We got through our first night. She woke up a lot so we didn't get a lot of sleep. Nick - Is Will helping? Gabi - Yeah, Sonny too. Nick - I hear they're bringing Rafe out of the coma soon. Gabi - Today. Nick - Is he going to be okay? Gabi - I hope so. Nick - Me too. Gabi - You didn't ask me to come over here so we could chat. You want to talk about us. Nick - I figured something out about our future. Gabi - You mean if we have one.

Nicole - I'm not going to waste my time trying to convince you I've changed. She sees Vargas in the doorway. I didn't know you were there. Vargas - Sorry, the door was open. Vic - Who's he? Nicole - This is Vargas, he works here too. Vic - Vargas. Hope Brady is my daughter-in-law. She tells me you helped find that lunatic on Smith Island. Vargas - I did what I could. Vic - Good work. I better find Ciara. Pleasure talking to you Nicole as always. He stops in front of Vargas. I understand you're trying to stay on the straight and narrow. Bit of advice. Keep your distance from that one. He leaves. Vargas - What's his problem? Nicole - Don't get me started. Vargas - You shouldn't let him talk to you like that. You were really good about helping Father Eric and because of you that new school is going to open so who cares what that jackass thinks. Nicole - How come I haven't seen you around here lately? Vargas - I've just been getting my ducks all in a row. Nicole - Why? Vargas - I'm leaving.

Kristen - I'm surprised to see you. How are you feeling? Eric - Much better. I guess it's some kind of bug. I'm actually here to see Sami. I heard the good news today. Kristen - Isn't that great. She's in the living room. Eric - I'm sorry about what I said to you at the hospital today. I just wasn't myself. Kristen - No worries. We're just human right. Eric goes into the living room. Kristen mutters - Even a priest like you. She heads upstairs leaving her laptop in the foyer.

Eric thanks EJ for standing by Sami. EJ congratulates Eric. He heard the school finally got their accreditation. Eric - And we are going through with the dedication. Sami says Johnny, Allie and Sydney are so excited about the new school. She comments that they have to show Eric the video the kids made. EJ - Yes, it's quite an accomplishment. Sami says it's on her tablet in the foyer. She asks EJ to get it for her. It appears that EJ picks up Kristen's tablet.

Upstairs Kristen is on her phone. Is this Darren Smith. Stefano DiMera is my father and he said you did a really good job editing a project of his. He was very impressed. I have some footage that needs editing and I was hoping you were available right now. It's more of a personal nature. Not too complicated ... I uploaded it on my tablet. She realises she doesn't have it with her. I have to call you back.

EJ hands the tablet over to Sami. She tells Eric not to get a big head when he sees this ... this is going to change the whole way you see yourself. She hands it over.

Segment 6: Nick - When I met you I pretended to be somebody I wasn't and you fell in love with that guy, not me. Gabi - You found out the things that I did and you forgave me. Nick - That's not enough, not for somebody like you. Gabi - And you took care of me. Nick - I went behind your back and I blackmailed your best friend, the father of your baby. Gabi - What are you saying Nick? Nick - I think you know. Too much has happened. We care about each other and we always will but we shouldn't be married.

Kate - So you and Sonny, how's that going? Will - Great. I guess it seems like we just moved in together ... Kate - And you don't have any privacy and you're wondering if you'll ever have it again. Will - Totally but we both love Ari and neither of us mind making sacrifices for her.

Brent - Wow, she really is beautiful. I always thought it would be cool to have a kid someday after I've seen everything I want to see and done everything I want to do. Sonny - You'll be an old man by then. It takes a lot of energy to deal with one of these. Brent - Does it bother you that she's not yours. Sonny - I'm with Will and she's Will's biological daughter so I feel that she's mine. Brent asks if the mother is still in the picture. He figures out that she's living here. Sonny - Yeah, she didn't have anywhere to go at least for right now. Brent - So the baby and the mother are a package deal. That can not be what you want Sonny.

Adrienne - So if the charge had been manslaughter ... Justin - Sami might be facing a trial right now. And I get why Marge is so upset but the jury followed the law. Nothing was rigged. Adrienne - So Sami's just free. Justin - Barring any new evidence coming to light, this thing is over. Which I couldn't be happier about because now I get to spend my evening's with my wife again. They kiss.

Nicole - You're leaving. Vargas - Yeah. I came by to leave a note for Father Eric. Nicole - So all that talk about being grateful for having a chance to start over, that was just bull, right? Vargas - What can I say, my ship has come in. Nicole - Legally? Vargas - What I do now is none of your business okay. So now you can focus on solving your own problems. Nicole - And what problems do I have? Vargas - The fact that you're in love with Father Eric, I'd call that a problem.

EJ finds Kristen in foyer. She grabs the tablet. EJ grabs her hand - You have that look in your eye. Kristen - What look? EJ - Which member of Samantha's family are you targeting now Kristen?

Eric asks Sami why she has a password on her tablet. Because she has some work stuff on there. She hands it back. It's under the video icon.

Segment 7: Gabi - Are you talking about an annulment. Nick - I talked to a lawyer and he said that I did ... they call it emotional fraud. Gabi - An annulment is like it never really happened. Nick - Yes. So when you meet the right guy you can marry him in the church. Gabi - Not if you were the right guy Nick. Nick - I'm trying to do the best that I can for you. You've got your whole life ahead of you. You've got your baby to think about. You don't need any excess baggage. Gabi - I never thought of you that way. Nick - I'm not going anywhere and if we feel like trying again ... if that happens, then we'll do it again and we'll do it the right way. No secrets. Are we in agreement. Gabi - Yeah. They hug. Nick - I'll never forget our time together. I'll never forget the way you made me feel. He leaves.

Brent isn't sure he could do this. Sonny - If you loved a guy as much as I love Will his daughter would be like your daughter. Arianna makes us family and Gabi is part of that funny. I do love Will. Will walks up as Brent reminds him of the way he lived before. You were climbing mountains, pretty much doing whatever you wanted to do. Are you sure you want to give that up to change diapers? No offence, I can't see you staying too long. It's not who you are. Sonny - People change Brent. Brent - Right. Are you sure this isn't your latest adventure. I mean is this the life you want to be tied down to permanently?

Nicole - I love it when someone I barely knows tells me how I should be feeling. Vargas - Really! The old man that was in here before, he was right about one thing. You are a liar because you're lying to yourself. You need to face the facts and get a life Nicole because Father Eric is not playing at being a priest. He's in it for real. And if he figures out that you've got a thing for him he's going to freeze you out because he has to. He's not going to break those vows. Not for you or anybody else.

Sami asks if he's found it yet. No. Just keep looking, it's in there somewhere. They hear Kristen yelling at EJ - I don't know what the hell you're talking about. Sami goes to check what's going on. She tells them to keep it down - she's trying to convince Eric they're a normal happy family. Kristen just came down for this - she holds up a tablet. What - rubber ducky wallpaper. Sami - Sydney put it on there. How did you open in my tablet. Kristen - I typed in my code. Sami - It happens to be EJ's birthday. Kristen - Yes. Is that yours too. Sami - I have to change my password. No wonder Eric can't find that video the kids made. Kristen - What video? Sami - The kids made a video for him on my tablet. Kristen - That's your tablet? Sami - Yes. EJ - I must have picked up the wrong one from the table. In the living room Eric smiles. Here it is.


Wednesday, Jul 3

Segment 1: When Kristen realises Eric has her tablet she heads into the living room. Stop!

Justin is his on his cell at the coffeehouse. You realise the consequences of breaking a promise to EJ DiMera. Yes, but we have a firm deadline. I want you to call me as soon as Mr. Shin has made a decision once and for all.

Will continues to eavesdrop as Sonny says are you kidding me when Brent asks about being tied down.

Roman is at the Horton house. So whatever you can do I'd appreciate it. Jen - I'm just so happy to hear that Sami was exonerated. Roman - Absolutely. She's going to have to live with the knowledge that she killed a man but thank God the Grand Jury believed she did it to save Rafe. Should make your job a hell of a lot easier too. Jen - Does this mean that you're going to reinstated as Commissioner? Roman - We haven't gotten that far. I'm just glad we're spared a trial. Been there, it's not fun. In fact it's more devastating than you can imagine. Jen - I'm sure. JJ comes down the stairs.

Brady returns Dan's sunglasses. Brady is glad he stopped by the mansion. He was wondering if he had any new information on what put Eric in the hospital. Dan doesn't. Since the blood work came back inconclusive we may never know for sure if Eric was poisoned.

Kristen has her tablet back. Eric is sorry. I didn't realise ... Kristen - It's okay. Sami - What didn't you want my brother to see on your Tablet?

Roman greets JJ when he comes into the room. Roman has to go. He leaves. JJ - How long is everyone in this town going to hate me? Forever? Jen - Nobody hates you. JJ - Did you see the way that he looked at me Mom? Yeah. I did what you asked. I went to the store and apologised to the owner. Jen knows. JJ - Before that I went to class. I have a test tomorrow I need to study for. Jen - You can study later. You and I need to talk. JJ - You mean you yell and I just stand here and take it. Jen - No that's not what I mean. I think you're really lucky that the store owner decided not to press charges but if you think this is all over and we're just going to go back to the way things were before, you need to think again.

Brady - You couldn't convince Eric to take more tests? Dan - No, he's too busy with the new school. He doesn't want to know why he got sick as long as he's healed. Brady is glad he is healed. I feel pretty guilty for all the crap I gave him over Kristen. How did I ever think that I was in love with her? Dan - Weren't you? Brady - No. Dan - You feel nothing for her now? Brady - I feel something. I feel the urge to wring her scrawny neck every time I hear her name. Dan - I wish I could believe you my friend.

Kristen - I can't believe you'd say that Sami. So you'd have no problem letting anyone read what's on your Tablet. I have a great idea. Why don't we all share one Tablet. Wouldn't that be so cool? Who needs privacy anyway! Sami - You act like you didn't just run me down and snatch it out of my brother's hands. Kristen - Since humour and or irony seems to escape you, let me be a little more clear. This is my personal property and what's on it is nobody's business but mine. Can you get that? Eric - If it's so personal why do you have a video file with my name on it?

Segment 2: Brent - I knew it! That's why I came prepared. Sonny - What do you have this time? Brent - 2 tickets to the July 4th rave. It's going to go all night. Sonny - Remember Memorial Day last year. That was insane. Brent - That was nothing compared to this. This is the place to be. Come along. You know you want to. Sonny - Yes I want to ... Will steps out of the doorway when his phone buzzes. Sonny - Was that your phone? Brent - No. Sonny - I heard something. He looks outside the door. I guess I must be losing my mind. Brent - I know you're losing your mind if you say no to these. Sonny - I have to say no. I'm sorry but there's no place I would rather be then right here.

Kristen - I know it's hard to believe but you're not the only Eric in the whole wide world. Yesterday I had a video conference with Countess W's international marketing chief Eric Bicker. EJ confirms that. Kristen senses Eric doesn't believe her so she tells him to take a look. It gets really thrilling when he parses the sales figures from the Malaysian market around the 93 minute mark. Eric is fine, thanks.

Brady - When you've been used, abused and humiliated in front of your family like I was ... I don't expect you to understand how I feel right now and I hope to God you never do. Dan - You were ready to marry Kristen. I think there would be something wrong if you could just forget those feelings overnight no matter what she did. Brady - What does it matter anyway? Dan - Because you're my friend and so is Nicole ... the two of you were talking about running away. Brady - You think I'm using Nicole to get over Kristen. Dan - Are you? Brady - No and if you have to know, the trip is off. Dan - Feel free to tell me to mind my own business. I just don't want to see either of you hurt anymore than you already have been. Brady - That's not possible. I'm about as over Kristen as any guy could ever be and I don't want to ever her name or see her ever again.

EJ closes the door so that he and Kristen are alone. Sister, sister, sister. So what's on that Tablet? Kristen - You don't want to know. EJ - Are you okay? Kristen - Yes except for having to come to terms with the fact that I have the same lock code as Sami Brady. What does that say about me? EJ - It says the two of you will make wonderful sister-in-laws. Kristen can't wait. EJ leaves. In the foyer Sami apologises to Eric for living with a crazy person. At least Stefano's not here so there's only the one. Eric - No comment. Seriously, I snapped at Kristen earlier. She had every right to ask for her toys back and send me packing. Sami - You are too nice. Eric - There is no such thing. Sami - This is my house too and I always want you to feel welcome here. EJ seconds that. I'm so happy that you've made this really remarkable recovery. Eric - Whatever it was that made me sick, I'm just glad it's history. Eric leaves.

Jen - Do you remember the consequences we talked about? There will be no more video games in this house. There will be no movies. There will be no Wi-Fi. JJ - What! How am I supposed to do my homework? Jen - You go to the library. JJ - That's the kind of punishment you gave me when I was 4. Jen - And when you are in school you're there to learn so there will be no talking in class, there will be no texting. The only two people you can get hold of on your cell phone are Abigail and me. And I pay the bill so I'll be able to check your activity online. If you violate my trust in any way whatsoever ... JJ - You'll take away my phone too. Jen - Really? Really! You're acting like this is the worst punishment in the world. You could be in jail right now. Do you understand that? JJ - I'm sorry. I know I have to prove to you that you can trust me again. Jen - And it's not going to be as easy as you seem to think. JJ - Why not? Jen - Because we haven't even talked about Daniel.

Segment 3: JJ - What about Daniel? Jen - Don't do this right now. I'm not playing games with you. So much has happened these past few weeks and things that I wanted to believe you about JJ but this whole shoplifting incident made me realise ... JJ - What? That I'm a no good criminal just like your boyfriend called me to my face. Jen - You are not the victim JJ and you keep doing that. JJ - Of course not. So you're sure your boyfriend doesn't twist everything around to get me in trouble. He obviously sees me to be this manipulating, calculating bad guy who goes around breaking his stuff on purpose ... Jen - Talk about twisting things JJ. JJ - I am done with his crap and now he knows it too. Jen - What do you mean? JJ - After I apologised to the store owner I made another stop and let your boyfriend know I wasn't going to let him turn you against me. Was I too late?

Justin sends an email to EJ. Hong Kong on the fence again. Shin delaying vote until tomorrow. May be cold feet, could be more. Call me. He leaves the coffeehouse and runs into Will outside. They shake hands. Justin - How are you doing? Will - Great. Especially now that I know my mom's not going to jail so thank you so much for doing what you did. Justin - I'm glad justice was served. How's Arianna? Will - Great. You can come and see her anytime you want. Justin - Actually I'm on my way to see Sonny. Is he home. Will - Yeah, he is. Justin - You look a little tired. Will - That's because I am. Justin - Well you may feel that life as you knew it has suddenly disappeared but just know that while you may be sleep-deprived and overwhelmed, it does get easier. And it is worth it. Will knows that. Justin - If you need anything don't hesitate to call. See you later.

Brent - Were you just singing to that poor kid? Sonny - Yeah. She fell asleep in self-defence ... whatever works. Brent - Help me out. So you're telling me this is exactly where you want to be even if this is the last place you wanted to be? Sonny - Yeah. This isn't the life that I imagined but I love it. It's great. Maybe not every minute of every day but when she falls asleep on your chest you kind of forget about the screaming and the spitting up. Brent - Yeah until she wakes up and you're reminded all over again. Sonny - I think one of the reasons I love her so much is because I love her dad so much. Brent - OMG. You've got it bad. Sonny agrees.

EJ and Sami are at the pub. Sami states that a trial would have be so hard on her grandma. Sami is going to see Will. Are you going to come with me. Sure. EJ gets Justin's email. Sami - EJ, what's wrong?

Kristen is talking to a female. Now that I've made sure Sami Brady can't access my deepest, darkest secrets you're going to make sure nobody including an expert like yourself will know that the video's been altered. Girl - I can do that in my sleep. Kristen - You'll want to stay awake for this one. I should be charging you. I'll pay you the rest when you're finished. Make it snappy. The girl leaves. Kristen thinks some retail therapy would be good. I can buy myself something demure to wear to the premiere of my triple x production.

Dan comes into an exam room and thanks Eric for coming. Eric - Why did you ask to see me? Dan - Since we don't know exactly what caused you to get so sick I wanted to keep an eye on you; make sure that whatever it was is really out of your system. Eric is feeling great. Dan would like him to reconsider doing the blood tests. Eric doesn't feel that's necessary. I think I know exactly what happened to me at the hotel.

Segment 4: Sonny tells Brent to have fun at the rave. Brent - Call me if you change your mind. Sonny - I won't. Justin arrives. He remembers Brent. I thought you were out of town. Brent - For a year. I was studying in Europe. Justin - That must have been a big change. Brent - Coming home is a bigger change. He leaves. Justin - What did he mean by that? Sonny - Nothing. But I owe you a huge thank you for representing Sami. I knew you would win. Justin - That makes one of us. Sonny - If you want to hang out Will is going to be home soon. He wants to thank you as well. Justin - Actually I just ran into Will. Sonny - At the town square. Justin - No, the coffeehouse. Sonny - That's weird because he was going to pick up his credit card that he left at the baby store. It's like the opposite end of town.

Will sits outside the pub.

EJ - It's a problem with a distributor. Sami - Which one? EJ - It's nothing to worry about. Sami worries anyway. EJ - I almost lost your forever now I have you forever. We have no problems, okay. They go outside the pub and run into Will. Will - Hey mom, congratulations. Sami - So you heard the good news. Will - The great news. Sami - I want to thank your for getting Sonny's dad to ... Will - That wasn't me. It was all Sonny. Sami - Then I should thank him, don't you think? EJ brings up Sami spending time with Will's baby girl. Sami - You weren't supposed to tell him that part. I would like to see her. Are you going somewhere? Will - Not really? Sami - Well then, would you like to invite us over. Will - Sure, yeah.

Jen - I have said this to you so many times; you're not hearing me. Nobody tells me what to think and there is no way that Daniel or anyone else could ever turn me against you. JJ - I don't know. It seems like Abigail is the golden child. Every time I turn around you are grilling me about something I didn't do. Jen - That's not fair. I do not favour your sister. I never have. I would be giving her as much grief as I'm giving you if she were in trouble. JJ - Okay, so I'm not a perfect person but by God haven't I done everything you've asked. When you wanted to talk me to I came down and where were you? You were on the porch with Dr. Jonas making out. It's pretty obvious what your priorities are. Jen - My priorities are you and your sister. JJ - My priority is my homework and I can't do it as long as I'm standing here talking to you. He ignores Jen and goes upstairs. Jen grabs her purse and leaves. JJ comes back down and leaves as well. Sorry Mom, I've got better things to do.

Eric talks to Dan about certain events in the Bible. Some things just can't be explained by modern medicine. Dan - So you're saying God made this happen to you. Eric - I believe God makes everything happen. Dan - I believe that God has a wicked sense of humour then. Eric - How many tests did you run on me when I was in the hospital? You came up with nothing right? The big picture is that the school was in trouble and Nicole was inspired to save the day. As for now I am fine and I have an awful lot of things to do so if you'll excuse me. Dan - If you feel any kind of symptom I think God would want you to call me. Eric - I may be stubborn but I'm not stupid. Thank you very much for your time.

Kristen is strolling through the square checking her cell and carrying her shopping bags. Someone walks into her. Watch where you're going. It's Brady.

Segment 5: Seeing as they are going in opposite directions Kristen declares this to be kismet. See you later. Eric - Kristen, wait.

Eric is back at the rectory. Roman comes in and hugs him. Roman says he's looking a lot better. Eric feels great. He's going to hit the gym. What's up? Roman wants to thank him for all his prayers for Sami; looks like they did some good. I also want to talk to you ... Eric - That family stuff we discussed. Roman - I appreciate everything you've done so far. Eric - Let me check my calendar. As they're searching the desk Roman knocks over a cup of coffee. I'm sorry.

Justin says it's too bad she's still asleep. I was looking forward to having a little chat with her. Sonny says she'll be waking up soon crying for her bottle. Justin can stay for a bit. Sonny gets a text. That might be Will. It's Brent. This guy will not take no for an answer. Justin - What was the question? Sonny - He wants me to go to a 4th of July rave with him and I told him I can't but he's not getting the picture. Justin - Right. Sonny - Is that all you have to say? Justin - What did you want me to say? Sonny - I don't know. Something more supportive maybe. Justin - I don't understand. Sonny - I know. You don't understand because this isn't about you, it's about Brent. I think he's a really good guy but the way he reacts when I say I can't do something or just the way that he reacts to my life in general bothers me. Justin - How is that? Sonny - He thinks that everything he is doing is like really fun and exciting. Like he can travel in Europe and go to as many raves as he wants to. He's free and adventurous. But I don't like how he looks at me ... his old friend Sonny ... this fuddy guy who's just sitting at home with a baby and has all this responsibility. Justin - I think the greatest adventure anyone can have is raising a child. Sonny - Do you mean that? Justin - Of course I do and I get the feeling you think so too. That all this is exactly where you want to be; what you want to be doing. Sonny - It really is.

Kristen - What do you want? Brady - I heard you went to visit Eric in the hospital. Would you mind telling me hy? Kristen - You mean because I'm such a horrible person you can't fathom that I'd want to check in on the brother of my ex-fiancé. Brady - And the son of the woman you hate more than anyone. Kristen - I went to the hospital to deliver some paperwork for EJ. I walked past Eric's room and he was so sad and alone I couldn't keep walking. Brady - Sorry I asked. Kristen - I was gracious enough to answer your question. Now it's your turn.

JJ meets up with Rory and the girl in the park. Rory comments that he sent him 10 messages. JJ tells him his mom will take away his phone if he uses it for anything but emergencies. She thinks the more she punishes me the more she'll inspire me to do the right thing. Wrong! The girl asks what happened with the cops. JJ - The store owner dropped the charges. Girl - I'm sorry all this happened. If Cole hadn't been such an ass ... JJ - It doesn't matter. He's not the guy I want. Anyway I don't know how long my mom is going to be out so do you guys have any ideas.

Dan comes home to find Jen waiting in the hallway. Jen thinks that fighting by text is a mistake. I didn't mean to blame you for Maggie getting involved in JJ's situation. I was embarrassed and frustrated. Dan invites her in or don't you want to. What Jen wants is to make things right.

Segment 6: Will, Sami and EJ come in to find Justin holding Ari. Sami - What! It looks like I'm going to have to wait in line. Sonny - She just spit up on Dad over there. I think your timing is better than you realised. EJ - Justin, it's good to see you. Sonny asks Will if he found his credit card. Will did. Sonny - You were gone so long I thought there was a problem. Will - I just had to run a few errors. Sorry I left you on guard for so long. Sonny - No, we had a great time. We were making a playlist for her bedtime tunes. I don't think she's going to be an Aerosmith fan. Justin has to get going. In fact, I have to finish up some paperwork on Sami's case. Sami - Thank you again for everything. Justin - See you. EJ - Actually I have to go take care of that email. See you in a little bit. He leaves. Justin is waiting outside. EJ - You assured me that by the time sun rose over Hong Kong this matter would be settled and my father would be out of DiMera Enterprises. Justin - And that may still be the outcome. But like I said the vote has been postponed until tomorrow. This Shin, he's waffling. EJ - Why? Justin - I don't know. He's very tough to read. EJ - Perhaps my father got to him which means he's not tough to read at all. We're being set up.

Dan invites Jen in. Dan owes her apology. I know things are complicated between you and JJ now. I didn't mean to make things worse by talking to my mom. Jen - It's okay. It's not like Aunt Maggie doesn't know JJ has problems; it's not like the whole town doesn't know my son has problems right now. On my over way I kept thinking about how I was going to say this and I realised I probably just need to say it. I really thought that I had things under control with JJ but it's clear to me that you're right, I don't. And after everything that happened today I have to stop hearing what I want to hear and I have to listen to what he's saying. I have to listen to the truth. Dan - Truth about what? Jen - About you.

The girl hands over some money to JJ. $26.60. What the hell are we going to do with that? Rory - Sit around and smoke some weed; enjoy this beautiful evening. JJ has a better idea. How about you go to your house and get what's left of your stash and we'll sell it and use the profits to do something real. Rory - Why don't we go get yours. It's so much closer. JJ - If my mom comes home it's gone and besides we're saving mine for ourselves, remember. Rory says they'll be right back. JJ will wait for them. A young woman walks up to him. So tell me the truth, was it really that good?

Roman helps clean up. Eric tells him it's alright. The board meeting got rescheduled and they haven't set up a new time yet so why don't I call you when I find out. Roman - Alright. I'll get out of here. Are you sure you want to hit the gym. Eric is just going to shower and go to bed. Roman - Maybe you're not a 100% after all. Eric - No, it's just that I lost an hour in the middle of the day. Dr. Jonas wanted me to come in for a follow up appointment. I told him I'm fine and to forget about it, I did.

Kristen - You called me last night. Why did you hang up? Brady - Because I knew I was wasting my time. Kristen - Are you sure you didn't call to figure out a way to say you're sorry. Brady - Sorry? Kristen - Yeah. For throwing me away like a dog you sent to the pound to die. I'm glad you didn't call to say you were sorry because those are the last words I want to hear out of your mouth. Brady - I am not sorry. Do you hear me? Kristen - You will be soon enough.

Segment 7: Sami wants to thank Sonny again for not telling his dad about the video. Sonny - It's no big deal. Ari is fussing. Sonny thinks she needs to be changed. Will's got it. Sonny tells him to visit with his mom. It's past her bedtime and I really want to try out those new bedtime playlists. Will - I hope I'm not asking him to do too much. Sami - I didn't hear you ask, he offered. He wants to be here.

EJ - If my father's figured out what we're up to, I've borrowed you a world of hurt. Justin - I knew exactly what the dangers were when I signed on for this. EJ - So what do you suggest we do to prepare for tomorrow. Justin - I know what I'm going to do and I'd advise you do the same. Sleep with the lights on and both eyes wide open.

Jen - I know how you feel about JJ and I think you know how he feels about you. But my son is lost. He's lost his father and now he's lost his way and I can't make any more mistakes. He needs to come first. So I'm thinking that maybe it would be best ... Dan - Are you saying that you don't want to see me anymore. Jen - No, I'm just asking you if we can take a little break for now, please. Dan - So that JJ can see how much power he has over you. Jen - No, so he can see that I value his feelings and that I'm listening to what he's saying. Dan - In other words you think I'm the reason he's acting out. Seriously? Breaking up with me is not going to fix your son.

JJ - What did you say? Girl - I heard you say your stash was too good to sell. That means there's only one other thing that it's good for. JJ - Alright. It's not fun doing it alone.

Brady - Is that a threat? I'm sorry I started this whole conversation. Kristen - You will be though Brady. You're going to be so sorry and everyone around you.

Eric is in the shower. He starts having flashbacks.


Thursday, Jul 4

Segment 1: Jen insists that she is doing what she has to do for her son. Dan tells her to believe that. He knows she means it but dumping him is not going to change JJ.

JJ tells the girl to come back to his place and he'll give her a taste of the stuff. We'll have the place and the stuff all to ourselves. Robbing the cradle isn't her thing. She thinks their age difference could get in the way. JJ - Only if we let it.

Theo runs up to Chad in the park. Chad asks if he's here with his dad. Cameron walks up.

Abby hands over notes from school to Gabi. They're at the pub. Abby asks how things are at her new place; 3's company with baby thrown in. Seriously, do you love being a mom. Gabi does but these past couple of days have been a nightmare.

When Kristen tells Brady he will be very sorry and so will everyone around him he asks 'What the hell is that supposed to mean?' What's your angle? Kristen won't have to do anything, Brady. He's such a whiny downer people will cross the street to avoid him. And one day he'll realise what a big, fat mistake he made. Nicole walks up - Why, because he dumped you? Brady tells her not to engage. Nicole asks Kristen what she's doing here. Kristen was walking home until Nicole's substitute boyfriend ... we all know who you really want. Your steamy fantasies are about Father Eric. Denials. Kristen scoffs.

Eric is in the shower. Fragments and pieces of the night in the hotel come back to him. Eric slides down the tiles and starts shivering.

Segment 2: Gabi loves Arianna and loves being a mom. I just really miss sleeping; I think that's the hardest part. Abby - You have Will and Sonny there for backup. Yeah. Abby understands. It's great but at the end of the day you still have guys there. Gabi - It sounds like a 4 letter word when you say it. Abby - It is. Gabi asks if she is having trouble with a guy. Abby - Not a guy, guys.

Chad and Theo talk about the movie Theo just saw Despicable 2. Do you want to see it again or another movie. Cam - Are we competing for him too? Abe comes up. Chad asks what their plans on for the 4th. Theo has his heart set on going to the lake but Abe has to work. Chad and Cam both offer to take him at the same time. Abe laughs. Both your uncles are going to take you for fireworks tomorrow!

Nicole tells Kristen she is so disgusting. Kristen maintains that she's not wrong. In your heart of hearts you're glued to Father Eric's side. Nicole - You know we don't all live in your gutter. Kristen is referring to Nicole going to the capitol and saving Eric's life; there's nothing gutter about that. Nicole - We saved a school not that you care. Kristen cares. Are you going to be working side by side with him, rubbing shoulders ... Brady tells her she's out of line. Nicole - Why are you so hot and bothered about Eric all of a sudden. Brady - You went to see him at the hospital. Nicole - And you can't stop talking about him. You are obsessed with him. Why is that? Brady asks the same question.

Eric is now on the floor of shower suffering from mini seizures. He tries to get up but can't.

The girl tries to play seductive by putting her arms on JJ's shoulders. So you like older women. JJ likes women. I'm JJ. Are we going to do this; sample the stash. Girl - Sure. JJ - You're going to have to come to my place to get it. She plays coy - This could be one big tease. JJ is dead serious. She reminds him that he said he wouldn't sell it. JJ - To strangers but exceptions can be made for the right person. Girl - Let's go.

Jen asks if he wants her to give up on her son. Dan didn't say that. Jen - You're implying that he's going to keep acting out; nothing can change that. Dan - That's absurd. He's going to change. He's a kid. Jen - You said he's a criminal that's how you think of my son. You called him that to his face. Dan - Because I was angry at the time. I'm sorry. I shouldn't have lashed out at him. But that doesn't mean that I think he's a lost cause or whatever it is you're suggesting I'm saying because you are a great mother. He's going to be okay. Jen - I haven't been a great mother. I haven't even been there. Dan - Says who? You are a great mom. I know it's really hard trying to raise a son who is having a rough time but if you push away you are going to be doing this alone. Do you want that? Jen doesn't but she needs to take a break. Dan asks her if she remembers the last time they did that. I was on the other side of the planet. Can you please let me help you. Jen - That's the point. You can't because you in this situation make everything ... Dan - What? Worse? Please don't let JJ make you believe that. Jen - He's not. I believe it because it's true.

Segment 3: Gabi you have guys? Like multiple guys? I thought you were dating Cameron. Abby - We are but it's totally confusing which is my fault. Cam is such a great guy and he deserves straight answers, no confusion. Gabi - The confusion is about another guy, right? Abby - Yeah, Chad.

Abe thanks the guys. The job has taken it's toll but it shouldn't be for much longer. Chad - Why's that? Abe - Sami's Grand Jury was today. They no billed. Chad - Seriously, that's great! Cam - What is that? Chad - The Grand Jury didn't indict her not for anything not even Man 1. Abe - The DA didn't offer a lesser charge. Chad - Pretty ambitious and not very smart. Abe - It was a big overreach. Chad - This is great news. She's engaged to EJ; I didn't want to see her in prison. Abe asks Theo if he's ready to go. The guys will pick him up tomorrow at 10. After they're gone Cam asks Chad if he thinks they can get through a day without Abigail being an issue. Chad - Define issue.

Kristen refers to Nicole and Brady as the cutest little attack team. Brady - What's the story with you and Eric? Kristen - I don't know. He just seems to be everywhere I am these days including my living room. I just left him there. Nicole - Why would he go to your place? Kristen - To congratulate Sami. Sami beat the rap. Nicole - She escapes going to prison again! Kristen - You're celibate boyfriend is always defending her. That must really annoy you. Nicole snaps - Eric is not ... Brady - She knows. Don't feed the animals. Kristen - Wow, that's so viscous. How did I not notice that about you before. You're really nothing like your brother. He's so giving and loving, comforting and forgiving. Nicole - I suppose he's forgiven you. Kristen - At least he's come closer to it than some people ever will.

JJ and the woman he picked up in the park are at the Horton house. She pokes fun at the décor in a sly fashion. JJ assures her they have the place to themselves. JJ goes upstairs to get the drugs.

Jen needs to do what is best for JJ. Dan isn't trying to tell her how to solve her problems. Jen - You are. Dan - That's what you're hearing. Jen - I came over here to tell you something really hard; something I thought and agonized over and you're not respecting me in that. Dan - It's a mistake. Jen - It's my son. It's my choice and I don't want to keep repeating it. Dan gets that JJ's a huge part of her life but if he's off limits to me we are going to be so far off the rails ... Jen - But my son is getting off the rails. I need to reach him. The babysitter returns. Jen leaves.

Segment 4: Eric slowly makes his way into the rectory. He picks up his keys but his hand is shaking. He sits on the floor.

Chad - You want to be with Abigail and so do I. I say we both have great taste; it doesn't mean we have to be enemies. Cam - But we both can't get what we want. Chad - Probably not but I'm not going to hate you for it. If she ends up with you I'll be happy for both of you but I've got to try. Cam - It doesn't matter what we say here, it's up to Abigail in the end. Chad - Yeah. See you at Abe's tomorrow. Cam says yeah and leaves. Chad sends Abby a text - Need to see you now.

Abby tells Gabi that Chad really laid it out there, he's going for it. Gabi - You mean you, wow. Abby - It's so weird. I just got my head around the fact that we are even friends again. Gabi - Can it be more? Abby doesn't know. Gabi - I do, I can see it in your face. Abby - Yeah but Cameron ... Gabi - Cameron is a great guy I know. Abby - Yes he is. Why doesn't that stop me? What the hell is wrong with me? Gabi - You want me to tell you that it's impossible to fall for Chad DiMera! Come on! Not me, not ever again but I get it. Abby - This is horrible, rotten. Both of these guys deserve ... Gabi - What? The truth? They know what's going on right? For just 2 mins enjoy the fact that these two really hot, amazing guys want you. Abby - No I can't. Gabi - Yes you can. It will work out. Abby gets a text. Chad wants to meet. Gabi - Go ... GO! Abby - No this is girl time. Gabi - Just go and have fun. Abby promises to come and see her and Ari really soon. Gabi tells her to go and have fun. Outside Abby tells herself - She's right. Fun. No guilt, no pressure.

Jen comes into her living room and asks the sprawled out girl, Who are you? She retorts - You first.

Dan plays with Parker. Dan makes a promise to Parker that no matter what he does he'll be there for him. Because you are my son and you come first. I get it! Dan answers his cell. Eric? Hello? Eric - Thank God. Dan - What's going on? Eric - I don't know. I was in the shower ... he tells him more - I'm shaking, I can't drive to the hospital. Dan - Save your strength and tell me where you are. Eric - At the rectory. Dan - Don't move and don't drive. Eric - I can't. Dan - I will be right there. Sit tight. He tells the sitter and Parker he will be right back. As he's leaving he calls 911. It's Dr. Jonas. I need an ambulance at St Luke's ...

Kristen has to go. Remember what I said Brady. It will hit you and there will be no place to run. Nicole - What the hell was that! Brady - It sounded like a threat of impending doom or something like that. Nicole tells him not to listen to her. She adds that Kristen doesn't bother her. Brady goes to get them coffee. Kristen comes back for one of the packages she left behind. Nicole - If you're so over Brady, why don't you prove it and get lost. Kristen - You think you have what I want but I really did have what you want and it was incredible.

Segment 5: Jen - I am the woman who owns this house so why don't we start again. Who are you and what are you doing in my home? JJ comes into the room. Jen - Do you want to tell me who this is? Girl - I should go. Jen - Good idea. Did you forget that you were grounded? Girl - I don't have a curfew. Later. Jen - I don't think so. You want to tell me who she is. JJ - She's just a friend from class. Jen - That is bull. She is no more in high school then I am. Don't you dare ... you are going to stay right here and tell me who she is. JJ has nothing to say and he's not going to stand here and listen to her yell at him. Jen - Well you are not going to walk away. You are going to stand here and listen because you have pushed me and you have pushed me and I am so done. And that look right there, the contempt, that oozes off of you towards me is done too!

Brady returns. He suggests to Nicole that they get out of here. Kristen - You're protecting her. That's sweet but not necessary. We were just getting things straight. Nicole - You don't make any sense. What do you mean you've already had what I want. Kristen - Isn't it obvious? You want Brady and I'm just saying that I've already had him in a way you never will. Brady tells her to knock it off. We're done. Kristen - Where did I hear that before. Oh yeah, from me. Have fun or at least try to with your substitute. Just close your eyes real tight and pretend he's you know who. She leaves.

Dan comes into the rectory and tells Eric the ambulance is on it's way. I didn't think you'd be sitting up. Neither did Eric. I'm better than I was 5 mins ago. Dan asks what happened. Eric doesn't know. He was in the shower and he collapsed. He was on the floor for quite a while; he couldn't get up. I came in here to get my phone. I talked to you and started to get better. Dan - Any idea what triggered it. Eric - When I was in the shower I had this flash and I started to remember being back in the hotel room before I got sick. It's like I had just taken a shower then too. Dan - And then what. Eric - I don't know. All of a sudden this wave just hit me and I blacked out. Dan - That's highly unusual. Eric - It's like I'm trying to remember but something keeps blocking it.

Segment 6: Cam, in his scrubs, walks into the pub and greets Gabi. He asks if she's back in school. She's just playing catch up. Cam says it looks like Abigail's handwriting. It is. Cam asks if she's here. Gabi says she was but she had to go. Cam asks about the baby. Gabi hopes she's sleeping when she gets back so she can study. Cam - It's like having 2 full-time jobs. I don't know how you do it. Gabi thinks he does. He recently had 2 full-time jobs himself. Cam - Caroline still has that photo up, huh?

Abby comes into the coffeehouse. Chad is glad she's here. I thought you'd like to know that the Grand Jury cleared Sami of the shooting. Abby - How? Sami clearly shot the guy. Chad - The prosecutor got greedy and went for a murder charge only. Abby - They couldn't prove it. Chad - No. We know she only shot the guy to protect Rafe. Abby - If the prosecutor had had the video that we deleted, Sami would have been indicted for murder. Chad - We don't know that. Abby - Come on Chad. It's a slam dunk.

Brady and Nicole come into the Kiriakis living room. Nicole is going straight for on the rocks ... she stops ... I'm such an ass. Brady tells her to go ahead and have a drink. He's fine with it. Nicole - How. Kristen is a woman you loved and wanted to marry. I'm so sorry we ran into her. Brady - I'm not.

Kristen answers the door. It's the doctor. Why are you here? To make sure everything is going as planned. Kristen - Everything is going as planned. There's no chance of my friend remembering what happened on the night in question, correct? The doctor tells her there's no need to shout. She yells - Don't tell me what to do! The doctor says the after effects will be as he explained to her. He repeats the symptoms as Kristen blabs over him. The doctor assures her that as to what happened that night, everything will be gone from the hard drive of his brain. He will remember nothing.

Dan says his bp is normal. Eric apologises for the false alarm. Dan - Better safe than sorry. Eric - You went through a lot of trouble for nothing. Dan - Father Eric, you ended up on a shower floor shaking uncontrollably, that is not for nothing. You should call a doctor when something like that happens. In fact you should be in the hospital getting a full workup. Eric can't. Dan - It may happen again. Eric - It might not. Dan - You don't know that and we won't know if we don't do those blood tests. Eric snaps that he can't stay in a hospital. Dan - I'm not leaving. Eric - You're right. We've got to figure out what is causing this and if you have tests that can do that let's run them.

Jen - If you want to treat me like dirt that's fine. And until you're old enough to post your own bail, that's fine too, but until that day comes ... JJ - I'd be happy to work out a payment schedule ... Jen - This is not about the money and you know it. You were arrested today. Do you have any idea what would have happened to you if we didn't have friends in the Salem PD; if that store owner wasn't decent. You would have a criminal record. Do you have any idea what that means. JJ - I get it! Jen - Really? Because you stood here earlier and said you were going to turn it around. We have rules, you were grounded ... JJ - I'm at home, aren't I? Jen - Yeah, hanging out with a woman ... JJ - Don't rag on her. Jen - Do you think she's the appropriate age ... JJ - You want to talk to me about appropriate. You want to lecture me after what you're doing with that sleaze. Jen - Did you just call Daniel a sleaze. How dare you! JJ - I'm sorry. The guy's perfect. Just the perfect replacement for Dad. Jen - I never said that. JJ - You just did. You replaced Dad and you don't want any of us reminding you of him around. You want to forget about Dad fine, but I won't. I will never forget him.

Segment 7: Chad thought she would be relieved. Abby - Why? Chad - Because it's over. Abby - Not for Bernardi's widow and her son. Chad - Yes for them too. Not that they won't always miss him but this way they get to keep their memories intact. Abby - What do you mean? Chad - Think about it. If there would have been a trial Bernardi's name would have been dragged through the mud. Abby - Not if he was clean. Chad - No, no matter what. He was there to kill Rafe, that's how I know he's dirty. That is Sami's defence and whatever skeletons he had in his closet would have been dumped on the courtroom floor. This way his widow doesn't have to face that. Abby - Maybe you're right. Chad - It's weird when that happens, isn't it? I've got to run. I just wanted to tell that in person. Oh, I talked to Cameron today about you. I told him that no matter what happens I want us all to stay friends and I meant it. He leaves.

Jen - I haven't forgotten your father. Just like you I will always remember him. And just like you I will always love him. JJ - Great, can I go now. Jen - I understand that it's really hard for you to see me with someone else. I get where that's coming from but that does not give you the right to be disrespectful to me. JJ - 'Cause you're so respectful? Jen - I've tried so hard to be fair to you. JJ - We're not talking about me. You mourned Dad for what about 8 months before you jumped in the sack with this guy. Jen - Don't you dare even say that. JJ - What. I don't dare say out loud what everyone else is thinking. It's like you and Dad never existed. You want to forget about Dad ... you want to replace Dad with this joke of a relationship fine but don't ask me to respect it. He goes upstairs.

Nicole - So you were fine with tonight ... you knew she was toxic. Brady admits it took a sledge hammer to the head to make him see who she really is but if he has more nights like tonight, he's going to be completely over that woman. Don't worry. Every minute that goes by I'm more over her. Nicole says to enjoy it - you are so much better off. Brady agrees. Life is good.

Dan draws blood. Eric - Run every test you can think of it to get to the bottom of this.

Kristen - My friend's memory can never come back. You do know how important that is to your personal wellbeing. Of course he does. You made it quite clear. Kristen - People will find out what happened on my terms; my timetable. The doctor says nothing will interfere with that. Kristen - Unless he remembers or there's a trace of the drug in his system that will back up his version of events. You gave me your word. You promised me this drug was untraceable, did you not? Dr - Certainly. It should be ... Kristen - It better be. It can't be traced back to me.

Dan finishes drawing blood. That's it. We'll have the results soon. Eric - Good. I'll pray for answers.


Friday, Jul 5

Segment 1: Abby is over at the apt visiting with Gabi and Ari. It's a new day because Abby asks if Gabi got any sleep. 4 hrs. She'll take a nap during the day. Gabi asks if she slept. Abby says if she's asking about Chad it was great; not really a big deal. Gabi tells her that Cameron stopped by the pub after she left. Abby - You didn't tell him I was with Chad, did you?

Chad, Theo and Cam are playing with a big beach ball when T joins them. Chad introduces T to Cam. T asks where Will, Sonny, Gabi and this kid he keeps hearing about are. Chad - Not here yet. T - Honestly, I have to see it to believe it.

Sonny is at the coffeehouse packing a picnic basket. Do you think Ari might be too young for fireworks. They might scare her. Will doesn't know. I'll have to look that up. Sonny - If they do we can always leave. Will has a flashback to Brent and Sonny and the rave conversation. Sonny adds - She might like the colours or she might just sleep through the whole thing. He asks Will why he's so serious all of a sudden. Will - I was thinking that maybe you shouldn't come with us today.

JJ lies in his bed and recalls how disrespectful he was to his mother.

Jen is downstairs. She sees Parker's jacket. Cue flashback of Parker giving her a picture he and Dan drew for her. The doorbell rings. It's Adrienne. Jen dug out the cooler. Adrienne is so glad that Jen, Abigail and JJ are coming to the picnic this year. Jen - We're not. Adrienne - What's wrong? Jen - Everything.

Sonny - You don't want me to go. I don't get it. Will - It's not that I don't want you to go it's just that it's the 4th of July, you should do something fun. Sonny - As opposed to going to a picnic at the lake with you and Arianna and my friends and family. That sounds like torture, yeah. Will - I just don't want you to feel obligated, tied down. Sonny - I'm not tied down. I'm tied to you and Arianna. There's no place I would rather be. They kiss.

Gabi didn't tell Cameron. Abby thanks her. Gabi - Your name hardly came up actually. Abby - Oh. Gabi - Do you wish it had? Abby - I don't know what I wish. I'm such a mess about both of these guys. Last night I had such a great time with Chad. He was sweet and caring. He doesn't put any pressure on me; like I'm worth the wait. Gabi - And Cameron? Abby - He's a little less patient but I think that's as much on me as it is on him. Gabi - Maybe it's because he likes you more. Abby guesses that could be the reason. I don't know. I'm so confused. Gabi has an idea. Don't think about it today. Come with us to the lake. Abby doesn't know if she's in the mood for that. Gabi - It will be so much fun. If you go it will be so much easier for Will and Sonny to go off and do their own thing because they know you'll be keeping me and Ari company. You'll be doing me a favour. Abby - If you're sure. Gabi is positive. Besides, I need a distraction too. Abby - From. Gabi - Just thinking about what might have been. Abby - You mean with Nick. Gabi - Yeah. Abby - OMG I am so sorry. I'm the world's worst friend ever. I have been sitting here complaining about my pathetic love life and I didn't even ask you about Nick. I'm so sorry. What's going to happen with you two? Gabi - Nothing actually. We realised that it's not going to work between us; not anymore. My marriage to Nick is over.

Adrienne - Jennifer, I had no idea this was going on. Jen - Oh yeah. It has been a war zone around here the last few weeks. Adrienne is so sorry. Jen - That's why I think letting JJ go to a holiday picnic is sending the wrong message although I can't seem to win no matter what I do because he just gets madder and madder and more defiant. Adrienne understands all too well. Jen - Is everything okay with Sonny? Adrienne - We're having our problems too. Jen - I'm sorry. Adrienne - We're in the same boat. I was just hoping that knowing what we all share and focusing on that and how much we do love each other would help us get back on track. And honestly that's why I thought all of us should go to the picnic together. I think that's why you should go too. You and Abigail and JJ. Jen - I don't know. Adrienne - Listen, hanging with friends, family, good food, the beach ... could be what you all need. They need. It's so hard when your child is unhappy. They blame you for it, they hate you for it ... I'm so, so sorry. JJ is watching.

Segment 2: JJ greets his Aunt Adrienne. Adrienne - Hi JJ, it's good to see you. Jen - I've been sharing with your aunt a little bit about what's been going on around here but she thinks it would be really important for our family to spend time together today. So I'm going to give your choices. You can stay here and I will call you every 20 mins on the landline or you can go to the picnic with Abigail and me. Adrienne - Your cousins will be there too. JJ - Sounds cool. I'll go get my trunks and stuff. Jen - Okay. He heads upstairs. Jen - Maybe you were right. Adrienne - I know I am. The three of you spending the day at the lake my be just what the doctor ordered. Speaking of doctors, will Daniel be joining us? Jen - No. We're having some issues right now but it's okay because I need to focus on my family. I need to make things right with my son.

Gabi - Nick and I are getting an annulment. You're the first person I've told. Abby - I'm so sorry. Gabi - We haven't worked out anything yet but that's where we left it. We decided yesterday. Abby - I know that you and Nick had a really tough time but I could tell, anyone could, you two cared about each other so much. Do you still love him? Gabi - I really don't know. Seeing him yesterday made me sad. And sometimes I really, really miss him. Looks like you're not the only one who is confused about what's in their heart. Abby - No, my problems don't even compare to yours. You have a baby, a life you're responsible for, I can't imagine how hard this is for you. Gabi - I don't want to deal with that today. I want today to be fun. I want to go to the lake with my baby and my friends ... Will and Sonny come in. Ready for the picnic? We're packed and ready to go. Gabi - Definitely. Abby - Do you have room for one more?

T reserved the court for today. Chad is in, so is Cameron. T - We have Will and Sonny but we need one more. What about Abigail, is she coming?

Segment 3: Justin and Adrienne gush over the baby and then spread out a blanket. Adrienne comments that it seems like yesterday when they were pushing Sonny in a stroller. Justin - I know, it goes so fast. Gabi is so glad Abby came today. Will says he's going to fire up the grill. Apparently some guy named Joey Chestnut ate 68 hotdogs in 10 mins and T wants to beat that. Gabi goes over to help Sonny with Ari. Abby - Hey Will, I heard that the charges against your mom have been dropped. Your family must be really relieved. Will - We are. Thank you so much for keeping quiet about that video clip. Abby - Yeah. I wish I'd never seen it. Will - Me too but it would have made things really difficult for mom to defend herself obviously so I'm dead serious ... thank you so much. Sonny gushes about Ari's smile. Gabi - She loves you. Sonny - She's a great little girl and I'm really hooked on her. Gabi's noticed. You two have kind of a special thing going on. Jen and JJ come over to Justin and Adrienne. Hugs all around. Jen goes to see the baby. Adrienne asks JJ if he wants to sit with them. He does. Abby comes over. JJ - You're blocking my sun. Abby - You're lucky you're getting any. So much for being grounded, huh. T is talking about the last time they played volleyball. Abigail's shot was totally awesome. The hammer ... boom. Theo - The hammer ... boom. T - You got a nickname. Theo shakes his head no. T - You're tall. How about Stretch? Theo - Yeah. T - I'm telling you me and Hammer and Stretch, we're going to be huge! You coming or what. Chad - I don't know man. T is going to go get commitments for this team. Stretch, make sure they stretch. I don't want any pulled muscles on my court. Theo pulls both Chad and Cameron up. JJ - Just so you know Abs Mom pulled the lecture quota for today, for the decade actually. He walks away. Adrienne - Boys will be boys. Jen tells Gabi that Ari is so precious. JJ comes over to see the baby. Jen - I'm sure you can hold her ... if that's okay with you she asks Gabi. Gabi - Of course. Gabi hands her over. JJ - Wow, she's super cute. Jen goes back to Adrienne and Justin. Adrienne, you were right. This is really the perfect thing for my family today. I have not seen my son smile like that in a long time. Adrienne - The way he's holding that baby, oh my gosh, he's such a good boy. Jen - Yeah, I know he is. Jen gets a call. What? I'll be there in a few minutes. After the call she explains - I guess Sami's non-indictment has caused a parade of rumours of a hospital cover-up. I need to leave unfortunately. Hopefully I'll be able to come back. In the meantime would you make sure JJ stays close. Adrienne - Of course. Don't worry about it. JJ comes over to get his trunks. Jen needs to talk to him. I need to run over to the hospital. There's something I need to deal with. JJ - What does that have to do with me. Jen - Nothing except that I need you to stay right here with family. JJ - Okay, I'll see you later. Jen - I may be coming back. I hope so. JJ - Me too. Jen leaves saying she'll be back.

Segment 4: JJ returns from having a swim. He sees Aunt Adrienne napping. He pulls out the beach bag and she wakes up. He recommends going in for a swim. She wants to talk to him for a minute. When I saw you holding the baby before I have to tell you, you so reminded me of your father. JJ - Oh yeah. Adrienne - Yeah. In fact I remember one time when you were really little, just a baby. In fact you had just started walking ... maybe a month or two. You were really strong and you managed to get up on your changing table. You were so proud of yourself and then you lost your balance and you fell right on the floor, flat on your face. You had this goose egg like I'd never seen before and you're little nose was all swollen. JJ sits down. I've never heard this story before. Adrienne - It was a horror story. You were screaming and crying. You wouldn't let anyone near you except for your Dad. He scooped you up in his arms and he started making these funny faces at you, doing those silly little voices like he did and you calmed right down. Your father loved you so much JJ. He did. You must miss him terribly. JJ - You must miss him too. Adrienne - I do. It breaks my heart that he's gone. But especially for you because I know how much a boy needs his father. Something else you should know that I know. Your father would have wanted you to live a good and happy life. You, seriously, listen to me ... you, your sister and your mother. Honey, he wouldn't want her to be alone. JJ is going to put some dry clothes on. Justin comes back. I got the buns. I guess I'll start grilling soon. Abby comes over and asks where her brother is. Justin just overheard him say he was going to change.

T is holding Ari now. Are you sure I'm doing this right? Will - Yeah, just keep supporting her head. T - She's staring at me. Will - Don't take it personally. T laughs - She's grabbing my finger. Gabi - That means she's crazy about you. T - Really? Brent comes over. Sonny gives him a hug. You remember Will right? Yeah. Brent greets T as well. Hard to believe that's your kid. Will - Yeah, mine and Gabi'a. Gabi says hi. Brent - That's crazy that you're a father now. It must feel like your whole life is different. Will - It is but in a good way. Brent - It's really mature for you to look at it that way because for me it would be a whole lot more responsibility than I could handle right now.

Abby is looking for JJ. Theo runs up and hugs her. Abby - Are you all alone here. Theo - We're playing. Can you be in the middle? Chad and Cam run up.

Sonny - Will is not just a dad, he's a great dad and Ari and I are lucky to have him. T - Enough of the serious talk. Who's up for some volleyball? Brent suggests getting a tournament going on. They like the sound of that. T - I've got to work up an appetite for my hotdog eating contest. Gabi takes Ari. She's due for her nap so you guys go and have fun. Sonny - How about we watch her later so you can fun - it will be your turn. Gabi - Don't worry about us. Brent heads off get the equipment. Gabi - He's cute. Sonny - Brent? Gabi - Yeah. Sonny - He does play for the other team so ... T - That never stopped her so .. I mean ... he fakes out will and the race is on.

Cam - Maybe Abigail is busy with her family. Theo - Which team, Uncle Cameron's or Uncle Chad's? Abby - How about if I'm on your team. She goes with Theo, the guys follow.

JJ is on a cell phone. Where are you? Hey, it's Independence Day, I'm a free man.

Segment 5: Jen gets off the elevator near the nurse's station talking on her cell. Sami Brady's sole intent when she pulled that trigger was to save the life of a defenceless patient in this hospital. And the Grand Jury's failure to indict just proves Ms Brady's version of events. Call me if you need anything else. Anne walks up and snaps a picture. I have to take a picture to document a Horton coming to work on a holiday. This is like a once in a lifetime event. Jen starts walking away but Anne says she needs to talk to her. Jen points out that she didn't even know she was going to be here. Anne - I know now and I need to discuss something with you of a personal nature.

JJ meets up with Rory and Bev in the square. He hands over some drugs and asks Rory to hold it for him. JJ's worried his mother will violate his constitutional right to privacy and go looking through his things. Bev tell JJ she broke up with Cole. You were so right about him. Rory - He's the one that screwed it up for all of us. Also, dude, you took one for the team with that shoplifting thing. Bev - It was really cool what you did, amazing actually. JJ - That's me, cool and amazing. Bev - What are you doing the rest of the day? JJ - I'll be at home. In order to meet with you guys I had to send my aunt a text saying I was sick so now I've got to go home and act it. Rory and Bev leave. The older woman greets JJ.

Justin goes over to Gabi. I wanted to tell you I was contacted by Nick. Gabi - He did say he wanted to talk to a lawyer. Justin - He asked me to handle the annulment. I'm sorry that it didn't work out for you two. I know it must be really hard. Gabi - It is but to be honest it's the best thing, not just for me but for Nick too.

Brent asks Sonny if he's thought anymore about going to the rave tonight. Sonny can't. Brent - Let me know if you change your mind. Will hears all this. Sonny - You should probably give it to someone else, I don't want you to waste the ticket. T comes up and tells them that they're set.

Theo, Abby, Cam and Chad have had a swim. Abby tells Theo he was awesome. Theo takes off when he hears the bell of the ice cream vendor. Cam is going to go after him but Chad says he'll buy him ice cream. Abby apologises for ruining their time with Theo. Cam says she didn't. You being here ... it's all good. Theo comes back with an ice cream for Abby. Abby thanks him. Now that is what I call a real gentleman. I'm going to go hang out with Gabi. I said I would help out with the baby. Theo drags Cameron with him - Come get some ice cream too.

Segment 6: Adrienne is watching something when Justin drops some ice down her T-shirt. Gabi and Abby share the ice cream. Gabi asks if it was awkward. Abby - It wasn't. Chad and Cameron were totally cool so it was fine. I kind of wish one of them had been a jerk because it would have made it so much easier to decide who I would give my heart and soul to for all of eternity.

Will and T run up and start towelling off. T - I don't know how you put up with him. Will - You mean Sonny. T - Yeah. He's good at everything. They slaughtered us in that race. But he's not going to win that hot dog eating contest. Will - It's not a contest, you're eating hot dogs by yourself ... but T is gone. Brent comes up. Will - So Sonny beat you too? Brent - Yeah. He seems happy. Will - Seems? Brent - I'm not implying that he isn't. Will - What were you implying? Brent - You have to get this through your head. Sonny and I are just friends, nothing else. We used to go to clubs, concerts and stuff with other people in groups. We never hooked up. Will - I know. Brent - I didn't mean to offend you. It's just weird seeing Sonny living this totally different life than he was living before ... all settled down. Will - What's your point? Brent - I'm not trying to make a point. It's just an observation. Will - I also made an observation. Sometimes life doesn't go as you planned but you find yourself happier than you ever thought you could be. Brent - That's obviously what happened with you and Sonny. I can tell he really loves you. I mean he must to give up so much to be with you.

Anne - Human Resources is my domain Jennifer and because I take my position very seriously I also take it very personally that you overstepped your bounds over a recent decision. Jen - I didn't overstep your bounds and you know I didn't. I followed procedure to the letter. Anne - Of course you did. What was I thinking? The one-upmanship game is on. When Jen is going to leave Anne steps in front of her. So your son, is he a chip off the old block? Jen - What kind of question is that? Anne - Just wondering if he's always following the rules like his mommy.

The older woman makes a disparaging remark about Salem. JJ says he can show her real fireworks at the lake tonight after dark. She thinks that's a great idea and tells him he should go and save them a spot. Oh wait, you can't go to the fireworks tonight, not with that curfew your mommy gave you.

Sonny comes out of the water and goes to Will. Adrienne comes over and asks if they're having fun. They are. Adrienne - Will, I know this probably isn't the right time or place but I just wanted a chance to say that I am really glad that charges weren't brought against Sami. Will - Thank you. Adrienne - I know that we heard the news at first I wasn't so effusive as I should have been. And as sad as the situation is with a man losing his life I do know that Sami would never shoot anyone for no reason. And I'm really sorry if I was insensitive to your feelings. Will - I understand. It's all good.

Justin carries over a tray of hot dogs to Gabi and Abby - Fresh off the grill. Gabi - Thank you so much. Abby asks if he knows if her brother is back from changing yet. Justin - We should have told you. He texted Adrienne. Evidently he's not feeling well and he decided to go home.

JJ says he totally ignores those curfews. Older woman - Aren't you a little rebel. JJ - I'm not little. OW - Sorry, you're a big, grown-up rebel. JJ is sure they'll have a really good time. OW - I'm not looking to pick up extra cash with a babysitting gig so ... JJ - I don't think you take me seriously which is your loss. OW - You let me in on that little bit you're holding and I'll take you really seriously.

Segment 7: Jen - If you have something to say about my son just say it. Anne - No, I don't have much to say at all. I just heard he was back in town. I can't wait to meet this kid. He must bring you so much happiness and pride which you so richly deserve.

JJ - I'm not holding but I can be. I'll go home and get it. We can get high, see what happens. OW - No. See you in the candy store. She walks away when JJ is asking her for her name.

Abby sees Chad holding his head. What happened? Are you okay? Theo - Chad hit his head. Chad insists he's fine. He was trying to do a log roll and must have hit an actual log at the bottom of the lake. Cam - Look at me. This could be a concussion. Chad - I'm not going to the hospital if that's where this is headed. Cam - We have to watch this. Any head injury ... Abby - He's right. You can't take any chances please. I won't let you. Chad - I'm totally fine. Come on, let's get back to this game.

Sonny lies down next to Will who is watching Ari. Long nap? Will - She skipped her earlier one. Sonny comments that Will has been pretty quiet. Will is thinking about the exam he has to make up. I've got to study all night. You know what you should do. You should go out. Sonny - No. Will - Gabi and I can handle the baby. You should go out and do something fun. Sonny - What could be more fun than this. Look, she's waking up.

Adrienne is searching through her cell. Justin - Honey, we can do this later. Adrienne - No, it's a short video but it's really cute. Ari is making these cute little faces and Will is smiling, it's sweet. Sonny calls out - Mom, Dad, come over here. I swear she's trying to roll over already. Adrienne - Did he say roll over? Justin - That's a major milestone. Adrienne - I believe so. I think we should go. She drops her cell with the video of Will holding Ari playing. The screen goes black and then the video of Sami and Bernardi fighting in the park plays.


Monday, Jul 8

Segment 1: Rafe is dreaming that he's coming out of the coffeehouse and runs into Sami. She tells him he looks great. She's so glad to see him again. He tells her he has to go and starts walking away. She yells - No, I won't lose you again. She pulls out a gun and shoots. Alarms start sounding in his hospital room.

Jen comes into the coffeehouse and Dan is there. Awkward moment. She asks how Rafe is doing. Dan informs her that they started the process of bringing him out of the coma. He's going back to the hospital now to check on him. Jen says Rafe will be fine because he has the best care. Dan starts to leave. She asks him how his 4th of July was. He turns and says Jen, we are so not going to do this.

Rory and JJ meet up at the lake. Rory asks JJ what's going to happen if his mom finds out he blew off study hall. The older woman walks by after a swim. Rory and JJ ogle her.

Sami and EJ come into the living room. Sami is gushing about what a great day it is. The kids are at day camp, she isn't facing murder charges and with the anti-aging cream they stole they get to stick it to Kate.

Kayla, Kate and Gabi rush into Rafe's room. Kate asks what's happening to him. Gabi - Is he going to be alright.

EJ declares that life is good. Actually I have a feeling that it's going to get a lot better. EJ gets a call. Justin, what have you got for me. Justin - A big problem.

Stefano is on his private jet pouring champagne for him and his Cecily.

Gabi - Is this it? Is he coming out of the coma?

Jen apologises. He's right, they can't do this. She asks if he can tell her how Parker is doing. Dan took him to see Chloe for the first time. They were both thrilled to see each other. Jen - Does that mean she's coming back?

EJ sees Sami reading a text and asks if it's bad news. No, it's from her Dad. They're going to bring Rafe out of the coma today.

Kayla tells them that Rafe's vitals are normal. He's fine. Gabi asks what happened. Kayla guesses that he had a nightmare. It's common for coma patients to have really vivid dreams. Gabi asks how long it will be before he wakes up. Kayla tells her there's no exact process or timetable. Kate - But the process is still going on? Kayla - Right, and Daniel is on his way back to monitor the process. We don't think it will be much longer before he wakes up. Kate - But he is going to wake up ... you're promising that.

Rafe dreams that he is in bed and Kate wakes him up telling him she has to go. He protests - We still have time. Kate - Do we? I'm scared. No one can find out about us. She leaves. He turns and sees Stefano standing there with a sword. Stefano strikes!

The pilot announces they will be in Salem within the hour. Stefano - Salut! To my homecoming!

Segment 2: Dan asks if she's worried about Chloe because she's not going to bother her. Jen isn't. She just cares about what is going on in his and Parker's life; she can't flip a switch and pretend she doesn't care. Dan wants nothing more than to share his life with her, every detail like how he and Chloe are slowly going to share custody. He wants to know about Abigail, work and the new assistant she's getting and especially how she's doing with JJ because I know how much you love your son and it breaks your heart that he's having a rough time. But you can't have it both ways. We're supposed to be taking some kind of break which means you want me to stay away from you so, as you expressed it, JJ will have you in his life and I really won't be complicating it. What's frustrating about this is I know, and I'm pretty sure down deep you do too, that my leaving you alone is not going to be good for JJ. In fact it's going to be worse.

Rory tells JJ that is the definition of out of your league. JJ tells the loser to split. Rory thought they were going to talk business. JJ says later besides after just getting arrested, I have to lie low. Rory - You do, I don't. I can be your wing man. JJ says it's a solo act. Rory declares that JJ is going to crash and brush. Good luck. He leaves. JJ goes to the older woman and tries to act cool. She thought he was going to hook her up.

Kayla tells them there are a few things she wants them to know before Rafe wakes up. Abe knocks and comes in. He just wanted to check in and see how Rafe is doing. Kayla was just about to fill Kate and Gabi in on what to expect when he wakes up. Abe asks if it's okay if he stays. Kayla - If it's okay with Gabi. Of course he can stay. Kayla - I want you to be prepared for the fact that when he wakes up he may not know where he is or how he got here. Kate - Will there be memory loss? Kayla - It's a possibility but in most cases the patient's memory is intact. What he'll have more of a problem with is re-orienting himself to time and place. Gabi - What does that mean? Kayla - He may not be able to differentiate between what's happening in the present time to what his mind is telling him when he was in the coma. This confusion can go on for a few days or in some cases a few weeks. Gabi - Is there anything we can do to help him with that? Kayla - You're already doing it by just being here. When he gets faced with those challenges just being around people he loves will help him a lot.

EJ asks Sami if she was planning to go to the hospital to be there when Rafe wakes up. No. EJ thinks that since Rafe was bringing Johnny the FBI jacket when he was attacked he's going to want to thank her for saving his life. It's important to me that you understand that I'm not threatened or bothered by the fact that on some level I recognise you still do care about him. Sami - Does it seem like we've actually grown up? EJ - God, I hope not. Sami decides that maybe she will stop at the hospital on her way to see Eric. EJ - You should. Take your time. As soon as she leaves EJ calls Justin. What the hell is going on. Justin is in the park. Mr. Shin in Hong Kong is holding us up again and the board meeting of the London subsidiary has been pushed back. EJ - This has to happen today, do you understand? Or this will all come crashing down on our heads. Get over here now. Justin - Take it easy EJ. The worst thing we could do is panic. EJ - I'm not panicking. EJ paces and starts talking to the portrait. And don't you start gloating. I've got a few more moves left up my sleeve, believe me!

Segment 3: Abe comes into Kayla's office. He thought he'd give Gabi some alone time with her brother. Kate is making some calls. So you don't have an idea of when Rafe might regain consciousness. Kayla - No, but we're hoping within the hour. You told Gabi there could be memory loss. Kayla - Yes but I also said it could be intact when he wakes up. Abe - But if it's not? Kayla - He could have lost the last 6 months or even the year. I keep thinking about Kate. If he doesn't remember the last 6 months, he's going to be so surprised to see her sitting there when he wakes up. Abe - And if he doesn't remember the last year or so ... Kayla - He's going to think he's still married to Sami. But no matter what he remembers or what he's thinking we're not really going to know until he wakes up.

EJ is on the phone. Mr. Shin, I thought you and I had come to a clear understanding on the new direction of DiMera Enterprises and you're role within that company. I appreciate and applaud your support of my father however if we look at some of his recent business decisions I think that we can both agree that he's not quite the man he used to be. Justin comes in during the conversation. Very well, I'll call you back in a half an hour. Just something to think about, Mr. Shin. There is one thing I learned from my father and that's you make an example of people that break their promises. He hangs up. Justin - That was a little heavy-handed, don't you think? EJ - That was a promise and speaking of promises, you promised me all my ducks would be in a row. Justin - I think you underestimated your father's ability to balance business with whatever pleasure he might be pursuing at the time. Justin gets a call. Mr. Benedict, thank you very much for calling me back. Yes, I have EJ right here. He hands the phone over. EJ - Reggie, good to talk to you. Just wanted a quick word with you ... let's talk about your new role in the new regime.

Jen - I guess there's nothing to say. Dan - I think I just proved that I'm right. When we don't talk like we used to I get frustrated and say things that hurt you. Jen - I know that you don't mean them. I know you're frustrated and that I'm asking a lot. I just need a little time to focus on JJ. Dan - To make sure nothing upsets him because he's made it very clear our relationship upsets him. I understand that but that doesn't mean he gets to call all the shots. I understand that you're afraid. You think he's going to walk in on us and see something that will push him over the edge. But he wants you to feel that guilt. Jen - He's so lost and he knows that you don't like him. Dan - He is terrorizing you. He is making you give up someone you love in return for maybe, possibly acting responsibly? That is no way for a young man to learn how things work in this world. Jen - Okay. Just come back to me when Parker is a teenager. Do you think that I don't know that I'm being manipulated? But this is my son and he is so lost and I'm scared to death for him. I have to do everything I can to fight my way back into his life. Do you understand that? Dan - And that's what gets me; the way you fight for your kids. I do love that about you so I have to keep my distance from you and I'm begging you to do the same for me. Please, because it's only fair. Jen gets it. Dan leaves. Cue flashback of their argument at Dan's apt. Jen gets a call. Yes I'm JJ's mother. He what!

JJ only deals to friends and I don't even know your name. Theresa. JJ - Just one name? Eventually I'll get to know everything about you. Theresa tells him it will have to be later. She has this thing she has to get to. JJ offers to help. How about a phone number. Theresa - If I need you, I'll find you. She leaves. JJ gets a call from Jen. Where are you? JJ - I'm actually on my way to study hall. I'm running a little late. Jen - Stop lying and get your butt down to my office now!

Abe is back in Rafe's room with Gabi. I want you to know everyone on the force is pulling for Rafe. They're willing to do whatever it takes to help him recover. Gabi - Thank you, that really means a lot. Can I ask you something? I know the Grand Jury believes that Sami was trying to protect Rafe but do they have any idea why that detective was trying to hurt him? I heard they were friends. He even bought a baby gift from the store where I was registered. Abe - I have no idea about Bernardi's motivations. I hope that when Rafe wakes up and he's had some time to heal that he'll be able to help clear things up. So does Gabi. Abe - How's the baby? Gabi - She's great. Will has her today. This picture is actually from this morning. Abe - She's beautiful. Gabi - I take one every morning and replace the one in the frame with it. I wanted him to see her as she is when he opens his eyes. I save all the other ones. I really want my brother to feel that he hasn't missed a moment.

Sami walks up to Kate near the nurse's station. Is Rafe awake? Kate - No. I'm sure he knows better than to come out of his month long coma until it suits your schedule. Sami - EJ and I have this new product that is going to be absolutely fantastic for you. You should try it. It's never too late. Kate - Where are you going? Sami - To see Rafe. Kate grabs her arm - Like hell you are.

Segment 4: Kayla is in Jen's office. The whole family appreciates it. Jen - I'm happy to help. I'm sure it will be fine. JJ knocks and comes into the room. Kayla gives JJ a hug before leaving. JJ - Okay mom, I get that you're upset but I don't think you should swear at me. Jen - I didn't. I told you to get your butt down here. But I don't think you get anything. And I don't want to hear one of your explanations and I don't want to hear your analysis of my flaws. This time I'm going to be the one talking and you're going to listen.

EJ - Of course Reggie. I think this is going to work out splendidly for both of us. After the call he mutters 'Supercilious twit!' Justin - You just promised that supercilious twit an even bigger slice of the pie you know. EJ - What the Lord giveth the Lord can take away. Now let's think about this shall we? That's London so we're just waiting for Shin in Hong Kong, right? Justin hands over a paper to EJ. I think I found something that might help us persuade Mr. Shin. EJ sighs. It's a bit of a Hail Mary. Justin - Yeah, but you throw the Hail Mary pass whenever you ain't got nothing else. EJ - If this doesn't work my father is going to know exactly what I'm trying to do and who helped me. Justin - I'll pray, you dial.

Stefano is on his cell. I understand that Justin Kiriakis is involved. Now you are reassuring me that the problem with my son is now taken care of. Excellent! Look he's going to find out soon enough. I think it's time that we keep Elvis in the dark a little while longer.

Sami - What is your problem Kate? Kate - The last thing Rafe needs when he wakes up is to see you there wanting an 'atta boy' for discharging your firearm over his comatose body. Sami - One, you gave me that weapon and two, I shot the man who was going to kill him. Kate - Why don't you give yourself a medal. As Kayla said, Rafe needs to be surrounded by people who love him, not self-aggrandizing, narcissists like you. Sami - Now you're projecting, huh? Kate - No matter what you tell yourself you left Rafe for EJ. Rafe doesn't know that you saved his life. All he knows is that you broke his heart. Sami - You don't get to tell me how I feel about Rafe. He's my ex-husband. He was practically a father to my children. Kate - All of that is in the past tense because of your doing. Sami - You know what I'm hoping right now? Rafe has a little bit of memory loss so he doesn't have to subject himself to remembering any of his time ... I don't want to think about it. Kate - This isn't about me and this isn't about you and your petty jealousies. It's about Rafe. But of course you are you and nothing I or anyone else says is ever going to change you. Sami - You got that right. Kate - So why don't you barge on into that room and make yourself the center of attention. I'm not going to stop you. Sami - You've got that right too. Dan walks up. Kate - I need to talk to you about Rafe.

The nurse tells Gabi everything is fine. Gabi thanks her and sits down on Rafe's bed. Sami comes in. Gabi - Hey Sami. Sami stares at Rafe. I was wondering if it's okay for me to be here. Gabi - Of course it's okay. My brother wouldn't be here if it weren't for you.

Dan tells Kate that the trauma to Rafe's body was substantial. Even though we did everything we could to heal those wounds while he was in the coma Rafe's total immobility will demand a lot of physical therapy. Kate - Will he be able to walk? Dan won't know that until we wakes up. But it's unlikely he'll even be able to stand. He's going to be like a baby, learning all of those motor skills all over again. But he's not going to get to that part until we're sure he's mentally adjusted to coming out of the coma. Kate - It worries me that he's going to be so frustrated. For a guy that would do anything to help anyone, he just hates needing help. Dan - You know him pretty well. Kate - That's not difficult. He's a completely open book; a refreshing change from the other men in my life. Dan - Whatever happens between you and Rafe is really none of my business. Kate - Nevertheless it's inappropriate, right? Dan - I'm going to say that I'm glad that my friend Rafe had so many strong, stubborn women in his corner to help him through. Kate - That's a right, nice thing to say Doctor. A nurse comes to him. I think Detective Hernandez is starting to wake up.

Gabi tells Sami that Kayla said he's probably going to be confused at first. Sami - It will be our job to set him straight; what else is new, right? Abe - Wait, look ... Rafe stirs.

Segment 5: Jen - So how long have you been back and how many times have you screwed up? JJ whines - Mom. Jen doesn't want to hear it. I'm going to talk and you're going to listen to me. I set the punishment for your shoplifting. I grounded you and took away all of your screens but apparently that isn't enough. And seeing as you chose to leave school grounds during your lunch hour and not return to school in time for study hall now I am taking away all of your lunch money. JJ - So you're going to let me starve. Jen - No. There's going to be food in the fridge and brown bags in the drawer. You can get up 15 mins earlier and make your lunch before you leave for school or you starve. I'll leave that completely up to you. JJ - Almost nobody brings lunch. Jen snaps - Almost nobody shoplifts! I am telling you right now Mr, you are walking the straight and narrow. No more partying, no more bringing inappropriately aged women into our home. In fact to make it easy for you, no one is allowed into our home at this point. So rule of thumb, if it sounds fun to you, don't do it. JJ - You really have it in for me, don't you? Jen - And finally I need you to tell me that you understand. JJ - Very loud, very clear. As he's leaving she calls out - Enjoy detention. She mutters God, Jack, what has happened to our son?

EJ - Well Mr. Shin, if that is how you feel. Just one more thing ... Justin hands him the paper ... it came to my attention that your son is applying to attend a rather prestigious Ivy League law school. Well I have rather close ties to the school, several friends and colleagues on the advisory board. And if you like, I could make a telephone call. Of course, I would only be too happy to help. Of course, we want to put our children first at all times, don't we. You'll be hearing from the Dean shortly. I look forward to seeing you and your son the next time I'm in Hong Kong. After the call Justin says - Nicely done. EJ - It's sort of ironic, isn't it? That the fate of Stefano DiMera who would not lift a finger to help his son is sealed by a man who would do anything for his. Justin - Let's just hope that all your bribes and cajoling holds until at least the vote occurs. If your father is able to get to even one single board member and turn him ... EJ - There's no point in speculating. This vote is going to happen in the next 5 mins. The axe is going to fall Justin. We just have to hope it's on his neck, not ours.

The pilot announces that they're beginning their descent into Salem. Stefano wonders why he has the feeling that his son is not going to be happy to see him.

Sami - I just realised the last time I saw Rafe I killed someone. Dan and Kate come into the room. Gabi - He's moving but he's not opening his eyes. Is he having another dream? Dan can't answer that but he can tell her that everything is going smoothly. Rafe opens his eyes. The first person he sees is Gabi and then Kate, Abe and then Sami. The alarms sound. Gabi - What's happening? Is something wrong. Rafe keeps staring at Sami.

Segment 6: JJ comes back into his mom's office. I forgot my backpack. Do you want me yell at me for that too? Theresa turns the chair around - Would you like me to? JJ - What are you doing in my mom's office.

EJ and Justin both get calls at the same time. Smiles all around. Justin - My condolences, you are now in complete control of DiMera Enterprises. They start laughing. EJ picks up Justin and spins him around. Justin - Congratulations EJ. EJ - Thank you! He hugs him again. Justin - I have to get going. Before I go I have to tell you something. I found out that Stefano, for tax shelter purposes, put the deed of this house in the name of one of his corporations. So now, not only did you take his company, you also own his home. He leaves. EJ laughs. There are going to be some changes around here old man and you, YOU are going to the be first to go.

Kate - He's reacting to Sami. Sami - Oh stop it Kate. Sami insists someone was trying to kill him. Dan - Would you please get her out of here. Sami - No. Kate - Sami, can't you see what you're doing to him? Go. Abe ushers her out. Sami - No way! It was not because of me. Rafe would never react to me like that, never!

Segment 7: Jen comes in and sees JJ and the older woman in her office. Give me a break. JJ - I just came back for my backpack. I have no idea what she's doing here. Theresa - I can explain. She holds out her hand. I'm your new assistant.

Dan - His vitals are good. I'm going to leave him alone with you for a little bit. Just sit here, don't talk. Let him set the pace. Offer as little stimulation as possible. Just seeing you will be enough. He leaves. Sami asks Dan how Rafe is. Dan - He's fine. Abe - Can I go in? Dan - Yeah, but don't say anything; just be with him. Sami starts following Abe. Dan - Not you. Sami - What! I have to go in there and see for myself that he's okay. Dan - You Don't. That big spike in Rafe's heart rate and blood pressure seems to be caused by seeing you. Sami - Come on! That's ridiculous. I saved his life. Dan - He doesn't know that. Now he's starting a long, slow process and I'm not going to let you or anyone else that upsets him near him. Sami - Alright, I'll give him a few minutes to calm down. Dan - Sami, I'm not going to let you near him until I decide there is no medical or psychological risk. Sami - Okay.

EJ is lighting a cigar when Stefano and Cicely enter the living room. EJ - Oh look, the prodigal father returns. Stefano - Hello my son. You remember my friend Cicely. EJ - Gwendolyn's in the car, is she. Cicely - Very amusing I'm sure. EJ - If you would excuse me Cicely, I need to have a word with my father in private. Stefano tells her that Harold will show her a room where she can powder her nose. She grabs a bottle of champagne and a glass, take your time. Stefano - I must say, yes, yes, yes, it's good to be home. EJ - It is good, isn't it, but it's not home. Don't make yourself too comfortable Father, once your little friend gets back from powdering her nose I want you out of my house. Stefano laughs. That's a good joke.


Tuesday, Jul 9

Segment 1: Stefano continues laughing. EJ - This isn't a laughing matter. You're in my house. I want you out. Stefano laughs - You know, it really is good to be home. I've almost forgotten about this mean sense of humour of yours. EJ - You should check your phone. Call Benedict in London. Call Shin in Hong Kong. You see if they're laughing. Stefano - Alright, I will do it just to satisfy you, okay. He is still laughing. He checks his texts. He's not smiling anymore. What did you do? EJ - I believe it's called beating you at your own game.

When Theresa tells Jen she's her new assistant Jen replies, "I'm sorry, that's not possible." Theresa - Oh, I think it is. Jen - No, I already promised the job to someone else. The position has been filled. Theresa - Call Human Resources. Jen - I don't need to call Human Resources, I know who I hired. Kayla comes in. Oh good, you two have met. Jen - You two know each other. Kayla - This is Theresa Donovan, my lovely niece.

Maxine and Dan are at the nurse's station. Maxine doesn't think she's ever heard of a patient coming out of a coma like that. Dan - It doesn't happen often. Maxine - I hope there wasn't a mix-up with his meds. Dan - Medication was not Rafe's problem. Maxine - Then what was?

A sniveling Sami comes into the rectory. Eric, I'm so glad you're here. Eric - He asks her what's wrong. Sami - It's Rafe. Eric asks if he's worse. Sami - I don't know. It was awful ... Eric almost falls. Sami catches him. Eric, OMG.

Kristen is in the park on her cell. Sarah, you said the video was going to be ready today. I'm not happy. Bad things happen when I'm not happy. Why? Well yeah, that's true, I hired you because you're a perfectionist but all you have to do is edit out that one little part where the man hesitates, right before he devours me. Yeah, I want it to be perfect but I also want it ASAP. Do I make myself clear? Thank you. After the call she mutters Father, I guess you've been granted a reprieve. Judgement day is just going to have to wait.

Dan - I know what upset Rafe but ... Maxine - You can't say. Dan - The important thing is I was able to remedy the situation. Rafe's going to make a full recovery. Maxine - That's great. Dan - Father Eric Brady's test results come in yet? Maxine - Yup. Just came in. She hands them over. Dan - Hopefully they will provide the answers I need.

Eric sits on the edge of his desk. Sorry, I don't feel so good. Sami - What happened? You were fine when I got here. Eric - I don't know. He starts shaking. Sami holds him and tells him he's going to be okay.

Jen - Shane and Kimberly's daughter's name is Jeannie. Theresa - I hate that name. I use my middle name now. Kayla - Well if you two weren't introduced, what is Theresa doing here? Jen - I walked in and she was here with JJ. JJ - I was looking for you mom. Theresa - And I was just waiting to introduce myself but we've already met, remember? She sits on the desk. Kayla - Get off the desk. Jen - If you'll excuse me I need to have a talk with my son. Theresa - Take your time, I'll handle things here. Bye JJ, good to see you again. Jen and JJ leave the room. Kayla - Do you want to tell me what you think you're doing.

Stefano - DiMera Enterprises. It is yours. EJ - Down to the last junk bond. I've been planning this ever since you came back to Salem. Stefano - You Judas (yet he looks proud). EJ - It sucks to be on the receiving end of this whole thing, doesn't it? Did you really think I would just forgive you for what you did to me? Stefano - I was led to believe that you were not my son. EJ - Spare me. You were so consumed with your own wounded vanity that you sold your son, for what? A cheap trinket and some empty words. Stefano - I was in torment. EJ - You can rewrite your own history old man, don't rewrite mine. Stefano - I admitted my mistake. You said that you forgave me. EJ - You always taught me, keep your enemies close. Stefano - So then everything since that time, that moment, has been a lie. You do this to me, your own father! EJ - You are not my father.

Kristen watches as a young man brings flowers to a young woman and apologises for being late. She forgives him. They kiss and walk away. Kristen - No, forgiveness is for other people, it's not for me.

Sami is on her cell. We need an ambulance ... Eric - No. Sami says she'll get back to them. She kneels in front of Eric. What? Are you okay now? Are the shakes over? Eric, just tell me what the hell that was? Eric - Sami, believe me, if I knew, I'd tell you.

Segment 2: Eric - Whatever was going on before, it feels like it's gone dormant or something. But it's not gone. I feel fine for a while but it just comes back. Sami - So this has happened before. Eric - Yeah, it's the second time. It doesn't feel as bad as it did the first time. Maybe it's going away. Sami - I asked you yesterday and you said you were feeling fine. Eric - Yeah, that was yesterday. Sami picks up her phone. I'm calling Mom. Eric grabs her phone. No, you're not. Sami - Why not? Eric - Because I have a school that's being consecrated tomorrow. I have a million things to do and I don't want anybody hovering over me, please. Sami - But you can not pray this away. You need to see a doctor! Eric - I did. Dr. Jonas is running tests on me right now. Sami - Good. Did he tell you what he thinks it is? Eric - No, he's just trying to tell me what it isn't. He said that I may never know what it is. Sami - What kind of answer is that! What kind of doctor does Daniel Jonas think he is!

Stefano - This, from my own son! EJ - I spent my entire life trying to be your son. But in the end it didn't really matter because I didn't have the right DNA. Stefano - I loved you. EJ - You use that word like a bludgeon to hurt the people closest to you. Stefano - What people? EJ - Your love killed Alexandra, killed Tony, ruined Kate's life. Stefano - So now you're on her side, is that it? EJ - Let's just say that I have a new understanding of the situation after you did exactly the same thing to her that you did to me. Stefano - She betrayed me. EJ - After you led her to believe that you were chasing Marlena. What did you expect her to do? You dumped her. Did you want her to spend the rest of her life grieving over the lose of your love? Stefano - So you understand what she did with Hernandez? EJ - Let's not talk about my reaction, let's talk about yours. Stefano - I don't know what the hell you are talking about. EJ - When Kate inadvertently told you about her little dalliance with Rafe, you went mad. That tiny bit of testosterone that you have left started to run your life. You lost sight of things that matter, the companies. I owe Kate a debt of gratitude. She made life very easy for me. Stefano holds up his glass. I will make you pay for what you have done to me. EJ - Actually, I don't think that you will. The phoenix is not going to rise again.

Theresa - I don't know what you're getting so worked up about. Kayla - Jennifer Horton is one of my best friends. I asked her to do me a favour and give my niece a job as her assistant. She kindly agreed. I walk in here and you're treating her like she's stupid. Theresa - I was not doing that. I met her and JJ a couple of nights ago and she treated me like a stranger. Kayla - She has a lot on her mind. You know Kimberly asked Roman and me and the rest of the family to keep an eye on you. Theresa - My mother should give it a rest. Kayla - Look Jeannie ... Theresa - I told you I use my middle name now. It's Theresa, okay, like the saint. Kayla - Fine Theresa. People like Jennifer are going out of their way to give you a fresh start and I walk in here and see you only giving back attitude. Theresa - Are you going to be just like mom? Kayla - What is that supposed to mean? Theresa - She's all over everything I do and you know what, I'm not going to take it anymore.

By the nurses station Jen asks JJ - Do you want to tell me about all that? Why you were alone in my office with Theresa. JJ - She didn't tell me anything. I was just as blown away as you are. I didn't know she was Kayla's niece. Jen - If you didn't know that she was Kayla's niece then what was she doing in our house. You never explained that to me. JJ - Because it doesn't matter what I tell you, you're not going to believe me anyway. Kristen walks up and greets Jen. Jen introduces JJ to Kristen. Kristen comments that he's so grown up - Jen talks about him as if he's a little boy. JJ - Mom, when the school calls to tell them I missed English class tell them it's because I was getting a lecture from you. Jen - Okay, then I expect you to go straight home and call someone to get the notes that you are missing. Don't think I'm not going to check up on you. JJ - I'm used to that. He leaves. Jen - I'm sorry you had to witness that. Kristen - Don't apologise. I'm really sorry that I gave him ammunition to use against you. Jen - Don't worry, he can find it all on his own. Kristen - What's going on? Is he having a hard time adapting to life in Salem? Jen - I don't know. I don't know if it's life in Salem or life with me. Kristen - Let's talk about something happier. How are you and Daniel doing?

Dan arrives at the rectory. Sami thanks him for coming so quickly. Eric - I told Sami this was not necessary. Dan - It's okay. I wanted to talk to you anyway. Sami - You should have seen him earlier. He was shaking. He almost passed out. Do you know what it could be ... Dan - I have your test results back and we're about to find out.

Segment 3: Kayla - Look Theresa, I don't want us to get off on the wrong foot but given the trouble that you've been in I don't think you're in a position to tell me what you will and will not stand for. Theresa - So you're lining up with Mom. I'm not a teenager anymore. I don't need to live in one of those rooms that grandma rents out over the pub so you guys can keep an eye on me. Kayla - Well good, then you better hang on to this job so you can find an apartment and pay rent in a place that you like. Theresa - I will. Kayla - Good and you can start by correcting this bad impression you made with Jennifer and make things work here with everybody because you know what I think, this is probably your last chance.

Jen - Daniel and I are taking a break. It was my idea. Kristen - I'm so sorry. I can tell you don't want to talk about it. Jen doesn't. Kristen - Okay. You're such a good person and I'm so sorry. Jen doesn't know about that. Kristen - You are. If you don't have happiness with Daniel I hope you find it with someone else because you deserve it. Jen - You know what, I want you to be happy. I'm sorry about what happened to you and Brady because I know that you truly loved him. Kristen - Don't worry about me. I've moved on. Jen - Already! Kristen - I had to. I didn't have a choice.

Dan - I got the results back from all the blood work that we did. I did a tox screen. I'm not exactly sure how to interpret the results so I called one of the area's leading toxicologist's ... Sami - You think he was poisoned! Dan - It's a definite possibility. Sami - But my brother needs more than possibilities, he needs answers. You have to tell me what has happened since he got sick, every little detail. Eric - Sami! Back off! Sami - No. You won't tell me. You have to explain to me ... you should have seen him ... he was shaking, I could barely hold him up. Eric - But it's over and I feel fine now. Dan - Well maybe the affects of whatever it is are subsiding. Sami - Whatever it is? Dan - I'm going to hold off on drawing conclusions until I talk with a specialist. I've faxed over the results; they're studying them now. Sami - So once again we are just dealing in theories here. Eric - Once again? Dan - Sami's a little angry with me because I asked her to leave Rafe's room because her presence agitates him. Eric - Gee, I wonder why. Sami - That's not fair. I care about you and I care about Rafe and I'm not going to apologise for that. Eric - I'd like you to leave. Sami - What! Eric - I'm tired of sharing my information about this ... He leads her out and closes the door. Sami mutters - You may have kicked me out of your office but you're still my brother and I'm going to make sure you are okay whether you like it or not.

Stefano - Samantha pushed you into doing this, didn't she? To keep me away from my grandchildren. EJ - Samantha has no idea what I've done but she'll be very happy when she finds out after all the things you've done to her. Stefano - I have done nothing! EJ - Let's put aside the 20 yrs of brutality, misery that you've brought upon her and her family. When you found out the woman you didn't want didn't want you, you sent your little snitch Bernardi to the hospital to try and kill Rafe. Unfortunately Samantha was already in that room and she killed him before he had a chance to carry out your orders. Stefano - And it means nothing at all to you that she's willing to go through all of this to save Hernandez? EJ - If she had been indicted by that Grand Jury, she would have spent the rest of her life in prison. But that didn't matter to you, did it? Your precious grandchildren would have grown up without their mother. That didn't matter to you, did it? You were only interested in saving your hide and when things got a little bit tough, you crawled out of town. And you didn't dare come back here until myself and others had cleaned up your mess.

Segment 4: Jen returns to her office. Kayla - I was just telling Theresa how kind you were to give her this job and she's going to work really hard so that you don't regret doing that. She's really grateful to you Jen, so am I. Kayla leaves. Jen closes the door. Can I ask you why you were at my house with my son the night before last? Theresa - I'd just gotten back to Salem. I haven't been here for a while, not since I was a little kid. So much has changed and I got lost; happens to me a lot. So I saw your house and it looked familiar so I walked up to the door and knocked and JJ answered. I was just asking for directions. Jen - Okay, that's fine. I guess I should show you around the hospital. Let me just tell you something first. The reason I'm doing this is because your Aunt Kayla and Uncle Bo are very dear to me, the entire Brady family is very dear to me, so I'm happy that you're here. I want this to work out ... Theresa - But? Jen - But I'm going to buy you a map of Salem and I'm going to bring it in tomorrow. So if you get lost again, don't show up at my house uninvited. Theresa - I guess you're going to have to buy me a map of the hospital too even after the tour. This is a really big place. Just as Jen opens the door Sami barges in. Hi, I'm really glad you're here ... OMG, Jeannie, hi! Oh, Theresa, right. Sami hugs her. It's so good to see you. Kim told me you were going to come to visit. How are you?

EJ - What's the matter? Cat got your tongue? You're usually so wonderfully verbal. Stefano - What is there to say? Kristen comes in. Well hello. She hugs Stefano. You're home. She looks from one man to the other. So what's going on? EJ - Father was just about to pack a bag, collect the lovely Cicely and get out of this house. Kristen - You're leaving? But you just got home. EJ - It's no longer his house. It's mine. See, in a wonderfully shrewd business move, Father made one of his companies the owner of the deed on this house. And since he no longer owns the company, he no longer has the right to be in the house. Kristen - Is this true? Stefano - I wouldn't dream of sleeping here. When the time comes I will get in touch with you. He leaves the room. Kristen - What have you done?

Eric - It came on in a few seconds, lasted a minute or two and then it was over. Dan - You're lucky you weren't at the wheel. Eric - True. Dan - I'd like to admit you for observation to be on the safe side. Eric - I can't go to the hospital now. It's too important to the parish. I have a million things to do. Dan - You are important to the parish. Eric - I promise to take cabs. Dan - Okay. Just to be on the safe side I want to draw some blood and run those tests again. Eric - Sure. Dan - The results from the blood we've already taken should tell us what we need. The toxins in your system should be working their way through it. Based on this episode they seem to be still in there. Eric - Do you think the specialist will know what it is when they see it? Dan - I'm banking on it.

Kristen - What have you done to father? EJ - I've taken everything he holds dear from DiMera Enterprises down to this humble little house and that is going to be the first thing to go. (He's referring to Stefano's portrait). Kristen - You said you wanted us to be a real family. EJ - I lied. Kristen - So me coming back here working so hard to get you and Stefano together was just all for nothing. Really?

Segment 5: Kristen - So you never really forgave Father. EJ - Never. Kristen - And everything I thought was real was just a lie. EJ - I know such mendacity must be troubling for a truth teller like yourself. Kristen - I'm trying to understand EJ. EJ - That would be wise. Kristen - I do know that when you love somebody or when you're trying to love somebody, if they hurt you, it's next to impossible to just forgive and forget. EJ picks up a photo of Stefano and throws it in the garbage. EJ - My sentiments exactly. I knew that you'd come around to my way of thinking. Kristen - So if they hurt you, you don't have any choice but to hurt them back. EJ - Precisely.

Dan tells Eric to get some rest; take it easy for a while. Eric - Why don't you let me pay back the house call by telling me what's bothering you. Dan - Are you my spiritual advisor or something? Eric - You have your speciality and I have mine. Dan - Not much to tell. I thought Jennifer and I could make it through anything but it turns out I was wrong.

Sami - I can't believe how grown up you are. Of course all I've seen of you are Christmas pictures since you decided not to be called Jeannie anymore. How long are you in town for? Theresa - Oh, nobody told you? Sami - I guess I've been very busy. Theresa - I just thought it would be really cool to come back to my roots. Sami - Good for you. Theresa - And I'm working for Jennifer now. Sami - Really! Jen - Yes. She starts today. Sami - Lucky for you because she's the best boss ever. Theresa - She totally is.

JJ comes home and pulls out a laptop. So her name is Theresa Donovan and she used to be called Jeannie. I don't need your password mom, I've got my own. He brings up pictures of Theresa.

Sami - It's great that you're back. I can't wait to hear everything. How are you? How's the family? Theresa - I just remembered I have to go down to HR to fill out a couple of forms so I guess that hospital tour is going to have to wait. Jen - Well don't get lost. I have some things for you to take care of when you're done there. Theresa - No problem. She leaves. Sami - Well, well, well. There's something about her that reminds me of myself when I was her age; just can't quite put my finger on it.

EJ - So after you're experience with Marlena, I expect you to understand what I'm going through with father. Kristen - He's not going to take it lying down. Are you ready to go to war? EJ - Absolutely. Kristen - I've been on the receiving end of his wrath. It's not much fun. He tried to destroy me and he's going to do the same to you. EJ - I'm ready. My question is, who's side are you going to be on?

Segment 6: Theresa shows up at the Horton house. JJ opens the door. Theresa - I got your Facebook message. JJ - How did you ditch my mom? Theresa - My cousin Sami stopped by the office so I took a powder. JJ - What? Theresa - I took off, split. I thought you said you watch a lot of movies. JJ asks if she wants to come in. Theresa - Not so much. Your mom made it pretty clear that your house is off limits. She'll probably dust it for fingerprints when she gets home tonight. JJ - Welcome to my world. Theresa - She thinks I'm at Human Resources getting my ID picture taken. She's got a list of things for me to do when I get back. JJ - So you took a big risk coming here. Theresa - So do did you. I'm what's known as a bad influence. JJ - What do you want? Theresa - Come on, I think you know.

Sami - I can't believe how grown up Theresa is. I guess I shouldn't be that surprised. She's a lot older than Will. Jen - I know you came here for a reason ... Sami - Oh, yes I did. I'm sort of in a gray area. I really need to talk to you about getting information on a patient. Jen - Sami, you know I can't give you ... Sami - You didn't give me a chance to finish. This is my brother we're talking about. It's really important for me to find out what's going on with him. Daniel is treating him so I thought ... Jen - There is nothing gray about this area. A patient's right to confidentiality is written down in the law. Daniel would never discuss a patient with me and even if he did, I couldn't pass that information along. Sami - Okay, you've had the chance to cover your rear end ... this is really important. This is my brother we're talking about and there's something wrong with him and I want to find out what it is. I'm his immediate family. Maybe Daniel just happened to casually mention something to you about ... Jen - Actually he didn't. I didn't even know that he was treating Eric. So I suggest that if you want to know something about your brother you should just ask him. If you'll excuse me, I have so much work to do. Sami - Of course. She leaves.

Kristen - Eeej, that's such a difficult question. I love both you and Stefano so much. EJ - Which is code for you will support whoever comes out on top. Kristen - Sorry. EJ - It's okay. I wouldn't have expected anything else. He kisses her cheek. He gets a call from Sami and asks if she's still at the hospital. Yeah. How's everything going? Sami - Not good. EJ - What happened? Sami - Daniel Jonas kicked me out of Rafe's room so I went to see Eric and he got sick. EJ - Eric got sick, how? Sami - He was shaking and I thought he was going to pass out and then he got better. EJ - Did he see a doctor? Sami - Daniel Jonas. I'm so sick of that guy. He has no clue what is wrong with my brother. He did run some tests and call a specialist. EJ - I wouldn't worry about it. I'm sure this specialist is going to be able to work out what's wrong with Eric. Kristen listens intently.

Eric - Nicole said you and Jennifer have what it takes to go the distance and you know that wasn't an easy thing for her to say. Dan - When Jen came into my life I thought this was it; this is what I've been waiting for. But it was so complicated from the very beginning. Eric - More challenges requires more faith. Dan - Eventually you need to face facts. Eric - I'm hearing the man of science now. Dan - Yes you are. I encounter situations everyday that no amount of faith can fix. Eric - Sometimes there are no fixes. Sometimes you just have to believe in one another and hope eventually that complications will subside. Dan - I hear what you're saying but I'm driven to find facts and get solutions. Eric - I hope you do. I've known Jennifer all my life and I think you are what she's been waiting for too.

EJ - Look, I may not like Jonas either but he seems to be a good doctor. I'm sure he won't stop until he finds out what's wrong with Eric. Sami hopes so. EJ asks if she's on her way home. Sami - Why? Do you need me? EJ tells her everything is under control here. Sami will be home later. Kristen - So Sami doesn't know what you've done to father. EJ - Not yet, no. Kristen - Interesting. Well I'm going to leave you two to celebrate your victory. I just hope you have peace of mind to enjoy it. EJ - I took a bit risk, one that paid off handsomely. Kristen - Good for you. It doesn't get any better than that. She kisses his cheeks. Caio. In the foyer she makes a call to Dr. Chyka. I don't care who he's with. Tell him Kristen DiMera is calling. Dr. Chyka, I need to see you right now. I'll be in the Horton Town Square in 10 mins. Be there.

Segment 7: Jen rushes into her office to answer her phone. Hello Anne. Anne, whoa, would you calm down. Stop yelling, I can't even understand what you're saying. Theresa did go to Human Resources, she's there right now. What do you mean she didn't. I'll take care of it.

JJ comes back with a packet of drugs. Is that what you were looking for? Theresa - You're a life saver. I'll have to owe you 'til I get my first paycheck but you know I'm good for it. JJ - It's on the house. Theresa - Really? Maybe I'll be seeing you again. JJ - Maybe we can meet at your place next time. Theresa - Maybe. She leaves. JJ answers the phone. Jen - Good, at least you're where you're supposed to be. JJ - Yeah, just getting those notes done for English Lit. Jen - Good. Thank you for going straight home. I'm glad you did. JJ - Me too.

Kristen and Dr. Chyka are in the park near the square. Kristen - You said the second drug would mask the first drug and that it would be undetectable. Dr. Chyka - That's right. Kristen - Well Eric had an episode today that doesn't sound undetectable to me. His doctor is calling in a freakin' specialist. Are they going to find something in his blood? Dr. Chyka - I'm sure the situation is under control. Kristen - Really? 'Cause you're not sure of anything, are you?' Cause you're an idiot, aren't you?

Eric is sitting at his desk. He has his rosary. He starts praying. His hands start shaking then stop. Heavenly Father, thank you for helping me fight this. Thank you for helping Dr. Jonas find the answers to this.

Dan is looking at the test results at his apartment. He checks another chart. What the hell ...

Sami mutters - Jonas has no idea what he's talking about. She sees Rafe's medical chart in a file folder. I didn't upset Rafe. How could I? He just wanted to tell me something but he couldn't because Daniel was there. She looks around. But he's not there now, nobody is. She heads towards Rafe's room.

Stefano comes back into the living room. EJ - You'll let Harold know where to send your things. Stefano - The day will come when you are on your hands and knees before me, begging me to take back what you have stolen here. He leaves. EJ appears unsettled.


Wednesday, Jul 10

Segment 1: Sami lets herself into Rafe's room. Hey Rafe, can you hear me? Rafe again dreams of meeting up with Sami outside the coffeehouse. Sami - See, you're not upset that I'm here, are you?

Chad lets himself into the mansion. He hears EJ telling someone to put it in the trash, no, the warehouse. We'll have a bonfire soon. That can be on the top of the heap. Chad sees that Stefano's portrait is being taken down. EJ, have you lost your mind! Stefano is going to lose it when he sees ... EJ - He already has, quite literally. Chad - What do you mean? EJ - Stefano DiMera lost everything. DiMera Enterprises is no longer his. This is no longer his home.

Brady opens the door to the K mansion. It's Nicole and she's holding all their mail. Your mailman is a very trusting guy. Brady - Don't tell Victor. He'd actually have a civil servant fired. Nicole is here to pick up his donation. Brady points to an artifact on a table in the foyer. It's all ready. Nicole declares that it's very pretty. She talks about where they will place it but notices his expression while he's going through the mail. What's wrong?

Eric hands over an envelope containing tickets to the school opening and reception to Maggie. She thanks him. Victor and I will be there with bells on. It's quite an accomplishment getting that school done. Eric - It is but there were a lot of people who helped. Maggie - I heard you ran yourself so ragged that you got sick. In fact you still look a little peaked.

Dr. Chycka tells Kristen that the chances of the drug being detected are miniscule. Kristen - Is that why you look like you want to climb out of your own skin and run away and hide. Dr. Chyka - I'd be more confident if I could get a look at the lab results.

Dan is at home on the phone looking at the lab report. I faxed you the report. I want you to take a look. I think I found the key to Father Eric's illness.

Gabi and Kate are talking to Cameron in the Lounge. Gabi - Rafe still seems very agitated when he sleeps. Cam - That's a normal side effect of the drugs we used to induce the coma. Patient's tend to have very vivid dreams. Kate - And they're confusing ... that's what Kayla said. Cam - Once the drug works it's way out of his system, he should be fine but it could take weeks. Rafe will be fuzzy for a while.

Sami sits down next to Rafe's bed. I know you're supposed to be resting and take it slow but we really need you to wake up. There is so much that you've been missing out on. We need to catch you up. And you have to explain to me how you ended up running around with Kate. Come on Rafe, you could not have been that desperate, right? Rafe has flashes of his dream where he wakes up in bed with Kate. Sami - I could understand one time with enough alcohol or maybe she ruffied you, which is a legitimate possibility. But after that you were trying to get away from her, right? Maybe that's what happened. You saw her and you thought, God, what do I have to do to get rid of this hag. Hey, enough about that. Focus on happy memories because she certainly doesn't deserve you and sleeping with her almost got you killed.

Dan - No, take a look at the second panel. Yeah, I know it's barely out of range but given the results for the CBC. Yeah thanks Gavin. And could you put a rush on it because if he's been poisoned we need to be on this yesterday. Thanks.

Kirsten is on her cell. Thank you so much. I will call Dr. Jonas tomorrow. After the call she mutters. Or get in his face today. Dr. Chycka - You're going to go to a doctor's private residence? Kristen - Oh shut up. Just wait for my call.

Segment 2: Sami - And Johnny, Sydney and Allie are in this competition where they are each drawing you a picture every single day. Don't worry, I've kept them all in chronological order. Johnny keeps asking about the FBI jacket but I didn't want to give it to him. I want you to give it to him when you wake up. Rafe, can you hear me? Rafe opens his eyes and sees Sami sitting there.

EJ tells the men to just place the portrait there and go upstairs and start on the master suite. He turns to Chad - So this morning could best be described as a bloodless coup at DiMera Enterprises. Father was ousted. I'm the new CEO, majority shareholder. I also took control of all the family subsidiary businesses. Chad - Whoa! Does Stefano even know about this. EJ laughs. I had the great pleasure of telling him to his face; handing the little bastard his head, so to speak. Chad - And you didn't even sell tickets. You could have told a brother that our beloved Father was back in Salem. I'm 15 mins away. EJ - I didn't know he was coming back until he walked through the door. And even if I had ... Chad - You wouldn't have tipped him off. How did you do it? EJ - Would you like a blueprint? Chad - That's not necessary. But you got him, that's all that matters. You got that sick S.O.B. where he lives literally. He must have been furious. EJ - Oh he was livid, absolutely livid but there was nothing he could do because I had already won.

Eric - Actually I'm fine. Your son is taking very good care of me. Dr. Jonas is a very good doctor. Maggie - Yes he is. Eric - You're not a bit too proud of him, are you? Maggie - I'm his mother and I'm sure Marlena is just as proud of you and all that you've accomplished. I better run. One more thing, is there anything I can do for this big event? Eric - Actually there is. It's about Nicole.

Brady hands over the letter to Nicole. She reads it and realises it's about whether or not Brady and Kristen wish to proceed with their adoption. Hell no Brady. I'm so sorry. She's going to tear it up but he tells her not to. Nicole - I can call for you ... Brady - I can call them. I can handle it. Nicole - That's what your pushy friends are for. Let me call them up. He takes her phone. Why won't you let me call them? No, oh no, you're not ... Brady - Don't!
Nicole - Exactly! Don't is the word of the day. Don't even think about getting back together with Kristen. You can't be.

Dan is looking at the results and making notes. His pen runs out of ink. He opens a drawer to get a different one and finds ... an old note from Jennifer? There's a knock on the door. It's Kristen. I'm so sorry to bother you at home. This can't wait.

Segment 3: Eric - You know Nicole works here and she's actually the one who kind of saved the school so she's going to be at the event along with you and Victor ... Maggie - Oh, let me guess. Eric - Well, she and Victor, they were here not too long ago and things were a bit tense ... Maggie - So you want me to put my husband on a leash? Eric - Oh no, I would never ask you to do that. Maggie - Okay, I'll make sure he behaves. Eric - And I will make sure Nicole is on her best behaviour. Maggie - She'll always be you're first love, won't she? Eric - That was a long time ago. Maggie - I know things have changed but it's nice that you still look out for her. Eric - We look out for each other. I mean, she's the one who saved the school. She saved my life.

Brady - No, no! I have no plans to get back together with Kristen. Nicole - Oh yeah. That's exactly how a politician would say it. I'm not planning on running but ... Brady - Why are you busting my chops? Nicole - Why won't you let me call the adoption agency to tell them that you and Kristen are no longer interested in adopting a child? Brady - I don't know. I know it doesn't make any sense ... I realise that. Nicole - No, it doesn't make any sense. She was such a fool. Look at everything you were willing to do to make her happy and she turned on you. The worthless user couldn't care less about what a great man you are! Brady - A great man? I wouldn't go that far. Nicole - Do you think she treated you like the great guy that you are? Brady - Here's what I know. I remember seeing her face when I showed her those adoption papers. She cared! Jen saw it too. Nicole - Well Jen sees the good in everyone except for maybe me. Brady - It's true. Kristen came to love me. Maybe in spite of herself but I know she did. Nicole - Stop it! Stop buying into her lies.

Dan - What's the problem? Kristen - She stares over at his desk where the chart and his notes are. Why are you Jennifer taking a break? We all know what that means. Dan - It may not look like it but I have work to do and I really don't have time for ... Kristen - What? For love? Do you really think it's going to be there waiting for you when you decide to check back in? Jen is heartbroken. Dan - Well she's the one ... Kristen - I know. She's the one who wanted the break but I think she regrets it already and you never really wanted it, right? Dan - No. Kristen - Please let me help you. Does this have to do with Jack Jr because everything was fine ... Dan - Kristen, it's really, really none of your business. He opens the door - Please, I have work to do.

Chad - So where did Daddy go? EJ - I have no idea. Chad - Well, you said you'd get him; that he'd lose a step and trip up. This was in motion for a while, wasn't it? EJ - Months. Chad - So this isn't just payback for Sami taking the blame for Bernardi's shooting, is it? EJ - No, it's not but if I ever doubted for a second that I was doing the right thing, that sealed it. You realise she was about to go to prison for the rest of her life because of that coward's wounded vanity. Chad - She must be so happy. EJ - She will be. She doesn't know yet.

Sami - Wow, you're awake. Rafe looks around. Sami - I'm the only one here right now but Gabi's coming. She'll be here in a little bit and hopefully she'll bring Arianna with her. Rafe looks puzzled. Sami - No, Arianna's fine, nothing to worry about. She is fine. She's healthy and strong and she got to go home from the hospital just like you will too soon. I don't exactly know when but it will be soon. You'll be going home soon ... it's so nice to see your eyes. When I think about how close you came to ... thank God I had that gun. Rafe recalls the rest of the dream where Sami shoots him in the back. The alarms start going off. Rafe - No ... No ... Sami - Rafe? Help somebody. Cam rushes in with Gabi and Kate following. Cam tells Sami she needs to leave. Sami - What! No. He was trying to tell me something. Gabi and Kate tell Sami that she needs to leave. Rafe watches as Sami is ushered out.

Segment 4: Chad - You pulled off the corporate takeover of the decade and your fiancée doesn't even know. EJ - Well she has been a little bit busy Chad. Chad - Not the whole time. This has been going on for months, right. EJ - It's not like I could talk about this. If Father had an inkling of what was going on along the way he would have crushed it. Chad - And you'd be the guy with no platinum card. EJ - Right. So it had to be this way. Chad - She'll understand. I can't get this out of my mind. You took our father out. EJ - He was distracted. That was critical. It wasn't very easy at first but when Kate told him about the affair with Rafe, that drove him mad. Chad - I told you I saw him the night he tried to have Rafe killed.

Near the nurses station Sami stops. I am so sick of this. Kate - Really? You're going with offence here? Sami - I didn't upset Rafe. I didn't. Gabi - So all those beeps and monitors going off was what? Sami - He was trying to tell me something but he couldn't because you jumped all over him before he could get it off his chest. Kate - His chest was about to explode. What were you saying to him? Sami - I was talking to him about my children. How happy they're going to be when he wakes up. That he was going to get to see Arianna soon. Gabi - Wait. You said Arianna. Sami - Yeah. Gabi - You didn't say the baby or Gabi's baby or ... Sami - She has a name, why wouldn't I use it? Gabi - Oh my gosh! Because Rafe knew I was going to name the baby Arianna but he was unconscious when she was born. So the only Arianna he's thinking about is our sister. Sami - And she's dead. Kate - Yes, exactly. He was confused. Gabi - The doctor said that it's hard for him to keep track of reality when he's coming out of a coma and you told him that he'd be SEEING Arianna. Kate - So he thought that he was dying and that's why he was going to see her. Sami - I understand what you're saying and I'm sorry if that's what happened, I truly apologise. But I don't think ... Kate - You certainly don't. Gabi - Why were you even in that room Sami? Kate - Because Sami does what Sami wants to do. Gabi - This is just like when I was pregnant. You snuck into my room and you were driving me crazy. Sami - I went into your room to apologise but I didn't send you to the hospital. You were dehydrated. Kate - Oh come on, really! You always have an excuse for everything, don't you? Sami - Do you want to start with me right now Kate? Gabi - Let's start with you Sami. Let's make this all about you. Kate - Sami Brady always does what she wants. It doesn't matter who she hurts.

The men come back into the living room to pick up the portrait. EJ asks them to wait a minute. He hands a glass of champagne to Chad. I think this moment deserves a commemoration, don't you? Chad - Definitely. EJ - To our Father, a heartless, hollow bastard who I spent far too much time trying to please, goodbye and good riddance. May you never darken my door or hurt those I love ever again. Chad - Amen. What he said. The guys carry out the portrait. EJ - You won't be missed old man.

Cam comes out of Rafe's room and tells that Rafe is doing better; he's much calmer. Gabi asks if she can see him. Cam - Yes. Sami - Gabi ... Gabi ignores her. This is ridiculous! I saved his life and ... Kate - And now you're trying to kill him.

Brady - I'm not buying into anything. I'm just saying ... Nicole - Then why wouldn't you let me rip up the adoption papers. Brady - I don't know. Maybe it's the idea of having kids; it has nothing to do with her. Maybe I saw the chance to have ... he stops. I'm sorry. Nicole - It's okay. I know what you mean. Brady - Yeah, you do, don't you? Nicole - The idea of having your own child; that's a hard thing to let go of. Brady - Have you ever thought about adoption? Have you considered that? Nicole - I don't know. Maybe I'm just not meant to be a parent. Brady hugs her - No, no, no. For the record I have to say I think you'd be a great parent. Nicole - So would you.

Kristen sits down - Please give me a minute. Jennifer is my only friend in the whole world and I don't want to see her throw away a chance at happiness. Dan - That's really up to her. Kristen - You know what this reminds me of. Remember when Chloe pretended to sleep with you to Jen and the two of you almost broke up until I butted in. Dan - No, this is different. It's not a misunderstanding. Kristen - It has to be a misunderstanding. You and Jennifer are perfect together. Please just let me help you. Dan - Who do you really want to help Kristen because it's not me or Jennifer. Kristen - Why are you saying this? Dan - I suspected as much when I saw you with Father Eric at the hospital when I was doing the tests, now I know. I know exactly what you're up to.

Segment 5: EJ is holding something in his hand. I think I should send this to the same place as the painting. Chad - Why does he have an abacus anyway. There's old school but that's ridiculous. Look at it. It's crusty. EJ tosses it aside. I'm planning on doing some redecorating around here followed by a late summer bonfire. So if there's anything you'd like me to throw on it, just let me know. Chad - You're asking me? EJ - I am. Look, there's going to be some changes around here Chad. Chad - Ahh, meet the new boss. EJ - No, actually things will be different. Samantha's always said this place reminds her of a mausoleum. Not anymore. I want this to be a real home. I want everyone here. I want us to be a family. Chad - You want me to live here? EJ - I do. It's a big place; lots of privacy. Kristen can have one wing, you can have the other wing. The kids will be here. They adore you. It will be fun. Chad - I'll have to think about it okay. When Chad stands up he's a bit unsteady. EJ - Whoa, steady there sailor. Chad - It must be the champagne. I'm good. EJ hugs him - Thank you for coming over. Chad - Congratulations EJ. EJ - Thank you. You're welcome here anytime, you know that, right? Chad does. He leaves. The two men return with a covered portrait. EJ - Oh is that it? Fantastic. Put it there. Let's have a look then. Perfect!

Kate - Just go Sami. Sami - Kate, I'm not taking orders from you. Kate - Well the doctor's told you, Daniel told you, that you would upset Rafe. Sami - He completely misunderstood that situation and we both know it. Cam comes back. Kate - Is he quiet? Cam - For now and I agree with Dr. Jonas. You may think we don't understand but what we know is this ... when you go near Rafe, he gets agitated. That put's him in danger so you can not go in there. Sami smirks - Okay, fine. Cam - Sami, if you go in there the hospital security will call the police. Sami - OMG, come on! Cam - Given the last few weeks I doubt that's anything you want. Now excuse me. Kate - Sami, go home to EJ and your children because that's where you belong now. We'll take care of Rafe. Sami sneers - Because this is where you belong? Kate ignores her and goes to Rafe's room.

Nicole - You really should come early to the dedication. We're having a super donor's party beforehand. She sees that he has the adoption papers again. Brady, come on. You look like you're trying to hold on to something that you know is going to hurt you. That is my thing! I'm the masochist in this duo. That's my job okay. Brady smiles - Okay. Nicole - Don't torture yourself. You deserve to be happy. She kisses his cheek. See you later.

Kristen - That is the most bizarre thing. Why would you say ... Dan - Visiting Eric, coming here today ... you're trying to score points with Brady. You want his family to tell him how great you are and how you helped them, right? Kristen - It's not an act. I care about Brady's friends and family. Dan - Okay. While your concern for Eric and me and Jennifer is very much appreciated, there is no way in hell I'm going to get between you and Brady no matter what. Kristen - I know. I understand. Dan - But yet you want to get back with him, right? Kristen - Do you remember that time when you came over. Brady was so proud because I had helped the situation with Jennifer. You were so grateful. And then we went to Chicago. Wasn't that fun? Dan smiles. Kristen - I think that's the closest connection I ever felt to friends and then love. Brady and I were in love. I was just too stupid to know it but it was there. Sometimes I wish I could just rewind the whole thing, go back and start all over again but ... I lost Brady for good. I know there's no going back.

Segment 6: Gabi and Kate are near the nurse's station. Gabi - I can't believe I can't find a babysitter. Sonny is working and Will ... Kate - Honey, just go. I'm going to be here, don't worry. Gabi - Thank you. Please call me for anything at all. Kate - I will, I promise. Gabi sees Chad get off the elevator and says hi. Kate - Kiss the baby for me. Gabi will. She leaves. Kate - So how are you? Chad - Freaked out but maybe in a good way. Kate - Why? Chad - I guess you'll hear soon anyway. It's Stefano. Kate - Is he dead? Chad - No. EJ did some ninja corporate thing and took over DiMera Enterprises. EJ kicked the old man out of his own company. Kate - Wow!

Sami returns to the mansion slamming and stomping. Chirpy EJ greets her. Sami snaps - Why does everyone always blame me for everything! It's not my fault that those monitors and alarms were going off. EJ - You didn't happen to raise your voice by any chance, did you? Sami - No, I was using my indoor voice. I was using my hospital voice even and yet they have barred me from seeing Rafe. Stupid Gabi and Kate and the doctors, they're ganging up on me. EJ - Spiteful women and incompetent men, don't give them another thought. Sami - I was just trying to help. EJ - I know you were but you don't need to be worried about them. You can worry about me. EJ has a little something that might cheer her up. He leads her to the living room. Do you notice anything different? Sami - No, it's still the same mausoleum. The chess board, ancient furniture ... what ... still the Roman head ... EJ, I don't ... she turns around. OMG. Instead of that cheesy portrait of Stefano there's an even cheesier one of her and EJ hanging on the wall now.

Maggie returns home and sees Brady in the foyer. Oh my goodness. You should see all the hubbub over at St Luke's. That new school is beautiful and you haven't heard a word I've said Brady. Brady - I'm sorry, what's going on? Maggie - What's going on? Bad news? Brady - No, sort of a wakeup call. Maggie takes his hand and leads him into the living room. Tell me about it. Brady - You know how in AA, they warn you about transferring drug and alcohol addiction to something else. Maggie knows. Brady - What about love? What about falling in love, breaking up. Do you think you could be addicted to that? Maggie - There's a lot of adrenaline in both of those so yes, absolutely. I don't necessarily call that love. I call that like a chemical rush 'cause I don't think real love jerks you around like that. Brady - I hope not. Let me tell you something. The feeling that I have right now is like withdrawal. It feels just like it; like I can't let go.

Nicole returns to the rectory as Eric picks up the phone and hangs it up. So who are we not calling? Eric - Dr. Jonas. I'm sure if he had any news about my back-up tests he would have called me by now. Nicole - Back-up tests? I thought you weren't doing those. Eric - I changed my mind. I had a slight relapse. Nicole - Are you okay? Eric - I'm fine. It was just enough to convince me that I kind of have to get to the bottom of this. Nicole is pleased. They banter a bit. Nicole - Make jokes, fine. As long as we get some answers as to what made you sick.

Dan is truly sorry. We've all been where you are ... Kristen - And it sucks to be me, I know. I can't help myself so won't you please let me help my friend be happy please. Dan - You want to help Jen. Alright, you should go see her. Parker calls out for Daddy. Kristen - It sounds like he needs you. Dan thinks he's talking in his sleep. Kristen - If he isn't, I would love to meet him. I never have. Parker calls out again. Dan goes to get him. Kristen uses her phone to take pictures of the test results.

Segment 7: Chad walks up to Cam at the nurse's station and asks if he has a minute. Cam - Are you here to get your head examined. That was a pretty nasty spill you took on the 4th. We should run a couple of x-rays ... Chad - My head is fine. There's some things going on that you don't know about. Cam - So this is a personal visit. I can't. I'm the on call for the whole floor. Maybe later. Chad - Sure.

Kate sits at the end of Rafe's bed. It's okay. You don't have to talk. Rafe - Why? Kate - Why? Why what? Rafe - Why did Sami try and kill me? Kate - It's okay, you're safe. Just rest.

EJ - So what do you think? Sami - I think your father's going to freak out when he sees that. EJ - No, he's not. My father is never setting foot in this house ever again. Sami - What! EJ - He's out. My father came back into Salem this morning to learn that he'd been the victim of a hostile takeover. He lost the company. Sami - Wow! Who would do that? Victor? You? EJ - I systemically co-opted all the major players. There was a vote on four continents over 24 hrs and he's out. I'm in control. Sami - Of? EJ - Everything. The entire company, the house, everything. Sami - But that's ... impossible! EJ - No it's not. Sami - Something like that would take years of planning. EJ - For a lesser man, maybe. It took me 5 months. Sami is going to kiss him but pulls back and snaps. 5 months! You have been planning this 5 months. You never told me.

Maggie asks Brady if he's been to a meeting. Brady - Like Lovers Anonymous? Maggie - The cycle's all the same no matter what the substance is. You have discovered something really smart today. Don't let it slip away. Brady - I won't. I'm going to end this downward spiral. Maggie - Good. One day at a time. Brady hugs her. Maggie - It will get better. Anytime, anywhere just call your sponsor. Just yell down that hallway and I'll be there. Brady - I know you will be. She goes upstairs. He rips up the letter from the adoption agency.

Eric tells her the printers called and the programs are ready. Nicole will go pick them up. Would you please call me as soon as you hear from Daniel. He will. She leaves. Eric kneels down to pray. Please Lord, just let me find some answers. Help me find out why I'm sick so I can serve You better. He has a memory flash to being at the front desk and asking the disguised Kristen is he can help her.

Kristen finishes taking the pictures and puts the phone back in her purse. She goes back to the desk and starts straightening out the papers. Dan - What in the hell are you doing?


Thursday, Jul 11

Segment 1: Kristen tells Dan she was doing nothing. Dan retorts - Breaking the law.

Eric is puzzled and wonders why he's thinking of that incident in the hotel lobby. Jen knocks and comes in. She sees his expression and asks if he's okay.

Adrienne confronts Justin in the living room. When were you going to tell me you're totally in bed with the DiMera's. Justin - I have a meeting to go to so I really don't have the time to get caught up in your little drama. Adrienne - My drama? Oh no Justin, this time it's all on you and now you've inflicted it on our entire family.

When Sami says he's been planning this the entire time they've been together and he never told her, EJ tells her it doesn't matter. It's done. Sami - How did your father react to being kicked out of the company, his house, his son's ... EJ laughs. He was furious obviously, as you can imagine. He stood in that doorway and told me that I'm going to come crawling back begging him to take back what I stole from him. EJ is having a gay old time. Can you imagine! You can't seriously be upset about this. Sami - Really? 'Cause actually I think I can. I think I have every right to be upset about the fact that you hid from me that you were destroying our lives.

Kristen - I know what I did was wrong but it wasn't illegal. It was there; I couldn't help myself. Please tell me you forgive me. Dan - No way.

Eric - No, I was just thinking. Jen - Am I interrupting? Eric - No, not at all. Jen - I just wanted you to look over this press release before I sent it out. Eric checks its over. This looks great. Father Matt and I really appreciate you doing this pro bono. Jen - It's no problem. I feel so honoured to be part of such a worthy cause. I kind of wish JJ had had a chance to go to St Luke's school. I hope you're not working too hard. Eric - No, why? Jen - 'Cause you look really pale. Cue fb of him collapsing when Sami was there. Eric - No, I'm fine ... I hope.

Justin - I've inflicted nothing on this family. I'm doing my job. Adrienne - Your job? Right! Helping EJ oust his father as head of all global DiMera Enterprises and to hell with what happens next. Justin - With what happens next? Why is that your problem or mine for that matter? Adrienne - Why is that our problem? How clueless are you? Do you think that Stefano DiMera is just going to pick up his marbles and go home? You think he's suddenly going to morph into a gentle, passive person? Guess what Justin. I don't have your faith in the man's essential humanity finally surfacing now that you and his son have royally screwed him. He's going to be out for blood! Yours, mine and Sonny's too.

EJ - Destroyed our lives? I've done the exact opposite. I've improved our lives beyond your wildest dreams. Sami - Wow. So you have officially lost your mind. EJ - Me! I just pulled off the coup of the century. A little kudos would be nice for improving our lives exponentially as opposed to being berated by you. I mean, do you grasp exactly what it is that I have done here. The mighty Stefano DiMera has been felled. You're future husband has just achieved the impossible and in doing so has insured that you and Allie and William and Johnny and Sydney and Arianna are going to have a life free from worrying. Sami - Are you kidding me? I'm more worried now that I ever have been in my entire life and that's actually saying a lot. You're really standing there crowing about how you pulled off the coup of the century! From where I stand you're a fool.

Kristen - Why are you being like this? Dan - Why do you think? You're in my home, invading my privacy, snooping in confidential medical files. Kristen - What! She picks up the note from Jennifer. I was looking at this. Where's Parker? Dan - He's in bed. So you weren't reading my patient's private medical files just my private correspondence. Kristen - I'm sorry, I know that's between you and Jennifer. Dan - Damn right. It's none of my business but I just have a really hard time seeing the two of you going through such a rough patch. I overstepped. I have a terrible tendency to do that. My heart's in the right place. You believe me, don't you?

Segment 2: Kristen - I know heartbreak like nobody else and I really don't want to see it spread to my friends like some horrible, contagious disease. Please just let it stop with me. Dan - And Brady of course. No offence, but you're really not in the best position to be offering advice on the subject of heartbreak. Kristen - That's probably true. Dan - Now, if you please, I have a lot of work to do ... Kristen goes to the door and says I really want what's best for you. There's a knock on the door. It's Maggie. Kristen leaves. Maggie - What was she doing here? Dan - Just trying to smooth things out between me and Jen. Maggie - Don't tell me Kristen DiMera and I actually agree on something. Dan - I asked her to stay out of it and to be honest, I wish you would have too. In the hallway Kristen sends the pics of Eric's test results to Dr. Chyka. Okay, Dr. Chyka, we're almost home free.

Jen - What do you mean you hope you're doing fine. Eric - I'm feeling good right now. Dr. Jonas is still running tests. Jen - Why? Eric - He's not sure what made me sick and he said he's not going to rest until he figures it out. Jen - You're lucky to have a doctor who cares so much. Eric agrees. He asks if she's okay. Jen - Yes, why? Eric - I saw Daniel earlier. If there's ever anything I can do for you. Jen - Well prayers would be appreciated especially for JJ right now. I'm sure you already heard that he got kicked out of boarding school. Since he's come home we've been dealing with so many ... issues would be the kind way of putting it. He's just crying out for attention and I feel like I need to just love him so much and give him so much discipline right now. Eric - I hope you're not beating yourself up. You're a great mother. What every child needs is someone to believe in him or her. Give him a chance. Jen - Yeah. Eric - Speaking of, I hear my cousin's got a job as your new PR asst at the hospital. Jen - Theresa, yeah, right. Eric - Have you met her yet? Jen - Oh yes I sure have.

Theresa is at the pub. She gives Caroline a hug and tells her she's so beautiful. Caroline - Jeannie, ever the charmer. Theresa - Theresa, I go by Theresa now. Caroline - Yes, I'm sorry. Theresa - It's okay. I have to keep reminding mom too and she doesn't have any excuse. Caroline - I see. So what is your excuse for taking so long to come by here? Theresa fb's to getting drugs from JJ. Just kind of busy with stuff I had to take care of.

Justin - Give me a break Adrienne for God's sake. Do you think I would do any of this if I thought it would endanger my family? Adrienne - Yes you would only because you let EJ pull the wool over your eyes. Justin - Oh. And that's not insulting. Adrienne - Wasn't it humiliating enough that you got Sami off without so much as a slap on the wrist for killing a cop! Justin - What are you talking about! You know exactly ... Adrienne - Now you're involved with this mob-related business of theirs. Justin - Stop right there. I'm not going to let you stand there and accuse me of doing anything. Do you understand me? Because I have not! All the corporations involved in EJ's takeover are legal entities dealing in legitimate enterprises. Adrienne - What's happened to you? Justin turns to leave. Adrienne - Justin, stop. It's like the man I married has suddenly morphed into some amoral bastard who doesn't give a damn about anything but getting ahead or wherever you think this sickening alliance is going to get you. Where's your self-respect? Where's your integrity? Justin - I'm so out of here. Adrienne - Justin, be real! There has never been anything legitimate about the DiMera's and if you've convinced yourself otherwise where does that leave us? Where do we go from here?

EJ - You will never insult like me that again, do you understand? You will never blatantly disrespect me like that again. Do you understand! Sami - We call each other names all the time, EJ. Shut up. EJ - Why do have to insist on being so petulant and disrespectful every time I dare to make a decision without asking for your bloody approval. Sami - That's exactly why you didn't tell me about it. Because you knew I'd never give my approval, not in a million years. EJ - The reason I didn't tell you about it is because I knew you wouldn't be able to keep your bloody mouth shut.

Segment 3: Dan - I thought we agreed our conversation about JJ was between us. Maggie - I made it worse, I'm sorry. Dan - I know that's the last thing you wanted to do. I think we just all need to leave this alone right now. Maggie - What does that mean? Dan - It means that Jennifer and I are going to take a break. Maggie - Why? Dan - I really don't want to talk about it.

Caroline tells Theresa she has a vacant apt upstairs. Theresa - Grandma, I already told you ... Caroline - I know you want to be on your own but it's rent free and you can't beat Tom's cooking. Theresa - I didn't come to sponge off family. Caroline - According to your mother you didn't want to come to Salem at all. Theresa - My parents just wanted to get rid of me for a while. Caroline - They just wanted you to get a fresh start. They love you very much. Kayla told me you're going to be working with Jennifer Horton at the hospital. Have you met her? Theresa - Actually I have. We didn't really hit it off.

Jen - I met Theresa the other night. Today is her first day in the office. Eric - I'm glad she works for someone so understanding, you know, who doesn't hold stuff over her. Jen - I don't know what stuff that could be. Eric - Well let's just say you can exchange a lot of parenting stories with my Aunt Kim and Uncle Shane. Jen - I probably could. And on that note I need to get back to work. Eric - I know it must be very hard for you to see Daniel at the hospital. Jen - Yeah, it is. Eric - But not because you don't want to, right? I'm not really in a position to give relationship advice but I do see a lot of couples who come in here for counselling. It's very difficult to work through your relationship when you're not talking so maybe this is something that you and Daniel need to deal with together.

Dan - I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hurt your feelings. I know you love Jen and you love me but what would help the most is for you to not help. Maggie understands. But I've known Jennifer longer than you have and I'm telling you she does not want to be alone right now.

Eric - Putting your son first does not mean you have to exclude everyone else in your life. Jen - I know that but ... Eric - Do you love Daniel? Tell him. From my experience, that's never the wrong thing to do.

Maggie - If you don't want to take a break then be honest with Jennifer. You love her. Tell her so. Dan stares at his phone.

Jen stares at her phone.

Justin - Take a look around Adrienne, what do you see? What do you see! 40 rooms. A cook, a butler, a pool, hot tub. Do you have a problem living here knowing where Uncle Victor made his money? Adrienne - No, because you helped Victor turn his business around into something we could all be proud of. Justin - And you think EJ is incapable of doing that? I really don't care what people are saying about this deal because it's ALL on the up and up! So you can just keep second guessing me and taking this morally superior tone which is, as I pointed out, hypocritical at the very least, but that's your problem, not mine. Adrienne - It's not all about you, Justin. Justin - Oh I know! I HATE thinking about other people. Adrienne - Our son is living with Will Horton. His mother is about to marry EJ DiMera. Doesn't that concern you in the least? Justin - No, it doesn't! Sonny is a grown man and I trust him to make the right decisions. But lately I'm not sure I can say the same thing about you. He leaves slamming the door behind him.

Sami - Are you kidding me? I can't keep a secret? That is ridiculous! I'm the best liar, the best secret keeper on the planet. The other night, when I was trying to cuddle with fiancé and you had to take that important call ... it was about this, wasn't it? You were planning Stefano's downfall instead of being in bed with me. Oh so romantic! EJ - I was planning our future. Sami - And all those working emails and mysterious work texts you were getting ... EJ - Any of those emails or texts would have only served to worry you had you known what was going on. I was trying, much to your horror now evidently, to protect you so that you would not have to worry. So that you would not have to fret. I was also trying to protect myself, stupid fool that I am, from being driven crazy by you. Sami - That is so unfair. EJ - Let me tell you what is unfair. What is unfair is that you have the entire world at your feet but instead of celebrating this incredible windfall you are going to bitch and moan because you weren't involved in the planning stages. Sami - OMG! You are missing the point. You left me out of the planning stage of this because you knew I would never agree to it. I would never in a million years agreed to you making a mortal enemy out of Stefano DiMera because now he will dedicate himself to getting revenge against you, me and our children!

Segment 4: EJ - If you had just listened to me for one second instead of running your mouth off like some petulant adolescent ... Sami - I've been listening and that is the problem. EJ yells - I have all the power. I HAVE IT! My father has none, nothing, zip, alright! It's all mine. What would you like me to do to communicate this to you so you can grasp it. Should I have it written in the sky? Would you like me to put it on the DiMera Blog? Sami - So Stefano has nothing? EJ - Oh by George, I think she's got it. Sami - He's penniless. EJ - No, he's not penniless but anything of any import, the company, the jet, the house, that is all mine. Sami - So what about his pride. Did you take that from him too? Did you take back his need for revenge? Have you forgotten what he's holding over us or do you just not care? Stefano DiMera is not the kind of man who is just going to crawl away and disappear. No, I'm pretty sure he's going to be licking his wounds and planning his revenge, his vengeance against you and anyone who stands in his way will be history including my son. He has evidence that could put Will in prison but you're too busy dealing with your daddy issues to realise that I might lose my son forever.

Jen stares at Dan's pic and number on her phone.

Dan stares at Jen's pic and number on his phone.

Jen sighs. If he thought I was sending him mixed messages before ...

Maggie comes back into the living room. What is it? Dan - You know what, Jen's the one who wanted the break. So unless I hear otherwise I have to respect it. He puts his phone down.

Jen puts her phone in her purse. (Split screen)

Caroline - Why wouldn't you and Jennifer Horton hit it off? Theresa - Well she definitely won't like me if I'm late on my first day so I better get going. Caroline - Okay. Stop by for lunch anytime. Theresa - Thanks, I will. Hey Grandma, when I saw you in the hospital in California, I was really scared. I'm so glad you're doing better. Caroline - You still have to be patient with me. Theresa - Like you haven't been patient with me. God, if I didn't have you to talk to ... Caroline - You can always talk to me Jeannie ... uh, Theresa. They hug. I love you. Theresa - I love you too. Caroline - Knock 'em dead ... not literally.

Kristen and the doctor are in the park. Kristen - I'm not comfortable meeting in public but with everything going in my house I didn't have much choice. Dr. Chyka - I haven't been able to get in touch with your father. Kristen - Don't even bother. Did you get the photos I emailed you. Dr. Chyka - Right here. You know your average doctor would never think to order these tests ... Kristen - Daniel's not your average doctor. So, what does it show? Anything? Dr. Chyka - No. The masking agents have done their job. The drugs you administered remain undetectable. Kristen - Great. All I have to do is one more thing. It's all going to come out when and where I want it to, to the people I want to show it to.

Segment 5: EJ - How dare you insinuate that I don't care about William. If I thought for one second that my father was going to use that evidence do you really think that I would have done what I did. Sami - I don't know what to think anymore. EJ pours himself yet another drink. I would never do anything to put William or any other member of our family in jeopardy. Why do you think I planned what I did down to the last detail. Sami - I would love to hear the details. EJ - Get comfortable. My father is not going to expose William because if he did that he would expose his relationship to Bernardi and we know by virtue of the fact that he went crawling out of town that he doesn't want to do that. Besides which my father likes William. If he's going to hold a debt over anyone's head it's going to be mine. Sami - Right, because Stefano always plays fair! He knows better than anyone that the best way to hurt you would be to hurt the people you love. EJ bangs his fists on the desk several times and yells. We don't have to worry about Stefano ANYMORE! Sami - You saying that ... you SHOUTING that at me ... does not make it true. You are standing there callously, irrationally, so cavalier about the safety of our children. If you think Stefano isn't going to come at you with guns blazing then you are a fool! EJ - Okay. I have a question for you. If I'm such a fool, if I'm so careless, so irresponsible, so deluded ... if I don't love you or our children enough to protect them, put their lives first, then what the hell are you doing marrying me?

Kristen sits as the woman who edited the tape watches it out in the open in the park. Kristen asks if she can have her Tablet back. I want your absolute assurance that nobody is going to be able to tell that video was edited and any traces of Eric's sad little protests are going to be excised completely. I worked very hard on this and I need it to succeed.

Dan plays with Parker and then tells him to be good for Grandma. Maggie loves spending time with Parker. Dan thanks her. I'm going to see if I can get some answers for Eric. Maggie - If he's recovered does it really matter? I just hate to see you pushing yourself so hard. Dan - I'd hate for anything to happen to the guy because I missed something that is right in front of my face.

Theresa runs into the office and sees Jen. Hi. Jen - Hi. Heard you never made it to HR to fill out your W2 form. Anne Millbauer scooped me on that. Tip #1 - You don't want to get on her bad side. And you do want to get paid for all your hard work ... just make sure that you don't clock in until you actually start work. Theresa - I meant to get here sooner but I went to see my Grandma Caroline. Jen - That's fine. We're just going to make sure that you start off on the right foot here. Theresa - Or maybe we just want to lay down the law. I get the feeling that you're still upset that I was with your son the other night. Jen - I think you're right. And while we're on the subject, the explanation that you gave me for being in my home the other night didn't make any sense. So why don't we try this again with the truth.

Sami - I know you love your kids. I know what a devoted father you are. You would do anything for them and you would do anything for me. EJ - Just answer my question. Why did you agree to marry me? Sami - Because I love you. EJ - Why do you love me? Sami - You showed me a side of yourself that nobody else gets to see. EJ - What about the side people do get to see. Don't you love that part of me? Don't you love it when I'm strong? Sami - You're always strong. EJ - Don't you like it when I'm ruthless? Sami - When it's for our family. EJ yells in her face - Everything I do is for my family. Sami - I know. He has Sami bent over a desk and he keeps at her. Don't you think I'm a more powerful man than my father is? Now that the violence has come out in full force - they're both turned on so they have sex. Yuck!

Segment 6: Dan gets a call from Dr. Raymond. I'm going over these test results and I get nothing so you are my last hope. Can you tell me for sure ... was my patient poisoned?

Kristen - This needs to look like raw footage; just point and shoot. The woman tells her it's plenty raw. Kristen pays her the rest of her fee. Sarah leaves. Kristen mutters - I've said it before Marlena, karma's a bitch and she's coming after you in spades.

Caroline brings a take out bag to Eric - her homemade chicken noodle soup. Eric - My favourite. Caroline - Am I lucky or what! I've had two grandchildren stop by here today. Theresa came by. Eric - How's she doing? I'm really looking forward to catching up with her. Caroline - She looks wonderful. Sometimes I wonder if that could be a curse or a blessing. Well, you should know my handsome grandson. You should know about that more than most people.

Theresa - Do you really need to make such a big deal out of this. Your son and I are friendly, that's all. He's a really good kid btw. Jen - I love your family and I'm really happy that we found a position for you. I really want this to work out okay. So let's just put what happened the other night behind us because it's never going to happen again. We're just going to throw all of our energy into work. I have some material I want you to go over while you're waiting at HR. Theresa - Multi-tasking huh. Jen - I'm sure you're good at that. You know what, we're going to be fine because you're going to make friends here at the work and you are going to set up a whole little life for yourself in Salem. And my son's in high school, you know that right? Theresa - Yeah actually I do know. Jen - Good. So you know that he is focusing on finishing summer school and that he's about to begin his senior year in the fall which I'm sure at this point in your life you have no interest in whatsoever. Theresa - As long as we're direct here, are you trying to tell me to stay away from your son.

Maggie and Adrienne are with Parker in the living room of the K mansion. They talk babies and baby language. Adrienne and Maggie start matchmaking - Parker and Arianna. Adrienne pulls out her phone to show them a picture of Arianna.

Sami and EJ leave another DNA sample on that rancid couch. They banter about the people in the portrait. EJ demands that she tell him that she knows he did the right thing.

Segment 7: Jen drops the reading material on Theresa's desk. Use your time wisely. She leaves. Theresa fingers her stash. Fine JJ's mom. I might be yours 9-5 but when I'm home my life is all mine.

Adrienne is showing Parker a video of Will and Arianna. She puts her cell down when Maggie has some trouble carrying the glasses over. While she's grabbing Parker's sippy cup the video of Sami jumping on Bernardi plays.

Sami tells EJ he did the right thing and she will never doubt him again. Delusional EJ tells her that Stefano will never hurt her or anyone in their family ever again. If he does I'll kill him. EJ declares that he did this for her. Sami is sceptical - Stefano disowning you wasn't the tiniest mitigating factor? EJ - It's pity to let a good opportunity for revenge go to waste. I think you and I are going to be the most compelling power couple since ... Sami - Bonnie and Clyde? Antony and Cleopatra? EJ - I take that back. I think that you and I will be without compare. I'll tell you this much. We're going to have a very, very happy ending.

The video continues to play.

Dr. Raymond wishes he could provide some insight but the toxicology report is clean. Dan - So nothing at all. Dr. Raymond - Just the medications that you administered when the patient was in the hospital. Dan - So you're sure there's nothing we're missing. Dr Raymond - No, I'm sorry. Dan thanks him and hangs up. That just doesn't make sense. I'm not giving up. He goes back to his notes.

Eric is on the phone when Kristen walks in. Eric - What are you doing here? Kristen - I just wanted to share something with you.


Friday, Jul 12

Segment 1: Kristen hopes she didn't come at a bad time. Eric tells her that actually things are hectic around here. Kristen has a flashback of watching the video where she rapes Eric. I bet they are and I really hate to add to all the drama but some things can't be helped.

Kate is in Rafe's room with Cam. Why is he sleeping again if the sedatives are out of his system? Cam - He's been in an induced coma for a long time and he went through a terrible trauma so sleep might be his defence mechanism right now. Kate recalls Rafe asking her why Sami tried to kill him.

Abby walks outside the pub and sees Chad inside. She goes inside and hears Chad leaving a message for Cam - I really need to talk to you. Abby sits down across from him - Please don't do this.

Adrienne is at the coffeehouse telling Sonny - Word to the wise, if a DiMera comes in wanting an espresso you might want to make yourself scarce. Sonny - Why? Adrienne - In case you're on someone's hit list of course. Sonny - What are you talking about mom? Adrienne - I sure you heard that your father decided ... Sonny - I actually don't want to be in the middle of this. Adrienne - I'm sure you don't. I'm sorry. Just promise me that you'll be careful please. Sonny - I am always careful. Adrienne - You look tired. Is the baby still up every 2 hrs. Sonny - No, it's just that I went out last night and stayed out late and I had to open this morning. Adrienne - Did you and Will do something fun? Sonny - Will didn't come. He stayed at home with Arianna. Adrienne - You went out alone.

Will is very gingerly placing Ari in her bassinette when there's a pounding on the door. He says very quietly - Coming Dad. Brent lets himself in. How's it going? Will says it's going great. Brent asks if Sonny is around. Will - No, he left for work before I got up. Why? Brent holds up a wristwatch in his hand - He left this in my car last night.

Eric - If this is about Brady ... Kristen - No, it's not about Brady. It's about someone else and something that I think is going to shock a lot of people. She fingers her Tablet.

Kayla sees Abe pouring himself a coffee at the counter near the nurse's station. Bad day? Abe - Bad week. Bad month. Bad year. Kayla - I'm sorry. Abe - As relieved that I am that Sami's not going to trial it's just that the morale at the dept couldn't be lower. Joe's been shot and killed, his name's been dragged through the mud and the Commissioner's daughter is the one who pulled the trigger. Kayla - At least they have you to see them through. Abe - We haven't got there yet. We need some really good news to get us through this. We need to know that Rafe's going to be okay after that setback he had. When will we know he's through the woods? Kayla - Well there's Cameron now, maybe he knows something new.

Eric - I don't know. It might be pretty hard to shock people these days. Kristen - I'm not so sure about that. I guess you haven't heard about EJ and my father. It's like the Civil War all over again, ground zero is our living room, although there's nothing civil about it, believe me! Eric - I'm sure that's put you in a very uncomfortable position. Kristen - Actually it's the upheaval at home that's brought me here to you. Eric - I'm not connecting the dots here. Kristen - Sorry, let me try to connect them for you.

Segment 2: Eric - Can you do it quickly ... Kristen - All the drama and the chaos, I get it and I really hate to impose on your time. I'm kind of embarrassed you know. I have found myself to be a lapsed Catholic lately and my faith means a great deal to me. Eric - Really? Kristen - Yeah. I find myself in need of spiritual nourishment. Eric - Don't we all. Kristen - Yeah but my needs are more keen than most. You know Brady dumped me. I'm alone. Kind of like I was when I was exiled from Salem the first time. My family has been my only source of comfort and support and now ... Eric - Their problems sort of trump yours. Kristen - Exactly. I thought I had found the answers that I had been looking for my whole life about love, vocation and then I find it's nothing but a big farce. You don't know if you should thank the person that clued you in or strangle them. Eric - This is about Brady ... Kristen - It's not about Brady. It's about Marlena. Eric - We're not going to go there now, are we? Kristen - You're the one that asked. I'm just saying ... your dreams are crushed, you're all alone, you're totally disconnected from everything that you thought you believed in, everything that you were. Do you understand what I'm saying? Eric - I'm not sure I do. Kristen - Darn. Well maybe someday you will. She turns her back to him and mutters 'It could happen sooner than you think.'

Chad - Hello to you too. What are you talking about? Abby - What you were talking to Cameron about and I'm telling you this is a bad idea. Chad - Why? Abby - Because it's not your decision to make. Chad - No? Then whose decision is it? Abby - OMG. You even have to ask. It's MINE!

Brent - It must have slipped off his wrist without him noticing. Will - It's not the first time it's happened. Lucas let's himself in. Will introduces him to Sonny's friend Brent. Brent shakes Lucas's hand. Congrats on the baby. Lucas - Thanks and on that note I'm going to take a little peek at the princess. Brent tells Will he can go to the coffee shop and give this to Sonny. Will takes the watch. Don't go out of your way. He's going to be home soon. Did you guys have fun last night? Brent - Yeah we had a great time. Haven't been to a party like that since probably the last time I went out with Sonny. What about you, how was your night? Will - Great. Ari slept, I slept. Thanks so much for bringing this by. Brent says his goodbyes and leaves. Lucas - Let me get this straight. You let Sonny go out with that guy last night while you stayed home and took a nap with the baby. Will - Yeah. Lucas - And Sonny's watch didn't make it home? Come on, man. Is there something wrong with this picture?

Adrienne - Let me get this straight. You went to a party with another guy without Will. Sonny - It was just Brent. Do you remember him? He had that cast for 6 months. Adrienne remembers. I thought he went to study in Europe. Sonny - He did but now he's back. Adrienne - That's great. That's important. Sonny - What's important? Adrienne - That you're seeing people; that you're having a social life again. Sonny - I never stopped having a social life. You think that when Will and I moved in together that I just told all my friends to go to hell. Adrienne - No, of course not. That's not what I'm saying. Sonny - What do you think? Can you be direct with me for a change please. Adrienne - All I'm saying is that I'm relieved to see that you're getting a little of your old life back, that's all. Sonny - My old life back. Adrienne - Sweetheart, you're young. Much too young to be trapped in an apt night after night cooking, cleaning, babysitting ... Sonny - Stop. First of all I am not trapped anywhere. I'm exactly where I want to be and second of all, Will, Gabi and I share the cooking and cleaning responsibilities. So for you to think that I'm doing all the housework is crazy not to mention totally unfair to Will and Gabi. Adrienne - Okay, calm down ... Sonny - No. Another thing, I'm not going to calm down until you get this through your head, that we take turns doing what needs to be done. And I am in no way being taken advantage of. And every night is not a big, boring drag of cooking and cleaning and changing diapers. We all pitch in and sometimes guess what we do! We have fun and we talk to one another and we watch movies and play video games ... Adrienne - Stop. I get it. Your life is wonderful and fun and full of laughter and a great time is had by all. Excellent. All I'm saying is that young people should go out and meet other young people. That they should have experiences; they should have variety in their life. Sonny - Please listen to me mother. I do not want or need to meet new people or have variety in my life because I know that's code for 'if you'd just break up with Will, I would be happy'. But guess what, that is not your decision and it is not happening. Not now, not ever. Adrienne - Can you see into the future? Sonny - I am not having this conversation. Adrienne - Stop being so defensive. And you know what, another thing, stop putting words in my mouth. I never once in this conversation said you should break up with Will, never! Sonny - But I can read between the lines. Adrienne - Am I a bad mother because I want my son to have some fun and excitement in his life? So that's he not bogged down with this huge responsibility while he's still trying to find his way. I think back just a little while ago to your life. It was simple, you were happy.

Cam - Rafe's EEG shows no change. Kate - So is that bad? Kayla - No, not necessarily. At least there's no more indications of stress. Kate - Of course not. Sami's barred from his room. Abe - Since when do you have your medical licence? Kate - Okay Abe, she went in there twice and the second time was after Daniel kicked her out and told her not to come back. And both times Rafe just about jumped out of his skin. Cam - I was there. Abe - Why do you think he'd react that way. Kate - Gee, I don't know. Cam tells them he has to leave to grab his lunch while he still can. Kate - Sami's going to worm her way back into the room. She'll always find a way. Kayla - I'm not sure that I agree with Daniel. We don't want to upset Rafe but she has elicited the only communication we've had with him so far. Kate - Actually he talked to me too. Kayla - What? And you didn't think that was important to tell me. What did he say?

Segment 3: Adrienne - I want you to listen to me. I don't want to upset you. I don't want to cause you anymore stress. I just feel that maybe you settled into a situation. Sonny does not like that phrase. I'm living with a guy that I love. My life is great; everything about it. I should feel lucky and you should too because I'm in a good place right now. Brent comes in. I just wanted to come by and say sorry for keeping you out so late last night. Adrienne beams.

Kate - I don't think what Rafe said was necessarily as important as how he said it. Kayla - Why not? Kate - He wasn't agitated. He felt safe with me. Abe - Why don't you tell us what Rafe said? Kayla - We really need to know. If it's personal ... Kate - It's not that. You remember what you said ... that he might have a hard time distinguishing between his dreams and reality. Kayla - Yes. Kate - He asked me why Sami tried to kill him.

Chad - You think this should be your decision. Abby - Yeah. Chad - What are you talking about Abigail? Abby - I heard you on the phone with Cameron. Chad - Yeah. EJ asked me to move back into the mansion. Abby - What, he did? Chad - You heard he tossed my Dad out of the house, took over DiMera Enterprises, right? Abby - No. OMG. Where have I been? Chad - I guess you didn't hear much of what I said on the phone. I guess you thought I wanted to talk to Cameron about you. Were you afraid that I was going to challenge him to a duel or something? He starts bantering and Cam walks in - Are you talking about me?

Adrienne tells Brent it's great to see him. You've grown up. Brent - And you haven't changed a bit. Adrienne - Flattery will get you a big cup of latte. Brent - That would be great. I need the caffeine after last night. If you're missing your watch, I left it with Will. I told him about the rave, I hope you don't mind. Sonny - No, I was going to tell him this morning but he was sleeping. Adrienne asks Brent what he's been doing. Brent has been travelling through the UK and France and a little bit of Spain studying architecture and design. Adrienne talks about when Sonny was a kid and his dreams. Do you plan on being in Salem a while. Brent is going to stick around for a while. Adrienne - Great. Hope to see more of you. Brent goes to the counter. Adrienne starts to say something but Sonny just says - Mom, please.

Will - Sonny's allowed to have a life Dad. Lucas - I know. Is there something going on between you two. You can tell me. Will - No, I just had to take care of Ari. Lucas - What about the baby's mother? Will - What about the baby's father? Lucas - What about where is Gabi now? Will - She has a class Dad. I don't know why you're so worried about this. Everything is going great with us. Lucas - If everything's so great what's Sonny doing going out with another guy, partying it up ... Will - They're friends. Not everything is about sex you know. Lucas - Ease back on that. I'm not talking about sex. Why would Sonny think it was cool to leave you alone here ... Will - Because I told him to, that's why.

Eric - What are you getting at Kristen? Kristen - Do you ever have doubts Father? Eric - Everyone has doubts. Kristen - Right, because there's so little to hold on to in life. So little that truly lasts. Certainly not love, not family, not even your deepest held beliefs. Certainly nothing of the flesh. Eric - Everything in life is fleeting. Kristen - Right. Which is why it's so important to keep your eye on the prize, the hereafter. But if you already know that you're going to hell, what's the point of even trying? Eric - God always forgives. Kristen - Yeah, but people don't. Eric - It cuts both ways, doesn't it? Kristen - I suppose. But since I know I'm never going to be redeemed in the eyes of the people that I care about, I feel free of duty, responsibility. Eric - Love. What does that leave you with? Kristen - Oh my goodness Father ... limitless possibilities. I can be myself. I can focus on my needs and my wants and honestly, I can't deny myself any longer. That's why I'm here.

Segment 4: Eric - You seem to be having trouble coming out and saying what you want to tell me. Kristen - I suppose that's true. Eric - If you want to make a confession ... Kristen - No, nothing that formal. I just want to get something off my chest. You're such a great listener amongst so many other talents. Eric - Talk to me, personal history aside, you can tell me anything. Kristen - Be careful what you wish for.

Lucas - You told Sonny to go out with an old friend and have a night on the town while you stayed home and babysat! Will - It's not babysitting if it's your own kid Dad. Lucas - You know what I mean. Why did you do that? Will - Because it's Sonny. He's a guy who climbed K2. I'm not going to ask him to give up everything he used to love. Lucas - Sometimes that's what being a parent means. You have to do that for a while. Will - He's not a parent. Yes he stepped up in a major way but he's not a parent. Lucas - What's he doing now? Is he complaining about it. Will - No! He loves Ari and he's so amazing with her. When she's older we can go out together and travel and do everything we love to do together. Stop looking at me like I'm crazy. Lucas - I'm not looking at you like you're crazy. You're mature ... old soul, old for your age. Will - Having a kid can do that to you. Lucas - Well it didn't do that to me and your mother's got like 4 kids and she still acts like she's 12. I think you lapped us to say the least. Just wait until I call you in the middle of the night when she has a fever or something. Lucas - I used to do that. Your great-grandmother Alice used to help me out all the time so I know exactly what to do. And I know that she'd be very proud of you. Will - Thanks. Lucas hugs him - I love you man.

Sonny hands Brent his latte. You're good to go. Adrienne tells him it was good to see him again. Brent leaves. Sonny - Mom, would you stop. Adrienne - Stop what? Sonny - You don't think I remember what you did with me and Brian. This is the same exact thing. You were pushing us together when I clearly wanted to be with Will. I'm not going to have you do that again. Adrienne - I wasn't. Sonny - Bye, hope to see more of you ... what was that? Adrienne - He's your friend, should I say hope to see less of you. Sonny - I don't want to do this again. This is my life, my business. You can't tell me who I can spend more or less time with. You understand that? Adrienne - Fine. Do whatever you want. FYI, I'm very interested in architecture. Sonny - What kind of insane non sequitur is that. Adrienne - Ever since I got married in Greece. When I said I'd like to see more of you, I'd like him to meet Victor. He's a very personable young man, he's very intelligent, people would like to talk to him. Sonny - I see, he has all those qualities that Will doesn't have. Adrienne - Stop putting words in my mouth. I'm trying here. Can't you see how hard I'm trying. Sonny - Why do you have to try so hard? It's simple. I love Will and he loves me. He's a great guy. Is that not good enough for you? Adrienne - I want the very best for my son. Sonny - I have the very best. I've got to go. You know what Mom, we might not have the most conventional family but it's working for us. So you have a choice to make. You can accept us or forget about us.

Eric - Be careful what I wish for? Kristen - You seem to think I came here to unburden myself somehow. Really, I just want to make a simple request. When you think of all the time and energy not to mention money that I sank into the school project and although it was unfortunate that I couldn't see it through to the end, did my contribution really mean so little? Did my invitation to the reception with the Bishop get lost in the mail? Eric - It's a very small reception. Kristen - I know. I've lost a lot. It would mean so much to me if I could attend.

Segment 5: Cam - So I don't have to sweat a duel to the death then? Chad - Not until I get your advice anyway. Abby protests. Chad - Relax. Abby - I should probably get going. Chad - Wait. I'd like to hear your take on this too. Since they've kicked Father out of the house both EJ and Kristen have asked me to move back in. Abby - That's huge Chad. Chad - The first person I would have talked to about something like this is Lexie. Obviously, that's not possible. Cam - So you'll settle for me. Abby - Have you talked to Will and Sonny about this? Will lived with the DiMera's for a while and his mom ... Chad - I've tried but they've got so much going on right now and I need to make a decision. He tells both of them that he trusts their judgement.

Kayla - Alright Kate, is there anything else I should know. Anything that you didn't see fit to share with Rafe's attending physicians. Kate - I wasn't trying to hide anything. You said yourself that he might be confused; that he might be delusional. Abe - Are you trying to protect Sami. Kate - No! I just want Rafe left alone. He doesn't need to hear her whining and complaining about how innocent she is. Kayla - So in other words you put your personal animosity towards my niece ahead of Rafe's wellbeing. Kate - I was protecting him from her hysterics. Kayla - You probably did just the opposite. Had we had a chance to examine him when that happened we would have a better idea of how his recovery is progressing. Kate - He's going to wake up again. Kayla - Yes. But right now he is extremely vulnerable physically and mentally. A nurse comes up to them. Dr. Brady - Det Hernandez is starting to come around again. Kate - Kayla please ... Kayla - Alright. Maybe it would be helpful for him to see a familiar face when he wakes up but you have to promise me that you will not upset him. Kate - I will say nothing to upset him.

Eric - I know you want to attend buy you must know ... Kristen - That Brady is going to be there and Marlena. Of course. But this town is small and we're kind of used to tripping over each other wherever we go. Eric - I just want to avoid the bloodshed and the fisticuffs if it's all the same to you. Kristen laughs. But why, the Bishop is going to be there to grant absolution. I'm kidding! Come on, you said it yourself. The school probably wouldn't have happened if it weren't for me. I think I deserve the chance to see the fruits of my labour, don't you? I promise I'm not going to cause a scene. Eric - I'm not so sure I can believe you. Kristen - Come on. After all the money that my family kind of threw at this project, we want to see it succeed. Surely you can understand that a cordial relationship would be to the benefit of everyone concerned. Ciara and a young boy come in. I'm here. Eric hugs Ciara - You sure are. How are you? Ciara says hi to Kristen. She looks at Eric. I didn't know you guys were friends. Kristen - Crazy, huh. I was just saying what a small town it is. Eric - Is this your friend. Ciara - This is Jamie. Guess what! He's coming to St Luke's school in the fall too. Eric shakes his hand. Hi sir, it's very nice to meet you. My name is Father Eric. I'm sure you're going to really like it here. Jamie - My mom says leaving my old school is going to change my life. I sure hope so. Eric hopes so too.

Segment 6: Eric - So what are you looking forward to the most about coming to St Luke's? Jamie shrugs. Ciara - Jamie said he's never had a computer in his classroom or a real playground with a ball field. Jamie - And no barbed wire fence. Eric - Well you don't need a fence here at St Luke's. You'll be safe. So are you ready for a VIP tour. Ciara - What's VIP? Eric - Very important people! I mean after all, you are the reason we built the school. You will do me a huge favour if you can break in our baseball gloves. Eric tells Kristen to stick around a few minutes; he'll have Sr Margaret print her a ticket. Kristen thanks him. After Eric leaves Kristen looks at a picture of Christ and curses - What the hell are you looking at!

Cam - You want to know if you should voluntarily move yourself into the middle of WWIII. Chad - I feel like I need to be there for EJ and Kristen. They've totally been there for me. Abby - What about Stefano? Cam - He asked you to move in before, right? And you wait until his son kicks him out on his ass before you decide to say yes? Abby - I don't think he'd take that so well, do you? Chad - No. Thanks for the advice, it really helped. Cam - That's all you're going to tell us? Chad - I just need some more time to think things through, that's all. Cam - Before you go, have you followed up with the doctor about your head? Chad - You implying something Cameron? Cam - Yeah, it's very hard. You took a bad hit it at the lake. If you haven't had it checked out ... Chad - Why should I? Like you said, it's hard. I promise you I'm fine. Thank you for the advice. See you guys later. He leaves. Abby - Well, that wasn't awkward at all, was it? Cam - No, but there is always the next time. My break is over, I have to get back to work.

Will comes into the living room and says hi to Sonny. Sonny - Brent said that he stopped by. I'm sorry. Will - For what? Sonny - You were sleeping this morning and I was going to tell you that I went to that rave. Will - Thank you so much for not waking me up and telling me that. It's fine. Sonny - Are you sure? Will - Absolutely. It was my idea for you to go out and have a little fun. Sonny - That's true. Will - I'm glad that Brent brought this watch back though. Sonny - Me too. Will - Maybe we should get a new clasp or something so it stops falling off. Sonny - It's good. They kiss.

Adrienne sees Lucas in the Horton Square and says hi. Lucas asks how she's doing. Adrienne - Good. I was with Parker a little while ago and I showed him this video of Arianna and he would like a play date with her as soon as she can talk. Lucas - Oh really. Adrienne - She really is beautiful. Lucas - She is. I just got back from seeing her. She's changed a lot already. Adrienne - I know. She pulls out her cell. Let me show you this. It is so cool that we can record these memories. That way we can never forget. Hold on ... I'm still kind of new to this.

Rafe wakes up. Kayla, Abe and Kate are in his room. Kayla - Rafe, hi. Do you know who I am? Rafe nods yes. Kate steps to the foot of the bed - And me? He nods. Kayla - Good. I don't want you to exert yourself. You don't have to say a word. I have one more question. Do you know where you are? He nods yes. Kayla - Good. Kayla steps back and says that knowing person and place is a good sign. They see that he's struggling to say something. Kayla - It's okay. Take it easy. Rafe - Why?

Segment 7: Will is holding Ari. Sonny - You know what I was thinking, the next time there's a party, why don't you go and I'll stay. Will - I'm not really into that scene anyway. Sonny - I have a better idea. How about Gabi stays home with Ari and you and I can go out and have a nice romantic date, just the two of us. Will - That sounds sexy. Sonny - Let's make it happen. Will - Okay. Sonny goes to take a shower. Will stares at Sonny's watch.

Adrienne - The battery is dead. I just charged it last night. Lucas - That's technology. Adrienne - I'll just send you the video when I get home. Lucas - Okay. Thank you for being so great about the baby, you really have and we appreciate it. Adrienne - She's a sweetheart. Would you mind saying what you just said to my son because lately he seems to find fault with everything I do. Lucas chuckles - That's all you, can't help you there. Adrienne - Seriously Lucas, just try and put yourself in my shoes. Will's a great kid and I really like him but imagine if it were Sonny that fathered that baby and then invited the baby mama to come live with them. Lucas - I really don't think we should get into this ... Adrienne - I'm not finished. Then imagine if I had been the one to play shoot 'em up at the hospital and killed a man. How excited would you be for your son to be with my son? Silence. Adrienne - My point exactly. That's all.

Kristen paces and 'argues' with the painting of Christ. I get it. He's a good man. You don't have to parade little kids and show me how he's changed their lives, okay. That's overkill even for you. You know what ... You did this to me. You made me this way. You took love away from me again and again and again. And now all I have are my wits. All I have is this burning hatred. I've got to get rid of it. There's only one way to do it. She's yelling. And no ... no, I'm not going to do it Your way. I tried Your way and it doesn't work. She cries. It doesn't work! You can't make me do it. I'm not going to do it the right way. She throws her purse against the wall and cries.

Kayla - You want to know why you're in the hospital? He looks frustrated and lays his head back down. Kayla - Why don't you just focus on trying to get better. That's what you need to do. Rafe - Need ... to know ... WHY ... Kayla - Okay, Abe will tell you. Abe - Hey Rafe, welcome back buddy. I bet the last thing you remember is cutting across the alley near the bakery. Rafe recalls meeting up with Sami outside the coffeehouse. Abe - You were hit from behind and there was no way ... Rafe - No ... no ... Tell me ... tell me ... He recalls the part where he tells Sami he has to go and she says no and then shoots him in the back. She shot me! Why! Why did Sami ... why did she shoot me? His alarms start sounding. Kayla - I want you to calm down. Take a deep breath. Rafe - Why ... why ... why did she ... Kayla calls out orders for a drug to be administered. Rafe asks again - Why did she shoot me? Why? Why? Why?

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