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Segment 1: Sami calls for the guard - no one shows up. She wonders where everyone is. Marge walks up and taunts her. You thought you were going to get away with it, didn't you? You murdered my husband and you thought you wouldn't have to suffer a single minute. You are so wrong.

EJ paces in the courtroom. Where the hell is Kayla? Justin reminds him that they still have 10 mins before the hearing starts. Kayla rushes in and apologises for being late. I just wanted to go through Det Bernardi's autopsy report one more time. EJ - And do we have enough evidence to convince the judge to exhume the body?

Rafe is asleep - he recalls everything Marge said to him. He wakes up with a start. Nicole asks if he's okay.

JJ asks Theresa if he would know this man. She doubts he mixes it up with high school ??? JJ guesses she doesn't want to tell him because she met the guy at some dive bar. Theresa - You couldn't be more wrong. He's extremely successful. Now that I think about it, maybe you do know him.

Brady - Maybe I can never trust her. Maybe I'm making a big mistake. Jen is sorry. I don't know what to tell you. You're going to have to figure this out on your own. Brady knows. Jen - But if you're going to see Kristen just go into it with your eyes wide open.

The detective tells Eric and Dan all the evidence he collected was destroyed. When asked what happened he replies 'ask her!' and nods towards the door Kristen is hiding behind. A client came in trying to sic me on her cheating husband. I was referring her to a colleague when she knocked over my coffee and used this pad as a paper towel. This is all that's left of my work on your case. Eric - Everything you got from the hotel room was on there! Dan - There's no chance this can be salvaged? He doesn't know. Get her out of the bathroom and I'll see what I can do. She ran and locked herself in. Eric - Maybe she's scared. Dan - Let me see what I can do. He goes to the door. Ma'am - Nobody is mad at you. We understand it was an honest mistake. You can't stay in there all day so open this door.

Nicole - Do you have any idea how many people were pulling for you to get better? Now if it were me in that bed ... no, seriously, everyone knows how many friends I have in this town. And yes, selfishly, this is all about me. I can't stand to lose a single one of them. Rafe - Don't worry. You won't. So tell me, what's new and exciting in your life? Nicole - Not much. Working hard to get St Luke's school up and running. Rafe - I read about the reception. Nicole - Sami Brady strikes again. You must be thanking your lucky stars you got rid of that woman. Everything she touches goes straight to hell.

Sami - Guard! Marge - He must be on a break. Sami - How did you get in here? Marge - Everyone here loved Joe. How could they deny me a few moments alone with the woman who killed my husband in cold blood. She digs in her purse. Sami - Don't do this Marge. Marge - Oh relax. Do you think every woman carries a gun in her purse. I'm not like you. Sami - What are you doing here? Marge holds up a picture of Timmy. I came to give you this. As long as you're stuck staring at these 3 walls you should have a constant reminder of what you've done. Of course you don't have to listen to the sobs I hear all night long. Sami - I'm sorry. Marge - It's too late for sorry. You took my Timmy's father away from him and he'll never get him back. Never! Sami - I didn't mean for that to happen. If I hadn't thought that Rafe's life was ... Marge - Stop lying. Everyone knows the truth now. We've all seen the video of you attacking my husband weeks before you shot and killed him. You wanted him dead. Sami - No. Marge - What I want to know is why. I never realised you knew him. Why did you hate him so much?

Dan knocks again. You've got to come out sometime. Kristen slides a note under the door. Dan reads it. I'm too embarrassed. Eric decides to give it a try. Dan says he and Mason will see what they can salvage from this mess. Eric - Ma'am, it's Father Eric. I'm a priest. I've talked to many people from the other side of closed doors and what you've done pales in comparison to what I've heard. Kristen mutters - If you only knew. Eric - Ma'am, you've got nothing to be embarrassed about. Why don't you talk to me? Kristen knocks something over. Eric - Are you okay? What happened? Guys, we've got to get in here right now! Dan - It's okay. I'm a doctor. I can help you.

Segment 2: Kayla - The more I have looked over these surgical notes, the more I'm convinced that another autopsy would exonerate Sami. This is not a life-threatening wound. EJ - If the judge doesn't agree to exhume the body we can't prove it. Justin - Unfortunately the video of Sami attacking Bernardi doesn't just go to motive. It can be argued that it shows premeditation. So if we don't pull a rabbit out of the hat Sami is going to be looking at Murder One.

Sami - I didn't hate your husband. I didn't even know him. Marge - Then why did you attack him in the square that day. Sami - I can't explain it to you. I wish I could but I can't. Marge scoffs - That will really sway a jury. Sami - I didn't even know it was him until after ... Marge - Until after you pulled the trigger and shot him dead. And I should believe you, why? From the first moment we met you lied to me. And that's who you've been your whole life Sami Brady. A lying, trouble-making ... It doesn't matter that you're father is the commissioner or that you have all the DiMera power and fortune at your disposal. You killed a cop, not just any cop, but a father, a husband, a decorated hero and when the jury sees that video, you're done. You'll rot behind bars. Sami - You're wrong. Marge - Why are you so sure? Sami - Because I didn't do it. And they're going to find the weapon. They're going to find some sort of evidence that proves that I'm telling the truth. Marge - It sounds like somebody is starting to believe her own lies. I take it back. You don't deserve to touch my son's picture. I hope you never see your children again. She leaves.

Rafe - I wish I could talk to her. Nicole - No you don't. Look what happened when she came back into your life for like 10 secs. She's gone now and she needs to stay gone. Look what happened to Eric. Rafe - What? Nicole - He can't help being her twin. He worked for months to get that school open and right at his big moment she shoves her way in and gets arrested in front of the Bishop and half the town putting his whole career on the line. Rafe - He's a priest. Nicole - He likes being at St Luke's and when Bishop White mentioned that he might be transferring him, I told Eric this was all Sami's fault and he got all defensive and now things are weird between us. I hate it. Rafe - That drives you crazy, doesn't it. Nicole - Of course, he's my boss. What are you thinking? I think I know what you're thinking but not really knowing what you're thinking is driving me even crazier, so why don't you tell me what you're thinking especially since you just pointed out that it's making me crazy in general. Rafe - Oh ... okay ... fine but I don't want you to get all defensive and think that I'm making an accusation okay. But obviously you care about Eric ... really care.

Theresa - I'm sure a lot of people in Salem know this guy because he's got a very prestigious ... JJ - I don't care. Theresa - It sure sounded like you did. JJ - If this dude is so great why aren't you with him right now? Theresa - Because you promised that you were going to get me some blow. I should have known not to send a boy to do a man's job. JJ - The next time you need a fix why don't you call you're amazing new boyfriend and leave me the hell alone. Theresa calls out to him as he's walking away - Have fun in Algebra class.

Jen - I didn't mean to upset you. Brady - You didn't. You're always honest with me and I appreciate that. Jen needs to get back to that daily grind. Brady - If I had to work with that Anne Millbauer I think I'd commit a felony or something. Jen - Don't think I haven't thought about it and add my new assistant to that. Brady - It's probably not easy working with Daniel. Jen - We're adults and we're professionals. Brady - He loves you a lot. Jen - Why does everyone think I can just snap my finger and make this all work out. It is not that easy. I don't want to lose Daniel but this is how it has to be right now because my son needs me and I don't know what else to do.

Dan is working on the lock. Mason can't believe this. Eric - It's not your fault. We just want to make sure she's okay. Dan gets the door unlocked and pushes it open. They all stare inside. Dan - I can't believe it.

Segment 3: They see that the woman has escaped through the bathroom window. Eric doesn't understand. She'd rather crawl out of a 2nd story window then let us help her! Mason - I told you, she's pretty nuts. Dan - I don't think she wanted our help. Eric - Why not? Dan - Mason's pretty close to figuring out what happened to you in that hotel room, right? And now some mysterious woman just comes in here and destroys every shred of evidence he collected. Do you really think that's a coincidence? Eric recalls the woman at the hotel. Eric - There's something that happened that I never mentioned because I didn't think it was that important but I do remember crossing paths with a woman at the hotel that day. I think she stuck out to me because she was acting skittish. Dan - Anything else that you can recall. Eric - No, I keep thinking about her and wondering if she had anything to do with me getting sick.

Theresa rushes back into Jen's office. Jen - Where have you been? Theresa - Sorry, HR was a madhouse. Jen - Stop it and sit down. You never went to HR. I thought we had this understanding that you were going to make a genuine effort but I guess I was wrong. Theresa - The thing is I was helping my family down at the pub. Jen - I don't care and I'm so tired of your litany of excuses; I'm so tired of dealing with you but you know what, you're not going to be my problem anymore. She makes a call. Theresa - What do you mean? Jen - Anne, Theresa is in my office and since she is having such a hard time making it down to yours, would you please come up here? Thank you. Theresa - So what now? Jen - Well, you're getting exactly what you wanted. I'm not going to inconvenience you anymore with my little pesky requests for you to get your job done because you're not going to have a job anymore.

Nicole - Of course I care about Eric. He gave me a job and a roof over my head when I had nothing. He's been a good friend to me just like you. Rafe chuckles. There you go getting defensive. I wasn't accusing you of anything. Nicole - I'm sorry. I'm just protective of my friends, all two of you. I almost lost both of you. Eric checked into a room here not long ago. Rafe - What happened? Nicole - He got really sick, high-fever, delusional. They thought for a minute that they might lose him but as fast as it came on he got better. Rafe - What was it? Nicole - Daniel still isn't sure but he thinks he might have been poisoned. Rafe - Who would want to poison a priest? Nicole - I don't know but there are some sick people in this world. Rafe - Yes. You know what, I am so sick of being in this bed. Maybe I could help Daniel out. Obviously I can't do any legwork but I could look at the notes, his chart ... Nicole - Please don't say anything. Eric didn't even want me to know. Besides, it's none of my business, right? Rafe - That never stopped you before. Nicole smiles - True.

Dan - Can you describe this woman at the hotel? Eric - She was wearing sunglasses so I didn't get a really good look at her face. But what I do remember is that she was very attractive. She had this short, dark hair. Mason - How old was she? What was she wearing? Eric - I don't know but what I do remember is she was very worldly, sophisticated. Mason - Definitely not the same woman. Mousy brown hair, not attractive and the opposite of sophisticated. Dan - What was her name? Mason holds up a soggy notepad. I wrote it down here. She seemed pretty klutzy. It might be hard to swallow but I do think it was an accidental spill. Dan - I guess there's not much we can do about it now. Mason - And I'm afraid the evidence is a total loss. Eric - Great. Dan - Don't worry about it. We're not giving up; not until we get the answers we need.

Kristen arrives home and tells herself she did a good job. There's a knock on the door. It's Brady. You were going to call me. Kristen - I just walked in the door. I was going to call you. Brady asks if she's alright. You seem a little jittery. Kristen says she's happy to see him - too much caffeine though. I'm a little more sensitive then I thought. Brady is sceptical. Kristen - I get that way when I have too much coffee, a little jittery ... a little ... Brady - Stop. Why are you bs'ing me? Kristen - I'm not. I'm just trying to explain ... Brady - Yes you are. Tell me the truth. I don't like what's going on here. What are you hiding?

Segment 4: Theresa - If I lose this job I'll have to go back to LA and there's a whole bunch of legal stuff that I really need not to deal with not to mention my parents, they're going to be so mad. Jen - You know what honey, I am so sorry. I have no idea what your situation is but maybe you should have thought about that before you decided to run for worst employee of the year award. Theresa whines - You're not going to help me at all. People say that you are so nice, where do they get that idea, huh. I know why you're so angry and it's got nothing to do with me.

Nicole walks into the living room of the Kiriakis mansion and thanks Daniel for taking the time to see her. Dan - Are you okay? What's going on? Nicole - I was wondering if you had any leads on what happened to Eric in the hotel. Dan trots out doctor / patient confidentiality. Why wouldn't you just talk to Eric about it? Nicole - I have but he just downplays everything. What if someone is out to hurt him? I live under the same roof. What if I'm in danger too. Dan doesn't think so. We have some leads. They haven't panned out but at least not yet. But I'm sure Eric wouldn't want you worrying about him. Nicole - Right. Actually there's something else I want to talk to you about and it has nothing to do with me. Dan - About who? Nicole - JJ Deveraux.

Rory is surprised to see JJ back at school. He thought he'd be getting geeked with that lady. JJ - She wasn't as cool as she seemed. Rory - Somebody got dissed! JJ - No. I just realised she's not my type. A guy is talking to a girl getting ready to ask her out. She brushes past him to go and talk to JJ. She asks if he's busy tonight. JJ - Not so far. Do you want to hang out? Girl - Sure. That would be awesome.

Sami rushes to the bars when EJ arrives. EJ - I got here as soon as I could. What happened? Sami - Marge was here. I thought she was going to kill me. She was saying these horrible things ... EJ - How the hell did she get in here? Sami - I don't know but I called for a guard and no one was coming. EJ - Did she hurt you? Sami - I was just scared. EJ - It's over. Sami - I thought after that they wouldn't let you come. How did court go? EJ - Court is delayed a bit. Justin and Kayla are still there. Sami - So you don't know if the judge is going to give permission to exhume the body. EJ - No we don't, not yet. Justin is cautiously optimistic as am I. Sami - I survived death row once. I never thought I'd have to deal with this again. I don't know how much of this I can take.

Kristen asks why he's so upset with her; just because I'm a little edgy. Brady - A little? When I walked in the door you were pale, jittery, anxious - just like this morning - completely out of character and I feel like you're hiding something from me and I want you to be honest with me about it. Kristen - What could I possibly be hiding from you? Brady - I've never seen you take a garment bag to work for one thing. I know you told me you were meeting a client for lunch. Kristen - Do you think I made it up? Do you think I'm seeing someone else? Brady - I asked you one other time if you were seeing someone else when we were apart and you had that same look on your face. Kristen - You are the only man that I've thought of. I've been distracted today, I apologise. I had this stupid presentation, a million dollars on the line. Are you always calm, cool and collected on days like that? Brady - Yes, always. No, I'm not. Kristen - I promise you from my heart, I want this new beginning just as much as you do. Brady - So how come you're not wearing your bracelet anymore? Is that not supposed to faze me either. Kristen recalls sitting down at the computer in the rectory and under her breath mutters, Oh God.

Segment 5: Theresa thinks that Jen's problem is that she doesn't have a man in her life and the only person she can take it out on is her. Jen - Are you kidding me right now! Theresa just plows on being more insulting then ever. Jen - Your being lazy and incompetent and rude has nothing to do with my personal life. Anne listens in the doorway as Theresa rants - You think it's hell working for Anne! You are so uptight and prissy all the time it's no wonder you can't hang on to a man. Jen - How dare you! Theresa - I dare. I mean seriously, how could anyone stand to be around you! You don't laugh, you don't smile, you don't have any fun. It's a total downer to be in ... Jen - You say one more word to me and I'm telling you right now ... Anne walks in - Is everything okay in here? Jen - Oh yeah, she's all yours Anne. She leaves.

Nicole - I know Jennifer and I have had our ups and downs but I think she's a really cool person now and if you truly do love her, please don't let that kid get in the way. And I'm sure that Jack Jr knows how to play Jennifer like a dime store harmonica but you know better, right? Dan - Okay talk to me. What happened? Nicole - I ran into him, I mean literally ran into him. He was holding on to something that he just did not want me to see. Dan - What do you think it was? Nicole - Nothing good, I can tell you that much.

JJ will text the girl later. She's happy. She leaves. JJ - Dude, I've got a date tonight. The guy walks up - What the hell's your problem man. You see me with Bev and all of a sudden you're interested. Back the hell off. JJ - Are you totally deluded? She's not into you. Get over it. JJ leaves. The other guy tells Rory - He should know he's screwing with the wrong guy.

Jen is in Rafe's room. We are all glad to see you doing so well. Rafe - Yeah. So do you think you could talk to Daniel and get me out of this damn bed. I figure you could work some angles that I can't. Jen laughs. I think that he is being extra cautious. Rafe - Not that I'm being ungrateful for that because he's taking great care of me. He's here all the time. 5am, 10pm, weekends. Can't imagine how lucky you are. Jen - I am. I am very lucky to have him in my life.

Kristen - I had the bracelet on when I went to drop off that cheque at the rectory; the donation. It must have fallen off my wrist. I don't know what I'm going to do if I can't find it. And I'm so sorry, I was distracted. Brady - It's okay. Kristen - When I'm with you I want to be fully present because I love you so much. I just want to be present for you. You deserve that. She hugs him. I'm going to go and find my bracelet. Brady - Can we meet up for coffee later - decaf. Kristen will call him. They kiss before he leaves. Kristen sighs - Oh God. I can walk the straight and narrow. No one's ever going to know I defrocked your priest, okay. Why does doing the right thing have to be so damn complicated!

Segment 6: Anne - So you and Jennifer, you don't seem to be hitting it off so well. Theresa - That's because she's a miserable human being. I mean ... I'm so sorry. Anne - It's okay. That's one thing we agree on. Theresa - I kind of got that impression. Anne - Getting used to a new work environment can be really difficult. I totally understand that. Why don't we get these pesky forms out of the way. Theresa - Wait. This isn't a W4. I'm not getting fired. Anne - No I would hate to disappoint your Aunt Kayla. Theresa - But before you said ... Anne - That was before I got to know you. Now that I've seen you in action I can say unequivocally that you are exactly the type of assistant that Jennifer Horton needs.

Rafe - Did I say something ... Jen - No, you said something really wonderful and really right because I've let so many things get in the way that I've lost sight of the big picture. I'm really lucky to have Daniel in my life. So thank you for helping me to remember and count my blessings. Rafe - This is the first time I've felt the slightest bit useful in months so thank you! So are you going to go talk to Daniel now or what? Jen - Yes I am. You take care.

Nicole - Whatever JJ is hiding I made sure he knows that I have my eye on him. Dan - Abe Carver has his eye on him; even that doesn't seem to make a difference. Nicole - Abe Carver? Dan - Just a little shoplifting trouble. Nicole - Really! It looks like we have a repeat performance. Jennifer needs to know about this and she's going to need a shoulder to lean on. Come on, you're a take charge kind of a guy so take charge. Dan - I'd love to but that's a sure-fire way to lose her for good.

Madge is walking through the square when she gets a text. No way in hell!

EJ returns to Sami's cell. The guard just came on duty and apparently there's no record of Marge Bernardi being here. Sami - Seriously! EJ - Apparently nobody saw her. They're having technical difficulties with the surveillance cameras. Sami - So they're covering for her. EJ - It seems that way. Sami - Abe thought he'd be able to protect me. EJ - Abraham told me he personally vetted every single person assigned to this floor. If anything happens it's on their heads and let me tell you something, Internal Affairs is going to be the last thing they need to worry about. Sami - Will that stop Marge from showing up here and playing head games with me. EJ - Not necessarily. Who says she's going to get another chance. If the judge orders that autopsy you could be home free.

Segment 7: JJ asks Bev what she wants to do tonight. She was planning on having a Twilight marathon in her basement. JJ - What if we could find a party. Bev - That sounds good. JJ gets a call from Theresa. Listen, I'm sorry about earlier. JJ - You're only sorry because you don't have anyone else to hook you up. Theresa - Come on JJ. Let me make it up to you. JJ - How. Theresa - We can hang out later. You won't be sorry.

Dan answers the door at Vic's. Jen - Hi. Dan - If you're here to see Maggie, she's in the kitchen. Jen - I'm here to see you. Dan - Why? Jen - To do this. She kisses him.

Brady is at the pub when he sees Nicole. I don't want to hear it. Nicole - Hear what? Brady - What a bad idea it is getting back with Kristen. Nicole - You said it, not me. Truce okay. I won't bug you about Kristen if you do something for me. Brady - What? Nicole - It's about Eric.

Kristen knocks on the rectory door - no answer. She goes in and starts looking for her bracelet. She crawls under the desk and finds it. Eric - What are you doing?

Sami cries - She misses the kids so much. EJ tells her to think about holding them in her arms when she gets home. EJ's cell rings. Justin asks if Sami is okay. EJ - She's at the end of her rope. Justin - Tell her to hang in there because we did it. We got the court order to exhume the body. EJ - Thank you! Sami - The judge said yes? EJ - The judge said yes. See I told you. Everything is going to be alright.

Justin is on his cell. Yes, Joseph Bernardi. I have a court order to have his body exhumed. Marge - That is never going to happen.

Sami - Thank God, this nightmare is almost over.


Tuesday Aug 6

Segment 1: After the kiss Dan asks Jen what she is doing. Jen - What I should have done a long time ago. She kisses him again.

JJ tells Theresa he doesn't have time to talk right now. She knows she was a bitch earlier and would love to make it up to him. Do you want to meet me in the square? We can go somewhere private and ... JJ doesn't know. Theresa - Sure you do. See you in 10. She hangs up. Bev asks JJ - Who was that?

Nick is walking in the park talking on his cell. I talked with Ms Kent in HR and she said I should call and confirm my interview. Yes I understand. If you could keep me in mind ...

EJ suggests champagne; better yet, we can drink it when you get home. He's confident the new autopsy report will prove that she did not kill Joseph Bernardi. Sami - And then they'll have to drop the murder charges, right? EJ - You'll be home with me and the kids before you know it.

Justin - I'm sorry Mrs. Bernardi. I know this must be very painful but I do have a court order. Marge - I don't give a damn what you have. I'm here to tell you forget it. My husband was a hero and I'm not going to let that lying witch get away with murdering him. Samantha Brady will pay.

Nicole - Things are a little awkward between Eric and I right now. I feel like he's shutting me out. Brady - You want me to help smooth things over. Nicole - No. I think that will work itself out. I want to know if he's okay. Brady - You mean because of everything that's happened with Sami. Nicole - No, his health. You didn't see when they brought him into the hospital. I thought he was going to die. I need to know that whatever made him sick ... I just need to know that it isn't ever going to hurt him again.

Eric wants Kristen to tell him what she's looking for.

Sami - So how do we make sure that Marge doesn't have another chance to get at me. EJ reminds her that he told her she doesn't have to worry about Marge anymore. Sami - Okay what about the guards that let her in here. They stare at me like I killed one of their own. EJ tells her that both Abe and Hope, who are police officers, promised to protect her. Sami wants EJ to tell her that Kayla is going to find a way to prove that her bullet did not kill Joe Bernardi. EJ - She is confident that the autopsy will vindicate you. Sami - Okay. EJ gets a call. It's for you. It's important.

Marge - You won't defile my husband's memory. You won't put him through one more indignity. Justin - Mrs. Bernardi, you should know the reason why we requested the court order. We believe that your husband may not have died as a result of the gunshot wound. Marge - Sami Brady shot him in the back and now you're telling me, what? That it was natural causes. Justin - No, no one thought that the wound would be fatal. The doctors told you that that night. We just want to know the truth. I'm sure you do too. Marge - I already do know. That woman killed him in cold blood. She's not denying that she pulled the trigger. Would he be dead if she hadn't? Justin - We don't know. That's the point. Marge - Do you know how many people came to his memorial service? The police dept, the whole town. Even your wife thinks your case is a joke. Justin - That's not true. Marge - If it wasn't for Adrienne, Sami Brady would have gotten away with it. Your wife felt so strongly that justice needed to be served that she went behind your back ... Justin - If justice is truly going to be served we need to know what really happened. Now I'm not saying this to upset you but there is nothing you can do to stop this court order. Marge - Oh yes there is. I already have.

Dan ends the kiss. Jen - What's wrong? Dan - Nothing. Maggie and Parker can come in any second. Jen - I don't have to work again until this afternoon. Neither does Dan. Jen - That's really good for us. Dan agrees. Jen starts kissing him again. Dan grabs her hand and pulls her out the door.

Kristen holds up her bracelet. I was here earlier to drop off that cheque for the scholarship fund and my bracelet fell off my wrist apparently. Now that I've found it I will be on my merry way. Eric shuts the door. No, not quite yet. Kristen - And why not? Eric - I recognise the look of a guilty conscience. I'm pretty experienced in that area. You're wearing it. Surely you wouldn't want to lie to a priest so what aren't you telling me?

Segment 2: JJ tells Bev it was nobody important. What was I saying. Bev - You thought we could find a party. JJ - Most definitely but I better check with my mom to see if she's still okay with me going out. Bev - You're not still grounded, are you? JJ - No, thank God. I want to keep it that way. He's going to take off and get some things for tonight. Bev - For me? JJ - You'll see. He kisses her cheek and leaves.

Theresa bumps into Nick who drops his portfolio. (He's looking mighty handsome in his suit and tie). Theresa apologises. Nick - No, it's totally my bad. Sorry about that. Theresa looks at some of his papers. You're a stockbroker. Nick - I kind of dabble. He thanks her for helping him pick up his stuff. See ya. Theresa - Wait.

Brady - So you're really worried. Nicole - Of course I'm worried. It's not like I want to know some deep, dark secret. I just want to know ... Brady - That my brother is okay. Well he is. He's fine. He's great. If that changes, I'll pass it along. Nicole - Thank you. Brady - You work with him everyday, this is what I don't understand. If you're concerned why don't you just tell him you're worried. You were the one who took him to the hospital. You're the one who got him the treatment he needed. Nicole - Because I don't want to give him the wrong impression. Brady - You don't think he's beginning to suspect ... Nicole - That I'm in love with him. He does.

Kristen - So you think I'm lying; I think you're a little paranoid but given the fact that Sami is your sister and how long have you known Nicole? I guess I'd be a little paranoid too. Eric - If you thought you had lost your bracelet why didn't you just pick up the phone and call? Kristen - I was trying to be a nice person and not put you out. Eric - So you just let yourself into my office ... Kristen - I knocked first and no one was here. I was a little anxious. Brady gave me that bracelet. I have a feeling you wouldn't be quite this rude if I had another donation cheque in hand. Eric - I'm sure you know the days of the church selling indulgences is long over and I won't allow you to hold your generosity over my head. When you give money you shouldn't do it with strings attached. Kristen - Okay. So what about this is God's house and everyone is welcome. Whatever happened to that? Eric - Actually this is just my office and you didn't build it. I still believe you're not telling me the truth. Kristen recalls snooping on his computer and her antics at Mason's office. Alright, I'm not being completely honest.

Segment 3: Nick and Theresa are walking in the square. He tells her his name. Nick Fallon. Theresa - You know I said I was sorry for running into you back there but I take it back. Nick - Really. Theresa - Yeah. Actually I think I got pretty lucky. Your job sounds so fascinating. You basically get to gamble for a living, right? I'm sure you're very good at it. Nick - I've done okay. Theresa - I have so many questions that I want to ask you about what you do. I don't want to keep you or anything. I'm sure you're really busy but maybe I could buy you a coffee some time. I mean it's the least I can do since I basically mowed you down back there. Nick - I don't think the stock market is quite as thrilling as you think of it. Honestly, it's just a bunch of mergers and acquisitions. Theresa - I love mergers and acquisitions. Yeah, plus I'm kind of new in town and I could always use a couple of tips on acclimating. Nick - Actually I'm not busy right now if you want to grab that coffee unless you have other plans. Theresa - No, not a one. Nick - Okay, let's go. JJ just shakes his head as he sees them walk away together.

Jen and Dan are in his bedroom. The music plays as they make love.

Nicole - EJ said something to Eric. Brady - So EJ saw it too. Nicole - No. He's just making my life difficult. Brady - Nicole, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see what's going on here. You might as well hang a neon sign on your back. It's just that Eric didn't want to see it. Nicole - Well he still doesn't. Although I think he said something to Fr Matt who's making cryptic comments about how I should go to confession. Brady - Oh God. Nicole - It's not funny. I didn't do anything wrong. I've been fighting it with a vengeance. Brady - I'm sure it's been very hard for you. Nicole - I guess I'm getting used to the idea of that's just how it's going to be between me and Eric. Awkward and tense and now he's decided to put distance between us and I just don't get it. We're together every day. Why can't we just be friends? Brady - Listen, I think EJ did you a favour. It's time to put yourself out of misery. Just tell him. Tell Eric the truth. Tell him how you feel.

Kristen - You are good. You got me. I do have an ulterior motive for wanting to be here. I was hoping that I would find Nicole alone here. She and I need to have a tete a tete. Eric - You mean claw to claw. Kristen - Yeah, whatever. And I knew you wouldn't approve so ... Eric - I know you and Nicole aren't the best of friends. Is there any reason why you're out for blood this week? Kristen - I'm not out for blood. I just wanted to talk with her. Brady and I are trying to work things out as you know. Eric - And what does that have to do with Nicole? Kristen - I want her to stay away from him because now that I'm back in the picture she needs to know that their little affair is officially done. Eric - What affair? Kristen - Oops.

Sami takes the phone. Hello. Johnny - Hi Mommy. Sami - Johnny, it's really good to hear your voice. Johnny - Yours too. Sami - I've heard you've been such a good boy. Johnny - Better than Allie. She was playing Beauty Shop with Grandma Marlena and she was using real scissors. Sami - Oh wow. Well I'm going to have to talk to her about that. Johnny - You can't, Allie's not here. Sami - Right, she has her swimming lesson. Johnny - And then we're going to the park to feed the ducks. Sami - I wish I could be there with you. Thank you for the video you made me. Johnny - I was the director. Sami - I bet you were. I watched it like a hundred times. Johnny - Mommy, are you coming home soon. Sami - I hope so. Yeah but until I do I am putting you in charge of giving your sister and your other sister and your brother tons and tons of hugs and kisses from me, okay? Johnny - I will. I love you. Sami - I love you so much. I love your sisters and brother so much. I'll talk to you soon okay. Johnny - Maybe tomorrow. Sami - Yeah, maybe tomorrow. Goodbye Johnny. Johnny - Goodbye mom. Sami cries. EJ apologies. Maybe that wasn't such a good idea. Sami - No it was. Thank you. EJ - I'll get you out of here. I'll take a d to the chapel, carry you back to our house over the threshold where we live with our children and we'll live ... Sami - No, you're not going to say happily ever after. EJ - No, dull, dull, dull. I was going to say thrillingly, blissfully married.

Justin - Mrs. Bernardi, this court order is final. Marge - What's final is that my husband is dead. You're not going to get the last word here. You won't poison Joe's memory, his good name with these lies about his character. Rafe was his friend and I talked to Det Hernandez when he woke up. He doesn't believe it either. Justin - I'm afraid we don't know the whole picture. Marge - Sure we do. Joe wasn't on the take. If he was would I be worried about how I'm going to pay my mortgage? Justin - Sorry. Marge - No you're not. And trust me, this heartless ploy of yours isn't going to help your client. Justin - I guess we'll see. Marge - Oh you will see counsellor because my husband wasn't buried. He was cremated.

Segment 4: Nick's phone rings. It's a call from the Dept of Corrections. I'm so sorry, I have to take this. Theresa - No worries, I'll grab us a table. Nick - Great. I'll see you in a second. Theresa sits down and pulls out her compact. JJ walks up. So is that the dude you've been crushing on? Theresa - What's it to you? JJ - You said you wanted to hang out. Theresa - So what? I changed my mind; woman's prerogative. JJ - God, I'm an idiot but you're an even bigger one if you're trying to snag that dude.

Dan and Jen bask in the afterglow. Dan asks what changed. Jen - I realised I don't want to risk losing you again. I couldn't stay away from you for one day, one hour. Dan - Does that mean ... Jen - It means that I love you and I'm never going to take that for granted again.

Nicole - Are you insane? Of course you are because you want to get back in bed with crazy Kristen. Brady - Do you want my help or not? Nicole - Why the hell would I admit I have feelings for Eric when he can't give me any back in return. He's a priest for God's sake. Brady - Yes he is but it's very, very bad form to lie to a priest. Nicole - Well it's very, very bad form to fall in love with him. Brady - You fell in love with him a long time ago Nicole. Nicole - Somehow I don't think I get a retroactive disposition. Brady - What do you think is going to happen when you tell him? Do you think he's going to rip his collar off and jump into bed with you? Nicole - No, of course not. Brady - Don't you think this is something that guy deserves to know? It's also going to feel better to get it off your chest. Nicole - No, I think it will ruin everything. He'll probably ask me to find a new job and a new place to live. Brady - Would that be so bad? Think about it. Nicole - It would. I've always been a bad girl and I always will but this is the least bad I've ever been. What if Eric selflessly decides to have himself transferred to another parish. St Luke's needs him here. His family needs him here. I need him here. Brady - I think you're underestimating my brother. He's not going to judge you. He's going to do whatever he can to work this thing out between you two. Nicole - What if someone else finds out? He can't go through another scandal. Brady - So your plan is to protect him by lying to him. Nicole - Yes. Brady - Even though he pretty much already knows the truth. Nicole - Yes. Brady - I'm not going to say anything but good luck with that. He leaves.

Kristen - You didn't know about Brady and Nicole. Well the good news it's just meaningless sex apparently. At least it was for Brady. I sure don't mean to be indiscreet. Eric - I'm sure you don't. Kristen - Well at least it's over, huh. It certainly is for Brady and I just want to make sure Nicole understands that. So I suppose you don't want me hanging around waiting for Nicole to come back. Eric - That's a good guess. Kristen - I hate gossip. I'm so sorry. I'll get out of your hair now. Have a great day. She leaves.

Segment 5: Theresa - What do you know about him except that he's 10 years older than you and ten times more worldly than you. JJ - Plenty, he's my cousin. Theresa - God! Is everyone in this town related! JJ - Pretty much. Oh and Nick's worldly alright. Let's see. He got hung up on a girl that wasn't interested in him so then he stalked her and was sent to prison for murdering her father. Yeah and then he married the first chick he met when he got out. Theresa - He's married. JJ - They're getting annulled. Theresa - Well no one's perfect. You should know. Besides, I like my men a little edgy. JJ - If you're looking for edgy, Nick's not your guy. He had a drug problem a while back so let's just say he's not going to be scoring you any coke. Theresa - Well neither did you. You know JJ, did anyone ever tell you it's tacky to trash your family. What's the matter, are you jealous? JJ - What the hell would I be jealous of? Theresa - I don't know. Maybe because he's brilliant and successful. JJ laughs. You think he's rich, don't you?

Jen panics. I've got to get to work. Dan does to. I should probably hit the shower first. Do you want to join me? Jen would love to but she has a conference call in 15 mins. Dan agrees that she should go. See you soon. Yeah. Dan - Promise? She promises. After multiple kisses she finally gets out of bed.

Justin - I have the records right here. Your husband was buried in the Salem Cemetery. Marge - That was the original plan but when I spoke with the funeral director he told me a funeral with all the works would cost 10 grand more than cremation. And I knew that Joe would want that money to go into Timmy's college fund not wasted on some plot and fancy casket. Justin - But after the memorial service ... Marge - We had a private burial service of the urn. You know I didn't think it mattered to anyone but me and Timmy but now I'm sure Joe guided my hand into making the right choice and I can't wait to see the look on your client's face when you break the news that she can kiss her life goodbye.

Sami tells EJ they'll have to pick a new wedding date. EJ asks why. Sami - Because I had you cancel all the plans. EJ disregarded that. Sami - You really have that much faith that Aunt Kayla's going to get me out of here by then. EJ - Yes I do. Sami - I guess I have some planning to do and time to do it. EJ - Well you don't have that much time. Sami tells EJ that this is her going to be her last, best, most important one - the one that matters. EJ gets a call. Justin, do we have an update? Are they going to do the exhumation today? Justin - I'm afraid I have some bad news.

Segment 6: JJ keeps laughing. Theresa - What's so damn funny? JJ - Nick just got fired. He's dead broke. Theresa - Oh yeah, then why does he wear a suit and carry a briefcase, to go window shopping? JJ - He probably had an interview. You should ask him if he got the job. You know the criminal background checks are kind of a killer in this economy. Theresa - Yeah, you're telling me. JJ - He'll probably have to go back to his old job washing dishes for your Grandma. Theresa - He's a busboy! JJ - Oh yeah. And the money he makes will probably go as alimony to the ex and the baby. Theresa - He has a baby! Oh God JJ you have to help me get out of this please! JJ - Are you kidding? 5 mins ago you were going to ditch me for Nick because you thought he was your ticket to the good life. Theresa - Don't be so sensitive okay. You can't dump somebody you're not dating. You're a kid for God's sake. We're just having fun. JJ - You know what, it's not fun anymore so why don't you do me the favour and don't ever call me again. He leaves.

Sami rants - How could she have the body cremated without anyone knowing about it. EJ - Justin is still trying to confirm that it's true. It's possible that she made the entire thing up to stop us in our tracks. It's going to be fine. Sami - How can you say that! This was my last, best chance of getting out of this place. If I don't, Johnny, Sydney and Allie are going to grow up without a mother just like I did. What do we do now?

Jen walks up to the nurse's station and greets Maxine. Maxine tells her that her son is waiting for her in her office. She has 3 messages for her as well. Jen is happy that her conference call is cancelled. Salem Magazine is getting really impatient about that article on Daniel. Oh my gosh, I won that PR award. I never thought that would happen. Maxine is telling Jen she's so happy for her when Dan arrives.

Kristen opens the door of the mansion to Brady. He notices that she found his bracelet. Kristen gets him to zip her dress up. Fr Matt walks up and makes his presence known.

Nicole returns to the rectory. Eric comments that he didn't hear her come in. Nicole says if he's in the middle of a prayer she can come back. Eric - I was just thinking. Nicole - About what? Eric - About you.

Segment 7: Nick joins Theresa and apologises for taking so long. Theresa - No worries. I'm sure your job keeps you busy. Nick - Well actually I'm kind of in between jobs right now. Theresa - OMG, he wasn't kidding. You're a broke, ex-con loser. Nick - Who said that? Theresa - It doesn't matter. You led me to believe that you're some successful stockbroker. Nick - Actually I never said that and if you just asked me out for coffee because you thought I was loaded ... Theresa - No, don't turn this around on me poodle okay. If there's one thing I can't stand, it's dishonest people. She leaves. Nick - Poodle?

A nurse walks up to Dan and asks for his signature. Maxine tells Jen it couldn't be more well deserved. Jen doesn't know about that. They banter back and forth. Jen heads off to her office. Dan greets Maxine. I saw you talking to Jennifer. I guess you heard the good news. Maxine - Yes I did and I'm so happy that it was Jennifer and not that barracuda from St Mary's. Dan - What are you talking about? Maxine - What are you talking about?

Jen greets JJ with a hug. JJ - I sent you a couple of a texts but you didn't respond. Jen - I think my phone was on silent. Are you okay? JJ - Yeah. I just came by to ask you a favour and lucky me, you look like you're in a really good mood. Is there something you want to share.

EJ's cell rings again. Justin. Justin - I'm sorry EJ. Marge was right. Her husband was cremated. EJ - Do you think that maybe somebody instructed her to do this to try and cover up the true cause of his death. Justin - Honestly, I don't think so. She was very convincing. She did it for her son. EJ - What about the medical records we already have. Doesn't Kayla's theory at least cast reasonable doubt? Justin - You know as well as I do that's not enough. The official cause of death is on record and that's what will be presented at the trial. Sami's bullet killed Joe Bernardi.

Kristen asks Fr Matt if he's going to join her and Brady on their date today. Fr Matt says no. Do you have a moment to chat? Kristen - Sure, come on in. Fr Matt - Bishop White told me how much he enjoyed meeting you at the reception. Kristen - Likewise. Fr Matt - And how grateful he is for your generous contributions to the scholarship program. Kristen - My pleasure; anything I can do to help. Fr Matt - Well there is something else. The bishop is hoping you might join in on selecting the beneficiaries of this years scholarships. Kristen - Interesting. What does that entail? Fr Matt - Reading essays and applications and of course meeting with Fr Eric to make the final decision. Kristen - No. The last thing I need to do is spend more time with Fr Eric.

Nicole - I know things have been awkward between us lately but I could just kill EJ for what he said to you. Eric - That's not what I want to talk to you about. Nicole - If it's about what I said about Sami I told you ... Eric - It's not about my sister Sami. It's about my brother. Are you sleeping with him?


Wednesday Aug 7

Segment 1: Dan is confused. Weren't you congratulating Jennifer? Maxine - Yes, of course. She won the Harris Award for best PR work. Dan says that great. Maxine - Is there something else I should be congratulating her for?

Will is doing school work in the park. Maggie comes along and greets him. She asks if she's interrupting. Will - No. I can't concentrate anyway. Maggie - Are you worried about your mom? He is. Maggie - I don't want to sound like a Pollyanna here but I'm sure your mom wouldn't want you to be anxious and miserable. That's not going to help anything. You've got to concentrate on the good things. You've got Arianna; there's a lot of happiness there. And Sonny's with you. Will - Yeah, he's been great. Maggie - Are you and Sonny having problems?

Nicole tell Eric she was sleeping with Brady but it was short term. Who told you? Eric - Why does it matter. Nicole - It does. Who told you? Eric - Kristen. Nicole - Damn her.

Both Fr Matt and Brady look surprised when Kristen says the last thing she needs is to spend more time with Eric. Brady - Why? Cue f/b of the rape.

Dan - No, no other reason. I got confused there for a second. Maxine - No you didn't. You thought it was something else ... Oh my word, you two got back together. Dan - Yeah. Can you not share that with anyone yet. Maxine won't. I'm just happy for you two. I wonder why Jennifer didn't say anything before.

Jen - I am happy because I see my son turning a corner and that makes me feel so great just seeing you get back on track. JJ - I know I've been screwing up. JJ - The important thing is you're owning up to it; you're taking responsibility. Obviously you're really trying to turn things around. JJ - Definitely, especially with you. It hasn't been fun fighting with you all the time. Jen - Definitely but that's pulled way back. JJ - It's better. It seems easier now that it's just us; just the family. Speaking of family, I'm going to go see Will a little later because you said it was okay. Jen - Yeah that's great. In fact I think it's really kind that you want to be there for him. JJ's cell rings. It's Theresa. He ignores the call. Jen - Who's that? JJ - Wrong number I guess.

Theresa is strolling outside the pub leaving JJ a message. Come on, don't be mad at me. Call me when you get this. We'll hang out later, see what happens. You never know. After she ends the call she mutters 'Such a baby.' She goes inside the pub and greets her Grandma. I wanted to see how you are doing especially with all this Sami stuff that's going on. Caroline - I worry all day long and when I'm not worrying, I'm praying. Theresa - Me too. Caroline - How's the job? Theresa - Couldn't be better. Actually I wanted to ask you about this guy that used to work here. His name is Nick. Caroline - Nick Fallon. Yeah he was a busboy here; a dishwasher. Theresa - What a total loser! I guess I should have seen that one coming; that's all there really is in this town, right? Caroline - Why don't you have a seat. We should talk.

Nicole - That witch had no right to talk to you about my private life. Eric - She thought I already knew. Nicole - How many more of Kristen's lies are you going to believe? Eric - Stop laying this all on Kristen. What I'm more shocked at is that you and Brady felt the need to keep this from me in the first place. Nicole - Because it was none of anyone's business. It was private. Eric - Something that important? A deep, emotional attachment. I guess I'm more surprised that you were keeping it from me.

Kristen - I'm sorry. That was a silly thing for me to say. Can I think about it for a little bit? Fr Matt - Of course. I do hope you say yes. That speech you gave at the school was so moving; showing real insight and real care for the poor children of our community. It would be a real shame not to have you with us on this. Kristen - Thank you so much. That's very kind. I will call you. Brady walks Fr Matt out. Kristen paces and mutters - Idiot! You're such an idiot! Brady - I thought things were okay between you and my brother. Kristen - Are you kidding! You saw how he reacted when he found out we were back together. Brady - We talked. We worked it out. He's willing to reserve judgement. You freaked out at the idea of working with my brother. I don't understand. Kristen - What can I say! Working with Eric is kind of complicated.

Segment 2: Will - No, Sonny and I are really good. It's just that he is busy with remodelling the coffee shop. Maggie - I heard it's terrific. Victor said a friend of Sonny's designed a whole new look. Will - Yeah, Brent. Maggie - When that gets done Sonny will have more time and that will smooth things out for you two. Will - That's the plan. Obviously things can be hectic because of Ari. Maggie - That won't last forever. Will - It will last 18 years; that's a long time. She's 2 months old. It's not going to get easier any time soon. Maggie - True but you know Will, she's always going to be your little girl. I'm sure Sonny understands that. Will - Yeah he does and that's what worries me; that's he too understanding for his own good.

Nicole - Well I'm sorry you felt left out or hurt. Eric - No, I'm not. It's really none of my business. It's just that I had no clue and I know you and Brady were intimate in the past. I just never knew you had such strong feelings for him. Nicole - That's why I kept it hidden. Brady and I ... chemistry is right ... I mean a whole lot of history and it was just a matter of time before we found our way back to each other. Silence. Nicole - What! Eric - I think there's something you need to know.

Kristen - Now don't misunderstand me. I don't have anything against Eric at all. Think about it for a second. Marlena is going to have a heart attack if she found out I was confabbing with Eric. Brady - Eric is going to tell Marlena that it's for the Bishop and charity. Kristen disagrees. Marlena won't quit because that's what she does. She's going to spew her negativity all over Eric and he's going to hate me more than he already does. Brady - Stop it. This is how it's going to happen. You are going to work with Eric. It's going to be fine. He's going to see you as the caring, generous person that I see you as. And when the time comes for us to tell my father and Marlena we're together again Eric is going to be on our side and it's going to be great. Kristen laughs. Did you get a PhD in Optimism when I wasn't looking? Brady - No, I just trust you and I trust my brother. Kristen - I don't know. Brady - This is our second chance. I think we owe it to ourselves to make sure everything runs smoothly so that there's no resistance like we got before. Work with my brother.

Jen - You said you needed a favour. JJ - Oh yeah I was hoping that you'd say I could go out tonight after I see Will. I know I'm not grounded; I just wanted to ask you. Jen - Is your homework done? JJ - It will be. I've got to write an essay for English. Jen - Okay. That shouldn't be a problem then. Where are you planning on going? JJ - I don't know. This girl from school and I are just going to hang out. Jen - Is it a date? JJ - Maybe. Jen - Should I meet this girl. JJ - I can bring her by the house. Jen - Yeah, bring her. We're having book club at the house tonight so bring her by early. I just want to make sure she's in high school. Seriously, the last girl you brought home was too old for you. JJ - Alright, I'll bring her by. Since you brought up Theresa, how's she doing on the job. Jen - She's not great. I have a feeling she's not going to be around much longer. JJ - Sometimes you've just got to cut the balloons. I'll see you later.

Maxine - So when did you and Jen finally come to your senses. Just today? The phone rings. Maxine takes the call. JJ passes Dan - Hey Dr. Dan, long time no see. He heads to the elevator.

Jen leaves a message for Kayla. Can you call me back. I know you're not going to be surprised and you'll probably be a little disappointed but this whole situation with Theresa, it's just not working out. So can you just give me a call. Dan comes in and asks Jen if she has a minute. Jen - Yes I do. What's going on? Dan - That's what I want to know.

Segment 3: Caroline - Ever since you got here, there's this big chip on your shoulder. Why? If you want to be happy that's got to change. Theresa - Did it ever occur to you that maybe it's not me. There's a certain male demographic in this town that seems to like me just fine. Everybody else, that's their problem. Caroline - You want to be hostile all the time. You know that's just plain self-destructive. Theresa - Have you been on the phone with my mom again? This is the exact kind of psycho babble that she spits out at me all the time. I'm so tired of everybody in this family judging me all the time; telling me how to act. Why don't you guys just leave me alone!

Maggie - Wasn't it Sonny's idea for the 3 of you to live together with the baby. Will - Yes it was but I still want him to have a life you know. Maggie - And he doesn't now? Will - Well he does technically with me and he's got the club. Maggie - What's missing? Will - For example, there's this hiking trip he really wanted to go to but he ended up passing because of me and the baby and what Mom's going through. I just feel like I'm holding him back. Maggie - Will, people in relationships, they make sacrifices. That's part of the package. So try not to make assumptions about what Sonny is feeling. Ask him or better yet, wait for him to say something. Will - Okay. Sounds easy enough I guess. JJ walks up. Hey man, I made it. Maggie - Hello JJ. JJ - Hi, how's it going? Maggie - Very well, thank you. She kisses Will on the cheek and tells him to take care. We'll talk later. She leaves. Will - Was that as weird as I think that was? JJ - Yeah, my mom and her son stopped seeing each other. Will - I'm sorry. Daniel's really a good guy.

Dan - Us getting back together makes me so damn happy but now I'm confused. Jen - Why? Dan - I get the feeling that you're not telling anybody. Jen - Well I haven't but ... Dan - You talked to Maxine and you obviously didn't tell her. And I ran into JJ just as I was leaving. You must have talked to him. Jen - A little bit. Dan - But not about us. Jen - No. Dan - Okay. If the timing wasn't right that's one thing but I'm thinking there's something else going on here. Are we back together?

Eric - Nicole, it's important to me that you know that I would never want you to get hurt. Nicole - This is sounding serious. Eric - When Kristen was here earlier she made it crystal clear that she wants you to stay away from Brady. Nicole - Like I would ever pick a fight with Kristen over Brady! Eric - Didn't you just say you had feelings for him? Nicole - Yeah, well, like for a few days then Brady said he wanted to jump back into bed with that witch so I moved on. No biggie! Silence. What! Eric - You sound so indifferent for someone who was so intimate with someone I never would have thought that you could be so ... Nicole - Cold? Eric - Yes.

Kristen reads a text. He's so sweet. Fr Matt was ecstatic! Brady - I guess he wants to see you right away. Kristen - Pretty much. I have to go over all these applications before I see Eric. Brady - Thank you. Kristen - Oh shut up. You don't have to thank me. Don't you know by know that I would do anything for you. Brady - Can we do what I've been wanting to do all morning since I saw you in this dress. Kristen - No, because if we did that I wouldn't get to the church for hours and hours. I've got to get a rain check. Brady can deal with that. He leaves. Kristen makes a call. I need to see you right now!

Segment 4: Nicole - That's how I am with men. I think it's time to move on and I'm out of there. Eric - Really? Nicole - Yeah. Remember how quickly I moved on from you when I went with Lucas? Eric - Yes but I thought you had changed. Nicole - Me! Wow! Where'd you get that idea? Deep down, I'm shallow, remember? Eric - No, you're not. Nicole - Oh come on! When you first got back into town I was getting over Daniel. Two weeks later I was hooking up with Vargas; two weeks ago I was with Brady. No one can ever accuse me of the everlasting love thing. Silence. Nicole - What! Eric - I don't believe that's the real you. Nicole - Yeah sure it is. Easy come, easy go and the second a guy thinks that I care about them ... poof! ... I move on to the next one. Eric - Does that mean you and I ... Fr Matt comes in - Ahh, good you're here. I've got some news. Sorry, am I interrupting?

Jen - Listen to me. What we did today was wonderful but ... Dan - Was today sort of just a one time thing for you - a little hit and run. Jen - Don't say that. Dan - You're not anxious to tell anyone. Jen - Do you want me to take an ad out in the Salem Magazine, write it in the sky - Jennifer and Daniel are back together. Dan - I don't really need it written in the sky, I would just prefer to know if you were having second thoughts. Jen - No I'm not. Dan - But you want this to be just between us. Jen - Because it is between us. Dan - You know what I mean. Jen - No I don't. You're getting really upset with me because I haven't told the whole world that we're back together. Don't you think it's a little egocentric to think that everyone in Salem needs to know what's happening with us. Dan - I just have this feeling that any minute you're going to hit me with the news that we're still taking a break. Jen - No we're not. Listen to me, I love you and I am committed to you and I want us to be together. Dan - Yeah but there's a but here though, right? OMG there is. Jen - No there isn't. Just listen to me. JJ is making so much progress. Dan - Here we go. Jen - This is my son we're talking about. Dan - Yeah and he's making a lot of progress. Do you really think so? Jen - I do think he is. Obviously you don't. Dan recalls his conversation with Nicole. Jen - Do you know a reason why JJ isn't doing better?

JJ doesn't want to talk about his mom and her ex. So how are you doing? I mean, they kept your mom in jail like some drug lord. Will - It's been rough. JJ - Is there anything I can do to help? I can babysit if you want to go and visit her. Will - Do you even know how to change a diaper? JJ - No, but you learned so how hard can it be? Will laughs - Smart ass remark every time! JJ - You walk right into them every time. Question. What's up with this cousin of yours from California? Will - Theresa? JJ - Yeah. What's with her attitude, right? Will - I don't know. I haven't seen her since she got back. I don't really know her very well anyway. Sounds like you do though.

Caroline - I'd really like you to stay so we can talk about this. Theresa - No, you mean stay so I can listen to you lecture me again. I don't think so. Caroline - Stephanie, please stay. Theresa - Grandma, I'm Theresa. Caroline sighs. I called you Stephanie. I'm sorry. Theresa - It's okay. Sit down. Caroline - I get upset, I blow names. Theresa - You know what, a lot of people do that. I'm sorry I got so snarky with you. I know you were just trying to help. Caroline - Well I love you. Theresa - I know. I crossed the line. I get kind of sensitive when people start pointing out what a loser I am. Caroline - You are not a loser. You're starting to sound like your mother. Kim and I would get into fights when I tried to lay down the law to her. Theresa - Really? Caroline - Yes. It's the Brady temper. Theresa - Well I promise not to lose it with you again. She takes her grandma's hand.

Dan - I can not judge JJ one way or the other. Jen - You sound so sceptical. Dan - Forget JJ. Jen - That's a really strange thing to say. Dan - I want to talk about us. I thought you finally realised that we should be together no matter what's going with JJ. Jen - No I never said that. Dan - Right, you didn't. Well apparently there's a lot that you haven't said so do you want to start making yourself clear. Jen - I'm not going to talk to you when you're like this; when you're upset and you're telling me to just forget my son. Dan - Excuse me! I didn't say forget your son ... would you please just give me a little credit. All I meant was that we need to focus on us, on you in me, in this moment, in this conversation. But you know what I want right now? I really want you to be clear about what's going on with you. So please tell me, talk to me please go. Jen - Okay, since we've been separated JJ's been doing so much better. He's like the kid that he used to be. Dan - So you think if we tell JJ that we're back together he will start acting out again? Jen - No, I'm just asking for a little more time. Dan - Time! If you say that to me one more time ... Jen - Just listen to me. We're getting closer and he's starting to feel more secure about who he is and he will accept you. I know that. Dan - What you want now is for us to take a time out. Jen - No I don't because I love you and I want us to be together. Dan - I love you too but you can not have it both ways. Jen - Yes we can. We just have to keep it a secret.

Segment 5: Dan - So you want to sneak around. Jen - Please don't make it sound cheap. I think that we can do this. I think that we can be together but ... Dan - But just not in public. You wouldn't want it to get back to JJ. Jen - Right. Dan - Yeah right. So the symphony tickets for tomorrow, that's just out of the question. Jen - I know you bought those tickets especially for me and I'm so sorry. Dan - No problem. I was going to give them away anyway because we're taking a break. Now is there anything else that we can't do? Jen - You're angry. Dan - No, straight question. Jen - Just listen to me. This could really be romantic. Think of it that way. We could have these secret dates and stolen kisses. Dan - You know what that's really called? It's called sneaking around and lying to people. It's what Chloe and I did when we first started seeing each other, no more. Jen - This would be totally different. Dan - Not so much Jen because what we would be doing is wrecking the honesty we've always had with each other and with other people. But let me jump into your space for a little bit - so it would be romantic to lie to JJ and Abigail, because that's what we're going to do. Jen - No I don't want ... I don't know. Maybe I haven't thought of all the details. I just thought ... Dan - Damn right you haven't because if you had you would know there's no way in hell I would agree to this. He walks out of her office.

Nicole - No Fr, you're not interrupting. I have to get these handouts into the pews, excuse me. Outside in the hallways she mutters - I had to make him think that, I had to! Eric - You said you had news. Fr Matt - Yes. I spoke with the Bishop. He has selected Kristen DiMera to help you select the new scholarship students. Eric - I'm sorry, I don't understand. Fr Matt - He's very impressed with her. Besides, she's provided most of the funding. Eric - She agreed? Fr Matt - I just got a confirmation call. Is something the matter? Eric - Fr Matt, I'm not sure if you know, but Kristen DiMera has done a lot to hurt my family. Fr Matt - I thought she changed and she was trying to live a more positive life. Eric - Yes, it's possible. Fr Matt - Is it that you don't want to work with her. Before you answer, think. This is very important to the Bishop. Eric - Yes, it's fine. Of course I'll work with her. You're right. She has been trying to change.

Kristen grabs the doctor's lapel and drags him inside the mansion. I need some straight answers. Apparently I'm going to be working very closely with a certain someone. Dr - The man you drugged. Kristen - Yeah. In the same room. It could be hours at a time and I need to know if being with him is going to trigger any kind of memory of what happened that night. Dr - If he hasn't remembered by now, he never will. Kristen - Not hearing my voice, not being next to me ... nothing like that. Dr - Not a problem. Kristen - Would you stake your life on it? Dr - I'm positive.

Segment 6: JJ - Dude, she works for my mom at the hospital, totally lazy. Bev! JJ introduces Will to Bev. Will - Once it's up and running you should bring Bev to the club sometime. JJ - We could drink. Will - No you can't. I've got to give you a wristband, sorry. It will still be fun. Will leaves. Bev - Are we on for tonight? JJ - Most definitely. My mom wants us to stop by the house first just so she knows you're not some 40 yr old stripper. Bev - I better find something mom approved to wear. JJ - I'm sure you'll do fine especially after the last girl she thought I was interested in.

Theresa gets off the elevator at the hospital. Man this is so depressing. She sees Dan on the phone. She makes a beeline to him. I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed having lunch with you. Dan - Do you like the symphony? Theresa - Yes I love it! Dan - Are you free tomorrow night? Theresa - Absolutely!

Brady comes into the living room of the K mansion and gives Maggie a kiss on the cheek. How are you doing? Maggie - I'm fine. You're awfully chipper, what's up. Brady - I have something to tell you. You have to promise to keep it quiet. Maggie - Mum's the word. Brady - It's a little shocking. Maggie - I can do shocking. Tell me. Brady - Kristen and I have decided to start seeing each other again. Maggie - Oh God.

Kristen arrives at the rectory. Fr Matt - I'm so glad you decided to help with the project. Kristen - I'm looking forward to it. Fr Matt - I'll let you two get started. He leaves. Eric - These are the new applicants. Kristen - Can I just be honest with you? This is very awkward for both of us, I know. When you saw Brady and I together at the Kiriakis mansion you made it very clear how you felt about us. Eric - Brady and I ... Kristen - I know. You discussed it and you're reserving judgement which is very kind of you. But we both know this is not going to be easy for you to explain to Marlena. Eric - No, it won't but this is for a worthy cause so she's going to have to understand. I also know that Brady wants this to be a beginning of a new chapter for all of us. Kristen - That's my hope too. Eric - Good. Welcome aboard. They shake hands. Eric looks down at her hand in his. Kristen - Something wrong Father? Eric gets a text. I'm sorry. It's my grandmother. I drove her to the pharmacy earlier and she thinks she left her prescription in my car. I'm sorry, I'm going to have to take this to her. Kristen - That's okay. I have to go through all this anyway. Eric - I'll be back soon. He leaves. Nicole returns. What the hell are you doing here?

Segment 7: Bev - So where are we going tonight? JJ - My mom has this book club thing at the house tonight which means I can stay out longer than I thought. Bev - Great. Then we can get into some trouble and stay there a long time. JJ - Oh, I just had the best idea. Tonight is going to be so epic!

Maxine knocks on Jen's door. You said you wanted these as soon as they came in. Jen thanks her. Maxine - Do you have something that you'd like to share with your old buddy? Jen - No and I have a lot of work to do since I have an assistant that doesn't come to work. Maxine leaves. Jen pulls out the press release about Daniel.

Theresa - Dr. Jonas, I'm so excited. The symphony, wow! So what time can I ... Dan - The show starts at 8. I'm sure you'll have no problem finding someone to go with. It's supposed to be a really good show. Theresa - Oh well thanks. Dan - I'm glad somebody gets to enjoy the show. I've got to run so have fun. She's going to throw the tickets in the garbage when she sees the price. $125 a pop. If I scalp these I can get some more quality product. Yeah, from a grownup dealer. Maxine tells Theresa that Ms Horton has been looking for her. Theresa - Oh sorry (don't know what else she added) - she gets on the elevator.

Maggie - You warned me. I never expected that. Brady - You're not too happy, are you? Maggie - I just don't get it. After everything you've learned about her. What's she done to you. What she's doing to your family. Brady - Maggie, I know you've heard this before but I'm telling you, she's changed. Maggie - Oh dear God. Don't tell me you're trotting that one out again. Brady - I love her. The crazy thing is she loves me too. I know it's risky. Maggie - Remember when you said that maybe you were addicted to love. Brady - That's not what this is. I know you're worried about me. I appreciate that you're worried about me but please just trust me. My eyes are open. We're taking it slow. If Kristen's playing me, I will know it.

Nicole - You think because no one's here you can just waltz in and start reading files. Kristen - Would you be a sweetie pie and copy these applications for me. Nicole - Excuse me but who the hell do you think you are! Kristen - I'm your new boss.


Thursday Aug 8

Segment 1: Justin knocks on Rafe's hospital door and asks if he's up for a visitor. Rafe - Please, I'm bored to death. Justin - Glad to see you awake! Rafe - Hopefully they're going to let me walk soon. Justin - Well I think sitting up and moving your arms comes before that. Don't push it. Rafe - Thanks. I won't. So, you're not here for my health, are you? Justin - That's one reason. Rafe - Sami's case. Justin - Yeah. If you're up for it I need to ask you some questions about Joe Bernardi. Kate comes in - The hell you do.

Adrienne knocks on Kayla's office door and asks if it's a bad time. Kayla - Depends ... Adrienne - Sorry. I probably should have called first. I need a friend, my friend and I thought if anyone could understand where I am and why I did what I did, it would be you. Kayla - You thought wrong.

Chad is walking through the square and he sees Abigail talking to Cameron. Abby tells Cameron - You just have to bring yourself; I took care of lunch. Cam - You cooked? Abby - It's not a big deal. It's a makeup date from when we had to cancel before. Chad walks up to them. Abby asks if he's okay. Chad - Yeah, just a little worn out from the coffeehouse renovation. Abby - It's up there on the stress list right next to death and job loss. Aren't you glad you ran into me, I'm so cheery, right? Abby goes to check on a fall class. She'll be back. After she leaves Cam says - I didn't say a word. I don't know where that came from. Chad - All of a sudden for no reason she starts talking about death. Cam - Forget it. How are you feeling? Chad - Like I look and I can see you haven't wasted a minute moving in on Abigail.

Brady comes into the pub and greets Eric. Eric steps past him - Excuse me. Brady - Hey, what's going on? Are you in a hurry? Eric - Yeah, I've got to go. Brady - You're not leaving like that. What's wrong with you?

Marlena is asleep on her couch. She calls out John's name. Kristen walks up to her. Oh Marlena, this is so sad. John's not coming back because he's done with you. I, however, am just getting started. Marlena wakes up. Don't let that woman destroy your day.

Nicole laughs at Kristen's assertion that she's her new boss. Wow, you have totally, completely snapped. Kristen - You think so? Nicole - Yeah. It's totally hilarious. You just made my morning. Kristen - I wonder if you're going to feel that way when you find out it's true.

Rafe - Kate! Kate - Do you have permission to be here? Justin - I didn't realise that was required. Kate - Okay, do you have any idea of what he's been through. Rafe - Hey! Kate - I mean, you can't just barge in here ... Rafe - Kate! I can answer a few questions. I want to. Justin - Thanks. Kate - Just don't tire him out. Justin - I understand Marge Bernardi stopped by. Rafe - Yeah. Justin - A lot of pressure to take sides, huh? Look we're still clearing motions but the jury selection is starting soon. I can really use anything you can give me to help Sami's defence. Rafe - Whatever I can do.

Eric - Not now. Brady - I know you probably have another priest that you go to with your problems but you can talk to me, I'm your brother. Eric - I'm not the one with ... I'll see you later. Brady - Eric, do you have a problem with me. Is that what this is about? Eric - You know it's none of my business. It's your life Brady. Brady - Let me guess, this is about Kristen. I thought you were okay with Kristen. Eric - It's about Nicole.

Kristen - I'll be helping to chose the scholarship students along with Fr Eric of course. Nicole - No way. Kristen - It's a short term job obviously so I won't be in your hair for long but I won't hesitate to pull your hair if I find that you're slacking off. Nicole - On what? Kristen - I don't know. What exactly is your job description here. I don't understand it. Nicole - If you think I'm doing anything for you ... Kristen - For the poor, deserving children who would benefit from this scholarship. Really? Nicole - Oh Kristen, we are all about the children here, just not all about you. Eric will put a stop to this. Kristen - I don't think so. The order came directly from Bishop White. Nicole - Bishop White wants you near children, many of whom haven't had their shots yet. Kristen - This is so sad. You're just failing to grasp the spirit of the project, aren't you? Well thankfully Eric is a much more serious, much deeper soul and I know we're going to be working long hours to get ... Nicole - Oh hell no! You have already trashed Brady. There is no way in hell you're going to ruin Eric's life too. Kristen smiles - It's too late for that.

Segment 2: Cam - Did you make an appointment with the specialist? Chad - I have a call in. I'll go in as soon as he calls back and I'll make sure you get the good news first. Cam - I'd appreciate that. I do hope we're being overly cautious here. Chad - Out of sight, out of mind. Clear shot at Abigail, right?

Adrienne - Come on Kayla, not you too. Kayla - What did you expect? Sami is my niece. Adrienne - I expected you to understand that I was protecting my son. Kayla - By throwing my family under the bus? Adrienne - What was I supposed to do? Wait for Sonny to be arrested for obstruction of justice? Kayla - I didn't know there was a warrant out for his arrest. Adrienne - There wasn't. Kayla - No, there wasn't, was there. Nobody was even looking at him because the whole thing was over. Adrienne - Yeah, but the minute that video surfaced it would have only been a matter of time before they came after him. Kayla - I can see that maybe you would think that this was okay to do to Sami but what about Justin? You have made his job so much more difficult. Adrienne - Don't worry, I'm paying for that. Justin's barely spoken to me since Sami was arrested.

Kate - Okay, that's enough. Justin - I haven't asked a single question. Kate - Rafe said he would help so you check that off your list and go. Rafe - Kate! Kate - No, I'm not going to back down on this. You're just going to get upset and sick over Sami all over again. Rafe - Stop. Justin - Kate, I'm just doing my job. It would go a lot easier and a lot faster if you could just step outside for a few minutes. Rafe - I'm okay. Kate leaves. Justin - She's very protective. Rafe - Yeah, you think! So ask. Justin - Yes. Just tell me whatever you can about Joe Bernardi. Rafe - Well, good cop. First guy in the door. Loved his family. Good guy. Justin - Was he a friend of yours? Rafe - Not so much outside of work; but at work very friendly. Justin - Did you ever see anything that gave you pause; made you wonder about him. Anything. Rafe shakes his head no. I'm not really helping Sami's case, am I?

Eric - Kristen told me about you and Nicole. She didn't mean to. She thought I already knew. She thought you told me. Brady - Listen to me. Nicole and I ... it was a blip. We both knew what we were doing. Listen, she's fine, I'm fine. It didn't mean ... Eric - It didn't mean anything? It's done. You're just going to throw her away and everything's fine! Brady - Hey, let me fill you in. She kicked my butt to the curb a couple of times even when she knew I was in love with her but that has nothing to do with what happened recently. She's a grown woman now okay. We have a relationship, complex but it's honest. Eric - No matter what you think, she's still upset. Brady - Is that what she said to you? Eric - No, not in so many words but I can see that she's torn up. Brady - Alright. I'll talk to her. I want to be honest with everybody. Eric - Except for me. Brady - I apologise. I didn't want you to find out that way. I was meaning to tell you. Eric - Yeah but you're not so sorry that it happened, right? Marlena walks up - Hello men. Is everything alright?

Nicole - Excuse me. What do you mean it's too late to ruin Eric's life. Kristen - You got there first Nicole. Now you're living this tacky Thornbirds fantasy. It's written all over your face whenever you're around that poor slob. Nicole - You don't know what you are talking about. Kristen - Can't we just be real with each other. It's just the two of us. Now what skills do you have for this job exactly? People are talking. Nicole - Meaning? Kristen - Well you know, Eric sees you as a charity case. Nicole - I'm over qualified for this job. Kristen - You're over qualified huh? So why are you here again? You're just hanging around because you're obsessed with Fr Eric. That's so pathetic and very sad. It's going to end badly. It's so sad for that man, really, truly. Nicole - Totally psycho. How are you even walking around free. Kristen - Maybe Eric is doomed but Brady is not so you listen up. You stay away from him.

Segment 3: Cam (the first part of what he says was cut off). You don't even know what you have yet. Chad - Well the words brain tumour got my attention. Cam - I know. I can only imagine. Try to use a few other words like false alarm or shadow on the x-ray. You asked for the worst case scenario. I had to give it to you but it can just as easily be nothing. Chad - I'm not ready to lose anything. Cam - You shouldn't be. Chad gets a call from the specialist.

Adrienne - What if it were Stephanie? What if Sami and EJ had convinced one of your children to commit a crime. What would you do? Wait for the police to show up at your door and hope for the best? Kayla - I don't know. Adrienne - Oh I do and deep down you do to. Thanks for the shoulder. Kayla - Wait. You're right. It's a mess for us but I understand. Adrienne - Thank you. I can't tell you what it means to hear that at last. Kayla - You have a lot of friends here. You'll see them all tonight at Jennifer's. Adrienne - Oh the book club. I totally forgot. I can't go. Kayla - You have to go! It will be good for you. Adrienne - I highly doubt that. Kate comes barging in - Kayla ... she sees Adrienne. Your husband is badgering Rafe. She turns to Kayla. You need to stop him.

Justin - So, do you think you could be a character witness for Sami. I know it's a lot to ask of an ex. Rafe - Well so is shooting a guy to save me. Listen, I know that Sami wouldn't have shot Joe Bernardi if she didn't have a good reason. Justin - But? Rafe - The video. They were arguing in the square. Justin - That wasn't related. Rafe - What went down? Justin - I can't talk about it. Rafe - Come on, just tell me. Maybe I can help; point you in the right direction. Justin - Rafe, don't worry about it. Rafe - Well I am worried about it. Sami is in jail because of me ... Kayla comes in followed by Kate. Hey, hey, hey. Let's stop. Come on Rafe. Kate - What did you do to him? Justin - Nothing. Kayla - Seriously, that's enough for now. Justin - Just 2 more questions. Kayla - No, another time and you need to check with me first okay. Rafe - I'm fine! Justin - It's okay. You rest, I'll come back later. Thanks Rafe. He leaves. Rafe - Okay. So when the hell do I get out of this damn bed? Kayla - You'll be the first to know.

Adrienne and Justin meet up at the elevator.

Brady - Everything's fine. Marlena - Except for your sister's in jail. Brady - Of course. I tried to get in to see her and they wouldn't let me. Marlena - You've got to be on the list. They're doing that as a precaution to keep Sami safe. Eric - Did you see Sami this morning? Marlena - No but I was there yesterday until EJ showed up. I just can't believe she has to stay in jail for the entire trial and Justin feels it's going to take him 2 weeks to find a jury. Brady - They're going to have a hard time finding someone who hasn't heard about this case. Eric - When you do see Sami tell her I'll be back at my usual time. Marlena - I will. That means the world to her. Eric - Tell her I'm praying hard for her. Marlena - She knows that too. Now what's going on with you? Eric - Actually there are some things happening at the church that I need to fill you in on but that can keep today. Actually Brady has something very important to tell you. Brady - Yeah I do. Eric - I'll see you later. He leaves. Marlena - Is it about Sami? Brady - No. Marlena - What is it?

Nicole - You are so worried about me and Brady. Kristen - Not even a little bit honey. I know that you mean absolutely nothing to him. Nicole - So much nothing that you've got your crazy on; you're in my face. Kristen - You're not threatened by me, are you? Nicole shakes her head no. Kristen - You should be because when I want to take you out, you're not going to see it coming. Nicole - Is that so. Kristen - This is a gentle warning. Your bed hopping days at the Kiriakis mansion are over and done. Nicole - You want to know how quick it was? Kristen - Given how uninspiring you look as a woman I imagine it was pretty much like that - she snaps her fingers. Nicole - Let me rephrase that. How soon it was after Brady left you and was in my bed? Oh he couldn't wait Krissy! Kristen - He's mine. And if for some reason we're not together very bad things are going to happen. Nicole - I'm shaking. Kristen - You should be because a lot of people are going to get hurt but you Nicole are going to suffer the worst; the most unimaginable pain that you could ever conceive of. Nicole - You should seriously be on a government watch list. Kristen - Nothing and nobody can stop me. Oh wow look at that. She finally gets it. You have no idea what I'm capable of. She snaps her teeth at Nicole.

Segment 4: Justin presses the down button. Adrienne - Do you have a few minutes? Justin - Not really. I don't have much time; getting my client out of jail. There's a clock ticking on that. Adrienne - But our marriage can wait until it's more convenient, is that what you're saying? I'm not finished. I'm not ready to give up on us. We need to talk and we need to talk now. Justin - Not here. Adrienne - Fine, name the place. They get in the elevator.

Chad - I'll be there. Abby returns - What's up? Chad - More meetings. Abby - With the renovation? Chad - Yes. It's pretty time consuming. I'll catch you guys later. He leaves. Abby - He's so off lately. You noticed it too, yeah? Cam - He's been in better moods. He seems pretty busy. Abby - You guys have been getting along, right? Cam - Yeah, surprisingly. Abby - He feels the same way which makes me feel even worse for the way I've been. Cam - Nobody's pressuring you. Abby - I know. Thank you Cameron. I really appreciate it. You've been so great and you're such an amazing guy. Cam - You make that easy. Let's go.

Marlena - Brady, is this about Kristen. Brady - Yes it is. Listen, before you ... things have shifted for us. I found out a lot of things that happened going back to when I first started working with her at the church. I found out some things ... things that I thought meant one thing but they ... Marlena - She lied to you. Brady - Not about everything. Marlena - Brady, no. Brady - Things have changed with us. I've changed. Marlena - Us? You mean you and Kristen. Brady - Yes. Marlena - OMG.

Kristen - In the meantime, we have the Lord's work. Nicole - Amen. Your work on the scholarship fund doesn't make you my boss and as long as you don't try to make me your slave, we'll be fine. But I will be keeping an eye on you. Kristen - Okay then. I guess we're going to be keeping an eye on each other. Eric returns.

Segment 5: Chad is sitting across from the doctor. That look is not inspiring much hope here. What do you think Dr. Landrow? Dr L - I don't want to waste any time. We need an MRI.

Abby and Cam are in the park. She hands him a plate. Try the salad first. Cam really likes it. Abby tries it too. It is good! She feeds him some Quinoa next.

Adrienne and Justin arrive at the park as well. Adrienne - Can I speak now? Justin - Knock yourself out. Adrienne - Really! Are you even going to listen to me much less engage. Justin - I'm here. Adrienne - Until you moved out. Justin - Where I was when you didn't bother to confide in me. So you say you want our marriage to survive. Adrienne - Of course I do. Justin - Not of course not. You didn't act like a partner Adrienne. You went off on your own and hung me out to dry.

Kayla tells Rafe his bp is 135/80. Rafe - Normal. Kate - No it's not. Kayla - It's a little elevated but at least we're headed in the right direction. Rafe - I can't live in a bubble Kayla. Kayla - As long as the outside world stresses you out you need to stay here for a while. Kate - Listen to your doctor. Rafe - I need to get on my feet. What about all the PT Daniel was talking about? Kayla - I'm going to talk to Daniel and get a start date for you as soon as I see him. She leaves. Kate - I'll be right back. Kate hands Kayla a flashdrive with resumes and recommendations for the physical therapist. Kayla - You work fast. Kate - Well he's not a patient man as you can see. Kayla - Listen Kate, this has got to stay between us. This is a teaching hospital state funded. If I have to start answering questions about this ... Kate - There will be no questions. I just want what's best for Rafe and this is the only way I can get it. Kayla - He's a lucky man. Kate - Which means he'll have exclusive use of the physical therapist or the very least, first rights. Kayla - Okay, first rights. He's a lucky man. Kate mutters - Luck has nothing to do with it.

Marlena - Brady, what has made you forget everything you know in your bones; everything you saw with your own eyes; everything you felt when she broke your heart. What made you forget all that? Brady - I didn't forget but I got a clearer picture. Marlena - From Kristen. Brady - No, from Dad. Marlena - You spoke to your Dad. Brady - I spoke to my Dad for a long time and he told me a lot of things that happened. Marlena - Have you reconciled? Brady - I wouldn't say that but you need to know that Kristen and I are giving this another shot and I wanted you to hear it from me. Marlena - Thank you. But hear this from me. I think you have lost your mind.

Eric - I didn't expect you back so soon. Kristen - Not a problem. We were just getting everything straight; setting up some working rules. Eric - Is everything settled? Kristen - Oh yeah. I think we got off to a great start, don't you. I'll be back tomorrow. We can go over this huge list of applications. If they could be alphabetized and maybe sorted by grades it would be so helpful. She holds the files out to Nicole - Thank you. You're such a doll. See you guys. She leaves. Nicole drops the files on the desk. Seriously, Kristen DiMera here!

Segment 6: Adrienne - That was never the plan Justin. I was scared. I had every reason to believe that you knew about that video and that our son was involved and you didn't even care. Justine - Adrienne, I never put work over family and I would never ... Adrienne - But you did. Maybe you didn't realise what you had done but it happened because of who you're in bed with at work. How long are you going to punish me for being right? Justin - You really have no respect for my judgement, do you? Adrienne - As long as you're in EJ's pocket, I don't.

Rafe tells Kate she doesn't have to stay. I promise I'll rest. Kate - Good. Rafe - You're not moving. Kate - Nope. Rafe - I kind of like it that you're keeping an eye on me. Kate - But? Rafe - No buts. Kate - Truth? Rafe - Sure. Kate - I really wish that you didn't feel that you have to keep a brave face on for everyone. Rafe - Not for everyone. Kate - So talk to me. Rafe - I can barely move my arms. I can't move the rest of my body at all. What if I never walk again? Kate - Then you would cope but that's not going to happen because you're going to have the best physical therapist around. I promise you that.

Kayla is on the phone in her office. Well they all had good references but there was one candidate that really stuck out. Yeah, a Jordan Ridgeway. Oh good, great. Then I assume I have the authority to offer the job. Perfect. Hey could you do me a favour and call Anne Millbauer and tell her about this. Not that I don't enjoy talking to her every single day but ... Great! Thanks. Alrightee then ... let's see.

A nurse leads Chad back into the office. Dr Landrow will be back with the results of your MRI soon. Chad - Thanks. Cue f/b of some Abby memories. The doctor comes in.

Cam recognises the dessert. Abby - You loved it so much the first time I thought you wouldn't mind a repeat. He doesn't. Abby - You know what my favourite part about that date was? Cam - You can't top the chocolate thing. Abby - You did. You quit your job in Chicago on the spot even though you really needed the money. Cam - That wasn't the only thing I needed. I did it for you. Abby - That's why it was better than chocolate. Cam - And you know what else ... I don't regret that moment for one second. That's not all I'd do for you if you'd let me.

Marlena - Brady, you listen to me because this is a professional opinion. Kristen is a sociopath having traits of borderline personality disorder. She has not ... LOOK AT ME, can not and will not ever change. That's the pathology. She will be this person until the very day she dies. Brady - Do you really believe you can be objective professionally here Marlena? Marlena - I will not argue with you about this. I will just warn you and warn you and warn you. Pull your hands, pull your whole body out of this fire or you will end up with charred stumps. I want you to save yourself while you still can. She leaves. Brady - Great! Perfect!

Kristen is back at the mansion. She pulls the flashdrive out of purse and is going throw it into the garbage it but stops. No, not until I'm absolutely positive I don't need this leverage. Until then ...

Eric - Kristen must have told you it was Bishop White's idea. Nicole - Yeah, not one of his better ones. I don't get it. Does he really think that because someone writes a cheque that qualifies them to determine who's a good and worthy student? Eric - Well we didn't go through his decision making process. Nicole - Clearly but seriously Eric, Kristen is a bad idea and that's not my sole opinion. I have a lot of company on that. Eric - Probably but this program is going to be a lot of work so maybe we should give her a try. Nicole - With kids! Give that a minute. Let that sink in. That twisted brain with kids! Does the church really need that kind of help? Eric - Why don' you just not hold back and be frank Nicole. Nicole - I hate her and I'm sorry God or Jesus or whoever has this place wired but I do. Eric - Is that because of who she is or because Brady wants her back?

Segment 7: Nicole - Okay, maybe I am a little jealous. What's it to you? You know what, I'm sorry. Can't be inappropriate on church territory so I will deal with Miss DiMera starting with her files. Eric - You're probably right that a lot of people aren't going to be happy about this and on the top of that list will be my mother. Nicole - Have you told her het? Eric - I was going to but Brady was already giving her the news about him and Kristen. Nicole - And that would be piling it on. Thank you for confirming my world view. It's fine. I will live having Kristen here just like you but I won't like it. She leaves. Eric - Neither will I.

Justin - We're done here. Adrienne - Wait. We're done with what? This conversation or our marriage?

Cam offers to share the dessert. Abby - No, I'm good. It looks better on you anyways. You're kind of wearing it. They kiss.

Chad - Well say something Doctor. The doc continues looking at his laptop and paper reports.

Kristen gets a call from Brady. Brady - Listen, you need to know I just spoke to ... the doorbell rings at the D mansion. Kristen - Somebody's at the door. Brady - About that. Kristen - I'll call you right back. Bye. She opens the door. It's Marlena. Kristen - Oh Marlena, I was so hoping to see you today.


Friday Aug 9

Segment 1: EJ is watching the video he made of Will and Ari for Sami. Will - Too bad she can't wave or blow kisses. EJ doesn't think that will matter to Samantha. Will asks him to send him the video. I'll be careful who I share it with. EJ - I know that Sonny didn't mean to give the video to his mother. Will - I know, he really didn't. He's been doing everything he can to help mom. EJ - So I hear. Where is he? The coffee shop is closed so ... Will - I don't know. He said he had to do something and he didn't want to tell me what it was.

Sami is working out in her cell when Sonny shows up. I'm glad you're here. Sonny - You are? Sami - Why wouldn't I be? Sonny - Maybe because I'm the reason that you're in here.

Justin - You know Adrienne since you didn't trust me enough to tell me you had this video I'm really wondering if you want this marriage to be over.

After the kiss Abby says Wow. That was so great and a surprise. We haven't been doing a whole lot of that lately. What happened? What did I do right? Silence. I guess you can't think of anything. Cam - No. I'm not having the greatest day. Abby - OMG. Here am I making this all about me. I'm a horrible person. I'm sorry.

Chad - Cameron said it's possible the spot was a brain tumour. Since you're a big shot specialist I figured you could tell me what it was for sure. Dr - Yeah, I can.

Brady is talking to himself. You promised yourself that you'd tell your Dad you're back with Kristen so just do it; call him. Vic walks up. You can't, can you? Brady - Are you actually listening to me talk to myself. Vic - You need to learn how to mumble because I predict you're going to be talking to yourself a lot especially since you're making the same stupid mistake with the same disturbed woman all over again.

Marlena - I know you think you've hooked Brady in again but this time you will not get away with it. Marlena walks inside the mansion. Kristen - You poor baby. If you only knew what I've already gotten away with.

Brady - Granddad I know you worry about me and thank you, I appreciate that ... Vic - You think I should mind my own business. Brady - What I was going to say is you don't have to worry because I know what I'm doing. Vic - So you're okay with pain and heartache? Brady - I think this conversation is done. You think you know what you're talking about. Vic - Of course I do! I used to be you for God sakes.

Marlena - Okay, I'll bite one more time. What do you think you've gotten away with. Kristen - I think you'd be a lot happier if we leave that topic alone. Marlena - I think leaving the topic or you alone won't help Brady one bit. Too late for that. Kristen - I'm not talking about Brady. He's your step-son, it's your bio son. Marlena - What have you done to Eric?

Segment 2: Adrienne - You know the last thing I would ever want is our marriage to suffer let alone fall apart. Justin - Did you think going behind my back with that video was going to be good for us? Adrienne - You know why I did it. My God I just explained it. I was scared for our son. Justin - And you thought I was so deep into EJ's pocket that I would just throw my own son under the bus. Adrienne - You can't tell me what I think or feel when you've been living at your club the last week. Justin - You know what, I just need some time to process all this. Adrienne - How much time? Justin - I don't know. Adrienne - Well you must have some idea. What do you need? A week, a month, a year? Justin snaps - I said I don't know. Adrienne - I can't believe you just talked to me in that tone of voice. Justin - And I can't believe that you pushed away Sonny and me like this but you have and it seems like you just can't stop.

The doc is making notes. Chad - Could you please maybe do that later and tell me what this thing is in my brain or do you really not know? Dr - These results are conclusive.

Cam - I don't kiss girls who I think are horrible people. Abby - I kind of thought you had it with me. Cam - I thought you were more comfortable with Chad. Abby - Comfortable doesn't necessarily mean boring. I didn't let you kiss me because I'm tired of Chad or because he's tired of me. Cam - Who could be tired of you? Abby - Now you're making fun of me. Cam - So far you've thought that I think you're a terrible person, that I'm tired of you and now you think I'm making fun of you. It makes me wonder why did you kiss me back?

Sami - You are so not the reason why am I here. You've been so great to Will and to me. You can't blame yourself for this. Sonny - I don't know why you're being so nice to me right now. Sami - Will loves you, so do I. Sonny - You know he's torn up about this whole thing and he said you wouldn't have been involved with that guy Bernardi if you weren't trying to help him. And I don't know what to say to him because he's right.

Brady - How are you like me? Vic - I had a homing instinct for women who were all wrong for me. Kate, Vivian, Nicole. All because I thought women like Maggie were boring. Until I married her I didn't know what happiness was. Brady - Kristen is no Vivian. Vic - I agree. Vivian was just evil. Kristen is also deranged. Brady - Stop talking that way about the woman I happen to love. Vic - I'm trying to get through to you. Brady - You think I'm totally gullible. I'm not. Vic - Let me ask you something. What do you two do together when you're not in the sack? Do you go to concerts, plays, ballgames? What? Do you talk about books, politics? Brady - I don't want to talk about my personal life with her with you because you hate her. Vic - Because you have nothing with this woman besides sex. That and making your father's life miserable which not only makes you gullible it also makes you stupid.

Marlena follows Kristen into the living room. What are you planning on doing to Eric? Kristen - You know those scholarships I'm providing for the new school. It seems that Bishop White wants me and Eric to work together to choose the lucky recipients. He didn't tell you that, huh? Marlena - You shouldn't be allowed anywhere near children or churches for that matter but especially not my son Eric. Kristen - So why don't you go run to him, raise holy hell. Tell him that he has no right working with your nemesis. After all it is always about Marlena, isn't it? Marlena - I will not allow you to ... Kristen - Destroy Eric and Brady. I get it okay. We're on the same page. But I think we both know this outrage of yours has nothing to do with Brady and Eric because they're grown men. They can walk away but they haven't and that's what gets you. 'Cause this is all about you and what you've lost. Marlena - Wow, you keep free associating and I have no idea what you're talking about. Kristen - John and the fact that the great love affair of the last 25 yrs is history!

Segment 3: Chad leaves the doctor's office looking shell-shocked.

Will returns from putting Ari to sleep. EJ - Did you think about what I said? Will - I did and I know mom cares about me but I still think if I come forward with what I did and said that she was trying to help me ... EJ - She'd still be in jail. The police would still not have the razor blade that Samantha saw in Bernardi's hand. Your sacrifice would just give her a stronger motive to kill him in the first place. The only peace of mind your mother has at the moment is that you are out here with your daughter and she is in there. Will - Okay. Are you scared for her? EJ - Of course I am. She can't seem to get a break. Earlier this morning we thought we had something but we watched it crumble away. Justin and I are working as hard as we can to get your mother the break she desperately needs. We will. Will - I know. Now that you guys are together you're going to do everything you can to stay together. EJ - That's right. Will - And one thing I learned from working under your tutelage is that when you want something you're not going to let anyone or anything stop you from getting it. EJ - You got that, did you? Will - To be honest, back then it really made you a pain in the ass but now I'm glad you're like that because if Mom's going to beat this we need to prove that Bernardi was a crooked cop. And if anybody can do that, I think that's you. EJ - Try not to worry. I'll do everything I can to get your mother free.

Sami - Do you want to do me a favour? Sonny - Name it. Sami - You convince Will that it's not his fault I'm in this mess. Sonny - He says he should have stepped up in the first place when he shot EJ. Sami - He wasn't given that choice. He was just a kid and he had a lot to deal with learning how to live with doing something horrible like that to someone. I wasn't part of those decisions then but if I had been I would have done exactly what Lucas did. I would have helped Will, to hell with anyone else. And ultimately that's what your mother did giving that video to Abe. She was just helping you. Sonny - Are you seriously defending her? Sami - I'm never going to be Adrienne's biggest fan but she would walk into a burning building for you. So do yourself a favour, hell do me a favour and don't throw that away.

Adrienne - If anyone has pushed anyone away here it's you. Ever since you started working for EJ you've built a wall between us 10 ft high. Justin - I give up. Adrienne - No. Justin - I can't talk to you. Adrienne - No. Sami's the one who lied to the police. Sami and EJ convinced your son to cover up that video yet you're furious with me. Justin - Adrienne, you should have come to me with the video. Adrienne screams - I'm the only one in this whole scenario who made sure the truth came out. I'm sorry I didn't come to you first and I'm sorry if what I did was hurtful and embarrassing to you in any way but I am not sorry that I managed to protect our son and I don't think I should be the one who's the bad guy here. Damn it! It's just not fair! She leaves.

Abby - I kissed you because I wanted to. Cam - You're attracted to me. Abby - You noticed. Cam - But you still don't know what you want. Abby - That too. You've been so great to me and I'll always remember how good you were to me when my Dad died; the things you said to me. And how patient you were when I kept coming on to you and pushing you away because I got scared. Cam - You make me sound like Mother Theresa. Abby - You are a saint except you have a much better body. Cam - I didn't suggest that we get together so I could pressure you into making up your mind. I just really wanted to see you. Abby - I'm glad you did. That was a very nice kiss. Cam - It was. They kiss again. Chad sees them.

Brady - I love being called stupid. That's great. Vic - I promised your mother that I would look after you and I'm a man who keeps his word. You need a woman who's willing to get in the trenches with you and you know what that feels like. You had it with Madison. Brady - I did. She died. Vic - That doesn't mean you have to settle for less. Brady - Granddad, I'm taking it slow this time. My eyes are open, trust me. Vic - No, you think that but ... Brady - I'm going to tell you the same thing I told Marlena. I'm a big boy. Thanks for your concern but butt out. Vic - Brady, I'm not going to tell your father about this. I can't think of anyone who would want to give John this news. But since you think starting up this relationship again is such a fine idea we'll just leave it up to you. Brady leaves.

Marlena - This has nothing to do with John. Kristen - Oh shut up. It has everything to do with John. The fact that he wanted to go to bed with me and I had to stop it. Marlena - Which is why we are no longer together. Kristen - Now I hear he left town; seeing about moving the company to Europe. That must be so incredibly galling for you. The fact that your marriage is in tatters and Brady and I are getting back together. Marlena - What's galling to me is that you're back with Brady and you don't give a damn about him even this time but you do seem to be happy about punishing John and me. Kristen - Not John. Marlena - What! Kristen - I don't care the slightest bit about what John says or what he does except for the fact that he seems to want nothing to do with that tired old worn out ... you. Marlena attacks.

Segment 4: EJ is outside the pub on his cell. It's about Joseph Bernardi, the police officer who was killed. I'll see you there.

Sonny comes into the square and sees him mother sitting at a table. He tells himself 'Sami's right. She's your mom.' He walks up to her. Hey mom. Adrienne - Hi honey.

Chad walks away. Abby breaks the kiss. I'm sorry. I just feel like ... I don't know what I feel like. Cam - It happened and I'm glad it did. I'm not going to put pressure on you. You're the one who has to figure out where you stand. You're the only one who can do that. Abby hugs him. You have been so much better than what I deserve. Cam - That's not true. Cam gets a text from Chad. I need to see you at the pub ASAP. He tells Abby he has to take off. Abby - To the hospital? Cam - No but it's about a patient. Abby - This was great. Thanks. I'll see you soon. Hey, I promise this won't go on much longer. Cam - Take as much time as you need. I want you to be sure you're doing the right thing. Abby - You're being so decent and so fair; almost like you're pushing me towards Chad. Cam - I just want you to be happy. He leaves. Abby - Me too. It's time to talk to Chad. Chad is in the square. He gets a text from Abby. We need to talk. Chad - It looks like Abigail has made her decision.

EJ is at the cell. Sami wants to talk about having sex. EJ apologises for taking so long to get there. Sami had a lot of company today. She lists everyone including Sonny. He came to apologise for his mother. I told him if I were his mom I would have done the same thing. He's a really sweet guy. EJ shows her the video of Will and Ari. Every day that goes by the kids are doing so much, changing so much and a newborn, they change every day. I am missing so much. EJ - It will be over soon. Sami - Why do you say that? EJ - I promised William that I would get you out of here and I'm promising you that it will be soon. Sami - EJ DiMera, what do you know?

Marlena has her hands around Kristen's throat - You bitch. Kristen - I love it when you play rough ... she pushes Marlena away ... just not that much. I guess I shouldn't have brought up John leaving, huh? Still a sore point for you apparently. One of these days you're going to figure it out ... that I did you a big favour. Marlena - You'll never win at this. Kristen - I already won you idiot! John split, Brady's mine and now I've got this fabulous new relationship with Eric that I'm nurturing. I'm sort of in bed with all the men in your life, aren't I? Marlena grabs her - You stay the hell away from my family. Brady breaks them up. Stop! He tells Marlena - You go. You can not do this anymore. Marlena - I can and I will. I will do whatever it takes to keep my family safe. Whatever it takes. She exits! Kristen plays the victim. Brady snaps - What the hell are you doing!

Segment 5: Justin comes down the stairs at the K mansion carrying a garment bag. Vic asks him if he's got a minute. Still staying at the club? Justin - Yeah. Vic - How's tricks? Justin - That's it? I haven't spoken to you in over a month and how's trick's? Vic - Well it seems appropriate since your life has turned into a 3 way circus. Justin - Compared to the good old days when I just cleaned up your messes. Vic - I'm not used to worrying about you. You were usually the one who used his brain. Justin - And now? Vic - Now you and Brady are both in bed with the DiMera's and the only one acting like the man of the Kiriakis family is your wife.

Adrienne - I'm surprised to see you. Sonny - I guess so. Adrienne - I went to the coffee shop out of habit because no one makes a cappuccino like you do. I forgot that it was under construction. It looks good from what I could see. Sonny - Thanks. Adrienne - But not as good as you do. I've really missed you. How's the baby? Sonny sits down. She's good. She slept 6 hrs in a row last night which is awesome. Adrienne - She's settling in. Before long she'll be sleeping through the night. Have you seen your father? Sonny - No, he's been pretty busy. Adrienne - I actually just came from seeing him. She starts crying. I'm afraid I'm going to lose him.

EJ - Let's just say that I promised I would get you out of here and I will. Sami - Why are you whispering? Do you really think that dragon lady special prosecutor has this place bugged? EJ - I don't know. I just think that you and I are the only 2 people who know the truth about what happened, who Joseph Bernardi really was and I think one way or the other, the truth will come out.

Abby is visiting Will and asks - Have you ever been equally into 2 people at the same time. What am I saying, of course you have. Will - If you're talking about Sonny and Gabi, I mean Gabi and I definitely have a connection and we made a baby together but I knew I belonged with Sonny. Abby - God, I envy that. I have 2 great guys and I don't know what to do. Will - I guess you're talking about Chad and Cameron. Yeah, you do have a problem.

Chad tells Cam to sit down. I hope I didn't pull you away from anything important. Cam - No, I'm not on duty. Chad - But you were with Abigail. Cam - I was with her when you texted but I figured ... Chad - You figured since I was with the specialist today would be the perfect day to make your move. Cam - What is that supposed to mean? Chad - That you really suck.

Kristen - Don't you get angry at me. I was sitting in my own home, minding my own business when Marlena went after me. Brady - If we're going to get back together it's going to be different this time. You've got to get control of this thing. Kristen - I'm telling you the truth. I didn't make any of this up. Brady - You're the expert at pushing her buttons. Not just her, every member of my family. My God, if we're going to do this, we're going to do it right. Kristen - Hold it one second. We've got to get something straight here right now.

Segment 6: Will - For whatever reason, this doesn't seem like the world's biggest problem. Abby - I know. I've never been in this situation before. Will - You've never had two guys after you. No. Will - Well, you're smart, you're an A student just do a study... put their good qualities on a spec sheet. Abby - Thanks, you making fun of me. Will - Just a little bit. Abby - Chad and Cameron are both great guys and believe it or not the 3 of us are really good friends.

Cam - I think you're getting a little paranoid. Chad - Even paranoid people have real enemies. Cam - I am not your enemy and nothing has changed with Abigail. Now tell me, what did your doctor have to say? Chad - Well he's my doctor now so I don't have to tell you anything. Cam - You're absolutely right. You don't have to but since I'm the one for first examined you, suggested there may be a problem then why wouldn't you at least want to tell me if there was one.

Justin - I'm not discussing my marriage with you. Vic - I suppose you want to talk about what a roll you're on. First you help EJ dump Stefano, now you're trying to get Sami off. You must be like king of the mountain. Justin - Don't tell me you're feeling sorry for Stefano. Vic - Just because I hate the man doesn't mean I can't relate. EJ's nothing but a shyster with a posh accent who worked for Stefano. Justin - And what would I be without you. Vic - All I know is I don't respect what you helped EJ do. As far as Sami is concerned, I don't know why it had to be Adrienne to protect your son from her.

Sonny - I'm so sorry Mom. Adrienne - I know I screwed up with the way I handled this. I did, and now I'm paying for it. Sonny - No you're not. Adrienne - I don't want to talk about your Dad and me, not to you. It's not right. I've missed you so much. I just want to hear about how you are. Sonny - I'm good mom. Adrienne - Oh baby ... the details, you know. How's Will doing today? Have you decided what colour to paint the new place? Has Arianna smiled at you yet? It's the little things that a parent wants to hear about their child's life especially when they don't hear them so much. Sonny - You don't have to worry about that anymore because you're going to hear all of it. Adrienne - I will? Sonny - Yes. I missed talking to you, spending time with you. And I'm just like you, I think the little day to day things are what matter most. Adrienne - I love you so much. You know that, don't you? Sonny - I know that you do.

Marlena arrives to visit Sami. Sami - Are you okay? Marlena - Sure, why would you ask that? Sami - I don't know. You look a little pale. Marlena - No, I was just rushing to get over here. I really have missed you. Sami - I miss you too Mom. Tell me about the kids. Tell me everything. Marlena - Well I'm spending a lot of time with them. Sami - I know. EJ told me. Thank you. Marlena - Johnny's taught me more about rocks then I thought I would ever know or want to know. And I've become an expert at putting those nasty little rubber shoes on your daughter's doll. EJ - Excuse me. I'm so glad you're here Marlena. I have to leave. Sami - Is it important? EJ - We shall see. Are you okay. She smiles. He leaves. Marlena - That smile may have fooled EJ but it doesn't fool me. Sami - I'm fine. Marlena - Of course you are and you're surroundings are so cheery. Sami - It's just the more time I spend in here the more I believe that I'm never going to get out.

Kristen - Do I have to remind you that it was your idea to try again. Brady - I'm just asking you if Marlena approaches you, why don't you just walk the other way, turn the other cheek. Don't let her provoke you. That's the dignified thing to do. Kristen - Just listen to me for a second. If I have to take flak from you every time I defend myself or stand up for myself then maybe you should just leave my house and leave my life. Brady - Wow. Kristen - So what's it going to be? Brady starts walking out but stops and goes back and kisses her.

Segment 7: Sonny comes home and hugs Will. I'm just so happy to be home. They kiss.

Abby checks her cell. What's going on with you Chad? Why haven't you texted me back?

Cam - I didn't want to see you as a patient but I did it anyway. Now tell me, what did your doctor have to say? Chad - No one else can know about this. Not my family, not Abigail, not Will or Sonny. Cam - Why? Chad - Because I don't want anyone's pity, that's why? Cam - You mean ... Chad - You were right about the brain tumour. It turns out I'm dying. Cam - I didn't want to be right. Chad - Yeah, well, look at the bright side, you get a clear shot at Abigail. Chad leaves.

Justin - Don't you dare stand there and tell me I would have disregarded my son's welfare. Vic - Well you wouldn't have before but now you're working for the DiMera's. Justin - I'm defending Sami because she's innocent. For God's sake, she's Bo's niece. Vic - I could care less about that girl and who she's related to. All I care about is my family and you are a part of my family. Justin - Then show me the respect I deserve. Vic - Justin, sometimes you ask for too much and this is one of those times.

Marlena - You've got to have faith. Your dad's working very hard behind the scenes and you know what I say about EJ. Sami - Yes I do. Marlena - Right now I'm very glad he's a DiMera. There is no end to their power, no limit to it and I know that he will move heaven and earth until you get back home.

EJ meets with some guy in the park. You asked about Joseph Bernardi. EJ - Yeah, Joseph Bernardi was a crooked police officer. Guy - No one else seems to think that. EJ - Well I know that and you're going to make sure the police can prove it.

Brady and Kristen are going to have sex in the living room. Kristen thinks about raping Eric. Brady takes her on the desk.


Monday Aug 12

Segment 1: Jen opens the door to Adrienne who has brought some wine for tonight. She also thought Jen might need help setting up for the book club. Jen - All I need to do is make doughnuts and we're good to go. Adrienne - I figured as much. The truth is I just really wanted a friendly face. Jen - Oh honey, I know how you're feeling.

Theresa meets up with someone in the park who is gladly willing to pay what she's asking for the symphony tickets she got from Dan. Theresa - Now that I think about it I have a car payment coming due and an extra $80 would really help me out. The guy gives her the extra money. He leaves. She mutters - You have your kind of fun and I'll have mine. Daniel comes jogging by and stops when she says hi. She had just ripped the envelope in half. Dan - Is that the envelope I gave you. Theresa - Yeah it is. Dan - What happened to the tickets.

In the square Rory slides over a pill bottle to JJ and tells him to try this. JJ - I intend to tonight. He asks Bev - You intend to be at my house, right? Bev - Right. Rory - How come it's just Bev; why can't I come? JJ - Dude, I got my mom believing that tonight is like a date. Bev - Well, isn't it? JJ - Yeah, two teens having some good wholesome fun. Bev looks over at Nicole - What's her problem? That woman over there; why is she staring at you.

Hope is at the pub talking on her cell. Ciara has a book report due for tomorrow. Please make sure she finishes it before she goes to bed. I won't be too late. Kiss her for me, okay. Julie comes in. Tell me that's not the squad room. Hope - Not the squad room. Just something I forgot to tell the sitter. Julie - Good, I don't want you to miss girls night out. Hope - Girls night out? It's a book club. An opportunity for the two of us to learn and grow. Julie - You look at your way darling, I'll look at it my way. Let's get going because I want to pick up some wine on the way there. Hope gets a call. It's my husband. She answers - Brady ... Bo?

EJ hands the guy a brown paper bag after he tells him he's going to help the police prove that Joseph Bernardi is a dirty cop. The guy pulls out a huge stack of money. EJ - There's about 50 grand there so do me a favour and make it count.

A guard slides a tray into Sami's cell. Sami - Thank you, I'm starved. She takes a bite of a hamburger. They ever hear of a green salad in this place. The guard walks away. Sami talks to herself. It's not bad. It's food, sort of. She picks up the napkin and reads the message on it. You are a dead woman!

Theresa - I sort of don't have the tickets anymore. It was so generous of you to give them to me but then I realised I couldn't go and I ... Dan - Then why did you take them in the first place? Theresa - Because I thought I could go then all this stuff ... sorry, I should have given them back to you. Dan - It's okay. They were yours to give away. Theresa - That's really kind of you to say. I didn't want to tell you about the tickets because you're such a nice guy. The last thing you need is to hear about my problems.

Marge is pinning something on Timmy's tee shirt when Abe and Theo come into the locker room. Theo - My daddy has those. Timmy - My daddy's dead. Abe - Hi Marge. Marge - Hello Abe.

EJ - So here's what has to happen. That cash, which is in unmarked bills btw, has to be found by the police in Det. Bernardi's house. They'll be shocked of course but forced to admit that their colleague is on the take. Find a good place to hide it. The kind of place a clever, corrupt police officer would put it. After that I want you to call the police; give them an anonymous tip. Think you, can you handle that? Guy - No problem. EJ - Good. Guy - One question, why are you doing this to a cop who just got a hero's funeral? EJ - I'm saving someone's life.

Sami throws the tray aside and rushes to the toilet and forces herself to throw up. The guard returns. What the hell do you think you're doing! Sami crumples up the napkin in her hand.

Segment 2: Timmy - My daddy was a hero. Marge - That's right sweetheart. Theo sees another boy and suggests to Timmy that they go and show him Timmy's medal. Marge and Abe tell them to come right back. Marge - Timmy found that medal when we were packing up Joe's clothes for the clothing drive. He wears it on everything now, even his pajamas. It breaks my heart. Abe - I know how you feel. Theo lost his mother a little bit more than a year ago. Marge - I didn't know. I'm so sorry. Abe - Thank you. Marge - That's awful but at least no one is trying to destroy your memories of her. Abe - No. Marge - The trial is starting soon; protect my husband Abe. Protect his good name. Do it for Timmy.

EJ hands a card over to the guy. When you call the police dept make sure you ask for that detective. Guy - I'll take care of it. EJ - Do it now.

Sami hides the napkin as she picks up the food. I'm sorry. I just was choking on something and I kind of freaked out. I just lost it ... sorry. Guard - I'll get you another tray. Sami - No, you know what, it made me lose my appetite. I'm not hungry anymore.

Dan - What kind of problems are you talking about? Theresa - You don't need to hear about them; you've got enough to worry about. Dan - Theresa, I asked you the question. Theresa - It's about my cousin Sami; you know about that, right? Dan - Yeah, it sounds like a mess. Theresa - Growing up I idolised her so much. She was so cool. She'd do whatever she wanted to do. Dan - Yeah, that's what I hear. Theresa - The idea of someone like her in prison maybe for the rest of her life, I just feel so sad about it, so worried. She's got those kids that she has to worry about all the time. I'm sure she misses them a lot. Anyway that's why I gave the tickets away. The idea of me sitting in a concert hall jammed full of people; I couldn't handle it. Dan understands. I don't have to go running if you want to go for a walk; we can talk. Theresa - Really? That would be so great actually. Her cell rings. I'll let it go to voicemail. Dan - What if it's about Sami? Theresa - Right. She answers. It's Kayla. Whatever you're doing you need to drop it and get your little butt over to my office. Theresa - Gee Aunt Kayla, this isn't really a good time. Kayla - Well you better make time young lady! Theresa - Can you just hold on a second. She tells Dan she has to take this - it's about work. Dan - I understand. We can talk some other time. Theresa - Definitely. He leaves. Theresa - Damn! Kayla - Theresa, you better not hang up on me. Theresa!

Jen - I thought reading Alice In Wonderland would be such a drag but I'm really enjoying it. And then I remembered I read it to Abigail when she was a little girl. (Yay, they're in the Horton kitchen!) Adrienne - Those are the great years, when your kids are little and think you and their dad hang the moon. You probably know this hasn't been the best time of my life, right? Jen - Yeah, I heard a little bit. Adrienne - I didn't want Sami to end up in jail. Jen - I know that. Adrienne - No, really. It's just that I thought she was pulling Sonny down into her problems and I had to protect him. Justin's furious with me. Jen - He'll come around. Adrienne - I hope so. Jen - What about Sonny? Adrienne - He was mad too. I ran into him before I came over here though; I think we're going to be okay. Jen - Thank goodness for that then. Adrienne - Yeah. Those years between adolescence and adulthood, they are tough! Jen - Tell me about it! Adrienne - JJ? Jen - Yeah, JJ. You know he was no picnic when he came home from school but in the last week or so I think I've seen him really turn a corner.

JJ - We have to split up now. She's dying to narc on me. Bev - Why? JJ - She almost caught me with the coke. Let's go. Rory and Bev get away but Nicole walks up to JJ. JJ - Ms. Walker, how's everything at St Luke's? Nicole - Cut the crap. Were you and your little friends planning your next heist? JJ - What are you talking about? Nicole - I know you got busted for shoplifting. JJ - That was just a misunderstanding. Nicole - Was it? Then why were you so nervous and not to mention, obnoxious when I saw you earlier? You ripped off something again. That's what I saw you shove in your pocket. JJ - Yeah, I just boosted a TV. Lucky those flat screen are so thin. He turns to leave. Nicole - Excuse me, we're not done here. JJ - I say we are. Nicole - I could cause a lot of problems for you. JJ - I'm scared now because everyone believes what you say. Telling the cops my mom pushed you down those steps, how did that work out for you? He leaves. Nicole - Not so great. Things aren't going to work out good for you either hotshot! She pulls out her cell.

Segment 3: Hope - Bo, please, would you at least call Ciara before you leave? Brady, she misses you so much. I'm trying, believe me. I love you too. Be careful okay. Bye. Julia - Well, that was a nice surprise, hearing from him. Hope - Yeah it was. Julie - What's going on? Hope - You know ... when he first told me about going away I was not exactly thrilled; I was supportive. I thought maybe this is exactly what my husband needs. He'll go away for a couple of months and come back and be his old self again. Julie - But it's been a lot longer than a couple of months. Hope - Tell me about it; a LOT longer! And now he just told me that he's going undercover which means I don't know when I'll hear from him again. Julie - Why don't we just forget this book club and sit here and have a nice little talk together. Hope - And miss girls night out? No way. Julie - Darling, your father and I are worried about you. Hope - I will be fine. It's my routine that keeps me sane so let's go have some fun and laugh at the book club, okay? Find out what the Mad Hatter's tea party's really all about. What do you say? Julie - I bet it's all about some pinot grigio so let's get some on the way over. Hope - I'm the driver so I can only have one glass. Julie - Well good for me then!

Jen is coating the donuts when JJ comes into the kitchen. So I hear you and the ladies are going to be all over the walrus and the ? today. Jen - Yes we are. You're welcome to join us if you like. JJ - As much as I hate to miss that, I have a date, remember? Jen - Oh yeah, Beverly. JJ - She's picking me up here so you can meet her. Jen - That's very good. JJ - These donuts look so good! Jen - Don't touch. The problem is I made so much dough that I don't know what I'm going to do. I guess I could freeze it. JJ - Bev and I are meeting up with some other people tonight so what if I made the rest of the donuts and took them with me. Jen - Well you could honey but you know you have to roll out the dough, you have to cut them correctly, put them in the fryer. I could do it for you actually. JJ - I know the drill. I used to help you when I was little, remember? Jen - Yes, you were the best little kitchen helper. I love you honey. She leaves the kitchen. JJ gets a call. It's Rory. I just got home; that bitch at the park nailed me. I handled it but I don't think I should have anything on me when I show up tonight just in case. He looks at the dough. Don't worry man. I think I have a way to get it there.

Dan runs up to the pub. Nicole is on the bench outside. Dan - I got your text. What's up? Nicole - Do you remember the conversation we had about Jennifer's son. He does. Nicole - I just ran into the little fool and his friends and I'm pretty sure they weren't having a study session. Dan - What do you think they were up to? Nicole - I don't know but when I confronted JJ he just about dared me to go to Jennifer. Dan - Because Jennifer believes he's getting better. Nicole - He's conning her. I know he is. You really should talk to ... Dan - No I shouldn't, believe me. JJ plays her and she wants to believe him. I can't go over there with a hunch. It's too complicated. Nicole - I thought you liked complicated. I'm actually going over there right now. Dan - Why? Nicole - Because Jennifer invited me to book club. I read! Dan - It's not that, it's just why would Jennifer invite you. Nicole - Because we're working things out; becoming friends. Dan - I didn't know. I guess she appreciates that you helped us through all the problems with Chloe. Nicole - And I appreciate her forgiving me for all the things that I did before. Dan - She's like that. Nicole - Yeah, she is. Anyway, look it, if you don't want to talk to her about it, I will because that's what friends do, right?

Sami thanks the janitor for cleaning up. Again, I'm very sorry. EJ returns just as the guard is removing the cuffs off Sami. EJ - What happened? Sami - I choked on some food and you know me, I just freaked out. EJ - Are you okay? Sami - Yeah, I'm fine. The guard leaves. Sami whispers - I have to show you something. She gets the napkin. EJ reads it. Bloody hell! Sami hisses - Keep your voice down!

Segment 4: Kayla - I am going to lay it out for you. There are a lot of people going out of their way to help you and you act like you don't give a damn. Theresa - Maybe that's because everybody gives me the same speech about how grateful I'm supposed to be. Kayla - Well maybe you should be grateful that you're not spending time in jail right now which is what you would be doing if you were back in LA. Theresa - Thanks for throwing that in my face. Kayla - It's the truth, isn't it? If your lawyer hadn't convinced the judge that moving jurisdiction would ... Theresa - Listen, he was an undercover cop okay, have you ever heard of entrapment! Kayla - Moving to Salem where you would have family and getting a job in the hospital is supposed to be a fresh start for you. Then I talk to Jennifer and she tells me that she doesn't think you're working out. Theresa - What! Kayla - So if I can't convince Jennifer that you are worthy of a 2nd chance you are heading back west, serving time for a drug bust.

Nicole - I still care about you and I'm so grateful for everything you did for me in an awful time in my life and I just want to see you happy. Dan - Thank you. I want the same for you too. Nicole - And I know your happiness, for you, is being with Jennifer. It makes me so nuts that that little twerp is coming between you! Dan - Me too! He hugs her. A comic book falls out of Nicole's purse. Okay, Jennifer just invited me a few days ago and I didn't have time to read it. Dan teases her.

JJ finishes powdering the donuts. Whatever, after a couple of these no one is going to care what they look like. He starts packing them into a bag. Adrienne comes in and tells him his mom wants him to bring down a chair from upstairs. JJ - Okay. Adrienne - She said you were making donuts for you and your friends. JJ - I did the best that I could. I'm not exactly a baker. Adrienne is sure they are great. Do you know where the wine glasses her. JJ points to the cabinet. After JJ leaves the room Adrienne looks inside the bag and pulls out one of the donuts.

Abe arrives when EJ is massaging Sami's shoulders. You said this was urgent so what's going on. EJ holds up the napkin. This! For all we know someone tried to poison her and you told me you would protect her! Abe - Maybe this is someone's idea of a bad joke! Sami - Abe, would you eat food with a note like that? Abe - May I see the note? EJ - She hid this so we would have some kind of proof. Sami - And I think as my dad's best friend you can trust Abe. EJ hands it over. Abe - I'll get back to you as soon as I know anything. EJ - You do that. I'm staying here until you get back. He asks Sami how she feels. Sami - I'm okay. I mean I was scared. I thought I was dead. EJ - I am going to get you home. I'm going to get you out of this place. I promise you that.

Segment 5: Kayla hands Theresa a notepad. I have book club at Jennifer's tonight. Theresa scoffs - Book club. Kayla - Yeah, we read. You should try it sometime. I don't want my sister having anymore sleepless nights over you so I'm going to try and talk to Jennifer and talk her out of letting you go but you need to do your part; a written apology promising that you will take this job seriously from now on. Theresa grins - Okay. Should I add that I'll wash her car and do the toilets while I'm at it? Kayla - How do 3 hots and a cot at the LA County Jail sound to you? That wipes the smug look off Theresa's face. Kayla - I didn't think so. Write!

Sami - I wonder what's going on; what's Abe going to be able to do? EJ gets a text. DONE. Sami - What was that about? EJ - Nothing important. Sami pushes but Abe returns. I have some good news. I've been authorized to make some changes. EJ - House arrest, I hope. Abe - I didn't get the mayor to go quite that far but Sami will have all her food brought in from the outside. EJ - By who exactly? Abe - By a rotation of 3 guards that I picked and vetted myself. EJ - No, that's not good enough. I'm going to go and talk to Justin to see if we can get another bail hearing. Abe - That is your right. Abe gets a call. Yeah. You're absolutely sure? Okay, I'll be right there. Sami - Abe, is something wrong? Abe - I can't talk about that but I do promise that you will be safe. He leaves. Sami - What do you think that's about? EJ - I have no idea.

Jen opens the door. Hi, you must be Beverly. Bev - Bev. Jen - It's really nice to meet you Bev. I'm Jennifer, JJ's mom. Come on in. Jen takes her in the living room and introduces her as Bev, JJ's friend to Hope Brady, Julie and Adrienne Kiriakis. Bev - Hi. This is such a beautiful home. Jen - Thank you. Adrienne - So are you guys going to go some place special tonight? JJ - I don't know. We're just going to get together with some other people and get something to eat. Adrienne - That reminds me ... she leaves the room. Hope - How did you 2 meet? JJ - Summer school. Bev - We had to read A Farewell To Arms and we found we both loved Hemingway. Julie - We could choose A Farewell To Arms for our next book club meeting and you two could join us. Jen - Yes, that would be so fun. JJ - We should get going. I'm just going to get something from the kitchen. Jen - Honey wait, I just want to talk to you for a second. They go into the foyer. I like her. She is so sweet. JJ - Thanks. Jen - This is great. I hope you have fun tonight. JJ - I think we will. In the kitchen Adrienne picks up the plate of donuts and then looks at the paper bag - On second thought I think JJ should get the nicer ones 'cause his friends are totally going to laugh at the ones he made. She switches the donuts. JJ comes into the kitchen to get his donuts. Adrienne tells him to have a really good time tonight. JJ - I plan to. Party hard! He leaves. Adrienne laughs as she looks at the donuts. They really are ugly.

Segment 6: Hope and Jen are in the kitchen. Hope - I heard from Bo tonight and it looks like he's going to be gone a little longer than expected. Jen - You have got to be kidding me! Hope - No. I'll be fine. Jen - Don't tell me you have not been marking the days off on the calendar for him to get home. Hope - Of course I have. Jen - I'm so sorry. I know what you're going through right now. Hope - I know you do but tonight is book club and I would like to have some fun and laugh. Jen - We are and we're going to have donuts. Hope - Gran's donuts? Jen - Yes.

Theresa is in the park sitting on a bench leaving JJ a message. JJ, it's Theresa again for the 3rd time. I just wanted you to know you blew it. I took my business elsewhere. A guy walks up. She says I have to go and hangs up. Theresa - You got the good stuff? Guy - Did you bring the money? Theresa - I'll show you mine if you show me yours? He pulls out a vial she pulls out her money and they exchange goods. Guy - Use it good health. Do you have a party planned? Theresa - I'm working on it.

Jen hugs Kayla. I know how busy you are, I'm so glad you're here. So is Kayla. Kayla hands Jen a note. We can talk after you read it. The doorbell rings. It's Nicole. Jen - I'm so glad you came. Come in. Nicole hands over a bag. It's wine. I didn't know what else to bring. Jen - That's wonderful, thank you. Nicole - Hi Kayla. Kayla - Hi. They head into he living room. Jen - Everyone, I invited Nicole to be a member of our book club and she took me up on it. Nicole notices a picture of JJ. Jen asks Nicole if she got a chance to read the book. Nicole - What? Jen - The book? Did you like it? Nicole - Oh, yeah I did. If you ever want to know what happens when you go chasing rabbits just ask Alice. The forced laughter and the looks on Julie, Hope and Adrienne's faces are priceless!

Rory joins JJ and Bev. JJ - Dude, you should have seen Bev with mom, she was awesome. We bonded over our mutual love of Hemingway. Rory - Suck up much! Bev - What was I supposed to say ... we bonded over our mutual love of weed. Rory - Is that what's in the bag? JJ throws the bag to him. Dan runs up. JJ - Hey, man, you staying in shape? Dan - Yes. JJ - It's a good idea now that you're back on the dating scene you know. Got to keep the ladies interested. Dan - Maybe instead of nosing around in my life you should think about how you're living yours for your mom's sake. Dan leaves. Rory - Dude come on. These donuts are calling my name.

Hope is on her cell. Alright, I'll be right there. Jen refills Adrienne and Julie's glasses. Okay, so what did everyone think about the book. Julie - Well where Alice says 'What's the good of a book without conversation or pictures?' I felt her pain. But then I got into it. Jen tells Hope to sit down. Hope - I can't. Julie - Not work! Hope - Unfortunately ... Julie - Is it important? Hope - Yes. She says her goodbyes and leaves. Jen tells Kayla she read the note. Kayla - I wouldn't ask but if you give Theresa another chance ... Jen - I wouldn't do it for anyone else but you, trust me on that one. Kayla hugs her. Thank you. In the hug process she almost knocks over some wine. Nicole grabs the bottle. Jen - Nicole, you just saved those donuts which are the highlight of the evening. Nicole - Forget the donuts, this is a $20 bottle of wine. Everyone laughs. Here, here!

Segment 7: Hope rushes up to Abe at the courthouse. Did you get the warrant? Abe - Yeah. Hope - I wasn't sure you made probable. Abe - The detective that took the call said it sounded credible. Hope - Gosh, if we find anything at Bernardi's house this could change everything for Sami. Abe gets a call. Marge - I got a call from a friend at the courthouse. I know where you're headed. Abe - I'm sorry. I had no choice Marge. Marge - I brought Timmy out for ice cream. I guess I'll just keep him here. I don't want to have to explain this. Abe - We'll make our guys put everything back where they found it but I have to do my job. Marge - Proving my husband was some sort of monster is your job! You promised me Abe. You said you'd look out for Joe. Abe - I just can't ignore this Marge. Marge? She hung up. Alright, let's go. We have a reputation to destroy.

Sami - EJ, you can't just stand here all night. You do have to go home to the kids you know. Give them an extra hug and a kiss from me. EJ - Okay. You'll be able to do that for yourself soon. If there is one thing you and I know it's that for better or worse the truth always comes out. Sami - Yeah. I wish I was as sure as you are.

Dan returns to his office and removes his shirt and fantasizes that Jen is waiting for him in the shower. He mutters - I guess it's time for another cold shower.

Rory - These taste funny. JJ - I put a little cinnamon in there to cover up the pot taste. Bev - I don't taste any pot and I don't feel it either. Rory - That was good weed. It's supposed to get us really toasted. When's it going to kick in? Bev - I hope you didn't kill it when you were making the donuts. JJ - Just give it time okay. They keep eating.

Jen - The book tells of a girl named Alice who falls down a rabbit hole into a fantasy world populated by peculiar anthropomorphic creatures. Julie - Oh I hate when that happens! Jen continues - The tale plays with logic giving the story lasting popularity with adults as well as children. Nicole raises her glass - To Alice. They all toast. Adrienne - Guys, I think the best way to toast our Alice is with those delicious donuts. Adrienne passes them around. They hold up their donuts - To Alice. They eat. Yum!


Tuesday Aug 13

Segment 1: Rory and Bev are talking like serious students about electives and college majors while eating their donuts. JJ is annoyed. They're ingesting some of the finest weed to come out of Hawaii and they're talking college course loads. You're a total buzz kill. Bev - What buzz? These are nice donuts but I'm about as high as ... what's something that's not high? Rory - Me. I'm not high. It's like you baked all the weed out of it; you neutralized it. JJ - Impossible! I know how much weed I put in the batter so why aren't we getting stoned? What could have happened Rory?

At Jen's the ladies are licking their fingers and making 'yum' sounds. Julie - I've never eaten a donut so fast. Kayla - It's incredible. It's so piquant. Adrienne - It's very ... good! They all agree they're very good. Kayla - This is the best donut I've ever had. Nicole - God, I hope you have more. She takes another donut off the plate. So does everyone else - they even pick the crumbs off the plate.

Rafe is in his hospital bed not looking very happy. Gabi pokes her head in - Are you still awake? Rafe - You're damn right I am. Gabi - Calm down, you're not supposed to get upset. Rafe - I can't calm down. I can barely move. I'm stuck here and I need to talk to Sami!

Kate is walking through the square when she hears Stefano laughing with his new plaything. She recalls Chad telling her that he talked to Stefano and that Stefano swore he never sent Bernardi to kill Rafe. Kate walks over to their table. What a surprise. You lied to one of your sons again. Stefano - Well it's lovely to see you too Katarina. Kate - Chad may believe your version of the truth but I don't.

Sami - Don't you think it's weird that Abe got that call and then he couldn't get out of here fast enough. Maybe it had something to do with my case. EJ recalls his meeting with the guy he got to plant money at Bernardi's house. Maybe. We can certainly hope so. Sami - What's with you? All of a sudden you seem different. You seem calm. EJ - I'm optimistic; what's wrong with that?

Stefano helps himself to a yellow rose from the basket of flowers Kate was carrying and tells his fling that this conversation is going to be tedious. Go and give her some time to embarrass herself. Cecily - Be nice to her Stefano; she sounds pretty fragile. She walks away. Kate - Hardly fragile but I am pretty angry. Stefano - Once again. Kate - You swore to Chad that you did not send Bernardi to murder Rafe. Now I want you to look me in the eyes and tell me that you did not intend to murder Rafe.

Rafe - So I had the nurse try and call her but she's not picking up her phone so I was wondering if you could get a message to her; tell her to come here and see me. What? Gabi - Rafe, I can't. Rafe - I know she's not your favourite person but this is very important to me. Gabi - I can't because she's still in jail. She didn't make bail. Rafe - My God, that's terrible. It must be killing her to be away from her kids like that. Gabi - Yeah, Will's torn up about it too. Rafe - Maybe you can do this though; Maybe you can get in to see her and relay a message. Can you do that? Gabi - If it's that important, why don't you just tell her yourself. Rafe - Because I can't. Gabi - Yes you can.

EJ - What's the matter? Sami - You. You are so confident all of a sudden that whatever Abe had to go do had something to do with the case and it's going to be good for me. You are REALLY confident. EJ shrugs. I just believe in having a positive, mental attitude. Sami - That is ridiculous. You believe in taking matters into your own hands. What did you do?

Hope is putting on gloves. They are inside the Bernardi home. Abe - I think if Bernardi had truly been crooked there would have been some kind of suspicion down at the station. But then if he was working for Stefano he would have been very carefully coached and very discreet. Hope - And knowing what we know about Kate and Rafe and Stefano's obsessive streak, it feels right. Abe - And if Sami was telling the truth about that razor ... Hope - It didn't walk away on it's own. Someone could have picked it up who was trying to protect Bernardi or even someone who wanted to make sure Marge got his pension. Abe - Which is why I handpicked this crew tonight; people I can trust to bring me whatever they find. Hope - Good. Abe - I also have a special crew protecting Sami. He pulls out an evidence bag with the napkin in it. Here's why. Hope - When did this happen? A cop comes into the room. Sir, I think we may have found something.

Segment 2: EJ - You have been through way too much. While you've been in here you've been threatened. You're scared, justifiably. You're jumpy. I don't think you should read too much into what I'm saying. Wherever Abe ends up going I hope it ends up with you getting out of this cell.

They bring in a small lockbox into the living room. Cop - It was in Bernardi's workshop behind a false panel. Clearly he didn't want anyone to find it. Abe tells the cop to open it up. Abe goes through the contents. Marriage licence, birth certificate, deed to the house, pictures, souvenirs. There's nothing of value here.

Sami - You may be determined to change the subject but I'm not going to let you. EJ shushes her as Gabi walks up. Hi, I hope I'm not interrupting something. EJ - Not at all. Actually your timing is perfect. I have somewhere that I need to be. I'll be back shortly. He leaves. Sami - Hi, thank you for coming to visit me. Gabi - Actually I brought you a visitor, Rafe.

JJ sniffs a donut. It doesn't make sense. This stuff was primo. It should be kicking in by now. Rory cracks a joke. JJ whines - I'm not in a jokey place right now. We're sitting here sober as judges when we should be totally stoned. I just don't get why the donuts I made ... OMG! OMG!

The ladies are eating and licking their fingers and discussing the book. Kayla - I keep thinking there has to be more; like the tea party wasn't a mad tea party at all. Jen - Wow! Kayla - Yes! I mean, am I right? Jen - This is a book for kids. Nicole - I'm going to tell the absolute truth here. I thought this book club was going to be boring but this is like ... they're all shaking their head - Yeah! Adrienne - I know. Julie - You know what's boring? Cruising! I've cruised from Cape Horn to Greenland so I ought to know. And Doug will stand there and say 'Just look at all that water' and I'll say 'Yes Darling, I see it.' There's freakin' water everywhere! All the women frown and nod. Jen - You know what else ... I think we need more donuts. I'll be right back. The women's expressions are freakin' hilarious!

Segment 3: Jen is refilling everyone's wine glasses as Julie reads the end of the book. Adrienne - That's very, very beautiful. Nicole - I just feel things more deeply than others. Adrienne - We all do. Kayla - Do you think the dormouse made it? Jen - Wait! What! Made what? Kayla - The last we saw him they were stuffing him into that teapot. I hope someone at the party is CPR certified. Nicole - Do you think he drowned! OMG ... I'm a vortex of emotion. Adrienne comforts her. Julie - I hate buffet lines! I hate eating with people I don't know. Jen - What are you talking about? Julie - Cruising. Jen - What! Julie - Hello, I'm Julie Williams and I really don't want to see pictures of your little shiatsu. Adrienne and Nicole start laughing. So does Kayla and Jen. Julie - What is the name of the dog with the muffin face. Adrienne - Sheepsu. They all try and pronounce the word and start laughing. Adrienne - I don't know about you guys but I'm starving. They all agree they're starving. More donuts. Kayla - Who would think donuts would make you so hungry. I'm going to go and get something else. Adrienne heads to the kitchen with her.

EJ is at the police station when Hope and Abe return. You both look very serious. Does this have anything to do with the telephone call you received earlier. Abe - It's just a busy day here, that's all. EJ - That's what I hear. Abe - What exactly did you hear? EJ - I heard that you searched Joseph Bernardi's house. Find anything? Hope - How did you know we were searching his house? EJ - Word gets around. Abe - Not that. I didn't tell anyone, especially not you.

Sami - Rafe's here? Gabi - No, he's not here but he really wanted to talk to you so this is actually video. She pulls out her cell and plays it for Sami. Rafe - Hey, Sami, it's me. Sorry I have to do this this way but we're both in kind of a bind, aren't we? You need to hear this from me. Despite the fact that I considered Joe Bernardi a friend of mine if you say he was trying to hurt me, I believe you across the board. You saved my life. That's what I've been told anyway. Well if that's true I want to tell you two more things. One, thank you. Obviously I'm grateful beyond words. And two, I am so sorry that you are going through this because of me right now. It's not fair and you don't deserve it. Sami - Can you pause that for a second. She turns and wipes away her tears and tries to hold herself together. Gabi - Are you okay? Sami - Yeah, I just got something in my eye and ...

Stefano - If I have to repeat myself I will do it only once. I swear on my honour as a DiMera that I did not sent that officer over to the hospital to kill Rafe. Kate - You may be able to lie to Chad and have him believe you but this is me and I saw your face when you found out that I was having an affair with Rafe and you were burning for revenge. Stefano stands up and barks - Enough! You are a soulless whore and I don't give a damn who you sleep with. As far as anything I say to my son it is my business. We are done here now.

Bev - JJ, what's wrong? JJ - We've been eating all these donuts and nothing is happening meanwhile there's another batch of donuts that my mom made for her book club tonight. I've got to go. Rory chuckles - I hope they're reading 50 Shades of Gray.

Jen is holding a bowl full of potato chips and eating and telling Kayla, who is trying to open a jar of pickles, that they may be past their 'expiration' date - except she's having a hard time with the word expiration. Kayla - That's not right. Jen - What's not right? Kayla - I don't know but that's not right. They both stumble over the word. Kayla gets the jar open and pulls out a dill pickle. Well they may be old but they sure look good! Kayla passes the jar around. Adrienne holds up a pickle - Eat me. Nicole - Don't ever say that to me again. Adrienne - It's from the book. Nicole - I read the book. Adrienne - I know you read the book. Nicole - Of course you don't believe me right? Because Nicole's word is not to be trusted but Jen's word means everything to everyone in Salem, right. Why don't you concoct a quiz for me then you can grade it and grade me, evaluate me and judge me! Where's the little girls room? Jen - It's the same place it was when you lived here. Nicole - At least you didn't change that on me ... try to confuse me. Jen - Nicole, are you upset? Nicole leaves the room. Do you think she's upset? Kayla - She said she was a vortex of emotion. Julie - Speaking of vortex, I want to show you girls something. I think you'll find this very illuminating. It changed my life. She rifles through her purse. Kayla - What is it? Julie - What's what? Kayla - What changed your life? Julie - Doug changed my life. Adrienne - Was he your first? Julie - No, he wasn't second either. Adrienne - Point taken. Laughter. Julie pulls out handcuffs. Jen - Julie, why do you have handcuffs in your purse? Julie - I got them on the last cruise. There was a prestidigitator in the salon. He prestidigitated these and showed me how. You open them with a paperclip. May I have a paperclip if you please. Adrienne - Me? Do I look like I carry around paperclips. I'm not a home office supply depot or anything. Kayla - I order all my stuff online now. Adrienne - I do too! Jen - I have a paperclip in my desk. Hold on. Look, it's a paperclip and it's blue! Jen removes the paperclip from the papers and starts reading the papers. Julie has her hands handcuffed behind her back and she gets the paperclip from Adrienne. Now I'll just put this and ta dah ... presto. Adrienne looks - No, you're still handcuffed. Kayla - Try it again. She does - Presto! Adrienne looks again. No, still handcuffed. They laugh. Julie keeps trying ... it's not working. She leans down to Adrienne - Can I have another piece of bread please? They all laugh.

Segment 4: Nicole returns as Jen is trying to help Julie out of the handcuffs. Julie - That is not a quality paperclip. Jen - Blame the equipment Julie! Nicole - No one said there was going to be props. Adrienne - I for one would never want to face my life handcuffed because you know just think about having to go to the bathroom. Nicole - I don't want to. Kayla - What about eating? Jen - What! She just ate a piece of bread. Kayla - Think about soup or maybe corn on the cob or tacos. Jen - Wait! I'm going to solve this. I'm going to call my cousin, the competent Det Hope Brady. She crawls over everyone to get to the phone. Kayla - Hey, hey ... see if she'll bring some tacos over. Jen - No, this is official business. Hope is going to bring us a key and we're going to set Julie free. Julie - Give me liberty or give me death! Raucous laughter ensues. Jen holds her phone up to her mouth. Call ... Hope! Kayla - Call Hope what? Gales of laughter. Nicole just rolls her eyes!

Sami wipes her eyes. Sorry, about that. I'm fine now. Let's hear what else the man has to say. Rafe - Anyways I just want to say one last thing as much as it pains me to do so. Listen to EJ. He's a pretty good lawyer. I think he's going to help you get through this. I'll be praying for you.

EJ - Hope, don't be so naïve. I'm a lawyer. I have a tremendous amount of connections in this town. When Abe disappeared I did a tiny bit of digging and found out that he'd asked the judge for a search warrant. It is public record. Abe - Fine. We wanted to keep a lid on it until we found out what was what. EJ - So here you are. You found something, didn't you? Is it something that will help Samantha. Abe - No, we came up empty. EJ - What? Hope - You seem awfully surprised. Why is that? EJ - Of course I'm surprised. He's a dirty police officer. I would have expected you find something then of course this is the Salem PD. Hope - EJ, you might want to lose that sarcasm. It really doesn't help. EJ - Sorry, old habits. Why should I be surprised really; when you think about it, not only was he a dirty cop, he was working for my father. My father does not tolerate sloppiness. I have to go and find Justin. We need to talk about a bail hearing for Samantha. Keep up the good work. He leaves. Abe - That conversation seem strange to you? Hope's cell rings. One second. Hey Jen, what's up? Julie - Hi honey. It's Julie. I'm using Jennifer's phone because I can't dial and I need some help from the constabulary. Well your help. Well help of a police nature. Hope - Julie, are you alright? Julie - Oh yeah, great you know ... handcuffed. Hope - Handcuffed? I thought you were at book club at Jennifer's. Julie - I am indeed and I need you to bring a key so I can eat soup again. More laugher. Hope is grinning - How much wine have you had? Julie - I've had one half of one glass and it was that awful cheap stuff that Jennifer insists is just as good ... am I rambling? Hope - Oh no, no, not at all. I'll have a squad car swing by. Have Jennifer put the coffee on please. Julie - And Kayla would like some tacos. Kayla - Did she hear you! Julie - She hung up on me. Kayla - Darn it! Julie - She's sending a squad car. She's at the cops. More laughter. Nicole just shakes her head. JJ comes up to the front door and hears all the laughter.

Kate gets off the elevator. A nurse calls out to her. Dr. Brady left this for you. Kate thanks her. Kate reads the note. I think this is the strongest candidate of the 3 you sent me. Call me if you have questions. Kate opens the envelope and reads Jordan Ridgeway's resume. Kate calls Kayla's cell. Kayla answers with a mouthful of pickle. Kate - Kayla? It's Kate Roberts. Kayla - What? Kate - I'm sorry, I think we have a bad connection. Kayla talks with her mouth full - something about pickles and what's the matter? Kate - I want to say thanks but I'm going to try you again later. Kayla - Whatever! That's funny. She acted like she couldn't hear me. I could hear her perfectly. Jen - It's because you have peanut butter stuck to the roof of your mouth. JJ opens the door just as a cop walks up behind him. Excuse me, I need to get inside.

Segment 5: JJ - Is there a problem officer? More laughter. I can get them to quiet down, no problem. Jen comes to the door and throws her arms around JJ. Oh hi honey, I'm so glad you're back. She sees the cop. Hi and asks JJ - Who's your friend. JJ - Mom, this is the police. You've got to keep it down. Jen - No! This is our book club meeting. This is a wonderful night. She looks at the cop - Are you a reader? You look like a reader to me. The cop tells her he's there with the handcuff key. Jen - How did you know that is exactly what we need officer! Oh guess what. You're a policeman and we have donuts. She hops up and down in glee. Come in. The cop gets a radio message. He just hands the key to Jennifer and leaves. Jen calls out Thank you first responder! She pulls JJ inside. She goes into the living room. Key! Nicole notices JJ come into the room. Why are you here? Are you in book club too? How come no one tells me anything! Jen - JJ, come in here and say hello to everyone. Julie stands up - still handcuffed - You dirty rat! More laughter. JJ notices that the donuts are just about all gone.

EJ meets up with his guy outside the Brady pub. You think I don't know what would happen to me if I stiffed you DiMera! If the cops didn't find that money it means somebody else did. EJ - That doesn't make any sense unless ...

Stefano meets up with a goon in the park. I got your text. The guy hands over something wrapped in paper. Stefano - $50 thousand - they must think I'm a lot more generous than I really am. He laughs.

Segment 6: JJ gets the cuffs off Julie. Everyone except Nicole cheers. JJ - You brought handcuffs to your book club meeting. Jen - Honey, there is more to Julie then meets the eye. Kayla is now eating peanut butter with a spoon. Jen - Honey, what are you doing home so early from your date? JJ - My date was fine mom. Jen - Talk about speed dating. JJ - I didn't mean to interrupt your discussion. Adrienne - Why don't you stay? We have refreshments. JJ - Let me clean up a little. Jen - That is so kind of you honey! JJ - Can I get you guys anything. They all call out - Water! Jen - Oh my gosh, we are so thirsty. Kayla puts down the jar of peanut butter. What happened to the donuts? In the kitchen JJ quickly starts rinsing off the plates.

Kate - So I told him that I thought he sent Bernardi to kill you and he denied it very angrily. Rafe - Of course he did. The man doesn't just lie, he lies without conscience. What? Kate - Well ... Rafe - What? You believe him.

Hope comes down to Sami's cell. Where's EJ? I thought he'd be here. Sami - He had an errand to run. He'll be back soon. Could I ask you something? Abe was here earlier and then he got this really important phone call and he had to run off. I was thinking, hoping, that it had something to do with my case. Hope - It did. I wish I had better news. We got a lead but it didn't pan out. Sami - Where'd you get the lead? Hope - That is the million dollar question, isn't it?

Cicely leaves Stefano again when EJ arrives at his table in the square. Stefano - I am having an espresso. You look like you need something a little stronger. EJ - Cut the B.S. You don't seriously think you're going to get away with this do you?

Segment 7: JJ opens the door for the ladies. Adrienne - JJ, you are the sweetest, most considerate young man ever. Julie starts singing a song about a Taxi as she's leaving. Nicole - Very mature of you to call us all a cab. JJ - I saw that you all enjoyed your wine tonight; better safe then sorry. JJ and Nicole watch as Julie, Adrienne and Kayla head to their cab. JJ tells Nicole - Your cab is here too. Nicole - Something's going on here and I can't quite put my finger on it. I wonder what the cab driver is going to say when I tell him to take me to a convent. JJ closes the door after she leaves. He goes into the living room. Jen is looking at a photo album. You were such a beautiful baby. JJ - I'll clean up. Why don't you go to bed? Jen - You are such a beautiful young man inside and out. JJ - No I'm not. Jen - Yes you are. Don't contradict your mother. I'm so proud of you because I really feel that you've turned a corner and I'm so, so happy that you're home. She hugs him. I love you so, so much. I'm so proud of you. So you know what, let us have a donut before we go to bed. JJ - I'm sorry, they're all gone. Jen - You know what! I made such a good batch today. Everyone flipped out over them. I mean, they couldn't get enough of them. She giggles. JJ - You look tired Mom. Why don't you go get some sleep. Jen - I am tired. More hugs. She heads upstairs. JJ mutters - Nice going Deveraux; getting your own mother stoned. He picks up Nicole's comic book. They all went down the rabbit hole.

Kate - There's one thing you can say about Stefano is that when he swears on DiMera honour, he's telling the truth which is exactly what happened tonight. He swore that he did not send that man to kill you. Rafe - And you believe him. Kate - I think I do.

EJ - Let's not play games. Samantha is on trial for her life. The man she shot is as dirty as they come. Stefano - Everything I read about the man is that he is an unqualified hero. EJ - Well he is on your payroll; let's not forget that. Stefano - If that is true then the police must have gotten some kind of clue or something, no? They would have gone to the house. They would have searched ... EJ - You may have won this round but I can assure you there are many other ... Stefano - Elvis, you know how I react to threats. But anyway, I hope the best for your fiancée. I'm sure it's going to be hard to go to sleep at night knowing that you may never see her again. EJ - Yet somehow, I bet you have no problem sleeping at all, do you? He walks away.

Hope - You have a real ally in EJ, no doubt about it but I know that deep in his soul he's convinced that the rules do not apply to him. Sami - What are you saying? Hope - He loves you so maybe he'll listen to you. Do not let him stray outside the lines to help you. At this stage of the game it could backfire and you'll pay the price. Sami - Could you be more specific? Hope - No. I've already said too much but I'm guessing EJ will know exactly what I'm talking about. Think about it. Sami nods.


Wednesday Aug 14

Segment 1: Will and Sonny are at the pub. Will asks if his dad sounded optimistic. Sonny - Another bail hearing means she can be getting out soon. It's set for later today so ... Will - I'm going to go say hi to Grandma Caroline. Brent comes in. Sonny - Right on time. I figured it made more sense to work here instead of the coffee house. Is everything on schedule? Brent - On time for the big opening. Sonny is so excited. I'm so impressed that you put this together so quickly and that you've been working non-stop. Brent - It was great. You and Chad are really easy to work with although I will admit I'm looking forward to my vacation. Sonny - Bryce Canyon, did you decide to do it? Brent - Yeah. I booked it a couple of days ago. Will walks up as Brent adds - Have you thought anymore about coming with me.

Cam is in the park. He sends a message. We really need to talk. Can we meet?

Chad is in the square. He gets a text. He reads it and recalls seeing Cam and Abby kissing and about telling Cam he's dying.

Gabi walks up to Cam and asks if he's okay.

Abby sits on the couch and has her Tablet open to a news story about Sami's case. Outside the front door JJ is on his cell. Dude, you've got to stop laughing. Man, it is so not funny because if my mom and her book club friends had figured out they were high as kite from the pot donuts I made for us ... no, I disposed of all the evidence. He goes inside the house and sees Abby about to bite into a donut. Stop, don't eat that! Jen is on the stairs.

Dan follows Eric into the rectory. Eric - So all the samples are ruined. Dan - Mason confirmed it; couldn't get new ones. Eric - I suppose this investigation is over. Dan - Unfortunately. It's not likely that we'll ever find out what really happened to you that night; why you got so sick.

Kristen is in bed dreaming about drugging and raping Eric. She wakes up and sees Brady staring at her. What is it? Brady - That was some dream you were having. Are you alright? Kristen - Yeah, I was dreaming that I was finally with the right man. My dream came true. She kisses him.

JJ - Give me that donut. Abby - No. Jen - Adrienne saved that donut especially for her. JJ - She can't eat it. Abby - Why, what is your problem? JJ grabs the donut. Because I sneezed on it. Jen and Abby - Eewww! JJ - I should have thrown it away; I am now. I've got to go study. Jen - Before you go I've got to talk to you about last night.

Eric - Have to chalk it up to God working in mysterious ways. Dan - We could do that if you getting sick was accidental. We could accept that it was random. However, if it wasn't an accident ... Eric - I'm not living in fear. Dan - I understand that but I don't think we have to be cavalier about it because if it wasn't random and someone was actually trying to harm you; that person could try it again.

Kristen knows that what happened last night wasn't planned but the way you're acting right now, do you think it maybe was a mistake?

Segment 2: Sonny - Thanks but like I said before I can't be taking any trips right now. Brent - I understand. I thought it wouldn't hurt to ask. Will walks up and pats Brent on the shoulder - Hi Brent. What's up. Brent - We're going over the coffee shop designs. Chad walks in - I'm here. Sorry I'm late. Chad looks at the design. I like this a lot. This looks great. The best thing you did was bring Brent in on to this project. Sonny - We make an awesome team. Will's expression is priceless.

Cam tells Gabi he just took some time from work for a walk in the park. It's a beautiful day, isn't it? Gabi agrees. Cam looks at Ari and gushes - she's getting so big. They talk about how it won't be long before she's walking and talking. Gabi hopes her brother can get on his feet soon. I know he has a long road of physical therapy ahead of him. Cam - If anyone's going to be committed to the PT it's Rafe. He's a tough man. Gabi - You are too. Cam - About most things I guess. Gabi - But not about what you were texting, right? You seemed upset. Is it about Abigail?

Jen feels embarrassed and ashamed. I was a really bad example last night. We drank way too much. JJ - It's okay. I get it. I'm sure it's not good for you drinking all that wine when you're not used to it. Jen - No, it's not good. In fact it was stupid. And after the way I felt last night and the way my head felt this morning, I promise you that is never going to happen again. And the only thing I'm going to be drinking in my future is camomile tea. She asks Abby if she's okay. Abby hands over the Tablet. Just all that stuff with Sami; it's all over the news and I just feel awful for everyone. JJ - It looks like you guys need to talk so I'm going to go grab a shower. Jen - Why is this whole thing with Sami getting to you so much? I know I've been so focused on your brother since he came home but I want you to know that if you need to talk to me about anything please share that with me. We can talk through this together. Please let me help you. Abby - Okay. I've been hiding something and I don't want to anyone. I can't do it.

Eric - You're obviously very good at what you do. I'm sure when you walk into an examination room and look at a patient you know exactly what to do more often then not, right? Dan - Yeah, that's true. Eric - In my line of work I've learned to recognise a troubled soul and you my friend, have all those symptoms. Am I way off? Dan - No, that's a pretty good analysis. Eric - Sit down and talk to me. Dan sits. Eric - Whatever you share with me is completely private. Dan - I know it's just that I hate to sound like I'm complaining in any way. I've been pretty damn lucky in my life. Eric - Well something is upsetting you now. Dan - Confusing me actually. I'm pretty decisive about most things in my life and yet I'm so conflicted about this. I'm forced to look at some of the choices I've made in my past. I'm not trying to be cryptic here ... Eric - That's fine. Whatever you feel comfortable sharing. Dan - Well, when I first came to Salem I was still grieving over the death of my wife, my parents ... so I jumped in ... too quickly in retrospect. I got involved with someone who was in a committed relationship and got hurt badly. Not long after that the tables turned and I got a real sense of what it's like to be on the other side of a secret, a lie, infidelity.

Kristen - This is so creepy. I feel so insecure I can't stand it. Brady - Why do you feel insecure? Kristen - I don't know, maybe I'm paranoid because I kind of feel like you're playing me. Brady - I'm not playing you. I would never do that. I think I'm sending you mixed messages. I'm the one who hit the accelerator on this thing. Kristen - I was there with you. Brady - Alright, we both acted impulsively. I think it's important that we take it slow so we can rebuild the trust between us. I think we have a shot. I really believe that and I want to convince you. Kristen - I kind of thought that after last night you did convince me. I felt that way ... you didn't. It's okay. You don't have to say anything. Just for the record, I however am not conflicted. I know my heart and I want you now and forever. But hey ... no pressure. We can just take it really slow. Brady doesn't want to take it too slow. More kissing.

Segment 3: Abby - Whatever I tell you, you have to promise me it stays just between us. Jen - Of course. Abby - I should have told you about this sooner. Jen - Now you're scaring me. Abby is sorry; she didn't mean to do that. Here goes. I knew about the video before it went public; the video of Sami attacking that cop Bernardi before she shot him to death in Rafe's room. Jen - I don't understand. How would you know about that? Abby - I'd rather not say but the point is the reason why I didn't say anything is because I didn't want anyone to get hurt. Will is family. Sonny is ... Jen - Wait, did they ask you to keep that a secret. Abby - No! Jen - Then who would ask you to do that. I know it wouldn't be Justin. He would never have you conceal evidence. That's a crime. Abby - I know mom. Jen - I know you would never sit on this unless ... the DiMera's. They're the ones who wanted you to keep this a secret. EJ, he's the one ... Abby - Mom! Jen - Oh my goodness, it was Chad, wasn't it?

Sonny - So if this venture works out I actually found another site across town; we could open another club. Chad - Okay, one day at a time. Brent - Why pass up an opportunity to expand. I'm up for any new ideas you have. Will walks up. This has been so fun but I've got to go. Gabi has Ari at the park and I have her sunhat so ... Chad - Wait, I'm heading out that way. Can I drop off the hat? Will - If you want to. Chad - I want to. I want to see Ari. Will - Okay, thanks. Chad leaves. Brent - Was it just me or did Chad seem a little down?

Cam - It wasn't about Abigail, I can promise you that. Ari makes a noise. Cam asks if he can pick her up. Cam holds the baby and talks to her.

Eric - You're talking about Chloe, right? Dan - Yeah. Eric - You two share custody of your son. Dan - That's right. That's all we share now so when I look at my son, I feel so blessed. He's a great kid; he's a gift. And then I think about those times I used poor judgement and I ended up shortchanging him. That's not even my point here. I've made some bad mistakes but I am determined now to make better judgements. I'm going to live my life more openly; more honestly and no more lies, no more secrets.

Kristen breaks the kiss. But that doesn't mean I can stay in bed with you all day. Brady - You better have a damn good excuse. Kristen - I do. Children. I have those scholarship interviews with Eric at the rectory. Brady - That's a very good excuse but let me take you to dinner later. Kristen - Like a date? Brady - Like a good date. I want to celebrate the fact that we found our way back together. More cooing and kissing.

Dan - When I'm with my son and he looks at me with those trusting eyes ... he's got me. He is my motivation for living a more honest life. Eric - Parker is such a good kid. Dan agrees. He's the reason that I intend to live a more honest, open life from now on ... in my work and in my personal life. I need to set an example for my son.

Kristen recalls raping Eric. No, this will work. Brady and I are going to be happy. It's got to work.

Segment 4: Brent is rolling up his designs. So did Sonny mention the trip to Bryce Canyon to you? Will - Of course he did. He doesn't keep secrets from me. I couldn't help but overhear that you were asking Sonny about the trip and he made it clear that he's not interested. Brent - Yeah, but I was just wondering if he thought about it anymore. Will - Okay. Well you can stop wondering because he's not going to go without me okay. Do me a favour. Stop asking him. Back off.

Gabi sees Chad and calls out to him. Chad - I didn't mean to interrupt. Gabi - You didn't. Chad holds up Ari's bonnet. Will was going to bring this to you but I said I would. Gabi - Thanks. That's very sweet of you. Gabi puts it on Ari and asks if he wants to hold her. Chad - I really have to get going. Take care. Cam - I've got to get going too. It was great to see the both of you. She's very beautiful, just like her mother. Gabi thanks him.

Jen - What made you let Chad talk you into keeping this all quiet. Abby - I don't know Mom but can you please stop making me feel even worse about this then I already do. Jen - This is not about how you feel anymore because we need to call a lawyer. Abby - Mom, no! Jen - Yes and tell them exactly what you told me about this video and why you've been keeping it a secret for so long. Abby - No. Do you realise how many people would be hurt by that? Jen - I don't care. Abby - Well I do care. Sami won't have a case anymore and Will won't have his Mom and Chad could be in serious trouble ... Jen - And you will go to jail. Abby - I'm sorry Mom. You already have enough to deal with. Jen - We're going to fix this alright. So let's just focus. I'm going to go to work, make some calls and we're going to handle this. I love you. She leaves.

Eric - This is obviously about Jennifer. Dan - Yes it is. She proposed something ... a way of doing things ... that I just know is going to be a mistake but if I don't go along with it I'm going to risk losing her. Eric - In times like these I find that prayer kind of guides me in the right direction. Dan chuckles. Eric - Not your thing huh? Dan - No, I'm a little more proactive but hell, I'm willing to give it a try. Kristen is eavesdropping. She makes her presence known. If I was your patient I would think I was a goner by the way you're looking at me. Dan - I'm just curious why you're here. Kristen - I have business with Fr Eric. We're going to be teaming up for a little while. I for one am really looking forward to it.

Segment 5: Kristen - I hope I didn't interrupt anything of importance. Dan - Nope I was just leaving. Thanks for listening. Eric - Of course. Kristen - We could be here working a long time, maybe even right through lunch, right? Eric - We might. Kristen - So do you think it would be a good idea to have Nicole run out and get some sandwiches maybe? Eric - We'll order in. Dan gets a text - It's time for me to leave. Eric - Are you ready to get started? Kristen - Yep, let's do it.

Brent - Okay, I don't know you very well. Will - No you don't. Brent - I was hoping to get to know you better if you and Sonny came on this camping trip with me and some of the other guys. Will - That's not what you want. You want us all to go together? Is that why you asked Sonny whenever I wasn't around? Brent - I think what we have here is a serious case of you're so wrong. Will - I don't think so. Brent - Yeah, you are. Sonny is my friend first and my business associate second. We've never been involved and we never would be. He's not my type. Will - Please. Brent - He's not. I love the guy but like a friend. We never would be involved even if he wasn't totally in love with you. But am I jealous of you guys. Yeah, sure! You guys both found each other to share your life with and you seem really happy together. I wish I had that too. He leaves just as Sonny returns. He asks Will - What did I miss?

Cam catches up to Chad. Are you just going to do a U-turn every time you see me coming? Chad - I shouldn't have dumped my illness on you last night; sounded all sorry for myself. Cam - It's okay. I completely understand. Chad - Look, I'm not close with my family but if I was going to tell anybody about this it would probably be Abigail. You think that's a bad idea, don't you?

JJ and Abby are in the kitchen eating. She tells him it's actually pretty good. Thanks bro. JJ - I know you're my big sister but I hope it's okay if I look out for you sometimes. Abby - Yeah, I'd like that.

Jen is the phone. I'm calling to retain the services of ... yeah, I can hold. She picks up the press release about Dan. Dan comes in. I know you're worried about something and I want you to know that whatever it is I'm here to help you fix it. We'll do this together. And there's something else. I've decided to do as you asked. I will be with you in secret. Jen - Are you sure? Dan clears off her desk. Jen - Here? End fantasy. Yes, I'm still here.

Dan and Brady meet up in the square. Brady - Remember those symphony tickets you offered me a while back, do you still have them. Dan - No, sorry. I got rid of them. Brady - That's alright. Dan - Were you going to use those tickets? Do you have a date? Brady - Actually I do with Kristen.

Segment 6: Kristen and Eric are interviewing Sarah. Kristen is impressed with the girls grades and application statement. The mother tells them that she read about the scholarship program in the papers and she was hoping that Sarah would be eligible. I want her to have the best education she can. Eric - We want to make that possible Sarah. Mother - You two seem to work so well together. Are you old friends? Eric - No, we're just getting to know each other.

Will - What did you miss? You missed me making a fool of myself with Brent. Sonny - How did you do that? Will - I tapped him about trying to get you to go on that trip again. Sonny - Why? You know we're just friends and he wanted you to go on the trip. Will - That's what he said. I don't know. I hope he's not going to be too upset with me. Sonny - No, he's a good guy. We share a lot of friends and I think it's cool if one of them just happened to be gay, right? Will - Yeah, that would be cool. Sonny - I just want you to know that no guy or girl, gay, straight or indifferent is going to come between us. I know how lucky I am. Kisses.

Abby - So mom kind of hit the ceiling and so she's going to get a lawyer. JJ - This is strange. Usually I'm the one getting busted for things. Abby - Thanks for the support JJ. JJ - Just making an observation. So she knows everything. Abby - Yup. Once we started talking about it I didn't see any point in leaving anything out. JJ - I don't know. I think I would have handled that a little differently. Deny, deny, deny. Abby what else are you deny, deny, denying? JJ - Let's stay on topic which is you getting busted for something, not me. Just kidding. I'm here for you Abs. You, me and mom are family; we've got to stick together and not worry about anyone else.

Dan - Are you and Kristen telling people you're back together or is it a big secret. Brady - Obviously not a big secret; I just told you, right? What do want to do ... send out an email blast or something. Dan - Sorry, this is really more about my stuff than yours. If this is what you want I am happy for you. Just be careful this time round. Brady - Trust me, my eyes are open this time.

Kristen calls Sarah's mother back into the rectory. Since Sarah's touring the school we thought we'd let you know ... Eric - We are happy to welcome your daughter into our scholarship program. Mom is thrilled. Thank you both so much. Eric - We're so lucky to have her. Mom - You don't know how much this is going to help us. I just found out yesterday that my husband and I are going to have another child. Eric - That's great. Mom - Now with Sarah being able to go to this wonderful school ... it's just such a blessing. Eric - It's wonderful news ... a baby. I'm so happy for you and your family. Kristen is staring at her phone. Mom - I work two jobs so I lose track of time. Anyway I looked at my day calendar yesterday and the date and ran out and bought a home pregnancy test. It's funny that you can have another life growing inside of you and not even know it. Kristen stares.

Segment 7: Cam - You don't need my permission to talk to Abigail. Chad - Wasn't asking for it. But like I told you last night, I don't want anyone knowing about this especially her. You want to know why? Because I don't want people staring at me like you are right now. Cam - What are you talking about? Chad - I don't want your pity Cameron. I don't want it. I don't need it. Cam - The only thing I'm feeling right now is that I hate what you're going through and I wish I could do something to help. You never told me what the doctor said; what the next step is. Chad - Like you don't know the drill. Cam - It's chemo. Chad - Yeah. Cam - You're going to go ahead with it, right? Chad - Damn straight! I'm going to do whatever I have to do to beat this thing.

Abby - I know that it's just the 3 of us and we do stick together but you've got to understand that mom has really been struggling since she and Daniel split. JJ - Mom will be fine. Abby - Oh yeah, you sure about that? JJ - Yeah I'm sure. You should get used to it too. Abby - Used to what? JJ - Mom being finished with Daniel for good. Mom finally realised things are a lot better without Daniel Jonas.

Jen is on her cell near the nurses station. So you're saying the focus is off my daughter at this point in the terms of the case against Sami Brady. That's such a relief. Thank you so much. Yes, I will let you know if I find out any more information. She sees Dan. Hey. Dan - Sounds like you got some good news. Jen - I did. Dan - That's great, whatever it is. He turns to leave. Jen - Daniel, please. I know that you said that you wouldn't agreed to what I wanted for the two of us but I was wondering if you had reconsidered. Dan - I haven't. If anything it's resolved my decision. What you're asking, wanting us to sneak around keeping our relationship a secret so your son isn't traumatized by my presence in your life ... I won't do it. I can't do it. He walks away.

Brady walks up to the rectory door and asks Eric if Kristen is inside. Inside Kristen is staring at her cell and pacing. I'm late. I'm really, really late. It's not possible ...


Thursday Aug 15

Segment 1: Nicole is sitting in the park reading Alice In Wonderland. Wow, Lewis Carroll, you must have been as drunk as us ladies were last night when you wrote that. Maybe if I just work on my tan I won't have to deal with Kristen playing Mother Teresa with Eric. She opens her eyes when she hears someone approach. She looks up and sees a wet Eric in swim trunks. In reality it's some random hunk who tells her she can't be here.

Maxine sees Kate and tells her that Rafe has been asking for her. Kate asks how he is. Maxine - In a mood; what else is new. Kate is going to do her very best to cheer him up. Maxine thinks Kate is the only one who can. Rafe looks up when Kate comes in his room. Hi, it's so nice to see you. Kate gets it. You're sick of being here and you're not thrilled with me. I dropped that bomb on you and then I left but the doctors had things they had to do. Rafe - You're here now so maybe you can explain to me in broad daylight how you could possibly think Stefano did not send Joe Bernardi here to kill me!

Sami dreams that her kids come to see her. She wakes up just as Johnny asks - Are you coming home Mommy? She calls for the guard and asks if he has any new information on her bail hearing. All he heard was that they were bringing her clothes.

EJ is at home on his cell. You either do the job I'm already paying you to do or I find somebody else to do it. Justin arrives. What the hell is going on? After the disaster with the video you promised that there would be no more secrets in this case. So please explain to me what in God's name you did and why!

Brady and Eric are standing in the hallway outside the rectory. Eric - My mom has a lot on her plate. Brady knows. But I seem to recall that it was you that suggested I tell Marlena that I was ... Eric - I didn't expect her to hear it from anyone else so if you were expecting her to react in a different manner ... Brady - I just wasn't expecting the 'Brady, you're out of your freakin' mind' thing again. I was hoping just once that maybe this time Marlena would not be so judgemental. Eric - Wait, you're not judging her for speaking her mind? Come on. She has a daughter in jail. Her husband left her and now her stepson is involved with her nemesis. Brady - Well hey, at least things can't get any worse, right?

Kristen is still muttering to herself. This can't be. I must have the dates wrong. I can't be pregnant with Eric's baby. Eric and Brady come inside the rectory.

EJ - I'm sorry Justin, I'm really not in the mood for a lecture. Justin - Really? You're not in a mood to discuss Sami's case; you have more pressing things on your mind. EJ - Yes. Running a multi-national corporation is a 24hr business. It takes tremendous focus and energy. Now my father lost focus and I was able to vanquish him. I'm not about to make the same mistake and have him come waltzing back in here. Justin - So it's okay to screw things up on Sami's case ... no big deal to lose focus where Sami is concerned, is that it? EJ - Everything that I do is for Samantha and my children. What I'm doing right now is making sure that she does have something to come back to. Justin - I am not questioning your intent; I am questioning your methods which are going to sabotage this case. Do you not get that! I just heard that the police got an anonymous tip to search Bernardi's house. Do you know anything about that? EJ waves his pen in Justin's face. He's dirty and there has to be proof of that somewhere. Justin - Right. According to Abe and Hope you were STUNNED that that proof wasn't in Bernardi's house.

Sami tells the guard she knows he's in a tough spot looking after her. Officer Bernardi was one of your own and I'm not going to trash him. I'm not trying to plead my case to you I just wanted you to know that I'm really grateful to you for being fair to me. Thank you. Guard - Your father saved my life. I'm watching his kid. On my watch you're safe here Ms Brady. I promise you that.

Kristen - Do I seem completely overwhelmed? Well am I because of all these scholarship applications. What are you doing here? I'm glad to see you. Oh right, you said you were going to stop by. I can't stay and chat though. I'm going to go and see EJ for a little bit. He's really concerned about Sami. Brady - You can't because EJ is in hearing about some motions. Kristen - I'm just going to go down and say hi to him anyway. Brady - It's a closed hearing. Kristen - And I will wait for him to come out. Brady asks Eric for a moment alone with Kristen. Eric closes the door behind him. Kristen - What's up? Brady - That's what I want to know. What happened between you and my brother?

Segment 2: Cue fb of Kristen raping Eric. What kind of question is that. Nothing happened between Eric and me. Brady - You were going to interview scholarship applicants, right? Kristen - Yes and we did. Brady - When I saw him just now he was in quite a mood. I was just wondering if you two weren't getting along ... Kristen - We're getting along just fine. Brady gets a call. Dinner, later. He leaves. Kristen is also going to leave but Eric tells her she can't go. I need you.

Nicole thought this was a public place. Guy - It is but there's going to be a ceremony for the one yr anniversary of the explosion. Nicole - Oh wow, it's been one year already. Guy - They just asked us to leave the pool. Everyone's got to clear out. Nicole - Well it's certainly a nice thing that they're doing; honouring people who were lost. I didn't lose anyone in the explosion but I know someone who did. Thanks for alerting me. I hope you have a really nice day. She pulls out her cell and sends a text.

EJ - What has you so upset? Justin - DiMera, use your head. Abe and Hope are going to be called by the prosecution to testify about their work on this case which now includes that search. EJ - So? Justin - So the only thing they found was a metal box the contents of which makes Bernardi look like St Joseph so please stay out of this and let Sami's team of allies take care of everything from now on. EJ - No, I'm not going to stay out of this. I'm not going to stop until my fiancée is back here in this house.

Sami works out in her cell. The guard brings her a garment bag.

Justin - I understand this is a very difficult situation. EJ - Do you know what I'm most concerned about Justin? It's the children. They're constantly asking me why their mother is taking such a long time on this business trip. Justin - I can only imagine how difficult this is for them and I am doing absolutely everything I possibly can to get Sami back home as soon as possible. I need you to work with me. EJ drinks. By the book, right? Justin - Yes, it's the only way.

Rafe - You really think Sami shot Joe Bernardi for no good reason. She's got 4 kids! What do you think; she just did it for the thrill of it. Kate - Whoa! No, I don't. But I do know Stefano and I'm just not sure he's lying. Just stop worrying about Sami for just awhile. You're about to start physical therapy. You are going to need all of your energy to get your strength back. Rafe - Sami saved my life okay. The least I can do while I'm stuck in this godforsaken bed is try and use my mind to figure out what the hell happened here. Kate - Okay, if you're not going to let it go ... I'm not saying there isn't a connection between Bernardi and Stefano. Rafe - Because clearly there is. Kate - Can you think of any other reason why Bernardi might have wanted to attack you. Rafe - No, there isn't one. The only thing we ever disagreed on was to root for the Cubs or the White Sox. Kate - Maybe he thought you suspected him of being a dirty cop. Rafe - I didn't; no one did. He was obviously so good at what he was doing he got away with it. Kate - Not in the end; it cost him his life. Rafe - And I'm not going to let it cost Sami hers. I'm not going to let that happen.

EJ - One more thing for you. He hands Justin an envelope. Justin - What is this? EJ - That is Trask's next move. Justin - How did ... damn it! By the book from this moment forward. EJ - I want to get her back here. I want her home where she belongs.

Sami is now dressed and ready for her hearing.

Segment 3: Nicole finds Brady at the pub. He comments that she looks upset. Nicole - I was just reminded of something today and ... Brady - It's the one year anniversary of the explosion. Nicole - You remember. Brady - Sure. That was Madison's sister I was just talking with. Nicole - I suppose you know there's a memorial service at the park today. Brady - It's for immediate family members of the victims only; by invitation. What I was thinking about today was Jack Deveraux; the fact that Jennifer and the kids must be having a hard day. Nicole - Yeah. Brady - But mostly I'm thinking about Madison and what she would want me to do now. Nicole - And what would that be? Brady - Live.

Eric - I need your for one more student interview. Kristen says she has somewhere to be and she really can't be late. Eric - It won't take long. She's right outside. Kristen agrees to do it.

Justin and EJ arrive in the hearing room. Sami is brought in. Justin tells her - Stay calm. Remember what I said.

Rafe - I can't believe that we are having this conversation. Obviously Stefano is capable of murder. You think he's not going to lie if it suits his best interests? That somehow lying now is worse than committing murder. Kate - No. I never said that. It's just that when Stefano gives his word ... Rafe - His word? Kate - His word of honour ... Rafe - His word! Screw his word. It's worth nothing and he's worth nothing. He's nothing more than a lying, homicidal, psychopath and I have zero doubt that he sent Bernardi here to try and kill me.

The judge comes in. I have 2 motions in front of me. I'll hear arguments. Justin - Your honour, since Ms Brady's incarceration there have been not one, but two threats on her life; two separate incidents. This can not be tolerated. We ask the court to do everything in it's power to protect the safety of my client. Your honour, she's not a flight risk. All she wants to do is prove her innocence, clear her name so she can get back to her home to take care of her children. So I ask respectfully to have your prior decision rescinded and to allow my client to be free on bail in the safety of her home with her family.

Segment 4: Brady - I try to honour Madison's memory by staying clean. God knows I haven't succeeded in trying to live my life fully; be good to the people who love me and all the while trying to keep my sense of humour. They sit and talk about Madison. Lots of nice memories. Brady - She was smart, she was funny, she was great. Nicole - Unlike your current lady friend. I'm sorry, I don't mean to be insensitive. Brady tells her it was. Nicole - It's strange to me how you could go from a woman like Madison to ... Brady - What, a bitch like Kristen?

A woman tells Eric and Kristen that Hailey lost her mother 6 months ago. I'm her second cousin and she's been with me ever since. She's very smart but her grades have slipped lately. Eric - That's very understandable. He asks the girl what her favourite subject in school is. Silence. Eric tells the child that he's going to step out and talk to her cousin. Kristen is going to stay with you, is that okay? They leave. Kristen - If this were my interview I'd probably do the same thing you're doing. So if you just want to sit here I'm totally cool with that.

Kate - I have an idea. Why don't we not talk about Stefano. Are you excited about your physical therapist. I heard they assigned you a therapist and he is supposed to be the very, very best. Silence. So you don't want to talk about that. She holds up Ari's picture. How about this? You have to say she's a beauty. Rafe - Yeah. Kate - Yay, a good topic. I heard you had a really good visit with her. Rafe - Yeah, I did in spite of the fact that I couldn't hold her in my arms; my sister just had to put her on top of me. It was good. Kate - You are going to be holding her and hugging her and taking her for adventures all over town before you know it.

Justin - Your honour, we understand the courts concern about my client fleeing so we present the passports of Ms Brady and Mr DiMera as well as this certified document verifying the self-impoundment of the DiMera private jet. May I also remind the court of the children involved ... Ms Trask jumps in. The children involved are of no consequence. Justin - Excuse me? Trask - The defendant and her fiancé have found themselves in a situation like this before and they ran without their passports, without the private jet and without their children. They were ultimately apprehended in a DiMera family safe house along with the means to flea the country. Judge - I'll consider this. The other motion; the request for a closed trial. Justin - Yes your honour. Trask - I'd like to register the state's dissent on this motion. Judge - Noted. Justin - Your honour, we're concerned about the defendant's right to a fair trial. Judge - As am I. Justin - But I believe that we are justified in our concern. If this trial is open the gallery attendees can have an adverse effect on the impartiality of the jury. Judge - Mr. Kiriakis, every attorney wants to make that case. Justin - But not every defendant has cause. And I think once you see what's inside this folder you'll share my concern.

Segment 5: Those are personal emails from 4 different members of the Salem PD each one describing an organized effort to pack the gallery with uniformed officers. Trask - Really, this is your motion Mr. Kiriakis? Men in uniform. Justin - Your honour, we all know Det Bernardi was a decorated officer and no one can blame his comrades for their loyalty but this is blatant and co-ordinated effort to sway the jury against my client. And may I also point out that the prosecutor was copied on each email. Trask - Not to put to fine a point on this but unless you had a warrant, which I know you didn't, accessing the personal emails of private citizens is a crime. Justin - One of the officers on this string voluntarily gave me a copy of the email. No crime was committed. Trask - Who gave you the emails? Justin - His or her identity will not be divulged in order to protect his or her safety. Trask - This is outrageous. The public's right to know ... Justin - Are secondary to the rights of my client. She is entitled to protection and a fair trial. Trask - Your honour, if I may ... Judge - Not now. We'll take a brief recess and I'll rule on both motions and present you with orders before close of day. Sami - So what happens now? Justin - Actually, I think we have a really good shot at getting you home tonight.

Rafe - So jury selection is starting soon, huh? Kate - Apparently so. Rafe - What if I'm called as a witness. Kate - Then you'll tell the truth but right now you need to focus on ... Rafe - My recovery, yes. I know. Maxine comes in. The doctor will he here soon ahead of your first PT appointment. Kate - I need to go but I will be back. She leaves. Rafe looks at Maxine - Fine, I'll be nice. Maxine - Words are cheap Hernandez. Kate walks out past the physical therapist without noticing her.

Hailey - Why do you think I don't want to talk? Kristen - I just assumed. I think I understand what you're going through. When I was your age I lost most of my family too honey. For a long time it was just my brother and me. We were mad, so mad and we were sad too because we felt we'd been cheated out of something. We had been cheated out of something just like you have. The girl cries. Kristen - I didn't want to talk because I was afraid that if I opened my mouth words wouldn't come out anyway. I thought I would just start screaming bloody murder and crying and then I'd be freaking out and everyone around me would be freaking out. Do you kind of feel like that too? She nods yes. Kristen - I know it sounds really crazy but things are going to get better. You're not always going to be so mad; you're not always going to be so sad. You're going to realise that the people that you lost are still with you in your heart. We want you to feel happy. We want you to feel safe. It's going to get better. I promise you. Hailey gets up and hugs her. Eric watches from the doorway.

Nicole - I don't mean to hurt you ... Brady - I thought you would be the one to get Kristen the most. Nicole - Why! Brady - Because she has been wounded by life, by things she couldn't control and hurt by the people that were supposed to love her the most and now she's trying to get another shot at happiness and turn her life around. Does this sound familiar to you? Nicole - Okay. We do have a lot in common. What we don't have in common ... She's ... Kristen is ... Alright, fine. We are alike. Which is even more reason for you to listen to me. She is a man eater. You look into those big eyes, those sad eyes and you say awww ... but she will eat you up and spit you out again!

Eric comes in. He tells Hailey her cousin is in the corridor waiting for you. Kristen - She'll start opening up when she trusts people a little more. Eric - I think she trusted you. I watched you two for a moment from the doorway. Kristen - We just talked a little bit. She obviously needed a hug. Eric - You obviously understand better knowing what she's going through. Kristen - I suppose so. Eric - It's terrible when we lose somebody; when adults lose somebody but when a child loses a parent or both, it's ... Kristen - What about you? You seem to have such an affinity for kids. Eric - And yet I don't have any of my own; is that what you were going to say? Kristen - I wasn't going to say that at all. You shouldn't jump to the conclusion ... I don't know if I was going to say that so can we please not talk about this right now. Let's not talk about this ever again, okay.

Segment 6: Sami asks Justin if EJ could still be there if the trial is closed. EJ tells her that he's 2nd chair, co-counsel. The judge returns. Judge - I've made my ruling on both motions. The clerk is typing up the orders. To the motion requesting a closed hearing; barring the public from the proceedings, I rule in favour of the defence. Trask - Objection, your honour. Judge - Noted. The second motion regarding bail, denied. The court views that extraordinary measures have been taken to assure the defendant's safety. Given the defendant and her fiancé's blatant disregard for honouring prior bail agreements, I can not in good conscience allow for it. That's all.

Kristen apologises for snapping at him. There's a lot going on in my life right now and I feel that I can't keep up with it. Brady and I are back together, that's wonderful and incredible. It's also kind of confusing for me. Obviously I love him. What's not to love? I don't think anyone's ever been so devoted or kind to me. Eric - So why are you confused? Kristen - I'm just not used to feeling these feelings I have. Like I said, everything is changing, it worries me. Eric - What changes are you talking about? Kristen - These circumstances ... Oh God, I can't talk right now. She leaves.

Brady - I know you're going to scoff at this but the God's honest truth is I am getting back together with Kristen with my eyes open. No comment huh. Nicole - Afraid I'll scoff. I'm not very good at controlling that. Brady - You don't have to trust her, I do. If you're my friend you will trust the fact that I won't let anybody including Kristen, screw up my life again. End of story. He leaves.

Maxine - Here's what I know about the first days of physical therapy. It sucks. It hurts and you'll think it won't get any better but it will. Besides you're the toughest dude I know. If anyone can take it ... She leaves. Rafe tries moving his hand. The pt watches from the doorway.

EJ tells Sami to just breathe. This is not over. Trask hands over the prosecutions witness list. I hope this is a surprise to you. I'd hate to think you stole it off my clerk's laptop. Justin goes over the list with EJ. It's pretty standard. Forensics, Hope, Abe ... Roman? Sonny, Adrienne, Kate, Will ... Sami - Oh God, they're going to make my son testify against me. Justin - And Rafe. EJ - Rafe? He was in a coma. Sami - And he's already made it clear that he believes me so I don't understand what she's doing. Why is she calling all these people? The guard returns with the cuffs. Time to go. EJ tells Sami this is not over. We will win this. The guard takes Sami away. EJ - So what do you make of the list. Justin - It's not who's on the list, it's who's not. EJ - Marge Bernardi. Justin - The grieving widow would play very well to the jury. EJ - They don't want her on the stand because they're afraid we'll cross examine her. Justin - Maybe she's hiding something about her dearly departed Joe. EJ - Could be father's money is in her account or her son's name. Justin - I'm not sure we can go there. EJ - Samantha's life is on the line. We go wherever we have to go.

Segment 7: Rafe looks up and sees the woman in the doorway. Are you new here? I am. Actually my name ... EJ knocks on the door and comes inside. I'm going to need a moment alone with Mr. Hernandez ... now!

Sami is in her cell crying when Kate comes in. Sami - What do you want? Kate - We need to talk about Stefano.

Nicole returns to the rectory. Eric - So you weren't sick today; just trying to steer clear of Kristen, huh? Nicole - I had an upset stomach but I'm better now. So how did the scholarship interviews go. Eric - Great. Kristen was terrific. She was so skilled in the way she handled this girl who had lost her parents. I was very impressed. Nicole - Oh for the love of Mary and Joseph, not you too! She is a snake; you know the one in the garden that started it all. Eric - I need copies of this flyer today. He leaves. Nicole - Hello, is anyone up there paying any attention to what's going on down here. Someone needs to get busy for heaven's sake and have the scales fall from the eyes of at least one of those idiot brothers. Come on already!

Kristen is in a drug store near the pregnancy tests when Brady strolls down the aisle. Kristen!


Friday Aug 16

Segment 1: Dan is at the K mansion with Parker who is playing with his toys. Dan looks at his Tablet with the article about the memorial for Jack and Madison. He pulls out his cell to call Jen but puts it down. Parker comes to him and gives him a hug.

The ceremony is over. Abby comments that what the Governor said about Dad was nice. JJ - About how brave he was that day. Jen didn't need anyone to tell her that because she saw him. Abby asks if she is okay. Jen says the ceremony was lovely. It makes her think about that night and wondering how she was going to get through the next day or the next week now here they are a year later all together. JJ is just glad people remember him. Jen tells him that she's lucky because she gets to see his Dad everyday in his eyes and in Abby's smile. Family hug.

The PT says she will wait outside when Rafe tells her he'll talk to EJ. Rafe - If you think I have amnesia, I don't. In fact I remember everything about you. EJ - Actually I came here to bury the hatchet and not in your head. I was hoping that there's a chance that you and I might be able to work together.

Sami doesn't want to talk to Kate about Stefano or anything else. Kate - Don't be stupid. We both know that Stefano is the reason that you're here; the reason that you might spend the rest of your life behind bars.

Eric comes into the rectory and thanks Nicole. I was going to do that but you're one step ahead of me. Nicole - I know you think this is none of my business but just how long is Kristen going to be here? Eric - A few more days. Nicole - A few days is like a hundred years when you have to stand shoulder to shoulder with that word I'm not allowed to say on church property. Eric - You know He also cares about what's in your heart. Nicole - Not swearing is as good as you're going to get when you cheerfully tell me someone who I can't stand and who has a merit badge in terrorizing people just because they rub her the wrong way, and I am one of those people, is going to share my office ... Eric - Actually this is my office and I think you're being a bit egocentric. Honestly, I don't think she's going to even notice you're here. Nicole - Because I'm 'the help'. Eric - Because for one thing she's totally focused on helping those kids and besides today she seemed a bit distracted.

Brady asks Kristen what she's doing here when he spots her at the drug store in the pregnancy test section.

Maggie tells Dan that Parker and Joanne are building a fort outside. The conversation switches from Parker to Jen. Maggie asks him if he doesn't think he should be with Jen at that memorial for support. He sent a text and no he does not.

Jen reads Dan's text. Know this day is difficult ... also know your children will give you the love and support you need. JJ asks who that was from.

Nicole - I don't have to worry about Kristen because she's preoccupied. She gets preoccupied when she's ready to kidnap and torture someone. I think she's done that to someone before ... yes, your mother. Eric - Do you really want to start judging people by what they've done in the past. Nicole - No. I want you to face that fact that your scholarship is funded and administered by a sociopath and if you don't wake up and see Kristen for who she really is she could destroy both of us.

Kristen tells Brady she ran out of tissues. She tells him about the newly orphaned little girl who pushed all her buttons; she couldn't stop crying. What are you doing here? Brady is getting a prescription for Brady. Brady wants to know why Kristen is lying to him. She admits she is lying and that he deserves to know the truth.

Segment 2: Brady and Kristen are now sitting at a table at the outdoor café in the square. Brady wants to know what exactly she was lying about. She tells him the little girl thing is true. If I have been lying it's because you're lying to me. She knows he's lying to himself because you're acting like today is a day like any other when we both know today you're only thinking of one thing, that's Madison. I'm worried about you.

Maggie pushes. Dan tells her it's none of her business. She begs to differ. She's his mother - she has carte blanche to interfere in his life. She also reminds him that she is Jen's aunt and JJ's great-aunt and the 3 of them need something pointed out to them that is very obvious. You're miserable and you're all going to stay miserable until you and Jen find a way to help JJ. This is hard. It's not easy to love someone but it's worth it to hang in there. There's got to be a way to make this work.

Jen asks JJ if he seen where Sonny and Adrienne went because she wants them to give him a ride home because she has to get to the hospital. Abby wants to talk to her first. JJ goes to find Sonny. Abby met with her lawyer and he met with the special prosecutor; there's a small chance she might have to testify. It's only a small possibility. I can't add anything they can get from either Sonny or Chad. Jen says the most important thing is that she's not facing charges. If you have to testify just tell the truth and hope that Uncle Justin can find a way to get Sami free.

Sami gets snarky. With Stefano she's just facing life in prison, with Kate, she already had the needle in her arm. Kate - Hasn't your mother, the shrink, ever talked to you about letting go. Sami tells her to go. Kate - No. I'm going to help you.

Rafe - You want us to work together? You're a criminal and I'm a cop; that seems rather unlikely. EJ - You know full well I'm talking about Samantha who is being punished unfairly for saving your life. And I know that you feel that you owe it to her so let's not pretend otherwise. Rafe - You're right. I can't stand that Samantha is in jail because of me. She saved my life. I was unconscious when she fired that gun so there's really not a lot I can do. EJ - That's not true. I know you don't know what happened in that room but you did know Joseph Bernardi. If we could work out who he really was and what he was really doing in that room then we have a good shot at freeing Samantha and you know that is true.

Segment 3: Nicole sees Dan at the nurse's station and asks him why he's here. There's that memorial at the park today. Dan says that's for family. Nicole feels that he should be there for Jennifer. Dan wants to know since when is she so concerned for Jennifer. Nicole tells him something happened at the book club. Weird but good. Dan says today is the day he needs to keep his distance. Nicole - Because that punk son of hers is still screwing everything up for you guys, right?

JJ returns. Jen says he conducted himself in a way today that would make his father very proud. JJ thanks her for saying that. Jen is really proud of him. She says goodbye to them both and leaves. JJ asks Abby if she thinks Mom will be alright. Abby - Yeah, she's tougher than she looks. JJ - Thank you. (Can't understand what he's saying - something about today he realises it was nothing compared to what really happened). I saw you talking to Mom and I know that you helped her through. Abby - She was getting me through it. JJ - I should have been here. Abby - I think it was nice for Mom to feel that you were protected from it. JJ - That's a good way to put that I was scared to come back. I don't know what you have going on but if I can do anything. Abby - It's just good that you're here. JJ smiles - You almost sound like you meant that. Abby - I did mean that. Now lets go find Aunt Adrienne and Sonny and get the hell out of here.

Brady guesses he could have done without a memorial service on the very day he was supposed to marry Madison. I did love her and I hate memorial services and I hate this day and I hate thinking about losing her and I hate talking about it. Kristen is glad that he told her about his feelings. Brady replies that men watch sports so they don't have to talk about their feelings. Kristen - Do you know what the best thing is about getting back together with you; it's just now I get to enjoy how much I actually like you. Brady is glad he told her how he felt but he doesn't want to ever do it again. They kiss. Brady - I'll see you tonight. New rules - No lies, no evasions, right. He leaves. Kristen mutter - No, not right.

Sami makes a smart remark. Kate - I so need you not to be you right now which means don't write me off, don't fly off the handle when I say that we need to find out what Stefano really did; what he's doing now. We can not take him at face value. Sami - What are you talking about? Kate - What if we're wrong about him? Sami - What! Kate - Just hear me out. He swore to me on the DiMera name that he did not send Bernardi to kill Rafe. Sami - Oh he did. I'm so glad you're telling me because Stefano is like George Washington; he never tells a lie. Kate - Can we just focus here. He didn't have to invoke that whole DiMera honour of the name crap but he believes that. You might think it's bull but I know that it is but he doesn't so he wouldn't say that and then lie. I think he was telling the truth.

EJ - You need to dredge up every case you two worked on, every conversation ... Rafe - You think I haven't done that already. I haven't thought of anything else since I've been in here and nothing. If I had I would have taken it to the authorities. EJ - Actually I didn't expect you to come up with anything. Rafe - Then why the hell are you here. EJ - What if you were able to reflect back on what happened and maybe you were able to recall Bernardi stopping at a bank or a safety deposit box when you two were on duty together. Rafe - And if I was able to do something like that ... EJ - Then I would be able to ensure that Hope found something. See Rafe, this could be the beginning of a rather beautiful friendship.

Segment 4: EJ - One more thing you may consider; someone that would slice the throat of a comatose man is not a decent man. Rafe - I always thought you and your dad were down with stuff like that. EJ - We are many things but what we are not are hypocrites. You're not going to see us getting commendations or medals or a hero's burial. The man's eulogy made Bernardi sound like a bloody saint. And Caroline and Roman have to open the newspapers and read that Samantha is a cop killer and I can not begin to tell you what the children are saying to Johnny and Allie. Tell me we should not do whatever it takes to resolve this. Rafe - I can see that you're desperate to help Sami; desperate enough to ask for my help which is why I as an officer of the court are going to pretend that you, also an officer of the court, did not just attempt to solicit my help in planting false evidence. EJ - She is innocent. Rafe - I know. EJ - The only crime that she committed was saving your sorry life.

Kate - Don't talk. Just think. I want you to think about what Stefano's done to me. He married me to humiliate me. He dumped me to humiliate me and still he thinks he owns me. So I am not telling you that I believe him so you'll think he's a swell guy okay. He didn't need to bring up the DiMera oath. Everything he does he does for a purpose so I think the man is playing a game, a game that he doesn't want us to know the rules to. So if you say you don't want to listen to what I have to say then you are acting like the stupid chump he thinks you are. Sami - You don't care if I live or die. Kate - Really? You're Will and Allie's mother unfortunately. Also I didn't think I could loathe Stefano more then I already do. Something's missing here Sami. We need to figure out what it is.

Maggie knocks on the rectory door while Eric is talking to an upset Marlena. She tells him she can come back. He says the conversation is over; his mother has never hung up on him before. Maggie points out that Marlena is under a tremendous amount of stress. She must be very worried about Sami. Eric she is but I had to confirm to her that I'm going to be working with Kristen. Don't even bring up Kristen and Brady to her.

Jen and Kristen collide in the square and Jen sees Kristen's home pregnancy test that fell out of the bag it was in.

Segment 5: EJ - You S.O.B. Rafe - I get that you want to help Sami. EJ - You had no problem lying to keep me from my child. She saved your life and your conscience prevents you from lifting a finger to help her. Rafe - The cops aren't nearly as stupid as you think they are. If they figure out you are planting evidence it's going to be nearly impossible to clear Sami. It's going to look like you knew she was guilty all along. EJ - Not if you corroborate the evidence. Rafe - BTW, also stupid to be yelling your plan in the hospital where people can hear you. EJ - You're such a smug, sanctimonious ... I blame myself because I should have known that asking you for help was going to be a complete waste of my time.

Kate - The thing that makes Stefano so dangerous is that not only does he plan so meticulously that if something happens that he didn't plan, he can pivot on a dime. Sami - Well he certainly didn't plan for me to be in that bathroom with a gun in my hand. Kate - Exactly. He took that ball in his hand and ran with it which is why I want you to go back. I want you to tell me everything that happened. Sami - I have been over and over this. Kate - How boring. So have a nice life in prison then. Kate says the cot can be Rafe's bed. Stand where Bernardi was and I'll be you. This is like a similar distance from Rafe's bed to the bathroom. Sami - So we're just going to play charades. Kate - Why don't you do as I say then you can eat your chipped beef and peas, okay. Sami stands by the cot with her back to Kate. Kate - So when you shot him, you didn't know it was Bernardi, right? Sami - No, he had his back to me. I couldn't see his face. All I saw was the razor that he had in his hand and I had a gun in my hand and I fired. Kate - Are you sure it was a razor. Sami - Yes. I was hypnotized. Kate - Why? Sami - So that I would remember. Kate - But why a razor. It just seems kind of messy, doesn't it? Sami - Maybe it was his homage to Sweeney Todd. Kate - Can we just focus on what we're doing. The pillow can be Rafe. Where was his head? Sami - His head was right here and here's his body. Is that exactly the position Bernardi was standing in? Sami - Yeah if I was going to slit his throat, that's where I'd be. Kate - That's not what I asked you. I asked you if that is exactly the position Bernardi was in. Sami thinks. No, I guess he was more here. She moves towards the foot of the cot. Kate - Really? Sami - Another thing, he didn't just have the razor in this hand, in the other hand he had the sheet. Kate - Why? Sami - I don't know. I didn't ask him. Kate - Was the sheet up by Rafe's neck? Do you think he was pulling it away to get to his throat. Sami - I don't think so. He was hot. That's why I went to the bathroom to get him a cool washcloth. I think the sheet was more like somewhere on his chest. Kate - Then he pulled it down. Sami thinks - He was standing here. Kate - That doesn't make sense if he was going to slit his throat. Sami - He didn't because I shot him but if I hadn't shot him with the razor here the arc would have been like ... she brings her hand down and it lands at about midway where Rafe's torso would have been. The light bulb comes on for both women. Sami - Oh my ... Kate - God!

JJ and Abby are at home. He asks her who she's texting. Daniel to let him know about today. I haven't given up on him and Mom. JJ - I can't believe you're talking about him today of all days. Abby - Look JJ, Mom needs him so you need to get over yourself and think about what's best for her.

Dan doesn't want to talk about it; it's complicated. Nicole - That little twerp is ruining your life and if I of all people think that you and Jen should be together don't you think that's worth a fight. Dan - No. Nicole - Then I will. I'm going to talk directly to him. When I see that little punk I'm going to put him in his place. Dan is thinking she was in great mood before they started talking about JJ. Something at work? Nicole - Someone who should be run over by a truck, twice. Dan - Kristen?

Kristen picks up the test and runs to the park. Jen follows. What is going on? Do you really think you might be pregnant? This is a shock but why are you upset; you and Brady have always wanted a baby. Silence. Jen - Oh my gosh. Brady isn't the father, is he?

Segment 6: Sami - That would be sick. It's so disgusting. Kate - So Stefano. I wish I could take a razor to him. Sami - We have to tell someone. Kate - Really? What are we going to tell them? Who's going to believe us? Sami - You're right. I'm sure that's what Stefano wanted. I have a hard time believing it. So it doesn't change anything. Kate - Sorry about that. I just needed to know why he was so insistent that I think he was telling the truth. OMG. Sami - What? Kate - He probably knew I wasn't going to give up. He wanted me to know what he was trying to do. Sami - Probably. Listen, I really need for you to go. I wasn't in a very good place when you got here; well, this hasn't helped. Kate - I am sorry you know. I hope you can beat this. She mutters - My God, that would have been a waste.

Rafe - Seriously, do you think my being in a coma made me stupid? EJ - I think that my opinion of your intelligence, or lack there of, is irrelevant. I think you're tremendous ego is so bruised that you're willing to punish Samantha by having her spend the rest of her life in prison. Well I hope you rot in this bed for just as long. Rafe just shakes his head.

Maggie - I know you're a priest but you're also a man and only a man would think having Kristen and Nicole working in close quarters would work out well. Eric tells her since Nicole has started working here she has changed so much. And Kristen is so interested in the scholarship fund ... when she talks to those kids you see a side of her that's almost maternal.

Kristen - When Brady and I were apart I had a very brief affair with a man who is in a committed relationship. It was only this one time and I thought Brady and I were over for good. Jen - Maybe Brady will understand. Kristen - I told him I was faithful to him the entire time. It got to be such a huge deal that I gave him my word. If he found out that I was lying to him yet again it would be completely over for good.

Dan is back at the K mansion playing with Parker. Brady is there too. Dan says something about Brady being a father. Brady - One can dream.

Kristen - If I am pregnant it's not Brady's. Jen - You have always wanted to be a mother and I know that you would never end this pregnancy so maybe Brady would understand. Kristen disagrees.

Segment 7: Rory is with JJ in Alice's living room. JJ - Rory, we need to talk about getting back in business. Rory - I thought you said we had to lie low for awhile. JJ - Not anymore. The cops have lost interest so there's no reason we can't start up again.

Jordan comes into Rafe's room. He asks her to do him a favour and take that pitcher and throw it across the room for me. Jordan - Excuse me? Rafe - I'm sorry. I don't mean to take my frustrations out on you. Are you the new nurse? Before you she answer Kate barges in. I figured it out. Kate turns to Jordan - You can go. Jordan - I need to speak to Mr. Hernandez about his physical therapy. Kate - I'm quite sure that can wait until his physical therapist is here. Jordan - She is. I'm your physical therapist.

EJ arrives at Sami's cell. Sami - Your father is one sick, twisted S.O.B. EJ - Tell me something I don't know. Sami - Kate was here she wanted to talk about what happened. She was telling me that she thinks Stefano didn't send Bernardi to kill Rafe. EJ - What? Sami - It turns out she's right. Stefano's instructions were not for Bernardi to slit Rafe's throat, he wanted him to slit something else. Something to make sure that Rafe didn't have sex with Kate or anyone else ever again. EJ - Right now, I wish he'd have finished the job before you shot him.

Brady tells Dan he made this decision to be open about getting back together with Kristen but now he doesn't know if that was a good idea. I almost wish we were sneaking around again and then people wouldn't be able to give their opinions or be judgemental about it. It may not be secret but at least it'd be safe. Dan - You really think so? Brady - I'm beginning to see there's a big difference between secrecy and privacy.

Maggie scoffs. Eric says they're in church. We're supposed to be kind, forgiving. Maggie will be that to Kristen the minute she's convinced that Kristen has changed and it's going to take more than Kristen's word for her to buy that. Eric sees her point. Eric - There's something about her that I can't quite put my finger on. It makes me very uneasy.

Jen - Do you want to me wait around until you get the results. Kristen - Yes please. Jen goes to call the hospital to tell them she's going to be late. Kristen has the package in her hand when Nicole walks up.


Monday Aug 19

Segment 1: Sami is annoyed with EJ when he says he wishes Bernardi had finished the job before she shot him. Sami tells him he can't talk like that. Rafe was defenceless. He was in a coma. EJ is fed up of hearing about poor, defenceless Rafe. You are the person in here and you are the person charged with murder and it is his fault.

When the woman announces that she is Rafe's physical therapist Kate argues - No, that can't be because his physical therapist is a man named Jordan Ridgeway. I'm Jordan Ridgeway. Who are you?

Vargas is in the square talking on his cell. He's all dressed up in a suit. He's making sure the car to pick him up is there on time. He has ringside seats to the fights and doesn't want to miss the first round. I'll pay the driver cash. $800 for the night is not a problem. Eric is kind of surprised to see Vargas all dressed up.

Dan calls out to Parker telling him to be good from Joanna. JJ is in the foyer of the K mansion. He's there to give his Aunt Adrienne a copy of the commendation they got from the Governor. Dan - For your Dad. JJ - Yeah. Dan - It must have meant a lot to you. JJ - Like you care. Dan - Actually I do, very much.

Jen listens as Nicole says - Hi Kristen. What's new?

Sami tells EJ he can't blame Rafe for this. EJ disagrees. Is it not just the least bit ironic that just as you and I are back together and about to get married that he comes between the two of us again. Sami - That's not true. EJ - Yes it is true and you know it.

Rafe - Well Jordan, this is Kate Roberts and she's a very good friend. Jordan - Oh, I'm sorry. Kate - No, I'm sorry. That was rude of me. I think I was just taken aback to find out you were a woman. Rafe - How did you know who my physical therapist was supposed to be? Kate - Well because your very good friend has been all over the doctors since you were admitted and when Kayla was talking to me about the therapist I'm pretty sure she thought the therapist was a man. I'm thinking she thought you would be more comfortable with a man. She turns to Jordan - No offence. Jordan - None taken. Rafe - I'm okay with my PT being a woman; in fact, I kind of like it.

Dan - I know this is the anniversary of your father's death and you, Abigail and your mom must be very heavy-hearted today. I liked your Dad. I understand why you guys are missing him so much. JJ mumbles something about his Dad being able to see that Daniel is out of the picture now so don't worry about Mom, Abs and me, we're doing just fine especially now that we know my mom is through with you. Dan - You may have your mother fooled but I am on to you.

Nicole - What's wrong Kristen? Cat got your tongue because you're usually so chatty. Doesn't have anything to do with what's in that bag does it? Jen walks up and picks up the bag. Thanks for holding on to this for me. Sorry that text took so long. Hi Nicole! Kristen - To answer your question Nicole that pregnancy test can't be mine because I can't have children. Nicole - I'm sorry. Kristen - Since we both share so much pain and heartache in that area I thought this would be the one part of my life you wouldn't turn into a cruel joke but obviously I was wrong. Nice seeing you as usual. She leaves. Nicole - Well I guess she told me. So are you going to kick me out of the book club now? Jen - No, I won't. Nicole - I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said that even to her. It was just that she was sitting here holding a pregnancy test and I couldn't help but think if it could happen for Sara in the bible. Jen - I bought the test. Nicole - You! Jen - Yes. I bought it because I'm volunteering at the homeless shelter and there's a young woman there that needed one. Nicole - Oh come on. That's not true and you know it.

Segment 2: Eric - I'm sorry. I didn't even recognise you. Vargas - How are you doing Father? Eric - Good, thank you for asking but it looks like you're doing even better. Vargas - I'm doing good. Eric - Yeah. Expensive suits, limo, ringside seats I heard. What happened? Did you win the lotto or get a good job? Vargas - Good job, that's it.

Jordan - I'm sorry for all the confusion. I just got to Salem this morning and I thought I'd come in and introduce myself. Rafe - From where? Jordan - Birmingham, Alabama. Rafe - You don't even have an accent. Jordan - It's not my home town. Rafe - Still it must be a change for you to be in Salem. Jordan - As long as this place has an updated physical therapy room I'll be fine. I'm going to check it out now. Kate - That's a great idea and if anything is missing I am on the hospital board and I'll make sure they order it for you. Jordan - I'll stop by later and if you're up for it I'll do the initial evaluation. Rafe - I guarantee I'll be up to it. I just want to get started. Do you have any idea how sick I am of this hospital bed. Jordan leaves. Rafe - She seems up to the job. Kate - Yes, she has excellent qualifications. Rafe - Even for a woman? Kate - If you haven't noticed I am feminist. Rafe - Okay, it just seemed to bug you a little bit. Kate - I was just surprised that's all. I have a question for you. Why was EJ in your room earlier?

Sami - It's not ironic because Rafe isn't coming between us. EJ - You and he were about to be married until you found out his sister was carrying William's child. You didn't fall out of love. You ended up on opposite sides ... Sami snaps - You know that's not true. You know I love you. EJ - As soon as he's hurt, you're in there helping him. Sami - I thought it was the least I could do. EJ - So you had to run to the bathroom and get him a washcloth. Sami - He was hot! EJ - How did you know he was hot? He certainly couldn't tell you. You were stroking his face, right? Sami - I am not having this conversation with you. EJ - Face it, there is a part of Rafe that forces you to care and because of that you took the time to go and get a washcloth instead of doing what anyone else would have done which is get a nurse to do it. Your feelings for Rafe may have insured that you spend the rest of your life in jail.

JJ - Are you having me followed now? Dan - Don't have to. JJ - I'm not trying to fool anybody man. Dan - Oh yeah? JJ - Just because I don't want my mom with you doesn't mean ... so whatever you think you know about me ... Dan - You say your Dad is looking down on you; do you think he'd like what you're doing especially if you end up hurting your mother with this nonsense. I don't think he would like it but he isn't here to deal with it, is he? So if you hurt your mother you are going to answer to me. Dan leaves.

Jen - Just when I think we're becoming friends you turn around and call me a liar. Nicole - I'm sorry again. I didn't mean for it to come out like that and I didn't mean to question your honesty. St Luke's has a relationship with the homeless shelter and I know for a fact that they don't provide medical treatment and counselling. Oh, is the pregnancy test for you? Jen - OMG no. Nicole - Abigail? Jen - No. I don't owe you an explanation because this is a personal matter and it is none of your business. She leaves. Nicole - Maybe not but I bet the father would think it's his business.

Segment 3: Kristen walks into the D mansion living room. Why do they make these boxes so big. What's in there? A chemistry set? Harold knocks. I was hoping to find Mr. DiMera. It's the children. They're so worried about their mother and Mr. DiMera is always busy. Kristen - I have an idea. The kids love you and Mary. Why don't the two of you take the afternoon off and take the kids to the lake and go swimming and maybe afterwards get some ice cream. I'd love to do it myself but I've got a lot going on and I could use a little me time anyway. Harold - If you're sure. Kristen - Yeah, thank you! She looks at the test box. Just because a person is a month late it doesn't have to be this; it couldn't be this. Please don't let it be this.

Vargas chuckles - Sorry Father. Eric - I don't understand what's funny. You're the first person we selected for the program at St Luke's; we in invested in you. Now you're living large and I think I have the right to know ... Vargas - Where I got the money? Of course. I had some money put aside and a friend gave me a tip that paid off big. Eric - So you're ship came in, huh? Vargas - More like a horse but hey, it's the American way right? Eric - So is working hard and making an honest living. Vargas - See that's the part that bores me to death. Eric - Then I failed you. Vargas - Whatever you say.

Sami - You have been my rock through this entire ordeal and I'm glad of that. She doesn't need him to be angry with her. EJ is angry because he loves her. Sami - I love you too and I don't want you to keep blaming Rafe because it doesn't help anything. He feels terrible for what he's done. He said so in that video Gabi made. EJ - Well what Rafe says and what Rafe's willing to do are two very different things. Sami - How do you know that? That's why you're so hot under the collar. You went to see him, didn't you?

Rafe - You keeping track of who comes in and out of my room? Kate - Sorry, I'm concerned whether you're safe or not. Rafe - Okay. I understand and I'm touched that you care. Kate - Seriously, if anything else happens to you ... Rafe - What happened to me wasn't your fault, okay? Kate - You were in a very vulnerable state and you still are and Stefano ... Rafe - I know, he almost killed me but after what happened with Bernardi I doubt that he's going to try again. I don't need you hovering around here like ... Kate - Like what? Your mother? Okay, I've got it.

Theresa walks up to Rory and JJ who are sitting on a bench in the park and asks what they're doing. Rory - Just hanging; wanna join? JJ - Shouldn't you be at work. Theresa is on a break. I need to get out of there. JJ - My mom's not going to like that. Theresa - She's not even there. She gave me a whole bunch of stuff to do and took off but of course she keeps calling and texting to make sure I'm working. I can't stand her. JJ - Back off Theresa. Don't talk about my mom.

Dan opens his apt door to Nicole. She's glad he's home. I debated about coming over here. We're friends, right? And friends level with friends. Dan - What is this about? Nicole - I ran into Jennifer and I caught her in a lie and I swear I wasn't trying to do that. Dan doesn't care what she trying to do. He doesn't want to talk about Jennifer right now. Nicole - Even if she might be pregnant?

Segment 4: EJ - Yeah I went to see Rafe. Sami - Why? EJ - Because he owes his life to you so I think the least that he can do is repay that debt. Sami - How? EJ - Rafe knows that Bernardi was on father's payroll. He believes that. He used to work with Bernardi right so I don't think it's too much to ask him to think back and see if he can recall some information which would help us build a case against Bernardi. Rafe has a sterling reputation. We put him on the stand he is a powerful witness against Bernardi's image as a hero. Sami - What did Rafe say? EJ - He said he didn't know anything. Sami - You can't blame him for that. EJ, you asked him to lie, didn't you? He's not going to do that. EJ - He had no problem lying to the both of us about being the father of Nicole's child, my son. Now you tell me that he loved you. You tell me that he loved your children as if they were his own and yet that sanctimonious little prick won't life a finger to help you. Sami - He can't lie on the stand. He's a cop. EJ - Oh, that's not why he's not doing it. It's because he can't stand the fact that he lost you to me.

Rafe - I didn't mean for that to sound the way it sounded. Kate - It's alright. I have been hovering and there really isn't any reason to do that anymore so I hope your physical therapy goes very well. Rafe - Wait. Come here, please. I'm sorry. I'm going to get through this. I just have to work and get stronger. You know I'm going to do it, right? Kate believes that. Rafe - Besides you're the one who found me and called for help. You've stayed with me through this whole thing so when I do get better it's probably going to be because of you. Kate - I think you should give yourself all the credit. You're the strongest man I know. She leaves.

Dan - What are you talking about? Nicole tells him about the home pregnancy test Jen had. Dan surmises that she could have bought it for someone else. Nicole tells him what Jen told her about someone at the homeless shelter. Dan - She does volunteer at the shelter. Nicole - But when a young girl tells you she's pregnant, you don't handle it yourself, right? Dan - I've got to go. Shut the door when you leave. Nicole stops and looks at a montage of Jen and Dan pictures. I'm sorry Jennifer but he has the right to know.

Kristen gets a call from Jen. Kristen - What did Nicole say after I left? Jen - She doesn't suspect anything. Kristen - Are you sure because she has the biggest mouth in the entire world. Jen - I know that but she's not going to say anything; not about you anyway. Kristen - Thank goodness. Jen - I still have your test. Do you want me to bring it by? Kristen - No, you can toss it in the trash. I bought a new one. Jen - Did you already take it? Kristen - No. I'm still trying to build up the nerve. Jen - I can be there in 5 mins. Kristen says she can handle this on her own. I know I keep telling you but thank you for being my friend. You're incredible. I don't know what I did to deserve you. Jen - Call me. Kristen - I will. Kristen goes to pour herself a drink. I'm just going to have a little of this and then I'll deal with that. She heads up the stairs and leaves the test in the living room where Sydney discovers it and picks it up.

Segment 5: Nicole comes back down and sees the test on Sydney's lap and snaps - What do you think you're doing? Sydney - Playing. Kristen - I thought Harold was going to take you swimming. Sydney - He is later. Kristen snatches up the box. Well this is not yours to play with, do you understand? Sydney - I'm sorry. Kristen - I'm sorry. I'm just a big fat meanie. This is medicine. I didn't want you to get hurt. Does your mommy talk mean like that to you sometimes because she wants to keep you safe. Sydney - I want my mommy. Kristen - She's going to be back soon. You have your daddy. Sydney - And you too. Kristen - Yeah. Kristen hugs her.

Sami - Look EJ, you hate Rafe and I understand that but he would not let me rot in prison for the rest of my life if he could do something about it whether I was with you or not. EJ - Rafe's honesty and integrity only seem to kick in when there's something in it for him. Sami - OMG. You're not always right ... she stops when the guard brings Caroline in. Caroline - I brought you some clam chowder. I jus thought it might be better then the food they're giving you here. EJ is going to get going. Caroline - Please don't leave on my account. EJ - I have some things to do. Caroline didn't mean to run him off. Sami - You didn't He snuck away because we were fighting. Sometimes life just sucks. Caroline - In spades. Samantha Gene, you're going to beat this. I know it. Sami loves how confident she is.

Jordan is in Rafe's room doing her assessment. She wants him to raise his hand and then push against hers. She has to lower his hand because he can't raise his very much - he can't push. This isn't good.

Vargas - Don't beat yourself up Father. Francis of Assisi couldn't get me to change. Eric says something about not accepting that. Vargas - Or maybe you should take off your blinders. Eric - What blinders are you talking about? Vargas - The ones that keep you from seeing anything you don't want to see. Eric - Are you thinking I'm naïve. Vargas - No, I know it otherwise you would have picked up on the fact that I was only participating in your program until something better came along. Now it has. Don't worry Father, you're a cool guy. I'm glad that I met you. You were just trying to do a good thing and you did. You helped a fellow man now it's time for that man to help himself. I'll see you around. Don't let bastards like me get you down, okay. He leaves.

Theresa - Why are you biting my head off? You're the one always complaining about Mommy. JJ - My mom wasn't at work today because a year ago today my dad was killed in an accident. Theresa - I didn't know. JJ - There was a ceremony held in my dad's honour this morning. The governor was there. Maybe you'd have known about it if you thought about anything but yourself. Rory - Whoa JJ, chill. Theresa - I'm sorry ... I am. I apologise. Maybe the 3 of us could hang out later. We could just ... JJ - Smoke some free pot. Theresa - Did I say that? JJ - You don't have to. I got all your messages last night about I let you down and you found someone else to do business with. You probably spent all your money on blow and now you need a little herbal refreshment to calm down with. Forget it. Theresa - Your loss sweetheart. She leaves. Rory - Man, I know you're upset but you just blew your chances with her for both of us. JJ - If you think you ever had a shot with her you are the dumbest person I ever met. Rory - Where are you going? JJ - To find my mom and keep her thinking I'm a good son.

Dan knocks on Jen's office door and comes in. Jen doesn't have a lot of time ... Dan - This won't take long. Are you pregnant? Jen laughs - Nicole's already gotten to you. That's got to be a record for her. Dan - Is it true? Jen - I'm an adult and I know how to keep myself from getting pregnant. And if I even had the slightest suspicion that I were you would be the first person I would tell. Dan - So you're not ... Jen - No. Dan - Sorry. Jen - Are you disappointed? Dan - We've never really talked about it but if you were pregnant we would have no choice but to figure things out. We'd have to be talking to build a life together and JJ would have to accept the fact that we love each other and are committed to each other. Jen - Right but I'm not pregnant. Dan - I guess there's really nothing to talk about here. He's going to leave but she says 'Wait.'

Segment 6: Kate sees EJ in the park and asks - Where are you going; back to the hospital? EJ - Just keep on walking Kate. Kate - I don't want you badgering Rafe. He may be getting better but he's still weak. EJ - Enough. I don't want to hear any more about poor old Rafe.

Rafe - Let's do the hand thing again. Jordan - This is just an evaluation. You've had 3 months of deconditioning; that's why you're so weak. She lifts his foot and tells him to push against her hand. He tries. Damn it. You're stronger with one hand than I am with my whole leg. How am I ever supposed to walk again.

Jen - You say we have nothing to talk about but I disagree with you. We are mature adults and we love each other. Dan - Yes we do and you want us to sneak around like teenagers. She insists that this isn't normally her - Dan knows. Jen feels that there has to be a way for them to be together and for her to be there for her son too. Dan - By keeping us a secret, lying. And it wouldn't be to just JJ; it would be to be to everybody. Jen - But we would be together. Dan - OMG. Jen - Why can't you see that! I really wish you could see that.

Theresa bumps into Vargas and starts to rant - Why don't you watch ... she see his attire ... Sorry. Vargas - Today must really be my lucky day. Theresa - Play your cards right and it may even be your lucky night.

Eric returns to the rectory and slams his bible down. Nicole - Hi. Eric - Excuse me. Do I have any calls to return? Nicole - No. You look upset. Eric - I just saw Vargas. Nicole - How's he doing? Eric - His suit looks like it costs more than my car and he was ordering a limo for himself. Nicole - I guess the simple life didn't work out for him. Eric - The program failed. Nicole - The program didn't fail. Hope and Abe picked the wrong guy. Eric says he didn't see that. Nicole argues that he was trying to help the guy. Maybe you saw something in him ... Eric - That I wanted to see? It's pretty naïve, don't you think? Nicole - No, it makes you who you are. You see the good in people, me and Vargas and Kristen DiMera. Eric snaps - Could we please not talk about this anymore. Nicole - Sure. Eric - Speaking of Kristen, these are the applications for the scholarship program. She must have left them behind. Would you mind taking these over to her to look at. Nicole - I would do just about anything for you but I draw the line at being an errand girl for that bitch. Eric - Fine, I'll do it myself.

Kristen grabs the test and heads upstairs.

Segment 7: Theresa - You got a name. Vargas - Yeah, it's Vargas. Theresa - I'm Theresa. Vargas - So what did you have in mind Theresa? Theresa - Right now I've got to get back to work. Vargas - That doesn't sound like much fun. Theresa - If you're interested in fun, there's a club opening up tonight. If you have some cash, I have a connection. We can have some real fun. Vargas - Actually I'm going to the fights. I have ringside seats so ... Theresa - Who wants to watch 2 guys beat the crap out of each other. She writes down her cell number - see you later unless something better comes along. Vargas - Really? What could be better than me? Theresa - I'll let you know after I see what you got.

Dan - I'm in no mood to go round and round about this again. Jen - I don't know what else to do. I have a son who can't see me with anyone but his Dad but I need you in my life. I promise you it won't be much longer. Dan - You can't promise me that. Jen - What is the fair thing ... is it just to end this because I can't do that. I wouldn't be standing here asking you this if I didn't really, really love you. She pulls him into a kiss . JJ walks up to her door.

Caroline - Sami, when you're on the stand maybe you should tell the story as if you're telling your kids because you never lie to your kids and that will show in your face. Sami - That is a good tip. Thank you advice. Have you seen the kids. Caroline - I saw them today. They miss their mother very much. You have got to do everything you can to get home to them.

EJ - Samantha could spend the rest of her life in prison because of you and your little affair with Rafe. Kate - Oh so that's why you went to his hospital room; to remind him of that. EJ - No, I went to his hospital room to ask him for his help in keeping Samantha out of prison and he turned me down. If she is convicted it's on you and your little boy toy. Kate - Is that a threat EJ? EJ - My father makes threats; I make promises.

Rafe - I asked you a question. Jordan - That's a question for your doctor. Rafe - But you must have an opinion. Am I going to walk again? Jordan - Together we'll give it our best shot and we'll see what happens. She leaves.

Nicole thinks back to catching Kristen with the pregnancy test. Maybe that test was Kristen's. She scoffs and rolls her eyes. No way, not without divine intervention.

Kristen comes down the stairs holding the stick as Eric walks up to the front door.


Tuesday Aug 20

Segment 1: Dan and Jen kiss as JJ walks up to her office door. Theresa slaps JJ on the back - WTH! Jen breaks the kiss - JJ's outside.

Kayla finds Cam stretched out on one of the exam room beds going over his charts. She wants to know if he has an update on Chad DiMera's condition.

Abby walks up to the new club and pokes her head in the door. Chad, are you here? She goes inside and looks around. She sees a drink and a note on the bar. Introducing the Abbytini; hope you like it. Chad - So what do you think? I wanted to name the whole place after you so I figured a drink would be the next best thing. Do you like it? Abby - It's the best Abbytini I've ever tasted.

Victor is serving coffee in the living room. I appreciate you stopping by. Marlena - I know you're not thrilled about Justin representing Sami. Vic - I'm not but for your sake I do hope that Sami gets exonerated. Marlena - Thank you but you didn't invite me here just to talk about Sami. Vic - No. I asked you because I thought you would be a most excellent ally. Marlena - Against whom? Vic - Kristen DiMera.

Kristen is holding the pregnancy stick waiting for the results when the doorbell rings. She places the stick down on the table and opens the door. Eric apologises for dropping by unannounced but you left this at the rectory. I want to make sure you have enough time to go over the scholarship applications before our next interview. Kristen stares.

Chad pulls the sheet off of one setting. She asks if he's going to join her. No, he still has a lot of stuff to do. But I did want to make a toast. He lifts her glass. To your Dad. Abby - To my dad. Chad - I know it's been a hard day for you. Abby - It has, yeah. I can't believe it's already been a year. The memorial was so beautiful. Chad - I wish I could have been there. JJ and your mom doing okay? Abby - They seemed to be but JJ, sometimes he's sweet and funny and then sometimes ... losing my Dad, the way he died, it changed him a lot and I don't know what I can do for him. Chad - It might be easier for him to speak to another guy; someone outside the family like me. Abby - You would do that. Chad - I can't promise that I'll get through to him. Abby - Even the fact that you would try ... thank you.

Jen tells Dan he has to hide. He refuses. Jen insists that JJ can't see him in here. He has to hide. JJ asks Theresa what she's doing here. Theresa - I work here. JJ asks if she has a minute to talk. Theresa thought he didn't want to hear from her again. JJ - Well here you are. Can we go somewhere to talk that mom won't see us together. Theresa - I hate to be late for work but maybe this one time. Dan argues - I work here. You work here. If my being within 20 ft of you is going to be too tough for JJ to handle then you've got bigger problems ... Jen - I just don't want him to think that I'm lying to him. Just hold on. She peeks outside her door and sees that JJ isn't there. She tells Dan he wasn't out there. Dan - I better get going. I wouldn't want anyone to get the wrong impression that you and I are actually back together.

Kristen - I can't believe I left this. How stupid of me. Eric - You seemed a little upset earlier. Are you sure everything's okay? Kristen - I'm fine. Eric - You still don't seem like yourself. Kristen - Why don't you come in? You deserve to know what's going on.

Segment 2: Cam - Chad asked me not to discuss his case with anyone. Kayla doesn't think the rules of confidentiality apply to another physician. Did you refer him to Dr. Malone or Dr. Young. Cam - Neither. He said he wanted to find his own specialist. Kayla - That's understandable because Abigail is my niece and Jennifer told me there's some tension between you and Chad. Cam - That's one nice way of putting it. Kayla - Did he tell you the name of the doctor he consulted. Cam - No he didn't say much except ... Kayla - Except what? Oh no.

Abby thinks the renovations look amazing. Chad - Now that they're done I should have more time on my hands. Abby - That's good. Actually there's something I wanted to talk to you about. Chad recalls the kiss between Abby and Cam. That's funny because there's something I wanted to talk to you about as well. I was wondering if you wanted to be my date tonight for the opening. Abby - A date? Chad - Since Cam's been kind of encouraging me to spend more time with you ... Abby - He did; what did he say? Chad - It just seemed like he wanted me to ask you out but I didn't want to do that if something's happening between you two. Abby - When did you have this conversation? Chad - Earlier today. Sorry, I didn't mean to upset you. Abby - You didn't.

Jen - Don't be angry with me. I really think this could work if we're just careful. Dan doesn't want to be careful. He doesn't want to hide his feelings for her. He doesn't want to lie and sneak around. Jen understands that but she wants him to know that JJ is doing better ... Dan - My God, NO! I can't even have this conversation ... Jen grabs his hands - Please just wait. She lets go. She hands him an envelope with the information on his photo shoot. She was going to mail it to him but since he's here. Dan - I guess this concludes our business. Good day Miss Horton.

JJ - I was kind of a jerk earlier. Theresa agrees. JJ - So were you. If you need someone to hook you up, I'm your guy but you're not getting it for free. And I don't need that attitude of yours especially about my mom. Theresa - Neither do I. You think I need you JJ? I've got a more age appropriate guy and he's got money and a connection ... JJ - Here we go again. Theresa - Someone's jealous. JJ - Nope, I'm not. I was just trying to do you a favour but to hell with it. He walks away. Theresa - God, that kid is such a pain in my ... she sees Dan and sees the envelope drop out of his backpack. She picks it up and reads his home address.

Vic - The first person I wanted to call was John but he's out of town on business and who knows when he'll be back. Marlena - I wouldn't know. Vic - And then there's Maggie. I don't think she has the capacity to get down and dirty. Marlena chuckles - And you think I do? Vic - If your family is threatened. Marlena - You know I love Brady like he's my own son. I'd do anything for him but I don't think I'm any match for Kristen. Vic - Of course you are. You were the only one who could through to him before; got him to walk away from her. Marlena - It didn't last. Vic - This time it will. You stick with me Marlena. Between the two of us Kristen won't have a prayer.

Kristen wants to apologise for her lack of professionalism earlier. I probably shouldn't have agreed to be on the scholarship board. Eric - You don't say no to the Bishop. Kristen - Exactly. Eric - So what makes you think you shouldn't be doing this job. Kristen - I don't know if you know this about me but in another lifetime I was actually a social worker. Eric - Yes I do. Kristen - I loved working with those kids. A lot has happened since then. Eric - You were wonderful with Hailey. I'm sure it brought back a lot of painful memories after speaking with her. Kristen - Yeah but it wasn't about just my childhood. I had some dreams. Eric - Of starting your own family. Brady said you were thinking of adopting a child together. Kristen - Yeah that was before everything ... Eric - What's weighing on you? Kristen - What's weighing on me is something that concerns both of us.

Segment 3: JJ comes into Jen's office. Jen - Did you just stop by a minute ago? JJ - Yeah, I got a call. I'm back. Jen - It's good to see you. What's up? JJ - I was wondering if it's okay if I hang out a bit with Bev tonight? Jen - Sure. What are you planning on doing? JJ - Not much. I thought we'd ... He picks up a pen. This is Daniel's. Was he here? Jen - Yes, we were going over a press release. JJ - Is that all? He didn't manage to sneak in a couple of nasty comments about me. Jen - Why do you have to say things like that. JJ - I saw him earlier when I dropped off a copy of the commendation for Aunt Adrienne. It doesn't matter that I just came from Dad's memorial, the guy takes every chance he gets to tell me what a screw-up I am and how he's got his eye on me. You know how it goes. You've heard it a million times. Things are so much better between you and me, right, since he's not around to keep telling you what a jerk you raised for a son.

Dan opens his door to find Theresa there. What are you doing here? Theresa - I came to see you of course. Dan - How do you know where I live? Theresa - You dropped this at the hospital. She walks inside. Dan tells her she didn't have to come all the way ... Theresa - I know. I'm just very conscientious. I love your place. It doesn't really look like a bachelor pad though but you are bachelor ... I just assumed since I don't see a ring on your finger. Dan - If you're asking if I'm married the answer is no but ... Theresa - Great. In that case how do you feel about me and you going out tonight and having a few drinks. I'd love to make it up to you for dumping those amazing concert tickets. I just felt so bad; you were so nice about the whole thing. Dan - It's okay. Theresa - It's no biggie ... I'd have to cancel another date but ... Dan - Whoa! Hold on. Cancel another date? Did you mean ... Theresa - I don't mind. Dan - I do because you and I, we're not going out, not on a date, not even close.

Kristen - I'm concerned about 2 people we both care about. Sami and Brady. Eric - You're worried about my sister? Kristen - Yeah. Between the two of us if my father had anything to do with Sami's situation ... I just wish there was something I could do to help. Eric - You could pray. Kristen laughs. There's not much of a direct line between me and the guy or gal upstairs. Eric - We all have that line. So what's this about Brady? I understand why the rest of us would worry but why you? Kristen - Because today is the anniversary of Madison's death. Eric - I know that. I meant to talk to him earlier but I never had the chance. Kristen - I did and he seems to be fine but you never know. Eric - Good, is that all you're worried about? Kristen - I think that's pretty big. What else could there be? Eric - I thought you were going to say working with me of course. Kristen - What do you mean? Eric - Obviously with us working so closely together and given our family history, I ... Kristen - I can handle that. I ain't goin' anywhere.

Vic - Don't you wish for the day that you could make Kristen wish she had gone straight to hell; do not pass Salem. Marlena laughs - I do wish for that. Vic - You could do that. Marlena - Oh come on, I wouldn't even know where to start. Vic - How many lies do you think Kristen is spinning right now? A dozen, a hundred? You only need to find one. Marlena - All WE have to find ... Vic - Well consider me your silent partner. What is Kristen's greatest weakness. That's where we start.

Kristen opens the door for Eric and thanks him for dropping the folders off. You were very nice to me; I didn't expect that but it's part of the job, right? Eric - It's everybody's job. You know with Sami and EJ getting married and there's you and Brady, we'll always be connected in every way. Kristen - Yes, every way. After Eric leaves she picks up the wand, looks at it and pulls out her cell. She calls Jen. Could you please come over right now.

Segment 4: Cam - I don't know the type of tumour or the stage but Chad indicated that it could be terminal. Kayla - OMG. Does Abigail know? Cam - He doesn't want anyone to know; even his family. Kayla - Well that's a shame. Cam - I told him he's need their support but I'm the last person he wants to listen to. Kayla - Yeah, he needs to keep his spirits up and not feel alone in all of this this. That could really mean the difference in whether he recovers or not. Cam - I know.

Abby would love to be Chad's date tonight. Chad - What did you want to talk to me about? Abby - I had to tell my mom about seeing that video of Sami arguing with Det Bernardi before he died. Chad - What did she say? Abby - She was upset at first then she understood. She had me see a lawyer right away and he said he thought everything would be okay. Chad - That's a relief. Abby - I hope you're not mad that I told her. Chad - No, I think you're brave. A guy comes in and asks Chad to check something out. Abby has to go. She puts her drink down. If you pass out a lot of these tonight no one is going to notice how great this place looks. Chad - I think they'll still notice you. Looking forward to our date. Abby - Me too.

Theresa - I didn't mean to offend you. Dan - You didn't offend me. Theresa, you're a very nice person. I just need to make things very, very clear. Theresa - That you're off the market. Dan - Right. Theresa - So you're seeing someone. Dan - Theresa, nothing is going to happen between you and me. That's not even in the cards. He opens the door - Thank you for coming by and let's keep our contact limited to the hospital from now on, okay? Theresa - Sure. See you around. Dan - At the hospital. Outside the door Theresa mutters - Wow, I'm losing my touch.

Marlena is at the rectory. She tells Eric she's so glad the bishop had him stay here. So is Eric. Marlena - Even if it means you have to work on the scholarship committee with Kristen. Eric - It's not so bad. It's only going to last for a little while and Kristen really loves those children. Marlena laughs - I thought I was hearing Brady for a second. Kristen cares about one thing - Kristen. Eric - Okay. Marlena - Listen honey, this whole act, the nobility, the generosity, that isn't real. It's all an act and she's doing it so she can ingratiate herself with you in order to spite me. So please, please don't let that happen.

Kristen thanks Jen for coming. Jen - No problem. Did you take the test? Kristen nods. Jen - And ... are you pregnant?

Segment 5: Abby finds Kayla at the nurse's station and says hi. Kayla - Hi baby, how are you? Good. Do you know if Cameron is around? Kayla - He just went on break but I have a few minutes if you want to talk. Abby - No, I know you're probably busy. Kayla - I'm never too busy for you. Abby - Okay. I'm trying to figure something out and I can't really talk to my mom about it. I probably shouldn't talk to you about it either because ... Kayla - I work with Cameron. This is about Cameron and Chad, isn't it?

Cam comes into the club as Chad is talking to one of the crew. Chad - What's up man? Cam - Glad to see you so upbeat. Chad - Why wouldn't I be? Cam - Did you get some better news from the specialist? Chad - No, you have nothing to worry about, I'm still dying.

Marlena - I can't bear the thought of you being in her thrall. Eric - I'm not in her thrall Mom. I must say I have enjoyed working with her because ... I'm not trying to upset you. I know you have all the reasons in the world to not trust that woman but I do think Kristen is a little more complex than you realise. Marlena gets a call. She takes it. I'll be right there. Eric - What's wrong? Marlena - The very complex Kristen has declared that my grandchildren be banished from her presence because she wants to be alone. Eric - Seriously? Marlena - Yes. The twins are on a play date and I've got to pick up Sydney because her nanny is running late. Eric - Is there anything I can do? Marlena - I think there is. Remember this. Hell will freeze over before Kristen DiMera changes one little bit. And when all is said and done, she's the actual embodiment of evil.

Kristen - I'm not pregnant. I've been so stressed out I guess that's why I was late. Jen - So this is good news. Kristen - Of course. If Brady ever found out that I had been with somebody else it would be over for good. Jen - But I do think part of you was hoping because I know how badly ... Kristen - No, I gave up hoping a long time ago. I'm not one of those barren women in the Bible - no miracle baby for me. I dodged a bullet so I guess it would be kind of crazy to be sad, right? Jen - No, I don't think it's crazy at all.

Segment 6: Abby - I can't believe my mom told you everything. Kayla - Don't be angry; she's just worried about you. Abby - I know. My mom thinks it's an easy decision. In her mind Chad is a horrible person but she doesn't even know him. Kayla - The truth is it doesn't matter how your mother feels, the only thing that matters ... Abby - Is how I feel. I know. I sort of made my decision earlier today. I had this great afternoon with Cameron and I was going to tell Chad that I had decided and then he said something that totally turned it upside down. Kayla - What did he say?

Cam - Will you stop saying that! I'm not counting down the days 'til you die. In fact, more than anything, I want you to be cured. I want you to beat this damn thing and I would like to help if only you would let me. Chad - I appreciate your concern but I don't want to talk about being sick especially not today. Cam - Fine, we won't talk about it anymore. Chad - The grand opening is tonight. Cam - I heard. Chad - Sonny and I have been dreaming about this for a long time. I'll be damned if I let anything screw it up for me. Cam - Like telling friends and family what's going on with you? Chad - Right. I'm not going to do that; neither are you. But you might be happy to know I took your other advice. Cam - About what? Chad - Spending more time with Abigail. She's going to be my date tonight.

JJ and Rory are in the square. Rory - So you really think Dr. Dan knows something. JJ - I don't know dude. He always has this same spiel about how I suck ... this time it was different. I think Mom might have said something. She doesn't know we're dealing ... Rory - Do you want to hold off on starting up again. JJ - No, we've just got to super careful. Right now Mom's on my side, not Daniel's. We've just got to keep it that way.

Theresa is at her desk sending a text. We're def still on for tonight. PS - Do I have to call your Vargas? Don't you have a real name? Anne comes in and sees Theresa doing nothing. Hard at work I see. Theresa - My boss left early so I have no idea what she wants me to do. Anne makes a snarky remark. If she deigns to return tell her I left these for her. Theresa - Hey, quick question for you. Anne - Not if it has to do with work. Theresa - Definitely not. Dr. Jonas, is he seeing someone or what? Anne laughs. Yeah ... your boss. Theresa - Jennifer! Are you fricken' kidding me?

Dan comes into the rectory. I'm just checking in, seeing how you're feeling. Eric - I've been fine for weeks actually. Is that the only reason you stopped by? Dan - No, it's not my best day; just trying to keep busy. Eric - You still in conflict about Jennifer. Dan - Yeah and I'm about to think her son JJ is about to do something Chloe never could ... tear us apart forever.

Jen is standing in the open doorway to the mansion. Are you sure you don't want me to stay? Kristen - I'm fine and again I have to tell you what a great friend you are. Jen - So are you, call me. She leaves. Kristen closes the door. No, I'm not going to cry over a stupid blue line. The future is mine, mine and Brady's.

Segment 7: Abby - I don't know what happened but apparently Cameron thinks that Chad and I should spend more time together. Kayla - He told you that. Abby - He told Chad that. Maybe he's ... Kayla - Maybe you need to stop putting pressure on yourself. And if you honestly don't really know how you feel about this maybe you just need to wait a little longer and the choice may present itself to you. Abby - Maybe you're right. Thank you. They hug.

Cam - I hope you and Abigail have a great time. Chad - We will. After we'll go back to my place and make love all night long ... I'm kidding. At least I have an excuse. I mean a brain tumour would effect a person's sense of humour I imagine. What's your excuse? Cam - I don't have one. I'm just humourless I guess. Chad - Don't be upset with me; just trying to give you a hard time. I'm sick of you being so damn noble all the time; it's getting old, don't you know that. I know you're trying to be good to me ... I get it. But I don't need your help or anyone else's because I'm fine. I'm going to be the guy who beats this thing no matter what.

Theresa - How long have Jennifer and Daniel been dating. Anne - That depends whether you count the breaks and the break-ups and other sundry issues. Let's just say it's been on and off for quite a long time. Theresa - Are they on right now? Anne - Who the hell can tell honestly. It changes hour by hour. At this point I'm so burnt out on the gossip about Daniel and Jennifer and their so called love life; I'd rather talk about the debt crisis. She leaves. Theresa talks to herself but it's hard to make out what she's saying because her heels are so loud when she's walking.

Eric - How does JJ have Chloe beat? He hasn't absconded with Parker to Venezuela, has he? Dan - No, I'm just starting to understand that a parent's love for his or her child is more powerful than just about anything. Enough about that. Are you sure you haven't had any relapses? No symptoms at all? Eric - Not one. Dan - Since Mason couldn't find any evidence we'll have to drop the idea of finding out what caused your illness. Eric - I guess we don't have a choice but to drop it. Dan - Unless you remember anything else about that night. Eric - Nothing specific. Dan - Anything non-specific. Eric - I know it's going to sound strange ... I don't know ... sometimes I get this very strange feeling of dread. Dan - What does that mean? Eric - Like there's something really, really awful happening ... (he says something about not remembering but I couldn't make it out).

Kristen calls Jen who is in the square. Is everything alright? Kristen - Sorry to bug you. I forgot to tell you but I'm sure you already know, you can't tell anyone about this pregnancy square, not even Daniel. Jen - That won't be a problem because we're barely speaking at the moment. Kristen - I don't think that's going to last much longer actually. He might have questions about the pregnancy test Nicole saw. If he does you have to throw him off track. Jen - I promise you I'll do whatever it takes. Kristen - Thank you, I owe you big time. If Brady ever found out I had sex with somebody else while we were apart it would be all over except for the shouting. Marlena is standing on the other side of the door holding Sydney and listening to all this.


Wednesday Aug 21

Segment 1: After Kristen ends her call to Jennifer she hears a noise in the foyer.

Henderson tells Nick that Ms. Gabriella left these things behind when she moved out. Should I send a messenger? Nick will take care of it. He looks inside the box and pulls out a picture of Gabi and smiles. Vic - The one that got away?

Gabi comes out of the bedroom dressed to the nines. Arianna is asleep. If anyone touches that door I am not responsible. Will and Sonny are all dressed up as well. Will - I'll give her a goodnight kiss when we get back. Gabi points to herself - Spit up check. Will tells her she's good. Gabi - You guys look good. Sonny asks her how much more time she needs. Gabi is ready; they just have to wait for Kayla to get here. Will - 15 mins ago. Maybe she got caught up in something with Joey. Will gets a call from Kayla.

Chad is at the club looking at the guest list. He recalls telling Cam that he's dying. Abby comes in. You better get a bigger crowd than this or you will be in trouble. Chad says something but I couldn't understand the last part.

Kristen flings the door open and finds the foyer empty.

Brady runs into Marlena and Sydney outside the mansion. Hey, what's up? Marlena - More than you can ever imagine.

Theresa shows up at Vargas's place. He was wondering if she was going to show up. Theresa - I wondered if you'd make it worth my while. He pulls out a vial of coke ... forgot about flowers but ... Theresa - But you knew the way to this girl's heart.

Will, Sonny and Gabi are all on their phones. Sonny - No Kate. Will - She's in a meeting. Gabi - What about your dad? Will - He's out of town. Sonny - Aunt Jennifer? Will - Won't answer my calls. Sonny - Aunt Hope? Will - She's on duty. What about your Dad? Sonny - I can't do that. I told my parents to stay away from the opening because they're fighting. They're mad at me so I'm not going to ask them to bail me out. Will - What about Maggie? Gabi - I tried, voicemail. That's all I got, you? Will - I'm tapped out. Gabi - Then you guys go. Have fun. Will - No, you've been looking forward to this for a long time so you guys go and I'll stay.

Chad serves Abby an abbytini. T comes in with his girlfriend. Don't tell me it's all designer drinks. Chad - No T, you can have a beer. T introduces them to Robin. T asks about Abby's drink. Abby - He named it after me. It's a little sweet but there's a real nice bite at the end. Chad - It's you. T - So do all your friends get drinks named after them. Where's the T? Chad - Yikes, I can't even picture that; it's like really cheap bourbon. Abby - Soaked in a really old gym sock maybe. Chad - That's it! T - They joke because they love me. But seriously, the place looks great. Chad - You should go check it out. They do. Chad puts the music on and asks Abby to dance. Abby - We're the only ones in here. Chad - He reminds her of New Year's. Abby - That dance was so last winter. Boy, I've got moves that you've never seen. The song changes. Abby - You totally set that up. Chad - No way, totally on shuffle. They dance to a really cheesy song.

Brady - That sounds intense. Marlena - I didn't mean it to sound that way. I've just been busy and then enjoying spending time with Sydney. Brady - It seems like you were just leaving. Kristen pokes her head out the door. Hi, I thought I heard something out here. Brady - Yeah. I don't know if Marlena was just coming or going. Kristen - It must have been you I heard.

Segment 2: Kristen - So how long have you been here? Marlena - Sydney and I have been spending some time together having fun, haven't we? Sydney - I miss my mommy. Marlena - I know, I miss her too. Brady - I know you miss your mommy sweetie but you know what! Your mommy called cook and he's going to make your favourite dinner; the macaroni and cheese with the little peas in it. That's what we're having for dinner. Marlena - That was nice; very sweet. Marlena - We were talking about going out to the fish pond to see if the mama fish had her babies. Would that be fun? Sydney nods yes. The nanny comes out and apologises. Marlena tells her what she and Sydney were planning to do. The nanny takes Sydney instead. Brady offers to walk them to the pond. Kristen - That poor baby girl. It must be so awful for her to have her mother in jail. Marlena - It must just kill you. Kristen - I love Sydney; she's my niece. Anyway, thanks for babysitting. Marlena - Not so fast. I love spending time with my Granddaughter. I don't consider it babysitting. Kristen - Whatever you say. Marlena - One more thing ... Brady returns ... there's something I'd like to say to you and Brady, I think you should hear it too.

Vargas and Theresa have shared the coke. Vargas - So what now? Theresa - Tell me about yourself Vargas. Your hopes, your dreams, your deepest fears, where are you going in life? Vargas - Seriously? Theresa - Yeah, go for it. How else are we supposed to bond. Vargas - Let's see. I was a misunderstood child or poverty who grew up in ... Theresa - Prison? (She asks that after seeing a letter from the State prison). Vargas - Damn, I meant to put that away. Theresa - You were in prison? Vargas - Yeah, not so funny now, huh? Theresa - Not really. Vargas - You scared? Theresa - Of you? Should I be?

Nick - Hey Victor. Vic - Thinking of what might have been; opportunities you might have had; the kind of life you might be leading right now? Nick - I don't go 5 mins without thinking of that. I know I blew it. I know that I disappointed a lot of people especially Aunt Maggie. Vic - My wife has a terrific capacity for acceptance and forgiveness. Nick - I'm not sure I deserve that. Vic - Tomorrow you have a milestone coming up. I have it marked in red on my calendar. Nick - What's that? Vic - Your parole officially ends. Nick - I know, that is if the Dept of Corrections signs off on it. Vic - They will. Nick - Do you know something? Vic - Once your parole ends you no longer have to live with family supervision. You can work wherever you want. You can leave town if you like. Nick - That's true. Vic - Pack your bags Nick. Tomorrow you're leaving my house.

Will and Gabi argue back and forth and finally Will agrees to go with Sonny. Gabi tells them to have a great time.

Vic - Surely you're not surprised. Nick - Actually I am. I thought I'd have ... Vic - Another chance? More time? Nick - Yeah. Vic - Unfortunately I don't share my wife's compassion and understanding of the extenuating circumstances that led to you being an extortionist and blackmailer. After tomorrow you don't have to live in this house so you won't. I trust you can be out by tomorrow night.

Vargas - No, no reason to be scared of me. Theresa - So that's settled. Vargas - That's it? Don't you want to hear the story? Theresa - Of what? How you got sent to prison? Blah, blah, blah, I so don't want to hear it so I hope you weren't planning on telling it to me. Vargas - No. Theresa wants to party. Vargas - Let me grab some cash. He pulls out a can and pulls out a huge wad of bills. She asks if that's the bank of Vargas. Vargas - The can doesn't ask a lot of questions. Theresa - That's a lot of cash. Vargas - Don't ask. Theresa - I wouldn't. Vargas - You are so different. Theresa - Then who. Other girls; other guys in the joint. Vargas - Definitely both. Let's go.

Kristen, Brady and Marlena have moved to the foyer. Kristen says they don't really have time for this ... Marlena - That's okay. It won't take long.

Segment 3: Chad - Thanks for being my first. Abby - What are you .. Chad - Dance. Being the first couple to dance at the club. T - You can't play the EMO crap and serve martinis or this place is doomed. He changes the music. Chad - It's not EMO. T - Do you want a crowd in here? Will and Sonny arrive. T introduces Robin to Will and Sonny. Robin - Oh, you're that great couple. T tells Will his boyfriend did a great job. Sonny - Our friend Brent designed the whole renovation. Chad - It's a shame he's not here tonight. T - It's a drastic change in a good way. What made you do it? Chad says something (I just can't understand him for some reason). Sonny - I just thought it was good business. Chad - That too. Theresa and Vargas comes in. Theresa - Looks like we found the party.

Brady - What are you talking about? Marlena - I'm talking about us; the situation. Brady - We are not a situation! Kristen - Just let her spew and then you'll leave, right? Marlena - I didn't plan on doing this. I didn't plan on talking to you at all. Kristen - But you just can't help yourself. Marlena - Sometimes things change. Isn't that funny how that happens. One minute you think you know exactly where your life is going and poof, it just changes. Brady - I'm lost. Kristen - Me too. Marlena - Really, you're lost. I think you know exactly what needs to happen next. Brady - Tell us what you're talking about please. What changes in an instant. Marlena - Sami. I'm talking about Sami. In a moment she saves Rafe's life and puts her own in danger. You can see how distraught her children are. It will get worse before it gets better. This family has to pull together. The three of us have to bury the hatchet.

T - Abby where's your doctor friend? Abby - I don't know if he's coming. Chad, do you know? Chad - He's working. The bartender's making a drink just for you T. You should go check it out. T - Should I be scared? Vargas looks around - So this is Salem's young, professional crowd. Theresa - I guess, a little tame. Vargas - It could be worse. Theresa - It could be better too. I think I need to powder my nose. Vargas hands her another vial of Coke. That will make it all better.

Chad, Will and Sonny toast to a great team. They're pleased with how the opening is going. Chad - You and Sonny are the real team. Sonny compliments Will. Will is self-deprecating as usual. Sonny is strong; I bring the train wreck to our neck of the woods. Chad - That's not what I hear when you're not around. All he talks about is how he wants to spend more time with you and your little girl. Will - She's so sweet. I think we're going to keep her. We like her a lot. She gets it from her mom. Chad - Where is Gabi?

Gabi is drinking a glass of wine when there's a knock on the door. Kayla! Oh yes, there is a God. She runs to the door. It's Nick with her stuff.

Brady - That's what you were doing before, burying the hatchet? Marlena - I'm sorry. That's why I stayed behind. Somehow I have to put my opinions about the two of you on the backburner because it's so much less important than what my daughter is going through. Brady agrees. Marlena - Thank you. Kristen, can you do that? Can we just get along?

Segment 4: Gabi - Hi. Nick - Hey, is this a bad time? Gabi - No, it's not. Come in. Nick - Henderson found these things in the house and I thought maybe you'd want them. Gabi - Thank you. Nick - Where should I put them? Gabi - Anywhere. He sets the box on the floor. Okay, well, I don't want to make you late. You're all dressed up and looking incredible ... Gabi - Thanks. It's Sonny and Chad's opening at the club. Nick - Oh yeah. That's right. I heard about that. Have fun. Gabi - I'm not going. My babysitter cancelled last minute. Will - Oh. Do you want me to hang around with Arianna? Gabi - Nick that is so sweet ... Nick - Terrible idea. Really? Gabi - You're absolutely right. Nick - I'd hate to see you stuck here. You deserve to have a night out. Gabi - I'll go another night. And with Arianna sleeping I'd rather just take a nap and catch up before the 2am feeding. Nick - That must be relentless. Obviously it's wonderful and you love her but ... Gabi - It's full on. Nick - Yeah. Do you ever get a break? Gabi - Yeah. I DVR'd some shows so I'll probably catch up on those before I go to sleep. Nick - And Sonny and Will must help out sometimes. Gabi - All the time. I don't know why I'm complaining. They're great. Nick - I know but you were ready for a night out. Gabi - Yeah I guess wanted some conversation without talking about diapers or schedules. Nick - Do you want me to stick around, keep you company.

When Theresa weaves her way back to their table Vargas comments - It's such a good thing you're not driving. Theresa talks away a mile a minute about how she could totally drive. Vargas - Yeah, like no cop could guess what you've been doing. Theresa - I could totally stay quiet. I know when to clam up. Vargas - Maybe I should go powder my nose just so I can keep up with you. She passes him the vial underneath the table. Theresa looks around - Will, what are you doing here? She gets up from the table and bumps into a guy and says hi. Will asks T what's up with Robin. T - I don't know. She doesn't talk. Will - Not to you? Maybe she's shy or a mime. T - Yeah, a hot mime. They laugh. Will - That works for you. You love to talk and she'll listen. T doesn't know. There are other girls ... silence. Will - What! Come on, what's the deal? Do you want to settle down? T - Truth? I want what you've got. Will - Sonny's taken. T laughs.

Kristen - Sure. You want to bury the hatchet; let's do it. Life's too short, right? Marlena - Well, I've taken up enough of your time. I'll say goodnight. Brady - I'll walk you out. Marlena leaves. Brady - That's good news. Kristen scoffs - You think. Brady - I think a little peace in the valley might ... Kristen - Except for one thing. I don't trust her as far as I can throw her. We all know where she really wants to bury the hatchet. Outside the door Marlena is on her cell. Where are you? I've got to talk to you right away.

Segment 5: Brady says they should take Marlena's request at face value. Kristen - Why? Because she's always been so willing to accept me and .. Brady - She can't hurt us unless we let her. Why don't we give her a chance. Kristen - Fine but do we have to keep talking about it. Brady - No. Kristen - So, what do you want to do tonight? Brady - Do you want to go big or low-key? Kristen - How about local and low-key. Brady - What did you have in mind? Kristen - My brother Chad; his club's opening tonight. I've got to go say hi. Brady - Yeah, okay sure. He's the easiest guy in your family; family first, right?

Vic walks to the front door and calls out - I've got it Henderson. It's Marlena. She smiles. One day. It only took one day for the right thing to fall into our laps.

Gabi - Right. I remember how much you love TV. Why don't you go to the club tonight? Nick - I don't think Sonny and Will would be too happy if I showed up. Gabi - I thought things were getting better. Nick - They are but you know this is their night. Gabi - Okay so grab a glass of wine and join me. Nick - Since when did you start drinking wine. She hands him her glass - I didn't. He sniffs the contents - Cranberry juice. She holds up a bottle of wine for him - already opened. It's your favourite. She hands him the glass. Nick - It's nice you remembered. Gabi - Of course. How's it going on the job hunt? Nick - It's really good. Kate has actually been supportive after being extremely not that. I've been giving her new ideas and formulas and she's paying me well for them but I'd like to find something a little more steady. Gabi - You're a smart guy. I know you'll get something ... hold on. What day is it? Oh my gosh, your parole is up tomorrow. Nick - It's crazy that you still have that on your calendar. Gabi - It was going to be a big day for us. Nick - Yeah. Gabi - So tomorrow you're a free man. Nick - In every way.

Vargas returns dancing thru' the crowd to get to Theresa. Let's dance. Theresa - I can't. I've got a family member here. I've got to take care of something. I wasn't expecting to see anyone so now I've got to play nice. Vargas - You don't want to show me off? Theresa - I don't want my family to know anything about me. I'll be right back. She gives him a quick kiss and heads over to Will. Hey Will, I didn't expect to see you here. Will - Hey Theresa, hi. I was wondering when I'd run into you. Theresa - Yeah, it's only a matter of time, huh. Will - It's been a long time. Are you having fun? Theresa - Yeah. This place is really great. Will - My boyfriend is the owner. Theresa - That's awesome. So do we get a family discount on the drinks? Kristen and Brady arrive. Kristen greets Chad with a hug and a kiss on the cheek. This place is fantastic. Brady shakes his hand - This place looks great. Chad - Thank you very much. People seem to think so. Let me grab you a drink. Brady - No, you two catch up. He heads to the bar. Kristen - Look at you. You're so happy. Chad - It's a good night. Kristen - So is Ms. Abigail part of the reason why you're so happy. Chad - Definitely. So you and Brady, huh? Kristen - No one's more surprised than me. Chad - It's working? Kristen - Yeah. Despite all these obstacles we're together - she knocks on wood. I guess I was due for a miracle.

Vic - Tell me everything; don't leave anything out. Marlena chuckles. You said all we had to do was watch and wait and we would get something that would drive a wedge between Kristen and Brady. Vic - And you found that out already. Marlena - Yes I did. Kristen has a secret and I know what it is.

Segment 6: Gabi - It's still a big day for you. You can do anything you want. Nick - I can go where I want when I want. I don't have to live at Victor's anymore. I don't even have to stay in Salem. Gabi - Do you want to leave? Nick - I don't know. Gabi - Sounds like you've had time to think about it. Nick - Yeah sure. Would you be ... would you want me to go? Gabi - If it's the best thing for you then sure. Nick - I don't know. It's kind of hard to think about it. Gabi - Why? It's hard to think about what's best for you? Nick - No. I mean I can't see it because since I've been out it's always felt like the best thing for me was you.

Vargas paces around the place looking for Theresa. Brady is at the bar with Will looking at photos. She has grown since last week. Will - I know. I'm taking at least one picture a day so I can show mom. Brady - How's Sami? I haven't been in to see her yet. Will - She's dealing. I just wish the trial would hurry up and come so she can go home. Brady - We all want that. Kristen walks up - Hi. Can I steal him away for just a minute or longer? Kristen starts dancing with Brady. I missed you. I've put in my appearance. I can think of other places I'd rather be with you. They kiss. Vargas fumes.

Nick - Sorry, that must have sounded ... Gabi - After this glass I'm cutting you off. Nick - It wasn't the wine. Maybe it wasn't too bright to say out loud but it wasn't the wine. Sorry. Gabi - You can't be saying that all the time. Nick - I don't really know why I'm saying anything tonight. That's a lie. I do. Gabi - What's going on? Nick - I don't know. I think maybe I have too much time to think. I've been rewinding the past year and playing it back and trying to figure out what I could have done different. You know, where I went wrong and what I could have made better and where I get stuck is at the beginning when it was just you and me at the pub and even when it was you and me and the baby. That time that we spent together in your room, that was like ... as far as I'm concerned ... as perfect as I think life can get. Just us talking in there; that's as close to a person as I've ever felt in every way.

Vargas downs his beer and heads out the door and finds Theresa with another guy. Brady and Kristen head out the door and ask Vargas to excuse them. He doesn't move so they go around him.

Marlena - I got out of the foyer before Kristen saw me but it was close and I would have gotten away altogether except Brady showed up. Vic - Did he hear anything? Marlena - No. I was tempted to tell him what I'd heard. Vic - That would have been a big mistake. Marlena - Yes, I agree. I did stop myself and then made up some story abut wanting to bury the hatchet with them. Vic - Which Kristen didn't buy for a second. Marlena - No I don't think she did but I think she was persuaded that I did not hear about her indiscretion. Vic - You told me everything Kristen said verbatim. Marlena did. Vic - There was no hint, no clue as to who she might have slept with? Marlena - No. If there had been I might have told him right there. Vic - We need solid proof. With Brady we need 10 kinds of proof and skywriting for him to see it. Marlena - Kristen did say this information would kill the relationship with Brady. Vic - Then let's make sure that's exactly what happens.

Segment 7: Nick - I mean, do your ever ... do you think about what it was like? Gabi - Of course. Nick - Gabi, you were ... you're the most beautiful woman I've ever known. I close my eyes and I can still feel it, I can feel you. I can feel every inch of your body. When I close my eyes, I still see you.

Sonny sits down next to Will and asks - Where's Chad? Will - I don't know. Outside with Abigail maybe. Chad and Abby are leaning against a wall. He tells her they have a roof garden. They grow everything for the menu right here. Abby - That's fantastic. Vargas walks up to Theresa and the guy and shoves the guy aside and puts his arm around Theresa's shoulders. Theresa - I didn't see you. Vargas - I was right where you left me. Theresa - Well I didn't see you. Vargas - That's because you saw a chance to latch on to someone else. Guy - Is this guy bothering you? Vargas - Take off man. Guy - Say the word and he's out of here. Vargas - You have no idea what you're getting yourself into. He grabs Theresa's arm - Let's go. Theresa - Chill out. Abby and Chad are watching the exchange. Vargas - I'll chill when you ditch this loser and go back inside with me. Guy - Leave the lady alone. Vargas - I said take off. The guy shoves Vargas - Don't touch her. Vargas slugs him. Chad rushes in - Whoa, break it up now. Vargas punches him in the head - he goes down. The other guy jumps Vargas - Theresa stands there and watches the fight.

Kristen and Brady are back at the D mansion having sex in her bed.

Vic - We can come at this from both directions but we still have to find out who she was sleeping with. That could be tricky. Marlena - It's hard to imagine there's anybody in Salem that wouldn't know better. Vic - Even harder to imagine that she would have any confidants. Who do you think she was talking to? Stefano? Marlena - No, this was not somebody talking to their father. It must have been somebody else. Vic - Then we have to find that somebody else and that's going to be the beginning of bringing Kristen down. The camera cuts to the sex fest as Marlena says - This woman has wreaked havoc on my family and me for too long. It's time to return the favour. Kristen tells Brady she can't lose him ever again.


Thursday Aug 22

Segment 1: Nick kisses Gabi and she kisses him back.

EJ walks into some guy's office. Burning the midnight oil? The guy stands up - Mr. DiMera, hi. I was before, now I'm just leaving. EJ - No, you weren't. Guy - I could stay. I'd be happy too. He sits down. What can I do for you? EJ - What you do best, solve a financial mystery. The guy reads the paper EJ hands him. I don't understand. EJ - You will by the end of tonight. You're about to make me a very grateful client.

Kate and Hope run into each other in the square. Kate comments that Hope looks festive; that's a new look for the Salem PD. Hope - I'm 10 mins from off duty. I'm going to Chad and Sonny's new club. Kate - Oh, I'll see you there. Hope - Are you going to the hospital first? Kate - Yeah, I had some meetings this morning and I don't like to leave Rafe there too long alone. I just heard what that sounded like ... Hope - Like a woman in love. Well come on, you are, aren't you? Kate smiles.

Cam goes up to the bar and greets Sonny. This place is fantastic. Sonny - Thank you. Glad you made it. Cam - Me too. Where's Chad? Sonny - Will saw him outside a minute ago. Cam comes out and immediately rushes to Chad's side. Sonny and T and Will work on breaking up the fight between Vargas and Theresa's pick up guy.

Office guy - This man, Joe Bernardi ... EJ - That contains all the particulars relating to him and his wife. Guy - You've got his police pension plan, his personal bank accounts; that's ... EJ - Intrusive? Guy - Impressive. EJ - That's as far as I could get on my own which is why I need your forensic skills. Guy - What are we looking for? EJ - Payoffs. Guy - I thought he was a hero cop. EJ - I assure you he was not. Guy - How do you know? Never mind. What kind of sums are you looking for? EJ - I don't know nor do I know how he was paid. I gave you the low hanging fruit; do your job, dig deep. Find the hidden accounts, find the property in family members names, find the off-shore accounts; that sort of thing. Guy - Alright. I do love a challenge. This will keep me busy for weeks. EJ - You have 2 hrs. Guy - Mr. DiMera, I ... EJ - The life of somebody I love is on the line. So do me a favour, find me a smoking gun tonight.

Hope - Never mind, it's none of my business. Kate - It's okay; at least you didn't call me a stalker. Hope - You have nothing to be embarrassed about. Kate - Ordinarily I wouldn't be but I almost cost Rafe his life. Hope - You don't know that. Kate - I'm just glad Sami was there. Hope - Me too. Kate - Do you think they're going to call him to testify. Hope - I've only heard rumour but honestly I'd be shocked if he wasn't called. Kate - A man who can't even sit up by himself. Hope - That won't stop this prosecutor. She'll do it by video feed if she has to. Kate - He's not going to say anything that's going to help ... Hope - Which is exactly why Trask would want him. Kate - Does she has any idea what it could do to his health; his stress levels. Hope - Honestly, I wish I could say she cared ... it's all about the win for her. Hope gets a call. I'm on my way. She tells Kate she has to go. Kate - What is it? Hope - An assault.

The cops arrive. Vargas is pushed to the ground and handcuffed. Vargas - Get off me man. Cop - Settle down. Vargas - This is personal. Cop - Yeah, you're personally under arrest. Theresa takes off. Vargas - Nothing happened here. The cop looks around. Anyone see what happened here? Abby - I did. He started the whole thing. Cam asks the guys to help him get Chad up. They take him inside and seat him at a table. Abby goes to get him some water. Chad wipes some blood off his face from his bleeding nose. He tells Cam to take it down a notch. Cam - So you can hear me? Chad - Of course I can hear you. Don't make such a big deal about this. Outside Vargas struggles. Cop - Do you want to add resisting arrest. Vargas - You got nothing on me. Other guy - That guy attacked me for no reason. Sonny tells the gawkers to go back inside; let the police work. The cop tells Vargas he's under arrest for assault and reads him his rights. When he starts to pick up Vargas he spies the vial of coke that fell out of his pocket. Looks like we'll be adding possession to that. Hope walks up. John - What do we have? Cop - Bar brawl. This guy took on at least 2 other guys. Then there's this - he holds up the vial. Hope - Lovely, search him. Vargas - You can't do that. Hope - You gave us grounds. The guy pulls out a packet of coke from Vargas's pocket. Hope - That looks like at least 5 grams. That's possession with intent. Let's get him back to the station. The guy pulls him up. Hope - Vargas, you really stepped in it.

Segment 2: Theresa rushes into the square and stops to catch her breath.

Vargas - That's not my stuff. Hope - Did you mirandize him? Cop - I just started. Hope finishes giving him his rights. Hope - I suggest you keep your mouth shut. Vargas starts saying something but Hope cuts him off - You have the right to remain silent, use it. Hope tells the cop to get statements from all the witnesses. I'll book him and finish reading him his rights. Vargas - You've got to believe me. That's not mine. There was a woman ... Hope - Save it. Hope tells the other cop that the other guy in the fight should be taken to the hospital and checked out. Let's go Vargas. Sonny asks everyone else to wait inside for a few minutes. Cam says something to Chad (couldn't hear it). Chad - Yeah I got punched. Cam - Do you know what could happen if you have cranial swelling. Your tumour could ... Chad - Don't say that word. Cam - You think it goes away if I don't? Chad - Don't come in here shouting my personal business. You're a doctor; you're not allowed to do that. Cam - Look, I'm sorry. I'm not trying to announce it to the whole world but I'm trying to get your attention. You can not take risks like this. Chad - When someone starts a fight I'm going to finish it in my own club. Cam - No you don't. Chad - What am I supposed to do? Let some jerk sabotage the grand opening. Cam - Yes, that's exactly what you do. Abby returns with water. Are you okay? Chad - I'm fine.

Gabi pulls back - Nick, I ... Nick - Sorry, sorry. I thought that you were feeling it too. Gabi - I know, I just ... Nick - We're not married anymore for good reason but we also got together in the first place for good reasons too. Gabi - You said that was a mistake. Nick - I was just trying to give you as much room as you needed to get away after ... Gabi, how I feel about you ... how I've always felt about you from the minute we first got together, that's real. You remember that. Gabi - I do. Nick - I miss you. I miss us. I think about your life now; what it must be like for you. Gabi - I'm okay. Nick - I know you are but you sacrifice so much for Arianna and I know that you're happy to do it but you deserve ... you deserve to know what a beautiful woman you are every day. You deserve to feel ... She turns and kisses him.

Everyone has gathered around Chad's table. T asks how many fingers he's holding up. Chad wants another shot at the guy. Sonny - That's exactly what we need right now. He asks Cam if he's okay. Cam - The other guy looks worse. Chad - The place will have a rep now, that's a good thing. Chad stands up. Abby turns to Cam as Chad rubs his forehead - Is he really okay? Cam - He looks fine. You guys enjoy the party. Abby - Wow, he couldn't get out of here fast enough. Chad - He knows it's our night. Abby - But still ... Chad - You owe me a dance. Kate is with Will. Wow! Your boyfriend did good and Chad. Will - Yeah, it's been a great night. Kate - I don't think I want to know. Will - There was a fist fight, that's all. Kate - I saw Nick's friend Vargas out there ...Will - Yeah. Can I get you a drink? Kate would love a drink. EJ taps Chad on the shoulder and shakes his hand. Congratulations brother, the place is fantastic. I heard that you had a little fight earlier. Chad - Yeah, it's a dirty job but ... EJ - Well done. Abby - It's not funny. EJ - It's not but my brother can handle whatever his patrons throw at him. Chad is just glad it's quiet now; could use some calm after what happened. Stefano comes in with a lit cigar in his mouth and Cecily at his side.

Segment 3: Hope is in the squad room. She tells Vargas to sit down. Vargas - Come on, this isn't necessary. Hope - The officer at the scene said you resisted. Vargas - Yeah, because he took me by surprise. Hope - Oh. You expected to beat up those two guys in peace? How rude of my officer. Vargas - It was a reflex. Hope - Well those reflexes must be pretty damn sharp. Hope picks up the evidence bag with the coke in it. Vargas - I swear to you that isn't mine. Hope - You don't want to lie to me now. Vargas - I'm telling you the truth. There was a woman ... Hope - I'm sure there was and she planted enough coke on you to light up the entire club. Vargas - She must have because it isn't mine. Hope - You know it's funny ... you never looked this stupid Vargas but I guess it makes sense. You had to come up with some story no matter how lame it is because you must know how much trouble you're in. Vargas - This whole thing is just one big misunderstanding. Hope - Wake up Vargas. This isn't going away.

Theresa is sitting at a table. She pulls out her wallet. Damn it, can't even buy a cracker. Damn it Vargas! Worst date ever! She recalls him pulling out his stash of money and smiles.

Kate is outside with Will and Sonny. She tells them they did a fabulous job. Sonny - I couldn't have done it without Will. Will - Please, I'm sure my family drama contributed to making the deadlines. Some banter follows. Sonny offers to get Kate another drink. Kate - I'll get it myself. I want to talk to Gabi anyways and I assume she's inside, right? Will - I totally forgot. Sonny - She said you could stay here. Will - We couldn't get a babysitter so she's at home with Ari. Kate - Why didn't you call me? I could have babysat. Will - I did, you were busy. Kate - My secretary should have interrupted the meeting. Will - It's okay. I'm going to finish up here and then go take a shift because I want Gabi to have some fun.

Stefano walks up to Chad and EJ and greets his sons in Italian. Chad - You have to put your cigar out; city ordinance. Stefano - Certainly, we do not want to break the law now, do we? He hands it to T to get rid of. Congratulations. I must say that the changes you have made here are absolutely magnificent. Everything looks so wonderful. I certainly hope that the bar comes up to the standard that you have on these walls. Come on sweetheart, let's go have a drink. Chad - Sorry, we need better bouncers. EJ - I gave you a list of names. Abby excuses herself. Chad - Thank you for not throttling him. EJ - It's not the time or the place, is it? I don't think a family brawl is the kind of publicity you need. It wouldn't be good for any of us especially Samantha. Chad - EJ, I'm sorry. That video I shot put Sami in jail. EJ - No, Chad. We both know who put Samantha in jail and he's going to rot in hell for that.

Segment 4: Gabi and Nick bask in the afterglow. Nick - That was ... Gabi chuckles - Incredible. Nick - I miss you Gabi. Gabi - Can you believe it's almost a year ago since you were paroled. Nick - Yeah, it's crazy. Sometimes it feels like it was just yesterday. I came back to Salem and I fell in love with you and the time, it's like ... Gabi - It was a century ago, right? Nick - At least. Gabi - I'm a mom now. I really need to be the best role model that I can be ... Nick - You already are. Gabi - I don't know about that. Nick - Look at me. What you said about not feeling special and thinking that no one's ever going to love you; you know how wrong you are now, right? He kisses her.

Chad looks around the club. EJ - Don't worry, she'll come back; Abigail, I see you looking for her. How's that going? Chad - Cards are on the table. She knows how I feel about her; so does Cameron. EJ - So that explains why he's circling like a shark. Chad - Maybe, I'm not worried. EJ - You shouldn't be. You two had a good thing before; you'll get that again. Chad - That's the plan. Abby returns. My friend loves the abbytini. EJ - You named a cocktail after her. Abby - Yes he did. You should try it. EJ - No, I can't imagine it would be as delightful as it's namesake. Abby - That's very smooth. You know you could learn something from him I think. Chad - I'm trying. T tells Sonny and Will - Seriously, your bouncer was nowhere to be scene when things got real out there. Sonny - He's supposed to watch the door. T - I'm just saying if you need help ... Will laughs. I've got to go soon. T - The fun is just beginning. Will - I know. I want Gabi to have some fun. I've got to go take care of Ari. T - You guys do shifts? Will - Yeah, it works out great usually; tonight's kind of a glitch. T goes to find his date. Will - You didn't agree with me. Don't you think things are working out great with Gabi? Sonny - Sure. I mean it's working out great for us. You're living with your daughter. I just don't think the situation's so great for Gabi. Will - Why not? We help her out all the time. Sonny - As a couple ... I just think that she's feeling lonely.

'Lonely' Gabi and Nick are wrapped in blankets sitting up against the couch kissing. Gabi pulls back. I just remembered you can't be here. Nick - Why not? Gabi - Will could come home any minute. Nick - Isn't he at the club opening? Gabi - Yeah but he said he was going to come home early so I could go too and if he shows up and sees this ... Nick - Calm down. It's okay. I want people to know because you're ready to tell them not because they walked in on us. He gives her a quick kiss and gets up.

Vargas - I fell in with some bad company and made a poor choice or two but I ask you to weigt that against the critical help that I voluntarily offered Salem PD when Jensen was released from Statesville and he came after one of your detectives and your cousin Nick Fallon. I had your back. Hope - It's true, you did. A lot of people thought you had turned the corner. But now you've got a big pile of blow and you put a guy in the hospital. Vargas - It's not how it looks. Hope - It's not like you betrayed Fr Eric's trust? He stuck his neck out for you. Vargas - And I appreciate that just like I told him. Hope - Now, what ... it's time to pick up where you left off before you went to prison. Vargas - Believe me, I am not the same guy I was before I went in. It changes you. Hope - It looks like you're about to find out just how much again. Vargas - Hope ... Det Brady, there's got to be another way. Hope - This isn't a misdemeanor. You're looking at 4 or 5 felony charges here. With your record you're going back to prison and they may throw away the key this time.

Theresa breaks in to Vargas's apt and goes for the money. She starts counting it. Oh Vargas - this is evidence. The cops are going to search this place and know you're up to no good. They'll confiscate it, put it in evidence and well really, if you think about, it's just a total waste. She continues counting the money she's going to steal.

Kate and T are talking about Will and T's friendship. Stefano and his arm candy come outside followed by Sonny and Will. Stefano - Jackson, you deserve to be complimented. Sonny - Thank you. Stefano - I don't suppose you can enjoy this evening with your mother being in jail ... Will - Stop. Don't talk about my mother please. Stefano - Sorry. Will - I don't think you are because I know what you did ... Sonny - Aren't you supposed to go home and watch Ari? Will - Yeah. He leaves. Kate steps up to Stefano - Get lost. Cecily - I'm so weary of you ordering me around. Stefano - I don't blame you sweetheart but could you please give me a few moments with this woman. Kate - I figured it out you know. Stefano - What the hell are we talking about? Kate - I know why you sent Bernardi to Rafe's hospital room you sick, twisted bastard.

Segment 5: Gabi opens the door for Nick to leave. Nick - My head is spinning. Gabi - Mine too. Nick - I know it's crazy but ... Gabi - You've got to go, sorry. He gives her a quick kiss - bye. Inside Gabi mutters - What the hell did I just do? Ari starts crying so she goes to her.

EJ tells Chad it's time for him to say his goodbyes. He gives Chad a hug. Chad - Please tell Sami I'm pulling for her to beat this thing. Chad goes to attend to something at the bar. EJ sits down. Thank goodness he's gone. It's very hard to talk behind someone's back when they're standing right in front of you. Abby - If you want to rag on him I'm not interested. EJ - Oh, you're beautiful and loyal. It's good of you to be here tonight. Abby - It went really well for him. Aside from the fight it's been an amazing night. EJ - Because you're here. Don't look so surprised. Abby - I'm not. I'm just not used to you being so direct. EJ - You make him very happy, you know that. Abby - Yeah ... we're ... it's ... EJ - Abigail, the way to finish that sentence is he makes you very happy too. Abby - I think that's enough of direct EJ for now. He kisses her hand - Always a pleasure. He leaves. As he's walking out Cam stops him. EJ - How's work? How's life? Cam - It's very busy. I need to ask you something. I saw you over there with Chad and Abigail before. Did Chad seem alert, focused ... he took a pretty serious punch earlier. EJ - He's fine, don't worry. He's a tough kid. Cam - I know but I'm just concerned. EJ - Chad and Abigail are having a wonderful time. Cam - That's good. Stefano - You want to talk to me about sick and twisted! Oh boy, have you forgotten what you were doing with Rafe. Kate - You're not going to get away with it. Stefano - Oh, how original. Kate - You see, I mean it. Stefano - Do you know how many people have said that to me in the past.

Segment 6: Hope comes back to the desk where Vargas is. You'll be booked and printed in a few minutes. You get your phone call now. I hope you have a good attorney. Vargas - I don't know his number. It should be in my phone. Hope hands him his phone. Vargas - Damn it, it's not here. Hope - You better call someone. It's your only call tonight. She steps away. Vargas calls Theresa. Where did you go? Theresa - You didn't seriously expect me to stick around when the cops showed up, did you? Vargas - I need my lawyer's number. I want you to go to my place and it's in the drawer next to the refrigerator. His name it Ronald Zwack. It should be on a card. Theresa - I can't go to your place. How am I supposed to get in without a key. Vargas - Something tells me you know exactly how that's done. Theresa - You want me to break the law. Vargas - I'm giving you permission to enter my place okay. Theresa - Can I get that in writing? Vargas - Damn it, I'm headed back to the joint because of you. Theresa - I seriously doubt that. Vargas - If you had just stayed away from that guy like I told you too ... Theresa pretends the connection is breaking up and hangs up on him and steals his money.

T is telling Robin how he broke up the fight. Sonny - Hey, there was like 3 of us out there. T - I was the first one out the door. Sonny - Dude, she's not impressed, she's probably annoyed. Robin pulls T into a kiss. Robin - I need a drink. She heads to the bar. Sonny - The mime speaks. T - That's not what's important right now ... Robin, wait up. Chad walks up to Sonny. Looks like the party is winding down. Sonny - I hope some people are still here when Gabi makes it. Chad - You and Gabi cool now? Sonny - We kind of have to be; she's really trying. Chad - She should. She got a pass for what happened to Melanie. If Will ever found out about it ... Sonny - Will can't find out and I wish you hadn't told me in the first place. Chad - I told you because I knew I could trust you. Sonny - I can trust Will but there's legal agreement that my dad drew up and it's binding. None of us need this to blow up in our faces especially Arianna Grace. Chad - Yeah, you're probably right. Maybe Gabi's totally changed.

Will comes home and finds Gabi and Ari sleeping on the couch.

Nick lies on his bed, looks at Gabi's photo and smiles.

EJ comes into the guys office again. I'm ready for some good news so what have you got? Guy - I've been through the info and assets. For what it's worth, the police have been there too. EJ - The police went through all the accounts? Guy - Every place I could track, they'd already been there. EJ - Salem PD doing their job, there's one for the books. What about the wife's accounts? Guy - I checked. I traced every dime that went in and out of their accounts; his salary and hers. There's nothing out of place. EJ - There has to be something. I didn't make this up. The guy's dirty, I know it. Guy - I don't doubt you Mr. DiMera, I just can't find anything out of place to prove it. EJ - How far back did you go? Did you check backdated accounts. Did you see if there were any old accounts he could have used to funnel the payments through. Guy - There's nothing. The only account the police didn't find is the savings account for the kid. EJ - You're sure the police didn't find this savings account? Guy - Almost positive. EJ - Well that was very careless ???

Segment 7: Sonny and Chad hug and shake hands. Looks like we did it partner. Sonny - We're going to have to put in a lot of long hours to keep this place going. Chad - I'm on it. Abby sees Cam - You didn't have to ignore me all night. Cam - I was checking it out. I knew I couldn't stay long. I've got an early call tomorrow. See you. He leaves. Chad watches and smiles.

Nick sighs. Maybe we can make this work Gabi. Maybe we could really start over.

Gabi wakes up with a start and starts calling out Arianna's name. Will comes out of the bedroom. Shh. She's asleep. Sorry, she's okay. I thought I'd just leave you there unless you want to change and go to the club. Gabi - No, it's too late for that. Will - Sorry I didn't come back sooner. Gabi - I'm not. You should have been there with Sonny. Will - I'm sure you had a great night though. Gabi - It was fine. How was the opening? Will - It was good. There was music and dancing and a bar fight. Some guy got arrested. A typical night in Salem.

Vargas throws his phone down. What an unbelievable bitch! Hope - Calling me names is not going to help your case. Vargas - I didn't mean you. It was that girl. Hope - Oh, your mystery date. The one who had all the drugs and planted them on you. The one who made your fist punch two guys, that mystery date? Vargas - Yeah, she's a two-timing, manipulative ... Hope - I don't think I like the word that's about to fly out of your mouth, so think twice. Vargas - Trust me. If you knew Theresa you'd agree she deserves it. Hope - Who?

Theresa is back at the square using her cell to do some online shopping with the money she stole.

Vargas - Yeah, you want to jam her up because ... Hope - I got it. She's responsible for every bad thing you did. What's her last name Vargas? Donovan, it's Theresa Donovan.

EJ - So tell me about this account. Guy - It's a little savings account in a Community bank opened on the day the son was born. Just a few deposits .. 2 and 3 dollars ... there's just 23 dollars in there. EJ - Look again. I have a funny feeling if you look again very closely you'll see that there has been a string of deposits to that account over the last year. Deposits totally over a $100,000 that can not be explained. Guy - Mr. DiMera ... EJ - There will be regular monthly deposits then a few larger deposits for bonuses, extra work Bernardi did and these payments stop exactly one week before Bernardi died. Guy - Mr. DiMera, what you're asking, never mind that it's illegal, it's very hard to do. EJ - Nonsense Stoller, I have faith in you; in your talent; in your will to live. Make it happen and make sure nobody knows how it happened.


Friday Aug 23

Segment 1: Dan is by the nurse's station. Maxine says he's supposed to be at home for the photo shoot; she cleared his schedule. His profile in the magazine got moved up; it's next week. No one told Dan. Jen steps in. I left a message for you last night; didn't you get it? Dan didn't listen to it. He asks if she can use the picture she's got and they can forget the whole thing.

JJ's at the club reading his tablet. What's this about a fight? Somebody got busted. Will - Some guy went crazy; it was actually entertaining. He mentions that Theresa was there last night. I haven't seen her since she got back. She's looking good. It must be a big culture shock moving from California though. I hope everything works out. So does JJ. The fight, it didn't have anything to do with Theresa, did it?

Theresa is at her desk reading her Tablet. Man accompanied at scene with an unidentified woman. Just what I need! Hope comes in. Time for a break, come with me. Theresa protests. Hope - Jen will totally understand. Let's go.

Jordan comes into Rafe's room and tells him it's time for his first session. Rafe - Are you going to carry me down there yourself? Jordan - Sorry? Rafe - I meant to the physical therapy room. Jordan - Mr. Hernandez, you are a very long way from being able to go to the physical therapy room.

Kate sees EJ in the square and holds out a cup of coffee for him. Cream with one sugar if memory serves. EJ - And strychnine. Kate - May we sit? EJ has a meeting. Kate - You threatened me last night. You threatened Rafe. EJ - I did. Kate - I don't like being threatened. EJ - I don't care.

Sami asks Justin if this dress is okay to wear. He tells her it's the perfect outfit to wear to jury selection. DA Trask - Unless there is no jury selection. Sami - What are you talking about? Trask - We can forget about the jury and the trial if you accept my offer.

Jen tells the photographer that she has so much on her plate this morning. You can handle the shoot with Dr. Jonas on your own, right? The photographer says his editor said she would be there to provide ... Jen - You'll be fine. You don't need me there. Just keep it simple and not too staged. Anne - Really Jennifer, bailing on your job again! Hospital administration is just going to love hearing about this.

Jordan tells Rafe he was severely injured and placed into an induced coma in early May. You've had no voluntary muscle activity for 3 months. The exam I performed yesterday showed extreme weakness. The first steps will be to perform the simplest of resistance exercises in bed. After that you'll move to a chair and probably remain there for quite some time. If things progress then we'll move you to the PT room and hope to put you on your feet.

Kate - Obviously you have not cooled off since last night. EJ - Let's be clear about something. Last night I wasn't hot under the collar or falling off the deep end. I was being completely rational and I meant every word I said. Kate - So if Sami is convicted you blame me and Rafe and you're going to punish us. EJ - That's an interesting euphemism, I like that. Kate - I understand why you feel the way that you do. You're a passionate man. You love Sami and things are not looking good but I'm reaching out to you, give me a chance.

Justin - If you want to play games Melinda ... Trask - Why would you assume this is a game? Justin - Is there a legitimate offer? Melinda - Yes, one I'm sure the judge will sign off on. And Ms. Brady, you'd be a fool not to accept it considering the circumstances. Justin - Stop selling it and just tell us what it is. Melinda - It's simple and generous but there's a time limit ... now, today. Take it or it disappears. Sami - Take what? Melinda - Plead guilty, no trial. You'll only serve 10 yrs.

Segment 2: Will - I don't think Theresa was involved in the fight but she was with this guy. He points to a picture on the web page. JJ - He got busted for drugs; sounds about right. Will - How's school? Are you about done? JJ - My first final is today. I feel good about it. I studied really hard for this one. Will - What's the subject? JJ - Economics and politics. I've got to prove to my mom I'm a serious student. I'm actually taking this latte over to her at the hospital. I want to reassure her I'm going to get an A on this one. Will - Mom's like to hear that. JJ - Sometimes they even believe it. Will - So how is your mom doing? JJ - She's doing pretty good. Will - Is she still working with Theresa. You said she was kind of a pain or something. JJ - She hasn't complained about her lately so I guess they're probably getting along better now. Will - It must have been hard yesterday. JJ - Yeah. It felt really weird; my dad being gone a whole year but we got your note. My mom really loved it. Will - I'm glad. JJ - The family, things are so much better; closer than ever.

Anne and Jen argue. Anne is so sick and tired of Jen taking off whenever she pleases. This photo shoot should be over and done. We have a gala coming up honouring these doctors and this photographer here has a deadline for a magazine. Do you have something you'd rather be doing. Dan steps in. You totally misunderstood. Try not to jump to the wrong conclusions every time. I'm the one with the scheduling problem; Jennifer was just trying to accommodate me. But the problem that I thought I had just went away so now we're leaving for the photo shoot. Maxine, my phone will be on. Maxine - Thank you doctor.

Hope puts a cup of coffee in front of Theresa and then sits across from her at a table in the pub. Looks like you could use this because maybe you were out a little late last night with a man named Vargas. Theresa - Who? Hope - Stop playing games. Theresa - Excuse me. I went to the club opening last night just because Will's boyfriend owns the place. Hope - Supporting family, are you? Theresa - Right. I know a lot of people. If I met this Vargas guy I can't be responsible for remembering every guy ... Hope - Theresa you can stop lying, lying, lying. Not tomorrow but right now.

Rafe - Well you sure did brighten my day. Jordan - My job is not to brighten your day it is to get you to an improved physical state. I can't emphasize enough Mr. Hernandez that you have a tremendous amount of work ahead of you. Rafe - Actually I think you did make that pretty clear. Listen, since this is going to take so long why don't you start calling me Rafe okay. Jordan - I'm going to lift your arm as high as you can tolerate to check your range of motion. Tell me when it hurts too much. Rafe - Okay. She starts lifting. He takes a deep breath. Jordan - Too much? Rafe - No. Jordan puts his arm down. Now I want you to do it 10 times.

Kate - I'm not going to pretend that Sami and I will ever be close. I'm offering an olive branch. I understand she did what she did to protect Rafe. She's Will and Allie's mother. She is Arianna's grandmother. I don't want to see her spend the rest of her life in jail. EJ - What is your point? Kate - My point is I will do what I can to help. EJ - Really! What exactly is it that you think you can do?

Sami - I can't spend 10 yrs in prison. Melinda - People do. Sami - I'm innocent. Melinda - Counsellor, help your client face some facts. She shot an unarmed cop in the back. She can claim she was protecting her ex-husband but the problem is her ex-husband and the murdered cop were friends. Did I tell you Det Hernandez would be testifying against you at trial? Justin - Yeah. We've seen your list. Melinda - On the stand he'll testify what an upstanding, honest, reliable guy Det Bernardi was. And he's not the only one the jury will listen to. There'll be your ex-mother-in-law, your son's live-in boyfriend and of course your own son. Sami - You are so incredibly ... Melinda - Cruel? Mean? No Ms Brady, I'm the one who's kindly offering you a deal; an escape from life in prison. Interested?

Segment 3: JJ walks up to the nurse's station and asks the nurse if she knows where Ms. Horton is. Anne replies - She's doing her job for a change; first time this month. JJ - Excuse me, you want to tell me what that was supposed to mean? Anne - Sure. See, little miss precious, she never works if she can help it but today she got caught so she's actually doing what she gets paid for. JJ - Lady where do you get off! My mother works like crazy. Anne - Oh your mother! Oh my lord, there I go again. Open mouth and insert foot. I'm so embarrassed. I'm so sorry I talked about your mom that way. JJ - You're not forgiven. Anne - Woah, move over John Wayne. JJ - Who? Anne - Tell me, how's that little shoplifting thing going. I hear the big chain stores are not the good ones to hit. JJ - Excuse me! Anne - All those security guards waiting around to nail you. Better to pilfer the little mom and pop stores I'd imagine. You are JJ Deveraux, aren't you, juvenile delinquent extraordinaire. JJ - And you're Anne Millbauer, nasty bitch extraordinaire who's always trying to ruin things for my mom. Well guess what sweetheart, it stops now.

The photographer is taking pics of Dan and Parker at Dan's apt. Jen thinks they're done. Jen tells Parker that he did great. She tells him she has missed him so much.

EJ - Were you there to witness Bernardi picking up that razor? Kate - No of course I wasn't. EJ - Do you think you can persuade my father to admit that he sent Bernardi to mutilate Rafe. Kate - I tried. EJ - Unfortunately trying doesn't do anything for us. My father is pathological when it comes to his ex-wives and you knew that and you should not have told him about Rafe. You should have kept your mouth shut. Kate - No one is sorrier about that than I am but I am being sincere; I will do what I can, anything I can to help. EJ - I think you've done enough. You gave my father a motive and Samantha a gun. I don't think she needs any of your help Kate.

Rafe does 10 reps. Jordan asks if he can go higher. He can't. There's a knock on the door. It's Abe. Jordan - We'll take a break for now and I'll come back later. We'll work on your legs. She leaves. Abe - You're working hard. Rafe - It was amazing. You should have seen it. First I lifted this arm and then that one about 3 inches off the bed - 10 times. Abe chuckles. Rafe - Sorry, I don't want to talk about it anymore. How's Sami's case? Abe - They're starting jury selection today. Rafe - I'm having a hard time believing they're going to find 12 people who haven't already formulated an opinion. Abe - It could be hard. Rafe - I read in the paper that the trial's closed. Abe - Yeah, that way the jurors don't have to see a courtroom packed with uniformed officers every day. Rafe - That's a good idea. What's your take on it? Do you think Sami even stands a chance?

Sami - You seem so smug about all of the people that I care about that you are going to make testify against me. You know they're going to do everything they can to help me. Melinda - I've handled hostile witnesses before. I may not have to work hard with Kate Roberts. What do you think Ms. Brady? Justin - Melinda, if it were a slam dunk you wouldn't be making an offer. Melinda - Of course I would; standard procedure. I'm a civil servant doing her job. Justin - Trying to save the city money because long trials break budgets blah, blah, blah. Melinda - Okay, so the deal is 10 yrs. Oh gosh, I almost forgot, I want something else besides a guilty plea. Justin - What? Melinda - I want Stefano DiMera.

Segment 4: Anne - Where the hell do you get off talking to me like that? JJ - What? How about how you just talked to me! Anne - How about you go and work on your stealing skills because I don't have time for this. JJ - You want the truth. You want my mom's job so you bad mouth every chance you get. Anne - Your mom is lazy and entitled. This is common knowledge around here. She earned her reputation all by herself. JJ - Excuse me, my mom is a hardworking nice person, too nice obviously to turn you in to the hospital administrator. Don't think that I won't. Anne laughs - Really. As if anyone is going to listen to a little criminal like you. She walks away. JJ - What the hell! That woman is the meanest person on the planet. Maxine - Yeah, she's up there alright. JJ - I shouldn't have lost it with her; I don't want to ruin everything for my mom. Maxine - JJ, you're fine. The only way to handle Anne Millbauer is to make her pay a price for that mouth. I'm glad you stood up to her. JJ - Yeah, well, I should probably warn my mom. JJ calls her. Mom, I've got to warn you. I came by the hospital to see you and I ran into that Anne Millbauer woman. She said some things about you and I really let her have it so be ready the next time you see her. Jen - I will. Thank you for sticking up for me but you know what, I can handle Anne on my own. What time is your final? JJ - Not until 2. Where are you? Jen - I'm out of the office for an hour or so; strictly business, nothing important. Dan hears this.

Theresa - Vargas blamed me! Hope - He's an ex-con. He doesn't want to go back inside. I left out the choice words he used to describe you. Theresa - I hope you set him straight. Hope - By? Theresa - Come on. He was drunk, tore up the place, punched a cop and bunch of other guys and then got caught with a pile of coke, how am I to blame? Hope - Theresa ... Theresa - Oh my gosh, you really think it was my fault. Fine. I know my rights and you can't connect me with anything that happened last night. The guy's a total creep; bad news. I didn't start that fight. I didn't take any drugs. If you want to test me, test me. I'm innocent. Hope - Does this remind you of anything, anything at all. Theresa - What? Hope - I know what happened in Los Angeles and now you're giving a repeat performance. Theresa - Can we talk about the weather. Hope - No, we're going to talk about you self-destructing again!

Abe - I have to admit, no weapon, no evidence that Bernardi is dirty ... Rafe - They can't find any connection to Stefano? Abe - No and now with this video of Sami attacking Bernardi the defence is in an awful position. Kate comes inside. Good morning. Abe has to take off. He tells Rafe everyone on the force is thinking about you; they're wishing you well. He leaves. Kate - How are you feeling? Rafe - Lousy. Sami's case is so damn weak if she doesn't catch a break, she's going down. Kate - Well we know there's nothing we can do about that. Rafe - There is something we can do; there's always something. We just need to find a way to help her.

EJ meets up with Mr. Stoller in the park. I trust you have good news. Stoller - I managed to get over a hundred thousand into the bank account of Timothy Bernardi using different deposit dates. EJ - These deposits preceded the detective's death and there is no way for anyone to work out how they got there. Stoller - You'd have to be a genius and very lucky. EJ - So you've managed to save the woman I love.

Justin - Let me ask you, how is my client supposed to accept a deal in which she's required to somehow hand over Stefano DiMera. Sami - It's not like he texts me his latest location. I have no idea where he is. In fact, I am here because of him. Melinda - Stefano DiMera has been at the top of my list since the day I took this job. Justin - He topped the list of all your predecessors for decades. Melinda - Yes but none of them have my leverage. You see the best way to get Stefano DiMera is for Ms Brady to give me his son. Sami - Excuse me! Melinda - Just give me EJ, I'll do the rest. Sami - You expect me to betray EJ.

Segment 5: The photo shoot continues - this time it's just Dan. Parker is gone out with the sitter. The photographer has to run out to the car to get another lens. Jen will get it - she tells the guy to set up for the other shot. Dan asks if he can read her notes for the article. Yeah.

Kate asks about physical therapy. Rafe wants to talk about the night Sami shot Bernardi. Kate - Let's not because you really need to stay calm. Will comes in. I brought another picture of Ari for you. Rafe - Look at that! She does get cuter by the day, doesn't she? Will - Yeah. Sorry, I probably should have knocked. Rafe - It's fine. Kate and I were just talking about the night Sami shot Bernardi. Kate - And I was trying to explain to Rafe that he needs to keep his stress level at a minimum and Abe and Hope and Roman have gone over all the evidence ... Rafe - Yeah, but I haven't. So, let's talk about it from the beginning, shall we?

Sami - In case you've forgotten, I love EJ. We're going to get married. Melinda - Not unless the warden grants permission. Justin - Melinda, get serious. Melinda - I am. I've done my homework Ms Brady. You and EJ have, shall we say, a checkered past. You've done much worse to him then a simple setup. It's a well known fact that your fiancé goes into a rage at the mention of his father. You give me EJ, he'll give me Daddy. Sami - Go to hell. Melinda - I expected you to say that. You need time to process but I won't wait forever. Think about your children. No mother for 10 yrs or their entire lives? They'd still be young when you got out and I'd make sure the state allowed for very generous visitation rights. Talk it over with Justin. He's a good attorney. He'll advise you it's an excellent offer. She leaves.

Stoller - You're obviously going to great lengths to help your fiancée. I hope she's grateful. EJ - She is; she will be. She loves me every bit as much as I love her.

Sami - The idea of betraying EJ, setting him up, it's crazy right? Justin - Let me put it this way. It's the best offer, probably the only offer you're going to get.

Segment 6: Dan reads what people had to say about him for the article. He reads what anonymous had to say but he knows it's Jennifer because she talks about her surgeries. He not only saved my life, he changed it.

JJ listens as a nurse and Maxine talk about the photo shoot. Joyce really wants to see him without a shirt. Maxine - You do realise Dr. Jonas is taken. Joyce - I thought that Dannifer thing was off again. Maxine - Dannifer? Joyce - That's what everyone around here calls them. Maxine - I get it. Like Brangelina. Maxine tells the nurse she thinks the combined names are silly and she's upset that people around here have nothing better to do than gossip about the personal lives of the staff. Joyce tells her to lighten up. Maxine won't, not about this. Dr. Jonas and Jennifer don't need you whispering behind their backs and FYI, I know Dr. Jonas very well and he's so in love with Jennifer it will never be off, not if he has anything to say about it. In fact, I think this photo shoot at the apt today might be just what they need to fix things.

Jen returns with the lens. The guy changed his minds. He's got the shots he needs. He leaves. Jen tells Dan she's going to head back to work. Dan asks her to wait.

Hope - You were arrested in LA 6 times. Theresa - No, 2. Hope - Stop lying because the LAPD emailed me your rap sheet. Stolen car, DUI, fighting, possession of drug paraphernalia and last but not least, possession of cocaine. Do you have any idea how lucky you are to be sitting where you are and not in prison? Fortunately your parents and your lawyer convinced the judge to give you probation providing you moved here to Salem and let us help you and you cleaned up your act. So how's that working out do you think? Theresa - Fine. Hope - You have a huge family that loves you. Everyone is really worried about you as am I because clearly it is starting all over again. Theresa - And you can prove that how? Hope - What do you think about possibly going to rehab? Theresa - That's it. I've got a job to do. Hope - Be very good at that job Theresa; it's your last chance.

Rafe - So what are we talking? 10, 12 people. Kate - We can ask Kayla for the head count on the doctors and nurses. There were 2 security guards, 2 orderlies ... it was chaos. Rafe - Chaos ... the perfect cover when a weapon disappears. Will - The main thing to remember is that mom would obviously not have used a gun if she didn't see Bernardi with a razor. Rafe - Of course not. Kate - I think we're just going to have to hope for an impartial jury ... Jordan comes back in. Rafe - Oh, oh. It looks like my next torture session is about to begin. Kate points to Will - That means you and I have to go. Rafe - Thanks for the picture Will. Will - You bet. A guy walks into the room. Whoa, I just hit the mother load!

Sami - So, just be honest with me. Is my case completely 100% hopeless? Justin - It's not good. We'll put character witnesses on the stand. We'll dispute the forensics, things like that. Sami - In other words, yes. Okay, so what's your advice? Justin - We won't do better than this deal and it could be much worse. EJ walks up. Is everything alright?

Segment 7: Justin - Everything's fine. Sami - Yeah it is. I'm just stressed out. EJ - I know things look bleak right now but I'm actually feeling better about things then I did. Sami - Why? EJ - I have a good feeling. Justin - Let's hope you still have that good feeling after we pick the jury. Sami - I don't have a good feeling EJ. I feel hopeless. I feel that if I go to trial I'm going to spend the rest of my life behind bars. EJ - If you go to trial.

Jordan - Excuse me sir, this patient needs time alone please. Guy - Certainly, but first (he hands out envelopes), William Horton, Katherine Roberts, Raphael Hernandez ... you've been served. He leaves. Jordan - What's going on? Will - I've been subpoenaed to testify against Mom. Kate - We all have. Rafe - Damn.

Dan reads what Jen wrote about him. Jen - I just wrote the truth. Dan asks if she's not worried about JJ reading that. Jen - That's why I put anonymous. Dan - Heart operation, appendicitis, Smith Island - you don't think he'll figure it out. Jen - You assume he'll be interested in the article. Dan - Forget all that for now because this right here (he points to what she wrote) is you from the heart. What it says to me, what it says to anybody who reads it is that you love this guy and this guy Is me. Jen - Yeah. Dan - The gala is going to be in a couple of days and this could be read aloud at that event or not. 2 tickets were to sent to me for this event. They expect me to go with a date. I don't know what you think but I think it would be a terrific opportunity for us. You have a few days to talk to JJ, tell him what's going on and you can be my date. Us in public, starting over. It would mean the world to me. I think about you all the time. I want you with me all day, all night ... I love you Jennifer and I want the world to know it. So I take that as a yes. Jen - Yeah. They kiss. JJ comes in. Jen sees him there and breaks the kiss.


Monday Aug 26

Segment 1: Sonny comes home with his summons in hand. Will calls from outside the pub and Sonny tells him he got served with a subpoena. I'm going to have to testify against your mom. Will - That makes 2 of us.

Sami explains the 'if' she goes to trial. She just meant if she makes it through the whole thing. EJ hammers on the word if. Sami - This has been really horrible. Every day gets worse. You heard what Justin said. My chances are terrible. Kristen walks up - Just remember, it's always darkest before the dawn.

Nick is in the square talking to his Aunt Maggie. He tells her it's okay she wasn't there. My parole officer shook my hand and said congratulations and I was out of there a free man. Yeah, we'll celebrate. He ends the call and sits down. Celebrate what? What now?

Repeat of JJ walking in on Dan and Jen kissing. Jen - JJ, just wait a minute. JJ - Some photo shoot mom. Jen - Just let me explain for one minute. JJ - Just out of the office, nothing important, strictly business. Jen - It is not what you think. JJ - Honest to God, I don't even know who you are anymore. You're sure as hell not my mother.

Sami mocks - Thank you Kristen for that very trite reassurance. Kristen - I just want to be positive. I know you're going through a hard time and you must be really stressed out. I just wanted to come by and wish you well. Sami - Thank you. Kristen - You don't have to thank me, you're engaged to my brother, you're Brady's sister, of course I'm going to stop by. EJ tells her it's not a good time. Samantha and I were just talking. She needs to explain to me why ... Sami - Actually Kristen I just realised I am very glad that you are here.

Sonny - We need to take one step at a time. I'll get in touch with my dad and he'll tell us what to do next. Will - I'm going to head over to the club. Can we meet there? Sonny - That's perfect. It's close to the courthouse. Just stay calm. I'll see you soon. I love you. Will - I love you too. Sonny texts his dad to meet him at the club, important! Gabi comes out of her room. I'm so glad you're here. I'm already late for my class and Ari is finally asleep. Sonny - I know we planned for me to be here for the next few hours but I have a meeting to go to and it's very urgent. Gabi - That's okay. Did you call Will? Sonny - That's the thing, Will's going to be at the same meeting so ... Gabi - So I'm just supposed to miss class? Sonny - I'm sorry. Can't someone take notes for you? Gabi - No, it's not that easy. Last night I let you guys go to the club opening, now it's my turn. So if you guys have a meeting to go to just figure it out because I'm leaving. Sonny steps in front of her - No, you're not.

Jen - Listen to me. This was a photo shoot. This was strictly business. JJ - The lies keep pouring out of your mouth, don't they? Dan - Don't you ever speak like that ... this is your mother. JJ - For weeks all I heard was that you were through with this guy and then I walk in and you have your tongue halfway down his throat. Jen - Listen to me ... JJ - You're just a damn slut ... Dan grabs JJ's shirt and snaps - Don't you ever speak to your mom like that ... EVER!

Segment 2: Sami - Here's the thing. Jury selection starts in a little bit and I need help. Kristen - From me? Sami - I asked EJ but he brought the wrong shoes from my closet. EJ - You can just tell me exactly which ones you'd like me to get. Sami - That's very cute that you think you could do that. EJ - I can't think of any reason why I can't do that. Sami - Me either except for that you did. I asked for the cream coloured shoes and you brought me nude shoes. They look really different. Kristen - Listen, I'm going to give you a quick tutorial in women's shoe logic so just come with me. EJ - Okay, I feel duly chastised. Kristen, thank you for getting the shoes. Samantha, you and I need to have a conversation ... Sami - Look EJ, I was trying to be subtle. I want you to go with Kristen. You'll come right back. I have to talk to Justin about what's happening today. When you and Justin are together you just argue about the law. Can you please give me some time? EJ - Okay, fine. Try not to worry. Things might not be as bad as this bleak picture Justin is painting. Sami describes the shoes to Kristen before she and EJ leave. After they leave - Look, about that prosecutor's plea deal. Can you tell me that you think 10 years is the best that I can do. Justin - Sorry? Sami - Look if I do this, if I give up EJ and he ends up getting arrested, don't you think I could do better than that?

Adrienne greets Roman in the pub. How are you? Roman - Besides the fact that my daughter is going on trial for murder, a closed trial so a Dad can't even be there to support her. Adrienne - I'm sorry. Roman - You sorry about Sami or the fact that you turned in the evidence that's going to put her in prison?

Gabi - Wait, now you're giving orders? Sonny - I'm sorry. I'm just really messed up. I got served a subpoena and I have to testify at Sami's case. And so did Will, he got the same thing. Gabi - You already knew that was coming. Sonny - You don't understand. We were subpoenaed by the prosecution so we need to go talk to my dad right now. Gabi - Okay, just take Arianna with you. She'll sleep in her carrier. She'll be fine. Sonny - I can't. I don't know how long I'm going to be. What if she wakes up? What if she needs to be fed? I know this timing sucks but jury selection is today and if the prosecution pushes things we might get sent to court right away. His time is very precious so we need to meet him when he can meet us. Will's mom could go to prison for the rest of her life. Gabi - I should have never taken these summer classes because I'm behind. I'm running on 2 hrs sleep ... Sonny - How about you sleep right now. Ari's still down and I know people will give you notes. It will all work out. I'll make this fast but I have to go.

EJ and Kristen are in the living room going through the mail. EJ still doesn't know why she's doing this. Kristen - Why is it hard to believe that I'd help my future sister-in-law who's facing life in prison, btw. Besides, it gives me something else to concentrate on. EJ - Meaning? Kristen - Oh nothing. I really hope that you don't have to change that portrait in any way, maybe add a little prison orange to Sami's outfit.

Dan - Apologise to your mother right now. Jen pulls at Dan - Let go of him. JJ, would you please let me explain to you. JJ doesn't want to hear anymore lies. He rushes out slamming the door behind him. Jen turns on Dan - What is the matter with you? Why did you just do that? Dan - He does not get to call you a slut and I just stand here. He needs to treat you with respect. Jen - I am his mother! Dan - Then act like it! Jen - I am. I'm handling this. Dan snaps - No you're not, that's the problem right there. You're not handling a damn thing.

Segment 3: Nick comes into the club and greets Will. How's it going? He looks around the place. It's totally redone. It's awesome. Will - Thank you. Will notices the paper Nick is holding in his hand. Will - Oh, you got one to ... a subpoena so you can testify at Mom's trial. Nick - Oh no, this is just this thing I got handed ... my parole ended today. I'm a free man. Will - Really! Congratulations. Nick - Thank you. It's like, keep your nose clean, be a good boy ... Will - Are you serious? Nick - Yeah. Will - Like you've never done one thing wrong since you got out. Nick - No ... I ... Sonny walks up and asks if his dad is here yet. Will - No. Nick and Sonny exchange greetings. Will - Who has Ari? I thought Gabi had a class. Sonny - She had to skip her lecture because of what we're doing here. She had to take care of Ari. Will - I'm sure she'll love that. She's got to stay home again. This sucks. Sonny - No kidding. My dad did text me to say he'd be here as soon as he could get away from the office. Nick - I've got to go. It sounds like you guys have stuff to work out. I'll see you soon. Good luck with this place. It looks great. Sonny - Thanks Nick. Outside Nick recalls kissing Gabi and smiles.

Dan - You have been treating him like he's made out of glass for months and you give in to him ... Jen doesn't want to hear this now. Dan - The second he pulls a stunt you feel guilty and give in. Jen - He was doing so much better until you just wrecked everything we have been trying to ... Dan - You actually are putting this on me! Jen - Why wouldn't I put this on you! You just attacked my son. Dan - Who called his mother, HIS MOTHER, a slut. We were kissing. You may be as smart as they come but where JJ is involved you are deaf, dumb and blind. You really are. Jen - That's because you have no idea ... Dan - And I'm not just talking about the way he makes you jump through hoops when it comes to me. I am talking about who he is, what he does when you're not around. You know what that is? Jen - You mean he's a criminal right? Dan - No I don't. Jen - Why don't you give me proof of why you even think that? Dan - I have heard some things and I have seen him hanging around some shady characters but since you never wanted to hear it, I just keep my mouth shut. Jen - JJ's right. You just hate him. Dan - No, I do not. You want to know what the truth is? The truth is I love you and I want to help you. That's the truth. Jen - Well you're doing just the opposite. She leaves.

Gabi is on her cell with Shelby. You are a lifesaver. I'll get the notes from you this afternoon. She ends the call to answer the door. It's Nick. Are you okay? Gabi - Yeah. I'm missing my history lecture again to be with Ari. The professor doesn't take attendance but I need to know what he's emphasizing ... the final's next week. In the meantime I'm trying to do my calculus homework which I totally don't get ... Nick - Calm down. Go to your history lecture. I'll take care of Arianna. Gabi - I don't think that's a good idea.

Kristen comes down with the shoes Sami asked for and kid's photos that she thought Sami might like to have. EJ - She will love them, thank you. Kristen - She seemed pessimistic. Do you really think the trial is going to go that badly? EJ - Actually I'm very encouraged by the way things are going now. Kristen - Well Justin is a first-rate lawyer; he doesn't seem optimistic, why do you? EJ - Instincts, gut feelings, whatever it is that people call it. Kristen - I think they call it bribery, blackmail and intimidation. EJ - I have no idea what you're talking about. Kristen - You have no idea that we DiMera's tend to stack the deck to make sure we win. EJ - This is going to be a fair trial. Kristen - I hope so. I'd hate to see you charged with something stupid like criminal conspiracy. EJ - Not going to happen. Kristen - Or leave an opening for Stefano to strike back. EJ - I can assure you that I'm firmly in control of the situation. The only thing that matters to me is Samantha. I did not spend my entire life working to be with the woman who I love and trust just to let it slip through my fingers.

Justin - You're thinking that Melinda Trask's deal is something you might be able to accept. Sami - Well it's my deal, isn't it? Justin - What do you mean? Sami - She thinks I can give her Stefano. If I do it does it have to be 10 yrs, couldn't they reduce it to timed serve. 5 yrs? Justin - Let's just skip the sentence part. In order for you to give her Stefano you have to give her EJ. Are you ready to do that?

Segment 4: JJ comes down the stairs at home and answers his cell. It's Rory. I'm going to see you at the final later, right? You said I could look at your answers. JJ - Whatever. Rory - You don't sound so good. Are you going to flunk or something? JJ - I could pass the final with my eyes closed man. He puts a bag of weed in his backpack. I've just got to take care of some business first. Rory - Yeah, business in the park? JJ - People are going to want to party after the final gets out including me, you down? Rory - Sure, but seriously you don't sound so good. Are you sure you're okay. JJ - Yeah, I'm fine. See ya. Jen comes in. We need to talk. JJ - No we don't. Jen - Yeah, we do. You are not walking away from me again.

Dan paces as he calls Jen - Come on pick up. There's a delivery guy at the door - Dr. Jonas, you should get your door fixed. He hands Dan an envelope. Dan signs for the delivery. Dan slams the door closed but it swings open. He's muttering until he opens the envelope. It's Parker's birth certificate.

Adrienne - Roman, I've known you since forever and I definitely know how you feel about your children so let me ask you this, wouldn't you have done the same thing to protect one of your own? Roman - You know what Adrienne, I'm not going to stand here and give a lecture on what's right or wrong. You did what you did, nothing we say or do here is going to change that. Adrienne - But Roman ... Roman - But I wish to God you hadn't done that. He leaves.

Gabi - I'm sorry. I know you're trying to help. Nick - It's honestly no problem. I totally get it. After what I did to Will and Sonny, leaving me here to babysit ... some people aren't going to forgive and forget that easily. So no history lecture but what's going on with calculus? Gabi pulls out her book. She gave us all these problems to solve and we have to work on derivatives and I have my test coming up ... OMG, I'm so sorry. You had your parole hearing today and I didn't even ask you how it went. Nick - Yeah, I was wondering about that. He jokes - You should be thinking about me 24/7 instead of thinking about your history lectures and your calculus and what's your baby's name again? Gabi - Just tell me! Nick - I was in and out in 7 mins. I'm a free man. Gabi - That is amazing! Congratulations. Nick - Thank you. It feels really good. It feels like maybe I have like a shot at a good life now but that's for later. Right now we have to focus on this calculus problem so we can move on to derivatives. Gabi - Good luck with that! Nick - Honestly, it's pure math, it's logic. Once you understand it, it's going to be as easy as changing diapers. Gabi - Okay.

EJ - I'm sorry I missed you and Brady at Chad's opening. It was quite the gala. Kristen - I know. We were there. We just left early. EJ - Everything okay. Kristen - Everything's better than okay. It's righter than right. EJ - So the two of you are back together eh? Kristen - Yes, no problems. Cue f/b of call to Jen about pregnancy scare and not telling anyone. EJ - I wish I could believe you. I get the feeling things are not as perfect as you say they are. Kristen - Everything is under control. I know what I want. I know how to make it happen.

Sami - Okay so if I give the prosecutor something on EJ and he ends up getting arrested, don't you think he could work some deal where he gives them Stefano. He probably wouldn't have to serve any time at all, right? Justin - Okay, let me ask you, how do you think EJ will react if you hand him over to the prosecutor? Sami - He'll be angry obviously but he loves me and he would do anything to save me. He told me that. And he's really smart; I really think he could get out of this. I mean he's gotten out of worse things then this, right? So if the prosecutor reduces my sentence to something doable, something short, then if I hamd over EJ, he could work some deal where he doesn't have to serve any time at all if he hands them Stefano, then Stefano's the one who goes to prison and everybody else wins. Justin - There's a lot of if's in that long sentence. Have you thought about what might happen if EJ can't deliver Stefano. Sami - Then that would mean ... Justin - You and EJ would both be in prison.

Segment 5: Sami sees Justin sending a text. So, is that from Trask? Is she freaking out because I haven't taken her offer yet? Maybe we should wait until later and then she'll sweeten the deal. Justin - No, Sami, that was to Sonny. I've got to take off for a while but try not to worry. Sami - That's it. That's what you're going to tell me - try not to worry. Justin - What do you want me to say? Sami - You're my lawyer. I want you to tell me you're going to make sure I don't go down for murder. Justin - Well I certainly hope that happens. Roman arrives. Justin - Perfect timing, you can visit with your dad. I'll be back. Sami - Hi daddy. Roman - How are you doing? Sami - I've been better. Dad, you've seen murder cases before, what do you think my chances are?

The baby is crying. Nick - I'm going to get Ari, you keep working. Gabi - Okay, but this is totally ... Okay, I see it. I got it! I totally got it. Nick brings Ari to mommy. Nick looks at her work. Gabi - Did I get it right? Nick - Yeah. Gabi talks to Ari about how Nick is a genius and he helped clear everything up.

Dan f/b's to Jen playing with Parker and telling him how much she missed him. He places another call to Jen - Come on, pick up.

Jen pulls off JJ's backpack and sets it down. JJ - Look, I'm sorry I called you that name ... Jen - You should be sorry. JJ - I am. I feel awful about it and honestly, I wish I could take it back, I do. But the rest of it, I'm not sorry in the least. You lied to me. Jen - I never lied to you. JJ - You told me over and over that you and Dr. Jonas were done. Jen - No, that is not what I said to you. I said that we were taking a break. JJ - Of come off of it please. You played word games and made me believe that it was over. Jen - You are going to sit down and we are going to settle this. JJ - No, I'm outta here. Jen - No you are not because I have stood here and I have listened to every word that you have said and I'm so tired. We are going to sit down and we are going to settle this. The first thing that you are going to understand is that I have never lied to you. JJ - I've got a final. You want me to sit here and listen to you while I miss it? Jen - No, you need to go to school and then you're going to come right back here and we're going to finish this conversation. JJ - You know what, thank you for today. Let's hope I can focus so I don't fail. He leaves.

Adrienne comes into the club. Hey guys. Listen, I understand why you didn't invite me to the opening but I just wanted to stop by and see the place. It is terrific honey. Sonny - Thank you, it's just that right now is not a good time. Justin comes in. Adrienne - Justin, could you explain to Sonny that I just came by to see the place and wish him well. Justin - Actually Adrienne, I need to speak to Sonny and Will alone. Adrienne - I should leave? Justin - If you don't mind. She goes.

Kristen sets the shoebox by EJ. Don't you think Sami's going to want these pretty soon? EJ - Yes, I was just about to leave. Why, is Brady coming around for a midday snack? Kristen - No, not a bad idea though. Actually - I'm going to see a friend and ... EJ - Keep things under control? Kristen - Something like that. You should do the same. Remember, be careful!

Jen takes a call from Dan. Dan - I know this is hard. It was a terrible situation. It got way out of hand. Jen - Is that what happened? Dan - I think so, yes. I want you to know that I will do anything to help you. Jen - Daniel, I love you but I think you only helped to make everything worse. I was trying to figure out a way for all of us to be happy and I just think that ... Dan - What? If I had just agreed to sneak around and lie to people? Jen - I don't know, maybe. But really, I can't even think about that right now because I need to concentrate on my son. Dan - As opposed to us. Dan - Okay great. So we're going to take another break and act like we don't care about each other? Jen - I don't know. Dan - JJ walked in on us kissing. You can't unring the bell, he can't unknow that and you're idea of sneaking around is ridiculous. I won't do it. Jen - Why are you making this all about you? Dan looks at his phone like Jen suddenly lost all her marbles and he can hear them spilling out all over the floor.

Segment 6: Justin - If I were your lawyer, which of course I can't be because I'm Sami's, I would advise you to tell the truth. What you both need to do is hire your own attorneys. I will forward you the names and the numbers of 2 very good attorneys. I will contact them first and tell them to expect your call. Don't delay, do this. Sonny - Okay, we will. Justin - I've got to get back to Sami. The jury selection starts today. Will tells Sonny to call his guy and he'll go and relieve Gabi. Adrienne comes back in. Sonny - Were you out there the whole time?

JJ is in the park dealing drugs when Rory shows up. Rory - Did you sell the good stuff? JJ - Yeah, wish I could do some myself right now. Rory - We could. The final's not for a few hours but come on, you don't want to be half-baked during the test, right? JJ - Maybe. Rory - Okay this is a problem man. I've never seen you this down. What's going on?

Dan - This is not about me. It's about you and me and your son. I get that. Jen - Do you? Dan - Yes! I just called because I love you and I am concerned. Jen - I appreciate your concern but what I need is your support. And if my son feels that he needs to be protected then all I can do ... Dan - Really, are you going to pitch me that idea of sneaking around again. Seriously though, you think we could actually lie to everybody while you fix your son. If that didn't work before what makes you think it's going to work now? Jen - Could you please just listen to me ... Dan - No. You can not keep asking me to keep it a secret. I won't. I can't. He hangs up on her. Kristen is in the doorway. Daniel, what did Jennifer tell you about Brady and me?

Will comes home and sees Nick holding Ari and Gabi with them. Gabi - Hey Will. Nick - Hey Will. Will - Nick. Gabi - I should probably get her to bed. She only got a couple of hours of sleep. Will - I can take her. I haven't seen her since this morning. He takes the baby and heads into the bedroom. Nick - I should probably get going. Gabi opens the door - Thank you for coming and clearing everything up; you're good at math. Nick - Call me anytime. Bye. Will - What the hell was that ?

Roman - Don't go the dark side. It's great news that Justin was able to get you a closed courtroom. Sami - I can't believe those cops you thought were friends wanted to crowd in there and give me the evil eye. Roman - You know EJ is going to do everything he can to help Justin get you a fair trial. Sami - Yeah, I just wish there was something I can hang on to. Justin returns. Roman - Listen to me, I love you, you hang on to that. He leaves. Sami - Did she offer a better deal? Justin - You can't expect that. The ball's in our court. It's up to us to take it or not and you should also realise that if Trask gets a jury she thinks will convict, she could just pull the offer. Sami - Really? Justin - I'm afraid so. EJ returns with Sami's shoes. Justin - Jury selection starts in 10 mins. EJ - I brought some tape so you can stick these up - he hands her pictures of the kids. Sami - Thank you. You know what I want more than this though, is not to see these walls around here.

Segment 7: Adrienne - How can I leave when you're so obviously upset and worried about something. Sonny - Will and I both got subpoenaed to testify against Sami and Will's thinking about clamming up but that could put him in prison. Then if he testifies and says everything he knows that could make Sami's case worse. Adrienne - Thank God you're protected.

Sami - I love that you brought me these pictures. I wish I could hug them in person you know. EJ - You will. You'll be home pretty soon. I'm not going to let anything bad happen to you. Justin returns with the guard. It's time.

Gabi, why did you think I'd be okay with this? Nick Fallon is the last person in the world that I want in this house. It does not matter to me who invites him in. Gabi - Let me get this straight. Not only do you choose when you will or will not take care of Arianna, you're also going to choose my friends! I don't think so. Will - Do you want me to make a list of everything he's done. Gabi - He got parole today, he's a free man. Will - Okay, you know what. He paid for the crimes that he did back then but he has not paid for what he's done to me okay ... when he blackmailed me and basically tried to steal my daughter. Gabi - He said he was sorry okay. Will - Great, he said he was sorry. That just makes it all better then, right? And I'll be fine with him coming in here and holding my daughter. Gabi - Well she is my daughter too and you and your boyfriend need to start remembering that. Sonny walks in as she is saying this.

Rory - I've got to say you're right. You're mom's been lying this whole time, like since forever. Of course, you've been lying to and your lies are way bigger. JJ - You're a big help, you know that.

Jen looks at a picture of JJ and cries.

Dan - Kristen, I am having one hell of a day. What are you talking about? Kristen - I heard you tell Jennifer that you weren't going to keep it a secret. Dan - And you're talking about you and Brady? Kristen - No, that would be crazy because Brady and I are in love. We don't care who knows about it. Dan - What did you think I meant? Kristen - Nothing. I just came by because I heard Jennifer was here doing a photo shoot. Clearly she's gone so I'm going to be on my way. I hope your day gets better. Dan closes the door. No, because I am so sick of secrets and lies and you're not going anywhere until you tell me what secret you thought I was talking about.


Tuesday Aug 27

Segment 1: Nicole comes into a hospital room where Eric is sitting with a patient. I brought the holy oil. What happened? I thought ... Eric - Her surgery wasn't successful. Nicole - You've been here all night? Eric - She's been restless; seeking absolution. The patient wakes up. Eric - I'm right here Elizabeth. How are you feeling? E - I'm afraid, Father. I don't want to die.

Sonny comes in while Will and Gabi are arguing. Whoa. Ari can hear you yelling. Is that what you want? Gabi snaps - Great. Fantastic. Amazing. First you lecture me then he tells me how to raise my daughter. She grabs the laundry and heads to her room.

Jen stares at Dan's pic and number on her phone. Oh Daniel ... I'm not calling you right now. She looks at JJ's pic and number. I can't call you either; you're taking your final. There's a knock on the door. It's Brady. I need to talk to you. What's wrong. Tears. Brady hugs her - Okay, we've got some talking to do.

Dan demands to know what secret Kristen was talking about. Kristen - Do you really think that's any of your business? Dan - Actually I do because you are in my apartment and you practically turned white when you thought Jennifer told me. So why don't you tell me. Kristen - Look, I am done here. Would you please step aside.

When Gabi comes back into the living room Sonny tells her that he's not trying to tell her what to do. Gabi - Really? Because yesterday you had no problem telling me I had to stay here, miss my class, while you two could go to your meeting. Will - It was an emergency Gabi. Gabi - Yeah. Well, I have a question for you guys. What happened to it being all three of us in this together?

Nicole tells Eric she better go. E - Please don't. Stay with me. You look so much like Stacy. Eric - That's her sister. Eric tells E that her sister will be here in a few minutes. Her plane is going to land very shortly. E - If she doesn't get here in time then I'll be all alone. Eric - No, you're not going to be alone. Nicole and I are going to be right here with you. We aren't going anywhere; I promise you that. Nicole comes to her bedside and takes her hand.

Jen - And then that is when JJ walked in on us. Brady - He saw you and Daniel kissing. Jen - Yeah. He lost it. Daniel lost it because JJ started screaming at me and then I lost it. I'm sorry. You don't want to hear all of this. Brady - No, it's fine. I'm confused. I thought you and Daniel broke up. Jen - We were trying to keep distance between us so I could focus on JJ and help him to feel more secure about himself. Brady - I heard he was having trouble with that. Jen - Yeah but he was doing so much better and I gave in for one minute with Daniel and I ruined everything and now I may have lost both of them.

Dan - Fine, leave. Kristen - Thank you. She sees he has cell out. Who are you calling? Dan - Brady. Kristen grabs his cell - No!

Segment 2: Nicole talks to E. I have a sister too. We used to say awful things to each other but in our hearts we always knew there was love. E - Do you think my sister does love me? Nicole - Absolutely. Eric administers the sacrament. Nicole cries. E - Thank you Father. Nicole, are you ... Nicole takes her hand ... I'm here. E - It's hard. Eric strokes her hair - You're at peace with God. You don't have to fight. Don't be afraid to let go. She dies. Eric prays.

Sonny - Can someone tell me why we're in this fight? Will - Yeah sure. I walked in and I seen Nick there and he's holding Arianna. Sonny - Nick, are you kidding me. Gabi mocks - Nick holding Arianna. Can you imagine anything worse than that. If Will hadn't walked in he probably would have eaten her. Will - All I said is that I don't want him in here. Gabi - No, you don't want him so I have to ask you for permission for my ex-husband to visit. I know this isn't my apartment but we should probably have an agreement. We can have Sonny's dad draw it up. Sonny - That's not what Will is saying. Gabi - In case no one has noticed, Nick has changed. He's turning his life around. He's off parole. Will - How can you be so stupid! He hasn't changed. He blackmailed me okay. He threatened to send me to jail. He said I wasn't good enough to raise my own daughter because I'm gay. Oh, and one more thing in case you've forgotten, I haven't, he attacked Sonny and he called him a faggot.

Maggie and Nick are in the square. Maggie - I was disappointed when Victor told me you had decided to leave. Nick - Yeah, I decided it was better for me to be out on my own. Maggie - Come back anytime okay. Nick - Thank you. I've been meaning to thank you for all the other things you have done for me along the way. Maggie - You're making it sound like we're never going to see each other again. Nick didn't mean to sound like that. Maggie - Okay because I'm always here. I always have my phone on. Nick - I appreciate that. He's lost in thought. Maggie - Nick, where did you go? Nick - I was just thinking about Vargas. Did you read what happened to him in the paper? Maggie - Yeah I did. It's sad. Nick - Yeah. Maggie - He's probably on his way to prison. Nick - That could have been me Aunt Maggie.

Jen - I was so intent on doing everything right for JJ and making him know I was so proud of him for what he was accomplishing at school and making new friends, even dating. Brady - What about Daniel? Jen - I know. It was hard and I asked him if we could meet in secret and he said absolutely not. And he was so angry and I haven't been sleeping and then we were at his apartment for this photo shoot and we were together ... Brady - And it felt good and you started to kiss. It's natural. With you two it's almost inevitable. Jen - What are you talking about? It ruined everything ... Brady - Jen! I doubt that it ruined everything. Jen - Yes because JJ thinks that I have been lying to him this entire time and that has been my issue with JJ - his lying. So I just look like a hypocrite. Brady - Where is JJ right now? Jen - He's at school taking a final but he needs to be here. I want to talk to him. Brady - It sounds like you need to talk to Daniel too. Jen - No, Daniel and I are not talking.

Dan - Why don't you want me to call Brady? Kristen - Because you're going to say things that aren't true. Dan - Is that a fact? Really? Here's the thing Kristen. I'm having a really messed up day. I've had it up to here ... no, actually I'm done with the lies, the secrets. My door is broken, my life is a mess and Brady's my best friend. Kristen - I love him. Dan - And you also hurt him. I'm not really sure he was going to make it back so now you're trying to get back together. Kristen - Wait a second, we are back together. Dan - And I'm not going to let something like that slide so you have a choice. You can tell me or I call Brady. Kristen - Okay, I guess I'll just tell you everything.

Segment 3: Eric tells the dead woman's sister - Miss, she understood that you loved and forgave her. She died in peace. Nicole - I'm very sorry. Woman - May I have a few minutes. Eric hands her his card. If there's anything I can do for the arrangements or transportation, just call me. Thank you Father. Eric and Nicole leave. Outside the room Nicole says - She's so young. It's terrible. It's tragic. It doesn't make any sense. Eric - I feel sorry for her family but death isn't horrible, not when you're with God. Elizabeth was. She's in His loving arms now.

Nick - I'm going to get my life going again and then ... Maggie - And then? Nick - I don't know but I think I want to get back some things that I lost. Maggie - Just don't plan too far ahead okay. Just take it one day at a time. Nick - You take care okay. Maggie - You too.

Gabi - I understand. He shouldn't have said those things. He hates that he did that. Will scoffs - I bet he does. Gabi - The reason he was all twisted and messed up was because of what happened to him in prison. Sonny - I don't doubt for a second that what happened to him in prison was terrible but knowing the reason why he did stuff does not change the fact that he did it. Will - We're not going to excuse what he did period. Gabi - Give him a break please. He's been through a lot. Will jeers - And we haven't?

Nicole and Eric are at the pub. Eric - I just wanted to say how grateful I was that you stayed and helped comfort Elizabeth. Nicole - I was glad to do it. Eric smiles - No you weren't. I know how hard it was for you. Nicole - Me? You're at the hospital all the time. I don't know how you stand it. Eric - You mean seeing a young woman die? Yes it is difficult but I truly know that she is with God. The sadness is with her sister left behind. Nicole - Eric, all you do is give, give, give to the dying, to the sick, to the school, to the parish. Don't you think you deserve a little happiness yourself?

Kristen - So, you probably know Brady better than anyone, right? You know how hurt he was. You know how he values honesty and truth, right? Okay, so when we decided to try again, I became so terrified that he was going to change his mind. I was terrified that people were going to convince him that I was playing games and honestly, I would rather die than lose Brady again. Dan - Okay, you love him, you don't want to lose him. That doesn't really involve a secret. Kristen - What you don't understand is that Brady is my salvation. He's the only person that sees any good in me at all; the only one who thinks I'm capable of love except for Jennifer. I'm totally rambling here. Hold on a second. Okay, this is what happened. I began to doubt. I started questioning if Brady and I really could have any kind of a future together. Things got so black for me that I even thought about breaking it off. Dan - Been there, doing that. Kristen - So I told Jennifer that and she talked me down. And then I started thinking maybe things aren't so bad for Brady and me; maybe we could make a go of it. So I called Jennifer and told her that but I also swore her to secrecy because I didn't want anybody, including you, to know about what almost happened. Do you understand?

Brady - You and I don't always see eye to eye usually because I'm wrong. Jen - Well yeah. Brady - Sometimes. You're special to me. You're a good friend. Jen - Yeah, you're my friend too. Thanks. Brady - So friend, I feel comfortable saying something to you and I hope it doesn't cross a line. Jen - Okay. Brady - You need to give it another shot with Daniel. You need to start over again. I'm doing it with Kristen and it's working out fine. We're building a foundation again on trust and honesty and ... why are you looking at me like that. What's wrong?

Kristen - I'm sorry. I made such a huge deal of Jennifer not telling anybody that when I heard you say that you weren't going to keep it a secret it totally freaked me out. You don't have to believe me. Call Jennifer, she'll tell you.

Segment 4: Eric - I am happy. Nicole - Yeah, I think you really are. Eric yawns - Right now I am really tired and you know what, God is going to show me the way and I'm going to follow His path, His will ... not Eric Brady's will. He covers her hand with his. I know this is very difficult times for me and you know more than anyone else that it was a very difficult decision when I decided to become a priest. I still have feelings. I still have terrible doubts.

Gabi - You see! There it is. That's how it's always going to be because whatever I say, whatever I do, it always comes back to you two and I'm the odd man out. Sonny - We don't want you to feel that way ... Gabi - Well that's how it is Sonny because you two have each other. Will - You have us too. We all have Arianna. Gabi - Yeah, except when it's you two against me. Sonny - We're not against you. Gabi - Oh my gosh, you don't get it. You don't understand. I was married to Nick; everything was planned out. My life completely changed. I thought I was going to have what you guys have. Will - It changed because Nick went crazy. I don't see how you don't see that. Gabi - Thank you Will. Thank you for reminding me of how my life fell apart. For one second try to imagine what my life is like; how my future was yanked out from under me. She grabs her knapsack and leaves.

Dan - The only thing I care about is not seeing Brady get hurt again. Kristen - I know. I don't want him to get hurt either. I just have to stop questioning every little thing, you know. Dan - Yeah. Kristen - Because I don't want my doubts to screw things up again so I just have to be positive. Dan - Is that how it's done? I'm sorry. I didn't mean to get so intense there it's just that Jennifer and I ... Kristen - It's okay. Did something happen at the photo shoot? I came by to take her to lunch. Dan - Photo shoot is done. She's gone. Kristen - I probably shouldn't say this but I thought if you guys were working together then maybe one thing would lead to another. Sorry. Dan - I really think you should go. Kristen picks up Parker's birth certificate. What's this?

Brady - Jen, what is it? Jen - It's just because Daniel and I are having so many problems that I really want this to work for you and Kristen. Brady - It's going to. Jen - So everything's good? Brady - It's great. I think because of everything that happened last time we're more careful now; it's better. I think we're actually closer than ever as a result of that. Jen - That's great because a while ago you were afraid that Kristen was hiding something from you, that's all. Brady - Why would you bring that up? Kristen considers you a very good friend. Did she say something to you?

Segment 5: This is so awesome. It's official. Dan - Yeah. See right there - Father: Daniel Jonas. There was a screw up earlier but now it's all good. Kristen - You're so lucky. You get to raise your own boy. I bet Jennifer's thrilled. Dan - It was just delivered today. I thought the first person to see it would be Jennifer but she's gone and I'm not sure when I'll see her. Things just blew up. It's sort of over. Kristen - For whatever it's worth I'm on Team Daniel Jennifer. I really like you guys together. You belong together. She hugs him.

Eric - Of course I did go through with my vows and became a priest. Nicole - Right. Eric - And you know more than anyone that I was haunted for a very long time because of what happened in the Congo. Nicole - Yeah, I remember. Eric - I stood silent while Fr Ryan died in front of me. Nicole - Eric, it wasn't your fault. Eric - Yes, but my point is you helped me through this; you helped me see this was part of God's plan for me. I will always feel a special bond with you. Nicole Yeah, me too. Eric - I'm glad that we're good friends and I'm really glad that you stayed on and worked with the church even when you had your doubts. I know that was part of God's plan for you too.

Jen - No, Brady. All I'm trying to say is I want you and Kristen to be together and happy and I know she wants that too. Brady - Right. That's why it's going to work. We're taking baby steps this time. Brady gets a call he has to take. He steps out of the room. There's a knock on the door. It's Kristen. Are you alright?

Maggie has brought Parker back to Daniel's. Maggie talks about what they did. She guesses the photo shoot is over. I guess Jen ... never mind ... you can talk about it when you're ready. Dan has something to show them. It makes me very happy.

Sonny - I understand why you were upset when you came home and saw Nick holding your daughter. Will - I didn't say anything to Nick unfortunately I attacked Gabi after he left. Sonny - Then I walked in at the wrong time and made things worse. Will - No you didn't. Good for him, he's on parole, trying to turn his life around; trust him, I never will. Sonny - I don't know if you want to hear this but I think we're going to have to bend a little for Gabi. She did make some good points. Will - You're incredible. How are you so understanding about this. You've got a place for all of us to live in. You do a third of the work when it comes to Arianna ... Sonny - It's not work, I mean it is work, but I'm doing what I want to do. I'm living with the guy that I love and I'm living with his daughter. Will - I love you too but sometimes I wonder how long this can work out. Sonny - Are you talking about us?

Gabi is sitting at a table in the square doing homework. Nick walks up. I thought you were finished with calculus. Gabi - This is extra credit and I really need it because I spent a lot of time away from class when Arianna was born. Nick - Do you want to show me? Gabi - I'm already halfway through. Nick looks at her work. No you're not halfway through, you're almost done. Try reducing the right side first. She works. Yeah, that's it. Oh my gosh, why am I so stupid. Nick - You're not. You're just upset or something. Gabi - Just not enough sleep. Nick - Are you sure it's not me? Gabi - What? Nick - I don't know. We spent a lot of time earlier talking about Arianna, your calculus and history lessons we didn't really address what happened last night. I just hope you don't regret it.

Segment 6: Dan shows Parker where it says Father: Daniel Jonas. He talks about Skyping Mom and showing her this. Parker goes to play with his train set. Dan tells Maggie he doesn't know why this means so much to him. He guesses it's because he now knows that Parker can never be taken from him. Maggie always dreamt that he and Jennifer would raise him together. She's so happy for him.

Jen - Why were you at Daniel's. Kristen - Because I was going to take you to lunch and celebrate how wonderful life is now that you and Daniel are back together again but no, instead I found him alone in a really bad mood with a broken door. Seriously, did you break that door down? Jen - No. JJ did when he stormed out of Daniel's apt. Kristen - What was JJ doing there? Jen - JJ was looking for me; when he walked into the apt he saw us kissing. Kristen - Oh, that's good. Jen - No, that's bad. He lost it. He blew up. It was horrible. Kristen - Well Dan doesn't say much but I could tell it was pretty bad for him too. He puts on this nice brave front but he's one heartbroken mess of a man.

Eric gets up to pay the check. Nicole - Hey, I'm sorry. Eric - For what. Nicole - That I ever doubted that you made the right choice Father. Eric smiles.

Kristen - I know you don't want to hear it but JJ needs to man up. Jen - He's not a man. Kristen - He's old enough to accept that his mother is in love and that she deserves to be happy. Thank you very much! Brady returns and listens as Kristen says - You need to get your fanny over to Daniel's and make this right. He got some great news today. Jen - What. Kristen - I'm not telling you. You better go over to Daniel's ... Jen - I'm not going over there. Kristen - Please stop. Your life is in your hands. Don't blow this chance. Don't be a stupid idiot like I was Jen. Brady is the best thing that's ever happened to me in my entire life and I sincerely want you and Daniel to be as happy as I know Brady and I are going to be. Brady smiles.

Segment 7: Nicole follows Eric into the rectory. There is no later. You need to get some sleep. You are totally wiped. Eric - I am and I will. I'm just sending a text to Elizabeth's sister letting her know that I'm back at the rectory if she needs me. Nicole holds out her hand for his phone. Thank you. I will wake you if she calls. Please just go and get some rest. Goodbye.

Will - No, I'm not talking about us. I'm talking about Gabi's ... this weird setup we have with Gabi although I guess it does come down to us ... because it's a lot to ask. Sonny - Ask what? Will - For you to keep raising Ari ... raising my daughter even part-time. Sonny - You didn't ask. I was the one who said I wanted to do it. Even if you would have said no I would have insisted. Will - Well I don't believe you. Sonny - I'm serious! I'm willing to do whatever it takes to make this work but you and I both have to understand that this is not going to be easy for Gabi. Will - Yeah, I guess not. I just hope that with Nick she opens her eyes.

Gabi - It probably shouldn't have happened but it did so there's no reason we should regret it. Nick - I thought being with you was like reaching for Nirvana and afterwards when we were just resting it was like ... I don't know ... like I took a potion or something. I was like time was slow and your body would be pressed against me and it's like we were weightless ... like a dream. Gabi - I have to get to class. I'll see you. Nick - Good luck.

Kristen - Will you at least try? Jen - Yeah, I'll call him. Kristen hands Jen her phone - Do it now please. Jen - Okay. Thank you. Goodbye. Jen heads upstairs. As Kristen is leaving Brady grabs her and kisses her.

Dan comes to the rectory and sees Nicole at her desk. Dan - You know how to type? Nicole - Hi, how are you doing? Dan - I'm not ... listen is Fr Eric around? Nicole - He was up with a patient all night. He just went to bed a little while ago. With any luck he's sleeping like an angel.

Eric is in bed having a very restless sleep recalling bits and pieces of the rape. He wakes up with a start.


Wednesday Aug 28

Segment 1: Sami comments that she wishes the jury selection had taken longer; it all happened so fast. EJ thinks Justin made good use of his challenges. He got rid of anybody that was predisposed to convict. Sami can't get used to the sound of 'predisposed to convict.' Justin arrives. I met with our expert about the makeup of the jury. Sami - What did she say? Does she think I have a chance?

Abe is with Cam at the hospital thanking him for taking Theo to the baseball game. Cam was thrilled to do it; he got to see Wrigley Field for the first time. Abe is appreciative because he knows Cam is busy with his work at the hospital and there's Abigail. Okay, so what happened?

Abby goes up to the guy at the bar in the club and tells him she lost her necklace the night before and she was wondering if anyone turned it in. Chad comes up behind her with necklace in hand. She's happy he found it. Chad - It was in the lost and found box. He puts the necklace on her. I remembered how pretty it looked on you. Abby - Thank you so much. Chad says the clasp was broken so he fixed it for her.

JJ, Bev and Rory are in the park. Rory - Damn, I hope I didn't screw up that final. JJ - You did. Rory - Wait! How do you know? JJ - I looked at your test. The answers were lame not to mention wrong. Rory - Hah! Well I cheated off of you Einstein. JJ - Really? Then you need glasses my friend. Bev - You guys really need to learn how to take notes. JJ - Notes are for girls and losers. Bev swats him. JJ's cell rings. Rory - Oh oh, there's Mommy wondering how little JJ did on his test. I thought you were supposed to jump every time you heard her ringtone. JJ - Not anymore.

Dan tells Nicole he'll catch Eric another time then. Nicole - Wait, what are you doing here? Is it about when Eric was sick before. Did you find something new.

Eric dreams uneasily about the rape and wakes up with a start.

Kristen asks Brady what that kiss was for. Brady - For giving me a chance to see the real you.

Eric - What was I dreaming about?

Nicole - Come on Jonas, give it up. Dan - Do you remember that law where I can't discuss a patient with anybody. Nicole - That doesn't apply to me though because I'm your friend. Dan - The law was made for friends like you. Nicole - Why? Dan - Because you can't keep a secret. Nicole - Yes I can. Okay ... well I guess I know why you're here. You want counselling from the good Father. Dan - Why would I want that? Nicole - Because I told you that I thought Jennifer might be pregnant and you found out she really is, right?

Jen is up in her room leaving a message for JJ. It's me again and I know you're out of your exam which means you are deliberately not picking up. We need to talk so I need you to call me back; better yet just come home. She then scrolls to Dan's info. No, no I can't.

Kristen - How did I manage that? Brady - I heard you talking to Jen. Kristen - Were you eavesdropping? Brady - I didn't mean to. You're a sweetheart. I heard you telling Jennifer to not give up on Daniel. Kristen - What else was I going to tell her? Brady - Face it, you believe in love ... you do ... and all that stuff. When you told Jennifer not to walk away from Daniel I couldn't help but think that you were giving yourself the same speech about you and me.

Eric is sitting on the edge of his bed. Why can't I remember. It must have been some dream because I feel like I haven't slept at all. He lies back down.

Brady and Kristen move into the Horton living room. Brady - We both made mistakes. Kristen - It seems to me the only mistake you made was trusting me. Brady - You were trying to work something out from a very long time ago. Kristen - I was using you to do it. Brady - I know but you couldn't go through with it. The power of love and all that. Now I believe all that stuff is behind us. Kristen - I don't think John and Marlena would agree with you for one second. Brady - To hell with them. I don't care how they feel. All I know is I heard you today and it hit me; I can trust you. This time I just know it's real. Kristen hugs him.

Segment 2: Justin - Our consultant was closely watching the responses of all the potential jurors today and once the jury was impaneled I asked her to predict how she thought this particular jury would react to hearing the evidence and during deliberations. Her job is to sort of give the odds I guess. Sami - So what are my odds? Justin - 80% Sami - She thinks I have an 80% chance of getting acquitted? Justin - No, she thinks with this particular jury the chances are 4 out 5 that you'll be convicted.

Cam - I like Abigail but that's all. Abe - Something tells me that there's something wrong. Cam - Sometimes you have to look at the big picture and just try to do what's right. Abe - What the hell does that mean? Cam - I really miss having Lexie to talk to. Abe - As a sister or a doctor? Cam - Both. Certain cases make it extremely difficult to maintain your objectivity. Abe - She struggled with that a lot. Cam - I'm sure she did.

Chad asks Abigail if she's okay. She is now but she was a mess this morning when she thought she'd lost her necklace. It's the last gift my Dad gave me before he ... Chad - Now I'm really glad I found it. Abby - I don't know how I would have explained it to my mom if I had lost it. Chad - She would have understood. That's the thing about your family; when bad things happen you guys take care of each other.

JJ makes another drug deal. The kid asks - How do I know this stuff is good? JJ - Because you bought it from me now go take a hike. Bev - That was pretty awesome. JJ - Am I cool or what! Bev - You so are! Who else could hook us up with donuts full of cinnamon instead of weed. JJ - I'll find a way to make it up to you. Rory - Okay, I'm going to go get a soda from this dude over here ... JJ kisses Bev. Cole comes along - Hey jackass, what the hell do you think you're doing.

Brady - I'll admit to being pessimistic about this second time around for us. Kristen - For good reason. Brady - But I always believed there was something real between us ... just us, nothing to do with Dad or Marlena. I heard you talking to Jennifer today and I knew I was right. Kristen - So what does that mean? Jen comes down. You're still here. Am I interrupting something? Brady - Nothing that can't be continued later. Jen - It's almost lunch time. Do you want me to make you some lunch. Brady - Actually I think I have everything I need right here.

Dan - Jennifer is not pregnant. Nicole - But the pregnancy test she had was ... Dan - For a friend. Nicole - I'm sorry I got your hopes up and now you are so disappointed. Dan - I'm not going to discuss my feelings with you especially about something that wasn't even real. Nicole - I thought we were friends. Dan - We are but this topic just makes me very uneasy. Nicole - Come on, you know that I've been rooting for you and Jennifer lately and I've done everything I can to make things work for both of you. Dan - I know you tried. Nicole - Tried? Who's the one who told you about Chloe and warned you about JJ. I think I've been downright lovely. Dan - Yeah you have; maybe even a little overzealous but I think you've been well-intentioned. Nicole - Thank you. Dan - You've made a real turn around since you started working here. Nicole - I guess, yeah. Dan - That just makes me wonder, this thinking about others, what's in it for you?

Eric continues to dream about the rape. Again he wakes up. What are you trying to tell me?

Segment 3: Sami - So there is no hope. EJ - We're not giving up hope. We're going to prove that this is the one of the 80 times out of hundred that this woman is dead wrong. Justin, how many investigators do you have trying to find information on Bernardi? Justin - You see their bills. Sami - They just come up empty handed. EJ - You're not going to prison. You haven't done anything wrong. Justin - I think you and I should get out of here and let Sami have some rest. Sami - Thank you. I just want some time alone to think. EJ tells her he'll be back.

JJ - Get out of here Cole. Cole - It's a public park. What are you doing with him? Bev - You don't have anything to say about who I'm with. We're not together anymore Cole. They leave. Rory returns. Hey Cole, you've got to chill. Listen, I've got something that could make a charging rhino chill, it's on the house. Cole slaps the baggie away - I don't want any part of your little business. Rory - Alright, suit yourself. Rory leaves. Cole mutters - Stoner, huh. You're going to pay for that one.

Chad and Abby sit at one of the tables. Chad guesses she didn't have much fun at the opening last night; your date wasn't exactly paying attention. Abby - You were fine. Chad - No I was all over the place. Abby - This is your club. It was a big night for you; I totally understand. Chad - I don't know why since I didn't even kiss you goodnight. Abby - That is true. Chad makes up for it by kissing her just as Cam comes in.

Eric kneels by his bed and prays for guidance.

Dan guesses that whatever it is it has to do with a man ... am I getting warmer. Nicole - No! I am a strong, independent woman whose life no longer revolves around humans of the male persuasion. I've evolved. Dan - That's impressive. That was very good. Evolving is quite a challenge from what I here because I myself have never really attempted it. Nicole - Are you making fun of me? Dan - Sorry, I forgot. You evolved types tend to have no sense of humour. Nicole - Stop it. Seriously, why is it so hard for you to believe that I've changed. That I no longer need to obsess over some guy to keep my adrenalin flowing or whatever. Dan - Of course you don't need to obsess about a man. The thing is you always kind of do.

Brady leaves. Jen - Oh my goodness, he must have heard us talking. I am so sorry. I thought that he had left. Kristen - Don't ever apologise again. Brady's right, you're the best friend I've ever had. She hugs Jen.

Nicole - You are one to talk. You've had a woman on the string since the day I met you. Dan - Touché. I do not like to be alone but neither do you and I'm not buying for one minute that you are satisfied with this filing and typing. So now, who is he? Nicole - I'm telling you ... she stops when she sees Eric come in. That wasn't a very long nap. Eric - I'm fine. Hi Daniel. Nicole - Daniel's here to talk to you so I'm going to skedaddle. She leaves. Eric - So why do you want to see me? Daniel - What's wrong? Eric - That's supposed to be my question. Dan - No, something's bothering you. Did you finally remember something about the night you got sick.

Segment 4: Cam leaves - Abby sees him go. You probably have a lot to do this morning. Chad - I can always make time for you. Abby - That's sweet but I know how busy you are and I want your full attention so I'm going to get going. Bye. Chad - What just happened!

Jen - Since it's going so well maybe you can tell Brady there was someone ... Kristen - It was one meaningless night. Jen - And I believe that and Brady will too. Kristen - The time that I should have told Brady was before I told him there was a chance for us to try again. Jen - Okay. Who am I to talk about being honest, I've lied to my son about Daniel so many times. Kristen - About that, I know how much your kids mean to you, but you've found someone else that you want to share your life with and Daniel feels the same way ... that doesn't happen to a lot of people you know. Jen - I know. Kristen - Do you honestly think it's good for JJ, to let him get away with keeping you and Daniel apart?

JJ sees Nicole in the park and tells Rory to get out of here. Nicole - Hey JJ, are you having a picnic? JJ - Why are you stalking me? Nicole - That's cute. Well I know where to find trouble and that's just what you and your merry little band are. JJ - Why do you care? Nicole - About you? I don't. It's your mother. JJ scoffs. Yeah right. Nicole - I was wrong to keep Jennifer away from Daniel and so are you. JJ - You've been talking to him about me, haven't you? Nicole - I absolutely have because your mother believes that you've changed and I know you haven't. JJ - Who cares what you know or think you know. Nicole - Well here's something you better learn and care about, Daniel and Jennifer love each other and that is never going to change and it's only a matter of time before your mother realises what I already know ... you are a selfish little brat who's not worth sacrificing the happiness that she's found in the man she loves. You got it! She leaves.

Eric - I still don't remember anything about that night I got sick. I wish I did. Dan - What is it, you look exhausted. Eric - I was at the hospital all night with a parishioner, a young woman, she died earlier this morning. Dan - I know the case. It's so hard when they're young. Eric - She finally realised what was happening. She accepted it. I hoped I helped her find peace with that but I'm still not used to seeing someone die. Dan - You never get used to it. Eric - Is that why you came here to see me? Dan - You said if I ever wanted to talk you're here. Eric - Of course. Is this about Jennifer. Dan - Yeah. Try as I might I just can't see the situation clearly so I was hoping maybe you could help me with that.

Abe tells Sami he came to tell her he talked to Melinda Trask. Sami jests - She doesn't have a case and decided to drop all the charges? Abe - She's feeling pretty confident about the jury. Sami - Yeah, so is the jury selection specialist that we hired. She's pretty sure that Melinda Trask has it in the bag. Abe - I've been subpoenaed to testify for the prosecution. Sami - Well who hasn't Abe except my Mom and maybe my grandma and even them ... Justin has considered bringing them in as character witnesses but I really don't see the point. At this point no one is willing to believe that I shot Bernardi to protect Rafe. Abe - I believe it.

Justin follows EJ into the living room of the D mansion. EJ - I just think you don't need to be so negative in front of Samantha. Justin - What would you like me to do ... make her believe she has this case won. EJ - Of course not but she can't be so beaten down that she's not going to fight to save herself. Justin - She doesn't have to fight, all she has to do is tell the truth when I put her on the stand. The fight is up to me. I just have to prove that her version of the story is what actually happened. EJ - And you will, I'm sure. She's going to beat this Justin, I know it. Justin - Oh yeah, why don't you tell me what makes you so sure of that.

Segment 5: Brady and Kristen are in the pub. He asks her if she's ever been to ??? Wherever it is she hasn't been there. Brady tells her it's beautiful and she's going there with him. He thinks they need time alone to get to know each other again. He doesn't want people questioning whether they should be together or not. Tell me you want to go. Kristen says no.

Eric - Jennifer's solution is to keep JJ believing something that isn't true? Dan - Exactly. Psychiatry is not my field but even I know this is not about me, it's about JJ's anger with his mother. He's actively trying to make her miserable and if she does not confront that I don't see how this situation could even change ever. If feels like no matter what I do JJ wins. Eric - Maybe you're too immersed in the situation. Dan - That could be true. I spend most of my time trying to figure something out. Eric - I found in my life that people asking God for perspective can help me see things that I may have missed even if they were right in front of me.

JJ comes home and finds Jen waiting in the foyer. You got my messages. JJ - Yeah. Jen - Good because we really need to talk. JJ - All we do is talk. I know everything there is to know about you and Daniel. Jen - But you don't know everything there is to know about me and you and that's about to change.

Sami - Thank you Abe. You have no idea how much it means to me to hear you say that. Maybe that means I have a chance. Abe - Listen to me Sami. If there's anything you're keeping quiet about ... if it could help, now is not the time to hold back. He leaves.

EJ - I don't think I like what you're implying. Justin - I don't care. I don't want to drop this case just before it gets started but I warned you not to undermine me again. EJ - And I told you I didn't. Justin - Then why were you so sure that the police would find something incriminating in Bernardi's house. EJ - Because he's a corrupt cop. If the police weren't so incompetent they ... Justin - Would have found whatever it was that you planted there. EJ - He was on the take. Justin - And you were complaining that my investigators weren't proving that fast enough and still you're sure that something is going to surface to prove Sami's innocence. So I'm starting to wonder if what you really want is to make sure that she's found guilty.

Segment 6: Abby runs to catch up to Cam in the square. OMG, you walk so fast. Cam - I'm late for an appointment. He takes off. She goes after him.

Jen - So here it goes. I'm going to be honest with you. I love Daniel. I love him and I want things to work out for him and me but at the moment I don't know if they will. JJ - What am I supposed to say Mom, that I'm sorry. Jen - No because I know that you don't like him but I also know you haven't even given him a chance but that is your loss. I want Daniel and I to work through our problems and I am not going to pretend anything anymore. So whatever happens between Daniel and me you're just going to have to accept it.

Dan shows Eric Parker's birth certificate. Eric - So Parker is your son in the eyes of everyone including the law. Congratulations. Dan - As soon as I got this I wanted to call Jennifer. I love her. Parker loves her and I know she loves us and she still doesn't know about this. Eric - It doesn't seem right, does it? Dan - So you think this is one of those signs I've been ignoring because I've been so mad at JJ. Eric - It could be. Dan - Thank you. I'm going to go and talk with Jennifer; see if we can't figure something out. Eric - Sounds good. Dan - I hate to say this but you look like hell. Something is definitely bothering you. Do you think maybe you're ignoring something that is right in front of you. Because if you are, maybe you should take your own advice ... try to deal with it.

Kristen - The school year is about to start. I've still got to interview a lot of kids for the scholarship I'm funding. She wants to go away with him but this is not the right time. The kids work so hard, I'd hate to make them wait ... they have such hopes and dreams. Brady knows how she feels about kids; it's one of the things he loves about her. Kristen tells him that Daniel got the birth certificate stating that he's Parker's father. Brady - That is great! Kristen - I think he had pretty much given up hope on ever raising his own child and now it's happening. I can't imagine what that must be like. Brady - Maybe you will one day; maybe we will. Kristen - I thought we were taking things slowly. Brady - We are but can't I surprise you at all. Kristen - Depends on what you're thinking. Brady - Let's just say it will be here in Salem and that's all you need to know. They kiss.

Abby catches up to Cam in the park. Hey, wait up. Cam - I told you I'm late for something. Abby - Yeah you did and I don't buy that for one second. You're avoiding me and I want to know why. Chad comes up to the gate and sees Abby and Cam.

EJ - Do you think I want her to be found guilty. Justin - No. EJ - Then why the hell would you say that. Justin - Because you're normally a shrewd guy; someone who knows what's best in the long run but now you're allowing feelings to cloud your better judgement and I'm afraid that Sami is going to pay the price. EJ - I would never do anything that would jeopardise her chance of being found innocent. Justin - You think you're so much smarter than everyone but stop and think. If evidence against Bernardi somehow miraculously appears and Melinda Trask finds out that ANYONE falsified that evidence in order to clear a cop killer she is going to make sure the judge and the jury think that Sami was in on it and they are going to send her away for the rest of her life. Do you get the picture now!

Sami does push ups and then looks at the pics of the kids. She recalls Trask's offer of a plea bargain. She calls the guard over and tells him she needs him to make a call for her. I want to talk to the special prosecutor.

Segment 7: We lost power here so I didn't see the last segment of the show ... sorry.


Thursday Aug 29

Segment 1: JJ informs his mom that Dr. Jonas is here. Do you want to talk to him or me? Dan is sorry he didn't call first. If this is a bad time I understand and I'll go. JJ - It's your call Mom.

Theresa is on the computer at work doing online shopping. She tells herself to stop or she'll blow all that money she stole from Vargas.

Cam knows that Abby is confused about him and Chad. Abby - So you thought you could just make the decision for me. Cam - No. Abby - That's what it feels like. It feels like you are just giving me to Chad. Cam - I can't give you to anyone. It's just that I was wrong to ever try and pressure you into any kind of commitment with me. I just started my career and I don't have time for anything serious. Abby - You had time for a whole other job not too long ago. Chad continues eavesdropping as Cam says - You and Chad have a bond and I know that. Abby - How long have you been planning this ... to end things with us. When did you decide?

Nicole tells Brady Eric has something on his mind. Brady - Something important? Nicole - I guess. He just hasn't been himself. Brady gets a call from his Dad.

Eric is on the phone talking about the dream he keeps having. It's unclear. I feel that God is trying to talk to me and I don't know what he's trying to say. He tells Fr Matt he'll have to call him back. Kristen walks in. You seem upset. Is there a problem.

EJ asks Stoller if he's sure no one saw him come in. Stoller parked down the road and came through the back door. EJ - So the funds have been deposited into the account. Stoller - Yes sir. Timmy Bernardi's account now has well over a hundred thousand dollars. When the police discover that they'll no doubt assume that his father was taking bribes. EJ - Good. Than I just have one question for you. Is there any way that can be traced back to me?

Melinda - I assume this meeting can only have one purpose. Sami - I want to make a deal. Melinda - So you're willing to give me EJ DiMera.

Eric says he's just tired. He was up with a parishioner all night, a young woman; she passed away this morning. Kristen is so sorry. Eric realises she's there for the parent / student interviews. Kristen offers to do it alone if he wants to get some sleep. Eric says he tried earlier but he just tossed and turned. Kristen - Bad dreams? Eric - Something like that.

Stoller - There's no way the funds can be traced back to you Mr. DiMera. I guarantee it. EJ - And the deposit dates; is there any way to prove they were altered. Stoller - As I told you, the cops would have to jump through hoops in order to ... EJ - I know what you told me. What about if the FBI brought in forensic accountants to investigate. Stoller - As I said they still couldn't trace it back to you ... EJ - But? Stoller - But with all of their resources the FBI might be able to determine that the money was put in the account after Bernardi was killed. EJ - Then they'd know it was a setup. He mutters - Dear God Samantha, what have I done!

Sami - I want better terms; more generous. I'm negotiating for my life here Ms. Trask. Melinda - Exactly. You're facing life in prison, I'm offering you 10 yrs; not sure how much more generous I could be Ms. Brady. Sami - You're asking me to rat out the DiMera family. That is a tall order and we both know it. Melinda - The thing is Ms. Brady, while putting away your fiancé would certainly be a major coup it doesn't guarantee that he'll squeal and give me what I really want, the shark himself, Stefano DiMera. Sami - So what do you say we cut EJ out of the equation entirely. Melinda - To what end? Sami - Let's just say I don't give you anything on EJ and everything on Stefano DiMera.

Segment 2: Cam claims he doesn't know what Abby is talking about. Abby accuses him of playing dumb. Cam insists he isn't. I have no clue what you're talking about. Abby - Stop. I spoke to Aunt Kayla. She hinted to me that I don't need to be torn between two guys because the answer will just make itself clear to me. She obviously knew you were going to break things off with me. Cam - That's absolutely impossible. I never said that to your aunt. Abby - Maybe it was just her intuition then. It doesn't really matter now. Cam - Why do you say that? Abby - Because I went on a date with Chad last night and I was thinking it's not fair for me to lead you on anymore.

Roman comes into Jen's office so Theresa quickly shuts down the web page. Roman - What were you up to? Theresa - Just wrapping up some stuff. What brings you by? Roman - Actually I was looking for you. Theresa - It doesn't sound like you came to take me out for some ice cream. Roman - I was just talking to Hope and she said you were hanging out with that Vargas guy right before he was arrested for drug possession. Theresa - I was but only because I was bored. I had zero idea that he was into drugs or had such a bad temper. You don't believe me. Roman - Theresa, you do understand this, don't you. You're on very thin ice here. So I'm going to tell you this, one more mistake and I don't care how big or tiny it is, that so called Plan B to straighten you out here in Salem, that will be history. Theresa - I've really been walking the line, I mean it. Roman scoffs. Whoa, let me get this straight here. Hanging out with a convicted felon carrying drugs; that's your idea of walking the line? Theresa - I already told you. I had no idea ... Roman - Stop. Again, listen ... you're not here to have fun so I would advise you to concentrate less on that and more on keeping this job that you have. Grow up Theresa. Think! He leaves.

Jen tells JJ that it's very important that they finish their conversation but right now she's going to speak to Daniel. JJ - Cool but you know how I stand with you (he's looking at Dan).

Eric hands Kristen the list. She comments - So many deserving candidates. She talks about the look on their faces - of hope and innocence - makes one wish that they all could be given a scholarship. Eric - You come alive when you talk about those kids. Kristen - Yeah, I guess it's because kids think anything is possible no matter how far-fetched their dreams are they still think that they can come true. It reminds me of what that was like. It was so lovely and hopeful before life kind of did what it can do to people. Does that make any sense? Eric - A lot.

Brady returns and thanks Nicole for waiting. Nicole - How did it go? Brady - I told my dad about Kristen and me. He acknowledged that there's nothing he can say or do to make me change my mind. The last time he tried to interfere he only made things worse. Nicole - Are you saying he approves of your relationship? Brady - No, he's just not going to fight me on it. My Dad will never accept me with Kristen. Nicole hugs him.

Segment 3: Cam - So you've decided you want to be with Chad. Abby turns so he can't see she's close to tears. He's funny and smart and we have a lot in common. Cam - I'm happy for you. Chad's a good guy. Abby - I know. Cam - You may want to take things slow; no need to rush. Abby - I wasn't planning on rushing things but thanks for your advice. I'm glad that things worked out for the 3 of us and nobody got hurt. Cam - Right. Take care. Abby - You too. I'm sure I'll see you around. Cam - Yeah. Bye. Chad smiles. Abby cries.

Jen - Where you stand is you're my son and I love you but I decide when the time is right to talk and when it isn't. JJ - Whatever. Jen - I believe you have a paper to work on for your last summer final so you can go to the library and do that where you won't be distracted. JJ grabs his knapsack and leaves. Jen invites Dan in. She's happy he stopped by because she wants to apologise for getting so upset on the phone earlier. Dan It's okay. I get it now. Jen - Do you? Dan shows her Parker's birth certificate. Jen - Your name is on Parker's birth certificate. She hugs him. I know how much this means to you. Dan - That's why I wanted you to see it because you have sacrificed so much to make sure Chloe didn't take my son away from me. You sacrificed your own happiness because you recognised that there is nothing that matters more to me than being a Dad to my son and it just reminded me that ... I think I finally realised that I've been terribly unfair to you.

Nicole - I'm so sorry. I know you said things were getting better with your Dad before he left town. Brady - It's okay. I actually expected his reaction to be worse. He seemed more resigned than angry. I think he thinks that if he stays out of it I'll just come to my senses one day. Nicole - I think that's what everyone who cares about you is hoping for. Alright, I promise I won't say things about Kristen but that doesn't stop me from praying that you will see the light some day. Brady - That's so condescending. Nicole - Sue me for wanting the best for you. Brady - Kristen is what's best for me. That's the end of the discussion. Let's put a period on it. Nicole - I got it ... I still love you. Brady hugs her - I still love you too. He leaves. Nicole sighs - Kristen's such a snake. Even if she sheds her skin she'll just grow a new one back. Maybe I can prove it.

Melinda - Ms. Brady, you already admitted you have no way of giving me Stefano DiMera, that's why I asked for EJ. Sami - I know, I was there. Melinda - What's changed? Sami - I was just holding out on you. I wanted to see what else I could get. Melinda - Bull. If you had something on Stefano DiMera you would have said so right away. What a waste of time. Sami - Wait. You caught me, I was bluffing. I don't have anything on Stefano but I can still give you EJ.

Segment 4: Theresa is in the square eating fries when she sees JJ walking by. She calls out to him. You playing hide and seek from your friends? JJ - You've got a little bit of ketchup on your face. Theresa - Did your mommy ground you again. JJ turns to leave. Theresa - Hold on. I'm sorry. I'm having a bad day too. You want some fries? JJ joins her. Sure. Why are you having a bad day? 'Cause your date last night got arrested? Theresa - How do you know about that? JJ - Will told me. Theresa - OMG, is there some blog that my family posts to every 30 mins so my parents can check in and see what an awful daughter they got stuck with. JJ - You really don't get along with them, huh. Theresa - Aside from the fact that everything I do brings disgrace and shame to the family, no, it's a perfectly loving and nurturing relationship. JJ - Same thing with my mom. Theresa - Yeah? I thought you two got along. JJ - Well you thought wrong. My mom's like a stranger to me. I don't get her at all. Theresa - Sounds like you need an escape as much as I do. JJ - What kind of escape are you talking about? Theresa - I was thinking we could take a trip somewhere over the rainbow. JJ - Way up high? Theresa - Way up high.

Nicole is at the pub sitting across from Roman. I need a favour. Roman - Okay, what kind of favour? Nicole - I need you to prove once and for all, emphatically and unequivocally, that Kristen DiMera is an evil, diabolical, conniving skank.

Kristen will write up the interview summaries and have them ready by tomorrow. Talk to you soon. She greets Fr Matt as she's leaving. Fr Matt - I'm glad to see you two are able to work together. Eric - She's good at what she does. She's great with the kids. Fr Matt - Do I sense a but? Eric - I just feel a little uncomfortable around her at times and I just can't figure out why.

Chad serves EJ at the club - Double shot, looks like you need it. Damn it, the jury selection for Sami's trial was today, wasn't it? EJ - Yeah. Chad - And? EJ - Things didn't quite pan out to our advantage. Chad - I still feel so bad about that video I shot of Sami attacking Bernardi ... EJ - Don't. You're not the only person who's made an error in judgement when it comes to this case. Chad - What does that mean? EJ - It means that I've been doing everything that I can to help Samantha. I'm afraid I may have made the situation worse. If I end up hurting her I will never forgive myself.

Melinda - Okay, you've got my attention. What incriminating evidence against EJ DiMera can you give me? Sami - I still want a better deal. Melinda shakes her head. Sami - Fine, I thought you wanted more than just small time; I pegged your for higher goals. Melinda - All I want is for justice to be done; the bad guys put away. And I will make that happen with or without your help. Sami - Good luck with that. Melinda - Don't need luck either. Sami - No, I'm sure you don't but when's the next opportunity coming your way that's this good, this close? Melinda - If you give me evidence against EJ and it sticks and he in turn gives me his father and that sticks I'll knock your ten years down to possible parole after 5. For a cop killer that's basically a merit badge. So, what do you have for me?

Segment 5: JJ is holding cash in his hand - Upfront payment, since when? Theresa - Since now. So are we going to party or what? JJ - I can meet you after my class tomorrow. It's the last day of summer school. Theresa - Then you'll have reason to celebrate. JJ - So how do you know I'm not going to take your money and leave you hanging. She kisses his cheek. Because I trust you. I'll see you tomorrow after school. She leaves.

Dan - I can't fault you for the way you're handling things with your son especially as a single parent which is all that more challenging. We could debate about how to do things and what's the right way until we're blue in the face but what I've come to realise is there is no right way. You have to do what you feel is best at the time and I have to support that which is what I intend to do from now on. Jen - Okay, so what are you trying to say?

Roman - Marlena must be beside herself. Nicole - Marlena, John, me and all of the free-speaking world. Roman - But I'm not sure what you think I can do. Nicole - Kristen is as dirty as mud. I think you could dig in her records, find something, expose the truth; finally prove to Brady what a waste of a product she is. Roman reminds her that he's suspended. I have no access. Even if I did I think I'd have to say no. Nicole - Why? Don't you care about Brady at all? Roman - Yes I do very much and I have told him the very same thing you're saying but you know what, you and I can talk and talk but I think it's obvious, Brady's going to have to find out the truth about Kristen on his own. Nicole - Damn it! John said the same thing too apparently. The question is, where is the truth going to come from?

Eric - My uneasiness with Kristen is more about my history with her family then about her. She's doing a very good job. She's working very hard to make amends for past transgressions. Fr Matt - You were telling me about a disturbing dream when we talked earlier. What was it? Eric - It's something you don't want to hear. Fr Matt - Try me. Eric - I was making love to a woman. I didn't see her face. I don't know who she was. Fr Matt - Surely that's not the first time you've had such a dream. Eric smiles - No but this was different. The sexual nature of the dream wasn't concerting to me at all. Fr Matt - Then what was? Eric - I just feel that there's a part I'm not remembering that I should. I just feel like God is trying to tell me something. I just don't what.

Brady is in his tropical shirt. He has Kristen's eyes covered as he brings her to the place in the park that he has decorated like a tropical getaway. Kristen is thrilled - Where are we? Brady - Somewhere in Hawaii. Brady hands her a tropical drink. Kristen just loves it. They kiss.

Sami - Wow, you really do think I'm an idiot, don't you? My lawyer's not here, I don't have anything in writing from you and yet you expect me to fork over everything I know. Melinda - Fine, I will draw up the conditions. Sami - And while you're at it I want you to add immunity for my son William Horton. Melinda - Because he and his boyfriend covered up that video of you attacking Bernardi. Sami - Because I want to make sure he is protected from any and all fallout. Melinda - Anything else, new car maybe? Sami - Thank you for reminding me. Yes there is something else. Melinda - You are really trying my patience here. Sami - If I can get you Stefano DiMera, directly, on my own ... Melinda - Whoa, backup, you just said that you couldn't. Sami - If I can get you Stefano on my own without any involvement or any culpability directed at his son then I want a maximum of 5 years with the possibility of parole sooner. Melinda - Should I come back with a public defender for you when I have the papers. Sami - No need, my lawyer will be here soon. After they leave Sami cries. EJ, I'm sorry. What else could I do?

Segment 6: Chad sees Cam come into the club. He asks him what's going on. Cam came by to check up on him. You took a shot to the head at the club opening and I told you the swelling could be an issue for your tumour. Chad - You really need to back the hell off man. I don't want people to know. Cam - As soon as you start treatment, everyone's going to know. Chad - Not according to my doctor. I'm getting cutting edge treatment that you probably don't even know about. I can beat this thing before anyone even knows I have a problem. Now stick to your promise and keep your mouth shut.

Dan - I love you enough to step away. That is what I'm saying. You did that for me so I could be with my son and I have to do that for you with JJ. Jen - That's not the answer. Dan - You heard him. He does not want me in your life. Do you really think you can tell him that you don't care about how he feels. It's okay. You can't and I don't blame you. Jen - He just needs a little more time. He just needs to get over losing his dad and feeling more secure in himself and his relationship with me before he can accept another man in my life. Dan - I get it and if that happens, maybe we can talk. Jen - Maybe? Dan - We can't keep doing this; living in false hope that maybe someday things will work out. We can't because we need to live in reality right now. And for now you need to take care of your son, focus on him and I will focus on my son. Jen cries. Dan - Goodbye. I love you. He leaves.

Fr Matt - You lost a parishioner this morning. Eric - Yes, but what could that have to do with my dream? Fr Matt - I just think that when you watch someone die, well sex is life affirming. Maybe this is the way your psyche is trying to cope. You look exhausted. Why don't you try and stop worrying and get some sleep.

Kristen comments; umbrella drink and a massage - you're totally spoiling me. He tells her there's sunscreen under the towel. She pulls out a clear bottle with a note inside.

EJ comes back to Sami's cell. She's glad he's here. Melinda Trask was here. EJ - Why wasn't I told about this? Was Justin here? Sami - No, he didn't know about it either. EJ - Why did you talk to her? Sami - She offered me 5 yrs. EJ - For what? Our firstborn? Sami - Your father. I have to come up with enough information to put your father behind bars.

Segment 7: Abby is sitting on the bench outside the pub wiping her tears when her cell rings. Hi Chad, what's up? Chad - You took off so fast before that I didn't get a chance to ask you a really important question. You want to go out again tonight? Abby - I'd love that. What do you feel like doing? Chad - Leave it to me. I'll call you later. Abby - Alright. Abby tells herself Chad is a great guy and everything worked out like it was supposed to.

Theresa is back in the office on the computer. Maybe this isn't such a no good, horrible, bad day after all.

Dan is back at his place looking at the birth certificate. He puts it away in a drawer along with a montage of Jen photos.

Jen is on the couch when JJ rushes in. I forgot my notes here. I need them. Where's Daniel? Jen - He's gone and he's not coming back. JJ - Mom ... Jen - No. Just go do your paper.

Eric is in bed . Again bits and pieces of the rape come back to him. Nicole knocks on his door. Are you in there? Can I come in. Eric wakes up with a start.

Kristen unfurls the note. Will you Marry Me? Brady holds up an open ring box - So, will you?

EJ - So you cut a deal with the special prosecutor without your attorney present and without speaking to me. Sami - 5 yrs is a good deal. EJ - It's an impossible deal. You don't have anything on my father. Sami - You do so you just have to give me something that I can make stick. EJ - What if I don't? Sami - Then I would have to give them something on you.


Friday Aug 30

Segment 1: Eric wakes up from his dream of the rape when Nicole knocks. She asks if she can come in. He says no, he's fine. Just go away. He tells Nicole he'll be in the office soon.

Will asks Sonny if Justin called. He did. Jury selection went the way he expected; not in their favour. Will is going to call EJ. He thinks he was a little too harsh on Gabi. Sonny thinks he let her off easy. She should know better then to let Nick anywhere near your kid.

Gabi and Nick are in the square - she's talking through her calculus problem. When she's down she says she has to get back to Arianna. Nick asks if she wants company. No. Nick surmises that Will did have a problem with him holding Arianna.

Brady waits for an answer to his proposal of marriage. Kristen reminds him they said so. Brady says they can have the slowest engagement in history. She kisses him.

EJ wants to know exactly what this deal involves. If she can give them something on Stefano that sticks she would get a maximum of 5 yrs. EJ - So you told them you had something on Stefano. Sami told them she could get it. EJ - Or you give them me, that's the real deal, right? You give them me! Sami - If I have to. They don't want you, you would just have to give them Stefano and then you could work out a deal for yourself and you'd be home free. Don't look at me like that. I just can't spend the rest of my life in prison. EJ - But I can, right? Sami cries - I will still serve 5 yrs and you don't have to do any time at all. You give them Stefano and then you negotiate for immunity for everything for life. EJ knows she's scared but he doesn't know how she can be so naïve or stupid. He yells - They are NEVER going to give me immunity. Sami insists they will if you give them Stefano. You just make a deal. She brings up this guy in New York that they read about. EJ barks - Get this through your head. You do a deal with the prosecutor and you send me to prison. Sami argues. They gave a deal to that guy who killed all those people, they'll do a deal with you. EJ - They guy's a soldier, do I look like a soldier to you? They want the family ... I AM THE FAMILY! My name is DiMera. They will never let me walk.

Segment 2: Sami still insists on arguing - They are not going to put you in prison because of your last name. EJ snaps - You do know better than that. Sami - Then give me something to give them on Stefano. Then you don't have to be involved at all. Help me! EJ screams - What do you think I'm trying to do. Sami doesn't know because she's trapped in here and you are out there and she thinks about it all the time - all the ways she could possibly get out of here. This is the only lifeboat in sight; the only deal. If you won't give me Stefano then you will have to - EJ grabs her arm - I will go to prison - I'll get 20 yrs, life. Sami doesn't think that will happen. EJ - That is exactly what is going to happen and you and I both go to prison except you get out a hell of a lot earlier than I do. Works well for you, doesn't it? Sami snaps - This is not what I want. EJ - That's the deal you made. Sami - Not yet. EJ wants to know when she decided that this was the way to go. Sami reminds him of what Justin and that expert said about jury selection. I don't have a chance at trial. What was I supposed to do? EJ - So this came together since jury selection? Sami - She offered me a deal earlier. EJ points out that would be illegal without her attorney present. She tells him Justin was there. She offered a lousy deal. I didn't take it but I've certainly thought about it since then. I know this is drastic. I know how it sounds but ... I can't spend the rest of my life in prison. I can't do that to the kids. I just can't. You talk about how we're in this together but we're not. I'm in this cage all by myself. What was I supposed to do.

Sonny reminds Will that Nick called him a faggot - does he want that guy around his kid. He knows Nick is trying to change but can they put it in the past. Will asks - if a bigot is trying to change and no one takes him seriously he loses his motivation. Sonny agrees to try. Gabi lives here so he'll try for Ari's sake.

Gabi tells Nick it's not him; it's a rough patch for all of them right now. Nick asks if they're treating her differently. Gabi - Not Will, not 'til ... Nick - Until I showed up again.

Vic tells Marlena that he can't imagine that there is anyone that Kristen would have confided something so damaging. Marlena heard her say she had an affair and it would kill things with Brady if he ever found out about it. Maybe it wasn't someone in town. I wish we knew where she was before she came back to Salem. Vic's had people working on that since the first time Brady took up with her. It's a hard trail. There are years where there are literally no records of her anywhere. Marlena thinks they may be overlooking the obvious. Vic - You think the confidante is Jennifer. You're probably right. We can't make a move until we're positive. We only have one shot at getting Kristen's claws out of that boy's back.

She wants to know why he changed his mind about going slow. He tells her it's because of the way she was with Jennifer today. He knows her ... he knows he's right about her and he wants to be with her the rest of his life. He gets down on knee. I want you to marry me.

Eric comes into the rectory all business. Nicole talks about Lizabeth's death. She asks why he freaked out when she knocked and said his name.

Segment 3: Gabi just meant that it was a hard week. Nick is sorry he made it worse. Gabi - I'm a single mom, a student, I live with two gay guys ... my life is never going to be normal. I'll just take it one day, one step at a time. I'm going to go to school and raise my daughter. See you later. Nick sees Will.

Kristen savours the moment. She says yes.

Nicole pushes but Eric asks her to please let it go. A nun comes in and asks for help. Eric tells her that everything is fine. Nicole goes to help. The nun comes back and tells Eric that they can't find the keys to the van. He looks in Nicole's desk and finds a matchbook from the hotel where Kristen raped him. Cue f/b.

Sami hopes EJ knows how much she loves him. I miss the kids every minute but I ache for you. She wants him and she knows he loves her even right now. She holds out her hand to him. He takes it. Sami knows how smart he is and she knows he can make them give him immunity. Just give up your Father and put him in prison so he can't hurt us anymore. EJ kisses her forehead. There is just one small problem. Sami - What? EJ - You can't give me up to the special prosecutor because you don't have anything to give.

Segment 4: Nicole returns and sees Eric holding the matchbook. He asks her why this is here. Nicole doesn't know. That's the hotel you stayed at in the capitol, right? Eric - Yeah, where you found me. Nicole doesn't like to think about that night. He was really sick. Eric - Why do we have matches? Nicole doesn't know. She just shoved everything from the dresser into a bag. She wanted to get him out of there and to a doctor. I don't want to think about that place and I'm pretty sure you don't want to either.

Kristen waxes poetic over the ring. She thinks they should tell their families starting with Eric. Brady wants to do it right now. He wants Eric to see how happy he is.

Vic - If not Jennifer who else would she confide in. Marlena doesn't know. She's clinically incapable of making friends. Vic - Brady can't see it. The woman's history is laid out in front of him and he still can't ... Marlena - She has a history. Vic - No one would know that better than you. What are you thinking? Marlena - I may have a solution to our problems. Vic - Do you care to share? Marlena - I will. I'll be in touch with you.

Sami - What do you mean I don't have anything to give. EJ - You have to be able to provide proof of my crime; some sort of evidence and you cant' do that. Sami - I know all about your business. EJ - Do you? Sami - I listen. I know about that thing in Belize. EJ - It's a corporate loophole, not a crime. Sami - The Caymans? EJ - Legal. Sami - Cypress. EJ - Dissolved. Sami - What about that thing in China? He is in full compliance with their laws. You kidnapped Sydney. EJ - Still answering for past crimes huh. Every wretched thing I did to you, every wretched thing you did to me because they are intimately intertwined. If that's what you want I'm sure you and I can burn one another to the ground if that is what you want. Sami - It is not what I want. I don't want to hurt you. I am begging you to please give me something small that I can use to get out of here. EJ - How many years would be too many for me to spend in prison. Did you come up with a number? Sami cries - I honestly believe that you can just talk your way out of it. EJ - Stop! Forget about me. Remember, you didn't do anything wrong. That's what we should be focusing on. We are not giving up. We can't! Sami - Be realistic. There is no option. There is no other way. EJ - Hey, trouble. When did you lose your faith in me? Don't you know I would move heaven and earth to get you out of here. I'm not out of options. You need to have faith in me. Melinda returns with Sami's paperwork. She tells EJ she needs a minute alone with his fiancée.

Segment 5: Sonny apologises to Gabi. Things are tense and he'd like to make that go away. He knows he crossed a line. Sharing this little girl is special. They talk about Sonny helping with Ari's birth. Gabi tells him everything is going to work out.

Will wishes Nick well and he hopes he gets the help he needs to get better and live a happy life. But when I saw you holding my daughter I absolutely hated that. I wish I was a bigger man than that. I told Sonny that people need to give you a chance to redeem yourself but I don't think it's going to be me that does it. I'm sorry. What happened to you in prison twisted you and you're still trying to heal from that and you're going to have to live with that every day. But you know what I have to live with every day? I'm ashamed of what I let you do to me.

Marlena tells Roman she needs those phone records. She can't tell him how important that is. As much as he would like to help he can't legally get those records right now. I can't break the law for you; we'd both wind up in jail. You're going to have to find another way to do this. Marlena understands. Sorry, it was a really silly idea. Take care.

When Brady comes in Nicole says she should go. Brady wants her to hear this too. Kristen and I ... Nicole - NO NO NO!

Sami tells Melinda to leave. Take your deal and shove it. I changed my mind. Melinda - Funny how that happens when there's a DiMera in your life. Sami - I'm innocent and we're going to prove it. Melinda - This isn't smart Ms. Brady. EJ believes his client just told her she's rejecting her off. See you in court. Melinda - You will and you will be sorry Ms. Brady. Hold on to those photos. That's all you're going to have of your little ones. EJ - I should report her to the state bar. Sami - Do you think it will help? EJ - Not soon enough besides it makes us look weak, desperate. That is not where we are. Sami is so sorry. EJ - We need to focus on finding the evidence to clear your name. Sami - That's it! I have it. This might be crazy but it may be exactly what we need to set me free.

Segment 6: The problem's been Bernardi all along. If we could just tell them about Stefano and Bernardi I wouldn't be in this mess. EJ - Right but we can't because we don't have any proof. Sami - I know and Stefano could also turn on Will but we know that Bernardi is dirty. EJ - Right but we can't prove that. Sami - But let's say that evidence just turned up. We'd actually be serving the greater good; he really is a bad guy. Oh, you already thought of this. Cue f/b of FBI conversation. EJ - No, it's too risky. If it came out that the evidence was planted then you'd be convicted for sure. Sami - That makes sense. I'm glad I talked to you about it first. She likes working together. EJ repeats that he will get her out of here.

Will - I let you control me. You saw a coward in me and I gave that to you. I tried to justify it by saying I was protecting my family but because I didn't see what you were running from we almost died; Gabi almost died and my daughter almost died. And that's because of you, understand? I'm not saying you would ever do that again but I'm never going to take that chance. So yeah I do have a problem with you holding my daughter.

Sonny and Gabi are talking and laughing. They start looking for Ari's bunny. Sonny finds a condom wrapper under the couch.

Nicole - You didn't. He did. Brady was hoping that at least Eric would be happy for him. Nicole - Because you know I'm too sane, too rational and too right about this. Eric - What is going on? Brady - I asked Kristen to marry me.

Kristen opens the door to Marlena - EJ's not here. Marlena lightly taps her face - Good, I'm here to see you.

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