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Monday Sep 9

Segment 1: Abby rushes out of the pub and tells Chad they need to talk. He can't. Sami's trial is starting and he got called to testify. Abby - OMG, what an awful day. Chad got a text from Sonny. Both he and Will got called in for today as well.

Trask is questioning Will. She asks if he knew about the video of his mom attacking Det. Bernardi. Will - Yes I knew about the video. Trask - And given the incriminating nature of the video you lied to the police, covering up that the video even existed. Justin objects - Argumentative. The judge tells Will to answer. Will - No, I did not tell anybody about the video. Trask - In point of fact, you lied under oath with good reason of course. You were trying to help your mother cover up the fact that she murdered Det. Bernardi. Justin objects. Trask continues - Just like 3 yrs ago when you helped her cover up the fact that she shot EJ DiMera in the head. Justin protests. Trask claims she is establishing a pattern. The defendant has a history of trying to solve her problems with a gun and having the witness here to lie about it, to aid and abet, to obstruct justice. But you and your mother aren't getting away with it this time. This time you're going straight to prison. Judge - Guard, escort the witness to a holding cell. Sami - What! No! You can't do that. Will, I'm sorry Mom. Sonny wakes up Will - You're having a nightmare. Will - OMG, that was awful. Sonny - It was just a dream. Whatever it was, it's not going to happen. Will hopes not.

Sami's trial starts.

Brady tells Nicole that although she thinks she knows Eric better than anyone in the world, he is his brother. Nicole - He is your brother but he's not crazy. He's not going to marry you and Kristen DiMera. Brady thinks he will and give them his blessing.

Kristen makes it clear to Eric that she wants him to tell Brady that he won't let them take Precana counselling at St Luke's and that he won't marry them. Eric asks if her objections are on religious grounds. She laughs. No, my objections are personal.

Will tells Sonny about the dream. Sonny agrees that it was a crappy dream but that's all it was; it's not an omen. Will comments that Gabi was supposed to be back with Ari by now. Sonny talked to her and everything is under control. Will finds that hard to believe. Sonny - Childcare wise everything is under control. He tells Will he doesn't want to testify against his mom. Will guesses that until he met him Sonny never needed immunity from prosecution. Sonny assures him that everything is going to be okay. We'll get through this together. Will - When this is over I'm never lying for my Mom again. I'll only lie for you. They kiss.

Trask makes her opening statement. I will proved that the defendant lies and continues to lie. I will prove that she had the motive, means and opportunity to murder Det. Bernardi. EJ and Justin talk quietly as she continues. She murdered Marge Bernardi's husband. She murdered Tim Bernari's father, a decorated hero of the Salem P.D. She took a sacred human life and for that she must pay. Justin - So we hear the prosecutor say my client Samantha Brady lies. Here's what she didn't say; that Samantha Brady is stupid because she's not, she's far from it. So if indeed Samantha Brady is not stupid, why in the world would she shoot a man in a hospital room knowing there was no viable means of escape. Because she had to. She had no choice. She had to stop Bernardi right then and there. And why would she say Bernardi was holding a razor if he wasn't? Why would she make up something like that unless she knew it could be corroborated. Why not just say Bernardi was choking Det. Hernandez or smothering him. Why invent a fictitious weapon? She said so because it's the truth and every time you ask yourself why during the course of this trial the only answer is that Samantha Brady is telling the truth.

Chad - So what's wrong? Abby - I'm fine and you're going to be fine. The important thing is that the lawyer got you immunity. Chad - Yeah, I just hate doing this to Will's mom. He's so worried about her and his little brothers and sisters ... Abby - You did everything you could to avoid this so now maybe the best thing you can do is get it over with. Chad - And get on with our lives, right? He kisses her cheek. I'll text you later. You can tell me what's wrong then.

Nicole - The whole world with the exception of you of course knows that Kristen DiMera is crazy; a whack job ... Brady - And you are the poster child for mental health I suppose. Nicole - And apparently it's contagious because you're just as crazy as she is now. Do you ever think of what she has done to your family. Do you really want to do the 'til death do you part thing. You do know that Kristen sees death as a viable alternative to divorce. Brady - I'm glad convent life has mellowed you out Nicole. Nicole - I just have to accept the fact that she's got her hooks in you but why would Eric want to marry the two of you. I can just imagine how she got this sicko idea ... Brady - It wasn't her idea. It was my idea.

Eric - FYI, guys like me aren't supposed to lie. Kristen - Good because I'm not asking you to lie. Eric - Yes you are. Why don't you just tell Brady you don't want to do this? Kristen - He asked you before he talked to me. Eric - Not a good reason to turn down this idea. Kristen - But I'm not asking you to lie. It's to spare Brady's feelings. This whole Precana wedding thing can't happen. It would just be a whole lot easier if it came from you.

Segment 2: Cam sees Abby outside the pub and turns to leave but she asks him not to go. Cam - Is everything okay with Chad; he seemed upset. Abby - Yeah, wouldn't you be too if you were going through everything he was going through. Cue f/b of Chad telling him he's dying. So he finally told you the truth. Abby - The truth?

Trask calls Chad DiMera to the stand. EJ asks Justin why she's calling Chad and ??? Sami - They knew I knew Bernardi and was lying about it. Sonny - She doesn't want to call anyone who might open the door to the money that was found in Bernardi's son's account. Chad is sworn in. Trask introduces the video as Exhibit A. She asks Chad if he recorded a video of Samantha Brady on May 7th of this year. Yes. Can you tell us who else was in the video. Chad - Det. Bernardi. Trask gets permission from the judge to play the video to show the jury what happened weeks before Det. Bernardi's murder.

Nicole is shocked that this was all Brady's idea. What is wrong with you? Brady - I forgot I'm being a friend here. I told you the truth but you're not being a friend. You're the president and founder of the Kristen DiMera Defamation Society and I'm sick of it. Nicole - I am your friend and I just want what's best for you and that's not to marry that woman. Brady doesn't want to hear any more. Nicole - Let's take Kristen out of the equation. Think about what this would do to Eric; asking him to marry you to a woman that tried to kill his mother. That hasn't slipped Brady's mind. We're all trying to move on here. Nicole - Fine then, move on. Marry her. Just leave Eric out of this. Don't put him in a position where he has to say no to you. Brady - I already asked him. Nicole - Then how did if feel to have your brother the priest laugh in your face. Brady - He didn't. As a matter of fact he's thinking about it. FYI Kristen is the problem. She's the one who has the issues with this and they're talking about it right now as we speak.

Eric isn't going to smooth her path. Kristen - Come on, I'm not asking you to knock over a bank. Eric - Why are you so against the idea? Seems to me you'd want me to be backing you up. Cue f/b of rape. Kristen - I just think the less time you and I spend together the better it will be for Brady, for me and for you.

Segment 3: Cam - I'm glad he finally told you. Abby - What do you mean finally? He tells me everything. He told me everything from the very beginning. Cam - Really? Abby - Yes. He doesn't want to testify against Will's mom but we knew he had to go to court sometimes. Cam - The trial! Abby - Yes. I really don't need you giving me trouble about Chad right now. Cam - What's wrong? Abby - Chad tried really hard to keep me out of this whole video thing. Why is everything so screwed up all the time! Cam - What is wrong? Abby - I should probably just tell you anyways. It's going to be all over the papers; I can't keep it secret. JJ ... I feel like I don't even know him anymore.

Trask makes a smart remark to Chad after they watch the video. The judge cautions her. She asks him if he made the video on his phone. Yes. Trask - Can you explain why you didn't come forward when Ms. Brady was first charged. Let me remind you that you lose your immunity if you lie under oath. Chad - It sort of made Ms. Brady look ... I mean it made it clear she knew the guy. Trask - You had to stop yourself from saying guilty just now, didn't you. Both Justin and the Judge object. Trask - Mr. DiMera, did your brother, Ms. Brady's fiancée, know about the video as well. Chad - Yes. Trask - What did he advise you to do? Chad - Leave it alone. Trask - In other words he advised you not to go to the police, is that correct? Chad - Yes. Trask - How would you describe Ms. Brady's demeanour during the attack? Justin starts to object ... Trask - In your judgement, Mr. DiMera, since you witnessed it in person. We need to make sure the camera didn't lie. The judge instructs him to answer the question. Chad - She was angry. Trask - Just one more question, Mr. DiMera. Why did you take this video? Chad - I thought it was funny. Trask - Now that the man she attacked in the video is dead do you still think it's funny? Justin objects. Trask - Withdrawn. I have no more questions for this witness. Justin has no questions for this witness at this time. Sami asks why he didn't cross examine him. Justin - Because anything Chad says would only dig you in deeper.

Will and Sonny are waiting to be called. Sonny tells Will to take a deep breath. It's going to be okay. Will feels this is all his fault. If I hadn't slept with Gabi then she wouldn't have been pregnant, the wedding wouldn't have blown up, his Mom wouldn't have broken up with Rafe and Rafe wouldn't have had sex with Kate and then Stefano wouldn't have come after Rafe. Sonny thinks that he doesn't see that that chain of thought is a little egocentric. All the choices that your mother and Rafe and Stefano and Kate ... don't matter. Just that you slept with Gabi. Think about the choices we've made and where those choices have led us. We get to go bed together every night and we get to wake up and take care of that beautiful baby girl. For the record, if we could go back and I could stop you from sleeping with Gabi, I wouldn't because I would lose too much that I love if that hadn't happened. Sonny is called to the stand. Will fantasizes that he's holding his daughter's hand as he tells her Grandma Sami is going to be here any minute. Ari is 3 or 4. Will tells Sonny they really should come more often. Sonny replies that they come as often as they come. Will knows - It's not enough. Prisoner Sami is led into the room. Sami's face is all bruised. Will asks what happened. Sami talks to Ari and hugs her. Will wants to know about the bruises; what are they doing to you? Sami tells him that no matter what happens this is not his fault. Promise that you won't feel guilty ... Will - What do you mean, no matter what happens? Sami - I can't spend the rest of my life like this. I just can't. The guard tells her times up and starts leading her away as Will protests and Sami tells him she loves him. Sonny tells Ari it's going to be okay.

Nicole - Okay, that's a good thing because as soon as Kristen opens her lying, hypocritical mouth Eric will realise what a selfish, self-destructive bitch she is. Brady - Yeah, what could be more selfish and destructive then establishing a scholarship fund for kids. Nicole - Oh please, that's just protective covering. Writing a cheque is not giving back, it's buying goodwill. I am your friend. Brady - Are you? Nicole - Yes! I just don't want to see Kristen hurt you again. Let's switch gears here. Please think about what you're doing to Eric. What kind of brother would put his own brother, a priest, who does everything for everyone else, in an impossible position. I'm not going to let you do this. Brady - It's not your call. It's not your business. Back off.

Eric doesn't understand why she wants to spend less time together. He thought they were working quite well together. Kristen agrees but contrary to other people's opinions, I do consider other people's feelings. How do you think Marlena felt when she found out Brady and I were engaged again. I've been afraid to ask how she took the news of the two of us working together. Eric - We've had better conversations. Kristen - Exactly. So you marrying me and Brady would only cause more pain and upset. Frankly I'm stunned you didn't shut him down when he initially proposed it. Eric - It crossed my mind. Kristen - So do it now. Eric - No. If you want to stop it, it's your choice.

Segment 4: Sonny is sworn in. Trask asks if it's okay if she calls him Sonny. She doesn't want the jury to get confused between the witness and the counsel for the defence. Sure. Trask - Now you like Mr. DiMera are testifying today with immunity. Sonny - Yes. Trask - Good thing. Criminal obstruction can result in some pretty severe sentencing. Sonny - I did not seek immunity. It was arranged without my knowledge. Trask scoffs - An advantage of having strong ties to the legal community. Sonny - It was your office that did it Miss Trask and I don't have any ties to you. Trask - What is your relationship to Chad DiMera? Sonny - Business partner. Trask - Do you remember what your business partner said to you when he gave you the video? Sonny - That I should know what I'm getting into to. Trask - I don't understand. Why would he warn you like that? Sonny - Sami Brady is Will Horton's mother. Trask - And what is your relationship to Ms. Brady's son. Sonny - He's my partner. Trask - I thought you just said Chad DiMera's your partner. Sonny - Chad DiMera is my business partner, Will is my life partner, my lover. Trask - And what instructions did EJ DiMera give you specifically in terms of your partner Will Horton. Sonny - He didn't want me to tell Will about it. Trask - So you didn't. Sonny - No, I did. Trask - So because of the video you knew when Ms. Brady said she didn't know Det. Bernardi that she was lying. Justin objects. Trask - Withdrawn. The answer goes without saying. She has no further questions. Justin - I just want to ask you for your reason or reasons for not sharing the video. Trask - Objection, beyond the scope. Judge - You opened the door Ms. Trask. He tells Sonny he can answer the question. Sonny - Because I knew that there was no way that Will's Mom could murder someone. I don't care what's on that video. I knew she was telling the truth when she said she was protecting Det. Hernandez. Justin has no further questions. Trask - Redirect Your Honour. Judge - What a surprise. Trask - Sonny, are you saying that Ms. Brady has never lied to you or to her son. The judge tells him to answer. Sonny - No, I'm not saying that. Trask has no more questions. Trask calls Will next.

Cam and Abby are inside the pub now. Abby - We have to find a lawyer for him. My Uncle Justin is busy with Will's Mom's case. My brother was dealing drugs. If he gets the wrong judge he could go to prison for years. Cam - Was he using? Abby - I don't know. I used to know everything about my brother and now he's a complete stranger to me. Cam - Just now, did you talk to Chad about this? Abby - No. I didn't want to stress him out before court. Cam - It's too bad. You need someone to talk to. Abby - Yeah, I'm talking to you now and you're being really nice to me even after ... Cam - Listen, we're friends no matter what. Can I say something to you as friend. With all that you're going through maybe now isn't the best time to get serious about anyone. Chad hears this.

Kristen - Why are you being like this? You've never made a secret of how much you hate Brady and I being together. Eric - A guy came to me and he said not only does he want my help, he wants God's blessing to get his marriage off to a holy start. How am I supposed to say no? Kristen - I so hate arguing with good people. Eric - If you and Brady are meant to share a life together I will not be the one who stands in the way. I'm not talking just as a couple but perhaps as a family. Maybe it's God's will for you to blessed with children of your own some day. From the way I've seen you work with the children here, you would make a wonderful mother.

Nicole - Yes, this is my call 'cause who else is going to look out for Eric; not you. He's the most selfless, giving, caring man that I have ever met and if you want to destroy your life and marry that lunatic ... why do you think God created Vegas! Just don't do this to him. He does not need the stress. He's your brother and he is too good and too kind to say no to you. Brady - I've tried to get through to you, I really have. I've tried to ignore all the vile things you say about Kristen but I can't do it anymore. I'm sick of listening to you. I'm sick of hearing what you have to say to me. I'm tired of trying to be your friend. You think Kristen and I are insane; why don't you take a deep look into a mirror. You're crazy and obsessed over my brother. Why don't you learn to let him go. Nicole is close to tears. Go to hell. She walks away.

Segment 5: Eric - I think I have finally shut you up with God's help of course. Kristen - So, you really think I'd make a good mom. Eric - If God chooses to bless you with children, I do. Kristen - Okay, so, if Brady and I are going to do this Precana thing, what does it entail?

Brady recalls Nicole's plea to think about what he's doing to Eric. He calls Eric but gets voicemail so he leaves the square.

Eric - Pre-marriage counselling is tailored to the couple but the 3 of us would meet several times. I would ask how you see your lives together. Kristen - I bet I'll get a good grilling. Eric will ask Brady some tough questions too. Kristen guesses Brady would have to explain what his feelings for her are to him. Eric - That's how it works. Kristen - Let me think about it and thank you for making me see beyond my initial objection. It gives me a different perspective. Maybe it could be a good thing. I will be in touch. Thanks. Goodbye. Outside the rectory she leaves a message. It's me. I need to see you immediately.

Abby greets Chad. How did it go? Chad - It was just about what I expected it to be. Abby gets a call she has to take. She steps away. Cam is going to leave but Chad stops him. What the hell are you trying to pull here?

Will enters the courtroom.

Kristen is in the park talking to Dr. Chyka. I could up seeing a lot more of Eric with Brady in the room. The doctor knows what she's worried about but he assures her that it won't make any difference.

Eric looks at the hotel receipt again. Cue f/b of rape yet again. Why does this keep happening to me. Nicole comes in. Eric, you can not be thinking about marrying Brady and Kristen.

Segment 6: Kristen - I'm sure you know what I'm about to say. You better be right about this Chyka. Dr - I keep telling you that you have nothing to worry about. Kristen - Just go back to that rock I found you under, okay. Have a nice day. She pulls out the flashdrive. I get rid of this I get rid of my one chance of shattering Marlena's complacent little life. But if I get rid of this maybe I can give myself a chance at a decent, happy life with Brady. Precana counselling. She looks up - Maybe You do have a sense of humour.

Eric - You don't get to come in here and tell me about Brady's relationship with Kristen. It's none of your business. You don't get to tell me what and what not to do. Nicole - I'm just looking out for you. Eric - No you're not. You're just doing what is best for you. As usual you don't care about anyone but yourself. Now would you just leave me alone. She leaves.

Chad - I heard what you said to Abigail about not getting too serious with me. So what, you pull away from her but you make sure she's just friends with me until I'm out of the picture. Cam - You don't know what she's going through. Chad - Obviously something's wrong but you thought it would be a good idea to take advantage of that! Cam - Look, I'm sorry you're sick but you won't talk to me about your treatment and you haven't told Abigail anything. Do you really think this is the right time for her to get even closer to you under these circumstances. Think about that. He leaves. Abby returns. Is everything okay.

Trask - So Will, did your mother ask you to lie for her, to cover up that she knew and hated Det. Bernardi, that she had physically attacked him? Will - No. Trask - Mr. Horton, my I remind you that you're under oath. Will - Well, my Mom would not murder anyone. She was trying to protect Rafe. The judge tells him he needs to answer the question and refrain from offering your opinion. I'll let it go this time but if it happens again I'll have to find you in contempt. Trask - Will, did your mother ask you to lie? Will - Yes. Trask - Did she ask you to lie to the police? Will - Yes she did.

Segment 7: Trask - Thanks for being honest with us. I have no further questions. Justin has no questions at this time. Will tells Sonny - I don't want to hurt her but that's what I keep doing. If she goes to jail it will be my fault. Sonny hugs him. Sami - Why is she doing this? Justin - She's spending as much time as she can doing the character assignation to keep away from the evidence incriminating Bernardi. Kate Roberts is called. Sami - Great, this day has been a nightmare; now it's going to get worse.

Chad tells Abby is fine. Now I want you to tell me what happened. Why are you so upset. I want to help you any way I can. Abby thanks him. Cam watches as Chad strokes Abby's hair.

Brady asks Eric if he's heard anything about the trial. Eric's been calling his Dad but it keeps going straight to voicemail. Brady thinks he put Eric in a bad position. He didn't mean to get him involved in all this. Eric - Kristen and I talked. Maybe this counselling and marrying you thing is a good idea. Kristen is going to think about it. Brady - Wow. Eric - Yeah, who knew that Kristen would be the one to bring us closer together.

Kristen continues talking to herself. So maybe with just a little bit of counselling I could let go of the past. Nicole sees Kristen fingering the flashdrive. What the hell is that?


Tuesday Sep 10

Segment 1: Brady tells Eric he's happier than he's been in a long, long time. Eric wonders if he, Brady and Sami will ever be happy at the same time. He's just anxious to hear how the trial is going. Brady comments that it's too bad it's closed to the public. Eric wishes they could all be there. Brady asks about the remark Eric made about the 3 of them being happy at the same time. Are you okay?

Kristen puts the flashdrive back in her purse after Nicole asks her what it is. She didn't know anyone was here. Nicole - I know. You were too busy staring at whatever that was in your hand. Kristen - It's really nothing. Nicole - If it's nothing then why did you shove it back in your bag the second you heard my voice and why are you trying not to look like I just caught you with your hand in the cookie jar.

Dan is with Jordan and Rafe signing some papers. You are now free to leave the hospital. Enjoy your furlough. Rafe wishes he was doing something more fun than testifying at Sami's trial. Jordan wishes he had chosen to testify over closed circuit TV; it would have been much easier on him. She leaves to arrange for the van. Dan thinks Jordan is right. This is going to be hard on you. Rafe - I've seen closed circuit testimony and it's not nearly as effective as being there in person. Sami saved my life; this is the least I can do to help her. Dan is curious to know how far Rafe is willing to go for Sami.

Kate is sworn in. Sami whispers - She wouldn't know the truth if it hit her in her face. EJ - It's in her best interest to be truthful. Sami - Are you kidding me! She'd be thrilled if I were put away for life.

Eric - She's a loving mother of 4, 3 under the age of 10; how would you sleep? Brady - I get it. Take it easy. I just sense something. Cue f/b of rape. Brady can tell something besides Sami is on his mind so stop jerking him about it. You can confide in me. It won't leave this room. You have my word. Eric thanks him. I think the best thing for me to do is letting it go and stop dwelling on it. Brady tells him that doesn't work; he's tried it. The best thing you can do is let it out. Why don't you tell me what's going on. Eric - Maybe I should.

Kristen gets defensive. I don't owe you an explanation about anything. Nicole - Not anything, just whatever you shoved in your purse. Kristen - Haven't we been down this road before when you found me holding a pregnancy test and it kind of blew up in your face when I reminded you I can't have children. And then you ran to Daniel and told him Jennifer was pregnant only she wasn't. Mind your own business. Nicole - Fine, you set me straight about the whole pregnancy thing but you certainly are avoiding the subject right now. And in spite of your best efforts Bambi, you still have that deer in the headlights look so ... Kristen pulls out the flashdrive. It's a flashdrive. My company has a big deal this afternoon and on this flashdrive is information about the negotiations so are you happy. Nicole - I would be if I believed a word of that garbage.

Trask holds up an evidence bag. This is a 9mm pistol. Have you ever seen it before? Kate - Yes I bought that gun. Trask - For what purpose? Kate - To give as a gift. Trask - To whom? Kate - To Sami Brady. Trask enters the gun into evidence. Ms. Roberts, the defence has already stipulated that the gun I showed you is the same gun that killed Det. Bernardi. My question to you is why would you give a lethal weapon as a gift? Kate - I gave it as an engagement gift as sort of a joke. Trask - I don't find it humourous. It was used to kill a man in cold blood. Justin - Objection. Trask rephrases - Can you explain what was supposed to be funny about that gift. Kate - I told Sami it may come in handy as protection someday. Trask - From? Kate - From her fiancé, EJ DiMera.

Segment 2: Eric tells Brady he keeps having the same dream over and over. That's another reason why he's not getting a whole lot of sleep. Brady - What kind of dream? Eric - It goes back to when I was sick. Brady - Are you still having symptoms? Eric - That's just it, I'm fine. Brady - Daniel seems to think you were poisoned. Eric - Daniel is convinced that I was poisoned. Brady - No wonder you're having awful dreams. Who the hell would do that to you! Eric - If I knew the answer to that I think I wouldn't be having the dream.

Kristen gets sarcastic. You don't believe me; that hurts me. After working together on those scholarships I thought we had created a bond that would last a lifetime. Nicole - Funny. No matter how hard you try to do the good person thing inevitably, without fail, you are up to no good and you are hiding something. Kristen - Would you shut up ... Fr. Matt walks up and greets them. He talks to Kristen about the school and the scholarship recipients and how her generosity will help those children. Kristen wishes she could help more. Fr. Matt - Maybe you can help Jennifer Horton. You're a friend of hers right? Kristen is. What's wrong with Jennifer.

Dan - I know EJ was here to see you. I'm sure he reminded you of everything you owe Sami. Rafe - You think! Bottom line, I'm here. I get to spend time with my niece and be here for my sister and that's because of Sami. Sami's got a family too. I do not want to see her taken away from those kids. She's innocent. Dan - You can't testify to what happened with Sami and Bernardi, you know that. You were unconscious. Rafe - That's not what EJ wants. Dan - He spelled it all out, did he? Rafe - Obviously Sami's case hinges on proving that Bernardi was on the take so EJ wants me to remember something from when we worked together; something that would prove it. I'm not going to do it. I'm not going to stand up there and lie. Dan - I'm sure he took that well. Rafe - He reminded me that you and I had no problem lying when Nicole was pregnant with his baby. Dan - If that baby had lived we might both still be lying. Rafe - As far as I'm concerned there's a big difference in lying to keep a child from EJ's influence than lying under oath. Dan - And that's because of what could happen to you. If you get tripped up on that stand ... Rafe - The jury could turn and convict her right then and there. Dan - Well if you believe Sami's version of what happened ... Rafe - I do. Dan - Then the best thing to do IMO is tell the truth. Rafe - That's what I intend to do and hopefully everyone else does as well then Sami may stand a chance.

Trask - Did you believe that in becoming involved with EJ DiMera Samantha Brady had reason to fear for her life? Kate - As I said before the gun was an attempt at humour. Trask - A loaded weapon is hardly a gag gift. Kate - I have a rather dark sense of humour. Trask - Even so, surely there had to be some basis for the joke. Were you saying that Samantha Brady would have to accustom herself to a world which violence is a way of life? Justin - Objection. Not only is counsel leading the witness but she's attempting to use the reputation of the DiMera family name to smear my client. Judge - Sustained. Find another line of questioning Ms. Trask. Trask - Where were you the night Samantha Brady shot and killed Det. Bernardi? Kate - In the hospital in Gabi Hernandez's room. Trask - You've heard the defendant's version of events, did they even remotely jive with what you saw with your own eyes?

Segment 3: Dan sees Vic get off the elevator near the nurse's station and asks him what he's doing here. Vic - What do you think ... bleeding more money. Dan - At least you're not sick. Vic - Never felt better. When can I see Parker? Dan - Whenever you want, just don't corrupt him. Vic - Maggie told me someone did a real job on Jennifer Horton's son. He got busted. Dan - Yeah that's what I hear. Vic - That's not all that Maggie told me. Dan - So you know about Jennifer and me. I'd rather not talk about it. Vic - You can listen. No woman should have to deal with a troubled son all alone. Dan - Okay. Once I heard I went to the police station. Jennifer was handling things just fine. Vic - Forget the kid. I'd like to see you as happy as Maggie and I are. You deserve it, so does Jennifer and you know me ... I don't say that about everyone.

Fr. Matt - I'm sorry, I thought you knew. Kristen - What happened to Jennifer? Nicole - JJ got arrested for dealing drugs and she didn't call her bff! Kristen - JJ was arrested. When did this happen? Fr. Matt - This morning. JJ was caught in the act. It seems he's been hanging out with a fast crowd. Jennifer knew nothing about it. Kristen - She must be a wreck. I'm going to find her. Thank you so much for telling me Father. She leaves. Nicole - At least Jennifer knows what her son's been up to. It's better then being in the dark. Fr. M - Yes. Nicole tells him she'll see him at the rectory. Fr. M was wondering if they could talk for a minute. Nicole says for him she'll give more than a minute. Fr. M - It's about Eric and what you can do to help.

Eric - I should just stop obsessing about it. It just seems so selfish of me when my sister's whole life is kind of on the line right now. Brady - Your sister Sami would be the first to say get to the bottom of it. Eric - Daniel keeps coming up with dead ends. I'm no help. Nicole didn't see anyone when she found me when I was sick. Brady - Maybe she did see someone. Eric - She would have told me. Brady - Maybe she hasn't put it together yet. It doesn't hurt to ask her again. Eric - You're right. Brady has to go. I'm going to get on this for you. You deserve some answers. I'm going to make sure you find them. Eric - Thanks.

Justin - Objection. Counsel is practically instructing the witness to say my client is lying. Judge - Sustained. You're on thin ice Ms. Trask. She apologises. Trask - When did you enter the room where Det. Bernardi was shot? Kate - After I heard the gun go off Gabi and I ran there. Ms. Trask - Who else came into the room? Kate - EJ DiMera was there. Kayla Brady was there and a nurse; they were attending to Det. Bernardi. Trask - And was the defendant still there? Kate - Yes and Rafe Hernandez. It was his room but he was comatose. He wasn't aware of what was going on. Trask - And when you saw the defendant was she holding the gun that you gave her. Kate - Yes. Trask - And did she say anything. Kate - She said that Det. Bernardi was trying to kill Rafe and that's why she shot him. Trask - Did she say how she knew that? Kate - She said that she saw him holding a knife or at least she thought it was a knife at that point. Trask - Did you see the weapon anywhere? Kate - It was chaos in that room. It was crowded; so crowded within minutes. Trask - That's not what I asked you. Did you see any sign of the weapon Ms. Brady said Det. Bernardi had in his hand when he was shot. Kate - No I saw nothing like that. Trask has no more questions.

Segment 4: Jordan - If you're determined to testify in court it's my job to make sure you get there and back safely. Rafe appreciates that. Jordan - The woman on trial, she's your ex-wife. That can't be easy; testifying against someone you used to be married to. Rafe - I was called by the prosecutor. I don't remember anything that happened that night so there's nothing I can say that will hurt Sami. Jordan - Well that's good I guess. Rafe - I appreciate your concern. Jordan - My concern is how all of this will affect your progress. You have to be 100% committed to the program I have you on or you won't get anywhere. I'll be back when it's time to leave.

When Justin gets up to cross examine Kate Sami asks EJ if there's a chance she could be up to something. EJ - Just leave it to Justin. Justin - What brought you to the hospital on the night of the shooting? Kate - I'd come to visit Rafe. Justin - Did you visit him often? Kate - Yes. Rafe and I are friends. Justin - You made regular visits to a comatose man who had no idea you were there. You must be very good friends. Kate - If that's your way of asking if we were involved, yes we were and before the beating sent him to the hospital we were lovers. Justin - Now is it correct that you were the first one to find Det. Hernandez after the beating. Kate - Yes. Justin - And you called 911 and stayed there until help arrived. Kate - Yes. Justin - It must have been a very frightening time. Kate - Yes it was. Justin - And during that time did you ever wonder who might possibly be responsible for this terrible beating to your lover. Kate - Of course I did. Justin - Did you come to any conclusions? Kate - I was convinced it was ex-husband. Justin - Please state his name for the record. Kate - Stefano DiMera. Justin - And what did you suspect was his motive. Trask - Relevance, Your Honour. Justin - I'm asking for the same leeway given to the Special Prosecutor. I just want to pursue a line of questioning that bolsters the defence's theory of the case. Judge - You opened the door Ms. Trask but please get to the point. You may answer the question Ms. Roberts. Kate - He was a very jealous man. Justin - And was Mr. DiMera in fact responsible for what happened to Det. Hernandez. Kate - No. Justin - Did he even know about your affair with Det. Hernandez? Kate - Not until I confronted him after Rafe was attacked. I made the mistake of telling him myself. Justin - And how much time elapsed between the moment Stefano DiMera learned about your affair and the moment my client used the gun you gave her to shoot Joseph Bernardi in order to keep him killing your lover? Trask - Your honour, that is pure speculation. The jury has heard no evidence which suggests a link ... she stops. Judge - Please state your objection Ms. Trask. Sami whispers - What's going on? EJ - He's got her.

Nicole sits down on a bench with the priest. You said you want to talk about Eric but you sound so serious. Fr. Matt - Sami's in jail on trial for killing a policeman and she could go to jail for the rest of her life. Eric is overwhelmed with worry. Nicole - Believe me, I know. I see what it's doing to him and you know the sad thing is I don't think Sami even cares. Fr. Matt - I've known Sami a long time. She loves her brother. Nicole - I've had a long history with Sami too and I beg to differ with you. The only person Sami has ever cared about is Sami. Fr. Matt - I didn't ask you to talk so we could discuss Sami; it's Eric and what you can do for him. Nicole - I'd do anything for him but what do you mean? Fr. Matt - I don't know if you're aware of this but Eric has other things on his mind besides Sami.

Dan is at home going over Eric's blood analysis reports. Someone knocks. It's Kristen. Have you seen Jen? Dan - She's probably still at the police station. Kristen - I just heard about JJ. May I please come in. Dan waves her in. Kristen - She's not answering her phone or returning calls. Is she okay? Dan - Okay as a woman can be when your teenage son could be charged with a felony. Kristen gasps. Have you seen her? Dan - Yeah I was at the police station but I couldn't stay; I got called into surgery. Kristen - And you're saying JJ might be charged with a felony. Dan - They don't know that for sure but this isn't simple possession; he was actually dealing. Kristen - Is he going to get out on bail? Dan - When I left Jennifer was still trying to sort all that out. Kristen - Well she just must be a wreck. Dan - I probably shouldn't be talking about her with you. I'm sure she's going to call you back as soon as she gets a chance. Parker makes a noise so Dan goes to check on him after putting the blood analysis report on the table.

Segment 5: Dan returns with Parker. Dan introduces Kristen and Parker. Kristen is going to go and try and find Jennifer. Dan is sorry he couldn't help. Kristen - Maybe you can. It's not about JJ or Jennifer actually. It's about me.

Fr. Matt - Eric has a number of personal problems. He feels none of them can be solved. It's very hard for a priest. Nicole - I have to admit I haven't exactly been easy on him so I will try to back off. Fr. Matt - There's something you can do. Nicole - Name it. Fr. Matt - Eric seems obsessed with what happened to him when he got sick. These unanswered questions are eating at him. This is something he may never understand. We have to help him accept that.

Eric pulls out the matchbook from the hotel.

Nicole - I get what you're saying Fr. Matt and you can count on me.

Dan - Is it a medical question? Kristen - I have an issue and I was referred to a Dr. Dunstall and a Dr. Green. I was wondering if you had heard anything about them. Dan - They're fertility specialists. Kristen - I know. I was told a long time ago that I couldn't get pregnant but there's been so many advances ... since I'm about to get married again. Dan - Wow. Kristen - Brady and I talked about adoption but before we start that process I'd like to ... Dan - Be absolutely sure you can't have one of your own. Kristen - Exactly. I know it would take a miracle but clearly miracles happen.

Brady strides into the K mansion living room and sees Vic. Good, you're here. Vic - You haven't greeted me like that in a while. Brady - I owe you an apology. Vic - For what. Brady - Well things have been happening pretty fast in my world and there's some news I should have given you before. Vic - You're engaged. Brady - You heard. Vic - Secrets don't last long in this town. Brady - I don't like the word secret. It kind of means I'm hiding something. I love her. It's as simple as that. That's why I'm doing this. Vic - I can see that so congratulations. Brady - I know I've got a long way to go before people believe I know what I'm doing but you should know as far as this marriage is concerned, I'm kicking it old school as they say. Posting of the Banns, Precana counselling, the whole nine yards. Vic - You can't be serious. Brady - Completely serious. Ask Eric. Vic - You and Kristen are seriously talking a church wedding! He laughs.

Trask - I withdraw my objection. Sami - What does that mean? What happened? EJ - She figured out what he was trying to do. The judge asks Kate if she needs the question restated. Kate - No. It was a few weeks after I told Stefano about Rafe and me Sami saw Det. Bernardi in Rafe's room and shot him. Justin - Thank you. Nothing further. Justin sits down - Can't blame a guy for trying. Sami - Explain to me what that was all about. EJ - Trask was about to suggest that we had not been able to establish a link between Stefano and Bernardi. It would have created an opportunity for us to introduce the money in Timothy Bernardi's account. The judge asks Ms. Trask if she wishes to redirect. Trask - Yes. I have one more question. You presented Samantha Brady with a gun. Is that because you had knowledge of her using one in the past. Kate - Well it's a matter of public record she shot a man named Allan Harris. That was years ago. Trask - What about recently? Kate - No. The only person she shot was Det. Bernardi. Trask - I didn't ask you if she shot anyone. I asked you if she had used a gun; threatened someone? Kate looks uncomfortable. Well ... Trask - Ms. Roberts, you are under oath. Kate - Isn't there some kind of ruling about hearsay. The judge instructs her to answer the question. Kate - I was told by a very unreliable source that she threatened him with a gun. Trask - Does this source have a name? Kate - Nick Fallon.

Segment 6: Nicole returns to the rectory. Listen, I shot my mouth off about you marrying Kristen and Brady and I shouldn't have. I'm sorry. Eric - It's alright. Nicole - No it's not. You have enough going on without me piling on ... I'm sorry. Eric - I know you did it because you care about Brady and me. I understand. Nicole - Thank you. Eric - Do you have a minute. I'd just like to ask you some questions. Please sit. Nicole - Is this about Sami's trial. Did something happen? Eric - Not that I know of. I just have some questions about the night I got sick and you came to my rescue.

Kristen says her talking about having a baby is crazy. Dan points out that miracles do happen. Chloe was told she'd never become pregnant. Kristen - Thanks for being so understanding. Dan tells her those doctors are good. Kristen asks him not to mention it to Brady. She doesn't want to get his hopes up. Parker knocks some stuff off the table. Kristen picks up the medical report. Oh my goodness, is there something wrong with Fr. Eric?

Trask has no more questions. The judge calls for a short break before the next witness is called. Trask tells her assistant to track down Nick Fallon. I want to add him to the witness list. Justin - You pulled a gun on Nick Fallon! Is there no limit to what you'll do? Tell me what happened. Sami - It was nothing. The gun wasn't even loaded. Justin - The jury won't think it was nothing. Did you see the look on their faces. How am I supposed to mount a defence for you when you keep surprising me. EJ - I don't know Justin, why don't you remind the jury that he's a convicted murderer. Justin - I have to make a phone call. Please try not to pull a gun on anyone else before I get back. EJ - It's not that big of a deal. Don't get too upset. Sami - I'm already upset about something else. I'm upset because Justin intimated to me that he was suspicious about where the money in Timothy's account came from. Do you know about that. EJ - The only thing that matters is getting it into testimony and then letting it blow the prosecutor's case apart. Sami - You did that, didn't you? OMG, what if it backfires? He's right. The jury already hates me. They're not nuts about you either. EJ - Calm down okay. It's under control.

When Kate sees Rafe in the hallway she goes up to him but the guard tells are that witnesses aren't allowed to talk to one another. (How come that didn't apply to Sonny and Will?) Rafe tells Kate it's going to be okay.

Sami - How did you do it? Please tell me you're not personally involved. She turns when the door is opened and Jordan wheels in Rafe.

Segment 7: Vic - You're actually going to do this whole Precana nonsense. Brady - It's not nonsense. If you want to get married in the church and we do ... Vic - How long is this going to take? Brady - I don't know. It's up to Eric. Vic - And you and Kristen plan to take his counselling to heart? Brady - Absolutely. He's a priest. He's a trustworthy guy. My feeling is if he can see why Kristen and why want to be together and believe in the love we have for each other, I think the whole town will follow suit sooner or later. I see the look on your face. I know you're not happy about this but I really am and the countdown to the wedding is on. Brady gets a call from the London office. He steps out of the room to take it. Vic snarks - A wedding to a psychopath, now there's something to celebrate. He makes a call. Marlena, Brady has informed me that the countdown is on. A full on church wedding of which your son has agreed to officiate. You know what that means! That means that Father Eric has lost his marbles. I thought Brady had the market cornered on lunacy but apparently there's enough to go around both sides of the family. I have no idea what to do but you and I better get together and figure it out because it has to be now.

Dan take the report. No, Eric is fine; nothing to worry about. Kristen says goodbye to Parker and leaves. Outside Kristen frets. Great! So you're back at it Doctor; still trying to figure out what happened to Eric. Guess what - the answers are right here - she pulls out the flashdrive. Nobody's going to get them unless I want them to.

Eric - I just can't get that night out of my mind. It's undermining the performance of my duties here. Nicole - I already told you everything. Eric - I just thought if you and I went over the details maybe something that slipped your mind or didn't seem important ... Nicole - I told you everything. Unfortunately there's not much more. Eric - You had to ask the desk clerk for my room number. Nicole states there's nothing new. You're just going to have to accept that. She has a meeting she has to get to. Eric thinks the meeting doesn't start for an hour but she leaves. Eric - What's going on with Nicole?

Rafe is about to be sworn in. Rafe struggles to raise his hand. The judge tells him that's good enough. Sami looks upset at seeing how Rafe had to struggle.


Wednesday Sep 11

Segment 1: Nick is sitting with his laptop open at one of the tables in the square when Maggie comes up and joins him. She asks him if he's settled in his new place. He is, he loves it. Maggie - All you have to do is get a job. Nick is working on that one. Maggie offers to give him a reference. She notices the photo of Gabi in his papers. Do you want to tell me what's really going on?

Gabi joins Abby in the pub and notices she's crying. What's wrong? Abby - Everything.

Chad is in the park with Theo. He has a boomerang type toy. He throws it but it doesn't come back. Theo - Did you keep the receipt? Chad says he probably threw it wrong. Theo - That's mom's tree. She used to let me climb it. I miss her. Cam walks up - So do I.

Sonny and Will are playing with Ari when Kate comes over. I need to see that baby and give her a hug. Will asks how her testimony went. Kate - It could have gone better. Will - Who's on the stand now? Kate - They just called Rafe so maybe he can help Sami.

Trask asks Rafe what he did for a living before he was injured. Rafe - I was, I am a detective with the Salem P.D. Trask - And before that. Rafe - I was a field agent with the FBI for 15 yrs. Trask - Did you work with Joseph Bernardi? Rafe - Yes. Trask - And what is your relationship to the defendant? Rafe - She's my ex-wife. Trask - That puts you in a unique position here, doesn't it? You have more intimate knowledge of the victim and the defendant then anyone we could possibly call. Justin - Objection. Counsel is testifying. Judge - Sustained. Trask - Det. as an officer of the court you are sworn to tell the truth are you not? Rafe - Yes. Trask - And the truth is you've lied for Samantha Brady in the past, haven't you? Justin - Your Honour, I'm confused. Is counsel attempting to discredit her own witness? Trask - Your Honour, all I wish to do is establish a complete and full picture of the witness's relationship to both the victim and defendant. I think the jury should hear the lengths this man has been willing to go to in the past ... Justin - Objection. If counsel is so eager to testify herself I suggest she take the witness stand. Judge - Counsellors, it's late in the day. We'd all like to get through this in one piece. Now please, you know the rules. Objection overruled but the prosecutor's commentary will be stricken. Proceed. Trask asks Rafe if he'd like her to repeat the question. No. Trask - Det. would you like to answer the question? Rafe - No. Trask - No what? Rafe - No I would not like to answer the question. Trask - Permission to treat the witness as hostile. Judge - Granted. Trask - Det. is it true that you lied for Samantha Brady in the past. Rafe - Yes, I have.

Segment 2: Trask - Please tell the court what the lie or lies you told for Miss Brady entailed. Justin - Your Honour, this is absurd. The witness and the defendant were married ... Trask - Your Honour, this goes to the credibility ... Judge - Which is why the State can inquire as to the nature of the lies. Please keep it brief. Trask - Isn't it a fact that you aided and abetted Miss Brady in a potential crime while she was pregnant with EJ DiMera's child. Rafe - We did not commit a crime. Trask - Then let's focus on the lie. What did you do for Miss Brady? Rafe - I lied to help Sami keep her daughter Grace Rafaela from her father, EJ DiMera.

Theo shows Cam the boomerang. Cam tells him if he goes over there away from the trees it would work better. Theo runs off. Chad comments that he couldn't get Theo away from this spot. Cam - Because that's Lexie's tree. You know Chad, you need to prepare him. Chad - For? Uh ... the kid lost his mom last year. Do you want me to tell him his uncle could die too? Cam - No but you should tell your family you're sick. You need to let people help you.

Gabi - So JJ's still in jail right now? Abigail - It's such a nightmare. I feel like such a fool. He played me as well as he played mom. I should have known he was in trouble. It was so obvious. Gabi - You think that now but honestly you don't think that at the time. My brother always felt guilty. He thought that he should have known my sister was dealing when she got arrested. Abby - Wait, what? Gabi - You didn't know that? That's how she ended up working for the cops. She got arrested, went to prison and then she got a deal. Abby - JJ can't go to prison. He's just a kid. Look what happened to Nick.

Nick wants Maggie to give her word that they'll keep this between the two of them. Maggie can't promise him that until he tells her what it is. Nick - It's a good thing. I'm trying to help Gabi get back into modelling. It was her dream. It was all she wanted before she got pregnant and before we got together. Maggie - What's the big secret? Nick - Gabi doesn't know. I don't want her to get her hopes up if it doesn't pan out. Maggie smiles. You're still in love with her, aren't you?

Will doesn't understand. What could you say that would hurt mom. Kate - The prosecutor asked if I'd ever seen or heard Sami using a gun and I had to admit that yes I heard she had threatened someone with a gun. Will - Who did she threaten? Kate - Nick Fallon.

Trask - So you willingly lied for Samantha Brady in the past. Rafe - Yes. Trask - And did you lie under oath for Miss Brady? Rafe - No. Trask - As an officer of the court you couldn't do that without endangering your job, your pension, your health benefits, isn't that true? Rafe - Yes it is. Trask - So, was Det. Joseph Bernardi a friend of yours. Rafe - Colleague. He was a co-worker. Trask - He was much more than that, wasn't he? The State offers these as Exhibit C. These are records of text messages between you and Joe Bernardi. Messages about covering a shift so Joe could go to his son's Little League game. Rafe - I did a favour for a co-worker. Trask - There are also numerous receipts from both your account and Joe Bernardi's which indicate you shared at least 9 meals together in the last year. So I ask you again were you and Joe Bernardi friends. Rafe - We were friendly colleagues. Trask - How long did you work together? Rafe - A little bit over 2 yrs. Trask - And in all that time did you ever see or hear anything that would make you think that Joe Bernardi was anything other than an honest, loyal officer of the Salem P.D. Rafe - No, I didn't.

Segment 3: Nick - This is so embarrassing. Gabi and I are close. I learned from my mistakes. I'm not trying to control Gabi. Maggie - Are you sure? Nick - Yeah. I sent out some pictures and some resumes and if an offer comes in I'll give it to Gabi and she can do whatever she wants. Maggie - I understand that you need to make amends. Nick - So between us? Maggie - I won't say anything to Gabi. She gives him a hug and says goodbye. Nick looks at Gabi's photo. I'm going to make this happen for you.

Gabi - JJ is a minor; it's his first offence. He's not going to go to prison. Abby - I don't want my brother to be damaged but I'm scared that if he just walks that he could get himself into even worse trouble. Gabi - Yeah you want him to get enough punishment to learn a lesson but you want enough help to keep him clean. Abby - Yeah. I have to do more for him somehow. Gabi - You will and you have to let your friends help you. You've got me and Will and Sonny and you've got Cameron and Chad. Still juggling, right? Abby - Not exactly. Cameron and I are still friends. Gabi - You chose Chad. Abby - No, actually Cameron kind of decided for me.

Chad - I'm sorry to disappoint you but I'm not checking out anytime soon. Cam - That's good. How's treatment going? Chad - The doctor seems happy. Cam - What's the protocol? Chad - I don't know the medical terms. It's some experimental thing. I just do what they tell me. Cam - Is there some sort of staff support like maybe a shrink. Chad - Let it go; I don't need any help. Cam - I'm just saying ... Chad - You're saying too much especially to Abigail. She made her choice man, okay. Cam - I don't want to see her hurt. Chad - How am I going to hurt her? By dying? Theo walks up - Who's dying?

Will - How do you know that? Kate - Because Nick told me. Sonny sneers - Then it must be true. Kate - That's for other people to decide. I had to give them something. Sonny - This sucks. Nick is lying to hurt your mom. Will - What did he say exactly? Kate - He said that she waved a gun at him and told him to stay away from her and her family. Sonny - It sounds like he exaggerated a fight when he was at odds with out family and that's certainly how it has to sound when he's on the stand because the prosecution is going to subpoena him now for sure. Will asks Kate if she minds watching Ari for a while. Kate would love to do that. Would you mind if I took her by to see Rafe after he gets back from court. Will - Of course not. Will and Sonny leave. Kate tells Ari - You're Uncle Rafe is going to need to see a friendly face today.

Trask - In your experience, was Joe Bernardi a good cop? Rafe - Yes but I was in a coma the night he was shot. Trask - Yes you were so you don't have any memories of the actual shooting and the aftermath. Rafe - No. Trask - And when you woke and discovered that a fellow detective had been killed, how did you react? Rafe - I was shocked 'til I heard why. Trask - Det. listen carefully to the question. Do you have personal knowledge or personal reason to believe there was any reason on God's green earth for Joe Bernardi to want you dead? Rafe - No. Trask has no more questions.

Segment 4: Abby - Cam kept making excuses; saying he had to focus on his career; that he didn't have time for anything besides work. Gabi - He found time to work at the club in Chicago. So you settled? Abby - No, I didn't mean it to sound like that. I'm happy with Chad. He's great. He's sweet and romantic and he has no questions. Gabi - When he's in to someone, that's it. Abby - Exactly and that's how I am too. Okay, that's how I want to be. Gabi - So this is good, right? What? Abby - Nothing. I just think there's something Cameron's not telling me. Gabi - Like what? Abby - I'm not sure but he basically told me not to get serious with Chad.

Chad - I'm dying to learn how you do that boomerang; it looked pretty good. Theo - It's all in the wrist. Chad - Can you show me? Theo does. Chad tries it. Theo - You need to practice. He goes to get the toy. Chad - You see how close that was. You need to back off. Cam - No, you're family and I'm going to dog you relentlessly if you're not doing everything you can to get better. He leaves.

Kate and Ari are ready to leave. Kate opens the door and Maggie is there. What are you doing here? Maggie - You knew I was coming for a visit, didn't you. Sonny and Will knew I was coming. Kate - They're not here and they didn't tell me. They have a lot going on so I'm ... Maggie - I'll just leave my lemon bars and have a little visit with Miss Arianna. Kate - I was just going out. Maggie - I won't keep you long.

Justin - Det. do you believe Sami Brady could shoot Joe Bernardi in cold blood? Rafe - No. Sami saved my life. Trask - Objection. Your Honour, we just established that this witness has no direct knowledge of that night. Judge - Sustained. Justin - Det. if Joe Bernardi was a dirty cop would you or anyone else in the department necessarily know that? Rafe - No. Not in our dept. Cops know what another cop would look for. Anyone who was on the take would have to be really good at hiding it or else they'd lose their job. Justin - Thank you. Nothing further. Trask - Redirect Your Honour. Even as an experienced investigator did you have any suspicion that Joe Bernardi was dirty? Rafe - No. Trask - Even now you have no evidence of any kind that Joe Bernardi was anything other than a good, clean cop. Isn't that true? Rafe - Yes. Trask - Nothing further. The judge adjourns for the day.

Segment 5: Chad comes over to the Horton house and tells Abby he'd thought he'd come and see if there was any news on JJ. Abby - My mom's meeting with the lawyer right now. Chad - Can I distract you for an hour or so. He pulls out two bottles of champagne. I have to carry one of these at the club; I need your help. Abby points to a bottle - If I ever felt like drinking early it would be that one. Chad - I hope it's a lot more fun then it sounded. Abby - It will be. You brought bubbles.

Cam is in the park thinking about kissing Abby.

Chad pours them champagne. Chad - How's yours? Abby - A little sweet. Chad - Some people like that. Abby - I like something with a little more bite and substance. She holds up a bottle - Something like this. Chad - Not just sweet then. Abby - Right. Chad - It's hard to find those 2 things in the same place. Abby agrees. They kiss.

Jordan goes to Rafe. Rafe - I blew it. Jordan - You told the truth. That's all you could do. Rafe - Let's go.

Maggie is playing with Ari and talking to her. Where's your great-grandmother Kate taking you? Kate - Maggie, I'm right here. Talk to the face. I'm taking her to see her Uncle Rafe. Maggie - How's he doing? Kate - He was doing better up until today when he was called to testify at Sami's trial. Maggie - That must be killing him. He does know that she shot that man to save him. Kate - Yes as he's constantly reminded. Maggie - He must be very grateful. It's a miracle that Sami had a gun in the first place ... Kate - I have to go. Maggie - Okay, give Rafe our love.

Nick looks up from his table to see Gabi there. I'm glad you could make it. Gabi - I'm going to see Rafe. Nick - I thought maybe you needed help with your classes. Gabi - I got smart and took a lighter load this semester. I need to get a job. Nick - Really. Will and Sonny walk up and say hello. Gabi asks where's Ari. Will - Kate has her and she's taking her to go see Rafe. Do you mind if we have a minute alone with Nick. Nick tells her it's okay. I'll call you later. Gabi leaves. Nick - What's up? Will - You need to stop trying to incriminate my mom.

EJ - Well? Justin - Didn't help, that's for sure. EJ - I can't believe that bloody idiot walked into that trap. Sami - Was it really that bad? Justin - Once Melinda got Rafe declared a hostile witness she could ask him leading questions and it made everything he said against you weigh that much more. EJ - Once we get Bernardi's evidence on record, things will change. Justin - Assuming it holds up, yes. I'll see you in the morning. He leaves. EJ - It's early. Things always look the worse at this point. Sami and EJ talk about Johnny and his football game and Ali's math homework. Sami is cuffed and led out.

Segment 6: EJ is calling up instructions to the kids as he walks down the stairs. Lights out in half an hour.

Sami is in her cell looking at the kids pictures.

EJ opens his briefcase and finds a letter from Sami.

Chad breaks the kiss. I know this is a weird time for you. I don't want to take advantage of you right now. Abby - You're not. You're being my friend; the guy I can say anything to; the guy who doesn't make me wonder how he feels. Chad - Sounds boring. Abby - No, it's what I need, what I want. They kiss.

Cam stares at Abby's picture on his phone.

Chad - The funny thing is I haven't even begun to show you how I feel. He kisses Abby again and they recline on the couch.

Rafe is back in his hospital bed. He tells Jordan - I blew it. If I had just answered Trask straight out she couldn't have asked the questions that she did. Jordan holds up her hand - Make a fist and push as hard as you can. Okay rest. Rafe - No I want to work. Jordan - The trip to the courthouse was enough. You've already set yourself back. Rafe - All the more reason I need to do this. Kate comes in with Ari. We know exactly what Uncle Rafe needs. Jordan - Perfect timing. Spend some time with your niece then get some sleep. Rafe - Jordan, thanks for taking me to court. Jordan - It's my job. She leaves. Kate - She has such great people skills. Rafe gushes over Ari. Kate - How did court go? Rafe - I didn't help Sami, that's for sure. Things are going to get worse for her before it gets better.

Sonny - You said that Sami threatened you with a gun. Nick - Yeah, she did. Will - Why? Nick - Well because when she broke into my room she took some money and I guess she didn't like the way that I asked for it back. Will - You threatened her. Nick - I was angry but she's the one who took out a gun and said that she was going to blow me away. Will - Okay, how much money was it? Nick - It was $30,000 dollars. Sonny scoffs - Which you'd come by legitimately. Nick - It was a friend's money and I was investing it for him and I couldn't really afford to lose it. But I really don't understand what we're talking about. What's the big deal? Sonny - You told this story to Kate. Nick - Yeah so. A guy approaches the table. Nick Fallon? Nick - Yes. Guy - You're a tough guy to find. You've been served. Nick looks at the summons. Will - Now you get to tell that story at the trial.

EJ reads the letter from Sami.

Segment 7: The make-out session ends when Abby gets a call from her mom. Okay. Yeah, I'm home. I'll be here. Chad - What happened? Abby - They can't get a bail hearing for JJ so he's spending the night in jail. Chad - I'm sorry. They'll put him someplace for juveniles so he'll be okay. Abby - He must be so scared. So am I. Chad - What can I do? Abby - Nothing. You're here. That's all. My mom is going to be home soon. Chad cleans up the bottles and glasses and then leaves after telling Abby to call him anytime day or night.

EJ continues to read the letter from Sami.

Will - Now the question you need to ask yourself is haven't you done enough damage to me and my family? Nick - I'm sorry. Will - I know how you feel about my mom but would it feel good to send her to prison? Nick - No. Will - Okay. What she did saved Rafe's life. He is Gabi's brother. You want a chance - this is it. Do not make this worse. Nick - Will ... Will walks away. Sonny - Do you see Will now. Imagine if he knew that you and Gabi were sleeping together. He's your cousin. You are family. Do right by him for once. Nick - Sonny ... Sonny walks away.

Kate - Sami did what she did in the past. It's not like we could lie on the stand. Rafe - Sami saved my life. I know that. You know it too. Gabi comes in. Court was rough? Rafe - Yeah. Kate - Justin and EJ will not let Sami go to prison. Sami isn't your problem. Gabi - Kate's right. You need to focus on physical therapy. Kate - You need all your strength to get through that. Gabi - Yeah, you just tell your Uncle Rafe to get better so he can play peek-a-boo. Rafe - Peek-a-boo? You already know how to play peek-a-boo.

EJ finally gets to the end of the letter as Sami sleeps.


Thursday Sep 12

Segment 1: Eric is asleep dreaming of his rape yet again. He wakes up with a start. It's always the same dream; what's it saying?

Theresa is at her desk reading the online news about JJ and Rory's arrest. Kayla knocks on the door and comes in. Theresa - Isn't it awful! Jennifer's son got arrested. She must be so upset. Kayla - Well, she's holding on but you're right, it's hell. Obviously she won't he here today of all days. Theresa - Why today?

Abby is in the living room looking at JJ's birthday cake sitting on the coffee table.

JJ is by the cell doors whining - I never thought I'd have my birthday breakfast in this dump. What is that smell! Rory - Bleach. Normally they smell like puke; this is pretty good. You don't need to be so down dude. You could have had my mom instead of yours. She'll get you out by noon. JJ's not so sure. She was super pissed man. But there's a way to fix all that for me if you'll help.

Jen and Justin are at the police station. Jen - Thank you for taking JJ's case. I know you're swamped with Sami's trial right now. Justin - Right now my goal is to get JJ out of jail and back home with you. Jen - Actually I was thinking that maybe he needs to suffer the consequences for his actions.

Nicole comes in to the club and sees Victor. (Love the new haircut!) Victor, I can't believe I'm going to say this but I am so glad to see you. Vic is staring at his Tablet. Keep walking Nicole. Nicole sits down. Sorry, I can't do that because right now you need me and God help me, I need you.

Eric comes into the rectory and sees his mom there. I didn't know you were coming today. Marlena - I was in the parking lot before I realised I hadn't even called you. Eric - How are you? Marlena - Been better. Worried about the trial; worried about Sami. Can't sleep, having nightmares and I understand that having a closed trial is a good legal tactical manoeuver but I don't like not being there for her. I feel so helpless. Eric knows. That's when I turn to prayer. Marlena - I'm beginning to wonder if God is listening to me otherwise why would Brady be marrying Kristen and why would you be performing the ceremony.

Kristen is in the park filling out her Precana questionnaire. What worries you about getting married? How about my fiancé finding out I drugged his brother the priest, had sex with him and recorded it. She hears Stefano arrive. Hello, thank you so much for coming. I missed you. Stefano - Sweetheart, congratulations on your engagement. Kristen - You heard, huh. Yeah I'm very excited. I never thought I was going to have another chance with Brady. They sit down. Stefano - So tell me, when is the happy day. Kristen - We're not really sure. We're doing this Precana counselling so everything is up in the air. However I do know what I have to do to make sure that Brady and I are always happy - she holds up the flashdrive.

Jennifer - Obviously I didn't get a lot of sleep last night. I'm just trying to work everything out. Justin - So you decided you want JJ to stay in jail. Jen - I don't know. This isn't his first visit to the police station. Justin - Yeah, I heard. Jen - He finds a way to wriggle his way out of every situation. He has become almost a perfect liar. But now he's been arrested for dealing drugs so do you think it's the right thing to just race in and help him at this point. I don't know. Justin - I hear you. But as you said you didn't get much sleep last night. Sometimes that makes things harder to know what's right. Well here's the deal. I spoke with the judge and she is willing to release JJ without bail. Jen - What! Justin - He was a minor yesterday. If this had happened today, things might be different. And one more thing, the DA said the amount of pot JJ was holding is actually under the limit so he's willing to let him plea to a misdemeanor. Jen - Today? Justin - No, today's the arraignment. The court date won't be for a while. This is a really good deal. I mean the DA could decide to withdraw it if we don't accept it right away. Or he could also decide to try JJ as an adult. JJ and Rory are led into the room in handcuffs.

Brady and Ciara are having breakfast at the pub. Brady - This is fun. I think you should tell the nuns at your school that you can't start until 10 o'clock every morning; that you have to have Brady brunch. Ciara - You're a silly goose. Grandpa Victor told my mom that you and Kristen are engaged again. Brady - That's true. Isn't that cool! Ciara - That is so cool. I really like Kristen. Brady - I'm glad somebody does.

Eric - If it's any consolation I didn't technically agree to marry Kristen and Brady. First we're going to go through Precana and I'll only agree to do the ceremony if I know I can do it in good faith. Marlena - But Kristen doesn't know the meaning of good faith. Eric - Yes that used to be true, no question, but people change. Kristen working on the scholarship program; I've seen what ... Marlena - No, no. What you're seeing is exactly what she wants you to see. She's a lying psychopath and she will make Brady's life hell.

Kristen - It was all I wanted, all I thought about. I was kind of obsessed, you know that. Marlena had destroyed my future with Brady. It was the ultimate revenge. Stefano - If her son got caught in a carnal act. Kristen - Exactly. It was genius. Destroy the mother by destroying the son. Stefano - So their lives are in your hands. Kristen - I know but then Brady found out that I was telling the truth; that I didn't want to hurt John and Marlena anymore because I truly loved him. Stefano - And he forgave you. Kristen - Yes. We found our way back to each other and it's incredible. Life's beyond incredible but nobody can see this video. The last thing I need is Brady finding out I slept with his brother. Stefano - So why don't you get rid of the evidence. Kristen - 'Cause I just can't yet. I have to make sure Brady truly and completely loves me. If he were to take a hike for whatever reason, I'd have nothing. I'd have no Brady. I'd have no way of destroying Marlena. I'd have nothing. Stefano - What do you mean! Look, you have the whole thing here. He points to her ring. He's showing you how much he loves you. Kristen - I know but I want to be absolutely certain.

Segment 2: Theresa - That is so sad; his birthday in jail. Poor guy. Kayla - How much time have you been spending with him? Theresa exclaims - Aunt Kayla, he's in high school! Kayla - I know that Jen walked into her living room and found you there with JJ. Theresa - That was when I first moved to town ages ago. I've hardly seen him since. Kayla - Were you buying pot from him that night. Theresa - The answer is no but thanks for asking me and making me feel like dirt. Kayla - I'm sorry. It's just that that is the reason that you came from L.A. Theresa - It's hard to forget. Kayla - If you have been hanging out with him a lot the police are going to see it and start digging into your personal life. If they check your purse for drugs ... Theresa - That is so unfair. You're never going to give me a break, are you? I've got work to do. She grabs her purse and leaves.

Abby remembers her and her mom and JJ celebrating his 8th birthday. She cries.

Jen tells Justin they'll accept the deal. JJ - What deal? Justin - JJ, you're going home and when you go to court you'll only be charged with a misdemeanor. JJ stammers then asks - What about Rory? Justin - I'll let his Public Defender explain everything to him but yeah despite the fact that his record made things a little more difficult the deal holds for him too. JJ - Cool, thank you so much. Rory's mom comes in - Sounds like my son the moron just got lucky. Rory - Mom! Justin - Listen you two. Just because you got a break this time doesn't mean that what you did wasn't serious. Next time, believe me, the law will hit you like a hammer. JJ - I understand. It won't happen again. I promise. Justin - It better not. Rory - Miss Horton, there's something you need to know about JJ.

Kristen - So once we get into the Precana counselling and everything and I can actually hear Brady explain why he loves me, I'll just feel more secure you know. Stefano - And be convinced. Kristen - Exactly. Stefano - I understand what your plan is. What I do not understand is why do you spend so much time with this Father Eric. It's very possible that he'll remember. Kristen - I know but we've been working together for weeks on the scholarship program and he hasn't remembered a thing and I honestly don't think he ever will.

Eric - It's very hard to get an opinion out of you these days. Marlena - This is not a joking matter. Eric - No it isn't so why don't we just agree to disagree. Marlena picks up the matchbook from the infamous hotel. This is the hotel where you got so sick. Eric - Yeah. Someone put them in my things when I was on my way to the hospital. I found them in my drawer today. Marlena - I wish we knew what happened there. Eric - Yeah, I do too. I've been thinking about it a lot lately; in fact more often then I really want to. I'm started to feel obsessed about it. Marlena - Have you talked to somebody about it. Eric - Father Matt. He thinks it's my way of dealing with stress; Sami's trial primarily. Marlena - I'm sure that's true. You know if you really want to get to the bottom of it you can try hypnosis. I put Sami under and it was a big help in figuring out what happened the night of the shooting. Eric - I haven't thought of it. It's just that because ... Marlena - I see. You don't want to get shrunk by your mom. It doesn't have to be obviously. I've got to get back to work. Eric hugs her. Stop thinking about Brady and Kristen okay. Marlena - There is a monster train heading right for Brady. I am worried. After she leaves Eric calls Nicole and leaves a message. I know it's your day off but I'd really like to talk to you again about what happened that night at the hotel.

Vic - Shouldn't you be off electrocuting someone? Nicole deadpans - Oh snap. Rush me to the burn unit, I've just been scorched. Vic - Just get out of my sight Nicole. Nicole - Oh come on Victor, we're on the same side here. Vic - I don't even want to be on the same side of the Atlantic as you! Nicole - You old coot! Neither one of us wants to see Brady marry Kristen so why don't we work together and stop insulting each other. Vic - You want me to help you hurt the woman that Brady loves. Nicole - Yes! I want to expose that lying sack of dirt for what she really is and Marlena was supposed to help me and she turned out to be a no show. Probably doesn't want to get her hands dirty. Sanctimonious prude! She holds out her hand - So what do you say, partners? Vic - Nicole, all of your life, you've been one strap and a buckle short of a straight jacket. I wouldn't partner with you if my life depended on it. Nicole - This is your grandson we're talking about; his happiness. Vic - Brady thinks that Kristen deserves a second chance. I'm keeping an open mind. Nicole scoffs - You are. Forget it you lying S.O.B She leaves. Vic calls Marlena. We need to talk right now.

Segment 3: Abby opens the door to Theresa. What do you want? Theresa hands over a file and walks in. This is really important. Your mom's going to need it. Is she here? Abby - I will make sure my mom gets this. Theresa - This must be a really tough time for your family. Aunt Kayla told me about JJ. Is he still in jail or is he home yet. Abby - You didn't come by to drop off a file. You came by so you could talk to my brother. Theresa - No, seriously ... Abby - You've been buying drugs off of him and you want to make sure he doesn't tell the cops.

Rory - Miss Horton what you need to understand about JJ is he got sucked in to this you know. See, he broke this thing that belonged to some doctor and he needed the money to pay him back. I don't know. I guess he didn't give him enough cash or something. And JJ, he was really bummed about it so that's when I said if he sold pot with me then he'd eventually make enough to take care of things. Mom - Rory, will you shut the hell up! Rory - JJ didn't want to at first Miss Horton. He said that it was wrong and he didn't want to but he eventually kind of had no choice. JJ's a good looking dude so he sold a lot for me so I wouldn't let him quit even when he said he wanted to. Mom - You stupid idiot! You're just making it worse for yourself. Come on, we've got to go find that free lawyer. She pushes him out of the room. Jen just shakes her head. JJ - You get it now Mom, right, about what happened. I never wanted ... Jen - No! You can go with your uncle and he will arrange for your release. JJ - But I need you to understand ... Jen snaps - NOW JJ!

Vic opens the door at his mansion to Marlena. Thanks for coming. Marlena - I'm glad that I could. What's going on? Vic - I was hoping you could tell me. Anything pop up that indicated Kristen was sleeping with someone, anyone, lying to Brady. Marlena - I wish. I think our best bet might be to try and figure out who she was talking to on the phone. Heaven knows I've had no luck getting her phone records. Vic - You still think that it's most likely Jennifer. Marlena - She's the only friend she has. Vic - I used to think that girl was smart. Now the way she treated Daniel and palling it up with Kristen. Marlena - She's honest, through and through. I know you don't like this idea but we may just have to approach her directly; persuade her that Brady has a right to know. And maybe she'll tell us what we'd like to know. Vic - Or she'll go blabbing to Kristen. I think our best shot is to pull off some sort of a sting, get the information we want and then go to Jennifer. We don't even know, she could be yakking with Stefano, EJ, somebody we don't even know. Are you sure you can't take another shot at getting to her phone. Marlena - I tried. I couldn't get past the password. Vic - If that's the problem I've got the answer to that. He pulls out a blue flashdrive.

Stefano - I know that Dr. Chyka told you that Fr. Eric would never remember but Chyka's not infallible. Kristen - Are you kidding, between you and me, he's an idiot but I think it would have happened by now especially with Daniel running around trying to figure things out. There's clearly no evidence. Stefano - Except what you might have in ... Kristen - Yes, I know but once I'm sure Brady's not going anywhere then no more flashdrive. It's as simple as that and Brady will never know what I've done. Nicole walks up and hides when she sees them on the bench. Kristen - And any threat to our relationship will be destroyed.

Segment 4: Theresa - Come on, stop making up stuff about me okay. Abby - Just stating the obvious. Theresa - Then obviously you've been smoking a little something yourself. Abby - Do you think that I just don't remember the day I caught you reeking of weed. Your eyes were all bloodshot, you were spaced out and you kept hinting at how well you knew my brother. Theresa - I was just trying to make nice; he is your family. Abby - You know I got in my brother's face later that day about you and guess what, he practically got on his knees begging me not to tell my mom about you. He said she would know he was guilty by association but now it all makes perfect sense. Theresa - Maybe to you. Abby - He was your dealer. You were the user. He was your go-to. Theresa - You know I could sue you for slander. Abby laughs. Really Theresa, that's your only play here. You can't sue me for slander if it's true so why don't you save us both the time and just admit that my brother was your dealer. Theresa - Maybe you don't know who you're dealing with but if I decide to get ugly with you ... Abby gives Theresa a hard shove with both hands. You shut up right now and you stay the hell away from my brother. Now get out of my house before I call the cops. Theresa laughs - Wow. She loses the smile though when Abby slams the door behind her.

Justin - Come on JJ, let's get you out of here. JJ - Mom, I ... Jen just shakes her head no. After JJ leaves she cries.

Vic - The people at Titan developed it for Langley. It works great for spies. You plug this into a telephone and it automatically bypasses all the passwords and automatically downloads everything on the phone. It takes about 10 secs. So if you can get your hands on Kristen's phone we'll get everything we need in no time. Marlena - It's amazing but getting my hands on her phone has proven to be impossible. Vic - Then for pete's sake find a way to do the impossible. Beyond that I can't help you very much. If anything goes wrong my hands have to be clean otherwise Brady's going to know I'm not keeping an open mind about that bitch that he is so devoted to. Marlena puts the flashdrive in her purse. Well then, maybe I'll just have to follow her around and hope she puts down her phone. Vic - Just do it fast; they're starting that whole Precana thing. Wedding bells could be any day.

Kristen - You see Father, the one thing that can't happen, absolutely not, is that Brady can't see that the woman that he sees as his perfect ... Brady walks up. There you are. Kristen - Hi. Stefano - Good to see you. Congratulations. Brady - Thank you. Stefano - You're not going to break my daughter's heart again this time ... I'm just trying to be protective. He kisses Kristen's cheeks, tells her to be careful and leaves. Kristen asks Brady what he's up to. Brady - I'm on my way to see Eric. I was hoping that we could start Precana today if you're up for it, if you want to do it. Kristen - Sure, I can't wait.

Nicole walks into the rectory upset. Kristen was about to spill and Brady shows up ... she looks up ... Thanks for nothing. Marlena hasn't called me back yet, arrogant priss. Eric comes in - I'm glad you're here. We need to talk. Nicole - Yes, we definitely need to talk.

Segment 5: Abby looks up when she hears the door slam. JJ comes storming into the living room followed by Jen. Abby - Happy to hear you ... Mom, your assistant dropped this by, said you needed it. Jen looks at the contents of the folders. This is a bunch of old press releases, why ... she is useless! Please, I need to make a phone call. Excuse me. She leaves the room. Abby asks JJ if he's okay. JJ - Like you care. Abby - Of course I care. I have been worried sick about you ever since I heard. If you just want to be a jerk and say I don't care; your sister doesn't ... He sees the cake. JJ - You made me a cake. Abby - I always make you a cake JJ. Even when you were away at school I'd still make you a cake and Mom and I celebrated. JJ - Really? Abby - Really. JJ - You know Abs, I've got to admit, your cake was always the best part of my birthday. He hugs her. Thank you. Abby - You're welcome.

Theresa is on the computer at work. Stupid website. No more updates. JJ's probably home by now. He's probably out or blabbing away in some room. If Abigail plays tattle tale or if JJ makes a deal ... So if they both rat me out then I'm just going to do what I always do, deny. Yeah, deny. She starts searching her purse when Kayla comes in - Surprise! Theresa - You really need to learn how to knock. Kayla - Oh come on, you're young, your heart can take it. I'm sorry, I just wanted to hand this to you personally. Your first paycheck. Theresa - Your timing is perfect. I'm so broke right now. I mean I can't even afford to ... she looks at the cheque. What the hell is this!

JJ and Abby are eating cake. JJ - This is great. Abby - Thanks. JJ - This my be the best birthday cake you ever made. Abby - Well thank you again. So listen JJ, I know that this might be hard to talk about but what happened. JJ - I got arrested and now I'm out. Abby - But what on earth made you think it was a good idea to start dealing drugs. JJ - Well there you go putting me in a box. Abby - I'm not. JJ - It's not what you think. And first of all it wasn't even my fault. Abby - I just want to know what made you do it. JJ - Abs, I'm serious. Abby I'm serious too. If you do something, if you make a mistake, you own up to it. JJ - Will you at least listen. I was practically forced into it and Rory already told Mom that down at the station. Jen comes in - Stop lying. No one was buying that garbage at the police station and no one is buying it now JJ.

Nicole - I think Eric there are some important things that you're going to want to know. Eric - Absolutely, that's why I called. Nicole - Sorry? Eric - Didn't you get my message? Nicole - You left me a message. She pulls her phone out. I thought I ... What! My phone is turned off. What was it? Eric - I just wanted to talk to you some more about that night in the capitol; that night you found me in my hotel. Nicole - Oh that. You really should stop thinking about that. It was so unpleasant and it just ups your stress level. Eric - But I still have so many more questions. Nicole - Oh this is terrible ... my phone off and all these people trying to ... I've got to go. Sorry. Eric - This is very important to me. Nicole snaps - Seriously Eric, just drop it. Bye.

Marlena is at a table in the square. So all I've got to do is plug this little device into Kristen's phone and let it do it's magic. I'll never get my hands on her phone. She'll never come anywhere near me ... she sees Brady and Kristen strolling through the square. Kristen is going to do a little shopping while he has his meeting with Eric. Brady - Keep you phone on in case he can start right away. She will. Nicole comes up behind Marlena - Why haven't you returned any of my phone calls. I thought we were going to work together as a team to get Kristen. I saw that psycho talking to her father earlier and you know what ... Marlena - If you really want to help stop talking and listen.

Segment 6: Theresa - Where'd the money go? Kayla - Come on Theresa, you've had a job before. She starts reeling off all the deductions. Theresa - Yeah but I thought I was going to be making a lot more than this. This is the whole month? Kayla - Actually it took you so long to get down to Human Resources it's really about six weeks. So really your paycheck is going to be about a third less than that. Theresa - No way. I can't live on that. Kayla - Of course you can. Food, rent, phone, it's plenty. Theresa - What about my life? Kayla - Well considering your job history I think being concerned about a paycheck is a good thing, right. She leaves. Theresa whines - How am I supposed to have any fun. I don't have enough money to ... she stops and smiles.

JJ - Look Mom, what Rory told you at the police station was the God's honest truth. Jen - No it was a lie and everybody knew it including you because you're the one who told him to say it. And if what you'd done weren't so serious it would almost be laughable. You selling pot was my fault? Abby - What! JJ - It's not your fault exactly. Rory said ... Jen - Rory what? He is not smart enough to be a bad influence. You are the bad influence here JJ. JJ - Mom you are twisting things around. Jen - Would you stop lying. You have been manipulating me from the minute you came home from school in London where you were expelled for selling drugs and you lied about that then and you're lying about this now. Lying seems to be what you do best. I can't believe a word you say anymore JJ. JJ - Well if it wasn't clear before it sure is now. Jen - What is? JJ - That Daniel did ... Jen - Oh my goodness. You stop right there. She tells Abby she needs to speak to JJ alone. Abby leaves the room. Jen - Let's get something straight. You are responsible for who you are and what you've done so I do not want to hear another word about Daniel or anyone else being to blame. Do you understand me. You are 18 yrs old and you better start acting like it. And things around here are about to change.

Eric and Brady are talking - I missed the first part because a commercial cut in. Eric didn't know Brady wanted to start so soon. Brady - If the timing's off I understand, with Sami's trial ... Eric - No, it's not that. Brady - What's the problem? Are you having second thoughts? Eric - No. Earlier when my mother came over I told her I'd be counselling you. Brady - And she hit the roof, didn't she? Eric - Yeah, in a way. Brady - I'm sorry. Maybe this is a really bad idea. Maybe I put you in a bad position. Nicole was probably right. Why don't I talk to Fr. Matt about it. Eric - No, don't do that. I thought about it and if you and Kristen really love each other; if I'm convinced that marriage is the best thing for both of you, I really want to be the one who gives you my blessing.

Marlena watches as Kristen strolls along checking her phone and Nicole with drink in hand bumps into her. Kristen - Watch it! Nicole - You watch it! Kristen - You're the one who bumped into me. Nicole - An accident ... don't get so snippy. Kristen - Have you been drinking? Nicole - No ... well yeah I'm drinking. I'm a little bit drunk but my name is Nicole and I've been that way all my life thank you very much. Kristen laughs. Oh my goodness, isn't it early in the morning for this. Nicole - FYI morning is when you actually drink mimosa's. Kristen - Why am I not surprised? Nicole - Nothing gets past you, does it? Nicole gets her in her face and Kristen declares that she's spitting on her. Nicole puts her drink down and grabs her hand. We're going to make a deal I will stay away from you if you stay away from Brady. Kristen tries to break free. What are you talking about? Get your hands off me. When she pulls her hand free she drops her purse. Nicole grabs her from behind and they argue. Marlena looks down at Nicole's purse and makes her move.

Segment 7: Theresa is on the hospital website. There it is - Discretionary funds for Public Relations Dept. Well Jen-Jen will be too distracted to notice so I think it's time to get myself a little discretionary funding. Requesting funds in the amount of ...

JJ - How are things going to change Mother? Jen - I am not going to participate in your games anymore. I'm not going to be a pushover and I'm not going to feel guilty. So if you get in trouble it is all on you. But you are going to earn your way back and you are going to take responsibility for what you did to this family. JJ - Meaning? Jen - Meaning for starters you're going to give me that cell phone. JJ - Why? Jen - Because I said to. JJ - No way. I'm 18, you don't get to give me orders. Jen - JJ, this is my house and my rules and as long as you live here you are going to do what I say. JJ - Fine, I guess it's time to move out.

Eric will double-check his time for today and see if there's an open slot for them. Brady thanks him. Call me. I meant to ask you, did you ask Nicole for more information about that night at the hotel. Eric - Yes, twice as a matter of fact. Brady - Did she remember anything? Eric - I have no idea. Both times she avoiding even talking to me about it. She completely shut down. She couldn't get out of here fast enough. Brady - That's odd. Eric - Yes it is.

The argument continues as Marlena picks up Kristen's purse. Nicole - You want to know how I'm going to get Brady to see you for the skunk that you really are ... actually I really meant to say skank but skunk really suits you. Kristen - You're so wasted you're pathetic. Nicole - Not wasted enough to know that you're hiding something. Something deep, dark and dirty and I'm the girl that's going to dig it up. Marlena is having a hard time pulling the device out of Kristen's phone so Nicole continues. You know what I was really good at when I was a reporter, skeletons in the closet and I know you've got a lot of those and I know every nook and cranny in the DiMera mansion so I'm going to find ... Kristen - Find a big flashlight and check out all the closets .. Marlena is now biting on the device trying to dislodge it. Kristen - If you survive your little hangover. Now I've got things to do. Nicole tries to stop her. Kristen snaps as she pushes her back - We're done. Can I be any clearer than that. She turns around and sees Marlena with her purse. What's going on?


Friday Sep 13

Segment 1: Sami paces and whines - The gun wasn't even loaded. EJ snaps - Well you let him think it was. Sami - Oh course I did! What kind of threat would that be; oh don't worry, it's not loaded. I bet Nick is loving this. He's going to do everything he can to help them put me away all because I ... EJ - All because you what? Sami - OMG.

Nick - You don't think I'll pull the trigger. I've done it before. Trask - You're sure those were Samantha Brady's exact words. Nick - There's nothing like staring down the barrel of a pistol to sear a moment in your brain forever. Trask - You really thought she was going to shoot you. Nick - 'Til the second she didn't. Trask smiles. Thank you Mr. Fallon. That's exactly what I needed. Court will be back in session shortly and you'll be our first witness.

Adrienne gets up from the bench in the hallway when she sees Justin. How's the trial going? Justin - Fine. Actually we probably shouldn't even be talking given that you're here to testify for the prosecution. Adrienne - Yes but given the fact that I'm the one who came forward with the evidence that could help you win Sami's case I thought ... Justin - What? Adrienne - I thought this could be a first step. Justin - Towards? Adrienne - Us working things out.

When JJ says it's time to move out Jen replies - Don't say things you don't mean. Just give me the phone. JJ - No.

Dan knocks on the rectory door and asks Eric if he has a minute. Sure. Dan - I've been pouring over all these tests we took during your stay in the hospital to see if we had missed any additional clues. Eric - And? Dan - Sorry, I got nothing. Eric - I knew it was a long shot. I appreciate you trying. I guess I'll just have to live with the fact that I'll never know exactly what happened to me that night at the hotel. Dan - Well actually I wouldn't do that just yet.

Replay of Nicole bumping into Kristen and their entire confrontation. Kristen looks at Marlena - What's going on? She looks at Nicole. What are you up to?

Dan - It is a long shot but I've been thinking. You want to know what happened, I want to know what happened. I think we should go back to the scene of the crime. Eric - I don't know if there was a crime. Dan - Well we should know. You said you keep having these flashes of memory. I think we should go back to the hotel and see what else you can remember.

Nicole grabs her drink. You want to know what's going on here. She points at Marlena - She's trying hard to steal your inherited cash. You know her billionaire husband just left her. How much do you carry in there anyway? Kristen - Marlena, you're capable of a lot of things but I don't think you're a thief. Kristen - Really? You don't think so. Where do you think Sami learned her lying, thieving ways. Marlena - May I say something please. She holds up Kristen's purse. I found it on the ground. I was about to return it to you. Kristen grabs the purse and starts going through it. Marlena - You are so welcome. Kristen - Thank you. Marlena looks at Nicole. And you, what are you drinking? Nicole - Mimosas. You want some? Marlena - You think that's the image that St Luke's wants to portray? Nicole - Eric hired me. He knew what he was getting. Marlena - Well you are a piece of work! Nicole - And you're insufferable. Really, guzzle some, it might make you relax. Marlena - Why do people keep saying that to me. Kristen - This is real but I gotta go! She leaves. Nicole chuckles. You know, that was kind of fun. Marlena - I need the handbag back. Go get her, I'll go this way.

Segment 2: JJ - It's not enough that you want to control me and tell me what I can do and when ... Jen - You're right. How unreasonable can I be! What loving mother wouldn't just let her son deal drugs out of her house. JJ - You want my phone so you can go through my contacts and call all their parents and make their lives as miserable as mine. Jen - No! I want you to have a good life. I want you to have a great life but that is never going to happen unless you own your mistakes and you do the right thing. JJ - Why don't you start owning your mistakes. Why would I want to stay here? All I hear is I am disappointed in you JJ. You're grounded JJ. Well guess what, happy birthday to me, I'm done with this crap. Jen - You know what I am done with giving you chances to screw up. So if you walk out that door don't you dare come back.

Eric - All the evidence Mason collected was destroyed. I don't want to drag you all the way back up there for nothing. Dan - Even though the physical evidence is gone you could talk to people, see the room, see what else jogs your memory. What is it? What is wrong? Eric - It's just the idea of it. It makes me a little unsettled. Dan - I bet it does. Eric - But on the other hand, it's the only way to get answers. Can't live life without facing your demons. I guess it's time I faced my own.

Nicole tracks down Kristen in the park. Hey, are you afraid of me? Kristen - What do you think? Nicole - Then why'd you run away in the middle of a fight. Kristen - Because I'm done. Nicole grabs her hand. Kristen - For the last time, let me go. Nicole - You let go of Brady. Kristen - Or what? Nicole - You're going to find out. Kristen throws down her purse. Oh really. You're going to threaten me. They go at it as Marlena goes through Kristen's purse and gets the flashdrive Vic give her (or does she?). Kristen has Nicole in a choke hold when Marlena walks up. What is going on! She apologises to Kristen. I tried to keep her from going after you. Nicole - Wait a minute! You're the one who wants her head on a pike. You should be the one to do it. Marlena - Why don't you think about the parish and Eric and your own self-esteem which you must have very little of left and go home and sober yourself up. Nicole - What is it with Salem! Every woman in it is either sanctimonious or a slut or both. She stares at Kristen. Kristen - Okay, I'm done. Have a nice day ladies. She leaves. Nicole - I thought she was actually going to put her claws into my throat. Yeah well, I'm okay, thanks for asking. Marlena - I've got to go. Nicole - What! Hey wait a minute. Wait for me. She chases after Marlena.

Justin - I appreciate you coming forward with the information about Timmy Bernardi's bank account and I'm also sorry that we haven't had a chance to speak lately. Adrienne - I understand. I'm sure you've been busy preparing for the case and I am testifying for the prosecution. Justin - There is that. Adrienne - I just want justice. Justin - That's what I want too. Adrienne - I don't want to fight and I don't want to live apart. It just seems so strange and sad. I miss you. Maybe when all this is over we can start talking again. Justin - I hope so. Adrienne - You probably have to get going. Justin - Yeah, I do. Adrienne - Good luck. Justin - Thanks.

EJ - What's wrong? Sami - If Nick testifies about this he's not going to want to admit that he dragged me into a dark alley and was scaring me and I was just defending myself. He's going to find a way to bring up the fact that Will shot you. EJ - No he won't. Sami - How can you be so sure? EJ - Because as much as Nick is lacking in any honour and decency he has a keen instinct for self-preservation. He's not going to want to go to prison for blackmail charges. He'll keep his own counsel, trust me.

A cop brings Marge into the room where Nick is waiting. Hi, are you testifying for the prosecution. Nick - Yeah, I am. Marge - Thank you. I'm Marge Bernardi; the reason that you're here. Sami Brady murdered my husband.

Sami - Who else is Trask going to call to the witness stand. I swear to God if she wants to revisit every sin I've ever committed we could be in court for the rest of our lives. EJ - This is almost over. I promise. The guard comes and says it's time.

Segment 3: EJ tells Justin they have to find a way to get the money that was found in Timothy Bernardi's account introduced into evidence. Justin - There is none; not until we present our case or unless a witness opens the door. EJ - So in the meantime the jury's just supposed to hear that Samantha has a very unfortunate history with Bernardi ... Justin - I suggest you keep your voice down. EJ - The way this is going, by the time we present our evidence that Bernardi is corrupt the jury's already going to have made up their mind that she's guilty.

Nick shakes the hand she has extended. I'm sorry for your loss. Marge - Thank you. Did you know my husband? Nick - No ma'am, I didn't. Marge - It's your loss. So many people know his name because of the way he died. I wish more people had the chance to know the way he lived. Adrienne is brought into the room. The guard says he'll be back in a few minutes. Mr. Fallon, Miss Trask is ready for you. Testimony is about to resume. Nick - Okay. He leaves. Marge rounds on Adrienne - How could you!

EJ - Look, I should warn you Nick's testimony could be a little bit of a minefield. There are certain details unrelated to the case that if they would come to light could prove rather damning to certain other people. Justin - Are you talking about Will? You don't need to say anything more. I have a feeling I know what you're talking about. Okay, I'll do my very best to steer clear of that subject entirely. Sami is led into the courtroom and her cuffs are removed. EJ tells her that he spoke to Justin about William. You don't have anything to worry about. Sami thanks Justin for protecting her son. Justin - In this case, protecting Will is also protecting you. We don't want to do anything that would strengthen your motive in the jury's eyes for wanting Bernardi dead. The judge comes in.

Jen - Where are you going to go JJ? JJ - What do you care? Jen - Of course I care. Are you going to make a career as a drug dealer. I guess in prison you could get free room and board, right? JJ - I'm already in prison, what's the difference? Jen - Do you hear yourself? What is wrong with you? JJ - What's wrong with me is you. Jen - I am trying to help you. JJ - I don't need your help. Jen - Give me the phone! She tries to reach for it but trips and ends up crushing his cake. JJ - Mom. Jen - I am okay. No, don't touch me. I don't need your help. Just give me the phone. He turns and leaves. Jen cries.

Dan - You check your schedule and I'll check mine and we'll make a plan to go to the capitol ASAP. Eric - Sounds good. Thank you for trying. Dan - You bet and if you think of anything before we go just jot it down. Who knows what could jog your memory. Dan - We'll be in touch. He leaves. Eric recalls talking to Brady about Nicole. He mutters - Maybe Nicole should go too.

Marlena comes into the pub and breathes a sigh of relief. Wow, that was close. Nicole walks up. Damn woman, you took off like the devil was chasing you. Marlena - You should not have followed me here. Nicole - Why not. I almost got my head handed to me by crazy Kristen while you were working on your mysterious plan, whatever the hell it was. More important, did it work? Marlena - I don't owe you an explanation. Nicole - I thought we were working together. Marlena - No, we're not working together.

Segment 4: Jen is cleaning up the cake mess when Dan knocks. She thinks it's JJ. Dan - You look surprised to see me. I thought you said I could come by this morning. Jen - Sorry I should have called you. Dan - What happened? JJ was released from police custody. Jen - Yeah he was. Dan - What's wrong? Where is he? Jen cries in his arms.

Kristen is going through the park yelling get away from me you stupid dog. Nicole needs a leash as much as that shiatsu does. She pulls out her phone and calls Eric. I'm sorry to bug you but I just ran into your trusty assistant. Eric - Nicole. Kristen - Yeah, the one and only. I just want to warn you. Please don't let her operate any heavy machinery today. Eric - I'll keep an eye on the postage meter. Why? Kristen - Why don't you ask her how many mimosas she had with breakfast. Eric - Are you saying she was drunk? Kristen - That's an understatement and apparently she's a belligerent drunk because she just physically attacked me. Eric - Nicole's been known to have a high tolerance. Kristen - Since when! Ask your mother, she witnessed the whole thing. I'm not trying to cause a problem here. I just wanted you to be warned. Help her so she doesn't hurt somebody, including herself. Bye. She mumbles Eric is such a nice guy. She gasps. Eric ... flashdrive ... Marlena ... she pulls out a blue flashdrive. Thank you. My secret's safe.

Nicole sees she has an incoming call from Eric. She ignores it. Nicole - Look, you asked me to distract Kristen for you. How does that not constitute working together. Marlena - It was a moment of desperation. Nicole - And now it's passed. Well did you at least get what you wanted. Marlena - No, I didn't. Nicole - Well that's too bad. We both agree that Kristen is the insane, evil, manipulative witch that she's always been. Neither one of us wants Brady to marry her so what is the problem! Marlena - The problem is I don't trust you. Nicole - I don't understand. I mean, clearly I'm on the same side as you so why now ... this is about Eric, isn't it?

Adrienne - I am so sorry Marge. I know the truth must have been so difficult to hear. Marge - The truth! You have no idea what the truth is. You struck up a friendly conversation with my son so you could sneak a look at his belongings. Adrienne - No, he dropped his bag and his little passbook. I was only trying to help. Marge - You were only trying to help yourself worm your way back into your husband's good graces. Adrienne - No, that's not why I came forward. I always said I wanted justice. Isn't that what you want too? Marge - My husband is dead. Dead! The only justice is that Sami Brady spends the rest of her life behind bars.

Trask - Mr. Fallon, please describe you encounter with the defendant on May 8th of this year. Nick - Yes ma'am. On May 8th I confronted Miss Brady. Trask - Why? Nick - I was upset because she had stolen some cash from my room. Trask - How much cash? Nick - 30 thousand dollars. Trask - Why would she do that? Nick - I'm not sure. Trask - And what happened when you confronted Miss Brady about the stolen money. Nick - She denied it which was a lie. Trask - And how did you know that? Nick - Because she returned it to me. Trask - So back to the night in question. What happened after she falsely protested her innocence. Nick - She pulled a gun from her purse and she threatened to kill me. Trask gets the evidence bag. Does this look like the gun in question. Nick - Yes. Trask - This is the gun Miss Brady admitted she used to shoot Det. Bernardi. So on the night of May 8th did you have reason to believe she would follow through on that threat. Nick - I did. Trask - And what would that reason be? Nick - She said it wouldn't be the first time she'd shot someone. Trask - And it wouldn't be the last.

Segment 5: JJ finds Rory stretched out on a park bench. Glad to see you on the outside man. Rory - I'm surprised your mom let you out of your cage man. JJ - She didn't. I'm 18. She doesn't get to rule my life anymore. Rory - So my big performance at the station was for nothing. JJ - Nothing you said would have made her believe me. She's not happy unless she's making me miserable. Rory - Well dude, you can't expect her to throw you a party after you went and ... I'll shut up. JJ - I know how you can make it up to me. Let me crash at your place. Rory laughs.

Jen - Like you said along, you were right. I was enabling JJ and if I had done something about it sooner this wouldn't be happening right now. Dan - What happened exactly? Jen - Well Justin got the charges reduced to a misdemeanour because he's a minor but if it had been one day later ... Dan - That's good news. Jen - That's great news and you think JJ would have come back here so grateful but he wasn't. He was so defiant and so unrepentant about what he'd done. We just had a horrible fight and he took off. Dan - Where does he think he's going to go? He doesn't have a job, he doesn't have any money ... he will be back and we will figure this all out together. You don't have to do this alone. I love you so much. I don't want to see you in so much pain so would you please let me help you.

Nicole - I'm sorry that I broke Eric's heart. I'm really sorry but clearly he's gotten over it. Marlena - He has. Have you? Nicole - I told you. Our relationship is strictly professional. Marlena - Yes I heard you say that. The thing is working so closely together, the two of you, it can't end well for you. Nicole - What is that supposed to mean? Marlena - You have impulse control issues. Nicole - And you have a superiority complex. Marlena - Stop, listen to me. Think about what happened today. You jumped into the fray with Kristen having very little explanation from me about what was going on. You were so eager ... Nicole - I was trying to help you now you're mad at me. Marlena - I'm not angry at you, I'm wary. Nicole - That I may have screwed up your plan or your son's life? Marlena - Or both. Nicole leaves (she is close to tears).

Justin - This 30 thousand dollar sum you claim my client took from you, did it in fact belong to you? Nick - No. I was going to invest it for a friend of mine as a favour. Justin - Where did you meet this friend? Nick - In prison. Trask - Objection. This is irrelevant Your Honour. Judge - I'll allow it but get to the point quickly Mr. Kiriakis. Justin - Yes, Your Honour. Mr. Fallon why were you in prison. Nick - I was convicted of kidnapping and murder. I served my time and I was released early for good behaviour. Justin - But you didn't exactly leave that life behind, did you? I mean after all, you were still in touch with your old friend and lent him a helping hand. By the way, how did your friend come by such a large sum of money within weeks of being released from prison. Nick - I don't know. Justin - Do you think it might have something to do with his current arrest for drug possession. Trask - Objection. Calls for speculation. Justin - I have no further questions. The judge tells Trask she can call her next witness. Trask - Your Honour, I would like to request a recess until tomorrow afternoon. Justin - I object. The prosecution has had plenty of time to prepare. Her request for a continuance was denied. Your Honour - Agreed. Does the prosecution wish to rest or will you call additional witnesses? Trask - The prosecution calls Margaret Bernardi to the stand. Sami - I thought she wasn't going to call Marge. EJ - Apparently she changed her mind.

Segment 6: JJ - Did I miss a joke man? Rory - Yeah. I was going to ask if I could crash at your place dude. My mom's ready to kill me. Even if she would let me come home there's no way you're coming with me. Sorry. JJ - It's okay. I've got some extra cash. I can stay a few nights at a hotel or something. Rory - Dude are you sure that you can't go back to your place. JJ - Dude, she wanted to take my cell and call all the parents of all the kids we sold drugs to. Rory - Whoa! JJ - That's her idea of tough love or whatever. Maybe she'd rather see me dead. Rory - I thought you had a cool mom. What happened?

Jen - I love you, I do and I'm so grateful that you want to help but I don't think you can. Dan - Because if I'm around it will be that much harder to get JJ back on track. She hears a sound. Dan - It's okay. I'll go out the back way. Kristen calls out - Jennifer, are you there? Jen - Yeah, I'll be right there. She tells Dan she's sorry. Dan - You need to do whatever it takes to help your son and I will keep my distance but if you ever need me all you have to do it call me. He leaves through the front door. He tells Kristen that he's glad she's here. Jennifer could really use a friend right now. Kristen goes inside and asks Jen what happened. Are you alright? Jen shakes her head no.

Nicole stops in the doorway of the rectory when she sees Eric and turns to leave. Eric calls out. Don't go, I want to talk to you. I got a call from Kristen a little while ago. Nicole - Let me guess. She said I attacked her in a drunken rage. Eric - Did you? Nicole - Well I admit I had a couple of mimosas but do I look drunk to you? Eric - No. Nicole - We got in an argument. She tried to bite my head off. That's all I'm going to discuss with you. Eric - One more thing before you go. I need your help with something. It's very important.

Marge - he was very upset when Det. Hernandez was attacked. Trask - Did your husband consider Det. Hernandez a close friend. Marge - I don't know how close they were but they were definitely friends. I found texts on his phone from Rafe about a football pool, a bachelor party for a fellow officer ... when they were on a stakeout together Rafe had Joe's back and Joe had his. Trask - As far as you know would your husband have any reason to want to harm Det. Hernandez? Marge scoffs - Of course not. My husband was a hard working man and a decorated officer and the idea that anybody would paint him as dirty cop is offensive and insane. Justin and EJ exchange looks. Marge continues - I mean if anyone ... Trask - Thank your Mrs. Bernardi, no further questions. EJ tells Sami that Marge opened the door to allow Justin to prove that her husband was on the take; that your story is the honest to God truth.

Segment 7: Eric - Why are you so reluctant to answer a few questions. Nicole - Because there's nothing for me to say and I really wish you would stop obsessing about this one night. Don't you have enough stress in your life as it is. Eric - I am stressed and I'm wondering if there's someone out there who is trying to poison me or not. Which is why I'm going to take a trip back to that hotel to see if I can jog my memory. I want to know if you want to come with me. Nicole - No way. No. Eric - Why not? Nicole - Because what you're asking me to do is ... I just can't. I'm sorry. She leaves.

Marlena holds up a blue flashdrive. What a waste. She's about to throw it in the garbage but changes her mind. Maybe Victor will have some use for it.

Kristen - So tell me, did you and Daniel have a fight? Jen - No. JJ left. Kristen - What do you mean he left. Jen - He told me he didn't want to live here anymore so I told him if he walked out that door to never come back. Kristen - Oh honey, how many times did you run away from home. You always came back. Jen - Yeah but I don't even know where he is. Kristen - Wherever he is he knows there's no place like home. They hug.

Dan walks through the park. JJ and Rory come out from behind the bushes. JJ - He's the reason everything is so screwed up. Rory - Come on man, you know it was Cole that turned us in. JJ - But it was Dr. Dan that turned my mom against me. If he thinks getting his car trashed sucked just wait.

Justin - Mrs. Bernardi, first of all let me offer my condolences on your loss. Now when you stated that your husband was not a dirty cop ... Trask - Objection. Justin - I'm simply following up on the witnesses own statement. Judge - Overruled. Justin - What prompted you to say that? Marge - You know very well that your client has claimed to anyone who will listen that my husband was trying to hurt Rafe Hernandez even though there is no evidence to prove that ... Justin - No evidence? No evidence at all? Marge - No real evidence. It was put there to make her story look legit. Justin - What was put where Mrs. Bernardi? Marge - Someone deposited 100 thousand dollars into my son's back account but it wasn't my husband, I swear. Justin - That's what you'd like to believe, Mrs. Bernardi. The fact is everything your husband made legitimately has been accounted for. If Joseph Bernardi wasn't accepting money, large sums of money from an outside source, where did that 100 thousand dollars come from?


Monday Sept 16

Segment 1: Repeat of Justin asking Marge where the $100,000 came from. She shrugs.]

Kayla walks into the pub and greets Chad who is picking up a takeout order. How are you doing? Chad - Fine, thanks for asking. Kayla - And you and my niece, everything's going alright? Chad - Abigail and I are doing great. Kayla - I'm so glad and I hope that you continue doing well and that you're feeling okay. Chad - I'm feeling fine. Kayla - Good. Chad - OMG. Cameron told you, didn't he? He told you about my condition. That S.O.B.

Abby comes into the living room and asks her mom how things went with JJ after she left. Jen - Not so well. Abby - I'm so sorry Mom. I don't understand why he's acting like this. Is he upstairs? Jen - No, he's gone. Abby - Where did he go? Did he have a meeting with Uncle Justin. Jen - No you're brother has left home and I'm afraid it might be for good.

Bev passes JJ an envelope. JJ - I'm glad I gave you this to hold on for me. I just didn't think I'd need it so soon. Bev - Are you really not going home again? Won't your mom freak out on you? JJ - I'm 18. I'm an adult. Hope walks up. True you are, so when are you going to start acting like one?

Marge asks for some water. Sami whispers to EJ - This could be it. Check out the jury. EJ whispers back - something about where it came from. Sami - They have to realise Bernardi was a dirty cop. The judge asks Marge if she's ready to answer the question. Marge - Yes, I think. Justin repeats the question. Do you have any idea where your husband, Det. Joseph Bernardi, could have gotten his hands on a $100,000?

Jen - I told him there had to be new ground rules because he kept lying to me over and over again and I couldn't trust him anymore. Abby - So he just left? Jen - Yeah because he said he couldn't live by my rules anymore. Abby - What is he thinking? Where is he going to stay? Jen - I don't know but I'm sure he'll come back here once he cools off and starts thinking rationally. Abby - Rationally? JJ hasn't been thinking rationally for a long time now otherwise he wouldn't have been dealing drugs. What if he gets into something worse while he's away. Jen - He's still facing misdemeanour charges. I hope he has enough sense not to risk getting in trouble again. Abby - Because he's been so sensible so far? Jen - Honey, I am being tough this time. Abby - Tough? Jen - Yeah. I have called him back to set him straight.

JJ - What's up? Hope - Your mom called. She told me about the fight you two had. JJ - I bet she wants you to drag me back home. Hope - No actually she doesn't. You're 18 now. No one can force you to do anything you don't want to do, right? JJ - Then what? Hope - I was hoping I could get you to understand how incredibly hurtful this is to your mom. She doesn't deserve this. She loves you so much. She's always been there for you. She's always supported you. Always. What, no comment? JJ - It's not about hurting my mom, I need some space. Hope - Okay fine. Like I said no one can force you to do anything you don't want to do. JJ - I just need a little time to cool off. Hope - Fine and where do you plan on cooling off as you call it? JJ - Actually I was thinking that maybe I could crash at your place with you and Ciara for a couple of days. What do you think?

Justin - Your Honour, could you instruct the witness again to answer my question. Marge - You tried to make Joe look like a dirty cop and he wasn't. You know it. I know it. Everybody who's ever known him knows it. He was a hero and those two over there ... Justin protests. Marge continues - He's a DiMera and his father is the biggest crook in town and has been for years. It's true. Everybody in this room knows that it's true. Judge - Mrs. Bernardi you will refrain from making outbursts in my court and you will answer Mr. Kiriakis's question or I will have no choice but to have you remanded into custody. Justin - Mrs. Bernardi, do you know where the money in your son's bank account came from? Marge cries - You can't do this. Justin - I repeat, do you know where the money ... Marge - No I don't know where the money came from but it wasn't my husband's. He did not put it there. He was a cop and he was clean. And I didn't have a $100,000 lying around. Justin - Then how do you account for it? Marge - Someone else must have put the money there but it wasn't Joe. It was not Joe. Justin - Who else had access to your account besides you, your husband and your son. Marge - No one. Justin - No one? Marge - No one but he is a DiMera and they can get away with whatever they want. Somehow they got access to that account. Justin - Mrs. Bernardi, I know you'd like to believe that. Marge - I do believe it because it's the only explanation that makes any sense.

Segment 2: Kayla - You need to calm down and listen to me. Chad - You need to listen to me. Cameron had no right discussing my illness with you. It's freakin' doctor patient confidentiality and I may just have that bastard sued. Kayla - You are completely over-reacting. I was on duty the day he got your CT scan results. I consulted on your case. I'm his Chief of Staff. We do that everyday, all day. Chad - Okay there is no reason for you or Cameron to consult about me anymore. I have a new doctor now. Kayla - Yes I know and I know you're not telling Cameron what the name of your new doctor is. Chad - Because it's none of his business. Kayla - Why wouldn't you want the doctor who diagnosed you to consult with your specialist. Chad - Because Cameron is all up in my business and I don't want him asking too many questions. Kayla - He is concerned about you and so am I. Chad - There's no reason for you to be concerned about me anymore. I am fine! And yes I have a brain tumour but I also have the best doctor the DiMera money can buy right now. I don't want anyone else to know about this. Kayla - Not even Abigail. Chad - Especially not Abigail.

Abby - What if this tough love thing backfires? What if something really bad happens to JJ and we never see him again. Jen - Don't say that! Abby - Mom, it's possible. I lost my father. I don't want to lose my brother too. She leaves.

JJ - You won't even know I'm there and I know Bo is out of town so I could really help you out around the house. I don't eat a lot ... okay, that's a lie but I'll try not to clean out your refrigerator, I promise. I would love to spend more time with you and Ciara. She's so unbelievably cute. You don't like the idea? Hope - I would like to help you out but you need to go home. And before you get on the horn to all the Horton's and Johnson's in town and tell all of them that you'd like to get to know them better and you'll help out around the house and whatever else you can come up with, let me assure you they'll react exactly as I have. JJ mumbles. Hope - Listen up. The charges against you are very serious, do you not understand that? And as a cop I have seen where that path can lead and it's not warm and fuzzy. So stop being a jerk before you end up behind bars for the rest of your life, okay? Hey we're family but I'm also a cop. I'll be watching you. Actually, the entire force will be watching you. She leaves. Rory - Dude, I'm sorry. That was brutal. JJ answers his cell. I'm not coming home Abigail. Abby - I need to talk to you in person. JJ - Fine but only you can come, not Mom.

Judge - Mrs. Bernardi, I need you to stop speculating and answer the questions that are asked of you. Justin - Nothing further Your Honour. Trask has no further questions for this witness. Judge - You may step down Mrs. Bernardi. Marge - You have to believe me. Joe was a good man and he was a clean cop. The judge instructs the bailiff to remove the witness immediately. Marge yells - How could you do this to us? He's dead. My husband's dead and you want to make it worse for me and my little boy for the rest of our lives. She points at Sami. She killed his father. The Judge says he can grant a 15 min recess. Justin - The defence would like to proceed if the court would allow. Judge - Call the prosecution's next witness Miss Trask. Trask - The state calls Adrienne Kiriakis. EJ - Did you know about this? Justin - I knew she would be called but I didn't think it would happen today. Trask is nervous now that the money thing is out there. Sami - I hate to see her like that. EJ - She had to find out her husband was dirty sooner than later. It's all the better for us it happened on the stand. We have nothing to regret or feel guilty about. Nothing.

Segment 3: Trask gets Adrienne's name and establishes that she is married to the defendant's counsel. Trask - You were the one who provided the video of Miss Brady attacking Det. Bernardi prior to his death, were you not? Adrienne - Yes. Trask - You were also the person who went to the police with the tip to look into the bank account of the deceased's son, Timothy Bernardi, were you not? Adrienne - Yes. Trask - Can you tell the court Mrs. Kiriakis how you came to know that there was over $100,000's in Joe Bernardi's son's bank account. Adrienne - I ran into Marge Bernardi and her son Timmy when they came out of the bank and Timmy dropped his passbook. I bent down to help him pick it up and I noticed the balance on the receipt. Trask - What an extraordinary coincidence, yeah. Justin - Objection Your Honour. Judge - Sustained. Trask - So did you know Mrs. Bernardi and her son were coming from the bank when you ran into them. Adrienne - No. Trask - So it was a coincidence. Adrienne - Yes. Trask - And coincidentally Timmy just dropped his bank passbook at your feet and you just happened to see the balance. Adrienne - I believe that's what I just said Miss Trask. Trask - You see nothing unusual about this? Adrienne - I don't understand where you're going with this? Trask - I'll explain. It seems to me that a series of amazing coincidences befell you, the defence attorney's wife. Justin - Objection, leading the witness. Judge - Sustained. I think you've gone far enough Miss Trask. Trask has no further questions.

Chad - Abigail and I just got back together. I don't want to ruin what we have by talking about depressing things. I don't want her pity. Kayla - I understand that but you wouldn't get that with Abigail. She is a kind and caring person and she would help you through this. Chad - Still, she's been through a lot. Losing her Dad, now this stuff with her brother, this is the last thing she needs right now. Kayla - It's reality. Life throws us curves. And keeping secrets, especially something as serious as this, is really no way to start a relationship. Chad - Okay. I'm in treatment. I'm going to beat this damn thing and then when it's over I'll have spared Abigail from ever having to worry about me. I care about her a lot. I would never hurt her. Please trust me on this and don't say anything to her. Not a word. He leaves.

Abby finds JJ in the park and they hug. Abby - Can we talk alone? Rory and Bev will go get some smoothies or something. They leave. Abby - JJ, please come home. Moving out is a mistake, this is crazy. JJ - Mom is crazy. Abby - Don't talk like that. Mom is an amazing person and she always will be. She loves you so much. Sure she's angry but that doesn't mean she doesn't care about you. I was just with her. I'm telling you I saw the look on her face. She's worried sick about you. JJ - Maybe Mom should have thought about that before she started playing prison guard. Abby - I need to tell you something and I want you to hear me. When you were in London I messed up pretty big. I did some awful things that I am not proud of but Mom forgave me and so did Dad because I took responsibility and we worked through it together. And you have to do the same thing. You can't just run away from your mistakes. Mom's being tough on you right now because she feels that she has to but I am telling you that this is breaking her heart and it's breaking mine too. So please just come home and we can work on being a family. If not for mom would you do it for me.

EJ - Thank you Mrs. Kiriakis. I will be cross-examining you myself today due to the nature of your personal relationship with the defence attorney. Adrienne - I understand. EJ - Now you previously stated that you provided the defence with the video showing Miss Brady attacking Det. Bernardi. Adrienne - Yes. EJ - And at the time that you presented this video to the state had Miss Brady been charged with 1st degree murder? Adrienne - The charges had already been dropped. EJ - So it was when you presented this evidence to the prosecution that Miss Brady was charged for a second time? Trask - Objection. The prosecution stipulated ... EJ - The prosecution has made every attempt to portray the witness as colluding with the defence but the fact is we would not be here in this courtroom today were it not for Mrs. Kiriakis, is that not correct? Judge - You've both made your point regarding the witness. Anything more? EJ - No more questions. Judge - You're dismissed. Your next witness Miss Trask. Trask - The state calls Edward Craig. EJ - Your Honour, we have no record of this witness. Trask - Your Honour, Edward Craig is with the FBI and defence opened themselves up to this questioning by accusing Det. Bernardi of corruption and wrongdoing within the Police Dept. Judge - I'll allow it. Sami - What is going on? Justin - I think we've been set-up.

Segment 4: Abby - I know that you're really upset and you're feeling betrayed but hanging out with your loser friends isn't the answer. JJ - At least my friends want me around. Mom doesn't. Abby - God JJ, what happened to you? When did you turn into this selfish cold-hearted person? JJ - That's it. Abby - No, it's not it. You're going to listen to me and you are going to listen well. You got expelled from school for dealing drugs and you lied about it. And then you came home and you got arrested for doing the exact same thing. So you tell me, how did you think this would go? You thought that mom would just say 'Welcome home, JJ, can I make you a sandwich?' JJ - I thought she would try and understand me. Abby snaps - She did try. She tried for months and months and months. She tried with every cell of her being but you did nothing but disrespect her. You lied to her face over and over and over and over again. You made her life miserable and instead of saying your were sorry and correcting your behaviour you just continued to do more dumb, destructive things. JJ - You know what was dumb, me agreeing to talk to you. He slams his backpack to the ground. Abby - You know what was even more dumb JJ, me thinking that I could actually get through to you. So go ahead JJ, run along. You go play with your juvenile friends who love you so much more than we do. I am officially giving up. JJ - Good. Abby - You know what, I get it now JJ. Let me tell you something. I love Dad a lot, just as much as I love you but Dad, he was always making excuses for taking off, for abandoning his family and now JJ, you are doing the exact same thing. You are your father's son. You are just like him. She leaves.

Hope is at Jen. Shawn Douglas turned out fine and so will JJ. Jen - Yeah. Do you think I'm handling this whole thing right. Hope - I do. Jen - 'Cause Abigail thinks this whole ... she's worried that this tough love thing is going to backfire. And I'm just worried because I haven't heard from him so I'm thinking I should just call him ... I don't know.

Bev brings JJ some hot chocolate. He thought they were getting smoothies. Rory - It's too cold, haven't you noticed? Bev - The temperature dropped about 20 degrees. It looks like it's going to rain too. JJ - Perfect.

Mr Craig states his name and says that he's a Computer Forensics Expert for the FBI and heads up that division. Trask - And your team was brought in to research the $100,000 deposit into Timothy Bernardi's bank account, is that correct? Craig - Yes. Trask - Specifically, you were brought in to determine if there was computer fraud involved. Craig - That's right. Trask - And what did you determine after your investigation. Craig - Our initial tests came back clean; everything seemed to be above board. But we kept digging. Trask - Why were you so persistent? Craig - Because the people who had access to the account had no idea how the money got there and eventually we found discrepancies in the bank's computer system. Sami looks at EJ. Trask - What kind of discrepancies? Craig - It had been hacked prior to Aug. 22nd. Trask - Of this year? Craig - Yes. Prior to that date the account had $23.47 in it. Trask - $23.47? Craig - Yes. Trask - Once again, this is Timothy Bernardi's bank account? Craig - Yes. Trask - But I don't understand, our records show regular transactions and deposits of large sums of money on several occasions, the largest deposit coming the day before Det. Bernardi was murdered. Craig - Those deposits never happened. Trask - I'm sorry? Craig - They never happened. The $100,000 was a lump sum deposit on Aug. 22nd. Trask - Well that's very curious because Det. Bernardi was killed on June 11th.

Segment 5: Jen - No, I'm not calling him. He has to know that I'm not going to back down; that he has to follow my rules. Hope - I agree with you. Jen - It's just so hard 'cause it's times like this that I miss Jack the most. Hope - I know. It's very tough being a single parent and having to make all of those decisions on your own. But you have an incredible support group and so many people who love you. She lists off all the people who love her including Daniel. Jen - I know. It's so hard. I can't lean on Daniel right now for so many reasons. She hears the door. JJ. She runs to the foyer. It is JJ. Hope has to get going. She tells JJ it's good to see him. She leaves. Jen - I'm really glad you came back. Maybe we can sit down and talk this whole thing out. JJ - I didn't come to talk. I came to get my jacket.

Shirtless Chad opens his door to Abigail. Abby - Sorry, I should have called first. Chad is just unpacking boxes, come in. Abby tells him his place looks great. Chad - Are you upset? Abby - My brother. Chad - Did they deny his bail? Abby - He is out but he is making all kinds of stupid decisions and he's tearing my family apart. Chad holds her.

Jen goes through his jacket pockets. JJ - There's no drugs in there. Jen - I think you know why your word isn't enough. JJ - Can I have my jacket or do you want me to freeze death when I'm living on the street. She hands him his jacket. She tells him she owes him an apology.

Trask - So given the date of the deposit it would have been impossible for Det. Bernardi to put that money in his son's account since he was dead. Interestingly enough the defendant was just charged on July 22nd and the deposit was made after that date. Justin - Objection. Trask - I have the date right, don't I? Craig - Yes. Trask - And were you able to determine the source of the funds. Craig - My team traced it to an offshore account in the Cayman Islands. Trask - The Caymans? In your experience Mr. Craig, who generally has the ability to pull off such a complicated business transaction. As she asks the question she is leaning forward and staring at EJ. Craig - In my experience the people who have the means to hire the best hackers in the world. Trask - The means? Craig - Unlimited means.

Segment 6: Jen - I should have brought you home after your father died but JJ I honestly thought that it made sense not to disrupt your life. That was a really bad call on my part. You needed to be with me and Abigail. And then once I got you home I needed to pay more attention to you to see how you were doing. JJ - What are you getting at? Jen - I just want to own up to my mistakes because there were a lot of them. And I'm just asking you to own up to yours. JJ - So nothing's different. You're still being impossible.

Chad - I'm so sorry this stuff with your mom and your brother is so hard. I wish there was something I could do to help you. Abby - You are just by being here for me. Chad - Always. Abby - I don't know what I would do without you Chad DiMera. Chad - You don't have to worry about that because I will never leave. They kiss.

Jen helps him put his jacket on. What happened to my sweet little boy? Did time apart really change you that much 'cause we used to be so close. We had this crazy bond, remember. And I think it was because you were my miracle baby. The doctors said you were never going to make it but I never believed them because I knew this baby inside me was so strong and he was going to survive and he was going to grow up to be someone very, very special. And I was right. I didn't give up on you then and I'm not going to give up on you now because I am your mother and I love you unconditionally and that is never going to change. And because I'm your mother I'm not going to let you destroy your life. So maybe you think I'm being unreasonable and maybe you think I'm mean but I'm trying to help you. Please I'm begging you. Don't walk out that door. Please stay here with me and let's rebuild that bond that we had, okay. Let me help you get your life back on track.

Justin - Objection, Your Honour. Judge - Sustained. Trask has nothing further. Justin - The defence has no questions at this time but we do reserve the right to call this witness back to testify. Judge - The witness is dismissed for now. Seems like a good time to recess for lunch. One hour. Justin - I need a minute to think about this. Sami - It's over, isn't it? I'm going to go to prison for the rest of my life. EJ - We can not give up hope. I promise you. Sami - EJ, no more promises. I know you've done everything you can for me. EJ - It backfired. I'm so sorry. Sami - I know you are and I understand why you did what you did. The guard tells Sami she has to go back to her cell now. Justin returns to the courtroom - only EJ is there. EJ - Is it as bad as we think? Justin - Oh yeah, we are royally screwed. I put Marge Bernardi through hell on the witness stand and now the jury believes the whole thing was a setup. They hate me, they hate you and much worse, they hate Sami. EJ - We haven't even presented our case yet. Justin - What case? I have character witnesses and when Melinda gets them all to admit how many times Sami has lied to them, they'll do more harm than good. We have no evidence. We have no proof. All we have is something that looks like a complete frame up executed by you to keep your fiancée out of prison. The only thing that is going to save Sami is a miracle.

Segment 7: Chad and Abby kiss. Abby leads him to the bed. They continue kissing.

JJ - I'm not interested in you fixing me. I don't need your help. I just want you to leave me the hell alone. He leaves. Jen cries.

Kayla comes to see Sami in her cell. She hands her something from Caroline. Sami is glad it's a closed trial. I'd hate for Grandma, for all of you, to have to sit through this. Kayla - Was today really bad? Sami - I can't pretend anymore. I'm going to prison for the rest of my life.

Trask and her assistant celebrate. Trask - It's a slam dunk. Guy - There's no way out for Sami Brady. EJ comes in. A word in private Miss Trask. The other guy leaves. Trask - What can I do for you counsellor. EJ - I'm here to talk about what I can do for you. I know how much you want to put my father and myself behind bars. I'm here to give you the opportunity to do just that.


Tuesday Sep 17

Segment 1: Repeat of EJ offering himself up to Trask on the altar of Samantha.

Maxine asks Cam if he's seen Jennifer Horton. He hasn't, why? Maxine is worried about her. With everything going on with JJ ... and poor Abigail, it must be tearing her up with her brother in so much trouble. Cam is sure it is. Maxine - She's lucky. She has someone special in her life now to lean on.

Things get hot and heavy between Abby and Chad until Chad hesitates for a moment.

Sonny walks up to the door and hears Will and Gabi arguing about Sami and Nick. Gabi points out the fact that Sami pulled out a gun and threatened to kill him. Will argues that he threatened her first. With the way Nick is acting he's glad that Gabi never married him. Honestly, I wish you guys weren't friends. Sonny just shakes his head.

Nick and Hope are in the square. Nick - I didn't want to testify against Sami. Kate kind of made that happen. Hope - I heard. I don't want to testify either, believe me. I'm due in court after the break but I wanted to talk to you first. Nick - Because Vargas got busted and now you're worried. Hope - It looked like he really turned his life around and now he's heading back to Statesville. Nick - And you're afraid I'm right behind him.

Justin arrives at Sami's cell. She asks him where's EJ? Justin thought he'd be here. Sami - I haven't seen him since court. He feels so awful. He probably had to go do something. Justin - Oh God, I hope he's not ... Sami - Making things worse? How could he do that?

Trask - You have my attention. EJ - I thought I would. Trask - What do you propose? EJ - I give you the head of Stefano DiMera on a platter. Trask - You'll testify? EJ nods yes. Trask - I can't give you immunity in any form. EJ - I'm aware. Trask - So let's be clear ... EJ - You'd put us both away. Trask - You're just doing this because you had a sudden attack of conscience? EJ - There's a deal. There are terms, non-negotiable. Trask - What do you want? EJ - I want all charges against Samantha dropped. I want her home with the children. I give you the proffer against my father, you make it look like it came from Samantha and in exchange she goes free. Trask - I'm supposed to let your fiancée walk on Murder One? EJ - Ms. Trask ... Melinda, off the record ... Trask - Sure EJ. EJ - You know in whatever it is that you use for a heart that Samantha did not shoot Bernardi in cold blood. Nobody who knows her believes that and people have been more than willing to believe the worst about her over the years. The shooting was justified. Trask - Not according to the evidence. EJ - According to the very limited evidence beyond which you refuse to look. Samantha is innocent and I'm not going to allow you to send her to prison. Trask - That sounds dangerously close to threatening a Special Prosecutor. EJ - It shouldn't. It should sound like deep and sincere concern for your choices. I'm handing you the opportunity to put the DiMera family out of business. With my father and myself behind bars that's exactly what this would do. Do you have any idea for how many years the little people of this town have been trying to stop us. I'm giving you the opportunity to do that in one fell swoop. Trask - It is an extraordinary proposition. EJ - Think about it. There's a vacancy in the Senate next election cycle. You could run for Governor. I don't care. I just want Samantha free. Trask - You really love her, don't you? EJ - Do we have a deal? Trask - Sorry, I was just stuck on that. What I've seen and heard the DiMera men use women like tissues. Wad them up and toss them out when they're done. I didn't think that any of you had a genuine feeling let alone a willingness to sacrifice yourself for anyone else. EJ - Do we have a deal?

Segment 2: EJ - I'll expect an answer from you by the end of the day. Trask - It's not going to happen Mr. DiMera. Here's my deal. Your fiancée is going down for Murder One. EJ - I'll give you a murder charge against Stefano DiMera. Trask - Miss Brady killed a cop. EJ - While defending the life of another cop. Trask - I can't let her walk. EJ - She's a Brady. Do you not what that means? Her family runs the entire police department of this town. Do you really want to try cases in that courtroom after you've locked up the Police Commissioner's daughter. Trask - Nobody will doubt the law is fair and unbiased. EJ - Fair? This is a hatchet job. She is innocent. How can you be so single-minded and so idiotic? How can you without consulting your superiors turn down a deal that would put two DiMera's behind bars? Trask - I don't need permission to run this case as I see fit. EJ - You're making a big mistake. Trask - I don't think so EJ. Here's my bet. When you see the love of your life dragged off in chains you will lose it and you will do something stupid and I will get you anyway. And then we can make a deal for your father. I'll have all of you in jail before the year is out.

Sami - Don't give EJ a hard time about the money thing. I get why he did it. I probably would have done the same thing. It's killing him that he hurt the case. Justin - You know how badly it backfired. Sami - I saw the jury's faces. I get how bad it is. Justin - Sorry Sami. Sami - Where's your pep talk counsellor. Come on! Justin - Is that what you want? Sami - I guess we have some plans to make. Lucas arrives. Justin - He's been calling and asking for an update. Sami - Hi Lucas. Lucas - I guess I'll my update now, won't I? Justin - Yeah. See you in court. He leaves. Sami - Well you're the only guy in my life who hasn't been called to testify against me. Lucas - I think that's lucky for you. Sami - At this time I don't think you could make it worse. Lucas - Seriously? We don't have that long so give me the short version, 50 words or less. Sami - I only need 5. It's bad; really, really bad.

Cam tells Maxine that he and Abigail are just friends.

Abby - What? Chad - You're the best thing that happened to me in so long. For once I want to be smart and think and not ... Abby - Not ... okay so you don't want to ... Chad - No, hell yes but I know it's different for you, isn't it? Abby - Yeah. You're right. Chad - And I don't want you to do anything you wouldn't normally do because you're upset with your life right now. If it's not the right time ... Abby - It is the right time Chad. It is exactly the right time. Not because I'm upset but because I want to do something that I wouldn't normally do for the first time with you. They kiss.

Maxine - I'm sorry. I shouldn't assume. Cam - Don't worry about it. You want some coffee. Maxine - No thanks. After he walks away she mutters, Poor thing. He's really got it bad for that girl.

Chad and Abby make love.

Hope - Vargas really helped us out when we needed it. If it weren't for him I wouldn't have made it to Smith Island in time. Will might be dead. Gabi and the baby might have died. If I were you I'd be really grateful to the guy. Nick - I was but not to the point of helping him with anything illegal. Hope - I know you're off parole but I'm still a little concerned about some of the choices you're making. Nick - Really? Hope - Yeah. We're not leaving you alone this time so please tell me what is going on with you and Gabi.

Gabi - How many times do you expect Nick to apologise? Will - I don't care how many times he apologises. I'm not going to trust him. Gabi - You wanted him to commit perjury in court. Will gets sarcastic - No of course not. Nick would never lie. You know that better than anyone, don't you? Will goes into his room. Gabi gives Sonny the look. Sonny - What! You didn't expect me to defend Nick, did you? Gabi - Will's not being reasonable. I know he's stressed out with his mom on trial but he's just not being fair. Sonny - Again, that's not a good argument. You should be glad he doesn't know you're sleeping with the guy. Gabi - Yeah that is a good thing because if he found out and blew up then I'd have no choice but to take Arianna and move out. Sonny - Is that a threat? You would take Will's daughter away from him?

Segment 3: Gabi - I didn't mean for it to sound like that. I don't want Will to know about me and Nick. It won't help anything. Sonny - I agree. I still hate this. Will and I do not keep secrets from each other. Gabi - You're not hurting Will. You're helping Ari's parents get along. It's a good thing, really. Will comes back. What's up? Sonny - We were just talking about the schedule today and you and I have Ari this afternoon. Will - Sweet! Gabi - I have to go visit Rafe. Sonny - That sounds good. You should go do that. Will - Listen, it's not going to be realistic to drop the subject of Nick. As long as he's still around, we still have to deal with it. Gabi - Yeah, you've make it very clear how you feel. I don't think there's anything else left to say. She leaves.

Hope - And before you deny it you should know Maggie already told me about the modelling thing. Nick - She told me that she was going to keep that a secret for now. Hope - From Gabi. Nick - I don't want anyone talking about it for now. Hope - Listen Nick. I meant what I said. Your family is here and we will talk to each other. We're not letting you go off the rails again, okay? Hey, we love you. Hope gets a text. I've got to go to court. It's good to see you. They hug.

Chad asks Abby if she's okay. Abby - Better than okay. Chad - You're not sorry, are you? Abby - I am ... that I waited so long. They kiss.

Sami - You're right. We don't have a lot of time and actually I need to ask you to help me with some things. I have to get my affairs in order here. Lucas - Sami, stop. Sami - I have some letters for the kids. I want you to give them to them for me. Lucas - Are you sure it's this bad, really? Sami - Have you been listening? Lucas - Yes, I've been listening but you have a tendency to be dramatic every now and then. I sort of thought that's what you were doing but ... What about EJ? He should be helping you. He should be getting you out of this. Sami - He's trying to be positive. Lucas - He's trying to be positive! He should be getting you out. DiMera's don't go to jail. It's the least he could do. It's the least you should expect from that guy. Sami - EJ is trying and I feel him. I sit next to him and I feel how desperate he is. Lucas - Desperate DiMera ... never a good thing!

EJ pulls stuff out of the safe in the wall in the living room of the D mansion. He goes through passports - his, Sami and the kids - all with fake names. He places a call. It's me.

Segment 4: Chad - If it wasn't a big deal then I did something wrong. Abby - No. I meant my status. Chad - You mean the whole virgin thing. Can I say that now ... now that it's past tense. Abby - Today only then we are never talking about it ever again. Chad - Okay but there's nothing wrong with it ... waiting for the right time or the right person. Abby - I know. Chad - So did you ... was I ... Abby - Yes and yes. What about you? I mean it must have been kind of weird for you since it was my ... Chad - No, you were a total pro. Not a total pro ... it's not like you needed an instruction manual. They kiss. Abby - You are so much better when you're not talking. Chad - Yeah, I get that a lot. Abby - Thanks for hanging in there with me when I was kind of going back and forth. Chad - Hey, there's no one else here so let's keep it that way. Okay? His cell rings. Abby - Seriously! The minute you say no one else is here. Chad - It's the club. I'll get rid of them in 2 secs.

Gabi is in the square. She drops of armful of books and stuff. Cam bends down to help her pick everything up. Nick is there too. Cam - See you around. Gabi can see Nick is not happy. What's going on? Nick - Nothing. What was that about?

Sami - I want you to promise that you're going to try and get along with EJ for me for Allie's sake. Promise you'll try because Allie, Johnny and Sydney need to be together. They're so tight and this is going to be really difficult for them and I know you won't want Allie to suffer anymore than ... Lucas - It's not going to come to that okay. Sami - That's not a promise Lucas. I want you to promise that you'll get along with EJ. Lucas - I will. I promise. I pinkie-swear. I have no choice, right? Don't worry. It's going to be fine. The truth always comes out. The guard comes to take Sami back to court.

EJ is still on the phone. Yes, I understand there's no turning back. I'm certain. No, this is our only option. Johnny comes into the room. EJ - You'll call me back. When? Good. He asks Johnny how school was today. Johnny - Who cares. I'm tired of this. Mommy needs to come home NOW!

Segment 5: Segment 5: By the time Chad is done with his call Abby is dressed. Chad - Where do you think you're going? abby - I got a text from my mom. She didn't say it but I kind of think she needs me right now. Chad - I'm sorry. Abby - No, I'm sorry. I could do this all day, all week. Chad - We'll do that real soon. They kiss. Chad walks her to the door. They kiss again before she leaves.

Gabi - You mean Cameron. That wasn't about anything. What's going on? Nick - Nothing. Gabi - You look so serious. Nick - No, I was worried about you. You know about how Will and Sonny are taking it ... about the stuff between us. Gabi - Will doesn't know we slept together, thank God. That wouldn't help anything. Nick - I know. Gabi - I've got to go. I've got to get to the hospital before Rafe starts his physical therapy session. Nick - Okay, sure. See you later.

Will opens the door to Lucas who comes bearing gifts. Will - It's like Father's Day over here. He points to Sonny - His dad was just here. Lucas - I guess when you have a baby people tend to ignore you when they stop by. Sonny - We got that. She's asleep though. Lucas - She is! I'll just take a little peek. This is for you. Sonny tells Will he has to go to the club. I'll see you later. He leaves. Lucas comes out of the bedroom. Oh man she's so beautiful. She has my lip. Will is looking inside the bag Lucas handed him. Where'd you find this? Lucas - I didn't. Your mom did.

Sami asks Justin if he's heard from EJ. Justin - No. He's not answering calls or texts. Sami - He wouldn't just leave me here. Justin - I didn't think so. Sami - He must be working on something. Justin - Oh no. Sami - Not like that; not like before. I'm sure he wouldn't risk that again. Justin - Then what? Court is now in session. Melinda calls Hope to the stand.

EJ - I want your Mommy home immediately. Johnny - Sydney cried again last night. EJ - She did! Why didn't you call me? Johnny - You were busy. I handled it. EJ - Did you? What did you do? Johnny - I tucked her in and told her you'd bring Mom home soon. EJ - Did she go back to sleep? He nods yes. EJ - Thank you for looking after the girls. Johnny - It's my job. EJ - It's my job too. Look I have a plan and ... Johnny sees Stefano. Nono! Stefano - Ah Giovanni. Hello, I love you too. Johnny hugs him. Stefano looks at EJ and smiles.

Segment 6: Gabi and Abby run into each other at the nurse's station. Gabi - What's going on? Something happened. I can tell. Abby - No, things with my brother are pretty much a mess. Gabi - No, something happened. Something not horrible. Abby laughs. Okay that is just weird. How did you know? Is there a sign above my head or something. Gabi - We're going to have a girl talk. Let's go.

Cam sends a text to Chad. Chad reads it - We need to talk. Chad mutters - No we don't but I better get my story straight.

Will pulls out a stuffed toy. Lucas - You remember Snuffy, don't you? Will - OMG, I didn't know anyone still kept him. Lucas - Yeah. Well given what a mess your mother and I were when we were younger it's a miracle we saved anything that mattered to you but she did. Will - Man, we have been through some messed up times. Lucas - Your mother wanted you to have it so you could give it to Ari. Will - Have you seen Mom? In your opinion is it as bad as it sounds? Lucas - She's scared. Your mom doesn't do scared so it's weird for her but there's not much you can do now so I were you I would just stay home with your daughter where you belong. Don't get involved.

Trask - And at the time you secured the crime scene did the defendant tell you that she knew Joseph Bernardi? Hope - No. Trask - She lied when asked? Hope - Yes. Trask - How many years did you work with Joseph Bernardi? Hope - Roughly 10 yrs. Trask - And in all that time did you ever have reason to suspect that Joe Bernardi was anything other than a good cop? Hope - No. Trask has no further questions. Justin - Det. did you also work with a uniformed patrolman named Adam Davis? Trask - Objection. Relevance? Justin - I'll connect it with the next question. Judge - Overruled. Witness may answer. Hope - Yes I did. I worked with Adam Davis. Justin - And in all those years that you knew him did you ever suspect that he was anything but a good, honest cop. Hope - Not until the day we found out he was dirty. That's how it goes. Justin - Thank you Det. Trask - Redirect, Your Honour. Det., did you not do an exhaustive search of all of Joe Bernardi's finances, accounts and even his home on one occasion? Hope - Yes. Trask - And yet you found nothing to indicate that Joe and Marge were living beyond their means. Hope - No. Trask - No hidden bank accounts other then the one with the clearly planted evidence. Hope - Not yet. Trask - Do you have any other leads? Any shred of credible evidence that Joe Bernardi was on the take? Hope - No.

Johnny opens the gift Stefano brought him. Johnny - A tarantula! (A dead one, framed). Awesome. Stefano - That's a Goliath, huh. It eats birds, small animals. I got your sisters something too. Two baby dolls. So you give this to them alright? Johnny - Can I hang this over my bed? EJ - Of course you can. Have Harold help you. Johnny takes the presents and goes upstairs. EJ shuts the doors to the living room. My contact called you, did he? Stefano - Of course. EJ - And you shut him down. Now you're here to gloat. You cut off my family's only option for being together and free. Stefano - Fugitives are not free. They simply are not caught yet, that's all. I mean, you run away, you're going to destroy everyone's life. EJ - I think you did a pretty good job of that yourself, don't you? I mean it was your wounded vanity and your twisted need to feel like a man again that set this whole thing in motion. Stefano - Let's not go over that again. EJ - Oh I'm sorry. Is this boring to you because it's consumed me; it's consumed my entire family. You're the reason my children cry for their mother every night. Does that make you happy to know that Johnny and Sydney suffer because of you. Stefano - Of course not. EJ - Then stop it. You have that power. Bernardi was your man. You know where he buried his skeletons. There's something that you could release that wouldn't implicate you but would prove that Bernardi was dirty. Stefano - I guess no one would believe it thanks to what you have done. EJ - There is nothing that I will not do to bring Samantha home. Stefano - You know all these years I heard you moaning about the women you loved but this time I believe it's true. You truly love your Samantha, huh. EJ - I won't lose her. The children will not lose their mother. You can free her so what do you want? What will it take?

Segment 7: Cam gets off the elevator near the nurses station. Maxine - Did Gabi Hernandez find you? Cam - No, why? Maxine - I think she has some questions about her brother's physical therapy. She's in the waiting room. In the waiting room Gabi tells Abby not to keep her hanging. Abby - I just think it's really creepy that you can tell. Gabi - So, come on. Abby - Okay. Chad and I ... Gabi - You and Chad? Abby - We ... Gabi - You did it. Abby - Yeah. Cam hears this.

Chad is online reading something. He recalls his visit to the specialist. Dr. - Usually MRI's aren't this conclusive but yours was. The shadow on the CT was artifact. It's not uncommon. You're in perfect health Mr. DiMera. Chad mutters - Okay, telling Cameron I had a brain tumour got him out of the picture. Let's find a treatment that will keep him there.

Will is placing Snuffy with Ari when Sonny comes home. Sonny - How was your Dad? Will - About the same as your Dad. Sonny - Damn it. Sonny sees Snuffy. New toy? Will - No, old new toy. He shows him a picture of him with Snuffy. Will - My mom kept it for me; the same woman who loses her keys twice a week. Sonny - Ari looks just like you did. Will - Really? I thought she looked more like mom.

Sami - I wish EJ were here right now. Justin - It might not help with this jury. Sami - I don't care. I just really need to see a friendly face. Trask calls Roman to the stand.

Stefano chuckles as he looks at the portrait. You look happy there. EJ - What exactly is it that you want? Stefano - Of course it's hanging in the wrong place. EJ - Just tell me. Stefano - What do I want? What does any father want for their son. I want you to be happy. EJ - There's only one thing that is going to do that. I want Samantha home with me. Stefano - I hear her case is junk. EJ - Without any evidence that proves Bernardi was crooked it's very difficult to fight their version of events. Stefano - I mean if she had something solid, something real that could support her story. EJ - The razor? The blade Bernardi brought with him to slice up Rafe. The blade that disappeared at the crime scene. You didn't destroy it. You have it. You've had it all along. Turn it in. You could do that Father. Turn it in anonymously. Somebody found it at the hospital. You could do that with no harm to yourself. Father, for Johnny, for Sydney. You have the power to bring their mother home. You have to! Stefano - I don't have to do anything!


Wednesday Sep 18

Segment 1: Repeat of EJ realising Stefano has the razor blade and Stefano telling him he doesn't have to do anything.

Replay of Cam overhearing Abby and Gabi talking.

Repeat of Chad's flashback where the doctor tells him he's in perfect health. Chad finds a treatment on line - This looks good. In fact, it's perfect.

Kate walks up to Jordan near the nurse's station and asks how are we doing today. Jordan is fine. Kate was asking about Rafe. She understands he's been moved to another room. Jordan - Yes he was. Kate - You were told that you could update me on Rafe's progress. Jordan - Yes I was. Mr. Hernandez's progress is slow but that's to be expected considering his injuries. His motor skills get a little better every day. It's going to be a long process. Kate - How long? Jordan - It's hard to say at this point. We'll have to build up his strength and then we'll be better able to evaluate and come up with a time line. Kate - Thank you. That wasn't so hard now, was it? Jordan - Excuse me? Kate - You don't like me very much, do you?

Rafe asks Abe when the defence starts. Abe doesn't know. Trask is going to bury Sami in police officer testimony first. Rafe - Is that working? Abe - I'm afraid so. As the facts stand, Sami shot a man in the back and he died. There's no disputing that. Rafe - He was going to attack me. Abe - That's what she says but with no physical proof Sami's hanging out there with nothing but her word to back her up.

Sami watches as her father walks to the stand. Poor Dad. Justin - Can he hurt you? Sami - He doesn't want to. Justin - That's not my question. Roman is sworn in. Sami - Where could EJ be!

EJ - This is for your grandchildren. No matter how you might feel about Samantha or myself you don't want to hurt them. Stefano points to the portrait. And this is the image the children are going to have of their mother, uh. Not very flattering. EJ - You understand that's who you're hurting, right; the children. Stefano - That's your only concern huh. How stupid do you think I am. EJ - Yes I love her. I can't imagine spending one day without her let alone the rest of my life. If this is your payback you will destroy Samantha and the grandchildren along with me. Do you really hate her that much; you hate me that much. Stefano - You think this is just about hate, huh? EJ - Then what is it you want? Do you want the house, the company? Take them, they're yours. I'm serious. I was about to walk out of here before you showed up. We were leaving. You could have the whole thing to yourself. Stefano - And you're going to live on love huh? Oh you are so charming. EJ snaps - I will give you anything that you want. EJ knocks over the chess table. No games! No time! Samantha's life is on the line and you can save her. Now you tell me what it costs. You name your price. Stefano - Or what?

Cam eavesdrops as Gabi asks Abby if it was everything she thought it would be. Abby - I don't know how to answer that. I guess I didn't put that much thinking into it beforehand but it was great. And if you have all these incredible expectations aren't you bound to be disappointed? Gabi - I guess. Abby - But it definitely took me by surprise. Cam leaves. Abby continues - Totally my choice. Chad was sweet and romantic and it was great. It was everything I'd ever wanted.

Chad is reading up about the treatment. It sounds like a freakin' smoothie. There's no way anyone can tell if I was ever on it. Cameron or Kayla would never know I wasn't in treatment. That's sweet. Cue flashback of having sex with Abby. All in a good cause. Cameron was never right for her anyway. He gets a call from the club. What do you mean the dishwasher's broken. We've only been open a month.

Trask asks Roman why he is currently on leave from the Salem P.D. Roman - My daughter was accused of murdering a police officer. It would be a conflict of interest for me to be supervising the investigation. Trask - Commissioner, I need to ask you about some of your daughter's untruths in the past. Justin - Objection, Your Honour. All that's relevant here are the facts of the case. Trask - Your Honour, in his opening statement the defence put Miss Brady's honesty at the center of this trial. This witness can offer a great deal of testimony about Miss Brady's relationship to the truth. Judge - You opened the door. Proceed counsel.

Stefano - What are you going to do to me Elvis? Threaten me? Beat me up? EJ - You tell me what it is you want. Stefano - You don't know? I taught you better than that. This woman has turned you into mush. Polenta for brains. EJ - You're 5 moves ahead. EJ recalls Stefano saying - The day will come when you're on your hands and knees before me begging me to take back what you have stolen. EJ - You knew. Even when you walked out that door this whole thing was in motion. Stefano - Ah, you have caught up. EJ - Okay, fine, yes, your idiot son has caught up. Just take it all back. Just take it back. I want Samantha, that's all that matters to me. Stefano - Not to me.

Segment 2: Chad is giving instructions on what to do regarding the dishwasher when there's a knock on his door. It's Cameron. Cam sees the unmade bed. You S.O.B. How could you!

Jordan - Why would you say that? Kate - I understand. I know that I can be intimidating to people but that's not my intention, I assure you. Jordan - Miss Roberts, I don't like or dislike you. I have no feeling about you whatsoever. Kate - How can you have no feelings about the people that you meet? Jordan - I didn't say that. I care about my patients and their progress. Kate - Well I guess that's all that matters then. Jordan - It is. Everything and everyone else is irrelevant to me. For the record, I don't find you intimidating in the least. She walks away.

Rafe - Lying in this bed I've gone over every minute I've ever spent with Joe Bernardi. Now if he was dirty, there's a trail. Abe - We've looked at everything and everyone in his family. Rafe - Then we're missing something. Abe - Get better; get out of that bed! Rafe lifts his hand - 30% better than I did in the courtroom so ... Abe - We're rooting for you. You take what time you need. Rafe - Don't worry. I've got this physical therapist, she's like a drill sergeant. She's either trying to kill me or get me back on my feet. Kate comes into the room. Hey, are you talking about me. Abe better take off. Kate - How's the trial going? Abe - Not well as you know. Kate - Abe! Abe - I know you never liked Sami but you didn't have to hand the prosecutor more ammunition. Take care Rafe. He leaves. Rafe - What did you say at Sami's trial?

Trask - Is this the first time your daughter's been involved in legal proceedings? Roman - No. She was railroaded once before. She was innocent. Trask - Yes or no. Roman continues so Trask calls on the Judge to stop him. Judge - Commissioner, you know the drill. Please answer the questions as asked. Roman - Yes Your Honour. Trask - Let's focus on the defendant's previous sworn testimony in court. Commissioner, is it true that your daughter lied under oath?

EJ - Father, everything is on the table. That's all I have. Please, Father, all I can think about is Samantha in that courtroom alone, about to be locked up for the rest of her life. She's wondering where I am. I can feel her swallowing her panic. She's counting on me to get her out and I will. Father, please just take it. Take it all back please. Just ... Father... he gets on his knees. I beg you Father, take back what I have stolen from you. Stefano - You think this is only about things, the money, the house. EJ - I don't have anything else to give. Stefano - You break my heart again. Alright fine, you're preoccupied but you now listen to me. If somehow Samantha gets out of this mess one way or the other you are going to live here in this house as my son. You are going to work with me side by side. You and your entire family are going to live in this house ... MY HOUSE until I want it otherwise. EJ - Yes. Yes. Stefano - You want to give me your word as a DiMera. EJ - You have my word as a DiMera. Stefano extends his hand. EJ crawls over and kisses it. Stefano - Now get up off the floor my son. EJ stands up. Samantha's trial is still in session. There's not much time. We have to act now. Stefano acknowledges this in Italian. But you do have some phone calls to make and you have some papers to sign first, yes? EJ nods yes.

Segment 3: Gabi - I've got to ask; I'd be a bad friend if I didn't. Do you think that the stuff that's happening with your family is the reason why you kind of rushed into things with Chad? Abby - Maybe but that doesn't make it feel wrong. What's happening with my family has put me in the moment; made me not want to waste time. And in that moment I felt like it was right with Chad. Of course it wasn't what I expected. Gabi - You mean how he was with you. Abby - No. Up until a while ago I thought my first time would be with Cameron.

Chad - I guess good news travels fast. Cam - I can't believe you would go this far. Chad - It's none of your business. Cam - I care about Abigail and I thought you did too. Chad - That's kind of the point and it's mutual. That's why it happened. I hope you can accept ... Cam - I can not accept you lying to her. You're setting her up; you're setting yourself up. Chad - How do you figure that? Cam - What you're going through, it affects people differently. Now I'm sure it feels good to be with Abigail ... Chad realises his laptop is open to the page about treatments. He rubs his temple. Cam - What's wrong? Chad - It's nothing. The doctor said this would happen. Cam - Just sit down and put pressure on it okay. Chad tells Cam there's water in the fridge and asks him to get him some. Chad closes his laptop.

Roman - To my knowledge, Sami has never lied in criminal court. Trask - What about family court, Commissioner? Did your daughter lie under oath in Family Court? Roman - Sami had concerns with the father's ... Trask - Yes or no. Roman - Yes but what I'm saying ... Trask - Permission to treat the witness as hostile. Judge - Granted. Justin - Your Honour, this is far afield. Judge - I agree. Counsel, wrap this up. Trask - Thank you Your Honour. Commissioner, did your daughter lie under oath in Family Court. Roman - To protect her son from a drunk, yes she did. Trask - The defendant concocted an elaborate and completely false story about Lucas Horton abusing her son, did she not? Roman - Again, to protect her son from a drunk, yes she did. Trask - In fact she lied to Mr. Horton for years about the paternity of their child, passing him off as Austin Reed's son. Justin - Objection, Your Honour. Relevance? Judge - Sustained. Strike the question from the record. Sami - The jury still heard it.

Stefano lights a cigar as EJ is signing papers. You have spoken to Shinn in Hong Kong and Benedict in London. EJ - They were surprised and concerned. They liked the changes I'd made to the operation. Stefano - I'm sure you can make them very happy for me. Did you tell them there's a need for discretion. EJ - Nobody wants to see the share prices fall. They won't say anything until you make the announcement. Stefano - I'm sure between the two of us we can come up with what we need. EJ - Yes Father. He hands him the papers. Stefano - Samantha's trial has started again. Maybe you better go. EJ starts to leave. Stefano - Better take it easy you know because I am going to have dinner with the children. Who knows, pretty soon our whole family will be together again, yes? EJ - Yes Father. Stefano - It's for the best Elvis. Take my word for it. EJ leaves. Stefano smiles and laughs. To one big happy family ... MY FAMILY ... Salut!

Segment 4: Cam hands Chad the bottled water. It's cold so don't drink fast. Chad - Wouldn't want to get a brain freeze now, would we. He laughs. Look man, I'm sorry. I wish neither one of us had to lose in this situation. Cam - I don't care about losing. Abigail's family is melting down around her. She is vulnerable. Chad - And what? I zoomed in for the kill. Cam - Did you? Chad - I don't owe you any explanation but no. That's not what happened. We were together because that's what she wanted. Cam - Okay. Chad - Yeah it is. Cam - Then whatever else is going on with your head you must feel pretty good. Chad - Yeah I do. Abigail gives me a reason to live.

Abby - I shouldn't have said that. Gabi - Why not? I totally get it. Abby - It's not like I'm disappointed it wasn't Cameron it's just that up until awhile ago I thought that it would be with Cameron. That was just me; that's not where his head was at at all. Everything after that shifted and OMG ... my Mom is going to freak out. Gabi - No. Why would she find out? Let me explain something to you. We do not talk to our mother's about our sex lives. That just doesn't happen. Abby - Not my mom, she's different. Gabi - Okay. Maybe Jennifer won't go out of her way and pray to the rosary and light every single candle in her house and pray for your soul. Abby - She didn't. Gabi - I get it. Having the baby kind of blew things out of the water. Abby - My mom's not like that. She already thought that I had ... I did lose it to a DiMera though. Maybe it is something I'll keep to myself. They laugh.

Kate - I wasn't thinking. Rafe - Oh your weren't thinking so it just slipped out that you remembered that Sami had threatened someone else with a gun before. Kate - No, that isn't even how it happened. I was asked a question and the judge said I had to answer so I said yes and the prosecutor said who and when. I'm sure that Justin is going to be able to discredit Nick Fallon who is a convicted felon who has done terrible things. I wasn't trying to hurt Sami. Rafe - For once. Kate - Yeah. For once. I'm grateful. I don't even want to think what might have happened if she hadn't been here. Rafe - If she goes to prison for saving my life ... Kate - I know but you can't blame yourself. It's not your fault. There's nothing that you could have done. Jordan comes in. Kate - I'm sorry, can we have a minute. We're in the middle of something. Jordan - Sorry this can't wait. Kate - Two minutes? Jordan - You can have 15 mins. but not until the patient completes 45 mins. of exercises. Kate - Fine, I'm going to get some coffee. Can I get you anything? Rafe - Thanks. Kate - Kate offers to bring Jordan a coffee drink as well. Jordan - No thanks. Kate - No foam, what a surprise. She leaves. Rafe laughs - Sorry, she's ... alright ... what do you say we go down to the physical therapy room today. Jordan - You're not ready. Rafe - I could try. Jordan - If you try before you're ready you'll set yourself back. We wait until you master what you can do here and then we'll go. Rafe - It's the same thing over and over. Jordan - I'll rotate some different exercises in as soon as you're ready. Let's give your upper body a rest for now. We need to strengthen your balance. She works on his leg. Do you feel that? Rafe - Oh yeah. Jordan - That little tendon determines whether or not you can stand up straight. We get that working you can stand up. Rafe - Let me guess, more rubber bands. Jordan gives him instructions and he follows.

Trask - How many times in the past have you been called to a crime scene only to find Miss Brady at the center ... Justin - Objection! Trask - I'll withdraw. Commissioner, when you arrived at the hospital did you see your daughter right away? Roman - No I didn't. I got reports from the officers who secured the crime scene. The first time I saw Sami was when we heard Joe Bernardi was dead. Trask - And when you told the defendant about Joe Bernardi's death you asked the defendant how she knew Joe, didn't you? Roman - Yes. Trask - And what was your daughter's answer. Roman - She said she didn't know him. Trask - She had no hesitation about lying to you or Joe Bernardi's wife about knowing the victim. Roman - I can't tell you what was on Sami's mind. Trask - That has been the challenge of your life. When Justine stands up she says Withdrawn. You were Joe Bernardi's supervisor for 12 yrs? Roman - Yes I was. Trask - And in all that time did you ever have reason to suspect that he was anything other then an honest, good cop. Roman - No, I did not. Trask - Nothing further. Justin - One moment Your Honour. EJ comes in. Sami - I'm so glad you're here. I hope you brought a shovel because they're burying me alive. EJ - I'm sure it will be fine. Sami - It's okay EJ. I understand that you can't stop it.

Stefano sits by the chess table and makes a call. Yes, it's me. The matter we spoke about, it's time. Make the move. He picks up a chess piece and chuckles - Checkmate!

Segment 5: Gabi - I don't care what Chad's last name is as long as you're happy. Abby - I'm really, really happy. Gabi - Good. I've got to catch Rafe. Abby - I'm so glad I ran into you. Gabi - Me too. They hug. I just don't know how you're going to go home and not want to scream, I had sex. Abby - Exactly, just what my mom so does not need right now. This was much better. They part ways.

Cam - You live for yourself. Chad - Some days. When it's tough it makes it easier when Abigail is there. Cam - So she's fulfilling a purpose then. Chad - That's not it. You're twisting things. Abigail was my friend first and I don't have too many of those. I've finally figured out how to take care of them ... I wouldn't do anything to hurt her. I wouldn't use her to take care of me. Cam - Alright. Chad - I don't know what makes you think ... How did you know about us? Did Abigail say something to you? Cam - That doesn't matter. I'm done talking about it. You're right, it's none of my business so do what your doctor says and get better. You owe that much to Abigail now. Chad - You love her, don't you?

Gabi comes into Rafe's room just as Jordan is giving him a sip of ice water. What's up? Jordan - Physical therapy. He's got a 5 min. break but that's it.

The judge excuses Roman from the stand. Sami cries. She tells Roman she loves him. Justin asks EJ - Where have you been? EJ - I had some business to take care of, that's all. Abe comes in. Melinda, we have a new development. Trask - What? Abe - This is a bombshell so you're going to have to pay attention. Sami looks at EJ's expression as Abe fills Trask in on the new development.

Segment 6: Cam - Abigail is my friend. I care about you both so think about this Chad. How much do you want to put on her? How much do you want to stress yourself? This treatment can not be easy. Are you going to tell Abigail. Chad - Hell no. Cam - And why not? Chad - Because she's got enough to worry about, that's why. Cam - Listen to me Chad, this illness is something over which you have no control. He leaves. Chad mutters - That's where you're wrong, I'm in complete control.

Gabi reclines next to Rafe with her phone out. You're going to have to ooh and ahh fast so what's happening is I'm doing fine in school. I'm sorry I couldn't bring Ari but I will bring her next time. I have so much to do today. Everyone's fine. Will and Sonny are great except sometimes they crowd me but Sonny's busy with the club and Will is just worried about his mom. She looks at Jordan - How's the time? Jordan - 1 min. to spare. Gabi - Seriously! Can't we have 5 real mins. Jordan - Not now. Gabi - Okay. How's he doing? I bet he's your star patient. Jordan - He's progressing. I'm sorry, we need the room now. Rafe looks at Gabi with arched eyebrows - Resistance is futile. Gabi kisses his brow - I get that. See ya. Rafe - Bye sis. Jordan starts on the exercises again.

Abe - Just give me a little bit of time ... Trask - How many more smokescreens are you going to let the DiMera's throw up. Abe - Listen, this is credible evidence they could not manufacture. Trask - Fine, just tell me what it is. Sami - What's going on? Justin - I don't know. It's making Melinda very upset. Abe was her next witness. Judge - Miss Trask, would you and Commissioner Carver like to share with the court. Are you ready to proceed? Trask - Apologies Your Honour. As you know Commissioner Carver was supposed to be my next witness but an urgent, time sensitive matter has come up and he won't be able to testify for the next few hours. We would like to request a recess until he can rejoin us. Judge - Any objections. Justin - None, Your Honour.

Kate is strolling through the square with two cups of takeout coffee. Stefano - It's a beautiful day today, isn't it Katerina.

Segment 7: Cam gets off the elevator and runs into Abby. Abby - How's it going? Cam - Good. Abby - Well good. That's not why I came ... to see you ... I'm here to drop off these files for my mom but ... Cam - It's good to see you too. Abby - Yeah, bye.

Jordan says good. Rafe - Yeah? Jordan - I know that it probably doesn't feel like it but you're making real progress. Rafe - Thanks. Jordan - It's a fact, not a compliment. Rafe chuckles - I know. I was just thanking you for helping me. Jordan - It's my job. Rafe - Yeah. I wonder where Kate is? I could use some caffeine. Jordan - My guess is Miss Robert's is berating some barista because the foam on your latte isn't fun enough. Rafe - OMG! Jordan - What? What is it?

Kate - What's so beautiful about it? Stefano - Oh my goodness, look around. Kate - Ah yes and Rafe is in the hospital struggling to walk again; the mother of your grandchildren is on trial fighting for her life; all is just right in your world, isn't it? Stefano - I often wonder Katerina ... I wonder if you ever truly knew me. He walks away.

Abe is on his cell. No slip-ups this time. No, no, clear the lab's schedule. I want forensics to run everything on this case and run it twice. Get me the results immediately. We have about 4 hrs. before this trial goes on. Get on it! Roman walks up. Why the recess? Abe, talk to me. Is this something that is going to help Sami? Abe just pats him on the shoulder and walks away.

Sami sees Justin and EJ arrive at her cell. Justin, what is it? Justin - The prosecution won't say. Sami - Trask seemed ticked off. Justin - She's not happy. Sami - This could be good, right? EJ - Right, it could be. Justin - EJ, why do you say that? EJ - It's about time you got a break. Justin - Well this time let's hope this break doesn't cost us anything.


Thursday Sep 19

Segment 1: Sami is surprised to see EJ return to her cell. She thought he was going with Justin. EJ - Justin can handle it. I thought I should be here with you to reassure you. Sami - You can reassure me by telling me wth is going on!

Hope is on her phone in her office when Abe comes in. No, I can't give you more time. I'm the one who'll be called on the carpet. Just do it. Abe - Forensics? Hope - Yeah. They're all over it but they need more time. Abe - We don't have it. Hope - I know so I authorized another squad. Abe - We need the A team on this. We need accuracy. We can not afford mistakes. Justin walks in - What kind of mistakes? I want some answers. We are in recess and I have no idea why. Enlighten me.

Repeat of Jordan and Rafe's last scene. Rafe - I don't believe it! Jordan - What! Is something wrong? Rafe - No, it's like a miracle actually. Jordan Ridgeway, the most serious of all medical professionals actually just made a joke. He laughs. It was kind of funny.

Fr. Matt is in the rectory with Eric. I have a feeling that when the trial is over you're going to start feeling better. Eric - It all depends on whether she's free or doing time in the State Pen. I'm sorry. Fr. Matt - Don't apologise, you have enough on your plate. Eric - I know that you think I'm stressed and I'm not saying that I'm not, it's just this dream. It never changes. Fr. Matt - And you don't even know who the person is. Eric - That's what's so strange. I never see the woman's face but I know that I know her.

Nicole bumps into Brady literally who is with Kristen. Kristen asks if she's still a little tipsy. Brady - What, were you wasted last night? Kristen - More like this morning. Then again, it's always 5 o'clock somewhere, right?

Justin reaches for the papers on Hope's desk but she pulls them away. Abe - You are not welcome in here right now Counsellor. Justin - Abe, come on. I need to know if you have anything ... ANYTHING to help Sami. Hope - You heard the Commissioner, out ... she drags him to the door. Justin - Hope, come on! Hope - Let us do our job. Trust us. She shoves him out and closes the door just as her phone rings. Brady. Got it. She holds up her cell phone to Abe. Abe - Alright. I'll call Forensics and tell them to keep on this. Meanwhile you and I better handle this personally.

Sami - Please just tell me what is going on. EJ - I don't know. Sami snaps - Then lie! God, can't you just make something up. I'm sorry. That was my fault. I shouldn't be yelling at you. I shouldn't be taking this out on you. This whole thing is driving me insane. Every little thing seems to make that trial just last forever. EJ - I know this situation is awful and I'm really not just saying this ... I think things just may be looking up. You heard what Justin said. That prosecutor did not look happy. Sami - So this could be good for me or I could just be getting my hopes up for nothing. So tell me what you think. At the end of the day are they going to take me away from you, from my kids, from my life. EJ recalls grovelling and begging and crawling on his knees in front of Stefano. EJ - That is not going to happen. We just need to keep the faith. Sami - I just have to believe that this is what will finally make these bars disappear.

Segment 2: Sami - I want you to be honest with me. I know I have this way of making myself the center of attention ... EJ - Let me stop you right there. You are the center of attention because wherever you go you're the most interesting person there. Sami - Don't be nice to me. You have been my rock since this whole thing started and you've done everything for me and I know that I'm not returning the favour. If I get sent away I know what it will cost you. EJ - Stop it. Stop worrying about me. Loving you and supporting you; that's what keeps me going. That's what I live for.

Kate walks into Rafe's room. Such levity! I didn't know physical therapy could be so lighthearted! Rafe - Yeah, who knew! Miss Ridgeway just located my funny bone. Kate - Really! How nice for you. Rafe - It turns out she has a rather droll outlook on things. Kate - So what did she say that was so droll? Oh come on, seriously, I could use a good laugh right now. Rafe - You know you kind of had to be here ... Kate - The reason I was so late ... this barista! I'm sure she couldn't even spell her job title. She could not get the order straight. I don't know what is so difficult about a no foam, no caf latte ... it's not like it's quantum physics. Rafe and Jordan smile. Rafe chuckles. Kate - What's so funny. Rafe - Nothing, I'm ... Kate - Oh I get it. I'm what's so funny, right? Rafe - No, Kate, listen. Jordan had just painted a verbal picture of you and the barista and it turns out she was rather accurate in her depiction. Kate - OMG, how funny that is. So University Hospital now has it's very own Kathy Griffin complete with verbal pictures. How amusing. Jordan - I think I should be going. I'll check in on you later, Det. Hernandez. Kate - Yeah, be sure to spread that merriment because God knows, everyone loves a joke at someone else's expense. Jordan leaves. Rafe - Okay, should I call Salem P.D. because apparently your sense of humour's gone missing. Kate - Whatever. You should shut up because I am known for my sense of humour. And you need to drink this before it gets cold.

Maggie is at Dan's place. I don't understand. What are you doing for Fr. Eric? Dan - It's just a project I'm helping him with; a quick day trip. Maggie - I guess I was hoping it was something to do to help Jennifer. Dan - I know. Maggie - This is such an awful mess. Dan - If there was something constructive I could do, I would. You're right. It's just an awful mess. Maggie - And it's not like you to do nothing. Dan - There's nothing to do. Maggie - Unless if Jennifer is trying to get JJ to move home then you being around would kind of get in the way. I keep waiting for you to say I'm wrong. Dan - You said it, not me.

Eric - I don't mean to keep harping about the same subject. That dream really bothers me and yes, I understand there's nothing we can do about our dreams. Fr. Matt - Except pray. Eric - Yes and I'm doing that. At least I know there's something concrete I can do about the other thing that bothers me. Fr. Matt - The reason you got sick at that hotel. Eric - I've cleared my schedule for today. Maybe I can finally get some answers. If I'm not able to solve both of those riddles at least maybe I can solve one of them.

Brady doesn't understand. Nicole - There's nothing to understand. I went to an early brunch with an old friend and we had a couple of mimosas. They went straight to my head. And I don't need help standing on my feet but thank you for helping me before even though I didn't need it. Kristen - I didn't need you attacking me earlier so I guess we're even. Brady - You attacked her! Why? Nicole - Do I really need a reason?

Segment 3: Dan - Thank you again for taking care of Parker. Call me if you need anything. Maggie - We'll be fine. I'll pick him up from Joanna in about an hour. Btw, this project you're doing for Eric, is he alright. Dan - He's okay but I'm hoping that when we're done he'll be doing even better.

Fr. Matt - Are you sure you're up to that drive to the capitol? Eric - It's better then standing around here driving myself crazy. That's nothing I can really do for Sami but pray for her. When I get to that hotel room maybe I'll have some answers. I've been told that He helps those who help themselves.

Brady - Just tell me what happened. Nicole - Wait a minute. You're the one who got yourself engaged to a lying, sociopathic drama queen and I'm the one who has to explain myself! It was nothing. It was like a stupid little incident. Brady - She said you attacked her. Nicole - Give her the chance and she'd call it WWIII. I'm so done here. She leaves. Brady - Did you exaggerate? Kristen - Is that what you want to believe? Brady - I just want to know the truth. Kristen - The truth is she is a sad, pathetic human being and I'm not the only one who thinks that or Marlena wouldn't have stood up for me. Brady - Marlena stood up for you? Kristen - She did. I know, I was shocked too but clearly because Nicole was out of control, she's over the top. People like that blame everyone else for their problems. I hate this. I can tell you're upset and I want to talk to you but I have that errand to run. Do you want to go with me? Brady - No, let's meet up later. Kristen - I'm just revelling in the irony that I'm going to end up with a man with a big, fat heart. They part ways.

Rafe - You're not actually really mad that Jordan made a little fun of you, are you? Kate - No, of course not. I don't know, if you're asking me, maybe I should be. Rafe - Oh come on. You have to admit that Jordan being a little less then totally serious about anything is Wow! Kate - Yeah, wow. Hope and Abe come into the room. Hope - Excuse us, we need to talk . Rafe - What happened? Is it about Sami? Hope - She's fine but we need to go over something about the case with you and there's not much time. Would you excuse us? Kate, we need to talk to Rafe alone.

Justin returns to Sami's cell. EJ - What's going on? Justin - Something big but I don't know what. Abe and Hope are psyched about something but completely tight-lipped. Sami, I think you have reason to be optimistic. EJ - Why? Justin - Because they are ... they want this to be airtight so they're dotting their i's, crossing their t's. Do you think they'd be working so hard on something that could possibly hurt Sami? They're doing everything they can to get you out of here; to get you home.

Hope shows Rafe a picture of a woman she has on her cell phone. Rafe - Yeah, there's definitely something familiar about her. Abe - Can you be more specific? Rafe stares at the picture - Got it! Bernardi knew her. I remember him talking to her when we'd be working or at the pub. Every time he saw her he'd always go up to her and say hello. Hope - How many times did that happen? Rafe - I don't know. Maybe a couple of times. Hope - There's something else we need to go over with you. It was the night before everything went down. Bernardi called in sick. According to the station log, you covered for him that night. Rafe - Yeah, he was not sick. Actually he just wanted to take Marge and Timmy out for a nice dinner so he asked me to cover for him. Abe - Do you remember the name of the place? Rafe - I don't think he told me. No ... actually it was an Italian place. It was Ver something. Abe - Verducci? Rafe - Yeah, that's it. Abe - It's a quiet place way on the other side of town. It's known for one thing, not their linguini. They're very, very discreet. Rafe - Whoa, wait a second. Are you saying Joe and this woman ... Wow, they were having an affair, weren't they?

Segment 4: Rafe - So if he was having an affair ... Abe - We didn't say that? Rafe - What does this mean for Sami? Bernardi was obviously not quite the family man he made himself out to be. Abe - Why don't I move on and you finish up here. You take care of yourself. Abe leaves. Hope - Okay, you know the drill. Let's go over the times you saw them to see if there's anything else you can tell me. Kate is back in the room. Rafe - Let me see the picture again. Kate sees the photo. Wait. I know that woman. Hope - Would you excuse us. We're not done Kate. Please wait outside. Kate - You know ... I don't know her but I have seen her. Hope - What? Kate - And I think that I saw her here actually. Hope - Here, in this room. Kate - I'm not sure if it was in the room but I did see her the night that Sami shot Bernardi. Hope gets a call so she steps aside. Kate - What's going on with this woman? Hope - I'm out of here. Rafe, keep this quiet. Not a word to anyone Kate. She leaves. Rafe calls out - Good luck! Kate - Who's the woman in the picture? Rafe - I don't know. Kate - They didn't tell you why they're asking about this woman? Rafe - Okay listen ... Kate - But you're a detective, for God's sake! Rafe - Obviously Hope and Abe have found something out so let's keep quiet about it; keep our mouths shut. Okay.

Dan is at the rectory on his cell. That's great. Thank you. The hotel says the room is empty. You can take as long as you need. Eric - That's great. Dan - Remember, the forensics guy I hired went over every inch of that place. Eric - And I remember that everything he managed to dig up was destroyed. Dan - It's a new era in water samples. Maybe we'll find something he didn't. Eric - I'm just hoping the trip there will trigger something. Dan - Mason said it can't hurt. Dan gets a call he has to take. Eric will wait for him outside. Kristen walks up just as Eric steps out of the rectory.

Brady catches up to Nicole outside the pub. Nicole - What do you want? Brady - I want to know what happened between you and Kristen. Nicole - Well I got mad and I kidnapped her and held her captive in a stupid little room ... oh wait, that's what Kristen did to Marlena. Brady - Tell me what happened. Nicole - Cue f/b of distraction tactics. Nicole - Does it really matter? Kristen and I don't like each other so is it really that big of a deal? Brady - No, it's not but you getting drunk first thing in the morning, maybe.

Eric - I wasn't expecting you today. Kristen - Oh no, did you forget. I was supposed to stop by and try a book a time for our first Precana meeting. Eric - Right. I'm sorry. I have to go on this quick trip today and I have some things ... Kristen - No big deal. I'll text you and we'll figure something out. Eric - Okay. Kristen - Have a good trip. She leaves. Dan comes out. They leave.

Hope returns to her office to find Trask there demanding to know what's going on. I still have a case to prosecute. Where were you? Hope - Where do you think I was? I was trying to run down leads. Trask - Just cut to the chase. Am I getting screwed with this? Hope - I don't know? Do you think you deserve to be?

Justin - Sami, I swear, if I knew anything I'd tell you. EJ - But you think Abe and Hope are up to something. Justin - Yes. And here's what else I think. Melinda Trask will do everything in her power to keep whatever this is from the jury. Sami - Why does she hate me so much? Justin - Don't worry. I've already taken steps to counter her. EJ - What steps? Justin - Let's just say never underestimate the power of social media. EJ - What? Justin leaves. Sami - Just let him go do whatever he has to do. The bottom line is he's right. Abe and Hope would not get all fired up if it didn't help me. EJ - I suppose it sounds plausible. Sami - Oh do you suppose it sounds plausible. Look at your poker face. Sounds plausible because you set this up.

Segment 5: Nicole - I didn't set out to get drunk. Brady - Sure you didn't. I'm sure you didn't mean to get drunk. I'm sure you didn't mean to attack Kristen. Doing things you don't mean to do; these are called warning signs. Nicole - Oh come on, spare me. Brady - Listen. Are you having a tough time dealing with me being with Kristen? Nicole - No, it was just a couple of complimentary mimosas. Brady - Is it because you know you'll never have something like that with Eric. Nicole - Just get over yourself and mind your own business. She leaves. Maggie walks up to Brady. What was that all about? Brady - I asked her about her drinking and she exploded. Maggie - That's not good. Brady agrees. He gets a call he has to take.

Kate - So this is killing you, right? Rafe - What? Kate - Not being part of the investigation. Rafe - No, I love lying in bed doing nothing. It's amazing. Jordan comes in - It's time to get back to work. She hands Kate the coffee cups - Could you ... Kate - Okay, just tell me if I'm in the way. Jordan - You are. Kate - And don't sugar-coat it. I'll get going. Have a good session. She leaves. Rafe - Today is actually turning out pretty well. Silence. You're not going to ask why. Jordan - No, I was going to ask if we could get started. We have a lot of work to do. Outside Rafe's room Kate recalls her encounter with Stefano. Why was Stefano so happy?

Abe comes into Hope's office. Trask - It's good you're here Commissioner. Your detective seems to have her priorities out of whack. Hope - I think priorities are way out of whack when the prosecutor cares more about her win loss record then finding out the truth. Trask - That is insubordination. You heard what she said. Hope - Happy to put it in writing. Abe - Easy. Hope - Right. Trask - What is going on here? Abe - We're waiting on a call from Forensics. Trask - About what! Details people, details. Abe's cell rings. Well this is it. Carver.

EJ - Well you're wrong. I didn't do anything. Sami - The timing of this one makes it seem a little like you had ... EJ - The timing is a coincidence. You just need to wait and see what happens here. We need to stay even-keeled. Sami - You were just telling me to be positive, now you want me to stay even-keeled. Why? Is it going to backfire like last time? EJ - No, that is not going to happen. I told you I would get you home with the children and I will. That's worth anything, right? I mean that is worth any cost.

Segment 6: Dan and Eric are at the hotel. A woman is opening the door to the room for them. Dan - Martha's not here, I just talked to her on the phone. Woman - She was called away on an emergency. Eric has a f/b of talking to a disguised Kristen's back down in the lobby. Dan asks Eric if he's coming. Eric goes into the room and looks around. Eric - There was a woman in the lobby when I checked in. She had dark hair. Maybe you remember her. Woman - I didn't work here then. My boss told me to give you all the cooperation you need. We're not looking for any bad publicity here. Eric - We're just trying to figure out some things.

Kristen meets up with Brady at the Pub. That turned out to be a wasted trip. Eric and I ended up scheduling everything by text. When I got to the rectory Eric was on his way out; some kind of business trip I guess so he texted me from the car. Brady - Shouldn't text and drive. That's a no no, especially for a priest. Where's he going? Kristen - I don't know. I don't care. I just wanted to check this off my wedding to do list. Brady - A Black DiMera wedding. I think it's going to be fun. I can't wait. Kristen can't wait for the wedding night. They kiss.

Dan tells the woman he'll come get her when they're done. She leaves. Dan is going to get the water sample. Eric looks around. He ends up staring at the bed.

Kate watches as Jordan puts Rafe through the paces and mutters 'Go Rafe.'

Abe - Yeah, I got it. He ends the call. The evidence has been verified. Trask - Well it hasn't been verified by me and there's no way I'm walking into that court blind. Abe - I don't think you understand ... Trask - When we resume I'm putting you on the stand exactly as planned but I don't want a word about whatever the hell this is to pass your lips. Hope - You're an officer of the court. We have evidence. Trask - It doesn't matter what you have, not now anyway. Hope - Can you spell suppression of evidence. Abe! Trask - Can you spell no pension. Get her in line and then get down to the courthouse. Sami Brady is going down and she's going down today. She leaves. Hope - Abe, that woman ... Abe - Listen. Don't let her get you off your game. Hope - Right. Abe - I'm going to go there and do just what she told me to do. I want you to get the guys and bring everything up to the courtroom. Hope - Right. He leaves. Hope gets on the phone.

Sami - These last couple of hours have felt like years. When are they going to tell us what they know? Justin returns. Right now. Court starts in 5 mins. The guard is on his way. Sami - This is it!

Segment 7: Rafe - Okay, I'm sorry I called you that. Jordan - I've heard worse. Rafe - Well since it feels like boot camp I started talking like it was boot camp. You're really good though; worth every penny. Jordan - You haven't seen my bill yet. Rafe - Was that another joke? Jordan - Would you give me a break. Rafe laughs - Why. It seems like it's actually starting to loosen you up. Jordan - I have other patients. Don't forget to stretch again in half an hour. She leaves. Kate returns. So how did it go? Rafe - Things are actually starting to look up.

Judge - Bailiff. Call Miss Trask. Tell her she's trying my patience. Trask comes in - So sorry Your Honour. I'm ready to go. I'd like to call Commissioner Carver. Judge - Not quite yet Miss Trask. Before we bring the jury back in here my staff informs me that social media is lit up with rumours and stories about some kind of new evidence in this case. Trask - What! Judge - Tabloid TV news is all over it and I'm somehow out of the loop. Trask glares at Justin who just shrugs. Trask - I don't think we should be influenced by outside pressures. Justin - Is Miss Trask saying there's no new evidence? Judge - Mr. Kiriakis, please. Is there new evidence, Miss Trask. Trask - Actually there may be. Justin - Is that why you called Commissioner Carver? Judge - Quiet! Is that why you called Commissioner Carver? Trask - In truth Commissioner Carver has been working on it and he has asked for more time. Judge - You were going to call him as a State witness when he asked for more time. Trask - To explain that we needed time but that's already been established. Perhaps we can take a recess, give Commissioner Carver time and I can prepare to proceed. So with the court's indulgence, I ... Judge - No indulgence. If something important has broken I'll be damned if I'm going to be the last one to hear about it. Justin - We'd like to hear about it too. I guess counsel has forgotten about the rules of disclosure. Trask - I haven't had time ... Justin - We don't need disclosure. Let's just get started, shall we. Trask - Your Honour, in the interest of justice ... Judge - In the interest of justice bring the Commissioner in here. Trask - Your Honour ... Judge - Now Miss Trask. RIGHT NOW! The bailiff goes to bring Abe in. Hope wishes Abe luck before he goes in. Judge - It's my understanding Commissioner that you have some new evidence. You have the floor sir. Let's hear it.

Nicole is at the rectory. Maggie knocks on the door. Nicole - Oh hi Maggie. Sorry, Eric is not here. Maggie - Actually I came by to see you. I spoke to Brady and he said a few things that had me concerned. Nicole - Not you too. Really! I don't have a drinking problem. Maggie - I've heard that before. Everyone who has that problem has said that at one time or another. Nicole - Yup, well, I'm telling you the truth. Maggie - I just want you to know that I'm here if you ever need to talk or I can drive you to a meeting. Nicole - Maggie, I work in a church. I works for priests. I've never been this not me in my whole life. Maggie - Okay. Like I said you have my number if you ever feel like talking. She leaves. Nicole stares at the Cross. You know I'm just trying to look out for Eric, look out for Brady. I live like an expletive nun. What is going on here! You know what You're doing? You know what this morning did to me. Now I want a drink. Why won't you get on Kristen's case! Why don't you get off Your throne there and make sure she gets what's coming to her. How about that!

Kristen and Brady have pages of papers in front of them. We have to fill out this entire questionnaire before our first meeting with Eric. What about this one? Your first year of marriage where do you see your relationship going? You see I didn't know relationships went, I thought they were. Brady is lost in thought. Kristen - What's going on? Brady - I'm just a little worried about Nicole. Kristen - Really! Well you shouldn't be. I made a big deal out of nothing. Don't we have more important things to focus on? Brady - Yes we do, sorry. Kristen - After all the time I've spent with Eric lately is there anything he doesn't know about me.

Eric sits down at the end of the bed. Dan comes out of the bathroom. Did you have this window open or closed while you were here? Eric - Open I think, to air out the place. Dan - I have a few more questions for that clerk. Are you ready to go? Eric - I'm going to stay here; try to remember. Dan - I won't be too long. He leaves. Eric walks over to the table and picks up a matchbook. God. I give up. This is a waste of time. He grabs his briefcase and opens the door. As he's standing in the doorway he recalls having sex in that bed.


Friday Sep 20

Segment 1: The Judge tells Abe he has the floor. Abe - Thank you Your Honour. From the beginning the defendant has claimed that she shot Det. Bernardi because she saw him standing over Rafe Hernandez wielding a dangerous looking straight razor. The investigating officers and the Forensics team found no such razor. He opens his briefcase. However that is no longer true. He holds up an evidence bag. Here is that razor. Sami gasps.

Maggie is at the Horton house. I came as soon as I got your message. Is this about JJ moving out. Jen - Yeah but he didn't move out, he walked out. Do you remember me complaining about how hard it was with Abigail at this age. Maggie - I have a vague recollection. Jen - I had no idea how hard it could be. JJ is out there. I have no idea where he is and God only knows what trouble is waiting for him now.

Theresa finds an envelope on her desk addressed to her. She's excited that she got the $2500 out of the PR budget that she asked for. I can't believe this. That was so easy. I probably should have asked for more. Her cell rings. What. It's JJ. I'm in the park. I've got to see you. Please, it's really important. Theresa will be there in a few minutes. She sticks the cheque under her blotter and leaves.

Marlena is at Vic's. Vic - Well we still can't prove to Brady that Kristen had an affair with some guy. Marlena - Oh my gosh. I was relying on Nicole to keep her distracted while I tried to get her phone. Vic - Did it work? Marlena - It was disastrous. She pulls out the flashdrive. If I hadn't dropped this into her purse and fished it out on time she'd be on to both of us by now.

Kristen talks to her flashdrive. The way things are going I may not need you after all. She knocks on the rectory door and lets herself in. Well hello there. Nicole - What do you want? Kristen - You were so hammered I wanted to make sure you got here okay. Nicole - Nothing to it ... I was just driving with one eye shut. Kristen - That's very sad. I think you need help. Nicole - Look who's talking. Kristen - I don't have any addiction issues. Nicole - Yes you do. You get a buzz out of making misery and your speciality is doing it sneakily, insidiously sub-rosa. Kristen - Was that Latin or pig Latin. Nicole - Which is why I'm guessing nobody really knows the most miserable thing you've ever done.

Repeat of Eric remembering. No, it was a dream. It had nothing to do with ... it couldn't have anything to do ... he walks over to the bed. He touches the bedding. Who was here?

Abe - Once this razor came into the possession of the police dept. Forensics did a thorough examination of it. Det. Bernardi's fingerprints were all over it as was his blood in a splatter pattern that was consistent with a gunshot wound. Obviously he was holding the razor when he was shot just as Samantha Brady claimed when she made her original statement. Trask - Objection Your Honour. Judge - Overruled. Commissioner, how did this razor fall into the hands of the police? Sami cries. That's exactly what I want to know. I've been dying for months wondering what happened to that thing. Cue fb of EJ and Stefano talking about the razor and EJ grovelling and begging. EJ - Yes, me too.

Eric paces. How could it? How could it possibly be? Who?

Segment 2: On a TV screen Abe puts up the image of the woman who's picture they had showed to Rafe. This woman's name is Gloria Nash and until a few hours ago she was employed as a nurse at Salem University Hospital. Judge - What happened a few hours ago? Abe - Apparently she got word that police officers were coming to the hospital to re-interview all the nurses that were on duty the night Det. Bernardi was killed. Judge - Go on. Abe - Miss Nash left the hospital in the middle of her shift and skipped town. We believe she's on a flight to Morocco. Judge - Which has no extradition treaty with the United States. Abe - Exactly. So we obtained a search warrant for Miss Nash's locker at the hospital and her apt. We found a receipt for a one-way open-ended ticket to Morocco. We then searched her apt. and that's where we found the razor. Judge - Did you find anything else in her apt.? Abe - We found plenty. These are financial records from a bank in Morocco. We lifted fingerprints and recovered DNA from a male who apparently had been a frequent visitor at the apt. The prints and the DNA were in every room including the bedroom. We accessed Miss Nash's email and recovered copious communications sent via an untraceable proxy account from the man who had been visiting the apt. The man I'm talking about is Det. Joseph Bernardi.

Jen - I feel like I've been on the phone for hours. I've been talking to our family; to Jack's, just asking them to not take JJ in no matter what his story is. Maggie - The temperature is dropping out there and it's supposed to rain. Would you really want him sleeping on the street? Jen - No of course I don't and I can't even believe I'm saying this about my own child but if I ask my son to come home he won't look at that as kindness. He will look at it as weakness and then this behaviour will go on and on and on. Maggie - I understand what you're saying. But honey if he can't home, where is he going to go?

Theresa finds JJ. JJ - I really appreciate you meeting with me. I know it's not great for you to be seen with me. Theresa - I do believe that's the nicest thing you've ever said to me. JJ - And I want to let you know that I did not give you up. The cops don't know that you're one of my buyers. Theresa - Thanks. So what's going to happen to you? JJ - I don't know. My mom got me a lawyer and he got the charges knocked down to misdemeanour possession. Theresa - Dude, that's nothing! Dealing could get you a bid in prison but a misdemeanour possession; even if you get convicted the jails are so crowded you'll end up getting kicked and you'll be back in your comfy little bed that same night like none of this ever happened. JJ - The thing is I don't have a comfy little bed and I need a place to crash. Theresa - Your mom kicked you out. JJ - No it was me. I just couldn't take her anymore. Theresa - Her and Aunt Kayla, a couple of self-righteous bitches, you know but I don't really know anyone that could take you in. JJ - I was actually thinking ... what about your place?

Vic - What did Nicole do to distract her? Marlena - She pretended to be drunk. They laugh. Vic - At least she's had the empirical experience to make it convincing. What if we brought her in on this? Marlena - Oh dear. I'm afraid you've lost your marbles. Having that loose cannon in the mix is the last thing we need. You should have see her today. Oh my gosh, I'm stunned that Kristen didn't figure the whole thing out herself.

Kristen - I've done some pretty horrible things in my life but I still think I could learn a thing or two from you. Something's off about earlier. Nicole - Like what? Kristen - Like the way you were loaded and you went after me. Why? Nicole - I already told you. I'd rather see Brady with Lindsay Lohan. Kristen - That's funny. Considering how plastered you were, you're so perky and alert now. Nicole - Well it wore off. Kristen - Well when somebody's as wasted as you seemed to be we both know there's some very adverse side effects. And yet look at you, you're perfectly fine.

Eric sits down. It doesn't make sense. It goes against everything I believe. Dan returns. Hey, how's it going? Eric turns away. Dan - Eric, are you okay?

Segment 3: Abe - The name on the Moroccan bank account is Joseph Bernardi. Judge - Miss Nash's name is nowhere on it. Abe - Right, but we have documents proving that she let him use her account to transfer funds into it. Trask - This is all well and good but it does nothing to alter the fact that Samantha Brady shot Det. Bernardi dead. Abe - She did shoot him but we're no longer certain that the gunshot wound is what killed him. I have affidavits from Dr. Kayla Brady who was the first physician to attend to Det. Bernardi after he was shot. She states that she believes Det. Bernardi would have survived the wound and the surgeon who performed the surgery felt the same way after the surgery. Now Det. Bernardi suddenly bled out in the recovery room and the death certificate reads that he died of complications after surgery from a gunshot wound. However Dr. Brady now believes that he died from causes unrelated to the shooting. Judge - What does she base this on? Abe - Gloria Nash was on duty the night Det. Bernardi died and a co-worker remembers her in the vicinity of the recovery room right after Det. Bernardi's surgery. She had knowledge and opportunity to cause his death. Judge - What about motive? Abe - Many of the emails we read on Miss Nash's computer were from Bernardi telling her that because of his son he would never leave his wife for her. Sami - It's all coming together. Judge - Commissioner Carver you've given us a great deal of evidence to go over. I want both attorneys in my chambers immediately. Sami - OMG. Justin - Just try to stay calm.

Jen gets an email on her cell. These are the phone records I've been waiting for from the phone company. These are all JJ's calls. Calls that he's made, calls that have come in. I just need to give these other parents ... Maggie - I can see how anxious you are to get to that so I'll let myself out. Jen - Thank you so much. Maggie - I pray that everything works out soon. I love you. Bye. She leaves. Jen - There's this one number that he keeps calling over and over again. I know this number. Theresa! She takes off.

Theresa - You want to stay with me. JJ - I told you I'm not going back to my house and we do get along don't we. Theresa - I'd like to help out but if your mom found out she'd go straight to Aunt Kayla and we'd both be screwed. I really need this crumby job JJ. JJ - My mom will not find out and no one will see me going in and out. It's supposed to be frickin' cold tonight. Theresa - I'm sorry. JJ - Don't worry about it. Theresa - If you need a place to stay there's a really easy solution. JJ - There is? Theresa - Yeah, come on, use your head.

Everyone returns to the courtroom. Sami - What happened? Judge - Miss Trask, given the presence of the razor, the Forensics on the razor, the relationship between the deceased and this nurse and the Moroccan bank account do the people wish to proceed with the case against Samantha Brady? Trask - No Your Honour. In light of the new evidence and in spite of all the unanswered questions the State wishes to officially withdraw all charges against Samantha Brady. Judge - So ordered. Miss Brady, you are free to go. Sami laughs and hugs Justin. Thank you. She and EJ hug. It's finally over.

Marlena - I think bringing Nicole in on this would be a serious mistake. Vic - Alright. We're still back to square one with less time to stop this wedding. Marlena gets a call. Hello. Sami, are you alright? Oh that's wonderful news. I'll be right there. Vic - What? Marlena - All the charges against Sami have been dropped. I've got to go.

Kristen sits down across from Nicole. You weren't drunk, were you? Nicole yawns - Oh dear God, you got me. I get my jollies off playing drunk and starting fights. Kristen - You're up to something. Nicole - Is that why you're here because if it is you really need to get a life. Kristen - I've got a life. I've got a great life. Do you know why I'm here Nicole? I'm dropping off some forms for the Precana meetings that I'm having with Eric and Brady. Because you know what, Brady and I are getting married. Nicole - I'll make sure he gets these. Kristen - You know what's interesting? Eric and I have become good friends. I feel kind of protective of him. I wonder if I should let him know his assistant's fantasy life consists of imagining what he looks like without that collar on. Nicole - Get out. Kristen - Pretty hot is what I'm guessing. Kristen gets a call. Hey Eeej, what's up? You're kidding me! That's amazing. Of course, I'll be right there. She ends the call. Off I go. I've more important things to do then hang out with a sad, pathetic, lonely, jealous loser.

Eric - I'm starting to figure some things out. Dan - You look pretty upset. Eric - Well it's all a ... His cell rings. Mom. Mom, okay, what happened? What are you talking about, it's over? Are you serious. Okay, I'll get the details later. I know you have a ton of people to call. Thanks for letting me know. Okay bye. Dan - What happened? Eric - All the charges against Sami have been dropped. She's going home. Dan - That's fantastic! Why don't you take my car and go back for the celebration? Eric - What about you? Dan - I'll stick around here. I want to check a few things out. I'll rent a car when I'm done. Eric - Are you sure? Dan - Get out. Go home, man. Eric - Sami's going home. This could be a turning point for our whole family. Dan - Could be. Eric leaves.

Segment 4: Marlena is at the D mansion with the kids when Sami and EJ return. Hugs and tears and laughter. She tells the kids she's staying home forever. I promise I'm never going to leave you again. Justin - When you woke up this morning did you have any idea the day would turn out like this. EJ - I always hoped it would. Thank you Justin for everything you've done. Justin - Well I appreciate that but you really need to thank whoever tipped off the cops about that nurse. I wonder who that person was? EJ - I don't know. I imagine it was someone who didn't want to see Samantha pay for a crime she didn't commit. Kristen arrives and hugs EJ. Wait until father hears about this. EJ - Yes indeed. Sami goes to hug her mom. Thank you for being here for me when I couldn't be. Marlena - It was my very great pleasure. The kids have all kinds of things they want to show her.

JJ - Come on Theresa, stop with the games. What's the solution you couldn't believe I didn't think of on my own. Theresa's cell rings. JJ - Do you have to get that right now. Theresa - No, it's just your mother and btw she's the solution I'm talking about. JJ - Are you paying attention. My mom is the reason I don't have a place to crash. Theresa - Come on, I've seen the way you work her. Just look at her with your big sad eyes, she'll totally cave. JJ - That's a game I'm done playing. I'll figure something else out for tonight. Theresa - What about the money I gave you to buy pot? Maybe you could get a really cheap motel room. JJ - It's confiscated. Theresa gives him all the money she has. Take your time getting it back to me. JJ - This is all the money you have and you're not worried about when I pay you back! You're always complaining about money. Theresa - Yeah well things are kind of looking up on that score. She leaves.

Jen arrives at her office. Theresa ... surprise, surprise, you're not here. She goes to her desk. If there's anything about JJ hiding in here ... She finds the cheque for $2500 from the discretionary fund. Pay to the order of Theresa Donovan. That little witch!

Segment 5: Justin opens the door to the K mansion to JJ. JJ walks in. This is a great house. It's big but still warm and cozy. Justin - Well you'll appreciate warm and coziness even more if you end up in the cell. JJ - You're my lawyer. Aren't you supposed to be like supportive? Justin - You want my support, stop being a punk and make it up with your mother. JJ - What goes on between Mom and me is none of your business. Justin - Really? So you should just walk and I have to keep my mouth shut the rest of the time? That's how you think this is going to work? JJ - What are you saying? You don't want to be my lawyer any more?

Jen is on her computer. I can not believe she put my name on that request. She places a call. I need security please. Yes, I'll wait. Theresa comes in - Boy what a day ... Jen - Close that door. Theresa - Am I in trouble again? Jen - Oh yeah, you can say that. Theresa - Great.

Sami is now drinking champagne with Kristen and EJ. Kristen - Congratulations again Sami. I broke the good news to Brady. He sends his love. Sami can't believe it's really over. The doorbell rings. Kristen goes to get it. EJ implies he wants to have sex since the kids are occupied and Brady won't be around until later. Kristen opens the door to Eric. What brings you by?

Segment 6: Maggie is back at Dan's. How did it go with Eric? Dan - It actually got cut short. Marlena called him to say that Sami's been cleared. The charges have all been dropped. You haven't heard? Maggie - I was with Jennifer. Dan - I hope she's okay. Maggie - How can she possibly be okay. She goes to get a sweatshirt for Parker. Dan talks to Parker about understanding that he'll be a bit of rebel when he's older but can you not turn into a total jerk. Maggie returns. Dan asks if she can watch him for just a bit longer; he has one quick errand to run. He tells Parker he'll be right back and then they're going to go on a father son road trip.

Eric - I heard about Sami. Kristen - I know, I was just kidding. Sami and EJ are trying to head up the stairs when Eric calls her name. They hug. Marlena comes into the foyer and comments that he got here so quickly. Eric said the cops wouldn't give someone with a collar a speeding ticket which is a good thing because he has to get back to the rectory. Marlena is going to leave to. Sami thanks them for coming. Marlena tells her to enjoy her time with her family. Kristen leaves as well. To heck with the kids Sami and EJ have sex on their minds. They leave the kids on their own wherever they are and head up the stairs. Outside Kristen tells Eric that she dropped off the forms at his office. Marlena - Is that all? Kristen - Yeah. Marlena - Good. Eric asks his mom if she has any free time. I need to talk to someone. Marlena - Of course I do.

Justin - I'm not going to quit your case. I wouldn't do that to your mother. But I'm going to need a lot more from you if you expect things to end well. JJ - Like moving back in with my mother. That's not happening. Justin - If I need to find you, where are you staying? Don't tell me you're out on the streets. JJ - You worry about my legal problems, I'll worry about everything else. He leaves. Justin mutters - And I thought my troubles were over. Dan comes into the living room. Justin - If you're looking Victor I don't think he's here. Dan - Actually I'm looking for you. I called your office and they said you were here. Justin - What's the problem? Dan - It's about JJ and this mess he's in. Justin - What else!

Jen - I got JJ's phone records a little while ago and imagine my surprise when I found out who he's been talking to every single day. Theresa - You can't tell me who to talk to on the phone. Jen - I can if it's my son. I told you to stay away from him. I made it perfectly clear. Theresa - Well maybe you should make that perfectly clear to him cause he's the one who's calling me. Jen - I want you gone. Theresa - What's that supposed to mean? Jen - It means you're fired. Theresa scoffs - You can't take it out on me just because you can't control your own son. By the way I read the employee handbook. You can't fire me, not without grounds bitch!

EJ and Sami have sex. Nicole and Victor are at the club. Nicole raises her martini glass - Cheers to good old Sami. Vic raises his glass - Who manages to come out of every situation smelling like a rose. Nicole - I would love to have the luck ... just 5 mins. to finally get what I want. Vic - And what would you do with your 5 mins.? Nicole - I would do the whole world a favour and get rid of Kristen for good. Vic - I heard you had a whack at her this morning and it didn't turn out too well. Nicole - How did you know that? Vic - Small town. Nicole - Marlena. Well, are you going to grant me my wish. Vic - It might be better if you took a step back and let Marlena handle this her way; just a thought. Nicole - Just a thought huh? You didn't just happen in here for a pick me up. You came in here looking for me to deliver a message.

Marlena and Eric are at the pub. Marlena - Does this make you feel better. It seems like you've been carrying the weight of the world around lately. Eric - Compared to what Sami went through my problems are nothing. Marlena - You said you wanted to talk to me. Did something happen today?

Segment 7: Sami wants to know how EJ did it. EJ - Do what? Sami - Are you kidding me? Bernardi's razor appears out of nowhere with his fingerprints on it and then the secret girlfriend and all of it in time to save me. It has EJ DiMera written all over it. You were gone just before everything hit the fan. What did you do? Lean on your Dad? Give him an ultimatum? EJ - You're back here with the kids. Who cares how it happened. Sami tries to be sexy and goes in for a kiss but EJ stops her. You're back home with the children. We're going to take them to the pub and get them some pizza and ice cream. We're going to bring them home and put them to bed. I made sure that you will never be taken away from them again. That's what makes sense. Sami - You're right.

Dan - I'm not going to take up much of your time. I know you probably want to be celebrating Sami's acquittal. Justin - I didn't make that happen. It's like providence intervened or something. Dan - Do you think you can make that miracle happen for JJ? JJ sneaks back into the house to get his backpack. Justin - JJ's making that very hard. Dan - Poor Jen, this has got to be killing her. The reason I called you is I will do anything to help Jen but it has to stay between you and me. Justin - Why is that? Dan - I just seem to complicate things for her. Here's all my contact information. Justin - Okay I'll let you know. Dan - I'm taking Parker's to Chloe's as soon as I leave here. I'm going to spend the night so don't call me at home until at least tomorrow afternoon because nobody's going to be there. JJ mutters - Don't count on that one. He leaves.

Jen - You want concrete. Let's see, I've been keeping a record for every time you've been late, every time you've left early, every 3 hr. lunch break you've taken, every job ... Theresa - That's just your word against mine and well that's not very concrete. Jen - Oh! You want concrete. Hold on. Jen goes to her desk and gets the cheque made out to Theresa. How's stealing for you? Theresa - You went through my desk! Jen - Yes I went through your desk. Now get your stuff and get out of here because you are fired!

Vic - Message? I have no idea what you're talking about. Nicole - Stop it. Don't you play me Victor. I've only had 2 sips of this drink and I am not dumb. And I got in the middle of Marlena and Kristen because I noticed that Marlena was going to blow it. Dirty tricks aren't exactly her style. Vic - Whereas they're right up your alley. Nicole - You know what, if you don't think I'm good enough to help both of you get Kristen, fine. I will try to take a step back. But since you're not very good at whatever it is you're doing, why don't you just tell me your plan so I know what to avoid. Kristen comes in and is surprised to see Nicole and Vic together.

Eric - I've been thinking a lot about how you hypnotized Sami; how it helped her remember that Bernardi's weapon was a razor, not a knife. Marlena - I wish that would have been enough to get her cleared. Eric - Well it helped clear her mind. It helped her remember exactly what had happened. I mean, how does that work? Marlena - Well, I'll tell you if you'll tell me why you'd like to know.


Tuesday Sep 24

Segment 1: Theresa tells Jen that she can help her get her son back. Jen - Why would you do anything for me? Theresa - That's not the question. The question is do you want JJ to come home. Jen - How on earth are you supposed to make that happen. Theresa - Trust me, I can. JJ listens to me. I'll have him move back in voluntarily and I'll get him to work things out with you but first you have to give me my job back, deal?

JJ looks in the fridge. There's a lot to drink. Bev - Some of these DVD's are cool. Rory - Too bad Dr. Dan's not going to stay away for a month. I could learn to like this place.

Dan is playing with Parker in their hotel room when Chloe arrives. Hey stranger, it's been a while.

Vic sees Abigail in the square and calls out to her. Abby - Mr. Kiriakis, it's good to see you. Vic - Good to see you too. Let me get straight to the point. Your mother is making some very bad decisions. She needs help. Abby - Okay. There's some rough times ... Vic - I know all about your brother. Pushing Daniel away is not the answer. It's not going to help your mother, it's not going to help JJ and it's certainly not going to help my godson. I know she listens to you so ... Nicole walks up. Victor, please leave this girl alone.

Brady asks Kristen what's wrong as she stares off into nothingness.

Marlena to a hypnotised Eric - Can you describe her to me? What colour hair does she have? Cue f/b. Marlena - Eric, who is she? Eric - Blonde. Marlena - Okay, she's a woman with blonde hair. Do you know her? Her nods yes. Marlena - Eric, try to see her face.

Kristen - I don't understand. Something's happening. Brady - What? Kristen - Something horrible.

Chloe hugs Parker and talks to him about how much she loves him and how she missed him. Dan tells her he doesn't have any early appointments so she can bring him back tomorrow whenever she wants. Dan tells Parker to go get his bag. Chloe - Daniel, there's something I have to tell you.

Theresa - I'll have your son move back home day one guaranteed. Day two, I'll have him making huge attitude adjustments but you have to do your part too. You have to fix it so I get rehired and then we'll pretend this whole thing never happened. I promise that this time I'll work really hard. I'll ... Jen - Stop right now and the answer is no. You can leave.

Eric - I can't see her face. I'm trying. I need to know why she's in my dream, my mind. Marlena - It's okay. We'll focus on something else. We'll come back to the woman later. Eric snaps out of it. No, this is a bad idea. Marlena - Are you alright? Eric - Mom, I'm a long way from being alright. What did I say when I was under? Marlena - You said there was a woman in the room and that she was a blonde. Eric - Are you sure that's all. Marlena - I asked you if you thought you knew her and you nodded. Eric, what else did you remember?

Brady - It's just a feeling. There's nothing to worry about. I've known you a long time. I've never known you to be clairvoyant. Kristen - I don't think I am. Whatever it was, it was very strong. Very strong feelings like somebody walking on my grave.

Segment 2: Theresa - God, you are impossible. I knew you had it out for me; that you hated me from day one. Jen - I gave you every chance ... Theresa - I tell you I can get your son back and you're just telling me to take a hike! Jen - Yes, I am. Right now as a matter of fact. She opens the door. Theresa - You're just like my parents. Whenever they had the chance to make the wrong move, they made it in spades. And you know what the sad part is, I like JJ. I really do. He's cute and he's got that whole cool guy going for him, lots of energy and smarts but what he doesn't have is a mom who knows what the hell it is she is doing and she doesn't even care that she doesn't know. I feel sorry for both of you. She leaves.

Rory finds a hand held game. We could unload this for at least a bill. JJ tells him to put it back. Bev - What's up JJ? You hate Dr. Dan and now you won't let Rory rip him off for a little extra spending cash. JJ - He'd know that was missing right away and I don't want to do that. I don't want Parker getting upset. He's really into his video games. He'd probably cry or something. Rory - So you're all gooey about that little boy. JJ - No, just use your head dude. Daniel knows he's been robbed and he calls the cops. Do you want to get arrested for something else? Rory - No. Bev - Yeah, JJ's right. We really need to be careful. We can't take any of his stuff or drink any of his booze. It would just be stupid; asking for trouble. Rory - Fine. So can we get high or something. Bev - Yeah.

Chloe - It's important for me to say thank you. After all the things that I did to you and Jennifer and for you to give me this new beginning. We both know you didn't have to so thank you. Dan - You got help. You weren't seeing things realistically and now you are. I know how much you love Parker. Chloe smiles - More than anything. And this program, my therapy, it's done wonders for me. It's been great. You know there's no denying that I loved you of course but trying to hold on to you when it was wrong for both of us ... Dan - It's done. You don't have to ... Chloe - It is but I want you to know that I've finally learned that even if you do love someone there is a time to let go.

Vic - Just butt out Nicole. This is a private conversation. Nicole - Abigail, he's just going to give you some longwinded spiel and try to get you to do what he wants you to do. Please feel free to walk away whenever you want. Abby - Actually it's okay. I agree with Mr. Kiriakis. My mom should be with Daniel. He is a great guy and they were great together but mom says it's best if Daniel stays away and Daniel says the same thing so ... Vic - That's because they're being stupid. Nicole - Stupid is Mr. Kiriakis's speciality. Vic - Zip it Nicole. Abby - Okay. I could try to talk Daniel. Maybe he would listen. Vic - Good, do it, tonight. It's very important. Abby - Okay. It's not too late. I'll go over there right now. Vic - Excellent. Let me know what he says. Abby - Okay. Goodnight. She leaves. Vic - Anymore smart remarks? Nicole - Anyone else's love life you want to interfere with? Night's young ...

Brady - It's nothing. I'm real, you're real, so don't worry. Our love is real. Kristen - I'm so scared. Brady - Of what? Kristen - No matter how much you and I love each something is going to come along and destroy it. Brady - No, no way.

Eric - I don't remember anything. Marlena - Of course you do. Eric - No. With hypnosis any type of suggestion could be interpreted as a memory. I must have been imagining things ... thinking they must have been a memory. Marlena - Let's talk about the things we feel we know. Eric - I know nothing. Marlena - You remembered that there was a woman in the room. That's entirely possible. And if she were there, that would be very upsetting to you. There's a lot of reasons for that but let's remember what the doctor said. Daniel said he thought you were poisoned. Maybe this woman poisoned you. Maybe she hurt you. What do you think? Eric - Nothing. I don't want to talk about this anymore. Marlena - Honey, I'm trying to help you. Eric snaps - I don't need your help. The subject is closed. It's done! Marlena - Eric, what are you hiding?

Segment 3: Vic - Are you sure you're not looking at another shot to snag yourself a doctor. Nicole - Oh please! Would you just delete that from your file. I just want Daniel to be happy always with the woman he was destined to love, Jennifer. Now what! Vic - You're still the same pathetic romantic you always were. You think everyone's got the perfect soul-mate just waiting for them out there somewhere and you of course, are going to find yours. What a crock! Nicole - You have the longest string of failed relationships in human history and then you found Maggie. Why can't I hope that something like that would happen to me.

Daniel - Try not to look back because you have a whole lot going on for you. One of these days you will meet someone who is right for you. You'll build a whole new life. Chloe - Maybe. What about you and Jennifer? Have you guys set a date ... Dan - Let's not talk about personal stuff. Chloe - Okay, sorry. It's just a little weird. Since I got here you haven't mentioned Jennifer's name once. There's nothing wrong, is there?

Kayla is now at the Horton house. Jen - Please tell me you didn't come here to try and talk me out of firing Theresa. Kayla - No, it's final. I'll do the paperwork in the morning. Jen - Thanks. I guess we should talk about possibly pressing charges. Kayla - Pressing charges? Jen - Kayla, I caught her embezzling hospital funds. Kayla - What! Jen - Yes. She signed her name. She issued herself a cheque from my discretionary account. Of course she didn't mention that to you, did she? Kayla - It just keeps getting worse. Jen - Listen, technically she didn't steal because she didn't cash the cheque. Okay, if she was so desperate to keep her job maybe firing her was punishment enough. Kayla - Well going back to L.A., she's going to face punishment alright.

The kids are hanging out in Dan's apt when there's a knock on the door. Abby - Daniel, are you home?

Kristen - I don't know how you do it but you always make me feel better. I wish you could bottle it so I could take it wherever I go. Brady - You have it. You always have my love with you. Kristen - And you have mine. Brady gets a call. He's going to ignore it but Kristen says it could be Eric about their Precana meeting. He looks at his phone - It's work. Damn it, to handle this, I have to get something from the house. Kristen - That's okay. I'm better. You go do that and I'll check with Eric about the sessions. As soon as we get this Precana stuff out of the way, the sooner we can set a date. I can't wait for that. Brady - Double that for me.

Eric - I'm not hiding anything Mother. Remember you said if I didn't recover my memories they could disappear very soon. I think they're gone. I think the things that I seemed to remember when under hypnosis is fake. I shouldn't have agreed to do this at all. Fr. Matt comes in. Sorry to interrupt. Eric - You're not interrupting. Actually I need to speak to you alone. My mother was about to leave. I'll talk to you tomorrow. Marlena - Sure. My phone is always on. Marlena leaves. Eric - We were just finishing up our first hypnosis session. Fr. Matt - Did you remember anything? Eric - You know, it's too bizarre it actually can't be true.

Segment 4: The kids tiptoe around in the apartment as JJ stands against the door. Abby - I really need to talk to you Daniel. It's about Mom. She needs you. She's miserable. If you're there would you just open the door. Some guy gets off the elevator and says - If you're looking for Dr. Jonas, he and his little boy are gone on a trip. Abby - That's weird. I could have sworn I heard voices when I got off the elevator. Guy - Maybe someone leaving a message on his answering machine. Abby - Yeah, maybe. Thank you. She leaves.

Dan - Let's concentrate on Parker. That's why we're here. Chloe - Yeah, I just assumed that you and Jennifer is not a topic that's really off limits, is it? Dan goes to Parker who pulls out the board game Candy Land. Chloe tells him they can play that game when they get to Mommy's place. Dan tells her that Parker thinks it's best if 3 people play. Daniel tells Parker that the 3 of them will play the game.

Marlena is at Victor's. She holds up the flashdrive. I've come to give this back to you. There's no sense in me carrying it around. Vic - What is the matter with you woman! That thing is priceless. It will cut through the password on any Smart Phone and download the information in seconds and you don't want to use it. Marlena - I'm not going to get a chance to use it. You might have to admit that I'm not going to get this done. I'm not going to get my hands on Kristen's phone. Vic - Did something happen to you today? Marlena - Yeah. It's Eric. I have been so worried about Brady and Kristen and sick about Sami that I've forgotten all about my son. Vic - What about him? Marlena - We all assume that because he's a priest he's strong, that he can take care of himself. But he can't right now. I need to focus my attention on helping him. Vic - What's wrong? Marlena - I wish I knew. All I know is that something is eating him alive. Vic - You too from the looks of it. Marlena - You know what, we assume that he'll be okay; that because he's a priest he's strong and he's kind and he's good when the truth is, he's only human.

Eric - The dream that I keep having and whatever happened to me in that hotel room are definitely connected. I just don't know how. Fr. Matt - And you think this woman you keep seeing tried to hurt you in some way. Eric - Possibly. The thing is that I had this picture in my head of this woman being dark haired but tonight I could clearly see that she was blonde. And I had this distinct feeling that I know her. I keep thinking ... why would someone want to hurt me.

Kristen holds the blue flashdrive and recalls raping Eric. She puts the drive in her purse and leaves.

Segment 5: Abby comes home. Jen - Hi, have you heard from your brother at all. Abby hasn't. Jen - I'm just wondering where he's going to spend the night. It's supposed to get really cold, down into the 40's I think. Abby - Do you want me to call him? Jen - I don't know. Will he talk to you? Abby - Maybe. I hope so. Do you want to talk to him? Jen - No, I probably ... Abby - How's JJ going to know that you care about him if you don't tell him. Jen - He knows that I care about him. I have told him that I love him over and over again. It is up to him now.

JJ's cell rings. It's my sister. Rory - OMG, she knows you're here. JJ - It's my phone you idiot, not Daniel's. Rory - Oh right. She doesn't know that you're here. JJ puts his phone down. Bev - What, you don't want to talk to her? JJ - Not now. Rory - Not from the scene of the crime, huh. He imitates Abby and what she said. JJ throws a pillow at him. JJ - Shut up dude. She's not like that. She just wants to help.

Theresa and Caroline sit down at a table in the pub. Caroline - We have talked. Roman agrees, Kayla agrees and I agree so there's no point in playing us one against the other. Theresa - You're all against me. Caroline - No, we're not against you. Theresa - Forget the lecture okay. Caroline - It's not a lecture. I made mistakes, plenty of them but I changed and that's because I got sick and tired of my life being miserable all the time. So if you change you'll find the whole Brady family on your side. That's a promise.

Nicole is sitting in her bed flipping through a book. She imagines Eric leaning against her bedroom door wearing jeans and a white tee shirt. I've read it. It's not that good. Nicole - Should you be here. Eric - I need some advice and you're my go-to. Nicole - Okay, what's up. Eric - Do you think I should leave the priesthood? Nicole - What? Eric joins her on the bed. Every priest has a little bit of doubt, mine's just a little bit larger. Nicole - You can't do that. You do so much good. It wouldn't be right. Eric - I'm human Nicole. I have the same needs and desires as every man. I care about you. No, that's not true. I want you. I love you. He kisses her. Nicole wakes up. She gets out of bed and pulls out a box from under her bed.

Eric - What if all these ideas in my head are just figments of my imagination. I only wanted answers and now I have all these questions. Fr. Matt - You need some quiet and prayer. God offers peace over all. Eric - You're right as usual. Fr. Matt - If you need me my door's always open. Goodnight. He leaves. Eric prays. He's startled by a knock on the door.

Vic - Eric is an adult. Stop meddling and keep your eye on the prize. You're the one who told me Kristen had lied to Brady. Marlena throws the flashdrive back in her purse. Oh, we're back to that. Vic - It's kind of important, don't you think. Marlena - I can't do anything about this. Has that not become abundantly clear to you. Vic - So what are you going to do; give the bitch a pass? Marlena - I wish you would understand my position in this thing. Brady walks in - How are we doing?

Segment 6: Abby - I know that you're really torn up about things right now so I'm not going to push okay. Not about JJ and not about Daniel. Jen - Thank you. Abby - But I am going to say that I am so happy that you fired Theresa. Jen - That's something I should have done a long time ago. Abby - If you need help I'm happy to come after classes and help you with filing and stuff. Jen - Thank you honey. That's very sweet. I would love that. Abby - I'll be there. You know it occurred to me tonight that right now we're all we've got. They hug.

Dan packs up the game as Chloe tells Parker to go get his bag so they can go. Chloe asks for some more alone time with Parker tomorrow. Can I drop him off a little later? Dan - Sure. I have a patient I really need to see. No later then 11. Chloe - Deal. Thank you. I appreciate that. You know if you leave now you can actually get home and sleep in your own bed tonight. I wouldn't mind driving Parker back to Salem myself in the afternoon or something. Would that work?

Rory - What's the problem dude. You're always ragging on your sister. JJ - That doesn't mean you can. Yeah, my family's messed up but it's not Abigail's fault. It's because of this S.O.B. Bev - Let's get high. I rolled a joint. JJ - Go smoke it by the window so you don't stink up the place. Bev - Anybody have a lighter. They start looking for one. JJ finds one. He also finds a picture of Dan and Jen.

Kristen - Am I interrupting? Eric - It's fine. Come in. Kristen - I just wanted to confirm our session for the Precana meeting tomorrow. Eric - I'm sorry. I was supposed to send an email to you and Brady. 11 o'clock okay. Kristen - That's fine. I'm trying really hard not to be nosy but are you okay. You seem upset. Eric - Tired. Is there anything else? Kristen - No, that's it. I'll see you tomorrow. Eric - Goodnight.

Brady - What's up with you Granddad. You've been arguing with everyone today. Vic - Just in a bad mood I guess. Brady - Marlena, you look awfully serious. I thought you'd be walking on air once Sami was cleared. Marlena - I am. It's the best news I've had in ages. They hug. Brady - You can say that again. Marlena - I should get going. I've got some early patients. She looks at Vic - Sorry about tonight. She leaves. Brady - What's going on? And I can already smell it coming so fair warning, no bull.

Segment 7: Theresa is in the square. When she sees the Horton plaque she gets angry. I hate this town! I can't go home. Damn Jennifer. Damn that stupid woman.

Jen is lying on the couch and Abby is sitting - there's a movie on. They both hear a noise. Maybe it's JJ. They go to the door. No one's there. Abby - It's just the wind I guess. Jen cries - It's so cold out here. Abby - It's okay mom. Jen - I'm just so glad you're here. Abby - Please try not to worry. JJ's going to be fine.

Dan - So you don't mind driving him back tomorrow? Chloe - No, not at all. My whole day is free so it works out just fine. Besides I have a hunch you may have a few reasons for wanting to get back to Salem tonight. Dan confirms with Parker that he wants Mommy to drive him to Salem tomorrow. So Daddy's heading home tonight.

Rory calls out - Hey man, you want to hit this or not. JJ breaks the glass on the photo and then throws it back in the drawer,

Brady - You know Granddad if you've started having fun little chats with Nicole I'd have to have you tested but arguing with Marlena ... seriously. Vic - Let me tell you something Brady. As a man gets older, gets of a certain age, he starts to have a hard time dealing with women. Brady - Come on, you and Maggie ... Vic - Trust me. It will happen to you and the older you get, the worse it gets. Whatever our personalities are, for better or worse, they get more that way every damn year. Brady - That's really something to look forward to then. Vic - I'm being serious here. So before you get married make sure you can be happy with the most extreme version of Kristen that you can imagine then maybe you'll think twice and come to your damn senses. He leaves.

Kristen is back in the hotel room talking to her flashdrive. Maybe one day soon I won't need you anymore. If I could absolutely trust Brady you could be destroyed. Everything will be perfect.

Marlena is in the square. She pulls out the flashdrive. This is ridiculous. I need to be concentrating on Eric. She throws the drive back in her purse. I can't do that until I find out what's going on.

Nicole pulls out a landscape photo from the box and recalls Eric telling her that he took that photo his first morning in Africa. Nicole - It's beautiful. Eric - It's yours. It's my way of saying thank you for letting me talk about my feelings about what happened back there. Nicole - That's all I'll ever have of Eric, gratitude. She puts the picture away and closes the box.

Fr. Matt returns to the rectory. I'm going to bed. How are you doing? Eric - Much better actually. You were right as usual. Prayer helped. Fr. Matt - Things are clearer. Eric - No, I'm still in the middle of a mystery but I will find the answers. In the meantime I know the Lord heard my prayer and God's going to show me the truth.


Wednesday Sep 25

Segment 1: JJ is sleeping on the couch at Dan's dreaming about Dan confronting him about his presence there. He checks the time and yells to Bev and Rory that they have to get out of here ... now.

Dan asks Parker if he had fun with Mommy. Chloe tells him he didn't have to change his plans just to check up on them. Dan isn't doing that. Chloe guesses that he wasn't in such a big hurry to get back to Salem after all. I know why. Did you really think I wouldn't find out about you and Jennifer?

Kayla comes over carrying a big box of baked goods. I come bearing weapons. Jen - Enough for 10 people. Kayla - I know how much Abigail loves them and ... Jen - You were hoping that JJ was going to come home last night. So was I. I couldn't even sleep; I just sat up all night waiting for a knock on the door. Waiting for a call or a text and I keep wondering if he can make it on his own for one night ... maybe he's never coming home.

Theresa barges into Jen's office. Of course the bitch isn't here. She starts going through her desk.

Cam comes into the club and asks Sonny if Chad is here. Sonny - No, we switched our shifts. Cam - Can you tell him I was looking for him. Sonny - Will do, as long as you don't beat the crap out of him. Cam - Why would you say that? Sonny - Maybe because he kind of stole your girl.

Shirtless Chad opens his door to Abigail who is bearing coffee. This doesn't look like a guy who's excited to be taking me on a motorcycle tour of Salem. Chad - OMG, I was supposed to meet you at the garage. I'm so sorry. I worked late last night. Abby - That's okay. I think I know a way you can make it up to me. Chad - Skydiving? Bungee jumping? Abby - Maybe, but not right now. They kiss.

Stefano is sitting on a bench in the park. He looks up. Ah Elvis, where is your fiancée? EJ - She took the children out of school this morning so they could spend some time together. Stefano - How domestic of her. EJ - Thank you for agreeing to meet me. Stefano - I didn't want to ruin your post-prison get together but let me guess something ... you have not yet told her about our agreement. EJ grovels - I just want to give Samantha a little more time just so she can enjoy ... Stefano - Yes, before you destroy her bliss by bringing up the matter of her new roommate and her new employer and her new head of household. EJ - Thank you Father for giving us this time. Stefano - I am a patient man as you know but sooner or later anything that I want is going to be mine.

Jen - JJ came by yesterday to pick up some clothes. I made him give me the house key. Kayla - You did the right thing. Jen - Then why do I feel so guilty. Kayla - There's a reason they call it tough love although I think it's tougher on us. What about Abigail? Has she talked to him? Jen - No, he won't take her calls. And now I second guess myself with letting Justin help him. He's still facing charges but he was released, no bail. Kayla - There's no way you could have predicted this. Jen - I'm not so sure about that. Look at Kim and Shane. They did everything to give Theresa a fresh start and we all know how that turned out. Kayla - About Theresa ... Jen - What now?

Theresa has something in her hand which she quickly hides behind her back when Roman comes in. Theresa - Hey Uncle Roman. It's so great that Sami got acquitted on all the charges, right? Roman - Yes it is. Theresa - If you're here to see Jennifer, she's out. Roman - I'm here to see you. Theresa - I guess you want to give me a lecture too. Roman - No, I don't. Theresa - I know I made a mistake but I just need one more chance and then I'll do better, I swear. I just ... look if you don't give it to me, nobody will.

Chloe - Every time I mentioned Jennifer's name you would just change the subject so after you left I called Anne. Dan - Anne Millbauer? Chloe - Yeah, we are friends. Dan - No, you're not. You were just digging up dirt. You have not changed at all. Chloe - No, that's not true. I have changed. I know you don't love me but I love you enough to want you to be happy. Listen, I had two amazing accomplices. One beautiful little child and a few other assets and if we couldn't come between you and Jennifer I can't believe you're letting some bratty juvenile delinquent do what us pros could not accomplish. Seriously! It's really a shame.

JJ - We've got to get out of here before Daniel comes home and we have to leave the place exactly the way we found it. He opens the drawer and stares at the broken glass on the photo and recalls intentionally breaking it. There's a knock on the door. JJ - Shh!

Segment 2: EJ - I plan on taking Samantha and the children away tonight so I'll tell them then. Stefano - You have a wonderful time. EJ - I don't want her to hear about this from anyone else. I will tell her. I'm sure she'll understand the situation. She's going to ... Stefano - Hate it as you do. EJ - I promised you that I would bring Samantha and the children back under one roof and I will work with you again and you will have my undying loyalty. Like you, I'm a man of my word. EJ starts to leave. Stefano - One moment Elvis please. There is one little thing that you could do for me being the loyal son that you are.

Cam - Abigail and I didn't work out; things happen. Sonny - It's just that you and Chad are friends. So doesn't it bug you that he and Abigail did work out. Cam - We're all friends, aren't we? I would never want that to change.

Chad and Abby are naked in bed. She hands him the coffee she brought to wake him up. Chad doesn't think he needs it after ... they kiss. He asks what she was doing last night. He was hoping to see her at the club. Abby - I was with my Mom trying to track down JJ. Chad - Any luck? Abby - No. Part of me kind of hopes he did sleep on the street so he'd start realising how good he has it at home. Chad - I'm sure he knows and I hope you know that I'm always here for you ... whatever I can do to help you. Abby - I do know that. Thank you. It means so much to me. They kiss.

Kayla - I want you to know my family is united on this. Theresa is not getting a free ride. She's not hiding out at the pub with her grandmother. I just feel like I owe you an apology. I knew that asking you to let Theresa be your assistant was a huge favour but I didn't realize how huge a favour it was going to be or what a giant mistake it was going to be.

Theresa - Look at how things turned out for Sami. Nobody thought she was going to wind up with 4 great kids, a job, a mansion. You never gave up on her. I just need one person to believe in me. Roman - Oh come on Theresa. I know you've made this pitch to every Brady in town. I also know that you've heard what I'm about to say. Theresa protests. Roman - Just listen. Your dad's in law enforcement, your mom's a counsellor. So when Shane and Kim told us this was your last chance they weren't kidding. Theresa - I know they weren't. Roman - You violated the conditions of your probation. Now you've got to go back home and face the consequences. Theresa - But ... Roman - No buts. You're booked on a flight tonight back to L.A. He holds up the ticket.

Someone calls out - Dr. Jonas, are you back from your trip? It's Lou, your super. Your neighbour said you were out but they heard water running. JJ turns the picture upside down and covers it with some papers. The super continues ... Off and on all night. Whoever's in there open up right now or I'm calling the cops.

Segment 3: Dan - Did Parker take his vitamins this morning? Chloe - Yes he did. So are you going to address what I asked you or are you just going to continue to ignore me. Dan - I'm not going to get into it with you. Chloe - So what am I supposed to do? Just send my son back into the land of on again, off again, in again, out again. Jennifer's son is into drugs. He vandalised your car. Dan - That wasn't proven. Chloe - So now you're defending him. What if he ever did anything to ... Dan - You do not have to worry about Parker. I'm going to do what's best for him because my two children are the most important people in my life. Chloe - I know. Dan - I made it very clear to our son that he has one mom and that's you. That's the one thing that we will always agree on ... that we both love him very much. Chloe - Of course. Dan - After everything we've been through do you really think that it took me a lot to let him stay with you last night. Chloe - Yes. Dan - Actually it didn't. I trust you to do what's best for our son just like you need to trust me right now.

Jen - Kayla you did exactly what I would have done for my nephew and then you just hope for the best. Kayla - Yeah, but given Theresa's history, I should have expected the worst. When she was 5 yrs. old she would make herself cry and get her brother in trouble. Jen - Well maybe when Theresa gets to L.A. she can sign up for a drama class and find her true calling. Kayla - I don't think that's going to happen. I didn't want to advertise this but working at University Hospital was the deal she made with the judge in L.A. Jen - And now that she doesn't have the job ... Kayla - She's going to have to go to jail which is why I'm sure that's why she's so desperate to stay here in Salem no matter how she feels about it here. I feel that I did her a big disservice by protecting her and to you. Jen - No. JJ and Theresa are not the only ones who have to live with the consequences of their actions. Unfortunately, so do we.

Stefano - I want to see the entire family living in the mansion when I get back. EJ - I understand that. Stefano - Including your brother. EJ - Chad. I already asked him more than once. Stefano - I know but you're just going to have to try a little harder because he looks up to you more than anyone else. EJ - Okay, I'll do my best. Stefano - I'm sure you will. He hands EJ the rose he was holding. Have a nice trip. I'll see you soon.

Chad - How's your Mom doing. That's a dumb question, I'm sorry. Abby - I'm lucky because I have you but she's got ... Chad - You and she's lucky too. Abby - I hate feeling like I'm keeping this from her. Chad - You haven't told her about us. Abby - It's not like I'm hiding it. It didn't really feel like the right time to say hey, Mom, want to hear about my great news. Chad gets it. Chad gets a text. Damn. I brought last night's timesheets home and now Sonny needs them. Abby - I can drop them off for you. Chad - You don't have to do that. Abby - Seriously I'm going to be running errands and I'll be going by the club anyway. That way you will have time to relax, take a shower. Chad - Is that a hint? Abby - I don't hint. I'm brutally honest and direct; just like someone else I know. So are you free for lunch? Chad - I'm always free for you. They kiss.

Kayla stands in the doorway of Jen's office as Theresa protests. If I got to L.A. I'm just going to die there. Roman sees Kayla. All the arrangements were made. Theresa's flying back to L.A. tonight. You've got time to say your goodbyes if you want to do that. I'll pick you up at 8 o'clock sharp. He leaves. Theresa - Aunt Kayla, when Stephanie helped her friend hack into the hospital computers you didn't pack her off to jail. You made sure to give her one more chance. Kayla - And I made sure that I gave you another chance but you didn't take it. Theresa - It's not too late. Kayla - I'm sorry, it is.

The super keeps knocking. Did you hear me in there? Open up. JJ tiptoes over to Bev and whispers something in her ear. Super - You don't have all day. JJ grabs the towel Rory was using to dry his hair and gives it to Bev who wraps it around her hair. Bev calls out - I'm sorry, I'll be right there. JJ and Rory hide while she opens the door. Hey sorry, I didn't hear you. I was in the shower. Super - Who are you? Bev - I'm Dr. Jonas's daughter, Melanie.

Segment 4: Super - The doctor mentioned he had a daughter in Europe. Bev - Right. Well that's where I was 'til now. Super - I'm new here so I'm just getting to know all the residents. I'm Lou. Bev shakes his hand. Hey Lou. Great to meet you although I'll be gone before you know it. I just came for a short visit. Lou - Your father's not here. Bev - Yeah. I wanted to surprise him. I guess I should have called first, right? Lou - How did you get in because I have the spare key. JJ tiptoes over and hands her the key he stole from Jen. Bev holds it up. I have one too. Lou - That's a relief because the neighbour thought someone had broken in. Bev - Oh sorry. Next time I come I'll be sure to let you know. Lou - You have a nice visit Melanie, was it? Bev - Yeah. I will do that. You have a great day as well. She closes the door. Bev goes to JJ - How did I not know that you're a friggin' genius. She kisses him.

Chloe - I do trust you Daniel but I just have to say that if I can't have you, you better end up with someone pretty terrific. And maybe that's not Jennifer but I hope it will be. Dan - Thank you. Same back at you. Chloe - I really don't think Jennifer's my type. Dan laughs - Not so much. Chloe - Seriously, thank you for driving this whole way so I could see Parker. I wish it was longer you know. It's so hard to say goodbye. Dan - It's not goodbye just see you soon.

Jen is sitting in Gran's armchair looking at a hand-drawn birthday card. Cue f/b of a young JJ giving her the card. She cries.

EJ comes into the club and finds Sonny reading something. What's so riveting? Sonny - It's the promo for my Uncle Jack's book. It comes out next month. EJ - Oh yes, I heard. Can't wait. Sonny - Do you want me to get you a table or sit at the bar. EJ - Neither. I'm looking for Chad. Sonny - He's a popular guy today. He worked late so I let him sleep in and took his shift. EJ - I'll see if I can catch him at his place. Sonny - Before you go I want to tell you that I'm sorry. EJ - For what? Sonny - Between my mom going to the prosecutor with the evidence and me having to testify ... you'd think with me being a lawyer's kid I wouldn't have messed things up so much. EJ - You were being honest and it was the truth that got Samantha exonerated. Oh and thank you and William for allowing her to spend the morning with Arianna. That's the best homecoming gift you could have given her. Sonny - As long as we get her back. EJ - Oh you'll get her back toting toys you can not fit into your apt. ... you'll get her back. Sonny - Our apt. has been feeling crowded lately. EJ - Is there a problem?

Abby - Well I better get going if I'm going to get anything done today but I will text you about lunch. They kiss in the doorway then she leaves. There's a knock on the door. Chad sees one of Abby's earrings on the bed. He picks it up and opens the door. You lost this ... it's Cam.

Segment 5: Chad - What do you want? Cam - I'm not going to take up much of your time. I've been researching some experimental protocols for your type of tumour. One of the studies is done in New York, the other in Seattle and I think you would qualify for them. Chad - That's great. Ship me off to the other side of the country and pump me full of drugs with nasty side effects. Cam - Do you want to live or not? Chad - I do and I have everything to live for but I'm not going through hell now for a few extra weeks in the end. Cam - But you don't know anything about these treatments. Chad - I know that I trust my doctor more than an intern with ulterior motives. Cam - Excuse me. Chad - My neurologist says that the polyseephin has real promise and it has the least side effects of anything he can offer me. Cam - That's great but I didn't know anyone in Salem was practicing that protocol. Chad - I didn't say my doctor was in Salem. Chad - Okay, where is your doctor?

Sonny - It's all good. It's just that every day is a surprise. EJ - I'm sure. Welcome to life with a newborn. Sonny - Still less exciting then your house I bet. EJ - You have a point there. Abby comes in and greets them both. Hey EJ, congratulations on Sami's great news. EJ - Thank you. Sydney keeps asking when you're going to babysit again. Abby - Seriously, any time. That little girl is such a sweetheart. EJ - See you both later. He leaves. Abby hands over an envelope to Sonny. Timesheets from Chad. EJ listens from the doorway as Abby says she saw him this morning. Sonny - Are you trying the mono earring trend 'cause it's so 2011. I can help you look for it if you want. Abby - No, it's fine. I think I know where I left it.

Chad - You want to know who my doctor is so you can blab it to Kayla. Cam - I would not do that. Chad - Just be honest. You want me out of town so you can get back with Abigail. You took yourself out of the picture. Cam - Why don't you be honest? How come you haven't told her you're sick. She would want to know that and she deserves to know that. Chad - Why should I worry her? I'm fine and we're going to be together for a very long time. Cam - Well I hope you're right. He leaves. Chad smirks - You can count on it.

JJ, Rory and Bev are in the park. Rory - Can you pretend to be my mom the next time my chem teacher calls home. Bev - I think that might be a stretch. JJ - Guys, I remember my mom talking about how the new super handled a lot of the buildings. You don't think he's going to be running into Dr. Dan any time soon, do you? Rory - Probably not if he's busy enough. Bev - And if he does he'll think some girl was at his apt. not you. JJ gets a call from Theresa. Let me catch up with you guys in a few. They leave. JJ - Theresa, what's up? Theresa - Your mother who lives to torture me just fired my ass and now I have to leave Salem.

Jen is working on her laptop when there's a knock on her. It's Anne. Anne - Hello Jennifer. Bad time?

Dan and Parker arrive home. Parker wants to play his game. Dan always puts it in this toy box ... he finds it on top of the table. Here it is. Maybe I don't put it in there. Dan gets a call from Lou. Hey, what's up? Melanie's here? Did she say where she was going? No, thank you for giving me a heads up. I appreciate it. I guess I'll call her. Yeah, thank you. Dan notices Parker's game isn't working right. I'll get you a new game card. He looks in a drawer and ends up finding the broken glass on the photo of him and Jen.

Segment 6: EJ is just about to knock as Chad opens the door to leave. Chad - Congrats on Sami's good news. EJ - Thank you. I hear you have some good news of your own. I bumped into Abigail down at the club a few minutes. She seemed radiant. Chad is holding a gift wrapped box. Yeah, we kind of took the plunge. EJ - So how about taking that other plunge we talked about. Chad - What are you talking about? EJ - I want you to move back into the mansion with the rest of the family.

JJ - I'm sorry but why are you calling me? Theresa - Because this is all your fault. Theresa - Your mother thinks I'm some kind of cradle robber because we hung out for like 2 secs. So you owe it to me to help me you little creep. JJ - Okay, how am I supposed to help you. Theresa - Suck it up, go to her and tell her that she needs to hire me back. JJ - I don't understand because your Aunt Kayla's the boss and she made my mom hire you. What did you do? Kill someone? Theresa - You sound just like her. Look, I broke the rules okay, something you wouldn't know anything about. JJ - So how is it my fault that you screwed up? Theresa - Look, I don't have time for this JJ. You have to help me. JJ - Actually, no I don't.

Cam walks up to Kayla near the nurses station. He has a question for her. I was wondering if you heard anything about a local clinical trial for the drug polyseephin. Kayla - No. Wait a second, is this about Chad?

Chad - I know it's taken me a long time to give you an answer and when Father moved out I was ready to move in. Then all that stuff happened with the video and the trial ... what are you doing? EJ - I understand it's all a little awkward but I think it's time we put it behind us. Chad - I'm relieved to hear you say that. EJ - Good. Father would also appreciate it if we could put what happened with him behind us. Chad - I'm sorry? EJ - He's moving back in the mansion. Chad laughs. I'd like to see that happen. EJ - No, he is moving back into the mansion. I would appreciate it if we could keep this between ourselves for the moment but I wanted to give you a heads up before you gave me an answer. Chad - Then you already know what my answer is. EJ - It would mean a lot to me if we could get the whole family together under one roof. Chad - He told you to ask me and you agreed because ... I heard on the news that the police found Bernardi's weapon. Stefano had something to do with this, didn't he? He helped you get Sami out of jail now you have to help him, right? EJ - Chad, help me please. Chad - I'd do just about anything for you but I can not move back in with Stefano, I'm sorry. EJ - Come on. Look at this place. Your closet in the mansion is bigger than this entire place. You're living in bloody hovel. He picks up some papers. Chad - Give me those. I said give them to me!

JJ - Theresa, I'm not even talking to my mom. Theresa yells - Well fix it. I tried to help you. I tried to talk to her for you. JJ - You did what! I don't need your help. Why don't you go to hell. Theresa - You go to hell you little loser creep. She hangs up on him. Idiot! You know what, even if he did lift a finger for me it wouldn't do me any good. When am I going to learn. Nobody's going to help me but me.

Jen - Yes, this is a very bad time. Anne pushes her way in. I think you can probably spare just a few minutes. Jen - Why are you at my house? And why couldn't whatever it is you have wait until I got to my office. Anne - Because you are never in your office. But worry not, you need only to lift one finger to sign this HR form here and then your erstwhile assistant will be permanently terminated and you can get back to whatever personal drama du jour you're in right now.

Lou is at Dan's. She said she wanted to surprise you so maybe that's why she didn't leave a note or anything. Dan - Maybe. What did she look like? Lou - Well she's pretty. She had a towel on her head but I could tell her hair was dark. Dan - Thank you. I guess that helps. I appreciate you coming by. Lou leaves. Dan tries calling Mel - Come on pick up. He looks at the photo again and mutters JJ.

Segment 7: Cam - Chad had mentioned to me that he was undergoing the treatment and ... Kayla - Why does it matter? Cam - Because he's my friend and I discovered it ... Kayla - Or maybe you're upset that he hasn't told Abigail about his illness. Cam - Okay, I hope for his sake and hers that he's undergoing the best treatment available. Kayla - We all do. That's why you referred him to a specialist. He's not your patient anymore Cameron so any personal involvement now is inappropriate. Cam - But I am involved. Kayla - No you're not. You need to back off.

Sonny tells Abby that Cameron was here a while ago wanting to talk to Chad. Abby - About what? Sonny - I'm not sure. You have to admire that he wants all of us to be friends. Abby - I do. Sonny - So you are Chad are getting pretty serious. Abby - No, I wouldn't say that. Sonny - I just hope he doesn't hurt you.

EJ reads - Experimental treatment. Chad - It's nothing okay. EJ - It's your handwriting. Do you have a brain tumour?

Theresa is in the square staring at her plane ticket. I can't go home. She checks how much money she has. Where can I go?

Jen signs the forms. You did not need to come here just to do this. Anne - Like I said, if you were ever actually at work ... Jen - You know what, I am working. You're wasting time on a personal vendetta. You know what, this whole obsession you have with hurting me is not normal. It's really sick. Anne - The only thing I am obsessed with my dear is being conscientious about my job. Not sure you know what the word means and oh, treating you fairly. Jen - Really? You treating people fairly or you mean treating them like dirt unless they can do something for you. There's a word for that. Actually there's words plural. Opportunistic, unscrupulous and disgusting. So take your papers and leave my house. She opens the door. Get out of my house. Anne - You be very kind and loving to yourself Jennifer okay. Listen. You did the best you could. That's all any of us could ever do, right? She leaves. Outside Anne mutters. You're a hard nut to crack Jennifer Rose but crack you I will.

JJ is standing in the park when Dan spins him around. I know what you did.


Thursday Sep 26

Segment 1: Chad - It's nothing. I had a bump on my head at the 4th of July picnic. I went to the hospital. They gave me a CT scan. It showed something. EJ - Why didn't you tell me about this? Chad - Because what it showed was a false positive. It was a false alarm. It was over before it started. EJ - If that's the case why are you reading about experimental treatments.

Abby - Why would you think Chad would hurt me? Sonny - I didn't mean to imply that he would. It's just ... Chad and I are friends and we work together ... I just don't want to see you get hurt. That's all. Just watch out. Gabi walks up. If that's the way you talk about your friends I'd hate to hear you talk about people you don't like.

Nick and Kate are at the pub. He hands her a flashdrive. That formula is going to make you a lot of money. Kate - You've got my attention. Will comes in. Hi Grandma. What's going on? Are you hiring Nick back?

Rafe is in a wheelchair. He tells Jordan he's so ready to do work in an actual physical therapy room, he can't even describe it. Jordan - You remember what I said about pushing it. You've got a long way to go Mr. Hernandez. I'm not going to let you overdo it in there no matter how good you're feeling. Rafe - That didn't last long. Jordan - What didn't? Rafe - Your sense of humour. The other day you were cracking jokes; I started to believe you were actually human. I guess it was just a fluke.

Theresa is sitting on a bench in the square talking to herself. I may have to leave Salem but there's no way I'm going home. She throws the airline ticket in the garbage and ends up running into Jen. Well you did it. You've officially ruined my life. Now I have to leave town. Congratulations you bitch.

JJ claims he doesn't know what Dan is talking about. I don't have to put up with you anymore so I'm out of here. Dan - Well someone broke into my place and spent the night so unless you want me to call the cops I suggest you stop right there.

EJ - According to the time stamp on this paper, you printed it yesterday so you're obviously still concerned. Chad - I was curious after it happened, that's all. Let's let it go. EJ - My sister died of a brain tumour. Chad - I told you, the scan was a false positive. It's okay. EJ - You're certain? Who did the CT? Chad - A doctor of course. It's fine, it's okay. EJ - You're lying to me. Chad - Drop it please. EJ - You recognise that I'm on the board of directors of the hospital. I can make one telephone call to Kayla ... Chad - Don't! Please just leave it alone. EJ - Then why don't you tell me what's really going on.

Theresa - So is this how you get your kicks. Does it make you happy to know that my entire family has abandoned me. Seriously. No one's left out. Aunt Kayla, Uncle Roman, Grandma Caroline, who would forgive Satan btw. Yeah, they're all sending me back to L.A and they know that means I have to face jail time. They don't care. Jen - I don't get my kicks out of anyone's failure. I feel sorry for you, I do. I feel sorry for your parents. This whole fresh start that you were supposed to make in Salem; it didn't work out. But if your job was so crucial to you, you might have tried something novel like working. And oh, not embezzling hospital funds. That might have helped too. Theresa - Okay, so I made a mistake but so did you by not taking me up on my offer. Because if you had given me my job back JJ would have been home by now. But now, well, you've probably lost him for good.

JJ - Okay Dude, I didn't break into your place man. You and your constant accusations ... Dan - Someone was at my apartment while I was gone. Things were moved. There was a framed picture of your mom and me shattered. JJ - Okay, I don't know man, maybe it was Parker's nanny or something. Dan - Here's the thing. If my super were to see a picture of this girl you've been hanging out with; the one with the dark hair. He wouldn't recognise her as someone pretending to be my daughter Melanie, right? And if I ask my neighbours if they saw you hanging around the building last night ... JJ - Okay man I was there but I didn't steal anything. I was only there to crash just for a few hours. Dan - That is still breaking and entering. JJ - Fine, why don't you go ahead and call the cops. They have a list. Why don't you go ahead and add to it. I know you're just dying to send me to prison. Dan - What! No, that is the last thing I want to do. JJ - You just accused me of breaking and entering. Dan snaps - 'Cause you just did! My God! Look, I don't want to make things worse for you, I really don't. So here's the deal. I'm going to make you a promise okay. I am not going to tell the cops or your mom or anybody about this. I will keep it between you and me. JJ - What's the catch? Dan - There is none. Yeah, none. All I ask is that you hear me out for 5 mins. Would you be willing to do that?

Segment 2: Kate - Nick recently did some freelance work for me and it was such a success that I told him to contact me if he dreamed up anything else and he did. Nick - To be honest, I was just trying to make up for the loss of the formula that your boyfriend and your mom stole from Kate. Will - He just can't stop himself from taking a shot, can he? Kate - He's just stating a fact. Sami was behind all of this although I didn't know that Sonny was a part of it. Nick - He was but I totally understand why I deserved it. Will - Wow, that's surprisingly evolved of you to admit that. Nick - Evolved? Kate - Okay, so I guess I was apparently under the wrong impression because I thought everyone was getting along lately. Will - No, everybody is getting alone. It's just that he tried to put my mom in jail by whining to everybody that 'oh she pulled a gun on me'. Nick - First of all, your mom is a free woman so that's a moot point. Second, I wouldn't have come forward if Kate hadn't said anything. And for the record, everything I said on the witness stand was true. Will - Okay, good for you. I'm going to go say hi to Grandma Caroline then Sonny and I are taking Ari to the zoo. Kate - That sounds so nice. I would really like to spend more time with the baby. Nick - I have to go. Let me know if you're interested in any of my ideas. Kate - Sure. Nick leaves. Kate - You know it actually was my fault that Nick was called to the witness stand. Will - Oh sure, nothing that Nick does is ever his fault.

Abby - Answer my question. Why is it that you think Chad is going to hurt me? Sonny - Chad is my best friend and my business partner, I would feel like an ass saying anything about him. Gabi - Then why'd you say it? Sonny - This is not your concern. Gabi - Well Abigail is my friend. I think it is. Abby - I don't mind if she hears this. Can you just tell me what you mean. Sonny - He's a great guy. I would not be friends or business partners with him if I did not think that was true. But you know this. You know he's done some messed up stuff in the past and he has really hurt people. Gabi - Yeah, like he ruined my wedding. Sonny - Yeah that was pretty rotten but at the time I didn't know he had a very good reason for doing that.

Chad takes the papers from EJ. It was Cameron. He did the initial CT scan and broke the news to me that I may have a tumour. So I went to a specialist to see if I could get a 2nd opinion. I received a clean bill of health, I swear. EJ - But this research does not suggest a clean bill of health. Chad - For a while there I thought I was sick, that I had a brain tumour and so did Cameron. He was acting all supportive and concerned and then he stabbed me in the back. EJ - What! Chad - The guy thought that I was sick, that I could be dying and I come back from my appointment with the specialist which he knew about to find him making out with Abigail. Do you call that supportive? EJ - Aww ... I see. So you pretended you had a brain tumour to punish him, right? Chad - I wasn't planning on lying to him. I don't know what happened. I saw him making out with Abigail, I couldn't control myself. I was so angry. EJ - It's okay. I understand. Chad - You do? EJ - Yeah. Actually I think you made a very wise decision.

Jen - I don't regret turning down your offer because I know once you leave town you're not going to have an influence on my son anymore and then he might be able to start thinking straight again. Theresa - You're dead wrong. I was your last best chance to get JJ to come home because trust me on this Jen Jen, the kid hates you. Jen - Okay, we're done here. Theresa - I may be leaving Salem but I will never forget how you ruined my life and trust me on this ... someday, somehow, I will find a way to make you pay for it. Jen walks away. Theresa calls out - Sleep tight.

JJ - Okay. Dan - JJ, go home. Go be with your mother and make things right with her. JJ - What's the point, man! She doesn't care about me at all. She practically forced me out of the house with all of her crazy demands. Dan - Because she loves you and wants you to get your life back on track. Before you came back from school; before I met you, I felt like I knew you because your mom, she was non-stop about you. About what a good kid you are; how smart and funny and caring. She just won't let up; she doesn't. Always showing me pictures. Telling me you started talking when you were just 18 mons. old and you're first word was Abba for Abigail. Our first date ... you ... YOU ... were the major topic of conversation. JJ - You're just saying that man. Dan - Why would I bother just saying that. I know about your academic awards. That 3rd grade report card where you got all A's and a A+. And the sports trophies ... how you were captain of the lacrosse team back in England as a sophomore. Captain! As a sophomore. JJ - Yeah. That was pretty cool. Dan - Damn right man! And all the Little leagues stories! She told me about how when the game was close you'd be put in as a pinch runner because you were so, so fast. And how you hit not one, but two Grand Slams in a Championship game. Come on, what! You know your mom videoed the entire game. We watched it a few months ago and she just ... I don't know ... you should have heard her just cheering you on while we watched. It's like she was right there and it was happening again. She was proud of you, really proud. And I know for a fact despite all this trouble you've gotten into, she still is proud of you. Tell you something else, man. I know you love your mom and your sister and this whole being apart thing is just as hard on you as it is on them so go fix it. Go home man and just work things out. JJ - Even if I did it wouldn't change anything. You're still going to force your way into my mom's life and turn her against me. What's the point man!

Segment 3: Jordan - I'm not your court jester, I'm your physical therapist. Rafe - Yes you are but do you always have to look like it's raining and your forgot your umbrella. Jordan - If you are making good progress you will be the first to know but you're a grown up and I'm not going to coddle you. And as for me inadvertently making a joke, I'll be more careful next time. Rafe - Does that mean you're not going to open up for me at the comedy club 'cause I think we can take this shtick on the road. He starts telling a joke as she wheels out of his room.

Gabi - You're right. Chad did have a good reason to stop my wedding. Neither of us nor Will should have lied about Arianna's paternity. Abby - But still it wasn't up to Chad to expose your secret like that especially at your wedding in front of all those people. Gabi - No he shouldn't have. It wasn't any of his business. But you know the good thing is that it was for best that everyone found out Will was the father of my baby. So in a way Chad helped and since then we've made amends so that's that. Abby - Chad's changed and I can vouch for that. And I'm going to be late for my lunch with him if I don't leave right now. Thank you both for being protective but who Chad is now, he's never going to hurt me again. She leaves.

Chad - You approve of me lying to Cameron. EJ - It got you what you wanted, didn't it? He played the good guy and backed out of your little triangle and now you have Abigail all to yourself. Chad - Yeah. EJ - And because of doctor / patient confidentiality he can not tell Abigail why he backed out. Chad - Exactly. He and Kayla both think I have a brain tumour and they can't say anything which is good. I don't want Abigail to know about any of this. EJ - No, she'd ask far too many questions about your treatment. So you're just going to bide your time until you're cured and no one's going to be any the wiser. Excellent. Chad - And I was sure you were going to think I was totally insane. EJ - Oh good grief no. I like Cameron but you're my brother and if Abigail makes you happy I support that. You're thinking like a DiMera. Chad - I'm not sure if that's high praise but I'll take it. EJ - Good reason for you to move back into the mansion. Chad - I can't move back in with Stefano for my own reasons and Abigail ... it just won't go over well. I hope you understand. EJ - Of course. Chad - I've got to go and meet Abigail at the pub for lunch. EJ - Don't let me stop you. Chad - Thank you for being so supportive. I'm glad we had this talk. EJ - Yes me too. He smiles as he leaves.

JJ - You were right before. My mom did love me until you came in and you messed it all up and you made her think that I'm this awful son because you kept bad-mouthing me all the time. Dan - That's just not true. JJ - I know you hate me. The only reason you're telling me to fix it is so you can score points. It's actually pathetic. Dan - No, I love your mom and ... JJ - Shut up. You are not my Dad and you never will be. You will never take his place, ever. Dan - I'm not trying to. JJ - Yes you are and I'm not going to let you use me to win her over. I'm not going to go home so you can play hero. He starts to leave. Dan grabs his arm. We're not done. JJ - You need to let go of me ... Jen walks up. What's going on?

Segment 4: Nick is sitting in the park looking at his Tablet. Damn it, not one modelling agency in this town has responded. Jerks! They should be jumping at the opportunity to sign someone as beautiful as Gabi. I'm going to make this happen for you; for both of us.

Gabi holds out a sweater to Sonny. I came by to drop this off. I don't want Ari to be cold when she goes to the zoo. I wonder what Will would say if he found out your were trashing Chad. Sonny - I don't know what you think you heard but I was not trashing Chad. How could I blame my friend for making a few mistakes when you almost single-handedly destroyed his entire life.

Chad and Abby kiss and make small talk. EJ walks into the pub and sits at their table. Chad - What are you doing here? EJ - I'm sorry, but I simply can not stay away. Abby - From? EJ - I want to be here when you break this news to Abigail so I can support you. Abby - What news?

Theresa is still in the square talking to herself. This sucks. I still don't have enough money for a plane ticket. And the bus ... eww ... I can't be one one of those gross poor people. How the hell am I supposed to get out of this town. She notices a biker walking by. Hey, it's a beautiful fall day. I'd love to go for a motorcycle ride. I know we just met but my instinct tells me you're a really good guy. Guy - Then you should trust your instinct then. Theresa - Then you'll give me a ride. Guy - Depends on what I get in return. Theresa - Oh trust me, I'll definitely make it worth your while.

Jen - What are you two fighting about? JJ - All I promised you was 5 mins. I gave you that. Dan - I was just trying to convince JJ to go home. JJ - But he blew it, big surprise. He leaves. Jen tries to get him to stop to no avail. She rounds on Dan - What were you thinking!

Segment 5: Theresa - So Chicago, huh. Guy - Your kind of town? Theresa - You bet. Theresa sees Anne. You know what, change of plans. I kind of need you to do me a different kind of favour but I'll make sure you're well compensated it for it. She hands him her money.

Rafe is back in bed. Alright, I got it. The inside of that therapy room actually looked familiar. Jordan - How? Rafe - Like inside the Tower of London. Jordan - I'll have the duty nurse bring you some pain meds. Rafe - Would beer be acceptable? He gets the look and chuckles. There's the face again. Come on, I torture you, you torture me ... level the playing field. No ... a little ... Kate comes in. Jordan - That's it for this session. I'll see you for the next one. Rafe - Yay! I can't wait. It will be awesome. Jordan leaves. Kate - I have to say, with the possible exception of Victor Kiriakis, I think she's one of the least personable human beings I've ever met. Rafe - Yeah, she does come off that way.

Gabi - You can't wait, can you? Sonny - For what? Gabi - To tell everybody what I did to Melanie. Sonny - Not everybody but I would like to tell my boyfriend. Will and I don't keep secrets from each other. But it's a legal thing. I promised my Dad and Chad that I wouldn't say anything so I won't but I know what you did affected Chad and Melanie's relationship. He lost her because he found out what you did and kept it secret. I know he regrets not telling Melanie the truth or going to the cops right away. Gabi - Yeah, I bet you do too because then I'd be in jail. I'd be out of your life and Will's and also you wouldn't have a baby cramping your style. Sonny - Now you're crossing a line. Gabi - No, I'm telling the truth. Sonny - Don't you ever talk about Ari and me. You know I love that little girl. Gabi - Well, if that's the case, then you need to start respecting her mother a little bit more. She leaves.

EJ - So Chad and I had a long talk earlier and after we parted I gave it a lot of thought and I simply can not support you keeping this from Abigail any longer. Chad protests. EJ - I'm asking you to do the right thing. Abby - What is EJ talking about? Chad - Nothing. EJ - Come on, brother. I understand your reasons for keeping her in the dark, I do but if you think back to what it was that we discussed earlier, you'll realise that this is the right decision. Now if it would be helpful in any way I'd be quite happy to tell her for you.

Segment 6: Will and Ari are at the club with Sonny. Sonny comments that Will looks a little distracted. Will is. I just had a run-in that I wish I hadn't had. It was Nick. Nothing happened but as you know that never goes well. He thanks Sonny for bringing the sweater. Sonny didm't, Gabi dropped it off. She's a really good mom. They talk about going to the zoo with Ari.

Gabi opens the apt. door to Nick. Is it okay that I stopped by. Gabi - Sure. Nick - I knew Will wasn't going to be here because he is with Arianna at the zoo. I saw him at the pub. Gabi - Should I be concerned? Nick - It wasn't great. Gabi - Did you guys fight? Nick - No, there's always this underlying tension between me and Will all the time. Gabi - I'm sorry Nick. Nick - It's okay. It just gets me thinking it's going to be hard to have a fresh start and to have people think that I've changed with all this ancient history revving everyone's engines up all the time. Gabi - Unfortunately I know the feeling. Nick - What do you mean? Who's in your face? Gabi - Sonny and I had an argument just now. Nick - What about? Gabi - The Melanie thing. He keeps bringing it up, throwing it in my face and honestly I'm afraid he's going to blab it to somebody. Nick - I doubt that. Gabi - Then why does he keep bringing it up. Nick - To scare you I guess because he knows if he tells anyone about it Chad, his buddy, is going to land in jail and it's going to be an even bigger problem for his Dad, Justin, because he's the one who drew up the papers to keep it secret in the first place. Gabi - You always know how to make me feel better. Nick - It's my favourite thing in the world.

Abby - This is starting to freak me out so can you tell me what's going on? Chad! EJ - You see Abigail, Chad is being ... Chad - I've been doing a lot of thinking and I've made the decision to move back into the DiMera mansion. That's what this is about. EJ - See, was that so hard. Abigail - I don't understand. Why did you think you had to keep that from me? Obviously I was going to find out eventually. Chad - I wasn't totally sure it was the right thing to do and I thought you wouldn't approve of this. Abby - It's your family's house and with your father not living there ... EJ - He might come back at some point. Abby - Is this really what you want? Chad - It wasn't an easy decision but I think it's the right one. EJ - Yeah, definitely the right decision to make. Abby gets a call she has to take. She steps away. Chad - You S.O.B. EJ grins and winks.

The biker tries to grab Anne's purse. Theresa runs to her rescue kicking the guy and shoving him away. Out of here, you loser. Anne, are you okay? Anne - Yes, thank you. You really saved the day. Theresa - You're the tough one. You have a really good grip. Anne - Yeah but if you weren't around though ... Theresa - I guess you got lucky. Anne - Lucky? I don't think so. Theresa - What else would you call it? Anne - I saw you with the creep before. You totally just set that whole thing up.

JJ finds Rory sleeping on a park bench. Wake up dude. Rory - What's up? JJ - It's Dr. Dan. Rory - What about him? JJ - He knows that we broke into his apt.

Jen - Did you approach JJ? Did he approach you? Dan - I approached him. I just wanted to talk to him about going home. Jen - Did you really think that would work! You know how JJ feels about you and you thought it would be okay to provoke him. Really, you just got in his face like that. You can't stop yourself? Dan - I just wanted to help. Jen - How does that help! You just made everything worse.

Segment 7: Kate is talking about Ari. She notices Rafe staring off into space. Is everything okay. Rafe - I was just thinking about Jordan. She's so difficult to read. Kate - Why would you even bother. She's here to help you that's what matters, right? Rafe - I get it. It's just that I find it interesting when someone fights so hard to be someone they're not.

Jordan stands by the nurses station and watches Kate and Rafe talking before shaking her head and getting back to her notes.

Chad - I can't believe what you just did to me. EJ - It was brilliant, even if I do say so myself. Chad - You blackmailed me. EJ - Oh please. Stop being so dramatic. Chad - What was all that supportive talk back at my place. EJ - I'm very supportive of you Chad. It's about time you started being supportive of me. If you moving back into the mansion makes Father happy it makes life a lot easier for Samantha and me. Chad - Of course because I was put on this earth to make life easier for you and Samantha; I totally forgot that. EJ - Why are you still whining and moaning Chad? Think of the plus side. You and I get to spend more time together. Chad - Considering what you just did to me, you played me. EJ - You've been in this family long enough to know how the system works. Chad - I just have one question for you. If I hadn't agreed to move back in the mansion would you have told Abigail that I was lying to Cameron this whole time about the brain tumour. EJ - Well luckily for the both of us, we will never know the answer to that question. He leaves. Abby comes back - Your brother's gone? Chad - Seems to be. Abby - Great. Now you can tell me what's really going on.

Nick kisses Gabi's neck. She tells him - We can't. Nick - I'm sorry. You're just so beautiful. I get near you and I want you. I can't help it. Gabi - That's really sweet of you. Nick - It's the truth but I don't want to make you uncomfortable so I'm going to go. Gabi - You get to me too and I'm really glad you're here. They kiss. Will comes in - What the hell is going on?

Theresa - No, you've got it all wrong. Anne - What were you trying to accomplish? I did hear Jennifer canned your lazy, insolent ass. Did you think that was going to get you your job back? Theresa - Well you work in HR ... Anne - I know where I work. It's impossible. It's not going to happen. Not now, not never. However, what you just pulled here was nutty as hell. Sometimes nutty can be another word for nervy or moxie or initiative. Qualities I find in short supply at work not to mention the universe at large. I also know that your point of view about your former boss is pretty identical to mine which I deeply appreciate. Theresa - Meaning? Anne - Meaning I think despite whatever problems you may have with Jennifer there still may be a place for you at Salem University Hospital after all.

Rory - If Dr. Jonas knows that we broke into his apt. he's going to call the cops on us. JJ - No. I think we're okay. We don't have to worry about that. Rory - Why not? Because he's just okay with it? JJ - No, because he doesn't have the guts and he also promised that he wouldn't say anything. Rory - He did? JJ - Yeah. Rory - Wow, that was cool of him. Maybe he's not so bad Dude. JJ - Daniel's a jerk. What's he trying to do is use me to get close to my mom again. I ain't letting that happen. I'm never going to accept the guy ... never!

Jen - What did you say to my son? What made him so upset? Dan - I told him the truth. That you were worried about him and he needed to go home but he said no. Then he accused me of trying to score points with you. Jen - What did you say? Dan - I told him that he was wrong and then I told him that I love you. Jen - Why did you say that? Dan - I'm sorry if this upsets you. I really am but I am not going to hide my feelings about you for anyone ... Jen - Don't you understand that was the wrong thing to say to him. Dan - How? Should I have lied? Jen - No, you shouldn't say anything to him at all. You know how precarious this situation is. I may never get my son back and for you to just get in his face like that ... I'm begging you to stay away from my son and I am begging you to stay away from me. I don't want to see you again.


Friday Sep 27

Segment 1: Abby wants Chad to explain why he didn't want to tell her about moving back in with his family. Chad shrugs. Abby feels that something about the decision bothers him. Chad evades again so Abby tells him maybe something about this decision bothers her. She points out that he just moved into his place - why the 180? Chad f/b's to asking EJ if he would have told Abby he was lying to Cameron.

Sonny is explaining a dirndl to Ari when Cam walks up behind the park bench. Cam teases Sonny about being on some German website. Sonny explains that the club is doing an Oktoberfest so he was passing out flyers. I know how much you love German beer so I'd love for you to come. Cam wouldn't miss it. Sonny - You know who else would enjoy it, I ask very casually. Cam - So this is the part where I ask who, I assume? Sonny - Gabi.

Will demands to know what Nick is doing in HIS apt. Gabi tells Nick - Let's go. Will grabs her - You're not going anywhere with him. Have you lost your mind! Nick - Hey! Bro, you're way out of line.

When Nicole sees Brady come into the rectory she asks if he's checking to see if she's been dipping into the communion wine. Brady asks if Eric is here. Nicole doesn't know. She hasn't seen him but she hasn't been here all morning.

Brady is with a doctor who brings him out from under. Eric doesn't remember anything now; just scattered thoughts and images but nothing new. Eric is frustrated that these images don't form a clear picture. The doctor tells him that's understandable considering the time lapse. Eric thought he was closer to remembering after his session with his mom. How was I in a hotel with that woman ... the woman that I dreamt I was making love to. Doctor - But you didn't go there today. Eric asks - Do you think that what I remembered with my mom could be on some level not at all real.

Kristen plays with her flashdrive and recalls raping Eric. She quickly puts it in her purse when EJ comes into the living room. EJ lets it be known that by the way she closed her purse it looks like she's hiding something. This would not have anything to do with getting back with Brady, would it. Kristen - Absolutely!

Gabi - I do not have time to explain to you ... Will screams - No, you absolutely do have to explain. After everything this guy has done, really! The only explanation is that you have lost your mind. Nick - Hey! Do not talk to her like that. Will - Never lay a hand on me again. Secondly do not tell me how to talk to the mother of my child especially when she's about to make the biggest ... REPEAT the biggest mistake of her life by hooking up with a disgusting, DISGUSTING human being like you.

Chad lies and says he's moving in to show EJ and Sami some support because of everything they went through because of him. Abby - Maybe the video was a bad idea but Sami did shoot the guy and lie about knowing him so I'm pretty sure she would have been in trouble no matter what you did. Chad says he also grew up as an only child now he's moving in to a house with brother, sister, father, kids. Abby gets that except the part about his Father. You told me EJ took over the family business and threw him out, now you're one big happy family? Chad - Everyone is trying to move on and be a family. Maybe I can help smooth the process. Chad wants to change the subject. He has something for her. Abby is stunned when she opens the gift. Where did you get this?

Nicole - So there's no reason for you to stick around. Why don't you go devote yourself to your psychopathic fiancée and leave me to ... Brady is not leaving. We're going to talk about us and then we're going to talk about you and Eric.

EJ - So what is it that you're keeping from Brady this time? Kristen - That's a pretty snide way of asking. EJ - Well it shouldn't be too hard to keep Brady in the dark. He's not exactly the quickest of ? Kristen resents that. Brady is not as devious and Machiavellian as we so he's not as suspicious but that doesn't mean he's not intelligent because he is extremely intelligent and what I'm keeping from him has nothing to do with trying to trick him. EJ - Why don't you tell me what it is we are talking about. I will be nice. Kristen - I don't think I can handle you being nice. EJ - What is wrong? Kristen - Nothing. Everything's fine, it's just kind of complicated. I had an appointment this afternoon. I'm not sure I'm going to follow through with it, okay. EJ - Why not? Kristen - Because I want to hear what Brady has to say in our session. EJ - I see. So this session with Fr. Eric is some sort of test. Kristen - Yeah, kind of. A priest will be there, his brother is the priest. It's kind of like putting your hand on the Bible. I just want to hear what he has to say so I know what he's thinking and what he's feeling. So that I know our relationship is real, that it has legs. EJ - What if it's not real? Kristen - Then I guess a lot more is going to be revealed, okay!

Segment 2: Abby cries as she pages through her Dad's book. How did you manage to get this; it hasn't even come out yet. Chad didn't mean to make her cry or make her sad. Abby says she's not sad. It's just making her realise how much she misses him. If my Dad were here right now he would know how to help JJ; he and my mom.

Nick - You are the only one who is blowing this way, way out of proportion. I need you to calm down. Will - You're not going to tell me what to do. I spent 9 months of you doing that. And he did that to you btw, do you not remember! Gabi - Stop. Let me get a word in so I explain. Will - Please do explain why you were about to have sex on OUR couch ... Gabi - What! Will - ... because Sonny and I were gone for a few hours. Nick - The couch! You're worried about the couch! Will manhandles Gabi again and when Nick protests Will snaps - Shut up! Will - Gabi, I'm worried about you. This guy made my life a living hell. He almost ruined yours, okay. Nick - You get her pregnant when you know you're gay and you're lecturing me and her! Will - I tried to do the right thing. You had to blackmail me to get what you wanted. Nick - So we both made mistakes Will. Will - I swear to God if you tell me that you've changed one more time I will beat the living daylights out of you. Nick - I dare you to try. Will - I swear to God that I will. Gabi is between them screaming for them to stop.

Nicole - There is nothing going on between Eric and me. Brady reminds her that he knows her inside and out. He knows she wouldn't be sucking down mimosa's early in the morning if everything was hunky dory with Eric. Nicole - You don't know what you're talking about. Brady - I know that you're unhappy. I know that you want to move on. I know that you want to be happy. But you're never going to move on when you're wrapped up in Eric as tightly as you are. Nicole - He needs me. Brady - That's not true and the sooner you realise that the happier you're going to be.

Eric - I know you're trying to help me but I can't talk to my mother about this. When she hypnotised me, the images I saw were very disturbing. Doctor - You mean the part about you being with this woman at the hotel. Cue yet ANOTHER f/b of the rape. Eric - I don't think there's a guy on the planet who would want to share that dream with his mother. Thrown in that I'm a priest, the embarrassment would be exquisite. If I'm going to figure out what this all means I guess I'm going to do it on my own. The doctor is sorry that they've seemed to reach a dead end. I Know you must be very upset. Eric isn't.

EJ - Well that sounds very cryptive but if the Precana sessions makes you feel more certain about your relationship then it's a good thing. He offers her a drink to loosen up. Kristen is interesting in Brady's feelings not hers. EJ isn't sure that's the spirit of openness the good padre had in mind. Kristen - Isn't it kind of early in the day for that. EJ - Just don't! Kristen - So what's going on with the marriage plans? Now that the fiancée is out of the holding cell, what's next? Posting the banns? EJ - Don't let me keep you. Kristen insists she's not being flip. She's curious. Sami's free, the nightmare's over, why the hell aren't you more cheerful? EJ claims he is. Kristen argues - You're gloomy. EJ insists he's fine. Kristen - You're not fine either. So let's see everything else in your life is fine so we must be talking about one thing, Fatha!

Segment 3: Abby wants to know how he got the book. Chad's been trying for a while. I wanted to get this for you because we were friends and now that we're more than friends I'm glad I could get it. I would have given it to you no matter what because being a friend really matters to me. Abby - We're lucky. It's like being friends makes everything else better. Chad has something else for her. He left it at the apt. What do you say we go get it. They leave.

Will and Nick keep yelling at each other. Gabi finally gets them to stop. I understand that Arianna is our daughter and we have to talk about that but you are not going to control my life. You are not! Will - I'm not trying to ... Gabi snaps - Yes you are. Will screams - No, I'm not. I'm trying to save you from making a huge mistake. I've got to say it ... you WILL NOT get involved with this guy again. Gabi - What! Will - I'm not going to let you. Nick - Again? You don't think this is the first time this has happened. Will - I'm not talking about you being married for 2 seconds, I'm talking about right now. Nick - So am I. Yeah! You don't believe me? Why don't you talk to your boyfriend because he knows all about it. Gabi - Nick!

Cam finishes a call. Sonny is trying to get hold of Will. He was supposed to pick up Ari's bunny and come right back. Cam makes a joke about Will being on the German website. Are you going to be wearing lederhosen? Sonny - If you come with Gabi you can find out. Cam - Why are you looking out for Gabi all of a sudden? Sonny - I've come to realise she's a nice person and it would be cool if she could hang out with a nice guy. Cam - Look at Sonny, playing matchmaker. Sonny - It's the least I can do.

Nicole - Do you know how hard it is to keep a straight face when you're getting unsolicited relationship advice from a guy who's about to marry a ... I've run out of words. I don't have anything ... Eric - Does it mean anything to you that my brother, who happens to be a priest, is personally giving us Precana counselling. Nicole still thinks he's going to change his mind about that. Brady - Is that why he made this appointment? Nicole - There is no appointment! If there was it would be in the calendar ... unless he didn't want me to know about it. She grabs her purse. Brady - Where are you going? Nicole - Anywhere but here because I am so tired of pretending to be chipper and happy about you and the future Mrs. Black. Just for the record, I think Eric is just as nuts for agreeing to this nutty idea! Someday both of you are going to regret it. She leaves.

EJ - I didn't bring up Stefano, you did. Kristen - You didn't have to. You've been in this family long enough, you can see the signs. Sami's free, almost your entire family is under one roof and here you are withdrawn and drinking very early in the day. That tells me that I think Stefano's back in the picture; maybe he's possibly got you back under his thumb. EJ - Not almost. You said almost the entire family is back. Chad is moving back in so it's the entire family without any need for a bloody qualifier. Kristen - Okay, so I guess we're not talking about Stefano. Chad moving back in is great news. I'll have to give him a call. I know what it's like to take a risk and then have to pay the price when you fail. EJ - I'm fine. Kristen - I feel bad for you. It's horrible when you've worked so hard for something only to have it end up ruined. It's almost enough to make you vow to let it never happen again.

Segment 4: Chad hands Abby an envelope. This was supposed to be inside the book. Abby flips through the pages. These are early reviews of my dad's book. Chad - Let me kill the suspense. I wouldn't have given them to you if they weren't all good reviews. I think the New York Times really liked it. Abby - You what's really sweet. They all talk about how my dad was able to find something funny in the middle of all that horror. Chad - He said it was you and your family that got him through. Abby - He did? Chad - I read it. I thought I'd read only a couple of pages but I ended up reading the whole thing. It was amazing. Abby - I don't even know how to say thank you. Chad - You already did. Abby - Let me do it properly. She kisses him.

Gabi tells Will she wants to talk to him calmly. It's not what you think. Will - I honestly don't know what to think. He opens the door. You know what, I do. Because of you I walked in on my worse nightmare crawling his way back into my daughter's life. That's on you. So if you think that I'm pissed off it's because I am. He leaves.

Nicole is at the club where a man says - What a surprise to find you in a bar! Nicole hugs him - Miles, hi! Miles - How are things going? Have a seat. Oh my gosh, I thought since you weren't at Titan anymore that you would have moved on to a bigger market by now. Nicole - Well, I changed my career. I decided from being a TV correspondent to working in a church for next to no money - that's great. But I do get all the Holy cards I want for free. Miles - Sounds like a shrewd career move to me. Nicole - I haven't seen your show in a while 'cause there's this terror of a nun who thinks Moses came down from the mountain to give her the remote control. I've been watching a lot of Mother Angelica reruns. Miles - Wait a second! You live in a convent! Nicole - It's a really long story. But seriously how's your show doing. Miles - Honestly, it's been better. I lost my star reporter to the competition. So now I'm looking for someone with sparkling class to replace her. And look at this, here I am sitting across the table from someone with sparkling class. Nicole - That's really sweet but I haven't sparkled in a really long time. Miles - It's like riding a bike. He hands her his card. Take this. Think about it and ask yourself this question - Is what you're doing right now really, REALLY what you want to be doing?

Eric is back at the rectory. He asks Brady if he's seen Nicole because he really wanted to talk to her before they got started. Brady - She just left a couple of mins. ago. Are you alright? You seem a little preoccupied with something. Eric says it's been a strange day, that's all. Brady - Well you're about to have a Precana session with Kristen and me so you're day is about to get even more strange. Eric - You do know this isn't a test or a pop quiz. It's about making sure you two are right for each other before taking a sacred vow. Kristen walks in. So why don't we get down to work and do just that.

Segment 5: Chad and Abby are in bed basking in the afterglow talking about how good it was. When Abby's phone buzzes he tells her to ignore it. Abby can't. Her mom doesn't have an assistant anymore and she promised to help. She doesn't need me just to file stuff. She needs to know that she has someone there she can count on no matter what. She's spread so thin right now. Chad - You really are something. No wonder your Dad said all those great things about you. Abby - He did! Chad - Yes and he was so right. They kiss.

Gabi - I can not believe that you just did that. Nick - I'm sorry. Gabi - It sounded like you were bragging in a locker room. I was standing here and it felt ... Nick - I'm sorry. He makes me so mad. He's so smug. Gabi - He's angry and he has reason to be angry. Instead of trying to fix things you're making it a turf war. Nick - No! Gabi - Yes you are. Nick - You know the way that I feel about you. Gabi - Why don't you go. I have to go visit Rafe. Nick - Can we talk about this? Gabi - No, Will's right. I need to think about this. Nick - And you're going to listen to him. Gabi - Am I going to listen to you. Nick, it's me, not Will. Maybe this is wrong. Have you thought about it? Not one person in this whole town wants to see us together. Maybe this thing is a big mistake. Nick - I'm really sorry for the way that I behaved and I want you to take time, I do. But please give me a chance to prove you that this is not a mistake. Give me a chance to prove to you that I've changed, please. I'll call you. He leaves. Gabi - You have changed Nick but so have I. I have to move on with my life and deep down I know that doesn't include you.

Sonny asks Will what took him so long. Will - I've been talking to Nick and Gabi. Have you been lying to me?

Nicole looks at his business card. Miles Malloy Titan TV Producer. EJ walks up behind her and asks if she's considering a new career. What would the good Father say if he were to lose his girl Friday.

The Precana session is underway. Eric asks Kristen why she loves Brady. Kristen - There's more than one reason why you love somebody. Eric - Do you not want to answer the question. Kristen - It's not like I can't answer the question. Just wondering what's the most important thing. I want it to be in the right order. Like is the most important thing the way he leans in when he's listening and makes you feel like you're the most important person in the whole world. Or is it the way that he always stands up for Nicole even though your life would be a lot easier if you would just do what I say and ignore her but he won't because she's his friend and that matters. Or is it the way he wants me to go to this cockamamie counselling. I'm sorry. Just because our marriage working is that important to him. Maybe it's the funny faces he makes in the mirror in the morning when he's shaving. I really love that I'm noticing all these things because you taught me how to love again. This will probably come as a big shock to the both of you but I tend to be a little egocentric and self-absorbed. Eric and Brady both say No at the same time. Kristen - Very funny. I just think about you ... not so much about me. When I came back to Salem I was hell bent on revenge and I realised when I was heading over the edge of the cliff with my pedal to the metal that was I Thelma and Louise all rolled into one. Now I just want to be me and in love with you.

Segment 6: Gabi is leaving the apt. when she gets a text. She looks at and smiles.

Abby gets off the elevator and sees Cam. She says hi. When she is going to pass he stops her. You and I both know we're going to run into each other so we might as well talk about what happened. Abby assumes he knows that she and Chad are together. He knows and it's cool. Abby agrees. We are very together and he's really sweet to me. Cam - That's great. Chad's a good guy. Abby agrees. I'm really lucky. Cam - Not as lucky as he is. He talks about them all remaining friends. I genuinely hope that's still the case. Abby doesn't see why not. They part ways.

EJ - That chap that just walked out, Miles, right, he's a television producer. Is he trying to get you back in front of the camera. Nicole - He is, me and my IT factor. EJ - I could be wrong but I would imagine it would be rather more difficult for a television commentator to spend half their time in a bar then somebody in your ... I'm sorry, what is it that you do again? Nicole - I'm an intern in the fallen woman program. EJ - The standard bearer for fallen women all over the world. I imagine this television job would be infinitely more glamorous and the pay would be better. I can't think of any reason why you would turn it down unless of course they wouldn't let Fr. Eric be your co-host. The waiter sets a cup in front of Nicole. EJ - Irish? Nicole - Just coffee. EJ - Nicky, this working in a convent seems to have a rather profound and deleterious affect on your character. Watch out, celibacy is loonie. Nicole - Celibacy never says we're out of milk. EJ - Look at what you've done to yourself so you can have this silly job with Fr. what's his name. You've stopped being yourself. Nicole - What is with all these observations about me being me, me not being me. I would think for a guy who's fiancée beat a murder rap you'd have better things to do then bar hop and get all up in my grill. But you know what, I'm glad you did.

Brady says that when he met Kristen he was an absolute mess. Losing Madison for him was too much pain, too much loss. He couldn't deal with it so he decided to become a zombie - just shut the world out. This lady here woke me up. You don't know that you're not living until you start to live again. The reason I know it's love is because it's love that got us past everything that happened with us. Eric - How do you feel about those things that happened? Is that something that's been forgotten, forgiven?

Segment 7: Chad looks at the information on types of treatment. Just how long do I have to keep this up.

Will lets Sonny know that Nick told him what's been going on and that Sonny knew about it. Sonny admits he did. I was trying to protect you ... Will - I don't want any excuses from you. The bottom line is you should have told me about it and you didn't. Sonny is angry - You know everything that I've put up with from you.

Nick is sitting on the bench in front of the pub thumbing through pictures of Gabi on his Tablet. Gabi's right. The problem is this judgemental town. We need to go somewhere else to be together and I'm going to make that happen.

Gabi gets off the elevator and sees Cam. Hi Cameron. I got your text for the Oktoberfest at the club. I would love to go. Abby hears this. Cam - Great, it's a date.

EJ - Thank you darling. It sounds like you're having some sort of epiphany at my expense. Nicole - Well, you remind me of all the mistakes I've made and how colossal they were and how they always had something to do with a man. So maybe it's time I learned from my mistakes and I learn to never, ever again make myself miserable with someone of the male persuasion the way I did with you. EJ gets a call he has to take. Nicole looks at the business card and smiles.

Brady - I don't know how to answer that. Kristen - Then don't. Brady - No, I need to. Eric needs to know the truth so total honesty. It still hurts me to know how you preyed upon me ... Eric recalls asking the woman with the short dark hair in the hotel lobby - Do I know you? Cue f/b of rape. Brady is still talking. Even with all the love in the world how do you trust someone after that? How do you move on with someone knowing that they wanted to harm you. Eric stares at Kristen and stands up. Brady - Are you alright? Eric continues to stare at Kristen.


Monday Sep 30

Segment 1: Will starts poking Sonny in the chest - All I'm saying is you should have told me ... Sonny snaps - How about you coming here and bitching at me after everything I put up with from you. Will is affronted. Excuse me! What have you been putting up with from me! Sonny - I hope you don't have anywhere to be soon because this is going to take some time. Will - It's nice to know you're making a list of everything's that's wrong with me. I'm sure that took years. Sonny - No, Will. You are frickin' perfect and every time you lie ... Will - I'm not saying that I'm perfect. I'm saying that this is about ... EJ walks up. I thought you two were a little more mature than this; clearly I was wrong.

Kate comes into the waiting room. Gabi is there. Kate asks if she's waiting to see Rafe. Gabi - Yeah but he's with his physical therapist. Kate sighs - When isn't he! Gabi - You came to see him too? Kate - No, I have a board meeting. Your brother has made it pretty clear he doesn't want me hovering. Gabi - Have you made it clear how you feel about him?

Jordan wheels Rafe back into his room telling him an orderly will be here soon to put him back into bed. You did good with the leg lifts today. I think we'll try putting 10 lb weights on your ankles tomorrow. I'll go see what's keeping the orderly. She stops in the doorway. Okay, enough with the silent treatment. What's bugging you?

Nicole gets up to leave and sees Dan sitting at the bar at the club. Oh oh. Don't tell me JJ and Jennifer are driving you to drink during the day. Dan - No, just coffee. Nicole - What's going on? Dan - Ask Jennifer. I'm staying out of it. Nicole - Probably a good move. I'm glad I ran into you. There's something else I'd like to talk to you about. Dan - What's up? Nicole - It's Eric. Can you just tell me how he's doing?

Eric tells Brady he's fine. It's just that I remembered something I forgot to do; I won't be long. He leaves. Brady looks at Kristen. Are you buying that? He didn't look fine at all.

Dan wonders why she's asking him ... just ask Eric. Nicole - I can't. Dan - Did he tell you he can't talk about it. Nicole - No. The Nicole Dan knows wouldn't stop until she got him to open up. Nicole - Right. And that same Nicole knows when to cut her losses.

Outside the rectory Eric is leaning against the wall. I was so close ... Brady is going to go and find Eric. Kristen stops him. Eric will be just fine. I need to know what you were getting at before he left because it sounded to me like you were saying all the efforts we made to work things out was just nothing. Is that what you were saying? Eric returns. Brady - Are you okay? Eric - I'm fine. Brady - You're still really pale. Eric - Like I said just needed a moment alone. Brady - Did it get too intense for you or what? Eric - No. I apologise for appropriately leaving like that and walking in without knocking. Brady - Forget about that. It's not a big deal. But seriously, what just happened there? Eric - I'm not sure. It was a ... Kristen - Why are you looking at me like that? Eric - I didn't realise. I was just ... something struck me.

Segment 2: EJ - Now if you two want to fight then go ahead and do it but you don't do it in front of her. Sonny - We were arguing for about 2 mins. I think she's going to be just fine. Will is speaking at the same time. EJ - What's wrong with the 2 of you? You guys usually put on such a united front. Will - Nick is sleeping with Gabi and genius here did not tell me. EJ - You kept that from William. Why would you do something like that after the way Nick behaved? Sonny - Yeah, that's me. I lie about important stuff just for the hell of it. Will - Then why did you do it then? Sonny - Because she said that if I told you about her and Nick she was going to move out and take the baby. Will - No. Sonny - Now since you 2 seem to know everything what would you do in that situation?

Kate - Gabi, you know that I care about you but I am not in the habit of being lectured about my emotions by twenty-some-things. Gabi - You said you and Rafe broke up right before that guy put him in the hospital, right? Kate - Yes, that's true. Why are we having this conversation? Gabi - Because he's been here for weeks and you keep checking up on him and I know it's because you still care. Kate - Of course I care. He was almost beaten to death. He still can't walk. Gabi - I think it's more than that and if you think it's weird to hear about this from someone like me, think how scary it is for someone like me to say it to someone like you. Kate - Okay, then why are you doing it? Gabi - Because my brother is the greatest guy on earth but he's still a guy. Kate - Believe me, I've noticed. Gabi - Look, he can explain an infield fly rule so that a 2 yr. old can understand it but when it comes to talking about his feelings he's pretty clueless. Kate - I've never thought of it as him being clueless. I thought of it as him not wanting to talk things to death and I really like that in a man. Gabi - Okay. Maybe that's why you 2 were so happy when you were together. Kate - If we looked happy it's because we were happy. Gabi - Okay, is Rafe happy with the way things are now? Kate - I don't know. Gabi - That's my point. She leaves.

Rafe - I'm beat. You worked my ass off today. Nothing's bugging me. Jordan - Well you worked hard and made good progress. I guess I thought that you'd be happier. Rafe - Happier? Listen, I used to bench press 250 lbs. You expect me to be happy because I'm lifting my leg 6 ins. off the floor. Jordan - That's a huge achievement. Rafe - You realise that's the first truly encouraging thing you may have said to me. Jordan - I'm a physical therapist not a cheerleader. And this shouldn't be about me. It's supposed to be about you wanting to be the man you used to be. Rafe - Well okay. I guess that's the mistake I've made because I thought you were supposed to be some sort of coach. And all the coaches I had, the good ones anyway, they always let me know what they were thinking. I don't know what you're thinking, not at all. Jordan - I'm thinking that you're doing an amazing job and that I'm really happy about that. Rafe - Really happy; that is what you said. Jordan - Trust me. She leaves. Rafe - Well how about that. First a little joke and then an admission of feelings. Maybe she's not a robot after all.

Dan - Let me get this straight. You want to know how Eric is doing but you refuse to ask him yourself. Nicole - It's not that I refuse. Can we not do this little dance. Can't you tell me what I want to know? Forget it. That's what I get for caring about someone. Dan - Ahh, you care. Just not enough to go talk to the guy which I really don't get. Nicole - Even if I explained it to you, I still don't think you'd get it. Dan - Maybe I do.

Kristen - Could you please be more specific. Exactly what were you struck by. Eric - It was by what you (Brady) were saying. Kristen - Yeah I was struck by that too but I think in an entirely different way. Brady - Why are you upset? Kristen - Shouldn't I be? Obviously we've upset Fr. Eric. He's uncomfortable. I find this whole situation to be very fraught and very difficult. It's overwhelming. I'm overwhelmed. I'm sorry we wasted your time. Brady - Come on, sit down. It's important! Sit down please. She does - What. Brady - I know this is difficult; it's difficult for everybody. But it's also important for us and our future. So yes we are going to waste more of Eric's time because I'm not done.

Segment 3: Brady - I was asking how you get past someone saying I love you to your face and then planning to stab you in the back. I can answer that question. I really thought about it and why would you have cared about me in the beginning? Why wouldn't you use me as a pawn in your little revenge game because I had an agenda too. It was a hateful one. I wanted her gone; out of everyone's life. Then I got to know her. She made me laugh and she made me feel alive again. I forgot about my agenda because I fell in love, just like you did with me. I think it happened to ne sooner then it did for you but the process was the same. I was so screwed up at the time that I didn't think that her falling in love with me could be more important than getting even. She begged me for understanding. She opened her heart to me. She tried to tell me how she felt and I wasn't about to listen. I just shut you out. What I'm trying to say is that you deserve much better.

Will - Alright, I'm a jackass. Sonny - Yes you are. Will - I should have known that you wouldn't keep anything from me without a good reason. Sorry. Can she do that btw. Can she take her and just leave? EJ - There's not a law that says she has to live with the father of her child. Will - This is what I've been saying. Nick is doing it again. He's controlling her. Sonny - I figured out what she was doing and I called her on it. She probably just said the first thing that came to her mind. Will - Did she take it back? No, she didn't so ... Sonny - What did she say when you walked in on her. Will - She didn't say anything because I almost killed him. Sonny - So she didn't say anything ... Will - Not to me but she said it to you. Sonny - She said it to me because she wanted me to stay quiet and not tell you. I'm sure she didn't mean it. EJ - That seems to be a pretty generous interpretation of her motives. Will - I think too generous. Sonny - I'm trying to see it from her point of view. Will - Why? Sonny - Because she is a new mom and she's trying to finish school and the brother she cares about is laid up in the hospital. And the two people who should be there for her, us, are too busy doing other things and we're not pitching in. EJ - She's feeling isolated, Sonny? Sonny - I think she's feeling lonely, is what I think. And I think she was thinking and remembering the last time she cared about someone and boom, Nick's on her doorstep and that's who she turned to. Will - The only thing wrong with that Sonny is that the person she's turning to is a nut job.

Kate tells Rafe she's only stay a few minutes because she has a board meeting. I thought we could talk. Rafe - You don't ever need an excuse to come see me, you know. Kate knows. You are in a good mood. Did the therapy go well? Rafe - Well I guess. I'm not taking things for granted like I used to like being able to lift my legs. Now that I can do that again it's a real high. Kate - Well that's wonderful. Rafe - Jordan says it's the first step to me actually walking again. Kate - So she's encouraging. Rafe - She actually said she was happy for me if you can believe that. Kate - Because she's been so business like. Rafe - Yesh. She's starting to change. I actually think I'm starting to get through to the woman.

Nicole - And just what do you think you get. Dan - You want to know if Eric is alright because you are ready to move on. Nicole - Can't put anything past you. Dan - It seems like it's been a really good healing time for you working with Eric. Nicole - I guess you could say that. Dan - But also a retreat from the real world. Nicole - The real world didn't exactly seem like a friendly place. Dan - This can't be easy for you. Eric's been a really good mentor to you. Nicole - You have no idea. She hands him Miles business card. It's a business card from a TV producer. He said I could have my job back whenever I wanted. I just didn't think anyone in the TV world would give me a second chance and ... what? Dan - I'm happy for you. Nicole - Don't play me. Seriously, do you think I'm deserting Eric in his hour of need? Dan - No but I'm a little worried about you.

Brady - So how do you get over the feeling of being betrayed? You have to ask yourself if the misery of the past is more important than the happiness of the present. In my humble opinion you need to let things go because that's a lot easier than trying to live life without the person you love. I will do anything, whatever it takes, to not lose this woman. I love you that much. You are my love, my soul-mate and I thank God for you everyday. And that's all I got. How did I do? Kristen is in tears. You really meant all of that? Brady - Every word.

Segment 4: EJ - If Nick causes you anymore problems you know where to find me. Will - Thanks. EJ - William do yourself a favour. Listen to Sonny. Talking to Gabi is definitely the right way to go forward. Will thinks so too. EJ - Good because I want nothing but fun and harmony at my wedding. Will - What, you're going through with it? EJ - We were planning it when your mother was arrested. She's been released now so of course we are. Will - Have you set a date? EJ - No, but I'm taking Samantha and the children away with me to Chicago this evening so maybe we'll have a family meeting and come up with something. Sonny - You're going to take the kids? After the long trial I thought you and Sami would like some alone time. EJ - The trip's a surprise; a much needed escape for all of us. Take care, no more fighting. He leaves. Will and Sonny say I'm sorry, hug and both say I love you.

Kristen hugs Brady and apologises for the way she acted before. Brady just wanted to get everything out on the table. Kristen doesn't have anymore doubts. Eric thinks this is a good place to wind up the meeting. Kristen has to run. I've got a really important meeting. I can't miss it. She leaves.

Dan remembers when she first started working for Fr. Eric and thinking - What! Seriously! Nicole - Why? Dan - I don't have to remind you of what kind of shape you were in at that point. I just wasn't sure that being an assistant to a parish priest was going to fill the void. Nicole - I felt safe there. Dan - And look at you now. Television moguls throwing themselves at your feet. Nicole - Not quite. Dan - I think this working for Eric has been kind of a blessing but I would hate to see you stop feeling safe. Nicole - You sound like Eric when you say things like that. Dan - Well you have been a huge help to Fr. Eric but you seem to have gotten something else in return. Nicole chuckles. Right, minimum wage. Dan - That's not what I mean. This experience has made a huge difference in your life. Look at you, you've got the hair and the dress ... come on. Nicole - What? You don't think I'm going to backslide without him, without the job. Dan - No. I'm just asking you to think about what you really want. Dan gets paged. If you ever want to talk some more just call me. He leaves. Nicole looks at the business card. Think about what I really want. Are you kidding! That's the whole problem.

Segment 5: Will and Sonny are on the park bench cuddling and talking about fighting. Will would really like to see that list ... Sonny - Maybe the next time we fight. Will hopes there isn't a next time. Sonny - Every couple fights. Will - Not every couple ... my parents. They both laugh. They see that Ari is sleeping. The Zoo will have to wait. Will - What should I do about Gabi? Sonny - I think you should text her and tell her to meet us at home and we'll figure it out together.

Gabi walks up to Jordan. Hi, I'm Gabi, Rafe's sister. Jordan knows. Gabi - I was just talking to him. He's pretty psyched about working with you. Jordan - I'm sure he's glad to be making progress and moving again. Gabi - You didn't know him before. He never stopped. Jordan - Be supportive. It really helps. Gabi - So do you only work with my brother? Jordan - What do you mean? Gabi - I never see you around. Jordan - I'm new in town. I don't really know anybody. I've got to go. I forgot to book my physical therapy room for my patients tomorrow. She leaves. Gabi - What's with her? She gets a text. Can we meet at the apt. to talk? Oh God, what now.

Kate - So you and Jordan are becoming friends. Rafe - No not friends. Physical Therapy is really a drag unless you feel like you're getting somewhere and the only person who can tell me I'm getting somewhere is Jordan. I think I made her see that. Kate - That's good. Maybe she won't be so cold and impersonal anymore. Rafe - I said she started to loosen up. Kate - I think that's lovely. Rafe - I'm sorry. I'm going on and on about me. What's up? You said you wanted to talk. Kate - No, it wasn't really important anyway. I have to get to the board meeting. Keep up the good work. I really am happy for you.

Eric - I was very moved and impressed by the things you said and the way Kristen reacted. Brady - Does that mean you're going to bless our union. Eric - I think I better ask God for his help and see what's best for the brother I love. Brady - Which means you're not. Eric - I can't, not yet. Brady - Why? Eric - Kristen.

Dan sees Kristen in the waiting room and asks what she's doing here. Kristen - After the last time we saw each other I made that appt. with Dr. Dunstall. I'm going to have my initial evaluation. Dan - So you're going ahead with the fertility treatments. Kristen - Depends if he thinks it might work. Dan - Congratulations, that's great. Kristen - Not yet. I still have a lot of strikes against me but given how Brady and I feel about each other, it's worth a shot.

Gabi returns to the apt. and asks 'Where's Arianna?' Will fed her and put her down for a nap. Gabi - You wanted to talk. I didn't know you were going to bring back-up. Will - I don't want to get into another fight. I just want to talk. Gabi - About Nick. Will - About all of us. I want to go first and say I'm sorry for acting the way I did; for blowing up but I think you understand why I did. Gabi - Yeah, I get that. Maybe that's why I was so anxious about you finding out. I didn't want you to go crazy and I probably didn't want to hear anything that you had to say. And I wasn't ready to answer your questions because I probably wasn't ready to even answer mine. Sonny - Are you ready to do that now?

Segment 6: Gabi - Somehow after our annulment Nick and I stayed friends. That never would have happened if I really believed he was bigoted against the two of you. And he knows what he did to the two of you was wrong but we also know what made him do it. Will - Yeah we do but I'm sure that you can see that it does not make me want to trust him with my daughter. He's still messed up. Sonny - He's right. And Nick also hurt you. That's why we're concerned. Gabi - I know but I don't know, maybe it's hormones. Maybe I'm not sleeping enough. I just felt very sad and lonely. And I felt like all I am now is Arianne's mom; like I'm not me anymore. And Nick was there and he was friendly and sweet and it just happened. But I thought about it and it's not something that I want for myself. I just have to figure out a way to tell Nick it's not going to happen for us. It's not because the two of you talked me into it. I needed to step back and think about it. I needed to figure out what to do for myself. Will - I'm sorry. I wish that you had told me that. Gabi - It's not something easy to say. I guess that you heard I was threatening to take Arianna and move someplace else and I'm very, very sorry about that. You have to believe me. I would have never done it. You really have to believe me. Will - I do. He goes to attend to a crying Ari. Gabi - You two are always so together; on the same page about everything. I wonder what that's like. Sonny - It's a lot different than you think.

Eric - Kristen was able to convince you that she was deeply in love with you when she was planning to destroy you. I think she'd be able to do it now that she says her feelings are for real. Brady - I'm already convinced. I'm starting to believe that there's nothing Kristen could do to convince you of that. I don't want to argue with you. I've got to go. I have a meeting at the hospital. What really made you leave earlier? Eric - I thought you had a meeting to get to. Brady - You're still trying to piece together what happened to you that night at the hotel, aren't you? Eric - Yeah. Brady - Did you talk to Nicole? Eric - I tried. Brady - Try again. She was there. Just talk to her. Don't worry about it. You're going to be fine. The answers are out there somewhere.

Kristen is excited. She's already made her next appt. with Dunstall. If you had told me a couple of months ago that I'd be doing this I would have said your nuts. Dan - I am nuts but don't stop, don't question it ... Kristen isn't - not anymore. Thank you for your support. Dan will keep his fingers crossed. He sees she left the doctor's card out and calls out her name but she's gone.

EJ comes into Rafe's room and sees that he's sleeping so he slams the door shut to wake him up. EJ - Did I wake you up? Sorry.

Segment 7: Sonny - Hey, I'm having this Oktoberfest over at the club. It would be great if you could make it. Gabi - Yeah, I'm going. Cameron just asked me. Sonny - That's great. Gabi - You didn't have anything to do with that, did you? Sonny - What? Gabi - No, don't do that. Sonny - I'm not doing anything. Gabi - Yes you are. Cameron's your friend and until now he didn't even know I existed except as a patient and Rafe's little sister. Now all of a sudden we have a date. Sonny - Okay, fine I did talk to him. Gabi - Sonny! Sonny - I kept it casual. Gabi - I bet. I can hear you now. She's such a charity case. That poor girl's so desperate. Sonny - I don't know exactly what I said but I did say that you were a very nice girl who deserved a very nice guy. Gabi smiles. Did you really say that? Sonny did. Gabi - That's the sweetest thing you've ever said to me. I'm going to have to figure out this weird relationship that you and I have. Sonny - Yeah, me too. Gabi - But not now. Sonny agrees.

Rafe - What the hell do you want now? EJ - From you nothing. I just came to tell you how happy the children and I are to have Samantha back with us; one big happy family. Rafe - Good for you. EJ - It is good for me. It almost didn't happen though. Your testimony nearly put Samantha in prison. It wasn't very good for you, your testimony. Rather tarnished your reputation as the white knight of Salem. Tell me something what was it like for you to sit there and admit under oath that you lied for months to keep me from knowing Samantha was carrying my child. I mean you, standard bearer of truth, justice and the American way. Samantha and I could barely stand to listen to it. Must of been humiliating for you to, huh, I would imagine. Though probably not as humiliating as being stuck in this bed day after day like an impotent little child.

Nicole returns to the rectory. Eric is glad she's here. Nicole - Why? Eric - Because we haven't had a conversation about what happened that night in the hotel. Nicole - I can't do that right now. Eric - Why, what's wrong? Nicole - It's just that I have something to do. Eric - What do you have to do? Nicole - I have to leave.

Brady walks up to the nurse's station just as Daniel is leaving Kristen a message to call him. Brady - You calling Kristen buddy. Dan - Yeah. I just wanted to let her know something; it's no big deal. Brady - Tell me. I'm going to see her shortly. Dan - I would but the truth of the matter is it's really none of your business. Brady - Have you got a secret or something? Dan - A while back you reminded me of the difference between secrecy and privacy. I'm asking you to respect hers.

Kristen is in the park smiling at her flashdrive when the woman who edited her sex 'tape' comes along. What do you want? Kristen holds up the drive. Do you recognise your handiwork? Woman - Takes a genius editor to put that much sex on just a little piece of plastic. Kristen - I don't need it anymore so I want you to destroy it permanently. Once this little sex tape is wiped clean it will be gone forever. The woman takes the drive. I would love to help out. Problem is this isn't the right flashdrive. Kristen - What are you talking about? The woman repeats what she said in slo mo. Kristen grabs it - You're joking, right. Woman - I'm dead serious. Kristen - OMG no! This can't be happening.

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