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Tuesday Oct 1

Segment 1: Sami comes into the mansion talking to Lucas. She'll meet him at the pub to get the kids. She reminds him about Sydney's doll. They can't go on an overnight trip without it. She reminds him not to tell the kids about the trip. She hears Stefano in the living room saying 'No, it's got to be centered.' She pushes the door to the living room open. Stefano - A little to the left. Sami - WTH are you doing here. She turns and sees someone hanging Stefano's portrait.

After EJ tries to be threatening Rafe smiles. You're still so threatened by what I had with Samantha that you can't even enjoy spending time with her; you've got to come here and get in my face. You know what, I actually pity you.

Adrienne joins Justin at a table in the club. Justin thanks her for meeting him. Adrienne - Are you kidding me! I was just so happy you called. I know you're busy even though Sami's trial is ... Marge walks up. What are you two doing here? Celebrating destroying my family.

Eric - Leave your job, me? Nicole - It's not something I planned. I got an offer and it's a good one. Eric - What kind of an offer? Nicole - I ran into an old friend, an old producer, from the days I was an on camera personality and he said they miss my energy and they want me back. Eric - That's not what I asked. Nicole - I think what would make me happy is not being here.

Vic walks into the K mansion living room where Marlena is waiting. Judging from your expression, the casual way you're handling that thing, I'm guessing we still have nothing. Marlena - To use this I've got to get close enough to Kristen to download information from her phone. She hates me more than anybody else on this planet. I tried once. I failed. I won't get a second chance. You have to accept that as clever as this thing is it will not get us what we want.

Kristen doesn't understand. This is the flashdrive that you gave me. Woman - It looks a lot like it but I'm the one who edited that video of you and that dude going at it and I'm the one who wrote it on the drive and that is a micro USB. Kristen - You must be mistaken. I've only been in possession of one flashdrive the entire time and this is the one.

Marlena - I love Brady but my kids are going through some stuff right now and I've got to be there. I can't be running around playing amateur spy. Vic - Sami's been acquitted. What's the problem. Marlena - It's Eric. He's going through something. He won't talk about it. Vic - He's a priest. He can talk directly to God about whatever it is. Marlena - Wow. You don't understand. Vic - Of course I do. You're going to bail on a situation where you can do some real good so you can sit around home waiting for your son the priest to decide to confide in his mommy. Marlena - I love the sensitive way you have at looking at painful situations. Vic - I am looking at a calendar and we are about to run out of time and there's still no way to stop this travesty of a wedding.

Kristen - Take another look, you could be wrong, right? Have you never be wrong one time in your life? Woman - I'm not wrong this time. This isn't the same drive. Kristen - I think you're just trying to be difficult. Woman - If you want, I could show you. Kristen - If the video isn't on here that means it's out there. She recalls Marlena handing her her purse after her altercation with Nicole. OMG.

Segment 2: Nicole - You gave me a job when I didn't know what to do and I will never forget that but I just think I really need to move on. Eric - Why? Nicole - Oh come on. It's not really that big of a deal. You can find another assistant; one that probably won't give you as much lip as I do. Eric - I like working with you. Every morning I look forward to seeing you. Nicole - Don't say that. Eric - Why not? Nicole - Maybe I should be honest with you. Eric - About what. Stop being so hesitant with me. Nicole - It's just that you mean the world to me and I'm so afraid that what I'm about to tell you is going to turn you against me permanently.

Kristen - I knew it. They were up to something. I knew Nicole was not drunk. Woman - What? Kristen - So she was in on this with Marlena. Woman - Who's Marlena? What are you blabbing about? Kristen - You know what I need you to do. Just stay available okay because I've got to handle something on my own and I need some time. So stay available for me, do you understand? Woman - Whatever you say. You have my number. She leaves. Kristen - So Marlena has it. Why hasn't she done anything with it? Maybe she's waiting for the right time to use it against me. Maybe she doesn't know what she has. Either way, she hasn't used it so I still have time. There's still hope.

Marlena - Why do I have to go skulking around, stealing information. Isn't that your area of expertise. I'm a psychiatrist for God's sake not an electronics wizard. Vic - That's why it has to be you. Your inexperience works in our favour. Marlena - I don't know anything about flashdrives. All I know is I wrote the book on Kristen and if she sees me anywhere near her her defences will be way up. Vic - Would it help if I said please. Marlena - You can hire a 15 yr. old computer whiz. Vic - He wouldn't be family. That's why we have to do this. We have to bring her down ourselves. Marlena - What is this 'we'? Vic - Just hold on to that drive. Look for an opportunity and I guarantee you one will present itself.

Justin - I can't tell you how sorry am I for what you had to go through. Marge - Don't you lie to me. You don't give a damn about me. You and EJ DiMera crucified my husband so that the woman who murdered him could go free. All Timmy and I had were our memories of a good man and you blew that to pieces. Adrienne - Marge, lets' go someplace quiet and talk. Marge - Why? Because you're too embarrassed to hear about all this in public. Because you should be. I thought you were a nice woman but you were part of it. Adrienne - No. Marge - Yeah. You were perfect right down to the problems in your marriage but you were working his side all along, weren't you? Adrienne - No that's not how it was Marge. Justin - She's telling the truth. Marge - Come on. You knew that video that led to Sami Brady being charged was going to come out no matter what so you cooked up a scheme where you were the one who brought it to the special prosecutor. Adrienne - No, I didn't do that. Marge - You wanted it to look like you were on my side. Justin - Mrs. Bernardi, your imagination is running wild. Adrienne is not your enemy. Marge - I had to send Timmy to be with his grandparents. I had to protect him from all these lies about his daddy. And I should be with him but I stayed here to make people listen to the truth about my Joe. Adrienne - Oh God. Justin - The truth about your Joe came out in the courtroom. Marge - Don't you dare say that to me. I got in your way, didn't I? But you and the DiMera's had a job to do and you got it done. You ruined my life. You ruined my son's life. Adrienne - Marge, please ... Marge - No. I'm not going to give up. People need to know the truth about Joe and all of you. She leaves.

Sami - We should have burned that thing. We won't make the same mistake twice. Stefano - Samantha, my advice to you is to calm down. Sami - Oh, we're sharing advice now, are we? Well my advice to you is to get some more life insurance because Cecily is going to need it. She's got too many miles under her belt to hook another sucker. Do you know what's going to happen to you when EJ finds out you're here. Stefano - Yeah. What's going to happen is that it will be like a holiday, you see. You're free and you're not being blamed for any wrong doing so you're going to spend the rest of your life with your new husband and your children. Sami - We will be celebrating but not with you. I'll be damned if I celebrate anything with the man who tried to throw me in prison for the rest of my life.

EJ - I didn't come here to harass you. I came here to do the decent thing and let you know that Samantha and I are going to be married soon. Rafe - Oh really! And I would care ... why? EJ - Rafe, you do care. Nobody really believes that one of my father's rejects has taken Samantha's place in your heart. Rafe - Is that your crappy way of referring to Kate. EJ - It is actually. Rafe - Leave her out of this. EJ - Okay. I wouldn't want my news to interfere with your recovery; all those self-help books do say that a positive mental attitude is the key even in the case of such demoralizing circumstances. Rafe - Why don't you go home to your bride-to-be. Maybe you 2 will actually make it through the wedding this time. Go on to that happy life. Of course that is if she doesn't decide to blow your head off again. EJ - You have been a thorn in my side since the day you came into this town but it's over. My only regret is that Samantha wasn't elsewhere when Bernardi came into your room. Rafe - Yeah, you would have liked that, wouldn't you, if he was able to slit my throat. EJ - Throat? That's hysterical. Do you know what Bernardi was going to do with his little razor blade. He came here to put your junk in a box so to speak. You should thank Samantha. She saved you from the ultimate humiliation. More's the pity. He turns to leave but Rafe grabs his tie.

Segment 3: Harold is in the foyer furiously texting someone. Sami - I'm going to give you 30 secs. to take that monstrosity and get out and then I am calling EJ. Stefano - Go ahead. Sami - Excuse me. Stefano - You call up your beloved. Tell him that I am here; see how surprised he really is. Sami - Are you kidding me. When EJ finds out that you are in his house he's going ... Stefano smiles. Sami - No. OMG. Stefano laughs. By George, she got it!

EJ pulls away. My goodness Rafe, you're making amazing progress unless you were faking your little performance in the courtroom for sympathy. Rafe - I keep telling myself that Sami deserves you but really no one deserves to spend the rest of their life with scum like you. EJ has an incoming text. It's probably the hospital wondering where I am. Board meeting to get to. Please don't let me stop you from your little rant. He reads his text. Rafe looks at his face - Trouble in paradise? Hope so. EJ takes off. Marge sees EJ and calls out his name but he keeps going. She goes into Rafe's room. OMG. They got to you too, didn't they?

Nicole - When you told me you were a priest I thought you are never going to make it but I was wrong. And I respect you and I look up to you and I am in awe of what you've made of yourself. Eric - Don't do this. Nicole - There's something standing between us and I can't get past it. I thought I could but I can't. Eric - Just tell me. Maybe we can try and work this out. Nicole - Not this one. It's Kristen and Brady. Eric - You're leaving because of them. Nicole - You know how much Brady means to me. Eric - And you know how much Brady means to me too. Nicole - That woman is going to ruin his life. And he had this crazy idea of getting married here and you didn't say no. You went along with it and now you're going through Precana with them like they're some kind of normal couple. You're putting your stamp of approval on their marriage. I'm sure that you have your reasons and you're just doing what you think is best but I can not sit here and type and file and watch you condone a relationship that I know is just going to end up hurting the guy I care about. So now I have to do what I think is best. Eric - Would it change your mind if I told you that I did this to find out what's really going on between them. Nicole - Sometimes you have to do what is right even if it hurts. Do you understand? Eric - Yes, I am trying to. I'm working with Brady and Kristen because my training tells me that there may be hope. Nicole - Your training is wrong. In this case it is wrong, dead wrong!

Marlena comes into her office to find Kristen there. Moonlighting as a locksmith, are you? Kristen - I think for everyone's sake we should have a little talk. Why don't you pull up a chair.

Segment 4: Marlena throws her purse down on a cabinet ... the flashdrive slides out. Kristen - You're not sitting. Marlena - I don't need to; you won't be staying that long. Kristen - That depends on you. We have a situation to deal with. Marlena - A situation? Kristen - Please don't be coy with me. It is me sitting here. Marlena - I have no idea what you want. Kristen - Okay. You know that truce that you offered me a few weeks ago. Marlena chuckles - Are you kidding? Kristen - Not at all. Sami's been cleared. She's going on with plans to marry my brother. I'm marrying Brady. We're going to be family so I thought it would be amazing if we could collaborate together on an engagement party. Marlena - You want us to plan a party together? Kristen - Yes, absolutely. Chad and Sonny converted their coffeehouse into a fantastic club. It would be a great space for it. Marlena - So that's what this is all about. Kristen - Yeah, what else would it be about? Marlena gets a call. That's alright, I'll be right down. Sorry, I've got to step out for a minute so we can do this some other time. Kristen - That's okay. You go do your thing and I'll wait right here for you. Marlena leaves. Kristen starts searching through the desk drawers.

Justin and Adrienne walk through the park. Justin - How are you holding up? Adrienne - I'm okay, I guess. Justin - You certainly didn't deserve any of that. Adrienne - I understand how she feels. If anybody would come after you the way you went after Joe Bernardi ... but that would never happen because you're a very good man Justin and Joe Bernardi did the things you said he did. Justin - She just didn't want to face that. She was looking for someone to blame. Adrienne - But I'm not blameless. I screwed up big time Justin. I should have come to you right away with that tape. I was too proud, too stubborn to admit that I'd done something wrong so I said I didn't trust you to look out for Sonny. I just ... I don't know what happened to me. Justin - You were worried about my association with EJ and Sami and you were right to worry. They misled me every chance they got. Adrienne - We're both a couple of screw-ups. Where do we go from here?

Rafe - I know what you're dealing with right now. Marge - Did you lie for them? Rafe - Who? Marge - The DiMera's in court. I saw EJ coming from your room. Was he here to pay you off? Rafe - Listen. You need to sit down because you're not thinking straight. Marge - You did, didn't you? You lied. You know I still have Joe's phone and I read every text message between you and him. Yours always sounded so nice and friendly. You had him thinking you were one of his best friends on the force. And how do you return his friendship ... by lying about him in court so your slut of an ex-wife ... Rafe - Listen. You need to stop right now. I know that you're going through an awful time. Marge - Sure you do because you helped make it that way. My life is a total wreck and it's all because of Sami Brady, the DiMera's and you. She slaps him. Rafe - Okay you need to stop. Jordan rushes in and grabs Marge. You need to stop right now. Marge - How could you do this to me. She screams at Jordan - Get your hands off me. Jordan snaps - Stop.

Sami paces. This can't be happening. Stefano - Yet perhaps it is. Sami - No. No. You are messing with me. You talked your way back into this house and now you are just trying to talk me into believing that EJ was in on it. There is no way he would make that kind of deal with you without telling me; without warning me. Stefano - Well you two had other things to talk about. Sami - You are out of our lives. You are out of this house. EJ made sure of that because that's the only way ... she stops when EJ walks in.

Segment 5: Marge - You say you were his friend. Jordan - Calm down. Marge - And then you lied. Jordan - Get yourself together. Marge - How much money did the DiMera's give you. Jordan - Alright, that's it. I'm calling security. Rafe - Don't. She's been through enough. There's no need for security, right Marge? It's over, right? You're okay now. Marge - I'm going now. Rafe - Marge, sit and pull yourself together. Marge - You shouldn't have done that to Joe. You said he was your friend. She leaves. Jordan - Are you okay? Rafe - I'm a hell of a lot better then she is.

Stefano - I'm sorry about this Elvis but I thought you had told her everything. Sami - Everything? What's everything? EJ - I was going to explain this to you tonight in Chicago after we had put the children to bed. Sami - You were taking me out of town to tell me everything. Why? Because you thought that when I found out I would kill him. EJ - I thought it might be a little easier for you to digest the news. Sami - How long have you known? Silence. How long? EJ - Since the day you were cleared. Stefano smiles.

Eric - You and I have a serious disagreement. I hear what you're saying. You're a permanent fixture here. Nicole - Great. You can just screw in a 100 watt bulb in my ear and I'll light right up. Eric - You don't understand. I'm saying this badly. Nicole, we're a team. I don't know what I'd do without you. A student knocks on the door and comes in. Sr. said to tell you the radiator is leaking. Eric - Can you tell Sr. I'm busy and I'll call maintenance. Nicole - Louise is in Sr. Annabelle's class. You know she's not going to settle for the maintenance man. She'll want you. Eric - I'll be right back. Fr. Ralph comes in and sees a dejected Nicole. What's wrong? Nicole - Everything.

Kristen keeps searching. She has to have it here someplace. The way she was acting right now she doesn't have a clue as to what's on it. If I could just get my hands on it I'll be home free. She sees Marlena's purse and the flashdrive. OMG.

Segment 6: Justin - During the trial EJ pulled every trick in the book to make the evidence go Sami's way. Justin - So why didn't you quit? Justin - Well the lawyer part of me wanted to but the husband part of me understood why he was doing it. He was trying to save the woman he loves. And if you or anyone of my boys were in that kind of trouble I probably would have broken the rules too. Not probably, I would have done whatever it took. Adrienne - So there's no guarantee that we both won't screw up. Justin - Yeah. Adrienne - Okay, so what do we do? Justin - You know the thing about where I'm staying. Adrienne - The club. Justin - Yeah, the coffee sucks and your coffee's perfect so I was thinking about moving back to Victor's house with you. Adrienne - For the coffee? Justin - Yeah and the million other things you do better then anyone else. Adrienne - You do a lot of things right too. Justin - What if we just start by concentrating on that. Adrienne - We don't know what lies ahead Justin. We could go off the rails again. Justin - Well I'm in if you are.

Fr. Matt - I'm sorry to hear this. You've been such a positive presence here. You know there's other jobs in the parish, one that doesn't involve office work. Nicole - Eric would still see me as his responsibility and he's got too much on his plate. Fr. Matt - Has he talked to you about what's troubling him. Nicole - Yeah. I did what you asked. I stayed out of it. Fr. Matt - I do think that's for the best. Nicole - Me too. Fr. Matt - Well what's in the past is behind us. What matters is the present. Nicole - Right. Fr. Matt - Well dear, we'll miss you around here. Nicole - Thank you. He leaves. Nicole cries. I'll miss being here too.

Jordan straightens out Rafe's bedding. Rafe - You don't have to do that. I'm alright. Jordan - Sorry, nervous habit. So that woman was the wife, right? The man who came in here with the razor ... Rafe - Was her husband. She was a good wife too; good mother. Didn't do anything wrong as far as I know. Her only fault was not seeing that her husband was a dirty cop and was cheating on her. Jordan - It can be really hard to see something like that about someone you love so much. Rafe - Yeah. All she knows is her husband is dead and her life's hell. If she wants to make that my fault I'm okay with it. She's got it worse than I do.

Stefano - You two have a lot to talk about. He leaves the room and closes the door behind him. Sami - So I asked you the day that I was acquitted; I asked you what you did to make that happen and you didn't mention any of this. EJ - Because I wanted you to enjoy your freedom with the children. Sami - Before you dropped the bomb. Do you know what it felt like to walk into our house and see him standing there without any sort of warning. Just ... okay just wait. Abe testified that there'd been an anonymous tip. Obviously that was because of Stefano. And they only found that razor in Bernardi's girlfriend's apt. because you had to make a deal with that bastard. EJ - That or you went to prison for the rest of your life. I didn't have a choice. Sami - So he got his house back. What else did you have to give him? EJ - Let's go and see the children. Sami - Just tell me. EJ - Everything. I gave him back everything.

Kristen gets up to get the purse when Marlena returns. Marlena - Oh dear, you still haven't found what you're looking for. I would invite you to stay but I've got a pretty full patient load plus I've got a meeting outside the office. Kristen - Don't wait too long. I think between the two of us we could throw Sami and EJ a party they're never going to forget. She leaves. Marlena - You're up to something but it is not a party.

Segment 7: Eric returns to find Nicole packing up her stuff. What are you doing? Nicole - What does it look like? Eric - Did you accept the job offer? Nicole - No. Eric - Can I ask you a favour? Nicole - Sure. Eric - Sleep on it. Just take 24 hrs. Whatever you do I'll go along with what you decide. Nicole - Okay, but I would like the rest of the day off. Eric - I had a thought. Are you leaving so you don't have to listen to me ask you what happened that night at the capitol. Nicole - No. Eric - Because every time that I bring it up you always come up with an excuse about how you can't talk about it. And now you're talking about leaving permanently. Nicole - I don't talk about what happened the night at the capitol because I don't know anything. I just don't! She leaves. Eric mutters - Then why is it that you're so upset.

Marlena joins Vic at the Brady Pub. Vic - What happened? Marlena - Remember telling me that an opportunity would present itself. I walked into my office and Kristen was sitting behind my desk. Vic - Going through it no doubt. Marlena - No doubt! Vic - What did she say she wanted? Marlena - She wanted us to plan an engagement party for Sami and EJ. Vic - You bring the champagne punch and she'll bring the strychnine. Do you think she's on to you? Marlena - I don't know. I told you how clumsy Nicole was when she was trying to cover my tracks while I went through Kristen's purse. I think we'll just have to be very careful from now on.

The woman shows up in the park. Kristen pounces - WTH took you so long. Woman - Do you have the drive, the right one? Kristen - I saw who has it and they could ruin everything for me. Woman - What are you going to do? Kristen - Whatever it takes. Woman - Within limits, right? It's not you're going to like kill anybody ... right? Silence.

Jordan - Well I had you scheduled for an afternoon session but you were pretty beat up by this morning's workout and after what just happened ... Rafe - I can do it. I don't know if you know this but I want to get the hell out of here and back on my own two feet again okay. I need to be a 100% so whatever you have to do ...

Sami - I can't believe you had to give him back everything. EJ - I would do it again in a heartbeat. Sami - I'm sorry. EJ - Don't be. Sami - It happened because of me. EJ - No it didn't. You were the person who happened to take Bernardi out but he was there on my Father's orders. There's something you should know. The razor blade disappeared on my Father's orders. Sami - He was willing to send me to prison for the rest of my life just to get you to do what he wants. Well screw him! Who needs this place anyway, right? Let Stefano live here in this mausoleum with his whore. You and me and the kids ... as long as we stick together everything will be fine. So you know what, the first order of business is going to be to get as far away from your father as we absolutely can. I never wanted to live here anyway. EJ - Where are you going? Sami - To pack. We're packing for more then just an overnight in Chicago. Come on. EJ - I'm sorry. I can't let you do that.


Wednesday Oct 2

Segment 1: It's Oktoberfest at the club. Gabi is talking to Sonny. She's happy to be having a night out. Sonny thinks she and her date will have a blast. Cameron has arrived.

Abby is reading her dad's book and crying. Chad knocks. She opens the door and goes into his arms.

JJ and Bev are in the park. JJ insists that Daniel doesn't have the guts to tell his mom that he crashed at his place. Bev points out that it doesn't take guts to tell the truth and since JJ totally punked Dan in front of Jen she's not so sure Dan won't tell.

Dan is at his apt making a call to get his locks changed.

Kayla sees Jen near the nurse's station and asks if she's heard from JJ. No but she heard he's holding court at the park. She guesses that's his new home. Anne and Theresa walk up laughing. Kayla reminds Theresa she has a plane to catch. Theresa isn't going anywhere.

Lucas and the 3 kids are at the pub. Caroline is there to. The kids are excited about going to Chicago with Mommy and Daddy.

EJ tells Sami they can't move out of the mansion. Sami finally realises this was part of the deal. Don't say this was for me. EJ tells her that this was the price for her not going to prison for the rest of her life. Sami says he can't expect her to live under the same roof as the man who was willing to send her to prison knowing she was innocent. She thinks that EJ can't possibly live here either. EJ states clearly that he can and he will because he gave Stefano his word.

JJ thinks if Dan was going to tell he'd have done so already. Bev asks where he's planning on spending the night.

Theresa informs Kayla and Jen that Anne got her a new job at the hospital. Kayla didn't approve a new job for Theresa. Anne knows how committed she is to helping Theresa turn things around. The court order clearly states she must be employed at University Hospital so I found a spot for her. Theresa says this job will be a better fit for her. Kayla asks where she'll be working. Hospital security. Jen starts laughing. Anne - We got an order to re-issue everyone's ID credentials and she thinks Theresa is perfect the job. Theresa tells Kayla she won't blow it this time. She just needed to be working with the right person.

Segment 2: Sonny's matchmaking is so blatant it's adorable. Cam and Gabi are actually cute together. They talk about the Chicken Dance. Cam says it doesn't matter that he can dance. Nothing prepares you for that dance - it's pretty scary.

Abby talks about how it felt to read the book. Abby thanks him again. Chad tells Abby he's moving into the mansion today. EJ sent someone over to pack. He thinks she hates that he's moving there. Abby - It's your family. Sometimes that's all that matters.

Kayla says that Theresa has to meet the same standards as any other employee here. She tells Theresa this is her last chance; no more excuses. Theresa gets it. She won't let her down. Kayla tells her to stay away from Jen; she has a lot on her plate. Kayla leaves. Theresa and Anne mention Jen and then Theresa says she's going to get started on that 'special' project.

Theresa lets herself into Jen's office. Jen tells her to leave. Theresa sneers. We have unfinished business.

EJ says it's easier to keep her safe if they're living here where he can keep an eye on things. Sami argues. He repeats that he gave his word. It means that I gave my word as a DiMera ... end of! Sami scoffs. He was willing to give up his last name and run away with the kids. EJ snaps - I would have done just about anything to set you free. I grovelled for you. Sami is sorry. EJ - Sorry does not touch it my dear. I got down on my hands and knees for you and I begged him to take it all back and I offered him anything in return for you ... I kissed that guy's ring ... for you! Sami - Are you serious! You're like the Borgia's now. I'm not putting up with this mobster ... I'm going to talk to Stefano right now. EJ - You will do no such thing! Sami - Are you giving me an order? Stefano's not back 24 hrs and you're ... EJ - Take a breath before you lash out. Sami can't. There is no air in this place. What will this do to you. What will this do to our children. EJ - Do not make me sell this to you because I have done enough begging to last a life time. Sami knows. But you're asking me to trade one life sentence for another and I can't and I certainly can't for some stupid, Gothic oath ceremony. EJ - Do you really think that little of me. He yells, she yells. She can't think. All she can hear is that his word means more to him than she and the children do. EJ - Are you just deliberately refusing to listen to me. Sami's heard every word but the only reason they're staying here is because of him. So you're going to trade it all, me, the kids, our life, our family, for that ... or I'll be out of here.

Segment 3: EJ yells that he gave his word. Sami - You are choosing the DiMera's, I choose my family, our family. Come with me. EJ can't. Sami - You can't live in this house without me. EJ doesn't want to. Sami can see he's not going to budge. EJ - Because I gave my word. Sami - Don't say that to me again. I'll send someone for my things.

Abby and Chad talk about family. Wherever Chad is that's where Abby will be.

Dan is playing with Parker and Parker keeps asking for Jennifer.

Theresa tries to scare Jen. Jen doesn't take the bait. She tells Theresa to stay away from her and her son. Goodbye.

JJ asks to crash at Bev's house. Bev can't. Kayla walks up. Bev leaves. JJ tells his Aunt Kayla it's good to see her. I've been worried about Mom. Kayla - She's worried about you too. JJ - We made a mess of things. Kayla - We? JJ - Mostly me. I really want to fix it. Maybe you can help.

Segment 4: Anne hands Theresa a clipboard and tells her what to do with the form. Theresa thought it was supposed to be complicated. Anne - Window dressing. You have only one job to do and that's to make Jennifer miserable on a daily basis. All Theresa needed was a clear goal. When I get under her skin she'll start messing up. She's so overprotective of her kids. Anne agrees, the kids and Dr Dan. Get to work.

Dan talks to Parker about Jennifer's son and how her little boy needs her a lot. Just because we don't see her it doesn't mean we can't love her or miss her.

Jen looks at a drawing from Parker. Cue f/b.

JJ - This thing between me and Mom; I just think we need more time. Just a couple of more days and then she can probably hear me. Kayla - I hope you'll try. JJ - I hope I can stick around to try. I can't live in the park; they arrest for that. Kayla - Where are you going to go? JJ - I don't know. Maybe I can hang with you and Joey for a few nights. Kayla - Stop. We love you which is why we're not going to get in the middle of this. You've got to work this out with your mother. JJ - Yeah everyone who loves me is okay with me sleeping on the street until then. You guys don't give a damn about me. Daniel and Mom have turned you all against me.

Abby comes into the club and talks to Sonny asking how things are. They're good. We're happy and it looks like Gabi may end up happy too. Abby turns and sees Cam and Gabi together.

EJ hears the door and thinks it's Sami. It's Chad. He asks what's going on. EJ tells him Samantha left for good. She refuses to live in this house with Stefano. Chad - I'm sorry but can you blame her.

Sami arrives at the pub. Sydney wants her doll. Sami forgot it. Johnny asks if she forgot Daddy too. Caroline takes the kids to make ice cream. Lucas asks Sami's what's up. Sami - EJ's lost his mind and I'm afraid that I've lost him.

Segment 5: Sonny - Sorry, I thought since you had moved on with Chad ... Abby tells him he doesn't have to apologise. She has moved on and Cameron should to. She keeps watching them.

Kayla - Daniel? He's got nothing to do with this. JJ - Like hell. Kayla - Your mother is the one who's taken the hard line here because she wants to get through to you. JJ - Or get me out of the way. Kayla - That is not it. JJ - You're friends with them so you don't get it either. You think he's a great guy, right. Kayla - Yes I do. JJ - You're all so blind. The guy's scum. How come you can't see it?

Theresa tells Dan she has some forms for him to fill out.

EJ can blame Sami for not staying because she is the reason ... he stops. Chad - The reason what? EJ tells him it doesn't matter. Go and unpack. Chad figures out that EJ made a deal with Stefano who was sitting on the evidence. EJ - What was I supposed to do, let her go to prison. Chad - Of course not 'cause he had you. EJ - Thank you, it's not that hard to understand, is it? Chad - Stefano had you boxed in so he dictated the terms. I'm surprised all he wanted was for you all to live here. EJ - That was just the first order of the day though I suspect it was the one that mattered to him the most. You know how he likes his torture. He made sure he took care of business. Chad - So you did pay for it. EJ - In blood and treasure. Chad - How much? EJ - Everything.

Sami is telling Lucas and Caroline that EJ is saying they all have to live there together. Lucas - He can't do that. Sami knows. It would be a nightmare, completely toxic. Lucas - He's been living off those poisonous fumes long enough. Caroline is lost. Lucas - EJ wants Sami to live in the DiMera crypt. Caroline - That's where you've been living, isn't it? Lucas - This time with the crypt-keeper himself. Sami - Stefano is back. Lucas - Which might be a good thing after all because it means Allie doesn't have to live there anymore. Sami - I'm really happy this is working out for you. Lucas - I'm sorry that you're hurt but if you and EJ are going to break up maybe it's better now ... Caroline - You're breaking up? Sami - No. He's going to realise that I'm right. He's going to come to his senses. Lucas - Sounds just like him, doesn't it? Caroline - You're in love with him, aren't you? Sami - Of course. I thought he felt the same way about me. Caroline - He does. Sami - If he really loves me he would never ask me to do this.

Chad - So Stefano leans on you to stay here and you lean on me to get me to move in. EJ - The circle of life. EJ pours them each a drink. Welcome home.

Segment 6: Lucas tells Sami not to let EJ bully her. If you know something's not right for you and the kids you shouldn't do it. You're doing the right thing. Stick to your guns. Wait a sec ... not guns. Don't touch another gun as long as you live. Hang in there. Lucas goes to check on the kids. Sami tells Caroline the fact that Lucas is agreeing with her sort of makes her think she's wrong. Jump in. Caroline asks why EJ is insisting on it. Sami tells her EJ had to promise Stefano a lot of things to give up the evidence that would free her. Caroline - Such as. Sami - The entire company, the deed to the house ... Caroline - Everything EJ has. Sami - And then he had to promise to live in that house with him; that he'd bring the entire family to live under that roof with him. Caroline - And EJ is sticking to that. Sami - He keeps insisting he gave his word as a DiMera. Caroline understands that. The man gave his word. It has to mean something.

Chad - Doesn't Sami get what you did for her? EJ - She says she does. Chad - She still leaves you here with your decanter in hand. That's cold. EJ - No she wants me to leave with her and double-cross Stefano. Chad - It wouldn't be the first time. EJ - I gave him my word as a DiMera. She does not have sympathy for promises made to our father. Chad - It's not about that. It's about you. It's about your word. EJ - Thank you. You've been a DiMera 5 mins. and you understand that. Chad - Why were you so okay of me lying to Cameron? EJ - Cameron had something you wanted and you took it. Did you give him your word. Chad - Hell no. EJ - Exactly. All's fair in love and war. EJ's going to pour another drink but Chad won't let him. You love Sami, it's not over yet. You can't take her storming out of here seriously. EJ - This wasn't a little tantrum; she meant it. Chad - You have your work cut out for you. EJ - I don't beg. Chad - She'll get it. EJ - Maybe in time. Chad - Now, before she digs in her heels. Do it. EJ - Thanks. Chad - I don't want to live in this joint without those kids around. EJ - Neither do I. He hugs Chad. Thank you.

Jen sees Dan and goes in another direction. Theresa sees her and goes up to Daniel and gushes over his pictures of Parker as Jen watches.

Kayla - Daniel and your mother were happy. JJ - There is no way! The guy isn't half the man my Dad was. Maybe she was lonely but this is just desperate and pathetic. It's like she's forgotten all about him. Kayla - Your mom hasn't forgotten about your dad. JJ - Then how can she look twice at this two-faced S.O.B. Kayla snaps - Hey! JJ - Don't try and defend him okay. He's a scummy, self-serving ... Kayla - Stop it! That is not true. JJ - He's not in the same league as my Dad. Maybe it's hard ... Kayla - Listen JJ your dad was no saint. I know that better than anybody.

Segment 7: Sami is affronted that Caroline thinks she is wrong. Caroline points out that EJ sacrificed everything for her. Sami knows that. Caroline - This is the man who promised to love you and stay with you for better and worse. Don't you want to know that he can keep a promise and hang in there the worst it can get. Sami - Yeah, for me, not Stefano. Caroline - We all know what Stefano is but this is about what EJ could be. Sami's worried that being in that house will destroy EJ; that he'll be sucked back into that life. She's scared it will change him and he's hell bent on staying there. Caroline - Then you have a choice to make. She gets up from the table and goes to the kitchen. EJ comes into the pub.

Gabi has to go. Abby says hi to Cameron and then asks why he lied to her.

Dan gets paged. Theresa goes to Jen and says Dan is nice, hot too. Isn't it funny how we like the same men. Lucky for me you just throw them away. What's up with that?

JJ - Okay, Dad wasn't a saint but ... Kayla - Just forget that okay, please. JJ - No I'm not going to forget it. How can I. Aunt Kayla, what do you mean by you should know better than anyone. What do you know about my Dad?


Thursday Oct 3

Segment 1: EJ and Sami meet up at the park. EJ lays it on thick about he felt when she walked out. Sami is going to explain what happened and what is going to happen. EJ - I won't give up on us.

Chad comes downstairs to find Stefano in the living room. Stefano asks how his room is. It's fine. Stefano welcomes him home.

Abby thought they were friends. Cam says they are. Abby wants the whole truth then.

Maggie joins up with Dan and Parker at the pub. Maggie asks how Jen is. Dan has a proposition for her.

Theresa wonders why Jen throws away all the hot men in her life. I guess someone has to pick them up. Jen - You listen and you listen hard.

JJ looks at Kayla. What do you know about my dad? Why does it sound so bad? Cue f/b of Jack raping Kayla.

Stefano is glad Elvis talked Chad into coming home. Chad makes it clear this isn't his home. I'll try. Stefano - Don't tell me you're disappointed in your decision. Chad - It wasn't my decision. EJ didn't leave me with much choice.

Cam - I don't know what you want me to say. Abby - Tell me the thing you've been trying not to say. Cue f/b of Cam asking Chad why he hasn't told Abigail he's sick. Cam - I'm not sure what you mean. Abby - Your work. You said that was your focus. That we could be friends only because you didn't have time for a relationship. Cam - Right. Abby - So why the lie? Cam protests. Abby - Please! 'Cause now all of a sudden you have time to date Gabi Hernandez but you don't have time to date me.

Jen - You want to get a rise out of me about Daniel. You need to do better then the childish attempt you just made. Theresa - You know younger works for him just so you know ... Jen laughs. No, because he doesn't use children the way you do. My son is a very confused young man and he's going through a tough time. And you will stay away from him and let him heal. You are the last thing he needs in his life right now.

Kayla - I'm sorry JJ. JJ - What about my Dad were you going to say? Kayla - I shouldn't have said anything. I shouldn't have said ... JJ - But what were you going to say! Kayla - I was just going to say that I am ... that I'm just frustrated ... frustrated with you. You need to patch things up with your mom. JJ - Aunt Kayla, this is the first time in my whole life that I've ever thought this ... you are lying to me!

Segment 2: Daniel would like to take Parker to Europe to visit with Melanie and he thinks it would be great if Maggie came too. Maggie - A family reunion. She would love to be a part of it. When are you going to go? Dan - As soon as possible. Maggie - That sounds like running more than a vacation. Dan - No. The holidays are coming. I want to see Mel. Maggie - Or you don't want to be here alone. You don't want to be here without Jennifer.

Theresa scoffs. You think I'm your son's problem! I'm exactly the kind of friend he needs right now. Jen - But deep down you know that's not true. You are no good for JJ or anybody, including yourself, especially yourself actually. Theresa - You don't get to judge me. Jen - I'm not. I'm watching you and you are drowning and you grab on to anyone to try and stay afloat but you end up dragging them down with you. I feel sorry for you. I really, really do but I will not let you pull my boy under. She walks away. Theresa follows Jen into her office. You are dead wrong. You don't know a thing about me or your son. You're the last thing that JJ needs.

JJ - You weren't about to tell me to go home. It was something about Dad and something that made him look bad next to Daniel. Kayla - I'm not here to try and sell Daniel to you. I wouldn't do that. JJ - So you wouldn't say that Dad was always running off and leaving Mom on her own with us. He had this thing where he would take off on some adventure and I know that Mom and Abigail resented it. But I get it especially being around this town. It's real hard to breathe here. Kayla - Give it a chance, a real chance. I've got to go. JJ - Not until you get it all out. Kayla - What? JJ - Is that all you want to tell me about Dad or is there more?

Cam - Gabi and I are just friends. Abby - You're not dating. Cam - It's not a big deal. There's no reason to be jealous. Abby isn't jealous. I'm with Chad now and I'm really happy. And I'm happy for Gabi too. She deserves to have someone fun in her life right now. Cam - Then what's the problem? Abby - You are the problem. You should have just been honest with me. If you weren't interested in me that way you could have just said that. Cam - I couldn't say that because it wasn't true.

Stefano - Family can be very compelling. Chad - Especially this family; we compel each other a lot. Stefano - Only for the greater good. Chad - That's an interesting interpretation of what EJ did with me. Stefano thought he would be here by now. Chad says he went to find Sami. It seems they had a minor disagreement about where to live. Stefano - Don't worry, they'll both be back here very soon.

EJ won't let Sami talk. He tells her there's a way to insulate her from his father. Sami disagrees. EJ insists there's a way he can make her safe; make sure that she doesn't suffer. Sami tells him they have to stop putting themselves through this misery. EJ is being mindful of the situation. Sami snaps - You are second guessing me. You have to stop. EJ knows how she feels. Sami claims he doesn't. Sami tells him to shut up for a second and give her a chance. She's embarrassed for walking out on him. He doesn't have to beg her to come back; she's not going to let him live there on his own.

Segment 3: Sami admits she panicked. She was desperate for things to be normal for them. She wanted the world to stop intruding. So does EJ. The only reason Sami could hope for that was because of him. You fought so long and so hard to get out from under Stefano and you did it on your terms. You won. Then you gave it all up for me. How could I walk away from you when you did that for me. Sorry. EJ knows how difficult it is for her to consider living in the mansion. Sami - Not as difficult as it is for you. The idea of you having to live there with your father ... I'm not going to leave you alone in there. It doesn't matter where we are or who else is there as long I have you I don't care. Nobody else matters to me.

Stefano tells Chad to join him in a game of chess. Chad turns him down. Stefano asks - How is Abigail. Chad - She's good. Stefano - And Cameron, is he still a problem? Chad - How ... Never mind ... It shouldn't surprise me that you know. Stefano has to know what is going on with his children all the time. So, do you need help with Cameron? Chad - No. He's backed off.

Abby - I don't understand. Cam - Maybe I wasn't being real clear. I am putting my career first. I felt that we could only be friends for now. Abby - For now. Cam - Why are we having this conversation? You said it yourself. You're with Chad and you're happy and I'm happy for you. Okay? He leaves. Abby - How is men not a 4 letter word. She gets a text from Chad and pulls her Dad's book out of purse then leaves.

Kayla - JJ, I didn't come here to talk about your Dad at all. Listen, your whole family is just worried sick about you. They don't know where you are. If you're on the street; even if you have a place to sleep. So call your mom okay! I've got to go. As she leaves Rory walks up. Hey dude, I've found refuge. JJ - What? Rory - A place to stay tonight. What's wrong? JJ - Nothing.

Dan wants Parker to meet his big sister, that's all. Maggie - You're sure. Anne sits at the bar and eavesdrops. Maggie - You may be trying here but you don't seem very happy these days. Talk to me. Dan - There's not much to say. It seems no matter what I do with Jennifer and JJ it is the wrong thing. Maggie asks if Jen feels he same way. Dan - Yes, it's mutual. Maggie - It's very clear to me that you still love Jennifer and yet for this time in all this round and round I get the feeling that you really are letting her go. Dan - I am. I don't want to but it's the only thing I can do. So how about it? Family reunion; please just think about it. Maggie - I'll talk to Victor and see what he's got going the next few months. Anne leaves.

Theresa - You have no idea what a drag you are to everyone around you. When I first met JJ he was so cute. He was so proud to bring me home. He was trying to impress me. He wanted to show me how great he actually is but then you walked in and treated him like he was 12 yrs old. You humiliated him. Jen protests. Theresa - I saw his face and he talked to me about it afterward. You make him feel so small. It's like you don't even see him for who he really is. Jen - That's enough! Theresa - He told me all you care about is yourself and getting on with your own life. And he even told me that you didn't even offer to let him come home after his Dad died. Jen - I'm not going to discuss my personal life with you. Theresa - God forbid you take the time to talk about your own son. You know what, JJ is doing just fine without you. Jen - Perhaps by your standards ... Theresa - He is! He never intended to live the way that you've wanted him to. It was all an act and he put it on for as long as he could. He was so proud of how he fooled you. We used to laugh about it. But you know what the sad part is, even after all that deep down inside he still loved you and what he really needed was for you to love him back but you weren't there. Jen - Unreal! Theresa - JJ was heartbroken over his Dad and you weren't there. Jen - You shut up. Just shut your mouth.

Segment 4: Jen - I am not going to stand here and listen to this garbage. You know nothing about JJ's father or JJ. Theresa - Well I know this. JJ hates you now. Jen - You stay away from him or the trouble that you've had so far is going to look like a vacation at the beach. Are we clear?

EJ still wants to go to Chicago with her and the kids. Sami thinks they should go to Stefano's and talk to him and lay down some ground rules. I know what you promised but you didn't promise that I would be happy about it and be all sweetness and light.

Stefano tries to convince Chad to play chess; you need the skills. Chad doesn't need the ruthlessly destroy your enemy kind of skills. Stefano is dubious. You eliminated your rival for Abigail, yes? Chad - Not like ... Stefano - The DiMera's? Chad - You're right, I did it without evening blinking. I am a DiMera. Stefano - Smile when you say it. Be proud! Chad - That may take another day or two.

Abby sees JJ in the park. Hey squirt. JJ - How old do I have to be before you knock that off. Abby - Not possible. You'll always be squirt. JJ - If that's your way of getting me back home ... Abby - Actually that's not why I'm here. She pulls out Jack's book. JJ grabs it. It doesn't come out until later this week. JJ - Seriously. How come I didn't know about this. Abby - I didn't know the release date myself. There's always such a big timeline in publishing. JJ - So it's in stores right now. Abby - Later this week. This is an advance copy. JJ - We've got to buy every copy in town; drive the sales up. Abby - If we do that nobody's going to read it. JJ - No, we can give it to people. I want to send out a copy to everyone from school. Abby - I know what you mean. I want to do the same thing. I want everyone that I know to read it. JJ - It's like this piece of Dad. It will be here for a hundred years, maybe longer. He won't be forgotten. Abby - That was never a question JJ. JJ - They'll know what kind of man he was. They'll remember him. Abby - We hope so. Wait until you read it though. I'm telling you, you're going to hear Dad all over again. It's amazing. It's like you're right there at the dinner table. You just finished your meal and you're listening to him ... JJ - Go on and on. Abby - Yes! JJ - He's a great storyteller, huh. Abby - Yeah. Now he always will be. He hands her the book. Abby pushes it back - It's yours.

Jen - You need to get out of my office right now. Theresa picks up the press release on Dan. I feel bad for you so before I go ... Jen - If you say one more word to me about my son ... Theresa - No, it's not about JJ. It's about Daniel.

Segment 5: Stefano has his music on very loudly when EJ and Sami come in. He welcomes them home. Sami turns off the music. She just has a few things to say to him. I will live here but my kids and I are not going to be showing up at the dinner table every night. They have a schedule and we have lives. And I'd like to talk about this music. Stefano turns it on again. This is music that I love. If you do not learn to like it then wear an ear plug. You do not dictate to me.

Jen - I'm not buying it Theresa because Daniel is way too smart to get involved with you in any way. Theresa - You go with that. That's a great shot but I think you should have used that surfing one of him. You know the one by the door. Then you could have moved it to the sofa and done a casual at home shoot. It's a great couch, isn't it. Plenty of room for 2 people to stretch out on. Oh gosh, there is nothing like the feel of soft leather on bare skin, you know.

Dan tells Parker to have fun with Grandma. They exchange hugs and kisses. Kayla rushes up behind the bar - Hey, have you seen my mom. The bartender tells her that she and Lucas took Sami's kids to the park. Kayla - Thanks. I won't go back there. She sighs. Dan walks up. You're having one of those days too. Are you alright?

JJ - Thanks. Seriously, you have no idea how much this means to me especially on a day like today. Abby - Why today? JH - Can I ask you a question. I know that Dad did some sketchy stuff in his life but did he ever do something that was like off the charts bad? Abby - Where's all this coming from? JJ - I had a weird conversation with Aunt Kayla about Dad and stuff that he did.

Segment 6: Stefano - I will see you and the entire family for dinner. Sami - Did you not hear me say ... Stefano - Dinner will be at 8:30. Salut. He leaves. Sami shuts the music off and throws a tantrum. EJ - We are never going to beat him by facing him head on. Sami is just getting warmed up.

Cam runs into Chad in the square. They talk about the benefits of the juice Chad bought at the health food store. Cam rattles off the benefits; Chad says yeah, that's what my doctor said. Cam asks if his doctor is from L.A. Chad - Why? Cam - I was poking around on the internet. Are you sure they're giving you polyseephin. Chad - Yeah, why? Cam - That's interesting because from what I've found those trials are only happening in L.A.

Abby - What did Aunt Kayla say exactly? JJ - Not much but she got mad when I was comparing Dad and Jonas and what a loser Jonas was. And then she blurted out that Dad wasn't a saint and that she should know. She didn't say anything else but she was jumpy. Abby - Well Dad wasn't a saint JJ and everybody is jumpy right now because we don't want you to end up some homeless person in a park. It's supposed to rain tonight. Where are you going to sleep tonight? Do you have any idea. JJ - Don't worry about it. Abby - Well I won't worry about it if you come home. JJ - I can't deal with mom; not yet. Thanks for the book. It's exactly what I needed. So about Dad ... Abby - No, not about Dad. You need to be thinking about Mom. I get that you need your space and your time but use it. We want you home. We both do. Take care. She kisses his cheek and leaves.

Dan - What's wrong? Kayla - I ran into JJ in the park. Dan - Yeah, that's where he hangs out. Kayla - Apparently it's his only known address at this point. Dan - What happened? Did he give you lots of attitude? Kayla - Well he's got a lot of bad attitude especially about you. Dan - Yeah, well I'm the problem in case you haven't heard. Kayla - Not even close. Dan - I hope you didn't try and defend me 'cause that would only make things worse with him. Kayla - You didn't do anything wrong.

Theresa - Sorry to disappoint you but Daniel's human and I know how to make men happy. You should try it sometime. Jen - You know it's really sad, the way you operate because I believe you have potential. As lousy a job as you did working for me, I saw it. You have a brain and if you would have used it and taken advantage of all the chances that were offered to you and worked really hard you could have shined. I really believe that. But right now you are wasting everyone's time including yours and you will never really get what you want that way. Theresa - We'll see about that.

Segment 7: Chad - Your information is faulty. Besides, my name is DiMera; sometimes you get special treatment. Cam - I thought you didn't want your family to know. Chad - I didn't but then EJ figured it out. Cam - That's good. You needed someone to talk to. Chad - Now I have him. I moved into the mansion. He'll be right there so please leave this alone. I don't want anyone else to know. Cam - I have to protect your privacy and I promise you I will. Chad - Good.

Sami continues complaining. EJ says she'll never win by getting in his face. Sami wants to put Stefano on notice. She's not going to pretend to be a shadow in this house and she's not going to let him treat EJ like a slave. EJ - He doesn't. He's grateful to have me here. Sami is worried about EJ being sucked back in. EJ insists he'll be fine. We just have to give him the illusion of a family. He won't know the difference if we're smart. Sami thinks that's his way of telling her she has to make nice. EJ won't tell her what she should or should not do. He's very grateful she and the children are there. He couldn't do it without her. Sami whines that they almost had it all. EJ - We did and we'll have it again. It's just a matter of time.

Anne and Theresa are at the club. Anne tells her that Dan and Jen are definitely over. She heard him talking to his Mom at the pub. He was waxing on about his kids and leaving town. Theresa - He can't do that. It would ruin everything. Anne knows - she was just telling her how over their relationship is. Theresa - Jen's not over him. She would not be happy if Dr. Dan was with another woman especially someone so unworthy. Anne - Forget it. He used to be a player but now he's Dudley-Do-Right. You ain't going to get him. Theresa - I don't have to get him in bed; I just need Jen to think that I did.

Abby is in Jen's office. He's in the park. I got an advance copy of Dad's book from a friend and I took it to him. I was hoping that JJ would be reminded of home and it would make him miss us a lot more than he wanted to be mad. Jen - Did it work? Abby - I don't know. He's still thinking about it. Jen - Okay, thanks for telling me. Abby - That's not what I wanted to talk to you about. Jen - What is it?

Kayla - You have every right to be with Jen and that boy needs to stop what he's doing in comparing you to Jack. Dan - I get it. He misses his Dad and nobody measures up. Kayla - You're not a monster and Jack was ... well he's just all to human. Dan - Kayla, what is it? Kayla - I'm late for work. She leaves.

JJ is reading his dad's book. Rory comes up. We're all set. It's Jessie's cousin's friend's sun room. It has a futon and a sleeping bag but it will be dry. Are you reading a book? JJ - Yeah, my Dad wrote it. It comes out this week. It's about his time in Afghanistan. Rory - Whoa, that's intense. That explains it. JJ - What? Rory - The look. JJ - Nah, it's just ... Rory - What? JJ - Something happened when my Dad was alive dude. Rory - Okay. JJ - No, it's not. I don't know what went down but it definitely was not okay. Rory - And you don't know what. JJ - Not yet but I'll find out.

Abby - JJ's asking a lot of questions about Dad. Jen - That's not really surprising with his book coming out. Abby - No. Mom, JJ's asking questions about Dad and Aunt Kayla.


Monday Oct 7

Segment 1: When EJ and Sami encounter Marge in the park EJ starts pontificating. I know it must be difficult to accept the truth but you saw the truth in court. Your husband was ... Marge - Trying to kill Rafe with a razor blade. Please! You set him up. Sami - We're sorry okay. I'm sorry. Marge snaps - Stop lying! You're not. You won't be sorry until I make you sorry.

Kate confronts Jordan at the nurse's station. Why is Rafe sleeping? He was supposed to be in therapy 5 mins. ago. Jordan - He was worn out from this morning's session. He needs rest. Kate - Oh, so you let him push himself too hard once again. Jordan - Actually he had some very invigorating guests yesterday. Kate - Who? Jordan - You'll have to ask him yourself later. Excuse me.

Nick smiles at Gabi. You look so serious. Gabi - I think we need to talk about what happened between us. Nick - Why? Gabi - It felt good in the moment. Nick - Yeah, it definitely did. Gabi - But I think that we need to talk about ... I mean we didn't think about what was going to happen afterwards; the consequences. Nick - The ... consequences? Are you trying to tell me that you're pregnant?

Kayla walks up to the nurse's station. Theresa - Hey Aunt Kayla, look at me, hard at work. Kayla - Great. Theresa - You don't seem too happy about it. Are you mad that you couldn't ship me back to L.A. Kayla - Quite frankly I have a lot on my mind right now. That wasn't in the forefront. Theresa - Anything to do with JJ?

Dan is in the square. He stops when he sees the window display of Jack's book. I wish you were here; your son, he needs you. So does Jen.

Jen confronts Rory and Bev in the park. Don't tell me you don't know where my son is. Bev looks at Rory - Don't. Jen - Bev, please. You have no idea how important this is. I have to find my son. I need to speak to him right away.

When JJ tells Adrienne he wants to talk to her about his Dad and that thing that happened with Aunt Kayla Adrienne drops her tea cup and it shatters. JJ - Are you okay? Let me help. Adrienne - No, I've got it. JJ - I upset you. Adrienne - No. I'm just clumsy. JJ - Can we talk about what happened please. Adrienne - What happened? Are you saying that you know. JJ - Yes. Adrienne - OMG.

Kayla - Why would you say that? Theresa - Because his sister was here flipping out because he had moved out. I guess you're worried. Kayla - I don't suppose you've heard from him. Theresa - No, why. Kayla - Never mind. Theresa - I was wondering how ... Kayla - Really you have a lot to do right now so why don't you focus on working okay. She walks away. Theresa sneers - You don't have to be so snippy about it.

Bev - Mrs. Deveraux, we honestly don't know where he is. Rory - He was trying to find something out about his dad and then ... Jen - His Dad, are you sure? Rory - Yeah, what's wrong with that?

Adrienne - JJ, it's really not my place to have this conversation with you. JJ - I don't mean to put you in a tough position, I don't but the way things are I can't go to my Mom or my sister or Aunt Kayla about this. Adrienne - Honey, I understand but once you and your mother work things out then the two of you can sit down and discuss it. JJ - I can't wait that long. My Dad's book is about to come out and people are going to be talking about his past. Adrienne - What people? JJ - You know the way reporters are. They're going to be digging stuff up. Look, I just want to be prepared. Adrienne - Look, the only thing you need to know is that your father deeply regretted his actions and he regretted them until the day he died.

Segment 2: Nick - OMG. I know that we totally, totally didn't plan this but ... Gabi - Nick, I'm not pregnant. We used a condom, remember? Nick - Yeah of course but they're not a 100% effective. I guess I'm trying to say that if it did happen I would 100% absolutely be there for you. Gabi - I know that but I already have a baby I didn't plan for. I love Arianna to death but she's not even 6 mos. old yet. Honestly, I'm not ready to do this again for a long time. Nick - Okay so we'll be more careful next time. Gabi - No we won't. Nick - What do you mean? Gabi - Nick, as much as I missed being with you I didn't miss how complicated it made my life. And I'm sorry but I can't handle being anything more than just friends.

Rafe wakes up to find Kate sitting at his bedside. Hi. Kate - Hello there. You look like you went more than a few rounds with Nurse Ratched. Rafe - Yeah and still standing sort of. Kate - Apparently you did really well. I spoke to the taskmaster herself. She also mentioned that you had some visitors. If it was Stefano I swear to you ... Rafe - Take a deep breath. It wasn't Stefano. Kate - Okay, then who? Rafe - Doesn't matter. Kate - You're saying that because you think it's going to upset me. Rafe - Yes. Kate - Obviously I'm already upset so ... Rafe - Yes but I'm not going to tell you ... okay. It was EJ. Kate - What did that bastard want now? Rafe chuckles. Just to rub it in that he was marrying my ex. Good luck to him! Kate - From the sounds of that, you were the one rubbing something in. Rafe - Maybe a little. Kate - So tell me, who else visited you? Obviously it wasn't Stefano or EJ who upset you. Rafe - Marge Bernardi.

EJ - Don't threaten my fiancée. Come on, let's go. Sami wants to speak to Marge. You're right about me. I'm a liar. I always have been and yes I lied about knowing your husband because ... Marge - You were covering your ass. Sami - Yeah, I was. Haven't you ever done that? Hasn't everyone? Marge - I never shot anyone. Sami - You're mad because your husband lied to you. Maybe he thought he had a good reason. Maybe he was saving money for Timmy's college ... Marge - Shut up! You planted that evidence. You set up my husband. EJ - Marge, if I was planting evidence why would I wait months to procure the evidence to free Samantha. I understand you can't be angry with your husband so you have to angry at somebody else. Marge - Yes I do. I'm angry at the person who took my husband's life. EJ - You need to accept the truth not just for your sake but for Timmy's. Marge - Don't you ever say my son's name again. Do you have any idea what this has done to him? He idolized his father and now he has to hear people calling him a murderer. She cries. Why is this happening? Sami holds her and tries to comfort her.

JJ - Of course Dad regretted it. Adrienne - Look, honey, after what happened, your father felt that he didn't deserve to be happy or to be loved. Your mother had to convince him. Thank God she was persistent because now we have you and Abigail and you two have blessed our lives so much. JJ - I don't feel that much of a blessing right now. I don't know, maybe I take after him. Adrienne - Of course you do in every good way. JJ - You would never do what he did. JJ - How do you know? Adrienne - Because you have to understand where he was coming from. Your Grandma Jo gave up your father and Uncle Steve so that they could have a better life. Jack grew up with every privilege ... EVERY privilege except for love. That's not how it is for you. Look, I'm not making excuses for what your father did ... I could never do that but ... JJ - But? Adrienne - But he would be the first one to tell you that. And when your mother ... during Lawrence's trial when your father had to testify ... when he had to admit that he ... he ... JJ - That he what? What did he have to admit Aunt Adrienne? Adrienne - OMG! JJ you don't know what I'm really talking about, do you? JJ - Yeah of course I do. I know some of it. He sees she has her phone. What are you doing? Adrienne - I'm calling your mother. You should be having this conversation with her. JJ grabs his stuff and runs out of there with Adrienne running behind him. JJ - Don't you go!

Jen - What kind of information was he looking for? What did he find out? Bev - He was looking in these old newspapers online. Rory - He actually wanted to go to the library. Bev - But we couldn't access the old files there. We really tried to get him to talk to you but he said that he couldn't. Rory - He just got some brilliant idea and he took off. Jen - But you don't know where. Bev - No, Mrs. Deveraux. Sorry. Jen gets a call from Adrienne. JJ was here. Jen - He was! Is he okay? Adrienne - Physically he's fine but ... you need to come over right away. Jen takes off running.

Segment 3: Kate - I'm sorry that you had to relive that night all over again. Rafe - It was actually a lot more traumatic for Marge. I'm not looking back, I'm looking forward. Kate thinks that is a wonderful attitude. Rafe - So what about you? You've got mergers and acquisitions and this great new grandbaby but you're still here wasting time hanging out with me drinking bad coffee. Why?

Marge - I had to send Timmy to be with my parents so he wouldn't have to see the newspaper or hear his friends say ... I miss him so much. Sami - Of course you do so maybe you could go be with your parents too. Be with Timmy. EJ - Good idea Marge. We could all take some time to heal. Marge - Heal? That is never going to happen. Do you think this is going to get any better? My husband is gone forever. His reputation is ruined forever and it's all because of you. And thanks to him, you got away with murder and nobody gives a damn, nobody but me. She leaves.

Dan asks Karen at the nursing station if anyone has turned in a bracelet, he's missing one. Theresa pulls it out of her pocket. Dan thought he put it in his locker but he must have dropped it when he scrubbed in for surgery. Theresa walks up to him - Just the man I'm looking for.

Jen arrives at the K mansion. What happened? Adrienne - JJ had a lot of questions. Jen - About his Dad? Adrienne - He said he knew about what happened between Jack and Kayla and he wanted more information about it but he was fishing. I swear I wouldn't have said a word if I had realised ... Jen - What did you say? Did you tell him that his father raped Kayla? Adrienne - No! When I saw the look in his eyes I realised that he didn't know the truth but Jennifer I'm afraid it won't be long before he does find out.

JJ lets himself and Rory and Bev into the Horton house. Bev - Are you sure no one's home. JJ - Of course I am. The cars are gone, didn't you notice? JJ starts rifling through drawers in the living room furniture. Rory comments something about his mom being so happy he's back home that ... JJ - If I was moving back home do you think I'd be breaking in? Rory - Then why are we here? Are we going to grab some cash? JJ - No. He now has a key and he goes to a different piece of furniture to unlock the door. Bev - What's in there? JJ - My mom has a transcript of a trial. Bev - What trial? JJ - His name was Lawrence Alamain and he attacked my mom but it happened before I was born and my parents always told me they would talk to me about it when I was older. Bev - That sounds terrible. Why would you want to read about that? JJ - Would you please just keep a look out for my mom and sister. JJ finds the transcript.

Segment 4: Nick - This is about Will and Sonny, isn't it? I know how upset Will was when he saw us kissing but listen, I'll talk to him. Gabi - No, please don't do that. Nick - You can't let them run your life. Gabi - I'm not and once he calmed down he realised he couldn't even if he wanted to. Nick - Then it's this town. You've said that before, I've heard you say that before. Nobody in Salem thinks we should be together because of what happened. Gabi - Okay, that is part of it. With everything that is going on in my life I don't have the energy to deal with people judging and lecturing me and it's better if we just move on like you said. You live your life and I live mine.

Sami stomps into the living room of the D mansion and points at Stefano's portrait. I wish that woman knew that he is the reason her husband is dead. EJ argues - Joseph Bernardi did not have to go and work for my father. Sami - No one says no to Stefano DiMera. He ruins lives. That's what he does for a living. That's what he's good at and he never pays the price. That is not justice. EJ kisses her mid rant. EJ showers undeserving compliments on Sami.

Theresa needs Dan to fill out these forms to get his new ID badges. She fishes for info on what Jen told him about her stint as Jen's asst and gets nowhere. Theresa pours it on how about she hopes things get better for Jen especially with this situation with her son.

Jen - Jack and I intended to tell JJ the truth. Adrienne knows. Jen - We both just wanted to be together to tell him and ... how do you tell your son who idolizes his father that ... Jen's cell rings. What! No please don't call the police. I'll be right there. Adrienne - What now? Jen - My neighbour saw JJ and his friends breaking into the house. I've got to go. Adrienne - Do you need me to come with you? Jen - No, I've got to do this alone.

JJ is flipping through the transcript. Jack Deveraux is sworn in. Rory - Wait, what? JJ - I don't understand because it was Lawrence Alamain who ... he stops ... no, no, no ... no way. Bev - What's wrong? JJ - Forget it, just get out of here. Bev - Why? JJ snaps - I said get the hell out of here! Rory - Okay, we're going. Bev - You know where to find us if you need us. They leave. JJ reads - This can't be true. It just can't be.

Segment 5: Jen rushes into the house calling out for JJ. The camera pans to the transcript lying on the couch.

JJ finds Kayla in the hospital lounge and closes the door. She looks up and sees him. JJ - Um, Aunt Kayla, I know what my Dad did but I want ... I need to hear it from you.

Gabi - Nick, I'm sorry. I hope I didn't lead you on. And I want us to still be friends. Nick - Sure, sure. Gabi - I know that this has been a crappy year for you and it can only get better. It will be better. But if you need anything you have to know that I'm here ... you know that. Nick - Yeah, I do know that. Thanks. Gabi gets up and leaves the pub.

Kate - Am I cramping your style Detective? Rafe - Of course not. You know that I always enjoy your company but I don't want you here feeling guilty. Kate - Oh so you think I'm here out of guilt. I am here to support you and I am going to come here every day and sit by your side until you are well enough to leave the hospital. Jordan comes in. I thought I asked you to let my patient rest. Rafe - Well this one never listens; part of her charm.

Karen comes up to the Nurses station where Theresa and Dan are. Theresa tells Dr. Jonas she owes him a huge apology. When I first came to town I came on really strong and I'm completely mortified every time I think about it. Dan says - Don't be. Theresa - I think it was because I was new to town and I just needed the attention. Dan - And now? Theresa - Salem's growing on me. I'm really glad to be working at the hospital. It's kind of awkward being around you and Jennifer. Dan can't speak for Jen but for him - all is forgiven. I've seen how hard you've been working. Theresa says getting fired from her 1st job was a wakeup call to get her act together. Karen tells Dan Maxine needs him in Rm 410. He leaves. Karen says Dr. Jonas seems really nice. Theresa - He is. Karen didn't think he'd take the time to talk to people like them. Theresa gets snippy - Was he talking to you? Karen - No. She just meant surgeons are usually friendly with other surgeons or with nurses ... She comments about the way the two of them seemed to get along and the look on her face ... is there something going on that I should know about. Theresa - Do you have time for a coffee, my treat.

Kayla - I think you need to go home and discuss that with your mother. JJ - But what he did, he did it to you. I know that this must be so hard for you and I'm sorry to ask you this but I need to know from you because it doesn't make any sense. Kayla - What doesn't make any sense JJ? JJ - I read the transcript from Lawrence Alamain's trial and it said that my Dad had to admit ... it's not true, right? He just said it to put Lawrence away so he'd never hurt my Mom again. Silence. JJ - Come on Aunt Kayla. He's my Dad and I have to know the truth. Kayla - I'm sorry JJ but it's true. JJ - He ... he ... Kayla - He assaulted me. JJ - He ... He raped you. Kayla - Yes, Jack, your father, raped me.

Segment 6: Theresa and Karen are now at the club having coffee. Karen thinks it must be big if they can't talk about it at the hospital. Theresa - No. It's just poor Dr. Jonas has been so lonely since Jennifer Horton dumped in. She's such a pain in the ass isn't she. I felt so bad for him I wanted to lift his spirits. Karen - His spirits? Theresa - Well ... Karen - Are you two ... Theresa - Absolutely not, we're just friends. Karen - Really? Theresa - You won't say anything, will you? This is how rumours get started. Karen - No worries.

Kate meets up with Gabi who has just gotten off the elevator. Gabi - How's Rafe? Kate - Tired. He's in there with that automaton of a physical therapist right now. Gabi - How'd your talk go? Kate - What talk? Gabi - You were going to tell him that you're in love with him.

Rafe is in his bed doing grip strength exercises. Jordan - You already did 15 mins of those exercises in the physical therapy room - that's enough. Rafe - I can't just lie here. Btw, it's totally insane that you're still calling me Mr. Hernandez. It's Rafe, that's my name. Rafe. Do you hate it? Jordan - Of course not. Rafe - Then use it. Go ahead, try it. Jordan - Fine, Rafe. Rafe - Thank you. OMG. That was great btw. How did I do with my physical therapy sessions. Jordan - You were there, weren't you? You completed all the exercises. Rafe - But how well? Jordan - You want a grade? Rafe - Yeah. Jordan supposes she would give him a B. Rafe - That's pretty much right on and all things considered I'm happy with that. Are you? Jordan - Well, you are making excellent progress. In fact I think you're ready for the next step. Rafe - What's the next step? Jordan - I would like to extend your rehabilitation to real world experiences. Some short excursions outside the hospital with appropriate supervision of course and you will be moved to the rehab floor. Rafe - Outstanding! You're telling me then that pretty soon I can blow this joint and go home for good.

Sami and EJ are in bed. EJ thinks they should skip their engagement party this evening so they can keep on having sex. Sami won't miss the party. Even though Stefano will be there Sami feels his bad karma will be cancelled out by her brother the priest's good karma. EJ asks if she mentioned the party to her father. Sami is working up the nerve to do so. Sami wants more sex right now.

Kayla sits with JJ and holds his arm. JJ, you need to know that this was a really long time ago and I did something to hurt your Dad but I would never, COULD never justify what he did. But you need to understand that he was a very different person then. This was long before you or Abigail were born. JJ jumps up. Stop! I don't want to hear it anymore. Dan rushes in - Hey, what's going on in here? Kayla - We're okay. JJ - No we're not okay. He leaves.

Segment 7: Nick sits as his table at the Brady pub. Gabi you have no idea how happy we could be. We just have to get out of this damn town. I promise you, I'm not giving up on us. I'm going to make all of our dreams come true.

Kate doesn't recall ever saying she was going to have that conversation and I certainly don't recall ever saying that I was in love with him. Gabi - Okay, you didn't use those exact words but it was pretty obvious ... Kate - What's obvious right now is that Rafe needs to concentrate on getting better. That's the only thing that matters. Gabi - But if he knew how you felt maybe it would give him even more motivation to get better. Kate - Believe me he has plenty of motivation. I can't force him. I have to go, enjoy your visit.

Jordan - I can't tell you when you'll be ready to go home. Rafe - A week, 2, 3 ... I just want an estimate. What's your best guess? Jordan - Fine, 2 yrs, give or take. Rafe - Are you out of your mind! I'm not staying here for 2 yrs in this bed. No, I'll get a new ... he notices her smirk. Oh, you're just messing with me. Jordan - Just trying to give you a little extra inspiration. Rafe - Or maybe a stroke. Jordan - You are the only one who can determine when you will get out of here. Take it easy. Get some rest. Rafe - You're going pay for that!

Sami is thinking about how lucky she is ... look at Marge. I don't know what I'd do if I lost you. EJ assures her he's not going anywhere.

Marge has pictures and articles and her Tablet opened to stories about Joe. She opens his lock box and reveals his gun. She stares at an article about Sami being cleared.

Dan - Are you alright? He looks at her. No, you're not alright. What did he do? Kayla - No, it wasn't JJ's fault. He just heard some really upsetting news and ... if you could have seen the look on his face ... the way he reacted ... I'm really afraid of what he might do next. Dan - Don't worry about it. I'll go after him. I got this. He takes off at a run.

Rory sees JJ storming through the square. Rory - JJ, dude ... JJ - I don't want to talk about it. When Rory grabs his arm JJ yells - I said I don't want to talk about it. JJ stops when he sees the window displaying copies of his dad's book.

Jen comes down the stairs JJ. She goes into the living room and sees the open transcript. Oh God. Oh JJ.

JJ stares at his dad's photo on the book jacket. He hears Kayla practically whispering when she says "Yes, Jack, your father, raped me." He grabs a chair and throws it through the store window shattering it to pieces.


Tuesday Oct 8

Segment 1: Brady dreams that Eric tells him that he can't marry him and Kristen ... it would be a mistake. Kristen agrees with Fr. Eric. Seriously, don't do it! He wakes up and tells himself that was a crazy dream.

Nicole comes into the rectory. Eric asks if she did what he asked. Yes she did give some thought to whether or not she's leaving. Eric - So you've come to a decision. Nicole - Yes I have.

Kristen is in the club talking on her cell to a guy sitting at the bar. The woman is going to be here any minute. Do you have all the info? Guy - Grab her purse; make sure I get the flashdrive. What if she puts up a fight? Do I hurt her? Kristen - I don't know. Just do whatever it takes. She puts the phone down when Marlena comes up to her table. Well hello there. Come sit down. We have so much to talk about. The guy watches as Marlena hangs her purse over the chair.

Hope is at the hospital talking on her cell. Yes I'll take his statement. Look for my email. Hope sees Kayla and says Hey. Kayla - Hope, it's not a good time right now. Hope - What's going on? Kayla - I've just got to go ... I've got to take care of this. Hope - Wait, hold on a second. What's going on? What happened? Tell me what's wrong! Kayla - It's more than wrong. It's JJ. It's the worst possible thing. Hope - What? What happened! Kayla - He found out today that ... oh ... he's so upset and Daniel went out looking for him ... I just hope to God he finds him. I just ... I've got to find him.

Rory is lying on the bench outside the pub when Dan comes along. You. You're JJ's friend. Have you seen him! Rory is stoned. Dr. Dan? Dan - Yes. Have you seen JJ. It's important.

Abby comes home and finds Jen sitting in the living room holding the transcript. Abby - Mom, what's all that? Jen - It's the transcript from my trial. When I came home it was opened up like this to your Dad's testimony about raping Kayla. JJ was here and he read it. He knows.

Repeat of JJ smashing the window showcasing his Dad's book display. A bystander asks - WTH is the matter with you. JJ pushes him away and grabs potted plants and throws them at the store's door.

Kristen - So is this cool and civilized or what. You and I, we're a team. Who'd have thunk it! Marlena - Not I certainly. Kristen - I for one am very proud of us. Here we are trying to see the best in each other and I see a feisty woman with a lot of spunk. You have a lot of energy considering your age. Marlena - And I admire your energy too. Considering you've been persona non grata most of your life having these colossal setbacks yet here you are, you just keep on keeping on. Kristen - Did I tell you I didn't sleep a wink last night thinking about this party. I'm so excited. Marlena - Wow. I wonder where Sonny is. Kristen is sure he's on his way. Here's a list of hors d'oeuvres and of course we're going to have an open bar. Marlena - I was thinking champagne. Kristen - Oh gallons and gallons and gallons of champagne but we can't slight the martini lovers, can we. I'm so excited about this. I was actually considering making it a double celebration. Not just Sami and EJ's engagement but Sami's freedom. Marlena - Oh, I think that might be ... Kristen - Tacky, I know. How could we celebrate a woman who actually shot and killed a man and left his wife a widow and his little boy has no father for the rest of his life. Marlena - You seem to have made all of the arrangements so why don't we talk about the supper menu. Kristen gets a call. It's her henchman at the man. The place is almost empty; no witnesses. So get a move on unless you've changed your mind. Kristen - No, no changes.

Nicole - Well my decision is that I'm going to leave St. Luke's. I'm going to take the TV reporting job and hopefully St. Luke's loss is broadcast journalism's gain. Eric - So you thought this through. Nicole - Of course I thought it through. Why are you so resistant. I'm expendable. Eric - I don't see you that way. I think you're extremely good at what you do. I'm selfish. I like having you around. Nicole - Right back at you. Eric - You know my main concern is whether you're making this move for positive reasons. Nicole - Making more money is a positive, right? Eric - You know what I'm trying to say. I just have this feeling that you're running away and not towards something. So I want you to tell me why you're really leaving. Nicole - Look Eric, my time here, I haven't exactly been proud of the things I've done. Eric - Things? Can you talk about it? Nicole - Yeah. All the stunts that I've pulled, all the mistakes that I've made. I will regret those but you know what, I'm moving on because it's the best thing for me and even better for you.

Jen - So I found your brother's so called friends at the park, Rory and Bev, and they told me he was definitely trying to find out something about his father. And then Adrienne told me that he stopped by her house but she said he fooled her. She thought he knew for some reason. Abby - So she told him. Jen - No. She didn't tell him but she said maybe she had said something. She thought by the time he left he had figured it out. Abby - And then he came here. Jen - Yeah. Mr. Corman told me he saw JJ breaking into the house. When I walked in it was all out like this. Abby - He read what Dad said on the witness stand. OMG Mom, this is a nightmare. She tries calling him. Damn it. He won't answer. It's his voicemail. Jen - Oh God, I wish I knew where he was.

Dan tries to get an answer from Rory. Rory - I get it man. And he's like my friend and all but today ... WHOA man, so whacko! Dan - So you saw him. Rory - Yeah. Dan - Where was he going? Rory - We were in the town square together. I'm not sure ... Dan takes off running. Rory - Oh ... you're welcome.

The bystander tries to stop JJ who turns around and slugs him. JJ grabs another chair and breaks another window.

Segment 2: Eric - I really don't know how to take that. So why would your leaving be the best thing for me? Nicole - I know how dedicated you are to your work and having a better assistant would really help you out but don't worry, I'm going to find you a perfect one. I know I've quit on you several times but this time I'm going to do it right. So I'm giving you my two weeks ... but don't worry, I'm working with an employment agency who's already set up a few interviews so we're good. Eric - Okay. You know you really don't have to do that. Nicole - Yes I do and I've already seen a few good resumes and since I know the job inside and out I'm going to do the one on ones. Trust me, I'm going to find you a great assistant ASAP subject to your approval of course. Brady comes in. Nicole - I'm assuming you're here for Precana so I'm going to go (she pretends she's going to upchuck) and get my work done. She leaves. Brady - What is wrong with her! What was that all about. Eric - She's just trying to tie up some loose ends. Where's Kristen. Brady - She's probably on her way.

Kristen - Where in the world is Sonny! We can't just leave the list here for him. OMG, I have a Precana meeting today. I totally forgot about it! Marlena - Why did you ask me ... Kristen - Would you please wait here and give Sonny the deposit cheque please. Marlena - Well I can ... Kristen - Thank you so much. She leaves.

Justin comes into the living room of the K mansion and greets his wife. Hey honey. Adrienne - I'm glad you're home. Justin - Home, yes. I didn't think I'd miss the old place but I did. Mostly I missed my beautiful wife. He bends down to kiss her. Adrienne - Yes honey, I know. Justin - Adrienne, what's wrong? Adrienne - Have you talked to JJ today?

Jen rushes to open the door to Kayla and Hope. Have you heard anything? Kayla - Yes. Jen - What. Did he try to contact you. They go into the living room. Kayla - I think we need to sit down because this is going to be difficult ... Jen - Kayla, just tell me! What! Kayla - Look, I know that a long time ago you and I made a deal that you would be the one to tell JJ what happened. But he came to the hospital today and ... it's like he knew everything already. Jen - Yeah. He read the transcript of my trial. Kayla - I tried to convince him to come here and let you tell him about it but he wouldn't let it go. He forced me to confirm that ... Abby - No, no, no. Don't say it. Kayla - I am so sorry. Jen - No Kayla, don't you be sorry. Don't you ever ... you are the victim here. Kayla - No, I meant that I'm sorry JJ's now a victim too. To find out about his Dad like that ... Jen - I know Kayla. It's my fault. Hope - No, it's not your fault. Jen - Yes it is. I should have told him years ago. I told Abigail and it was hard but we got through it and I think that's what made us closer. But I never told JJ because he was always away and then Jack died. And then JJ came home and ever since then everything's been wrong. Kayla - There's never a good time to tell somebody this. Jen - It's been awful because I feel like I can't even talk to him now. But you saw him. Was he okay? How did he look? Kayla - Physically good; emotionally not so good. Hope reads a text on her phone and shakes her head.

JJ grabs all the books and once again shoves a guy aside before he starts heaving the books as far as he can. Dan runs up and tackles him to the ground. Hey, hey, hey STOP! JJ - Let me up or I swear to God I'm going to kill you.

Segment 3: Hope - Something is going down at the square. Probably a shoplifter or something. I don't know. The patrolmen will handle it but I'm the detective on call. I'm sorry, I've got to go. Hugs all around and then she leaves. Jen - I wish there was some way to contact him. Kayla - When he's ready I'm sure he's going to come here and talk to you about it. It's just that right now I think he's too upset. Abby - Mom, this is weird. I'm getting all these tweets ... OMG ... Store featuring Jack Deveraux's books smashed and trashed. Young kid goes berserk. Jen - What! It's JJ. They all take off.

Justin - When was JJ here? Adrienne - Not that long ago. He ... he ... Justin - I hope he wasn't try to convince you to let him move in because the best thing for him is to move back into the house. He needs his family right now. Adrienne - He didn't want to talk about staying here. He's awfully upset about something right now because I ... Justin - What? Adrienne - When he came by ... you know how he can be really charming ... Justin - Oh boy. Adrienne - He wanted to know something so we sort of ... cue f/b of part of JJ and Adrienne's conversation. I think I may have really messed things up again.

JJ - You S.O.B. I'm going to smash your face. Dan - Stop talking. Whatever is wrong you're not going to fix it by trashing the place. Two uniformed cops rush up. Calm down. No one's going to get hurt. He's fine, let him go. Dan gets up. Cop to JJ - Keep your hands around your back and we're going to pull you up. Do you understand me? They pull him up as Hope arrives and looks around. What the hell happened here? Other cop - Somebody doesn't like books. The bystander rushes up. I saw the whole thing. He was smashing windows and trashing the place. He punched me when I tried to stop him. Hope - Go with Ofc. Hamlin, he'll take your statement. JJ, do you want to tell me what happened here. Silence. Okay, we'll do this down at the station. The cop cuffs JJ. Hope - JJ, I'm sorry but you're under arrest. She gives him his Miranda rights.

Marlena mutters - Come on Sonny, at least text me. Kristen's henchmen leaves the club. Marlena dumps everything out of her purse and starts wiping things off - I don't know what spilled inside her purse. Outside the henchmen dials Marlena's cell. Dr. Marlena Evans? Marlena - Yes. Guy - I'm with Perfect Delivery Inc. I have a package for you from a John Black. My instructions are to hand deliver it. Where are you now please? Marlena - I'm at a club TBD. Do you know where that is? Guy - Yes ma'am. I'll meet you outside the entrance in 5 mins. Marlena - Sure.

Nicole is at the pub interviewing an older woman. Let me be upfront about the job. You have to really want to commit to watching over Fr. Eric, Fr. Matt, the sisters, sometimes the school kids and the parents. You pretty much have to give yourself over to the work. The woman is ready to do that. Nicole -
Are you sure? Because it's really hard work, all day, all night and not a lot of pay. You have to make St. Luke's run right or really don't apply. So are you cool with the drawbacks. Woman - I've admired Fr. Eric ever since he came to St. Luke's and of course Fr. Matt is everyone's favourite. Nicole - You're a parishioner. Woman - Yes. A retired nun ready to get back to work for the Lord. Nicole - That's wonderful. Thank you. We will be in touch. Nice to meet you. She leaves. Nicole - Hell no! A nun as an assistant; Eric would rather chew glass.

Kristen starts apologising for being late as soon as she arrives at the rectory. I had that meeting with your mother about the engagement party. She hates being late; she feels like she's failing people. Where do you want to start? Eric suggests that they all take a chair. Eric - Kristen, the last time you spoke so eloquently about how much you love Brady and why. Kristen - That was really easy to do. Eric - And I'm sure he loved hearing it. After that I thought Brady was the one who truly opened up on the deeper issues that you two might be having. He was painfully honest. I think you both came out of the session stronger. Now it's your turn. As you approach the wedding do you have any hesitation, any secrets that you may be keeping.

Marlena steps outside the club and the henchman tries to grab her purse. Marlena struggles with him - What do you think you're doing!

Segment 4: Nicole is on her cell in the pub. You are an employment agency for pete's sake. Do you not screen these people! Okay, the last guy was great on paper as long as you overlook the fact that he's blind. And really, an ex-nun. Devotion to God is not part of the job description, believe me, I know. And the next applicant, no show. Great, now we're back to square one. She hears someone clear their throat. Never mind, she's here. I'll call you back. Nicole holds up her tablet and reads the woman's resume. She keeps making remarks about everything on the resume. It's obvious she likes what she sees. She then looks up and sees a beautiful, striking blonde. No. I'm sorry. You can't work for Eric honey. You're going to have to get another job okay. Thanks.

Justin - It sounds like JJ played you. He's very adept at that. Adrienne - He just seemed so sincere. Justin - He's adept at that too. Adrienne - I really thought he knew; I mean, not everything, but most of it. And then I talked to Jen and she said he didn't know a thing about Jack and Kayla, not a thing. Justin - When do you tell your son something like that. Adrienne - Plus she said since he's been back from England he's been so alienated and so angry. But Justin I'm afraid of what he's going to do when he does find out. Her phone rings. It's Jen. Hey Jen. How's JJ? Have you talked to him? He's here. We'll be right there. She turns to Justin. We have to go to the police station. JJ's been arrested.

JJ is led into the squad room. Hope - You have some cuts on your hands. Do you want me to send for a doctor. Silence. She tells the beat cop - I've got this. She takes JJ's arm. Come on, let's sit down. This is off the record, when we're on the record I'll make sure you have an attorney. But right now this is family. Just you and me JJ. What happened out there? Silence. Hope - Hang in there. You'll get through this. Dan walks up. I tried calling Jennifer but her batteries must be dead. Hope - She's on her way. How's that bystander that got cut. Dan - He's fine. He didn't need stitches. I cleaned him up. He went back to the office. Hope - Good. Can we take your statement? What did you see? Dan - Actually I was late to the scene so ... the other guy that was there walks up ... I saw the whole thing. That kid was totally whacko. He could have killed somebody smashing things, punching people. You should have him tested for drugs. He's nuts. Hope - Dillon, get this guy's statement. Kayla, Abby and Jen arrive. JJ just shakes his head. Kayla - Can you tell us what happened Daniel? Jen goes to JJ. What happened? JJ - Go for it Jonas. You always know everything, right? You've wanted to see me in jail since Day 1 so why don't you tell them all about it.

The struggle continues. Let go, bitch. The guy finally gets the purse and takes off. Marlena - Oh no you don't. She chases after him.

Kristen - I've always been afraid to trust anyone. I guess that's not shocking considering my last name is DiMera, right? My childhood was ... wow ... and my various relationships with men ... kind of disastrous nightmares. And I felt that women are unreliable. And then I met and fell in love with you and your love was so complete and so total and your trust and your forgiveness ... I don't even have words except to say that I am not as afraid as I used to be to trust. That little smile of his is his way of letting me know that he loves me and that I'm safe. He changed my life because he made me hope that I can love and that I can have happiness. And the most amazing thing of all is that I'm actually starting to believe that I deserve those things and that's just incredible. I know that I had those plans to hurt people and that was horrible of me. Keeping secrets ... there's something that both of you need to know. I've been keeping a secret.

Segment 5: Justin and Adrienne arrive. Abby - I'm not asking why JJ. I know why. What happened? Kayla - Everyone here is just trying to help you. Jen - Are you okay? Are you alright? Abby - What happened JJ? JJ stands up. Now's your chance Jonas. Go for it. Score some points. Tell them what a piece of crap I am and that I never do anything right. I'm a born criminal. Go ahead. Justin - JJ, I've got to say something here. I'm still your lawyer and I need you to listen to me very carefully. Do not answer any questions from anybody. In fact I suggest that everyone here just stay silent. JJ - Oh right, 'cause that's what you do best, isn't it. He yells at Jen - You say nothing.

Kristen - Don't look like that please. I know we said we're not going to keep secrets and here I am admitting to one. But aren't some things supposed to be private. I know that if we're going to work we have to be honest and you were completely truthful with me so I need to be completely truthful with you. I did something behind your back and it started a long time ago. I find this slightly terrifying. I'm afraid that if I tell you I might lose you again.

Nicole happens to get off the park bench just as the henchman comes along. He's knocked to the ground. Damn. He looks around. Oh for God's sake.

JJ walks up to Daniel. You make me sick, all of you. Justin - JJ, listen to me. Anything you say can be used against you. JJ - I don't care anymore. Why should I! Maybe I should go to jail. At least in jail ... Justin snaps - Son, listen to me. JJ yells - I'm not your damn son. Leave me alone. Justin - I just meant ... JJ - No, you're a liar just like the rest of them the only difference is that you get paid for it. My God, you're all such hypocrites jumping on my case whenever you get the chance because I'm not good enough. I'm the disappointment. I'm the loser, the screw up home from London. Getting kicked out of school, trashing people's things, stealing, doing drugs, dealing drugs, breaking the law. Justin - JJ ... JJ - Don't forget lying, huh. No way, can't forget those damn lies, right? 'Cause you guys are all so perfect. You don't lie, do you? Oh wait, I just heard Aunt Kayla that you've been lying to me since the day I was born. Jen - Honey, please, I'm begging you ... stop. JJ - You all knew how I felt about my Dad. All of you knew how I felt about my Dad, great guy. Oh, the greatest. A couple of flaws sure but a total hero. Hell, he died saving my sister's life. So I go around telling everyone what a fantastic father I had and every single one of you knew the truth and you didn't say a damn word. You had years to tell me but you didn't. And I'm supposed to be the screw up. I'm supposed to be the one who doesn't do anything right. You ... what do you always do ... you let me go on swallowing the big lie. Who finally tells me the truth. Who do I finally turn to ... Aunt Kayla, I am so, so sorry for what he did. I still can't believe it. I can't believe that he raped you. I'm sorry ... sorry. Dan looks shocked.

Segment 6: Nicole - Listen fella, you really need to keep your eyes on the road. This tablet cost me more than I made in a week and ... Guy - Shut the hell up. Keep moving. Nicole - Excuse me for my very existence. If you think I'm going to help you ... Guy - I said shut the hell bitch. Marlena yells - Somebody stop him. He's a thief. The guy takes off running.

Kristen - I went to see a specialist, a doctor and I kept it from you. I'm okay. It's not like that. When you brought up the possibility of adopting a baby I started fantasising about being pregnant, having your baby. I can't get pregnant but there's been so many medical advances so I thought I'd take a shot, check it out. But I always knew conceiving would be a long shot but after seeing the doctor, well long shot is kind of optimistic. Brady - I'm sorry. It's okay. I don't understand why you wouldn't share this me. Kristen - I didn't want you to get all excited, get your hopes up. I didn't want to fail you. I don't ever want to fail you. I know that you would make such a great Dad. I saw that when you were showing me the adoption pamphlet and everything. You were so excited about raising a baby with me. Brady - I still am. I still want to. Kristen - You have to understand something. The chances of me conceiving are highly unlikely. You need to know that in your soul, do you understand. He does. Brady doesn't care. If we adopt a baby fine. If you want to go through fertility treatments, we'll do it. If none of it works and you're happy, I'm okay with that. You're all I want. They kiss.

JJ - Nothing I can say can ever make it right Aunt Kayla, ever. For what my Dad did I hope he's screaming in hell. At least I know that you had a reason not to tell me but the rest of you ... nobody here gets a pass. You hear me! You're all a bunch of liars. From now on I don't want anything to do with any of you anymore. Not that you give a damn. You all hate the big screw up anyway. Abby - JJ, that's not true. JJ - I'm the one that screws up everything. I'm the one that's always getting in trouble. Oh but you guys, you're just so perfect. What a kind, loving, honest family. Oh wait, hold on. My kind, loving, honest family told me they'd rather have me sleep on the street then come stay with them. Jen - We do love you, of course we do. JJ - You shut the hell up. You're just another liar that said that she wants the truth. Oh my so called family. You guys are all strangers to me just like my Dad ... just like my Dad. He starts kicking at the furniture so a couple of cops grab him and pin him to a desk.

Segment 7: Hope rushes into the squad room. Let him go. I've got it. Let him go right now Ofc. JJ, we're going to take you downstairs now. You'll be booked then spend the night in jail. You'll be arraigned tomorrow. Justin - Hope, JJ and I need to talk before you start ... JJ - Why don't you go to hell with the rest of the liars. Hope - Let's go. Jen touches JJ. He snaps - Get away from me. Don't touch me. JJ is led out.

Eric - The kind of honesty you showed was exactly what was needed. The sessions are to help you get a handle on your problems before the wedding and that's what you've done. Brady is glad they did it but the question still remains, now that we've done what you asked us to do, will you marry us?

Marlena rushes up to Nicole. He's got my bag. Nicole - He threw it right here. Nicole calls 911 while Marlena starts picking up her things. The camera pans to the flashdrive which ended up under some leaves.


Wednesday Oct 9

Segment 1: Jen comes down the stairs carrying a blanket over her arm looking for her keys. She finds them in the living room and opens the door to leave. Dan is there. Jen - You can't be here.

JJ is in his holding cell recalling his reaction when reading the trial transcript.

Roman gets a call from Sami. Where are you. When he tells her he's at the hospital she tells him to stay there; she'll find him. Rafe asks Roman if everything is alright. Roman - Yeah, the question is, are you alright?

Kate walks up to Jordan at the nurse's station. I understand that you've cleared Rafe for visits outside the hospital. Jordan - Supervised trips. Kate - Of course. I guess that physical therapy is paying off. Jordan - He's progressing but he wants more now. Kate - Meaning? Jordan - The visitors who got him agitated earlier; my assessment would be that he now wants to prove something to other people not just himself. He's angry which is good. If you can find a way to channel anger it could work wonders. It can be a lifesaver. It can make you whole. Kate - So are we talking about Rafe now or are we talking about you.

Brady - Sorry, did that question put you on the spot. Kristen - It sure would be nice to know the answer though. Brady - I'll repeat, will you marry us. Eric - It's just ... Kristen - Come on, we bared our souls to you and he's still not ... Eric - It's not that. It's just my trip to the capitol; the night that I got violently ill.

Nicole - You're really lucky I was here Marlena. If I hadn't stopped that purse snatcher he would have taken off with your purse and everything in it. Marlena - I think everything is here. I've got my wallet, my address book, my phone ... oooh. There is something I'm missing. The camera pans to the flashdrive under the leaves.

Rafe - So how does it feel to be top dog again. Roman - Newsflash; being police commissioner is more like being top target. Rafe - Congratulations on being re-instated nonetheless. Roman - Thank you. I am looking forward to you being back at the station one of these days. Rafe - I'm coming along. My physical therapist is pushing me. Roman - He good? Rafe - She. Yeah, she's good. I don't know if we saw eye to eye at first but we're getting to know each other.

Kate - Did I hit a nerve? Jordan - I don't understand. Kate - It's just a simple question. You were talking about Rafe's recovery and all of a sudden it got all personal. Jordan - If I didn't take my work personally I wouldn't be very good at it. Kate - Oh, I see. So you think anger is a good motivator. Jordan - It is.

Brady - I don't understand. What does your getting sick at the capitol have to do with you marrying us. Have you had relapses? Eric - No, I'm not being clear. I've had some difficulties working through what happened to me that night. It's been hard for me to focus on my work and scheduling and obviously one thing doesn't have anything to do with the other. Brady - It's okay. We get it. We understand. If you need more time to focus but will you let us know when you know please. Eric - No, I'm not being fair. You want to know if I'll perform your ceremony. I think you deserve an answer right now.

Nicole - What's missing? Marlena - My keys. He could let himself right into my house. Nicole - Yeah, not to mention drive there in your car. You really are lucky I ran into him when I did. That guy could practically be walking into your house right now. Let's see if we can find these little suckers. Marlena - Here's my lipstick way over here. Nicole - I got 'em! Nicole Walker saves the day once again. Marlena - Yeah, great. I guess that's all I'm going to find. 2 cops walk up. Did one of you call the police about a purse snatching. Nicole - I did. It was her purse actually. I just heard her yelling and I did everything but tackle that purse snatcher. It's a good thing I was there. I felt so bad. She would have been terrified; this poor woman. Cop - Is that the purse? Marlena - Yeah. That's my purse. I think we found everything that was in it. Cop - You seem pretty shaken ma'am, did he hurt you? Marlena - He was pretty rough. Other cop - Well you should go with Ofc. Connors and give a full statement. I'll stay and canvas the area. Nicole - Hey, if you need a description I'm in. Just get me a sketch artist and we'll nail this sucker.

Segment 2: Dan - I'm sorry to show up without calling you first but you disappeared so fast after ... Jen - I just had to get home. Dan - If there's anything I can do to help. Jen - I appreciate your concern but Justin made it clear that we can't talk to anybody if they're going to be called to be a witness. You were right there in the middle of everything ... JJ and the town square. I really can't talk to you. Dan - You know that I would never say anything to hurt JJ on the stand, anywhere. You know that right? Jen - He's already been hurt by me and I'm never going to get him back.

JJ recalls losing it at the town square. He flips his cot over in his cell. The guard rushes up and tells him to calm down. JJ snaps - I'm calm.

Rafe is in a session with Jordan. She takes the weight from him. Rafe - So, how did I do? Jordan - You completed your bicep repetitions. Rafe - And? We had a deal about you being a coach, remember that. You were going to help me out; let me know how I did. Jordan - I'd score that a positive C. Rafe - Seriously, what's the real score? He gets 'the look'. Rafe - Really? C! Jordan - I'm assuming you think you should get a higher grade. Rafe - It seems that you're getting to know me a little bit better.

Sami finds Roman near the nurse's station. Congratulations Mr. Police Commissioner. They hug. Roman - Thank you. What's all the urgency; you rushing down here to see me. Sami wanted to do this in person. Roman - Why? Sami - Because I'm a lot harder to say no to when I'm in your face.

Eric - I just have to say that these Precana sessions have been very powerful and assuming that nothing pops up and changes how I feel I'd be happy to marry you. Hugs all around. Kristen - All we have to do is set a date. Eric - One more thing, you can't tell anyone about this. Brady - Why not? Kristen - You still think something's going to happen that's going to ruin everything.

Nicole and Marlena are in the squad room. Marlena - So once I collected myself, I began running after him. Nicole - And that's when I jumped into action. Marlena - I'm sorry. I was meeting with an acquaintance to plan a party, she left and I stayed behind. I got a call from a delivery service and stepped outside and the man came out of nowhere.

The henchman watches as the other cop interviews someone. It appears that he spots the flashdrive. He smiles.

Back at the station. Cop - What's the name of the acquaintance you were with? Marlena - It was Kristen DiMera. But as I said, she had left before I got the call from the delivery service. Nicole - Marlena, did you ever get the package? Marlena - No, I didn't. As I said the man grabbed my purse and I began running after him so I don't know if the package ever arrived. I must have been at the wrong place at the wrong ... She stops. Nicole - Time. The expression is wrong place at the wrong time. Marlena?

Segment 3: Dan - I know this is a bleak situation right now ... Jen - Could you just go please. And thank you so much for keeping my son from hurting other people and from hurting himself. But I just can't talk to you right now. Dan - I get where Justin is coming from ... Jen - No, I'm not talking about what Justin said. I need to focus because I have so many things to handle right now. And I have hurt my son terribly and now I have to fix everything that's wrong if I can. Dan - You will do ... I wish you well. Jen - I know you do and I know that you just wanted to say some things right now ... thank you for holding back. But this is my problem and I need to deal with it. Dan - Okay. Jen - I'm going to save my son. And I know it's going to be really hard but I've never been more sure of what I have to do. From now on my children are my only priority. I need to get this done for Jack and for JJ. She walks past him and leaves.

Roman - Why do I get this bad feeling I'm not going to like what you have to say. Sami - Come on Dad, I'm inviting you to a party. Since when is that a bad thing. Roman - What kind of party? Sami - It's tonight. I'm hoping you can come. Roman - What kind of party? Sami - It's a celebration of my engagement. Roman - That's nothing to celebrate. Sami - Dad, please. Just give me a chance to explain. Roman - No point. I love you very much but planning to marry Junior and moving into the same house as Stefano DiMera, that's nothing to celebrate! As a matter of fact, it's just stupid. Sami - Daddy, I think you're living in the past and if you ... Roman - Wait a minute. Excuse me here. Just excuse me and listen to me. I just left Rafe. I just talked to him. The only reason he's still alive is because you were there when Stefano's hitman tried to snuff him out. Now I can't talk you out of marrying into that miserable family but you can't expect me to stand here and be excited about it. No Sami, you enjoy your little party. He leaves. Sami wipes her tears and goes into Rafe's room. Kate - He's not here Sami. Sami - Really, I would not have figured that out on my own. But you are here hovering. Kate - Why don't you do Rafe a favour and just go. Sami - You first since I'm the one who saved his life and you're the one who made sure there was someone coming after him. Kate - Oh God. Someone? You mean your future father-in-law. Sami - Yes, your ex-husband. You must miss the good old days just like you miss testifying against me; trying to send me to prison for a murder you know I didn't commit. Well as fun as memory lane is I'm going to go find Rafe. Kate - Do you still have that gun Sami? Hopefully the police gave it back to you because living in the DiMera dungeon sooner or later you're going to need it.

Jordan - I don't think you're up for this Rafe. Rafe - Guess what, I'm going to prove you wrong especially since last time you just gave me a C and the time before that I got a B. Jordan - Well if you think you can do it. Rafe - I know I can. Jordan - Do I assist you. Rafe - Hell no. Rafe grabs on to the parallel bars and pulls himself out of his wheelchair. Sami watches through the window. Rafe stands up and tries to take a step but falls to his knees. Sami rushes in. Jordan - You stop right there.

The guy is about to pick up the flashdrive when he hears a man's voice saying - I saw the guy running that way but I did lose track of him. I guess he could be hiding out somewhere in the park. The guy is right there behind the trees. Cop - Well the area is going to be secured so ... the henchman takes off.

Eric - Kristen, my only point is there's a very huge and important party for your brother and my sister. I just don't want any news of your wedding to take away from their moment. Brady - I understand. Eric - Plus I need a little time to tell my mother; prepare her. Brady - Got it! Kristen - Brady, there's a bottle of champagne with our name on it. Brady asks for a couple of minutes with Eric. Kristen has something to do anyway. She thanks Eric. I know this was a leap of faith for you and you're not going to regret it.

Marlena - Officer, I'm not sure it makes any sense for me to look at mug shots but my friend Nicole saw the man and she said that she could work with a sketch artist. Nicole - My memory fades really fast so ... Marlena - Thank you so much. Nicole, goodbye. Nicole - Marlena, wait. You're supposed to talk to me about ... oh damn. Cop - If you don't think you can work with a sketch artist sit tight, I'll get the mug books. Nicole - She knows something about Kristen.

Segment 4: Sami - What are you doing! Jordan - You heard me ... out! We're working. Sami - You're not helping him. He's falling. Rafe - Sami, just go. Please! Sami leaves. Jordan bends down so she's eye level with Rafe. How strong are you? Strong enough? Sami watches as he pulls himself up and walks to the end and basically falls into his wheelchair. Rafe - There. A little rest in in between but I made it. But you thought I couldn't do it, didn't you? Jordan - I was doubtful but you proved me wrong. Sami leaves.

Brady - I really pushed you to decide about the ceremony, didn't I? Eric - It's not a problem. Brady - I want you to know it's not just about me being selfish; I really wanted your approval. Seriously, it meant a lot to me. It's the reason I wanted to do the whole Precana thing. I wanted you ... Eric - To see Kristen the way you see her. I knew that too. Brady - You're really good at reading people. You should be a priest or something. Eric - I'll think about it. Seriously, I am very happy to be able to bless your marriage. Brady - Thanks man. We've come a long way and now we are so close.

Dr Chyka joins Kristen on a park bench. I trust things are well with you. Kristen - Maybe, maybe not. Dr. Chyka - Is our patient presenting any new problems. Kristen - He's trying to figure out exactly what happens to him. He gets very emotional about it. He gets all worked up. Dr. Chyka - It's normal for him to struggle. It won't lead anywhere. Kristen - You're certain nothing is going to jog his memory. Dr. Chyka - Well perhaps if he was presented with some kind of physical evidence, something to remind him of what happened ... a photo, video. Any chance of that happening? Kristen - No, not anymore.

Marlena is in the square watching as the smashed windows are being boarded up. Nicole walks up to her. I saw how you reacted at the police station. You remembered that Kristen had a connection to what happened to you. You think she set you up, don't you?

Segment 5: Rafe is back in his bed. I've got a feeling I'm going to be sore tomorrow. But it will be that good kind of sore, you know. Jordan - You should start thinking about where you want to go. You can start having short outings, supervised. I'll see you later. Rafe - Hey coach, you forgot to give me a grade, remember. She smiles. I'd say you earned a B ... plus. She leaves. Sami comes in. So how do you stand that woman.

Jen is at JJ's holding cell. Hey, JJ. Hope said it gets cold down here sometimes. Justin is going to do everything he can; we all are. We're going to do everything we can. Are you okay? Please, do you need anything? JJ walks up to the bars. What I need is for you to tell me why; why you never told me. Why you thought that I didn't deserve at least that much.

Eric is over at Daniel's apt. Parker is present as well. Eric - I was visiting a parishioner that lives in the building and thought I'd stop by and see if you know anything about Jennifer's son. I heard he's been arrested. Dan - Yeah. JJ got some bad news; some personal stuff and he lost it. Trashed an entire area in the Horton Square before he was stopped. Eric - I saw it on the news. I called Jennifer but I haven't heard back for her. Dan - I wouldn't expect to hear from her anytime soon. I'm sure she's grateful you called but she is laser focused on making sure everything goes right for JJ. Eric - I understand. Parker, you have fun. It's good to see you. Dan - Listen, I got something for you. It came to me but it's actually for you. It's for the hotel at the Capitol.

Marlena - Nicole, has anyone told you that you have an annoying habit of trying to read people's minds ... Nicole - Are you really going to try and deny that Kristen had something to do with this. The way you ran out of the police station ... Marlena - I did not run out of the police station. Nicole - Okay, you walked briskly. There has to be a reason. Obviously Kristen knows something that you don't want the cops to know about yet and you don't want Kristen to know that you know until you lower that hammer. Okay, you're not saying anything so that must mean yes, I'm right. But I don't understand something here. Kristen is about to marry Brady; something she wanted more than anything in the world. It's like her grand prize so why in the hell would she hire someone to snatch your purse. Marlena - That's what I mean to find out.

Kristen is outside the pub talking to her henchman who is still skulking in the park. Did you get it? Guy - Yeah but then I ran into some complications. Kristen - I don't care about that. Did you get the flashdrive or not. Guy - Not, but I will soon. Brady walks up as Kristen is saying - You better make it soon if you know what's good for you. Brady - What's wrong? Have what soon?

Segment 6: Rafe - I stand her because she's making me better. Sami - Well I can see that but still she's definitely a ... Rafe - Don't want to hear it. What are you doing here anyway? Sami - Do I need a reason to visit a friend? Rafe - That depends. If you've just come here to insult someone you don't even know .. Sami - Okay, you know what, here's an idea. How about I just walked in the room. Hi Rafe. Rafe - Oh hey! Sami! It is so good to see you. Always good to see the person who saved my life. Sami - Almost went to prison for it. Rafe - Yeah. Good thing that nightmare's behind us now, right? Sami - I feel the same way. Rafe - Speaking of nightmares, when are you and EJ tying the knot?

Kristen - Marketing people! They miss every single deadline I give them. Kristen continues her call. So I need to know when you're going to have some results for me. Guy - Relax, I found the flashdrive. Look on the bright side, the woman doesn't have it anymore. Kristen - That's one step. I need you to execute the next one ... soon! Brady and Kristen banter. Brady wants sex.

Marlena - This is in the strictest confidence. Nicole - Roger that. Marlena - Victor and I are trying to figure out a way ... Nicole - I know. You told me to butt out twice. Marlena - May I finish a sentence? Nicole - Sorry. Marlena - When Brady and Kristen announced their engagement I overheard Kristen talking on the phone. She told somebody she had an affair. Then later on she lied to Brady telling him she hadn't seen anybody. Nicole - Fickle little slut. Who was she boffing? Marlena - I don't know. Nicole - Who was she on the phone with? Marlena - I don't know. Nicole - Maybe it was Stefano because I overheard her telling him that there is something that could destroy her and Brady. Maybe that's it. Marlena - You know what, until this moment I didn't think she was on to me but now ... calling me to the club and then her walking away ... Nicole - I don't follow. Marlena - She left me alone. That's when I got the call about some fake delivery and that's when I went outside the club. Nicole - OMG, you're right. She is trying to set you up but you don't have any proof, do you? Marlena - Not a shred. Nicole - Why in the hell would she hire someone to steal your purse!

The cop is near the bench near the flashdrive. On his radio he tells dispatch he's staying there until Melbourne gets back. The henchman watches him.

Eric - I don't understand; they sent me a bill. Dan - No, when you were upstairs checking out the room I spoke to the desk clerk. I wanted to pump her for information about that dark haired woman you remember seeing there. Eric - Yeah but that was downstairs. There was something familiar about her voice. Dan - When I asked for the name they said they'd send it to me. I'm guessing it's in that envelope. Eric - Thanks for everything. He gets a text. I've got to get back to the rectory. When you talk to Jennifer would you let her know that I ... Dan - I don't think I'll be doing that Father. That's not really going to happen.

Jen - There is no simple answer. JJ - Try the truth. Jen - JJ you deserved to know about your Dad and I am the person whose job it was to tell you. And in the beginning, you know what, you were too young. And when we told Abigail it was because she was old enough to understand. JJ - My guess it was before she was 18. Jen - Yeah. And a few years ago I wanted to tell you but you know what, life gets in the way sometimes. JJ scoffs - Yeah, right. Jen - That is not an excuse JJ. Your Dad went off to Afghanistan. He disappeared from our lives. And then when he came back you were at boarding school. JJ - Out of sight and out of mind, right. Jen - No JJ, that was never true and you know that. Never. But this was something that had to be explained to you in person so that I could spend some time with you afterwards. But then your Dad, he died so suddenly and so unexpectedly. And then you came home from boarding school and you were so angry. You've been angry ... JJ - One excuse after the other. Jen - No. You just had this idealized view of your Dad and then when he was gone I was not going to damage those memories for you. So it wasn't about right or wrong. It was about protecting my son. And you were grieving your Dad so badly and I was not going to make that anymore painful for you. JJ - Or for yourself. You took the easy road. You let me believe a bunch of lies. Jen - Yes, you're right. I can see that was a mistake now. JJ - You think! You know what, who cares. It's not like I'm important; like I'm a real member of the family. Jen - How can you say that. You are my son. JJ - Not anymore. You've made that clear as hell.

Segment 7: JJ - Seriously, I wasn't mature enough to know that truth. Is that your next excuse. Jen - No, it was a matter of the right time. JJ - You allowed me to live in this fantasy about my Dad. I thought that he was this weird funny guy that goes on adventures and then I find out that he ... you know what, I can't even say it. Jen - Do you know how many years have gone by since that has happened. JJ - I thought you were all about protecting the family and I thought that I had a sister who always wanted to be honest. I trusted you. I trusted you both and you both ... Jen - You are making it sound like we deliberately hurt you; like we deliberately didn't want to tell you. JJ - You're a liar. You can stop pretending that we're a family because we're not. We're done. I'm done. Jen - I love you and we are going to make this right. She leaves the blanket on his cell floor. I love you JJ. She leaves. He kicks the blanket into the corner.

Sami - Can you do me a favour and let it go. I get it. In your eyes marrying EJ is a very big mistake. Rafe - My eyes? How about in the entire universe's eyes. Sami - You can't be happy for me knowing that I'm happy. Rafe - So when's the big day? Sami - Soon. Rafe - Okay, go for it. I've moved on. Sami - I know, with Kate. And she's been a very good helicopter girlfriend. Rafe - I was not talking about Kate. I was talking about me. My legs, my life, which obviously I'm very grateful that you saved and hopefully one day I'll be able to pay you back even if it's just something small. Your life and what you do; it's not really any of my business anymore. Sami - Right. Maybe it was a mistake stopping by. Rafe shrugs - Maybe. Sami - Keep up the good work getting better. I really do want that for you. She leaves. When she leaves his room she sees Kate. They exchange stares. Sami leaves.

Eric is back at the rectory. He opens the envelope from the hotel. He reads it. The records show the only woman who checked in alone was Fay Taylor. Eric - Fay Taylor? Why does that name sound so familiar to me. Nicole?

Marlena - The weird thing is there's nothing in my purse that she would want and ironically I've been trying to get into her purse. Nicole - Yeah I know. I played drunk ... I still don't why. Were you trying to plant something, steal something ... Marlena - No, I was trying to download information from her phone so I could figure out the person who she told about the affair. Nicole - How do you download something from her phone? Marlena - Well I had a little device that Victor gave me. Looks kind of like a flashdrive actually. It's a spy tool. Before I could use it she saw me. Nicole - Wait a minute! Wait a minute! Marlena - I'm waiting. Nicole - A flashdrive. OMG.

The cop walks out of the clearing in the park just as a ball rolls up to the park bench leg which happens to be the exact location of the flashdrive. Parker picks up his ball. He also picks up the flashdrive.

The henchman texts Kristen who happens to be in the sack with Brady. She looks at the text. Mission accomplished. She goes back to kissing Brady.

Dan - Whoa, what do you have there? Looks like somebody lost something.


Thursday Oct 10

Segment 1: EJ wants sex ... Sami wants to get dressed for their party ... EJ gets what he wants.

Marge glares at the article about Sami being cleared and pulls the gun box closer. It didn't have to be like this. You left me no choice Sami. None!

Cam is near the nurses station talking on his cell. He has a question about their drug trials. Is it effective on brain tumours. Are you conducting any studies outside of the Los Angeles area.

Abby comes into the club as Chad is setting up the sign about the engagement party. Chad sees her and asks what's wrong. Abby - Nothing. Chad - Don't give me that. Abby is nervous about tonight. Does this dress look okay. Chad - You look amazing but that's not what you're upset about. It's JJ isn't it?

Stefano is looking at the boarded up windows in the square. Caroline walks up. I heard you were back. I was hoping it was just a rumour. Stefano - Caroline! How lovely to see you. Caroline - I wish I could say the same. Stefano - Somebody must have broken these windows. That's terrible. Terrible! Caroline - Oh come on, what's a little broken glass compared to the things you've done to people's lives. It's just a mere nothing.

Eric stares at the letter from the hotel. This says the woman in the lobby name was Fay Taylor. Nicole's mother's name is Fay. Her sister is named Taylor. It has to be a consequence. It has to be.

Nicole - I know why Kristen had you robbed. Marlena - You do. Nicole - I caught her staring at a flashdrive and she was talking to herself. She tried to cover but I made her nervous when I saw her with it. Marlena - I can't crack the code. What are you saying? Nicole - Maybe when you were looking through Kristen's purse looking for your flashdrive you got hers instead. Marlena - And that's what the robber was trying to get. Nicole - Exactly. Marlena - Oh my gosh. That means there's something on that drive she desperately does not want me to see. So we have to find it.

Abby - By tomorrow you will know all about what JJ did. Chad - Someone has to set that kid straight. Abby - I tried and I did exactly the wrong thing. Chad - And you're not going to tell me about that either. Abby - Tomorrow, and then I have to find a way to make it all right. Chad - How about we figure it out together. Abby likes the sound of that.

Cam finds out that no one outside the Los Angeles area is conducting these trials or participating in them. Gabi walks up as he finishes the call. She didn't mean to startle him; he was pretty in to that conversation. Cam - It's about a patient. Gabi - It must be serious; you look pretty upset.

Kristen is on her cell. I'll meet you as soon as I can get away. Brady comes into the bedroom and asks - Who was that? Kristen says it was her marketing team. They want her to stop by and green light a new ad campaign. Can I meet you after that? Maybe we can go to the party together. She won't be long. After tonight the project is going to be officially done.

The nanny is at Dan's apt with Parker. She takes the flashdrive from him when he sets it on his train. I know you found it but it doesn't belong to us.

Sami and EJ bask in the afterglow.

Marge pulls out the gun.

Segment 2: Stefano - I tell you what, why don't we bury the hatchet for one night alright. After all your granddaughter is celebrating her engagement to my son. Caroline - You seem to think you're on top of the world again. Stefano - Well you know something I don't think it, I know it. Caroline - Don't kid yourself. With the revenge you've taken and the violence you've done, that scream you hear in the night will be the banshees coming for you. She walks away.

Gabi - You didn't even hear me come up behind you. Cam - It's a very confusing case. Did you get my text? Gabi - Yes, that's why I'm here. Cam - I know we were all set to go to the Oktoberfest but there is a party at Sonny's club. It's actually an engagement party for Sami Brady and EJ DiMera and I was wondering if you'd like to go with me. Gabi - I already committed to open mic night on campus but I hate open mic nights so ... I just wanted to go out. I'd much rather go to a party. We already have a sitter. Cam - So will you go with me? Gabi - Yes. I just have to go home and change. I'll meet you there. Cam - Sounds great. Gabi - Thank you for the invite. Cam - It's my pleasure. She leaves. Cam mutters - I don't know what you're up to Chad but I don't like the sound of it one bit.

Chad knows Abby is upset and she doesn't like being around his family and they're going to be here in full force so if she wants to bail he totally understands. Abby doesn't want to. She's through talking about herself. What's it like living in that house? Chad - It's okay. The entire family living under one roof is ... how can I put it ... Stefano pipes up - Unadulterated bliss.

Kristen pounces on her henchman as soon as he shows up at the gates to the square. You said you were going to be waiting for me when I got here! He got here as fast as he could. Kristen - Let me have it. He doesn't have it. Kristen - What are you talking about? You told me you had it. He did but then a cop spotted him and started tailing him so he threw the drive off the pier to make sure it doesn't fall into the wrong hands. Kristen - Are you sure they didn't see you do that? Nobody saw. Kristen - You're sure it's in the river. Totally. He would never make problems for her or her family. Kristen - Get the hell out of here and pretend you never met me. Kristen talks to herself. It's just a little piece of plastic and it's at the bottom of the river. Who's going to find it there.

Marlena and Nicole are using flashlights in their search. Marlena says maybe they should wait for daylight. Nicole - We could get lucky and if we do we could be saving Brady from a life with Kristen. Marlena - That's if your theory is right. Nicole - Do you have a better one? Marlena doesn't. Marlena is kneeling down and looks up at Nicole. Really, are you afraid to get dirty? Do you want to find this thing. Nicole gets down and resumes searching.

As Brady walks in Eric picks up the tablet he left behind. Brady - Thanks. I keep my whole life in this thing. Brady assures Eric that he won't say anything at the party tonight about Eric agreeing to marry him and Kristen. Eric is appreciative. I still have to find a way to tell Mom. Brady is going to leave but Eric has a question for him about Nicole.

Segment 3: Stefano greets Abigail by kissing her hand. How good to see you! You look lovely. I can't tell you how happy I am that I finally got this guy to live in the house that he's supposed to live in. Family is everything. Don't you agree? Abby - Yeah. She excuses herself to get some water. After she leaves Stefano asks if he said something wrong. Chad - Don't worry about it. Stefano tells Chad he may come here more often; he likes it. You're doing a wonderful job. Chad - It's all Sonny's doing. Stefano - Are you making a profit? Chad - Of course. We're already in the black. Stefano - I'm very impressed. Chad excuses himself to check on Abigail. He goes up to her at the bar. I hope he didn't upset you with that family talk, he was just running his mouth. Abby - It's okay. The whole town knows that my family is basically a train wreck. Chad - At least we seen my dad and talked to him; the worst is over. Chad sees Cam come in.

Eric - Do you happen to remember how her mom spelled her name? Was it with an e or not. Brady - No e. F A Y. What difference does it make? Eric - I was going to do something in her memory and I didn't want to misspell her name. Brady - Nicole will appreciate that. She and Taylor were a wreck when Fay died. Fay and Nicole were just starting to get close again. Eric - Thanks. That's good to know. I don't want you to be late for the party. Brady - You'll be there? Eric - Yeah. Brady leaves. Eric stares at the letter again. Fay Taylor, whoever you are, I think you know what really happened to me that night.

Nicole and Marlena are still searching. Nicole - It's like looking for a needle in a haystack. Marlena - It could be anywhere. Nicole - Maybe Kristen's stud doubled back himself. Marlena wipes her hands with some tissue. Nicole - You're not giving up, are you? Marlena - I don't have any choice. Tonight is Sami and EJ's engagement party. Nicole - Well I guess my invitation got lost in the mail. Anyway is Kristen going to be there tonight. Marlena - I'm afraid she will. Nicole - That thief could have really hurt you. How can you stand socialising with that bitch knowing she hired him. Marlena - Well that will not be easy. Part of me will be struggling to keep her from finding out that I'm on to her; the other part of me will be desperate not to put my hands around her throat and kill her. Nicole - I do believe I underestimated you. Marlena smiles.

Camera pans to the nanny and Parker enjoying mac and cheese with the flashdrive in the foreground.

Sami and EJ make it to the living room. When EJ asks Harold if he's seen Father Harold informs them that Stefano said he will see them at the party. Sami and EJ drink. Sami can't believe they're going to a party with Stefano hosted by her mother. EJ - And my sister. Sami - Who hate each other. EJ - At a club owned by my half-brother. Sami - And my son's boyfriend. EJ - It's a family affair. Sami - Yes a family who makes the Manson's look like the Walton's. Sami asks - What happened to our portrait. EJ - Let me show you. He goes to his laptop. Sami - He's selling it on e-Bay! EJ - Apparently he's giving the proceeds to charity. The only charity father knows is himself. Sami - Who's going to buy a picture of 2 people they don't even know. EJ - You'd be surprised.

Marge writes a note. Dear Mom and Daddy, I don't know how to say this. All I know is I can't go on, not without Joe. Not after what they all did to him and to us. I know you'll take good care of Timmy and some day when he's old enough maybe you can tell him what really happened and maybe he can forgive me for what I had to do. She cries. She stares at the article again and pictures of Joe and Timmy. She picks up the gun and looks in the mirror. No, not like this. She puts the gun down and goes to change.

Segment 4: When Abby sees Cam she asks Chad what he's doing here. Chad isn't sure. Cam walks up to them. I guess I'm early. EJ invited me in case you guys are wondering. Abby - You're Lexie's brother and it's a family party. Chad - We're glad you're here. Cam - Before things get really going Chad ... Gabi walks up and apologises to Cam for being late. Chad - Wait, you guys are here together? Cam - Yes we are. Gabi - I love Arianna to death but I need a night out with grownups. Abby - I'm not sure I qualify. Chad is going to go downstairs and check on the champagne. He asks Abby is she wants to help him count bottles. They go.

Eric is on the laptop when Nicole comes into the rectory. You still working? Eric - Just catching up. How are you? Nicole - I'm fine. Eric - You seem a little worked up. Nicole - Yeah, I guess I am. I've been interviewing people you know ... as a possible replacement. Eric - How's that going? Nicole - There's some that are okay. Eric - Just okay? Nicole - Well I have a few more interviews tomorrow. But I promise I will find you the perfect person and I will do it quickly. Eric - Are you in that much of a hurry to get out of here? Nicole - I am. I just came to pick up a few of these resumes and pick up a few of my personal things ... Some of the papers drop to the floor. Eric picks up a picture of Fay. That's your mother, isn't it? Nicole - Yeah. It's my favourite picture of her. I should get a frame for that. Eric - You really miss her, don't you? Nicole - Every day. I think I told you that we didn't always have the best relationship. Eric - Yes. Nicole - When she came back to Salem I was with EJ. Boy, she really hated him. She finally became the protective mother that I'd always wanted. When I was finally able to tell her that I really loved her she was taken away from me. I had a really hard time keeping it together. I did some stupid things most of which I've already told you. Eric - Most? Nicole - There are things that I couldn't even tell you. Eric looks down at the letter from the hotel.

Marlena arrives and sees Stefano at the bar. Caroline arrives and asks if she's looking for someone. Marlena - I'm looking for your granddaughter, the lady of the day. I guess she hasn't gotten here yet. Gabi is telling funny baby stories but Cam isn't laughing. She apologises. He apologises. Gabi asks if he's still thinking about that phone call. Chad is talking to Abby and stops in mid-sentence when he sees Cam staring at him. After some prompting Chad finishes his sentence. They agree to go for a drive and talk tomorrow after she's done with classes. Kristen and Brady arrive. Kristen - Oh oh, my co-host beat me here. Brady - We need drinks. Stefano walks up and greets Kristen. Brady goes to get their drinks. Stefano - It's been a long time since we had a family party like this. Kristen knows. We should be having a party for you though; all the DiMera's living under one roof. You're back in charge just like I knew you would be. You win all the marbles. Stefano - I usually do. Kristen - Guess what, it runs in the family. Caroline - You've been antsy since you got here. What's going on? Marlena - Nothing. Caroline - You're co-hosting this party with that piece of work. Something is cockeyed! Sami and EJ arrive. Applause ... yuck!

Segment 5: Nicole slips the photo back into a file folder. Sorry. Eric - For what? Nicole - I didn't expect to see that picture. It just brought up some major memories for me. Eric - Don't ever, ever apologise for feeling something. I'm glad that you and your mother were close at the end. Nicole - Me too. Taylor and I worked out stuff too. Eric - Do you stay in touch? Nicole - I never told anyone this before but if the baby I lost would have been a little girl I wanted to name her after my mother and my sister. Fay Taylor, classy, huh? Eric looks stunned.

Kristen is with Chad and EJ. All the DiMera's under one roof and the place has not imploded yet. Chad jokes about taking out extra insurance. EJ thinks that's a good idea. With father here one doesn't know what could happen. Kristen wanders off. Chad asks EJ why he invited Cameron to the party. EJ laughs. Abigail is your date, isn't she? That's why I invited him. I wanted to see how things are. Trust me, I know what I'm doing. Caroline tells Cam and Gabi they make a very handsome couple. Gabi tells her this is only their first date. Caroline - You see that you do right by this girl or you'll hear from me. Cam - Yes ma'am. Gabi didn't realise they knew each other. Caroline - Know him. I stuffed a 10 dollar bill down his ... excuse me I need a drink. Gabi laughs - You're never going to live that down, are you? Cam - Believe me, I know. He sees Chad and Abigail go outside. Hey, can I ask you to do a favour for me. Sami thanks Marlena for all of this. Marlena - You'll also have to thank my co-host. Kristen had a lot to do with it. Sami heard. I can't believe you planned all this with her. Marlena - And I can't believe that you're going to be her sister-in-law. Sami thanks her for her support. It means the world to me. Marlena - I just want you to be happy. You deserve that after all you've been through. They hug. Marlena turns around and is startled to find Kristen right there chewing on a cherry.

Segment 6: Eric turns and looks down at the letter. Nicole - Did I say something wrong? Eric - No. I was just thinking about you having to deal with the loss of a child. Nicole - Yeah, I really went off the rails after that but it was a lot easier then dealing with the fact that I'll never have a little Danny Raphael or Fay Taylor in my life. Eric sits at the edge of his desk and wipes his brow. Nicole - What is wrong! I know something is.

Kristen - Something wrong. You seem kind of upset. Marlena - Not at all. Caroline comes up - Roman called. He said you were robbed. Why didn't you say something? Kristen wonders the same thing. Marlena - Because the guy just wanted my purse, that's all. Caroline - Roman said they didn't catch him. Marlena - No but I have my purse and I'm just fine. Caroline - Is there anything missing? Marlena - No, everything's there. My wallet, my credit cards are there. Kristen - I guess it's your lucky day. Marlena agrees.

Abby suggest going back inside so Chad can get back to the party. He was worried about her. Abby says she's okay. Chad - Seeing Cameron with Gabi ... Abby - Cameron has the right to date anyone he wants. Chad - One of your best friends? To me that's kind of grimy. Abby - Hmm, you know Melanie was one of my best friends too and you asked her to marry you. Stuff happens. Gabi and Cam come out. Gabi goes to Abby. There you are. I have so many pictures of Arianna I want to show you on my phone. Abby - I'd love to see them. Gabi - Can we go inside, it's freezing out here. They go in. Cam stops Chad from following. Let's talk.

Sami finishes a call. Will and Sonny will be along shortly. Will wanted to put the baby to sleep himself. Kristen - That's so cute. Enjoy the rest of your party. EJ - Are the 2 of you leaving? Kristen - Yeah, duty calls. What can we say? Marketing is trying very hard to come up with a new campaign and they want me there. Sami - We hate to see you go. Kristen - But we couldn't leave without telling you that we're so happy for you both. EJ - Thank you. I can tell Brady is just overwhelmed with well wishes. Kristen - Well you went through hell and now it's behind you. You never have to think about that trial again.

Marge is dressed to the nines in a lbd. She picks up the gun and loads it.

Segment 7: Eric - I'm just curious about something. Nicole - What? Eric answers the phone. Yes. I'm terribly sorry. I'll be there right away. Eric - Jake McBride had a motorcycle accident. His sister said he had a massive head injury. Nicole - OMG. He just graduated high school. Eric - Yes, well he's on life support right now. They're just waiting for me to get there. Nicole - Do you want me to go with you? Eric - No, just stay here. I'll see you later. He leaves. Nicole - What's he trying to get at? Why does he keep asking me about my mother.

Kristen - I'm really sorry about this. EJ can you do me a favour and just tell Stefano that I'm leaving. EJ - No. You can go and tell him yourself. Kristen - That's not very nice. Maybe I'll just let him find out after the fact. Sami thinks that's the best policy. Kristen - Right, avoid the lecture about getting out of family obligations. Sami - Especially when you are getting out of family obligations not that I'm stopping you. Brady - Congratulations you two. Kristen - Enjoy the party that I threw for you. Brady follows Kristen to the bar. You don't have any marketing emergency. You took care of that already. Kristen knows. This is a swell party but if it comes down to being alone with you or being at a swell party I'm going to take being alone with you every time. Brady - Let's go.

Outside Chad asks what's so important that you have to talk to me about it right now. Cam - Listen, I'm on to you. Chad - How? Cam - You're lying about the treatment you're supposedly getting. You're lying because you're lying about having a brain tumour. Your medical condition is all one big lie.

Brady and Kristen are in the square. Brady has just ended a call. Kristen - You don't look very happy. What was that call about? Brady - Remember how you faked that work emergency to get out of the party? I've got a real one. Kristen - How big? Brady - The head of the West Coast division is being indicted by SEC. Kristen - There's nothing you can do about it until tomorrow, right? I used an excuse to get out of the party; I'd hate for it to go to waste. I've never felt so loved before. I need to be alone with you because there's no better feeling in the world. They kiss.

Parker's nanny is talking to Dan. So after I drop Parker off at your mother's I'll stop by the hospital. Yes and I'll bring the flashdrive too.

EJ gets everyone's attention. He gives a speech thanking those that arranged the party. As he's praising Sami Marge finishes loading her gun. She looks at her pictures. My two boys, my world. I'm so sorry. She stares at the article again then points the gun towards her head.


Friday Oct 11

Segment 1: Cam lets Chad know that he knows that Chad is lying about having a brain tumour. He called the hospital in L.A. that is doing the trial treatment that he's supposed to be taking. It's all coming together now. You didn't want Abigail to know because it wasn't true, right? I broke up with her because I was concerned about your state of mind. But guess what, the lies end today.

Will is making sure the babysitter has everybody and their dogs number. Ari cries so the sitter goes to tend to her. Sonny and Will kiss.

Rafe - Guess what. I've finally been downgraded to a rehab patient but I'm still stuck in this damn bed. It's okay because at 7:45 on the dot a candy striper is going to come in here and ask if I want an apple juice or a magazine. And you want to know what else ... TV. It sucks. It's all reality TV. I hate my reality. Why would I want to watch that on TV. Kate has her Tablet out. I'll find you something to watch on Hulu that is really nice and violent. Rafe - No, because I'm breaking out of here tonight.

Marge can't go through with it. She sets the gun down.

EJ continues nattering. Sami has to add her 2 cents. If nothing else her sappy speech gave me the best laugh this show has given me in ages ... and the icing on the cake ... it made Stefano chuckle as well.

Kate tells Rafe that the two of them aren't cut out for R & R. She talks about when she had cancer and how much she hated waiting to start her life again but she did. And look how much joy and happiness I've brought to the world ever since. Rafe - You did actually bring me some joy ... a lot of joy. Didn't even see it coming. Kate - You need to get your strength back. You really are making progress. Rafe scoffs - I fall down when I try to walk. Kate offers to get him Home Care if he wants to go back to his loft. Rafe isn't letting her pay for Home Care for him. Kate - Alright. You'll just have to take comfort in the fact that Jordan ... Jordan, who makes Jillian from the Biggest Loser look like a pussycat, she thinks you're making progress. And she's right behind me, isn't she? Jordan - Well you're not always wrong.

Marge picks up her Tablet and talks to Sami's picture. You and EJ are the ones who should suffer. You should know what it feels like to lose what Timmy and I have lost. She puts the gun in her purse and leaves the house.

Will and Sonny finally arrive at the party and apologise to EJ and Sami for being late. EJ actually tells the truth when he says they didn't miss anything. Will thinks everyone is having a good time except Stefano. EJ says that's because Sami put him in his place. Will likes that Sami is giving Stefano a hard time. Stefano is the only one here that isn't on their side. Stefano goes to Marlena. Well, well, well, if it isn't the Queen of the Night. It's nice that we bumped into each other. We haven't had a chance to talk. Marlena - I know. I thought it was too good to be true. Stefano - You and your daughter have exactly the same sense of humour. Salut. Marlena - Do you think she was joking about something. Stefano - Something just dawned on me. Since Elvis and Samantha are together, we are family. So I wish you would come by the house sometime, have dinner, see the children, catch up on things. Marlena - Great. I think on the 5th of never. She walks away. Abby tells Gabi she's going to find Chad. Gabi tells her that Cameron wanted to talk to Chad alone. She doesn't know about what but it seemed very important.

Chad - This whole thing is none of your business and what the hell were you doing checking up on me like that. You are my doctor, the doctor who discovered the tumour in the first place. You have an obligation ... Cam - To what? Cover for you; to back up your lies. How about the 2 of us go in there and tell Abigail the damn truth. Chad - I told you I don't want Abigail to know anything about this. Cam - And I'm pretty sure I know why. I should have known there was something false about this whole thing. This lie has to end. EJ comes out. What's going on here?

Segment 2: Marge is in the square. She pulls the gun out of her purse and looks around.

Rafe - One thing you should know about Kate is she only insults people she cares about. Jordan doesn't think being compared to Jillian Michaels is an insult. Kate - Actually I'm really glad you're here because your patient is going absolutely crazy threatening to break out. I think the sane thing to do would be to authorize that field trip you were talking about. Rafe - I have cabin fever real bad and I think it could negatively impact my recovery. Kate - OMG this is a dire situation; he's using impact as a verb. Jordan - And what would you want to do on this field trip? Rafe - I don't know. Breathe fresh air. As much as I hated testifying against Sami it was great for me to get out. Jordan - If you do leave the hospital I'd have to go with you. Rafe - Okay, let's do it. I'll buy you a beer. Kate - Let's do it. Jordan - Right now? Kate - What? You have a hot date? Come on, it's a joke. Rafe - Not to get personal but maybe some time off campus might do you a lot of good. Kate - The three of us having a beer together. I can not think of anything that's been more exciting. Rafe - So what do you say?

Sonny wants to go check on some things. Will doesn't want him to do. You're my date, I want you to be with me. Sonny will be right back. Will calls the sitter to check in. Stefano walks up - You're a very devoted father. Will - Thank you. Stefano - Now that your mother is living with us I want you to understand something. You and that lovely little girl are welcome in my home anytime whatsoever and that also includes the young Mr. Kiriakis. Will - Thank you. Stefano - You are very fortunate. You have a wonderful friend for business and a lovely friend for your life. Will - I know. Sonny - Thank you. Stefano - Of course your father and my son ... it doesn't work out too well, does it? Enough is enough. We might as well just bury the hatchet. Ciao. Will - Let's hope he doesn't bury the hatchet in your dad's back.

Sami goes up to Abby and Gabi. She thanks Gabi for coming to her party; she knows it must be weird. Gabi - Seeing that you're marrying someone else besides my brother. It's a little weird but the most important thing is that you're happy. Sami thanks Abby for coming; she knows she's going through a lot. And you're here with Chad. Where's Chad? Where's EJ for that matter?

Chad tattles to EJ - He's accusing me of lying about my tumour and treatment. Cam - He is lying. I spoke to the hospital in L.A. that administers the protocol. EJ gets on his high horse and lectures Cam and lies to his face saying that he paid for his brother's treatment and the doctors in L.A. don't want anyone to know that they let this rich guy because of a donation he made. If you push this I will personally take it upon myself to end your medical career. You will spend the rest of your life making a living on the 5's and 10's that bored housewives stick in your G-string. Do we understand one another?

Segment 3: EJ continues threatening Cam trying to make himself feel like a man. Chad pretends to be sick. EJ rants. Cam goes back inside. Chad and EJ celebrate their lies.

Kate, Jordan and Rafe are in the square. When they see the boarded up windows Kate comments - Seems like Sami's been window shopping again. Rafe - It looks like someone lost their mind. Jordan - It looks like we're going to have to find a new place for our field trip. Do you think the café is still open? Rafe - I've got an idea. Back away Jordan. Jordan - Why? Kate puts her hand on Jordan's so Jordan lets go of the wheelchair. Rafe wheels it around. Kate - Bravo Detective. Rafe - How about that coach! Jordan - It's very impressive and it's good you keep building your upper body strength just in case. Rafe - In case what? In case I'm stuck in this thing the rest of my life.

Marlena and Caroline look over at Will with Sonny. Caroline - He's so happy. Marlena - I remember that smile looking at me from his bassinet. Caroline - I don't think it could possibly be the same smile. They laugh. He's not a little boy anymore. He's a father and he has a life long partner. Marlena - He's lucky to have such a good partner.

Kate - Good going coach, you really know how to brighten up a party. Jordan - Rafe, with the progress you're making, there's no reason to believe that you'll be confined to a wheelchair. Kate - Then why did you say it? Jordan - You're right, I shouldn't have. My job is to consider all the possibilities no matter how remote but I shouldn't have said it. I'm sorry. Rafe - Are you? Good. Prove it. Buy me a beer!

Cam joins the ladies and tells Gabi that they should go. Gabi - Why? Cam says he has to work early tomorrow. I'm sorry. Sami understands. Gabi says goodnight. Chad walks up. What's going on? Gabi says that she and Cameron are leaving. Chad - It would mean a lot to me if you stayed. I'm serious. I know this is my brother's party but I'd like my friends here too. Cam - That's fine. After Gabi and Cam walk away Abby asks Chad what's going on. What did the two of you talk about?

Marge puts her gun back in her purse and starts walking.

Chad lies and tells Abby that Cam wanted to talk about Theo and how he's doing, nothing major. Abby - And he had to do that privately? Chad - I think he thinks that things changed when I moved back in with my family and I'm pretty sure Abe didn't think it was a swell idea. I think it was good. I think Cameron and I cleared the air. Abby - Great. Chad - Now I want you to enjoy the party. Sonny apologises to Sami and EJ. The cake is still not here. I know you wanted to announce the date. EJ, there's really nothing that can spoil this party. Sami looks at the entrance ... so does Stefano who mutters, What the hell is she doing here!

Segment 4: Kate holds the door open for Jordan and Rafe. Everyone stares. Stefano - The nerve of the ... EJ walks over and holds out his hand to Rafe. Welcome. We didn't realise you'd be able to make it to the celebration. Kate - Did you really think that we knew this was going on. We were going out for a beer and the café happened to be closed. EJ - Well you're welcome to have a beer here or anything else you may wish to drink. Darling, look Raphael is here. He's out and about which is truly an inspiration. Rafe - Let's get the hell out of here. Sami - Rafe ... Kate - It turns out he's really picky about who he drinks with. Rafe sees Stefano - On second thought why don't we stick around. Beer actually sounds good besides I wouldn't want to be rude.

Marge is outside the DiMera mansion. One more time she checks her gun and then rings the doorbell. Harold answers. May I help you? Marge - That depends. Are EJ and Sami at home?

Sami - Not that I want to question your judgement but before you invited Rafe to stay for a beer don't you think you should have sent your father to ... I don't know ... Outer Mongolia. EJ - Who knows? Maybe it will help them move on. Sami - You think this is funny. EJ - I may have to live in his house; I may have to do his bidding but Rafe can say whatever he wants to the old ... gentleman. Jordan brings Kate and Rafe a beer to their table and tells Gabi she'll be right back with her wine. Gabi - Are you sure that this is a good idea. Rafe - Yeah, it's okay. Ask Jordan. One beer is not going to hurt me. Gabi - You know that I'm not talking about that. Rafe - Look at that, the happy couple doesn't look so happy. Gabi - Maybe they're just tense now that you're here. Kate - You think! Rafe - But I'm all about letting bygones be bygones. Marlena comes over to Rafe. I'm so happy to see you out and about. Kate, can I talk to you? They go to the bar. Marlena - I don't recall seeing your name on the guest list. Kate - Trust me, this is not my idea. Sami scoffs - I find that hard to believe. Kate - Oh really. Do you think I want to raise a glass to you and EJ? You're not exactly two of my favourite people. Sami - But I know you'd be happy ruining my party. You should get Rafe out of here. Kate - Sami, you are positively radiant tonight. Sami - We both know it's not a good idea. You know what Stefano did the last time he found out about the two of you. Kate - Rafe is the one who wanted to stay. Sami - Fine, at least he doesn't know what Stefano tried to do to him. Rafe stares at Stefano and recalls EJ telling him exactly what Bernardi was going to do to him. Sami goes to EJ. I think something awful is going to happen; I just know it.

Harold - I'm sorry. Mr. DiMera and Miss Brady are not at home. Is there something that I can help you with. The phone rings. Harold answers. The cake for the engagement party. No, it's going to Chad DiMera's club. Club TBD. Yes that's the name. That's where the party is being held. He goes back to the door to find Marge gone.

EJ - Just remember none of this matters - Father, Rafe, Kate. As long as we're together nobody is going to ruin our happiness.

Segment 5: Will sits down across from Rafe. Is this your idea of a good time. Rafe - Are you worried that I'm going to make a scene. Will - No. I'm worried about you. Why don't we grab some more beers and go outside and get some fresh air. Rafe - Thanks but no thanks. Will - I know this is hard for you but I want you to know that I genuinely feel that my mom is happy where she's at right now. Rafe - Yeah, of course, because EJ's changed, Stefano's mellowed, they're good guys now. Will - I don't know. Maybe today they are. Rafe - No such luck. Listen, I appreciate you coming to talk to me and I appreciate you being worried about your mom's happiness but guess what, so am I. We've been through a lot and I actually feel like I owe her. She defended me when I was unable to defend myself. Unfortunately I can't do that for her now.

Marlena is outside talking on her cell. I'm very glad you called and I'll check on you tomorrow. Will comes out and joins her. They hug. Marlena tells him she's been missing him just a little bit. Will - Sorry, busy with the baby. They talk about how things are going in Will's household. Marlena - It makes me so happy to see you so happy. Will - Vice versa. Speaking of you being happy, how are you and John.

Marge walks past the gates to the square. She talks to a photo of Joe on her cell. I'm sorry it's come to this but if the law won't make Sami Brady and EJ DiMera pay for what they did I will. Her cell rings. Timmy, is that you?

Sami sits down across from Rafe. Sami - I just wanted to say I'm really happy to see you outside of the hospital. You look like you're doing better then when I barged into your PT room. Rafe - Stronger every day. Sami - Good. I should probably get back to my guests. Rafe - Good luck to you and the kids. I mean it. Sami - I know you do. She leaves and Stefano walks over. You really have lost a lot, haven't you? Rafe - Yeah I have but I still have all my working parts. Stefano - You seem to look a little pathetic to me. Rafe - And you, you look like a broken down equipment manager jealous of a guy who can still swing a bat. Stefano chuckles. At least you still have your tongue. Rafe - I told you I wasn't going to rest until I was on my feet coming after you. Stefano - I'll be waiting but I won't hold my breath.

Segment 6: Will - You still love John, don't you? Marlena - Sometimes love isn't enough. Will - But you two have been through so much together. Marlena - I know we have but now instead of being a team it seems we've become separate individuals. Will - Have you heard of this new thing called counselling. Marlena - Have you heard of a boy being fresh. Clearly counselling works a whole lot better when one of the parties decides to stay living in the United States and not live in Europe. So I'm sorry to say it but I think we can't make it work. Will - Are you okay with that? Marlena - I have to be okay because that's what is. Will - I'm sorry. Marlena - I know. I'm sorry too. They hug.

Chad talks to Abigail and says something outrageous. When she looks at him and says what he tells her he knows her mind is somewhere else right now. What can I do? Abby - You're doing it.

Caroline stands next to Stefano. As I said, someday ... Stefano - I know, I know. It will all come back to haunt me. Caroline - Haunt you? It'll bite you in the ass. Kate returns to Rafe's table. I saw Stefano talking to you. What did he want? Rafe - Just to get under my skin. Kate - That's it, we're leaving. Rafe - I didn't say that he succeeded. Jordan returns. Kate - We're leaving. Jordan - Fine. EJ calls everyone to attention. EJ talks about his and Sami's relationship and how they always find their way back to each other. Rafe turns to Jordan - Let's get out of here before I hurl.

Marge talks to Timmy. You're a good boy, you always have been but I need you to listen to Grandma and Grandpa now. I want you to know no matter what anyone says I loved your daddy and you more than life itself. Goodnight baby. She cries.

EJ toasts Sami saying that this time there is nothing or no more that can split them apart.

Segment 7: Kate, Jordan and Rafe are back in the square. Rafe - I'm sorry, I just had to get out of there. I couldn't listen to that phoney bastard ramble on any longer. Kate - I know. The whole thing was nauseating. I'm sorry I suggested going there. Rafe - No, I said it was fine. I just had to go. Besides it was good to see my old friends again; let Stefano and EJ know I'm going to be back on my feet soon, my old self again. Jordan - I know it's none of my business but it seems to me you have quite a complex relationship with your ex-wife. Kate laughs. Jordan - That wasn't a joke. Kate - No, Jordan, actually it was.

Gabi tells the guys that she just got off the phone with the sitter. Apparently we set a record with our 20 calls. Will - Imagine what it will be like when she starts dating. Chad decides he wants to say a few things. He praises EJ and how important it is to have family on your side. Abby backs up in terror - Oh my gosh she's got a gun. Marge starts shooting.


Monday Oct 14

Segment 1: Repeat of Friday's ending. Everything goes into slow motion. People drop for cover. Chad stands there and consequently takes both bullets ... his blood splatters all over the cake. EJ holds Chad in his arms.

Hope and Ciara are in the square. Hope finishes up a work call and then sees Ciara walking with a bouquet and asks if she's pretending to be a bride. Ciara - No, I'm going to be a flower girl. Hope - Really? For anyone I know? Ciara - For Brady and Kristen of course.

Dan looks up from the nurse's station and sees Eric and asks him if the name of the woman in the hotel proved to be helpful. Did it ring any bells?

Kristen and Jen sit at a table in the Brady Pub. Kristen asks if there's anything she can do to help. Jen - No, not really. JJ's arraignment is tomorrow so there's nothing anyone can do. Honestly I can't talk about it without wanting to cry or throw something. But there is one thing you can do to help me - distract me. Tell me what's going on in your life. Kristen - Something is going on; something wonderful actually.

Nicole is walking through the square. She pauses and recalls Marlena telling her what she overheard Kristen say on the phone and their ensuing conversation. Nicole mutters - The drive is gone. That bitch Kristen is going to get away with everything including Brady. Ugh, I need a drink.

Abby screams for someone to call 911. Sami starts screaming at Marge. What is the matter with you! You shot an innocent ... EJ gets up and stands in front of Sami as she continues screaming at Marge. Marge yells back that she wanted to shot EJ. I wanted your fiancé. I wanted EJ DiMera because I wanted you to pay. I wanted to take him from you like you took Joe from me. EJ starts yelling - You want me ... come on ... he keeps taunting her and walking towards her. Shoot me. She presses the gun to his chest as Stefano watches in horror.

Eric - No, it didn't. Dan - You didn't recognise the name. Eric - Let's just say I'm trying to process it. Dan - Is there something you're not telling me. I know you're a priest but you're also my friend and you look like you could use one right now. Eric - There's a lot of it I just don't understand. Dan - Well this isn't really the place. Why don't you come to my office and you can tell me what's really bothering you.

Jen would love to hear some good news. I think I forgot there was such a thing. Kristen wishes Brady was here. He's out of town with a work emergency. I promised I wasn't going to say anything until Eric had a chance to talk to his mother but you're my best friend. You know that Brady and I have been going through Precana counselling. Jen - I think I know what you're going to say. Nicole walks in and listens. Kristen - Brady and I finished our sessions and Eric said he's very satisfied that we've met the church's requirements so he's going to go ahead and marry us. Isn't that amazing! Jen - Yes, I'm so happy.

Cam works on Chad as EJ keeps screaming at Marge to shoot him. Marge drops her arms - she can't do it. EJ grabs the gun. Stefano roars - My son! Look what you've done. Will and Sonny hold on to Marge as she cries. I didn't mean to hurt that boy.

Segment 2: Ciara continues to practice her walk. Hope - I think it's really sweet of you to offer. You're such a good girl but Kristen and Brady haven't asked you yet. Ciara - I bet you they're going to and Fr. Eric goes to marry them and everything's going to be perfect; almost as nice as the last time you and Daddy got married. Hope - Yeah, that was nice, wasn't it? Hope gets a call. I'm on my way. Honey, I need to drop you off at Grandpa Victor's. Ciara - Why, what's going on? Hope - I've got to get to work.

Cam keeps working on Chad saying he needs room. EJ won't budge, neither will Abby. He needs me. Cam - Yes he does. You see this wound right here. I need you to apply pressure to it, can you do that? Both EJ and Abby take over keeping pressure on the wounds. Cam yells - Someone call 911 NOW! Stefano rants - You stupid ... Will gets between him and Marge. Stefano points his finger - You are going to pay for this. Marge - I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to hurt that boy. I'm so sorry. Stefano rages - You stupid bitch! Sami grabs him - No, you don't. Stop it!

Dan sits down behind his desk. Do you mind telling me what's going on. Eric - I don't even know where to begin. It's just that this odd thing happened with Nicole ... Dan - Nicole? I thought you were talking about the name I found for you. Eric - I was. There's a knock on his office door. Yeah, Johanna, come in. Sorry to interrupt. I just dropped Parker off at your mother's. I know you wanted this stuff. She hands him a file and the flashdrive. I'll see you tomorrow. Dan thanks her. He tells Eric that Parker found this at the park and he's been meaning to open it to see if he can figure out who it belongs to. Eric - Good Samaritan in the digital age. What do you think is on there? Dan sticks it into a port on his laptop. Well we are about to find out.

Kristen - Honestly, I'm just so happy for Brady because he's close with Eric. That just proves that being with me doesn't screw that all up. Jen - I know his family is very important to him. Kristen - When he first brought up the Precana counselling I was like 'hell no.' But I'm telling you it's the best thing I could have done. Nicole mutters - The best thing you could have done is popped a cyanide pill. Jen is glad she told her and she promises not to say a word to anyone. Jen gets a call from Justin. It's probably about JJ. Excuse me. Nicole walks over to Kristen. You sure are a shrewd, crafty little psychopath. Kristen - Not shocking find you in a bar, is it, Nicole. Nicole - I understand fooling Brady because he thinks with something other than his brain ... Kristen - Is that your 1st martini or maybe your 6th. Nicole - Oh, I'm not drunk but you're going to want to hit the bottle when your world starts tumbling down. Kristen - I have no idea what you're talking about. Nicole - Really. You think you're so clever. We are on to you and we are going to find out what you're hiding. Kristen smiles as she recalls raping Eric. Oh I think you'd be really bothered if you found out what I'd truly done.

Stefano growls as Sami and Will hold him back. Don't you ever presume that you can tell me what to do. Sami lets go as the paramedics arrive. Hope comes in and walks up to Will. How many shots did she get off. Will - Two and Chad took both of them. Sami assures EJ that Chad is going to be okay. Cam and the paramedics work on Chad. Abby stares at her blood-covered hands. There's so much blood. She grabs Cam. He's lost so much blood. Cam looks to Sami and Gabi to move Abby away. Sami - You just have to give Cameron room to work. Abby - I can't lose him. She cries.

Segment 3: Sami - No one is losing Chad. Stefano - That woman better pray that is true. Cam tells the paramedics he's riding with them. Abby - I'm going too. Cam - Not in the ambulance. Gabi - I'll take you. Let's go. Stefano calls for his car to be brought around. I have to get to the hospital. Hope tells EJ she has to take a statement before he goes. EJ - Get it at the hospital. He leaves. Sami goes to Marge. How could you do this? Were you so consumed by your hate ... Marge - Yes, hate. Sami - You shot an innocent man who had done nothing to anyone. Marge - I didn't mean to shoot that boy. Sami - But you did. Was it worth it? Your pain and your anger, was it worth killing an innocent man? Look at what you've done to Timmy. Because of your hate you have left him with no one. Marge cries.

Nicole - Truly done? Kristen - With Brady of course. He's told me so many times how he's never really experienced true satisfaction until he was with me. Nicole - Sweet, you must be really good at faking it. Kristen - It must be upsetting for you to realise that you're never, ever going to be with him again. Sad. Nicole - I feel like I'm in a boy's high school locker room ... Dude, it was so good last night. Kristen - It's not just Brady, it's Eric too. That pesky vow of chastity has to get in the way. Nicole - Stop talking about Eric. Kristen - Although the vow's not really the issue, is it. Even if Eric was as free as a bird he wouldn't be picking over any tired old road kill like you.

Sami preaches - None of this had to happen. It could have all been avoided. Marge - That's rich coming from you. Hope tells the officer with Marge to take her down to the station now. Marge yells back at Sami - You set all of this in motion. You did. Sami hands Hope Marge's gun that is wrapped in a napkin. Hope announces - Forensics will be here in a minute. Everyone has to clear out. The party is over. Sonny - Can we go to the hospital now? Hope - Yeah. Sonny and Will walk past EJ and Sami who are standing outside. Sami - What are you thinking? EJ - My brother saved my life. He took that bullet willingly; he stepped in front of me. Sami - Let's go to the hospital. When he wakes up you can say thank you.

Hope looks around at the crime scene.

Nicole - You know, you really are kind of pathetic. Kristen chuckles - Honey, I have everything that I want and what do you have. Nothing, and I'm pathetic? Nicole - Yes, you are. She sees Jen has returned. Hi. I'm really sorry about JJ. Jen - Thank you. Nicole - And for the record, hanging out with this one isn't going to make anything better. She leaves. Outside the pub Nicole talks to herself. What are you thinking Eric? Kristen shouldn't be allowed in a church let alone married in one. Back inside: Jen - You two looked like you were about to get into it. Kristen - Nicole is nothing. She's harmless. Jen - Kristen, it's Nicole. You still need to be very careful.

Dan - There's something top secret on this drive or it belongs to the mob. It will help to have a priest vouch for me when I tell the owner I was just trying to figure out who it belongs to especially if there's something on here I'm not supposed to see. Eric - Let's pray you don't get a virus after this. Dan - We could pray or I could download some anti-virus software. Once that icon shows up we'll be ready to go.

Segment 4: Maxine is on duty when Chad is wheeled in. She directs the EMT's to OR 3. Abby - This can't be happening. Tell me he's going to be okay. Tell me he's not going to die. Silence from Gabi.

Marge is sitting in the squad room at the PD. Roman and Hope are there. Marge - That kid I shot, is he going to make it? Hope - Nobody knows yet. He'll be in surgery for several hours. Marge - My God, I don't even know his name. Roman - Chad DiMera. Marge - Did you say he's a DiMera?

Kristen - Don't worry, I can handle Nicole. Jen - I know you're not afraid of her but she and Brady are very close. If she finds out about the affair you had I wouldn't put it past her to tell him. Kristen - I love Brady. Jen - I know you do. Kristen - Sleeping with that man was the stupidest thing I could have done but you're the only one who knows and believe me, you're the only one that ever will.

The icon finally pops up. Here we go. Maxine rushes up. Dr. Jonas, we need you in OR 3 stat. Gunshot wound to the abdomen. Dan - I'm on my way. Eric - I guess you're going to have to wait to find out who that belongs to.

Jen - I hope you're right. Kristen - I am right. Jen gets another call. Sami? Hello. Jen, it's Sami. I'm here at the hospital. Jen - What? Is it my children? Are they okay? Jen - Yes, your kids are fine but Jen, Chad was shot and Abigail was with him and she's here now. She's really upset. I think she needs you. Jen - I'll be right there. Kristen - What is it? What happened? Jen - Kristen, it's your brother. Kristen - What happened to EJ? Jen - No, it's Chad. He was shot. Kristen - OMG. OMG.

Dan is talking to Cam. You do the prep. I'll scrub in. I don't have to tell you we don't have a whole lot of time. Cam says something about a clean shot. Dan - It severed the celiac artery and that is not good. Stefano walks up to Maxine at the nurse's station. What is happening with my son. Maxine - He's getting prepped for surgery. As soon as I know anything I'll let you know. Stefano vows - That woman is going to pay for this. I finally get everyone in my family under one roof and all of a sudden this maniac ... EJ - Just please can it. Or if you can't stop spewing that revenge crap you take it somewhere else because the people who love Chad, who care about him, who are praying for him to get through this surgery don't want to hear it! Stefano - WTH are you talking about. I love Chad! EJ - You love Chad? You love controlling him.

Segment 5: Marge - That boy, he's really a DiMera? Hope - He's Stefano's son. Marge - I remember him now. He's the one who recorded Sami Brady attacking Joe. Roman - That's right but he didn't want to hurt anybody with that video. He had nothing against you or your husband. Marge - I know and I am so sorry for what I did but maybe now Stefano DiMera and his family will understand what they took from me.

Sami sits across from Abby. I just wanted to let you know I called your mom and she's on her way over here. Abby - Thank you. Will and Sonny arrive. Will asks EJ if there's any news. EJ - They just took him into surgery. Will - I've spent way too much time in this place. Sonny - There's Abigail. Let's go see her. Sami goes up to EJ. We all hate this place. It's awful. This is where it started. This is where I shot that man and now we're back here ... the same damn place but it's Chad who pays the price. EJ - This is not your fault. He stares at Stefano. You're not the person who started this. Jen and Kristen arrive. Jen rushes over to Abby. They hug. Abby cries. Mom, I can't lose Chad, I can't. Kristen goes to Stefano and asks him what happened. Stefano - That woman, Bernardi's wife, she tried to shoot Elvis and instead she got Chad. EJ - He did it on purpose. He saw her. He saw the gun. He stepped in front of me. Stefano - It should have been me. He's got his whole life ahead of him. EJ - Yes he has and it's not over yet so don't even think it. Kristen says excuse me a second and goes and confronts Sami. What the hell were you thinking!

Eric is at the rectory. He pulls out the letter from the hotel. Fay Taylor. Nicole walks in. Oh great, I didn't think you'd still be here. Eric - I could say the same about you. Are you here to get something. Nicole - I'm just trying to get things in order before I leave. Eric - I'm glad you're here. There's something I wanted to ask you about. Nicole - I'm not really in the mood to help you with whatever the hell it is.

Sami - What is wrong with you! Kristen - My brother got shot and you called Jennifer! Sami - Where are your priorities! Your brother is in surgery and that little girl was standing next to him when he was shot twice. She has blood on her dress. She is completely traumatized and I thought she needed her mother. Yeah so I called Jennifer before I called you. What was I thinking! And I really think this is the right time to have that conversation 'cause that's what matters? Kristen - What matters is why you didn't call me! Sami - Because I don't want to talk to you. Kristen - Listen. That nut job went to the club and shot my brother because you killed her husband. If Chad dies it's on you. Gabi tells Will and Sonny that Arianna is asleep and the babysitter has to go home so now that Abigail's mom is here I think I'm going to go. Will - Thanks. Gabi - Can you call me though? Will - Absolutely. Sonny and Will talk - both asks if the other is okay. Sonny - There were so many people there. It could have been so much worse. And Chad, he ... Will - I know, he's going to be fine. He hugs Sonny.

Cam is on Ewe Search - polycefin. Adverse affects if ... oh no ... damn it no. Dan is in surgery. His celiac artery is ruptured. Nurse - His BP is down. Dan - If I don't fix this artery we're about to lose him. Cam asks Maxine if there's any word from the OR. Maxine holds up her Tablet. Just got Dr. Dan's surgical plan. Cam looks it. They can't give this to him. Maxine - If something's wrong you need to scrub in and tell Dr. Jonas ASAP. EJ walks up to Cam. What was that? Something's wrong, isn't it? Cam - It's not good. Chad's celiac artery collapsed and Dr. Jonas is in there right now trying to stop the bleeding. I need to get in there. EJ - Why? Cam - Because if I don't tell Daniel that Chad is on special treatment for his brain tumour he could die. EJ - Sorry, Dr. Davis, I can't let you do that.

Segment 6: Jen tells Abigail she has to remember that Daniel is the one doing the surgery. I am living proof that he can work a miracle. Abby - I know. Jen - And Chad is so young and so strong. Abby - He's a good person too. He's so important to me now more than ever because he's the first guy that I ... he's ... Jen - I'm sorry. I didn't know how close the two of you had gotten. Sami responds to Kristen - You want to do this right now! You want to play the blame game with me then you can ... I'm not going to do it. I'm not getting sucked into your petty crap right now. She walks away. Sami asks Stefano if he knows where EJ is. Stefano - You! Sami - Here we go.

Eric - I don't understand why you can't answer one simple question. Nicole - I told you. I'm not in a giving mood and why would I be when I overheard Kristen gloating about how you agreed to marry her and Brady. Eric - That's right. Nicole - We talked since you made this decision. Why didn't you tell me then? Eric - Because it's none of your business. Nicole - Well it will be when you come to regret it. As a priest, as Brady's brother, how could you sanction him getting married to the devil. Eric - Nicole, butt out. Nicole - I can't. When it comes to you I can't always do that.

Hope sits next to Marge who is cuffed to her chair. Do you hear what you're saying? Do you really believe it's an eye for an eye. Marge - You both know the DiMera's were behind everything that happened to Joe. Hope - No Marge. Joe was responsible for what happened to Joe. He was a grown man who made his own decisions and he was on the take. Marge - Do you think a man like Stefano DiMera gave him a choice! Hope - There's always a choice Marge. Roman - She's right. Marge - Remember Mayor Merino? Roman - Yes we do. Marge - He tried to go against the DiMera's and he ended up dead on their doorstep. Did either of you do anything to make the DiMera's pay for that? No, you didn't. And you never do. I'll bet Stefano DiMera threatened me and Timmy, that's why Joe did what he did. And I'm so sorry for shooting that kid and I have to live with that for the rest of my life but if Stefano DiMera and his family feel the way that I feel right now then maybe justice was finally done.

Sami - Don't you even start with me. Before you jump over me I have one thing I want to say to you. If Chad dies tonight you have no one to blame but yourself. You and I both know that you are the reason that I had to kill that woman's husband. And that is why she went so crazy that she showed up at that club and started shooting the place up. You put this in motion with your ridiculous jealousy of Kate and Rafe which is crazy because you're the one who kicked her to the curb in the first place. So if you want someone to blame why don't you go down to the men's room and take a look in the damn mirror! And I hope for once you see what kind of man you truly are. She walks away. Kristen walks up to him. Father ... Stefano walks away. Kristen goes back to Sami and grabs her arm. Just what the hell did you say to him! Sami - I just told him the truth.

Dan is still in surgery talking through the procedure. We definitely needs more blood. Nurse - His BP is holding. Dan - Good. Thank God he's a strong, healthy young man.

Cam - I don't think you understand what we're talking about. We're talking about Chad's life. EJ - Oh I understand. You have to listen to me. Cam - No, you listen to me. His tumour trials are not on his medical record and if Dr. Jonas administers any kind of hemostatic agent it could kill him! EJ - How. Cam - Because he's taking a nano medicine and if it senses any new or unusual proteins in the blood it will find that source and attack it. It will break down any of the agents helping the blood clot around the artery. Essentially this could kill Chad. Dr. Jonas needs to know that he's on the protocol. EJ - He's not on the protocol. He's not taking any drugs. He doesn't have a tumour. Cam - So you're saying that that was a lie. EJ shrugs. Cam - You disgusting S.O.B. EJ - You can take this out on me later if you wish. In the meantime go in there and help Chad. Cam - Just for the record, that lie could have cost Chad his life.

Stefano is in the chapel. He sits down in a pew. Oh God. Is it possible that Samantha is right. What have I done!

Segment 7: Eric - I don't understand. What do you mean? Nicole - It's nothing. You can't see the forest for the trees. She leaves. Eric pulls out the letter again. I'm not going to get any answers out of Nicole. He places a call to the hotel. This is Fr. Eric Brady. I'd like to come back one last time.

Roman - I see that you've waved yourright to an attorney. Marge - A room full of people saw me shoot that kid. What do I need a lawyer for? It's not that I'm going to say I'm innocent. Hope - You still need an attorney. Marge - I can't afford one. I want any money I have left to go to Timmy. Hope - Okay, then the court will appoint you one. Marge - Whatever. Hope nods to a uniformed cop. Please take Mrs. Bernardi to be processed. Marge is led away. Hope - What are you thinking? Roman - That what she said is exactly right. We both know it. The DiMera's, especially the old man, they never do pay. Hope - Maybe what happened tonight is going to change all that.

Abby - I would have told you the truth Mom but I didn't want you to get upset. With everything going on with JJ ... Jen - I'm not upset. You're not my little girl anymore. You are but you're not. I just want you to be happy. Abby - Chad just has to be okay. Jen - Listen to me. We know that Chad is a fighter and we also know that Daniel never gives up, never.

Dan - I think this is working.

Sami comes up to Sonny and Will. Sonny - Any word? Sami - No, nothing. You both look like you can use a break. Do you want to go outside? I'll call you ... Sonny - We're good but thank you. Sami - You know Chad was a better person after becoming your friends. Sonny - I don't know. I feel like I could have been a better friend. Will - Let's not talk about him like he's dead because he's not dead. Sonny - You're right. Kristen comes up and grabs Sami - Excuse me, I need you for a moment. I want you to tell me exactly what you said to my father. Sami - I just told him the truth. I told him that if Chad dies he has no one to blame but himself.

Dan - The hemostatic agent is working. Cam comes in. Dan - I think our patient here is going to make it. The alarms on Chad's monitors go off; he has a seizure and then flatlines.

Stefano recalls Caroline's words. That violence you've done and the revenge you've taken; that scream you hear in the night will be the banshees coming to get you. Then Sami's words - If you want someone to blame why don't you go down to the men's room and take a look in the damn mirror and I hope for once you see what kind of man you truly are. EJ comes into the chapel. Stefano - They're right. I put this in motion. Please dear God, please save my son's life.

Dan uses the paddles, Cam does CPR Dan - Come on Chad. Keep going. Hang in there. Nurse - We've lost him. He's gone.


Wednesday Oct 16

Segment 1: Nicole is at the pub telling an applicant she's not a fit for the job. Female - What a surprise. Nicole - What is that supposed to mean? The agency warned me about you. Nicole - Really. What did they say? That I'm the 16th highly qualified applicant you've rejected and that Pope Francis wouldn't meet your standards. Nicole - Does he take transcription? Do you? Look, it's pretty clear that you can't stand the idea of anyone replacing you. Are you sure you wanna leave?

Brady brings Kristen room service in bed. He called the hospital and Chad is doing great. Kristen thanks him. Brady wishes he had been here for her. Kristen says nonsense. You had a work emergency. How did you know some nutcase was going to shoot up Sami's and EJ's engagement party. Brady - I keep thinking it could have been you. If we hadn't left when we did ... Kristen - Yeah. Apparently Marge Bernardi kept saying that the DiMera's never pay. It's kind of true, isn't it? But you know what I was thinking. Nobody's luck holds out forever, does it? The DiMera's have been the reason a lot of people's lives have been cursed in this town. I think it's our turn that we're cursed.

Eric is on the phone with the desk clerk at the hotel in the Capitol. When he identifies himself she assures him that she does remember him; he was carted out of here in an ambulance. Eric would like to ask her a few questions. She tells him the desk clerk on duty that night was George. Eric - Yes, but I understand he's moved to Virginia. You were there that night Martha. If you could help me I'd appreciate it. Martha - I'm sorry Fr. but I can't.

Theresa and Anne go to the coffee station near the nurse's station. Theresa is fingering Dan's bracelet. He has such great taste in jewelry; too bad his taste in women is so lousy. Anne - We'll cure him of that. You better put that away before he realises that he didn't lose it. Theresa sees Jen and nudges Anne. Anne - Look who the cat dragged in. Her son's arraignment is today. Theresa - Poor Jen Jen. Hey why don't you come over here, I'll make your day.

Dan opens his apt door to Hope and thanks her for stopping by. Hope asks if he's going to JJ's arraignment today. Dan - I would love to help Jen but I don't want to set JJ off. Hope - I think that's wise. Dan - If there's anything else I can do ... Hope - I really wish there were. Dan - You don't seem very optimistic. What do you think is going to happen to JJ?

Justin walks up to JJ's cell and says Good morning. You still want me to go to hell. JJ - Are you going to keep me out of prison or not?

Abby walks up to her mom and says hi. Jen asks how Chad is doing. Abby - Good. He's sleeping. Maxine said he'll be sedated for a while. Jen - They're expecting a full recovery. Abby - Maxine also said the only reason Chad is alive right now is because Daniel fought so hard to save him. Jen - Well Chad fought very hard too. Abby agrees. Jen - If you want to stay here, that's fine. Abby - No, of course I'm going to go with you to support JJ and you. Theresa walks by and makes a show of dropping Dan's bracelet. Abby - Is that Daniel's bracelet. Karen and Anne watch.

Hope - JJ's arraignment was set to address the misdemeanor drug charge but after JJ's rampage at the town square ... Dan - The DA tacked on additional charges. Hope - Assault and battery and unfortunately JJ is not a juvenile anymore. Dan - Do you think the judge will grant bail? Hope - I'd be a lot more hopeful if we hadn't drawn Judge Goldberg. He's the type of judge who has the idea that young defendants from what he considers privileged families might have a legal advantage. Dan - So you think Judge Goldberg is going to take it upon himself to restore fairness to the criminal justice system? Hope - One case at a time. I'm afraid he's going to make an example out of him especially after he wiggled his way out of those shoplifting charges and obviously did not learn his lesson. Dan - I know JJ needs a wakeup call; he's definitely been given one now. But this just seems unusually harsh given the circumstances. Hope - And it's the last thing Jennifer needs right now. Dan can't imagine what this is doing to her. Hope - You also need to be prepared because when this goes to trial you might be called as a witness for the prosecution. Dan - No, I'm not going to send JJ to jail. Hope - You're not going to have a choice. You're just going to have to tell them the truth about whatever you saw. Dan - But ... Hope - There's no buts here. If JJ goes to prison it's not your fault. And whether you testify or you don't testify, JJ dug a huge hole for himself and it's going to be very hard, if not impossible, to get him out of it.

Justin - If you had stayed out of trouble I would say your chances are pretty good for making bail but now, you could be stuck behind bars until trial. JJ - It's better then the street. Justin - Are you saying you'd rather stay here? JJ - I really don't care. Justin - You need to start caring or you're going to be stuck behind bars a hell of a long time and when you do finally get out, you'll be a felon for the rest of your life. JJ - Just like my Dad. Justin - You need to ask your cousin Nick how easy his life has been this last year. JJ - I can't change what I already did. Justin - But you can change what you do next. Do you understand? You need to grow up JJ and grow up fast. And if you're honest with yourself, I think you'll admit that you're being a total jackass. JJ - Don't lecture me about honesty not when you and everyone in the family have been lying to me my whole damn life.

Eric - I only need a few minutes of your time. Martha - That's not the problem. Eric - Then what is? Martha - After you and your friend were here asking questions my boss started worrying about bad publicity or maybe even a lawsuit. I have been told to refer all questions to management. Eric - They can't help me. They weren't there the night I got sick, you were. I'm afraid something terrible happened to me that night. If I don't find out soon I think someone else could get hurt maybe even worse than I was.

Brady - You told me once you didn't believe in curses. Kristen - Did I? Brady - I was talking to Sami earlier ... Kristen - Well that just proves my case don't you think. Brady - Sami makes bad choices. Kristen - I'll say. Like shooting a man and killing him and getting my brother taken out in retaliation. Brady - She had to make a split second decision. It was either pull the trigger and save Rafe's life ... I'm sticking up for her. I think it was a gutsy move on her behalf. She didn't even think of what was going to happen down the line. We've all been there, haven't we? Cue yet another flashback of the rape. Kristen - I don't know. I've never shot a guy, have you? Brady - In life sometimes we do the right thing and we get burned. There's other times we just get away with crap and we should be destroyed for it. What's wrong with you?

Segment 2: Hope - The store owners can't wait to get on the stand and put a monetary value on the damage JJ caused. And if this does go to trial you can bet the prosecution is going to line up a list of the people JJ assaulted and of course the ex-friend, the narc. Dan - I don't know how you do what you do. When you're building a case you're completely at the mercy ... Hope - Of anything you can imagine. You got that right. Some things that you can't. Dan - When I'm in the OR at least I feel like I've got some control. Hope - Kayla says it was a real miracle you being able to save Chad's life last night. Dan - Actually it was more miracle then me. I know control is an illusion. I learned that a long time ago when I had to stand there and just watch my first wife die. Not a damned thing you can do about it. Hope - I'm really sorry. Dan - There's nothing worse then feeling useless. Hope - That's how you feel now. Dan - I know this isn't about me and Jen but I don't know if we can ever get back to what we had. Hope - You want to help her fix it and that's admirable. Unfortunately, no one can make things right for JJ except JJ.

JJ - My Dad was a rapist and everyone let me go around believing that he was this hero. Justin - In some ways your father was a hero. He sacrificed his life for your sister's; you know that. Your mother and Jack, while he was alive, I'm sure intended to tell you the truth when you were old enough to understand. JJ - Were they waiting until I was 70! Justin - I'm sure they wanted to do it together. JJ - And the time was never right ... I got it. But somehow they found the time to tell Abigail. Who else knows? Does Sonny. Of course he does. Justin - It was a long time ago. JJ - That means Will knows too, doesn't he? Everyone in the town knows what my father did except for his son. And to think that I was actually proud to be named after my father. Justin - Your mother gave you that name because she was proud. Your father wasn't perfect; he had flaws just like we all do. But he put his past behind him; he led an honorable life. And now JJ, this is your chance to do just that. But first you need to stop this pity party. JJ - Is that what you think I'm doing! Justin - It doesn't matter what I think! I'm not a shrink. I'm your lawyer and you need to put your best foot forward today at the arraignment or you're life is going to go from bad to worse. Do you understand me! You think you're the only one in town who's got it bad right now. JJ - I don't want to talk about my mom or Abigail. Justin - Last night a woman put two bullets into Chad DiMera. He almost died. JJ - What! Justin - Your sister Abigail was there with him. She could have died. JJ sits down. OMG. Justin - So let's put things into perspective. Your situation is bad; no doubt about it but things could get a hell of a lot worse.

Theresa - I found it in the locker room. I was going to turn it in to lost and found. Are you sure it's Dr. Jonas's? Abby - Yes I am. Jen - I'm not playing these games with you right now. She turns to Abby - We need to get to the courthouse. They leave.

Nicole - Excuse me ... Brandy ... Woman - Candy. Nicole - Whatever. I already have a job lined up. No more hymnal inserts to print or altar linens to iron. Look for this face on TV. I'll be making 10 x's the salary of my replacement who sure as hell will not be you. Candy - Denial is not just a river in Egypt. You need to learn to let go. Nicole - Trust me honey, there ain't nothing left at St. Luke's to let go of.

Eric - If you could just meet with me for a few minutes; I promise I won't let you get in trouble. Martha - I believe you ... someone's coming. She hangs up.

Brady - I upset you. Kristen - My brother was shot and almost died. Brady - I shouldn't have been talking about how things come around to bite you ... I know I hurt you before when I called off the wedding. Kristen - I hurt you more. Do you really want to go through that all again. If you want to know how to make me feel better ... They kiss. Brady gets a call. Really. I'll let you know. He tells Kristen that the nun that schedules weddings at St Luke's called and said a couple cancelled their wedding. We might be able to get married sooner than we thought. Kristen - How much sooner? Brady - A couple of days. If you want to do it, it's fine. Kristen - Nothing would make me happier.

Segment 3: Theresa is now wearing Dan's bracelet. Anne - I was about to bring out the popcorn and Jennifer just walks away. Theresa - She actually thought I was playing games. Anne - Well aren't you. Theresa - No. Game are for fun. I'm out for blood. I need to kick ass and get someone to bite so I can bite back. She swings the bracelets on her fingers as she walks past Karen. Karen grabs the bracelet. I told Dr. Jonas I'd watch out for it. He said it just disappeared out of his locker. Likely story, right? So what's really going on. I thought that Horton chick was going to rip your eyes out. Theresa - I found Dr. Jonas's bracelet ... Karen - Seriously! Anne - Please Karen, we're all professionals here. Karen - Actually I'm a volunteer. Anne - But we have an honour code here - we don't gossip. Karen - Of course. My lips are sealed. She gives the bracelet back to Theresa. Theresa and Anne step aside. Theresa - Next thing you know Maxine is going to be calling Jennifer in the courtroom telling her she's about to lose the man she's lost a 100 times before. Anne - How was I ever jealous of Jennifer Horton. The kid's father falls to his horror movie death down an elevator shaft ... her son is a criminal ... her daughter has the IQ of a salad bar ... her life sucks. Theresa - Well, it's about to suck more. I just have to figure out a way to get the ... she sees Dan and smiles.

Justin - If you want to help Abigail the best thing for you to do is to help yourself in court today. JJ - What do you need me to do? Justin - I've got something in the works. The guard walks up. Mr. Deveraux, ready for your date with the judge.

Kristen starts listing all the things she has to do and then stops. I don't want to get married without Chad being there. Brady - Don't worry about it. Maxine said he'll probably be doing laps around the hospital by tomorrow. Kristen - I better tell Chad the good news soon. Brady - And I'm going to go tell my brother. They kiss.

Eric is on the phone - How many applicants has she interviewed? No, believe me, this position needs to be filled ASAP. Never mind, I'll take care of it myself. Eric recalls Nicole saying that she did some stupid things and there were some things she couldn't tell him about. Martha calls him back. I do want to help you but I can't talk to you at the hotel. Eric - I can clear my morning schedule and if you could tell me of a restaurant nearby ... Martha - Actually it would be better if I came to Salem. Are you free later today? Eric - That would be perfect! I really appreciate this. Martha - I'll call you when I'm on the road. Eric - Drive safely. Maybe I'll finally find out who this mystery woman is. Nicole walks in.

Segment 4: Jen and Abby walk into the courtroom. Jen - When you're watching your 8 yr. old play in a soccer tournament, this is the last place you expect to find yourself in 10 yrs. You know your brother got 6 catalogs from colleges last week. I just keep thinking if I had done something differently maybe ... Abby - This is not your fault. Hope comes in. How are you doing cuz? Jen - Hangin' in there. Hope asks Abby if she saw Chad this morning. Abby - Yeah I did. Everyone says he's really lucky he was in such good health. Hope - That will help with his recovery. Jen, Justin is the best defence attorney. He's going to do everything he can to help JJ. Jen - I just wish you could tell me everything's going to be alright but I know that you can't. Abby - Look at the charges Sami was facing a couple of weeks ago and now she's moved on with her life just like JJ will. JJ is led into the room.

Theresa walks up to Dan. I have something that you want. She holds up his bracelet. I found it in the locker room shoved under a laundry bin. Dan - Thank you very much. He walks away. Anne - Keep smiling. Theresa - I thought he'd be more appreciative. Anne holds up a set of keys. He'll have a chance to redeem himself at your next encounter. Theresa - It's going to be so much more than that.

Nicole - Who were you talking to? Eric - How's the search going for your replacement? Nicole - The agency sent me a ton of applicants; none that are remotely right for the job. Eric - Why? Nicole - I do a lot more around here then most people seem to think. Eric - I appreciate exactly how much you do. Nicole - Mary Smith has 22 yrs. of administrative experience ... too bad it was 22 yrs. ago. And this woman today must have thought she was on Celebrity Apprentice with that attitude. Eric - And you think attitude is a disqualifying trait. Nicole - Very funny. I'm trying to find you the best person possible which is what you deserve. Eric - The agency just called a while ago. Their recruiter believes you're looking for any reason not to hire the best candidates. Nicole - That's crazy. Why would I do that? Eric - I don't know. You tell me. Nicole - Can you just let me do my job please or are you that eager to get rid of me! Brady walks in. Did I come at a bad time?

Dan is talking on his phone about Chad. He looks at the flash drive. Now is as good a time as any to figure out who you belong to.

Segment 5: Abby asks JJ how he's doing. JJ - I'm okay. How are you doing? I heard about Chad. Abby - Chad's going to be fine. JJ - That's what Justin said. I'm sorry I wasn't there for you.

Theresa returns to the nurse's station. Anne asks if she just took her 3rd break. Theresa - I was hard at work. I was across the street at the locksmith. Anne - Let me guess. Theresa - The key to Dr. Dan's apt. Anne - I will see to it that Dr. Jonas gets his keys before they fall into the wrong hands.

Dan is about to click on the icon when there's a knock on the door. It's Kristen.

Brady will go. Both Eric and Nicole say no. Nicole - We're just having a disagreement about work. Eric - What can I do for you? Brady says Chad is doing better. I'm sure Kristen would like it if you popped in to see him. Eric - Of course. Nicole - You didn't come all the way down here just to say that. What are you not telling your brother that you don't want me to hear. Whatever it is I can take it. Eric - It's no big deal. Brady turns to Eric. Sr. Elizabeth called and said that a wedding had been cancelled. That means there is an opening in the schedule and she said that Kristen and I could have the date. Nicole - Let me guess. Kristen jumped on the chance. Brady - We're both looking forward to getting married as soon as we can. Eric - How soon? Nicole - Never would be too soon. Nicole leaves. Eric - You're okay with us moving the date up, right? You are still planning to marry Kristen and I.

Segment 6: Dan removes the flashdrive and throws it on his desk - it ends up under some folders. Kristen - Thank you for what you did for my brother. Dan - You thanked me last night. Kristen - Then I spoke to Maxine and she said if you hadn't been the doctor on duty Chad wouldn't be here. Dan - Maxine exaggerates. Kristen - I disagree. I know how far you book your surgical calendar in advance and I just want to make sure you're free in a few days for our wedding. Dan - A few days! I thought ... Kristen - I know but the church had a cancellation. We can't get married without our bestman! Dan - Well, I'm going to be there. Kristen - You do know that Jennifer is my matron of honour, right. Dan - I do know that and I can promise you that anything between us will not affect ... Kristen - I know that anything between the two of you doesn't have anything to do with you per se ... it's more about JJ, right. All I can say is if Brady and I can make it to the altar never say never. Dan - Okay. A nurse knocks and walks in. You left you keys at the nurse's station. Dan - Thanks. That's what 2 hrs. of sleep will do to you.

Theresa lets herself into Dan's apt.

Dan - Thank you for your good thoughts but Jennifer has a lot to deal with right now with her son. Her priorities are exactly where they need to be. Kristen looks at a picture of Parker - He looks more and more like you every day. Dan gushes then says he's sorry. Kristen - What are you sorry for? Dan - I was just going on ... did you ever hear from the specialist. Kristen - He wants to run one more test but Dr. Dunstall has cautioned me that the chances of my conceiving are slim to none. Dan - Sorry. Kristen - It's okay. I have so much to be grateful for and frankly between you and me I've been pretty rotten in this life so do I really deserve to have the one reward I want more than anything ... a child.

Eric says they did everything he asked. Do you feel ready? Brady is ready. Eric - Of course I'll marry you. Brady - Why aren't you happier? You just don't seem happy. Eric - I've got a lot going on especially with Nicole leaving. Brady - I'm sorry to hear that. Eric - I'm pretty sure that was the best decision she could make and I'm pretty sure everyone, especially Nicole, will be a lot happier once she's gone.

Nicole sits down on a bench in the square. Damn it! God, how could you make Brady so dumb! And how could you let Eric help him ruin his life. I did everything I could possibly think of to get those two to see the truth about Kristen. Everything but ... God, that's it. Thank you. That's it.

Theresa walks around Dan's place. Yeah, I could live here. She kicks one of Parker's toys. That brat and his crap would have to go. She starts looking through drawers. She finds a picture of Dan and Jen.

The judge enters the courtroom. All rise.

Segment 7: Judge - Jack Patrick Deveraux ... look at me young man ... on the misdemeanor charge of drug possession with intent to distribute, felony vandalism and two counts of assault and battery, how do you plead? JJ - Not guilty Your Honour. Judge - As to the matter of bail ... Justin - Your Honour ... Judge - This young man was recently released on his own recognizance. He has demonstrated little to no respect for authority and apparently lacks the will to act as a productive or law-abiding citizen. Therefore bail is denied.

Theresa lounges on the couch and stares at the broken glass on the picture. You must really be over her. Maybe he's ready to move on with someone less vanilla and more like me. She puts the picture back. Even if he's not, life is good because Jennifer's life will be hell. She ends up taking the picture with her.

Dan - God doesn't grant the privilege of parenthood to only the deserving. Look at me, I didn't know I had a daughter until she was all grown up. And I turned my back on Parker. Kristen - You didn't know he was yours. Dan - I'm just saying don't confuse a biological condition as an act of God. I've seen you with Parker and lots of kids ... you are going to make a great mother. Kristen - Thank you for saying that. Dan - I mean it. Once you're married nothing is going to stop you from pursuing all your options. Kristen - Right. Dan gets a call. I'm needed in the ER. Kristen - Is it alright if I stay here and make a few phone calls. My house is not the best place to be planning a wedding right now. Dan - Make yourself at home. He leaves. Kristen picks up the phone - the camera pans to the flashdrive.

Eric thanks Martha for coming. She sits down. Eric - I can see you're nervous. Let me assure you this conversation is strictly between us. Martha - What do you want to know that I haven't already told you. Eric - I was hoping you could tell me about another guest that checked in the night I stayed at your hotel. Martha - Fay Taylor. Eric - Yes, you remember. Martha - I do, very well.

Brady opens the door of the K mansion to Nicole. Nicole - I know you think I've been a pain in your ass because I'm jealous of Kristen, or I hate her or I don't want you to be happy. I hate to be the one to tell you this but you leave me no choice. You can not marry Kristen. Brady - Because it's going to be the biggest mistake of my life, right? I think you've told me this 6,000 times now. Nicole - No, I haven't. You can't marry Kristen because she's been unfaithful to you!


Thursday Oct 17

Segment 1: After the judge denies bail Justin asks for permission to approach the bench. Justin informs the judge that he and the DA negotiated a plea deal and asks if they can present it now.

Sami and Johnny are eating at the pub. Johnny asks why that lady shot Uncle Chad.

Chad wakes up and sees EJ. He asks where he is and why he's in pain. Cam stands in the doorway listening. EJ says 'You took 2 bullets for me you beautiful fool. You saved my life.'

Marlena knocks on Daniel's office door and is surprised to find Kristen there.

When Nicole tells Brady Kristen was unfaithful; it happened after he called off their last wedding and she's been lying since; Brady asks - Who did she sleep with.

Martha remembers Fay Taylor because she was such a strange woman and she could tell right away that Fay was up to no good.

Justin returns to his seat and asks JJ if he's okay with this. JJ doesn't think he has much choice. JJ changes his plea to Guilty.

Kristen wastes no time telling Marlena she's using Dan's office to make wedding plans. Eric agreed to marry them and they're getting married right away.

Nicole sidesteps the question but has to admit that she doesn't know the name of the guy. Brady tells her that if she wants him to believe her she has to show him proof.

Martha says Fay checked in and out on the same day. When Eric asks when she left Martha says it was some time before the ambulance came to pick him up. Thank goodness for your good friend. I think the good Lord must have sent her - her timing was uncanny.

Segment 2: Sami explains the woman who shot Chad was sad because her husband died and her being sad kind of made her sick. She didn't mean to hurt anyone. She adds that Chad is getting better and that's what they need to focus on. Johnny asks if they are going to wait until Uncle Chad is better to get married. Caroline tells Johnny to go help Aunt Kayla in the kitchen; she's making the scariest cupcakes ever for Halloween. He takes off. Sami - Cupcakes after lunch! Caroline thinks a little sugar is the least of Sami's problems. You didn't answer him. Are you going to postpone the wedding?

Chad asks if anyone else ... how's Abby. EJ says Abby is fine. They subdued Marge Bernardi before anyone else could get hurt. Abby was here most of the night and for a while this morning. He doesn't know where she went but he's sure she'll be back.

The judge is surprised by the generous plea bargain the DA agreed to - probation and community service, no time served. Justin asks the judge to read the Affidavit from Dr. Kayla Brady explaining the extenuating circumstances that caused his client to act out as he did. And Det. Hope Brady is willing to testify as to the defendant's state of mind ... The judge asks if they have anyone that's not related to the boy. The judge mocks and lists all the things that JJ is literally getting away with from the shoplifting to drug possession to assault and battery and vandalism. The judge thinks it's time for Jack Patrick's luck to run out. Jen - Justin, he has to accept the plea. The judge informs her that in fact he doesn't. He would like to see this young man learn his lesson and it seems like prison is the only place that is going to happen.

Kristen says she is being insensitive. This must be somewhat humiliating for you and demoralizing I imagine. Marlena - Why would that be? Kristen - I've got everything I've ever wanted; I'm so happy. Have you spoken to John since he left town. If you do, give him my best. Marlena warns - I wouldn't gloat if I were you. You haven't married Brady yet. Remember what happened the last time. Kristen snarks - What do you think is going to happen? Something's just going to come out of the blue and destroy us? It's not going to happen because nothing can. Cue f/b of Nicole and Marlena talking about Kristen's flashdrive. Marlena concedes that Kristen might be right. She's sure nothing will stop the wedding this time.

Nicole admits she doesn't have absolute proof yet but she knows it happened. She admitted it. She was talking to someone on the phone. I was trying to find the proof but you moved up the wedding date so I couldn't wait. She promises to find the proof. Brady accuses Nicole of being desperate and making this crap up. He calls her a liar.

When Eric asks if Fay said why she was in the capitol Martha says she doesn't think Fay wanted anyone to know who she really was. She paid cash, wouldn't leave a credit card for room charges and then there was that disguise. How many people do you see wearing sunglasses at night. And then there was that accent and wig. Eric - Do you think she knew someone there. Martha - She must have. As soon as she disappeared your friend Nicole popped up ... oh my gosh ... they were both tall and thin and overly assertive ... it's almost as if Fay Taylor could have been your friend in disguise.

Segment 3: EJ tells Chad that Stefano was there last night and he was as devastated as EJ's ever seen him. Chad asks if he told him about ... EJ - The brain tumour, no. Chad is glad because if Abigail ever found he lied to Cameron about it ... cue f/b of EJ telling Cam that Chad lied about having a brain tumour. EJ tells him that he doesn't have to worry about that. EJ tells Chad that he has his best interests in mind and it's his job to protect him especially now that Chad saved his life.

Justin argues that the plea agreement is acceptable to all parties. It would save the tax payers thousands of dollars ... Judge - Not if Mr. Deveraux takes it upon himself to go on another costly rampage. I understand he was upset by what he learned about his father but that is no excuse for his behaviour which clearly began long before this upset. However he will consider the plea deal with one additional stipulation - the defendant must agree to live with his mother. Justin - We will agree to the stipulation Your Honour. Thank you.

Marlena and Kristen exchange barbs. Kristen decides she has to go. She knocks a large amount of files and the flashdrive to the floor. They start picking them up.

Nicole tries to convince him she's telling the truth. She adds - Don't end up like me. He won't because he's a honest man. He ties into her. She pleads with him to look into her eyes and he'll know she's not lying. He is. He snaps - You are not a friend. He walks away.

Eric shows Martha a recent picture of Nicole. Do you think she and Fay Taylor could have been the same person. Martha can't say for sure. What does he think? Eric didn't get a close look at her; the woman kept her distance. Martha - Maybe because she didn't want you to recognise her. Eric asks if she's sure she never saw the 2 women together. Martha - No. The more she thinks about the more she thinks that Fay and Nicole are one and the same.

Segment 4: Maxine walks in to Dan's office and asks what happened. Kristen tells her that Dan said she could use his office and she accidentally knocked these files off his desk. Maxine tells them to leave them as they could contain confidential patient information. Marlena apologises - Of course, you're right about that. Kristen leaves followed by Marlena. Maxine picks up the files and the flashdrive and puts them on Dan's desk.

Sami says they want Chad to be part of the wedding so if they have to postpone things they will. Caroline asks if that's the only reason. Sami insists she is going to spend the rest of her life with EJ. Caroline wonders if this family can survive 2 weddings in one season. Sami sighs - Daddy's been talking to you. Caroline - Don't be too hard on your father. He loves you and wants the best for you. That's what I was telling Shawn last night. Sami - Grandma ...

EJ wants to talk to Cam privately. Cam guesses he wants to know if he told Abigail Chad's big lie. He said he wouldn't lay that on her right now and he didn't. EJ appreciates his discretion. Cam wonders if the death threat or bribe is coming next. EJ says he's not his father. You can do what you want but before you tell Abigail you should be apprised of all the facts. I think you'll be surprised by why my brother did what he did.

The judge says it's clear JJ is on the wrong path. While he's not opposed to the plea deal he's going to need some time before he comes to a final decision. He will defer his ruling to a later date which will give him time to redeem himself. In the meantime not only must you continue living with your mother you can not get into any more legal trouble. If you do I will no longer consider the plea deal but instead will impose the maximum sentence of 5 yrs. in prison. Can you agree to my terms? JJ - Yes, Your Honour. Judge - In the meantime you or your family can have no contact with the witnesses or victims of your crimes as they may be called to testify at a later date. The judge hopes that Jack doesn't give him any reason to reject the plea bargain and send him to prison. He's free to go on the conditions that have been outlined. JJ - I'm free? Justin - For now.

Nicole tries to get through to Brady. Brady insists that after Precana there isn't a lie left between him and Kristen. Nicole - If you believe that you're a bigger fool than I thought. Brady thinks she's the bigger fool because she's in love with Eric who she can't even have so you're trying to control my life. We all seen this coming. Brady feels sorry for her. He tells her to get out. I don't want you in my life anymore. Get out ... go.

Eric doesn't understand why Nicole would be in disguise pretending to be another woman. It doesn't make sense. It has to be somebody else. Kristen knocks on the rectory door and asks if she can come in.

Segment 5: Caroline - What did I say? Sami says nothing. Caroline - Even if I get confused sometimes it doesn't mean you can put anything over on me. Sami - Okay. You said you had talked to Grandpa Shawn last night. Caroline - I didn't. He's been dead for 5 yrs. She talks about the medication and the disease and sometimes she gets confused. What were we talking about. Sami tells her it wasn't important. Caroline - That means you don't want to talk about it. Sami only wants to say - I love you and I don't know what I'd do without you. They hug.

Maxine is in Chad's room and Cam comes in. She has a question for him. I thought you said Chad couldn't receive the hemostatic agent because of some treatment he was receiving but it looks like Dr. Jonas used it anyway. Cam thought Chad was taking a drug that would counteract their usage but I was wrong. It's nothing to worry about now. Maxine leaves. Chad opens his eyes. What was that about?

The courtroom crew is at the Horton house. JJ thanks his Uncle Justin for what he did for him today. Justin cautions that it's not a done deal; remember what the Judge said. Hope doesn't want to ever see that handsome face around the station ever again unless you're stopping by to give me a hug and to say hello. Hope and Justin leave. JJ tells Abby to go to the hospital and be with boyfriend when she suggests stuff for them to do this evening - don't worry about me. Abby is so glad he's home. She thinks this will be a brand new start for their family. She leaves.

Marlena finds Nicole in the club. Nicole thanks her for meeting her. Marlena - What happened? Nicole admits that she was upset and she went to Brady and told him that Kristen cheated on him. Marlena - Oh my stars! Why would you do that!

Eric comes out. Kristen just came to thank him again for agreeing to marry them. She goes on and on about how she feels God is in her life again yada, yada, yada ... Martha listens. She hugs Eric. Martha takes a peek. Why does she look so familiar?

Segment 6: Cam says Maxine just had a question about his chart. How are you feeling? Any pain? Chad - You know, don't you. Cam - What? That you may be a terminal liar but you're not dying of a brain tumour, yeah, I know.

EJ is on the phone in the living room of the D mansion saying they have no plans to delay the wedding when Sami walks in. EJ tells Sami it was the caterer that called. Sami asks how Chad is doing. He's great and he insists that they don't delay the wedding. Sami doesn't know; maybe we should wait.

Kristen leaves. Martha - Who was that woman? Eric - Kristen DiMera. Why? Martha - No reason.

Nicole - I was so desperate. I thought he'd listen to an old friend. Marlena - Brady won't listen to anyone right now. Nicole - I didn't mention your name at all. Just promise me you'll never give up. Marlena - Of course I won't but what if Brady decides to tell Kristen about this. Nicole is sure he won't say anything. He trusts Kristen completely. Marlena - True. We need every advantage; everything we can find to stop this from happening. Nicole - You know this is not a game. Marlena knows. I know if we don't stop her she will destroy Brady's life forever.

Brady and Kristen are in the park kissing. Kristen starts nattering ... she sees Brady isn't listening. What's the matter?

Martha tells Eric she'll be going. Before she leaves she admits that Fay Taylor offered her a bribe and she took it and then his friend Nicole showed up and did the same thing. It seemed like a crazy coincidence but if they were the same person ... Eric - Bribes for what? Martha - Fay wanted this particular room, wouldn't take no for answer - she wanted the room next to yours.

Segment 7: Chad - You have to understand. The only reason I let you keep thinking I had a brain tumour that you diagnosed was because ... Cam - You wanted Abigail and you wanted to keep me the hell away. Chad - You told Abigail, didn't you? Abby - Told me what?

Jen gives JJ a key to house. He tells her he's going out; he'll be back sometime. Jen - You heard what the judge said. You're not going anywhere. JJ - Yes I am and you can't stop me. He leaves.

EJ - Wait for what. Sami - For your brother to get better and so we're not in duelling weddings with Brady and Kristen and Halloween is coming and we're in the original haunted mansion ... we should do something. EJ knows her. Nothing or no one stops her from getting what she wants unless she's trying to find a way to say she doesn't want to marry him.

Martha admits she gave the woman the room. What have I done? Eric doesn't understand why Nicole would bribe her. Martha - She said she was desperate to find you. Eric - If she didn't know where to find me then she couldn't be Fay, right? Martha - Unless she was trying to cover her tracks or ... Eric - Say that Nicole was Fay, why would she go through so much trouble to get the room next to me.

Brady says he's just overwhelmed with all they have to do. The wedding is just one day - he's got his whole life to be the happiest guy in the world. Kristen - You're not going to be half as happy as I am. They kiss. The camera pans to the flashdrive in Dan's office.

Marlena wishes she still had Kristen's flashdrive. Nicole feels Kristen's goon probably destroyed it as soon as he stole it from her. Marlena - There's no sense in dwelling on it. And for what it's worth, I'm sorry Brady cut you out of his life. Nicole - Thank you. I've said this before, things can't get any worse than this, can this?

Martha tells Eric she's sorry. Eric thanks her for coming. Martha just remembered - his hotel room and the one next to it shared an adjoining door. Good luck putting it all together. She leaves. Cue f/b of the rape. Dear God. It wasn't a dream. It really happened with Nicole.


Friday Oct 18

Segment 1: Chad lies to Abby when she says tell me what? Cam - She's going to find out eventually, it might as well be now.

When EJ comments 'unless you're trying to find a way to tell me you don't want to marry me' Sami responds that she doesn't know what she wants.

Rafe is in the PT room walking using the bars. After he sits in his wheelchair Jordan asks why he's upset. Rafe feels that Chad getting shot was his fault. Kate watches. Rafe - It was a chain reaction and it all started with me. Jordan puts her hand on his arm - I won't let you talk like that.

Theresa meets up with Karen at the pub while Anne sits at another table and watches. Theresa wants Karen to see what's in her bag so she 'accidentally' knocks it to the floor. Karen (with a new hair colour) picks up the photo of Dan and Jen with the broken glass - What is this. Theresa smirks - Nothing. You weren't supposed to see that.

Dan gets Parker ready to spend 2 nights with Chloe. Maggie comes over. I have great news about JJ.

JJ makes it clear that he's not going to listen to Jen because of what the Judge said.

Theresa makes sure Karen assumes that she's donating some stuff to a charity for a friend and that that friend is Dr. Jonas. Karen immediately jumps to the conclusion that Dan and Theresa are sleeping together.

Dan already knew about the plea deal. He hopes JJ lives up to the terms. Maggie is happy that JJ has to move home. She knows Jen won't give up on trying to help him.

Jen doesn't think there's anyway that JJ didn't understand what the Judge said. JJ did understand. He knows this is last chance but that doesn't mean he has to listen to her.

Segment 2: Jen says this was supposed to be a new start for him. JJ got his new start when he found out about his dad and realised that they didn't think it was important to fill him in. Did you actually think it was okay to pretend we're this picture perfect family. Jen thinks they can be if they are honest and talk things out. JJ - You mean the way you sell honesty. Jen was trying to protect him from the pain he's feeling now. I love you and I care about who you are. JJ declares that she doesn't know him. Jen - According to you I'm ignorant so why don't you enlighten me and tell me who you are.

Cam makes it sound like Chad didn't want Abby to know how close he came to dying. Abby says the only thing that matters is how he's doing now; they have to focus on his recovery. She still feels that there's something they aren't telling her.

Jordan wants to hear how he thinks he could have prevented the shooting. Rafe - To tell the truth it all goes back to my affair with Kate DiMera. Kate walks away. Rafe - Not that it was her fault. It's just that what we did set a lot of different things in motion. The bottom line is Chad DiMera was shot, almost died; Marge Bernardi's life is ruined and her son ... his father's dead, his mom's in jail and it all ties back to me. Jordan doesn't see it but you're very empathetic. I guess that's just your way. Time to get back to work.

Sami was thinking all night. What if they were married and he had been shot. What would she tell the kids. What if they had been there. EJ barks that Chad is fine. Sami points out this wasn't some random act. EJ says it was. Sami - Trouble haunts this house. You forget I was here when the mayor was murdered. EJ knows where this is coming from. Sami snaps - This house. Your father. EJ rambles on about how he gave his word to his Father about her living here. Sami wonders if he will honour his wedding vows to her. EJ declares he will. Sami snaps - Except we're living in his house and he's in charge. EJ saw her talking to Roman. He knows where these silly ideas are coming from. Sami - He just doesn't want to see me make a silly mistake. EJ - So that's what I am to you ... a silly mistake.

Segment 3: She doesn't think that. She makes decisions for herself. Trust that. EJ does ... he's just trying to figure out whether she still loves him.

Cam tells Abby she's right but he's not at liberty to discuss it; doctor / patient confidentiality. Cam leaves after Abby thanks him for saving Chad's life. Abby tells Chad she wouldn't know what she would have done if she had lost him.

Kate walks up to Cam and Maxine who are talking about Chad. Kate comments about Chad's good fortune and then starts in on Jordan. What an amazing thing, Jordan Ridgeway shows up and suddenly all is right with the world. I would like to get her a token of appreciation but it's so hard to get something for someone you don't know. You probably know her better then I do, is there anything you can tell me about her ... what she likes ... anything at all.

Rafe comments that Jordan pushes him so hard in therapy, why was she so easy on him with the Marge Bernardi thing. Jordan - Apples and oranges. If you need to feel guilty it's your call. Do you feel better. He doesn't. I'm a cop. I'm trained to know when people are on a ledge and are about to go over. Jordan - And she did and you did nothing to stop it. So she has a hard time, she loses it, she takes a loaded gun into a crowded nightclub to shoot someone to get even and almost kills someone else and she's the victim and you feel responsible! When is it her responsibility? When is the fact that she loaded a gun, went looking for someone to kill and almost succeeded at it her fault? When? Ever?

Theresa lays it on thick. Do you know how many people would be hurt if there were unsubstantiated rumours about me and Dr. Dan going around. Karen - You mean not true ones. Hey ... I get it ... you get major respect ... I mean a good looking doctor. Theresa doesn't want anyone getting hurt. Maybe she should drop those clothes someplace else other then the hospital. Karen offers to do it - no one would think it's weird then. Theresa is thrilled. Karen asks about the picture. Theresa is going to toss it. Karen ends up taking it with her.

Jen - Let's hear it. You're talking about how your eyes were finally opened about me and your father so let's hear about you. Are you a victim? Nothing you ever do or say is your fault, right? JJ didn't say he was a victim. He just sees things a lot more clearly now. Jen - What is clear JJ? That you have so little self-respect that it doesn't matter what happens to you? That you could walk out this door and cause trouble again and just confirm what everyone is thinking about you ... that you're a liar, a manipulator and a drug head so why not live the part? JJ - You said it, I didn't.

Segment 4: Sami says it's not about whether or not she loves him; it's about doing what's best for our family, keeping them safe and secure from him - she points to Stefano's portrait. EJ declares that his father was very affected by what happened to Chad and he realises his finger was as much on the trigger as that stupid lady's. Sami calls him delusional. Chad lived so the cost, consequence to your father is zero. He didn't lose anything that matters to him so he doesn't have to take responsibility for his horrific actions. You are justifying the unjustifiable. EJ says he isn't. Sami - Do you not understand what is at stake here for me and my children once we marry! EJ - This is clearly emotional for you. Why don't we postpone the wedding. Sami - Postpone? How about cancel.

Jordan - People have to take responsibility for themselves and their actions no matter what the circumstances are ... no matter how hurt they've been. And if something needs changing then for God's sake change it ... take charge. I'm not talking about acting out in anger and distress, I'm talking about coping and that's where that woman failed. And that's why someone almost died ... because she just couldn't cope. You can't let that happen or you're lost.

Cam tells her that professionals can't accept gifts for what they do at the hospital. It would be seen as a bribe for preferential treatment. Kate isn't talking about diamonds or cash - just a token. Cam is pretty sure Dr. Ridgeway wouldn't walk him talking about what he may or not know about her personally. He has to get back to work. She looks at Maxine. Yeah, what he said ... she walks away.

Abby gives him the ring her dad gave to her ... it's for good luck and protection. Chad says he'll take good care of it. They kiss. Abby tells him that she told her mom about them. Chad - How did she take it? Abby assures him that made sure her mom knew how much he meant to her. Back when he lied to her she never thought this would be possible - for them to have this kind of relationship - so perfect, so honest.

Maggie asks how Parker was when he left with Chloe. Good, he's always happy to see her. Maggie is going to drop by Jen's. Maybe he'd like to come along. Dan knows she means well but he can't go over there because it makes things harder for Jen. I'm very clear about that ... I hope you would be too. Maggie isn't. She pushes ... they argue. Dan has made up his mind. Maggie hates that JJ's issues are keeping him and Jen apart even though she's concerned deeply for JJ. Dan fought it but he knows that Jen is putting her son first and she should. It's exactly what he would do.

Jen says no one thinks of him that way. JJ points out she just said it herself. He steps outside. Jen - Don't or I'll ... just don't. JJ tells her to do what she wants. Jen - Don't do something you'll regret. Stay away from those friends and stay away from Theresa because she is so destructive and screwed up. JJ - I thought that I made it very clear to you - you can't tell me what to do anymore. He leaves.

Segment 5: EJ starts pointing his finger in her face and orders her not to give up on them. Sami isn't. She just thinks they should take time to figure out when it's right. He promised they'd live here - she didn't, their children didn't. EJ asks if she's moving out. Sami doesn't know. EJ declares they should both take some time to think. He's going to see Chad. Don't do anything rash. Just spend some time with the children. Sami gets turned on by the anger but EJ walks out the door.

Chad thanks Cam for not telling Abby what he did. Cam - You said you could explain. Now's the time to start.

Anne and Theresa celebrate the fact that Karen will gossip and Jennifer will be humiliated ... oh the despair. She'll be so much in despair that she'll quit her job.

Maxine asks Karen what's all the stuff here - Karen is holding the picture. It's a donation for the charity bin. Maxine thinks they only take shoes and clothes. Karen shows her the damaged pic of Dan and Jen. I think someone threw it away from mistake. Can you see if either one of them still wants it.

Dan goes out.

Jen opens the door to Maggie. Where's JJ? Jen - He's gone and I don't know what's going to happen and I don't know what he's going to do. He was so determined to make sure that I knew what he thought of me. My son is going to go prison and I can't stop him and there's nothing I can do to fix it. I feel that I've made everything worse. Maggie hugs her.

JJ is with Rory and Bev in the park. Rory has given him some drugs. You really don't want your mom to find that on you. JJ declares his mom has no say in what he does or where he goes. Bev asks if he's okay with what happened in the court. Rory - Yeah, the judge got nasty, huh. JJ - He's just a pompous jerk who thinks he's tough. Rory asks how they got him to let him off. Did you tell them why you busted up the display with your dad's book ... if they knew what your dad did ... JJ - How do you know what my dad did!

Segment 6: Rory - News like that travels fast. Bev tells him everyone knows about him trashing his Dad's book display. Are you sure you're okay. JJ - Yeah, what's the difference. It happened a long time ago. Rory - You're still totally upset about it. JJ takes off.

Maggie assures Jen that she didn't do anything wrong. Jen - Yeah, that's why my son is so happy and well-adjusted. It's not about me ... it's about my son. I want him to be okay. I want him to feel like he is one of us again. And he has these crazy friends ... and Theresa ... I'm telling you, she is the devil. She is so manipulative. Every time I tell JJ she is going to drag him down it drives him closer to her. I'm out of answers ... I'm out of everything. If my son goes to prison I'm going to die. Maggie cries - Don't say that. Jen can't do this - she's going to work.

Theresa is upset that Karen walked off with the picture. Anne - This could come back to bite you in the ass. Dr. Dan is going to figure out that you were in his apt. Theresa - What's the chance that he's going to hear about it. That Karen girl isn't going to walk up to him and show him or something. She'll just gossip to her friends and start the rumour a little faster. Theresa is going ... she's going after Jennifer Horton.

Kate runs into Jordan and Rafe leaving the PT room. She tells Rafe she'll catch up to him. She places a call. I want you to do a background check on someone, a thorough one.

Chad says he was freaked out when Cam told him he had a brain tumour. He thought he was going to die and thought that a small part of Cam wasn't upset about the news. Cam - That is absolute crap and you know it. I wanted to help you. Chad thought so too but when he came back with the good news I saw you kissing Abigail. I felt you were taking total advantage of the situation. So is what I did really so bad?

Segment 7: Cam - I just love how you can come up with a rationalization for faking a brain tumour. Chad - It was spontaneous. All I wanted to do in that moment was punish you. Then before I knew it you backed off from Abigail and I got everything I wanted. What would you have done? Cam - Not that. Never that. Chad - So now you know everything. Nothing's stopping you from telling Abigail if that's what you want to do. Cam - I have other patients and you need your rest. He leaves.

Abby sees EJ in the park. She sits with him and they talk about Chad and Chad's feelings for Abby.

Sami recalls some confrontations with Stefano. She stares at his portrait and then picks up a picture of her with EJ and recalls having sex with him.

Kate - I already had a routine background check done on this individual. I need you to dig deep. She's a physical therapist. Her name is Jordan Ridgeway. Jordan slams the door closed behind her.

JJ is in the square. He leaves a message for Theresa to call him. He sees Dan and says he has nothing to say to him. Dan - Maybe one thing. It could change everything.

Theresa strolls up to Jen in the hospital and asks where JJ is. I just missed a call from him. Jen pushes her against the wall - You stay away from my son or I will kill you.


Monday Oct 21

Segment 1: Rafe is mopping the sweat off his face when Hope knocks on his room door and comes in. This is what I like to see. The physical therapist is working you ... a little sweat, huh. Rafe - No worries there; she's brutal. Hope - You look great. Rafe - Stronger every day; learning to accept my pace. Hope - Sorry it's so slow. I'm not talking for you, I'm talking for me. I'm here to light a fire under Ms. Ridgeway to get you back up on your feet ASAP. Rafe - Yes! Would you do that please! She's down in the PT room now but she should be here any minute.

Kate tells her person she'll call back. Jordan - What do you want to know about me Kate?

Adrienne is at Sonny's telling him she's glad neither one of them were hurt. Sonny - It was never close for us. Adrienne - I'm just relieved Chad is okay. Poor Marge. I know what she did is a terrible thing but God, she threw her whole life away. And her son, what's going to happen to him now. I was thinking about asking your father to represent her pro bono ... Will steps in. Seriously, the woman tried to kill my mom and EJ and you want your husband to defend her!

JJ - Why are you here Daniel? My mom call you? Dan - No, I haven't spoken to her and I don't want to make trouble for you. Just give me 5 mins. JJ - Okay, 5 mins.

After Jen threatens her Theresa smirks. Jenny, it's such a help when you tell me what's important to you. Now I can channel all my time into making sure you don't get it. She pushes Jen away.

Dan - Just so you know if this goes to trial I won't testify against you. JJ - Doesn't matter. They don't need you to make the case. Dan - I just want you to know where I stand. You've got this me against the world thing going on and you need to know that I'm on your side. JJ - That's great. Duly noted. Dan - So is your mom. JJ - We're done. Dan - My 5 mins. isn't up. You said you would hear me out now be a man of your word.

Jen - This is not about you or me but if you want to come after me do it! You just keep my son out of this. Theresa - You do realise you're the one who put him where he is now. Jen - This is your one warning. Stay away from him. Theresa - Or you'll kill me? Jen - You are going down and everyone can see that. But if you even have an ounce of feeling for my son don't take him down with you.

Segment 2: Kate - Are you offended? Jordan - My references are completely in order. Kate - Yes they are. Jordan - If there's a problem with my work the hospital is completely capable ... Kate - Who said anything about your work. Jordan - What else would you have any reason to question? Kate - Oh, everything. You are a completely closed book yet you've managed to insinuate yourself into Rafe's life. Jordan - I have done my job. Kate - You've made him dependent on you and yet we know nothing about you. Jordan - Rafe's recovery is dependent on one person only and that's Rafe! And that's exactly what I told him from day one. Kate - Of course you would say that because you're a very bright girl and you've set yourself up beautifully. Jordan - I don't even know what that means. Kate - You act detached, you act professional, you make him come to you. Jordan - Do you have any idea how you sound right now? Kate - I think I've hit a nerve because you're acting bothered. Jordan - He's my patient, that's all. Kate - I don't buy that. I don't buy that stance, it's way too shrewd. Jordan - Not everyone thinks like you. Kate - And they're less safe because of it. Jordan - How does this raging paranoia of yours have anything to do with safely? Kate - I see you coming Jordan. Don't ever forget that. And I will not stand by and let Rafe be hurt again, not in any way.

Hope tells Rafe he should get back to work and leaves as Gabi comes in. Gabi tells him he looks good. Rafe - No, I don't. I'm all worn out. Gabi - You look great! Rafe - You're all chipper. Gabi shows him a picture on her phone. Rafe - Why is it blurry? Gabi - It's blurry because Ari's rolling over! Rafe - Great, she's got me beat! Gabi - You're going to be on your feet before she is; I know it. Rafe - What's going on with you? You're all happy and I don't think it's just because Chad is okay. Gabi - I'm glad about that. I can't be happy for no reason? I had a good time at the party before things got crazy. Rafe - With Cameron? There's that smile again. Gabi - It's just nice to be out again. There is school which is great but it's work. Rafe - Unlike with Dr. Davis. Gabi - We're friends. Rafe - There's that smile again. Gabi - It's just easy. There's no pressure. Rafe - Not like with you and Nick. Gabi - Exactly.

Hope comes into the pub and kisses Nick on the cheek as he's working on his laptop. Hi, what are you up to? Nick - Job hunting. Hope - I thought you were working? Nick - I am. I'm freelancing for Kate but I'm kind of looking for something a little bigger, better ... more permanent. Hope - And you're looking in New York? Nick - And LA, lot's of places. Things are pretty much over for me here, don't you think? Hope - I do. Nick - Wow, really. I kind of thought you'd at least try to talk me out of it. Hope - Honey, I wish I could but I want what's best for you. And if I lie to you I'm not doing you any favours. It'll be hard for you to catch a break here. Nick - I know. Hope - I really wish things could have been different for you here but the good news about you moving is that you won't have to run into Gabi all the time.

Will - Do you realise what a bloodbath it could have been last night or are you just blinded by your hate for my mom and the rest of my family. Adrienne - I know how bad it was. Will - How about disastrous, how about catastrophic ... Adrienne - Let me rephrase because what you heard came out wrong. Marge Bernardi is a sick woman and she needs help. Don't you think Sami would agree with that? Will - Probably if you caught her on the right day. Sonny - I've seen her with Marge and she feels for her. I think that now Chad's out of the woods it will be easier for all of us to feel for her. Adrienne - Abby must be very relieved. Have you talked to her? Will - Not since JJ's hearing. Did Justin say how that went? Adrienne - Yes he said it was a serious wakeup call and it had to have hit home hopefully.

JJ - I'm not going to stand here and listen to you tell me about my mom. Dan - Okay, she's not really the problem anyway. JJ - Who said there's a problem. Dan - Your father loved you and everything you thought about him he was all that. Don't let one thing wipe all that out. Yeah, it's hard to hear but it happened years and years ago and it wasn't who he was. He was ... JJ - Don't tell me about who my father was ever! You've got one min. left. Dan - You don't want to hear about your mom or your dad, okay. Maybe this will make a difference. You were afraid I was taking your dad's place with your mom. JJ - I don't really give a damn about it. Dan - Yeah, you do and if any part of you still has that inside of you, you need to forget all about it. Forget it because I am out of your mother's life for good. You win.

Theresa - Wow, you really haven't learned anything from our time together, have you? Look what happened when you tried to fire me. You can't get rid of me Jenny. Jen - I'm not going to have to. You're going to destroy yourself, it's just a matter of time because you are an addict and a user and a liar. And people like you, they end up in a junk pile and I'm not going to let my son be the collateral damage. He is holding on by a thread. This is his last chance Theresa. So if you were a decent human being you would back off but I know that's not going to happen so I'm just telling you if you harm my son I will make it my life's work to see that you pay. Theresa acts all glib. I made a list, I'm officially scared now. Jen - I wish you were that smart. Theresa - If I do leave JJ alone, what am I supposed to do for fun? I guess I could hang out with your hunky ex, he's such a fun guy. Jen - You stay away from JJ. That is the one sentence you need to hang on to. I'm telling you ... leave him alone!

Segment 3: Nick - It's not hard for me to see Gabi, we're friends. We're actually very good friends. I don't want to leave Salem to get away from her. Hope - That's really good. I'm glad things are amicable but don't forget how well I know you. You fell hard for her so no matter what, it's going to be hard to move on but you will move on just like Gabi has. You have your whole life ahead of you and when you're someplace you can make a fresh start it will make that easier. Nick - You're probably right. Hope kisses his cheek again. I'm proud of you. She leaves. Nick mutters. Who are you involved with Gabi? I've got to get you a modelling gig soon so you can get out of here.

Gabi - When I think about it, it seems so unreal. I met Nick, got married and in less than a year it was pretty much over. Rafe - Things were intense for you too. Gabi - Yeah, it never felt right for you. Rafe - The guy's out of your life, you've moved on, it's time for you to be happy. Gabi - I am for the first time in a long time, I really am.

Jordan - I don't even know how to respond to that. Kate - So now you're vamping, trying to buy time. Jordan - I am genuinely baffled. I'd ask what I did to make you so crazy but clearly it's on you. Kate - You know what happened to Rafe when he was in the coma; you were at the trial. My ex-husband sent a man here to slice Rafe up with a razor blade and he almost succeeded. Jordan - Are you talking about Bernardi? Kate - Bernardi, who almost got away with being the victim in all of this because he had help, a nurse who worked here in the hospital, who had a whole other life that non of her co-workers ever knew about. Jordan - So that's what you think I'm doing too? I'm here to worm my way into Rafe's life and then stab him? Seriously! Kate - I have no idea what your plan is. Jordan - But you're certain that there is a plan. Kate - They way you live just isn't normal. You're incredibly secretive. Jordan snaps - I'm private! There's a difference. I don't make everything in life some big public spectacle. I am a normal private person who shows up and does my job. Is that really so alien to you? Kate - Something's just not right here. It just doesn't smell right. Maybe if you had something to tell me, some innocent explanation ... Jordan - For what! Kate - For whatever is bothering you right now. Jordan - Look, I'm sorry, it is obvious that you care about Rafe. I guess I can understand you being like you're being. Do whatever you feel like you need to do. Kate - Meaning what? Jordan - I don't know. Investigate me; that's what you were up to on the phone just now, right? So dig around but you're wasting time. Time you could spend helping Rafe recover. She leaves.

Will is talking on the phone. It would be an honour. It's just that I'm a new dad with a lot of new responsibilities so I don't think I can but thank you, I'm so flattered. Sonny asks him what that was about.

JJ - Are you serious? Dan - Yeah. JJ - So you're out of mom's life. Do you want something from me? Dan - Yeah. JJ - I knew it. Dan - Your mother loves you. I thought she loved me but it's nothing compared to how she feels about you. Don't take that for granted. It's worth more than anything else you'll ever get in this life. So all you have to do is show up. I'm gone. The family is yours ... the way you want it. I'm begging you for everyone's sake, especially your own, just go home. Go home, you got what you wanted.

Theresa looks around at everyone watching and listening. Wow, you should have sold tickets or something. Jen - This is not a joke. We're talking about my son's life and you're making jokes. Theresa - What we're really talking about Jennifer is how upset you are that your little boy doesn't have to listen to you anymore. You want to blame drugs, you want to blame me? How about you look in the mirror. How about you check that attitude of yours and stop talking to him like he's 5 years old. How about you stop being such a sanctimonious bitch and listen to JJ for once. Jen - I have tried talking to him but thanks to you and the lovely little habits ... Theresa - JJ grew up and got a clue, that's all this is. He just figured out what a trap all this parental love and concern really is. Jen - Is that what you think about Shane and Kimberly? That their love is a trap? They would do anything for you! If you went home right now with your crappy attitude and you spit in their face they would still love you and still ... Theresa - You don't know anything about my parents! Jen - Oh yes I know your parents. Just like me they will never give up. Theresa - Maybe you all should. God knows JJ would be better off if you just walked away. Jen slaps her.

Segment 4: Will tells Sonny that apparently Prof. Sutton sent in an essay that I wrote to a literary competition at Berkeley. Sonny - Is it the one about us and Ari? Will - Yeah and I won a Fellowship. They're flying me out for a week. I get to work with professional writers and get my piece ready for publication. Sonny - That's perfect, when? Will - The end of the month. Sonny - Then we have plenty of time to get ready. Will - I'm not going. I turned it down. With the 3 of us combined we can barely give Ari what she needs. I can't go away for a week.

Maxine finds Kate in the PT room. Hey, are you working the free weights? Kate - No, what I need is a punching bag. Maxine - What are you doing in here? Kate - I just had a little chat with Jordan. Maxine - Looks like maybe you were the punching bag. Kate - Maybe. Is she always so mean. Maxine - Ms. Roberts, that woman is nothing but caring and professional. If you got anything else out of her, you had to work for it. Kate - Maybe that's true. Maxine - I'm sure that present you're going to bring her will lighten things up. Kate - Yes. Maxine - Come on, are you really going to buy her something? It was a great excuse to ask questions but ... Kate - Do you really think she's okay? Maxine - I do. Jordan works her butt off around here. You see how much she does for Rafe and she's got a whole load of patients besides him and she gives them all a 100%. I don't know when the woman sleeps. Kate - Okay! Maxine - Maybe she rubs you the wrong way but you need to get over that. You're lucky she's Rafe's therapist. More to the point, he's lucky.

Rafe asks Jordan - Ready to go? Jordan - No more workouts today. Rafe - Go outside. Remember we were going to go outside ... fresh air. Jordan - Right. Rafe - Do you still have time for that? Yeah. Rafe - Are you alright? Jordan - Yeah, sure. Rafe - Because you seem a little off. Jordan - Maybe I could use some fresh air too. She wheels him out of his room.

JJ - Like I said, your time's up. Dan - Are you going to go home? JJ - You're out it? You walked away, you're leaving my family alone. Dan - Exactly. JJ - Well then it's really none of your business is it? Dan - It's a ransom, I'm not denying it. I'll do it but I'm doing it for you and your mother so you have a chance. JJ - You really don't listen, do you? I told you before. I don't care who she's with. You want to take my dad's place you're more then welcome to it. I'm not his kid anymore and I'm sure as hell not hers either so I'm not going to come home like a good little boy. For all I care you can go ahead and move in. I really don't give a damn about it anymore. He leaves.

Theresa keeps goading Jen. I love it when control freaks lose it. Jen - I'm not going to let you ruin my son. Theresa - So you keep saying over and over and over but you got nothing Jenny. Jen - Would you give him a fighting chance please. Theresa - If he likes it that way I can arrange it. Jen - You shut up! You are so disgusting. Is that the hold that you have on my son because if it is you are a sadistic, manipulative, little slut. Dan gets off the elevator mid rant. Theresa - You don't get to talk to me like that. Jen - Oh yes I do. Theresa - Your problems are your own so solve them or not but leave me out of it. She walks away. Jen calls out - You better remember what I said. Dan - Is there some kind of problem with Theresa? Obviously there is ... I had no idea. So why don't you tell me ... Jen - Do you want the short story. I hate her. Dan - You don't really hate anybody. Jen - You're right so that should tell you a lot and I didn't say it lightly. She leaves. Maggie walks up. Dan - Do you know what's going on with Jennifer and her assistant? Maggie - Former assistant. Dan - So there's some bad blood between them because of that? Maggie - That's the least of it. Maybe you should know the whole story.

Segment 5: Will is talking to Ari about his story and telling her it is all about her.

Sonny finds Gabi doing homework at the club. I need to talk to you. Gabi - Is it about Chad? Sonny - No, he's doing better though. Thank God you showed up with Cameron last night. Nick comes in. Sonny - Chad owes him his life. You are dating a hero. Gabi - We're just friends. We are!

Jen comes home and calls out for JJ. There's a knock on the door. It's Adrienne. I thought you might be having a party. Justin told me JJ was released and that he's home. Jen - He's not here at the moment. He was released, he came home and then he immediately walked out. Adrienne - To clear his head? Jen - I don't know. I don't know if he's coming back. Adrienne - He does understand what this means. Jen - I don't know what my son understands. I don't really know what my son cares about. My son hates me. He doesn't care about his sister. He's furious with Jack. He hates everyone who didn't tell him about Jack which means he hates his whole family. But getting high, he cares about that right now. And he cares about Theresa who has her claws dug deep ... Adrienne - No, no, no. Justin said the Judge scared the life out of him. He's got to be scared enough not to do something stupid. Jen - He's 18 yrs. old! He is invincible! He doesn't think there are consequences for anything and I can't reach him. My son is going to end up in prison. Adrienne - No. Jen - Yes he is. The judge is going to land so hard on him if he messes up again and he's out there looking for trouble. So that means the judge is going to throw the book at him and there's nothing I can do about it. My son is going to be in prison. Adrienne - Jen, STOP! You're panicking and you're wrong.

Theresa runs into JJ in the square. Congratulations, you're a free man. JJ - For now. Theresa - Well I think we should celebrate. Are you holding? JJ - Do you know what would happen to me if I had weed right now? Theresa - I'm not a cop. Come on, let's celebrate. Get a little loose; you never know what might happen.

Segment 6: Nick sits at the bar and eavesdrops. Sonny - He just turned it down flat. He didn't even ask us. Gabi - That's crazy. This is Berkeley. That's a huge deal. Sonny knows. Do you think we can cover it - it's a week. Gabi - Yeah, we can work out a schedule. Sonny - Do you think we can get along for a week? Gabi - That's stretching it but if you try, I'll try. Sonny laughs - I'll go sell this to Will so they don't give the Fellowship to someone else. Gabi just has to finish one thing and then we'll go. Sonny goes to check on some receipts. After he leaves Nick goes to Gabi's table. How's it going? Gabi - Okay, just a little stressed. Nick - I heard about the shooting. Gabi - Yeah it was pretty terrible. I have something to do with Sonny, it was nice to see you. Nick - Yeah, you too.

Rafe and Jordan come through the gates into the park. Rafe - I can't believe how warm it is. Kind of late for an Indian summer. Jordan - No telling with the weather these days. Rafe - I used to love days like this when I was a kid. Be out, hanging with my friends, my mom would call me to come in and I'd totally ignore her. Then she'd send out my younger sister Arianna to hound me. Jordan - And it worked? Rafe - Definitely. It's not cool to be hanging out with your younger sister you know. Jordan - When I was a kid ... Rafe - When you were a kid what? She shakes her head. Rafe - Nothing? Kate walks up. I heard there was a jail break. Rafe - Blame Jordan. Kate - No, wouldn't want to do that. As a matter of fact I searched you down because I needed to see her. I want to apologise.

Theresa - Tick, tock. I can't wait all day for an answer. JJ - I just need a little time. Theresa - For? JJ - There's something I have to take care of. Theresa - Are you serious? You have to weigh your options and risks? JJ - Did I say any of that? Theresa - It's fine. I get it but don't wait too long to call me or you'll lose your spot. JJ will call. Theresa walks away and mutters - Someone's way too grown up and sober and chicken. She makes a call to Wiley. I need something a little stronger than weed. It's definitely slated to be that kind of night.

Jen - I know that you want to help me but it doesn't help me to be in denial of what's going on here. That's how JJ ended up in trouble. Adrienne - I understand that but he's responsible for his own actions. It's not on your head. Jen - Even if that were true it doesn't have anything to do with what's happening right now. Adrienne - Listen to me. I know that this is a bad time ... I know it. But it's not as dire as you're making it out to be. Listen to me. JJ is young. He's got his whole life ahead of him. Don't assume the worse. Jen - What are you talking about! I have to be prepared because my son is so determined. It is like he wants me to see him at his worse. It's like he's trying to prove to me how bad he can get. He knows the risk of hanging out with his drug buddies and Theresa and I guarantee you that is the first place he went to when he walked out that door. So yeah, I have to be prepared because when my phone rings it will probably he a cop on the other end of the line. Adrienne - What can I say? Seriously, what can I do to help you? I know it's horrible but you can't give up hope. I know you think JJ wants you to see him at his worse but deep down, you know that's not true. Please don't expect the worse. Jen - I just want to be alone right now please. Adrienne - Are you sure? Jen - Yes, please. Adrienne leaves.

Segment 7: Gabi and Sonny return home. Gabi takes Ari and tells Will to sit down. We're going to have a talk. Will - You told her! Sonny - Of course I did. You need to go to California. Gabi - Yup, Daddy's going to off and become a very famous writer and then he's going to dedicate books to you ... isn't that right? Will - No there's so much to do around here. Sonny - Is that fear of success? Us three believe in you so much and we're going to be fine without you. Will - I think you just want to take my place. Sonny - I do. Ari's going to call me Dada and she's not going to know who you are when you come back. Gabi - And Sonny's going to be my new BFF, right? Will - Seriously, you guys will go a week without fighting. Sonny - Absolutely. Gabi - Yeah, it's totally possible. Sonny - Call back and take your prize. Gabi - Call back or there will be no peace between us. Tell him Ari ... Dad, please go.

Nick is on his cell. Yeah, Gabi Hernandez. You should have gotten the story and the photo last week. If you're not taking new submissions you should have a button that says that on the website. No, this is your loss. This woman is a dream. He hangs up. Don't worry Gabi, I won't give up. We are getting out of here ... far away from Cameron Davis.

Rafe - What's going on? Did something happen? Jordan - No. Kate - Please, I don't deserve that. Jordan's doing a great job. She's working hard and I shouldn't have questioned her with my actions. Rafe - What did you do? Jordan - It was nothing. I know you want what's best for Rafe. Kate - Of course I do, we all do. Anyway I'm going to leave both of you here to soak up the sun. Enjoy the day. Bye. She leaves. Rafe - Okay, that was weird. Jordan - Really, it was nothing. Rafe - I don't know about that. I think that's why you were acting so off when you came back from the PT room. Jordan - I don't even know what 'so off' means. Rafe - What did she do? Jordan - Nothing. If I can cut her break so can you. It's over, I've already forgotten about it.

Kate stops in the square and talks to herself. So everyone is friends again. No way Jordan will see me coming.

Theresa sits on her couch. When there's a knock on her door she mutters - JJ, it's about time. It's Dan. Theresa smiles - I like this. A doctor who makes house calls.

Jen bolts off the couch when JJ comes home. He rushes up the stairs. I just came to get something then I'm out of here. When he comes down she stands in front of the door. You're not leaving. JJ - Yeah I am. Jen - I want you to listen to me right now. This is it. If you walk out this door right now I never want to see you again.


Wednesday Oct 23

Segment 1: Dan is working in his office when there's a knock on the door. It's Stefano - I hope I'm not interrupting. Dan - No, what can I do for you Mr. DiMera? Stefano - Well, I have come to thank you in person for the great work you did in saving my son's life. It is something that I will never forget. Dan - It was a little dicey there for a little while but Chad is strong, pulled through; good outcome for all. I appreciate you stopping by though. Is there something ... Stefano - Dr. Jonas, I'm a man who believes in paying his debts. Dan - You don't owe me anything. Stefano - Yes, but I would like to help because I understand that you have a problem that I could fix.

Theresa is all over JJ. When she kisses him he tells her she tastes like booze. Theresa - It's good, right. Come on, drink up although I have to admit this isn't really doing it for me. So did you bring anything cool, coke, maybe some of that cool weed. JJ - If I get caught with almost anything I go straight to prison. Theresa laughs - Who's talking about getting caught. I'm talking about having fun. Come on, did you bring anything. JJ - Every time you say you want to hook up it's always about me doing something for you. She pushes him down on the couch and lies on top of him. Actually there is something I want you to do for me. She kisses him.

Abby - If you call the cops; if you put JJ in prison I will never speak to you again. You'll be saying goodbye to your son and to your daughter. Is that really what you want. Jen picks up the phone - I have to help your brother before it's too late. Hope answers her cell - Hey cuz, what's up? Jen - I need to talk to you as a detective about JJ.

Brady tells Kristen that Nicole told him that while we were broken up you had an affair with someone and then lied to me about it. Kristen - That is so disgusting. You know that's not true ... you believe that's not true. Brady - Of course. Kristen - This is really important. You need to be completely honest with me. There's not even a small part of you that believes I slept with someone else, right?

Eric - What do you mean there was no harm done. What you did was horrible. It was vile! Nicole - What is it that you think I did? Eric - It's not what I think, it's what I know! You raped me. Nicole - What! You didn't just say what ... Eric - I said exactly what I meant. You raped me! Nicole - I don't know ... Eric - I know you don't like what it sounds like but when you drug somebody, you throw their mind into total chaos making them so disoriented that they don't even know what's going on or why; you climb into their bed, you have sex with them ... it's called rape Nicole. RAPE!

Jen - Baby, I am begging you to understand what I'm trying to do. Abby - You are telling yourself that you have to send JJ to prison because you think he might do something someday. As if you can predict the future! Jen - My son, if he goes to prison, I will die. He is my baby. Abby - Then don't send him there. Jen - This is not about my life, it's about his life and this is my priority. He is my priority and I am not going to let him destroy his life by doing something ... Abby - Oh, you don't want to destroy his life so sending him to prison ISN'T going to destroy JJ's life! Spending years with the thugs and thieves and murderers, yeah, that's really going to straighten him out. She leaves.

Theresa continues her seduction but JJ sits up. Theresa - What's wrong? JJ - It's just family stuff, no biggie. Theresa tells him to relax, drink up. JJ - Relax, yeah. Why don't we smoke something. Theresa - Hey, you did bring the good stuff. This is the JJ I know and love.

Brady - I knew this would make you upset. Kristen - I have to know, is there any part of you that doubts me at all. Brady - No. There is zero doubt. Nicole's a liar, why would I believe her? Kristen - You shouldn't. Brady - The weird thing is she knows I told you about sleeping with her when we were apart. So if you were with some guy at that time you would obviously had told me about it. Kristen - Yeah. Brady - I asked you about it point blank and you said no. Nicole still thinks you're lying about it. Kristen - She's evil.

Nicole - Can we sit down and talk about this quietly, rationally. Eric - How about honestly? Nicole - Of course, but Eric, honestly, what you're trying to tell me right now doesn't make any sense to me. Eric - What? Rape? Nicole - You know how I feel about you. You heard me talking to Brady. I could never do anything to hurt you. How could you think I could do something like that. Eric - I didn't want to. I fought it. Even when the evidence started piling up except for today I finally accepted the truth about what you did ... about who you really are.

Segment 2: Jen tells Hope - I feel like I don't have a choice. I need you to find JJ and arrest him because he is going to hurt himself and he will hurt anyone who gets in his way. I know it sounds harsh but it's the right thing to do. I don't know, maybe if were harder on him a long time ago I could have prevented all this. Hope - You don't know that. Jen - But I do know that I can't let this get any worse. So you need to find him tonight. Hope - Any idea where he is. Jen - If I have to bet he's with Theresa.

Theresa - I can't stop thinking about you smashing all the windows at the Horton Town Square; the one's selling your Dad's book. JJ - Turns out my Dad wasn't exactly a stand-up guy. Theresa - Yeah, mine sucked too. He was always off saving the world or the president or the queen or somebody leaving me with my mom who was so rigid she could pass for a statue. JJ laughs - Just like mine. Theresa laughs and continues bashing their parents. I am so baked. JJ - Can we stop talking about family stuff. Theresa - Let's have some fun. She kisses him. JJ pulls back when he hears a noise. Theresa - What, the ventilation system? JJ - No, what if someone is checking out the place. What if they're spying on us. He opens up the window to get the pot smell out of here. He hears the sound again - Did you hear that? Theresa laughs.

Dan - I appreciate your gratitude and yeah I understand you love Chad very much, I have a young son myself but as I said, you don't owe me anything. Stefano - Yes, but I would like to help you in whatever way I can. Dan - I really don't need your help. Stefano - It involves a certain woman who is giving you trouble. Now, believe me, no one will know about how we get rid of your problem. The DiMera's are known to be discreet.

Theresa - You've really got to chill, there's nobody out there. JJ - I heard something. Theresa - No you did not. The place is like a morgue after nine. She opens her door - Nobody's there. JJ - Close the door because if a cop walks by he'll smell the weed. Theresa - You think a cop is just going to come walking down the corridor, yeah right. Stop being so paranoid and drink up. JJ - I'm worried about ... oh ... Uh ... I'll be right back. He goes into the bathroom. Theresa drinks.

Brady - It's sad. I had to tell her I don't want her in my life anymore. She's not acting like a friend. Kristen - I love you and I want your life to be perfect and I want you to be happy so if dumping a so called friend that makes your life miserable does the trick then good riddance, right! She's nothing but a disgusting lowlife loser who wants to do nothing more then disrupt people's lives so nothing works out for them ever. And she takes such pleasure in it and I HATE HER GUTS. Brady - Nicole doesn't usually get to you this badly. What's really going on here?

Nicole - Is this what you think you remember? That happened in the capitol that night. Because if it is it sounded like some distorted version ... Eric - It's not what I think I remembered, it's what I know. Frankly I don't know if I want to stand here. I demand an answer RIGHT NOW! Nicole - I understand that alright but just let me say something. Maybe you feel like this because you heard what I said to Brady. I loved you and I have tried to hide it not to mention fight it. Eric - You lost control. You followed me to the state capitol. You drugged me, you had sex with me. Nicole - No, I did not do that. Eric - Stop lying. You were in my hotel room. You saw how sick I was and it was all because of you. Nicole - No, no, no! Back up a minute! I came to the capital because you forgot your notes for the meeting. Do you remember that? I tried faxing it but the people that work at the hotel were just a bunch of idiots so I jumped in the car and broke every speed limit possible just to get you YOUR notes. And when I finally found you in that hotel room ... My God, you were drenched in sweat, your eyes were glassy, you could barely speak. I was so scared. Eric - Of course you were because you were afraid the drugs you gave me were killing me. You already had sex with me. You got what you came for. You were afraid that I was going to die because of the drugs YOU gave me. Don't just stand there, say something. Nicole - You honestly believe that?

Segment 3: Brady - What's wrong. This isn't just about Nicole, is it? Kristen - No. I told you that I had seen a fertility specialist. The test that was my best last hope came back today. I can never ... Brady - I'm sorry but we will do anything you want when it comes to kids, you know that. Kristen - I do. Brady - I love you; nothing is going to change that.

Eric - Of course I believe it because it's what happened. Nicole - But it ... how could you. How could you think I could do something like that. Eric - Because I investigated. I found out the truth. I spoke to a clerk who was on duty that night. I questioned her about a woman I happened to run into in the lobby. She had dark brown hair, it was actually a wig. She kept her back to me most of the time but she spoke with a fake accent. She almost ran away when I spoke to her. The clerk on duty said she insisted on having the room right next to mine. Does that sound familiar? Nicole - No, because that woman was not me. Eric - Yeah, well that woman in the wig, she checked in and out and was never seen again. And then coincidentally you showed up and appeared to be in shock. And I was so sick, violently ill in my room. Nicole - I was shocked. I called the ambulance. Eric - Yeah and insisted they take me all the way back to Salem. Nicole - Because I wanted to get you the best treatment. Eric - Or maybe the time would pass and the drug would fade away. Nicole - No! Eric - Deny it all you want to but you know you tripped yourself up that night and I don't have a clue why. A guilty slip but whatever, you did it. Nicole - Did what? Eric - The name the woman in the wig used when she registered was Fay Taylor.

Hope - Listen, this conversation is off the record. You want to get more formal later, fine. But everything said here was family, not police, got it. As far as JJ, there's something I'd like to try. Jen - Please, I'll try anything. Hope - I might have some leverage with Theresa. I'm going to go and talk to her. If JJ's there, I'm going to do anything I possibly can to bring him home to you. Let's give it a try. If it works, fantastic. If it doesn't then you can decide if you want to take the next step.

Maggie opens the door to Abby. Hi. Goodness, what's wrong? Is it Chad? Abby - No, it's me and my stupid family. Maggie - I know things have been pretty rough at your house because of JJ. Abby - It's not JJ. It's my mom. Please, you have to talk to her. You have to make her understand that she is doing the worst possible thing.

Theresa drinks more. What is he doing in there! What a waste of a good buzz. She places a call. Well hello Mr. Voicemail. Did anyone ever tell you that you have a really sexy voice. I betcha they have. You have great eyes too. You know what they call you at the hospital. Dr What a Waste because you keep wasting your time looking at people who don't want to look back. Hey I know you blew me off earlier but guess what. Your replacement is turning out to be a waste so if you want to come over, I'll give you another chance. Are you listening to me? Come on, all you have to do is answer and talk to me. Just pick up. Come on Danny boy, pick up. JJ listens. He closes the bathroom door when he hears someone knocking. Theresa - I bet he was listening just outside the door the whole time. It's Hope.

Segment 4: Maggie - I know it's painful. I know how much you love him. I love him too. Jennifer is trying to teach him that he is vulnerable and he's vulnerable because he makes all the wrong choices. Abby - No, he is just confused. He's been this way ever since Dad died. It turned his whole world upside down; it crushed him. And what JJ really needs right now is time so that he can just ... Maggie - No. No! He doesn't need time. If he doesn't change, he's going to destroy himself. Your mom is putting pressure on him to decide. He's at a crossroads here. Does he go to prison? Does he ask for help? Does he trust in our love for him? Does he find another way to live. Abby - I can't let this happen to him. I can't let my brother go through this. Maggie - Sweetheart, you may not have a choice. Abby - The hell I don't. She leaves.

Hope - I'd like to come in and talk. Theresa pushes her into the hallway. Unless you have a search warrant we talk out here. You have 2 mins. Hope - I'm not here as a cop, I'm here as family. JJ listens. Hope - It's about JJ. Theresa - Oh, that loser. Hope - Have you seen him? Theresa - No and I don't want to. I mean I've got you and the rest of my loving family just looking for a reason to ship me back to LA. So if I were to hang out with some juvenile delinquent ... Hope - That's enough. Why won't you let me inside? Theresa - I'm entertaining. Hope - You have a man over. Theresa - I think that's still legal, isn't it? Hope - I heard you talking when I got here. Randy, Benny, Manny ... Manny boy. Theresa - Manny, he's a biker guy I met. He's waiting for me right now. I'd let you come in and say hey but he's kind of not dressed. He's got a lot of tats though. You'd really like them. They're everywhere. Hope - I'll pass. JJ's a good kid. I'm trying to help him. Theresa - I don't need your sob story Aunt Hope but if I see him I'll tell him to call you or I'll just tell him to get lost. Chow. She goes back inside. Theresa - She had no idea you were here thanks to me. JJ - You called me a loser. Theresa - Did I get her off your back or what? JJ - What about that guy? Theresa - I made him up. Were you even listening. JJ - I heard you on the phone with him before. It wasn't Randy or Manny, you called him Danny boy.

Dan - Thanks for the thought but I think I got this one covered. Stefano - Very well, your choice. Good luck. If you ever need help ... Dan - I will keep your offer in mind. Stefano - My advice, handle the problem quickly because it's about women ... it always gets worse. He leaves. Dan sees he has a voicemail message. Oh great, a message from my problem.

Nicole - Eric, wait. That name is just pure coincidence. Eric - Fay is your mother's name. Nicole - Yeah and Taylor is my sister's name. That doesn't make me the woman in the wig. I got to that hotel at least a half hour before I found you. And why the hell would I use that alias anyway. Eric - Sometimes people that want to do terrible things actually want to get caught. Nicole - I didn't do anything terrible. Eric - You've been feeling so guilty since that night that's why you don't even want to talk to me about it. Nicole - You want to know why I don't want to talk about it. Because Fr. Matt asked me not to talk about that night with you because you're so stressed out as it is. And you know what, if you don't believe me, why don't you go ask him yourself. Eric - You always have a lie, don't you? Nicole snaps - YEAH! I guess I do. Eric - Spin it, twist it, anything to avoid having to tell the truth. Nicole screams - I AM NOT LYING. Eric - When I confronted you that night about what you said to Brady - that you were in love with me; when I first came back to Salem you're first instinct was to lie. Nicole cries. Because I was embarrassed. Eric - No, because you're a liar. You're a liar to your core and I don't believe one word you say. He starts walking away.

Segment 5: JJ - Who's Danny boy and why'd you call him. Theresa drinks. I called him because I thought when you came over we were going to party ... booze, dope, bedroom ... you forget your troubles, I forget mine. But that didn't happen; instead I got paranoid Pete smelling things, hearing noises, worried about cops coming, running to the bathroom every time I made a move. What do you think I was going to do, wait for you to grow up. JJ - Who did you call? Theresa - Somebody who can get the job done. JJ - Who! Theresa - Daniel. Dr. Dan the man, your mom's boyfriend. Old boyfriend.

Dan listens to Theresa's message. Who in the hell does she think she is. He realises his battery is almost dead and after looking around he determines his charger is not here.

Nicole - Eric. Wait. I swear that I am not lying to you. I have been honest, completely ... okay yes, I have lied to you in the past ... a lot but it was just because I didn't want to ruin anything. I just wanted to be near you, I wanted to be with you, I wanted to work with you. I just hoped that that could last forever but then my feelings just started to eat away at me and I knew that I had to break it off and that's why I quit. I had to get away from you. And I am not proud of the things I have done but ... Eric - Like drugging me, forcing me to do things ... Nicole - No, NO! I didn't do that. I'm just talking about picking little fights and the fantasies I had about you and dressing sexy and going to bars just trying to get your attention. I just wanted your attention. I almost slept with Vargas but that doesn't matter anymore because now you know I love you and I've always loved you and that is the truth. That's the truth. I would never do anything to hurt you especially not in that hotel room and if you think that I could do something so awful to the person I love then you never knew me at all.

Segment 6: Maggie finds Brady knocking on Dan's apt door - no answer. Maggie called the hospital. They told her he had a huge fight with Anne Milbauer and just stormed off. Brady - That doesn't sound good. Maggie called his office and left a message but he hasn't called back. She tried his cell and got voicemail. He's a doctor. He should be reachable. Brady asks if she's okay. Maggie wanted to talk to Daniel about Jennifer. No, it was really about Abigail. Brady - Do you want to talk about it? Maggie - I think I better go to a meeting. Brady - Let's go to the pub and have a cup of coffee and we'll see when the next one starts.

Hope returns to the Horton house and tells Jen she didn't find JJ. He wasn't there. Jen - That's something but he's still out there somewhere. Hope - Theresa had a guy over. She said he was a biker. She promised to call if he got in touch. Jen - So I keep worrying about my son looking for a place to sleep tonight. What if he breaks into someone's house ... Hope - Think positive. He's probably at a diner having coffee trying to figure thinks out cuz. He may decide to come home. Think positively. It's worth waiting until at least tomorrow. If I call the judge tonight and ask for a warrant and JJ's going to get picked up and this whole thing ... Abby - Picked up? No, Aunt Hope, please don't do this.

JJ - You called Daniel Jonas. Theresa - What is your problem? JJ - You want him over here? What the hell Theresa! Theresa - He was here a while ago. JJ - He was? Theresa - What's the big deal. JJ - A couple of weeks ago you were saying you had the hots for someone ... it was Daniel. Are you serious! Theresa - You know JJ I called you over here so we could have some fun. That ain't happening so I called a guy who I knew could do the job. Right now if I'm going to have the hots for someone it might as well be a body that never quits, right? Dr. Jonas knows what a woman wants and how to give it to her so she knows that she's ... JJ kisses her and they end up on the couch.

Kristen is having a meltdown in the mansion. It's bad enough Brady had to sleep with her. She has a stuffed animal that she beats against the furniture. I should have ripped her face off but I didn't ... but I should have. That bitch ... she tells Brady I was unfaithful to him. Stefano - You were not being unfaithful. Kristen snaps - I know but I was with Eric. Stefano - That was your plan. You wanted revenge against Marlena for what she did to you. So you knocked out her son the priest and then you made a video of the both of you making love ... that was your plan. Kristen - I know what I did. I don't know how she knows that I was with somebody else. Don't you understand! Brady can never find out or I will lose him forever.

Eric - Actually Nicole, I think I finally know you, the real you. When I first came back to Salem I was so deluded to think that I could salvage your life, that I could actually show you a better kind of love filed with kindness, compassion ... Christ's love. But you were never salvageable because you're sick and twisted. Nicole - I am not sick and twisted. I'm just the sad, pathetic woman who's in love with a man who'll never love me back and who seems to remember something that never happened. Eric - You never stop, do you? The same lie. It did happen. Nicole snaps - Not with me. NOT WITH ME ... I SWEAR ON MY SOUL ... I swear to you ... I swear to God.

Segment 7: Eric - How dare you stand here in the house of God and lie over and over ... Nicole - I am not lying! Eric - Yes you are. You may want your lies to be true. You may even have regrets but you can't change the facts. Nicole - Oh I see. So the memories that you couldn't recall for over 4 months are now back? Eric - I was there and so were you. Nicole - And nothing I say is going to change your mind right? Then to hell with you. She picks up the arrangement of flowers and throws them to the floor. To hell with God! She leaves.

Kristen - Thank God Brady didn't believe a word out of her filthy mouth. Stefano - You are safe alright. The only proof is that flashdrive that's been long gone. Kristen - At the bottom of the river. Stefano - So she can blabber all she wants. Nobody is going to believe her. So relax. Just consider your future, your happiness. Nothing is going to interfere with that.

The camera pans to the flashdrive in Dan's office. Dan looks at his cell. Relax Mom, I'll call you later.

Abby - He his your son. You say that you love him then you call Aunt Hope and have him arrested! Hope - Abby, slow down. Take a breath. Your mom and I were just talking about waiting until tomorrow. Give him some time, see what he does. Abby - Really? Jen - Yes and pray that he does the right thing. Abby hugs Hope - Thank you so much. Jen - Yes, thank you. They hug. Hope - Call me if he contacts you. She leaves. Jen - Thank you for coming home. Abby - I was kind of hoping to see JJ plus I didn't really have any place else to really go. Without my home, without my family ... Jen - I know but we are going to get through this. Abby - I know. JJ's going to come home. He just needs time. Jen - I hope you're right and I really hope that he doesn't do something tonight that he shouldn't do.

JJ pulls off his shirt. Theresa - Wait. JJ - What? Theresa - I'm not backing off. We've got to do this. She pulls out a vial. Inspiration baby. I'm going to make this a night you'll never forget. JJ - What is it? Theresa - It's intense. You won't believe what this is going to do. It's called Nirvana. We're going on the ride of our lives.


Thursday Oct 24

Segment 1: Sami is packing up toys in the living room of the D mansion when Stefano comes in. She tells him that EJ is at the hospital. Stefano - Good. I wish to speak to you.

EJ comes in to see Chad. How are you doing? What's wrong? Chad - Cameron knows I was faking the brain tumour. EJ - Yeah, I know. I told him.

Abby sees Cam near the nurse's station and tells him she needs to speak to him. I need you to tell me what you've been hiding from me about Chad.

Jen opens the door to Lucas who immediately apologises. I know I picked a lousy time to go out of town. How's JJ? Jen - That's a good question. Lucas - At least the judge put him here so you'll know. I know it looks bad right now but maybe it will help if a guy talks some sense into him; like his uncle who had some troubles at his age too. Jen - I wish you could. Lucas - I will. I want to. Where is he? Jen - I have no idea.

JJ looks at the vial. I thought we were going to hook up. Theresa - We are. And baby the sex is going to be off the charts.

Lucas - You called Hope yourself to turn him in! Jen - Please, don't lecture me. Abigail was so appalled she almost disowned me. We are down to drastic measures here. Lucas - What did Hope say? Jen - She said we should give JJ one more night to come home. Lucas - Wow. I'm sorry. I feel like I owe you an apology. I feel like an accomplice here. Jen - How's that? Lucas - Because he was working me about being grounded. He totally played me. He knew how I felt about Daniel and he went there. Jen - How does it feel to be so predictable. Lucas - I don't know about that ... Jen - No, I'm saying that more for me then you. Lucas - I'm sorry alright. I should have been smarter about the whole thing. Jen - Don't be. I know you love JJ. And really the truth is the main person at fault here besides JJ is me.

JJ - I can't believe you scored that. Theresa - You always expect me to show up and ask you what you brought, right? JJ - I didn't say that. Theresa - It's okay. It's true. Normally you take care of things but tonight it's my turn. JJ - Thank you. Theresa - Let's mix it up and get the party started. You won't believe what it does. Oh yeah, get ready.

Sami - Is this about what I said at the hospital. If you're waiting for an apology hold your breath. Stefano - Samantha ... Sami - I am not going to apologise for one word of it. Stefano - Nor should you. Almost every word that you have said is true.

Maxine comes into Kayla's office. Kayla - Are the latest labs for Chad DiMera in there? Maxine - Right on top. Did you get the consult report from Dr. Phillips? Kayla - Yeah, I was reading it right now. Maxine - You don't look very happy. Kayla - 'Cause it's not good. It's a good thing Daniel called in a specialist as quickly as he did. Kayla takes a call and Maxine leaves. Dr. Phillips, thank you for returning my call so quickly. I did. I'm actually looking at it right now. Yeah, I agree. We need to take care of Chad's condition immediately.

Chad - How could you do that! EJ - When your artery ruptured the doctor's had to administer a certain type of medication to stop the bleeding. Cameron was about to stop Dr. Jonas from using it because he believed that it could potentially interact with the experimental medication that you were supposedly taking for your brain tumour. What was I supposed to do? I couldn't let you bleed to death. Chad - Right. EJ - I'm sorry it had to come out this way. Chad - It's okay. EJ - You're lucky I was standing there; that I overheard that conversation. I take it Cameron said something to you. Chad - Oh yeah. EJ - Did he say anything to Abigail. Chad - Not yet.

Abby - I did speak to him after you left the room. He didn't mention anything to me about what the two of you discussed. He said everything was fine but I feel like he's hiding something from me. Cam - What's bothering you? Abby - This is awkward, right? Is this okay? Can you talk to me about me and Chad? Cam - Yes, I can. Whatever you need. Abby - Okay. I'm going to tell you what I think is going on with Chad and I want you to be totally, brutally honest with me. Deal? Cam - Deal.

Segment 2: Lucas - Come on, Jen. You've been there, I've been there. JJ is a good kid and eventually he'll come around. I know it. Jen - I hope that you're right and I pray that JJ will come home but I don't think he will. Lucas - What are you going to do about it? Sit around and wait for the guy? Jen - No, I am going to go to my office and get some work and bring it home. Lucas - You're going to work now? Jen - Yes. I have been so distracted lately that Anne Millbauer is almost right about me. I'm not going to sleep so I might as well be productive. Lucas - Alright. Who knows, maybe when you get back JJ will be home by then. Jen - Yeah, that would be a miracle and I don't really believe in those any more.

Theresa uses a dropper to put some of the drug into the drinks. JJ - Have you ever done this before? Theresa - Yeah. I take it you're a virgin. JJ - That's not funny. Theresa - I meant you've never done G before. JJ - I must have. I've pretty much done everything; sometimes you don't even know what it is, right? Theresa - GHB, if you've done it, you'd definitely remember. JJ - If you say so. Theresa - I do. Actually, I'm glad I'm going to be your first, this way, I mean. JJ - What does it do? It sounds like a rufie. Theresa - Not at all. You'll very much be awake and every touch, every kiss is going to be magnified like hundreds of times. It's better then any high you've ever had and the sex, it's going to blow anything you've ever done out of the water. Trust me.

Sami - Are you saying that you get it? You understand that you are the reason Chad was shot. You and your insane jealousy. You put this whole train wreck in motion. Stefano - You know if you could keep quiet I would talk. Sami - Okay. Stefano - The night Chad was shot I gave my word to God. Sami - Your word as a DiMera? Stefano - I swore that if He would spare my son I would change. Sami - Okay. Well good luck with that. We'll all wait with bated breath. Stefano - Samantha, I'm sorry. From the bottom of my heart please accept my apology for everything I put you through.

Chad - I think he'll be quiet for now. EJ - You can't count on that. Chad - I know that. EJ - You need to beat him to the punch. You have to tell Abigail before he does. Pre-emptive strike is the best way to limit the damage. Chad - You make this sound like a bombing campaign. EJ - In a way it is. You're not ready to walk away from Abigail, are you? Chad - Hell no. EJ - Then you need this. I was all for this never coming out but Cameron knows now that means Abigail is going to find out. The best thing you can do is get ahead of it and put your spin on it. Chad - I lied. There's no spinning that. EJ - There's always a way to spin it; you just need to get ahead of it. A nurse comes in. Mr. DiMera, Dr. Brady would like to see you in her office. EJ - Thank you. Hospital business, I'll see you in a little bit.

Abby - I'm afraid that Chad's not into me now. Cam - Why? Abby - When people go through big things like this they change and with trauma involved it can bring you closer together or pull you further apart. The way that Chad's been acting ... Cam - Chad still wants to be with you. Abby - Then why is he being so ... It's not like he's being distant exactly but it's something. Cam - Why don't you ask him. EJ walks up as Chad gets paged. He tells Abby he has to get going. Abby - Sure. Thank you.

EJ knocks on Kayla's door and goes inside. I heard you wanted to see me. Kayla - Yes, EJ, please take a seat. Cameron told me that you're aware of Chad's condition. EJ - Which condition is this? Kayla - The tumour. We respected his wish to seek outside treatment but now there's a complication from his injury and we need to consult with his specialist so I assume that you have the name. Cam enters. There is no specialist. There's no brain tumour.

Abby goes into Chad's room.

Segment 3: Jen walks up to Maxine at the nurse's station and finds her holding the picture she gave to Daniel. Why is it here? Why is it broken? Maxine looks at all the staff watching and tells Jen she's going to clock out. Let's go someplace else.

Theresa - I envy you. I remember my first time with G. It was beyond amazing. You become really sensitized ... I mean, it's total escape. You do want to escape right? JJ - Yeah but we've smoked and you've had quite a bit to drink. Does that cut the buzz? I mean, do you have to worry about the dosage? Theresa - No worries, I've never had a bomb before. Are you ready? Cheers.

Sami - Did I just hear you correctly? Did you just apologise to me! Stefano - I did. Sami - So you're saying that you admit it. That you put me behind bars. You were willing to leave me in prison for the rest of my life and now you're sorry. Stefano - I truly am. Sami - What am I supposed to do with that? What are you expecting to happen? Do you want a big bear hug, a wet sloppy kiss and for me to say all is forgiven. Stefano - I can understand if you do not believe my words. What I want you to do is give me a chance to make it up to you. Sami - This feels like a giant setup. Are you serious? Stefano - I'm never going to bury another child. It is never going to happen again. Lucas knocks on the living room doors and comes in. Oh hello. Harold let me in after security patted me down. That was interesting. Sami - Sorry. Lucas - Is Allie ready? Sami - Almost. Stefano - Lucas, your daughter is absolutely lovely and she's also a very sweet girl. Lucas - Yes she is, thanks. Stefano - So please feel free anytime you like to come and visit her ... please do. Lucas - Okay I will. Stefano leaves the room. Lucas - What the hell was that?

Abby asks Chad how he's feeling. Chad - Better in the last 2 mins. There's something that we need to get out. Abby - I knew it. I could tell. You've been through a lot in the last 48 hrs. You took a bullet for your brother, you nearly died. It makes you question everything in your life. I get it. I felt the same way when I lost my Dad. Chad - I'm talking about some choices that I made. Some really stupid choices that I should have avoided. Abby - You didn't need to be that harsh but ... you don't feel the same way about me anymore.

Kayla - I don't understand. Is Chad in remission already. Cam - No, there never was a brain tumour. Chad lied. Kayla - Why would someone lie about something like that. EJ - He had his reasons. Kayla - You knew! EJ - I found out recently. Kayla - And you played along with it. How could you do that! EJ - He made a mistake; one that is pretty inconsequential alongside ... Kayla - This isn't some kind of prank EJ. He lied about a serious medical condition. EJ - He was shot which last I heard, was a serious medical condition. So instead of beating up on Chad why don't we get to the matter at hand. I'm assuming there was a reason that you called me here. Kayla - Yes. There are some complications with his injury; serious complications.

Jen and Maxine are at the pub. I'm not sure how that candy-striper came by it. Sounds like you she found it in the trash and knew it didn't belong there. Jen - It used to be in his apt. Maybe he brought it to his office a while ago. I haven't been to either place in such a long time so ... The candy-striper gave it to you. Maxine - She knew you and Daniel were friends of mine. Jen - So he threw it in the trash. Maxine - Don't you dare say this is right. Jen - I have pushed him away so many times and even if Daniel understands it doesn't mean that it's okay. Maxine - So you're just going to let that man give up on you huh. Jen - I can't give him what he wants right now so if Daniel says it's over, I have to accept that. And it looks like for Daniel it really is over. This is where you fight me and tell me that I'm wrong. Maxine - I can't. I think maybe you're right.

Theresa downs her drink, JJ takes a sip.

Segment 4: Sami - I don't know. That's Stefano 5.0; the new and improved Phoenix. Lucas - What's he after? Sami - A family who loves him, I guess. Lucas - Right. You're buying that ... don't tell me ... Sami - I don't know. He seems different since Chad was shot. Lucas - All you've got to do is think back Sami, really. Sami - Believe me, no one is more suspicious of that man than I am. He's lied to everyone all the time. He's lied to his own beloved son. Lucas - But what? Sami - I'm embarrassed to say this out loud but he seems sincere. Lucas - I'm sorry, it sounded like you said sincere. Has your IQ dropped since you've lived here? Come on! Just get Allie for me okay. Sami - She's upstairs. She's packing her backpack. I have everything in her suitcase. She changes her clothes a bunch of times a day now so watch out for that. Lucas - I will but I'd rather talk about the shooting. Sami - I don't want to. I have been lectured by every single member of the Brady clan. Lucas - Fine, then I won't lecture you about this. Just convince me, how is my daughter not at risk by living in this house with the DiMera's. Sami - How can you even ask that? You yourself were patted down before you were allowed in here. Isn't it safer here for her than anywhere else. Lucas - Safer here, in an armed camp! Come on. Sami - She doesn't see it that way. None of the kids do. They like it here. Lucas - Why would you want to live in a house that needs muscle to keep people safe. Sami - Look, they're just stressed out right now because of what happened but I really think that incident with Marge was just a freak thing. Lucas - A freak thing, really? Come on. There's a direct line from Stefano to those bullets flying at Chad's club and you know it. Sami - Yeah but it doesn't happen all the time. Lucas - Oh I'm sorry. Stefano doesn't have other enemies. EJ doesn't have any enemies. Sami - He is doing everything he can to keep me and the kids safe. Lucas - EJ couldn't even stop his own brother from being shot. He was right there; he couldn't do a damn thing about it. Sami - Read the paper. That could happen to anyone any time anywhere in Salem. Lucas - Fine then all the more reason to cut your losses. Don't live in this house anymore. Sami - Please be quiet. I don't want Allie to walk in on us and hear us brawling. Lucas - Why? Because you're worried; is that it? You're worried about staying in this house because you know that I'm right. That's exactly why you're fighting me. Sami - I'm not just going to uproot my children. I'm not going to overreact to this based on one incident. Lucas - One incident! Chad was shot and almost killed. It could have been EJ. It could have been you Sami or it could have been one of the kids. You don't think that's reason enough.

Kayla - The emergency surgery was a success. Daniel was able to stop the bleeding which seemed impossible at first. But there has been significant damage to his celiac artery and if it's not repaired he could be looking at lymphatic failure. EJ - Then repair it. Kayla - I have talked to one of the top cardiologist's and they recommend surgery. EJ - I don't want the top, I want the best in the country. Kayla - There's a surgeon in Boston. He's the best in the field. EJ - That's who we need. Give me his name. We'll fly him in. Kayla - It doesn't really work like that EJ. We have to get Chad to him. He's got the best surgeons and the best facility. EJ - Fine. I'll take care of it. Kayla - Okay. If you can get your family to take care of that I think I can get him scheduled quickly. EJ - I'll organize a medevac to take him there. He is well enough to travel? Kayla - With the proper care, yes. EJ - I'll talk to my father. Is tomorrow morning soon enough? Kayla - That'll be great. Thank you. EJ - Thank you. He looks at Cam and shakes his head. EJ leaves. Kayla - Wow, do I owe you an apology. Cam - Why is that? Kayla - You were right to question Chad's experimental treatment. Does Abigail know? Cam - No, she doesn't and it's not my place to tell her.

Chad - No, I love you. That hasn't changed and it won't. Why would you even think that? Abby - Because it felt like you were hiding something from me and you were. Kayla comes in and greets Abby. She tells Chad she needs to speak to him privately. He tells her that whatever she has to say she can say in front of Abigail.

Maxine - Are you okay? Jen - I don't know. You were always our biggest cheerleader. Maxine - And I'd like to be again. You and Daniel were just right for each other; always have been. Not because you're both nice people; you've been through the same things. You both lost spouses. Hell you couldn't custom order a better partner. Jen - And we were really happy because neither one of us expected to have this again. We were so lucky. And you think I threw it all way because of JJ. Maxine - You said that honey, I didn't.

Theresa - Come on, you barely touched it. JJ - I'm good. Theresa - No you aren't. That wasn't enough to do anything. JJ - I don't need much. Theresa - Oh come on JJ. I know that's not true. I know you've never done this before. You don't have to pretend. If you had done it before, I'd be worried. This is a grownup drug. JJ - I get that. Theresa - You haven't done coke either, have you? JJ - I like to just relax, mellow out and that's why I smoke. Theresa - This is all new for you. I think it's sweet. She kisses him. JJ - You can get a puppy for that. Theresa - Maybe sweet is the wrong word but I'm glad. I'm just glad I'm going to be part of a night that you're going to remember for the rest of your life. Come on, you've got to go with me. JJ - I'm here. Theresa - But you're not with me JJ. You barely took 2 hits of that joint and then you barely wet your lips with that lovely G cocktail. You could take a driving test right now and pass. JJ - That doesn't mean I'm not here. Theresa - So is your mom and all of your problems. JJ - Now there's a buzz-kill. Theresa - Don't you want your mom and your sister and Jonas and all those cops to go far, far away. JJ - There's got to be an App for that, right. Theresa - There is. It's right here. All you have to do is take a couple more sips. She hands him the glass.

Segment 5: Kayla - It's a fairly routine surgery in the right hands. It's not an emergency but you should get that artery repaired as soon as possible. Chad - Okay and is Boston really the best place. Kayla - Yes it is. They've agreed to work you into their surgical rotation as soon as we can get you there. EJ is arranging transport. Abby - So when should Chad leave? Kayla - Tomorrow.

Stefano is sitting in one of the chairs in the waiting area near the nurse's station. EJ joins him. I've made some calls to a medical charter company. Stefano - What about our jet? EJ - It's not properly equipped. We need something that is custom built for this purpose. I think somebody should accompany him as well. I would go ... Stefano - No, I'll go. EJ - It could be a very long recovery. Stefano - So what. I'm his father. I'll be with him every minute. EJ - I'll fly up for the surgery. Stefano - You stay here. Your family needs you. I'll take care of this.

Lucas - I'll have Allie for the next couple of days so that will give you enough time to think about it; decide what you want to do. Sami - Are you threatening me? Lucas - No, it's a fact. Sami - Allie loves Johnny and Sydney! Lucas - She can hang out with them as much as she wants or as much as you can manage but not in this house. Sami - Don't you do this. Lucas - I am sick of you and EJ and you're thug life. I'm not dealing with it anymore. Sami - You can't do that. You can't violate the court order. Lucas - You want to go to court? You want to bring this in front of a judge and argue best interests of the child. Sami - If you do not bring Allie back you will be violating that court order. Lucas - I'll bring her to you but not if you're here.

Jen - I gave up Daniel because JJ convinced me that's what he needed at the time. And it's the truth. I didn't see it at the time but I see it clearly now. But Daniel was right, it didn't help. It's just one more mistake in this whole line of things that I can't undo.

JJ - You're stalling. I'm ready to go. I'm good. You keep pushing stuff on me. Theresa - Fine. She takes his glass and has a big gulp. I'm not going to let the best drug in the whole wide world go to waste. At least one of us is going to be in the mood. JJ - Look at me, I'm in the mood. She drinks more. JJ - Are you sure you're okay? Theresa - I don't know. Am I okay? She kisses him. Theresa - You see. Every touch, every kiss ... more kisses.

Segment 6: Stefano assures EJ that he is serious about going with Chad. EJ - You need to be ready by tomorrow morning. Stefano - I'll have Harold pack my bag. I'll wait here until we're ready to go. EJ - You need to rest Father. Stefano - Elvis, things are going to change with me, with you and us. You'll see.

Abby - I guess the good news is that they're going to take you for the surgery. Chad - Sorry I have to leave. Abby - I'll deal. Chad - How long will I be gone? Kayla - It depends on how well your heart responds. You have to fully recovered before you can travel. I'd say a few weeks. Abby - That's not so bad. I'm glad that I'm here so I know. Chad - I would have told you. Kayla is going to leave but Chad has a few technical questions about the surgery. He asks Abby to grab him some water. Abby leaves the room. Chad - Why won't you look me in the eyes? Kayla - I'm trying but it's pretty hard to watch Abigail infer that you always tell her the truth about things ... Chad - You know. Kayla - Yes Chad. It's dangerous for your doctors not to know. Do you know that if EJ hadn't told Cameron you'd be in the morgue right now.

Allie calls out that she can't find something. Sami - It's in here sweetie. Don't you say anything to her. Allie rushes in. Daddy, I missed you. Lucas hugs her. I missed you so much. Are you ready to go? Sami - You have fun with Daddy. I want you to text me all the time. Allie will. I love you. Sami - I love you and I want you to be good for Daddy and I want you to have so much fun. They leave. Sami mutters - You S.O.B.

Jen - All Daniel ever tried to do was help with JJ and that's why he pushed for us to stay together. Not because he loved me but because he knew what a disaster it would be to let JJ dictate terms. Maxine - That is a good man. Jen - Isn't it? So how do you lose a man like that. Maxine takes a drink of her beer. Jen - What is going on with you because you always tell me to fight. What is with you? Maxine - I wouldn't even bring this up but you'll probably hear about it anyway. Word around the hospital is that Daniel and Theresa are seeing each other. Jen laughs. That is not possible. I know that for sure. If that's going around it's because Theresa is starting up trouble and I don't have the time or the patience to play these games with her. So thanks for the heads up but that woman is the least of my troubles right now.

JJ and Theresa are going on it on the couch. Theresa passes out. JJ calls her name a couple of times.

Segment 7: EJ tells Sami that Father is going to stay with Chad after the surgery for his recovery. It buys us a little bit of breathing room. Sami fixes herself another drink. EJ - Do you want to tell me ... Sami - It doesn't actually buy me any breathing room. Your father being gone doesn't help me breathe. EJ - Something happened. Sami - Lucas came to pick up Allie for his visitation and he made it clear to me that he will not bring Allie back to this house.

Chad - For what it's worth, the whole story just got out of hand. I never meant for it ... Kayla - Save it. There is no excuse. I think I know exactly what you meant to do. Chad - What does that mean? Kayla - I know what went on between you, Cameron and Abigail. You wanted your competition out of the way, right? Was it worth it? Abby is in the doorway? Was what worth it? Kayla - I've got rounds. She leaves. Abby - What was that about? Chad - That thing I need to tell you about. Remember ... the lousy choices I made. Abby - Right. So? Chad - I did a terrible thing Abigail and I want you to hear the truth from me.

Maxine tells Jen - I'll see you in the morning and thank you for the beer. Jen - Bye Maxine. After Maxine leaves Jen looks at the photo and mutters Goodbye Daniel. She puts the photo in the garbage.

JJ keeps trying to wake up Theresa to no avail. He tries to hear a heartbeat. OMG, she's not breathing. He shakes her again and calls her name.


Friday Oct 25

Segment 1: JJ tells Theresa to wake up. I'm in to it even without a ton of G. He determines she's not breathing. He tells her she has to wake up. Stop messing around. Come on, this isn't funny.

Will is at the club telling Ari that Sonny and your mom really want me to go to this conference; a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I don't want to miss your first Halloween. I know you're not going to remember but I will. I never wrote anything remotely decent in my life until I wrote about you so it's going to be a long week away from you and Sonny. Sonny walks up. For you, what about me.

EJ declares that Lucas has to bring Allie back. The two of you share custody. Sami - He said he's worried about Allie's safety so if I try and keep her in this house he's going to get a judge involved. EJ - Lucas never wanted Allie to live in this house in the first place. It's just another excuse for him to stamp his feet and throw a tantrum. Sami doesn't think he's doing that. EJ - He can't just break a custody agreement and if he does the first thing we have to do is make one telephone call ... Sami - But he's not doing this to get back at you or me. He's worried that something terrible could happen to Allie and I don't blame him.

Chad - I did a terrible thing Abigail and I want you to hear the truth from me. Abby - Chad, if this is some kind of death bed confession I don't want to hear it. Chad - I want you to hear this. I told Cameron a big, huge lie. I let Cameron think I was dying of a brain tumour when there was nothing wrong with me.

Dan is asleep dreaming of Jen coming to him. He wakes up.

Jen comes home to find Hope there. I saw the lights on and I ... Hope - Thought JJ was home. Jen - Yeah. Why are you here. Do you have news? Hope - Nothing, I'm sorry.

JJ pulls Theresa up imploring her to wake the hell up. He pats her face. He keeps saying her name telling her to wake up. Again he says she stopped breathing. He lays her down. Come on. What the hell do I do. Theresa's cell falls on top of his foot. I'm assuming it's on Daniel's number because he says 'help me please' before he makes the call.

Will - Technically it's not too late to cancel the trip. Sonny - No! Gabi and I are going to handle everything unless you don't trust us. Will - I trust you it's just that we made this awesome pumpkin costume for Ari. If she keeps her hat on it's going to be the best thing ever. Sonny - Gabi and I are going to take tons of pictures. We are going to video chat and I am not bringing this shirt back to the store. He hands Will a shopping bag. My boyfriend will not be outdone by some tweed-wearing literary types. Will loves the shirt. He kisses Sonny and says Thank you. Sonny tells him his essay was amazing. Will - You read it.

EJ - Are you serious. Chad was shot in a public place by a woman who is certifiably insane. Sami - Yeah but ... EJ - But what? This house is protected around the clock. It is the safest place in Salem. Sami - We both know that everything that went down with Marge Bernardi started with your father and now he is living here so everything is different. I know you made this huge sacrifice to keep me out of prison but we have targets on our backs as long as Stefano is who he is and does what he does. EJ - You should have heard my father in the chapel begging for mercy. Sami - Oh God. Really! EJ - Why do you think he apologised to you. Does that sound like the Stefano DiMera that you love to hate. Sami - I'm sure he wants something; I just don't know what it is. EJ - He told you what it was; he wants to change. The problem is that you don't believe him.

Hop - I didn't mean to get your hopes up. I was in the neighbourhood. Ciara's at a sleepover birthday party; I just thought I'd stop by. Jen - Stop by and check up on me. Hope - I should have called. Jen - No. I'm really glad that you're here. I don't really know what I'm going to do if JJ doesn't come home. If I have to call the police and turn him in ... Hope - One step at a time! Jen - You're right. I'm not even going to have to make that call. I don't know what it is though. I have this terrible feeling. I just feel like JJ's in some kind of trouble.

Dan goes to his kitchen. His cell rings. He sees the call is from Theresa Donovan. He answers - Theresa ... JJ - Daniel, you've got to come to Theresa's place right away. Dan - Why? JJ - Please man. You've got to get here and come alone. You've got to get here fast. She needs your help.

Segment 2: Sonny - Yeah I read your essay. So did Ari. I helped her with the big words but we thought it was very impressive. Are you upset that we read it? Will - No. I'm just not used to putting myself out there like that. Sonny - I'm not sure I can live up to what you wrote about me. Will - You already have.

Sami - I heard the hope and change speech from Stefano myself and I know it by heart. I've heard it a million times. EJ - From me you me. Sami - Also from me. EJ - And look at the two of us now. Think of all the years we spent hating each other, loving other people, trying to love other people. Thank goodness we're off that merry-go-round. Sami agrees with that. EJ - Think about all the things I used to do that drove you crazy. He says something else - couldn't understand it. Sami - I'm sure you think I'm perfect. He doesn't. He thinks they're perfect for each other. But we had a lot of growing pains getting there. Sami - You're right. I see that we've both changed so much but there's one thing about me that hasn't changed and it never will. I'm a mother first and I can't do this. I can't lose Allie. EJ - And you won't. I am just as protective of our children as you and I include Allie when I say that. What kind of parents do you think we'd be if we're miserable and that's who we are when we are apart. We are the most miserable people in the world.

Abby - I'm sorry. I thought you just said you let Cameron believe you were dying of a fatal brain tumour. Chad - Remember when I hit my head on the 4th of July; Cameron insisted on doing all those tests. He found a shadow on the CT and he said he thought it could be a brain tumour. And since that's how Lexie died I flipped out whereas Cameron, I thought he was ready to break out the champagne; no more competition over Abigail. Abby - Cameron is not like that. He would never do that. Chad - I know that now but in that moment thinking I was actually dying it drove me crazy. And you know what the worst part was; the thought of losing you forever.

Jen - This is driving me crazy. I can't just sit here but I don't know where else to look for him. Hope - You mentioned his friends. Any idea how to get in touch with them? Jen - I have Rory's number. Hope - Great. There is something we can do.

JJ gets dressed and covers up Theresa. He checks for a pulse. Come on Daniel. There's a knock on the door. It's Daniel. JJ, what's ... JJ - It's Theresa. Dan holds up his phone - Call 911 now. JJ, do you hear me! HEY! JJ - We were doing some stuff ... Dan - What kind of stuff? What does that mean? JJ - Just some pot and some stuff that she called G. I think it might have killed her man.

Segment 3: Sami - I don't want to leave. EJ - Right, but you want to call off the wedding. You said it yourself, the children are perfectly safe in this house. What are you doing? Are you going to let Lucas dictate your life for you? Or your father? Sami - No. EJ - Right because you don't let anyone tell you what to do. Certainly not me. Sami - That doesn't stop you from trying. EJ - Please stop listening to that annoying and irrational voice in your head. It's the same thing that wants you to be a better person and wants you to marry a good guy like Rafe. It's nauseating. It's not who you are; it's not who you're ever going to be. Sami snaps - Would you please do me a favour and not bring Rafe into this conversation. He has nothing to do with us. EJ - You're right. This goes back to the first moment I laid eyes on you. You were not a part of my plan. I was supposed to hate you on sight. They yell at each other. EJ declares they bring out the best in each other and no one else will ever do that for either of them. Of course the yelling turns them on so they start to kiss but thankfully Sonny and Will enter with Ari. Sami gushes over the baby. Sonny - Will has some amazing news and I thought that he should deliver it in person.

Abby - So you thought that you were dying and you didn't say a word to me. Chad - I didn't want to worry you until I knew for sure so I went to see a specialist and he ran some tests and there was nothing. Abby - What a relief that must have been for you Chad. Chad - It definitely was. Abby - So how'd you celebrate? By letting Cameron continue to think that you were dying so he would let you have me. Chad - That's not how it was at all. I was on my way to tell Cameron the truth when I found him in the park making out with you. Abby - Oh the horror! We were dating! Chad - He knew what I was going through. He knew exactly where I was in that moment and he knew that you were still totally torn between the two of us. Here he was acting all caring and concerned to my face while behind my back the whole time he was trying to get into bed with you. Abby - Because God knows I'm not capable of deciding what I really want. Chad - Of course you are. Abby - Then why didn't you let me? Chad - Because that day I had some good news to share and when I saw the two of you it felt like someone punched me in the gut. And when Cameron asked me about my appointment, the lie, it just kind of ... Abby - What? Slipped out? Chad - Yes and then I didn't know how to take it back. I never meant for it to get so out of control. Abby - And Cameron broke up with me because you were right. He was caring and concerned. Chad - Cameron is a great guy but you and I both know he isn't right for you otherwise he never would have walked away so easily. And now we're together like we were always meant to be. So does it really matter that ... Abby - Yes it does matter. It matters a hell of a lot.

Hope and Jen walk up to Rory and Bev in the square. Jen - Hi. Thank you so much for meeting me. You remember my cousin Hope. Rory - Det. Brady. Hope - When was the last time you saw JJ? Rory - He's been pretty much avoiding us ever since he trashed the store and went to jail. Bev - The stuff he heard about his Dad really flipped him out. Hope - It's obvious how much you two care about him. You're in a position to help. Bev - How? Jen - We need to find him. He is not answering my calls. Rory - So you want us to call him for you? Bev - He's ignoring us too. Jen - Are you saying that you won't try? Hope - I'm afraid I'm going to have to insist.

Dan - She has a pulse. JJ - I couldn't find it. Dan - We need to get this stuff out of her system Dan rolls over and tries to get her to throw up. She heaves. Dan - We need medicare now! Now JJ! He grabs the phone. Hi, it's Dr. Daniel Jonas. I've got a female OD, unresponsive, pulse is thready ... no I'm calling you from my cell phone. The address is the Efficiency Apt's 2501 Conor Drive Unit 542. Thank you. They're on their way. How much did she take. JJ - She had a full glass and then half the one that she poured me but I only had a sip because I ... Dan - And the weed? JJ - Just a couple of joints. That's what Theresa smoked but I didn't have much. I swear I didn't. Please tell me she's not going to die man. His cell rings - the camera pans to the group in the square and Bev holding her phone. Dan - No. Whatever you do, do not answer that phone.

Segment 4: Chad - I know you're upset. I get it. Think about it. It all comes down to one thing. I love you and you love me. Everything we have together, that hasn't changed. Abby - Everything we have together? Everything was built on a lie. Chad - How I feel about you is not a lie. Abby - Do you know what I was going to tell you in the park that day? I was going to tell you that I chose ... Chad - You were going to tell me that you chose Cameron. Abby - Does it even matter anymore? It's too late. Chad - He broke up with you and that's the only reason you ended up with me? Abby - No that's not the only reason. I cared about you a lot. I waited a long time to have someone like you in my life. You were my first. And I thought that was so special. Chad - I never meant to hurt you. Abby - No, you just wanted to win. Chad - Please listen to me. Abby - No, I think I've heard enough. Good luck with your surgery. Chad - Wait! I was honest with you because after everything I wanted you to know the truth. Abby - Oh. What a brave, upstanding man you are Chad. Chad - Doesn't that count for anything? You can't just end things like this. Abby - Oh no Chad. Don't you tell me what I can and can not do. Don't you dare! I thought that I had a choice to make. I thought I had these two incredible men interested in me. I thought that I was so lucky. What a fool I was. She leaves.

Sami - What is it? Will - Nothing. I just wrote an essay and my professor submitted it to a literary contest. Sami - You hate writing. Will - I guess I just didn't have the right inspiration before. Anyway I was chosen to attend a week long seminar at Berkeley. Sami - That's amazing! Group hug! EJ - That sounds very prestigious. Sonny - It is. Only 20 people were invited from around the country. Sami - What's it about? Will - My life. Sami - Can we read it? Will - Sure, sometime. Sami - Oh God, what did you say about me? Will - Nothing. EJ gets a call. It's Chad. EJ, I really need to see you. EJ - Is everything okay. Chad - I told Abigail the truth. EJ - I'll be right there. He tells everyone that Chad needs him to go to the hospital. Sami - What's wrong? EJ - Nothing. He just needs to discuss something with me. We'll continue our conversation when I get back. He congratulates Will and leaves. Sonny offers to take Ari to see Sydney and Johnny. He heads up the stairs. Sami - So when do you leave? Will - Tomorrow.

Bev - It's just ringing.

JJ - Why shouldn't I answer it. Dan - No one can know where you are. You need to go. Go down the back stairs and get out of here. JJ - What? Dan - The paramedics will be here any minute. You need to get out of here. You can't be seen ... He notices that JJ is just staring at Theresa so he gets in his face. You need to listen to me. You did the right thing by calling me first but not a soul can know you were here. Not your mother, not anybody. If the judge finds out you were here he will revoke your plea and when you're sentenced you will go straight to prison. You do know that, right? RIGHT? JJ nods - Yeah. Dan - I want you to grab all your stuff. Get rid of anything in here that's yours. Take it and go home and do not let anybody ... ANYBODY see you leave. I'll update you when I can. JJ gathers up all his stuff and takes off. He opens the door and stands there. Theresa ... Theresa ... Dan yells - Go, get out of here. Dan checks her pupils - Hey, Theresa ...

Bev - I'm sorry but ... Rory - We told you he was ignoring us too. Can we go now? Jen - Yeah but listen before you go I know that you don't know me very well and I can only imagine what my son has said about me but I want you to know I love my son very much and I just want the best for him. Can you understand that? They nod yes. Jen - He has had a really hard time lately. Moving back here, losing his father, finding out about his father's past; he's not a trouble-maker. He feels deeply and he would do anything for his friends. Rory - Yeah, he would. Jen - Okay so if you find him you need to do something for him and call me. Please don't let him make a mistake that could ruin the rest of his life. Please, okay. They nod and then leave. Jen - I'm sorry. Hope hugs her - It's okay cuz. Let it out. Jen - Mp, I'm not going to shed one more tear for my son.

Dan carries Theresa into the shower. Stay with me, I'm right here. He holds her under the water. I'm not leaving. I'm not letting you do this to yourself or anyone else.

Segment 5: Jen - I am his mother. I brought him into this world and I raised him and I am responsible ... Hope - You can't control everything he does. Jen - I've come to realise that. He's 18 yrs old; he doesn't act like a grown up. Hope - But legally he's an adult. Jen - Yes and I have drawn a line in the sand and I should have done it sooner but it's done now. So whatever happens next is up to him; whatever he does. But he and Abigail need to see that I'm strong. Hope - You are strong. Jen - I am not strong right now but I'm trying. Hope - Are you going to go home cuz? Jen - I can't. I grabbed the wrong file from my office so I need to go back to the hospital. Hope - Are you sure you want to work tonight? Jen - Well I'm not going to sleep so I'm going to keep busy.

Will - Is there a problem with me leaving tomorrow? Sami - Of course not. It's awesome. Will - I didn't want to say anything when EJ was here but were you guys fighting when we came in. Sami - It was just one of our usual intense conversations. I think everyone is just stressed out because of what happened to Chad. If you waited around for nothing to be going on with this family you wouldn't leave Salem ever. Will - That's true. So everything's okay with you two. Sami - Yeah, it's great. Just trying to make sure I don't make another horrible mistake, that's all.

JJ comes home and lies on the couch. This can't be happening. I can't call the hospital. I can't see her. I've got to find out what's going on. He grabs his backpack and takes off again.

Jen and Hope part ways at the elevator. Jen goes to her office, Hope is near the nurse's station where the gossip is flying. Karen -Theresa hasn't come out and said it yet but it's pretty clear that she and Dr. Jonas are doing the ... you know. Other - Nasty? Karen - Nothing nasty about Dr. Jonas. Hope walks up to them. Hi, I'm Hope Brady. She shakes Karen's hand. Karen - Can I help you. Hope - Det. Hope Brady. Your conversation is entirely inappropriate in the workplace. Karen - Is it against the law to talk? Hope - Theresa Donovan is my niece and your Chief of Staff, she's my sister-in-law; a job that used to belong to my grandfather, Dr. Tom Horton. I'm trying to help you girls out here because I'd really hate to have to go to Kayla and tell her that her employees were gossiping when they were supposed to be working especially when it concerns a hospital employee as well respected as Dr. Jonas and her niece. Jen returns during this. It's okay. It's not their fault.

Dan carries Theresa back into the living room when there's a knock on the door. Medics. Dan - Come in, it's open. Dan - Thanks for getting here so fast. EMT-Male - Are you Dr. Jonas. Dan - Yes. EMT-Male - What have you got? Dan - Female, late 20's, OD. Alcohol, GHB and marijuana as far as I know. No significant medical history. Also got GCS 12 paralos. Also BP 80 / 50. Pulse 130, Resp 8. EMT-Female - Pulsox 85. Dan - I induced vomiting 2 times. I want you to run a rhythm strip on her and give her 1 mig narcan IV push. They wheel Theresa out on the gurney. Dan puts the remaining contents of the glass into a container then into a plastic bag and takes off.

Segment 6: Jen - Not that any of us should be gossiping but Karen and Miss Franklin are just repeating lies they heard from Theresa. Honey, you do realise that Theresa is using you to present her own alternate version of reality to anyone who would listen and you haven't disappointed. Karen - I better get back to work. Hope - You took the words right out of my mouth. Boy that girl just loves to stir up trouble, doesn't she? Just then Dan and the EMT's arrive with Theresa. Dan - Did you call Dr. Rios. Where is he? The doc arrives. Is this your OD? Any seizures. Dan - No. They wheel her away. Miss Franklin - Was that Theresa Donovan? Dispatch said she took G, marijuana and ... Dan - I want you to send this to the lab for analysis ASAP. He sees Jen and Hope.

Will - I wouldn't have said this a year ago but I think you and EJ can make it work. If you love him, really ... Sami - I do. Will - Then marrying him is not a horrible mistake in my book. What I think would be the horrible mistake is not choosing to spend your life with somebody who makes you happy. Sami tells him he's smart. I love you very much.

Chad - You warned me that the truth was going to come out and it sure did. EJ - At least she heard it from you. Chad - Now she's furious. EJ - Of course she is. She's not going to be furious forever. Chad - You don't know Abigail. EJ - After everything you two have been through, she's not just going to walk away. Chad - She told me tonight that she was going to choose Cameron. Hearing her say that was ... EJ - Hard, yeah. Chad - And now she knows Cameron dropped her because he thought I was dying. EJ - Very gallant. Chad - Yup it was. He was the better person and I'm sure Abigail is back in his arms as we speak.

Abby is in the park near the gates to the square. Cam rushes up. Is everything alright. Your text had me worried. Abby - Chad told me the truth. That he let you think he was dying and that's ... Cam - That's good! I'm glad that he was finally honest with you. Cam - I hope you understand that I couldn't say anything because of Doctor / patient confidentiality. Abby slaps him. LIAR!

Hope - Daniel, what happened? Dan - As you probably overheard Theresa od'ed tonight. Hope - Is she going to be okay. Dan - I think I got there in time. Hope - Where was she? Dan - At her apt. Jen - How did you know she needed help. How did you even know where she lives. JJ runs onto the floor and sees the group talking and stops, hanging back so he's not seen.

Segment 7: Will, Sonny and Ari are in the square now. Sonny comments that they haven't been apart this long except for when you were in the hospital. Will - I know. I'm going to miss you. I miss you already. Sonny - You have no idea. They kiss. Sonny gets a text. Damn, Gabi is hung up and can't get home for a couple of hours. Will - And Ari's asleep. Sonny - Whatever should we do with ourselves. They leave.

Cam - What the hell was that for? Abby - He told me the whole truth which is more than I can say for you. Cam - You have to understand why I couldn't ... Abby - What? Doctor / patient confidentiality. I get that what I don't get is how you could just reject me without any explanation; without any consideration for how I felt. It's like you turned to Chad and said, Oh hey, you're dying, here, have my girlfriend; that will make you feel better. Cam - That is not what I did. I just thought it was a good idea for him to have somebody to confide in to keep a positive attitude, that's it. Abby - So I was his medicine? Cam - We both know you couldn't decide who you wanted to be with. Abby - Well thank you for making it absolutely clear that I don't want to be near either one of you ever. She leaves.

EJ returns to find Sami drinking. EJ apologises for having to leave in the middle of their fight. Sami - It's okay. It was probably for the best. I'm pretty sure we were going to end up in bed and I don't think that would have solved anything. EJ - Does that mean something has been solved. Sami - I had a good talk with Will. He said that he could see even from the beginning, from the first day I met you, even when I though I hated you I could never walk away. EJ - Neither could I. Sami - We have been through a lot this year but I am so happy, my kids are so happy so I don't care what my mother says, my father says or anyone in this town says, I am not walking away from the man that I love.

Dan - It's lucky that I did know where she lived or Theresa would be dead. Jen - Yes, of course. It was lucky. I just don't understand what you were doing there in the first place. Dan sees JJ. I was just there. Jen nods.


Monday Oct 28

Segment 1: When Jen says she doesn't understand what Daniel was doing at Theresa's place he says ' I was just there' (He sees JJ before answering).

Jordan and Rafe arrive at the pub. Rafe thanks her for bending the rules. She reminds him they're both still on the clock. The real world presents challenges she can't recreate in the PT room. So why here ... Caroline comes out of the kitchen. Rafe Hernandez, where have you been all my life? Rafe - There's the reason. Caroline and Rafe hug and kiss on the cheek.

Kate is at a table at the outdoor café in the square talking on her cell. Jordan Ridgeway, that's right. No one is 100% squeaky clean, that's impossible. I'm paying you a lot of money to ask the right questions so I suggest you rethink your approach and dig deeper. She looks up when Nick approaches. Thanks for meeting me. Nick - What did you want to see me about Kate? Kate - Have a seat. Nick - Why don't you first tell me what this is about. Kate - Your future.

Gabi sees Cam in the park. She says hi but he doesn't hear her. She steps in front of him. You must have been really out of it. Are you okay?

Jen - So you were just at Theresa's. What exactly does that mean? Anne rushes up. I just heard the news about Theresa. She OD'd on a sex drug! Maggie walks up as Jen tells Anne to shut up. Jen - Did Theresa call you for help? And if she did, why? She had to because what other reason would you have to be at Theresa's apt so late at night. Dan - It doesn't matter what time it was or why I was there. What's important ... Jen - It matters to me. Hope - Wait. When I was at Theresa's she said she had some guy over ... a biker ... it doesn't matter. I thought she was saying Manny boy but it was Danny boy. JJ takes off. Jen - Was that you hiding in the bathroom? Dan - Theresa was on her phone leaving a message for me. He plays the message.

Segment 2: Jen grabs the cell. So she asked you to come over and you did. Dan - Yeah, I was there. Anne - This raises a lot of questions Dr. Jonas as you can imagine. You have access to prescription drugs here. Maybe that girl was on something else besides her GHB. If you ... Dan - I highly doubt you'll find any prescribed medications in her tox screen. You can drug test me immediately. Anne - Great. I'll make arrangements. Dan - Fine. Go to hell when you're done. He walks away.

Caroline - I came to visit you in the hospital but there was so much going on I wasn't sure you wanted to see me. Rafe - Oh please, none of that had anything to do with you and me. Caroline - I'm glad to hear that. Rafe - Are you kidding! Who else knows how to cook my burger just right besides you. I'm not going to ruin that relationship. Caroline - Now that Sami's problems seem to be resolved and she's moving on; I'm relieved to see you've done the same. There's no one that deserves happiness more than you. Jordan - Oh that's not what this is. Uh ... Rafe? Rafe smiles.

Kate - The project you did for Mad World was very successful. It made the company a lot of money and I thought you should share in the wealth. Nick opens the envelope and looks at the cheque. OMG. Wow! Kate! Thank you very, very much. Kate - That's not all. I also have a proposition for you. Have a seat. He sits down. I'd like to have you come back to work for me full-time. Nick - That's not possible. Kate - What do you mean? Nick - Honestly, if the timing were different I would jump at the opportunity, trust me. But I have a plan and I've been working very hard to make it happen and if it does, I'm going to be leaving Salem.

Cam - I'm fine. I'm just thinking about a patient. Gabi - Can you talk about it? Cue f/b of Abby confronting him. Cam - You know when you do something and you mean well but it backfires on you. I handled something incredibly poorly. Gabi - But you can learn something from that right? Everybody screws up every once in a while. Cam - This was a colossal screw-up. Gabi - As colossal as getting pregnant with your best friend who is gay? I think I win. Now I don't think of it as a screw-up because a beautiful little girl came out of it. Sometimes what you think of as a mistake is actually a blessing. Cam - You're right, sometimes it is. Gabi - I'm going to go get some coffee. Would you want to go with me? Cam - I'd like that.

Karen comes into the exam room with some blankets. OMG, Theresa. Nurse 1 - It's a good thing Dr. Jonas was there. Nurse 2 - Yeah, super convenient that he was making a house call for an OD.

Maggie tells Jen she's so sorry. Hope suggests that Jen spend the night with her and Ciara. I don't want you to be alone. Jen - No, I'm going to be fine. I'm going to focus on my son because that is what matters now. Daniel's explanation doesn't make sense. It can't be true. Hope - What do you mean? Jen - He would never leave Parker at night and Joanna doesn't work this late so something is off. Maggie - Parker's with Chloe for a few days. Jen - Okay so he was home alone and he has nothing to do and the first thing he thinks of doing is going to Theresa's apt. So he had a chance and he took full advantage of it.

Dan is in his office now in his scrubs. He sees JJ there.

Segment 3: Jordan - I'm not ... Rafe is my ... I'm his physical therapist. Caroline - Oh that's too bad. Rafe introduces the 2 women. Jordan - Nice to meet you. Rafe had one place he wanted to go on his furlough tonight and this was it. Rafe - That's right. And she's really good at what she does so the next time you see me I will be walking in here because she busts my buns. Caroline - Is your husband in the medical field as well. Jordan - I'm not married. Caroline - Well, that's lovely. She looks at Rafe - The usual? A draft. She asks Jordan - Can he have a cold one? Jordan - One. Caroline - What can I get you? Jordan - Ginger-ale. Caroline - The next time you 2 come in I have a rare Irish champagne for a special occasion. Rafe - Good! Jordan - Irish champagne? Rafe - Lager. It really threw you before, didn't it? Caroline thinking that we were together. Jordan - I was not thrown. Rafe - You were thrown. Does the idea of someone assuming we're together really terrify you that much?

Kate - I can't really say I'm surprised that you would want to leave Salem after everything that happened to you here. And despite our differences which mainly centered around your treatment of my grandson, I do wish you good luck. You're very talented. Nick - Thank you. Kate - Although I don't know if I'd be quite this forgiving if Will hadn't rebounded so well with Gabi and Sonny. The 3 of them are doing such a great job raising that baby. Nick - Yeah. I'm glad for all of them. Kate - That's really good. And Will has this fantastic opportunity with a fellowship in writing at Berkeley; it's all coming together for him. Anyway, when do you leave? Nick - It kind of depends. I've got to weigh different options and opportunities. We'll see how everything pans out. Kate - Good for you. Nick - It basically comes down to where's going to be the perfect place to start a new life. Kate - You can start a new life anywhere. Nick - Anywhere but here. I'm developing something that I think you and your company would be very interested in. I'll be in touch. Kate - I look forward to it. Good luck. There is something else I'd like to say to you and I'm not saying this lightly, I think you're one of the brightest people I've ever met. And I think doing something big, pursuing the dream outside of Salem is the very best thing for you and for everyone else. Good luck. She leaves. Nick - Hmm, I'm not sure you're going to feel that way if this pans out the way I want it to.

Gabi and Cam are at the club having coffee. Gabi is talking about her biology class and how she couldn't bring herself to dissect the frog so needless to say he'll never find her working in the OR next to him. Cam say everyone who starts out wanting to be a doctor struggles a lot ... you get to this point where you click in. If you click out, you're done. If you do carry on you can't imagine doing anything else and then you're in this wonderful position where you get to help people every single day of your life. Gabi - That's better. You're a lot more open and positive then when I ran into you. Cam - There's a kind of medicine you give people to make them feel better and then there's this medicine that you're dispensing tonight that seems to do the same trick. Gabi - It's probably the caffeine kicking in. Chad - Seriously, you don't have to be a doctor just to make a person feel better. Gabi - That's sweet. Nick comes in and sees them together - Gabi has her hand on top of Cam's.

Karen is alone with Theresa when Anne comes in. So sad, huh. Karen - Yeah, very. Karen leaves. Anne - Hey, you. You had me scared out of my wits when they brought you in here but the Dr says you're going to be okay. Listen I don't know what you did but you'll be really glad to know when you wake up that you're plan to torment Jennifer totally worked. I just wish you could have seen her face when she put 2 + 2 together about you and world renown chick-magnet Daniel Jonas. It was if the good doctor literally stabbed her in the back. Priceless! So rest well and while you do I will take every chance I can to twist that knife.

Dan - You shouldn't be here. JJ - I had to make sure Theresa was okay. Dan - She is now go. No one can see you here. It is written all over your face that you were a part of this. If you really want me to keep covering for you, not being seen with me is basically priority one. JJ - What about when she wakes up. What if she says something. Dan - I will handle it. JJ - How dude! Dan - It is not your problem but I will say this for the last time, so listen up. No one else can know you were at Theresa's place tonight. If ? finds out, that judge will send you straight to prison, he won't look back. Is that sinking in at all? JJ nods. Dan stops him from leaving. JJ - I thought you said to go. Dan - Do you have any drugs on you? Dan can tell by his reaction that he does. You need to lose them ... NOW! JJ nods. Dan - We'll talk more in the morning. I don't know how but we will. I will repeat this. No one can know about it. Jen knocks. Daniel, we need to talk and I'm not leaving until I get some answers.

Segment 4: Cam gets paged. Gabi - Another reason I couldn't be a doctor; you're on call 24/7. Cam - You're a mom now, that's practically the same thing. Gabi agrees. It was good to spend time with you. Cam - It was. That frog you liberated was Kermit, right. He was lucky. He leaves. Nick greets Cam as he passes him. He says hi to Gabi. Gabi tells him she was just going to go. Nick - How's Ari doing? Gabi - She's great. Nick - I bet she's grown so much since the last time I seen her I probably wouldn't recognise her. Do you have any pictures on your phone. I'd love to see some. Do you mind? Gabi digs out her phone. Sure. Nick gushes over the photos.

Jordan - You have a way with words, the wrong ones. Rafe - How so. Jordan - I was hardly terrified that your friend thought we were ... uh ... whatever. Rafe - Together. Jordan - I'm a physical therapist period. Rafe - That's too bad. Jordan - Why? Rafe - I thought maybe we were becoming friends too. Caroline returns with their drinks. Jordan - Where do you want to sit? Rafe - That chair right there. Jordan - You can stay in your ... Rafe - I get into that chair on my own, you buy me a beer. I need your help, I buy you one. Jordan - Why don't we just ... Rafe moves himself onto the chair. Caroline - That's great! You used your legs. Rafe - I'm getting there slowly. Jordan - He sustained considerable nerve damage to his legs not to mention his muscles atrophied while he was in a coma so regaining strength and mobility is challenging but he's getting there as long as he doesn't overdo it. While Jordan is setting the wheelchair out of the way Caroline comments - A serious one. Rafe - She's not as serious as she'd like you to believe.

Jen tries Dan's locked door. Dan signals JJ to use the other door. Dan opens the door - I'm on my way out to check on Theresa's condition. Jen - Do you think that we need to talk ... Dan - Nothing left to say. It's clear to you and everybody else what's going on. Let's leave it at that. He walks past her, Jen goes after him and follows him to the area near the nurse's station. Jen - Do not walk away from me after everything that we've been through. You may not think this but I believe that you owe me an explanation.

Segment 5: They're still going through the pics on Gabi's phone. Nick tells her that she's a good mother. I always knew you would be. Arianna should be your first priority. Gabi - She is. She's a lot of work, a lot more than I expected. I'm glad I have Will and Sonny to help me. I don't know how single mom's do it with no back-up. Nick - You always knew that Will was going to be a hand's on Dad, Sonny too obviously. I saw Kate. She was bragging that Will got into some writing seminar ... Gabi - Yeah. She should be bragging. It's a very prestigious program and an amazing opportunity. Nick - He must be a good writer. Gabi - The best part is he wasn't even looking for this. Somebody submitted a sample of his work and he got chosen. Nick - Really! I think sometimes it takes someone else to see your potential to make sure that you get the opportunities that you deserve. Gabi - I guess you're right. Nick - I'm glad that Will is able to pursue the life that he wants even with all of his other responsibilities. I hope that you get that same opportunity.

Kate comes into the pub and finds Rafe and Jordan there. She says hi. She tells Jordan she almost didn't recognise her outside her PT room. Jordan excuses herself to take a call from the hospital. Kate goes to the bar to get herself a drink. She tells Caroline - I can't believe I'm saying this but I'd like a cold beer. Caroline - I'm surprised to see you and Rafe together. Kate - I know that you're having trouble with your memory. Rafe and I are very good friends. Caroline - Believe me sweetie, it wasn't the Alzheimer's. She sets Kate's beer in front of her and walks away. Jordan is outside talking on her cell. Someone's asking questions? What kind of questions?

Maggie and Hope walk up to Jen and Dan. Jen - You know that I'm worried out of my mind over JJ and you do this. Maggie - Honey, please. Hope - Can we go somewhere and talk. Jen - No, I want to talk to Daniel but I guess he doesn't think I deserve his precious time and attention. Dan faces her. Jen - I get it. We're done, we're over, it's crystal clear. I did it. I made the choice. And to think for one minute I actually regretted it! Oh no. We are done. We are so done which means yes, you can see anyone you please. But seriously, Theresa? This woman hates me. She spends every single day of her life trying to destroy my son. Maggie - Jennifer, don't do this, not here. Jen - Oh what, Aunt Maggie, is there a better place we can do this. I mean seriously, out of all the women in this town, all the women in the world, you choose Theresa! I heard all the gossip and all the rumours but I didn't even give them a second thought because I thought this is insane, it's completely impossible. Anne listens and smiles as Jen continues. I know how many women in this hospital would love to go out with you Daniel but the one that I despise, that I hate, that I can't even bear and you zero in on her. Really! And knowing full well how I feel you chose her and you know why. Because you want to hurt me. You want to intentionally hurt me. Do you hate me that much? She turns and leaves.

JJ Is in the square. He recalls smashing the windows. Bev sees him. She hugs him. Where have you been? Everybody is looking for you. Are you okay. JJ - No. He starts walking away. Bev - JJ. He stops. There's something that I have to do.

Segment 6: Jordan - It must be just some routine inquiry. It's not like I have anything to hide. Thank you for letting me know. Kate tells Rafe it's really good to see him outside the hospital. Rafe - It feels really good to be out even if it just for a burger and a beer. I know the day's coming that I get my life back. I can get out of that place, that bed, that chair. I just want my life back the way it was before all this went down. Jordan returns. Kate - You're back, how nice.

Gabi - If you'd asked me before where I would be at this point in my life I would never have said something like this. I'm happy. Honestly, at first I was terrified but now I'm in love. Nick - With Arianna? Gabi - Yeah. Nick - Before you were pregnant you had dreams of your own. Gabi - Modelling? No, that dream was totally shut down before I started wearing maternity pants. Realistically, that was never going to happen. Nick - That is so not true. If this can happen to Will with his writing it can happen to you with modelling. Gabi - That is very sweet of you to say. Nick - I believe in you. Gabi - You always have even when I didn't believe in myself. Thank you for humouring me with the photos. Nick - You know I love hearing about Arianna and seeing pictures of her; that will never change. Gabi - I'm glad you feel the same way about her. After everything we've been through I wouldn't blame you if you never wanted to talk to me or my baby ever again. Nick - No, that's not me. Gabi - No, it's not. I'll see you. Nick - Bye.

Anne watches as a technician draws Dan's blood.

Jen is about to let herself in the house when she sees her son. JJ - Mom, I'm so sorry and I'm home.

Segment 7: Gabi talks to Ari in her bassinette. She wonders what Ari is going to dream about. Speaking of dreams Nick thinks that just because your Daddy's dreams are coming true the same thing is going to happen for Mommy. What he doesn't understand is that I already have my miracle and that's you and I couldn't wish for more.

Nick is sending out more headshots of Gabi's to agencies. He leans back. I could feel a connection today Gabi. You and me and Arianna building a life together and nothing and no one is going to get in the way of that.

Rafe - How about another beer? A half-pint? Jordan - Half is fine by me. Rafe asks Kate if she wants another one. Rafe who is back in his wheelchair heads to the bar. Kate - Things are working out between the two of us, it's nice. I'm really pleased. Jordan - Yes, me too.

Nurse to Daniel who is checking on Theresa - She's lucky. The attending said she should be awake by morning. Dan - Good. I want to be contacted the minute she wakes up. Nurse - I'm sure you do Doctor.

JJ picks up a picture of his mom and dad. I thought about everything tonight and I realised that I was so wrong about a lot of things; mostly everything really. I've been hurting you, Abigail too and myself. The thing is Mom that I'm really messed up since Dad died and I've been using that as some stupid excuse to get away with stuff and take chances. I'm not that stupid even though I acted that way for a long time. So I am done dealing. I am done acting out 'cause I don't want to hurt anybody anymore.

Maggie and Hope walk up to Dan when he returns to the nurse's station. Maggie - I just don't understand. Dan - It's not your problem or your business. Hope - What are you doing? Why aren't you explaining yourself to Jennifer, to your Mom, to any of us. Dan - Hope, you need to stay out of this too. Hope - This doesn't make any sense Daniel. Why aren't you explaining it? Dan - I went to Theresa's. I found she'd OD'd, I got her help. End of story. Hope - You just want this to go away. Dan - And it will. Hope - Anne is not going to let this go away. Even if criminal cause can't be found she's not going to let this disappear. And is doesn't even begin to cover what this is going to do to Jennifer. Dan - Think what you want but I'm done talking about it.

JJ takes Jen's hand. I love you Mom. Jen - You know what, it's going to be okay now because you're here, you're in your home and we're together. It's me, you and your sister. We have each other and that is all that matters, okay. They hug.


Tuesday Oct 29

Segment 1: Lucas and Allie are having breakfast at the pub. Allie realises she left her headphones at mom's. Can we go back and get them? Lucas - Honey, I think that's going to be kind of a problem. EJ drops the headphones on the table. It's a good thing I brought them. I can save you the trouble.

Sami is on her cell in the club calling the hospital about Theresa Donovan. I am a family member. I'm her cousin. Ask Kayla Brady, she's my aunt. Thanks for nothing. Brady joins her. What's wrong? Sami - My cousin, Theresa Donovan, she's my Aunt Kimberley's daughter; she was admitted to the hospital last night. She overdosed. Brady - Daniel mentioned they had to admit an overdose. I'm sorry, I didn't know that was your cousin. Sami - Thank you. Drugs suck. Brady - Tell me about it. Sami - If Daniel says anything else to you can you tell me; I can't get any information from the hospital. Brady - I won't be seeing him anytime soon. Sami - Except tomorrow at your wedding; he's your bestman. Brady - Not anymore which is why I wanted you to meet me.

Kristen is in the D mansion living room on her cell. I don't care if you think it's too early it's my wedding and I want it. Make it happen, thank you very much. Goodbye. She takes her 2nd call. Father, I was just on the phone with the stupid caterers. They had a problem serving Strega so early in the day but don't worry I got it for you. Stefano - You're wasting your time. Kristen - Don't tell me you're on the wagon. Stefano - Heaven forbid! Kristen - Then why would I waste my time. Stefano - Sweetheart, I hope you have the most beautiful wedding in the world but I am not going to be there. Kristen - Are you kidding me! What happened now?

Cam is about to leave Chad's room when he wakes up. Don't I even get a hello. Cam - The only reason I'm here is because I have to make my rounds. Chad - Before you go you can at least tell me how it went with you and Abigail.

Hope chases down Abigail in the square. Hey sweetheart, it's me. They hug. I heard the good news; JJ's home. Abby - Yeah. He slept in his own bed last night. Thank God. Hope - Have you had a chance to talk to him? Abby - No he was still sleeping when I left. My mom is so relieved. Apparently acting like a total jerk can really take it out of you. Hope - Oh my gosh. It looks like things are really looking up. JJ's home, Chad's recovering. Abby - Yeah. Hope - Honey, what's wrong? Did he take a turn for the worse? Abby - No but he and I sure did.

Nicole stands at the gates to the park and recalls Eric's accusation.

Eric is in the sanctuary praying. He's about to leave when Fr. Matt comes in. Fr. Eric, what's the matter? Eric - Everything.

EJ sits down at their table. EJ natters on about Allie always having chocolate chip pancakes when she's with her Dad. He's a good guy, isn't he? You're very lucky. They're some guys who work and they play golf, not your father. He's special. Lucas asks Allie to go and play her favourite song for Grandma Caroline. After she leaves Lucas asks - Sami send you here to do her dirty work, is that it? EJ - Actually Samantha has no idea I'm here but you're right, this is not a casual visit.

Sami - Are you serious! You dragged me down here first thing in the morning for a practical joke. Brady - It's no joke, I'm serious. What do you think? Sami - You want me to be your bestman? Brady - You'd be more of a witness. Come on you're my stepsister; you're one of my best friends. Do it. Sami - Who's idea was this? Brady - Kristen's. Sami - Surprise, surprise. Brady - But listen, no pressure, EJ has already agreed to stand with Kristen. Sami - You are kidding me! He's going to be her maid of honour? She laughs. Brady - I know it's unconventional but so is marrying a DiMera in the first place. Sami - Voluntarily, anyway. Brady - I just think that you and I should stick together because God knows we're the only two people who know exactly what we've signed on for.

Kristen - What could possibly keep you from coming to my wedding. You're not sick, are you? Stefano - No, it's Chad. He still needs a little more work. Kristen - Another surgery? Stefano - Yes and the best surgeon to do this is in Boston. So I'm going to go to Boston with Chad. We should be leaving quite soon. Kristen - I can't believe this. So what, do I have to postpone the wedding. Stefano - No, no, no. Kristen - Who's going to walk me down the aisle? Stefano - No one. You earned this on your own. Just enjoy what you've won. You are marrying Brady and his family has no idea what you did to that priest. Although I must tell you I wish they did because I would love to see their reaction. Kristen - Don't even joke around about that, okay. I got to know Fr. Eric very well during these Precana counselling sessions. He's a wonderful person. I never would have done what I did to him if I hadn't been half out of mind over losing Brady. And believe me if Brady ever found out what I did with Eric I would lose Brady forever. Stefano - Eric is not going to remember. He does not remember so you are going to marry Brady tomorrow. Kristen - Without you there. Stefano - Sweetheart, you are marrying for love, what is better on this earth?

Fr. Matt - You've been under stress a long time. Are you guilty of something? Cue f/b of rape. Is this a matter for confession? Eric - I'm not sure. Fr. Matt - It might ease your mind. Eric - I can't ask for absolution not until I'm absolutely sure what I'm asking God to forgive.

Nicole talks to herself - I didn't do what he thinks I did. There's got to be a way to make him see that. She looks at her phone - That's it!

Segment 2: Hope - I was at the hospital when you were waiting for word on Chad. You were so worried. Now the two of you are ... Abby - Finished, yeah. Hope - If you don't mind me asking, what happened between then and now. Abby - Nothing, it all happened before Chad got hurt only I didn't know about it. Hope - What did he do to you? Abby - He didn't do anything. I was this prize in his little contest with somebody else. That's all I ever meant to him. Hope hugs her.

Cam - How do you think it went? Chad - Given the way she feels about me at the moment, I'm guessing it went pretty well. Cam - So now that she knows what a pig you are you figure she'll just flip the switch on her feelings for you; decide to hook up with me. Chad - You mean she didn't. Cam - You know less about her than I thought you did.

Brady - Thank you. So we're set. You'll do it. Sami - Yeah, there's just one problem. I do loathe the woman you're going to marry. Brady - That's okay because I hate EJ's guts so it all works out. It's besides the point anyway because we are two people who don't care about what anybody else thinks about what we do, right? Sami - Right. Brady - Doesn't mean I don't want you in my corner on the most important day in my life. Sami - Okay, I'll do it. I really am honoured. Brady - I think we're the only two people in this town that see any good in the members of the DiMera family, you know that. Sami - I really see that EJ has changed every single day. God willing, based on what happened to Chad, Stefano will realise he can't continue to live his life like that. Brady - I think I've always seen something in Kristen that nobody else has been able to. I believe she's changed. Sami - Sorry, I just don't buy that. Brady - Interestingly enough I don't believe that EJ has changed either and honestly, I don't think he ever will.

EJ - I'm not here as a fiancé or future step-father I'm here in my capacity as Samantha's attorney. The two of you have a custody agreement and Samantha has rights under the agreement. The simple fact is the law forbids you from keeping her from her daughter. Lucas - We're talking about my daughter's safety. I can do whatever the hell I want to do. You can take your facts and your chocolate chip pancakes and shove them.

Segment 3: Lucas - I don't want my daughter living with you or your father, you got that? EJ - Whether you like it or not the law says ... Lucas - I don't give a damn what the law says. We're talking about my daughter's safety. If Sami's not going to do the right thing and move out of there then Allie's going to stay with me. I'll take her out of the country if I have to, do you hear me? I'll do whatever I have to do to keep my daughter away from your family. Do you get that? Is that clear enough for you? EJ - Completely. He picks up his phone. Very clever little thing, these recording devices, don't you think? Lucas - What's that? EJ - This - he mumbles - can't understand what he says.

Sami - I can't believe you. EJ totally has changed and I can't believe you're giving me this crap about Kristen. Back off. Brady - I'm backing off. Take it easy. Sami - Sorry, I'm sensitive. It's been a bad week. And to make matters worse Lucas shows up and tells me he doesn't want Allie living with me anymore because he's worried after what happened with Chad. Brady - Do you want me to give Lucas a little talking to or something. Sami - Thank you for offering. The worst part is seeing Chad get shot really did throw me. I'm worried about their safety too. Brady - You and EJ okay. Sami - Yeah, better then ever. We're close. We see each other, the good, the bad and everything in between. There are no surprises; no rotten secrets threatening to come out. Brady - That's good because I'm getting married tomorrow. It would be terrible if the best couple were staring daggers at each other across the church. Sami - You don't have to worry about that. Officially, as your bestman, are all the details for your wedding all finished. Brady - Yes. You're not allowed to change your mind. Sami - I'm not. I just realised you're talking about your wedding a lot lately and you haven't said one word about John. Is your father really not coming to your wedding?

Kristen - I just want to be happy with Brady and that's it. I feel like I've spent so much of my life so consumed with getting even with John and Marlena. Now it feels like ... Stefano - A giant waste of time. Kristen - Yeah. Stefano - So be happy. Kristen - Yeah, seize the day. Stefano - Precisely. There is nothing standing in your way.

Fr. Matt - Whatever you think you've done, did you know it was sin? Did you do it willingly? Eric - That's what I'm confused about. I think my sin was arrogance. I believed that I could save anyone. I think I was willfully blind to certain things. I'm not sure what those things are yet and I'm not sure if I'll ever know. Fr. Matt - If what you need is to gain some perspective ... Eric - I agree Father, I just don't know how to do it. The thing is .. there's this thing that seems to be around me; it seems so oppressive. Fr. Matt - Son, I have never seen you so lost. Has this got to do with Kristen DiMera?

Nicole is at an apt door knocking. You might as well open up, I know you're here. Martha opens the door. What are you doing here? Nicole - You've been talking to Fr. Eric Brady about me. Martha - Well he asked me a lot of questions. Nicole - And you had all the answers, right? Martha - What he was asking about was a long time ago and I did my best to remember whatever I could. Nicole - And whatever you couldn't you just made it up. Martha - That's not true. Nicole - Really? Then why does he think I showed up at the hotel in disguise and bribed you to get a room right next to his. Martha - Because that's what happened. Nicole - That is not what happened and you know it. Now Eric thinks I did something awful to him because of something you said. You better tell him the truth. You better tell him you lied.

Segment 4: Abby - It feels like my whole life is being run by other people. Hope - Chad. Abby - Him, JJ, my mother and I are totally walking on eggshells around him. Hope - I'm so sorry. Abby - Don't be. People have way worse problems then I do. Hope - That feeling that you're not in control is terrible. I've learned over the years that there are times when you simply are not in control. Abby - I think that that's what I got out of this; some wisdom. Hope promises that in time everything turns around. Abby - That's the thing, I thought things really were turning around when I found out Chad was going to be okay. Then I found out what he did ... I'm so stupid for getting back together with him. Hope - No you're not. Gran used to say to me, Hope dear, the heart has reasons. That reason was not (love?). Abby - Do you want to translate that for me. Hope - You can't pick who you fall in love with. Abby - It's not easy when you fall in love with someone and they're not near the person you thought they were.

Cam - Do you know what I enjoy most about this situation is that even though you're the one that faked the brain tumour, Abigail's found a way to be furious with me too. Chad - Because you didn't see through it. Cam - Because I stepped back; because I walked away. To her, it was like I was giving her to you which is exactly what you wanted. Chad - Except for the part about her finding out. She's had a night to think about it. Maybe she'll forgive you. Maybe she'll forgive us both. We both did what we did because we're crazy about her. Cam - I know for a fact that neither of those bullets hit your brain which makes me wonder, how are you more stupid than you were before? Amazing. He leaves.

Lucas - You're recording our conversation? EJ - Yes and the section where you say you don't care about the law and that you will take Allie out of the country I think will play very badly in court. Lucas - It doesn't matter, you can't use it without my knowledge. EJ - Unfortunately for you the standard of proof is different in family court then it is in criminal court. I am on the recording informing you that I'm acting as Samantha's attorney. The judge can admit anything he deems relevant and I think that he would consider this to be very relevant. Just be careful Lucas, you could lose Allie altogether. Lucas - He might consider intimidation too. EJ - Do you really want to make Allie a football in a legal tussle that you know you're going to lose. Just think about it okay. Lucas - Yeah, I'll think about it you S.O.B. EJ - You're a good father Lucas. If I were in your position I would have done exactly the same thing except bang on about it into a recording device in front of an officer of the court. Lucas - What else do you have in that phone? The paperwork, the time I should bring Allie back, is that it? EJ - Actually, Samantha and I were having a conversation earlier and we agreed that you should keep Allie for an extra night. We're not the bad guys Lucas.

Brady - I think the Etiquette book of weddings says it's okay to exclude family members who wish the bride was dead. Sami - That's a fair point but are you really prepared to spend the rest of your life married to a woman who can not be in the same room as your father or your step-mother? Brady - Yeah, I am. I mean, you're one to talk. You're doing the same thing, a version of it. Sami - No I'm not. EJ and I are totally different. Brady - How? Sami - For one thing, he never tried to kill my mother. Brady - Oh but he tried to kill ... Sami - That was ages ago. Brady - I don't want to get into that with you. Kristen and I have seen the worst of each other and we're still together and we're okay. Sami - When you say it like that it makes me believe it. I just don't know how you did it.

Stefano - Oh boy, it's been quite a year, hasn't it? Kristen - It sure has. Stefano - And look where you are. You're in the center of your family about to marry the love of your life. Who'd have ever thought! Kristen - Not me. I spent so much time dwelling on the past it feels great to be looking forward to tomorrow. Stefano - All's well that ends well.

Eric - Why would you think this is about Kristen? Fr. Matt - Well, you said that you were willfully blind to someone. I know you were going through Precana with Kristen and Brady. I'm sure your family disapproves, including your mother. Eric - Why shouldn't she? Kristen went crazy. She attacked my mother several years ago. Fr. Matt - Exactly. Son, are you sure your duty as a priest is not in conflict with your feelings as a man. Eric - I can assure you this is not about Kristen. Fr. Matt - You keep telling me what it isn't but you never say what it is. You say you need time to reflect but you keep going round and round in circles. Eric - I am, aren't I? Fr. Matt - If it isn't Kristen what is it?

Martha - What do you want from me? Nicole - Well my car is downstairs. I want you to come back to Salem with me and tell Eric you were wrong. Martha - I'm sorry for whatever happened to you but I told it as I saw it. She's going to close the door but Nicole pushes it open. Nicole - Which is what? That I showed up to the hotel in some sort of disguise, got the room next to his and a few hours later I show up looking pretty much like this begging you to tell me what room he's in. What would I get out that? Martha - How do I know? Maybe you were covering your tracks. Look, I don't want to be involved anymore. Nicole - The fax. Martha - What fax? Nicole - Eric's notes for his meeting the next day; I found them on his desk and I went to fax them to the hotel but when I called to see if they had come through you picked up the phone and you said you couldn't read it. Martha - But I don't remember a fax. Nicole - I jumped in the car and hauled ass to get Eric his notes so how could I have been on the phone with you and strutting around the lobby in some stupid disguise. Martha - You could have been calling from anywhere and I swear I don't know anything about any fax. It was a long time ago. Nicole - Really? You had no problem identifying me in that disguise but you couldn't remember me telling you the real reason I was there. Girl, you've got a real selective memory. Martha - Please, I don't want to do this anymore. Nicole - My life is ruined and you don't want to do this anymore! Martha - You're scaring me. You seem like you're about to lose it. Nicole - That's because I am.

Segment 5: Lucas greets Maggie when she comes into the pub. Allie gives her a hug. Lucas tells Allie that he and EJ just talked. It turns out you're going to spend one more night with me, isn't that cool? Allie - But I'll miss game night. Lucas - What's game night. Allie - When we all play board games and have fun and nonno always cheats. Lucas - I bet he does. You can do game night next week. Just spend one more night with me. We'll do something real fun, I promise. Allie - Okay, I'm going to help grandma in the kitchen. Maggie and Lucas hug. Maggie - You can stop faking that smile now. Lucas - She's disappointed because she has to stay with me. She'd rather be with EJ, the mobster psychopath for game night. Maggie - I knew there was something bothering you. Lucas - Wouldn't it bother you. Someone showed up at a DiMera party with a gun. That place is not safe for her. Maggie - Are you upset because it's not safe or because Allie likes it there so much.

Kristen is with Chad. He tells her the operation is a little repair work. It's nothing to worry about; I'll be as good as new. Kristen - How long are you going to be laid up because I really ... Chad - Stefano already called and said not to let you postpone the wedding. Kristen - He's not the boss of me and I want the two of you at my wedding. Chad - It wouldn't be a good time no matter when you had the wedding. Kristen - I heard what happened with Abigail. How could she possibly be mad at you the same week you almost died. Chad - I gave her good reason to, believe me. EJ knows all about it. He said that what I did was pure DiMera. I guess I'm not as good at that stuff as the two of you. Kristen - I'm not sure that's a skill you want to hone. Any chance you can work things out with her? Chad - I don't know. Kristen - I'd like you to. Did you know that you are our last great hope for the future. Chad - I hope that you and Brady are really happy. Kristen - I'm thrilled to say that stunts like you pulled are behind me now. Brady comes in. I heard this awful rumour that you were going to go all the way to Boston to get out of coming to our wedding. Chad - Yup I guess I'll just have to make my toast now. Take good care of my sister. She's one of a kind.

Eric - I'm not trying to keep you in the dark Father. It's just that I'm trying to understand this myself. Fr. Matt - Is this something you did or something that happened to you. Eric - A little of both I'm afraid. Fr. Matt - Son, I do hope that you find the answers you're looking for. I'm sorry that I assumed Kristen was part of this. I hope I didn't upset you. Eric - No, Father. Don't worry about that. You were only trying to help. I couldn't be more upset than I already am.

Martha - You get out of here or I'm calling the cops. Nicole - Who got to you? Who's paying you off? Martha - You're threatening me. Nicole - Because you're telling lies about me to a priest. Martha - Whatever happened to that priest was bad. I could tell by looking at him so I just told him what I saw. And you know what, he knows you a whole lot better then I do and he believes you did whatever got done to him that night. If you can't change his mind about that why should I. Nicole - I'm going to make you see the truth. Martha - I'm calling 911 right now. Nicole - You're not even listening to me. Martha - If you had come here like a normal person saying I'd made a mistake maybe I could have ... no, you come banging on my door, acting like a crazy, ranting at me. Maybe before I wasn't sure what happened but seeing you now I know I was right. Now get out of here. Nicole leaves.

Segment 6: Brady and Kristen are near the nurse's station. Kristen tells Brady it was so sweet of him to come and see Chad. Brady - He's going to be okay, right? Kristen - So father says. Brady - I'm really sorry that Chad and your father aren't going to be at the wedding. Kristen - I've got a confession to make about that. When my father said he was taking Chad to Boston I offered to postpone our wedding. Brady - Okay, are we doing that? Kristen - No, my father wouldn't hear of it. But you see, I should have talked to you about it first. Brady - That's okay, I understand. Kristen - But you and I are a team, a united front, you come first before everyone else. I don't want you to be surprised by anything I say or do again. Brady - Deal. They kiss.

Eric is in the rectory. He places a call.

Lucas - No, I'm not threatened because Allie would rather spend her time at the DiMera mansion. I just want her to be safe, that's all. Maggie - It sounds like you don't think Sami is doing a very good job at that. Lucas - It's not her fault. She's a good mother. It's just ... Maggie - So if it truly wasn't safe for Allie at that house, wouldn't Sami get her children out. Lucas - I don't know. I think she has more faith in EJ's transformation than I do and his ability to handle Stefano. Maggie - Do you really think she's so deluded that she would put her children at risk? Lucas - That's what I keep asking myself. Maggie - Tough question. Maggie steps away to take a call.

Sami is picking up toys in the DiMera living room. EJ returns. Sami asks him why he's smiling. Did you get good news about Chad? EJ - He still has to have the extra surgery but the prognosis is good. I'm going to head over to the hospital later to see goodbye to him and father. Sami - That's one upside to this whole mess. Your father is going to be out of town for a couple of days. Sami gets a call from Lucas. What do you want? Lucas - I have to talk to you? Sami - About what? Lucas - Allie and your fiancé.

Segment 7: Cam returns to Chad's room. I spoke to your surgeon. He's received all your records from here. He's gone over them. He's up to speed so he's going to schedule your surgery as soon as he can exam you in Boston. Good luck. Chad - That's it? That's all you're going to say. Cam - What else is there? Chad - You can promise me you won't take advantage of this; that you're not going to make a move on Abigail while I'm gone. Cam - You're serious, aren't you? I'm not doing this. Chad - Are you going to make a move or not? Cam - You lied about having a brain tumour. You're not calling the shots. Chad - I just think there should be some sort of moratorium ... a cooling off period for all of us. If that's not what you want then you're no better than I am. Cam - Don't kid yourself. You and I are not in the same class, not at all. You wound up with Abigail because you lied; not just any lie, you said you were dying. Chad - Abigail and I were together because she told me she loved me. Cam - The only reason she said that is because I backed off. If I wouldn't have backed off, trust me, there's no way in hell you two would have ended up in bed together. They both realise that Abby is in the room.

Lucas - Are you listening? Sami - Of course, what is this about. Lucas - I saw EJ this morning. He told me you guys talked and that I could hold on to Allie for one more night, bring her back tomorrow. Sami - Tomorrow. That's what EJ said? Lucas - Yeah but he's a compulsive liar so I decided to check with you first. Sami - Tomorrow would be great. I was afraid you were calling to say you weren't bringing her back ever. Lucas - I just want Allie to be safe. I'm not trying to start something with you. Sami - Lucas, you're a good Dad. EJ and I both know that. I know you're worried but I really think the three of us can figure out a way to work this out. Lucas - Better pray you're right. EJ - Who was that? Sami - It was Lucas calling to say he'd bring Allie back tomorrow and that he didn't want to start anything with me. EJ - Well that's good. Sami - I'd like to know exactly what you did to make that happen. Did you threaten him?

Nicole sits down on the park bench and cries. Kristen sees her.

Brady comes into the rectory. I got your message and got here as soon as I could. Eric shuts the door. Brady - Where's Nicole? Eric - I have no idea. I want to talk to you Brady. I have to know the truth.


Wednesday Oct 30

Segment 1: When they see Abby Cam comments that he didn't know she was there. Abby - Obviously. Wow, every girl's dream; two guys fighting over her. It doesn't make me feel like a piece of meat or anything. Seriously it doesn't. This is perhaps the less dramatic approach but I don't think Chad is quite ready to duke it out yet so (she holds up a coin) heads I'm Cameron's, tails, I'm Chad's.

Will and Nick run into each other outside the pub. Nick - I hear congratulations are in order. He holds out his hand.

When Sami asks EJ if he threatened Lucas he says he just talked about what would be the right thing to do. Sami - You talked. Lucas was adamant. He did not want Allie living in this house. I've known Lucas a very long time; he does not change his mind easily especially when he thinks his daughter's safety is at stake. So I'm pretty sure you didn't talk him out of it. Tell me exactly what you did.

Brady - The truth? I don't understand. Is this about the wedding? Eric - It's about you, Nicole and me.

Kristen goes up to Nicole in the park. Nicole wipes her tears - You.

Brady - I'm a little lost here. Why don't we start over again. Eric - You know Nicole is leaving her job here, right? Brady - Yeah, I know that. Eric - Do you know why? Brady - It's not really my business. Eric - Be that as it may I want your take on this. Brady - Isn't this something you should talk to Nicole ... Eric - She's not here so I'm asking you. Brady - What is wrong? Are you pissed at me or something? Eric - One thing at a time okay.

Nicole - Well, my suspicions have been confirmed. You are part vulture. Kristen - What is wrong with you. Cue f/b of Eric's accusation. She chuckles. What is wrong with me! You're getting married tomorrow and I've been thrown out like yesterday's trash, that's what's wrong with me!

Segment 2: Will ignores Nick's hand. I know you're not my biggest fan these days but I thought we could set that aside for a moment. Getting into that writing program at Berkeley is a very big deal and I wanted to let you know how happy I am for you. Will - Thank you. How did you find out? Nick - From Kate. I'm sorry, was it supposed to be a secret. Will - No. I'm just surprised that you know. Nick - I think you're worried that I found out from Gabi. I'm picking up on that. Will - Really. Have you seen her recently? Nick - Yeah. We talked last night. I just ran into her. Am I allowed to do that? Will - Sure as long as you remember that she's over you completely. She's moved on.

Sonny and Gabi and pumpkin clad Ari (so cute) are at the hospital near the nurse's station. Sonny - Don't worry about it. Gabi - I saw 4 other pumpkins on the way over here. Sonny - You just have to realise that being a pumpkin is not wildly original. I think it's classic but she's just going to be one of the many, many pumpkins in the pumpkin patch. If you wanted your baby to stand out ... Gabi - No, I'm not dressing my baby as Margaret Thatcher. Sonny - I'm just saying she'd be the only one. Hope and Ciara walk up and say hi. Sonny - How come you're not dressed up. Ciara replies that she's going to a ? Halloween party. Hope asks if Will is here. Sonny - Not yet. Hope - I have some news. His cousin Theresa is here in the hospital. Gabi - Is she alright? Hope - She will be. It was really touch and go there for a while. Karen knocks some drinks over. Oh shoot. Hope goes to her - Do you need a hand? Oh, it's you.

Both Cam and Chad trip over their words. Cam - It's not what it sounded like. Abby - That is exactly what it sounded like. It sounded like two dudes in a locker room arguing over some chick like was she was a notch on a bedpost. What a prize ... the virgin. Does that give you extra points. Chad scored but Cameron has registered a challenge. 15 yds. for lying about a brain tumour. Cam - Can you stop talking like that. Abby - Stop talking like this was ever about me. The only thing that this was about was which one of you won. Cam - That is not how we both think of you. Chad - Wait a minute. She's on to something. That's exactly what it was. Look we were competing for you because you set it up that way.

Sami - You threatened him, didn't you? EJ - I can understand why Lucas might have seen it like that but all I did was enlighten him to the legal realities of the situation and the fact that if he wasn't careful he could lose Allie altogether. Sami slams the laptop closed. What! EJ - I simply pointed out to him that if I played that recording back in family court, a judge wouldn't take very kindly to listening to him talk about how he was going to take Allie out of the country and defy the judge's orders. They tend not to like that I know best attitude. Sami - You threatened him with his greatest fear. EJ - I did it so you could get Allie back. Sami ignores him. Okay, fine, I admit I went a little too far. Of course the argument leads to sex because violence and anger turns them on.

Segment 3: Karen - You don't have to help me. I know you hate me. Hope - I don't hate you. Karen - Well I do ... hate me. Gossiping about Theresa and now ... is she going to be okay. She's my friend, at least I thought she was. I didn't know she did drugs. I'm new here and ... she spills more - Oh God, I can't do anything right. Hope - Everyone makes mistakes, it's okay. Ciara - Don't cry okay. Have one of my candies. Karen - Thank you. I have to check in. Hope - Don't worry, I'll take care of this. Karen - Thank you both. She leaves. Hope - That was very nice of you. Ciara - She looked like she needed a friend. Hope - You're right, she did.

Gabi - Sonny, you can't dress a half-Hispanic baby as Margaret Thatcher. Sonny - Don't you see the irony in that? Will thought it was a good idea. Gabi - No, he probably just didn't want to tell you that your idea was really dumb. Where is Will?

Nick - Gabi's life is her own. I can't control her and I imagine you can't control her. I'm sorry. We shouldn't even be talking about that. I just wanted to say congratulations. That's honestly all I wanted to say. Congratulate my cousin. Will - You pull that cousin card quite a bit. Let me be straight with you. I think that you took advantage of Gabi twice both times when she was very vulnerable. Nick - Wow, well I guess you would be the expert on that one since there's a baby to prove it. Okay, that was totally uncalled for. I shouldn't have said anything. Will - No, you're right. I own that. Because of that I now have ... Nick - I didn't mean to say that. Will - No, it's okay. I was saying because of that I have Gabi in my life now and I have my daughter. So what I won't apologise for is being protective of either one of them. Nick - And you shouldn't. That's a good instinct. As a man I can respect that. I just hope that at some point you'll realise that you don't need to protect Gabi from me.

Cam - I don't think you meant that the way it sounded. Chad - No, I did. You remember how indecisive you were. You thought we should all be friends while you figured things out. I don't think you meant to do it but you were playing us off each other. Neither one of us could figure out where we stood. Abby - I'm sorry, but I didn't hear any complaints from either one of you. Cam - What were we supposed to do. We both wanted to be with you. Chad - And I wasn't going to say anything to jeopardise things as long as I still had a shot with you. Abby - And you felt the same way? Cam - I felt that with a little bit of time you'd come to your senses and you would chose me. Abby - But I did choose you ... she turns to Chad ... not you, him.

Kristen - Obviously you heard about our wedding being moved up. Nicole - Yes and don't think I'm crying over either one of you. Kristen - I wouldn't think so. Brady's always been a fallback for you. I've known for quite a while that it's the priest you have the hots for. Oh, is that what this is about. Nicole - Go away. Kristen - Wait, did you tell him how you felt. Nicole - No, I didn't, Brady did and I tried really hard to keep it from Eric and Brady ... damn him! Kristen - You must be devastated. Nicole - Don't ... do not pretend to have deep sympathy for me. Kristen laughs. I don't have deep sympathy for you. I maybe have a little bit. What is the big deal. So maybe it's going to be awkward for a little while ... you'll find a way to fix it. Nicole - No, I can't fix it and you know it and it's all because of you!

Brady - I'm not really comfortable talking about Nicole ... Eric - Get comfortable. I asked if you'd seen her. Brady - Did you not hear what I said. I said I'm not comfortable ... Eric - Did you see her? Brady - Yes. I'm not exactly talking to her right now. Eric - Why not? Brady - Come on, I have a wedding to get ready for. Why are we doing this right now? Nicole doesn't even figure into this. Eric - I'm wondering if she does. Brady - I don't get what you're talking about. Eric - I've given you every window to open up but you just can't do it, can you? Did you know that she had feelings for me, feelings that go beyond friendship. Brady - There's no point ... Eric - Yes there is. My point is that even right now you can't be honest and just say it. I overheard you talking to Nicole in the church and it's not just that you knew she had feelings for me but you've known for months. She's been working here and you never said one word. Did it ever occur to you just one time that it's something that I needed to know.

Segment 4: Will arrives at the hospital and apologises for being late; he got hung up. Hope comes up and hugs Will and says hi. They stand around and talk until Sonny points to Ciara. Hope turns and Ciara is twirling her hair and smiling as she talks to a young man. Hope - Like mother, like daughter. Ciara rushes up to her mom. My friend Tommy wants to go to different nurse's stations for trick or treats. Can I go, his mom's taking us. Hope - Of course, I'll go with you. Ciara - Kill me now. Hope - Are you sure you don't want me to go with you. Okay, but make sure you stay with his mom Joanne; right by her side. Ciara - Thanks mom. Hope - I guess she'd rather I didn't. Sonny - What were you saying about kids staying kids.

Chad - Wait a minute. Don't rewrite history because you're mad at me. You chose me. You know what we had together. Cam - Let her finish. Abby - Why? It doesn't matter anymore. Cam - I think it does. This is the first I hear of it, of course it matters. Abby - No, not anymore. I need to speak to Chad alone please. Cam - You heard her Doc, see ya. Cam - We aren't finished talking about this. He leaves. Chad - I'm glad we have the chance to talk about this alone. Abby - Chad, you're leaving in a little while for Boston and before you go I didn't want to leave anything unfinished. Chad - You mean it's over, don't you.

Sami tries to convince EJ that she didn't mean it when she said his threatening people turned her on. He pretends to believe her. Sami thinks it will work out with Lucas. He just has to understand that when we are with Allie we'll do what's best for her. EJ declares that Allie has to be part of the pack. EJ remembers he has to get down to the hospital to say goodbye to Chad.

Brady - I thought Nicole was dealing with the situation ... Eric grabs his arm - Dealing with it! Brady - Yes. She respected the fact that you are a priest and that you took vows ... Eric - No Brady, she doesn't respect that. Brady - Then I don't get it. Eric - I know you don't understand it but aren't you wondering why I'm a bit upset with you about all this. Brady - No I don't understand why you're this upset, honestly. I don't want to minimize the fact that you're upset but what would have changed ... Eric - A lot! Brady - Then do me a favour and tell me what would have been different. Eric - That's not the question. The question is whether or not I can trust you anymore.

Kristen - I honestly don't have any idea what any of this has to do with me. Nicole - Honestly? Doesn't your tongue burn when you say that word. You know exactly what you did when you were broken up with Brady and I tried to tell him. I should have known that you had him wrapped around your twisted little finger because of course he didn't believe me. So what does he do! He lashed out at things that he shouldn't have and Eric overheard him and now things have gotten worse since then. All because of you! Kristen - Settle down. Go ahead and blame me if it makes you feel better in the moment. Don't you think eventually you're going to have to admit the truth if not to me, at least to yourself.

Segment 5: Abby - If I didn't know it before I knew it when I heard the two of you arguing over me. It's over Chad. Chad - I just wish that I didn't absolutely deserve to lose you. She sits on his bed. You're not a bad person Chad. It's just that for right now, you're not the person for me. Chad - For right now, huh? Abby - Don't push your luck punk. Go to Boston, get healthy. I have to work on myself right now too. He takes her hand. Chad - I had to lie to get a person as great as you in my life. I know what that says about me but I know what it says about you too. She kisses his cheek. Good luck in Boston. She leaves and cries outside his door.

Ciara returns. Hope - Did you have fun? Gabi - More importantly, did you get candy? Hope - I want to see what's in that bag. Ciara pulls back. Hope - What's the matter? Are you not going to share? Ciara - I don't have any candy. I traded with Tommy, I gave him all my candy. Hope - What did you get? Ciara pulls out Tommy's leather jacket from her bag. Hope - You got ... you wanted his jacket. Ciara - It reminded me of Dad. I miss him more and more. Hope hugs her. I know you do sweetheart.

Sonny and Will bring in Ari to see Chad. He assures them he's doing great. So Hemingway, when do you takeoff? Will - This afternoon. Chad - Have a great time. Too bad it wasn't in Boston, you could have hitched a ride on a private jet. Will - So is Abigail coming with you to Boston? Chad - No, me and Abigail, that's kind of over. Sonny - I'm sorry man. Chad - It's my fault. She was actually kind of nice when she dumped me. Will - Still, I'm sorry. It's not something you want to happen right before you get on a plane to go for surgery. Sonny - Is there anything we can do for you? Chad - Yeah. Can I hold the baby? Will - Well we don't have a baby but we have this pumpkin. He puts Ari in Chad's arms. Chad - You guys are lucky; really, really lucky.

Segment 6: Sami and Will pushing the carriage are outside the club. Sami - I am so proud of you. I can't wait to read the dedication in your first novel. To my dearest mother ... she shared with me her deep love of the written word and she guided me through life with her warmth and her wisdom ... Will - And she provided enough material for a hundred novels of the horror genre. Sami laughs - That's probably true. Sonny comes out and tells Will they should go. Sami is sorry she can't go to airport with them. Will - It's okay. I'm going to have a hard enough time saying goodbye to these two. Sami - Sonny, if you need anything, please call me. Sonny will. Sonny refers to Sami as Grandma Sami. Sami doesn't like that. Sonny lists a bunch of different versions of the word and they settle on Grammy Sami. Sonny takes Ari to the car. Will says they totally ganged up on him. I shouldn't do this. Sami - You should. They're proud of you. They talk a bit more and it's all about Sami and EJ.

Gabi sees Cam in a sweat suit and says Nice costume. Cam - I'm not in costume. Gabi - You're so elegant. Cam realises she wasn't joking. I must be the most humorless man in the world. Gabi - No, you must have had a rough morning. Cam - I saw Arianna. What a cute pumpkin. Do you have any more pictures? Gabi does. Cam - I'm sorry. I have to go. I'll see you later. Gabi turns and sees Abby. That was kind of weird, he left when he saw you. Abby - He's probably running late or something. Gabi - And you're acting weird too. Are you okay. Did something happen with Chad. Abby - Chad's the same. Well, I broke up with him. Gabi - Why? Abby - It's really a long story. Gabi - Did it have something to do with Cameron? Abby - Yeah. No. Gabi - Okay, that's clear. Abby - I know you're wondering but the answer is no. There's nothing going on between me and Cameron and there never will be.

Nicole - It really makes me happy that you've decided to become my life coach. Kristen - You're funny. Did it ever occur to you that I could have told Eric a long time ago what I figured out about you but I didn't. Nicole - You're sweet. What a great gal! We should be friends. Why don't we go get a mani-pedi. Kristen - I didn't, not because I don't hate you, but because I made a choice. I knew how painful this would be for you. I probably know better than anybody how much love or actually the lack of it, can hurt you so I gave you that. I figured you'd find a way to handle it in your own way in your own time. But you didn't do that. You let it fester until it came out in the worst possible way. We all know I've had harsh consequences to pay for my actions over the years but the one thing I've learned is that what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. So deal.

Brady - Of course you can trust me. You're mad at me because I kept a friend's confidence ... I was respecting Nicole's privacy. Eric - You don't understand how many hours I spent in here with you talking about the importance of trust and honesty. Brady - I didn't lie to you. I just felt it was not my place to say anything at the time. But now I see how angry you are and I wish I had said something. I apologise for that. I'm very sorry. Can we please get past this crap ... Eric explodes - I don't think I can just get past this. I don't think I can even stand up before you and Kristen and perform your marriage. I don't think I can even do this. Do you understand that! Eric leaves. Brady - Are you kidding me. He goes after him.

Segment 7: Sami and Will are still talking about how great Sami and EJ are doing today and how well they know each other. She's so happy because their relationship is working. Will is happy for her.

EJ comes into Chad's room. Let's get you out of here! Are you okay? Chad - I was just thinking Karma really is a bitch. EJ - Things didn't work out with Abigail. Chad - She doesn't hate me anymore. But yes, it's over. EJ - Sorry. I know how much she meant to you. Chad - It's okay. I had it coming, right? EJ - You do realise that whether you like it or not you are now in the unenviable position of receiving all of Father's attention. Chad - We'll bond. I'm actually glad I'm not going alone. EJ - You're never alone. You're a DiMera, Stefano's son, my brother. You never walk alone, remember that. Karen comes in with a wheelchair. A helicopter just landed on the roof. It was like something in a movie. Do you know how to get to the roof? EJ - Yes. Karen - I'll tell them that you're coming. See you there. EJ - You make a point of staying in contact. Chad - Definitely. EJ helps Chad into the wheelchair. You know the last time I spoke to Johnny on the phone he was saying 'Hey, you're a hero, Uncle Chad.' EJ - The kid's crazy for you. He's going to miss you. Chad - I'll miss him too, all the kids and Theo too. I promised I'd Skype him a lot. EJ - You better Skype all of us. You are a hero. You saved my life. I will forever be grateful for that. Chad - Maybe you can return the favour one day. Don't feel that you have to take a bullet to do it. EJ - I'm very proud to call you my brother truly. Chad - Same here. They hug.

Abby - Listen, I will fill you in on the whole debacle. I'm not up for it right now. Gabi - But you're okay, right? Abby - Yeah. I think I'm going to take a little time out from dating. People think there's something wrong with you if you're not involved with someone but I don't see it that way. Gabi - Me neither. Abby - Some people don't know how to not be involved with someone and that desperation is what leads to all kinds of bad decisions. Gabi - Amen to that.

Nick sees Cam in the square and recalls seeing him with Gabi. She still loves me. I know she does. When I finish getting everything set up we're going to be together forever.

Brady meets up with Kristen in the park. Kristen - I wanted to give you a heads up. Eric overheard you telling Nicole ... Brady - About her feelings for him. Yeah I just got done listening to him for the past hour. I've never seen him more upset, ever!

Nicole comes into the rectory and checks the drawers of her desk. She knocks her purse over. When Eric comes in she says - Don't worry I'll be gone soon. Eric - We're almost done for good but not quite yet.


Thursday Oct 31

Segment 1: Maggie is at the Horton house. Jen tells her she's fine. Maggie - You can't be. Jen - I can pretend I am. Maggie - This is so out of character for Daniel. I mean Theresa of all people. JJ listens as Jen says she doesn't want to talk about Daniel and she really doesn't want to talk about Theresa. Maggie - I get it. Listen, if you need to talk, call me. JJ comes in the room. Maggie - I'm glad you're back home. In a quiet voice she tells him to take care of his mother. She says goodbye and leaves. Jen - You're home early. JJ - Yeah, it was a half day but I'm glad you're home. I have to talk to you. Jen - Did something happen at school. JJ - No, there's just something I have to tell you.

Theresa wakes up. Dan and Maxine are in the room. She asks - Where am I? Dan - You are in the hospital. Do you know how you got here? Do you remember what happened last night.

Victor lets Marlena in to the K mansion. Marlena - I don't like being summoned. Vic - I don't like being cut out of the loop. Marlena - I didn't cut you out of the loop. Vic - You don't call, you don't write. I have no idea what the hell is going on. All I know for sure is I haven't gotten a text from Brady saying 'Wedding is off Discovered bride to be is a soul sucking bitch LOL'. Marlena - This is not funny. Vic - You think I don't know that. You've got 24 hrs. to come up with something and I want to know what that something is. What! Marlena - I don't like being yelled at. I feel bad enough already. I had a chance to stop Kristen and I blew it.

Brady tells Kristen that Eric is furious because he didn't tell him that he knew Nicole had feelings for him. Kristen - He's furious? Brady - Yeah, furious. I told him I was trying to protect Nicole; I didn't think he was in danger but he got louder and louder. I truly have never seen him this upset. Am I nuts. So Nicole has a crush on him; feelings for him. No one died. What is the problem! He's acting like it ruined his life.

Eric - Before you go there's something I want you to know. What happened between us was not entirely your fault. I should have been warned about your feelings. Nicole - One more time, NOTHING HAPPENED BETWEEN US! Eric - You don't have to deny it. Aside from my spiritual advisor I'm not going to tell anybody else about this. I won't go to the police. Nicole - The police? Eric - Yes to press charges even if more evidence comes to light. Nicole - Nothing is going to come to light because nothing happened between us. I didn't drug you and I sure as hell didn't have sex with you.

JJ - Oh man. Jen - What? JJ - The look on your face and the fear that's in your eyes right now saying 'what did he do now.' Jen - No. JJ - It's okay. You get to be scared. I made you not able to trust me. I've got to deal with that. Jen - Just tell me what you're going to tell me. Abby comes in. JJ, If you don't pull all the way into the driveway then we don't have enough room to park. Jen - Sweetie, that's my fault. Can you not jump on your brother right now please. JJ - It's okay. Hey, you went to say goodbye to Chad, didn't you? Abby - Yeah. Jen - Baby, are you okay? Abby - Yeah, I'm fine. It looks like you two were in the middle of talking and I'm not in a great mood so I'll leave you guys alone. JJ - Come on, Abs. I was just about to tell Mom something, maybe you should hear it too.

Marlena - Nicole and I both think there's something incriminating on that flashdrive; maybe something about the affair. Certainly Kristen went through a lot of trouble to have some thug steal it back. Vic - Remember the good old days. Proof of an affair was lipstick on your collar; an earring in the bed sheets. Marlena - Now that's why I don't tell you stuff. Vic - Do you listen to yourself? Tomorrow my grandson is marrying a woman who keeps proof of an affair on a flashdrive. Think of the levels of weirdness that entails. You try to get rid of proof of an affair not store it on a handy dandy portable device. Marlena - Well the point is moot. We both know that once she got her hands on it she destroyed it. And the camera cuts to the flashdrive on Daniel's desk.

Kristen - It gets even weirder. I just saw Nicole. She was acting like her life was ruined too. I'm not her biggest fan, we all know that, but I almost felt sorry for her. Brady - I should have kept my big mouth shut with Nicole. I was so mad at her for spreading those lies about you, I lashed out at her, I yelled at her. Kristen - You had no way of knowing that Eric was going to overhear you. Brady - I should still apologise to her. I've been trying to call her. Kristen - I saw her, seriously she needs space. I think you and I need to go talk to Eric and smooth things over with him as soon as we can.

Nicole - I talked to that woman, your witness at the hotel. A woman who didn't seem very competent at all. A hotel clerk who sees a hundred faces a day knows for a fact that I was there months ago in some ridiculous disguise and that's all you need to accuse me of rape. Eric - I remember that night. Nicole - Really. So I drove to the capitol in some silly disguise and drugged and seduced my friend. I would NEVER do that to anyone, especially someone I love. Eric - Did you love EJ when you faked a pregnancy just to stay with him? Didn't you love Daniel when you told him Jennifer pushed you down the stairs? I think your track record speaks for itself.

Segment 2: Theresa - Sorry, the last thing I remember is leaving work yesterday, even that's really hazy. Before that, the whole week, it's sort of a blank. Dan - Okay, then we start by saying you're going to be fine. He sees Anne standing outside the door. Maxine, would you please take care of that. Maxine leaves. Dan - As I was saying you're going to be fine but you OD'd last night. Theresa - Oh God. Where was I? Dan - In your apt. You called me earlier that evening so luckily I came by and found you. Theresa - What! I called you? Dan - None of that sounds familiar. Theresa - No, not at all.

Jen slaps JJ's face. You were doing drugs with Theresa. She could have died. What is wrong with you! You ran away! What are you? A coward and a liar. Get out of my house! Get out of my house right now! End fantasy. Abby - JJ, what is it? What's wrong? Jen - What is going on. You seem so upset. JJ - It's because I am upset Mom. I know how stupid I have been over and over and it's like I finally woke up. Last night when we were talking I wasn't clear enough. So here's the deal. I am done doing drugs. Abby - Do you mean that JJ? JJ - Never again. Jen - Thank you. Thank God. JJ - I'm not going to use, I'm not going to deal. I actually saw how the drugs were ruining my life and yours too. I'm sorry for how I acted. I'm sorry for how I treated you. How I talked to everyone. I really wish I could take it all back. Jen - Honey, it's in the past. It doesn't even matter now. You made a positive decision so we are just going to move forward. If you really mean it, if you're really giving up drugs ... JJ - IF I mean it? Look, I do but I also understand it's going to take a while for you guys to trust me again. Jen - I mean this ... I am so proud of you. She hugs him. I'm really proud of you.

Vic - So Kristen got the evidence back and destroyed it and you didn't see fit to tell me about that. Marlena - I assumed she destroyed it. And I didn't tell you because I know how cranky you get when things don't go exactly your way. Vic - Nothing is going my way and if this wedding comes off tomorrow it's going to be your fault. Marlena - Wow. You are really good at assessing blame, aren't you? I don't know how Maggie puts up with you. Maggie comes in - A question I ask myself everyday. So does someone want to tell me what's going on here.

Kristen - I'm going to go and speak with Eric not just so he'll marry us but because I hate it when you guys are mad at each other. Brady - I should go with you. Kristen - The peace needs to be brokered. You guys have a way of pushing each others buttons, don't you think. Brady - He was furious when I walked in the door. Kristen - Let me see what I can do. Can you do me a favour? Jennifer texted me and she said needed to speak to me about the wedding, something important. Could you go by her place and find out what it was. Brady - I'd be happy to but I think I'm getting the easier assignment here though. Kristen - We know Eric, he's probably all calmed down by now. She kisses him and leaves.

Eric - All this time I thought you were my guardian angel; you were looking out for me. Nicole - I was. Eric - No, Nicole. You hurt me in more ways then you can even imagine. Do you have any idea what you have done to me! I took a vow of chastity and you defiled that, you defiled me! Nicole - Where the hell's that Bible? She places her hand on top of the Bible. I swear I did not drug you. I swear I did not have sex with you. Eric - Put that down! Nicole - Why! Because I shouldn't touch it; because I'm unclean? I swear to God I did not do that to you! Eric grabs the Bible. Don't you take His name in vain! Not after what you have done. Nicole - I know what you're going through. I know the anger and I know the rage. And you know how I know that? Because I was abused as a kid. You know I was. I know what you're going through and I would never in a million years do that to someone else. But you don't believe me. Some desk clerk's word means more than mine because I am what I've always been, a lying slut. She grabs her purse and leaves.

Segment 3: Dan - Can I ask you something. If you remember last night, anything at all, call me right away. It's kind of a sensitive situation and I think it's best you talk to me before you talk to anybody else. Will you promise me that? Theresa - Yeah, I'd promise you anything. Right now I've got to get back to sleep.

When Dan goes to the nurses station Anne marches up. I just wonder how you live with yourself. Thanks to your sleazy party last night that young woman almost died. Dan - Smug self-righteousness, how out of character for you. Maxine - We all know you don't do any work but maybe you could leave people alone so they can. Anne - Such unswerving loyalty to a man who can destroy this hospital's reputation. Dan - My blood test came back negative. The hospital's reputation is just fine. Anne - Dollars to donuts the lab clerk was female. Dan - WTH are you implying? Anne - Oh really, do I need to spell it out. Dan - What you need to do Anne is get a life so you can stop ruining everybody else's. Anne - Oh really, I'm ruining other people's lives. This from a guy who's hanging out with a young woman who OD's and almost dies. Dan - Shut the hell up. Anne - This from the esteemed surgeon who's private life is a complete and utter catastrophe due to his apparent compulsion to seduce practically every woman in Salem. And yet he walks around like the poor, put upon, beleaguered soul who's been dealt a bad hand when in fact every single, crappy thing that's ever happened to him has been because ... Dan - Get away from me. Get out of my face. I am warning you. Anne looks around at everyone watching and leaves. Maxine - I'm sorry. Anne was even more brutal than usual. Dan - I'm sure that's what you were thinking. Maxine - No. Dan - I know you're disappointed in me Maxine. Maxine - It's kind of hard not to be. You all but owned what you did last night. Just give me a reason to be wrong. Dan - I've said all I'm going to say. Maxine - Alright. Dan - Now I'm going to take the rest of the day off. Dan looks at everyone staring. Just like Spencer Tracy; Bad Day at Black Rock. Maxine - At least it can't get any worse. Jen gets off the elevator. Maxine - I think I spoke to soon.

Marlena is checking her cell. I've got an emergency at the hospital. I have to go. I'll leave you to explain to Maggie. She leaves.
Vic - I hate it when you cross your arms that way. Maggie - And I hate finding out that once again you're doing something behind my back. Vic - Pure conjecture on your part. Maggie - Marlena doesn't drop by for high tea and you don't have a scowl on your face for no good reason. So once again, what's going on here?

Hope is walking through the park when she sees Brady. They say hi. Brady - I'm glad I ran into you. Did you get our email? Hope - Yeah, about moving the wedding up to tomorrow, right? Brady - Yeah, that's our plan. Of course we hit a snag but we're hoping to work it out and I'm hoping you're going to attend. Hope - I'm trying my best. Brady - Actually I had one other favour to ask you. We were hoping Ciara would be our flower girl. She's got to be our flower girl. Hope - She would absolutely love that but she's going to be in New York with my Dad and Julie. They have tickets for Matilda. It's been planned for months. Brady - I know it's a last minute thing. I kind of get the sense you're relieved though. Hope - I am.

Nicole is at the club having a martini. Stares at a picture of Eric on her cell and deletes it.

Eric is in the rectory holding the matchbook from the Capitol Hotel. How could you have done this to me? Kristen knocks and asks if he's busy. Eric - No. Kristen - I just talked to Brady. He's so sorry. He's so upset. Eric - I don't really want to talk about it right now. Kristen - I knew that Nicole had a crush on you too. Brady and I just didn't think it was our place to tell you. Can you understand? Eric - No because if one of you had been honest with me I could have handled the situation a bit better. Kristen - I don't understand why you're acting this way. It was really just an innocent crush. Eric snaps - Nothing about that was innocent. Do you have any idea what she did! Kristen - What did she do? What are you talking about? Eric - Nothing. I really don't want to talk about it. Kristen sees the matchbook from the hotel. Kristen - Does this have anything to do with what happened at the Capitol?

Segment 4: Jen and Dan ignore one another. Dan leaves. Maxine - I didn't expect to see you here today. Jen - I just came to pick up some documents. How's Theresa doing? Maxine - She was awake for a while. Doesn't seem to remember much about what happened last night. Jen - Wish I could say the same thing.

Hope - I'm sorry. I don't mean to offend you. You know how much I care about you and I'm trying not to judge. Brady - But you think that I'm making a big mistake marrying Kristen, don't you? Hope - We're talking about Ciara. You don't want to hear this but no I don't trust Kristen. I'm sorry but I don't want to have to worry about my little girl idealizing her, romanticizing her. Brady - I understand. I do. It took me a long time to understand that Kristen is not the woman everyone thinks she is. She's a good person. I know you don't believe me right now but you're going to find that we're going to have a good marriage together. Hope - I hope so. I really do hope so. Brady - I believe you. I'm late. I've got a lot of things to do. I'm hoping you'll attend.

Nicole pounds on Daniel's door calling out his name. Are you there? I really need to talk to you. Dan gets off the elevator. Dan - WTH are you doing here? Nicole - I didn't know where else to go? She starts crying. He holds her. It's okay.

Kristen - It's just that I remember you and Brady talking that Daniel had suspicions that maybe somebody poisoned you at that hotel. Does any of that have to do with Nicole? Did you remember something that implicated her? Eric - This isn't any of your business. Kristen - You're right. It's not. But if that was the case I would totally understand because it just kind of makes sense you know. That's how Nicole is. She's so extreme and over the top. And if she in fact did poison you she probably wanted to rescue you so she could be the big hero. If she did something like that I could totally understand why you'd be upset. Eric stares. Kristen - Is there something more?

Segment 5: Anne shakes Theresa and tells her to wake up. We need to have a little chat. Theresa - Go away. Anne - I'm not going anywhere until you tell me exactly what happened last night with you and Dr. Kildare. Theresa - What? Anne - Dr. Jonas. If we're going to pin anything on him it has to be soon. Theresa - He saved my life. Anne - That's his story but I want the truth. Did he give you those drugs? Theresa can't remember. Am I going to lose my job? Anne - I hope not. You're more useful to me here in the hospital besides this is your first offence. I'll take care of it. Theresa - Thank you. I owe you. Anne - You can say that again.

Jen opens the door of her home to Brady. Kristen said you wanted to talk about the wedding but she's unavailable so will I do. Jen - Oh. Brady - What is wrong with you? Jen - I'm so sorry to tell you this but I can't be there.

JJ is standing outside Theresa's room when Anne walks up and asks him what he's doing here. JJ - I came to see my mom but I heard about Theresa. I wanted to see how she was doing. Anne - Why do you care? JJ - She's a human being Anne. Anne - You know your mouth is the only smart thing about you. Oh and if you're looking for your mother, she went home early. What a surprise. JJ - I'll get going. Always a pleasure.

Marlena gets off the elevator and sees Anne approaching the nurse's station. I got your text. What's the emergency. Anne - Thanks to Dr. Jonas, the hospital's reputation is in real danger. His behaviour last night was inappropriate on so many levels. Marlena - What does that have to do with me? Anne - Am I missing something? You are this year's head of the Ethics Committee, right? So isn't it your job to hold him accountable for his actions.

Nicole is sitting on Dan's couch now. Eric thinks that I ... Dan - That you what? Nicole - I can't even say the word. But he's wrong. I didn't do anything to hurt him. Dan - You guys go way back. You've been very close lately. This will work out. Nicole - No it won't work out. I can't ever see him again. Dan - That doesn't make any sense. What did he say that you did? Nicole - I can't right now. Do you mind if I lay down for a little bit. We can talk about it later. I got really tired all of a sudden. She cries - I didn't do anything. I didn't do anything to him.

Eric - I won't talk about this with you and I have things to do. Kristen - Okay. Like I said, Brady is so sorry. He thought he was doing what was best for Nicole. He realises he made a huge mistake and if he could do it over again he would. You know how much he loves you though, you're his brother. And I respect you, you know that. Can you find it in your heart to forgive us and agree to marry us after all. Eric - I'll think about it but I can't make any promises. Like I said, I have things to do. I hope you don't mind showing yourself out. He leaves. Kristen mutters - My God, how much does he remember? What did you remember?

Segment 6: Vic - Marlena and I are both upset about Brady marrying Kristen. Since John's not here I'm comforting her. Maggie - You don't comfort anyone. I walked in on a fight. I want to know what it was about. Vic - You're making a big deal out of nothing. Maggie - Then tell me what it is. Vic - Do you trust me? Marlena and I are not planning a heist. We're not planning a coup. Nothing like that. We're just trying to protect Brady. Maggie - Okay, I'll let it go for now but whatever it is you're doing it better not end up hurting anybody that I love. Vic - Unless you love Kristen DiMera you've got nothing to worry about. She's the one I'm after.

Abby and Hope are at the pub. Abby - I guess Chad and I made peace about everything before he left. I'm still really angry at him for what he did but I'm really going to miss him. Hope - So what happens now? Abby - Now I think I'm going to take a break from dating for a while; go solo. I don't need a guy in my life to be happy. Hope - You're so right about that. Good for you honey. How are things going at home? Abby - Fingers crossed ... great. JJ just told me and my mom that he's done doing drugs for good. Hope - Thank God for that! That is such good news. Your mom could use some good news after last night, that is for sure. Abby - Why, what happened? Hope - She didn't tell you? Abby - Tell me what. Just tell me, I'll ask my mom if you don't. Hope - Theresa overdosed last night. Daniel brought her into the hospital. I didn't know they were dating.

Jen - I know this is going to sound really silly but I can't be there if Daniel is going to be there. I love you and Kristen so much but I can't. Brady - I know you're going through a rough patch ... Jen - No, this isn't a rough patch. We are done for good. Brady - I don't understand. Jen - Daniel has moved on. It's over.

Nicole is asleep. She dreams that Hope and Eric bust into Daniel's apt. Eric hurtles accusations and Hope arrests are while she proclaims her innocence. Eric snaps - You're not only going to spend the rest of your life in prison you're going to spend eternity burning in hell.

Marlena - Don't rush to judgement here. I'll remind you that Dr. Jonas's drug test came back clean. Anne - But test results can be altered. Marlena - There's no proof of that but I did hear that if he hadn't brought that woman in when he did she would have died of an overdose. Anne - Yes he claims not to have been there when she overdosed but how do we know for sure. He could have given her the drugs to get her in the mood. Marlena - You are so grasping at straws here. Anne - You know what hurts institutions. Not that a bad thing happened but the institution covering it up. We can't take this man's word for it. We have to investigate. Marlena - I'm not going to put Dr. Jonas through a witch hunt. Anne - So what you're saying is that he gets a free pass because he's a surgeon. Marlena - Easy here. I will talk to Dr. Jonas. I will ask him what happened. Anne - Good luck with that. He spent 2 mins. with his girlfriend, his patient and then he went home probably to sleep it off. Marlena - Then I will leave him a note to call me but until you hear from me you keep your speculation to yourself for the sake of the hospital. Marlena goes into Dan's office muttering - That woman is a complete and utter pain in the ass. She looks around for a pen which conveniently is right next to the flashdrive.

Segment 7: Hope - Talk about bad timing. It was horrible. Your mom was there when Daniel brought her in. Abby - No, it's just too weird. When Theresa dropped Daniel's bracelet I thought she was just doing it to make it seem like they were dating just to mess with my mom. It can't actually be true. I was just with my mom, why didn't she say anything to me. Hope - I think she's really embarrassed. Jen - My mom cares about Daniel so much. She's probably devastated.

Brady - Moved on? What are you talking about? Is he seeing someone else? Jen - I guess you haven't heard. Daniel brought his latest flame into the hospital last night. I guess they were hanging out and she suddenly OD'd.

Anne is next to Maxine by Theresa's bedside. Is she still asleep? Maxine - Yes. Now leave her alone. She needs to sleep. After they leave the room Theresa opens her eyes and smiles.

Dan opens the door to JJ. You can not be here. JJ - I need to know what's going on with Theresa. Did she say anything? Dan - She can't. She doesn't remember what happened last night so for now as long as we stick to our story no one will know you were there when she OD'd. JJ - You're going to be stuck covering for me and everyone is going to think you were there to sleep with her. Dan - That's a lot better than you going to prison. Nicole hears all this.

Kristen is in the rectory talking to herself. Whatever Eric remembers he seems to think it was Nicole which works out great for me. Oh God, if he remembers that much, is he going to figure out that it was me. Yes! So I have to know exactly what's in Eric's head. The only person he ever talks to is Daniel so that's what I need to do. I need to pay a visit to Dr. Jonas.

Marlena finally discovers the flashdrive. She starts to laugh. OMG. Kristen's flashdrive.

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