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Friday Nov 1

Segment 1: Repeat of Marlena finding the flashdrive.

Repeat of Jen telling Brady who Dan has moved on with without naming names. Brady - Sami told me her cousin Theresa OD'd last night and that Daniel ... Jen - Yes that is his latest involvement; that vindictive little snake who just wants to make my life a nightmare.

Theresa asks her aunt if she's told her parents yet. Kayla - I haven't been able to reach them yet so I guess that gives you a little more time to recover. Theresa - But you'll keep trying. Kayla - The family will. You screwed up big time kid but I guess you get a second chance. She kisses her forehead. Use it wisely.

Repeat of Dan and JJ talking and Nicole overhearing. JJ sees Nicole. OMG, anyone but her.

Repeat of Kristen figuring out she should go and talk to Dan. Eric returns. I'm glad you're still here. We need to talk. Kristen - I was on my out. Eric - I'm sorry but this can't wait. After we talked earlier I realised I was completely wrong about everything. Now I see the truth.

Marlena holds the flashdrive. What's it doing in Daniel's office? Well it doesn't matter why it's here, what matters is as long as what's on the flashdrive will make Brady leave Kristen for good.

Dan tells Nicole he'll explain. Just give me a minute with JJ. JJ and Dan step out into the hallway. JJ - Why didn't you tell me she was here? Dan - You didn't give me a chance. JJ - She hates me. I know that she heard everything. She's going to tell everyone. Dan - No she won't. JJ - She hates my guts. Dan - I will handle it. JJ - She could send me to prison. Dan - Listen to me. You need to get it together. Just breathe. I'm going to go in there; I'm going to make sure she doesn't tell anyone. You meet me in my office in an hour okay? Focus. He hands him a key. Take this. Use the back stairs. Make sure no one sees you. If maintenance has locked the door just use that key. You sit there; you sit quietly. JJ - What are you going to say to her? Dan - Don't worry about it, just go. JJ leaves. Dan goes back inside his apt. Nicole - What the hell is going on here?

Kristen - I don't know what you're talking about. Eric - I'm not happy about Brady and you not being honest with me about Nicole but I never should have said I wouldn't marry you two. I made a promise and my Boss hates broken promises. Kristen - Thank you so much. It means so much to us, especially to Brady. Maybe, if you want to talk to me a little about the problem you're having with Nicole, I could help. Maybe tell me what happened. Eric - No I don't want to talk to you about that. Actually I'd appreciate it if you forgot anything I said about Nicole. Kristen - Okay, it might be a little hard to do but okay.

Marlena puts the flashdrive in her pocket when Anne comes into Dan's office. Checking up on me? Anne - Well you said you were going to leave a note. I don't see a note. Marlena - I thought I'd call him tomorrow. Anne - Meaning you kick it around a little and then you forget about it. Marlena - Meaning I thought I'd call him tomorrow. Anne - The last time we spoke you were head of the Ethics Committee. Have you stepped down? Marlena - Of course not. Anne - Does it not concern you that what Dr. Jonas did is not only unethical but likely criminal. Marlena - That is not your determination to make. Anne - I seem to be the only one around here taking this seriously. Marlena - You seem to be a neurotic woman bent on being a vigilante. Now please get out of my way. Anne - No. The flashdrive falls to the floor.

Segment 2: Maggie is wrapping a wedding gift when Victor returns with a bouquet of roses. Truce? Maggie - So you're trying to buy me off with flowers huh. Vic - I already told you Marlena and I are not planning on doing anything that's going to hurt anyone. Maggie - I don't think Marlena would but it did cross my mind that you might be trying to gain information out of her, manipulate her in some way so that you can go off and do whatever it is you want to do that you know I don't want you to do. Vic - It wounds me that you even think I'm capable of something like that. Maggie - Fancy words for saying the truth hurts. Okay my love I will stop and smell the roses. They are wonderful. Alright, we'll declare a truce. Vic - Let's celebrate. Maggie - Not so fast. Let's set the terms up first. I'll stop cross-examining you like I said before if you don't end up hurting someone that I love. Because if you do I will put these roses where the sun don't shine, thorns and all.

Abby is at the club talking to Sonny. He asks how her mom's doing. Abby - She's not great. I mean how could she be but she did not want to talk about it at all. I texted her and normally she responds right away. Sonny - I know why you're mad at her but Dr. Jonas, that is not cool. He's a doctor. Abby - And Theresa Donovan is just an evil bitch. This is all her fault.

Brady - I'll admit I don't know anything about this Theresa person but she doesn't sound like Daniel's type and I think you're making a mistake. Jen - You know what, there's been a lot of mistakes made and I am the one who broke up with Daniel. I really hurt him so he has a right to see whoever he wants to see but her! I mean ... I feel like he's doing this to hurt me; to pay me back. She is not his type. She's just this little perfect piece of revenge. Brady - Sorry, it doesn't sound like Daniel at all. Jen - He is not the man that you think he is and he is not the man that I thought he was.

Dan - How much did you hear? Nicole - Enough to know that you're covering for that little punk and something to do with Theresa, Eric's cousin. Dan - Yes. She OD'd last night. JJ was there when it happened. He was scared to death so he called me. Nicole - What are you; the drug hotline now? Dan - I got her to the hospital. She's fine now. But what's important is that no one knows that JJ was involved. He's still facing criminal charges. Nicole - Because he did criminal things. Dan - If the judge finds out JJ was anyway connected to an incident involving illegal drugs, JJ will go straight to jail. The judge is not going to give him anymore chances. Nicole - No, you are. Dan - I would think you of all people would know that he needs a break here. He's trying to put his life back together. Nicole - No, he's trying to cover his ass. Dan - He could have left her there. He didn't have to call me. Nicole - And you were the perfect person to call, right? I know better than anyone that your middle name is 'Good Samaritan' but let me ask a question. What did he mean when everyone thinks that you slept with that girl. Dan - For reasons too complicated to get into but there was no way for me to explain why I was there without implicating JJ, none. Nicole - You are risking your reputation for a kid who hates you ... because you love his mother. That's why you're doing this, aren't you?

Marlena - I don't pull rank but I am Senior Staff. You have challenged my authority and questioned my integrity and speaking of integrity, you're a person who has openly attacked Dr. Jonas, well documented, a doctor who saves lives, and you are a person who files. He is a man who does his job well. You are a person who does her job poorly. Anne - Wow, who's making personal attacks now. Marlena - I'm talking about your reputation at the hospital. There isn't a person who works here who isn't intimidated by you or enraged by you. Anne - So let's move off the subject of Dr. Jonas's disgusting transgression and make this all about me and how unpopular I am ... like I give a damn because I don't take crap from people and PS, I don't file. We have a digital filing system here and it's managed by the interns or the clerical staff, not by me. I do not file, okay. I manage personnel. Marlena - What we know about Dr. Jonas is that he saved a woman's life. What we know about you is that you're insecure and manipulative and will do anything and hurt anybody to be more powerful. And I will not allow Dr. Jonas to become your victim. I will have a conversation with him and if you don't back off you will find yourself up on charges. Now get the hell out of my sight. Anne - Gladly. I would appreciate it if you would stay the hell out of my sight from this moment forward. If you have any complaints you can take it to the Chief of Staff or the hospital board and I can assure you they will vigorously and whole-heartedly defend me. Do you know why? Because I happen to be a highly respected senior executive here at this hospital Dr. Evans. Your vicious and self-righteous rant not withstanding. She leaves. Marlena feels around in her pocket for the flashdrive and realises it's not there. She sits in Dan's chair and sees it on the floor. Before she can pick it up Kristen comes in. Fancy meeting you here.

Segment 3: JJ shows up at the club. So what were you guys talking about when I came in here. It looked real intense. Abby - It was about Theresa. There's something really important that I need to tell you. JJ - She's in the hospital. I heard. Abby - It's more than that. Theresa has been having a thing with Daniel. It's absolutely crushing Mom. JJ - Yeah I bet. Abby - I can almost guarantee that that slut was only after Daniel just to stick it to mom. Sonny - That's sick. JJ - It's true. Theresa is a user in every meaning of the word. She takes drugs and she uses people. She doesn't care what happens to them or if it ruins their lives. Abby - Whoa, talk about intense. I thought that you actually liked this chick. What changed?

Jen brings Hope and Kayla into the living room. Brady's here and as Daniel's best friend he's having a hard time believing me about him. Brady - Actually that's not what I said at all. It's not that I don't believe you it just doesn't sound like Daniel ... some random girl with a drug habit. Jen - I know but I told you he chose to be with her to hurt me. Okay, I don't know that. All I'm saying is I don't want to talk about it anymore. I don't want to be in a room with you and Kristen pledging your love and fidelity to each other ... gosh, this is insane. How did this even happen? Hope - It's okay. You don't have to go. She hugs her. Kayla tells Brady that this isn't the best time. Brady - Jen, let me talk to Daniel. Jen - I'm not asking you to uninvite him. Brady - I'm not going to do that. I just think it's best that I talk to him and try and figure this out. I'm sorry. He leaves.

Dan - So I can count on you to keep this to yourself right? Nicole - You've got it bad and that's not good. How many times has she shoved you away? How many times has she not believed you? Dan - Do you really want to get into this? Nicole - You're not even together anymore. Dan - It doesn't matter. Nicole - It does matter if the kid you're covering for is a drug addict little creep. Dan - That little kid is Jennifer's son and if he goes to prison it will kill her. Nicole - And what about you and your reputation. Dan - I am calling on all my favours with you, please. I've kept a secret or two with you, right? Nicole - Look how that turned out. Have you even thought about what Jennifer is going to think if she hears that you slept with her son's little drug buddy. Dan - Well that ship has sailed. She was there when I brought Theresa in. She can deal with that but she can not deal with losing JJ. Will you just promise me that you'll keep this to yourself. Promise me that. Nicole - I promise. Dan - Thank you. Nicole - Love sucks, doesn't it. Dan - It so sucks. Nicole - God we have a lot of terrible things in common, don't we? Isn't it fun when the person you love most in this world thinks that you're ... Dan - What? Nicole - Nothing. Dan - No, you came here because you were upset that Eric said something ... you did something terrible. What was that? Nicole - I've got to go. Dan - You said ... Nicole - I said nothing, they were just words. Dan - The person you love most in this world is Eric? Oh God! Nicole - Yeah. Oh God just about sums it up.

Kristen - What the hell are you doing in Daniel's office. Marlena - And that would be any of your business? Kristen - Where is he? Marlena - I think he's gone for the day. Kristen - I thought he'd still be here. Marlena - I didn't know you were tracking his schedule. Kristen - It's shocking I know but I do happen to have a couple of friends and Daniel happens to be one of them. Marlena - Well I guess you'll have to see your friend some other time. Kristen - It's always such a pleasure. You seem a little jumpy. Is there anything wrong?

Segment 4: Marlena - Well it's the end of a very long and difficult day and I run into somebody I don't especially like. Kristen - So you're just hanging out in Daniel's office. Kristen gets a text from Brady. It's a last minute wedding detail. I think he's more excited about the wedding than I am. Marlena - I wouldn't be so cocky if I had as many skeletons in my closet as you do. Wouldn't it be a shame if one of those fell out right before the wedding.

JJ - I guess Theresa is just another example of someone screwed up by drugs. Now that I have my head on straight I can see what she's really like. Even before I never liked the way she treated Mom. Abby - Clearly I'm not her biggest fan but I do think that Daniel should have shown some restraint. Okay, I just completely dissed Daniel and left the door wide open and you're not going to say anything. I don't get it. I thought this would be your big 'I told you so' moment. JJ - I don't think I should pile on. He's already going to pay for what happened. Abby - Yeah, big time. JJ - Sonny, have you heard from Will? How's Berkeley? Sonny - He just got there so no news yet. Abby - Did you tell him about Theresa? Sonny - No. I don't want him to worry. There's really nothing he can do about it and Theresa has plenty of family to look after her here.

Eric asks Theresa how she's feeling. Theresa - Tired doesn't even begin to describe it. Wiped out, embarrassed, confused. Eric - Confused about what? Theresa - I know I OD'd last night, the way my body feels makes that very clear, but what's unclear to me is everything else that happened that night. Most of yesterday is just a big blank. You can't imagine how frustrating that is.

Brady is with Maggie and Vic. Brady - I want to ask you about Daniel. Do you understand this thing that's going on between him and Theresa Donovan. Maggie - No, I don't and he doesn't want to talk about it so it seems like it's true. I just don't understand him being so insensitive to Jennifer. Vic - Would you stop worrying about it. As far as I'm concerned the man has done nothing wrong.

Kayla - Daniel said Theresa called him and he went over there and he found her passed out. Jen - I know and I keep trying to see this from his point of view because I hurt him. I did and I did not handle things well but Theresa ... I keep thinking the only reason he would choose to be near her is to hurt me and that is so not Daniel. Hope - Maybe there's another explanation.

Dan - I had no idea you were in love with Eric but looking back all the signs were there. How long have you felt this way? Nicole - Almost since the day he got back. Dan - So you went to work for him that way you'd spend endless hours with a guy who is completely unavailable. Nicole - Well You know me. I never do anything halfway and that includes unrequited love. Dan - I'm sorry. Nicole - He was my first love; the one that got away. He was always sexy but he came back sexy and saintly. Dan - And he had no idea you felt that way? Nicole - No and I really tried hard to keep it that way 'cause I didn't think it would be fair to him but then he did find out and the timing was horrible and now in his eyes he thinks I have motive to do what he thinks I did. Dan - What does he think you did? Nicole starts to cry. He thinks I drugged him and raped him.

Segment 5: Jen - If there were another explanation why wouldn't Daniel have given it? He pretty much admitted why he was at her place. Why would he lie about that? Hope - I'm so sorry about all this Jen. Jen - It means the world to me that you guys are here but ... Hope - You really want us to go. Jen - I guess I'm seeking a certain sense of denial and it's easier to be done without sympathetic friends and family. Kayla and Hope both say they have to leave. Hugs all around. They leave. Jen tells herself it doesn't matter. Why does it hurt so much?

Vic - Here's what we know. Daniel saved some young woman's life so we're going to rake him over the coals for that? Maggie - That isn't the issue and you know it. Maggie gets a call from Chez Rouge she has to take which she thinks is a blessing because she doesn't want to hear what Vic has to say. Vic - He's your son. You're supposed to be on his side. Maggie - I know. I am. Brady - She is on his side. She's upset. You should have seen how upset Jennifer was. Vic - She dumped him. Cry me a river. Brady - You callous much, Victor? Vic - He's family. He's my godson, Maggie's son. My loyalties are first foremost to him just as they are to you which means I'll be there tomorrow at your wedding when you vow to honour and love the psychopath of your dreams. Brady - I think I'm going to cry. Vic - Yeah, well watch me at the wedding tomorrow.

Theresa - You must be so ashamed of me. Eric - You know we all make mistakes. It doesn't define you. It's how you handle the mistakes that matter. Theresa - By that definition I'm a screw-up. Eric - This may be an opportunity to change that. You may not know this but I work for a Guy who might be able to help that. Theresa - The thing is Father I don't think I'm cut out to be as pure and saintly as you.

Dan - What! How in God's name can he think you had anything to do with this. Nicole - I don't know. I barely understand it myself. It all happened that night he got sick at the Capitol. His memory is fuzzy. He thinks he was drugged and then you know by some woman. Dan - He doesn't remember that it was you. Nicole - Because I didn't do it! Dan - I don't mean it like that. That's not what I'm saying. I think he should get a few more details before he starts accusing you of something so ... Nicole - He's a mess and he's frightened and he's not thinking straight and I'm really worried about him. Dan - You're what! He accuses you of rape and you defend him! Nicole - Jennifer dumped you and you take the rap for her kid! Dan - Yeah. Quite a pair, huh. Nicole - Something happened to Eric that night. Someone did something to him. Dan - Yeah. I always thought he was deliberately poisoned. So let me get this straight. Eric thinks it was you but I thought I remembered his saying something about a woman with dark hair. Nicole - There's more. This hotel clerk told Eric that there was a woman in disguise and she demanded the room right next to his. The clerk said that woman was me. Dan - Eric thought the woman was the one that got him sick. Nicole - She used the name Fay Taylor. That was my mother's name and my sister's name. Yeah, it all hooks together. One damning bit of evidence after another. Yes I know I have done some horrible, terrible things but I did not do this, I swear. I swear I didn't. Please tell me you believe me. She cries.

Kristen - I learned my lesson. I don't keep secrets from Brady. Marlena - I think we both know that's not true. Cue f/b of Kristen watching her sex video. If you're referring to the trash that Nicole is spewing it's all a bunch of lies. Marlena - So you deny the affair. Kristen - It's nothing but a lie. Even when Brady and I weren't together he was the only man in my heart. Marlena - Yes but we're not talking about the man who's in your ... heart. Kristen - You know what, I don't care what you and Nicole say or what you believe 'cause guess what, Brady believes me. Me! And nothing will ever convince him otherwise. She leaves. Marlena picks up the flashdrive. I'm not so sure you're right about that.

Segment 6: Nicole - I know how many times I have lied to you Daniel but I swear, I swear I did not do this. Dan - I believe you. You're not lying. You wouldn't do something like that. Nicole - Thank you. You have no idea how much that means to me. They hug. Oh God, Daniel, I feel so alone right now.

JJ - So what happened with you and Chad? I thought things were good. Abby - They were but it didn't work out. Sonny - I hope you're okay. Abby - Yeah. Well not really yet but I will be. Sonny gets a text from Will. JJ has to leave as well. He hugs his sister after offering to beat up Chad for her if she wants. Abby can take him. She tells him she loves him and that she's so happy to have her brother back. I'm really glad you came to your senses before you got into anymore trouble. I was really worried about you. JJ - Things are good now. No more worries. He leaves.

Theresa - I know I'm a screwed-up mess but you seem a little not you tonight. Is something wrong? Hope comes in. Hey, so you are awake. Hi Eric. Eric was on his way out. He tells Theresa if she needs anything to call. Think about what I said. Eric goes to pour himself a coffee. Anne swoops in. It's terrible what happened to Theresa, isn't it? Eric - I'm sorry, do I know you? Anne - I'm Anne Milbauer, Theresa's boss and her friend and you're a cousin, right? Dr. Evan's son. Eric - Yes, that's right. Anne - If you care at all about Theresa you ought to talk to your mother. For some reason she's hell bent on allowing Dr. Jonas to get away with all this without taking any responsibility. Eric - And what does Dr. Jonas have to do with this? Anne - No one told you? He's the one that brought her in. He was with her at her apt. Eric - Why? Anne - From what I hear he was working on his bedside manner if you get my meaning. She walks away.

Nicole - Thank you so much. Dan - Should I talk to Eric? Nicole - No please. Not yet. There's more I should tell you but I don't feel like it right now. Dan - Okay. I'll go to talk to JJ; let him know he can trust you. Nicole - Can I just stay here for a little while to get myself together. I promise I'll be gone by the time you get back. Dan - I don't want you to go. You can stay here in the guest room. I don't think you need to be alone right now. Nicole - Thank you. It's good to have a friend. Dan - The truth is going to come out and Eric is going to realise you didn't do anything wrong. Nicole - I wish I could believe that Daniel.

Marlena - There must be something on here that proves Kristen had an affair but with whom? I found it in Daniel's office but he'd never get involved with Kristen. Okay I'm going to find out. She inserts the flashdrive into the port on her laptop.

Segment 7: Eric sees Kayla near the nurses station. I just heard some vile innuendo. Kayla - Let me guess, you just talked to Anne Milbauer. Eric - Yeah, was it Daniel that found Theresa in her apt.? Kayla - Yeah that's right. Eric - Why was he there? Kayla - I don't know. I've got to see a patient. Eric mutters - Daniel and Theresa?

Theresa - It's weird. I don't even remember having drugs on me last night. For all I know someone could have slipped them to me. Hope - Is there anything else you remember? Do you recall me coming by your apt. and our conversation. Theresa - Not at all. A ? could have been in my house last night; I don't even remember.

Dan comes to his office. JJ - So you're sure Nicole won't say anything? Dan - Yeah, I am positive. JJ - But there's still Theresa. If she says anything I'm screwed! Jen knocks on the door and pokes her head in. Daniel, I saw ... JJ what are you doing here?

Kristen gets off the elevator on Dan's floor. Daniel, I hope you can tell me what's going on in Eric's mind; how much he remembers. She knocks. Nicole opens the door. Kristen - WTH are you doing here? Nicole - I could ask you the same question.

Marlena - Come on, I need to know what's on this drive. She press a button and then is taken aback. No! No, it can't be.


Monday Nov 4

Segment 1: When Jen asks JJ what's he doing here in Dan's office his response is - What are you doing here? Jen - I asked you first. Dan - Go ahead, tell her.

Kate comes into Rafe's room. It's empty. Maxine tells her that Jordan just took him out for some fresh air. Kate - That girl is so full of good ideas. Maxine - Okay, what's the problem?

Rafe wheels himself through the park. It's so nice to be out and about on my own ... sort of. Jordan - You're doing great with the chair. All those hours on the balance beams ... Rafe - Would you not talk about my physical therapy tonight. Jordan - Okay. What do you want to talk about. Rafe - I don't know. Maybe we can just pretend that you're not my therapist and I'm your patient; we're just two friends hanging out on a beautiful night. Think you could do that?

Kristen tells Nicole she's here to see Daniel. Why else would she be here. She walks in. Nicole - It's a little late to be dropping by, don't you think, especially the night before your wedding. Kristen - Who the hell do you think you are? Do you think I owe you an explanation. Nicole - Well for a woman who's marrying the man of her dreams you sure seem a little nervous. What's that all about?

Marlena stares at the computer. I can't believe that bitch did this.

Hope returns to the coffee area near the nurse's station surprised to see Eric still here. He's hoping to speak to Theresa again. Hope - I left because she couldn't keep her eyes open. She has a lot of drugs to get out of system. Eric - Aunt Kayla told me that Daniel was with her when she OD'd. Hope - He's the one that got her to the hospital. Eric - I can't believe it. Even though they're broken up I thought Daniel was still in love with Jennifer. Hope - We all thought that.

JJ - So what, you're just going to hang me out to dry! Dan - I guess if JJ doesn't want you to know why he stopped by ... to let me have it again for what I did to you. Jen - That is so out of line. Dan - Yeah, I'm kind of sick of you popping off about what a jerk I am. JJ - I'm sorry Mom. This guy gets away with everything. You think you're so cool ... Jen - I appreciate you sticking up for me but that is enough. Just go home please. JJ - You coming with me? Jen - No, I have something that I want to say to Daniel but I won't be long. JJ leaves. Dan - So, what do you want to say?

Kristen - Daniel is my friend. I don't have to give you an excuse as to why ... Nicole - BTW, nice way to spend the night before your wedding; trying to dig up dirt on Daniel and that little slut Theresa Donovan. Brady walks in. Nicole - Oh, you're here too; must be my lucky night. Brady - Sami told me that Theresa was hospitalised after an overdose and then Daniel told me he took care of someone who had OD'd. Nicole - Oh, so you put 2+2 together. You don't really know what happened but you decided to pop on over and weigh in on what a lowlife Daniel is. I thought you were supposed to be his friend. You think a person is your friend and then out of the blue they decide you're doing something you would never ever do. I'm so sick and tired of that. Brady - Why don't you calm down. As they argue Kristen is thinking to herself. Eric thinks she was the woman in his hotel. He has no idea it was me

Marlena stares at a big Red X on the screen. What in God's name is this? It would be just like Kristen to download a virus. Oh my gosh, if she crashes my harddrive ... she pulls out the flashdrive. Wait a minute. What if it's all just a big hoax? What if it was all just a big waste of time.

Segment 2: Kate doesn't know what Maxine is talking about. Why would you think something is wrong? Maxine - Because you're questioning anyone that will answer about Jordan. It's pretty clear you're not a fan. Kate - Well she's a little guarded and that bothers me. Maxine - She's stand-offish but she grows on you. Kate - So does flesh eating bacteria. Maxine - Give her a break. She works hard and she's making real progress with Rafe. Maxine leaves. Kate mutters - I bet she is, in more ways than one.

Jordan guesses she can just hang out for a while. Getting your mind off the therapy could help your mental state and help you apply the results ... Rafe - You can't stop yourself can you? Jordan - Okay, what do want to talk about? Rafe - Do you know anything about football? Jordan - Like what. Rafe starts listing some of the fundamentals of the game until Jordan chimes in - What do you think is the best way to stop the pistol offence. Rafe thinks it's obvious - you've got to go 'dime'? Jordan - Even though it makes you small and vulnerable to the run? Rafe - Now that's what I'm talking about!

Hope - He should have known better than to get involved with her of all people. Eric - How involved was he? Hope - Honestly, I don't know. Theresa says she can't remember anything and Daniel is being evasive to put it mildly. Eric - I hope this doesn't bring him down. He's become a good friend. Hope - I didn't know. Eric - Remember when I was sick when I was out of town? He treated me and since then he's been helping me try to figure out what happened to me. Hope - Did he find any answers? Eric - A few but I think it's beyond medical science.

Nicole - Daniel didn't do anything wrong. Brady - He kind of did because he slept with Theresa; a girl that he knows Jennifer can't stand. Nicole - Oh yeah, the sainted Jennifer. We should all abide by her likes and dislikes. They broke up pal. Daniel can sleep with anyone he wants. Kristen - Yeah, including you? Nicole - Would you please tell your bride to be that Nicole says shut the hell up. Brady - What are you doing here anyway at Daniel's apt.? Nicole - I suppose you're going to tell Eric that too. Brady - I am truly sorry that Eric found out about how you feel about him. That was my fault. I did not intend for that to happen. Nicole - No matter what my feelings for him are or were I always kept them under wraps. Eric's back for over a year and for him to accuse me of ... Brady - What did he accuse you of? Nicole - Nothing. Eric is out of my life and so are you. So why don't you take the Mrs. here and get the hell out. Get out! Kristen - Come on, let's go.

Jen - I want you to stay away from JJ. Dan - So he walks in here ... you want me to do what, vacate? Jen - No I just want you to not engage with him. Dan - Fine, whatever you want. Jen - Okay thank you. Dan - So why are you here. Jen - I'm not really sure. She starts to leave but stops. I came here because I want some answers and I'm not going to leave until I get them.

Segment 3: Jordan and Rafe argue the points of defence and offence. Rafe - I've got to ask, how do you know so much about football? Jordan - I don't. I just pretend like I do. I'd much rather be working on my embroidery or baking a pie. Rafe - I didn't mean how come you know so much for a woman; you know a hell of a lot more than most guys do. Jordan - I had a rehab patient who played in the NFL. Rafe - Who? Jordan - I can't tell you. Rafe starts guessing. Just tell me. Jordan - Do you want me telling my next patient all the inside stuff about you? Rafe - I really hate it when you're right. Jordan - I keep telling you I'm always right. Rafe - That's too bad because you're not getting any of my cookies. Jordan - Good, I'm on a diet. Rafe scoffs - With that body? Oh, these are my sister's favourite Mexican chocolate chip cookies. Jordan - What makes them Mexican? Rafe - Cinnamon, cayenne pepper. Jordan - They really eat those in Mexico? Rafe holds one out - Come on, you know you want one. She takes it and bites into is. OMG, that is amazing. Rafe - I did not know you were capable of that. Jordan - What? Rafe - Joy. She swats him on the arm.

Dan - I think you got all the answers you need. Jen - Are you serious? After everything we meant to each other I think I have a right to know how long you've been sleeping with my assistant. Dan - I never ever cheated on you. That's all you need to know. Jen - Theresa's been trying to convince me for weeks now that the two of you have something going on and I wouldn't believe it. Dan - Well, you made it very clear that we're done so what I do now is really not your concern. Jen - I realised I pushed you away and you have a right to live your life the way you want to but with a conniving, drug-addict slut, are you kidding me! Is that your type now? Dan - I really don't have to defend my actions to you. Again, not your concern. Jen - We were just talking about how much I hated Theresa and the next you do is your get in your car and you drive to her place. So I guess what I really want to find out is did you really want to hurt me that much?

Kristen and Brady are in the square. Kristen - Isn't it a relief that Eric changed his mind and he's going to marry us after all. Brady - Yes it is. He still wants to talk to me tomorrow morning though. Kristen - That should be painless, right? I hope so. Brady - I'm hoping too but I despise the fact that he was so upset in the first place. So what Nicole had a little crush on him. I don't see what the big deal is. Nicole's beside herself that he's furious with her; he's turned his back on her. Whatever he thinks that she did to him had to have been bad because it pushed him over the edge. Kristen - I wonder what it was? Brady - The way Nicole is now; the way she's acting, there's more to this story. Kristen - Stop. I think that we shouldn't think about them at all because I'm marrying you tomorrow and that's all that I want to think about. So whatever is going on between Eric and Nicole has nothing to do with us. Brady - You're right. I forgot to ask you, what were you doing at Daniel's apt in the first place.

Nicole is trying to drink from a mug but her hand is shaking so badly she has to put the mug down. There's a knock on the door. What, are they lining up to tell Daniel off? If it's that sanctimonious Maggie Kiriakis I'm going to tell her to kiss my ... she opens the door ... it's Eric.

Victor opens the door of the K mansion to an out of breath Marlena. What, are you running the 10k? Marlena - I need your help. Vic - Make it fast. Maggie's on to us. She knows something's up and she doesn't like it. Marlena - Is she here? Vic - No, it's her bridge night, still ... Marlena - Perfect. She holds up the flashdrive. Still think I shouldn't be here? Vic - Is that ... Marlena - Kristen's flashdrive? Why yes it is? Vic - How do you know? Marlena - You see that bit of paint. It's not paint. It's nail polish. I got it on there myself. Vic - So you got the goods on Kristen. Marlena - I don't know. It's encrypted. I'm not a technical expert. Vic - How do you know it's encrypted. Marlena - Because I put it on my computer, a pop-up happened and then my computer froze. Vic - Maybe there's a virus on it. Marlena - In that case it's useless but when I opened it there was a file. When I clicked on the file that's when the pop-up happened. So if we can open that file we may have the goods on Kristen. Vic - Well fortunately you've come to the right place.

Segment 4: Jordan - I might have overreacted a bit. Rafe - When was the last time you let yourself have a cookie. Jordan - I'm not some obsessive health fanatic if that's what you're driving at. Rafe - No I wasn't. It's just nice to see you having a good time. Jordan - I know how to have a good time. Rafe laughs - When? Seriously, you're always working at the hospital and when you're not you're out here wheeling me around. Jordan - I do that because these excursions end up making my life easier. Rafe - How? Jordan - They boost your determination and lift your spirits. Rafe - They do indeed. He offers her another cookie. Jordan - I couldn't. Rafe holds the cookie up for her - Why do you keep yourself on such a short leash? Sorry, none of my business. How about half? Jordan - Sure. They have their 'moment' when their fingers touch when they're breaking the cookie in half.

Jen - Did you go after Theresa just to hurt me? I think I deserve an answer to that? Dan - Well I don't. I think you gave up the right to ask me about my private life when you said I never want to see you again. Jen - I didn't do that because I wanted to. I did it because I was afraid I was going to alienate my son completely and he was going to slip through the cracks. Dan - You have him back now and I'm happy for you but you made a choice. You can't have it both ways. Jen - Okay, so, you're just shutting me out. Dan - Maybe now you know what it feels like. She leaves crying.

Kristen claims she went to talk to Daniel about what's going on with Jennifer. It was stupid. Brady talked to Jennifer. She doesn't want to come to the wedding if Daniel is going to be there. Kristen knows. She's my best friend. Brady - I'll call Daniel tomorrow. I'm sure he'll understand that you need to have your best friend at your wedding. Kristen - I don't care if he understands or not. After what he did to Jennifer I don't want him there period. Brady - Okay. I understand and I don't blame you either. Kristen - Why don't we stop by and stay hi to Jen; make sure she's okay. Brady - That's a good idea.

Eric - I'm here to see Daniel. Nicole - What? Is there a stand outside where you take a ticket to wait your turn to tell Daniel off. Eric - I thought that maybe he wanted to talk. I'm not here to judge him. Nicole - You're not going to be judgemental? Wow what a refreshing change of pace. Eric - Is he here? Nicole - No. Eric heads to the door but Nicole says 'Wait'. You got to say your piece now I'm going to say mine.

Segment 5: (Somehow they replay Section 4 again)

Segment 6: Hope is leaving Rafe a note when Jordan wheels him in. Hope - Perfect timing. I was just leaving you a note. Are you up for a visitor? Rafe - I am if it's you. He introduces Jordan to Hope - She and I work together. Jordan Ridgeway, my physical therapist, she busts my butt everyday. Hope - Good! Nice to finally meet you. It looks like you're doing a great job here. Jordan - Thanks. I'll let you two talk. Rafe - Thanks for tonight. Jordan - My pleasure. Nice to meet you. Hope - So Kate said that you're making great progress and I can see that she's right. Rafe - When did you see Kate? Hope - Here. She stopped by to see you. She seems very invested in your recovery. Rafe - Yeah, she's been very supportive. I just wish she didn't feel guilty about what happened. It's obviously not her fault. Hope - You think she's being supportive because she feels guilty?

Jordan is writing on a chart. She smiles when she recalls her moment with Rafe. Kate walks up. Judging from that smile someone had a fun night.

Eric - I'm not surprised Daniel believes you. No one wants to believe that you're capable of tricking a priest into breaking his own vows, not even me but Daniel wasn't even there. Nicole - You're awfully sure of yourself for a person who has nothing to go but a hazy memory and a couple of stupid coincidences. Eric snaps - I've got more than that! Nicole - Oh really? Eric - You kidnapped Sami's baby. You accused Jennifer of pushing you down a flight of stairs when you were pregnant. I didn't want to believe any of that either but you did it. Nicole - I see what you're doing. You're trying to pin this on me so you can kick me out of your life. Eric - I don't hate you Nicole. I have nothing but pity for you. Nicole - Pity! Eric - I'm not even going to try and stop you from trying to sell your version of what happened because you can't lie to yourself or to God. He turns to leave. She throws her mug at the door. You self-righteous little ... she screams - Get out. Get the hell out!

JJ is back in Dan's office. Dan - I get it. I get why you didn't like me. You thought I was trying to take your Dad's place with your mom. I would have down the same thing if I were in your shoes. JJ - You are letting me off too easy man. I did all the things that you said that I did and I did them on purpose. I broke the mp3 player that your daughter gave you. I smashed up your car and I even broke your kids train set. And when I wasn't doing all that stuff I was trying to wreck things between you and Mom. I didn't want you to be the good guy. I didn't give you a chance. Sorry about everything. I can't believe that I've put you in this screwed up position. Dan - I don't care about what people think about me. JJ - But you care about what my mom thinks. I know this is killing you Daniel. That's why you're doing this; 'cause my Mom won't be able to handle it if I went ... Dan - I won't be able to handle it. JJ - After everything that I did to you? I tried to ruin your life man. Why are you saving mine?

Kristen and Brady are at Jen's. Kristen - Brady is going to suggest to Daniel that he doesn't come tomorrow. Jen - I don't want you to do that. Brady - Kristen wants you there, I want you there unless it's going to be too hard for you. Kristen - I feel awful that I'm experiencing all this happiness and you're suffering like this. Jen - There is an old saying that says you are only as happy as your unhappiest child. My son is trying to turn his life around so I'm going to be fine. I am just thrilled that the two of your are finally going to have the happiness you deserve.

Vic looks up from his laptop - Now what? Marlena - I have reason to believe that the man in video with Kristen could be Daniel. Vic - Oh nonsense. Daniel would never get involved with a whack job like that. But then I thought the same thing about Brady. What makes you think it might be Daniel? Marlena - I was in Daniel's office leaving him a note when Kristen burst in. She was looking for Daniel. When I asked why she said they were very close friends. Vic - Oh, she's pushing your buttons. It's total hogwash. Marlena - She's also friends with Jennifer. Vic - I never understood that either. Marlena - Kristen would never hesitate to stab a friend in the back. Vic - Yeah but Daniel would never do that to Brady. Marlena - There's something else. While I was there in Daniel's office, I found the flashdrive. Vic - So he knows about it? Marlena - If rumours are to be believed Daniel's made some very strange choices in his women friends lately. Vic - I still can't believe it didn't work out with Jennifer. Marlena - I know how close you are to Daniel. Maybe if it turns out that Daniel is on that video, maybe we don't want to know about it. Vic - We have to know. We have to do this for Brady.

Segment 7: Rafe - I know Kate feels guilty. We were together for a while. Hope - You could have knocked me over with a feather when I heard that one. Rafe - Well she's different without Stefano. Hope - She must be. Rafe - Long story short she broke things off with me not long before I was beaten. She thought Stefano did it and when she confronted him about it he figured out that we were together so he sent Bernardi in here to get even with me. Hope - Can you prove it? Rafe - Probably not now that Bernardi's dead. Hope - So Kate only broke it off with you because she's afraid of Stefano. Rafe - No, there were other reasons. It's all good. We're better off being friends. As soon as I'm out of this damn chair walking she can stop feeling guilty. Hope - So what about her? Jordan? Does she know what she's doing? Rafe - Not long ago I couldn't lift my arms off that bed, now look at me, wheeling around in my own chair. Hope grins - You like her. Rafe - She's been a little closed off but now she's starting to open up. Hope - I bet she is.

Kate - I wanted to tell you that you're so generous to spend all this extra time with Rafe. Jordan - Thank you. Kate - But I'm sure you must need some time to yourself. I would be more than happy to take him out on these little excursions. Jordan - I appreciate the offer but legally Rafe has to be accompanied by hospital personnel besides, I don't mind. She leaves. Kate - I'm sure you don't. She gets a call. Okay tell me that you came up with something. I don't understand. So what you're saying is up until that time Jordan Ridgeway didn't exist?

Nicole hastens to the door. Did you hear me! Get out! She opens the door and yells again - Get out. Eric - You couldn't stand that I chose the priesthood, could you? You just had to ruin it, you had to ruin me. Nicole screams - I didn't do it. I didn't DO IT! Eric - I trusted you. I loved you, not the way you wanted it. I believed in you. How could you do that to me! He leaves. Nicole cries.

Dan - You know you're not out of the woods yet. JJ - Is Nicole going to make trouble? Dan - No she promised me she wouldn't but the wildcard here is Theresa. If she remembers what happened ... JJ - Yeah, God only knows what she'll do. Dan - I will handle it. You do yourself a favour and stay the hell away from her. JJ - I will. Dan - Yes you will and you will keep your distance from me too because as far as the rest of the world knows you hate my guts. And another thing, if I hear about you messing with drugs, you are on your own. JJ - You won't, I promise. He holds out his hand to Dan who shakes it. JJ - Thank you for everything.

Jen - Both of my children are here. They're under one roof. They're safe so I can't complain. Kristen - You're right. I just wanted you to have it all. Jen - I can go on without Daniel. I won't like it but I can do it. If my son had gone to prison ... Kristen gets a call. She steps out of the room to take the call. Jen - Look at you, you look so happy. Brady - I do? That might be because I feel like the luckiest guy on the planet. Outside Kristen is on the phone Dr. Chyka. Remember how you said Eric would never remember that night. Guess what, he's remembering. Oh no, they aren't just vague memories. He's remembering that he had sex. The only good thing is he doesn't know it was with me. He thinks it was with his secretary so I need you to tell me how we're going to keep it that way.

As much as Vic doesn't want to see Daniel and Kristen together he's sure he wants to see the video. He can't open the file either. Marlena - Now what do we do? Vic - We're not going to give up. We've hit pay dirt here. Marlena - Pay dirt with a moat full of alligators. Vic - If Kristen is being this careful she must be worried that if the wrong people find out what's on this file she's going to be in trouble. Marlena - And by the wrong people, you mean us. Vic - We have to find a way to access this file and then we're going to stop Brady from making the biggest mistake of his life.


Tuesday Nov 5

Segment 1: Kristen wakes up from a nightmare where Eric calls her a bitch and says he knows what she did to him. Brady asks her if she's alright.

Nick is in the square with his cell phone. He comments that it's a good thing Mad World didn't take away his phone. He calls the Sparkle Modelling Agency. He says he's Lucas Horton from Mad World calling about the availability of their client Gabriella Hernandez. He gets transferred. You don't represent her but you're planning to sign her. That's great. Listen, do me a favour and let me know when you do sign her because we really believe this is a top model poised for a huge comeback.

Gabi is at the club with Ari asking Sonny if he's sure it's okay to leave her. She can take Ari with her. Sonny - And incur the wrath of her grandparents! They're looking forward to hanging out with their little princess. Gabi - But you're really busy and Chad's not here. You have so much to do. I can take her. Sonny - I do but I have plenty of help. Besides spending quality time with Ari helps me miss Will less, if that makes any sense. Gabi - He texted me this morning. It seems like he's having a blast at Berkeley. Sonny - He is. He's having fun; who knows, maybe he found his calling. Gabi - I know the feeling; not that it lasted very long. I think it's really cool that he's doing this and I'm really happy for him.

Kate is on her cell in the pub. Listen very carefully Mr. Ortiz, Jordan Ridgeway just didn't plop down on earth like Dorothy waking up in Oz; there has to be some explanation, some record of where she was and what she was doing before that. Well if you're the very best in your business then do your damn job and get me that information. She throws her phone down on the table and sees Lucas joining her. Hi honey. You're here early. Lucas - And you're up to something. Whose private life are you snooping into now Mother.

Jordan gets off the elevator smiling. When she sees Rafe's name outside his room door she recalls their moment in the park. She shakes her head. No, it can't happen. She goes into his room. Rafe says Good morning. He's ready to get to work. Jordan - Great. I can go over your PT schedule for the week. Rafe - That's not necessary. I know the drill. Jordan - It's hospital policy. We have to follow procedure. Rafe - Okay, what's going on.

EJ and Sami obviously had sex. Sami is not happy about going to his sister's wedding. Why would you ever think I'd come to terms with my brother marrying that disgusting woman who wanted my mother dead and probably still does?

Eric is talking to Fr. Matt on the phone. I need to discuss a few issues with you today. It can't wait. The Bishop comes into the rectory. My son, I can sense that something is wrong. Would you like to talk to me about it?

Brady - You're shaking. Today is our wedding day. I'm going to make you my wife. I love you more than life itself. What could you possibly have to worry about?

Kate - I have no idea why you think I'm snooping into someone's life. Lucas - Maybe because you were talking to your personal PI, Juan Ortiz. Kate - Okay fine. I happen to be vetting someone I'm thinking of hiring. Lucas - If you were hiring somebody I'd know that. I am the creative director of the company. Kate - And I also run the company. Lucas - Yes you do, you do a very good job. But what I want to know is whose life are you trying to run into the ground.

Jordan - We have to stick to the schedule. I've arranged for an associate therapist to take you out this afternoon. Rafe - Why? Jordan - Because I know how much you like to get out of the hospital. Rafe - Yeah so take me out yourself like you always do. Why am I suddenly being assigned a new therapist for my field trips. Jordan - Because I have other patients besides you and they need me too. Rafe - This is about what happened last night. Jordan - Nothing happened last night.

Sami is getting along with Brady marrying Kristen for Brady's sake. I can't stand the fact that Kristen is actually going to be his wife. The only positive that exists at all would be that Eric has agreed to bless the union. If that's true; the fact that he goes along with it, that makes me believe that there is a scintilla of hope that it is not the complete and utter disaster that it totally appears to be. EJ - You have a lot of respect for your brother, don't you? Sami - Of course. Yes. He is loyal and honest, a good person; my hero.

Eric - It's just that I have a lot of things on my mind, that's all. Bishop - If you want to talk about it ... Eric - I would after I straighten out a few things on my own. It's always good to see you. What brings you by this morning. Bishop - My schedule shifted. Since I was in town I didn't want to miss an opportunity on congratulating you. Eric - On? Bishop - All the wonderful work you're doing here. St. Luke's is a thriving parish under your guidance and the Archdiocese and I are very proud of you Fr. Eric.

Kristen says she had a bad dream but you know how dreams go right out of your head when you wake up ... I couldn't tell you a thing about it. I think it's just wedding jitters. Brady - How could you possibly have wedding jitters aside from the fact that everyone of our wedding guests opposes our union. Kristen - Don't joke about it. Brady - I'm going to be totally serious with you right now. In a short amount of time in the near future my family and all our friends are going to see you as the beautiful woman I see. Kristen - What if they don't? Brady - Their loss. They kiss. Brady - Have a shower, get dressed 'cause I'm taking you out for a big breakfast with an even bigger surprise that I'm going to present to you at the end of the breakfast. Kristen - Do I get a hint? Brady - It's your wedding gift. Kristen - That's not a hint. Brady - Here's a hint. This is something that you want as much as I do.

Segment 2: Sonny - When you were modelling did you work regular hours every day? Gabi - No it was a few days a week a couple of hours a day. It wasn't mentally challenging but it was something that I liked. It was fun. A worker comes to tell Sonny that the espresso machine is not working again. He hands Ari to Gabi. Gabi talks to Ari telling her being the best Mommy to her is what's most important to her.

Kate - You don't have to be so melodramatic. I'm just trying to get some information on Rafe's physical therapist Jordan Ridgeway. Lucas - What? Kate - Really? You don't think I'm justified. You don't think we should know that every person Rafe comes into contact with at that hospital is legitimate? Lucas - Because of what Bernardi tried to do to him, right? Kate - Yes, obviously yes. Lucas - No other reason; you sure? Kate - Do we need a better reason? Lucas - Just curious, that's all. Does it have anything to do with Rafe's PT being young, female and allergic to kissing your ass. Kate - Oh that's a really nice rude thing to say. Lucas - It's true, isn't it? Kate - Why would you say that? Who told you that? Lucas - You did. Kate - No I never said she was young and beautiful. Lucas - Really? Because I never said she was beautiful. Is she beautiful? How beautiful is this woman? Kate - That's really not the point. Lucas - I think it is. Kate - I'm responsible for her working with him. I inserted her into his life.

Rafe - Well something's changed here. The tone of your voice, the fact that you're not looking at me. Jordan - How many times do I have to say this. I'm your therapist and you're my patient. There are professional boundaries. Rafe - You didn't overstep any professional boundaries last night. I think it's totally normal when people spend a lot of time together. Jordan - We're not 2 people. You're my patient. Rafe - Exactly! And I've spent more time with you in the last 3 months then I've ever spent with anyone. We've talked. I've opened up to you. I've told you things ... what do I know about you? The only thing I know is you walked in here like some robot and you finally loosened up and that had a shelf life of what? 7 hours? Jordan - Well there isn't much to know. Rafe - Alright. So you have no life outside of work. Is that it? Jordan - It's none of your concern. Rafe - Okay. That's too bad because I really thought we were starting to become friends. I really did.

Kristen and Brady are at the outdoor café in the square. Kristen - How long are you going to torture me? Brady - You need to be patient. Kristen - I don't do patient. Either tell me what my surprise is or I'm going to be forced to cook for you. Brady - You would never do that to me. You love me too much to cook for me. They watch as a little girl calls out Mommy and runs to her. Brady - We can have that one day you know. Kristen - I hope so. Brady - Until that time and to avoid having any of your burnt grilled cheese sandwiches ... he hands her an envelope - here you go. She opens it. Wow - a travel itinerary . Brady - It's a 3 month travel itinerary. We're going to go everywhere in the world that you and I have ever talked about. Kristen - But some of these places are kind of remote. I'm supposed to meet with Roberto in Peru in a few weeks. Brady - Roberto in Peru is going to have to wait. We're going off the grid baby. We're going where there are no cell phones, no Wi-Fi, just us. I wanted to do this for you. That means you're going away from everyone and everything; this whole place for a while, even your father. If you're worried about it I can understand it ... Kristen - Are you kidding me! I'm in. I want to go. They hug.

EJ comments that she has her brother on a high pedestal. Sami - Don't you think he deserves it? After everything he has done with his life. He photographed all those terrible things. He saw and he decided to do something about it; committed to help all those people, do God's work. I'm proud to be his sister. A little jealous too because he's a better person than I am. That's the part where you're supposed to say that's not true. EJ - Are you kidding? Your brother is a better person than you and I will ever be combined.

Bishop - The school is an unqualified success. Your parishioners have enormous respect and admiration for you and I'm honoured to have you here at St. Luke's. Eric - That's very kind. Bishop - Well it's true. It makes me selfishly want to transfer you somewhere else where you're really needed; where you can turn things around the way you have here. Eric - Transfer me? Maybe you should transfer me. Bishop - Do you mean that? Eric - Sometimes I'm not sure I've handled everything here the way it should be handled. As much as I appreciate being near my family that I love maybe a fresh start away from all the distractions of home would be good for me. Bishop - Son, you're not rethinking your vocation, are you?

Segment 3: Eric - No. My vocation means everything to me. When I joined the church it defined who I am in ways that nothing before ever had. Bishop - I knew you found your calling when you were in Africa. Eric - God tested me during that time and maybe this is his latest test. Bishop - Leaving St. Luke's. Eric - If I can make more of a difference elsewhere ... Bishop - I was tempted to move you somewhere where the need was greater but what about the differences you're making right here.

Lucas - Now I'm confused here. If you're the one that brought this Jordan woman in to help Rafe why all of a sudden are you probing into her background. A little bit threatened maybe? Kate - Duh. Lucas - Well you did break it off with Rafe before he was attacked. Kate - Yes. Lucas - What, you didn't mean it? Kate - It's not about that. What it's about is that I had a feeling and I acted on it and now I'm waiting for my private investigator to fill in the blanks about Ms. Ridgeway. Lucas - Okay, and? Kate - And according to Mr. Ortiz Jordan Ridgeway didn't exist several years ago.

Jordan - We're not friends. We're therapist and patient end of story. I'll be back later. Rafe grabs her hand. I know we made a connection last night, just like the one we're making now. I'm sorry if that scares you; it scared me a little too. I won't push it, I promise. Don't shut me out. It doesn't have to go back to the way it was. She pulls her hand free. I'll be back.

Bishop - You're not only fortifying this parish, you're helping new couples start off their married lives with a strong spiritual foundation. Eric - That's my step-brother Brady Black and his fiancée Kristen DiMera. I'm marrying them today. Bishop - Case in point! After the scandal of their relationship threatened to destroy the school you found a way past it and now the school is stronger than ever and you're about to bless their union in the church. I spoke with Ms. DiMera at the school opening. She was not happy at the time but she and Mr. Black seem to have worked things out. Eric - Yes they have. I must admit when my brother approached me about having a church wedding I was a bit reluctant. But when he and Kristen offered to attend Precana sessions I knew that they were serious about this. Bishop - Most uplifting when people make that kind commitment to each other and their faith. And I'm proud that you were part of the process Father. Eric - Thank you. You're more than welcome to attend if you're planning on staying in Salem for the night. Bishop - I am actually. I do have some business later at Holy Cross but if possible, yes I'll try my best to come back for the ceremony. Eric - I would be honoured as I'm sure that Kristen and Brady would be too.

Brady and Kristen are kissing. Brady - There's only one more thing I've got to do today. I've got to go talk to Eric. I want to make sure that he's going to officiate our wedding because I don't want to find some replacement priest up there at the last minute. Kristen - He wouldn't do that. Brady - I hope not but I just need to make sure. He kisses her. See you later. Kristen makes a call to Dr. Chyka. I need you to come to the mansion ASAP. Because I need you to reassure me that my life is not going to totally go up in smoke.

Segment 4: Nick is back in the square carrying his cell and a gift bag. And now for my next trick; he sends a text to Gabi. I have something for you. Can we meet?

Gabi is near the nurse's station when she gets Nick's message. I'm at the hospital right now. Can we meet at the Brady Pub later. She goes in to see Rafe. Gabi - What's going on? Rafe - I'm fine, just frustrated. Gabi - About? Rafe - Jordan.

Lucas - Just because your guy can't dig up any dirt on Jordan Ridgeway doesn't mean she's bad news. She could have just changed her name or something. A lot of people do that when they want to get a fresh start. Kate - Really? Like who? Lucas - I don't know. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Lucas Horton. Kate - You are absolutely impossible. I'm leaving. I love you. I'll talk to you later. Lucas - I just want to know one thing. If Jordan's so great with Rafe; if she's really helping him and nobody's complaining about it, why are you borrowing trouble? Kate digs out an envelope. Everything we needed to discuss is explained in here. Please keep this conversation just between the two of us. Thanks for your support. Lucas - I do support you. I just don't want to see you get hurt again, that's all. Kate - Mommy's a big girl now. I can take care of myself.

Kristen closes the living room doors behind Dr. Chyka. Apparently Fr. Eric is remembering what happened to him that night at the Capitol Plaza Hotel. Now the one bright spot is that he doesn't remember it was me that he had sex with; he thinks that it was with his secretary. Dr. Chyka - Then you're safe. Kristen - What if you're wrong. I just said that he thinks he had sex with Nicole but apparently he is remembering, isn't he? Now what if he remembers that it was me while he's joining his brother and me in holy matrimony.

Bishop - Whatever is troubling you Father I'm here as a sounding board if you need me. Eric - I'm fine. I really am. Brady knocks and enters. He sees Eric has company so he says sorry. Eric introduces him to Bishop White. Bishop - Fr. Eric's been telling me about your wedding later this afternoon. Blessings to you and your bride to be. Brady - Thank you. We're very happy. Bishop - I hope you always will be. The Bishop leaves. Brady - Talking to the bishop about the wedding huh? I hope that means you're still willing to perform the ceremony, are you?

Segment 5: Kate runs into EJ carrying a gift bag in the square. Kate - Let me guess, you're giving them a blender. EJ - It's a Rothgow lithograph actually; my sister's a big fan. Kate - Of course she is. EJ - I'll see you at the wedding. Kate - Actually I think my invitation got lost in the mail. EJ - That's a pity. Kate - Yeah. I'm trying to remember the last time I saw you ... aw, it was the night an innocent member of your family paid for the sins of your Father. EJ - Chad is much better, thank you. We're all very fortunate. Kate - Yes you are fortunate. He's a very charming and attractive young man. I'm sure he's going to live a very long life. EJ - How's your life? Kate - What do you mean? EJ - I worry about you. I hear that Rafe is under the spell of a very young, attractive, young therapist. Jordan, right? Kate - Yes that's her name. EJ - It's a good thing that you're such a confident, secure woman because anyone else I'm sure would be quite nervous with the amount of time he's spending with this Jordan. I'll save you a piece of cake. He kisses her cheek and walks away.

Rafe - Jordan is the reason I'm getting through this and now I feel like I've blown it with her. Gabi - How? Rafe - Well, she's a very private person but recently it seems like she's opened up a little or at least I thought so. Then last night ... Jordan is in the doorway when Gabi asks - Did you bust a move on her? Rafe - No I did not bust a move on her! We were hanging out, we were talking, laughing, having a great time. Then she walks in here this morning; she has her nose in her Tablet like we never made a connection ... like it never happened. Gabi - Maybe you did something to scare her off. Rafe - I didn't do anything to scare her off. Gabi - Obviously you didn't mean to ... maybe a look you gave her or something you might have said. Rafe - There was one thing; there was a moment. I looked into her eyes and I wanted to protect her.

Eric - Yes I will marry you and Kristen today. Brady hugs him. It means a lot to me. Eric - I want you to know that I'm still bothered that you and Kristen kept the truth about Nicole's feelings. Brady - I know you are and I'm really sorry. But honestly, I don't see what the big deal is. Eric - I know you don't but I can tell you that it's caused a huge, huge rift between me and Nicole and I'm not sure I can get past that. Brady - That's a shame. I thought Nicole had her feelings under control. Eric - Well you thought wrong. She didn't, not at all.

Kristen has a meltdown and beats something against the desk. Dr. Chyka - Miss DiMera, please calm down. Kristen - You want me to calm down! I'm getting married today. Fr. Eric is performing the ceremony. Now wouldn't it just be a tad catastrophic if he flashes on my face when we're in the middle of our vows. Dr. Chyka - What do you suggest that I do? Kristen - I suggest that you make sure that Fr. Eric doesn't remember anything more than he already does EVER, that's what I suggest. Dr. Chyka - Miss DiMera, we all know that memories can be faulty especially drug-induced ones. While I understand your worries I think that you're looking for trouble. The priest believes that he remembered something and has drawn the conclusion ... that's the end of it. Kristen - You better hope that's the end of it or it's going to be the end of you! Dr. Chyka - Unless ... Kristen - Unless what? Dr. Chyka - Do you suppose this priest is the type of man who might lie in wait and try to trap you? Kristen laughs.

Segment 6: Gabi - That's really sweet but I don't think that Jordan's that kind of woman. Rafe - What kind? Gabi - The kind that needs a man to protect her. Rafe - I'm not saying that she does. I know what kind of woman she is. Strong, independent, determined. I just hope that we can go back to working together again the way we were and be friends. Gabi - I'm sure it will work out. All you have to do is is do exactly what she says and try not to scare her off. She hugs him and then leaves.

Brady - Again, I'm sorry for my part in keeping Nicole's feelings from you but it's clear from your reaction that you haven't told me everything that's gone down between you and her so why don't you talk to me about it. Eric - No. Brady - This thing is eating you up. Maybe I can help. Eric - No, I can't. I'll see you at the wedding. Brady - No, you know what man, I don't want you to dismiss me like that. I'm your brother and I need to know what is going on with you. So why don't you forget about the collar, forget about what you're supposed to be thinking and feeling and just talk to your brother. What is going on?

Kristen scoffs at the idea of Fr. Eric lying in wait to trap her. I sincerely think that is one of the stupidest things you've ever said. He doesn't have a malicious bone in his body. Dr. Chyka - If he's such a good person then why did you take advantage of him. Kristen - What I did had nothing to do with him and everything to do with getting back at his mother. But I don't want you to think about that. I want you to concentrate on one thing and that's making sure that Eric doesn't remember he had sex with me; that he thinks he had sex with Nicole. Are we clear? Dr. Chyka - Yes, I think I can come up with another potion to keep things stable. Kristen - Why didn't you tell me that before? Dr. Chyka - Because I had to give it some thought. Kristen - Okay, what is it? Dr. Chyka - I believe that I can make those vague images Fr. Eric's been having disappear forevermore. Kristen - Isn't that what I asked you to do from the very beginning. He leaves. EJ steps into the living room from the opposite end of the room. Happy wedding day dear sister.

Segment 7: Sami is with Ari at the club. Sonny - Your son just texted me. Sami - How's he doing? Sonny - He's doing great. He said the program is really interesting and it's a lot of work but he's met some good people and the weather, of course, is amazing. Sami - The truth is I'm so grateful that things worked out the way they did for this beautiful girl. If Nick Fallon had his way he would have kept her away from us. Sonny - That's old news at this point. Sami - Thank God Gabi came to her senses; she doesn't want anything to do with that guy anymore. What? Sonny - Nothing. Sami - It's not nothing. You're expression totally changed when I said that. Is Gabi getting back together with Nick. Sonny - They're not back together. They got together briefly. Apparently Nick wants her back badly but Gabi doesn't feel the same way.

Gabi is at the pub when she gets a text. Nick sees her from outside. He goes in. What is it? Gabi - I just got the strangest email.

Jordan asks Rafe if he's ready. He is. Jordan - Good. We've got a long, hard day ahead of us but if we get through the protocols we can maybe take a break for a while. It's a little chilly out but I think the light is still great by the water this time of year so maybe we could take a walk by the pier. Rafe - I'd like that. Jordan - Good, me too.

Brady - I'm sorry if I'm pushing. I don't mean any offence truly but this is really bugging me because this has taken a toll on you. You're a mess and ... what did Nicole do to you? Seriously.

Kristen - Hi EJ. I didn't know you were there. EJ - Yeah, I could tell. So are you ready to walk down the aisle with the man of your dreams. Kristen - Yes but I've got miles to go until then. I've got to go get my hair and makeup done ... EJ - Just one quick thing. Kristen - Yes? EJ - How could you have sex with Fr. Eric!


Wednesday Nov 6

Segment 1: Sami rants about Gabi crawling back into bed with that slimeball after everything he has done to her. Has she no self-respect at all. Don't say it! She pulls out her phone. Sonny - What are you doing? Sami - I am going to give her hell.

Gabi tells Nick that she just got an email from Sparkle Modelling Agency. They want to meet with me. Why would they want to meet with me? Oh I get it now.

Vic asks Marlena if Henderson offered her tea. He didn't. Vic - Good, we don't have time for any pleasantries. Maggie's off to the florist to buy some flowers for the wedding that's not going to be. Redux, at least we can hope. Marlena - I think we have hope. Any luck with Kristen's flashdrive. Vic - My man says it's the most sophisticated encryption he's ever seen. Marlena - So he can't do it. Vic - He says it will take time; a luxury we don't have.

Nicole is sitting in front of the fire when Dan comes home. Feeling better? Nicole - A little. I didn't think you'd be back so soon. Dan - I just went in to do my rounds then put in for a few well deserved days off. Nicole - Because they're all looking at you like you're an axe murderer. You didn't do anything wrong and I hate that they all hate you because of a lie.

Eric - I can't talk to you about Nicole. Brady - You've got to talk to somebody about this. Come on, you're a mess man. Look I already told you how sorry am I for keeping it from you but you can't hate Nicole for falling in love with you. Eric snaps - That wasn't love. No one could do something like that to another human being and call it love.

EJ - How could you have sex with Fr. Eric? Kristen - What are you talking about! You honestly think that I would have sex with a man who's given his soul to God. EJ - I wouldn't have done if I hadn't just heard it from the horse's mouth. Who was that man you were talking to? Kristen - One of Father's useless minions who I would not trust with my goldfish let alone my deepest, darkest secrets if I had any which I don't. EJ - Oh I see, I made a mistake, did I? Kristen - I don't know what you think you heard; I really don't but I love Brady, you know that. What could I possibly have to gain by sleeping with his brother. EJ - Besides eternal damnation, you tell me.

Vic - Brady needs to know that Kristen cheated on him and he needs to know today before the wedding. Marlena - Even if we get the flashdrive unencrypted there's no guarantee we'll have the proof we're looking for. I'm thinking that we need to go to Brady and tell him what we know. Vic - Because it worked so well when Nicole tried it. You're not going to reason with Brady. The only thing that's going to get through that thick skull of his is hard evidence and by God, we're going to get it. He pulls out his cell.

Dan - I knew what I was getting into when I let everyone think I was with Theresa when she OD'd. Nicole - When you were "with" Theresa; the one person in Salem who has a worse reputation than me. At least you were doing something noble; protecting the son of the woman you love. I was just an innocent bystander for once. I can't believe that Eric would think that I could do something so terrible. Dan - He's got to be reeling. Not only knowing that he broke his vows but that he was ... Nicole - Raped. Dan - He is not thinking straight. Anybody who knows you, knows what you've been through in your own life would never, ever ... Nicole - I don't care what anyone thinks; he's the only thing that matters.

Eric - I'm sorry. I shouldn't have gone off on you like that. Brady - This is about a lot more than Nicole keeping her feelings from you, isn't it? I think I know what happened.

Kristen - What are you doing and why are you doing it today of all days. Are you trying to ruin my wedding? EJ - Is that what you think I'm doing? Kristen - I have no idea. Maybe you're hallucinating. And on that note I'm going to pretend we never had this conversation, okay because I've got so much to do to get ready for my wedding. I've got to curl my hair so if you'll excuse me ... EJ- I'll give you something that will curl your hair Kristen. That stops her in her tracks. EJ continues - Either you tell me what is going on or I will go and talk to Fr. Eric.

Segment 2: Gabi - This is all so generic. They probably send this out to a 1000 girls. Nick - Why would you say that? Gabi - No one remembers you when you leave the business. Nick - That's not true. You've only been gone a year. Gabi - Well a year in modelling is like forever. Nick - Do you ever think that you might want to go back? You always said that you loved it. Gabi - I did. The thing is I have Ari now and school. I wouldn't have time. You have to be very aggressive about going after calls and one out of ten that you actually get the job and some money. Gabi gets a text from Sami.

Sonny - Did you really just hit Send. What did you say to her? Sami - I said I needed to see her right away. She better come running. I am not letting her get back together with that scum. Sonny - She won't. Sami - You said she slept with Nick and he wants her back. Sonny - Yeah but she doesn't want him back. She's with Cameron now. Sami - Does Will know about any of this? Sonny - Yes he does. It was a huge mess when he found out about her and Nick but if you give Gabi grief it's going to stir everything back up and you know exactly who she's going to take it out on. Sami - Not Arianna Grace. Sonny - No, me.

Brady - Nicole came on to you, didn't she? No? Then what? Eric - How many times do I have to ask you ... Brady - Come on, you're my brother. If something was eating me up this way would you just walk away, tell me to forget about it. Eric - You're getting married today. I want you and Kristen to have the perfect day. Brady - Are you sure you still want to marry us? Eric - Absolutely. I don't want to ruin your big day with any drama. Brady - You're not going to do that. Eric - I have to tell you something. Your vows were terrific. Usually I advise against straying away from your traditional rites because they tend to sound so trite and ... Brady - Corny, right? Eric - There's that. Brady - Well there is something else actually; something I wanted to do at the ceremony. I wanted to give Kristen a surprise that she would never forget.

Dan - I so know that you feel alone right now. Nicole - I'm not the only one. Dan - I'm good. I'm okay. I've got Parker, Melanie and you ... you ... Nicole - You can say it. I don't have anyone. Dan - I'm really worried about you.

Vic is on the phone - That so called hacker you sent me couldn't open my front door with a key. Now I want your best man over here right away otherwise you might as well start the going out of business sale. Marlena - What makes you think your company's top hacker is a man. Vic - I don't care what they are as long as they can get the job done. Marlena - I wish there was something else I could do to help. Vic - I wish there were too. Marlena is going to leave before Maggie comes back. I'm sorry if I caused any problems between the two of you. Vic - Maggie is the least of my worries. Marlena - Be in touch. Vic - As soon as I know anything. Marlena - I can't stand being at the mercy of technology. I wish there was some other way to get Kristen. She leaves.

EJ gets in Kristen's face wagging his finger - You tell me what part of this I misunderstood. I need to make sure that Fr. Eric always thinks it was Nicole that he slept with because he can never suspect that it was me. Kristen - Okay. She slams her purse down. It's not what you think. EJ - How dare I react with horror and disgust because my sister slept with a priest let alone Samantha's brother. How could you! Kristen - When I came back to Salem I was all about getting revenge on John and Marlena and then I fell in love with Brady and I realised that I could have one or the other but I couldn't have both. EJ - Congratulations because now you have neither. Kristen - Thank you. Then on the eve of yet another wedding that wasn't going to happen for me Marlena walks in with that smug, self-satisfied look on her face so happy that she had won. She screams - And I couldn't let her win again! I couldn't let her win again! EJ - So what, you had to come up with another way to get your revenge? Kristen - You bet! If I was going to go on living, I did. And what better way to get to a mother then through her children. EJ backs up. Kristen - Oh lighten up. I wasn't going to go after Sami; I wouldn't hurt you that way. EJ - Oh, thank you; that's very considerate of you. Kristen - Come on, besides we all know Marlena's favourite is her golden boy, right? EJ - How exactly did you get him into bed? Did you drug him? I heard that chap talking about some potion. Kristen - It was really kind of amazing because that video looks ... EJ - Whoa. Hold it. Video! Video! Video Kristen! Kristen - Yes. I needed Marlena to find out in the most devastating way possible so at the school consecration I was going to give it to the Bishop. EJ snaps - You are insane! Do you understand that! Insane! Kristen - Wait a second. Don't you judge me. Don't you dare judge me. You have done far worse and you know it.

Segment 3: Sonny - Gabi was feeling lonely. She was stressed out between school and the baby, Nick took advantage of her. Sami - That sounds like the Nick I know and despise. Sonny - Gabi and I got into this huge fight and it caused all this tension in the apt. I don't want that again. She knows she made a mistake. I don't know why I opened my mouth to you of all people. Sami - Right, because we all know I can't keep a secret. I'm sorry. I can't untext her. Sonny - If you talk to her she's going to be upset and Will's going to be upset. Sami - What if she does ... Sonny - Everything is great right now. Please just text her back and tell her never mind.

Nick - Do you think you're going to call the agency back? Gabi - Do you think I should? Nick - Why not? Do you really not know how beautiful you are. Seriously, the way your face lights up when you talk about Arianna, that is the way it used to light up when you talked about modelling. I think you miss it. Gabi - Maybe. It's just I'm not in a really good place to deal with rejection right now. Nick - If you don't call them don't you kind of think you'll always wonder.

Nicole - Do you think my life is pathetic 'cause it is. Dan - Stop that. Don't ever say that because I know the tough time you went through when you got that job at the church. I could tell that it started to give you purpose and it made you feel ... Nicole - Like a good person for the first time in my life ever. Then I let myself fall in love with a priest. Really! How could I be such an idiot. Dan - You can't help how you feel. You loved him long before he took his vows. Nicole - I was ready to leave town; put some distance between us because I knew I could never act on those feelings. I could live without Eric. I could live without that job but what I can't live with is Eric thinking I could do something so terrible to him.

Eric - What do you want to do? Brady - I made a video. I have this DVD that I want to show. Eric - Of you and Kristen. In the middle of mass? Brady - No, in the beginning of the ceremony. Come on, I even wrote a speech to introduce the thing. Eric - You were sure that I was going to say yes, weren't you? Brady - I was hoping. I know it's not going to persuade my grandfather or anybody else for that matter but I wanted to do it for her. Eric - Whatever makes you happy. It's your day and I'm just honoured to be a part of it. Brady - I can't thank you enough for what you've done for us. Eric - I'm your brother. Brady - Step-brother. Eric - Don't see it that way. Brady - Me neither. I will never forget the way you've been there for me. Thank you. They embrace. Eric - Same here.

Kristen - Would you like me to throw a few hundred sins in your face. This isn't your problem. EJ - You're my sister. Kristen - It's a little late to start worrying about my immortal soul, don't you think? EJ - You understand Samantha adores her twin brother. Kristen - She never has to know. Eric never has to know. EJ - Really? Because you see I thought that was the entire point. Kristen - Have you paid attention to what's been going on in my life lately because Brady and I are back together. EJ - Oh I would imagine that at that point this little plan of yours must have seemed a little ill-conceived, no? I'm beginning to see a pattern here. Kristen - I want a life with Brady. If he found out what I did with Eric I would lose him forever. EJ - So what about the video? Kristen - It's been destroyed. The only way that Eric would ever find out is if you tell him. EJ - You're sure about this? Kristen - This is how I know God is really on my side this time. I found out that Nicole is in love with Eric and by the best stroke of luck ever she was at that hotel that night. EJ - Yeah that's good luck for you; bad luck for Nicole. Kristen - So what! All of a sudden you care about Nicole! EJ yells - No I do not care about Nicole. Kristen - Well then there you go! As long as Eric doesn't remember I'm golden. EJ - Yes but my dear that is rather the point, isn't it? Because it would appear that Eric is starting to remember.

Marlena is at the rectory. Eric - Brady and Kristen have completed all their required counselling. I truly believe that they're in love therefore it's my God-given duty to ... Marlena - Marry them. I understand that. I hope that you understand that it's my frequent prayer that they never make it to the altar. Sorry I've upset you. Eric - No, it's not you Mom. It's just that I've got a lot on my mind. Marlena - I have some good news about Theresa. She seems receptive to ? (can't understand her) at least that's what she said. Eric - What about Daniel and the Ethics Board? Marlena - I'm going to talk to him. I hope there won't be any long term implications on his career. Honey, you seem so sad. Talk to me. Please tell me what's going on.

Segment 4: Sami reads - Ignore my text. Sorry. Would love to get all the kids together with Ari soon. Sonny wants to read it before she sends it. Thank you. Sami - I promise I won't say anything to Gabi about Nick unless I have to. She promises Ari that she won't let Nick slither back into her life; if he does, he'll regret it. Speaking of regrets I wish I could send mine to Brady's wedding but I should probably go and get ready. Sonny - Have fun. Good luck. Sami - I'm going to need it. She leaves.

Gabi - Good, Sami said to never mind. Nick puts the gift bag on the table. Gabi - You shouldn't have. Nick - It's not from me. It's from my Mom. It's a plush white lamb. Ari will love this. Tell her I said thank you. Nick - I hope you don't mind, I sent her some pictures. You know what she said. She said the funniest thing. I know that Arianna Grace is going to be a model just like her mom. Gabi - Ex-model. Nick - I guess that parts up to you. Nick's cell rings. He says he will be right back. Gabi calls the modelling agency. Nick watches.

Vic holds out the flashdrive to a guy in suit. I need this unencrypted 10 mins. ago. You can work in the office. There's a laptop in there. Brady comes home. Vic - Today's finally the big day this time. I hope you appreciate how hard I'm trying to be supportive. Brady - Why do I feel there's going to be a big but coming. Vic - About this honeymoon. Who's idea was it to drop off the face of the earth for 3 mons. Brady - Mine. Vic - Well then who do you suppose is going to be running the business while you're away? Brady - I hear there's this great guy named Victor Kiriakis who's ... Vic - You could have asked me. Brady - Are you really concerned about the business? Vic - No, I'm concerned about my grandson. Brady - You don't have to be. Vic - If you're sure this is what you want I'm not going to stand in your way. But why the rush to the altar and leaving all your friends and loved ones after that! Brady - That's not what I'm doing. Vic - Don't you want to take some time to make sure you really know Kristen. Brady - I do know Kristen and I've heard your concerns over and over again. And if Eric is the only family member on my side, so be it. I'm not changing my mind.

Eric - It's nothing that I want to talk about right now. I'm fine. They hug. Thank you for caring so much. Marlena - I love you so much. I would do anything for you. I hope you know that.

Nicole - I mean to think that someone could do something that sick to anyone let alone Eric. I just think that deep down Eric was horrified about the way I feel about him. Maybe he was just looking for a reason to hate me. Dan - I don't think so. Something happened that night and it's still likely that Eric was poisoned. Nicole - But you didn't find any traces. Dan - No I didn't but a strange woman was at the hotel that night calling herself Fay Taylor and she wants to stay in the room next to him. Why? Nicole - I don't know. So what do you want to do? Dan - Talk to Eric about what exactly he remembers because if we can find that woman we can prove it wasn't you. And maybe we'll finally get to the bottom of what happened that night.

Kristen - Nicole and Eric can't even stand to look at each other let alone sit down and try and figure out what happened; not that they ever could. EJ - I know Nicole a hell of a lot better than you do. You really think that she's going to let this go, don't you? Kristen - She's not going to have a choice. EJ - You think I'm just going to let this go? What you are doing can ruin the lives of both of Samantha's brothers. Kristen - Only if you let it. Samantha's family loyalty is about as changeable as her nail polish. What about yours? EJ - This is not about the past; this is about what you are planning on doing to the padre. You're going to drug him again. What am I supposed to do? Just turn a blind eye and lie to the woman I'm about to marry. Kristen - Yes. EJ - I can't do that. Kristen - Since when? EJ - Every time I've lied to Samantha I've always lost her and I'm not going to lose her again because of your plan. Kristen - And I am not going to lose the man I love because of your sudden and temporary attack of conscious. You are not going to ruin my wedding day. You are not going to ruin my life ... Sami is seen in the background ... You are going to keep your big mouth shut. Sami - Oh sorry. Bad time?

Segment 5: Nick returns to the table. Gabi - I took your advice and I called the agency and they're really interested in me. Nick - What! I told you. So are you excited. Gabi - I don't want to get my hopes up but it's kind of hard not to ... oh I have to go pick up Ari. Thank you so much for the gift and the advice. Oh, could you not tell anybody about the modelling thing. I don't know how Will and Sonny will react. Nick - First of all I'm sure that they would be supportive but second of all I don't talk to them that often anyway. Gabi thanks him and leaves.

Dan - So I have your permission to talk to Eric about this. Nicole - You don't need my permission. Thank you for asking and for wanting to help. I just think this is a lost cause. Dan - You never know unless you try. Dan opens the door to leave and Marlena is there. She wants to talk about the Ethics Committee - does he have a minute. Dan is on his way out; it's important. Marlena apologises for wasting his time. Nicole steps into the doorway. You didn't waste your time. I really need to have a word with you. Dan - I'll call you and set up a meeting ASAP. Marlena - That would be great. Dan leaves. Marlena - What are you doing here and what do you want?

Brady pulls out a DVD from an envelope. Vic - Planning on showing the guests a movie if the bride doesn't make it to the altar. Brady - It's a surprise for Kristen; a little tribute to her. Vic - AH! Kristen DiMera's greatest hits. Have you thought of false teeth for wedding souvenirs? Brady - Thank you very much for your understanding. Vic - Better yet you should pass out antacids; I'm sure I'm not going to be the only one whose stomach is churning during the ceremony. Brady - Kristen and I are going to get married. She's the only one I really care about right now and I'm going to make this the most memorable day of her life.

Eric looks up when Dan comes into the rectory. It's not a good time right now. Dan - This won't take long. I'm pretty sure that you're upset about what happened with Theresa. I am too and I intend to cooperate fully with the Ethics investigation to make sure that ... Eric - I know you're not here to talk about Theresa. I know Nicole told you her version of what happened that night at the hotel. Dan - She did and I believe her. Eric - Well I don't. Dan - We have been trying for months to get to the bottom of this. Between the info the PI's got, from what the clerks said, to what you remember or think you do ... Eric - I know what I remember. Nicole is a good liar, she's a great liar. Don't be taken in by her. Don't be a fool like I was.

EJ - Actually Kristen and I were just in the middle of something. Sami - I'll leave you to it. I'm going to check that the arrangements are all set for the kids. She leaves. Kristen - Are you going to tell her or not?

Segment 6: Nick sits at a table in the pub and looks at headshots of Gabi on his laptop. Come on, who wouldn't want to hire this face? You can finally follow your dreams Gabi and the three of us can be a family just like we always wanted. New York here we come.

Brady - Don't think you're doing me any favours by coming to the wedding. You don't want to be there, don't come. He leaves the room. The guy returns with Vic's laptop. It's up and running. Vic - Did you see what was on it? Guy - None of my business. It's all cued up for you and I made a DVD. He hands it over to Vic. Vic - Thank you. That's all I need.

Dan - I know Nicole very well. I've been the victim of her lies and I'm not the guy who goes looking for the good side of everybody like you do. I'm not saying that Nicole is not capable of deceit but after talking with her I know she wouldn't do this. There's got to be another explanation. Eric snaps - No there's not. Dan - Oh, you don't want to know the truth. Eric - I already know the truth. I'm just trying to put this behind me and get on with my life.

Marlena - What did you want to talk to me about? Nicole - Your son. Marlena - Eric? Nicole - Have you seen him today? Marlena - A few minutes ago. Nicole - How was he? Marlena - He was upset. Nicole - Did he tell you why? Marlena - He didn't want to talk about it. Nicole - That's all I need to know. Marlena - No, now I need to know. What is going on with you and Eric. Nicole - Nothing. Marlena - My family has enough trouble so if you are causing any problems with Eric ... Nicole - I didn't do anything!

Kristen - Make up your mind. Either you keep my secret or you tell Sami everything right here, right now. What's it going to be? Sami comes back. Do you two need a referee? It's almost wedding time. I'd be happy to help you settle this so that your sister can actually walk down the aisle.

Segment 7: Marlena - Why so defensive Nicole? Nicole - Don't start with me. Marlena - I will finish you if you've done anything to hurt my son Eric. Nicole - I would never hurt Eric, ever! Marlena - Then why all the questions and why is he so upset. Nicole - Don't you see that I'm upset! Don't you see that I care about him! OMG, get out. Get the hell out. She slams the door closed and starts to cry.

Eric - I don't want your help. I just want you to drop this. I remembered what happened that night. I wish I didn't. I wished I had left it all alone. I have a wedding. You need to go. Dan - I'll respect your wishes. I can't imagine what you're going through right now. You know what, I think you're making a huge mistake about Nicole and I think you'll regret it some day. He leaves. Eric - Will I!

EJ - We were just discussing work. We were having a disagreement. The lies spew out of his mouth. Kristen is going upstairs to get ready for her wedding. Sami wants more details about the decision they disagreed on. You can't be keeping that woman's secrets from me, Kristen is going to marry my brother.

Brady is in his room getting ready. He's happy.

Kristen is in her room staring in a mirror. Nothing's going to stop my wedding, not this time. She opens a dresser drawer and pulls out a gun.

Vic watches the video and sees that Kristen is having sex with Eric.


Thursday Nov 7

Segment 1: In the vestibule of St Luke's Eric puts up the announcement of the Black / DiMera wedding.

Kristen caresses her gun, looks at her gown and smiles.

EJ lies again to Sami. It was a disagreement about work. Nothing you need to worry about. Sami - Then it won't hurt to tell me. I'm going to find out one way or nothing. She desperately tries to play the irresistible sex-kitten and fails miserably.

JJ comes in as Jen is telling Hope she can't forgive Daniel. Theresa was not some random hookup; he knew who she was to me. So he set out to deliberately hurt me ... no, there's nothing to say after that.

Caroline brings Theresa clam chowder and chicken pot pie. Theresa thanks her but she's not hungry. Caroline - You will be once all the drugs are out of your system. Dan knocks on the door and comes in. Caroline tells him this is not a good time.

A nun brings Nicole's last cheque to Eric. Will you see her soon? Eric - No I won't. Email her to get her new address; we'll mail it.

Vic calls Marlena. Whatever you're doing drop it and get over here right now. Marlena - Your IT guy did it, didn't he? He cracked the code. What is on Kristen's flashdrive. Vic - It's ... I can't begin to describe it.

Brady is on the phone with Kristen. Hey beautiful, are you ready to say I do. Kristen - Just about. How about you? Brady - I'm suited up ready to go. I just have to get your surprise loaded and I'm ready. Kristen - What are you talking about? Brady - It wouldn't be a surprise if I told you, would it? You're just going to have to wait until the ceremony. Kristen tells him she's kind of starting to hate surprises. Brady holds his DVD. You better get over that because I plan for our lives to be surprising on a daily basis. That sounds a little ominous to Kristen. Brady - It's not ominous. I just plan on finding a different way to show you I love you every day. Are you rethinking surprises? Kristen - As long as they come from you. I've got to run, I'm going to be late. Brady - I love you. Kristen - I love YOU. She's still holding the gun. She puts it in her evening bag.

EJ - My sister crossed a line. Sami - You seem rattled. EJ - I don't know what to do with what she told me; it's beyond the pale.

Brady is in the living room with Vic. Okay I am off. I'm heading to the church and I will see ... what's wrong? You look like the market crashed? Is everything alright? Vic fingers the DVD.

Segment 2: Theresa - It's okay Grandma Caroline, he's one of my doctors. Can you give us a minute. Caroline leaves the room. Dan - So I hear you're being released today. Are Kimberley and Shane here yet? Theresa - No, they're on their way. Should be good times. Told you so is Mom's best event. Dan - I don't know if anyone wants to go there yet. Theresa - Oh no, she'll be all over everything, analysing all the details of my overdose. Dan - Which you don't remember so it should be a quick conversation, right? Has any part of that night started to come back to you yet.

JJ opens and closes the door pretending he just got home. JJ tells the ladies they look nice. Jen - We're celebrating Kristen's wedding. Hope gets a call from the station she has to take. She steps out of the foyer. JJ asks his mom if she's okay. Jen - Yeah I'm good. I just wanted to let you know that you don't need to fight my battles for me; especially not with Daniel. JJ - I just feel bad. Jen - You shouldn't really, not about that anyway. Daniel and I are grownups and we made our choices. I'm just so glad that you're home and you're turning things around. That means more to me than anything. She hugs him.

Fr. Matt knocks on the door of the rectory and asks Eric if he has a minute. Eric - I have a wedding service. Fr. Matt - This won't take long. Eric tells him to come in. Fr. Matt - Son, I'm worried about you. You're clearly upset about something you did a while back. We had a chance to talk about it but never finished the conversation. Is whatever is bothering you been resolved? You're silence tells me it has not. You're still struggling with something. So talk to me son. Tell me what happened.

Vic - Didn't anyone ever tell you not to sneak up on an old man. Brady - What's going on with you? Are you alright. Vic - Yeah, you just startled me, that's all. Brady - I'll see you and Maggie at the church then. Vic - What's the rush? Brady - It's a horrible idea to be late for your own wedding Granddad. Vic - You still have time. If you please give me a minute ... Brady - Please not today. It's a big day. Vic - Do you believe that I care for you? I only have your best interests at heart. Brady - Yes I do that's why today I just want you to be happy for me. That's all I want. Vic - Damn it Brady! Brady - Granddad, I'm marrying Kristen. I love Kristen so much and there's nothing you can say today that's going to make me change my mind about that. He starts going through his pockets ... Vic - What are you looking for? Brady pulls out the DVD. I thought I forgot this. Vic - Is that the thing you made about Kristen? Brady - Yes it is and before you start I am going to play it at the wedding. If you don't want to see it come late or don't come at all. If you can't be decent I don't know what to tell you. Vic - I'm sorry. I won't say another word. Brady - Are you coming to the ceremony? Vic - I wouldn't miss it for the world. Brady - Thank you. It means a lot to me that you're going to be there on the most important day of my life. I'll see you there. He leaves. Vic - It will certainly be memorable.

Sami - Just tell me what she did. She's already tricking my brother into marrying her. If she did something ... EJ - Calm down. She did not do anything to hurt him. Sami - Promise. EJ - Yeah. She told me after the wedding she's disappearing with Brady for a while. They're going travelling for 3 months so she's going to be off the grid completely. Sami - You make it sound like a bad thing. EJ - She didn't even consult me. I've got Father looking after Chad; I'm already covering his bloody workload, now I have to deal with hers as well. Sami - Since when are you afraid of hard work. You were running the whole company by yourself for a long time. EJ - That's very different then cleaning up their mess. Sami - Alright. I agree with you. Screw her. You should tell her she's not allowed to go. EJ - Well that's exactly what I was doing. That's what you walked in on. We were having a fight; we went a few rounds. I thought the best thing to do was let it go. I'll handle it. Sami - You will. You can and you'll be happier for it. You'll have more room to manoeuver the company yourself. And I'll be happy that she'll be out of the house for 3 months. I'd love to help you with the company. So what's the rest of it? There's more, I can smell it. Come on, tell me everything that happened with Kristen. Tell me every word she said. Kristen is listening.

Segment 3: EJ - I don't remember everything. I told you the important part. So why don't we go to the wedding and let events run their course. Sami - Okay but promise not to be offended by the huge smile on my face when I wave goodbye to Kristen. Kristen comes into the room. Show time! Sami - Wow, you look beautiful. Kristen - Thank you. Sami - I should go and get ready too. Again, you look stunning. You're going to be a beautiful bride. See you at the altar. She goes upstairs. Kristen - She's clearly very happy. You didn't tell her about Eric and me. EJ - No but I had to tell her something and I very well couldn't tell her the truth, could I? Kristen - So you lied. EJ - Yes.

Eric - I confessed to God and asked for his forgiveness. Fr. Matt - And you found no peace? Eric - I don't deserve that. A little boy comes in and gives Eric a note. Your teacher says you're acting up in your class. Boy - I guess. Eric - Evan, I talked to your mom a couple of days ago. We're going to get you into a new apt. as soon as we can. In the meantime I want you to think of this place as a refuge. You're safe here. If you pay attention in your classroom you can learn a lot of very interesting things to help you. Evan - I'll try. Eric - I want you to take this back to your classroom. Come and see me tomorrow; bring your homework. I'll find a very quiet place for you to study. Evan - Yes Father. He leaves. Fr. Matt - Whatever is worrying you my son know this, you have a gift. This is truly your vocation.

Brady finds Ken at the Church and introduces himself. Ken - Everything is set up. Brady hands over the DVD. This is the footage. Basically once Kristen walks down the aisle I'm going to say a few words, the lights go out, cue the footage. Ken - You're in good hands. I've just got to run out to the car and get another cable; we're good to go. Brady goes inside the main part of the church. This is finally going to happen.

Vic is holding the DVD. Marlena - What is it? Vic - Proof that Kristen has the morals of an alley cat. Footage of her cheating on Brady. Marlena - Where's he right now? Vic - At the church. Marlena - We have to show it to him. Vic - I tried. He wouldn't sit still for 5 seconds. There's only one way we can make this work for us now.

Segment 4: Theresa - I wish I could remember that night but it's sort of a blur. I don't even remember the two days leading up to the OD. Dan - At least you're feeling better. But I'm a bit concerned by a rumour going around the hospital about me and you. Do you remember anything about that? Theresa - I'm so sorry Daniel. Obviously I don't remember the specifics but look if I hurt you in any way I feel really bad. You've been so nice to me. Dan - That stuff isn't important. Get stronger, get some rest and promise to call me the minute you start remembering anything about that night. It's important. He leaves.

Kristen - Thank you for not throwing me under the bus. EJ - You're family. You'd do the same for me. Kristen - Yes, especially since what you have on me is so devastating. EJ snaps - I would hope that you would do it because you love your little brother. Kristen - Of course. EJ starts badmouthing Brady. Kristen tells him to stop. If I can be nice to Sami, you can be nice to Brady. EJ - I've heard just about enough from you today so don't push it. Kristen - Is it really that difficult for you to keep this a secret, honestly? Does anyone have anything to gain by this coming out especially Eric. EJ - It wouldn't do that priest any harm to fall off his pedestal and be a mere mortal for a day or two. Kristen - No, no, no! Not this way, not ever. EJ - Let's hope you have this thing sewn shut my dear because if it gets out it's going to be ugly.

Sami gets out of the pew when Brady comes in. Look at that face. Brady - What! I'm not getting cold feet or anything. Sami - No, it's worse than that. You're actually excited. You can't wait for this to be over. Brady - You know me so well; when did that happen? Sami - I do know you and I want you to remember this exchange the next time you decide I'm too self-absorbed to live. Brady - I will. I want Kristen out here. I want this over with. Let's do this. Eric says something. Brady - Why can't we do a speedy wedding. Then you can get out of that crazy white outfit you have on and I'd be on my honeymoon; life is good. Eric - You have a lot of guests coming; a big production. Sami - Yeah, we got all dressed up. We want to send you off right. Brady - I suppose we should give the people what they want.

Vic - Kristen has to be exposed publicly at a time and place where Brady can't avoid it. Marlena - Alright. How do you propose we do that? Vic - Brady's put together a DVD tribute to Kristen. Marlena - I'm going to be sick. Vic - He plans to show it before the ceremony. We have to sneak into the church and switch that DVD with this one. It's the only way. Marlena - I'm not even invited to the wedding. Vic - Exactly. It's why you can sneak in and out. I'd do it myself but Maggie's watching me like a hawk and I'm expected to be front and center for this circus. If you want to stop Kristen ... Marlena - Of course I do! Vic - Then unless you can think of something else this is it. Marlena takes the DVD and goes to the laptop. Vic - What are you doing? Marlena - I'd like to see what's on it.

Segment 5: Vic takes back the DVD. Marlena - I just want to know what Brady's going to see. Vic - You want a more graphic description? It's Kristen sweating up the sheets with another man. Marlena - Do we really have to go this far? Vic - No Marlena. We can just sit back and let her win. Now will you get going. Marlena - You don't want me to see this. Why is that? Who's on that? Vic - What does that have to do ... Marlena - You better tell me because I'm not leaving until I know.

Kristen - Eric's memory is very vague. He can barely remember the sex. EJ - I see. So the man was awake during this encounter, was he? Kristen - Very much so. EJ - But he thinks it was Nicole. You really did not think this through, did you? You always told me; never leave a trace. Kristen - The video is gone. Chyka is going to make sure that Eric's memory doesn't return. EJ - Chyka? That's father's guy! Kristen - He's going to give me something that I give to Eric. I'm going to put it in his drink tonight. He's not going to remember anything more than he already does. Dr. Chyka says it's not going to hurt him so don't worry about that. EJ - Right, 'cause this is the same bloody genius who told you he wouldn't remember anything in the first place. Kristen - What do you want from me! I'm handling this as best as I can here. Do you want blood from a stone! Leave no trace. Do you want me to kill him? Would that make you happy? EJ - Let's think about that, shall we? Probably not. Kristen - Then what is your problem. What is it? Do you feel bad for Nicole? Really!

Caroline is at Theresa's apt. You're going to be okay kid. Just don't forget where I am. Caroline leaves as Anne comes out of the bedroom with a pillow. Should I stay or do you want to be alone? Theresa - You should probably want me to alone. I'm not much fun. Anne - Hey, I'm enough fun for both of us. Should I do something? Do you want anything? Theresa - I'd like last week back. Maybe a job reference. I'm going to start looking ... Anne - Whoa. Hey, you still have a job at the hospital. Theresa - Seriously? Anne - Yeah as long as I'm head of HR you're in. Just get healthy and put this behind you. Lie down. Anne covers her up. Onward and upward, right?

JJ is in the square talking on his cell. So when was Miss Donovan released? So she's gone. Thank you.

Sami is trying to fix Brady's bowtie. They banter. The ring comes up. Sami insists that of course she has it. She rummages through her purse saying she's insulted by them thinking she doesn't have it. She runs an international company, she had 4 children, of course she has it. Brady pulls the ring box out of his pocket. What were you going to do when the time came? Sami - Wing it. I'm not going to miss you at all, just so you know. Brady - I'm not going to miss you either. Eric mentions the penthouse. Sami realises that's the last time all the Brady and Black kids were together. Brady - Best Christmas ever! Remember that awkward family photo we had taken. Sami - Of course. Mom still has it on her coffee table. Brady - We can talk about Marlena, it's okay. She's not here but she's going to come around. She's going to be okay with you performing the ceremony, trust me. Sami - She's definitely going to be okay with that. You're the Golden Boy. You can't do anything wrong. And you, it will be okay, you're going away for 3 months. Brady - I'm taking a long honeymoon. Sami - You deserve it. It will give Mom a chance to cool off too. Eric - It will give people a lot of time to used to the idea of you and Kristen. Brady - I hope they do. But I've got one thing, I wouldn't be getting married if it wasn't for you. Eric - You two did all the work. They hug.

Vic - Do you really care who Kristen is doing! What matters is what she's doing and that Brady find out about it before he marries that succubus. Marlena - Did you recognise the man she's with? Vic - I'm going to have my driver take you over to St. Luke's. Marlena - Victor! Vic - Look at the time. Marlena - At least tell me that it wasn't Daniel. Vic - Oh good God, no, of course not. I wouldn't publically humiliate my godson like that. What do you think I am? Marlena - I think you're in a hurry. Vic doesn't want Brady ruining his life. If you won't do this I have to find somebody else ... and we lose. Marlena - No, Kristen won't win. I won't let her win. She takes the DVD. I'll get it taken care of.

Segment 6: EJ declares that Nicole brought this on herself. Kristen - Yes she did and she was long overdue with the whole pregnancy debacle last year. EJ - Oh, you were exacting justice for me, were you? Kristen - Kind of. EJ - Not even a little sweetheart. You were lucky Nicole was there. Kristen - I'm just saying that I would have done something to her if you wanted me to. EJ - You're very sweet but I think you did enough. Kristen - I'm just saying I've got your back. EJ - And I have yours. Kristen - So we're good, right? EJ - We are good although I do have to warn you in my capacity of groomsman ... you are late. Kristen - You're right. Let's go get me hitched.

Eric - The guests should be arriving soon. Sami - Wait. We have to have a celebration toast. I brought champagne. Eric has some glasses in the rectory. They head to the rectory. Marlena arrives. She finds the video equipment. Ken comes in just as she removes Brady's DVD? What are you doing?

Anne sees Dan with Parker in the square. Anne - Oh yeah, you're a real hero. What's that little boy going to say when he grows up and finds out who you really are.

Theresa gets up to answer her door. It's JJ. Theresa - How do you know where I live? JJ - You don't remember? Theresa - Did I give you my address in the last couple of days? No, I don't remember. I had a bad week. JJ - I heard. Theresa - If you're here for drugs or something ... JJ - No, that' not why ... Theresa - Why are you here?

Brady takes a picture with his cell of the 3 of them. Eric toasts - To Brady and his new wife, may they have a long and happy life together. They drink.

Marlena - Who are you? Ken - The man in charge of this equipment. Marlena - Oh that's perfect because Brady wanted me to come and have you switch out that for this new DVD. I guess it has some music that he wanted. Ken - I'm sorry I jumped. He swaps out the DVD's. It's just that it's an expensive setup and I'm responsible for the equipment. Marlena - I understand. I'll leave this in your capable hands. Ken gets a text. Can you stay here. I have to fix some equipment at another wedding. Marlena - Oh, I can't. Ken - If you don't stay or find someone else there will be no video. It's very simple. Just press this button to play the music and this key to play the video. He takes off. Marlena - Oh man. I can't be here. She's going to leave but she hears Sami's voice so she stays in that curtained off area.

Eric comments that he has to light candles. Brady is going to check on the AV equipment.

Segment 7: Brady gets distracted by arriving guests. He greets Maggie, Hope and Jennifer. Brady asks Maggie if Victor is coming. Vic - I wouldn't miss it for anything in the world. Marlena lets him see where she is hiding. Eric tells everyone to take their seats. Sami grabs Brady - This way. Brady - I want to check on the equipment. Sami - You hired a professional for that. Vic slips behind the curtain. Marlena - The tech had to leave. I have to get out of here. Vic - You can't. There's no time. Just handle it.

EJ is with Kristen. Kristen - Don't you worry, everything is going to be okay. EJ - This is your happy ending. Kristen - Finally, with the right man. EJ - Are you ready? Eric says 'Music please.' When there's a delay Brady starts heading towards the back but Marlena finally presses the right button. EJ walks Kristen down the aisle.

JJ - I just wanted to make sure you were okay. Theresa - I'm fine, perfect, never been better. Look, I feel stupid. I'm not real proud of myself. I'm okay physically. JJ - I'm glad. Theresa - I don't mean to be rude but I kind of need to take a nap. JJ - Of course. Feel better okay. Theresa - Thanks.

Dan gets up - You need to be very careful about what you say in front of my son. Anne - You think he's not going to hear about you someday? Dan - I'm going to teach my son not to listen to lying gossips. Anne - So what's the truth Dr. Jonas because I'm just not buying all this noble silence about what happened with Theresa. Dan - She needs her privacy and that's all you need to know. Anne scoffs - You're covering your own ass but it's not going to work because everybody knows who you really are Doctor. She leaves.

Kristen reaches Brady. She sees the big screen TV. Brady - Surprise. You're going to love it. Eric starts the ceremony but the music is still playing. Can it. Marlena frantically presses buttons dislodging a cable in the process. Eric says before we start with the vows there is something that the groom would like to share with us all. Brady - I just wanted to say that I know most of this town, probably this church, has had their doubts about Kristen and me. But I'm sure that once you see this you'll come to know the woman that I know and love and today I will promise to love for the rest of my life. Thank you. Sami turns the lights out. Marlena presses a key, nothing happens. Eric - Ken, can you play the video please. Marlena keeps pressing keys. Brady starts going to the back of the church. Marlena notices the cable and plugs it back in and presses the key. The video is on. Kristen gasps when she sees it's her own personal sex video and drops her flowers to the floor. Brady watches in stunned horror as do the other guests. Eric's face is revealed. Everyone looks at him. Eric is stunned.


Friday Nov 8

Segment 1: Replay of the ending from yesterday including Brady's speech before the infamous sex video is played. Marlena peeks around the curtain and sees the footage being played.

Dan and Parker talk about having game night. Abby comes up to them in the square and says hi.

Cameron is on his cell at the nurse's station. No, I'm very interested and honoured. I need a little time to think about it. Can I get back to you. Yes, very soon. Jordan asks him if everything is okay. Cam comments that he doesn't think Jordan has ever spoken to him first about anything other than a patient. Jordan - I didn't mean to intrude. Cam - That's okay, I get it. Jordan - What? Cam - You keep to yourself. You do your job or maybe that's changing?

Rafe is doing reps with a weight when Nicole comes into his room and asks if this is a bad time. Are you pumping iron? Rafe - I wouldn't go that far. Nicole - You will. Rafe - Just killing time until my next PT session. Nicole - You look much better. Rafe - Thanks, wish I could say the same for you. Something wrong? Nicole - Yeah, you just insulted me. I'm glad I didn't bring you flowers. Rafe - Come on, it's your eyes, you've been crying. Nicole - No. Okay, I have but I'm done with that.

Marlena mutters - It can't be. Everyone keeps watching absolutely horrified. Sami - This must be some kind of joke. Eric ... Eric. Maggie - Victor, what's happening? Vic - Looks pretty ugly. Brady - Turn it off. Ken, TURN IT OFF! Marlena - What have I done! Brady - Do you hear me back there! Turn the damn thing off. Marlena starts pressing keys and pulling out cords and ends up pulling the drapery down. Everyone sees her. Marlena looks at Victor and yells - YOU! Sami - Mom? Eric - What? How? Brady - What are you doing? Kristen - You sick, twisted bitch! Why are you doing this to me!

Segment 2: Kristen - You vile excuse for a human being. She heads towards Marlena. Do you really hate me so much. Do you want revenge on me so badly that you would do this. You would create that trash and show it in a church. Marlena screams - I didn't know! Kristen - What do you mean you didn't now? Did the DVD just magically appear one day? What happened to the guy that's supposed to operate the equipment? Are we going to find him bound and gagged in a room. Brady - Let's just step back for a minute. Kristen - How can we step back Brady. Don't you see her ... what she's willing to do to ruin our happiness. She would use her own son ... Marlena - I didn't know. Kristen screams - You did know! Yes you did. How did you do it? What did you do Marlena? Did you hire actors that look like us; did you do some crazy kind of Photoshop? Marlena - No, that was you and ... she looks at Eric. Kristen - Right, like that's really going to happen. I'm going to hop in the sack with your son the priest. That's completely believable that your son the priest is going to hop in bed with me, right? Not just any woman but the woman who's about to marry his brother. I knew you were sick but I had no idea how sick you were that you would use your own son that way. Marlena - Stop saying that! Kristen - You know what Marlena, if you're going to create a lie like this you better hope to God that it's at least a little feasible, just a little bit. Marlena - Eric ... Eric.

Dan - I heard from the Boston surgical team today; it's good news. Chad came through the surgery in great shape; full recovery ... you didn't hear. Abby - No. Dan sits Parker down and gives him something to play with. Dan - I'm sorry about that. Abby - It's okay. He doesn't understand and I'm not sure that I do either. I don't think I should babysit for Parker anyone.

Jordan - I don't know what to say. Yes, I do my job but that's why I'm here. Cam - I'm sorry. That came out terribly wrong. What I meant was I know how it is. You're in a place you don't know with people you don't know and you just dig in. It's all about the work. I get it. Jordan - That's my M.O. Cam - I get it and your patient's are lucky for it. Actually I've heard doctors and residents fighting in the lounge over who gets you for their patients. Jordan - That's nice to hear. I wish I could do more but ... Cam - But you'd be cheating the ones you already have. Jordan - Some of them need a lot. Cam - Yeah, like Rafe. Jordan - I know he feels like it's taking forever but when you look at how far he's had to come and for guys like that who were in good shape and used to be in charge to suddenly be in that position is so hard. But he just keeps pushing himself. He never complains. He is the reason he's doing as well as he is. I better get back to work. Cam - Me too. Jordan thinks about the moment in the park and mutters 'He's a patient, that's all.'

Nicole - I came here to see how you're doing. Rafe - I'm bored. Tell me a story. Nicole - Would you stop! Seriously, you have enough to worry about. You're the one in the hospital bed. Rafe - What else is new! Distract me. Nicole - You want to be my friend because that's what I came here looking for today. Rafe - I'm trying to be. Nicole - Okay then can you please ... Rafe - Is it Brady? He's getting married today. Nicole - Yeah, that's the rumour. Rafe - You haven't talked to him? Nicole - He ... I don't know if I'll ever speak to him again. Rafe - You guys have been through a lot together, no wonder you were crying. Nicole - Yeah. Rafe - That's not it. Nicole - You are relentless! Rafe - I've got to keep in practice here. So it's something worse than falling out with Brady. Do you want a friend? Nicole - I do. It's Eric. He hates me. Rafe - Eric? Eric doesn't hate anyone especially you. Nicole - Yeah, well, he found a way.

Kristen and Marlena keep yelling at each other as Sami tries to get through to Eric who is standing there in stunned silence. EJ says something to her but with all the yelling I couldn't hear it. Sami looks at Kristen and Marlena who are still going at it. Marlena - A priest? Have you no standards whatsoever! Kristen - Get out of here. I know you hate me. Marlena - Shut up! Kristen - I know you hate me but these people do not need to be subjected to your filth. She keeps at Marlena as Marlena walks towards Eric. They came here to celebrate a wedding; a marriage between two people who love each other Marlena. She screams - You just wanted to ruin my day! Marlena - Eric, look at me. Kristen - You will not destroy my perfect day! Why aren't you making her go! Brady, please just make her go. Eric is now walking in stunned silence. Kristen - She won't listen to me; nobody will. Sami goes after Eric calling out his name. Kristen - No one wants her here. Eric, you don't want her here, do you? Not after that! Eric turns and stares at Kristen. It was you!

Segment 3: EJ goes to Eric. Father, you don't look very well. Why don't we go outside and get some fresh air. Eric - That was the truth. Everything on that screen is what I seen in my dream. I never saw your face until now. EJ - Marlena, I'm not quite sure what you think you've done but your son is clearly in a state of shock. Eric - No. EJ holds back Eric. Father, you're not yourself at the moment. Sami - EJ, you've got to let him talk. What dream Eric? Brady - What dream? Kristen - Why are we doing this right now? Eric - I remember ... I was sick that night and for days. EJ - You're very upset. Clearly this is very confusing for you ... Eric snaps - No! I remember. EJ - Okay, you were sick. Remember, you thought you had a dream. All of this is very jumbled. Let's go get some fresh air. Vic - Like hell. There's nothing jumbled about what we just saw. What your sister and Eric did to my grandson was just ... Sami - Okay stop. Mom, you explain. What is going on? Vic - Does anyone else besides me give a damn about what happened to Brady just now. Kristen - Because of Marlena. Because of the lies that she's spreading ... Sami - You get off it too. Mom, you explain what you thought you were showing us. Marlena - Kristen with someone but I had no idea it was Eric. Kristen - That's so disgusting. Eric - I was sick. (Not quite sure what he said next - perhaps - I never could figure out how but ...) EJ - Yes Father ... Sami steps in - EJ insists Eric needs fresh air. Sami - Obviously that video was fake. Kristen - Obviously! Vic - You're not getting away with it this time you tramp. Kristen - My God. Brady, please, I just want to leave. Brady - No. Sami - He's right, we can't. We have to figure out what is going on with that video. Vic - Well let's play it again. EJ - You can't seriously want to subject us all to that ... Vic - What do you care? It's got nothing to do with you. Why does anybody care? Right Kristen, huh? You want the truth don't you. Let's clear your name sweetie. Sami - Brady, Eric, tell us what we should do.

Abby - Whenever you and my mom had trouble, whatever happened, you always tried to do the right thing with JJ, with me, with all of us. You put us first and now that the two of you broke up you feel like you don't owe that to us anymore. Honestly, maybe you don't but come on, Theresa! Honestly of all the people that you could have gone with that was the biggest slap in my mom's face. Dan - The last thing I want is for your to mom to think in anyway that I was trying to hurt her. Abby - Oh yeah, that's the last thing you wanted and yet you still got involved with the one person that my mother can not stand. The one person! And not to mention it was a short 5 minutes after the two of you broke up. God! Do you have any idea how humiliating that was for one! How absolutely heartbreaking that felt for my mom. Is that what she deserves Daniel? Dan - I repeat, I was not trying to hurt your mom. Abby - You weren't trying but you did. You had to have known that. Take some responsibility! I don't understand this and I never will. She says goodbye to Parker and leaves.

Rafe - I don't how but somehow we became friends. Obviously you can use a friend right now. Tell me what happened. Nicole - The funny thing is for once this wasn't my fault. I know that I've pulled a lot of stunts and scams and made some really bad choices but for once I genuinely didn't do anything wrong but I'm getting slammed for it. And Eric is punishing me for something I didn't even do. Rafe - Did you tell him that? Nicole - Of course. Have I ever gone down without fight? Of course I told him. He doesn't believe me. Rafe - Can you prove it? Nicole - No. I just can't believe that he would think I could do something like that ... OMG! You are so good. Please do not ask me another question or I swear I'll leave. Rafe - Okay, no questions. He'll come around. Nicole - No and honestly I don't think I can forgive him for thinking what he does and I sure as hell am not going to try and change his mind. Not now, not ever.

Kristen - People wait ... wait ... wait. Do I need to remind you that we're in a church; we're in a holy place. We shouldn't be looking at that filth again. Correct. Sami - Eric. Vic - If you think this is all a misunderstanding why don't we get it cleared up right now. Sami - He's right. Marlena - Sami, no. Sami - Mom, we have to do it. I know it's disgusting but it's not Eric; it's probably not even Kristen. Kristen - It's certainly not Kristen. Marlena looks at Vic - You knew. Sami - Mom you were conned by him maybe, I don't know. This video was a setup. Vic goes to the computer. Kristen - Brady, don't let him play that again. Brady, make him stop. Stop it. This is my wedding day. Vic plays it again. Everyone watches.

Segment 4: Abby and Cam are in the lounge. Abby tells him she ran into Daniel and he said Chad's surgery went really well. Cam - I heard. Abby says she'll see him around. Cam stops her. Actually you won't.

Rafe and Jordan finish up his PT session. Jordan - That's the best you've done yet. You've just won yourself a trip to the square. Rafe - Great. Jordan - What's the matter? You did well. Rafe - I know I did or you wouldn't be saying it. Jordan - Didn't you think you did? Rafe - I did. Jordan - Okay something's wrong. Rafe - It's just a friend of mine is being blamed for something she didn't do and it's bumming her out. It's not Kate, btw. Jordan - I didn't assume. I know you have a lot of female friends.

Nicole returns to Dan's apt and greets the little dude. I didn't know you were coming home today Parker. Dan hands over pictures of Parker's trip. Nicole tells him she'll go pack her things. Dan - Don't go. Stay.

The camera pans over everyone's reactions. Jen asks Hope - Why are we even watching this? Hope - Lets try and be objective. Jen - And? Hope - It doesn't look Photoshopped. It's real. Eric is sitting in a pew. You ... he gets up and faces Kristen - You drugged me. It was you. How could you do something like this to me! Brady stops him and slugs him. He starts beating him when he's down. EJ tries to pull him off as Sami as yelling at Brady to stop hurting her brother.

Segment 5: Hope and Sami help Eric stand up. Eric - She raped me! Brady - You sick ... You will answer for this! Jen looks at Kristen and I think she knows. Kristen shakes her head no but Jen turns away. Kristen is going to leave but Vic steps in front of her. Keep going and don't look back. Jen tells Brady to sit down. Sami tells Eric - Hey, just breathe. You're going to be okay. Eric - She raped me. I don't how ... Brady - You shut up. Hope yells - Stop it. Kristen takes off.

Dan - There's no reason for you to move. It's a 3 bedroom apt. There's plenty of space and obviously he loves you so why go? Nicole - Because it's time. Dan - Where are you going to go? Nicole - The Salem Inn. They miss me there. Dan - No they don't. You do not want to go to a hotel. Nicole - Why not? I like fresh linens and a mint on my pillow. Dan - Noted. Nicole - Besides your reputation has already taken a hit. If I'm here people are going to think. Dan - I don't give darn what people think. Besides you can't go; it's game night. Come on.

Rafe is wheeling himself through the square. Jordan - Just tell me if you need a break. Rafe - I love this place. I love it especially this time of year. It's so beautiful. Jordan - It really is. Jordan talks about the sunset on the south shore ... it's really peaceful and ... what? Rafe - Nothing. It's actually one of my favourite spots on the lake too. Glad you found it. Jordan - Me too. Rafe - That's good that you're giving this town a chance. It's growing on you, isn't it?

Sami helps Eric sit down. Are you alright. OMG, you're bleeding. Brady tries to get to him - It's not over. Hope - It is for today. Step away. Sami gives him a cloth to put on his bleeding lip. Eric - I've been trying to understand what happened and now I know. Brady - Where's Kristen? Sami, Hope and EJ help Eric stand up. EJ tells Sami to do him a favour and stay right here. Sami - Where are you going? EJ - I have to go and find Kristen. I can't let Brady find her in the state he's in. Sami - No, hold on a second. You and I have a lot to talk about first. Eric looks down at the crushed bouquet and his hands. He looks like he's going to be sick.

Segment 6: Cam - So Doctors Without Borders is looking for someone to start a program in East Africa and they called me. Abby - Wow. That's the program you told me about before, right? Cam - Yeah. Abby - The one you were interested in but you weren't really sure. Cam - Right and now I am. Abby - That's great. That's a real chance to do some good and give back. Cam - It is. Abby - Congratulations. Sounds like it's too good an opportunity to pass up. I hope that it's everything that you want it to be. I should probably get going. Good luck. Cam - Thank you. Abby - Bye.

Jordan - Salem is great. I hope I've never complained about it. Rafe - No but I wasn't sure you noticed. Jordan - I did. I do. Everywhere I go I try and find a spot like the lake or as close as I can get. Rafe - You move around a lot. Jordan - I like a change of scenery; it makes things interesting. Rafe - I totally get that. It's one of the reasons I joined the FBI; mix it up. Jordan - So why'd you quit? Rafe - At some point in your life people matter more. I wanted to be close to friends and family. Jordan - Yeah. Rafe - You don't sound convinced. Jordan - It's hard to imagine. Rafe - You don't have family? Jordan - Not here, no. Rafe - Well you can't say you don't have friends, not here, anyway. I'm one of them.

Sami and EJ are in the park outside the square. EJ - This is not really the time for a chat. I don't know what your brother's going to do when he finds Kristen but she needs me ... Sami - She needs to go to jail for what she has done. She's a complete nut job! You saw that video. EJ - Yes I did. It looked like sex between two consenting adults. Sami - Don't even try it. You and I both know that Eric would not have sex with your sister in a million years. EJ - You saw as much of that as I did and there's no way that what happened on that tape ... Sami - It wasn't consensual. You know it and I know it and you know what I am asking you. EJ - No I don't. Sami - Eric said he must have been drugged. That is the only way that could possibly have happened. So tell me. Kristen would not have been able to pull off something like that by herself. She had help.

Vic says to Maggie - Let's go. Maggie - You never once looked surprised. Never once. Vic - There's nothing we can do for Brady now. We'll talk at home. He slips Brady's DVD into his pocket. Hope - Eric, you should go back to the rectory. You need to get some rest. Eric - Get out. Everyone out! NOW! He removes his vestments and throws them to the floor.

Kristen comes into the D mansion. No, no, no. This is not happening to me. She pours herself a drink. Think of a way ... it's what you do best. She hears the front door slam and looks up as Brady walks into the living room.

Segment 7: Nicole, Dan and Parker play a board game. Lots of laughter and fun.

Jordan - It's late. I should probably get you back. Rafe - Oh come on, what's the rush. What do you say we make a detour to the Brady Pub. I'm buying. Jordan - We have more work to do. Rafe - You're the boss but just so you know I'm content to stay here all day. Jordan - But you know sitting in that comfy chair with no weights to lift, no drill sergeant yelling at you. Rafe - Are you kidding! I live for the day.

EJ says something ... all I got was I don't know ... Sami - I know Stefano was involved in this. I know this is exactly the kind of twisted and demonic plot that he could hatch without breaking a sweat. I know that you're sister is insane and she destroyed my brother's life. EJ - That is speculation. Sami - You don't think that Eric was raped? Because he looked pretty wrecked to me. You saw him. EJ - I don't know what happened. All I know is that there are a lot of unanswered questions. Sami - Actually I don't have any questions. I am 100% certain that Kristen is behind this. I'm sorry that this is hard for you to hear but she is dangerous and she is evil and she has done nothing but hurt my family time and time again. And you have to face the reality of that! How can anyone ... how can anyone do something like that to my brother ... to a man like Eric? She's crying. You saw him. EJ - I'm sorry. He holds her. Sami - I don't know to help him. If I'd just known I could done something to prevent this train wreck ... She hears her phone. Maybe he's calling me. She checks. EJ - Is it him? Sami - No. We have to go. I'll explain on the way.

Jen - We can't just leave like this. Hope - We have to. He needs his space. They leave as do the others that were still there. Marlena goes to Eric.

Kristen tries to run out of the room but Brady grabs her. Why! Why did you sleep with my brother! Why!


Monday Nov 11

Segment 1: Repeat of Brady confronting Kristen.

Eric is leaning on the altar with his head bowed and shaking 'no' when he is startled by a touch on his shoulder. It's Marlena.

Vic pulls out Brady's DVD from his pocket and throws it on the desk in the foyer. I guess we're not going to need that. Maggie is there waiting for him. Victor, do you have any idea what you've done?

Sonny thanks T for coming to the club. This place can get swamped when Chad's gone. T - No problem. I'm always on the lookout for extra cash. How's the big guy doing? Sonny - He's good. He's on the mend. T - Cool. He looks at Abby - You must be happy about that. Abby - Yeah it's great. What Chad did was incredibly brave but actually Chad and I broke up. Sonny goes to get her a latte. T crawls over the bar to stand by Abby. This is amazing. Abby - What? T - You and me, we're both free now. It's got to be fate, right?

Jordan is going to leave Gabi, Ari and Rafe alone for some family time. Rafe tells Ari she played him out. Gabi thinks he loved it. Rafe - I think you loved it more because you've been grinning ear to ear ever since you walked in the door. Does that have something to do with Cameron Davis MD. Gabi - No, it's something else.

Nick is on his cell in the square. Yes I can let you know by tomorrow. There's just a few things I need to take care of here in Salem first. Kate hears him. Nick - Yes that sounds great and New York is such a cool place to live. Okay, thank you. Kate - So, moving to New York?

Marlena reaches out to Eric but he holds his hands up and snaps 'Don't touch me! Get out! Get out of my sight!'

Brady shakes Kristen. I asked you a question. I deserve an answer. Why? Kristen - Yes, I did sleep with Eric and yes you do deserve to know why.

Eric - How could you show that vile, pornographic filth in God's house. Do you have any idea what you've done!

Kristen - I never wanted you to find out about the huge mistake I made. Brady - Mistake. Kristen - It happened when we were apart; you know, when we were broken up. I turned to Eric for support. I trusted him. I trusted in his love for you as his brother but ... Brady - What? Kirsten - He seduced me.

Segment 2: Abby - T, I'm not really sure what you're getting at here but I ... T - What I'm getting at here is ... look, I felt this sort of vibe with us for a while and I think, actually I know, that we can have some fun together you and me so ... what do you say?

Jordan is talking on her cell as she goes into the Lounge and closes the door behind me. Listen to me, everything's fine here. Yes it will stay that way. I've got it covered. Look, I'm tired of running okay and I don't want to abandon the people I'm helping. They need me too. Seriously, no matter what happens, this is the last stop. She hangs up.

Rafe - Come on, sis. Why all the smiles? Gabi - I can't tell you; I'll jinx it. Rafe - Come on, I'm in the hospital. I could use some good news. Gabi - You're doing great! Rafe - I am. If it were up to my arms I'd be home. Gabi - No, but you're going to get your legs back, right? Rafe - Yes, Jordan says if I work hard. Gabi - I actually saw her smile today. Rafe - Oh come on. She loosens up ... sometimes. I actually had a great time last night. We were at the square; lots of smiles, lots of laughs. Gabi - Oh yeah. Rafe - Friendly smiles ... just friends. Gabi - So how's your other friend Kate?

Nick - New York's a definite possibility but I'm still weighing my options. Kate - Which are? Nick - Optional. He hands her an envelope. I drafted up this project for you. Let me know what you think. Kate - I will. If it's as good as the last one you will be getting a nice cheque in New York. Nick - Or wherever. Hey, how is Will doing in that seminar at Berkeley. Do you know when he's going to be back in Salem. Kate - Why are suddenly so interested in Will?

Vic - Brady's lucky someone had the stones to show him what a lying slut he was about to marry. I'm not going to apologise for that. Maggie - I know you've been trying to protect Brady but what happened to Eric and his mother ... Vic - Ah yes, the ever righteous Fr. Eric who can't seem to keep it zipped any better than the rest of us. Kristen caught on to that first and had herself a nice little romp. Then they made a movie of it. So now we know what she is and what he is.

Marlena - Eric, that video of you and Kristen ... Eric - I was drugged mom. Kristen drugged me in that hotel. Marlena - My God. OMG, all those flashbacks you were having; what happened under hypnosis. I understand that ... Eric - No you don't understand because if you did you would have brought that filth to me and asked for an explanation. Marlena - I had no idea ... Eric - Except you decided to broadcast it at my brother's wedding. Marlena - I didn't know that the video ... Eric - Do you understand that you destroyed my life; that you completely humiliated me. Marlena - Listen to me. Of course I know that you would never do a thing like that. I know that! And of course she had to have drugged you but Eric please understand ... Eric - How could you do something like that to me! Marlena - I can't. Eric - I am your son. Why! Marlena - There was just no time.

Brady - Oh this is good. This is rich. My brother, the priest, seduced you. Kristen - I never wanted to lie to you Brady again but when you asked me if I had been faithful to you when we were apart I couldn't tell you the truth because it was with Eric. Brady - You are so sick. You are such ... Kristen - Please listen to me. It happened when we broken up. I was so lost and so devastated. I tried to throw myself into my work but it didn't help. And then I ran into Eric and you know he just kind of reeled me in with that soft voice and gentle understanding. I told him that I'd lost the one person that I really loved and he told me I should go upstairs with him to his room; that God loved me and that he was going to show me. He preyed on my pain and heartache Brady. I'm so sorry. It shouldn't have happened but it did. Brady - Are you done? Are you done? Stop lying to me! Kristen - I'm not lying. Brady - All you do is lie to me. Kristen - I'm not lying! I'm telling the truth and I can prove it.

Segment 3: Brady - You can prove to me that Eric seduced you. Okay, okay. He sits down. Convince me. Go ahead. Kristen - The night it happened, afterwards I just felt so sick, I felt so disgusted with myself, so guilty. Brady - I bet you did. Kristen - Eric was in the bathroom. I heard him humming and that's when I knew I wasn't the only one he'd done this too. I just felt. He had taken advantage of other women in the parish; I just knew it. How could I ever prove it? Who's going to believe a DiMera over a Brady who's a priest. That's when I ... I used my phone ... I had to get video. That's the only way anyone would ever believe me. Eric came out of the bathroom and he wanted more sex. Honestly, I didn't want to but I knew I had to. I knew it was the right thing to do because he shouldn't be allowed to be a priest. He should be in a cage! Brady - Stop! Stop. You're lying! He would never do that. Kristen - How do you know that? Brady - It's ridiculous. Kristen - Listen to me. You keep saying that he's your brother but he's not your biological brother. He's not! How well do you really know him?

Kate - If you're interested in Will's schedule, what he's up to, why don't you give him a phone call because you and I are going to keep things strictly professional. Nick - You are never going to forgive me, are you? Kate - I'm not the forgiving kind. So if you suddenly find you want to up and leave for New York, don't waste your time looking for me to say goodbye. She leaves. Nick - I won't. Man, we are never going to catch a break kiddo. Good thing we're leaving. He's looking at a pic of Gabi on his Tablet.

Rafe - It's over. Kate and I, it's done. She's the one who broke it off and she was right. Gabi gets a call. She hands Ari over to Rafe. She steps out of the room to take the call.

Abby - Wow T, that's so tempting but I just think that we've become such good friends; I really cherish that. T - So do I, no question. Abby - Good. T - But that next level, that could be really cool you know. Abby - Yeah it could be except I don't want to risk losing you as a friend by taking a chance like that so I think it's best for us to just stay good friends. Sonny returns with her latte. Abby - I've got to help my mom with stuff so see ya. Bye. She leaves. T - That girl is amazing! Just so that we can stay good friends she made the ultimate sacrifice.

Eric - I don't understand what that means, no time. No time for what! Marlena - Let me explain. A while back I overheard Kristen on the phone telling somebody that she had been unfaithful to Brady when they were separated and then she lied to him about it. Eric - Oh for pity's sake! Marlena - And then I found a flash drive ... Eric - That has nothing to do with what happened today! Marlena - But it does, it does. I got my hands on that flash drive and it was encrypted so I gave it to Victor and right before the wedding his technician was able to crack the code. Then Victor gave me that DVD. Eric - The one you played. Marlena - Yes but he wouldn't tell me who was on it. I had no idea. All he said was that it was Kristen in bed with a man. Honey, I had no idea that you were the man on that tape. Eric - Why would you play it in front of the entire church? Marlena - Because there was no time. Brady was about to destroy his life. Kristen was walking down the aisle and we knew if we told him, we couldn't stop it. So we knew if we showed it to him privately he would somehow rationalise the whole thing or Kristen would make up a whole new set of lies. We had to expose her publically. Eric - This is unbelievable. Didn't you just bother to stop, check, just think ... now it's destroyed my life. Marlena - If I'd known that she had drugged you, that she had lied ... I'm so sorry but if I had known I would have let Brady destroy his own life. I would never let you go through this kind of pain.

Brady - Give it up. Just give it up, will you. I know Eric very well. He would never do what you're suggesting. Kristen - I'm sorry. I know this is hard for you. I understand it's even harder for you because it's Eric. Brady - You're not telling me the truth. Kristen - Do you remember ... Brady - You're lying to me. That's all you've ever done. Kristen - Listen to me. Do you remember the opening of the school. Do you remember how upset I was. I was going to give the video to the Bishop that day but then you came to me ... baby ... you told me you loved me; that you wanted another chance. You told me you wanted to try again, do you remember that? Brady - Yes I do. Kristen - You are all I have ever wanted in my whole life. It was you. You're all I wanted Brady and I knew if I showed that video I was going to lose you again. My hand to God, I got rid of that thing. I destroyed it; got rid of it. I don't know how Marlena and Victor got their hands on it. I don't know why they wanted to show it at our wedding. That just shows you how sick Marlena is that she would do that to her own son. He's not innocent in this. You know that, he's not innocent in this. Brady - He didn't do it. Kristen - Do you remember the scholarship fund; how I didn't want to be any part of it. Listen to me Brady please. And the Precana counselling, how I kept trying to get out of that but you kept pushing it and pushing it and I couldn't tell you why I was avoiding it. Because it was Eric. Brady, I love you. Brady, you know I love you. I swear to you on that love I am telling you the truth.

Segment 4: Kristen cups Brady's face in her hands. He covers one hand then says No, no. No, not this time. Kristen - I'm not lying. Brady - Yes you are. Yes you are! It's who you are. It's what you do. Kristen - It's not who I am, you know it. Brady - I saw your face and I saw Eric when that video was playing and you looked guilty Kristen and he looked not only shocked, he looked disgusted. Kristen - He was pretending! Brady - He was ashamed and he yelled that you drugged him. Kristen - I did not drug him. Brady - You drugged my brother and you forced him into bed. Kristen - I did not force him! That is the biggest lie of all! And I don't have to say one more word to prove that.

Eric - Being sorry doesn't change what you did. Marlena - I should have demanded to see that ... Eric - But you didn't. I'm not the only one hurt in this. Marlena - I know Brady's been hurt ... Eric - I'm not talking about Brady or Kristen. I accused Nicole of being that blonde woman in that hotel bed with me. I condemned her as a liar when she was trying to deny it. What I did was unforgiveable, as unforgiveable as what you did to me.

T opens the club door for Gabi to push the stroller through. Gabi asks Sonny if he can look after Ari. She has this appointment and she can't take Ari with her. Sonny can't. It gets really busy this time of day ... T walks up - Dude, I got it covered. Women of all ages love me. Gabi - I promise I'll take an extra shift with Ari any time you want. She leaves. Sonny - Are you sure you're up for this? T - A baby? How hard can it be?

Nick is talking to Abby in the square. Is it true what I heard? You and Chad broke up. Abby - Yeah, I called it quits. Nick - Wow. You know I never really thought he was the right guy for you. I always thought that you and Cameron were going to step it up. Abby - They're both out of the picture now. Cameron is leaving town. Nick - Really. Abby - He's doing Doctors Without Borders. Nick - That's awesome. Abby - I've got to get going. I'm doing some stuff for my mom but it was really good to see you. She kisses his cheek and leaves. Nick - Okay, so Cameron's out of the picture, Will's out of town ... this is going to work.

Kristen - Let's got back to the church and look at that video again. Brady - I already saw every disgusting minute of it. Why would you want me to see that again? Kristen - Does he look weak? Does he look like he was drugged? He had me pinned down. He was doing whatever he wanted to me! Brady - Shut up please! Shut up. Kristen - Okay, you go alone. I don't want anywhere near that so called priest. You go and you see your saintly brother for the man he really is and you ask him why he did it. Brady - You just keep lying and lying. Will there ever come a point where you stop doing the same ... Kristen cries - I'm only guilty of one thing. I protected your precious brother out of love. Just go back and watch that video and this time please believe what you see. Brady leaves.

Eric - I just need to sit alone. I need to pray and I need to understand who I am. Marlena - You're the same man ... Eric - Mom, I don't have time to hear your sympathies or your apologies or anything else. Go! Marlena - I can't go and leave you like this. She looks down at his vestments on the floor. Your vestments, your father and I gave you those. Eric throws them at her feet. Then take them now! Marlena picks them up. Eric - Now go. She leaves. He falls to his knees at the altar.

Segment 5: Eric sits on the floor and stares at the statue of St. Mary and baby Jesus. He gets up and goes to the video equipment and watches the video again.

Kate comes into the room. Rafe tells her she just missed her great-granddaughter. Kate - I have to really get used to that title. How is she? Rafe - She's good. We had a great time. He gushes. He asks what's in the envelope. Kate - It's a project that Nick came up with. I'm going to check it out; see if it's any good. Rafe - I thought you fired his ass. Kate - I did but if he comes up with a good idea for the company don't you think I owe it to the shareholders to check it out. Rafe - I think the S.O.B. should just move on. Kate - You can relax because that just might be happening.

Abby comes into the lounge and greets Jordan. How's it going? Jordan - Fine thanks. Do you want some coffee? Abby - I'd love some. I just picked up some papers for my mom; she's working from home. Jordan - Good for her. She notices the book Abby put down. The Heavy Crown, Queen Elizabeth; are you reading that? Abby - Yeah, good old Queen Elizabeth. It's for my Feminist Theory class. Jordan - I read that last year. Amazing woman; a Queen who refused to marry. Abby - Who needs a man, right? Jordan - Absolutely. They do make good arm candy every once and a while. Abby - Oh sure, until they open their mouths. Jordan - And screw everything up. They laugh.

Maggie - I'm not blind you know. I saw you were having meetings with Marlena but I just assumed that you were working on some way to stop the marriage. Vic - We were and I appreciate that you stayed out of it. Maggie - Well I wouldn't have if I had known what you were going to do. See I know damn well Marlena would never have agreed to sacrifice her own son to save Brady but she didn't know, did she? Well, that's unconscionable. Marlena's trying to help you and you stab her in the back.

Kristen mixes herself a drink. It's fine. My story made sense. It was very plausible and he can't prove I lied. Is he going to come back to me?

Eric stands and stares and shakes his head no. Brady comes in and stops the video. Did you do it? Did you seduce my fiancée?

Segment 6: Gabi meets with Casey McGraw from Sparkle Modelling Agency, Chicago office at the Brady Pub. Gabi tells the woman to call her Gabi. Casey thinks that they should use Gabriella for the new photos, just one name. Classier. I've seen all your work with Countess Wilhelmina and it's really stunning. She's also read several accounts of how her baby was born, all the life and death stuff on the island. Let's not beat around the bush. I'm excited, Sparkle's excited and we want to sign you today.

Nick reads the thank you text Gabi sent him. I'm with you all the way Gabi, Arianna too. No matter what anyone says I'm always going to be there for my family.

Rafe - So Nick might leave Salem. Kate - That's the plan. Rafe - That's terrific. I have heard that some people think that he's changed; that he's turned into some upstanding citizen. As far as I'm concerned after what he did to Will and Gabi he can change some place else. Kate - I'm in total agreement. I'm just thankful that Arianna is right where she needs to be.

Abby - You know my mom is head of PR at the hospital, right? Jordan - Sure, we've met. Abby - I probably shouldn't say this but she showed me two letters that she got from former patients of yours absolutely praising you to the skies. You've only been here a few months, right? Jordan - I got here in August. Abby - Are you still finding your way around town? Jordan - Some. Abby - I should give you a list of some great restaurants around here and you know to stay away from the food in the hospital cafeteria, right? Jordan - I did have a run-in with a vegetable lasagna a couple of weeks ago; still trying to figure out what that vegetable was. Abby - I would stick to straight yogurt down there if I were you. More laughter. Abby - I should get going. The wedding my Mom went to should be over by now. Jordan - Who's getting married? Abby - Just a man and a woman who think that they're going to live happily ever after. Bye.

Vic - Alright, you got me. I was the only one who knew who was on that video. It showed Kristen doing the nasty with Eric, excuse me, Fr. Eric. Marlena had no idea. Maggie - But you went right ahead without telling her. Vic - The thing was encoded. My geek just broke it at the last minute and transferred it to a DVD. There was no time to show it to Marlena. Maggie - No time! Vic - Brady and Kristen where going to go on a three month honeymoon. It was the last chance we had to make sure Brady saw that thing. Maggie - And you couldn't pull him aside and let him view it with no one else around. Vic - He would have screamed in my face and thrown me out of the church. You know that as well as I do. And the bitch would have stood on the sidelines cheering him on going on and on about her love and her loyalty. Maggie - Stop it! Stop it! For heaven's sake, this isn't about Kristen! Victor, you made a mother destroy her son. You tricked her into doing it. That's unforgiveable.

Eric - The woman you love, she raped me. Brady - I've got a little problem with that Father. See that video you were just watching ... I saw the look in your eye and you enjoyed every damn minute of it. So now it's time to pay ... my brother ... he slugs him in the face. Eric tries to fight back but Brady pins his hand and keeps slugging him in the gut.

Kristen talks to herself in the mirror. He's not going to believe you. Louder - He's not going to believe you, you idiot! He's going to talk to Nicole. He's going to talk to Daniel and he's not going to believe you. She cries. Marlena I hate you so much! You can't just let me be happy. Just one time why can't I be happy. I'm going to find Brady. I better make him believe me about Eric. She grabs her coat and purse and opens the door to leave but turns her back to open her purse and pull the gun out. Marlena is in the open doorway.

Segment 7: Casey tells Gabi that the first shoot will be Salem; that way they don't disrupt the baby's routine right away. Then we're going to coordinate with our publicity dept. to see how we're going to market your look, your life story. By the time you get to New York you're going to be the next big thing. Gabi - I'm sorry to interrupt but did you say when I get to New York.

Jordan comes in and tells Rafe it's time to get to work again. Kate - That means it's time for me to go. You have a good workout. She leaves. Jordan - What's wrong? The three of us had drinks the other night. I thought we were going to be friends. Rafe - Don't worry about her. She runs a little bit hot and cold, a little like you actually. Don't let her scare you. Jordan - Don't worry, she doesn't. As Kate waits for the elevator she mutters "Jordan, or whatever the hell your name is, you think you can hide from me. Think again bitch."

Vic - Why don't you get it Maggie! Brady is my grandson. Maggie - And Eric is Marlena's son. Vic - So the hell what! It's family first. Kiriakis first! Our family Maggie, ours! Marlena is not a part of our family and neither is her playboy priest. You married into the Kiriakis clan. You should know the damn rules by now. If you can't put family first, last and always you might as well take a hike right now. Maggie heads for the door and leaves.

Marlena slams the door behind her. Kristen smiles - Marlena, just the person I wanted to see.

Eric and Brady are pushing each other around. Brady gets Eric flat on his back but Eric rolls over and finally gets a chance to slug Brady in the face. He starts choking Brady. Brady gasps for breath.


Tuesday Nov 12

Segment 1: Repeat of Marlena letting herself into the DiMera mansion.

Repeat of the fight between Brady and Eric with Eric choking Brady at the end.

T and Sonny smile down at a sleeping Ari. T is proud that he got her to sleep. JJ comes in. They all say hi. JJ asks how they are. Sonny - Good but kind of busy. He asks T to mind the store while he goes to get some stuff from the back. JJ didn't know T worked here. T - Actually I just started today but of course I was hired for my expertise; there's not a drink I can't handle. JJ orders a Mocha Latte. T asks for 5 mins as he has a takeout order to prepare first. Watch your cousin for me. JJ talks to Arianna. Where is your mom?

Nick watches through the pub window as Gabi talks to the woman from the modelling agency. Come on Gabi, make it happen for us. Gabi didn't realise she would be travelling to New York. Casey - I didn't make it clear. Actually you won't just be travelling to New York, you'll be moving to New York.

Dan asks Nicole if she's alright. Nicole - I'm just thinking about Brady and Kristen; they're probably married already. Dan - Probably. Nicole - Eric blessed them, smiling away, sent them off on their perfect honeymoon. Why do they get to be happy?

Marlena - What you did today ... honest to God I could kill you. Kristen - That's so funny; you took the words right out of my mouth. She points the gun at Marlena.

Brady breaks free but not for long. Eric gets him in a headlock and continues choking him. Eric finally lets him go. Brady struggles to catch his breath. Tough Brady hits Eric from behind. We're not done Padre. He starts choking Eric.

Kristen - Marlena, is that a little bit of fear I see in your rabid eyes. You should be afraid! You've caused enough trouble for one lifetime and I think after all the lives you destroyed today I think today would be a really good day for you to say goodbye.

Segment 2: Marlena backs up as Kristen releases the safety. She waves the gun and then puts it down. So do it. Pick it up. Shoot me.

Gabi - New York is ... Casey - Big and you're right but we're actually thinking much bigger than New York. There's no such thing as just an American model anymore. I'm talking global. Gabi - Like Europe? Casey - Asia, Latin America. We represent some of the biggest names in the business. Trust me, we know how to make this work. Gabi - I'm sure you do. Casey - If you sign with us Gabriella is not just going to be a model, she's going to be a brand world-wide. You speak fluent Spanish, right? That market is blowing up. You could be the face of whatever; electronics, fashion, beauty with every woman wanting to look like you. Gabi - That sounds amazing. Casey - It is but it's also a lot of work. That's why when you get to New York we're going to hook up with the best acting coaches, hair stylists, personal trainers, the works. I want you to have your lawyer explain everything to you so you understand. I already know what's going to set you apart from the rest; your story. It has global appeal. Now you have to figure out if what we're offering appeals to you. Does it?

T sits down with JJ. How are you doing? Are you holding yourself together after that whole town square thing; the smashed windows. JJ - I could have made some better decisions that day. TT - Yeah, no kidding. But hey, you're lucky. You've got your family and your family is the one who catches you when you fall. JJ recalls his encounter with Daniel in Dan's office. JJ - I am lucky. I definitely owe a lot of people.

Dan asks Nicole if she trusts him as a doctor. Of course she does. Dan - Good because I have a prescription for you that's going to make everything alright. Nicole - I don't need any drugs ... Dan - Hot chocolate, yeah at a café, you, me and Parker. Don't tell me you don't want hot chocolate. Nicole - I do. I just still think that I should ... Parker comes running into the living room and tells Dan he's ready. Nicole - I hear you are going to get hot chocolate with your dad! You know I'm going ... how about I go with you. Parker - Yeah!

Roman and Hope run into the church and pull Brady off of Eric. Eric takes deep gulps of air. Roman asks if he's okay. Hope told me about the video. What happened? Brady yells for Eric to tell them. Tell them how you wound up in bed with my fiancée. Tell them how you ruined my life and her life. Tell them how you broke every vow in your freakin' book Eric. Why don't you tell them that? Eric - I will even if it's too late because I finally understand.

Kristen - Just pick it up Marlena. That's all you've got to do; just pick up the gun and shoot me. She yells - Just pick up the gun and blow my brains out Marlena. Isn't that all you've ever wanted to do. Now's your chance. Just shoot me. Put me out my misery, would you. She puts her hand on the gun, Marlena gasps and covers Kristen's hand with hers. She grabs the gun and removes the shell casing. She places the empty gun and casing in the desk drawer in the living room. There. Leave it there. Kristen - Never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity. With everything I lost today what the hell do I have to live for anyway. Marlena - Wow, I didn't see that coming. You're just full of surprises, aren't you? Kristen - You know what, I don't think you could ever surprise me again. I bet you're already trying to figure out your next plan on how to make sure that I could never be happy even though you're the real loser because you're willing to destroy the lives of all the people you love just to destroy the life of the one you hate. Believe it or not I hate you more than you could ever hate me. Marlena - Really! Kristen - Oh really! But guess what, I was willing to walk away. I was willing to let you go; let go of revenge. You wouldn't let me. You couldn't let me let go of you. Marlena - Do you mean that this revolting, reprehensible episode; everything you've done is about me!

Segment 3: Sonny has joined T and JJ. I was talking to Will and he said to tell you that coming home was the right move. I'm guessing your mom is happy about that. JJ - Yeah. Arianna sure is beautiful. TT - Don't get him started. Sonny - She is the best. She is so sweet and funny and she's sleeping through the night now which is fantastic. JJ - It's kind of cool that you think of her as yours. Sonny - Honestly I can't remember what it was like before I helped Gabi bring Ari into this world. I can't imagine life without her.

Gabi - This sounds amazing and it's a great opportunity Miss McGraw but I have a baby and I just can't ... Casey - Have your lawyer go over the part that talks about childcare. And as far as living arrangements go, Sparkle Agency has some beautiful apartments in Manhattan that are going to be perfect for you and Arianna. Gabi - You know my baby's name? Casey - Honey, pretty soon the whole world can know about Arianna Grace; her story, her sweet smile, how your world revolves around her. Right now we're planning your first photo shoot in Manhattan. Central Parks meets Gabriella and Arianna Grace. I have to be at the airport in less than 30 mins. This was really great. If you have any questions, call me day or night. Don't waste a lot of time. Talk to your lawyer, talk to your loved ones; this is a once in a lifetime opportunity for you, for us. Don't let it slip away. She leaves. Nick watches through the window and smiles.

Brady - Come on Father, let's hear your confession. Eric - Brady, last June at the Capitol I was poisoned. I didn't just suddenly become ill. A masking agent was used; Daniel said it was undetectable. Kristen used a highly sophiscated poison. Brady - You realise Kristen might have a different side to the story. Hope - Let's just hear him out. Eric - After I recovered I started having dreams, sexual dreams that were tormenting me almost every night and that's when I underwent hypnosis. And it's only then that these dreams, these memories made me realise that I was in bed ... in bed with a blonde woman. Brady - This just keeps getting better. You're making this up. Roman - Hey! Brady - No. If that's true how come he didn't say anything. He didn't say anything to me. He didn't go confess to another priest that he was with Kristen. You didn't say a damn word to anybody! Eric snaps - I didn't know that it was Kristen!

Kristen - Of course it's about you and me. It's always been about you and me. Marlena - You seduced my son ... Kristen - Go back ... go back. When you and I first met it was about John. Remember him? I loved him, you wanted him for yourself so you just cut me out of his life like the good butcher you are. And then all those years later when I loved Brady but you couldn't let me have him either, could you? So you just tried to slice me out of his life too, didn't you? Only guess what! I wasn't going to let you get away with it. Marlena - You ... you and Eric was meant to hurt me! Kristen - All I wanted was to see your face when you watched your son the priest in the throes of passion, breaking his vow of chastity with the one woman you hated more than anybody. And then when you were there on the floor broken and destroyed I was going to run out of the room laughing my happy head off. That's all I wanted. But then Brady told me that he loved me and he wanted to try again and so I said I don't need Marlena. I don't need her. I don't need revenge. I don't want it. Marlena - Then why did you do it! Kristen - I didn't! You did it you stupid idiot! I wanted to forget that it ever happened but you couldn't let me, could you? You couldn't miss the chance to cut Kristen open one more time and watch her bleed! But this time you screwed up. You took my secret and you showed the world that your son the priest is nothing but an amoral, sick, sexual predator who would stoop so low as to have kinky sex with his brother's fiancée. You did it! You did it! So you take responsibility and live with it! Marlena shakes her head no.

Segment 4: Nick goes into the pub. How did it go? Did you meet with that agent. Gabi nods yes. Nick - What did she say? Gabi - They want to sign me and if I say yes, my whole life is going to change.

JJ - Will must miss her a lot. Sonny - He really does. He texts me a lot. Sonny takes Ari to go and feed her. Rory has entered the club. JJ goes to him. What are you doing here? Rory - We just scored some primo weed. You gotta try it! So you want to get out of here.

Dan, Nicole and Parker are at the outdoor café in the square. Dan teases Nicole about using marshmallows instead of whipped cream. Dan comments that it's good to see her smile. Dan says hi to a nurse. She replies but turns away. Nicole - Wow, your rep really has taken a hit; usually the nurses beam when they see you. Dan - Not a problem. Nicole - Covering for JJ makes you seem like a sleaze. Now you're tom-catting around with me, that can't help. Dan - I can't worry about what other people think about me. Nicole - But still, being accused of jumping into bed with Theresa knowing that Jennifer feels betrayed and loving her the way that you do ... Dan - Let's not talk about it okay. We've both been accused of things that aren't true; it's not the end of the world. We can't think about it. In fact, don't even think about Eric. Nicole - I'm trying not to. I've given up hope that he'll actually believe me. It's like he lives in some kind of bubble. Dan - Then it's his loss because you were a good friend to him and you're a good friend to me.

Marlena - I know my son. He is good ... Kristen mocks - He's good alright! Marlena - He's a dedicated priest and he's a holy man who truly believes and his only flaw is he believes that even a snake like you deserves a chance at redemption. Kristen - I know he'd like to get his horny, consecrated hands all over me ... Marlena - OMG! And you want to get revenge on me by taking an innocent man ... Kristen - Did you really see that video? Did you see who was on her back helpless. Did you see who had her pinned down like the very experienced sexual predator that he is. Marlena - I don't believe that. I will never believe that. You see when Eric came back from the Capitol he was so ill from the drug you gave him. Kristen - Oh please, dream on. Marlena - He was anguishing; he was trying to find out exactly what happened to him so he asked family and friends and the other priests. He even submitted himself to hypnosis. Is that the kind of man that has anything to hide? Kristen - He submitted himself to hypnosis. Marlena - Yes he did. I put him under hypnosis and by the end of the session I knew something horrible had happened to him. I just didn't know what it was. Now he's going to know. I will make sure he knows what happened. I will make sure that everybody in this town knows what you did.

Eric - I finally realised that the desk clerk took a bribe from that mystery woman and put her in the room right next to mine. She was the one who poisoned me and climbed into bed with me ... Roman - And then she filmed it. Eric - And Daniel, he found out the name that she registered under. Hope - Who was it? Roman - Eric, it's okay. You're not in this alone anymore. Eric - Dad, I don't know why Kristen would do this to me. It was a terrible coincidence but she used the name Fay Taylor. Hope - Fay is Nicole's mother's name. Roman - And her sister's is Taylor. Brady - So you thought the blonde in your memories ... Eric - Was Nicole. I accused her of terrible things. I called her a liar and she denied it but she was innocent. He's almost crying - I didn't believe her. Brady is shaking his head no.

Segment 5: Nick is looking at the contract. This is incredible. They're going all out for you. Gabi is very excited as she tells him all the things the agent said to her. Nick - This it totally incredible. Gabi - Except I would have to move to New York. Could you not tell anyone. Will and Sonny would ... well. Nick - This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. I want you to know that I'm behind you no matter what. Gabi thanks him. She has to go pick up Arianna. Nick - No matter what you decide it's truly amazing and I'm happy for you. Congrats. After she leaves he pumps his fist and smiles - She's gonna do it!

Rory - Dude, I'm telling you this stuff is gold and Bev's parents are out of town so we could get wasted at her place; do whatever we want. JJ - I think I'm good but you go ahead. Rory - They've got a gigantic hot tub JJ. We'd be boozing, flying ... naked! Let's go dude. JJ - I'm good Dude, not today. Rory leaves.

Nicole promises Dan she won't tell anyone what really happened that night. Dan thanks her. No one can know JJ was there when Theresa OD'd. Nicole - I get it, I do but you shouldn't have to cover for that kid just knowing how badly he hurt you. Dan - Okay, so when someone does something wrong I should never help them? Nicole - Yeah, like me. Forget I said anything. I'm just glad we're still friends. Dan - Me too. If it hadn't been for you I might not have that little guy right there. I do care what he thinks. I wonder when he gets older and if hears about this thing with Theresa ... Nicole - He'll think you're some kind of jerk. He's going to know what I know. That you're not the kind of man who turns his back on the people he cares about no matter what it costs. Dan - Thank you. I kind of needed to hear that. He tells Parker it's close to his bedtime. Nicole is going to hang out here for a little while; take a walk or something. Dan and Parker leave.

Eric - I've got to find Nicole. I've got to ask for her forgiveness. Roman - No, you're going to see a doctor. You and Brady went at it good. You're going to get some rest. Eric goes and faces Brady. How's your neck? Brady - It's okay. How's yours? Eric - Fine. Hope - Neither one of you looks fine to me. Eric - I made a lot of mistakes. Brady - Not as many as I did. Roman - Both of you, go easy on yourselves okay. Trust me, we're going to be all over Kristen on this. Hope - I can write up what you told us but it would be better if you made a full statement at the station. Eric - Not now, I need to be alone. No more questions please. Brady puts his arm on Eric's shoulder - Take care. Eric - You too. Roman - Don't you be afraid to call. He hugs him. I love you. Eric - I love you too. Hope - I'll call you tomorrow. Take care. They leave. Eric kneels and prays.

Marlena - What you did to my son left him emotionally violated and that video certainly showed us why. Kristen - A video of a woman being ravaged. Marlena - Oh my gosh, there's not a soul that knows Eric and nobody who knows who you are that would ever believe that. Kristen - I suppose you're going to find some way to charge me with a crime. Marlena - Well there was a crime that happened but I'm not sure we can charge you for it. Kristen - I was the victim! Marlena - I think not. And everyone in this town is going to know exactly what you did! You came back to town claiming to be the new and improved Kristen and almost everybody bought it. And shamefully, stunningly Brady bought it twice. But now everybody that sees you is going to know that you are the same sick, twisted piece of garbage that you always were. Kristen screams for her to get out several times. Marlena starts to leave but stops. You might want to change out of the gown; Brady's never coming back for you, not ever. Kristen throws her glass at the door and then starts beating her hands on the desk. She looks at her engagement ring and realises the stone is gone.

Segment 6: Sonny, Gabi and T are gushing over Ari. Sonny asks how the meeting went. Gabi says fine - it wasn't important. Sonny asks if she talked to Cameron. I thought you might be upset but he's doing such a good thing it's kind of hard to blame him. T - I don't think she talked to Cameron. Gabi - What's he doing? T - Abigail says he's leaving; going with Doctors Without Borders. Sonny - I shouldn't have said anything but you can't be mad at him; it kind of just fell into his lap. Gabi - No, of course not. Sometimes things happen like that and it can change your life forever and you have to just go for it. T and Sonny get back to work. Gabi tells Ari that a lot of people are getting their chance; I think Mommy is going to take hers too.

Marlena meets up with Roman in the square. I got your text. Roman - Finally. I just came from the church. Eric's a mess. Kristen's hurt him more ... you know what, I'll deal with Kristen later. Marlena - I hope we can. Roman - Hope told me that you're the one who showed that ugly video at the wedding. What were you thinking? Roman turns to see Brady standing there. Roman gets paged. Emergency at the station. You two talk now, we'll talk later. He leaves.

Kristen crawls around on her hands and knees until she finds the diamond. She kisses it. Cue f/b of the proposal. Brady loves me. He'll forgive me. She sends him a text. Meet me where you proposed to me. Where you promised to love me for the rest of our lives.

Eric stands in front of the crucifix. What is your plan for me Lord? A life of service that turns into hate and deceit and humiliation ... is that my reward? He yells - Should I thank You for it! What do I have to look forward to next? He cries and then slams his hand down on the altar.

Segment 7: JJ walks into the living room of the Horton house. He picks up a picture off the mantelpiece and that puts it back. He sits down and looks at Dan's call info on his phone.

Dan tells Parker it's bath time. Parker says Jennifer. Dan says Jennifer is not coming over tonight.

Marlena approaches Brady. Brady - You won. Once again Marlena, you won. He walks away.

Hope is at the club paying for a coffee when Nicole comes in. Hope sees her. Excuse me Nicole, I need to talk to you. It's a police matter concerning Eric. I need to get some facts straight. Nicole - OMG, he did call the police. Wait Hope, I swear I didn't do anything to Eric. Hope - I know. It was Kristen.

Kristen arrives at the proposal spot. Brady I'm here. Baby. Brady. Eric steps into the clearing.


Wednesday Nov 13

Segment 1: Repeat of Hope and Nicole at the club where Hope tells Nicole that it was Kristen.

Repeat of Kristen seeing Eric in the clearing.

Dan answers his door to a crying Maggie. He holds her.

Kayla is with Johnny, Sami and EJ at the hospital. Johnny was very brave. He got 2 stitches that will dissolve on their own and his x-rays were clear. Sami - Are you sure. He's limping a little. Johnny runs to Rafe in his wheelchair and jumps in his lap. Rafe! Rafe - Oh my goodness. Kayla - Well look's like there's a miracle worker in our midst and it's not me. I'm going to get you some antibiotic ointment. Maybe you can make it to the reception before it ends; see who catches the bouquet.

Nicole - Kristen. What did she do to Eric? Is he okay? Hope - There was a video played at the wedding. Nicole - A video of what? Hope - Kristen and Eric having ... s ... in bed.

Brady is at the K mansion on the phone. I need to speak to Det. Brady please. Tell her it's Brady Black and I need to talk to her as soon as possible. Have her call my cell. Wait a minute, don't have her call my cell because I don't know where my damn cell phone is.

Kristen - How the hell did you find me? Eric pulls out Brady's cell. God showed me the way.

Brady is still on the phone. She'll know what it's regarding. Thank you. Vic comes into the room. Brady stares at him.

Hope - I just came from speaking to Eric ... Nicole - It was her. It was Kristen all along.

Eric - I read the text that you sent to Brady. You'd be in the place that he proposed. The place that you promised to love the me that no one else sees. Well I see you, that's for sure. He stops Kristen from leaving. I can't believe how many times we sat in my office and I swallowed that crap about your true love for my brother. The day he proposed in this very spot was the best day of your life. Kristen - You're hurting me. Eric - Yeah well I don't care. Kristen - Did you care when you seduced me when I was so vulnerable and you took advantage of me when I was at my lowest ... Eric screams SHUT UP! Nobody else is here but you and me. How many times did you ask me to absolve your sin. You told me you truly repented and you still lie to my face after what you did! Kristen - You don't even remember what happened. Eric - I remember enough. Kristen - Do you remember that you were holding me then just like you're holding me now Father. Eric lets her go. Kristen - Get away from me and you stay away from me. Eric - No! You're not going until you answer for what you've done.

Segment 2: Jordan is at the Brady Pub talking on her cell. I'm not happy about it either but it's inevitable. Yes I'll be careful, I promise. Caroline asks her if everything is alright.

Kayla answers her cell. It's Roman. Listen, you don't need to worry. I know there was a lot of blood but he just got a couple of stitches. Johnny is going to be fine. I don't even think there's going to be a scar. What?

Johnny is showing Rafe the bandage on his arm. And look, I didn't even get any blood on my jacket. Rafe - I see that. Johnny - How are you feeling? Rafe - I'm feeling much better; better every day. Thank you for asking. Johnny - My Dad says me and Sydney and Allie can come see you soon. Rafe - Did he? Kayla returns and tells Johnny to come over so she can show him how to put the ointment on his arm. Sami goes with them. EJ - You look well. Rafe - Thanks. Better every day. I heard that Chad was having surgery in Boston. Is he doing alright? EJ - Yeah. His surgeon says he'll make a complete recovery. Rafe - I'm glad to hear it. I'll keep him in my thoughts. EJ - Thanks, appreciate it. Rafe - Look at us, being civil to each other. So are you really going to let me see the kids. EJ - You were an important part of their lives once I won't begrudge them some time with you. Rafe - I appreciate that. EJ - They don't know how much I despise you nor do they have to. Rafe - Likewise.

Kayla gives Sami instructions and tells Johnny to not get the bandage wet. He won't. Is that all? Kayla - That's all. Johnny takes off. Kayla - I just got off the phone with your Dad. He's so upset he could barely speak. What happened at that wedding?

Maggie - Something happened at the wedding. Something so unbelievably shocking and cruel and ... Dan - Did Brady call it off again? Kristen, what ... Maggie - No, no. Someone else made sure that it happened in the most devastating way possible for all concerned. My Victor. Victor! She cries.

Brady - You did this. Vic - I did. Brady - When did you find out? Vic - Today just before you left for the church. Brady - That's why you wanted to talk to me, right? About the video. Vic - I didn't want it to come out this way but there's no getting through to you on the subject of Kristen today or any other day. You just refuse to see the truth. Now I know how much you wanted to be with this woman so I gave her a chance to explain her actions. If I didn't expose her publicly she would have hypnotised you into believing her all over again. There was no other way. If I had to do it all over again I'd do exactly the same thing. Now you can hate me till the day I die but I need you to know I did it all for you.

Hope - Nicole, Eric gave me an informal statement. He told me what happened to him; what he believes happened to him that night. I'm really hoping you can confirm certain facts. Nicole - Where is he? Where's Eric? Hope - I left him at the church praying.

Eric - It's all starting to come back to me. The day that you came into my hospital room to check in on me the night I got sick at the hotel. Kristen - I was so concerned about you. Eric - And then you showed up at my rectory asking for a ticket to the school opening. That's when you asked me If I ever knew what it was like to lose everything. Kristen - You do know now. Eric - Because you knew you were trying to destroy my life while you were just licking you lips waiting for the perfect moment. Kristen - Are you sure you weren't licking your lips after all those years of being sexually starved. Eric - You did everything you could to avoid working with me on that scholarship program. You didn't want to counsel with me before the wedding. You were trying to avoid me in every way. Kristen - You're right because you made me sick and I just wanted to get away from you. Eric - No, because you knew what you were doing. You knew you couldn't lie your way out of this. I'm not as stupid as my brother! Kristen - Don't you talk about Brady that way! I understand why you have to demonise me this way. I understand you feel guilty because of breaking your vows. You made yourself sick about it. You wanted so badly to forget it ever happened, didn't you! Well I can't forget. And you talk about being sick! I was your victim Father! Eric - You are not the victim here. I was drugged. Kristen - You didn't act like a person who'd been drugged, that's for sure. Eric - Yeah but we were also videoed in that hotel bed. It wasn't me so let's think about who it really was. Let's see ... YOU! You did this against my will without my consent. Why! Why do you hate me so much! Kristen - I don't. Eric - You were so desperate to speak to the Bishop after the school consecration. Why? What were you going to do? Show him the video? You were going to give him the video that day, weren't you? You thought Brady might forgive you. You were hoping that he'd give you a chance to get back everything you'd lost. Kristen - I didn't lose anything. I had my love, my life, my entire future ripped from me and somebody had to pay and that was you!

Segment 3: Kristen - Let he who hath not sinned cast the first stone. Does that sound familiar. Don't let that stop you because the only person that's holier than thou is your mother. Eric - This wasn't about me, was it? It was all about hurting her. Marlena - Oh God. You know what, Marlena could be skinned alive and weenie roasted on a spit and she wouldn't experience half the pain that she's caused me. Do you know the only thing I've ever wanted in my whole life, ever, was to be a wife and a mother. I didn't have grand ambitions. I just wanted to be a wife and a mother. But she took that away from me, not once, not twice but three times. And do you know that the only thing worse than not having a child is watching your precious angel just be destroyed and humiliated and suffering. Well don't wait around Father. You're not going to hear an act of contrition crossing these lips because I have no regrets. Eric - You have no regrets over losing Brady? Kristen - You were kind to me. I listened to you, I did. I repented. I'm sorry. I tried to do the right thing and look what it's gotten me. Eric - What? The right thing? You acted out of pure selfishness. When I started having those memories you just stood back and let Nicole take the blame when you knew she was innocent. Kristen scoffs. OMG if Nicole is innocent I'm Mother Theresa. She can go to hell and so can you. She leaves.

Nicole - Why would Kristen do something like that? Hope - I don't know. Why does that woman do anything she does. There's a lot of questions she needs to answer. Nicole - Then Eric must have told you that night at the Capitol ... he believed that he was drugged and then sexually assaulted. Hope - And because his memory was fuzzy and because you were there that night he thought it was you that did this to him. Nicole - Oh God, I was hoping that his remembering wasn't real. How could somebody do something like that to him. How could he think that I could do something like that to him. Hope checks her phone. I'm so sorry but I've got to go. Will you be okay? Nicole - Yeah. Hope leaves. Nicole recalls her last confrontation with Eric. She gets up and leaves.

Jordan - Everything's fine. Caroline - Good. My memory is not as good as it used to be but I believe Kayla told me that you're not from Salem. Jordan - That's right. Caroline - What do you of our little town? Jordan smiles - I like it.

Johnny is back on Rafe's lap laughing. EJ turns and watches. Kayla - Where is Eric? Sami - I don't know. I wanted to find him but then Johnny fell and we had to come here. Kayla - I can't believe that happened to him. It just makes me sick to my stomach. Those damn DiMera's! What did EJ have to say for his sister? Sami - He's upset as we are. If he knew what his sister was up to he'd have done something to prevent it. Kayla - And you believe that? Sami - Yes I do! EJ hears this exchange.

Maggie - If Victor had to do this why did it have to be so public. Why did he have to make Marlena be the one that ... Dan - Mom, you still haven't told me what was on the video that was so ... Maggie - Kristen! Kristen ... she was having sex with Father Eric. Dan - What! Maggie - To save Brady Victor let Marlena sacrifice her own son.

Vic - There is one thing that I'm sorry about. I'm sorry that you had to be hurt this way but there was just no other way. Before I go I have one more thing to say and it's not I told you so. It's I love you. Brady stops him from getting up. I know you do and you were right. Thank you. Thank you.

Harold opens the front door of the D mansion. Hope flashes her badge. Harold - Miss DiMera is not here. Hope - I'd like to see for myself if you don't mind. Harold steps in front of her preventing her from coming inside. Do you have a warrant? Hope - No but I'll get one. And oh Harold, tell her when she does return that she can run and she can hide but I'll find her. She leaves. Kristen comes out from behind the bushes and opens the door. She gasps in surprise when someone grabs her shoulder from behind. It's Nicole.

Segment 4: Caroline brings a takeout bag back to Jordan. Jordan - I didn't order. Caroline - I know. That's Rafe's favourite dessert. If you go by the hospital can you take it to him? Jordan will make sure Rafe gets it. You're very fond of him, aren't you>? Caroline - You didn't hear this from me but when you get to know Rafe Hernandez, underneath the tough guy stuff, he's really as sweet as he can be. He's got a heart of gold.

Johnny tells Rafe to guess what he was for Halloween. Rafe - Luigi. No? Johnny - I was an FBI guy just like you! Time for high - 5's. EJ walks up to Kayla and Sami. Is there a problem here? Kayla - Yeah the problem is your family. This is just going to kill your Grandmother when she finds out. Has anybody spoken to her? Sami - No. I don't know actually. Kayla - Do you know what this would do to her if she found out from someone else that Eric was ... Sami - I'll tell her. I'll tell her as gently as I can. Kayla - That's what I'm worried about. She leaves. EJ - Do you want me to go with you or is that going to make it worse. Sami wants him to come with her. Sami asks Johnny if he's ready to go. Aunt Kayla said we can take you home. Rafe - I'll see you soon okay. Johnny - Promise. Rafe - Yeah I promise. Give me a hug, will ya! That's good. Be good. Listen, I don't want to see you back in this hospital unless you're visiting me. Deal? Johnny - Deal.

Dan asks if he can get Maggie anything. Maggie - This really isn't about me. Dan - You just walked out on your husband. You're allowed to be upset. Maggie - I knew exactly who Victor was when I married him. I've always known how ruthless he can be. Why did I think that anything would change? Dan - You know this wasn't about getting Kristen. This was about protecting his grandson. You know that. Maggie - I think it was some of both. There had to have been another way. What he has done is going to scar Eric and Brady forever. Dan - The truth was going to be very difficult no matter how it came out Mom. Maggie - Yeah, but to use a mother as an instrument to her son's humiliation. That is so cruel. I just don't understand. Dan - Of course you don't because you could never do something like that. You couldn't even begin to know how. He hugs her as she cries.

Brady has the DVD he made. This is how I saw her. Business woman, social worker ... Victor - Seductress, victim. Brady - I saw her as vulnerable. I thought she loved me the way I truly loved her. I thought I was right and everyone else was wrong. Vic - I'm sure there was a part of her that truly loved you. She just wasn't capable of being the woman you needed her to be. You found that out once. Brady - I felt like such a fool. After I took her back how was I supposed to admit I was wrong a second time. I needed to see the looks on those people's faces and I understand why you did what you did. Marlena wanted to get back at her and you just wanted to save my life. He breaks the DVD and throws it into the fireplace. There's one more thing I want you to help me with. Let's track down that miserable bitch.

Nicole - There must be a private circle in hell for someone who could drug and rape a priest. I would hate to be you on Judgement Day. Kristen - I don't want to be you either so why don't you take your righteous indignation and shove it. Leave me the hell alone. Nicole grabs her. Are you kidding! You ruined my life! Kristen - You did it yourself. Nicole - You ruined Eric's life. Kristen - Maybe he'll leave the priesthood and you can make him miserable. How's that? Nicole - How dare you! If you had ever been violated like that ... Kristen - Are you kidding! Nicole - You threw Eric's celibacy in my face and then you taunted me about having something that I would never have and you let Eric blame me for something you did. Kristen - Maybe you should have tried harder to get under that cassock. Go watch the video. See for yourself that the flesh was week and the spirit was very willing. Nicole grabs her. You sick, evil ... You're squirmy flesh is weaker than my two fists. I'm not going to wait for to go to hell. I'm going to make your life a living hell right now.

Segment 5: Jordan tells Caroline she will bring Rafe over so he can thank her personally for the cake. Caroline - It will be good to see the both of you. Sami, EJ and Johnny come into the pub as Jordan leaves. Caroline asks Johnny what happened to him. EJ - He had a little Jungle Gym accident. Sami - But Aunt Kayla took great care of him. Caroline has a special dessert in the kitchen if he hasn't had wedding cake yet. He hasn't. Johnny heads to the kitchen. Caroline - Samantha Gene I know that look. What's the bad news?

Dan brings Maggie some tissue. I don't want you to worry about my problems; you have enough of your own. Dan - Please don't let what happened with Theresa stress you out. Maggie - That's something else that doesn't make any sense to me. Dan - I know and I wish I could explain. Maggie - You don't have to explain; not to me ever. I just want you to know that I'm always in your corner no matter what. There's a knock on the door. It's Eric. Where's Nicole?

Kristen - Why are you defending Eric? You don't think he's man enough to defend himself. Nicole - I know Eric better than anyone. Kristen - I don't think you do. Nicole - He is absolutely committed to his vocation. Kristen - Not anymore. Nicole - And he would never do what you are trying to say he did. Kristen - Maybe not with you. Seriously, why are you defending him? He treats you like crap. He calls you a lying whore. You only see the best in him. Well guess what, he only sees the worst in you honey. It's not so hard to understand actually. I think there's a private circle in hell reserved for you; you know for women who use their dead unborn babies to send their romantic rivals to prison. Nicole - I paid for what I did to Jennifer. Kristen - When! Nicole - Every day of my life. And now I'm going to make you pay for hurting the people I care about. Kristen - Are you talking about Eric and Brady? They throw you away like the piece of trash you are. Nicole - It's killing you that you can't have Brady, isn't it? Kristen - We'll see. Nicole - What planet are you living on! It is over and even if Brady was stupid enough to take you back again you're going to jail because you can't lie your way out of this. Everyone knows what you did, you slut. Kristen - I don't think so because there's one truth that you will never know. I'm referring to what really happened between Eric and me on that momentous night. That's one detail that I know is going to haunt you, drive you crazy for the rest of your stupid, lonely, little life. She pushes Nicole to the ground and takes off running. Nicole gets up. I will chase you to hell before you ever get away from me.

Segment 6: Kayla is with Rafe. Rafe - I saw you having a rather heated conversation with Sami earlier. Did something happen? Jordan comes in. Kayla - Jordan, I thought you were gone for the night. Jordan - I was but your mother asked me to deliver this. Rafe guesses what's in the bag. Kayla - Wow, your physical therapist brings you room service. You rate. Kayla leaves. Rafe - You really didn't have to come back here for this you know. Jordan - I didn't want to disappoint Mrs. Brady. Rafe - You know what I think. You were hoping I'd share. Jordan - Well I did bring 2 forks. Rafe laughs - Of course you did. They share the cake. Rafe - Too bad Johnny's not here to have some of this. This is his favourite. They talk about Johnny. Rafe says it was great to see him. Jordan comments that a lot of people in this town seem to like him.

Caroline - Eric would never break his vows. Sami - I know that. Caroline - How can you be so sure that this thing wasn't Photoshopped. Maybe Kristen hired someone to look like Eric. Does the name Susan Banks ring a bell to you? Sami - I wish something like that was possible but it's not. Eric said that Kristen had drugged him and assaulted him. Caroline looks at EJ - Your sister is vile. She's evil. Sami - I know and I know that you're upset but I'm upset, EJ's upset. He's not his sister. This is not his fault. Caroline - I'm not blaming EJ but his sister has no morals and we all know who taught her that. Sami - EJ knows what his father is capable of; we all know. Caroline - Brady was in love with her and she destroyed Eric and Brady showing a video like that at the wedding. EJ - Actually it wasn't Kristen. Caroline - Who else could have done such a thing. Sami - It was my mom.

Vic is on the phone. If she tries to get a plane, a train, a slow boat to China, do whatever you have to and drag her back here to Salem. Brady is on another phone giving that person a list of places to look. She doesn't have any friends besides Daniel and Jennifer in this town. Just let me know. Hope comes in. Sorry to interrupt. I'll try and make this as quick as I can. I need statements from both of you. Vic - Now when Kristen is out there probably escaping as we speak! Hope - Believe me we're doing everything we can to bring her in. If we can prove the charges Eric's making she's going away for a very long time.

Eric - Like I said I need to see Nicole. Dan - I'm sorry ... Eric lets himself in. I know I should I have called ... he sees Maggie. Maggie - I told Daniel what happened. Eric - You were right. You said I would regret what I did to Nicole and I do. I need to see her before I do anything else.

Kristen is driving along. She sees headlights in her rear view mirror. Damn you Nicole. She steps on the gas ... so does Nicole.

Segment 7: Kristen keeps watching Nicole - What the hell are you doing. Nicole speeds up and rams into the back of Kristen's car. Kristen screams (not very loudly).

Caroline - Marlena did this. That makes no sense. Sami - Mom didn't know what was on the video. If she did she never would have played it. Caroline - I am exhausted. I need to lie down. Sami tries to stop her but she leaves. Sami rounds on EJ. Look what Kristen is doing to my family. What she did was disgusting and horrible and then my mom played it ... I know she didn't know. If we had just known ahead of time we could have done something to stop it. I have to go check on my Grandma.

Hope - The DA will file charges of assault and rape but we need solid physical evidence to back them up. You know what happens when a DiMera ... Brady - Hope, track her down, make the charges stick. If you don't I will track her down and kill her.

Dan tells Eric that Nicole's not answering. Eric - I have to make this right. Where could she be?

Nicole rams Kristen again. Kristen - Stupid bitch. She rams into Kristen's car 3 more times before Kristen's car swerves ... now she screams. Nicole hits the brakes and swerves as well.


Thursday Nov 14

Segment 1: EJ walks into the D living room talking on his cell leaving a message for Kristen. As you can imagine things are spiralling out of control here. I need to make sure that Samantha does not find out that I knew you slept with Fr. Eric and kept quiet about it so call me immediately as soon as you get this. Sami comes into the room after tucking the kids in. She asks where Kristen is.

Nick is in the square talking on his cell to his mom - his laptop open to a pic of Gabi. No Mom, I haven't decided anything yet but if I could pick the perfect place to live it would be New York City.

Gabi is looking over her contract in the apt when Sonny calls for help. Gabi goes into Ari's room just as Sonny comes out ... Will comes through the door. He kisses Sonny.

Eric rushes into the rectory calling out Nicole's name. He tries calling her. Come on, please pick up. Give me a chance to make this right.

The camera cuts to Nicole's phone buzzing, her hand near the phone, then a mangled car crashed into trees then pans up to an unconscious Nicole lying on the steering wheel.

Hope ends her call by saying I'll be right there. She tells Vic and Brady that someone spotted 2 cars speeding down the highway. They both went over the embankment. Vic - Anyone we know. Hope - The witness was able to make out the licence plate numbers. One of them was registered to Kristen DiMera.

The camera cuts back to the car crash scene.

EJ - Kristen's not here. Sami - Big surprise; the coward decided to run. EJ - I spoke to Harold. He said she left just after Brady did. Sami - I hope Brady finds her and gives her hell for what she did to him and Eric. Worst than hell; I swear Kristen deserves ... EJ - Why don't we just reserve judgement until we have the whole story. Sami - We know the whole story. Kristen drugged my brother and sexually assaulted him. EJ - Well that's what Eric says. Sami - Eric's not lying. He wouldn't lie about something like this. He's a priest for God's sake. EJ - We both saw that video twice. Did that look like assault to you?

Eric is going to leave but Fr. Matt is in the doorway. My God Eric what have you done!

Brady - Was Kristen hurt? Hope - I don't know. I don't have the details. I'll let you know as soon as I find out. Brady - No, I'm coming with you. I need to be there please. Vic - After all that woman's done to you do you really care if she lives or dies? Brady - No I don't but I need to know either way.

Nicole just starts coming to as Roman and a police officer rush down to the car. Nicole, are you okay? It's Roman. Are you okay? Nicole - Yes, I will be as soon as you tell me that bitch is gone for good.

Another cop is near the other car. Salem PD. Can anybody hear me?

Segment 2: Gabi comes back into the room. She's excited to see Will too. Will goes to see Ari. Gabi grabs her purse and keys. She tells Sonny she's going to give him and Will some alone time. Ari will be asleep for a while and they haven't seen each other in a week. Sonny - I'm kind of liking you more and more each day.

Eric - You heard about the video. FM - Yes. Is it true that you were intimate with Kristen DiMera. Eric - Yes but it wasn't ... I was drugged Father. It's like I was watching somebody else. I would never forsake my vows to the Church. FM - I want to believe you Eric. I can see how upset you are. Eric - Father, I told you about those sexual dreams. Those dreams that tormented me. I told you how I was trying to figure out what happened to me that night at the State Capitol; why I became so deadly ill. All those things are connected. FM - Connected? Eric - That night Kristen, she committed this heinous act. Don't you see that! Father, why aren't you saying anything. FM - I'm also remembering some of our earlier conversations where you said you were guilt-ridden about something but you didn't want to explain it. And you also admitted that whatever it was you shared some responsibility. Eric sits down. FM - I have to ask you this. Eric, those feelings of guilt that you had, were they because you willingly had sex with Kristen DiMera.

Roman helps Nicole out of the car telling her to take it easy. Are you hurt? Nicole - I hit my head and I'm a little sore but I'm okay I think. Roman - We'll get you checked out. Until then I'd advise you not to say anything more about this accident. Nicole - Fine, I won't. Roman, I don't wish death on anyone but my God we can not let that horrible woman destroy anymore lives. She's got to be stopped. Roman - I said Shhh! Nicole - Why are you shushing me? Why? Maybe you don't know what Kristen did to me but you sure as hell know what she did to your unsuspecting son. You can't stand there and tell me that you don't hate that low-life snake as much as I do. A uniformed cop comes up to Roman and tells him they found the other vehicle. He asks Nicole if she's sure she's okay.

Hope and Brady arrive at the scene of the other car. Brady - That's Kristen's car. A cop is crouched down near the driver's side - I think you should see this for yourself Det. Brady. She tells Brady to wait. She goes to the car. Any survivors? Brady - Is she dead? Hope - There's no one in the car. Kristen's not here.

Segment 3: Will comes out to find Sonny pouring them wine. Sonny tells him it was Gabi's idea to give them some alone time. Will - You two must be getting along then. Sonny says they are. Will tells Sonny about his 'chat' with Ari. Sonny tells him how he knew Ari missed him while he's gone. Sonny takes the wine glasses. They start kissing.

Eric - I promise you Father I didn't even know what was happening with whom until that video started playing. FM - So that guilt had nothing to do with Kristen. Eric - It was on my own that I realised that the sexual dreams that I was talking to you about were actually memories. I started to put all this together and I mistakably thought the woman I was with was Nicole. FM - Did you talk with her about this before it happened? Eric - Yes I confronted her and she denied it obviously. FM - Why would you think that Nicole would want to do something like that to you. Eric - There were coincidences. She was there that night at the Capitol and the woman that I was remembering, she had blonde hair and then ... FM - And then what? Eric - Then I found out Nicole actually had feelings for me. FM - So you leapt to the conclusion that the person in your dream, your memories was her. Eric - Father, I was accusing Nicole without proof; refusing to believe her. FM - Have you spoken to her since the truth came out? Eric - I was actually on my way to go and look for her before you got here. I should go. FM - Hold on, there's another matter you must deal with. Bishop White heard what happened and wants to meet with you tonight.

EJ - Don't you dare look at me that way. Sami - What way? Like what you just said wasn't incredibly stupid or insensitive or infuriating. EJ - If anyone on that video was the aggressor it clearly was Eric. Sami - Obviously because she pumped him full of a cartload of drugs. EJ - Tell me, what kind of drug would a man take to ravish somebody against his will and then have no memory of it. Sami - Lets ask Kristen shall we. EJ - No, let's ask you. Unless it is that you don't remember the name of the drug that you used to get Austin to sleep with you. Sami - I can not believe that you are throwing that in my face right now. EJ - That's exactly what you're throwing in my sister's face. Sami - I was a kid. She's a fully grown psychopath. And obviously Stefano hasn't changed a bit because he helped her do it. EJ's cell rings. Great, it's your father. Yes Roman what can I do for you. What! No, I'll be right there. Sami - What is it? EJ - Kristen. There's been some sort of accident. Sami will go with him. EJ goes to get the car. Sami mutters - Please let her be dead.

Hope tells Brady that Kristen or whoever was driving this car somehow managed to walk away from it. Brady - That doesn't seem possible. Hope - There are footprints leading into the woods; may take time to track. Brady - So we don't even know if she was driving the car. We don't even know if she was in the car. Hope holds up an evidence bag. We found this on the front seat. Do you recognise it. Brady takes the bag. It's Kristen's. She was wearing it at our wedding; what would have been our wedding. Brady - There was suppose to be 2 cars. The witness said there were 2 cars. Where the hell's the other car. Roman calls out Brady. He's helping Nicole walk. Hope calls for one of the cops. Come here. I think I found something. They all rush over. Hope - Look at this. It looks like a torn piece of fabric. Nicole - Her wedding dress. She was still wearing it when we fought. Roman - We'll talk about that down at the office. Nicole - Are you arresting me? What about Kristen? Roman - We'll get it sorted out. Roman - Look, Kristen is alive. She could be hurt but obviously she took off so we need to organise a search. Nicole - And then will you arrest her? Roman - Let's just say she's got more allegations than I can name so yeah, she needs to talk to us. Hope and the other cops continue looking. Brady goes to Nicole - You fought with Kristen. Nicole - I wanted her to admit what she had done and she took off. Brady - And you drove off after her. Nicole - To stop her; to keep her from getting away. Roman told me not to talk about this. I don't care what people think and I'm not sorry for what I did. Brady - I'm not either. Kristen deserved it and much worse.

Segment 4: Gabi finds Nick in the square and says hi. He asks if she decided to sign with that modelling agency. No. Nick - No, not yet or no, not never. Gabi hasn't decided yet. It's a really big deal so I'm thinking it over; it would really change our lives. Nick - It's true. It's just that all the things the agent was describing that they could do for you; it's not going to happen here. Gabi knows that. It's just that my whole life is here. Nick gets that. I just saw Abigail. She said she picked up Will from the airport. Gabi says it was a surprise that he came home early. Nick - So have you seen him? Did you tell him about the modelling character? Gabi - He was so happy. He wanted to see Sonny and the baby. I didn't want to tell him I was considering taking his daughter to New York. Nick understands. Did he seem happy though? Gabi - He did; like he finally knew what he wanted to do with his life. Nick - There's nothing more important. Gabi - What about you? What do you want to do with your life?

Vic stares at a photo of Maggie on the mantelpiece. He gets a call. Yes I have heard about Kristen DiMera's unfortunate accident. No, I hadn't heard that. How very interesting.

Brady - You told me to look out for her and what did I do? I told you to get the hell out of my life; that's what I said to you. Sorry. I'm really sorry. No excuses. Nicole - You should be. You know Brady for what it's worth, I'm sorry that I was right for your sake.

FM - Bishop White and other church officials have heard from a number of parishioners some of whom were at the wedding and saw that video. They're all reporting that the sex looked consensual. Eric - They're all reporting that? You're telling me that not one single person is sceptical in any way; that every single parishioner isn't giving me the benefit of the doubt? FM - Apparently not. The Bishop is going to have to see that video before he makes any decisions. This does not look good. Eric - It's not the truth. It's the furthest thing from the truth that the sex was consensual. My God. How many times do I have to say that I was drugged. FM - Is there any way that you can prove that. Eric snaps - No or I would have already done it. I'm sorry. FM - I understand your frustration. Eric - Frustration? Try regret, disgust ... FM - Of course you have those feelings but don't you see, unless there's some proof ... Eric - I know if I don't have any proof I was drugged, no one's going to believe me. Even after seeing that video I still have no recollection of what happened with Kristen. But I can honestly say even though that evening was a loss, there's no question in my mind or my heart that I did not willingly have sex with Kristen. You believe me, don't you?

Sami and EJ rush to Hope. EJ - We saw the car. Is Kristen in the emergency room? Sami - Or the morgue? Hope - She's not in the ER unless she got there on her own. The car was empty when we found it and she's nowhere in sight. EJ - So she walked away. I don't quite understand. That's a serious accident. Are you telling me she survived and then she just fled? Hope - Potentially she's facing some very serious charges. Sami - For the horrible things she did to my brother. EJ - My concern right now is for my sister and if you're going to continue to imply that it would be better if she were dead you can take it somewhere else, alright! I think Sami asks 'any leads' but I'm not sure. Hope - No. There's no blood. It seems she left on foot. I doubt she's gotten very far. We should know more when we find her.

Segment 5: Nick - I'm still trying to figure things out just like you. I'm fine financially because of the formula's I sold Kate. It's not about money for me. It's about figuring out the right situation that's going to make me happy. Gabi knows. Nick - You have a tough decision to make. I just hope you make the right one that's best for you and it's not about trying to please other people because I have been down that road before and it's ultimately self-defeating and it never works out.

Will and Sonny bask in the afterglow. They're naked in bed together. They talk about the seminar and how Will was inspired and how much he loved writing. Sonny tells him to just write and see where it takes him. Will - It feels good knowing what I want to do with my life. They kiss.

FM - I do believe you Eric. Eric - You don't know how much that means to me. FM - I know you to be a thoughtful, prayerful man, decent and honest, dedicated to the church. But Eric, your vocation is at risk no matter what I believe. Eric - I understand and of course I'll meet with Bishop White but right now my main concern is Nicole. I should go. Fr. Matt, thank you for having faith in me.

Roman hands Nicole a piece of paper. I need you to sign that to indicate that you waived your right to an attorney. Nicole - I don't need an attorney. Roman - You were following Kristen DiMera in your own car on Hwy 41, right? Nicole - Right. Roman - Let's make this clear. It was very foggy out there tonight, isn't that correct? Nicole - Well it wasn't really ... she sees Roman making a sign with his hands ... Uh, yeah it was really foggy. I could hardly see. Look, I was just trying to stop her. I never meant for her to get hurt.

EJ - Hope, there's a second car down the embankment. Was that involved in ... Hope - EJ, call Roman first thing tomorrow morning and he will give you a full accounting of everything we find out tonight okay. In the meantime I think the both of you should go home. I promise you if we find anything or locate your sister I'll contact you. EJ - You do that, anytime day or night Hope. I'm not going to talk to my Father or brother about this until we know more. They come face to face with Brady. Sami tells EJ 'Now is not the time.' Brady - Those DiMera's, they are loyal to each other until the end, aren't they? Hope - Right to the bitter end. She virtually destroys his fiancée's brother yet he comes around here like he has the weight of the world on his shoulders; like it would actually be a tragedy if something really did happen ... I'm sorry. Brady - I think that guy is the last person on the planet to give a damn about that woman anymore.

Segment 6: Sonny and Will are now dressed and eating and drinking in bed. Will asks how things have been. Sonny tells Will that he and Gabi are now closer than they've ever been. Did you know Cameron left town? He's doing Doctors Without Borders. Will didn't know that. Is Gabi okay with that. Sonny - I think she is. She's been in really good spirits lately. Like she's excited about something. Someone or something is making her very happy but thankfully I know for sure it's not Nick Fallon.

Nick is looking at a photo Gabi and Ari on her phone. Would you text that to me ... so I can show Hope and Maggie. Gabi - Sure. I've got to go. I'm meeting up with Abigail. Take care.

Nicole - And that's the whole story. All I wanted to do ... Vic comes into Roman's office. Don't say another word Nicole. I'm calling Justin to represent you. Nicole - Wow, where did that come from? Roman - Victor, just relax, back off. Nicole waived her right to an attorney. Everything is just fine. No charges are being filed. He answers his phone. Okay I'll be right there. Roman tells Nicole he has to take care of something. When I come back I will witness you signing your statement. Nicole - Okay but can you hurry back; I really want to go home. Roman - Okay. He points at Victor. He offered his help; look the other way. People that Victor Kiriakis offers help to end up with a knife in their back. Nicole - Thank you for your advice but I already know that. Roman - Just a reminder. He leaves the room. Nicole - Do you want to explain this? Victor - You heard about the video of Eric and Kristen DiMera. Nicole - I was in a car accident; not under a rock, of course I know. Vic - Premiered at the wedding. I orchestrated it. Nicole - I'm sorry. You mean to tell me that you're the one that pulled this amazing stunt off all by yourself? Vic - No, actually Marlena was my accomplice. Nicole - What! Marlena. You mean to tell me that she was willing to aid and abet in publically humiliating her son not to mention ruin all the hard work he's done. Vic - She was more than willing to expose Kristen DiMera. In fact it's been her life's work ever since the bitch came back to Salem. Nicole - I didn't ask you if she was willing to expose Kristen, I asked you if she was willing to screw up her son's life six ways to Sunday. Vic - Well no, actually she didn't know Eric was Kristen's victim as it were. Nicole - Wasn't aware. What are you saying? You tricked her into thinking it was someone else? Vic - There was no trickery involved. She simply didn't know who Kristen was with until she saw the video herself. Nicole - Of course she didn't know her son was Kristen's co-star. She never would have agreed to it. This is one for the books no doubt. Vic - It turned out exactly as I hoped it would. That means if I had to do it over again I'd do exactly the same thing. It was the only way I could show Brady what kind of a monster he was about to marry.

Brady is still at the crash scene. Damn you Kristen.

Vic - I did hear that you managed to run Kristen off the road and that's a good deed that deserves to go unpunished. In fact if you'd managed to kill her I'd have thrown you a parade. Who knows, if we're lucky you still may get one. Nicole - I'd settle for some peace of mind; not having to worry about the next vicious stunt Kristen DiMera's going to pull that I would get crucified for. Vic - I don't get it. Why would you be crucified for Kristen's misdeeds. Nicole - It's nothing. Just being paranoid. You know me. Vic - Yes I do. Look either way that lying whore is toast and the rest of us get to live happily ever after. He leaves. Nicole - Not everyone Victor.

EJ and Sami have returned to the mansion. Harold tells them that Master Johnny had a nightmare. He's fine now. EJ offers to go and check on him. Sami tells him to call if he needs her. She looks at the newspaper with Kristen's pic on the front cover. She rips the story out and throws it in the fire. She hears a phone ringing. She checks hers and realises it's EJ's. Oh God it might be Hope calling about Kristen so she digs his phone out of his suit jacket pocket.

Segment 7: Nick is walking through the park talking on his cell. Hope is right Aunt Julie. I may actually be leaving town. Yes of course I'll miss the family but I have to go where I'm going to be happy and I can lead the life I've always wanted to lead.

Gabi returns to the apt and goes to her room. Sonny comes into the living room and accidentally knocks over Gabi's stuff. He picks up the contract. Gabi comes into the room. What are you doing?

Nicole wonders what's taking Roman so long. I just want to sign this thing and get out of here. She opens the door to find Eric standing there.

Sami reads - EJ, have you executed the contracts ... work related. She sees that he has a text from Kristen. She reads it. Hi EJ. Thank you for being a loyal brother and keeping my secret about Eric. EJ knew that Kristen had slept with my brother. EJ comes back and goes to get his phone. EJ - What are you doing with my telephone? Sami - You S.O.B.

Hope tells Brady it's been a long, long day. You need to get home. Brady - I'm not tired. I want to be here. Hope - What you said before, that EJ is the only person left that cares about Kristen, is it true? Just a few hours ago before the truth came out you were going to marry her. Brady - Hope she disgusts me; disgusts me! The only reason I want to find her is I want her to pay for all the crap she has caused. A cop comes to Hope and says they found a woman hiding in the woods. Hope - Where is she? Cop - Bennett's bringing her right now.


Friday Nov 15

Segment 1: Sonny - What's with the contract? Gabi - I leave for 5 seconds and you're going through it. Sonny - No, it fell on the floor when I picked up the blanket. Gabi - And that gives you permission to go through my personal papers. Sonny - I picked it up off the ground. Was that a contract from a modelling agency? Gabi - That's none of your business so I think you should just leave it alone; let it go. Will comes into the room. What's going on?

Sami throws EJ his cell. You got a text from Kristen. So she's not dead unfortunately. How could you! You knew all along that she had slept with my brother. You knew what she did.

Bennett brings a homeless lady to Hope. Brenda, can you tell her what you told me. Brady - Tell her what? Bennett - Brenda told me she saw a woman. Brady - You did. What did she look like? Do you know where she went? Brady grabs the woman - Where did she go! Hope tells him to stand back.

Dan tells Maggie that if she can't face Victor she's welcome to stay here. You can sleep in my room; I'll stay on the couch. Maggie - What about the guest room? Dan - Nicole is staying there.

Eric - I've been looking for you everywhere. He follows her into Roman's office. Nicole, I need to talk to you. Nicole - Yeah, I need to talk to you too.

Abby is sitting at the bar at the club. T asks if she's here alone tonight. Abby is meeting a friend. And there she is. Jordan asks if she's late. T - If that is your friend I'd like to meet her. Abby - Later T, later. They go and sit at a table.

Sonny - I knocked her purse on the ground by accident and everything spilled on the floor. Gabi - No big deal. Will - I thought you guys were getting along while I was gone. Gabi - We were. We are. Will - Okay, let's start over then. What is really going on with you two?

Brady keeps at it - Where was the woman you saw. Was she here. Hope tells him to wait in the car. Brady - Why would I wait in the car? Kristen's running around. We've got to find her. Hope - Take it down or I'll have one of the officers escort you back to the station. Hope turns to the woman. First of all I want to thank you so much for coming forward and trying to help us. Hope pulls out her phone. Ma'am, I'm going to show you a photo. Is this the woman you saw? Brenda - Yes it is. (It's Kristen).

Sami - Thank you for being a loyal brother and keeping my secret about Eric. EJ - Samantha please stop overreacting. Sami - You're a loyal brother. What about my brothers? What about what she did to Eric and to Brady and you knew and you sat in that church and you did nothing to stop it. EJ - Samantha, I had no idea ... Sami - That's not what Kristen said. Kristen thanked you for keeping her secret. You knew that she did this horrible, vile thing and you were okay with our children living in the same house as her. EJ - I was working very hard thank you, to keep this entire situation under control. Sami - But you love me and we're getting married and you want to protect our family and you chose to protect her; this woman who has made it her mission in life to destroy my family. You knew and you let her knowing she was hell bent on ruining my brother's life. EJ - Please Samantha. If anybody ruined Eric's life you can thank your Mother.

Maggie - Nicole is staying here? I was wondering what you could do to make Jennifer hate you even more. You're in all this trouble and you have this woman here! Oh, okay. Nicole's in your guestroom. How's that working out for you? Dan - She needs a friend right now. Maggie - And you're a good friend. She's lucky to have you. This thing ... what Victor did to everyone at the church especially Eric and Marlena ... I'm really not at the top of my game. I'd like for the last few days to have never happened. Dan - You know he'll do anything to protect his own. Anything! Maggie - Please don't defend him. Dan - It's just a fact. Maggie - Yeah, maybe. Maybe he had to reveal what Kristen did but he didn't need to make a circus of it and he didn't need to make Marlena go through that publically. Dan - It just seems to me the prime instigator in all of this misery here is Kristen. Maggie - Yes, well maybe she'll get hers but maybe she won't but I can guarantee you Victor will. Dan - Is there any merit in pointing out the fact that you still love this man. Maggie - This is not about love, it's about forgiveness. Sometimes forgiveness is the hardest thing on earth.

Nicole - I'm here for questioning in case you were wondering. Kristen and I got in a little tiff which ended in a car chase with me chasing her and that ended in kind of a major kaboom! And when that dust settled, guess what? No Kristen; all gone. Eric - An accident? Are you alright? Were you hurt? Nicole - Well compared to the rest of my week the car crash was kind of fun besides nothing ventured, nothing gained, right. Eric - OMG. You really wanted to kill her, didn't you?

Segment 2: Gabi claims that Sonny went through her purse and read something that was private. Sonny - The name was in block letters; I couldn't help but read it. Will - Read what? Can I please know what we're talking about? Gabi tells Sonny to go ahead and tell him. Sonny - It was a contract from a modelling agency.

Abby comments 'You made it'. Jordan - You sound surprised. Abby explains that she texted her and another friend and then her phone died so she didn't know if either of them were going to make it. Jordan was free tonight. Abby - That's great because I'd really like to get to know you better.

Dan - Moving off the topic of forgiveness; I now see bringing that up was a tad bit premature, so do you want to move in with me and Parker. Maggie - I can't. This isn't about Nicole. I just need some time alone to think. I'll make sure Victor's not there when I go and pick up some clothes. I'll check into a hotel. Dan - No you won't. I'm sorry. I like the two people I love being happy together. Maggie - I didn't meet Victor on a cruise. We weren't some strangers in the night. I knew who he was and the things he'd done. Dan - And you thought you could change him. Maggie - No not really. I just thought, what's there left for him to do? They both laugh. Who does things like this at his age? Dan - Victor does. Maggie - We've had fights when he's done things but this is so cruel. Dan - I don't think he sees it that way. He did what he had to do to protect Brady and stop Kristen. Maggie - What about Eric and Marlena? Dan - He didn't set out to hurt them you know that but if you're not his people your feelings are irrelevant. Maggie - I warned him. You hurt my people, you hurt me. Dan - You're tough. Maggie - I don't feel so tough at the moment. Dan - If this alone thing doesn't work out it's a standing invitation. One last thing, Victor is a moron. You're the best thing that ever happened to him.

Hope - Where did you see her? Was it tonight? Brenda - She was so pretty. Hope - My friend Officer Bennett here is going to make sure you get something to eat and it's going to be cold tonight so how about we get you a nice warm bed. After they leave Brady tells Hope that Kristen is going to get away. Hope - She's on foot. Brady - On foot with a phone. She's going to call EJ. He's going to help her. Let's get the hell out of here ... Hope - No.

Sami - Okay, you know what, we're going to be clear here. Your sister drugged my brother and then raped him and then videotaped it and you want to talk about what my mother did! EJ - I'll concede that probably wasn't the best place to start. Sami - Don't start with what my mother did EVER. EJ - Fine, I'll put a pin in it sweetheart but all of this being drugged and being against my will, that's Eric's story. Sami - Eric's story is the truth because that's what he does. He tells the truth. So why don't you try it EJ. So why don't you turn around, look me in the eye and lie to me again. Tell me you didn't know what was happening. Tell me you didn't know what your sister did to my brother. EJ - I'm not going to lie. I knew.

Nicole - Did I deliberately set out to kill Kristen? No. Do I care if she died an excruciating death. No again but sadly the woman escaped. She's going to live to see another day; to commit another atrocity to blame on someone else. As for me I made a statement to your father who has since been called away but when he comes back I will sign it and I will be free to go. Eric - I hope you know that question was not an accusation. Nicole - Of course not. Eric - The thing is I've been waiting for this day for so long; finely learning the truth now I wish it had never come. Nicole - Must be rough. A woman you thought was a friend violated you body and soul. Eric - If I could only go back when I thought this was only a nightmare or just delusion. Nicole - If only. Eric - Nicole you have to understand I didn't want to see you because of what Kristen did to me; I wanted to see you because of what I did to you.

Segment 3: Will - Modelling. Congratulations! That is awesome. He hugs her. That is what you love to do; what you've been trying to get back to doing, right. Sonny - Is that what you've been so excited about lately? Gabi - I was flattered because they were the ones to get in touch with me. Will - Flattered. You're the best. You're beautiful. Gabi - I can't believe you guys are being so nice about this. Will - What kind of friend would I be if I wasn't happy when something good happened to you. Sonny - When do you start? Gabi - I don't know because I haven't signed yet. Will - Ari's a no-brainer, we can cover. Sonny - Yeah. We'll find a way to make this work. Gabi - Thank you guys. Will - When you book a modelling gig we can totally cover; we can watch Ari. I might even bring her to the set to watch you do your thing. Gabi recalls telling Nick she would have to move to New York. Will - So how come you didn't tell me right away?

Abby talks about JJ and her mom and their family situation. She apologises for talking non-stop, you must be bored to tears. Jordan says she isn't. I like hearing about people's families especially ones where they seem to actually love each other. Abby - What's your family like? What's your story? Jordan - I feel for you and your brother. I lost my Dad when I was very young.

Hope - This is a Salem PD investigation. I know what this means to you but the trail has gone cold and I can't continue to allow you to break the rules. You need to go. Brady - But ... Hope - There's no buts. I understand. I know what you've been through. You feel like you're on the edge. You need to talk to somebody. Maybe Sami or Daniel. Brady - I don't want to talk to anybody. I just want to find her. Hope - You want to find her that badly; leave it to the professionals. I'll keep you posted. Brady - No offence ... Hope - No you listen to me. We're done.

Sami - You knew that that woman who was going to marry my stepbrother had raped my twin brother. EJ - I only knew they'd slept together. Sami - Only! Only that they had slept together. Oh that makes a difference. I thought you loved me. I thought you wanted to marry me. EJ - I do. Sami - I can't wait to see the video at that wedding. EJ - Samantha I was trying to keep this thing constrained so I could protect amongst other people, members of your family. Sami - It didn't work. I can't believe that you thought it was okay for that whore to marry my brother. EJ - You take it easy. Your brother loved that whore. You saw her at that church. She was devastated. She didn't want this to happen. She didn't want to lose Brady. Sami - I don't care. I don't give a flying rat's ass what she wanted. EJ - So she had sex with Eric. She was broken up with Brady. She was having a rough time. Does it really make that much difference. Sami - She raped him and she videotaped it! EJ - That is not the way that she explained it to me and Eric certainly did not look drugged on that video. Sami - He would never have sex with your sister! Give me a break! EJ - Look she's gone. She's out of town. You don't need to worry about her. Eric doesn't need to worry about her. Brady doesn't need to worry about her. It's over. Sami knocks his drink out of his hand. The hell it is over! This is not over. You let me put this dress on. You let me get made up and go to a wedding. I was supposed to pretend to be happy that Brady and Kristen were getting married. I watched them walk down the aisle and stand in front of Eric. You knew what she had done and you didn't tell me! EJ - And what do you think would have happened if I had told you. I mean you handle things like that so well Samantha. Instead of your mother screwing things up it would have been you. The only difference being instead of that video appearing on a little screen in the church it would have been on the nighttime news. Only a complete fool would have told you.

Nicole - Here to talk down the disgruntled ex-employee. Eric - Nicole, you need to hear that I know what I did was wrong. All these things kept crashing in on me today. Nicole - Really. Eric - Nicole, it's not the big horrible thing I'm sorry for. It's all the little things that came along the way. It doesn't let me off the hook though, does it? Nicole, you told me that ... Nicole - That I was in love with you. You can say it Eric. It's not a secret anymore. Eric - But you swore to me, you swore that you were telling me the truth about what happened that night at the hotel and I didn't believe you. That's what disgusts me. You know I was completely and totally wrong about so many things. Most of all I was wrong about you. How could you ever understand when I don't. Nicole wipes her tears. I do understand. I do.

Segment 4: Gabi - I didn't tell you right away because I didn't know how you'd react. Will - You got a job that you love and I'm really happy for you. How else would I react? Gabi - There's still a lot to think about. They want me to have a lawyer look over the contract. Sonny - I got a guy. My dad thinks it's fun to read over contracts. I'm going to text him right now. He does this all the time and I will get you the family discount. Will - This is a really cool time I think. We all 3 have something we're interested in besides Ari of course.

Abby - How old were you? Jordan - Do you mind if we talk about something else. It's just that I spend so much time in the hospital I just want to have a good time. T comes over with fresh drinks. These are on the house. Hello, I'm Tad Stephens, my friends call me T. Jordan - Nice to meet you. T - If you're new in town I know Salem probably better than anyone so ... Abby - T, I think that you are needed at the bar. T - Sadly, yes. This is not my regular gig. I'm just helping friends out. That's the kind of guy I am. Jordan smiles - He's actually kind of sweet. Abby - Sweet and incorrigible.

Sami - Smooth, EJ. You are always so smooth. EJ - Well it may not be smooth my dear but it's certainly accurate. Tell you what, let's go back to yesterday morning. Say I came to you and said sorry sweetheart, bad news. It turned out your brother, you know the anointed one, had sex with my sister. Would you have believed me? Sami - If you had convinced me. EJ - Oh please. We were in bed yesterday morning and you were lying there telling me how much of a better person than you he was. You seriously expect me to believe that of all people you would be onboard with me telling you that your brother slept with my sister. Sami - Stop trying to be a lawyer with me EJ. You didn't even try to tell me the truth and that was wrong and unforgiveable. EJ - Unforgiveable. You're talking about what your brother did to my poor sister. Sami screams - Shut up! SHUT UP EJ! You just shut your mouth. EJ - Where the hell do you think you're going!

Eric - You understand. Nicole - More than you know. A cop brings her Nicole's statement for her to sign. The Commissioner is tied up on a case and he wanted you to be able to get home. Nicole signs it. The cop tells her she's free to go. She grabs her stuff. Eric - You said you understood. Nicole - I do. I understood that you were wrong. I have to go. Please get out of my way.

Segment 5: Gabi joins Abby and Jordan. Hi, sorry I'm late. Jordan - You didn't tell me we were meeting Rafe's sister.

Hope is at Dan's. I'm going to record this okay. Dan - Yeah sure. I really believed that Eric was poisoned; that there was some kind of masking agent to disguise the original drug. Hope - Why does the name DiMera automatically pop into my head when you say masking agent. Dan - I'll get you all the medical records you need but I don't think there's anything in there to be construed as proof. I really, really don't want that woman to get away with what she's done to Eric. It wasn't just that night; he's been going through hell every day after that. Hope - You were there for him. You were such a good friend. You stood by him. Dan - I just thought if we could figure out what happened he'd feel better and move on. Hope - You were his doctor and you were his friend. Dan - Yeah ... Hope - Sorry to interrupt but I just don't get it. Maybe you can clear this up for me. Time and time again you prove that you're this great guy so how the heck do you end up hurting Jennifer the way you did.

Brady is with Maggie in the K mansion living room. I don't when Kristen is going to resurface if she will. I wish I could take back all the stupid mistakes I made. Thinking she had changed; thinking she wasn't like all the other DiMera's. I know who she is now. They will find her. She's too evil to die.

Sami grabs her jacket and purse. Where I'm going EJ is none of your business. He grabs her purse from her. She holds out her hand waiting for him to give it back to her. He does. Sami - And for the record, while I am gone you can find another bed to sleep in. Lucky for you there are plenty of empty bedrooms in this house. Pick one. I don't care. Stay away from mine. She leaves.

Eric - Nicole, please ... Nicole - Please what? Listen to another heartfelt mea culpa. I heard you say that you were wrong but are you really, truly sorry for what you did to me? I put my hand on a bible and I swore to you that I didn't do anything wrong! But you knew better. You put that collar on and you never do any wrong; you're too good to anything wrong. Eric - I was horribly wrong. Nicole - I know you don't want me to be mad but if I stop being angry I won't be able to get out of bed in the morning. And you want to know what hurts! You called me a rapist. You didn't come to your senses. You didn't examine your conscious and realise you were wrong. You needed proof. You needed a video to prove that I'm not the monster you said I was. Eric - You're right. Nicole - I am right. I've been right. She cries. You want to know the good that has come out of all of this is you don't have to worry about me loving you anymore. Your virtue is safe with me. I defended you to Daniel you know. Knowing what it feels like to go through that kind of debasement; knowing who you are at that moment, not feeling right. And I will tell you something, I mean this from the bottom of my heart. I really hope you find a way to forgive yourself for what you did to me; how you treated me. But if you think telling me you're sorry is going to give you another chance you better think again because I know what you want Eric and you're not going to get it, not ever.

Segment 6: Nicole - I know you want me to forgive you. You want me to tell you that everything is going to be alright; that we'll make amends. I know you prize honesty so here it is. The only way we'll make amends is if I never see you again. So you do whatever you have to do to make peace with yourself. Go be a monk or go get penance on bare feet in some pilgrimage or whip yourself. I don't care what you do. You are not the man I thought you were. You are not the priest I thought you were. And I am sure God will forgive you it's just I never can. She leaves.

Hope turns the recorder off. Don't need to record this. Dan - No you don't. I have taken an oath to try and keep people from dying so I had to take Theresa to the hospital that night. I didn't know Jennifer was going to be there but even if I had I would have done exactly the same thing. I would have done that even if she hadn't broken up with me which she has. So this whole good guy status thing is really irrelevant. Hope agrees. But I still feel there's a lot more to this story. Dan - Don't you have a real case to investigate? Hope - You don't want to talk about it. Dan - No and I'm not going to talk about it.

Gabi - I think Rafe is going to be happy that you're out and about and having a good time. Jordan - I didn't know you were coming and Rafe's my patient. Gabi - It's no big deal. He's your friend too. He actually worries about you. He wants to make sure you're liking Salem and having a good time so I think this is a good thing. I didn't know you guys were friends. Abby - Actually we just met but I decided it's time to get out with my girlfriends more; take my mind off guys. Gabi - Did that work? Abby - It will work. Gabi and I are newly single so we're feeling free and alive. Gabi - Kind of good news. A modelling agency wants me to start modelling again. Jordan - That's amazing. You're a model! How cool. Abby - Proof positive we do not need men to succeed.

Eric is back at the rectory. He starts listening to messages. The first one is calling him a shame to the priesthood. He stops it. Sami comes in. I'm sorry Eric. He's wrong. We both know that that's not true. I'm sorry about everything. They hug. Eric - I'm so glad that you're here. You're the only person that I want to see right now. Sami - There's something that I have to tell you.

EJ sits and drinks and sighs. She doesn't really want to leave. She's just angry. This whole thing will blow over. Alright Kristen, let's see what sort of mess you've made of the business. He looks at his laptop and shakes his head.

Maggie - I was just thinking, after such a truly lovely day maybe a late night meeting would be in order. Do you care to join me? Brady - No but don't worry. I'm too angry to drink or use at this point. I think the rage I feel for Kristen is going to help see me through. Maggie - Rage never does that. Brady - It will for me. Maggie - Call if you need me. Don't worry about the time. I doubt I'll be doing very much sleeping. He hands over her suitcase and she leaves. Brady goes back into the living room and stares at the liquor bottles.

Segment 7: Brady pulls his gaze away from the booze and makes a call. It's Brady Black. The cops are looking for Kristen DiMera but that's not good enough for me. I want all of Titan security, I don't care how many men, how much it costs, I want you to find her. Ah Kristen, you're not going to get away with this.

EJ mutters that she made a right mess of the business.

Eric - What is it? Did they find Kristen? Sami - No, they didn't. It's just that EJ and I ... feel terrible about what happened and he's the one that sent me here to you because we both know how important it is for me to say to you that I believe in you. I love you and I believe in you Eric Brady. I always have and I always will.

Nicole returns to Dan's. Dan - I was worried about you. Are you okay? Nicole - No I'm not okay and I don't think I'm ever going to be.


Monday Nov 18

Segment 1: EJ wakes up Sami by kissing her shoulder. She wakes up and is upset that he's in her bed. He apologises. He should have told her about Kristen and Eric as soon as he heard about it. I betrayed everything that I promised you when you came back to live in this house. It was utterly wrong and I will do anything to win back your forgiveness and your trust. You are the most important thing in the world to me. Sami kisses him then she wakes up from her nightmare.

Justin meets EJ in the park near the gates to the square. EJ thanks Justin for meeting him. Justin - If this is about Kristen she can find her own damn lawyer. EJ - It's not about Kristen. In fact I don't even know where she is. Justin - Then what's so urgent. EJ - I would like you and I to work together.

Gabi is reading her contract out loud - the part where the agency would pay moving expenses. Will comes into the room - Did you say something? Gabi - No. She tells him Sonny let him sleep in because he knew Will was jet-lagged. Will is fine. How did you sleep? I know you're debating whether or not to do the modelling thing, which I don't get btw.

Jen rushes down the stairs and meets JJ in the foyer. JJ thought she had left for work. Jen slept in. Why aren't you at school? JJ - I don't have a 1st period but I'm going in later. Jen offers to make him breakfast. JJ tells her not to bother; he knows she has to leave. Jen insists but first she has to get her phone from ... JJ stops her from going into the living room. Jen - What is it that you don't want me to see. She goes into the room. Oh my gosh, I don't believe it.

Theresa walks into the empty pub. Caroline comes out from the kitchen. Good, you got my message. Theresa - This place is never this empty. What happened? Caroline - Well I put a closed sign in the window. Theresa - Because of what happened with Eric yesterday? Caroline - No. Theresa - Is it about me? Shane and Kim walk in. Theresa - Mom, Dad, I thought you were coming tomorrow. Okay, what's going on here?

Jen sees a guitar and sheet music on the couch. Are you playing again? JJ - No, just restringing it. Jen - Yes you are. This is wonderful! JJ - It's no big deal Mom. Jen - Honey, it's a huge deal. You have not touched your guitar since you came home; another reason you didn't seem like you. I miss hearing you play. You are so talented honey. JJ - No, I'm not. Jen - Yes you are. Stop putting yourself down. You are an amazing musician and a really wonderful son.

Shane opens up his arms. Come here, thank God you're alright. He hugs her. Theresa - I am Dad; I mean I'm going to be. Kim hugs her as well. Theresa - So why are you here a day early. Shane - I cut my trip short. Kim - We wanted to get here as soon as possible. Shane - Because we're very worried about you. Roman, Hope and Kayla walk up. Roman - So are we.

Segment 2: Will thinks he knows what's bothering Gabi. He talks about being on the plane heading to the seminar, looking at pictures of Ari and really missing her. He got very emotional. He thought Ari would forget him. Gabi would never let that happen. Will told himself that and felt much better. He had a great time and is glad that he went. The moral of this story is that he really thinks she should do the modelling thing. Has Justin contacted you. Gabi says they are going to meet and go over the contract. Will - That's great. If the contract is good I think you should do it. Why would you pass up something that would change your life. Gabi - If I do this it's going to change your life too.

Sami goes downstairs to find Harold and Johnny playing with their light sabers. She turns on the light and tells Luke Skywalker to take pity on Darth Vader; he looks exhausted. I think Harold has to go back to work. Harold hands over the light saber so Sami and Johnny have a saber fight. During the fight Johnny informs her that they're staying home from school today and daddy left.

EJ - I assume you heard about the situation with my sister. Justin - Just enough to turn my stomach. EJ - You'll be hearing more. Justin - What does that have to do with the company. EJ - My father had entrusted Kristen with certain responsibilities and she assured us that she was meeting those responsibilities. Justin - But she wasn't. EJ - No. Everything she was in charge of is now in total ballocks. Justin - Stefano is only away until Chad recovers from his surgery, right? I'm sure he'll fix things once he's back in town. EJ - My father and I have reached an understanding if you will. He's going to stay out of town until he's had a bit of time to reflect on some of his actions of late. In the meantime there really isn't any need for me to takeover all I have to do is take over the running of the company. This is a great opportunity for you and I to work together. Justin laughs. You must think I'm a complete idiot because that's what I'd have to be to even consider working with you again.

Theresa - Geez, this has all the earmarks of ... what do they call those on TV ... an intervention. Shane - Don't you think something like that is called for in this case? Theresa - I don't need anyone else to point out to me that I messed up. I figured that out when they were pumping my stomach. I had a lot of time in the hospital to think about stuff and how close I came to ... you know. But the point is I get it! I messed up and I had one chance here and I blew it. I hit rock bottom. I don't like being there you know but I know I need ... Kim - To pull yourself back up. I know. We've heard it a 100 times over and over and over again Theresa. Theresa - I know. And it's just words, right? It's not the words that count, it's what I do now. Kayla - I know you think that we're all ganging up on you. It's not what we're doing. Roman - Making a big change is tough but part of that change is admitting you need help. Theresa - I want your help. Hope - Good. You need to get yourself into some kind of a program. Get the help that you need otherwise you're going to lose all of our support. Theresa - Like AA? Kim - Oh yeah. Shane - That's right. Theresa - Okay, I can do that. I've gone to meetings before as you know but it's probably a good idea. Shane - Good, we're agreed on that. Now we just have to decide where you're going to do it. Theresa - I think there's a group that meets at Eric's church. Kim - No, we're talking about whether you do it here or back in California. Theresa - I can't go home. Are you serious! Dad if I go back to LA that will be the end of me.

Segment 3: Gabi tries to explain but Will talks over her and says he'll pitch in with Ari. He doesn't mind at all. Gabi says she has to tell him something but Will gets a text from T. He wants to know how my Uncle Eric is doing. Odd, he sent a link. Maybe that will explain it. I am going to out. Gabi - I have to talk to you. Will says he'll be back. Gabi is saying she has to meet up with Sonny's dad and she needs him to look after ... but Will goes out the door.

Sami asks Johnny if he knows who his Dad went to see. Johnny wasn't listening. Sami tries to get Johnny to remember what name Daddy said. Johnny can't remember. Sami - It's just a name, that's okay. Johnny - Just ... Dad said Justin. Sami - Good job.

Justin - I helped you orchestrate a hostile takeover of your father's company. My wife reminds me of that on a daily basis and how conveniently I forgot that Stefano could have taken out his revenge on me and my entire family. And do you know what I got for that? EJ - A tremendous amount of money. Justin - The privilege of defending Sami for murder and having you lie to me every step of the way through the trial. And then I got to watch you give back Stefano everything I helped you take from him. EJ - I had to help Samantha. Justin - Oh yes, you're protective nature almost got Sami a guilty verdict. You think I don't know why Stefano has control of the company again. You grossly underestimated my intelligence. Bernardi was on Stefano's payroll. Sami killed a man that your father sent to kill Rafe. EJ - This is not about the trial nor is it about Samantha. Justin - So what, it was all just water under the bridge. Who cares if someone else is raising Marge Bernardi's son because she's in prison. What does it matter that your little brother almost died because she shot him trying to get at you. Or that my marriage almost blew up because of my involvement with you. EJ - I take it that's a no. Justin - I've spent these last couple of months getting reacquainted with my integrity. Find yourself another guy. Justin leaves. EJ mutters - That won't be hard.

Jen wants JJ to play her something. JJ is out of practice and the guitar is out of tune. Jen will like it anyway. He balks she presses. He will practice something when she's not around. Jen - I see the effort that you're making and it means so much to me. And it's going to mean so much at your sentencing hearing because you can honestly tell the judge that things have changed. JJ - Maybe I can sing to him. Jen - I'm being serious. You're doing great in school, you're interested in something. I am so glad that I have my son back. I'm telling you things looked so dark for a while and now I feel like it's a whole knew day. JJ recalls calling Dan for help with Theresa. Jen has to get to work. JJ - Is it hard for you? Do you think you might run into Daniel. Jen - I certainly hope not. She leaves.

Theresa - I got probation because I was leaving LA. I can't go back there. Shane - But if you go straight into rehab maybe we could work something out. Theresa - No. If go to rehab they'll notify the judge and then the judge will know that I'm using again and he'll send me straight to jail. God, how can you do this to me. Shane - We're not doing anything. The judge gave you probation on the condition you leave Los Angeles, you get a job and you stay off drugs. You're the one who messed up. Theresa - It won't happen again. Kim - Honey, we've all got to face the consequences of our actions sometimes. Theresa - So you're throwing me to the wolves. Kayla - I'll tell you what we're not going to do Theresa. We're not going to keep enabling your drug habit. Theresa - God! I told you that I learned my lesson okay. I'm not going to do drugs anymore and I'll go to AA. I have a job here still. Hope - No you were fired. Theresa - Anne hired me back. Kayla - It's not just up to her no matter what she tells you. Theresa - So you're telling me I could get fired again. Then they'll revoke my probation for sure. Kayla - What did you think was going to happen when you did all these things. Theresa - Why doesn't anybody see that I'm turning my life around. Kim - Honey, you overdosed. You almost died and now we're here and we're going to make sure that's not going to happen again. If I have to pick you up and put you on that plane myself and take you to LA, I will. Theresa - You're jut loving this, aren't you? Kim - Loving this? How in the world can you say that to me! Loving this ... Shane - I think we need to take a break. Why don't the two of us step outside for a minute, alright? Theresa - Sure. Outside Theresa thanks her Dad for getting her out of there. I can't believe Mom. She wants me to go to jail. Shane - Now be quiet and listen. If you think you can play me against your mother you are very much mistaken young lady. That might have worked in the past but believe me, those days are over.

Segment 4: EJ returns home and kisses Sami on the top of the head. Good morning. She asks how his meeting with Justin was. EJ says it went well. Sami asks what the meeting was about. EJ says everything is on him now that his father and Kristen ... Sami - Skipped town. So that's what you decided to do the first morning after I find out that you knew what Kristen had done and you didn't tell me. EJ - We talked about this. I knew that Kristen had slept with Eric. That's all she told me. He doesn't want to get into this as it will lead to another fight. Sami says they won't get past this if they don't resolve it. EJ - How can we resolve it. You hate my sister. Sami - For good reason. She tried to kill my mother and more recently she broke my stepbrother's heart by raping a priest who happens to be my twin brother. You know the worst part; the man I love and want to spend the rest of my life with, was protecting her. EJ claims he was trying to protect her. Sami - How was that protecting me? EJ doesn't know how he can convince her. Sami - You are so good. It's one of my favourite lines too. I use it all the time. Will comes in. Did something happen to Uncle Eric because I've read some weird stuff online but that's garbage, right?

Gabi and Justin meet at the outdoor café in the square. Gabi thanks him for looking over the contract for her. Justin - I'm happy to do it. No one should sign a contract if they don't know what the fine print means. Do you have it with you? Gabi pulls out her chequebook. Justin - No, you don't need to pay me. You're one of Sonny's friends. Gabi - I only have a few dollars but it's really important to me ... Justin - You want to make it official so everything we discuss is confidential. Gabi - Right. Justin - Don't worry about it. I won't say anything to anyone. Gabi - I would feel a lot better if you would take the money. Justin - What don't you want people to find out? What kind of modelling are we talking about here?

Caroline takes Kim's hands. You've done everything you can for Theresa. Kim - Thanks Ma. Do you remember when I used to get in trouble as a kid and you used to say to me someday I hope you get a kid who does to you what you're doing to me. That wish is coming true. Caroline - I should never have said that. Kim - It's alright. Roman - Well listen, we are going to get through to Theresa. Kayla - Listen, I'm sorry if we pulled the rug out from underneath her but Hope and I felt that you and Shane shouldn't be the only ones to deliver the bad news. Kim - Oh Kay, I appreciate that. It doesn't matter what anybody does right now, it's me. She thinks this is all my fault. Roman - You didn't make her take drugs. Kim - No Roman I didn't but you know what there are an awful lot of things I should have done better.

Shane - Look, I know I was away far too much when you were young but you have to know that your mother is a very fragile person and she had to do the parenting for both of us. Theresa - She's not that fragile. You weren't there for the fights. Shane - Dealing with an adolescent Theresa is difficult for anyone and she had to bare the brunt of it. Theresa - The brunt of me you mean. I can not believe you're taking her side! Shane - Would you stop making this about your mother! You are a grown woman Theresa. It's time you started taking responsibility for your actions. If you had a problem with your mother it's because you drank too much, you took drugs and you slept around with boys twice your age. Theresa - You ever think that maybe I was looking for a father figure. Shane - Alright, fine. Maybe I wasn't there for you as much as I should have when you were younger but I'm here now and you are not a teenager anymore and you can't guilt me into letting you get away with things you have no business doing. This has to be a wakeup call for all of us. Theresa - I know that okay. Why won't anyone believe me when I say that I've changed. Shane - Because we've heard it all before! And the last time you said that Theresa you were just playing all of us. Theresa - So what do I have to do this time to convince you this time that I've changed. Shane - Well it's not just me and your mother you have to convince. Theresa - Aunt Kayla and Uncle Roman ... Shane - No, no, no. There's someone else you have to speak to. Theresa - Who? Shane goes in to get Kim. Kayla - Are you ready? Shane - Yeah. Kayla - Good luck. They leave. Shane to Theresa - Now you just wait here with your aunt and the others. We'll be right back. Theresa - You're not even going to tell me where you're going?

Segment 5: Gabi - This modelling agency is on the up and up. I would never, ever consider doing that king of modelling. I have a baby to think about. Justin - Great. You were so adamant about the confidentially I just wasn't sure what to think. Gabi - I think once you read this you'll understand. She hands him the contract. Justin starts going through it. It looks pretty standard so far. You have to go to New York. What about Arianna?

Will - Okay, so there was a sex tape and it was Uncle Eric and it was your sister. Sami - Yeah, it's pretty much than what everyone says. Will - Everybody saw it in a church? Sami - Look, your grandmother was tricked into playing that video. She had no idea what was on it and I agreed that we should play it again a second time. Will - Why? Sami - Because I thought it was altered. I thought if we watched it again we'd be able to prove that it was fake. Will - It was real though obviously. Sami - I really believe that Kristen drugged your Uncle Eric and he had no idea what he was doing. Will - Then why isn't Kristen sitting in jail right now? EJ - Because nobody knows where she is myself included. Will - Great. I tried calling Uncle Eric and I didn't get an answer so I came here because he is messed up. Sami - He didn't know what had happened that night. He had no memory of it and then when he saw the video it all came crashing back to him. Unfortunately that had to happen in front of all his family and friends so yeah, he's pretty devastated. Will - Can he still be a priest? Sami - I don't know. I don't know if even still wants that. Will - If this is true than what Kristen did seems very um ... Sami - Evil. Will - Yeah. EJ - Okay, what don't we all sit and hold hands and sit in a prayer circle for Eric later. In the meantime let's focus on something positive so why don't you tell me about your trip to Berkeley. How was that? Sami apologises. With everything going on she didn't get a chance to ask about it. Will - It was basically one of the best things to ever happen to me besides Ari. EJ - You should tell us all about it.

Karen walks up to Jen who is at the coffee station. Miss Horton, I think I owe you an apology. Jen - Really, please don't worry about. Karen - I sort of need to say this. Jen - Okay. Karen - I was a gossip and worst than that I was spreading stuff about Theresa and Dr. Jonas that had to really hurt you. It was just so much fun being in on the secret that I didn't think about your feelings. Jen - You hardly even know me. Karen - The people I told know you. Everyone who loved spreading this around all owe you a huge apology. Jen - I appreciate you saying that. Karen - It's just like high school. The cool, popular girl would tell you to something crummy to someone who wasn't ... and I'd do so that she would like me. Jen - You really thought Theresa was cool? Karen - I've always had rotten taste but this really opened my eyes. I realised I could do better. Jen - You're not the only one.

JJ is playing his guitar when the doorbell rings. It's Kim and Shane. JJ - Yeah. Shane - You must be JJ. JJ - Yeah, who are you? Kim - Oh, sorry. Hi, we're friends of you mom's. Is she here? JJ - She's at work. If you tell me who you are I can call her. Shane - My name is Shane Donovan. This is my wife Kimberley. We're Theresa's parents.

Segment 6: Caroline finds Theresa sitting on the bench outside the pub. It's cold out here. Come back and join us. Theresa - I'd rather freeze than go back in there and here what a screw up I am. Caroline - Nobody really believes that. Theresa - Then why are you all so eager to pack me up and send me back to LA. Caroline - They haven't decided that yet. Please just try to work with us. I think things would go a lot better if you did that. Theresa smiles and goes inside with her. Theresa - Mom and Dad went somewhere. I don't know what they're doing. Kayla - They'll be back soon. Theresa - I thought I had a job that I could count on now you're telling me that I might lose it. Kayla - Well I didn't mean to be blunt but everybody at the hospital knows that you almost died from a drug overdose. So you can't think that you have job security after that. Theresa - This is Jennifer's doing, isn't it? She's just out to get me. Kayla - Well if she was, would you blame her? Theresa - I didn't even know that Daniel was there when I overdosed. Kayla - Daniel is not the only reason that she has misgivings about you and you know it.

JJ - So you're Theresa's parents. Shane - Yes, that's right. JJ - Well if you tell me what you need I can get a message to my mom. Shane - Just tell her that we dropped by and we're in town for a few days. We've got something we'd like to run by her in person but if she's too busy we could always talk on the phone. She has my cell number. JJ - Okay, it was nice meeting you. Shane - Yes. They leave. JJ grabs his jacket - Crap.

Justin - So you're thinking of relocating to New York. Is Will okay with this? He doesn't know about this, does he? Gabi - I wanted to tell him this morning but then he had to leave so I thought I'll talk to you first to see if it's even worth stirring something up. Justin - Will is the father of your child. He obviously takes that role very seriously. You need to level with him before you even start considering your options. Gabi - That's what I wanted to do but then your son Sonny saw the contract accidentally and wanted me to talk to you. Before that I didn't know what I was going to do and then I have Sonny and Will telling me what a great opportunity this is and I shouldn't dismiss it. Justin - Do they know if you sign this contract that you'd have to move to New York? Gabi - No they don't. Justin - You don't feel the need to tell them that? Gabi - You don't know how they were talking to me. They said that it was going to be a great way for me to have a career and make a living for myself and Arianna and how it's the same thing with Sonny and the club and Will with his writing. And honestly I hate keeping that part away from them but I don't think I should get them upset before I know it's even worth it and I won't know that until you read the contract.

Will talks about his experience at the seminar. Sami is so proud of him. Will is going to leave because it sounds like he can't do anything for Uncle Eric. I'm going to go and see my beautiful daughter.

Gabi - So? Justin - This agency certainly wants you. They're guarantying you a minimum income that's more than liveable and they're taking into account that you're a single mother. They're giving you an allowance for childcare and they're covering 12 flights a year to Salem. Gabi - Will and Sonny can visit in New York whenever they want. Justin - You don't really need me to read the terms of this contract, do you? It sounds like you know it by heart. Gabi - I guess I do. I've read it over and over. It's just that I've never had an opportunity like this so I just needed to know that it's real. Justin - It's real alright. Gabi - What about that fine print that you were talking about? Is there anything in there that would put modelling before me being a mom. Justin - Why do you ask that? Gabi - Will and I don't have a custody agreement and I want to make sure that anyone who reads this contract ... Justin - Stop right there. Now I know why you wanted to pay me for my silence and I don't want any part of it.

Segment 7: Gabi - You're not going to say anything, are you? Justin - I agreed to keep this confidential and that's exactly what I'll do but Will and my son love this little girl and you're thinking about taking her away from them, right? Gabi - I love her too and I'm her mother. That means I have rights. Justin - Yes you do but the last thing I'm going to do is give you advice about how to make that happen.

Sami sees Will out. She thanks EJ for seeming interested in Will and everything he has going on. EJ is interested. I want him to be happy. I want the best for you too. Sami - How is it best to keep me in the dark about what Kristen did to my brother. EJ - Did you see Eric last night? Sami - Yeah I went to St. Luke's. I didn't tell him that you knew what Kristen did. EJ - Why not? Sami - I don't know.

JJ finds Jen near the nurse's station. She asks if something is wrong. JJ - It's just Theresa's parents are in town and they want to talk to you.

Hope is checking her phone. Kayla - What's going on? Hope - We have a possible lead on Kristen's location. Roman - We've got to get on this. Caroline - You find her and make her pay for what she did to Eric. Hope and Roman are walking out as Kim and Shane return. Hope - I'm sorry we have to go. We got a lead on a big case. Roman - Ma and Kayla will fill you in. Kim - Go, go. They leave. Theresa - I know that look. Shane - What look? Theresa - The united front. You two went off to decide whether or not I have to go back to California with you, right? Now you're here to give me the verdict.


Tuesday Nov 19

Segment 1: Repeat of JJ telling Jen Theresa's parents are in town and want to talk to her.

Repeat of Theresa assuming her parents are going to tell her if she's going back to California or not.

Kate is at the club getting coffee to go from Sonny. He asks if she's taking the coffee to Rafe at the hospital. T has arrived. Personally I think Rafe's got all he needs. Sonny asks T if he seen Rafe. T - No, didn't need to. I saw his physical therapist last night. Serious, I'm thinking of spraining my ankle just to get in on that action.

Rafe and Jordan are by the lake. Rafe was thinking of getting out of his chair and walking to the water's edge. Jordan tells him he will soon. You're getting stronger every day. He sees someone - I didn't know he was back. Hey Will! Will - Good to see you. Rafe - Yeah, you too. You're back already. Will - It was just a week. Rafe - How did it go? Will - It was great than I got back here and found out all hell had broken loose. Rafe - You're talking about Eric and what happened at Brady and Kristen's wedding. What a mess. Will - That's not all that happened though. Rafe - What are you talking about? Will - I'm guessing you haven't seen your sister lately.

Gabi and Ari are in the square. Gabi is reading her contract when Nick walks up and kisses her on the cheek. Gabi didn't see him there. Nick - You were reading your contract. Gabi - I just had a lawyer look this over. Nick - A lawyer? You mean Justin. Gabi - Yeah, the only lawyer I know. Nick - So does that mean Will and Sonny know you're moving to New York and taking Ari with you. Gabi - No they don't and Justin can't say anything but he did make me feel awful about even thinking about it. Honestly, maybe this is a mistake.

Jen - After everything that happened with Theresa I'm not surprised that Shane and Kimberley are in town. Did they say they wanted to talk to me about her? Dan shows up.

Theresa - OMG, you're doing it. Is that why you left? To call the judge and get my probation revoked. Shane - Theresa, we wouldn't do anything like that especially since there's still so much work to do. Kim - Honey, we almost lost you. We're not about to make that same mistake again. Theresa - Why won't anyone believe me when I say that I've seen the light. I'm going to go into a program okay and I know that I can't do that alone so what else do I have to say? Who do I have to convince that I'm on the level this time.

JJ - Theresa's parents told me that if you didn't have time to meet with them they want you to call. Jen - I will. This isn't really the place to talk about that. Maxine asks Dan about a patient. Dan checks the test results. Jen thanks JJ. I will take care of that. JJ is going to school. They say goodbye and he leaves. Jen checks her phone; no messages. As she walks past the nurses station she tells Maxine if anyone wants her she'll be out of the building for a while. Jen asks Dan if he has a minute. This really can't wait.

Segment 2: Caroline - I don't think you know how dear you are to us. Theresa - I love you too. Caroline - You are so dear that we are trying to do whatever it takes to help you. Theresa - But Grandma I keep telling you ... Caroline - I believe you mean it but time passes and the future comes along and the things that you found scary may not be so scary in the future. Theresa - You want me to go back to California with them too! Kayla - Theresa, for your own good, just listen to your Grandmother. She's pushed harder than anyone to give you a second chance. Theresa - Fine. I'll do whatever you want. I just don't want to go jail. Kim - Baby, none of us want that. Theresa - Why are we still talking about this. Come on, can't I just stay here.

Jen - I just wanted to talk to you about what happened at the wedding yesterday. Dan - The one that didn't happen. Jen - I assume you know what did happen. Dan - Yeah it was all over the internet. Jen - And you were Eric's doctor when he was drugged if that's when it was. Dan - It is. Jen - You know that? Dan - Proving it is next to impossible but yeah I have some ideas. Jen - I thought maybe it would be hard for him to reach out for help and you're just really good at that. So I thought if you could make the first move you could give him some support. Dan - I'll try and come up with something I can do. Jen - I think I feel naïve for believing Kristen. Dan - Yeah, she was really good at selling herself. Jen - Yeah, she really fooled me. One minute you think you know someone ... Dan - And it turns out you don't really know them at all.

Kate asks T how he met Rafe's therapist. T - Right here. I was bartending. Kate - Jordan was here? T - In all of her glory. Kate - I always think of her as all work and no play. T - Not last night because she was having a good time. Kate - Was she here with someone? T - Abigail and Gabi. Kate - It's nice that she's making friends. Maybe she'll be staying in Salem. God knows she's done wonders for Rafe. Kate has to leave. She asks Sonny to tell Will to call her. Outside Kate mutters - So you're meeting with Rafe's sister. What are you up to Jordan?

Rafe - What do I not know about my sister. Will - It's good news, I swear. I'll just let her tell you. Rafe - Okay. Rafe introduces Jordan and Will. Will - I saw you at the club for mom and EJ's engagement party. You guys are lucky you got out before the shooting happened. I'm glad it didn't scare you away though because Sonny told me you were there last night. Rafe - You were at the club? Jordan - Yeah. Will - She was hanging out with Gabi and Abby. Rafe - You were hanging out with my sister and I didn't know about it! Jordan - It really wasn't a big deal. Will - That's not what Gabi said.

Nick - You're not really having second thoughts are you. Gabi - This whole idea of taking Ari away from Will bothers me. Nick - You're not really taking her away. They could go to New York, you can come and visit. Gabi - They're not going to see it that way; you know that. What about when Ari grows up and she finds out I took her away from her Daddy just so that I could be a model. Nick - Yeah, wow. I guess maybe you should turn it down. The opportunity pretty much fell in your lap I'm sure another one will come along. Gabi - Yeah but what do I do until then. I have to get a job. I have bills to pay. I can't keep living off of Will and Sonny. Nick - Right. Didn't you say you had a friend that just got a job at a big corporation, Mindy something ... couldn't you get a job where she works. Gabi - She didn't get a job, she got an internship. She lives with her parents; she can afford to work all those hours for nothing. Nick - Bummer. Gabi - Those that have money can afford to do internships; I have to get a real job, a good one.

Segment 3: Before Jordan can say anything she gets a call from the hospital so she steps away to take it. Rafe - Your mom must have been pretty upset with what happened to Eric. Will - She was. I actually just came back from talking to her. Rafe - What about EJ? Will - I don't know. I was talking to Mom about Eric and he suddenly started asking me about Berkeley. Rafe - Well if my sister drugged my fiancée's priest brother and made a sex tape I'd probably change the subject too. Will - Do you think EJ and Stefano were in on it. Rafe - I really don't know enough about it but I do feel bad for Eric. He's a priest. He certainly seems like a good guy. Will - Yeah, that's what everybody says. Rafe - If you talk to him just let him know I'm in his corner, alright. Will - I will. Thanks. Jordan returns. I have to get back to the hospital. Will - I have to go too. See you later. He leaves. Jordan - Let's go. Rafe - Not until I hear about this crazy girl's party last night. What happened? Jordan - If I get back to the van before you do I'm leaving without you. Rafe - Come on! Can I get some details here. He follows after her. Kate steps out from behind the shrubbery.

Nick - If you're looking for an excuse to walk away from this maybe you should call that agent again. Gabi - And say what? Nick - And say that this deal isn't what she made it out to be. Gabi - That's not true. Even Justin was impressed. I'll make enough money for Arianna and me and be able to save money for her college fund. They're giving me everything I want; plane tickets so I can bring her back and hang out with Will and time off so Will and Sonny can come to New York. Nick - They really made it hard for you to say no. I don't think that you're going to need to save money for Ari's college. Will's family has money and Sonny owns that club. Who knows Will may write a bestseller soon. Gabi - You should have heard him talking about that workshop. He knows what he wants to do with his life. He's got Sonny and his writing; it's like he's got his future planned out. Nick - You'll have a future too. You'll figure it out. Gabi - Maybe I already have. What if I'm letting a guilt trip make me walk away from it. Nick - What about Will? What will he think? Gabi - It's not my fault that the modelling agency is based in New York. And if I give that up it's not just giving up a job, it's giving up a career. Nick - Wow, I didn't even think of it like that. Gabi - Do you know how much I'm going to resent Will for that especially if I have to go begging to him and Sonny for things Arianna needs because I can't pay for them myself. Nick - So what are you thinking? Gabi - I have to do it. I just have to.

Will comes into the club. He and Sonny talk. T asks Will if he got his text about his uncle. Will - I did. He asks Sonny if that was what his message was about. Sonny - I wanted you to hear it from me. Will - It doesn't matter who I heard it from, it sucks. My uncle is claiming that Kristen drugged him to have sex with him. T - So is he defrocked or whatever they call it now? Will - I don't know what's going to happen to him. T - Where's the chick? Sonny - She left town. T - Man, if she was that desperate she could have just called me, no drugs needed. Sonny - T, can you go unload the beer truck. Can you get lost. T - Sorry. Sonny - He doesn't take anything serious. Will - I know, he can't help it. Will - What's in that box cause I'm hungry. Sonny - We have to wait for Gabi and we might be waiting a while because she hasn't decided on that modelling gig yet but if she does decide to take it ... it's a congratulatory cake. And if she doesn't take the job we'll share it. Will - She'll take it. Why would she pass up something like that.

Jen - I said my piece. I guess I should get going. Dan - Take care. Jen - You too. One more note. I got a message from on high that the dinner for the top 10 doctors was put on hold so the article in Salem Style ... Dan - I guess you didn't get the note I left. The one that said forget about me participating in this thing. Jen - Yeah, I was going to say the same thing. She leaves. Dan sees JJ and nods for him to follow.

Shane - Listen Theresa, going back to the status quo, acting as if your overdose was a small blip on the radar; I think we've already agreed that is not an option. Kim - No it's not and your actions not only hurt you they hurt the entire family. That's why we asked everybody who really loves you to be here today. Shane - They have a say in what happens to you next. Theresa - Okay. Shane - Not just them ... Theresa - What does that mean? Shane gets a call. He steps away to take the call. Kayla - I think what your Dad is trying to say is whether you stay here or not, it affects a lot of people; not just this family. There is one person in particular who needs a vote in whether you stay here or ... Theresa - A vote. Are you serious! Jennifer! Kayla - Don't act like you're surprised.

Segment 4: T pokes his head between Will and Sonny's. Can I come back now? Sonny - Are you going to behave yourself? T - I always behave myself. Cake ... ooh ... I'm going to get a fork. Sonny - You're not eating the cake; it's for later. He's eating so much of the inventory I don't have to pay him. Will - I can't believe you're working here. T - And doing an awesome job too. Go ahead, tell him what you said. Sonny - He's not half bad. T - See! A highly valued employee. He walks away. Sonny - You know what really scares me. Now that Chad's gone I have to give T some extra hours. Will - With you helping me with Ari ... Sonny - He might be managing the joint. Will - One day you're going to come back and Club TBD will be Club T. Sonny likes to see him smile. Will lists all the reasons he has to smile aside from the Uncle Eric stuff. He's going to make Gabi sign the contract and everything is going to work out.

Nick - So you think you're going to do this. Gabi - Yeah, I'm going to do this. I need this, Arianna needs this. I'm going to call the agency and tell them I'm going to sign the contract. She leaves Ari with Nick ands steps away to make the call. Nick tells Ari she's going to love New York City. The three of us are going to be really, really happy. Gabi returns. I left a message, it's all set. Nick - You did it. OMG, this is going to be so great for you. Gabi - What if he fights me on this? What if tries to get custody?

JJ follows Dan into a PT room. Dan - Why didn't you take off after you were done talking to your mom. JJ - I know that you said that I wasn't suppose to be around you. Dan - Yes. You start hanging around with me, people are going to start to put together what really happened with Theresa including the cops. JJ - Something happened that you need to know. Dan - Okay, what. JJ - Theresa's parents are in town and they showed up on my doorstep. I freaked out. I thought Theresa remembered I was there when she OD'd and they were there to kick my ass. Dan - You're here now so obviously that didn't happen. JJ - They want to talk to Mom. Dan - Did they say why? JJ - No. Dan - I have no idea what they'd want. All I know is that they better not find out you were with Theresa; at least not before your sentencing hearing. JJ - Yeah, I know that. Do you think Theresa's going to remember that night; remember that I was there. Dan - I don't know. If she doesn't remember you by now it's not likely she ever will. JJ - That's what I thought last night but I'm not a doctor. Dan - Wait a second. Last night? JJ - I went over to Theresa's place to see how she was doing. I wanted to make sure she was okay. Dan - Are you thinking at all because that move was a very, very bad idea.

Theresa - Why are we running any of this past Jennifer. If we leave it up to her I'm done. Kim - Theresa, you're going to have to calm down. Theresa snaps - Don't tell me how to feel. You leave it up to her she's going to ship me off but I guess you don't care about that. Shane - Hey! A - Don't speak to your mother like that ever again. And B - Even though we don't know exact what Jennifer has to say we will know because that was her on the phone and she's on her way over. Jen comes in.

Segment 5: Nick - You really think Will is going to put up a fight? Gabi - Yes if he thinks I'm trying to take his daughter away from him. Nick - You don't think that he's ever considered that the situation with all 3 of you living there is temporary and that you guys might have to part ways at some point. Gabi - Neither one of us has ever talked about leaving town. Nick - That's because you're not even leaving. You're going to be back here once a month and he can go to New York. Gabi - He was in California for a week and he was telling me how much he missed Arianna. This is going to kill him. Nick - All you are doing is moving somewhere where you can have a career and take care of your daughter; you're not cutting Will out. And even if he did make trouble, what Judge is going to rule against you. Gabi - I hear what you're saying but I'm dreading telling him. Nick - I think you'll figure out a way to do it. I know you will. Gabi has to get going. Nick - Hey, I'm happy for you.

Rafe and Jordan are back at the hospital. He asks her what they were drinking last night. Jordan - Nothing but sweet tea. Rafe - Sweet tea! Are you from the south? Jordan - Are you always this nosy. Rafe - No I'm not. I'm just a police detective who's itching to get back to work but I guess I shouldn't take that out on you. Jordan - Thank you. Rafe - Seriously though, I just want to know if you had a good time. Jordan - You are impossible. I'm going to make sure an orderly helps you back into bed. Kate watches as Rafe grabs Jordan's hand. I'm glad you went out and had a good time, seriously. Jordan - Thank you, I have to go. Rafe - I'll see you later.

Dan - If it gets out that you were around Theresa and drugs were involved the judge won't care that you've been clean since then. He told you that you will do time and JJ it will change your life and it will kill your mother. JJ - She's constantly talking about how proud she is of me. Dan - Good, keep it that way. JJ - I don't like hiding this from her. Dan - Think of it as looking out for her and yourself. JJ - I brought out my old guitar this morning; I thought she was going to cry or something. Dan - She told me you were pretty amazing. You said you were just a little guy when you started taking guitar lessons. Your teacher said you showed more promise than any student he ever had. JJ - Mom was bragging. Dan - Not bragging, she is proud of you just like you say. She also told me that you played O Come All Ye Faithful at the school Christmas concert 5th grade; got a standing O. JJ - No one stood up. Dan - That's the way she remembers it. JJ she wanted me to know that you are really talented. I've got patients to see. If you need to see me again be more careful than you were today. JJ nods.

Shane - So Jennifer as I explained to you on the phone we're all here trying to come up with what to do next. Having Theresa come out to Salem was supposed to be about her having a second chance; a chance to change her behaviour. Theresa - Dad, Jennifer's already heard all this. You told her on the phone. I think what she needs to hear now is me being honest for once. I've been trying to convince my family that I deserve a second chance here. It hasn't been an easy sell. They know that they asked you to help me and you said okay and I took what you offered and I threw it back in your face. They're here because I overdosed which I can't even talk about because I don't remember anything that happened that night. But you're here because of all the stuff that I did when I wasn't high. My job, my friendship with JJ and making you miserable just because I could. And I know that's an awful thing to say but it's true. So I guess now I just need to say I'm really sorry for being such a bitch. And I'm going into a program and one of the first steps is making amends and I can't think of a better person to start with then you. So I know it's going to take some time but I hope that someday, somehow you can find it in your heart to forgive me. I really am sorry Jennifer.

Segment 6: Nick is still in the square now talking on his cell. I just wanted to let you know that I've thought about it and I'm going to take the job. Just let me know when you want me to start and I'll be there. I've literally wanted to live in New York my entire life. Great! I'll see you soon. Bye. He sees Will and calls out. Hey Will, good to see you. Will - Hey. Nick - Oh, I heard about the bad news. It's so weird how all that stuff happens when you least expect it.

Kate finds Jordan in the PT room. Very clever. Jordan - What is it now Miss Roberts? Kate - So we're formal today, are we? Jordan - I'm a little busy. Kate - I guess you are but this will only take a minute. I'm just a little curious about something. Is this always the way you work?

Dan is in Rafe's room. You're still here; I was hoping they would kick you out. Rafe - Kayla talked them into letting me stay. I can't get enough of the food. Dan - Oh yeah, they've managed to make it both tasteless and disgusting. How are you doing? Rafe - Better but I do want to sleep in my own damn bed. I want to get back to work. Dan - Maybe catch Kristen DiMera. Rafe - Frankly I hope she's long gone. I just wish she had taken the rest of the DiMera clan with her. Dan - I called Eric; it went straight to voicemail. Rafe - How are you holding up? Dan - What does that mean? Rafe - I've been in this hospital long enough to be on staff. I hear things. Dan - Gossip, huh. Rafe - You know what I'm talking about. Dan - I do. I'm going to be just fine.

Jen - I know what happens if I tell you that I can't be around Theresa but you are her parents and that's your decision to make, not mine. But I do have something that I want to say. All that I care about and all that I need is for you to stay away from my son. I don't care what you do. I don't care about you at all but if you are going to stay here you better be invisible because if I catch you near my son I will make your life miserable. She tells Kim and Shane she's sorry and leaves. Theresa - So that's it right. She didn't say I couldn't stay in Salem. Kayla - I've got to go too. Please let me know what you decide. Kayla follows Jen outside. You surprised me in there. Jen - I know. You thought I was going to say I wanted her to go to jail. Kayla - After everything she's done it would be tempting. Jen - Yes and I'm not happy that she's going to be around but she's not the only one who has made mistakes. Kayla - You mean Daniel. Jen - I'm just thinking about my part in this. Kayla - You didn't do anything wrong. Jen - Please, I did plenty. But it's in the past and we're moving towards the future. And your niece, I know how much you care about her. I really hope she turns her life around. Kayla - Do you see that happening? I mean, honestly? Jen - No I don't.

Segment 7: Jordan - I don't play games. All I do ... Kate - All you do is go to work. Get here early, you're driven and disciplined and then you go home. I'm a little curious about that reputation. Jordan - How so? Kate - When you freelance from town to town is this always the way you do it? Do you stir up curiosity about who you really are and then one day miraculously you start to loosen up. You come out of your cocoon and all of a sudden you're the most intriguing girl in town. Jordan - What do have against me? Kate - I have nothing against you. I'm absolutely thrilled that the butterfly is going to unfold her wings then everyone will know who Jordan Ridgeway really is ... everybody. She leaves.

JJ is at home sitting on the couch with his guitar - he looks antsy.

Kayla and Jen are back at the hospital. Kayla thanks Jen again. Jen really hopes it works out. Kayla - Me too. Jen and Dan see each other and exchange glances. Dan walks away.

Theresa - Not exactly a ringing endorsement I know. Shane - That is an understatement. Theresa - She didn't say that I had to go back to California and you said that once we heard from Jennifer we can settle this; now we have. I mean you guys don't want to take a chance on me going to jail, right. I can stay here and fix things. Shane - I told Jennifer that if you interfere with her or her son in anyway whatsoever she's too call me immediately. Theresa - So does that mean I'm staying. They nod yes. Theresa - Thank you so much. Shane - It's not quite that simple. Theresa - What do you mean? Kim - Honey, you overdosed. You've never done that before so there's got to be a reason and I have this feeling that something happened that night; something you're not telling us or anybody else.

Will - What bad news? Nick - Father Eric. You've heard about that right because everybody else has. Will - Yeah but I don't really know much so if you want the inside scoop ... Nick - No. How was Berkeley? That must have been awesome. Will - It was. Nick - Are you still writing. Will - Yeah I changed my major to Creative Writing. Nick - Dude, you don't have to change anything. Do you know what you should do; you should write an autobiography. I bet people would line up to read that story. Will - I'll keep that in mind. See ya.

Sonny hides the cake when he hears Gabi at the door. Gabi says Ari just fell asleep; she goes to put her to bed. Sonny answers the phone. No, this is her roommate. I can get her for you. Yeah, you can just tell me. Are you kidding me? New York. Oh yeah, I will give her the message. Gabi comes back to the living room. Sonny - You selfish bitch!


Wednesday Nov 20

Segment 1: EJ is on his cell talking business. Sami comes in from outside. She tells him the kids are outside playing in the leaves. EJ thinks it's time they went back to school. This whole situation seems to have died down. Sami - Yeah, yeah, business as usual. Your sister rapes my brother, you cover for her. EJ - Stop. If anyone was the aggressor ... Sami - No, no, no, don't start. EJ is quite happy to skip this entire conversation. Sami - You lied to me about ... EJ - I elected not to tell you something. EJ doesn't see the point in going round and round. Sami - We're not going around anything. We're going in completely opposite directions. So maybe you should hear what I've decided about that. EJ - Okay, I'm at the edge of my seat.

Gabi rounds on Sonny after he calls her a selfish bitch. Don't you dare call me that. Sonny - Selfish, that seems to fit. Gabi - What is wrong with you? Sonny - That was your modelling agency on the phone; the travel dept. talking about your airline ticket. You're moving to New York with Ari. When were you going to tell us that minor little detail!

When Kim says there has to be a reason she overdosed Theresa says she can't remember anything that happened that night. It's scary. Kim - Scary enough that you want to change?

Nicole opens the door to Abe and tells him that Dan isn't here. Abe came to see her.

Bishop White and Father Matt come into the rectory. Eric tells the Bishop he's sorry. The Bishop needs to hear from him exactly what happened.

Gabi - I wasn't trying to hide anything. Sonny - Why didn't you say something to us? Gabi - Because you and Will would not shut up. I was trying to tell you there was issues with the contract but you and Will kept going on about how amazing this was, how this was a great opportunity to jump on. Sonny - If we knew it was in New York maybe we wouldn't have been ... Gabi - What? So supportive. You don't think I deserve a good chance at an amazing life. Sonny - Really? Gabi - This is a chance of a lifetime and Sonny, I'm going to go get it.

EJ smirks. Sami - You think this is funny. EJ - Which part? Sami - Any of it. EJ - I don't think what happened with Eric and my sister is funny. Sami - But? EJ - I think your outrage is a little misguided. Sami - Oh really. Which part is misguided. EJ - You know that I did the right thing and now that you've had a night alone to think about it ... Sami scoffs. EJ - Samantha, you know in your gut, in your heart and most likely in your head that what I did I did to protect you and your brother. Sami - No EJ. You were protecting your sister the rapist. EJ - Don't use that word. They slept together and that's all we know. That and the fact that nobody is better off today than they were before this happened. Lord knows how this would have worked out if I had told you. Sami - Wait, now we're just going round and round again. You said you didn't want that. EJ - I don't. Sami - You just did it. Why? You want to fight with me about the exact same thing again. Is it because you don't want me to find out anything else. EJ - There is nothing else to find out. Sami - Unless there is and you're not telling me. Like maybe you're still helping your snake of a sister or maybe you knew about the drugs. EJ - Samantha, I've told you everything I know and you don't know that there were drugs. Sami - That is what Eric said happened. EJ - Look, you told me you made some sort of decision. Why don't you tell me about it. Sami - You are such a smug S.O.B. EJ - You haven't made a decision at all, have you?

Eric - Then when I saw that video I knew I was with Kristen DiMera. She drugged me and attacked me. The Bishop looks to Father Matt. FM - I believe he's telling the truth. Eric - I am Your Excellency. I swear it.

Segment 2: Theresa - If by change you mean I never, ever want to feel like this again, then yeah I want to change. Shane - That's not exactly ... Theresa starts ranting. I don't know how many times I can say it. I take it seriously. I want to change. That's it. That's all I've got. For once it's going to have to be enough. Kim calls out to her but she leaves. Shane - We can't leave it like this. She's so angry she could walk herself right off the edge. Kim - Let me take care of it. I'm the one she's angry with. She goes after Theresa. Caroline comes back into the pub. Well, an empty room. That's not a good sign. Shane - That's what Kim had all those years; that empty room. She needed help, our kids needed help and I just wasn't there. Caroline - Well you're here now; that's what counts.

Kim finds Theresa outside the pub. Theresa - Didn't you hear me! I've got nothing left. Kim - We haven't had a chance to talk; just you and me. I thought it's time we got some things out on the table. Theresa - What things? Kim - Whatever is making you so angry right now. Theresa scoffs. How about the fact that you treat me like I'm 5 years old. You smile that awful condescending smile at me when what you really want to do is wring my neck. Kim - No, I don't. Theresa - Or are you talking about the part where you ruined my life.

Sami - What I've decided is that you are holding out on me. EJ - I see. You're calling me a liar, are you? Sami - Well you are but it's not okay when you do it to me. EJ - My concern yesterday, today, always, is you. Sami - I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt. I'm going to stay here; the kids will stay here with you but you and I are on hold. Who knows when your sister is going to slither back into town or what is going to happen next. EJ - I see. So because my sister may slither back into town, our relationship is on hold? You already postponed the wedding Samantha so what does this mean. Sami - That you and I should keep our distance. EJ - I see. So you mean separate bedrooms. Sami - Exactly. EJ - If that's what you want. It is. EJ will do his very best to respect her wishes and I'm sure it will be tough for me. I will consider myself duly punished. He tries to kiss her but Sami pulls back.

Sonny - I can't believe you'd even consider this. Gabi - Why? Because it's not convenient for you? Everybody gets to follow their dreams but me? Sonny - No, but you have a daughter now. Gabi - Yes I have a daughter and this job will help me get my daughter everything. Ari will have every advantage in the world now so if that's me being selfish, then yes Sonny I'm selfish for my daughter. Will comes home. What's up? Sonny - She got her big modelling offer. Go ahead Gabi, please, share the news. Gabi - So the thing about the contract that I was trying to tell you about this morning is that I have to move New York. Will - What about Ari? Sonny - The baby gets her own first class ticket one way.

Nicole - For months I tried to warn people about Kristen but nobody would listen. Brady wouldn't hear it that she was unfaithful; Eric bought her line ... Abe - You didn't know what she'd done to him. Nicole - Of course not or I would have thrown her off the cliff myself. She ruined Eric's life and I don't know how long it's going to take Brady ... she destroyed everyone she touched. Abe - He needs someone to look after him. Nicole - Yeah but Brady and I aren't talking right now. Abe - I was talking about Eric.

Bishop - You should have gone to someone as soon as the dreams began. FM - He did. He came to me right away. I'm afraid I didn't realise what we were dealing with. Every man entering the priesthood wrestles with their vow of celibacy. Bishop - This was more than a dream. At some point you knew that, didn't you? Eric - Yes, not that long ago. Bishop - Why didn't you come to one of this then? Eric - I'm sorry, I just hadn't come to grips with it myself. Bishop - We could have helped you before this became so ugly and public. You must understand, you've put yourself and the Church in a terrible position.

Segment 3: Kim - Okay, how did I ruin your life Jeannie? Theresa snaps - Don't call me that! Kim - Please don't. I want you to tell me. Theresa, how did I ruin your life? Theresa - You're so controlling. Kim - I was scared. I had you and Andrew and no help. I was trying to get my practice started. I was playing Mom and ... I know there are no excuses. Theresa - Mom, some things were good. Yeah, you were distracted but you were kind of cool and supportive and fun until I went on my first date. Kim - Oh honey, I probably just saw too much of myself in you. Theresa - Yeah, this is all about you.

Sami wishes her mom would call her. EJ - Her phone is probably switched off; I'm sure she'll be in touch. Sami - So you've got your hands full cleaning up the mess Kristen and Stefano left. EJ - The mess Kristen made is going to take me months to unwind. My father is nowhere to be seen. Sami - He's put you in charge? EJ - I'm in charge of everything. I can't tell you how much I have to do. Wait, you know quite a bit about the retail section, don't you? Sami - Yeah. EJ grabs some folders. Any help at all ... if you can take any of this on. Sami - You want me to help you with the other retail ... EJ - Run. Run. Sami - Run the retail division. EJ - As many divisions as you possibly can. I'm completely tied up with the financial section, industrial section ... Sami - Well you know I did have this idea I wanted to talk to you about cross promoting ... she starts rambling on about her idea. EJ smiles. Sami - Why are you grinning? EJ - I love the way your mind works. Sami - You have some good ideas yourself; I mean about how to run the company. Now I'll just get out of the way and let you do it.

Will - You don't want to take our little girl away. Gabi - I don't but can you just listen to me. They're giving me an apartment, they're giving me childcare for when I'm working, they're giving me a flight back to Salem once a month. I'll be here once a month and you can come to New York whenever you want. Will - Once a month and I can visit. Gabi - We can have shared custody like millions of people ... Will - Don't say that. Gabi - Why not? Will - Because I lived shared custody and we're not doing that with Ari. Gabi - We're not Sami and Lucas. This change doesn't have to be traumatic. Will - There doesn't have to be a change. Listen, I thought everything was working great here. I thought it was working perfectly. Is there something that Sonny and I could do to make you happier? Gabi - You guys are doing great; you're great but you have to understand ... you have to know that it can't be like this forever. Before I had the baby this was my dream and I honestly never thought that I'd get this opportunity again and now it's here and let me tell you Will, I'm not about to let it go.

Abe - Roman says Eric is barely speaking to the family and when he does, he's handling them. Nicole - Of course he is. Abe - You and Eric have known each other for years. Nicole, everyone would be grateful if you would reach out to him.

Eric - I'm sorry Your Excellency. As I said I was still putting it together. It wasn't until I saw the video that I knew for certain. Bishop - What possible reason could Miss DiMera have for this. Eric - Revenge against my mother. It's a very old, long standing history. She was trying to publically destroy me. FM - Father Eric is the victim here. Bishop - Well there's evidence to suggest otherwise; that video. Father Matt showed it to me and it doesn't look good.

Segment 4: Kim - I clamped down hard on you, yes ma'am, I did that. Theresa cries - Why? Why did you feel like I couldn't be trusted? Kim - I don't know honey. I was willing to let you hate me until the day you died just to keep you safe. And I know I should have known better. I'll tell a client the harder you hold on to a child, the harder they pull apart. But I saw such great things in you. You're so smart, you're oh so beautiful. I just didn't want anything to stand in the way of you just soaring. Theresa - I guess it's time for Plan B. I'm sorry Mom. Kim takes her hand. You can find your way Theresa. I know you can. If you want me to back off, I can. If you want more space, I can give you more space but I will never stop loving you and I will never, ever stop believing in you.

Sami promised to visit Will and her granddaughter. She will dive into this work when she gets back unless he needs her to start right now. EJ says she can take care of it when she gets back. Sami - Thank you for letting me help you with the company. A lot of men wouldn't have. EJ - I'm not a lot of men. I trust you Samantha. Sami - It still doesn't change how I feel about the other thing. EJ hasn't forgotten that. We're a good team. In your heart you know that. She leaves. EJ gets a call from Chad. When are you coming home?

Will - I feel like I went away for an hour and suddenly you're moving to New York and it's all arranged. Gabi - I know it's happening fast ... Sonny - Too fast. Tell them everything they have planned for you. Gabi - What? Sonny - They rented your apartment, they have all your travel plans booked. Will - How long have you been working on this? Gabi - I told you guys from the minute I had the first meeting ... Sonny - Your agency said they're already baby-proofing your apartment. Gabi - It's urgent. They've got to get somebody there. Sonny - I find that very hard to believe. Gabi - Now you're calling me something else Sonny. Sonny - I have no trouble calling you ... Will - Hey, hey, hey! Gabi - Great, you just woke her up. Thanks a lot. Will - Okay, I've got her. He goes to Ari. Gabi - You can call me whatever you want but it doesn't change the facts. Sonny - What are the facts? Gabi - That this is an amazing opportunity. Sonny - Yeah, maybe I know some facts that could change that. What if I were to tell the agency about the real Gabi Hernandez and her friend Melanie's kidnapping.

Nicole - I don't think that's a good idea Abe. I mean if Eric's pulling back right now that's where he should be. Abe - I'm not so sure. I know from experience that when you're in pain, shock, you back away from people you need the most. It takes someone you really trust to break the wall down. Nicole - I don't think that person is me. Abe - Did something happen between you and Eric?

Bishop - As you both well know the Church has fought very hard during the last few years to become accountable for any sexual improprieties on the part of the clergy. Even the appearance of wrong-doing will not, can not be tolerated. Eric - What can I do Your Excellency? Bishop - You mustn't speak to anyone, especially from the press, until we can sort this out. Eric - What do you mean sort it out? Bishop - There must be a full explanation in front of the Ecclesiastical board; the video must be explained and the explanation corroborated by compelling evidence to back up your version of events. Eric - And if the evidence isn't compelling enough? Bishop - I think you know the answer to that. You'll be defrocked.

Segment 5: FM - It's not a question about whether we believe you or not. Eric - That's how it looks. I understand the Church can't afford a scandal like this so what should we do now Your Excellency. Bishop - In the meantime you'll be suspended from your duties effective immediately.

Shane - Theresa's an adult now. It's up to her to make the right choices. Caroline - She'll have a lot of Brady's keeping her eye on her. Shane - Thank you Caroline. Caroline - Who knows? Maybe a nice young man will come along and sweep her off her feet just like some handsome Brit stole my daughter's heart.

Kim - Okay, I'm going to get your Dad and we're going to go to the airport. Theresa - Mom, thank you for coming. It means a lot. Kim - You'll always be my baby. They hug.

Gabi - Don't you dare threaten me. Sonny - I will not let you hurt Will or this baby. Gabi - I would never ... Sonny - You didn't mean to hurt Melanie and look what happened to her. Gabi - I regret that every single day of my life. Sonny - I find that very hard to believe. Gabi - You know you've really got to think this through Sonny because if I go down you know who else is coming down with me. Sonny - Somehow I'm not worried about Chad beating an assault charge with you as the only witness and Nick Fallon as the victim. Gabi - So you're willing to take that chance. I'm sure Stefano DiMera won't take that personally; you putting his son in jeopardy. Sonny - You know my last name so you think I care if you stand here and threaten me. Will comes back after getting Ari back to bed. Okay, we need to finish this conversation.

Abe - So what's wrong. Why don't you think Eric would open up to you? Nicole - He just wouldn't. Abe - You could try. It's all anyone could ask. I have to get going. If you remember anything about Kristen ... Nicole - I will call you. Abe - And think about Eric. He leaves.

Eric - I expected this. Bishop - Sorry, the Church must follow procedures put in place by the Dioceses which is why we feel it's best that you step back from the church during this period of investigation. Eric - Of course, I won't say Mass. Bishop - Father Eric, you're relieved of all duties until further notice. Eric stops in front of Fr. Matt - I'm deeply sorry. He leaves.

Segment 6: Theresa and Kim come back inside the pub. Theresa hugs her Dad. Thanks for coming. Shane - Of course I did. Kim is going to call a cab. Caroline - No, Roman wants to take you. Kim - Good, I was afraid I wouldn't see him again. Caroline will call him. She tells Theresa she needs a little help in the kitchen. Shane - What did you say to her? Kim - I don't think it was anything I said. I think it's this place. Shane - It does have a certain magic about it. I can still feel your Pop here. Kim - Me too. We had some good times here, didn't we? Shane - Oh yes we did. Kim - I don't tell you enough, do I? Shane - Tell me what? Kim - How much I really do love you. Shane - Not nearly enough. Kim - It's not like you tell me all the time either. Shane - Well I guess I figured you'd gotten the picture by now. They say words are cheap so come here. They kiss.

Abby arrives at the park to meet with EJ. Lovely to see you. Abby - This was a surprise. EJ - I spoke to Chad and I promised him I would find you immediately. Abby - What happened? I heard that he was okay. EJ - He is. Physically, he's fine. Abby - Good. EJ - You still care about him, don't you? Abby - Of course I do. Is that everything or is there something else. EJ - There's something else. Chad has been doing a little thinking and he's decided that he's not going to come back to Salem.

Will - Listen, this is a great opportunity and they want you really badly. Gabi - They do. Will - If they want you that badly just tell them that you want to model in Chicago 'cause there are a lot of modelling jobs in Chicago. We can totally make that commute work from here. I think it's a win-win for everybody. Gabi - What if you just write stories for your family and friends; nobody outside of Salem can read them. Sonny - That's not the same thing. Gabi - Will, you can write anywhere and Sonny, you can open a club in any town but unfortunately I can only get this opportunity in New York. She grabs her purse. Will - I'm not going to let you leave right now. Gabi - I'm not going to stay here and get double-teamed. Will - I'm sorry that it feels that way but it's not that way, is it? Sonny - No. Will - Listen, I want you to promise me that you're going to think about this and that you're going to think about all of it. And please do not make a decision until we talk a little more okay. Thank you. See you. Gabi leaves. Will asks Sonny who he's calling. Sonny - My Dad, there has to be someway to stop this. Will pulls out the cake.

Nicole is sitting on the floor in front of the roaring fire. She recalls Eric accusing her of raping him. No way. I can't help him. Not anymore.

Eric goes into the church and kneels in front of the crucifix. My God, I'm really sorry for offending you. I detest all my sins because of Your punishment but most of all because they offended You. He stands up and removes his collar and places it on top of the altar.

Segment 7: Caroline, Kim, Shane and Theresa are outside the pub. Shane tells Theresa to call him anytime day or night. She will. Kim hugs her. And you can call me anytime you want. Caroline - You two, don't be strangers now. Shane - Thank you Caroline. Bye now. Kim and Shane leave. Caroline - Rough, huh. Theresa - But good. Caroline - They love you. Theresa - Yeah. They really love this place. Caroline - And you will too.

Sonny - Well, it's a little tricky because Gabi hired him to look over the contract so he can't talk about it. So I told him what she said was in the contract and he thinks if all that's in the contract, and it sounds like it is, we don't have much wiggle room. Gabi holds all the cards. The contract's going to look great in court. She's going out of her way to come back to Salem once a month; you can go to New York anytime you want to see Ari. Will - So it's going to look like a good deal to the court is what you're saying. Sonny - Yes. So I think the only option we have now is to go to Family Court and try and prove that she's an unfit mother. Will - No. I'm not putting Gabi through that. No wars. Sonny - Okay, apart from that, pretty much in any court we'd lose because there's no formal custody agreement. Will - Yeah okay. Welcome home Will. Sonny - So sorry. There's a knock on the door. Will answers it. It's Sami. They hug. Sami - Where's the baby? Will - She's asleep. Sami - What's wrong? Will - Oh nothing. We just totally forgot that you were coming over. Sami sees the cake. Strike a pose. What is that for? Is that for Gabi? She got a modelling job? I mean that's great for her. Where is she? What, is there something going on? What aren't you telling me?

Gabi is at the club on her phone. No, I'm not alright. I really need to talk to you right now.

Abby - Okay. EJ - Is it? Abby - It's his decision. You know just because I care about him doesn't mean that we can be together. EJ - He cares very much for you. Abby - It doesn't really matter. EJ - He thinks you're a very special person. He was willing to do anything for you. Abby - He faked a brain tumour to get rid of Cameron. EJ - That's my point. Abby - You say that like it's acceptable; like it's a good thing. EJ - I say that because there's nothing he wasn't willing to do for you. Abby - Or maybe he just lies like a reflex. After all, he is a ... EJ - What? A man? Or were you going to say a DiMera? Abby - Do you not get that what Chad did was wrong EJ? OMG, you knew all along what Chad was doing. EJ - Yes I did.

Nicole is in the square when she sees Eric in street clothes carrying a satchel.


Thursday Nov 21

Segment 1: When EJ tells Abby he knew what Chad was doing she replies 'Your brother was faking a brain tumour and you thought that was okay?' EJ - If I had conferred with my brother from scratch I would likely have suggested something else. I was presented with a fait accompli. If it helps at all he did have some qualms about it. Abby - Nothing that stopped him. EJ - No, I convinced him to stick to the plan and it was the right thing to do.

When Sami asks if something is going on Will says they would rather not get into it. Sami - Did something happen with Gabi and her modelling ... Will - Didn't you just hear me say we'd rather not get into it. Sami - I sure did. Okay. Will - Where are you going? Sami - I'm going to find Gabi, maybe she'll tell me what's going on. Will - Stop. Just wait.

T walks up to Gabi who is sitting in the pub and asks what she's doing. Gabi is just killing time until Rafe gets out of his therapy session. T sits down. Perfect, killing time is my best event.

Maggie comes into Dan's office. He tells her to give him 5 minutes. Where would you like to go for lunch. Maggie was hoping to take a raincheck. Dan - Why? Did you go see Victor? Maggie - No. Dan - You haven't spoken to him yet. Maggie - No, I don't know if I can.

Vic looks up when he hears the front door of the mansion slam. Marlena walks in. How could you? How could you publically destroy my son!

When Eric approaches her Nicole asks him what happened. Eric - I had a meeting with the Bishop. Nicole - So did they kick you out? Are you still a priest?

Will tells Sami this is none of her business. Sonny disagrees - It is kind of her business. Sami - The two of you are scaring me. Is someone sick. Will - No. Sami - Is Gabi in trouble again? Will - No. Gabi got a modelling job. Sami - I wish she were working for me but why are you saying it like it's a bad thing. Will - Because the job is in New York.

Abby - Why EJ - Because I love my brother. I want to make him happy. I want him to get what he wants. Abby - And you thought that lying was the way to get that done. EJ - It had already happened. If he hadn't been shot nobody would be any the wiser. He would have gone through with his treatment; he'd be in remission. Abby - No. There's no way that Chad would have ever been able to keep up a lie like that. EJ - He would have been able to keep up just fine. Abby - No, he wouldn't because Cameron was already suspicious of him. EJ - Cameron did a little investigating but all he found out by looking at Chad's medical records was that he was undergoing treatment as part of a clinical trial. Abby - You did that. EJ - This is not about me. It's about the two of you. You're in love Abigail. Abby - No it is not love for Chad to come to you and ... EJ - He didn't come to me. Abby - But you found out and you made it really easy for him. You blackmailed him. Chad didn't want to move into the mansion but then suddenly he told me he was doing it. You blackmailed your own brother.

Dan - He has a lot to answer for but I really think ... Maggie - I know you think he did it to protect his grandson. You are so forgiving. Dan - I just said he has a lot to answer for. Maggie - Okay. I'm just not ready to fight in public. Dan isn't going to let Victor cheat him out of his time with her. We don't have to go out but you're going to come home with me. I have a miracle cure. Let's go.

Vic - Take it down a notch Marlena. I didn't do anything to your son. In fact it was Fr. Eric doing Kristen that was ... Marlena hauls off and slaps him.

Eric - I'm still a priest for now but I've been suspended. Nicole - For how long? Eric - At least until they find Kristen and get the truth out of her. Nicole - And what happens if they don't find her; what happens to you then?

Segment 2: Abby - What kind of man blackmails his own brother! EJ - It was a negotiation ... Abby - Chad took bullets for you EJ; that is the kind of brother he was. EJ - I'm glad you noticed. Abby - No, don't do that. We're talking about you. EJ - No we're not. This is about the two of you and how perfect you are for one another. Abby - Stop. EJ - It's true. I wouldn't be much of a brother if I didn't at least plead Chad's case. I do want what is best for him. Abby - Oh right, like moving into the mansion. EJ - That's a perfect example. I recognised that he was very reticent to move in but look what happened. His niece and his nephew were thrilled that he moved in and in the end he was happy. Abby - You can justify anything, can't you? The two of you destroy my life and then you make an excuse ... EJ - Destroy your life? When did we destroy your life? Abby - Chad completely manipulated the situation. EJ - He just wanted a fair shot; all he wanted to do was level the playing field. I'll be candid with you. He didn't plan it. It happened. He saw an opportunity to make things right ... Abby - Right? Nothing about this is right. And just so we're clear, your brother got the opposite of what he wanted in the end. EJ - Are you happier now that Chad's not in your life? Abby - That's not the point.

Sami - She thinks she's going to commute from New York? Can you guys work with that? Will - We won't get a chance to try unfortunately. Sami - Why not? Sonny - Because she's moving to New York and taking Ari with her. Sami - The hell she is. Ari starts crying so Sonny goes to attend to her. Sami - I don't understand what she's thinking. She thinks she can just move to New York with the baby. She's going to have a full-time modelling job and be a single mom. Will - They're working out childcare for her and they already have a place for the two of them. Sami - Oh. Did they get a new Daddy for her too? Will - Apparently I can come visit anytime I want with all the money that I don't have and they fly her and Ari back once a month to Salem. Sami - That's impossible. She can't possibly have a contract like that; nobody does. Not today, that's a fairy tale. Will - It's Gabi dream. She's obsessed with it. Sami - Well she needs to get real. I'm serious, there's no way she's taking that baby to New York.

Gabi is talking to T about Ari and then stops when she thinks she's talking too much. T likes Ari. But Sonny said you have some good news. Gabi - I don't want to talk about it until I talk to Rafe. It's just this thing that came out of nowhere. T - It's your turn. You deserve it. I've always thought you deserve better than what you've got.

Dan and Maggie are having lunch at his apartment. Maggie says in the old days this would have been a classic Victor move but she really believed he had put that behind him. Dan - Maybe it was an accident. He certainly didn't intend for it to happen this way. Maggie - I think it's exactly the result that he wanted. He didn't want Brady to marry Kristen. He wanted Kristen to be disgraced if not in line for criminal charges. No I think Victor is sitting at home as happy as a clam. Dan seriously doubts Vic is happy without Maggie there. Maggie doesn't. Dan tells her she's going to have to face Victor sooner or later.

Vic - I can't remember the last time that happened; it makes me feel young. Marlena - My son was drugged and assaulted and you want to banter with me! Vic - Well then I should be thanked. Marlena - What! Vic - A terrible crime was committed. It wouldn't have come to light if I hadn't played the video. Marlena - Oh my gosh. Vic - I should call Crimestoppers; I bet there's a reward. Marlena - We were a team in this. Vic - I'll split it with you. Marlena - And you would have had nothing against Kristen if I hadn't given you that flashdrive. Vic - If I haven't thanked you, my apologies. Marlena - Your apology won't begin to cover what you have done. You knew what was on that DVD when you gave it to me and you knew that if I took that in and put it on the screen it would destroy my son's life.

Eric - I'm not sure what's going to happen if Kristen doesn't surface. Then the Church will be left with the video as evidence. Nicole - But isn't it powerful as proof ... or not. Eric - It's not like I look the victim in it. Nicole - Oh. Eric - I need to find Kristen so I can put context to it. There's a lot of things I need to make right if I can. Nicole - You mean us. Eric - Yes I do.

Segment 3: Abby - So I see. This was all about helping me because silly thing that I am, I couldn't figure out what I wanted for myself on my own. EJ - I've seen the two of you together. You're good together. He was the one for you. Abby - Only because ... EJ - Abigail, I would never think so little of you as to suggest that you ended up in bed with my brother just because this Cameron person wasn't available. Is that what happened? Abby - No it's not. Actually it was ... I don't need to talk about personal stuff with you EJ. EJ thinks that he can offer perspective. Chad was the one for you. Cameron was a distraction. If that wasn't the case you would have went after him. If he wanted to be with you don't you think he would have fought for you. Abby - He was being decent. Obviously that's a really hard concept for you to understand. EJ - You deserved better than him and my brother is a better man. Abby - You know I'm confident that I can find a man who doesn't lie or manipulate the situation ... EJ - Of course. There are an infinite number of men out there who are steady, bloodless, boring. Wouldn't you rather have a man who's so passionate about you that he will do whatever it takes. Abby - No I wouldn't, not if he lied. EJ - Well, that is a pity for my brother; it's rather worse for you. One day you're going to realise that a man who is not willing to push boundaries for the woman he loves is not a man worth having. He leaves.

Sami is rifling through her purse. Will - Mom, NO! That look. This is why I didn't want to tell you. You're going to have to stay out of this. Sami - We are not just going to sit back ... Will - You're going to make it worse! Sami - How? Will - I honestly don't know but I know you're going to do it. I am Ari's father so I will handle it. Sami - You better. Will - Is that an or else? Sami - I'm looking out for you. I mean, seriously, do you want to just let that baby disappear. You think that Gabi's not going to take it away from you? The fact that Gabi is even considering it ... Sonny - Well she's get a life, doesn't she? Sami - Do you want the baby to go? Sonny - Of course I don't. Sami - Then why are you taking her side? Sonny - Because I get how she feels. Will - So do I. Sonny - You think about it; Will's successful with his writing, I have my club, Cameron just joined Doctors Without Borders. Will - And someone approaches her and gives her a dream job and does everything to make it work; of course she wants it. Sami - Wow, I can't even listen to the two of you. You sound like you're ready to hand the baby over to her. Are you going to pack her bags for her too, drive her to the airport. Will - Yeah, maybe we will. Sami - That's it. I'm texting EJ. Will grabs her phone. No. I'm begging you to leave it alone. Sami - Then tell me what you're going to do. Will - I'll tell you what I'm not going to do. I'm not going to get in Gabi's face and start yelling about my right's and your rights and everyone else's rights and tell her how she can't live her life because if I do that, guess what she's going to do. Sami - You think she's just going to take the job. Will - I know she's going to take the job. Sami - Okay. Maybe Gabi will come to her senses. Will - We'll figure something out. Sami - I'm sure you will. The baby is sleeping so maybe I'll just come back another time. Goodbye. She leaves. Sonny - Did your mom just listen to you and agree to back off. Will - I wouldn't count on it.

Dan tells Maggie to let him know what happens with Vic. She will. Hugs. She leaves. There's a knock on the door. It's Anne. Sorry to bother you here but I didn't know when I'd ever see you at work. Dan - When I'm scheduled to there. Anne - I wanted you to have this as soon as possible. You've been served. Dan - This is a summons. Anne - Yes the Disciplinary Committee at the hospital is having a meeting about you.

Marlena - You could have shown Brady that DVD in private. Vic - I tried right up until the time he walked out that door to go to the church. He wouldn't give me 5 seconds let alone 5 minutes. The only way to stop that wedding was a public viewing and I won't apologise for that. Marlena - You sacrificed my son. Vic - You're right and I don't give a damn.

Abe walks up to Nicole and Eric. He shakes Eric's hand. I was just on my way to the church to find you. Eric - I'm not there anymore. I moved in over the Pub. Abe - I'm sorry. Eric - It's okay. Just tell me you found Kristen. Abe - I wish I could but the trail's getting cold. We're not giving up. We are beating the bushes for any lead possible. Eric gets a call from the head of the school PTA. She's a big supporter, I have to take this. He steps away. Abe - I can't imagine how many hard calls he's going to have. I'm glad you can be the friend he needs right now.

Segment 4: Will brings Ari into the room. Sonny tells Will that T is going to cover for him. I'm going to run a couple of errands and then I'm all yours. They kiss and Sonny leaves.

Dan - I'll see you at the hearing. Anne - Also there's a list right there of witnesses and attendees. Dan - Look at that, all the usual suspects. Jennifer is going to be there.

Marlena - It's very clear you don't care who you hurt. Vic - I saved Brady. That was the important thing. Maggie comes in as Marlena replies - No, there's more. You are a selfish, destructive, vengeful man and I am so sorry that I ever came to you. Vic - You knew exactly what I was when you came to me and you knew I'd do anything to save Brady and even more to destroy Kristen. And so would you. Marlena - No. No, not when my son is collateral damage. Vic - He was a casualty of war. Marlena - Go to hell. Vic - I'll meet you at the gate. She leaves. Maggie shows herself.

Nicole - Abe, I just ran into him. This wasn't planned. Abe - Maybe it had to happen that way for him to let anybody help. However it happened I'm glad you were there for him. Eric returns. Abe - So how did it go. Eric - Not well. I need to find Kristen and get her to confess. It's the only thing that's going to help me. Abe gets a call. He steps away. When Nicole starts to leave Eric asks her to wait. There's some things I'd like to say. Nicole - You already did. You want to try and make things right. Good luck with that and I hope you find Kristen and put her away for a long, long time. Eric - You don't have anything to say to me? Nicole - No, there's lots of things I wanted to say once upon a time but you didn't want to hear it. So now what's the point? Eric - I'm sorry. I'm really sorry. Nicole - It's okay. Eric - It can't be. Nicole - No, you're right but it's over now and I can't help you. I need to move on and that's exactly what I'm doing. She leaves.

Segment 5: Dan - Who put Jennifer on this list? Anne - She did. Dan - There is no way she would volunteer to sit through a detailed examination of what happened the night Theresa OD'd. Anne - It's her job Dr. She's our PR person when she chooses to show up and we need her for damage control. Your exploits made it to the blogs. Everyone's buzzing about it on the hospital message board. It's only a matter of time before the press picks it up. Dan - So you've been a very busy girl. Anne - Don't worry. With any luck it will get buried behind the creepy priest story. That's why we need a PR person monitoring the situation, scouring the press for any mention of you, the girl or the drugs. Dan - That's why you're doing this. You are the head of HR. Everyone on the committee was fine until you talked to them. This is your goal; a hearing so we can air all the dirty laundry. You really don't care if they hurt me. Anne - I would like them very much to hurt you. Dan - No, you want them to hurt Jennifer. You want her to suffer. Anne - Hey pal, you took care of that all on your own. I'm just cleaning up behind you. Dan slams the door in her face.

Abby comes over to Will's. Where's the party? Will - It got put on hold but we can hang out if you want. Abby gushes over Ari. Will can't get over how much different she looks after a week; imagine if I was gone for a month. Abby - Lucky for you you weren't. Did you get any feedback on your story. Will hasn't checked his email yet. Abby thought the Professor had a publisher on the line. Aren't you curious to find out what happened? If this is a bad time ... Will - No. Sorry. I'm just jetlagged and this has been a full day. Abby - I'll just go. Will - No. You haven't even held Ari yet it you want to. Of course she does. She holds Ari and tells her she's so lucky because she has a momma and a daddy and an extra daddy who love you so, so much.

EJ is about to leave the Club when Sami comes in. He greets her but she ignores him. EJ asks her what's wrong.

Sonny comes into the pub. Gabi - Sonny, I can't. I'm not going to go another round with you. Sonny - Me neither. I came here to apologise.

Vic - Sorry, I didn't know you were here. Maggie - Would you have done or said anything differently if you had? Vic - Marlena made a deal that she regrets. Maggie - I doubt she made a deal to eviscerate her son. She has every reason to be angry with you. Vic - Eric is responsible for his own actions. Maggie - He was drugged. Vic - Then he's not responsible and I brought a terrible crime to light. Maggie - So you're going to go with that. Vic - No. I think he knew exactly what he was doing. He certainly looked like he was enjoying himself but I get shot down every time I bring that up so either way it's all out there now. They can figure out what happened. Maggie - And of course that was your real goal all along. What's happened to you Victor? Vic - I don't understand the question. Maggie - That's the problem. Let me spell it out. The man I'm looking at, he's not the Victor I married.

Dan reads the summons again and crumbles it up and throws it against the wall. He knocks some stuff off the desk as Nicole comes in. Nicole - What's going on? Dan - No, no, no. Nicole - Please talk to me; tell me.

Abe and Eric are at a table in the square. Abe is taking notes. So is there anything else. Eric - Abe, I have wracked my brain. I have no idea where Kristen could be. How bad is it? Abe - Like I said the trail has grown cold. Kristen's a DiMera. I don't think the family's going to help. Marlena walks up.

Segment 6: Will tells Abby he missed Ari and he doesn't want to go away again.

EJ - Is this about Eric and Kristen still? Sami - Still? Yes, count on it. It's still going on for me. EJ - Something else is bothering you at the moment. Sami - The Kristen / Eric thing is going to continue to bother me. EJ - I understand but something else has happened since I last saw you so why don't you tell me what that is.

Sonny - Will doesn't know that I'm here. I didn't tell him how crummy I was to you earlier and I wanted to come and apologise because I'm so sorry I talked to you that way. And no matter what happens from here on out I think it's important that you and I do not fight anymore. That is the worse thing for Ari. Gabi - I agree. Thank you. I'm really not trying to hurt Will. I want to do the best for me and the baby. I want her to have the best life possible. Sonny - I know you do. Who are you talking to about all this? Gabi - What do you mean? Sonny - Like who's helping you decide. Gabi - I am. That's just the way it has to be. Sonny - Okay. I better get going. Gabi - How's Will? Dumb question, sorry. Sonny leaves.

Nicole - This officially blows. So what's your next move? Dan - You don't have to deal with it Nicole. Nicole - Yes I do. I'm your friend and your problems are a great distraction for me ... besides I'm really good at it. Let's plan your strategy.

Vic - Maggie I love you but that's a load of nonsense. I'm completely the man you married. Maggie - No. He was tired of manipulating and bullying his way through life. He'd given that up; at least that's what he said. Vic - But this was about family. Anything is fair game. Maggie - Including a priest who had never done anything but good in this world. Vic - If that's true then he'll be fine. Maybe there'll even be criminal charges against Kristen. That works for me. Once you've had a good night's sleep you'll come to your senses too. Maggie - I already have.

Abe tells Eric he'll be in touch as soon as he knows anything. He leaves. Marlena - May I join you? So you met with the Bishop this morning? Eric - Yeah, just finished. He suspended me. After the video he didn't have much choice. Marlena - What happens next? Eric - Unless we find Kristen and she clears me, I'll be defrocked.

Segment 7: Abby returns home. She remembers the last thing EJ said to her. She scoffs - He's EJ DiMera, what does he know.

EJ pushes for Sami to talk to him. Sami tells him it's nothing for him to worry about. I can handle it. We don't have to tell each other everything, right? You made that clear. I've got this. She leaves.

Sonny returns home. Will, holding Ari, tells Sonny - I can't lose her. I will not.

Sami sees Gabi leaving the Pub.

Vic - What did you decide? Maggie - After everything that happened, that you did, I've decided that our marriage is over. She grabs her coat and purse and leaves.

Eric - This can't be a surprise. Marlena - I'm just so sorry. Where will you go? Eric - Grandma's got a room over the pub. Marlena - I've got plenty of room at my place. Eric - No that wouldn't ... Grandma's looking forward to it. I'll keep an eye on her. Marlena - You know I love you. Eric - I do. Marlena - And you know I'm trained to help ... Eric - You know what Mom, I really need to do this alone. He leaves.

Nicole - You got yourself into this mess because you were trying to do something good; covering for Jennifer's ungrateful juvenile delinquent of a son. Dan - I'd do it again if I had to. I wish there was some way to fix it. Nicole - There is. We'll find it. Dan - I wish there was some way I could forget it all for an afternoon or just maybe even an hour. Nicole - That's not too much to ask. She kisses him on the cheek. She then kisses him on the lips.


Friday Nov 22

Segment 1: Jordan helps Rafe back into his wheelchair. She tells him he did really good today; he should be pleased with his session. Rafe - Before we go there's something else I want to do. Jordan says he did a lot already; she doesn't want him to exert himself any further. She turns and sees that he's standing up.

Hope meets Nick at the club. She greets him with a hug and a kiss on the cheek. Nick thanks her for coming on such short notice. Hope - Is everything okay? Nick - Everything's really good actually. I am leaving for New York today.

Sonny tells Will not to freak out. This is your daughter and if Gabi is going to take her to New York ... Knock, knock. It's Kate. She takes Ari from Will. She's here to celebrate Ari's 6 month birthday. She brought a gift. She notices the guys expressions. You guys don't look in a celebratory mood. Are you alright?

Sami chases down Gabi in the park. Gabi tells her she's on her way to see Rafe. What Sami has to say can't wait.

Dan and Nicole kiss and then stare at one another. They kiss again. Stare.

Eric is in the pub on his cell. He notices 2 women staring at him. Jen comes in. She's glad she ran in to him because she'd really like to talk to him. Eric doesn't feel like talking right now. Jen - It's really important. It's about Kristen and it really can't wait.

Nicole - Did that just happen? We're not going to do this again, are we? They both say no way at the same time.

Eric follows Jen outside the pub. Have you heard from Kristen? Jen notices the 2 women through the women talking and pointing at Eric. Jen - I can't talk to you here. Just come with me.

Gabi - I can not take you attacking me again. Sami - I really just want to talk. Gabi - You want to change my mind but I'm not going to. Sami - Please just listen. I understand how this is a HUGE opportunity for you. This is a great modelling contract and it's in New York and it's amazing. I totally understand that. Gabi - But? Sami - I'm asking for five minutes of your time.

Segment 2: Rafe takes a couple of steps on his own without the bars. Jordan - This is very encouraging. Rafe - Encouraging? That's it? What about awesome! Or ama ... he trips and has to grab on to the bar to keep from falling. Jordan helps him to straighten up and they end being very close.

Hope - You're leaving today! Nick - Yeah. I go straight from here to the airport. Hope - With what? Only the backpack I gave you last Christmas? Nick - I love that backpack. I sent my stuff ahead. Hope - So that job offer came through. Nick - Yeah, I start really soon. Hope - And that's the only thing taking you to New York; there's nothing else going on, right? Nick - No, it's all good. Hey, I haven't told Aunt Maggie that I'm leaving yet. Hope - Seriously! Are you kidding me! She needs to know. You need to tell her. Nick - Of course. It's just that I heard what happened at Brady and Kristen's wedding and that she's moving out of Victor's. Hope - Well you heard right. Nick - The timing; I just don't want to put this on her. Hope - That's okay. You're going to be back soon to visit, right? Nick - Don't count on it.

Kate - So what's going on? Will - Well we may need your help with something Grandma. Sonny - Will, I think you're jumping the gun. Will - Am I jumping the gun if Gabi takes Ari away from us. Kate - Whoa, backup. What are we talking about? Sonny - Gabi was offered a modelling contract with a top agency. Will - And she wants to take Ari with her to New York.

Sami - You have to know what this is about. Gabi - I can guess. Sami - You knew I wasn't exactly going to give my blessing. Yeah, Gabi you can take my granddaughter and I'll try and see her on the holidays. Gabi - You can see her whenever you want. Sami - You know that's not realistic, right? Her whole family, we all have kids of our own, we have jobs here. We can't just get on a plane anytime, right? When Will was a kid I made a ton of mistakes ... Gabi - This is not a mistake. Sami - Wrong choice of words. I used Will to defend some of my actions. I used to justify my behaviour by saying I was doing what was best for my son. Gabi - I don't know what this has to do with me. Sami - Let me finish. I had these schemes and I had plans and I would be getting myself out of situations and no matter what I thought or what I said Will ended up on the backburner. Gabi - I wouldn't let that happen to Ari, never. Sami - Really? You've had modelling jobs before. We're talking about 6am call times. You get done at 10pm sometimes later. You're working all day and who's with the baby? Not you. She'll be with some babysitter wondering where her mother is. I'm just saying that she needs you not just a babysitter. And she needs her father. And if you take her to New York she won't have either of you. Gabi - If I take this offer I will be set for life which means that Arianna will be set for life. So you can understand how I can't turn this offer down. Sami - I understand how you feel which is why I would like to make you an offer of my own. You stay here in Salem and I will give you an exclusive contract with Countess Wilhelmina. That solves all your problems. It's the best of both worlds. You can stay here and you can give Ari everything. I know how much you love your daughter. Do this for her.

Dan and Nicole chuckle. Dan - That was kind of reminiscent of something we've done before. Nicole - Only it wasn't because we're not doing that. Dan - We hardly knew each other back then. Nicole - Now we do and we're really good friends. Dan - Yes and we need to protect what we have with each other. Dan looks at the summons again. Nicole - We both really need a friend right now more than ever; with your crazy, selfless to a fault covering thing with JJ letting people, including Jennifer, the woman you love, hate your gats right now because she thinks you're a shallow, creepy guy who slept with Theresa from drugsville. Dan - And you have your Eric situation. Nicole - No situation. Arrive Derchi Eric! Dan - Just like that. Nicole - Whatever feelings I had for Fr. Eric or soon to be just Eric, they are dead and buried.

Eric follows Jen into the living room of the Horton house. Jen - I'm sorry I gave you the silent treatment all the way over here, it's just something I didn't want to talk about in public. Eric - What do you want to tell me? There's something you know about Kristen. Have you heard from her? Jen - No and I really doubt that I will. You know it's just so crazy. I know that I was her only friend in Salem and I really didn't know how damaged she was. Eric - No one did except my mother. Jen - I know. And then when I saw that video in the church I knew that Kristen was guilty and not just because of the look in her eyes but I know Eric that you would never seduce any woman including Kristen. Eric - I really appreciate your support and your wanting to talk to me about this; I'm just not sure why you thought it should be in private. Jen - Because there is more. There is something to all of this stuff with Kristen that you deserve to know. Something I know in my heart I should have told you sooner and I need to tell you now.

Segment 3: Jordan helps Rafe back into his chair. That was incredible! Your first steps! Rafe - How about that! I wish I could have done a few more. Jordan - We talked about this, remember. Baby steps. Rafe - I need you to be honest with me right now. Does this mean I'm going to be able to walk again?

Gabi - That's a very generous offer. Sami - Then you'll take it. Gabi - No, I'm sorry I won't. Sami - Oh I see. So it's not about doing what's best for your daughter, it's that you want to move to New York; live that glamorous lifestyle, being a model, having the career fizzle out by the time you're 25. Gabi - Thank you for your support. Sami - I'm just being realistic. You know better than anyone that ... Gabi - What I know is that I have to give this a chance. Sami - If that modelling agency is as hot for you as they say they're going to be working you 24/7. Which is amazing except for the part where you'll be kissing your daughter goodbye first think in the morning; giving her to a nanny and then you'll be home to give her kiss when she's already sleeping at night. Gabi - What is it that you want from me! Sami - If you need to do this, I totally understand and respect that. You go follow your dreams; you go to New York City but you leave Ari here. Gabi - What! Sami - What? Leave her here with her father; with a family that loves her and we'll take care of her. We'll do a great job. Gabi - You have to be out of your mind. I'm not going to leave Ari here. And it's not as bad as you're describing. It will not be as bad as that! This agency wants Ari too and we're going to go out there ... Sami - What! Ari's part of the deal!

Kate - I just can't believe that Gabi would do something like this. Will - Well she is unless we can convince her not to. Kate recalls confronting Nick and asking him if he's moving to New York. Kate - I think we're all going to have to make it completely clear to Gabi that this is not acceptable. There's still time to change her mind. Will - What if we can't? Kate - Does anyone else know about this? Will - Mom and Sonny's dad. Sonny - Gabi did make up her mind though but she did say she isn't making any more decisions without talking to Will first. Kate - That's big of her. Kate hands Ari back to Will. Listen to me. I don't want you to worry about this because I'm going to do everything I have to do. No one including her mother is going to take little Arianna away from us. Will - Okay. Kate - I love you. Will - Love you to. She leaves. Outside the apt. Kate pulls out her cell and mutters I know what you're up to and you're not going to get away with it.

Hope - I know it's been a very hard time for you. Nick - It's been rough but that's why I think it's going to be better for me someplace else where people don't know what happened to me in prison and people don't look at me with pity and disgust. Hope - I can't tell you how it breaks my heart to hear you say that; that you feel that way but I understand. Nick gets an alert on his cell. I've got to go. I don't want to miss my flight. Hope hugs him. Honey I'm so sorry that things didn't work out for you here. Nick - Don't worry about me. Hope - How can I not? Nick - I think things are going to be really great for me in New York. Hope - I love you. Nick - I love you too. Bye.

Nicole - Thank you. I will try not to be the guest who kissed the host out of the blue and for absolutely no reason at all. In fact I won't have time to do those shenanigans because I start my new job tomorrow. Dan - What new job? Nicole - It's kind of new, old actually. I got my roving reporter TV gig back. Dan - Why didn't you tell me this? Nicole - I'm telling you right now. It's not like anyone's really going to know for a while because my stuff doesn't actually air for a few weeks. Dan - That is awesome! Nicole - I think so too and I'm ready to hit the ground running. Dan - Can you do me just one favour? Please, whatever you do, no exposes on me. Nicole - Well I was kind of hoping you'd be my first subject. Dan - I'm going to get a real estate magazine so you can find another place to live. Nicole - I'm totally kidding! they laugh.

Jen - I have a part in all of this. Eric - You? How? Jen - Because Kristen told me that when she and Brady had broken up; she was unfaithful to him. Eric - She told you. Jen - Yeah and for a moment, for a really terrifying moment, she thought that she was pregnant with this other man's child. I mean she wasn't but that's why throughout this whole ordeal she was so emphatic about not saying anything to Brady because she was afraid he'd never forgive her for her mistake. So I comforted her and I just let it go because I didn't feel like it was really my business at the time. But then when I saw the video of the two of you together I realised why she couldn't tell Brady because she had set this whole terrible thing up. Eric - Because the other man was me. My God, if she was pregnant. Jen - Yeah, that would have been your baby. So what I'm saying is if I hadn't protected her this whole thing would have resolved so much differently. That nightmare in the church would never have happened. So I'm asking you can you please forgive me.

Segment 4: Nick meets up with Kate in the square. Hey Kate, in your text you said you had another cheque for me. Kate - Well I lied. You S.O.B. Nick smiles.

Gabi - Arianna is part of the deal because I'm her mother and I want her to be there and the agency knows that. Sami - And that's it? Gabi - To be honest, yes, they want a photo shoot with me and the baby. Sami - And you're okay with your 6 month old daughter under those hot lights and having to wake her up so the photographer can get the shot that he needs. Gabi - I'm not selling her into slavery. Sami - We've both seen those reality shows; a parent pushing their kid into a career so they can be exploited. Gabi - I would never let that happen. Sami - Well I hope that's true but Gabi this has happened very quickly, it's very exciting and I totally understand that you want to do what's best for your child. I'm asking you to consider my offer please. Gabi - I will but I can't promise you that I'll change my mind. She leaves.

Sonny - I hate what is happening. Will - I do too but I'm fine so if you just want to go to work. Sonny - T's covering. I just want to be here with you. Will - Thanks. You want to keep an eye on me. Sonny - I just don't want you to do anything to make the situation worse. Will - How could I possibly make the situation worse? Sonny - By doing something irrational that will cost you Ari and a future in jail. I see you thinking about it. Taking Ari away without Gabi's consent is considered kidnapping. I'm worried because you're upset and I don't want you to do anything crazy like that. You could lose Ari forever.

Jordan - We've had this conversation before. Rafe - Yeah but we never had this conversation 3 minutes after I took two steps. Jordan - True and while I can't guarantee results I can try to help you achieve them but in my professional opinion and based on my experience so far I don't think that you'll just walk again; I think you will be back to normal. Rafe - Yeah! I've actually never been normal so ... Jordan - Then it will be a miraculous recovery. Rafe - Thank you.

Dan has to get to the hospital. Nicole has some errands too. She has to stop by the rectory and get her mail. Dan - Aren't you worried about seeing Eric? Nicole - No, he won't be there. Dan - You checked? Nicole - They suspended him.

Eric - Of course I forgive you. The truth is even if you had come forward after the things you found out it wouldn't have changed anything. Jen - Why can't the Church reconsider? They have to forget about what they saw and look at what was done to you. You are the victim here. Eric - Not unless they find Kristen and she confesses. There's no proof then so I don't understand why anything would change. Eric gets a call from Hope. I have news about Kristen. I need to see you right away.

Segment 5: Nicole - It's definite. I ran into Eric and he told me and as long as Kristen is MIA and not talking I don't think they're going to let Eric back in as a practicing priest. She sees his expression. What? Dan - You just happened to run into Eric? Nicole - Yeah. Dan - And then when you saw him all that stuff came up right and kissing me was just a distraction from that. Nicole - What crazy assed loop de loop did you get on to come up with that conclusion. One has nothing to do with the other. Dan - I know why you're angry with Eric but you can't blame him for what Kristen did. Nicole - I don't blame him, I blame Kristen. I'm hoping she's fertilizer in some potted plant although that wouldn't be fair to the plant, would it? I blame Eric for thinking the worst of me. He should have known better. Dan makes it clear that he and Eric are friends and he can't turn his back on him. Nicole - I'm glad someone wants to help him. It just can't ever be me again. She leaves.

Eric - I'll be there soon. Thanks. Jen - What, does she have a lead on Kristen? Eric - She wouldn't say. She just wants to see me in person. Jen - That sounds hopeful. Let me know alright and thank you again for understanding my silence about Kristen. She was trying to destroy your family and using you to do it. Eric - You had no way of knowing that. Jen - I suppose so but I have been wrong about a lot of people lately. Eric - You're talking about Daniel now. Jen - On that note I need to get going. Eric - Yeah, me too.

Nick - I have no idea why you're acting so crazy but I don't really have time for it. Kate - Then you need to make time. You going somewhere Nick? Nick - Yeah, actually. Kate - Wouldn't be New York, would it? Nick - Yeah it would be. I got a job offer there and I'm going to take the job if that's okay with you. Kate - You lying, little snake. I know why you're going to New York and it's to set up house with Gabi and the baby. Nick - I got a job Kate. A really good one and if Gabi and Arianna end up going there too then I guess that's how fate will have it. Kate - Really! Do you really think you're going to get away with that? Nick - You know what, you were so nice to me when I made your company a boat load of money and you were so happy for me when you heard I was leaving and it was so fake and disingenuous ... just like everybody else in this town. But you know what, it doesn't matter because I don't even belong here. Kate - Well you don't belong with Gabi's and Will's baby either.

Gabi follows Rafe into his room. Rafe - It sounds like an incredible offer but New York, really! What, you and Arianna are just going to up an move there? Gabi - I would never get a deal like that here. Rafe - I know. I get it. It's just that I would miss you and the baby a lot. Gabi - You can come see us whenever you want and we'll be back here once a month. Rafe - What about Will? He can't be too happy about this. Gabi, how did Will take the news?

Will - Give me a little credit Sonny. I'm not going to kidnap my daughter. The first thing I need to do is get a job somewhere and I'm hoping that either Grandma Kate or EJ can help me out with that. Sonny - EJ! Will - Yeah. Sonny - 'Cause that worked out in the past. Will - I'm a little different now and so is he. Sonny - Did you say you need to get a job somewhere? Will - If Gabi's going to New York and we can't stop her then I'm going to New York and get a job too.

Segment 6: Sami is talking to herself outside the club. If I can't get through to Gabi as a mother then I'll have to find another way to deal with her even if it means dealing with the devil.

Kate - All I care about is my great-granddaughter being near her father so if you think you're going to keep Will away from his baby, you can think again. Nick - Look Kate, I was wrong about Will and Sonny. I was working through my own issues and they took the hit from me ... that was a mistake. But me being with Gabi has nothing to do with Will being taken away from his daughter. Gabi's already offered to come back once a month and Will can come to New York whenever he wants to and I support that. Kate - Wow, aren't you a sweetheart. Nick - Yeah I am a sweetheart in my professional life and my personal life. In fact, here, he digs out a flashdrive, the project we talked about. This one's on the house. Take it. Goodbye Kate. He leaves. Kate mutters - Oh Sami, do I need to talk to you. Her cell rings. Looks like she needs to talk to me too.

Gabi - Will's not happy about it, neither is Sami. Rafe - I can imagine. Gabi - But they do know it's a really great opportunity not only for me but Arianna. I hope that you can see that too. Rafe - Will I get ... I understand that this is tempting for you but you're a mom now; you have a baby and if you leave a lot of people are going to be really upset, especially me. I'm going to miss you and my niece buy you are a grownup now, a mom, it's your life, it's your decision. Gabi - So you support my decision to move to New York. Rafe - I love you so I support your decision, whatever it is. Gabi hugs him. Thank you Rafe.

Nicole is at the rectory looking through her mail. She recalls a moment with Eric. She's about to leave when Eric comes in.

Dan goes up to Jen near the nurse's station. I'm sorry to bother you. I just wanted to say I'm sorry that you have to witness the disciplinary hearing. That's the last thing I wanted to subject you to. Jen - You really need to get over yourself.

Nick sees Gabi sitting in the square and asks if everything is okay. Gabi - No, it's not.

Sonny - You'd consider moving to New York? Will - Absolutely. If we didn't have any other choice, yes. We can go there, we can get our own place. We'd be near the baby, I could transfer to NYU. Sonny - Just like that. Will - I think I could get in. What? Sonny - I can't move to New York.

Sami and Kate meet up in the park. Sami - We have a problem. Kate - You have no idea.

Segment 7: Jen - I don't want or need your patronizing concerns. I'm going to be just fine. Dan - I'm just trying ... Jen - To spare me the embarrassment of your actions? Just so you know I won't be agonizing over what happened between you and Theresa. In fact, I will feel nothing at all except maybe revulsion and disdain. Don't you get it. You mean nothing to me.

Nicole - What are you doing back here? Eric - I forgot something. Nicole - Yeah, me too. Goodbye Eric. Hope comes in just as Nicole is leaving. Did I interrupt something? Eric - Not at all.

Rafe pulls himself from his chair to the bed. Jordan comes in. She needs him to sign something. I'm really proud of the progress you made today. Rafe - Thanks to you. Jordan - Are you okay? You seem kind of quiet. Rafe - My sister's news; she's moving to New York with the baby. She got some amazing offer with a modelling agency. I just don't know if it's the best thing for her. Jordan - Your sister strikes me as a smart girl; she'll figure it out. If she needs help, she'll come to you. Rafe - You're right. Jordan - Of course I am.

Will - What are you talking about? Of course we can move to New York. It's a big city. There's tons to do there. We're young, you can get a job as a bartender in 5 seconds tops. Sonny - I'm not a bartender. I own my own club. Those are two different things. I have spent so much time and energy in this town, on that place. I can't believe you'd even say that to me. Will - Don't make me choose between you and my daughter.

Sami - So you heard Gabi's plan. Kate - Yeah. Sami - I tried talking to her, this mother to mother chat; it didn't go very well. Kate - Did she tell you about Nick? Sami - I know she slept with that loser again but this wasn't the best time to bring it up. Kate - So you don't know the rest. Sami - What rest? Kate - Gabi is not going to New York alone. Sami - I know. She wants to take Ari with her. Kate - And Nick. Sami - What! Kate - Nick Fallon is moving to New York with Gabi.

Nick - Why don't you tell me what's wrong? Gabi - I've changed my mind. I'm going to turn down the agency's offer. Nick - You're what! Gabi - I'm not going to New York.


Monday Nov 25

Segment 1: Repeat of Jen telling Dan that he means nothing to her. Dan - Then there won't be a problem. Jen - No, there won't be a problem.

Jen watches as Theresa approaches Dan and tells him she needs to talk to him. It's not a good time for Dan. Theresa - It's important. It's about the night I OD'd. Dan asks if she remembered something.

JJ is at home scanning the news on his Tablet. First Eric and then about Dan. He recalls Dan coming to his rescue at Theresa's place. Abby comes into the room and they banter about decorating the place for Thanksgiving. Abby says that Mom is going to be totally surprised. JJ - You have no idea.

Repeat of Will telling Sonny not to make him choose between his daughter and him. Sonny snaps - Seriously! Wow. Am I not the guy who got this apartment so we could live with Gabi who hated me btw, and Arianna who I love like she's my own kid. How could you say that to me!

Repeat of Kate telling Sami that Gabi is going to New York with Nick. Sami - OMG. She lied right to my face. Kate - Are you surprised by that? Sami - I guess I should be used to it by now. I am not letting that sick bastard; Nick Fallon is not getting away with this. Kate - Sing it sister! Sami - You should tell Rafe. If he found out his little sister was going to New York with Nick he'd send the FBI after them. Kate - No, I'm not going to tell Rafe. He's in a hospital bed. Seriously, he can't deal with any more stress right now. Sami - You don't think he'll be stressed out when he finds out his sister is living in New York with Nick. Kate - She is not going to New York because you and I are coming up with a plan. We're going to keep Arianna in Salem and stop Nick in his weaselly tracks.

Repeat of Gabi telling Nick she's not going to New York. Nick - I don't understand. This is such an amazing opportunity and you were so excited. Why would you say no? Gabi - I've thought about it and I've decided that this is the best thing for me and Arianna; to stay in Salem. Nick - You can't do that.

Theresa - No, I don't remember anything that happened that night; I doubt I ever will. You probably heard my parents are here. We talked some things out. I get to stay in Salem. It's just that I don't want to screw up again. Dan - I'm glad to hear that. Theresa - I need to make amends with just about every person at the hospital starting with you. Dan appreciates that but ... Theresa - I know things aren't going to actually change until I get in to AA but I need to get clean. Dan - Yes you do. Theresa - I was hoping maybe your mom could hook me up with a program. I heard she's this amazing AA sponsor and a great woman too. Of course she is, you are her son. Jen walks by. Theresa - I didn't know Jennifer was there. I hope I didn't say anything to upset her.

Kate - We have to work fast. Nick said he's leaving soon and believe me he has the means because I paid him for two more projects. Sami - Why would you hire him again? Kate - Oh Sami! Because he's a freakin' genius okay and because you and EJ stole my formula I had too! Sami - Okay. Kate - If I had known what he had planned I would never ... Sami - I get it. I do, I understand. Kate - And he has the nerve to throw it in my face. Literally he tossed my this flashdrive and said it's on the house. I guess he can afford to be magnanimous because he's taking my great granddaughter to New York on my dime. Sami - Don't beat yourself about this. It's not your fault, it's Nick's fault. He's lower than a snake and so is Gabi but this one I really think is on him. I'm going to give that conniving bastard a piece of my mind and maybe a fist in the face while I'm at it. Kate - While you're practicing your particular brand of magic on him, I'll use mine on her. They both talk at the same time 'Give 'em hell!'

Gabi - What do you mean I can't do that? Nick - I know how excited you are about this and I'd hate to see you lose this once in a lifetime opportunity for what? Why would you say no? Gabi - I talked to my brother and to Sami ... Nick - What! Like you didn't know what Sami was going to say. She's way too selfish to ever consider your hopes and dreams. Why would you ever consider hers? Gabi - Arianna is her granddaughter. Nick - Ari almost died because she was harassing you when you were pregnant. Gabi - I know that Sami can be aggressive but she just wants Arianna to have a good life. Kate is now in the square. Gabi - And that's what I want and you want and what she was telling me makes sense. Nick - That's a first. Gabi - I hate the idea of taking my daughter away from her father okay and Samantha says I can have the best of both worlds and she offered me a modelling contract with Countess Wilhelmina which is what I was doing before anyway. Nick - No, no, no. Gabi - Nick, it's okay. Nick snaps - NO! It's not okay. You have to take the job and you have to move to New York because I've worked way too hard to make this happen for it to all fall apart now. Kate hears all this.

Segment 2: Hope brings Ciara and Allie (dressed as pilgrim girls) to the Horton house. Hope - Let's just say Ciara was not happy about missing the Thanksgiving party because Mommy had to work. She kisses JJ's cheek. Cousin JJ to the rescue. Thank you honey. The girls are so excited. Abby - Really, I couldn't tell. The girls bounce up and down and clap. Hope - You do know what you're getting yourselves in for, don't you? JJ - It's going to be fun and Abs will be with me, right sis? Abby - Right. JJ - And Mom, not that she knows yet. Hope - I think this is the perfect thing for her today. JJ - I think it's what we all need. Hope - I've got to go to work. I'll be back for turkey, gravy, stuffing ... all of it. She says goodbye to everyone. Abby tells the girls this is going to be so much fun. I haven't been to a Thanksgiving party since I was your age. God JJ, you were so little. Do you even remember. JJ - Of course I do. It was Mom's favourite holiday and it was mine too. She would always make us say the one thing we were grateful for. Abigail would say books and I would say pumpkin pie. I'm so grateful for the chance to do this again. Abby - Me too. Ciara fidgets. Abby asks what's wrong. Ciara - I hate my hat. I'm not wearing it. She takes it off. Allie - But now you won't look like a pilgrim. Ciara - Then I guess I won't go. JJ - Ciara, you know what, I used to live in England and the Queen would never, ever, ever go out without a hat. It's very posh. Abby - That means cool. JJ puts on his pilgrim hat. It's all about having confidence to pull it off. Ciara - But you look like a dork. Abby - She is kind of right. JJ - Then maybe you should wear it. Abby - In that case you would have to dress up as a turkey, right? JJ - I think we should put the hat on her. The girls agree. They all chase Abby. They catch her and JJ puts the hat on her head.

Dan - I will ask my Mom to get you some information about the program. Theresa - Thanks but I was hoping you could just give me her number; that way you don't have to get in the middle of anything and I can get in touch with her right away. Dan - Sure. Anne gets off the elevator. Dr. Jonas, what do you think you're doing? You know very well you shouldn't be speaking to a potential witness before a hearing. I'm smelling a cover-up here.

Will - Believe me when I say I know all the sacrifices you made for us. Sonny - Do you? I waited so long for you. I gave you space so you could come to terms with being gay. I didn't push you, did I? Will - No you didn't. You were just there for me. I never could have done that without you. Sonny - And I know what it's like to feel that you have to choose between the guy you love and someone else in your life. But when my Mom tried to do it look who I chose. Will - I understand. Sonny - You got Gabi pregnant and you lied to me about it. I helped you cover up evidence in two criminal investigations. Two and look where I am. I am right here. Will - Listen, I know that and I don't take that for granted and I don't take you for granted. And you know that about me but Ari is not going to be here. Gabi's taking her to New York and if you're not willing to come with me then do you not at least see that you're forcing me to make that choice 'cause I'm not going to live away from my daughter. I absolutely will not.

Gabi - You worked hard for what? What did you do? Nick - The offer that you got from Sparkle, I arranged that. Gabi - No, they saw my picture. They said that they liked my story. Nick - I sent them that story. I sent it to all the big agencies. Gabi - I didn't give you permission to do that Nick! Nick - I know but it was your dream and I knew that you weren't going to pursue it unless someone else gave you a little push. Gabi - A push! Nick - Yeah. After all the things Will and Sonny said to you I knew that you needed a fresh start away from this town. We both did. Gabi - What do you mean we BOTH did? Nick - I got a job in New York; a really good one. Gabi - WHAT! Nick - Yeah, I'm leaving today. I sent all my stuff. Gabi - No, no, no. Nick - Gabi, you have to take that job otherwise how are you and Arianna and I going to be together finally the way that we always wanted. Gabi - OMG! What the hell is wrong with you!

Segment 3: Jen comes home to find JJ, Abby, Allie and Ciara all in Pilgrim costumes. Surprise! JJ - I hope you're ready to get your Pilgrim on because we're going to a party. Abby - The annual kids' Thanksgiving party is at Club TBD. Jen - That's right. So you borrowed relatives so you could go. JJ - Correction, so WE could go. Jen - Okay that sounds like fun. JJ - I'm coaching Allie and Ciara so we can win the turkey drawing contest even though my supportive sister keeps reminding me that I came in last every year. Abby holds up a picture - They still look like alligators. Jen asks Abby if this was her idea. Abby - No, actually it was all JJ's idea. Jen - Thank you. It's a great idea. Jen asks the girls to show her their pictures. Oh wow. Honey, they are better than yours but yours is still pretty. Abby - JJ, you made Mom really happy. Seriously, you doing all of this. I don't know exactly what happened but I feel like I have my brother back and it's so nice. I sure hope it stays that way. JJ - It's going to. It will. Just hanging out with my so called friends made me wake up and realise I didn't want to end up like them. I guess I just saw that I was ? about everything.

Theresa - Daniel was just ... Anne - Theresa, we don't want your first days back here to be too taxing so don't concern yourself with this. Here's some filing to keep your mind off things. Theresa says thanks and walks away. Anne - Poor girl. You may have put her back together but she will never be quite whole again. Dan - You're getting a lot of mileage out of this, aren't you? Anne - Oh I could ride this train around the world and back again. Dan - Why don't you make it a one way trip. It would do wonders for the morale around here. He leaves. Anne - Oh I'll boost morale alright but I'm not the one going anywhere.

Sonny - I know how much you love that little girl because I love her too. I helped bring her into this world. I was there the first time that she rolled over; I was there the first time she cut a tooth and I was the first person that she spit up on. Will remembers that. Sonny - I feel like I'm her Dad too. Will - That's because you are. Neither of us are going to be able to be a Dad to her if Gabi takes her to New York and we're here. Once a month! I can't do that. I can't put Ari through that and I also don't want to stand in the way of Gabi's dream job. Sonny - But you want me to leave mine. Will - Because I know you're going to succeed wherever you are especially in New York ... Sonny wants this conversation to stop. Will - You know what, if you really feel that you can't pick up and go to New York, which I understand, maybe we can find a way to still make this work. Sonny - Maybe. Ari starts crying. Will goes to her. Sonny grabs his jacket and leaves.

Sami goes to the police station into Hope's office. Hope - Hi Sami. If you're looking for your Dad he's not here. Sami - Actually I wanted to talk to you. I was hoping that you would know where Nick is. Hope - I talked to him earlier but ... why ... is everything okay? Sami - I just need to talk to him about something. It's important and I was hoping to catch him before he moved. I heard that maybe he's going to New York. Hope - Sorry but you're probably too late. Is it something important?

Gabi - How dare you go behind my back and play God with my life! Nick - That's not what I was doing. Gabi, I was just trying to help you. (They're attracting quite the audience right now). Gabi - I didn't need your help! Nick - I did this for you and Arianna. I did this for us. Gabi - There is no US! Don't you get it! You said it yourself, you were just ... you were lying to me. It was a lie. Nick - No, it wasn't a lie. Gabi - You were using me so that you could forget about what happened to you in prison; so you could act like maybe you could have a normal life. Nick - I love you Gabi. I love you. That was real and I know you have feelings for me. Gabi - You know what I feel! I feel relieved that you're going to New York so I can stop trying to pretend to be friends with you because it feels really awkward and really weird. Nick - Please, calm down. Gabi - No, I'm not going to stop. I've tried to be nice. I've tried to be clear but let me say it so you're not confused. Let me spell it out for you. I am through okay! I never want to see you again! I want you out of my life for good! She walks away. Nick grabs his knapsack and goes after her. Kate steps out. Good girl Gabi. Her cell rings. Damn it Larry, what do you want? Okay, make it quick.

Segment 4: The party is on at the club. Jen and JJ banter. Jen - This is really sweet; it's bringing up good memories for me. JJ - Me too. Jen - I'm glad we came. Dan comes in with Parker.

It's dark, Gabi is walking in a clearing calling Casey McGraw. I need to talk to you about that offer. She loses her signal. Before she can try again Nick grabs her phone.

Kate - A million five, not a penny more. Don't call me again until the deal is done. She talks into her App - Send text to Sami. Found Gabi and Nick. Meet in the park near the square.

Hope comes back into her office. Is everything okay? Did Nick do something? Sami - I just really need to talk to him; it's important. Hope - Listen I know he's caused a lot of problems for a lot of people especially Will but he's still my cousin and I love him. Sami - He's been through a lot; I've heard it before. Hope - I know his staying in Salem hasn't been easy but I really do believe that him moving to New York is going to be good for him. Sami gets Kate's text. I'm sorry, I really have to deal with this. She hugs Hope. Bye, see you soon. Hope - Are you okay? Is everything alright? Sami - It will be. Hope sends a text to Nick. R U still here?

Gabi - Give me that phone back Nick, I have to tell her that I'm turning the offer down. Nick - Please Gabi, you can't do that, okay. I know that you're upset ... Gabi - I'm way beyond upset. Nick - I only did it because I didn't want you to get your hopes up in case it didn't work out. Gabi - Let me get this straight. I get the offer, I tell you about it, I ask you what I should do and never once did you mention that you arranged it; never once did you tell me that you were planning on going with me and Ari to New York! Nick - I wanted to surprise you. Gabi - Well you sure did. What did you do to get them to hire me? Did you bribe them? Nick - No! They totally want you. All I did was help them see what you have to offer. Gabi - Right. Why should I believe you! All you've done is lie to me. Nick - No! Gabi, I love you. I love you and you love me too. I know you do. Gabi - Nick, what do I have to tell you to get it through your head. I do not love you! Okay! And whatever we had, it is over now. Nick - Don't say that. Gabi - Yes! You have to stop. You're sick. You have to talk to somebody. Nick snaps and screams - No. Stop it. Shut up! You stop!

Segment 5: Abe, Theo, Allie and Ciara go over to Dan and Carter. Allie - Isn't he the cutest little guy ever! Theo - Besides me. Ciara asks Parker if he wants to come with them. Abe heads off with the kids. JJ goes to Dan. Sorry, if I knew you were coming ... Dan - Don't worry about it. JJ - Since you are, why don't you try talking to ... Dan - Already did; it's the last thing she wants. In the good news department I also ran into Theresa earlier. She still doesn't remember what happened the night she OD'd. From a medical standpoint what's blank to her now probably always will be. JJ - That's good but ... Dan - No buts. I'm going to take this over to Parker. Jen approaches. I saw you talking to Daniel. You don't have to explain, I know what it was about.

Will brings Ari out into the living room and realises Sonny is gone.

Sami runs into Sonny outside the pub and says hi. Is everything okay. Sonny - It's just this whole thing with Gabi and Ari is driving me nuts right now and then Will wants to move to New York. Sami - He can't do that. Sonny - That's what I said. Sami - Did you two have a fight. Sonny - Yes, I told him that I want to stay in Salem and then he said I'm making him choose between me and Ari, which I'm not doing. Sami - Don't worry, we're going to get this worked out. Sonny - What do you mean we? Sami - Nothing. The point is I know that things are stressful right now but I want you to focus on the most important thing right now which is that Will loves you very much. Sonny - I know. Sami - I have to get going to meet someone. Sonny - Don't tell Will we talked about his. Sami - Of course. Take care of yourself.

Kate is now in the dark as well. She gets a call from Rafe. How are you? I can barely hear you. Yes I heard about the modelling. Sure I can make some phone calls and see if it's legit. No I understand you're worried but I think you can relax. I have a feeling that everything is going to turn out just fine.

Gabi - I wasn't trying to upset you. Nick - I know. I think we're both upset now and we both said things that we don't mean. But once you've had time to think about this Gabi you'll realise what a terrific future I made for you and Arianna. You're so beautiful and this is dream. I think you'd be crazy, I mean who wouldn't kill for an opportunity like this. Gabi - I'm really, really, really grateful for your help but I can't take Arianna away from her father. Nick - He'll come visit. We'll come back here like once a month. Gabi - It's not the same Nick. It's not right. Nick - How else are we going to be together? We talked about this; how everyone in this town judges us and how we need a fresh start. Gabi - That's not what I said. Don't you think that I should have a say in this? Nick sighs. You're right. You're totally right. I'm making unilateral decisions for both of us when it's clearly upsetting you. Gabi - Thank you for understanding. Nick - So I guess I'll give you two choices. One is you take the job offer and you move to New York with me and Arianna and we can be a family together or option number two is you go to prison for what you did to Melanie.

Segment 6: Jen - I know that you're trying to help but please don't engage Daniel. Arguing with him is not going to accomplish anything. You have to go before the judge again soon. I don't want you to do anything that's going to jeopardise your freedom. JJ - I won't. I just hate the way things are and I wish there was something I could do to help. I think I'm going to take off for a little while; put some space between me and Daniel. I'll be back for dinner.

Dan tells Parker that they should leave. Hope comes in and says hi. What's going on. The girls tell her that Dan wants to take Parker home but they want him to stay for dinner. Theo - Aunt Jennifer, you want them to come too, don't you?

Gabi - No, you wouldn't do that. You wouldn't send me to prison. Nick - I don't want to Gabi but I don't have a choice. Gabi - Arianna needs me. Nick - Then do the right thing. Come with me to New York. Just come with me. Let us be a family. I've got it all planned out. You need to trust me the way you always did. Let us be happy together. Gabi - How can I be happy when you're blackmailing me. Nick drops to his knees. Do you not understand? You're the one good thing that's happened to me since I got out of prison. The one good thing and I was good for you too. Don't you remember what we had together. All of our plans and our hopes and our dreams together. Even after everything went bad we still couldn't stay away from each other. You still wanted me. Gabi - That was sex, not love. Nick turns hostile as he stands up. That was love. That was love!

Will carries Ari and talks to her about everything going on. Sonny comes in and hears Will telling Ari that he misses her when he's gone a couple of hours. I can't imagine what ... you're my little girl and I promise you that I will always take care of you.

Gabi grabs for her phone that Nick dropped but Nick gets it first. She's crying please Nick, he's telling her to calm down. He ends up pushing her to the ground. He drops down beside her. Are you okay? Gabi - I want to go home. I want to go home. Nick - Where is home? I'll make you feel better. Gabi - No. Nick - You told me so many times how much you loved the way I make you feel. Gabi - Nick, you're scaring me. Nick - Don't be scared. Let me help you remember why we're so good together. He starts kissing her neck and undoing buttons as she cries and says no.

Segment 7: JJ finds Theresa at the hospital. Theresa - What are you doing here? Your mom is not here. JJ knows that. Can I talk to you for a minute. Theresa - I think your mother would rather I didn't. JJ - This is important. I've got to make something right. Theresa - What are you talking about? JJ - Maybe if you and I could go somewhere maybe I ... Theresa - No. I don't know what the hell you want but you need to stay away from me.

Jen starts to answer but Dan says that he and Parker have plans for tonight. Thanks for inviting us. You guys have fun. He and Parker leave. Hope tells Ciara and Allie they have to leave too. Theo asks Jen if she misses Parker and his dad. Abby asks him why he'd say that. Theo - Because she looked sad when they walked away.

Sonny closes the door. Will - Where did you go? We missed you. Sonny needed some fresh air. I thought about what you said and I need to apologise to you. You're in a very tough situation and I'm frustrated with Gabi and I shouldn't have taken it out on you. I'm sorry. Will - I owe you an apology. I know I made it sound like I was choosing her over you. Sonny - Because you're a good dad. And if the choice has to be made you have to make that choice. Will - If? Sonny - I think we can make this work together. They kiss.

Sami is walking around in the dark. Where are you Kate?

Kate is wandering in the dark and trips. Last time I wear 6 inch heels on an impromptu hike. She gets a text. Send text to Sami. I'm in the west end of the park. Hurry. Gabi and Nick are here somewhere.

Gabi cries out - Nick, stop! Nick - I love you. Let me show you how much. You'll understand why I did what I did. Gabi - Stop, you're hurting me. Nick - I would never hurt you. You want me. Gabi - No, no! Nick - I'll show you how much. Gabi yells - Stop it. She reaches for a rock and hits him in the head. She sees the blood on his head and on the rock and cries.


Tuesday Nov 26

Segment 1: Repeat of Gabi begging Nick to stop and then hitting him with the rock. Kate walks up to see Gabi standing over Nick holding the bloody rock. OMG Gabi. What have you done!

Vic walks to the front door saying 'Maggie you didn't have to ...' He opens the door to Caroline. You S.O.B. How could you!

Nicole is drinking champagne with Jerry at the club. Nicole - I love the bubbly and the attention but why are we meeting tonight. I don't start work until tomorrow. Jerry - This couldn't wait. It's about your priest.

Eric is in the square taking pictures of the flower stand. Marlena walks up. I haven't seen you take pictures for a very long time. Eric - I'm sorry Mom. I can't talk right now. Marlena - You need to, I have news. Eric - I'm sorry, I can't. He starts to leave. Marlena - It's about Kristen.

EJ opens the door and Brady attacks him and throws him up against the wall. Tell me where your sister is.

Kate looks down at Nick. Gabi cries. He was on me and he was so angry. He tried to ... She drops the rock. He had this crazy look in his eyes. He wouldn't stop. Kate goes to her. It's going to be okay. It will be alright. Sami calls out. Kate, I got your text. Did you find Gabi and Nick? Sami sees 'dead' Nick. I guess you did.

Nicole - Okay, talk about a buzz kill. Jerry - Only because you're looking at it the wrong way. You're going back to work and you're handed this huge story on a platter. Everybody's talking about this priest with the huge secret ... come on, frankly, this video needs to go public. Nicole - Not if there's a God. Jerry - Can you spell going viral. Nicole - I still don't see how this has been handed to me on a platter. Jerry - Oh come on! You worked with the guy, right? The two of you are friends, aren't you? It's a simple question. Nicole - Not really.

Marlena - I spoke to your father. He's calling in favours trying to get a warrant. He wants to get a look at Kristen's papers and personal belongings. Eric - So he's not afraid of what he might find. Marlena - Your father is fighting for you very hard but this is a very challenging situation. Eric - By challenging you mean there's no evidence to back up my accusation. Marlena - Your father and Hope are talking to everybody; to the Bishop, to Father Matt so they can confirm your story. And your father thinks he'll have a warrant to search the mansion as early as tomorrow morning. Eric - Giving EJ more than enough time to destroy anything that implicates Kristen.

Brady - Tell me where she is. EJ gasps - Illegal entry and assault. Brady yells - Tell me where she is. EJ - Get out. Brady - Tell me where she is or I'm going to end you right now.

Sami - Why do I have a sick feeling of deja vu. Kate - Tell me about it. Gabi - He was ... I didn't want to hurt him. I just wanted to stop him. Sami checks for a pulse. What you did was kill him. Gabi - OMG. No! What am I going to do! Sami - I'd say 20 to life.

Segment 2: Gabi - No, no, no. HE came at me. HE attacked me. Sami - Why would he attack you? You do whatever he wants. Kate - Okay Sami ... Sami - Well she can tell her story to the judge. You can lie to the judge just the same way you lie to Will, you lie to me, you lie to everyone. Kate - Okay, look. You don't know what's going on but trust me you can't call the cops. Sami - You're right. I don't have any reception. I'm going to town. I'll call from there. Kate grabs her. Damn it Sami! You're not going anywhere.

Brady finally releases his chokehold on EJ who gasps for air. EJ - You know Dudley Do-Right there is nothing that I would like more than to knock some sense through that thick skull of yours and watch you get carted away by the police. Now that you've taken your hand off my throat, my sister is not here to defend you. Go ahead, take your best shot. Brady - You knew. EJ laughs. Brady - You knew what Kristen did for months and you didn't say anything. EJ - I did not know for months. Not that I would have cared if I had. What happens between two consulting adults in the privacy of a hotel room is none of my business. Brady - Shut up. You know damn well that Eric did not consent to anything that happened on that video. EJ - Well that's what Eric says. Only he knows ... well he and his precious God I suppose. Brady - No, Kristen knows and you know and you're lying to me right now. EJ - You can save your breath. I don't want to hear another lecture about how morally bankrupt I am or how you can't understand how Samantha can bare to live in a house with me considering how vile I am. Brady - This is Stefano's roof. This is not about Sami, this is about Kristen, your psychopath sister who makes other psychopaths look morally upright in comparison. That's what your sister is and she gets away with everything. But not this time. This time she is going down!

Marlena - Sami says that EJ is doing everything he can ... Eric - I talked to Sami. You don't have to tell me what she said. Marlena - I guess you don't need me for anything. Eric - Mom, I just want to be alone. I don't trust myself about almost anything. I just want to take pictures. For one, I might have to get back into this line of work and two, because I know I can't hurt anybody taking pictures. Marlena - You think by talking to me you hurt somebody? Eric, by not talking to me you hurt me incredibly. Eric - You know the cliché keep it together; I'm just trying to keep it together. Marlena - Your father is going to make it very clear what Kristen did and you will still be a priest. Eric - Yeah well even if she was confronted and she confessed it would still take a long time before I'm reinstated. Marlena - You mean until things get back to the way they were. Eric - No, things are never going to be like they were before.

Vic - Would you like a drink while you're telling me off? Caroline - Don't be glib, not now! And would you look me in the eye, damn it! Vic does as she asks. Caroline - You're always going on about your family. Let me tell you something about someone in my family, Eric. Eric, who helped the poorest, the most miserable people on earth. Not only helped them, he loved them and he shared his joy with them. But you killed that joy purposely. What makes you think it's okay to destroy someone I love!

Nicole - My relationship with Eric was not personal. We worked together, that's all. Jerry - So let me get this straight. You worked long hours for no money to hone your secretarial skills? Nicole - I needed a job. Jerry - And now you have your dream job! And no matter what you say about your reputation and your relationship with this man, you know him! You know him through and through and you know everybody else that's involved with this story. This could launch your comeback, don't you see that! Not everybody gets handed a story like this everyday. You could bury the competition, call your own shots, name your own figure. Nicole - Let me make something very clear. Nothing is going to make me do a hatchet job on Eric Brady.

Kate - Sami, look, you don't know what you're doing. Gabi cries - Sami, please ... Sami - I know Will can bring the baby to visit you in prison. It's a lot closer than New York. Kate - Here we go. Sami - You can put on a fashion show for Cell Block Nine. Kate snaps - Stop! Just stop and listen because you don't know what you're talking about. I found Gabi and Nick at Horton Square and they were fighting and believe me, it was ugly! Sami - Oh really, as ugly as this guy here with his head bashed in. Gabi cries - No. Kate - Sami! There were witnesses okay and now he's dead. If those witnesses tell the police they're not going to believe that it was self-defence. Sami scoffs - Oh you think! Someone might finally not believe Gabi. That's a shocker. Kate - It was self-defence and she could end up going to prison. Sami - Then she will finally ... FINALLY ... pay for something she has done. Kate - Sami! She was telling Nick that she didn't want to go to New York okay. That's why they were fighting. Sami - That's not true. She made it very clear to Will that she was taking that baby and going to New York. Gabi - No! No! Sami - Of course you left out the fun fact that you were going with Nick the ? Fallon. Kate - Oh nice, rest in peace. Sami - He's a creep and she was going to let him near Arianna. To hell with Will. To hell the fact that he's the father. Kate - No, that's not true because after you had already talked to her she realised it was wrong to take the baby to New York. You got through to her okay. Sami - I don't think anyone can get through to her. Kate - That's why he attacked her. Because she told him that she wanted to stay in Salem, that she wasn't going to go to New York with him. That's what happened here. Gabi goes over to Nick and kneels down beside him. OMG, no. She cries.

Segment 3: Jerry - I really don't want you to do a hatchet job, okay. I used to be an altar boy for crying out loud. Seriously, I don't want you to trash Fr. Eric. I don't, really. Nicole - You're working me, I know it. Jerry - Everyone's piling on the padre. They're all talking about the priest sex angle, the falling from grace, blah, blah, blah. And that's just picking from the low hanging fruit. If you could get an exclusive with this guy; if you can get him to sit down and open up and tell his side of the story; think about how much good this would do for him. Not to mention it is one hell of a story for you.

Vic - The woman had to be stopped. Eric was collateral damage. Caroline - Oh, I could slap you for that! Vic - For God's sake woman, think of what you have done for your family. Eric was just a one night stand. Brady was going to marry her. Caroline - It was not a one night stand. Vic - Well I didn't know that. And I didn't set anything up either. That video just dropped in my lap at the last minute when I had no other options. Caroline - She drugged him. Vic - I know you need to believe that but you have no proof. Caroline - Eric said it happened and Eric doesn't lie. Vic - Men have been lying about sex since the Garden of Eden. Caroline - You want to think the worst of Eric so you can excuse the worst in yourself; you're cruelty. Well there's no excuse for what you did. NONE!

EJ - If I had any incriminating evidence on Kristen or any knowledge of her whereabouts I would tend to share it with you just so I could spare myself another morally outraged Brady aria but I don't and if I did I wouldn't be here talking to you I would be with her, comforting her. Brady - Lying bitches don't need comfort. EJ - She's my sister and I care about her exactly the same way you care about ... Brady - You don't care about her. You care about you. You care about EJ; what's best for EJ. You always have. EJ - Okay, think that through. I want to be with Samantha. She would never stay with me if she found out I knew where Kristen was and I withheld that information. Brady - Unless you're lying to her which you've been doing since you laid eyes on her. EJ - Well that would be very bad of me, wouldn't it? Brady - I know there's more than what you're telling me. When I find out that truth EJ you will answer to me.

Sami - I don't know Kate. She kills Nick. She's got the murder weapon at her feet; of course she's going to say it was self-defence. Kate - Oh really, because that's all there is to the story, right. Everything is always exactly what it seems to be. Sami - This is nothing like what happened to me. Kate - Oh yeah except that it is. It's exactly what happened with you and Bernardi. There's more here than meets the eye, believe me! I heard her tell Nick that she changed her mind about going to New York. You made her change her mind. It sunk into her because it's more important to her to be a mother than a model Sami. Sami - You heard it yourself. Kate - You should have seen the look on her face when he let it slip out that he had lined up that whole modelling job for her. She had no idea he was planning to go to New York. Sami - She didn't know that? Kate - No, big surprise right, that our dear, sweet, sweet innocent Nick was manipulating her because he believed that she was still in love with him. He believed it just the same way he believed that Melanie was still in love with him. So loudly and publicly, she told him that wasn't the case. She told him she thought he was totally out of his mind. Trust me, he did not like being humiliated in public. Sami - So she finally murders him. Gabi - No. No. He had his hands on me. He was ... he was ... he was ... she cries. Kate - Are you going to let Arianna's mother go to prison for that! Sami recalls Nick telling her that the best thing that could happen would be for Will and his whole family to be shut out of this baby's life. And Nick telling her that there's no way he's going to let a bitch like her ever hurt Gabi or the baby again. She recalls more arguing, Nick attacking her in the park to get his money back. Sami - Well I guess that S.O.B. finally got what he deserved. Okay ladies, what's the plan?

Segment 4: Kate - See, Sami's come around. Everything's going to be okay. Gabi - How is everything going to be okay. I just killed somebody. Kate - No, you did not kill someone, you protected yourself. And now you're going to have to pull yourself together because we have a lot to do. I know no one saw me follow her here, how about you? Sami - I think I'm good. What are we going to do with ... Kate - Ssh, ssh. Kate - The river is really close by. Gabi - OMG. Sami - Well lucky for us he's skinny. She hands her purse over. Okay, you hold that. Kate - Gabi, get the rock and put it in his backpack. Go on, do it. Sami and Kate start dragging the body ... Sami stops - I chipped my nail. Gabi watches as they haul the body away.

Nicole - So you're saying that we'll be giving Eric a chance to tell his side of the story. Jerry - He can defend his reputation to a lot of people who are hell bent on destroying it at this point. What do you say? Can you get in touch with him for me? Nicole - I'll think about it. Jerry - Well you better think about this. You could be his only hope. Nicole - Whatever. Like you said, if I did do this, it would be good for my career.

Marlena - It's fine to look at things through a lens; it's not fine to run away. There are so many people who love ... Eric - I just want to be alone. I'm just struggling to understand why God let this happen to me. I just want to understand what God's will was in all of this. And what kills me the most is that I might not ever find it. Marlena - Everybody gets tested. You're going to be fine. Eric - Taking pictures is interesting, nice. My life was being a priest. They take that away from me and I don't even know what I'm going to do. Marlena - You're not being punished for this. You did nothing wrong. Eric - I did some things wrong. It may not be what's getting the most attention but I need to examine my own conscience. Marlena - Eric, you seem so lost. Eric - I'm sorry but I can't talk about this anymore.

Brady - I should have known better than to come here for answers. EJ - When have you ever known better? Brady - I just hope that when Sami finds out what you really are it's not as painful as it was finding out about your sister. EJ - She's not as fragile as you. Brady - You're a jerk. EJ - There is one thing that I can share with you. It may help you understand my sister's methods and her motives. Who knows, maybe it will help you find her. Brady - I'm not interested in hearing more excuses for what your sister did to my brother. EJ - This has nothing to do with Eric. It's too do with you. How my sister felt about you.

Kate and Sami are dragging the body and complaining about the fact that they're not wearing the right kind of shoes for this. Gabi rushes up. I think I heard something. Sami and Kate hide the body and rush to Gabi's side. A gentleman comes along. Greetings. I hope I'm not hallucinating. It's not every night that I come across three lovely ladies in the woods. What are you doing? Kate - Funny you should ask.

Segment 5: Kate - So, our friend here wants to know what we are doing? Sami - Well, we could ask him the same question, couldn't we? Kate - See my friend here thinks we could ask you the same question but I don't know, maybe you wouldn't want to answer that question; a distinguished gentleman like you alone, afoot in the forest. Maybe you're up to no good. Sami - Yeah, like we're up to no good too. Man - I'm harmless as I'm sure you are. In fact the only thing dangerous in these wood is Megascops ingens. I spotted one earlier, a female. Sami - And you lived to tell of it. Guy - The Megascops ingens is the English screech owl. You ladies have nothing to fear. They only prey on small rodents. Sami - That's funny, I know where she can find one. Guy - I wish I had spotted a male. Kate - Story of my life. You know I think I did spot one a mile that way. Guy - No point, it's too dark now. It's impossible to find your way ... in fact, would you do me the honour of letting me escort you back to the safety of Horton Town Square. Sami - You know what, thank you but we actually ... Guy - Let me clear, I won't take no for an answer. Let me help you with the bag and we shall be back in civilization in no time.

Vic - I couldn't let Brady marry that woman. I had to expose her and then face the consequences. Caroline - It's my grandson who's facing the consequences. He's paying for what you did. Vic - Now, but that will pass. The way that you're looking at me; I know that I've lost something that I really treasure and I think I've lost it forever. Caroline - That may be true. I don't see how Maggie can bear to live with you. Silence. Has she left you? Aww ... good. Maybe something good has come out of all of this.

Brady - I'm not going to stand here and listen to anymore of your spin. He changes his mind. What? EJ - I think you know what I'm going to say. Kristen loved you. She loved you more than she loved her own family. She chose you over revenge against John and Marlena. That revenge was at the very core of her being and she chose you over that. Brady - Your sister drugged and literally raped my brother. I don't think she did that out of love for me. EJ snaps - She loved you a hell of a lot more than you loved her. And if you'd trusted her; if you'd listened to her explanations after the first aborted wedding I am damn sure that whatever happened between Eric and Kristen would never have happened. So you think about that. Get out of my house.

Nicole calls out Eric's name before he enters the pub. Eric - What are you doing here? Nicole - I came to see you.

Sami goes to him. Sir, what a kind gentleman you are but actually my friends and I are staying out here until it gets dark because we are looking for ? ?. It's completely nocturnal and we are bound and determined to see one. Guy - A what? Sami - A ... oh you're just teasing me. I'm sure you've seen many in your day. Guy - Well ... not many. Kate - I hate to be rude, I really do, but I'm sure you'll understand that we really need to keep it as quiet as possible. Guy - Of course, of course. I shall bid you adieu and best of British luck to you. Sami - We're going to need it. He leaves. Kate - What the hell was that about? Sami - The species ? is a duck-billed dinosaur that Johnny is in love with. Kate - What if he knew what is was! Sami - Well he didn't and I didn't see you coming up with anything better. Kate - I would have if you hadn't ... Gabi - Would you stop! Kate - Honey, I'm sorry. Don't even think about it. We always do it because we don't like each other. Sami - But we like you okay and we love your baby and we're going to make this right. Gabi - OMG! Sami and Kate rush up to her. Sami - OMG, what. Oh, he's gone.

Segment 6: Sami - I guess he's not as dead as I thought he was. Kate - Okay ladies, this is not the same bush. Kate walks around ... Ah ... here he is, right where we left him. Sami - Thank God. Gabi - What. Now we're happy he's dead. No I can't deal with this, I can't. Sami - You know what, you have to. You have to deal with this for Arianna. Do you want to be there when she wakes up tomorrow or do you want to be in prison? Gabi - Can we just get this over with. Sami hands both her bag and Kate's to Gabi. They get back to dragging the body as Gabi follows behind.

Brady comes walking into the living room cursing. He stops. I didn't see you there. Vic - So who's the S.O.B. Brady - EJ. I tried to get him to tell me where Kristen is. A bunch of lies flew out of his mouth. Vic - I could have told you talking to EJ would have been a waste of time. It's been a fun night for everyone. Vic heads upstairs. Brady stares at the glass of booze Vic left behind.

Eric and Nicole sit down in a booth. Eric - I'm so happy to see you. Nicole - I want to talk to you. Eric - Anything, just call the shots. I'm listening. Nicole - I think you should get a chance to tell your side of the story. Eric - I think my side of the story is pretty straightforward. I screwed up and I'm really sorry about it. Nicole - I'm not talking about us. I'm talking about what happened to you and all the trouble you're in. Eric - I'm sorry, I guess I don't understand. Nicole - Give me a second. She pulls out a recorder. I think you should start from the beginning. I think you should start from what happened between you and Kristen DiMera.

Segment 7: Gabi - What if they find the body? Kate - The current here is very strong and very dangerous especially this time of year. People who go in rarely come out. Sami - Fun facts from the former Mrs. DiMera. Kate - Body disposal is a constant concern. Gabi - Could you please stop acting like that. Kate - Sorry. It's just our way of dealing with things. I guess we forgot what it means to be sweet and innocent. Gabi - I am not innocent. Look at what I did! Kate goes to her. Gabi, you defended yourself against a person who is sick and dangerous. I for one don't mourn a man who treated women the way Nick did. Look. You need to get yourself together because we're almost done with this. Okay, almost done with it. Sami and Kate start going through Nick's pockets. Gabi - What are you doing? Kate - Just trying to cover our bases. Kate holds up something - Do you know what this is? Gabi shakes her head no. Kate puts it in her pocket - It may turn out to be useful. Gabi - I can't watch this. Kate finds something else and puts it in her pocket. You need to trust me Sami. Sami - I don't have a choice, do I? Kate - No, you don't. Like I said let's get this done. They try and lift him. Sami - Come on Gabi. You've got to cover our tracks.

Eric turns off the recorder. So this was just a setup. Nicole - No. Eric - I thought it was stupid, actually impossible that you wanted to talk to me but you just wanted to use me as a story. Nicole - Listen, this could be good for both of us. Eric - For one of us. I'm nothing but a story to you now. Nicole - What the hell did you expect?

Brady gets a call. You looking for Kristen DiMera? I know where you can find her.

EJ picks up a picture of Kristen. What a fine mess you got me into. He looks at Stefano's portrait. I know, I know, I know, she's family.

Kate - A little bit further. They are now at the river's edge. Kate - Gabi, get that rock and throw it in the river. Gabi - I don't know if ... Kate snaps - Just do it. Gabi throws it into the rive. Kate - Great, our turn. Gabi - Wait. What about his family? What about Maggie? We can't do this. This is not right. Sami - Okay, you will go to prison for what you did. We will go to prison for helping you move the body. He didn't care about you. He didn't care about the baby. He didn't care about his family. He doesn't care about Maggie Horton. You need to concentrate on Arianna. You think about that baby. She needs you and she needs you to be tough right now. You can cry tomorrow. Gabi - You're right. Sami - Now Gabi, you are going to have to suck it up because you're going to have to help us put that body in the river. Okay? Gabi - Okay. The three of them finally get him to the edge of the bank and push him in. Nick grabs on for dear life (or he's trying to pull them in as well) and they all start screaming.


Wednesday Nov 27

Segment 1: Repeat of yesterday's ending.

Repeat of Brady answering his cell and the guy asking if he's looking for Kristen DiMera. Brady - Who is this? Guy - You think Kristen's a thousand miles away by now? Think again pal. She's right under your nose.

Repeat of Eric accusing Nicole of setting him up; he's nothing but a story to her. I know I did you an injustice. Nicole - Yeah, you did. Eric - But it doesn't give you the right to use what I'm going through to jumpstart your TV career. Nicole grabs his arm. Whoa, did you hear what I said? There is something in it for both of us.

EJ opens the door to Hope. May I help you? Hope - Where's Sami? EJ - I'd like to know the answer to that question myself actually.

Meanwhile the struggle on the riverbank continues. Nick calls for help as the current pulls him away. They show him go under the water. Gabi - OMG, he's alive. (I think Sami says 'not anymore' but it's hard to hear).

Brady - Don't play games with me. Guy - This is no game. You want to get your hands on this broad or not? Brady - You think she's dumb enough to still be here in Salem. Guy - If everyone figures you're gone, where's the safest place to hide out? Where no one's looking. Brady - You're looking for reward money, aren't you? Guy - I saw her man and you can see her too if you do what I say. Brady - How much? Guy - Well it ain't free, I'll tell you that. Brady - Yeah, no kidding. What, do you want me to give you cash based on nothing. Guy - The woman I'm talking about kept saying one name over and over, Brady. She kept saying your name. Brady - Tell me where to meet you.

Eric - The last thing I want is more publicity. Nicole - So you don't want an opportunity to tell your side of the story. Why is that a bad thing? Eric - Because I've been instructed by the Bishop not to talk to the press. Nicole - Well he can't do that. Eric - Yes he can. Nicole - This is a free country. He can't put a muzzle on you. He's hanging you out to dry. Eric - He's protecting me. He wants this to die down while he decides whether I can still be a priest or not. The only one who wants to hang me out to dry is you.

EJ - Actually I have no idea where she is but when I find her I'll let her know you were looking for her. Hope - Actually I just wanted to know where she is. The reason I'm here is to give you this. EJ reads the document. And what is the meaning of this exactly? Hope - Oh come on EJ, you've seen enough search warrants in your life time. Hope nods and two cops come inside the house.

Will tells Sonny that Ari is asleep again. So, where did you go before? Sonny didn't pay attention; he was just trying to process this whole thing. Will - I know I'm asking a lot; asking you to move to New York. Sonny - My whole life is here. Will knows. But my daughter is going to be in New York and she has to be my life. I'm sorry, I went too far when I said you were making me choose between you and Ari. What made you come back? Sonny - I ran into your mom actually. It went well. I told her what happened and she said something that stuck with me. She said no matter how crazy things get I should never forget that you love me. Will - She's right for once. They kiss. Will - Are you telling me Mom knows I'm thinking about moving to New York? Sonny - Yeah. Will - Why isn't she here then reading me the riot act? Sonny - Well she kind of seemed that she wanted to get away from me; like she had something more important to do. Will - More important than running my life; OMG, please don't be doing something crazy again.

Back at the riverbank Gabi panics. OMG, he's drowning. We have to do something. Kate shakes her - Stop it. You've seen the current; you go in there and you drown too. Sami was right. The water's high and it's freezing. He is gone Gabi. He's gone! Gabi - OMG, he was alive when we let him go. She rounds on Sami. You told me he didn't have a pulse; that he was dead! Sami barks - What am I! A doctor! I don't know. I thought he didn't have a pulse. He looked dead. We all thought he looked dead. Gabi - OMG, if he hadn't gone in the water he would have been okay. We killed him. He's murdered.

Segment 2: Nicole - Kristen drugged you or you never would have had sex with her. You don't want people to know? Eric snaps - No! Nicole - Fine, suit yourself. Eric - You made it clear that you hate my guts so don't walk in here and insult my intelligence saying that you have something that is good for me. You have nothing and no interest in doing anything good for anyone. Nicole - Don't you think you had this coming to you? You accused me of doing something that I would never do. I tried to tell you that you were wrong ... Eric - And I refused to listen to you. If you can't find it in your heart to forgive me I understand but don't you walk in here and tell me that you've got something that's good for me when I'm nothing but a story for you. That is so beneath you Nicole. He leaves.

Brady is in the park. He gets an incoming call from Victor that he ignores. A guy watches him from behind some shrubs.

Hope tells one cop that he's the most familiar with the layout of the house so he's the point person. Start in Kristen DiMera's room and then spread out and do not let him interfere in any way. (There's more cops there now). EJ introduces EJ to Sgt Jensen. If you have any other questions, he's in charge now. EJ - Please don't tell me you're leaving. Hope - You catch on quick. EJ - Really. No lecture on how monstrous my sister is. Hope - No need for a lecture EJ. I can sum it up in one sentence. Kristen reminds me of you. Have fun boys. Cheerio.

Lucas is at Will and Sonny's. I had to give my granddaughter a 6 month birthday present. Will - She'd be really upset if you didn't. Lucas - You got me, I just wanted to see her. Will - But I just did put her down. Ari starts crying. Sonny goes to get her. Lucas - Everything okay between you two. Will - Yeah, not really. Gabi got a modelling contract. Lucas - That's great, isn't it? Will - It's not that simple. Seems like nothing's really simple anymore.

Gabi kneels at the riverbank and peers into the water. Kate goes to her. Gabi - We have to do something. Kate - Listen to me. We can't. He's gone. Gabi - OMG no! Kate - Nick tried to con you into going to New York to live with him, right? Then you confronted him and he attacked you. He brought this on himself. Right now what we need to figure out is how to handle it. Sami - I think the first thing we should do is get rid of Nick's backpack. They look for rocks to fill it. Sami - Look, I've been in situations like this and I'm telling you, you will feel better if you are doing something. Rocks, okay. Gabi we needs rocks, lots of them. They weigh down the backpack. Kate - We should do this together. Sami - All three of us, right. On three. Now we want to get it as far as we can into the river in the deepest part. On the count of three they chuck it into the river. The camera cuts to an object on the ground in the shrubs.

Segment 3: Kate walks up to Gabi at the riverbank and tells her it's time to go. We're going to go back to our lives and we're going to find a way to put all of this behind us. Gabi - And how do we do that? Kate - Well either we do that or we might as well be in the bottom of the river with Nick. I know that sounds cold but we have to be practical. All of us have too many people to lose. Sami - She's right. We're just going to have to find a way to forget. Gabi - Forget! Are you kidding me! I will never forget this.

Lucas - So Gabi's just going to pack up and move to New York, really? Will - As far as I know. Lucas - Well she can't do that. Will - We don't have a custody agreement and she's the Mom and she wants to be able to support Ari. Lucas - What are you going to do? Will - I don't have a choice. I have to move to New York too. If I don't I'm gonna see Ari once a month at best. Lucas - I get that. It killed me that I wasn't there for you as much as I should have been but New York, really. Will - I switched my major to creative writing. I think I can do that at NYU. Lucas - I guess I could try and sell your mom on it. Will - Thank you. I'm sure she's going to be freaking out. Lucas - What about Sonny? What does he think about this? Sonny comes out with Ari. Funny that you ask 'cause I was playing with Ari and it made me think. I just can't lose her and I can't lose you. And I also started thinking, you know what Manhattan needs, Club TBD.

The guy finally walks up, Mr. Black. I waited to make sure you came alone. When you inform on a DiMera there's a certain amount of risk involved. Brady - You work for the family or something? Guy - The less I say the better it is for you. Brady - And what about you? Guy - After we talk I'll take the money you're going to give me and I'll disappear. He pulls out a piece of paper. This is where she is but you better hurry; she probably won't be there very long. Brady pulls out an envelope of money. Describe her to me. Guy - Blonde hair on the long side, about this tall (he holds up his hand). She's pretty; well she used to be. Brady - What do you mean she used to be? Guy - She looks like hell; like she hasn't changed her clothes or had a bath in days. She's not in good shape either. All she does is keep mumbling your name. Hope watches as Brady hands over the money and takes the slip of paper from the guy.

EJ is at the door again. Fr. Eric, it's so nice to see you again. You're not wearing your uniform. Eric - I'm here to see Sami. EJ - Yes, apparently everybody's looking for her today. Unfortunately I have no idea where she is.

Gabi - How am I supposed to forget! The look on Nick's face when he opened his eyes ... he was looking right at me. I can't forget that. Kate - Okay look. I know this is new for you; this is a shock. This is a shock for us too though. But we have to get through it! Think of your baby. Sami - Think of Arianna. She's a part of me too. She's a part of Kate. We both have children of our own we have to worry about. There is no way in hell I'm going to prison because you refused to see who Nick really was until he tried to rape you. Gabi - He and I weren't together. Sami - You still slept with him again. Yes, we know. Gabi - Sami, that was a mistake. Kate - Look, whatever! Whatever happened you didn't deserve what happened to you, okay. You didn't bring that on you. Honey, he lied to you. He tried to separate the baby from Will and Sonny to control you. Sami - When you wouldn't do what he wanted you to do he got mean and he tried to rape you. As far as I'm concerned you know what happened here tonight. He got what he deserved. It was justice! Now let's get the hell out of here. Come on. Gabi stares at the river until they come and walk her away. The camera once again pans on something left behind in the bushes.

Segment 4: Vic is having a drink at the club. He sees someone put another drink in front of him. Nicole joins him. It's on me. Don't worry, there's nothing in that glass but single malt. Vic - And what prompted this generosity? Nicole - Remember when you thanked me for running Kristen off the road. That's nothing compared to what you did. When it comes to being a real bastard you haven't lost your touch.

Brady - This had better work out. Guy - Then you better hurry. Like I said, no telling how long she's going to be there. Brady - What the hell is that supposed to mean. The guy is gone. Hope walks up. What's going on? Brady - Nothing, I'm getting some air. Hope - You hear the tone of my voice; my cop voice. Truth. Brady - I got a lead on Kristen and where she is. Hope - From that character I just saw you with? Brady - Yeah. It's a long shot but I've got to check it out. Hope asks to take a look at the address. This is as far on the wrong side of the tracks you can get in Salem which could be the perfect place for Kristen to hide out. Brady - The guy says she's just muttering my name and looks like hell. What are you doing? Who are you calling? Hope - The station. I'm not going without backup.

Eric - Since Sami isn't here I guess I'll be on my way. EJ - I'll tell her you called. Eric - You know EJ, Sami and I keep in touch pretty steadily since this whole thing blew up. EJ - I'm not surprised. Eric - Yeah but she hasn't mentioned your name; I was wondering why. EJ - Do you have any thoughts? Eric - Is she protecting you? EJ - From what? Why would she do that? Eric - Because maybe you knew about this video before it was played at the church. EJ - Samantha has a reason for everything she does. Eric - I'd be very interested in hearing what you think that reason is.

Kate, Sami and Gabi are in the park. Gabi is sitting on a bench holding a takeout cup. Kate - You need to sip that. Gabi - I don't know how sipping tea is going to help me get over murdering somebody. They both shush her. Kate - Stop! You have to realise that you need to be very, very careful about what you say from now on. Sami - You understand right? Gabi - I know, I know but I don't know what I'm going to do. We should have called the police instead of trying to handle this ourselves. Kate shushes her again. I'm not the only one who heard what happened. There were a lot of other people who saw you going after Nick. You're the one who looked like you were out of control. Gabi - I know. Kate - The last thing you said to him was that you wanted him out of your life. Gabi - Okay, but I didn't want him dead. Sami shushes her again. Kate - I know that. Sami knows that. But all those other people, who knows what they what they'd make out of that. Gabi - My gosh. I was supposed to be going to New York to be a model and I had this future and Nick is dead and I did it. I think I should just go home. Sami - I don't know if that's such a good idea right now.

Segment 5: Will comes back from putting Ari back to sleep. Lucas - She was tired. You guys look a little beat yourselves. Sonny - Yeah, it's been quite a day. Lucas - No matter where she is when she turns one, I'm going to be there. Lucas - I hope you don't wait that long. They hug. Goodnight. Lucas - Call me if you need anything at all. He leaves. Will - It is getting kind of late. Sonny - I wonder what's taking Gabi so long.

Kate - I think what you should do is come home with me tonight. I'll call Will and tell him that you need some time to think about the job. Then in the morning you tell him that you changed your mind. Gabi - I have to go home and hold my baby. Sami - That's a great idea. When you hold that precious little girl let her remind you how important these stakes really are. Okay go home. Gabi - I'll see you I guess. Sami - And call us if you need backup. Oh God. Kate - She's going to go back to the apartment. Will and Sonny are going to be waiting there. They're going to ask her about the job, about the move. Do you think she's going to be able to handle that. Sami - I don't know but she has to; we have to. You still have Nick's cell phone, right? Kate - Of course I do. Sami - What's the plan with that? Kate - We need to make it appear that Nick is alive and well and living in New York at least for a while. I have the receipt too for the things he sent to New York so we'll have those things claimed. There needs to be a paper trail that everything is normal. Sami - Normal! The light from normal will take a million years to get to this situation. Kate - That everything is appearing to be normal alright! Or else we're going to be fitted for an orange jumpsuit. Sami - Again!

Vic - If you're here to start something Nicole I'm really not in the mood. Nicole - Come on Victor, I'm your biggest fan. Vic - What brought that about? Nicole - Well you conning Marlena into ditching Brady's love tribute to his bride-to-be and substituting it with the video of Kristen having sex with the priest ... thank you very much because Brady is free and that bitch is toast! Vic - At least somebody understands that the end justifies the means. Nicole - Yeah. I'm very pragmatic. I bought you that drink because you also got it through Eric's thick skull that I spoke the truth. Vic - About what? Nicole - About the person who drugged and seduced him because if you didn't do what you did, Eric would have still thought it was me. Vic - Wait a minute. You mean he actually was drugged? Nicole - Yes. I'm the one who found him in his hotel room. He was totally out of it. Vic - From the video it seemed obvious that he was just a hypocrite that ... Nicole - Was having an affair with his step-brother's fiancée. You don't know Eric very well. Vic - And now his life's a shambles.

Eric - Did you know about Kristen's plan? Were you keeping it to yourself trying to protect her? EJ - If you asked me that in a court of law I'd have to plead the fifth. Eric - Wanting to lie about it. Maggie left Victor. There's a good chance I won't be a priest anymore. Your sister ruined her own life. EJ - Such a tragic trifecta. Eric - And you could have stopped it all from happening but you didn't. How do you sleep at night?

Brady is going to open the door but Hope tells him to wait until backup gets here and we have a search warrant. Brady replies - I'm not a cop and kicks the door open. Hope calls out police. People scatter and run out the door. Brady sees the back of a blonde woman's head.

Sami looks at the receipt. I'm worried about this. If we hire someone in New York to move all this stuff, they're going to know. They're going to start suspecting we're up to something. Kate - That's better than Nick's family thinking it's all just sitting there, isn't it? Sami - I guess. I have a feeling that that family wouldn't be too surprised if Nick just disappeared into the woodwork. Kate - That's good. Maybe this is all going to be just alright. Sami - Did you say Nick gave you a flashdrive? Did you look at it? Kate - No I didn't. It's work-related. I think he was just trying to cover all his bases. Sami - You should probably check it out just to make sure. Kate - I will. Okay, I'm going to go get that drink. Sami - Hey Kate. I just need to hear you say it. Why are we doing this? Kate - We're doing this because Gabi is the mother of Will's baby. Sami - Okay. So this is for Will. Kate - For Will. Goodnight.

Segment 6: EJ - Oh I sleep very well, thank you. Eric - Maybe now, I'm not so sure about the future. EJ - Is that a threat Father. Eric - Just a statement of fact. I know what makes you tick EJ. EJ - Ahh, he is his mother's son. Delving into people's psyche. Eric - It's not about money, it's not about power. Your whole world revolves around Sami now and you finally got what you deserve. EJ - That I do take issue with Father. My I call you Father? I suppose it doesn't really matter. You see I don't think anybody deserves anything. You want something, you work for it. You make it happen. If people got what they deserved you wouldn't be in the situation you're in now, would you? I mean for all of the noble, selfless, righteous things you've done. You gave your heart and soul to the Lord and look at where you find yourself. Is that fair? No, that is in fact a travesty. Certainly not what you deserve. Eric - This isn't about me EJ. It's about you and Sami. One thing I do know ... it's not going to last. It never does. EJ - I didn't take you for a cynic. Not that your opinion particularly matters to me because it doesn't. I would like you to know that Samantha and I are very deeply in love and we have worked out ? ... we'll be just fine. Eric - You can delude yourself into believing whatever you want. You will lose her again. I know that like I know the sun is going to rise tomorrow. You're going to lose because of the kind of man you are. EJ - I suggest you take your prophecies and show yourself out Father. Eric - It's been a pleasure.

Brady says Kristen and turns the chair around. It's not her.

Sami comes home as a policeman is walking out. Why are there police here? EJ - Come inside, I'll explain. They go into the living room. They were looking for information that would lead them to Kristen. They didm't find anything. Sami - Oh. EJ - Where have you been and why are you so much the worse for where? Sami - I was just out. Where the kids upset by the police. EJ - They were in bed when they arrived. Sami - Good. EJ - Your brother was here sans collar. He was dressed up like one of us heathens. He wanted to see you but he was satisfied by taking out his frustrations on me. Sami - Did you get it into it with my brother? EJ - He noticed that when the two of you are together my name never comes up. Sami - You didn't tell him why though. EJ - I didn't have to. He already figured that out for himself. Sami - Great. EJ - If it helps I think it was very therapeutic for him. He was able to direct his anger right on to something. Sami - Oh yeah, 'cause you're such a giver. I'll call him and go see him in the morning. EJ - You can't, you have that thing with the kids. Sami - What thing? EJ - School. You promised to drive a whole bus load of kids down to that ... Sami - Museum. EJ - I'm going to kiss the kids goodnight and retreat to my corner. He thinks the fact that she's wearing the earrings he gave her for Valentine's is a good sign. He closes the door behind him. Sami looks in the mirror and tucks her behind her ears. She realises one of her earrings is missing. OMG.

Gabi comes home. Will - Hey, you don't look so good. Gabi - No, I'm not so good. Will - What happened? Gabi - I have something to tell you both.

Segment 7: Woman - Brady, it's you. I knew you'd come. Brady - OMG. Woman - What's a matter? Aren't you glad to see me? Hope - She saw the picture in the paper. She's so wasted, she thinks she's Kristen. Woman - I am Kristen. You still love me, don't you Brady? Brady - Hey, hey ... get away. Hope pushes her out of the room. The woman yells - Don't let her take me away. Hope looks at Brady. Sorry. Brady - I thought she'd be here. She's not here. Hope - Let's go. Brady looks around and sees a bag of cocaine on the table. He takes it.

Vic - I remember asking you how you could be content being a female Pa Cratchett in Eric's office. I wondered what was in it for you. Nicole - I changed my life because I thought he believed in me. But when the chips were down he turned on me. Vic - You found out that Saint Eric was a mere mortal. It must have been very disappointing. Nicole - I hate that man. Vic - Strong words. Nicole - But accurate. Drink up!

Eric stops outside the pub and looks up. I know you're testing me Father but I'll find my way. I have to.

Kate is in the square when an incoming text comes in on Nick's phone from Hope just checking in on him. She replies. Everything's good. Just got to Manhattan. So much to do. Happy and busy. She immediately gets a response. Hope is wishing Nick luck.

Sami - OMG, when did I lose that earring. She recalls dropping Nick's body at the river's edge. No, no, no. For the love of God it can't be there. It just can't be there!

The camera cuts to the river and to the earring lying on a rock.

Sonny hands Gabi a glass of water. It looks like you're going to pass out. Will - What happened Gabi? What's wrong. Cue flashback of the moment they realised Nick was still alive and then of him going underwater. And Kate and Sami talking to her about getting through this. Gabi - I thought I could go through with it but I just can't. Will - Go through with what? What are you talking about? Gabi - I'm not going to New York. Not after ... Will grabs her in a big hug - Yay! He spins her around. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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