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Monday Dec 2

Segment 1: Sami is back at the river's edge. She takes off her jacket and gets down on all fours and starts searching for her earring. Nick surfaces and grabs her hand. Sami screams.

Kate is sitting at her desk in her office. She recalls Nick handing her a flashdrive with the project they talked about. She then remembers him going under water after calling out to Gabi. She fingers the flashdrive. What's this really about Nick?

Jordan holds a chair away from a table in the pub as Rafe walks from his wheelchair to the chair. Abe and Theo come in to the pub. Rafe feels that he just earned himself a double stack. Jordan thought they came her just for a coffee. Theo runs up to their table and gives Rafe a big hug. Abe - Wow, great to see you up and walking again. Hi, Jordan, how are you doing? Jordan - Hi, Mr. Carver. Is this your son? Theo proclaims that they came here for hot chocolate. Jordan thinks that's a good idea. I've never had it here. Is it really as good as they say it is? Theo - It's really good. Come on. They go to order. Abe - Well, she seems ... Rafe - Different? Abe laughs.

Dan is dressed in a suit and tie. There's a knock on his door. It's Maxine. I came by with something you might need today. She hands him a file folder.

Jen is in front of a mirror putting on earrings when JJ comes in the room. He comments that she's looking sharp. What's up? Jen - Today's Daniel's disciplinary hearing. JJ forgot. Are you okay with that? Jen is fine. JJ - So what do you think is going to happen to him; something really bad?

Anne walks up to Theresa at the nurse's station. Momentous day, huh; the potential to be anyway. Theresa - What are you talking about? Anne - Dr. Dan's hearing. It starts any minute. Theresa - I know. Anne - I've got the perfect thing to make it go boom. You wanna play?

Harold informs EJ that breakfast is served. EJ has to skip breakfast this morning. I have to represent the hospital board at some sort of disciplinary hearing; should be scads of fun. Harold - I'll just set one place for Miss Sami then sir. EJ thinks Samantha left a while ago.

Sami struggles with Nick yelling at him to let her go. He calls her a bitch and then pulls her underwater with him.

Dan - What is all of this? Maxine - Letters from all your patients and some of us that work at the hospital. A bunch of us nurses got together and made phone calls. Everyone we contacted said they'd be glad to write a letter about what they thought of Dr. Jonas. They run from you were very helpful to you saved their lives. Dan - This is from ... Maxine - Yeah, I talked to her myself. She sent an email right away. It's a letter from Jen.

Jen - This meeting is mostly a formality. Normally Daniel would give a formal statement and that would be that. JJ - But I don't get it because Dr. Jonas saved Theresa's life. I mean she'd be dead if he hadn't done what he did so why try to punish him? Jen - Since when do you care how this goes for Daniel?

Anne and Theresa go into the meeting room. Anne hands Theresa a piece of paper. Check this out. Theresa - What is it? Anne - A statement. Here's how it's going to go down. Dr. Dan is going to read his statement okay then everyone is going to do the whole okay, we're done here, thanks so much, we're adjourned and that's when you make your entrance. Theresa - I can just walk in? Anne - Don't just walk in. Come in shoulders slumped, maybe a little mascara stain from all the crying ... like an emotional wreck, okay. I want you to read the statement out loud but I want you to make your voice crack a little a few times like this ... I was so ashamed. Theresa - Why was I ashamed. Anne - Read the statement sweetheart. You miraculously recovered all memories of what happened that evening. Theresa reads - Dr. Jonas said he wanted to get high with me. Anne - I had a little wine last night. I let my imagination flow. Just keep reading, it gets way better.

Sami and Nick come up with Sami reaching for the riverbank. Sami is yelling let me go. Nick - You think you're getting away this time Sami. He pushes her underwater. She struggles, comes up for air put he pulls her down. Nick holds her down until she drowns and then he lets go. She floats away. Sami wakes up in bed from her nightmare.

Segment 2: JJ - I don't care what happens to the guy. It just seems like if they're going to punish him for something it should be for hurting you. Jen - That's very sweet. You're right, Daniel did save someone's life and they can hardly call a disciplinary hearing for me getting my feelings hurt. I think you should know they asked me to write a letter on Daniel's behalf and I want you to know that I did. JJ - That must have been kind of hard. JJ - No it wasn't. It's what I had to do. Love you. She leaves.

Dan - Jennifer shouldn't have said this about me. Maxine - Why not? It's true; from the heart. Dan - I've got to get going. He picks up a small stuffed animal. Parker gave it to me for good luck. Maxine - When Parker grows up he's going to be proud. He's got the best dad in the world.

Theresa - What if they ask me questions? Anne - That's okay. Let them but remember your main talking points. Don't say you did drugs with him because Dr. Goody Good came in here and got tested that night but he did push them on you, you got that? Theresa - Yeah. Anne - And he made promises to do drugs with you like, I don't know, the next week. Theresa - Okay. Anne - And don't forget to make the really big point that he was trashing Jennifer. She's boring, total missionary, stiff as a board, kick it up a notch. Say that he told you that he needs just a little bit of pharmaceutical before he gets into bed with her. OMG, if that doesn't send Ms. Bitch running out of the room, nothing will. Have you ever seen her when she gets really embarrassed? Theresa - Anne, you do know that I don't actually remember anything that happened that night, right? Anne - Wonderful! Then the facts won't get confused with what you're saying so just read the statement as written. Theresa - Oh come on, it's obviously all lies. Anne - I'm sorry. You have a problem with that?

Kate is on the phone. This is not a negotiation Mr. Ortiz, you will do this today. No, come here, pick up the receipt, fly to New York, go to the Fairmont Storage facilities on the upper West side. Then you use the ID that says your Nick Fallon to pick up the things that he had sent there. I don't care. Throw them in the Hudson, down a rat hole, whatever. Just let me know when it's done.

Jordan and Theo are at the bar in the pub. Jordan - One of my jobs is to check and see how strong people are. Do you want to see if you can try and push my hand away. Theo - Yeah! He pushes. Jordan tells him he's very strong.

Abe - When I met her a few weeks ago she seemed so reserved; almost impersonal. Rafe - She's opened up with everything. Abe - Well she's got you up and walking again. Rafe - Yeah. I'm kind of like a robot with rundown batteries but I'm getting there thanks to her. Abe - You should know that your job's still waiting for you at the department. Theo and Jordan come back to the table. Theo - We're going exploring. Rafe - Are you! Let me know what you find. Theo - Okay. Abe - So long guys. Jordan says goodbye to them both. They leave. Rafe - That was amazing; the interaction you two had ... I've never seen that before out of you. You're a natural. Have you worked with kids much?

Sami is in front of the mirror in the foyer putting on her earrings when EJ walks in. I thought you left a long time ago. Sami - Why would I? EJ - Because you're driving the children down state on a field trip, remember? Sami - Of course I remember. I know a shortcut and we don't have to be there until later. Anyway, I have to get going. EJ - Why don't you tell me what you're really up to.

Segment 3: JJ is walking through the square when Rory and Bev call out to him. JJ - I've got an early class to get to so I've got to go. Sorry. Bev - Wait. Hold up. How come you haven't answered any of my texts? JJ - My phone has really bad battery life. It's old now. I'm getting a new one soon. Rory - I guess that's why you're not calling me back either. JJ - Yeah, it is. I've really got to go. Rory - What's your class? JJ - History. Rory scoffs - You're playing me. You're the guy who said History is only worth going to if you're totally stoned. He pulls out a bag of weed. So who wants to get ready for class. Bev holds up her hand.

Anne - Listen, it's real simple sweetie. Jennifer is a colossal pain in our asses and I don't care how much she pretends she doesn't care about Danny boy; you bringing him down is going to kill her which is something we've been dying to see, right? Kayla comes in. Theresa, there's a lot of flowcharts you need to put into the computer at the nurse's station. Theresa - Right, I'm on it. Kayla and Theresa walk to the nurse's station. Kayla - I got a text from your Dad when they landed in LA. Theresa - Yeah, Mom texted me and said they had a good flight. Jen gets off the elevator talking on her phone heading to her office. Dan walks by also talking on his cell and heads for the elevator. Theresa thinks.

Rafe - You never answered my question. Jordan - About? Rafe - If you worked with kids much. Jordan - Sure. Teenagers, some very little ones too. Rafe - That must be tough though; seeing them struggle like that. Jordan - It is when they don't understand why but they are almost always upbeat and ready for anything. And when you can help them it is just the greatest feeling. And they just laugh and come alive ... what's so funny. Rafe - Actually, I just like seeing you like this; enthusiastic. Jordan - Alright, enough questions. Time to get you out for some fresh air. It's going to be snowing soon.

Sami - Nothing is going on. I'm just in a rush. EJ - Why? Sami - I have something I have to do then I have to rush back here to take the kids down state. EJ - What exactly is it that you have to do beforehand? Sami - Why all the questions? EJ - Because I'm concerned. You come back last night late, you looked dishevelled, upset; much the same way you are now. Sami - I'm dishevelled? EJ - No, you're upset. Sami - I'm not upset. I'm just rushed. Last night I was upset to come home to find police swarming our house and looking through our things. EJ - I already explained that to you. Sami - Yeah you did and then you told me casually that my brother had stopped by. My brother who's life has been utterly destroyed by that woman you call a sister. Oh right, I forgot, you just forgot that. You decided not to say anything. EJ - Why are you keeping something from me? Sami - Because that's what we do EJ. Face it, it's our speciality. She leaves.

Theo runs ahead to the river's edge. Abe calls out - Not too far ahead son, stay where I can see you. Theo picks up Sami's earring. Pretty! He sticks it in his pocket and goes running to his Dad when Abe calls for him again.

Segment 4: Sami is at the river's edge. She stares at the river. Okay, pull it together. You just have to find that damned earring.

Rory - Okay, let's go to the park, find a spot and do it dude. JJ - No, seriously man, I've got to get to class. I need the grades this semester. Rory tells him to take the position and he pats him down. This guy claims to be JJ Deveraux and okay, he looks like JJ. Bev - I don't know officer, do you think he's an imposter? Rory - Damn straight because if he was JJ he'd want to get high. JJ snaps. Give it a rest. I'm not interested. Bev - What is wrong with you? Rory - Yeah man. Why don't you want to hang out with us? Bev - You're not still freaked out about that thing with your Dad, are you? Rory - Forget about that stuff. Come along with us; it'll be fun. Bev - It's not like we're going to get caught. We'll go up high, like by the rocks; that spot. Rory - Get totally baked and ... JJ - I don't want to get baked and I don't want to be buzzed during class. I don't want to be a loser. Now, is that clear enough!

The meeting is in session. Kayla says if anyone wants to make a remark ... EJ - As counsel for the board after reading the incident reports, frankly, I do not know why we're here. The chairperson tells him the evidence is very thin but once a hearing has been requested the committee has to follow through. Kayla brings Dan in. Dan starts to make his statement.

Maxine sees Theresa standing by the coffee machine. What are you doing over there? Theresa - I was just thinking. Anne interrupts Dan's statement when he gets to part where he says he encountered Theresa Donovan - I would like to know why you were there. The chairperson tells her all questions will wait until his statement is read. Anne - Well I think it's drug related so ... Chairperson - This is my meeting Miss Milbauer, no questions until the statement is read. Dan adds that he is not there to discuss why he was there or anything else of a personal nature. My understanding is that this hearing is about my conduct as a doctor and that's all I'll be testifying to. He continues his statement. At the end of statement he adds - And for the record, as I'm sure I will be asked, I was not under the influence of any drug that evening. Hospital tests performed on the night in question confirm that. Also, I would like these entered into the record. These are 127 letters from patients and staff members attesting to my ability and / or integrity and I deeply appreciate anyone who did this for me. EJ - As I've said from the beginning, I see no reason why a doctor who saved a woman's life should be called before this committee (Anne is busy sending a text as EJ speaks). However, here we are so Dr. Westbrook, do you have a conclusion? Dr. Westbrook - I do but first I'd like to thank you for your testimony Dr. Jonas ... there's a knock on the door. Theresa comes in. I have a statement. It's about Dr. Jonas.

Sami gets up. Oh God, I've got dirt all over me. I could have lost that earring anywhere. How many places was I? Too many. Between carting the kids around, dragging a dead body. I just lost the earring, that's all. I lost it. She gets a text and reads it. Seriously! She stares at the river and recalls the struggle when Nick turned out to be alive after all. She leaves. The camera pans to the monogramed label off of Nick's backpack that's in the shrubs.

Segment 5: Just as Dan had to Theresa states her name and position at the hospital. Theresa unfolds the paper in her hand. This has been a bad year for me. I got involved in drugs and did a lot of things that I regret very much. I know that Dr. Jonas is here because of what happened on October 25th. I want to say to everyone that I'm very sorry that I was the cause of so much trouble. As far as that night goes I don't remember anything about it. All I know is when I woke up the nurse told me that Dr. Jonas saved my life. I will always be grateful to him. That's all I've got to say. Dr. Westbrook - Thank you Miss Donovan. You may leave now. She does. Kayla - Dr. Westbrook, if you could render your decision. Dr. W - Gladly. Anne - Wait just a minute. Can anyone spell whitewash here. Now I have done some investigating on this incident on my own time ... EJ - And why was that? Anne - Because that young, innocent girl, she works for me. Now I happen to know some neighbours heard loud noises coming from her apartment that Friday night. Jen - Are those neighbours here to give statements? Anne - No but I can tell you ... Jen - Third party statements are automatically ruled hearsay according to the HR handbook which you wrote. Kayla - Dr. Westbrook. Dr. W - I hereby rule that there is no cause for any further action to be taken in the matter of Dr. Daniel Jonas and the events of October 25th. Thank you for your help. This case is closed and we are adjourned. Dan shakes Dr. W's hand and then EJ's. EJ - Congratulations Doctor. Dan - I was a little surprised you were with me on this. EJ - I will never forget what you did for my brother. That and I know what it's like to be the victim of a witch hunt. Mainly it's because that vile woman had no grounds; none whatsoever. Good luck to you. Dan and Jen are the only two left in the room.

Rory - We're your only friends man. Everyone else in school thinks you're some kind of freak who gets arrested and then goes off and breaks all the windows in the square. Bev - We actually care about you. Rory - But if you're too good to hang out with us now then fine. Find out how much life sucks when you're all alone dude. They walk away.

Rafe is wheeling himself along in the park as Jordan walks alongside him. Rafe - Rafe. Every year I've been in Salem there's been snow on the ground by Thanksgiving. Jordan - It will come. Rafe - What's the weather like in Birmingham this time of year. Jordan - I don't know. Rafe - You don't talk to family or friends back home? Jordan - No. Btw, what happened with your sister and that modelling job? Rafe - She texted me last night; she turned it down. Jordan - I'm sure you're happy about that. Rafe - Yeah, I would have missed her and that baby. She asks if he'd like to sit on the bench for a while. Jordan offers to wheel him closer but Rafe says he's going to walk to it from here. He gets the feeling she thinks he can't do it because it's a farther distance than usual.

Sami meets up with Kate at the bench near the gates to the square. Sami is dusting herself off. Kate - You went back there. Sami - Yeah. So what did you want to talk to me about? Kate - Oh I don't know. Someone is dead ... I thought maybe we should touch base, make sure everything is covered. Sami - As long as Nick stays in the water and floats out to sea, we're golden. Kate - Oh really, 'cause there's more to it than that. Sami - Like what? Kate - Like I used Nick's phone to text Hope to let her know that Nick arrived in New York and is doing swell. Sami - Okay but ease off the communication. Kate - I arranged for his things to be picked up and they will disappear. Sami - Perfect. Kate - I called your son and it seems that Gabi is still in bed which says to me she had trouble sleeping. Sami - Right, I'm sure. Kate - You do know she's the wild card in all this, right? Sami - Hah! No kidding Kate. She's the reason we're in this mess. Kate - So are you going to tell me why you were down by the river? Sami - I lost something.

Segment 6: Dan - I don't think Anne was very happy. Jen - Then my day is complete! Dan - Seriously, the way you shut her down; well done. What I appreciated most is the way you supported me with this letter. It was so kind ... Jen - I was asked if I would write it and I immediately knew that I had to. Dan - But the words you used ... Jen - Every word in that letter is true. You are a great doctor.

Sami shows her the one earring she has left. Kate - You lost the other one. Sami - It's a good thing EJ didn't notice it was missing. He gave them to me for Valentine's day. Kate - God, this is $30,000 at least. Sami - These earrings cost $30,000! Kate - No, one is $30,000 and now it's twin is somewhere down by the river. Sami - OMG. It might not be; it might be at the house. I might have lost it anywhere. It's going to turn up; I'm going to find it. Kate - God, let's hope that a lost earring is the only other problem with all of this. We have to go talk to Gabi right now. Sami - I can't. I have to take the kids to a museum down state. You talk to Gabi alright. Hey, did you check that flashdrive Nick gave you. Kate - No, not yet. Sami - Well you should when you get a chance. Who knows what kind of incriminating evidence he's got on the thing. Kate - Look, don't start making up imaginary problems, okay. Don't! Just go.

Rafe makes it to the bench. He practically falls on her the last step though. Sorry, sorry.

Sami is walking through the square sending a text when she literally bumps into Theo. Oh my gosh, sorry! Are you okay? I'm just totally out of it this morning. Theo - It's okay. Abe - Somebody's in a rush here, huh. Sami - Yes I really am. I don't have time to chat but hi Abe, bye. She leaves.

Segment 7: Anne confronts Theresa. What the hell was that in there. She grabs her arm and drags her out from behind the nurse's station. Don't you ? me, you little back stabber. Theresa - I told you I can't go in there and lie. I could get in trouble ... Anne - I told you that you wouldn't, didn't I? For God's sake, this was a chance in a lifetime. Little Jennie and Dr. Dan would be out in the street right now but no suddenly the druggie gets a conscience. Theresa - Maybe it's about time. Maybe it's time I realised who my real friends are. She walks away.

JJ greets his Aunt Kayla in the square. Kayla - How are you? JJ - Aren't you supposed to be at that thing with my mom? Kayla - You mean the hearing? JJ - She told me that Dr. Jonas was on trial. Kayla - Well no, not really. And it's over anyway. JJ - I hope it wasn't too hard on my Mom. Kayla - Don't worry. Your Mom is fine. So is Dr. Jonas. In fact I'm kind of hoping this is a new beginning for them. They deserve better JJ. And I realise that maybe it's not what you want to talk about but if they decide to be friends again I hope you've figured out that you really don't have a say in it. See you later.

Dan - Thank you. It was very nice of you to say. Jen - It's true, why not say it. That's what all these letters attest to, right. You are a talented, gifted doctor. It's too bad you're such a poor excuse for a human being. She walks out.

Rafe says sorry again to Jordan. They end up kissing.

EJ walks into the pub. Kate is at a table with her laptop open talking on her cell. Am I connected to the office network yet. I'm going to send something over. No just standby, I'm going to check it out and see if it's working. She puts her phone down. Well Nick, let's see what you're all too weird brain came up with. She inserts the flashdrive. It Nick's floating head ... some flashes of light and then her screen goes black. Kate - No, no, no. Damn it! EJ looks over at her.

Sami is the living room calling up the stairs for the kids. Time to go. Time to have some fun. She looks at her earring. Oh God, $30,000. I've got to find your mate.

While Abe is talking on his cell in the square Theo pulls out Sami's mate and stares at it.


Tuesday Dec 3

Segment 1: Repeat of the Rafe / Jordan kiss.

Repeat of Kate and the flashdrive incident at the pub.

Sonny is heading to the club to hire new bartenders. Both Will and Gabi are happy that Gabi is not going to New York. Sonny comments that Gabi must be wiped; she's still asleep. Gabi is asleep but having nightmares about what happened the night before. She wakes up with a start. I just can't do this.

Brady knocks on Hope's door at the PD and comes in. I got your message. Eric is there. Why are you here? Brady - Consider me gone. Hope walks in. Good you're here. There's something you both need to know. Brady - Tell me you have a lead on Kristen. Hope - No, it's something else and it's not good.

Eric tells Miles that Eric won't let anyone interview him. Miles - Damn it Nicole. We're in the middle of the biggest sex scandal since Schwarzenegger and you've got the inside track. You've got to go back and try again. Nicole - Trust me, the answer is no. Miles - Maybe not after today. You know that sex tape of the priest and the DiMera babe; last night it went viral.

Jordan breaks the kiss and quickly stands up. Rafe asks if she's okay. I'm sorry. It just kind of happened. Jordan - And it will never, ever happen again.

Kate pulls out the flashdrive. No, no, no. Damn it. Sami, why the hell did I listen to you. EJ goes to her table. Can I help?

Will tells Ari that maybe they should make her mom some breakfast. Gabi comes into the living room.

Brady - I don't believe this! Eric - Why would somebody do that? Hope - It's the digital age. When they see something that makes an impression they automatically record it on their phones. Eric - So when the video was being played at the church ... Hope - Someone there recorded it and now it's on the internet. I suggest that you both contact family and friends, the church, immediately and let them know what's going on. Believe me, everyone is going to see this.

Miles is watching the video. OMG. Nicole, you've got to come and take a look at this. Oooooh ... you wouldn't believe how these two horny bastards are going at each other. It's like Deep Throat meets The Bells of St. Mary's. Seriously, how hot is that! Come on, take a look.

Segment 2: Miles - Nicole, for crying out loud, the guy is up to his collar in a sex scandal here. You can't keep trying to protect him. Just cover this damn story okay. Nicole - I can't. I'm too close to it. Miles - Which is exactly why I want you. You're the one who can get him to talk. Trust me, this priest right here, he's ripe for it. When this goes National, think about it, your reputation ... Nicole - Maybe you didn't hear me. I'm not doing it. No! Miles - What the hell kind of attitude is that. If you're crazy enough to not want to cover a story like this maybe you just oughta quit. Nicole - Maybe I will. Forget maybe, I do. She walks out of his office.

Eric - This video going viral is the worse thing that could have happened. Brady - You think so Captain Obvious! Eric - Kristen destroyed both of our lives. The only thing I want now is to find the way back. We were close brothers. We can't let Kristen destroy that too.

T is working behind the bar at the Club. He comments to Sonny that he can't believe how many people came in to interview. Sonny - Club TBD is the place to work. See how lucky you are! T - Yeah but I only came in to help out. Although I've been thinking ... Sonny - Don't do that. T - Seriously, you've got to hire two bartenders so why don't you just hire one and keep me on. Sonny - Really? T - Really! Come on, I'm the best, right. Sonny - Okay, I'll hire one and see how it goes. T - Awesome. You're not doing this because I'm Will's friend, are you? Sonny - No, I'm doing this because you're my friend. T hugs him.

Rafe - Okay, you're upset. I get that ... Jordan - Something like that will absolutely not happen again. Rafe - Okay, I hear you. Jordan - I'm your therapist. Rafe - And a friend. Jordan - I'm a professional. Friendship is secondary. You know what, I should apologise because I should have seen it happening and made sure ... Rafe - No need to apologise for what just happened. Jordan - Yes I do. I know better and I've been trained better. Rafe - Okay but if you feel like you did something wrong ... Jordan - Feelings aren't important. What matters is that I behave in a professional manner with every patient at all times and I should never have taken advantage of a patient's condition ... Rafe chuckles. Hold on. You did not take advantage of me. I kind of wish you would have but ... can I just say that was like the best 15 seconds that I have had in a helluva long time, alright! Jordan - Okay. You don't understand. You see it is natural for a patient to become attached to the person helping them. Gratitude gets mixed with a deeper emotion and ... Rafe - Alright. I am grateful, yes. I'm grateful for the kiss. Actually it was two kisses, not that I'm counting, but what I felt, what I feel, has nothing to do with gratitude. Can I ask you something? You said this is never going to happen again because you're my therapist. Jordan - And a professional. Rafe - Alright. So what about when you're not my therapist anymore.

Kate - No, everything's fine. EJ - Things didn't look fine from where I was standing. Kate - So what did you see? EJ - I saw a woman who's extremely frustrated with her laptop. Kate - You can say that again. We did some research for a new campaign. It was so disappointing. They exchange barbs including Kate bringing up the fact that EJ stole a formula from her. Kate thinks they should end the conversation right here before it gets ugly. EJ tells her not to worry. He's sure things could be much, much worse. Kate leaves. EJ places a call. I suspect there's been some sort of disaster over at Mad World. Can you do me a favour and look into it; see if we can take advantage. After the call he mutters - What the hell has that got to do with Samantha?

Will watches as Gabi scrolls news items on her Tablet. Will - I didn't realise you were such a news junkie. What's going on? Gabi asks if anyone called while she was asleep. Will - My grandma Kate did. She was checking in making sure you were okay. Actually I'm worried about that myself. Everything alright? Gabi - No.

Segment 3: Brady - You really think that's what out there right now on the internet, circling around for everyone to gawk at, that we can just go back to where we were. Really? Just like that we're going to be best buds again. Is that what you think! Eric - What happened was not my fault; it's not yours. Kristen did this to us. What, you don't think it's that way? Brady - You know what I think Eric; I think you're like Annie. You think the sun always comes out tomorrow and you've been brainwashed to believe that. But with what's going on with the internet right now, you can't just shake hands and patch things up. It doesn't work that way. Eric - But I wasn't brainwashed. Brady - Sorry, you weren't brainwashed. That's a bad choice of words. How about this, your newfound calling, you are so optimistic these days. You just think the glass is half full all the time; that God has a plan, God has a way, He'll take care of everything ... Eric - Don't do this. Don't trivialize my faith and my beliefs. Brady - I'm sorry. Eric - I don't think you are. I think you feel that you can just mock me or just lash out at me. Brady - I'm just calling it as I see it. Eric - Really. So now you're just making me your scapegoat for your pain and humiliation.

Kate is in the park. She calls Sami. Hello, Sami. You're right. I am upset. Oh and let me thank you for telling me to check out the flashdrive Nick gave me. Why? Because it turned out to be a killer virus, that's why. Yeah, you're right about that. Believe me, if Gabi hadn't killed Nick already I'd do it myself. No, I haven't talked to Gabi. Last time I checked she was asleep which I think is a good thing. At least she's calmed down. No, I know, believe me. I'm going to have to have a long talk with our pretty friend. She has to realise that what happened with Nick needs to remain a secret.

Will - Please don't tell me you've changed your mind about New York. Gabi - No, that's over. Will - Is that why you're upset. I know you gave up a lot for us and we really do appreciate ... Gabi - It's not that. It's just my brain is on pause; I didn't get much sleep last night. Will - I think if you talk to my Mom ... I could do it. I could talk to Grandma or my mom; maybe they can use you as a model in their campaigns. Gabi - Is that why Kate called? Can you tell me exactly what she said please. Will - She didn't say anything. He paraphrases what she said. Gabi - I've got to go see Rafe. Will - Didn't you tell him you weren't going to go to New York last night. Gabi - Can you please just drop the whole modelling thing okay. I'm not going and I just have other things on my mind. Cue flashback of her hitting Nick with the rock. I've got to go see Rafe. She leaves.

Brady - You are so determined with your condescending piety and devoutness to not get what is really at the core here. And the core of this is that our lives are never going to be the same. You can't rise above something like this through prayer which is something I'm sure you've done a lot of the last couple of days. But it's not going to fix it! Eric - Yeah, well I understand that Kristen broke your heart. What she did was profoundly hurtful and degrading but this didn't happen once, it happened twice. Brady - Where are you going with this? Am I to blame? Eric - Brady, I warned you about this. Everyone warned you about this and did you listen? No, you didn't. You just let your own selfish desires take control and look what that got you. Brady - Are you done? Eric - That's the one thing you don't seem to grasp. For me it will NEVER be done. Being a priest is not just my life, it's not just my job, it's who I am! And now when people see that they will only see filth. Even if they know what happened they will see filth. Kristen did that to me and you could have prevented it. He leaves.

Rafe - I'm just saying once your not my strictly professional therapist all bets are off, right? Jordan - Well, I am your therapist. Rafe - I could fire you. Jordan smiles. You're incorrigible. Rafe - It's one of my best qualities. Let's get this straight, shall we. I am not going to be in this damn chair much longer. And when I'm out of it, I'm going to call you. Jordan - Well we shouldn't project into the future right now. Rafe - Okay, I'll take that as a positive maybe. His cell rings. Yes sis, what's up. Gabi - I really need to talk to you in person. Are you at the hospital? I could come there. Rafe - Whoa, calm down. Whatever it is we'll fix this. I'm actually leaving the park right now. You want to meet me at Club TBD? Gabi will meet him there. After the call she mutters - I have to tell Rafe what we did.

Nicole walks through the gates into the park talking to herself. That's it. I quit. Easy come, easy go. She sits down on the bench. She pulls out her phone. 87 messages! I guess I'll start from the top. Hot priest in action ... really! She watches the video and cries. She looks up and sees Eric.

Segment 4: Gabi and EJ literally bump into each other at the square. EJ - Gabriella, lovely to see you. Gabi - Where's Sami? EJ - She had to chaperone the children to an outing this morning. Why, did you need to talk to her? Gabi - No, I talked to her yesterday. I have to go though, I'm meeting Rafe. EJ - He's coming along? Gabi - Everything's good. EJ - Are you okay, you seem a little bit tense. Gabi - Oh no, it's just school and classes; there's just so much to do. I'll see you.

Kate is over at Will's. She gushes over Ari. She asks Will how the writing is going. Will is supposed to do 30 minutes a day but he's doing more. Kate tells him not to push himself. Will - Yeah but I have a baby to take care of and people keep dropping by ... Kate laughs. That's a good thing though; to have family and friends come by. Is Gabi still asleep. Will - No. She got up and took off. Kate - To class? Will - No. Kate - Is everything okay? Will - I don't know. She's acting really odd, upset.

T walks up to Sonny at the bar and nods in Gabi's direction. Someone's wound a little tight. Sonny - Yeah, she had a tough decision to make yesterday but she's going to be okay.

Brady comes into the K mansion slamming the door behind him. He pulls out the cocaine from his jacket that he took from the drug house. He stuffs it in his jeans pocket when Henderson comes into the room and hands him an envelope. This came for you. He opens it. It's a DVD. Who's sending me copies of this crap! Are you kidding me. What is this? I assume you've heard about this Henderson. I did sir. I'm terribly sorry, I didn't realise what it was. Brady - That's okay. I'm probably going to be getting a lot more gifts like these until the next big gossip story comes out. I'm going to watch this thing. Henderson leaves the room. Brady loads the DVD on his laptop.

Eric sits down next to Nicole. I don't have to ask what you're watching. I am so sorry. I'm sorry for so many things. Things that I've done, things that I've said. Most of all I'm sorry that you had to see that. Nicole - What Kristen did to you; how you suffered, are suffering because of her, it must be unbearable. Eric - I just want you to know if I could have alerted you about this I would have. Nicole - I know. Eric - Right now I'm just contacting people warning them about the video being out there. May I ask how you found that? Nicole - My producer. Eric - Your producer. I don't believe this, you're still reporting the story.

Segment 5: Kate - Did she say why she was upset. Will - No. What was strange is that I offered to talk to you about getting a modelling job and she totally snapped at me and said it wasn't important anymore. She was also avidly flipping through sections of the local newspaper on her Tablet. Will gets a call. It's Sonny calling to see if he left his chequebook at home. He did. Sonny asks if he can bring it to him. I wish I would have remembered before Gabi got here; I would have had her bring them. Will - Gabi's there. Sonny - Yeah, she's supposed to meet Rafe. Will - That's right. I will pack up Ari and I'll be right there. Kate - So Gabi's at the club. Will - Sonny said she's meeting Rafe. Kate - She's probably going to tell Rafe she's not going to New York. Will - No, she did that already. Kate - I wonder why she's meeting him this morning. Will - I don't know. She said it was really important and it couldn't wait. Kate offers to take the chequebook for him so he can do some writing.

Rafe wheels up to Gabi. Gabi asks Jordan if she can talk to Rafe alone. Jordan makes herself scarce. Rafe - It sounds serious. Gabi - It is very serious.

Will opens the door to EJ who has come to see Ari. Will invites him in even though Ari is sleeping. EJ makes small talk about writing and Berkeley. Will says he hasn't written a word yet today. EJ apologises. I didn't just happen to chance by. I wanted to have a conversation with you about your mother.

Eric - Just the idea of you exploiting my pain, Brady's humiliation, all so you can see yourself on television, smiling, chatting up about the latest gossip and you're calling yourself a journalist! You're disgusting and here I am feeling sorry for you after having accidentally seeing that disgusting filth! Nicole - Wait! Eric - Have you no sense of decency. Nicole - Would you stop jumping to conclusions. Eric keeps on yelling - Wallowing in trash and loving it! You don't even care that you're causing somebody pain and humiliation; hurting their family, their friends ... Nicole - You don't know what you're talking about. Eric snaps - Oh I think I do. Nicole - No you don't! And as usual, you are ready to judge, making me out to be some worthless piece of trash because you know I'm an easy target. Well guess what Father Big Mouth, I don't answer to you, not anymore. Eric - You go make your TV show. You say anything you want to about me. Go lie your little head off and then you find a way to live with yourself. He leaves as Hope walks up. Nicole - I'm fine. Don't even ask. I'm fine.

Brady stares at a blank screen. Finally there's a picture. Kristen sits down on the couch in the K mansion living room. Hi Brady. Do you know how much I love you?

Segment 6: EJ - I don't mean to put you on the spot but something is going on with your mother. I mean I know she's been through this terrible ordeal regarding her brother. Will - And you're worried that she's not handling it well? EJ's not entirely sure that's the problem. She's definitely hiding something from me. She came home last night and she was distinctly tense. I asked her why and she didn't tell me. Will - I bet it's Gabi's modelling thing. EJ - What thing is this? Will - A big modelling agency offered to make Gabi a star but she would have to move to New York. EJ - And take the baby with her. Will - Yes so Sonny and I started talking about moving to New York as well. I'm sure Mom freaked out about that. EJ - I don't know why she wouldn't have mentioned that to me though. Will - Maybe because it's all settled. Gabi changed her mind and everything's back to normal. EJ - Not for your mother.

Rafe - Gabi, you know you can tell me anything, right? So tell me. Obviously something is eating you up. T brings Rafe an espresso. He asks Gabi what she'd like. He tries to make a joke but Gabi just stares so he says - I should probably go over here. Kate comes in and hands over Sonny's chequebook. Sonny asks T to look after things here as he goes out. Jordan says Hi to Kate.

Hope - That video that Kristen made, it went viral overnight. Right now Eric is desperate to contact everyone he knows to let them know what's going on. And of course he's worried sick about his family not to mention TPTB at the church. This is a nightmare. Nicole - Yeah. Hope - So please try to go easy on him. This is only going to get worse. He's being attacked from all sides; he's helpless. He's completely helpless right now. Kristen violated him but he's the one who's being punished.

Eric is in the square leaving a message for Fr. Matt to call him as soon as possible. A young girl runs up to him. Fr. Eric, you weren't at school this morning. She adds - You lost your collar. Eric - I wasn't there today because I'm taking a little time off to think about things. Her father tells the girl to go to her mother. When she does the guy rounds on Eric. I don't want to ever see you talking to my little girl or anyone in my family again. Clear!

Kristen - Do you know what the best part of loving you is; knowing that you love me too. That's why I'm happy now and I'm always going to be happy. Brady mutters - She made it right here in this room. Kristen - By the time you see this DVD I will be in Peru having my meeting with Roberto but I'm only going to be thinking about you. Brady - She made it before I surprised her with the honeymoon. Kristen - And of course I'll be flashing my wedding ring and telling them about my new spouse, the most wonderful man in the world who when everyone was against us believed in me, trusted in me, loved me. I promise you that when the meeting is over I'll be on the first flight out of Lima and back home to you, my husband, my man, my love so we can start our new life together.

Segment 7: EJ - I ran into Gabi earlier this morning; she seemed a little tense. Will - She woke up that way. EJ - She said she spoke to your mother yesterday. I wonder if it was something your mother said that made her that way. Will - You never know with Mom. She does know how to push Gabi's buttons. EJ - It's probably nothing. I'll let you get back to our writing. Outside his door EJ mutters - What are you up to Samantha?

Kate - If you'll excuse me, I'm going to talk to Gabi. Jordan steps in front of her. Actually Gabi asked to speak to Rafe alone so maybe we should respect that.

Rafe - If this is about the modelling thing in New York; have you changed your mind? Gabi - No. That's over, done. It's something worse, much worse. It's about Nick.

Miles looks up from his chair when Nicole comes back into his office. What are you doing back here? I thought you quit. Nicole - I reconsidered. I'm going to cover the Father Eric story. Miles - Great!

Man - You're a disgrace. You don't deserve to be a priest and if you ever come near my little child or anyone in my family again I will personally make sure to run you right out of town. Eric - Mr. Gorman I was just trying ... Mr. G - Just shut your damn mouth. I don't even want to see you. Nobody does so why don't you do us all a favour and get the hell out of Salem because we don't want your kind here. He shoves Eric even harder this time as he proclaims - You're filth! I hope there's a special place in hell for your kind. As far as I'm concerned you can go there right now. He shoves Eric HARD and Eric falls and knocks his head on the iron bench. The guy just walks away and leaves him lying there unconscious.

Kristen - I can only hope that you miss me Brady as much as I miss you and you want me back home with you as much as I want to be there. You know normally I wouldn't do this kind of thing. You send an email or a text; you never know if somebody is going to intercept it but since I happen to know this is going to be hand-delivered well I think I can tell you what I wish you were doing to me right now; what I know I'm going to do to you the second I get you alone. She starts undoing the buttons of her blouse. I want you as much as I know you want me baby. I want you to touch me. I want you to kiss me ... anyplace you want. Brady removes the DVD and throws it away. He pulls out the cocaine.


Wednesday Dec 4
Segment 1: Kayla is over at the Horton house. Abby thanks her for bringing this stuff for her mom. Kayla tells Abby that her mom told her that she and Chad broke up before he went to Boston. Abby - Yes, it was my decision. Kayla - I know but you didn't tell your mother the real reason, did you? I know that Chad lied that he had a brain tumour so he could come between you and Cameron. I also know that EJ helped cover it up.

EJ is talking to a man in the pub. So you're saying this virus decimated Mad World's network. It destroyed their entire spring business plan. Man - The guy who pulled it off is a regular Edward Snowden. EJ - You're saying this was an inside job. Man - It affected only projects assigned to a single contractor. EJ - Let me guess, Nicholas Fallon.

When Jordan tells Kate that Gabi wanted to speak to Rafe alone Kate responds - Actually I'm Gabi's family so maybe she didn't want to have a private conversation with her brother in front of you. Jordan - What makes you think she wants to have it in front of you.

Rafe - Gabi, what did Nick do now? Cue flashback of near rape. Gabi, did he hurt you in any way 'cause if he so much as laid a hand on you, he's a dead man.

Vic walks up to Maggie who is at the hospital. Here you are. I've been looking all over town for you. Maggie - Found me. Vic - You can't hide behind this busy work forever. Maggie - Is that what you think this is. Vic - Yes. Enough of this nonsense. It's time for you to come home. Maggie - No.

Brady keeps fingering the bag of cocaine. He gets an incoming text. It's the sex video. He closes the door to the living room and does a line of coke.

Nicole - So I'm going to need exterior shots of the church and ... Miles - You leave all that leg work to me. This is going to be dynamite. It really is. I've got to ask ... you were so adamant about not covering this story, what changed your mind? Cue flashback of her encounter with Eric in the park (the apology part). Nicole - The point is I'm doing it but before I start there's one condition.

Dan is walking through the square when he comes across an unconscious Eric.

Gabi - I don't want to upset you. Rafe - What is going to upset me is you trying to keep things from me. Gabi - I'm sorry, it's hard to talk about. Rafe - Take a deep breath and start from the beginning. Gabi - Okay. She looks up and sees Kate signalling her. T walks up to Kate - Over here. What can I get you? Kate - Nothing. T - But you were waving ... Kate - Go away. Go away! Gabi - I feel really ashamed. Rafe - I love you. You're my sister. I would never judge you. You can tell me anything.

Miles - You didn't mention any condition. Nicole - It's not a big deal. I just need to explain to someone what I'm doing before I start working. He needs to understand why I'm doing it. Miles - Okay. Fair enough. Go for it. You know you're the only person who can get this inside scoop and I can't believe that I hire you back and boom this just falls right in our laps. Wrong choice of words. You know this is going to be your triumphant comeback. When those Nielsen numbers start coming in ... Nicole - Alright, one step at a time.

Eric comes to. Dan tells him to take it easy. What happened? Eric - A St. Luke's parishioner got upset when he saw me talking to his daughter. Dan - Upset! It looks like he attacked you. I'm going to take you to the ER. Eric - No I'm fine. He stands up. See, I'm okay. Dan - You were just unconscious. We need to rule out a concussion. Eric - I can't deal with seeing anyone at the hospital. I don't want anyone to start talking or staring at me. Dan - You won't have to deal with it. I have a way to avoid it. Come on, hang on.

Maggie - I'm only entertaining this conversation because I don't want another public display. Vic - Whatever it takes Maggie. Maggie - That's your motto, isn't it? Vic - I will not apologise for what I did. Maggie - No, you're never sorry for anything, are you?

Brady sits back and smiles. He keeps looking around to see if anyone is watching him.

Segment 2: Jordan watches Kate watching Gabi and Rafe. Gabi - The reason I'm not moving to New York is because I found out that Nick was the one who arranged the whole modelling offer I got. He was the one who set it up and promoted me to the agency. Rafe - So it wasn't legit? Gabi - It was. The worst part was he got himself a job in New York too. Rafe - What! He was planning to follow you there. Gabi - Yeah, he wanted us to be a family again. Rafe - Sick bastard! It's a good thing you set him straight. Gabi - Rafe, I ... Jordan intercepts Kate again. Kate - Look you're his therapist, not his bodyguard. Buzz off. Gabi - Rafe, how did everything get so messed up. Kate walks up just as Rafe says - My God!

Abby - You knew? Kayla - Cameron consulted with me on Chad's case. I wanted to talk to you about it but I couldn't ... Abby - Because of doctor / patient confidentiality. Kayla - Right. I'm sorry. Abby - You were doing the right thing; the only one. Kayla - What do you mean? What Chad did was unconscionable but Cameron was bound by the same ... Abby - Cameron dumped me because he didn't trust me to choose the right guy. I hate to say it but he wasn't wrong. I was jerking him around ... Kayla - Stop right there. There is nothing you could have done that would justify Chad's behaviour. Abby - I know but I feel like maybe I drove him ... Chad's not a bad guy. Kayla - No? Abby - No. I was standing right next to him when he jumped in front of that crazy woman with a gun and took two bullets for his brother. Kayla - Is that why you're not telling your mother because you don't want to tear down a hero. Abby - I just don't feel like explaining it to people. All that matters now is Chad is gone and it's over. You aren't going to say anything to my mom, are you? Kayla - Not if you don't want me too. Do you really think it's over this time? Abby - Trust me. Even EJ tried to convince me to give his brother a second chance. Hell no!

EJ shakes the man's hand. Outstanding work Henry. This might be the perfect time for us to make our move on Mad World. I'll be in touch. Abe and Theo come into the pub. Theo runs and gives Uncle EJ a hug. EJ - What an incredible greeting that is. Theo - You're the only uncle I have left. EJ - You're Uncle Chad and Uncle Cameron haven't relinquished their positions, they're just out of town for a little bit. Theo - When are they going to come back? EJ - Well I don't know but in the meantime you have me. Maybe you should come visit me more often. Abe tells Theo to go and think about what he'd like to drink. EJ - I meant it. It would be nice to see him more often. Abe - I know but you've got to be very busy with both your father and Kristen gone. Was Henry here because of the Kristen / Eric video? EJ - It's okay Abe, you don't need to whisper. The secret is out. Henry may be an IT genius but even he can't put that genie back in the bottle. Abe - It's got to be a terrible shame. EJ - If you're looking for me to condemn my sister think again. I understand you're friends with Eric but the truth is the only person who knows what happened that night is Kristen.

Eric thanks Dan for smuggling him into the exam room. Dan - You can't hide from the world forever. Not everyone is going to react the way that jerk did. Eric - Why not? He thinks I broke my vows and that I taped it and flaunted it all over the internet. Dan - Sorry for what you're going through. Eric - I left a message for Fr. Matt and the Bishop; let them know that the video went viral. I can only imagine how upset they're going to be. Dan - Not upset with you I hope. They know none of this was your fault. Eric - I've been praying for guidance but I'm not getting any answers. I don't know what to do.

Brady answers the door at the mansion. It's Nicole.

Segment 3: Vic - No, I'm not sorry. I kept Brady from ruining his life with that lying bitch. Maggie - Never mind collateral damage. You don't care about Eric or Marlena or anybody else. Vic - No and I suppose you would have sat Brady down and had a nice little chat with him telling him how Kristen wasn't to be trusted because it worked so well the first dozen times. Maggie - What I wouldn't have done; I wouldn't have sent Marlena down the aisle of St. Luke's with a sex tape of her son to play for the whole world to see. Vic - I did what I had to do. I'm the only one who knew how to get through to my grandson and he's better off for it.

Brady follows Nicole into the living room. I really didn't want to see anyone right now. Nicole - I know. This won't take long. I just want to run something by you. You know I got hired back as a TV reporter, right? Brady - Yes, I heard about that. Congrats. Nicole - And I got my first assignment. I'm going to cover the story ... Brady - Let me guess ... don't tell me ... The Stupid and Sinners of Salem and you want a cameo appearance with Stupid because I was not on the sex tape. Nicole - It's not like that. It's just that the video is now out and my producer Miles is all over it. I want to tell the story my way so I can protect the people I care about. Brady - That's lovely. What are you doing here though? Nicole - Just because I'm furious with you doesn't mean I want you to hurt anymore than you already have. Brady - You don't need to pity me and you don't need my permission so have at it. Nicole - I'm telling you that I don't care what Miles says; I'm going to de-sex this story. It's going to be all about how evil Kristen is and how we need to find her and drag her ass back to Salem. Brady - Great! I'm all about that. I'll give you an exclusive. Live at 5. Life with a lying bitch.

Dan - Don't give up. There's got to be some way to prove that you're telling the truth. Eric - Hope and Abe told me that Kristen's trail has gone cold. Let's face it, she's a DiMera and they know how to disappear. Dan - What about EJ? He says he's turned over a new life. He's engaged to your sister. He won't help you hunt her down? Eric - Even if he knew where she was or agreed to help us which he won't, she's never going to confess. Dan - It's possible that Kristen will drop off the face of the earth for a few decades but there's got to be another way.

Abe greets Abigail when she comes into the pub. I wanted you to know that I got an email from Cameron; he wanted me to give you his best. I don't know what happened with the two of you and it's none of my concern but he does care about you. Abby - Well I'm sure that Theo really misses him. Abe - Yeah. Theo sees Abigail and runs and gives her a big hug. EJ walks up to them.

Kate - Sorry for interrupting but I can see that Gabi said something that upset you. Rafe - Of course I'm upset. You should know this too. Nick was manipulating her. He was trying to get back with Gabi so he could play house with her and Arianna. Gabi - That's not all. When I found that out I ... Kate - You know, I'm so sorry. Rafe - Why are you sorry? Kate - Because I didn't say anything. Gabi was so upset and I was concerned about your health. Rafe - Hold on a second. Why did you tell her and not me? Kate - Don't blame her, that's not how it happened. I happened to just be in the square when it all went down. But you know what, I think she probably left out the most important thing and that's Nick is gone. He's gone to New York so we don't have to worry about him. Rafe - Is that why you didn't go to New York? Gabi - Yes, I mean no. Kate, I have to tell him everything okay.

Segment 4: Rafe - Gabi? Gabi - I can't ... think ... I just did ... so I was so upset. Kate - Honey, I think it would be easier if I just told him what happened. Nick and Gabi rekindled. Nick and Gabi had sex. Rafe - OMG. What! Hold on a sec. Did he force himself on you? Gabi - No, no, no, but ... Kate - She was alone and she felt vulnerable and Nick did take advantage of that. Gabi expressed to me that she feels guilty because she feels like maybe she led him on but I assured her that was not the case. She did absolutely nothing wrong. She made it abundantly clear to him that it was over. Rafe - He's so lucky that he's not here. Let me tell you if I get these newly rehabilitated hands on that scrawny neck ... Kate - Forget about it! He's gone. She looks at Gabi - And you don't want him to ruin another minute of your life or anyone else's for that matter.

Maggie - Maybe I have been deluding myself these past two years thinking, I don't know, that I could change you. No, I'm just one in a long string of failures. Caroline, Loretta, Kate. Why couldn't I believe what everyone was telling me; that you haven't changed. That you're unable to change. Vic - That's not true. Maggie - You don't ever say you're sorry. Vic - No I won't because I'm not. Maggie - And that breaks my heart because I am so, so sorry that you did what you did and sorry I won't be coming home.

Nicole - Well you seem to be handling this better than I thought you would. Brady - Eric must have given you hell when you told him. Nicole - Seems to be his favourite sport lately. Brady - So is that all? Anything else? Nicole - No, it's not. What happened here? She's referring to the broken DVD lying on the floor.

Dan - I was saying I thought you were poisoned from day one to corroborate your story. Eric - How? You have no medical evidence. I really appreciate how hard you've been trying. Dan - I'm sorry I pushed you so hard to remember which you wish you never had to know. Eric - If I knew I'd have known it was going to come out one way or the other. Dan - Doesn't everyone deserve to know the truth? We have new information. We know that Kristen used some sort of drug to wipe out your memory of what happened that night; probably used some sort of masking agent to render it undetectable. Eric - Which worked which is why you'll never have proof. Dan - Never say never. I have scaled back my hours at the hospital. I have some time to do some investigating. I will contact Mason again; see if he has any ideas. I will got to specific drug classes. I'll look ... Eric - Don't you think this will end up another dead end road. Dan - Call it a blessing or a curse but I never give up and I'm not giving up until I have proof to help you.

EJ tells Theo he'll see him later. Abby tells Theo she found this incredible hill by Salem U and she was thinking as soon as it snows that the two of them could go sledding if it's okay with your Dad. Theo - Can I Dad, please, please, please. Abe laughs - Of course. Abe and Theo leave. EJ - He's quite smitten with you. Abby - Well we spent a lot of time together. Chad and I used to take him bowling and go to the arcades with him. EJ - He was telling me how much he misses his uncle. Abby - I'm sure he does. And in case you're wondering, I don't.

Jordan walks over to Rafe's table. Is everything alright over here? Kate - Yeah, it was just a private thing. Rafe asks Gabi if she's going to be okay. Kate - Yes she is because I'm going to take care of her. Rafe - Okay. Gabi - Love you Rafe. Rafe - I love you too. No more rekindling. He and Jordan leave. Kate - What the hell were you thinking!

Segment 5: EJ follows Abby to the bar. I know what Chad did was reprehensible. I suppose, of course, that you've never made a mistake. Abby faces him and says something (couldn't hear). EJ - One error in judgement doesn't make him a bad man. Abby - No it doesn't but that doesn't mean he's the right man for me. EJ - Fair enough. Abby - I mean look at you. You are great with children; Theo absolutely loves you. I know you've made plenty of mistakes in your life; does that mean you're not a bad man. EJ - I most definitely am a bad man. He leaves.

Jordan and Rafe are near the nurse's station. She tells him her shift is done. Is there anything else you need before I leave. Rafe - No. I think you already went well above the call of duty today. Jordan - I am going to let you get yourself back in your room. Rafe - Yes I will. I know the drill, 20 pull-ups. Jordan - I'll see you tomorrow. Rafe - I hope so. Jordan leaves. Kayla walks up. Rafe, just the man I'm looking for. Rafe - Oh yeah, why's that? Kayla - I have some very good news.

Gabi - I just can not lie like this to Rafe. I can't. Kate goes after her. Kate - You had absolutely no problem lying about the paternity of the baby. Gabi - I had a real big problem with that okay and this is different because I killed a man. Kate - Your brother is a cop so if you involve him in this you're asking him to either commit a crime or send you away which means throwing away your life, my life and Sami's life. Gabi - I wouldn't bring you into it. Kate - Oh really. Three questions in you'd be spilling everything. You can't say a word. Gabi - Why did you have to tell him that I slept with Nick. Kate - Because that was preferable to telling him that you killed a guy. Gabi - I don't know how to live with this secret. Kate - Think of it this way. If you don't that means living without your beautiful daughter. If you don't that means your daughter lives without a mother. That happened to me. I don't want to see that happen to you or to Arianna. Gabi - I can't live without her. Kate - Then keep your mouth shut and that won't happen. Do you understand. Gabi nods. Kate - Good girl. So if you have anything you need or want to talk about, you call me. Okay, have a good day.

Eric - I really appreciate your help. I just want to focus my energy on looking forward. I can't control what happens, just how I deal with it. Dan - I understand. Eric - I want to get right with God; get right with my Church. I can't help anyone else until I help myself. Dan - You're going to get through this, you know that right. Eric - I will. Thanks for everything. Dan - You take care of yourself.

Nicole - It's bad enough this is all over the internet, did someone send you this. Brady - Yes. Nicole - Who would do that! Brady - It's nothing I haven't seen before. It's no big deal. Nicole - Why are you acting so calm about this? Brady - I'm not. Are we done? We're done, right? Nicole - I guess so. Thanks. Brady - Thank you. Bye, I'll see you. After see leaves he pulls out the coke again. Vic comes into the room.

Segment 6: Nicole returns to Dan's apt. She opens her laptop. 76 messages, all linked to the video. Delete, delete, delete. Sorry Miles but I'm doing the story my way.

Brady sticks the bag back in his jeans pocket. You're home early. Did something happen? Vic - I tried to have a conversation with Maggie. She's what my father used to call (Greek phrase) stubborn as a mule. Brady - I know another Greek expression from Plato ... birds of a feather. I need to talk to you about taking some time away. Vic - Whatever you need. Brady - Thank you. Vic - This is all about you Brady; what's in your best interest. Not everyone understands that. Brady - I know. I truly am more grateful to you then you will ever know. Vic - I can't tell you how much it means to me to hear you say that.

Kate is walking through the square talking to Larry on her cell when EJ calls out her name. Kate - EJ! I think I might enjoy having a stalker if it were anyone but you. EJ - I'm sorry to hear about the difficulties you're having at Mad World. Kate - What difficulties would that be? EJ - I hear you've become the victim of some sort of computer virus courtesy of our friend Nicholas Fallon. Kate - Aha. Well just how much did you see when you were spying on me. EJ - Well it was less what I saw, a little more of what I heard that got me curious. Kate - Well curiosity can kill fat cats as well. She tries to leave but EJ stands in front of her. I heard you cursing at the computer and you said I should never have listened to Samantha. Shouldn't have listened to her about what? Kate gets an incoming call from Sami.

Segment 7: Kate - I should never listen to anything Sami says, that's my mantra. Actually, it should be yours. Excuse me.

T puts a cup and a pot of tea in front of Gabi. Gabi - I didn't order this. T - I know. I wasn't sure what you needed more, herbal tea or a double vodka. Whatever's going on, I'm sorry. Gabi - Thanks. T - And if you need anyone to talk to ... Gabi - Tad this is just something I have to work out on my own.

Kate is now in the park near the gates. Her cell rings. Sami, when I hit Ignore it doesn't mean call me back in 30 seconds. No, don't hang up now. When are you coming back from down state? Because if Nick's body washes to shore we have to hope it's not by your damned earring. You need to find it and fast.

Theo and Abe are in a clearing in the park. Abe is on his cell. Theo is looking at the earring he found.

Nicole is working on her laptop when Dan comes home. I think I see smoke coming off that keyboard; what's going on? Nicole - I need to talk to you about Eric. Dan - That's funny, I was about to say the same thing.

Eric is with Fr. Matt at the pub. Eric - If there'd been any way to stop this video from getting out there ... FM - I know, you would have found it if you could. Eric - It's just that things move so fast these days. FM - They sure do. We've just got to accept the things we can not change but there's a second part to that serenity prayer. You have to find the courage to change the things we can. You spoke earlier of Dr. Jonas, the investigation that he's encouraged you to go ahead with. If there's anything that I or the Church can do to help ... Eric - No, thank you so much for all your support. I really appreciate it. FM - You're innocent of all this. Anyone who knows you knows that. Exonerate yourself anyway you can. Do not let Kristen get away with what she's done to you. Eric - Thank you for your compassion Father; for your counsel. I want nothing more, for the Church's sake more than mine, to clear my name. FM - I know you do. You must!

Vic - Maggie's concerned about your sobriety. She thinks maybe I've pushed you over the edge. Brady - You didn't. Vic - You're feeling better about things, aren't you Brady? Brady - I feel very good.

Kayla - So Jordan tells me that you're progress is remarkable. Rafe - She's been amazing. Kayla - She says the same about you. Listen, we've done some leg work and we've found you a transitional apartment for when you're discharged. Rafe - Discharged? Kayla - It's wheelchair accessible and it has all the accommodations to help you live independently. Rafe - Wow. I don't know what to say. Kayla - Well Jordan says it's going to be a couple of weeks still; we can't hold the place forever but if you're ready in a few weeks, it's vacant and it's for you. Rafe - Well hell yes! Yes, I am ready. OMG! Hey I'm getting out of here people! I'm going! OMG. I'm going to have my life back.

Jordan is brushing her hair in front of a mirror. She recalls the kiss. I can't do this. She pulls out a locked box and opens it and pulls out ID's from Indiana and New Jersey and other places. She cries.


Thursday Dec 5

Segment 1: Will is over at the Horton house with JJ. Will - Wow, you've got free time and you spend it studying. Who are you and what have you done with my cousin? JJ - I'm lame. Will - Yes you are but you've got great taste. Here you go, vintage 1982. Listen to the guitar solo on Track 3. Also I got your mail for some reason so you're welcome. JJ goes through his mail. Oh no.

Jen comes into the Club and sees Maggie at a table so she joins her. Maggie thought she'd be at the hospital this morning. Jen decided to work remotely today. Maggie - Avoiding my son? Jen - More like avoiding Theresa. How are you doing? Maggie - Hanging in there. I'm sorry I haven't had a chance to return your calls. Jen understands. Do you have a minute now to talk? Maggie - I'm actually meeting someone any minute. Jen - Okay. She turns and sees Theresa there.

Nicole is on her cell. Hey Brady, what gives? Yesterday you were all fired up to go on camera and tell the world all about Kristen and now you're totally incommunicado. Seriously, call me! She mutters - Maybe he's not taking it so well after all.

Brady is in the living room of the K mansion doing lines off the coffee-table.

Dan returns home. Nicole - So much for cutting back on your hours. Were you in surgery all night. Dan was - 5 car pileup on the expressway. Nicole - That's terrible. I could have taken Parker for you. Dan - No, you're working. Joanne was happy to take him overnight and I dropped him off at preschool. Nicole - Before you crash would you mind if we finish that conversation we started last night. Dan - Sure, you first. Nicole - I got my first story assignment at the TV station and I was going to turn it down but then I decided I would probably be the best person to do it justice. Dan - You're doing a story on Eric. That is great news! That is exactly what I wanted to talk to you about.

EJ is standing in the front door yelling to unseen reporters that he has no comment about his sister and that tape. Get out! He yells for Harold to do whatever it takes to get rid of those bloody reporters. And where's Samantha!

Sami is at the pub recalling the struggle with Nick in the river. She jumps when Eric puts his hand on her shoulder. Sami, what's wrong?

Harold informs EJ that Sami dropped off her bag and said she would return from running errands before the children came home from school. EJ - And you didn't think to tell her that I was in my office. Harold - I did sir but she was in a terrible rush. EJ thanks him. He pours himself a coffee. He talks to a photo of Sami. You're avoiding me and I know why. He picks up the picture of Kristen. After everything I've done for you; your life may have gone up in flames but you're not taking mine with you. He tosses the picture on to the sofa.

Sami tells Eric she's fine. Eric disagrees. Sami - Obviously I'm not fine because of what my twin brother is going through and I haven't seen you since that video went viral. She sees the wound. What is that! Eric - A parishioner got a little upset. It's a superficial cut. It's not a big deal. Sami - It is a big deal! How could they do this to you? Eric - You saw that video. You know how it looks. Sami - I don't care. I want to know what Dad is doing. I want to know that they are getting closer to finding Kristen. Eric - No, they're not. We're not going to find her without help and your fiancé made it very clear that he's not on my side. Kristen got away. The only silver lining in this is that we might not ever have to see her again.

Brady picks up the remaining crystals with his finger and then licks his finger clean. What do you know! You fall off the wagon for one day and the world doesn't end. He checks his calendar on his phone. What are we doing today? Nothing to do, nowhere to be. Good times! Aw Nicole, sorry, you have to find someone else to play with today. He leaves.

JJ - The judge assigned to my case is sick. My sentencing got postponed a few weeks. Will - Sorry about that but at least he's going to let you off if you stay out of a trouble. You can do that for a few weeks, right? JJ - Yeah. I'm planning on doing it forever. He recalls trying to revive Theresa. Will - Then what's the matter? JJ - I'm just tired of having this hanging over my head. I need it to be over.

Theresa tells Jen that she got Maggie's number from Daniel because she needs an AA sponsor. Jen - That's great. She tells Maggie to stop by the house when she's finished here. Theresa asks Jen to wait. There's something I need to tell you about Daniel.

Dan - Eric was assaulted last night. He's okay. Nicole - Are you sure he wasn't hurt? Dan - Nothing serious. He seems resigned to the idea of never finding proof of what really happened that night. I just don't want him to give up. Nicole - Neither do I which is why I agreed to do the story. I don't want it to be sensationalized. I want to try and present the facts. Dan - Except we don't know all the facts. Eric's pretty reluctant to let me help him. If I could just prove that he was drugged he might actually get his life back. Nicole - And what does this have to do with me. Dan - You were the only other person there that night before and after. And it's also possible, is it not, that you can give me some inside information with your job ... I really feel that we can build a case to exonerate Eric without even needing Kristen's confession. Nicole - You realise what you're asking me to do. Dan does. Nicole - It's one thing to take the negative out of the story but if you're asking me to sit down and have a face to face with Eric and immerse myself in a chapter of my life that I'm trying to forget; I just don't know if I could do that.

Segment 2: Dan - I respect what you're saying but ... Nicole - Why are you so obsessed with helping Eric? Dan - You know me. I don't like unanswered questions and I certainly don't like a guy being persecuted for something he didn't do. Nicole - Are we talking about Eric now or you? Dan - I'm talking about Eric. What happened to him is a tragedy so yes I would like to see him vindicated. Help me help him. Regardless of your feelings, isn't it the right thing to do?

Sami - I'm going to talk to EJ ... Eric - So he can lie to you again? I'm sorry Sami, it's just that I have a hard time believing that this guy is telling the truth about what he knows and when he knew it. If he really wanted to help us he'd tell us where Kristen was right now. I'm sure he could. Sami - You're wrong. EJ is as upset about what happened to you as I am. Eric - Then tell him to put his money where his mouth is. No don't because I don't want you to get in the middle of this. You can't help what you feel for the jerk. Sami - The same way I can't help who my twin brother is. What are going to do? Eric - I might have another way to prove what happened that night. Sami - How? Eric - I'm not sure if it's going to work or not so I don't want to get anyone's hopes up. Sami - I just hate the way people are looking at you; the same way everyone's always looking at me. It's just not that fair that it's you and I'm sorry. Eric - Why are you so sorry? Sami - Because people get away with doing bad things all of the time without getting punished and I just feel that you are paying for my sins. Eric - I've been doing that my whole life.

EJ drops Kristen's picture to the floor. He picks up the photo of Sami and sets it down with other family pictures. You're the only family I have left.

Will - You hang in there. I'm sure it will all be over soon. JJ - I hope so. My Mom has been so down lately. I don't want her to have to worry about this anymore. Will - I know it sucks when your Mom's hurting but it's not your fault that Daniel left her and moved on with my cousin. JJ - It's not Daniel's fault either.

Theresa - I want to say I'm sorry. I want you to know I tried really hard to remember what happened that night that Daniel came to my place but it's a total blank. Jen - It doesn't matter. Theresa - It matters to me. Unfortunately I remember plenty from before that night. Jen - I don't need to hear this right now. Theresa - But I need to say it. I'm going to AA and I need to make amends with the people I've hurt. Jen, there's no one I've hurt more than you. Besides being a sucky employee and a total pain in your ass. I was really upset when you fired me so I made it look like Daniel and I had something going on when we really didn't. Jen - No? Theresa - He was just being nice to me you know, like he is to everyone. He hardly even knew I existed. Jen - I appreciate what you're trying to do but that night that Daniel was at your apartment; everybody knows that he was there. He told me that he was there so how do you explain that?

Segment 3: EJ sees Brady in the square and turns to leave but Brady calls out to him. Hey EJ, why are you running away? You worried I'm going to take a swing at you or something? EJ - If you're so inclined, give it your best shot. Brady - Nah, you're not worth it. Your sister wasn't worth it either. EJ - You really didn't believe me when I told you she was truly in love with you. Brady - That's probably the one thing that I do believe that's come out of your mouth. I do. I can say I hope I never see her again but that would give her too much power in my life and she doesn't deserve that. EJ - So you're over her, just like that! Brady snaps his fingers - Just like that. I have to be, right? Between you and me, I could care less if she disappeared off the face of the earth for good this time.

Eric - God does not punish you for anything you've done; it doesn't work that way. He does judge me on how I deal with what life has handed me and I haven't handled that very well. Sami - What! You're not talking about accusing Nicole. Eric - With no evidence to support the accusation. Sami - Are you kidding me! After everything that woman has done she's plenty capable of drugging you and attacking you. Eric - No she wasn't. Nicole's not capable of that Sami, Kristen did it. Sami - I know technically Kristen did it and Nicole didn't do anything wrong. We can both agree that the bright side is that Nicole is also going to be out of your life from now on. Eric - No she's not. She got her television reporter job back and the first story she's going to report on is about me and that sex tape. Sami - What! If she thinks she's going to do some hatchet job on you ... Eric - It's okay. Sami - No, it's not. Eric - Stop it. I don't want to talk about Nicole. I just want to clear my name and get back into the priesthood. I will take action. Somehow, someway I'm going to turn this around. Sami - Okay but ... Eric - I have things to do. We'll talk soon. He kisses her cheek and leaves. Sami leaves as well.

Nicole - I get it. I should take the high road. I should help Eric the way he helped me but I am doing the best I can in my own way. Dan - What if it's not enough? Nicole - When I started working for Eric all my old feelings came back and it was so hard to push them away. He didn't know how he tortured me. Dan - I understand but you don't have those feelings anymore. Nicole - No of course not because every time I see him he finds a new way to show me what an idiot I was. Dan - Okay. He just called and I asked him to come over here. Nicole - When is he coming? Dan - He's going to be here in a few minutes. Nicole starts to get herself together. Dan - Nicole, you have to be here. Nicole - I can't. Dan - Yes you can. I need your help. Can you hear me out. Just stay ... she leaves.

Will - So why isn't it Daniel's fault that he was at Theresa's place when she OD'd. JJ - He and my Mom are broken up and that's because of me. I resented him for trying to take my Dad's place. I blamed my Mom for not loving my Dad enough or for not missing him enough when all time I was mad at myself for not being here. Will - I'm sorry. JJ - Yeah, me too. I'm sorry that I took it all out on Daniel. I was nothing but trouble for him and Mom. I wish that I could take it all back. Will - I can relate to that. You can't blame yourself for what happened with Theresa and that is the real reason your Mom and Daniel are never going to get back together again, right? JJ - Right.

Theresa - I wish I could explain that night. Of course you can ask Daniel; I'm sure he remembers everything. Jen - I'm sure he does. Theresa - He stayed sober. You know that because he saved my life and not a day goes back that I'm not grateful to him. Theresa realises she's just making things worse. Jen - That's really not possible. If we are through here I need to get back to work. She leaves. Theresa smiles and then turns around to join Maggie. Maggie - What was that all about? Theresa - I'm sure I'm the last person Jennifer wants to see right now but I was just trying to help her in some simple way; do my best to make amends. Maggie - The first step is to actually go to a meeting. You haven't done that yet, have you? Theresa - I've been before in LA. It's really hard to go into those meetings alone. Maggie - Yes it is. Theresa - Which is why I wanted to talk to you first. I heard you're like the best sponsor ever. Maggie - The Salem grapevine is hard at work overtime. Theresa - If you're not too busy to take on someone else ... Maggie - It's not that I'm too busy Theresa, to be honest, it's just a little awkward. Daniel is my son and his reputation has been dragged through the mud so I think you'd be better off with someone else. I know two wonderful women that would be more than helpful and would be happy to support you. She hands her the paper with the names. As a matter of fact there's a meeting at the Community Centre in about 10 minutes. I can call the leader and tell her to expect you. Theresa - It's still going to be really hard to go alone though. Maggie sees Brady and calls him over. You know Theresa Donovan, right? Brady shakes her hand. We haven't officially met, I'm Brady. Maggie has a favour to ask him. Would you mind taking Theresa to a meeting this morning?

Dan opens the door to Eric who asks if Nicole ... Dan - You missed her. Dan - I'm glad to hear from you. Does this mean you've changed your mind ... Eric - I think it's about time I do whatever it takes to clear my name.

Sami walks up to Nicole who is at work. Just the person I'm looking for. Nicole - Just the person I wasn't. Sami - Too bad for you Nicole because I'm going to be in your face until I get a promise out of you. Nicole - Because promises mean so much to you? Sami - They mean something to Eric and he's done a lot for you so you need to get over yourself and do the right thing or I promise you'll regret it.

Segment 4: Jen comes home and JJ gives her the bad news about his sentencing being postponed for a few weeks. Jen - Are you upset? JJ - Little bit. Jen - Don't be, you're doing great. It will all work out. JJ doesn't think she sounds confident. Jen - It's not about you. I just had a run-in with Theresa. JJ - What happened? Jen - Well she said she wanted to make amends but clearly she hasn't had a lot of practice with that. I think I was her first guinea pig. JJ is sorry. He gives her a hug. It's gonna be okay.

Brady doesn't have time to go to a meeting. Maggie thought he would be going himself. Brady - I would. Work; I'm swamped. I just came to get a caffeine fix. Maggie - Theresa's a little reluctant to go on her own and I ... Theresa - No, it's fine. I'll be brave. Theresa stares at Brady. Brady thanks her for understanding. Maggie - Brady, are you sure you're alright. Brady - I'm good; just staying busy. He leaves. Theresa - I didn't mean for you to have to scrape someone up to take me to a meeting. It's not my first time and I have the address so ... Maggie - Are you sure you're going to follow through on this? Theresa - Of course. Maggie hopes it works better for her this time. Theresa - Me too.

Eric - So you think it was Kristen who went into Mason's office and destroyed all the evidence from the hotel. Dan - Yes. I've also been able to do some research on the class of drug Kristen could have used to knock you out. We know it's likely that a masking agent was used and now I've been able to look more clearly at certain chemical compounds. These typically have an extremely long half life. Eric - Are you saying that ... Dan - There could still be traces present in your blood stream. Eric - You already ran two tox screens. Dan - We couldn't test for every possible drug but now we've narrowed down the search criteria. Also this is a new test. It wasn't available when we were investigating before. This is more sensitive then the others; at least I hope. Eric - Do you really think this time you can find evidence that I was poisoned. Dan - Oh, I don't think, after my research last night, I am confident we will get what we need to prove that you were telling the truth.

Nicole - So just how do you think I could help Eric? Sami - You could drop the story. Nicole - If I don't do it someone else will. Sami - Fine, let them. Nicole - What! Why should I? Sami - For one thing you and I both know that Kristen is at fault here. I hate her, you hate her; that puts us on the same side. Nicole - Did hell just freeze over? Sami - You know that my brother is innocent; that he is the victim in all this. And for his reputation to be totally destroyed by ... Nicole - By me? Is that what you think will happen if I do my job? I have a chance to rebuild my life and a career I'm actually good at. So what do you want me to sacrifice here? Are you serious? How much do you want me to give up for your brother? Sami - Whatever it takes. You only have a life here because of my brother. And Eric is the best person that I know and you a worthless, baby-napping, husband stealing piece of trash. I don't care about you or your career and frankly, no one else does either. Nicole - Way to go Sami. Brilliant move. Insulting me, berating me, making me feel like crap. Wow! I now am so motivated to help you and your brother.

Segment 5: Will and EJ meet up by chance in the square. EJ asks Will if he's seen his mother since she got back. Will hasn't. He thinks the field trip was good for her; everything with Uncle Eric has been so hard on her. EJ supposes that is his fault. Will didn't say that. She just needs to know that you're there for her. EJ - I am, always. Your mother and the children are the most important things in the world to me.

Sami - Alright, maybe I was a little ... Nicole - Nasty? I'm sure you couldn't help yourself. Sami - But you know what Nicole, you're right. Someone probably will do the story but you could use your power for good instead of evil. You can make sure you tell the story and make Eric look innocent. Nicole - Even if there's no evidence to prove that. You want me to lie to the good people of Salem. Sami - It's not like you haven't done it before. You know Eric is innocent. Nicole - Just like he knew I was. He made people think that I raped him. Sami - You're surprised that Eric thought you were lying to him! Nicole - Look who's talking. Sami - You kidnapped my baby. Nicole - You kidnapped your sister when she was a baby. Sami - You broke Eric's heart and married Lucas for 5 million dollars. Nicole - You shot EJ in the head and now you're marrying the fool. You want to throw sins in my face you better duck! What has it been, six months now since you shot that poor detective. Seems like you're due. Murdered anyone lately?

Maggie is over at Jen's now. She apologises. A meeting with Theresa is the last way I wanted to spend the morning but I felt obliged. Jen - It's okay. I'm glad you want to help her because God knows she needs all the help she can get. Maggie hopes she gets it. Jen doesn't want to talk about Theresa anymore. She asks Maggie if she's still living at the Salem Inn. Maggie - Victor asked me to come home but I don't think he understands that I have a legitimate reason for being furious with him. Jen - I understand. I can't believe I let Kristen ... I'm sorry. I don't want you staying at the Salem Inn anymore. This house is as much your house as it's my house and I think Gram would want you here and I know that I want you here. Maggie - That's a very generous offer but ... Jen - You think it will be a problem for Daniel. Maggie does. Jen - It won't be. I have thought long and hard about this. You have been my wonderful Aunt Maggie my whole life, long before I knew Daniel, long before you did. Maggie - Well you've always been like a daughter to me. Jen - And I'm not asking you to choose sides. It's just that you have always been there for me through every tough time in my life and the good ones too. Maggie - Likewise my Jennifer Rose. Jen - Right now is a really tough time for me and I know it is for you too so I think it would be really nice if we could lean on each other together.

Dan - Unfortunately these tests are more involved then the last ones and more painful. Eric - Whatever it takes. Dan - Are you sure? Eric - I can take the pain. I'm grateful. I was just thinking that maybe I should ask someone else to take it from here. Dan - Why? Eric - Because we're friends and I appreciate your support more than I can say but whatever happened between you and my cousin Theresa ... I'm not judging. She's a consenting adult. Dan - Than what's the problem?

JJ is in the square reading the letter from the Courts. He recalls Dan saying the wildcard here is Theresa and Dan telling him to stay the hell away from her. He turns around and Theresa is there.

Segment 6: Maggie looks at a photo of Tom and Alice. You have so much of your grandparents in you. Thank you for the generous offer but do you think I could have some time to think on it? Jen - Of course. She talks about when she was having trouble with JJ she would ask herself what Gram would do. She thinks if she would have channelled more of Gram she wouldn't have such a difficult time. Maggie reminds her that Gram had her share of heartache with her children. Jen - And her grandchildren. But I'm here to tell you that JJ in the past few weeks has really turned his life around. Maggie - That's wonderful. I'm looking forward to spending more time with him and getting to know him. Jen - If you decide to stay I don't think Daniel would be upset. I would have offered sooner but I figured Daniel would have offered up his place. Maggie - Actually he did but someone else is staying there right now.

Dan - If you're saying you don't trust me because of what went down with your cousin ... Eric - That's not what I'm saying. It's just that you seem so determined to help me and I just can't keep from wondering if you're trying to redeem yourself. If that's where you're coming from, I'm sorry. You're so kind ... I just can't accept your help if it's for the wrong motive.

Theresa - Sorry. I was looking for 120 River Court. Maybe you know where it is? JJ - Oh, the Community Centre. You going to do some ceramics? Theresa - No actually, an AA meeting. I'm actually really happy to be getting my life back together. JJ - That's great. He gives her directions to the center. She starts walking away but he asks her to wait.

Sami - I don't know Nicole. You lost any babies lately, you're about due. I don't know how you're going to top yourself this time though after trying to steal my daughter, pass her off as your own and then try to throw Jennifer in prison for what you did. I don't know how you're going to get a guy to get you pregnant ... Nicole - Shut up Sami. Shut the hell up! Sami - Eric should have let you leave town. Everyone would be happier if you were half a world away. Nicole - Everyone would be happier if you were halfway to hell. Sami turns to leave. Nicole - You know I planned on helping Eric but after talking to you, you can just forget it. Get out! Get out!

Segment 7: Brady is back at the K mansion. He pulls out the baggie and looks at it. Not going to do it. He makes a call. Hey man. How are you doing? I know it's been a while. I only have half a G left and I was hoping you could help me out.

JJ - I just wanted to ask ... Theresa - I really shouldn't be talking to you. I ran into your Mom at Club TBD and she'd kill you and me if she saw us to... she stops and stares. JJ - What? Theresa - OMG! The night I OD'd I ... you ...

Jen - Daniel has a houseguest? Maggie - I'm sorry, I thought you knew. Jen - Is it Theresa? Maggie - No, not Theresa, it's Nicole.

Dan is on his cell. No more texts or emails. Tell him I'll discuss it face to face when I ... Nicole returns. Hello. Dan - When I get to the hospital. Nicole tells Eric she's glad he's still here. Because I want to take this opportunity to tell you that I will never, ever make the mistake of helping you again.

Sami returns to the mansion. The door slams. Sami looks up and sees Nick saying My God Samantha ... she screams. EJ comes out of the shadows. What the hell is wrong with you!


Friday Dec 6

Segment 1: Theresa - OMG! The night I OD'd ... I ... You ... JJ - No, what's going on?

Maggie tries to explain why Nicole is staying at Dan's but Jen interrupts her. I need you to understand something, I don't care.

When Nicole tells Eric she will never, ever help him again Dan retorts - WTH is going on! Eric - I never asked for your help. Nicole - Well that's a damn good thing because you're never going to get it ... Dan snaps - Both of you SHUT THE HELL UP!

Kate is outside the pub when her cell rings. She looks at it before answering. Yes this is Kate Roberts and if you're blocking your ID because you're going to try and sell me something you're going to wish that you hadn't. Stefano - Katerina, you're so full of spirit! I like that!

After Sami screams when he comes in the room EJ asks if she's alright. I'm serious, you look like you've seen a ghost. Sami - I'm fine. EJ - I know you had a difficult day yesterday taking the kids down state but today you got up and you were out before I had the chance to say good morning. Did you talk to your brother again? Sami - Really? You want to start the day talking about him; about my brother and what your sister did to him and how you knew about it but you didn't warn him when you could have. EJ - I've already told you exactly why. Sami - I've heard your alibi actually. Right now I want to know if you sent men to try and find Kristen. EJ - Yes, I have the FBI, the CIA, the department of Homeland Security, the Boy Scouts; they're all out there. Sami - So you have no one, great. EJ - Why don't we give this topic of conversation a wide berth, okay. Sami - What a great idea. EJ - So why don't we have a chat about your friend Nick Fallon.

Gabi wakes up after another nightmare about fighting off Nick and hitting him with the rock. When she lies down in bed again Nick is lying on the bed with her, his head bleeding. Good morning Gabi.

Theresa - That night when I did too many drugs ... JJ - Theresa, what's happening? What about that night? Do you remember? Theresa - No, total blank. I don't mean to be rude but we can't really be seen together. JJ - Right. Theresa - Anyway I have a meeting I have to head out for ... I guess I missed the meeting. I better get back to work. I don't need more screw-ups in that department either. I'll see you. You okay kid? JJ - Yeah, why? Theresa - You seem a little off. Listen, I was serious. No more you and me, no more lighting up, no more laughter. No more any of this. Take care.

Jen - If you move in here and I really hope you'll think about, there's one thing I need to make really clear about Daniel.

Dan - I'm going to start with what we agree on. The video is out there but knowing Kristen is responsible is not the same as proving it so Eric's in a really deep tough spot. I'm determined to do everything I can to help my friend. Eric - Thank you. Dan - You with me so far? Eric - Yes, thank you. Dan - Realistically the only thing I can do is somehow reconstruct all the evidence leading up to the poisoning which is why I'm the one who asked for your help Nicole, not Eric. Nicole - Right. Dan - You are in a unique position at the television station. You have access to all kinds of data I'll never be able to get. Plus you and Eric worked together before he went to the Capitol. You're the one who found him at that hotel room and you know what happened afterwards. Nicole - Yeah, I got blamed, as usual. Eric snaps - I apologised for that! Dan - Listen up. The clock is ticking here folks. Chemicals, DNA, all kinds of evidence deteriorates over time. If I'm going to have any chance at succeeding the two of you need to get over yourselves or at least put your issues aside so you can get on the same team. Clear! I'm done here. I'm going to my office. When I get back I want to know if you can do this. It's a yes or no question.

Sami - Why would you call him my friend? Nick Fallon, please. EJ - I just thought he might have kept you in the loop, that's all. Sami - What? EJ - About some of the things he did that could benefit us. Sami - All I know is that Nick moved to New York City. EJ - I don't know his whereabouts but I do know that yesterday Mr. Fallon had himself a very busy day in Salem. Sami drops her glass and it shatters.

Nick strokes her hair. You're so beautiful Gabi. Cue silent scream. So very beautiful and sweet. Why did you do this to me? All I did was love you. Let me love you now. Fade to white. Gabi wakes up on the couch.

Segment 2: Gabi gets up and rushes to check on Arianna. The bassinette is empty. She panics. She finds a note on the bedroom door. Will took her to the park. Everything is just fine. It was just a dream. I'm fine. Cue flashback of Nick helping her with calculus. Gabi - No, that is not who he was, okay. Cue flashback of Nick giving her 2 choices, go with him to New York or go to prison. Gabi - Okay, just stop! Stop obsessing okay. I'm fine. I can do this. I'm fine. I'm okay. I'm not okay. She sends a text.

Kate - What do you want Stefano? Stefano - I called to tell you that Chad has made a full recovery. Kate - Good, I've always liked the boy. Stefano - The feeling is mutual. That's why he asked me to do him a favour. Kate - Let me guess; that you won't cause anyone else to be shot? Stefano - No, no. He wanted me to make sure that I called you with the news.

EJ stops Sami from picking up the broken pieces. I'll get the staff to clean it up. It's just water. Sami - Sorry, you were saying something before about seeing Nick Fallon. EJ - I didn't see him but I did see what he did. He gave Kate a flashdrive. She used it and it took down Mad World's network; the whole spring lineup, deleted. Sami - Really? EJ - It appears that dreary little boy has done us quite a favour. Sami - Any bad news for Kate is always good news for us, right? EJ - Such a shame you don't know where he lives. I would send him a bottle of champagne. Sami - Somehow I don't think he'd appreciate it. Sami gets a text. It's from Gabi - Urgent. I have to see you. Sami tells EJ I have so much work to do and a meeting I'm going to be late for so I've got to get going. EJ - It's fine, I have errands to take care of ... she's gone. Outside the front door Sami sends a text to Kate. Gabi's going off the rails. Meet me at the square.

Eric - Why don't I start first. You tell me why you're so upset today. We haven't seen each other so I know it's not something I did. Nicole - No, but that sister of yours paid me a visit. Yep, just dropped right by the TV station and told me that I'm trash and you're not and the only way I could help you is if I don't cover your story. Eric - I'm sorry. I saw Sami earlier today. We had coffee and your name came up. Nicole - And she jumped right on it. She's another reason I'm not helping you. Eric - Okay but we both know Sami's not the reason you're upset. The only real reason you're upset is because I blamed you for being that woman in the hotel. Nicole - Yeah. Let's look at that for a second, shall we; the whole being blamed for something I didn't do thing. I know, we've been there, done that but it's the who, the why, the how and that you overheard me telling Brady that I couldn't help it that I loved you. And I fought it. I did everything I could but my feelings went so deep that I was getting ready to quit my job. And what did you do? You took what you knew I felt in my heart and you twisted it into something so ugly, so horrible ... Eric - I'm so sorry. Nicole snaps - I'm not done yet. And in case you're shaking right now I'm so done with you it's pathetic. There's nothing in here for you, not anymore because you betrayed me in the worst possible way. You destroyed something inside me I knew was good ... Eric - If I could take back that betrayal I would. I'm so sorry. I can only imagine how violated you must feel. Nicole - Yes. I know I will never be a saint and there are so many things I have done that I will hang my head about but the fact that you thought I was capable of doing that; of seducing you and then pretending to save you and looking you in the eyes that next day and pretending that I cared. That is why a couple of sorry's won't cut it. Okay, now I'm done. I'm done. No, I'm not done because I haven't told you why I'm not going to help you. I can't believe I still want to do this but after you did that to me, I still wanted to help you. But then you started to show me that you never really believed in me; that you never had any real faith, and I thought you did and that meant the world to me. And now I'm done. I'm gone and I will never put myself in a position where you or anyone else can hurt me again.

Maggie - I think I know what's coming. I mean if I move in here talking about Daniel is something out of bounds. Jen - No that's not what I was going to say. He's your son and you love him. Maggie - Then what don't want. Jen - I don't want a daily description. I don't want to know what he's thinking or feeling. I don't want to know if he's seeing someone, okay. Maggie hugs her. Okay. JJ comes home. Jen - Guess who might come live with us for a little while. JJ - Yeah? Cool! Jen gets a call she steps out of the room to take. JJ grabs a book he needs for class. I'll see you. Maggie - JJ, we need to talk about Daniel.

Dan looks up when Theresa knocks on his office door and sticks her head inside. He tells her he has a lot of things to do. Theresa - It's important. Dan tells her to leave the door open. Theresa - It's kind of confidential. Dan insists the door stay open. Theresa - The thing is I don't know who else I can talk to about this. Dan - About what? Theresa - JJ.

Segment 3: Kate sees Sami's text. She continues her conversation. Okay, Chad asked you to call me, you've called me, now we're done. Stefano - He wanted me to tell you how much I've changed since the incident. Kate - Oh, the incident! You mean the incident in which your son was shot because of things you put in motion, that incident? Stefano - I'm planning on a kinder future. Kate - Seriously! So you're going to change because your son almost died. Give me a break! Stefano - Katerina, you have the right to feel anyway you want about me okay. As a matter of fact I'll give you all the time that you want as soon as I get back to Salem. He hangs up.

Eric - I can understand why you don't want to help me. It'll all be moot anyway. He goes to leave. Nicole - Why? Eric - You know Daniel, he's very generous. He's already spent so much time trying to help me. I'm just not sure I can accept his offer. Nicole - Why not? Eric - His motives may be for the wrong reasons. The truth is I'm not sure I know the man at all.

Dan closes his office door. Okay. What? Theresa - I just ran into JJ at the square. I think it was accidental this time. Dan - What do you mean this time? Theresa - He keeps running into me every couple of days and I can't figure out why. I thought he wanted to talk to me or something. I keep it short and get moving but I don't know, maybe he has a crush on me or it may have something to do with his mom. Dan - Why do you say that? Theresa - I was really awful to her and I tried to make amends because I'm starting AA but when I told Jen how sorry I was all she wanted was for me to stay away from JJ. So I'm trying you know but it's not like I can go to her and tell her that her son won't leave me alone. Dan - No. Theresa - So what should I do?

Maggie - You know I love you and our mom and your sister. JJ - Sure. Maggie - So I hope you won't take this wrong way okay. I just don't want to hear you saying anything nasty about Daniel anymore. JJ - You won't, never again. Maggie - Really? JJ - It won't be a problem, I promise. Maggie - Okay, I'm relieved. JJ - I'm glad. If you need any help moving just give me a call. Maggie - Yes. Thanks. They hug. JJ leaves. Jen comes into the room. Is something wrong? Did JJ say something? Maggie - No, it's what he didn't say. I brought up Daniel and he was perfectly nice about him. It's almost as if ... she stops. Okay, I'm learning a lesson here. I will think about moving in. Maggie leaves.

Sami meets up with Gabi in the square. Gabi - Sami, I'm glad to see you. I'm freaking out just a little bit ... Sami - I'm sorry I was out of town on business yesterday. Gabi - I just feel like if I don't have anyone to talk to I start freaking out and I don't know what to do because I don't want to feel this way. It's about Nick okay. Sami - You know what, keep your voice down sweetie and we're going to pretend that we're having a great time here. Gabi - I'm having dreams about him. Sami - I understand. But you know what we're not going to do, we're not going to say his name and you're going to smile right now because people are watching and we're having a good time. Come on, you can do this. Gabi - This is crazy! Sami - And that's why I'm here to help you remember how real this is. This is really real and it's important for us to stick together. Sami pastes on a big smile and waves Kate over. Kate walks to their table. What now Gabi? I mean, really, again!

Segment 4: Dan - I will speak to JJ and make sure he steers clear of you. In the meantime, this is just between you and me. Theresa - I still don't remember what happened that night but I am sorry I got you in trouble. Dan - Don't worry about it ... Maggie barges in. Oh, I'm sorry. Theresa - No, I was just getting ready to leave. That meeting you told me about, I missed it. I lost track of time but I did call Lenita, that woman you said might want to be my sponsor. Maggie - What did she say? Theresa - She told me about another meeting and we're going to hook up there. So thanks. Maggie - Sure, good luck. Theresa leaves. Maggie starts telling Dan about why she's there but he stops her and asks if this can wait. There's something I really need to do right now. Maggie says sure and leaves. Dan - Okay JJ, it's you and me Bud.

Nicole - Why don't you trust Daniel? Eric - His motives. It wouldn't be right for me to accept his offer of help if it was for the wrong reasons. Nicole - And what would his wrong reasons be? Eric snaps - If he's finding a way to make amends. It's no secret that he was involved with my cousin Theresa Donovan. She's something of a wild child, yes, I will admit that but ... Nicole - Okay, would you shut up. You're a total idiot!

EJ is with Stefano. Stefano hands something over to him. Chad asked that you return that to Abigail. EJ - I have to say I was a little surprised to get your telephone call. You beat a rather hasty retreat from Salem when Kristen's video surfaced. Stefano - Things to do. EJ - Well if you're waiting for the ill will to subside before returning home you may have to live as long as Methuselah. Honestly, I could wring her neck. Not only did she seduce that illiterate Brady not once, but twice she then made a video of herself fornicating with his brother the priest for the entire world to see. Stefano - Your sister really knows how to make a statement. EJ - She better watch her step wherever she is because if the police prove she drugged Fr. Eric to get him on that video, she's in trouble. Stefano - Is that what happened? EJ - Are you kidding? This is us. Father, what she did was terrible. When she came back you asked her to reunite the entire family now you have Chad running to the hills, Kristen's on the lam. Stefano - But you, your children, your lovely lady, they're all with you now. How is that going? EJ - Horribly.

Sami smiles - Kate, thank you for coming so quickly when I called. Gabi - You told Kate that we were meeting. Sami - Yeah, we're all having such a great time together I think Kate should join us, right. Kate - I think it's a good idea to play this happy but I think you can tone it down a bit. Sami - Funny, I was thinking the same thing about your makeup but aren't we here to help Gabi. Kate - Okay sweetheart, why were you upset about Sami contacting me. Were you thinking maybe there was another way out of this mess? Like maybe you could make a backstabbing deal with Sami and hang your ex-husband's murder on me?

Segment 5: Dan joins JJ at a table at the Pub. Dan - I'm going to make this quick. I don't know what you think you're doing but you can not keep talking to Theresa. She said that she saw you in the square today. JJ - No, man. I swear I was just walking there and she was walking towards me. I didn't plan it. Dan - Why didn't you just say hi and keep moving. JJ - Because, I don't know. I thought maybe she was remembering stuff about that night. Dan - She doesn't. That ship has sailed. JJ - Yeah, she kind of said that. But I was just thinking after she left maybe there's some way I can make things right.

Nicole - Let me tell you about Daniel Jonas. He is the definition of a real friend. There's no one else better. He goes out of his way to help people maybe even those who don't deserve it. She lifts up her hand. And now you're life has been ripped from you and Daniel wants to step up and do the right thing and it has nothing to do with Theresa Donovan. Eric - Okay, that's how you see it. I understand but he was at her apartment that night. Nicole - Yeah because he found her. He saved her and he blew his reputation in the bargain but he didn't do anything wrong. Eric - You seem to know more than you're saying about what Daniel did that night. Could you? Nicole - No. Eric - Well then I'm still in a bind. I realise you think he's a terrific guy and I want to believe that too but I need more. He walks to the door. Nicole - It's called faith, Father. I'm giving you my word. Accept it or don't.

EJ - Of course Samantha thinks I knew everything about Kristen's project. Stefano - You did. EJ - Of course I did but she doesn't know that. I've been trying to convince her that all I knew was that Kristen slept with Eric not how she did or that there was a video. Stefano - And Samantha's not buying it. EJ - She can't prove I'm lying but if she ever finds out, I'm going to lose everything.

Sami laughs. Whoa, Kate. Aren't you paranoid? Can you not use the M word quite so much or perhaps speak the name of the person who was M'd. Gabi - It wasn't a plot. I swear Kate, I swear! Kate - Okay. Sami's probably right. I was just thinking that after yesterday's little performance ... Sami - What performance? Kate - Oh Gabi didn't tell how she almost confessed everything to her brother. Sami - You almost told Rafe! WTH Gabi, you ... Kate stops her. It was an outstanding performance. Gabi - I'm sorry. I keep having these really bad nightmares and I can't ... I have to tell him. Sami - Look, I understand. You want your brother's comfort, his support. Gabi - Yes of course. My God, that's all I want. Sami - What is that doing to Rafe? What kind of situation are you putting him in? If you tell him then you're giving him this horrible choice to make. To cover for you and what happened with you know who or send his sister to prison. Kate - You need to just think ahead and get a grip. Think about Arianna. Do you really want to send her mother to prison or her grandmother. Sami - Or her great-grandmother? I mean honestly a woman of Kate's advanced age working in the prison Laundromat. What would that be like! Kate - Really Sami! Sami - I'm just trying to impress upon her how important it is to not let that scum, you know who, ruin our lives from the grave. Kate - Or the bottom of the river. Sami - Exactly. So what's it going to be Gabi. You can't tell anyone, not one word, not ever.

Segment 6: Eric closes the door. You're right. I need to trust Daniel and you. I made one of the worst decisions of my life by not trusting you and I'll never make that mistake again. I'm going to work with Daniel. I'm going to take his help and listen to everything he says. Will you? Could you please reconsider and help me too?

Dan - I do not want you worrying about trying to fix this. You lay low for a few weeks; at least until your sentencing becomes final. Deal? JJ - There's not much else I can do. Jen walks up outside and she sees Dan and JJ together.

EJ - At least she hasn't moved out. Stefano - You have separate bedrooms. EJ - Yeah. It's maddening! She doesn't trust me. Stefano - Be patient because trust comes in small packages when it comes to women. EJ - I'm just going to stay the course and hope that she never finds out what I really knew about Kristen. Stefano - Think Elvis, think. I certainly am not going to say anything, right? Kristen is the only other one who knows about it so there's no way Samantha should find out. EJ - I suppose. Even if she trusts me enough to let me back in her bed Father, I don't think she's ever going to commit to marriage.

Gabi - The nightmares are so real. Sami - Then you wake up. Gabi - I can't live my life like that. Kate - Like what? Gabi - Having him look at us and then watching him slide down into the cold river ... Sami - Hush. It's not anyone's favourite memory okay. We're all having nightmares. Gabi - You are? Sami - Yes, of course. Anyone with a conscience would have a nightmare from something like that. Kate - Well I slept like a baby last night. It makes no sense to lose sleep over a guy like that. All of a sudden the birdwatcher walks up. Greetings!

Segment 7: Stefano - Elvis, I know you. You can get anything that you set your mind to and it's going to come to you; she is going to come to you in your bed and to the altar. EJ - So I just keep lying. Stefano - And praying that she never finds out that you knew what your sister did to that priest.

Nicole - Yes Eric, I will help try to prove your innocence. Eric - Thank you. I don't think I have to say how much that means to me. Nicole - I will cover the story. I will tell exactly what happened but Eric I might have to use some of the footage of that video. Eric - Understood. Nicole - I'll make sure your side of the story comes out. I'm also going to tell everyone what an evil bitch Kristen DiMera is, was and always will be. Eric - I don't think it will make much difference. They've already made up their mind. Nicole - Yeah, well then maybe that will help Daniel prove your case and I'm going to use the station as a way to tap into any kind of database he might need. Eric - I don't know what else to say. Thank you. I hope this means that someday ... Nicole - I'll tell you what it means. It means I'm doing this because I want to, no other reason. Clear? And it's the right thing to do. Any other journalist would do the same. Eric leaves.

Dan returns to the hospital and finds Maggie near the nurse's station. He tells her he has some free time. Maggie tells him she may be moving in with Jennifer for a little while. Dan thinks that's good. You and Jennifer have always been close. I knew she'd reach out to you once she heard about Victor. About Victor ... I know your fine, I just want you to know that I hope things work out for you two. Maggie - My sentiments exactly.

JJ comes home and finds Jen on her laptop in the living room. He thought she would be at work. Jen - I was waiting for you to come home. I want you to tell me what's going on. JJ - What do you mean? Jen - I saw you talking to Daniel at the pub and if I'm not mistaken that's about the third time I've seen you talking to Daniel. You promised me that you were going to stay away from him, remember. JJ - Yeah. Jen - What's truly weird though is that you weren't angry. In fact you were really calm when you were talking to Daniel, almost as if you were really interested in what he was saying; almost as if the two of you were friends. So I want to know right now ... the truth ... what is going on with you and Daniel?

Theresa comes back into Dan's office. Dan - I'm working on the JJ thing. Everything's going to be fine. You should be great. Theresa - Thanks, that's great but we didn't get to finish before. Dan - Finish what? Theresa - There's something I need to ask. I've been putting if off for a while now for a lot of reasons but I just can't do that anymore. I need to know what happened; everything, the night you saved my life.

Sami says hello. Man - I saw you lovely ladies from across the way, recognised the sonorous sound of your voices. Kate - Yes and you said greetings in passing? Man - May I, he points to an empty chair. Thank you. I'd like to ask a question. Why did you all deceive me when we were down by the river the other night. Did you think I wouldn't find out what you did.


Monday Dec 9

Segment 1: Jen wants JJ to tell her the truth about what's going on between him and Daniel. JJ doesn't want to talk about it. Jen does. JJ - It wasn't anything. It was just 'hey, how you doing?' Jen - No because you and Daniel don't 'hey, how you doing?' I thought we were past hiding things and covering up things, right? Or was that just talk? JJ - No, it's not just talk. Jen - Okay then tell me what is going on right now.

Theresa tells Dan she needs to know everything that happened the night he saved her life. Dan - Well what happened is luckily I found you in time and I was able to get you to the hospital. Theresa - Yeah, I know and I'm so appreciative of that and that is one really important thing that happened that night. But there's another one that I really need to know about.

Jordan gets a call from Rafe. He says 'Hey Boss.' Jordan - I'm not your boss. Rafe - I know you finally got some time off; some time to yourself so feel free to say no on this one. I would really like to see my niece. Jordan - I thought you were going to ask something hard. No problem. Rafe - Miss Ridgeway, you are the best. After the call Jordan opens the box with all the fake ID's inside and goes through them. I am Jordan Ridgeway and I'm not going to run. I'm not going to need these this time. Not this time!

Will and Sonny come home with Ari. They call out for Gabi but she's not there.

When they see the birdwatcher Kate & Sami recall dragging Nick's body to the river and then Gabi telling them she heard something. He joins them. Why did you all deceive me when we were down by the river the other night. Did you think I wouldn't find out what you did? Gabi - What are you talking about? What did you see? He smiles.

Dan doesn't get what she's asking. Theresa - I guess Dr. Jonas what I'm asking is what happened between us that night?

JJ - Don't freak out. I was talking to Daniel because I had to. Jen - Why? JJ - Because I know all this stuff between Daniel and Theresa really upset you. Jen - I wish that you hadn't ... JJ - Don't deny it. You know that it did. What you don't know is there's more to the story. There's a lot.

Birdwatcher - What do you mean, what did I see? Kate - Well you know I think what my friend here is referring to is the fact is the three of us were a little giddy that night. We'd been drinking a little too much wine. Sami laughs. Right, we were being so silly. She leans in to Gabi - But come on sweetheart, it's nothing to be embarrassed about. Gabi - You're right, I'm sorry. Sami - And believe me, we were making fools of ourselves. Birdwatcher - No, I think I'm the one you made a fool of and don't think for a second you pulled the wool over my eyes.

Segment 2: Sonny and Will determine that Gabi didn't leave a message or note. Sonny - She knew we both had things to do today. He starts sending a text - Was there a shopping crisis ... Will stops him. I don't want to upset her. Sonny - I don't want to either but I have a business to run and you should be writing. Will - Then you go run your business and I'll write here while Ari naps, problem solved. Sonny - Actually that 'I have a business to run' was me on my high horse. Everything's good, T has the club covered so why don't you write and I'll take care of Ari if she wakes up. Will - You really do always look out for me. Sonny - I'm quite wonderful and selfless. Will - Yes, you really are. You were ready to leave everything here and go to New York with me. Sonny - Actually I was ready to leave everything here to go with Ari. Oh, were you going to come to New York with us? Will - Yes. They laugh. Will - My mom was right. Sonny - That's highly unlikely. Will - When she told you I loved you because I really do. Sonny - That works out great because I love you too. They kiss.

Rafe and Jordan are in the hallway outside Sonny's apt. Jordan - It won't be long before we're moving you into your transitional apt. Rafe can't wait for a lot of reasons (he takes her hand). Jordan - It will be a significant milestone in your road to a full recovery.

Sonny and Will break the kiss when the doorbell rings. Will opens the door to Rafe and Jordan. Will - This is a surprise. Rafe - What! Gabi didn't tell you we were coming. Sonny - No, she didn't tell us anything. She's not here.

Kate - I don't know what you're getting at. We're willing to talk about anything you think you saw. Birdwatcher - It's what I didn't see that's the issue; the ? ? (Latin species name). Tsk, tsk. Indeed! Sami - What about it? Birdwatcher - I've seen all kinds of interesting creatures in the woods in my time but I've never seen one of those. So when you pulled that out of your hat I was intrigued so I went back, did my research, and found that the duck billed dinosaur's been extinct for quite some time now. You young lady were pulling my leg or did you actually find it. Kate - No, no, no. My friend here loves pulling practical jokes on people. Man - Oh, I love a good joke and you did have me fooled. So then exactly what were you lovely ladies doing down by the river that night? Kate - Okay then, I don't think we have any choice then but to tell him the truth. Sami nods.

Dan - You're asking if we ... Theresa - Had sex. No, not exactly. I know from my charts that we didn't actually do the deed but I guess what I'm asking is, were we headed in that direction? I mean it kind of looks like we were. That's what G is for, right? Dan - You do know that we didn't have any kind of relationship before that night. Theresa - Yeah except that time that I came on to you and you had no problem shooting me down. In fact you told me you weren't interested at all so now I'm really confused. I don't understand what changed between us that would make you come over to my place that night. He sees that she's near tears. Theresa - Oh god, I think I know.

Jen - I changed my mind. I don't want to talk about this. JJ - I know that you don't but I think we have to because I need you to understand the truth about what happened. Jen - Okay, what would that truth be? JJ - I want to talk to you about before Theresa got here; before we knew anything about her. Jen - I don't understand. JJ - I'm talking about when I first came home after getting kicked out of school. I was angry and I was upset not to mention a liar and a criminal and I did some things. Jen - Honey I know what you did. We put that all behind us. JJ - I'm talking about you and Daniel and what I did to the two of you.

Segment 3: Rafe is sitting on the couch holding Arianna. Will serves Jordan some tea. Will - I think we're all glad Gabi decided not to go to New York after all. Rafe - That's for sure! I told her I was cool with whatever she decided but I'm sure glad I don't have to say goodbye to her and to you, especially you ... he kisses Ari's head. Will - Something changed her mind; I have no idea what it is though. One minute she really wanted to go and the next minute she wanted to stay. Jordan - She probably realised what a drag it would be to be a highly paid model in the most exciting city in the world and she's be missing the Holiday Jumble sale coming up at the hospital. Rafe laughs - No doubt. Sonny comes back in the room. So where's Gabi? I'm sorry. Do you have to go? Will - No, we're fine. Rafe - If it's fine with Jordan I'd love to stay here with Arianna so ... Jordan - Oh yeah, that's fine by me. I don't have to be at the hospital until later. Will - Are you sure? Rafe is. The guys are happy. Will - Give me a call if Gabi doesn't show up and I'll be back in 5 minutes. Thanks. Will and Sonny leave. Rafe - Well it looks like it's just us. Me and you and my boss Jordan.

Sami - I'm sorry to say it's sort of embarrassing. Well it is for my friend - she touches Kate's arm. As hard as it to believe she has a boyfriend. Birdwatcher - Very lucky man! Sami - You would think but he doesn't. I mean we've been discovering over the last bit of time that he may be stepping out on her with a younger, more attractive woman. It's really sad. I mean I've been trying to tell you to stop being so desperate. Kate - Yeah, if only I had listened. Sami - I know, I know. Well anyway, we were following him. Man - Down by the river? You thought that he'd be sighted inflagrante delicto al fresco? Sami laughs - Aren't you funny? Sami - Well he's an outdoorsman so she thought that; she was obsessed with the idea that he had taken this young chitty out to one of those cute little cabins down by the river. The whole thing is so sad; I mean it's humiliating. It's almost like Sunset Boulevard ... Kate - Thank God I have my good friends to turn to. Anyway, unfortunately after you waylaid us ... Sami - Yeah, we lost sight of him. He slipped through our fingers. Birdwatcher - I'm sorry I disrupted your investigation. But I am going back down there tonight to see if I can catch another glimpse of the ? ? so if I see your roving lothario, I shall give him a piece of my mind! Of course, if I find a body, I'll know the three of you got to your victim first. Kate and Sami laugh; Gabi looks stoic. The guy comments - You seem to have a more delicate sensibility than your friends. Sami - Well we're in the process of corrupting her. Gabi reaches for her purse. I have a headache. Guy - What a lovely bag you have. I'm surprised you gave up your backpack. You seemed so attached to it the other night. Well it's been a pleasure seeing you again. Kate - Oh the pleasure was all ours. He leaves. Gabi - He knows. My God, he knows. They beat a hasty retreat.

Theresa has a good idea what he was doing there but he's too much of a gentleman to tell her. Dan - Tell you what? Theresa - That I lied or tricked your or did something awful to make you come over. Dan - I really don't think there's a lot to gain by going over the past. What you need to do; you just need to concentrate on the future. Theresa - I just want you to understand that I feel so guilty and I don't know what happened that night but it must have been pretty pathetic or desperate for me to call you to come over. I don't want to hear it. I don't think I could handle the gory details of my behaviour. As it stands right now I'm pretty ashamed of who I am. I'm not going to run away from my actions so yeah, I might not understand all the details of my OD or what made you come over that night but I do know it was all my fault. I just need you to understand that after what happened that night, after waking up in a hospital, I'm not that same person anymore.

Jen - I don't want to rehash all that. More than anything I want us to move forward and just put the past behind us. JJ - I don't think that we can put it behind us unless we talk about it. You told me before I came home that you were seeing a guy named Daniel Jonas and I didn't like it. But when I came home and actually saw the two of you together I freaked. Jen - I understand that but we've been through all of that. And if I had brought you home right after your father died none of that would have happened. JJ - But it wasn't your fault. It was mine. It doesn't matter when I got home; I would have acted the same way. Look how I acted at school. Jen - Right, because you were in another country and you were alone dealing with incredible grief. As I said if I had brought you here and you were surrounded by your family ... JJ - No, Mom, don't let me off the hook. I did every stupid thing that I could possibly think of to break up the two of you. I made you feel guilty Mom and I lied about Daniel to try and make him look like a bad guy. When that wasn't enough I issued an ultimatum, him or me. And if I hadn't have done that ... Jen - I'm so proud of you for being so honest with me right now but I don't know what you're trying to say. What's done is done. JJ - But it doesn't have to be. If I hadn't been such a jerk Daniel wouldn't have been with Theresa that night and he'd be here for you. So maybe it's not to late to try and fix things. Jen - So are you saying I should give Daniel another chance?

Segment 4: Will and Sonny are in the square. Sonny - I can't help but think that something else is going on with Gabi. She's just been out of it lately. Will - What do you mean exactly? Sonny - I'm not sure what I mean but she was at the club yesterday to meet Rafe and then Kate shows up and they start having this intense conversation. Will - Okay, did you hear what it was about? Sonny - No, that's because it's none of my business but ... Will - You're worried about her. Sonny - A little bit, yes. Will - So the constant bickering is just to pass the time. Sonny - Just because she irritates me doesn't mean that I don't care about her on some level. But all jokes aside, I'm telling you, something is going on with her.

Gabi, Sami and Kate stop outside the pub. Gabi - Okay, just wait. I feel like that guy really knows what we did. Sami - No, he doesn't. He doesn't know anything okay. If he knew something he wouldn't be bird watching, he'd be calling the police. Gabi - Okay then why did he keep asking about the backpack. Kate - He asked once because you were clutching it like you had the crown jewels in there. Gabi - No, only the murder weapon. Sami - Stop using that word. The only reason that he was upset is because he offered to carry it and you freaked out on him. Gabi - Because he knew what was in it. He wanted to know what was in it. Kate - Because he was acting old school nice okay. Gabi - Okay, I'm sorry. I'm just a little freaked out okay. I've been really nervous and panicked and scared. Sami - That's why we're here. We're going to go into the pub. It looks like no one else is in there. It's quiet so we can have a nice cup of team and you can calm down. Gabi - What time is it because I ... Sami - No, you're not leaving. We need to go and have a cup of tea. Honestly, whatever it is, it can wait. We can talk and you can listen. Gabi - Okay. She goes inside. Kate - I am going to calm her down if I have to kill her to do it!

Dan - It sounds like you had some kind of epiphany. Theresa - Oh yeah, overdosing can do that. I want to make amends especially with you. Dan - Really, you don't owe me anything. Theresa - No? I'm kind of on this side of the grass because of you. Dan - I can tell you're trying to change. I wish you the best; I do, sincerely. Theresa - So despite everything we're okay? Dan - We're okay but if I could have you do something for me. Could you find it in your heart to be kind to Jennifer. You don't have to be best friends, just steer clear of her. I think that would be best for everybody involved. Theresa - You still love her, don't you? Dan - Why would you ask me that?

JJ - I can't tell you what to do but considering everything that I've done maybe you just want to talk to the guy. Jen - Hon, this isn't about what you've done. JJ - But you were really happy with him; I know you were and I want to see you happy again. Jen - I'm happy that we're okay and I'm happy that you're owning up to the things that you did. But I don't want to talk with you about Daniel. JJ - You did break up with him. Jen - Okay, so he went for Theresa! Honey, you're a kid and you realised how poisonous and dangerous she is so Daniel goes for this vindictive, troubled girl? I'm telling you right now, he is not the man that I thought he was. But you know what, it worked out for the best. It really did and I need you to accept that. JJ - I guess I don't have much of a choice. Jen hugs him - Thank you.

Segment 5: Theresa - I am going to do my best to be good to Jennifer which translates to I'll stay away from JJ. Dan - That would be great. I've got to go. Theresa - I just wanted to say thanks for everything; for saving my life. I really do want to be a better person. Dan - I believe you do. Theresa - I know you've got to go but before you do I just want to let you know that I'm going to let my family know that you're nothing but a gentleman and that there's nothing going on between us. Dan - I appreciate that but ... Theresa - And I don't really have many friends here which I know you know and which is completely my fault and I'm sure that you'd love to stay away from me which you should. But if it gets really bad, I don't have anyone to talk to, do you think I could stop by for maybe 5 minutes. Dan - That would be fine but I've really got to go. I have to pick my son up. Theresa - He's a lucky kid to have a Dad like you. Dan - I'm the lucky one. Take care of yourself. He leaves.

JJ is sitting on a bench in the park when Rory walks up. So your mom let you off your leash. Got big plans for the day? Maybe a trip to the Malt Shoppe; go crazy and get two scoops of vanilla. JJ - I forgot how funny you were. Rory - It's great seeing you dude. I hope you don't pass out from shear goodness. JJ - Can I ask you a question? Rory - Am I holding? Am I ready to have some fun? JJ - When we were dealing and doing all that stuff, we took a lot of risks, didn't we? Rory - You, me, Lady GaGa, we're all on the edge. JJ - Sometimes it worked. Rory - Sometimes? Most of the time man. Are you thinking of getting the business back together because I'm totally down. JJ - No. I don't want to deal. It's just that I'm thinking about taking another type of risk. While it could come back and bite me, it's just something that I have to do. I'll see you around man. He leaves. Rory mutters - Great talking with you jerk!

Jordan - So how does an old single guy like you get so good with babies? Rafe - Well, as you know her name is Arianna Grace and Gabi and I, we had a sister named Arianna who we lost a couple of years ago. And Grace, well, when Sami and I were together she had a baby girl, Grace and we helped bring her up together. Jordan - I thought her name was Sydney. Rafe - That's a long story. The babies were switched. Even though she wasn't Sami's biologically we could not have loved her any more. She was the sweetest, cutest thing. She had this goofy smile ... Jordan - Had? Rafe - Yeah, had. She passed away. She was a little bit younger than Arianna is now. Jordan - How horrible. Rafe - Yeah she was sick. Now I try and think about the great times we had. We had a lot of them, Sami, me and all her kids. There wasn't a second she wasn't loved. Jordan - That happy family that you always hear about. Rafe - Yeah. I have to know where Gabi is. Can you hold her while I text her? Jordan takes Ari.

Gabi gets a text. Oh no. That's what I was forgetting! Rafe is coming over to the house so I ... Sami grabs Gabi's cell and replies. Sorry, I'm running late. Gabi - No, Sami, no! Sami - Yes. Kate - You are in no condition to see Rafe right now. Sami - He says he's fine. He says he's watching Ari for Will and he's glad to have time with her. You're in a wheelchair. He says that Jordan is with him; they're watching her together. Kate - Of course she is. Gabi - He's probably telling her how much I let him down by sleeping with Nick. Sami - Why would you tell your brother about that? Gabi snaps - I didn't. She did! Kate - Because you were about to confess that you killed Nick ... Sami - Okay can we all stop talking about that! And you ... you can not tell your brother. You understand how serious this is, right? Rafe can not just sweep something like this under the rug. He will have no choice but to send us all to prison.

Rafe has Ari again. Thank you so much for doing this for me. Jordan - And her. They talk about Ari. Rafe - Did you have any brothers or sisters? Jordan - I was an only child.

Gabi - He's not going to arrest us because he's never going to find out, right. You can make sure that he's never going to find out. Sami - Yes as long as you can keep your mouth shut. Can you do that? Gabi - I can. Kate - Good because if you can't all three of us are going to go to prison for the m word, do you understand that?

Segment 6: Rafe continues to play with Ari; he and Jordan banter about her being 'bossy-pants'. Jordan likes to think of herself as being a motivator. She likes to think of them as a team. Rafe - I like the sound of that. Jordan - Your uncle is incorrigible. Rafe - Oh God here it comes. I consider myself your physical therapist and that's why we can't be close friends. It's all good. I respect that. Which is why as soon as I get my new apt. you're fired.

Will - I get why you think something might be wrong with Gabi but Rafe doesn't seem concerned. If something were going on with her I'd think he would know. Sonny - You're probably right. Will is going to head to the library. They kiss and part ways. Sonny - I sure hope you're right about Gabi.

Gabi - I think this would be a lot easier if I didn't keep having these nightmares about Nick showing up and tormenting me. Sami - I understand. They must be terrifying. I keep imagining him grabbing on to me, pulling me underwater. Kate - Great. Let's go over all the fun details all over again Sami. Sami - The point is I think it's our subconscious' way of reminding us what a horrible, evil human being Nick Fallon was and he totally got what he deserved. Will walks up outside the pub and peers through the window and sees Gabi with his mom and grandmother. What the hell!

Dan and Parker are in the square. Dan is telling him who they have presents for. All that's left is who? Parker - Jennifer. Parker sees Jen and goes running to her and gives her a big hug. Jen says hi.

Theresa opens her door and sees JJ. She starts to close it but he stops her. Theresa - I told you I can't be around you. JJ - I promise you this will be the last time I ever bother you but I'm not leaving until you know the truth and until I try to make things right. Theresa - What are you talking about? JJ - I'm talking about the night you almost died.

Segment 7: Jordan is by the bassinette. She went to sleep just like that. That is a sweet baby. Rafe - I'm so sorry my sister is late. Jordan - It's fine. I have time besides it's nice to see this side of you. Rafe - The babies turn me to mush side? Jordan - Does that mean you want to have kids of your own someday? I'm sorry that was way too personal. Rafe - No, it's cool. It's a perfectly valid question and the answer is yes, someday I do want kids.

Gabi - You're right. I was just defending myself when ... Sami - Exactly. You had to. You had to hit him to stop him from raping you. Gabi - Okay but maybe if I had just called the police or an ambulance earlier ... Kate - It wouldn't have made any difference. This is Nick Fallon that we're talking about. Do you think he would have said 'Oh yes she hit me on the head with a rock, no big deal.' No, he would have found a way to torture you. Gabi - Yeah, he would have. Sami - That is why it is so important that you don't tell anyone about this. No one can ever know. Will walks up - So, what is going on here?

Jen - You look like you've been Christmas shopping. Dan - For Mom, yeah. He's going to go and see her for Christmas. Jen tells Parker that is amazing. Jen wishes them Merry Christmas. She starts to leave but stops. I'm sorry to intrude but there's something that I need to know; something that only you can tell me.

Theresa signals for JJ to come inside. She closes the door. JJ - I know that you don't remember that night. Theresa - Yeah, I don't and I don't want to either. JJ - I get it but there's something you need to know. Theresa - I'm really not in the mood to talk about ... JJ - Just hear me out okay. Daniel wasn't the one that was with you that night, at least not until you OD'd. The guy that you were partying with and the one you overdosed with was me. Theresa laughs.


Tuesday Dec 10

Segment 1: Rafe - I always thought I'd have kids; it just never happened. Jordan - You didn't meet the right woman? Rafe - I thought I did when I was with Sami but well, she already had a family. Jordan - I met her son, didn't I, Will? Rafe - Right. Good kid. All the kids were great. I loved them. I miss them but it's not like having your own family. Jordan - Yeah, I guess not. Rafe - So what about you; you ever think about being a mom?

Gabi asks Will what he's doing here. Will reminds her that his family owns the pub. So what's the big secret? Kate calls him a chip off the block for eavesdropping. Will says he didn't hear anything. Kate - Actually we've been pumping Gabi for information about the baby. Sami - Exactly. We don't get nearly enough time with Arianna. Satisfied? Will - I would be if I believed a word of that.

EJ is working from home talking on the phone. Samantha was supposed to take care of that this morning. She didn't. No, I'm sure it just slipped her mind. I'll take care of it. He says Come in when someone knocks on the closed doors to the living room. It's Abigail. EJ thanks her for coming. Abby - Did you think that I wouldn't? EJ - I wasn't sure. Abby - Do you think I'd ignore a summons from the guy who calls himself a bad man? EJ chuckles.

Jen tells Dan it's about JJ. Dan expected it to be about Maggie. I heard that you offered to let her stay at your place until she and Victor got back together. Jen - I guess that's something we should discuss but I stopped you because JJ and I had a talk today about you.

When Theresa laughs after JJ tells her the truth about her OD he asks if she thinks this is funny. Theresa - No. It's just you, your face; you look so serious, like you're giving me this major newsflash when I already know. JJ - What! Theresa - Oh JJ, sweetie, I've always known. I remember everything that happened that night. Every single minute. JJ - You told me and everybody else that you didn't remember a thing. Theresa - What else was I going to do? Lay it all out for my parents and Aunt Hope, the cop. JJ - But not me! Theresa - I was going to tell you eventually. We might as well lay this all out on the table. It will actually be good to talk about this crap with someone. Sit down. I just opened a bottle of wine, do you want a glass? JJ - Wine, is that okay? Theresa - I am over 21. JJ - I thought you were in some type of program. Theresa - Oh please. JJ - I thought ... Theresa - OMG JJ! I'm going to have to back this up and start from day one, aren't I?

Dan picks up Parker and tells Jen he really doesn't have time right now; Parker is tuckered out from Xmas shopping. Jen - Of course. I forgot it was his bedtime. Dan - I can call you later. Joanne walks up and offers to take Parker to see a puppy at the bookstore. Parker goes with her. Jen - I guess we do have a minute to talk about JJ and you.

Hope and Ciara are sitting on the chairs near the nurse's station. Hope tells Ciara that Theo should be out of therapy soon. What do you think about the three of us having some hot chocolate before we head home? Ciara - Yeah! Theo likes whipped cream on his. Hope - Honey, he can have it any way he wants. His Dad says he's really missing his Uncle Cameron and his Uncle Chad. Ciara - I know but at least he still has his Daddy.

Kate - I guess we're going to have it to give it up because he is on to us. Sami - Kate, you can tell him what we were talking about. Kate - Gabi's future actually. Will - You mean after she gave up the modelling job in New York. You ladies are advising Gabi about life together? Kate - Yes we are and I know it seems a bit unusual but your mother and I are talking about having Gabi model for us. Will - Really? Where? In your living rooms? Kate - No, for the business. Sami - Exactly. I realise it's a bold move but I don't see why one model can't represent two rival companies. Gabi - No, I'm not going to model for anybody. I don't want to talk about modelling.

Segment 2: Will - I don't get it. The two of you have never teamed up on anything before and you suddenly don't even want to talk about modelling. You were just ready to move to New York to be a model. Gabi - That was before ... Kate - Before we talked to you about leaving town with Arianna. You know what it means to us and I know it was a painful decision for you; maybe you need a little more time. Kate turns to Sami - See, I told you it was too soon. Sami - And you were right for once. Kate - Honey, look, the doors will always be open, alright? Gabi - I know, thank you. Sami - I hope you're still going to show us the photos of Arianna. You said you had some on your phone. Gabi - What? Oh yeah. Will - Great! Sami - Will, you were there. We're the ones that want to see these pictures. Will - So get lost I guess, right? He gets up and tells them to not get in any trouble. He leaves. Gabi - Trouble! If he only knew. Sami - Smile. It's very important that you smile. Will watches from outside as they smile and gesture at the pictures.

Rafe wonders if his question was too personal. Jordan - No, it's just that I'm not sure I'd make a great mother. Rafe - I've seen you with kids. I've seen you with Theo and Arianna; you were a natural. Not to mention the fact that you said that you really enjoy it when you get the chance to work with kids in your practice. Jordan - I know what I'm doing in that situation but being with a child 24 hrs. a day; I don't know if I'm up for that. Rafe - That is a good point but I will say that kids are very forgiving with a rookie and I know this because of Sami's kids. Jordan - You know I'd really rather talk about you. Rafe - Come on, you already know everything about me. Jordan - How are you feeling about moving in to the transitional living space that Kayla found. Rafe - You're not going to let it go, are you? I'm actually kind of nervous about it but I'm very excited. Jordan - Good. Rafe - I guess my future is in your hands now.

EJ pulls out a box from the desk drawer and hands it over. While you're here I'll give you this. Abby - You got me a present. EJ - It's from Chad. She open's it. It's the Angel's wing. I didn't know if I'd ever see this again. EJ - Chad asked me to tell you that he was sorry he couldn't give it to you before he left. Abby - It's okay; he was in the hospital. EJ - It seems like it means a lot to you. Abby - It does. My Dad gave it to me when I was a little girl. He said that if I held it, it would take care of me. So whenever I got scared I would just hold it in my hand and it made me feel safer, better. I gave it to Chad when he got shot. EJ - That would explain why he was so anxious to get it back to you. May I? Abby - Yes. She hands it over to him. EJ - It's one of Raphael's angel's wings, isn't it? The baby angels from the painting of the dawn. Abby - I have no idea. My Dad never explained it to me. EJ - Well maybe this was your father's way of saying that you will always be his little angel. Abby - How did you know he called me that? EJ - I read the book. Abby - You read my father's book?

Hope - I know how much you miss your Daddy honey. Ciara - I made a wish that he'd come home for Christmas. Hope - I'm sorry. A nurse brings Theo over. Ciara asks Theo if he wants to go for some hot chocolate. Theo - Yeah! Ciara - We love hot chocolate. Hope - I know you do. Let's go. Theo tells Ciara he has a surprise for her. Ciara - Really? Hope - Theo, you're a very sweet guy. Come on kids.

Jen - I think JJ is realising that he needs to change his ways before his sentence hearing and one of the ways he's doing that is by being completely honest with me. So he told me everything that he did to come between us, the lies, the vandalism, all of it. Some of it I knew and some of it I suspected but it was really an emotional conversation for us. He feels horrible for everything he did and he is taking responsibility for it so I'm really proud of him for that. Dan - Great. Jen - But ultimately what happened between us, that wasn't JJ's fault, was it?

Theresa - I can tell by the way you're looking at me that you think I'm making this up. JJ - I was here Theresa. You didn't have a clue what happened. I don't get why you're saying you remember it all; nobody's that good of an actress. Theresa - So if I start describing how you came over and we got high, I'd just be making that up? JJ - Well you're safe there because most of the times we were together at least one of us was high. Theresa - So if I said you were really upset and I had to get rid of Hope so she wouldn't know you were here and then we did stuff we've never done before like start making out and it got hotter and hotter because we both wanted to for so long; well, I guess I'd just be making that up, right? And if I remember you getting on top of me, that would be a fantasy, right? And me saying that I know a way to get so much hotter but you got scared and only took a little sip of the G, just a taste. JJ - You do remember. Theresa - Yeah. You might want to rethink that comment about not being that good of an actress.

Segment 3: EJ - You know, I didn't have any intention of reading your father's book but Chad kept talking me into it so I thought I'd read a few pages just to shut him up. I picked it up and I could not put it down. Abby - Really? EJ - He was a very complicated man, your father. Abby - Yes, he was. EJ - And you know underneath all of the funny stories, the tales of adventure, I sensed a great loneliness in him and yet still he had this need to keep on travelling alone. Abby - You got that. Most people don't. I really miss him. EJ hands back the Angel's wing. Abby - Thank you. EJ - Don't thank me; I'm just the messenger. Abby - If you say so but this whole bad man thing, you don't quite pull it off. She gathers her things and leaves.

Sami - Gabi, you have got to get it together. Gabi - I do have it together. I'm going to go home now. Kate - Your brother is there. Are you together enough to see him? Gabi - Yes, I am. Sami - You're sure because you know how Rafe is. If he thinks you're upset he's not going to stop until he finds out what's bothering you. Gabi - Look, when I'm home with my baby I'm fine. I'm just not okay when I'm with the two of you. Sami - Well that means you have a problem because we are going to be talking a lot. We are in this together. Kate - Whether you like it or not. Gabi - I don't want to talk anymore, okay. Tomorrow I don't have class, we can talk then.

Jordan - Your future isn't in my hands, Rafe. I'm a physical therapist ... Rafe - And that's it, yeah, I know. I get it. It's just that Kayla said you're the one that makes the decision whether I stay in the hospital or move into my new transitional living space. That's the future I was talking about. Jordan - Okay, I'm really embarrassed now. Rafe laughs. So, when do I get to make that happen. And before you answer I do want you to think because I know you don't do outpatient therapy and this could potentially be the last decision you make for this patient because once I'm on my own all bets are off.

Kate and Sami are outside the pub. Kate asks Sami if she's found that missing earring yet. Sami hasn't. I'm retracing my steps. Kate - You need to find it because if it's down by the river's edge we both have a problem.

Ciara and Theo are at a table in the Club. Theo hands over Sami's earring. It's for you. It's our secret. Ciara - Okay. She holds it up to her ear - How do I look?

Jen - When I found out JJ was doing drugs I feel like all I could see was him. Dan - I understand. Jen - And I knew that I was going to have to make choices and those choices would just cut right through the heart of what he had. But I knew that my son's survival was more important than my own happiness. And I realise now that JJ was forcing me to make those choices but he was working out his anger at me through you. And I'm telling you if I had known that I would have done things differently.

JJ - So you know that Daniel was here ... Theresa - Only because you called him in a panic. Well I was unconscious at that point but why else would he be here. JJ - If you've known that this whole time then why lie? What did it get you? Theresa - It got me a chance to stay here in Salem. It kept me out of jail. JJ - How? Theresa - Because I did stupid, risky things. I almost died. I knew that if I answered all the questions about what happened that night my parents would put me on a plane back to LA and I'd have to face the music. Saying that I couldn't remember helped me convince them and the rest of my family that (she pretends to cry) I had a wake-up call. That I got it. It made them trust me that I could put my life back together in Salem. And it worked. JJ - It sure did. Your parents went home, you've still got your job at the hospital and you're sitting here drinking wine like it's all funny. Theresa - What are you getting at? JJ - People think that Daniel was here to hook up with you; the hospital thinks that, my mom thinks that. You have to tell the truth and not just to me.

Segment 4: Dan - Are you saying what I think you're saying? Jen - I'm just saying that if I hadn't made the decisions I made, our lives would be so different right now. Dan - Yeah, we'd be together. Jen - But I don't think that's a good thing, not anymore Daniel. Dan - Why? What happened? Jen - What happened? Theresa happened. Listen it's not because you were with someone else; I had no claim on you then. It's who you were with! You made choices too and that choice was so vindictive and so hateful. I never knew that side of you existed! And I am going to miss what we had but you know what, I will let it all go so I never have to see that side of you again. So maybe in the end I did make the right choice. And as crazy as this sounds maybe I owe Theresa a thank you.

Theresa - Do you know what you're saying? If I admit that I know what happened that night I'd have to say that you were here doing drugs with me. Don't you have a sentencing hearing coming up? JJ - I'm not asking you to make some big public announcement, just tell my Mom. Theresa - Are you serious! JJ - My mom thinks that Daniel was here the whole night. He can't tell her the truth. Theresa - Because he's covering for you. I don't give a damn one way or the other about your mother. She's not going to find out anything from me and she sure as hell isn't going to find out anything from you.

Jordan - Would you want to be in the new place by Christmas? Rafe - I would like that a whole lot. Jordan - Well then why don't you make the move tomorrow. Rafe - Really! Jordan - Yes and I already talked to a guy, Pete Clark, about coming in as your therapist and he's very good. Rafe - I was kind of getting used to having a woman therapist. I am a very liberated guy. I was thinking that even though technically that you'd be moving on maybe there's a way that you could still stay on the case. They're about to kiss when Ari cries. Jordan goes to get her.

Hope greets Will at the club and asks him how Arianna is. Abby walks up and sees the kids. Oooh, it looks like a big night out. Hope - A little pre-Christmas celebration. Abby - Do you know if Nick got off alright. Hope - Yes, that's what I hear. I got a text. Abby - Wow, Christmas season in New York; it must be amazing. Will - What? Nick's in New York?

Sami stomps into the living room of D mansion muttering - That stupid earring has to be here. She checks the sofa. EJ comes into the room and asks her if she's looking for something.

Segment 5: Sami tells him Piggy is missing. Sydney loves that thing. EJ - She must; you're tearing up the couch looking for it. Sami - I'm just trying to be a good mother. Is that a felony here? EJ - So this is why you're MIA from work today? Sami - I was hardly missing in action. EJ - You told me you were going to work. Sales was expecting your reaction to the presentation on email marketing this morning. Sami - Are you trying to start a fight with me? EJ - You wanted more responsibility and I gave it to you. Sami - Xmas is coming up and I have been thinking about the kids and wanting to get that under control. Four children to shop for and one grandchild. EJ - I see. Where exactly are the bags from this excursion, is that what you're looking for. Sami - No. EJ - You and I are doing this right now. You've denied me access to your secrets and your body for long enough and I'm sick of it.

Gabi is home carrying Ari around. She asks Rafe and Jordan if they want something to eat. Rafe - No, you relax. Besides you look kind of tired. Gabi - Yeah, I didn't sleep well last night. Jordan - We should probably get back to the hospital anyway. Rafe - We'll see you around, okay. BTW, it's almost Christmas, how come you don't have a tree. Gabi - We haven't thought about that. Rafe - Why don't you tell Will and Sonny to get off their butts and get a tree. This is going to be one special Christmas. Gabi - Okay. Goodbye. Gabi tells Ari that she needs a quiet night alone with her.

Hope asks Will if she can talk to him. They go near the bar. Hope - I know that you'll never really get past what Nick tried to do. Will - You mean try to steal my kid, yeah even though all the other Horton's are okay with it I don't think I'm going to be able to get over it. Hope - Maybe coming back to Salem, all the memories, was a mistake for him. But hopefully a big city is just what he needs. Will - Hopefully. It's got to be hard though. I mean, all those people and he doesn't know a soul. Hope - Actually he wasn't worried about that part, not at all. Will - No kidding. I have to go because I have the night shift with Ari. He kisses her cheek. I'll see you.

Jen - After I told you what JJ told me maybe this isn't the conversation you thought we'd be having. Dan - It wasn't really a conversation. I listened and you explained how you still think I'm vindictive and hateful. Jen - You're entitled to a response. Dan - Yes I am. Do you want to hear it? Jen - No I don't because you're actions are speaking really loudly. But you know what you listened to me so yeah, say something. Say whatever it is you need to say.

JJ - Just listen, that wake-up call that you said that you had, I had the same one. I went home and straightened things out with my mom and I thought that you could too. Theresa - Are you kidding? JJ - You're the one making all the trouble. What did she ever do to you! Theresa - She judged everything I ever did. She expected me to sit there like some pretty little convent girl. JJ - Are you talking about my Mom or yours. Theresa - When my parents were here they decided to ask for Jennifer's permission on whether or not I got to stay in Salem. I had to beg for her forgiveness because I was such a wicked girl. She knew that I almost died; she didn't even care. She looked at me like I was dirt. I don't know how you stand her. Your mother just loves thinking the worst of people and now she thinks the worst of Dr. Dan and I couldn't be happier. I hope that it's eating her up inside thinking about him doing it with the person she hates most in the world. She puts her arms around JJ's neck. I love it and I hope it never ends. JJ pulls her hands away. Well it's going to end right now.

Segment 6: Hope is with Abby at the bar now. So are you really okay about Chad? Abby - Yeah, definitely. I think I'm finally realising that I don't need man in order to be happy. Hope - No you don't. That's a good thing to know because sometimes you just don't have a choice in the matter. Ciara tells Theo it's a good thing she has her ears pierced. Theo - Now you have a new earring. Ciara - I love it. She puts it in her backpack.

EJ - You walk in here the night before last looking like a wreck. You've been on edge ever since. And Mad World's computer crashes and I hear Kate berating herself for having listened to you and now you turn the house upside down looking for something. You know I spoke to William. Sami - Oh now you're using my own son to spy on me. EJ - So Gabi's moving to New York with your granddaughter and you don't think to tell me. Sami - No, it's not happening but I can't believe you're going to stand there and yell at me about keeping something about my family from you. Do you realise how hilarious that is! EJ - Something is going on and it's more than you're letting on. Just please talk to me.

Dan - I have nothing to say. You pretty much said it all. Jen - Okay, that's fine. Then I guess we're done here. Tell Nicole I said hello. I know she's ... Dan - She just needed some place to stay. Jen - You don't owe me an explanation. I don't care who you're with. I don't care what you do. I just don't. I don't care. Dan - That's good to know.

JJ - If you're not going to tell my mom the truth then I am. I've kept my mouth shut long enough and I'm sick of it. Theresa - You sure you want to do that. JJ - I hate having to tell her what I did but maybe it's not too late for her and Daniel. Theresa - You're not worried about it getting back to the judge. JJ - I'm not worried about my mom turning me in, so no, I'm not. Theresa - I think you should be.

Segment 7: Jordan asks a nurse if Kayla Brady wrote the discharge order for Rafe Hernandez. Nurse - Not yet but she ordered the meds for him to take with him when he goes. Jordan - I'm going to see him so I'll drop them off.

Rafe is back in his hospital room. He tells Kate that he just found out that he's getting out of the hospital tomorrow. Kate - Wow, that is great. Rafe - I'm moving in to what they call a transitional apt. It's got things in there to keep me safe while I get my strength back, bars and what not. Jordan is in the doorway. I just wanted to say that getting out of here seems like the end of a really bad time. Kate - I'm sure it does. Rafe - And I want it to be the end of a bad time for both of us. Kate - Okay so what does that mean? Rafe - I'm getting back on my feet again so you don't have to feel guilty anymore. You don't have to come around here; you can have your life back. Kate - Ahh!

Sami - You don't like the way we're living well neither do I. We're just going to have to get used to it. EJ - I'm not living like this anymore. Sami - You don't have a choice. We're living like this because you didn't tell me what was going on with Kristen and Eric. EJ - I didn't tell you because I was afraid of what you would have actually done had you known. Sami - I can't believe we've had all this time and you still can't come up with something better than that. She tells him to get out of her way as she shoves past him but he grabs her and kisses her.

Will returns home. Gabi tells him she just got Arianna to bed. What's wrong? Will - We need to talk. Gabi - Okay, about what? Will - Nick.

Dan and Parker are sitting at a table in the square. Dan asks him what's in the bag. Parker - A present. Dan - Who's it for? Parker - You. Dan - I already have the best present in the world. You know what it is. It's you buddy.

Jen is at home and sees boxes of Christmas decorations on the coffee table. She pulls out mistletoe - cue flashback. Just let it go. Let it go.

JJ - What should I be worried about? You? You say I'm lying and it's my word against yours and everybody knows that you'll say anything to get your hands on drugs. I'm telling my Mom everything. Theresa pulls out her cell and shows him something on it. I wouldn't do that if I were you.


Wednesday Dec 11

Segment 1: Repeat of Sami and EJ and their proclivity for violence.

Gabi - Why would I spend even a minute thinking about Nick? Will - I know Gabi. I know what happened. Cue flashback of the rock incident. Will - I also know it's not your fault.

Kate to Rafe - You think I feel guilty?

Sami says no but that doesn't deter EJ; he just keeps on taking what he wants. Sami finally pushes away from him and tells him to stop it. It's not going to work; not this time.

Abby comes into the living room and sees her mom with the decorations. Alright! It's about time we made this house look like Christmas. Is everything alright Mom? Jen - Yeah. I'm just not sure where JJ is. We should wait until he gets here.

JJ looks at Theresa's phone. It has a video of him smoking pot. Theresa - So much for he said / she said. Looks like she's got the goods on you.

Will - You must be freaked out. Gabi - Of course I am. Will - I get it. I understand. Gabi - How can you understand if I can't even explain ... Will - You don't have to explain anything. It was Nick. You didn't have any choice in the matter. Gabi - I didn't. I can't believe you're being so good about this. I've been carrying this around for so long and I feel like it's been about to explode and I just didn't know how to ... Will - It's okay. I'm so sorry. I wish you would have just told me. Gabi - I didn't know how. I didn't think that you were going to believe me or anyone ... Will - I despise the guy. I've had a bad feeling about him for weeks. Of course I believe you. Gabi - He pushed and pushed and I really didn't know how to stop. I've had really bad nightmares. Will - It's okay. It's all good now. He can't bother you anymore, can he? Gabi - You're right. Will - Good riddance! Stay in New York is what I say.

JJ - What is wrong with you! Theresa - Nothing. I am not in any way, shape or form wrong. JJ - You faked having no memory of that night. Theresa - It got me out of jail, thank you. I got to stay here in Salem. It's basic survival 101. The fact that it made your mom crazy; well that's just a bonus. JJ - Like hell, I'm blowing the whistle. Theresa - No you're not. You saw that video. I've got you kid and your memory of that night is about to get a lot worse than mine.

Segment 2: Abby tells Jen that she ran into Hope on her way home. She told me what happened when Shane and Kimberly came home to deal with Theresa. Is it true, did they really say they would turn Theresa in if you didn't sign off on her staying in Salem. Jen - More or less. Abby - You had an opportunity to get rid of Theresa Donovan for good and you didn't take it ... why?

Theresa - She has nothing to do with my life yet somehow my parents decided that she should decide my fate. You know your mother is so smug. She looked at me like I was lint on her shirt. She has no idea who I am and she has no rights ... JJ - Hold on, back up. My Mom didn't send you to California. She gave you a break. Theresa - It wasn't hers to give. OMG, don't you get that! Do you have any idea how hard it was to grovel to her. I swear there was this moment where I thought screw it, I'd rather rot in prison than let that bitch sit over me in judgement ... JJ - Don't call her a bitch. Theresa - If she has to suffer because of Dr. Dan so be it. She has to walk in on me and Daniel together ... her head will explode.

Rafe - You told me you felt guilty about this. In fact you said you were the reason that Stefano found out about it. Kate - No I said that I felt responsible for what happened to you in the hospital. Jordan sees Kayla at the nurse's station and goes to her. Rafe - Oh, okay, responsible then. Let it go. I'm going to be okay. I'm getting the hell out of this hospital. I remember when you broke things off with me. You said you felt things were getting a bit too serious; you felt stifled. I'm sure that me being in here wasn't a relief from that. You got what you wanted okay. You're free and I'm sure your business needs you. Kate - Just so you know I managed all my work commitments. Rafe - Of course, I'm sure you did. Think of all the time you could have spent with Arianna when you were here wasting time with me. Kate - Wow, I never thought of it as a waste of time being here. Rafe - If I was a distraction before, this must have been way worse. You're an independent woman; you need that. You're free now.

Gabi - New York? Will - Yeah. That's the real reason you decided not to go; not my mom's big pitch. Gabi - The real reason? Will - Yeah, of course. You found out Nick was going to be in New York too. I mean, that's a fate worse than death, right?

EJ - Tell me what is going on? Sami - There's nothing going on? EJ points his finger in her face - Stop avoiding the question. Something is going on. Sami - I don't want to tell you what it is okay, so deal. EJ mutters then says Stop ... Sami - Are you upset? Is it unfair? Is it unbearable that I don't want to share something with you? How did that happen do you think? EJ - We can't go back there as if it could have been different. There is nothing that I could have done that would have changed what happened in that church. Sami - You hid something huge from me and you are still hiding something from me and I have to stand here and take it! I just move on? EJ - I'm not hiding anything. I'm right here. Sami - Angry at me for keeping one little thing from you. EJ - I don't know what it is but I guarantee you it's not one thing and it's not little. God knows what you've done but I can't protect you unless you tell me. Sami - I don't need you to protect me! I don't need you to stand here and act like you don't ... EJ - You don't need me, is that what you're saying. You don't need me. Sami - That's not what I said. EJ pouts - Really, because you kicked me out of your bedroom.

Segment 3: Sami snaps - That is what you are angry about! The sex! You're not getting any. EJ - That's not what I said. Sami - Well EJ, let's just do it right now so we can get you satisfied. EJ - That's the way you're going to go with this, is it? Sami - Yeah. There's parts of this room we haven't christened yet. We can start with the piano. You can throw me across the keyboard. EJ - Would you shut up you insufferable little brat. Sami starts unbuttoning her blouse. That's the way you like it. That's what gets you hot ... is when you're angry with me. EJ - No sweetheart, that would be you. Her blouse goes flying past his head. What are you doing? For pity sakes Samantha ... Sami - Let's just do it right now. EJ grabs her hands to stop her from disrobing further. Stop. Enough. You are embarrassing yourself. Sami - Why? I don't understand. One minute ago you wanted to have sex with me against the wall and now because I'm being honest with you ... yada, yada, yada. I just want to do what you want. I just want to be a good little ... EJ - Good little what? What do you want to me be? My lover? My fiancée? What? Sami - I am the woman who knows you best EJ. I am the one who calls you on your bull. EJ - That's you not answering my question, that's what that is. Sami - I know that you are just angry at me because I am busting you and you can't get it in gear without admitting I'm right. EJ goes in for the kiss and she slaps him. NO! No way in hell!

Gabi - I'm sorry I didn't say anything earlier. Will - Why didn't you? Gabi - I was embarrassed. Will - Embarrassed! It wasn't anything that you did. You broke up with him. He shouldn't have been following you to New York. Gabi - That wasn't all of it. He was the one that set up the whole thing. Will - Set up what? Gabi - He was the one that set up the meeting with Sparkle Agency. He pitched me as a model. He said that my story ... I mean he basically orchestrated the whole offer. Will - Wow. Gabi - When I found out I just ... Will - What? You bailed obviously. Gabi - No, I knew I wasn't going to move to New York after I spoke to Sami. But when I found out I ... Will - You confronted him? Gabi - Yeah, I had to. He had this whole fantasy that he and I would get together. I tried to make him understand that that was never going to happen but he just kind of went nuts. I was trying to calm him down but he was so angry. Will - It's a good thing I wasn't there because I don't know what I would have done. Let's just hope that he never shows his face here again. Gabi - I don't think he will.

Rafe - Hold on, I'm just saying that when you broke it off before you said we hadn't been friends before but we are now ... so we still are, aren't we. We're cool. Kate - Of course we are. Rafe - I'm just checking ... if I don't hear from you it's because now you're taking care of all things you couldn't because you were taking care of me ... I shouldn't be offended personally. Kate - No. We're fine. Kayla knocks on his door. Sorry. She goes to Rafe. So you're on the move tomorrow afternoon. Rafe can't wait. Kayla - I bet. I know that Jordan has spoken with you and you know that we've reassigned her and that your PT sessions will now be with Pete Clark if you're okay with that. Rafe - That's perfect. Kate - I'm going to get going. I know you two have things you need to talk about. Rafe - This will just take a minute. Kate - No, really, it's fine. We're done. Kate sees Jordan get on the elevator.

Jen - I didn't want to push Shane and Kimberly. They had to make a decision that they could live with. Abby - Isn't that like basically saying it's okay for her to stay. Jen - If she went to California she would be put in jail and despite all the problems she caused, I really don't want to be responsible for that. Abby - But Theresa got herself in trouble. Jen - But she couldn't get herself out of it in jail and believe me, she said all the right things about changing. Abby - Seriously Mom, you believed that? Jen - I really don't care because if Theresa wants to get in trouble again she can set her sights on someone else and leave my family alone.

JJ - I'm out of here. Theresa - Not so fast. JJ - If I stay here one more minute I will hurl. Theresa - Then listen closely and we'll get this done quicker. She holds her cell phone. Do you know what this is JJ? This is all the cards, all the cards and I've got them. So if you want me to stay quiet you're going to have to pay. JJ - You're blackmailing me. Theresa - First I'm going to need you to get me some primo weed. JJ - I can't do that. Theresa - Are you afraid I won't be able to pay? JJ - That's not the problem. Theresa - Because you're right, I won't, you will. Figure it out. JJ - You OD'd Theresa. If you want to die, jump off a bridge, it's much easier. Theresa - I'm not going to be dying anytime soon but if you go all rebel on me, if you don't do what I tell you to do, it's your life you're going to have to worry about, not mine.

Segment 4: Will - So how do you feel right now; kind of like you dodged a bullet. Gabi - Definitely. Will - We all are really glad that you're staying. Gabi - Me too. Will - And I think you should reconsider modelling. Gabi - No. Will - Why Not? It will be great. I saw you guys at the pub all huddling ... Gabi - That wasn't about modelling. Will - Then what was it about? Gabi - Just girl stuff; a secret. Gabi - I could use some air. Will offers to put Ari in the stroller. Gabi would like to go alone. I just want to clear my head from all this Nick stuff. I should be back before she wakes up. Thank you.

Theresa - And my other request. I need you to keep track of your Mom and Dr. Dan just in case. JJ - They're both miserable and alone thanks to you. Theresa - No, thanks to you. You're the reason Dan's gone all martyr on us. And look at you, the guy I thought was immune to guilt trips ... whoa! It really sucks right. The good doctor even after all the crap you put him through hanging himself on a cross to keep you out of prison. Normally I wouldn't feed your guilt but wow ... right, I'm ... JJ goes to the door. Theresa - Did I say we were done. JJ - I did. I'm not doing any of this. Theresa - Yes you are. You will.

Gabi sits on the park bench near the gates to the square. She falls to the ground when she sees Nick walking towards her.

EJ - Why are you doing this; you want to torture me? Sami - I'm torturing you? He screams - That is exactly what you're doing. Sami - You are the one that put this in motion. EJ - I am the one who put up with all of your dithering for a year when you couldn't decide where you wanted to be. I'm the man who came to you with nothing but love and only for you. I'm the man who asked you to marry me; who moved heaven and earth for you. Who threw away everything that he had so you wouldn't have to spend the rest of your life in prison. And all you've done since then is move away. Sami - That is not true. I want us to be together. If only ... EJ - If only what? If things were different? Guess what, I'd like things to be different too but life happened. You know what the difference is between me and you, I didn't blink. Sami - That is so unfair. EJ starts throwing their past in her face. Sami - This is my fault? It's okay for you to lie to me about Kristen and Eric because ... EJ throws something across the room and screams another lie to her at the top of his lungs - I did not lie. I will get that tattooed across my forehead. I found out one hour before that wedding that they slept together. One hour. Kristen regretted it. I'm sure your brother regretted it. I chose not to ruin everybody's lives. If I'd known that a video existed and it was going to played in that church, you don't think I would have stopped it. Sami - What are you still hiding from me! Tell me right now. Did you know that Kristen drugged Eric? Do you know where she is now? What are you hiding from me! EJ - There is nothing I can say to you that will satisfy you. Sami - Because you are still lying! EJ - If that's what you think why are you still here? Sami - You want me to go? EJ - I don't want any of this but if you don't love me you get out.

Segment 5: Gabi cowers in the shrubbery as Nick reaches for her. T - Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you. Gabi throws her arms around him. I'm so glad that it's you.

Sonny returns home and kisses Will. He asks where the ladies are. Will - Ari is getting her beauty sleep and Gabi allegedly went out to get some air. Something's going on. I found her at the pub with Mom and Kate and they were all huddled together. Sonny - Okay, that's wrong. Will - When I went up to talk to them they just clammed up and when I leave, they just start laughing. Sonny - So you think it's about you. Will - Then I got to thinking. I know. So you don't have to keep up the charade anymore. Sonny - You think I'm involved? Will - Probably not, they know you'd spill. Sonny - Spill what? Will - I think they're planning a surprise party for me.

Kate confronts Jordan in the square. Good job. You really worked that perfectly. Jordan - I have no clue what you're talking about. Kate - Well you laid the groundwork, you built the trust and then you bided your time, you even worked some angles; now it's your moment. Do you think you've pulled it off 'cause you should think again.

Sami - I can't believe that you just said that to me. I can't believe that you think that. EJ - What else am I supposed to think? Every day I watch you move further away from me inch by inch. You can barely stand to spend 5 minutes in the same room with me. Sami says that's not true. EJ - If you have the children with you, yes, otherwise no. Sami - Stop it. EJ - No, I'm calling you on your bull. You're doing everything you can not to speak to me; not to give us a second chance. So why are you staying? Sami - Is that really what you think? Do you really have no idea ... EJ - All I see is somebody who can barely tolerate to be in the same room as me. Sami - I hate what you did, not you. It's not hard to be with you because I don't love you EJ, it's hard to be in the same room with you because I love you so much.

Jen returns to the living room and sees Abby holding her Dad's angel wing. Chad sent it back to you. Abby - Yes he did. I'm not surprised. He knew how much it mattered to me. Did you know it was taken from a cherub in a Raphael painting? Jen - No, how did you find that out? Abby - EJ knew. He told me. Jen - Well I promise you that is the one fine culture fact that that man knows. Abby - I don't know Mom. I think it would be pretty random that he knew just that one fact. Jen - Did JJ say anything to you about being at school late. Abby - No, but I don't think he's out there causing trouble. Jen - That's not really what I'm worried about. Your brother is definitely in a different place. He's serious. You should have seen him earlier. He felt compelled to just tell me all the terrible things he did to me and Daniel. He really wants to fix things however he can.

JJ - There's no way I'm letting you mess with me or my Mom. Theresa - What are you going to do? JJ - I'll tell them you remember everything and I'll tell Daniel too. Theresa - Okay well I'll tell the judge, so don't worry about that. JJ - You're not going to go to the judge because that video implicates you just as much as me. Theresa - Actually you're the one with the joint and the looming court date in front of the judge who I hear is just itching to lock you up. JJ - I don't care. He leaves.

Segment 6: Sonny - Your birthday is coming up. Will - And my Mom has always had this picture in her head of throwing me a surprise party and showing the world how much she loves me. Sonny - That's sweet. Will - No, it's not. I hate parties. I hate surprises. This is a double dose of awkward and I need your help please. I want to be warned. Sonny - You will be ... when everyone jumps out and yells surprise. Will - Give me a hint. Sonny - I don't know. I'm not in the loop. Will - Okay, can you find out please? They kiss.

Gabi - I'm sorry. You must think I'm crazy or something. T - No. I should know better than to sneak up on someone at night. Gabi - No, don't be. It's just me being all jumpy and weird and stuff. I just have a lot on my mind. T - Yeah, what's up? Gabi - Nothing. T - That clutch wasn't nothing. Gabi - I'm just overreacting; making a big deal out of nothing. T - Okay. I'm sure you came here to be alone so ... Gabi - Wait. You can stay. I'd actually like some company. T - No problem.

Jordan - You know Kate you really need to find a better outlet for your imagination. Kate - Oh come on. It's not hard to see what you're doing now; see through it. You're not even pretending anymore. Jordan - Can you refresh me? What is it that I'm pretending? Kate - To be a professional; to be a physical therapist. You dump Rafe off on another person so I guess you've covered all your bases ethically. Now he's moving out of the hospital to his own place; he's not going to have anyone to cover his back and wow, you'll be free to do whatever you want to do. But it's not going to happen because I'm not going to let him get hurt. Jordan - So you've said. Kate - So you should believe. I'm not someone you want to cross. You should just ask around because I don't bluff Jordan, or whoever the hell you really are.

Sami - You think I don't want you back. You really think that I don't ache to be with you every minute. I can't because I don't trust you and that was always our thing, right. It was always about trust and you broke it. But I love you and that will never die. EJ - Evidently that's not enough. Sami - You want trust between us too. That is what you've been saying so don't look at me like that. Don't look at me like you're okay with this because you're not. I know you down to your bones. EJ - As I know you. Sami - And I think that's our problem. We gave each other a lot of room and I think it was a relief but I think it's also a trap. EJ - What do you want me to do? Sami - I want you to tell me the truth. EJ - How am I ever going to convince you that I didn't betray you if you don't believe a word I say. Sami - I don't know. EJ - How do we change that? Sami - I'm not sure. I don't know and it's not for lack of trying. I think about it all the time. I'm trying to figure this out. EJ - Then let me help you. Sami - You can't. I don't know what to do. I don't know how to fix it. I don't how long it will take. What I do know is that I do not have the answers you seem to need from me right now. And if you don't want to wait for me, if you want me to get out of here, then I will go.

JJ comes home. Abby and Jen are happy to see him. He notices the boxes of decorations. Mom, we should talk. Jen - We are going to talk. We're going to make snacks, we're going to talk, decorate the house. Abby suggests eggnog. Jen asks if she should make a snack. JJ - Whatever you make is fine. Jen and Abby head to the kitchen. The phone rings. It's Judge Goldberg's clerk. We've received some new video tape evidence in your case. You'll want to call your lawyer.

Segment 7: Gabi returns home. She calls Kate and tells her the meeting that she, Kate and Sami were going to have tomorrow - I think we should do that at my place; Will and Sonny won't be here. Sonny eavesdrops. Kate - Yeah, that's fine. Gabi - I'll see you tomorrow. After the call she mutters - I can't do this. Kate mutters - Hold it together Gabi.

Jordan is looking at all her ID's. NO! I finally have something to hold on to. Kate is not going to ruin it for me.

EJ - I don't want you to leave. We can figure this out. We will, I will. Sami - I wish I could be so sure. EJ - I'll just figure it out for the both of us; it won't be the first time. Sami - No it won't. She hugs him. I miss you. EJ - I miss you. Sami cries - I wish it were ... EJ - I'll fix it. Sami - I'm going to go check on the children. EJ talks to his father's portrait. I know, I know, I know. Patience.

JJ - What kind of tape? You can't give that to the Judge. My lawyer will file a motion. Clerk - The judge is watching it right now. JJ - No, he can't. Theresa and the guy start laughing. Hi cutie, that was my neighbour just messing with you. That was just a warning, next time it's real. JJ - This is out of control. Theresa - I'll call you tomorrow in the meantime don't mess with me JJ. I'm not playing.

Jen and Abby come back with eggnog and snacks. Jen - Who were you talking to? JJ - A telemarketer. Jen makes the first toast. To a new start for all of us.


Thursday Dec 12

Segment 1: Gabi is sitting on her bed. She has a series of flashbacks about her last encounter with Nick. At least I got through the night without dreaming about that ... about him. Dear God, please let Kate and Sami get me through this.

Kate is in the square. She recalls her encounter with Jordan. She mutters - Lucky for you I have bigger fish to fry.

Will asks Sonny if he's sure that Mom and Grandma Kate are coming over. Sonny is. Gabi told them we won't be home and it would be the perfect time to talk about it. Will - Talk about my surprise party. Great. Sonny - Stop being a grouch about it. Will - Can you find out what they're planning. Sonny grins - Don't worry, I'll get to the bottom of their dirty little secret.

Sami is in the park near the square. She recalls part of her argument with EJ. Adrienne walks up and asks Sami if she has a minute. I have something I want to say to you.

Theresa is talking to JJ on the phone. What's shaking? JJ - I'm just trying to enjoy my day off from school. It's exam week. Theresa - Perfect. You'll have oodles of time to run an errand for me. My place at 10, don't be late. JJ mutters Bitch at the end of the call. Abby - Whoa, who were you talking to?

Dan closes his apt door. Sorry about that. I wanted to give Parker the long goodbye. Eric - I know it must be hard to send him off for the holiday. Dan - Chloe and I worked out a schedule. I had him for Thanksgiving. I'm sure I'll be pretty tied up trying to prove Kristen drugged you. Eric - You really think that new test you mentioned is going to work? Dan - I can't guarantee anything but if I'm right and I can prove it, we can clear your name and get you reinstated in the church. We'll start today.

Brady opens the door of the K mansion to Nicole. What's up? Nicole - You forgot, didn't you? Brady - What? Nicole - I'm going to do the pre-interview before we go on camera; my piece on Eric. Unless of course you don't feel up to talking today. Brady - Nope. We can do it. Absolutely! Come inside. I'll be right with you. I just have one little thing to do. Nicole goes into the living room. Brady reaches in his pocket for some drugs and rushes upstairs.

Adrienne - Thanks for not running away. Sami - Well let's hear what you have to say and then we'll re-evaluate. Adrienne - I believe in admitting when you're wrong. Sami - When I'm wrong? Adrienne - When 'one' is wrong. The one in this case being me. I was wrong about Will. Sonny's never been happier and I'm pretty sure he makes Will happy too. Sami - Well I can agree with all of that. Adrienne - Good. I also hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me for saying that I didn't want Sonny with Will and his crazy family. Sami - That's fine. Water under the bridge. Kate walks up. Sami - Oh hi Kate. Kate - Hey! I hate to interrupt but if we don't get going we're going to be late for that visit with Arianna. Adrienne - Are you going to see the baby? I would really love to tag along if that would be okay.

Eric - I'm ready to find out. I need to know what happened and why. Dan - And you deserve to be cleared. Eric - But I need to talk to you about something else first ... my cousin. Dan - I know you think I'm helping you to get rid of my guilt ... Eric - I swear that's not even a concern. I spoke to Nicole. Dan - And what did she say? Eric - She didn't betray any confidences, I can assure you of that, nor will I. But I will say she was pretty passionate in your defence. When my cousin OD'd she said you were there and you helped her. You don't have any reason to feel any guilt. I believe Nicole. I believe you. I trust you 100%. I know you're going to help me prove Kristen set me up. Dan - Yeah, I can and I will but this first step is not going to be easy.

Brady checks his nostrils and facial hair for any traces of coke before going into the living room. Sorry about that. I got a text from Dad. He's in Europe doing some family research. He wanted to know how I was doing. I told him I was fine. Sorry to keep you waiting. I'm here now. Let's do this thing. Nicole - First I want to start by saying I'm going to handle Eric and Kristen's story fairly; I'm not going to do a hatchet job. Brady - I'm not worried because if you don't like the story, I own Titan TV, I can have it killed and I can have your ass fired. He starts laughing. I'm kidding. Where's your sense of humour. You're not a rookie. You've always been good at this. It's your wheelhouse, that's what it is. Wheelhouse is a baseball term; it's your comfort zone, what you're good at. It's got to be better than that stuffy rectory with my equally stuffy priest brother, soon to be ex-priest, right? Nicole - Wow, you're really open with your opinions today. Brady - I'm open. Nice dress by the way. Nicole - Thanks. Well that doesn't bother me at all because the more direct your are, the better stuff we'll get for our eventual on air interview. So are you ready to begin, let's do this? Brady - Fire away.

Segment 2: Sami - I don't know if the kids are ready for us to arrive mass-invasion style. Kate - That apartment's like a closet, right. Sami disagrees. It's just claustrophobic. Adrienne - Guys, I get it. I shouldn't have tried to butt in on your time with Arianna. It's okay. Sami - No, it's not that. Kate - Maybe another time. Adrienne - Definitely, that would be great. Thank you for hearing me out. Sami - And thank you for what you said. Adrienne - Enjoy your time with the baby. Goodbye. She leaves. Kate - What the hell was that about? Sami - She was just apologising for the million times she told Sonny that he shouldn't get involved with Will and his crazy family. Kate - Judgemental shrew! Never mind that, we have to get to Gabi and make sure she keeps her mouth shut.

Will and Sonny talk about how Sami always wanted to throw him a surprise party. Will needs Sonny to find out exactly what's going on and warn him about the level of humiliation he can expect then he will get a strategy going. If you really love me you would find a way to talk her out of it completely. Sonny - Actually I have a plan. Gabi comes out of her room. She didn't think they would still be at home. Will is on his way out. He leaves. Gabi - Don't you have to go to work? Sonny - I'll be leaving soon and then you'll have the whole place to yourself.

JJ - I was just talking to someone from school. Abby - A bitch? JJ - I lost my temper. Abby - Is it that girl Bev; the one that's always drooling all over you. Is she still harassing you for not hanging out with her and Rory anymore. JJ - No, I've got to get going. Abby - Don't be home too late because Mom and I are going to finish up all the Christmas decorations and we will need your help. JJ - I won't. You know how much I like to cheese up the house for the holidays. Abby - I was talking to mom last night. I know I've said this before but I'm not sure you get how happy she is to have you home and that things are going so well for you. She's really, really proud of you and so am I.

Nicole - So this isn't the first time that you walked away from a marriage with Kristen DiMera. Brady - No. Nicole - The first time you walked away was back in May. Brady - Yeah May, right. I've always had lousy judgement with women, present company excluded of course. Nicole - Okay, let's talk a little bit about the Precana sessions you had before the wedding. Brady - Yeah, shoot, what? Nicole - Did Fr. Eric seem uncomfortable with Kristen? Anything to suggest maybe something had happened between them. Brady - No, never. Nicole - So you believe Eric when he says he was drugged and the sex with Kristen was non-consensual. Brady - I do. I'd like to believe without reservation but you know he admits that he has no recollection of what happened that night. He forgot about the whole thing and he can't prove anything about what he's talking about. So I guess the only person who really knows what went on in that room is the bitch, Kristen.

Dan - Back when your were sick I found some irregularities in your blood levels. The toxicologist did a screen for days but could never pinpoint a cause but now that we know you were drugged and like I told you before, she must have used a masking agent. There is a new test. It deteriorates the masking agent and reveals the original poison in your blood stream. Eric - You think it's still in my blood stream. Dan - I don't know. There could be trace amounts but if I could cut through that masking agent, I can ID them. Eric - We can do that today? Dan - Yeah, I'm all set up but I have to tell you, you are going to be hooked up to an IV for hours lying in a bed. It's not dangerous but because of the temperature differences between your body and the drug, I've got to warn you there will be pain and it could be acute pain. Eric - I'm fine with that. No physical pain can match the emotional hell I'm going through.

Segment 3: Maggie is now at the Horton House. Abby feels that this must be so hard for her. Have you spoken to Victor at all? Maggie - Only when it's absolutely necessary. It's just so sad to me and hurtful to know that he's reverted back to the man he was. I'm going to be alright. I have lots to be thankful for; most of all my family. Abby - What a bummer. You, Mom and I are all going to be flying solo for the Holidays this year and then there's New Year's. Maggie - We'll be together, right? JJ's back home; that's a relief and a blessing and he's going to have three dates for New Year's. Abby - I hope that it's all as good as it seems to be with JJ. I just never want it to go back to the way that it was. Maggie - Are you afraid that it might? Abby - I wasn't. I was actually feeling really optimistic but I walked in on something that really has me worried.

JJ - Just tell me what you want so I can get this over with. Theresa - You know what I want. I told you. I need something to help me relax. JJ - You have a lot more connections then I ever did. Can't you just do it yourself. Theresa - Why would I go out into the cold and dark and deal with dirt-bag losers when I have you and remember, you're paying. JJ looks at her cell phone and her purse. JJ - But I don't have any more money. Theresa - Fine, I'll spot you this one time but you need to figure it out. When she turns her back he grabs her cell. She turns around - What the hell are you doing? JJ - I'm deleting the video so now you don't have anything on me. It's over.

Nicole - Here's the thing though Brady, didn't Eric seem totally surprised when the sex tape aired at the wedding? Brady - Yeah, Kristen was. Everybody was. The whole damn church was. Nicole - What happened after it played? Brady - Pandemonium, craziness, everyone freaking out, everybody accusing each other. Nicole - You must have been devastated. Brady - Sure, it's not every day that you get to punch your brother the priest in his face for sleeping with your fiancée. He laughs. It sounds funny when I say it. We're done, right? Nicole - No, we're not done. What is going on with you? Why are you acting this way?

T serves Will at the Club and asks if he seen Gabi this morning. Will - For a minute, why. T - I seen her last night, she seemed kind of upset. Will - Did she say what it was about? T - She didn't want to get into it. Will - It's probably about Nick. T - Man I hope not. The guy was a creep. He didn't deserve her. Will smiles. T - What? Will - Do you have a crush on Gabi?

Gabi calls out - I'll get it Sonny when there's a knock on the door. It's Sami and Kate. Sami - Is Sonny here? Kate - And Will? Gabi - Yes, no. Sonny comes into the room and greets the ladies. Gabi says they came over to see the baby. He suggests they go right now as she's about to fall asleep. She's making the cutest sounds. She's trying to talk. Sami - It happens so fast. Sonny - I'm expecting to discuss international politics with her any day now. Gabi - I'll take them in since you're heading out. Sami - Bye. Kate - Bye. Sonny - It was great to see you ladies. See you. After they go into the bedroom he slams the door to make it sound like he left but he into the closet and closes the door behind him. Gabi pokes her head into the room - He's gone. Sami makes sure the chain on the door is secured. Kate - Okay, now we can all talk privately. Sonny smiles.

Segment 4: Abby says she walked in on him hanging up the phone on someone and he seemed really angry with her. Maggie - Her. Abby - Yeah. It had to be a her because he called her a bit ... not a very nice word. I wonder if it's one of his not so nice friends giving him a hard time for not hanging out with them anymore. Maggie - He's just going to have to find some better friends. Abby - I don't mean to be complaining about having him here. It's been so great but he's here a lot. I just worry that he's not being very social at school. Maggie - It's his first year at Salem High after boarding school. That can't be easy. You had trouble making friends when you first got back as I recall. It took time. Abby - It did and I had Great-Gram giving me advice. Maggie - She was an expert at that. She always knew exactly what to say to cheer someone up and to give them hope. It's hard not to have them here. But she and Great-Grandpa Tom are still looking out for us, can't you feel them in this room ... and don't you ever forget that.

Theresa pretends for a second to be crushed. How could I have been so stupid? JJ - Good question. Theresa - The thing is I'm not, you are. Do you seriously think that was the only copy of that video I had? JJ - You have copies? Theresa - My friend Jade in LA has it on her Cloud forever. She holds up the phone - See the attachment. So don't get cute again or next time I'll tell Jade to shoot that thing right over to the judge. Call me when you get my drugs and don't take your time.

Dan tells Eric he'll probably experience some delirium while the drug is being administered; like a high fever but don't worry about it, there's no after effects. You'll be fine once you come out of it. Eric - Let's get this over with.

Brady - What do you mean? Nicole - You're going through a rough time to end all rough times. What's with the flip attitude? You think you're fooling anyone? So ... Brady - Alright. You caught me. I can't pretend that Kristen's lies haven't hurt me because they have. My life's a wreck but I'm determined not to wallow in self-pity. I don't want to look behind me, I want to move forward and sometimes that means you have to force yourself to not feel things that you shouldn't. In the program we call that 'acting as if'. It gets you from one crisis moment to hopefully not so much of a crisis moment. It's just what happens but if I'm acting a little too cheerful or my disposition is a little too flip, I'm sorry, that's the reason. I'm just trying to do this in a healthy way. You think this is healthy, don't you? Nicole - I do. I'm really proud of you Brady. Kristen doesn't have control over you anymore and I'm really relieved at how you're handling this. Brady - That's what I wanted to hear. Anymore questions? Are we done? Nicole - I think I've got everything I need for now. I'll let you know when we schedule your on camera interview. Brady - Great. Thank you. See you later. After she leaves Brady pulls out the cocaine.

T - Gabi is my friend and I want her to be okay. That's it. Will - Okay but now that Nick's out of the picture for good maybe Gabi has some time and some space for a new guy, a funny guy kind of like you. T - Stop trying to hook me up with her. Gabi's my friend, that's it. Will - Alright. When T goes to serve a customer Will sends a text to Sonny. So what's happening Sonny? Sonny replies - Only for you would I go back in the closet! Will - Are you telling me you're hiding in the closet? Sonny - LOL! Yes! Will - I seriously love you.

Sami comes back in the living room and tells Gabi that Kate is putting Arianna to bed. Gabi - At least one of us isn't having trouble sleeping. Sami - Look, you can't obsess over this okay. You have to stop. Gabi - You and Kate keep telling me not to obsess. How can I not obsess! This is really bad. Sami - I know that it is bad. It's rough right now but it's going to get better with some time and distance; it will be better. Gabi isn't so sure. Sonny texts Will - I think Gabi is upset about Nick and turning down the modelling job in New York. Sami - You just need to move forward and focus on the happier things. Gabi - I know. I just have to try and keep this secret and it's really hard to do that with Will and Sonny here all the time. Sonny texts - I think this it. They're about to talk about the party.

Segment 5: JJ walks up to Bev and Rory in the square and thanks them for meeting him. Rory - It's kind of weird that you'd ask. Why would you want to hang with a couple of losers like us. JJ - Look, I've been really stressed, that's all. I'm dealing with quite a bit right now. I'm sorry I called you guys losers. Bev - It's okay. We all say stupid stuff we don't mean. Rory - Did you call us to get high? JJ - I can't right now but I was wondering if you could hook me up. It's not for me, it's for someone else. Rory - Are you serious! You called us up and acted all nice just to buy some of our stash.

Nicole walks up to Dan at the nurse's station and asks if Eric agreed to do that test. Dan - He's already in there. Nicole - Is he okay because you said that test could be kind of painful. Dan - It's more than kind of painful but he's determined to prove his innocence. I owe you a thank you. I know you talked to him about Theresa and me. Nicole - I didn't tell him the truth. Dan knows. Whatever you said in my defence convinced him enough to go through this with me. Nicole - Wow. He really did listen to me. But you don't owe me a thank you. I just did the obvious which was tell him he's an idiot for not trusting you. He's a real mess right now. He's lucky to have someone as smart as you as his doctor looking after him. Dan - He's also lucky to have such a devoted and compassionate friend like you. I'll see you later.

Brady stares at the vial of cocaine and then grabs it ... What the hell. He opens it. It breaks and spills all over the table in the foyer. No, no, no.

Adrienne hugs Will and tells him she just saw his mom and Kate. They were going to see your daughter and I wanted to tag along but I could tell they wanted their own time with her. Will - You can see Ari whenever you want. Adrienne - Thank you. I think I cleared the air a little with your mom. Will - About Sonny and me? Adrienne - Yes. I was so very wrong about you two. You guys are so happy together. If Sonny's happy, I'm happy. Will - Thank you. I appreciate that. Will gets another text. Adrienne - You sure are popular. Will - It's just Sonny. He was playing a little trick on my mother. Adrienne - What kind of trick? Will - Totally harmless.

Gabi tells Kate and Sami they don't understand how difficult it is to be here all the time, the three of us and the baby. And I have the feeling that they know something and it's making it really hard. Will's an innocent but Sonny is really intuitive about stuff. Kate - What you have to do is make it your job, just like taking care of the baby. Make it your job to keep the secret because if Will and Sonny find out it's going to ruin everything. Gabi goes to attend to a crying baby. Kate - Okay, I'm really afraid that girl is going to crack. Sonny texts - Your Mom and Kate think Gabi will spill ... if they only knew. LOL!

Segment 6: Theresa talks to herself near the nurse's station. Not one message. You better come through JJ or there'll be hell to pay.

JJ - I meant what I said. I feel bad about ditching you guys. I still can't hang out with you as much but you're still my friends. Rory - Okay. We don't have enough to sell you right now but I know a guy and he has good stuff and he has other stuff too, not just pot. JJ - Where can I find him? Rory - South side of the park by that bench. I think I took you there once. JJ remembers. JJ - Thank you for the tip man. He hugs Bev. Thanks guys. Abby watches. Rory - I'm glad we're friends again dude.

Nicole goes into Eric's room and comments to the nurse that Eric looks so uncomfortable. Nurse - He's in a lot of pain but vitals are good. You're welcome to stay but he's in a fevered delirium. Nicole - Maybe I shouldn't. Nurse - It may help him subconsciously to know a friend's here. Nicole - Okay. She sits down next to him and tells him everything is going to be alright.

Brady is on the phone. Yeah I know you just hooked me up yesterday but I need more right now. Right away! He uses a damp towel to sweep the broken glass and cocaine into a garbage can. He pulls out the newspaper. The headline reads Search For Kristen DiMera Runs Cold. He crumples it up and puts in back in the container. He takes the garbage bag out to dispose of it.

Kate is eating something. OMG, I think this is homemade, try one. Sami - OMG, that's so good. It must be Sonny. Gabi makes a mean tamale but I don't know that she bakes and Will got his expertise in the kitchen from me so that means it's non-existent. Kate - I have to say that I think Will is lucky, obviously he's never going to starve to death, but I think Sonny is just a sweet person. He's a sweet and loving person. Sami totally agrees. I was really worried about Will when he first came out. I worried that he'd not find someone, not find happiness. It's amazing, this thing with Sonny, it's special. Kate - It's called love Sami. Sami - It's true love and I really am so grateful. Sonny is the best thing that ever happened to Will.

Adrienne - So Sonny is actually in the closet? Will - Yes, I know, the irony, right. He gets the next text. He says your mom and Grandma Kate are seriously incredible women. Will I'll say - You're just figuring that out. Tell me something I don't know.

Segment 7: Nicole wipes Eric's forehead with a cool cloth. This reminds me of the night I found you in the hotel. If only I'd known what Kristen had done to you I could have protected you from her. Eric, I know we've struggled and I'm so sorry you have to go through this. She takes his hand.

Dan is looking at test results of Eric's and talking to himself. The drug Kristen used is not some kind of street drug. It's complex. She had to have someone in her back pocket with a wide range of knowledge of medicine and toxicology to create this. I have to find this person to prove Eric's innocent once and for all.

Dr. Chyka is on the phone in some room at a tropical resort. Don't worry Miss DiMera, I'm safely ensconced thousands of miles away from Salem where no one will ever find me.

JJ paces. I know this is the right bench. Where's the damn dealer? JJ hears someone approaching. It's Brady.

Kate - Gabi, Sami and I have been discussing it and we both realise that you need support. So if you need to call us anytime day or night. Sami nods. Sonny gets a text - What's going on?

Will reads his response to Adrienne - I think they're about to spill the beans about your surprise party. Adrienne - Ooh, I can't wait.

Gabi - This is all so crazy okay. Sami - I understand how you feel but it's just important that you keep it together. We are counting on you. Gabi - I know. You've been very supportive but I'm scared to death that someone is going to figure out what the three of us did ... okay, that we murdered Nick. Cue a stunned Sonny who then receives a text from Will - Tell me what's HAPPENING!


Friday Dec 13

Segment 1: Brady shakes JJ's hand. Good to see you. It's been a long time. I've known you've been in town for a while but I haven't seen you. JJ - it's good to see you man. Both of them ask the other at the same time - What are you doing here?

Dan ushers Marlena into his office and thanks her for meeting him here. Marlena - I'm happy to. I know you're trying to help Eric. Dan - It matters to me that he gets his name cleared. Marlena - To me too. Dan - I think the best place to start would be to track down the person that gave Kristen the drugs she used on Eric. Given your history with the DiMera's maybe you could provide me with a few names for me to look into.

Dr Chyka - Miss DiMera, I assure you as I have done countless times before, that no one will ever be able to prove that you drugged the priest. I stake my reputation on it. After he ends the call he mutters - Unless of course it benefits me to reveal otherwise. He stares at the contents of an open briefcase that contains file folders and disks.

Nicole keeps wiping Eric with a cool cloth. I hope this test is worth it Eric. I mean using one drug to figure out what drug Kristen used on you. You're the one that is suffering; it should be her. Eric says her name. Nicole - I'm here, try not to talk. What is it? Eric - Do you forgive me?

Repeat of the conversation ending with Gabi saying that 'we murdered Nick'. Kate - You do really need to get a grip. The only people in the world who know what we did to Nick are sitting right here and as long as you keep your mouth shut no one else will ever know.

Adrienne - Why do you think Sonny stopped texting? Will - The last one said they were about to start talking about my surprise party. So I'll just say - What's going on and have they revealed anything interesting yet.

Sonny reads Will's text.

Marlena - Stefano had an eccentric scientist, Dr. Wilhelm Rolf but I think that relationship ended a long time ago. Dan - Anyone else? Marlena - There's an endless list of people that would do anything for Stefano. I can't give you a whole list. I'm not even sure I could narrow it down well for you. Dan - Don't worry about it. I just thought it was a good backup plan if the test I'm running on Eric ... Marlena - What test?

Nicole - You shouldn't try and talk. You need to conserve your energy. Eric - Please, I can't rest now. Can you ever forgive me? Nicole - Yes, I could. I do, okay.

It looks like Sonny starts recording the conversation at this point. Gabi - I want to do what you guys are telling me to do. I wish that I could pretend that this nightmare just never happened but I can't because I feel really guilty. I feel like I can't breathe; I can't think about anything else. Sami - I understand how you feel. I do. I mean that whole thing that happened with me and Bernardi a couple of months ago; it stays with you knowing that you are responsible for the death of another human being. Of course it does. How could it not. Gabi - You were trying to protect my brother; Bernardi was trying to kill him. Sami - And Nick was attacking you. Kate - He was about to rape you Gabi! Gabi - He was. I can't believe it. Yeah, he was. Sami - And that is how I dealt with my feelings of guilt over Bernardi. I would remind myself that I was protecting Rafe. So you have to remind yourself that you hit Nick with that rock because you were protecting yourself. Gabi - Yeah, but it should have stopped there because he was still alive. Kate - We didn't know that. At the moment we did what we had to do.

Adrienne returns with a refill - What? Still nothing. Will - No. Adrienne - Maybe they caught him and know he's been eavesdropping. Gabi might let it go but your Mom and your Grandma ... Will - They would not be happy. Will texts - Careful, if you get caught my Mom and Grandma just might kill you.

Sonny reads that text. (I don't know if he's recording or just holding his cell phone to the door because he's resting his hand on the door). Gabi - That moment, in the river, when we were pushing his body into the water and he reached out and grabbed your hand and his eyes popped open, I will never forget that moment, never! I have it in my head right now and I will never stop thinking about that for the rest of my life. Sami - I don't ... Gabi - No, when I hit him with the rock, yes, I was defending myself but after that, when we pushed his body into the water, that wasn't self-defence; that was murder. Sami - No, that was a reflex reaction. Kate - That's right. He startled us. Gabi - He startled us so we killed him? Kate - Gabi, he attacked you unprovoked. Who knows what he would have done to you after you tried to bash his head in with a rock. Sami - Yeah, he had completely snapped at that point. Kate - He did; Sami's right. Sami - Yeah and I just think that after everything he has done to you, to us, to Will and Sonny, he got what he deserved. Sonny turns away from the door and leans his head against the wall.

Segment 2: Anne walks up to Theresa who is checking her cell near the nurse's station and plops a stack of file folders in her arms. I want these filed within the hour and then you still have those badges to get done. Theresa drags her to the coffee station. We need to talk. I get why you're mad at me. Anne - Maybe it's because you don't do zip around here and I ... Theresa - It's because you think I've gone soft but I haven't. Anne - What does that mean? Theresa - I remember absolutely everything from the night I OD'd. Anne - What! Why the hell haven't you said anything. Theresa - Because it furthers my agenda or more to the point, our agenda to destroy Jennifer Horton's life. Anne - So you're still a Horton hater? Theresa - Still and always was. In fact I'm making Jenny's life worse even as we speak.

Brady - Shouldn't you be in school? JJ - It's exam week. I don't have to go in unless I have a test and I don't have one today. Brady - That's good. So you're hanging out at the park yourself? JJ recalls Theresa's orders to get her some weed. JJ - I'm meeting a friend, Jeff. He takes better notes than I do. He let me borrow them. So what are you doing out here? It's cold. Don't you have some million dollar corporation to run? Cue flashback of him breaking his vial of cocaine and calling his dealer. Brady - Just out for a jog. JJ - Slow pace, you haven't even broken a sweat. Brady - I haven't started yet. You know this is not a good part of town, this park is pretty sketchy. I would consider texting your friend and telling him to meet you someplace else because this is a place where you could get in trouble. JJ - Thank you for that but I think I can take care of myself. You don't have to stick around. You can go on that run.

Dan - I'm sorry, I thought Eric would have told you about the test. Marlena - No he hasn't said a word to me. Dan - Maybe he didn't want to get your hopes up. Marlena - Alright, what test. Dan - It's something that was just made available; a recently developed procedure. The chemicals used should deteriorate what ever masking agents were used to disguise the drug that Kristen injected in him. Marlena - So you think whatever drugs Kristen gave him might still be in his system. Dan - I'm pretty certain that the kind of drug that had been used is the kind that has a long half-life so yeah. Marlena - And if you discover the drug you could figure out what kind of effects it has. Dan - Then we can prove that Eric didn't willingly break his vows of celibacy. It's a very painful procedure unfortunately but he is determined to do it; to do whatever it takes to exonerate himself.

Nicole is sitting holding Eric's hand when he wakes up again. She tells him the nurse was just in here and she says the fever is going down. That's really good. Eric feels better now. Everything's better. Thank you.

Gabi - What's going to happen when people realise Nick isn't in New York and that he's missing? Sami - Well besides us saying that we haven't heard from him, hopefully nothing. Gabi - His cousin is a detective. Sami - Hope will have nothing to detect Gabi so we are okay. Gabi - It's a really tight family. She's going to ask questions; they all are. People saw us arguing in the Horton Town Square. They're going to know. They're going to remember and they're going to know that I was the last person to see him alive and that we were going at it. Kate - You have to stop borrowing trouble. Stop! Gabi - I'm not looking far Kate. What if his body washes up somewhere and what if it shows up in the news and that guy we saw by the river, what if he says something. Sami - Nothing like that is going to happen. He's not going to know anything. Gabi - He knows something! You know he ... Kate snaps - Stop! You need to stop. He doesn't know ... there's a knock on the door. Sami whispers - Just pretend you're not home. This is important. The knocking continues. Open up, police. Gabi - OMG! Sonny mouths OMG!

Segment 3: Theresa whines about her parents and the power Jen had over her so now she hates her even more. Anne - So why the hell didn't you use my statement at Daniel's hearing. Theresa - Because it was too obvious and it could have gotten me in trouble. You play innocent, you win people's trust and I'm getting a lot more mileage out of this then your statement ever would have. But make no mistake I'm going to take Jennifer Horton down hard. Theresa sees Dan so she cries out - What is wrong with you Anne. You're being so mean to me. Dan walks up - What is the problem? Anne - Oh there is no problem here. Theresa and I know exactly where we stand with each other now. She leaves.

Brady is stretching. JJ comments that he's been stretching for a long time. Brady doesn't want to pull a muscle. Your friend is really late. Are you sure this is the right place for you to meet him. JJ - Yeah. They both hear a noise and look around. Brady - I've been talking to your mom and she's really, really happy with the way you've turned your life around. With the mess that's going on with Daniel and everything, she's really happy that she doesn't have to worry about you anymore. I thought you should know that. JJ looks at his cell. Wow - I'm in the wrong place. My bad. I guess I'll see you. Brady - Yeah I guess so. Take it easy. JJ leaves.

Marlena comes in to find Nicole sitting on Eric's bed. How is he? Nicole - He's in pain; in and out of consciousness. Marlena - I didn't know he was here. Nicole - He's been shutting you out because of the scandal? Because of the video you played at the wedding. You know Marlena I might have a way you could make it up to him. I'm working back at Titan TV and my first assignment is Eric's story. Marlena - Excuse me! Nicole - And I'm going to use all my resources to help prove his innocence and if you want to help me I would be more than happy to interview you for the piece. It would be great. To hear from Eric's mom would be ... Marlena - A bad idea. It would be a complete disaster and I think you know why.

Adrienne - Maybe Sonny's phone died. Will - I don't think so. I can tell my messages have been read. You know he knows how much I hate surprises so maybe he's thinking of a way to soften the blow of all the embarrassing things my mom is planning. Adrienne - You know sometimes us moms have only your best interests at heart. Will - It's kind of weird that you're defending my mom to me. Adrienne - Well I now feel pretty bad about being so hard on Sami because as it turns out she was absolutely right. You and my son belong together. Now that I've told her how sorry I am I would really like the opportunity to apologise to you too Will. Will - It's okay. Adrienne - No, it's not. I said a lot of things that I regret. I just hope that you can forgive me yet again for misjudging you and your family.

Gabi - OMG ... Kate and Sami - Ssh. Roman calls out - Are you okay in there, I was just joking. Sami - It's my Dad. Gabi - The Commissioner is here. Sami - Calm down, it's going to be fine. I will handle this. Sami opens the door and gives her Daddy a hug. Hi. Roman - I didn't know you were here. He comes in. Kate, looks like we had the same idea. I wanted to see Will and the baby. Is that okay. Kate - Oh, that is great but Will's not here and the baby is sleeping. Roman - That's too bad. Hey, what was all that scrambling and whispering I heard before. Sami - Daddy, there's a sleeping baby. We were trying to keep our voices down. Kate - Do you made that police announcement every time you come to a house that has a baby in it ... Roman - It was for Will. I like to mess with him like that. Kate laughs. Sami - I'm sure he loves that. Anyway as we said he's not here and the baby is sleeping so ... Ari cries. Roman - Not now. Can I go in. Kate takes him into the baby's room. Gabi's going to take something in for Ari because that's probably why she's not sleeping. Sami will do it. You just stay and calm down. Where is this? Gabi - It's in the closet. Sonny panics.

Segment 4: Dan follows Theresa into his office. Okay talk to me. Theresa start her lies. Nothing is going right. I told the truth at your hearing and Anne Milbauer's hated me ever since and on top of that JJ keeps coming around even though I told him it's not a good idea and his mom wouldn't be happy. I'm worried that your mom's mad at me too. Dan - Why? Theresa - I haven't been going to the AA meetings like I said I would. I feel self-conscious going by myself. Dan - My mother would go with you. Theresa - I don't want to bother her that way. The last thing I want is for things to be more awkward with Jennifer. I mean she'd probably be resentful of her Aunt Maggie helping me out. Dan - That's not Jen's M.O. I have a friend who would be happy to go to a meeting with you. His name is Brady Black. Theresa - Forget it, your mom already asked him for me and he said no. Dan - What, that's not like Brady.

When the dealer shows up Brady asks what took him so long. Guy - Good things come to those who wait. Brady pays him for a vial of coke.

Nicole - I would never unfairly represent what happened to Eric. Marlena - That's not why I'm worried. Nicole - Then why are you? Marlena - I know that Eric accused you of being the person who got into bed with him. I know he feels terrible about the way he hurt you. Nicole - Yes he did and I was really angry but we're okay now and there were reasons he thought it was me who drugged him and seduced him. It wasn't just random. There were a lot of coincidences that night ... Marlena - Yes I understand that but ... Nicole - But what? Marlena - There must have been something else. Nicole - What are you getting at? Marlena - If Eric was convinced that you were the person that slipped into bed with him he must have been aware that you have feelings for him. Nicole - Hold on. Marlena - Please don't try and deny this. I've seen the way you look at my son. I saw the way you looked at him all those months ago in the rectory and I saw the way you were looking at him when I came in here and you were ministering to him. Nicole - He's my friend. I was worried. I'm worried now. Marlena - Your worry looks a lot like love and if I can see that, others can too. People that have the power to take away his good work from the priesthood. People that are scrutinizing him right now will certainly see that you have feelings for him. Don't you understand it's possible for you to make things even worse than they are right now.

Sonny grabs a suit jacket and holds it in front of himself when Sami opens the closet door. Gabi calls out - It's here. Gabi - I know you said you'd go but I feel better now. I can go. Sami - Okay. I'll go with you. I want to make sure my Dad is okay. Sonny is going to sneak out of the apartment but he sees the chain is up so he hides behind the stroller.

Will - There's nothing to forgive. Trust me, I understand why you're apprehensive about me and my family. There's been a lot of crazy stuff that's been going on. Adrienne - Still, I shouldn't have made it sound as if you're family's always involved in some dangerous mess. Even though your Mom is engaged to a DiMera their relationship seems stable right now. Will - Yeah it does. Adrienne takes his hand. I also feel bad about saying that I didn't think the living arrangement between you and Sonny and Gabi and the baby would work out because it has. You're a wonderful little family. You're also loving with Arianna and so respectful of each other. Will - Thanks, we try and be. Adrienne - No living situation is ever perfect. All I know is Sonny's never been happier and it's obvious he's in the right place.

Sonny ducks down when Sami and Roman come into the living room. Roman - Your mom just texted me. I better go check this out. Sami - Of course. You'll have more time to spend with Ari soon. They hug. Bye. Gabi calls out for Sami to bring the diaper rash cream.

Segment 5: Theresa - I'm sure your friend Brady was just busy and couldn't take the time to hold my hand through an AA meeting besides I'd rather go with someone who knew me a little better like maybe ... Dan - I'm not in the program. Theresa - I know, but still ... Dan - My mom wouldn't mind taking you. I think that's the best idea. Theresa - Okay. Remember the other day you said I could talk to you if things get really tough, that still stands? Dan - It still stands. I've got to work to do. Theresa thanks him for listening and leaves.

Nicole - Whatever feelings I had for Eric are completely gone now. Marlena is sceptical. Nicole - It's the truth! Marlena - You involved yourself in my son's life constantly. Nicole - No, it wasn't even my idea to do the interview. It was Daniel's. He was begging me to help him but I'm done with him ... totally done! Kristen did this horrible, unforgiveable thing to him, practically ruined his life and everything he's worked so hard for possibly up in smoke. It's just wrong and completely unfair and he should be back in the priesthood where he belongs. Marlena - That is where he belongs. I'm glad you understand that. Nicole - You're like a dog with a bone. That's exactly what I just said. Roman comes in. Am I interrupting something. Nicole - No, I was just leaving.

Will - It's kind of weird that I haven't heard from Sonny since that last text. Adrienne - I'm sure you'll hear from him soon. Thank you for letting me be a part of this. It's kind of different for us, laughing together. Will - Yeah, it's kind of been fun. Adrienne - Just don't you two pull a stunt like this on me, got it. Will - Don't throw me a surprise party and we've got a deal. Adrienne - Sonny feels very comfortable with your family and I was hoping that maybe someday you and I might have that same kind of relationship that Sonny has with your mother.

Kate comes into the living room. Did you find it? Is your father gone? Sami - I can't find the diaper cream and yes my father's gone. Kate - I think she is going to crack. Every time we get her under control she ... Sami - And what's more she acts like a crazy person over the situation. We should never have stuck our necks out for her and it's actually because of you that we are involved in her insanity. Kate - What! Are you blaming me! Sami - Well I was perfectly prepared to let Gabi hang herself out there in those woods and deal with her problem herself. Kate - Oh really. After you made the colossal mistake of saying Nick was dead when he most obviously wasn't! Gabi calls out - Did you find the cream? Kate - Yes I did. She tells Sami to stay in here and keep blaming ... Sami tells her to shut up and follows her into Gabi's room. Sonny goes to the door but sees the chain is on so he goes out the window. The women return into the room with Ari. Sonny has left the window wide open.

Segment 6: Brady is back at the K mansion. He's obviously taken a hit. He wonders what JJ was doing in the park. If that kid is in trouble again it's going to kill Jen. It's going to kill her. Damn kids. He takes another hit.

JJ pays the dealer but says he needs more than this. The dealer says he has plenty of harder stuff if he wants it. JJ - No. Did you sell any stuff to a guy named Brady Black today? Dealer - Never heard of him. JJ - Okay. Dealer - Asking nosy questions doesn't make you sound smart. JJ - Okay.

Eric comes to and asks his parents what they're doing here. Marlena - Daniel thought I knew. When I heard I came straight here and of course called your father. Roman - I wish you would have told us. Eric - I need some distance. I need to do this on my own. Marlena - Why? We want to help you through this honey. Eric - Mom, please go. I love you both. It's hard enough to do without you hovering. Roman - Alright. As Marlena is leaving Eric tells her to wait. It's still pretty hazy but I feel like Nicole was here. Marlena - She was but she's gone now.

Nicole comes into Dan's office. She wants to speak to him privately. Dan - When? Nicole - Now but not here. Can you take a short break and have someone cover for you. Dan - Sure. I just need to check on Eric then I'll have a nurse take over for a while. What's going on? Let's go to my place.

Sami rubs her arms. I don't remember that window being open. She closes it. Gabi exclaims - OMG. She just stood up. They gush. Kate - Can you imagine how many special moments like this you would miss if you didn't keep our secret about Nick. Sami - Kate's right. You confess, you go to prison and you will miss this and so much more. Kate - Her first steps, first words, first time she says Mama. Sami - It's not just you. What about her? What about her life? Having to go visit you in prison? I spend a lot of years without my Mom and in some ways I never got over it. Kate - You don't want Arianna to be screwed up like Sami, do you Gabi?

Segment 7: JJ is at Theresa's. He gives her the weed. Theresa - That's all you could get. JJ - That's all he had. Please don't ask me to go back there. I ran into my mom's friend Brady Black and I know that he was suspicious. Theresa - You have to have more connections. You're in high school. What about that freaky one with the greasy hair. He can hook you up. JJ - I can't do that. It's too risky. She holds up her cell. Is it riskier than this video that could send you to prison in 2 seconds flat. Pick your poison kid. Either get me my weed and take a chance or don't get it and you can be 100% sure you're going down.

Brady plays with his new found love - his vial of coke, then makes a call. Hey Jen, it's Brady. Can you see me? I need to talk to you in person. It's about JJ. Okay.

Eric is lying in his hospital bed. He smiles - She forgave me.

Dan follows Nicole into his apartment. What's going on here? Nicole - I'm a little worried about the help I'm giving Eric with the TV piece. Dan - Why, I thought you were on board with this. Nicole - I was, I am. I just realised that if I'm going to go through with this I need you to do something for me and I'm pretty sure you're not going to like it at all.

Sami - Gabi, I'm just asking you to think about it. What will this little angel's life be like if she was visiting you weekly inside prison. And kids at school ... it's tough enough. What are they going to say knowing that her mother, her grandmother and her great-grandmother are all in prison. Kids are merciless, parents are worse. Kate - I know that you want to do the right thing but the right thing for this beautiful little baby is to have a loving and happy life with the safety of knowing that you provided it. You can't ever say anything about what we did to Nick. Do you understand? Sami - You agree, right, it makes sense. Gabi - Yeah. I understand.

Sonny joins Will at the club. Will - Hey, what's up? Sonny - I have to talk to you. Will - Okay, what happened? Why did you stop texting me? Sonny - I'm glad you're sitting down cause you're not going to believe this. Adrienne comes up and kisses him. Hey baby. Dish, what were those ladies up to?


Tuesday Dec 17

Segment 1: Repeat of Nicole telling Eric she's moved on with Daniel. Daniel comes in as Eric is saying - That was quick. Oblivious Dan is all smiles - How's the patient?

Sonny is leaving a message for his Dad as he walks in to the pub. I really need to talk to you. It's kind of an emergency. He stops when he sees Hope. Hi, I didn't see you there. Hope - I'm sorry. I couldn't help but overhear your conversation. Is something wrong? Cue flashback of Sonny overhearing Gabi say they murdered Nick. Sonny - It's nothing to worry about.

Over at a table Ciara asks Allie if she can keep a secret. Allie nods yes. Ciara - That's what you said last time then you blabbed. Allie - I was 3 then. You can trust me. Ciara holds out her hand - Promise. They pinkie swear. Ciara sweeps back her hair displaying Sami's earring - Look what I got from a boy.

Sami is holding up the match to Ciara's earring and is telling Harold if he or any of the other staff find this earring she would appreciate it if they bring it to her directly. I just don't want EJ to think I was so careless as to misplace something so valuable. Harold says Yes, Miss Brady. Sami reads a text from Will - We need to talk now. EJ comes into the room. You and I need to talk. Sami doesn't think they should rehash everything. EJ - You haven't just been negligent and stubborn when it comes to your relationship with me; you've been ignoring important responsibilities at work which is not like you. It's very out of character in fact as is your silence right now.

Will opens the door to Abby who is bearing cookies. Abby asks if she can hold Ari. She asks the baby if she's excited for her first Christmas.

Gabi opens the door to an apt. carrying a poinsettia. Hi, I don't know if I'm in the right place. I'm here to see Rafe ... a guy in scrubs turns around. It's Nick. The plant falls to the floor and the pot breaks.

Sami - I am not neglecting my work. EJ - When was the last time you graced the staff with your presence? Sami - It's the holidays. Things are slow. EJ - Yet you don't have the time to sign a contract or return a telephone call. Sami - I'm delegating. You're the one who told me I need to do that more. Focus on the big picture. EJ - You don't delegate. That's not in your nature. You're downright obsessive when it comes to work. You do everything yourself. You take on more than you can handle but somehow, to be fair, you get it done. Sami - I'm working on letting go. EJ - You're dissembling even more expertly. Sami thinks he's the one dissembling. I don't think this is really a conversation about how I'm not my usual workaholic self. I think this is a conversation about sex. You would never have brought this up if you were still sleeping in my bed. EJ - What can I say. Your powers of perception never fail to astonish me. Sami - I think I nailed it. EJ - Let's say you're right. Is this a bribe? I will stop asking questions about the subject that seems to make you incredibly uncomfortable if you bed (don't have a clue what he was saying as he was desperately trying to be sexy).

Allie - It's beautiful. Where's the other one? Ciara - It's so special it's one of a kind like me.

Sonny - Do you think my Dad's going to be in court all day? Hope - Based on the way things were going when I testified my guess is yes. I know I'm not a lawyer but if you're looking for legal advice is there something I could help you with. (Cue f/b of more of the details he learned while eavesdropping).

Rafe wheels himself into the room. Everything okay out here? The PT looks at him as if to say 'You tell me.' Gabi - I am so sorry. The guy will find a broom. Gabi - I will take of this. Rafe introduces Pete Clark, his new physical therapist to Gabi. Gabi - Nice to meet you. Pete - Likewise. The equipment is all set up. Anything else? Rafe - No, I think I'm good man. Thanks a lot. Pete leaves. Gabi - I'm so sorry. Rafe tells her to leave the mess. I saw the look on your face. It's about Nick, isn't it?

Segment 2: Dan tells Eric that he seems to be tolerating the drug pretty well. Are you experiencing any more pain or dizziness? Silence. Dan - Uh, what's going on between you two. Eric - Between us? Dan gets paged. I need to get this. I'll be right back. After he leaves Nicole says - That was kind of awkward, wasn't it? Eric - When did this thing happen between you and Daniel? Nicole - Well when you accused me of ... Daniel's the only one who believed me. And when I needed a roof over my head he let me in. Even when he was going through all that stuff with Theresa, we were there for each other. All those feelings we used to have for each other, they just started coming back. Eric - What about all your problems before? Nicole - What? You think I'm going to pull another crazy stunt and ruin Daniel's life again? Eric - No, I'm worried about you.

Sami - I'm not bribing you EJ. Just for the record you're still not welcome in my bed. EJ - Are you saving yourself so you can be some kind of special Christmas present for me. Am I warm? Sami - You are ice cold. EJ - Actually I'm okay with that because I was rather hoping for a Christmas trip to Tahiti. Sami - Solo, one way? EJ - For the record, it is my bed you're sleeping in not yours. Sami - I see. Your bed, your house, your business. Are you going to lord it over me now forever? EJ - Do you expect me to sit her passively as you sit there equally passive? It's not who I am; it's not who you are. Something's wrong. Sami - You know what is wrong. EJ - Besides that. Why won't you just tell me the truth? Sami - When will you tell me the truth about Kristen? Silence. That's what I thought. I have to go. EJ - Where are you going? She walks out without answering.

Will and Abby talk about college courses and work and how they juggle things; Abby working for her mom and Will and his writing and taking care of Ari. Will - Last Christmas I couldn't even imagine things would be this great. Abby - Because of Nick? I know that guy's been through hell but honestly there's no excuse for the way that he treated you. If someone treated Nick that way I would say the same thing.

Gabi - What about Nick? Rafe - Come on, I'm your brother. I know you better than anymore. You think I don't know what's going on. The resemblance is uncanny between Pete and Nick. Obviously that was weird for you, I get it. You know Nick's gone. He's not coming back, not ever.

Sonny - Thanks but I don't think there's anything you can do to help me in this situation. Hope - But everything's alright. Ari's doing well? Sonny - Ari is great. She fusses a little at night. Will thinks she's teething but he's been saying that for 3 months now and there's not one tooth. Hope - Oh boy, I remember those days. Life goes by so fast. Before you know it she's going to be 2 and then she's going to be 10 and pretty soon you'll be telling her no we will not be changing your bedtime to midnight. Sonny - Midnight! She's a night owl. Hope - Oh gosh, seriously, she hates going to sleep lately. It's always Mommy can I please stay up a few more minutes; I want to read my book. Then 10 minutes turn to 20 minutes ... you get the picture. She's really giving me a run for my money these days about a lot of things. She's definitely my daughter. I don't want to come down too hard on her. I know how much she misses her Dad. Sonny - Any idea when Bo will be home. Hope - Gosh I don't know. I thought that would be months ago. Life's a lot more complicated than we think sometimes, isn't it? Sonny - It sure is. Sami walks up and puts her hand on Sonny's shoulder. Hey Sonny.

Segment 3: Will - I think you knew Nick a lot better than I did. Abby - Do you guys keep in touch at all; do you ever talk? Will - No we don't. I don't want to rag on Nick because I take my share of responsibility for what happened but I'm a different person now. Abby - Yeah you are mainly because you weren't a Dad then. Will - That's right. Now I realise I never could have kept silent about Ari being my little girl. Abby - You know what's so amazing about this? When Sonny talks about your daughter he's just as crazy about her. It's like she's so incredibly important to both of you. Will - It's because she is. We feel like the two luckiest guys in the world.

Hope and Sami hug. Sami - Thank you so much for taking Allie ice skating with you. I hope she was good. Hope - She was a perfect angel. Ciara on the other hand, let's just say I hope she didn't any ideas from her because she threw a world class fit. Sami - Don't worry about it because Allie has definitely had her fair share of snits. Oh dear, look at Sonny's face. I think we're scaring him. Hope - Let's see if I can persuade my daughter to leave without a scene or you're really going to be scared. They laugh. Sonny is going to leave but Sami has something she wants to talk to him about.

Nicole - Everyone's going to think what you just did; that Daniel and I are a train wreck waiting to happen. Eric - I didn't say that. Nicole - That is why we decided not to tell anyone because we don't want to hurt Jennifer and there's Daniel's reputation to think about. This whole thing that happened with Theresa or what everyone thinks happened with Theresa. The last thing Daniel needs is people being all scandalized thinking he's moved on with the likes of me. Eric - I think you're selling yourself a little bit short. Nicole - Well I don't. Eric - If it's such a big secret then why are you telling me? Nicole - I'm not trying to put you in a tough position. You asked me how I felt and I'm just trying to give you an honest answer. I'm here because I'm your friend and I want Kristen brought to justice, that's all. I'm not attracted to you in the least bit anymore. Eric - You said that a few times already. Nicole - I just don't want there to be any doubt. When you accused me of ... I realised you didn't know me at all and I guess I don't know you. You did me a favour by being a jerk. Eric - You're welcome. Nicole - So we are where we are and we know each other's motives so let's just move forward and focus on the truth. Eric - Truth. Nicole - About what Kristen did to you. Look I know Daniel doesn't really want to discuss this ... Dan opens the door ... so just change the subject. Dan asks for a moment with Eric alone.

Segment 4: Abby is paging through a book at the Club when EJ walks up behind her. The Adoration of the Magi by Raphael. Abby smiles up at him.

Sami - I just wanted to tell you that you know your Mom and I haven't exactly been on the same page when it comes to Will. Sonny - Yeah, not even on the same planet. Sami - Yeah but I ran into her earlier and we kind of had a nice talk. Sonny - That's great. Sami - She even said she was a little bit jealous of how well you and I get along and she hopes that someday she and Will can be close like that. It was sweet. Sonny agrees. Sami - You don't seem super happy about it. Sonny - I'm very happy about it. It's just that there's something I have to go take care of. I'll see you later. Sami - Okay. She goes over to the table and asks Hope if Sonny's okay. He seemed like there's something going on with him or something. Hope - He did mention that he needs to talk to his Dad about something but I'm sure everything's fine; nothing to worry about. Hope tells Ciara they have to go. She then hugs Allie and thanks her for joining them. Ciara waves goodbye; she and Hope leave. Sami tells Allie they're going to put her coat on too. Guess where we're going? Allie - To get ice cream? Sami - No, even better. We're going to see baby Arianna. Allie - Yay!

Dan repeats that he needs to be alone with his patient. Nicole - Why? Dan - Because as you reminded me many times, there's this thing called doctor / patient confidentiality. Nicole - Yeah but I thought you wanted me to help solve this medical mystery. So if you're going to keep me in the dars then it's going to be really hard for me ... Dan - Okay, after Eric and I talk, he is free to share with you any information that he chooses. But I need to do an exam and as that involves disrobing ... Nicole - Okay fine, say no more. I'll go. Nicole leaves the room but stays by the door. Dan - Your lungs are clear and your heartrate's back to normal. Eric - I still feel a little groggy. Dan - That's to be expected but you should be feeling more alert in the next few hours then you are free to blow out of this torture chamber. Eric - When will we get the results back? Dan - I'm not sure. I'm hoping in the next few days. If we can identify that masking agent we should be moving pretty quickly from here on in. Eric - Speaking of things moving quickly ... Dan - What? Eric - You and Nicole.

Segment 5: Eric - I guess I have been kind of self-involved with everything going on lately. Dan - Understandably yeah. Eric - And I really appreciate the help you two have provided but it is a bit uncomfortable, isn't it? Dan stammers ... Nicole comes back into the room. Dan - Doctor / patient ... Nicole - I know but we're all adults here. I heard you talking so I figured you were done. Dan - Well Eric was just expressing concerns about ... Nicole - I heard. And actually I think it's better having this talk at Daniel's then we can meet and talk strategy in a private place. Eric - Well isn't that a little uncomfortable to have that conversation in front of Parker? Nicole - Chloe has him for the holidays so it's just us. Dan - I think Eric needs some rest. Nicole - Okay. We'll see you later. Outside Dan asks Nicole what all that was about.

EJ - Please don't stop reading on my account. He sits at her table. Abby - No. I didn't want you to think that I ... uh ... EJ - Think what? Abby - I didn't want you to think that I ran out and got the book just because of you. Not because of you, because of what you said about Raphael's angels. EJ - It's okay. I didn't. I know exactly why you went to get that book. It's because of your father.

Gabi has let Hope and Ciara into Rafe's new place. Hope drops some files on a table next to Rafe. Early Christmas present. Rafe - Wow, thank you. He looks at Ciara - Do you think I asked Santa for a pile of work? Ciara - No. Rafe - You're absolutely right. I didn't but you know what this is actually one of the best gifts I've ever got. Ciara - Seriously! Rafe - Seriously! You know what this means; I am becoming useful again. Hey you know what, I've got some books over there if you want to check them out. Ciara - Okay. Rafe - So what have we got here? Hope - A couple of B&E's, larceny; just enough to keep you busy and out of trouble. Rafe - Out of trouble ... what fun is that! God, what I wouldn't give for a nice, juicy homicide. Hope - All in good time. Actually I want to go over a few things with you. Gabi - Hey Ciara, why don't you come over and see Arianna some time. Ciara - I can't. Mom won't take me. Gabi - Is that because she doesn't have a lot of time because of work? Ciara nods yes. Gabi - Well I'm sure she's going to have some time off now that it's Christmas time. Hey, I've got to go back and check on the baby but it was so nice to see you. Give me a hug. Gabi tells Rafe not to work to hard. I'm going to go; I'll check on you later. Ciara just stands there as Hope and Rafe talk shop. Rafe looks over - Ciara, are you okay? Ciara - No. Rafe - Do you want to talk about it? Ciara - Okay. Rafe - Okay.

Will opens the door to Allie and Sami. Allie - Where's my baby? Will says she's in the Pack 'N Play right over there. Will thanks Sami for coming. Sami wanted to ask him if he's seen an earring that matches that one. I lost it. Will - No. We're pretty thorough about cleaning because we don't want anything in Ari's mouth; I don't know if that rock would fit. Sorry, I know it would cost a lot to replace. Sami - You have no idea. Allie pipes up - Ciara has one but it's a secret.

Gabi calls out to Sonny in the square. Cue repeat of the flashback we seen earlier. Are you okay?

Segment 6: Abby - I wanted to try and figure out what my Dad was thinking when he gave me the angel wing but I think I'm trying to read something in to it that's not really there. EJ - You never know. May I? Abby lets him have the book - Sure. EJ - Hmm, the Sistine Madonna. Have you seen it? Abby - Yes actually I have. My parents and I, we went to Dresden a few years ago but I was way too young to actually appreciate how lucky I was. EJ - It's very interesting. Obviously the focus of the painting are the Madonna and the child but over the centuries these angels down here have become the superstars. Why do you suppose that is? Abby - I don't know. Do you? EJ - Well I believe that when a man has a child he sees the world through different eyes. He's no longer the most important person in his life and in his children he sees the image of his better (features? - not sure of that word). Abby - Well if you're right about what my Dad was thinking then boy, did I prove him wrong.

Nicole - I didn't get a chance to talk to you because Victor interrupted our conversation and then I realised we could really sell this to Eric. Dan - Sell what? Nicole - The idea that you and I are a couple. Dan - Sorry, what? Nicole - A couple. Dan - Why would you want to do that? Nicole - Because Eric only thinks I'm helping him because I have feelings for him. This isn't going to work unless I convince him I'm completely over him. Dan - Which of course you are. Nicole - I am. Please, you know the Brady's. God forbid the world stops revolving around them. We don't have time to sit around and wait for Eric to get over himself. Dan - So you want him to think you've moved on with me. Nicole - Yes. Dan - No. Nicole - We can trust Eric to keep our secret. Dan - Secret. No, it's a lie. This is ridiculous. Nicole - I told you before you wouldn't like it. Dan - You have a real way with understatement. No, I'm not going to go along with this. You want me to tell him that you and I ... Nicole - I already told him. Dan - What! Nicole - I'm sorry. I didn't have a chance to run it by you and it just kind of came up. I was put on the spot and I told him and now it's already done so ... Dan - You know what, it can be undone in 10 words or less and I'm going to do it now. Nicole - You don't want to help me. Dan - How many times does a lie have to blow up in your face? About Sydney, about Rafe, about Jennifer. This is another disaster just waiting to happen.

Ciara - Molly Owens skated backwards all the way across the rink and I fell on my bu ... bottom. And you know what she did! Rafe - What did she do? Ciara - She stuck her tongue out at me. Hope - And Ciara stuck out her skate. Ciara - Who cares if she can skate backwards. Rafe - I guess you have a point. It's not exactly a marketable skill, now is it? Hope - That's exactly what I told her. Rafe - I'll tell you what. As soon as I'm back on my feet I will teach you how to skate. Ciara - Thanks but Mom tried to teach me before. I just can't do it. Rafe - Oh. Well, you know when I was in the hospital a very smart person told me that I was not allowed to say I can't. True story! I was getting frustrated because I wasn't able to do something. What I needed was to get strong again. And if you learn all the skills that you need you will be able to skate. What do you say? Ciara - Awesome. They high-five.

Sami - But Ciara's isn't like this. It's a fake one, right? Allie - It looked just like yours and she only had one. Sami - Well thank you for telling me sweetheart. Allie - Don't tell her I told you. Sami - Of course I won't. We should get going so you can put Arianna to bed ... Will - Wait. The thing I wanted to talk to you about is only going to take a minute. Sami - Of course, what is it? Will - I hate to ruin this for you mom but I know. I know all about my surprise party.

Sonny - I'm good. I'm just in a hurry to get to work. Gabi - Isn't it your day off? Sonny - We're slammed because of the holidays. Gabi - I just walked past TBD and there was hardly anybody there. Why is it that you can hardly wait to get away from me? What did I do now?

Segment 7: Nicole - You can not tell Eric that I lied because I'd feel like the biggest idiot in the world. Dan - Lying to my friend, who happens to be a priest about something so inane ... Nicole - You lied about Theresa. Dan - That's for a good cause. Nicole - So it this. Dan - It's different and I'm not doing it. In fact I'm telling Eric the truth right now. Nicole follows him into Eric's room. Eric is sound asleep. Nicole - Looks like you're not telling him anything. Dan - Not yet. Nicole - Ever.

EJ - You're being very hard on yourself, don't you think? Abby - No, I don't. You don't know we very well EJ. EJ - Maybe but I do think all of these things are relative. Look who you're talking to. I'm no angel. You told my brother you couldn't abide a liar. Why do you suppose you felt so strongly about that? Abby - Well I think because my Dad was a journalist and he always said nothing was more important than the truth. EJ - Abigail, I think Jack Deveraux would be very proud of his little girl. Actually, let me rephrase that. Your father would be very proud of the young lady you've become. You enjoy your book. Abby - EJ, thank you. I feel that I'm getting a message from my father I wouldn't have hadn't you taken the time to say what you said. Thank you. EJ - Anytime.

Rafe is counting backwards as Ciara is leaning forward in the gliding on one leg skating stance. 2 ... 1 ... yes! Hope hugs her. Ciara asks Rafe - Do you really think this will work? Rafe - I know it will work. In fact why don't you go over there and grab my calendar and we'll make a date, a skating date that is. Ciara - Yes! Hope - Thank you so much. Rafe - I'm sure it will as therapeutic for me as it is for her. Hope - I don't mean the ice skating; I'm talking about you taking the time ... knowing what to say, what she needs to hear. Rafe - I'm sure the holidays are hard for you too. Don't worry, she's a good kid.

Sami - Surprise party! I have no idea what you're talking about. Can we do this later because I really have to ... Will - No. Listen. I know. I see things. You can't fool me. I read between the lines and I know you're planning a surprise party for me. It's really sweet but I'd really rather you not do it. Sami - Fine, no surprise party. Allie, it's time to go. Will - Wait, wait. That was too easy. I don't think you're hearing me. Sami - You don't want a surprise party. I don't know why you would think ... Will - Yes you do. I wasn't going to pull this out but Sonny was in the closet the whole time. Sami - In the closet? Will - Yeah. When you were over here planning things; you, Grandma Kate and Gabi. He heard everything you said.

Sonny - I've just got a lot going on okay. If my Dad calls the apt. can you tell him to call my cell phone. It's very important. Gabi - Okay. Sonny - See you later. Gabi - You didn't answer my question. Sonny - What question? Gabi - I thought we were cool and that we worked everything out but you are seriously acting very strange and ... she pauses ... you know, don't you? Sonny - Know what? Gabi - You know about Nick.


Wednesday Dec 18

Segment 1: Jen hears someone enter from the kitchen and calls out JJ. It's Abby. Where is JJ? Jen - He's running errands for me but I thought he'd be back by now. Abby - Are you worried? Jen - Yeah, can't help it. And you're not trying to talk me out of it, why? Abby - I didn't tell you something about JJ and I think I should. JJ walks up outside the house reading a text he has ready for Rory. Need to meet ASAP. Cue f/b of him at Theresa's. He mutters - That bitch goes down today. He hits Send.

Theresa is all smiles when there's a knock on her door but is surprised to find Maggie and other people there. Maggie - Since you're having trouble getting to an AA meeting we decided to bring the meeting to you. They walk in.

EJ is at the pub on his cell talking business. I don't care if Miss DiMera didn't require that level of detail, I do. I'll check with you tomorrow to see if you're up to the task. As he walks by her table Kate pipes up - Let me guess; you're psycho sister left another fine mess to clean up. EJ - Kate! Such a pleasure to see you. Kate - I'm right, aren't I? She nearly torpedoed Countess W.

Will tells Sami that Sonny was in the closet; he heard every word. Sami - What words ... you mean when Gabi, Kate and I were ... Will - Plotting your next move, yeah. Cue f/b of said conversation. Sami - Sonny heard us. Will - So don't even try to deny it.

When Gabi figures out that Sonny knows about Nick he says he has to go. Gabi - Hold on. Just give me a chance to explain.

Will - I hate ambushes Mom ... Sami - It wasn't ... oh right, the surprise party. Will - Yeah, Sonny told me everything you said. He texted me everything you said. Sami - Wait a second. Your boyfriend was hiding in the closet and then he was eavesdropping on us and then he texted you everything. That is the most devious, underhanded thing I have ever heard William. Will - Really? You're making a stink about eavesdropping. Sami - He could ruin everything. Will - Listen, I'd already guessed what you're up to. I'm smart. Don't blame Sonny because I'm the one who put him up to it.

Sonny - There's no explanation that could make this right. How could you possibly think there is. Gabi - I didn't have anything to do with this. It was all Nick. Sonny - Somehow Kate and Sami got sucked in to this. Gabi - Only at the end. They were trying to talk me out of it. Sonny - It's too bad you didn't listen to them. Gabi - But I did Sonny. Sonny - That didn't change what you did to Nick though, did it?

EJ - You've always had such a rich fantasy life Kate. Of course, it's probably how you fill your empty hours. I truly wish I could help ease your sad plight but Countess W is doing fine. Kate - I saw your earnings report. Your staff is gossiping. Your company is in shambles. And even with the damage Nick did to Mad World we're still going to beat the pants off you. EJ - In which world is that, the real world? Kate - I love it so much when bad things happen to bad people.

Theresa - Oh Maggie, this is so much more than I could have asked for. Maggie - I know you don't want to go to a meeting alone and a lot of people feel that way. That is why you haven't been yet, isn't it? Theresa - Yeah, but I'm working up to it. Maggie - No need. We're here to break the ice. This is Juanita and her friend and Juanita has agreed to be your sponsor. Isn't that wonderful!

Abby - I saw JJ in the town square with that Rory kid and that girl Bev. Jen - This is not good. Abby - That's exactly what I told him. He swears he's not doing drugs. He says they're his only friends and given everything that's happened since he's been home, I kind of believe it. He's developed sort of a reputation at school and you know how judgemental people can be. Jen - I know that and then to go with the other thing that Brady just told me ... that Brady saw JJ in an area of the park where the dealers operate. Abby - Did you ask JJ about it? Jen - Yes and I got the same thing; that he's not using and I believed him. Abby - Me too. Are we being played? Jen - I don't know but I can't doubt every single word he says. He's seemed good, hasn't he? Abby thought so. JJ comes into the living room. I got everything on your list. Something wrong? Jen - You tell us.

Segment 2: Sami - How long was Sonny in the closet? Will - Long enough. Cue f/b of her encounter with Sonny at the pub. Will - Let's forget about it and go Christmas shopping. I'm taking Ari to see Santa later in the town square so you guys should come. Sami - I would love to but I'm so behind at work. Hey Allie, it's time to get going. Allie - But I want to play with the baby. Sami - Another day. We have to get going and you're going to be spending some time with Grandma Caroline this afternoon. Will - Mom, are you going to promise me no surprise party. Sami - Pinkie promise. No surprise parties. I just have to tell Gabi and Kate before it's too late. Let's go. Will - Wait, too late for what? They're gone.

EJ - What would you have done for exercise today if you hadn't bumped into me, eh? Kate - Oh come on, stop. Who do you think you're fooling? Kate gets a text from Sami. Emergency! Meet me @ the bench near the town square. EJ - Trouble? Kate - No, not at all.

Gabi - Kate and Sami saved me. Sonny - From Nick? Gabi - It was really hard to give up this amazing opportunity but once I found out Nick was behind the whole offer I knew I couldn't move to New York. I couldn't feed into his fantasy. Sonny - What fantasy? What happened Gabi. Just tell me. Gabi - I didn't think that you would believe I had no idea Nick was behind the whole thing. It's so embarrassing. Sonny - It's embarrassing! Gabi - I was yelling at Nick in the square. I was so angry. Do you blame me? Sonny - What! Gabi - You look upset. Trust me, I had no idea that Nick was behind this. You can ask Sami or Kate. Sonny - I don't think so. I need to go talk to my Dad. I'll see you later. He leaves. Gabi gets the same text from Sami that Kate did.

Jen - Did you run into Bev and Rory while you were out? JJ - No but I saw them today as you no doubt heard. Jen - Don't be upset with your sister. JJ - I'm not. Jen - You understand why I'm asking you that after what Brady told me. JJ - I told you. Fine, ask. No, I mean it. I'm sorry, it's just frustrating because I told you I was just meeting a friend to give his notes back. And Bev and Rory are my friends. I'm not going to hang out with them while they using. They're actually funny and cool most of the time. Look seriously, I know what the stakes are here and I'm not going to screw up. So here it is. I'm not using drugs and I'm not selling drugs. There's no part of me that wants anything to do with drugs. Right now I'm just focused on school. I studied like a mad man this week for my exams and I think it's paying off. Jen - I'm glad. That's great. Abby agrees. Jen - And I'm proud of you and I'm so relieved to have my son back. And I have faith in you. I know you are doing everything you can to turn your life around and that means more to me than you'll ever know. She hugs him. It's the best Christmas gift you could give me. JJ - I love you mom. Jen - I love you too. Gosh, I hate that I have to leave right now. JJ - It's alright. Jen - I need to get to the office. I'll see the two of you later. She leaves. JJ - So what about you Abigail, do you believe what I said? Abby - I do but there's something else that you're not telling me. JJ - I'm juggling a lot right now. Abby - None of which you want to talk to me about. Okay fine but if you do want someone to listen, I'm here for you. Also, if you break my heart or our mother's heart I will literally wring your neck.

Theresa - This is so generous, I'm speechless. The other woman there - You're from Los Angeles, yes. You speak Spanish. Theresa doesn't. She tells Maggie she has work. Maggie checked her schedule at the hospital. Theresa - Yeah but I'm working from home this morning. Maggie - This meeting is just a tune-up for what you need. You'll get a lot more done if you take the time for yourself, for your group. They sit down.

Justin walks up to Sonny who is sitting at the bar at TBD. I'm in court all morning so I'm afraid I only have a few minutes. Sonny - That's okay. Justin - Are you okay? You look a little ... Sonny - I need some legal advice.

Kate and Gabi meet up with Sami outside the square gates. Kate - Okay, what's wrong? Sami - Sonny knows. Kate - How does he know? Sami - He was in the closet. He heard us talking. Gabi - OMG! Kate - Are you sure? Sami - Yes. Gabi - That's why he was acting so weird just now. He looked at me like he wanted to run away from the minute he saw me and then he kept going on about Nick. Sami - What did you say? Gabi - I thought he was talking about Nick manipulating me into going to New York but he was obviously talking about us murdering Nick. Kate and Sami shush her. Sami - Pipe down with the M word. Kate - Are you sure you didn't say anything to confirm his suspicions Gabi? Sami - Uh, hello, she didn't have to. He heard EVERYTHING. Gabi - He's going to see his father. Kate - OMG. Sami - He is. I saw him earlier at the pub and he took off like a shot and Hope said that he wanted to talk to his Dad. Kate - So he's going to tell Justin. Sami - No, he is not. We are going to stop him. Should we split up? Kate - No I think it's better if we stick together. Sami - Okay. We'll go to the club first. Let's go. Gabi - This is getting really complicated guys ... Kate - That's why you leave all the talking to us.

Segment 3: Adrienne knocks on Jen's open office door and comes in. Jen - How are you? Adrienne - I'm just great. It's funny, you'll never believe who I ran into. Liam Frazer. Jen - The pharmaceutical rep. Adrienne - Oh good, you know him. It's funny because he's an old school mate of Justin's and he's such a nice guy. Jen - I've run into him a couple of times. He's really sweet. Adrienne - He is. He's been divorced for quite a while now. Jen - That's too bad. You are trying to fix me up! Liam walks in - Don't blame Adrienne for that, it was all my idea.

JJ - You're working for Mom until May. Abby - Yeah, my classes are done this week but I don't have graduation until the end of May so I don't mind helping Mom until then. JJ - I'm just really glad she doesn't have to work with Theresa anymore. Abby - Amen, that chick is such a troublemaker! JJ - No kidding! Seriously, I lost her number. Abby - Good, keep it lost. See you later. After she's gone he calls Rory. Didn't you see my text? We've got to meet. It's crucial and we've got to be careful.

The meeting winds down. Theresa thanks them for coming and ushers them out. She thanks Maggie again. Maggie - We've got to get a few things straight.

Justin sits down at a table with Sonny. This sounds serious. Are you in trouble? Sonny - No, it's not me. It's someone that I know. Justin - Sonny, we don't have to do it that way. Sonny - What? Justin - The old I have a friend who ... I'm a lawyer. I can be your lawyer so just tell me. Sonny - No. Okay, here's the thing. If someone knew information about a crime that already happened, are they liable? Like, are they in trouble? Justin - That's hard to say. Sonny - But they could be. Justin - It depends. If someone told you 'I just robbed a bank' ... Sonny - No, it wasn't a direct conversation. Justin - Okay, so someone overheard something. Sonny nods yes. Justin - That sounds like hearsay to me especially if it was something here at the club where drunk people talk ... Sonny - No, the conversation the people had was in private. They weren't drunk or anything, it was real. It was a real thing that happened. Justin - Sonny, tell me what you heard. I can't help you if I don't know the specifics. Sami, Kate and Gabi pile into the club. Kate - OMG. Sami - We have to stop him.

Segment 4: Sonny - Dad, I really appreciate you wanting to help me and I want to give you the facts but the thing is ... he turns his head and sees the three women there. Justin - Is this about Will? Is he in trouble? The ladies walk over and join them. Sami - Justin. Hi. Oh my gosh, it's been such a long time. How are you? Justin is speechless. Kate - Do you mind if we borrow Sonny for just a minute. Justin - Actually we were in the middle of a ... Sami - I'm sure that you were and I'm so sorry to interrupt. It's just really important. It's about Will's surprise birthday party. Justin - Actually, I am due back in court. I should be done in about an hour. Want to catch up then? Sonny - Sure. Justin - Okay, ladies. Happy Holidays. Sami - Thank you Justin. He leaves. Sonny - So surprise party. Sami - You can't tell anyone. Sonny - Not even the guests. Kate - Don't. Sonny - Why not? It would be a hell of a lot better than the truth. Gabi - Sonny, please. You can't tell anybody. Sonny - Or else what Gabi? Sami - You were going to tell your Dad, weren't you? That's what you were about to say. Sonny - Yeah that you killed Nick ... Sami and Kate pounce - both shushing him at the same time. Kate - I think we should go someplace more private. Sonny - No, I'm not going anywhere with you three. Gabi - OMG, please. Sami - You know what Sonny, I'm pretty sure you don't want this conversation to happen here in your very nice club. Kate - You're not in any danger with us. Sonny - Let's just get out of here.

EJ is now talking on his cell in the square. Yes, pull all those files for me. I'll be down there in a few minutes. Yes really. Samantha may be your boss but I'm the one who signs your cheques. Will waves him over. He's pushing a baby carriage. Hey, what did Rosemary do? EJ - Nothing, sometimes people need a little extra motivation. Will - But she's Mom's assistant so shouldn't Mom do that? What's going on?

Maggie - You asked Daniel to take you to a meeting, didn't you? Theresa - I was shy and I didn't mean it to ... Maggie - He isn't in the program and it isn't appropriate for you to lean on him like that. Theresa - You're right. I knew it as soon as the words came out of my mouth. Maggie - I'm sorry Brady's not available but I think you're better off with a woman anyway. Theresa - Doubtful. Maggie - The program does work if you let it. Theresa - Well I am committed. And you were right, this was the jump start I needed. Maggie - I hope to see you at another meeting. Theresa - Thanks again, bye. After she closes the door she mumbles - Meddling old biddy. You won't be able to keep my away from Daniel or having fun. Where is JJ with that weed?

JJ meets up with Bev and Rory in the woods. Rory - Dude, what's going on? Are you under surveillance or something. JJ - I need some weed. The guy that you sent me to didn't work out but trust me ... Rory - Trust you? JJ - I'm sorry for the way things have been. Rory - No you're not. Bev - Just let him talk. JJ - The thing is I like you guys a lot. You're the best friends that I have here but I don't smoke pot anymore. I can't and I don't want to. I don't even want to be around it but for the rest of the time I would like to hang with you guys. Rory - Only today you want weed. JJ - It's not for me. I just need to take care of something. Bev - Can you at least give us a hint about what you're up to. JJ - It doesn't matter. It's probably better for you if you don't know but what I can tell you is I really need you guys in my corner. Rory - And not just for the weed? JJ - Right. I have this crappy phone and I need to test it to see if it will work for this thing later. Bev - The thing you can't tell us about. JJ - Yeah. I know it's lame but I can promise if you help me out now and I pull this off this will all be over with.

Adrienne cuts off Abby before she can go into Jen's office. Your mom is busy. Abby - I know, that's why I'm here. Adrienne - Not that kind of busy. Let's just give her a couple of minutes. Abby - What's going on? Adrienne - She's just having a chat with a very nice, available man. A nice man who is going to remind Jen that she's a beautiful woman and quite a catch ... and you're frowning, why? Abby - I don't know. I guess this isn't where I expected my mom to be right now but you're totally right. There's no reason Mom should be living like a nun. Adrienne - Neither should you.

Theresa is typing in a blog about OD'ing. Another knock on the door. Oh JJ, be my hero. I am so happy to see you.

Segment 5: Sonny and the ladies are back at his apt. They've checked all the rooms. Kate - So we're sure Will is gone. Sami - Yeah, he said he was going shopping. There's no one hiding in the closet this time. Sonny - Nope. Look I'm here. There's nothing to say. You three murdered Nick in cold blood. Kate - Whoa, whoa, whoa. Sami - Don't use that word. Sonny - Gabi said ... Sami - Oh please! Gabi, she is upset. That's her way over the top guilt talking. Sonny - Way over the top? You should feel guilty for killing someone. Gabi - It was self-defence Sonny! Sonny - When you hit Nick in the head with the rock, that was self-defence. When you threw his body in the river and he woke up and you pushed him back in, that is murder. Kate - What, were you taking notes? Sonny - I don't have to take notes. Those details kind of stick in my head. Sami - He was attacking Gabi. She was afraid for her ... Sonny - I get that. I understand that part. That is when you call the cops. Sami - Believe me, I wanted to. Sonny - But you didn't. You were afraid, weren't you? Maybe that's because that's your second corpse in 6 months. You knew how bad that would look. Sami - Actually, that's not what I was thinking. Sonny - Great, then you'll have no problem calling the cops now. He holds out his phone. Kate - You can't call the cops and you can't tell anyone. Sonny - Yes I can and I will. You three might be okay lying to Will but I'm not.

EJ says that Sami has been distracted. Will knows why. EJ - She told you? Will - No, I had to find out and don't play dumb because it's not going to happen. EJ - You're sure about that, are you? Will - Yeah I am. She knows I hate surprise parties so I don't even know why she tried. EJ - Right. Well you know your mother. You put it like that she sees it as an even bigger challenge. Will - I know so can you help me out. Maybe you can talk her down a little bit. EJ - How exactly did she react? Will - A little strange. She said she had to find Gabi and Grandma Kate before it was too late whatever that means.

Liam - It's true, the holidays are different without kids. Jen - Oh your kids are grown? Liam - We never had children. Since the split I think that was a blessing in disguise. Jen - I'm sorry, please sit down. So what will you do for the holidays? Liam - I was thinking about going out of town, maybe skiing. I'm in town for at least another week. I'd love to take you to dinner if you're free. We don't have to call it a date. I don't even remember what those are. Jen - It takes some getting used to. Liam - So if we just call it dinner would that work for you? Jen - It would. I would like that.

Adrienne tells Abby that she's a beautiful, amazing young woman. Men should be falling all over you. Abby - Yeah, that's happening left and right. Adrienne - Maybe it will. You are going out in the world. You never know where a new job's going to take you or your interests are going to take you. They say you should follow your passion because that's where passion finds you. Abby - Where did you get that? On the inside of a bottle cap or something? Adrienne - Since when are you so cynical. Abby - Let's see. I had two guys who were pursuing me and then they both just disappeared. Adrienne - Is that really what happened? Abby - One disappeared and one turned out to be a liar. Guess which one I had chosen. Adrienne - So you learn from that Abigail. Abby - I did. I learned that you should never trust men. Seems to be the one area where I'm not really smart. Jen and Liam walk up near to where Adrienne and Abby are as Maggie gets off the elevator. Liam tells Jen he'll be in touch. Jen looks forward to it. Thank you.

Theresa offers JJ some wine. JJ - No thanks. Aren't you in AA? Theresa - Technically but wine doesn't count. JJ - Did you get a ruling on that? Theresa - Please don't do that. Maggie was already here with her AA buddies in my house. All that earnest sobriety was way too much so early in the day. JJ - They didn't notice anything off? Theresa - I know how to work this; I've been in AA before. Now come on, deliver. He hands over the weed. Theresa - That's it? JJ - I'm tapped. It's Christmas. I had to buy presents. Theresa - I gave you money. I at least expect a return on my investment. This is very disappointing. You do not want to disappoint me again.

Sami - You think I like lying to Will. Sonny - I don't care if you like it or not you're still doing it. Nick was Will's cousin. You had no right to do what you did. Gabi - You have no idea what happened. Sami - You heard us, right? You heard what he was doing to Gabi. He had her on the ground. Gabi, you have to tell him. Gabi - He had me on the ground. He was on top of me and he was pulling on my clothes and the harder I fought the tighter he held on and he was gonna ... he was going to ... Kate - Nick was the aggressor okay. Sonny - I know and I understand that. I get that. It was self-defence. Were there any witnesses? Kate - Yeah, actually a little earlier, there were in the square. Sonny - What! Kate - Nick and Gabi were there and they were arguing very loudly, very publically because she had just found out that he had orchestrated the whole move to New York. Gabi - I was furious at him and I was screaming at him. Kate - Not only that, she also swore that she would get him out of her life for good and if he shows up dead a little later at her hands ... Sami - It seems pre-mediated just like what happened with Bernardi and me. Nobody would have believed her story. Sonny - Nick was not dead by Gabi's hand. It didn't have to be this way. Kate - Looking at you Sami. Sami - Oh great, so it's all my fault now. Kate - Well you did declare him dead. Sami - I thought he was dead when we were dragging him to the river. Sonny - And when he wasn't you thought it was okay to let him drown because you didn't like him. Nick was a creep but he did not deserve to die. And you, you were in love with him at one point. Did you really want to see him dead? Gabi - No of course not. Kate - Now you just need to stop, okay. None of us wanted to see him dead. It was just an ugly chain of events. We all regret it. But the big question is now are you going to let the three of us spend the rest of our lives in prison because of a horrific mistake.

Segment 6: Sonny - You want me to keep this secret. Sami - You have too. Kate is going to speak but Sami says - He does. He can't ever tell anyone. Sonny - I do not keep secrets from Will. Gabi - You can and you have. I wouldn't ask if it were just for me. Sami - It's for Arianna. Kate - Think of what it would do to her to lose her mother, to lose her grandmother and me in one fell swoop. How are you going to explain that to a little girl? Sonny - Telling Will wouldn't put you in jail. Sami - Why would you tell him? He already carries so much guilt. Don't you think this could push him over the edge. Think about that innocent, sweet baby. That's what we're doing. Kate - You just never know when to stop, do you?

Jen tells Maggie - Yes that was me making dinner plans with a man Aunt Maggie. Maggie - You don't have to explain yourself to me. Jen - That's not what the look on your face says. Maggie - It's your life. If you think you're ready to date then ... Jen - It's not a date. It's dinner. I'm sorry. I feel sensitive because people said I rushed things after Jack when Daniel and I got together. Maggie - I didn't think that. You and Daniel have a long history. You already had strong feelings for each other so it was natural that the two of you would get back together. Jen - I suppose, unlike Daniel and Theresa getting together. Nothing natural about that, is there? Talk about rushing things.

JJ - I get it but maybe after New Year's ... Theresa - No, that's too late. JJ - Let me see what I can do. Maybe I can in a favour. He makes a call. Yeah, I need some stuff. What do you want? Theresa - What does he have? JJ - Whatever you want. You're the one that offered me G that night. Theresa - Yeah I did, so what. JJ - So do you want more? JJ is recording their conversation.

Segment 7: Maggie follows Jen into her office. The holiday's are the hardest, aren't they? After Mickey died I dreaded them. Jen - I'm hoping that next year is going to be better for the kids and me. Maggie - Well if would have been if you and Daniel ... I'm sorry. To be honest I'm not really sorry. I can't help but wish ... Jen - I know what you're going to say but you're right, it's none of your business.

Theresa - No way, I'm done with G for a while. Maybe another time. All I want is weed. JJ - Perfect. Thank you. Theresa - For what. JJ - Now I have dirt on you so this blackmail is over.

Will - It's time for me to get her to bed. EJ takes the shopping bags - I'll take those, you take the baby. Will - Aren't you busy? EJ - It will be nice to have a few minutes of normalcy before I go into the office and shout at the staff.

Kate - Okay look, I'm not going to lie to you. We are thinking of ourselves too but what good is it going to do to send the three of us to prison. It's not going to fix anything. It's not going to bring Nick back. Sonny - That's not the point. Sami - Then what is. Sonny - I don't know. Gabi - None of this would haven happened it Nick would have just left me alone but he didn't and he wouldn't stop. Sonny gets a call. Sami - Is that your Dad. Sonny, we are begging you, don't say anything. Sonny answers - Dad. Justin - I got out of court a few minutes early, can we do this over the phone? Sonny - Sure. Justin - Are you ready to talk candidly? Sonny - I am. I want to tell you everything.


Thursday Dec 19

Segment 1: Repeat of Justin's call to Sonny. When Sonny says he will tell him everything Sami tries to grab his phone - No, you're not going to do it. Sonny - Knock it off. Sami - You said you loved Will and Arianna; if you do this, if you open your big mouth, you are hurting them both. Kate says that Sami is absolutely right. Sami - You can not undo this damage and you know it.

Liam walks up to Jen at the nurse's station. Jen asks him if he's getting to see all the doctors he wanted to get orders from. He is. He was looking for her. He wanted to make sure she hadn't changed her mind about dinner. Dan walks off the elevator as she replies - Change my mind about dinner? You're not going to get off the hook that easily.

When JJ declares he has dirt on her and the blackmail is over Theresa retorts - That's so cute. You think you have me cornered? JJ - I have you admitting that you used G and that you're looking to get some weed. I don't just think I have you cornered, I know it. Theresa - Highschool boys, all talk and nothing to back it up.

Hope has brought Theo and Ciara to TBD. She thinks they deserve a reward for all of that shopping. How about some hot chocolate. Yay! Hope's cell rings. Honey, it's my work. Ciara - Her work calls all the time. Hope - We'll order just as soon as I get back. Hope steps away. Hey, please tell me you're calling to tell me something good. Theo - Do you still have the present I gave you? Ciara sweeps her hair behind her ear. Theo - You're wearing it! Ciara - And nobody even knew.

Sonny - You three murdered Nick. That can hurt Will and Ari. I am trying to help them. Sami - Help them how? By sending Gabi to prison. Will carrying Ari walks in with EJ. Will - What's going on here?

Liam - I know we agreed not to call this a date but is it okay to say I'm really looking forward to it. Jen - If I can say the same thing. Liam gets a call from his boss. I'll get back to you later with a time and a place. Jen - Okay, bye-bye. She turns and sees Dan.

JJ - I don't think you want to go back to LA in handcuffs. Theresa - You can play all the games you want but you should know the big loser is going to be you. JJ - You're bluffing. Theresa - Try me. You'll go down in flames and it won't just be you, you'll be taking all the people you care about most right along with you.

Sonny - Sorry Dad, this is a really bad time. Can I meet you in about an hour or so? Justin - Yeah. How about the pub? Are you okay? Sonny - I'm fine. I'll meet you there. Will - Alright, what's happening? Sami - We just wanted to come and see the baby, didn't we? Will - You already saw her and you told me you both had things to do. Sami - I don't know about Kate but I did the things I needed to do so I could come back and spend more time with this little slice of heaven. EJ - Samantha. Sami - And now I've explained why I'm here, what are you doing here? Will - I was Christmas shopping. I was loaded up with stuff ... EJ - I decided to give him a hand. Kate, it's lovely to see you. Kate - I'm here all the time. Arianna is such a draw. Sami - I just think moments like Arianna's first Christmas are the kind of times you want to share with the people that you love; people that you would do anything for. Gabi walks over to the women. EJ watches.

Segment 2: Will thinks they are keeping something from him and he thinks he knows what it is. Because they were arguing with Sonny when they walked in he thinks they're getting on him for hiding in the closet and getting the details of the surprise party. Sonny says no, not that, something else. EJ - We're all family here so why don't we talk about it and sort it out.

Theo feels bad because he only had one earring. Ciara - That's okay. I think it's cool to have just one but I think I should take it off for now. She puts it in her backpack as Justin walks in. Hope - You're absolutely 100% sure. No I don't understand. In fact I don't understand at all but that doesn't really seem to make a difference, does it? Hope turns and sees Justin. Bye. She ends the call. Justin walks up - Merry Christmas Hope. Hope hugs him. Merry Christmas Justin. Justin - You okay. Hope - Yeah, I'm great. Justin - Because I saw the look on your face when you were on the phone and it wasn't the face of someone who's great so whoever you were talking to seemed to have really upset you. Hope - Come on Justin, you know who I was talking to. Bo.

Jen and Dan ignore each other. As Jen is heading away the nurse at the station tells Jen to wait while she goes and get the flyers Jen wanted to see before they were put out. Jen and Dan exchange greetings. He comments that she has a big date, she confirms. Dan asks his name. Liam. Dan - Irish, hope that doesn't mean he's a big drinker. Jen - He's a fine person. I wouldn't reduce him to a stereotype. Dan - I wasn't being serious. Jen - Even so you don't have a right to comment on my personal life. Anne is watching through a door window.

Theresa reminds JJ that he's the one who told the judge that he's not doing drugs anymore and the video she took has a date on it after his court appearance. But who knows, maybe it will work out for you. She opens the door - Ready to go? She closes the door. What's the matter? Second thoughts? Thinking that if you make your little recording public it will be nothing compared to what would happen if I came forward with what I have on you? Who is whose bitch now.

Sami says they weren't talking to Sonny about anything important. She reminds Sonny that he was going to meet his Dad. You don't want to keep him waiting. Sonny says he won't be long. He leaves. Sami - Kate, we have to go if we're going to do that thing ... Will - What thing? Sami just smiles. Kate - We better go so we get there before it closes. Sami asks EJ if he's coming. EJ is going to stay here. Will - Well that party died pretty quickly. Gabi tells Will she'll put Ari down. EJ - Why don't you let William do that? It will give us a chance to talk about his Christmas present. Will gives Gabi a hint - I want it fuel-injected and I want 8 cylinders at least. He goes into the bedroom. Gabi tells EJ that Will was joking. EJ - Well I'm not. I think it's about time you told me what's really going on young lady.

Segment 3: JJ - Okay you win but you've got to stop making me get you pot. Theresa sneers - Worried you'll get caught. JJ - Brady almost did catch me; he's a friend of my mom's. Theresa - Who isn't! JJ - It's not just what would happen to me, it's what it would do to her. Theresa - Oh poor St. Jennifer! I'm sure it would just kill her. You do realise that's the worse possible argument you could make to me. Do you have any idea how hard it is for me to keep from taking that videoto the cops. And do you know why it's hard? Because I know exactly what it would do to your mother. JJ - You are evil. Theresa - Me? She's the one who's gone out of her way to ruin my life. Everyone thinks that she is so generous, so gracious, yeah right. She grinds people like me into a fine powder and she does it with that simpy smile on her face. JJ - You have had it for in from the minute you knew you had to work for her. Theresa - You used to know what she was really like but then you got scared. Me, I don't scare that easy.

Dan wasn't commenting on her personal life, he was making conversation which he didn't know was against the rules, now he does. The nurse brings the box of flyers to Jen. Jen thanks her. I'll send an email when it's all been okayed. Abe sees Daniel - Glad I ran into you. Here's someone I would like you to meet. Liam Frazer, Dr. Daniel Jonas. Liam just moved to Salem. He's a rep for a big drug company; a genius at fundraising. Dan - I'm not really involved with fundraising. Liam - You must be very busy. Everyone knows what a talented surgeon you are. Dan - Thank you. Liam - Let's do lunch some time. Dan - Sure. Liam tells Abe he'll see him later and leaves. Abe - He acts like it's no big deal that he has closets full of community service awards. Dan - Good for him. Abe - I wonder if his marriage ended because of his devotion to service but I'm sure an attractive, funny guy like Liam will be back in circulation ... Dan - I get it. He's freakin' superman - got it.

Hope - Bo's out of town on a project; one that I'm unable to talk about to anyone. Justin - So you're husband's out of town for months and you can't even tell anybody why. Hope - No. Justin - Wow. Hope - Yeah, wow, that's exactly how I feel. Ciara told me that she really wished that her Dad would be here for Christmas or at least for a little while. My God, he's been gone for so long and now I get the pleasure of telling her that wish isn't going to come true. It's so unfair.

Kate and Sami are in the square. Kate doesn't like that she practically pushed Sonny out the door to meet his Dad. Sami - What was I supposed to do? Let him blab everything to Will and EJ about ... Kate shushes her. You're worse than Gabi. Sami - Just cool it. Let's find Sonny. Kate points to Sonny who walks through the square in a daze. Sami - I bet he's going to the pub. Let's go.

Gabi - I guess you noticed what's going on when you got here. EJ - It would have been hard not to notice. The tension was so thick you could have cut it with a knife. Gabi - It was what Will was saying. Kate, Sami and I were trying to plan a surprise party for Will's birthday and Sonny found out and told Will. And you know how Sami gets when her surprises are ruined. EJ - You don't need to keep going on like this. Gabi - I don't know what you mean. EJ - Then let me explain. I think that it's admirable that you're trying to cover what's going on, I do. But just so that you understand, Samantha and I tell each other absolutely everything.

Sami and Kate rush up behind Sonny before he enters the pub. Sami grabs his hood and pulls him back. Sonny - Are you following me? Kate - We're trying to stop you from making an enormous mistake. Sami - You saw how happy Will was talking about his baby's first Christmas. If you do this you are going to take that happiness and smash it into a million pieces. Sonny - I know that but Nick is dead. That is the bottom line here. It doesn't matter what we thought of him, he's a person and he has a family and Will is part of that family. So his family has the right to know that Nick is gone. Kate - Yes, absolutely, you're right but they need to find out about it naturally. Sonny - What the hell does that even mean? Kate - They're going to stop hearing from Nick. They're going to make inquiries and eventually I'm sure that body is going to be found and it's going to look like he slipped and fell into the river, he hit his head and he drowned. Sonny - That's not how he died and you know it and his family deserves to know it too.

Segment 4: Dan - I'm just a little wary of pharmaceutical reps. I always wonder if they're agenda is profits not really patients. Abe - I hear you. I got to know Liam during the Autism fundraiser. He didn't just raise money he cares about kids, I can tell. Dan - I will take your word for that but I have to run.

Theresa threatens JJ. Don't try anything again to take her down because he'll go down and his mom will be a wreck and our good friend the doctor won't be in such great shape either. JJ - What are you going to do to Daniel? Theresa - He saved my life and he's the last person I want to get in trouble but he has been covering for you this whole time and I've watched enough lawyer shows to know that makes him an accessory after the fact. So you keep your mouth shut if you know what's good for you, your mom and Dr. Dan. Oh and hey, Merry Christmas.

Justin knows what it's like to worry about your kid. If there's anything Adrienne and I can do to help you through the holidays all you have to do is ask. Hope - Thank you. They hug again. Justin says Merry Christmas to the kids and leaves.

Sami tells Sonny she loves him. You're practically my son-in-law but come on, you act like you have this lock on what is right and what is wrong. You were the one hiding in a closet eavesdropping on a private conversation. Sonny - Are you comparing that to murder? Kate - No one is making any comparisons. I think what Sami is trying to say in a very ham-handed way is that it seems like you feel having this information is somehow a burden for you to deal with but the truth is you're the one who put yourself in the position to hear this information without our knowledge. Sami - You are clearly a moral person and I respect that, I admire that in you but you're acting like we snuck up on Nick and shot him in the back. Kate - And that is absolutely not true. I was there. It was ugly. He got ugly. He tried to rape Gabi. Sonny - You're doing it again. You're trying to make a case for justifiable homicide. Sami and Kate - OMG. Kate - Wait. I know that you feel you have to tell someone about it but do your really have to tell them a few days before Christmas. Telling them now, is that going to bring Nick back? It's not, is it?

EJ - The moment I walked in here I could see how upset you were and why wouldn't you be. Gabi - So you know? EJ shrugs. Samantha and Kate working together? That's quite a force to be reckoned with. Gabi - You saw that? EJ - It's hard to miss. They'll walk all over a girl like you. Gabi - Tell me about it. EJ - You know if you want to talk to me about it I would be happy to make your case with Samantha. Gabi - Sami and Kate can handle something like this but I don't know how much longer I can keep pretending.

Segment 5: Liam tells Jen he'll call her later and they'll firm up the time. He leaves. Abe - So how do you know Liam? Jen - Adrienne introduced us and we're going to go to dinner together. Abe - Interesting. Liam is a friend. You and he have a lot in common. Jen - It's just casual at this point but I'm looking forward to it. Abe tells her to take care and leaves. Anne drags Theresa away from the nurse's station. Gossip. I just saw Daniel and Jennifer together and I thought it was going to come to a fist fight. It was glorious. Anne doesn't have time to talk much - HR is waiting on the new badges. Theresa asks if one if for Jennifer. Theresa takes it - She's going to twist the knife a little.

Dan gets off the elevator on his floor and JJ is waiting outside his apt. door. Dan - I didn't understand your text. Are you okay? JJ - Not really.

EJ - Take your time, I think I can understand how you're feeling. Gabi - You do? EJ - Of course. One minute you have a modelling contract and you're moving to New York and the next minute the whole thing's gone. Gabi - Yeah, and the way everything fell apart. EJ - Tell me about that. Gabi - Sami didn't tell you? EJ - She did but I'd like to hear your side of that story. Gabi - Okay. The guy from New York; we found out he wasn't actually working for the modelling agency and then Sami found out what he really wanted ... EJ - That must have been terrible. Gabi - Yeah, so now you know everything right. EJ - Did Samantha threaten to tell William? Gabi - She didn't tell you? I thought you guys shared everything. EJ - We do. Gabi - Why was she nervous then when you guys showed up? EJ - Because she wasn't expecting me. Don't change the subject. Gabi - Right, sorry. Sami and Kate, they don't want me to leave town with Arianna obviously and they're both trying to get me to model for their companies and they think that they're being helpful but honestly it just feels like they're running my life. EJ - That would explain why they're spending so much time together. Gabi - Exactly. It actually feels really good to talk to somebody about this. EJ - Gabriella, when I told you that I knew everything that was going on I wasn't talking about a modelling contract. Gabi - I don't know what you mean. EJ - I think you do. Will comes back into the room. Figure out what you're going to get me?

Kate - Obviously Sami and I can't stop you from doing whatever it is you're going to do but we can ask you to think about the timing. Sami - It's reasonable, don't you think? Sonny - Are you worried about ruining Christmas or buying yourself some time? I just saw my Dad so I'm going to go. Kate - Wait a minute. He's expecting you to tell him something. What are you going to say. Sonny ignores the question and goes inside. Sami - He's not going to say anything. I can tell. Kate scoffs. Sami thinks what Kate said worked. Kate - He asked if I was buying time and I totally was. Sami - Either way you did buy the time now we have to figure out a way to shut him up for good. Kate - Oh please don't say it that way. Sami gets a text. I have to go. Kate - Where? Sami - I have to go find Ciara Brady, she has my earring. Kate - How did Ciara get it? Sami - Who knows. The point is she's a little kid and I'm great with kids, right. Trust me, I'm going to get all these loose ends sorted out. Kate peers inside the pub.

Sonny thanks his dad for meeting him. Justin - You sounded really strange on the phone. Are you finally ready to talk?

Segment 6: Theresa takes Jen her ID card. Jen tells her just to leave it on the desk. Theresa tells her she has to sign for it. Jen makes sure to read the document before signing. Theresa heard something about Jen and it sounds like good news. I'm so happy for you.

Dan lets JJ into his apt. What happened? JJ - I don't know where to start. Dan - If this is about your mom going on a date, I already know about it. I know it's tough but you are going to have to accept that she is moving on. JJ - Just now with you. Dan - No, definitely not with me but I'm alright with that because what's important now is you; keeping your crazy night with Theresa under wraps. JJ - I can't take it anymore. My mom thinks you're a low life. It's just wrong. Dan - It's not about right or wrong. It's the way things have to be for all concerned. This is not one of those situations where the truth will set you free. You know what it'll do to your mom if she finds out you were hanging out with Theresa. JJ - It's not just my mom I'm worried about, not anymore.

Hope tells the kids it's time to go. Ciara - I haven't finished my picture yet. Hope - Theo's Dad is waiting for us. Can you finish that when we get home? Ciara - But it might get wrinkled. Sami says Merry Christmas. Hope and Sami hug. Sami couldn't help but overhear. She offers to stay with Ciara while Hope drops off Theo. Hope says that would be fantastic. I won't be long. Hope and Theo leave. Sami tells Ciara it's so nice to spend some time with her; it's been a long time. Ciara - It's because you never come over to my house or invite me to yours. Sami - Well we should change that. That's a great picture of Justin Bieber. Ciara - It's a horse. Sami - Oh, must be the angle. I heard that you got something new and it's not even Christmas yet. I heard it's something beautiful.

Gabi - It's a good thing you didn't walk in earlier or you might have spoiled your whole Christmas. EJ - Luckily I think you'll still be surprised. Gabi is going to put all those gifts away. EJ is going to get going. Will thinks this Christmas will be better than the last one. Gabi's here, Ari's here, Sonny's here; seems perfect. EJ - I'm very happy for you but I wouldn't expect perfection.

Justin was afraid that what he said to him before might have put him off. Sonny - About what I heard being hearsay. Justin - Yeah. That was the lawyer talking. This is your Dad. Is anyone in any danger here? Is anyone's life at stake? Sonny - You mean am I making things worse by keeping quiet. Justin - Exactly. Sonny - Definitely not. Justin - That's a relief. Sonny - So I think I'm just going to keep it to myself. That is what I came here to tell you. Justin - Okay. Promise me if you decide to tell anyone I'll be your first call. Sonny - Of course. Justin - Your mom and I are going to see you and Will before Christmas, right? Sonny - Definitely. When Sonny comes outside Kate comments - That didn't take very long. You didn't say anything, did you? Sonny shakes his head no. Kate - Thank you. Sonny - Don't thank me yet.

Sami tells Ciara she lost something recently. Something very pretty; kind of like that present Ciara got. I was really sad when I lost it because it was a present from EJ. It was an earring, a diamond earring and I was so sad when I lost it because I've never owned anything that pretty before and it meant the world to me. Can I show it to you? I have the other one because I carry it around hoping to find the one that I lost. Maybe if you look at it you can see if it looks familiar to you. Ciara puts her hand on top of her backpack. Ciara - No, I've never seen anything like that before. Sami looks down at Ciara's hand.

Segment 7: Theresa - Hospital grapevine says you have a date with that hunky pharmaceutical rep Liam. I just wanted to say that I'm so happy you're moving on, starting a new chapter in your life. Oh I wanted to let you know there was never anything between me and Dr. Jonas. Jen has a lot of work to do ... Theresa - We talk but that's just because he's such a great friend to me but that's all it is. I thought you deserved to know that. She leaves.

Dan - You're worried about yourself too, that's what you meant, right? JJ - Yeah. It's lucky that we're the only two that know what happened that night. Dan agrees. I don't want Theresa to be any more a part of this than she already is. I know you feel bad about me and your Mom and I appreciate that but we need to stick to the plan. JJ - I guess we should. Thank you for talking me down. It's made everything very clear. Dan - Has it? Are you sure? JJ - Yes. I have to go.

Gabi tells will Arianna is the best thing that's ever happened to her. And you have been just awesome. You and Sonny both and I probably didn't deserve any of it. Will - Are you talking about your relationship with Nick? Gabi - No. I'm grateful to you for everything and if I lost this, what we have, I don't think I could stand it. She hugs him.

Sami heard the very pretty think Ciara found is an earring. It's kind of weird that you have an earring you found right at the same time I lost one. If you let me look at it I could see if maybe it's the one I lost. Ciara - But it isn't. Sami - I think I should look at it. Ciara - No. Sami - I think it's in that backpack. Ciara - No. Sami - Yeah it is and you better let me see it. Okay Ciara if it's the one I lost I will buy you 10 pairs of earrings for Christmas to replace it. Ciara - But I like this one. Sami - So you do have it. It's not nice to hold out on cousin Sami. Just give it to me. They start struggling over the backpack. Ciara - No, it's mine. Sami - What's inside it is mine and you know it. Give it back. Hope is back and breaks up the fight. Samantha, what are you doing?

EJ waylays Sonny - Where are you going? Home. EJ - Funny, you seemed in such a hurry to leave there earlier. Sonny - Yeah, don't take that personally. EJ won't. Sonny, I know. Sonny - What are you talking about? EJ - You don't need to pretend. Gabi told me everything.


Friday Dec 20

Segment 1: Dan opens his door and is surprised to see Eric there. You're supposed to be in the hospital. Eric knew he was coming to see him so he saved him a trip. Dan - Who released you? Eric - I'm fine. I'm not here to talk about my health; something more important, Nicole.

Nicole finds Miles sitting at her desk. What are you doing? Miles tells her to sit down. Nicole jokes about a shopping trip to Paris for her on air clothes. Miles - We're not talking about clothes tonight. We're talking about the fact that you're about to be green-lighted to go on the air at any moment now and you still haven't moved on the hottest story in town. You have direct access to the man of the hour so when are you going to be ready to put Fr. Randy on camera for an interview.

Jordan puts on some makeup and then looks at her fake ID's. Cue f/b of kiss. It's all a lie. All of it.

Rafe is standing by his chair when there's a knock on the door. It's open Jordan. Kate walks in. Is it open to me as well?

When Gabi hugs Will he asks what's going on with her today.

Ciara pleads with her Mommy to help her. She's trying to take my backpack. Sami - No, I'm not. I lost an earring and it's very valuable and it's inside this backpack. Ciara - No, it's not. Sami - It is you little liar ... Hope - Stop. I would choose my words very carefully right now if I were you Sami. Sami - Your daughter is mistaken. Hope - Is that why you got into it with an eight year old; for an earring? Sami - It's not just and earring. Sami hands over the other one. Hope - No, it's not. It's more like a down payment. Ciara ...

When EJ lies and says Gabi told him everything Sonny replies - I'm not sure I understand. Cue f/b of him overhearing the murder confession. What exactly did Gabi tell you? EJ - She told me what went down with Samantha and Kate. It's okay, you can talk to me.

Sami - Look Ciara, maybe I overreacted but it's because these earring were a present to me from EJ and they mean everything to me but that doesn't justify how I acted. Ciara - She scared me Mommy. Hope - She didn't mean it. I still don't get how you think the earring is in her backpack. Sami - Because she showed it to Allie. Allie told me that Ciara has one exactly like the one I'm missing. When I asked Ciara about it she threw up a wall. That's when I said she was ... Hope - Remember what I said about choosing your words, it's still in effect. Sami - That's how I knew she was mistaken. Hope kneels down in front of Ciara. Honey, can I see what's inside your backpack. Ciara - It's not her earring. Hope - Well, is it like her earring. Come on, Ciara, can I see it? Ciara - This is mine. It's private. Sami grabs it - Just open it. Ciara fights her ... Hope tries to break it up as Sami keeps ranting.

EJ says something about talking in private, I know you want to keep William in the dark. Sonny - That wasn't my idea. Kate and Sami put up a huge fight to get me to keep my mouth shut. EJ - Believe me, I know what it's like to be double-teamed by those two. Sonny - I shouldn't blame them because the truth is I should be honest with Will but imagine having to sit him down and to tell him that ... Lucas walks up. Sonny, Merry Christmas. He sees EJ - Uh, you too.

Segment 2: Nicole - This is a complex story. Miles - We're in television, we don't believe in complex. Nicole - Did you get my memo about my preliminary interview with Brady Black. Miles - You want to lead with Brady Black, I love that. Put him in bed with the priest then you can lead with Brady Black. Have you been gone for so long that you've flippin' forgotten that you have to grab their attention. X-rated video debuting in the parish church, that grabs my attention! This is a no brainer. Nicole - The church is dead set against letting Fr. Eric on camera. Miles - So what, they are not the boss of us.

Dan would rather talk about the tests he just ran. Eric - You don't have to cover. I know what's going on. Nicole told me that you two were seeing each other now. You should know that I'm behind it.

Kate - I won't stay long. I just wanted to bring by a couple of things. She shows him some outfits for Arianna. I knew you couldn't get out so I thought I'd pick up a few things for Arianna for you to give her for Christmas. Rafe - That was really nice of you but I kind of already did that. Kate - How? Rafe - The internet. And I asked Jordan to wrap some of the things that I got that's why I was expecting her. Kate - Well that's sweet. A physical therapist and personal shopper all rolled into one. Rafe - I actually figured she'd be here by now.

Jordan is holding one of the gifts she wrapped. It's not fair to you Rafe but what's fair to me? She gets a text from Rafe and she replies that she's on her way.

EJ - Thank you for the season's greeting Lucas. You almost sounded like you meant it. Lucas - Well I am very full of the holiday spirit right now. Not even you can ruin my mood. EJ - Why don't you take you mood and go someplace else, Sonny and I need to talk. Lucas - I love when you talk to me like that, I really do but actually Sonny and I have a matter of the utmost importance ... clock's ticking. We've got to get there. Come on. Sonny - Ari ... right! Lucas - Taking pictures with Santa. It's going to be great. And you, you're more than welcome to join us on our wholesome family fun if you'd like. EJ - Sonny, we need to talk. Sonny - It will have to wait until later. I'm really sorry. Lucas - And I'll check Santa's naughty or nice list to see which one you fall under. After they leave EJ jeers - Irritating twit. Samantha, what have you done now?

Ciara pulls her backpack away and goes to stand behind her Mom. Sami - Hope, I'm sorry if I'm overreacting but I just don't know how to explain to EJ that I've lost his 30 thousand dollar earring. Hope - 30 thousand dollars? Ciara, let me see what's in that backpack. Ciara - It's not fair; anybody else you'd have to have a warrant. Hope - Honey please. Hope goes through the backpack and finds the earring and hands it to Sami. Sami - OMG, that's it. I'm sure when she found it she didn't know that it belonged to me, to anyone. And Ciara, I will honour my promise. I will buy you 10 pairs of earrings for being such a hero and returning my earring. Ciara - I like that one. Sami - So do I. Hope tells Ciara they will talk about this later. Sami - Thank you Hope for all your help now I'll get out of here. Hope - Fine but next time come to me first, please. Sami - You got it. I just hope there's not a next time.

Segment 3: Sami calls Kate from outside the D mansion. I found my earring. Now there's no way it can be tied to what we did to Nick. Kate - Things are getting better. Sonny said nothing to Justin about what he knows. Sami is in the foyer now. I told you he's a great kid. You need to come here. We have to plan what's going to happen next. Kate - Actually I'm busy. Sami - What! You have better things to do. Kate - Yes. It got a little sketchy today but maybe things are looking up now so just relax and enjoy it. Sami can't believe Kate hung up on her and mutters something about that.

Hope - But you do see that it was wrong to try and hide Sami's earring, right? Ciara - She was so mean. She made me mad. Hope - I know she made you mad but it wasn't your earring, you just found it. Ciara - No I didn't. It was a special present from Theo.

Will - I know how much you gave up when you decided not to go to New York. I know you did it for Ari but you also did it for Sonny and me so I want to do something for you. If there's something not working here you just say the word and I can change it. Gabi - No, you know what, Sonny is a very lucky guy. Lucas and Sonny come in. Lucas - Is she ready for her close-up? Will - What? Sonny - Ari, we're taking her to see Santa. Will - Right. He asks Lucas if he wants to help get her ready. Gabi can do that. Will - It's alright. I want Dad to see how cute she is when she wakes up. Lucas - I know that trick. You want me to change the diaper. They go into the bedroom. Sonny - It's okay. I didn't tell my Dad anything. Gabi - Thank you so much. Sonny - What I don't get is why would you tell EJ. Gabi - I didn't. He just seemed very suspicious and he even tried to trick me into telling him. Sonny - Oh okay. So when he couldn't get you to slip he moved in on me. Gabi - OMG, please tell me that didn't work.

Rafe thanks Kate for the gifts. That was really thoughtful. Kate - Actually there is one more thing. Back when we were seeing each other I ordered you a Christmas present and forgot all about it and then suddenly it showed up this morning. Rafe - You did not have to do that. Kate - I did it and it's a special order; I can't return it and I can't use it so you might as well have it. It's an autographed baseball. Merry Christmas Det. Hernandez. Rafe - This is signed by the 1998 team. Kate - Is that a good thing? Rafe - I can not believe that you did this! First I can't believe that you remembered that this is my favourite team. Kate - I remembered because when you telling me about that playoff game with the Giants ... I could just totally see what you must have been like as a little boy because it was the least serious, most happy I'd ever, ever seen you. There's a knock on the door. Jordan comes in bearing a small tree. When she sees Kate she asks if this is a bad time.

Miles - Listen Nicole, I want you to think about something. What I loved about you before is that you had this killer instinct. Nothing, no one stopped you. I don't see it anymore. I don't know where that Nicole went. All this time working for the good father, what happened to you. Get religion?

Dan didn't expect to hear that from him. Eric - You've been a good friend to me. Of course I want you to be happy. I'm truly happy about Nicole. Dan - You are? Eric - Yeah, just relieved that as much as I hurt her, she's moved on; not paralyzed. Dan - You're being pretty harsh on yourself here. Eric - I was horrible to her. Dan - Look Eric, there was a hell of a lot of fallout from what Kristen did and you were pushed pretty hard. Eric - Doesn't change what I did. But I decided I can't let what happened stop me from being a priest. Dan - Good, don't. Eric - We're going to clear my name. I'm going to be reinstated. Dan - And you know I'll help you anyway I can, right? Eric - I do. I know I can't do this without your help or Nicole's. But I'm glad to know that whatever she may have felt is over and gone because if it wasn't I don't think I could accept her help. I just want you to know I'm happy for you both even if I have a selfish motive.

Segment 4: Dan - Eric, there's something I want to tell you ... Nicole returns. Eric, what are you doing here? Eric - I was telling Daniel that I was very happy for the two of you. Nicole - Oh. Eric turns to Dan - Was there something you were going to tell me? Dan - I have to get to the hospital and check on your tests. Eric - I'll go with you. Nicole - Actually if you have some time you can hang out here and we can talk. Eric - Okay. Nicole tells Dan not to be long; I'll be waiting. He leaves.

Jordan - I didn't know you had company. She points to what he's holding - What is that? Rafe - Well this is a present slash housewarming gift from Kate. It's a 1998 Cubs ball. It's only signed by the whole team. How cool is that! Jordan - Very cool! Kate - Is that little Christmas tree for Rafe. That's sweet. This place needs to be more festive. Rafe - Jordan, thanks. That's cool too. Why don't you put it down right here for now. She does. And here is Ari's presents and remember to sign the card. Okay ... she turns to leave. Rafe asks where she's going. Jordan - I don't want to interrupt. Kate - You're not. I was just leaving. So good seeing you. Have a great Christmas. Outside the door she mutters Happy New Year bitch!

Sami is in the foyer talking on her cell with a portfolio opened. The doorbell rings. It's Hope. Sami - Hi, where's Ciara? Hope - Abe is watching her for a little bit. I thought we ought to talk. Sami - I'm so sorry, I'm in the middle of ... Hope - It won't take long. It's about the earring. Sami - All's well that ends well. Hope - I don't Ciara thinks or feels that all ended well and since you left immediately after you were done berating her you didn't hear that she wasn't the one who found the earring. It was Theo. He gave it to her as a present. Sami - Either way she was hiding the earring in her backpack. She had it and she was totally stonewalling me. Hope - All you had to do was just wait until I got back. She's a child Sami! EJ walks into the foyer and eavesdrops on the conversation going on in the living room. Sami - You're right. I was thinking about the earring. I was thinking about having to explain it to EJ. I was upset. I was wrong. Hope - You were also careless about a 30 thousand dollar earring. Where did you lose that anyway? Sami - It doesn't matter now. The point is Theo or Ciara found it and that's the most important thing. The point is I got it back. Hope - No the point is where Theo found it. He picked it up by Walker Falls, right across the river from Big Rock.

Sonny - So now we know we have to be very careful around EJ. If Lucas hadn't showed up I would have told him everything. Gabi - Thank God he did. Sonny - But if EJ did find out I would remind him that I kept my mouth shut about the video of Sami and Bernardi. Gabi - Sami was trying to save Rafe. Sonny - You said Nick was going to rape you. You didn't mean to kill him. Gabi - You need to understand okay. At the river, when we were putting Nick's body into the water, he opened his eyes. Not only that, he reached out and grabbed Sami's arm and tried to pull her in with him. Sonny - He was a peach of a guy to the very end but you three are very lucky. You're lucky no one saw you. People hike up there all the time. Gabi - There was one guy, a birdwatcher, but we don't think he knows anything. Sonny - What do you mean, you don't think. Gabi - He acted like he didn't know anything the next day when we saw him in the square. He was just real friendly. Sonny - Okay. If he saw you dump Nick's body I doubt he'd be real friendly. Gabi - Too friendly, weird friendly. Sonny - You're sure it was the same guy. Gabi - Positive. He's got this English accent, and he says hi funny - he says Greetings, and it's like he was looking for us. Sonny - I think you're being a little paranoid. I'm sure this is just a big coincidence. Will and Lucas come out with the oh so adorable Ari. Alright, who's ready for some photos. Gabi whispers to Sonny - Let's just hope it's not a mug shot.

Sami - That doesn't make sense. What was Theo doing down by Walker Falls. Hope - Abe took him for a hike. He didn't tell Abe what he'd found; he just gave it to Ciara. So I guess the question is what we you doing wearing 30 thousand dollar earrings in a secluded place by the river. Sami - I wasn't. I didn't. I must have lost it somewhere in town and someone else took it there. Hope - So they were lost twice? Someone finds an obscenely expensive piece of jewelry and drops it by the river? Sami thinks it's the only explanation that makes sense. EJ heads out.

Segment 5: Nicole tells Eric that she just had a meeting with her producer and even though he's sleazy he did have a very good point about putting Eric on camera. Eric - The church doesn't want me to give any interviews. Nicole argues. It's like they don't want you to clear your name. You have to get out there and defend yourself or people are going to wonder why you're keeping quiet. Eric - I can't control what people think. Acts are what matter. Nicole - If you don't think public perception is important then you are being naïve. You have a tool to clear your name and you're letting your pals at the church take it from your hands. Eric - That's not how it works. Nicole - Than what it is that they're giving you in return? Eric - They're giving me a chance to get back what really matters to me, my job, my vocation, my life.

Dan is on the phone. Let me ask you this, if we identify what was in Eric Brady's blood, which clearly is a very sophiscated poison, what is the next step in trying to connect it to whoever concocted it; how do we find the S.O.B.

Dr. Chyka is also on his phone. I'm packing now. Of course I should steer clear of The States. Kristen DiMera would insist in fact but she's nowhere to be found and your offer is too lucrative to pass up. I'll be on the next flight. He looks down at a file with Eric Brady's name on it.

Sami thinks Hope needs to talk to the person who found her earring in the first place because she doesn't know what else to say. Hope - Honey, we're family. This isn't official, just talking, that's all. Although I have to say if a witness tried to sell me this story I wouldn't buy it for a second. All of my instincts are telling me there's a lot more to the story than you're sharing with me.

EJ is at the riverbank with a flashlight. Ok Samantha Gene Brady, what the hell have you been doing down here. He starts looking around.

Segment 6: Jordan - I dropped off Ari's presents and that dumb little tree ... Rafe - It's not a dumb tree; it's little yes but I like it. Jordan - Now I've see your castle so I should go. Rafe - Seriously! I've been waiting all day for you to get here and now you're just going to turn around and go. We're not going to go through this whole song and dance again are we. Please say no. Jordan - The thing is I've been thinking about this a lot and ... Rafe - And you don't want to be with me unless you're on the clock, right? Jordan - No! Rafe - It was a joke. Jordan - What I was going to say is that it's the holidays. You have friends, family that you want to spend time with. Maybe I should give you some space until after New Years. Rafe - Hold on. Don't you get it. I don't want space. I want to be with you.

Eric - I know you're trying to help me but there are limits. Fr. Matt's been great to me. We've been meeting on a regular basis to help me deal with the suspension. I'm not going to go against his wishes. Nicole - This isn't just making your heart break but also your mother's, your sister's ... Eric - I know that. I also know that I'm exhausted. We can have this debate another time. BTW, I meant what I said. I'm happy for both you and Daniel. He leaves.

Lucas, Gabi, Will with Ari and Sonny arrive at the Santa station in the square. Lucas goes to get a number or ticket. Will - Gosh, these things are so cheesy but I like them. Sonny - Elves make me nervous. I don't trust them. They do have great shoes though. Kate walks up. Kate gushes over Ari - she is so adorable. Lucas tells them the line is not that bad so the guys get in line. Kate tells Gabi that all is quiet on the western front. I talked to Sami and she said everything is fine which means we have nothing to worry about.

Sami - Look I'm sorry. I understand that you're still angry about the way I treated Ciara and I apologise again for that but that doesn't make me a suspect. Put yourself if my shoes. If you had something that meant so much to you that Uncle Bo had given you, if you lost it, wouldn't you go a little crazy too? It doesn't make me guilty of anything. Hope - I never said it did. She smiles and hugs Sami. Sorry, we're both overreacting a little bit today. Holidays can do that to us, can't think? Sami - Yes and maybe for you you're all keyed up knowing Uncle Bo is coming home soon. Silence. He's not coming back? Hope - I can't really get into that but no, he's not coming back and I don't know how I'm going to tell Ciara about that. Sami - OMG. Now I feel really horrible. She hugs Hope. I'm so sorry ... that poor kid.

EJ complains. A needle in a bloody haystack would be easier to miss. I don't even know what I'm looking for. He catches a glimpse of something in the shrubs and shines a light on it. He picks up the monogrammed name tag off of Nick's backpack and leaves.

Segment 7: Nicole is complaining to Dan that Eric is going through this horrible stuff because of that evil woman and he won't even let her help him. Dan - I know how much you want to which is why I didn't contradict what you told him about us. I've come to the conclusion that you're right on this one. Nicole loves when people have to admit she's right. Dan - Before you get too excited he made it really clear that he'd refuse your help if he thought that you still had feelings for him. Nicole - I know but I'm done. I've moved on and I'm going to wash that man right out of my hair.

Eric is asleep. He's wearing his collar when he walks up to Dan's open apt door. Nicole and Dan are dancing but she comes to him when she sees him and then closes the door in his face.

Jordan - You're really kind of impossible. Rafe - Did you know impossible was just another word for determined, so yes I am especially when it comes to getting to know you better. So maybe you should just stop trying to fight it. Someone watches through the open door.

Sami - I'm sorry again and I promise I'm going to do everything I can to give Ciara the best Christmas ever, okay. Hope - Sorry about ... Sami - Me too. Hope hugs her - Love you honey. Sami - Love you too. Bye Aunt Hope. After she closes the front door she leans against it and mutters - This is getting exhausting. What next!

An elf tells the group that they're next. Lucas wants everyone in the shot. Sonny and Will on one side, mom and Gabi on the other. Will puts Ari in Santa's lap. Lucas snaps just as Santa says 'Greetings' in an English accent.

EJ returns. Sami wakes up from a little catnap in the easy chair. When did you get here? EJ - A moment ago. I was here earlier. You were in a middle of a conversation with Hope so I thought I'd give you some privacy. Sami - Thank you. EJ - I took a lovely walk actually. I went down to the river across from Big Rock. Sami - Oh I see. Obviously you heard my conversation with Hope. Maybe I should have told you about the missing earring. Maybe there's a lot of things that get left unsaid around here. Like I said to Hope, all's well that ends well. EJ - I wonder. Sami - What does that mean? EJ - You didn't happen to lose anything else down there, did you, I mean aside from the earring. Something by the river, in the river? Sami - You should have stayed to eavesdrop longer. You would have heard me explain to Hope that I was in fact never down by the river. EJ - It's probably just a coincidence anyhow. Sami - What's a coincidence? EJ - Oh ... he pulls out the name tag. I found this by the river; just a few feet from where Hope said Theo found that earring.

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