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January 28 2009 at 3:41 AM

Goldberry  (Login Goldberry190906)

Response to Goldberry...way to grow!

I have to disagree with you: I DO look bad with a middle part! wink.gif

I came up with something yesterday (that claw-clip thing I tried and failed to describe above) which creates a sort of right part. I'm posting a picture later. Right now my bangs are still too short to "side-sweep" them because they won't stay behind my ears and I don't want to use a lot of styling products. But once they are long enough, I'll definitely go for a right part. I have a couple of "hooks" in my hairline, and a right-side part would probably hide them all. It also takes the emphasis of my square chin and would look les madonna-ish with my straight hair.

I like the George Michael theory about parting on the right. I also really like his promise that the bangs will grow faster than the rest. wink.gif

I think your hair is so pretty - I wish I had some waves. Oh, and I think I'll have to visit your blog! It looks like dh and I may possibly not have any kids of our own, but adoption is an option. This rhymes. LOL! I think it's so great you're adopting kids from Ukraine. My aunt's best friend has adopted twins from Ukraine. They were six years old when they came to Germany, and the first couple of months were really, really hard because the kids couldn't speak German yet and they were scared all the time that they would be separated. But this is now a couple of years ago, and they now speak German fluently without any accent and they are just plain wonderful children. Not only stunningly pretty (GORGEOUS thick, red, long hair), but also extremely polite and well-behaved/gentle, even though their new mom's way of raising them is more on the "laissez-faire" side. They are very popular among the other kids, too. So that adoption was definitely a big success. I'm hoping and praying that yours will be, too!

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