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Re: Hit The Road

May 9 2012 at 7:14 PM
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Response to Re: Hit The Road

calling card? I'm not trying to deceive anyone. I have used those words before when it was so obvious that you are looking up new big words to make yourself sound intelligent. However, I am not the only person who has noticed you newly acquired vocabulary, I am not the only person who made reference to your new found use of the dictionary.

By the way, you did not sign-in for the last few posts. I have no intention of signing in. I see no need to sign in. It's not required. All of a sudden you chose to sign-in. Good for you. You've have given yourself countless names over the last few years. In all likelihood you will put Lee to sleep and adopt a new handle. Maybe your next character with be a female. That would be nothing new to you, you've been there before. As always, with first few posts you will reveal yourself. You can hide behind any name you choose, that will not change who you are or what you are. You need to grow up and get a life that extends beyond this forum, beyond the topic of Natalie's death, beyond your distorted admiration for Robert Wagner. You feed him to the wolves just to stir the pot, to entice people to speak negatively about him. When no one responds, you post something inane to attract negative attention. You can't exist without posting your crap here or on IMDB. Yes, IMDB where you claim you don't post. You are fooling no one. You can't make it through the day without posting some garbage here or on IMDB. Your posts have been sick and cruel but you try to erase your inbred nastiness by playing the good boy or girl role but that never lasts too long because that's not you. You can't post without lying. Last week you reported that on the Natalie-RJ groups etc, the members were criticizing Courtney. No one said a negative word about her. It just so happens that these things were said on private groups that you belong to, groups that you were asked to name by you did not because the groups don't exist. That's sick, to make up something like that to start trouble. Only a person with your deviant behavior would think to do such a thing. It's sick but you'll keep right on doing it because that's what you are. I've given you far more time than you are worth.

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