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You know....

November 22 2006 at 8:16 AM
asg  (no login)

Response to I wouldn't hold your breath

I try to restrain Steve from writing things like this as it just doesnt' belong but you are getting really bothersome with your condescending tone and arrogant stance that you seem to know everything....

DO you meet with brand executives and know their thoughts?

DO you have any insight into what really goes on behind the scenes at Journe or any brand?

DO you even understand what the brand Journe represents? HAven't you sold both your Journes on the TZ?

If you have nothing good to say and if you dont have any evidence or rationalization behind your statements, keep them to yourself.

I hear from Journe staff that Montres Journe is developing something special for release in April or so....let's all keep out pants on and see how wrong Steve is.

Sorry Steve, but you set yourself up.....

Moderators - delete at will. My apologies....

Happy Thanksgiving to all!


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