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Recent visit to the Tokyo boutique...

November 14 2006 at 7:28 PM
DennisB  (Login DennisB43)

I just got home from my recent trip to Japan and wanted to give you this short report on my visit to the Tokyo Journe boutique. Admittedly, I was really looking forward to it and maybe seeing some new editions. OK, so I'm idealistic. The visit was very nice but, alas, nothing new (sigh).

In this photo, am I wearing a Journe, which would have been entirely appropriate? Of course not! I'm wearing a Sinn U1, a great travel watch as I kept finding out bumping it into trees, temples, taxi drivers opening their doors for me (quite unlike my home town of NYC!) and other Westerners.

I was greeted by Mr. Naoya Hida, the Directeur General of the shop, who was extremely gracious and hospitable. Understandably, Hida-san didn't want his photo taken, so of course I obliged and behaved myself. He showed me the Limited Edition Resonance in TI/RG that I thought was magnificent, yet not magnificent enough to threaten removing my boys from college to purchase it.

Then, after drooling over a Tourbillion, and then trying on some CSs in both metals and both sizes, I saw what I personally loved; a Chrono in RG with gray dial, a color combination that I had never seen, and far different from my PT/YG version, not a bad piece in its own right.

Admittedly, after seeing the CSs, which I've previously viewed at a local AD, I must say that they just don't do it for me. OK, I'm nuts, but I'm honest about it.

After about an hour and using up Mr. Hida's and his lovely assistants' time, I purchased a beautiful strap for my Zodiaque (I had to walk out with something, right?!), and accepted some Journe catalogues offered by my host. I then left for the streets of Tokyo, then Nikko, Nara, and Kyoto. Great trip, absolutely fantastic sights and the most gracious people.

If you read this, Hida-san, thank you again for your time and hospitality. And, just as important, your sense of humor about watch people.

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(Login bs22fly)

Thanks for the HUGE photo's!

November 14 2006, 7:53 PM 

First of how do you post such large photo's? I had to hook my computer to my friends 60 inch tv just to view them . Glad to see you had an enjoyable trip to Tokyo and visiting Montres Journe Japon KK. Thanks for sharing the photo's. I agree the RG Chrono with WG dial is really special!!!

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(Login DennisB43)

Here's how I post such large photos...

November 14 2006, 8:31 PM 

It's because I don't know how to post small ones.

Actually, the photos are large because I wanted viewers to be able to actually see the watches. Unfortunately they're poor quality, but they're better than nothing, IMHO.

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Edwin H. Heusinkveld
(Login EdHe)
PP Discussion Group

Nice report ... one pic a little enhanced

November 15 2006, 11:32 AM 

and reduced in size


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(Login DennisB43)

Thanks, Edwin. Now can you do the others?

November 15 2006, 6:06 PM 


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(Login bs22fly)

that really is a beautiful color combo

November 15 2006, 9:02 PM 

wow... i've never seen that combo but it may be the best for the chrono yet!

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