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Octa winder settings

October 22 2005 at 2:37 AM

felipe  (Login fjordao)
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The question of the appropriate winder settings for Octas has come up several times. Below are the relevant threads and a reply from Fran├žois-Paul himself:

Most of the winding machines available on the market, are geared toward "generic" movements. Unless the machine is calibrated to the watch; systematic and daily use (leaving the watch more than 8 hours) of the machine will generate faster wear and tear of the main spring and its grease.

In our case, our Octa movement is faster (two times) to rewind on a Cyclotest Chapuis than a 2892 (for example). We go from 0 to 120 hours in one hour and half. Same hour and half needed to fully rewind a 2892.

This applies to most (if not all) automatic watches. This is the reason why certain members of the Academie create their own winding boxes.

Relevant threads:

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