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MSM cream

June 11 2009 at 2:07 PM

wannabecee  (Login wannabecee)

Any ideas whethter it would be good to use the cream on the breasts? Some of the things on google say that people have gotten breakouts and put on weight from MSM. maybe a cream is better?

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MSM Cream

June 11 2009, 4:49 PM 

I read a thread just a few days ago where BellaBB admits to putting MSM in her Body Bawdy (along with PM), so while I'm not sure if it's available in a cream by itself, I know that others have used it this way. :) And BellaBB did have some amazing results! Hope this helps!


(Login melly007)

Re: MSM cream

June 11 2009, 5:37 PM 

Actually they sell MSM cream for joints...I know cause I used it a couple of years ago on one of my knee (was kinda stiff due to an injury while playing tennis 2 years prior)...It did help with my knee but I can't vouch for it as far as NBE is concerned...Maybe you could be our guinea-pig wannabecee...lol...

Those who're using MSM powder, can mix some with their cream and see what happen...you'll probably have to mix it with some hot water first to dilute it before mixing with a cream...but would be interesting to know if it's effective or not...I remember wahaika said something about DMSO being good for massage...

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Re: MSM cream

June 11 2009, 6:26 PM 

MSM is water soluble and it can penetrate the skin too so you could mix the poweder into any lotion and use that.

Another issue is whether MSM carries out its effects (on breasts or any tissue) in its original form, or after being further processed. If the second, then I don't think topical application would be more beneficial...

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