Episode guide[~ Week One ~]

by h20


The town is celebrating their fiesta on the beach! Everyone is cheering for Victoria for she is the reason they get a lot of fish. Azon goes into labor and Victoria helps her give birth, and everyone cheers, yet again, for her. Later that night, Elias is looking off into the ocean, and Victoria thinks that he’s thinking about their soon-to-be wedding. He actually was thinking of the better life he’s long been hoping for. She hugs him and says that she will live whatever life, just as long as it’s with him.
~ Manding and Gaspar tell Elias that they haven’t been getting a lot of fish for the past couple of days, so they ask if he can get Victoria to summon her power to get more fish. She’s walking by and knows that they need her help. Later, everyone gets a lot of big fish, and they give her the biggest one to show gratitude.
~ Gaspar runs to Elias and Manding, and tells them that the resort has been bought by a new owner. They go to the gates of the big house, trying to see who bought it. They see these people coming down the stairs and notice how beautiful Esther is. Elias and Esther look at each other and there is instant chemistry.
~ Elias and Manding go to the resort to drop off a big fish as a welcoming gift. Pilar is excited to see such a big fish since Esther loves eating fish, so she brings them inside to put it in the kitchen. Esther comes down the stairs and they look into their eyes longingly. Later, they have a picnic on the beach. When Elias feeds Esther watermelon, she’s embarrassed that he treats her like a little kid, but it’s his way of treating a queen. He also admits that the first time he saw her, he knew that she was the kind of woman that he’s always wanted to marry. Esther laughs as she can’t believe that men in the province are much faster than the men in Manila. He believes that if you love someone, you don’t want to waste a single minute with them.
~ A couple days after, Elias waves to Esther, who’s on the balcony. Pilar makes a comment that they will be eating fish all the time. Pilar, then, is shocked that Esther is calling him by his first name, and that it seems it’s not just the fish that he’s caught, but her as well. Esther says that there’s nothing wrong since they’re both single. Pilar hopes that she’s not interested in him just because she’s looking for a father figure, but she disagrees and says that he’s the only guy that has treated her this way. So Pilar cautions her to be careful with her heart. Now, they always hang around each other all day by the beach. One time, during sunset, he tells her that he loves her and they kiss.
~ Victoria goes to the edge of a cliff and calls for Dugong. She comes out of the water in a snake-like form. Victoria asks her if she's seen Elias. She says yes, but with someone else. Victoria doesn’t believe it, but Dugong warns her not to cry when she finds out the truth. Later that night, Elias goes to Victoria’s home (they were living together), and he packs up his stuff. Victoria is confused and pleads with him not to leave because she will die without him. He explains that it wasn’t a secret that this isn’t the life he wanted, so when the time comes, he would leave her. In a desperate attempt, she says that she will go with him just as long as they’re together. But he just tells her to leave him since his future doesn’t include her and walks out, leaving her heart broken.
~ Victoria goes to Dugong the next day. She's not surprised about what has happened as she warned her before that Elias is a cheater. Victoria asks her what she can do to get him back, especially since she made him fall in love with her before. Dugong says that there is nothing she can do as he loves the other person more.
~ Esther and Elias have a wedding by the sea at sunset. After they kiss, Victoria shows up in a black dress. She goes to Esther and touches her 2-month tummy. Esther sees the curse that Victoria puts on her: the baby will be born deformed. Victoria walks away, and a big tidal wave crashes the wedding. Later that night, Esther and Elias are fighting. He admits that they were together, but once he was with Esther, he broke things off with Victoria. She doesn’t believe it, but he reassures her he loves her and only her. Meanwhile, on the cliff, on her knees, crying, Victoria screams to the dark night that they both will regret the day that they fell in love as their kid will pay for all the hurt that they have caused her, and she causes a storm!
~ 6 months later, Pilar and Esther go to Victoria’s house. Victoria sees that Esther has one more month until she gives birth. Esther pleads to get rid of the curse as the baby had nothing to do with Victoria’s relationship with Elias. Victoria laughs since it’s like what they’re fighting about is just candy. Esther says that she feels sorry for her, and that she didn’t know about them before. So Victoria gives her 3 choices: 1) to kneel before her and eat the land she walks on, 2) to give her the baby, or 3) to give her Elias. Esther thinks that she is crazy, but she tells her that she can do more crazy things when it comes to Elias. She then tells her to leave before she turns her into a turtle. So Esther takes the glass of water, throws it into Victoria’s face, and rushes out of the house.
~ Manding and Elias are fighting on the beach because the town is blaming him for the loss of fish for a month. Elias is angered as it is not he who has the power to call the fish. Manding explains that they never had a bad problem with fish when he and Victoria were together. But Elias can’t go to her since she is really mad at him. Manding tells him that he should’ve married her instead of Esther. Elias, now furious, tells him that he doesn’t care if they starve or don’t make money, because he loves Esther and no one can tell him what to do.
~ At the resort, Pilar, regrettably, tells Esther that maybe she should give Victoria what she wants. Elias goes up the stairs and overhears their conversation. Crying, Esther says that she’s not going to let this happen, that she’s not going to let Victoria get anything from her. Pilar worries about the curse, but Esther doesn’t want to be tied to it. She believes that Victoria is a human just like everyone else, and it is God who we follow. She trusts that He won’t neglect them.
~ Upon hearing this, Elias goes back to Victoria, and she promises to get rid of the curse. Later that night, Esther throws rocks at Victoria’s house and is screaming for him to get out. He opens the door, and she sees that they both have made love. He wants to explain, but she doesn’t want to hear it and breaks down. So now, Esther is by herself, Victoria is happy with Elias, and the town is happy that they’re getting all this fish again.
~ Esther is in labor. Elias goes to the hospital, and Pilar tells him that she has given birth to a normal, baby girl named Cristina. He’s happy. Later, Victoria asks if he wants to see them, but, to avoid a fight, he says that he’s already with her, so it doesn’t matter. Victoria reveals that she’s going to have a baby also. As years past, Esther is happy taking care of Cristina by herself, Victoria has given birth to her own daughter named Luna, and Elias is still not happy. One day, Elias visits Esther and sees his daughter, but she is angered by his face and goes inside the house.
~ It’s Cristina’s (played by Jane Oineza) 7th birthday, and she has a big party. All of a sudden, while opening her presents, Cristina feels sick. The doorbell rings, and Esther opens it up. It’s Elias, who has come to greet his daughter and give her his present. She orders Pilar to bring Cristina upstairs. Furiously, she tells him that he can give it to his other child and that they‘re happy, just the two of them. In Cristina’s bedroom, Pilar is freaking out since Cristina keeps crying. She says that her feet are hot, and so Pilar is trying to dampen her with a washcloth, but it’s not working. And then Cristina says that she can’t breathe. Just then, Cristina’s feet turn into a mermaid’s tail. Pilar screams and Esther and Elias go upstairs. They’re shocked at what has happened to their daughter. Elias runs out knowing who did this. He goes to Victoria’s home, and, in a violent rage, he’s chasing her on the beach. Luna (played by Kristel Fulgar) is telling them to stop. He takes a paddle and hits Victoria’s back. She falls to the ground, and before he can take another swing, she calls for Dugong. She comes out of the water and takes Elias away...
Episode 2: February 24, 2004
~ Esther tells Pilar to get water. She doesn’t understand how this could’ve happened. When Elias is gone, Luna goes to her mom and calls for help. All the citizens go to help her, and Victoria can’t feel her legs.
~ The next day, Lorelei is skipping on the beach and comes across an unconscious Elias. He doesn’t wake up when she shakes him, so she thinks that she is dead. She calls for help, but he gets up. When she turns around, she sees Elias and asks if he saw the dead body on the beach. He looks at her funny and says “pag-ibig." She thinks that he is professing his love for her.
~ Pilar brings breakfast to Esther, who has spent all night in the swimming pool with Cristina, who's happily swimming around. Esther wonders if this could be the curse, but they thought that it was gone when Elias went back to Victoria. She tells Pilar to close the resort so that no one will know about this, and that she’s not going to let her daughter be a mermaid.
~ Victoria is in her bed surrounded by Manding, Azon, and Gaspar. They ask her if she wants to go to the hospital. She says that she is ok, but they are worried that if she were to die, what would happen to them. She assures them that nothing will happen to her, and when the day comes that she will pass away, Luna will take her place. Luna overhears this.
~ Elias is looking out into the ocean. Gaspar, Azon, and Manding see him and ask him if he knows what happened to Victoria. He looks at them in a daze. Lorelei goes to them and tells Elias (who she now calls “pag-ibig”) not to talk to them because they’re gossipers. She brings him along with her, and they look at each other wondering what has happened to Elias.
~ Victoria wants water and screams for Luna, but she is nowhere to be found. She is mad that her daughter has left her alone, and Esther walks in. Victoria remembers that it has been 7 years since she has put the curse. Esther doesn’t understand why she didn’t fulfill her promise since Elias is with her. Victoria explains that just having his body, not his mind and heart, is not enough, and it’s because of her and her child. She pleads to not blame the child, but to blame Elias. Victoria reassures that she has done something to Elias also. Victoria tells her to leave and to never come back. Esther leaves distraught.
~ Esther goes to the swimming pool to bring breakfast to Cristina, but she’s nowhere to be found. Virgilio, Pilar, and Esther worriedly look for her everywhere. They finally find her swimming happily in the ocean. Esther tells her not to ever swim in the ocean because the people in the town hate mermaids. So Cristina asks if she’s going to be a mermaid all her life, but Esther says that she will do everything to make her normal again.
~ Lorelei goes home and notices Elias sitting there, so she thinks she went to the wrong house. But she notices that it is her house and thinks that Elias is a burglar. Elias tells her that she was the one who brought her here, and she remembers. She asks him what’s his name, and he says “tunay ng pag-ibig”, so she laughs and warns him not to get caught up in her beauty since they just met.
~ Virgilio brings an albularyo to the swimming pool, but once he sees Cristina, he’s scared of her and runs away. Esther is upset and doesn’t know what to do now.
~ Manding, Azon, and Gaspar go to Victoria and explains that it’s been a week since they haven’t had a lot of fish, so he asks if she can call on her powers again. But she says that she can’t because there are other things that are more powerful than her powers. She continues that there is bad luck here because of a mermaid that Esther is taking care of, so if they get rid of the mermaid, the fish will come back. They’re all shocked at what she just told them. When they go back to the beach, they see that all the fish they got are little and not enough.
~ Later that night, Gaspar and Manding come across the albularyo, who’s telling these men about what he saw at Esther’s house. They don’t believe him, but when Gaspar and Manding tell them about what Victoria said, they decide to go to the resort to get rid of the mermaid.
~ Virgilio opens the door to find the group of men, with their sharp, bamboo sticks, screaming to see the mermaid. He denies what they’re saying, but they don’t believe him. Pilar goes down the stairs and sees what’s happening. She runs to the swimming pool where Esther is telling a bedtime story to Cristina. She tells her what’s happening outside and that they’re planning on killing Cristina. Esther wonders what they’re going to do. Pilar tells her that the only way Cristina can be safe is by putting her in the ocean, but Esther doesn‘t want to. Meanwhile, outside, the group of men push Virgilio out of the way and go to the swimming pool, but no one is there. Quickly, Pilar and Esther carry Cristina to the ocean. Tearfully, Esther give Cristina her necklace and tells her to not to lose it. She tells her to always remember her mom’s face and that her mom loves her so much. Cristina is scared, but Esther explains that she is more safe in the ocean. Since Cristina is crying and doesn’t want to leave, Esther turns mean, threatens to beat Cristina, and screams at her to leave because the truth is that she is bad luck in her life. So Cristina crawls away into the water, as Esther looks on knowing that this is the last time she will see her daughter...
Episode 3: February 25, 2004
~ Esther holds Pilar’s hand tightly and says that she can’t do this. The men finally find Esther and ask her where is the mermaid. She tells them that it is gone.
~ Elias wakes up knowing something is wrong. He calls out “anak,“ and Lorelei thinks that he is her father. He pulls her with him, telling her that he wants to go to the beach. She thinks that he has to go to the bathroom, so she tells him that he can just go to the bathroom at the house. But he keeps persisting to go and she gets really mad. Lorelei says sorry and thinks that there is something wrong with him. She explains that he forgets things, then all of a sudden, he remembers, but then he forgets again. She says there’s medicine for it, but she forgot it.
~ Sad, Esther is looking out into the ocean. Pilar tells her to get some rest since she hasn’t slept all day. Esther asks if she is a bad mother, but Pilar assures her that she’s not, what she did was right, and that any mother would do the same thing. Feeling lonely, Cristina is by these rocks holding her necklace and calling out for her mother.
~ The townspeople are happy because all the fish are back. Gaspar, Manding, and Azon laugh because they see Lorelei and Elias are playing with each other. Gaspar says that the reason why Elias has lost his mind is because of love.
~ A group of kids show Luna where her father is. When Elias comes out, she hugs him and cries. Lorelei sees them hugging and asks Luna who is she and how does she know Elias. Luna explains that he is her father. Lorelei laughs because this whole time he never told her that he had a kid, even though he kept saying “pag-ibig” to her. She explains that she saw Elias and brought him to her house because it seemed like they were siblings. Lorelei goes away to get Luna a drink, and Elias, not remembering who Luna is, asks her if she wants to go play at the beach and look for “pag-ibig”. Luna cries and asks what happened to him. She knows that it was her mom who did this to him. Lorelei comes back and doesn’t remember Luna, and they go over what they did before. This makes Luna laugh.
~ The townspeople made a wheelchair contraption and crutches for Victoria so that she can go out and feel the fresh air. She is so thankful, but feels so bad that they worked so hard for this. Manding says it’s ok since they are thankful for all the help that she has given them. Luna comes back and thanks them because now she won‘t have to work so hard. Once they all leave, Victoria asks Luna fiercely where she was. Luna tells her that she saw Elias, but he now acts like a little kid, and she knows that she used her powers to do that. Victoria admits it and is glad that this has happened to him. She forbids her from every seeing him, and she threatens to hurt her if she ever hears that she went to go see him.
~ Cristina overhears someone crying. She looks around the rocks (trying to hid herself in the water) and sees Luna crying. Cristina asks why she is crying, but Luna can’t see her, so she starts walking closer. Cristina gets worried that she might see her tail, and tells Luna that the water is cold, so Luna tells her to get out of the water. They introduce each other. Luna is surprised that someone feels bad for her because her mother doesn’t - she is mean and always mad. So Cristina tells her to go to her dad, but she says that her mom threw out her dad. Cristina is happy that they have a similarity.
~ Lorelei and Elias are picking up trash at the beach. Elias sees Esther looking out to the sea, and he goes to her. He asks her if she knows the answer to “tunay ng pag-ibig” in the ocean, but Esther is shocked. Lorelei goes to Elias and says sorry to Esther if Elias, her brother, was bothering him. They go away, and Esther is saddened to find out what has become of Elias.
~ Luna asks many questions to Cristina, but she doesn’t want to answer. Luna asks how can they be friends if she doesn’t want to talk. They both say yes when they ask each other if they want to be friends. But Cristina admits she’s scared because once Luna gets to know her, she might not want to be her friend anymore. Luna doesn’t think Cristina looks mean and is actually really nice. Luna decides that if she doesn’t want to talk, they’ll just play. Cristina gets happy, but when Luna wants to play on land, Cristina doesn’t want to. So Luna decides that they’ll just swim. But before Cristina can warn her, Luna goes underwater and sees her tail. She is happy that she has a friend who is a mermaid. They play in the water all day. Later, Luna asks when they can play again. Cristina says it’s up to her because she will always be here. Luna promises to Cristina that she won’t tell anyone about her, and they say goodbye to each other.
~ Later that day, there is a boat that has stopped to fish. A young boy (played by Fraz Yap) on the boat puts his hand in the water. He sees Cristina, and decides to go in the water. They play together, but, not before long, the other people on the boat grab him and they speed off.
~ Luna brings Victoria to the cliff. Once she leaves, Victoria calls for Dugong and asks if there is any new news. She says that there’s nothing new and that she's bored in the water. Victoria explains it’s because they haven’t talked in a long time, but Dugong says that she only talks to her when she needs help. Even something simple, Dugong complains, doesn’t get thanked for. Victoria says not to worry because she is going to give a small gift. Dugong is curious and asks what it is, and Victoria says that it will be a man. Dugong is really happy.
~ The men of the town are going to out to sea to capture more fish. Lorelei is skipping on the beach and looks out to sea. She turns worried and tells them not to go out because one of them will be gone. Gaspar tells her why are they going to waste a nice day to go fishing. But she reiterates what she said. Manding asks her if she’s sure, but Gaspar tells him that she’s crazy. All of them laugh, and all of a sudden, she forgets about what she said and even tells them to go ahead to sea. Later, there is a man who goes out to sea by himself. He hears a beautiful voice singing in the water. Intrigued, he goes in the water never to return to land again.
~ Cristina is on the beach crying, but she hears people calling her name. She turns around and sees 4 mermaids in the sea waiting for her. They tell her that they’re there to bring her with them...
Episode 4: February 26, 2004
~ Cristina goes with them to the mermaids’ beach. All of them are happy and are waving to her. Istah introduces herself and says that for a couple days, they have been watching her and they know that she has no other place to go. They just wanted to tell her that their home is open for her. Cristina thanks them, but says that she is still a human. Vixia tells her that now that she has a tail, she is now a mermaid. Cristina doesn’t agree and says that her feet will come back on day. Vixia asks Istah if they’re going to use her human name. Quiana interrupts and thinks that they should name her a different name. Istah agrees. Cristina happily accepts the name that they give her, Marina. They all are happy that they have a new family member.
~ Esther is looking out to the sea once again. Pilar tells Virgilio that she thinks that maybe she should get a psychiatrist for her. Virgilio wonders if Esther is going crazy, and she answers that she might be soon.
~ Luna comes home and Victoria is making a concoction. She asks her daughter to pass her a blood ingredient, but she gets the wrong thing. Victoria gets mad at her and doesn’t understand why her daughter is not accepting the fact that she has to inherit her mother’s powers. Luna doesn’t want to, but it doesn’t matter to Victoria.
~ The mermaids are playing in the sea and Marina goes to Istah. She tells Marina that she is one of the most beautiful mermaids here. Marina asks Istah if she can call her “mom.” Istah explains that mermaids are born through eggs, like fish. Also, mermaids never age no matter how many thousands of years they are. But if it’s what will make her happy, she agrees to it. Marina is ecstatic to have a mom again.
~ Luna runs to the rocks trying to find Cristina. She calls Cristina’s name because she feels lonely and she needs a friend to talk to. She is sad that she can’t find her.
~ One day, Marina goes to Istah and says that they should go play on the other side of the ocean. But Istah tells her that it is prohibited since it is the property of Dugong. Cristina wonders who Dugong is. Istah, now angry, warns her never to go there. Vixia and Quiana go to Marina and notices that she is sad. Marina explains why Istah is mad at her. Vixia says that she doesn’t like hearing Dugong’s name because she's a bad creature that eats people, especially men. They continue saying that when Dugong's singing, it scares all the fish away, and because of that, humans hate mermaids because they think that it’s the mermaids singing.
~ Doctor Sandico goes to the resort. He asks Virgilio how is Esther. He says that she hasn’t changed, is always sad, and crying. Pilar goes to tell Esther, who’s still looking at the sea, that the doctor is here. Esther thinks that she sees Cristina and is about to go in the water. They all pull her back from going in. She desperately calls out Cristina’s name.
~ Vixia and Quiana find Marina all by herself. She wishes that her feet would come back so that she can go home. Quiana thinks that she’s not happy with them, but she assures her that she is happy, it’s just that she is still half human. They go to Istah and tell her that they were thinking of bringing Marina to Dugong to see if maybe it can help because Marina‘s always sad. Istah disagrees and says that Dugong will never change. So they ask her how can they make Marina happy. Istah tells them to just play with her because she’s going to get used to it living with them.
~ Years pass and Marina has grown up to be a beautiful woman. It seems that Istah was right, and she has gotten used to her new family and mom.
~ At the resort, Isabel tries to sneak out of the house, but Mario catches her. Isabel says that their mom (Pilar) has ordered her to go out and buy something. Overhearing this, Pilar says that she has not said something like that. Mario tells her to work, but she complains that there’s nothing to do. He thinks that she’s going to go see Carlitos, but she denies it, and since she has no excuse to go out, Mario tells her to help Pilar change the sheets. She asks him why he’s so overprotective of her and that it would’ve been better if their father was there. Mario tells her that since their father is gone, he’s the one now in charge. Then walks in Raphael, Esther’s psychiatrist.
~ Pilar brings him to Esther, who’s looking at the sea, and he explains that he was just in the area, so he decided to stop by. Esther is happy that he took over his dad’s job to take care of her. He’s thankful that she believed in him and says that she is one of his favorite patients. Pilar and Esther laugh because he and his father are the same.
~ Marina and Vixia are looking at Esther, Pilar, and Raphael from behind a rock. Vixia says that Esther is so beautiful and that Marina inherited her mother’s beauty. Marina looks at the necklace, and Vixia tells her to throw it away since it‘s so old. Marina tells her that her mother gave it to her, and Vixia is sorry. Marina decides to leave because maybe Istah is looking for them, but Vixia thought they were going to look for her friend (Luna). She decides to do it at another day.
~ Meanwhile, Victoria is on the cliff. Luna comes out to tell her the food is ready.
~ The mermaids has stumbled upon treasure boxes. Vixia is trying to open one, but she can’t. Quiana says that if there is a lock on the box, it’s not going to open. Marina is shocked that she knows about locks. She explains that she knows about them because she and her ex-boyfriend saw one before. Marina is even more shocked to know that she had a boyfriend because that means that she had feet before, so she asks her how did she get feet. Quiana doesn’t want to tell her because it‘s not allowed to talk about it, so she tells her to forget about it, but Marina keeps on persisting.
~ Marina and Quiana go into a cave and Marina wonders why they’re there. She explains that this is where she got her feet - through Dugong. She further explains that the reason why Istah made Dugong’s lair off-limits is because whenever a mermaid gains feet, their lives tend to get ruined. Vixia finds them and tells them that she was able to open the box. Marina promises Quiana not to tell anyone that she knows about this. When Vixia and Quiana leave, Marina goes deeper in the cave and comes across a glowing stone. While staring at it, Dugong creeps up behind her and Marina screams...
Episode 5: February 27, 2004
~ Dugong asks Marina what is she doing here without any permission and who is she. Frightened, Marina introduces herself and says that someone told her that she can give mermaids feet, so she was wondering if she could get feet. Dugong tells her that if she wants feet, she’s going to have to pay for it. Marina says that she has nothing to give and tries to leave. But Dugong stops her and says that because she entered the lair without any permission, in order for her to leave, she has to pay.
~ Istah asks Vixia and Quiana where is Marina. They look at each other and are surprised that she isn’t here. Istah gets worried and knows something’s wrong. At the cave, Dugong has imprisoned Marina and she pleads to be set free, but Dugong just mocks her. Quiana explains to Istah what they were doing earlier and that she knows that what she did was wrong, but Marina kept on insisting. Istah is angered by this because Quiana promised to never say anything about her getting feet. She tells the mermaids to gather together with their weapons.
~ The mermaids enter Dugong’s lair. Dugong taunts them that they aren’t going to get Marina. A furious Istah raises a stone. It gives off a bright light that blinds Dugong. Istah orders the mermaids to attack with their fins. Marina tells them to stop. They end up pinning Dugong to the wall with a trident. Victoria feels that something is wrong in the water, so she orders Luna to bring her to the cliff.
~ The mermaids return to their beach and Marina says sorry for putting them through all this trouble. Quiana says that the most important thing is that she is ok.
~ At the cliff, Victoria tells Dugong that she heard something happening in the water. Dugong lies that it was the mermaids fighting with each other because they can’t get along. Victoria wonders why Dugong isn’t showing itself to her, but Dugong says that they will talk at another time
~ Istah thought that Marina was happy with them and has accepted that she was a mermaid. Marina assures her that she’s happy, but she asked her why she hid the fact that there was a way to get feet from. Istah doesn’t understand why it isn’t enough to hear the mermaids’ story or that her people wanted to kill her because she was a mermaid. Marina points out that they wanted to kill her because she was a mermaid - bad luck - but if she were to be a human again, then they wouldn’t hurt her. But Istah disagrees. She says that humans never change and that she is just going to be hurt. Marina becomes upset and states that she’s a human and that no one has the right to take that away from her.
~ Marina goes to see Esther, who’s looking at the sea. Raphael and Pilar are with her. She tells Raphael that she and Pilar were thinking of selling the resort because business is low and she has neglected her businesses in Manila long enough. Raphael agrees, but asks her if she’s ready to let go of this place and the sea. Esther is crying and Marina wants to be with her.
~ Marina is by herself and Quiana and Vixia try to get her to go with them to go eat. Vixia asks her if she’s eaten yet, and she nods her head no. Marina then tells them to leave her alone, so they leave.
~ Luna is giving Elias a bath, so this whole time, she has been taking care of her father. Lorelei comes home from picking up garbage and Luna tells her to take a bath. She doesn’t want to. Luna asks her if she feels nasty because she’s been wearing those clothes for a couple days already, but she makes excuses that she’s going to get wet and will turn into a fish. Luna looks confused.
~ Istah asks Vixia if Marina has been eating. Vixia says no and says that she doesn’t even laugh when they’re telling jokes. Istah doesn‘t want Marina to act like this all the time, so she tells Vixia to tell Marina that she wants to talk to her. Marina goes to Istah. She tells Marina that after all these years, she has treated her as her own daughter and, out of all the mermaids, she’s the most important to her. She also says that she gets hurt whenever she sees her sad. But, she continues, if it’s going to make her happy to go back to where she came from, she agrees to let her go to Dugong to get her feet. Marina doesn’t understand. Istah takes out her beautiful necklace and gives it to Marina to give to Dugong as a payment. Marina doesn’t want to take it, but Istah insists since she has had this necklace for a long time. Istah is sure that Dugong will accept this necklace. Marina doesn’t believe this, but is so thankful, that she starts crying tears of joy. Istah informs her that before she gives the necklace, Dugong has to promise her to give her feet and, most importantly, the “batong malahi." She needs the rock so that all the other mermaids will be safe against Dugong. Marina agrees and hugs her mom. Marina takes the necklace and goes into the water, but once she gets into the water, Istah turns very old.
~ Vixia and Quiana ask Istah what has happened and the whereabouts of the necklace. Istah explains that she gave it to Marina to get her feet. Vixia is worried about how are they going to fight Dugong now that the necklace is gone, but Istah assures them that Marina will get the “batong malahi” so that they can stay safe from Dugong.
~ Marina goes into Dugong’s lair and calls for her to come out. Dugong tells her to leave if she has brought nothing, but Marina says that she has something. Dugong wonders what it is, and she shows the necklace. Dugong is shocked, but is very happy. Marina says that she will only give it if she promises to give her feet and the “batong malahi”. Dugong doesn’t agree since the necklace is not enough, so Marina turns around to leave. But Dugong changes her mind since she really wants it. She agrees to give Marina what she wants for the necklace. She orders Dugong to bring the stone to her, but she can’t touch the stone. So Marina has to get it herself.
~ Later, she returns with the “batong malahi” and notices that all the mermaids are crying. She sees what happened to Istah and wants to know what happened. Quiana explains that the necklace was what made Istah stay young and beautiful. Marina feels so guilty and sad that she tells them that she is going to go back and get the necklace. She also says that she would sacrifice her having feet in order for Istah to be normal again. Istah says that it is ok and that she really loves her. Marina asks for forgiveness and that if she just knew, she wouldn’t have done it. Vixia tells her that Istah has decided and just wants her to be happy and to enjoy her new life. Marina breaks down and tells them that she loves them all.
~ The mermaids give Marina a goodbye gift of pearls. She hugs both Vixia and Quiana. All sad, they wave goodbye when Marina gets into the water. Later that night, Marina gets to the shore by Esther’s house. She sits up and her tail become feet. She feels them to see if it’s true. She is so happy that she cries tears of joy...

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