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H has emotional affair with my BF?

August 10 2007 at 7:06 AM
tanja  (Login tanjat)

Hello all,

I need help, I think my H has an EMA with my BF. So here is what happened. A few month ago my BF and I were having girl talk about my H and she told me about something that happened to my H at work that I didnt know about.Not thinking much of it I asked my H why he didnt tell me about it and he just said that it was not a big deal.Later my BF told me that he got really mad at her for telling me.I thought that was odd. Up until then I thought that the 2 of them only talked to each other when we all hang out. Come to find out that they speak to each other on the phone several times a day and text each other at least 5 to 10 times a day.My BF mentioned this to me. My H delets her phone # from his recent call list and delets all his texts. At first I told him I was O K with him beeing friend with her, but to not keep it a secret. He told me that he kept it a secret to not give me the wrong idea so I told him if hes not doing anything wrong he doesnt need to keep it a secret. Well he still delets her #, and only keeps a couple of the texts in his phone. I also found out that they were using my space to comunicate and neither of them mentioned it to me. She posts a lot of flirtatious comment on his like "Stop thinking about me so much!" When I confronted them she said she thought I knew and he said they are just friends. when I asked for his password he went in and deleted all his e-mails before he gave it to me and has since stoped using the myspace. I also saw them play footsie under my dining room table, when I told my H i thought that was inappropriate he told me he felt the same. We decided to not mention it to her but the first thing he did was tell her the next day. After one of our fights I took the kids out of town for a night, when I got back he told me he would not lie to me anymore. That night we went on a double date with my BF and her blind date, on the way there I asked him if he had talked to her, he sai no. Later that night I saw her phone , it had a ton of text from him .. one said"you re kisses were the best part" "The door is open" Why did U leave I wanted you to stay" I freaked out. My BF said that they were talking about me but that my H had wanted her to come over but that she didnt cause she felt that was not right. He tells me the messages where rollplaying like he pretended to be talking to me.I dont belive him but i belive her when we talk about it cause she looks me right in the eye. but when i am alone i freak myself out. Am I crazy or is something going on? i need advice.Can someone look you in the eye and lie to you like that?I know the 2 of them talk about me, I have seen texts from her to him talking about me in not such a nice way. I feel like I am going crazy the people that mean the most to me are making a fool out of me or am I just insecure? please help I dont know what to do!

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