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O'Keef Coasters

September 17 2008 at 7:39 AM
Paul  (Login shiftintermedia)

Hi Guys,

I know there was a thread on here a while back about O'Keef coasters but I was just wondering if anyone knows the value of the coasters? Does condition affect the price or are these things pricy in any condition?

How many are in the so called "set"? Or a better question would be how many different players were issued? I know they are very rare so I think the "guru" Bobby can help answer my question.

Thanks in advance for any help/info.


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(Login danthevintageman)

Re: O'Keef Coasters

September 17 2008, 11:48 AM 

paul,there is 20 in the set and all 20 are different players.see page 27 in the "Vintage Hockey Collector Price guide" 1910-1990.
all i know is these coasters (blotters) are very hard to come by and very expensive.
i remember they where on ebay last year and they got huge money.
i think bobby has those records and i am sure he will let you know how they did.
they where available in 1932-33 season. i think they get about a thousand bucks each or more in nice shape.five of the blotters may well be short prints (doraty,thoms,grant,robertson and finnigan).

(Login mapnwpa)

O'Keefes coasters

September 17 2008, 2:32 PM 

I have one, the Benny Grant, which cost me over $1000.
I believe it's next to impossible to find a mint example. After all, they are paper-based and were meant to serve as coasters, so many have water damage. Also, the unique "star-like" design makes them prone to edge damage and erosion. Mine is in relatively good shape, but has some water damage. They are neat, due to the sketches and the humorous remarks about the players. I'm no good with computers, but I'll post a picture if I ever figure out how to do it. David


(Login BobbyBHockey)

O'keefe's Blotters

September 18 2008, 12:26 PM 

The coasters are extremely desirable and the art work by Lou Skuce is truly awesome.

Although the set is numbered to 20, four of the coasters haven't yet been found, and those are 19 and 20 being Conn Smythe and Dick Irvin, the other two numbers missing are 13 and 15, leaving out Ken Doraty and Bill Thom.

Within the Maple Leaf programs you can clearly see Smythe, Irvin and Doraty coasters had been drawn but Thom was a called up late from the minors later (Dec 28 1932) subsequently his coasters wasn't drawn as most were.

One interesting part of the advertisement is that Smythe, Irvin, Doraty and Thoms are not mentioned in the kids blurbs, however all the other players are mentioned.

Because these coasters were issued with soft drinks, making them children based and being regional to probably Ontario, not to mention they are coasters and were used (well maybe some kids used them) would make for a very tough survival rate.

Pricing vs condition apply to these, although tough to find in any condition, Donald is correct at atleast $1000 for one can be a safe assumption as they are not regularly offered enough to gear consistant pricing.

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September 18 2008, 4:18 PM 

I vaguely remember finding a couple of these at my Uncle's rental property in Lloydminster, Sask in the early 70's as I was quite taken aback by the cool design. Wish I would have squirreled it away. I think it got thrown out when he cleaned it out. Not sure how it got there but possible the previous tenants moved from out East?



(Login BobbyBHockey)


September 18 2008, 4:18 PM 

Here were the soft drinks that you would have to purchase to recieve a coaster, no beer was used in this promotion.

One thing that I truly think is cool in collecting is to acquire the original packaging material. Here is a bottle and a cap from this promotion.

(Login shiftintermedia)

Re: O'Keef Coasters

September 19 2008, 5:02 PM 

Check the Buy/Sell/Trade for scans of costers that are for sale.

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