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October 25 2009 at 6:12 PM
Elmar  (Login esb1922)

Ok, Damir's Trivia Time # 1 was pretty questionable.

The Legends of Hockey website says that "he (Denneny) also became one of the first players to experiment with a curved stick..." One of the first as they don't know that for sure. Probably as nobody can tell for sure when exactly Geoffrion invented his slapshot.

I have a better one for you guys -

Who was the most underrated NHL player in your opinion? Since I have a huge 1960-90s videos collection I'm pretty sure about this one. But I'm wondering what you think...

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(Login danthevintageman)

Re: Untitled

October 25 2009, 6:33 PM 

for me i am going to say Rogatien Vachon.
he was a great goalie that started with the canadiens winning the stanley cup and vezina trophy while he was starting out.
then he went on one of the worst teams the in the nhl the LA Kings but still manageged to be an all star and keep a great goals against average on a crappy team.
he also had a fantastic team canada outing in 1976.
what makes him very underated in my mind and it bothers me to this date,is he still is not in the Hockey hall of fame.
some of the guys the hall of fame has been picking the past few years just boggles my mind how they even got there like bernie federko-clarke gilles etc....
i think Rogatien Vachon is a very forgotten underated player.

(Login DamirTomicic)

Re: Untitled

October 25 2009, 9:24 PM 

"Honoured Members" Hall Of Fame, forewarded by Bobby Orr and introduced by Bill Hay(Chairman and CEO of the Hall Of Fame)credits Denenny to be the 1st to use the curved stick.
As far as underrated players, I would say Dennis Potvin. He, like all defenseman, will always be in Orr's shadow.
1,060 games played, 310 goals, and 1052 points.(1st defenseman to reach 1000pts).
Team captain for 4 straight Stanley Cups.
Three Norris trophies
9 All-Star games
I just feel that he doesn't get talked about enough with the greats.
I think you can throw in many players in the underrated category.
Dennis Savard, Mike Bossy, Peter Stastny and Bryan Trottier also come to mind. They were great, but we just don't mention them when talking about the all-time greats. Anyone playing in the Gretzky and Lemieux era would have to be considered underrated. Just my opinion.
I'm sure there will be many different answers in this topic.

(Login writehooks)

Re: Untitled

October 25 2009, 10:22 PM 

IMO, the two most underrated players are also the two best players NOT to have their name on the Stanley Cup: Gilbert Perreault and Marcel Dionne.

(Login DamirTomicic)

Re: Untitled

October 25 2009, 11:51 PM 

Pre-1950 I would have to put Joe Malone up there. The biggest sniper of that era and he is hardly mentioned because of Lalonde, Taylor and Morenz.
44 goals in 22 games and averaged over a goal per game for his career.


(Login rocket9richard)

Re: Untitled

October 26 2009, 1:19 AM 

My most underated player is Mike Bossy. He had a great career and was an outstanding goal scorer but played in the shadow of Wayne and ended his career early due to back problems. I think it's unfair that his rookie card is worth no more than 10% of Gretzky's.

Earl Strohmeyer
(Login strohman)

Mike Bossy

October 26 2009, 4:51 PM 

Bossy's rookie is worth only a 10th of Gretzky's, but isn't that partially due to availability? Wasn't the 1978 OPC set printed at a greater rate than the 1979 OPC set? Also, the 1979 set has the blue borders, which make the cards tougher to find in high grade.

I don't think that pricing of a card is ever based on "fairness." It's still about supply and demand. If the demand for Bossy's card ever seriously increases, then the price will follow. This is true for great players in all sports.
Look what Martin Brodeur has accomplished and he still has time left to play! His card isn't vintage, but how long will it take for his card to increase in value? Considering how easy it is to find, it may never become truly valuable compared to other rookie cards. We sometimes tend to forget that the price of a card isn't always tied to their level of ability.

I haven't ever met Bossy and I didn't ever see him play, but I saw an interview he did a number of years ago, and I thought that he came off as seriously arrogant. (No offense to anyone who is a fan of Bossy!) That doesn't take away from any of his accomplishments on the ice.

(Login esb1922)

Re: Untitled

October 26 2009, 6:47 PM 

Hey Earl,

Do we judge players personalities here?
Maybe Bossy was arrogant but if I remember correctly Gretzky has supported the war with Iraq, which made him an idiot. That time Canadians called him the White House's lackey.

Back to the game: In my opinion Trottier-Bossy was one of the hottest dynanic duos in the history of hockey. In 10 years they played together, they averaged 226 points per season.

(Login mapnwpa)

no politics?

October 26 2009, 7:10 PM 

Please, no political opinions on this site. As for not voting for players based on their personality, that's a matter of personal opinion. Should Ty Cobb be in the baseball HOF, even though he was a horrible person? Shoeless Joe Jackson? Pete Rose? Barry Bonds?

(Login esb1922)

Re: Untitled

October 26 2009, 7:49 PM 

sorry David, it wasn't about politics. In fact I don't have a political opinion since I don't care.

I just was a huge Islanders fan and I simply don't get why POtvin, Bossy and Trottier were so unappreciated. 4 consecutive cups, only Habs won so many in row before, even Orr/Espo and Gretzky/Coffey couldn't do it.

(Login mapnwpa)


October 26 2009, 7:56 PM 

No problem. I grew up on Long Island and was a big Islanders fan, so I would certainly agree that Bossy and his teammates were underrated by some.

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(Login GillesRen)

Most underrated forwards

October 26 2009, 7:56 PM 

Definitely, Bossy and Dionne.

When you see how much fame a guy like Lafleur got here in Montreal and you compare the stats.
Both had a more impressive career stats but they might have been less flamboyant.
Anyone remember the Kings' Triple Crown line? It's unfortunate they never one the Cup.
As for Bossy, Potvin, Trottier and all, they got to taste of winning the ultimate trophy.

Bossy participated in a radio show a few years ago here in Montreal.
I would qualify him as a bit "pince sans rire" , sarcastic?

Don't forget he won Lady Bing 3 times. His arrogance might have been present but very well under control!

(Login DamirTomicic)

Re: Untitled

October 26 2009, 8:18 PM 

"As for not voting for players based on their personality, that's a matter of personal opinion. Should Ty Cobb be in the baseball HOF, even though he was a horrible person? Shoeless Joe Jackson? Pete Rose? Barry Bonds?"

Maybe we should put Dino C. in this category.
Sprague Cleghorn was probably hockey's most dirtiest and vicious players and retired as the second highest goal scorer as a defenseman and was hated by everyone. He got in but Dino still waits.

Earl Strohmeyer
(Login strohman)


October 26 2009, 8:59 PM 

I think that Dino will definitely get in, eventually!

Jon Murphy

Re: Untitled

October 27 2009, 9:52 PM 

Who on earth thinks Mike bossy was underrated???
Mike Bossy was one of the top 5 pure goal scorers in the history of this league gentlemen...
Lets not forget his short career that had it lasted 15 or 17 yrs he would have 800 goals.I don't think anybody got rid of the puck faster in history
He was a pleasure to watch I will never forget watching him in person at Canada cup 84

(Login esb1922)

Re: Untitled

November 4 2009, 9:21 PM 


You grew up on Long Island, then you might enjoy this picture (it took me a while to get all pre-NHL photos together in the order I wanted)

[linked image]

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