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An ACTUAL photo-match on Vintage Authentics

November 3 2005 at 4:33 PM
Jason  (Login skipcareyisfat)

For all of you keeping up with and contributing to the discussion of photo-matching on the other board, I want to direct your attention to lot #325 in the current Vintage Authentics auction: Mark Teixeira's game used rookie batting helmet.

The last sentence in the description indicates that the helmet is photo-matched. It's an accurate claim in this case. I know this to be true because I'm the one who originally purchased it from The Meigray Group. As Barry pointed out in his response to the aforementioned topic, which originated from a Mears letter on an Albert Pujols jersey, I believe, when Meigray states that an item has been photo-matched, it literally means what it should. I purchased both of Teixeira's rookie helmets from Meigray and both were photo-matched. In fact, my sales receipt from Meigray even states that the helmet you currently see on Vint. Auth. is photo-matched.

If you click on the "photo" link above the item description of lot 325, you'll see the exact photo that Meigray sent to me when I bought the helmet. Since it's a digital image, you'd have to zoom in on the helmet to see the details, but they're clearly there.

Bottom line, as Howard W likes to remind everyone, do your homework, leave the COAs for the trash collector, in most cases, and let the pictures do the talking.


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(Login kingjammy)


November 3 2005, 5:10 PM 


while i have no doubt the helmet is genuine, (espec. coming from meigray
and a letter from the rangers), for the purposes of an exercise in photo-matching,
i'm curious what the matching details are from that specific photo. it's
difficult because the action photo is fuzzy and grainy and taken from the
opposite angle of the auction photo. i can't really make out any details from
the action photo. maybe i'm going blind. i've circled the only possible match
i could see. what other details are there "clearly"?

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(Login Rob_L)

Re: where

November 3 2005, 5:59 PM 

I was curious too. I didn't see any matching features either. The scrapes on the top of the helmet would have been the obvious thing, but they don't appear in the action photo. But I agree with Rudy in that it is likely genuine.

Rob L

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(Login skipcareyisfat)

Teixeira photo match

November 3 2005, 11:40 PM 

Rob and Rudy,

Unfortunately, the side of the helmet shown in the auction is the opposite of the one used to do the match. I actually took a picture of it myself when I first got it, so hopefully it'll show up here. (You can actually see the number 23 and its position in my pic.)I'll also try and attach a better copy of the action photo, too, which was provided by Meigray. (It can be found Getty's archive.) The detail that Meigray used to match is the white mark under the back right hole in the top of the helmet. When you zoom in, you can see it pretty clearly. FYI, the picture was taken in June 2003, and I assume it was used after that, so of course some of the marks on it now wouldn't have been in the pic. But it's a beautiful piece nonetheless

As a side note, I also bought Teixeira's left-handed helmet as well. Interestingly, the helmets are not the same shade of blue, nor do they have the same size logo on the front, which is supported by photos as well.
Hope that helps.

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(Login stkmtimo)

Good match

November 4 2005, 7:37 AM 

Looks like a good photo match to me! For once, actual photo match! Nice helmet. I have an '03 Michael Young one with fantastic use from MeiGray, too.


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