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No-color sunset

April 21 2011 at 9:24 PM
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Andrew Kirk  (Login andrewkirk)

Like any cloudspotter, I love a colorful sunset or sunrise. Often the clouds look promising, but the color never happens. Anybody out there have an idea why color sometimes happens, and other times doesn't?
[linked image]

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(Login Farmer57)

It's still a great photo

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April 21 2011, 9:42 PM 

Colour or not that is still a lovely photo. Thanks for sharing it.

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(Login cloudlady)

Re: no-colour sunset

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April 21 2011, 10:24 PM 

No idea scientifically why Andrew, but agree with Dave that it is an inspiring photo. Is that delicate line entering lower right in the picture reflecting light an electric wire? I can't quite see it clearly but it appears above ground. Will have to import it into my iPhoto (if that is possible) and play around with exposure. In Australia we have above ground water pipes over thousands of kilometres, but I doubt if you need those in your part of the world.

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Andrew Kirk
(Login andrewkirk)


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April 21 2011, 11:45 PM 

Thanks, Dave and Helen. Yes, that is an electrical power line at lower left. Good spotting! And we do have water pipes above ground, not municipal pipes, but small, gravity-powered water systems that depend on springs. The installations can be quite inventive.

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(Login MikeLerch)

Its in the bounce?

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April 22 2011, 2:32 AM 

AK..the spectrum of visible light is effected by how much of the atmosphere it travels thru..yes? So..lack of yellow/orange/ red indicates lack of sufficient atmosphere to absorb(?) or effect the spectrum. I assume the light may have to be bounced between cloud and surface inorder to get properly effected..or filtered. Also..your lenny's have alot of ice in them..which doesn't filter light the same as liquid water(?)..How much moisture there is in the atmosphere would effect. Sunsets during monsoon season can be very yellow..yellow green lemonade-ish where no clouds are around. So..distance the light travels ,,that is..straight line versus bounced path and the moisture in that distance..seems to me to be the determiner in color and intensity of color.

I can look at sunset about half an hour before set,,and usually tell if its going to be a colorful set. The lower and flatter the clouds ..the better chance of colors..imho. There seems to be a " Goldy Locks" set up for colorful sets and rises..Not too much..not too little ,,just rite...

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(Login beacontrigpoint)

Re: No-color sunset

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April 22 2011, 11:31 PM 

Helen, on Windows IE7 I have an icon at the lower right of the window which clicks from 100% to 150% - at the latter it is easy to see the power lines in the lower right (though AK said 'left').

I would not diagree with MikeL's comments. The ICA Intro begins with the Appearance of clouds with an A4 page on luminance and optical thickness. The end of the page, for MikeL, says 'Ice crystal clouds are usually more transparent than water droplet clouds owing to their thinness and to the sparseness of the ice particles. Certain ice crystal clouds, however,...' The next section 3/4 x A4, is on Colour and says towards the end 'When the sun is just below the horizon, the lowest clouds, in the shadow of the earth, are grey;...'

Moving to Cirrus, Explanatory Remarks, 1/4 x A4 (help, I lost the text above but got it back by using the Google forward arrow, I am making a habit of this with the sensitive modern keyboard) it says at the end 'When the sun sinks below the horizon, Cirrus high in the sky is yellow, then pink, red and finally grey. The colour sequence is reversed at dawn.' Sounds like a photographic time phase challenge to me. 'Cirrus near the horizon often takes a yellowish or orange tint owing to the great thickness of air traversed by the light... These tints are less conspicuous in lower cloud genera.'

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(Login TheRealBlood)

Re: No-color sunset

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April 23 2011, 6:23 AM 

'Apparent' photo quality will depend on the quality of the monitor you are using with your computer. Also, many people do not set their monitors up properly and thus miss out on vibrant colours fine detail.

When people cannot see the detail it is either because their monitor is really old or it is not set up properly. So, if you have not done so, it is well worth the effort to fiddle with the controls on the monitor and get the most from it.

Some basic hints here:

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