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perspective is important

February 13 2005 at 3:24 PM
Julian Brown 

Response to From all that I've read and

It is very true that no-one makes any bad cars anymore but when you consider how good the good cars are (not just in performance) then I would say that "average" is the new bad.

There is very little excuse for the cars I've driven. Fiat claim that they only make cars for Italians and if anyone else wants to buy them that is fine but it seems the Italians have a very low standard for their expectations at the moment. When you buy a car new you don't expect it to need 3 resprays before it reaches acceptable standard - this is exactly what happened with my new Marea. You also don't expect parts to fall off or wear out within a year but this is exactly what happened and not just to me.

The most galling part is that Fiat UK offer virtually no support to their customers and it isn't entirely their choice either because Fiat spa offer no backup. For some reason though it is only in England that Fiat have this reputation, elsewhere in Europe they are quite highly regarded. In the parts of South America where they are still sold they are regarded exceptionally highly but the South American branch of Fiat is almost completely independent. Basically anywhere with a reasonably dry, warm climate is ideal...

78 X1/9 TNB racer
96 TVR Griffith 500
97 Ford Explorer (all round tank and tow car)

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