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no, not "heated" just frustrating

February 21 2005 at 5:22 PM

Response to It's getting a bit heated

I do not expect everyone to care about this.

It is my own fault for not making more clear that this area is no longer for just random discussion but is now MISSION-ORIENTED

I did my best to do that but I guess it was not clear.


Those of us who DO support this idea DESPERATELY NEED to find some way to sort out and unify our varied voices into concrete input to FIAT to that end.

To have people coming through just to say they don't care and would not buy one anyway is KILLING the efforts of those here who WOULD care, that's all.

With Fiat waiting for some kind of input / support from the enthusiast community (or at least from those who choose to participate) and watching this site, it is incredibly counter-productive for them to have to wade through a boatload of posts about some people not caring and who would not buy one anyway...

The only thing that PERSONALLY bothers me a little, is that this is a GLOBAL forum, and is seems mostly the folks inside North America who just want to say how they don't care and are not interested. That is fine, and understandable, given that Fiat doesn't sell here anyway, but for pete's sake, this is still a GLOBAL forum, don't shoot the rest of folks who might want to pursue it in the foot, that's all I'm saying

No heat, no hard feelings. I am just getting protective / nervous that every other post in here is about "I don't want one anyway", "I don't see why we should care" etc and FIAT is watching, waiting for some kind of input

That's all, I am sorry if I came across hardcore, or if I offended anyone

Peace, -Mac

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